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Archival film footage on World War II (B/W) from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Focus on The FBI

Swearing in of new FBI agents - given badge - recruits going to Quantico Virginia - off bus and into academy. Agents in training putting away belongings. FBI handbook - classroom - examples of crime - kidnapping, extortion and actual FBI film of espionage by Frederick Ducane WWII German spy. Agents undergo training in forensic science - using electron microscope - firearms identification - FBI laboratories. Fingerprint ID division

10:08:23 Washington DC Field Office - agents in training see communications network - shots of agents car as he radios in and radio operator getting message.

Gun vaults at Quantico - Agents shown how to dismantle etc sub machine guns. Hand firing revolver - FBI firing range. Good night shots machine guns fired at target. Training in combat village - weapons selected for raid . Training exercise getting criminal out of house and under arrest. Hoover at desk talking about importance of agent training - some of speech over shots agents leaving academy. Exterior FBI building - workers leaving building.

Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R1 of 6

Reviews Japanese history, & philosophical and religious concepts. Notice that this film does not concern Japanese-Americans. Narrated by Walter Huston.

Timber against heavy gong or bell. Newspaper headline & picture re Japanese executing American w/ sword; samurai sword & quote. Theater production & General w/ sword cutting bundles of straw. Ext. firing historic guns, street performers balancing ??, marching.

01:32:27 POV thru city; moving past telephone switchboard operators; outdoor festival traditional dance & costumes, subway, train & crowds. Martial arts w/ pole.

01:32:56 Montage: Railroad, windmill, pump, printer, typewriter, man on irrigation treadmill in rice field, traffic, street scene, ethnic festival, trolley, women & men parade in street.

01:33:44 VO We shall never completely understand the Japanese mind. But then, they don t understand either... Festival shots continue... Men carry floats, dead on beach. Large man on street, girls walking in western dress, in kimonos, shopping, old men, gong.

01:34:26 Japanese troops marchng in China, bathing, smoking.

01:34:46 Troops receive pay. Put on packs, march in China. Drilling. Cross river; Japanese advance carry artillery. Filling meal box, eating rice in field, laughing.

01:35:36 CU soldiers at attention; stern looks, advancing. CU Artillery cannon fires. Pan over crouched soldiers. Order to charge, CUs, running across fields, ladder on wall. Cheering, Banzai in front of Chinese (?) temple. Troops at attention. Dead bodies; troops w/ battle flag; troops advance behind tank; battle scenes.

01:36:58 Emperor Hirohito on white horse leading mounted generals. Crowd bowing. CU Hirohito saluting.

01:37:19 Map diagram of world w/ Truman, Churchill, Stalin, Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury & head of Russian Orthodox Church pictures, dissolve into cross. Hirohito picture in center of flag - illustration. 01:37:55 Hirohito reviewing troops; in royal coach thru streets.

01:38:08 Railroad passenger train runby along coast w/ Mt. Fuji beyond. Motorcade, Emperor out of car, into government building. People bow outside palace wall.

01:38:43 On Time Magazine cover. Soldiers at attention. Hirohito on horseback. Captured & dead in China.

Racist WWII Propaganda; Anti-Japan; Violence; Oddities; Gods; Religion; Ethnic Culture; Military; Militarism;


Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R3 of 6

Reviews Japanese history, and philosophical and religious concepts.

CU GI. Shrine in sea / river. Pan over sea, scenics of islands. Japan landscapes & geographical facts. Volcanos, rocks, islands. Fujiyama. Volcano eruption. Earthquake in house staged, broken china, earthquake appeal fund. Street scenes w/ trolleys, trams, pedestrians, elevated railroad & POV. Large cities. Very large crowd in park.

01:50:45 Animation re ethnic origins of Japanese--Ainu, Mongol, Manchu, Malaysian. Animation of hierarchy.

01:51:39 Fiction film footage of Samurai warriors, Bushido code, staged. Samurai swords. Samurai fencing. Ambush. Hara-kiri. Staged hara-kiri ceremony.

01:53:22 Drum. Samurais advance & fight; battle. 1592 Shogun in costume drama. War w/ Korea - montage. Jap. return w/ plundered loot. Staged excerpts from feature films.

01:54:53 Christian church & 1521 Portuguese missionaries in Japan. Catholic religion. Jap. converts to Catholicism. War lords against Catholics. Burning churches & convents. All staged. Sailors. Isolation of Japan.

01:56:43 Montage of revolutions in US and Europe, science, commerce. Drawings - US diplomats in Yokohama. American Revolution; French Revolution; Sailing Ship; Railroad. CU telegraph key. Chinese river w/ many large junks.

01:57:22 1853 Etchings of Commandor Perry arrival. Japanese warlords. Illustrations & animation re 1868 implementation of Meiji Emperor government.

Racist WWII Propaganda; Anti-Japan; Violence; Oddities; Gods; Religion; Ethnic Culture; Military; Militarism;


Skulls Unearthed from Katyn Massacre

Katyn skeletons in mass grave in forest; Skulls displayed with bullet holes. Various shots of skeletons being uncovered then buried again. Skeletons laid out. Elderly man, relative of one of the dead?

Soviet atrocity WWII

[Monte Cassino - pilot briefing & aerials]

Studying aerial photograph of Cassino area. Pilots resting with hot drinks -joking with nurses. Pilots get into planes and takeoff. Flying above Cassino and strafing of valley seen from plane. Additional planes takeoff and in flight filmed from above.

Bombarded Cassino seen from ground. Plane formations seen from below. Good takeoffs. Troops firing on mountainside. Sign mines . Explosion dangerously near soldier. LS explosions in valley and on mountain. Ruins.

10:57:57 excellent shot POV plane diving towards flames coming out of bombarded monastery. Soldiers digging graves in cemetery. GVs valley 7 assault. GVs valley and mountains. Troops climb uphill and survey valley; firing towards valley. Patrol climbs down towards valley amidst fire.


Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain [Reel 1 of 6]

Graphic map w/ shadow of Germans looming over Britain. Rear view Hitler & others stand looking at Eiffel Tower. German troops marching in Paris. Dunkirk - Hitler in open top car through streets, destroyed buildings. Calais - ships sunk in harbour; German coastal defence w/ Hitler looking through periscope binoculars towards England. White Cliffs of Dover & waves.

03:41:16 Animated map showing Nazi campaign in Europe so far.

03:41:39 Berlin, Chancellery - guards on duty. Interior Hitler & Generals looking at maps.

03:42:27 German Plan For Invasion of England - animated graphic.

03:44:04 German troops marching towards coast of France past ruins. German military vehicles & equipment at ports, large guns moved up. Jerry cans off German plane. Animation of Nazi Germany as whale about to swallow up Britain.

03:44:49 British Army, Dunkirk rescues & evacuation; aircraft over, British naval ships fire anti-aircraft guns (Ack-Ack). Abandoned British army equipment in Dunkirk. Tired men board troop ships. British tank, coastline machine gun post. Navy ships w/ convoy. Graphic. Battleship. RAF airfield, fighter planes flying.

03:46:21 Home Front montage. London street scenes w/ St. Paul s Cathedral in BG , British civilians, family life, workers. Home guard drilling, no uniforms, trained to use machine guns, grenade launchers.

03:47:18 Women join war effort. Women w/ barrage balloons; women on anti-aircraft guns (ack ack) Women cleaning railway engine & manning signal box. Women ferry planes, carry dispatches, drive ambulances and buses. Cooking & serving in cafeteria.

WWII. Blitz.

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain [Reel 2 of 6]

British Home Front cont d. - Men & women work in armament factory, aircraft assembly, woman on lathe, factory machinery, steel foundry. Tea trolley. Fatigued workers relax playing darts. Home Guard patrolling moors, man road blocks, rehearse invasion defences. Home Guard leaving home, wife goodbye & joins others walking on road.

03:49:35 Winston Churchill, tips hat to crowd, people listen to radio broadcast we shall fight them on the beaches speech over shots of invasion defences. Houses of Parliament thru barbed wire. Family digging Anderson home civil defense shelter. Civilians carry gas masks. Montage preparation shots - King George VI looking over English Channel.

03:50:27 Air raid siren & reaction shots, children & babies w/ gas masks. 08Aug40 Two soldiers on spotting duty at coast, anti-aircraft guns, German aircraft attack channel convoys; bombs exploding. RAF scramble, bell ringing, fighter planes take off from grass field. Dogfights over channel, gun camera footage. German plane crashes into sea. Wrecked Nazi planes.

03:54:24 Animated graphic re Battle of Britain. German planes bomb British coastline. Bus with Rye on front pulls up to side of country road as German plane comes in to attack, It s Jerry - take cover! . Bullet holes in bus. Spitfire on tail of Luftwaffe fighter. More wrecked German aircraft. German planes bomb Plymouth. Cargo ships in docks unload supplies. Spitfires in flight.

03:55:57 Luftwaffe attack Dover / Hellfire Corner. Bombing airfields. RAF planes hidden in trees. Spitfires in flight. Animated graphic re Battle of Britain losses. British pilot parachutes into Channel. Pickup by Navy speedboat. Plane overhead.

WWII. Blitz.

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain [Reel 3 of 6]

Pilots rescued from sea by boat & seaplane. Wrecked German aircraft. German prisoners of war. POWs in internment camp.

03:57:40 Hitler. German troops in France wait for invasion to start. Military equipment at coast. Long range German guns & railroad guns fire shells across Channel. Hitler speaking in Congress. Goering arrives by car at building, Chancellery ?

03:58:40 30Aug40 Hitler visits airfield; German planes prepared for bombing attack. Fighter planes take off. German aircraft fly in fomation, bombers protected by fighters.

03:59:17 England coastal defences: anti-aircraft (Ack-Ack) guns, listening posts along coast. Operations room plotting map. British fighter planes take off. Watchers from positions on coast. Animated map showing Dover area (Hells Corner) under attack. German planes get through flak & bomb airfields. Air-raid warden sounds alarm from factory roof. Factory workers run out of factory & man fire engines. Men in factory working in tin hats as German planes drop bombs. Spitfires in flight. Dogfight. RAF flight return & reports downing of German planes, damage to Spitfires. Animated graphic showing losses.

04:02;42 Berchtesgaden, Hitler & Goering in front of window. Planning meeting.

04:03:17 London civilians on streets, Ack Ack guns, barrage balloons, constructing Anderson bomb shelters. Child evacuation. Air raid shelters prepared, sand bags. Blackout policeman wearing tin hat.

04:04:33 27 Sep40 People into shelters, men on phone in control room.|

WWII. Blitz.

[Captured Footage: Japanese Defense in North Sea]

Japanese navy ships in heavy seas; view of destroyer w/ waves coming on deck. Men look out w/ binoculars & instruments getting bearing. Deck rails coated w/ ice. Crew smashing ice loose. Shoveling off ship. Bridge w/ windshield wipers. Semaphores communicating between ships.

06:26:01 Map showing route from Japan to Aleutians, on to San Francisco. Convoy of naval ships underway, man at helm in MCU. Troops on board ship drilling. Carrying protective gas masks; down ships ladders, in boats with rifles, landing and going ashore through wet straw carrying battle flags & machine guns. Up barren hillside.

06:29:00 Searching captured prisoners, walking along ridge above building an other party. W/ Japanese flag at attentioni. 4 motor biwing amphibious plane in harbor, ships beyond. POV from boat around.

06:31:19 Title

06:31:29 Ships in harbor firing large guns at B-29 (?) overhead. bomb exploding in water. Ships underway and firing guns. Two engine plane overhead. Large explosion near shore.

06:32:37 Ships gun firing, plane hit and falls & explodes and burns.

WWII - Pacific; Aleutians Captured; POWs - American; Japanse Northern Sea Fleet;

Frontschau No. 7: Angriff von Infanterie und Panzern gegen eine Ortshaft

Winter troops in snow; truck pulling artillery across muddy river & tracked vehicle pulling artillery thru fields.

Troops setting up machine guns & artillery. Picking at frozen ground, cleaning shells & firing gun; explosion on ridge

07:04:12 Infantry advance up snowy cut-over hillside. Machine guns & mortars firing. Pistol signals w/ flare.

07:05:47 Tanks across field; pov from inside. Various tanks advance, fire from stationary positions. Infantry advance & tracked troop carriers advance. Burning village & infantry past. Prisoners surrendering. CU mortar firing, Advancing on burning village.

07:10:35 Sniper firing rifle from snow; machine guns firing. Infantry advance past burning village building. Firing from barnyard. Advance seen from vehicles thru snowy village. Burning house, troops checking buildings.

07:13:02 Searching prisoners. Vehicles along muddy road in CU past camera. Tank, infantry, trucks past.

WWII; Russian Front; Eastern Front; Winter Fighting; USSR (?)

Frontschau No. 8: Der Abwehrkampf im Winter

Snow in forest, troops in camouflage advance white cross-country on skiis. Report to Geman officer, others out of underground bunker. Infantry advancing on foot. Camouflaged ski troops.

07:20:13 Soldiers firing rifles & machine guns from snow embankment. Removing wounded on stretchers. Climbing trees for lookouts.

07:21:16 Telephone report & German troops thru trenches, man guns & firing. GOOD CU. Spotter w/ binoculars pointing, moving up small artillery; troops called from encampment, run to positions.

07;24:4? Spotter in tree top. Artillery firing, tanks through small trees, knocking down. Heavier guns firing.

07:25:2? Large explosion, tank firing flames. Large artillery explosions.

07:28:55 Infantry in white running from woodpiles, thru fence and across field w/ rifles & grenades. Dead body in snow, burning buildings, prisoners surrendering beside snowy road. Billowing smoke from burning building. Destroyed stone & brick buildings, horses pulling artillery. Troops thru snow trenches; w/ periscope binoculars in trench. Snowscape & light airplane circling. Blowing snow.

WWII; Russian Front; Eastern Front; Winter Fighting; Flame Thrower; USSR (?)

[USSR Destruction, WWII Aftermath]

x1) USSR Street scenes, people walking toward camera past heavily damaged buildings. Women standing outside cave shelter in debris strewn lot. Man w/ many children; CU of people. Camel driven by man pulling cart thru streets.

11:44:38 German prisoners of war (POWs) walking past camera. POWs cleaning up destruction. CUS.

11:44:54 Ext. Men past factory; Int. walking thru machines of metalworking plant. Woman at machine.

11:45:05 People at outdoor market, buying potatoes and other goods, walking home w/ bags past bombed fields.

11:45:20 CCCP plane and people greeting men off transport plane. Posing. CU of children. People walking thru, inspecting bombed out city buildings. Woman carrying bags of straw. POWs carrying bricks, loading truck and dismantling buildings. Carts, indluding pulled by camel. Statue of children dancing, destroyed buildings behind.

11:46:26 Kids playing in front of destroyed buildings jumping rope. CU of children. Interior of factory, women in heavy coats working at lathes, etc. Men entering or leaving factory building w/ happy workers on mural above entrance.

11:47:17 Large steel mill interior w/ hot ingot lifted and moved by crane. Men watching. Workers w/ labels, ingots placed & rolled . Other machinery shots.

11:47:57 Rubble being cleared around walls, pows shoveling, etc. Apartment blocks next to bombed area. market place shots. People living underground; carts on street. POWs work on railroad. Women working in large metalworking plant.

Post-WWII Destruction; Rebuilding;

In Front-line Positions (Staged)

German training film w/ German subtitles.

Soldiers in bushes put in place anti tank equipment, prepare tank grenades, bottles of hot acid, bombs. CU soldier puts acid bottles into smaller box & fills in spaces w/ sand, another soldier delivers box to front line where men place them into special pit, soldier prepares explosives, narrator explains how to make your own explosive (Molotov Cocktail), CU prepared explosive bottles some w/ fuses, various grenades.

07:45:18 Woodland, soldiers run thru field, dig foxholes in woods, soldier in pit prepares artillery & waits. Tanks approach on road, soldier aims & throws grenade, explosion. CU tank w/ broken wheels, soldiers in bushes, wait for next tank & throw explosive, tank on fire, explosion.

07:48:54 Soldier in hiding on field, waits for tank to drive over pit, then attacks w/ grenades. Big smoke in the air. Soldiers prepare bombs on the woodland road; hide in bushes, German tank shoots as it approaches. Soldiers pull string, explosion; soldier throws grenade, big smoke from tank, soldiers load grenade shooting gun and shoot at the tank. Big explosion, flame throwing tank, smoke, flames, various shots of ground force attacking tanks, explosions, shooting, smoke, battle field. The End

WWII GermanTraning Film;

[German tanks in camouflage paint past on railroad flatcars]

In foreground, artillery battery guarding. Tanks on road toward camera thru railroad overpass. Convoy past, camouflaged tanks.

22:02:03 Sign: Gefechtszone! Belrelen fur Zivilpersonnen nur mil Ausiveis gestallet. Ausweis - Uknontrollstelle Feldg. Damaged house. Fence w/ German writing on it.

WWII German Homefront; 1940s;

[Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Post Liberation clips]

22:24:45 - 22:25:02 Men walk past camera; two women & nurse walk past. Water & mud on ground, barracks behind.

22:25:05 - 22:25:13 Male inmates in striped unform help smiling women out of barracks. Others carried. Child.

22:25:19 - 22:25:27 Crowd of inmates walking toward camera w/ fire electric fence at edge; barracks visible. Russian troops w/ two women inmates in stripes.

22:26:07 - 22:26:16 Russian soldiers walk several women prisoners in stripes alongside electric fence.

22:26:21 - 22:26:33 Woman carried past on stretcher, Others walk slowly seen from behind barbed wire.

22:28:27 - 22:28:36 CU of old woman in window. Pan of inmates wrapped in heavy blankets behind barbed wire fence. Includes thin man w/ very heavy dark hair.

22:28:43 - 22:28:49 Closer shot of previus including man w/ hair.

22:28:56 - 22:29:06 More of same group in MCU. Hollow eyes.


[Bombardment of Rome; Germans In Italy; Wounded on Hospital Train]

Large explosions seen from outside city. Much smoke, both black & white. View from thru arch & then down street. Damage.

22:31:16 POV following car w/ Pope Pius XII thru crowd & people waving. Walks thru crowd seen from above & behind. Gets into car.

22:31:56 Destroyed building. People walking & running.

22:32:10 Sd. Troops marching, Germans ?. POV on back of car looking forward over heads of German soldiers, down narrow street. Shot looking at soldiers from front of car.

22:32:29 Sd. Woman taking cat out of coat of soldier. Truck loads of soldiers past Coliseum.

22:32:44 Sd. POV on train looking ahead along railroad passenger cars. POV past destroyed & damaged farm houses. Freight trains past, POV of tracks. CU of tracks. Interior of hospital train car & priest giving blessing. All men cross themselves. Look out window past wounded man. Pharmacy in train & doctor or pharmacist. Candles taken down, shrine folded up.

22:34:08 Vatican & doors opened. Swiss Guards. Tilt up large religious painting or art object ??.

Relgion Roman Catholic; WWII Rome Invasion; Wounded Soldiers; 1940s;

[Goebbels Speech on Culture c1942]

Narration, choir singing. ?? speaking to hall of men. Applause.

23:13:19 Goebbels speaks to large hall of Nazi uniformed men. Behind him choir & orchestra. Large swastika hanging in front of room.


Nazi Plan, The - Prosecution Exhibit 228, 229 Concentration Camps, Auschwitz R? of ?

Edited film w/ opening titles re Ukrainian Front(?).

18:35:32 Mostly women in heavy coats pulling sleds, carrying possessions in snow. Men walking w/ blankets over shoulders, nurse in middle. Men stand looking thru barbed wire. Some of freeded inmates of camp in striped uniforms.

18:36:08 Pan over camp roofs covered w/ snow. Old woman in MCU looking out window. Pan over large buildings, scaffolding around closest, large industrial complex. Aerial over many, many barracks w/ snow on ground.

18:37:01 Drawing of plot plan of Auschwitz. Architectural drawing of crematorium shown; side & other views. Pan over camp from outer guard stations to barracks.

18:37:53 Int. of barracks w/ many women in bunks three high. CU old woman in window. Entrance gate w/ Arbeit Macht Fre.. above & gate raised. View down passage way between barbed electric barbed wire fences. CU Zaun switch; CU women in barracks room, most laying down. CU snapshot photograph album w/ pages turned.

18:39:39 Pan across inmates behind fences staring out. CU hollow-eyed man w/ bushy hair. Others w/ bandages. Man talking to camera. Ext. of barracks w/ bodies, woman & girl standing, walk past, men walk past camera. Inmates carry & help people out of barrack. Others past camera along fence, many in uniforms. USSR soldiers talking w/ two women. Walking & assisted by nurses, Russian soldiers; some carried on stetchers. Loaded on wagon & wagons pulled by horses taking loads of survivors out of camp.

18:42:53 Men in striped uniforms carry stretcher out of building, out of gate. Wagons out of gates in long string.

18:43:24 Nurses, soldiers & nuns walking w/ many children past camera & between barbed wire. Walk toward camera & turn to left. Most in uniforms.

WWII Aftermath; Jewish War Victims; Horrors; Genocide; Liberation;

[Jews In Occupied Poland]

Jews walk past camera on streets in occupied Poland wearing stars; CUs & Jews in crowd, looking out window of brick building. MCU moving past camera, looking up & smiling.

20:45:49 CU of old man w/ cap. Other individual CUs of men & women. Boys, old man, group of women & men past camera.

20:47:58 Man carrying sofa w/ very torn upholstery. Well dressed blonde woman & daugher past. Girls & boys in neighborhood looking at camera. Small farm houses in bad repair. Slum houses; boy w/ water collected in buckets. Men w/ cattle.

20:49:45 Sign & hollow eyed man & others standing outside in front of fence.

20:50:30 Interior Jewish tailor factory shop. Men & women at work at Singer & other sewing machines. Forman checking work. Women stitching w/ needle & thread on dresses. Cutting cloth. CU of sewing machine working on dress. CU woman s star saying Jude.

20:54:51 Jews pose on streets DONBROVA / Dombrova.

Jewish Ghetto; WWII Holocaust;

NB Catalogued as Poland by US National Archives. Early sequence has Gerrman police officer and also Jewish police man. Normally used as Germany but more likely to be unidentified out-takes of Das Ghetto some others of which we have now located in the US. Who is the non-Jew at 20:48:0?

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

China Crisis - The Story of the Fourteenth Air Force R1 of 4

Shanghai w/ harbor, waterfront, Bund, street scenes. Montage: view from high balcony, steel & other factory, school, hospital, laboratory.

09:02:07 Japanese troops march in streets. Free China where the fight against the Japs continues . Village life, rice planting, pedal irrigation, water buffalo plowing, people thresh by hand. Food & flys. Flying Tigers buzzing field, Military transport, gasoline & bombs moved about.

09:03:49 Aerial over docks of Calcutta, India. Jeps parked in Calcutta park; large wooden containers waiting shipment to Assam. Men loading barges; railroad w/ truck bodies on flatcars; Men unload bags from broad gauge railroad to narrow gauge track railroad. Men carry large tanks on poles. Trucks transferred.

09:06:14 Ferries across the Bramaputra w/ equipment. Various freight unloaded from railroad. Barrels of fuel emptied into troughs. Transport loaded w/ jeep for flying over the hump . Transports taking off from Chapawa. View over Himalayas. Clouds over peaks.

09:08:54 Pan over Lake Kunming. Military transport landing, where 14th AAF takes over. Original Flying Tigers in front of their planes. Loading machine guns. R.T. Smith & Japanese flags for kills Pilots now joining AAF as Majors w/ CU of rank pinned on.

09:10:43 Brigadire General Claire Chennault in CU. Flying Tigers over & past.

WWII - Pacific - China;

China Crisis - The Story of the Fourteenth Air Force R2 of 4

Graphics showing the hump. Japanese pilots run to planes, Japanese bombers taking off. Aerial formations. Air raid warning ball hoisted; Flying Tigers run to planes, start & take off in pairs. Japanese bombers, footage inside. POV Flying Tigers attacking & gun camera of dogfights and attack on Jap bombers w/ hits.

09:15:14 CU wing guns firing. Picking up pieces of Japanse wreckage & boot & held up to camera. Dead bodies. Gory.

09:16:03 US military officers; animated graphics of planned movement to capture. Chinese men, women & children building airstrips by hand. 90,000 worked on a single field. Digging by hand, wheelbarrows moving rocks, laying large rocks by hand for foundation. Slurry of mud & water poured over foundation. Crushing stones by hand, slurry poured, then sand. Long lines of men pulling rollers. Protection revetments built; spotters & control center. Telegraph & telephone. Large board tracking planes & downed pilots. Chinese guards & cooks.

WWII - Pacific - China; Construction - Airfields;

China Crisis - The Story of the Fourteenth Air Force R3 of 4

Chinese carry large ammunition; building houses for US airmen. Ground crews of chinese working w/ Americans. B-24s, B-25s & P-51s augment; Chinese-American pilots & crews arriving to join the 14th AAF. Men loading bombs. B-24s flying; men working on salvage pile of old equipment. Fighting fire on wreckage on ground. Pilot body removed.

09:23:42 Refueling fighter plane by hand pump in barrel. Gassing up jeep w/ diluted fuel. Enormous stack of gasoline drums. Supply train hit at Lujo by Japanese. Loading crates onto planes. Loading stuff trucks to eastern bases. Old steam train thru countryside w/ goods; river boats & sails on river. Woman poling boat w/ family. Santa Claus in plane w/ gifts for servicemen in Kwelein.

09:26:09 Practicing very low-level bombing on target. Map of Asia & Philipines showing range of supplies going to Japan & Pacific islnds. Planes of 14th AAF attacking Japanese shipping. Gun camera footage attacking ship, explosion. B-25s bombign at low level. B-24s seen from air, bombsite & droppig bombs on Hong Kong. Aerials of explosions. Graphics w/ attack points shown. Japan s response shown in graphics.

09:30:28 Japanse film after attack by Allies. Dead animals, wreckage. US plane wreckage & body of crew. Starving Japanese prisoners captured by Chinese

WWII - Pacific - China; Military Supplies; Transportation; Flying Tigers;

[Main Title - United News]

Eagle logo & montage of marching soldiers & troops; tank & plane over camera & battleship towards camera in heavy seas.

WWII government newsreel; Propaganda;

[Main Title - United News]

Eagle logo & montage of marching soldiers & troops; tank & plane over camera & battleship towards camera in heavy seas.

WWII government newsreel; Propaganda;

Welt Im Film excerpts

No. 94 Unterwegs Nach Moskau ca. Dec46. Four motor military plane arriving & greeted by military, George Marshall down stairs, shakes hands w/ Gen. Joseph McNarney & Gen. Luicus Clay & others.

21:27:38 British Zone. Train into station & Sir Brian Robertson greets Ernest Bevin, CU.

21:27:53 French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault is received at Wannsee Station by US General Clay. CUs. Into car.

21:28:17 No. 96 Wechsel Im Amerikanischen Oberkommando 06Jan47 McNarney turns over command at Military Governor of American Sector to his deputy Lt. Gen. Lucius D. Clay. Manyu army officers standing on reviewing stand. McNarney at mic, pan over military & civilians alongside him. View of officers watching. McNarney pins medal on Clay; Clay at mic & reviewing troops.

21:29:39 No. 74 ca May46 Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower visits exhibits at the Bavarian Export Exposition w/ Dr. Ludwig Ehrhardt, Gen. McNarney & Mrs. McNarney. Up stairs into hall, at exhibits of crafts; looking, smiling, walking thru w/ other military officers. Leaves in large touring car.

21:30:30 No. 74 Auf Dem Weg Zur Wirtschaftseinheit: Ein Schlagbaum Geht Hoch Officials of US & USSR military governments meet at Lauenstein for opening of the border. Sign as to nearest authorized crossing point 63 kms. Russian party walks up to crossing point, MP moves sign & raises bar and group crosses; met by Americans, hand shaking. Russian soldiers at border check papers of traveler in car; American soldier then checks papers & car crosses.

21:31:38 No. 75 Der Wahltag In Berlin Street w/ sample ballots passed out to pedestrians. Campaign advertisements on boys scooter, painted on buildings & posters. Destroyed buildings w/ signs attaached. Sign: You Are Leaving The American Sector & pan to people waiting in line to vote at polling place. Int. w/ people at voting booths, US & Russian Military officers watching, inspect ballot boxes. Nurses at hospital holding ballot boxes for patients.

21:32:57 Franz Neumann, Chairman of Social Democratic party walking w/ man greeted by another. Int. w/ Jakob Kaiser at table & giving ballot to man who puts in box. Ext. as people leave including Otto Grotewhole. Int. Dr. Kulz voting as man watches.

21:33:23 Ballot box emptied on table for counting as people watch. Large room w/ board in front as ballots tally is posted. Journalists taking notes. Woman at teletypewriters (?). Large calculator printing.

Post-WWII Germany Occupation; 1946 Berlin Elections;

Welt Im Film No. 82: Highlights of 1946 Pt. 1 of 2

Ein Jahr Lief Ab... Ein Querschnitt Durch 1946

21:34:58 Winter w/ people in costumes thru snow, child crying; witches; people open masks of costumes & drink warm drinks.

21:35:17 Woman at punch press making pans. Man w/ stack of army helmets picks one up & puts in punch press, then on mandrel & turns to cut into pan. Another at punch press making holes for colander, w/ handle added.

21:35:41 Dachau, Germany Ext. Sign: War Crimes Branch, Judge Advocate Section HQ 3rd Army, Court A. Int. w/ Judges, lights from ceiling, defendants & tables. Pan over defendants holding or wearing numbers. 35 convicted & sentenced to death including Gottfried Weiss former commander of Dachau.

21:36:07 People into building at going to voting booths w/ ballots. Putting into ballot box during first Post-WWII elections.

21:36:30 Stuttgart outdoor sports stadium & soccer players run onto field past cmaera. 50,000 pack stadium & game seen from upper level. CU of spectators.

21:36:54 Steel mill opened w/ McNarney lighting furnace. People watching. Shot of furnace & steel out.

21:37:16 Black market operating openly near Brandenburg Gate till truck w/ German police arrive & arrest. People taken away.

21:37:53 Grain is unloaded from US & British ships in Hamburg into barges.

21:38:10 South African Prime Minister Jan Christian Smuts visits school children in British Zone.

21:38:25 In Berlin Tiergarten bulldozers work among ruins of statues to clear for gardens. Man working w/ horse, women helping sorting & planting potatoes.

21:38:43 Tempelhof Airport, New York to Berlin, first flight on American Overseas Airline begins since WWII. Baggage unloaded. CU copy of New Yorker handed.

21:38:59 POWs returning by train to Berlin. Women & children waving, hugging, kissing. Walk past rubble.

Post-WWII Germany Occupation; 1946 Berlin Elections;

21:39:31 Allied Control Committee meets in Berlin: Gen Joseph McNarney, Sir Sholto Douglas, French Gen. Koenig & Russian Marshal Sokolovski arrive & enter building. Sitting at table, CUs w/ medals around large square table.

21:40:04 Steel raised into place for new buildings or bridges. Women working drililing & place dynamite charges; demolition of very large building over railroad overpass. Large shovels excavate, men using picks; others carry materials. Steam train hauling debris. continued... GOOD

Post-WWII; German Occupation; German Rebuilding; Reconstruction;

Welt Im Film No. 82: Highlights of 1946 Pt. 2 of 2

Concluded... People in auditorium listen to speakers. McNarney at podium w/ Amb. Robert Murphy & Sen. Vandenberg & Sen. Connolly behind. Sec. of State James Byrnes to mic & speaks (MOS). MCU people listening. CU Byrnes.

21:41:12 Two men walk past w/ large factory behind, join others walking to vote in free elections in British Zone.

21:41:40 Nuremberg & conclusion of War Crimes Trial. Int.w/ packed courtroom. Pan over Nazi leaders, judges. CUs. MP shuts large doors.

21:42:53 Gen. Eisenhower out of car, shakes hands w/ French Gen. Koenig & Ambassador Murphy at Tempmlehof Airport & boards plane, salutes at door.

21:43:27 Punch & Judy puppet show, CU of kids & anguish looking, crying, scratching, applauding.

21:43:53 Steam engine into railroad station, refugees wearing tags out of freight cars; some w/ children. Walk into building; look at map or papers, feed baby, sleep. Do make lace, men making things. Men walk past camera w/ gunny sacks & bags.

21:44:50 Boys trained as miners go on night shift in Ruhr District. Miners out of elevators & next shift into & descending. Large coal mine.

21:45:15 CU Ernest Bevin at table w/ others, Secretary of State Byrnes & Sen. Vandenberg to sign treaty to join British & American zones. Montage: harbor & ships, men building wooden frames, filling bags, moving plows & plowing, trucks out of factory yard, railroad over high bridge.

21:45:44 Skiing meet POV on skiis, falls.

21:46:10 Pigs. The End. GOOD.

Post-WWII Germany Rebuilding; 1946 In Review; Occupation

XIX Tactical Air Command (19th Tactical Air Command) R6 of ? Pt. 1 of 3

18:00:00 Combat Film No 10732 21Oct44 Capt. C.H. Doyle 514 Sqdn - 406 Group. Aerial over Paris & Eiffel tower; Arc de Triumph & avenues. Seine River. Gardens.

18:01:07 Combat Film No 10729 21Oct44 Maj. G. Ruddell 514 Sqdn - 406 Group. POV from car, Eiffel tower; pedestrians. Officer out of carriage. Pan over government buildings, airmen taking pictures of each other. Carriage leaves & tilt up Eiffel tower. (shutter problems) Gardens, reflecting pond.

18:02:13 Combat Film No 10929 29Oct44 Lt. Mullins 511 Sqdn - 405 group. Gun camera strafing into railroad engine in small town. Strafing large railroad yard. Strafing another railroad yard w/ large round house.

18:02:46 Combat Film No 10959 29Oct44 Maj. G. Ruddell 514 Sqdn. - 406 Group. Strafing train loaded w/ ?? 10 passes. Burning train(s).

18:04:13 Combat Film No 11075 29Oct44 Lt. R.C. Butler 356 Sqdn - 354 Group. Air to air with planes w/ many single plane, some smoking but no kills.

18:05:16 Combat Film No 11087 14Oct44 Lt. Nossman 510 Sqdn - 405 Group. Low strafing over trains some burning.

18:05:52 Combat Film No 11113 31Oct44 Lt. Rubert 510 Sqdn - 405 Group Ground shots of ambulance & view from taxiing plane or hand held gun camera. View of wrecked plane & supply crates; ground crew, jeep pulling trailer.

18:06:57 Combat Film No 11920 25Nov44 Lt Canfield 51? Sqdn - 405 Group Aerial over railyards & strafing.

18:07:11 Combat Film No 11925 25Nov44 Lt. New 511 Sqdn. - 405 Group Aerial over railyard; strafing truck (?).

18:07:26 Combat Film No 12048 05Dec44 Lt. L. Szarfinski 379 Sqdn - 362 Group Aerial strafing passenger train in railyard in small village.

18:07:45 Combat Film No 12370 17Dec44 Lt. Griffin - 511 Sqdn - 405 Group. Diving from high up & strafing railroad along riverbank. 3 passes. Strafing train in cut. Strafing village(s) in mountains.

18:09:09 Combat Film No 12583 17Dec44 Capt. Connors - 356 Sqdn - 354 Group Nose art for fighter plane Adelaide. Flying over church & small village. Snow on ground. (film rolls from shrinkage in printing).

WWII Europe; Gun Camera Footage; Battle of the Bulge (?);

XIX Tactical Air Command (19th Tactical Air Command) R6 of ? Pt. 2 of 3

18:09:44 Combat Film No 12741 24Dec44 Lt. Traige 513 Sqdn - ??? Group. Strafing large building in center of village, snow around. 3 passes.

18:10:39 Combat Film No 12887 24Dec44 Lt. Kranz 512 Sqdn - 406 Group. Strafing across road at base of building. 4 passes.

18:11:00 Combat Film No 12899 24Dec44 1st Lt. H.L. Lewis 514 Sqdn - 406 group. Strafing very low into village buildings. Snow on ground.

18:12:12 Combat Film No 12920 25Dec44 Capt. Lewis 511 Sqdn. - 405 Group. Strafing road & village in deep snow. Trucks on road. Some burning.

18:13:03 Combat Film No 12929 24Dec44 Lt. Nisbitt 511 Sqdn - 405 Group. Strafing & over village in heavy snow. Multiple passes & hitting buildings. Along road.

18:14:27 Combat Film No 12930 26Dec44 Capt. Hess 511 Sqdn - 405 Group. Multiple passes at targets in snow & woods.

18:15:11 Combat Film No 13090 26Dec44 Capt. Grace 514 Sqdn - 406 Group Ground shots of wrecked plane; planes over field. Plane taking off; Four planes over. Planes in low, one lands One taxiing.

18:16:08 Combat Film No 13203 25Dec44 Lt. R.W. Perry 379 Sqdn - 362 Group Strafing ground target; strafing tanks (?) on edge of field.

18:16:47 Combat Film No 13420 25De44 Lt. Snell 378 Sqdn. - 362 Group not useful film rolls till 18:17:26 then okay. Strafing rural areas & along road, village, woods.

18:18:14 Combat Film No 13619 31Dec44 1st St. Lt. Mitton Bender 397 Sqdn - 306 Group Not Useful.

18:19:04 Combat Film No 13744 24Dec44 A. E. Andes - 394 Sqdn - 367 Group. Air to air, plane hit (?).

18:19:21 Combat Film No 13769 29Dec44 Capt. Knisley - 510 Sqdn - 405 Group Strafing road in forest.

WWII Europe; Winter Weather; Gun Camera; Battle of the Bulge (?);

XIX Tactical Air Command (19th Tactical Air Command) R6 of ? Pt. 3 of 3

18:19:56 Combat Film No 13816 31Dec44 Capt Crutchfield 378 Sqdn - 362 Group. Strafing village in snow. 3 passes.

18:20:39 Combat Film No 13977 23Dec44 Lt. Newhart 396 Sqdn - 368 Group. Air to air, plane close. Burst into flames & burning.

18:21:20 Combat Film No 13978 23Dec44 Lt. Brizendine 396 Sqdn - 368 group. Air to air. good following plane from above & looping.

18:22:31 Combat Film No 13982 23Dec44 Lt. Kaechnier 396 Sqdn. - 368 Group. Air to air dogfight. Plane smoking a little. Good close on to tail.

18:23:34 Combat Film No 14102 09Jan45 513 Sqdn - 406 Group. 09Jan45 Ground shots of winter & wreckage of airplane hanger(s); army trucks along road next to wreckage. Wreckage of twin-engine plane. Pile of bombs. US airmen past railroad freight car.

18:24:58 Combat Film No 14247 14Jan45 Capt. Sanders 510 Sqdn - 405 Group. Strafing over railroad along river; heavy snow on ground. Multiple passes over same target in woods. Possibly over tank.

18:25:46 Combat Film No 14269 01Jan45 Lt. R.E. Hayes 395 Sqdn - 368 Group Slow over tank on road in snow. Strafing forested area.

18:27:12 Combat Film No 14291 14Jan45 Lt. Nelson 513 Sqdn - 406 Group Over farms & village in heavy snow. Vehicles on roads. Burning ??

WWII Europe; Winter weather; Gun Camera; Battle of the Bulge (?);

[German tanks in camouflage paint past on railroad flatcars]

In foreground, artillery battery guarding. Tanks on road toward camera thru railroad overpass. Convoy past, camouflaged tanks.

06:02:03 Sign: Gefechtszone! Belrelen fur Zivilpersonnen nur mil Ausiveis gestallet. Ausweis - Uknontrollstelle Feldg. Damaged house. Fence w/ German writing on it.

WWII German Homefront; 1940s;

[Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Post Liberation clips]

06:24:45 - 06:25:02 Men walk past camera; two women & nurse walk past. Water & mud on ground, barracks behind.

06:25:04 - 06:25:14 Male inmates in striped unform help smiling women out of barracks. Others carried. Child.

06:25:18 - 06:25:27 Crowd of inmates walking toward camera w/ fire electric fence at edge; barracks visible. Russian troops w/ two women inmates in stripes.

06:26:06 - 06:26:15 Russian soldiers walk several women prisoners in stripes alongside electric fence.

06:26:21 - 06:26:32 Woman carried past on stretcher, Others walk slowly seen from behind barbed wire.

06:28:26 - 06:28:35 CU of old woman in window. Pan of inmates wrapped in heavy blankets behind barbed wire fence. Includes thin man w/ very heavy dark hair.

06:28:42 - 06:28:48 Closer shot of previus including man w/ hair.

06:28:55 - 06:29:05 More of same group in MCU. Hollow eyes.


[Goebbels Speech on Culture c1942]

Narration, choir singing. ?? speaking to hall of men. Applause.

07:13:16 Goebbels speaks to large hall of Nazi uniformed men. Behind him choir & orchestra. Large swastika hanging in front of room.

WWII; Speeches;

[Welt Im Film Sections]

02:09:08 Welt Im Film main title w/ turning globe. Issue No. 205 10,000 Tons A Day Recorded for Air Bridge

C-47 planes taxing out, one in over air terminal, turning radar, planes in over empty railroad tracks & landing. troops & trucks. Nose of plane grafitti: 1383 flts, 12849 tonnage. Avro York landing at dusk. C-47.

02:10:22 Issue No. 205 Einingung uber das Grundgesetz aka Agreement on German Basic Law Large concrete building w/ German & ?? flag flying. Military & civilians entering: British, French & Americans. Gen. Clay, General Robertson & ??. The End.

02:11:22 Welt Im Film Issue No. 198 Attlee in Berlin Clement Attlee out of plan, greeted by Gen. Robertson & into car. Posing w/ Germans. Reuters (SOF) greets him at mic. Franz Neumann (?) present. Avro York planes on snow & rainy runway. Walking w/ Gen. Luicius Clay & others to C-47, shaking hands.

02:12:56 Sign: Villa Lemm G.O.C. British Troops Berlin Residence. Atlee w/ Gen. Vaughn & Gen Hawley (sp?) and another on steps at microphone (MOS).

02:13:13 Welt Im Film No. 204 Lord President Morrison in Germany. Herbert Morrison off plane & greeted by Gen. Robertson & Mayor Reuter of Berlin. Morrison speaks in English at mics: The airlift has brought a lot to Berlin. It has brought sustanence thru the winter. It has also brought genuine & practical evidence support & sympathy in your efforts to maintain your own democractic freedom. Signing ?? Touring steel mill, watching sheet steel rolled. (GOOD).

02:14:41 Welt Im Film No. 204 Ein Jahr Marshall-Plan 1st Anniversary Large freighters unload seen from water unloading; tugs moving ships. Workers buliding docks. Railroad cars on dock. Slings of sacks of grain off-loaded from ship. Three men sit at table & talk (MOS). Shake hand. Steel mill rolling, cutting fabric or rubber. Women working at bench.

02:16:02 Welt Im Film No. 204 Aktuelles in Kurze - Wilhelmstrasse Trial, Nuremberg Trial of German ministers held before US military court (not International Military Tribunal). Ext. of large building. Looking down into recreation courtyard of prison; defendents walking. Int. of courtroom w/ judge William Christianson, Robert Maguire, & Leon Powers, lawyers, spectators. Single defendant, Ernst Weizsacker, in box given headset by guard to listen to sentence; repeated w/ another defendant, Ernst Wilhelm Bohle, had of the foreign organization of the NSDAP; Reich Finance Minister Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk

European Recovery Program; Head of Reich Chancellery Hans Heinrich Lammers; Minister for Food & Agriculture Walther Darre; Otto Dietrich; Gottlob Berger. Court adjourned, judges leave.

Post-WWII Occupied Germany; Trials; Politicians; Meetings; Industry; Airlift; Cold War; Diplomacy; Occupation; Propaganda;

[WWII Soviet Munitions Factory, battle; Soviet 1920s Trials

Men & women working in tank factory, welding warm hands over fire. Tank moved by crane & loaded on railroad car. Painting artillery; man at lathe warms hands. Men & women wearing overcoats against the cold, handling shells.

14:42:25 Summer & firing artillery, soldiers running, firing rifles, machine guns & sighting artillery & firing.Scenes of a Battle.

14:43:01 Si. Flash title re Muravyov presenting evidence at trial of Left (?) Spectators in court listening; stenographers taking notes, reading notes.

14:44:15 Flash title re evicence. Soldiers, workers listening to trial.

14:44:36 Flash title: Rakitnikov re 1919. Cu speakers, meeting.

14:44:57 Flash title: Pashutinsky, ex Kiev war committee member. MCUs listening.

14:45:37 Flash title: Family & relatives. MCU people showing papers & into trials.

14:46:02 Soviet style Graphic title in shape of revolver: This is the gun that killed Lenin . MCU on table w/ files, MCU man speaking.

14:46:21 Soviet style graphic title (revolver inverted): re killing Lenin in public gathering. Man speaking, people listening.

14:46:50 Slug.

14:46:52 Flash title. MCU man speaking, people listen.

14:46:59 Flash title re counter-revolutionary party. Man gesturing, judges.

14:47:08 Flash title re propaganda describing the opposition party. CU spekaer, men writing, people listening.

14:47:36 Flash title re another speaker giving evidence. Women & men writing, listening intercut w/ titles.

14:48:33 Title re Bukharin. CU of Bukharin. MS Crowd.

14:48:4? Title re Semionov. Speaking.

Trial of Assassination of Lenin; Defendants; Soviets; Communists; Propaganda.

NOTE: This may be several trials combined

Russian Newsreel (WWII Stalingrad fighting); Russian Revolution

Sd. Battle scenes w/ soldiers around large destroyed concrete buildings firing machine gunes. Sniper s seen in rubble & bullets hitting building. Explosions, soldier runs thru street. Sniper POV w/ scope. Soldier hit & falls. Others out of building, run thru smoke in street & buildings; several hit. Man falls in doorway. Soldiers take gun from dead.

15:07:13 Crawl into street w/ artillery & firing. Machine guns firing (summer & winter?) Tommy guns fired. Grenades thrown at tanks & burning tank.

15:08:10 Title: 1917. Si. Street - ?emadeni (cinema?) People vandalising exteriors; passout leaflets & crowds celebrating, Servicemen parade w/ banners. Picture of Lenin on balcony (single frame). Troops manning checkpoint. Armored vehicles (early tanks?) w/ policemen around & on top in winter. Soldiers with handwritten banner - Soviet?

NOTE: Good WWII Stalingrad Battle footage. Good 1917 Russian Revolution footage.

[Bush Sr. w/ Yale Baseball Team; Man & The Candidate; George Bush Presidential Swearing In]

03:01:49 Pan across Yale baseball team posing & mugging for caamera.

03:02:37 Poster or program Brown vs Yale 28May47 (?) listing George Bush no. 2, 1st base. Pitcher, batters, player tagged out at first base.

03:03:12 B/W Campaign commercial: The Man And The Candidate (scratched) Texas flag flying, still photos of Babe Ruth presenting ?? to George Bush in baseball uniform; still lin WWII fighter plane; oil derrick; w/ wife; sitting w/ family of four boys & one girl in living room.

03:03:42 Playing w/ children in front of house. Boys raising Texas flag on pole in woods. George playing baseball w/ boys & Jeb Bush chasing ball; Marvin Bush hitting ball & running; Neil Bush sliding as George tags him out. Walking off w/ kids.

03:05:04 MCU speaking to camera: As a father, and a family man, I know you & I share a lot of worries about the future of our state & nation. I certainly hope, & I ll bet you do to, that our children can grow up knowing what freedom really is. For instance I d like my children to be able to pray in schools, if they want to. And I d like that right to be a part of our Constitution. I want these children of mine, & I want everyone s children, to have the full benefits of our marvelous educational system. And I d like my children to be ready to spend some time serving our nation s defense effort...but it will be for love of country rather than for personal economy free of federal controls & bureaus.

03:06:12 Bush family on picnic. More Republican phrases in voice over.

93:07:18 20Jan89 George Bush sworn in as President by Chief Justice William Rehnquist. In MCU & CU w/ Barbara in middle. She kisses both. Shaking hands w/ Ex-President Reagan; military artillery salute.

George H. W. Bush Presidential Inauguration; 1989; College Sports; University; Home Movies; Inauguration;

The News Parade - War In Europe Pt. 1 of 2

Castle Films

22:01:05 Montage: Free City of Danzig, View down canal; traffic policeman. Troops parade in street. Polish officers; peasant women & children, refugees, Polish (?) soldiers, closing Polish-German border, sentry.

22:01:39 Montage: England - high angle of crowd filling plaza; men at counter enlisting, CU. British women & men soldiers marching, nurses. CU newspaper banner: Britons Told To Leave Germany. British troops march in parade; banner Americans Told To Leave Britain - Evening Standard. Barrage balloons in line; artillery w/ House of Parliament behind; Air Raid Warning Posted; sandbagged building; civilian men in gas masks; people in railway station or at ferry dock leaving for New York via Cherbourg. Family w/ tickets. Woman in life preservers wave from ship railing; ferry leaving dock.

22:02:48 Night, Von Ribbontrop waves from steps boarding German airliner, looks out window. MS Stalin waving from top of Lenin s tomb alongside Molotov.

22:03:00 Montage: tilt down from clock on Parliament to people watching Chamberlain out of car, Cabinet ministers leave & arrive 10 Downing St. Dadelier out of ??.

22:03:28 Montage: children w/ tags & bags evacuated. Babies w/ gas masks. Children board & wave from departing train. Mothers put gas masks on young children. Women & children boarding trains, tears, kisses, wave goodbye.

22:04:08 Montage: Hitler into room, salutes, sits at side of long wooden table. Map showing invasion points into Poland. German troops on horseback & in carts; tanks across field; large transports low. Soldiers into trees, across fields. Planes bombing Danzig (?), explosions. CU Chamberlain; King & ?? out of ?? & into car. Lord Halifax at microphone SOF: It is not the British way to go back on an obligation & now that the possibility of conflict again exists the government has taken steps to declare their attitude not only to the world, but in a special message to Herr Hitler.

22:05:33 Montage: Man w/ news banner Warsaw Bombed. Artillery along street. People wave to camera. Announcement of war by France posted; men kiss wives goodbye. Tanks down avenue; submarine conning tower out of water, liner in periscope, single stack liner, torpedo launched, liner passing, explosion in water.

22:06:16 Montage: German soldiers, trucks along road; raise bar across road & cavalry ride ahead; German troops march past concrete anti-tank barriers. Motorcycle sidecar troops past farm buildings, across fields.

tanks along country road; trucks across fields, fighter planes & bombs on grass field, men in swim trunks load bombs; bomb onto stukas. Continued...

WWII Outbreak; WW2; Battle; Fighting; History;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

The News Parade - War In Europe Pt. 2 of 2

Continued...Fighter planes take off; bombers low over head. Aerials & bombing, explosions. Destroyed bridge, railroad engine. germans across downed bridge. Fighters & bombers, artillery, explosions, tanks, planes overhead, women & men run down stairs in gas masks. Bombs exploding in streets.

22:09:17 Title: First films ever made of battleship fire demolishing a city! The Schlewswig-Holstein bombards Danzig Fort!

22:09:25 Battleship in harbor from dock, firing & tracers; pan from ship to fort & explosions. View from on shipboard w/ hits, guns firing, heavy smoke. German sailor at gun. Men on bridge. The End.

WWII Outbreak; WW2; Battle; Fighting;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

[WWII - Germany, 8th AF, 56th Fighter Group Evacuation of Prisoners of War, POWs, Stalag Luft #1]

POWs out of camp w/ belongings, happy; mostly in uniforms. Mostly MS.

12:20:54 Boarding B-17 w/ prop wash. Men walking past camera in large group.

12:21:34 Brig. Gen Gross, 1st Div. Liaison officer talking w/ Col. Zemke, 56th Fighter Group on roof of operations tower; planes below. Zemke w/ interpreter talking to Russian Colonel in charge of area, shake hands; enter Headquarters.

12:22:09 Maj. Rabo & Maj. Beeson talking outdoors. Zemke inside at desk.

12:22:20 Aerial over airfield.

12:22:36 Pan over group of POWs waiting evacuation inside electrified barbed wire fence. Marching past camera for plane. Boarding B-17 Ramblin Rebel . Pilot waves. Men wave. B-17 landing.

12:24:33 Air crew sitting on top of plane talking on radio. POWs waiting by tarmac; one playing guitar. Walking across grass to plane. Long line of B-17s waiting to take off. Men wait to board.

12:25:43 Wounded man helped to stretcher & put aboard plane. MCU.

12:26:23 C-46 taxiing, POV past men sitting; aerial over farms.

12:26:51 Men walking past empty hanger to board planes, fences behind.

12:27:22 Truck w/ man sitting, men walking past table etc. Boarding C-46. Col Francis Gabreski & Capt. Gerald Johnson talking by truck. Men walking to planes; boarding. GOOD MCU. CU w/ prop wash blowing caps & hair. Gabreski & Johnson waving. Russian soldiers w/ bicycles, smiling. Russian officers talking. POV past wrecked German planes & men waiting by runway.

WWII Army Air Force; 13-14May1945; Evacuating American Prisoners of War;

World War One - British Royalty

Queen Victoria visit to Dublin, parade through streets in carriage - Queen presented with flowers.

Royal procession - mounted troops of the empire in procession - Edward VII.

Coronation Edward VII ?

Funeral Edward VII ?

Troops Embarking at San Francisco

copyrighted 22Jun1898

Shot from behind spectators, including women in hats, soldiers embark at Embarcadero shed in full pack via the gangway.

Spanish - American War


Launch of Japanese Man-of-War Chitosa (i.e. Chitose )

copyrighted 10Mar1898

Shot from pier, Union Iron Works, San Francisco. Hull of large ship moves past with men watching from small boats. They row away once the boat has passed.

Prelude To War Pt. 1 of 6

17:48:21 American troops parade towards camera. Montage of short sequences of Pearl Harbor; London Blitz; Fall of France; China; Czechoslovakia; Norway; Poland; Holland; Greece; Belgium; Albania; Yugoslavia; Russia.

17:50:47 Armament production superimposed over map of USA. Animated graphics showing Free World and Enslaved World.

17:51:53 Sequence re religion: Ten Commandments, Koran, Confucius, Bible. Parchment with Declaration of Independence. Freedom. Statues Washington, Jefferson, Garibaldi, Lafayette, Bolivar, Lincoln. Various paintings and statues depicting fight for freedom. Government buildings. Animated graphics re enslaved world.

17:53:57 Short sequences: Fascists in Rome, Rome demonstrations, soup kitchen, Fascists in trucks; Blackshirts; young Mussolini wearing top hat & tails. Germany, inflation, demonstrations; young Hitler cheered. Costumed marchers & military uniforms. Various shots German armies parade. Kaiser reviews troops. German industrialists with Hitler. Riots in Germany very short.

WWII; Propaganda;

Prelude To War Pt. 2 of 6

Japan, Emperor Hirohito riding before bowing people. Marching w/ formally dressed military. Bonzai & cheering. Hitler w/ massive crowds. Italy & Mussolini w/ crowds. Uniforms of three countries. Animated black dragon from Japan; Germany & Italy animated. Elaborate parading in three countries. Hitler, Mussolini & Hirohito speaking to crowds. Diet, Reichstag & House of Deputies.

18:00:04 Slave labor or military digging canal in Germany. Brownshirts. Italian daggers; rifles & pistols in Germany.

18:01:28 New York Times headlines superimposed over firing guns and assassinations in Germany & Italy.

18:02:22 Tracking shot past cathedral; interior w/ stained glass windows. Woman & man crossing themselves. Stone thru stained glass window & picture of Hitler behind. Alfred Rosenberg speaking. w/ name as subtitle.

18:03:49 Montage of closing of churches in Germany and jailing of religious leaders.

18:04:40 Staged German classroom singing praises to Hitler. Montage of Italian, Japanese & German children saluting.

WWII; Propaganda; Christians; Jewish;

Prelude To War Pt. 3 of 6

Nazi Brownshirt youth marching band, CU drummer. Marching Japanese military youth; marching Italian Blackshirt youth saluting. Girls saluting in Germany. Various similar scenes repeated w/ banners. Older troops marching, CU of boots. Geometric patterns on the street. Boy looks between legs of crowd. CU of faces.

18:09:14 Drawing of two globes. Democratic USA view. 1921 Disarmarment Conference & signing of 9 power treaty guaranteeing China independence.

18:10:06 Signing of Kellogg treaty and handing to Hoover. Scrapping of Navy fleet. Float w/ woman & bugles on board in small town. Bernard women for peace demonstration. March of war veterans against war. Pathe newsreels of men talking against participating in the war. Woman w/ dustmop closes window.

18:11:55 Picketing White House against war. Depression montage w/ trains, unemployed hoboes riding in coal car. CCC montage and WPA program. Aerial of cloverleaf.

WWII; Propaganda;

Ballad of Daghestan Pt. 2 of 2

WWII USSR military, Soviet man fires flare w/ pistol in air. 1942 paratroops board plane; night sky shots. Parachute jump behind enemy line seen from in plane, from ground. 25Sep45 Jumped from approx. 30,000 ft. Then another jump from balloon, Amentaev s last jump, Conductor & his grave stone.

15:52:11 Soviet hero Anet Konsultan monument. Shot down 49 planes in WWII. Anet prepares for flight as test pilot. Plane in air.

15:53:27 Sons & relatives performing as circus acrobats on highwire. Woman also performs on tight wire dancing & twirling rings. Balancing act on highwire. Man plays traditional reed flute, others join in w/ drummer.

15:56:10 Still pictures of artist on trips to different countries. Memories in pictures. Including Duke Ellington & other jazz musicians? CU bell ringing. Conductor in front of orchestra on large stone porch. May be incomplete.

Kymuk; Ethnic; USSR; Russia; Aviation - Early; Autobiography; WWII Heroes;

[Hearings on Poland & Baltic States During & After WWII]

House of Representatives Committee (?) hearing interviewing at table w/ European microphones. Man asks if 500-650,000 poles died in Russia because of physical terror, shooting, starvation etc. Man w/ heavy accent agrees; says doesn t know how many remained in Siberia.

00:13:07 Next man (may be Gen. Tadeusz Komorowski (aka Bor) says he was born in 1904 in Warsaw, fought against Bolshevik invasion in 1920; in 1925 finished Law education. In 1930 elected as youngest in Parliament. In 1939 enlisted, wounded by Germans & taken as POW by Russians; taken to camp Tylica along w/ Polish officers murdered in Katyn. End of 1939 was handed over to Germans who put him into POW camp. Then returned to Poland & worked for underground. In 1942 became chairman of National Armed Forces / Armia Krajowa. Germans offered release of 30 Poles who were under death sentence for capture of this guy. Nov43 family arrested.

00:17:28 Lithuanian women questioned thru French translator; says most dissatisfied today in Lithuania. Asks about what would happen if people criticised Communist government. Would lose job; or sent to prison.

00:19:02 Question: Do the Communist put out propaganda re Western powers arming to wage war against Commuists? Yes we have been assured that Americans want to destroy USSR. Q: Do you get new books or did you use 1939 text books? No, quite different books now translated from Russian.

00:20:41 Mr. Counsel I understand we have...officers of Polish underground army...representing the true spirit of Poland...ask you some questions...during the war...experiences particularly w/ the Soviets.

00:22:15 Asked about USSR army reaching Vistula river in Summer, 1944. Yes its true. (abrupt end of reel)

Anti-Communism; WWII Hearings re Poland; Anti-Communist; Cold War; 1940s;

We Lithuanians Pt. 2 of 3

04:12:48 Long line of pilings into sea & dredge. CU of old wooden pilings & bolts. Klaipedia region w/ group of men have picnic on coast next to old boat; smoke cigarettes, CU.

04:14:29 Big ships in port loading; people wait for ship w/ flowers, men watch from ship, women w/ big hairdo s, CU little boy excited spots his dad, greeters climb up stairs on board to greet their loved ones, others wait. Man looks through ship window.

04:16:38 Couples, newlyweds w/ their witnesses, come out of photography gallery & walk down street, across the road demolished building w/ German writing on wall.

04:16:57 Memorial. Sand dunes w/ just few dry trees, young deer runs through; stops & looks around, men bring new trees on horse cart, start planting. Deep in wood man puts flowers on honor plate for man who began to plant trees in desert of Neda. Jurgis Kuvertas(?).

04:19:32 Old castle ruins, two rams fight in front of ruins. Look through little hole in wall at guard tower of Fort #9 in WWII.

04:20:20 Lithuanian graduating youth in caps. Celebrations, CU of faces, traditional hats, guys sign w/ huge pen.

Primitive - [Spanish-American War Soldiers Along Dock]

Soldiers walking toward camera along dock with ship & cribbing in background. Small boats visible. Soldiers carry stretchers on shoulders.

The Tall and the Short of It

Krugar and Ward from Spanuth s original Vod-A-Vil Movies, #6.

(Not found in official Paper Prints catalogue)

No date

A dwarf with tall hat and a tall man dressed as a woman in front of a backdrop representing a mountain.

The woman climbs on a trapeze and pulls up the dwarf suspended by his mouth. Dwarf undresses to shiny acrobat costume.

Closer shot of the dwarf flexing his muscles.

The tall man contortions on table. Lifts dwarf up onto rings, dwarf does acrobatics. Dwarf hangs on trapeze by the back of his neck. Tall man does contortionist routine on trapeze.


Primitive - [Naval Battleship Past Camera]

Battleship passing camera, close. Sailors on shipboard watching camera. Excursion ship in background.

Primitive - [Spanish American War - Blanket Toss]

Spanish American War Soldiers do blanket toss with man as others watch. Mostly for camera.

[Primitive - [Spanish American War - Ship up Hudson - Dewey (?)]

Ships on Hudson river as large navy ship with 3 stacks & 2 flag towers past.

Primitive - [Spanish American War - Mule Pack Train Past Camera]

Cowboys driving string of pack mules past camera left to right in fairly close.

Primitive - [Spanish-American War Veterans Returning]

Returning Spanish-American War veterans off boat, down steep gangway with packs & rifles.

Spanish-American Soldiers walking toward camera along dock with ship & cribbing in background. Small boats visible. Soldiers carry stretchers on shoulders.

Primitive - [Spanish-American War Soldiers Relaxing]

Soldiers dressed in whites; some Black, some possibly Cuban walking and looking at camera. Women in background talking with other soldiers.

Peace-Time Easter Brings Out Throngs And Holiday Finery

Easter parade in New York in 1900; in 1920; during WWII.

1946 Easter parade with women wearing flowers and eggs on their hats.

Hollywood Bowl sunrise religious service - choir arranged in shape of cross sings Halleluia.

Pioniere Deutscher Technik [History of Krupp Steel Co.]

German Pioneers of Technology documentary w/ German narration - poor quality in parts. Animation showing expansion of Krups company. German titles. Stagecoach into old building. Models of early housing. Interior house w/ cameo picture of Friedrich Krupp. Stammhaus - early industrial shots in steel foundry - water wheel - steel smelting. Animation of factory building construction. Stamping coins? Lathe. Animated map & Krupp factory expansion. Early machinery - producing spoons. Interior factory scenes intercut with animation of expansion. Cutlery made. Exteriors various factories inc. Essen & Hanover [?] - firing early big gun. More interiors steelworks 1920s ? [intended to illustrate late 1800s period].

01:20:46 Magdeburg works ext. Cranes at dockside - interiors producing ships propellers. Funeral Krupp ? Exterior factory - steam train- smoking chimneys.

01:23:42 Montage of 1914 mobilisation for WWI - freight trains with military vehicles - interior steel works - big guns firing - battleship - factory in ruins. Steam train. Stills of various products from Krupp. Interior factory production 1930s ?

German Munitions Factories. Heavy Industry. Manufacturing. Pre-WWII. Nazi Supporters.

[Tape sold on access basis - permission to use may be required from ThyssenKrupp Steel.]

The Blimps: Clearly Identified Flying Objects

Goodyear film - history of blimps

Dog looks up. Man opens window.

21:00:38 Zipper sign on blimp: It s No UFO - It s a Blimp - . (flying billboard)

21:01:43 Two Goodyear blimps, Columbia & Mayflower, flying near hangar, over countryside. Aerials over countryside from blimp. Aerials of cities Los Angeles & Miami. Zipper sign re Valentine s day; views from blimp. MCUs of Blimp takeoff from mast.

21:03:29 1950s - Man watching TV, eating - wife nags (housewife). Sports - baseball game; sailing; golf. Blimp over American football stadium. Starter pistol pointing at sky. Formula One motor car race. Aerial race track w/ television cameras pointing out. Photo album - stills 1920s filming movies on blimps. Aerial cities. Passengers board blimp & takeoff.

21:05:11 More flying billboard messages. Blimp over fire & flames. Headlines & photographs of Earl Stanley Gardiner, creator of Perry mason, on blimp trip. Aerial POVs. Two blimps in flight.

21:06:28 Animation first blimp - Montgolfiere paper balloon - Jean-Pierre Blanchard s balloon in 1793 - 19th Century balloons - spies in the sky. Still Ferdinand Von Zeppelin - first Zeppelin airships being built.

1901 dirigible launch in Paris. WWI Military airships. Balloons & blimps in sky. Blimp Sachsen. View of dropping bombs & in air. 1920s - 1930s Large airships. Akron out of hangar. Hindenburg. Helium pipes. Six blimps together in flight.

21:09:28 Blimp transporting passengers from ship to shore. Goodyear chairman R.P.W. Mitchfield off blimp. Blimp used for rescue effort at sea; rescuing fliers in Everglades; used for waterskiing.

21:10:40 WWII - Aerial submarine - blimps escort ships. Odd shaped ZPG-3W in flight as freighters. Child looks at sky jet fighter. Goodyear blimp inflated. Board meeting. Men on walkie-talkies & landing POV from blimp. Goodyear truck & bus on road to next promotional site. Zipper sign. The End.

Goodyear film - most blimps marked Goodyear in huge letters!

LTAs; Aviation; Advertising; Communications; Flight;

Project Warrior - [Igor Sikorsky]

Air Force Now

CU Igor Sikorsky tombstone & son at grave of aviation engineer. CU son & early plane model in foreground

03:14:45 WWI firing guns & explosions, soldiers out of trenches. Stills: Igor Sikorsky, first prototype biplane bomber, headlines, wmen throw flowers at soldiers. Storming of Winter Palace, pile of guns. Orthodox priest. Russian palace on fire (staged).

03:15:37 Waves crashing on rocks, immigrants, Statue of Liberty. Stills: biplane in front of small hangar with sign Sikorsky , building plane in garden. Pilots in front of plane. All-metal twin-engine airliner.

03:16:08 Film of pushing out S-38 amphibious plane, taking off. Sikorsky at new plant in Stratford, Connecticut with Lindbergh. Large S-40 amphibious plane in flight, view from plane, interior S-40 cockpit with control panel, S-40 on water.

03:16:39 Sikorsky s son talks of Sikorsky s first interest, helilcopters, stemming from Leonardo da Vinci & reading Jules Verne. Da Vinci early helicopter sketch.

03:17:17 Early helicopter failed experiments.

03:17:31 Aged Sikorsky talks re helicopter. Sikorsky pilots early helicopter VS-300 (B/W & COL). Early helicopter lands on water.

03:19:01 Pearl Harbor & newspaper headlines. XR-4 first army helicopter in flight & inside, flies around Capitol. Various WWII locations & uses, rescue helicopter, large helicopter.

03:20:04 Helicopter lifts up house. Reaches boat on fire at sea. Lifting wounded? man. Drops food in Africa as people on ground run to collect. Lifting man on rope. Igor Sikorsky out of plane w/ General in uniform. Still Sikorsky as old man. Helicopter aerobatics & in Vietnam (?)

Aviation Inventions; Inventors; Helicopter Stunts;

The Road to the Wall Part 1 of 3

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

Footage from 1905 to 1960s

CU and pan on Berlin Wall. Montage refugees in several different countries and eras walking on roads, soldiers marching, crowds cheering, Lenin? giving speech. Baby. Corpses in forest. Castro in forest. Man

China 1960, crowd cheering and throwing paper in the air, men pulling heavy cart.

Berlin 1961, crowd and parade, man and woman running across no man s land escaping East Germany. East German ? military or police pushing civilians looking sinister, on horseback patrolling. Barbed wire, civilians searched,

Narration explains Marxism, portrait of Karl Marx. Red Army? Russian street early footage. Signs one way in different languages.

Demonstration with pickets frieden and peace . Checkpoint in forest in Germany with sign. Barbed wire, patrolling fenced border.

Portrait resident East Berlin, stills of his being shot by border guard when attempting to escape by swimming in canal.

Map of world, titles superimposed Berlin 1961 , Havana 1959 , Budapest 1956 , Coyoacan 1940 , Kronstadt 1921 , St Petersburg 1905 .

12:59:17 - 1905: Tzar Nicholas II at balcony of palace. Workers and peasants. Still Father Georgy Gapon with group and petition read (in English). Crowd outside winter palace to present petition. Crowd being shot at. Still Czar, still Gapon, still Lenin. Lenin gesticulating making speech. Tsar, Czarin and other dignitaries on parade, getting on horse. Still Czarin and son. Still Rasputin.

World War One, trenches, bombing. Miserable looking children stare into camera.

13:01:58 - March 1917 demonstration in St Petersburg, Czar troops turn on demonstrators, then army cheering with protesters. A.F. Kerensky speech, dubbed into English. Political prisoners freed. Speeches gesticulating. Lenin. Trotsky. Kerensky head of provisional government. Newspapers printed. Women s parade. Protest. Lenin speech dubbed into English re class war. Workers or soldiers digging field with shovels. Monument toppled. Crowds running and storming winter palace (staged).

Nov: Lenin, restless people in street. Trotsky s Red Army marching. Old woman making speech. Civilian protest against election dismissal, still of Lenin superimposed.

James Cagney narrates

Cold War

The Way To His Heart (Eat More Spuds)

Strand Film Company for Ministry of Information

Husband home, greeted by wife & daughter at table; doesn t like the food so leaves. In pub has beer; wife & daughter unhappy at home.

02:21:54 Title: New Hope Is Born! The look happy; he has another beer & staggers home.

02:22:19 Title: The return of the prodigal. Staggers in door. Wife puts dish on table as he slumps down; she puts plate in front of him & he eats, asks to be forgiven ...these potatoes are delicious! They pose.

Title: Eat More Spuds

WWII Homefront; Propaganda Film; Food Conservation; Silent Film Re-used;

[Misc. USSR: Lenin Funeral - Stakhanovites - Trotsky In Mexico - 22nd Party Congress]

INT Lenin funeral 1924 - body lying in state - CU Stalin - CU body of Lenin - other CUs inc. Kalinin & Voroshilov.

02:06:07 Grain sacks being counted and checked - loaded onto barge. Mining underground 1930s - miner w/ drill - sign in Russian re miner who achieved / exceeded yearly target - miner out of mine entrance & applauded - Stakhanov ?

02:07:02 Red Square parade 1940s? - English narration starts re 1937 Purges - Stalin on mausoleum w/ Molotov, Beria et al.

02:07:43 Trotsky in exile, Mexico: Trotsky w/ wife - in group inc. Frida Kahlo w/ police guard - brief shot Trotsky [face obscured] & Diego Rivera - CU Frida Kahlo & Trotsky s wife - CU Trotsky. Trotsky making anti-Stalin speech in English as at 01:43:48 - ...warm thanks to the Mexican people...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family [in Norway]...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods... - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev & irresponsible despotism - I have nothing to hide... - promises to make available private papers to expose the Moscow frame-ups - a counter-trial is necessary... - says GPU has fallen to level of Nazi Gestapo - ...there is not a stain on my honour . [NB Small chance this is a Trotsky impersonator but background matches that seen in earlier shots w/ Kahlo.]

02:11:33 22nd Soviet Party Congress 1961 - Khruschev applauded onto stage - VO re Kruschev repeating Trotsky s accusations against Stalin - Ho Chi Minh present?

Russia. Communist Party. Artists - South America.

The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3 James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:06:12 Russian Civil war fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still Tzar s family with hammer and sickle superimposed. Secret police searching suspects. Firing squad. Lenin with cat, dubbed in English. Dora Kaplan, newspaper headlines re assassination attempt. Red army parade?

Map of world,

Kronstadt 1921, people dragging corpses out of mass grave, CU corpses with hammer and sickle superimposed. Military. Lenin, Trotsky. Stalin. Farmers with machines in field, wheat, buying food at shop, weighing grain. Herbert Hoover re aid to Russia. Children eating. Headlines re Lenin stroke. Lenin dead. Lenin funeral in snow.

Stalin. Five year plan. Men at work on railway line, lugging wood, heavy industry, quarry, factories and smoke, machinery. Agriculture, building houses, factory work, train (narrator says to Siberia), factory boss congratulating workers. Dignitaries in line.

trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies with hammer and sickle superimposed. trials, still of executed man.

13:12:45 Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination.

Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech. Popular front demo still. News headlines. Molotov and Ribbentrop meet.

13:13:51 Planes dropping bombs re Poland invaded by Germany. Soviet tanks and army invade Poland - stagey footage w/snow - not September invasion? Cartoon Hitler and Stalin with Poland corpse.

13:14:39 Soviet icebreaker. Fighting at sea. French plane sabotaged by French Communists. Nazi troops march through Champs Elysées. German guns and cannons fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Russian soldier surrenders. Map Russia with arrows to Stalingrad, shows territories Russia expanded into after war.

Troops marching. Tanks. Crowd cheering, parade. Industry. Troops running on barren land. Artillery, tanks.

Submarine, woman on stretcher, refugee.

Cold War

[Aviation Stock Footage 3]

Mixed-up early aviation and WWII footage.

Plane goes up in flames on aircraft carrier - plane is engulfed by fire and smoke but pilot is rescued.

HA pan as plane crash-lands on carrier and falls into sea. Bombers in flight; B-29 / B-26 fleet before take off; bombardment of German cities? Planes seen through crosshair. USAF and RAF planes in flight.

02:27:08 Men on ground and battle action. Focke-Wulf in flight. German soldiers in vehicles. Overthrowing barbed wire barrier.

02:27:55 Early biplane; Wilbur Wright? standing on plane in flight and jumping onto other plane [ Jersey Ringel ] flying past!

02:28:18 Nazi parade with Hitler and raised hand salutes. Battleship in heavy seas; planes on rain-lashed deck. 1940s fighter. Early biplane w/ Henri Farmanni painted on wing. USAF fighters in flight. Early seaplane. Bleriot? Biplanes landing and crash-landing on carriers - early 1920s. VS more recent [1940s?] USAF and RAF planes - landing on carrier and airfield take-offs; CU nose art The Turtle .

02:33:10 New York City main street in rain and pan up skyscraper. MS top of skyscraper on fire; INT firemen tackle blaze.

02:33:33 Huge plane with 4 front propellers arrives at airfield watched by crowd; military officers check watches. TWA Lockheed Constellation in flight; INT cockpit dials.

[NB Intermittent sound - not usable]

Men and Missiles R1 of 2

Aircraft Industries Association film

Early guided missile - US army aerial torpedo as unmanned biplane tested from rails. Modern high-speed missile.

21:15:36 Oct19 Arcadia, Florida early unmanned, pilotless plane tested, crash & successful launch. GOOD. Early aviation - biplanes. Early monoplane. WWII single engine, single wing plane. Various jets in flight. Early jet & rocket engines. Engineers discuss over graphs turbo-jet & ram-jet engine.

21:18:32 Boy shoots shotgun w/ father. Girl with balloon. Inventor Robert H. Goddard showing experimental rocket & writing scientific formulae on blackboard. Kid launches tiny rocket. Fireworks.

1932 & Staten Island testing early rockets. WWII bombs w/ infrared detectors. Radar bombs. Homing systems. WWII planes drop early guided missile to destroy bridge.

21:20:44 Loading bomb w/ TV camera and drops seen from inside plane on monitor as bomb hits train. Kamikaze planes. Sign: Peenemunde - V-1 in flight. V-2 failed launch & successful launch. V-2 assault - explodes & aftermath in London (first launched against London 8Sep44).

21:22:23 Manufacturing missiles in USA factory. Ground to air missile. Surface to air missile launch in slow motion; radio controlled drone plane used as target - near-miss & missile hitting target. Air to ground missiles launched from supersonic bomber.

21:25:16 Loading air to air missile onto plane & fighter takes off. Radar. Animation re hitting target. Tests against target drones.

Military Defensive Weapons; Offensive Weapons; Promotional Film; Advertising; Military Industrial Complex;

Science; Physics; Inventions; Inventors;

The 38th Parallel [Reel 1 of 5]

[North Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th Parallel. Reel 1 shows Japanese occupation from 1910 to WWII.]

Mountains and countryside in Korea. Japanese troops getting off ship in Korea. Japanese atrocities committed against the Korean people: shootings, mass graves and burning villages. Still pictures of Japanese officers. Japanese and Korean officials with Buddhist priest.

13:08:07 Streets scenes and buildings in Nam San Dong, Seoul. Men and women working in rice fields, sorting and packing rice.

13:09:45 Docks. Sacks of rice being inspected before shipment to Japan. Good shot steam train with plume of smoke.

13:10:13 Korean men and women working in various factories - slave labour - Koreans working on rock piles and carrying logs. Several men fall from exhaustion and beaten by supervisor. Japanese soldiers getting off ships. Koreans fighting side by side with Japanese in World War II [very scratched]. Warship firing on shore positions.

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2

Fast Montage USAF from pre WWII early flight to Vietnam; to NASA Space Program, rockets launched. Incl. NY Times Headline: Senators Oppose the League of Nations.

02:22:15 18Sept47 Truman signs document creating separate Air Force. Still of first Air Force Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz. Interview in 1970s.

02:22:51 Jun82 Maxwell AFB gathering for Walk Through History (re military aviation)

02:23:38 WWI Sopwith Camel fighter planes on ground. WWI planes out of hangar and takeoff. Squadron in flight. 1982 interview w/ pilot, Col. George Vaughn, Jr. (SOF) re Sopwith Camel.

02:24:19 Various military planes, 1920s, 1930s.

02:24:40 1941 Pearl Harbor, US pilots, explosions.

02:24:55 WWII Color footage 305th Bomb Group arrive Scotland. ca 1980 interview w/ Commander Curtis E. Lemay re poor accuracy.

02:25:24 Bombing mission (B/W), variety of shots. CU propellers. In flight, bombs dropped, firefighters putting out fire.

02:26:19 Pacific fighter operations. John Mitchell describes ambush attack on Commander in Chief Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto (who suggested attack on Pearl Harbor). P-38s modified by ground crew, taking off. Japanese Air Force pilots. Mitchell SOF talking. Footage of 18Apr43 ambush by P-38s & attacking Jap Zeros.

02:27:55 1945, Col. Paul Tibbets re dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima .

02:28:23 1980s interview. Actual explosion is probably NOT Hiroshima, but Nagasaki mushroom cloud. CU Enola Gay. 1945, Tibbets & others by Enola Gay B-29. B-29 bomb hatch opening seen from inside, then below & bomb dropped (not atomic). B-29, NOT Enola Gay, in flight. Tibbets interview. Hiroshima atomic blast.

02:29:46 14Oct47 (?) Chuck Yeager lands plane. Test pilot Frank Everest speaking (SOF) re speed of sound & Yeager. Yeager SOF talking about X-1 plane (breaking altitude record) dropping from B-29. Boarding X-1, view dropping, LS.

Military Aviation History;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts] Pt. 2 of 2

French officer & man in fez giving handouts to refugee children & mothers. Officer throwing coins or candy, kids fighting for them. Mothers & soldiers laughing. Very young boy in fez & soldier uniform.

12:12:13 Title: 11am Nov. 11, 1918 Cheering crowds throng the streets in spit of rain.

Military & civilians waving & cheering on trucks, fountain. King George V, Queen Mary & other royals on balcony at Buckingham Palace (GOOD). Crowds in the Mall waving. Royals into carriage, leave St. Paul s after Thanksgiving service.

12:14:14 Title: Civil War in Russia The Distribution of Pamphlets by the Various Political Sections has Culminated in a Break Between Civil and Military Authorities.

Crowds on the street, pamphlets thrown in air. Military marching past seen over heads of crowds. Pamphlets distributed from back of truck. Crowd listening to speaker. Brief shot of man w/ European woman (possibly John Reed & Louise Bryant) standing in back of car. Russian man reading wall poster. Crowds sitting on monument draped w/ banners.

12:15:11 British (?) sailors laying mines from rear of ship, on deck pose; brief view of ship deck & ocean.

Russian Revolution; WWII Armistice Day; Royal Family; Royalty;

[WWI Newsreel Excerpts - Various]

Italian Campaign - Field Kitchens - army cooks w/ tasselled hats - taste food.

15:58:08 Ferdinand, Self Styled Tsar of the Bulgarians - Ferdinand arrives by train, greeted by


15:58:47 On the French Front. A Sudden Alarm - troops running with rifles - searching building.

15:59:42 Home on Leave - Tommies direct from the trenches arrive in London for Christmas . Troops leaving railway station. Soldier buying turkey from market stall

16:00:08 Army camp unid. location. Tents and horses. Turkish troops ? Balkans ?

16:00:39 Replacing the Leon Gambetta Launch of French Cruise Ship] - ship down slipway.

16:01:28 With the Italian Army - How Our Allies are Fighting in the Mountains . Soldiers being lowered down mountain on a rope. Italian troops [ Bersaglieri ?] w/ feathers on helmets practice rifle shooting - laying in grass and moving forward - group beating at barbed wire fences.

16.03:04 Procession in London to protest against sinking of Lusitania - marchers w/ banners Union is Strength - The British Empire Union - Out With All Germans, Naturalised or Not . Glass hearse carrying model of Lusitania

16:03:42 Moving big guns, towed by tractor.

16:04:05 M. Venizelos, The Greek Patriot Receives enthusiastic welcome at Salonika - crowds on streets and surrounding car carrying Venizelos. Men stregthening trenches w/ wooden struts.

16:04:58 Roumanian Refugees - fleeing from the Germans, refugees with carts and belongings.

16:05:30 With the Russians in the Dobrudja - Russian encampment in forest. Russian troops take cover in trees - loading rifle.

16:06:58 On The Czerna Reka. A Serbian regiment dig themselves in whilst awaiting the order to attack .

Troops in trenches, line of rifles against trench wall.

16:07:27 With the Russian Army - Cossacks on a Scouting Expedition - troops on horseback down muddy road.

16:08:17 The Battle of the Somme. The Capture of Curlu. The 75mm Barrage Fire prevented the German Reinforcements reaching ? Artillery firing - loading shells. French infantry troops run towards camera. Troops march through ruined village.

16:10:01 The Arabic s Lifeboats in Harbour - man tying up boats.

16:10:25 Salonica - Generals Sir Charles Wilson and Mackenzie Kennedy Attend Military Gymkhana - Generals stand in group.

[WWI Newsreel Excerpts - Various]

Italian Campaign - Field Kitchens - army cooks w/ tasselled hats - taste food.

15:58:08 Ferdinand, Self Styled Tsar of the Bulgarians - Ferdinand arrives by train, greeted by


15:58:47 On the French Front. A Sudden Alarm - troops running with rifles - searching building.

15:59:42 Home on Leave - Tommies direct from the trenches arrive in London for Christmas . Troops leaving railway station. Soldier buying turkey from market stall

16:00:08 Army camp unid. location. Tents and horses. Turkish troops ? Balkans ?

16:00:39 Replacing the Leon Gambetta Launch of French Cruise Ship] - ship down slipway.

16:01:28 With the Italian Army - How Our Allies are Fighting in the Mountains . Soldiers being lowered down mountain on a rope. Italian troops [ Bersaglieri ?] w/ feathers on helmets practice rifle shooting - laying in grass and moving forward - group beating at barbed wire fences.

16.03:04 Procession in London to protest against sinking of Lusitania - marchers w/ banners Union is Strength - The British Empire Union - Out With All Germans, Naturalised or Not . Glass hearse carrying model of Lusitania

16:03:42 Moving big guns, towed by tractor.

16:04:05 M. Venizelos, The Greek Patriot Receives enthusiastic welcome at Salonika - crowds on streets and surrounding car carrying Venizelos. Men stregthening trenches w/ wooden struts.

16:04:58 Roumanian Refugees - fleeing from the Germans, refugees with carts and belongings.

16:05:30 With the Russians in the Dobrudja - Russian encampment in forest. Russian troops take cover in trees - loading rifle.

16:06:58 On The Czerna Reka. A Serbian regiment dig themselves in whilst awaiting the order to attack .

Troops in trenches, line of rifles against trench wall.

16:07:27 With the Russian Army - Cossacks on a Scouting Expedition - troops on horseback down muddy road.

16:08:17 The Battle of the Somme. The Capture of Curlu. The 75mm Barrage Fire prevented the German Reinforcements reaching ? Artillery firing - loading shells. French infantry troops run towards camera. Troops march through ruined village.

16:10:01 The Arabic s Lifeboats in Harbour - man tying up boats.

16:10:25 Salonica - Generals Sir Charles Wilson and Mackenzie Kennedy Attend Military Gymkhana - Generals stand in group.

World War One Actions, 1914-1918 [Reel 4]

Staged scenes. Mark 5 Little Willy [?] tank moving across smoky battlefield towards camera; cutaways to soldiers in trench looking worried. Longer shots showing tank approaching trench where soldiers sheltering. Tank crosses trench near men & approaches enemy line; soldiers bring up the rear. Cutaways to German soldiers firing machine gun. CUs tank destroys barbed wire defences. German soldiers hide in trench as tank rolls over it. LS tank moves across battlefield through vars explosions. CUs tank over trench. Troops through trench. INT German machine gun position - soldier shot, tank seen moving approaching, gunner firing at it. Tank destroys gun position.

08:28:35 Top shots troops wading through muddy terrain w/ equipment & mules. Battlefield scenes - soldier crawling through mud - troops charging enemy lines w/ bayonets.

08:30:10 British Q-Boats battling German submarines at sea - staged scenes on bridge firing heavy gun - U-Boat on fire & sinking in distance. Sailing boat sinking; debris floating on surface seen from submarine deck. Supply boat? pulls up alongside submarine; troops & equipment transfer onto ship; submarine moves away. Steamship at sea. Crewman sights U-Boat through binoculars; CUs torpedos launched below surface of water; Black crewman smoking pipe sees approaching torpedo from bridge. INT German Captain at U-Boat periscope. Sub just visible moving through water. Supply ship in flames. PoV from submarine conning tower. Warning flag raised on German sub; passengers of supply ship run from decks.

WWI. Military Hardware - MkV Tank. Naval Battles. 1910s.

[WWI Battle Montage & Armistice Scenes]

Soldiers carrying wounded on stretchers outside field hospital - medics treating wounds.

15:20:47 Long montage battle sequence w/ staged & actuality shots - soldiers charging from trenches - heavy artillery firing - French & Scottish soldiers decorated - tanks firing & advancing - explosions.

15:23:34 Armistice - sign on building L Armistice a ete signé - Paris street scenes - celebrations at front. 15:23:52 - End - DO NOT SELL - Montage / optical sequence featuring war graves, big guns, crowds, troops, Mussolini, Pope, warships, biplanes, Stalin, Gandhi, Hitler & Nazis etc.

[WWI - German War Film, 1914-1918] R1 of 5

Title: The Crown Prince of Germany w/ some of his family.

11:00:16 Three men & three women walking arm in arm under very large trees; posing. Formally dressed royalty into carriage.

11:00:49 Crown Prince William of Germany & others in formal military dress w/ feathered helmets & swords reviews Army units. Military units in formal dress march past w/ marching band. Unid. European royalty (German?) arrival and review troops - huge feathery hats. Women into carriage & leave w/ footmen on back of carrage.

11:02:09 Unid. officers & civiians at café table.

11:02:27 Three royals or nobility talking outdoors at table.

11:03:00 Older royal (?) couple standing & posing w/ driver & others behind them

11:03:12 Gen. von Hindenburg leaving building, salutes & poses. Talking to driver w/ goggles.

11:04:02 Uniformed men marching past on road, wearing red cross arm bands; carry bundles & w/ rucksacks.

11:04:30 German soldiers w/ spike helmets marching thru Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Cavalry, artillery, and wagon trains move leaving for front. People watching & walking alongside.

11:06:29 German troops getting food & flowers from Red Cross women before boarding train. Boarding. Cavalry riding thru rain-soaked streets of town or city; horse carriages waiting alongside road.

11:08:26 Mosstor Film title: A column of auto-trucks leaving for the...war.

11:08:32 Convoy past w/ flowers garlands, etc. People watching as seen on corner. Staff cars & busses pulling trailers.

11:09:29 Title: Heavy Siege Artillery in action before Antwerp.

11:09:32 Draft horses pulling heavy artillery (9.2 Howitzers?) thru village followed by troops.

11:10:06 Heavy artillery (9.2 Howitzers?) raised & fired from partially dug in positions w/ houses & church beyond.

11:11:16 Title: re scene taken in East Prussia in early days of the war. Men resting (brief) & German infantrymen don packs, march off. Drummers in band; officers on horseback.

11:13:11 Title: Motorcycle brigade gets ready.

11:13:17 Men run to motorcycles, pose beside; climb on & start motors & leave in cloud of dust.

WWI Germany Army; German Royalty; ca 1914;

[Misc. USSR: WWI - Russian Revolution - Trotsky Speech - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk]

Pre-revolution Russian industry scenes - steelworks. WWI dead - soldiers. Civilian war effort.

01:43:09 Freeing prisoners from jail in post-Revolution Petrograd - men wave hats at camera.

01:43:48 Trotsky making anti-Stalin statement from exile in Mexico c1937 [speaking in English] - ...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods... - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev - I have nothing to hide...a counter-trial is necessary...there is not a stain on my honour [NB Probably not an impersonator].

01:47:20 [Si.] Poor tatty peasants - women doing manual labour & washing clothes. Wounded soldiers out of back of cart - casualties.

01:48:15 Dead bodies in snow - cart pulls up & men dump more bodies

01:48:48 1917 - Crowds milling around square - CU crowd cheering - leaflets handed out - marching for the democratic republic. Mass funeral Mars Field - Exiles welcomed back from Siberia - Militia replaces Tsarist police - Bearded man makes speech about democracy [MOS]. Executive Committee of Workers & Soldiers Soviet - Soviet Mensheviks - rival to Provisional Government.

01:51:38 Trotsky & Bolshevist representatives arrive at Brest-Litovsk 1918 - greeted by German delegation w/ spiked helmets [Karl Radek & Adolph Joffe present?].

Russia. Communist Party.

[WWI - Berlin, Germany & Troops Leaving, ca 1914]

German troops march along street in front of large elaborate Berlin building, form ranks. People watching. Supplies unloaded from wagon.

Soldiers marching along, men join & follow. Young soldiers issued rifles, axes. Marching & people wave, officers salute.

19:26:21 Convoy of teams pulling supply wagons. Bus pulling bus-like trailer, cars, trucks thru streets of Berlin. German troops board train freight cars, women present.

19:27:15 Riders thru street lined w/ crowd watching, band playing; military film cameraman. Caissons & artillery. Cavalry w/ spears, crowd waving, boy saluting.

19:28:41 Passenger train leaving station w/ civilians waving from train, civilians wave from platform, military present.

19:28:52 Military band leading military & civilians thru crowded street. Freight train w/ supplies on railway cars. Troop train w/ soldiers alongside hillside as train leaves.

WWI German Homefront; Soldiers To War;

The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 4 of 4

Narration Quentin Reynolds.

19:13:58 Lenin in various situations some with Krupskaya.

19:14:26 Trotsky speaks (MOS) from train, Trotsky with troops.

19:14:55 Stalin making speech (MOS).

19:15:07 Winter scenes Petrograd 1917 revolution (Feature film?). Lenin speaks to troops after revolution.

19:16:59 Reynolds: America enters the war. US soldiers board troop ships. Convoys cross Atlantic. Large numbers American soldiers. US troops off ship, march thru London, past Buckingham Palace, watched by Lloyd George & Royal Family. Troops arrive in France, cheering crowds (GOOD sequence).

19:19:04 Reynolds introduces Burnett Hershey, journalist and writer who narrates. Hershey reported from France in WWI and WWII. Speaks re difference, especially re access to commanding officers. Various shots Pershing. Pershing with General Foch. Reynolds & Hershey discussing.

19:20:42 Pershing at the front, new recruits marching. Pershing in front of huge crowd of soldiers. Montage US troops in action.

19:21:25 Brief shot German Crown Prince at the front. Trench scenes, French soldiers replaced by Americans. Load & fire artillery, Marines from 2nd American Division, good battle scenes in battle for Belleau Wood, good montage battle scenes (some reconstruction).

19:23:07 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria on train. Italian troops advance. Austrian Emperor Karl. Allenby in Jerusalem w/ Chief Rabbi??. Sultan of Turkey. German army retreats in France. Armistice, newspaper headlines, enemies shake hands & swap helmets. Montage of Armistice celebrations round the world.

19:24:55 Versailles, gardens & ext. Palace. Arrivals for peace conference. President Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau & Vittorio Orlando. Int. Hall of mirrors, Wilson signing. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington cemetery (1950s). The End.

[WWI Scenes - British Home Front - Versailles]

High shot parade through street w/ large banners - Hyde Park trade union meeting.

14:50:26 Protest against high cost of food in Britain - pan across crowd of people w/ placards inc. Hands off the Baby s Milk - ...Feed Babies or Pigs? - woman holds crying baby.

14:50:49 Christmas in the trenches - troops wrapped up against cold wait to cook christmas puddings in trench surrounded by snow - drop pudding containers in bucket of water on fire - portions of pudding served up - CU soldiers enjoying their christmas pudding.

14:51:45 Trench warfare scenes - troops scrambling across battlefield - stretcher bearers carrying dead / wounded across no man s land - brief shot medical station w/ red cross sign.

14:52:05 Group of men waiting as man standing on crate hands out leaflets / documents. 1916 - crowds march to Hyde Park London in protest to Government against high cost of living - freezing weather.

14:53:15 Woman playing golf in Edwardian dress - long skirt, blouse & hat - female caddy - golf course overlooking valley & mountains. Man tees off watched by young girl. Outdoor political meeting w/ Union Jacks hanging from stage. Men out of building w/ women in elaborate hats, pose for camera.

14:54:48 People along platform at large train station. Man addressing outdoor meeting. Military officers & politicians? on platform w/ British military ensign [?] flying in BG.

14:55:36 Versailles peace treaty newsreel shots - German & Allied representatives arriving on first day of talks. Prime Minister Lloyd-George out of car. Marshal Foch reviewing Guard of Honour en route to Conference. Arrival shots repeated.

14:57:45 Cavalry regiment attempts to descend snowy slope on horseback - very thick snow, some horses fall over - gallop towards camera. Ski troops down slope, some fall over. Troops marching through snow wrapped up against cold - bayonets visible - climbing up steep slope. High pan across town w/ snowy rooftops & mosques w/ minarets - Balkans or USSR ?

WWI. Women in Sport - Female Golfers. Edwardian Dress Fashions. 1910s.

[WWI industry & training ]

Boys do carpentry; work electronic panel & radio, telegraph, lathes. Race cars past grandstand; Buffalo Bill Wild West Show; Wilson throws out BB; Will Rogers rope spinning; recreation mountain climbing; people on glacier; logging; girls making hats; working in mailroom; women in laundry; men making spoke wheels; workers on sidewalk; civil war vets encampment; dining; army recruits, pushball, tug of war, writing letters, eating, Wilson speaking; large crowd waving to camera; Wilson into car & thru crowd; Teddy Roosevelt in car & talking with people; Veterans Parade; WWI soldiers practice bayonet & hand grenade throw. Women work on engines & welding; trucking shot past ships under construction; tank demonstration & digging out stuck tank. Troops march to war & thru crowd. CUs. Women & bandman.

Injured Soldiers In France, WWI

[Intertitles throughout]

US troops posing in group. Convoy of American field ambulances at the front, Verdun?

17:01:04: Used bandages being washed, sterilized and rewound at American Ambulance Hospital, Nieully. Nurses making dressings.

17:01:46: Hospital at Compiegne. Recovering soldier, Dakin solution. Dr. Alexis Carrel.

17:03:04: Staff outside American woman s house converted to hospital 6 miles from trenches. Recovering soldiers playing croquet in garden.

17:03:42: Carrying wounded on horseback through Vosges mountains.

17:04:42: Canal boats converted to hospital ships..

17:05:45: One-armed men training as carpenters at school in Paris.

17:07:25: Baby clothes being distributed at Mrs Pinto s Vestry, Paris.

17:07:50: Wounded soldiers brought to Red Cross dressing stations near trenches.

17:08:56: Carrying wounded to clearing hospital mile from trenches. Ambulance unloaded.

17:10:25: Canadian survivors of Ypres convalescing in England.

17:10:43: First aid station surrounded by barbed wire in second-line trench.

17:11:05: Chasseurs on skis move through snow in the Vosges mountains.

17:11:36: Carrying stretcher through heavy snow. Wounded soldier put on sled pulled by Alaskan huskies.

The Great War.

[Civil War Veterans Reunion At Vicksburg]

Intertitles throughout. VS National Reunion & Peace Jubilee of the Veterans of the Civil War at Vicksburg Mississippi: LS tents set up to accommodate veterans; veterans having morning wash at outdoor basins; veterans onto trucks for tour of Memorial Military Park.

12:43:04 Veterans in trucks parade through Vicksburg led by 155th Infantry, cavalry & Boy Scouts in cars - one breaks down, Scout jumps out to crank engine - buildings decorated w/ Confederate & Union flags - veterans waving hats & flags.

12:44:56 VS Veterans visiting the Illinois & Iowa Monuments in the park & attend the dedication of the New York Monument - chaplain delivers address; veterans look out over fields from Minnesota Monument; LS Mississippi & Union Naval Monuments. LS dedication of Missouri Monument; CUs ceremony.

12:48:25 National Salute fired from 21 guns. Veteran copies inscription from monument to take home. Surrender Monument where Gen Pemberton surrendered to Gen Grant on 04Jul1863 - veterans pose.

12:49:22 Large crowd of veterans listening to speech by Governor Harding of Iowa. Small group of veterans tour old battle ground. Veterans seated at long tables outside mess tent; CUs eating. Veterans getting ready for bed in large tent.

12:52:48 National Cemetary views. Mississippi River seen through camera ellipses. Veterans posing w/ Scout leader ?

American Civil War.

[NB Picture quality poor in places.]

Some Bonds I Have Known with Charlie Chaplin

Four skits enacted by Charlie Chaplin dramatizing the bond of friendship, the bond of love, the marriage bond, and the victory bond. Re-released in 1942 as an incentive for Canadians to purchase war savings certificates. WWII

Russian and Multinational Troops (World War One)

Refugees at Irkutsk railroad station. Soldiers return from war front. French and Russian officers. Military funeral. Gen. Janin and Count de Martel.

Good shots train passing through snowy countryside card says - Troops on train desert Bolshevik Army. 19:20;42 German, Austrian and Turkish prisoners of war in camp. Military parade. Casualties from train on stretcher. Peasants enrol in Russian army. Military parade

19:25:54 French General, Henri Joseph Gourard, decorates Russian officer, and reviews French and Russian parade. White Russian prisoners on labour detail in streets, Russia. Crowds cheering in square.

[Canadian Troops - WWI - France]

Canadian troops digging in village as officers go past in open-top car; troops building road and laying railroad tracks. Stack and load shells. Small freight trains past w/ troops on top of cargo; PoV from moving train.

05:01:59 MS Black soldier unloading shells; MS pan across Black soldiers smiling for camera. Observation / barrage balloons above road; AV view from balloon basket; navigator on ground; balloon in sky w/ planes; LS soldier bails out of balloon w/ parachute as it gets hit - balloon down in flames.

05:04:04 Canadian officers? pose for camera. Officers view scale model of battlefield in sand. Infantry running across open ground; horse-drawn armaments; troops hauling heavy gun attached to ropes; troops past camera holding tin helmets on head.

05:05:26 Trench activity - soldiers place ladders. Good shots of heavy guns firing and loading inc. giant cannon mounted on huge wheeled trailer - recoils.

05:06:39 Troops at religious service outdoors - pan to priests - Vimy Ridge. Troops marching. Heavy guns firing at night in silhouette and during day; shells exploding opn battlefield.

05:08:44 CU German machine gunner. Troops across battlefield - cavalry pulling heavy guns - Canadian attack.

05:10:07 MS Canadian General Julian Byng and British Commander-in-Chief Sir John French; troops standing to attention; officers in discussion in HQ. Good.

WWI. Trench Warfare.

Lord Northcliffe Visits Henry Ford

Northcliffe learning to drive Fordson tractor at Ford tractor plant, Detroit, during visit as Head of British War Mission - Northcliffe leading convoy of tractors ploughing field towards camera, Ford behind.

Farming / Agriculture. Mechanisation.

[Russian Civil War Scenes]

Civil War - bridge blown up at Kolchak - soldiers mount horses & ride off. Trotsky at train station w/ group of soldiers. Troops decorated.

01:53:45 White firing squad - men shot, fall backwards into grave - CU bodies in pit - prisoners under guard - several more executions, some shot in head [some shots repeated w/ film slowed].

01:58:55 Civil war action in snow - armoured cars - infantry advance - machine guns fired. Trotsky making speeches to troops.

02:00:15 Nun in front seat of medical truck / ambulance. Battle scenes in snow - miniature gun carriage - cavalry charge - chow - pushing back Yudenich outside Petrograd - Kronstadt ? - biplane dropping leaflets. Soldiers try to climb over barbed wire barricade. Vars scenes White army in retreat.

Russia / USSR. Atrocities.

[Russian Civil War & Famine Scenes]

Man along station platform in snow. Troops in back of truck as it pulls away. Machine gun crew laying on ground. Wounded soldiers bandaged - PoWs searched. Burned bodies. Refugees along road w/ possessions.

19:01:16 Famine of 1921 - women picking ? - horse grazing on snowy wasteland - people trying to till soil. Starving horse laying down, trying to get up. CU camel chewing, fur caked in snow. Starving people - emaciated children - scavenging for food. Workers into factory? Farmer threshing corn - poor crop

19:03:08 Marching soldiers intercut w/ falling smoke stack & ruined factory shots. Snow - children wrapped against cold. CU lice crawling & through microscope. Children picking over bones. Skeleton superimposed over earth. Farmers & families leaving on carts. Many bodies inc. kids.

Russia / USSR. 1910s / 1920s.

Moscow Travelogue

Incentive documentary made to mobilise support for Russian defence during WWII.

INT royal palace - ballroom w/ chandeliers. LS cathedrals w/ ornate domes; view from cathedral rooftop across river to city. Vars architectural CUs - statuary inc. giant bell & cannon; cathedral see through archway; ramparts above Red Square; St. Basil s Cathedral.

14:01:30 Re-enactment of city under siege in 1618 & 1812 - troops marching - city in flames - soldiers into battle.

14:02:20 Documentary footage of Lenin speaking to large crowd in 1918 [not heard] - Red Square ? - WWI troops march off to war w/ rifles.

14:02:57 1941 - Civilians building barricades in street. Night: listening horns, launching zeppelin - silhouette zeppelins. People go down elevators & stairs into subway. Explosion over city [reconstruction w/ model]. Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production / steel mill.

14:05:00 INT Stalin onto platform to applause - encouraging speech to group of officers; Vyshinskii [?], Molotov & Beria [?] present - Politburo VIPs?

14:06:13 MCU Stalin speaking 07Nov [MOS]; troops pass in review. Winter: troops & tanks off to war through city streets - snow on ground. VS anti-aircraft guns firing. Air-to-air fighter planes. Tanks across snowy countryside, troops on skis. Montage guns firing, explosions, ski troops & tanks past. Bodies in snow; wrecked vehicles. [Ends abruptly.]

Eastern Front. Russian Home Front..

[Lenin; War Preparations & Subway Air Raid Shelter; Stalin Speaking]

1918: Lenin talking to crowd. Soldiers off to war.

22:19:31 1941 - Building barricades in street. Launching zeppelin & Silhouette zeppelins. People go down elevators into subway. Explosion over city (reconstruction w/ model). Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production.

22:21:28 6Nov?? Stalin speaking to group of officers. Molotov present. 7Nov?? Troops march off to war in snow - tanks through city streets. Brief shots of heavy guns firing in snow.

WWI - WWII. Russian Home Front.

The Story With Two Endings

20th Century Fox Dir. Lee Strasberg

Staged. WWII Troopship boarding - wives cheering, waving - kisses.

01:24:48 Book - pages open at chapter one & flicked over to The End ? Returning ship in NYC harbor.

1918 - Printing press - newspaper headlines Armistice - end of WWI celebrations - crowds - troops marching parade.

01:25:30 1920 Car factory, stock market & ticker tapes. Crowds of women in hats into department store. Shopping for clothes - crowds like sale scrum. Brief shots agriculture & industry. Prices go up in shops. Warehouse & factory. Warehouses overstocked with goods. Closed factories, unemployment, depression. Grocery shop closes down. Shoopping. Rural scene - farmer w/ equipment - notice Sheriff s Sale - bankruptcy. Deserted railyards. Coal mine closed - sign No Men wanted. Flashback end WWI & montage shots to show economic problems after war.

01:2?:00 WWII Military marching (brief shots). Crowds of men going to work in factory - shoppers in department store - factory with smoking chimneys - combine harvester -

01:28:25 Beach & fairground scenes - happy people. Split screen showing economic disaster following WWI & what hopefully will happen after WWII

01:28:45 Mr Charles Trowbridge (?) speaks to camera re importance of stable prices after the war. Graphic shows cost of living.

01:30:28 Continues speaking over brief shot of woman in butcher s shop. Montage: people enjoying themselves: beach, kids playground, tennis, cinema. Queue for War Bonds, men to work, woman shopping in small self service grocery store w/ ration book.

01:31:59 Military marching. Montage of 20s depression & contemporary wealth.

Post-WWII Planning; Economics; Economy; Americana; Back to work;

[WWI Aviation; German Troops Training; French Colonial Troops; Liberty Loan Rallies]

WWI US airmen in front of large bi-plane; several Sopwith (?) planes take off; land & taxi across rough field.

04:12:10 Soldiers inflating weather balloon outside quonset hut, release & track w/ scope.

04:12:42 Stills of Germans, dead women & babies; German troops running across field; prisoners; in trench.

04:13:24 German troops on field training. marching, exercising jumping in place, from springboard.

04:14:11 Marching in review. Captured prisoners along road. Still of life boats & people in water.

04:14:50 German troops surrendering, running towards camera.

04:15:13 Prisoners (?) between barracks in camp (?). Black & Indochinese colonial (?) troops along road in front of wooden barracks.

04:15:44 Prisoners digging large trench; shoveling crushed or broken rock into large trucks. More marching thru camp w/ buckets, boxes as others watch; sit by large camp stoves, sharpen knives. Oriental (Mongolian?) troops playing string instruments & flutes, several dance in masked costumes. Playing gambling game w/ cup & saucer.

04:17:28 View from roof along tall buildings & line up street cars up middle of narrow street. Men dance on platform in front of Buy Bonds From Sessue Hayakawa sign. People standing watching. Hayakawa w/ megaphone, Blanche Sweet w/ megaphone shouting & gesturing to large audience in Hollywood park; Hayakawa joins her. MCU of soldiers & civilians in audience.

04:18:50 Hayakawa w/ megaphone, Japanese-American kids & others sitting on stage.

04:19:18 US soldiers in sandbagged emplacement w/ shells stacked, passed & firing mortar.

04:19:20 Soldiers & actress Eloise Mann in coveralls near tethered observation balloon; MCU of smiling laughing woman. Wicker basket & two men & woman ascending. Camera ascending & people in park see below. View from high up. View of barrage balloon w/ gondola basket beneath & soldiers pulling down ropes. Landing.

04:20:49 Black troops along road, horse pulling small wagon. Horse or mule pulling railcar w/ soldiers on it. Blacks in uniform w/ rifles follow.

04:21:12 1918 War Bond rally parade in rain w/ marching, truck, spinning vehicle. Very large gun fired in street, truck in camouflage paint driven up steps of ??

04:21:48 Victory Mural for war loan being painted by artist in Navy uniform. Giant Burroughs cash register w/ sign Victory Liberty Loan, The People of Detroit... Oversubscribed. Man in uniform on platform speaking to crowd.

Patriotism; Propaganda; Entertainers; Movie Stars; Motion Picture Stars; Bond Rally;

[Post-WWI - General Smuts in UK; South African Cavalry in Germany; Russian Trade Unionists, London; Troops construct bridge in African Forest]

Gen. Jan Smuts at aircraft factory looking at biplane w/ civilians & military VIPs. Smuts holding South African (?) flag. Large biplane w/ South Africa on nose; aircraft take off. VIPs by large cars.

16:38:09 Smuts by biplane A-28 draped w/ flag for unveiling; Mrs smuts tapping on plane w/ hammer. Smuts speaks (MOS).

16:38:53 Title re Smuts in German East (Africa). South African cavalry members walking w/ armful of saddles. Preparing to saddle & bridle horses. Men gathering sheafs of grain

16:39:54 Title Gaumont Graphic No. 920. Russian Trade Unionists in front of Hamilton House w/ Col. John Ward, MP & W.E. Appleton Secretary of Federation of trade Unionists. Men in top coats shake hands in front of group & pose.

16:40:43 Title: In the African Forest Troops constructing a bridge over the War... bring the wound to the base hospital. Indians & British (?) soldiers. Black soldiers carry stretcher across w/ injured.

Post-WWI; British Empire; Colonialism;

New York Hails 82nd Airborne Division in Victory March

Parade from Washington Square arches to Fifth Avenue. Flashback to 1919 Victory parade at end of WWI.

1945 Military parade with tanks. Mayor O Dwyer, General Gammon, Governor Dewey, Cardinal Designate Spellman, Gen. Wainwright present.

Post - WWII.

World War One - Germany - Berlin Scenes

Newspaper headlines - Statue Kaiser. Street demonstration - Newspapers. Kaiser ? out of car - film printed backwards. Disused trenches. Newspapers - Troops - Berlin after World War One.

03:46:55 Decadent Berlin - Nightclubs / beach scenes / eating - Circus act / trapeze - Chorus girls some reconstruction

03:50:04 Troops parade in Berlin - Brandenburg Gate - statues and architecture - gardens - street scenes

03:51:00 Montage unidentified VIPs and places.

Know Your Ally - Britain R4 of 4

NB Most sequences in this film are short - montages.

Invasion in North Africa. Staged German broadcaster w/ propaganda.

CS of Australian, New Zealanders, Canadians. Artillery. Montage of British casualties. RAF in air. British Navy: battleships, destroyers & cruisers & carrier. Merchant navy at sea. Atlantic convoy torpedoed - rescue after ship sinks. Civilians watch men wrapped in blankets. Goering. Industry.

01:34:11 Celebrations in Ireland after John W. Alcock & Whitton Brown flew Atlantic in 1919. Men cheer. British Army, old men in military service. Cartoon book. Interview at draft board. Women in military, pilots, land army, fire brigade, army. Women work in war plants. Air raid alert. Men put on helmets.

01:36:14 Aerial of industrial sites, smoking chimneys. Coal mines. Cattle, fields, countryside. Sheffield. Shipyards on River Clyde. Cathedrals. Smokestacks of northern England. Armament production. Trains loaded w/ arms. Docks. Mobilization for War. Lend lease & stock piles. Two US soldiers in small town; tanks. Women w/ make up. Rationing of clothes, food, cigarettes. Whisky exports to America. American heavy machinery. Cigarettes & taxation - brick laying, construction. Wedding. Workers changing shifts, to work. Women factory workers leave work. Children eat & paint in kindergarten. End of Churchill s speech to Congress. CUs. Church choir. Montage troops at war. V sign over Liberty Bell.

Pre-WWII - England; Homefront; Allies; Special Relationship; Friendship;

New York Hails 82nd Airborne Division in Victory March

Parade from Washington Square arches to Fifth Avenue. Flashback to 1919 Victory parade at end of WWI.

1945 Military parade with tanks. Mayor O Dwyer, General Gammon, Governor Dewey, Cardinal Designate Spellman, Gen. Wainwright present.

Post - WWII.

Demotraticheskaia Vengria [Reel 3 of 6]

[Documentary depicting democratic conditions in Budapest following Soviet liberation . Reel 3 depicts Hungarians and their newly changed lives.]

Communist demonstration at night around statue in Budapest - flashback to 1919 meeting led by Bela Kun - people listening to Kun speaking & waving flaming torches & flags - chanting in unison. VO re worker who became leader of factory after winning Koshuta? prize. Top shot pan across 1940s industrial landscape w/ factories. Heavy industry scenes - workers at steelworks [?] / foundry, Coal mining - two men walk outside mine w/ carts going up conveyor in BG. Admiral Horthy [?] in civilian clothes walking along dockside greeting passing workers. Manufacturing scenes - male workers operate heavy equipment.

04:14:47 Rural village / shanty town w/ makeshift huts. Family moving furniture out of cottage & leave on truck. High pan across city; family arrive at modern apartment building. Recreation scenes - young girls smiling & chatting; kids into lake for swimming; eating watermelon. Men playing chess. Sailboats on lake. Women reading by lake.

Communist Occupation. Post-WWII Hungary. Soviet Propaganda.

Riots and Strikes in USA 1920 - 1935 WWII Anti-American Propaganda

French titles

Statue of Liberty from various angles. Liner passing. Brief shot FDR addressing Congress.

19:03:00 Mob rushes forward throwing stones and waving sticks. National Guardsmen throwing tear gas bombs. Mob scatters as soldiers carrying bayoneted rifles give chase. Strikers and strike breakers start a riot in street. Several are hit over the head with clubs and are beaten to the ground.

19:04:10 A man sitting in street with blood streaming down his face. Another is grabbed by two strikers who shove and push him along street. Mounted police push back crowds. Police fire tear gas guns into crowd. Man lying in street is placed on litter. Soldiers with bayoneted rifles push back strikers. Strikers of Maritime Union on picket line. Strikers swinging clubs smashing windows. Guns fired, police raid.

19:05:13 Soldiers standing guard at entrance to coal mine. Long line of coal cars coming out of mine with armed soldiers riding the cars. Strikebreakers entering mine as soldiers stand guard.

19:05:40 Women parading through streets carrying signs: "The Big Three call us Reds because we fight for bread"; "The Big Three milk the public, our children need milk too". Strikers attack farmer's truck and spill cans of milk into road. Strikers attack fruit and vegetable trucks, smash crates and scatter contents along street.

19:06:13 Mass demonstration Washington. Crowd run from gunfire?


Scenes Aboard Battleships Circa 1920 - 1939

Sailors cleaning - polishing big guns - Exercising on deck at weight machine. Wrestling match on deck. Boxing match - playing with medicine ball.

[Put Out Rubber With Your Other Salvage]

Ministry of Information

Man calls stop that man & leads chase to man stealing rubber who has taken bicycle tire, car tire & rubber from sole of bum s shoe. Steals garden hose & everyone catches him. When they catch he tells them why they have to save rubber for the war effort.

Title: Put Out Rubber With Your Other Salvage

WWII Homefront; Propaganda Film; Natural Resources Conservation;

Dry Navy declares war on rum runners

US Coast Guards ships lined up in dock. Various shots including guns being cleaned (some poor quality)


The Nazi Plan (Prosecution Exhibit 1232) R1 of

Affidavit by E.R. Kellogg, Commander USNR, read by narrator over picture of certificate of affidavit by US Navy Department stating except for English titles it is all as received w/ German titles and language and not altered or retouched. Sworn before James B. Donavan, Commander, USNR, Berlin, 15Nov45.

17:14:36 Part I The Rise of the NSDAP 1921 - 1933. Title: Alfred Rosenberg describes the early Nazi struggle for Power. At desk in uniform speaking to camera (SOF)

17:17:59 Fluttering swastika, Hitler as a young man, NSDAP banner, headlines, early parade of civilians, brownshirts & crowds, Goebbels standing in car speaking (MOS) in leather coat, Nazi party members around him, crowd giving fascist salute.

17:18:27 Hitler & others walking at night thru saluting Nazis. Shots of Goebbels, bugle, hall interior.

17:18:43 International Aussteilung (sp?) Barcelona w/ fascists marching outside hall, daytime.

17:18:50 Newsreel shots of early riot in a city square from above & in MCU on ground.

17:19:06 Newspaper headlines of Ludendorff and Hitler jailed. Police & civilians behind fence. CU Hitler s party card. Nazi brownshirts & ?? parade along street from passing car. Goebbels in office w/ telephone, telegram re a visiting Italian member of the Fascist party Dr. Santoni (Santoni?), talking w/ two Nazis (one is Baldur von Schirach?) outside meeting hall.

17:20:13 Arrival of various Naziis (in front of street cars & crowds) saluting.

17:20:22 Title: Reichspateitag Nurnberg. 1927 over parade. Ext. Hitler, Hess & Streicher outside building, Overhead shot of small group marching, parade, alongside trolley in street.

17:20:42 Hitler w/ Gregor Strasser (in cap), other Nazis w/ rucksacks behind.

17:20:51 Title: Deutschland Erwache! And banner w/ NSDAP & slogan Deutschland Erwache held by Nazis.

17:21:00 Title: Julius Streicher, Standing & posing on street. Hitler, Hess others on street. Title: Auch die ubrigen Fuhrer begrupen die Ankommenden.

17:21:16 Leaders posing on steps of ?? Hitler & others get in car & leave. Hitler thru streets standing in car.

17:21:36 Title: ??Kolonne reiht sich an kolonne. Group of fascists in filed, pan over. Fife & drum marching unit.

17:21:56 Title: re 22Aug27 ??? Rally w/ banners & marching in front of trees in park (?). Leaders on slope watch, camera pans across. Hitler addresses crowd (MOS) w/ German intertitle. Saluting as Hitler reviews parade in car. Along street.

17:23:24 1929 Parade thru Nuremburg & Hitler in car thru streets. Old WWI soldier w/ medals saluting next to smiling Goering. Massive crowd in square.

Pre-WWII; Nazi History; War Crimes Trial Evidence; 1920s

[Misc. USSR-Related Newsreel Scenes]

Very choppy compilation - often very brief shots & intermittent music / narration.

Newsreel title Russia Displays Her Might And Skill In The Air . Planes formation over Moscow, paratroops out, air to air shots inc. paratroops sliding off wing of plane. Military parade in Red Square, Stalin reviewing soldiers & sailors marching. Civilians parade past w/ cutaways to Stalin waving back; Molotov.

11:56:38 Pedestrians through melting snow in street past church & US Embassy. People onto streetcar.

11:57:28 Nighttime celebrations in Red Square, fireworks behind silhouette of St. Basil s Cathedral - searchlights along river - neon.

11:57:38 Stalin seated w/ Roosevelt & Churchill - Yalta Conference [?]. Truman at Potsdam w/ Attlee. Woman past boarded-up church. Molotov at opera. Female refugees [?] along country road.

11:58:14 NYC labor demonstration thru streets w/ placards - Force the Shipowners to Reach Agreement . USSR Moscow woman selling New Times newspapers from booth w/ portrait of Stalin.

11:58:44 Bukharin at desk 1920s? Party meeting? Brief shot London policemen arresting rioter?? Street rioting in Germany (?) USSR; mourning bodies in graveyard. Troops from Asian USSR? Heavy snow at truck depot.

11:59:42 Shots from Churchill Defeated! story? - top shot Churchill into Potsdam conference room w/ Stalin & Truman, shakes hands w/ Molotov. Back to Red Square & mausoleum.

Pre-WWII / Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism. Communists;

Japanese Background Study Programme Part 2 - Natural Resources of Japan 1939-1945 R1 of 2

American commentary describing Japanese life. Farming scenes, Japanese workers in rice paddies & fields. Long line of women knee-deep in paddy field wearing identical patterned coats & hats, bending over to plant? seeds. Threshing grain in machines operated by foot pedal. VO re crops supplementing main rice yield. Potato harvest. Straw used in thatching roof & making screens. MCU woman sprinkles seeds. Fruit picking in orchard. Tea leaves picked. Salt marshes, workers fill baskets w/ salt. Map showing fishing grounds around Japan.

06:17:21 Fishing scenes: young men haul in nets, women help. VO The average Jap eats from fifty-nine to a hundred pounds of fish per year fish thrashing about in water as nets raised. Fleet of fishing boats in harbor. Deep sea boats underway, nets offloaded. Large trawler at sea; crewmen refrigerate catch in hold.

06:18:35 Prewar Japanese fishing scenes -1920s? - crabs hauled on board. INT floating cannery / factory canning crab meat & salmon for export to US; CU tin of crab Icebound Brand . Japanese women use trained cormorants to fish in shallow riverbed, bird on string, fish forced from beak into wicker basket. Seaweed harvest processed. Cartoon of Japanese man at dinner table w/ VO re nutrients gained from various foods - animation of various typical dishes.

06:20:29 Japanese occupation of Manchuria [?] Battle scenes, heavy guns fired, bombs dropped on city. WWII scenes - good aerial shot ship explodes, clouds of smoke - downed Japanese planes burning. VO re resources needed to sustain warfare. Iron ore mining, blast furnaces, smelting etc. Map showing location of iron ore deposits in Japan. Stockpiles of imported iron ore. Heavy industry: mining of minerals to strengthen iron ore, dynamiting hillside to extract tin. Copper ore on train. Underground miner extracting bauxite? Miners w/ helmets wait for lift to take them underground. Top shot quarry - men digging minerals by hand, shovelling into wagons; top shots wagons full of quarried material along tracks & hoisted up slope.

Economics. Raw Materials. War Production. War Effort. Japanese Home Front. Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

Japanese Background Study Programme Part 2 - Natural Resources of Japan 1939-1945 R2 of 2

Mining scenes cont d. Good shot of coal miners packed into string of mine cars going down slope at entrance to mine. Drilling coalface. Map of Japan showing coal deposit locations. Water power - vars scenes at large hydro-electric plants. Map showing oil regions of Japan. Oilfield shots - refinery. VO The Mikado has expressed vital concern over the scarcity of materials - animation illustrating how domestic metallic minerals meet 10% of war requirements. Animation hydropower running low.

06:26:26 Japanese work in printing factory, radio station, steelworks, construction, farming, fishing. Women working in typing pool; manufacturing glassware; painting dolls; VO unmarried women of twelve to forty are subject to conscription. They leave the mills & factories when they marry, but even then they are apt to turn their energies to home industries . Corresponding shots of Japanese women serving tea to family, at spinning wheel etc.

06:27:56 Animation of Japanese male figure Ogura standing astride Japan in soldier s uniform - zoom out to show foreign territories w/ minerals pouring back into Japan. Cut to CU Los Angeles Times headline Jap Supply Lines Blasted ; cut back to cartoon of Ogura standing astride Japan now in just a loincloth, mineral resources vanished - VO This is where Ogura came in . The End.

Economics. Raw Materials. War Production. War Effort. Japanese Home Front. Petroleum; Propaganda; WWII;

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Obit

White House with people standing looking, sorrowful. Truman taking office from Harlan Fiske Stone; kisses bible.

03:27:34 Early footage of FDR before polio - walking - shaking hands, with Eleanor. Sailing with pipe. Sitting in yard with Eleanor & kids. Swimming with kids in Georgia. By car tipping hat; with family as Governor & at 1932 convention. Taking oath. Photos year by year. With Churchill in Aug41 off Newfoundland at Atlantic Charter. Signing declaration of war on 11 Dec41. In North Africa reviewing troops. Cairo & Tehran conferences. President with Chiang Kai-Shek and Churchill in Cairo - In Tehran with Churchill and Stalin. Guests at 1944 inaugural looking tired as he waves to crowds. Yalta with Stalin and Churchill - report to Congress his last public appearance. Roosevelt speaking re his hopes for peace in the World for his children and grandchildren.

Berlin - Test For Freedom Part 1

East German guards - Brandenburg gate - American soldiers in car with binoculars. American on passenger plane travelling to Berlin. Passengers off Pan American plane at Tempelhof airport - customs. Brandenburg gate - tourist - warning signs - communist troops on top of Brandenburg gate.

11:29:57 F/back Brandenburg gate ca. 1920s - cameraman gets into horse drawn carriage - fast motion tracking shots - Unter der Linden and Friedrich Str. Street scenes - tourist bus with American flag. Pedestrians. Exterior University. Good street scenes with buses and trams - crowds in park.

11:31:02 Brief montage shots Nazis, WWII. Hitler making speech at interior meeting.

11:31:46 Fall of Berlin (poor quality) Berlin in ruins. German civilians leaving shelters when fighting stopped. Bomb damaged buildings - chancellery interiors.

11:32:44 Potsdam conference - animated map re carving up of Germany and Berlin into occupation zones. Signatures on agreement.

11:34:23 Meeting of Allied powers. Allied flags flying. Four power conferences.

11:34:47 Clearing up operations in Berlin - women cleaning bricks. Crowded passenger train, people hanging off.

11:35:07 Nursery - children play on bomb site - kids get milk.

11:35:25 March 1948 - Russians quit control authority, shots soldier taking down Russian flag. Men counting new currency. Soviet blockade - trains loaded with coal but unable to move. Road barriers to stop transport of supplies by lorries / trucks.

11:35:47 Berlin airlift - cargo planes landing and unloaded. Life in Berlin during blockade - underground station closed. Girl in printing office riding bicycle to generate electrical power. Vegetables planted.

Berlin - Test For Freedom Part 1

East German guards - Brandenburg gate - American soldiers in car with binoculars. American on passenger plane travelling to Berlin. Passengers off Pan American plane at Tempelhof airport - customs. Brandenburg gate - tourist - warning signs - communist troops on top of Brandenburg gate.

21:02:58 - F/back Brandenburg gate ca. 1920s - cameraman gets into horse drawn carriage - fast motion tracking shots - Unter der Linden and Friedrich Str. Street scenes - tourist bus with American flag. Pedestrians. Exterior University. Good street scenes with buses and trams - crowds in park.

Brief montage shots Nazis, WWII. Hitler making speech at interior meeting.

Fall of Berlin (poor quality) Berlin in ruins. German civilians leaving shelters when fighting stopped. Bomb damaged buildings - chancellery interiors.

21:05:44 - Potsdam conference - animated map re carving up of Germany and Berlin into occupation zones. Signatures on agreement.

Meeting of Allied powers. Allied flags flying. Four power conferences.

Clearing up operations in Berlin - women cleaning bricks. Crowded passenger train, people hanging off.

21:08:09 - Nursery - children play on bomb site - kids get milk.

March 1948 - Russians quit control authority, shots soldier taking down Russian flag. Men counting new currency. Soviet blockade - trains loaded with coal but unable to move. Road barriers to stop transport of supplies by lorries / trucks.

Berlin airlift - cargo planes landing and unloaded. Life in Berlin during blockade - underground station closed. Girl in printing office riding bicycle to generate electrical power. Vegetables planted.

Various - Russia Related - various places and dates

Various buildings in Moscow - Guard marching outside Kremlin walls. Church. Old woman paper seller - large poster of Stalin on kiosk - selling papers with headlines New Times in English and French. Red Square. Whiz pan early march / parade in Red Square. Informal shots young Stalin walking in Red Square with Molotov and others - good shots.

02:10:00 Gramophone - various shots different races of Russian listening.

02:10:20 Cossacks ? training with rifles.

02:10:37 Industry - smoking chimneys - Lenin statue - opening of Hydro Electric Dam attended by Kalinin?

02:11:07 Top shot and ground shots military parade in Red Square. Stalin on podium in fur hat (1941?) Top shot May Day parade

02:11:39 WWII Night shots artillery barrage - house explodes after being hit. Bodies. Russian soldier tears down Nazi sign. Russian refugees / DPs - food handed out.

02:12:23 Docks - small tanks off loaded. Chassis and body parts of lorries off loaded. Completed military trucks.

02:12:48 Yalta - Posed shot Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

02:13:07 Military parade Red Square - post war. Stalin on podium.

02:13:22 Potsdam. Atlee, Truman and Stalin pose.

02:13:40 Old woman in newspaper kiosk. Whiz pan - Refugees leaving Russia ?? Liner leaving harbour

02:14:21 Pro-Communist demonstrations Germany? Whiz pan Violent demonstrations and riots ? where? Hungarian revolution - bodies. Woman being pulled in two directions - border?

02:15:48 Re-construction? riot where young boy is hit over head - blood on pavement - where? whiz pan

02:16:12 Demonstration in London - policemen arresting students Whiz Pan

02:16:25 French railway station La Chapelle Interieure. - Strike ?

02:16:38 Montgomery in Russia. Interior Kremlin Stalin seated with Churchill and Harriman. Evening reception - Molotov and wife - VIPs arrive for Bolshoi ballet ? VIPs in box watching performance.

[Ruins of Soviet Gulags]

Aerials snow-covered barracks / internment camp? - probably Siberia. Flashback to 1920s - gates to gulag [?] w/ snowstorm & guard pacing to keep warm. Modern-day camp ruins in snow at sunset. CUs skulls in snow. Icy wastelands.

Russia / USSR. Soviet Concentration / Prison Camps.

Down to Dalmatia - Produced by Louis DeRochemont and Jack Glenn

Military band playing

06:45:25 Venice - shots include St Mark s church - boats on water - crowds in St. Marks Square - The Palace of the Doges - The Grand Canal with river buses and gondolas. The Rialto Bridge - gondolas.

06.47.40 Dalmatian coastline - rocky shore - forts - on board US naval ship which is on European tour. Ship fires salute as it enters port. Yugoslavian ship escorts US vessel. Pilot boards US ship to help navigate the Straits of Verige - shots of shore from ship.

06:50:02 Town of Cattaro - shots from ship. Ship drops anchor at harbour of Spalato. Sailors from USS Detroit on boat taking shore leave. Top shot Spalato - Diocletians Palace - architecture - ruins. Harbour and street scenes. Historic buildings - Arches of Spalato

06:52:39 Ragusa, Yugoslav sailors visit Americas latest warcraft - party shown round ship. Fortress of Ragusa. Entrance to the city through the ancient Porta Pile one of four gates in the city walls. Church of San Salvadore - aquaducts. The stradone, now a street but once a canal - no cars. Various shots streets and buildings. Local old man with beard poses for camera. 06:54:58 Dominican Monastery - sailor sightseeing. Monk. Cruiser Detroit sets sail.


Early aircraft carrier activity. Planes taking off from carriers at sea.

Launching large new carrier Lexington, Panama Canal to Pacific. Routine wartime activities aboard USS Lexington. Sailors embark on ship, at attention on deck and waving goodbye to departing ship. Sailors cleaning decks, washing clothes, eating at canteen, in dormitory. Pilot briefing. Sailors dive from carrier and swim. Sailors pose on anchor chain. Group of sailors underneath hull and diving.

Pacific battles on USS Lexington: alert - pilots briefing - Carrier planes take off. The ship's gun crews down several Japanese planes in a raging battle at sea. Lone soldier running on carrier platform under fire. Planes land on carrier.

Diseased Children in War-torn Vienna

Partially edited documentary on war-related diseases in Vienna Austria. Adult ward with nurses attending - Shows boys in Professor Spitzy s orthopaedic hospital, victims of severe starvation, rickets and tuberculosis. Boy in bed who has tuburcular elbow and TB of the skin on the right chest. Two boys suffering from TB of bone and skin. Boy of 16 who has TB of the bone due to starvation, another 10 year old with the same. TB of skin on thigh. Boys in bed on roof of hospital - treatment of air and light.

19:10:02 Boys attend school class in hospital, shots 11 year old weighing 9 kilos. Boys and girls sitting on beds. Boys eating at table

19:14:49 Dispensary for children with Rickets. Spinal curvature of 6 year old. Other children examined and shown to camera. Crowded dispensary. American Friends pass out food packages to large crowd.

poverty - medical

Lenin Memorial

Leningrad Popular Science Film Studios [English narration]

Stills & footage of mourners at Lenin s funeral, Moscow, Jan24. Parade in street w/ banners. CU steam whistles. Battleship firing guns. Newspaper headlines.

15:34:06 Present-day shots of Party HQ; VO says letters poured in from across USSR requesting monument to Lenin be built in Leningrad - funds raised. Leningrad / St. Petersburg street scenes; artists impression of proposed huge statue near Peter & Paul Fortress. Views of river, city street scenes.

15:35:02 16Apr24 Cornerstone-laying ceremony for memorial in square opposite Finland Station. Steam train along track, dramatic montage of views down tracks; armoured car like the one Lenin made speech from on return to Russia in 1917.

15:36:20 Montage of various designs submitted for monument. Winning design w/ still of architects & sculptor. Animation shows how original design developed into final composition. Film of Lenin making speeches; stills of Lenin; VO re capturing his gestures etc. Still shot inside sculptor Yevseyev s studio.

15:39:05 CU casting in bronze. Still of finished statue w/ workers who made it. Pedestal prepared. Stills of 07Nov26 monument unveiling.

15:40:24 School children file past monument laying flowers on Lenin s birthday. Young Pioneers & Comsomols swear allegiance at ceremony in front of monument. POV camera past monument. Credits.

Communists; Communism; History;

Know Your Ally - Britain R1 of 4

NB Most sequences in this film are short - montages

American football, crowds cheering, team practicing. Battle montage, Allied flags flying; shots of troops from China, Russia, Britain & America. Many shots of British troops marching past camera.

01:04:02 Animated map of British Isles comparing w/ Idaho. London street scenes & crowds in England, pedestians w/ soldiers, traffic w/ double-decker buses.

01:04:37 US house w/ picket fence, front porch, neighbours chat; English house behind hedges. Crowded streets, British policeman, arresting man. Newspaper headline re General Strike - strikers play rugby against police. Map showing no part of Britain more than a hundred miles from sea. Tower Bridge opening, tugs & ships at sea, old sailor.

01:06:05 Montage Shots of Empire: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada - and New York. Montage of 1938 in America - Yankees, Corrigan, last train on Sixth Ave El. Montage in Britain in 1938 Derby, father & son gardening, Preston North End in FA Cup.

01:06:56 Hitler at cheering meeting. Paper seller on London street; New York headlines re Sudeten crisis & Czechs defying Nazis. Crowds on streets in London wai for news of war. WWI war memorial & military cemetery. Headlines re Chamberlain to Munich, people at radios, Munich pact signed. Chamberlain waving envelope: Peace in our time.

01:08:17 Poster re invasion of Czechoslavia. Conscription act & men join army, uniforms, gas masks & soldiers march down street. Hitler laughing. Billboard Britain declares war on Germany. RAF planes in flight - leaflets dropped over Germany. German tanks advance. British at radios hear Germany had invaded Luxembourg, Holland & Belgium. German paratroops & tanks - radio listening re Petain asking for armistice. Map showing German incursion areas - Hitler w/ officers. Lion snarling - Britain finally aroused. White cliffs of Dover - radio listening excerpt from Churchill speech: ...we shall never surrender! Blitz on London - bomb damage & rescue operations. Horse-drawn funeral carriage. Armament factories. Montage defeats, Dunkirk - Greece. English troops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Burma. Factories. Planes take off.

Pre-WWII - England; Homefront; Allies; Special Relationship; Friendship;

[China, Japan, Philippine Islands - 1927]

Title: Turmoil in present day China - SHANGHAIi. Pan over large crowd of Chinese men, many w/ straw hats. Harbor w/ crowds, people carrying crates. Men fighting in crowded entryway. Chinese soldiers marching past. Overhead shot of crowd pushing. British soldiers holding back crowd.

03:15:27 Chinese eating; police & soldiers walking w/ ?? Crowd listening to speaker, Nationalist flag & banners seen. People waving hats; other speakers on scaffolding; marchers thru streets w/ banners, large demonstration.

03:16:41 JAPAN - Japanese w/ children worship very large Buddha at Kyoto Kamakura shrine. Shinto (?) temple; human hair rope at temple. CU of beams & decoration; MCU of rope of hair. CU Japanese woman shows her elaborate hairdo.

03:17:48 JAPAN s ARMY AND NAVY. Animated maps show growth of Japanese military since 1894.

03:20:17 Hirohito reviews troops, observes infantry & artillery maneuvers. Japanese troops training in water, small boats crossing, smoke screen.

03:22:45 Imperial Japanese Military Academy & bayonet practice, hand to hand; obstacle course. Japanese children training & fighting at Kobe military school. Japanese Navy training; large model battleship in classroom. Young Hirohito on deck of flagship Katori watching gun battle practice.

03:24:51 Yokohama, 1927 - Japan s entire naval forces gathered for review w/ Hirohito on battleship Matsu. Gun salute. Japanese warships w/ odd stack design. Aerial Japanese fleet at sea.

03:26:16 Fort William McKinley, Rizal, Philippines. US Philippine Division troops march on parade ground w/ US flag. Bontoc & Ifugoa troops present traditional war dances.

Exotic Natives; Ethnics; Pre-WWII; Military Force Displayed; Oddities; Travelogue; Scenics;

[Military Balloons & LTAs]

Air Force Now

18th century illustrations hot air balloons.

Stills: First Union Army Balloon Corps - used for observation. Modern LTA. WWI barrage balloon. Observation balloon launched. Several shots looking thru binoculars.

16:28:29 1929 Graf Zeppelin launch; View Manhattan NYC from airship lounges, restaurant & galley or kitchen aboard Graf Zeppelin. 1936 Hindenburg burning.

16:29:10 1930s Albert Stevens & Orville Anderson s World ascent record, lifting off.

WWII US Navy blimps. Color footage. Japanese firebomb balloons / paper balloon bomb.

16:30:50 1981 Seek Skyhook military balloon program to provide early warning low-level radar coverage of Florida Straits. Control room. Liquid crystal display. Screens & switches. Radar-equipped blimps. Two blimps in air, alternating. Presented by your Air Force.

Military Technology; Lighter Than Air; Aerial Surveillance; NORAD;

Ehre Der Arbeit (aka Honor of the Work) Pt 1 of 3

CU grain field, cattle in field, man plows w. horse carriage, shot of Christ on cross, man cuts hay in field overlooking nice village up on the mountain.

01:41:11 CU steam machinery to thresh grain; men load straw, shepherd, high angle big country fields, tall cross up in the air, CU various buildings, high angle river, women work in grape vineyard, tie up grape plants to wooden sticks. Men carry barrel up to machinery & pour liquid in to it.

01:42:15 High angle spacious country fields, man works hoeing, waters plants, people on small street alley, shot of sign, various shots of countryside, fields, villages, river, man splits wood, another fills up his pipe w/ tobacco & smokes.

01:43:22 CU man w/ horse logging; logs rolled down hill into river. Pulled thru water by horse, men w/oars on big wooden raft on the river, LS raft on the water, waterfall. CU water wheel, high angle houses, shots of various buildings, quiet streets, clock tower.

01:45:32 Blacksmith, changes horseshoe; men fixing wagon wheels. Town w/ stone houses, chimney-sweep climbs up onto roof, puts on cap & gets on w/ sweeping, CU man & woman knitting, shots of various buildings.

01:47:03 Shots of people working in various crafts industries, pottery, engraving, glass production, colorful window mosaics, clay art, sculptures, wood carving, CU various sculptures, mosaics, illuminated books.

Agriculture; Nature; Industry; Crafts; Pre-WWII Germany;

Ehre Der Arbeit (aka Honor of the Work) Pt 2 of 3

Black w/ voice over.

01:50:00 Big dam across river, dam construction from various angles, turbines, train on the railway, railroad car or carriage production, CU various machinery raising bridges & dame gates; high electric power tower, shot from tower to ground, Lufthansa plane von Hindenburg taxiing on the runway.

01:51:32 Various industrial sites, stones moved by carriages on small railway, open pit mining or dam construction; CU road roller, men work on construction site, move big wooden boards, builders high up on construction, men carry heavy boards, walk girders.

01:52:50 Big building w/ clock on wall and sculpture of woman, modern architecture; various buildings, residential area development. Country side, group of young soldiers (?) walk across field w/ shovels on their shoulders, bare chested men work in field, various shots of construction site, high angle, ship below on the river, man blows the whistle & all workers come for lunch, sit at outdoor table. One feeds bird sitting on the table, high angle long lunch table.

01:55:05 Man blows whistle, young men line up in columns in swim shorts, march to beach & run into the water. Wrestle in pairs, one sits on others shoulders, various shots of wrestling, perform various exercises, sunbathe, all dressed in soldiers uniforms.

01:56:23 High angle dam construction site, workers in woodland field, filled carriages on the rail line, various shots of workers, digging, drilling, various machinery, men fill up the carriages.

01:57:17 Men turn over the carriage and pour out the soil, train on the railway, various shots of the railway construction, men fill up carriages w/ gravel, work on constructions, workers carry big boards across the construction over river, various shots of workers carrying poles & beams, men trowel & smooth concrete, big machinery, conveyor, cranes, special heavy roller used to compress the autobahn road. Construction site, high angle railway, train on the rail line. (slave labor?)

Pre-WWII Germany Travelogue; Propaganda;

Ehre Der Arbeit (aka Honor of the Work) Pt 3 of 3

02:00:51 LZ 129 High angle rail way through country side w/ dirigible shadow alongside., huge doors open to hanger & construction of zepplin type LTA, doors close again.

02:01:57 Holiday , Berlin Brandenburg Gate w/ horse statues on the top of it, high angle people in big square, by the fountain, shot of Nazi flag, huge crowds. CU kids faces, high angle huge crowds.

02:02:51 Everybody salutes Hitler in open top car, various shots of crowd, very high angle motorcade surrounded by huge crowds. Hitler youth pushing & shoving. Aerial from blimp?

02:03:58 Hitler walks to the podium, CU Hitler makes speech (SOF), big Nazi sign, various shots of troops, people crowds, workers listening to the speech, Nazi flags up in the poles, soldiers, flags, CU Hitler, etc.. (GOOD)

Pre-WWII Germany Travelogue; Propaganda;

Holland (Graphic title w/ wooden shoes)

Windmills turning beside canal w/ small barge & sail w/ man at tiller. Others poling small boats thru small canals, one w/ cattle on board, man delivering newspaper from boat, another w/ bread given to girl. Under bridges, school kids out of barge & run to classes. people riding in chairs on barge w/ 4 men poling. Men & women walking along canal bank in suit sto church.

06:41:59 Woman & children walk past De Porceleyne Fles (factory). Int. w/ man making clay pipes by hand while smoking; stacks of pipes, wire thru stem, into mold, scraped; loaded into kiln. Turning plates on wheel, forming base w/ tool. Showing work.

06:43:45 Man in suit painting windmill inside plate or bowl; CU face; brush & paint.

06:44:26 Line of workers carrying stone ?? Display of painted pottery.

06:44:37 Ext. wooden pileings partially driven. Steam engine & machine & men driving pilings; CU operator. Man loading furnace, men moving timbers; cutting off tops of driven piles. Men watching pile being driven, raising dike alongide pastureland. Shoveling gravel on top of piles driven & placing reinforcing rods.

06:46:30 Ext. of large factory or ?? Int. men at large grinding or polishing machines, looking thru loupe or magnifying glass. Men at work bench w/ polishing machine & diamonds. CU inspecting diamonds & working.

06:48:02 Ext. Two men cutting down tree beside workshed w/ wooden shoes hanging around doorway. Hand sawing log into blocks, splitting & trimming bark. Cutting w/ axe into shape of shoe, shaping w/ long knife mounted w/ one end. CU wooden shoes on feet. Boring out of interior of shoe blanks w/ drilling & chiseling out wood. Holding finished shoe.

06:50:20 Docked small sail boats on canal. Man poling along canal, boys watch men unload fish in baskets. Eels. Man sitting on boat.

Pre-WWII Travelogue; Daily Life; Netherlands; Holland; Crafts; Craftsmen; 1930s; Jewels; Manufacturing;

Water Transportation; Stereotypes;

[Misc. Shots: Palestine; Hitler; Map, ca 1930s]

SOF Kibbutz dining hall; group singing by piano as men & women listen, singing on chorus.

18:07:45 MOS Man working. Filling flour (?) sacks at long line of shaker machines.

18:07:57 MOS Large millstones turning, CU mixing & grinding.

18:08:09 MOS Women seated at long table picking up diamonds (?) w/ tweezers or tool.

18:08:21 MOS Brief shot of surveyor, camels past.

18:08:24 SOF MS Hitler speaking.

18;08:30 MOS LS Haifa harbor from mountain top.

18:08:44 CU map of Palestine w/ arrows pointing to Jerusalem (?), Tel Aviv, ?

18;09:15 LS village near Dead Sea (?)

18:09:23 CU map of Palestine w/ arrow to Jerusalem.

18:09:30 Jerusalem (?) street scene w/ traffic police at intersection in front of Barclays Bank; pedestrians & busses.

18:09:41 CU map of Palestine w/ arrow to Tel Aviv. Camel train past, art deco buildings behind.

18:09:57 MOS Letters fed thru machine. Women at table w/ pen or tool & ??.

18:10:14 SOF Various shots of Hitler speaking & gesturing.

18:10:32 Hindenburg w/ Hitler standing behind.

18:10:38 LS Village by Dead Sea (again) & people walking up hillside; sheep grazing.

18:10:54 Hitler at microphone speaking (some out of sync). MS Goebbels & other Nazi officers listening.

18:11:39 Camel train & art deco buildings.

18:11:57 Arabs rowing boat w/ crates, freighter off shore.

18:12:03 Israeli man holding cast of jaw & teeth.

18:12:08 Women working at telephone switch board.

18:12:18 LS Large factory of textile looms.

18:12:25 Man fitting women stockings over form of leg.

18:12:34 LS of Haifa (?) harbor over rooftops from mountain top.

1930s; Daily Life; Pre-WWII;

[Unid. German Speaker; Goebbels speaking at anti-Jewish (?) demonstration; Jewish Congregation; Boycott Against German Jews]

SOF MS ?? seated in flowery chair speaking in German to camera. ???

18:13:42 SOF Goebbels on balcony outdoors speaking before enormous crowd; calls Heil, crowd responds w/ raised arm salute.

18:14:08 SOF Synagogue, Cantor singing in Hebrew. Women s chorus singing resonse; conductor in yamulka. CU of Cantor singing. LS of front of Synagogue interior from ground & balcony.

18:15:37 MOS Ext street w/ Star of David being painted on window & building, pedestrians apst looking at windows & camera. People looking in window. German storm troopers putting up signs, kids & others looking at camera. Brownshirt in doorway saluting.

18:16:03 SOF POV from car following truck of Nazi Storm Troopers in truck w/ bicyclists between along Berlin street in traffic; past & in front. Pedestrians on sidewalk walking past Jewish shops marked w/ Star of David. Storm Trooper in doorway of open shop / store. Past awning w/ Leiser on it; Neubauer on store; German soldiers w/ large Nazi placard. Voice shouting.

18:16:58 SOF track continues. Tilt down German anti-Jewish sign w/ English on bottom (staged?).

18:17:11 CU Nazi flag in wind - NOTE: Reversed swastika, then correct.

Pre-WWII; Racism; Religion; Jewish Religious Service; Ethnic; Germany

German youth running w/ banners on incline behind titles.

13:00:20 MCU Youth in uniforms at attention in snow at flag raising ceremony in woods. Exercise w/ ski poles outside log cabin; run thru snow; craw w/ rifles & faces in snow.

13:00:55 Youth in beret watching metal-working machine; other girls & boys working on machines.

13:01:17 Girls in uniform blouses placing flowers on headstone in woods; in cemetery for military who died in Condor Legion (?) in Spain.

13:01:46 Girls & boys scrubbing floors, polishing mirror & shoes, putting up decorations. At barber. CU train carriage passing, int. w/ people looking at letter & pictures of children. Youth putting sign & greeting train w/ waves & cheering as parents arrive. Hugs, kisses, enthusiasm.

13:03:14 Eating together, talking. Kids given clothes; toy rat. GOOD.

13:03:57 Young couples (guys in uniform) eating desert. Girl stops phonograph (GOOD). Woman plays accordion & sings. CU listeners smile, sing, applaud, dance, exchange address.

13:05:32 Military maneuvers. Soldier fires signal pistol, smoke screen & crossing of stream in rubber rafts. Tug of war in gymnasium w/ cheering. Soldier tells boys story, they ask questions, he answers.

13:08:06 Mountain troops skiing down snowfields (GOOD). Montage: blast furnace, heavy industry, wire onto coils; test tube; coal mine; sawing metal rail, cleaning chimney, milking, brushing horses, pitching hay, women exercise children, women sewing in factory.

13:09:41 Nurses & patients. Drafting, trade school, girls at typewriters, boy at loom, ingot formed, lathes, other jobs. Many locomotives out of yard. Planes taking off, naval ships raising guns.

13:10:56 Boys run up incline w/ flags & ENDE title.

Pre-WWII Germany; Propaganda; Enthusiastic; Enthusiasm; Dating; 1930s; Nazis; Militaristic;

Japanese Newsreel Nippon Koshin Kyoku

Documentary. Collection of military marching songs. Scenes of Japanese troops waving from train and marching off to war over patriotic song - cavalry and artillery - bomb blast - Japanese buglers - Japanese troops running forward (staged)- artillery and guns being fired. Japanese airforce - planes in flight - shot of plane crashing to ground. Dropping bombs - aircraft in flight, mono and biplanes. Navy - Orchestra plays Kimi ga Yo, the Japanese national Anthem while Hirohito reviews navy. Officers with Hirohito board launch. Japanese battleships and destroyers at sea - firing guns - naval manoeuvres firing broadsides.

The Story of Television [Part 1 of 2]

Buildings/monuments from Sphinx to modern NYC. Television aerials on roof. Woman looks through binoculars. Observatory. Pan up skyscraper. Dr Vladimir Zvorkin & David Sarnoff of RCA. Animated diagram on how TV works, cross-section television camera, transmitting, receiving in home. Empire State Buildingg antenna & early transmitter run by NBC & RCA / outside broadcast. Street scenes in 1937 w/ mobile vans. Setting up camera; 1939 New York World's Fair. RCA exhibit building w/ Sarnoff before camera in still. FDR officially opening World of Tomorrow & King & Queen of England shown. First Baseball game televised Aug39; 1st Convention televised in 1940 for both Democrats & Republican. Stage set televised. WWII headlines; TV in war with research scientists working on war projects: radar, sonar, sniperscope. End of war & celebration in Times Square. Picture tube manufacturing. NBC Studios & control room shooting music show. Truman sworn in 1949 & 16 city network shown. Manufacturing & shipping sets. Installation of antennas. Tower.

Home Entertainment - History. Communications; Media;

[German Footage from Russian Front]

WWII Tanks on road past trucks. POV crossing bridge w/ destroyed bridge beyond. LS Troops repairing bridge; MS crossing damaged bridge into smoking city.

01:29:16 Animated map of German advance on Minsk (showing Dunaburg, Kowno, Grodno, Baranowitschi). 01:29:29 Nazi tanks on dusty road advancing thru fields w/ troops. Moving to Russian Front.

Eastern Front;

Homeless Blacks in Tent City

Crowd of black people by side of road with all of their belongings piled. Moving shot past tent cities of homeless. People warming themselves by burning barrels. Cooking dinner

Poverty. Depression.

Spirit of Nobel

Includes many atomic scientists who left Germany when Hitler came to power.

Dramatic reconstruction - Alfred Nobel with invention - stick of dynamite. Explosions as dynamite used for progress to create railway tunnels, clear dams - cars driving through tunnel. Actor playing Nobel superimposed over images of WWII.

12:01:55 CU Nobel prize medal. Nobel ceremony 1938 - Pearl Buck receives Nobel prize for literature. CU Hitler gesticulating during speech - Goering - Rosenberg - Julius Streicher - Goebbels -

Reconstruction ? Nazis burning books, identity parade. Hitler speaking, Mussolini with crowds - torchlight parade. Prisoners of the Nazis. Refugees and DPs on road.

12:04:10 Reconstruction - Nazis throw Carl ? into prison.

12:04:27 Various unid. building. Interior office, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1936 Carlos Saavedra Lamas sitting in chair reading.

12:05:10 Columbia University - Harold Clayton Urey in chemistry laboratory.

12:05:29 Irving Langmuir in chemistry laboratory - oil on water experiment.

12:05:49 Clinton Davisson winner of Nobel prize for Physics 1937 in lab.

12.06.00 Arthur Compton in lab.

12:06:13 Ernest Lawrence sitting at desk with dials. Cyclotron.

12:06:23 Robert Millikan and Carl Anderson.

12:06:34 AVs Observatories in mountains ?

12:06:42 Otto Loewi in lab. Chemistry.

12:07:22 Victor Hess - physics. In lab.

12:07:49 Sigrid Undset - Literature - sitting at desk reading

12:08:28 Chicago - Enrico Fermi working in lab.

12:08:50 Maurice Maeterlinck with dog.

12:09:02 James Franck - atomic physicist in lab.

12:09:24 Thomas Mann walking down street. Man seated on couch with unid. woman. Seated at desk rading book.

12:10:25 Albert Einstein in library - walks to bookcase - smoking pipe in front of fireplace.

12:10:51 Nobel prize dinner. ? Four men in dinner suits including Carl Anderson, Otto Meyerhof, Norman Angell (Ralph Lane). Harold Clayton Urey with Hess.

12:11:56 Montage shots to signify political freedom - science - hospitals - young children at school, open air class. Kids at play . Students. Church. Interior library. FDR making speech. Pilots with aircraft. Crowd walking down steps of Capitol.

12:13:17 Montage Nobel winners.

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Nuremberg - Hitler]

Nuremburg town square with crowds standing - saluting in front of church. Shingle roof tops & woman looking out of attic window. Women w/ Nazi flower banners. Troops marching & goosestepping. Town square. LS Hitler out of car - walks about & salutes. Much marching in square. Officers talking.

22:22:36 Nazi soldier buying food from woman at stall. Officers in square mingling and talking. MCU ornate mechanical clock. More saluting as at beginning of reel.

22:24:46 Rear view of stands w/ people silhouetted saluting - shop built into stand w/ sign in German Greater German Bookstore . Swastika emblem on church. Store window with portraits. Goosestep parade, saluting; girls and Nazis pass out bags to civilians.

22:26:29 Nuremberg Stadium & Nazi review: smoke-filled stadium field as artillery fire & planes fly over - Nazi flags silhouetted along perimeter wall. Crowd saluting; CU officer and wife watch fly past. Nazis out of building in town; CU man w/ two-star beret and man w/ tasselled beret. Military band and infantry march past tented encampment outside town; men file past soup wagon, chef filling mess kits w/ meat. Very good shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII.

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Daily Life]

Men eating in field, town and factories in distance. Women at town market w/ pigs. Farmer operating horse-drawn threshing machine. MCU of Nazi guard, interesting eye movement, snaps to attention. Troops goosestepping through square past camera - Berlin?

22:42:23 Stadium staged battle, Nuremberg. Train L-R past castle on wooded hill. Workers leaving office / factory building - Haupteingang ? People through town street. Male workers assemble mechanical components. River boat, goods train, grape picking - vineyard on slopes.

22:44:39 Schoolgirls throw javelins & run through woods past new houses. Exercises - callisthenics. 22:45:44 Trimotor plane taxis along airfield - Hans Hackhack sign and Nazi swastika on tailfin; mechanics working on similar planes Wilhelm ? and Gustav Leffers - scrubbing - CU Nazi tailfin - Lufthansa in small lettering?. Man prepared to get into two-seater biplane.

22:46:41 Modern housing - people milling about - fighter plane on pedestal as monument.

22:47:45 Old woman waving down traffic on highway - hitchhiking ? Farmers in field with pitchforks, dog and cart. Bicycles and pedestrians past memorial / monument in BG [silhouette].

22:48:37 Car w/ small trailer house / mobile home - people look. Kids in day-care playroom - Montessori school ? Girl w/ doll. Boy & girl doing dishes. Kids on chamber pots, one cries.

Very good shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII. Farming / Agriculture. Aviation.

[End of Annual March of Confession of Hitler Youth in Landsberg]

Extract from The Nazi Plan. Intertitle Von Schirach Urges Hitler Youth to Follow Principles of Mein Kampf . Baldur von Schirach addressing Hitler Youth at night rally - Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg and here wrote Mein Kampf - this book may help you to fight for the Germany of the Future... - VS youths listening to speech, holding flaming torches. Patriotic song [not national anthem] over scenes of torchlight ceremony.

08:44:10 Title Die Toten Der Deutschland In Der Heimat - Battleship w/ Nazi sailors & wreath-covered coffins. Nazi flags flying on vars buildings.

08:44:49 Speech by Admiral on land at funeral w/ large crowd of military. Burial of flag draped coffins. Pan in MCU of sailors.

08:45:43 Hitler lays wreath & salutes during firing of guns in salute.


The World At War [Reel 2 of 7]

US Office of War Information

Chinese running & bodies after bombing by Japan. Japanese resign from League of Nations. Heavy guns firing - moving into Mongolia.

19:10:06 Chinese troops along Great Wall of China. Tanks in military parade in Japan.

19:10:44 Troops reviewed by Emperor Hirohito reviewing - vars shots. Italy - Fascists marching. MCU Mussolini speaking from balcony. Artillery fire in Ethiopia ? Stadium w/ Japanese flags waving; Italian & Japanese military & speakers together. Emperor reviewing. Goosestepping. Nazis into Austria 1938.


Nazi Plan, The R6 (?) of ?

Excerpts from Official Party Film Triumph of the Will (?)

MS Hitler on to podium greeted by workers battalion leader; Hitler speaks to workers who respond. MCU of lines of uniformed men w/ shovels; CU snare drums. Workers identify their Heimat & swear allegiance to the Fuehrer and the Fatherland. CUs of smiling enthusiastic workers. CU Hitler. Workers march toward & past camera.

Sept 1934 ?

19:19:17 Night shots - patriotic song sung. MCU lighted face of German officer, speech to SA stormtroops, pan over faces, smoke from torches. Saluting him on high platfrom

19:20:55 CU Trumpet towards camera. -CU Hitler youth drumming, Htiler watches; cheering, Hess. Hitler w/ Schirach beside him salutes crowd.

19:21:53 Baldur von Schirach (leader of the Hitler Youth) addressing crowd, we want the german people to be strong, you have to learn to suffer & to take austerities without breaking down... We know that Germany is ahead of us, Germany is marching inside of us & Germany is behind of us . CU of Hitler, Hess and Hitler youth.

19:23:22 MCU Hitler addresses Hitler youth. LS & CU young boys listening. Hitler shakes hands w/ Schirach. Hitler stands in open top car moving thru saluting crowd.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle;

Auf Grosser Fahrt R1 of 2

Printed flipped

Titles over navy ships at sea.

22:01:26 Fleet steaminig underway day & night. CU wake. Sailors on dock raising flag, nazi salutes. Battleship leaving dock, at sea; bow thru water w/ shadow. Heavier seas.

22:03:15 White cliffs of Dover from water. Captain writing in log; panel of knobs adjusted. Sailors at phones. Engine room & lighting boilers. CU gauges; steam building.

22:05:17 Sea gulls, calm sea. Map of trip around South America & North America. Waves breaking on coastal rocks w/ heavy spray.

22:05:59 Navy officer in South American street watching horses, carts, donkeys, wagons & people. Boys playing games on stone dock. Officers walking; women & children & men also beneath city trees. Watch soccer game w/ sailors & locals. Group picture afterwards.

22:06:57 Sailors on deck w/ rifles drill; gunnery practice loading large artillery shells. Inspect small hammerhead shark on deck. Tropical beach w/ officers & sailors walking. Swimming in pool beneath waterfall.

22:09:00 Knot practice on deck of vessel. Sailor hanging display of eleaborate knots. Officers w/ fake birds & native in grease to perform King Neptune ceremony at crossing of equator as sailors watch. March around deck. Elaborate costumes. Shaving, dunking, hosing down.

Pre-WWII - Nazi; Travelogue - German Navy; Propaganda;

Auf Grosser Fahrt R2 of 2

Printed flipped

View of ship from on mast; heavy seas. Rio de Janeiro from water. Navy cadets march thru city, stand at attention & received by VIPs. Brazil navy & band playing German anthem.

22:13:57 Small boat to ship w/ young boys & girls (German or Aryan looking) & served tea or juice by sailors. CUs eating at mess table on deck.

22:15:43 Sailors march through town. Arrive on bus as kids & others give Nazi salute while singing. German village on river in valley. Sailors in dress whites march through. Germans w/ banner: Deutschland Eiwache & swastika receiving Navy officers & saluting. Sailors visit school. Kids in uniforms & regular clothes run out More parading by navy & townspeople thru town w/ banners & dressed in white.

22:18:30 Girls dancing beneath navy banners in ring & couples. Sailors join it. Two men playing concertina & horn & sounding like Bavarian band as couple dances (good). Townsmen in black shirts march thru town w/ banner as others salute and join in marching to train to wave goodbye to sailors.

22:19:47 Harbor w/ freighters & tugs. men fishing w/ long poles from docks. Montevideo from tall building w/ skyscrapers & harbor in background. Sandy beach w/ swimmers. Dock w/ sailors off ship, unload large wooden crate & carry burlap bags of ??. Fir trees carried, crates loaded into ship nets & offloaded. Pressurized tanks unloaded. Men in formal service on deck.

22:21:35 Sailors opening Christmas packages at table w/ candles lighted. Eating fruit, nuts & candy etc. Ships officers arrive & sit down at table, smoking cigarettes, drinking from white cups.

22:23:04 Boy scouts (?) at attention, march onto ship w/ pennant. Santa Claus or Father Christmas passing out gifts to boys & girls in uniforms. Other kids w/ sailor eating fruit. (incomplete)

Pre-WWII - Nazi; Travelogue - German Navy; Propaganda; Goodwill Visit; South America tour.

[Senators or Representatives, Pre-WWII Diplomacy]

Dozen men posing on steps of U.S. Capitol Building. CU of ? Two men look at & point at Pacific Ocean on map of globe. Japanese man out of residence, CU. Smiling & nodding to camera.

Pre-WWII Diplomacy; 1930s;

[Russian Civil Defense] Gas Masks - Civil Defence

CU Air raid siren cranked, steam whistle blowing, people put on coveralls against gas & gas masks. Bombers fly overhead.

WWII Russian Homefront; Protection;

Why We Fight - Prelude to War

American troops parade - Short sequences Pearl Harbor - London Blitz - Fall of France - China - Czechoslovakia - Norway - Poland - Holland - Greece - Belgium - Albania - Yugoslavia - Russia. Armament production superimposed over map of USA. Animated graphics showing Free World and Enslaved World.

Sequence re religion - Ten Commandments - Koran - Confucius - Bible. Parchment with Declaration of Freedom. Statues Washington, Jefferson, Garibaldi, Lafayette, Bolivar, Lincoln. Various paintings and statues depicting fight for freedom. Government buildings. Graphic re enslaved world. Short sequences - Fascists in Rome - demonstrations in Rome - soup kitchen - Fascists in trucks - Young Mussolini wearing Top Hat and Tails. Demonstrations in Germany - young Hitler cheered. Various shots German armies parade. Kaiser reviews troops. German industrialists with Hitler. Riots in Germany very short

World At War, R3

German & Italian troops in Spanish civil war fighting. Wounded & dead bodies. Franco banner & reviewing troops. Hirohito - Japanese & goose-stepping troops. Munich pact & signing with Chamberlain and Mussolini, Daladier. Mussolini on balcony at night w/ crowd.

18.53.19 Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old woman throwing out flowers. Military band on trucks past camera. Troops through crowds. Nazis into Prague.

18.54.22 Landing in Albania. Hitler at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt s appeal for peace. Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Good shots in offices at Berchtesgaden in front of huge window. 18:55;50 Ribbentrop in Moscow w/ Molotov.

Newspaper Headlines. Hitler reviewing troops. Polish planes, tanks, & guns reviewed - military parade. Loading German bombs, fuel, shells; take off & over, in formation. POV in air. Bombing of Poland - Flak, bombing, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Stukas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railway tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazis. German battleship firing.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 1]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Rolling title: On December 7th, 1857, Townsend Harris, first American Consul-General to Japan, presented his credentials to the Shogun. On December 7th, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. These are facts... - details fictional views of Japanese character - ...the time for endowing the Japanese either with wings or horns is past. We must know them as they are .

CUs 18th/19th Century Japanese etchings - scenes of everyday life. Japanese tanks roll out of factory and over camera. VS modern Japanese industry - steelworks w/ smoke stacks on river, boats passing - fades to traditional tori gateway; workers in cotton mill and machine shops; women workers in manufacturing plant; porcelain and metalwork craftsmen.

02:29:11 Tokyo montage - city street scenes - pedestrians and traffic - commuters - Geisha girls - trams. Narr. comments on Japanese style of dress and blend of old and new - freeze-frame on man entering theatre wearing kimono and derby hat. Young Japanese men on way home in Western-style dress - enter house, take off shoes and hats, sit by bedside of older man. Man changes from office clothes to kimono - performs the gymnastic squat - sits at low table.

02:31:07 AV schoolyard - children perform synchronised exercises - narr. describes school uniforms as Western in style as California places . Children on way home from school; at home in kimonos.

02:31:43 Train through snowy countryside. Farming montage: planting, cultivating and harvesting of rice. Electric lightbulb and radio in Japanese home.

WWII. Customs.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 2]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Entertainment in Japan. VS sports: Sumo wrestling match in progress - CUs; Jiu-jitsu; Kendo fencing; horse racing, golf, tennis and baseball - had become popular in pre-War Japan.

02:34:38 Man and woman in living room, man smokes pipe; zoom in on poster for Marx Brothers Duck Soup on wall. Social gathering - Japanese men and women, man plays saxophone - popularity of Tin Pan Alley music - singing. EXT nightclub signs - Ginza Kaikan - couples inside dancing - saxophonist starts singing. MCU man deciding whether to drink American cocktail or Japanese sake - drinks both - jazz band playing - Geisha plays traditional instrument to bored-looking Japanese man.

02:36:07 Romance, Western-style - Man plays accordion and sings to woman on balcony - some lines in English. Single women wait for men to ask them to dance.

02:38:00 VS traditional Japanese dance and theatre inc. Kabuki - Lion Dance by famous Japanese actor - Geisha dance - masks.

02:40:34 American cartoon drawn to symbolise development of Japanese culture w/ Chinese and Western influences.

02:41:43 Japanese garden scenes - immaculately maintained - need to control nature.

WWII. Customs.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 3]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Japanese domestic scenes: precision in household design and furnishing - uncluttered - women cleaning and flower arranging. Family eating dinner at low table; father walks outside house. Man comes home from work - sits on floor cushion in certain position. Tea ceremony - Geisha observing precise way of serving drinks to husband. Woman showing correct way to enter house - kneel, slide door open, enter, kneel, slide door closed, etc. Sarcastic narration.

02:45:56 Religion: Japanese visitors outside temple; man washes mouth and hands, approaches shrine, rings bell. Woman w/ baby on back prays at shrine draped in prayer flags. Boy eating dinner w/ father - lays offering for dead mother on small shrine.

02:46:45 Community unisex bath house - where appropriate behaviour calls for no clothes...and no gags please - CU people washing feet and legs before entering water - Japanese woman enters small pool; LS bath house interior w/ vars marble pools - Japanese men bathing.

02:47:07 Japanese Theatre: EXT carved entrance; INT Geisha s looking at artwork; LS audience applauding intricate perfomance; CUs masks; actor applying heavy make-up. Play in progress and costume changes.

02:48:27 Painting of Japanese version of Jacob s Ladder - Emperor at top, masses at bottom - intricate heirarchy of Japanese society.

02:49:45 Young children bow to adults - woman bows to man - farmer bows to landowner - civilians bow to military - subjects bow to Emperor Hirohito on horseback. Royal motorcade along street - people lined up on street bow [all upper floors of offices closed so people not higher than Emperor].

WWII. Customs.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 4]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Slogan translated by narrator - Duty is heavier than a mountain but death is lighter than a feather - continues exploration of ladder-style society. Old man on deathbed makes last bow towards Emperor s palace. Recreation of ancient Shogun sitting on platform raised above subjects. Domestic heirarchy - man sits on floor cushion so wife moves to lower floor mat.

02:52:20 Japanese girl breaking engagement w/ fiance on same social level as her - By being over-polite, she puts him on a higher rung of the ladder than he belongs, which is very insulting - 20 ways of saying Mr expressing different levels of respect - only two swear words in Japanese.

02:52:53 Still of typical Japanese ladder man w/ back to camera. VS Japanese film set in ancient times. Men examine samurai sword - represents self-sacrifice for superiors.

02:55:09 Japanese troops in battle - officer waves samurai to inspire infantry to attack.

Extracts from Japanese feature films illustrating the duties which each citizen owes to others in the prescribed scheme:

02:55:27 Woman w/ daughter starts journey of hundreds of miles to reach husband captured in battle - mother dies by roadside, daughter continues journey; if she is willing to try her ticker to the limit of its endurance you d think she d at least give the moppet a break, but therein lies the moral of the story - mother s duty is to her immediate superior - her husband, daughter s immediate superior is mother until she dies, then father. Daughter reaches father on horseback - reunion.

02:56:44 Wayward husband returns home after 6-year absence - wife ordered to keep away from him by her father - she waits for him to fall asleep and creeps out - husband announces he is going to war, father-in-law forgives them via his grandson as a go-between .

02:57:43 Marriage plans: go-betweens interviewing prospective wife and her parents. Boy showing respect to father then taking out his frustration by fighting on playground. Daughter becomes nurse against father s wishes and going off to war; he can t forgive her openly but looks at her photos and slips money into her purse before she leaves.

02:59:44 Only son arrives home after prolonged absence - mother thrilled to see him but can t hug each other. Smiling schoolboy on horse-drawn cart holding ashes of brother killed in battle - grieves in private - no public displays of affection or emotion.

WWII. Customs

38th Parallel [Reel 2 of 5]

[North Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th parallel. Reel 2 shows Russians liberating Korea from the Japanese occupiers in WWII.]

Sign in Japanese. Korean students at Kwang Choo demonstrating against Japanese occupation. Japanese officer taking child from mother. Still pictures of students who were killed in the demonstrations. Graphic reconstruction [?] of men and women students being tortured for taking part in the demonstrations - hanging upside down, burned with hot pokers, beaten, injected under fingernails. Japanese prisons. Planes dropping bombs.

13:14:59 09Aug45 Russian ships firing at Japanese positions. Russian infantry making assault landing. Tanks moving up. Russian artillery firing. Russian infantry running along gully. Japanese soldiers coming out of pillbox and surrendering to the Russians. Piles of dead Japanese. Russians placing flag on hilltop. Captured equipment. Japanese prisoners seated on ground. Smashed temples. Russians releasing Korean prisoners. Koreans celebrating Liberation Day; waving banners / flags. Korean band playing.

13:17:17 Japanese and Russians (only) signing WWII surrender terms aboard the USS Missouri, 02Sep45. Displaced Japanese civilians moving along road. Korean village and countryside. Newspaper notice about Big Three meeting in Moscow (in Korean). Duck Soo Koong building in Nam Dai Moon, Seoul.

13:18:28 Meeting between General Hodge (USA), General Shtikov (Russian), Syngman Rhee and Kim Sung Soo (Koreans) and their staffs. Syngman Rhee addressing the meeting.

Torture. Atrocities.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 5]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Scenes showing the place in society of the Geisha girls - men relaxing around dinner table w/ Geishas - the bon bon in a diet of rice and fish, mistress of the free and joyous life - Geishas singing and performing traditional dance - Geisha at home flirting w/ man - Geisha tickling chin of man, watched by older woman.

00:00:57 Recreational pastimes: Japanese steeplechase - running - swimming race - female golfer - tennis match - baseball. Festivals: New Years, Girls & Boys Days, Cherry Blossom Festival - parade through streets w/ lanterns, costumed children, decorated carts. Christmas - Japanese man dressed as Santa Claus. Japanese visitors to Shinto shrines.

00:02:36 Japanese workers operating heavy machinery; assembling tanks. CU mother feeding baby. Young girl fighting with boys while baby brother in sling on her back. Mother sings lullaby to baby in hammock.

00:04:29 Japanese family around dinner table - young children. Schoolchildren in uniform. VS schoolchildren doing callisthenics in schoolyard - government official broadcasts commands on PA system linked to schools across Japan. Young children in classroom - teacher shows how to draw Japanese letters correctly. Historical indoctrination: boy studying war stories at home - extract of film showing Japanese warriors in battle - schoolboys playing battles outdoors w/ fake guns, cannons and miniature fighter planes. Young Japanese girl being taught how to open door, bowing and serving; girl taught art of the Geisha. Teenagers exercising in formation. Japanese Navy cadets climb rigging and scrub deck. Children march to help on farms w/ sickles and hoes; digging.

00:07:37 Japanese children marching and singing, waving flags.

WWII. Customs.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 6]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Animated chart showing growth of child literacy in Japan. Emphasis on education - film extracts w/ drunkard father sending young son out to earn money - government official tries to take child to school but is beaten up by father and his friends - youngster eventually gets to school and reformed father proud. Postman delivers message to woman - people reading bulletin board. Empress gives lighthouse keeper a radio.

00:10:00 Montage explaining psychology of the ancient Samurai and modern Bushido codes: Samurai archer applauded; soldiers practice w/ bayonets; women practice archery; Samurai swordsman fights multiple attackers; Japanese fight Chinese attackers on riverboat; Samurai walks calmly to his death / modern Bushido soldier drinks ritual cup of sake before suicide mission. Montage of dead Japanese warriors / soldiers - Samurai commit hara kiri, for Bushido it s falling like a cherry blossom or the way of the warrior .

00:11:54 Montage of heroic statues, shrines and banners. People banzai. Mountain scenes. Family visit grandmother s grave to ask for approval.

00:13:19 Moving samurai sword optical over blossom trees w/ caption February 11, 660 B.C. - narr. reads directive of 1st Mikado: We shall found the Empire and cover that which is under the heavens . February 11, 1940 - Crowds celebrate 2600 anniversary of mythological founding - banzai and waving Japanese flags - re-affirmation of pledge. November 26, 1941 - Sec. of State Hull off plane in Tokyo for meeting w/ Japanese Ambassador re: Pacific region. December 6, 1941 - Roosevelt on US battleship w/ MacArthur & Nimitz ? as narr. reads letter he wrote to Japanese Emperor on that date in efffort to keep the peace. December 7, 1944 - Ambassador Nomura ? and envoy speak to press - narr reads statement given to Hull 55mins after Pearl Harbor attack - ...the government of Japan...has continued negotiations with the utmost sincerity .

00:15:22 Extracts from scenes of Japanese life used earlier - Geishas, schoolchildren etc. - blends into footage of atrocities committed by Japanese troops in China - civilians beaten, dead babies, Chinese kicked into pits and shot in the head etc. Smiling Japanese general off plane, salutes. We must know them as they are .

WWII. Customs.

[Hitler Receives Public Adoration]

Excellent shots newsreel cameramen mounted on car roofs following Hitler s motorcade as it parades down street. Huge crowds lining streets; motorcade stops to allow women w/ babies to run from crowd & give flowers to Hitler; others allowed up to Hitler s car, watched closely by stormtroopers. People give fascist salute. Woman notices camera is on her & quickly raises arm of invalid father. Nazi & SS flags seen.

14:14:47 Huge crowd outside Hitler s window; Hitler appears in dinner suit & salutes; Hitler-lookalike in crowd. Hitler in car through packed stadium - only head & shoulders become visible moving through sea of people. Good.

[Russian narration talking about Hitler s attitude towards people - crowd needs to be treated like a woman - need to be led - mass power more important than individual minds - one enemy and one god .]

Personality Cult. Pre-WWII ?

The Battle of Russia R3 of 10 (Military Version - Part 1)

Graphics of bayonet into Manchuria; Axis expansion into eastern Europe. Graphics re war in France & Europe. Hungarian & grain harvest, mining, troops. Rumania & grain, oil, marching troops. Bulgaria map & animation re Black Sea ports.

03:19:29 Puppet leaders Adm. Horthy, Gen. Antonescu, King Michael, and King Boris. Hitler and Gens. Keitel and Jodl meet.

03:20:18 Hitler & Mussolini meeting, hand shaking, CU smiling. Greece & troops; animated map. Yugoslavian cities bombed - animated map; Greece is occupied - maps. Marching troops.

03:22:30 USSR industry; tanks on trains & off Russian assembly lines & troops are inducted, call up. Drilling, marching. German panzer divisions invade Russia 22Jun41.

WWII Why We Fight Series, Military Propaganda Film; Invasion; History;

Israel: The Story of the Jewish People Pt 2 of 3

[Animation gives way to footage & stills.] Photo montage: early Jewish immigrants to Palestine 1910s. Zionist leader Theodor Herzl. Large group photo. Growth of Jewish community in Tel Aviv following British mandate - Balfour.

07:42:32 Footage montage: street scenes Jerusalme. 1930s? - Arab woman in burkah, Jewish men. Bodies lined up outside WWII concentration camp - emaciated survivors -

07:43:00 Jewish refugees packed onto boats; riots against restrictive British immigration policy in Palestine.

Illegal immigrants forced to turn back by British Navy & at check points.

07:43:30 Refugees in detention camp on Cyprus. British installation bombed by Jews in Palestine.

07:43:51 United Nations meeting, November, 1947 - resolution for partition of Palestine. British withdrawal from Palestine: military ceremony & lowering of Union Jack, troops onto boat. Stills of Ben Gurion proclaiming Israel as Sovereign state.

07:44:24 Jews celebrate in streets. Arab militia firing machine guns - Arabs surrendering after ceasefire. 07:44:55 Feb49 Chaim Weizmann sworn in as President. Immigrants arriving by boat.

07:45:31 Modern-day Israel - luxury liner Shalom in dock, passengers off - street scenes showing new wealth. Street scenes. El Al Israel Airlines plane loaded w/ exports. Artist & scientist at work, churches, ethnic minorities - group of Arabic-speaking Druze people.

07:46:25 Nomadic Bedouins in desert who cared only for their sheep & watering holes . Road construction thru desert.

07:47:11 New town of industrial community of Arad under construction on site of ancient Canaanite city. Worker comes home to wife & young child - VO re importance of educated European refugees w/ idealism of pioneers . Top shot Haifa. Docks & loading & unloading ships. Reliance on imports until Israeli crops sufficient. Farm workers; combines harvest grain - farm laborers pick crops in border territory under armed guard - bananas cut & carried. Kibbutzes & agricultural success - collective workers on truck & picking fruit - VO re decline in numbers of Jewish workers. Indian man working on Kibbutz, wife helping in kitchen but not used to the concept of communal sharing . Continued...

Religion - Judaism; Palestine Police; Farming / Agriculture; Politics; Economics; Terrorism; Class / Caste System; Social Problems; Travelogues - Middle East; Post-WWII; 1960s; Colonialism; National Indpendence;

[North Korea?]

Korean script titles. Korean film mute GVs street scenes, posters, banners, large street posters & propaganda? broadsides. Store windows.

05:01:32 Business man in office pointing to many wall posters & showing woman. Decorated street car. Factory interior w/ men at lathes, one w/ Communist red star on cap. Farmers w/ bundles.

05:03:06 Interior CU Kim Il Sung in suit addressing meeting & audience listening, applauding.

05:04:25 Ext. crowd & banners; POV speaker in city. Pan of listeners, peasants, farmers, others. Poster of Stalin & posters of others.

05:06:24 Moon over bridge. Title of date? Factory w/ lights strung on outside. People listening to speakers. Women w/ child on back.

05:07:15 North Korean or Chinese army sequence, troops moving up hillside. Soldiers on radio telephone in foxhole. Camouflage & binoculars. Sequence of sighting & firing mortars.

05:09:28 Men & women soldiers dancing. Troops firing artillery. Saluting. Balance is in snow. Field gun. Marching towards heavy gun mass parades towards over snow

Communist Korea; Korean War; Daily Life;

Air Show Promotion - Philadelphia

Parade with men in revolutionary war costume & balloon down street. Philadelphia Air Show float. Windy day. Balloon launched promoting Jan. 9 to 12th Airshow. People watching.

Men watching (balloon has been launched). Men in revolutionary war costumes looking up. Crowds pointing up / skyward.

Canadian Troops Reviewed

Canadian soldiers brush down their civvy suits, hand over rifles, shake hands. Troops on parade ground at attention. Officers in great coats inspect soldiers. Union Jack flying. Officer at microphone addresses troops. Soldiers present arms and march on parade ground with rifles. Officer salutes. Soldiers shaking hands with each other, Japanese / Canadian soldier. Troops cheer, removing caps for camera. More shots brushing down civilian suits and handing in rifles (looks like demob?) CSM standing in front of sign Get the Yes Sir Habit . WWII

Nazi Germany [Nuremberg - Hitler - Degenerate Art Exhibtion]

Officers & others saluting at Nuremberg Stadium rally; women; girls in white blouses. Hitler on running board of auto. Women. Degenerate Art Exhibit - sign of death in uniform over globe [brief]. Hitler in stadium salutes; marching; troops w/ shovels. MCU pan across uniformed Nazis sitting on ground. Officers in stands; Nazi flags flying around perimeter of stadium. LS and MS troops marching in review past Hitler - standing in open top car. MCU officers and wives enclosure; salutes. LS motorcade round stadium; Goebbels up steps w/ officers. Goosestepping; marching w/ flags. Shirtless men lined up opposite main podium w/ swastika sculpture; women lined up.

22:06:24 Degenerate Art Exhibit - main entrance to pavilion w/ portrait of death over globe in flames as seen briefly earlier. Nazis queuing to enter pavilion. Policemen hold back crowd. People on Brauhaus Nurnberg truck - security? Hitler motorcade through streets receiving salutes. Very good Nuremburg shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII.

Title: Gestern Und Heute by Hans Steinhoff Pt. 2 of 2

Train w/ banner; Railroad car w/ sign 1936 - 1937... Men loading goods. Train w/ signs on cars. Newspaper headlines 1929 and montage of Nazis solving problems, police breaking up riots. Fighting in streets & violence.

04:25:32 Hitler speaking in uniform in large square w/ many people. Reichstag (?). Enormous crowd. Biplanes fly over. Wreckage of WWI planes. Motors smashed, chimneys toppled, ships sunk; military equipment destroyed. Various foreign troops marching.

04:27:18 Das Rheinland ist wieder fre.. over troops marching. People waving. Military parade. Austria border and troops raising barrier. Shaking hands, greetings. Crowds saluting over map of Austria.

04:28:41 Title: 3 Jahre Kampf Um Freider Drei Jahre Adolf Hitler...

Hitler speaking at Nazi event. Women applauding. Hiter speaking on iron structure at mine head again & men listening. Montage of listeners, Nazi banners, CUs. Various military. Farmers working fields. Waves breaking, mountain scenes. Huge planes, dirigibles, race cars, Nazi flags & CU of Hitler.

1930s; Economy; Campaign Film (?); Economics; Propaganda; Pre-WWII;

NOTE: Sound track missing.

[Carpathian Mountains (?); Romania or Yugoslavia (?) or ???] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Woman feeding chickens; kids & mother in sun beside house; old woman feeding chickens from doorway. People in heavy coats or shawls talk to house. Two men sawing wood or long in yard. Kids bicycle past camera. Woman cutting open large squash (pumpkin). Enormous pile of squash behind.

03:28:50 5 pairs of girls dancing in courtyard; man blowing horn, milk cows down street; little kids out of school. Church service outdoors & kids w/ large lighted candles. Man doing wood work in front of house.

03:29:39 Two men at enormous wood pile throwing split logs. Flume where logs are dumped.

03:30:03 Titles: Nemecka skola v Mukaceve; Die deutsche Schule in Munkatsch. Woman teacher w/ very young kids; kids exercising, playing w/ blocks, dancing. Older boys in class w/ younger. Girls in class ironing. Kids say grace or blessing at lunch table in school before sitting down. Dormitory bunks & boys fluffing comforters. Kids playing games & walking during recess. Boy pushed around on group of boys. (GAG). Large group of kids in yard during recess. Kids on bicycles, into school; posing in yard for picture.

03:33:07 Pan over room of well dressed parents (?) in school (?).

03:33:31 Titles: Lodni mlyny na Vahu; Schiffmuhlen an der Waag. Large fish wheels or wheels for ?? in river.

03:33:56 titles: Slovakische von Deutschen gegrundete Dorfer im Waagtale, Mestecko und Veresvar; Slovakische von Deutschen gegrundete Dorfer im Waagtale... Monument ? View in church.

WWII Village Life; Ethnographic; Slovakia; 1930s; 1940s;

Kraftfahrzeuge In Staub & Hitze R2 of 2

21:01:27 (continued from LN 400-281) Man gestures from on top of truck. Trucks across desert; sand dunes.

Trucks stop & check tire pressure, fan belts, oil; clean air filters.

21:05:11 Trucks behind sandbags, tents nearby. Trucks carrying tanks along highway, pulling artillery & moving forward. Good shots of heavy equipment The End.

WWII German Training Film; Military Instructional Film; 1930s; 1940s; Nazi Maneuvers;

The Golden Arrow aka Gold Arrow

Blackhawk Railroad Series

09:32:56 Short stockshots of St. Paul s Cathedral, Westminster & Parliament, Victoria station exterior.

09:33:18 Sign: Golden Arrow, Fleche D Or, London - Paris, France. Railway passengers boarding, Map showing train to dover, ferry to Calais, train to Paris.

09:33:52 Passenger boarding, conductors w/ special uniform. Signalman & train pulls out of Victoria for Paris, 6 hrs, 52 minutes away. People at tables, tracking shot countryside. Dining cars - Kent countryside. Dover train arrives, passengers disembark - luggage, porters.

09:35:31 Ship Invicta for Channel crossing. Passengers board ship. Captain on bridge, Invicta leaves dock. White Cliffs of Dover. Crossing Channel, docking & people off to immigration & customs. Passengers board train, leaving station view of war damage; tracking shot through countryside.

09:40:37 Train arrives Paris past signs & into Gard du Nord in Paris. Paris at night - neon lights.

Travelogue; Transportation; Post-WWII; 1950s; 1952;

Behind Nazi Guns Pt. 1 of 2

Presented by U.S. Navy - Captured film cut to give Americans insight into Nazi war effort.

Narrated by William L. Shire

Opening explanatory titles.

05:06:39 POV from low plane over German countryside & town.

05:07:02 Bombs fall from plane, explosion. Int. Steel mill; German tank factory, CU workers making weapons. German husband w/ pipe & wife at home listening to radio. CU Goebbels, other Nazi. Antennas. CU husband w/ pipe, CU wife. Town square & old lady, busy market street before war. Docks, Industry.

Steel used for peaceful purposes: workers at Krupp, bridges, modern apartment houses; trains, cars and other steel work. CU factory workers Krupp. Chemistry laboratory w/ scientists in white overalls.

Wide overhead shot countryside. Peasants in field raking hay w/ train in BG. POV from train.

05:09:16 Elevated train in Berlin, past Alexanderplatz, pre-war Berlin, cars, policeman. Riders on horses. Soup kitchen. Berlin at night. Beer poured. Cancan dancers, fireworks. Working-class Germans in pub. 05:10:22 Montage: soapbox speaker, people argue, policeman intervenes. Brown Shirts parade; Hitler makes speech, angry crowd raise fist. Men tear posters on wall at night. Boots goose-stepping. Hitler w/ party at opera standing, Nazi salute, Reich s eagle.

05:11:20 Factory workers make artillery. Nazi soldiers marching, CU & LS. Anschluss. Nazi soldiers on horseback past borderr into Vienna, Austria. German VIPS stand, crowd salute at parade, war planes in formation.

05:12:28 Axis meet in Munich, Mussolini, Fascist soldiers. Nazi parade, MCU Hitler speech. Crowd at rally, Nazi salute. Rudolf Hess shouting Sieg Heil . Swastika flag, cannons fire, panzers & sidecars in countryside in Poland. War plane, paratroopers out. German paratroopers on road wave Nazi flag as tanks past. Hitler in Berlin parade, crowd, CUs.

05:14:13 Luftwaffe pilots & planes. Panzer. POV shot from panzer thru field crossing to Russia; Japanese officers shaking hands with German dignitary, Axis agreement. German submarine sets off. Telegraph workers receiving & sending messages. GOOD.

05:15:15 View from Submarine periscope; wolfpack diagram. Inside submarine operation, torpedo fires. Ship explodes. German navy officer decorated. Going inside submarine, submarine going underwater, crewmember looking thru periscope. Bomb falling from plane, explosions.

Pre-WWII Germany; Industry; Daily Life; Propaganda; German Homefront; 1930s; 1940s;

WWII Armament production

Freight train - moody shot - up and past. Tops shot, camera moves down factory, shells being made. Turret of tank moving with camera over tank production line. Small monoplane in hanger, men working on aircraft. Steel production. Women working with heavy machinery. Steam train carrying artillery. Production shots repeated.

0602:58 Russian soldiers in house to house fighting. Crawling through bombed out buildings. Rockets fired. Brief shot Zhukhov. Tanks advance across snowy field. Celebrations as two russian armies meet? Generals. Street fighting, casualities. Russian soldiers in cold sitting round small fire. Brief shot British soldier trying to mount camel in Egypt.

Japanese Newsreel Koku Nihon #124

US government warning about the cut off date for handing in coupon books 23Mar1945. 09:17:13 Promotional documentary to encourage the development and use of aircraft in Japan. Shots various Japanese planes with Japanese titles over. Army Air Division H.Q. Head speaks on the importance of aircraft to warfare and illustrates with bomb demonstration. Good shots early Japanese mono and biplanes - dropping bombs by hand. More modern aircraft in flight. Stalin watches fly past over Red Square in Moscow - air force exercises in Moscow, paratroops sliding off wing (first Russian paratroops) mass of parachutes. Modern Japanese fighters. Japanese aircraft factory - production lines - construction. 09:23:21 Early monoplane on Japanese to London non stop flight - local commercial flights - aeroplane exhibition, many different aircraft lined up on field and fly past by biplanes.

In Today s Headlines - US Army Discloses Aerial War Secrets (1932)

Various shots searchlights & reflective shields. Floodlights light up buildings including Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.

Pre-WWII Defenses; Search Lights;

Citizen Troops Defy Government Edict in Anti-Political Rally

12:22:39 People waving at marching group of Austrian (?) troops thru small town. Saluting military man & civilian VIPs on sidewalk. Intercut soldiers & people watching & waving.

Pre-WWII; Kalksburg, Austria; July 1932; Army;

Nazi Plan, The R2 of ? - Prosecution Exhibit 1232 (Part 1)

Title: Herbst 1932. Hitler speaks (MOS) before a large crowd. Headlines shown intercut w/ newspaper presses; Hiler into open car & leaves as crowd salutes.

19:01:01 Rosenberg continues story sitting at desk (SoF) & voice over. Hitler, Hess & others out of building into car. Newspaper headlines. Night march & Von Hindenburg appear at window in spotlight. Hitler at window; torchlight parade.

19:01:48 Title: 1933 Hitlers first speech as Chancellor 30Jan33. Pan of applauding Nazis in hall, MCU of him speaking (SOF) w/ storm troopers in fornt. Flags carried out past saluting while crowd sings Horst Wessel song. CU Hitler on watching.

19:03:29 Title: Goering, named Prussian Minister of Interior by Hitler, outlines his programme Feb33. Goering seated at his desk reads statement in MS (SOF).

19:04:15 Si. Title: Election Day in Bavaria 05Mar33. Newspaper headlines re Hitler & new Reich. Torchlight parade. Guards in the street, w/ machine gun - Nazi brownshirts standing about. In park along footpath. Headlines. People on sidewalk watch group of marching Nazis w/ rolled flag or banner. Officers & others standing smoking, joking. Outside Nazi headquarters. Iron grill on door as swastika.

19:05:47 Sd. Title: Election Day in Berlin 05Mar33 Von Hindenburg from behind election booth curtain; other officials (?) voting. Man turns & makes statement to camera. Newspaper headlines & graphics. Hands shaking in front of swastika.

19:07:22 Sd. Title: Meeting of Reichstag at which Hitler and his Cabinet Receive Plenary Powers of Legislation 24Mar33. Hitler in front of large swastika banner addressing assembly (long shot). Pan over delegates from upper balcony.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence;

Pre WWII - Anti-Hitler Demonstration in London

Demonstration in London, marchers and small crowd; larger crowd marching and people watching from sidelines. Waving to camera. Orthodox Jews visible. Few placards.

Pre WWII - Anti-Hitler Demonstration in London

Demonstration in London, marchers and small crowd; larger crowd marching and people watching from sidelines: Waving to camera: Orthodox Jews visible: Few placards.

[Jewish Shop Boycott]

CU anti-semitic sign on Jewish shop at time of boycott - Germans defend yourselves against jewish atrocity propaganda... ; JUDE painted on window; vars shots signs fixed by child; tracking shot past shops; SA & Crowds outside shop;

08:18:00 Shots of Jewish womens choir and Jewish Cantor singing in synagogue;

08:19:05 Vars tracking shots at time of boycott.

08:19:32 Synagogue interiors w/ choir singing.

Pre - WWII.

[Pacelli Arrives In Germany]

Probably as Cardinal Secretary of State to conclude treaty of Reichskonkordat w/ Germany 20Jul33. Off plane & poses w/ others.

22:29:24 Pope XII w/ others posing post 02Mar39.

22:29:28 Catholic VIPs in courtyard. Germany or Austrian soldier present. Pan of still w/ Pacelli signing ?

22:29:41 Hitler on balcony, Nazi VIPs behind; view of crowd saluting & waving to Hitler. Largely smiling women & old men.

22:29:57 Tilt up Vatican ? to antenna on turreted roof top; CUs priests at mic; radio engineers. LS of large antenna & MS w/ statue of religious figure & staff. Clouds w/ sun thru.

22:30:26 Poland: men arrested standing w/ hands up. Churchman in yard w/ bag. Others w/ coats.

22:30:38 German troops surrounded by men & boys, very large marble buildings behind.

Religion; Roman Catholic Church; Pre-WWII; 1930s; Vatican Radio Broadcasting;

[Pacelli Arrives In Germany]

Probably as Cardinal Secretary of State to conclude treaty of Reichskonkordat w/ Germany 20Jul33. Off plane & poses w/ others.

06:29:23 Pope XII w/ others posing post 02Mar39.

06:29:27 Catholic VIPs in courtyard. Germany or Austrian soldier present. Pan of still w/ Pacelli signing ?

06:29:40 Hitler on balcony, Nazi VIPs behind; view of crowd saluting & waving to Hitler. Largely smiling women & old men.

06:29:56 Tilt up Vatican ? to antenna on turreted roof top; CUs priests at mic; radio engineers. LS of large antenna & MS w/ statue of religious figure & staff. Clouds w/ sun thru.

06:30:27 Poland: men arrested standing w/ hands up. Churchman in yard w/ bag. Others w/ coats.

06:30:37 German troops surrounded by men & boys, very large marble buildings behind.

Religion; Roman Catholic Church; Pre-WWII; 1930s; Vatican Radio Broadcasting;

Czech President Leads Army In Celebration of Republic s Birth

President Masaryk on horseback riding up street w/ other VIPs at Czech 15th Anniversary. Army parade in Prague - horses & new armoured vehicles. Crowds watching. Horses pulling field artillery; infantry marching.

1930s; Pre-WWII;

50,000 Jews Call For Wide German Boycott In B.... Tion

Long shot up group of demonstrators behind mounted police. Large banner: Jewish Ex-Service Men 1914... 1933... Banner: Any Man With Sense & Reason In Hitlers Eyes Guilty of Treason. People watching march, double-decker busses past.

22:11:44 Overhead shot of marchers thru gates, past spectators.

Pre-WWII; 1930s; Jul33; 1933; Ethnic; London, England; Parade; Anti-Nazi;

Thousands Hail Il Duce As European Nations Sign Four-Power Pact

22:15:23 Mussolini talking & posing w/ others.

22:15:37 ?? Seated at desk & signing while others watch. CU signers.

22:16:04 CU Mussolini signing.

22:16:18 MS Mussolini in black shirt waving from balcony. Large crowd in square below. LS of Mussolini on balcony w/ large flag saluting to cheering & waving crowd.

22:16:33 LS from balcony of crowd

Diplomacy; Pre-WWII; 1930s; 1933;

NOTE: signed by representatives of Britain, France, Germany & Italy affirming adherence to the Covenant of the League of Nations, the Locarno Treaties, & the Kellogg-Briand Pact.

Jewish War Vets Parade To Protest Nazi Persecutions (23Mar33)

20:00:34 Anti-Nazi demonstrators marching up avenue in New York City; MCU past camera w/ US flag. Marching past City Hall (?); many people watching. High angle. MCU of civilians & miiltary on steps w/ NYC Mayor O Brien in center. Possibly Congressman W.W. Cohen on left.

1930s; 1933; WWI Veterans; Anti-Nazi Demonstration; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

NOTE: March took place 23Mar33 from St. Marks Place to City Hall.

Nazis Intolerance Denounced By Jews In Mammoth Meeting (27Mar33)

20:07:35 Ext. Madison Square Garden w/ crowds lining street, mounted police. CU pushing; police moving them.

20:08:08 Int. high angle facing seated crowd on filled floor & speaker.

20:08:13 MCU men listening. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (man w/ puffy eyes)

20:08:18 MS of Al Smith at CBS, WOR, WMCA microphones raising hand for quite, w/ others seated behind.

20:08:25 LS crowd applauding. MCU rabbi (?) & others in audience. LS of audience.

1933; 1930s; Jewish Anti-Nazi Protest Meeting; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

NOTE: Meeting held on March 27, 1933 w/ 40,000 in attendance.

First of U.S. Navy s Pocket Battleships Launched On Coast (09Mar33)

20:08:41 Sponsored by Miss Barbara M. Bailly, breaks bottle on bow of USS San Francisco, slides down ways as people watch. Floating in harbor.

1933; 1930s; Military, Naval Ship Launching; Pre-WWII;

New Army Bombers Prove Invincible In Smoke Screen Tests (May33)

20:24:45 Aerial above eight planes laying smoke screen.

20:24:53 View from ground of planes passing. Aerial agan. Ground & drifting smoke.

20:25:13 Three military Army Air Force officers watching, w/ fighter planes parked behind. Planes overhead seen thru smoke cloud.

20:25:28 Air to air shot of two engine bomber; view of five or bombers from in front & above.

1930s; 1933; Pre-WWII; Maneuvers;

Vienna, Austria - Troops Mobilize In City Streets To Prevent Red Riots (May33)

20:25:53 High angle of military trucks w/ troops alongside parked around town square; troops march & climb into trucks.

20:26:02 Troops picking up rifles; march past troops sitting behind machine guns in street.

20:26:13 Street filled w/ men marching, several placards, flags & banners. Woman s group marching, singing w/ signs protesting fascism.

20:26:51 LS people running from large square

1930s; 1933; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communists;

The Nazis Strike

Why We Fight series, #2

02:45:52 History: Stills with superimposed quotes from German leaders including Bismark, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler re world domination. Nazi eagle statue.

02:46:56 1933 Nuremberg rally - good shots show vastness of stadium. Hitler past troops massed.

02:47:34 Flashback, WWI War graves. Mustard gas casualties walk in line - famine, bodies. Building collapsing in flames; grief, CU child crying, executions, people hanged.

02:48:00 Hitler on Nuremberg rally podium, trumpets, marching, banners, salutes. CU Hitler superimposed over cinema footage Mongol leader Genghis Kahn, map of asia w/ conquered lands.

02:48:57 Munich (Think Tank) Centre for Study of Geo-politics ext. & int. Still of Karl Halshofer. People at files, studying maps and photographs. (GOOD) Nazis enter building. Students in lecture hall.

02:49:50 Animated map on globe changing to show proportions of land mass & seas. Montage of world s wealth, people working, natural resources, oil, timber, mines, farm animals, agriculture and manpower.

02:50:33 Man w/ gun overlooking manual labor carrying soil, leveling land. Map splitting into Western hemisphere & Europe, Asia and Africa. Animation showing Hitler s plan for World domination.

02:52:07 Hitler at Nuremberg, crowds salute, district leaders swear allegiance. Hitler blesses flags & pennants. Map & newspaper headlines of recent wars. Hitler in railway carriage laughing with Goering. Studying maps. Hitler on dockside watching passenger ship leave. Hitler youth on deck of ship. Von Ribbentrop out of car, Degrelle of Belgium Rexist Party; Conrad Henlein in Czechoslovakia, Seyss-Inquart in car in Austria, Oswald Mosley in Britain speaking at rally.

02:54:21 Fascist riots in France, Belgium, turning cars over, fighting.

02:54:43 German-American Bund meeting in Madison Square Gardens. Fritz Kuhn at microphones. Heckler beaten by loyal party members.

WWII Propaganda;

[Hitler Speech at Siemens Factory, ??Nov33; Speech at Nurnberg]

Joseph Goebbels introduces Hitler to large crowd of workers in factory. Many salutes. Hitler speaks before microphones on round podium surrounded by crowd; begins slowly & builds up strengh & loudness, gesturing. Cheering crowd shots. Hitler in civilian clothes. Pan from Hitler over crowd.

01:27:02 Hitler on top of huge podium stage at Nuremberg making speech. In uniform. VS huge assembled crowd of workers & military for rally. CU Large swastika sculpture. Applauding brown shirts. Hitler leads crowd in Deutschland Sieg Heil cheer. Brierf shot of parading Nazis.

Pre-WWII; Dictator;

Nazi Plan, The R4 of ? - Prosecution Exhibit 1232 (Part 2)

Sd. Title: Swastika becomes National Symbol 09Jul33. Hitler arrives at large outdoor gathering. CU & MCU Hitler speaking - ranting (some out of sync). Pan over field of troops. Flags and cheers as Hitler says Sieg & crowd salutes & says Heil.

19:09:57 Sd. Title: 5th Party Congress Sep33 Pan over massed Nazi troops w/ flags. Hitler leading other officers walks past crowd who are carrying banners - Hitler speaks. Cheers. Troops on field in pattern.

19:11:08 Sd. Title: Inauguration at Frankfurt am Main of New Section of The Super Highway Network

23Sept33. Men parade w/ shovels over their shoulders & singing German anthem Deutschland Deutschland. Hitler given a shovel, makes speech at large microphone while gesturing w/ fist, marching thru crowd.

19:12:50 Title: 1934. Over Radio Net-work Hess Administers Oath of Allegiance To More Than One Million Leaders of the NSDAP and all Affiliated Organisations 25Feb34. Tilt down front of ornate Greek-style building to Hess. LS of large crowd. MCU of Hess (slightly out of sync). Crowd of troops on podium & in front repeats words of oath after him amid banners & flaming torch lamps. Sieg Heils.

19:14:31 Title: Hess Reaffirms Hitler s Faith in SA After Roehm Purge Jul34. Flags on posts flying in breeze. MCU of Hess (slightly out of sync) reading from paper in front of brick wall & bushes. No microphone seen.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle;

[Misc. Scenes Nazi Personalities, Parades, Speeches]

German track & newsreel intertitles. Nazi parade at Nuremberg Stadium - shirtless workers - uniformed workers marching w/ spades - cutaway to Hitler. Parade ground filled w/ tanks, trucks etc. German sailors & soldiers stand to attention. Luftwaffe planes fly over in formation. Tanks moving. High angle shots across Nuremburg Stadium showing scale & numbers of people present.

15:42:40 07Jan34 German official Staatsrat Goerlitzer addresses needy civilians while they eat at soup kitchen - trans. we hope next winter we ll be able to give you work instead of just a meal - band plays - CUs people eating. CU Goerlitzer talks to camera w/ appeal for donations - trans: Germans, don t forget your unemployed comrades. Nationalsocialism means sacrifice.

15:44:01 Intertitle re conference for the creditors of Germany & members of Reichsbank. Hjalmar Schacht, President of Reichsbank, behind desk making speech addressed to creditors - trans: The German national economy is not capable at the moment to pay the creditors - hopes they will understand the situation.

15:46:28 Parade w/ salutes & troops marching w/ Imperial Prussian battle flags - pass Nazi officials in review. General von Ludendorff honoured on his 70th birthday, Apr35 - Gen. von Fritsch congratulates him. Ludendorff w/ wife addresses crowd after chorus of Sieg Heil! - trans. May the German nation have a strong Wehrmacht.

15:48:46 Intertitle At the party meetin in Koenigsberg, Hitler s deputy Hess underlines the German will for peace ; Rudolph Hess speech to camera [sync.] - I warn anyone who wants to defame the SA: the Fuehrer absolutely stands behind the SA. We soldiers don t wantan incompetent diplomacy to let us again stumble into a catastrophy. We soldiers are free of all responsibility for the last war. Together, we want to fight to avoid another catastrophy. We soldiers want peace; the nations want peace; the government wants peace.

[Si.] Vars brief shots Hitler, Himmler & other Nazis.

15:50:43 [English track] Unid. British man telling visitors over afternoon tea that they will meet German sculptor Joseph Torak & see some of his work; busts of Hindenburg & Hitler shown; man plays my new song, the Harvest Song on piano under bust of Hindenburg & photo of Hitler.

15:52:40 [Si.] Unid. man at desk looking through documents, makes telephone call.

15:53:15 Kurt von Schleicher [in white suit] w/ Nazi officers on airfield - makes speech, trans: Some are accusing the Germans of having invented anti-semitism and therefore being a barbaric people. That s untrue. Already thousands of years ago, non-Jewish people were forced to defend themselves against Jewish invaders .Without solution of the Judenfrage [there will be] no peace for mankind . [Schleicher killed in Night of the Long Knives, 30Jun34.]

15:54:38 [Si.] Unid. official at desk makes telephone call.

Prewar Germany. Unemployment. German Economy. Poverty. Art.

[1930s Britain: Shipyard Scenes - Hunger March - General Election]

NB sound intermittent. Various scenes of workers dismantling ship using blowtorches intercut w/ shipbuilding scenes - narration refers to ship no. 534 under construction for Atlantic crossings.

19:21:40 Workers marching from Scotland to London on National Hunger March [1934?] - banners Means Test Means Mass Murder - natural sound inc. drumming & cheers heard - marchers stop for soup - bagpipers. Huge crowd of marchers arrives at Hyde Park.

19:23:10 Air to air shots biplanes in flight, mountainous coastline in BG - British fleet of warships at sea - fleet review by King George & Prince of Wales [not seen]. Bombs loaded into aircraft. British troops marching down country lane singing Pack Up Your Troubles .

19:23:57 British liners inc. RMS Mauritania & Berengaria in port - funnels smoking. Cut back to shipbuilding - workers high up above shipyard.

19:25:00 Dedication ceremony for submarine - I name this ship Starfish... - sub slides down the ways to Rule Britannia & God Save The Queen played by military band.

19:25:47 [Si.] General Election - good shots people in & out of vars polling stations around London inc. Wilton Place, Knightsbridge? Policeman talks to baby.

19:26:33 [Sd.] INT people registering at polling stations - woman in voting booth & placing ballot. Handwritten results - Cheltenham - Mr W. Preston (C) 18574 - Mrs E. Pakenham (L) 7784 . Night shots crowds in central London? - police on duty.

19:27:05 CUs shipbuilders at work - natural sound.

19:27:32 Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin at desk - There are a million good reasons why you should support the national Government [out of sync].

Heavy Industry. Poverty. Socialism. Working Class. Welfare State. Social Security. Unemployment. Democracy. Demonstrations. Royal Navy. Dockers. Ocean Liners.

Saikin No Man-Mo [Reel 3]

Documentary on the role of the Japanese army in Manchuria. LS pan across Army barracks; MS Japanese soldiers out of barracks on patrol watching for guerrillas. VS procession of soldiers marching w/ armoured car, small tank, horse drawn carriages, troops on horseback; LS cavalry galloping across open plain. Small tank / armoured car past camera R-L.

04:02:35 Japanese biplanes on airfield. Men building road ? CU train at station; train in motion flying Japanese flag. HA pan across coastal barracks ? - docks. PoV from moving train. VS Japanese hold memorial service for war dead - shrine, garlands & banners.

04:05:24 Train pulls into station, Chinese travellers off & searched by Japanese. Railway station w/ sign Shan Hai Kuan; vars flags flying. LS ancient building on plateau overlooking valley, workers in FG; HA pan across city rooftops; Great Wall of China nearby. Japanese flag flying over barracks; soldiers on horseback through gates; troops marching through gate in city wall & across bridge. Soldiers in bunkers w/ machine guns & grenade launcher. City across river. MCU gate to city.

04:08:42 VS military officers & civilian man [?] tour Great Wall of China. Japanese intertitles.

Military Occupation.

Smedley Butler Speaks His Mind on U.S. Politics; Senator Bone Warns U.S. Against War Entanglement

Ex-Marine General standing outdoors in civilian clothes speaks to camera. Says people of American do not think the Democrats can run the country, but do not want hard line Republicans. Says Roosevelt will be re-elected unless he makes a false step & involves America in a foreign war which is surely coming. (Neutrality) Says to remember that this Administration has control of the vote getting machinery & around 5 billion dollars to spend as it sees fit ... and as present day politics go, you could elect an Eskimo with 5 billion dollars...

01:01:16 Senator Bone Warns U.S. Against War Entanglement. Speaking outdoors to camera re situation in Italy. Mussolini ready to plunge Italy into war. Applauds the Neutrality Bill & says he hopes it will keep Americans out of war and safe on this side of the Atlantic Ocean .

Elections; Campaigning; Ethnic Slur; Outspoken; Economics; Pre-WWII; Depression; 1930s; Pacifist; Isolationism;

Nazi Plan, The R9 of ?

Si. Title: Part III Preparation For Wars Of Agression.

20:00:24 1935 Von Schirach Urges Hitler Youth To Follow Principles Of Mein Kampf . Sd. Speaking in uniform in doorway? Looking down on torchlights & lines of youth in ton square w/ large torches burning above. MCU of youth & torches. Pan over crowd from above. Schirach standing in front of other officers. Singing over pans of crowd of uniformed youth w/ lighted buildings behind around square. Superimposed Nazi eagle symbol.

20:03:00 Sd. Title: Goering announces Rearmament of Germany March 1935. CU Reading to camera. Continues over pix of large square & troops eviewed by Hitler; marching troops in stadium. Return to MS of Goering in formal uniform reading speech. Tanks in demonstration thru countryside & testing in concrete canal. Soldiers & sailors on maneuvers firing rifles, machine guns; charging cavalry in field & on road. marching youth & soldiers. Paratroops jumping. k CUs of various military. Pilots, figter planes taking off, in formation. Biplanes. Smoke screens; dropping bombs.

20:05:22 MCU Goering reading again; various military behind & intercut. Hitler on balcony & people below. Night torchlight parades & salutes w/ Hitler speaking behind. Kids in trees watching. Crowd waving.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle; Military Propaganda;

Imperial Duck Hunt At Saitama Duck Preserve February 6, 1935

Title: Hosts: T.I.H. Prince & Princess Chichibu. Members of the Imperial Household Department: Viscount Matsudaira Grand Master of Ceremonies. Commander Yamagata, Director... Count Bojo, Chief of Hunting section. Baron Nabeshima... Mr. Okubo.. Guest: American Ambassador & Mrs. Grew; British Amb. & Lady Clive; Finnish Minister... Charge D Affiars of Peru &...Canadian and ??

09:35;12 Guests thru timbered entrance to the Preserve. Netting of ducks explained; people waiting for hunt to begin.

09:35:50 Women & men handed large nets; snow on ground. Duck blind, people rush out w/ nets & try to net as ducks fly past.

09:36:38 Ducks in canal; people run to canal bank, try to net flying ducks. leave & wait from more to come in. Chaos. People w/ ducks in net; gamekeepers retrieve. Woman w/ falcon.

09:38:05 Title: Return To The Lodge. People returning, hand nets to gamekeepers.

09:38:27 Women fising w/ long poles.

09:38:35 Int. Serving line for old style duck sukiyaki. Eating w/ chop sticks, standing outdoors .

09:38:55 Men playing clock golf outdoors.

09:39:24 Title: Another Hunt. People w/ nets running around attempting to net ducks; some get caught. People walk past camera smiling.

09:40:52 Ducks in canal.

09:41:02 People under tent in wind.

09:41:13 Title: Good byes & departure w/ ducks apportioned by rank.

09:41:17 Shaking hands, smiling. Amb. Grew holding bunch of ducks; posing w/ three others holding ducks.

Wealthy; Recreation; Bird Hunting; Japanese Royalty; Oddities; Gags; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Travelogue;

Home Movies; Pre-WW2; Pre-WWII;

The Nazis Strike

Why We Fight Series, #2

German steel works, foundry, furnaces, sparks, flowing steel, ingots, heavy machinery. Armament production.

02:56:15 Special effects & hands raised in Nazi salute. Food handouts, concentration camp, four men executed by firing squad ( staged ). Still Himmler. Various shots German army marching / parade.

02:57:15 1935 - National Conscription in Germany. Men with suitcases. German youth - boys play with gliders. Full sized glider. German officers watch aircraft fly over in display. Training of paratroops on ground; out of plane, parachutes. Training / drill army in goose-step on field( good sequence). German military build up, rearmament. Tanks, dive-bomber, battleships.

02:58:34 German troops enter Rhineland under superimposed map. Building Siegfried line. AV completed Siegfried line. Stockpiling goods, slave labor. Troops marching into underground bunker. Hitler at military parade & displays.

03:01:02 Hitler and Goering at Berchtesgarden, with other officer study map.

03:01:31 1938 March 12th Germany invades Austria. Hitler into Vienna ( Anschluss) Map shows strategic importance of Czechoslovakia. Czech army & military equipment. Int. Skoda munitions factory. President Benes in office. Brief shots French & British military, allies of Czechoslovakia.

03:03:00 Sudetenland map. Hitler at rally. Hitler youth. Parades in various parts of the world. Commentary explains that Hitler has called on Germans & descendents of Germans all over the world to take orders from Berlin. Various youth parades.

03:04:13 Stills various US Military officers and politicians who are of German descent.

03:04:46 Sudetenland, Conrad Henlein. Rally, blackjacks - injured Czechs in hospital - plaster casts.

03:05:22 Berlin - Hitler at congress makes speech.

03:05:44 League of Nations, Max Litvinov, Russian Foreign Minister. Vote taken at L.of N.

03:06:00 Czech call-up - men with suitcases. Borders closed. Chamberlain s plane arrives? Chamberlain up staircase in Germany; Daladier arrive. Meeting w/ Hitler.

WWII Propaganda; History;

Dealers In Death Pt. 1 of 6 Missing main title

Reviewed NY Times: 15Dec34

Night & flashes from guns (staged?). Daytime & huge guns fired. WWI troops moving. Dead bodies. Cemetery & POV past w/ wooden crosses.

19:14:50 Map of Europe w/ countries named overrun w/ ink/blood. Raised & new boundaries. Germany border outlined & animated explosions along it.

19:15:43 Montage: French military marching; GB troops march; Russians marching; Italy & Mussollini. German troops, Hitler on stand; Japan troops; Chinese troops; Austria; Turkey w/ CU of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha (Ataturk).

19:16:47 Montage: Naval race of various countries. USA, Japan, German pocket battleships. companies named: Schneider-Creusot, Krupp, Skoda, Valencia Armas (Spain); Brown Boveri; & others.

19:18:34 Vickers Armstrong industrial plants. Ext. & int. of huge plants. Workers in machine shops.

19:19:15 Krupp factory ext. & interior of machines moving heavy steel working. Manufacturing large shells.

19:20:07 Schneider Creuso Ext. of factories, interior w/ large shells, artillery barrels manufactured.

19:20:50 Skoda factory floor, manufacturing shells.

19:21:15 Octopus drawn over European map & tenacles out. Wall w/ pictures of dealers in death: de Wendels aka von Wendels. Fritz Thyssen. Bertha & Gustav von ??. Charles Schneider.

Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament;

Dealers In Death Pt. 2 of 6 Missing main title

Staged: ardor for armor by King Phillipe, man making & wearing armor. Crossbow. Staged feature of charging knights at castle, fighting w/ swords. Catapulting stones, boiling oil. Fighting in woods. Ships fighting. Gun powder & flintlock rifle. Musket fired. Engraved pistols. Cannons. American Revolution footage. Shooting from trenches. Men charging & shot on field. Napoleonic wars. Crimean War, Charge of Light Brigade; US Civil War cannons & fighting from Birth of A Nation. Spanish American War; Nobel; Hiram & Hudson Maxim, son Percy.

19:27:22 Quick firing rifles & machine guns demonstated. Browning machine gun. Lewis gun demonstrated. Thompson sub-machine gun fired & cuts down small tree.

19:28:03 Tanks demonstrated. First submarine. Early airplanes (Farnum, Neuiports). Building large guns. Firing.

19:28:52 Gun salesman Basil Zaharoff, still photograph & walking along stone building. Maps. Pan over Athens where gave Greek navy a submarine. Walking shaking hands on shipboard battleshiop?.

19:30:16 Istanbul boats, streets scenes on bridge on Bosphorus. Turkish military. Many ships & small boats.

19:30:50 Two submarines on surface.

Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament;

Dealers In Death Pt. 3 of 6 Missing main title

Map w/ manufacturers. Vickers factory & manufacturing. Ext. w/ railroad electromagnet; interior of steel mill & furnaces. Map of Vickers spreading around world.

19:32:42 Zaharoff on Riviera, pan over Monaco. Ext. Monte Carlo.

19:33:20 Schneider-Creusot w/ Schneider. Machinery working, steel mill, pouring. Large bucket raised. Large ingots moved, turned. Turning & machining huge gun barrels.

19:35:04 Moving large shell cartridges.

19:35:21 Skoda w/ board meeting. France street scene & newspaper headlines causing fear & munition sales. Crowds in Paris streets fighting w/ police outside Chamber of Deputes. Wall Street & bidding. German press w/ scare headlines. Krupp plant from high angle, panning around it. Kaiser reviewing troops. 1914 mobilization order. French mobilization. Train moving shells, railroad cars w/ heavy artillery, trucks on road & other troop carriers. Tanks. Camouflaged trucks. Pulling large guns in woods & along road.

19:39:43 Munition dump w/ bombs, shells. Cartridges stockpiled. Troops march, cavalry riding through stream. Troops into trenches, behind sandbags. Firing guns. Running out of shelter.

Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament;

Dealers In Death Pt. 4 of 6 Missing main title

Hand grenades; fighting, planes, barrage balloons burning & falling. Day & night fighting. Large phosphorous explosions. Open pit mine in France & shipping to Switzerland. Animated map w/ train moving around. Dumping ore; steel mill; testing artillery in factory. Crane moving gun part. Explosions; carrying wounded on stretchers; trenches. Gun explosions. Briey from distance. POV thru mine and digging coal. Moving ore in cars.

19:45:06 Pan over devastated no-man s land. Staged trench fighting. Evacuating wounded on trains. Hospital & officers inspecting wounded. Dead bodies.

19:46:24 Pan over munitions plant Interior & workers. Stock market shots. Page listing dead by name & units. More stock market floor.

19:47:14 Church bells, Armistice. Peace Conference at Versailles, France. Wilson & others inside, exiting.

19:48:03 Russian troops & Generals (soft).

19:48:35 Romanian Revolution & Hungarian troops down street.

19:49:04 League of Nations meetings. Locarno, Geneva.

19:49:51 William B. Shearer, American propagandist lobbiest. Wrecked League of Nations Conference. London Naval Conference.

19:50:49 Map of Japan invading China. Artillery firing. Troops out of trenches, carry wounded. Bodies in streets w/ hands tied. Troops running, firing from behind walls. Planes bombing in Manchuria. Heavy artillery firing. Big explosions. Bodies in streets, damage. (GOOD)

Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament; Wars - Fighting; Bombing; Peace Conferences;

Dealers In Death Pt. 5 of 6 Missing main title

German Nazi troops marching w/ flags. Hitler on podium & crowds. Steel mills, pouring. CU Treaty of Versailles bound volume, Article 159 page, various other pages & signers.

19:54:25 Passenger ships & tugs in German habor. CU man s hands on adding machine; Clock face. Houses & people on sidewalk. Still of interior of house. Various libraries, universities & homes (what could be had if not spent on arms). Women marching for education in USA. Nurses. American Dupont workers building arms; Blacks filling shells. Remington Arms Company. Pan over USSR buildings. Samuel Colt Rifle. Drop forge working. Assembling rifles, stocks, barrels, assemblying & testing.

19:57:44 Woman w/ rifle estding. Racks of rifles. Army & Navy Outfitters. Fanceis Bannerman & Sons. Cases of guns w/ pistols, racks of rifles, etc. bayonets. Bannerman s Island Arsenal in Hudson. West Point & cannons.

19:59:07 Freighter in harbor. Men working on ship & transforming it to a fighting ship w/ armor plating. Small boats in water.

19:59:56 Riffs in Morocco; Arabs firing machine guns. African natives w/ rifles & guns parading. Mexicans riding, marching w/ rifles. Small boats on river? Nicaragua (?). Firing guns.

20:01:09 Unid. Formally dressed marching units. Shipping munitions on trucks, loading freighters. Fast boats in New York harbor. Freighters unloaded w/ hand trucks. Men in hold unloading shells. Pan over scrap metal on dock. Men excavating in trench dig out helmet & boat. Huge pile of shell casings gathered. Other scrap metal.

Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament; Wars - Fighting; Bombing; Peace Conferences;

Dealers In Death Pt. 6 of 6 Missing main title

Headlines: Nazis Kill Dollfuss. King Alexander & Barthou assassinated. Men handed rifles. Tanks over test course. Small amphibious landing boats demonstrated. Tanks laying smoke screens. Price superimposed. Loading torpedos on submarines. Planes taking off from aircraft carriers. Large field w/ massed airplanes & bombers taxiing, taking off.

20:04:46 Chemist in lab; technicians making poisonous gas & military testing. Gas masks on technicians. Troops walking thru gas. Civilians loading mortars, firing.

20:06:00 Scientist at microscope & view of germs. Germ fountain pen; tickertape parade in NYC; parade elsewhere of military. Antenna & very large crowd; man putting up recruiter posters. Patriotic posters.

20:07:30 Kids in one room classroom in US; Italy & amphibious plane monument; College students in USA list to speakers. Other soap box speakers. Teletype machines. Linotype operators; newspaper presses & loading newspapers on trucks. Selling.

20:08:19 Liner out of harbor, submarine & torpedo fired. Sinkig ships. Headline: War Declared. New York skyline, planes overhead. Looking down on NYC city Hall.

20:09:12 Bombers dropping bombs, explosions, balloons on fire fall burning. Planes bombing miniature targets intercut w/ real bombing. Burning neighborhoods; burning oil. Railroad bombed. Biplanes in flight; maneuvers of anti-aircrft. Battle footage & intercut of all sorts of guns, vehicles firing. Night firing flares. Signaling from ships, sailors racing to posts. Battleships firing. Ship dropping anti-submarine mines. POV from biplane taking off from carrier. Dropping bomb over water. Ford Tri-motor takes off. Gas dropped; people in gas masks into subways. Gas dropped; people in China treating victims in streets. POV past cemetery; quick shots of stock market. Rolling text at end. Christ on cross. Death signing balance sheet. The End.

Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament; Wars - Fighting; Bombing; Peace Conferences;

Kraftfahrzeuge In Staub & Hitze R1 of 2

Trucks, jeeps, varoius carriers across desert.

20:16:58 German unit set up under palm trees in North African oasis. Men working on truck maintenance & repair. Cleaning wet air filter w/ oil & gasoline. Pulling water bag out of well. Water purification tablets (?) into bucket. Then bucket into radiator w/ streamlined hood latch. Checking Ford battery, brushing posts & covering w/ grease. Wiping down dust. Adding oil.

20:21:20 Checking motor belts, tire air pressure. Loading spares in back of truck. Painting steering wheel w/ center mark. Covering various parts of motor & electrical system to keep out dust. Greasing suspension, tightening clutch or brakes. Ford V-8 head tightened w/ end wrench. Guy splashes officer w/ gasoline. Loading Jerry Cans in truck.

20:24:55 Inspecting tool box. Men pack up, wash up by tent.

20:26:14 Man signals convoy & it pulls out of oasis past arabs along road. Seen speeding along road. Pan over desert. Trucks past stirring up dust. Lead car stops, looking thru binoculars. (film has emulsion damage--heat?).

20:28:23 (end of damage) Trucks & convoy across desert on road. Truck stuck in sand. Spins its wheels in deeper. Signals others to stop. All come & dig out by hand. Put metal strips under wheels & truck pulls it out. Cars & trucks signalled & across desert. Men point, talk. Small truck off on own.

20:33:48 Man gestures from on top of truck. Continued on LN 400-281.

WWII German Training Film; Military Instructional Film;

[Italian - Abyssinian War]

Mule train carrying supplies along dusty road.

16:40:58 African children, boys about 10 years old being drilled with wooden rifles. CU childrens bare feet as marching.

Abyssinia Crisis. Boy Soldiers.

[Italian - Abyssinian War]

Italian troops marching through open countryside. Military supplies / horses. Military equipment / vehicles.

Troops moving over tree covered hills. Two soldiers with Italian flag stand looking over town from hill. Artillery moved up. Italians with artillery overlooking town.

16:38:54 Italians march into town watched by Africans. African holding white flag. Troops moving through countryside.

Abyssinia Crisis.

Nazi Plan, The R10 of ?

Title: Seventh Party Congress 10-16September 1935. Sd. Interior, Hitler reading speach at podium, crowd responding.

20:08:45 Goering standing & reading from rear of stage. Hess sitting next to Hitler. Ext. w/ flags intercut.

Crowd cheers.

20:09:50 Hitler standing in open cr thru streets, crowds saltuing from side of road.

20:10:06 Hitler & Schirach into large stadium; speaks to crowd, salutes. Youth of all ages in uniforms watching in MCU, LS. CU sleeve w/ swastika band & triangle patches of Nord Mechlenburg & other ?. Applauding youth; pan over signing uniformed boys. Hitler, Hess & others walk thru. Hitler handles boy s hair.

20:12:04 ?/ onto high platform, planes fly over; tains across field on maneuvers. In stadium in maneuvers w/ burning buildings etc. Goosestepping troops past saluting Hitler. Field artillery, mounted cavalry. Hitler wearing military hat.

20:13:05 ?? handed large sword at indoor ceremony & then presented to Hitler. Hess beside Hitler.

20:13:14 Reception For Prime Minister Goemboes Of Hungary 28Sep35. Aka Gyula Gombos reviewing Nazi troops; at reception w/ various VIPS. Goering. Gombos speaks in German.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle; Military Propaganda; Diplomacy;

Cavalry Troop In Daring Stunts On Flying Steeds

ca 05Aug36

Military riders on army base doing tricks on horses picking up handkercheifs from ground, riding backwards, handstands on horseback, climbing under neck of horse. Dismounting etc. Hanging from tail & dragged.

Stunts - animals; Gags; Pre-WWII; Horses; 3rd Cavalry;

New 20,000-Ton Airplane Carrier Goes Down Ways [USS Enterprise CV-6]

Ca. 05Oct36

Carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6) bow w/ bunting, workmen on deck. Workmen knocking blocks from beneath. Men watching. MCU of Mrs. Claude Swanson w/ bottle on rope, swings & breaks on bow & ship slides down ways as large crowd watches. Young girls clapping. Ship launched into water at Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company.

Pre-WWII; Naval Aircraft Carrier Launching; US Navy; Depression Workers; Union Strikes;

Nippon Marshals Armed Forces As War Clouds Loom

Japanese troops marching thru mud; Hirohito (?) on White Horse along road w/ other riders. Troops in field cross large water filled ditch; firing machine guns. Soldier on thatch roof firing; men swimming across river or canal w/ swords & equipment packs. Out of water & across bridge w/ smoke.

Note: This is an assemblage of shots from somewhat different locations. Some or all probably in Manchuko.

Pre-WWII; Japanese Military Fighting; Sino-Japanese War;

Another Scuttled German Warship Raised By British

Large hull w/ tugs on each side seen from above. Men on deck give indication of size. Tugs slowly moving hull, LS w/ other boats on open water.

Pre-WWII; Recovery; Recycling;

Warning War-Like World

Mass of B-10s in flight over coastal area & dropping 3000 lb bombs in practice; explosions seen from ground. fighter bombers.

17:17:04 16-inch railroad guns fired & loaded by large crew. Looking through range finder. GOOD.

Pre-WWII; Army Air Corps; 1936; Newsreels; Military Exercises;

[Army Air Corps Maneuvers]

Men move bombs into place beneath twin-engined planes. Biplanes overhead & bombs exploding across harbor from viewers in grandstand. Twin-engine B-10 bombers overhead, dropping bombs. Explosions seen from ground.

Pre-WWII; Army Air Corps; 1936; Newsreels; Military Exercises;

[Pre-WWII Army Air Corps Maneuvers, Camp Ord, California; New York City, ca 1936]

Two three-plane flights of bi-winged aircraft low towards camera; soldiers jump from trucks parked on road, kneeling & firing rifles as planes pass overhead. Soldiers scatter & start firing (?) as planes again pass overhead.

17:23:07 Title: New York. West Point cadet seniors march on grass behind parked PB-2As (P-30As). One cadet leaves group to climb into rear of a PB-2A. Four PB-2A's in flight just after takeoff -- several B-10's parked in fg. B-10s in flight. Aerials of 15 B-10s in flight over Manhattan skyscrapers seen from above.

Pre-WWII; Army Air Corps Maneuvers; 1936; Newsreels;

[Army Air Corps Target Practice, California, ca 1936]

Ground crewmen carrying 300 lb. bombs under a B-10. CU armament man's hands as he places fuse in nose of bomb. Scenes of armament men as they install bombs in the bomb bay of B-10. MCU bomb bay doors closing.

17:25:22 Three B-10's in flight to left. Aerial outline of a ship marked in desert as target. Two B-10s in flight to left. Officers at ground observation post. Camera in bomb bay of B-10 showing release & descent of three 300 lb. bombs. High angle ground shot of bombs exploding on target in the desert.

17:25:42 B-10s in flight. Explosions from ground. B-10s in flgiht from ground. Low angle pilot at controls of a B-10. Explosions from ground. B-10s dropping bombs. Explosions. GOOD target practice.

Pre-WWII Training;

[Anti-Japanese Demonstration, NYC 29Feb36]

Demonstrating men in front of marble ??; cars, mounted police past. Cop argues w/ man standing on fence base, gets him down & they argue amidst crowd of demonstrators.

06:15:00 Man standing above crow speaking. Police pull him down from monument base.

06:15:27 Demonstrators w/ Peace placards, Anti-Japanese Fascism; Stop the Second World War, marching on Fifth Avenue w/ 42nd Street Library in background. MS. LS.

06:17:51 Man speaking by granite base of ??

Political; Pre-WWII; New York City; NYC; 1936; 1930s;

Nanking - Views From The Ming Tombs

09:41:46 Pan from hill above city.

09:41:51 Title: Street Scenes. Men pulling rickshaws, carts of fabric; leading burros w/ wood, etc. Bicycles, pedestrians.

09:42:35 Title: Tomb of Sun Yat Sen . LS, plaza, tourists. Tomb of Yuan Shih-Kai, First President of the Chinese Republic. Tall Chinese tower on hilltop beyond elaborate traditional building w/ people coming & going. Street scenes w/ mules, wagons.

09:43:25 Title: From the train - Nanking to Tainfu. View past stone walls w/ Chinese characters written on bricks or stones. View past wagon w/ bundles along farm fields.

09:43:42 Market stalls on railroad platform, vendors & buyers.

09:43:49 Title: Anna May Wong & Friends. Walking w/ two women friends on railroad platform.

09:44:07 Title: Anna May s send-off by the army Taianfu - 6 a.m. Line of soldiers posing for camera.

09:44:17 Title: Off for Tai Shan. Anna May Wong, The Freddie Merrills, Priscilla, The Cranes. Anna May talking w/ others; all walking away from camra on dirt / gravel road. Chinese carrying people on litters w/ elaborate gate behind.

09:44:39 Title: Starting the Climb - 5600 steps, 6000 feet up, and a 15 mile round trip.

09:44:45 Up steps from various angles, along stone path.

09:45:04 Title: Taoist Temple At The Top. Men past old stone temple; monk beside fire in kettle. Group resting on stone wall. Men buying tofu (?) from man w/ baskets. View of trail w/ many people on opposite canyon hillside. Anna May Wong & party eating & resting on rocks.

09:45:47 Temple on top of hill. Pan across temple entrance; more temple building behind. Monk cooking on street; man walking down stone path. Men fighting or teasing cripple.

09:46:16 Title: Down At A Dog Trot.

09:46:18 People hurridly carried in litters out of tunnel under building.

09:46:53 Title: Bound Feet . MS two Chinese women hobbling on small bound feet & walking w/ pole.

Travelogue; Home Movies; Pre-Japanese Invasion; Pre-Jap-Sino War; Chinese-American Actress; Hollywood Actress; Asian; Pre-WW2; Pre-WWII;

NOTE: Anna May Wong spent a year touring China, visiting her ancestral village & learning its culture after being turned down by MGM for starring role in The Good Earth.

[Suez Canal Remains Neutral, Jan36]

LS across harbor, naval warships in entrance to Suez Canal. Freighters thru canal; Garbiano on bow; deck filled w/ sailors & others waving caps & shouting. Desert in background.

Shipping; Transportation; Short Cuty; Middle East; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

Title: Roosevelt s Talk Politics Says Snell

22:52:58 CU man talking to camera (SOF): I want the country to know that this is another cheap political trick to give the President, under the caption of an annual message to Congress, the opportunity to make a political speech to defend his New Deal policies that are becoming so unpopular at the present time. Mind you my friends, we have no objection or fear to the President speaking as often and as many times as he desires. But we do object to using Congress & this special occasion for a sounding board for a political speech.

1936; 1930s; Anti-Roosevelt; Anti-New Deal; Republican Bertrand Snell (?);

22:53:44 Title: Roosevelt Addresses Congress

22:53:52 Night w/ Capitol lighted.

22:54:00 Interior, Sd. FDR at podium to applause from joint session. I would dedicate this nation to the policy of the good neighbor; the neighbor who resolutely respects himself & because he does so respects the rights of others; a neighbor who respects his obligation, & respects the sanctity of his agreements, in and with a world of neighbors. Applause.

22:54:40 Nations seeking expansion, seeking the rectification of injustice springing from former wars; seeking out less betrayed for population, or even for their own peaceful contribution for the progress of civilization, fail to demonstrate that patience necessary to obtain reasonable & legitimate objectives by peaceful negotiation or by an appeal to the finer instincts of world justice. They have therefore impatiently reverted to the old belief of the law of the sword; or to the fantastic conception that they, and they alone, are chosen to fulfill a mission and that all the others among the billion and a half of human beings in the world must and shall learn from and be subject to them.

22:55:47 I recognize, and you will recognize, that these worlds which I have chosen w/ deliberation will not prove popular in any nation that chooses to fit this shoe to its foot (applause).

22:56:09 ` As a consistent part of a clear policy the United States is following a two-fold neutrality towards any and all nations which engage in wars that are not of an immediate concern of the Americas. First, we decline to encourage the prosecution of war by permitting belligerents to obtain arms, ammunition, or implements of war from the United States. Second, we seek to discourage the use by belligerent nations of any and all American products calculated to facilitate the prosecution of a war in quantities over & above our normal export of them in time of peace. Standing aplause.

1936; 1930s; Isolation; Joint Session of Congress; State of the Union Speech; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

[Suez Canal Remains Neutral, Jan36]

LS across harbor, naval warships in entrance to Suez Canal. Freighters thru canal; Garbiano on bow; deck filled w/ sailors & others waving caps & shouting. Desert in background.

Shipping; Transportation; Short Cuty; Middle East; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

Title: Roosevelt s Talk Politics Says Snell

22:52:58 CU man talking to camera (SOF): I want the country to know that this is another cheap political trick to give the President, under the caption of an annual message to Congress, the opportunity to make a political speech to defend his New Deal policies that are becoming so unpopular at the present time. Mind you my friends, we have no objection or fear to the President speaking as often and as many times as he desires. But we do object to using Congress & this special occasion for a sounding board for a political speech.

1936; 1930s; Anti-Roosevelt; Anti-New Deal; Republican Bertrand Snell (?);

22:53:44 Title: Roosevelt Addresses Congress

22:53:52 Night w/ Capitol lighted.

22:54:00 Interior, Sd. FDR at podium to applause from joint session. I would dedicate this nation to the policy of the good neighbor; the neighbor who resolutely respects himself & because he does so respects the rights of others; a neighbor who respects his obligation, & respects the sanctity of his agreements, in and with a world of neighbors. Applause.

22:54:40 Nations seeking expansion, seeking the rectification of injustice springing from former wars; seeking out less betrayed for population, or even for their own peaceful contribution for the progress of civilization, fail to demonstrate that patience necessary to obtain reasonable & legitimate objectives by peaceful negotiation or by an appeal to the finer instincts of world justice. They have therefore impatiently reverted to the old belief of the law of the sword; or to the fantastic conception that they, and they alone, are chosen to fulfill a mission and that all the others among the billion and a half of human beings in the world must and shall learn from and be subject to them.

22:55:47 I recognize, and you will recognize, that these worlds which I have chosen w/ deliberation will not prove popular in any nation that chooses to fit this shoe to its foot (applause).

22:56:09 ` As a consistent part of a clear policy the United States is following a two-fold neutrality towards any and all nations which engage in wars that are not of an immediate concern of the Americas. First, we decline to encourage the prosecution of war by permitting belligerents to obtain arms, ammunition, or implements of war from the United States. Second, we seek to discourage the use by belligerent nations of any and all American products calculated to facilitate the prosecution of a war in quantities over & above our normal export of them in time of peace. Standing aplause.

1936; 1930s; Isolation; Joint Session of Congress; State of the Union Speech; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

Spain In Arms [Reel 2A]

Banner on church Viva Il General Franco! Viva Espana! ; Franco greeted by crowd of supporters giving Fascist salutes - Falange banner - Nationalist troops marching. Animated map of Spain showing Nationalist-controlled areas under emblem of Queen Isabella & Republican areas under Communist hammer & sicle. Troops on trucks & horseback. Nationalist troops under General Queipo de Llano cheered in Seville.

20:55:50 Pamplona - troops enlist on Nationalist side at request of General Mola inc. Carlist Mountaineers of Navarre. Fighting on French frontier in Northern Spain - freed [?] Loyalist prisoners give Nationalist salute at flag raising.

20:57:46 Republican soldiers giving clenched fist salutes sent on train back to Barcelona by government.

[NB Narration seems to be in support of Franco & Nationalist cause but less so in some other reels.]

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

Story of a Transport R2 of 2

United States Coast Guard Report #5

11:49:21 SS Manhattan (Wakefield) Flashbacks show the Wakefield as the liner Manhattan stills show luxury on board liner. Launch of USS Manhattan being christened by Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt; leaving on maiden voyage at night.

11:50:31 Dancing on deck (GOOD). Famous passengers Babe Ruth, Jimmy Walker, Douglas Corrigan. 15Jul1936 American athletes on board sailing to Olympic Games in Berlin play shuffleboards & sitting talking. Glenn Cunningham, Jesse Owens. Disembarking in Hamburg and received by German officials, Nazi flag flying. 10Jan1938 USS Manhattan returning from Europe. Reporters & photographers board ship to interview returning Ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd. Dodd makes statement re Nazism and world crisis greatest crisis since the first Napoleon. (SOF). Newspaper headlines England declares war on Germany . 30Sept1939 - decks crowded w/ Americans returning to US from Europe after war declared. Steaming into New York harbor.

11:52:33 12Jan1941 The liner stuck on a reef off Florida. Passengers transfer to coast guard launches. Seen from shore. 12Aug1941 SS Manhattan now the troop ship Wakefield loaded w/ soldiers arrives in New York. Troops disembark from manoeuvres. 29Jan1942 Singapore harbour scenes. The Wakefield, unloading troops, is bombed by Japanese planes in Singapore, B-deck damaged. Coffins of five dead.

11:54:13 03Sep1942 Wakefield is gutted by fire in 1942 burning off New England coast. May 1944 Wakefield undergoing final repairs, shipyard workers welding - ship in drydock - shots show modifications to transport ship. Night or dusk shots ship at sea. Silhouettes crew. Below decks & GIs in bunks.

11:56:18 Deck shots, spotters look for enemy aircraft. Aircraft spotted - it is an allied one. Signaller. Troops cheer as they sight land. Soldiers aboard ship attend religious services, take communion & issued K rations. Coast Guard captain uses loudspeaker system to speak to troops he has transported. Troops listen;disembark w/ kitbags down gangway, along dock. Ship s officers plan quartering of men for next trip. German POWs embark on Wakefield for US prisons on deck. Eat in mess room. AV ship at sea. Navy blimp (dirigible) over Wakefield as she returns to New York. German POWs disembarking. AVs Wakelfield. Prisoners off w/ tags. 7th War Bond appeal w/ montage of ships in various situations from construction to transporting men & equipment. Men landing. The end.

WWII; 1936 Olympics; Prisoners of war; Troop transport; Converted 2-stack liner;

[West Coast Air Force Review]

Aerials US military base & airfield. Good air to air shots planes flying in formation over airfield & coastal area.

Military Aviation. Air Shows / Displays. AAF - Army Air Force. Pre-WWII.

[Big Bore Coastal Defence Guns Test Fired]

CU large shell hanging from hoist; LS from behind heavy gun carriages on train - troops loading shell - man gives signal & gun fired, officer watching. MCUs gun loaded - men on platform w/ measuring equipment / telescopes. LS two guns aimed upwards; MS guns fired & lowered. Good close shot of troops on revolving gun platform & shell moved in on pulley system - men stop & brace themselves for gun firing. Side profile shell loaded; lump of wadding rushed to gun carriage & put in shell hole; CU guns fire one after the other. LS two gun carriages each attached to railroad car. Observation tower. CUs man w/ observation telescope / lens. Further shots of shell on hoist & gun firing.

Military Hardware - Ballistics / Artillery. Pre-WWII.

[West Coast Air Force Review]

Planes fly over in formation. WS aircraft lined up on airfield, some taxiing. Pan as twin-engine plane takes off - Martin B-10B or B-12A ? Biplanes lined up on runway - Boeing P-12 Es ? Planes taxiing & taking off -

Martin B-12As ? VS vars unid. planes in formation flight.

16:02:27 Servicemen past stationary planes on airfield. Good shot of Martin B-10B bombers [?] lined up on runway w/ crew of each plane standing in front - officers past in review - good close shots of planes w/ USAF markings and skull & crossbones logos. LS bombers lined up w/ propellers turning.

Military Aviation. Air Shows / Displays. AAF - Army Air Force. Pilots / Airmen. Pre-WWII.

[FDR Speech to Congress - Good Neighbor Policy]

President Roosevelt cheered by joint session of Congress; FDR introduced & speaks standing up re 04Mar33. Also about This policy of the Good effective [in US] - The rest of the world, now there's the rub - Law of the Sword - We have limit armament...exert our moral favor of freedom of expression...religious tolerance - The United States and the rest of the Americas can do one persuade other nations to return to the days of peace and goodwill - They engage gang up against the people's liberties - Let action to be positive and not negative - talks about Congress, voting & economics.

Economics. Pre-WWII. Diplomacy.

[Early Spanish Civil War Scenes]

[Sd. - French narration.] Civilians run through streets of town & look up to sky at bombers passing overhead; North African [?] soldiers. Troops dig trenches in twon square. Anti-Franco troops arrive by boat. Heavy guns fired in countryside - shell loaded. Refugees over French border w/ belongings on cart; CU street sign of Basses-Pyrenees region - La Bidassoa ; CU French customs sign Douanes Francaises .

01:50:57 [Si.] Vars shots of defences built into hillsides - trenches & bunkers. Man picks up shell casing. Top shots soldiers arresting guerilla? Wounded man helped. Intertitle over painting Ce Que Goya N Avait Pas Vu [ What Goya Never Saw ].

01:51:19 [Sd.] Men wearing white armbands in street - firefighters w/ hoses. INT fascist leader Mirandas [?] - replacement for Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera; EXT new chief leads Nationalist troops out of Falange HQ past civilians giving fascist salute.

01:51:38 Road between Seville & Cordoba - volunteer troops on horseback. March through Pamplona [?] - banner across street Pamplona - Navarra - Espana Por Santa Maria La Real . Young kids in fascist uniform marching past Falange Espanola banner on building followed by young women in uniform - Seccion Feminina ?

01:52:20 Funeral of fascist Colonel Ortiz de Zarate - coffin in hearse past crowd giving fascist salute - coffin lowered into grave.

01:52:54 Truck w/ coffin of fascist General Goded after execution by government of Catalonia [?].

01:53:03 Troops in village of Puerto Cristo - Majorca ?

01:53:17 Refugees into France? People on French beach look through telescope to Spain across bay.

01:53:43 [Si.] Shots of hillside defences & capture of guerilla / insurgent repeated. Heavy artillery fired. Burned-out & damaged cars in unid. town square - civilians & soldier wearing berets in BG.

Falangists. Fascism. Revolution. Spain 1930s.

[Early Spanish Civil War Scenes]

Pan along line of troops w/ bayonet rifles outside prison. INT soldiers on guard - view through bars across window to valley below - bridge across river. Prisoners yard - troops chatting - personal possessions inc. ladies handbags laid out in line on ground. Street scene w/ queue of women & children. Countryside - heavy gun firing. Destruction in city - ruined buildings - man crouches in debris of street cafe, trying to tune in radio ? - troops relax behind makeshift brick wall, rifles lodged in cracks. Brief shot body w/ missing head / limbs. More destruction. Nationalist troops march past civilians giving fascist salute. Brief MS Franco.

Falangists. Fascism. Revolution. Spain 1930s.

[Women Fighting In Spanish Civil War]

High angle shot town in valley w/ column of smoke above; snowy mountains in BG. Troops run through snow & CU jump out of trench inc. woman soldier? Fire rifles from behind wall. LS troops advance through village. Female soldiers in trench w/ rifles then over the top & run across snowy field. Probably anti-Franco Republican troops.

Winter. Spain 1930s. Women At War.

[Republican Activity Around Barcelona]

Cavalry troops practice drawing swords on horseback. Man w/ neckerchief smoking cigar poses for still photographer.

02:53:26 Pan along ship s hull marked [SS?] Uruguay - Barcelona . Troops on horseback past giving closed fist salutes - some very young boys - Republicans? - tracking shot [slightly out of focus] follows cavalry - one rider w/ flag marked w/ Communist hammer & sicle emblem & POUM [Partido Obrero de Unificacion Marxista]. POUM group continues down street giving salutes - low angle shot horses almost gallop over camera.

02:55:31 CU man in car shows handgun w/ extra long bullet clip - passengers armed - longer shot car stopped for inspection. Man w/ arm in plaster.

02:56:36 Coffin on horse-drawn white carriage past camera. Republican troops & civilians fill sandbags in city - truck marked PSU [Partit Socialista Unificat [de Catalunya] - Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia ?] - probably Barcelona. Car w/ sign in windshield Ordre Public . Truck past in BG marked CNT [Confederacion Nacional de Trabajo - National Confederation of Labour ?]. Car w/ sign Fuerzas Leales [Loyal Forces]. B on car license plates - indicates Barcelona.

02:58:52 Pan round three men sitting at table on ship s deck, one w/ Republican badge. Guards pose for camera on deck overlooking port - Barcelona ?

Spanish Civil War. Spain 1930s.

Wheels Across Africa Pt. 2 of 3

Expedition across desert sand, trucks leave tracks & blowing dust. Camel caravans & nomadic traders from North & South along banks of Niger River w/ tightly braided hair, nose rings, robes. CUs vars tribesmens trading. Local chieftain reviews warriors on horseback - robes & elaboragte headdresses influenced by Crusades.

20:12:15 Map of Western Africa from Sahara past Lake Chad to French Congo. Trucks cross Bamu River,pontoon-style native ferry of hollowed logs. Blacks rowing & poling pontoon canoes bearing wooden platform w/ truck & explorer in Colonial hat (GOOD)

20:13:35 HA Convoy thru jungle approaching Equator across rickety bridge over ravine. Tribal village in forest, bare-breasted women w/ babies shell beans; men make traps for frogs w/ reeds. Fisherman on canoe - frogs & tadpoles hung up to dry. Tribeswoman shaving pattern into man s hair, baby suckling at her breast. CUs Tribeswomen & children w/ tattoos carved into skin - tribesman w/ teeth carved into points. Village celebration - tribal dancing & costumes, masks. GOOD.

20:17:03 PoVs on rural track, lions move in front. Convoy passes Dongu River - honk horns to chase sleeping hippopotamuses into water. Dugout canoe w/ outboard motor down river; crocodiles & Ackley camera cranked from canoe by Armand Denis or cinematographer Leroy G. Phelps while looking for crossing.

20:18:54 Four elephants down bank; trucks drive into water & hooked to elephants which pull across river. Native riding horse alongside truck nearly unseen. Truck thru long grass, POV from cab; come across bull elephant.

Travelogues; Travel; Tourism; Exploration; Safari; Wildlife; Adventurers; Explorers; Big Game Hunting; Colonialism; 1930s; Pith Helmets; Promotions; Advertising; Lecture Films; Gags; Oddities;

Wheels Across Africa Pt. 3 of 3

Team of Blacks hoist wooden boards & supplies up to treetop for construction of observation platform. Panorama shots across savannah w/ various animals roaming: herds of topi, elephants, hippopotamus, buffalo, antelope, warthog, baboons in tree. Leopard feeding on bait; baboons pour from tree & other animals start to run away as leopard wanders off w/ carcass. Vultures swoop down onto remains.

20:24:41 Cheetahs around expedition trucks, one on roof.

20:25:28 Map of East Africa. Expedition into British East Uganda & Kenya. Long team of oxen pulling cart thru heavy mud. Convoy stuck in mud then, freed. VO nothing stops our dependable Dodge equipment - car through clouds of locusts. Armand Denis [?] on foot among locust swarm. Car driving thru.

20:26:52 Kenya - wildebeast herd running in circles. Giraffes w/ good shots inc. Denis & Leila Roosevelt approaching them on foot. Zebras. Travelling shots from car - topi herd running in front. Ground blackened from brush fires - impala run & jump alongside. Rhinoceros family.

20:30:15 Leroy Phelps filming from camera mounted on car roof, Roosevelt at his side - drive past & towards lion colony. Good CU Leroy & Leila on car roof; spins camera round to catch lion as it runs away.

20:30:55 Lioness shot dead as she runs away - car pulls up beside body, prodded w/ rifle; loaded onto truck to take her back to camp and skin her . [Ends abruptly - last two reels missing.]

Travelogues; Travel; Tourism; Exploration; Safari; Wildlife; Adventurers; Explorers; Big Game Hunting; Colonialism; 1930s; Pith Helmets; Promotions; Advertising; Lecture Films;

[Spanish Refugees taken aboard US Navy Ship; Storm at sea]

POV over bow thru waves in storm, spray over gun mounted on front deck.

14:20:0? Calm & sailors at ships gun drill, practice loading.

14:20:48 Sailors in whale boat w/ US flag & civilian refugees. Men,, women & children boarding US naval ship.

14:21:12 Whale boat of luggage, belongings & civilian man & old woman arrives alongside; boat hoisted aboard w/ shore visible behind; unloaded onto deck w/ luggage lined up. Others arrive & helped up gangway. Refugees sitting on deck & fed by crew. Two navy officers talk on deck. Sailors take large basket of wine bottles from man in small boat.

Spanish Civil War Evacuation; US (?) Diplomatic Personnel;

[Hindenburg & Graf Zeppelin I In Flight over Berlin & Cologne, Germany ca 1936]

Crewman in the cockpit of German airship Hindenburg. Aerials from airship Hindenburg over city Cathedral.

Waiters & guests in dining room of the Hindenburg, man drinking at bar.

17:21:24 German airship Graf Zeppelin I in flight. Aerial tomb of von Hindenburg. MS crewmen inspecting motor mounts on the Hindenburg -- Graf Zeppelin I in flight in BG. People eating & talking at windows of dining room of Hindenburg. View of Olympic Stadium under construction, Berlin, Germany. Passengers looking out windows in the Hindenburg -- Brandenburg Gate. The Hindenburg & the Graf Zeppelin I in flight in bg above Brandenburg Gate.

17:22:02 MCU officer of the Hindenburg talking on telephone in control station. LS low angle of the Hindenburg in flight -- Cologne cathedral in FG. CU of cathedral from air.

17:22:22 MS Several chef's looking up & waving -- cathedral in BG. Low angle of Hindenburg & Graf Zeppelin I, in flight -- structural steel bridge in FG.

Pre-WWII; LTA; Airships; ca 1936; Wealth; Transportation;

[Army Air Corps Brig. Gen. Plaggert w/ B-10s & P-12s in Overflight, ca 1936]

Brig. Gen. Plaggert & staff walking across flight line in front of row of parked B-10s -- crewmen standing in front of aircraft. Row of parked P-12s, engines running. Three B-10s take off together. P-12s taxiing in FG. 17:19:16 B-10s in three formations of nine planes each in flight.

17:19:21 P-12s in two formations of 12 planes each in flight to the right. MCU Brig. Gen. Plaggert making a speech. (MOS)

17:19:37 Two aircraft laying smoke screens low over wooded area. Aerial camera in aircraft laying smoke screen, showing screen as it forms behind tail of plane. Smoke screen moving over the ground. Aerials and ground scenes showing aircraft laying smoke screen in a circle.

17:20:16 Title: Aviation - US Army Bombers Soar Above Clouds In Combat Drill

Aerials of three B-10s in flight in, over & through clouds.

Pre-WWII; Army Air Corps Maneuvers; 1936; Newsreels;

King George VI and Family Attend Official Events

AV Crowds gather around car as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth emerge. MS King and Queen visiting some kind of nursing ward.

15:22:57: Queen leaving an event, lines of uniformed guard and crowds. MS Queen and Princess Elizabeth? get into open-back car.

15:23:12: VS King and Queen attending horticultural/ flower show, Chelsea?

15:23:45: VS King George in military dress inspecting uniformed guards and presenting trophies inc CU. Lines of spectators behind ropes.

15:24:30: Queen inspecting group of men with banner. Orange Order? Mining Union?

15:24:40: Queen at hospital visit, demonstration of stretcher. Intercut with brief shots of: Queen in summer dress visiting children, playing in paddling pool.

15:24:58: Queen behind table covered with English flag, applauded. Brief shots of crowds around tenement block and crowds seated in stadium. Fragment of hospital visit footage.

15:25:22: VS family listening to radio. Important announcement? CU radio.

15:25:41: MS King, Queen, Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth getting out of car. London buses in background? Royal Family enters building between two lines of guards.

15:27:07: VS Queen at official building. Hospital?

15:27:35: Queen in summer dress meeting children in a park, making speech.

15:27:54: Factory worker, CU girl eating cake, MS profile King George sitting at desk.

15:28:07: King meeting veterans in wheelchairs. Rides tricycle.

15:28:40: Boy Scout parade/ convention attended by King outside cathedral? country house? Be Prepared flag visible. Scouts raise hats.

15:29:11: LS King and Queen at garden party watching fashion parade, King seated on throne. CU guests and Royals. AVs garden party. Guests bow to King.


[Cardinal Pacelli Receives Doctor of Law Degree, Fordham University; As Pope Pius XII w/ GIs]

Nov36 Pacelli in procession as choir sings at graduation. At mics speaking in english (SOF). Catholic VIPs behind him. Rev. Robert I. Cannon kneels & kisses his ring.

06:51:43 Fordham University Glee Club singing last of Pilgrims Chorus by Wagner, in front of bunting & US flags. Cardinal Spellman present.

06:52:10 Pacelli gives Apostolic Benediction in Latin.

06:52:45 Walking across campus w/ Spellman & others. Interior & applause. Exiting building & sitting in chair for cameras.

06:53:24 Pope Pius XII speaks in English welcoming USA soldiers GIs to Vatican. Gives blessing. Speaks of various Saints.

Pre-WWII; Religion - Roman Catholic; Honorary Degree; WWII Aftermath; Liberation of Rome;

Deutsche Freiwillige In Spanien - Der Erste Filmbericht Vom Kampf Der Legion Condor

Dir. Karl Ritter

Pan over Granada from hilltop. Unid. city w/ large stone bridge across wide river & church on hilltop, pan across & tilt up from reflection to Cathedral. Other views of fountains (Granda) and church bell towers & church buildings w/ carvings, windows & doors.

13:04:29 War ruins panned across. Cross seen thru arch; walls left w/o roofs. Ancient stone buidligs in ruins. Soldiers march in street. Anti-Franco volunteers firing rifles & w/ raised fists intercut w/ ruined churches & Christ statue as though against Church.

13:05:27 People in front of caves & inside. Women holding children, crying; kids eating from buckts. Portrait of France & Fascist poster w/ saying Arriba Espana

13:06:01 View of plane over coastline, view from plane of Condor planes arriving & 3 German JU-87 Stuka fighter planes in flight. Twin-engine plane lands; make-shift control tower w/ wind-sock & German soldiers beside tent. Biplanes taxi to stop. Abrupt end. Balance of film missing from NARA per second request 04Sep06.

1930s Spanish Civil War; Condor Legion; Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

Pre-WWII - Hitler Visits Autoshow

Tonwoche newsreel 9/37. Hitler reviews troops along with others. Then shakes hands with motorcycle racers who salute him. Crowd watching. Then same thing w/ race car drivers by open cars. Cheering people. Cars take off on wet pavement through streets. Hitler leaving in open top car . POV down Der Linden from Brandenberg Gate & Hitler saluting. Past Motorcycle troops. Swastika & horns playing. Hitler at podium speaking. Goebbels listens. CU of men w/ banners. Goebbels leads salute Zeig Heil . Curtain opens & views of new Mercedes. Hitler talks to designers. Tours show. CUs of cars. Hitler views, talks. Picture of factory. Tyres, foam material shown. Motorcycle shown. Cutaways of motors. Exhibits in montage. Globe & gears turning. Cars supered & past camera.

Pre-WWII - Hitler Visits Autoshow excerpt

Tonwoche newsreel 9/37. Hitler shakes hands with race car drivers by open cars. Cheering people. Cars take off on wet pavement through streets. Hitler leaving in open auto. POV down Der Linden from Brandenberg Gate & Hitler saluting. Past Motorcycle troops. Swastika & horns playing. Hitler at podium speaking. Goebbels listens. CU of men w/ banners. Goebbels leads salute. Curtain opens & views of new Mercedes. Hitler talks to designers.

The Dead March R1 of ?

[USA - 73 min. War Drama by Bud Pollard]

Main titles, Large gun fires. Foreword & optical effects.

17:34:30 Armistice Day military parade thru NYC, man enters WWI Veterans Club, men sit around radio listen to radio broadcaster introduces radio editorialist / columnist Boake Carter, CU wounded, blinded veterans w/ amputations listen to broadcast, small image of the broadcaster on the radio transmitter.

17:36:14 Radio broadcasting studio radio editorialist Carter reads out poem about war.

17:37:13 Press entrance for League of Nations, guards at the door, speaker on podium in big congress hall; short clip of anti war meeting(?).

17:38:08 Speech (SOF) by King Edward (?) dressed in soldier s uniform w/ black armband & fur hat, tells how he hopes that no generation ever again has to experience such terrible days.

17:38:24 Short clip of speech by General Pershing (SOF).

17:38:36 President Roosevelt on the podium, speaks about war I have seen war... & his personal experience of seeing it all, various shots showed during his speech - battle fields, injured soldiers, corpses, starving kids, ends the speech w/ words I hate war! .

17:39:25 CU Radio commentator Boake Carter continues his anti war speech (SOF), speaks about Asia & Manchuria; Japan. (Incomplete?)

Pacifist; Feature Documentary; Pre-WWII; Horrors of War;

Nazi Plan, The R12 of ?

Title: German Sailors killed In the Spanish Civil Wr Brought Home On The Deutschland 18 June 1937

20:14:45 Title: Der Deutschland In Der Heimat Shipboard & wreaths, CU & MS sailors as Honor Guard. Lining ship in dressed uniforms w/ caskets & flags. Sailors at attention w/ caskets & wreaths; officer speaking at podium. People w/ umbrellas. Large torches burning; pans over flags on caskets & sailors faces. Tall tower w/ German flag flying on top. Wreath laying & salute by Hitler. Hitler salutes sailors etc.

20:16:39 Title Ninth Party Congress 6-13 September 1937. CU Hitler, Goosestepping troops past, Large stadium & troops march in large group entering. Crowd applauds. Troops w/o shirts but w/ shovels, applauded. Cutaways to various faces etc. Hitler introduced and crowd of troops sings. Pan over massed troops in middle. CU of various uniforms decorations. Women in crowd saluting & rubbing hands.

20:18:42 Goosestepping troops in dress uniform down street. Military bugles, model of stadium, Hitler out & receives hammer, reads speech at microphones & taps hammer on large granite block a number of times. Filled stadium & troops march w/ flags, singing. Officers salute from stand.

20:20:45 Hitler gives salute at mic & crowds cheer. Hitler in half goosestep reviews young boys. Rides around stadium of cheering youth saluting. Hess in back seat. Pan w/ Hitler s head moving through troops.

20:21:44 Zoom in on flaming torch. Hitler to mic & speaks. Down steps at large stadium. Marching thru on marble or granite surface. CU of Japanese & other nationalities in crowd intercut w/ troops w/ banners, flags & long shots over stadium or war memorial. Band plays & artillery rounds fired intercut w/ Hitler shaking hands of varius groups. CU of Nazi eagle.

20:23:37 Hitler thru crowds in Nuremburg, marching through old parts of city. Various military units, motorcycle troops, goosestepping. (GOOD). High angle forming patterns of marchers.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle; Military Propaganda;

Nazi Plan, The R12 of ?

Sd. Title: Tenth Party Congress 5-12 September 1938 Stadium & massed troops marching. Grandstand w/ overhange & Hess & Hitler saluting as troops w/ flags go in various directions w/ precision. Hitler introduced by ?? Speaks & cheered by troops. Singing w/ outstretched arm saluting in massed pattern. CU flag.

20:27:14 Hitler around track in open car; boys buglars, quick closeups of spectators. Hitler walking w/ two honor guards across granite paved walk. CU German eagle. Wreathlaying. Torches on posts burning. Unit banners carried past, Hitler on reviewing stand. Flags in CU.

20:28:49 Troops marching thru city (Nuremburg?). People watch from windows. High angle shots. MCU of feet, Hitler, Goering, others. Crowds looking out windows.

20:30:15 Hitler Declares Policy With Respect To Sudetenland 26 September 1938. Newspaper headlines. Night & Hitler speaking to crowd in stadium (?) w/ swastika beneath podium andbehind. People salute. Camera past looking down on military. People listening outside.

20:31:42 Si. Title: Munich Pact 29 September 1938. Exterior; Interior & looking at documents. Chamberlain walking up stairs. Mussolini, Goering, Daladier & others present. Signing.

20:32:51 Title: Occupation of the Sudetenland 01October 1938. Headlines. Raising of gate & troops into Sudentland, old people & girls greeting w/ flowers. Hitler riding thru streets. Naziis on podium, man speaking as Hitler listens. Pan over crowds.

Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle; Military Propaganda; Invasion, Czechoslovakia; Parades; Ceremony;

U.S. Army Gets 298 Lieutenants From Military Academy

West Point army graduation; cadets on parade ground marching in sunshine. Lift hats. Amphitheater w/ parents & VIPs overlooking Hudson River; Cadets receiving diplomas. CU smiling cadet.

Pre-WWII; 1930s Americana;

[Nazi Germany: Jewish School; Anti-Bolshevik Exhibition; Hitler Postcards; Army Day Activities, 1937]

Woolworth store front. Brandenburg Gate.

03:13:22 Judische privatschule/Mostly trims; some repeat footage, faces, going in & interior.

03:14:01 HA of crowds moving Antibolschevistische exhibit (Repeats footage exactly, tho less here).

03:14:36 Anti-Bolshevik Exhibition w/ Dada Interiors.

03:14:41 Entrance: Entartete Kunst. Full view of sign. Int. Paintings, crowds looking at art work, paintings.

03:15:06 Pipelines at dam: RAD boys, canal construction & digging in water. Shoveling, exercising, whistle blown, lecture by Nazi officer in front of map on grass w/ mountains behind. Swimming in lake

03:16:46 Jews Forbidden sign. clips of signs, amusement park.

03:17:02 Women window shopping. Hitler postcards in shop window. Boys looking at postcards inside shop - CU of Postcards.

03:17:20 Some construction & industry. Working on frame of zeppelin in hanger. Work on airplanes. Army Day 1937 flyover & tanks in stadium. Woman in market. Glider pulled & taking off hilltop seen from below.

03:19:09 BDM girls march on rural road. Army Day & recruits to mess eating, washing up; served; marching in camp w/ army band. Various stadium activity: troops march w/ shovels, stadium shots from within. Tanks. Hitler in car saluting.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Nazi Youth; Cult Figure; LTA construction; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Tourists; Nuremburg; Agriculture; Pageant; Kayaking; Degenerate Art Exhibit, 1937]

People leaving Sunday morning church service, artists painting

Well dressed men walking in ?? Locals standing talking; artists painting outdoors. Pigeons strutting. People on rampart overlooking town & farmland. Tourists.

03:24:45 Int. technology exhibition. Large crowd. Man standing by furnace. Farm machinery & other exhibits working.

03:25:45 Big active scene in Nuremberg square, filled with hundreds of people at all sorts of activities: military men, civilians, kids, older people, SS Dancing at Maypole? seated at tables, moving about.

03:26:40 Grain harvest & plowing w/ horses; men working on hillside w/ air compressed drills, picks & shovels. Town in background.

03:27:45 Night scene in stadium. Children dancing in circles, forming shapes. Lighted.

03:28:48 Women raking hay, CS, MS, WS. B/W cows pull hay wagon heavily loaded. Little cart w/ hay.

03:29:49 Along river, Cologne Cathedral spires in BG. Men & women change for kayaking.

Note concluded on LN 050-042.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s Tourism; Pageant; Germanic Architecture; Propaganda; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Templehof Airport; Exhibition; Street Scenes; Lens Manufacturing; Village & Cologne, 1937]

BP Fuel truck on airfield, Lufthansa plane Obersalzburg . Large planes overhead. STANAVO - Deutsche Amerikanische Petroleum Gesellschaft refueling tri-motor plane in hanger. SHELL truck fueling small plane.

02:58:13 POV driving on autobahn under overpasses. Tankstelle - good scenes.

02:58:55 People waiting to enter big fair or exhibition: Deutsche Arbeitsfront sign. Swastika in gear wheel.

02:59:11 Crowded city street corner, pedestrians waiting for traffic lights. Loeser & Wolff shop (not on familiar corner), street scene in big city.

02:59:38 News Seller with Berlin Illustrierte - late edition; Jap attack on Shanghai in full swing:

02:59:59 UNTER DEN LINDEN / WILHELMSSTRASSE - signs. Interiors, light industry, lunchbreak, workers (Zeiss or Leica?) looking at lenses; many men at benches.

03:01:14 Nurses & baby care. Child care center w/ lines of cots, sleeping kids. Some on potties in BG

Kids hoe & work in garden, Lebensborn?? Ext: Building, young woman, outside w/ letters, reading.

03:02:13 Farm scene, ploughing, horses pull plow.

03:02:52 Dirt road & construction.

03:03:02 Town & signs: Lutherhaus, Lutherplatz, Lutherkeller. JS Bach was born here: Bach Museum - CU sign. Ext. of home (?) two women & bicycles. Man w/ newspaper up street.

03:03:43 Sign: Luther strasse & Bach Museum. Castle or church on hilltop. More ploughing, brief.

03:04:15 Very large Cathedral --Cologne ? Band marches past leading group of older men carrying swastika banner. Civilian men march, woman marching to river & dock w/ Niederlander Dampfschiffahrt sign. KDF tour, to steamer on Rhine: Hindenburg steamer. Boarding, Cologne spires in BG. People FG, gangplank.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Tourists; Nuremburg; Agriculture; Pageant; Kayaking; Degenerate Art Exhibit, 1937]

Continued from LN 050-041

B/W cows pull hay wagon heavily loaded. Little cart w/ hay.

04:00:10 Along river, Cologne Cathedral spires in BG. Men & women change for kayaking. Tilt to Cathedral & bridge.

04:01:08 CU posters incl. for Flug Essen, Reitertage 4&5 Sept, w/ SS Symbol. People looking.

04:02:03 Essen (?) Flowerstall, brief: woman buys, another sells. Farmers & oxen working, sowing seeds, 2 men working.

04:02:42 Large columned building. Int. Degenerate Art Exhibition; Entartete Kunst Show. Crucifix, statue, signs re Kandinsky: Zweierlei Rot 1928/2000DM Crowds viewing. Paid for with Taxes from the working German people Nehmen Sie Dada Ernst Art AUSTELLUNG/ENTARTE KUNST/ Eintritt Frei. CUs, various expressionist paintings. Max Ernst, Kirchner (Bahnhof in Konigstein, Folkwang-Museum, Essen

Mondrian (420 RM). CU: Nolde- Die Suenderin (Natl Gallery Berlin 1929, M:25,000)

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s Tourism; Anti-Modern Art Exhibit; Pageant; Germanic Architecture; Propaganda; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Degenerate Art Exhibition; Nazi Youth; Working; Digging Canal, 1937]

Int. Entarte Kunst exhibit, painting, crowds viewing. Nehmen Sie Dada Ernst .

04:06:10 Road with BDM girls, banner; writing notes.

04:06:19 Contoured plowed fields. Pan across. Oxen & manure wagon.

04:06:49 Brick road & car past; BDM girls march & sing w/ banner. CU Faces, pretty, braids, white blouses

2 girls doing singing act on hillside, flirtatious, very animated. Others seated along road, on rest break; write in diaries. March on: Ages 8-12.

04:07:05 Die Jungmadelschaft: Very innocent, fun, good. In braids or bobbed hair. Eating sandwiches.

04:09:46 Antiquated, shaking threshing machine operated by steam & belt driven. Everything moving, including men on machine.

04:10:53 Penstocks, pipes out of dam.

04:11:23 Hitler youth exercising. tumbling, gymnastics. Running thru woods. Working on large canal project. Shoveling gravel etc. Reichsarbeitsdienst (?). Shoveling sod & picking rocks & gravel. Working w/ train passing in background. Seated on ground, eating from mess kits.

04:14:59 Marching, in uniform, w/ spades. HA of camp w/ mountains behind. Run to swim. HA barracks.

04:15:23 Man w/ Swastika armband takes photo. Repeat of shots.

04:16:17 Men exercise w/ logs; march bare-chested.

04:16:41 Politische Weltkarte and instructor, outdoors at map of world. Men swimming, iris view, throwing poles; callisthenics.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s Tourism; Anti-Modern Art Exhibit; Nationalism;

Main Title: Universal Pictures - Universal Newsreel

04:42:34 First Pictures - Bombing of Shanghai

16:42:45 Title: You Are Going To Be Shocked, But This Is War Uncensored.

- Japanese atrocities

United Airlines DC-3 plane lands, taxiis & boxes (film?) unloaded.

04:43:14 Title: Peiping. Pan over empty stone street & bridge; soldiers march past, planes overhead & bomb explosions. Chinese or Japanese troops run past in street; large pagoda like building & square.

04:43:46 Rubble & destruction, people cleaning up. Chinese (?) soldiers pulled in rickshaws past sandbags & checkpoint. Chinese (?) troops truck convoy thru countryside. Ambulance. Many corpses in rain & mud. Truck filled w/ corpses, bodies beneath & along roadside.

04:44:55 Title: Shanghai. Ships at sea patrolling past one another, flying Japanese flag.

04:45:18 LS Shanghai bund. Japanese biplane overhead; civilians run into park. Crowds in street; run panicked in park; planes over & watched by people, drifting ack-ack smoke, windy day, planes. People running in street.

04:46:08 Street w/ burning cars, people carrying wounded. Well dressed woman walking & running thru rubble. Dead & badly injured lying on street, windows blown out, ext. of Cathy Hotel. Various military around wounded, carried away on motorcycle w/ sidecar. Others carry stretcher & Red Cross flag; boy in rickshaw. Injured in front of Palace Hotel; pan around street.

04:47:21 Two men arrested & walked off by police & soldiers. British police push crowd to one side w/ baton. European women & children boarding ships; kiss goodbye to husbands; Naval officers. Baby buggy or pram loaded on boat; Dollar Lines boat putting out w/ American flag flying.

04:48:24 Steam ship or naval captain w/ binoculars. View of refugees & children on deck; helped aboard. British (?) servicemen helping.

04:48:45 Black smoke & flames across harbor. US navy ships. Fire burning brightly.

04:49:04 Sign on dock: Pontoon No. 5. Smoke & fire in distance. Navy ships, one burning.

04:49:48 Corpse floating past in river.

04:49:58 High angle of street, fire hoses strung, people milling about. People picking through debris in front of blasted building. Upper story w/ caved in roof. Chaos in street. Destroyed front & view of interior of bombed out building. Workers clearing rubble, retrieving corpses & wounded from debris. Truck loaded w/ corpses carried on planks. Truck away thru street. The End.

Sino-Japanese War; Pre-WWII; Horrors of War; 1937; Invasion of China; 1930s; Conflict; International City;

The News Parade - Norman Alley s Bombing Of U.S.S. Panay

Castle Films

22:11:15 Chinese carrying goods, w/ wagons & carts along wall of Nanking. LS burning village; people among smoking rubble; bodies. Refugees fleeing across bridges.

22:12:02 USS Panay in Yangtze River harbor from shore; from ship, officers looking to shore. Smoke rising, pan along. Commander James J. Hughes to shore to rescue Americans, Italians, British. CU Embassy plaque. Tender returning to Panay & people boarding. Ship past camera; sailors signalling British gunboat Lady Bird; raise signal flags & anchor. View of burning shore, other ships in river. Anchor dropped. Hughes w/ binoculars.

22:14:40 Title: Bombing of the U.S.S. Panay! 12Dec37.

22:14:46 Japanese plane diving seen beyond American flag; ship crewman at small anti-aircraft gun. Biplane diving. Crewmen run forward, men at guns. Ship with water over decks, men in life vests & into boats. Damage on deck; ship seen from boat leaving & people onto shore. Ship lower in water; sinking. People onto shore into reeds. Ship turns over as people watch it go under. MS & CU wounded looking up; wounded carried to village on stretchers. Laying on ground, treated by Chinese doctors.

22:18:13 Carried aboard small Chinese river boats & poled & floated down river.

22:18:28 Teletype room w/ men w/ earphones typing. MS FDR; Cordell Hull leaving State Department (?).

22:18:44 Japanese Ambassador Saito reading newspaper.

22:18:47 MS to camera (SOF): I have today called upon the Secretary of State, Mr. Cordell Hull, to accept the Japanese regret; the Japanese government & people wish to express their profoundest regret to the American government & people on account of this horrible incident.

22:19:09 Three river ships of American & Britain in midstream; Panay survivors reach USS Augusta. Flag draped coffin. The End.

Sino-Chinese War; Attack; 1937; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

[China Incident] R3 of 3

Propaganda defending Japanese military effort in China. (Sino-Japanese War)

Japanese sailors transfer from battle ship to Junk. Animated map showing route round coastline, w/ titles.

01:42:37 Various shots Japanese naval fleet at sea. On board battleship (?), pilot salutes before getting into plane. Big guns fire from battleship, torpedo boat & bow.

01:43:48 Animated map shwoing movements. Air views bombing as Japan bombs Chinese cities. Moving thru bomb damaged buildings. Street fighting, snipers at windows. Troops fire artillery.

01:44:46 Firing anti-aircraft guns (Ack Ack AA) at planes overhead .

01:45:04 Troops move camouflaged rubber pontoons into place, crossing river by means of pontoon bridge held up by soldiers. Waving Japanese flag. Biplane over. Bombing. Enormous naval bombardment. Bombing, street fighting, bombardment and capture of Shanghai.

01:47:02 Map shows Japanese advances. Jubilant crowds waving Japanese flags, narration explains that Japan accomplished her purpose of establishing peace ; shows Japanese giving candy to children, happy 01:50:13 Chinese locals & peaceful rural agricultural scenes. Narrator indicates that Japan must be willing to fight to the very end for this harmony between nations.

01:51:08 Japanese flag on various buildings; on Great Wall of China. Japanese flag flying next to Nazi Swastika. Soldiers on Great Wall.

Pre-WWII Invasion - China; Japanese Expansionism; Colonialism;

[China Incident] R2 of 3

Propaganda defending Japanese military effort in China. (Sino-Japanese War)

List of incidents comprising the China Incident superimposed. Explosion & views of damage done to Japanese property & Japanese victims in Lu-kou-ch iao ( Lu Kow Kiao ) and Tientsin. Street scenes, guards outside Japanese building.

01:53:41 Sandbags - damaged building - cemetery - Japanese parliament in session? Japanese in Shanghai are forced to return to Japan for safety.

01:55:55 Good shots crowds refugees - rickshaws. Japanese on board ship, diplomacy?

01:57:45 Japanese airfield, pilots, planes take off, animated map. Japanese aircraft, some cockpit shots, Japan bombs Chinese cities. Animated map shows Japanese advances.

01:59:18 Street fighting, battle shots, tanks. Victorious Japanese soldiers. Japanese troops breaking down wall into building.

Pre-WWII Invasion - China; Japanese Expansionism; Colonialism;

Czech Crisis

Panning shots over outskirts of town through trees. Stockshots buildings - fountain in courtyard - interior large house - details of bedroom, desk. Maid / nurse prepares tea tray.

13:03:?? Thomas Masaryk with family ? taking tea. Horse drawn carriage passing through field - farm labourers doff their hats / caps. Masayrk & two young boys in carriage. Masaryk seated in grounds of Castle Lany. Date on desk calender 14th Zari ? 1937.

13:06:?? Scenic shots countryside - farmers stop work and remove hats, one makes sign of cross (death of Masaryk?). Interior - machinery stopped, workers stand in silence / respect.

13:06:?? Prague - flower seller outside Wilson railway station - pedestrians pass and CUs flowers. Interior station showing glass roof. Train pulling out of station. Sign in Czech Praha - Wilsonovo Nadrazi - tracking shots of overhead electric wires and train signals.

13:08:?? Mountains - snow covered - clouds.

13:09:?? Small girl in national dress looking skyward and waving scarf - Cemetery / graveyard - crosses seen against snowy mountains. Sheep grazing on mountainside. Rural shots - shepherd. Man ploughing with horses

13:10:?? Good close shots children in national dress at play - see saw. Time lapse as clouds pass over fields / farms. Horses. CU face of old woman - laughing children. River flowing (Excerpt from The Earth Sings).

13:15:?? President Benes Visits Zlin. Benes and group inside building - man in morning suit and top hat showing Mr Benes around.

13:16: Benes visits open pit mine in mountains - arrives in in open top car - Water pressure used on soil ?

13:17: Benes and wife ? standing on balcony looking down on square / parade ground. Huge crowds - Benes speaks.

Central Europe; Pre-WWII; Czechoslovakia;

Czech Crisis - Prague Scenes

Busy street scene - pedestrians. Interior offices Minister Kamil Krofta ? on telephone - various office shots with two other men. Street scenes and details of buildings - Palace ? Interior restaurant. Exterior sign advertising Buffet - automat - Budweiser. Interiors Dane hall with couples dancing to small orchestra - like tea dance in afternoon.

13:21:29 VIP arrives by car and is greeted. I nteriors meeting - two military officers and others - looking at wall map. Card mentions Dr. Milan Hodza, Framtisck Machink and General Jan Syrovny.

Pre-WWII Czechoslovakia; Dailiy Life; 1930s;

Czech Crisis - Prague Scenes

Exterior - street scene - large white building - tram - pedestrians - policeman on traffic / point duty. Exterior large government building ? Pedestrians walk under arched walkway. Statue.

13:25:40 Crypt - two men kneel beside sarcophagus with inscription Karll.

13:2?:10 Old Prague, street scenes - historic buildings. Man getting water from street pump. Shots across river - seagulls. Ornate building. People walk over road bridge.

13:27:49 Interior tomb - two men open gates to room containing sarcophagus / coffin.

13:29:14 High angle shots of old town - busy streets.

Pre-WWII Czechoslovakia; Dailiy Life; 1930s;

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Agriculture - Mussolini in Berlin]

Pre-War Germany - woman hanging tobacco to dry outside farm building [brief]. Door w/ signs Dr. med. E. Lobstein prakt. Arzt. and Arischer Arzt . Man testing soil? Women picking grapes; VS dumping, pressing, wagons, barrels, workers eat lunch in field. Roadside sign for vineyard w/ carving - Ruppertsberg . Tobacco being tied in farm yard.

22:14:39 Castle with reflection in lake / moat. Berlin? street scene with people waiting - traffic, street lined w/ Nazi and Italian banners and columns w/ Nazi eagles and swastikas on top. Visit of Mussolini, Autumn 1937? People standing on cars waiting.

22:16:30 Mussolini in motorcade L-R then R-L. Young boy on father s shoulders; people hold up mirrors; people w/ cameras in crowd. Policemen among crowd; bus w/ Persil advertisement past. Crowd rushes into road, police draw cordon across road.

22:18:32 Marching troops and motorcade past Brandenburg Gate. Normal traffic resumes. More shots of Mussolini in open-top car; MCU cars past w/ Nazi and Italian officers. Hitler not seen?

Very good shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII. Farming.

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Daily Life]

Trade school classes. Boys build model airplanes, check blueprints. Girls leave on bicycles - school sign ?nnowwaldschule . Girls at drafting boards doing watercolors. Affluent residential street.

22:31:12 People at sidewalk cafe Kranzler - multiple shots - Nazi banners visible - waitress out w/ tray - AV cafe patrons. Traffic - trams, buses, pedestrians. Storefronts: Kranzler; FW Woolworth Co. Newspaper w/ Hitler & Mussolini on cover.

22:33:14 Train out of large covered station. Trolleys & pedestrians under raised railway. Traffic policeman. People leaving Woolworth s and looking in store window. Telephone booth & woman; sign Offentlicher Fernsprecher on door; man waiting to use phone. Stamp vending machines on side of booth.

22:35:58 Women picking tobacco? in field. Modern highway / autobahn - tankers past. Women pick tobacco leaves. Sign: Juden sind hier erwunscht [ Jews are here ]. Old woman tying tobacco. Tobacco hanging. Men & women pass slate up barn roof. Sign: Unfer Grub Ist Heil Hitler . Farmer w/ tobacco on ox-drawn cart. People march across bridge with flags in silhouette. Women pitch steaming manure onto cart. Carved village sign.

22:40:04 Autobahn seen from bridge & below - very little traffic Man threshing motorway verge. CU picking tobacco leaf. LS cars onto newly-constructed autobahn.

Very good shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII. Agriculture / Farming.

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Daily Life]

Village community for mentally handicapped / retarded Germans: women in cooking class; stand around table holding hands - saying Grace - eating around table, talking. Women practice diapering toy baby. Practice holding baby. LS gardens, allotments & tool houses.

22:55:02 Modern apartment building with Nazi swastikas & brick balconies. Woman feeding chickens. Women admire babies & play croquet. Man w/ cigar tends garden/orchard. Sign: Friedland. People play cards in park - families with kids - sleeping men - bicycles - pushing prams - boy w/ slingshot launches model planes.

22:58:34 Jewish ? kids by gate outside synagogue. Family down steps of synagogue; LS of building. Anti-Semitic literature inc. poster w/ cover of Der Sturmer . High angle of market square. Shingle roofs. Women in market fixing stands - old woman eating - CUs women s faces. Men at stall. Timber-framed buildings - flower-decked balconies; high angle ancient market town - rooftops; AV town street; Adolf-Hitler-Platz sign; clock. CUs women on market stalls.

[NB Slight nitrate decomposition in parts but very good material.]

Pre - WWII. Anti-Semitism. Architecture. Disabled.

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Nazis - Anti-Jewish Literature]

People away from camera on sidewalk. Military saluting. People in park beside stone & wooden arbors, benches. CU Signs: Buerger Schont Eure Anlagen Fuehrt Eure Hunde an der Leine & Die gelben Bänke Sind Für Juden i.s.d. Reichsbürgergesetzes zur Benutzung Freigegeben [signs instruct visitors to care for park and keep dogs on leads - Jews to use yellow benches only]. People walking about.

23:03:42 LS Blimp / Zeppelin hanger. Berlin ? Nazi officers - military band & goose-stepping Nazis. Nazi sentry outside columned building; CU boots. Man looking at sign in Russian & German for Embassy of USSR. Street scenes - sparse traffic - street signs inc. Wilhelm Str.

23:06:25 Large cranes at work - construction. Telephone booth - man waits to use phone. Iris in on brochure cover w/ picture: Judische Privatschule, Dr. Leonore Goldschmidt [3 takes]. Poster: George Washington, Bismark, Von Hindenburg, Hitler. CU Julien Bryan US passport - turning pages showing photo and country stamps inc. Soviet Russia and Austria.

23:09:52 Cover Der Sturmer w/ headline 4000 Jahre Krieg and Jewish caricature. Cartoons. Pictures in magazine. Good shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII. Anti-Semitism.

Nazi Germany [Pre-War Germany - Zeppelin - Night Rally - Aviation]

INT shots Blimp factory & construction - metalworkers climb on huge frame. Motorcycles & bicycles past camera - workers leave compound. LS end of hangar opens w/ blimp visible. Hugo Eckener on phone & lighting pipe in office - talking w/ assistant.

23:13:47 Berlin ? Postcards out of vending machine w/ stamps. Newspaper / magazine covers pegged to railings - Die Wehrmacht Manover 1937 ; Der Sturmer - 4000 Jahre Krieg headline & anti-Semitic caricature; Berliner - Mussolinis Besuch [Mussolini s Visit]. Boys look at covers.

23:14:21 Street scenes in very old village. Girls eating round table. Woman with bundle & others loading farm wagon.

23:15:18 Night - mass military rally - Berlin Olympic Stadium ? - LS medieval battle re-enactment w/ horses. 23:16:22 Glider off clifftop; glider w/ Nazi emblem pushed to cliff edge by several men; pilot strapped into seat; another pilot into glider w/ Richthofen on side - off cliff. Docks: Loading coal barge. Shoveling. Crane. Bus / coach pulls up outside church. EXT ??? Castle.

23:19:05 Hitler Youth past church. Town square dominated by church towers. Kids at outdoor tables. Brief shots of farming and glider preparations. Girls unpack food from purses, another lays table - teacher shows how to peel apple.

23:20:35 EXT building w/ swastikas & three Hitler Youth members at door. Girls in white blouses. Boys at door go inside. Pedestrians well dressed. EXT cafe in town square - tables crowded.

23:21:32 Airport with planes taxiing, fuel truck, Tri-motor flies over. Single motor & double motor planes taxiing [slight nitrate decomp.] - swastikas on tailfins. Man fueling plane with bucket funnel.

Very good shots and picture quality.

Pre - WWII. LTA. Anti-Semitism. Agriculture.

[Spanish Civilians Evacuated - Destruction in Madrid]

High pan down facade of British Embassy in Madrid w/ roof damaged after bombing by Spanish rebels - Union Jack flag hanging above gate. CU plaque His Britannic Majesty s Embassy & Consulate . INT shots showing bomb damage - British Ambassador to Spain ?

02:25:03 Troops w/ rifles advance through woodland - crawling. Soldier in trench throws grenade, others fix bayonets to rifles.

02:26:04 Women & children in train carriage marked Madrid-Mondejar - evacuating refugees. Soldiers help load more kids into goods carriage. Train leaves station watched by men on platform. Mother kisses kids through train window. Refugees wrapped in blankets on platform. Pan down apartment building in city [ Madrid ?] w/ damaged blinds at windows - sandbag roadblock across street. Refugees onto truck & through streets w/ belongings. Civilians salvage possessions from rubble - little boy w/ broken scooter. Pan down apartment building w/ most of facade collapsed. Civilian women & children in ruined streets.

[NB Some shots out of focus.]

Spanish Civil War. 1930s Spain.

[Spanish Civil War - Railroad Repairs & Republican Troops]

Scenes of devastation at railroad station - wrecked carriages among debris - bomb crater - burned-out goods wagons. Sign Pozuelo Alarcon - small town near Madrid. Damaged railway track - men begin repairs laying sleepers & track. Locomotive on its side. CUs railroad reconstructed. High angle shot railway goods yard burning? - clouds of smoke pouring from locomotives & wagons [could be stoking up after repairs?]. Train driver in cab gives Republican salute w/ closed fist. Armoured train pulls out of tunnel - troops inside - CUs bugler & soldiers - troops line up the march along street w/ Madrid flag - probably Republicans [ anti-Franco ].

Spain 1930s.

[Spanish Civil War - Fighting In Countryside]

Heavy gun firing - bomber overhead - column of smoke - troops running. Republican troops past on truck convoy - salute at camera w/ closed fists. Troops chat w/ civilians on hillside. Motorcycle troops. Kids salute passing buses w/ closed fists. LS convoy along mountain road. Motorcycle troops through town. Snipers out of foxhole; shoot w/ rifles & machine gun from behind sandbag wall. Officers look through binoculars & consult map - one has tassle on front of cap - Nationalists ? Heavy artillery fired - shells loaded - officer makes notes. Biplanes overhead - air to air combat? Smoke from bomb or crashed plane. Troops run across field.

02:49:33 CU officer w/ binoculars & distrinctive triangular badge w/ crossed swords. CUs troops run for cover under aerial bombardment watched by officer.

02:50:28 Republican officers wearing leather jackets & distinctive hats watch through binoculars - chief w/ heavy moustache. Motorcycle soldier brings food & drink. Dead soldiers on ground. Prisoners marched at gunpoint - all give Republican salute to camera then given cigarettes & shake hands w/ officers - defectors ?

Spain 1930s. Guerillas.

[Works Progress Administration, WPA, Parade ca 1937]

SOF WPA parade, marching band toward camera. Banners, placards & flags. Workers Alliance of Greater New York. Past Penn Station (?) on 7th Ave. w/ band playing; kid on roller skates w/ hockey stick.

11:25:45 People watching from sidewalk as parade passes. Signs calling for expansion of WPA; jobless chanting we want jobs.

11:26:25 Float w/ Boss hitting workers on head with axe & they fall. Battleship float. Teachers union float. Sign: stop layoffs. People watch from curb. Parade exiting street into building garage.

Depression; Unemployed; Government Programs; Labor Unions;

NOTE: WPA was set up in 1935; this parade was probably during 1937 recession.

League of Nations at Work, The R2 of 2

Map of German region w/ VO re end of WWI.

17:51:26 International troops from League of Nations countries to keep order in Saarland when voting takes place on plebescite. Good shots British, Dutch, Italian & Swedish troops. Reviewed by High Commissioner Geoffry Knox. People voting, ballot boxes & votes counted. Saar returns to Germany (1935).

17:52:04 Title: II - The Dispute Between Italy & Ethiopia. Map of Ethiopia, Somalia & Eritrea. Ship w/ waving sailors, people on dock waving. Motorcycle troops, tanks up mountain road. Marching Italian troops.

17:52:57 League of Nations meeting. Troops march & Ethiopian troops march thru village - good close ups of tribesmen w/ rifles & robes..

17:53:53 Title: During the Assembly Session Certain Delegate Speak Notably: Baron Aloisi, Italy (SOF) in French(w/ subtitles). Laval (France) makes statement.

17:56:14 Anthony Eden (Britain) makes statement re maintenance of peace.

17:57:35 Mr Tecle Hawariate (Ethiopia). Graphic detailing costs of last war, costs of world armaments & cost of League of Nations are small in comparison. Animated statistics. Art Deco Peace poster. The End.

Diplomats; Diplomatic Solutions; Ethiopian War;

The News Parade - War In China

Castle Films

22:39:50 Title: Shanghai - ...Mistress of the East. Aerial over city buildings, bund & harbor. Various countries naval ships anchored w/ flags. Navy battleship Augusta.

22:41:12 Title: Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek - Commander of all China s land forces. Tri-motor taxiing up, people around. Madam & General off plane, walking with civilians & military. General & Madam pose alone.

22:41:47 Title: Emperor Hirohito - Commander-in-chief of Japan s armed forces. Emperor & aids riding reviewing troops, saluting. GOOD. Soldiers marching thru streets lined w/ crowds.

22:42:14 Title: China s skies...dotted with swift messengers of destruction! Bombers flying in formation. bombs exploding in desert; Chinese artillery in bushes, on rooftops in sandbagged positions. Machine gun position in street, troops moving forward.

22:42:55 Title: Shanghai Bombed! Explosion in water; refugees along streets w/ goods, families.

22:43:14 Title: Soldiers & Sailors of all nations rescue hundreds of terror-stricken refugees! International troops by barbed wire checkpoints checking papers of Europeans. British soldiers in pith helmets off ship; out of trucks by barricades. US Marines march past; machine gun positions along street & harbor. Goodbyes & Americans to SS President Hoover on tenders. Waving from USS Augusta tender.

22:44:36 Bombs mounted in plane, pilot; planes in formation, bombs explode on land. Japanese artillery firing w/ flags, troops run forward. Planes drop bombs; artillery fire; riflemen. Explosions. Refugees. Burning city on river bank w/ heavy black smoke.

22:45:30 Refugees run along country road; car beside road w/ body; wounded on stretcher; soldier behind barricade firing rifles. Battle scenes, burning city, smokig buildings.

22:46:12 Title: An avenue of devastation & human wreckage! People running thru burning debris in streets.

22:46:27 Title: Hundreds are trapped in war inferno! Burning car & debris in street, people past.

22:46:45 Title: Helpless...Horror-stricken women & children - The real victims of the mad god of war! Well-dressed Chinese people pushing past. Street w/ standing building, windows blown out, people below in street.

22:47:18 Title: The Cathay Hotel, a mass of concrete & twisted steel... Awning w/ sign, wreckage below along street, pedestrians past, covered bodies in street. Pan across side of building. CU sign Palace Hotel. Shots of Cathay Hotel w/ destroyed ornate iron balconies; soldiers & civilians cleaning up, carrying injured & dead. Refugees holding noses passing dead horses on road. View of harbor. The End.

Asian war; Sino-Japanese War; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; Fighting; Far East; 1937; Battle of Shanghai, ca 13Aug37 - 26Nov37.

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

Film Communique No 10 R2 of 2

Battle of Hill 700 - Japanese take Nanking - Pacific War

Groups of Chinese refugees from Nanking arriving in Chungking. Fingerprints taken, money given. Large crowd in front of temple.

06:12:16 Nanking massacre carried out by Japanese Sixth Division; bodies of men women & children, building on fire, crowd running in street, refugees, body removed from rubble. Burning building collapsing. Chinese soldiers among ruins of city, CU firing machine gun & others. Chinese soldiers marching in ruins, captured. Japanese soldiers marching in ruins, taking prisoners.

06:13:34 Spring 1944, Japanese 6th Division in Bougainville captured Hill 700. Forest burning. US troops w/ tank, dragging ? out of water on landing on Empress Augusta Bay beachhead. Troops in columns, on road, in jungle, thru mud & swamps. Moving up carrying rocket tubes (?); moving up hill in trucks & vehicle. Crawling thru jungle. Stealth advance, fall to ground in ditch to avoid gunfire. Fighter firing rifle; US soldier throws grenade. Pushing forward behind tanks. On phone at back of vehicle (GOOD) Shooting guns, grenade.

06:16:24 Setting up loudspeaker, reading message to Japanese in microphone (no sound). Preparing new attack on Japanese camp w/ machine gun & other ammunition. Bazooka & flame-thrower. View from andvancing tank, tanks in woods. CU of soldiers. Soldier carried away on stretcher, crawling & firing, boots thru mud. View from machine gun positions. Japanese troops corpses. US wounded on stretchers, tended, carried off on jeeps w/ racks w/ stretchers. Americans clean weapons. Impromptu church service conducted by Chaplain in jungle, read from bible, make sign of cross. (VERY GOOD JUNGLE BATTLE FOOTAGE

WWII Pacific - Bougainville; Horrors of War; Atrocities; Violence; Hatred; Propaganda;

[Nazi Germany: Tourists; Camera Factory; Agriculture; Rhine Activity; Industrial Fair ca 1937]

Tourists looking out over the Festung above the Rhine. Ship & rail traffic below. Boy w/ binoculars; knight on monument. Other young people.

02:00:39 Visitors walk in courtyard. CU: stonework of fortress. River bank of Rhine & village on hillside above. Cars & pedestrians onto wooden bridge or ferry. Young man drinking coca-cola beside sign. CU. Trucks & cars along riverside road. CU grill of truck w/ KRUPP on it. Riverboats upstream w/ castle above.

02:01:58 Interior Leica (?) camera factory; technicians in white coveralls at work adusting cameras. Women assembling. Man checking shutter & adjusting. Men checking lenses, optics. Woman checking prism & ??

02:04:02 Barge thru Rhine pontoon bridge w/ section open. Lines of barges on river. More thru & sections floated into place, pedestrians cross.

02:05:04 Men at manhole w/ factory or power station behind.

02:05:13 Tug up river pulling barge. Small boat, fishing by hand w/ large net on frame. Cranes load barge along river ( Niederheim ). Industrial area & smokestacks in BG

02:06:05 Harvest, picking fruit; blonde girl w/ swastika + sheaves of wheat on arm (BDM Bund Deutscher Maedel); MCU eating fruit. MCU blonde & two women picking flowers in field, walk up lane to house & sort on porch. Girls milking goat.

02:07:07 Electric towers, pylons, across fields & orchards. GVs of landscape. Town w/ sign re girl feeding goat & German slogan (?). Traffic sign. River ferry & two oxcarts off. Men rolling logs into river.

02:08:09 Industrial fair, people viewing exhibits: Continental tires.

02:08:39 Rubber boot exhibit; women looking at drapes; men & women at synthetics (?) exhibit.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Photography; Industry; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Kindergarten; Cathedral & street scenes; Leica Manufacturing; Exhibit ext.]

Int. kindergarten & boys & girls playign w/ wooden toys, dolls. Climbing up wooden ladder & stomping down plank or wooden slide.

02:10:23 Sicherheits Glas/ industrial exhibit & visitors. Machine flexing & testing plexiglass. Art Deco modern poster; people watching machine twistnig glass. Displays. Woman & spindles of ??

02:11:20 Modern home. Cathedral & people in & out of church doors. CU Nuns. Upright citizens.

02:12:12 Town square & pedestrians, bicycles, cars. Swastika banner, street scene w/ entrance to underground market. Newstand w/ papers, seen over back of customers: Volkischer Beobachter, Berliner Tageblatt, etc

02:12:28 CS of cutting wheat, binding sheaves. Peasant women gathering

02:13:14 Int. Leica camera manufacture: testing, checking focus, looking thru aligning scope. Loading 35mm film. Calendar in BG: 1937.

02:14:17 CU KRUPPSTRASSE street signpost.

02:14:22 Two monumental statues w/ girls marching; crossing street w/ swastika banners. LS down avenue to large building w/ swastika inside gear wheel. CU statues. Sign for youth hostel: Zur Jugendherbergs Ausstellung & figure of boy w/ backpack on top of sign. 2 women; man w/ cigar past arched fountain. POV from car alongside car w/ 2 women in car (brief).

02:15:14 Factory interior, machines grinding & polishing camera lenses, precision work. Man inspects; men loading grinding compound. Man at machine w/ microscope inspecting.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Photography; Industry; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Zeppelin Construction; Goldschmidt School; Anti-Jewish; Village Life; Agriculture]

Int. hanger & construction of zeppelin or dirigible w/ framework & part of sheathing visible. Men checking part in jig & comparing parts.

02:17:27 Male teacher at Goldschmidt school at blackboard with girl, writing Hebrew letters, w/ chalk.

Girls in plaid dresses, white collars get up from desks, put books in briefcases.

02:18:16 Many men beneath framework for dirigible.

02:18:31 Mixed older class at Goldschmidt school desks. MCUs. Woman tacher & kids writing.

02:19:08 MCU Trudi Thompson.

02:19:15 Outdoors, WS of school, recess -- all ages. Students filing into school, CS faces going in.

02:19:58 Classroom, leading up to girl writing Hebrew (seen above).

02:20:31 2 young men with bikes, at crossroads, with map, bread. Fixing tire (tyre). CU badges: Hebrew scouts. Up and away to distant hills, bucolic.

02:21:25 Beautiful landscape w/ church, cows, Bavaria, Tyrol? Women & men stacking hay on wagon.

Farms, hay, pick potatoes; farmer w/ long, curly beard, feather in hat; pipe, working in fields with women. Ox ploughing or plowing slowly.

02:24:11 Beautiful shot, silhouette, sowing seed, seen against hills; Misty effect;

02:24:39 Sign: Juden sind hier unerwunscht (no jews). Churchyard cemetery crucifixes on graves, women, Traditional headdresses, hats.

02:24:59 Sausage stall, young woman selling, another buying. Men in hats looking at ??, some women. Laughing.

02:25:32 Man looking at poster for Nazi Peasant organisation (on church wall?): Reichsnahrstand - Bayerische Reichsbauernschaft . CU Poster

02:25:43 Men and women outside & exit village church. Cemetery. exiting church.

02:26:27 Market -- Sunday ? Wares on ground. Well- dressed families. High angle of lederhosen & Tyrolean hats, good light.

02:27:29 Local artist at work, on Last Supper, Nativity scenes. People entering church.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Industry; Nationalism; Anti-Semitism; Anti-Semitic;

[Nazi Germany: Amusement Park & Rides, 1937]

People entering amusement park. Carousel of dirigibile airship amusement park ride, goes up & around. Passengers board & up again. (GOOD)

02:36:36 Rollercoaster type ride; Ring spinning ride, w/ children. MS, CS, blur of faces on roller coater, whirl of metal parts, erector set-like. CU people watching. Woman & soldiers. POV on roller coaster type ride.

02:38:35 Woman carrying giant teddy bear w/ man & child. Autobahn dodgem cars gently around track.

02:39:43 POV from dirigible airship ride. CU boy riding. People on ground seen. Occasional glimpses of sign on big building behind, says STUTTGARTER HOFBRAU.

02:40:16 Man cutting out paper silhouettes of people. Watching monkey do tricks, walk tight rope, into bed.

MC of faces, intently watching.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Recreation; Entertainment; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Maps; Graphics; Banned Books]

Map: France to Lithuania & Ukraine w/ graphic of radio broadcast signals to: Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Rumania, etc. Then of The Press; Local Nazi Parties; Trade Pressure.

02:42:50 Map showing treaties etc. German territories; Siegfried Line. Partition of Czechoslovakia.

02:44:37 CUs of forbidden books: Reigen (Hands Around by Arthur Schnitzler); Kant selections; The World s Illusion; The Evolution of Physics; Napoleon; Education Before Verdun; The Road Back.

Ends on Mendelssohn, Wedding March sheet music.

Pre-WWII Germany; 1930s; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Autobahn Construction; Agricultural Market Town; Crafts; Zeppelin Construction, 1937]

Autobahn w/ little traffic. Construction w/ large steam shovel loading truck. Men working rocks for construction: Workers.

02:46:13 Crowded market scenes in town, apples. Women shopping, MCU faces. Church entrance, timbered houses.

02:47:07 Farmyard or village, swastika hanging from building. Cows up cobbled street, to camera;;woman w/ cat leaning from window. Christ in niche on house wall or ??

02:47:36 Nice views: river, tower. Woman w/ oxen & cart through arch. Man & woman pulling pigs out of baskets by hind legs. More carts in town s cobbled square, handling animals. Boy out of cart, hauling pig out

Beautiful shapes, covered carts, wheels etc. Wrought Iron sign hanging.

02:49:18 Wood carver working at lathe. Other men in wood shop.

02:49:36 Sign: DINKELSBUHL. School boys (Hitler Youth?) march in group thru medieval town, w/ backpacks. Swastikas hanging. Views down street w/ activity. Couple on motorcycle. Douvets hanging from window.

02:50:46 Flat farmland. birds in pond & roadside marsh.

02:51:16 Town & oxen out of archway. High shot of square & activity. Swastikas visible. Man shoeing work horse, boys watch. Women pulling cart w/ large wood blocks. Man working on barrel or wine cask. Man at lathe. Cart past & hauling bags of grain up & into attic w/ hoist. Other street shots w/ oxen pulling cart w/ grain sacks.

02:53:39 View across rooftops of twon & river. View of empty streets & old village architecture. Woman pulling duvets inside. Man w/ oxen & motocycle couple pulls up & asks directions. Narrow stairs up side of wall.

02:54:38 SHELL Gas Sign: two small children walk past, car pulls up. Two women talk on street, cart past.

02:55:07 Inside hanger & dirigible airship construction; zeppelin skeleton & tilt up. Men working on sections & high up. Man takes off slippers & puts on shoes. Men descending in small box-like elevator.

Pre-WWII Germany; 1930s; Agriculture Market Town; Small town life; Industry; Blacksmith; Daily Life;


[Nazi Germany: Anti-Bolshevik Art Show; Nuremberg Army Day Display, 1937]

Overhead shot of crowds waiting, lines, SS men WS -- Grosse Antibolschewistische (Pan, 1 word at a time; doesn t get to end). Anti-Bolshevik Art Show, Munich. Soldiers in black, lining curb.

02:29:35 Ext. Nuremberg parade grounds, crowds entering. Stadium interior & field w/ massed troops. Saluting spectators. Some marching - greyer, wetter weather than in other reels. MCU of Italian officers in stands talking w/ Germans. One wearing monocle. Leaving (soft focus).

02:31:13 SS boys, eating at benches near tents, wash tins, Nuremberg BG. Young men in sweat suits w/ badge on pockets

02:31:57 Army Day at Nuremberg: cavalry, artillery displays. Fly over.

02:33:12 Poster, CU: Die grosse antibolschewistische Ausstellung 1937 Street shots up narrow street w/ crowds of civilians & military, Cathedral at end. Display of maps a& graphics, Deutschland in Afrika 1914 - and African colonies.

02:34:05 Cavalry thru Nuremberg grounds, artillery. Rear view of crowd, men peering (uniformed)

Woman on folding seat. Soldiers run in. Explosions, smoke on field.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Art Exhibition; Nationalism;

[Nazi Germany: Construction; BDM Girls; Kindergarten; Olympic Stadium; Industrial City]

Construction crew at work, excavating, pouring concrete for large plaza. Men shoveling into conveyor & loading wagon w/ dirt. City view, with radio tower, building Reichskrafts.

03:06:29 Farm scenes & BDM girls with their arm badges, (Bund Deutscher Maedel) shown how to milk goat. Blonde girl cutting bread for 2 children sitting on steps.

03:07:05 Montessori type Kindergarten & CU of children at tables, eating. Very sweet, innocent faces.

03:07:36 Children painting, washing dishes & go off together, school satchels on backs, arms around shoulders; various combinations boys, girls, 2 boys; down street.. Factory or heavy industry buildings.

03:09:04 Flying club, gliders taking off from hilltop; looking at air speed gauge on hilltop, young men carry glider. Landscape with hills: young men eat on ground, Glider with swastika in BG.

03:09:54 Childrens party, long tables outdoors, decorated with swastikas. Party hats, sunlight.

03:10:48 Striking scene at night in Olympic Stadium (a la Busby Berkeley). Bodies in white run forward in lines, stop as others continue, then form vast eagle & swastika on field.

03:11:51 WS of church towers, industrial factories in BG, train passes. CS of smokestacks.

Pre-WWII Germany; European Daily Life; 1930s; Constructon; Recreation; Industry; Nationalism;

[Pre-WWII - German American Bund Meeting, Brooklyn]

Kuhn & others sit down on dais in front of Swastika. Piano player begins to play, they stand and give fascist salute as American & Nazi flags are carried forward. Kuhn gives greeting & tells about purpose & aims. 'We demand our fight the Communistic Question...'. Singing German anthem. Another speaker talks about how they've been maligned. CU of color guard standing at attention; CU of Kuhn listening. Kuhn speaks in German. Other man speaks in German. Singing German Anthem. Kuhn and others talk, interrupted & salute.

[Pre-WWII - German Lutheran Church Service]

Interior of German Lutheran church during service. Priest in front center with bible. LS & MS. Minister in raised pulpit right front. Minister reading from bible in German in front. Speaking in German from raised pulpit in corner.

[Pre-WWII - German-American Bund, Fritz Kuhn]

Interior of Fritz Kuhn's office who reads to man seated & man in uniform standing by desk. Swastika banner & US flag behind desk. 'German-American Bund is a patriotic...we are against Communistic Jewish...against restraint of trade...unions...are communistic..' '..we are for American workers...'. CU of man in uniform listening. Hitler pix on wall. Kuhn talks on phone. CU of door: German American Bund - German American Business League Inc. Kuhn thru door, followed by uniformed Nazi and another. Couple leaving. Windows of German businesses on East 85th.

[Pre-WWII - Jewish Refugees in Amsterdam]

Street along docks, men toward camera. Traffic in background. To building, some bicycles past. Ext. & people come out with suitcases, bicycles. Ext. of houses with porches, men ring bell, greeted. Street corner & pedestrians outside cigar store. Man taking donations for Jews (Christians organized street collections on 03Dec38. Trolley car & people on & off. Man in uniform taking donations. Canal with bridge & traffic through heavy fog. Entrance to Diamond Bourse. Ext. of open air market, men buying & selling clothes, parts, etc. Outdoor stall & women. Ext. of Kosher market, butcher hanging up meet. Women shopping for large goose. (out of focus). Wrap it up & take with.

[Pre-WWII - HQ of Jewish Relief Comm. & Organizations, London]

People waiting, people reading newspapers, being interviewed. Sign: German. Sign Kleider Ausgabe. Mr ??? examines passports. Well dressed people, women in coats w/ fur trim men in overcoats. Man giving money. Mr. Davidson gives statement thanking non-Jewish friends for contributions, no money from public funds. ...Tragedy is so great...we will have to raise more money than ever... Exteriors with traffic past, people arriving & into building. Sign: Woburn House. Sd. of couple interviewed in German & having passport checked (by Mr. Nathan?).

[Pre-WWII - French Aid Austrian Refugees]

Man counting out money & giving to woman, she signs receipt. Refugees waiting & having papers inspected. Men discussing paperwork & on phone. Col. Durieux, former commanding officer of Republican Guards; Albert Levy, Pres of Committee; Gaston Kahn, Managing director of Committee; Ramond Raoul Lamber, Sec'y General.

[Pre-WWII - Jewish Refugee HQ, Amsterdam, Holland;

Ext. & 2 men & woman arrive & enter; others arrive & enter. People leaving, talking. Int. & large group eating at long table. Woman serving. People in & showing passports to man smoking cigar. CU of German passports marked with J ; Man at window looking at books & giving tickets to men. Woman, Miss Pereira Secy of Committee, at desk inspecting documents of men. People are getting lodging permits.

[Pre-WWII - Jewish Refugees, Dutch Israelite Hospital, Amsterdam]

Shots in ward of Dutch Jewish Hospital where victims of Nazi brutality are treated. Nurse bathes man s head wound. Helps another patient. Sign Netherlands Israelite Hospital.

[Pre-WWII - Jewish Settlement Camp, Holland]

Cabinet maker training workers. Men stripped to waist in communal washroom. Sitting smoking & eating at table in sunny room. Fellows out to work. Large greenhouse & nursery beds, men working. Large kitchen w/ men & women cooking & peeling potatoes. Men in cabinetmaking shop talking & working.

Case XI, Ministries, Keppler, German Entry Into Austria

Unedited?: German military cars and trucks drive into Austria along mountain roads and civilians make Nazi salute - one Austrian Nazi wears Hitler moustache & swastika armband. Vienna: Fuhrer is announced and crowds chant. Crowds sit on monuments waving. Austrian children w/ Nazi flag. Troops march

20:48:54 Motorcade with Hitler standing up; crowds cheer. Hitler out of car, salutes officers; passes crowds of saluting civilians, frenzied chants of Zieg Heil! and Heil Hitler! etc. Hitler at balcony salutes and paces - enormous crowd beneath. Nazi banners.

20:51:37 German or Austrian headlines re Anschluss. Hitler at balcony makes proclamation - jubilant crowds make Nazi salute. Hitler motorcade through crowds. Planes fly overhead. Tanks, sidecars, horses and infantry parade. Four men w/ flag goosestepping.

Anschluss. Pre - WWII.

Case XI, Ministries, Keppler, German Entry Into Austria

Edited: Shows Germans entering various towns and cities in Austria. Goering lays wreath at tomb of unknown soldier? CU wreath from Adolf Hitler. Goering onto platform, makes speech thanking Hitler re Anschluss. Austrians cheer Germans parading in Vienna. Map Germany and Austria with titles Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer .

20:58:31 Nazis cross mountain border into Austria. Austrian? Commandant Von Kupstein greets Commander of first German troops to enter Austria. Germans march into small town and are cheered by civilians. Good high angle goosestepping. Castle or fortress on hilltop. Nazis cross bridge into castle.

Soldiers remove border barrier. Townspeople chant Zieg heil and make Nazi salute as troops go past. Nazi flags on buildings.

21:00:44 Nazis into Salzburg & other towns. Austrian civilians incl. women march and salute, inc. men w/ Hitler moustaches. Family at window. Old lady Nazi salutes. CUs troops & posing with villagers. Swastika signs falling from sky on camera. Nazis into Linz; Himmler in crowd; planes fly over. Hitler in motorcade; huge crowds and Hitler on balcony at night - spotlight.

21:03:34 Vienna: planes fly overhead. Cathedral. Jewish business vandalised? Civilians laugh. Jews flee - Vienna-Warsaw train sign. Overexcited crowds fight over Nazi flags. Seyss-Inquart at balcony, Nazi salutes. Chief of Hitler Youth Von Schirach. Youth jumping up and down. Travelling shot saluting soldiers on military vehicle passes crowds.

21:04:34 Civilians parade at night w/ portraits Hitler; German troops parade at night; mobbed by happy civilians.

Anschluss. Pre - WWII.

[Japanese Immigration Camps - Manchuria]

Sheep driven into pen by Japanese colonists, haystack behind. Woman hanging out washing in front of thatch-roofed cottage. Woman uses spinning wheel in yard. Men sifting grain with pitchforks as horses pull drag. Japanese soldiers guard w/ rifles. Soldiers in heavy coats accompany men with pitchforks, brooms, etc. marching out of camp with white flag behind on pole. Woman at well.

12:11:11 Factory yard w/ Chinese and Manchurian boys being given exercises & marching to work past camera. Steel mill behind. Manchurians led & trained by Japanese.

[Vol. 5.9, Filmed Nov38, Rel. Apr39]

Agriculture / Farming. Daily Life. Colonisation. Pre - WWII.

[Japanese Diplomats & US Ambassador Grew]

CU Japan Foreign Minister Hachiro Arita at desk with phone. Ext. neon sign: The Little Club .

12:14:07 Ambassador Horninouchi w/ US reporter Dennis McEvoy; CUs. General Ugaki (former Minister of Foreign Affairs) talking to Amb. Horninouchi.

12:16:06 Ambassador Joseph Grew in study, lights pipe & on telephone. With daughter Mrs. English & grandchild playing at typewriter.

12:17:37 McEvoy & Horninouchi at desk.

12:18:02 Premier Hiranuma in office at residence w/ chief of cabinet info Yokomizo.

[Vol.5.9 Filmed Sep-Nov38 Rel. Apr39. NB Ugaki & Horninouchi shots taken while Ugaki was Min. of Foreign Affairs & before Horninouchi was Amb. to U.S. ]

Pre - WWII.

[Japan - Kabuki, Newsreel, Takarazuka Theatres]

Kabuki Theatre dressing room: actor Ennosuke at table making up & dressing with 2 male assistants in front of mirror for drama. MCU Geisha watching actor dress. MS & CU stage shots of Kabuki play.

12:21:13 Takarazuka Theatre - curtain up & dancers in precision dance in front of stylized set. Women in checkered skirts & rocket-like dancing. Pair in print dresses singing duet. LS entire troupe w/ Hawaiian-like setting. Young girls dancing in front of 'Marriage' sign. People exiting some appear to wear masks.

12:23:15 Dancing in Dutch-like setting w/ Swastika on stage banner. Dancers make Fascist salute against Italian-like backdrop. Ext. Kabuki theatre w/ people & umbrellas in rain. Daytime same, in sunshine.

12:25:16 Newsreel theatre / Cinema w/ Betty Boop poster. LS of city buildings, traffic.

12:26:13 People in front of movie screen, applauding, seen from behind w/o pix on screen. MCUs of audience from in front at end of row; applaud.

12:28:43 CU of Takarazuka dancers & Italian? flags. MCU twirling umbrellas each painted with Swastika, Italian symbol & Rising Sun. Cinema audience from behind, nothing on screen.

[Vol. 5.9 Filmed Oct-Nov38, cinema re-enactment filmed Mar39 Rel. Apr39]

Oriental Art. Nazis. Pre - WWII.

[Tokyo Shrines & Japanese Military Activities - 1938]

Vol.5 #9 Sep38 Japanese schoolchildren in work brigade marching to Sanjushi Shrine - girls and boys stand in front of shrine and bow - remove hats - sweeping ground and cleaning shrine.

07:01:38 Crowds outside Asakusa Temple - Japanese women in traditional dress sewing Sennenbari belts to be sent to their soldiers in China; one woman w/ baby in sling. Women burning incense at the Senko Booth of the temple to the god Rokuzizo symbolising pity; CU women praying. Old man selling incense.

07:03:20 Japanese soldiers of the Young Men Youth Movement marching away from Asakusa Temple. Women of the National Defense Association parade through streets in white uniforms w/ Japanese flags to Asakusa for service; parade stops near temple and bows.

07:04:52 Japanese soldiers marching through Yasukuni Shrine for men killed on foreign soil - LS soldiers march through high Toril gateway into shrine - wounded soldiers / war veterans in white leaving shrine. 07:06:19 Woman holds baby up to father in back of truck; soldiers in white w/ army caps into trucks. Family groups visitng troops at barracks - CU little Japanese girl in kimono. MCU drill master shouting orders.

07:07:33 EXT entrance to Army barracks. Soldiers sit waiting w/ protective fencing-style masks; Japanese officers watch recruits practising hand to hand combat in protective gear on field; troops lined up - bayonets attached - marching w/ rifles - troops into building w/ full uniform & battle gear.

07:09:33 Good close shots of soldiers practising hand-to-hand combat in protective headwear. Rifle practice - soldiers on ground. EXT Army Hospital - one-legged soldiers pose for camera w/ bicycles - wounded soldiers walk around grounds of hospital w/ nurses - some on crutches.

07:11:38 EXT Japanese theatre building? w/ carvings - traffic passing in front. Entrance gates to Army HQ - car leaving - CU sentry stands to attention.

Pre-war Japan. Manchuria. WWII. Pacific War.

[Pre-war Czechoslovakia: River Elbe - Mining - Germans]

Shots of the quays & bridges at Usti on the River Elbe - main port for exports to Germany en route to US. Barges on the river - barge marked with N.D.B.E. Magdeburg & tug marked Tabor, Praha . Shot of Elbe with typical Sudeten village in background - mountains. Shot of the Elbe with town and two bridges. Usti railway station with trains leaving. Several shots of the Elbe with barges and freight train crossing bridge. German barge Hermann Miller Ester . Train loaded with Czech glass bound for US. Barge down river.

17:11:27 Czech & unid. flags flying off building. Open cast mine - small trains loaded with coal / iron ore ? - mine buildings

17:12:47 Germans in Czechoslovakia: street scenes - German people getting water from hot springs in the street - man drinking from strange beaker - signpost Do Prahy - Mach Prag - Czech policeman in street. Hoarding over shop for German newspaper Die Beit . Street market in village.

Pre - WWII / Nazi Occupation. Sudetenland. Heavy Industry. Shipping. Waterways. 1930s.

[Celebrating 900th Anniversary of Saint Stephen - Prewar Hungary]

Saint Stephen - first King of Hungary - celebrations at St. Stephens Cathedral, Budapest. Ornate train with double cross on front carrying the Holy Crown arrives - crown carried in procession through Budapest streets watched by townspeople. Guards & soldiers marching. Crown transferred to Cathedral.

17:27:42 Szekesfehervar [ancient Hungarian town where ruins of St. Stephen s Cathedral are] - Hungarian officials arriving for meeting of Hungarian Parliament. Interior minister Keresztes arriving. Admiral Horthy s wife arriving in national costume. Shots of meeting. Chamber of Deputies and Chamber of Magnates sitting together. LS. Count Szechenyi and Pres. Kornis of chamber of deputies. CU Horthy in armchair. Bela de Imredy [then Prime Minister] receiving bill and presenting it to Regent. Members of parliament. Regent s wife with sons and daughter. Horthy and Imredy.

17:28:52 Procession in Budapest streets - Police band - Flags. Policeman. Regent in procession. Holy Crowns guards and Regents guards. Priests take Holy Crown in slow procession to Coronation church. Brief shot River Danube at night with bridges lit up.

Pre - WWII. Eastern Europe. Religious Ceremonies. Traditions. Ceremonial Robes. 1930s.

[Wehrmacht in Austria]

German Wehrmacht troops play with Austrian children in village, help onto horses, show them gun barrels; Austrian & German troops talking, crowds waving; Nazi flag. Austrian unit of German Wehrmacht parade in Berlin - crowds give Nazi salute as troops march in streets.

Pre - WWII.


German Coverage of Anschluss. LS plane lands and Hitler exits in Berlin; crowds cheer; top shot Hitler exiting car, walking with Goering and appearing on balcony of Reichs Chancellery [?] with huge crowd below;

08:10:05 Crowds in Austria cheer and wave as German troops pass; parade of Austrian Fascists;

08:10:44 Seyss-Inquart salutes from window; German troops enter Austria;

08:11:55 Hitler passes camera in Linz ; POV from car; Nazi flag hoisted in Vienna;

08:14:20 Austrian troops swear oath of allegiance, German national anthem.

Pre - WWII.

[Appeal to American Jewry by Dr A H Silva of United Palestine Appeal]

Piece to camera by Dr. A H Silva. Stat on need for American Jewry to aid German Jewry in finding exile in Palestine.

Pre - WWII. antisemitism


Non German Coverage !!!!!!!!

Top shots Hitler motorcade through Vienna; German army vehicles; armed militia outside Schussnig s ? house; Austrians give Nazi salute to passing German troops; Austrian Fascist youth parade; Austrian WWI veterans parade; Nazi flag hung up; Austrian troops march past camera; exterior Chancellor s Place; dusk shots crowds on street; night exterior Cafe Heinrichhof neon with German military parade in foreground; 1 day shots Austrian Fascist and unemployed parading and driving in open lorries; top shots Vienna with huge crowds; ground shots of Luftwaffe flypast.

Pre - WWII. Anschluss.


Non German Coverage !!!!!!!!

Crowd salute as Hitler exits car and walks up steps; I/a MS Seyss-Inquart addressing crowd; I/a Hitler listens; vars shots crowd listening; Hitler speaking; Austrians give fascist salute - lots of Sieg Heil!! ; Hitler exits car and is greeted by officer; Hitler inspects guard of honour; Hitler with von Ribbentrop in military uniform; vars shots flypast and victory parade - tanks.

Pre - WWII. Anschluss.

[Chamberlain Leaves for Munich Meeting]

LS Houses of Parliament with River Thames in foreground [brief]; day shot Chamberlain exiting from small British Airways aircraft at Hendon and is saluted by Customs officer; shots of Chamberlain addresssing crowd - peace in our time but no paper ( film fogged ) ; cameramen and crowds; civil servants chat at airfield; LS Chamberlain s plane taxiing (G-AEPR); Chamberlain chats with welcoming committee; MS press microphones, SV (mute) of Chamberlain speaking; vars shots Chamberlain by aircraft; plane taxiis; Customs officers open aircraft door - Chamberlain exits & surrounded by press before walking to his car & leaving; Chamberlain exits aircraft and chats with press, civil servants and politicians.

Pre - WWII.

[Chamberlain Leaves for & Returns From Munich Meeting]

Civil servants and politicians chat and pose with Chamberlain before his departure for Munich; bags unloaded from car; Chamberlain says goodbye to cheers - if at first you don t succeed try try again... - enters aircraft; aircraft (G-AFGN) taxiis and takes-off; crowds at airport waving bowler as plane flies over; LS plane landing and taxing in rain (G-AFGN);

Chamberlain exits plane and is greeted by cheers; Chamberlain speaking and holding up his paper from Hitler - ...the question of Anglo-German relations is of the first importance...desire of our two people never to go to war again ; crowds watch inc camermen. LS Chamberlain exiting aircraft (G-AFGN); Chamberlain performs for cameras and enters aircraft & immediately gets out before getting back in followed by civil servants; aircraft (G-AEPR) taxiis from hanger and takes-off.

Pre - WWII.

World-Wide News Events: New York, NY

Queen Mary arrives in NYC harbour - Ambassador to Britain Joseph Kennedy returning from trip to Europe to report on situation - gives brief speech on deck there are two powerful dilemmas in Europe, economic chaos, and war, and anything that can keep us out of either of those should be tried...

Prewar - WWII. 1930s.

World-Wide News Events: Paris, France

Large demonstration of students in Latin Quarter of Paris against Italian demands for French territory - placards inc. La Corse Est Et Restera Francaise [ Corsica Is & Will Stay French ] - Venise Aux Francais . Chants of demonstrators heard.

Prewar - WWII. Nazi Aggression. 1930s.

[Hitler in Vienna - Anschluss]

Non German Coverage !!!!!!!!

Top shots Hitler motorcade through Vienna; German army vehicles; armed militia outside Schussnig s ? house; Austrians give Nazi salute to passing German troops; Austrian Fascist youth parade; Austrian WWI veterans parade; Nazi flag hung up; Austrian troops march past camera followed by women w/ Nazi swastika banner; exterior Chancellor s Palace; dusk shots crowds on street.

16:14:02 Night exterior Cafe Heinrichhof neon sign with German military parade in foreground; day shots Austrian Fascists and unemployed parading and driving in open lorries; top shots Vienna with huge crowds - motorcade through streets; ground shots of Luftwaffe flypast.

Prewar / Pre-WWII. Nazi Ocupation. Street Scenes.

[Hitler in Sudetenland]

Nazi officers in open top cars. MCU Hitler with Goering on balcony - salutes cheering crowd [not seen] - Goebbels & others in BG. [Si.] Hitler leads parade of German officers and military walking through streets. Hitler stands in open top car. Hitler with Konrad Henlein at open air table, joins officers for meal; Hitler eating. Hitler in open top car driving through streets - crowds giving Nazi salute - swastika banners hang from buildings - people saluting out of windows - crowds chanting re Fuehrer We thank our Fuehrer - Sieg Heils etc. Cameraman filming from rear of Hitler s moving car - MCU Hitler given flowers.

Prewar Czechslovakia. Pre-WWII. Nazi Occupation.

[Joseph Kennedy Shipboard Leaving For England; Anthony Drexel Biddle Leaving for Poland] (1938)

Kennedy posing in mcu for photographers, walks towards cmaera. Interior w/ Biddle & wife at mic psoing for photographers. Walking upstairs to deck.

Ambassadors Appointed; Europe; Pre-WWII Diplomacy;

[Hitler in Vienna - Anschluss] (13Mar38)

Non German Coverage !!!!!!!! (per SM)

Top shots Hitler motorcade through enormous crowds in Vienna; German army vehicles.

10:01:04 Brief shot of protesters (?) wearing Hitler drawing. Armed militia outside Schussnig s ? house, man takes picture; Austrians give Nazi salute to passing German troops. Street scene.

10:02:05 Austrian Fascist youth parade. Large building, modern architecture. Wall poster of ?? Man on bicycle w/ swastika flag. Empty streets patrolled by single army man. Government building & crowds.

10:03:04 Austrian WWI veterans parade. POV from car past Nazi demonstrators, troops, Nazi banners hung up; Austrian troops march past camera followed by women w/ Nazi swastika banner; exterior Chancellor s Palace; dusk shots crowds on street.

10:05:21 Night exterior Cafe Heinrichhof neon sign with German military parade in foreground.

10:07:09 Day shots Austrian Fascists & unemployed parading and in open lorries & trucks; HA Vienna w/ huge crowds, motorcade, troops & others march. Crowds around government building & large plaza.

10:11:11 Luftwaffe flyover.

Prewar / Pre-WWII. Nazi Ocupation. Nazi Invasion. Street Scenes.

Yomiuri News [Siege of Nanking]

Graphic titles w/ opticals.

01:51:48 Title:

01:51:59 VS Siege of Nanking: Japanese troops climb across hilltop, pose w/ Japanese flag. Cavalry & infantry parade thru streets led by Japanese Imperial Prince. Military band marches past. Japanese flags.

01:53:19 Title:

01:53:35 Japanese artillery inc. heavy guns & troops in trenches & rice paddies w/ rifles fire on fleeing Chinese troops. Troops & tanks advance. LS city walls under fire. Advance across open ground.

01:55:50 Japanese troops fight in streets of ruined village; treating wounded; Japanese tanks move in. Bridges burned by Chinese? Japanese infantry advances across countryside. Japanese naval units move up Yangtze river. Motorized units lead way into Nanking. VS bombardment of city by air and ground.

Pre-WWII; Japanese War in China; Japanese-Sino War;

World-Wide News Events [Helium Sale Halted]

Three men (Harold Ickes??) in front of White House; other Senators & Congressmen in CU posing for photographers & talking to reporters.

Pre-WWII; Anti-Germany;

[1938 Air Maneuvers Over Manhattan]

Ten Army Air Force single engine monoplanes in flight seen from air. Seen over Manhattan skyscrapers and docks of East River in air maneuvers. Open cockpits.

Military Air Training Display; Pre-WWII;

World-Wide News Events (British Naval Exercise; Aviation Invention; Colorado Pass Opened)

02:54:54 King George VI onto HMS Nelson during naval maneuvers, shakes hands; sailors; signal flags raised. 6 large bi-planes overhead. Ships maneuvering at speed; King & ship officers watching thru binoculars. Plane launched from ship. Guns firing salute & target plane shot down.

02:55:32 Title: Los Angeles, Calif. (New Plane w/ Two Motors Geared To One Propeller)

02:55:35 Pilot adjusting engine. CU nose of plane. MS pilot into cockpit, engine cover off. Taking off pst camera.

02:55:58 Title: Denver, Colorado

02:56:01 Western parade up street lined w/ people; stage coach, horses & riders, prospector leading pack mules, early car. Float of Union Pacific (?) streamliner.

02:56:15 Mountain pass & bunting draped reviewing stand with NBC banner. High school band in uniforms. Group of beauties, one wearing Miss Berth?? Pass sash crowned. Large rope ribbon & queen cuts.

02:56:32 MS Woman & group of children w/ fingers in ears.

02:56:35 Army firing artillery gun beside new highway w/ car past. Rocky Mountains w/ some snow; people beside road, horseback riders. Cars over summit of pass.

Jul38; 1938; Military Exercises; Pre-WWII England; Highway Opened;

NOTE: Sound not usable; chopped up.

Distributing Heat Energy

Erpi Classroom Films, Inc.

03:32:45 Steam locomotive thru cut pulling freight cars towards camera from overhead w/ heavy black smoke

03:32:57 Residential houses & coal truck arrives; man carries bags. Train of coal cars into gas plant, dumped; large floating storage containers.

03:33:33 MCU woman lighting gas burner, pan onto burner & egg broken.

03:33:43 Coal train backed into shed, cars dumped. CU electric wires to houses; bread into electric toaster on table.

03:34:13 Waterfall; reservoir & power plant. Oil refinery; filling truck; delivering fuel oil to home, CU hose into pipe; meter.

03:34:54 Man in woods chopping log

03:35:07 Coal burning furnace & animated drawing of air moving thru furnace to cause coal to burn. Fuel oil furnace, illustration of burning & motor w/ air blown thru. Gas furnace & air moving thru.

03:36:18 Woman stoking fireplace, spinning wheel. Animation of air heated & moved thru furnace & house shown in cross section showing convection heating. Hot water furnace shown w/ animation showing circulation thru radiators & convection.

03:38:34 Basement w/ steam heating furnace & animation. Cross section of house in CU. Illustration of molecules moving.

03:40:10 Blacksmith stirring coals, glowing bar illustrates movement of heat & animation of molecules. Asbestos glove demonstrated by putting into fire.

03:40:56 Man chipping ice from block insulated in basement by sawdust. Block pulled out.

03;41:15 Man putting ?? or asbestos rocks into chipper & blown into house for insulation from truck.

03:41:40 Small portable electric radiant heater; vacuum bottle aka thermos jug w/ cutaway showing insulation & narrator describing how it works using convection, conduction & radiation.

03:42:39 Family on blanket by stream having picnic w/ thermos. The End.

Educational Film; 1930s; 1938; Pre-WWII America; Pre-WW2;

The News Parade - Germany Invades Austria! Pt. 1 of 2

Castle Films

22:20:25 Exploding shells of WW1; phosphorus shells bursting. Tank laying smoke screen in maneuvers; flamethrowers. Men on ground at base of city steps; smoke & explosion nearby. People watch from top of steps.

22:20:44 Title: Ex-Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg of Austria. Reviewing passing parade of citizens; mcu. Men passing waving hats

22:20:55 Int. large government hall, MS Schuschnigg speaking; delegates applauding.

22:21:04 German (?) troops marching along road; bombers overhead; motorcade past waving civilians on mountain road, troops marching along road, crossing bridge, past camera as peple watch & salute. With pipe wrench loosing nut to open border crossing. Crossing pole carried off by smiling soldiers. Troops into city past civilians waving swastikas & saluting; goosestepping soldiers. Soldiers move back bystanders & thru Linz.

22:22:49 Vienna entrance & people salute; Hitler thru in open car leading parade of troops, tanks, etc. Man on balcony salutes; huge crowd. Planes overhead. Marching crowds & officers out of cars; Hitler s