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World War I World War I World War I
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Archival film footage on World War One from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

[Misc. Military Aviation]

Fighter bursts into flame on carrier. Planes crash off deck. In flight; RAF bombers take off. Soldier points. Bombers lined up & motors running. Dive bomber. Various bombers & troops moving ahead. German planes in air. Germans across bridge. WWI Plane. Wing walker changing planes. POV from plane. Heavy seas & naval vessels including aircraft carrier w/ spray across. German planes in flight. Jet. Crowd in street waving. Early aviation with box-like plane taking off. Jet in flight & low pass over airport. Early aviators. Jet & landing gear. NC-4 & Navy aviators MCU. In flight. Biplane off battleship. Crashes on carrier landings. Landing with missing wheel. Jet fly-by. Nose art--the turtle. JATO. Troops race into large plane. Tilt up Empire State building & fire after crash. B-29

early flight

Allied Expeditionary Force in Siberia - WWI

German POWs unloading US transport ship Sherman in Vladivostok harbour. Pan round harbour and docks.

Refugees including women and children in railway station.

23:28:35 Exterior RR station? with people milling around.

23:29:15 Troops march down road. Slow pan over buildings and surrounding countryside. Ship in dock - railway buildings.

23:32:16 LS Long line of troops marching down road. Japanese troops lined up outside building to guard railway , inspected by 31st infantry officers who pose for camera wearing fur hats.

Allied Expeditionary Force in Siberia - WWI

Vladivostok - military parade of US and others including Japanese down street.

23:37:18 War memorial? Various shots crowds - some carry wreaths. Military ceremony ? Men and officers in threes stand in front of steps and salute for cameras. Could be different nationalities and branches of service. Officers and men pose for cameras. Streets with parade - wreaths - military.

23:42:55 Cavalry demonstration. Men in fur coats and hats leave building, one poses. Nurses out of building and pose. Troops moving around in square.

[America Goes Over] (ca 1918) Pt. 1 of ?

╥Especially released by th War Department to the Eastman Kodak Company for The Second A.E.F.╙

03:02:28 Captured footage of sinking of several Allied freighters by German submarine. Large gun on deck of U-Boat.

03:03:27 Wilson signing paper in office

03:04:25 Returning from soldiers w/ prisoners thru mud of ╥No-Man╒s Land╙. Flame throwers and dark black smoke. British cavalry advance and nearby explosion seen from distance. Dead horses on road & others rearing. French soldiers past camera in grain field. Firing artillery.

03:06:52 Italian troops up mountain snow, firing machine guns from rock cliffs.

03:07:22 American carpenters building barracks on USA bases. Men building large artillery in munitions industry. Turning gun barrels. Hog Island Shipyard in Philadelphia from water. Launching ship away from camera & laying new keel in place immediately.

03:09:50 Sec. of War Newton D. Baker draws first draft number.

03:10:26 Teddy Roosevelt watching parade of men up NYC╒s Fifth Avenue in straw hats.


Pre-WWI; USA Army;

[America Goes Over] (ca 1918) Pt. 2 of ?

Has later ╥cartoon titles╙

NYC Steam engine pulling cars of Pennsylvania Station w/ recruits or draftees; standing alongside railroad cars w/ military officers; marching w/ suitcases & in front of barracks in winter. Men at table singing cards, doctors checking mouths in CU outdoors.

03:11:53 Drilling in civilian clothes w/ fake wooden rifles. Shouldering arms & marching off, Statue of Liberty seen beyond. Probably Governor╒s Island, NYC. Soldiers in army uniforms doing callisthenics, exercising & bayonet practice. Firing machine guns, marching along gravel road.

03:13:37 USA Navy w/ line of battleships; firing large guns seen from another ship and same ship.

03:14:17 King George welcomes American fleet. Boards ship, shakes hands.

03:14:42 General Pershing at Lafayette╒s Tomb.

03:15:06 US troops in trenches w/ gas masks, firing rifles. Water knee deep in trenches, men move thru mud, one collapses against sand bag. Men writing letters in trench. Shoot craps, roll dice. Repair clothes and wash feet in large puddle. Washing out of wash tub.

03;17:08 21Mar18 German attack against English w/ French arriving to help fight. Line of cavalry w/ caissons & guns. Firing artillery as horses pass in front, men walk w/ horses to keep from bolting.

03:18:15 09Apr18 Flanders, British cavlary evacuating past camera across stream (GOOD) Caissons bounce over ground. British firing large gun in rough countryside. Large explosions seen beyond trenches & barbed wire. Multiple shots. Dark scenes of men thru smoke w/ explosions overhead. Continued

WWI Fighting; Battles; Great War;

[America Goes Over] (ca 1918) Pt. 3 of ?

Has later ╥cartoon titles╙

Many dead bodies in trenches & crater. Gen Pershing w/ French General on road.

US troops marching both sides of camera in huge formation; aerials of men marching onto shiop at dock & waving from ship up to camera. Black troops dancing on shipboard.

03:22:22 Troop transports escorted by Navy ships & lookouts. Good shots of stormy sea & lifeboat drill on troop ship. Destroyer firing front deck gun at U-Boat; Y-gun throwing depth charges for camera. Explosions beneath surface. Dense black smoke screen being laid over convoy. Camouflaged ship & blimp.

03:24:20 Off ship down gangway, soldier w/ dog in rucksack. Large number of troops marching to railroad boxcars & leaving station platform. Women dipping soup or coffee from large bucket. Man shaving while riding on flatcar.

03:25:40 Shelling of Cantigny w/ large artillery under camouflage netting. Firing from among trees. Destruction of woods, village. Pile of dead bodies.

03:26:41 Trucks of Americans thru French village. Houses of Chateau Thierry under fire. Destroyed houses. Belleau Wood captured by Allies. Treating wounded in trenches. Taking information from German prisoners, some wounded; pose for camera.

03:28:07 Line of ships bringing troops from USA. Camouflaged ships w/ troops waving. Map showing Germans pushed back on 18Jul18. Large tank, and troops advancing from trenches (dark and foggy. Silhouetted. Continued...

WWI Fighting; Battles; Great War;

[America Goes Over] (ca 1918) Pt. 4 of ?

Has later ╥cartoon titles╙

Telegraph & communications from trenches, by motorcycle. Officer plotting at map on small low ground table. Troops w/ horses & cavalry moving; firing small artillery in rapid succession. Wounded carried on stretchers and helped by others. Bodies.

03:32:40 Crossing Marne to retake Chateau Thierry. Camouflaged boats, then floating bridge beside destroyed stone bridge. Houses w/ smoke rising from shell burst nearby. Men march into town past street barricade & destroyed stone buildings. Infantry marching across field.

03:34:05 Field kitchen set up and serving in street. Troops washing clothes alongside woman in town basin. Soldiers getting extremely short haircuts; others rub their hair. Man stirring pan in front of Salvation Army banner. Women pass out food.

03:35:25 More American troops off ship, marching past. Supplies undloaded from ships; railroad track being laid. Huge complex of American warehouses at Gievres in aerial view. Trucks leaving seen from ground. Bakery w/ huge bread ovens & boxes of rolls.

03:37:20 Gen. Pershing writing at desk. American troops advancing past camera along gravel tree lined road w/ horses & wagons; trucks past w/ troops waving to camera.

03:38:37 US troops look across broad plain w/ Montsec in distance. Incomplete.

WWI Fighting; Battles; Great War;

The Nazis Strike

Why We Fight series #2

21:02:09 History: Stills with superimposed quotes from German leaders including Bismark, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler re world domination. Nazi eagle statue.

21:02:57 1933 Nuremberg rally - good shots show vastness of stadium. Histler past troops massed.

21:03:34 Flashback, WWI War graves. Mustard gas casualties walk in line - famine, bodies. Building collapsing in flames; grief, CU child crying, executions, people hanged.

21:04:01 Hitler on Nuremberg rally podium, trumpets, marching, banners, salutes. CU Hitler superimposed over cinema footage Mongol leader Genghis Kahn, map of asia w/ conquered lands.

21:05:05 Munich (Think Tank) Centre for study of Geo-politics ext. & int. . Still of Karl Halshofer. People at files, studying maps and photographs. (GOOD) Nazis enter building. Students in lecture hall.

21:05:52 Animated map on globe changing to show proportions of land mass & seas. Montage of World╒s wealth, people working, natural resources, oil, timber, mines, farm animals, agriculture and manpower.

21:06:33 Man w/ gun overlooking manual labor carrying soil, leveling land. Map splitting into Western hemisphere & Europe, Asia and Africa. Animation showing Hitler╒s plan for World domination.

21:08:08 Hitler at Nuremberg, crowds salute, district leaders swear allegiance. Hitler blesses flags & pennants. Map & newspaper headlines of recent wars. Hitler in railway carriage laughing with Goering. Studying maps. Hitler on dockside watching passenger ship leave. Hitler youth on deck of ship. Von Ribbentrop out of car, Degrelle of Belgium Rexist Party; Conrad Henlein in Czechoslovakia, Seyss-Inquart in car in Austria, Oswald Mosley in Britain speaking at rally.

21:10:17 Fascist riots in France, Belgium, turning cars over, fighting.

21:10:39 German-American Bund meeting in Madison Square Gardens. Fritz Kuhn at microphones. Heckler beaten by loyal party members.

[32nd Division, WWI] R4 of 14

146th Field Artillery raising & sighting a 155mm long gun. Gun trainer standing by tree next to gun.

03:14:02 Coulonges, France, 03Aug18 4:00 am Cos. A & B, 107th Engrs repair bridge destroyed by German airplanes. Near Mont St. Martin 09Aug18 119th Light Field Artillery, 32nd Div, fire French 75mm guns from brush area. Men loading & firing.

03:16:30 Cierges, France 17Aug18 Church tower damaged after concealing German guns. Pan over destruction. View of Cierges & convoy of wagons past.

03:20:01 30Aug18 entrance to cave used as Division Post & ambulance station. Men in & out w/ ambulances. Captured prisoners brought to HQ by 127th Inf., 32nd Div. posing.

23:23:27 Wounded loaded in ambulance at cave, POWs entering for questioning. Ambulance leaves.

03:24:50 POWs of 26th & 165th Prussian Infantry (Prussian Guard) captured in Juvigny entering eastern entrance to cave.

[32nd Division, WWI] R12 of 14

08Jan19 Bridge over Rhine & soldier patrolling. Truck up and crosses. Veiw of river & boat, village onothers side. Boat w/ much smoke out stack. Trucks across bridge.

03:31:50 11Jan19 Hunting lodge of Frau Bertha Krupp von Bohlen, daugter of gun maker, used as HQ of 64th Brig., 32nd Div. & US officers outside looking at it. Other officers walking around outside of house.

03:33:47 Brig. Gen. E.B. Winans of 64th Brig. & staff at HQ looking at maps & talking.

03:34:28 27Jan19 Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Inferieure, France. 4th Wisconsin Inf., 32nd Div. Band playing on dock before departure of USS Rijndam & USS Finland. Drummer playing drum w/ picture ╥Beating Bill.╙ 03:36:24 05Feb19 Men of Co. K, 128th Inf, 32nd Div exercising playing ball on snow covered field. Cap. A.H. Bradford, Umpire.

03:37:47 05Feb19 Niedershen, Rhenish Prussia. 128th Inf outpost. Men patrol road. Others read magazine & pose beside shelter.

03:40:15 06Feb19 323rd F.a. Horse Show. Water wagon, Troops & flags in snow. Maj. Gen Wm Lassiter, C.G. 32nd Div inspects winners. Horses and men, band playing, snow on ground.

03:42:48 Lt. Col Jhn B. Schneller & 1st Lt. Richard F. Lussier, M.I.D. General Staff designated as Commanding Officer & Adjutant of all U.S. nurses aboard the transport ?? On shipboard

03:43:23 116th Trench Mortar Batery boarding Transport Mongolia at Dock 2. The 316th & 104th Trench Mortar Batteries & 10th Anti-aircraft Sector waiting to board Mongolia seen from above, up gangway.

Post-WWI Occupation, Germany; Troops Returning; Leaving;

[WWI Chateau Thierry; Mussy-sur Seine 18Aug18 & Theatrical Troupe; 26th Div; Edward VII Funeral 20May10 etc.] Pt. 2 of 2

...Continued. Large group of Scottish troops parading, spectators watching from hillside behind. Reviewing stand w/ very young Prince of Wales & others. Shots from field & hilside.

02:38:33 MCU Theodore Roosevelt speaking from stand w/ paper in right hand. CU from slightly below.

02:39:09 President Howard Taft & President-elect Wilson out of White House & into carriage; Black butler.

02:39:19 Artillery firing towards ruined buildings. Large explosion. Very large railway gun under camouflage netting fired. Enormous explosion ol soil. Battle field w/ troops in trench & explosions nearby. Troops out of trench & thru barbed wire w/ gas blowing (seen from high angle, probably staged).

02:39:54 Side view of medium large railway gun fired. Explosion among houses in large town. Large artillery fired from among wreckage of houses. View of valley & explosions from hilltop. Troops out of trench, man treats wounded.

02:40:18 Formally dressed cavalry instructed by officer to charge.

02:40:29 Russian (?) officer followed by three women in white down steps, into carriage as military VIPs salute.

02:40:54 Large gun on shipboard pointed at freighter. Fires at freighter low in water, hits amid ship. Frighter taking on water fast, rolls over, stern almost goes under.

02:41:44 Versailles delegates moving about.

Royalty; Military Ceremony; Naval Fighting; Navy;

[Post-WWI Europe, Personalities & Locations; Zeppellin; Ludendorff Trial]

Pan Marshal Foch stone; railroad car at Compiegne. Staged of kids kneeling at cemetery crosses; girl crosses herself. child & woman at WWI monument w/ falling stone bird & small American & French flags.

16:54:50 President Wilson & wife w/ others at Versailles. Marshall Foch, Lansing, Lloyd George, Hiram Johnson.

16:55:21 Samuel (Sammy) Reshevsky aka Szmul Rzeszewski (26Nov11-04Apr92) child prodigy began giving simultaneous chess exhibitions at age eight. Playing on ten boards simultaneously, wins & shakes hands.

16:56:03 Men entering & leaving League of Nations meeting 1920.

16:56:21 Madame Curie in laboratory, MCU & CU.

16:56:40 Jan25 Logan, Frank Kellogg & Churchill ? on steps in Paris for signing of Dawes Plan.

16:57:01 Unid. diplomat reading papers w/ line of statues of French royalty behind.

16:57:13 1927 US American Legion veterans march w/ flags. US Marine Band playing. Pan over Chateau Thierry above Marne (?). View along riverbank. Frenchmen in street looking at monument. Man plowing w/ six large draft horses. City rebuilding from WWI; Cemetery. CU of man w/ wild hair & beard.

16:58:29 Germany delivering huge zeppelin to France. Landing w/ crowd around & men moving it by ropes across field & into large hanger.

16:59:37 1920 German POWs returning home, walking w/ baggage in suits. Greeted by waving crowd & lead thru street w/ marching band. POWs w/ flowers pinned on. Man holding daughter.

17:01:10 1923 Munich, large government building. Soldiers & in street w/ barbed wire barricade; people show papers to go thru for Ludendorff trial. Large mansion, Ludendorff poses w/ large snarling dog on steps. MCU.

1920s; Chess Exhibition; Game; LTA; Aviation; Woman Scientist; Radium; Games

[WWI & Post-WWI - Greece (?); German Troops & Broadside Leafletting]

Soldiers standing around armored gun mounted on truck in port city. French troops in Greece (?).

20:53:53 German (?) troops w/ civilians; military band playing beside building, traffic past. Flag flying from top of building in breeze. German troops in entrance of large metal wrought iron gates, soldier patrolling, others standing about. Civilians watch Benz truck loaded w/ troops, one gets leaflet. Officer inspects soldiers╒ rifles, boys watching. Civilian crowd behind barbed wire barrier in street. Troops inspect paper (invitations?). MCU soldiers & officer(s).

20:56:10 Line of troops at attention w/ German flag. Saluting, marching off. Riders leading marching band & marching troops w/ flag; people walking alongside, up avenue. Crowd cheering & wavng hats. officers riding in open car. Troops in back of truck handing out broadsheet newspaper, throwing. German sign on side of truck.

The American Soldier in Combat Pt. 2 of 3

Good reconstruction of early American history - Part two: Civil War - Indian warfare - Mexican War - Spanish -American War - WWI

14:12:45 American Civil War Confederate soldiers marching, galloping on horseback & charging with guns & crossing bridge under fire. Yankees fall off horses. Union Army advancing & in battle. Explosions. Sign ╥Bull Run╙. Cannons fired on batle field. Troops gallop thru burning town. Firing guns & Confederates fall.

14:15:25 Classic civil war scenes w/ soldiers bayonetting each other over barricade. Names of battles. Fierce fighting on horseback. Soldiers advance in row, kneeling & firing; running over trenches. War against Native American Indians (sequence in style of Western movie) GOOD. Settlement town street. Convoy of pioneers in desert. Indians on horseback attack. Woman runs out of burning house w/ child. US soldier sounds trumpet. US soldiers chase & shoot at Indians; CU Indians off horses in desert & hand to hand fight. Soldiers riding off in canyon. CU cart wheel & pioneer convoy. Crashing waves on shore.

14:18:52 First arrival of steam train in station w/ welcome committee. Plowing & sowing seeds.

14:19:06 Spanish-American War - Map of Cuba - US soldiers land on shore in 1898. Troops advance & fire guns; run w/ large American flag. Cuban troops firing. Spanish (?) flag replaced by US. US soldiers on rooftop w/ flags.

14:20:37 Mexico 1916 - US troops w/ pack train in desert; firing guns.

14:21:07 Headlines re WWI - ╥WAR╙ - mobilisation. US troops arrive in France; on road. MCU doughboy╒s legs. Excellent staged trench warfare scene! Climbing out of trenches, firing, shells exploding,high angle shots troops fighting on battlefield, barbed wire, troops run towards camera & collapse as planes fly overhead.

14:22:55 Headlines ╥War Ends╙. Armistice celebrations in USA; ticker-tape parade.

Good battle reconstructions; Military Propaganda; Historical Films;

World War One - British Royalty

Queen Victoria visit to Dublin, parade through streets in carriage - Queen presented with flowers.

Royal procession - mounted troops of the empire in procession - Edward VII.

Coronation Edward VII ?

Funeral Edward VII ?

The Story of the Panama Canal (1) of (2)

TR speech illustrated with maps and various footage.

CU of TR speaking. Intertitles of speech. Maps. Beach with palm tree. POV tracking forward from moving train with workers alongside tracks, then past rusting machinery in early attempt to build canal. Line of war ships underway. McKinley speaking

19:15:28 Assistant Secretary of Navy Theodore Roosevelt walking down steps and past camera.

Battleship ╥Oregon╙ past camera (very contrasty).

19:17:50 Revolution in Panama from staged film.

19:18.22 Colonel William C. Gorgas, Medical Dept. Black men digging drainage ditches to eliminate mosquito breeding, cutting grass, spraying crude oil on water. Views of paved streets and good houses.

19:20:06 Construction of canal, high angle pan. TR visits Panama, marching band and procession on horseback into town. President Amador welcomes TR.

19:22:43 Colonel Goethals in MCU. Workers returning home from train walking across railway line. Blasting mountains at great Culebra Cut.

[1900 - 1920 Scenes, USA & Europe]

People cheering arrival of Theodore Roosevelt for first plane ride. Military standing on field and cars entering.

02:13:34 Biplane in flight, dipping and rising. MS of VIPs watching from open cars w/ US flag, military along side. Roosevelt in back seat holding hat up. Shot of plane dipping towards camera. Other VIPs talking to men in car.

02:14:09 Roosevelt climbing into plane, turning & sitting.

02:14:23 Large suffragette parade w/ flags carried by women in white. Large crowd watching.

02:14:43 Narrow factory lined street w/ women in dark coats & hats carrying banner: National Federation of Women Workers. Walk past camera followed by young girl carrying baby & horse & carts.

02:14:57 Continuation of people following previous parade & street traffic in London w/ mounted police & people boarding double-decker bus.

02:15:16 Military VIPs in formal march along street to reviewing stand (?).

02:15:26 WWI (?) Soldier stripped of rank, buttons etc from coat as others watch w/ rifles on shoulders. (GOOD).

02:15:52 Women & men walk past cheering youngsters in front of factory or school. Main woman walks w/ hands in muff.

02:16:12 King Edward & Queen Alexandra w/ daughter into carriage & leaving. King George may be seen behind.

02:16:42 Man riding motorcycle on sandy road, passes woman walking in same direction.

02:16:51 Women playing in pit orchestra (alternate frame color).

02:16:57 Orthodox priests leading a procession followed by Russian royalty, women in formal white dresses and then group of mlitary in dress uniforms.

02:17:19 Priests leading same group walking on carpet in street. Large group watching.

02:17:48 Royalty or mlitary VIPS walking in large group past camera. Tall woman w/ shrt military man.

02:18:20 Two (?) masted sailing ship thru ice.

02:18:25 Foxes running across snow. dog team pulling man on sled thru deep snow. Crowd of boys & men running across desert w/ cars parked beyond. Two men sitting on ground holding ?? Old men watch.

02:18:57 Men climbing edge of glacier ice. Men lead horses up mountain path past cave. CU of dome of ornate mosque.

1900s Life; Royalty;

Kinoteca Excerpts

Czarist prison camp with prisoners walking in circle. Potemkin sailors in chains. (Clash of Gens.)

1914 Kaiser reviews - Franz Joseph - Poincare - Russian into trenches - WWI combat incl. corpses in mud (good, staged?). Tanks. Hindenburg - Churchill. (Revolution in Red) Various troops incl. Japanese. Lenin╒s flat? - Invasion of Russia - Lenin speaking to crowd - Red Square - CU Russian faces - Lenin with cat - Kremlin - Lenin & Sec - Lenin with crowd - haranguing crowd - writing.

[Aviation Stock Footage 2]

Early Aviation: Launching US Navy LTA - people are left hanging on ropes and jump off.

02:16:54 Men hanging off planes and parachuting. MCU cameraman filming from plane. Plane hanging from parachute.

02:17:27 Flying bicycle experiment: bicycle with wings and smoking exhaust collapses before takeoff - pilot drenched in water. Biplanes in formation - leaving smoke trails. Biplane take off - mounted on other plane.

02:18:25 Newspaper headline ╘Wright Glides in Air as a Hawk; Flies 2.17 Miles in 106 Seconds!╒ Very early [Wright?] glider launched with catapult; MS spectators in Edwardian dress watch from stand.

02:19:28 Wilbur Wright ? standing on biplane in flight, late 1910s?

02:19:37 Bombing tests on USS Alabama, Sep1921, including phosphore bomb and 2,000 pound bombs - bomb drops seen from plane and boat - vars explosions. MS wrecked USS Alabama listing in sea. Biplane takeoff. PoV bombs drop from plane hatch. Battleship explodes; AV battleship rolls over in water. Further early biplane shots.

02:21:33 Woman pilot gets out of plane - 1910s? INT open cockpit w/ male pilot visible. Spectators watch biplane takeoff. Battleship [USS Alabama again?] bombarded from air.

02:22:27 Good CU shot two seaplanes in flight, pan to pilot thru cockpit glass. Plane drops bomb on house.

02:22:47 Very early plane down ramp and fails to take off. Early biplane take off on field, lands shortly after. 1930s? plane with front propeller. Tiny glider takes off from uphill ramp and falls. Failed flying bicycle experiment. VS early helicopters. Man running with wings on his back pulled on rope by others. Crowd of people carrying model airplanes [brief].

[Some shots repeated.]

The Wright Brothers. Female Aviators. Gags.

Pioniere Deutscher Technik [History of Krupp Steel Co.]

╘German Pioneers of Technology╒ documentary w/ German narration - poor quality in parts. Animation showing expansion of Krups company. German titles. Stagecoach into old building. Models of early housing. Interior house w/ cameo picture of Friedrich Krupp. Stammhaus - early industrial shots in steel foundry - water wheel - steel smelting. Animation of factory building construction. Stamping coins? Lathe. Animated map & Krupp factory expansion. Early machinery - producing spoons. Interior factory scenes intercut with animation of expansion. Cutlery made. Exteriors various factories inc. Essen & Hanover [?] - firing early big gun. More interiors steelworks 1920s ? [intended to illustrate late 1800s period].

01:20:46 Magdeburg works ext. Cranes at dockside - interiors producing ships propellers. Funeral Krupp ? Exterior factory - steam train- smoking chimneys.

01:23:42 Montage of 1914 mobilisation for WWI - freight trains with military vehicles - interior steel works - big guns firing - battleship - factory in ruins. Steam train. Stills of various products from Krupp. Interior factory production 1930s ?

German Munitions Factories. Heavy Industry. Manufacturing. Pre-WWII. Nazi Supporters.

[Tape sold on access basis - permission to use may be required from ThyssenKrupp Steel.]

The Blimps: Clearly Identified Flying Objects

Goodyear film - history of blimps

Dog looks up. Man opens window.

21:00:38 Zipper sign on blimp: ╥It╒s No UFO - It╒s a Blimp -╙. (flying billboard)

21:01:43 Two Goodyear blimps, Columbia & Mayflower, flying near hangar, over countryside. Aerials over countryside from blimp. Aerials of cities Los Angeles & Miami. Zipper sign re Valentine╒s day; views from blimp. MCUs of Blimp takeoff from mast.

21:03:29 1950s - Man watching TV, eating - wife nags (housewife). Sports - baseball game; sailing; golf. Blimp over American football stadium. Starter pistol pointing at sky. Formula One motor car race. Aerial race track w/ television cameras pointing out. Photo album - stills 1920s filming movies on blimps. Aerial cities. Passengers board blimp & takeoff.

21:05:11 More flying billboard messages. Blimp over fire & flames. Headlines & photographs of Earl Stanley Gardiner, creator of Perry mason, on blimp trip. Aerial POVs. Two blimps in flight.

21:06:28 Animation first blimp - Montgolfiere paper balloon - Jean-Pierre Blanchard╒s balloon in 1793 - 19th Century balloons - spies in the sky. Still Ferdinand Von Zeppelin - first Zeppelin airships being built.

1901 dirigible launch in Paris. WWI Military airships. Balloons & blimps in sky. Blimp Sachsen. View of dropping bombs & in air. 1920s - 1930s Large airships. Akron out of hangar. Hindenburg. Helium pipes. Six blimps together in flight.

21:09:28 Blimp transporting passengers from ship to shore. Goodyear chairman R.P.W. Mitchfield off blimp. Blimp used for rescue effort at sea; rescuing fliers in Everglades; used for waterskiing.

21:10:40 WWII - Aerial submarine - blimps escort ships. Odd shaped ZPG-3W in flight as freighters. Child looks at sky jet fighter. Goodyear blimp inflated. Board meeting. Men on walkie-talkies & landing POV from blimp. Goodyear truck & bus on road to next promotional site. Zipper sign. The End.

Goodyear film - most blimps marked ╥Goodyear╙ in huge letters!

LTAs; Aviation; Advertising; Communications; Flight;

Pt. 1 of 2 Deals with social change - labour laws from 1900 thru WWI and 1920s.

4Mar1913 - Military parade on wide Pennsylvania avenue, high angle, people on roofs watch.

09:06:55 President Taft in office signs document, CU of pen on paper. Early NYC traffic scenes - some horse drawn; pedestrians, crowded streets w/ hansom cabs, buses.

09:07:25 Main title: Challenge Of Change

09:07:56 Montage labor, women winding coils; men w/ molten metal. Recent coal mining. Turn of century women at time clock. POV Westinghouse floor from crane. Immigrants off Ellis Island boat w/ luggage. Statue of Liberty. Brief montage, working conditions. POV past street vendors, carts.

09:08:35 MCU Samuel Gompers. Drawing - soldiers shooting crowd, labor violence, social upheaval. CU sign: Department of Labor.

09:08;58 Staged: Man takes books out of horse-drawn carriage into offices, men at desks.

09:09:20 Photo: Archduke Ferdinand w/ wife, spinning newspaper w/ assassination headline. Large artillery firing. Headline ╥Lusitania sunk by sub╙, Wilson & headline ╘US declares War!╙. Troops in front of Capitol & headline ╥Yanks are coming!╙.

09:09:39 Battle scenes. Soldiers out of trenches, over the top, explosions, planes, tanks.

09:09:56 Men in office. Women textile & other factory workers; trade union parade, crowds celebrate WWI armistice, sailors dancing, flag waving, troop ship returning, soldiers off.

09:10:52 Man at job interview. Montage: cotton-picking. sewing factory, steel mill. 1920s baseball w/ Babe Ruth running, wing walker on Avery bi-plane, Black jazz musicians, Charleston dancers, city neon lights, flagpole sitter, sewing factory, night club & tuxedos, dance marathon. Gangsters car headlights, gun firing. 09:11:39 Lindbergh (?) into plane, takes off. Tickertape parade, CU Lindbergh at microphone.

09:11:53 Wall Street stock exchange. CU money counted by bank cashier. Union Riots. Stills child labor.

09:12:22 Automobile assembly, production lines. Cars out of factory. Babe Ruth to home plate. 1930s women at adding machines, male supervisor. Board room meeting. Garment factory, sewing. CU men at metal working machines.

09:13:14 Stock exchange scenes.

09:13:24 Biplane stunt flying into plywood wall. Depression soup kitchen on street. Staged: banks closed, lines waiting. Deserted industrial areas.

09:14:03 POV thru ghetto street market; breadline, old woman served. Poor kids skip rope. President Roosevelt inauguration w/ sd. Poor family eating outside with 9 children. Continued....

Poverty; Industrialisation; Depression; Economics; Workers; American Labor History;

NOTE: Brief shots useful for montages.

Project Warrior - [Igor Sikorsky]

Air Force Now

CU Igor Sikorsky tombstone & son at grave of aviation engineer. CU son & early plane model in foreground

03:14:45 WWI firing guns & explosions, soldiers out of trenches. Stills: Igor Sikorsky, first prototype biplane bomber, headlines, wmen throw flowers at soldiers. Storming of Winter Palace, pile of guns. Orthodox priest. Russian palace on fire (staged).

03:15:37 Waves crashing on rocks, immigrants, Statue of Liberty. Stills: biplane in front of small hangar with sign ╘Sikorsky╙, building plane in garden. Pilots in front of plane. All-metal twin-engine airliner.

03:16:08 Film of pushing out S-38 amphibious plane, taking off. Sikorsky at new plant in Stratford, Connecticut with Lindbergh. Large S-40 amphibious plane in flight, view from plane, interior S-40 cockpit with control panel, S-40 on water.

03:16:39 Sikorsky╒s son talks of Sikorsky╒s first interest, helilcopters, stemming from Leonardo da Vinci & reading Jules Verne. Da Vinci early helicopter sketch.

03:17:17 Early helicopter failed experiments.

03:17:31 Aged Sikorsky talks re helicopter. Sikorsky pilots early helicopter VS-300 (B/W & COL). Early helicopter lands on water.

03:19:01 Pearl Harbor & newspaper headlines. XR-4 first army helicopter in flight & inside, flies around Capitol. Various WWII locations & uses, rescue helicopter, large helicopter.

03:20:04 Helicopter lifts up house. Reaches boat on fire at sea. Lifting wounded? man. Drops food in Africa as people on ground run to collect. Lifting man on rope. Igor Sikorsky out of plane w/ General in uniform. Still Sikorsky as old man. Helicopter aerobatics & in Vietnam (?)

Aviation Inventions; Inventors; Helicopter Stunts;

Highlights of 32 Years of Flight - Early flight

1902 The glider in which the Wright Brothers used the wing warping method for balance.

1903 The first flight was made by Orville Wright - still of plane.

1908 Wilbur Wright in France - newspaper headlines - Wright adjusting wheel of plane - LS horse and two-wheel cart to which rope is attached pulling the Wright aircraft across the airfield in France. Cranking the 24 hp motor of the Wright Brothers airplane. MS two men pulling props through on the Wright aircraft, Wilbur Wright in BG making adjustments upon aircraft motor.

Early Wright machines started from a rail and landed on a skid. After 1904 they were catapaulted by means of a falling wieght. MS men checking the launching rail. Moving the Wright aircraft into position on the launching rail. Men pulling the weight up into the top of the launching tower.

The Wright demonstration in France in 1908. Spectators attending the demonstration, male and female, military and civilian.

06:17:26 Hauling up the weight that catapaulted the plane from the rail. Start of the flight 8Aug1908, flight lasted 1 min 46 secs.

06:18:17 3Oct1908 Wilbur Wright goes up with French journalist remaining aloft for 55 minutes and 37 seconds. The World╒s endurance record with a passenger. CS headlines proclaiming event. CS Wilbur Wright and the French journalist getting into the aircraft. Launching and in flight Pressmen standing on the airfield, ducking as aircraft flies overhead. Head on view, Wright aircraft passing overhead.

06:19:18 On 19Oct1929 The Dox carried 169 Passengers on a single flight.

MS of German aircraft DOX taxiing upon water, plane is twelve-propeller driven on six engine nacelles (pull and pusher type props). Interior of aircraft showing news cameraman taking pictures of people on maiden flight. See previous item for better shots DOX

The Road to the Wall Part 1 of 3

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

Footage from 1905 to 1960s

CU and pan on Berlin Wall. Montage refugees in several different countries and eras walking on roads, soldiers marching, crowds cheering, Lenin? giving speech. Baby. Corpses in forest. Castro in forest. Man

China 1960, crowd cheering and throwing paper in the air, men pulling heavy cart.

Berlin 1961, crowd and parade, man and woman running across no man╒s land escaping East Germany. East German ? military or police pushing civilians looking sinister, on horseback patrolling. Barbed wire, civilians searched,

Narration explains Marxism, portrait of Karl Marx. Red Army? Russian street early footage. Signs ╥one way╙ in different languages.

Demonstration with pickets ╥frieden╙ and ╥peace╙. Checkpoint in forest in Germany with sign. Barbed wire, patrolling fenced border.

Portrait resident East Berlin, stills of his being shot by border guard when attempting to escape by swimming in canal.

Map of world, titles superimposed ╥Berlin 1961╙, Havana 1959╙, ╥Budapest 1956╙, ╥Coyoacan 1940╙, Kronstadt 1921╙, ╥St Petersburg 1905╙.

12:59:17 - 1905: Tzar Nicholas II at balcony of palace. Workers and peasants. Still Father Georgy Gapon with group and petition read (in English). Crowd outside winter palace to present petition. Crowd being shot at. Still Czar, still Gapon, still Lenin. Lenin gesticulating making speech. Tsar, Czarin and other dignitaries on parade, getting on horse. Still Czarin and son. Still Rasputin.

World War One, trenches, bombing. Miserable looking children stare into camera.

13:01:58 - March 1917 demonstration in St Petersburg, Czar troops turn on demonstrators, then army cheering with protesters. A.F. Kerensky speech, dubbed into English. Political prisoners freed. Speeches gesticulating. Lenin. Trotsky. Kerensky head of provisional government. Newspapers printed. Women╒s parade. Protest. Lenin speech dubbed into English re class war. Workers or soldiers digging field with shovels. Monument toppled. Crowds running and storming winter palace (staged).

Nov: Lenin, restless people in street. Trotsky╒s Red Army marching. Old woman making speech. Civilian protest against election dismissal, still of Lenin superimposed.

James Cagney narrates

Cold War

World War One

a) Germany - Funeral for Grand Duke Frederick

Huge procession with many VIPs. Ornate horse drawn carriage for coffin.

Gustav, Kaiser, Frederick II past camera ╨ President of France and Kaiser.

b) 05:04:00 - Ruins of Laos

Dog chases soldier over wall. Soldiers firing with camouflaged artillery.

c) 05:05:30 - Berlin 1914

Crowds lining up at cafeteria in park / soup kitchen / poverty. Pan over tables as people eating food. Women handing out soup. Women handing food to train driver in railway station. 19:07:38 Potsdam - reservists / recruits on train - women handing them food. Train pulls out. Mobilisation. 19:08:57 Army training. Soldiers in civilian clothes aiming rifles. 19:11:14 Berlin - VIPs out of car / carriage - card says Franz Joseph ?


World War One - Russian Tsar with King George Alsace

Troops on parade ground - inspection.

04:00:46 Inauguration of a monument to Wissembourg 1870 - 1909. Street scenes where ?

Wreaths on memorial to French soldiers who fell in 1870. Crowds, VIPs in cemetery. French and Germans at ceremony to unveil war memorial. Soldier conducts singing of national anthem. Man makes speech. Cheering crowds.

WWI - Battle of the Somme

On the British Army.

Units move into trenches near Fricourt-Mametz - preparations before battle. Platoons of the Buffs, Bedfords, Suffolks & Royal Welsh Fusiliers march forward near Bray. French peasants work in fields and tend artillery horses. Troops pose with pet fox. Artillery shells are unloaded and an artillery barrage is laid down. Officers address the Lancashire Fusiliers. Howitzers shelling the German first line trenches of Mametz. London Scottish and East Yorkshires march to trenches.

Manchester╒s religious services before the attack. Torpedoes (╥plum puddings╙) for wire clearing, are brought up and fired from mortar. Firing 9-2 inch Howitzers.

French WWI Reviews

Troops and supply trains passing a ruined and flooded village; German mine exploded in water. Army engineers carry out repairs. Wreckage of houses and industry.

Wounded are carried to the rear. Destroyed churches filled with rubble.

16:42:38 Austro-Hungarian prisoners captured by French are marched to the rear in Italy. French cavalry, infantry, artillery, and tank maneuvers (Incl. French colonial troops).

Firing on Mount Rouge. President PoincarÄ reviews Polish troops. French troops waiting at outpost in dugouts.

French WWI Reviews R6

Street scene Alsace town. Ceremony for returning troops. Troops through small town. President PoincarÄ with General Humbert awards Legion of Honour to Moroccan troops. Captured German big guns. Observation balloons - LTAs - led out from hangars, launched and seen over town. German prisoners in compound and marched to concentration camp. Troops advance and fire guns. Trucks and horse drawn carriages convoy through ruined French town.

[British War Reviews - WWI] R2 of 6

Title: ╥Then the Tommies go forward...╙ Massive number of British infantry along road. Across field w/ barbed wire fences in single file, down into trench smiling for camera. Out of dug in bivouac.

13:36:12 Officers standing; tractors past. Officers into large cars (King?).

13:36:54 Large tank HMS Intimidate no. 154 pulling large artillery gun w/ mud slowly past line of troops.

13:37:45 Title: ╥While in France the British motor car...╙ Armored trucks & motorcycles towards front past troops carrying wounded returning.

13:39:09 Cavalry riding, pulling wagon past on dirt road. Explosions on field & horses walked by soldiers.

13:40:05 Title: ╥Flanders╒ canals are handy for bringing ammunition up to the batteries╙. Canal w/ dock, temporary train track along parallel, men loading shells onto barges, passing them hand to hand.

13:40:47 Title: ╥But Flanders╒ mud makes rough sledding for bringing up the guns themselves╙. Pulling by hand w/ lever out of deep mud. Jacking up wheel & moving along road (GOOD).

13:42:08 Firing artillery from under cover; in long line; from dug in positions in empty field. LS & MCU. From camouflaged sandbagged positions; w/ large gun barrel firing. Heavy gun firing from beneath netting. Dug in guns fired & fired from inside barn. Field guns firing quickly. Australian troops? Other firing very large guns kicking back.

13:45:45 Large railroad gun fired & recoil. Field guns recoiling. Burying dead in field (some w/ frame line showing).

13:46:37 Troops along road, horses pulling wagons of ammunition. Big explosions. Men sitting eating in trench. Tanks in field, men moving up?.

13:47:15 Germans carrying wounded on stretcher up muddy road thru barren landscape. Standing & eating, large group, posing.

13:47:59 Horsemen crossing empty field & on dirt road. Explosion near road leaving dead horses, others run, men return & go to horses.

13:48:55 Title; ╥But Britain collects heavy damages from the yielding foe---57,318 prisoners in one month.╙

13:49:05 Pan over massed prisoners in MS standing about w/ coats & blankets, smoking.

WWI; WW1; World War One; British Propaganda; British Troops; Mud, Artillery, Firing Various Large Guns; Cavalry Hit; German Prisoners of War; POWs;

WWI - Wreaths places on War Graves Reel 2

Ambassador Hugh C. Wallace and others place wreaths on graves in the Suresnes cemetery in France.

WWI - From Spiez to Loetschberg Switzerland

Train through station. POV from front of train passing through station; Train POV Swiss Alps with pretty chalets and mountains; Train climbs gradually higher in altitude: steep rocky cliffs with bridges, mountain tunnels, cascades. Train arriving at Brig station (Valais). Train in and out of Loetschberg Tunnel. Welcome committee on platform in traditional Swiss costume and military uniform. Unid. flag.

WWI - Unid. Middle East Travelogue

Egypt - city street scene by wide bridge with stone lions. Sphynx and pyramids. Camel caravan on way to Baalbeck. Tent camp with donkey, monkey and women cooking. Sabre and sticks twirling and duel.

Street scene Damascus, Syria.

WWI - German Retreat and Battle of the Arras, The - Reel 1

Cyclist patrol arrives at village and welcomed by civilians. 6╙ Howitzer hidden in disused French hangar. Gun detachment leave their dugout and man the gun. Shells wheeled on small trolleys. Germans shelling of British positions. Field guns. LS village shelled by Germans. South African troops raid enemy trenches. Arras railway station showing barbed wire defences. German shells bursting in Arras and destruction.

04:26:53 Bombardment in fields. Men fix ladders in trenches. Hussards moving up to Arras on horseback. Masses of cavalry waiting in field. London Stock Exchange Battalion resting. King╒s Liverpools and King╒s Own Shropshire Light Infantry on way to attack in infantry formation. Battlefield and explosion near front line. German prisoners help carry wounded. Carrying stretchers across trenches. German dead on battlefield.

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Aerial view over Verdun; Load suitcases and cameras from bomber flight over Verdun.

12:45:35 Von Hindenburg with others.

Troops over large bridge by mountain - Austria? Street scene.

French flame projector - early flame thrower.

12:47:45 Coucy, France: American Aero Corps in airfield - Native American painted on wing; pilots pose with dog and baby tiger mascots.

12:48:35 Dompierre, France: Train on way to front. Germans surrender.

German officers

Officers and elegant ladies in field with horses.

Italian infantrymen? play; cover a gun with leaves; fixing phone wires at camp; field telephone; religious service outdoors

Hidden British big gun.

12:53:13 How the Russian Troops are Turning the Turkish Flank (this section also on 220659 & 220569)

Cherka infantry sent to fight the Turk on the snow bound wastes of Trans-Caucasia. Large group of troops in snowy surroundings. Troops move out, officers on horseback. Good shot line of troops against snowy mountain background.

Prisoners of war in street and marched over snowy field.

Men put into bullock carts which move out in convoy.

Bactrian camels used for military transport. Camels through village street in snow. Good shot camels with snow covered mountain in background.

WWI - Count Dohna and His ╥Moewe╙

German films of the commerce raider Mowe.

Crew on deck Moewe in bad weather; heavy seas; lookout takes his station on top of mast. The Moewe stops the following ships and captures their crew, some of which are transferred to the Moewe:

The British schooner Duchess of Cornwall carrying salted fish from Newfoundland to Gibraltar ;

British steamer Cambrain Range going from Baltimore to Liverpool with munitions;

Norwegian steamer Hallbjorg carrying munitions from New York to Bordeaux;

British steamer Georgic of the White Star Line going from Philadelphia to Brest to Liverpool with munitions;

British steamer Yarrowdale carrying trucks. Prisoners on deck.

British steamer St. Theodore carrying coal to Italians. Some prisoners transferred to Yarrowdale; some Black African prisoners;

French vessel Nantes carrying saltpeter for England halted at sea by the Mowe. Sports on deck: turn on horizontal bars, high jump, tug-of-war - sports. German armed fishing steamer. Count Dohna with his crew at home port; goes ashore to report and is greeted by German naval officers.

WWI - British War Reviews - Palestine & Naval

Camel train; Turkish POWs rounded up; Gen. Allenby; British troops march into Jerusalem with Turks. British gunboat on the Tigris bombards the Turks; British troops make structure out of sandbags; battleships at anchor; bulldog sticks its head out of cannon╒s mouth - looks like it╒s smoking a cigarette. Moosehead presented to the officers by Canadian government. Crew poses - men hold bulldog inches away from cat. King George V with Adms. Beatty and Sturdee; ships at sea.

King George and Queen Mary compliment the survivors of the Zeebrugge Raid; King George rewards officers of the Coastal Patrol and Blue Jackets of the British Cross

Transport ship crosses Channel under protection of Warships and aircraft. German U-boat and battleship [actual German surrender at Zeebrugge?].

WWI - Ford Patriotic Rally

Firestone, Burroughs and Edison shaving outdoors. Dinner outdoors under tent.

10:50:47 Ford Patriotic rally: march of civilians carrying American and the occasional British flag. Banner: ╥5000╙. Signs; Spot & Spy: Is Your neighbour Loyal╙ ╥This War is our business╙, ╥Put the iron cross on the man who works the double cross: Hans the Spy╙, ╥Hell is too good for the Hun╙.

10:52:25 Tank gets stuck in a gully.

10:53:20 Burroughs, Edison and Firestone at picnic; pose in front of locomotive; by automobile. Out of focus shots of tents.

10:57:01 Building new house. Ship at dock with stars only flag. Man in suit driving tractor. Tractor with load of hay.

Picnic sections similar to ╥Ford Camping Trip╙.

[NB Film is damaged.]

[WWI - Stock Newsreel Excerpts - Warships At Sea - Majorca]

German navy crews activity - ships underway - signaling from ship to ship using flags - Battleships. Sailor using semaphore. VS warships at sea. Lifeboats lowered - crews rowing, boats hauled up. Anchor chain released, Mediterranean port seen from sea - Palma - sailors line up on deck.

15:56:49 Soldiers on shore, walking by palm trees. Cathedral.

Spain - Majorca / Mallorca - 1910s

[WWI Rifle Manufacturing; Cavalry Troops Training]

Int. rifle manufacturing factory, men moving cars of assembled guns. Detroit & large factory exterior w/ trams; workers in/out of gates at change of shift.

04:23:01 Women working at vertical milling machine. Men at bench assembling rifle mechanism. Man assembling machine gun & test firing inside building.

04:24:30 Soldiers w/ light machine guns running toward & past camera. Army Cavalry (?) recruits lead by concertina & trumpet walk w/ mess kits, served lunch; stand & eat at bench under canvas. Marching band (brief) drilling. Mules in large corral moved by soldier on horseback.

04:25:44 Flash title re boxing & John Kilbane instructor. Kilbane in MCU in front of recruits gesturing & yelling commands.

04:26:17 Men w/ fixed bayonets at attention facing out of large circle as two men do exercise prodding w/ stick & trainees responding.

04:26:49 Cavalry troops on firing range w/ rifles. Grenade throwing instruction from behind sandbagged emplacement.

04:27:29 Men working at benches assembling rifles. Test firing on range.

Homefront; Instruction; Troop Training;

[WWI - French VIPS; Explosions; Military Awards Ceremony] R2 of 2

French politicians embracing, military watching. CU of miilitary VIP w/ medal, others standing around. Military VIP (French?) posing in front of US Government building w/ many politicians.

03:21:26 Factory interior (brief); burning European village buildings. LS of hilltop explosion. Man plowing field; many explosions on field

03:21:40 French officer w/ sword w/ airman w/ many medals on uniform, reaches to add another. Men out of trench.

[WWI - Prisoner of War Camp; Deporting Interned Germans; Draft Events & Parade]

Title: ╥Camp #2, Fort Oglethorpe where 1500 enemy aliens and prisoners of war will ultimately be interned...╙

Soldier in sentry tower looking over camp, beside telephone. High double fence & barracks beyond seen in continous pan.

03:22:35 Title: ╥Under Captain Koenig commander of the German raider Moewe╒...prisoners...dig drainage ditches.╙ Large pit, men w/ picks.

03:22:44 Two men in rabbit pen w/ rabbits. Man w/ two tiny puppies. Sailor & fruit stands he makes of barbed wire scraps.

03;22:55 Title: ╥I Zeaneck, Mr. Burgemeister, H.R. Solomon, & Adolph Koster...of Kaiser╒s secret service...╙ Men digging w/ picks, shovel & forks to make garden.

03:23:21 Title: Charleston, S.C. ...Over 2000 German sailors & civilians interned here during the period of the war are deported.╙ Men under guard off train w/ bags. Dock filled w/ men, US soldiers guarding.

03:23;54 Title: ╥Most of these Germans were interned at Ft. Oglethorpe & Ft. McPherson.╙ Boarding ships at dock pst camera, soldiers w/ rifles watching.

03:24:31 Title: ╥Civilians, held as spy suspects, are sent back w/ their families.╙ Men, women & small children in line to board; boarding holdling papers. Deportees & sailors on board USS Martha Washington as it leaves dock. Submarine at dock.

03:25:34 President Woodrow Wilson speaking. New York Herald headline: Gen. Pershing to take army to front; Draft bill is signed by the President.╙ CU of slips for drawing for sequence of draft. Wilson blindfolded & drawing first number as military watches & applauds; others draw.

03:28:59 People watch draft numbers written on public board in NYC outside New York Herald buliding. Cheering.

03:29:37 Teddy Roosevelt watching Parade up Fifth Avenue from balcony w/ military & civilians. Street level of marching civilians. High angle of length of Fifth Avenue. Drafties out of buliding w/ flags. At railroad cars marching to camp.

WWI Homefront; Patriotism; Selective Service; POWs; Deportation; Ethnic German-Americans; Induction;

[WWI - French General Pau; Prince Alexander; Troops to Front; Anti-aircraft firing]

Gaumont Graphic no. 415. General Pau on boat w/ ??. On balcony w/ Crown Prince of Serbia Alexander. Off train in Bucharest, greeted by VIPs.

16:42:13 GG no. 499. Man holding two ferrets to be sent to front to kill rats in trenches.

16:43:02 GG no. 544. Title: With the Serbians at Salonika...╙ General & officers, reviewing troops.

16:44:17 GG no. 547. Title: Russia╒s Amazing Recovery...Territory Reconquered by Russians. Dead Austrian in trench.

16:44:41 GG no. 527. Title: Reinforcements for Gen. Petain. Truck convoy w/ troops thru town, soldiers along street.

16:45:43 GG no. 547. Title: British Artillery Shelling Bulgarian Positions. Soldier working slide rules beside artillery; fusing shells. Aerial over battle field w/ explosioins. CU firing artillery. Small explosions.

16:46:50 GG no. 431. Title: Munitions. Fresh Levies of Alpine Chasseurs Off To The Front. Walking thru Mediterranean coastal town, wearing side berets.

16:47:09 GG no. 431 Title re motor machine gun battery for front. Line of sidecar motorcycles moving past on sunny road; across field passing soldiers. Pull up to fire machine guns on sidecars.

16:47:53--16:48:09 Out of frame. Then motorcycles turn & leave. Similar situation repeated except more on foot, setting up field machine guns, fire & leave.

16:49:28 Title: Battle of Moulin Briete - men out of trenches & running forward; firing from prone. Others advancing in crouch (training?). Troops crawling in grass.

16:51:19 Title: Anti-aircraft Work in France. Observer sends message to batteries from dug in trench by mounted rider. Uncovering guns hidden by poles & canvas. Gun firing; spotters w/ telescopes watching. Man calls instructions w/ horn. Men loading large gun from ammunition supply in side of trench. Cranking around.

Fighting; Battles;

[WWI - Aviation; Artillery Shells; Cavalry; London Homefront; Bulgaria; Cartoon; Newsreels]

Title: Command of the Air - A French Aerodrome Near Verdun.

18:24:31 French biplanes & military looking at them. Large plane; soldiers move small planes into canvas hanger. MCU plane w/ machine gun.

18:25:24 Gaumont Graphic No. 527 Title: Near East Campaign. Large shells in rail carts by harbor w/ ships. Title: French Troops Taking Up New Positions. French troops w/ packs along dug-in huts w/ stone fronts.

18:26:47 Gaumont Graphic No 447 Title: Troops of France - Regiment of Cavalry in New Uniforms. Riding thru city.

18:27:22 Gaumont Graphic No 437 Title Our New Ally - Great welcome Italy╒s Declaration. Overhead of crowd in London streets, marching groups thru waving Italian flags. GOOD.

18:28:46 Gaumont Graphic No 447 Title: Whither Away? A Draft of the artillery company leaving London. Outside train station, marching into, waving goodbye to & from train passing.

18:29:12 Gaumont Graphic No. 482 Title: Under Russian Guns - Varna-Bulgaria╒s Black Sea Port Which Is Being Shelled By...Ships. Small ships w/ twin stacks tied up from several angles. High angle of breakwater.

18:29:44 Gaumont Graphic No. 482 Title: All In The Days Work. Digging trenches (GOOD). Troops march along road (brief).

18:30:24 Gaumont Graphic No. 485 Title: During The Battle - Wounded Pass to The Base Where They Receive First Aid. Walking along road; resting alongside eating.

18:31:07 Gaumont Graphic No. 427 Title: Studdy╒s War Cartoon - His Winning Ways. MCU Cartoon being drawn of U-boat punching Miss Tanker & others: ╥I╒m great at knocking down girls╙.

18:32:12 Title: War In The Trenches - Hand Grenades & Bombs... Five kinds of custom-made hand grenades and bombs demonstrated. Man throws, explodes. Men throw & they explode, like Molotov cocktails.

18:33:05 Gaumont Graphic No. 436 Title: Launch of American Battleship - USS Maumee at....yard.

Woman break champagne, holds flowers & waves as ship slides down ways.

18:33:45 Gaumont Graphic No. 436 Title: Asphyxiating Gasses - The Allenbury Patent To Protect Our Troops From Poison. Men w/ rifles behind large logs; gas blows in & troops pull down masks from bill of cap. Get up & run. CU man showing mask w/ elastic.

WWI Aviation; Navy; Propaganda Cartoon;

NOTE: USS Maumee was first US naval ship to be powered by diesel engines. Launched 17Apr15, Mare Island, California by Miss Janet Crose.

[WWI - USA Homefront Activities - Gaumont News] Card 1 of 2

Flash title: Gaumont News V16 #?? Chicago, Illinois Fill The Food Barrels Of The Allies. Women in coveralls painting barrels; present to other well dress women. Sitting outside stores, man puts coin in. Painter holds small barrel: Food For France Fund

19:12:11 Flash title: GN V16.. Boston, Mass. Brining The Kitchen To The People Truck w/ women giving cooking demonstration to neighborhood women & children to improve efficiency.

19:12:38 Flash title: GN V16 #2? San Joaquin Valley, CA Food Will Win The War. Water wheel driven by ?? used to move irrigation water out of canal.

19:13:29 Flash title: Over there, our tanks mow down the Germans. Over here they mow the crops... Pulling large swather.

19:13:48 Flash title: Florin, Calif. Women╒s Land Army On Western Front. Women raise flag on pole as others in coveralls salute. Women picking grapes. Sign on hillside from water Buy Liberty Bonds seen from ferry.

19:14:46 Flah title: NYC - Gov. Whitman enthuses thousands of subscribers in Wall Street. Crowd seen from behind gesturing governor.

19:15:03 Flash title: Mme. Gill, who has been singing to French soldiers, thrills w/ the Marseillaise. On platform above large crowd.

19:15:10 Flash title: Schoolchildren whose parents sought Liberty in America do their part. Parade carrying placards: Lend, lend, lend; floats, etc.

19:15:37 Flash title: 267 scarred Alpine heroes will tour the country for the Liberty Loan campaign. Fixing bayonets & at attention; removing bayonets.

19:16:01 Flash title: Chicago, Ill. Armenia╒s New National Flag Is Unfurled...Over City Hall. Girl in costume raises flag (American?) surrounded by cheering men & women.

19:16:29 Flash title: ╥Though this dear girl is feeling blue...╙ Artist painting picture on easel of girl, of Kaiser & Uncle Sam. Points it out to a sailor & shows painting of sinking liner. Another Liberty Bond poster being painted; sailors watch & salute beside New England shake siding on house.

19:19:07 Flash title: GN V16 #2? Chicago, Ill. Sport Trophies & Family Heirlooms In War Melting Pot... Booth w/ South Shore Country Club Melton Pot on sign, people lined up turning in metals, given receipts. Women w/ large clay pots melting them down.

19:19:53 Flash title: GN V16 #2? New York City Champion Gas Mask Makers Are Given Matinee Prize... Posing, waving. Riding in army truck up street waving. Going into building.

World War One;

Note: All titles are flash titles.

[WWI - 42nd Rainbow Division Returns NYC]

New York City harbor w/ sidewheel excursion boats, ferries w/ waving people; & MCU of arriving Leviathan (?)w/ cheering soldiers. View from onboard w/ greeting crowd waving banners & handkerchiefs.

13:49:13 Flash title: ╥Colonel Bill Donovan commander of the 69th & Father Duffy the idol of the fighters.╙ Army band posing, laughing; troops w/ damaged USA flag. Ship w/ waving troops.

13:49:33 Three-stack liner past Statue of Liberty. Sailors & others waving from deck. Soldiers off.

13:49:52 Army band following women w/ Red Cross flags thru troops beside railroad cars. Troops march, leave on railroad train.

Post-WW1; Homecoming;

[Early Industrial Rolling Process & Unid. Woman Celebrity ca WWI]

3 men working at machines pulling large strips of metal w/ tongs after they are rolled thinner. One man spins wheel to lower rollers.

09:04:11 Unid. well-dressed woman in front of US Army officers. Smiling.

1910s; Metal working;

WWI - From Spiez to Loetschberg Switzerland

Train thru mountain station, passengers wave from window. POV from front of train passing thru station,leaving town past factory. Train POV thru Swiss Alps w/ pretty chalets & mountains; Train climbs gradually higher in altitude; steep rocky cliffs with bridges, mountain tunnels, cascades.

17:05:22 Train arriving at Brig station (Valais).

17:06:19 Title card. Train in & out of Loetschberg Tunnel. Welcome committee on platform in traditional Swiss costume & military uniform. Unid. flag.

Tourism; Transportation; 1910s; Europe; Mountains;

[WWI - Unid. Middle East Travelogue]

Egypt - city street scene by wide bridge with stone lions. Pedestrians, carriages, Arabs.

17:07:57 Title: The Sphynx and pyramids. Pans w/ tourists & Arabs w/ camels. Empty sandy & gravel countryside.

17:09:31 Title: Caravan Going To Baalbeck. Camel caravan w/ orchard in background.

17:10:17 Tent camp beneath olive trees w/ arabs. Burros, monkey and women cooking.

17:10:58 Title: Sabre And Stick Duels. Three men twirling swords & orchestrated fighting w/ small shields. Men standing watching. Two men w/ long poles twirling & fighting..

17:11:47 Title: Street In Damascus. Syrian street w/ mosque, people, burros & donkeys.

Tourism; 1910s; Arabian Cultures;

[WWI - USA Homefront Activities - Gaumont News] Card 2 of 2

Flash title: Gaumont News V16 #?? Oakland, Calif. Labor Proves its Loyalty - Carpenters╒ Union Buys Lumber... Sailors helping w/ house construction. In shipyard pounding steel w/ sledgehammers, workers watch. Outdoors three pair boxing as men watch & cheer (nitrate bloom).

19:20:56 Flash title: Gaumont Graphic Chicago, Ill. Prison Terms For Convicted IWW Leaders. Judge... Haywood & ... Men walked to patrol wagon by police & put inside. War Savings posters on wall behind.

19:21:07 Flash title: Oakland, Calif. $25,000,000 Shipyard Dedicated... Large platform w/ VIPs & crowd in front. Girl w/ bouquet pulls rope unfurling US flag & banner. Pan over crowd. Woman in white w/ bouquet cranking & pile driver begins. Posing VIPs & cheering sailors.

19:22:07 Flash title: GN V16 #2? New York City - The Lambs Is Launched. Famous Actors Club is Honored... Woman breaks bottle & ship slides down ways. Tilt up, men waving from bow, name visible.

19:22:58 Flash title: GN V16 #? Alameda, Calif.- Junior Marines In Maneuvers. Boys in sailor uniforms saluting as US flag raised on pole.

19:23:18 Flash title: GN V16 #? Boston, Mass. Yeowomen Are Taught How to Shoot. Girls from Charlestown Navy Yard... Women in uniform w/ sailors shown how to fire rifles & pistols.

19:24:12 Flash title: GN V16 #2? Columbia, SC They Expect Their six Boys Home For Christmas The Governor of South Carolina, Richard Manning III... (1915-1919) Statue on steps of Capital. Woman stitching banner w/ six stars. Governor holding rope, banner on pole & woman & Black woman servant looking at it. Gov. & wife walk into house, seen from inside.

World War One; 1918;

Note: All titles are flash titles. The Lambs was launched 24Nov18, Kearny, NJ Federal Shipbuilding Company.

[1910-1915 WWI gun firing; Bleriot & other aviators; Motorcycle Road Race; Liner Imperator; Winter Street Scenes]

Title in German.

02:45:08 Very large gun, Krup (?), loaded w/ powder charges & raised into position to fire. Men open breech & move new shell in and tamp in powder sacks. Close & raise & fire from within concrete emplacement.

02:46:10 Two men help Bleriot, in cap, move out his plane w/ hanger behind. Motor started.

02:46:29 ?? in leather flying helmet standing in front of ?? airplane.

02:46:42 Bleriot in cockpit of plane, turns cap around and looks around.

02:47:10 larger early plane overhead.

02:47:12 Several motorcycles around road race course toward camera & past. Thru village. France?

02:48:00 Title re ship in Elbe. Pan along large liner Imperator w/ three stacks & excursion boat past. Name visible. Docked & harbor seen in long pan.

02:49:10 Women & men down stairs of large building w/ columns. Many other people standing watching. Sleighs & cas on snowy street past same building. Other winter scenes of pedestrians, mounted police, traffic. Parade of troops in uniforms w/ many flags. LS of people walking along snowy street, some horse carts. Royal carriage pulls up. Military in feathered hats largely block view of woman in robes and ?? out & up steps.

Sports - Motorcycle Racing; Aviation Pioneers; Germany Daily Life; Transportation - Ships;

The Defence of the Dardanelles (segment) aka Defense - George Kleine

Title: ╥Turkish Troops in Wartime╙

16:14:31 Title: ╥Infantry regiments leaving Constantinople.╙

16:14:38 Turkish army band on parade ground w/ troops wearing Fez marching past camera. Many units marching along road.

16:15:57 Title: ╥A military transport.╙ Troops on military transport ship, men load crates & equipment. CU side paddle wheel on boat. Steamer underway w/ tug. POV past shoreline in close.

16:17:30 Title: ╥Old ironclad intended to be obstruct the passage of the enemy...╙

16:17:41 POV past harbor entrance & large iron ship at anchor. Abrupt ending; beginning also missing.

ca. WWI; Turkey; Military;

NOTE: Probably part of an Eclipse film distributed in U.S. by George Kleine.

[WWI Chateau Thierry; Mussy-sur Seine 18Aug18 & Theatrical Troupe; 26th Div; Edward VII Funeral 20May10 etc.] Pt. 1 of 2

Title: ╥4:40 pm Artillery supplies & water carts crossing a trestle bridge constructed by 101st Engineers over Marne. The 101st Regt., 26th Div. composed of the former 1st Mass. Engrs., & parts of the 1st Maine Field Artillery & New England Coast Artillery.╙

02:27:02 Soldier on horse(?), mules w/ wagon & soldiers walking toward camera across wooden bridge.

02:28:07 Title: ╥4:50 pm - first pontoon bridge over the Marne at Chateau Thierry, constructed by 101st Eng. & used by Americans in their advance.╙ Same bridge, soldier leads two mules pulling wagon in MS. LS of small pontoon bridge w/ soldiers walking across, one on bicycle. Destdroyed bridge in background.

02:29:26 Title: ╥5:00 pm - ..26th Div. entering Chateau Thierry. Note German barricades in foreground.╙ High angle, troops marching thru town.

02:30:48 Title: ╥A battery of the 26th Div., shelling Torcy w/ 75mm. guns from a recently constructed...╙

Camouflaged artillery firing w/ large fields behind, men seen beneath netting, clean barrel & fire. CU & LS.

02:33:10 Title: ╥?18- 210 mm Howitzer captured by 102nd Inf., 26th Div near Chateau Thierry, 22Jul18...╙

Large Howitzer in shade of tree inspected by group of officers, walk past. Man posing beside. (flash frame title).

02:33:45 Title: ╥Mussy-sur-Seine, France 18Aug18 Theatrical troupe of 26th Div giving entertainment...╙ Men raising make-shift curtain on poles & ropes in front of trees. Large crowd of soldiers & civilians watching. MCU soldiers holding young French woman; Man in black face & clown costume dancing in front of whites, some in black face as in minstrel line up.

02:34:42 Title: ╥Officers & enlisted men of 26th Div. These men served at least five months in front lines & were relieved after the second battle of the Marne.╙ ╥Private Tedesco, M.D.S. rider of 26th Div.╙ Man sitting on motorcycle & drinking from bottle, others behind watching.

02:34:59 In city: Unid. VIPs, politicans & military watching Austrian or German generals walk past officers, garlands draped. Kaiser (?) reviewing troops. Goosestepping troops w/ drums in front march past. Saluting.

02:35:26 London, England funeral of Edward VII (20May10). General (?) out of carriage, troops at attention w/ rifles & bayonets, reviews troops. Different angle w/ mounted troops in formal uniforms & pennants on poles riding past large crowd lining street. Scottish unit marching. Flag draped coffin on caisson w/ troops following. MCU of marching units. Ghurkas (?) on horseback. Royal carriage past.

02:37:39 King George V rides on horseback, salutes. Continued...

Entertaining Troops; Royalty;

Funeral of King Edward VII. Etc.

ca. 1910 - ca. 1920

Edward VII funeral - various scenes of the funeral procession.

06:02:36 Scottish troops parade in field. Royal family member watching?

06:03:24 Theodore Roosevelt delivers a speech - big gestures

06:03: 56 William H. Taft and Woodrow Wilson get in carriage. Black butler?

06:04:05 World War I scenes (good). Firing gun. Excellent explosion; troops out of trenches (good); village shelled. French cavalry in Napoleonic uniform. Unid. VIP with elegant women gets into carriage. A ship is torpedoed and sinks;.

06:06:15 President Wilson, Italian PM Vittorio Emmanuele Orlando, Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George attend the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) - interiors conference and four PMs posing outside.


World War One - Pre War Berlin, Germany

Good street scenes of Berlin - includes pedestrians - fashionable women - architecture - statues.


Tirpitz out of car.

Anti-inflation protest in NYC - families - mothers with babies in prams with sign ╥We want bread╙.

Box-cars in Western train terminals stalled by U-boat campaign before being rushed East.

Gov. Whitman of New York. Liners stalled at New York pier. Suspected German spy arrested.

Sara Bernhardt down gangplank of SS Espagne returning from visit to French Front - Bernhardt in car holding American flag.

20:13:42 Miners strike - miners with guns and boarding train. Colonel House.

20:14:45 Princeton, N.J. - Wilson votes in 1916 election; Charles Evans Hughes after voting in 1916.

20:15:22 New London, Conn - Deutschland leaves US to return to Germany.

20:16:22 US ship Manchuria being armed. Passenger ship past Statue of Liberty. Bryan speaking. Wilson talks to crowd. 20:18:14 SS Adriatic arriving from U-boat zone - actress Vernon Castle on board posing with small monkey. 1916, Wilson in Princeton to vote - arrives by train, speech, digs ground. 20:19:51 French trawler patrolling North Sea and inspecting ships. Firing gun. Nurse treating patients in hospital ward. Nurse sitting on bench outdoors with patient.

[Vienna & Venice Pre-1914]

Still silhouette of young Hitler in mountains. Vienna street scenes: GVs horse & carts - people in street. Still shot of Parliament building & drawing of it. Good travelling shot past Parliament. High pan showing palace(?) & statues.

10:14:40 Soldiers w/ Kaiser Franz Josef walking in park. Kaiser greeting officials. Track along women in hats, parasols. Parked automobiles. People by pavement cafe.

10:15:08 Workers demo, ╥red flags╙. Men in hats watch. Man on bicycle; women in traditional clothes sell flowers. Stills of Jews (women, men & child in hats). Painting of the ╥White Knight╙.

10:16:34 GVs of street, people, tram, horses & carts.

10:16:57 Women feed pigeons outside cathedral / Basilica in St. Mark╒s Square, Venice - includes good CU.

10:17:07 WWI - soldiers advance across battlefield through explosions [poor quality].

Travelogues. Austria & Italy - 1910s. Piazza di San Marco, Venezia. Edwardian Fashions.

[Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria - Pre-WWI]

Franz Joseph I of Austria on horseback at military review. Royal family in horse drawn carriage. Franz Joseph salutes officers.

11:16:03 LS car pulls up outside columned building where officials waiting on steps - Franz Joseph [?] out of car, greeted by officials & into building.

11:17:12 Pan across piles of debris - broken furniture - vandalised / destroyed church?? - soldiers on guard.

11:17:28 Crowds at quayside - boat docks, two large coffins? draped in flags carried off by sailors & placed on raised platform - military funeral w/ priests.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

Prewar Europe.

[WWI: Sousa Brooklyn Concert; US Expeditionary Force in Vladivostock]

John Philip Sousa╒s concert in Brooklyn park; crowd waving; Sousa conducting. Anna Held or Anna Case singing.

03:27:10 Line of horse carts along narrow road, followed by covered wagons. Horse carts in small Russian or Polish village, kids run past. Pollish or Russian troops in uniforms marching w/ rifles toward & past camera in MS.

03:27:36 Troops firing line of artillery in front of trees. Troops running w/ rifles toward camera.

03:27:55 US flag & ?? flag on truck in Vladivostock or ?? w/ American Expeditionary Forces signs. Officer signing pad. Horse carts alongside w/ Russian (?) troops. Wounded in straw in cart given cigarettes or candy. Russian peasants in MCU, prisoners (?) Worn out shoes in CU.

Patriotism; WWI Homefront, USA; Peace-keeping; Post-WWI; Russian Civil War;

World War One - Various

Marriage of Kaiser Karl and Zita

VIPs arriving. Guests assemble in outdoor courtyard. Bride and Groom kneel - outdoor wedding. Castle and grounds.

03:32:23 Herr Erzherzog with Frau Herzogin in carriage - ride in park. Park scenes - tropical greenhouse / hothouse.

World War One - Various

03:40:56 Kaiser Karl in Tyrol. Kaiser Karl in Brandungluck in Gyongyos.

03:41:45 Kaiser with Honved Division troops in Galizien

03:41:55 Kaiser in Krakow.

Kaiser cheered as he rides in open to car. Meeting with Burgermeisters

World War One - Various

03:33:23 Franz Josef Strasse - people walking in street. Sarajevo - estate / mansion - park.

03:34:25 Mosque in Sarajevo - Muslims at prayer

03:34:46 Fleet in harbour. Coffins ceremoniously brought ashore. Royal funeral of assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand

03:36:54 Rural scene. Franz Joseph out of carriage

03:37:32 Austrian mobilisation - Kaiser Karl speaks to troops. Troops leaving on train from railway station

03:38;45 Royal Funeral procession.

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - Early Berlin]

Main street with intersecting bridge and busy traffic. People off train at station. Women with huge hats in street. Boarding car; horse-drawn buses and coaches. Troops drill - pith helmets. Parade or demonstration; Brandenburg Gate. Firemen drill. Leisure boats on river. Steeple-chase with aristocrats & elegant ladies in big hats chatting in field. Zeppelin pulled into hangar. Car race (brief). Procession wealthy people in horse-drawn carriages. Street scenes incl. man with hand-cranked organ, kids.

19:23:27 Mobilisation: poster on wall; recruits training; German troops leave for war as cheering crowd wave hats in front of Reichstag; man in Prussian hat; German troops in countryside; grave. More troops marching off to war through cities and countryside. Refugees escape town on horse-drawn carts. German troops eat and rest. Berlin people at cafe terrace.

Post WWI Politics.

Stock newsreel exerpts

Ramsey MacDonald w/ Herriot. Stanley Baldwin, w/ movie cameraman, giving speech, crowd. PoincarÄ visits liberated Marshall Foch. French Troops marching beneath cherry blossoms. 1920, Deschanel ╨ PoincarÄ becomes Premier, troops riding, parade, coaches, crowds. Calvin Coolidge & Warren Harding & wives, Gerard. CU of loudspeakers, Coolidge acceptance at 1924 Republican convention, posing w/ wife & politicians. Ext. 1924 Democratic convention w/ John W. Davis riding w/ ?? in car and accepting nomination on porch; walking in garden, playing golf & with grandchild. 1924 convention w/ placards. William Jennings Bryan standing next to his brother.

Revolution [Extracts Cont╒d.]

Documentary on Russian Revolution - footage intercut w/ stills & paintings.

Animated map of Lenin╒s travels? Printing presses in underground chamber. Artist╒s impression Lenin speaking at meeting.

04:18:11 ╘1905╒ - First civil war / uprising - wounded soldiers helped off train by nurses [footage later than 1905] - portrait of St. Petersburg protest suppressed by military. Workers out of factory; workers meeting.

04:18:52 Extract from Battleship Potemkin - sailors on ship - Odessa Steps sequence - 11Dec1905 events recreated - workers demonstration put down in Moscow - street fighting. Artist impressions of Lenin addressing large meeting.

04:21:39 Prisoners marched in circle in yard; prisoners in ship╒s jail. Sailors board train. Men in leg irons.

04:22:28 ╘1908╒ - High shots across Paris [c1920s] showing the Seine from Notre Dame - memorial wall carved w/ anguished faces - house where Lenin lived. Revolutionary literature & newspapers.

04:25:30 ╘1914╒ - German troops w/ spiked helmets marching - Kaiser Wilhelm II ? French? officers. High pan across huge crowds in centre of St. Petersburg [?] Brief shot line of troops moving slowly through trench. Good quality.

Russia / USSR. Communism. Riots / Rebellion. WWI. Trench Warfare.

[Pre- & Post-Revolutionary Russian Scenes]

WWI [?] troops marching through city - conscripts ?

01:06:29 Tsar Nicholas II down steps into open carriage w/ Tsarina & older daughters.

01:06:53 Digging canal - senior Soviets visit - Molotov talks to foreman - Stalin & Voroshilov on ship╒s deck.

01:07:38 3rd Communist Party Conference 1921 - delegates arriving by bus. INT conference; CUs Lenin working on notes; MCU Lenin makes animated speech.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. Royalty.

[Germany 1910s]

Unid. family w/ dogs walking in snow through Bavarian-style gatehouse & along wooded street.

14:43:39 High shots military band & troops marching along city street; troops past camera w/ rifles. Soldiers stand by large tank in street. Officer on horseback.

14:44:31 Brief shot farmers past on horse-drawn carts loaded w/ hay, furniture & belongings.

14:44:44 EXT huge castle / palace in woods. Men in field shooting - wearing plus-fours etc. - dead rabbits & birds laid out for camera.

14:45:51 Troops marching along country road past camera - flag bearer w/ German military emblem? Troops on manoeuvres around obstacle course. Civilians & military marching down street.

14:47:32 March through old German town w/ unid. banner 1910s. Shots of crowd w/ people looking at camera; people on station platform waving unid. two-stripe flags as train pulls away. Outdoor meeting - men wave hats in unison. Marching continues - CUs flag waving.

WWI ? Occupation of the Ruhr ? Weimar Republic ?

[Misc. USSR: Lenin Funeral - Stakhanovites - Trotsky In Mexico - 22nd Party Congress]

INT Lenin funeral 1924 - body lying in state - CU Stalin - CU body of Lenin - other CUs inc. Kalinin & Voroshilov.

02:06:07 Grain sacks being counted and checked - loaded onto barge. Mining underground 1930s - miner w/ drill - sign in Russian re miner who achieved / exceeded yearly target - miner out of mine entrance & applauded - Stakhanov ?

02:07:02 Red Square parade 1940s? - English narration starts re 1937 Purges - Stalin on mausoleum w/ Molotov, Beria et al.

02:07:43 Trotsky in exile, Mexico: Trotsky w/ wife - in group inc. Frida Kahlo w/ police guard - brief shot Trotsky [face obscured] & Diego Rivera - CU Frida Kahlo & Trotsky╒s wife - CU Trotsky. Trotsky making anti-Stalin speech in English as at 01:43:48 - ╥...warm thanks to the Mexican people...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family [in Norway]...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods...╙ - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev & ╥irresponsible despotism╙ - ╥I have nothing to hide...╙ - promises to make available private papers to expose the ╥Moscow frame-ups╙ - ╥a counter-trial is necessary...╙ - says GPU has fallen to level of Nazi Gestapo - ╥...there is not a stain on my honour╙. [NB Small chance this is a Trotsky impersonator but background matches that seen in earlier shots w/ Kahlo.]

02:11:33 22nd Soviet Party Congress 1961 - Khruschev applauded onto stage - VO re Kruschev repeating Trotsky╒s accusations against Stalin - Ho Chi Minh present?

Russia. Communist Party. Artists - South America.

The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3 James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:06:12 Russian Civil war fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still Tzar╒s family with hammer and sickle superimposed. Secret police searching suspects. Firing squad. Lenin with cat, dubbed in English. Dora Kaplan, newspaper headlines re assassination attempt. Red army parade?

Map of world,

Kronstadt 1921, people dragging corpses out of mass grave, CU corpses with hammer and sickle superimposed. Military. Lenin, Trotsky. Stalin. Farmers with machines in field, wheat, buying food at shop, weighing grain. Herbert Hoover re aid to Russia. Children eating. Headlines re Lenin stroke. Lenin dead. Lenin funeral in snow.

Stalin. Five year plan. Men at work on railway line, lugging wood, heavy industry, quarry, factories and smoke, machinery. Agriculture, building houses, factory work, train (narrator says to Siberia), factory boss congratulating workers. Dignitaries in line.

trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies with hammer and sickle superimposed. trials, still of executed man.

13:12:45 Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination.

Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech. Popular front demo still. News headlines. Molotov and Ribbentrop meet.

13:13:51 Planes dropping bombs re Poland invaded by Germany. Soviet tanks and army invade Poland - stagey footage w/snow - not September invasion? Cartoon Hitler and Stalin with Poland corpse.

13:14:39 Soviet icebreaker. Fighting at sea. French plane sabotaged by French Communists. Nazi troops march through Champs ElysÄes. German guns and cannons fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Russian soldier surrenders. Map Russia with arrows to Stalingrad, shows territories Russia expanded into after war.

Troops marching. Tanks. Crowd cheering, parade. Industry. Troops running on barren land. Artillery, tanks.

Submarine, woman on stretcher, refugee.

Cold War

[Aviation Stock Footage 3]

Mixed-up early aviation and WWII footage.

Plane goes up in flames on aircraft carrier - plane is engulfed by fire and smoke but pilot is rescued.

HA pan as plane crash-lands on carrier and falls into sea. Bombers in flight; B-29 / B-26 fleet before take off; bombardment of German cities? Planes seen through crosshair. USAF and RAF planes in flight.

02:27:08 Men on ground and battle action. Focke-Wulf in flight. German soldiers in vehicles. Overthrowing barbed wire barrier.

02:27:55 Early biplane; Wilbur Wright? standing on plane in flight and jumping onto other plane [╒Jersey Ringel╒] flying past!

02:28:18 Nazi parade with Hitler and raised hand salutes. Battleship in heavy seas; planes on rain-lashed deck. 1940s fighter. Early biplane w/ ╘Henri Farmanni╒ painted on wing. USAF fighters in flight. Early seaplane. Bleriot? Biplanes landing and crash-landing on carriers - early 1920s. VS more recent [1940s?] USAF and RAF planes - landing on carrier and airfield take-offs; CU nose art ╘The Turtle╒.

02:33:10 New York City main street in rain and pan up skyscraper. MS top of skyscraper on fire; INT firemen tackle blaze.

02:33:33 Huge plane with 4 front propellers arrives at airfield watched by crowd; military officers check watches. TWA Lockheed Constellation in flight; INT cockpit dials.

[NB Intermittent sound - not usable]

[Misc. USSR - First 5-Year-Plan - Parades - Famine]

Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov & other men sitting round table & standing in group talking - Supreme Economic Council discussing forced industrial drive - first 5 Year Plan.

00:32:05 Crowd of people; high shots parade past Lenin╒s wooden tomb - early.

00:32:50 New Soviet troops pledge allegiance to the Government - military parade - tanks and troops - recruits take oath. Parade with CU of people in parade wearing large masks over their heads - cardboard tanks - top shots crowd.

00:33:49 The People╒s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs - Litvinov, Krestinski, Karakhan, Stromoniakov - men sitting round table talking.

00:34:06 Snowy street scenes - sleighs - people waiting in line - soldier on sentry duty in snow, St. Basil╒s Cathedral in BG; CU soldier w/ tall bearskin hat; pan across Kremlin in snow.

00:35:45 Crowds of people demonstrating in street [French shop signs]; soldiers (some on horseback) keeping them in order. High shot people march past and priest blesses them; CU soldier on horseback; people line street to watch parade. Pan across group of soldiers / officers sitting & standing. Officer talks to troops standing to attention in background. CU group of men in winter coats.

00:38:29 CU cobbler mending a shoe, people watching him

00:38:38 Lenin giving speech - side shot & brief front CU.

00:38:52 Trotsky [in leather jacket, trousers & cap] & young boy standing on prow of ship as it sails. Brief shot [future?] Soviet officials in army uniform, one speaking - inc. very young looking Voroshilov.

00:39:05 Famine - people selling possessions at street market; old lady standing on street selling her wares; digging for roots in the snow; GVs street market.

Russia. Communist Party. Poverty.

The 38th Parallel [Reel 1 of 5]

[North Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th Parallel. Reel 1 shows Japanese occupation from 1910 to WWII.]

Mountains and countryside in Korea. Japanese troops getting off ship in Korea. Japanese atrocities committed against the Korean people: shootings, mass graves and burning villages. Still pictures of Japanese officers. Japanese and Korean officials with Buddhist priest.

13:08:07 Streets scenes and buildings in Nam San Dong, Seoul. Men and women working in rice fields, sorting and packing rice.

13:09:45 Docks. Sacks of rice being inspected before shipment to Japan. Good shot steam train with plume of smoke.

13:10:13 Korean men and women working in various factories - slave labour - Koreans working on rock piles and carrying logs. Several men fall from exhaustion and beaten by supervisor. Japanese soldiers getting off ships. Koreans fighting side by side with Japanese in World War II [very scratched]. Warship firing on shore positions.

[Misc. USSR - Red Army Out Of Korea - Famine - Parades - Stalin╒s Mother]

Excerpts w/ English narration. Russian troops withdrawing from North Korea - Korean civilians wave them off - soldiers packed onto train waving flowers. Mao out of train in Moscow? - greeted by Molotov.

00:49:47 Burning of Brest-Litovsk, Belarus [WWI ?] - troops through smoke on horseback - civilians w/ horsedrawn carriages - houses on fire [shots repeated].

00:51:20 Short sequences vars Russian personalities incl. Lenin & Trotsky making speeches.

00:52:15 Beggar / woman trying to sell underwear - street scenes - shoppers look in windows - trams. - street market.

00:53:04 Depression / Famine scenes - men on street corners - beggars. Busy market.

00:53:49 Various Stalin - parades & meetings - inc. huge inflatable? Stalin head unfurled & carried aloft by balloon - Stalin & Voroshilov look up. Another parade w/ Stalin banners. Stalin, Molotov et al wave from top of mausoleum - anti-Trotsky cartoon banners in crowd - top shot Red Square. 20th anniversary parade ╘38.

00:55:22 Georgia - Stalin╒s mother Ekaterina Geladze walks down steps of palace in Tbilisi. Old man who was formerly a prince & wine grower. Vars old Georgian men - VO re wine of region.

00:56:24 Crowds at railway station - hurry along platform towards camera. Women & children walk away from camp where men watch behind barbed wire.

00:56:53 Women working at teletype machines & telephone exchange.

00:57:12 Meeting - men seated round table.

00:57:28 Stalin looking younger w/ Molotov & Kalinin; later shot of Stalin & Molotov waving from platform.

00:57:36 Early shots of soldiers on horseback & marching w/ rifles. Trotsky salutes w/ flag.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Poverty.

[Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - War Atrocities]

1929? Overview town set in valley; two men on horseback; GVs Georgian landscape - rocky mountain road; vars shots & CUs of peasants; INT men drink toast; LS monastery. POV down winding road. High shots across town on banks of river; vars street scenes. Oil rig on the water. More street scenes; band playing at outdoor restaurant; CU woman eating; CU old Georgian woman; POV tracking shot along street w/ carts

00:25:01 Construction site / quarry; shot blasting

Trotsky w/ unid. man, both in uniform. Dead bodies strewn on the ground; line of naked corpses around courtyard; men carry body on stretcher & put it into line w/ other bodies; CUs bodies; CU dead man slumped in corner; digging up mass graves; bodies carried out of grave; human limbs poking out of earth; people stand looking at grave. More bodies. Women in courtyard - waiting to identify bodies? INT cellar where people murdered? Bodies laying in undergrowth. CU men╒s faces.

00:30:03 GVs people milling around; walking along street; crowd cheering soldiers as they march through town

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Rural Life. Atrocities.

[New Orleans Stock Shots - 1910s or 1920s]

Harbor and dock scenes, Navy ships in harbor; United Fruit Company ship at dock - Cansfjord unloading coal at dock. Barge unloaded. Warehouses

02:08:22 Int. shop & men working w/ wood. Girl looking out from shutters on door. Street scene w/ wrought iron balcony. Black neighborhood.

02:08:50 Park w/ men in canoe; people rowing boats, swans; moss hanging from trees. Kids feeding ducks.

02:09:41 Type of lacrosse played w/ small sticks by boys in park. Harbor, street scenes in poor neighborhood - children playing in yard w/ goat; laundry hanging. Trams on busy streets in shopping area - well dressed pedestrians. Crossing street, MCUs.

Southern Americana; Daily Life;

[1920s Personalities]

ca Feb22 Joffre arrives Yokohama, Japan, Japanese in top hats on dock greet him out of rowboat & up ramp led by Emperor Hirohito; young girls present flowers. Soldierslined up waiting at Tokyo Station, flags.

11:16:53 05Mar19 - 04Mar21, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer holds daughter on lap & reads to her. CU wife w/ ornate hat & veil.posing w/ daughter & husband. Note: Known for anti-communist raids.

11:17:27 Albert Einstein outside Erich Mendelsohn designed tower (1921), Berlin, Germany, poses & turns & walks up steps. LS of expressionist-style multi-story tower; MCU of observatory on top; arched windows.

11:18:14 Irving Berlin & wife, Ellin Mackay (married 04Jan26) posing on Atlantic City honeymoon in hotel & outside.

11:18:34 William E., Pussyfoot, Johnson (ca 1920) raids bootleg plant, Sioux City, Iowa during prohibition raid (appears staged) as police break down door & arrest laughing man; carry out copper still. Johnson takes off coat & hat & smashes top w/ sledge hammer as man watches.

11:19:38 George Bernard Shaw visits Prince Paul Troubetzkoy╒s studio in Suna, Italy; walks up kisses wife╒s hand. Lake Maggiore & mountain behind. Another man introduced & all sit on wicker lawn chairs w/ dog. CU Shaw (GOOD). Troubetzkoy working on bust of Shaw outdoors as Shaw poses.

11:21:19 Obituary for William Jennings Bryan (died 25Jul25). CU, walking in rain in Washington, DCstops & takes off hat. CU; MCU w/ brother Charles. Speaking to large crowd in Florida. ON Miami, Florida balcony w/ President Harding & others.

11:22:35 Ceremony w/ French VIPS as large painting Pantheon de la Guerre is shipped to USA. Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt cuts ribbon releasing 500 ft panorama depicting World War (WWI). CU of portions of painting.

11:24:10 National Guard patrolling Centralia, Washington after Armistice Day IWW massacre (11Nov19) in gunfight between American Legion & Wobblies. Cars past patrolling soldiers; kids moved out of street. Troops march up street to police station to guard prisoners, Wobblies held in jail. Ext. of IWW Union Hall, men outside looking in; picking thru debris outside.

11:25:20 ca 25Aug25, Lord Plumer, British High Commissioner of Palestine & wife on reviewing stand upon arrival. Reviewing line of troops.

11:25:49 Ext. of Vienna, Austria government building & military lining up. Overhead shot of crowd of men in plaza & alongside building, raising hats & cheering; walking away. A few women present. Men marching behind man w/ flag.

Celebrities; Germanic Modern Architecture; Popular Music Composer;

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2

Fast Montage USAF from pre WWII early flight to Vietnam; to NASA Space Program, rockets launched. Incl. NY Times Headline: Senators Oppose the League of Nations.

02:22:15 18Sept47 Truman signs document creating separate Air Force. Still of first Air Force Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz. Interview in 1970s.

02:22:51 Jun82 Maxwell AFB gathering for Walk Through History (re military aviation)

02:23:38 WWI Sopwith Camel fighter planes on ground. WWI planes out of hangar and takeoff. Squadron in flight. 1982 interview w/ pilot, Col. George Vaughn, Jr. (SOF) re Sopwith Camel.

02:24:19 Various military planes, 1920s, 1930s.

02:24:40 1941 Pearl Harbor, US pilots, explosions.

02:24:55 WWII Color footage 305th Bomb Group arrive Scotland. ca 1980 interview w/ Commander Curtis E. Lemay re poor accuracy.

02:25:24 Bombing mission (B/W), variety of shots. CU propellers. In flight, bombs dropped, firefighters putting out fire.

02:26:19 Pacific fighter operations. John Mitchell describes ambush attack on Commander in Chief Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto (who suggested attack on Pearl Harbor). P-38s modified by ground crew, taking off. Japanese Air Force pilots. Mitchell SOF talking. Footage of 18Apr43 ambush by P-38s & attacking Jap Zeros.

02:27:55 1945, Col. Paul Tibbets re dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima .

02:28:23 1980s interview. Actual explosion is probably NOT Hiroshima, but Nagasaki mushroom cloud. CU Enola Gay. 1945, Tibbets & others by Enola Gay B-29. B-29 bomb hatch opening seen from inside, then below & bomb dropped (not atomic). B-29, NOT Enola Gay, in flight. Tibbets interview. Hiroshima atomic blast.

02:29:46 14Oct47 (?) Chuck Yeager lands plane. Test pilot Frank Everest speaking (SOF) re speed of sound & Yeager. Yeager SOF talking about X-1 plane (breaking altitude record) dropping from B-29. Boarding X-1, view dropping, LS.

Military Aviation History;

Early Flight - Some Dates in the History of Aviation

Early aviation development in France prior to WWI showing record flights made by Wilbur Wright, Glenn Curtiss and French aviators Bleriot, Farman, Voisin and Santos-Dumont.

Symbol which demonstrated mans desire for flight. CU painting of Leonardo de Vinci. CU drawing of Leonardo da Vlnci's flying machine. Several CU views of drawings of the attempts of man to fly from Leonardo da Vinci's time up until 1920.

17:45:51 CU head and shoulders of Clement Ader. He is the man who first demonstrated the possibility of mechanical flights. CU of drawing of his plane. Still photo of the first powered Wright Brother's plane. Still photo of one of Ader's planes. CU of head and shoulders of Louis Bleriot. - Gabriel Voisin - Robert Esnault-Pelterie.- CU of two French designers--unidentified. Stills of Robert Esnault-Peltierie making a test by mounting a glider atop a truck.

17:47:16 Several views of Gabriel Voisin towing a glider with boats on the Seine river. He stayed airborne for several seconds.

17:47:56 Alberto Santos-Dumont. MS the plane in which he made several flights (14 Bis). He made the first airplane flight in Europe Sept 1906. Plane made by Gabriel Voisin "La Bagatelle" which was flown by his brother Charles Voisin. CU Henri Farman seated in place. Sequences depicting the first attempt to fly the English Channel. Three competitors were Count Lambert in a Wright Plane at Wissant, Hubert Lathan in "Antoinette IV at Sangatte, and Louis Bleriot (winner) flying a monoplane of his own design from Los Baraques to Dover.

Shot of Bleriot's plane. - observers - the English Channel. Wreckage being salvaged by French boat. Wreckage being pulled down streets. CU Louis Bleriot walking on crutches. Bleriot standing in cockpit of plane prior to attempting to fly the English Channel at Les Baraques. Takeoff--PS over to the R showing observers. English people examining plane after landing. Ship on which Bleriot returned to France. Street scenes of his reception in Paris.

World War One - Vienna

Kaiser Franz Joseph and King Nicholas of Montenegro - long shot as royals get into carriage.

Vienna Derby 1912 - Officers and ladies in fashionable hats at race course

03:25:46 King Nicholas of Montenegro with Franz Ferdinand ? Jockey club officials.

03:26:18 Motorcade in Vienna street.

03:26:42 King Peter & Victor Emmanuel in carriage, military parade, King Peter & Victor Emmanuel on palace balcony - crowds waving in square

Group of officers ?

Early Russian Material

WW1 (World War One) Tsar Nicholas II at a parade in Tivadia. Moving along line of troops with other officers. Military march past. Tsar shaking hands with officers. Soldiers including cossacks at attention, salute, Tsar inspects

WWI - Grandes Maneuvres in Belgium

French Army units arrive at the banks of the Meuse & cross river in boats to town on other side; build pontoon bridge w/ wood planks secured to boats moved into place; run across it; officers lead horses across bridge, others walk w/ bicycles. People line far shore watching.

03:20:45 Infantry charge a Belgian village across a field as artillery units take positions. Troops run across field; horse teams pulling caissons past camera, one soldier w/ bicycle. Artillery set up & fired.

03:22:43 Machine guns & small artillery are set up in defensive positions - dogs pulling guns, men wearing metal tophats.

03:23:23 Men prepare meel in kettle over fire as kids & others watch; serve & eating chow. Various officers. Belgian? officers view cavalry parade in Temploux.

Pre-WWI; Military Exercise; Training;

The House of Romanoff (Romanov) Tsar and Tsarina of Russia

Romanov family visit to Germany. Military ceremony and march past. Tsar in civilian clothes and family .

Romania (Rumania) Constansa. Romanov family visit to find husbands for their daughters. Tsar and family greeted by Rumanian dignatories. A youth standing at the back on the left is supposed to be the fiancee of Olga - Rumanian Price Carol, but Olga did not like him and so the visit turned out to be one of politeness.

08:26:00 Leisure time in the Finnish Skerries. Tsar and family at play - canoeing - playing tennis - young boys swimming naked - Alexei can only watch. Very young naval boys play - race in boats and on parade with toy guns

08:28:56 Royal family dance on board the Royal Yacht Standart. Russian Naval ships. Royal family attend religious ceremony, placing something inside monument. Naval ships

08:31:34 Crowds outside Winter Palace after declaration of War. Royal family walk in procession. Tsar meets with soldiers. Inspects guard of Honour - Russian army exercises

Tsar╒s war Headquarters close to Baranovitchi town. Grand Duke Nicholai Nikholaevitch appointed Supreme Commander in chief

08:35:35 His Emperor Highness Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovitch and the head of the military and naval clergy Father Shavelsky. Kirill V will be proclaimed emperor in Paris in 1924

Early Russian Material

World War One

Derpt (Baltic Region) Automobiles for transporting aircraft - military vehicles.

Revel (Tallin) Battleship Pervozannyi

Ekaterinodar - Mechanised harvesting - line of small mechanised sycthes

Famous Ballet Dancer Preobrazhenskaya walking in a garden

Early Russian Material

The city of Lvov - views of the city after capture by Russian troops - panning top shot over city. People walking on streets - statues / monuments / buildings. General street scenes.

05:06:10 City of Taganrog - Austrian POWs arrive in the city. World War One Prisoners of war marched down street. Locals watching. Man at window pulling up basket.

05:07:02 A map of combat operations on the Austrian front.

Early Russian Material

Vincennes France - Sailors undergo drill training and leave for the front (World War One)

Vincennes New French 105mm mortars

Paris - military authorities taking measures for the city╒s defence - tree cutting.

Moscow Members of the Hunting club under the patronage of Grand Princess Elizaveta Fyodovna making bandages for the army - women sitting in rows rolling bandages. Using cutter to cut material. Using treadle sewing machines. Men using rolling machines.

[Early Russian Material]

Moscow - First boxing competition at the Skiing society - bare chested boxers in open air ring

01:14:30 Moscow Flag day to support the wounded of World War One. Collection of money on the streets

01:15:40 Map of combat operations in the Lvov region

[Early Russian Material]

Ekaterinodar - Procession of the population praying for Russias victory

Moscow - Wounded at a hospital organised by Art Lovers Society

V.I. Nemirovich Danchenko visiting the Front - World War One

Map of combat operations in East Prussia before the battle of Tannenberg

[Early Russian Material]

Moscow - Children perform gymnastics - Callisthenics

06:11:47 St Petersburg - Death of Dini and Plassanat during motor races. Race track with cars. Crowds run onto track after crash (not seen) wreckage of cars.

Warsaw - fire at sawmill - fire fighters hosing down piles of timber.

06:13:47 Switzerland - The Berne Exhibition - interior exhibition hall. Exteriors building

06:14:11 Aftermath of earthquake in Sicily - damaged buildings - homeless on streets.

The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw Part 2 - Director Bill Tilghman - Silent Western / movie

Title - Hixon and deputies leave for Ingalls. Tilghman, disabled, remains at home. Deputies carrying guns get on board horse drawn wagon, Tilghman on crutches sees them off.

Title - Fight at Ingalls Sept 1 1893 - reconstruction. Cowboys - outlaws in gun battle in Western town. Residents take cover - crying young woman taken into house. Good shot girl holding rifle looks out of window - she lowers gun to ground and jumps out. Man shot and dies. Outlaws run - firing guns back at unseen pursuers. Wounded man on horse falls to ground. Gun battle. Wounded man remounts - more gun fighting.

10:03:09 Title - Deputy Houston gives his life for the law. Three men firing rifles - one falls to ground. Outlaws make their getaway - riding horses from barn at high speed.

Title - Arkansas Tom - the sick outlaw covers retreat of his leaders. Tom fires rifle from bedroom window.

Title Deputy Shadley is killed in discharge of his duty. Deputy shot by outlaw. Outlaw rolls down bank. Young woman returns home to mother - crying.

10.05.04 Title Dynamite Dick rescues Bill Dalton. Group of men run from barn.

Title - Killing of Deputy Speed. Gun battle - deputy falls to ground. Outlaws escape. Back in town young woman arrives in buggy at house, greeted by two other women. Outlaws camp - tending to the injured. Outlaw goes to house of young woman and throws stone at window to attract attention. Interior - woman gets out of bed that she has been sharing with another young woman. Speaks to outlaw through window. Two women take horses back to camp.

[Austro-Hungarian Empire / WWI]

German troops leave for war, 1914. Troops running out of trench in battlefield - faked w/ explosions. Dignitaries parading. Austro-Hungarian royal family on balcony & milling about - wedding - men hunting ?

European Royalty - 1910s. Military parades

The House of Romanoff (Romanov) Tsar and Tsarina of Russia

Romanov family visit to Germany. Military ceremony & generals walk past; w/ unit flag & talking. Troops march past in review.

02:23:49 Tsar in civilian clothes & family.

Constanza, Romania (Rumania). Romanov family visit to find husbands for their daughters. Tsar & family greeted by Rumanian dignitaries. Shipboard & in palace (?). A youth standing at the back on the left is supposed to be the fiance of Olga - Romanian Prince Carol, but Olga did not like him so visit turned out to be one of politeness. Leaving palace.

02:26:01 Yachts w/ flags. Leisure time in the Finnish Skerries. Tsar & family at play: canoeing, playing tennis on wooden (?) court. Kayak race. Y

02:27:15 Young naked boys march at water╒s edge, yacht in background; diving into water. Alexei watching. Boys swung in hammock in woods. Very young naval boys play in rowboats; parade w/ toy guns.

02:28:56 Royal family dance in circle onboard the Royal Yacht Standart. Russian Naval ships. Royal family out of small steam boat, greeted; attend religious ceremony, placing something inside stone monument. Naval ships review.

02:31:34 High angle of people watch demonstrators parade outside Winter Palace after declaration of War. Large crowd chearing. Royal family walk down stairs & out in procession, people cheering Tsar reviews soldiers, Honor Guard & others. Russian army exercises

02:34:43 Tsar╒s war headquarters close to Baranovitchi town. Grand Duke Nicholai Nikholaevitch appointed Supreme Commander in chief.

02:35:35 His Emperor Highness Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovitch & the head of the military and naval clergy Father Shavelsky. NOTE: Kirill V will be proclaimed emperor in Paris in 1924.

Militarism; Wealth; Russian Royalty; Pre-USSR; ca 1914;

Early Russian Material

Moscow - Hospital for World War One wounded granted by Mr Tatischev to the United Bank. Patients with nurses on ward. Men looking at map on wall. Wounded sitting in grounds - crutches.

05:02:05 Moscow - making of underwear for the wounded in the house of the Serb consul - women at sewing machines

05:02:55 A map of combat operations on the Western Front.

[Early Russian Material]

Moscow - Children perform gymnastics - Callisthenics

00:26:50 St Petersburg - Death of Dini and Plassanat during motor races. Race track with cars. Crowds run onto track after crash (not seen) wreckage of cars.

Warsaw - fire at sawmill - fire fighters hosing down piles of timber.

00:28:53 Switzerland - The Berne Exhibition - interior exhibition hall. Exteriors building

00:29:20 Aftermath of earthquake in Sicily - damaged buildings - homeless on streets.

Early Russia / Germany / European Royalty

World War One - troops in trenches, explosions, reconstruction battle German and Russian troops. Dead in mud filled trenches.

1917 Riots in Germany, dead civilian on ground, carried away in blanket. KPD. German troops. Famine in Germany, people get food handouts from Government. Proclamation of Weimar Republic by Philipp Scheidemann, crowds cheering. Government troops. Street demonstrations. Berlin - Red Flag carried in demonstration.

12:03:34 Russian troops march.

12:03:40 Kaiser Wilhelm 1913 reviews troops - war games. Shots repeated. German troops with early machine gun.

12:04:20 European Royalty - Brief shot Edward VII and family in Royal carriage. King Victor Emmanuel of Italy on balcony (barely seen) for visit of Archduke of Russia. King Haakon of Norway visits French President. Ball after wedding of Prince Karl of Austria to Princess Zita. King Ludwig of Bavaria

12:05:15 Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany reviews troops. Royals on hunt. Good shot royals and officers all with feathered helmets walking down steps.

12:05:55 Moscow - street scenes. Berlin - parade for battle of the flowers. Society ladies selling lottery tickets to give charity to orphans.

12:06:40 Troops parade in Berlin. Kaiser at war games, German soldiers with early machine gun.

12:07:42 Start of WWI 1914 - conscription. German troops handed out uniforms. German troops - spiked helemts - march off to war. Kaiser. Crown Prince inspects newly discovered field telephone.

12:08:39 French General Joffre - French Troops.

12:08:51 King George V and Belgium King Albert.

12:08:56 General Von Hindenburg inspects troops. Scenes at the front, guns fired, tanks.

Russia in World War One

Blimps / barrage balloons are carried by troops and then released

10:48:10 Crowds gathered in boxes and in front of the building. At the races?

Troops parade - training with guns. Army manoeuvres on horseback. Tsar and others off launch. Tsar inspects troops. Tsar and family in carriages.

10;51:23 Crowds gathered in front of the winter palace - soldiers take oaths in the grounds of the Kremlin - Tsar inspects. Military march past. Troops with motorcycles followed by military vehicles past Kremlin.

Troops and marching band

10:56:24 Folk dances next to railway train before troops depart.

Troops in trenches firing rifles - advance. German officers? Orders? posted on notice board. Tsar inspects troops. Troops march down road. Troops in trenches, soldier using periscope, soldier using field telephone. Gun firing

11:01:51 Cossack dancing by troops - celebrations. Soldiers in foggy conditions some on horseback - grave

11:03:09 The wounded arrive home - carried from railway car - into carriages and trams.

Russia in World War One

Troops march down road. Troops in trenches, soldier using periscope, soldier using field telephone. Gun firing

11:01:51 Cossack dancing by troops - celebrations. Soldiers in foggy conditionssome on horseback - grave

11:03:09 The wounded arrive home - carried from railway car - into carriages and trams.

Digging trenches, including women. Ox carts along road

11:05:13 Graves / Funerals - mourning. Troops in trenches. Wounded on stretchers. Troops advance. Dead soldiers

11:08:12 Aerial views from Balloon

11:08:39 Troops in the field - winter- preparations for battle. Snow. Military vehicles along road. Soldiers looking at map in snowstorm - into military truck and off down road. Troops in trenches in blizzard. Cossacks. - Troops advance out of trench. Prisoners of War? Parcels handed out to soldiers Troops march through countryside - snow. Crossing bridge. Officer looking through binoculars. Trenches. Wrecked military equipment. Tsar with officers. Crowds watch troops pass through town. Tsar with officers.

11:23:49 Crowds in Red Square- recruits? march through

11:25:10 Digging a trench - the wounded lie under trees. Nurses, troop train / hospital train, interiors casualities bandaged, doctors / surgeons and nurses. Wounded transferred to train. Interior hospital

11:29:48 Croquet played by train, nurses join in.

11:30:40 Grenades thrown into snowy forest - explosions

Officers discuss over map. Troops march though snow - pan over snowy landscape - soldiers march through trenches - using binoculars - artillery - troops up snow covered hill. Bomb damaged town. Line of artillery

Ammunitions factory - women workers

11:37:50 Peasants use camels for agriculture / farming - traditional costume.

A boy (Tsarevitch Alexis?) salutes - officers.

11:39:22 Military trucks parked by side of road, motorcycle with sidecar arrives. Officers discuss and move out - Damaged fort ? tape dropout - Pan over town.

11:40:29 Religious procession. Soldiers relaxing, play game with dice. Soldiers run down street

11:42:34 Demonstrations in Tverskaya? Moscow - parade with banners. POV View from balloon of landing, troops deflate balloon

11:43:35 Troops are blessed in red square

11:45:37 German officers at train station - greet Russian men

11:46:34 Montage faces in slo mo - Lenin

Occupation - France World War One

Small French village in countryside, pan across fields. Dirt road. German troops marching & convoy with horses through village.

Muddy landscape. Soldiers open camouflaged trap and gun inside fires. Barren landscape. German trenches with large guns or cannons firing, soldiers blocking noise with hands on ears, on telephone. Firing cannon, smoke coming out.

In field with anti-aircraft gun.

Other trenches. Soldiers bring in body on stretcher. Soldiers waiting.

Pulling wire fence. Barbed wire. Camouflaging cannon. Soldier in trench, only head visible, surveys landscape. Waiting and phoning. Rearranging camouflage. Fixing telephone.

Pulling wire across field on snowy day. Horse taken out of makeshift stable. Soldiers on trolley down railway tracks laughing. Pan soldiers at camp, posing, messing about etc. Officers talking.

German camp with huts on hillside.

World War One - A minute or Two in Aden

The old native quarter - street scenes, arabs, knife sharpener. Man driving camel drawn trap.

World War One - American Aero Corps.

Planes on field. Painting of Red Indian chief on aircraft. French pilots. Pilots with tiger cubs ?

World War One - Arab Tribes Against the Turks.

Arabs in army uniform marching in desert / training. Arabs, some in robes at oasis - palm trees - camels.

20:07:22 Line of camels some transporting military equipment. Encampment. Single shot unidentified soldier.

20:09:09 Arab encampment - Arabs showing horsemanship - racing with rifles.

World War One - Balkan Troops on Hillside

Troops standing next to cannon / loading gun - posing with rifles. Soldiers with large shell.

03:19:41 Arrival of Prince Mirko and Montenegro troops in Scutari - marching band - officers on horseback . The Prince salutes troops.

03:20:41 Effects of bombardment in Scutari and surrounding area. - Destroyed house - bodies. Young boy carving bark from tree to eat, girl on pavement sitting with dead friend, refugees given food. Refugees leaving area, belongings on donkeys.

03:22:18 Crown Prince Danilo and Prince Pierre of Montenegro. Lines of troops towards camera.

03:23:07 Bodies on rocky ground.

World War One - Belgium (Excerpt from Fighting for the Fatherland ?) Poor quality in parts.

Explosions - troops run across open field - explosions.

Intertitle At Liege, Antwerp, Mons and Meuse, Belgium amazes the World by her resistance. Explosion - field gun firing - Soldiers stand face to face with each other firing guns - before trenches. Explosions. Troops run towards camera and into trench. Troops forward on stomachs across field

World War One - Berlin & Monarchist Revolution

Top shot parade - handing out leaflets - soldiers relaxing. General Jon Luttwitz inspects?.

World War One - Einstein Tower

Tower - observatory, details of modernist architecture

(Designed by Erich Mendelsohn)

World War One - Flanders

British troops in trenches. Group of officers. Big gun stuck in mud of Flanders. Good shots of efforts to move gun. British artillery - firing guns of various sizes, some under camouflage. Shots showing recoil of big guns.

20:35:00 Guns and artillery on the road moving forward. Men in trenches.

20:35:25 The fatal shot - long shot cavalry hit by artillery.

World War One - Naval

World War One - German Commerce Raider ╥Moewe╙ which destroyed 200,000 tons of Allied shipping. Shots fired from German ship, transport ship hit, rolls over and sinks. Full masted ship ╥ Duchess of Nantes ╥ sunk by Moewe. Galleon like ship hit and sinks.

World War One - German Troops and Soup Wagons

Cheering flag waving crowds as troop train pulls out of station

01:25:28 Red cross march down road

01:25:44 Germany - German troops on horseback and soup wagons along road. Soup wagons under construction. Troops at the front in line for soup from wagon including Red cross workers. German troops march down road on the advance - Soup wagons bringing up the rear.

01:27:54 German troops enter Belgian town. Military band. Artillery through the streets of city.

01:29:20 Refugees boarding ? Refugees leaving by cart.

World War One - Germans Honour Krupp Workers

Funeral Parade with banners - coffins - followers with wreaths.

World War One - How the Russian Troops are Turning the Turkish Flank

Cherka infantry sent to fight the Turk on the snow bound wastes of Trans-Caucasia. Large group of troops in snowy surroundings. Troops move out, officers on horseback. Good shot line of troops against snowy mountain background.

02:30:55 Prisoners of war in street and marched over snowy field.

02:31:43 Men put into bullock carts which move out in convoy.

02:32:26 Bactrian camels used for military transport. Camels through village street in snow. Good shot camels with snow covered mountain in background.

World War One - How the Russian Troops are Turning the Turkish Flank

Cherka infantry sent to fight the Turk on the snow bound wastes of Trans-Caucasia. Large group of troops in snowy surroundings. Troops move out, officers on horseback. Good shot line of troops against snowy mountain background.

Prisoners of war in street and marched over snowy field.

Men put into bullock carts which move out in convoy.

Bactrian camels used for military transport. Camels through village street in snow. Good shot camels with snow covered mountain in background.

World War One - Kaiser in London

Kaiser in ceremonial horse carriage with outriders of horseguards through London streets. Other carriages carrying unidentified Royals.

World War One - Lawrence of Arabia

Arab encampment and bazaar. Lawrence standing with ? maybe Lowell Thomas and Feisal.

20:02:12 Arabs driving car along dusty road. Arabs on horseback join motor car. Troops march along road.

World War One material (WWI)

Line of refugees in horse drawn carts. Polish troops marching down road - firing artillery - running across field. Troops in truck which is flying US and Polish flags. Soldiers milling around in unidentified village, injured men brough in on horse drawn carts.

02:13:10 Japanese troops firing rifles, manoeuvres, Japanese officers watching exercises, firing artillery, running across field. Japanese women spectators

02:14:20 Panama Canal - ships at anchor, dredger.

02:15:13 Title ╥On the Carso - The Italian army which has heroically driven Austrians from their Alpine strongholds prepares to renew the attack╙. Shows troops relaxing - marching down road. Heavy machinery digging trench? General Cadorna .

02:16:20 British troops marching - troops in trench - firing mortars.

02:17:05 Italian troops in trenches. French raising barrel of big gun (Field gun). Inspecting damaged bridge. Soldiers in bomb damaged town.

02:18:16 Paris demonstrations - film deteriorated. Man arrested.

02:19:00 Moroccan infantry march along rocky road - pack animals - men on horseback crossing river. Troops on foot cross river. Troops, some mounted parade past officer on horseback. Top shot encampment

02:21:15 Title ╥ Laredo, Mexico - A contingent of Carranza╒s troops is on hand to guard America╒s new Ambassador H.F. Fletcher on his arrival - shots troops at attention by railway train. Steam train - various dignatories - greetings.

02:22:04 Serbian troops in Salonika, marching along road

02:22:50 Greek Cavalry on horseback - troops perform acrobatics on horseback - standing in saddles. Training horses on lunge

World War One material (WWI)

General Sarrail, commander in chief of Allied Forces in Greece, greets Essad Pacha upon his arrival to take command of an Albanian contingent. Eassad Pacha steps from launch and is greeted. Party review troops and enter building. Troops on horseback - allied troops march past, all nationalities.

01:24:58 Title ╥Allied troops take refuge in the deep valleys of the Serbian mountain ranges where they are advancing slowly against the Teuton strongholds╙ - shots of camp. Troops on guard. Firing artillery mortars.

Prisoners captured in the Balkan fighting sitting and standing in compound eating.

012:26:07 Troops lining road - North african troops ? Marching band and dignatories.

01;27:42 Group of unidentified troops in crowd, one on bicycle with white flag ?

01:28:28 American troops boarding transport ship. Group of allied officers ? Troops waving from ship.

01:29:14 Title ╥Salonica, Greece - streams of British troops continue to pour into the Allies HQ in preparation for the huge Balkan offensive╙. Shots troops wearing pith helments and carrying rifles. Troops aiming mortar. Crashed aircraft.

01:30:03 General Guillmet reviews Greek division, Salonika - medal ceremony

01:31:21 Title - Salonica Greece - The populace celebrates the union of Greece with the Allies and the return of ex Premier Venizelos to power. Crowds lining streets. Dignatories - allied officers.

01:32;22 Sultan of Morocco with troops. Top shot huge gathering of Arab horsemen. Sultan greets unidentified allied officers ?

World War One material (WWI)

Title - In the Far East. The new star in Bethlehem - British forces enter old biblical city in their slow but sure advance into Mesopotamia. British troops march through arab lined streets. Building high lookout post with sandbags.

World War One - On The Western Front

Inventions - The flame projector / flame thrower used by French troops.

World War One - Palestine

Big guns moved through sand of desert pulled by tractor - British troops ride on gun carriages. Indian troops with horses through desert.

17:22:42 In the deserts of Mesopotamia, a spy of the Sultan has fallen into British hands, man questiones by man wearing arab dress watched by British.

17:23:37 Allenby╒s troops move out from Jerusalem. Camel train through desert. Title - The retreating foe has committed the greatest crime of the desert, destroyed a well. British troops standing around destroyed well.

17:24:33 Title - Shining in the sun, mosque and minret rise in a land freed from the bondage of the Turk. Shots of buildings - British troops with camels in town.

17:25:30 Title - Overhead monster aircraft help to keep watch. AV ships at sea. Dirigibles.

17:26:58 Allenby with French? officer. Gathering of officers. Reception of religious and civic dignitaries following Allenbys entry into Jerusalem.

World War One - Q-Boat Suffolk Coast

Lt-Com Auten, V.C., D.S.C. at the helm

Titles - . Q-Ship at anchor. Merchant seaman? at wheel - periscope ventilator ? - Gun. Crew with dog pose for camera - ship at anchor - activities on board - lifeboats - cuts out of sequence but good shots.

World War One - Somme

Ammunition cars and huge cannons moved to front lines. Cannon moved on railway train. Soldiers running over trenches (staged) Huge cannon lowers barrel.

World War One - Stock Newsreel Excerpts

German mobilisation - Military officers and politicians? German flag raised. Unid. stills. Troops parade watched by unid. men in top hats. Film excerpt ? Meeting and students in class.

00:40:50 German troops / officers - spiked helmets. Statue on Brandenburg gate. Film extract? German men on street waiting as man puts up news bulletin - reading bulletin. Map France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

00:41:37Crowds on streets welcome troops. Intercut scenes from film of different invasion forces in different centuries? Men reading newspapers. Troops march. Street demonstration - Speakers corner? German officers - excerpt from film of man addressing street meeting. Street demonstration - statue of Napoleon?

00:44:17 Versailles - peace conference in hall of mirrors. Exterior Capitol - interior Congress.

00:44:32 America mobilises - American Troops boarding transport ship - up gangplank carrying kitbags. Troops boarding trains. Train out of station, troops waving

00:44:49 Unid troops marching down country road. unid. troops and men loading coal train. Various unid armies marching. Officers. Possibly Haig?

00:45:26 Rear view military vehicles down road. German tank .

00:45:36 Title - A Tank moves up to attack. American troops walking behind tank

00:45:53 Title - Royal West Kents consolidateing a German trench - British troops in trench.

00:46:17 Title - Gunners who have been at the front since Mons - British troops and officers relaxing with cigarette.

00:46:41 Title - A British Tommy reading the latest war news to the excited people - Soldier with newspaper surrounded by local women - French or Belgium ?

00:46:58 Title - A Merry Group under the Huns trade mark ╥Gott Strafe England╙ Soldiers and locals pose for cameras under sign painted on wall.

00:47:08 Title - And Still more 9.2 Howitzers join in the pandemonium - no pix.

00:47:14 Title - Scaling ladders in readiness for the attack, Field guns put up a barrage in preparation for raid, no pix.

00:47:22 Title - And bring back a few prisoners. Soldiers running across muddy field with prisoners - into trench. British? troops with prisoners.

00:48:29 Title - King╒s Liverpools Light Infantry advancing to the attack in artillery formation no pix.

00:48:37 Title ╥The City of London Boys╙ go over the top and are shelled heavily on their way - no pix.

World War One - Stock Newsreel Excerpts

Steamers on the frozen River Neva carrying food supplies sent by foreign relief organisation to Petrograd. Good shots frozen city. Russian children stand next to ╥Marcus╙ ship out of Newark USA. Men unloading food supplies. American relief administrator Colonel Haskall looking at map. Food sacks transported along snowy street by sleigh - extremely cold weather. Civilians walking in snowy streets. Children crowded round soup kitchen? People eating hot food in street.

Excellent footage.

World War One - Stock Newsreel Excerpts

Samara - Tracking shot shoreline from ship. Roof of freight train. Carts in street market. Crowds hanging around on streets.

07:51:31 People being vaccinated in open air. Injections given in back. people queue for hot water from standpipe. Mass of carts and camels in market square. Sack of grain opened and emptied out. Russian man with handful of grain. Women and children. Camels standing by carts. Truck with American Relief Administration on side.

World War One - Stock Newsreel Excerpts -

Poster of Sarah Bernhardt - Excerpt from film as Bernhardt portrays Queen Elizabeth I.

01:13:15 Title In Conversation with his friend Emperor Wilhelm I. Kaiser with Franz Josef in hunting clothes converse in forest.

01:13:33 Unid. family - look Royal - board ship.

01:14:10 Church being bombarded. Infantry advancing over field under fire. Grenades thrown.

01:16:49 Pershing salutes parading troops in field.

01:16:55 Prince of Wales, King George and Queen Mary attending a baseball game in England. Close shots of Royals in seats. No shots game.

01:17:13 HMS Renown laying at anchor in the Hudson - title / no pix

01:17:25 US troops on board transport ship Leviathan

01:17:56 French troops march through village - troops on road with wagons and vehicles.

01:18:26 Battle scenes 1916 - Artillery / field gun firing. French troops go over the top from trench. Smoke and explosions as soldiers battle up hillside.

01:19:02 French woman at Verdun war grave cemetery. War memorial visited by VIPs - this section looks to have been shot much later.

World War One - Stock Newsreel Excerpts -

Staged Film re-enactment - Barrage balloon in flames falls to ground - Tanks towards camera - over barbed wire - very close shots. ╥German╙ troops firing machine gun. Troops advance under fire. Aircraft - dogfights. Plane goes down in flames. Aircraft fighting sequence. German planes crash landing on field. Ham actor in plane ╥dies╙ and falls out of plane (funny).


World War One Trench Fighting - staged

Allied and German troops in trenches - guns firing - explosions. Firing field gun. Teams of horses pulling field guns / artillery over rough ground. Cavalry.

01:23:18 Map showing area around Bapaume. Troops relax in trenches - troops take cover from artillery fire.

Battle scenes - machine gun (some actuality ?)

World War One - Turkey mobilisation

Turkish VIPs out of building. Bedouin Arabs in streets performing dance. Arabs carrying many flags in procession. Ritual killing of sheep. Arabs perform ritual dance. Crowds. Camel train through village and drinking at well

20:42:46 Turkish boy scouts - Young boys in military uniform carrying rifles parade through streets. Dignitaries. Turkish mobilisation - parade through streets. Rear view mounted troops. Troops leave city - marching down road.

World War One - Turkish troops fighting etc.

Turkish troops practice firing guns. Firing thru rubble of buildings. High angle of Turks etc. Turkish government & flags. People run thru streets, up hillside. Arabs riding past camera. Pretend to run past camera with guns, thru streets. Government leaders. Men digging ditches. Troops reviewed. Working bellows, mud, women sewing. Unloading railroad cars, women carry boxes. Oxen carts past with women leading. CU of hooves. Camouflaged guns pulled past. Explosions, firing guns. Troops advance. Village views & large building. VIP walking with many others. Men dancing in street.

20:18:25 CUs Kemal Ataturk. People on RR platform; women at looms; men w/ burros thru streets. Women embroidering as men watch. Women make artificial flowers and sewing. Turkish women exercising, voting, village women voting. Peasants in farmyards. Men saying goodbye and kissing hands. Saying goodbye to women as men leave with rifles. Riding past camera, walking past. Railroad past. Turkish VIPS as man & woman off train. Shake hands

World War One - Various

French ? Soldiers playing game like quoits ? plane flies overhead and they rush to cover artillery / gun with camouflage / branches of trees. Barell of gun has August painted on.

02:26:58 Soldier looking at anti aircraft gun ? Man up telegraph pole. Soldier on field telephone - communications. Troops hammering in posts and barbed wire fences.

02:28:32 Soldiers at outdoor / field service.

02:28:59 British soldiers looking at remains of huge gun - soldier clambering on mechanism. Soldier comparing width of barrell with his chest.

World War One Various

Men in hold of ship with box of shells

Unidentified man making speech in open air. Parade and religious ceremony

03:06:19 Railway siding with stockpiles of shells - dismantling ?

03:06:51 Belgium - funeral parade with wreaths

03:07:25 Man with small bomb on block and tackle - lets fall to ground - removes insides. Men stand with torpedo - remove tail and take out ?

World War One - Verdun and Germany

Suitcases and cameras loaded onto bomber aircraft. Bi-plane takes off. Aerial views Verdun - towns and cities.

02:22:06 Marshal Von Hindenburg with other officers walking down steps. Pose .

02:22:16 German Troops and military equipment crossing Rhine, includes horsedrawn carts with Christmas trees. Troops in city Kaisers Kaffe on corner of street.

World War One - VIPs

German Officers - Kaiser ? French ? officers. Groups of unidentified officers and women.

World War One - Women

British women performing manly type work - cleaning trains, cutting trees etc.

20:50:54 British Suffragette demonstration - nurses with banners - Hyde Park ? Woman Suffragette under arrest. Man talking to two unidentified women.

20:51:32 Washington - Secretary Daniels bids adieu to yoemanettes and marinettes being mustered out of service. Secretary Daniels in field surrounded by circle of women. Women march in uniform.

20:52:17 San Francisco California, Touring country in a campaign for universal suffrage, 24 Suffragettes who have served terms in jail arrive on Prison Special. Women out of train and pose for camera.

20:52:35 French women mine workers - women pushing coal carts. Women loading lumber onto trucks. Women pose for camea with male overseer.

20:53;38 Montage women doing traditionally male jobs - wallpaper hanging - cleaning railway trains

20:54:11 1916 Wilson goes to vote / elections - Army voting.

20:55:05 Women doing mens jobs - working on trains - in railway yard.

20:56:09 Chicago Illinois, Delegates to the Republican Convention carry the Stars and Stripes as they march to the Coliseum to symbolise their stand for Americanism and Preparedness. Group with flags walking along road. Harding smiles to camera. Unidentified man smiles to camera. Crowds in rain outside convention hall. Baby elephant waring coat with ╥ Votes ╥ .

20:57:14 Washington - 65th Congress. Exterior Capitol.

20:57:22 Jeanette Rankin with two men hold up large tattered American flag. Various other short sequences Rankin in different situations. Suffragette demonstrations

20:59:15 England - women aircraft workers. Queen Mary and Prince of Wales visit aircraft factory . Finished plane on field, women putting finishing touches.

21:04:00 Chicago, Jeannette Rankin , the first woman representative to Congress who will attend momentous extra session called by President Wilson. Rankin with group of women poses for camera.

21:00:27 Ship passes through Panama.

World War One - Wrecked Zeppelin on dock near Salonika.

Crowds gathered round skeleton of balloon. Sailor patrols, on guard. Tangled mass of girders.

WWI - British War Reviews

Remains of sabotaged / bombed railway bridge in desert. Supply wagons, British troops walking with horses.

03:41:09 Big guns dragged forward through the sand. Indian troops from machine gun battery walking with pack horses

03:42:35 General Allenby returns to Cairo - greeted at railway station. Troops training in desert.

03:43:30 Bethlehem - British troops march through crowd lines streets.

03:44:29 Desert of Mesopotamia - a spy of the Sultan╒s in British hands. Man questioned by Arab interpreter.

03:45:29 Cairo - fresh horses and mules put onto freight trains for the front. Troops and horses train in desert.

03:47:27 Title ╥ The Desert Battleship - From the captured city of Jerusalem, General Allenby;s fighters move forward in camel caravans to repel the Sultan╒s forces.╙ Camels through sand dunes.

03:48:07 Well, destroyed by retreating enemy. British troops with Turkish prisoners of war. Confiscated arms and supplies.

03:49:22 Palestine - engineers construct railway track, British and Australian?

03:50:14 Tractor pulling giant Howitzer across desert. Troops in oasis. Mosque and minarets in Jerusalem old city. Good shot Mosque of Omar, troops visible.

03:51:58 British troops question Turkish prisoner.

WWI - Stock Newsreel Excerpts

Extended shot of Turk; Turkish leader into carriage - VIPs - top shot parade - Turkish flags flying

21:17:38 Hindenberg; Group of officers out of building and pose on steps.

21:18:00 Ital. French and King George V - King George and others out of car. King George and French VIP review cavalry charge - good shots horses at speed.

21:19:14 King George inspects cadets - speaks to very young boy. Queen Mary inspects Girl guides? and women in uniform with ambulances.

21:20:07 French VIPs on railway platform at Compiegne.Arrival of VIPs - could be Haig? Inspects troops and party of VIPs walk in trenches.

21:21:01 British? troops out of snowy trenches and advance (moody shot). Firing big guns in snow.

Mass of soldiers running up snowy hill.

21:21:59 Italian? Austrian? - troops parade. Soldiers at railway station - supply train. Sides of beef loaded into trucks. Moving Railway gun. Moving big gun over rough ground.

21:23:11 Franz Joseph / Josef funeral - choir boys lead coffin out of building. Casket in ornate carriage through crowd lined streets - military ceremonial parade.

21:25:34 Hungary ? Austria ? King Carl's / Karl Coronation - royal coach in parade - VIPs - Young prince? put in carriage. Very elaborate parade with VIPs in ceremonial dress - King on horseback? rides up steps - crowd salute waving hats - dress almost medieval.

Battle of Ancre R3 of 3

14:08:10 Title: ╥Troops going back to rest...╙ MCU British wearing German helmets laughing. Troops march returning from battle.

14:08:51 Title: ╥After the Battle. Tired tommies...╙ Sitting smoking on sandbags, climb into busses.

14:10:08 Title: ╥The West Yorks and Worcesters return.╙ Marching, trucks & wagons on muddy road.

14:10:30 Title: ╥The devasting track of war...╙ Ruined villages of Martinpuich and Beaumont, complete devastation.

14:11:09 Title: ╥Scottish troops resting in Beaumont Hamel.╙ Troops beside road. Walk thru devastation; unearthing remains of German machine gun.

14;12:26 Title: ╥The Swamp of Ancre - showing German positions captured...╙ with barbed wire in water. 14:13:29 Title: ╥The triumphant return of the Tanks.╙ British tanks, w/ victorious British troops following; enjoy a meal.

14:14:44 Title: ╥Return of the Cameronians╙. Bagpipers leading men marching up road. Sleeping Irish division in trench. Washing & shaving in trench. Scottish troops resting & singing - one plays bagpipes. 14:16:43 Title: ╥Throughout the night our guns pour...╙ Line of large artillery firing.

14:17:05 Title: ╥Our tireless army...╙ Trucks, wagons, cavalry troops advancing silhouetted. The End.

WWI; WW1; World War One; Horrors of War;

NOTE: Very GOOD reel.

[WWI - Meuse-Argonne Offensive - 26Sep-11Nov18] R1 of 2

137th Inf. troops walk thru town in rain, motorcycle past.

15:02:04 Marching along dirt road thru fields, up hill past overturned truck.

15:03:08 128th F.A. troops enter Courouvre (?) w/ wagons, artillery & caissons. Motorcycles past on dirt road. Map & hand pointing to ??

15:04:55 LS, MS & CUs 139th Inf. troops occupy dugouts on hillside. Troops resting, eating; in trench; rifleman firing from top. Others wait ito advance.

15:07:55 Sunset over barbed wire. Soldier stands & silhouetted firing rifle.

15:09:01 CU Propaganda leaflet ╥what are we fighting for?╙.

15:10:08 Officers of the 138th Inf. out of elaborate stone camouflaged command post. Overhead shot of camouflage netting, men seen below, smoke rising from cooking or heating fires.

15:11:30 130th F.A. men clean artillery in field; firing. MCUs & CUs.

15:12:40 CU battle map of ?? Sector

15:13:10 Small artillery guns fired by French soldiers.

15:13:25 130th F.A. troops carry large ammunition from stockpile single file thru woods. Stack near camouflaged large artillery or mortar.

WW1; World War One; 1918;

[WWI - Tank Activities In The A.E.F.] R3 of 3

Line of French Renault FT-17 tanks advance in sunny weather on dirt road; horses & wagons in opposite direction. Tank pulling sled w/ crates. Tanks pass parked truck convoy. Thru village w/ damaged houses; along muddy forest road. Parked w/ troops resting. German prisoners of war carry wounded on stretcher past. GOOD shots.

15:19:02 British Mark IV (?) tanks cross field & barbed wire w/ explosions nearby, thru smoke.

15:21:40 Destroyed brick houses, tanks & explosions in background.

15:22:40 Mark IV (?) tanks carry rations to trenches.

15:23:56 Unid. tanks w/ up road w/ destroyed village behind.

15:23:46 FT-17 tank out of large crater.

15:25:17 Unid. large tank w/ French soldiers on top & American driving past. FT-17 tanks; MCU w/ GI driver.

15:26:12 British & others pose alongside Mark ? tank. Line of FT-17 tanks w/ various damage parked, inspected, mechanics working.

15:27:49 FT-17 (?) tanks on railway cars.

15:28:01 Badly damaged large long German (?) tank in field. Line of covered tanks parked.

15:28:32 Damaged German tank beside road w/ name Mephisto & lion painted on it. Other German & British destroyed tanks.

15:29:27 CU two jug shaped bombs or ?? on ground. Men pose on & around tank as officer reads from bible.

15:29:55 YMCA women throw candy (?) from top of tank. MCU woman laughing riding in front of FT-17 tank; another riding in turret.

WW1; World War One; 1918; POW; Equipment;

NOTE: Very GOOD tank footage.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

21:34:48 Street scenes NY & smaller city - good shots early cars.

21:35:09 Exterior The Gem Theatre - and interior of cinema, newsreel of Czar on screen, woman playing organ in front of screen. Audience in foreground.

21:35:55 Kaiser Wilhelm on royal stag hunt. Slaughter of stags; Franz Josef between rows of people; Military ceremony. Unid soldiers.

21:36:30 German troops goosestep; Cavalry . Russian armored battalion - mass of autos; Russian cavalry; Lancers (German?);

21:37:33 Belgian refugees along road; Sign War declared on Germany - British mobilize - Haig?

French in trenches - troops on horseback - railway gun. Artillery. More trenches.

21:39:00 Warships at sea - alarm sounded - battleships firing broadsides. Turkish battleship sinks. Crowds celebrate - France? Soldiers marching

21:40:00 King George V, Lloyd George and others out of building. Winston Churchill poses outside building.

21:40:16 British troops transported by truck and on foot. King George V with officer. Tank demonstration - moody shot tanks moving forward through smoke / gas.

21:41:04 Russians eat during blizzard; Russian soldiers dance drunkenly; Russian retreat; retreat through snow;

21:41:46 Revolutionary demonstration - leaflets handed out; Trotsky ? addresses troops

21:42:20 Petain ceremony, kisses lady & child Military manoeuvres? Railway gun - shells in freight cars. Big guns firing. Smoke and huge explosions, some CU Battle scenes.

21:43:24 French among ruins - bomb damaged buildings. French ceremony. Re-establish interior of movie theater.

WWI - How the British Army Broke the Hindenburg Line Reel 1

Summary: On the British advance during the Cambrai Offensive.

Infantry units move up near Inchy. LS Bourlon Wood and a sugar factory on the Cambrai road which formed a German Machine gun post.

21:49:50 Supplies are brought up in horse drawn carts. British troops moving into trenches.

21:50:48 German prisoners of war brought in. Prisoners are treated at a dressing station. Wounded on stretchers. Walking wounded prisoner given mug of tea. Medics bandage leg wound

21:53:16 British 63rd Naval Division moving to the front. German guns captured by Canadians. Captured German tanks. British regiment of the Duke of Cornwall╒s Light Infantry going forward through Bapaume.

21:55:53 Crossing the Canal du Nord. Bomb damage

21:56:33 Cameron Highlanders moving forward. Masses of POWs. Top shot as prisoners walk along bottom of Canal du Nord.

21:58:-7 Railroad tracks along the Canal du Nord are repaired.

21:58:34 Local population, mostly women, of Ecourt St. Quentin pose with British troops.

21:59:27 Three young men who escaped the Germans and have now joined French army.

22:00:09 Thousands of British soldiers on board troopship heading back to England for rest. Shots as leaves dock.

22:00:52 Street in Baupaume showing total devastation. Scenes from the Citadel showing barracks and ruins of church

22:02:02 La Bassee after four years German occupation - ruins - British infantry walk in ruins. Road sign.

WWI - Deutscher U-Boot auf Kaperfahrt 1914-1918

Partly or wholly staged documentary of Ger. sub / U-boat cruise during World War I,

Submarine loads up on torpedoes and supplies and crew comes aboard, sub puts out to sea waved off by German sailors. German fleet in harbour. U-boat on surface, men in lookout tower. Three masted ship hit by submarine - men rescued and taken to sub before ship sinks. U-boat underway, brief shot interior engine room. U-boat submerges. Interior man looking through periscope. Torpedo into tube. Steamship underway. Torpedo launched. Ship sinking. Ship firing guns, depth charge? Sub underway. Surface launch torpedo tube. Ship sinking.

15:09:39 British Q-boat - submarine submerges. Ship sinking. Ships log. Sub at sea.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - Russians and Germans

Interior factory , armaments Russian or German? Brief shots horses and children in playground. Women queue for handout?

Kaiserin Augusta Victoria wife of Kaiser visits German wounded, speaks with soldiers and nurses. Kaiserin into car. Wounded on stretchers into railway trucks. Kaiserin speaking with German officers wearing spiked helmet. Kaiserin and lady into railway carriage.

15:26:30 Short shots - Crowds outside shop? pages of calendar. Goods loaded onto wagon. Crowd outside station? Interior nursery children eating at table, refugees or displaced persons on carts loaded with belongings.

15:27:13 Army cavalry manoeuvres, troops wearing spiked helmets. Troops on horseback carrying lances. German troops at attention, Hindenburg into car. Refugees.

15:28:09 German army with rifles walking through forest area. Firing artillery, nearly hits horse. Cavalry. Troops running across field. Troops on horseback. Dead soldiers. Wrecked guns. Chimney topples, wrecked buildings and wrecked train locomotive. Pan down damaged buildings. Cemetery. Refugees including many children. Women and children run. Pan down ruins of church.

WWI - German War Film 1914 - 1918 Reel 2

German troops advance in forest. Supply trains enter an East Prussian town. French infantry rushing to defend a Belgian town against a German attack. Three German soldiers play piano in street. German soldiers load refugees into wagon; refugees on road pushing cartwheels with belongings. German railroad gun; French graffiti?: ╥La Grosse Bertha╙. German trenches at Somme, France, are shelled and troops are seen running across field.

12:30:09 German Railway motor car: automobile on railway tracks.

Destruction at Fort Conde, near Soissons; field hospital in front of wrecked manor house. Cavalry units pursue the fleeing French.

WWI - Italian Army in Combat, The - 1914-1918

Italian infantry, cavalry, artillery and ski troops move up to the front lines in the Alps. Ski troops. Battle - artillery pieces and machine guns are fired. German prisoners are brought into camp. Searchlights are used in trench warfare at night. Italian troops enter Trento and Fiume and crowds celebrate.

WWI News Excerpts

Italian boats patrol Austrian coast, ships engage shore batteries. French naval steamships ships join British squadron for Dardanelles attack. German submarine periscope sighted - deck guns fire at subs, depth charges dropped. British and French warships shell coastline

German fleet - British ships, close-ups of guns; Fight off Jutland?, ships sinking, torpedoes; King George V visits British naval fleet.

Italian torpedo boats sinking Austrian battleship St. Stephen, with sailors clinging to decks, awaiting order to abandon ship, which were never given. Men in water as ship sinks

French air aces decorated; King Albert of the Belgians taken for flight over German lines by pilot Nungesser. King Alfonso of Spain with early aviators. Baron von Richthofen with other pilots. Bi-planes in flight. Captain Guynemer being decorated. Quentin Roosevelt in uniform - Grave of Quentin Roosevelt.

WWI - How the British Army Broke the Hindenburg Line [Reel 1]

On the British advance during the Cambrai Offensive. Infantry units move up near Inchy. LS Bourlon Wood and a sugar factory on the Cambrai road which formed a German Machine gun post.

13:49:50 Supplies are brought up in horse drawn carts. British troops moving into trenches.

13:50:48 German prisoners of war brought in. Prisoners are treated at a dressing station. Wounded on stretchers. Walking wounded prisoner given mug of tea. Medics bandage leg wound

13:53:16 British 63rd Naval Division moving to the front. German guns captured by Canadians. Captured German tanks. British regiment of the Duke of Cornwall╒s Light Infantry going forward through Bapaume.

13:55:53 Crossing the Canal du Nord. Bomb damage

Part Two

13:56:33 Cameron Highlanders moving forward. Masses of POWs. Top shot as prisoners walk along bottom of Canal du Nord.

13:58:07 Railroad tracks along the Canal du Nord are repaired.

13:58:34 Local population, mostly women, of Ecourt St. Quentin pose with British troops.

13:59:27 Three young men who escaped the Germans and have now joined French army.

14:00:09 Thousands of British soldiers on board troopship heading back to England for rest. Shots as leaves dock.

14:00:52 Street in Baupaume showing total devastation. Scenes from the Citadel showing barracks and ruins of church

14:02:02 La Bassee after four years German occupation - ruins - British infantry walk in ruins. Road sign.

WWI - Mining Activity On the British Front

Trucks are loaded with stores and explosives. Troops board lorries, arrive at destination, out of trucks and wave to cameras.

11:12:49 Entering the communication trenches - soldiers carrying supplies down trenches. Shaft head, man wearing breathing equipment comes up shaft. Looking up the shaft from below as men come down with equipment. Men entering mine with timbers. Inside shaft, men fill sacks. Pit props. Officer with listening device hears sound of German counter-mining and gives order to charge the mine. Explosives laid and sacks put down to prevent back blast. Men leave mine, detonator connected. Before the explosion the infantry take cover in a neighbouring crater on the Hohenzollern Redoubt. Officer pushes plunger, huge explosion, barbed wire in FG. Secondary explosions. Infantry, some scottish run across ground.

11:17:40 Troops in trenches setting up machine gun, good CU as bullets fed through machine gun. Pan round barren cratered land.

WWI - German War Film 1914 - 1918

German troops in grassy trench firing machine guns. Troops carry guns up incline.

12:02:15 Belgian peasants in a captured town are forced to turn their cattle over to the German authorities. Town square, old women with cows. Old women leave in donkey cart. Street market with locals

12:03:45 After the bombardment. Bomb damaged church and buildings, tracking shots through streets showing ruins.

12:05:01 Film damage.

12:05:13 German aircraft loading up for raid over Allied lines. Bombs handed to pilot. Bi-plane takes off. Good aerial views of town with gothic cathedral - Verdun? German pilot in rear seat of plane with camera. AVs Verdun.

12:08:15 AVs No Man╒s Land - smoke rising from battle trenches.

12:08:37 LV German troops advance under fire. Explosion. Ground and Aerial shots intercut. German pilot holding bomb over target of British HQ. Ground shots building as bomb misses. Pilot with second bomb. Direct hit, building collapses.

12:11:01 Allied plane shot at by Germans. Skeleton of Allied plane smoking on ground (staged?)

12:11:49 German aircraft returns to base, ground crew checking plane - bullet holes. Aircraft in repair shop.

WWI - German War Film 1914 - 1918

English tanks captured at Cambrai. British tanks on road after being put out of action by German artillery near Fontaine, Notre Dame, a suburb of Cambrai. Soldiers march past tank. Troops breaking up tank. Snow on ground. German motor troops move off in captured British tank. Good shots as tank knocks down tree.

12:17:54 Kaiser Wilhelm inspecting captured tank. Tank used to knock down lampost as demonstration.

12:19:29 On the Italian Front. - Italian troops moving up in the Tyrol Sector before a battle. Pack animals and troops crossing river bridge and through wooded area. Troop movement in mountain area.

12:21:37 Top shot, pan over battle area, smoke rising from artillery bombardments.

12:23:27 Italian prisoners run to security behind Austrian battle lines. Italian POWs leave dugout after questioning. More prisoners.

Deutsches U-Boot auf Kaperfahrt

Partly or wholly staged documentary of German submarine / U-boat cruise during World War One.

Sub loads up on torpedoes & supplies, crew comes aboard, sub puts out to sea waved off by German sailors. German fleet in harbour. U-boat on surface, men in lookout tower. Three-masted ship hit by submarine - men rescued & taken to sub before ship sinks. U-boat underway, brief shot interior engine room. U-boat submerges. Interior man looking through periscope. Torpedo into tube. Steamship underway. Torpedo launched. Ship sinking. Ship firing guns, depth charge? Sub underway. Surface launch torpedo tube. Ship sinking.

15:09:38 British Q-boat - hatch on deck opens to reveal concealed gun, sailors hurriedly aim - submarine submerges - ship sinking. CU ship╒s log. Sub at sea.


[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - Russians and Germans]

INT factory - armament production, Russian or German ? Brief shots horses and children in playground. Women queue for handout? Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria [wife of Kaiser] visits German wounded, speaks w/ German officers wearing spiked helmet. Kaiserin and lady into railway carriage.

15:26:30 Short shots - Crowds outside shop? pages of calendar. Goods loaded onto wagon. Crowd outside station? INT nursery children eating at table. Refugees or displaced persons on carts loaded with belongings.

15:27:13 Army cavalry manoeuvres, troops wearing spiked helmets. Troops on horseback carrying lances. German troops at attention, Hindenburg into car. Refugees.

15:28:09 German army with rifles walking through forest area. Firing artillery, nearly hits horse. Cavalry. Troops running across field. Troops on horseback. Many dead soldiers. Wrecked guns. Chimney topples, wrecked buildings and wrecked train locomotive. Pan down damaged buildings. Cemetery. Refugees among ruins including many children. Women and children run. Pan down ruins of church. Temporary bridge construction / repair ?

[Stock Newsreel Excerpts]

Russian Cossacks water horses at well and eat soup.

Czarina and Czarevitch Alexis visit military and civic authorities.

Russian village in snow and village scenes; horse sled; bread distribution for children. Father points at American flag and holds child. USA flag in snow (re American aid during famine?). Line of peasants wave at camera. Tram carriage exterior and interior. Train into station.

14:06:48 Russian ships; Turkish ship sinking; Various destroyers. Naval Battle


[British Newsreel Excerpts]

US airmen exercising in front of barracks - jumping on one foot & callisthenics.

Army beats Navy at Anglo-American baseball league at Highbury.


[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Arabian troops in mountains and in desert - men holding flag; oasis with palm trees and camel caravan. 19:02:39 Yanks occupation of Rhine patrol. Soldier asks other for light at checkpoint and runs off laughing.

Mules ploughing field; good shots plough.

19:05:24 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria reviews troops in Sofia.

19:05:56 Seaside resort promenade - Deauville ? Elegant women pose for camera - good.

19:07:36 French cavalry: 7th Dragoons drill in Fontainebleau.

19:08:22 American troops after war, Italy - Red Cross trucks - wounded returning to States?

19:08:54 Italian Army in the Alps. Digging with crane.

19:09:50 French officer or general greeted outside doorstep.

19:10:03 Leviathan docking.

19:10:09 US troops board train - cheering crowd on platform.

19:10:37 Austrian PoWs of Italy.

19:11:04 Soldiers treated to outdoors feast to celebrate an Allied victory - eating under trees; Catholic service outdoors.

19:11:41 Rebuilding houses in village - reconstruction; Belgian refugees? walking out of house or shop carrying furniture and various household items whilst others queue. Children eat at outdoors table. MCU soldier with dog. Two American soldiers with priest in garden.

19:13:27 French road construction in Alsace behind Allied advance into enemy territory. Materials transported on narrow-gauge tracks and on oxcart.

1910s Dress Fashions.

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - American Field Service Volunteers in France]

Army recruitment. Men in civilian clothes board army truck. Troops shaving in field. New recruits rounded up at camp, many in civilian clothes; Pershing arrives. New recruits salute French family standing with cow on side of road. Men board Red Cross ambulances and drive off; driving through countryside and picking up wounded.

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Peremyshl? Russian? cavalry charge. German retreat from Brussels (film damage at start); King Albert reviews troops. US troops on way to Germany; Vienna - Seitz - new republic in Austria; Men and women vote; strange elephant-shaped and other really impressive fireworks shaped like unid. general, Lindbergh etc.

19:34:30 Lillian Gish (movie star) - wearing helmet points gun at camera laughing.

1910s. Voting.

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive

[Intertitles throughout - US Signal Corps. official film.] Trucks and troops move along a road. Troops wait in trenches. Machine guns and artillery pieces are loaded and fired. Good CU shot of early tank up slope; tanks and troops advance through open country. Prisoners carry American wounded on litters. Pershing decorates soldier. Supplies are moved to the front. Battlefield under an artillery barrage. Troops through town. Church and village bombarded. Map of region. Americans reach railway near Sedan.


World War One - USA

Military Parade in Washington. Transport / troop ship in dock. Sign Men wanted for the US Navy. Civilian volunteers parade. Troops, cavalry and nurses in parade. Liberty Loan meeting / parade.

09:37:24 England - military parade - policeman walking with sailors - American flags and American military in parade.

09:38:14 USA - Naval cameraman filming from back of open top car. Military parade - Sailors - troops - National League of Women╒s Service. US Marine Corps with USS Recruit band - three floats in the shape of naval ships. Posters ╥The Navy Puts ╘em Across╙. Sailor painting poster and sailors putting up ╥Join the Navy╙ posters

09:39:57 Automatic rifle instruction - breaking gun down. Anti-Sub gun instruction.

09:40:25 Following are short cuts - Brief shot men in tents. Brief shot political rally - unid. speaker. Statue of Liberty - steel - Naval band - Victory gardens - women on parade - depth charge dropped at sea - parade - crowds including Charlie Chaplin with woman.


World War One - US in France (WWI)

Railway yard / station - American soldiers unloading horses and mules from cattle trucks.

World War One - Coloured American Soldiers at the Front. (WWI)

Soldiers in camp. Soldiers in trenches - moving through. Soldier cleaning gun. Brief shot eating in trench.

World War One - House on fire (WWI)

Brief shot street in small french town with house on fire. Hose played on smoking ruins.

WWI - France in Arms [Reel 5]

Railway guns, steam train up and past seen through trees. Artillery under camouflage net.

French artillery fires, shell casings hrown into piles, infantry advances. Various shots different big guns firing.

06:03:53 Title ╥Over the top to Victory. Photographed at 6 a.m. this is the only bona fide picture ever made of French troops advancing upon the enemy╒s entrenchments.╙ Shots, troops in trench, officer looking at watch, soldiers with fixed bayonets sheltering in trench from enemy fire, troops out of trench and running across field. Flamethrower? making smoke. Troops advance from trench to trench.

06:05:56 Prisoners of war marched through trench and through village. POWs into camp. Prisoners fed.

06:07:51 Wounded treated by medic in the field. Walking wounded and stretchers moved to first aid posts. Stretcher cases put into ambulance.

06:09:31 Evacuation hospital. Huts and ambulances. Interior wards. Wounded soldiers walking in grounds, nurses.

06:10:48 Hospital train - wounded loaded onto train on stretchers.

06:11:10 Base hospital - interior ward. Man in bed with nurse attending to drip.

06:11:36 After the battle - Masses of troops marching across field. Troops with bicycles. Troops on horseback, cavalry.

06:13:10 General Petain decorates French soldiers and their colours. Ceremony in the field. Also shows General Joffre and General Pershing.

WWI - British War Reviews [Reel 3]

Cavalry charges - British troops on horseback ride down hill and through woods.

06:17:00 Queen Mary visits a field hospital, speaking to wounded in ward. King George V and Queen Mary leaving from railway station. Other unid. VIPs.

06:17:14 British artillery firing over Hindenburg line. British soldiers watching as refugees in carts move down country road. Refugees moving one way through town as British artillery moves towards the front. Ammunition trains move to the front. Piles of shells. Wreckage - military equipment, deserted trenches.

06:20:14 Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig and Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour confer in France, two seated in garden.

06:20:38 Captured German military equipment, taken by Canadians after four days fighting.

06:21:33 Canal du Nord - debris and wreckage after Germans routed by th British.

06:22:24 Haig confers with Premier Clemenceau. Two in group surrounded by bomb damaged buildings. General Byng. Officer talking to priest. Honour guard.

06:24:18 Title ╥Inspecting the late German Headquarters, now a yawning ruin╙. Building with German sign Kommandanter. Bullet holes in brickwork. VIPs inspect building and leave in cars.

06:25:30 Title ╥On the outskirts of Ypres, the hospital suffered the usual fate when in range of a Hun gun, British blow up dangerous walls of the ruins╙. Demolition of building.

WWI - British War Reviews

England buries Baron von Richthofen, the Red Baron. Full military honours for downed air ace at funeral in France. British soldiers carry coffin which is placed on back of truck. In a small cemetery Anzac troops perform military funeral, gun salute over grave - Australian / New Zealand troops.

WWI - British War Reviews

Britain fights for democracy in Palestine. Arabs and British troops load donkey carts with supplies. Arabs drive off. Soldier with camel, puts arm in mouth to show friendliness. Herd of camels drinking at water trough. Troops riding camels across desert.

06:30:22 Long line of cars driving through the desert carrying water for the troops.

WWI - French War Reviews [Reel 2]

French troops escort Prisoners of War and abandoned German equipment. Walking wounded. Tank along road.

06:32:46 A German tank is captured by a French detachment - French soldiers in trenches. Tank on side? Bodies of German dead. Wounded on stretcher and cart. Man on crutches. German POWs in camp.

06:34:15 Title ╥St Quentin once more became a desparate battlefield as the Franco-British-American forces beat the enemy back from the Hindenburg line╙. Shows troops and military equipment gathered in valley. French cavalry. Observation balloon / LTA. Troops and supplies moving up to front. Anti-aircraft guns fired to protect balloon. Digging trenches. Wrecked German equipment including tank. Good shots in ruined town - troops run for cover. Dead French soldier. Trenches are dug. Wounded stretchered to ambulances. Troops and supplies moving to the front.

WWI - French War Reviews

Title - ╘French and Americans side by side prepare to push on once more where the Germans are forced back across the Marne╒. French in foxhole and trench. Troops move across grassy field. Wounded coming back from the front, prisoners of war.

06:43:28 Entering Longmont, troops and wagons. Ruins of abbey, damaged buildings, troops move across field.

WWI - French War Reviews

Title - In the Balkans General D╒Espere, Commander in Chief, greets the Commanders of the Allied Forces of Salonika. Various high ranking officers greeting each other .

06:45:14 Title - ╘The beginning of a nation - President PoincarÄ reviews the first regiment of Czecho-Slovaks╒. Mass of troops - ceremony on field. Soldiers march past with flags.

World War One - Verdun and Germany

Suitcases and cameras loaded onto bomber aircraft. Bi-plane takes off. Aerial views Verdun - towns and cities.

02:22:06 Marshal Von Hindenburg with other officers walking down steps. Pose .

02:22:16 German Troops and military equipment crossing Rhine, includes horsedrawn carts with Christmas trees. Troops in city Kaisers Kaffe on corner of street.

World War One - On The Western Front

Inventions - The flame projector / flame thrower used by French troops.

World War One - American Aero Corps.

Planes on field. Painting of Red Indian chief on aircraft. French pilots. Pilots with tiger cubs ?

World War One - Somme

Ammunition cars and huge cannons moved to front lines. Cannon moved on railway train. Soldiers running over trenches (staged) Huge cannon lowers barrel.

World War One - VIPs

German Officers - Kaiser ? French ? officers. Groups of unidentified officers and women.

World War One - Various

French ? Soldiers playing game like quoits ? plane flies overhead and they rush to cover artillery / gun with camouflage / branches of trees. Barell of gun has August painted on.

02:26:58 Soldier looking at anti aircraft gun ? Man up telegraph pole. Soldier on field telephone - communications. Troops hammering in posts and barbed wire fences.

02:28:32 Soldiers at outdoor / field service.

02:28:59 British soldiers looking at remains of huge gun - soldier clambering on mechanism. Soldier comparing width of barrell with his chest.

World War One - How the Russian Troops are Turning the Turkish Flank

Cherka infantry sent to fight the Turk on the snow bound wastes of Trans-Caucasia. Large group of troops in snowy surroundings. Troops move out, officers on horseback. Good shot line of troops against snowy mountain background.

02:30:55 Prisoners of war in street and marched over snowy field.

02:31:43 Men put into bullock carts which move out in convoy.

02:32:26 Bactrian camels used for military transport. Camels through village street in snow. Good shot camels with snow covered mountain in background.

WWI - US Navy Transport In The War

Pan transport ship at pier; troops board at Hoboken. Leviathan (formerly Vaterland) leaves NY harbor; Convoy at sea; kitchen on board and Inspection of Galley; Chow aboard troop ship; Troops sleep in crowded bunks sick bay; Engine room - stoking boilers; Waves breaking over bow; Bugler blows drill - lifeboat drill; U-boat alarm, guns fire; Ship arriving in French port.

WWI - Pershing╒s Crusaders Reel 1

Art title, map of Germany. Soldiers crawl thru trees. Refugees along road out of village. Ruins, fire, explosions, rubble in Belgium. People camped along road. German submarine & crew sailing.

03:31:43 Lusitania sailing from NYC harbor w/ ferryboat. Burning ship in harbor at night.

03:32:05 Montage: two cars leave White House, thru Washington street, into Capitol. Large rally on mall in front of White House. Military record keeping w/ cards, tabs & description of draftees.

03:33:28 Fingerprinting.

03:33:38 Army uniforms and shoes are manufactured in garment factory, men cutting cloth, many women & men sewing. Workers bundling blankets, etc & storing. Shoemaking.

03:36:26 Meat packing, baking & food production for army - meat carcasses, loaves of bread.

03:36:44 Post laundry w/ washing, pressing & packaging.

03:36:58 Troops visit Red Cross, YMCA, & Knights of Columbia clubrooms - men read in library, play piano & chat w/ old ladies. Area under construction??

03:37:52 Panoramic views of shipyard. Overhad shot of large factory from crane. Brief shot workers cheer patriotically under US flag.

Homefront; Manufacturing; Industry; 1910s; Liner;

WWI - Pershing╒s Crusaders Reel 4

Troops blessed by Catholic priest in France or Belgium, in town square seen from several angles. Baptised (?) w/ water on forehead.

03:39:24 Communication lines strung in trenches. Walls, sandbags, platforms seen. Troops looking out. 03:40:40 Put on gas masks, sound alarm. Soldier w/ horse & motorbike; troops eating. Chicken coop, troops receive mail (gag?). Chow served & carried thru trenches.

03:41:46 Check car with bullet holes. Soldiers watch puppy & kitten play-fighting.

03:42:13 Baker & Pershing along docks; inspect positions. Large camouflaged artillery set up, barrel raised & gun fired. German prisoners brought to the rear, stand in field looking dejected. Officers watch allies advance along road.

03:44:56 Sec. Pershing & Gen. Pouydrequin review French and US troops.

03:46:36 CU President Wilson at the White House. Map burning, smoke rising & US flag superimposed. End logo of shield & eagle.

WWI - British War Reviews Reel 4 of 6

Remains of sabotaged & bombed railway bridge in desert. Supply wagons, British troops walk w/ horses across floating bridge on pontoons across narrow steam. Supply wagons pulled with teams up sandy road.

04:41:09 Big guns dragged forward through the sand by huge crawler tractors, troops w/ pith helmets & towels. Indian troops from machine gun battery walking with pack horses thru dust, mountains behind; up mountain pass.

04:42:33 Gen. Allenby returns to Cairo - greeted at railway station. Mounted troops w/ British flag at desert camp or base.

04:43:28 Bethlehem - British troops march thru crowds of arabs, Christians, adults & children lining streets.

04:44:29 Desert of Mesopotamia - a spy of the Sultan╒s in British hands. Man questioned by Arab interpreter beside armored truck.

04:45:29 Cairo, Egypt Fresh horses & mules put onto freight trains for the front. Train pulls out. Troops & horses train in desert. Windmills on dike (?).

04:47:27 Title ╥ The Desert Battleship - From the captured city of Jerusalem, General Allenby╒s fighters move forward in camel caravans to repel the Sultan╒s forces.╙ Camels through sand dunes in long line.

04:48:01 Well, destroyed by retreating enemy w/ soldiers standing around it. British troops with Turkish prisoners of war. Confiscated arms & supplies.

04:49:20 Palestine - engineers construct railway track, British & Australian? Engine pulling car dropping rails.

04:50:14 Tractor pulling giant Howitzer across desert, gun crew riding. Troops in oasis. Mosque & minarets in Jerusalem old city. Good shot Mosque of Omar, troops visible.

04:51:38 British troops question Turkish prisoner in desert walled compound.

France in Arms R1 of 5

On French mobilization - Troops.

10:12:54 French leaders: Marshall Joffre talking w/ General Pershing. President Raymond PoincarÄ walking along dirt road, reviews troops. MCU Senate President Antonin Dubost. MCU President of Chamber of Deputies Paul Deschanel walks past camera. Premier Paul PainlevÄ talking w/ army officer outdoors. Minister of Foreign Affairs & former Premier Ribo walks w/ others to camera & CU. Gen PÄtain out of building, decorates troops w/ kiss. Ex-Premier RenÄ Viviani walking & posin6 in garden.

10:16:30 French recruits given uniform, shoes, helmet; exercising bare-chested outdoors, calisthenics, physical training, jogging, broad jumping, high jumping, instruction in throwing grenades.

10:18:22 Troops marching in courtyard w/ men laying on ground spelling Long Live France, stand up & get into line.

10:19:21 Soldier╒s peeling potatoes, eating in mess hall; rifle training & target practice; drilling.

10:20:40 Gen. Dubois speaks to troops; boarding train & waving from freight cars as they pass. Eating in temporary camp, horses & supplies. Defensive barbed wire fixed, telegraph & telephone wire strung on poles, radio antenna raised. String of men in trenches pulling cables away from camera.

10:24:02 Men in small boats building amphibious bridge & driving piles w/ winch. Officers watch. Sawing posts & laying beams. Large deck; horses & wagons across. Men building road w/ poles, wheeling stones on hillside. Narrow gauge railroad track laid & excavating hillside by hand. Large railroad built w/ men carrying beams, rails by hand & dropping in place. Steam engine past w/ flatcar. Horses pulling freight car w/ troops. Snow on ground. Steam train past w/ large artillery & trucks. VERY GOOD.

WWI Construction;

France in Arms R2 of 5

On French mobilization - supplies & guns

Warehouse w/ goods stacked by soldiers: shoes, cloth; food storage.

10:30:01 Ext of long low building w/ many chimneys; int. w/ read being baked in huge quantities. Large barrels of wine stacked outdoors, loaded by hose into or from tank cars. Sheep & cattle in pens in stockyards. Men moving stacked vegetables from warehouse to train, carrots seen; large stacks of firewood.

10:31:42 Pan across trucks in storage depot; convoy leaving along road (GOOD). Warehouse w/ oil drums; gasoline in crates. Women stacking munitions (?) Pan over int. of large rifle factory, women workers, men boring rifle barrels, moving parts thru yard. Hoisting rifles out of oil. CU of old style rifle fitted w/ shells. CU new repeating rifle showing placing of magazine in animation.

10:34:47 Demonstration of machine gun being fired, loaded. Grenades & practicing throwing.

09:36:00 Trench rifle w/ attachment for firing bombs. 37mm trench cannon fired. 58mm trench mortarloaded & fired. 75mm trench gun hauled into place by team of soldiers, set up & fired. 150mm Trench mortar cannon pulled into place & fired w/ lanyard. 240mm mortar & winged bomb loaded.

10:38:07 Small French tanks demonstrated rolling past as soldiers watch.

10:38:28 Large factory seen from above w/ heavy cannons manufactured on work floor. Men working seen from overhead crane. Floor & belt driven lathes & other machines, women, boys & some men working GOOD. Large barrrels of artillery & overhead crane. 65mm guns moved on mules & set in place, troops prepare for firing. French 75mm guns fired, men reloading & firing.

10:41;27 120mm short barrel mokunted on wheels. 120mm Long range heavy field artillery lined up, man raised barrel. 140mm w/ men around it & winching into place. 155mm w/ barrel raised & firing from behind embankment. Schneider 155mm rapid fire gun fired several times.

war production.

WWI Armaments; War Industry; Military Hardware;

France in Arms R3 of 5

On French mobilization - railroad guns, mortars, howitzers, and airplanes

Heavy guns mounted on train - 270mm raised; men climb onto 305mm w/ Gerienne on barrel. 320mm cannon & troops beside railroad car. Troops move shells up on car; 340mm cannon mounted under camouflage netting.

10:46:13 Mortars & howitzers: 220mm raised w/ troops around, breech shown closing. 270mm mortar raised set in camouflaged position. 280mm mortar w/ barrel opened, smoke out as shell hoisted. 370mm howitzer on large railway car w/ crew. 400mm howitzer w/ barrel raised, crew & firing. Crane placing upper part of large 520mm howitzer as men watch it lowered into place.

10:48:38 Munitions factory, woman operating truck moving shells; tracking shot along women workers. Large shells hoisted, stacked.

10:49:51 Map. Animation over relief map imitating aerial view of bombardment.

10:50:28 Completely leveled countryside (brief), aftermath bombardment. Crowds of workers entering or leaving factory, many on bicycles (GOOD).

10:51:18 LTA being constructed at aeronautics factory - women workers on floor glue fabric; workers hanging on swings around nearly completed zeppelin.

10:52:06 Aiplane factory & parts, wings & motor manufacture - many women workers. Working at various stages. Finished biplanes in hangar. Shop floor w/ motors assembled. Testing motor on test rack.

10:53:12 1914 Bleriot plane on field, bleriot taxiing. Farman, 14, pilot climbs into plane along w/ copilot, taxiis. 1914 Caudron w/ pilot & mechanics.

10:55:34 1917 planes: The Morane; The Nieuport being started & taxiing; The Spad outside hanger testing controls.

10:57:01 Bombers: The Breguet; The Caproni; The Voisin.

10:58:22 Observation planes: The Bi-motor Caudron; The Sopwith; The Salmsom.

WWI War Production; Early French Military Aviation;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts] (Flash Titles)

King George V & Queen Mary tour Liverpool, England industrial area; stop & talk w/ workers. Men wave from old ships deck. Walking in front of nurses & doctors (?) outside hospital? Shaking hands w/ teachers? Adults & many children line road & wave flags as Royal car up & past.

English Royalty; Homefront;

11:15:35 Title: French encampment behind the lines w/ laundry & cooking; troops relax. Bread distributed; feeding donkeys. General Petain w/ VIPs visits camp, hands out chocolate, drinks water from barrel. MCU walking out of doorway.

French Military Daily Life; Resting;

11:16:43 On the Western Front, 410th Regiment of French troops returns to base for rest. Cavalry rides past across field, troops march thru fields w/ long fitted bayonets in late summer. General Petain inspects troops, ties flag on pole; shakes hands w/ woman, kisses her on both cheeks. Flower girl gives her bouquet. Petain inspecting troops, CU. CU of soldier w/ unit flag.

Awards; Military Ceremony;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts] (titles are flash titles)

View in French front line trenches, soldiers relaxing & looking over top. Good shots troops in trenches smoking and relaxing.

11:18:55 Supply wagons thru mud toward camera w/ line of trucks on road behind headed in opposite direction.

11:19:32 Good shot large battleship w/ camouflage steaming towards & past camera. Same ship w/ two open metal towers makes pass from other direction.

11:20:18 Title: Belgian Armoured Cars. Many of these cars have been sent to Russia and assist in holding back the Germans.

Men standing next to armored car w/ mounted guns. Men stop & dismount, salute. Car backed up (nitrate decomp).

11:20:50 Title: Belgian Motor Cycle Corp.

Troops w/ rifles & motorcycles on brick road, possibly bridge stand beside & sit on motorcycles.

11:21:10 Title: Joffre. Animation - cartoon using the letters of the name Joffre, turns it into caricature of Joffre rolling up sleeves to beat the Germans.

11:22:17 Title: The Deutschland - Germany╒s submarine liner arriving at Baltimore, USA.

Large cargo submarine w/ two radio antennas on surface w/ crew on deck, escorted by tugs. Various shots w/ city & river bank beond. German flag & Deutschland - Bremen on aft. CU Captain Paul Koenig; MS crew. Part out of rack.

11:23:43 Unid. troops, possibly Russian. Supply wagons & medics on horseback out of yard. Good shots almost silhouette of line of troops along snowy country road. Frost on trees.

11:24:41 Large number of troops (probably Russian on muddy parade ground present arms & march.

11:25:29 Title: Ratify or Reject. Dail Eireann meet. Irish Parliament assemble to decide the all important question (Whether to go to war?).

11:25:37 Unid. location. Crowds wait outside building as politicians arrive. Men leavie car past camera. LS spectators watching from distance, police. Pan large building w/ columns across front. VIPs out & down steps.

11:26:33 Three British submarines at anchor alongside warship, seen from water. Scotland╒s Forth Road bridge in BG. Sub K-15 preparing to dive; two funnels fold in CU. Sub dives w/ deck guns in place. Sub underway on surface at speed, much black smoke. Two crew along deck of fast moving sub breaking waves over bow. Officers pose on sub K6 in good MS.

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Title: With The Russian Army - Infantry and Artillery Going Into Action

Russian horse-drawn artillery, wagons out of gate past camera. Troops march away along snowy road, horses pulling artillery & supplies. Walking toward camera; soldiers walking & stumbling over frozen ditch. 00:46:29 British soldiers w/ numbers on back in training exercise; on barren ground & in crater, grenade thrown, sandbags filled. Troops run w/ barbed wire barricades.

00:47:07 Title: The Pests of the Trenches.

Training dogs to catch rats in the trenches. Terriers with two trainers.

Military Training;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts] Pt. 1 of 2

Title: The French Advance - General Sarrail has pushed his troops across the Vardar.

Title: French troops moving to their new positions. View across valley as soldiers march w/ pack mules w/ supplies across grassy field in mountainous area, others resting in background. Pan to show long line.

12:01:02 Title: Sedd-Ul-Bahr The bay at Cape Helles where the British troops were disembarked.

Pan showing British soldiers on partially built dock, ship offshore, sunken in water. Small ships rock in water.

12:01:43 Title: Laying a narrow gauge railway up from the beach. Large steam tractor on sand w/ soldiers standing beside; winch cable pulling wagon w/ stone on rails. Men waving to camera from along track.

12:02:22 Title: Salonica The Greek Port on which the eyes of the world are fixed. Small barges anchored, tug moving about & men unroping boat from dock or floating pier. Pan over docks & large elevator building. Crowd. Freighter at dock, men in rowboats alongside.

12:03:36 Pad of title only.

12:03:44 Title: In Lorraine The Children Don The National Costume To Welcome The French Troops.

French (?) officer on horseback, crowd watching, others saluting. Ceremony (?).

12:04:01 Title: Demonstration with the Dayfield Body Shield - man demonstrating light weight of body armor or bullet proof vest by swinging it around.

12:04:18 Title: America╒s Coastal Defences - Big Gun Practice on the Coast.

Large cannon fired seen from slightly above, men run in to reload. View of explosion in water. Firing another shot, smoke & Coastal gun firing at towed target.

12:05:11 Title: The Great Russian Army - The Troops of the Tzar Hardened To All Weather Are Preparing A Great Offensive.

Troops in heavy coats & w/ rifles propped around eating as large snow flakes fall.

12:06:10 No snow. LS of road & convoy of military trucks & vehicles / ambulances along road.

12:06:27 Turkish? soldier smoking standing next to pennant or flag w/ markings F.52 on one side & crescent moon & star on reverse. Airplane behind.

12:06:45 Officers standing above trench looking over field. Heavy destruction & artillery firing from dug in positions. Blacks & other soldiers. French (?) man oiling & fusing shell, raising gun barrel, loading & closing breech. Firing & preparing to reload, reloading, sighting & firing. French soldiers w/ camouflage netting over large mortar or ??, hoisting large shell & into barrel. Raising large railroad gun barrel by hand cranking.

12:09:46 Title: Sunk in the Dardanelles. Brief shot of 4-stack Turko-German light cruiser Breslau underway w/ large bridge behind.

12:10:09 Title: German leader Auf dem Schlachtfeld von Tannenberg. Gedenkfeier vor dem neuerrichteten Ehrenmal.

Street parade w/ banners & military in street & march onto filed. Military ceremony in front of castle like building. German officers including von Hindenburg. Crowds watching. Continued...

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts] Pt. 2 of 2

French officer & man in fez giving handouts to refugee children & mothers. Officer throwing coins or candy, kids fighting for them. Mothers & soldiers laughing. Very young boy in fez & soldier uniform.

12:12:13 Title: 11am Nov. 11, 1918 Cheering crowds throng the streets in spit of rain.

Military & civilians waving & cheering on trucks, fountain. King George V, Queen Mary & other royals on balcony at Buckingham Palace (GOOD). Crowds in the Mall waving. Royals into carriage, leave St. Paul╒s after Thanksgiving service.

12:14:14 Title: Civil War in Russia The Distribution of Pamphlets by the Various Political Sections has Culminated in a Break Between Civil and Military Authorities.

Crowds on the street, pamphlets thrown in air. Military marching past seen over heads of crowds. Pamphlets distributed from back of truck. Crowd listening to speaker. Brief shot of man w/ European woman (possibly John Reed & Louise Bryant) standing in back of car. Russian man reading wall poster. Crowds sitting on monument draped w/ banners.

12:15:11 British (?) sailors laying mines from rear of ship, on deck pose; brief view of ship deck & ocean.

Russian Revolution; WWII Armistice Day; Royal Family; Royalty;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Title: With The Russian Army - Infantry and Artillery Going Into Action

Russian horse-drawn artillery, wagons out of gate past camera. Troops march away along snowy road, horses pulling artillery & supplies. Walking toward camera; soldiers walking & stumbling over frozen ditch. 12:17:10 British soldiers w/ numbers on back in training exercise; on barren ground & in crater, grenade thrown, sandbags filled. Troops run w/ barbed wire barricades.

12:17:54 Title: The Pests of the Trenches.

Training dogs to catch rats in the trenches. Terriers with two trainers.

Military Training;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Title: Berlin - Die Abreise Des Englischen Konigspaars.

Officers in dress uniform outside building. Kaiser and Kaiserin exit & get into car.

12:19:17 Well dress crowd, some w/ binoculars watching horse race (not seen). MS looking up race track w/ horses toward & past camera at finish line.

12:19:37 Title: Wien - Reichen im Dienste der Armer (?) der die sjahrige Blumentag.

Well dress crowd w/ men women & children on city street. Charity collections by woman, young girls give out flowers; flower day in Vienna. Well dressed around expensive car in front of Cafe Scheidler; others in street, w/ trams & carriages & women collecting from them. Tram passes. Double-decker bus with flowers. VERY GOOD.

12:20:31 Title: Malo (Frankreich) August 1912 - Hydroaeroplan - Konkurrenz organisiert von dem franz Automobil-Klub. Der Aviatriker Barra sturzt ins Wasser und rettet sich indemeraufden Flosser Seines Apparates steigt.

Men w/ ropes trying to guide cabine & two propellers beneath large balloon. Four well-dressed men in top coats walking out. Very brief shot of early airplane w/ bird-like wing edge & Japanese (?) pilot.

12:20:47 Title: Belgien - Brussel Unter Teilnahme einer ingeheuren Menschenmenge hat las Leichenbegangnis Paul Jansons des Vaters des allgemeinen Wahlrechts╙ stattgetunden.

Belgian royals leave building. Young woman & older (w/ veil) down steps. Other well dressed people on steps. Man w/ long tailored beard (King?).

12:21:13 Title: Jassy (Rumanien) Der Konig und die Konigin von Rumanien wohnten den Festlichkeiter des 50 jahrigen Jubilaus der hiesigen Universtat bei.

Military saluting at ornate entrance as car pulls up w/ Royalty. Queen Elizabeth aka Carmen Sylva stands, poses, King Charles 1st shakes hands & Rumanian royals arrive by car.

12:21:42 Title (language ?? - not Russian). Street w/ boys, women & Russian soldiers in cobbled square, military on carts pass in BG.

12:22:29 Soldiers & bullock carts. Title ?? German, Bulgarian & Austrian soldiers pose w/ big gun.

12:23:31 Unid. soldiers in and out of city gate? Cars and bullock carts.

12:24:21 Bridge wreckage & troops crossing temporary bridge (GOOD).

12:25:26 Title ?? German, Austrian & Bulgarian soldiers talk with street market traders. (Turkey?)

12:26:06 Title ?? Skopje Street scene - crossing bridge ? Title ?? Soldier digging, troops pass in BG (in Serbia?)

12:27;02 German troops drive supply wagons. Officers in car

12:27:50 Supplies at RR yard? Brief shots unid. troops. Title: troop encampment, troops marching, eat.

12:30:18 Troops, Infantry w/ spiked helmets march away from and towards camera (towards Serbia).

Balkans (?); Aviation; 1910s;

[WWI: Liner Galician Captured By Germans; British Homefront & Women Workers; Land Girls; Miners Strike]

Title: Captured By A German Cruiser - Thrilling Adventure of a British Liner.

17:03:03 4-stack liner Union Castle steamship ╥Galician╙ off coast of Tenerife en route from Cape Town to Southampton, signalled to stop by German cruiser Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.

17:03:42 German officers board Galician. British officers captured. Liner at sea. Civilian group on deck posing & merrily waving hats at camera. Captured officers to German cruiser.

17:05:38 Gaumont Graphic no. 452 Title: British Women Pageant - 50,000 Women╒s Marched... to show desire to work for nation. W/ banners in rain, crowd watching. ╥mobilize brains & energy of women╙ GOOD.

17:06:40 Title: Delegates at the Home Office... Delegates in bowler hats walk out of home office , pose for camera, Parliament in background. Delegation of women pose & attend a meeting on behalf of women & children. Women in uniform doing farm work, shovelling mud or manure, milking cows, chopping hay in barn, Land Girls posing; spreading manure in field as men supervise.

17:10:06 British dignitary in wig w/ other dignitaries around reads King╒s proclamation re ╥eat less bread╙ re rationing, from steps of Royal Exchange. Top shot crowd w/ hats. Title; GG no 639. Men out to steps & repeat of reading, cheers, crowd.

17:11:22 Woman shopper holds paper rolls - toilet paper. Women queuing outside shops, advert for Dundee Marmalade in BG.

17:11:36 Factory interior w/ large belt driven machinery & women workers in fruit cannery. Peeling & coring fruit, cans along conveyor.

17:12:26 GG no 493 (?) Flash title: Dublin hears the Bugle Call... Irish recruits off to war w/ horse teams pulling artillery caissons & troops marching thru city streets.

17:12:54 Title: The Coal Strike - Scenes at the pit head. The last miners ╥Special╙ leaves for hiome. Men watch train pullin up, mostly men off & to building. South Wales miners handing in their lamps; train leaves. Men stand on platform, many young boys w/ coal dust on faces.

17:14:19 GG no 999. Title: South Wales miners at Tredegar record their votes. Men standing putting votes in ballet bucket. Scene at market stall? people hand over money.

17:15:08 Women workers nailing planks of wood in shed making large crates.

{WWI - France w/ Aerials, Hydroplane Aviation, Trenches, Destruction]

Aerial view of French army camp near the front line w/ tents, supplies & barracks.

18:36:47 Title: Loading bombs onto hydroplane. Men beside large biplane used by Royal Naval Air Service; folding wings while on deck of ship. Plane lifted from water by cable.

18:38:17 Aerials of steamers at anchor in harbor & view over city & small boats in harbor w/ oil slick.

18:38:55 Lifting plane w/ pontoon floats onto ships deck w/ crane.

18:39:29 Title: Hydroplane departing. Pusher prop on biplane w/ hull in water; biplane returns & lands. Aerial of hydroplane w/ floats.

18:40:35 Title: Charlie Chaplin Mascot On A French Aeroplane. Doll mounted on front of plane.

18:40:53 Title: Lunch in a second line trench. Portuguese (?) soldiers chow in trench. Man reading newspaper; telephone post in trench. Getting mail & on guard duty.

18:42:31 Title: Panorama of Maurepas. Wreckage & barren tree trunks. Ruined church at Freze. Soldiers╒ graves buried where they fell w/ helmet on stick; makeshift grave markers. Large bomb crater & desolate scene of battle in the Somme, ruins near Esnes. Church tower wreckage.

WWI Military destruction; War; Aviation; Celebrity;

[Beginning of the League] R1 of 2 (League of Nations)

Highlights events that initiated WWI and inception of League of Nations and its function. French inter-titles.

Neighborhood alley, gang of men in flat caps & hats in street fight - to illustrate arguments between neighbors.

18:00:36 Titles: Lorsque des Nations sont belliqueuses... re: events that lead up to WWI.

18:01:11 Newspaper headlines announce assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Winter shot across Serajevo rooftops & mosque. Animated maps of spread of war & the reorganization of Europe after the Treaty of Versailles.

18:04:03 Military cemetery, war graves.

18:04:36 Title: La mer, une vaste tombe. Waves.

18:04:41 Title: Des millions d╒estropies. Troops across rields w/ packs, stretchers & widespread destruction, medics carry wounded soldiers across wobbly foot-bridge, thru ravaged countryside. Entrance to aid station. 18:05:55 Stretchers loaded into ambulances; along road in convoy.

18:06:19 Title: Les blesses anglais... Red Cross ship returning.

WWI History; ca 1918;

NOTE: Good battlefield wounded sequence.

[Beginning of the League] R2 of 2 (League of Nations)

Wounded soldiers in hospital doorway, veteran wheeled in bath chairs / wheelchairs; walking w/ canes & rolling in wheel chairs in sun on patio or large marble roof. Man assisted by attendant walking into building. 18:08:03 Title: Les gaz empoisonnes... Pan across painting (?) of blinded soldiers in line being helped across field of bodies.

18:08:27 Title: Ils ne verront jamais plus. Veterans walking arm in arm blind, some w/ dark glasses ,& others w/ sight along trees & walkway w/ hand railing. Rehabilitation of victims of mustard gas - wicker basket weaving.

18:08:57 Title: La guerre a devaste des pays et detruit...

18:09:19 Pan a line of Turkish peasants / refugees w/ wagons & oxen en route to Greece. CU displaced persons / DPs.

18:10:11 Title: Maisons detruites en Allemagne. Destroyed town; pan over snowy, devastated plains of Poland. People pulling sleds. Living in sod huts.

18:11:34 Title: La France avant la guerre. Hilltop view of town, village streets, woman at fruitstand, market. 18:12:18 Title: La France telle que... Barren land, destroyed trees, towns & villages.

18:12:48 Title: Woodrow Wilson... CU Wilson. Versailles conference: CU treaty, Hall of Mirrors. List of countries as members & dropped out.

18:15:24 Title: Geneve... Geneva bridge & traffic from above, mountains in distance. Street scenes, park & waterfall.

18:15:53 Title: L╒organisation...

18:16:07 League of Nations Assembly & Council in session. Exterior.

18:17:13 Title: La Cour internationale qui rend la justice... LS of International Peace Palace in The Hague & shot of court in session. Titles describe various branches of League, including the International Organization of Workers Relations.

WWI History; ca 1920; Diplomacy; Victims;

The Eyes of the Army and Navy - French Pictorial Service

15:55:49 Reconnaissance balloon reconnaissance w/ basket rising / LTA G-A observation balloon overhead. French officer w/ car, workers w/sandbags.

15:56:03 Title: ╥The ascending scout is equipped with an American invention - the telephone - by which he transmits to the army below information of the enemy╒s positions.╙

15:56:15 Men on ground w/ telephone & wire. French troops w/ machine gun ready to fire at approaching planes. Balloon lowered by rewinding cable; men grab basket & tether balllon on ground. Observer from balloon hands notes & drawings to commanding officer.

15:57:57 Balloon rises against backdrop of fir trees. Moved by car & men pulling on rope, taken into shelter of trees.

16:00:25 Title: ╥Latest type of captive balloon carrying two baskets underneath for the air scouts.╙

16:00:32 Elongated balloon settling to earth w/ a man in each of two baskets; winch operating from car; cable wound. Aerial films / moving pictures of ground below, man in second basket seen..

16:01:49 Title: ╥ the observer escapes in a parachute when the...balloon is attacked by enemy aeroplanes.╙

16:01:57 Parachute barely visible against sky, then behind time code.

16:02:24 Title: ╥these hydroplanes constantly scout...for enemy submarines...╙ Amphibious plane launched, taking off from harbor w/ city behind. Boats at anchor in dock. AV navy ships at sea. Seaplanes land in harbour & maneuvered onto lift on dock and returned to hangar. Abrupt end.

WWI; WW1; World War One; Military Techniques; Equipment; France;

NOTE: Not all titles listed.

Fighting for the Fatherland R7 part 1

Submarine warfare - sailing ship sinking. U-boat on surface underway,steamship sinking - sub underway. Interior, Captain using periscope - allied ships seen through periscope, u-boat submerges, allied ships firing big guns, torpedo seen just under surface

10:45:31 Lusitania - liner leaving dock, crowds waving, name Lusitania seen on side of ship. Scenes on board Lusitania - deck games (grainy) Re-creation, panic as Lusitania is hit. Heavy seas - wreckage on shores of Ireland. Survivors?

10:47:44 Lemberg - crowds line streets and throw flowers into cars. Religious man speaking to army officer?

10:48:27 Russian revolution - crowds on streets - demonstrations - Tsar╒s army lay down their weapons. Russian troops walking through town.

Fighting for the Fatherland R7 Part 2

Top shot German and French troops fighting in snow - very high, difficult to see. Wounded german troops in snow helped by medics on skis.

10:52:53 U-boats tied up to dock. Submarine underway on surface. Animated map

10:53:48 Russian prisoners of war (very grainy)

10:54:44 Von Hindenburg? Open top cars with VIPs parade through streets of Lemberg, locals throw flowers into road in celebration.

10:55:30 German troops manning big gun. Exterior gun emplacement as barrel rises. Gun fired.

10:56:18 Title Fighting for the Fatherland - film flipped. Film corrected - long line of troops marching down the road. RV Troops with spiked helmets and wagons down road. Lone man on horse blows bugle and troops wearing soft hats enter compound on horseback.

10:57:41 German cavalry - spiked helmets ride towards camera at speed - some pulling field guns

10:58:05 German officer looking through binoculars / periscope? French troops on hill held by Germans. Snow. Various shots French and German troops advance on each other across snow - gives effect of silhouette black on white. Titles say ╥the most remarkable pictures of actual battle taken during the Great war╙ Film chopped about, sequence actually continues at 03:50:05.

World War One - German Artillery

German troops with helmets march down road - very brief. Troops wearing soft hats with artillery gun in field. Horses pull field guns. Horse pulling artillery collapses as troops advance down country road.

World War One - Rockefeller and Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie and Rockefeller shake hands

World War One - Russian Tsar and British Royalty

Tsar Nicholas II and wife with children in various situations.

02:03:12 British Royals George V, Queen Mary and Prince of Wales in ceremony.

World War One - Wilson and Hughes

Man reading newspaper. Man on golf course. Woodrow Wilson seated taking papers from group of men. Line of photographers with huge cameras

02:04:23 Charles Evans Hughes posing for camera next to car. Lifts hat and enters building.

02:04:33 Woodrow Wilson at desk signing paper.

World War One - Woodrow Wilson Retrospective

Wilson leaving house into carriage with wife?. Parade - Wilson in open top car waving. Wilson makes speech.

02:08:19 Wilson with group standing on high point in national park ? Wilson in car - crowds waving and cheering. Motorcade through small town. Wilson on rear of train, wife with flowers - Black servant.

World War One - Russian Tsar and British Royalty

Tsar Nicholas II and wife with children in various situations.

02:03:12 British Royals George V, Queen Mary and Prince of Wales in ceremony.

World War One - Rockefeller and Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie and Rockefeller shake hands

World War One - Wilson and Hughes

Man reading newspaper. Man on golf course. Woodrow Wilson seated taking papers from group of men. Line of photographers with huge cameras

02:04:23 Charles Evans Hughes posing for camera next to car. Lifts hat and enters building.

02:04:33 Woodrow Wilson at desk signing paper.

World War One - German Artillery

German troops with helmets march down road - very brief. Troops wearing soft hats with artillery gun in field. Horses pull field guns. Horse pulling artillery collapses as troops advance down country road.

World War One - Woodrow Wilson Retrospective

Wilson leaving house into carriage with wife?. Parade - Wilson in open top car waving. Wilson makes speech.

02:08:19 Wilson with group standing on high point in national park ? Wilson in car - crowds waving and cheering. Motorcade through small town. Wilson on rear of train, wife with flowers - Black servant.

World War One - Two reels

Belgium ? - King Albert & Foch at Mercier funeral. Very large parade through streets for funeral ceremony

10:22:30 Unidentified Industrial conference - Probably Baruch and the War Industries board meeting. Long shots of all individuals - arrivals and departures.

10:26:09 Snowy Washington DC. Men shovelling snow - Capitol in background. Good shot White House in snow - Lincoln Memorial with sleighs - kids on toboggans.

10:26:57 Lord French reviews London volunteers. Troops march past - Lord French on horseback.

10:27:46 Reel 2 Wilhelmshaven bridge, shots from boat as approaching .

10:28:18 Nurse Edith Cavell - coffin carried out and put on gun carriage / caisson. Procession. Mourners

10:29:08 England - Cavell funeral procession - sailors with wreaths - nurses and other services in procession. Coffin on gun carriage. Coffin transferred to ship to be transported to Norfolk.

10:30:37 Alfred von Tirpitz at military ceremony. U-boat U-35 at sea, waves crashing over bows. Surface torpedo tube. Steam Ship hit and sinking. Sailing ship like galleon sinking.

10:32:30 Unknown date - Heligoland fortress. Various shots big guns - dismantling gun emplacements. Sea defences. Top shot island. Man sitting on barrel of gun.

WWI - Battleships

Admiral Beatty ? Naval ships firing broadsides. Ships at sea.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

Excerpt from Unforgettable Years. (Revolution - civil war)

CU Russian peasant faces. Lenin at base of monument addressing waving crowds. German VIPs and troops in Russia.

03:19:24 US Naval ship underway in heavy seas. Troops march ? US battleship in harbour. Japanese battleship with officers - Japanese sailors with Russian soldiers. Russian VIPs? Scene following execution. Animated map detailing Moscow. Wealthy Russians?

03:21:30 Russia - open air meetings - demonstrations - various unid. Russians - Krupskaya. Red and White Armies. Lenin speaks to troops (actual voice laid over?) Russian troops on transport trains. CU various personalities.

03:24:14 Lenin with Red Army. Red Army march. People in streets read pamphlets. Lenin addresses meeting.

03:25:10 Red and White Armies. Communist demonstrations round the World including demo outside Chicago Daily News offices. Riots in America, police beat demonstrator.

03:27:05 American journalist John Reed (shortly before death in 1920) at open air meeting. Civil war, battle scenes. Russian navy. American warship.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

General Petain inspects troops in camp, drinks from wine barrel with troops.

03:31:05 Greek artillery firing. Line of big guns firing into hills. Greek troops marching. 03:34:01 Turks evacuate wounded - carrying wounded on stretchers watched by civilians. Piles of dead at side of road. 03:35:55 Greek army parade in Janina.

03:36:20 King Peter- Serbia seated with others, gets in carriage. 03:37:11 Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria at opening of parliament? Passes in carriage, not seen. 03:37:29 Charles I of Rumania with wife Elizabeth aka Carmen Sylva. They walk in gardens. 03:38:14 Montenegro & Bulgarian operating theatre - hospital. Surgeons working. 03:38:45 Scutari - dead and wounded carried on stretchers after attack by Montenegro. 03:41:09 Steam freight train up and past. Soldiers ride at speed towards RR line, indistinct. 03:42:30 Title - no shots.

[WWI Newsreel Excerpts - Various]

Italian Campaign - Field Kitchens - army cooks w/ tasselled hats - taste food.

15:58:08 ╘Ferdinand, Self Styled Tsar of the Bulgarians╒ - Ferdinand arrives by train, greeted by


15:58:47 ╘On the French Front. A Sudden Alarm╒ - troops running with rifles - searching building.

15:59:42 ╘Home on Leave - Tommies direct from the trenches arrive in London for Christmas╒. Troops leaving railway station. Soldier buying turkey from market stall

16:00:08 Army camp unid. location. Tents and horses. Turkish troops ? Balkans ?

16:00:39 ╘Replacing the ╥Leon Gambetta╙ Launch of French Cruise Ship] - ship down slipway.

16:01:28 ╘With the Italian Army - How Our Allies are Fighting in the Mountains╒. Soldiers being lowered down mountain on a rope. Italian troops [ Bersaglieri ?] w/ feathers on helmets practice rifle shooting - laying in grass and moving forward - group beating at barbed wire fences.

16.03:04 Procession in London to protest against sinking of Lusitania - marchers w/ banners ╥Union is Strength - The British Empire Union╙ - ╥Out With All Germans, Naturalised or Not╙. Glass hearse carrying model of Lusitania

16:03:42 Moving big guns, towed by tractor.

16:04:05 ╘M. Venizelos, The Greek Patriot Receives enthusiastic welcome at Salonika╒ - crowds on streets and surrounding car carrying Venizelos. Men stregthening trenches w/ wooden struts.

16:04:58 ╘Roumanian Refugees╒ - fleeing from the Germans, refugees with carts and belongings.

16:05:30 ╘With the Russians in the Dobrudja╒ - Russian encampment in forest. Russian troops take cover in trees - loading rifle.

16:06:58 ╘On The Czerna Reka. A Serbian regiment dig themselves in whilst awaiting the order to attack╒.

Troops in trenches, line of rifles against trench wall.

16:07:27 ╘With the Russian Army - Cossacks on a Scouting Expedition╒ - troops on horseback down muddy road.

16:08:17 ╘The Battle of the Somme. The Capture of Curlu. The 75mm Barrage Fire prevented the German Reinforcements reaching ?╒ Artillery firing - loading shells. French infantry troops run towards camera. Troops march through ruined village.

16:10:01 ╘The Arabic╒s Lifeboats in Harbour╒ - man tying up boats.

16:10:25 ╘Salonica - Generals Sir Charles Wilson and Mackenzie Kennedy Attend Military Gymkhana╒ - Generals stand in group.

[WWI Newsreel Excerpts - Various]

Italian Campaign - Field Kitchens - army cooks w/ tasselled hats - taste food.

15:58:08 ╘Ferdinand, Self Styled Tsar of the Bulgarians╒ - Ferdinand arrives by train, greeted by


15:58:47 ╘On the French Front. A Sudden Alarm╒ - troops running with rifles - searching building.

15:59:42 ╘Home on Leave - Tommies direct from the trenches arrive in London for Christmas╒. Troops leaving railway station. Soldier buying turkey from market stall

16:00:08 Army camp unid. location. Tents and horses. Turkish troops ? Balkans ?

16:00:39 ╘Replacing the ╥Leon Gambetta╙ Launch of French Cruise Ship] - ship down slipway.

16:01:28 ╘With the Italian Army - How Our Allies are Fighting in the Mountains╒. Soldiers being lowered down mountain on a rope. Italian troops [ Bersaglieri ?] w/ feathers on helmets practice rifle shooting - laying in grass and moving forward - group beating at barbed wire fences.

16.03:04 Procession in London to protest against sinking of Lusitania - marchers w/ banners ╥Union is Strength - The British Empire Union╙ - ╥Out With All Germans, Naturalised or Not╙. Glass hearse carrying model of Lusitania

16:03:42 Moving big guns, towed by tractor.

16:04:05 ╘M. Venizelos, The Greek Patriot Receives enthusiastic welcome at Salonika╒ - crowds on streets and surrounding car carrying Venizelos. Men stregthening trenches w/ wooden struts.

16:04:58 ╘Roumanian Refugees╒ - fleeing from the Germans, refugees with carts and belongings.

16:05:30 ╘With the Russians in the Dobrudja╒ - Russian encampment in forest. Russian troops take cover in trees - loading rifle.

16:06:58 ╘On The Czerna Reka. A Serbian regiment dig themselves in whilst awaiting the order to attack╒.

Troops in trenches, line of rifles against trench wall.

16:07:27 ╘With the Russian Army - Cossacks on a Scouting Expedition╒ - troops on horseback down muddy road.

16:08:17 ╘The Battle of the Somme. The Capture of Curlu. The 75mm Barrage Fire prevented the German Reinforcements reaching ?╒ Artillery firing - loading shells. French infantry troops run towards camera. Troops march through ruined village.

16:10:01 ╘The Arabic╒s Lifeboats in Harbour╒ - man tying up boats.

16:10:25 ╘Salonica - Generals Sir Charles Wilson and Mackenzie Kennedy Attend Military Gymkhana╒ - Generals stand in group.

World War One Actions, 1914-1918 [Reel 4]

Staged scenes. Mark 5 ╘Little Willy╒ [?] tank moving across smoky battlefield towards camera; cutaways to soldiers in trench looking worried. Longer shots showing tank approaching trench where soldiers sheltering. Tank crosses trench near men & approaches enemy line; soldiers bring up the rear. Cutaways to German soldiers firing machine gun. CUs tank destroys barbed wire defences. German soldiers hide in trench as tank rolls over it. LS tank moves across battlefield through vars explosions. CUs tank over trench. Troops through trench. INT German machine gun position - soldier shot, tank seen moving approaching, gunner firing at it. Tank destroys gun position.

08:28:35 Top shots troops wading through muddy terrain w/ equipment & mules. Battlefield scenes - soldier crawling through mud - troops charging enemy lines w/ bayonets.

08:30:10 British Q-Boats battling German submarines at sea - staged scenes on bridge firing heavy gun - U-Boat on fire & sinking in distance. Sailing boat sinking; debris floating on surface seen from submarine deck. Supply boat? pulls up alongside submarine; troops & equipment transfer onto ship; submarine moves away. Steamship at sea. Crewman sights U-Boat through binoculars; CUs torpedos launched below surface of water; Black crewman smoking pipe sees approaching torpedo from bridge. INT German Captain at U-Boat periscope. Sub just visible moving through water. Supply ship in flames. PoV from submarine conning tower. Warning flag raised on German sub; passengers of supply ship run from decks.

WWI. Military Hardware - MkV Tank. Naval Battles. 1910s.

[WWI Battle Montage & Armistice Scenes]

Soldiers carrying wounded on stretchers outside field hospital - medics treating wounds.

15:20:47 Long montage battle sequence w/ staged & actuality shots - soldiers charging from trenches - heavy artillery firing - French & Scottish soldiers decorated - tanks firing & advancing - explosions.

15:23:34 Armistice - sign on building ╘L╒Armistice a ete signÄ╒ - Paris street scenes - celebrations at front. 15:23:52 - End - DO NOT SELL - Montage / optical sequence featuring war graves, big guns, crowds, troops, Mussolini, Pope, warships, biplanes, Stalin, Gandhi, Hitler & Nazis etc.

[WWI - British War Reviews] R6 of 6

Flash Title: ╥They╒re Going Over - The Great British Fleet...guards the transports carrying thousands of English and Americans to France.╙

15:31:32 Title: Overhead monster aircraft help keep watch.╙

15:31:38 High angle, MCU various small naval ships below. Dirigible seen over fleet. Camouflaged tanker from above low in water.

15:33:01 Titles: General Allenby/s Entry Into Jerusalem╙ ╥Before the Ceremony. The Commander-in-Chief conversing w/ Commanders of Allied detachments & Attaches.╙

15:33:15 Allenby talking w/ various miliary VIPs, shaking hands w/ French & English.

15:34:00 Title: General Sir Edmund Allenby...entering the Holy City...╙

15:34:17 Interior of city wall; enters leading informal parade of other military VIPs past camera, marching troops.

15:35:23 Title: ╥Reading Sir Edmund Allenby╒s proclamation.╙ Allenby standing on wall aove street w/ others & troops facing him.

15:35:58 High angle of monk or ?? in robes reading from page.

15:36:28 Civilian (?) in cap reading. Military saluting & beginning to leave.

15:36:44 Title: Reception of Religious and Civic dignitaries.╙ Men standing about; Allenby & others shaking hands & receiving various officials: Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, etc.

Religion; Ceremony; Ceremonial; Dec17; Christians; Jews; Middle East; Triumph; WW1; World War One; Navy; Supplies; Oil Tanker; 1917;

[WWI - German War Film, 1914-1918] R1 of 5

Title: The Crown Prince of Germany w/ some of his family.

11:00:16 Three men & three women walking arm in arm under very large trees; posing. Formally dressed royalty into carriage.

11:00:49 Crown Prince William of Germany & others in formal military dress w/ feathered helmets & swords reviews Army units. Military units in formal dress march past w/ marching band. Unid. European royalty (German?) arrival and review troops - huge feathery hats. Women into carriage & leave w/ footmen on back of carrage.

11:02:09 Unid. officers & civiians at cafÄ table.

11:02:27 Three royals or nobility talking outdoors at table.

11:03:00 Older royal (?) couple standing & posing w/ driver & others behind them

11:03:12 Gen. von Hindenburg leaving building, salutes & poses. Talking to driver w/ goggles.

11:04:02 Uniformed men marching past on road, wearing red cross arm bands; carry bundles & w/ rucksacks.

11:04:30 German soldiers w/ spike helmets marching thru Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Cavalry, artillery, and wagon trains move leaving for front. People watching & walking alongside.

11:06:29 German troops getting food & flowers from Red Cross women before boarding train. Boarding. Cavalry riding thru rain-soaked streets of town or city; horse carriages waiting alongside road.

11:08:26 Mosstor Film title: A column of auto-trucks leaving for the...war.

11:08:32 Convoy past w/ flowers garlands, etc. People watching as seen on corner. Staff cars & busses pulling trailers.

11:09:29 Title: Heavy Siege Artillery in action before Antwerp.

11:09:32 Draft horses pulling heavy artillery (9.2╙ Howitzers?) thru village followed by troops.

11:10:06 Heavy artillery (9.2╙ Howitzers?) raised & fired from partially dug in positions w/ houses & church beyond.

11:11:16 Title: re scene taken in East Prussia in early days of the war. Men resting (brief) & German infantrymen don packs, march off. Drummers in band; officers on horseback.

11:13:11 Title: Motorcycle brigade gets ready.

11:13:17 Men run to motorcycles, pose beside; climb on & start motors & leave in cloud of dust.

WWI Germany Army; German Royalty; ca 1914;

World War One and short clip Spanish Civil War

Pre WWI Germany - funeral procession - Kaiser - politicians - German army - Headlines New York Journal. Kaiser defies Tsar - Hands Off or War. Tsar Nicholas and family down steps and into coach. Russian soldiers march past. Newspaper headlines France Enters War. Mounted troops and troops marching across field. Newspaper headlines German Armies Sweep France. Troops in kilts march down road. Germans marching. Trench fighting and explosions (recreations ?) Tank - aircraft going down - battleship sinking, sailors rescued from water. Submarine warfare - torpedo - ship sinking .

08:30:17 - 1917 America enters war - signed declaration of war - Woodrow Wilson at desk. American troops board transport ships - waving as leaving dock - ship along with New York skyline in background. American troops marching on field - American flag - Battle scenes - firing artillery - trench warfare - explosions

08:.31:52 - 1918 Troops celebrate armisitice - American flag. Prisoners of War ? Celebrations in streets - soldier kisses young woman. Mass celebrations - symbolic coffin carried by crowd. Crowds celebrating - group n lorry with effigy of German, beating him over head. VIPs into car. Tickertape - troops march down avenue in parade. Celebrations in Paris - VIPs in coaches down crowd lined Champs ElyseeS. Versailles, Peace conference in room of mirrors.

08:34:30 Historical recreations re signing of American independence - paintings of early US personages - document Declaration of Independence. Statue Abraham Lincoln - memorial. Veterans parade. Veteran lays flowers on bed ? Confederate veterans, some in wheelchars sit round campfire, waving confederate flags.

08:37:22 War scenes Spanish Civil War - child pulled out of rubble - bodies. Child crying - refugees many children, two who have lost legs.

WWI - Sieg im Westen R1 of 12

SUMMARY: Introductory Title: "Forward To The Decision".

05:06:19 Montage, Stereotyped teutonic Nazi German troops take oath of allegiance to Hitler. Cathedral; Rhine, Cologne Cathedral. Animated map German Frontiers in Bismark's time. Shots - Danzig Harbor. Montage, interior & exterior scenes of Ruhr industrial area; mine underground shots; exterior shots; Hamburg Harbor.

05:07:36 Two German soldiers in pre-WWI uniforms on honour duty as sentries. German Pre-WWI 1914 Naval vessels.

05:07:44 Animated map shows extent of World War I fighting beyond Germans's borders and ending with presentation of situation on November 9th, 1918. WWI fighting. Animation, 4 1/2 years of WW I fighting.

05:08:36 CU Hindenburg & Ludendorff at headquarters (brief). WWI Explosions. CU, signatures in Versailles Treaty (brief).

05:09:04 Animated map, creation of Polish Corridor. Demilitarization& disarmament activities of German factory areas. Hundreds of WW I type German fighter planes dismantled & wrecked.

05:09:34 Strike riots & communists in street fights in front of Brandenburg Gate. SEQ, French occupation of Ruhr area.

05:10:06 Montage, all types of German inflation money. Hunger - Berlin food riots. Depression

Very early CU of Hitler. SEQ, Scenes from Nurnberg "Peace" Congress. Ext, storm troopers in regomental parade formations. CU General Von Seeckt reviews parade of Reichswehr. SEQ, Guard regiments, infantry and artillery in Potsdam. German military build up.

05:11:04 Hindenburg reviews Reichswehr parade.

05:11:21 SEQ, German Army uses weapons made of cardboard in maneuvers.

05:11:41 Torchlight parade. Hitler begins construction, mining, factories & interiors. Medium CU, Laval. SEQ, Promulgation of new German Constitution in the Garrison Church of Potsdam with Hindenburg, Hitler, Papen, in March of 1933. Also parade scenes of same day. Newly created Nazi Labour Corps - industrial shots. Building autobahn highway.

1920s; 1930s Germany; Early Nazi Party; German History;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

[Misc. USSR: WWI - Russian Revolution - Trotsky Speech - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk]

Pre-revolution Russian industry scenes - steelworks. WWI dead - soldiers. Civilian war effort.

01:43:09 Freeing prisoners from jail in post-Revolution Petrograd - men wave hats at camera.

01:43:48 Trotsky making anti-Stalin statement from exile in Mexico c1937 [speaking in English] - ╥...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods...╙ - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev - ╥I have nothing to hide...a counter-trial is necessary...there is not a stain on my honour╙ [NB Probably not an impersonator].

01:47:20 [Si.] Poor tatty peasants - women doing manual labour & washing clothes. Wounded soldiers out of back of cart - casualties.

01:48:15 Dead bodies in snow - cart pulls up & men dump more bodies

01:48:48 1917 - Crowds milling around square - CU crowd cheering - leaflets handed out - marching for the democratic republic. Mass funeral Mars Field - Exiles welcomed back from Siberia - Militia replaces Tsarist police - Bearded man makes speech about democracy [MOS]. Executive Committee of Workers & Soldiers Soviet - Soviet Mensheviks - rival to Provisional Government.

01:51:38 Trotsky & Bolshevist representatives arrive at Brest-Litovsk 1918 - greeted by German delegation w/ spiked helmets [Karl Radek & Adolph Joffe present?].

Russia. Communist Party.

Early Russian Material

World War One

Graphic Map showing fronts

Early Russian Material

St.Petersburg - Cavalry train - jumping on horseback over fences and round course.

22:13:57 St.Petersburg- The Serbian diplomat Professor Verguna leaves the Kazan Cathedral after a service for Serbian Jews(?). Man through crowd and in to carriage.

22:14:14 Sweden - Albert - The King of Belguim arrives. Good shots horse drawn carriage arrives in front of building. Various shots dignatories

22:14:49 France- PoincarÄ and Vivian on a train before their journey to Russia - Train towards camera, VIPs. VIPs on board ship

22:15:11 France- A parade and manouevres. French officer - French troops on horseback perform with lances. Military exercises / display.

22:16:02 World War One Further scenes of the battle at Verdun. Troops up hill and in trenches. Smoke from artillery. Artillery stuck in mud. Artillery firing. Prisoners of war. Troops and military vehicles along road. Man ploughing field with oxen. Troops through town of Verdun.

Early Russian Material

London: British ladies showing sympathy to the children of Belgian refugees - playing with them. Long line of kids walking along with Belgian nun ? and other women.

22:24:56 At the British sector of the Front World War One - British officer in trench looking into a periscope, speaking into a field telephone.

22:26:21 At the French sector of the front. Medical / hospital train - injured on stretchers

22:26:55 Moscow - Austrian POWs from Peremysl marching through city. Good shots prisoners.

[Early Russian Material]

Graphic - map showing World War One operations.

[Early Russian Material]

Pan over gun emplacements. Troops relaxing. Camp. Artillery. Fort like building with guns. Sailors relaxing with puppy. Searchlight moved out of building.

World War One

Early Russian Material

╘French Republic President Reviews Sicilian troops in Santiago╒

Carriages past, camera pans across carriage w/ ??. Various troops marching, mounted trops past w/ flags, mounted troops w/ pack animals past, more troops passing.

16:12:25 ╘???╒

Marching band past in front of large stone buildings. Troops at attention. More on the field w/ horses pulling caissons.

[Hannover - Wilhelm II at the review of 13th lancers regiment] (unknown title)

16:13:00 ╘Hamburg - 54 metre monument / statue to Bismark is erected in the city╒

16:13;10 ╘New Swedish envoy to Brussels╒

Carriage arrives. VIPs out.

16:13:20 ╘New York - Big explosion, 60 injured╒

Building collapse aftermath w/ police & others inspecting. Street filled w/ debris.

16:13:44 [title re explosion]

Destroyed cars, railroad cars & buildings.

16:14:06 ╘Toulon Vice-Admiral Belleu Commander of the First Mediterranean Squadron raises flag on Battleship Patrie╒

View around ship in harbor.

16:14:27 ╘Sydney Lord Halnsford leaves after opening Parliament╒

Down steps in formal military dress etc.

16:14:39 ╘Brussels & Kermas╒

Historical procession participants dressed in medieval costume in Kermas - historical - flags

16:15:00 ╘Mimburg Bell tower moved 7 metres from the Church╒

Church, bell tower on rollers.

16:15:20 ╘Pardent - Opening of first Italian aeronautics school╒ only shots of crowd.

Early Russian Material

Russian troops at the front WWI (World War One)

Soldiers in group, Soldiers with rifles. Book opens cu signature of ? Troops in snowy conditions

Early Russian Material

World War One ?

France, Toulon- preparations for fighting, aircraft. Crashed plane on airfield. Troops. Piles of shells. Artillery. Troops firing automatic guns in trenches. Firing artillery. Pilot in plane. Bombs on board plane. Montage short outtakes / cuts. Naval ships. Personalities. ?

[Early Russian Material]

The return capture of Kolombya

Pan over gun emplacements. Troops relaxing. Camp. Artillery. Fort like building with guns. Sailors relaxing with puppy. Searchlight moved out of building.

World War One

[Early Russian Material]

World War One - French generals Po? and and de Lagneske?? visit a French hospital in Tsarskoye Selo, Petersburg.

01:45:10 An Ice- Skating / speed skating competition with participants from around Russia.

01:47:03 Moscow - Burial services / funerals

01:48:11 A map of Eastern Prussia

World War One -

Ex Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia on horse watching troops ride past.

World War One - Montage / cuts

Ex Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia on horse watching troops ride past. - repeated shots from start of tape. Tsar Nicholas and family down steps and into carriage. France ? Early flight - contraption intercut with people in stands - VIPs shake hands. Flying contraption - bi-plane takes off - launched by weighted mechanism. Spectators in stands.

14:17:00 George V with Queen Mary and Prince of Wales at ceremony.

14:17:21 Crowds walking in USA ?

14:17:54 Hess speaking - wrecked German equipment. Lines of aircraft on field

Early Russian Material

Shot from water fo building w/ steps to water. Moving past naval ships anchored.

16:54:36 ╘Admiral Viren checking the ?╒

Boards ship from small boat.

16:55:00 ╘Admiral╒s greeting╒

Speaking to men on ships deck. Two rows of sailors rowing large whaleboat

16:55:32 ╘Departure of...╙

Battleship (?) leaving (begins 16:00:00 section).

Safety Lessons in Metal Mining R3 of 6

Continued... Title: ╥Underground storage of timber. Note piling of timber w/ insure stability...& safe handling...╙ Men carry poles / timbers past & throw down. (Wrong way).

08:15:26 Title: ╥A boss notes poorly piled...instructs men to fix..properly.╙

08:16:07 Title: ╥The same men...throw timber on track, causing derailment...╙ Walk off w/ a pole; car derails.

08:17:18 Title: ╥Erection of set timbers for stoping. timber boss, warns men...╙ Men & boss in stope beneath cribbing timbers pounding over spikes in planks. Carrying & putting timbers in place.

08:18:43 Title: ╥After placing cap timber...a man drops upon spike left in the brace.╙ Men take down bracing; injures foot.

08:19:17 Title: ╥A stretcher is necessary...╙ Man strapped to stretcher.

08:21:04 Title: ╥Tramming operations. Use of removable end boards to keep chunks from rolling off ends of car...╙ Men loading rock from chute into cart; push away along tracks.

08:22:42 Title: ╥These trammers do not use end boards...chunk falls...╙ Overfilled cart & man stumbling.

08:22:59 Title: ╥Trammer pushes car w/ his hands on top edge...╙ Rock falls on his hand.

08:23:14 Title: ╥The preceeding accident...╙ Proper use of protective bar.

08:23:32 Title: ╥Trammer uses too long a bar...caught between bar & car.╙ Rocks into cart; injured.

08:24:01 Title: ╥Shift boss gives first aid...╙ Wraps wrist w/ bandage.

08:24:42 Title: ╥Chunks are blocked above chute...╙ Miner tries to climb up & place dynamite; stopped by boss who shows him how to place it on pole, light & get out of way. (Smokes but no explosion)

08:26:05 Title: ╥Trammers pull car...squeezed between car & post...╙ Car hits man & he doubles over in pain.

08:26:36 Title: ╥Safety door covering dump...method of operation.╙ Men push loaded cart into cable flipping door over, dump cart & then pull cable to return door into place. Continued...

1914 Government Safety Film; Heavy Industry; Mining; Dangerous; Work Place Hazards; Medical; Staged; Documentary Educational Film.

[WWI London Patriotism; Fighting & Misc.; Italian Alps; President Wilson & Congress]

Undercranked of US (?) military marching up street. Boys & men in overcoats in front of large billboard: No Price Can Be Too High When Honour And Freedom Are At Stake╙ . Another: Men of London Our Brave Soldiers. Sign by lion in Trafalgar Square: Fight For King. Woman speaking to crowd of men & women, lion beside; cheering & hat waving.

20:48:00 British General followed by other offices reviewing troops at attention. Large group of soldiers past on caissons & artillery behind horses, riders.

20:48:22 Two ferries side by side; battleship low in water, othrs. Aerial over fleet thru water at speed.

20:48:38 Troops on covered supply wagons, smoking cook wagons & troops walkin gon muddy road.

20:48:56 Men gathering bags & rifles.

20:49:06 Enormous railroad gun barrel w/ barrage or spotter balloon beyond. Men on railroad gun loading shell & firing. Men cover ears. Smoke rising from ??. Prisoners searched.

20:49:35 Street full of troops marching past large cathedral.

20:49:40 Army trucks passing convoy on valley road. Crippled girl by roadside. Troops marching toward camera.

20:50:01 Men passing shells to artillery & firing rapidly. View of barren hills (Middle Easd?) w/ explosions. Large gun firing. Lowering & preparing to move. Steep hillside w/ tents pitched. Troops along road. Men dug into mountainside. Firing machine gun from rock outcropping w/ snowfield below. Pan over men on mountain ridge from another above; across valley. Men shovelling snow to men above, who shovel beyond.Italian medics carry wounded down on stretchers passing men going up.

20:51:08 Ambulances leaving down mountain.

20:51:14 Italian (?) troops running forward thru scrub trees; wounded carried by two others dpwn steep slope. Men running up road alongside men climbing cliffs w/ ropes. Explosions.

20:51:54 Dirigible overhead, boathouse by pond, lake or harbor.

20:52:00 London military equipment on parade. Artillery in back of truck w/ RN on side.

20:52:04 Seachlights, several focus on blimp (?). Daytime, soldiers looking through telescope in street. Early Bleriot airplane taking off, flying past. Bi-wing plane in flight overhead. (all intercut w/ searchlights & dirigible).

20:52:52 Intertitle: The Imperial German Government will not expect the Government of the United States...╙

20:52:57 Int. US Congress (?). CU President Wilson speaking.

[WWI - Berlin, Germany & Troops Leaving, ca 1914]

German troops march along street in front of large elaborate Berlin building, form ranks. People watching. Supplies unloaded from wagon.

Soldiers marching along, men join & follow. Young soldiers issued rifles, axes. Marching & people wave, officers salute.

19:26:21 Convoy of teams pulling supply wagons. Bus pulling bus-like trailer, cars, trucks thru streets of Berlin. German troops board train freight cars, women present.

19:27:15 Riders thru street lined w/ crowd watching, band playing; military film cameraman. Caissons & artillery. Cavalry w/ spears, crowd waving, boy saluting.

19:28:41 Passenger train leaving station w/ civilians waving from train, civilians wave from platform, military present.

19:28:52 Military band leading military & civilians thru crowded street. Freight train w/ supplies on railway cars. Troop train w/ soldiers alongside hillside as train leaves.

WWI German Homefront; Soldiers To War;

World War One - d'Annunzio Reviews RTroops

d╙Annunzio inspects troops - makes rousing speech. Crowds of soldiers, officers carried on shoulders

WWI - French Colonial Troops In The War

Indochinese troops debark at a French port, guard a munitions plant, repair a French railroad, play native games, wash laundry, and stage a ceremonial play.

04:07:33 Senegalese troops engage in bayonet and hand grenade drill, perform native dances, wrestle, board train, string barbed wire and use gas masks at the front in France.

The War to End All Wars (19??) Pt. 1 of ?

Introduction to camera re WWI, montage optical effects. Narration Quenton Reynolds.

18:03:14 Cedric Hardwicke, Eddie Rickenbacker, Burnet Hershey, Eugene Lyons, contributors who took part in WWI.

18:03:36 Montage artillery firing & explosions on land and sea.

18:04:11 WWI Mobilisation, troops of different nationalities. CU Cannon, explosion, dead soldiers on ground. War graves. Pan across barren landscape of WWI trenches. No Man╒s Land. Montage wounded soldiers of various nations. New weapons for WWI, tanks, flame throwers, explosions, surface launched torpedo, submarine hit. Aerial warfare, biplanes in flight formation.

18:06:16 Flying ace Charles Nungesser getting medal. The Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, w/ others laughing. French Captain Georges Guynemer getting medal. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker w/ others & in cockpit of plane. Rickenbacker interviewed, now Chairman of the Board of Eastern Airlines (1954-1963), Rickenbacker speaks re experiences of being a fighter pilot in WWI. VO various shots biplanes in air and on field. German fighter plane spins down after being hit. Dog fights. Pilot & parachute.

18:08:40 Good shots dropping bombs. Blimp / LTA / observation balloon. AV troop movement. Balloon hit by artillery falling to ground. Balloon under attack, sequence filmed by crew of balloon as ground crew tries to pull it down to safety. Anti-aircraft guns try to down attacking plane which crashes in distance.

18:10:12 Zeppelin, AVs city. Zeppelin leaving Germany en-route to London. Night shots London during bombing raid, Searchlights, Ack-Ak fire. Daylight, Zeppelin is downed in flames.

18:11:02 ╥We will now see ╥some of the rarest motion picture film in existence╙ re start of WWI. Big guns firing, dead bodies. Montage Europeans, Tsar Nicholas, Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, German Generals, French generals, German troops, spiked hats. Houses of Parliament in London, Coronation parade ?

18:12:03 Still Kaiser Wilhelm, Wilhelm after the war as exile in Dutch village helping chop logs. VERY GOOD shots Kaiser pre-WWI in various situations at parades, w/ troops, w/ Kaiserine. Chancellor Bismarck. Tsar Nicholas w/ troops. Kaiser in ceremonial coach w/ King George V.

18:13:45 VERY GOOD shots battleships at sea. Military parade Germany, troops marching.


The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 2 of ?

Continued... Very good shots munitions manufacture in Germany, women making bombs in AEG factory. Aircraft production

18:15:19 Archduke Franz Ferdinand w/ other royals & VIPs. Still assassin Gavrilo Princip. Newspaper headlines re assassination. Coffins of Archduke & wife return to Austria.

18:16:06 Mobilisation, troops inspected by Emperor Franz Josef, newspaper headlines re Germany backing Austria. Big guns firing, explosions. Newspaper headlines re Austria declares war. Germany declares war against Russia. French mobilize. German troops marching. Big guns firing. Battle scenes in Belgium. Railway guns, buildings burning. Belgian troops, King Albert at train station. Bomb damaged buildings.

18:18:37 Refugees in horsedrawn carts. German troops advance, trench warfare. French counter-attack at Battle of the Marne. Good shots Paris taxis take new recruits to front line. Battle scenes

18:20:26 Quentin Reynolds interviews Sir Cedric Hardwicke, a British soldier during WWI. Hardwick tells how he was in Bulawayo, Rhodesia when war broke out, returned to England & joined in 1915. VO shots British mobilisation. Battle scenes & explosions.

18:23:37 Soldiers thru snow covered trenches. Advance into no-man╒s-land. German machine gunners. Explosions and dead bodies. German prisoners of war. Somme, tank, explosions. Artillery firing, pan round barren landscape. Wounded carried to aid station, many bodies in trenches. Destroyed buildings.

18:27:20 Civilian refugees carry belongings. King George V presents medal in the field. British troops march.

18:27:51 Presenter Reynolds w Hardwicke.

Continued on LN 400-291

The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 3 of 4

Continued from LN 400-290. Narrator Quentin Reynolds to camera re WWI, war at sea.

Germans sink merchant shipping en route to England.

19:01:43 Surface torpedos launched from British ship. Good explosions.

19:01:59 German submarine diving, int. U-boat, torpedo loaded, periscope, firing on shipping. Ship sinking. New York Times newspaper headlines of sinking of Lusitania. Lusitania leaves NYC.

19:02:55 Capitol, President Wilson in office.

19:03:08 Q-boats at sea, German sub spotted, gun uncovered & fired at sub. British fleet at sea. German fleet, ships underway. Ships en route for Jutland. Good battle scenes, ships firing, torpedoes launched, explosions. Ships sinking. German ships, some damaged. (May NOT be Battle of Jutland).

19:06:53 King George V boards naval ship, sailors march past.

19:07:01 Quentin Reynolds speaks to camera.

19:07:09 Sea battles in Mediterranean. Italian navy firing on coastal towns of Austria. Small Italian gunboat or motor torpedo boat at speed after Austrian battleship Saint Stephen, 10Jun18. Battleship hit by two torpedos, Crew on deck of sinking battleship & jumping as ship capsizes.

19:09:17 Reynolds on Russian Revolution.

19:09:27 France, Paris, Arc de Triomphe & Eiffel Tower, street scenes 1930s?

19:09:45 Russian troops on troop train w/ armored cars, snowy. Montage Russian troops in various situations, wounded. Tsar Nicholas inspecting Cossack troops. Cossack charge during 1905? revolution. Peasants armed with sticks fight with Tsarist troops (some stage).

19:11:04 1917 Russian troops, peasants, famine. Striking workers meeting. Petrograd, riots. Czar w/ wife and family. Uprising, crowds with banners, Moscow.

19:12:28 Reynolds & Eugene Lyons of Readers Digest discuss revolution. Lyons speaks re Kerensky. Shots Kerensky, crowds & troops on street. Continued...

WWI Compilation;

The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 4 of 4

Narration Quentin Reynolds.

19:13:58 Lenin in various situations some with Krupskaya.

19:14:26 Trotsky speaks (MOS) from train, Trotsky with troops.

19:14:55 Stalin making speech (MOS).

19:15:07 Winter scenes Petrograd 1917 revolution (Feature film?). Lenin speaks to troops after revolution.

19:16:59 Reynolds: America enters the war. US soldiers board troop ships. Convoys cross Atlantic. Large numbers American soldiers. US troops off ship, march thru London, past Buckingham Palace, watched by Lloyd George & Royal Family. Troops arrive in France, cheering crowds (GOOD sequence).

19:19:04 Reynolds introduces Burnett Hershey, journalist and writer who narrates. Hershey reported from France in WWI and WWII. Speaks re difference, especially re access to commanding officers. Various shots Pershing. Pershing with General Foch. Reynolds & Hershey discussing.

19:20:42 Pershing at the front, new recruits marching. Pershing in front of huge crowd of soldiers. Montage US troops in action.

19:21:25 Brief shot German Crown Prince at the front. Trench scenes, French soldiers replaced by Americans. Load & fire artillery, Marines from 2nd American Division, good battle scenes in battle for Belleau Wood, good montage battle scenes (some reconstruction).

19:23:07 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria on train. Italian troops advance. Austrian Emperor Karl. Allenby in Jerusalem w/ Chief Rabbi??. Sultan of Turkey. German army retreats in France. Armistice, newspaper headlines, enemies shake hands & swap helmets. Montage of Armistice celebrations round the world.

19:24:55 Versailles, gardens & ext. Palace. Arrivals for peace conference. President Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau & Vittorio Orlando. Int. Hall of mirrors, Wilson signing. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington cemetery (1950s). The End.

Early Russian Material

World War One - British troops going to the Front - marching down road.

04:15:50 British steamer Icaria torpedoed by German submarine - shots sunken ship.

04:16:23 British soldiers working in the field, bakery - bread cooked in open air ovens. Bread loaded onto trucks. Blacksmith╒s workshop.

04:18:18 Moscow - Funeral of composer S.I. Taneev - funeral procession - very elaborate coach pulled by six white horses carrying coffin - mourners follow. Coffin carried across cemetery ?

Early Russian Material

World War One - Indian troops building fire ? Column of British soldiers passing Indian supply column. Mules. Indian troops draw sabres.

Tent camp, Scottish soldiers on a drill. Western Front. Scottish troops on parade.

04:22:26 Moscow - The Imperial Yacht Club rowing competitions at the opening festival - crowds gatered outside building - flags raised. Canoes and launches on river. Race.

Early Russian Material

The Western Front French sappers in action - World War One

French troops on parade - inspected. Troops felling trees - using artillery carriage to carry timber / logs. Constructing wicker fences. Lining trenches with fences.

04:26:39 Moscow - shooting competition of the New Moscow Hunters society - almost out of frame, firing rifles on range. Better shots group of men and women with rifles - prizes / trophies

04:27:42 Moscow - The 4th Siberian medical unit leaves for the front - Nurses and troops outside tents. large group pose for camera, waving. Troops on horseback and medical units in horsedrawn buggies. Carts. More leave in open top cars. along road.

04:28:47 Moscow - Track and field athletics competitions for the Moscow cup. Hurdles - pole vault .

Early Russian Material - Sports

Moscow - Running competition during the Spring sports festival

Kolaev breaks the the high jump record at 1m73cm

Weightlifting - Tug of War

04:32:35 Moscow - collection of tobacco for the army - Parade with floats through streets - crowds

04:34:10 Sweden - Tests for a railway snow plough - steam train towards camera blowing snow. Huge fan on front of train.

Early Russian Material

The bombardment and capture of the city of Yanina by Greek troops - Troops marching. Injured on stretchers.

Sunken ships/boats.

Greek Fortresses.

Greek artillery entering Salonika as well as the late King Georgi, his wife and the present King Constantine.

World War One.

Early Russian Material

Turkey- the Sultans Estate. Beautiful building - The grand staircase. Elaborate Vlotiya gate. The view onto Bosfor. Turkish men in canoe - guards.

22:01:27 Soldier cutting up bread and handing out - World War One - Panorama of a British tent camp on the Western Front. France 1915 - Soldiers milling about by tents.

22:02:26 Moscow - A meeting in honour of the 500 Russian-Czechs who died in Yana. Men on balcony gesticulating and applauding. Open air meeting crowds - Bonfire burning.

22:04:15 Moscow-A. Mantasheva wins the all-Russian derby on Grey-boy. Horse racing.

I. Lazarevoi wins the Emperors prize on Demosfen


Early Russian Material

Testing a new gas mask (World War One)

22:48:10 The Western Front. The environs of Nayon railway station liberated from the Germans. PoincarÄ arriving at the station. Shots of ruins.

The rail track is replaced and in a few days the first train arrives.

The French president visits villages and towns by train.

A destroyed tower. The village of Gus. A destroyed cemetery

Allies decorating each other. The Prince of Wales decorates General Nivelle with the Order of the Bath.

World War One - Lusitania

Title - Cunard Line S.S. Lusitania Leaving New York May 1st. Titles stating this is a bona-fide picture of the last trip of the Lusitania.

10:35:36 Passengers arriving by car at Cunard dock. - Good close ups paying taxi driver - crowds of passengers - luggage.

10:38:03 Passengers on several decks on board ship. Sailor raises flag as signal to leave. Pan along ship as pulling away from dock. Elbert Hubbard, the noted author waving at camera. Liner pulling away from dock. Good shot as tug boat guides her out into channel. Ship passes - side view.

MFG Torpedoes WWI

Lieut. Henry Reuterdahl on ladder paints signboard re Navy╒s Liberty Bond score outside Navy buildings in Washington. Crowd outside Wall Street Stock Exchange. ╥Your subscription will help sink the U-boat╙ painted on sign.

War ship on ocean, cannon and sailors on deck. Row of mines, buoy with ╘San Francisco╙ on it. Soldier paints ╥Hell raiser╙ on mine. Mines brought aboard war ship, then on trolleys.

Mine warehouse, crane loads them on boats. Inside plant manufacturing. Firing from artillery. Submarines leaving dock. Guns demonstrated on ships in harbor. Guns demonstrated. Captain & ?? on bridge of ship.

[1915-1920 Military Homecoming Parades]

Woman & men in rowboats on Thames watching crew races.

02:31:16 Navy ships past camera. Pan over fleet at anchor filling large harbor.

02:31:46 Winston Churchill out of car, paying driver.

02:31:59 MS of fleet at anchor.

02:32:13 Title

02:32:23 Military VIP out of carriage as others formally salute. Military kneeling, standing. Woman on reviewing stand, military officer leaves w/ colorful flag. Other military review.

02:32:47 Russian (?) military & Josef Stalin saluting beside railroad track in sand(?). Other nationalities in formal military dress parading. Military brass band playing while passing on horseback followed by mounted units.

02:33:33 Repeat of 02:32:23--02:32:47

02:33:46 Military outside liquor store windows; building w/ shattered windows & broken glass.

02:34:08 Battleship w/ German (?) flag from stern.

02:34:18 Mounted troops through crowds, cheering & waving. England street scenes w/ crowds, buses, men & boys beide fense staring at camera. Family on balcony. Troops marching past & women smiling & waving. Men waving hats, troops marching. Military saluting. Montage of various nations (?)

Celebration; Patriotism; Europe;

[1915-1920 WWI Industry, Troops, Movements & Fox Hunters]

Large factory exterior. Interior w/ armaments seen from crane moving through.

02:36:12 German troops marching along road. Troops laying behind barriers in road w/ rifles. Unid. officers at garden. Women giving drinks to soldiers. CU War Declared on Germany poster.

02:36:42 London traffic & mass of pedestrians. Crowd on steps of ??

02:37:03 Boy Scouts inspected by leaders & ??

02:37:12 Officers thru trenches. Horse pulling artillery up narrow road w/ men on bicycles & boys watching.

02:37:38 English officers (?) at phone w/ fields & some snow behind. 6-horse teams pulling caisson as boys watch. Troops holding rifles inside large railroad station w/ packs on ground.

02:38:08 Large wagons pulled by oxen along country road. Troops ride thru large town, people watching. Other national aries moving through towns on horseback.

02:38:50 Beagle dogs out of hut. Man in hunting outfit walking across grass of mansion. Riders mounted & dogs ready w/ hunt master.

02:39:13 Man ridiing alongside two boys on ponies in riding park; othrs follow in formal riding gear.

02:39:30 Artillery firing; soldiers advance towards camera over hill. Soldiers firing from laying & kneeling positions, dead laying about. Firing in street behind defenses (staged). Charging. Dug in positions.

02:40:35 German (?) troops seen marching past village house, carry rifles by barrel. Others marching along road, thru woods.

02:40:55 Winter in city & horses pulling sleighs w/ people; pedestrians. Women shoveling snow. Sussian (?) military riding thru village in snow, past camera & away.

02:41:38 Camels w/ military riders and as pack animals along road in snow.


[WWI - Austrian & Hungarian troops on way to Italian Alps.]

Pan over large number of troops massed in yard near factory (?).

16:20:08 Truck w/ troops, pulling trailer passing large number of soldiers walking along road & across bridge.

16:20:14 POV from rear of wagon leaving village; peasants & cattle walking in other direction. Man wrecked wagons alongside road. Troops walking past wrecked trucks & large gun. Highway ditch filled w/ equipment.

16:20:56 Many troops w/ blankets & packs in farm yard. View across valley. Austrian troops crossing railroad, wave to camera; near station.

16:21:32 Soldier dressing leg of seriously wounded man lying by roadside. Wounded soldiers standing & hobble past, large mountain in background.

16:21:54 Troops on road past wrecked equipment on road. Pan over wrecked equipment in ditch by roadside. Truck slowly past w/ some troops following.

16:23:02 Title (Hungarian?). Trucks w/ troops in convoy on road passing troops on foot along road winding along mountainside. (Hungarian Title re village of Olasz.) Many trops walkig. Refugees w/ wagons & oxen, troops riding also, troops walking, leading cattle, horses. (GOOD).

16:25:11 POV from rear of wagon thru village square filled w/ debris & wrecked equipment. Austrian troops greeting Hungarians. Standing along road, mountains behind. (Hungarian title) Troops into village square, priest & medics pst several old men.

16:26:32 Troops into wooden shed, drink from canteens. POV from wagon leaving earlier village past wrecked wagons. Oxen pulling freight wagons passed by car; helmeted troops walk in opposite direction. Thru village w/ very large gun emplacements.

16:27:32 Wrecked village in mountain valley. Troops coming & going on muddy mountain road.

16:28:31 Wrecked equipment roadside. Troops thru mountain villages (GOOD). Along icy, muddy road. 16:28:54 Summer & dry road w/ pack mules & burning roadside rubble. Ski troops up valley & icy road. Dead horse. Crossing flowing river on horseback. Destroyed artillery by roadside, troops past.

16:33:37 Dead body by road w/ soldier pausing. (Hungarian title) Civilians incl. children walk in front of troops across narrow bridge. Passing snowy peaks on foot, in large truck.

16:35:11 Soldiers run thru trenches, across rocky muntainside..

16:35:35 Title: ..IV. Karoly (Charles IV) Emperor of Austria in mountains w/ officers sitting on rocks w/ binoculars, maps. Soldiers running down rocky slope, wire barricade fence.

NOTE: Hungarians fought alongisde Austrians against Italians near Isonzo River inside Austria near border w/ Italy Jun15-Nov17. Now in Slovenia.

WWI Newsreel Excerpts

Russia╒s Airmen - Russian cadets receiving preliminary training in England - removing a wing - wireless telegraphy - engine construction - men climbing at back of truck

16:16:55 ship torpedoed and sunk.

16:17:41 Prime Minister Lloyd George presented with the Freedom of the Borough of Birkenhead.

16:18:43 Wounded Entertained At Southgate fete.

16:18:46 Heroes of Mons: veterans? by lions at Trafalgar Square speaking to crowd.

16:19:14 The Premier at Welsh festival Eisteddfod: Lloyd George cheered by crowds in national costume.

16:19:55 Lloyd George At Son╒s Wedding - Major Richard Lloyd George marries Roberta McAlpine.

16:21:28 Gymnastics display at Shoreham - Human pyramid.

16:21:47 Miniature railway track on which a speed of 500 miles per hour has been reached - metal hoops around track.

16:22:18 Lloyd George opens communal kitchens - war kitchens.

16:22:49 With the Canadians - The Conquerors of Vimy Bridge (Battle of Artois): Canada╒s premier Borden spends a day with the troops.

WWI; Ceremony; Honors; Awards; Home Front;

Early Russian Material

Population of Ballersdorf and Danmarie greeting President Poincare. Poincare with other officers on walkabout, locals with flags.

22:36:49 A Review of the Moroccan division - receives regimental banners. Decorations distributed to the regiments which had been fighting in Alsace

22:38:34 Lord Kitchener on the Western Front (World War One). Kitchener and others out of building and into cars.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - US Homefront

Title - Conference to arrange cooperation of troops against Villa proves futile. Shots, left to right Generals Obregon, Funston and Scott.

10:59:55 Title - Somewhere in Mexico. Coloured troops of the 24th infantry are proving their ability as able fighters for Uncle Sam in this hot climate. Shows - troops marching through scrubland. Soldier using semaphore. Camp, soldiers in two men tents. Black soldier having head shaved.

11:01:03 Cavalry officer.

11:01:11 Title - The first Yankee air squadron on the border in readiness against sudden raids. Soldiers on airfield - bi-planes - aircraft coming in to land.

11:01:17 Artillery fired. Soldiers with pack animals.

11:01:42 Soldiers training with grenades. Explosions on hillsides. Soldier with large shell.

11:02:41 Baltimore Md. Piloted by the tug Timmins the first German merchant submarine ╥Deutschland╙ arrives in Baltimore Harbour. Various shots sub under way. Map shows 300 mile journey.

11:03:33 Title - The Daring Crew of the Deutschland - Captain Koenig who eluded allied warships. Captain stands with two other men. Falg raised on ship. Ship underway semi submerged.

11:05:15 Various Wilson - in Milwaukee

11:06:07 Wilson in Indianapolis - crowds - mounted police

11:06:29 The President and Mrs Wilson leaving private yacht Mayflower - campaign for re-election. Coming ashore on launch. Through crowds in cars.

11:07:45 Unid. man speaks (mos) to camera. Unid man leaves house number 1827

11:08:25 Title - Alexandria VA. President Wilson drives the first rivet in the first ship to be built here in many years. Shows rear view shots of same.

11:08:44 Title - Speaker Champ Clark, Uncle Joe Cannon and other prominent men attend opening of shipyard. VIPs walking along and doffing hats. VIPs seated

11:09:02 Country╒s champion riveter, Charles Knight. Knight and other man demonstrate riveting. Pan across shipyard - scaffolding, cranes, brief shot workers.

11:10:06 Title - Washington DC, His Work in averting a Railroad labor strike successfully accomplished, President Wilson leaves the White House for his Summer Capitol at Shadow Lawn N.J. Shows - Good shots Wilson, wife and entourage out, into cars and away.

11:10:37 1916 Summer garden party - large decorated house, crowds cheering as Wilson and other VIPs onto balcony. Large man makes animated speech. Wilson speaks (accepts nomination?)

War As It Really Is R4 of 7

Titles: ╙Rapid Transit on the battlefield... Fifth Avenue Somewhere in France.╙ LS convoy of trucks w/ other vehicles, both directions; troops returning on foot passing trucks of troops.

13:00:58 Title ╥Transporting machine guns to the front.╙ Mules & wagons thru town; mule pack train on country road up hillside. French trucks up steep mud road. Steam engine & car down hlil past parked trucks. Trucks pulling large artillery; others carrying artillery in back.

13:02:44 French troops unload hay from railroad to trucks & wagons. Pan ammunition crates & supply trucks, ╥Railway on wire╙. French troops along small carts winched up hill thru woods. Mule pulls small cannon over small wooden bridge over carts winched up hill. Troops, trucks along road past resting troops. Long parked convoy of trucks, French troops board. Trucks snake across large hillside, past thru town.

13:05:50 French troops cross railroad tracks & on embankment; cross field.

13:06:06 Title: ╥Armored cars advancing.╙ Camouflaged w/ men riding convoy past. Ox carts pulling large artillery across floating bridge. ╥New 16 inch guns mounted on trains.╙ Men run to set up several large camouflaged railroad gun; shell lmoved from railroad car & loaded for firing; two guns raised.

13:09:13 Titles: ╥Engines of Destruction - Shell torn Europe...╙ no film. ╥This dummy, made of waste paper from the trenches, fooled the Germans...╙ Large barrel & cannon as decoy, men assemble & raise barrel.

13:10:10 Title: ╥What the Germans didn╒t see.╙ Men run to uncover brush from large cannon in pit below ground mounted on tracks (?). Similar gun on rails under netting.

13:11:24 Title: ╥Nothing like this in America╙ Unid. very large gun w/ camouflage paint prepared for firing, shell winched into breech, closed, barrel raised & fired.

13:12:40 Title: ╥France has plenty of ammunition.╙ Massive piles of ammunition stacked next to railroad cars. CU large shells. Men loading trucks w/ smaller shells; views of piles of shells. Men carry & stack shells.

13:14:20 Title: ╥$10,000 shells, 2,000 lbs each.╙ Men winching shells onto railroad platform.

WWI; WW1 Documentary; World War One Logistics; Ammunition; Decoys; Donald Thompson; 1916; 16╙ Railroad Guns; Decoys;

NOTE: Not all titles listed.

War As It Really Is R5 of 7

13:15:21 Title: ╥On the river Yser.╙ Pan over floating sections of wooden bridge into placeg after opening for boat. Gunboat w/ crew past on narrow canal section, POV into tunnel & out; crewman on radio-phone, loading & firing barrage.

13:19:35 Shell casings stacked on river bank.

13:19;53 Title: ╥Guns are well hidden.╙ Large camouflaged railroad gun fired & reloaded w/ winch.

13:21:44 Title: ╥Setting Barleux on fire.╙ Large railroad gun w/ camouflage paint fired. Smoke from burning village.

13:22:28 Title: ╥The Curtain of Fire - Millions of shells...smashing the German circle...╙ LS across field, & trenches w/ smoke rising from explosions.

13:23:13 Title: ╥The Famous French 75s firing eighteen shells a minute.╙ MCU Men loading & firing artillery. Artillery on rail or ?? recoiling after firing.

13:24:00 Title: ╥Trainloads of shells are returned every day to be reloaded.╙ Shells returned by train to be reloaded.╙ Men throwing empty casing from stack for loading into trucks. LS Field & explosions, men in trenches.

13:25:21 Title: ╥Communicating trench leading to French front line.╙ Men running thru narrow trench .

13:25:35 Title: ╥Waiting to attack.╙ Dug in artillery firing barrage during attack; various size guns firing. Men calm horses during explosions across field.

13:28:01 Flash title: ╥Big guns going into action.╙ Men pushing cans of black powder & large shells on carts on tracks to railroad gun. Firing large gun w/ recoil. Explosion seen.

13:29:04 Title: Transporting machine guns thru abandoned German trenches.╙ Men leading pack horses in trench; pack horses w/ riders seen across heavy desctruction crossing field.

13:29:52 Title: ╥In The Trenches.╙ no picture. ╥Hardecourt╙ Extreme rubble w/ columns & some brick walls standing amid destruction.

13:30:15 Title: ╥Observation post.╙ Men in trenches, one at machine gun, one w/ periscope.

13:30:34 Title: ╥French Front line.╙ Officers look over map; talk.

13:30:51 Title: ╥German observation balloons.╙ Offices Looking at two German observation balloons.

13:31:08 Title: ╥Artillery headquarters.╙ Officers in doorway, salute. leave. In sandbagged trench looking at map. ╥New reinforced concrete trenches over 40 ft. deep.╙ Officers pose in concrete lined trench; walk out. 13:32:14 Title: ╥Clearing gas from trenches.╙ Soldier w/ gas mask pours gasoline on straw & lights. Man w/ backpack sprays water (?). ╥A deadly machine gun.╙ men w/ gun. ╥Steel observation tower.╙ Man gets in.

WWI; WW1 Documentary; World War One Logistics; Ammunition; Decoys; Donald Thompson; 1916;

NOTE: Not all inter-titles listed.

WWI - War As It Really Is Reel 6

Scottish infantry passes through Mametz. Telephone wire is strung. Troops throw grenades. Prisoners are marched to the rear. Joffre confers with aides. Tunnels are made under German trenches with air drills, mines are planted, and the trenches exploded. A German spy is shot. Machine guns are moved forward. Shows skeletons beside a burial trench. Machine-guns carried to trenches. Hand grenades explode in German trenches (trenches forty feet apart). German shell falling behind French trench. French 120mm guns firing tear shells. French Troops charge German trenches.

WWI - Battle of the Somme Reel 2

On the British Army.

Royal Warwickshires eating at camp on eve of great advance. Bombardment pounds the trenches over Beaumont Hamel. Royal Warwickshires march to front. Battalion of Worcesters fix wirecutters to their rifles and move to front. ╥Flying Pigs╙ fired at enemy trenches by 9-45 inch trench mortars. Field battery brought up against captured German trenches; two horses killed by fire. 15-inch Howitzer (╥Grandmother╙) manned by Royal Marine Artillery: soldier polishes shell marked ╘to Willie with compliments╙. Bombardment of German trenches 01Jul16.

Lancashires awaiting instructions and fixing bayonets, passing through communication trench to first line. Blowing up German trenches with huge mine. Royal Engineers rushing off to wire the crater for occupation by advance troops. Setting up machine guns and firing from top of French parapet. Shrapnel bursting over German first line trenches. British troops rush out of trenches for attack. Warwickshires advance up captured trench. British Tommies rescue wounded comrade.

WWI - Battle of the Somme Reel 4

On the British Army.

Essex Regiment wash up at wayside pool. Roll-call of the Seaforth Highlanders - Scottish troops - and washing and cleaning machine guns. 8-inch Howitzers pulled into advance positions. Worcesters march to front and wave helmets to camera smiling. German Prisoners escorted to train en route to England.

16:22:22 Wounded British are carried to rear areas and German prisoners are searched. First aid is given wounded at Minden Post - Manchester pioneers in background. German shells land in the area. Clearing the battlefield of snipers and hidden machine guns & routing Germans from dugouts. Battle police round up Germans in no man's land. Germans in compound awaiting transportation. Germans dead on battlefield are buried. Dead Manchester╒s pet dog and his master. Corpses in trench & battlefield. German dead buried by Middlesex battalion.

WWI - War As it Really Is, Reel 7

Infantry attack and Germans surrender, are marched to a stockade in the rear, and searched. Shows mutilated corpses, abandoned German war materiel, and French and US trenches.

WWI - Battle of Ancre Reel 2

Rations arrive at the trenches and smiling men eat wearing goatskins. Ration party fetches water for men in the front line. Irish regiment take up positions in trenches. Men board tank - officer takes his black cat. Troops travel communicating trenches to the front. Scottish (incl. Argyle, Sutherlands, Royal Scots, Cameronians) and Brit. troops begin the attack. Scottish soldier takes message. Firing big gun. First German POWs brought back. Troops in trench watch battle. Stretcher bearers bring in wounded. Reserve troops are pushed forward. Batteries of RHA move off from a wood to take up advanced positions. Captured German colonel and troops are herded to the rear and searched. Antiaircraft guns strafe German planes. Mail distribution. Royal Naval Division after the attack and capture of Beaucourt.

Battle of the Somme ?

WWI - La Revanche des Francais Devant Verdun [Reel 1]

Oct-Dec1916 Troops move along road with trucks going in other direction. French troops move supplies into damaged Verdun. French troops with full gear marching through field, troops getting into lorries. Panning shot Verdun, its walls and defences. Soldiers walk through arch within the walls..

11:41:56 Saluting the Governor, General Dubois. - General walks past soldeirs who presnt arms. Soldiers clearing road of rubble - buildings in ruins. Streets, ruins, soldier walks across road to look at statue. Various shots buildings in ruins. Tracking shot from truck of streets.

11:44:39 Panning shot across River Meuse of bomb damaged buildings on the other side. Shots from boat travelling down river - bridges and ruins.

11:46:00 LS damaged cathedral on hill. Interior cathedral. French troops in trench or crater. Small explosions on the battlefield. Artillery firing. Explosions on battlefield.

WWI - La Revanche des Francais Devant Verdun [Reel 2]

Oct-Dec1916 Battlefield of Fleury covered in snow. Subtitles of various manoeuvres at Douaumont. Snow covered hills , soldiers walking down snowy path. Snow covered landscape with shell holes full of icy water. The summit of Douaumont, soldiers standing around. Soldier on sentry duty in snow. Shot from inside cave as soldier comes in to shelter. Snowy terrain, men with walking sticks. Opening of the cave at Douaumont protected with barbed wire. Scenes of passageway having been bombed - festoons of wiring. Soldier walks through remains of cellars of fort. Soldiers pose with walking steps on stairway.

11:54:10 Still photograph of Christmas service held at Fort Douaumont. Officers from the fort pose for cameras.

11:54:42 German machine gun left behind. French soldiers walking towards fort in snow. LS troops walking across snow covered hillside on the way to the fort, troops dragging wood on trolleys. Small explosions in snow.

11:56:31 Vaux. Subtitle of events leading up to the French retaking the fort on 1st Nov 1916. Scenes of cave entrance with defences. Soldiers running towards camera. Men emerge from cave in Fort.

The Battle of Ancre and Advance of the Tanks [Reel 1]

On the British Army. Title ╥At dawn on September 15th began the second phase of the great push resulting in the capture of a series of fortified villages ....╙

Supplies are unloaded at a railhead. Hay for horses and food for troops. Butchering meat.

06:49:58 British troops move forward - marching down road.

06:51:13 Royal Welsh Fusiliers and Australians on their way to the front. Highlanders and Royal Engineers unloading boards to line muddy trenches. Good to show mud.

06:52:56 Shells rolled up to gun. Smoke as Germans shell light railway track.

06:53:45 Troops march along road. Horses used to carry shells to forward positions. Horses knee deep in mud. Men drinking coffee on horseback. Horses continue forward walking through muddy water.

06:56:29 8 inch Howitzers open the attack on the German 3rd line. Good shots to show recoil under camouflage.


The Battle of Ancre and Advance of the Tanks [Reel 1 Cont.]

On the British Army. Men issued with rubber thigh boots to prevent frostbite in the trenches.

06:58:10 Fixing detonators into Mills grenades for the attack at dawn. Cameronians loading magazines for machine guns.

06:58:52 Men and vehicles pouring up to the front. British guns, 6 inch Howitzers receive orders to fire - firing at German positions. Forward observation officer corrects the range, message relayed by megaphone. Guns fire.

07:00:55 Sleighs used to bring in the wounded are dragged to the front. Soldiers battle through mud with equipment..

07:01:30 Troops ready in their dug-outs. Soldiers given ammunition to carry to front line. Good shots troops relax in trenches.

07:03:16 8 inch Howitzers firing, officer with megaphone directs range. Artillery fired.


WWI - La Revanche Des Francais Devant Verdun (Oct-Dec 1916) Reel 3

Verdun, France

French troops w/ machine gun on lookout at fort. Men looking out of pillbox & fort.

03:00:48 Pan over Woevre plains w/ explosions & smoke. Stills of activities inside the basement of the Fort Reconquis: men huddled together; on field telephone - digging?

03:01:39 German fire on plains, smoke drifting. Mass captured German POWs marched thru town by French on horseback. French &/or allied soldiers lining street. MCU & CU.

03:04:40 15Dec16 German troops pushed back miles beyond Douaumont. View from upper floor of heavily damaged building of horse teams pulling wagons down rainy street. Convoy thru village in mud & puddles past heavily damaged buildings.

03:05:45 Burros fed, loaded & carrying loads thru mud of countryside.

03:06:32 Artillery convoy on way to front line past stockpile of large shells. Men push loads on narrow gauge rail track. Body in mud. Men & horses extract big gun stuck in mud.


WWI - La Revanche Des Francais Devant Verdun (Oct-Dec 1916) Reel 4

Large guns under tarpaulins fired from rocky hillside as men cover ears. Brief shot of railroad gun mounted on train firing at village. French infantry cross ruins of Verdun town & advance across no man's land - really muddy w/ waterfilled bomb craters. Men resting in mud w/ smoke & explosions beyond. Out of trenches & advancing w/ packs & rifles. Pans of barren countryside w/ smoke from explosions or ?? drifting across. View of trench line running up opposite hill. Good explosions.

03:11:22 Group of soldiers following wounded carried on stretcher.

03:11:53 High angle of German troops across valley gathering & climbing up towards camera as equipment French move away from camera.

03:12:47 ╥Ordre Du Jour╙ Troops at Chauffour Woods? and ravine. Devastated hillside of stumps, rocks & fallen timber. German prisoners & abandoned equipment are collected. Remains of tanks, part of German command post dug in. Captured troops along road past camera.

03:14:47 POW camp; food distributed - bread & tin cans in front of camera.

03:16:10 Officers pose & board trucks to rear.

03:16:37 CU General Mangin; Gen Neville & Gen. Petain review French troops after Verdun victory & give awards.

Victory; Battle of Verdun; Medals; Devastation; Horrors of War;

WWI - War As It Really Is (1914-1916) Reel 2

Rubbled church at Herbecourt - French soldiers╒ corpses inside church. Ruins of Maricourt. Unexploded Zeppelin bomb. Ramparts at Verdun. Vehicles cross Meuse river. Soldiers wash laundry in Meuse river. Shell holes. Firemen hose down one of Verdun╒s frequent fires. Damaged hospital. Skull of German soldier with pith helmet. Abandoned German equipment and corpses. German prisoners in a stockade; German prisoners pumping water.

03:53:32 Somme offensive - President PoincarÄ and General Joffre decorating and reviewing French and Russian troops. General Pau inspecting front line troops. French 75s cavalry? or artillery. Soldiers behind flag ╘Honneur & Patrie╙. Huge numbers of troops in flat field.

[California Ostrich Farm; Los Angeles; Santa Catalina Island]

01:02:04 Ostrich in fenced enclosure. Ostrich displaying. Two birds by sign Pres. and Mrs Wilson eating, take food from hand. Black Diamond, racing Ostrich being fed by trainer in pen; pecking from jacket pocket. Man riding ostrich outside pen.

01:03:48 Los Angeles High angle slow pan of buildings & city w/ parks, trees & tall buildings.

01:04:58 Hall of records. Street scenes w/ pedestrians, palm trees, pan up church? HA city center street w/ traffic & pedestrians, street cars or trolleys & traffic;.

01:06:11 Clune╒s Auditorium & park w/ people walking, fountain & palm trees. Stores & buildings

01:07:35 Angels Flight Inclined Railway & end of Third Street Tunnel. Good shot convertible cars driving past mansion in palm tree lined road. Other street traffic.

01:08:52 Chinatown ghetto, dingy street & buildings. Chinese shop. Chinese men walk along street. Chinese writing painted on wall.

01:09:31 Old Plaza & centre of original Mexican Pueblo of Los Angeles. Men standing around in plaza.. North Hill Street, Double Barrelled Tunnel. Cars into one side & tram into other side of tunnel. Elaborate building.

01:10:28 Park, swans on lake with bridge over. Hollenbeck Park, couple walk past palm trees. Lake seen thru trees. Man sitting on grass,

01:11:50 Signal Hill (?) wooden oil derricks.

01:12;03 Desert floor w/ man in suit walking up 8ft diameter water pipeline. POV past large tile roofed, wealthy houses on palm lined drive. Man walking along suburban street of electic architecture; lamposts.

01:13:37 Santa Catalina Island. Map showing proximity of island, route of ferry boats. People board ship. Captain of Steamship Cabrillo rings bell. Shot from ship leaving docks in Los Angeles harbor -POV along dockside: freight trains, warehouses, sawmill & timber yards.

01:15:32 Lighthouse on breakwater. Ship into dock on Santa Catalina, Hotel Stamford at end of dock. Shots from shore of steamship docking at Avalon on Santa Catalina. Passengers / tourists coming ashore.

Travelogue; 1910s Daily Life; Tourism; West Coast;

Battle of Ancre R2 of 3

13:51:09 Title: ╥While the guns are cooling... Rations arrive at the trenches & smiling, laughing men wearing goatskins eat.

13:52:04 Title: ╥Ration party fetching water for men in the front line╙. Men walk w/ boxes & buckets along muddy road.

13:52:32 Title. Irish regiment take up positions in trenches. Men board tank w/ camouflage paint - officer w/ his black cat on shoulder climbs in & closes door.

13:54:41 Title: ╥Passing thru the communication trenches... Troops w/ bayonets on rifles thru trenches to the front. British (?) troops begin firing grenades from rifles; explosions near trenches.

13:55:54 Title: ╥Scottish troops...awaiting the signal.╙ High angle troops smoking in wide trench wait.

13:56:13 Title: ╥The attack...Scottish troops, comprising the Argyle & Sutherlands, Royal Scots, Cameronians 7 the K.O.S. Bord..lean forward.╙

13:56:19 MCU Soldiers climb out of trenches & run forward. LS crossing fields.

13:58:25 Title: ╥The attack progressing. Waves of men...╙ MS Scotsmen run forward.

13:58:46 Title: ╥A message is sent for Artillery support.╙ Scotsman runs into sandbagged signal dugout, leaves. Men pass shells, firing artillery.

13:59:15 Title: ╥The first batch of prisoners arrive...╙ Many German POWs arrive from no-man╒s land.Troops in trench watch battle; periscopes. Stretcher bearers go; bring back wounded. Trench troops watch. 14:01:14 Title: ╥Pushing forward the reserves╙. Thru trenches, across field at dog trot w/ rifles, shovels. 14:02:53 Title: ╥Batteries of R.H.A. move off from a wood to take up advanced positions.╙ Horses pulling wagons thru mud, cavalry riding.

14:03:40 Title: ╥Tommy jokes w/ Fritz...╙ Captured Germans after rest march off.

14:04:31 Title: ╥While the fight...anti-aircraft guns...╙ Mounted on truck fired at German planes.

14:05:11 Title: ╥Searching prisoners in a compound.╙ Line of POWs searched.

14:05:59 Title: ╥Letters from home...╙ Troops at mail distribution.

14:06:43 Title: ╥The Royal Naval Division assembling after the attack and capture of Beaucourt.╙ Men stand, smoke & pose for camera, one wearing German spiked helmet.

Battle of the Somme (?); WW1; WWI; World War One; Battles; Fighting; Attacking;

NOTE: Good quality camera work.

Early Russian Material

French titles

Troops on the front - mud - searchlights Night scenes of surrenders

Troops off troop ship. People gather around a burning German plane.

22:08:51 The Victory of Verdun 15Nov1916 (World War One)

The people who took part are thanked by the Republic. Preparations for the attack. Donkey╒s carry suplies.

Artillery en route for the front. Troops cross a valley. Troops marching down road. Soldier is trapped in the mud. The troops wait for the battle to begin. German artillery smoke. Top shot Germans cross the valley. Artillery. Burning town. Odd intercut scenes of battle.

The House of Romanoff (Romanov) Tsar and Tsarina of Russia

Tsar with soldiers - Snowy conditions. Inspects military equipment

08:37:17 Once a month the Tsar spent in week in the war HQ. at these times his train became his home. Shots of the train. This is also the train from where he was later to abdicate. Tsar in car visits HQ. Photocall with officers

08:39:32 Tsar visits the Peremishel Fortress. General Gavrilov explains to the Tsar about the last battles with the Austrians on 6March1915 at Peremishel. Trophies by the Fort- Wrecked artillery along road

08:41:30 Tsar at military march past. Tsarina and family meet with soldiers at War HQ in Mogileov. Royal family exit building. Young Alexei playing in the snow and with his dog.

08:44:22 Easter celebrations 1915 or 16 ? - much kissing. Tsar kisses the lower ranks as is traditional at Easter. Tsar and Alexei inspecting military equipment - huge floodlight -

08:47:29 Tsar inspects cossacks - Church parade

Royal family down stairs and into motor launch. Montage shots Alexei - shots of family down stairs repeated in slo-mo.

The House of Romanoff (ROMANOV) Tsar and Tsarina of Russia

Tsar w/ army officers & soldiers - snowy conditions. Gives award. Inspects military equipment including motorcycles.

02:37:10 Tsar in front of train used while at military headquarters; w/ clergy & officers in snow. NOTE: This is also the train from where he was later to abdicate. Tsar in car visits HQ. Poses for camera w/ officers.

02:39:20 View over wide valley of farmland when Tsar visits the Peremishel Fortress w/ General Gavrilov. NOTE: the last battles w/ the Austrians were 6th March 1915 at Peremishel. Trophies at the Fort of wrecked artillery & equipment seen as Tsar leaves in car (POV).

02:41:26 Tsar mounts horse; rides off, reviews military. Tsarina & family shake hands w/ officers at War HQ in Mogileov. Royal family exit building. Young Alexei playing in the snow & w/ his dog.

02:44:20 Easter procession, celebrations 1915 or 1916(?) - much kissing. NOTE: Tsar kisses the lower ranks as is traditional at Easter. Tsar & Alexei inspecting military equipment - huge searchlight. Review troops passing in trucks; leave in large car.

02:47:27 Tsar inspects cossacks - Church parade.

02:48:34 Royal family down wide stairs, into motor launch & leaving.

02:50:08 Montage shots Alexei. Shots of family down stairs repeated in slo-mo.

Militarism; Wealth; Russian Royalty; Pre-USSR; ca 1914; Ceremony; Ceremonies; Railroad; ca 1916;

President Woodrow Wilson

Focuses on World War One and journey to France for Peace treaty.

Wilson at desk reads files, Flag Day June 14, 1916, Wilson leads parade carrying US flag. At window, then talks on phone. Sheep outside White House. Wilson at desk writes and talks to someone off screen. April 2 1917, Wilson asks Congress that the US declares war on Germany (probably photograph). Sept 30, 1918, draws first number in draft lottery out of big jar. Nov 11, 1918 Armistice Day in Washington, crowds cheering, waving flags in front of White House. track past crowd.

President into car with others on way to Capitol, driving away from Capitol, crowds cheer. Soldiers dance in line in street behind Black man in civilian clothes carrying flag.

Wilson reviews Armistice parade, infantry marches, women march, float with women in white, military from different countries with own flags.

23:07:38: Wilson sails for France to negotiate peace between Germany and Allies. USS ╥George Washington╙ leaves New Jersey, steaming. Crowds wave on dock, seen from moving ship. View of ship departing. Track on docks with trail of steaming ships and tall buildings in BG. President╒s flag on board. Captain Edward McCauley, Jr. Commander of ╥George Washington╙ and Rear Admiral H. S. Knapp on board. McCauley and Commander Perkins. Commander Roesch, Chief Engineer of ╥George Washington╙ on deck smoking. Captain W. B. Pratt and rear Admiral H.S. Knapp. President and Mrs. Wilson on bridge. Sunset with mast etc. Wilson with cap chatting. Top shot sailors rush to deck for abandon ship drill, untie lifeboats. Good GV of deck. Passengers lined up in life jackets incl. Wilson. New Ambassador to Great Britain John W. Davis w/ wife look through binoculars. Mrs Gordon Auchincloss, Mrs David H. Miller and Mr. Arthur Bullitt chatting on deck in coats and hats. French Ambassador Jules Jusserand w/ wife wearing elaborate hat. Mr G.F. Close and Mr. R.C. Sween, confidential secretaries to Wilson on deck.

World War One - Stock Newsreel Excerpts

David Lloyd George with Foch and ? VIPs standing outside Checkers? Lloyd George and two others seated in chairs.

07:54:04 Unid. VIP out of building and pose for cameras

07:54:16 French or Belgan soldiers hold back crowds.

07:54:22 British ? soldier on sentry duty.

07:54:40 French or Belgian soldiers on carts along country road. Congregate n town square. Tank driving round courtyard watched by civilians ( film deterioration) American ? soldiers standing by tank. Soldier pushes little boy out of the way.

07:55:42 British Grenadier Guards with bearskins / busbys on guard outside ? Palace. Crowd of well dressed civilians waiting on pavement. David Lloyd George leaves building followed by unid. VIPs

Animated map showing allied sectors.

07:57:00 St Peter╒s Square - Vatican - Crowds rushing to enter building - brief shot inside of Catholic service. Banner unfurled from Pope╒s balcony

07:57:44 Unid men disembarking from ship - pose for cameras. Man in carriage. ?

07:58:37 Prime Minister Lloyd George and unid man with heavy moustache exit building and into car. Man with moustache and another unid. man pose in gardens with dog.

08:00:00 Brief shots interior meeting - exterior, two unid. Oriental men. Man with moustache.

08:00:13 Unid VIP out of building - takes off hat and poses

WWI - President Wilson

Wilson looks out of window of White House - walks to telephone and poses.

14:29:37 Sheep on lawn in front of White House.

14:29:56 Wilson at desk putting letter in envelope (severing off relations with Germany)

14:30:27 National Draft lottery - President Wilson being blindfolded before drawing number.

14:31:05 USS George Washington leaving Pier No. 4. Hoboken, New Jersey. View from ships as pulling away - sign US army transport service on building. Tug boats guiding ship. Tracking shot shoreline as ship passes down river. President Wilson on board - good CU wearing flat cap. Heading for Europe Dec. 4th 1918

WWI - US Troops in France

US troops using machine guns (good) - casualties helped along road littered with corpses and dead horses - wounded carried on stretcher to roadside station - transferred into ambulance - medics have trouble getting stretcher in.

Troops trudge past refugees on roadside - along muddy road. Old man and woman wave. Elderley refugees loaded with belongings walk down muddy road.

WWI - War Bond Rally

Sec. Baker with war bonds - with group outside Leith╒s theatre advertising "Stirring speakers";

14:34:31 Douglas Fairbanks; Bond rally McAdoo & Daniels; McAdoo on platform

14:36:44 Outside Liberty Bank - Girls in patriotic dress parade; Bond rally entertainment.

WWI Newsreel Excerpts

Pathe - France American push - US troops on horseback ride past camera. Horse drawn carts loaded with shells. French? soldiers cross river by bridge.

21:00:40 American soldiers digging trenches & training with Lewis Gun

21:01:25 German shells on Yankees. Longueval France. Explosions as troops run across fields.

21:02:48 With the American Army of Occupation - Fritz blowing up his dumps. Pan over rooftops of town - smoke rising. American advance cavalry on move

21:03:31 Alphonso XII in Verdun - speaking with Catholic priest, walks through ruins of church? At train station. With press or VIPs ?

21:05:05 Old American Army; Western Front. Troops drive covered wagons and ride on horseback. Military trucks travel line abreast.

21:05:41 ? troops walking across field, snow on ground - try to keep warm. Issued with rations. ? troops on horseback down country road. Ambulance wagon.

21:06:47 Big gun firing ? troops fire from trenches, wounded man helped from trench. Women sit in rubble. Troops getting soup. Officers looking at debris in bomb damaged town.

21:09:01 Railway gun moved and fired - troops in trenches. Explosions. Field gun / artillery fired. Remains of buildings and churchyard. Injured man put into ambulance. British or US troops advance.

WWI Newsreel Excerpts Part Two

Animated map detailing Luxembourg and France and Germany - campaigns

21:12:29 French? troops in trenches. Artillery fired

21:12:52 US Naval warships at anchor. US troops on dockside waiting to board transport ships. Boarding shps

21:13:59 Naval recruitment drive on beach - men signing up. Battleships underway.

21:14:28 Soldiers on parade ground at Camp Franco-American. French and US officers in group chatting. Flags of France and America raised side by side.

21:14:57 Mock battleship in US street. for bond rally? US troops march down 5th Ave?- military parade

21:16:04 Unid location. Heavy field guns pulled by oxen across pontoon bridge. Artillery fired. Military training. Railway gun.

[WWI - Stock Newsreel Excerpts]

Cruiser Emden with masses of sailors at stations. Ship leaving port, good shots as she steams out.

15:38:50 President Woodrow Wilson & Taft w/ other VIPs on balcony watch / dedicate Red Cross parade.

15:39:34 Wilson in training camp - Wilson and Officer in rocking chairs. Wilson on horseback reviews troops .

15:40:43 President and Mrs Wilson arrive in their private yacht Mayflower to attend Commencement exercises at West Point. Yacht at anchor. Presidential party w/ security men greeted at dock. Ceremony, cadets receive diplomas.

15:41:48 President & Mrs Wilson w/ other VIPs on review stand. President inspects troops. Troops drill

15:43:17 Presidential Inauguration - crowds. Wilson & others in horse drawn carriage. Carriages w/ security men arriving. Military parade. Pan down Capitol - crowds. Wilson taking oath. Inaugural military parade.

15:45:53 Recycling steel - magnet picks up metal, crusher breaking large pieces, melted down and made into steel bars. Very brief shot Fort Dix [nitrate decomposition].

1920s US - Washington DC

[WWI Scenes - British Home Front - Versailles]

High shot parade through street w/ large banners - Hyde Park trade union meeting.

14:50:26 Protest against high cost of food in Britain - pan across crowd of people w/ placards inc. ╘Hands off the Baby╒s Milk╒ - ╘...Feed Babies or Pigs?╒ - woman holds crying baby.

14:50:49 Christmas in the trenches - troops wrapped up against cold wait to cook christmas puddings in trench surrounded by snow - drop pudding containers in bucket of water on fire - portions of pudding served up - CU soldiers enjoying their christmas pudding.

14:51:45 Trench warfare scenes - troops scrambling across battlefield - stretcher bearers carrying dead / wounded across no man╒s land - brief shot medical station w/ red cross sign.

14:52:05 Group of men waiting as man standing on crate hands out leaflets / documents. 1916 - crowds march to Hyde Park London in protest to Government against high cost of living - freezing weather.

14:53:15 Woman playing golf in Edwardian dress - long skirt, blouse & hat - female caddy - golf course overlooking valley & mountains. Man tees off watched by young girl. Outdoor political meeting w/ Union Jacks hanging from stage. Men out of building w/ women in elaborate hats, pose for camera.

14:54:48 People along platform at large train station. Man addressing outdoor meeting. Military officers & politicians? on platform w/ British military ensign [?] flying in BG.

14:55:36 Versailles peace treaty newsreel shots - German & Allied representatives arriving on first day of talks. Prime Minister Lloyd-George out of car. Marshal Foch reviewing Guard of Honour en route to Conference. Arrival shots repeated.

14:57:45 Cavalry regiment attempts to descend snowy slope on horseback - very thick snow, some horses fall over - gallop towards camera. Ski troops down slope, some fall over. Troops marching through snow wrapped up against cold - bayonets visible - climbing up steep slope. High pan across town w/ snowy rooftops & mosques w/ minarets - Balkans or USSR ?

WWI. Women in Sport - Female Golfers. Edwardian Dress Fashions. 1910s.

WWI - Troops Recreation / Nurses

Soldiers sitting at table with nurse. Dancing.

Early Russian Material

Winning the War - World War One

Agricultural scenes - haymaking - Boy╒s Working Reserve - Bugle sounded - farm hands down tools and go off to war. Call up. Troops parade

Farmer receives letter telling him to increase production. Woodrow Wilson

The youth are called upon to help with the lack of labour - poster ╥ Join the Boys Working Reserve╙.

Sports and views of the camp where boys are trained to work the farms. Camp site - raising of American flag.

Boys working on farms. Cart horses - agricultural machinery - ploughing with horses. Washing cows with hoses - boys milk cows. Tractors. Boys cleaning up after work and congregate in tent. Playing leap-frog. Evening, flag lowered. Boys get medal after passing out. Boys arrive at farm to help farmer. Boys marching. Politician making speech. Boys and girl dressed as nurse on parade.

Early Russian Material

Pittsburgh Scenes of town buildings and sights, forts, aerial view of rivers & bridges, skyscrapers

Hillside incline railway, elevators for cars & people. Downtown street scenes, roads up hills.

Shenley Park; Botanical Gardens and conservatory.

16:19:12 Carnegie Institutes and Library. Observatory.

16:19:5? St Paul╒s Cathedral

16:20:0? War memorial

16:20:0? Pennsylvania Historical Society

Pittsburg University

Shenley centre of Higher education

16:20:45 Athletic club.

Views of city & highways along parks.

16:21:4? Zoo w/ animals.


[WWI: Ship Launches; Women Working On Farms; Belgium War Dogs; Land Girls; Fighting]

Gaumont Graphic No. 501 Title: America╒s Naval Programme - Launch of New Battleship at Brooklyn.

Woman to review stand thru crowd, ship begins to slide down ways & crowd waves, into water w/ tugs and smaller ships around.

18:01:27 GG No. 569 Title: Women Workers with the Army - Chaff Cutting At A Remount Depot.

Women forking up hay into belt driven machine. Women shovel cut hay into burlap sacks.

18:02:11 Front of large cave; machine gun emplacement in sandbagged caves.

18:02:51 GG No. 635 Title: Women at the Plough - Surrey women prove their prowess. Women w/ reins; adjust plow & behind team plowing.

18:03:18 GG No. 570 Flash title: Hopping - Season now in full swing. Women, young men & children picking harvest of hops in Kent?

18:03:56 GG No 1556 Title: New Cruiser Launched - HMS Suffolk, first of the County Class, successfully launched by Marchioness of Bristol, at Portsmouth.

18:04:06 Bottle broken & rope cut; ship launched down slip ways.

18:04:50 Shots Marchioness trying many times to break champagne bottle during ceremony.

18:06:41 Crowds at launch. Good side shot of ship down ways entering water into in harbor. Policeman moving people on. Small row boats in harbour.

18:07:57 GG No ?? Flash title: New York City - Belgian Heroes Here to Aid Victory Loan - WWI Belgium troops up street w/ dogs pulling small artillery / field guns in parade. Posing. CU details of gun pulled by dogs. Troops with rifles.

18:09:06 GG No. 515. Flash title: In The Second Line Trenches. Soldiers leaning against stone wall taking aim with guns.

18:09:17 GG No. 508. Flash title: Belgian Sharpshooters - Troops on horseback ride towards camera lined across field carrying scimitar type swords. Troops run thru sand dunes in undergrowth. Soldiers tying planks to large sacks to make raft.

18:10:49 GG No. ??? Flash title: In the Belgian trenches. Troops in wide trench against stone wall w/ rifles; two soldiers in lean-to. Soldiers get letters; read mail in trench; soldier using periscope in trench.

18:12:14 GG ??? Flash title: Women Drive the Plough. Land Girls sitting on tractor - plowing fields, three tractors plow w/ double-bottom plow. Very good.

WWI England Homefront; Agriculture; Shipbuilding; War Animals; War Bonds;

[WWI industry & training]

WWI goodbyes at train in snow; tanks demonstrated & tested; one turns over backwards. Henry Ford watches. Large tank through building. Patriotic parade & flags in Washington DC along mall(?)

[WWI industry & training ]

Boys do carpentry; work electronic panel & radio, telegraph, lathes. Race cars past grandstand; Buffalo Bill Wild West Show; Wilson throws out BB; Will Rogers rope spinning; recreation mountain climbing; people on glacier; logging; girls making hats; working in mailroom; women in laundry; men making spoke wheels; workers on sidewalk; civil war vets encampment; dining; army recruits, pushball, tug of war, writing letters, eating, Wilson speaking; large crowd waving to camera; Wilson into car & thru crowd; Teddy Roosevelt in car & talking with people; Veterans Parade; WWI soldiers practice bayonet & hand grenade throw. Women work on engines & welding; trucking shot past ships under construction; tank demonstration & digging out stuck tank. Troops march to war & thru crowd. CUs. Women & bandman.

Injured Soldiers In France, WWI

[Intertitles throughout]

US troops posing in group. Convoy of American field ambulances at the front, Verdun?

17:01:04: Used bandages being washed, sterilized and rewound at American Ambulance Hospital, Nieully. Nurses making dressings.

17:01:46: Hospital at Compiegne. Recovering soldier, Dakin solution. Dr. Alexis Carrel.

17:03:04: Staff outside American woman╒s house converted to hospital 6 miles from trenches. Recovering soldiers playing croquet in garden.

17:03:42: Carrying wounded on horseback through Vosges mountains.

17:04:42: Canal boats converted to hospital ships..

17:05:45: One-armed men training as carpenters at school in Paris.

17:07:25: Baby clothes being distributed at Mrs Pinto╒s Vestry, Paris.

17:07:50: Wounded soldiers brought to Red Cross dressing stations near trenches.

17:08:56: Carrying wounded to clearing hospital mile from trenches. Ambulance unloaded.

17:10:25: Canadian survivors of Ypres convalescing in England.

17:10:43: First aid station surrounded by barbed wire in second-line trench.

17:11:05: Chasseurs on skis move through snow in the Vosges mountains.

17:11:36: Carrying stretcher through heavy snow. Wounded soldier put on sled pulled by Alaskan huskies.

The Great War.

[Stream, Electrification, WWI Tanks & Troops, Currency Pprinting]

River & low dam by mill buildings. Electricity Power wires. Reservoir.

11:00:58 SAFETY FIRST boxes fall. Hospital interior; spraying restroom; mopping.

11:01:37 Boys on stage acting as WWI soldier.

11:01:54 Construction of airplanes from wood (decomp).

11:02:50 Small tank tested over Railway sleepers.

11:03:10 WWI troops parade in front of Glass Company sign. Flag presented. Detroit military parade. CU of military VIPs.

11:04:17 Men, women & boys working printing money.

WWI World War One - France - Advancing & Construction

Rocky countryside & wounded removed. Troops moving up & back. Pan over woods. Putting up sign re Bethincourt - Play the Game Boys, Obey the M.P. Digging for bridge or road building & moving large guns & trucks. Clearing ruins of buildings & bridge. Small tank, advancing troops & pack animals, long line mule train. Breaking camp. Through mud. Many troops past ruins.

WWI World War One - France - Catholic Service - Trenches - Pershing

Catholic service outdoors w/ priest blessing soldiers as others watch. Trenches - troops toward camera. Red cross men in front of cave. Trench & troops pointing. Looking out of trench, putting on gas masks. Men with pack horse by motorcycle, others eating. Rooster in mailbox as soldiers get mail. Field kitchen serving. Men in trench carrying ?. Inspecting bullet holes in car. Dog & kitten fighting. Pershing past camera at dock. Reviewing troops w/ other officers. Large camouflaged guns. German POWs behind barbed wire, MCU. Review in large field. Troops march past camera to front. Pershing & others at review. Map smoking & American Flag across.

WWI - World War One - Recruits off to Camp & Training

Woman watching from behind rope, with tears crying. Man walks past & shakes hands. Men returning or going to war. Recruits putting on boots, measured for uniform & given clothes. Exercising in field in civilian corps. Running past camera with officers. Troops with picks & shovels march off; digging & filling sand bags. Inoculated against Typhus. Barracks. Men drill with rifles in field, exercise. Marching along road. Rockford, IL speech by Maj Gen Barry w/ Roosevelt on stand. Field of men. Pan over faces at lecture outside barracks. Navy sailors with rifles drill & other formation on field. Great Lakes training station. Navy drill. Naval marching band.

WWI World War one Recruits - Training - Naval Ships - Pershing in France

Pan over barracks & wagons. Navy Yard, construction & launching of 4 masted ship; Armament production - Men working on large guns, crane moving them. Barrels for ships guns. Shells manufactured. Stirring draft capsules & drawing

11:15:44 Draftees arriving. Crowd of soldiers sitting around platform. Field kitchens serving, eating. March along road. Calisthenics; bayonet drill; inspection. Trucks. Planes t.o. (upside down aerial). Battleship firing. Navy or coast guard callisthenics & gun training. Ships firing. Pershing & others reviewing French troops. Huge crowd outside station & Pershing leaving in motorcade. Troops off ship & march through town. Military parade.

WWI Training - US Homefront - excerpt of 200 FC 0638

Black troops standing in front of barracks; CUs; Man shaving. Troops in barracks smoking, writing letters. Barracks exterior & wagons pulled by teams of mules. Int. of mess hall & washing mess kits. Soldier lecturing to others and showing how motor works. Eating.

[WWI - France; Artillery Caves; Trenches Used & Built; Verdun; Mortars; Tank Demonstration]

Gaumont Graphic No. 599 Title: With The French at Maurepas... Horse teams pulling wagons along muddy road & across water.

17:16:33 Large caves w/ troops w/ picks & sandbags in front. Machine gunners in front of cave.

17:17:13 Trucks, some w/ artillery in back, on road passing both ways. Horses tethered next to stone fronted huts dug into bluff; soldiers walking past w/ packs. Troops advance

17:18:33 Title: French Front Line Trenches... Deep sandbagged trench w/ men & rifles against wicker braced wall. Soldiers in pit w/ sandbags.

17:19:13 Firing big gun, shell hoisted. Barrel cleaned & powder charge put in. Fired. Very large mortar fired.

17:19:53 GG no. 538 Title: On the Verdun Front - Reinforcements... Trucks w/ men thru village. Trucks along brick road pulling heavy gun carriage. Smaller artillery & supply wagons pulled by horses thru French town. Trucks on rural road.

17:21:18 Title: Real Hard Work...French Trenches Amongst Stone Guarries... Rocky trench & cave covered w/ thick earth, men look up at camera. Slate on metal roofs.

17:22:13 Men digging wide & deep trench w/ pick & shovels. Metal corrugated bomb shelter built in trench; men stand in entrance. Planking on bottom of trench, man poses

17:24:08 Sir Douglas Haig off ship, reviews troops - Dover?

17:24:24 Tanks pass over hill; through water. goes out of frame.

17:25:39 Repeat reviewing troops, tanks running in shallow stream then back up steep bank; over rubble pile.

WWI - Fighting; Weapons;

Early Russian Material

USA - Los Angeles - schoolgirls undergo military training ? Actually girls marching down steps with flags and on parade field. Girls salute the US flag. Girls in majorette uniforms.

22:29:20 Pelgam - Construction of barracks for naval conscripts. Wooden structure raised - workmen building.

22:30:04 A Zeppelin (dirigible) flying over New York - Woolworth building

22:30:35 France - Polish volunteers in the French army Troops marching down narrow old town street. Troops on parade ground inspected by French General. Troops with large wreath, crowds in town square.

22:31:37 The launching of a ship ordered by the French government - pan over shipyards - many ships under construction. Launching of ship - down slipway. Good shot from side as enters water. American flag flying off ship.

22:32:35 US Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo demonstrates new national emblem. Women sewing flag. McAdoo shows flag to other men. Flag raised, possibly New York Stock Exchange crowds watching. Top shot Parade down avenue. Emblem superimposed with American flag.

22:33:41 France The Allied Supreme Military Council - Clemenceau, PÄtain, Pershing - arrivals by car

22:34:43 World War One - US troops on their way to the frontline - soldiers marching along country road.

22:35:16 Cartoon of Abraham Lincoln.

Welcome of the British Commissioners to the War Council.

Union station is decorated with the Allies╒ Colours in Honour of the arrival.

A newsreel extract showing Secretary of State Robert Lansing at Union Station, Washington, DC, greeting Arthur J. Balfour, British Foreign Secretary. The group arrives at the home of Breckenbridge Long which Balfour will occupy while in Washington. Motorcade with cavalry outriders. Balfour and Lansing depart from the State Department building on their way to visit President Wilson

World War One

The Retreat of the Germans at the Battle of Arras R5 of 7

Title: The Guns keep up intense curtain fire. British troops firing artillery from behind sand bags, officers give instructions thru megaphone. Very large tank along road w/ officers in front & troops alongside & following.

11:34:46 Title: Hidden 18 pounder Batteries add to the intentse drum fire. Firing from dugouts seen from in front. Large mortars (?) fired.

11:35:29 Title: The Germans shell the British positions & batteries near Monchy. Shells exploding, dead horses on field; men beside craters firing small artillery. MS large guns fired & reloaded. (GOOD)

11:39:52 Many mortars dug in & fired from trenches. (GOOD)

11:40:20 Title: West Africans at the munition dumps work... Carry ammunition w/ British officers & soldiers. 11:41:22 Title: South African field artillery firing. From barren field; smoke in distance. Trenches & men moving up w/ rifles & picks & ??

11:43:12 MCU large guns fired (GOOD). Bedfords in trenches firing rifles. German shells exploding in No Man╒s Land close to trenches. Men go out w/ stretchers; carrying wounded across destroyed area & across trench.

11:47:01 Title: German prisoners help carry wounded.

11:49:10 Title: German prisoners beign brought into the British Trenches. They are searched & sent to the rear. Pan across body on ground.

World War One; Prisoners of War; POWs; Fighting; France; 9.2╙ Howitzers; WWI; WW1; 1917;

The Retreat of the Germans at the Battle of Arras, The R7 of 7

Title: How the Germans in their retreat blew up the main roads to hamper our advance.

11:51:50 Car along road, man w/ bicycle climbs out of foreground crater.

11:52:09 Title: ╥Our engineers over-came the difficulty by blowing down the remainder of houses around the craters, for making new roads.╙ Clouds of dust & collapsing buildings.

11:52:34 Title: Building a bridge over the Somme... Men at work. Men & pack animals crossing partially blown up Lock Gates.

11:53:01 Title: ╥A Northamptonshire Regiment hard at work on the bridges & roads.╙ Many uniformed men working w/ picks, shovels & wheelbarrows; destruction in background.

11:53:34 Title: ╥Fruit trees╒ ruthlessly cut down by Germans during the retreat.╙ Large fallen trees.

11:53:59 Title: ╥Well constructed German dugouts╙ Collapsed remains. High angle of huge crater & pan of remaining village around it w/ horse cart thru & a few people on street & soldiers in crater. Very high angle view of destroyed village.

11:55:32 Title: ╥A 9.2╙ Howitzer Battery starts the bombardment╙ Fired. (GOOD)

11:55:44 Title: ╥Australian artillery observers watching bombardment of the Hindenburg Line╙

11:55:49 Australian artillery observers watching bombardment of Hindenburg Line. MCU men in wide trench & large artillery in row firing. Observers watch w/ binoculars.

11:56:20 Title: ╥Batteries of Howitzers advancing under great difficulties towards Monchy.╙ Horse teams pull guns & caissons uphill.

11:56:54 Title: ╥Artillery advancing under heavy enemy shell fire.╙ LS of line of horses, men, artillery w/ explosions very close by.

11:57:08 Title: ╥Artillerymen bring their dumb friends out of danger.╙ Men lead horses w/ explosions near. 11:57:34 Title╙ ╥The Field Artillery move forward...╙ MCU past on road thru destroyed village. Scottish troops in kilts. Wagon & riders past at gallop. View down long line of artillery firing thru trees beside road.

11:58:58 Title: ╥Transport...up the Cambrai Road on April 9th.╙ MCU Men & wagons past, equipment stuck in mud. Convoy of horses, wagons, ambulance along muddy road.

11:59:53 Tilte: ╥A tank moves up...╙ MCU past w/ destroyed village behind; thru cratered field w/ line of horses in behind. (GOOD)

12:00:57 Title: ╥Royal West Kents consolidating a captured German trench.╙ Many men in deep trench. 12:01:20 Title: ╥Gunners who have been at the Front since Mons.╙ Men posing, smoking. Tommy reading war news to liberated French village women & children. British soldiers & villagers pose under German graffiti ╥Gott strafe England╙. LS 9.2 Howitzer firing from excavation or quarry. The End.

World One; WWI; France; Battle; Fighting; English Troops; Construction; WW1 Anti-German Propaganda; 1917;

Hungary - Political meeting

Naval officers (Count Carl?) and men on board small ship. Anti-aircraft gun on board ship.

03:01:33 Troops stand by artillery in town. Prisoners of war? 03:03:24 Huge civilian crowd assembled. Hungarian communist Kuhn Bela talking to crowd. Bokanyi Dezso. People climbing on lamposts for better view. 03:04:41 Garbai Sandor and Kuhn Bela. Title - Szonokok az auto tetejen - man addressing crowd standing on top of car. 03:05:43 Men playing violins. 03:06:12 Garbai Sandor and Kuhn Bela.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

Allied fleet arrives off the Port of Athens to enforce the demand that the Greek King yield stores of guns and munitions which threaten the safety of allied forces. Warships underway. Ship flying French flag. 03:08:03 Vice-Admiral DuFournet and his staff pose for cameras. 03:08:14 Ships in Piraeus. German passenger ship Seriphos.

03:08:35 Count von Luckner, famous German sea raider poses for portrait during visit to Los Angeles. Count and Countess with mascots, two dachshunds. Von Luckner inspects naval crew. 03:09:06 Sailing in the schooner Vaterland for continued tour of the World. Four masted ship underway. 03:09:33 Title - Thru the line of the American Battle Fleet. On board Vaterland as passes US naval warship and lighthouse.

03:10:16 A detachment of French Marines / sailors land at a Syrian port to establish supply base for advancing Allied armies. Shots sailors loading ?

03:10:34 Troops or prisoners on horseback. 03:10:55 African chiefs? in amazing head-dresses. Zulu? warrior performing native dance. British royals? arriving by car for display.

03:12:12 Titles - British tommies cheerfully march to their positions in the advanced lines, confident of ultimate victory. Shows - soldiers moving over grassy ground carrying arms and kit. Troops in trenches, good shots. Troops fire grenade from trench. Smoke on hillside.

03:12:39 General Haig and wounded soldiers. Haig speaking to soldiers, some in wheelchairs, nurses in background. Haig takes salute at marchpast. Haig at microphone. (Some film damage)

03:13:24 Military training grounds in Canada which have been made to resemble battlefields of Europe. Soldiers in trenches. Soldiers run up ladder to machine gun on platform. 03:14:01 Title - volunteers are steadily joining the colors to help the cause of their mother country. Men leaving sandbagged building with sign ╥Enlist Here╙, many in uniform. 03:14:02 Digging trenches and field dug-outs.

03:14:20 Title - Allied troops take refuge in the deep valleys of the Serbian mountain ranges where they are advancing slowly against the Teuton strongholds. Shots troops sheltering in valley. 03:14:41 Soldiers in trench using binoculars. Smoke rising over valley. Troops with gun. 03:15:22 Austrian and Turkish Prisoners of war captured in the Balkans.

03:15:36 Allenby seated on terrace, served drink by servant wearing Fez.

03:15:52 British troops on bridge with armoured vehicles - camels crossing in background.

03:16:10 Three VIPs wearing Fez walk in gardens. Pasha? CU

03:16:31 Scot drums returned by Hindenburg. General Sir Ian Hamilton receives them for Gordon Highlanders. Handing over ceremony. CU Sir Ian Hamilton. Scots pipe band parade through streets. Scots troops with drums parade on field. Spectators watch. Scottish officers watch march past.

TR at Forest Hills, New York, 1917 [2]

Theodore Roosevelt walks with Rifle Club members in uniform. Talks with individuals & one officer - perhaps Col. J. A. Delafield.

19:05:27 Introduced by Bishop of Long Island, Frederick Burgess and applauded on stand on steps of Forest Hills Gardens Railroad Station before speaking. Man on stand leads three cheers for TR. Sea of straw hats from above. TR speaking from notes. Pan over faces of listeners, men and women, most in hats. MS [from side] TR speaking, gesturing to speech.

19:08:46 TR standing with officers & reviewing troops; crowd w/ many women in BG. Marching with officers past colour guard. Standing reviewing marching band and soldiers.

[Speech was in support of vigorous American war involvement and attacking conscientious objectors.]


WWI - Capture of Messines

Sports played behind the lines, tug-of-war, Scots in running races carrying bagpipes. Gun carriages up and past.

11:20:44 Australian troops shown contour plan of the area. Aussie troops stand round officer with map. Large contour plan within fenced off area.

11:21:45 Preliminary bombardment on afternoon of June 5th. - smoke seen in distance.

11:22:11 Artillery observers telephone batteries - soldier on field telephone.

11:22:26 Scenes on the road to Messines - wounded carried on stretchers, barren landscape and stunted trees. Water wagon up and past. Mules carrying supplies down road towards front lines. Wounded soldiers stop for cigarette.

11:23:35 Written excerpt from Sir Douglas Haig╒s Despatch re nineteen deep mines exploded simultaneously. Shots of crater left behind after explosions, soldiers walking in bottom of crater show massive size. Messines being shelled by Germans.

11:25:18 Ruins of Wytschaete Village, captured by North and South Irish troops fighting side by side. Irish regiment march down road and arrive at rest camp. Troops wash in stream

11:26:30 The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers on their way to rest camp. Men of Royal Irish Regiment issued with stout. Men queue to get beer ration.

11:27:50 Men of the Ulster Division - officers pose for cameras. The Royal Dublin Fusiliers gag for camera, some with German helmets and other trophies.

11:28:42 Some of the men who were led over the top by the late Major W. Redmond M.P., men group around camera.

11:29:11 Grave of Major Redmond with two nuns.

[Stock Newsreel Excerpts]

Prince of Wales (future Duke of Windsor) & King George V visit battleship USS New York. Admirals, Beatty, Rodmund?, King George V, Admiral Sims & Prince of Wales.

13:52:29 NYC - American troops off to war - first volunteers parade down 5th Avenue - recruits embark aboard transport ship.

13:53:25 Newspaper headlines re conscription - Wilson and Marshall draw draft lottery . US troops aboard ship on way to France; red Cross nurses & YMCA workers on board. Chow below deck. Torpedo sighted and submarine attacked with depth charge. ??Jun17 First American troops disembark in France. Americans parade in Paris and women throw them flowers; parade in London and before King George V with mother, Lloyd George and Lord French.

13:56:41 LS Kremlin - Last appearance of Czar Nicholas with his family - son Alexis, daughters and Czarina.

Russian front - Cossacks march through snow - wounded soldiers return. Kerensky. Scenes from the Russian revolution - crowds and mayhem in streets. Russian army demonstration in support of Bolshevism. Trotsky harangues troops & reviews Red Army in Red Square.

Winter 1917 famine - children queue at American red Cross soup kitchen. Ext. snow-covered Kremlin. Lenin. Lenin╒s wife.

13:59:54 France - Prince of Wales welcomes his mother Queen Mary at the front. King George V visits wounded. Belgian King Alfred & Queen Elizabeth meet Queen Mary of England & King George V. King George decorates officers by sea. Belgian princess Marie Josephine with fiancÄ Italian Crown Prince. King George and Douglas Haig meet French President PoincarÄ, Marshal Juin and Marechal Foch


[WWI - Jerusalem Free - Captured by the Allies]

Allies enter Jerusalem. Silhouette troops with bayonets marching along sand. Allenby watches horizon.

[Russian Revolution Scenes]

Tsarist Signs taken down. Leaflets distributed to huge crowd. Vars shots of marches and demonstrations in Moscow - good top shot crowds running in panic from square as shots fired - could be from feature film i.e. Battleship Potemkin.

01:01:57 Group of soldiers - one rides off on moped; early tanks - army recruits. Kerensky - Kornilov Affair?

Communism. Riots. USSR. WWI ?

General Pershing and Party go to France, June 1917

Pershing walks on deck of transport SS Baltic, poses in CU; disembarks w/ his staff at Liverpool, England. 13:08:35 Ship arrival Boulogne, France, shipboard & at railroad station; inspects an honor guard of Marine Fusileers at Boulogne; arrives at the Gare du Nord in Paris; rides through huge crowds in Paris; and seen on balcony above throngs at of the Hotel Crillon.

WWI; USA Arrival; Homefront - France;

WWI - 1st (Gondrecourt) Training Area, July 5 - September 19, 1917, First Division

Gondrecourt, France

Pan of barren rolling hills & fields w/ road snaking through, some brush.

06:02:01 Gondrecourt camp. Troops at attention, reviewed; officers mounted & marching band leading troops.

06:04:40 Convoy w/ trucks & marching troops along road toward camera. 26th Inf. troops do Callisthenics in open field as officers watch.

06:06:32 Troops dig trenches in very rocky soil. Walls of trenches w/ reeds, sandbags & building barbed wire protective fences. The 2nd Field Signal Bn. sets up & transmits messages by radio & signal lamp. Field lines tested w/ telephone. Men recording signals.

06:10:25 Target practice & exercises on rifle, bayonet, hand grenade, and machine gun ranges. Machine guns are dismantled.

06:13:44 37-mm guns and trench mortars are loaded and fired. Firing machine gun from foxhole & moving on thru trenches. More mortar firing.

[WWI - Gas Alarm Training Film]

British troops, in trench w/ wicker retainings, conduct an anti-gas drill. Warnings are sounded by strombos horns to troops in trenches. Soldiers put on gas mask (back to camera); at side w/ rifles & fog of gas clouds across. View from trench thru barbed wire, light snow on ground, clouds of gas seen blowing.

10:03:06 MS Sentry in trench puts on mask, walks away; men hurry out of dugout, gas blows across. Sentry & others in trench. Men in gas masks cleaning rifles. Man runs in & felled by gas, another helps him w/ respirator, he has seizure; medics arrive & take him to gas proof bunker. Lewis gun & men put on masks, gas blows across. Firing rifle & Lewis gun.

10:07:38 Taking sample w/ vacuum bulb & using phosgene. Men in trenches seen thru smoke. Men move in trench towards camera w/o masks, grab masks & put on.

10:09:00 Title: Fatigue party caught by gas cloud. Men shoveling at side of bluff, officers watch. Sentry sees gas cloud, masks put on.

10:10:09 Title: Clearing trench w/ Ayerton fans. Men flailing w/ sack (?). Clearing gas from dug out by fanning. Masks are taken off & rifles cleaned.


Roosevelt Scenes

02Sep1917 Theodore Roosevelt with Brigadier General Michael J. Lenihan, fellow Officer in Spanish - American War during informal visit to Camp Mills near Garden City, NY

18:22:21 22Aug1917 On lawn of Sagamore Hill, TR and members of Belgian mission.

18:22:54 04Aug1917 Forest Hills, NY, TR reviews and marches with the Forest Hills Rifle Club

18:23:10 28Sep1917 TR speaking at pro-war parade in St Paul, Minnesota with Minnesota Governor Joseph Burnquist standing behind him on platform.

18:23:23 Supporting Liberty Loan effort in Billings, Montana. Waving from car through street.

18:23:56 26Sep1917 Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois; TR & Thomas H. Barry, camp commander

18:24;22 02Sep1918 Speaking to crowd on launch of USS Newburgh in Newburgh, NY

18:24:45 02Apr1918 From Sagamore porch TR speaks to volunteer workers of the Third Liberty Loan

18:24:57 26Aug1918 TR comes out of car in Springfield, Il. to endorse rapid end of war

18:25:03 02May1903 TR arriving at Naval Service Club, Boston with F. Nathaniel Perkins, president of club.

WWI - Newspaper Headlines - Celebrations WWI

Top shot Street crowded with people; some seen moving with a large flag. crowd in square; street car moving through crowd in square followed by panel truck. Statue / monument crowded with people waving small flags. Crowd - people seen looking up towards camera some hold children on their shoulders others hold small US flag.

Parade in progress, coffin carried with effigy. Top shot group of women, possibly nurses or nuns, in white clothing standing in the midst of large crowd. CU Large statue in square is crowded with people, buildings seen in BG; small picture of Statue of Liberty superimposed in LFG.

Top shot Parade in progress; people seen carrying flags and banners, huge crowd watching. CU Faces of people in crowd. CU Men with faces painted black, carrying a coffin on their shoulders through crowd.

CU Flags waving high above street - street cars seen below moving through crowd, ticker tape falling from buildings on both sides of street.

22:18:45 LS Biplane in flight over buildings. CU Side view, Ford car, World War I vintage. CU Photograph of open touring car date 1908 superimposed zoom in on photograph.

MCU PAN view of picture of 1915 sedan auto.

22:20;03 CU Map of Europe with German Iron Cross superimposed, filling screen like an explosion. Newspapers running off presses. CU Headline on paper reading, "Arch Duke Assassinated." CU Headline reading, "Germany Declares War; All Europe is in Arms." CU Headline reading, "Germany Invades France", superimposed over German troops marching in BG. CU Headline, "French Resist at Marne." Headline, "Lusitania Sunk" with picture of the ship. Newspaper presses running. Printer reading paper with headlines "U.S. Declares War." CU An "EXTRA" Paper reading, "U.S. At War." CU Headline, "US Troops Land in France." CU Billboard sign, "Beat Back the Hun With Liberty Bonds " superimposed over picture of troops marching in BG.

CU Shipyard - ships under construction. MS Destroyer underway.

Theodore Roosevelt╒s Sons╒ Regiments During War, 1917 - 1918 [1]

Troops in long coats march towards and past camera on rural road; may be 26th Infantry, Theodore and Archibald Roosevelt╒s regiment.

19:53:58 Formation of biplanes in open skies, tilt down to hangar roofs. Pushing out biplane from hangar onto field, troops standing around. May be Quentin Roosevelt╒s Ninety-fifth squadron.

19:54:51 Soldiers loading and firing cannon. Probably Kermit Roosevelt╒s regiment, the Seventh Field Artillery.

WWI. 1910s. Aviation.

WWI - Scenes During the Offensive of the Cambrai Front.

British troops putting on back packs and marching to the llines, horses pull artillery and gun carriages. Cavalry units advance in column, artillery pieces pulled by horses over rough ground to positions. Mud. Soldiers march off with shovels, infantry dig in, laying telephone wires, building new road round crater. Troops standing around crater, one with bicycle, one wearing red cross armband. French troops march in column, German prisoners of war marched the other way, guardd. German officers standing against wall.

11:37:09 Crashed German Albatross C-111 inspected by British troops.

11:37:59 British tanks advance. Soldiers shave in middle of field. Refugees pose for camera.

[Early Russia - Pre 1920]

Farmers with horse-drawn carts down road; other farmers with bullocks pulling carts loaded w/ hay; busy market square.

00:16:04 Prisoners of War - Tsarist troops through village; soldier salutes.

00:17:01 Vars shots of Russian trains / locomotives; INT carriages - men playing chess - people reading.

00:17:34 Orthodox priest praying over graves; people look on; coffins in a row in cemetery.

00:18:07 Men pushing other men in car; crowds on streets waving as soldier come through

00:18:44 Two dead bodies laid on stretchers being sprayed with water.

00:19:19 Harvest distribution sequence - freight train - CU train wheels in motion w/ tracks spinning past - sacks of corn / wheat - steam train through countryside - travelling shot from bridge across river - PoVs.

Farming / Agriculture. Russian Revolution ? Rural Life. Atrocities ?

Lord Northcliffe Visits Henry Ford - River Rouge Plant

MS Northcliffe & other members of British War Mission being shown vars tractors by Henry Ford in grounds of Ford tractor plant, Detroit, 1917. Group stand in muddy field as worker demonstrates small tractor w/ plough. Ford past camera on Fordson tractor. Pan along group of dignitaries; tractor zooms past. Guests driving tractors.

12:30:29 Vars scenes of steel processing at Ford╒s River Rouge Plant c 1920s - emptying ore ships - CUs carts filled w/ coal hoisted up conveyor - snow on ground - cargo ship in dock and on river - heavy digging machinery excavating - dumping slag - workers clearing site. INT plant - workers around huge furnace. EXT plant complex - crane & chimneys.

Farming / Agriculture. Mechanisation. Heavy Industry. Car Manufacturing.

War Comes To America Reel 3 - Compilation film.

Compilation film. Brief shots 1940s American way of life - AV clover leaf highways - construction - housing - people going to and leaving work - crowds - pedestrians. People going into church - interiors church service. Traffic - beach. Bodies.

12:01:37 1917 - World War One - Big guns firing - soldiers in trenches - over the top. Aircraft and tanks.

12:01:58 Armistice day Nov 11th 1918 - crowds celebrate in New York. Naval ships blown up - graphic re reduction of military strength. Brief establishing shots Europe and Asia.

12:02:30 1931 Japanese play baseball. Map Manchuria. Japan invasion. Washington - Capitol - Sec. of State Stimson superimposed on newspaper denouces Japans invasion.

12:03:18 Bonus March on Washington - depression - gangsters - dustbowl.

12:03:39 1933 High school graduation - man reading paper re Hitler in power. Night shots Hitler watches military display - Day - Nuremberg rally.

12:04:32 1935 Graduation ball - man reads paper re Mussolini attacks Ethiopia. Italian aircraft bombing. Haile Selassie - battle scenes. Capitol Sen Hiram Johnson in congress - ╥we want no war╙. Newspaper re Neutrality act.

12;05;25 1936 Young men with first car. Interior cinema - newsreel re Civil War in Spain - German and Italian planes bombing - battle scenes - civilians injured - many children. Franco meets with Hitler.

12:06;20 Exterior American Institute of Public Opinion - Gallup poll - men in office - brief shots American people interviewed. Exterior Capitol - interior Congress - cash and carry ammendment to neutrality act. animated map.

12:07:07 1937. Brief shot news room.

[Civil War Veterans Reunion At Vicksburg]

Intertitles throughout. VS National Reunion & Peace Jubilee of the Veterans of the Civil War at Vicksburg Mississippi: LS tents set up to accommodate veterans; veterans having morning wash at outdoor basins; veterans onto trucks for tour of Memorial Military Park.

12:43:04 Veterans in trucks parade through Vicksburg led by 155th Infantry, cavalry & Boy Scouts in cars - one breaks down, Scout jumps out to crank engine - buildings decorated w/ Confederate & Union flags - veterans waving hats & flags.

12:44:56 VS Veterans visiting the Illinois & Iowa Monuments in the park & attend the dedication of the New York Monument - chaplain delivers address; veterans look out over fields from Minnesota Monument; LS Mississippi & Union Naval Monuments. LS dedication of Missouri Monument; CUs ceremony.

12:48:25 National Salute fired from 21 guns. Veteran copies inscription from monument to take home. Surrender Monument where Gen Pemberton surrendered to Gen Grant on 04Jul1863 - veterans pose.

12:49:22 Large crowd of veterans listening to speech by Governor Harding of Iowa. Small group of veterans tour old battle ground. Veterans seated at long tables outside mess tent; CUs eating. Veterans getting ready for bed in large tent.

12:52:48 National Cemetary views. Mississippi River seen through camera ellipses. Veterans posing w/ Scout leader ?

American Civil War.

[NB Picture quality poor in places.]

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Brief shot military parade

13:15:54 Lusitania memorial service , Baltimore. LS ship at sea. CS women hold large wreath over side of ship. Seaplane taxis. Wreaths and flowers thrown into sea by young women wearing Lusitania sashes.

13:17:37 Wounded arrive in NYC, casualties on stretchers taken off ship, red cross or ?? giving cigarettes(?). Pan over ambulances on dock, wounded into ambulances.

13:20:05 Wounded in England Nurses on grounds of hospital w/ men in wheelchairs. US Soldier looking at wound. Group of smiling US troops on lawn wave to camera. American Red Cross ambulance pulls up outside ivy clad hospital. Wounded at garden party with VIPs. Men given flowers by elderly woman.

Some Bonds I Have Known with Charlie Chaplin

Four skits enacted by Charlie Chaplin dramatizing the bond of friendship, the bond of love, the marriage bond, and the victory bond. Re-released in 1942 as an incentive for Canadians to purchase war savings certificates. WWII

Russian and Multinational Troops (World War One)

Refugees at Irkutsk railroad station. Soldiers return from war front. French and Russian officers. Military funeral. Gen. Janin and Count de Martel.

Good shots train passing through snowy countryside card says - Troops on train desert Bolshevik Army. 19:20;42 German, Austrian and Turkish prisoners of war in camp. Military parade. Casualties from train on stretcher. Peasants enrol in Russian army. Military parade

19:25:54 French General, Henri Joseph Gourard, decorates Russian officer, and reviews French and Russian parade. White Russian prisoners on labour detail in streets, Russia. Crowds cheering in square.

[Canadian Troops - WWI - France]

Canadian troops digging in village as officers go past in open-top car; troops building road and laying railroad tracks. Stack and load shells. Small freight trains past w/ troops on top of cargo; PoV from moving train.

05:01:59 MS Black soldier unloading shells; MS pan across Black soldiers smiling for camera. Observation / barrage balloons above road; AV view from balloon basket; navigator on ground; balloon in sky w/ planes; LS soldier bails out of balloon w/ parachute as it gets hit - balloon down in flames.

05:04:04 Canadian officers? pose for camera. Officers view scale model of battlefield in sand. Infantry running across open ground; horse-drawn armaments; troops hauling heavy gun attached to ropes; troops past camera holding tin helmets on head.

05:05:26 Trench activity - soldiers place ladders. Good shots of heavy guns firing and loading inc. giant cannon mounted on huge wheeled trailer - recoils.

05:06:39 Troops at religious service outdoors - pan to priests - Vimy Ridge. Troops marching. Heavy guns firing at night in silhouette and during day; shells exploding opn battlefield.

05:08:44 CU German machine gunner. Troops across battlefield - cavalry pulling heavy guns - Canadian attack.

05:10:07 MS Canadian General Julian Byng and British Commander-in-Chief Sir John French; troops standing to attention; officers in discussion in HQ. Good.

WWI. Trench Warfare.

Lord Northcliffe Visits Henry Ford

Northcliffe learning to drive Fordson tractor at Ford tractor plant, Detroit, during visit as Head of British War Mission - Northcliffe leading convoy of tractors ploughing field towards camera, Ford behind.

Farming / Agriculture. Mechanisation.

Tale of a Shirt

Activities in a laundry factory.

Unloading laundry out of van in snow; several men loading large washing machines, attaching receipts & starting horizontal machine to spin. Adding soap or ??. Opening & steam comes out; man w/ ladle pouring detergent or bleach & machine tumbling. Opening, draining from bottom & loading wet laundry into hamper; then into tub. Tub revolving at high speed.

00:02:35 Woman taking clothes out of tumbler. Thrown into tumbler.

00:02:47 Women folding sheets & feeding into dryer (?). Women workers removing dried linens; ironing w/ belt-driven machines in factory. Hanging out shirts on hangers.

00:03:24 Dampening thru steamer & ironing, various automated contraptions used for various parts.

00:04:15 Folding shirts & packing.

00:04:52 Torn garments repaired, treadle sewing machine. Shirt collars in tub, spins. Collars sorted & ironed, shaped.

00:07:25 Folding shirts, wrapping in paper, loading from cart into row of vans & leaving for delivery in snow.

Bundle of laundry delivered to doorstep of brownstone.

Production line; 1910s Industry; ca 1917; WWI Homefront; Women Working;

The Retreat of the Germans at the Battle of Arras R4 of 7

Title: Light of heart, but weary of body the Civil Service Rifles & London Irish return for a well earned rest.

11:15:35 Men marching along tree-lined road past camera. Bagpipes & drums leading soldiers & trucks along road.

11:16:23 Title: A Battalion of the Essex Regiment hard at work on bridges & roads.

11:16:26 Many men digging & officers w/ map or ?? repair destroyed bridges & roads; build small railways for ammunition & supplies. Carry small sections of light railroad tracks & attaching.

11:18:26 Title: London Stock Exchange Battalion rest on way to Arras. Many men on ground beside road.

11:19:03 Title: An advance Cyclist Patrol arriving at a village receives a most enthusiastic reception Women, children & old men walk & run alongside them.

11:19:39 Title: The President of France visits a recaptured village. Pres. PoincarÄ & others walk past damaged buildings. VIPs beside & enter cars

11:20:12 Title: The 10th Hussars move up to Arras. Troops on horseback w/ pack horses.

11:21:08 Title: Arras Railway Station showing enemy barbed-wire defences... Deserted platforms & damaged lines w/ poles & wire. Helmeted soldiers sitting smoking. MCU of destroyed tracks & wire.

11:22:35 Title: The first train arrives at Arras...after two years... Small steam engine pulling freight cars into station.

11:23:53 Title: ...Gordons celebrate the event. Marching bagpipers & drums thru street of destroyed buildings. Scenes in recaptured town of Roye: Pedestrians, flags, troops chat w/ civilians etc.

11:25:34 Title: German observation post reached by passage under the road. Soldiers into hidden trench; trucks on road men out of trap door beyond & climb ladder attached to very tall tree.

11:27:06 Title: German 5.9 in. guns captued by Essex Regiment. Wrecked artillery in trenches.

11:27:38 Title: ╥Tommies╙ make themselves comfortable... In bomb crater; building shelter in trenches. Cold weather; waving from hidden shelter. (GOOD)

11:28:39 Title: Flushed w/ victory, the Australians return... Marching past many others smiling. Very large tanks w/ camouflaged paint are cleaned, repaired & take up positions.

11:30:54 Title: ...Allied aeroplanes return home through cloudland. Aerial views thru clouds of countryside. w/ snow (?) on hillsides; large town along river.

11:32:08 End title quoted Lloyd George: ╥...our sword was not lightly drawn & it will never be sheathed until our terms....are fully assured.╙

11:32:16 Lloyd George & ?? on balcony waving.

WWI troops; damage; destruction; France; English; Scottish; Diplomats; WW1; World War One; 1917;

[WWI Personalities, card 1 of 2]

Gaumont News Higham, Mass. ?? Gowns A Century Old Bring Funds To Red Cross. Women at outdoor garden party in very old dresses. Red Cross women serve them lunch.

18:46:16 Gaumont News Munition Loading Plant Blown Up. People sitting around & laying around on lawn near train station. Family. Military patrolling front of store w/ blown-out windows.

18:46:38 Flash title: Samuel Gompers visits his boyhood home in London. Crowded group of kids & adults around. Gompers & other men pose.

18:46:48 Flash title: King Victor Emanuel aka Emmanuel of Italy reviews American & Italian troops at an aviation field. MCU shaking hands & saluting.

18:46:59 Flash title: President & Mme. Poincare inspects St. Mihiel a few hours after its capture from the Germans. Come out of house, saluting, receiving bouquet.

18:47:14 Gaumont Graphic ?? Title: Washington DC The Czechoslovak Military Mission From Siberia.. names on title. Three men walk towards camera & pose on sidewalk. Salute & leave.

18:47:32 Title: Gen. Garibaldi presented w/ red pavilion of the town of Trieste. On steps posing w/ VIPs. Hold out flag.

18:47:50 Title: Floyd Gibbons, famous war correspondent, wound at the front passes thru Paris to U.S. Poses w/ bandaged eye & w/ arm in sling.

18:47:58 Gaumont News Libertyville, Illinois 38 Girl Farmers Graduate In Overalls. Laughing w/ woman w/ fur collar on coat. Shake hands w/ governor. Gov on tractor & milking cow. Girls sit & sing w/ arms in arms.

18:48:44 Flash title: Marshal Joffre presides at celebration in honor of Mr. Edward Shearson, American philanthropist. On porch w/ others & talking beside car.

18:48:59 Flash title: Herbert Hoover, Food Dictator, inspects the first corn of new harvest to arrive in Washington. Truck loaded w/ bags pulls up; Hoover & ?? pull out ear.

18:49:05 Flash title: Boston, Mass. Spanish Influenza Epidemic. Red Cross Nurses Make Gauze Masks...

Large room w/ rows of nurses at tables folding masks & rolling. Tying in bundle. CU smiling shows how its worn.

18:49:49 Flash title: Venice, California...beaches adopt French fad. Man painting on flappers legs & back while they wear swim suits.

18:50:22 Flash title: Boston ╥Babe╙ Ruth breaks all home run records. Pitching during practice, MS & CU. LS of game. Batting & running bases, crowd waving hats.

18:51:00 Flash title: Oakland, California ╥Choose Your Partner╙ Square dancing old couples on lawn.

Continued on next card...

[WWI USA Personalities, card 2 of 2]

...continued. Title: Wilkes Barre, PA. Miners In Great Rally - Stand by Strike. Anthracite workers... Pan over people on hillside below large houses to speakers stand & man gesturing & speaking. Pan down hillside.

18:52:11 Flash title: America - The Navy Is Ready. Navy ship w/ much smoke. Flash title re submarine cruisers etc. SC154 at speed thru water from ship alongside. Ship w/ single stack & much smoke. Man going aloft. Sailors on deck.

18:52:57 Flash title: San Francisco, CA The Golden Gates╒ Naval Guard. Large number of sailors marching down street w/ officers.

18:53:17 Flash title: New York City To Sow American Propaganda Abroad - Members of ...Bureau Deport for Europe. Group of men & women pose. Flash title: Chas. S. Hart, Director Division of Films. Wearing bow tie & color w/ bowler hat. CU. (probably Creel Commission related).

18:53:42 Flash title: Washington DC Official Mission Of Italian Journalists... Introduced to President... by Creel, Chairman of the Committee on Public Information. Pose on steps & shake hands, walk past.

18:53:52 Flash title: Chicago, Ill. Operatic Stars Sell Pippins. Galli-?? & Famous Italian aid their war-stricken countrymen. Woman in fur coat selling apples from box to men in coats.

18:54:01 Flash title: New York City - YMCA Hut Opened in Bryant Park. the Guest of Honor. Speaking in MCU (some nitrate bloom).

18:54:13 Flash title: Miss Ethel Barrymore donated the flag pole & had the honor of raising the first flag. Band playing, hard to see her. Flag on top. She poses at base.

18:54:29 Flash title: Venice, CA Bathing girls sell thrift stamps. With small elephant on walk past men, selling stamps. Pose w/ two elephants., beckon to camera. LS of booth w/ several elephants & men selling? beneath sign ╥Help Win The a paddle.╙

18:55:05 Flash title: Washington DC ╥Society Women...have volunteered for...the duration of the war. Women making/sewing bandages (?). Flash title: Mrs Thomas F. Walsh asks public to contribute gloves etc. Folding cloth, clothes, etc. Two women fit clothes on child. Kids & woman hold up clothes. Red Cross tableaux w/ puppets.

18:57:38 Flash title: Wash. DC ...war work drive opens here... Large crowd in front of Government building panned across. Women above large flag on balcony speaking.

18:58:11 Flash title: Chicago, Il. Protection for General Pershing... Woman making patchwork quilt, kisses flag segment. Holds it up, boxes & labels to Gen John Pershing.

18:58:52 Flash title: Dunlap, California. ...even the Mono Indian Squaws are... Red Cross Aprons & scarfs on Indian women. Stitching quilt on frame. Man tries knittting.

18:59:33 Flash title: Denver, Colo. Selling Calves For The Red Cross. Large group into auction ring w/ crowd watching. Auctioneer & moving them out again.

Down the Old Potomac

A trip by barge Through the Historic Potomac Valley.

Potomac Canal with barge at coal city of Cumberland, Maryland. track forward shot from raft pulled by man and mule. Lock attended by Civil War veteran. Views from barge of locks opening and closing. View of canal with mist. View from bank with man on raft.

Approaching mountain country, barge goes through mile long tunnel. Man on raft smoking pipe, steering. Long shot from high up of mule and raft on waterway. Mule drinking in canal. Coaling up on shore, raft driver and mule rider stop to eat as mule eats grass. track past Maryland farms with fowl.

09:53:20: Steam passenger train passes by barge.

Donkeys or mules board barges for the night. Approaching lock with attendant turning wheel to open lock.

09:55:42: Man on raft waving goodbye to lock operators

Long overhead shot of Harper╒s Ferry, steam trains crossing bridge over Potomac. Street in Harper╒s Ferry and ruins of the Governments Arsenal with small child playing on tracks.

09:57:17: Great Falls on the Potomac.

Early Russia / Germany / European Royalty

Anti-war demonstrations in Berlin - bodies of demonstrators on street. Kaiser Wilhelm II, Ludendorff and Hindenburg study map. Railway bridge destroyed by Russian troops. German army crossing river with horse drawn wagons. German troops up to knees in mud attempt to free supply wagon. (glitch at 07:10:19)

12:10:30 Riots in Germany, people running on the street. Returning German troops from World War One. Food riots. Dead carried away. German soldiers. Famine in Germany, people get food handouts from Government. Proclamation of Weimar Republic by Philipp Scheidemann, crowds cheering. Government troops. Street demonstrations. KPD Berlin - Red Flag carried in demonstration.

12:12:15 Various troops reviewed.

Mrs Theodore Roosevelt Jr Attends Women In War Work Congress in Paris

copyrighted Aug 1918

MCU Mrs Roosevelt Jr in uniform talking to women. In garden outside home of her aunt Mrs Alice Green Hoffman where she was hosting the YMCA women workers for whom she╒d designed the uniforms.

Shot by Mutual Film Corp.