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Archival film footage on Vietnam from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Main Title: Universal Internation Newsreel

03:13:48 French troops move across rice paddies; trucks along road and through mud holes. Jeep stuck in water. Airstrip and loading napalm bombs onto Grunman Bearcats. Aerials of planes, bombing explosions and napalm cloud seen. French Indo-China war.

[B1-B Bomber Flight Tested]

Bomb-bay doors opening seen from inside & then air to air shots of 4-engine bomber dropping bombs from two sets of doors. Clusters falling & explosions on ground. Multi shots, good opening of doors seen from below plane.

09:01:35 Aerial of nuclear explosion over water. Montage: 3 bombers, B-36, (?), B-52 fly-over. B1-B on parked on runway.

09:02:05 Titles: Air Force Now

B1-B at sunrise or sunset at Edwards AFB. We are going to start B1-B program, April, 1983. Test pilot Lt. Col. Leroy Schroeder (sp?), Director of B1 combined task force talks to camera. Shots of plane from beneath. Colonel Fred Fiedler, Vice Commander of 65-10 task wing on airfield talks to camera.

09:03:14 Camouflaged B1-B in flight over desert from above & below. Interior shot of pilot in cockpit. Test pilot vo as plane seen flying over mountains.

09:03:54 Test pilot Capt. Dale Autry, test pilot on ground to camera. Various shots of plane high & low level.

Circular track around plane engines on ground. W/ refueling plane in flight. Control board inside, navigation system. Tracking shot inside one of three bomb bays. Tracking around plane w/ doors open.

09:04:50 Maintenance people around plane talking & working. Car pulls up & pilot & crew run to board B1-B. Opening hatch. Unblocking wheels. Bomber begins taxi, takes off, in flight. Air Force Now title.

Weapons technology; Post-Vietnam War; Test Flights; Flying;

Vietnam Action

Bien Hoa airbase from runway. Partially destroyed shed. Reporters & photographers inspect damage. Rubble, CU boot, bunk bed. Smoking debris.

20:00:36 Explosion in hillside valley; napalm rising from hits by Marine pilots.

20:00:51 Marines moving up on foot; in track vehicle in Operation Baker.

20:01:02 Captured wounded Viet Cong in tall grass w/ Marine. Marine handing out two automatic rifles. Dead Viet Cong laying in dirt.

1967; May67; Combat operations; Vietnam War;

Project Warrior - [Igor Sikorsky]

Air Force Now

CU Igor Sikorsky tombstone & son at grave of aviation engineer. CU son & early plane model in foreground

03:14:45 WWI firing guns & explosions, soldiers out of trenches. Stills: Igor Sikorsky, first prototype biplane bomber, headlines, wmen throw flowers at soldiers. Storming of Winter Palace, pile of guns. Orthodox priest. Russian palace on fire (staged).

03:15:37 Waves crashing on rocks, immigrants, Statue of Liberty. Stills: biplane in front of small hangar with sign Sikorsky , building plane in garden. Pilots in front of plane. All-metal twin-engine airliner.

03:16:08 Film of pushing out S-38 amphibious plane, taking off. Sikorsky at new plant in Stratford, Connecticut with Lindbergh. Large S-40 amphibious plane in flight, view from plane, interior S-40 cockpit with control panel, S-40 on water.

03:16:39 Sikorsky s son talks of Sikorsky s first interest, helilcopters, stemming from Leonardo da Vinci & reading Jules Verne. Da Vinci early helicopter sketch.

03:17:17 Early helicopter failed experiments.

03:17:31 Aged Sikorsky talks re helicopter. Sikorsky pilots early helicopter VS-300 (B/W & COL). Early helicopter lands on water.

03:19:01 Pearl Harbor & newspaper headlines. XR-4 first army helicopter in flight & inside, flies around Capitol. Various WWII locations & uses, rescue helicopter, large helicopter.

03:20:04 Helicopter lifts up house. Reaches boat on fire at sea. Lifting wounded? man. Drops food in Africa as people on ground run to collect. Lifting man on rope. Igor Sikorsky out of plane w/ General in uniform. Still Sikorsky as old man. Helicopter aerobatics & in Vietnam (?)

Aviation Inventions; Inventors; Helicopter Stunts;

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2

Fast Montage USAF from pre WWII early flight to Vietnam; to NASA Space Program, rockets launched. Incl. NY Times Headline: Senators Oppose the League of Nations.

02:22:15 18Sept47 Truman signs document creating separate Air Force. Still of first Air Force Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz. Interview in 1970s.

02:22:51 Jun82 Maxwell AFB gathering for Walk Through History (re military aviation)

02:23:38 WWI Sopwith Camel fighter planes on ground. WWI planes out of hangar and takeoff. Squadron in flight. 1982 interview w/ pilot, Col. George Vaughn, Jr. (SOF) re Sopwith Camel.

02:24:19 Various military planes, 1920s, 1930s.

02:24:40 1941 Pearl Harbor, US pilots, explosions.

02:24:55 WWII Color footage 305th Bomb Group arrive Scotland. ca 1980 interview w/ Commander Curtis E. Lemay re poor accuracy.

02:25:24 Bombing mission (B/W), variety of shots. CU propellers. In flight, bombs dropped, firefighters putting out fire.

02:26:19 Pacific fighter operations. John Mitchell describes ambush attack on Commander in Chief Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto (who suggested attack on Pearl Harbor). P-38s modified by ground crew, taking off. Japanese Air Force pilots. Mitchell SOF talking. Footage of 18Apr43 ambush by P-38s & attacking Jap Zeros.

02:27:55 1945, Col. Paul Tibbets re dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima .

02:28:23 1980s interview. Actual explosion is probably NOT Hiroshima, but Nagasaki mushroom cloud. CU Enola Gay. 1945, Tibbets & others by Enola Gay B-29. B-29 bomb hatch opening seen from inside, then below & bomb dropped (not atomic). B-29, NOT Enola Gay, in flight. Tibbets interview. Hiroshima atomic blast.

02:29:46 14Oct47 (?) Chuck Yeager lands plane. Test pilot Frank Everest speaking (SOF) re speed of sound & Yeager. Yeager SOF talking about X-1 plane (breaking altitude record) dropping from B-29. Boarding X-1, view dropping, LS.

Military Aviation History;

Life of Ho Chi Minh Reel 2

Ho Chi Minh reading newspaper. African crowd sitting. African man makes speech to mixed race French? troops.

Recruiting Vietminh guerilla fighters? :Ho Chi Minh walking through jungle - instructing group

Ho Chi Minh visiting village - peasants in rice paddies run to Ho Chi Minh; Ho talking with old woman and others, with children. offered gifts. Ho washing feet in river, writing by hut; giving talk to small group of men; riding horse in jungle. Vietminh? soldiers applaud. Cascade. Still ceremony Vietminh troops in jungle.

Revolt? pre- 1945?: Vietnam flag w/ star on palace and big crowd (all stills)

18:12:57: 02Sep45: ceremony to proclaim Democratic Republic of Vietnam & Ho Chi Minh speech.

Ho at airport leaving for France and with French dignitaries - newspaper headlines re trip. Vietnam flag on French building; chateau (Versailles?); conference with French.

18:14:09 Hammer & sickle w/ Vietnamese writing. Ho speech (at Viet Communist Party HQ?) and audience applauds; cheering under hammer & sickle. Ho talks to people outdoors.

18:14:53: Sign in Vietnamese re Vietminh. Ho Chi Minh at meeting.

Farmers plough rice paddies.

French? man with moustache.

18:16:27 - 1920: Letter from Ho in China re sending Vietnamese children to be pioneers in Russia.

Newspaper article and other documents re Ho under pseudonym N Guyen Ai Quoc

Very grainy and scratched.


Life of Ho Chi Minh Reel 1

Lotus flowers. Vietnamese landscapes. Village and rice paddies. Shrine with portrait. Stills and illustrations shows colonial rule? Stills illustrious Vietnamese / Chinese?

Ragged people load sacks. Refugees? with women and children cross river and at camp; digging grave for dead. Sign Société Indochinoise de Plantation d Hévéas .

Boat on raging sea; waves; ship arrives at port. European (French?) family eating. Sea breaks on rocks. Unloading ship. Crocodile or alligator. Colonial dignitaries, White man carried by Africans, still White gentlemen and ladies in porter chairs; African crowd around White man - White man hits one African. Africans hoeing. Vietnamese pulling heavy load. African arrested by whites at gunpoint.

London street scenes: silhouette Big Ben, London Bridge, open-topped double-decker bus.

NYC Harbour with Statue of Liberty. Still young Ho Chi Minh? Statue of Liberty and CU with men climbing on her face. Prison exteriors and cells. Skyscrapers. Hoboes on bench. Ku Klux Klan meeting. Still lynching (do not use).

07:07:25 Policemen twirling nightsticks. Mounted policemen beating up protesters or strikers; beating woman; wounded woman carried; protester led by policeman on horseback; (very good, violence)

Oil wells? World War One - soldiers parade, explosions, military convoy, planes. Eiffel Tower.

Very grainy and scratched.


[1930s - USS Marblehead in Oriental Ports & Iniation At Sea, Captain Bartlett] Pt. 1 of 2

COLOR. POV past US flag on stern to navy ship; large Chinese junk near small freighter.

13:24:00 Singapore (?) traffic police wearing direction board, rickshaws, trucks, bicycles, cars, oxen carts.

13:24:12 Men down steps of large building w/ square columns. Street scene; ox cart; man w/ movie camer & tourists. Temple & gardens, tourists in large open sedan. Men w/ shoulder poles & goods up stairs.

13:25:00 Hundreds (?) of turtles in pond. Ornate Saigon temple details & stone carvings.

13:25:24 Men in white, tourists, on hill above city & Saigon harbor w/ heavy shipping seen from naval ship past junks or sampans. Smoke from fire on dock.

13:26:32 Street w/ traffic, pedestrians, Buddhist temple at end. Large building - Reserve Bank of India. Oxen & carts. Indians past very ornate large colonial building w/ busses, rickshaws & pedestrians past.

13:27:18 Sampans from water at morning or evening light; steps into water.

13:27:34 American man posing in front of large temple complex; another view.

13:27:58 Racetrack from grandstand; horses running r to l. Well dressed oriental & europeans.

13:28:27 Sampans in harbor w/ part of navy ship visible. Pan w/ harbor activity; men rowing boats, freighters docked.

13:29:28 Street magician, fakir, w/ crowd watching.

13:29:54 USS Marblehead (CL-12) & shellback initiation for equator crossing. Men splashing & fighting on deck; others costumed in various military dress, some looking thru binoculars. Man in Uncle Sam costume, others faces painted. Men lined up for intiation, tarred or greased, dumped into pool; pummeled. Naked men, dancing, swatted. Continued...

Home Movies; Military; Navy; Pacific; Asia; Traditions; Ceremonies; Ceremony; Southeast Asia;

[1930s - USS Marblehead in Oriental Ports & Iniation At Sea, Captain Bartlett] Pt. 2 of 2

COLOR. Continued... Island peak in silhouette from water. Daytime & pan over other islands.

13:37:48 Street & rickshaws, sign: Siam Stationary. Buddhist temple complex. Large statues of warriors & pan across decorations. Statue of oxen.

13:39:10 Boy & man bathing in bucket in temple yard. Approach to old temple ruins w/ row of statues. Tourists on steps. Monks in saffron orange robes posing for tourists beneath large ruins w/ sculpture above. Tourist poses by enormous tree roots. Other jungle foliage & people posing by long line of elephant statues on wall. Buddhist Gods in row.

13:40:58 Man pedalling four people in back of pedal rickshaw. Views of tourists & natives around ruins.

13:41:39 Light on golden statue. Monks in hallway. Dark interior w/ windows.

13:42:00 Native boys down steps of old temple & standing in yard. Monks pose. Women & children walk past.

13:42:43 Military men visitng large house on posts. Int. feeding elephants (seen in silhouette).

13:43:04 Men outdoors w/ cobra; picking up & milking. Cobras in writhing mass. Pens w/ signs: King Cobra, Cobra.

13:43:45 View from side of USS Marblehead w/ amphibious plane as ship turns in river (?).

13:43:59 Captain & Kng Neptune w/ others in costumes as devils, graduates. Men shaving & tarrng officer before dunking.

Home Movies; Military; Navy; Pacific; Southeast Asia; Equator Ceremony; Shellbacks; Traditions; Religion;


The Enemy Japan, Pt. 3: Dream of Empire Dream of Empire R2 of 2

Map of Philippines. Street scenes - high angle shot of traffic, billboards, lumber & train of logs. Hemp drying, mining chromite & moving w/ hand carts; loading onto ship. Malaya & rubber tapping & drying. Tin mining w/ hand labor, Malaya. Loading US ship in Singapore docks; dry docks w/ British Naval ship. Dutch East Indies Java & Sumatra. Oil drilling, storage, peeling bark & making quinine drugs for malaria.

02:16:17 Dutch naval bases. Australia & resources - street scenes & industry. Mining w/ large open pit iron mines, milling factories. Sheep farming & shearing. Docks - ships loaded.

02:17:35 March 1941 Jap foreign minister welcomed to Berlin. Japanese flags flying from Brandenburg Gate - motorcade. Diplomats met by Goering, Hitler & other VIPS. Group after meeting on balcony. French turning over bases to Japan in Indochina w/o a fight.

02:19:40 Ships unloaded, troops advance into Indo-China on trucks, then w/ camouflage; road marker re Hanoi, 170 km. Natives surrendering. Japan at Thailand border. October, 1941 General Hideki Tojo becomes Prime Minister along w/ Admirals & Generals. Cabinet poses. Kenoye removed. Japanese Navy & ships, planes over.

02:21:58 Bombing of Pearl Harbor & ships burning.

Pre-WWII Pacific; Invasions; Diplomacy; Propaganda; Natural Resources;

Twice Upon a Caravan R4 by Robert Fulton, Jr.

Camel caravan. Man with cane walking on path towards camera. Fulton on bike n hard desert. Fike through small river and back into India. Fulton and bike on road to Calcutta. Brief shot Calcutta. Bike loaded on ship to Sumatra. VS temples and street scenes in Sumatra. Sculptures. Women walking with baskets on head. Stitching batique for Dutch market. Men on long canoes. View of lake and mountains. People carrying goods. Fulton at monument on equator. Various tombs and monuments. Volcanic mountains - Krakatoa?

00:33:40 Map of Indonesia. Stills of stupas. Step pyramids. Sculptures on stupas record the life of Buddha. Harbors at Jakarta.

Map of Indochina - Fulton and bike off ship. Stills of Rubber plantation, rubber trees. VS Bangkok. Royal Palace. Pagodas. Statues. VS Ankor Wat. Stills of Saigon and Vietnam. Still of steamship.

Why Vietnam Pt. 1 of 3

President Johnson LBJ at microphone talking about a letter from a woman in the Mid West asking Why Vietnam ? Montage vietnam war shots.

05:01:17 Munich 1938 - Hitler in open top car - Chamberlain arrives - Munich pact - Chamberlain speaking re Peace. Montage shots - bomb damaged buildings - Mussolini - Ethiopia - Haile Selassie at League of Nations - Anschluss - Korean war.

05:03:16 Johnson speaking re reasons for War and fight for freedom

05:04:28 Background to US involvement in Vietnam. Dien Bien Phu in what was French Indo China. Battle scenes and dropping supplies. 1954 Hanoi refugees - French leave Hanoi as communist forces move in. Geneva conference which divides Vietnam into North and South. Refugees fleeing South. US support to South Vietnam.

05:06:45 Map 1954 17th Parallel - mountain shots. North Vietnam, Ho Chi-Minh with children. South Vietnam - farming and agriculture - building homes - elections. US economic aid - tools and grain. Gathering in harvest in the South following land reforms. Scenic shots - junks - coastline

05:08:46 Manilla 1955 signing of South East Asia Collective Defence Treaty. South Vietnam - shots of house building - narration tells of subversive activities from Communist North. - Terrorist activities - NV guerilla warfare - burning buildings - dead bodies.

05:10:08 South Vietnam - spraying rice fields - rice processed. Open cast mining. Rubber plantation - latex processing. Textile factory.

Anti-Communism; USA Government Propaganda; Anti-Communist; Imperialism;

[Global Airlift]

Air Force Now

LS plane takeoff at dawn. WWII: Supplies loaded into plane. Dutch sign for Red Cross. Refugee children. Arab man into plane. Supplies dropped on African village.

21:13:57 26Jul1947 Truman signs bill creating separate Air Force. First Air Force Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz (1891-1974). Berlin June 1948 street scenes; Train barrier. Plane maintenance.

21:15:14 Gen. William H. Tunner, Commander Berlin airlift task force in 1948 talks in 1970s about operation. Activities on airfield during Berlin airlift. Control room. Radar screen. Walter Cronkite talks of being a correspondent during the airlift. Supplies loaded on planes including crates of milk. Planes flying low.

21:16:37 June 1950 Battle in South Korea, troops into plane. Lieut. Gen. Joe Smith 1940s. Interview in 1970s re operations. C-54 planes on airfield, trucks out of C-124 plane. Troops into lane. Supplies storage. Wounded on stretcher evacuated by air.

21:18:19 General Howell Estes Military Airlift Command (MAC) from 1964 - 1969. C-141 in flight. trucks on airfield, troops board transport to Vietnam. Aerial view Vietnam harbor & cargo vessels. Vietnam airfield & cargo unloaded. Wounded into plane. Nurses w/ wounded in plane (GOOD COLOR). Supplies dropped by parachute.

21:20:59 Tanks loaded into C-5, interior shots. Cargo plane flies past snowy mountain (good). Graph C-141 stretch. C-141 on ground. Cargo loaded into Pan Am plane (name visible). Tanker cargo aircrafts fly over mountain range.

21:22:25 General speech to camera re challenges of the future for Military airlift. Presented by your Air Force.

The Roswell Reports [Part 3]

Report conclusion 4 - red-headed Captain said to have intimidated civilians in 1947 was probably balloon test pilot Col. Kittinger. Colour shots of Kittinger climbing out of balloon module after high altitude flights in 1957 & 1962; no evidence he intimidated civilians - still of Kittinger w/ Eisenhower; shots of Kittinger making record parachute jump from 20 miles up, 16Aug60 - in cockpit of fighter plane during Vietnam War; still of Kittinger making first solo balloon crossing of Atlantic,1984.

01:19:49 Report conclusion 5 - exploitation of dead personnel to perpetuate the alleged sightings of alien bodies - 1980s military funeral - bodies in Roswell AAF Hospital were result of vars air accidents - 1956 newspaper headline 11 Walker Airmen Die In Tanker Crash - b/w shot KC-97 tanker aircraft in refuelling flight - stills of Walker Air Force Base [Roswell renamed in 1948] where burned bodies taken.

01:21:14 Still of crew in manned balloon involved in accident 1959 near Walker AFB; USAF chase helicopter in flight; Kittinger; Walker AFB Hospital; stills of injured Capt. Fulgum w/ swollen head & injury record sheet - later stills of Fulgum as NASA test parachutist & F-4 pilot in Korean War.

01:23:03 Conclusion - VS balloon experiments, dummies etc. - Incident exposed as a conglomeration of many events . Stills of early US flight & USAF leaders through the years.

01:24:01 Black F-117A flying wing fighter take off; in flight at night - infra red air to air shots - CU weapons guiding screen. Space rocket take off. Fighter jets fly over. VO re dedication of USAF staff.

Extra Terrestrials. UFOs. Flying Saucers. Aliens. Hoaxes. Legends. Myths. Conspiracy Theories.

Air Force Now, Issue 95 (USAF 30th Birthday; Civilian AF Workers; Air Ace Rickenbacker; FAA)

(1940s footage intercuts with XCUs decorating cake.)

26Jul47 Truman signs re creation separate air force. 1948 Berlin Airlift, loading supplies. Landing. Children eating. 27Jun50 Truman announces Armed Forces to aid Korea (MOS). 20May51 Capt. James Jabara, first American Jet Ace shoots down enemy plane . 15Aug57 Nathan F. Twining sworn in by Eisenhower as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 17Dec57 Atlas ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missile launched. 06Feb59 Titan ICBM launch. 03Jun59 First graduation USAF Academy. 14Oct62 USA reconnaissance aircraft finds proof of Russian missiles in Cuba. Man inspects photo with magnifying glass. Headlines re Khrushchev ordering missiles removal.

02:33:40 01Jul65 USAF crews down two MIG-17 over North Vietnam. 20Mar69 Apollo 11 launch. 16Jul71 Jeanne M. Holme first USAF woman General officer. Finished 30th birthday cake.

02:34:38 Air Force Now Title Sequence.

02:34:57 Black officer presents in TV studio.

Officers opinions re civilians working in the Air Force - negative reactions, jokes overpaid, underworked . One officer says they re essential. Civilian worker Robert Oyas, shop foreman of fuel-system branch of field maintenance squadron cycling round Wright Patterson airfield; at work & describes his job in V.O. Checking plane. Irene Schiller, Program Analyst for Space & Systems Missiles Administration in meeting w/ officers & lecturing.

02:38:45 Col. George B. Powers in car says one third USAF workforce are civilians. Montage stills civilian professions: welder, doctors, bank clerk, handling data storage tape, librarian, supermarket staff, electricians, typist, clerical, etc. Presenter ends.

02:40:38 Air Force Air Aces. 1910s Eddie Rickenbacker race cars, stills. Headlines United States & Germany at War - WWI. Enlisted Americans march. Early plane w/ Rickenbacker piloting war plane. Plane downed & crash. Rickenbacker car. Eastern Air Lines commercial airplanes. Aerial Washington.

WWII: stranded at sea after plane crash & rescue w/ crew members. 1974 - Rickenbacker AFB renamed - airshow and plaque uncovered. Oil painting Eddie Rickenbacker.

02:43:17 AF Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Controls at back of plane. Truck convoy. California National Guard deploys facilities in airfield. Radar & other equipment. Trackout (?) evaluations. Radar screen. Taking notes. Good CUs dials & controls. Plane in flight seen from below. Controllers in tower.

02:48:23 Happy 30th Anniversary Presenter wishes happy anniversary. Crowd with USAF birthday cake in middle seen from above. Balloons drop - crowd shouts Happy Anniversary .


Brooke Shields presents and narrates from Hollywood set.

01:23:07 1940s USO. Hollywood Victory Committee boards train & waves (w/ Babe Ruth). Troops go into Roxy Theater tent in Bougainville for show. Egyptian sphinx; Jack Benny playing violin. Movie stars; Joe E. Brown at mic. GIs & stars - actresses. Stills outdoors performances & audience. Patty Thomas (?) does silly dance w/ soldier. Bob Hope in uniform with troops shaking hands; on stage jokes w/ Patty Thomas. Celebrities / stars visit military hospital. VJ Day in New York City.

01:24:47 Korean War - CU apprehensive soldier looks up. Brief battle shots. Marilyn Monroe out of helicopter. Bob Hope on stage at various locations incl. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

01:25:07 Vietnam War - Helicopter over jungle. Blonde (Joey Heatherton ?) woman on stage disco dancing w/ soldiers (GOOD COLOR).

01:25:25 Shields. Montage USO volunteers in field, airport scenes, fleet in harbor. Canoeing.

01:25:55 Concert with Loretta Lynn? talking to audience.

01:26:23 Rock star talks to woman in hospital bed (Base hospital in Spain) then sings patriotic song (bland 80s soft-rock) at concert God bless the USA... I m proud to be an American... Caus at least I know I m free - very emotional audience, cheering, CUs crying, shaking fists, singing along. Presented by Your Air Force.

US Military Troops entertainment; Patriotism; Promotional;

Life of Ho Chi Minh Reel 5

Ho Chi Minh climbs down ladder of hut; leads outdoors exercise class; volley ball - training camp?

At desk studying; typing; playing with children; fishing; serving food; eating outdoors at camp with others; Hilly landscapes and rain. Troops walk in field. Crowd of villagers run to welcome Ho. Communist meeting and speeches by various people, some women. Applause.

Ho Chi Minh at HQ? village and planning with his men. Infantry battle, firing and explosions - Vietnamese capture many prisoners and parade victoriously under Ho s gaze. - crowds cheer; celebration. Ceremonial dance with fans. Fireworks over city. Ho & others vote. Meeting at conference table.

Women with soldiers. Anti-Diem poster? Demonstrations. Ho gives flowers to schoolchildren. People off boat welcomed at dock.

Re modernisation of Vietnam: Ho through crowds waving and gives speech; cheering. People on sides of river. harvesting and ploughing with tractors. Automated factory production. Printing press. Bulldozers. Factory. Modern buildings. Cargo ship at dock and loading goods. Schoolyard with kids. Cycling in street. Students at university; women in anatomy class; students at microscopes; lecture halls; portraits Marx & Lenin & Ho under Hammer & sickle. People cheer at Ho Chi Minh shrine. Applauding. Ho hoes to plant tree. Child with watering can. Kids and babies play. Ho writes. Ho sbedroom; Ho walks down stairs; waters plant; plays with kids and makes them sing.

Very grainy and scratched.


Japanese Newsreel

Japanese sailors march on parade ground

18:01:42 Captured American prisoners of war walk down Peiping (Peking) street - several captured GIs embark freight train. POWs seated in room - Group of captured US personnel come on deck - Commander sends message to the President saying they were captured on Wake Island by the Japanese and were being treated well (Japanese subtitles in vision). 18:03:26 Saigon Street scene - taping windows against blast damage - buildings sandbagged - digging trenches for air raid shelter. Front of British Embassy - car parked in front of Japanese official building, British ambassador enters building. British embassy, probably Japan - American embassy probably Japan. Newspaper headlines re Pearl Harbor (Japanese) Tojo (Japanese PM) makes speech. Head of Japanese War Information Centre makes speech. News bulletin - moving electric banner showing battle results of December 8th. Japanese naval and army officers announce battle results - press. 18:09:03 Map of Pacific area - Japanese troops in tropical area preparing for battle - Japanese tanks and armoured cars advance on road - coconut trees. 18:10:12 President Roosevelt and Churchill meeting on British Battleship Prince of Wales - British preparing for action in Singapore - unloading military equipment from ships - Indian troops - British troops and artillery on parade ground.

Boruneo Yuden Senkyo - Capture of the Borneo Oil Fields

Japanese turn off gushers and extinguish fires set by retreating British forces in damaged Borneo oil fields. Views abandoned oil fields. Japanese board captured river boat Burong and sail down river - villagers watching on shore - landing at village dock. Captured weapons? - rifles. Japanese officers address towns people and collect arms from them.

07:03:48 JAPANESE BOMBING OF RANGOON - Japanese pilots on Indochina airfield are briefed, board planes, take off and bomb Rangoon, Burma.

07:05:20 CAPTURE OF MANILA - Japanese tanks and infantry convoy wade river and march over wrecked bridge, ruined homes, and downed U.S. aircraft left by retreating American forces. Japanese forces enter deserted Manila - burning city, flames and black smoke. Japanese officers with Filipino officials? Filipino crowd waving Japanese flags. Japanese convoy past American Consulate. Monuments and streets. Japanese flag on town hall and civilians reading notices - Japanese harangue civilians and throw leaflets.

France Libre Actualités, #8, 1944

General Leclerc and other VIPs at ceremony. Vietnamese troops standing in front of huge cauldron, incense burner? Man speaking in French (out of sync} of the need to rid Indochina of the Japanese. Montage brief shots Buddhist temple. Bridge spanning river. Roads and trains. Reservoir. Hydro-electric dam, natives work in paddy fields. Exterior Institut Pasteur, interior with scientists working. Cholera vaccine packed. Natives do callisthenics. Fr. Indochina troops parade, elephant at right of frame. General de Gaulle makes speech (out of sync). Audience listening including Vietnamese.

07:04:58 General de Gaulle out of car, decorates and reviews troops

07:05:40 Free French troops. Refugees, many women pushing prams and children moving down road. Road sign Plouharnel. Free French troops remove barricade to allow refugees to pass. Group of refugees arrive at farmhouse, woman wearing headdress of Brittany. Interiors, woman stokes fire, woman and child refugee sitting by fire

07:06:40 Artillery fired, allied troops advance. Tanks with flails move forward. British troops advance across field. Stretcher bearers with injued man. Free French firing artillery. Long line of tanks moving up across field. 07:08:31 US airforce, crew arrive on sledge - snow covered airfield. Fighter planes take off. Gun camera footage strafing railway lines and German positions. Plane making crash landing on snow crashes into another stationary plane - actually seen. 07:09:30 Military vehicles moving up along snowy roads. Siegfried Line in snow. Tanks moving up. Tanks firing at village, tanks and infantry moving through rubble of remains of village. Germans taken prisoner. Allied troops on outskirts of large town or city ? Artillery fired to destroy bridge over river.

Canoe Racing In Cambodia

King Sihanouk with French officials in stand. Rowing race on river with long canoes - dozens of men in each.

War s Wake Brings Tragedy of Internal Strife to Indochina

Group of men carrying sticks. Refugees cross rice paddies with oxen. MCUs refugee families in carts and on foot. House burning. Children riding oxen.

Title: War s Wake Brings Tragedy of Internal Strife to Indochina

14:18:51 Group of men carrying swords, rifles & sticks along country road. Refugees cross rice paddies w/ oxen & belongings. MCUs refugee families in carts & on foot. Thatch house & village buildings burning. Children riding oxen, wading thru paddies.

Post-WWII Aftermath; Southeast Asia Communism;

[Ho Chi Minh Arrives At Le Bourget Airport]


Ho Chi Minh off plane at Le Bourget airport, Paris, France. Vietnamese civilians welcome committee with banner. Ho Chi Minh off plane and welcomed by French dignitaries. Small Vietnamese girl gives Ho Chi Minh flowers. Photographers. Ho gives interview.

[Byrnes Retires - Marshall Sworn In]

Men in uniform in passenger plane fly above Angkor Wat? - aerial of temple, French? cathedral, castle.

04:55:37 Reception for Byrnes retirement; parade. French military review at airfield. Indochinese children line up road and wave French flags. Byrnes given flowers by people on roadside. Party visits Buddhist temple; Buddhist monks - one wears medals on his robe. Entering temple. Ceremony for Byrnes inside temple, text read by Indochinese official. Aerial Buddhist temple. Byrnes shakes hands with official. Byrnes leaves with French. Byrnes in plane.

04:59:05 Byrnes and De Lattre de Tassigny visit Buddhist temple - Thailand? Official greetings indoors.

Byrnes packs up his office and leaves waving to cameras.

05:00:35 George Marshall and wife off plane. Marshall talks to ABC journalist.

05:01:41 Marshall sworn in as Secretary of State by Justice Vinson. Truman and Byrnes present. Marshall exits.

05:02:41 Row of newsreel cameramen filming. Photographers (good)

05:03:30 MCU George Marshall posing for photographers & cameramen.

Rebellion Flares In Indochina (After failed independence negotiations)

Outskirts of Hanoi - aerial views huts on fire. French troops firing guns and burning houses. French troops in jeeps and searching buildings in burning streets; firing machine-gun at barricade. Vietnamese wounded and corpses. Vietnamese anti-French graffiti.

General Leclerc and French Overseas Minister Marius Moutet drive across bridge unde fire and arrive at wrecked Pasteur Institute in Hanoi - wreckage inside incl. smashed bust of Pasteur and vandalised rooms. French find Japanese helmet as evidence of Japanese equipment being used by Vietnamese. Vietnamese clearing up street.

Indochina War Rages

French troops and tanks past burning houses. French carrying wounded. Corpse rolls out grotesquely from bush. Vietnamese corpses. Vietnamese crouching behind French tank. French soldiers with machine-gun on top of roof. Fire raging. Soldier drags Vietnamese corpse roughly. Wrecked tank. French arrest Vietcong - Vietnamese brutally handled with rope round neck and thrown into truck.

Indo-China Cities Freed

Vietnamese refugees flee ruined city carrying belongings. LS burning city. French soldiers arrive in truck to wrecked, sandbagged official-looking building or mansion; shake hands with other French troops.

Interior damaged building with skeletons. Middle-class Vietnamese woman and children on church doorstep with priest .

War in Indochina

Aerial views smoke rising. General Leclerc inspecting troops. Unid. civilian with arm in sling and French Overseas Minister Marius Moutet. Remains of bomb damaged building. Bodies lying in street. Jeep crossing bridge. Tracking shots down streets of Hanoi, buildings burning. Troops searching buildings. Troops surrounding building. Marius Moutet in armoured vehicle. Artillery. Bodies in jeep.

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 2 of 2

1948 Berlin Blockade & airlift - closing down electricity. Sign Russian zone Berlin street. Gale Halverson interview, SOF. Loading supplies into plane; planes takeoff. Walter Cronkite SOF about airlift. Landing at Templehoff. Distributing food.

02:32:36 Sept51 Headline: N. Korea Reds Declare War . Migs, air combat dogfighting. Korean War Ace pilot Francis Gabby Gabresk SOF to camera re battle & color combat footage. GOOD pilot & cockpit scene. Plane explosion. Jets takeoff and in flight. F-100, F-101 and F-102. B-47 & B-52.

Feb54 H-bomb blast - re ICBM thermonuclear warheads. General Bernie Schreiber lecturing. V2 Rocket.

X-15 rocket research aircraft dropping X-15 & pilot Pete Knight describes mission; landing on dry lake bed.

02:36:18 Vietnam - war planes over jungles. Dropping bombs, rockets. Ground combat. Napalm explosions on ground. Firing machine-gun from helicopter. Machine-gun bullets. Rescued pilot lands at base.

02:37:06 Mrs. Aldova Ford, wife of pilot Captain David E. Ford captured in 1967, interviewed with kids. 1973 Return of Vietnam POWs Operation Homecoming ; aboard aircraft; welcome committee. Lt. Col Lewis Shattuck w/ eye patch talking of release.

02:38:36 1970s developments: A-10 Thunderbird in flight. F-15 & F-16; A-10; B-1; AWACS; stretched C-141; C-5 w/ modified wings; KC-10 refueling fighter. Rocket launch. Space satellite.

02:39:42 Vice-commander of Space Command Richard Henry SOF on space revolutionizing warfare. Rocket launches w/ shuttle; landing of shuttle. Space and stars.

02:40:38 Brief montage from early flight to space rockets.

Military Promotional Propaganda;

[Air Force Now - Walter Cronkite Narrated History of of Air Force] 40th Anniversary.

Edward C. Aldridge SOF re 40th Anniversary of Air Force.

Montage: Wright Brothers; WWII B-17s; Korean fighter jet; Title: 40th Anniversary.

Montage: Fighter jets, all eras. Pilots & crews.

22:39:54 Shot of Truman s The Independence taxiing. 1947 Truman signs National Security Act, reorganizes DOD, creates separate Air Force. Truman off plane, shaking hands w/ AF personnel.

22:40:18 14Oct47 Airplane in flight & launch of Bell X-1, Chuck Yaeger breaks sound barrier; X-1 in flight. 22:40:34 XP-59 earliest jet aircraft; F-80 Shooting Star - first operational jet fighter. B-36 intercontinental bomber w/ interior shots & exteriors (GOOD)

22:41:24 24Jun48 Berlin Blockade & airlift. Closing down electricity. Sign Russian zone Berlin street. Loading supplies into & out of plane. Planes takeoff, land at Templehoff, distributing food. Operation Vittles. Children eating. Plane over. (GOOD)

22:42:45 25Jun50: Headlines N. Korea Reds Declare War . Air combat F-80s; battle & color combat footage. Plane explosion. Americans & Koreans entering building for negotiations.

22:43:44 1950s technological developments. Frank Everest flies Bell X-2 three times speed of sound. X-2 & other experimental aircraft in flight. Flying Wings & montage of weird experimental airplanes.

22:45:13 B-52 take off. Missile launch ww/ Atlas Booster; Intercontinental Missile launch. Titan-1 & Minuteman-1. X-15 in flight Maj. Robert White reaches altitude of 50 miles, landing. Shot of astronauts. 1965, Maj. Ed White Gemini-4 walks in space.

22:46:46 Vietnam - bombing shot thru smoke & fire (GOD). Various views of air force combat in Vietnam. Helicopter rescue. B-52 bombing. Evacuation. Plane maintenance. Take offs & landings. Combat w/ MIGs. Int. w/ fighter pilot. Capt. Steve Ritchie, Ace pilot SOF ...greatest team effort..

22:48:22 Helicopter shots. Helicopter rescue operations. Helicopter machine gun firing. Flares. Various views of helicopter fighting and rescues. Int. with rescued pilot. (GOOD)

22:51:00 1973 Return of POWs. Int. w/ POW with eye patch. Vietnam Memorial & Veteran s Statue at Vietnam Memorial.

22:51:50 Montage: Thunderbirds; contemporary Air Force in flight, at work, running out of hangar, medical operating room, parade, pilots, flying in formation. The End.

Patriotism; Military Americana;

Title: France (Peace Demonstration)

05:56:36 Large demonstration w/ banners calling for Peace in Vietnam up crowd lined street.

05:56:43 Flags of England, USA, Soviet Union & others on building. Marchers; onlookers applauding. People at table w/ papers.

05:57:12 Stadium w/ banners & PAIX on wall. Marchers entering. CU unidentified man (VIP?) w/ pipe watching.

05:57:20 Men standing applauding; large crowd applauding.

05:57:25 Releasing doves from in front of PAIX.

October 1949; Anti-Vietnam War; Peace Demonstration; Demonstrators;


Civilians lined up on roadside and given talk by French officer.

Building huts with wooden structure - village.

[Indochina Bombed by French]

Bomber planes take off and drop paratroopers. Bombs dropped and explosion on ground

American planes?

Title: the Shadow War (French Indo-China, 1950)

02:22:13 Indochina; men moving along railroad tracks in hills, jeep on tracks w/ soldiers following. Tank down road behind mine-sweepers; across valley.

02:22:53 Slug

02:23:00 Trucks around corner on mountain road watched by soldiers; clouds & fog blowing past. Soldiers on hillside cranking power for field telephone, army truck past. Mlitary outpost in fog. Aerial of rooftop w/ Col .. Nuages written on top. Men outside in yard.

French Colonialism; Vietnam; Independence; Post-WWII; ca June1950;

French Indo China - Parachute drops etc.

Mass parachute drop, US soldiers observing. Firing mortars. French military passenger aircraft flies over low. Medic treating leg injury. Troops move up thru swamp grass, radiomen on phone. More parachutes. Wounded into helicopter - more parachues. French officers - parachutes landing. Treating leg; digging trench. Crossing river w/ ??. Troops run in undergrowth - firing automatic rifle; other artillery. Wounded Vietnamese native - crossing river - French officers. Parachutes descending.

Vietnam War; 1950s?;

[French Troops in Indochina - Atomic Shelter]

Troop carriers through mud , rivers and fields.

00:13:18 POV on river boat in Indochina? French troops on board. Landing on beach. French capture Vietminh in jungle.

00:16:25 Building domestic atomic shelter outside house. Geiger counter. Thick door and lock. Inside shelter.

[Indochina fighting - City Battle]

Battle action in Vietnamese city - Hanoi? Saigon?

Military vehicle past and French soldiers at barricade. Crowd of civilians in city running away from fire & ducking for cover. Troops crossing street. Man with his two children runs for cover. Fire raging behind Patisserie building. Police van. Wounded civilians amidst smoke

[French Secretary of State Jacquet in Indochina]

Jacquet visit seeking negotiations with Ho Chi Minh

Marc Jacquet with De Lattre de Tassigny and other Vietnamese and French at front in Vinh-Yen north of Hanoi. Barrier with sign Vinh-Yen lifted. Aerial Vin-Yenh camp with name painted on roof. Officer shows map to Jacquet. Jacquet and others visit Buddhist temple - kids on side of roads wave tiny flags. Crossing river. Tassigny talks with other officer.

[French Navy Ships Arrive in Asia]

Large military ship in harbor. Maybe Vietnam. French & Asian men watch it come in. Several docking. Probably the Loire & Montcalm.

Indo-China Talks

Press corp. Geep stopped at control post. Lines of Jeeps - one has Dien Bien Phu painted on. MPs outside building. Interiors, various VIPs - nameplates of Van Tien Dung and Colonel Lennuyeux. Conference in session. Poster Ho Chi Minh. Various officers and VIPs leaving meeting.

The Road to the Wall end Part 3 of 3 (2nd half) James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film

Corpse, hammer and sickle superimposed.

Map of World, Title Berlin, 1961 .

CU pan up bricks and barbed wire of Berlin wall. Shots wall being built. Checkpoint. Contrast West Berlin affluence and East Berlin grimness. Refugees crossing from East to West through forest with suitcases.

Plane taking off. House with bricked up windows. Barbed wire. Narration says Communists want to put wall around moon, stars, outer space , these are shown.

Krushchev at UN making menacing gestures. Kennedy speaking at UN. Vietnamese or other S.E. Asian families with children helped out of pickup truck by US military. US troops in combat. War ships, Americans showing skills to others. Washington Monument, Lincoln memorial, Lincoln quote superimposed.

Cold War

Life of Ho Chi Minh Reel 4

Troops burning villages. Wounded Vietnamese out of hut. French registering child. Old women and children begging for help to camera. Dead soldier tumbles out of bush.

18:18:41 General de Castries released (re Dien Bien Phu?)

18:19:13 Dragon festival in mountain Kuomintang? village.

18:22:11 Headline Le Paria newspaper

18:22:40 Meeting in village. Letters to USSR in hand-written envelopes - correspondence with Soviets?

Headlines with photo Maurice Thorez? & French article from Communist newspaper re visits to Vietnam.

Very grainy and scratched.


Indo-China Newsreel # 2390

French Air Force Activity in Indo-China

B26 taking off, in flight, dropping bombs; explosions on the ground. B26 taxiing along runway. Pilot and crew taking their places in the plane. Aerial view, smoke rising from bomb bursts. Mechanic servicing plane. Pilot taking his place in the plane attaches his parachute. Plane taxiing along runway and taking off. B26 in flight. Pilot and controls. Horizon with small clouds dotting the countryside. Night scenes of bomb bursts. Planes taxiing along runway. Vietminh prisoners being escorted to the rear (soft focus). Planes taxiing past camera. Low level views village and countryside. Planes in flight over mountainous terrain. Short shot planes strafing. Two single engine fighters taxiing towards camera. VArious shots B26 and JU-52s in flight.

Indo-China Newsreel #2, 379 - 2, 380

19Apr51 - 22Apr51

Visit of General de Lattre de Tassigny and President Tran Van Nuu at Dong-Trieu and Vinh-Yen--

Children waving flags. Reconnaissance plane landing. Colonel Sizaire, victor of Mao-Khe, greets and welcomes General de Lattre and President Tran Van Nuu. Group standing at attention saluting and then reviewing troops and equipment.

(This section is very poor quality up to 05:05:14)

Troops passing review section and standing at attention on the field. Two small cabing planes landing. General and President greet arriving officers. President, General and staff inspect the troops. CU, Faces of the soldiers. General de Lattre, President Tran Van Nuu and staff greet Vietnamese and dignitaries.

Official party inspect school children and athletic societies participating in the review. Officials listen and watch children's band.

Troops and school children passing review area. Military band playing.

05:09:13 Interior scene of General de Lattre drinking a toast to S.M. Bao-Dai and to the Vietnamese Governor.

LCT type aircraft loaded with troops making its way up the canal and landing the men on the riverbank near the port of Coi-Co at the junction of the Song-Thai-Binh and the Bamboo canal. Soldiers leaving LCT, crossing open field and small canal. Truck being ferried across canal. Advance is held up by the Vietminh Command post and air support is requested. Soldiers digging in, firing machine guns and mortars. Farm house burning. F-6-F Hellcats and B-26s bombing and strafing enemy position. Soldiers in prone positions during the air attack. Wounded men being treated. Soldier searching and removing weapons from a dead comrade. 105mm Howitzers firing. Soldiers advancing and passing burning buildings. 400 Viet Minh prisoners surrounded by parachutists are taken to the Command Post. Vietnamese sentry standing guard. Wounded men being treated.

Indo-China Newsreel #2,375 & 2,377

Newsreel #2,375:

(CONTEXT: Hanoi-Laichau Airlift: In the region North-East of Laichau in the Thai country, unidentified Chinese bands have crossed the Sino-Tonkinese frontier at Lao- Kay, and have moved southward. One of the columns has taken Phong-Tho and Tainh-Ho, and progressed towards Laichau. An airlift has been established between Hanoi and Laichau, to carry reinforcements, there is a plane every six (6) minutes.)

SHOTLIST: North African troops and equipment being loaded into planes (C-47s) at the Gialam Airfield at Hanoi. Troops seated in the planes. Planes being loaded and taxiing along Laichau Airfield. General Salan conversing with Deo-Van-Long, Chief of the Thai country. Moroccan troops moving off airfield, through village and towards an improvised camp. Planes taking off with herds of oxen on the Laichau airfield. Improvised campsite. Radio operator seated alongside his equipment.

05:17:03 NEWSREEL #2,377

Attack on Bai-Thao Post: Views of Bai-Thao, located 15 km from Sept- Pagodes and 8 km from Bentam. Fly infested corpses after the attack. Sign post saying "Bai-Thao". Officer interrogating prisoner. Winding river.

05:19:11 NEWSREEL #2,378:

(CONTEXT: Pacification of a Region Southeast of Phy-Ly: The operation takes place on an island, bordered on one side by the Red River, and on the other side by the old river bed of the Red River, called "Faux Canal" (False Canal). Vietminh bands traversed this island in going to Haiphong. (The island is occupied by Vietnamese forces.)

SHOTLIST:M-4 type tank standing on road. Partisans walk eight prisoners to the rear. Partisans walking along road. Troops in combat advancing through underbrush. Vietnamese "dukw" being pulled out of the water. Civilians organising for self-defense construct bamboo palisade. Masses of civilians at work on the Red River dam under the protection of troops. Partisans loading prisoners into jeep. Prisoners seated on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. Catholic village in the background where they were captured.

Indo-China - Red-Held Hostages Returned to French

17:09:35 Ambulance past, artillery, military convoy along road. Vietnamese natives hurry past in field w/ goods; prisoners carry goods. Red Cross facility; unloading prisoners from truck. Greetings. Stretcher carried; soldier carries child. Ill helped to walk. Shoes & clothes distributed; children fed.

Right wing pro-French propaganda; War of Independence; 1951 French Indochina;

NOTE: 126 hostages of Vietnamese released into French territory.

News in Brief - French Assault on Cambodia-Indochina Border

French forces assault on Cambodia - Indochina border - Sea-Air-Land operation - beach landing and into Vietminh cave with weapons, radio installation and portraits of Ho-Chi-Minh. Refugees evacuated incl. two Buddhist monks.

News In Brief - US Carrier Delivers Planes to French in Indochina

American aircraft carrier to saigon, Vietnam, to deliver US planes to French. Planes wrapped up on carrier - unloaded and driven through streets of Saigon as people watch

Indo-China - French Mop Up Reds And Open New Drive

French troops through fields - Red River Delta. Firing big guns and bombers drop bombs. Troops search Vietminh corpses. Wounded French. Wounded Vietminh tended by French paramedic. POWs rounded.

Indo-China - French Repel Reds In Furious Battle

Paratroopers dropped in Indochina Delta; wading in water; firing guns; French troops advance under Vietminh fire. Firing machine-gun. Spot where De Lattre de Tassigny s son was killed. Vietnamese run looking scared - French pointing guns at them. Raising French flag. French troops return to fort in trucks.

Indo-China - French Forces Drive to Cut Off Red Units

French forces fighting in North West Delta Country - firing guns. Jeep through mud. Corpses. Wounded and miserable-looking French. Evacuating wounded.

News In Brief - Indochina Fighting

Indochina fighting in rice bowl region. Firing artillery. Wounded. Dying French soldier. Vietnamese fighting alongside French.

Indo-China - French Strike Back In Savage Attack

Supplies dropped by parachute at Nasan. French troops preparing for assault at Nasan - digging trenches and putting up barbed wire. French planes drop napalm bombs - explosion in jungle. Stack of captured weapons. Burning huts.

Indo-China - King Celebrates Triumph Over Reds

Bao Dai visits front - decorates French officers. American planes. Drop bombs. Wrecked truck on roadside. Wounded soldier. French troops in field.

Indo-China - French Repulse Red Attack On Hanoi

18:16:36 French Foreign Legion paratroopers training at Algiers - parachuting using American C-119 Flying Boxcars. Parachutes landing

18:17:02 Paratroopers & fighting in Indochina, wounded evacuated on stretcher. US planes napalm jungle. Dead Chinese volunteers. Aftermath terrorist car bombings in Saigon - blood on steps and bloody Vietnamese corpse. People on streets.

American Pro-French Support; 1952; Jan52; Indochina War; Pre-Vietnam; Military; Colonialism; Colonialist War;

Indo-China - Offensive Mops Up Reds In Rice Bowl

Indochina French troops firing guns. American planes drop bombs. Vietnamese with white flag bow to camera. Wounded children. Vietnamese prisoners given cigarettes. French troops through rice paddies. Refugees on road; old man bows to camera.

Longines Chronoscope with Michael (Mike) Mansfield

TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Introduced by Frank Knight; CBS News corrrespondents Larry Leseur and Bill Costello talk with Hon. Mike Mansfield, State Senator from Montana. Senator Mansfield talks re Foreign Policy in the Pacific, Formosa, Chinese Communists, Eisenhower and Chiang Kai-Shek. Says if Chinese launch attack on islands off the mainland then there will be war. Talks of allied forces in South East Asia.

17:37:28 Says that the United States has given recognition to Red China by asking UN to help in obtaining ceasefire in Formosa. Speaks re South Vietnam and the need to protect it against Communism. Mostly MCUs and CUs; bookshelves in BG and plaque on wall Longines: The World s Most Honored Watch .

17:41:07 Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches pass camera R-L. Brief ad Help Your Heart Fund, Help Your Heart .

Indo-China - French Strike Massive Blow In Fall Offensive

French troops firing guns in North Vietnam. Wounded carried on stretcher in rice paddy. Spike trap. Tank through field; troops in rice paddy.

Indo-China - French Fight Way Out of Red Trap

French troops ambushed by Vietminh - vehicles burning on road. French fire as planes drop napalm.

News In Brief: Indo-China

AVs French bombers in flight over northern Annam region of Indochina [now part of Vietnam]; bombs dropped on bridges and Viet Minh supply points; US-funded equipment.

French Colonial Empire. Anti-Communism.

News in Brief - Indochina

French colonial troops moving across desert toward Hue - sand blowing. Tanks and military vehicles across sand. Soldiers walking over desert. Soldier firing machine gun from vehicle. Soldier drinking from water bottle

Nixon visits Asia. Guard of Honour at airport as plane lands. Richard Nixon and wife Pat out of plane and greeted. Ceremonial outside building - Nixon in front of USIS microphone - People assembled with banners, one has Saigon ? - Nixon on walkabout with civilians, receives flowers. Motorcade with outriders arrives at government building. Party stands for anthems? - interior - speeches (MOS). Exterior more speeches - crowds with banners. Military band march past - VIPs watch and wave to crowd.

America Presents America - Work of the USIA- Reel 3

Latin America - communist agitator at outdoor meeting. Mobile unit of USIA takes film show on road to counter the work of the communists. People at screening.

16:06:12 Thailand - people riding elephant - planning meetings with USIS officers and Thais. USIA officer addressing locals.

16:06:50 Germany - USIA secretary with German couple. In Saigon, USIS English classes. In London - man carries film from taxi into Broadcasting House. In Iran - plane takes off, aerial views of American technical assistance project. In Tokyo, private publishing company translating American book. Other USIS activites - theatre - Porgy and Bess on tour. Audience applaud. Orchestra - Symphony of the Air performs in Tokyo. William Faulkner, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature talking with Japanese men on cultural / educational visit. Jesse Owens in Malaya

16:09:02 Exhibit in Washington re Peoples Capitalism. Overseas trade fairs - motor show. International Trade Fair in Salonika in Greece. Greek man using electric razor. People looking at displays. King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece visit fair. Visitors looking at themselves on television.

16:10:17 Campaign re disarmament - Mutual Inspection for peace - The Open Skies Proposal.

16:10:44 Map showing Iron Curtain and VOA tranmitters. USIA Coast Guard Cutter Courier acting as floating radio relay station - transmitters - aerials - radios with people listening - radio jamming by Russians.

16:12:30 Cover of America Illustrated, magazine published by USIA - pages turned. American magazines on racks. Two Japanes ? women looking at small library of American books - Care shelf.

16:13:30 Cultural City Salutes - signs - City of Boston salutes Rome. Boston shops. Montage - Statue of Liberty - Atomic explosion - US troops marching - State Department - Voice of America broadcasting in various languages.

Cold War

Indo-China - French Reinforced As Crisis Mounts

French Operation Castor attacks Communists besieging Dien Bien Phu.

Paratroopers dropped and machine-gun fire. Ground battle.

Indo-China - Wounded Evacuated from Dien-Bien-Phu

American privateer manned by French crews take off from Hanoi on bombing sortie. Dropping bombs. Aerial shots. Relief plane follows and drops supplies, food and medicine. Helicopter lands at base. Wounded evacuated and arriving at hospital in Hanoi - African stretcher bearers. Doctors and nurses.

Indo-China: Reds Reds go All Out As Geneva Parley Nears

- re Vietminh attempts to block supplies to Dien Bien Phu on Hanoi- Haiphong Road .

Vietnamese troops on road; tanks; Vietnamese with metal detector looking for and exploding mines on Hanoi - Haiphong road. Wrecked cart on roadside and military vehicle past. Wounded Vietnamese. Repairs to railway line and wrecked train from Vietminh attack. Locomotive past.

News In Brief - Evacuation of Dien Bien Phu Wounded - Angel of Dien Bien Phu

Military camp and wounded on stretchers evacuated.

Angel of Dien Bien Phu nurse Genevieve de Gallard-Tarraubes; welcomed home in France by her mother out of plane and talks to press.

War in Indo-china. May 1954

Sign Aeroport d Orly, military trucks driving on airfield. French flag flying. American flag flying. Irate French policeman walking towards cameraman, military trucks passing in bg. Sign Base Operation Orly Field, Paris, France.

04:00:57 Men in civilian clothes jump from trucks. Various good shots French conscripts? posing in groups, two young men with cameras. All young men look cheerful and joke around while they wait on airfield. Men at assembly point, passports handed out. Food handed out, eating.

04:02:58 Wives and girlfriends say tearful goodbyes to recruits. Men with kits bags board transport planes. Sign on aircraft, Troop Carrier USAF. Good shots plane taxiis and takes off. Various interiors plane, cockpit, sleeping recruits, CU propellers turning. Men eating from tins in plane. Men play with travel chess. Cockpit shots.

04:06:57 People waiting on airfield for plane to land. Young men off plane. Recruits loading bags into trucks. Trucks move off.

Indo-China - Reds, French Locked In Crucial Battle

Dien Bien Phu - good battle footage. French troops of Foreign Legion in woods; wounded bandaged;

Vietnamese prisoners searched.

Indo-China - Air Strikes Aid Beleaguered French

Flying Boxcars and B-26 take off from Hanoi - in flight - paratroop reinforcements and supplies dropped on Dien Bien Phu. Demolition bombs dropped - explosion on ground.

The Secret Agent - Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans [Reel 1 of 5]

Veterans talking about rashes and other ills caused by herbicides. Shot of 5-7 year old girl with birth defects drawing. Troops disembarking in Vietnam. VS marching. Plane over defoliated landscape. Vietnamese out of tunnel. Examining civilian papers. Explosions. Tet Offesnive footage - urban fight. Crossing field firing. Carrying wounded. Rolling barrels of herbicide. Soldiers on tank firing napalm. Dropping bombs POV. Machine gun fire from helicopter POV. Convoy of planes Spraying Agent Orange. POV dropping napalm. Mad scientist in gas mask footage from WW I era. WWI soldiers in trench putting on gas masks. Firing as gas flows overhead. Still of Geneva Conference of 1925. Still, soldier dying from gas - clutching throat. Still scientists in lab coats. Animated description of cells of 2, 4d and 2,4,5t t herbicide. Plants in lab suddenly dying. Interview with Dr. Matthew Meselson, chemical and biological warfare expert.

01:08:56 - Farmer plowing fields in 1930 s. Dusting fields with herbicides in 1940 s and 1950 s, Footage of bigger yeilds - grain, corn, what blowing in wind. Stills of victims of 1949 Monsanto accident in Nitro, West Virginia who have chloracne. drawing of chemical contaminant dioxin. Still of rows of rabbits that are part of experiment. Crop duster taking off and dusting fields. Defoliation. Operation Ranch Hand. Chemical Warfare

The Secret Agent - Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans [Reel 2 of 5]

Vs deliverying US military supplies to Vietnam c 1955. Eisenhower. POV river boat approaching Vietnamese sampam c 1968. VS American soldiers examining documents of Vietnamese on boat. US soldier staring down a tunnel complex. Soldiers go into tunnel complex. Soldiers and tank type vehicle crossing overgrown field. Int. with Army major explaining introduction of herbicide defoliation program. VS Men working on ground filling barrels with herbicide from hoses. Loading barrels with spraying appartus on helicopters. C-13- airplane modified for herbicide spraying. C-13- being loaded with defoliant and taking off. POV from C-130 with group of planes spraying.

01:14:46 - Interview with veteran in wheelchair. Soldiers walking through wooded area, tallking on field telephone, with rifles behind vehicle. Track is audio letter to mom from soldier in field. Firing mortars at Khe Sanh. Battle of Khe Sanh footage. Loading wounded. Napalm bombing. Planes on fire.

01:16:05 - Night fighting flares, traver bullets, explosions. Narration is live soldier audio letter home to mom. 01:17:10 - Dow Chemical Sign and headquarters in Midland, Michigan. VS dow plants in Midland. Smokestacks, etc. Helicopter in Vietnam. Pilots examining maps. Planes spraying. Petition to LBJ against spraying. Helicopter spraying, palens spraying in many different locales. Spraying on ground level with spray blowing back to man doing spraying on back of truck. Interview with veterans. VS Skin rashes and other problems and interview with veterans.

The Secret Agent - Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans [Reel 3 of 5]

Dr. EW Pfeiffer with Vietnamese children who led first group of independent scientists to study defoliation program. Int. with Pfeiffer. VS defoliated jungle, dead gardens, Vietnamese with health problems. Vietnamese deformed babies footage from North Vietnamese. Stills of mangroves before and after spraying. Examining dead birds and defoliated trees. Medical facility in VC held area with NLF flag in front. Int. with vets re birth defects in children. VS of girl with birth defects.

01:27:50 July, 1976 dioxin accident in Sevaso Italy. Shots of accident, clean up, stills of children with chloracne.

The Secret Agent - Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans [Reel 4 of 5]

Int. w. Meselson. Int. w Don Frayer, Dow spokesman. Stills and footage of Paul Reutershan who had initiated Agent orange lawsuit. Veterans testifying at hearings. Victor Yannacone, class action lawyer, addressing veteran plaintiffs. Veteran demonstration, picket line chanting at Veterans Administration. VA sign on VA buildingin Washington DC. VA officials testifying before House Committee. Being questioned by Al Gore. EXt. Wadsworth VA Hospital, Los Angeles. Int. with vet with horrible sores in mouth and his mother. VS sit in at Wadsworth VA Hospital.Veteran with huge amount of pills that he takes. Max Cleland, head of VA, testifying before Al Gores House Committee. New Jersey Congressman makes statement re Agent Orange and animal studies. Variety of planes spraying. Helicopter rescue. Machine gun firing from helicopter. CU Machine gun. Soldiers coming home. Being greeted by general and then family. Hugging, crying families.

The Secret Agent - Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans [Reel 5 of 5]

Int. w. Don Freyer of Dow Chemical. Int. w. Victor Yannacone, plaintiff s lawyer. Int. w. Steve Zardis, veteran in wheelchair. Testimony of veteran before hearing. Other veterans interviewed and speaking at hearings, meetings, etc. Wadsworth Veterans Hospital. Story of James Hopkins who in 1981 crashed his jeep into hospital, fired gun, claimed Agent Orange poisoning. Int. w. Reason Wareheim, veteran of 3 wars, re frustration of vets. Scenes of veteran demonstration on grounds of Wadsworth Hospital with tent villages, vets meetings, Ron Kovics speaks to protestors. He is also partcipating in sit-in also. Other veterans speak. VA officials speak about/against sit-in hunger strike and veterans deman such as meeting with president. Game of domonoes among veterans dissolves to game of cards in Vietnam. Tending to wounded in Vietnam and VS fighting intrcut with sit-in veterans at Wadsworth. Soldier playing harmonica in Vietnam.

03:23:44 - Protestors arrested by police and evicted. Vet interview. 1971 - News Footage of Times Beach and St. Louis, Missouri . dioxin story. Defoliateded jungles in Vietnam. Vietnamese washing in water. Vets meeting and sum up interviews.

Vietnam Experience 1,2,3 What Are We Fighting For

Bay Area anti-war rally c 1968. Country Joe introduces Fixin to Die Rag, reads first verse. Draft age boys entering White Hall Induction Center in New York for physicals. Kissing wives, girlfriends, mothers goodbye. Uncle Sam wants You poster. Sign says US Army Building. Men in line getting papers stamped. Listening in class environment. Brief shot of Eisenhower. Men taking physical, wtithout shirts, bare feet, taking specimin cups for urine tests, being examined by doctors. Boot camp. Drill instructor sargeant, Training with rifles and bayonets intercut with Vietnam footage. Stills of early demonstrations, Kennedy. Shot of LBJ raising and lowering arms. Westmoreland out of helicopter, greeting soldiers in field. Stills of soldiers in Vietnam. Music by Country Joe McDonald

Vietnam Experience 2nd Song Bang Bang You re Dead

US soldier crossing dusty field. Scenes from Tet offesnive.Various planes taking off of aircraft carrier. Vitnamese sampan in river. Soldiers examine papers. Soldier searches hat or straw on back of woman or child and then pats her on backside. Soldiers with blindfolded and roped together Viet Cong prisoners. Soldier smoking on napalm firing tank vehicle. US soldiers taking care of wounded, getting ready for evacuation. Medivac with helicopter.

Vietnam Experience 3rd Song Agent Orange Song

Soldiers and equipment move through defoliated jungle. Soldiers in field sitting around playing instruments. Soldiers at base camp, on river patrol, reading a letter, questioning Vietnamese, Soldiers working with herbicides: putting hoses into barrels with color stripes, VS Planes spraying herbicides. VS Spraying defoliants on ground from truck, spray blowing back on soldier spraying More aerial views of apraying. Vietnam veterans and wives with arms raised and clenched fists at Arlington Cemetery circa 1982. Agent Orange protest. CU american flags on graves. Pan over protest crowd. Music by Country Joe McDonald.

Vietnam Experience 5th Song Secret Agent

Network footage with tc and stills of veterans making statements and throwing medals at Vietnam anti-war protest in Washington, DC. Soldiers checking out booby traps in Vietnam. Tunnels, holes with punji sticks. Soldier with metal detector sweeping swampy terrain. Soldier going into underground bunker. Firing into underground bunkers. Inspecting village hooches. Moving through jungle. Planes overhead. Pan over Defoliated landscape.Planes overhead slowly spraying herbicides. Music by Country Joe McDonald.

Vietnam Experience 6th Song A War At Home

1945 footage of returning WWII soldiers and sailors. Troopship into New York harbor. Celebrations, dancing, kissing, Times Square. Vietnam soldiers with suitcases on tarmac leaving Vietnam. News footage with tc of Chicago 1968 Democratic Convention protests and riots. Police beating demonstrators. Soldier being medvaced in Vietnam. Soldiers in combat, ionto helicopter, running. More Chicago 1968 footage. Vietnam veterans Agent Orange protest demonstration at the Veterans Administration buildingi n Washington, DC and in front of the White House. More Chicago footage. Music by Country Joe McDonald

Vietnam Experience 7th Song Never Do It Again

Plane camera footage of Napalm bombs dropping on Vietnam countryside villages intercut with news footage with tc of girl running down road burning from napalm. Still of Buddhist monk burning himself in protest. Vietnam veterans hugging each other at Wadsworth VA protest circa 1982. Vets at Vietnam memorial. Crying, hugging. Music by Country Joe McDonald

Vietnam Experience 8th Song Feel So Lonely

Pan over Graves at Arlington National Cemetery. LS Two Soldiers walking through Arlington. Funeral service in field in Vietnam during war. Men reading from hymn book with chaplain. Men kneeling. Men kneeling at Wadsworth Veterans Hospital protest.. Vietnam vets crying. Vets at Vietnam memorial in tears and hugging. Music by Country Joe McDonald..

Vietnam Experience 9th Song Welcome Home

Vietnam vet with Puerto Rico sign walks down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. Followed by long line of vetrans at Welcome Home Parade, possibly at same time as unveilingof Vietnam Memorial. Early 1980 s. Wide diversity of vets. Welcome Home ticker tape parade in Chicago, Illinois. 1968 Bay area anti Vietnam War protest with Country Joe leading crowd in 1, 2, 3, What are we Fighting For.... Music by Country Joe McDonald

Vietnam Experience 4th Song Army Nurse Song

Army ambulance pulls up. Medics and doctors unload and triage patients. Wheel patient into operating room. Nurse working with patient. Stills of army combat nurses at work. Nurses working with patient, taking temperature. Gory operating room scene. Cutting off clothing off of badly wounded soldier. Head wound also. Music by Country Joe McDonald.

[Street Scenes - Hai Ba Trung, Vietnam, 1950s]

VS empty streets - shop signs - official buildings. Pan from town sign Dai Lo Hai Ba Trung to cattle grazing in street. Guards outside Red Cross HQ, flag hanging from gatepost. Street sign Pho Le Phung Hieu . MCU old woman crouching in doorway; people foraging in garbage in street; CU two young children. Group of people at roadside holding Vietnamese flags. Vietnamese troops across bridge led by French? officers; officer shakes hands and talks to Vietnamese soldiers. Group holding Vietnamese flag march through decorated archway - women and girls in black outfits, boys in white shirts - singing as they march. Vietnamese flags flying above street market - woman hangs flag outside window. Portraits of Ho Chi Minh hanging on market stall - good market shots. Vietnamese children into French colonial school building - Lycee a Sarraut .


[Indochina Paratroops]

Parachute drop. French paratroopers on ground and battle action. Wounded evacuated by helicopter. Troops advance through jungle. Bulldozing jungle.

News In Brief - Saigon

Bomb explodes in Saigon s army headquarters. Aftermath and police inspecting. Wounded Vietnamese workers bandaged. Portrait Vietnamese? VIP? in French uniform. Wreckage inside building. Wrecked car.

[Ho Chi Minh Meets Russians In Hanoi]

Soviet Ambassador Lavreschev [?] arriving by car at Hanoi residence of President Ho Chi Minh to present credentials. INT presentation ceremony - Ho Chi Minh w/ Deputy Prime Minister & National Defence Minister - Ambassador makes speech - Ho Chi Minh makes speech & is introduced to Soviet Embassy staff; all pose for cameras. Good.

Vietnam. USSR. Indochina. Diplomacy.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #35 August

850 years for city Vladimir LS road into city, early orthodox church, POV from car to people on streets.

People in Lenin Square, CU people at dedication of Lenin monument, sheet pulled off statue, applause, lay flowers at monument, shot of building w/ big sign - 850.

02:22:25 CU Athletes march w/ flags, packed Torpedo stadium, athletes collective performance of callisthenics, spectators, audience.

02:23:09 At Ural Miners Pan across open pit mine w/ train descending. Large excavation machinery, high power water streams used to collect coal, CU worker, water w/ coal flows on conveyor belts.

02:23:59 High angle large grain field, harvest, combines, drivers and loading into trucks. Woman pitching straw. Convoy of trucks on road.

02:24:49 Leningrad Austrian war veteran delegation greeted w/ flowers. CU delegates wave, people applaud, delegation look at Lenin s statue, look around Lenin Memorial complex in Smolny. Delegates visit Lenin s room, look at various paintings & exhibits, CU veterans; visit Cruiser Aurora.

02:25:49 LS ships on water, big port machinery, freighters unloaded using cranes, from crane operator s cabin, CU deputy port s leader speaks w/ workers before he climbs up to crane, various shots of ships, workers, navigation ship leads another ship out to sea.

02:26:48 People outside at airport, Japanese chairman of Anti-Atomic & Hydrogen Weapon committee Professor Kaore Ya Soui (?) off plane, shakes hands, applause, smiles, delegation walk from the plane.

02:27:38 Stalingrad s dam workers outside factory watch circus performance, acrobat does handstand on others head while climbing ladder; audience shots, trapeze artists spin from construction crane.

02:28:26 Latvia, sports academy students train in water skiing, guy on the water skis behind the motorboat, over jumps, another student on water-skis pulled by car on beach. Oddities.

02:29:09 Film festival in Tashkent Various Asian & African film posters displayed in the city, film makers greeted w/ flowers by girls in traditional Uzbek folk outfits, delegates from Ceylon meet Uzbek filmmakers, shake hands, CU Soviet actress Iryna Skopcova (?) talks w/ Chinese delegates. Producer Karmen shakes hands w/ Vietnamese film makers, CU smiling girl, festival delegates walk through street, applause, CU BIG Film Festivals placard. LS stage, 1st deputy chairman of Uzbekistan s Council of Ministers Gulama(?), applause, filmmaker delegates from United Arab Republic, Indonesia Vietnam stand up one by one, applause. Shot of festivals guest American artist Paul Robeson applauds w/ huge smile, various shots of delegates on the stage and audience applauding, LS stage. Night time, fireworks behind huge lighted up torch, high angle people in the square. The End.

News Review Of 1959

Vice-President Nixon touring US Fair in Moscow w/ Kruschev during visit to Russia. Kruschev visiting US - at airport, in motorcade & posing w/ President Eisenhower at Camp David.

17:30:15 Animation of new Soviet space probe, first to take pictures of Moon - stills shown. Monkeys Abel & Baker sent into space by US. Project Mercury astronauts in weightlessness chamber

17:31:15 Castro addresses cheering crowds in Havana following Cuban Revolution.

17:31:55 St. Lawrence seaway opened - Ike & Queen Elizabeth on deck of royal yacht Britannia.

17:32:12 Celebrations to mark Hawaii s accession as 50th State of the Union - hula girls - volcano erupting.

17:32:41 Prince Akahito of Japan poses in ceremonial robes & on steps of Palace w/ new bride Mishiko Shoda.

17:32:58 Stephen Rockefeller out of church in Norway w/ new bride Anne Marie Rasmussen.

17:33:12 Shah Pahlevi of Iran after marriage to Farah Diba.

17:33:25 Destruction in Japan after worst typhoon in its history - civilians wade through flooded streets.

17:33:42 John Foster Dulles filmed not long before death from cancer.

17:34:00 Dalai Llama photocall w/ Nehru after seeking refuge in India from Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet. Nehru on horseback through mountain village.

17:34:28 Troops from Communist-held Vietnam attack Laos - exodus of refugees.

17:34:44 Ike arrives at National Airport after completing 11-nation tour - cheering crowds wave sparklers - Ike gives Victory sign from passing motorcade. Brief shot White House at night.

Space Race. Cold War. Royal Weddings. Southeast Asia. Anti-Communism.

News In Brief - Laos (US training)

Jungle w/ US advisor pointing to map or ?? as Laotian army soldiers watch. Another showing troops use of rifle. CUs. Firing range w/ automatic rifles; trainers. Shooting at targets.

Vietnam War Build Up; Military Training; Anti-Communism; Cold War;

Why Vietnam Pt. 2 of 3

1959 Gettysburg College - Eisenhower (Ike) on the importance of defending freedom part over shots of US handing out aid in South Vietnam.

1960 Troops in S.Vietnam Railway line blown up by NV guerrillas. Machine guns fired from SV troop train . Various war shots.

1961 Air Force One on tarmac. American aid to SV - machinery - military - USAF training South Vietnamese.

US soldier training in use of weapons - speaks Vietnamese. Various other sequences showing US

advisors and South Vietnamese troops. North Vietnamese guerrillas under arrest

05:15:02 US advisor teams working in clinics and hospitals. American equipment and troops into Vietnam. Helicopters - South Vietnamese troops on counter attack. Wounded American soldier stretchered to coptor.

05:16:58 South vietnamese combat training - boats and landings. Jungle fighting. Explosion. Wounded SV. South Vietnamese soldier prays at shrine.

05:18:00 1964 President Johnson LBJ speech re renewed hostile action of the North Vietnamese and the Gulf of Tonkin. US naval aircraft carrier. USAF bomb North Vietnam. August - McNamara says US seeks no wider war. US troops with captured Vietcong arms. Chinese markings on warheads. Ho Chi Minh seated at table. US politician speaking re efforts to bring Vietnam to conference table and rejections by Hanoi and Peking.

President Johnson re US do not seek the destruction of any government South Vietnam must have democratic rights. We will not surrender.

Anti-Communism; USA Government Propaganda; Anti-Communist; Imperialism;

Red China Pt. 2 of 2

Farm visited by Russian military & Chinese military; others looking. Large plow plowing. Men & women pitching grain into thresher. People digging fields by hand. Building dam w/ hand labor; excavating large pit for canal. Worker communes. Sifting soil, planting rice w/ machine. Cutting by hand & threshing.

10:40:17 Mao off bus greets villagers. Motorized & people working at threshing; small plow; Man cutting cotton, women picking cotton & others scything rice or grain.

10:41:20 College w/ students on bicycles, lecture hall; people out large building. Kindergarten; kids watching political play, MCU faces.

10:42:30 Still of Mao w/ other leaders including Deng Xiaoping; Zhou Enlai (Chou En-lai); etc.

10:42:39 Traffic scenes; factories & heavy industry. Still repeated. Marching political rally of uge number of people. Army & navy marching, reviewed. Tanks, personnel carriers, artillery. Stills of Chinese atomic bomb blast.

10:44:31 Int. United Nations General Session. Stills of Mao supered over marchers & floats.

10:45:33 Army fighting in Korea; Tibetans; Indian army wounded assisted. Stills of Khrushchev.

10:46:24 Vietnam fighters, soldiers in Laos (?). Atomic blast. Still of Mao & VO of his promise of war w/ west. Ext. of Department of State.

10:47:26 Dean Rusk talking to camera about threats of China, pictures of marchers w/ floats of large duck, chicken, sheep, banners etc. Carrying bomber airplanes.

Communist China; Ecoomics; Population; Communism; Poverty; Politics;

Note: Footage shot in 1959.

[Vietnam - Training by US?]

Troops (French?) wade ashore - Blacks, Orientals and Whites, US instructors & mortar launchers w/ Vietnamese. Running into cover w/ ammunition boxes. Plane drops Napalm. Soldier on field telephone. French (?) spotter plane overhead.

02:06:50 Activities on shoreline - troops board small boat & put out thru surf. Troops on shore cover w/ machine guns & grenade launcher. Troops helped aboard launch & ship. Guns firing from ship - CU pump action - Naval ships - shots of wake - firing ships guns - good shots.

French - Vietnamese War; Vietnam War;

The Peace Fund R1 of 2

Kid sleeping, several boys in shower w/ soap; girl combing hair; smiling kids; boys playing outdoors; young woman teacher & class.

15:01:41 Montage: German fighter planes, Hitler, bombs drop & explosion w/ collapse of water tower, buildings collapse. Titles. Montage of steel mill; large electrical insulators, large machines, POV across bridge; POV of RR & engineer in cab. Collective farm & men working around haystack, woman gathering large basket of eggs. SOF talking about suffering of WWII & high death toll of soldiers & civilians. Translator over her voice.

15:04:46 Thatched house & boys w/ motorcycle outside; Nazi soldiers around similar house. US soldiers lighting roof of thatched hut in Vietnam. Woman holding child in front of burning hut.

15:05:24 Hydroelectric power lines & dam. Bridge above giant water spillway. Truck driver (SOF) talking of giving to Peace Fund in name of his father & mother. Trucks & drivers working w/ his voice over, driving thru snow.

15:07:03 Slow motion of US soldiers off helicopters & panic looks of peasants Aerial of bomb exploding. GOOD.

15:07:50 Bacteriologist in lab. Scientist who saved million of lives talks (SOF) of giving to Peace Fund.

15:09:08 Israel soldiers at machine guns & slow motion optically manipulated firing of large gun. Burned children.

15:09:31 Boris Polevoy, author of The Story of A Real Man (SOF) & Chairman of the Board of Peace Fund tells of receiving large amount of mail donations & letters. Ends abruptly.

Humanitarian; Charity; Fund Raising; Anti-War; Vietnam War;

The Peace Fund Reel 2 of 2

Brass monument base w/ bas relief of workers & gifts; tilt up statue of warrior w/ onion domes of orthodox church behind. Tilt on up to flag flying on top of domed building. WWII donations & women; others. Russian fighter planes lined up. Soldiers & people giving gifts. Pilots hugging & kissing. Factory & railroad w/ equipment. Tank across snowscape.

15:13:04 Author Boris Polevoy talking about all donations accepted by Peace Fund. Crimean artists w/ paintings they are giving. Envelopes, coins, Madonna & child relief, watches,

15:14:33 Bow of ship sliding down ways, men on top of electrical transmission towers, workers in steel mill & elsewhere. Children packing boxes. Factory workers bottling medicine.

15:15:11 Vietnamese children, planes dropping bombs in air to air shot in slow motion, kids into culvert bomb shelter.

15:15:26 Packing medicine & crates loaded onto ship; ambulance loaded. Burnng Vietnamese village intercut. Kids waving goodbye to ship. Plane being loaded for Palestine; another large freight jet taking off at twilight for earthquake victims. People addressing envelops & packages to Peace Fund. Stills of families. People dancing outdoors at cafe & in street. Child dance.

15:17:17 Poet Robert Roeshevski (sp?) looking out window on snowy day w/ traffic below. His bookshelf scanned as he talks about why we write when war is going on.

15:18:26 Pedestrians in winter coats, talking. Cars behind & walking, smiling. End Credits. The End.

Humanitarian; Charity; Fund Raising; Anti-War; Vietnam War;

[Vietnam - Saigon Street Scenes, ca early 1960s (?)]

Large colonial building - Saigon City Hall; pull back w/ crowded plaza of stalls & flowers. Three women looking at flowers & walking toward camera. Man unloading flowers from top of bus; men setting up stalls. Woman in pedicab w/ plant.

00:56:16 MCU Camera moving in front of two women in silk dresses looking at flowers; man carrying large chrysanthemum.

00:56:26 Woman w/ chrysanthemums in pedicab. Flowering tree carried past.

00:56:35 Large traffic circle w/ traffic & statue; clock tower beyond. MCU of clocktower, flag & advertising signs. Looking down on street stalls w/ canvas covers. MCU Shopping women & men. CU shoppers; CU fruit, vegetables, etc Woman putting ?? into plastic bag. Plates covered w/ cellophane.

00:57:33 Street scene w/ cars, motorcycles, scooters pedestrians past park block or plaza. MCU pedestrians, women in bright dresses, some Vietnamese soldiers w/ rifles. Men carrying bundles of incense.

00:58:08 Food stalls or ?? People in front of temple burning incense bundles & bowing. Interior w/ many people. Altar. Dragon dance; dancing w/ man in mask as people watch.

Saigon, Vietnam Daily Life; 1960s (?); Religion - Buddhist; Ceremony; Food;

Note: No visible Americans.

In Search of Peace Pt. 1 of 2

Ext. of Department of State. Stills

07:24:46 Dean Rusk SOF about US foreign policy. Headline of crisis & footage; Iran; Greece; Berlin; North Korea; Cuban Missile Crisis.

07:25:54 Adlai Stevenson at UN asks question. Tanks move in Hungary. South Vietnam. Rusk keeps talking about meeting agression w/ force ...we ve done so w/ prudence...

07:27:33 Title.

07:27:49 Rusk keeps speaking.

07:28:12 ?? speaking As our policy of containment...the communist world has moved to a basically different strategy. Stone throwing, smoke bombs, etc. Thailand shown w/ POV on river & canal past villagers. City center w/ fountain & traffic. Pedestirians. GOOD. Map of SE Asia. US military working w/ Thai villagers & military assistance. Thailand jet pilots to planes & take off. Explanation w/ map of Chinese moving south.

07:32:01 Rusk: We must work together w/ the other industrialized countries...

07:32:27 ?? speaking re Marshall plan working w/ Europe in past; then NATO; OECD & monetary fund to maintain industrialized countries strength. Visuals of automotive factory assembly line. Talking about Free Trade .

07:34:14 Africa outline superimposed over shots of village & westerners giving medical aid.

07:34:50 MS of speaker: We Have to work together... to compete...

07:35:12 Rusk: ...most of these new governments now face rising expections...

07:35:45 ?? Talking about foreign aid programs. Visuals of Africans working; AID cartons w/ markings. inoculations. South Americans & road building. Nigeria & fishing along the coast; traffic. Education, small shops; agricluture; outdoor class for adult education & teacher training. Pan over faces, CUs.

07:38:29 Poultry raising in eastern Nigeria; people sorting eggs; CU chickens in pens. Men fishing w/ nets; bringing fish, shrimp & selling at dock.

Cold War; Economics; Government Propaganda; 1960s; State Department; Diplomacy; Anti-Communist;

Amercan Foreign Policy; Rationalization;

INNA R1 of 2

13:23:57 view across river at Leningrad. Bridge, street lamps, wrought iron & various scenic shots around streets in winter w/ steam & fog rising. Traffic & POV along road; w/ man on tractor. Rotary snowplow blowing snow along road. Large buildings, snow blowing. Woman in fur collar walking along street, traffic moves ahead of her, follows man w/ dog; then woman again. Canal w/ ice; people bundled aginst cold, woman runs for trolley or tram, gets on as others get off.

13:26:35 On board, passengers boarding; woman sitting, smiles at man & looks outside. Trees covered wj/ snow & ice.

12:27:37 High angle along street w/ electric buses, traffic, trams. People thru subway turnstiles. Women at desks doing paperwork in large office where Inna works, using large abacus, w/ kettle; into factory & walking thru where many welders are working - making parts for Vietnam & Cuba.

13:30:12 Women at bar in ballet rehearsal studio w/ instructor. Woman playing piano, pan over handbags of dancers. Inna joins the group warming up, exercising. CU of piano accompaniest (GOOD), reflections in mirror of room. MCU of dancers (named) Galena... Vera

13:32:55 Male instructor & dancers join. Igor ? Mikhail ?? Man sprinkles powder on floor.

Russian Daily Life; Winter Street Scenes; Cultural Activities;

The News Reel [Hide And Seek]

08:50:56 MCU feet walking in woods & brush; from behind men & women w/ rifle.

08:51:08 CU hands kneading napalm (?).

08:51:17 Night. Low angle car into military base; CU horn; soldiers running w/ rifles, drop to knees & fire at man on bicycle in searchlights.

08:51:34 Day. Cross cutting between civilians from opening walking, running in woods w/ rifles. MS alley, car past police station. Woods, group dressing around fire pit; washing in stream. Assembling rifle, cooking.

08:52:30 Stork (?) in flight; rocket launch; moonscape; burning warehouse building; POV past cleared city blocks. Hands kneading napalm; shell into rifle; rocket lift off. Aerial of military base; two astronauts out of van to rocket gantry.

08:53:49 Revolutionary soldier w/ beret & rifle thru woods. Demonstrators in street setting up barricade. Guerrilla rebels in woods doing martial arts exercises. Policeman & protesters in street demonstration. Police pushing; trash in street; police arresting Black man. Demonstrators moving ?? to blockade. Riot police running at night, tear gas, demonstrators running.

08:55:02 Guerillas in woods wait w/ rifles. Astronauts into space capsule; lift-off. Guerillas talking in woods.

08:55:28 Title: Commercial.

08:55:42 Man walking up road, sniper in tree. POV past cleared lots in city. Police behind car. First National City Bank sign on bank building. Riot police w/ rifles; running w/ pistols. Behind cars. Black man arrested.

08:56:25 CU sign across subway stairs: Closed by order of Transit Police Dept. POV along railroad tracks & walking down subway steps.

08:56:42 Abrupt ending.

1960s; Violence; Revolution; Anti-Vietnam Reaction; Organizing; Newsreel Collective; Anti-Establishment; Resistance; Anti-Capitalism; Anti-Capitalist;

High School - Brattleboro Pt. 1 of 2

POV thru windshield of car along Vermont roads, traffic; thru Brattleboro downtown.

07:01:47 Police on town square.

07:01:55 Student walking on country road past stop sign; towards camera.

07:02:19 Intercut classroom, kids outdoors, police, police cars.

07:02:49 Students walking in Peace demonstration along county road w/ banners. Leafletting. Sign: Brattleboro Union High School, pan over large brick school buildings & student arriving & inside. Studnets in hallway & classrooms; girl giving report to class. Teacher & class discussion (MOS). Intercut w/ students outside, hitchhiking (brief), standing. Pan of school & interior stairwell & halls.

07:06:10 POV from car & pan of school.

07:06:27 Alternative School (?). Students talking in house or ??. Teacher in High School & girl speaking. Kids at Alternative school tearing rags or ties for project & discussing together.

07:08:47 Kid holding Strike leaflet; people on Brattleboro street, pedestrians along stoes.

07:09:14 People in meeting in church, townhall or ?? talking in large circle. Students in classroom listening to girl & teacher.

07:10:26 Students arriving at ?? w/ strike placards, US & United Nation flag. Teachers in classrooms, 07:11:07 Students.& others lined up for Anti-war demonstration; marching w/ flags, banners from town & along road.

07:11:29 Teacher reading paper, talkng to students in classroom. Marchers. Students in clasroom, CU boy talking; others laughing.

07:13:00 Small children watching marchers. V-sign; peace symbol; stduents talking. Leaving school & crossing street. Group w/ placard walking to parking lot, along road, into village & following police car. Crossing steel truss bridge; camera walking w/ group thru village.

07:16:46 Large group sitting on lawn. CUs Speakers platform; peace banner. Large mask; performing groups, speakers. Pan listeners. Continued...

1960s; Alternative Education; Independent Films; Anti-Vietnam;

NOTE: Badly scratched at beginning but gradually improves. All hand-held.

High School - Brattleboro Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Kids in classroom listening.

07:18:10 Double exposure of POV & anti-war performance group; demonstrators marching

07:19:18 - 07:19:27 Black slug.

07:19:27 School classroom, secretary in office, kids in cafeteria (?).

07:19:55 - 07:20:02 Black

07:20:02 Students in group talking intercut w/ teacher talking in classroom & street scenes.

07:21:02 Pan over Brattleboro High School exterior; interior hallway.

07:21:23 Large bonfire w/ figure silhouetted. Embers of fire. Intercut w/ students.

07:22:02 - 07:22:44 Black

07:22:44 Students in front of Washington DC capitol in demonstration. March on street (some out of focus).

07:23:40 View out Vermont window of snow covered buildings. Int. of school hallways, signs. Hallways.

07:25:03 Sign: Sr. High Office. Large bell.

1960s; Alternative Education; Independent Films; Anti-Vietnam; Protests; Demonstration;

NOTE: All hand-held.

Story of Soviet Schools Pt. 3 of 3

Young Pioneers march thru the city, CU kids w/ flower baskets in hands, put flowers on Lenin Monument, cu statue of Lenin.

04:03:12 Pioneers in art gallery look at paintings. Children s art exhibition, kids look at small statues, figurines, paintings, drawings, photographs.

04:04:49 CU boy w/ still camera takes picture, kids go on camping trip, walk thru woods w/ packs, sit down for lunch break & fill water bottles from stream; boy takes pictures, CU smiling children, kids cross stream.

04:05:48 Young Pioneers walk on beach w/ officer telling them about the war w/ flash back - explosions in water, soldiers jump out of boats & run to shore. CU ex army officer w/ medals telling his story to Pioneers, takes off his hat, flash back shots of shooting, explosions, battle field, CU pioneers listening.

04:06:50 War Memorial torch lighted, line of Young Pioneers watch, officer walks up to pioneer & passes the torch to one of them. Pioneers in boat place wreaths on water in memory of navy sailors & soldiers who lost their life fighting for Homeland.

04:07:28 CU boy w/ torch, Pioneers march to monument to Unknown Soldiers, all salute as boy lights up memorial torch, boys play trumpets, girls pull various flags up the pole, CU various nationality pioneers salute.

04:08:14 International Pioneer camp Artek w/ speedboat on water, kids wave from boat to Pioneers on the beach, LS Artek camp beside beach, kids play ball.

04:08:51 Day dedicated to Vietnam War; kids demonstrate w/ placards, applaud, shout out slogans in support of Vietnam, 12 years old Vietnamese boy soldier, whose village was burned down, together w/ his family at the microphone, applause. CU boy, shot of Vietnamese delegates, kids hold up big placards, applaud, hold up hands together.

04:10:05 Group of African black boys dance on the podium, play guitar. Evening, Pioneers in stadium hold hands, watch children in various national costumes perform, explosion lights up big bonfire in the middle of the field, children dancing & jitterbugging, CU kids wave, smile. GOOD Credits The End.

Communist Education;

The Challenge R1 of 4

04:00:36 US flag flying; Marines in dress uniform marching to camera on parade ground. VO promoting Marine Corps every marine today is blood brother...

04:01:46 Marines out of hellicopter w/ rifles, firing artillery; helicopters over water w/ ships offshore, fighter jets. Marines at attention on battleship. CU emblem; Marine giving oath to recruits at swearing in ceremony (SOF).

04:03:21 Recruits off United airline plane in civilian clothes.

04:03:36 CU sign Gate Two Marine Corps Recruit Depot, pan to arriving Greyhound bus w/ recruits off, thru gate, look befuddled climb into back of pickup w/ hand bags. CU Sign: Receiving Barracks. March thru parking lot while formal drill group marches past.

04:05:32 Recruits w/ buckets shown to wash clothes; SOF picking up linen, given orders. Men fitted & issued boots, socks, pants.

04:06:56 Medical inspection, chest x-ray, weighed & measured; tested seated at desks.

04:08:14 Recruits at ease w/ equipment bag.

Military Propaganda; Blustery Narration; Patriotism; Pride; Pre-Vietnam War; Image; Training; 1960s; Youth;

Oddities; 1950s; Pre-Vietnam War;

The Challenge R2 of 4

Officer issuing 30mm M-1 rifle to recruits; at range where instructed in taking it apart & reassembling. (SOF)Instructor w/ large oversize rifle asking name of parts. Instructs in assembling rifle, marching off on double. March into rifle range & practice sighting; class w/ instructor by target. Making & marking targets. Instruction in pistols, automatic weapons in group. Recruits learning cleaning, firing on range. MCU on pistol range; firing automatic weapons. Outdoor lecturing before Record Day; qualifying on rifle range firing line. SOF of instructor & firing from various positions.

04:15:50 Targets 18,19,20 & scorekeeping. Firing.

Military Propaganda; Blustery Narration; Patriotism; Pride; Pre-Vietnam War; Marines Corps Training; Image; 1960s; Youth;

The Challenge R3 of 4

Recruits practicing close order drill on parade ground; drill instructor yelling at recruits; handling rifles.

04:18:23 MCU Drill Instructor barking orders.

04:18:30 Recruits duckwalking in circle; another circle doing sit-ups. DIs salute training officers who walk past as recruits duckwalk. DI leads recruits thru obstacle course (SOF). Over board wall, walking ropes, up poles & pipes; climbing rope netting & down again.

04:20:39 SOF: Practicing judo or martial arts; tumbling; fighting w/ padded sticks & protective helmets.

04:21:42 Calisthenics: jumping jacks. Marching w/ rifles & counting (behind VO); past camera on door road. Singing as they march.

04:22:53 Men in barracks cleaning rifles, talking, reading mail & writing letters, fitted for dress uniform.

04:23:24 Mess call & cooks serving to cafeteria line; eating from trays. Marching to church service; vistors day w/ family sitting on ground talking. Recreational sports: softball, swimming, basketball, football, boxing. Giant rubber roller ball competition on field.

Military Propaganda; Blustery Narration; Patriotism; Pride; Pre-Vietnam War; Marines Corps Training; Teamwork; Image; 1960s; Youth;

The Challenge R4 of 4

Outdoor ceremony w/ Marine Band, officers on platform, recruits graduating, parents. Diplomas given w/ handshake & salute; officers & drill instructors watching. Class marching off in close order drill. The man the Marine Corps builds is a complete man w/ habits of leadership & discipline, who has learned to respect himself & others. Because he is a complete man, physically, mentally & spiritually, he is better fitted for any life he chooses...a boy has become a man... CUs of recruits faces.

04:27:36 Marching past in front of training center; unfolding giant flag; parading in dress uniforms. The End.

Military Propaganda; Blustery Narration; Patriotism; Pride; Pre-Vietnam War; Marines Corps Training; Teamwork; Image; 1960s; Youth;

Why Vietnam Pt. 3 of 3

1964 - Destroyed American air bases and troop installations. Aftermath of bomb at American Embassy in Saigon - ambulances . US Helicoptors - US troops firing from coptor. Wounded US servicemen in hospital. Lines of coffins covered with Stars and Stripes. Various shots vietnamese peasants - faces.

05.26.30 American troopship - soldiers disembarking. Combat units of US Marine Corp arrive Vietnam - out of landing craft. Army combat units arriving by plane. Military trucks - helicoptors - fighter planes. Planning meeting. Civilian casualities. South Vietnamese children in nursery school, washing hands and having meal.

President Johnson saying he doesnt find it easy to send young men into battle over stills of American youth. Mao Tse Tung and poster Ho Chi Minh.

05.29.30 prow of US naval ship through water. US Air Craft Carrier - fighters take off. B-52s dropping bombs. Tank - marines landing - troops in jungle. LBJ speaking re Why we are in Vietnam

Anti-Communism; USA Government Propaganda; Anti-Communist; Imperialism;

Project Warrior - Vietnam

Air Force Now

Map showing Tan Son Nhut. AC-47 - armed Gooney Bird. take off & in flight - firing side-firing mini guns & men feeding ammunition into them. Seen from another plane w/ tracers visible. AC-47 in camouflage paint.

F-100 strafe Viet Cong trenches near Mekong Delta. Strafing roads.

01:09:29 B-57 Canberra in flight in medium & CU. Bombing run & bomb explosions. 8th Tactical Bomber Squadron.

Vietnam War; 1960s Air Force;

The View From Mr Bain s Porch - Part 1 of 2

About rural community trying to survive economic changes.

Flowers, pan up to windswept field, someone throws a ball. Church. Grain plant. Field. LS high angle tiny village, title.

Old man s voice over says this is the best community he s ever lived in.

very old man (Mr. Bain) in chequered shirt and hat sits on front porch and describes town when he moved in in 1901. Field. Barn. Little country road with pickup truck. All idyllic.

At old fashioned local grocery store / shop, little girls buy sweets at counter from large lady, her husband in back.

Older man (school headmaster) CU interview says community is friendly, helpful like in the old days. Younger woman doing dishes says people care for each other, says all her family lives close to each other. View through her window of river.

Man with blue helmet says says good fishing, sports, biking in area. Other man in helmet says no trouble like in big cities like drugs.

Views of area, farms, mud roads, cows, tractor. Cow in pad, farmer washes her udders and milks her with machine as he talks of his work in voice over.

Idyllic farm, flock of sheep in field, sheep dog. Sheep in pad. Sheep farmer talks of his job in VO, how many have left the community. Shears sheep.

CU Mr Bain, very wrinkled talks of changes in community and farming practice.

Lumberjack workers at work with helmets amidst large area full of felled trees, they pull tree trunks out and forklift them. Red truck with tree trunk on top. lumberjack drives. Lumberjack voice over talks of work conditions. Says son in Vietnam war.

Car passes in front of houses. Mr Bain on porch talks of jobs.

Man interviewed CU talks of sawmills, change in economy.

Older man in white shirt with huge stuffed moose head and other animal heads in lounge talks of unemployment.

Sawmill, CUs wood and machinery.

Older man in yellow shirt says hard to get jobs.

Beautiful colour. Rural Americana

The View From Mr Bain s Porch - Part 2 of 2

About rural community trying to survive economic changes.

House by roadside and signs. Sign Home of tigers with drawing if tiger, track back to reveal indoors basketball court. Ball in basket.

School classroom. Intercut with interview headmaster. Female teacher with bouffant hairdo at desk, voice over says children have many chores. CUs kids. Lovely shot children in classroom lined up with teacher at back. Record player. Schoolchildren on floor drawing.

School bus on sunny road past town. Headmaster driving. Kids out of bus, Bus past Petrol station / mini market, hoots.

Grocery store, sign on shelves The Hornadays - Elver - Nancy . Pull back to shopkeeper in chequered shirt and overalls, shopkeepers couple talk re (Vietnam) war costing taxes and not benefiting country, sons in army, no jobs for them when they come back. Talk of people demonstrating for welfare, they don t understand it.

Dog yawns. Cow grazes. Beautiful tree. Barn.

Mr Bain says community is self-sufficient. Cut to fields, road. Old Mr Bain says will be 87 in July and went fishing last night.

Beautiful colour. Rural Americana. Farming / Agriculture. Hillbillies.


A film by Bernard Stone, Tom McDonough & Dick Gerendasy / Produced for Xanadu Films

Summary: Bizarre anti-Vietnam War musical montage film - aspiring actress Mimi Sarner [born 12Dec42] discusses her childhood, opinions on world events & general musings about life over often surrealistic montages of stills, stock footage & animation [by Oscar-winning artist Carmen D Avino ] covering subjects inc. WWII, Cold War, Civil Rights, Vietnam & speeches by LBJ, MacNamara et al. Sarner breaks into song at times declaring she wants to be a singer, then reads poetry over shots of Vietnamese war atrocities while making observations like we re all capable of killing . Very much of its time.

[Impossible to shotlist in full.]

Oddities. Pacifism. Anti-War Protests. Agitprop. NYC Art Scene. Liberals.

No Game

Pro-Vietnam demonstration at Washington Monument picketed by Anti-Vietnam protesters. Banner Support GIs . Pan across protesters. Pro-Vietnam speakers. Anti-Vietnam protesters sit at Lincoln Monument.

01:48:30 Young priests & nuns. Protester carries baby on back w/ sign babies are not for burning . Sign No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger! . Quaker housewife w/ sign against war. Anti-war badge. Stand w/ books & leaflets Malcolm X, Castro, Guevara, Marxism etc.

01:49:54 Conservative youths w/ signs Bomb Hanoi and Victory Now , Just War . Banner Returned Volunteers .

01:50:16 Singers - Peter, Paul, and Mary. Crowd all around the reflecting pond.

01:50:43 Anti-Vietnam march to Pentagon. Peace marchers. Sign Journalists against the war in Vietnam . Sign Avenge Che . VO speakers re resistance to draft.

01:52:34 Helicopter in flight. MCU 2 military policemen & MP asks protesters to back out of the way. Confrontation outside Pentagon. MPs. People on top of building. Chanting Peace Now . Rows of police.

01:55:42 Aerials of bombs dropped on Vietnam. Brief shot US troops on ground.

01:56:47 Police hold protesters at gunpoint. Scuffle & confrontation.

01:58:50 Fat White man holds baton.

01:58:58 Vietnamese child, refugees and evacuees marched at gunpoint by GIs. Dead Vietnamese. GI takes ? from Vietnamese corpse - gruesome.

01:59:48 Protesters burn draft cards.

02:00:19 Night. Camp fire burning anti-war signs.

02:00:59 Police holding back demonstrators; occasionally beat sitting protesters.

02:02:55 Still Vietnamese woman holding dead or wounded child.

The Newsreel Radical Documentary; Anti-Vietnam march to Pentagon; 1960s; 1970s;

[Black Panthers]

The Newsreel - Radical Documentary

Stills police arresting Black Panther Huey P. Newton. Damaged windows Black Panther HQ after police raid. Bullet holes.

01:58:44 Huey P. Newton interviewed in jail re similarity between Black-American & Vietnamese people; due process of law; ownership of property etc. Eldridge Cleaver at Panther HQ re riots, Vietnam, police etc.

02:00:59 Newton interviewed continued on Black Panther actions in monitoring police brutalising people in Black Community. Self-defense.

02:01:26 Cleaver interview continued & walking past Panther posters. Policeman on motorcycle past Black men hanging out on street corner. Inside Panther HQ.

02:03:14 Panther parade w/ berets & flags; raised fist salute. Women s group. Angela Davis? or Kathleen Cleaver? at rally w/ sign Hutton Memorial Park. Bobby Seale.. Kathleen Cleaver at mic. Angela Davis in CU? Kathleen Cleaver at mic. Large raised fist sign on house above rally.

02:05:17 Free Huey rally in front of Alameda County Court House; protesters sing Off The Pig . Many women. Police disperse crowd.

02:06:42 Eldridge Cleaver.

02:07:17 Black Panther marching, chanting. Van w/ sign Huey for Congress, Peace & Freedom Party . MCUs Whites & Blacks marching, talking in park; Black man in African clothes. Huey Newton talking re Vietnam by copy Venceremos!, Che Guevara book.

02:09:06 Tracking shots in poor Black ghetto neighborhoods w/ empty streets - school yard with Black kids. Voice over Bobby Seale outlines Ten Point Program.

02:11:21 Police patrol on motorcycles. Illustration Black man holding gun & other Black Panther art (Emory Douglas). CU policeman holding baton, stick. Raised fist salute in front of courthouse.

[Black Panthers]

The Newsreel - Radical Documentary

Stills police arresting Black Panther Huey P. Newton. Damaged windows Black Panther HQ after police raid. Bullet holes.

14:12:33 Title: The News Reel

14:12:37 Huey P. Newton interviewed in jail re similarity between Black-American & Vietnamese people; due process of law; ownership of property etc.

14:13:46 Eldridge Cleaver Panther HQ re problems in country, riots, Vietnam, police etc.

14:14:53 Newton SOF on Black Panther actions in monitoring police brutalising people in Black Community. Self-defense.

14:15:19 Cleaver continued & walking past Panther posters. Policeman on motorcycle past Black men hanging out on street corner. Inside Panther HQ.

14:17:07 Panther parade w/ berets & flags; raised fist salute. Women s group. Angela Davis? or Kathleen Cleaver? at rally w/ sign Hutton Memorial Park. Bobby Seale.. Kathleen Cleaver at mic. Angela Davis in CU? Kathleen Cleaver at mic. Large raised fist sign on house above rally.

14:19:09 Free Huey rally in front of Alameda County Court House; protesters sing Off The Pig . Many women. Police disperse crowd.

14:20:30 Eldridge Cleaver.

14:21:10 Black Panther marching, chanting. Van w/ sign Huey for Congress, Peace & Freedom Party . MCUs Whites & Blacks marching, talking in park; Black man in African clothes. Cleaver talking re Vietnam beside book Venceremos!, Che Guevara book.

14:22:57 Tracking shots in poor Black ghetto or working class neighborhoods w/ empty streets - school yard w/ Black kids. Voice over Cleaver outlines Ten Point Program.

14:25:14 Police patrol on motorcycles. Illustration Black man holding gun & other Black Panther art (Emory Douglas). CU policeman holding baton, stick. Raised fist salute in front of courthouse.

1960s; Radical Political Newsreel; Revolution; Poverty; Racism; Oppression;

Amerika Pt. 2 of 2

Peasants / Indians demonstration in Ecuador?

01:14:29 Wounded girl carried off; dead people on ground.

01:14:38 Various USA demonstrations & night confrontation w/ police; protesters throwing stones at police. Riot police pointing guns & spraying gas; violence, rioting.

01:16:18 Ecuador & Peruvian peasants. LS crowds at demonstrations in Vietnam? Vietnamese carry weapons thru jungle. Unid. violent protest; barricade w/ burning car.

01:18:01 South Africa Blacks protest & burning passes. White policeman carrying stick, talking on megaphone, tank past. Unid. speaker (SOF). Police arrest Blacks at night.

01:19:02 Bottles on production line. USA 1930s violent demonstration; police look at corpse they seem to have shot; carrying corpse; military vehicle w/ gun.

01:19:32 Civil rights demonstrators; fire truck & police hose down Black protesters.

01:19:49 Montage men at work in factory, welding, miners. Corpse. Disgruntled Vietnam veteran compare American and Vietcong morale.

01:22:22 Protest in front of Department of Justice. Veteran re shock at lack of integration on returning from Vietnam.

01:23:47 John Mitchell says government won t give in to protesters.

01:24:01 Chicago: Founder Black Panthers, Bobby Seale, speaks (SOF) at Lincoln Park.

01:24:42 1930s Republic Steel srike footage of police chasing and beating protesters.

01:25:07 Seale continues on camera.

01:25;17 White protesters march, in park; police arrests. Protesters on horse.

01:25:56 Night, riot police guarding, in vehicles, beating protester w/ sticks, tear gas. Protesters on monument w/ horse, police pull them off.

01:27:28 Washington demonstration. Sign Power to the people and marching. Paper mache sculpture of Spiro Agnew s head. Protesters in front of Justice Department; dispersed with tear gas. Squadron of riot police w/ gas masks, burning trash can, confrontation.

01:30:45 Night riots w/ running camera, fires burning.

01:31:54 Young girl talks about arguing w/ her mother about politics & Vietnam. Young people walk city streets. End.

The Newsreel; Radical Documentary; 1960s; 1970; Anti-Vietnam War; Students;

NOTE: No music rights.

Amerika Pt. 1 of 2

Two young girls explain reason kids take dope is lack of opportunities. Young men / boys discuss reasons for taking dope; going into gangs; girl re project for community-run shop.

01:04:35 Black Panther, Eldridge Cleaver, SOF talks in general terms about power structures, police, riots instability, Vietnam.

01:05:45 Spiro Agnew on TV. John Mitchell speech re efforts to accommodate dissenters but won t deal w violent protesters. NEWSREEL title.

01:06:37 Vietnam demonstration on Mall; protesters w/ banners.

01:07:11 Aerial helicopter over Statue of Liberty (soft). Asian men digging with shovels. Aerials Manhattan NYC & Empire State Building.

01:07:20 Wild-eyed man in suit talks re American business community controlling huge chunk of world s wealth. Cartoon of Uncle Sam punching worker.

01:07:43 1930s footage strikebreakers point guns at crowd. Man in suit grabs gun on desk. Police or Army savagely beat up man..

01:08:22 Banner Practice Peace Today . Washington DC peace protest, man carried pretending to be dead? Young long-haired people carry signs round their necks of Vietnam dead. LS crowd protesting. Police breaks up demonstration violently. Protesters wave arms at speaker on stand. Poster Free Fort Dix . Disgruntled Vietnam veterans talks re how American soldiers relate to Vietnamese village people.


The Newsreel; Radical Documentary; 1960s; 1970; Anti-Vietnam War; Students;

NOTE: No music rights.

Off The Pig Black Panther

The Newsreel - Radical Documentary

Stills of Huey P. Newton s arrest. Windows of Black Panther Party headquarters after police ransack; bullet holes.

01:33:55 Interview with Huey P. Newton in jail re similarity between Black Americans and Vietnamese.

01:35:05 Eldridge Cleaver talks re riots, Vietnam etc.

01:36:05 Huey Newton re Panther action to stop police brutalising people - self-defense.

01:36:39 Cleaver.

01:37:04 Walking past Panther posters. Policeman on motorbike past Black men hanging out on street corner. Inside Panther HQ. Panther parade / drill w/ berets & flags; raised fist salute. Angela Davis? or Kathleen Cleaver at rally w/ sign Hutton Memorial Park. Bobby Seale. Large raised fist sign on house above rally.

01:40:06 Free Huey rally in front of Alameda County Court House; protesters sing Off the pig . Many women. Police disperse crowd.

01:41:26 Cleaver talking in office.

01:41:53 Black Panther chanting. Van w/ sign Huey for Congress . MCUs White & Blacks marching, talking in park; Black man in African clothes. Huey Newton talking re Vietnam by copy of Che Guevara book.

01:43:10 Tracking shots in poor neighborhoods - empty streets - school yard with Black kids. VO Bobby Seale outlines Ten Point Program.

01:45:28 Police patrolling on motorcycles. Illustration Black man holding gun & other Black Panther art (Emory Douglas). CU policeman holding stick. Raised fist salute in front of courthouse. End.

Black Power; 1960s; 1970s; Poverty; Ghetto; Oakland, California;

The Unique War R1 of 3

re American helping ordinary Vietnamese in Vietnam War.

Narrated by Commander Glenn Ford, USNR - Dir. For Armed Forces information & education Dept of Defense

Map South Vietnam. Montage: MCUs soldiers; sailor; marine; signalman; Korean troops disembarking off ship; Australian soldier. Officer reads out letter from commanding officer to troops urging good behaviour towards Vietnamese. Shots of tired soldiers at attention.

15:03:02 Troops off truck. Briefing in class; out of helicopter. POV from plane, Vietnam landscape & jungle. Bomb craters. LS village. Villagers.

Map of Korea w/ battle line movements animated. B/W destroyed town.

COL of Vietnam map. GIs on ship w/ guns. Search carried out by Vietnamese troops on fishing boat. Troops rush out of helicopters. Troops moving forwrd. Vietnamese farm girl with cows. Child carrying lamp. Rice paddy w/ ducks nearby village - daily life of laundry, cleaning outside hut, kid killing small snake, cooking, pulling water from well, kindling fire in hut, women chatting; selling vegetables.

15:08:05 GIs out of transport plane; strafing jungle; dropping bombs & explosions in jungle. Napalm. Dead or wounded Vietnamese tended by Americans after terrorist attack. Burning city.

Vietnam War; Hearts & Minds; Propaganda; Military Educational Film;

The Unique War R2 of 3

Re American helping ordinary Vietnamese in Vietnam War.

Narrated by Commander Glenn Ford,

Aftermath of fire. Dead bodies including child. Woman rocks baby in hammock see thru barred window. American officers study map & briefings indoors & in jungle. GIs out of trucks, into large number of helicopters which take off in clouds of dust.

15:11:01 Tanks advance along sandy beach & road. Line of GIs thru village. Firing guns from ship. Fighte plane takes off from aircraft carrier. Air bombing & strafing jungle w/ smoke & explosions. Firing big gun on land. CU GI looking down barrel of gun; approaching village thru tall grass. Low-flying spotter plane marking targets. Napalm. Dropping propaganda leaflets seen from plane & ground. Broadcasting to population by Vietnamese. Helicopter flying over villagers seen from ground. Brief aerial of village.

15:13:52 GIs search village; jeep arrives. South Vietnamese w/ loudspeaker. Villagers gather outside & South Vienamese talks to them. American officers watch. Pan of village.

15:15:41 Vietnamese fish in river w/ net; pick exotic fruit off tree. View of man walks in village; sewing seen thru window, family on doorstep as man makes axe handle (?); Christian Vietnamese lights candle on altar. Priest rings bell & children enter Christian church; make sign of the cross & sing self consciously.

Vietnam War; Hearts & Minds; Propaganda; Military Educational Film;

The Unique War R3 of 3

Re American helping ordinary Vietnamese in Vietnam War.

Narrated by Commander Glenn Ford,

15:1748 GI w/ group of children playfully teaching them English, distributes candy & chewing-gum; kids laugh. CU of kids faces. Fowl & pigs in reed baskets unloaded off American planes & into trucks to distribute to Vietnamese. Twin-engine transport plane takes off; in flight over fields; landing as kids watch open-mouthed. Rice sacks distributed; CU donated by the people of the United States of America ; food distribution to villagers; GIs handing out food. American doctor gives medica or dentall examination to Vietnamese children & woman. Kids watch; drops put in eyes. Army medic w/ Red Cross arm band washes kids.

15:22:09 Truck in village. GIs helping w/ village construction work; mix paint. Kids in school. Bridge being crossed by villagers. GIs help w/ rice harvest. Vietnamese informer w/ GI looking at map. Firing gun from ship; old Vietnamese woman gets tooth pulled out. (dentist) Americans distribute food, medical aid - vaccinate, holding kids, tending wounds.

Vietnam War; Hearts & Minds; Propaganda; Military Educational Film;

[Filmed Lecture on Communism vs Capitalism by US Government Employee, ca 1960s] Pt. 1 of 2

By Charles T. Vetter United States Information Agency

04:19:40 Charles Vetter introduces himself & his past postings while standing in front of map & blackboard.

...competition of ideas between the Free World & the Communist must always know & understand your enemy & your competition. We didn t asked for the struggle & the fight...

04:20:37 ...this presentation is an attempt to look at their language & appeal realistically.. Gestures, writes on blackboard & explains similar words in Russian & English; and words sounding similar by meaning different things which will confuse. ...Russians are creating their meaning of words, their concept of life so their message will go thru & the Free World message will be filtered out. Explains how Soviets will explain things to you . Outlines on blackboard Soviet ideas of class warfare as thought of by USSR.

04:25:50 ...and when the masses are so elevated you come into the final ideal stage of society, they say Communism, heaven brother heaven, Communism. When you see this is a rather ideal do-it-yourself chart to help people answer a very basic question: How am I doing? They say for instance that they can place people on History so they can analyze their state of life & know the past, analyze the present & predict the future. But before we apply this we have to bring it up to date the way Lenin did... ...Lenin, you may remember, said: These clever Capitalists have found a way of delaying the Revolution, they have gone out & gotten colonies & they re sucking the blood, bringing the wealth of Colonies back to Europe & England & delaying the Revolution... Vetter says USSR says USA are Economic Imperialists which must come to us for gasoline, parts, Peace Corpsmen...

04:28:27 ...they [Communists] predict they will be in the Communist stage in 20 years. They say China is not yet sufficiently industrialized, so China is just on the road to building Socialism. Romania, Poland, East Germany, Hungary they say have an economic basis but their People s Democracies w/ more than one party on the books so they are just approaching Socialism. They say Czechoslovakia is the only other country which has reached the Socialist stage w/ its new 1960 Constitution. Where would they put these countries: India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines... They say these countries are just emerging from feudalism...

04:29:30 ...they say you can t basically change it, but you can speed it up if you listen to the proper theory & leadership. You can go can go over the worst aspects of Capitalism, come into the higher social, economic, political stage of Socialism if you follow the right leadership. Continued...

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Communists; Economics; Russia; Soviets; USSR; Soviet Union; Marxism;

NOTE: Vetter worked for US State Department, 1950- 1955. USIA post 1955.

News In Brief - LBJ in Far East

Vice President Johnson leaves plane at South Vietnam or Formosa. In Manila LBJ in open top car down streets lines with cheering crowds. Interior Johnson shakes hands with President Garcia ? .

Cold War

President Kennedy s News Conference

Hail to the Chief music over ext. of White House. VS of 396 correspondents gathering for JFK press conference of Oct. 11, 1961. JFK to podium. Press corps sits down. Kennedy makes statement re US statement to UN re South Vietnam. Announces he is sending General Maxwell Taylor to Saigon. Takes questions re Berlin, strength of US nuclear deterrent, more about Berlin, foreign aid, Berlin again

Russian News of the Day 1961 #26 July

Kazak Nation s Festival Plane arrives w/ mountains behind, Khrushchev off & waves hat, shakes hands w/ Kazak VIPs & kids give flowers, motorcade to Astana past waving, cheering crowds, Khrushchev waves from open car. Meeting in large hall w/ Kazakhstan's party leaders & soviet delegates incl. Khrushchev & Arganov applaud. On podium 1st Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist Party Kunayev; Khrushchev on podium.

10:44:28 Soviet-Vietnamese friendship is getting stronger Large Kremlin auditorium w/ meeting of USSR & Vietnamese delegations,VIPs w/ Khruschev, Brezhnev on stage, applauding audience; Khruschev hugs Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Dong, high angle audience. Various speakers & audience in CU. Phan Van Dong on the podium w/ K. raising arm in air.

10:46:02 Korean guests in Moscow 29Jun61 Moscow s airport w/ Soviet & North Korea flags as Khruschev greets Kim Il Sung & delegation; walk past military & flag waving people. Kremlin Khrushchev greets Korean delegation in front of photograpehrs, shake hands, sit at meeting table, CI Khrushchev & Kim II-Sung, smile.

Brezhnev meets Kim II Sung, kiss, photographers, shake hands, talk at meeting table, CUs smiling.

10:47:46 Kazakhstan Pan over large open-pit iron mine; large shovel digging & CU shovel operator. High angle filling rail cars & ore train past camera.

10:48:40 Kiev City street scenes, people in park, monuments, city at night, crowds watch fireworks in honor of city receiving Lenin order.

10:49:18 Pan over grain field, swather mowing grain & combine following harvesting.

10:49:53 Large railroad maintenance machine removing old track & laying replacement track. Passenger train past.

10:50:36 CU newly constructed ore carring ship past on Volga; captain on bridge. CU controls.

10:51:07 Moscow, fashion show Holland 1961 , modeling suits, blouses, skirts & coats, wedding gowns on catwalk, audience and models, applause.

10:51:57 Leningrad, USSR men s gymnastic competition; tumbling & performances on bar & parallel bars. Trophies given for first place to Moscow athlete Victor Leonyev. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #28 July

Our Homeland s Wings Crowds at airfield, Tushino Aviation Day Parade, VIP s on podium w/ Khrushchev, Gagarin, people w/ binoculars, planes in sky spell LENIN, people smile, applaud, helicopters fly over w/ Soviet flag, USSR space ship Vostok , acrobats hang from helicopter, air show plans stunting. VIP s watch various large planes, incl. M-50 Bounder, w/ fighter jets fly over. Parachutists land near grandstand.

13:10:48 Honored Ghana Guest Kremlin, Brezhnev & President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on official visit to USSR, shake hands, have friendly conversation, CU smiling Kwame. Khrushchev meets Nkrumah, hug, delegates w/ K., Gromyko & others at meeting table.

13:11:45 Film-art Festival , 2nd Moscow s International Film Festival in Sports Palace, VIP s on balcony w/ Khruschev, shots of audience. CU Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida; Joris Ivens from Holland; Soviet Producer Sergei Gerasimov, artists Elena Bistricka(?), & Evgeny & Tatyana Somoylov s. At the mic Festival jury chairman Soviet producer Sergei Yutkevich, shot of audience, big Festival placard on stage.

13:12:28 USSR Minister of Culture Furcova, applauding audience, President of International Federation of Producer Association Otkins(?), applause. 1st Festival prizewinners Producer Sergei Bondarchuk & Vietnam actress actress Lan raise festival s flag. Cinema Russia, crowds entering, shot of African man in colorful costume w/ big fur hat, high angle audience, LS artists lined up on the stage, LS audience.

13:13:29 CU 13 letters written by Lenin, featuring labor movement in Russia. Institute of Marxism & Leninism presented w/ important historical letters by elderly Belgian professor.

13:14:04 Brezhnev meets Ambassador of United Arab Republic Mohamed Morada(?), ceremony.

13:14:35 Aerial tramway over valley between lime stone mines & cement factory. CU buckets & dumping at factory. Machinery & smoking chimneys.

13:15:10 Snovropol,Buban youth arrives to study at machinery schools, greeted on train platform. CU Cuban students given flowers, square filled w/ crowds, people on podium, read out welcom speeches (MOS).

Cuban delegation leader at mic.

13:15:56 Tractor in big field, new process cutting grain & planting corn at same time, machinery from various angles. Newly planted field & new corn crop.

13:16:42 Riga, Latvia Baltic states motorbike race on wet road, spectators, on the roadsides in woods.

13:17:37 Yuri Gagarin in London Motorcade thru streets from airport to town center, Gagarin stands in open top car waving; motorcade arrives Earls Court USSR Trade Fair, Gagarin exits car. Press conference, photographers, Gagarin on at microphone, British VIPs present cosmonaut w/ gold medal, delegates pose for pictures. The End.

The Challenge of Ideas (1961) Pt. 1 of 3

Turning globe w/ continents in relief. Montage of street scenes, UN meeting, loading ships w/ ECA crates, Capitol, UN building. Title

01:02:04 Edward R. Murrow speaking & smoking cigarette from desk telling of Americans going overseas. Montage of military servicemen & families boarding ships, in foreign countries; military base & Air Force jets worked on. Aircraft carrier at sea. Sign: Russian Zone. Army Reserve recruiting sign. CU Murrow holding cigarette. Involvement in this conflict is far ranging... CU defense worker, filling out IRS tax form.

01:03:41 Ext. Geneva HQ & UN meeting inside w/ Russians. Main street USA w/ people in CU & town meetings.

01:04:19 Murrow: Confidence by itself w/o effort does not win... Murrow talks of touch fight. Stock material of USSR & Americana. Recreation & CUs in USA. Factories, & workers.

01:05:32 I m John Wayne... CU talking about beliefs, sitting on movie set w/ lights & camera. Smoking.

01:05:59 Latin dancing, auto factory & cars in traffic jam. Sport, boxing, rodeo & women wrestlers. Beach gag w/ bathing beauty. Washington Monuments. Country western music, square dancing, and montage of various types of music by military band members w/ rock & roll, jazz & choir.

01:08:18 Strike, pickets, baseball game; political convention. Aerial over Washington monument & others.

Glory of this heritage... Views of government buildings & Declaration of Independence. This Nation, Under God... People in Church, going to various churches. Continued...

Cold War Propaganda; Patriotism; Cliches; Pride; Celebrities; Vietnam War; Free World; Anti-Communism;

Street scenes; Americana

The Challenge of Ideas (1961) Pt. 1 of 3

Turning globe w/ continents in relief. Montage of street scenes, UN meeting, loading ships w/ ECA crates, Capitol, UN building. Title

14:00:46 Edward R. Murrow speaking & smoking cigarette from desk telling of Americans going overseas. Montage of military servicemen & families boarding ships, in foreign countries; military base & Air Force jets worked on. Aircraft carrier at sea. Sign: Russian Zone. Army Reserve recruiting sign. CU Murrow holding cigarette. Involvement in this conflict is far ranging... CU defense worker, filling out IRS tax form.

14:02:23 Ext. Geneva HQ & UN meeting inside w/ Russians. Main street USA w/ people in CU & town meetings.

14:03:01 Murrow: Confidence by itself w/o effort does not win... Murrow talks of touch fight. Stock material of USSR & Americana. Recreation & CUs in USA. Factories, & workers.

14:04:14 I m John Wayne... CU talking about beliefs, sitting on movie set w/ lights & camera. Smoking.

14:04:42 Latin dancing, auto factory & cars in traffic jam. Sport, boxing, rodeo & women wrestlers. Beach gag w/ bathing beauty. Washington Monuments. Country western music, square dancing, and montage of various types of music by military band members w/ rock & roll, jazz & choir w/ scenics over.

14:07:00 Strike, pickets, baseball game; political convention. Aerial over Washington monument & others.

Glory of this heritage... Views of government buildings & Declaration of Independence. This Nation, Under God... People in Church, going to various churches. Continued...

Cold War Propaganda; Patriotism; Cliches; Pride; Celebrities; Vietnam War; Free World; Anti-Communism;

Street scenes; Americana; Cancer Victims;

News In Brief - LBJ Greeted by JFK

Helicopter descending with Washington Monument in BG. Shots of press. Kennedy greeting LBJ and Lady Bird who have returned from 2 week tour of Southeast Asia (Vietnam). Discuss $100 million in additional aid to Red Threatened nations.

Selected Scenes Southeast Asia - South Vietnam

MCUs, American soldier at map during briefing. American soldier talking to group of native soldiers. CUs, native soldiers. Rifle training.

01:48:23 Native patrol with an American soldier walking along jungle path.

01:49:07 Freighter at dock in Saigon. Armed hospital navy ship moving across Saigon River. Native boats moving up river. Scenic shots

Note: American soldiers are Special Forces troops.

Selected Scenes Southeast Asia - South Vietnam

CU, sign in Vietnamese tree outside compound. Tilt-up large tree with house in it. A ladder attached to trunk of tree (lookout post). LS, native soldier climbing ladder and entering house. US soldier interrogating native through native interpreter.

01:37:20 American Special Forces soldiers being briefed in front of map. Soldiers leave after briefing. CU, American soldier fires .45 cal pistol into the air. CUs, natives step up to table and are questioned by another local.

01:38:51 Natives searching prisoner outside building. MS, natives carrying rifles entering compound.

01:30:29 Native women weaving cloth on looms. Huts.

01:40:07 Native receiving rifle aiming and rifle assembly instructions from American military. Local livestock, pig and chickens.

01:41:40 Native troops in formation, are inspected by US soldier. Patrol leaving compound with an American soldier.

01:43:10 Patrol moving through jungle. Native troops marching. Natives being issued canteens and other equipment. NOTE: The American soldiers are Special Forces troops.

News Highlights of 1961

Rioting on the streets of Cairo following Lumumba s death (Congo Independance Leader)

CU Fidel Castro making a speech in Cuba

Crowds throng around Tshombe following civil strife in the Congo

US troops in Laos and South Vietnam

Street fighting in Algeria

16:01:44: John F. Kennedy sworn in as US President

JFK meeting with General de Gaulle in Paris

JFK in Vienna with Khruschev

JFK arrives in Britain, greeted by PM MacMillan?

UN HQ, New York, following death of Hammarskjold in plane crash; Hammarskjold on peace mission with troops in the Congo; UN flags at half mast. U Thant sworn in

Yuri Gagarin given hero s welcome

USSR & US space race w/ Shepard & Grissom in sub-orbital flight and being picked up at sea.

Berlin Wall built to stop people fleeing East Berlin; escape attempts

JFK addresses UN with peace manifesto.

News Highlights of 1961

Rioting on the streets of Cairo following Lumumba s death (Congo Independence Leader)

CU Fidel Castro making a speech in Cuba

Crowds throng around Tshombe following civil strife in the Congo

US troops in Laos and South Vietnam

Street fighting in Algeria

09:01:44: John F. Kennedy sworn in as US President

JFK meeting with General de Gaulle in Paris

JFK in Vienna with Khruschev

JFK arrives in Britain, greeted by PM Macmillan?

UN HQ, New York, following death of Hammarskjold in plane crash; Hammarskjold on peace mission with troops in the Congo; UN flags at half mast. U Thant sworn in

Yuri Gagarin given hero s welcome

USSR & US space race w/ Shepard & Grissom in sub-orbital flight and being picked up at sea.

Berlin Wall built to stop people fleeing East Berlin; escape attempts

JFK addresses UN with peace manifesto.

News Review

South Vietnam Operations March - April 1962

Junk with its sails down; lifeboat trailing behind - people working on junk

02:01:22 MAAG Headquarters, Saigon, sentry standing, with rifle, at entrance to gate. CU, Sign over doorway, reading, "US Military Assistance Advisory Group".

VSs, Workers working on contruction of new building, at MAAG Headquarters.

02:03:42 Rear View South Vietnamese sailors, with rifles at present arms looking out over water.

Submarine USS Bluegill (SS-242) approaching down stream, at Saigon. - South Vietnamese band palying. USS Bluegill in stream, underway to pier; crew of Bluegill, on deck.Crowds lining shore. LS, Bluegill underway, approaching camera.

Capt. Barry, CO of Bluegill and invited guests in conning tower, of submarine. MS, Man handling lines, on Bluegill during tying up. MS, Men at quarters on deck of Bluegill. LA, MS, commanding officer and officers on watch, in conning tower. CU, Bluegill tied up to pier. CU, Capt. J.B. Dracknick, Chief Navy Section MAAG, Saigon talking to Cdr. Parke, Naval Attache to Saigon, South Vietnam. CU, Capt. Dracknick shaking hands, with Capt. Barry, on deck of submarine.

MAAG Team 28, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen Province, South Vietnam 18th Nov. 1962

Vietnamese soldiers with Viet Cong prisoners walking along track through bushes. CU prisoners with hands on head. Prisoners interrogated by intelligence officer Lt Nguyen Khoan. Hand pointing to map location.

Various shots intellgence officers including US advisor Captain Fletcher with prisoner and map.

20:40:56 Prisoner under armed guard marched away. Soldiers bring more viet cong from bushes - check papers.

02:42:05 Vietnamese troops and an American helping women and children unload from CH-21 helicopter, these are Montaguard refugees. Two young women with children touch foreheads in greeting.

02:43:19 Helicopter landing and refugees off. Refugees helped onto military truck.

02:44:26 Flushing out viet cong and interrogation of prisoners.

The Vietnam revolt

Ngo Dinh Diem Toppled in South Vietnam

Military parade with Diem a few days before army revolt. Streets of Saigon, rebel troops in streets, rebel tanks rolling through streets. Civilians hanging out alongside tanks and soldiers firing guns at palace. Presidential palace with bullet holes and heavy damage. Civilian crowd outside palace gates, soldiers inside gates as palace is taken over. Crowd marching with banners, celebrations. Building burning, hosed down (Diem newspaper plant?), papers thrown out of window and burned.

News in Brief

Vietnam - Helicopter (Huey) cruising. Helicopters rescuing wounded. Disabled helicopter being rescued and then picked up by another helicopter. Vietnam as proving ground for the helicopter.

19:22:57 - At Sea - US Navy unveils new submarine missile. VS missile being loaded. Animation of missile firing, releasing nuclear warhead. VS sonar and other submarine equipment being handled. Missile being fired.

The Vietnam Revolt

Ngo Dinh Diem Toppled in South Vietnam

Military parade with Diem a few days before army revolt. Streets of Saigon, rebel troops in streets, rebel tanks rolling through streets. Civilians hanging out alongside tanks and soldiers firing guns at palace. Presidential palace with bullet holes and heavy damage. Civilian crowd outside palace gates, soldiers inside gates as palace is taken over. Crowd marching with banners, celebrations. Building burning, hosed down (Diem newspaper plant?), papers thrown out of window and burned.

International Zone: 18th Year [Part 2 of 2]

Alistair Cooke in map room of UN headquarters. Pointing to Yemen on map. Aerials of desert & canyons. Capital city Sana a; northern Royalist village.

16:13:55--16:14:00 Ibn Saud CU.

16:14:01 Yemen city & village scenes. UN arrival of 200 UN soldiers in jeeps and 50 Royal Canadian Air Force. Patrolling barbed wire fence. Oct63 Pierre P. Spinnelli appointed UN special represenative to Yemen

16:15:54 01May63 Hollandia became Kota Baru and territory of West New Guinea became Indonesian province of West Irian. UN had overseen governance for nine months. Dutch leaving Oct62. Arrival of UN soldiers. Russian civil engineer overseeing public works. Iranian diplomat Dr. Jallal Abdell (sp?) oversaw.

16:17:2? Cooke at map. Points out new Federation of Malaysia UN mission went there and to South Vietnam to see if Buddhists has religious freedom.

16:18:3? South African Race Question being discussed in UN.

16:19:2? South African representative asking UN to stay out of its politics and most delegates walk out during speech.

16:20:13 Hailie Selassie speaking to General Assembly of need for racial equality, translated.

16:21:12 Cooke in map room. Aug63 signing of nuclear test ban treaty in Moscow and U-Thant giving airport statement re general disarmarment..

16:22:17 Night exterior of United Nations. Interiior General Assembly opening.

16:22:45 Adlai Stevenson speaking of JFK after assassination.

16:24:14 Sept61 JFK speaking after Hammarskjold s death. ...UN lives...

16:26:34 End credits

16:27:12 End

1963; United Nations Peace Keeping; Apartheid; Segregation; War;

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

R. C. Barnhart (CO of USS Turner Joy, DD-951) scanning the horizon, with a pair of binoculars; telephone talker is standing next to him, wearing phones and helmet; open sea off to right. LT. J. Palmer (Operation"s officer) looking through sighting area on pelorus, giving bearings. Signalman sending message by signal light, from USS Turner Joy. MS Signalman sending up a hoist, from flagbag.CU Lookout scanning the horizon, with his binoculars, sending a report over phones, scans the horizon. Interior - men operating the tracking devices; two men are on the radar; third man is standing in BG, with phones. Flashes from gun fire at night. Captain speaking on ships intercom. CU Officers and men gathered around chart table in radar room, plotting a course. CU Men on radar scope .

13:06:47 MS Pulling a 1000 1b. bomb, from bomb elevator, on small bomb cart, after the bomb arrives at the flight deck on the elevator. Unloading rockets from elevator, by a trailer, and pulling the rockets out of frame to left. CU Looking down over bomb elevator; 250 1b. fragmentation bombs come up on elevator; handle is attached to small cart; three of the bombs are pulled off. MS 1000 1b. bomb coming up on elevator to flight deck level; bomb pulled from the elevator, onto flight deck. MS A-1H plane on flight deck of USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) bombs are loaded on wings of the aircraft. MS Ordnanceman hanging bombs on A-1H aircraft wing is a 250 1b. fragmentation bomb. CU Gas crew fueling the wing pod on A-1H aircraft; hoses in FG. MS Men pushing bomb carts over the flight deck, with bombs to be loaded aboard the aircraft. MS Four pilots in flight gear, walking toward camera, over flight deck. MS Two ordnancemen using the small bomb hoist, to hoist a 1000 1b. bomb under the under carriage of A-1H. Man boarding A-1H, climbing into cockpit. Plane captain comes up onto wing, hands the pilot his hard hat helmet, assists pilot with his harness; plane captain is A. Kolesar (ADRAN). ECU Ordnanceman working underneath the aircraft; 1000 1b. bomb is seen hooked up under undercarriage to left. Plane takes off.

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Crew run to hatch door of gun mounting last man in closes hatch behind him during GQ. CU Twin rapid fire 3" gun being manned; men donning battle gear on double; director is seen in BG. CU 3" rapid fire twin mount being trained. LA CU Loader loading shells into 3" gun. CU Ready shell. CU Loader loading shell as gun commences rapid fire, stops and commences again, until shells are gone.

13:15:37 Operator on scope, man making markings on radar scope, and passing information over phone,

CU Two men working at chart table; both men are wearing phones. CU Man on radar scope, passing word over his phones.

CU Chief Quartermaster looking out over aviation chart, tracing route of ship thru Tonkin Gulf. Looking down over chart, showing road to MADDOX through Tonkin Gulf

HA MCU Ships doctor and hospital medic corpsman giving aid and saline solution transfusion to an engineman who collapsed from heat during attack in Tonkin Gulf- respirator is held up to man s mouth

CU Engineman being wiped down with alcohol by doctor; hospital corpsman holds respirator over mans mouth. CU Looking down over respirator held over mans mouth.

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

CDR. Ogier taking bearing on pelorus on wing of bridge of USS Maddox. CDR. Ogier and LCDR. D.M. Jackson talking on wing of bridge while in battle dress. CDR. Ogier talking on phone, telling crew the ship is under attack. Aircraft A-1H being catapulted from USS TICONDEROGA for weapons strike. RF-8A parked on flight-deck edge. MS Photographer loading and closing door on camera area of RF-8A, then walking off to right. LS Ship of Task Group on horizon. Pilots in ready room aboard USS TICONDEROGA being briefed.

LCDR. Bowling, one of the pilots involved in air strike on North Viet Nam. CU LCDR. Crayton, pilot involved in air strike on North Viet Nam, sitting in ready room during briefing. CU LT. ER and LT. Webber two pilots who are involved in strike on North Viet Nam, in ready room during briefing. CU CO of squadron, standing before a map of Viet Nam, briefing pilots.

CU Rear Admiral R.B. Moore in CIC room aboard other men on watch are off to left.

Moore in war room with Captain J.C. Daniels, Chief of Staff COMCARDIV 5

Catapult officer giving aircraft take-off signal aboard TICONDEROGA

A-G CU TICONDEROGA underway; A-4E and F-8E aircraft are taxiing up to catapult. RF-8A taking off from port catapult; PAN back to right, showing A-4E taking off from *1 catapult. A-G Looking down over flight deck, showing A-3B on *1 catapult; A-1H is taxiing up to *2 catapult. A-G A-1H taking off from *2 catapult.

13:27:16 A-G USS Maddox underway showing number, "731" on port bow

13:28:44 A-4E planes being landing on deck of aircraft carrier

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident - A-4E & F-8Es launched

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

A-1H catapulted. 4 A-1H planes in formation past CV-14, Ticonderoga. 2 F-8E's approach & fire rockets. Zuni rockets loaded on F-8E. Plane capt. cleaning windshield. Loading Zunis. 7A Rocket pod pushed to plane & lifted, connected to wing rack. CU of USS Ticonderoga NAVY VFP-65, markings on pods. Line of F-8Es on flight deck. Pilots walk out to planes and in (Hank Urban Jr). Lt. D.C. Anderson. ?? Sizemore. Nose wheel into catapult. Plane hooked to catapult. A-1H taxiing. A-4E catapulted off, F-8E catapulted off alternating.

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident - Aerials of USS Turner Joy & USS Constellation

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Message coming in on teletype aboard USS Oklahoma City. Operator at machine waiting for message. Aerial of USS Turner Joy at general quarters & making high speed turn. USS Constellation, F-8E being catapulted from #1 catapult seen from distance.

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident - Navy activity on USS Maddox

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Officers Connell & Ensign Bond on bridge of USS Maddox (DD-731) looking out with binoculars and into radar. Capt. Herrich in chair w/ Cd Ogier. Herich & Ogier in battle dress on wing of bridge. Gun director training, w/ radar on top. Smoke flare on water. Helicopter recovery made of pilot from A-4A that crashed on take off. Pilot leaves raft & swims to sling. Pilot hoisted up. Men in whale boat picking up part of gear. Roger McKeithan scanning horizon. L.C. Alexander scanning horizon with binoculars. Lt. Jg Corsett training gun director.

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident - Navy activity on USS Ticonderoga, Landings & Bombs

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Aircraft A-1H landing on CV-14, wings folded, others land & taxi off. C-1A plane lands. A-1H lands, A-3B lands, E-1B lands, F-8E lands, A-4E being recovered. (18:32:30) Men mount fin on 1000 lb bomb, flange screwed on, bomb pushed onto elevator, door closed. Tail fin put onto 250 lb bomb and flange screwed on. 4 250 lb bombs pushed onto elevator. V. Adm Johnson COM 7th Fleet & staff around table. Stands at map & points with pointer to targets on Vietnam. Messsage coming in over teletype.

Simulated Tonkin Gulf Incident - Aerials of USS Turner Joy & USS Constellation

Much of this footage was taken aboard USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION, USS Maddox, and USS Turner Joy. This film attempts to reconstruct the activities which actually took place aboard these ships, during the period of Tonkin Gulf Incident.

W signalmen sending up signal flags. UH-2B Helicopter taking off from Constellation; Aircraft F-4B taking off; E-1B off; F-4B off; Looking down on cockpit area with pilot climbing down. A-4A taxing onto #2 catapult. Plane catapulted off. Planes land & taxi off; pulled into hanger area, lowered on elevator

Vietnam stock footage

LS, bridge across moat at entrance to the Imperial Palace.

Night. Neon signs in the Ginza area. (excellent) Day, Low angle Tokyo Tower. High angle vehicular traffic on the Ginza at the corner of Harumi Dori Ave. LS, bridge to Imperial Palace as above.

01:10:04 Night, Neon signs in the Ginza area: NEC, Mitsubishi w/ logo. Dawn, Tokyo Tower. Olympic Swimming and Gymnastic Stadiums. The National Athletic Stadium. 01:11:42 Immense steel frame building under construction in the Akasaka area. Traffic on modern highway in the Akasaka section of Tokyo.

LS, the ultra modern Otani Hotel.

01:13:13 Slate 01Nov64 Ambassador Maxwell D Taylor And General William C Westmoreland, Comd Us Military Assistance Command, Inspect Vietcong Damage. Bienhoa Air Base, South Vietnam: 01Nov64: 176': A Vietcong group attacked the airfield with heavy-mortar fire. Six B-57 jet bombers, two Viet aircraft and CH-314 helicopter were destroyed. Eight other B-57s were damaged. A USAF officer briefing Ambassador Taylor and Gen Westmoreland on the extent of the damage. Int, damaged barracks showing rubble. Ext, row of damaged barracks. Smoking rubble of a completely destroyed plane. Damaged jet engine of B-57. Pan, B-57 with ripped-out section extending the length of the aircraft. LS, MS, Gen Westmoreland being interviewed by newsmen. US airmen sweeping debris for removal from field.

Excellent quality

[Stock Footage Saigon 1964]

Two Vietnamese girls walking on street. Street vendors with their wares. Two women carrying baskets on their shoulders, crossing street. Lines of parked bicycles, motor scooters, and motorcycles. Night, neon signs in downtown Saigon. Most of the signs are in English.

16:22:15 Modern houses and buildings showing American and French architecture.

Catholic church. Virgin Mary Statue in F/G. Street sign in front of church John F. Kennedy street . Street scenes with merchants on pavement. Different types of vehicles passing camera including cyclos (bicycle with a seat in front) motor cyclos, bicycles, motor bikes and cars. Two girls crossing heavily travelled street. Traffic & people walking in street. Sign, "Hertz Rent Car". Vehicular traffic in street. and people walking past bookstalls in bg.

Good street scenes

Asia Strategy - Top US Officials Meet in Hawaii

Pan over Hawaiian farm lant. MS sign: Hickam, AFB on building.\

02:00:20 MATS pickup & steps upto Air Force One. MCU Adm Harry Felt, Command CINCPAC. Greeting arrivals Dean Rusk & Ambassador to South Vietnam Henry Cabot-Lodge. CU American flag in breeze. Airport buildings.

Diplomatic Conference; Vietnam; 1964;

US Bolsters Forces - Planes and Men Rushed to Asia

02:12;18 Main title: US Bolsters Forces - Planes and Men Rushed to Asia.

02:12:24 Planes w/ wings up on carrier deck. US ship Maddox (SS-731), one of two patrol boats attacked off Gulf of Tonkin near North Vietnam.

02:12:43 Aircraft Carriers USS TICONDEROGA, USS CONSTELLATION planes take off. Rockets aimed.

02:13:12 White house at night.

02:13:18 Partial: President Johnson address to the Nation re crisis - unprovoked attack - US seeks no wider war - re instructions to Ambassador Stevenson. Wounded.

02:14:46 Exterior United Nations building. Interiors, We still seek no wider war. Stevenson speaks re attacks in S.E.Asia. In SE Asia we want nothing more or nothing less.

02:15:33 US forces in South Vietnam - out of helicopter - across fields. Fighter bomber aircraft landing. CU

LBJ speaks: It is a solemn responsibiliity.... firmness will always be measured - its mission is peace. The End.

Vietnam War; Troop Buildup; Myth; Lie;

Main title

02:18:36 New Saigon Regime - Civilian Premier Rules South Vietnam.

Riots & demonstrations,- students march w/ flags; buddhists w/ followers. Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh resigns, reported ill, civilian government at press conference - Dr Nguyen Oanh.

Vietnam war; 1964; Leader;

Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 part 2

Montage aid programmes - cargo ship unloaded - medical care in Africa - inoculations - construction work - education - Peace Corp volunteers. UN peace keeping troops in Middle East? UN Special forces military training - patrol walking through river. Mass parachute drop.

13:44:12 Vietnam war - Troops firing machine guns and rifles - helicopters fly in formation - battle scenes - jungle fighting. Casualty airlifted out by chopper. Helicopter crashed in field, troops running for cover.

13:45:13 Switzerland - Colour - UN flag flying - mural on ceiling of UN building. United Nations meeting to discuss Nuclear arms treaty.CU various delegates including William Foster for US - Russian delegate - Lord Chalfont for UK - empty chair for France. Russian delegate Sarobkin? speaking. Later at press briefing Russian representative says Soviet Union favours full discussion with US to stop spread of Nuclear weapons. Foster speaking re urgency of treaty.

13:47:43 Foster stands in park overlooking Lake Geneva. Flock of seagulls.

13:48:27 Girl folk singer - Judy Collins (?) at peace demonstration in Washington. Huge crowds watch in silence as she sings.

13:49:30 Montage children of all nationalities playing and laughing. Kids standing next to radar scanner. Close shots children s faces, some happy, some sad.

13;50:15 Interior missile silo crew room at Minuteman Missile Base, Malmstrom AFB, Montana - two man crew at consoles. 24 hour clock.

Cold War

Counter Punch Pt. 1 of 2

Soldiers helping old woman along road; kid crying. Woman carry kids in basket on shoulder pole. Soldier standing in pasteur, burning village huts behind him. Soldiers moving thru village. Machine gun firing. Men in sandbag lined trench; soldiers run for twin-engine plane.

07:47:30 Aerial of pilot in canopy; POV from plane of bombs exploding in nungles, bomb falling & enormous explosion. Marines moving toward vilalge. Move blindfold on prisoner s eyes. Troops move toward camera thru grass, away & up hill; across rice paddy. Aerial shot of fighter jet & view from plane of bombs exploding. View of dropping bombs from fighter jet & exploding

07:48:52 Title: Counterpunch, narrated by Jack Webb. Prod by McDonnell Douglas

07:49:02 Sign: El Toro, California Marine Corps Air Station Guard station & car. Marine firing mortars; dropping supplies from plane. Jeeps along sand w/ bulldozer. Jet taking off over camera; helicopters flying.

07:49:43 Marine briefing w/ topographic display map. Very stilted dialogue talking about F-4s & A-4s striking to help ground fighting. Battlefield training at El Toro, tanks & plane overhead. Planes attack area marked by smoke from tank firing.

07:52:42 Amphibious landing training, tanks ashore & men ashore off landing craft. Fighter jets dropping bombs. View firing from plane. Troops past Vietnamese village; burning huts & villagers toward camera. City w/ people carrying belongings, dead body in street . Burned church. Troops along street, in jungle.

07:54:28 POV from beneath fighter jet w/ rockets hanging. Figher jet diving down & launching bombs on ridge top. Shots of plane. Planes over dug in marine units dropping series of bombs. Line of helicopters, int. w/ troops. Helicopter taking off. Aerial over Da Nang airstrip w/ plane on runway & drag parachute.

1st Marine Aircraft Wing; Vietnam War; Defense Contractor Promotional Propaganda; 1960s

Military Contractor;

Counter Punch Pt 2 of 2

Backing fighter jet in to bunker at Da Nang. Aerial over hanger area. Fighter jets in for landing, parachute out. Pilot out. Photo reconnaisance film to procerssing & inspected. Large twin-engine loaded w/ freight. Rescue helicopter w/ machine gunner in door. Landing, South Koreans loading crates into helicopter. Artillery w/ large guns firing. Mortars fired. Crates dropped by parachute. Khe Sahn airbase w/ explosions around plane taxiing. Interior of large helicopter & loading rockets & ?? onto planes. Maintenance mechanics working. Planes parked behind revetments. Large bomb attached. Burned plane on ground. Wounded loaded onto helicopter & lifted out.

08:01:51 Aerial over hospital ship & others in bay. Wounded & view from helicopter.

08:02:15 Fighting in field. Da Nang airfield contacted & pilots briefed. Run to F-4 Phantoms & A-4 Sky Hawks. Planes taxi; take off. Marines on ground firing machine guns. Dropping bomb load, rockets firing & napalm burning. Rockets fired from beneath plane seen from in front; seen from plane. Explosions seen from above.

08:06:21 Air controller on radio phone. Ground troops moving up. Helicopter formation landing. City street scene & people walking in rain. The End.

1st Marine Aircraft Wing; Vietnam War; Defense Contractor Promotional Propaganda;1960s Military Contractor;

[Harlem, New York City - Pt 3]

Harlem street scenes, buildings and shopfronts - Night scenes from 23:13:53

Exterior brownstone buildings with entrance steps - some with smashed or boarded up windows. Dustbins in front of house and children past. Kids pose. LS area. Row of houses with entrance steps - hotel sign - New Hope community church - sign Fountain Spring Baptist Church; sign Home cooked food . Tower blocks. Children on swings in tower block play area. Bridge.

23:13:53 Night - Lido Club neon sign at night. Tracking shot down street with neon signs - Loew s theatre showing Dean Martin Who s Been Sleeping In My Bed, A Yank in Vietnam - Apollo Theatre showing Jimmy Smith and Gloria Lynne. Club Baby Grand sign and box office - advert for singers? Brenda & Barbara. West End movie theatre marquee showing Steve Reeve s Revolt of the Slaves, Lonely Man & Fury of the Pagan;

Apollo theatre. Neon sign Sugar Ray s club. Neon sign Bar-B-Q Italian Heros in luncheonette window. Ext Abraham Lincoln Recreation Centre and Athletic League - interior with black children playing some form of billiard on a backgammon-type board, table tennis; adults play cards; girls dance in circle.

23:16:48 Night & neon signs:

Count Basie s jazz club. Big Wilt s Smalls Paradise. Handwritten sign in window Tonight - Moondog with Ace & The King . Harlem Moon Bar. Barbecue. Chow Mein & other Chinese restaurant. Door of NAACP. Bermuda Bar. Silver Rail. Grocery shop. Mt. Olivet Church. Pool Room. Hollywood Cafe. Hotel. Bolivar Bar. Bargain prices and cheap meat in window of butcher shop. Liquor shop sign & ext. Eshad Ali Restaurant. Bombay Indian restaurant.

23:21:04 Night - tower block at night with lit-up windows. Street with traffic and neons. Tracking shot past lit-up shops incl. Blumenstein, Ripley, Fleetwood, furniture shop, Apollo Theatre.

Showdown in Vietnam.

At Pleiku, Vietnam airbase was attacked by Communist guerrillas. Destroyed planes shown; buildings damaged. 8 died. US & South Vietnamese forces retaliate. 49 jets from carriers & land strike back across the North Vietnam border. CU large picture of serviceman's daughter. (01:07:00) MacNamara at press conference in front of mics & pointing to map. Makes sound statement. Aircraft carrier& planes taking off seen from on board, in air and planes in flight. S. Korean flyers taking off from ground. Hawk ground-to-air missles. Sign: Camp Holloway. George McBundy arrives and talks with Kahn. Walk across metal airstrip, visits hospital with bandaged men laying on cots. At White House before mics & with newsreel cameras. Sd. Statement about Americans in Vietnam & sneak attacks.

Marines in Action -- Dominican Rescue, Vietnam Offensive

US Marines sent into Dominican Republic as 3-man Junta takes over; fighting continues as attempt is made to return Pres. Juan Bosch to power. Marine helicopters take troops from aircraft carrier. Copters overhead. Landing in field. Troops standing & truck past. POV down river in South Vietnam the Marines fight the Viet Cong around Danang. Landing craft into shore & trucks off. POV from rear of truck. Low angle of Marines past in trucks. Sandbagged tent & bunkers.

New Vietnam Coup -- Push Diplomatic Talks As Khanh Resigns

Khanh w/ troops. Military move about & planes fly over as troops leisurely patrol streets & sit on parked tanks and jeeps. People watch. Troops move with weapons thru streets. Press conference with Kye (sp?) and Col. Thae. Tanks & personnel carriers thru streets past embassy or base. Street scenes.

U.S. 'White Paper' -- Document Details Red Aggression

UN flag outside building; putting 'White Paper into various boxes including USSR. POV from helicopter over river showing sunken gun boat; Copter lands, boxes and munitions carry them out of jungle and stack along river. Markings on boxes shown; rifles etc. and shells shown off. Chinese markings. US to step up naval patrols.

Step Up Viet Raids -- Carrier Planes Strike Red Bases

Ready room of carrier and briefing for pilots and journalists. Prop planes & jets on board ship are readied. Bombs loaded onto wings in preparation for raids on North Vietnam. Planes take off. Jet lands smoothly.

Operation 'Copter -- Air Units Rescue Wounded From Jungle

POV of helicopter cockpit. Guided into brush & jungle. Stretcher taken off as men stand guard. 2 men scream into each others ears as others gather wounded and put on board. Blacks, Vietnamese and White. Stretchers on racks in helicopter. Unloaded at base. (abrupt end)

McNamara on Vietnam -- New Moves Counter Red Infiltration

Sec. of Defense McNamara tells news conference that the US intends to step up bombings until all key supply lines from the north are destroyed. At press conference with map & showing photographs of 24 bridges destroyed. He rules out using nuclear weapons. Displaying a Red Chinese machine gun he says that North Vietnamese troops are now in the area. He says North Vietnam has run out of recruits to send into South Vietnam.

Report From Vietnam

Aerial past machine gun; inside cockpit of helicopter; copters land. Journalist briefing. Marines move forward & check foxholes. Move single file up. Mortars set up. Captured weapons shown. Wounded treated & loaded on copter. View from cockpit. Jungle in Vietnam; minor battles; Vietnamese troops & foxholes near Saigon.

[Bomb Rips United States Embassy in Saigon]

Men run to wreckage; ambulance arrive. Americans bleeding heavily while helped away. Much blood. Medics and stretchers. Wrecked cars hosed down as people mill about. Offices wrecked. US flag limply flying over building with windows blown out.

New Vietnam Weapon - Cutters to Patrol Lonely Coast

Four Coast Guard cutters loaded aboard the cargo ship Pioneer. Cutter Point Glover hoisted on board, secured on deck. Cutters at dockside.

(Vietnam War)

President on Vietnam - Offers Peace Talks, Proposes Aid Program

President Johnson (LBJ) at microphone makes speech re Vietnam since 1954. Says he intends to keep promises made to South Vietnam. Cutaways of audience. Talks re peace and an independent South Vietnam. Brief shot S.Vietnam industry - dam / factory. Says he will ask Congress to join in billion dollar investment aid package for S.Vietnam. Montage industry and agriculture in Vietnam. Vietnamese doctor seeing patients - interior factory - refugees. Johnson quotes from Bible re choose life .

Aftermath of Vietcong Attack

The attack was made on the Vietnamese II Corps Head Quarters area which includes Camp Holloway, home of the 52nd Aviation Battalion, Army Support Command, Vietnam. Seven were killed and 43 wounded, all Americans.

LS, entrance to Camp Holloway with identifying sign. Tracking shot of Camp Holloway Airfield. Military men looking at damage. CU, rubble of a destroyed helicopter. CU, ashes of another helicopter. American soldiers putting M-60 Machine Gun ammunition into belts. Partly damaged UH-1. MCU, sandbags around unexploded hand grenade. CU, unexploded hand grenade. Completely destroyed UH- 1 helicopter. Pan, gutted tail section of helicopter. CU, smouldering ashes and rubble. CU, bent ammunition container. Shot from moving vehicle of UH-1 helicopter standing on field. Corps sign.

Wreckage in American quarters in the II Corps compound. Quarters are completely destroyed: smashed roofs, exposed beams, bent metal. CUs, damage done to foundation. Pan, broken parts and rubble on the ground. Int, old ceiling fan turning on completely exposed ceiling. Tilt down to wrecked furniture. Tilt down on observation tower on airfield. LS, wreckage on field.

01:20:12 CU, sign on building: "Camp Holloway Airfield Operations . MS, Major General Delk M. Oden talking with an unidentified two- star Vietnamese officer and Major General Nguyen Khanh on airstrip. C-123 taxis to a stop. General William C. Westmoreland, Commander, US Military Assistance, Vietnam, and Mr. McGeorge Bundy, Special Assistant to President for National Security, get off plane. General Westmoreland and Mr. Bundy talk with General Khanh. CU, Great Seal of the US on side of plane. VS, Westmoreland, Bundy, and Khanh start on inspection tour. Others follow. CU, blown tire on plane landing gear; pan to hole in steel mat. CU, General Khanh talking to Mr. Bundy. MCU, General Westmoreland talking to Mr. Bundy and Major General Oden. CUs, rubbish strewn about. LA, ragged holes in blown roof of American quarters.

Excellent quality

Arrival Of 1st Inf Div (Big Red One),

American Colour Guard on beach. VS, General William C. Westmoreland, CG US Army Vietnam; Brigadier General John Norton, Deputy CG, US Army Vietnam; Major General Jonathan O. Seaman, CG,1st Infantry Division, and other officers talking on beach while waiting for troops to land.

01:23:53 LCU hits beach. General Westmoreland shakes hands with the first two soldiers who come ashore. Soldiers carrying barracks bags come off LCU. CUs, soldiers of the Colour Guard. LCU heading for beach. Shot from LCU as it approaches ship USNS Daniel I Sultan. Soldiers board LCU from the Sultan. VS, soldiers relax on deck of LCU. CUs, Negro soldier and others seated on barracks bags in LCU. Soldiers come off gangway from Sultan onto LCU. Shot of Sultan from LCU as it pulls away. HSs, LCU deck crowded with soldiers under way. LCU heading for the Sultan.

Excellent quality

Results of Bombing of the US Embassy

Ints, extreme damage inside the building; smashed furniture, rubble strewn about, broken windows. MS, American and Embassy flags undisturbed in holders. Embassy personnel walking about.

01:31:40 Exterior views wrecked buildings across the street from the embassy. CU, blood on glass top of desk. Rubble in offices. Wall map of Vietnam hanging askew. LA, American flag flying from roof of the damaged building. Tilt down to entrance. Rubble outside building. CU, bent street car tracks with the ground blasted underneath. LA, shattered windows of the embassy. Wreckage of car which carried the explosives. Another damaged building. Wrecked cars in street. Burned-out motor scooter. LA, US Embassy seal above entrance. Smashed windows. American MPs on guard outside building. LSs, embassy. A few people in front.

Aftermath. Damage. Wreckage.

Some of these shots are soft.

Operation Long reach, 1st Cavalry DIY (Airmobile)

05Nov65 - 06Nov65

Soldiers rush through elephant grass to downed UN-1D helicopter. Soldiers tie down rotor blades and secure equipment inside the helicopter. Soldiers take defensive positions around the UN-1D. CH-47 helicopter flies in and hovers over the downed UN-1D. Hoist is secured and the CH-47 lifts the UN-1D and flies off. CH-47 carrying the damaged UN-1D.

19:15:24 Good aerials of Camp Halloway. CH-47 lowers the UN-1D to ground at Camp Halloway. Three officers is discussion. Soldiers resting, sleeping, writing letters, and reading.

19:17:35 Medics treating a seriously wounded Vietcong.

19:18:45 Soldiers move through jungle to clearing. Tired and battle-weary men rest, smoke, and talk. CUs faces of exhausted soldiers. Men carry dead American soldiers on litter to UN- 1D helicopters. UN-1Ds take off.

Good dramatic coverage. Excellent quality

Operation Long reach, 1st Cavalry DIY (Airmobile)

05Nov65 - 06Nov65 -

UN-1D helicopter lands. Soldiers jump out and run across grass. Soldiers come across a dead Vietcong. Sergeant searches through the clothing of the dead man. Two medics tend seriously wounded American soldier. Face of aidman showing anguish. Soldiers carry wounded on litters to UN-1D helicopter. UN-1D takes off.

19:25:56 Dead American soldiers are carried off on makeshift litters. Other soldiers are on the alert. Lt Colonel James H. Nix, Commander 2d Battalions, 8th Cavalry, 1st Brigade, going through brush checking the dead soldiers. Dead American in jungle. Two soldiers arrive, place the dead soldier on litter and carry the body off. Soldiers rush toward jungle (sniper fire). Pan, jungle area.

19:28:31 Gunner at door of airborne helicopter. Pilot and copilot at controls of CH-47. Shot from CH-47 as it picks up downed UN-1D helicopter and carries it over jungle to grassy field.

UN-1Ds take off. Sun is setting in bg. CH-47 lands in field (day)

19:31:55 Soldiers of the 2d Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Brigade, load a 105mm How into the CH-47. Soldier examines a captured Vietcong 57mm RR.

Good dramatic and tragic coverage. Excellent quality

[Vietnam - Americans Greeted - Vietnamese Women Issued Uniforms]

02May65 Vietnam - South Vietnamese officers on beach talking with American officers. Vietnamese women greeting US troops with garlands. Photographers loitering on side. Sea from beach with ships on horizon. Troops land off landing craft as photographer takes pictures. Landing craft with large lettering UN . Troops on tanks advance on road. Troops landing and with weapons on beach.

22:33:42 08Mar65 - US military women issuing clothes to well-dressed Vietnamese women. Vietnamese woman try on uniforms.

Dateline: United Nations

Prod. National Educational Television - NET / UNTV

Presenter James Fleming introduces film re 20th Anniversary Session of UN Security Council & issues under discussion - zoom out to show three correspondents in studio with him - Bruce Munn [?] of United Press International, Michael Littlejohns of Reuters & Anne Tuckerman of Agences France Press. Discussion re effectiveness of UN General Assembly. Littlejohns praises contribution of Britain & others to clearing UN deficit - points out lack of France & USSR contribution.

13:50:54 Group discusses world issues to be dealt with at 20th Session - Littlejohns re progress of disarmament - more digs at France - Munn talks about MLF - Tuckerman the Soviet Union and the United States do seem to have a rather moderate attitude to one another... Littlejohns this could be the last time that Communist China is excluded from the United Nations... Tuckerman & Munn add their comments on likelihood of Communist China being voted into UN.

13:59:51 Discussion of new US Mission headed by Arthur Goldberg. Munn re importance of getting Communists to negotiating table to end the Vietnam War, or episode or fracas or whetever we have going on out there... Comparisons to Adlai Stephenson.

14:10:12 Tuckerman talks about changes in Washington s policy since time of Governor Lodge - now less concerned with the image of the United States . Journalists give closing comments re future of UN - Munn if there is a Third World War those few who survive will be building something on the ruins of the United Nations...we have to have this sort of organisation . Tuckerman the fact that the Vietnam not on the agenda of the United Nations shows there is something wrong... Littlejohns I think over the years the UN will become effective . Fleming wraps up. End credits over aerial shots of Manhattan & UN building.

Politics. Current Affairs. Journalism. Reporters. Chat / Panel Shows 1960s.

News Highlights of 1964

02:26:23: Lyndon B. Johnson wins a second term as US president, beating Republican Barry Goldwater

02:27:07: Lord Hume defeated as Harold Wilson elected Britain s Labour Prime Minister

02:27:21: Nikita Khruschev forced from office, delivers speech to UN; replaced by Leonard Breschnev

02:27:44: Death of Nehru; Nehru with JFK; Hindu funeral

02:28:16: State funerals of General Douglas MacArthur and Herbert Hoover

02:28:56: Pope Paul VI mobbed on visits to Jerusalem, Sea of Gallilee, and Bombay

02:29:32: US increases aid and troops in South Vietnam

02:30:12: Hurricane Hilda hits Eastern Seaboard

02:30:30: Earthquake hits Alaska, $500 million damage

02:30:49: Civil Rights Bill signed by LBJ in presence of Martin Luther King

02:31:23: Space probe by Ranger

02:31:42: New York World s Fair by day and night.

News Highlights of 1965

02:32:38: Inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson as US President

02:33:05: US Civil Rights marches north and south; Martin Luther King

02:33:37: Martin Luther King at White House

02:34:00: Deathl of Winston Churchill; funeral at Westminster Abbey w/ Royal Family

02:34:19: Death of Stevenson

02:34:36: US flood and tornado damage

02:34:57: Pope Paul VI addresses UN General Assembly in French

02:35:40: Vietnam aerial and ground combat

02:36:27: NASA space flights.

Russian News of the Day 1965 #49 December

Large steel mill, pouring steel, controls & electric turbines. Blast furnaces, CU of man in goggles working.

04:10:42 Tracking shot thru textile mill w/ women workers at looms, CU of fabric, eyes, cloth. Shoppers looking at finished bolts of cloth in department store.

04:11:30 Famous anniversary , Belgrade, high angle city, street scene. End of WWII 20 years ago. Troops march thru cheering crowds on Yugoslavia's independence from fascist forces; high angle crowded street. Aerial over dam construction site, past mills, over sea port & steel mill.

04:12:36 Kremlin int. w/ Kosygin & Gromyko receiving UK Foreign Minister Michael Stuart.

04:13:00 Moscow press conference of Nobel Prize Laureate writer Michael Sholokhov before reporters. Sholokhov s speech (SOF) thanking all. CU photographers & reporters make notes; voice tape recorder.

04:14:13 Ext. Timiryazev Academy of Agriculture. Academy s 100th anniversary, picture of founding teachers; paintings of scientists -Timiryazev and Pranyshnikov(?). Students take notes in lecture hall, in science laboratory, look at plants, work w/ scientific equipment. Students look at cattle, horses on Academy farm, in plant growing laboratory, students walk up University stairs.

04:15:24 Ship w/ Armenian refugees into port from Syria, returning people off ship, very emotional welcome by, long unseen families & friends, hug , cry, view thru train window as people look out at canyon & stream.

04:16:20 CU Soviet gymnastic acrobatic champion Alexandra Kalomina walks thru streets w/ fiance. Kalomina practicing w/ trainer, high angle acrobat, CU gold medal, friends give flowers to Alexandra, laugh.

04:17:09 Anti-American footage, Vietnam, troops, tanks, war planes, bodies in the mud, soldiers look at the dead, Vietnamese soldier gets medal, wounded brought to the helicopter & flown out. Peace march in Washington outside White House, w/ placards - Stop the bloodshed. Protest demonstration seen from top of Washington monument.

04:18:10 Title: Leningrad s artist concert , on the stage sings (SOF) opera singer Boris Shtokolov, folk dance group performance, men dance w/ accordions, high angle stage, applause.

Communist Newsreel; Cold War; Science; 1960s;

Enterprise In War - Nuclear Carrier Joins 7th Fleet

Aerial of aircraft carrier CVN-65 off Vietnam coast from helicopter. Launching of jets from deck; men watching. View from control tower & aerial from alongside. Aerial view of the Bainbridge (CGN-25).

12:00:41 MS of turning antenna; view from bridge of Bainbridge (?) & several shots of rockets or missiles into firing position & ship at sea.

Vietnam War; Atomic; US Navy; Naval Ships;

Vietnam Action - Enterprise Planes Support Troops.

Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) w/ Phantom jet taking off from carrier. View from control tower. Jets flying over clouds above Vietnam. Lower & launching rockets.

12:15:05 US troops w/ personnel carriers & trucks moving up. POV next to gunner on personnel carrier. Other soldiers alongside road.

12:15:24 AmbushAmerican & South Vietnamese troops pinned down by enemy fire. Ambulance - wounded taken on stretcher to helicopter. Military trucks. Men talking.

Vietnam War; Fighting; Army; Navy; December 1965

[President Johnson Speaks to Students of America about Vietnam]

White House front shot - do not sell.

08:01:59 - 08:03:54 Presidential seal & LBJ speaks to students of America about Vietnam and about future and faith in students & young people. Hopefull; lauditory; positive speech.

08:04:04 - 08:04:51 President Johnson speech behind public domain footage of fighting and troops through jungle. Machine guns, explosions, troops running, camouflaged troops.

08:14:54 - 08:16:03 28Jul65 President Johnson speech on role in Vietnam - ...we will not surrender and we will not retreat...that is why we are in Vietnam.

[Vietnam - Saigon, Jun65]

Very busy interesection w/ cars, pedicabs, bicycles on dark gray day. CU of small engraved metal ? Viet Nam 1965 - Saigon, Chu Lai, Da Nang, Qui Nhon, Vung Tau, An Thoi

23:52:05 Street after rain w/ sign, pedestrians, bicycles & market alongside. Woman in straaw cone hats, others shopping at fruit & vegetable market.

23:52:34 Junks morred in river, men on board. Men w/ sack and buckets on shoulders walk out to junks w/ supplies.

23:53:40 Two Rangers onboad a junk firing M-1 rifles. Junk on patrol in silhouette w/ men on forward deck seen from another boat. Firing guns at ??, mist on water.

23:55:01 Village along waterfront w/ airplane above. View of SP-2H over water towards & over camera & village (twice).

23:56:01 US military man, Chief Quintel, stripping M-01 Garand at An Thoi junk station. Patch on shoulder.

23:56:?? W.R. Singleton, Hayden & Knudsen getting patrol radio gear ready on pier. Board junk w/ rado & test to shore. CU one man on radio talking.

23:57:51 USS Exel (MSO-439) at anchor w/ Command junk alongside. Camera boat circles USS Excel & junk. MS personnel talking from junk to USS Excel. Second junk alongside first.

Vietnam War; US military; Navy ship; Coastal Patrols;

[Universal Main title]

02:46:36 Title: Marines Land - Begin Guard Duty at Vietnam Bases.

02:46:41 US ships at anchor - US marines down nets into landing craft, troops onto beach. Military vehicles unloaded from LST.

Vietnam War; 1965;

[Vietnam Patrol, Danang area, 19-20Nov65]

Marines off trucks & w/ ammo belts etc across field; talking into walkie-talkie. Men given instructions & spread out across field w/ M-14 rifles, M-60 machine guns; etc. MCU, CUs. Squat. Collapsed bridge. Jets overhead & smoke from bombs & napalm. Marines move ahead toward bridge, More diving jets.

02:03:10 MS Marines down collapsed steel truss bridge over river. MS along grassy field.

02:03:54 UH34D i flight; jet on bomb run, explosion.

02:04:22 Marines wade ankle deep in mud of rice paddies; squad of UH34D helicopters beyond (GOOD).

02:04:28 Marines crouch, one crawls toward dugout under brush. Jets overhead strafing or bombing. Napalm explosions. Marine sights rifle. Jets over & bombing runs, much black smoke.

02:07:25 01B overhead.

02:07:56 Platoon of marines into tall grass & searching. Marines past trap; out of grass & move across ride paddies w/ 01B low overhead. Marines wading, searching knee-deep in water.

02:09:37 CU of trap, marine w/ .45 pistol & another w/ M-14 examine. Point. Marine w/ long pole tries to set off trap, throws grenade & large explosion seen from behind grass.

Patrolling; Vietnam War; Viet Cong Traps; Searching;

Operation Harvest Moon, Dec65 (Santa Claus; Medical Treatment to Marine; Fighting)

Santa Claus w/ marines in village, shaking hands; in front of church, walking w/ flowers & wrapped gift. Pushing group of children & others.

00:58:35 Banner: Welcome Old Man Christmas above crowd, pan from overhead. Vietnamese Catholic priest directing children, Santa passing out small gifts & taking notes / scripts from children. LS church, flags.

01:01:13 LS Truck w/ Santa Claus truck leaving village beneath sign Mung Chua Gang Sinh w/ crowds of kids following.

01:01:23 Armored Personnel Carrier, APC, LVTP-5 w/ troops past, followed by one painted white w/ Santa in sleigh on top w/ marines & rifles. Another follows.

01:01:52 Muddy road w/ jeep leading truck w/ Santa waving followed by other trucks. Into village stopping in front of church; Boy & Girl Scouts w/ others. Santa giving gift to Catholic priest. Pan over people gathered for gifts.

01:03:26 Various altitude helicopter scenes over contoured rice fields & roads. Barren hilltop, valley w/ fields bordering river.

01:05:13 CU Red Cross flag on pole. CU doctor removing bandages from leg & applying dressing. Corpsmen & wounded in medical tent; giving shot & plasma.

01:06:02 Slate 14Dec65 Phuoc Ha Valley, Harvest Moon. Prob. 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. Aerial from helicopter over village, mountain ridge w/ bomb damage. Helicopter hovering near another on ridge dropping to marine soldiers. Marines firing M-60 machine gun in field, one Black. Feeding ammo. Smoke in valley. Tracers into trees from both sides of camera. Assembling MG or changing barrel wearing asbestos glove. View over shoulder firing mg. (GOOD).

01:08:21 Dead Viet Cong w/ flies laying in grass. CU captured weapons, in grass; marine holding, looking. Pan across.

01:08:48 Prisoner on grass, marine helps him pull on sweater.

Fighting; Battle; Myth; Symbol - Father Christmas; Vietnam War;

NOTE: Operation Harvest Moon / Lien Ket, 08-20Dec65.

Operation Blue Marlin, 11-12Nov65; Harvest Moon, 12Dec65 (LVTP-5 activity; UH34Ds; Fighting)

Wave of Armored Personnel Carriers, APC, LVTP-5 thru water w/ camouflaged helmet out of turret; onto opposite shore, men out directed by man in protective vest w/ M-14.

01:10:01 Marine patrol along path, over sandy ridge into village w/ hay stack, searched thatched huts. Wade small stream.

01:11:19 10Nov65 Tram Ky, (Tam Ky, Quang Tin Province), South Vietnam. MCU Green Phosphorus grenades w/ much smoke in field. Squadron of UH34Ds in flight & approaching (GOOD) & landing; men run & board.

01:11:58 Air to air of helicopters in flight.

01:12:18 Helicopters landing close to camera, men off. power lines & houses behind. Men run past. Take off over camera.

01:13:19 POV truck convoy w/ soldiers thru village; past waving children in front of stalls.

01:13:52 11Nov65 Blue Marlin, Tam Ky, South Vietnam. Cameraman Sgt R. White. Marine patrol along pathways thru flooded rice paddies w/ mountains in background.

01:14:50 Marines talking to Vietnamese, Marine unfolds raincoat to search (?). marines along field path. Marines past Vietnamese.

01:15:21 Eight marines patrol in native boat, poled by Vietnamese men; off boat & wade ashore as men leave in boat. Marines searching native boat in shallow water; wade ashore.

01:16:35 Slate: 12Dec65 Operation Harvest Moon, An Truong. Cameraman: J (?) Brown. Marines along mud dikes in rice paddies toward camea & past carrying weapons. MCU Marines out of woods past; into village.

01:17:39 Marine UH34D in flight overhead w/ gunner in doorway; landing. Radioman on telephone, looking at map. CU. LS plane dive bombing nearby; explosions. A4B (A4D) in flight, explosions on hillside.

01:19:01 CU Marine on phone w/ paint on face, another watching airstrikes w/ binoculars. Explosion across valley. CUs of other marines in patrol, on phone. Explosions w/ white smoke.

Fighting; Battle; Vietnam War;

NOTE: Operation Harvest Moon / Lien Ket, 08-20Dec65.

Step Up Viet Raids - Carrier Planes Strike Red Bases

Pilots & journalists briefed on aircraft carrier of Seventh Fleet, map.

05:35:02 On carrier deck, propeller driven Sky Raiders taxiing, unfolding wings. Jets parked, radar turning. Accompaning destroyers (?). Large bombs moved to planes; CU on bomb carrier; fusing bombs on wings of planes.

05:35:41 Planes taxi & take off. Fighter jets in air & landing.

Vietnam War; Airplanes; Aviation; Navy Planes At Sea; Propaganda; 1965;

[Vietnam War - Operation Long Reach, 1st Cav Div, LaTae River, ca 16Nov65]

Captured Vietcong weapons & ammunition including Chinese 50 cal guns, 57mm RRs, US carbines, Chinese automatic weapons, crude Chinese rocket launcher. Displayed behind rope, US army officers looking.

19:59:49 Two GIs carry in stretcher w/ dead American soldier face down. Six soldiers in grass heating rations over small fire, eating, talking smoking. Patrol thru woods, jump across small bog or stream. Officer on AN/PRC-25 radio telephone calling for rations & ammunition.

20:01:53 Three GIs carry dead American on litter to helicopter pickup point.

20:02:05 Slate: 16Nov65. (or 26th?) UH-1D landing in grass & men out w/ guns & stretchers, unload take off.

20:02:51 Wounded on stretcher assisted in smoking by Sergeant & others.

20:03:16 Slate: 16Nov65 or 26th? Medical helicopter landing, wounded carried to copter, takes off. Wounded Black on stretcher tended; carried to medical chopper.

20:04:28 Slate: ?? Helicopters land kicking up dust. Men out & get suppleis. Group of dead on stretchers carried to helicopters; leave.

20:05:37 Slate: ?? Officer briefed by men in field on fight?. Young Viet Cong prisoner w/ hands tied behind back & feet tied shaking.

20:06:47 Slate: ?? Vietnamese soldier trying to question wounded Vietcong prisoner lying on ground; translator takes notes. Dead Americans lying on grouknd under tarps. Troops in background in trees. Helicopter in grass, men walking to it; bodies lying & weapons stacked. Men standing nearby.

Vietnam; November 1965; 1960s; Horrors of War; Fighting Aftermath; Horrors of War; Pleiku Province;

Note: Part of first major battle between US Forces & People s Army of Vietnam (PAVN). 1st Cavalry Division received Presidential Unit Citation

[Vietnam War - Operation Long Reach, 1st Cav Div, Prisoners, Captured Weapons; Dead, 14-15Nov65]

Slate: 15Nov65. Three blindfolded Vietcong prisoners on ground w/ hands tied behind back; GIs w/ M-14s guarding. Troops into woods w/ rifles at ready; thru light trees & brush. CUs Blacks & Whites tired, resting. Walking w/ rifles, dead vietcong.

20:09:5? Slate. Inspect captured Chinese 7.62 automatic weapons.

20:10:4? Clearing, soldiers crossing. Smoke rising from bottom of opposite hill.

20:10:5? Three blindfolded Viet Cong, helicopter backwash blowing grass.

20:11:0? Slate: 05Nov65 Nothing.

20:11:1? Slate: 14Nov65 Troops moving thru woods, light smoke, crouching, etc. Wounded walked in by two others.

20:12:1? Slate: 15Nov65 Several UH-1D helicopters in clearing, wounded helped out. Supply crates carried back, copter off. Officers speak over radio, w/ map talking. Dead moved on tarps into shade.

20:13:2? Slate: 15Nov65 Troops into edge of woods, slowly w/ rifles ready. Dead moved out of combat area. Soldiers resting in edge of clearing.

Vietnam; November 1965; 1960s; Horrors of War; Fighting Aftermath; Horrors of War; Pleiku Province;

Note: Part of first major battle between US Forces & People s Army of Vietnam (PAVN). 1st Cavalry Division received Presidential Unit Citation

[Vietnam War - Operation Long Reach, 1st Cav Div, Wounded & Dead Evacuated, Nov65]

Slate. Soldiers resting, officer talking in shade to men. Medic removing wounded s shirt & treating.

20:16:1? Slate. Bandaging wounded; giving injections. Officers on radio.

20:17:2? Slate. Wounded walked past camera; one carried w/ plasma. Helped to UH-1Ds in clearing & taking off.

20:18:3? Slate. Dead or wounded on tarp moved. Officer on radio. CU resting, smoking; on radio telephone; biting nails. GOOD.

20:19:4? Slate. Dead moved on tarp, placed w/ others in shade. Capt. Bob Carrara, BN surgeon performs tracheotomy on badly wounded.

20:20:5? Slate. More dead moved. (soft focus). Plasma given to wounded. Smoke from bomb beyond trees. Loading many dead into helicopters. Lifting off w/ dust.

Vietnam; November 1965; 1960s; Horrors of War; Fighting Aftermath; Horrors of War; Pleiku Province;

Note: Part of first major battle between US Forces & People s Army of Vietnam (PAVN). 1st Cavalry Division received Presidential Unit Citation

Johnson in Hawaii - President Meets with Saigon Leaders

Crowds at Honolulu airport to greet LBJ. Air Force One lands and taxis. Johnson given lei. Catherine Westmoreland, daughter of US commander in Vietnam, who hitched ride with President to visit mother. Crowds lining street at night. Johnson greeting various people.

Vietnam war

Vietnam Riots - demonstrations

Buddhists including monks and nuns hold hunger strikes in Saigon. Demonstrators march to Buddhist national shrine - banners - sit-down strike. Riots - police with batons. Rioters using police barbed wire to protect hunger strikers - barricades.

Vietnam Step-Up - Hanoi and Haiphong Oil Depots Bombed

Defence Secretary McNamara at press conference, points to map on wall. Press taking notes.

20:41:54 750lb bombs being loaded onto F-105. Jets taking off. Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger - jets take off.

20:42:47 McNamara at press conference giving details of bombing raids - some over aerial views bombing in Vietnam.

Vietnam War

Vietnam Votes - Election First Step Towards Democracy

Street scenes - election banners and posters. People entering polling station. Interiors, women getting voting papers. Ballot papers into boxes. Counting votes.

Vietnam s Future - Hawaiian Parley Affirms U.S. Aims

Three day summit between US and South Vietnam leaders. Exterior meeting place. President Johnson with Premier Nguyen Cao Ky and Chief of State Nguyen Van Thieu - group pose for cameras. Meeting in progress seated round table. Exterior at end of meeting. In Los Angeles, V.P. Humphrey waits for return of LBJ. Press photographers. President holds press conference and makes speech re battle for peace we shall fight all these battles successfully, and we shall prevail (out of sync)

Operation Kickoff - 173rd Airborne Brigade

02Jan66 - 05Jan66

Slate: Operation R.U.N. - Napalm drops and interrogating Vietnamese villagers

A-1E Skyraider plane drops napalm on Vietcong positions and a few soldiers walk past. A-1 drops napalm bombs on Vietcong positions. Soldiers carry wounded man on litter. Officer sets off red flare to mark helicopter landing zone. Officer signals UH-1D to landing. Wounded on litters and walking patients are put aboard the helicopter. A-1E dives at Vietcong position with soldier on ground in fg. Group of soldiers on ground with one man speaking over radio. LS Shells bursting on Vietcong positions with American soldiers in grass in fg.

19:36:31 Two medics treating soldier who was wounded in the buttocks.

19:37:38 UH-1D flying over rice paddies. Soldier wades knee deep in mud of paddy - other soldiers of B Company follow him.

19:38:22 Soldiers of the 3rd Platoon, E Troop, search a suspected Vietcong farmhouse. Sergeant, questions woman. Soldier walks Vietcong suspect across paddy. Two Vietcong suspects questioned. Old man interrogated. Sergeant searching in brush near tree. Vietcong suspects questioned - they are blindfolded and their hands are tied. LS prisoners led away. Woman and children led out of farmhouse.

Good dramatic coverage. Excellent quality

Operation Kickoff - 173rd Airborne Brigade

05Jan66 - 06Jan66

Soldiers listen to a captured Vietcong wind-up record player / phonograph.

19:42:07 Soldiers wade waist-deep across narrow stream. Several UH-1D helicopters land in field as soldiers wait in fg. Soldiers board UH-1D. Soldiers jump out of UH-1D and run across field. UH-1Ds fly off. Soldiers advance across field.

19:43:07 Soldiers with group of women and children sitting on the ground in field. Two soldiers walk along edge of tree line. Soldiers direct a group of Vietcong suspects (mostly women and children) across field.

Medic treats leg of a wounded soldier. Soldiers advance past an exploding yellow smoke bomb; an officer speaks over radio as he walks past. Soldier checks hole for Vietcong. Soldier searches old man with walking stick. Soldiers advance across field. Women and children come out of a camouflaged hut.

Soldiers walk along narrow dirt path.

19:45:56 Soldier of the 8th Battalion, 6th Army, cleans and services a 155mm Howitzer - shot from inside Howitzer showing soldier s face. Firing Howitzer (good sequence).

19:48:37 Rubber fuel tanks (bladders) are rolled out of C-123 aircraft. Forklift loads artillery shells into the C-123.

The President: July 1966 [Part 1 of 3]

Scenic shots of Lyndon Baines Johnson s birthplace on the banks of the Pedernales River - modest cottage. Title. LBJ enjoying Independence Day / Fourth of July drinks in garden of LBJ Ranch w/ friends & Lady Bird Johnson. LBJ in car at airfield - leans out & shakes hands w/ Melvin Laird [?], Averell Harriman & others - Sec. of Defense McNamara onto jet, LBJ watches from car - takeoff - VO re new Medicare programme & Vietnam air strikes. Deer in grounds of LBJ farm. Men erecting net which is dropped over group of baby deer - writhing about - exhausted deer untangled & put in back of truck. Other ranch wildlife - buffalo.

08:04:27 LBJ s 66th press conference at ranch 05Jul66 - photographers around LBJ seated. Barbecue for press outside LBJ ranch. LBJ out of house to podium to make address to nation [MOS] - journalists take notes.

08:05:33 Lockheed Constellation passenger airliner landing at National Airport - Washington Monument visible in distance - Eastern Airlines jet R-L - VO re airline machinist strike over shots of stationary aircraft & empty luggage trolleys. Fade to White House Oval Office, deserted during President s summer vacation. Presidential helicopter landing w/ Washington Monument in BG, 11Jul66 - LBJ & Lady Bird out of helicopter w/ Luci Johnson & fiance Pat Nugent w/ dogs. LBJ walking to White House w/ aides & photographers.

08:07:36 LBJ motorcade arriving at Pentagon 12Jul66. INT LBJ commendation ceremony for defense workers - large wall chart Department of Defense Cost Reduction Program (Millions of Dollars) - CUs chart showing individual savings made & shots LBJ giving awards to personnel - speech heard in VO ...every person within the sound of my voice...can take great pride in saying I was a part of the Department of Defense in the Sixties ... - applause.

08:09:03 Pouring rain seen from terrace of White House - flight to West Virginia to speak to American Alumni Council cancelled - stills of LBJ delivering televised speech to Council from White House Theater. [MOS].

08:09:44 LBJ & Lady Bird view newest Coast and Geodetic Survey deep sea research ship Oceanographer 13Jul66 - commissioning ceremony w/ flags & naval band - international guests inc. Soviets [not shown]. LBJ w/ huge white cake topped w/ model of ship & Welcome Aboard President Johnson in icing - cuts cake. LBJ & Lady Bird meet people on dockside - shaking hands.

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War. Farming - Southern US. Commercial Aviation.

The President: July 1966 [Part 2 of 3]

Unusual MCU side view of White House. LBJ photocall outside White House w/ Prime Minister Holt of Australia - press w/ eyemo cameras.

08:11:51 LBJ & Holt onto the yacht Sequoia for trip along Potomac River - CU life ring - crew preparing to set sail. Scenic montage of cruise - US flag flying - guests relax at tables on covered deck - sunset over riverbank - CUs Holt & LBJ.

08:13:14 15Jul66 Citation presented by LBJ to Executive Clerk of White House William J Hopkins after 22 years of service. Busy reception in WH rose garden - LBJ & Hopkins greeting guests - VO LBJ ...I believe our country has developed the finest professional civil service in the history of the world...

08:14:45 INT members of mostly female distaff press gathered for forthcoming marriage of Luci Johnson - Luci & Lady Bird joking w/ journalists who perform skits for them - Luci throwing dart at board w/ possible honeymoon destinations, dart lands on leaflet for Lyndon Johnson s Boyhood Home - laughter [MOS]. LBJ press conference If I could have your permission to just step aside on any of the detailed wedding arrangements I would like very much to do so . B/W still sequence showing 19Jul66 meeting of LBJ & Congressional leaders in WH Cabinet Room - VO re strong economy.

08:17:13 LBJ w/ Lady Bird visits 500 returning Vietnam veterans at reception on board cruise ship George Washington , Potomac River - some in wheelchairs - VO says they support what the President is trying to do .

08:18:48 20Jul66 LBJ farewell speech to 3000 foreign exchange students on WH lawn - good views of crowds & Washington Monument / Jefferson Memorial in distance - CU guest holding American Field Service concert brochure over face - LBJ mobbed by crowd - shaking hands - speech in VO ...wherever such a volunteer may walk, he will find an American among the first to give him welcome...

08:20:09 Military fanfare from WH balcony heralds arrival of PM Forbes Burnham of newly-independent Guyana - photocall w/ LBJ - LBJ speech at podium on lawn re American independence & new frontiers to be pushed back - ...we will never falter in our commitment overseas to the defence of freedom and in support of economic development .

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War.

The President: July 1966 [Part 3 of 3]

Lyndon Johnson w/ family boarding Presidential jet [Air Force One ?] for non-political tour of Indiana, Illinois & Kentucky. PoV from inside jet on take off. LBJ speech to large crowds in Indianapolis re Vietnam War - banners inc. Welcome to Indiana LBJ & Back LBJ In Viet Nam - Lady Bird watching. The guerilla war in South Vietnam was inspired by Hanoi...if the American people need any reminder of the kind of enemy we face...they can read reports this morning [that] the Viet Cong attacked yesterday the United States hospital at Da Nang...typical of the way the Communists fight... - speech in VO. CU war memorial Indian and British War 1811-1812 - Battle of Tippecanoe . CUs LBJ shown captured Viet Cong uniforms & equipment [?] by members of 101st Airborne Division.

08:23:41 LBJ visit to Fort Campbell, KY [speech continues in VO] - reviews troops from back of jeep - raining heavily. Members of 101st decorated - CUs inc. Black soldier - LBJ talks to wounded veteran in wheelchair - Lady Bird shakes hands w/ servicemen.

08:25:12 LBJ visits Vincennes, IN: crowds, Stars & Stripes bunting & home-made placards inc. We Need LBJ . LBJ signs into law bill establishing George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, commemorating opening of Northwest Territory. LBJ speech to huge crowd re Vietnam War - if they refuse to negotiate...make them pay a high price for their warfare... - applause.

08:26:22 LBJ at nighttime ceremony awarding beautification citation to Postmaster of Jeffersonville, IN - speech at podium we are not afraid of frontiers... - LBJ greeting crowds - placards inc. Welcome LBJ & We Love Lady Bird .

08:27:26 LBJ presents Speed & Altitude citation to USAF servicemen Col. Robert L Stephens & Lieut Col. Walter F Daniel.

08:27:51 Unveiling of patriotic postage stamp designs petitioned for by Sioux City junior high school students - We Appreciate Our Servicemen .

08:28:27 British PM Harold Wilson arrives at White House in motorcade w/ US & UK flags 29Jul66; VO Britain beset by the worst economic crisis since World War Two, pressured by left wing Labourites [re Vietnam]... B/W still sequence of Wilson & LBJ talking w/ LBJ speech in VO you and I have many things in common, Mr Prime Minister...

08:29:45 Grounded Eastern airliners at National Airport - B/W still sequence LBJ meeting w/ both sides of airline dispute at White House - LBJ shaking hands w/ William J Curtin, negotiator for airlines, & PL Siemiller representing machinist union after agreement reached. More grounded planes after rejection of agreement by union.

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War. Commercial Aviation - Strikes.

The President (LBJ) Before Manila: September/October 1966 (Pt. 1 of 3)

LBJ & aides off Presidential helicopter & boarding plane. Montage of campaigning last fifty days, shaking hands, kissing women, boarding plane. Marine presidential helicopters. Marcos at lectern & LBJ w/ Imeldo. Campaign signs w/ LBJ speaking while campaigning.

12:01:41 Presidential helicopter landing 03Sep66 at Summersville Dam in West Virginia and viewed by Lady Bird & LBJ and party. Dedication w/ plaques. Announcing Washington DC conference on water supplies.

12:02:25 LBJ: It should be clear by now we are in a race with disaster...mass povery... due to lack of water.

12:02;55 York-Harrisburg airport greeting kids & others of Dallastown; Centennial costumes. Motorcade past crowds; working crowds shaking hands, picking up babies, etc. LBJ talks in voice over on how towns need to have help in getting factories etc to stop migration away from rural area. At mics. Crowd cheering.

12:04:47 LBJ Labor Day trip to Michigan greeted by union placards etc. Campaigning on behalf of others.POV along highway to Detroit s Cobo Hall. At podium speaks of withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Billboard re welcome to Battle Creek, MI.

12:06:42 Gifts & campaigning, shaking hands across fence at airport. Smal ltown & crowds. Speaks at 100th anniversary of Battle Creek Sanitarium stressing his efforts to guarantee lowest possible cost of health care. Ohio fairgrounds and crowds, speaks to youth to get active to declare for something as well as against.

12:09:05 08Sep66 General Ne Win, Prime Minister of Burma & wife, welcomed to White House by LBJ & Lady Bird. Audio of LBJ s welcoming remarks. Parade by military band & honor guards past flag of Burma.

Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential Campaign; Dictators; Presidential entertaining;

The President (LBJ) Before Manila: September/October 1966 (Pt. 2 of 3)

Stills of LBJ in office with voice over about inflation. 72nd press conference, 3pm 08Sep66 News Conference seen in still when he asked for an increase in taxes. Headlines about election in Vietnam.

12:11:30 12Sep66 Launch of Gemini XI w/ Pete Conrad & Richard Gordon. Views from space and docking w/ Aegina target vehicle.

12:12:42 LBJ w/ young Barbara Shields (?), picks flower. LBJ w/ Joan Shields receiving Medal of Honor on behalf of Marvin Shields. Rain & wind outside White House, view of Washington Monument thru rain.

12:13:5? Arrival of Ferdinand Marcos & Imelda. Stills of meetings in W.H. office.

12:15:47 16Sep66 signing Federal Mine Safety Act w/ multiple pens and Congressmen standing behind.

12:17:39 23Sep66 LBJ Ranch and arrival of both he & Ladybird. Lucy and Patrick Nugent outside w/ them. 250 neighborhood women welcomed and thanked by Lady Bird. LBJ with beagle. POV driving around the ranch, deer running, sheep and goats, turkeys in flock; white face beef cattle. Calf. Large white tail buck deer to car & fed. Good CUs.

Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential Campaign; Dictators; Presidential entertaining; Wildlife; Gentleman Farmer; Vacation; Widow; Vietnam War; NASA

The President (LBJ) Before Manila: September/October 1966 (Pt. 3 of 3)

26Sep66 Erhard motorcade arrives at White House to talk about troop levels in West Germany & NATO participation. Boarding plane & inflight to Florida to tour NASA. Interior of presidential plane, Robert McNamara and all talking seen in CU. Landing at Cape Kennedy. Interior of launch complex 19; pov past buildings. Interior of launch control center and presentation showing rocket models w/ LBJ voice over about the space program and talking to employees in large hanger building. View up rocket in stand. Leaving at night.

12:24:54 Ext. of rainy White House for arrival of historian, poet and President Leopold Senghor, Senegal. Honor guard, standing at attention as band playing.

12:25:33 LBJ off plane in New York & visit to United Nations. Sunny day and crowds outside, leaving building w/ Dean Rusk & U Thant. Arthur Goldberg seen. POV of cars into Hudson River Lincoln Tunnel to Newark, New Jersey for political rally. Campaign speech about Great Society programs vs Republican platform of fear.

12:27:30 LBJ returns on Marine helicopter, greeted by two dogs. Stills in W.H. w/ Gromyko

12:28:1? Motorcade and onto platform speaking at Social Security HQ near Baltimore, announces increase in benefits. Through Brooklyn s Flatbush Avenue & motorcade across Verrazano Narrows Bridge and speaking Republicans are afraid of their own shadow and of progress.

12:30:0? Campaigning in Wilmington, Delaware; motorcade through and speaking in square. Crowd watching & speech heard.

12;31:15 17Oct66 Dulles Airport leaving for Manila Conference.Dean Rusk in CU at lectern w/ LBJ & Lady Bird, Hubert Humphry and Dirkson seen.

Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential Campaigning; Presidential entertaining; Vietnam War; NASA; Dictators

AF Data Automatin (UNIVAC 1050) Da Nang AB, Vietnam (Oct-Nov66) Pt. 1 of 2

Cameraman taking light reading. Interior of computer room w/ two men including AF technical sergeant at UNIVAC 1050-11 flipping switches & writing in log book as another airman watches. MCU of consol.

18:28:40 Paper running at speed thru printer at high speed.

18:29:28 Airman loading cards into sorter & running machien. CU of stacking cards. 1050-11 console w/ operator. LS.

18:31:14 Men in Supply Priority Section at desks. Handing information. Taking phone call, speaking on radio equipment. Man typing form at typewriter given information.

18:33:12 LS Two F-102As taking off past camera.

18:33:50 Three F-4Cs take off.

18:34:20 Twin-engine C-123B taking off. Two F-4Cs take off. Four-engine C-130A landing past camera.

18:35:43 Airmen processing supply requests by hand in front of boxes of cards.

18:37:22 F-4C in revetment w/ mechanics working on wing hose connection at Da Nang. CU & LS.

War, Vietnam; Military Computers; Calculators; Efficiency;

Continued on Pt. 2 of 2

AF Data Automatin (UNIVAC 1050) Da Nang AB, Vietnam (Oct-Nov66) Pt. 2 of 2

ELS & LS of Da Nang Air Base from hilltop, planes taxiing & taking off. Village nearby.

18:41:20 Warehouse w/ airman walking past, vehicles past. Bicycles alongside building. Signs: Priority Section. Computer Room. Base Supply. Supply Warehouse

18:43:18 Mechanic working on wing of F-4C, leaving, going to truck, radioing for part. CU man & mic as he reads part number. Pickup, man talking to driver thru window. Sign: Welcome to Da-Nang AB, RV?, Base Operations.

18:48:59 Pickup along base road w/ buildings behind & other shots of road w/ military traffic. Pickup on runway w/ planes parked behind. Mechanic signs for part.

War, Vietnam; Military Computers; Calculators; Inefficient; Efficiency

Continued on Pt. 2 of 2

Naval Support Activities, Da Nang - Jan & Feb 1966

Barge alongside merchant ship in harbour at Da Nang; PAN back away from ship & lighter, Lighter alongside merchant ship during offloading of supplies onto the barge,

02:08:05 LCM-8 at sea in Da Nang river; the USS Bexar (APA-237) underway - shoreline in background.

02:09:28 Commercial Pier at Da Nang docks- warehouses. Mobile crane hanging its hook over the barge; PAN further L to merchant ship (unident.),

02:10:30 Looking across the river showing village; Landing craft enters scene R moving north down the Da Nang river (its Number is 1380); LCU leaves scene L; village seen on far shore of the river,

02:11:17 Dock area. PAN around port side of ON APL-30, floating barracks

APL-30 up to dock at Da Nang harbour. Small craft tied up to dock at the Da Nang harbor; small craft are the Navy YFRNs 997, 385, 412, F, UX.

Various small boats of varied descriptions tied up to dock in Da Nang harbour,

02:14:54 USS Bexar - LCVP moving up past the starboard. side and out of scene.

War Dog - Vietnam - Da Nang 1967

Military dogs and handlers loaded into trucks at kennel area. Rear view trucks down road. Truck stops and one handler with dog gets out at sentry post. Alsation and soldier on patrol past barbed wire fence.

02:18:05 Navy dog Sentry sign: "U.S. Navy, Sentry Dogs". Tracking shot past dog cages - dogs barking and snarling (mos) . Dog handler with dog walks past cages. Dog handler demonstrating various orders with dog. Handler training dog to jump fences. Dog walking on hind legs to command. Dog on leash attacking padded man as demonstration of attack dog. Dog racing across sand to attack fully padded man. Padded man pushes handler over - dog goes to rescue. CU dog panting. CU handler.

Our Friend Sun-Yat Sen Pt. 1 of 2

CU Picture of Sun-Yat Sen. Chinese peasants plow soil w/ human power. Men work small water mill, move it w/ their feet irrigating. People scoop out water from field w/ buckets & rope. Man plows rice, water up to knees. Men flail rice. Old lady sifts flour, little kid works on mill stone following oxen around it.

07:23:37 Pan of village in valley. Empty class room of school Sun-Yat Sen attended. First picture of Sun-Yat as young boy w/ medical student friends who decided to lead Chinese nation to freedom.

07:24:19 Port w/ lots of junks; people unload heavy freight w/ poles on shoulders from ships. Road full of men pulling rickshaws. Man rows big boat w/ twin oars. Lots of small living boats crowded together, woman w/ baby. Street full of people w/ pig tails - sign of subservience. Young Sun-Yat Sen & friends ca 1894. Mountain village. Street w/ people living in poor conditions. Picture of Sun-Yat. Big ships guns point at another. Other nations flags above city. Sign - British property. Picture of German invaders. German sign with words our father land engraved on big cliff wall in Shan-tung(?) province.

07:26:44 Pictures of ancestors of today's Capitalists - grandfathers & great-grandfathers of American aggressors in Vietnam. Man w/ pipe gives orders to coolie. US Marine & Chinese soldier w/ guns on guard. Foreign people enjoy themselves served by locals, men have a drink, big smiles. CU staring faces of Chinese people. Small street w/ people & polo game by men pulled in rickshaws, one falls out.

07:27:47 Paintings of 1900 - Boxer rebellion. Chinese fight back in battle against foreigners. Pictures of Chinese leaders. Picture of captured patriots led to execution. Troops from all over poured in to China - foreign navy ships go full speed in the sea. Pictures of various nationality troops, patriot execution, foreign delegates make decision to reduce China to colony. Manchu dynasty pictures.

07:30:13 Title: 1905 Chinese newspaper articles about 1905 revolution in Russia. View of sea & coast.

07:30:48 1905 picture of revolutionary league meeting in Tokyo that was based on 3 principles of Sun-Yat Sen. Photo of Sun-Yat Sen.

Sports Oddities; China History; War;

[Vietnam War - Fighting 21-23Oct66; Fighting, Operation Chinook II, 21Feb67]

Slate: 21Oct66. Wounded helped into rear door of helicopter in rice paddy. Soldiers carry wounded on tarp & load. LS men moving away from large helicopter; running off & taking off from rice paddy & flying over camera. (some soft focus).

Slate: 23Oct66 5 miles SW of An Hoi. Troops across rice paddy and into jungle. Talking & resting outside hut. Officers briefing men; look at map. Officer shakes hands & group leaves; to helicopter.

21:04:43 Men wading shallow river w/ rifles, 106mm recoiless rifle (?).

21:06:24 Slate: 21Feb Highland. Chinook II. Montagnards or ??? talking on trail, look at papers, billfold w/ pictures & money.

21:07:00 Soldiers out of woods, cross vegetable garden or ?? & village of thatched huts. Women & children standing while huts searched.

21:07:59 Men prone firing machine guns (dark). Troops walking, firing machine guns w/ cartridge belt held.

21:09:06 Slate: 21Feb67 Operation Chinook II. Camp w/ fire smoking; US soldiers lying, waiting. View of white smoke rising in near distance across rice fields. Men move up & set up mortar on edge of rice paddy. Making calculations w/ compass & map & radio. Firing rifles & mortars. Large explosions from bombs.

Fighting; 1966; 1967; 1960s US Military;

Cameraman is Osterman

Note: This was the area & time that Bernard Fall was killed by a mine.

Anti-War Demonstrators Storm Pentagon

Air and Ground views thousands of anti-Vietnam war demonstrators. Minor scuffles break out. Protestors marching across Potomac - huge crowd. Military police at Pentagon - demonstrator being dragged away. More MPs with fixed bayonets move into position. Scuffles. Second day - students / young poeple with camp fire - sit-in demonstration continues outside Pentagon. 600 arrested by end of demo.

Foe s Last Line - U.S. Troops Take Hill 875

US F-105 Thunderchief jet fighter bombers overhead - US 173rd Airborne Brigade paratroopers through wooded area. US troops capture hill and large amount of North Vietnamese weapons

News in Brief - New York City

20th Annual Loyalty Day Parade on 5th Avenue by the VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars. These parades originally started to counter Communist May Day parades. Various shots military in parade. Hon. Marshall Martha Raye, recently returned from Vietnam in parade.

News in Brief - Saigon

New US Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker arrives in Saigon. Greeted off plane. Bunker and crowd into building. Outgoing Ambassador Cabot-Lodge surrounded by reporters and camera crews before he boards aircraft. Cabot-Lodge and wife wave from top of stairs.

News In Brief - Vietnam

Aerial views from Navy Skyhawk jet over North Vietnam. Explosions as bridges are bombed. Rockets firing on boats.

News in Brief - Vietnam

American jet fighter bombers in Vietnam. AVs bombs hitting ground - bridges and storage areas bombed.

News in Brief - Vietnam

South Vietnamese Premier Ky greets Japanese Premier Sato. Guard of honour. Children wave Japanese flags. Ky and Sato on dais.

News in Brief - Vietnam

Hills and valleys surrounding Dakto - Chinook helicoptor bringing supplies to US troops - sign Battery 4th / 42nd Artillery Sandbaggers You yell - we shell - like hell open 24 hours daily. US 105mm & 155mm artillery 81mm mortar firing into hillside.

News in Brief - Vietnam

Marine Skyhawk jets strafe and bomb rice field south of Da Nang. Saturation bombing with Napalm. Troops on ground using machine gun and automatic rifle. Troops search area and find tunnel. Prisoner walked away for questioning.

News in Brief - Vietnam - Airboats demonstrated

Sign - airboats. Troops driving airboats / aircat - driven by aircraft propeller - over swamp land.

Inventions military

News in Brief - Vietnam

US Marines round up suspected Vietcong and sympathisers including many women and children from village near Danang. Old women eating army rations. Medics tending to wounded soldier - bandaging chest. Troops carry wounded man on makeshift litter through swamp.

News in Brief - Vietnam

334th armed helicopter company - troops arming chopper. AV over target area - soldier sitting in doorway of chopper firing machine gun. Mini-gun and rockets fired. AV over smoking jungle village.

Peace March - Thousands Oppose Vietnam War

Anti-war demonstrators marching with protest banners - crowds in Central park - shots showing hippy fashions - draft card burning. Argument between soldier and peace protestors. Anti Anti-war march - signs Lets bomb Hanoi - Anarchy cannot be permitted in the USA. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King leads procession to United Nations - police arrest demonstrators - dragging off.

03:34:12 San Francisco demonstration - parade with banners along Market Street - Rally in stadium - scuffle.

03:34:47 Rome - night peace demonstration outside US embassy - turns into riot - police - fighting - sit down protest - using water cannon.

Protests Galore

England - Anti-war demonstration / protest. Demonstrators scuffle with police. Demonstration organised by CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) Parade down street.

03:40:08 Madrid University - students demonstrate against America and Vietnam war - burning US flag.

03:40:36 Anti-hate demonstration in Detroit - hippies - painting car with legalise pot / dope - Love in. Girls dancing.

Vietnam Action - Jets and Marines in Sharp Fight

AV bombs dropping on North Vietnam port. Troops firing howitzers. Helicopters carrying US Fourth infantry. Troops out of copter. Reconnaissance patrols through jungle areas.

Vietnam Elections - Thieu and Ky Gain Victory

Crowds waiting outside polling rooms. Governor Hughes of New Jersey attends as US observer and Whitney Young. Interior - people voting. Thieu entering and casting vote. Thieu surrounded by press. Runner up Su. Thieu and Ky in chairs. (soft)

[Vietnam - Firing From Helicopter]

Rockets fitted on helicopters. Aerials from helicopter with machine guns firing & explosions. Plane strafing. B/W

First Commercial Flight To Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam 1967

LS World Airways Boeing 707C on tarmac; MS US Army and AF personnel leave aircraft; air hostess / stewardess in uniform w/ hat. Det 5 8th Aerial Port painted on on steps. Personnel board buses, depart, some personnel still on tarmac near 707 inc. VS Army and AF officers in group inc. Col Coury, Col Jones, Maj Davenport.

07:40:04 USAF personnel leave buses, board 707; followed by pilot and stewardess, waving to Vietnamese man on tarmac. MCU Aircraft taxis past military aircraft.

07:43:06 LS 707C comes in to land, taxis past camera. Military personnel depart, board buses, inc. young USAF? recruits, some Black, wearing black caps w/ white stripe [French?].

07:45:10 Stewardesses on steps to 707, hats and white blouses / gloves. World Airways crew talk to NCO and leave tarmac in staff car. CU sign Welcome to Bien Hoa A. B. . MS Boeing taxis in BG behind sign. 707 takeoff.


News In Brief: London

Soviet Premier Kosygin off plane - greeted by Harold Wilson - off for talks re Russian opposition to US and Vietnam War. Crowds opposite Downing Street - some protesting w/ banners inc. Russia is Biggest Colonial Empire! , others re Ukraine. Limo pulls up outside 10 Downing Street - Wilson and Kosygin out, shake hands for cameras.


News In Brief: Vietnam

VS 30 Viet Cong PoWs released by Saigon government - some on crutches, one w/ hand missing. LS prisoners across bridge on the 17th Parallel between North and South Vietnam - throw ponchos given to them in prison camp into river. Crowds w/ flags.

Vietnam War.

The President: June 1967 [Part 3 of 3]

In flight shots from Presidential plane. Lyndon Johnson attends Democratic dinner in Los Angeles - speech on repayment of $4m party debt. LBJ visits daughter Luci & newborn grandson Lyn [Patrick Lyndon Nugent] at Austin, TX.

08:52:01 LBJ returns to Glassboro by helicopter 25Jun67 for second day of talks w/ Soviet premier - greeted by Governor Hughes of New Jersey & wife. Huge crowd w/ banners inc. Success at Hollybush LBJ & AK - LBJ waves to crowd. LBJ photocall w/ Kosygin - huge bank of press photographers - Lady Bird & Luci w/ Ludmilla Kosygin. Rainstorms hit Glassboro - press & crowds wait in rain. LBJ speech on completion of talks - range of topics inc. Middle East crisis & Southeast Asia - very good and useful talks - Kosygin speech [MOS]. Presidential helicopter takes off - PoV from inside, crowds below - LBJ speech heard in VO does help a lot to sit down and look a man in the eye all day long and try to reason with him, particularly if he is trying to reason with you... .

08:55:12 27Jun67 LBJ attends Baltimore s Junior Chamber of Commerce Annual Convention at Civic Center - speech re domestic programme & criticism of draft dodgers etc. say to them that it s not ...required that you tear our country down and our flag down in order to lift them up - LBJ at podium seen from behind w/ arms raised - applause.

08:56:11 LBJ motorcade through streets of Phildelphia & into poor area - visit to Opportunities Industrialization Center - community-built school - Blacks cheering LBJ - speech in VO ...I believe we re gonna make it .

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Diplomacy. Vietnam War. Race. Poverty. Ghettos.

Foe s Last Line - U.S. Troops Take Hill 875

US F-105 Thunderchief jet fighter bombers overhead - US 173rd Airborne Brigade paratroopers through wooded area. US troops capture hill and large amount of North Vietnamese weapons

News in Brief - Vietnam

Hills and valleys surrounding Dakto - Chinook helicoptor bringing supplies to US troops - sign Battery 4th / 42nd Artillery Sandbaggers You yell - we shell - like hell open 24 hours daily. US 105mm & 155mm artillery 81mm mortar firing into hillside.

News In Brief: Vietnam

Villagers being evacuated from demilitarised zone in border region between North & South Vietnam. Tracking shot past refugee camp. VO re humanitarian efforts of US in moving people away from danger zones.

Vietnam War. DMZ. 1960s.

Bunker Hunting

US troops advancing supported by heavy artillery bombardment in clearing underground Viet Cong positions around Da Nang air base. Explosives rigged & detonated - foxholes searched - GIs advance past dead Viet Cong.

Vietnam War. 1960s.

News In Brief: Vietnam

Aerials US bombing raid over North Vietnam Viet Cong positions - bombs away & enemy targets exploding. Napalm bombing runs over riverside installations seen from water.

Vietnam War. 1960s.

The Summit: LBJ And Kosygin Hold Useful Talks

President Johnson w/ Rusk & McNamara waits for arrival of Kosygin outside Hollybush house, Glassboro NJ - first meeting in person for talks on arms & Middle East & Vietnam conflicts. Kosygin arrives w/ Gromyko & Dobrinin - shakes hands w/ Johnson & pose for cameras.

12:28:07 Kosygin on sightseeing trip to Niagara Falls - waves from Maid of the Mist boat.

12:28:25 Huge crowds outside Hollybush House - police struggling w/ people trying to breach barriers. LBJ w/ Lady Bird & daughter Linda greet Kosygin & daughter Ludmilla.

Diplomacy. 1960s.

News In Brief: California

7000 anti- Vietnam War demonstrators w/ placards outside Los Angeles Hotel where President Johnson attending Democratic Party fundraising dinner - police scuffling w/ pickets - protestors arrested, one w/ bleeding head.

Pacifism. 1960s.

News In Brief: Saigon

Busy port scenes - crates unloaded - black market goods being touted by street vendors - local men buy large containers of Tide washing powder - many illegally-sold goods intended for US military - VO re damage to Vietnamese economy.

Vietnam War. Corruption. 1960s.

The President (LBJ): April 1967, Outs Roll 9 (Pt. 2 of 2)

12:45:03 LBJ w/ General William Westmoreland in eceiving line at White House Reception.

12:49:1? Westmoreland sitting at table w/ LBJ, Shot around room w/ Humphry, Dean Rusk. Standing and applauding. Listening to Martha Raye (?) singing w/ piano accompaniement (MOS).

12:51:54 LBJ at lectern w/ maps of Vietnam behind. Westmoreland at mic.

Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential entertaining; Vietnam War; Hollywood entertainers; White House;

The President (LBJ): April 1967 (Pt. 1 of 3)

Puento Del Este Conference w/ circular room and LBJ speaks; dissolve to view from plane above clouds. LBJ w/ ?? Shots of White House & fountain. Westmoreland before Congress, at White House reception.

13:01:5? Title: The President - April 1967. 31Mar67 POV aboard Air Force One with Latin American Ambassadors & wives to San Antonio. Signing papers brought by secretary on board plane.

13:02:?? Barbecue meeting at LBJ Ranch w/ Uruguay delegates. Cooking, peppering meet, corn cooking. Serving food as xylophone trio playing w/ drum accompaniment. Rope twirler. Horses and stage coach ride.

13:05:00 03Apr67 LBJ w/ Dean Rusk on lawn as arrival of Pres. Cevdet Sunay of Turkey in limousine. Hand shaking, at lectern. POV under banner, parade along Pennsylvania Ave. Capitol building. Limousine with glass roof and Sunay.

13:06:51 LBJ w/ Sunay in office; voice over of LBJ talking about 20th Anniversary of Truman Doctrine. Talking about Greece, Turkey & Korea now are freedom loving nations; says thinks Vietnam will also be that way in 20 more years. LBJ speaking on lawn.

13:08:11 Flowers in spring around Washington Monuments. Cherries, dogwood, magnolias.

13:08:33 10Apr67 LBJ & wife welcome Hubert Humphrey back from European tour. Humphrey speaks of his mission and what he saw. Shots of HHH at cabinet meeting with McNamara and all.

Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential entertaining; NATO

The President (LBJ): April 1967 (Pt. 3 of 3)

14Apr67 Signing declaration for a Latin American Common Market to begin 1970. Teletype and reporters typing. Delegations leaving meeting w/ handshakes. LBJ and others boarding Air Force One. More shots of LBJ with others sitting and listening.

13:22:3? West German flag flying. Death of Konrad Adenauer & photo banner, LBJ and others arrive for funeral. Views of river and POV from boat on river past grain elevators, barges passing. Bonn & LBJ and others talking. Interior of Bundestag; Cologne Cathedral ext w/ flying buttresses. Military band and procession w/ casket followed by heads of state including De Gaulle. Body onto naval ship. Twilight.

13:25:16 Chancellor Kurt Kiesinger w/ LBJ. Photo op outside and LBJ s voice over. W/ Vice Chancellor Willy Brandt & Dean Rusk. LBJ waving & plane in flight.

13:26:19 28Apr67 Gen. William C. Westmoreland speaking before joint session of Congress calling for continued support in Vietnam.

13:27:27 Westmoreland and LBJ at White House reception. LBJ I do not expect every American to agree with each action...facts better understood. Return to Westmoreland speaking before Congress. We will prevail in Vietnam over the Communist aggressor.

Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential entertaining; Economics; World Trade; Latin America Common Market; Vietnam War;

News Review of 1966

Vars montage summary of world events

02:51:18: 7 Nations Summit Meeting, Manila

02:51:33: LB Johnson visits US troops South Vietnam

02:51:50: 1966 US elections; new MI Governor Romsey; Percy defeats Douglas; Edward Brook first black Senator, MA; Rockefeller re-elected; Reagan elected in CA; Lurlene Wallace replaces husband as governor of AL; Robert Wheeler first black cabinet member

02:53:03: Re-election UN Secretary-General

02:53:18: Charles de Gaulle, Moscow; evicts NATO

02:53:42: Florence flood ruins art

02:54:05: Gunman Charles Whitman, University of Texas tower

02:54:34: Funeral children killed in Aberfan school disaster

02:55:00: Pope Paul VI meets Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome

02:55:17: Wedding Lucy Baines-Johnson to Patrick Nugent, TX

02:55:34: Lunar Orbiter 2 pics; prepare Apollo moon landing.

2D Logistical Command (Supermarket of the Pacific) Pt. 1 of 2

19-29May67 Probably in Noha, Okinawa INT Data Processing dept., 2D Logistical Command, Japan? - Local women make out Header Cards. Woman checks requisitions for errors. CUs women as they work. 03:02:31 Two local men at 084 Sorter. CU punch cards out of machine. US soldier checks cards for sequence. Woman operates card puncher / verifier. CUs women as they handle cards. Computer Room where requisitions come in from Transceiving Sec. - rows of women typing.

03:06:19 Man checks stacks of cards; entry in log. Man places tape on IBM 729, checks IBM Printer 1403. CU computer printouts emerging.

03:08:58 Cards are fed into machine (to be transferred onto tape). Tape Library - woman pushes loaded rack. SP4 soldier and civilian operate equipment in Data Processing. Tape is replaced on the 729. Deculator in operation.

Vietnam War. Logistics. Supplies. Information Technology. Computing. Archives. Main-frame computers; Calculators; Data Storage;

2D Logistical Command (Supermarket of the Pacific) Pt. 2 of 2

19-29May67 Probably Noha, Okinawa INT Sergeant operates Buster machine which separates form 1348; forms placed in box. Local man works on sep forms.

03:12:42 Warehouse & forklifts moving crates & boxes in receiving section where supplies are broken down; MSgt directs forklifts. VS workmen break open crates w/ hammer & crowbar. Boxes placed in tote boxes according to zones.

03:18:31 Three women separate items in boxes. Boxes w/ items are put on conveyors. Two women take items from bins, placed in a plastic bag and staple requisition to it.

Vietnam War. Logistics. Supplies. Information Technology. Computing. Archives.

Tactical Communications Operation Junction City II, War Zone C, South Vietnam Pt. 1 of 2

07-09Apr67 2D Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade Jet planes fly over to bomb & strafe enemy positions in jungle; soldiers crouching in dug-in positions in FG, clouds of black smoke seen thru trees. Wounded officer (CO) treated by medics. Wounded photographer waiting to be evacuated by helicopter.

03:24:39 Wounded CO using radio to direct soldiers under attack. Two UH-1Ds land in cloud of dust. Wounded soldiers wait evacuation. Soldier speaks over PRC-25 radio. Soldier w/ leg wound helped to the rear. Soldier talks over radio.

03:26:02 Firing 81mm mortar. Wounded soldier being treated & carried on litter to UH-1D medical copter - GOOD. GI drinks from canteen. UH-1D takes off. VS soldiers hug the ground & take cover as they come under enemy fire - good close shots as GIs crawl over ground & leap into shell holes. Medics treat soldier w/ hand wound. Officer in dug-in CP speaks over radio. UH-1D takes off.

03:30:36 GREAT shot flight of four UH-1D copters coming in to land - pass overhead, one lands near cloud of yellow smoke & waiting GIs. Soldiers board copters & take off. Soldier at doorway of airborne copter. Air to air shots copters in flight - very Apocalypse Now; AV smoke rising from terrain. Helicopter hovers above runway, vehicles & debris in BG. Very good general action & evacuation scenes.

Vietnam War; Battle; Fighting; GIs;

Tactical Communications Operation Junction City II, War Zone C, South Vietnam Pt. 2 of 2

07-09Apr67 2D Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade - CU radio equipment on ground. Soldiers wait to board copters, smile at camera. Radio operators check their PRC-25 radios. Large group of soldiers rest while they wait for arrival of helicopters - inc. Black GIs. Yellow smoke from signal grenade in BG. Five UH-1D copters coming in to land; soldiers board the UH-1Ds & take off.

03:35:16 Two soldiers in dense brush. Soldiers checking aerial photos w/ maps. Soldiers resting & walking about as they wait for helicopter. Soldier draped w/ ammunition belts sits on ground. Soldiers under fire take cover. Soldier digs foxhole. Officer looks at map, speaks over radio. Soldier crawls to officer in CP bunker. Soldiers fire 81mm mortar. Wounded soldier carried on litter. Officer speaks on radio.

03:39:35 Badly wounded soldier treated & carried to UH-1D copter which takes off. VS wounded soldiers waiting for medical evac helicopter. Soldiers in foxholes; others crawling & hugging ground as they come under enemy fire. Officer speaks over radio. Soldiers set up a screen of fire as they fire their M-16 rifles into the jungle. Soldier w/ jammed M-16; another soldier comes to his aid. Soldiers fire 81mm mortar. Soldiers w/ M-16 rifles at the ready, then firing into brush. Very good general action & evacuation scenes.

Vietnam War; Battles; Fighting;

Tactical Communications Operation Junction City II, War Zone C, South Vietnam

07-09Apr67 2D Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade

SAME AS 03:22:42 - 03:43:14 - ERROR BY COLORLAB OR NARA

Attack On Da Nang, South Vietnam; Airmobile Firing Platform for 105mm Howitzer (06Dec67) Color

DaNang, South Vietnam

Wounded civilians brought into hotel lobby for treament by US medics; several kids on stretcher. Crying & distraught parents. Ambulance arrives.

21:10:52 Suspected Vietcong, mostly women lined up & lead away, many wounded & bandaged. Bodies of dead North Vietnam soldiers. Heavily damaged Ch-46 marine helicopter; damaged U-6 Beaver w/ many bullet holes. UH-1D w/ tail shot away & most windows shot out. CU.

21:12:10 More of hotel lobby & treating wounded. US military confer w/ Viet civilians.

21:13:09 Dead North Vietnam soldiers, dragged away by ropes. One badly burned, others apparently beaten. Display of captured weapons.

21:14:14 06Dec67 105mm Howitzers on 24 ft square platforms near shore 30 km SW of Saigon. US & ARVN troops (Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division) run onto & prepare for firing. Man on phone gets coordinates, barrel raised & fired several times. Huts & village w/ church (?) seen in background.

Vietnam War; Horrors of War; Atrocities;

Operation Gadsden (Gadsen), Trai Bee, Vietnam 28Jan-05Feb67 R3 of 3 Color

Involved 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division commanded by Col Marshall B. Garth, & 196th Light Inf. Brigade, Brigadier General Richard T. Knowles commanding. 30 km northwest of Tay Ninh, vicinity of Lo Go & Xom Gina on Cambodian border.

05Feb67 25th Infantry Div. troops searching captured Viet Cong hospital complex in heavy jungle, inspect captured material, set hut on fire.

21:21:15 03Feb67 APC thru jungle followed by troops, troops checking hideout, papers. 05Feb67 Load grain sacks onto APC & leave. Burning hut.

21:23:30 03Feb67 GI sketching or making notes in jungle of VC camp; others looking around. APC w/ sandbags & troops through swampy jungle. Officers & men talking in MCU. Leaving on patrol thru brush. 06Feb67 Smoking in jungle, on patrol. Wounded carried out on stretcher.

21:27:51 06Feb67 Heavy smoke; treating wounded. Black smoke rising over trees & F-4 making bomb run close by w/ more explosions & smoke. Men carrying out stretcher w/ body bag.

Vietnam War; Fighting;

Operation Cedar Falls, War Zone C, Vietnam 10-20Jan67 R3 of 5 Color

[Note: Cedar Falls battle was 08-26Jan67, preceeding Operation Junction City]

M-48 tank along edge of clearing past camera & resting troops. Troops thru jungle following tank tracks. Bulldozers clearing jungle guided by soldiers on ground, one w/ radio. CU exhaust. POV from dozers moving red soil.

21:32:25 Viet Cong prisoners sitting w/ hands tied alongside destroyed buildings, two are women. Male prisoner questioned by ARVN while GI smoking cigar & another listens. Medics treat woman prisoner.

21:34:32 Bulldozer working clearing jungle, destroying remains of shack. Smoke rising from ?? Viet Cong interrogated.

21:37:50 UH-1D taking off from clearing, smoking rising in distance. Aerials over base camp & mortar emplacements. View of gunner in door of copter. Pilots & front windows from behind. View of farming.

Vietnam War;

Viet Cong Film Captured During Operation Junction City (1967) R2 Pt. 1 of 3

Seated men. Viet Cong w/ camouflage running across road toward & past camera; watching overhead, crossing fields. Cutting up metal drums, hammering, welding. Older women hoeing, clearing among debris (may be of cemetery).

21:59:44 Men carrying large bomb through jungle on poles. Hammering & undoing fuse. Planting mines in road & along trail.

22:01:00 Men run thru jungle and into put supplies ?? pillbox. Digging tunnel. Removing dirt.

22:02:09 Large number of men working on ammunition (camera has shutter problems)

22:02:39 Camouflaged soldiers across clearing; walking along trail in sandles past camera (GOOD).

22:03:45 Blowing bugle. Firing rifle in jungle & running, wearing camouflage. Across meadow & firing machine gun. CU feet past camera. CU of antipersonnel mine being set up (says: front, towards enemy)more on part 2. Other Viet Cong booby traps.

Vietnam War; Anti-Imperialism; Revolution; Cu-Chi Viet Cong Tunnels; Construction;

Captured Viet Cong Film During Operation Junction City (1967) R2 Pt. 2 of 3

Viet Cong building road barricade w/ trees, branches etc. Night. (v. dark)

22:06:29 Building booby trap (?) by covering pit with bamboo or saplings & leaves & dirt. CU shoveling dirt, stamping into place. Setting mines alongside and covering with dirt.

22:08:06 Putting stakes into pit & covering w/ light branches & leaves. Viet Cong moving thru jungle. In trenches w/ light machine guns.

22:10:51 Man giving demonstration on anti-personnel mine to troops in black. Same type as on pt. 1 of R2

Large group at training session in jungle w/ man reading from front. Banner over stage may refer to 12/66.

CU listening, applauding. Men at table making electical parts by soldering & fixing etc. Salvaged? Testing telegraph key.

Vietnam War; Anti-Imperialism; Revolution;

Captured Viet Cong Film During Operation Junction City (1967) R2 Pt. 3 of 3

Tree branches, CU of US military radiosonde transmitter, pictures of American kids, id card, medals all displayed on black blanket.

22:15:37 CU of leaflet Thanh Tich Dhien Dau Cua Doan 37 22.12.1964 - 22.12.1966 Tilt down poster.

22:15:59 Viet Cong in tent reading flyers. Hanging up on line. Lessons at tables in jungle.

22:17:05 Leveled field, cut tree trunks w/ booby traps. Tall trees w/ fruit. Rice paddies. Planes overhead. People digging, burning rice remains & preparing paddies. People w/ rifles in fields planting. People soldering tin cans and filling w/ gasoline or ?? for roadside bombs or mines.

22:20:12 Woman distributing leaflets to people in clearing. Reading while smoking. Sign: Bien-Hoa Dong Xuan more.

Van w/ many people in it. Indoctrination lecture in clearing. Woman lecturing.

Vietnam War; Anti-Imperialism; Revolution;

Security - Saigon Prepares Against Terrorists

Special boats patrol waterways of Mekong River - American Soldiers searching native canoes. Shots of shoreline from boat - huts. Saigon street scenes with security posts. Military police search civilians.

Viet Dogs - Trained For Sentry And Guard Duty

German Shepard dogs go thru refresher training course after arriving in Vietnam. GI in protective gear waves and gets attacked. Handler pulls him off. Sits beside keeper in MCU. Man in Vietnamese hat waves & lets dog attack him.

Vietnamese War; Animals Training;

Vietnam - Big Enemy Force Repulsed By G.I. s

Heavily damaged trucks from convoy attacked by Viet Cong. South Vietnam troops & US soldiers move across stream & thru water carrying rifles over shoulders. Captured blindfolded Vietcong prisoners on ground & women moving thru marsh. Group of captured men waiting helicopter. GI putting powder on feet; another in MCU w/ radiophone & helicopter landing. Prisoners boarding plane.

Vietnam War; Prisoners Evacuation; POWs;

Vatican City [VP Humphrey & wife visit Vatican]

Vice President Humphrey at Vatican for official state visit & posing w/ wife & Pope in MCU. Looking at gift of a book of color reproductions of Raphael fresco in the Vatican. Humphrey gave the Pope a desk clock and two documents on Vietnam. Pope shakes hands with them.

Religious Diplomacy; Catholic Religion; Gifts;

Thousands Parade To Support Nation s Soldiers In Vietnam

New York City Police color guard w/ flags leading parade to salutes from WWII veterans on reviewing stand. Crowd along Central Park w/ flags & cameras. Chuck Conners leads group of boys w/ flags. Protesters w/ signs on sidelines behind police barricades. Good scuffle or fight w/ anti-Vietnam protester broken up after oil & feathers poured on him. Communist flags burning. Teamster Truck w/ people & sign: Commies Go To Hell.

American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Pro-Vietnam Involvement Parade; Anti-Vietnam Sign; Anti-Communists; Anti-Communism; Cold War; Vietnam War; Homefront; Right Wing Patriotism;

[Detroit Riot Aftermath 28Jul67] Pt. 1 of 2

Soldier w/ rifle watching traffic past. Sunny day & burned out wreckage of cars & building from outside & inside. Church in background. Troops patrol stret past burned out buildings, two kids walk past, traffic on street. Charred wood dangling. Army vehicles in fornt of building, soldiers guarding, delivery men w/ handtrucks & boxes.

02:02:43 Pan across smoking wreckage of collapsed gutted brick buildings. Pan along street front of still standing businesses w/ signs, plywood over windows. Passing traffic seen from inside burned buildings. Sidewalk shot of burned awnings. Soldiers w/ rifles boarding army truck, several moving down street w/ traffic. Jeep down street, Blacks on sidewalk; burned buildings & pedestrians, blue sky above. Burned telephone booths.

02:05:35 Flames of burning debris in collapsed building. Soldiers in jeep watching traffic, one talking on radio; MCU w/ microphone of walkie talkie; soldier at wheel in MCU w/ rifle at ready. Traffic shots. Jeep patrolling.

02:08:39 Traffic & Black pedestrians past collapsed buildings. Views from inside buildings. CUs deformed metal gates & beams. Bottles in ashes. Burned out Laundromat w/ sign. Water spray from burst pipe & burned washing machine in rubble. Traffic. Continued...

Note: Rioting started by police raid on Blind Pig afterhours club where return of Vietnam veterans was being celebrated, lasted from 23-28Jul67 43 killed, 1189 injured, 7200 arrested.

Ghetto; Negroes; Civil Rights; Poverty; Economics; National Guardsmen; 82nd Airborne Troops;

[Detroit Riot Aftermath 28Jul67] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... National Guard or 82nd Airborne Officers at desk on telephones & filling out papers in front of map. Major General & Lt. General of Army at desk talking. Army officer talking w/ two civilian officials in office. CU Army Officer talking (MOS); CU civilian nodding & civilian listening. CU signs: Communications; Intelligence taped to wall & personnel at work at desk looking at papers & talking. Civilians in white shirts & ties wearing headsets.

02:14:18 Man on telephone beside large manual typewriter. Newspapers on desk, civilian man laughing on phone. Man (journalist?) w/ pipe typing on manual typewriter. MCU glass office door w/ signs: Press Room. Three 82nd Airborne officers talking. Policeman in motorcycle helmet w/ rifle talking of seated. Black Military Police MP standing outside office door.

02:17:09 Ext. w/ trailer house offices behind barbed wire coils; soldier enters. Sign: F. Bruesser s Col Masquerade Theatrical Costumers Make Up seen thru barbed wire. Michigan Bell Telephone van parked, CU of logo. Soldiers walking. Sign: Restricted area. Guards outside trailer offices w/ sign: TF Detroit Operations.

02:19:28 Army soldiers w/ rifles blocking side street, traffic past on major street. Soldier w/ rifle talking to teenage boy outside Wayne County building. Jeep patrolling. LS Detroit Police Department building, 10th Precinct. CU sign on side. MCU poldier w/ rifle. Others outside 10th Precinct building.

Note: Rioting started by police raid on Blind Pig afterhours club where return of Vietnam veterans was being celebrated, lasted from 23-28Jul67 43 killed, 1189 injured, 7200 arrested.

Ghetto; Negroes; Civil Rights; Poverty; Economics; National Guardsmen; 82nd Airborne Troops;

[Detroit Riot, 26Jul67] Pt. 1 of 2

82nd Airborne beside jeeps, leaving building in riot area w/ rifle fitted w/ bayonets. Officer talking to them. Jeeps down residential street, past business shot from on jeep. Down alley, soldiers off & covering buildings w/ rifles. Soldier getting Blacks to move out of car; POV past burned storefronts, w/ signs. Debris on sidewalk. Past burned Salvation Army store.

02:26:14 Jeep arrives at corner, crowd beyond. Soldiers guarding fire truck in residential area. Kids watching. Burning building beyond soldier w/ rifle. Soldier on radio standing by jeep; crowd beyond watching. Kids on bicycles men walking looking, people on porches watching. Troops in street in MCU. Soldiers climbing onto jeeps, POV down street.

02:28:37 Troops inside school sleepign, resting. White soldier reading Holiday magazine. Soldiers sleeping. Playing cards. CU Airborne patch. Soldier sleeping in jeep.

02:30:37 Army vehicles parked in park seen from helicopter taking off. Aerials over undamaged residential area & buildings where military is based. Army vehicles parked in center of school cinder track. Residential area, light smoke in distance. No damage seen. Continued...

Note: Rioting started by police raid on Blind Pig afterhours club where return of Vietnam veterans was being celebrated, lasted from 23-28Jul67 43 killed, 1189 injured, 7200 arrested.

Ghetto; Negroes; Civil Rights; Poverty; Economics; National Guardsmen; 82nd Airborne Troops;

[Detroit Riot, 26Jul67] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Aerials from helicopter over burned out buildings & residences. Circling around heavy white smoke from smouldering business, light traffic on street, no fire fighting, buildings alongside gutted. Other smouldering buildings among gutted buildings. Sign: Honest Joe s seen on building w/ much smoke.

02:38:03 Aerial over block of burned out residences. LS of smoking neighborhood. Several areas of fires seen w/ smoke, some flames still burning.

02:41:27 View over undamaged middle class neighborhood w/ affluent homes & swimming pools. Cameraman in doorway of helicopter. Helicopter landing at Air Base w/ many UH-1B helicopters & planes on tarmac.

Note: Rioting started by police raid on Blind Pig afterhours club where return of Vietnam veterans was being celebrated, lasted from 23-28Jul67 43 killed, 1189 injured, 7200 arrested.

Ghetto; Negroes; Civil Rights; Poverty; Economics; National Guardsmen; 82nd Airborne Troops;

Danang (Anti-Viet Cong Demonstration)

Demonstrators w/ banners protest against North Vietnamese Viet Cong. Old men, women, others march thru streets.

Newsreel Propaganda; 1967 Vietnam War;

[Army Tugboats, 07-08Jul67]

08Jul67 View from tugboat approaching barge in Vietnamese harbor. Wild sound. Tug secured to barge w/ heavy rrope. Soldier at wheel of tug as it gets underway, freighters anchored in distance. Barge thru water toward dock, view of barge from tug pilothouse.

10:43:18 Tug seen underway & coming alongside barge seen from barge. Secured by large line to crane barge. Views in crew s quarters w/ bunks,lockers.

10:46:50 Captain s quarters.

10:47:15 Galley & cooking at stove. Five crew men eating & talking.

10:49:47 Crane lifting LCM onto barge. Tugboat pulls alongside & pushes barge across harbor to dock.

10:52:40 Six crew eating dinner at table on fatail of tug. Crewman at grill cooking steaks on tugboat deck. Views of eating under canvas cover. CU steaks. Crew relaxing seen from barge. Freighter anchored in background. (GOOD COLOR)

Military Daily Life; Vietnam War; Transportation Support;

Carrier Forrestal - Returns Home After Tragic Fire

Crowd waving from shore as aircraft carrier arrives from Vietnam. Some hold signs. Crewmen off, greeted by wives & children. Kisses. Damaged area of flight deck seen. People waving flags. Cameramen follow woman running to sailor & kissing him.

Vietnam War - Homefront; Returning Navy Ship; Homecoming; Military;

A Day In Vietnam Pt. 1 of 2

Narrated by Jack Webb, USIA

Intercut demonstrators Outside White House & wounded soldiers in Vietnam. Soldier treating baby.

03:58:45 Titles Aerials over port w/ shipping, city & countryside w/ convoy on highway. Da Nang Airbase & briefing explaining initial landing & subsequent buildup. At map w/ pointer showing North vs South Vietnam.

Explains areas occupied by US. Da Nang at center of I Corps north of 17th parallel.

04:02:07 Marines in field cleaning weapons, opening cans of C rations & eating, smoking. Moving thru rice paddies, thru elephant grass & jungle trees. Booby trap w/ nails shown; planted bomb. Mine sweepers on road. Trucks & troops along road. Vietnamese along road, checking papers. VO: treated w/ fairness under Geneva Convention.

04:04:39 Captured Viet Cong w/ tags lined up. Marine helicopter lands & troops run off. Running thru paddy, treat wounded. Run along ditch & move up; artillery called in & firing. Troops move up, burning huts & leaving. Women & children in front of huts of farm village. Marines along road wearing leaves; talk to kids, treat kids w/ mothers

04:07:43 US marines & South Vietnam soldiers patrolling; in large canoes on river. Work w/ kids on small construction projects (Civic Action Program). Classroom instruction battle to win hearts and minds.

04:09:05 Soldiers medical corpsman washing kids w/ soap & water; treating adult. Sailors on small boats in river; advising South Vietnam navy. Patrolling junks & small ships in Operation Market Time. Inspecting boats.

04:10:46 Aircraft Carrier, loading & arming bombs, montage of launching many planes. Helicopter & POV from helicopter searching & rescueing by lowering swimmer w/ life raft; lifting into helicopter.

Vietnam War Military Propaganda; US Marine Corps; Battles;

A Day In Vietnam Pt. 2 of 2

Destroyer firing guns to shore. Aerial over amphibious task force w/ ship & helicopters on LPH, marine troops boarding helicopters, taking off. Inside helicopter & aerials over beach assault group off landing craft & wading ashore; marines into jungle past camera. Wading river, thru jungle up & down.

04:16:50 Fighting, automatic rifles; crouched down. Pilots running to planes, called in for air supprot. Marine plane w/ rockets taking off, in flight & air controller directing napalm. POV from plane & ground of explosion. figher bombers dropping bombs & explosions. Machine gun on hilltop firing smoking gun. Treating wounded & helicopter loaded & lifting off. USS Repose hospital ship & helicopter ladning on deck w/ wounded taken into operating room.

04:19:33 Lab technicians performing tests. Red Cross on ship stack. Chaplain holding service on land. Men stand & listen.

04:20:28 Dead bodies & marines moving thru; covering bodies. Body bag put on helicopter, lifting off. Three soldiers writing letters in stills w/ voice-over; very pro-military & against the anti-war movement.

04:23:45 Marine troops moving thru jungle; men on ships working. Marines in field & villages. Playing w/ kids. MCUs of troops of Navy & Marines. The End.

Vietnam War Military Propaganda; US Marine Corps; Battles;

River Patrol Pt. 1 of 2

Ships at anchor, Jun67, USS Harnett County (LST-821) in mouth of Co Chien River, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Anchored w/ small boats attached to poles. Cu of faces of men in patrol boats, helicopter over river.

09:00:55 Title: River Patrol

Aerials of delta, farm lands, palm trees & toward & landing on deck of LST-821. Loading rockets & refueling. River patrol boats from ship, plotting on map; officers on shipboard & men at guns. Vietnam junk nearby. Helicopter patrol leaves, POV over delta, mountain ridge. Officer on ship, morning quarters, orders.

09:04:50 POV river boat leaving LST-821, put on helmet, loading machine gun. Boats along, CU men on board; from land boats into small channel, US flag flying; past small boat being poled w/ eight or ten people. Passing boats past villages. Man signalling sampan, checking papers, watching w/ rifles, searching w/ metal detector. Checking papers. Talking to Vietnamese, families.

09:08:41 Soldiers lighting cigarettes, eating from cans. CU faces looking tired beside rifles. Returning to LST-821, maintaining ship & weapons. Lifting river boat on board, lowering into hold. CU maintenance of motor. Working on helicopter & replacing parts.

09:11;06 Playing cards, reading newspaper comics, writing letters & reading magazine. Navy corpsman packing drugs & medicine. Visiting village w/ other soldiers, followed by kids; giving candy bars. Village of Hung Me (sp?) & villagers w/ patients given pills, ointment & medicine via translatorrs.

Vietnam War; Pacification Efforts; Patrollling;

River Patrol Pt. 2 of 2

CU Medic on river, POV spray. Sun thru clouds. Riverboat speeding along river, dark clouds over Mekong Delta. Rain falling on water, on ship deck of anchored USS Harnett County (LST-821) in mouth of Co Chien River.

09:16:03 Men talking over maps in ship. Men on deck getting orders; pov from behind foliage of river boats POV back from boats moving slowly w/ men at guns. Boats turn back for another route. Spray & wake, men at guns. Firing into river & explosion; boats turn to return fire by machine guns, men talk in radio; int. of radio room receiving & calling helicopters. Scramble w/ crew running to stations, men run board & give orders (SOF); motors started, lift off & POV from chopper.

09:21:33 Riverboats pov, firing guns. Aerial from chopper over Mekong Delta & river. Firing from helicpoter; helicopter banking for another run.

09:24:03 POV from boat as helicopters over. POV over land; firing rockets seen from other helicopter & POV of firing & strfing runs along & over canals. Explosion to black.

09:25:35 Helicopter partially submerged & men unload into river boat; injured in stetcher sling onto LST-821. Sunset from air over Delta; POV firing tracers at night. Credits: Director Manuel J. Perez, others Latin-Americans.

Vietnam War; Pacification Efforts; Patrolling; Latinos; Fighting;

Airbase Shelled - Soviet Rockets Used In Attack

Planes on flight line; damaged military buildings viewed by soldiers & civilians. Village leveled, people walk thru wreckage still smoking. Man pouring water from small bucket. Bodies covered as people stand around looking, crying.

Vietnam War; Shelling Aftermath; 1967 DaNang Airbase;

News In Brief - Washington, D.C. (Medal of Honor Awarded To Marine)

Navy Secretary Paul Nitze places ribbon w Medal of Honor on Harvey Barnum Jr. Salute & marches off.Military Combat Awards; Vietnam War;

Protests, Protests, Protests

Catholic Refugees marching thru night streets of Saigon w/ banners & torches. Priest w/ beads; puppets laying on ground. People laughing as effegies burned. Swish pan...

10:09:54 Students at Central University of Caracas push down metal fence & march protesting occupation by police & investigation of communist & subversive activities on campus. Swish pan...

10:10:11 Gas company workers in Rome sit-in blocking traffic, arrested & moved along by police. Banners. Swish pan...

10:10:38 Man in Munich backyard w/ home-made catapult to launch dumplings at low airplanes. Dachshund dog retrieves them. Wife grating more potatoe Canoodles. (kneidels)

10:11:38 The End.

Jewish Food; Oddities; Gags; Economics; Demonstrations; 1960s Activists;

Foe s Last Line - U.S. Troops Take Hill 875

US jet bomber overhead, GIs moving through destroyed trees w/ rifles; soldier on radio-phone; captured weapons & ammuntion dumped out & soldiers poke about.

Note: Major battle 03-22Nov67 near Dak To in Konturn Province in Central Highlands.

Vietnam War; Propaganda; Battles;

News In Brief - Vietnam

Barren hilltop near Dak To w/ fortifications dug in & GIs moving about. Chinook helicopter lowering water tank wagon. GIs near artillery w/ shells stacked around & filling sandbags. Sign re You Yell, We Shell Like Hell. Artillery firing, explosions on wooded hillsides. Mortars fired. View from helicopter.

Note: Major battle 03-22Nov67 near Dak To in Konturn Province in Central Highlands.

Vietnam War; Fighting; Propaganda;

News In Brief (Vietnam, DaNang, 1967)

Large fire burning DaNang Airbase; barracks burning in LS.

10:57:06 Daylight & rubble, craters on runways. Collapsed buildings, corrugated metal twisted & charred & aircraft smoking.

Vietnam War; Vietcong Attack;

[Vietnam War - Marine Fighter Attack Squadron No. 122, F-4 Activity, Da Nang AB, 07-11Oct67]

Slate: 07Oct67 Da Nang AFB. Cameraman Griffin. Marine Douglas F-4B Phantom Jet planes out of revetment, taxi & take off. Landings w/ drag shoots, taxiing, pilots out of planes.

22:05:2? Slate: 11Oct67 Da Nang. MFA 122. Cameraman Griffin. Servicing, changing LOX (oxygen) bottles.

22:08:0? Pilot, 1st Lt. John R. McEncore, in ready room writing on pad; on telephone & writing notes.

22:08:5? MCU reaching for ?? radio-telephone. Pilots run out of ready-room trailer.

Slate: 07Oct67 Da Nang Cameraman T.E. Campau. Pilot Capt. Gary Fors (missing in action 22Dec67) into plane & Weapons Systems Officer 1st Lt. G.K. Lashlee (rescued 22Dec67). Signalman & plane taxis out of frame.

Vietnam War; VMFA-122 Unit; Mag-11; Danang;

[Vietnam War - Marine Fighter Attack Squadron No. 122, F-4 w/ 500 lb bombs & Sparrow missiles, Da Nang AB, 07-09Oct67]

Slate: 07Oct67 Da Nang AFB. Four Douglas F-4B Marine planes landing past camera w/ drag shoots deploying, taxi past; ground crew inspects underneath & directs to parking; chute dropped & into revetment.

22:15:2? Slate: 09Oct67 Da Nang AB Weapons loader to 500 lb bombs on rack & lifted from trailer to plane, lifting & mounting under F-4. Leader.

22:18:0? Slate: 09Oct67 Da Nang AB Two ground crew mounting bomb rack w/ three unfused bombs. Taking fuzes, aka fuses, from box & arming. Removing safety. Some may be 250 lb bombs. GOOD CUs.

22:20:4? Slate: 09Oct67 Dan Nang AB Pilot & Radar Intercept Operator inspecting under plane. Boarding aircraft - two sets of crew seen. Planes taxi, fold down wing tips, taxi. Plane leaving revetment. Signalman guiding.

Vietnam War; VMFA-122 Unit; Mag-11; Danang; Ground Crewman;

Cameraman T.E. Campau.

[Vietnam War - Marine Fighter Attack Squadron No. 122, F-4s & other planes, Da Nang AB, 07-09Oct67]

Weapons loader moves 250 lb bombs under plane; carrier mounted & bombs fuzed.

22:24:5? F4 Phantom jet w/ chute to camera; groundsman deflates chute & plane taxiis to service area & fueling hose attached. KC-130F taxiis past after landing. Camouflaged USAF F-102 Delta Dagger landing.

22:26:2? Slate: 09Oct67 VMFA 122 Cameraman T.E. Campau. Two Marines A6A Intruders landing. Marines KC-130F landing; Two F-4s landing, ground crew releasing parachute, puts on wing; second pulls up, parachute captured & released & put on wing; plane guided.

22:29:0? Slate: 11Oct67 VMFA 122 briefing. T.E. Campau. Pilots in briefing room talking; one picks up phone & they take notes. CUs. Put down phone & leave.

22:31:0? POV from rear seat in plane on take off.

22:31:3? Out window, F4 plane below; over rough mountains & canyons; farming valley & river w/ settlements. Sky seen.

Vietnam War; VMFA-122 Unit; Flying; Danang; MAG-11;

[Vietnam War: Loading Bombs on F-8J & Take Off]

F-8J (?) taking off past camera.

22:44:1? Ground crew in revetment fitting four 500 lb bombs onto carrier or bomb rack. Picking up w/ hydraulic hoist type tractor, weapons loader, & moved across tarmac to under Marine F-8J Crusader plane wing & attached. Others brought; CU of man working handles to position for attaching. Fuzing the bombs; removing safety pin.

22:46:1? Taxiing & take off.

Aircraft 1970s; Marine Corps;

[Vietnam, Christmas Story ca 13-14Dec67] Pt. 1 of 2

Sandbagged bunker, pan to soldiers stepping over barbed wire returning to camp from patrol. Others returning to bunker, sitting in shade of bunker. Mail call & letters given out. One opens christmas wrappings on box & takes out dcorated tree. CU smiling faces watching. CU reading christmas card.

01:44:11 Slate 13Dec67 Same soldiers sitting w/ Christmas tree box. Red Cross girl in tight yellow blouse comes up w/ officer & men carrying box, gives out cards & ditty bags as gifts to men. Stand talking looking at contents. MCU soldier smoking cigarette.

01:49:13 She throws ditty bag to men on guard duty on top of bunker. They catch them.

01:49:40 Girl holding mic talking to camera (no sound).

Vietnam War; 1967; 1960s; Holidays; Traditional Celebrations; Tradition;

[Vietnam, Christmas Story ca 13-14Dec67] Pt. 2 of 2

01:49:59 Slate. LTC Daniel L. Baldwin, Bn Commander carves turkey watched by soldiers & two Red Cross girls. White Christmas tree beside table. Food served. CU of turkey; serving food. Men w/ paper plates.

01:53:08 MCU GIs sitting at table eating w/ plastic utensiles

01:54:01 Slate. Red Cross girls distribute packages to soldiers.

01:55:45 MCU Soldier opening package w/ machete; looks at contents & holds up underwear. CU snacks.

01:56:52 Slate. Soldiers open cookie tin & passes out.

01:57:29 Aerial over command post. Sandbags spell out Merry Xmas.

01:58:56 MCU soldiers reading mail.

Vietnam War; 1967; 1960s; Holidays; Traditional Celebrations; Tradition; Greetings;

[Vietnam War - HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant Helicopters, Aerial Refueling 08Dec67] Pt. 1 of 2

Slate 08Dec67 Pan w/ HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant taking off from airbase; descending & landing; taking off again. Several in flight.

02:17:10 leader.

02:17:18 Aerial of HH-53 In flight above clouds.

02:18:09 Aerial of HH-53 w/ camouflage paint over heavy forest w/ villages below in clearings. HH-53 from various angles

02:20:05 leader

02:20:13 Aerial against forest. Aerial of explosion in distance. Aerial of HH-53 from above while firing miniguns from right side door. Aerial flying right to left over heavily damaged ground & marked landing circles or target circles.

02:21:37 Slate: 08Dec67 POV from inside HH-53; pilots hand on stick, hand on instrument panel, view out front window. View of HC-130P refueling plane w/ HH-53 approaching boom & funnel. Coupling & fueling. Release. CU of attaching. Leader.

02:24:48 View from cockpit of HH-53 w/ refueling plane pulling away above clouds. CU Hands on instruments & controls.

02:27:03 Ground w/ shadow over trees & farm fields.

Vietnam War; Fighting; Aviation; Military Helicopters; Airplanes; Jungle; 1967; 1960s;

[Vietnam War - HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant Helicopters, 29Nov67] Pt. 2 of 2

Helicopter shaow over farm fields. (GOOD) Instrument panel knobs & switches. POV coming in for landing on airstrip. Landing, taxiing, crewman guiding in on metal surface - construction seen beyond. CU hand shutting down controls. Leader.

02:30:42 Slate: 29Nov67 Crew in front of HH-53 at briefing, two w/ red berets. MCU. Boarding HH-53 from outside & inside. Pilot & co-pilot into cockpit, strapping in. Leader.

02:33:36 Slate: 29Nov67 Fitting helmets; sitting down. CUs.

02:34:51 Taxiing & taking off. Leader.

02:36:16 Slate: 29Nov67 Flight engineer, instrument panel & switches. Gunner at minigun in open doorway. CU hands setting up gun & maneuvering. Gunners on both sides. MCU firing. Bursts of flame; barrels turning. CU flame at end of barrel. Tracers.

Vietnam War; Fighting; Aviation; Military Helicopters; Airplanes; Jungle; 1967; 1960s;

News In Brief - Guam (LBJ Visit)

Crowd waiting for LBJ under welcome banner; off plane w/ ?? and shaking hands w/ island VIPs including Retiring Ambassador Lodge & new Amb. Ellsworth Bunker; General Westmoreland. Premier Ky shaking hands w/ LBJ, Sec. Rusk & McNamara.

05:42:54 LBJ shaking & touching hands w/ waving crowd. Walks & shakes hands w/ others.

Vietnam War Diplomacy; 1967;

Vietnam (North Vietnam Bicycles Used For Transport)

North Vietnamese loading burlap bags onto bicycles & adding branches for camouflage. Tie on loads & walking bicycles along road, across bridges. Long line on dike.

Vietnam War; 1967; Transportation; Goods;

[Vietnam War - Air Strike missions, SE Asia, 07Nov67 - 04Mar68]

23Nov67 Pilot Maj. Gunster, A-1E, No. 598, Unit 1st ACSF Three bomb explosions in jungle.

16:00:04 23Nov67 , 1st ACSF. Pilot: Peterson, a-1E No. 893. Firing 2.75 rockets & Cluster Bomb Unit drop looking ahead; rockets into forest, explosions not seen.

16:03:14 27Nov67 Pilots: Maj. Gunster & Helmick, two A-1Es No. 007 & 646, 1st ACSF. View down from behind, large explosions burning. Smoke & small bursts below tree cover.

16:04:21 07Dec67 Pilot: Capt. Yarborough, A-1E No. 646 1st ACSF. CBU-14 bomblets dropping & exploding seen from behind seeing them twisting down into woods after farm fields, many bursts & smoke. Logging roads visible Second pass w/ bomblets dropping. Explosions in jungle seen thru haze. Third low level pass, bomblets seen against ridge line, some explode in air others down & explode in forest. Farm fields & pond w/ explosion at edge of picture.

16:09:03 07Nov67 Pilot: Maj. Westfall, A-1E, No. 893, Unit 1st ACSF Operation Tiger Hound. Seen from rear w/ very GOOD film of Cluster Bomb Unit-14 releasing & dropping. Impacting & exploding in trees, turning over smoke. Dropping more CBU-14s into jungle, explosions. Cluster Bomb Unit dispenser & rocket pod falling.

16:11:47 27Nov67 Pilot Capt. Yarborough, A-1E No. 007, 1st Air Commando Squadron. Rear view of large white cloud up from M-117 explosion; smoke, trees & jungle foliage w/ larege explosion from MK-82 500 lb bomb.

16:13:34 24Nov67 Pilot Maj. Gunster, A-1E, No. 448, 1st Air Commando Squadron. Rear view of MK-82 explosion w/ concussion wave visible, smaller explosions. More MK-82s.

16:16:20 04Mar68 Pilot Maj. Westfall, A-1G, No. 865, 6th Air Commando Squadron. View to rear of large explosion of napalm dropping & exploding in forest. Cluster Bomb Unit-5 bomblets released; through smoke. Second pass thru smoke. w/ burning napalm seen.

1960s; 1968; Military; Air Force;

Vietnam - Planes Support Ground Forces

14:10:39 Many US First Air Cavalry helicopters moving seen from ground, air. Firing rockets. POV from inside helicopter. Men out of chopper seen from another slightly above. Men run across field.

14:11:23 CU dropping grenade into launcher, fire. Explosion w/ smoke; rifles firing, machine guns. Jet dropping napalm

14:11:44 Infantry man stands up & leads others across field. Napalm dropped.

Vietnam War; Fighting; Battles; 1967; Oct67;

Washington, DC

14:15:15 Ext of White House in fog. Int. President Johnson putting Medal of Honor around neck of Marine Maj. Howard Lee as wife sons & daughter watch. Major w/ chest of medals.

Vietnam Hero; Military Awards; 1967; LBJ;


14:20:12 Lightweight open Boston Whaler type outboard w/ marines & machine gun mounted in front up river, from another boat. CU of troops on river patrol. Circling & pulling alongside sampan, inspect by hand & w/ mine detector. Leaving.

Propaganda; Military; Vietnam War; Soldiers; 1967; Oct67;

[Vietnam War - PBR & Seawolf Patrol Activities, Mekong Delta Region, 08-09Dec67]

Slate: 08Dec67 USS Harnett County (LST-821) w/ two Seawolf UH-1B copters on board as PBR pulling away. LS underway on river. MS from behind machine gunner on PBR. Following another at high speed w/ US flag flying. Heavily loaded boat underway, stopped & checking papers & searching boat. Junk leaving.

05:12:36 CU of crewman in black beret on PBR enclosed in steel plate (?) protection. PBR releaving another on patrol.

Slate: 08Dec67 CU firing M-60 machine gun on PBR. CU firing 50 caliber machine gun. ECU shells going thru. Crewman firing twin 50 cal towards shore.

05:14:23 Seawolf copter guided for landing on USS Harnett County. MS landing. Another landing on deck; rotors shutting down.

05:15:28 Slate: 09Dec67 Crew hooking up sling to lift PBR out of water; crew onto Harnett County & PBR lifted onto deck. CU crane operators hand on lever. PBR lowered below deck; hand signals given. Men slide down onto deck of PBR & hook raised.

05:18:20 Seawolf in flight taking off from airstriip. CU of pilot or copilot; MCU of machine gunner at door. View of Seawolf firing rockets or machine gun toward riverbank; two PBRs offshore, one listing. View of smoke in village on shore in MeKong Delta. Navy Seawolf seen firing rockets (?). PBRs firing to shore & more smoke. CU firing machine gun from Seawolf w/ camera. Pilot on radio.

Operation Game Warden; Operation Market Time; US Naval Operation; Attack Helicopters; 1967; 1968; Fighting;

[Operation Francis Marion (1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 4th Inf. Div.) Central Highlands, Pleiku Area, South Vietnam] 16-26Oct67 Pt. 1 of 2

Soldiers thru jungle to water, filling canteens from stream. Soldier on guard; soldiers return to camp w/ multiple canteens.

02:08:46 Pup tents, lean-tos of jungle camp; soldiers walking around, helmets beside tents. Eating, relaxing, writing letters, wave at mosquitos & bugs. Sick soldier w/ tag walked out to clearing, UH-1D helicopter lands, takes off.

02:13:20 16Oct67 Soldiers breaking camp, fold tents, gather equipment.

Vietnam War; Jungle Patrol;

[Operation Francis Marion (1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 4th Inf. Div.) Central Highlands, Pleiku Area, South Vietnam] 16-26Oct67 Pt. 2 of 2

Soldiers move out single file thu jungle w/ packs.

02;18:55 Crossing milk-colored stream, drinking water. Washing up in stream & throwing water. Shaving.

02:22:08 Resting, smoking cigarette. Hacking brush in jungle w/ machetes & falling small trees. Tents set up in clearing.

02:25:50 Sharpening machete in camp, GI wearing boars teeth. Soldier shaving w/ safety razor. Washing face; men reading newspapers. Cleaning rifles.

Vietnam War; Jungle Patrol;

[Project Warrior]

Air Force Now

Aerials of fighter plane w/ missiles in flight rolling over.

02:07:39 Vietnam over Red River & bombing thru flak - POV from plane. Explosions. Gun camera & MIG exploding. Col. Dave Hausley (sp?) in Washington park interviewed re Project Warrior & mission to nurture patriotism & sense of purpose & belonging within the Air Force with various programs.

Recruiting Film; Post-Vietnam; Air Power; Mlitary Management; Leadership;

[Vietnam War - Operation Medina, Helicopters & movement w/ wounded evacuation 11-12Oct67]

Catholic Mass being said in large field; large field tents in background. Soldiers receiving sacrament, waiting in line. Praying, heads bowed. CU table w/ chalice.

21:14:34 Slate: 11Oct67 Operation Medina Heli lift from 3 mi. north of Quang Tri to LZ 308377 (card says LZ 308397). Men w/ field packs run to long line of UH1E helicopters & board. CU rotors; taking off past camera & circling. Men running to load, other choppers landing. Inside helicopter.

21:16:07 Men out of copter moving thru blowing grass. Helicopters landing past camera; on grassy knoll unloading & taking off. Leaving empty.

21:16:55 Men on ground on radios; one holds M-16 rifle.

21:17:10 Slate: 11Oct67 Op. Medina from LZ 308377 to 1st check point (Zulu) 324367.Troops down grassy slope & into jungle (dark). Fast stream, men crossing (some dark & w/ shutter problem). Seen from above, man hanging onto hand line w/ water over shoulders. Man gesturing & giving instructions to men crossing.

21:19:43 Slate: 12Oct67 Op Medina from LZ 308377 to 1st check point. Man thru jungle w/ rifle & bullets; wading swamp, heavy vegetation. Men past camera. Along ridge trail, past dead trees. Bomb crater. Man tying C-4 explosive charge to tree, lighting match or pulling fuse. Others past twisted trees & pushing down trees. Inspecting damaged M-16 rifle, CU.

21:22:20 UH34D descending.

21:22:26 Slate: 12Oct67 Op. Medina. Wounded evacuated. Charlie Co. 1/1. Helicopter pushing over dead tree & landing. Men in propwash w/ wounded. Man on PRC-25 radio phone. Helicopter slowly sets down in brush, litter unloaded, three men put on & into helicopter. Lifts off. VERY GOOD.

Religion; Fighting; 1967; 1960s US Military; Evacuation;

Cameraman is Perkins

[Vietnam War - Air Strike missions, SE Asia, 23Sep67 - 24Nov67]

??Sep67 Aerial over fields, explosions from rockets hitting entrenched gun site in forest along stream; pull up over house & other farms w/ forest beyond. Lower pass w/ rockets, same target, helicopter visible on pull up along mountainside. 3rd pass. White phosphorous explosions. Releasing small ?? Fly over showing smoke & fires seen from rear.

15:32:12 23Sep67 Capt. Boone, A-1E no. 888, 1st Air Commando Squadron. Over river w/ bomb craters; MK 81 bombs exploding w/ concussions visible.

15:34:31 10Dec67 Maj. Ives, A-1G no 883, 1st Air Commando Squadron. Over river, MK-81 explosions w/ concussions.

15:35:48 24Nov67 Pilot: Williams A-1E no. 582, 1st ACSF, Operation MacArthur. Over jungle w/ MK-81 explosions w/ dirt paths & roads. 2nd pass w/ better explosions. Farm field visible, bomb dropping inot jungle & explosion. 3rd pass.

15:38:19 24Nov67 Pilot Lee, A-1E no. 577, Operation MacArthur. Over dense jungle, explosions & smoke clouds, multiple drops w/ bombs visible & good explosions.

1967; 1968; Aerials; Low Level Bombing Runs; Southeast Asia;

NOTE: A-1E & A-1G were propeller planes. MK-81 is 250 lb bomb. 14th ACW is 14th Air Commando Wing.

[Vietnam War - Air Strike missions, SE Asia, 24Nov67 - 04Mar68]

24Nov67 Pilot: Lee, A-1G no. 528, 1st ACSF. (soft focus) High over jungle w/ visible bombs dropping & exploding. Red & white smoke, some good explosions.

15:43:03 03Feb68 Lt. Col Hildreth, A-1G, no 865. Detachment 14th ACW. Initial large bomb strike w/ large flames. Several low passes over jungle of mountain ridge towards valley. Good low view of ridge top w/ dense jungle forest foliage, several passes at nearly tree top level. Cluster Bomb Unit-25 bomblets dropping & exploding (some visible under foliage cover).

15:48:58 30Jan68 Pilot: Col Repp, A-1E no. 865, Detachment 1 14th ACW. Operation MacArthur Over dark jungle ridge, smoke from bomb. Low over trees & fires w/ smoke. Large BLU-23 explosions w/ white phosphorus (?). Cluster Bomb Unit-25 bomblets dropping, several passes.

Southeast Asia; 1967; 1968

NOTE: A-1E & A-1G were propeller planes. BLU-23 is 500 lb. bomb. 14th ACW is 14th Air Commando Wing.

Target Zero, Saigon

Pro-American Vietnamese psychological warfare production covering 1968 TET offensive on Saigon with emphasis on the role of ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) psychological warfare teams in defeating VC forces.

Street scenes in Saigon in preparation for TET festival: market; praying to ancestors. Saigon under attack and buildings burning incl aerials. Vietnamese leaving city during siege. US/ARVN troops in house-to-house combat. Vietcong prisoners being taken.

Saigon radio station on fire. Dead Vietcong.

12:53:34 Interrogation of VC prisoners. Captured weapons of Chinese or Russian origin. ARVN psychological warfare team in combat area. Vietnamese civilians, including wounded, leaving combat area with belongings. Saigon fire department putting out fires. Vietcong surrendering. More Vietcong corpses, wounded and captured weapons. Refugees. Combat. Medical care for wounded Vietcong.

12:01:06 Interrogation of captured Vietcong looking distressed. Captured weapons on display.

Rubble in combat area and Vietnamese searching through debris. Care and feeding of Vietnamese in refugee camp incl. children. Medical care of refugees. Refugees eating. Children playing. Large trucks remove debris. Saigon traffic with people cycling and tuk-tuks. LS street corner. Aerial Saigon.

Tet Offensive Footage

Sunken LCU-1482 in shallow water, much of upper part of craft above water.

Fuel truck moving over muddy road, truck and trailer carrying crates out of supply dump area.

03:22:03 Troopers taking cover and firing rifles during Tet Offensive.

03:22:23 CU Rear view, two soldiers wearing flak jackets firing M-16's

small palm trees seen in BG. Troops advance into foxhole-like affair, in front of barbed wire fence by river.

03:23:08 21st Feb 1968 Tanks at barrier on bridge firing. MCU Bazooka Team loading and firing.

03:24:54 ARVN troopers approaching up road, running past camera.across cement causeway towards buildings. Tank firing machine gun at wooded area across river

03:25:35 Vietnamese up on tank directing fire on phones; man is wearing a red beret,

03:25:53 Refugees and a wounded person on a stretcher, woman is crying as she helps carry the wounded Villagers gathered in groups standing along a roadside.

03:26:19 Tank with tread shattered, damaged tank. CU Heavy duty forklift moving packing cases over muddy ground.

Tet Offensive Footage

US troops in street fighting, tank turning. Rear view, mechanical mule being driven past damaged buildings, another mechanical mule seen approaching with supplies men come out of brush at L with M-16s

Damage to city of Hue - damaged buildings and littered streets, mechanical mule in MBG.

Rear view, US troops moving along sidewalks, past damaged buildings, looking for Vietcong. Troops running. Man driving mechanical mule over rough terrain and barren trees shot apart by shell fire; buildings at R are badly damaged. Soldiers running forward towards camera in BG along roadway past debris, as they move to mop up city; mechanical mule seen approaching in BG with few men aboard. Mechanical mule moving down dirty, dusty, littered street, damaged buildings

Mechanical mule with four men aboard moving over littered street, one man sitting on after end of vehicle holding head in hands.

ARVN trooper walking through rubble of building holding M-1 carbine. Pock-marked buildings, damaged by rifle and shell fire. PAN up to show damaged homes and devastation.

17th Feb 1968 Troopers around mechanical mule, injured man on back. Wounded men transported on mechanical mules. Soldier down road helping wounded comrade. Wounded into truck and away. Truck backing down over road. CU Side view, truck; more wounded personnel are carried on stretchers towards truck.

Troopers running forward, others carrying wounded.

03:32:09 MCU Three soldiers, part of mortar crew. Rocket being placed in mortar and fired many times.

03:33:13 CU Partially sunken landing craft.

03:33:19 CU Two troopers hiding next to building with rifles. US forces behind stone wall firing rifles.

Troops moving forward under cover of buildings.Street fighting.

Demonstration at US Embassy, London

anti-Vietnam protest

Pro-American Group, carrying American, British, South Korean and South Vietnamese flags and banners - Southampton University Monday Club - Stop Vietcong Terror etc.

LS Police a standing by & police vans. Looking down over dense crowd of Anti-American protesters with North Vietnamese flag & banner Susses Univ. - LS protester getting pummelled by police? Anti-American demonstrators in altercation with police - some violence. MCU Mounted police. Protesters throws flour on police - Che Guevara portrait in crowd. LS over looking Grosvenor Square showing the square filled with demonstrators milling around and police trying to disperse crowd - throwing water??

Arrested demonstrators taken to police vans. More overhead views Grosvenor Square w/ protesters. Police van drives off. Group of policemen & mounted police charging through crowd.

Evening - police and vans outside square. Police arrest young woman.

16:09:45 Police carry off protester. Grosvenor Square & street littered with papers. Police carrying off some banners; running off with stretchers and carrying back wounded on stretchers into ambulance.

[Vietnam - Camp Construction]

(1968) Vietnam.

Gates of military camp with sign in Vietnamese. Aerials of convoy - truck convoy unloading soil and construction of roads & army camp.

Vietnamese children and civilians in camp. Vietnamese women working, sewing and typing. Classroom. Martial arts class. Marines patrol. Building sandbag barrack

Project Warrior - Battle of Khe Sanh - Colour

Khe Sanh Jan - April 1968 battle scenes. Air Force support - B-52 bombers - Supply drops by tactical airlift. Major McGuire - sign Welcome to Khe Sanh Matcu 62 Airfield. Air force activities - helicopter - transport plane takes off - bombs dropping on airfield - fires. Different methods of dropping supplies shown - container delivery system, dropped by small parachute - low altitude parachute extraction. C-130 transport planes. Excellent shot as mortar explodes - airmen dive into foxhole - fire on airfield. Battle scenes, bombing, artillery. Aircraft on bombing runs, excellent bombs away shots including incendiary and napalm. Artillery fire. B-52 bombers dropping 500 + 750lb bombs. Night bombing using radar and skyspot. Marines moving out by helicopter. Relief troops marching along road. President Johnson (LBJ) praising gallantry of marines and airmen - battle shots. Viet village - sign Interstate 9 Open to Khe Nan - US artillery - marines - South Vietnamese troops - troops down road (Black) - shots military base.

The Battle of Khe Sanh, South Vietnam [Reel 1 Pt 1]

Jun68 VS US Army troops loading and firing M-107 175mm heavy gun - LS & CUs. Howitzer from revetment, then Howitzer turning to fire in another direction. MCU soldier on field telephone.

12:02:47 US Marines in sandbagged position on perimeter, changing barrels in .50 cal MG, then firing. Smoke on ridge in distance. LS men in trench, then moving across field. Marines making purchases from sandbagged PX module - cigarettes, pens & paper?

12:07:38 US Gen William C. Westmoreland addressing small group of officers and troops in field; into helicopter & away; addressing much larger group over microphone.

Vietnam War.

The Battle of Khe Sanh, South Vietnam [Reel 1 Pt 3]

Slate held up in front of bomber at airfield in U-Tapao, Thailand - Proj. SFP 1697 - Strategic Mission UN - 19Mar[68] CUs

B-52D engines starting in revetment.

12:21:11 Day shots B-52Ds taking off at U-Tapao.

12:23:03 Slate 20Mar. Night shots B-52Ds taking off at U-Tapao - mostly too dark to be usable.

12:26:46 Slate 24Mar68. MCUs unid. explosions. B-52D bomber taxiing towards camera, wing passing over camera, then tailaway of camouflaged B-52D.

Vietnam War. Military Aviation.

The Battle of Khe Sanh, South Vietnam [Reel 2 Pt 1]

Marines coupling hose to fuel bladder in dugout, then opening valves and fueling UH-1H helicopter; sandbag put over broken pipe.

12:31:22 MS of USMC M-76 amphibious cargo carrier driving through frame to right. VS casualties on stretchers being placed aboard UH-1H and CH-46B helicopters in sandbagged positions. CUs men removing very long crates from CH-46B. Slate says 29Feb68 - 1st MAW, Da Nang, RVN - Khe Sanh. CH-53A carrying heavy cargo (truck, trailer, and netted crates) on sling - seen spinning in good PoVs from bottom hatch of aircraft, then depositing cargo on ground.

12:32:47 INT helicopter in flight - views past gunner & from cockpit past pilot. ALS of cargo chutes descending toward DZ. AVs of area. & airfield.

12:34:00 View from helicopter as it takes off leaving barrels of fuel on ground. LS & PoV helicopter taking off w/ jeep hanging beneath.

12:34:32 Slate 27Feb68 - Marines filling sand bags, then stacking them around communications van.

Vietnam War. Military Aviation.

The Battle of Khe Sanh, South Vietnam [Reel 2 Pt 2]

Slate 24Feb68. Smoke rising outside perimeter; bandaged Marine in FG. MLS firetruck foaming burning vehicle. Marines in sandbagged area look at damage. MS to LS, Marine O-1 light plane taking off past helicopter. CUs demolished UH-1 helicopter in revetment. CUs of CH-46 helicopter in revetment, showing battle damage. LS CDS drop from C-130. ELSs of F-4s dropping napalm and GP bombs. UH-1 lifting off and flying away [NB some scratches]. Marines removing sealed mortar rounds from boxes of canisters in sandbagged position.

12:40:54 Burning CH-46, with C-123 taxiing through frame to right in foreground, then firetruck moving in and foaming helicopter - good shots. Slate 27Feb68. CUs artillery spotters watching fire through binoculars. LS of CUS drop from C-130.

12:43:07 MS to CU, three Marines running across field toward camera & coming through wire into perimeter. CU Ohio State Flag atop bunker. Marines digging & sandbagging. MS .50 cal MG gunner and spotter in bunker. M-29 81 mm mortar being fired.

ELSs of A-1 attack planes dropping napalm - black smoke.

Vietnam War. USAFMilitary Aviation.

The Battle of Khe Sanh, South Vietnam [Reel 2 Pt 3]

Men boarding CH-53A transport helicopter in revetment; MCU rotor blades turning; fueling; takeoff (seen from inside CH-53A past gunner); troops deplaning at Khe Sanh. HA pan shots of Khe Sanh and airstrip. ELS aircraft making rocket-firing pass - explosions. MSs Marines digging in trench & filling sandbags.

12:48:25 F-4 fighters and A-1 attack planes dropping napalm. USMC M-101 105 mm Howitzer being loaded and fired. CUs men patching holes in leaky fuel bladder. Airstrikes outside perimeter.

12:50:53 USMC 0-1 light observation plane parked in revetment. Supply drop from C-130 through overcast. O-1 taking off to left and initiating evasive action. Burning wreckage on airstrip - small vehicle past, mechanical mule. Good shots of CH-53A being loaded with casualities, lifting off, and disappearing into mist.

Vietnam War.

Saigon, 4th February 1968

Aerials city of Saigon; smoke rising in parts; AV deserted industrial area. PoV from helicopter as it approaches & lands on airfield; MS camera 'copter comes in for landing; troops standing in BG near UH-1B 'copters. Further AVs of city; area where fires still burning; outskirts of Saigon, smoke in MBG; fire burning along waterfront, appears to cover entire city block [dark].

12:56:08 Two GIs looking down over dead Viet Cong lying in dirt street; CU soldier looking at dead V.C.; CU Military Policeman; homes in BG. MCU jeep stopping, troops out, walk to BG; CU troops, weapons ready, looking around. CU Hand reaching down, picking up M-79 dud in a C-Ration can. CU Two M.P.s looking at M-79 dud in can. HA CU Man with E.O.D. band on arm. MCU dud in can, being prepared to be blown up; two sandbags placed around dud which is taken out of can; CU fuse wire, small charge being attached to dud, another sandbag is placed on top. MLS Jeep proceeding up street; small explosion seen in BG as dud is exploded.

12:59:01 Slate 02Feb68 - US Navy. Vietnamese soldier on guard in empty fish market. CU large empty basket; pan to show vast empty fish market; people walking about; two women, heavy loads on heads, walk off. Viet guard at fishmarket; M-1 Garrand rifle carried by guard. Soldiers & old man at check point. Viet Cong body laying out in street in sun, face and arms blackened, much of clothes torn away. Pan dirt street, empty of people except for dead body in FG. Second V.C. body, laying on stomach. Two small dogs searching trash and building.

13:01:16 MS smiling young Vietnamese girl & family; motor scooter down alley to left. Street sign Duong Vinh Vien ; sign on vehicle EOD Team - team arriving to blow up M-79 grenade - barricade across street in FG.

13:01:54 Slate 04Feb68. VS Lt. Vince Madonia, OinC of Motion Picture Team, standing by Vietnamese girl whose home was bombed; much rubble seen in area; family seen in BG in rubble of building; CUs Lt. Madonia interviewing girl.

13:03:37 Vietnamese people beginning to rebuild homes. HA boy washing feet with hose. Houses & CU man rebuilding home. MCU elderly woman watching activity. MLS Children playing across street. CU through iron fence, showing several refugees in yard of Catholic School, Ba-Trieu. Good.

Vietnam War.

[Tet Offensive Stock Footage 1968]

Slate: 13Feb[68]. Rubble after fighting at Hue w/ damaged building and debris on streets. MS group of children sitting in large opened doorway, RVN man walks away from doorway; PAN with man; rubble and destroyed shops. MCU Vietnamese troops outside shops.

13:05:28 View from passing boat of destroyed bridge with many people on top. CU Large group of Vietnamese troops boarding landing craft - view across many helmets. American troops aboard landing craft - firing at shoreline in far BG [dark].

13:06:04 CU trooper leaning against tree rifle at ready as he looks down the long empty street in Hue; MCU two troopers, one in FG firing his M-60 while next to tree. Recoilless rifle fired from mechanical mule in street; mechanical mule past camera to R, troopers move on double behind it, haze and smoke in BG. Soldier sitting at wheel of mechanical mule; troopers in BG working around piles of debris.

13:06:48 Slate: 14Feb. Trooper walks from side street onto main street. GIs run crouched along hedges; tank moving down street; rear view of tank stopped at curve in road in residential area; tank spins around, backs down into direct FG; tank parked next to a private home; US troops in a ditch at side of road; tank along side road; US trooper running alongside a ditch, carrying some of his gear; tank backing down, tearing down a stone wall and small tree; tank moving down a very narrow road in residential area; tank backing down from its original position.

13:08:10 US troops hiding behind hedges as they try to clear the area, house to house. MS Troops grouped alongside surburban street; MS trooper crouched down next to tree; small blue bus parked next to trooper.

13:09:10 Two troopers firing their M-16 rifles; bus parked alongside; US troopers firing their rifles and moving off L to avoid being hit by return fire. Soldier setting up his M-60 on table in street; GIs firing their weapons from behind table; shop sign in BG Viet-Tan .

Vietnam War.

The Battle of Hue, Vietnam [Part 1]

Vietnamese government film covering battle for the city of Hue during the 1968 Tet Offensive [American narration]. Titles. VS city under seige - Vietnamese troops running - explosions - bomb-damaged temple. Vars good shots inc. CUs Vietcong soldiers filmed by captured South Vietnamese Army photographer - armed guerrillas towards camera & around old citadel. Civilians fleeing as Communists advance; very young soldier past abandoned buildings; soldiers breaking into house; civilians running up road, possessions in cart. LS houses set on fire - VO says in retaliation for locals fleeing.

17:12:49 AARVN counterattack on Vietcong stronghold in citadel: F-4 fighters fly over; building w/ sign Bo Tu-Lenh Su-Doan . South Vietnamese infantry down street followed by refugees wanting protection; troops returning fire on enemy; support jets above; Marines advance into Communist line - heavy gunfire heard; CUs infantry firing from empty buildings - troops wearing gas masks; AARVN officers plan next attack.

17:15:50 Government troops across ruined wall of citadel. VS dead Vietcong guerrillas in foxholes among rubble; troops examine captured VC weapons inc. anti-aircraft gun; CUs corpses.

Vietnam War.

[NB Content good but scratched in parts.]

The Battle of Hue, Vietnam [Part 2]

Vietnamese government film covering battle for the city of Hue during the 1968 Tet Offensive.

With citadel secured, South Vietnamese troops prepare to assault next Communist stronghold. AV river through city w/ Paul du Mer [?] bridge destroyed by Vietcong; PoV from helicopter as it lands - refugees fleeing through rubbled area of city. Man & woman carry elderly woman on wooden sling. Evacuees past camera; wounded carried on stretchers; refugees across Paul du Mer bridge repaired w/ pontoons by Army - women crying.

17:19:30 Dead civilians buried in mass grave near emergency refugee camp; children next to graves. Tank firing across river at enemy position - LS explosions. South Vietnamese Marines past camera on way to rescue friendly forces inside Communist citadel. VS from landing craft on river as it comes under fire; convoy approaches shore; helicopter lands to take new troops to combat areas; heavy gun lifted in sling as helicopter takes off.

17:21:52 VS emergency refugee centres where 16,000 civilians fled - food & clothing distributed by troops - children eating - people round camp fires - military doctors examining evacuees. AVs river & city showing destruction.

Vietnam War.

[NB Content good but scratched in parts.]

Vietcong Attacks Saigon During Tet (Lunar New Year) [Part 1]

31Jan-02Feb68 CUs crushed MP & Marine helmets on ground. US soldiers in side street amid rubble. Civilians walk past. Bullet holes in concrete wall. Wrecked houses. Destroyed overturned car. CU unexploded hand grenade on ground. US soldier lies flat atop V-100 armoured commando car as it moves into alley; MPs & soldiers follow closely behind the V-100. MCU dead Viet Cong, tilt up to wrecked 2-12 ton truck and V-100 in alley - MPs & soldiers firing rifles from behind the vehicles.

17:27:29 Armoured commando car backs up and rolls over soldier - crushed soldier is pulled to cover and placed on litter. Wounded soldiers placed on litters & carried to ambulance. MCU South Vietnamese female soldier, male soldier behind on field telephone - shouting to civilians running past. ARVN soldiers attacking hut in outskirts of Saigon; soldiers on telephone w/ large radio pack on back. More civilians - woman running w/ white flag.

17:31:03 HA pan shot line of M-113 APCs along street. LSs AIE Skyraider jet attacking buildings in city. HA troops in armoured car along street. Good.

Vietnam War.

[NB Content good but scratched in parts.]

Vietcong Attacks Saigon During Tet (Lunar New Year) [Part 2]

31Jan-02Feb68 VS American 1st Infantry Division soldiers searching cemetery - mopping up; CUs soldiers next to graves.

17:35:35 Troops of 25th Infantry Division w/ M-113 armoured car in cemetery. CU, treads of M-113 as it passes. M-113s drive along street & under banner. LS AIE fighter jet dives at target. LS huge cloud of black smoke rising.

17:38:00 VS 1st Infantry Division search in cemetery; CU sculpture on war memorial [?] of skull-like face w/ helmet, pan to soldiers searching cemetary - rows of stone crosses - undergrowth - soldier checks to see if anything hidden under headstones. 25th Infantry Division M-113 drives through cemetery. Good.

Vietnam War.

[NB Content good but scratched in parts.]

Vietcong Attacks Saigon During Tet (Lunar New Year) [Part 3]

31Jan-02Feb68 25th Infantry Division M-113 enters cemetery. VS American 1st Infantry Division soldiers searching in cemetery; soldier in front of memorial w/ French writing - checks for hidden openings; CUs vars soldiers as they search; soldier in armoured vehicle speaking over headset; stone mausoleums examined.

17:43:34 Pan across almost empty streets; convoy of Vietnamese on mopeds past; CU motorbikes, pan up to street; deserted market area; bananas rotting inside fruit stall. Troops in street.

17:46:27 US soldiers removing dead Vietcong from alley. Tilt up from dead VC to wrecked building. CUs, helmets of dead MPs and soldiers on the ground. Dead Americans on litters in alley. Soldiers question suspect alongside dead MP. CU Army Medical Service van. Wrecked 2-12 ton truck, ambulance in background. Good.

Vietnam War.

[NB Content good but scratched in parts.]

Vietcong Attacks Saigon During Tet (Lunar New Year) [Part 4]

31Jan-02Feb68 VS, South Vietnamese ARVN soldiers attacking huts on outskirts of Saigon. Civilians fleeing inc. man w/ red cross on bandana runs carrying child. CUs ARVN troops firing at Vietcong position & reloading machine guns. Travelling shot along street.

17:51:48 American soldier firing M-16 rifle behind wall. Soldier at M-60 MG nearby. UH-1B helicopters fly over. US soldiers in jeeps drive past. V-100 armored commando car drives into alley. Soldiers fire rifles from behind cover of concrete wall. Soldiers rush forward to wrecked truck and V-100 in alley.

17:54:21 INT damage in the US Embassy - personnel examine - CUs holes in wall - MS embassy clock stopped at 3:03. Soldiers checking Embassy grounds. Troops carry wounded on stretcher along street. Aftermath of battle in Cholon area - wrecked trucks and destroyed buildings, one still burning. Good.

Vietnam War.

[NB Content good but scratched in parts.]

The President: February 1968 [Part 1 of 3]

Vietnam War - good montage shots of Tet Offensive, Saigon & Hue: street fighting - aerial attack & fighter plane - tank using flamethrower on building - troops running - aftermath of destruction - wounded soldier loaded onto helicopter. LBJ speech in VO the enemy of freedom has chosen to make this year the decisive one... Title.

08:59:25 Lyndon Johnson speech at annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast, 01Feb68 - we are fighting now as we fought 25 years ago, to prevent any further expansion of totalitarian coercion over the souls of men...

09:00:10 LBJ conferring Medal of Honor on Air Force Major Dethlefson in White House East Room - spokesman for the courage of thousands like him that are protecting you and serving us...

09:01:55 LBJ at Cabinet meeting & National Security meeting w/ Joint Chiefs of Staff re Tet Offensive & Khe Sanh [MOS] - McNamara present - VO re outcome of meetings.

09:03:21 LBJ visits Fort Bragg, NC & El Toro Marine Air Station, CA - seeing off more troops bound for Vietnam - shaking soldiers hands as they board USAF transport plane - speech in VO you will serve the cause of freedom just as your forefathers served it...

09:04:54 LBJ arrives by helicopter for visit w/ Eisenhower at Palm Desert, CA - LBJ & Ike walking in garden.

09:05:35 PM Harold Wilson arrives at White House, 08Feb67 - shots of meeting w/ LBJ speech heard in VO our two nations are as close as ever .

1960s. US Foreign Policy. Vietnam War.

The President: February 1968 [Part 2 of 3]

Lyndon Johnson signing vars bills into law inc. Crime Report - uses numerous pens - J. Edgar Hoover & others present - LBJ speech at podium [MOS]. Bust of Adlai Stevenson unveiled. Actress Patricia Neal presented w/ Heart of the Year award. Arthur S. Fleming Award presented to ten government officials. National Medal of Science Awards. Finalists in White House Photographers Annual Contest w/ winning photos. Cerebral Palsy Association s National Poster Child Kenny Cunningham.

09:08:51 Fashion show at White House to boost US tourism: models pose in front of WH w/ Lady Bird. INT models prepare in Blue Room. Show in progress, State Dining Room - themed on American states - red, white & blue colour scheme - Lady Bird speech heard in VO. Lady Bird greets Governors wives after show - women file past inc. TV Commentator Nancy Dickerson. Reception for Governors & wives - after dinner performance of excerpts from Broadway musical Fiorello .

09:12:51 Ceremony at Lincoln Memorial - wreath laid - LBJ speech heard we are sometime forced by an adversary to back our beliefs with steel...we live in a time that Lincoln would have well understood...Lincoln stuck it out, sad but will we .

09:14:27 LBJ greets Cyrus Vance after his return from diplomatic mission to South Korea. LBJ & Vance conferring at WH - Cabinet meeting.

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War. Dress & Hat Fashions.

The President: February 1968 [Part 3 of 3]

UN flag flying outside White House. Arrival of UN Secretary General U Thant. INT LBJ & U Thant in discussion.

09:16:29 Scenic shots of LBJ Ranch, Texas - animals inc. deer, buffalo, cattle - Lyndon Johnson & Lady Bird out of car at sunset.

09:17:37 LBJ addresses convention of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Dallas - speech re progress. LBJ at birthday dinner in Austin for Governor John Connor [?].

09:19:01 National Security meeting at White House - LBJ & Rusk - Gen. Wheeler back from fact-finding mission in Vietnam.

09:19:38 Military ceremony outside Pentagon for departing Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara - resignation to join World Bank. INT WH East Room - LBJ reads out farewell letter to McNamara - he is one of America s most valuable public properties... - presents Medal of Freedom. McNamara at podium as staff applaud - visibly moved - I think I d better respond on another occasion .

09:22:20 LBJ in WH Cabinet Room & private quarters, meeting w/ Cabinet members. LBJ heard in VO so we have taken our stand. The will of this generation of Americans will never be found wanting abroad or at home .

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War.

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 1(a) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House in MS, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

Good evening, my fellow Americans. Tonight I want to speak to you of peace in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. No other question so preoccupies our people. No other dream so absorbs the 250 million human beings who live in that part of the world. No other goal motivates American policy in Southeast Asia. For years, representatives of our Government and others have traveled the world--seeking to find a basis for peace talks. Since last September, they have carried the offer that I made public at San Antonio. That offer was this: That the United States would stop its bombardment of North Vietnam when that would lead promptly to productive discussions--and that we would assume that North Vietnam would not take military advantage of our restraint. Hanoi denounced this offer, both privately and publicly. Even while the search for peace was going on, North Vietnam rushed their preparations for a savage assault on the people, the government, and the allies of South Vietnam. Their attack - during the Tet holidays - failed to achieve its principal objectives. It did not collapse the elected government of South Vietnam or shatter its army--as the Communists had hoped. It did not produce a "general uprising" among the people of the cities as they had predicted. The Communists were unable to maintain control of any of the more than 30 cities that they attacked. And they took very heavy casualties. But they did compel the South Vietnamese and their allies to move certain forces from the countryside into the cities. They caused widespread disruption and suffering. Their attacks, and the battles that followed, made refugees of half a million human beings. The Communists may renew their attack any day. They are, it appears, trying to make 1968 the year of decision in South Vietnam--the year that brings, if not final victory or defeat, at least a turning point in the struggle. This much is clear: If they do mount another round of heavy attacks, they will not succeed in destroying the fighting power of South Vietnam and its allies. But tragically, this is also clear: Many men - on both sides of the struggle - will be lost. A nation that has already suffered 20 years of warfare will suffer once again. Armies on both sides will take new casualties. And the war will go on. There is no need for this to be so. There is no need to delay the talks that could bring an end to this long and this bloody war. Tonight, I renew the offer I made last August - to stop the bombardment of North Vietnam. We ask that talks begin promptly, that they be serious talks on the substance of peace. We assume that during those talks Hanoi will not take advantage of our restraint. We are prepared to move immediately toward peace through negotiations.

[Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 1(b) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [LBJ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

So, tonight, in the hope that this action will lead to early talks, I am taking the first step to deescalate the conflict. We are reducing - substantially reducing - the present level of hostilities. And we are doing so unilaterally, and at once. Tonight, I have ordered our aircraft and our naval vessels to make no attacks on North Vietnam, except in the area north of the demilitarized zone where the continuing enemy buildup directly threatens allied forward positions and where the movements of their troops and supplies are clearly related to that threat. The area in which we are stopping our attacks includes almost 90 percent of North Vietnam's population, and most of its territory. Thus there will be no attacks around the principal populated areas, or in the food-producing areas of North Vietnam. Even this very limited bombing of the North could come to an early end - if our restraint is matched by restraint in Hanoi. But I cannot in good conscience stop all bombing so long as to do so would immediately and directly endanger the lives of our men and our allies. Whether a complete bombing halt becomes possible in the future will be determined by events. Our purpose in this action is to bring about a reduction in the level of violence that now exists. It is to save the lives of brave men - and to save the lives of innocent women and children. It is to permit the contending forces to move closer to a political settlement. And tonight, I call upon the United Kingdom and I call upon the Soviet Union - as cochairmen of the Geneva Conferences, and as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - to do all they can to move from the unilateral act of deescalation that I have just announced toward genuine peace in Southeast Asia. Now, as in the past, the United States is ready to send its representatives to any forum, at any time, to discuss the means of bringing this ugly war to an end. I am designating one of our most distinguished Americans, Ambassador Averell Harriman, as my personal representative for such talks. In addition, I have asked Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson, who returned from Moscow for consultation, to be available to join Ambassador Harriman at Geneva or any other suitable place - just as soon as Hanoi agrees to a conference. I call upon President Ho Chi Minh to respond positively, and favorably, to this new step toward peace. But if peace does not come now through negotiations, it will come when Hanoi understands that our common resolve is unshakable, and our common strength is invincible. Tonight, we and the other allied nations are contributing 600,000 fighting men to assist 700,000 South Vietnamese troops in defending their little country. Our presence there has always rested on this basic belief: The main burden of preserving their freedom must be carried out by them - by the South Vietnamese themselves.

[Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 2(a) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

We and our allies can only help to provide a shield behind which the people of South Vietnam can survive and can grow and develop. On their efforts--on their determination and resourcefulness--the outcome will ultimately depend. That small, beleaguered nation has suffered terrible punishment for more than 20 years.

I pay tribute once again tonight to the great courage and endurance of its people. South Vietnam supports armed forces tonight of almost 700,000 men--and I call your attention to the fact that this is the equivalent of more than 10 million in our own population. Its people maintain their firm determination to be free of domination by the North. There has been substantial progress, I think, in building a durable government during these last 3 years. The South Vietnam of 1965 could not have survived the enemy's Tet offensive of 1968. The elected government of South Vietnam survived that attack--and is rapidly repairing the devastation that it wrought. The South Vietnamese know that further efforts are going to be required: to expand their own armed forces, to move back into the countryside as quickly as possible, to increase their taxes, to select the very best men that they have for civil and military responsibility, to achieve a new unity within their constitutional government, and to include in the national effort all those groups who wish to preserve South Vietnam's control over its own destiny. Last week President Thieu ordered the mobilization of 135,000 additional South Vietnamese. He plans to reach--as soon as possible--a total military strength of more than 800,000 men. To achieve this, the Government of South Vietnam started the drafting of 19-year-olds on March 1st. On May 1st, the Government will begin the drafting of 18-year-olds. Last month, 10,000 men volunteered for military service--that was two and a half times the number of volunteers during the same month last year. Since the middle of January, more than 48,000 South Vietnamese have joined the armed forces--and nearly half of them volunteered to do so. All men in the South Vietnamese armed forces have had their tours of duty extended for the duration of the war, and reserves are now being called up for immediate active duty. President Thieu told his people last week: "We must make greater efforts and accept more sacrifices because, as I have said many times, this is our country. The existence of our nation is at stake, and this is mainly a Vietnamese responsibility. He warned his people that a major national effort is required to root out corruption and incompetence at all levels of government. We applaud this evidence of determination on the part of South Vietnam. Our first priority will be to support their effort. We shall accelerate the reequipment of South Vietnam's armed forces--in order to meet the enemy's increased firepower. This will enable them progressively to undertake a larger share of combat operations against the Communist invaders. [Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 2(b) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

On many occasions I have told the American people that we would send to Vietnam those forces that are required to accomplish our mission there. So, with that as our guide, we have previously authorized a force level of approximately 525,000. Some weeks ago--to help meet the enemy's new offensive--we sent to Vietnam about 11,000 additional Marine and airborne troops. They were deployed by air in 48 hours, on an emergency basis. But the artillery, tank, aircraft, medical, and other units that were needed to work with and to support these infantry troops in combat could not then accompany them by air on that short notice. In order that these forces may reach maximum combat effectiveness, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have recommended to me that we should prepare to send--during the next 5 months--support troops totaling approximately 13,500 men. A portion of these men will be made available from our active forces. The balance will come from reserve component units which will be called up for service. The actions that we have taken since the beginning of the year: to reequip the South Vietnamese forces, to meet our responsibilities in Korea, as well as our responsibilities in Vietnam, to meet price increases and the cost of activating and deploying reserve forces, to replace helicopters and provide the other military supplies we need, all of these actions are going to require additional expenditures. The tentative estimate of those additional expenditures is $2.5 billion in this fiscal year, and $2.6 billion in the next fiscal year. These projected increases in expenditures for our national security will bring into sharper focus the Nation's need for immediate action: action to protect the prosperity of the American people and to protect the strength and the stability of our American dollar. On many occasions I have pointed out that, without a tax bill or decreased expenditures, next year's deficit would again be around $20 billion. I have emphasized the need to set strict priorities in our spending. I have stressed that failure to act and to act promptly and decisively would raise very strong doubts throughout the world about America's willingness to keep its financial house in order. Yet Congress has not acted. And tonight we face the sharpest financial threat in the postwar era--a threat to the dollar's role as the keystone of international trade and finance in the world. Last week, at the monetary conference in Stockholm, the major industrial countries decided to take a big step toward creating a new international monetary asset that will strengthen the international monetary system. I am very proud of the very able work done by Secretary Fowler and Chairman Martin of the Federal Reserve Board. But to make this system work the United States just must bring its balance of payments to--or very close to--equilibrium. We must have a responsible fiscal policy in this country. The passage of a tax bill now, together with expenditure control that the Congress may desire and dictate, is absolutely necessary to protect this Nation's security, to continue our prosperity, and to meet the needs of our people. What is at stake is 7 years of unparalleled prosperity. In those 7 years, the real income of the average American, after taxes, rose by almost 30 percent--a gain as large as that of the entire preceding 19 years. [Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 3(a) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

So the steps that we must take to convince the world are exactly the steps we must take to sustain our own economic strength here at home. In the past 8 months, prices and interest rates have risen because of our inaction. We must, therefore, now do everything we can to move from debate to action - from talking to voting. There is, I believe - I hope there is - in both Houses of the Congress - a growing sense of urgency that this situation just must be acted upon and must be corrected. My budget in January was, we thought, a tight one. It fully reflected our evaluation of most of the demanding needs of this Nation. But in these budgetary matters, the President does not decide alone. The Congress has the power and the duty to determine appropriations and taxes. The Congress is now considering our proposals and they are considering reductions in the budget that we submitted. As part of a program of fiscal restraint that includes the tax surcharge, I shall approve appropriate reductions in the January budget when and if Congress so decides that that should be done. One thing is unmistakably clear, however: Our deficit just must be reduced. Failure to act could bring on conditions that would strike hardest at those people that all of us are trying so hard to help. These times call for prudence in this land of plenty. I believe that we have the character to provide it, and tonight I plead with the Congress and with the people to act promptly to serve the national interest, and thereby serve all of our people. Now let me give you my estimate of the chances for peace: the peace that will one day stop the bloodshed in South Vietnam, that will permit all the Vietnamese people to rebuild and develop their land, that will permit us to turn more fully to our own tasks here at home. I cannot promise that the initiative that I have announced tonight will be completely successful in achieving peace any more than the 30 others that we have undertaken and agreed to in recent years. But it is our fervent hope that North Vietnam, after years of fighting that have left the issue unresolved, will now cease its efforts to achieve a military victory and will join with us in moving toward the peace table. And there may come a time when South Vietnamese--on both sides--are able to work out a way to settle their own differences by free political choice rather than by war. As Hanoi considers its course, it should be in no doubt of our intentions. It must not miscalculate the pressures within our democracy in this election year. We have no intention of widening this war. But the United States will never accept a fake solution to this long and arduous struggle and call it peace. No one can foretell the precise terms of an eventual settlement. Our objective in South Vietnam has never been the annihilation of the enemy. It has been to bring about a recognition in Hanoi that its objective - taking over the South by force - could not be achieved.

[Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 3(b) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

We think that peace can be based on the Geneva Accords of 1954 - under political conditions that permit the South Vietnamese - all the South Vietnamese - to chart their course free of any outside domination or interference, from us or from anyone else. So tonight I reaffirm the pledge that we made at Manila--that we are prepared to withdraw our forces from South Vietnam as the other side withdraws its forces to the north, stops the infiltration, and the level of violence thus subsides. Our goal of peace and self-determination in Vietnam is directly related to the future of all of Southeast Asia - where much has happened to inspire confidence during the past 10 years. We have done all that we knew how to do to contribute and to help build that confidence. A number of its nations have shown what can be accomplished under conditions of security. Since 1966, Indonesia, the fifth largest nation in all the world, with a population of more than 100 million people, has had a government that is dedicated to peace with its neighbors and improved conditions for its own people. Political and economic cooperation between nations has grown rapidly. I think every American can take a great deal of pride in the role that we have played in bringing this about in Southeast Asia. We can rightly judge--as responsible Southeast Asians themselves do--that the progress of the past 3 years would have been far less likely - if not completely impossible - if America's sons and others had not made their stand in Vietnam. At Johns Hopkins University, about 3 years ago, I announced that the United States would take part in the great work of developing Southeast Asia, including the Mekong Valley, for all the people of that region. Our determination to help build a better land--a better land for men on both sides of the present conflict - has not diminished in the least. Indeed, the ravages of war, I think, have made it more urgent than ever. So, I repeat on behalf of the United States again tonight what I said at Johns Hopkins - that North Vietnam could take its place in this common effort just as soon as peace comes. Over time, a wider framework of peace and security in Southeast Asia may become possible. The new cooperation of the nations of the area could be a foundation-stone. Certainly friendship with the nations of such a Southeast Asia is what the United States seeks--and that is all that the United States seeks. One day, my fellow citizens, there will be peace in Southeast Asia. It will come because the people of Southeast Asia want it - those whose armies are at war tonight, and those who, though threatened, have thus far been spared. Peace will come because Asians were willing to work for it - and to sacrifice for it - and to die by the thousands for it. But let it never be forgotten: Peace will come also because America sent her sons to help secure it. It has not been easy - far from it. During the past 4½ years, it has been my fate and my responsibility to be Commander in Chief. [Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 4(a) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

I have lived - daily and nightly - with the cost of this war. I know the pain that it has inflicted. I know, perhaps better than anyone, the misgivings that it has aroused. Throughout this entire, long period, I have been sustained by a single principle: that what we are doing now, in Vietnam, is vital not only to the security of Southeast Asia, but it is vital to the security of every American. Surely we have treaties which we must respect. Surely we have commitments that we are going to keep. Resolutions of the Congress testify to the need to resist aggression in the world and in Southeast Asia. But the heart of our involvement in South Vietnam - under three different presidents, three separate administrations - has always been America's own security. And the larger purpose of our involvement has always been to help the nations of Southeast Asia become independent and stand alone, self-sustaining, as members of a great world community - at peace with themselves, and at peace with all others. With such an Asia, our country - and the world - will be far more secure than it is tonight. I believe that a peaceful Asia is far nearer to reality because of what America has done in Vietnam. I believe that the men who endure the dangers of battle - fighting there for us tonight - are helping the entire world avoid far greater conflicts, far wider wars, far more destruction, than this one. The peace that will bring them home someday will come. Tonight I have offered the first in what I hope will be a series of mutual moves toward peace. I pray that it will not be rejected by the leaders of North Vietnam. I pray that they will accept it as a means by which the sacrifices of their own people may be ended. And I ask your help and your support, my fellow citizens, for this effort to reach across the battlefield toward an early peace. Finally, my fellow Americans, let me say this: Of those to whom much is given, much is asked. I cannot say and no man could say that no more will be asked of us. Yet, I believe that now, no less than when the decade began, this generation of Americans is willing to "pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." Since those words were spoken by John F. Kennedy, the people of America have kept that compact with mankind's noblest cause. And we shall continue to keep it. Yet, I believe that we must always be mindful of this one thing, whatever the trials and the tests ahead. The ultimate strength of our country and our cause will lie not in powerful weapons or infinite resources or boundless wealth, but will lie in the unity of our people. This I believe very deeply. Throughout my entire public career I have followed the personal philosophy that I am a free man, an American, a public servant, and a member of my party, in that order always and only.

[Quoted verbatim.]

[President Johnson Address To Nation, 31Mar68 - Part 4(b) of 4]

MS Lyndon Baines Johnson [ LBJ ] making televised statement from White House, announcing steps to limit Vietnam War, and reporting his decision not to stand for re-election:

For 37 years in the service of our Nation, first as a Congressman, as a Senator, and as Vice President, and now as your President, I have put the unity of the people first. I have put it ahead of any divisive partisanship.

And in these times as in times before, it is true that a house divided against itself by the spirit of faction, of party, of region, of religion, of race, is a house that cannot stand. There is division in the American house now. There is divisiveness among us all tonight. And holding the trust that is mine, as President of all the people, I cannot disregard the peril to the progress of the American people and the hope and the prospect of peace for all peoples. So, I would ask all Americans, whatever their personal interests or concern, to guard against divisiveness and all its ugly consequences. Fifty-two months and 10 days ago, in a moment of tragedy and trauma, the duties of this office fell upon me. I asked then for your help and God's, that we might continue America on its course, binding up our wounds, healing our history, moving forward in new unity, to clear the American agenda and to keep the American commitment for all of our people. United we have kept that commitment. United we have enlarged that commitment. Through all time to come, I think America will be a stronger nation, a more just society, and a land of greater opportunity and fulfillment because of what we have all done together in these years of unparalleled achievement. Our reward will come in the life of freedom, peace, and hope that our children will enjoy through ages ahead. What we won when all of our people united just must not now be lost in suspicion, distrust, selfishness, and politics among any of our people. Believing this as I do, I have concluded that I should not permit the Presidency to become involved in the partisan divisions that are developing in this political year. With America's sons in the fields far away, with America's future under challenge right here at home, with our hopes and the world's hopes for peace in the balance every day, I do not believe that I should devote an hour or a day of my time to any personal partisan causes or to any duties other than the awesome duties of this office - the Presidency of your country. Accordingly, I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President. But let men everywhere know, however, that a strong, a confident, and a vigilant America stands ready tonight to seek an honorable peace - and stands ready tonight to defend an honored cause - whatever the price, whatever the burden, whatever the sacrifice that duty may require. Thank you for listening. Good night and God bless all of you.

[Quoted verbatim.]

Viet Cong s Tet Activities, 31Jan-01Feb68 Color

Saigon, South Vietnam

Armored commando car (V-100) down narrow street to wrecked 2.5 ton truck past helmet on ground, troops firing M-16 rifles from behind fence. V-100 backs out & wounded soldier taken out and put on stretcher, carried to ambulance.

21:01:21 Wrecked bullet-riddled Renault at curb outside US Embassy Compound.

21:02:28 25th Division M-113s (tracked armored vehicles) past on street in convoy. Viet civilians & army photographer watch. People on motorcycles watch. Sign: Mung Xuan Mau-Than over sandbagged entrance. HA of ambulances racing up street; UH-1B helicopters attacking building, people watching from rooftops. Smoke from fighting.

21:04:45 02Feb68 Helicopter aerials over Saigon w/ fires burning, machine gun in lower part of frame; rockets fired seen from front. Explosions seen from ground, people watching from rooftops.

21:07:10 Truck facing camera on narrow street, soldiers running toward camera wounded. CU treating badly wounded (missing arm), put into ambulance. Another wounded put on stretcher. Soldiers confer; others resting outside fence.

21:08:15 Helicopters over smokey rooftops. Explosions & smoke rising.

Vietnam War; Horrors of War;

[Khe Sanh Combat] 23Feb68 Color

[Note: Battle of Khe Sanh was 21Jan - 08Apr68 using 3rd Marine Amphibious Force]

Marine firing M-14 rifle as another watches w/ binoculars. In sandbagged bunker position. Dust & heavy smoke rising from beyond camp. ARVN soldiers carrying stretcher w/ wounded Vietnamese into sandbagged trench & treating.

21:42:14 Men running along metal revements or perimeter of airfield. Heavy smoke beyond. Partially destroyed firetruck or crash truck being lifted w/ two RFK-60 forklift loaders & slowly moved.

Vietnam War;

Hue, South Vietnam Feb68

[Note: Battle of Hue was 31Jan-26Feb68. Part of Tet Offensive, 30Jan68 - 08Jun68]

A-1J Skyraider fighter plane over low firing rockets. View of river bridge & planes above. Gun boat aka patrol boat on river w/ US flag; fires burning on opposite shore. Marines, A Company, 1st Bn, 1st Marines in ditch cleaningM-14 rifles w/ brushes. Firing 60mm mortars outside ??

21:46:4? 01Feb68 Marines advancing on buildings; along town street. MCU Marines w/ M-60 machine gun (MG) by wall. Two marines firing Howitzer (?) from jeep, then leave. Marines of H Company, 2nd Bn, 5th Marines run past destruction, old walls, banana trees & gardens; thru farmyard (?). With shells over shoulders & firing M-60 MG. Wounded. or dead North Vietamese soldier (?).

21:48:5? Running down street. Troops wiring 40 lb shape charges & explosives in CU; three marines carry them up road. Throw hand grenade. View thru destroyed building. Patrol activity and running across bridge. Soldeirs resting tell woman to leave; then treat wounded girl.

21:51:39 Wounded guy lowered from rooftop by group of marines & carried away on stretcher. Marine hammering on tank metal w/ sledge hammer, prying with bar. CU looking at map & pointing w/ fingers. Photographer, Sgt. W.F. Dickman from Buffalo, NY,given directions. Marines surrounding building seen through trees. Large explosion seen from across street as old building destroyed. Incendiary tracers fired into it. Night & explosions & flares & fires.

Vietnam War; Fighting; Battles;

Time To Live R1 of 6

CU boy eats big bagel, sits down & draws w/ chalk on pavement; shots of kids drawing on asphalt, boy w/ Young Pioneer tie, little girl. CU various drawings w/ peace doves, word Peace written in many languages. Films title & credits. This film is about 9th World Youth & Student Festival in Sofia .

09:08:26 CU Little girl smiles & look up; plane in air w/ banner: For Unity, Peace & Friendship . Aerial of city, streets filled w/ people, people on balconies look at parade led by band; people march w/ international flags. Vietnamese delegation march thru streets, people cheer, applaud, wave Soviet flags, people on the balconies cheer passing parade, huge crowds. People march w/ various banners, placards, flags, man waves & smiles at the camera.

09:10:29 Marching crowds, cheering supporters, various countries take part in the demonstration, Arabs, dancing Africans, delegation from Brazil; girls dance, men w/ drums, CU marchers w/ big flags, delegations in folk costumes, people cheer. Delegation of Land of Soviets dressed in smart suits, wave to crowds cheer, people watch from balconies, windows & rooftops, little kids run to Soviet delegates & give flowers, high angle of big crowds.

09:13:09 Aerial of stadium destination of the march; CU various nationalities marching in stadium & cheering, wave flags, ethnic dances, native costumes incl., Arab, Spanish, Japanese & others, delegates w/ flags, USA delegation, various shots of audience, youth delegations, native dancers.

09:15:16 Applauding VIPs on podium, festival s flame lit, athletes run up stairs to flame post. LS flame lighting, CU fire of festival s flame.

09:15:54 CU flames of war, Vietnam, suburbs of Hanoi, burning houses, people on streets, run from explosions. LS big flames w/ black smoke going up in the air, CU people look up at the sky. Man holding egg basket.

Vietnam War; Solidarity Youth; World Peace Demonstrations; 1960s; Cold War; Communists; Communism; Propaganda;

Time To Live R2 of 6

Nature, Vietnam valley, big field in front of mountains, man on small raft floats on the river.

09:16:36 People cheer & chant; applaud at peace demonstration, Vietnamese man thrown up in air, people cheer Vietnamese delegation on podium, applause, man hugs & kisses Vietnamese delegates, CU Vietnamese woman w/ flowers & booklet We Are With You Vietnam .

09:17:38 CU Vietnamese cameraman w/ Bolex films crowds, people run up to him, hug, kiss, pick him up on their shoulders, carry him around. CU smiling Vietnamese guy passes cheering crowds, all nationality people sign for solidarity w/ Vietnam in CU. People give warm welcome to Vietnamese delegates, hug, give support diplomas. CU 13 years old Vietnamese boy who is a messenger, girl presents him w/ badge, boy smiles, shakes hands. Various presents for Vietnamese people, new bus, cars, lorries w/ various machinery as gifts on the beds; drive past Vietnamese delegation, delegates smile, wave to the cars.

09:19:16 School girl from Hamburg, Germany, Katya Pik(?), plays guitar & sings her own song against the war in Vietnam, CU girl singing (SOF), girl walks off w/ guitar on her back. CU young anti-Vietnam war protesters w/ posters on their backs, big crowds in demonstration outside American Embassy in Sofia, US flag outside on embassy wall, crowds cheering, embassy staff look out of windows, various shots of protesters, CU flag. Little US flag w/ Peace Vietnam written on it on bus window, anti-Vietnam War American delegation exits bus, shake hands w/ Vietnamese; delegations enter meeting w/ big sign - Vietnam will win written in many languages.

09:21:11 Anti-American meeting, black American woman makes very emotional speech, some listeners w/ tears in eyes, American woman sits w/ arm around Vietnamese woman. CU speakers, women cry, speaker presented w/ flowers by Vietnamese delegates, give hugs, applause, tearful faces.

09:22:10 Burning US draft card, people applaud & cheer; people hug American guy, give him flowers, various shots of cheering people, Vietnamese girls hug & give flowers to American guy, both smile, people w/ serious face expressions come out of the meeting room.

09:22:55 US army deserters speak on camera (SOF), introduce themselves & explain why they deserted the US army. (GOOD)

09:24:25 Demonstration continues into the night, flags, various placards carried by cheering crowds, various shots of people shouting. Square filled w/ protesters, CU smiling & applauding Japanese soldiers walk thru cheering crowds, GOOD CU various people passionately cheering for Vietnam.(Continued)

Vietnam War; Solidarity; World Peace; Demonstrations; Clenched Fists; Communists; Cold War; 1960s; Propaganda; Communism; Youth;

Time To Live R3 of 6

Night, high angle huge crowds w/ flags & banners cheering & applauding, VIP s on podium.

09:25:41 Anti-American speech (SoF) by 1st secretary of Soviet Young Communist League, people applaud, cheer, CU speaker, shot of Soviet flag, various nationality people cheering for Vietnam.

09:26:40 On the podium speech (SOF) by Boy s Club s Chairman of the USA, CU speaker, people cheer, LS VIP s on stage, CU representative of South Vietnam National Liberation Front, various shots of cheering crowds, wave flags, CU Mexican man in the crowd. Speech (SOF) by Vietnamese representative, explaining how important it is for Vietnam to have this support, CU cheering people. Vietnamese delegation w/ national hats, all hold hands & sing, high angle singing delegation, people on podium, applaud, cheer.

09:28:19 On the podium speech by first woman Cosmonaut Valentina Tereskova (SOF w/ English translation over) encourages not to repeat horrors of WWII, CU people in the audience. LS speaker at the microphone says that Soviet people will continue to help Vietnamese until victory is achieved, applause, cheer, Vietnamese delegates applaud on the stage, people cheer for Vietnam.

09:29:31 CU Soviet singer Gilda Maziukaite performs song Hand Off Vietnam (SOF). People march at night w/ fire torches, CU singer singing to camera, people w/ torches at night. Night & people put flowers on the freedom fighters monument, CU youngsters walk side by side, big flower wreaths placed on monument, Honor Guard. CU people, write on monument, fireworks.

09:31:57 CU foliage, trees, people walk in park, flowers, three girls from Bulgaria, Poland & GDR meet for first time after writing letters to each other for ten years. Girls talk in the room, then go for a walk in the city; streets are filled w/ people, girls introduce themselves to other youth festival delegates, smile.

09:33:05 Colombian Music band w/ instruments walk & play on the street & sing, lead singer YCI leader Alejandro Gomez. CU musicians, people dance in the street, others gather & watch, CU singers, group of young people walking on the street.

09:34:22 Various shots of little boys on the Sofia's streets, some dressed up as American Indians, group of youngsters exchange w/ badges, CU man w/ blazer covered in various badges. Little boys compare theirs, guy w/ hat covered in various pins, guys give each other autographs. Italian guy tells how much he likes this festival, people gather around & listen.

Pen Pals; Communist Youth Festival; Vietnamese War; 1960s; Cold War; Communism; Propaganda;

Time To Live R4 of 6

People dance on the street, arms on shoulders; music band play in middle of circle, CU smiling onlookers. African dance group performs traditional dance, CU 3 little girls dance together, various shots of African dancers. CU barbecue, chefs in white aprons prepare food, CU girl in traditional folk outfit, people at tables applaud, stage performance by Georgian folk dance group; various shot of dancers & band.

09:37:42 People play music & dance in street, woman in audience w/ newspaper on her head. Little boy covers girls head w/ handkerchief to protect it from sun. CU women dance, high angle dance group. CU English girl Julia Foil laughs, says (SOF) she came to Sofia to meet young people from different countries & is very impressed w/ festival & friendliness of Bulgarian people.

09:38:43 Japanese man traveled on bicycle from his homeland around 20 000 km that took him 5 month, covered w/ many bags, rides thru city, talks w/ people. Small open top Citrone car stops to talk to journalists; German man speaks to microphone, introduces himself & make anti-fascism speech, tells that they are fighting for democracy in Federal German Republic, car & passengers from various angles.

09:40:06 Demonstration at night people w/ banners, cheer, applaud at anti-Fascist meeting at Sofia stadium, various shots of cheering crowds. Speech by West German association of person s victimized under Naziism representative Patrick Gurbeck(?). LS stage, various shots of audience, applause.

09:41:11 Very passionate speech by Gintar Jahn(?) 1st secretary of Central Council of the Free German Youth Union, CU serious people s faces, crowds applaud. CU mausoleum of Bulgarian communist Georgi Dimitrov. Dimitrov s voice played on the loudspeaker while people come to pay their respects & place flowers, CU people listening to the record.

09:42:24 Anti-Nazi meeting at Sofia stadium at night. Group of West Germans distribute their leaflets, people read them & then publicly burn them, applause, cheer.

09:43:55 CU writing on large banner, people from West Germany s progressive youth journal Elan typing on typewriters. CU copy of magazine, one of the men smokes cigarette, various shots of men typing, CU Elan magazine, its pages turned, picture of Lenin in it.

Communist Youth Festival; Vietnamese War; 1960s; Cold War; Communism; Propaganda;

Time To Live R5 of 6

Journalists interview festival participants. CU various people, girl gives flower to guy w/ one leg from Angola on crutches. CU ex-leader of Greek dock workers union Tony Abatyelos(?) & girl from Portugal.

09:46:19 Flash back, officers guard arrested democrats & anti-fascists out of bus, people watch, shots of the island where many prisoners incl. Tony spent years in torture chambers. Tony speaks on camera (SOF) w/ English translation over.

09:47:19 CU Portuguese girl Titina, shots of her in African jungle in one of the units of national liberation army as political commissar of partisan detachment. Titina speaks on camera (SOF w/ English translation) & explains that she comes from peasant family who are fighting to free their country & that she is here to tell about her experience.

09:48:21 CU flowers, people in get-togethers, shake hands, hug each other, all smile. Meeting between Soviet & Arab women, CU Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova; various shots of women in the meeting, Arab woman presents Valentina w/ national hat, applause. Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov signs autographs, people applaud. Get-together of Soviet & Czechoslovakian youth, girls hug each other, smile, people sing & dance, smile, give gifts of flowers.

09:49:44 Delegation past iron & steel complex that was built w/ help of USSR, Soviet iron & steel specialists talk w/ workers, men talking. Factory complex from various angles.

09:50:24 Monument of brotherhood Alyosha in Plovdiv, CU monument, people visit monument, bring flowers. High angle monument on top of hill high above the city.

09:51:04 High angle another monument on the Shipka, for Russian soldiers that gave their lives fighting w/ Turkish, LS high angle of the monument.

09:51:27 Crowds outside Bulgaria - Soviet friendship house, various delegation enter the building. Others applaud, guests try traditional greeting bread & salt; all smile, shake hands, give flowers, guests sit at table w/ big teapot.

09:52:20 Man performs Russian song in German (SOF). CU another foreign (Italian?) guy singing, smiling women, Russian electric band on stage sings; applause, various shots of band performing, sing traditional song Kalinka , dance. Applause, cheer.

09:54:17 Orchestra playing on the street at night, people dance, high angle people dance on the outdoor dance floor.

Communist Youth Festival; Vietnamese War; 1960s; Cold War; Communism; Propaganda;

Time To Live R6 of 6

Rain in dramatic light, people march thru streets in early morning, rain pouring down, traditional festival carnival. People in various costumes, horse carriages, music band in the back of car, people w/ various posters, Soviet VIP masks, big scary soldier heads, w/ horns, folk dancers, everybody happy despite the rain, high angle people w/ fire torches, public watches parade under umbrellas.

09:56:48 Carriage w/ big beer barrels pour pints to the public. People dressed as pirates w/ black faces.

CU river, rain pouring down. CU Soviet singer Edith Pyaha(?) performs song about beautiful girl, camera man films women on the catwalk of Miss Festival Beauty Contest, various contestants come out on the walkway, CU man in the audience watches w/ open mouth.

09:58:15 People walk on the street, men congratulate contestants, kiss, hug, give flowers, CU various nationality women. CU singer Edith continues her song, winner of Beauty Contest, 15 year old Bulgarian girl, brought thru huge crowd of reporters, boys in the audience smile, girl presented w/ crown & flowers.

09:59:34 CU Contests winner poses for painters, CU artists paint girl s portrait. Beauty queen driven thru city, shots of various folk dance groups performing around the Sofia, people tasting traditional drink from flask, food eaten, CU various smiling nationality people.

10:01:18 Festival s flag, high angle mountains, 100 year old Bulgarian freedom song played on film, aerial of monument in the mountains, birds eye view of the country side, city, Bulgarian coast, Sofia. The End.

Communist Youth Festival; Vietnamese War; 1960s; Cold War; Communism; Propaganda;

Project Warrior

Air Force Now

Khe Sanh Jan - Apr68 battle scenes. Aerials over air base. Fighting f