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Josef Stalin Josef Stalin Josef Stalin
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Archival film footage on Stalin/b> from Footage Farm

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Stalin & Solovki Camp - Forced Labour

City views - Lubianka.

19:00:35 Map of route from Moscow - Leningrad - ? View of train slowing down - windows to other side.Prisoners transported by rail - off train (men & women) with suitcases.

19:01:59 Mainland buildings - high up, wide shots township

19:02:24 Prisoners with belongings walked along by armed guards - under camp entrance sign name ?? CCCP - gates shut behind them; Shot of guards barracks?

19:03:26 Docks - Boat moors. Loading supplies by crane and hand. People embark - Prison transport ship. Man talks into early loudspeaker - whistle seen blowing. Solovki GVs no people GVs prisoners on board ship. Captain with binoculars - circular shot of Solovki? camp from water. - views of old town - Russian architecture.

19:08:00 Ship GVs - prisoners / guards on deck. Arriving at Solovki camp, POV ship camp buildings - ship docks. Prisoners under armed escort in single file. Luggage brought off boat. Walking across desolate land to camp.


Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R1 of 6

Reviews Japanese history, & philosophical and religious concepts. Notice that this film does not concern Japanese-Americans. Narrated by Walter Huston.

Timber against heavy gong or bell. Newspaper headline & picture re Japanese executing American w/ sword; samurai sword & quote. Theater production & General w/ sword cutting bundles of straw. Ext. firing historic guns, street performers balancing ??, marching.

01:32:27 POV thru city; moving past telephone switchboard operators; outdoor festival traditional dance & costumes, subway, train & crowds. Martial arts w/ pole.

01:32:56 Montage: Railroad, windmill, pump, printer, typewriter, man on irrigation treadmill in rice field, traffic, street scene, ethnic festival, trolley, women & men parade in street.

01:33:44 VO We shall never completely understand the Japanese mind. But then, they don t understand either... Festival shots continue... Men carry floats, dead on beach. Large man on street, girls walking in western dress, in kimonos, shopping, old men, gong.

01:34:26 Japanese troops marchng in China, bathing, smoking.

01:34:46 Troops receive pay. Put on packs, march in China. Drilling. Cross river; Japanese advance carry artillery. Filling meal box, eating rice in field, laughing.

01:35:36 CU soldiers at attention; stern looks, advancing. CU Artillery cannon fires. Pan over crouched soldiers. Order to charge, CUs, running across fields, ladder on wall. Cheering, Banzai in front of Chinese (?) temple. Troops at attention. Dead bodies; troops w/ battle flag; troops advance behind tank; battle scenes.

01:36:58 Emperor Hirohito on white horse leading mounted generals. Crowd bowing. CU Hirohito saluting.

01:37:19 Map diagram of world w/ Truman, Churchill, Stalin, Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury & head of Russian Orthodox Church pictures, dissolve into cross. Hirohito picture in center of flag - illustration. 01:37:55 Hirohito reviewing troops; in royal coach thru streets.

01:38:08 Railroad passenger train runby along coast w/ Mt. Fuji beyond. Motorcade, Emperor out of car, into government building. People bow outside palace wall.

01:38:43 On Time Magazine cover. Soldiers at attention. Hirohito on horseback. Captured & dead in China.

Racist WWII Propaganda; Anti-Japan; Violence; Oddities; Gods; Religion; Ethnic Culture; Military; Militarism;


13th Party Congress ?

Stalin on podium. Shots of delegates. Ext. people entering. Credentials checked. Trotsky speaking. Title cards in Russian. Audience clapping. Unid speakers.

70th birthday celebrations for Stalin at the Bolshoi with Mao Tse Tung in attendance .

Pioneers make speech - flowers etc. Fireworks. VS Huge hall, audience applauding. Stalin grand entrance. Pan Up Hall. Mao seated next to Stalin. Also Khruschev. Mikoyan (?) makes speech. Trumpets and boys marching band parade through hall and bring flowers to Stalin. Children make speeches. Gigantic poster of Stalin. Cult of personality. Exterior crowds outside Bolshoi. Fireworks.

7th Party

Interior general views audience; Stalin and Voroshilov, Molotov and Kaganovich sync applause; Ordjonikidze speech - Following the path of Lenin and Stalin has made socialism in our country; we are specialist in industry, factories have better output then in capitalist countries. Education of specialists. Soviet Union will produce everything it needs . Shot of leaders; Hitler is unaware of the Socialist Industry and no deal will be signed with Hitler in towns or villages now.

Soviet Union wil supply nothing to the Facists. Long live CPSU, long live comrade Stalin ; Head of Leningrad Factory - Berman One of the oldest factories; CPSU does its best for the country, factory wants to be part of socialist success ; Unseen speaker - Industry must develop (o/lay of leader !!!) statement by Ordjonikidze; ?Avdeenko standing.

[USSR - Stalingrad Tractor Factory, 1930s]

Title: There are no such fortresses which Bolsheviks couldn t capture . I.V. Stalin.

15:51:36 Aerial view large factory complex.

15:51:47 Title: Already now.

15:51:50 CU newspaper.

15:51:58 Title: Overcoming difficuties with Bolsheviks rush.

15:52:01 Men working in factory, pouring metal, assembling tractor

15:52:15 Title: The workers of Stalingrad tractor Factory are gaining experience in working with new techniques.

15:52:20 Men & women assembling tractors. Man cranking & starting tractor.

15:52:33 Title: Setting up Socialist agriculture.

15:52:37 Tractor driven out of factory.

15:52:46 Title: By Stalin s missiles

15:52:54 Ext. factory line of tractors. MCU of Stalin.

15:53:56 Titles intercut w/ shots of Stalin: We...have overthrown Capitalism. We...have built the biggest industry in the world. We...have turned the middle-class peasants on to the socialist way. We have not much learn technics & study science. When we ve done it we ll have the rate which we don t dae dream of now.

USSR; Russia; Propaganda;

Stalin & Solovki Camp - Forced Labour


19:20:41 Working - Shoe making, machine room, foundry, road building, building contruction. Camp ext. Int. - made beds. Whistle to stop work. Clock - 12.

19:26:32 Kitchen - huge pots - guard tastes food, signs book. Men queue, receive food. civilised dining rooms - table cloths, flowers on the table. (Male / Female).

19:29:05 CU Identification? paper. Ext. camp store, int. men / women buying?

Stalin & Solovki Camp - Forced Labour


19:10:48 Guards standing to attention. Courtyard - Prisoner roll call - men and women go into barracks.

19:12:09 Columns march - laundry - medical examinations- registration.

19:14:17 Work detail, timberyard (DROPOUT 19:14:29) - brickyard - two women washing clothes (GLITCH 19:15:09) Woman shows shirt to armed guard.

19:15:37 Caption followed by group meeting - given orders.

19:15:57 Brief view of tower on top of hill. Clock (7). Bells - wake up call - male & female quarters: bedrooms / dorms. Men getting dressed - wrapping material around their feet (extra warmth) - washing. Breakfast (different quaters) - building corridors with guards. Whistle, workers exit (male & female quarters different shots) - assembly (DROPOUT 19:18:35) CU workers in rows. (DROPOUT 10:18:50) Same - women. (DROPOUT 19:19:49-50). Work assignments.




Moscow night GVs. Various including Lenin books/ crowds going into mausoleum. i.e. Lenin cult.

intercut with Asian material.

Various industry - bit dupey but OK shots.

Girl with headscarf making radio broadcast. Pioneers / Books of Lenin - queues at lying in state.

13:12:30 Man with tie - sync

Nice if dirty shot of tractors and harrows away from camera then woman with scarf - sync

13:14:46 Aerial Magnetogorsk - 3 engines over bridge. Dam. Electricity supply lines - pylons. Collective farming. Woman synch. Steam trains.

STALIN - Early Russia 1921

13:16:41 Lenin lying in state - funeral

Part 2

13:26:54 Grain exports

13:29:02 Ford tractor parts being loaded

13:29:41 Grain being loaded on to ship; cu ships, name

13:30:34 Drought conditions - farming

Part 3

13:37:22 Early railways - tracking shots from train over bridge

13:40:35 Poverty Famine 1921 -

Part 4

13:54:48 Trotsky getting on train; talking to soldiers and band standing on platform

13:56:08 POV train journey through snow

13:57:26 Trotsky reviews Red Army during Civil War

Part 5

14:00:03 Lenin - 3rd Comintern - Lenin, Kalinin, Radek, Krupskaya

14:06:39 Famine - some very good shots of food lines children and old people

[1934 Communist Party Congress - Stalin Receives Rifle]

Title: ?? Stalin receives a hunting rifle passed to him at front of hall. Sights thru scope as people applaud.

Communism; Communist Leaders; 1930s; 17th Party Congress;

[Festival Of Sport Parade,]

HA WS Spartak Members parade, leading statue of Stalin. CU statue. Float w/ wrestlers

11:23:12 Football players on giant soccer ball float pushed pastd. HA of parade. MS Starostin leading team on to a huge football pitch.

11:23:36 MS Mikoyan & Beria smiling on podium; HA Beria placard carried.

Cult of Stalin; Communist Leaders; Athletics; Athletes; Communism; Propaganda;

[Potsdam Conference, w/ Churchill]

Cars parked w/ British, Soviet & USA flags visible.

11:47:01 Int. Stalin enters w/ Molotov & other Russians; shakes hands w/ President Truman. Seated at table & pan around w/ various delegates visible

11:47:29 Airfield & planes. POV down tree-lined country street.

11:47:42 Two Soviet soldiers to attention, USA motorcade pulls in.

11:47:58 Black

11:48:41: Truman, Stalin & others walking L. to R. to wicker chairs, cameramen, Churchill arrives & stand & talk.

11:49:04 Newsreel & still cameramen setting up. Big 3 leaders seated. CU Stalin. CU Truman.

11:49:26 Int. group standing w/ Attlee, Truman & Stalin and others. Flash & still.

WWII Conference - Potsdam; Post-WWII;

Red Myth, The: #3, Theory & Tactics of Bolshevism On The March Pt. 3 of 3

Illustrations of soldiers and people armed; tactics of guerrilla warfare.

Sworakowsky lectures

05:22:12 Actor as Lenin speaking, other Bolsheviks listen. Whittle resumes lecture.

05:23:?? Actors making weapons, planning, plotting. Take over of police station, distribute government money.

05:25:18 Actor as Stalin. Sworakowsky continues.

05:27:57 Large artillery guns & railroad guns firing. To represent outbreak of war by Germany on Russia.

End Titles. KQED San Francisco for National Educational Television; Prod. by Mat Lehmann, Dir. by Gerald Marans; Written by E.G. Valens

NET National Educational Television logo & voice over.

Dramatic History; Russian Revolution; Staged History;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 3 of 10

Trucks loaded w/ volunteers; rallies etc. & volunteers marching. Troops marching along road & riding on railroad. Illustration of Kim Il Sung (?) in uniform & generals around a large map of river.

06:21:31 Artillery firing; explosions; T 34s in line abreast (Sure this comes from Stalingrad). Chinese machine gun or maxim as soldiers attack. Animated map showing North Korea crossing 38th Parallel.

06:21:53 Men running ahead. CU tank forwards & soldiers, motorcycles w/ machine guns & sidecars. Soldiers talk to people in street in Seoul (?)

06:22:27 Attacking, on foot, armored cars. Posters up & crowd in streets. Infantry jog towards camera w/ camouflage on helmets. Wade stream.

06:22:58 Artillery sequence: both sides followed by fighting sequences, North Koreans generally wearing leaves. More mass attack. Gun barrels raised in unison. Tank across stream and followed.

06:24:16 Attack into Seoul (?) streets. Some short shots O.K. Han river bridge blown & trapped dead beside vehicles.

06:25:18 Seoul assembly, other buildings. North Korean flag flying 28 June, general street scenes. North Korean slogan / poster on tram.

06:26:21 T34s lead parade thru Seoul. Posters Stalin and Kim in background. North Korean army parade, guerrilla volunteers following. Singalong troops in city; parade on road marching South.

06:27:58 MacArthur off plane, into jeep & talking w/ men & press. Mass wreckage by bridge w/ bodies. wounded helped. Mac talks to press.

06:28:56 Many planes overhead. Troops marching on road, across bridge.

Korean War; Propaganda; Military History;

Russian Newsreel (WWII Stalingrad fighting); Russian Revolution

Sd. Battle scenes w/ soldiers around large destroyed concrete buildings firing machine gunes. Sniper s seen in rubble & bullets hitting building. Explosions, soldier runs thru street. Sniper POV w/ scope. Soldier hit & falls. Others out of building, run thru smoke in street & buildings; several hit. Man falls in doorway. Soldiers take gun from dead.

15:07:13 Crawl into street w/ artillery & firing. Machine guns firing (summer & winter?) Tommy guns fired. Grenades thrown at tanks & burning tank.

15:08:10 Title: 1917. Si. Street - ?emadeni (cinema?) People vandalising exteriors; passout leaflets & crowds celebrating, Servicemen parade w/ banners. Picture of Lenin on balcony (single frame). Troops manning checkpoint. Armored vehicles (early tanks?) w/ policemen around & on top in winter. Soldiers with handwritten banner - Soviet?

NOTE: Good WWII Stalingrad Battle footage. Good 1917 Russian Revolution footage.

[Stalin addresses troops on October Revolution Anniversary]

Standing speaking in front of large microphone. Speech.

[Pre- & Post-Revolutionary Russian Scenes]

WWI [?] troops marching through city - conscripts ?

01:06:29 Tsar Nicholas II down steps into open carriage w/ Tsarina & older daughters.

01:06:53 Digging canal - senior Soviets visit - Molotov talks to foreman - Stalin & Voroshilov on ship s deck.

01:07:38 3rd Communist Party Conference 1921 - delegates arriving by bus. INT conference; CUs Lenin working on notes; MCU Lenin makes animated speech.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. Royalty.

[Misc. USSR: Lenin Funeral - Stakhanovites - Trotsky In Mexico - 22nd Party Congress]

INT Lenin funeral 1924 - body lying in state - CU Stalin - CU body of Lenin - other CUs inc. Kalinin & Voroshilov.

02:06:07 Grain sacks being counted and checked - loaded onto barge. Mining underground 1930s - miner w/ drill - sign in Russian re miner who achieved / exceeded yearly target - miner out of mine entrance & applauded - Stakhanov ?

02:07:02 Red Square parade 1940s? - English narration starts re 1937 Purges - Stalin on mausoleum w/ Molotov, Beria et al.

02:07:43 Trotsky in exile, Mexico: Trotsky w/ wife - in group inc. Frida Kahlo w/ police guard - brief shot Trotsky [face obscured] & Diego Rivera - CU Frida Kahlo & Trotsky s wife - CU Trotsky. Trotsky making anti-Stalin speech in English as at 01:43:48 - ...warm thanks to the Mexican people...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family [in Norway]...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods... - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev & irresponsible despotism - I have nothing to hide... - promises to make available private papers to expose the Moscow frame-ups - a counter-trial is necessary... - says GPU has fallen to level of Nazi Gestapo - ...there is not a stain on my honour . [NB Small chance this is a Trotsky impersonator but background matches that seen in earlier shots w/ Kahlo.]

02:11:33 22nd Soviet Party Congress 1961 - Khruschev applauded onto stage - VO re Kruschev repeating Trotsky s accusations against Stalin - Ho Chi Minh present?

Russia. Communist Party. Artists - South America.

The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3 James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:06:12 Russian Civil war fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still Tzar s family with hammer and sickle superimposed. Secret police searching suspects. Firing squad. Lenin with cat, dubbed in English. Dora Kaplan, newspaper headlines re assassination attempt. Red army parade?

Map of world,

Kronstadt 1921, people dragging corpses out of mass grave, CU corpses with hammer and sickle superimposed. Military. Lenin, Trotsky. Stalin. Farmers with machines in field, wheat, buying food at shop, weighing grain. Herbert Hoover re aid to Russia. Children eating. Headlines re Lenin stroke. Lenin dead. Lenin funeral in snow.

Stalin. Five year plan. Men at work on railway line, lugging wood, heavy industry, quarry, factories and smoke, machinery. Agriculture, building houses, factory work, train (narrator says to Siberia), factory boss congratulating workers. Dignitaries in line.

trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies with hammer and sickle superimposed. trials, still of executed man.

13:12:45 Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination.

Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech. Popular front demo still. News headlines. Molotov and Ribbentrop meet.

13:13:51 Planes dropping bombs re Poland invaded by Germany. Soviet tanks and army invade Poland - stagey footage w/snow - not September invasion? Cartoon Hitler and Stalin with Poland corpse.

13:14:39 Soviet icebreaker. Fighting at sea. French plane sabotaged by French Communists. Nazi troops march through Champs Elysées. German guns and cannons fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Russian soldier surrenders. Map Russia with arrows to Stalingrad, shows territories Russia expanded into after war.

Troops marching. Tanks. Crowd cheering, parade. Industry. Troops running on barren land. Artillery, tanks.

Submarine, woman on stretcher, refugee.

Cold War

[Misc. USSR - First 5-Year-Plan - Parades - Famine]

Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov & other men sitting round table & standing in group talking - Supreme Economic Council discussing forced industrial drive - first 5 Year Plan.

00:32:05 Crowd of people; high shots parade past Lenin s wooden tomb - early.

00:32:50 New Soviet troops pledge allegiance to the Government - military parade - tanks and troops - recruits take oath. Parade with CU of people in parade wearing large masks over their heads - cardboard tanks - top shots crowd.

00:33:49 The People s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs - Litvinov, Krestinski, Karakhan, Stromoniakov - men sitting round table talking.

00:34:06 Snowy street scenes - sleighs - people waiting in line - soldier on sentry duty in snow, St. Basil s Cathedral in BG; CU soldier w/ tall bearskin hat; pan across Kremlin in snow.

00:35:45 Crowds of people demonstrating in street [French shop signs]; soldiers (some on horseback) keeping them in order. High shot people march past and priest blesses them; CU soldier on horseback; people line street to watch parade. Pan across group of soldiers / officers sitting & standing. Officer talks to troops standing to attention in background. CU group of men in winter coats.

00:38:29 CU cobbler mending a shoe, people watching him

00:38:38 Lenin giving speech - side shot & brief front CU.

00:38:52 Trotsky [in leather jacket, trousers & cap] & young boy standing on prow of ship as it sails. Brief shot [future?] Soviet officials in army uniform, one speaking - inc. very young looking Voroshilov.

00:39:05 Famine - people selling possessions at street market; old lady standing on street selling her wares; digging for roots in the snow; GVs street market.

Russia. Communist Party. Poverty.

[Misc. USSR - Red Army Out Of Korea - Famine - Parades - Stalin s Mother]

Excerpts w/ English narration. Russian troops withdrawing from North Korea - Korean civilians wave them off - soldiers packed onto train waving flowers. Mao out of train in Moscow? - greeted by Molotov.

00:49:47 Burning of Brest-Litovsk, Belarus [WWI ?] - troops through smoke on horseback - civilians w/ horsedrawn carriages - houses on fire [shots repeated].

00:51:20 Short sequences vars Russian personalities incl. Lenin & Trotsky making speeches.

00:52:15 Beggar / woman trying to sell underwear - street scenes - shoppers look in windows - trams. - street market.

00:53:04 Depression / Famine scenes - men on street corners - beggars. Busy market.

00:53:49 Various Stalin - parades & meetings - inc. huge inflatable? Stalin head unfurled & carried aloft by balloon - Stalin & Voroshilov look up. Another parade w/ Stalin banners. Stalin, Molotov et al wave from top of mausoleum - anti-Trotsky cartoon banners in crowd - top shot Red Square. 20th anniversary parade 38.

00:55:22 Georgia - Stalin s mother Ekaterina Geladze walks down steps of palace in Tbilisi. Old man who was formerly a prince & wine grower. Vars old Georgian men - VO re wine of region.

00:56:24 Crowds at railway station - hurry along platform towards camera. Women & children walk away from camp where men watch behind barbed wire.

00:56:53 Women working at teletype machines & telephone exchange.

00:57:12 Meeting - men seated round table.

00:57:28 Stalin looking younger w/ Molotov & Kalinin; later shot of Stalin & Molotov waving from platform.

00:57:36 Early shots of soldiers on horseback & marching w/ rifles. Trotsky salutes w/ flag.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Poverty.

[WWI Battle Montage & Armistice Scenes]

Soldiers carrying wounded on stretchers outside field hospital - medics treating wounds.

15:20:47 Long montage battle sequence w/ staged & actuality shots - soldiers charging from trenches - heavy artillery firing - French & Scottish soldiers decorated - tanks firing & advancing - explosions.

15:23:34 Armistice - sign on building L Armistice a ete signé - Paris street scenes - celebrations at front. 15:23:52 - End - DO NOT SELL - Montage / optical sequence featuring war graves, big guns, crowds, troops, Mussolini, Pope, warships, biplanes, Stalin, Gandhi, Hitler & Nazis etc.

[Misc. USSR: WWI - Russian Revolution - Trotsky Speech - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk]

Pre-revolution Russian industry scenes - steelworks. WWI dead - soldiers. Civilian war effort.

01:43:09 Freeing prisoners from jail in post-Revolution Petrograd - men wave hats at camera.

01:43:48 Trotsky making anti-Stalin statement from exile in Mexico c1937 [speaking in English] - ...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods... - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev - I have nothing to hide...a counter-trial is necessary...there is not a stain on my honour [NB Probably not an impersonator].

01:47:20 [Si.] Poor tatty peasants - women doing manual labour & washing clothes. Wounded soldiers out of back of cart - casualties.

01:48:15 Dead bodies in snow - cart pulls up & men dump more bodies

01:48:48 1917 - Crowds milling around square - CU crowd cheering - leaflets handed out - marching for the democratic republic. Mass funeral Mars Field - Exiles welcomed back from Siberia - Militia replaces Tsarist police - Bearded man makes speech about democracy [MOS]. Executive Committee of Workers & Soldiers Soviet - Soviet Mensheviks - rival to Provisional Government.

01:51:38 Trotsky & Bolshevist representatives arrive at Brest-Litovsk 1918 - greeted by German delegation w/ spiked helmets [Karl Radek & Adolph Joffe present?].

Russia. Communist Party.

The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 4 of 4

Narration Quentin Reynolds.

19:13:58 Lenin in various situations some with Krupskaya.

19:14:26 Trotsky speaks (MOS) from train, Trotsky with troops.

19:14:55 Stalin making speech (MOS).

19:15:07 Winter scenes Petrograd 1917 revolution (Feature film?). Lenin speaks to troops after revolution.

19:16:59 Reynolds: America enters the war. US soldiers board troop ships. Convoys cross Atlantic. Large numbers American soldiers. US troops off ship, march thru London, past Buckingham Palace, watched by Lloyd George & Royal Family. Troops arrive in France, cheering crowds (GOOD sequence).

19:19:04 Reynolds introduces Burnett Hershey, journalist and writer who narrates. Hershey reported from France in WWI and WWII. Speaks re difference, especially re access to commanding officers. Various shots Pershing. Pershing with General Foch. Reynolds & Hershey discussing.

19:20:42 Pershing at the front, new recruits marching. Pershing in front of huge crowd of soldiers. Montage US troops in action.

19:21:25 Brief shot German Crown Prince at the front. Trench scenes, French soldiers replaced by Americans. Load & fire artillery, Marines from 2nd American Division, good battle scenes in battle for Belleau Wood, good montage battle scenes (some reconstruction).

19:23:07 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria on train. Italian troops advance. Austrian Emperor Karl. Allenby in Jerusalem w/ Chief Rabbi??. Sultan of Turkey. German army retreats in France. Armistice, newspaper headlines, enemies shake hands & swap helmets. Montage of Armistice celebrations round the world.

19:24:55 Versailles, gardens & ext. Palace. Arrivals for peace conference. President Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau & Vittorio Orlando. Int. Hall of mirrors, Wilson signing. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington cemetery (1950s). The End.

[1915-1920 Military Homecoming Parades]

Woman & men in rowboats on Thames watching crew races.

02:31:16 Navy ships past camera. Pan over fleet at anchor filling large harbor.

02:31:46 Winston Churchill out of car, paying driver.

02:31:59 MS of fleet at anchor.

02:32:13 Title

02:32:23 Military VIP out of carriage as others formally salute. Military kneeling, standing. Woman on reviewing stand, military officer leaves w/ colorful flag. Other military review.

02:32:47 Russian (?) military & Josef Stalin saluting beside railroad track in sand(?). Other nationalities in formal military dress parading. Military brass band playing while passing on horseback followed by mounted units.

02:33:33 Repeat of 02:32:23--02:32:47

02:33:46 Military outside liquor store windows; building w/ shattered windows & broken glass.

02:34:08 Battleship w/ German (?) flag from stern.

02:34:18 Mounted troops through crowds, cheering & waving. England street scenes w/ crowds, buses, men & boys beide fense staring at camera. Family on balcony. Troops marching past & women smiling & waving. Men waving hats, troops marching. Military saluting. Montage of various nations (?)

Celebration; Patriotism; Europe;

[Kinoteca Excerpts]

Russian revolution

1917 - Hauling down Czarist sign. Crowds of soldiers with banners.

Painting depicting 03Apr17 Lenin speech in Petrograd. Lenin letter. Bolshevik speakers, many soldiers and / or sailors in audience and marching in protest. Painting of Lenin at balcony. High angle slaughter in streets, crowd being shot at. Lenin hideout when in exile. Lenin s passport and photo without moustache or beard.

Kerensky - Generals & Russians celebrate. Convoy on road. Russian train with soldiers on roof.

Lenin and Stalin hiding places. Newspaper headlines

Unidentified item WWI

Aerial views dock / industrial areas.

05:14:21 Ships, boats / barges on river? w/ Russian churches beyond. View from ship.

05:15:25 Unid. VIP greets others as they leave building; shaking hands. CU of ?? Long line of people shake hands w/ him as they leave, civilian & military. Civilian men, women & children watching. Stalin in military uniform? British, Americans.

05:17:04 Interior military office, man writing at desk. Dissolve to several men in room.

05:17:15 US (?) military band off ship.

05:17:33 Dock workers standing; soldiers w/ fixed bayonets down gangplank of camouflaged ship. Troops assemble on dockside. Supplies unloaded from ship - sacks of flour in sling onto wagon w/ horse. Women in Eastern European clothes move large bags of flour from wagon to dock & into small sailing barges. Rowed away from camera.

05:20:54 Children pose for camera, one holding milk carrier (?) Given biscuits. CU smiling boy w/ biscuit. Pan down boy s clothing to US belt buckle & leggings. Other kids.

05:22:04 Soldiers making purchases in street market - looks Czech or Russian. Soldiers buying mittens.

05:23:50 Red Cross flag raised on building in ceremony watched by soldiers & nurses. Military band down street. Prisoners? CU native faces, laughing. Heavy clothes.

05:25:44 Pan across bay to sawmill & logs. Logs pulled up, Interior sawmill, sawing wood. Timber yard. Women collect wood loaded onto carts from sawmill. US soldiers in yard. Locals digging fields, clearing tree stumps - mostly women & girls.

05:28:10 Town center, tram up & past. Biplane taking off from grass aerodrome.

Hunger; Famine; Food Relief; Post-WWI; Vladivostok (?), Russia (?)

Death of Lenin (1918 - 1924)

1918, Lenin & wife in car. Russian titles. W/ various people; talking in front of banner. Large crowds. Talking in winter & in summer. W/ cat. 1924 dead. Headlines. Funeral cortege. Huge crowd following thru snow. Lying in State - Lined up outside building & moving camera past. Interior with people past (out of frame) People weeping as they pass. Soldiers past. Widow. School kids. Various ethnic groups. Stalin & others. People outdoors. Soldiers firing salute; ship firing salute. Trolley stops for moment of silence. Stalin at mic. Stalin speaking in front of ?? & pours from bottle into glass.

Moscow Travelogue

Incentive documentary made to mobilise support for Russian defence during WWII.

INT royal palace - ballroom w/ chandeliers. LS cathedrals w/ ornate domes; view from cathedral rooftop across river to city. Vars architectural CUs - statuary inc. giant bell & cannon; cathedral see through archway; ramparts above Red Square; St. Basil s Cathedral.

14:01:30 Re-enactment of city under siege in 1618 & 1812 - troops marching - city in flames - soldiers into battle.

14:02:20 Documentary footage of Lenin speaking to large crowd in 1918 [not heard] - Red Square ? - WWI troops march off to war w/ rifles.

14:02:57 1941 - Civilians building barricades in street. Night: listening horns, launching zeppelin - silhouette zeppelins. People go down elevators & stairs into subway. Explosion over city [reconstruction w/ model]. Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production / steel mill.

14:05:00 INT Stalin onto platform to applause - encouraging speech to group of officers; Vyshinskii [?], Molotov & Beria [?] present - Politburo VIPs?

14:06:13 MCU Stalin speaking 07Nov [MOS]; troops pass in review. Winter: troops & tanks off to war through city streets - snow on ground. VS anti-aircraft guns firing. Air-to-air fighter planes. Tanks across snowy countryside, troops on skis. Montage guns firing, explosions, ski troops & tanks past. Bodies in snow; wrecked vehicles. [Ends abruptly.]

Eastern Front. Russian Home Front..

[Lenin; War Preparations & Subway Air Raid Shelter; Stalin Speaking]

1918: Lenin talking to crowd. Soldiers off to war.

22:19:31 1941 - Building barricades in street. Launching zeppelin & Silhouette zeppelins. People go down elevators into subway. Explosion over city (reconstruction w/ model). Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production.

22:21:28 6Nov?? Stalin speaking to group of officers. Molotov present. 7Nov?? Troops march off to war in snow - tanks through city streets. Brief shots of heavy guns firing in snow.

WWI - WWII. Russian Home Front.

[Misc. Lenin & Early Russian Scenes]

Soviet officials inc. Stalin & Molotov carry body of Lenin on stretcher down steps of building. CU body of Lenin lying in state 1924; cutaways to Stalin et al.

10:08:49 1919 - Funeral procession for Yakov Sverdlov (18Mar19) thru streets - elaborate cortege w/ attendants in white suits. Lenin among mourners - coffin lowered into grave, Lenin watching next to crying woman. Lenin addresses crowd. Troops march past in review - cutaways to Lenin. Lenin in back of car. Lenin out of building in group - look at camera.

10:13:37 Peasant farmer ploughing hillside w/ horse. Flaying grain in front of stacks. Men in factory assembling shells. City w/ harbour in FG. Stills of printing presses underground. CUs pamphlets in Russian by Lenin - What To Do - One Step Forward, Two Back - Two Tactics of Social Democracy .

10:15:21 Foreign city? - sphinx-like statue in FG - city across river w/ oriental? tower. CUs vars editions of newspaper - Pravda. Huge crowds in city square - high pan - possibly Petrograd / Leningrad.

Russia / USSR; Communism; Revolution Hero;

[13th Communist Party Congress]

EXT delegates arriving at conference hall, guards checking credentials. INT good shots delegates mingling & chatting - striking faces.

00:28:52 VS speech by Kamenyev, audience listening & other speakers at podium

00:33:05 EXT visit by Party leaders to Lenin s mausoleum; scenes of Stalin [& Zinoviev ?] at head of huge procession of delegates led by brass band; wreath laying not seen.

Communism. USSR.

[Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - Famine - Trotsky - Lenin Funeral - Farming]

1929? Children in rowing boats. 5 Georgian men sitting in field talking & smoking; CU Georgian man talking.

GVs village; overview of people working in village; CU children & women sitting around. CU woman cooking over open fire, child beside her; vars shots women & children w/ cooking pots on open fires (famine ?). GVs temporary camp - DPs sitting around - cooking - women and children

00:41:23 GVs Graveyard with crosses. Train stopped & people milling about - living in carriages?; men eating; man chopping firewood; young boy sitting with his head in his hands

00:41:45 Street market near lake.

00:42:06 Nurses examining undernourished people; injections. Women collecting hot water from communal tap. Town square crowded w/ camels & carts.

00:42:44 Soldiers parading through Red Square; Soviet officials - Stalin, Kalinin etc. - watch parade; CU Voroshilov on horseback in uniform; soldiers march past saluting.

00:43:31 Horses & carts through village; children run to meet them.

00:43:48 Trotsky making speech from train; people trying to catch papers that have been scattered; soldiers on horseback; Trotsky in crowd talking. Trotsky on boat wearing leathers. Lenin makes speech.

00:44:29 Vars shots Lenin funeral 1924 - coffin carried by Kalenin, Kamenev, Stalin, Zinoviev and others. - INT CU mourners inc. widow Krupskaya, Martinov, Lunacharsky.

00:45:14 Dock scenes - ships at harbour; soldiers on board ship; band playing as officer comes on board.

Men digging in field; young man holding Red Flag; horses ploughing; early tractor.

00:46:32 Scenes from 06:41:49 onwards repeated - Trotsky speeches, Lenin funeral, ships, farming.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Rural Life. Poverty. Malnutrition. Agriculture.

[Early Stalin Shots]

Good shots Stalin, Molotov, Mikoyan, Marshall Budienny et al walking from Lenin s tomb informally across Red Square; Stalin towards camera in CU & past. Late 1920s.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Russia 1920s - Outtakes

March past of massed troops - parade. Map of Russia. Young woman / nurse with baby - turns over showing flexibility.

03:27:15 Coach of Tsar wheeled along by men. Young women applying lipstick. all very short cuts

03:27:35 Parade in Red Square - Top shot marching troops. Ground shots troops with horse drawn carriages at speed. Civilians with banners intercut with cavalry riding at speed. Short shot young Stalin.

03:28:33 Shots of buildings from riverboat. Map with White Sea indicated. Shanty type buildings on waterside. Map inidicating Volga. Map indicating Caucasus - mountains. Map inidicating Siberia - haystacks, people reading. Film flipped. Map. Young woman with baby as at beginning. Removal of cross from minaret. Group of men.

03:31:11 Map showing distance across Russia. Fountains in formal gardens. Paratroops parachute from plane. Trotsky reading from book in English talks about Europe, US and colonialism. Montage short shots personalities including Stalin, Lenin, Tsar, Krupskaya (widow of Lenin)

Very short shots throughout.

[Misc. USSR-Related Newsreel Scenes]

Very choppy compilation - often very brief shots & intermittent music / narration.

Newsreel title Russia Displays Her Might And Skill In The Air . Planes formation over Moscow, paratroops out, air to air shots inc. paratroops sliding off wing of plane. Military parade in Red Square, Stalin reviewing soldiers & sailors marching. Civilians parade past w/ cutaways to Stalin waving back; Molotov.

11:56:38 Pedestrians through melting snow in street past church & US Embassy. People onto streetcar.

11:57:28 Nighttime celebrations in Red Square, fireworks behind silhouette of St. Basil s Cathedral - searchlights along river - neon.

11:57:38 Stalin seated w/ Roosevelt & Churchill - Yalta Conference [?]. Truman at Potsdam w/ Attlee. Woman past boarded-up church. Molotov at opera. Female refugees [?] along country road.

11:58:14 NYC labor demonstration thru streets w/ placards - Force the Shipowners to Reach Agreement . USSR Moscow woman selling New Times newspapers from booth w/ portrait of Stalin.

11:58:44 Bukharin at desk 1920s? Party meeting? Brief shot London policemen arresting rioter?? Street rioting in Germany (?) USSR; mourning bodies in graveyard. Troops from Asian USSR? Heavy snow at truck depot.

11:59:42 Shots from Churchill Defeated! story? - top shot Churchill into Potsdam conference room w/ Stalin & Truman, shakes hands w/ Molotov. Back to Red Square & mausoleum.

Pre-WWII / Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism. Communists;

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Obit

White House with people standing looking, sorrowful. Truman taking office from Harlan Fiske Stone; kisses bible.

03:27:34 Early footage of FDR before polio - walking - shaking hands, with Eleanor. Sailing with pipe. Sitting in yard with Eleanor & kids. Swimming with kids in Georgia. By car tipping hat; with family as Governor & at 1932 convention. Taking oath. Photos year by year. With Churchill in Aug41 off Newfoundland at Atlantic Charter. Signing declaration of war on 11 Dec41. In North Africa reviewing troops. Cairo & Tehran conferences. President with Chiang Kai-Shek and Churchill in Cairo - In Tehran with Churchill and Stalin. Guests at 1944 inaugural looking tired as he waves to crowds. Yalta with Stalin and Churchill - report to Congress his last public appearance. Roosevelt speaking re his hopes for peace in the World for his children and grandchildren.

Various - Russia Related - various places and dates

Various buildings in Moscow - Guard marching outside Kremlin walls. Church. Old woman paper seller - large poster of Stalin on kiosk - selling papers with headlines New Times in English and French. Red Square. Whiz pan early march / parade in Red Square. Informal shots young Stalin walking in Red Square with Molotov and others - good shots.

02:10:00 Gramophone - various shots different races of Russian listening.

02:10:20 Cossacks ? training with rifles.

02:10:37 Industry - smoking chimneys - Lenin statue - opening of Hydro Electric Dam attended by Kalinin?

02:11:07 Top shot and ground shots military parade in Red Square. Stalin on podium in fur hat (1941?) Top shot May Day parade

02:11:39 WWII Night shots artillery barrage - house explodes after being hit. Bodies. Russian soldier tears down Nazi sign. Russian refugees / DPs - food handed out.

02:12:23 Docks - small tanks off loaded. Chassis and body parts of lorries off loaded. Completed military trucks.

02:12:48 Yalta - Posed shot Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

02:13:07 Military parade Red Square - post war. Stalin on podium.

02:13:22 Potsdam. Atlee, Truman and Stalin pose.

02:13:40 Old woman in newspaper kiosk. Whiz pan - Refugees leaving Russia ?? Liner leaving harbour

02:14:21 Pro-Communist demonstrations Germany? Whiz pan Violent demonstrations and riots ? where? Hungarian revolution - bodies. Woman being pulled in two directions - border?

02:15:48 Re-construction? riot where young boy is hit over head - blood on pavement - where? whiz pan

02:16:12 Demonstration in London - policemen arresting students Whiz Pan

02:16:25 French railway station La Chapelle Interieure. - Strike ?

02:16:38 Montgomery in Russia. Interior Kremlin Stalin seated with Churchill and Harriman. Evening reception - Molotov and wife - VIPs arrive for Bolshoi ballet ? VIPs in box watching performance.

[Early Stalin Speech]

Stalin making speech - quite young - poor quality.

Various - Russia Related

1920s - Young Stalin with others Trotsky ?. Brief military parade. Interior Kremlin: Stalin seated with Churchill and Harriman.

02:31:35 Thirty Fifth anniversary of the revolution (1952) Brief night shots street scenes. Moscow Soviet meeting at Bolshoi theatre - standing ovation - Yasnov opens meeting - Karabukin ? delivers report - (English translation over) - various shots audience. Khruschev at top table.

02:33:57 Red Square 7Nov1952 - parade - flags - Stalin posters - CU happy, cheering people in parade. Foreign delegations. Stalin on podium.

[Various Russian Material]

Stalin 70th Birthday celebrations at theatre - Mao present, standing ovation. Various speeches.

15:03:06 Young Pioneers parade and present flowers and make speeches.

15:08:52 Crowds outdoors w/ lights & lighted picture in air. Searchlights on buildings.

15:09:25 Russian steam train transporting workers to Labor camp; marched w/ guards. Gates shut.

15:10:37 Young Stalin w/ Kalinin and Kirov? Molotov.

15:11:12 Cranes moving bouilders & dirt. Belamor slave labour in snow, interior camp barracks, workers.

15:12:46 Workers adrressed by ?

15:13:42 Stalin watches ship pass thru canal - Stalin on board ship.

15:15:55 Felling trees, logging. Interior offices w/ engineers, etc. Workers marching to work - breaking stones, hard labor, camp band playing - various shots construction, shoveling mud, pile driving, etc.

15:21:55 Summertime. Pan over workers faces; women, men w/ unit flags. Excursion boat on canal w/ Stalin & others. Locks.

15:23:55 Workers in snow w/ wagons, digging, splitting rocks. Forms for locks, finishing. Closing locks doors. Man across; men out of locks.

15:26:09 Death of Stalin. Lying in state etc.

15:32:20 Lenin s death. Lying in state etc.


[Twelfth Communist Party Conference]

Aug 22 Russian intertitles throughout. Brief shot dignitaries into room. EXT conference hall - busy traffic. Dignitaries into chamber - Stalin among them. VS people milling around, chatting at table & on telephone. MCU man w/ impressive & elaborate moustache - man into conference room.

11:50:16 VS conference under way - Stalin at head table - vars speakers at podium - delegates listening. Older dignitaries. VS men taking note & reading - man w/ ear trumpet. VS delegates chatting. Female journalists ? Felix Dzerzhinsky also present. Stalin elected General Secretary w/Kyubyshev ? & Molotov as secretaries.

11:50:47 Zinoviev

11:51:38 Bukharin

11:52:04 Trotsky

11:53:30 Sokolnikov

Communism. USSR.

[12th Party Congress]

Abstract intertitles throughout. Good group shot senior Communist Party members inc. Leon Trotsky [no Lenin]. Vars further scenes of formal meetings, group discussions & personalities inc. good CUs Molotov, Voroshilov, Kalinin. Delegations inc. Urals & Eastern Russia. Stalin present but no CUs.

17:07:07 Lenin & group pose for camera outside - waving hats. High angle INT Congress delegates looking up at camera, clapping & laughing - Stalin in centre. Further shots Congress under way - packed hall.

17:08:23 Trotsky making speech at podium. Title Hopes of worldwide bourgeoisie fell through but wonderful anticipation of Lenin came true . Zinoviev speech.

Russia / USSR. 1920s.

[Stalin with ORDJONIKIDZE]

Stalin and Grigory Ordjonikidze stand together in a doorway, laugh. Unid. man puts cigarette in his mouth.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[Twelfth Communist Party Conference]

Russian intertitles throughout. Brief shot dignitaries into room. EXT conference hall - busy traffic. Dignitaries into chamber - Stalin among them. VS people milling around, chatting at table & on telephone. MCU man w/ impressive & elaborate moustache - man into conference room.

09:50:18 VS conference under way - Stalin at head table - vars speakers at podium - delegates listening. Older dignitaries. VS men taking note & reading - man w/ ear trumpet. VS delegates chatting. Female journalists ? Felix Dzerzhinsky also present.

Communism. USSR.

Kinoteca Excerpts

Lenin Funeral - mass of people listen to speaker - Lenin lying in state and mourners - Lenin wife - sister - Stalin;. Kalinin; Klara Tsetkin? Vorosilov. Other VIPs. Parade with band - crowd outside Lenin funeral.

Bearded man makes speech and is bounced up and down.

Red Square - Bukharin and Trotsky with Stalin

Wooden Mausoleum. VS people on mausoleum including young Stalin leaning on edge, cheering crowds below. Speakers. Young pioneers cheering and clapping. Trotsky addresses crowd. Various others making speeches including Krupskaya? Youth applaud. Pioneers march

[Death of Lenin]

Shows funeral ceremonies for Lenin [died 24Jan24]. Flashbacks show Lenin in the streets of Moscow, conferring with Russian revolutionary leaders, addressing the crowds in Moscow and Leningrad, and with President Kalinin of Russia. A procession of party officials and civilians, among them Stalin and Kalinin, pass by to view Lenin's body as he lies in state. Riflemen and artillery for a salute.

Stalin addresses a crowd [unrelated to Lenin s funeral] - more of same speech at around 23:33:00.

[Stalin s Oath to Lenin]

Russian intertitles. VS INT Stalin making speech in which he pledges to continue the work begun by Lenin.

NB Censored version to hide either Bukharin or Kirov. VS EXT departures from meeting; men pose w/ portrait of Lenin; parked cars visible. Pan across large group posing for camera - wearing winter coats, fur hats etc. Good shots of faces as people pose and disperse towards camera - smiling and laughing.

Communism. USSR.

[Lenin s Death]

Snow covered trees - Lenin s villa at Gorki [?] - newspaper headlines. Funeral scenes: Lenin lying in state 26Jan24 - crowds in snowy streets w/ banners. Mourners inside including Stalin - other mourners present inc. Mrs. Vladimir I. Lenin, Nicholas Bukharin, Gen. Voroshilov, Mikhail I. Kalinin, Gen. Frunze [not all seen?]. Soldiers and mourners in wintery Red Square - wooden mausoleum - coffin carried. Montage showing naval vessels & cannons firing gun salute w/ CUs people removing their hats in respect.

1920s Russia / USSR.

[Lenin s Funeral & related, ca 21Jan24]


14:49:36 Ext & men out of doorway carring Lenin s body & coffin including Stalin, Molotov, Kalinin. Through snowy streets from train.

14:50:10 Title re carrying coffin thru Moscow. Men carry coffin up steps in Kremlin. Lenin s funeral, coffin being carried (by Stalin and others?). Lying in State w/ wreathes.

14:51:04 slug.

14:51:06 Stalin, widow & other Party members, family & public paying their respects.

14:51:52 Coffin covered & taken out.

14:53:00 Slug.

14:53:03 Title. Coffin out of building & thru streets, past crowds, band. Red Square in cold weather.

14:54:12 Flash Title. Lenin surrounded by workers & military. Hall w/ delegates entering, on speakers platform speaking (MOS). Lenin on podium & crowd applauding. Band playing above on balcony. (GOOD).

14:56:35 Title & Lenin in coffin; people standing nearby, children w/ banners & other people pass by. CUs Widow, Nadezhda Krupskaya.

14:59:10 CUs: Sister. Dzerzhinsky; Frunze; Krasin; Stalin; Proslavsky; Kalinin; `Klara Tstetkin; Voroshilov; Budeny intercut w/ large graphics. People fainting; passing coffin, ethnic groups, soldiers, brass band.

Cult of Lenin; Communist Party Leaders; 1920s Russia; 1924; USSR;

[Lenin s Funeral]

Brief shot Lenin s body carried out of house on stretcher by Party officials inc. young Stalin & Molotov - crowd wrapped up against cold. Lenin s coffin arrives by train - escorted by Soldiers, members of Central Committee CPSU w/ Kalinin in the front and Stalin at the back, carry Lenin s coffin through wintery streets filled w/ people. Bukharin

05:57:00 Delegation carry Lenin s coffin up the staircase w/ Kalinin in front and squeeze through crowds of people. Man decorates podium w/ flowers, people gathering all around it.

05:57:32 Shot of big banner - rough trans. Lenin has died, but left behind his communist party, so let s surround it tighter with our lines . High angle of funeral hall, group of people pay their respects. Vars shots of hall, Lenin's coffin from different angles.

05:57:52 CU Stalin. CPSU members w/ Kalinin & Stalin in fur coat next to the coffin.

05:58:13 Lenin's family at coffin w/ wife Nadezhda Krupskaya & sister Anna Ulyanova. CU of Lenin s body.

05:58:32 Crowds of mourners enter hall.

05:58:43 Shots from 2 angles - men closing Lenin's coffin, secure the lid w/ rope. CPSU members w/ Stalin take their places & carry coffin past soldiers & through corridor filled w/ mourners.

05:59:50 Delegation carry coffin out of Soviet Union house on to street, past soldiers, playing orchestra, big crowds follow the coffin, shot of clock tower. CPSU member carry coffin, very cold winter day - people s breath visible. Kremlin clock tower at 4pm.

06:00:48 Top shot - Coffin carried in to mausoleum.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[Stalin in Tblisi with Georgian Railway Workers]

Stalin out of meeting house in group; vars scenes of railroad workers applauding & showing respect as Stalin & officials pass by - reviewing construction work? Some shots repeated.

Russia / USSR. 1920s.

[Felix Dzherzhinsky Speech to VSNH & Funeral Scenes]

Dzherzhinsky making speech [MOS]. Sterna [?] making speech. Dzherzhinsky & Pietakov [?]. CUs Ksandrov & Ipatev [?].

17:41:44 Funeral of Felix Dzherzhinsky 1926 - mourner looking down at body in open casket; CU body lying in state. Mourners file past Dzherzhinsky s coffin. Choir sings. People up stairs towards camera. Soviet officials seated around coffin. Conductor w/ choir. Mourners file past, Dzherzhinsky s family [?] seated by coffin.

17:47:19 Outdoor funeral procession through city streets - pallbearers carrying casket among crowd inc. young Stalin in all-white oufit w/ black armband & Voroshilov.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. 1920s.

Bed And Sofa Pt. 1 of 3

Feature Film directed by Abram Room


21:37:17 View of city from hilltop, moving into large church & large construction. Small neighborhood street. Int. w/ couple in bed, cat aleep on table, clothes over furniture. POV from back of moving train, rails, shadows, CU of wheels. Reflections in glass of man, Volodya going to city for work & riding between cars. Montage of RR.

21:39:22 Neighborhood. Pigeons eat on stones, fly. Rooftops, church reflected in river, underside of bridge, factory reflections. Men sweeting street w/ brooms; pedestrians begin on empty street. Cat up and onto bed waking couple. Nikolai & Lyuda

21:41:35 POV from side of railroad passenger cars, under bridges.

21:42:24 Stalin calendar picture; Nikolai takes note, throws at wife. They wash in sink & from samovar over pan as shower.

21:43:45 Buses washed. POV of tracks as train into station. Volodya out w/ bundle goes to large billboard map & begins walking. CU Nikolai exercising w/ dumb-bells, Lyuda cooking breakfast. POV & shots of man walking thru city, kicks rock into river & ripples. Nikolai to work w/ plans. Orders wife to clean, she s unhappy.

21:48:18 High angle from top of Bolshoi overlooking street & park, street cars past. Nikolai & workers laying bricks. View of street, air compressor & painting on columns. Workers dismantle scaffolding. Volodya, looking for work, walks on past old buildings as trolley passes.

21:51:02 Men eat lunch on top of Bolshoi, Nikolai by horse. Split screen effect. He sits & smokes cigarette in sun. Workers. LS of construction & people walking in street & crowded park benches. POV thru streets, pedestrians, bicycle, horse & cart.

21:54:03 Lyuda w/ cookbook & dessert. Nikolai walking home. Lyuda putting on dress is interrupted by Volodya, then Nikolai arrives & introduces his wartime buddy & tells Lyuda its their duty to give him a corner of the room & gives him the sofa.

21:58:00 Volodya in printing shop looking for work. Shops of large presses running. Machinery.

USSR Moscow 1920s Housing Shortage; Relationships; Friendships; Daily Life;

[Stalin s 50th Birthday]

Newspaper headlines. Good shots Stalin with his men inc. Kalinin, Voroshilov, Kaganovich, Kirov & Ordzonikidze.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. 1920s.

Stalin Speech to the Moscow District Soviet

Painting / mural Stalin with Lenin - Pravda newspaper headlines - Lenin lying in state - Stalin at Belomor Canal - workers. Kremlin - Sequence to show Uncle Joe Stalin with many different members of public inlcuding Stalin in silk kimono - hugs and kisses. Exterior and interior Kremlin - congress - 1937 Stalin s speech to the Moscow Soviet during election campaign; praising Lenin. CU Lenin

[Construction And Opening Of Belomor Canal]

Scenes of construction in winter and summer of Belomor canal - forced labour.

14:00:56 Visit by Stalin, Voroshilov, Stalin on ship going up canal (intermittent sound)

14:03:09 Men sawing down trees to use in construction; logging.

14:03:45 Men / Women working in office; engineers

14:04:06 Men walking down road to work, some w/ shovels on shoulders.

14:04:27 Men work: digging, wheelbarrows, pounding.

14:04:55 Band plays whilst men work; various shots men work - split & move big boulders. Flags of units. Wooden platforms for moving rock & dirt.

14:06:53 Men shoveling in mud. Splitting large rocks in snow.

14:08:11 Pile drivers, cranes, conveyor belts.

14:09:03 - 05:09:17 BLACK

14:09:18 Summer & pan across workers gathered, many women, men s unit w/ banner.

14:09:36 (Titles in French & Russian) Stalin, Voroshilov and Kirov visit Canal, on boat going down canal

14:10:45 - 05:11:04 BLACK

14:11:05 Various shots of construction of canal in snow - workers gathered listening to speaker in snow storm. Band playing inside canal bed. Near finished canal walls being finished. Locks closing, man walks across. Workers climbing out of canal.

First Five Year Plan; BBK; convict labor; slave labor; USSR; Russia; Gulag;

NOTE: Belomor - aka White Sea Canal, or 141 mile long Baltic Canal opened 02Aug33. Possibly Moscow-Volga Canal (?).

[Red Square Parade; Stalin Autographs Picture & Kisses Girl]

Demonstration in Red Square w/ placards, marching bands, soldiers; military fly-over.

06:28:38 Stalin seated w/ smiling peasant girl w/ arm around his shoulder as he autographs a photo, gives to her and gives her kiss.

Propaganda; Soviets; Dictator; Communists;

16th Soviet Congress Pledges Intensive 5-year plan support

Young Stalin, Molotov and others walking along - pose in grounds of Kremlin

Kalinin, Voroshilov. Other unidentified groups pose.

16th Soviet Congress Pledges Intensive 5-Year-Plan Support

Soviet Communist Party members arrive for Congress - pose on steps inc. Stalin, Molotov, Kalinin, Voroshilov & Bukharin [?].

Russia / USSR.

eva braun s home movies

POV from aircraft; woman with children; officer sits on Berghof terrace wall; officer with children on terrace; group of women in wood; rural town; people in aircraft; dogs on terrace; interior of group on train; dog in bedroom; dog on terrace; Hitler on terrace with dogs; group on terrace- dark; woman has trouble with hat in wind; small boys play in bath on terrace lawn; Speer on terrace; men read paper on terrace; POV from boat with iceflows; Hitler with children interior; dogs in house; budgerigar in bathroom; officers leave Berghof; people skiing; interior wedding ceremony in government marriage office? Himmler congratulates happy couple; brief interior wedding reception; children pose in field and play in lake; Hitler with small child in sitting room; children play with rabbits; children play with toys; mountain scenics; baby dressed and with parents; women pose inc Eva Braun?; house interior; mountain landscape with antenae ? Greenland; POVs from boat Milwaukee ; woman looks in travel agents window; woman into shop fro m car; group onto Hitlers aircraft (D-ACVH used by Ribbentrop to visit Stalin Aug39); group on boat in harbour ? Hamburg; group into minibus; woman board liner; luggage loaded; boat sets sail; women sunbathe on deck inc Eva Braun; scenes on deck POVs from boat; women board launch; scenes of Greenlanders and Greenland inc geysers; festivities on deck of ship; Arctic scenics.

[Russian Collective Farms & Peasant Workers 1930s - Part 1]

Russian intertitles throughout. 1932: Hundreds of tractors in shed - peasants pass in carts - market, produce weighed and meat cut up. Animal livestock inspected. More market scenes - sack of grain weighed - children at bookstall - drinking tea. Outdoor political meeting - men crowd around speaker. Men queue at kiosk to sign ? Brass band playing.

09:03:30 Sacks of grain on conveyor at docks; sacks loaded onto ship. Tractors in yard - maintenance and repair. Rows of living accomodation. Hand-painted banner. Outdoor meeting - farmers / workers vote.

09:05:50 Small wooden church. Grain poured into grinder ? Farmers get receipts ? Factory. Tractors being repaired. CU certificate? w/ pictures of Lenin & Stalin. Construction work on wooden frame of building; tractors in sheds. Line of tractors drive off - snow on ground. Ploughs inspected.

09:08:52 Outdoor meeting - MCUs faces. Peasants sign ?

09:09:30 Measuring out land using wooden triangle measure. Labourer shakes dice [?] out of hat. Construction of woven fences. Overview of fields. Half starved pony.

USSR. Communism. Collectivism. Farming / Agriculture. Poverty.

[Russian Collective Farms & Peasant Workers 1930s - Part 1]

Russian intertitles throughout. 1932: Hundreds of tractors in shed - peasants pass in carts - market, produce weighed and meat cut up. Animal livestock inspected. More market scenes - sack of grain weighed - children at bookstall - drinking tea. Outdoor political meeting - men crowd around speaker. Men queue at kiosk to sign ? Brass band playing.

11:03:30 Sacks of grain on conveyor at docks; sacks loaded onto ship. Tractors in yard - maintenance and repair. Rows of living accomodation. Hand-painted banner. Outdoor meeting - farmers / workers vote - Oct31.

11:05:50 Small wooden church. Grain poured into grinder ? Farmers get receipts ? Factory. Tractors being repaired. CU certificate? w/ pictures of Lenin & Stalin. Construction work on wooden frame of building; tractors in sheds. Line of tractors drive off - snow on ground. Ploughs inspected.

11:08:52 Outdoor meeting - MCUs faces. Peasants sign ?

11:09:30 Measuring out land using wooden triangle measure. Labourer shakes dice [?] out of hat. Construction of woven fences. Overview of fields. Half starved pony.

USSR. Communism. Collectivism. Farming / Agriculture. Poverty.

[Russian Collective Farms & Peasant Workers 1930s - Part 3]

Good shot line of men with scythes, sharpening in unison. Top shots cutting wheat in unison. Young girl feeding chickens. Women in fields gathering vegetables? & singing. Men sharpening scythes and cutting fields. Suckling pig [brief].

11:27:07 Haystacks in field - horse drawn carts laden with hay.

11:28:24 Indoor meeting - vars speakers. CUs haymaking at sunrise - grain sacks. Carts with sacks of grain along road. Carts into town, many with flags. Farmers wait with carts - outdoor meeting addressed by officials - cathedral church in BG.

11:33:01 Indoor meeting - peasants addressed by official who tells them Stalin says if we work together we wil move forward etc - faces - speech carries over shots of buildings & fields burning. Funeral scenes - sad faces - open caskets - man crying - marching w/ banners - wreath w/ picture of priest ?

[Intermittent soundtrack of Russian narration, dialogue, rousing music & peasant song.]

USSR. Communism. Collectivism. Farming / Agriculture. Poverty.


Ethnic Germans in Russia on the Volga; Bilingual signs German and Russian 1925; Rural Russia pre collective farming

Part 2

14:17:27 Trotsky May Day Parade in Red Square 1922; Stalin in Red Square; Kamenev and Zinoviev i in Red Square

Trotsky in exile

Part 3

14:21:29 Jewish community in Russia 1930s interiors classroom girls learning Hebrew. Boys being taught in open air.

[Red Square Parade w/ Stalin Banner, Summertime]

High angle shot of Red Square; MCU of Stalin banner carried;high angle of marchers. Marching groups raising arms & applauding.

01:37:45 Stalin & others wave from atop Lenin s Tomb. Various shots of marching groups: leaving, CU waving, CU Stalin in uniform, Molotov, Stalin saluting. Bboy waving trumpet Marchers. Stalin waves cap.

01;38:46 Night & moving lights on buildings. Superimposed lights. Artillery firing. Fireworks over city. GOOD.

Cult; Masses; USSR; Russia;

Port of Five Seas [Part 2/2]

Wooden sides of canal constructed. Stone dykes. Flooding of railway & villages to make way for canal. Snow scenes - hampering construction work. Forced labour in the snow - artificial heating melting snow.

Hard labour. Last lock finished.

10:10:40 Barrier blown up releasing flood waters - explosions - VS completed locks, dams & canals of Baltic-White Sea waterway.

10:12:06 Government meeting. Workers / prisoners at the completion of canal freed. Celebrations - dancing - band playing. Canal with boats transporting lumber etc.

10:14:07 Stalin visits canal. Map showing travel distance saved by new canal. Stalin on riverboat. Animated map showing proposed access to five seas from Moscow by 1936.

Communism. USSR.

Port of Five Seas [Part 2]

Wooden sides of canal constructed. Stone dykes. Flooding of railway & villages to make way for canal. Snow scenes - hampering construction work. Forced labour in the snow - artificial heating melting snow.

Hard labour. Last lock finished.

12:10:36 Barrier blown up releasing flood waters - explosions - VS completed locks, dams & canals of Baltic-White Sea waterway.

12:12:04 Government meeting. Workers / prisoners at the completion of canal freed. Celebrations - dancing - band playing. Canal with boats transporting lumber etc.

12:14:03 Stalin visits canal. Map showing travel distance saved by new canal. Stalin on riverboat. Animated map showing proposed access to five seas from Moscow by 1936.

Communism. USSR.

[Soviet Canal Construction - Mao Visit - Stalin Outside Kremlin]

Workers w/ large banner 1934; forced labour - men clearing ground for canal project w/ pickaxes; pushing wheelbarrows full of earth to and fro. Top shot swarms of workers on site - wooden boards across trenches in ground.

15:00:19 CU crocodile puppet at children s party / carnival? Brief CU Russian typewriter in use.

15:00:29 [Sd.] Mao Tse Dong visit: INT Bolshoi theatre - applause as Stalin, Mao, Beria, Gromyko, Khruschev, Molotov onto stage. National anthem sung - good shots packed theatre.

15:01:41 [Si.] Stalin, Beria, Kalinin, Kaganovich, Kruschev [?] & others walk in Kremlin grounds, 1940s. CU Stalin putting hand inside jacket in familiar pose.

Russia / USSR. Communism. Chairman Mao.

Party Congress

VIPs on podium - Molotov, Krushchev others listening to speaker at Party Congress.

05:36:41 Stalin listens to the speech, strokes his mustache, shots of other VIPs, audience applaud.

05:37:20 Speech by party secretary Malenkov, other VIPs on stage, Stalin sits in back row. Audience applaud.

05:37:49 Shot of Stalin listening to Malenkov, supports head w/ his arm.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[North Korea?]

Korean script titles. Korean film mute GVs street scenes, posters, banners, large street posters & propaganda? broadsides. Store windows.

05:01:32 Business man in office pointing to many wall posters & showing woman. Decorated street car. Factory interior w/ men at lathes, one w/ Communist red star on cap. Farmers w/ bundles.

05:03:06 Interior CU Kim Il Sung in suit addressing meeting & audience listening, applauding.

05:04:25 Ext. crowd & banners; POV speaker in city. Pan of listeners, peasants, farmers, others. Poster of Stalin & posters of others.

05:06:24 Moon over bridge. Title of date? Factory w/ lights strung on outside. People listening to speakers. Women w/ child on back.

05:07:15 North Korean or Chinese army sequence, troops moving up hillside. Soldiers on radio telephone in foxhole. Camouflage & binoculars. Sequence of sighting & firing mortars.

05:09:28 Men & women soldiers dancing. Troops firing artillery. Saluting. Balance is in snow. Field gun. Marching towards heavy gun mass parades towards over snow

Communist Korea; Korean War; Daily Life;

The News Parade - Movies Greatest Headlines Pt. 1 of 2

Castle Films

22:30:10 Introductory title: ...most unusual or most thrilling ever filmed.

22:30:22 Title: Wings To Orient - History is made when giant clipper ships unite California & China.

22:30:34 Clipper NC 14716 on land being serviced. Floating on water, crowd watching from shore. Taxiing, oriental women waving, lifting off & flying voer partially completed San Francisco Bay Bridge; California coast line & plane seen from above.

22:31:06 Map & animation of route. Plane in flight.

22:31:15 Title: Wildest Africans - 800 miles inland, these savages pose for first time. Men w/ shields & arrows in front of thatch hut, wearing bone necklaces & painted faces & bodies. Dancing. Feathered headdresses of ostrich feathers.

22:32:12 Title: Red Russia Parades - Soviet millions tell dictator Stalin he s tops. Marching troops in Red Square; women march. Stalin & othrs watch paratroops descending. Tanks; banners; dancing peasants; balloon w/ portraint of stalin hanging beneath.

22:33:01 Title: Tragic fires - Millions lost when roaring blaze destroyes stockyards. Flaming barns & pens w/ heavy black smoke; pan across.

22:33:23 Title: Terrific oil fire requires days to extinguish. Burning oil & collapsed building w/ large wooden derricks behind. Burning gas. Burning fire engine. Burning oil tank.

22:33:52 Title: Horror of the sea - 132 perish when S.S. Morro Castle burns. Aerial over ocean liner engulfed in smoke. Life boats to shore. People on shore looking at burned & grounded ship s hulk.

22:34:28 Title: Aviation s Miracle Man - All the worl marvels when Lone Eagle Lindbergh conquers Atlantic airways. Lindbergh boarding plane; taking off bouncing past journalists cars. Map animated of route. Le Bourget airport, crowds run towards plane under spotlights. Continued...

Celebrities; Travel; Exploration; Disasters; 1930s;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

Russia's First Five Year Plan R7 of 9

Baku oil wells and wooden & metal towers. Pumps at work; drilling; gushers. Oil refining at Baturn on Black Sea fed by pipe line. Grasny oil field in Caucus Mts. Expansion and building. Auto factories being built. Volga River. Nisni? ato build Ford-type autos to be licensed by Ford. Workers on factory buildings. Leningrad shipyard & launching of lumber carrier. Industry - Spinning mill in textile center. Large paper mills; logs cut for pulpwood & pulp making. Crane shot thru mill in Karale(?) Republic. Stalingrad tractor factory under construction. Steel frame erected. Leningrad tractor plant being rebuilt for Fordson type tractor construction.

Japanese Newsreel Koku Nihon #124

US government warning about the cut off date for handing in coupon books 23Mar1945. 09:17:13 Promotional documentary to encourage the development and use of aircraft in Japan. Shots various Japanese planes with Japanese titles over. Army Air Division H.Q. Head speaks on the importance of aircraft to warfare and illustrates with bomb demonstration. Good shots early Japanese mono and biplanes - dropping bombs by hand. More modern aircraft in flight. Stalin watches fly past over Red Square in Moscow - air force exercises in Moscow, paratroops sliding off wing (first Russian paratroops) mass of parachutes. Modern Japanese fighters. Japanese aircraft factory - production lines - construction. 09:23:21 Early monoplane on Japanese to London non stop flight - local commercial flights - aeroplane exhibition, many different aircraft lined up on field and fly past by biplanes.

Construction of the Moscow Volga Canal - forced labour

Scenes of prisoners carrying out hard labour in snow; scenes inside gulag, prisoners barracks showing clean beds, hygienic conditions and good food; interior general views of female prisoners during mathmatics lesson; interior general views art class; night scenes prisoners rush from barracks to stop water damage with sand bags. Exterior and interior general views the Stalin Heavy Industrial Plant showing manufacturer parts of the Moscow Volga canal Tracking shot along canal construction site showing mechanised diggers, prisoners working

05:30:54 Steam freight train towards camera, up and past. Men looking through bars of cattle truck. Prisoners out of train and marched to camp. Gates closed.

Scenes of forced labourers constructing the Moscow Volga Canal

Scenes of prisoners carrying out hard labour in snow; scenes inside prisoners barracks showing clean beds, hygienic conditions and good food; interior general views of female prisoners during mathmatics lesson; interior general views art class; night scenes prisoners rush from barracks to stop water damage with sand bags. Exterior and interior general views the Stalin Heavy Industrial Plant showing manufacturer parts of the Moscow Volga canal. Tracking shot along canal construction site showing mechanised diggers, prisoners working and steam railway locos.

[USSR - Belomor Canal Opening, 1933]

Dusk shots over canal & locks. Various shots of water running thru canal; man and worman working on sign B.B. VP - 31-33R (Belomore -Baltic Water Way); good night shots of canal & bridges, reflections, etc.

16:05:13 Man addressing workers about their work on the canal. High angle shots & pan over people.

Opening of the Canal; CU faces of workers; men and women; men holding flags.

16:05:56 Ship, CU horn. Listeners & CU of accordian playing; gates on canal opening; ship coming thru gates; ship going up canal; pov from ship to banks of canal; CU captain on bridge sailing ship; CU Stalin s face; Stalin on ship; GVs banks; CU mens faces; ship with crew waving; gates close.

USSR; Russia; Gulag; 1930s; White Sea Canal; Baltic Canal;

[Construction of Belomor Canal by Forced Labour, 1930s]

Man (fellow worker?) speaking from stage - by table of guards? - to large crowd of workers (all with hats on). CU faces, listening (sound out 16:10:28 - 10:10:36)

16:10:52 Title:

16:10:54 (music intermittent) Visit by Stalin & ? to canal. Barge & dredge thru gates of locks; POV from canal banks w/ crowd watching. Stalin meeting ship crew on deck.

16:11:23 Title:

16:11:37 People watch barge & large shovel passing; POV from boat of shore. Men on board w/ Stalin. View of ships naval ships & submarines anchored in Black Sea (?).

16:12:33 Newspaper editorial cartoon of Stalin at ship s helm holding CCCP steering wheel; other newspapers. Photos of three men above map of Norway, Sweden & Finland w/ canal shown to shorten distance to English Channel & northern ports.

16:12:46 Wake of ship in canal. Stalin with ship crew. POV ahead.

16:12:57 Title:

16:13:05 Workers felling tall trees. Logging. (Patriotic music & song over.) Good.

16:13:41 Men & women working in project office - engineers.

16:14:01 Workers carrying shovels march to work (music).

16:14:20 Title:

16:14:23 Titles intercut w/ construction, wheelbarrows, clearing earth, breaking rocks. Band playing on building site. Good shots driving pins w/ sledge hammers to break rocks. Men gather flags & leave site for explosions. Men inspect where water has flooded. Shovel in heavy mud to drain.

16:17:33 Title:

16:17:38 Winter - Men prying boulders apart, pounding. Working large pile-drivers. Cranes moving rock & forms. Load rocks on conveyor.

16:18:58 - 16:19:12 Black

16:19:13 High angle of forced labor workers. Pan across faces in MS. Women & men, men w/ banner.

16:19:32 [Title: (in French & Russian) Chefs du Parti Bolchevik et les membre du government ont visité le canal] Stalin up ladder on canal ship. Stalin, Kirov, Vorochilov on deck. Up through canal gates of locks. Along canal.

16:20:41 - 16:20:57 Black.

16:20:58 Speaker to laborers in snow, listening. Go to work in cold.

USSR; Russian Gulag; Forced Laborers; 1933; 1930s; White Sea - Baltic Canal; Slave Labor;

17th Party Congress

Lenin poster on building - various steam trains arrive with delegates, cars leaving station.

Leningrad delegates - beaucracy sequence - entry cards, checking on telephone. Delegates filling in forms

Litvinov leaves - high angle waiting cars

Congress hall exteriors and arrivals including Stalin, Ordjonikidze and Beria - Kirov

13:08:39 Empty hall - full hall - applause,

13:09:27 Molotov on podium. Applause. The presidium. Various shots delegates listening.

13:11:01 Stalin at podium, applause

Ordj and ? clapping - shots Kirov Voroshilov

13:12:34 Kirov at podium watched by members of the Presidium

13:12:58 Stalin at podium - standing ovation.

17th Party Congress

Night - Parade - Banners - Gang on mausoleum in snow.

13:16:43 Congress continues, various speakers and cutaways of listening delegates and presidium inc. Stalin smoking.

13:18:28 Molotov to podium - congress continues, other speakers.

13:22:37 Break - gang leave presidium

13:23;32 Dancing man in military uniform dances in hall. Good CU main members, Stalin, Molotov etc.

Voroshilov - Molotov - Kaganovich

Man and woman dancing - Ordjonikidze and Kalinin and Stalin watching - Kaganovich and Kirov watching

various shots presidium - photocall, posed shots.

13:28:14 Tukhachevsky to podium and speaks

Mikoyan at podium and speaks

End of Congress

Stalingrad Tractor Factory - speed corrected

Continued on next card

Stalingrad Tractor Factory

Completed tractor driven through cheering crowds inside factory. Exterior crowds assembled with banners. Interior men working on machines. Man reading paper. Workers smoking cigarettes. VS tractor parts. Empty prouction line.

13:34:34 Ext. tractor hoisted onto flat bed freight train. Arty shot train loaded with tractors up and past.

13:35:23 Workers meeting? intercut with shots of factory under construction in snow.

[Kirov Lying In State]

Brief interior shots empty government building - office in the Smolny showing the route of the murderer and the place of Kirov s death? Montage ship s funnel, banner portrait of Kirov, teletypist?, printing press; CU newspaper headlines & posters announcing the death of Kirov. Scenes of grieving workers; buying newspapers; protest meeting demanding that Kirov s murderers be found.

13:02:27 Kirov s body lying in state; visited by Stalin. Vars scenes of mourners filing past inc. civilians & military; CU guard crying; children saluting body.

13:04:44 Protest meeting demanding that Kirov s murderers be found - speaker at podium [dialogue & narration starts] - people remove hats - workers stand in silence - woman addresses meeting.

13:06:32 Pan from Stalin to Kirov s body. Molotov, Voroshilov, Chubar and Zhadanov present. More shots of mourners filing past. Kirov s widow crying over body & kissing it. R-L pan from Stalin across coffin to Voroshilov.

Russia / USSR 1930s. Funerals. Soviet Communist Party.

[17th Party Congress]

Kirov argues with Ordjonikidze, Stalin & Kaganovich look on with Beria ext left; Stalin & Kaganovich smile; group shot inc. Voroshilov, Molotov, & Stalin CU.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[17th Congress of Victors]

04Feb34 Classic BCU Stalin with pipe, pan left to Voroshilov with cigarette; CU Stalin.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[17th Party Congress]

Worker representatives from factories in Leningrad, Tula & Moscow. Men from Stalin s car factory holding scale models of latest bus & truck. Vars speeches. Standing ovation shots inc. Molotov. Stalin presented w/ large rifle by Voroshilov & others - gift from Tulans. Molotov speech re 2nd Five Year Plan. Kaganovich and/or Kalinin speech at microphones on balcony. Votes taken. End of congress - singing - Kruschev seen? [MOS].

Russia / USSR. Soviet Communist Party. 1930s.

Soviet Revolt Feted

October Revolution anniversary parade in Red Square - civilians with flags and banners - smiling Stalin on podium - top shot parade - ends abruptly.


[1934 Communist Party Congress (17th) of Victors]

Title: Beria and Ordjonikidze (L-R) walk in Kremlin winter.

Title: Kirov. Interior posed MS presidium. Back row Beria?; Molotov; Front - Stalin, Voroshilov, Ordjonikidze (moustache).

11:15:01 Flash title re praising Stalin. Ordjonikidze speaking & gesturing in CU.

Communism; Leaders; 1930s; 17th Party Congress;

Note: film is scratched.


01Dec35 Meeting of Soviet leaders w/ workers, combine drivers. People applaud, Stalin and other VIPs inc. Mikoyan & Voroshilov sit down at table.

05:26:40 Shot of audience, Stalin smiles & applauds, all applaud.

05:26:45 CU Stalin making speech [MOS], people applaud.

05:26:59 Stalin speaks w/ worker, both smile; Voroshilov smiling in BG. Public applaud.

Russia / USSR.

[Second All-Union Congress Denies Reports Of Starvation]

LS Moscow, Kremlin in snow, pedestrians past Church & bell to Congress. Int. w/ filled hall. CU people.

01:40:18 MCU Stalin & Kalinin sitting in audience. Stalin w/ pipe. CU speaker. Stalin w/ Molotov. Lenin s widow speaking. CUs listeners.

1930s USSR Propaganda;

[Vyshinsky at Trial of Zinoviev - Cult of Stalin]

CUs Soviet Professors - Shereshevski, Vinogradov, Rosiski, Zipalov. Courtroom - Vyshinsky arrives & audience stands.

13:20:59 Little kids in uniform put into back of car & driven away as adults applaud.

13:21:14 Young girl makes speech in MCU; children applaud as Stalin appears projected onto screen, picks up little Mongol girl who kisses him.

13:21:52 MCU Vyshinsky s summing up speech w/ crowd cutaways. Prisoners in dock? Pan across bench inc. Olishh.

07:25:41 I demand that these mad dogs be shot, every last one of them . [All 13 accused inc. Zinoviev shot on 25Aug36 - Trotsky sentenced to death in absentia.]

13:27:24 Brief shot of Stalin voting at ballot box. Kalinin voting.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. Show Trials. Personality Cult.

[1936 Party Congress]

Special Congress to adopt Constitution: CUs Stalin smiling; Kalinin seated next to him.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. 1930s.


[Si.] Girls & boys out of caravan. Girl combs hear in field, tractor in BG. Family eats at the table outdoors, CU gramophone on side of the table. CUs youngsters eating. Collective farm outdoor canteen - menu on table. People at the table, man w/ newspaper. High angle of canteen territory, people at long tables, music band w/ big trumpets.

05:07:26 Woman calls kids to lunch outside trailer house, kids sit at long table & play w/ toy tanks; little boy plays toy accordion.

05:07:37 Women in garden make Stalin needlepoint portrait.

05:07:42 Brief shot lorry w/ people holding flags in the back, drives through country road.

05:07:45 [Sd.] 8th All Union Congress of Soviets. Applause as Stalin on podium pours glass of water & drinks it, wipes his mouth & start his speech (SOF). Kalinin listening to the speech. High angle of audience. Close shot of Stalin, continues his speech, holds up his hands, praises communism. Public applaud; vars shots Party officials applauding incl. Krushchev, Voroshilov, Mikoyan. Stalin walks back to his seat between VIPs next to Molotov.

05:08:54 [Si.] Demonstration, people on street w/ posters of Stalin & Molotov, posters say 26th of June - women in traditional dresses wave w/ flowers. Lorries w/ people on the back w/ flags through village.

05:09:00 Votes into ballot box, shots of people voting in various polling stations. Soldiers enter room and place their votes. On ship sailors place votes & walk out onto deck. Woman in traditional outfit puts vote in to box. Soldiers in military base outdoors line up to place their votes.

05:09:24 Molotov, Mikoyan, Voroshilov & Stalin walk down corridor, place their votes, Molotov puts his in one box and Stalin points that he will put in other. People enter & exit voting cabins, Kalinin places his vote in box.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

NKVD 20th anniversary celebrations at the Bolshoi Theater

Speech by Chairman Mikoyan on the podium, makes speech (SOF), speaks of excellent efforts of individuals to rebuild destroyed economies, praises Yezhov s huge role in NKVD.

05:45:41 Audience applaud, Mikoyan looks around & continues his speech, talks about horrible anti - revolutionary actions - killing of Kirov & trust in NKVD army s future success.

05:47:07 [Jumps back to piece about killing of Kirov] - Kirov gave his life as true revolutionary.

05:47:30 Close shot of Mikoyan, tells how German spy found & arrested. Shots of Mikoyan from various angles, speaks of principles, morals of NKVD, devotion to Stalin and party.

05:50:24 Quotes Stalin's speech at Dzerzhinsky s funeral. Talks about Dzerzhinsky s work for NKVD - future generations will be proud of NKVD.

05:52:16 Tells how Soviet investigators call each other glorious Cheka - memory of Dzerzhinsky lingers in their hearts and does not fade.

05:53:22 Mikoyan continues his speech w/ words - Stalin knows what to say and whom to love, public applaud.

05:53:53 Says Stalin constitution opened a new page in history. NKVD and Red Army are defenders of society. To be effective learns lessons from history of struggle against enemies, spies and counter revolutionaries. Many pages described in history of revolution - spirit of Soviet Intelligence is high and devotion to the party.

05:54:58 Continues speech - Cheka under Dzerzhinsky made decisive achievements, applause. Camera stays on Mikoyan at all times.

[NB Short jumps in tape throughout - trims.]

[20th Anniversary of Revolution Parade - Nov1937]

Tblisi - HA of youtdh group marching after rain carring banners of Stalin & Beria; Athletes w/ man performing on trampoline carried by others. CU Beria watching parade wearing sweater & cap.

Communist Party Leaders; Communism;

Why Defend China Reel 2

Japanese propaganda film. Japanese ships. Japanese occupation forces in Northern China unload armour, troops and supplies including struggling horses at Shanghai. Giving sweets to children and cigarette to old lady. Peasants given Japanese protection . Farming - Japanese salute enemy graves. August 21st Non Aggression agreement signed at Nanking, newspaper headlines only. Map superimposed over Stalin and shots of Red Square showing infiltration of communism into China. Japanese VIP speaking - subtitles in English say that Japan can no longer tolerate anti-Japanese antagonism in China . Japanese warship. HQ of the Japanese ? Party Shanghai. Armoured cars - soldiers on the march - cavalry - Japanese troops advance on Shanghai. Japanese greeted . Peaceful scenes - streets, schools, buildings.

NB subtitles intermittently over pictures throughout

[1st Session Supreme Soviet 1938 - Beria Speech]

Side shots Lavrenty Beria making speech on the themes of anti fascism and anti capitalism; speaks in praise of Stalin and Stalinism. Audience shots. Members of Politburo applauding - Nikita Kruschev [?], Kliment Voroshilov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Mikhail Kalinin.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. 1930s.

[1938 Festival of Sport - Colour]

MS Stalin, Kaganovich; LMS Red Square parade w/ placard Felix Dzerzhinsky and NKVD badge; NKVD follow. Stalin & Voroshilov applauding.

Russia / USSR. 1930s

[Supreme Soviet 1938]

2nd Session, Supreme Soviet Dec38. High angle MS Beria, Malenkov, Khruschev and Stalin. Brief applause.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.


24Jan38 - Kremlin - VIPs w/ Kalinin & Stalin in meeting of the the Central Committee, shots of various party members around the table inc. Kruschev, Malenkov.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.


Very good scenes of Stalin on podium during election campaign; no cutaways of audience, camera held on Stalin whilst he receives cheers and ovations. Close shots of Stalin for silence, slightly moves,indicates w/ his hand to stop the cheers, looks up and down, fixes his mustache, ovations continue.

05:31:37 Stalin looks inpatient, holds up his hand and says - Come on - it s enough (SOF), indicates w/ hand and says - Sit down .

05:31:52 Finally Stalin starts his speech (SOF). Tells how he didn t want to make this speech, but was persuaded by Khrushchev, explains that everything that needed to be said has been said already before elections by his party members.

05:34:41 Stalin pours glass of water, drinks it & continues his speech, thanks his party members for their trust in him, audience cheer. Promises to fulfil his duty to Soviet people, drinks water, applause.

Russia / USSR/ Communist Party.

[Worldwide News Events - Russian Scientists Rescued From Ice]

Scientists (who were rescued from drifting ice floe) welcomed off ship; crowd throw flowers at them; Parade with much confetti and hammer & sickle banner. Locomotive with Stalin portrait. Crowd with banners.

The News Parade - Germany Invades Austria! Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Title: France - Treaty-bound to protect and defend the Czechs!

22:26:36 MCU Int. Leon Blum. Ext. policemen practicing putting on gas masks; riding bicycles w/ gas masks on. French soldiers march across field w/ town behind.

22:26:56 Title: Russia - France s ally if German expansion continues! Many bombers overhead; CU stalin on reviewing stand.

22:27:14 Title: England - Diplomacy and strength of mighty empire strive for world peace! Ext. 10 Downing Street w/ policeman. Crowds outside ??. Chamberlain & wife out of 10 Downing St., poses for camera. Riding off in open car; Anthony Eden walking past journalists & to door of 10 downing street. Planes over fleet.

22:27:56 Title: Italy - Approves Austrian coup but will defend its frontiers against all! King & Mussolini at military review; tanks. Ski troops in snow. GOOD

22:28:28 Title: United States - Disapproves remaking world map by dictator - Edict or Seizure! MCU Cordell Hull SOF: Developments of recent years & the startling events of the past weeks offer a tragic demonstration of how quickly the contagious scourge of treaty breaking & armed violence spread from one reason to another. For the sake of the best interests of our people we must maintain our strength, our courage, our moral standards, our influence in world affairs & our participation in efforts towards World s progress & peace.

22:29:16 CU front of battleship line thru water. Marching nazis reviewed by Hitler; plane fly over. Other military parade.

22:29:36 The End.

Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; Invasions; Auschluss; Politicians; Military; Fascism;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.


Moscow - Shot at the time of the Anschluss with Austria. Tanks & troops parade in Red Square - Fly over - Stalin & Voroshilov on podium.

USSR. 1930s.

The Nazis Strike R3 of 4

Why We Fight Series #2

Sudetenland - demonstrations & protests against Munich Pact.

21:22:30 Daladier returns to cheering crowds in France; Chamberlain arrives back at airport, makes Peace in Our Time speech - waves paper. Does not actually say peace in our time. Billboards & newspapers announce Peace in our time.

21:23:34 Animated map shows vulnerability of the remainder of Czechoslovakia. 14Mar39 German troops invade Czechoslovakia thru streets, people salute w/ handkerchiefs to faces. Animated map showing Poland to be next.

21:24:34 Chamberlain & wife with gas masks. Chamberlain addressing meeting ??

21:25:03 Hitler into large ornate room. Moscow, Kremlin at night. British & French & German military officials. 21Aug39 Newspaper headline w/ Russian - German treaty. Posters; Stalin reviews military parade in Red Square. Hitler speaks at Nazi Party meeting.

21:26:34 Map showing strategic importance of Danzig - City of Danzig, Poland. Truck w/ German troops. Maps. Polish Civilians. Conscripts/ mobilization. Civilians building defences. Animated map of German & Polish military power.

21:28:24 German armies advance to Polish border. Polish infantry & horse cavalry. Diagram shows military power. Bomb loaded onto plane. Brief montage earlier wars. Hitler making animated speech. Big guns firing. German tanks advance. 01Sep39 Invasion of Poland. Luftwaffe bombing. Aerials of Poland s airfields - strafing aircraft on ground. Dogfights w/ plane crashes in flames. Good AVs from planes as bombs dropped, explosions - railroad bombed. Refugee children hide in trees. Explosion. Polish army - troops on horseback. German army continue advance. Amphibious - new Storm Boat used to cross Vistula.

WWII - Fighting; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Treaties; Alliances; Axis; Conquest;

The Nazis Strike R3 of 4

Why We Fight Series, #2

Daladier returns to cheering crowds in France; Chamberlain arrives back at airport, makes Peace in Our Time speech - waves paper. Does not actually say peace in our time. Billboards & newspapers announce Peace in our time.

03:07:37 Animated map shows vulnerability of the remainder of Czechoslovakia. 14Mar39 German troops invade Czechoslovakia thru streets, people salute w/ handkerchiefs to faces. Animated map showing Poland to be next.

03:08:38 Chamberlain & wife with gas masks. Chamberlain addressing meeting ??

03:09:07 Hitler into large ornate room. Moscow, Kremlin at night. British & French & German military officials. 21Aug39 Newspaper headline w/ Russian - German treaty. Posters; Stalin reviews military parade in Red Square. Hitler speaks at Nazi Party meeting.

03:10:38 Map showing strategic importance of Danzig. City of Danzig, Poland. Truck w/ German troops. Maps. Polish Civilians. Conscripts/ mobilization. Civilians building defences. Animated map of German & Polish military power.

03:12:27 German armies advance to Polish border. Polish infantry & horse cavalry. Diagram shows military power. Bomb loaded onto plane. Brief montage earlier wars. Hitler making animated speech. Big guns firing. German tanks advance. 01Sep39 Invasion of Poland. Luftwaffe bombing. Aerials of Poland s airfields - strafing aircraft on ground. Dogfights w/ plane crashes in flames. Good AVs from planes as bombs dropped, explosions - railroad bombed. Refugee children hide in trees. Explosion. Polish army - troops on horseback. German army continue advance. Amphibious - new Storm Boat used to cross Vistula.

WWII - Fighting; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Treaties; Alliances; Axis; Conquest; Propaganda; History;

War Clouds Darken Europe

Nazi troops march into Czechoslovakia Mar39 - Prague? - crowd lining streets, some give Nazi salute. Albanian King Zog reviews military - Italian occupation of Albania Apr39 - troops off ship - tanks & trucks through streets w/ Bersaglieri in feathered helmets.

17:11:12 [Sd.] Hitler addressing Nazi Party conference - Goering on podium - standing ovation w/ Heil Hitler Nazi salutes etc.

17:11:22 [Si.] German warships fire on Poland? - huge explosions across coastline. Tanks through countryside - amphibious tanks roll ashore.

17:12:07 Chamberlain in Parliament [brief]. Anti-aircraft gun set up outside Big Ben - air raid shelter construction - British troops marching - young evacuees at train station. People on deck of US freighter City of Flint [captured by Germans Oct39].

17:12:42 French troops march through village towards front [brief]. German war preparations - troops march into bunker marked Werkgruppe Scharnhorst Panzerwerk 1238 - heavy guns fired.

17:12:54 US Seeks Neutrality - Capitol - Congress in session - FDR in Oval Office signs Neutrality Act & shakes hands w/ senior politicians.

17:13:06 Fighter planes in flight - bomb damage - Finland? Biplane lands on aircraft carrier. LS ship split in two & sinking. Wounded in bunk - rescued seamen given food. Body wrapped in US flag.

17:13:54 Molotov making speech; Stalin listening; applause. Soviet fighter planes over Finland - drop paratroops - fighting at front - bomb damage inc. crashed plane in Helsinki - civilians run for cover.

[NB Very little sound - not usable.]

WWII. Prewar US.

European Tragedy Pt 1 of ?

May 1939 Havana port. Liner Flandre docking, w/ its passengers who were refused to land, people on the shore speak to the passengers, women communicate through small ship s portholes, LS ship.

01:18:42 Map featuring Europe and it s multi-national population.

01:19:38 Moscow 23Aug39, city at night, Molotov & Ribbentrop signs German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, Stalin present, smiles. Map w/ territory split between Germany & Russia, shots of Nazis attack Poland, planes in air, soldiers on horses, tanks, battle field, shooting, soldiers run thru city in ruins.

01:20:18 War refugees, women w/ kids, people on river shore try to leave the country before the attack, queue to board boats.

01:20:31 Warsaw, people watch German troops march thru city. Nazis & Soviet soldiers shake hands on agreed demarcation line after Poland s territory is divided as planned, animated map showing divided Poland s territory, and it s population movements after dividing.

01:21:09 Russian train brings wheat & oil for Hitler's war supplies, people unload from one train to an other, oil pumped into big barrels.

01:21:32 England air defense sacks on the ground one w/ Hitler's image on it, sacks handed out, shot of St. Laurence church, soldiers say goodbyes, kiss wives, gas masks fitted kids faces. Children fight against it, cry, women & kids w/ gas masks in little bags hanging on their shoulders. English placards - Calling Out for Army Reserve, expeditionary force is raised to go & fight on West Front, soldiers form in the lines.

01:22:15 May 1940, attack on France. Troops take over city, shooting, long line of tanks on road. Refugees on road, soldier helps out w/ food for a baby, defense troops on the road in horse wagons, soldiers sit on the street. Refugees leaving the city, people on wagons, on foot, nuns on road w/ their belongings, soldiers hide on the bridge, big explosion.

01:23:07 Soldier w/ white flag walks through the city surrendering. Defense soldiers in the car leave the city, refugees return, women pushing prams

01:23:22 East Germany ship arrives w/ ethnic Germans who were settled in Baltic for 700 years returning to Germany after special resettlement agreement between Stalin & Hitler, people on board wave, women w/ kids exit ship.

01:23:38 People give Nazi salute to passing train at Posen; horsew pul wagons thru snowy field, across bridge, returning Germans on their way to their new placements in the territory just taken from Poles, field full off horse carriages. CU smiling kids.

WWII Outbreak; Displaced Persons; Territory; Land Exchange; Naziis;

The News Parade - War In Europe Pt. 1 of 2

Castle Films

22:01:05 Montage: Free City of Danzig, View down canal; traffic policeman. Troops parade in street. Polish officers; peasant women & children, refugees, Polish (?) soldiers, closing Polish-German border, sentry.

22:01:39 Montage: England - high angle of crowd filling plaza; men at counter enlisting, CU. British women & men soldiers marching, nurses. CU newspaper banner: Britons Told To Leave Germany. British troops march in parade; banner Americans Told To Leave Britain - Evening Standard. Barrage balloons in line; artillery w/ House of Parliament behind; Air Raid Warning Posted; sandbagged building; civilian men in gas masks; people in railway station or at ferry dock leaving for New York via Cherbourg. Family w/ tickets. Woman in life preservers wave from ship railing; ferry leaving dock.

22:02:48 Night, Von Ribbontrop waves from steps boarding German airliner, looks out window. MS Stalin waving from top of Lenin s tomb alongside Molotov.

22:03:00 Montage: tilt down from clock on Parliament to people watching Chamberlain out of car, Cabinet ministers leave & arrive 10 Downing St. Dadelier out of ??.

22:03:28 Montage: children w/ tags & bags evacuated. Babies w/ gas masks. Children board & wave from departing train. Mothers put gas masks on young children. Women & children boarding trains, tears, kisses, wave goodbye.

22:04:08 Montage: Hitler into room, salutes, sits at side of long wooden table. Map showing invasion points into Poland. German troops on horseback & in carts; tanks across field; large transports low. Soldiers into trees, across fields. Planes bombing Danzig (?), explosions. CU Chamberlain; King & ?? out of ?? & into car. Lord Halifax at microphone SOF: It is not the British way to go back on an obligation & now that the possibility of conflict again exists the government has taken steps to declare their attitude not only to the world, but in a special message to Herr Hitler.

22:05:33 Montage: Man w/ news banner Warsaw Bombed. Artillery along street. People wave to camera. Announcement of war by France posted; men kiss wives goodbye. Tanks down avenue; submarine conning tower out of water, liner in periscope, single stack liner, torpedo launched, liner passing, explosion in water.

22:06:16 Montage: German soldiers, trucks along road; raise bar across road & cavalry ride ahead; German troops march past concrete anti-tank barriers. Motorcycle sidecar troops past farm buildings, across fields.

tanks along country road; trucks across fields, fighter planes & bombs on grass field, men in swim trunks load bombs; bomb onto stukas. Continued...

WWII Outbreak; WW2; Battle; Fighting; History;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

Moscow Strikes Back [Reel 1]

[Main title missing.] Red Square Youth Festival Aug39: HA shots of parade w/ huge flags and banners - displays. Stalin et al on podium watching. Youth from all over USSR, sportsmen and women gymasts in parade - elaborate floats - CUs performers inc. the kind of Northern blonde Hitler would like to be - Mongolian and Uzbek dancers - marching and singing - Callisthenics.

19:42:31 Moscow Parades Her Armed Might - Nov40 parade in Red Square. Timoschenko rides out on horseback to review massed troops in Red Square. Speech from podium; AV Red Square w/ St. Peter s Cathedral; Stalin on mausoleum. Military parade marches past inc. women of the Red Army.

19:35:04 Moscow Stripped for Action - War preparations Oct41 - troops in Red Square - barrage balloons - civilians digging sandbags - refugees arriving in Moscow - tank traps - street scenes w/ trolleys - partisan volunteers being armed for guerrilla action; march past camera. Women at work in armament factory.

WWII. USSR. Soviet Russia.

The Battle for Russia [Reel 3 Partial?]

Montage German troops marching / goosestepping - military parade - 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact newspaper headlines - vars shots Vyacheslav Molotov & Joachim von Ribbentrop signing pact in Moscow on 23Aug39 - Stalin. Montage Soviet industry & war production. Animated maps of Eastern Front & Nazi advance - 22Jun41 - shots of German troops, tanks & planes attacking Russia from 5 different directions.


The French Campaign 1944 Reel 1

Stock shots pre-war Paris - Eiffel Tower - Madeleine - people walking in streets, pavement cafe - artist in Tuileries - art on display in streets - bookshop. Sign Congrès des Ecrivains - meeting of renowned writers.

14:33:10 Night shots Paris - traffic - neon signs - Moulin Rouge. Interior nightclub - wealth and glamour. Woman guitarist.

14:33:40 Mobilization placards are posted in 1939 as war is declared on Germany. Civilians dig air raid shelters and sandbag buildings. Newspaper headlines announce the fall of Poland and the invasion of the Low Countries.

14:34:16 German motorized forces roll through France. German troops march into Paris under the Arc de Triomphe as Parisians weep. Hitler and Goering enter Paris in open-top car. Classic shot Hitler in front of Eiffel Tower. Nazi flag flies from tower.

14:35:06 Pres. Roosevelt addresses Congress. American volunteer workers prepare packages for French relief. US troops drill, shipyards, factories turn out guns and tanks, factory - aircraft production. Atlantic convoy.

14:36:56 1943 - President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill confer in Quebec.

14:37:11 Roosevelt, Churchill Stalin, Molotov and Marshall in Tehran.

14:37:33 Map showing German fortifications - gun emplacements - tank traps etc. Rommel inspects Atlantic wall.

14:38:21 Allied planes in formation. RAF aircraft in flight over sea - interior cockpit. Dogfight - German fighter shot down. Allied planes drop bombs over France?

14:39:15 England - Stockpiles of equipment for D-Day.

14:39:36 London - June 1944 - High command planning meeting - Gens. Montgomery and Eisenhower plan the European invasion at headquarters.

14:39:50 Allied planes take off on bombing missions over French coast. Cameragun footage - Strafing German train. Building explodes. Strafing German planes on the ground.

14:40:40 6Jun1944 - D-Day invasion - British and American warships shelling coastline of France. Rocket guns fired. Animated map showing invasion route. Allied forces land on beaches of Normandy. German film showing Nazi troops shooting at allies from bunker. US troops advance.

European Tragedy Pt 2 of ?


Germans leave farms in Lithuania, lock doors, pack up belongings & ride off in horse carriage, various shots of people leaving homes in Serbia, Croatia, Rumania & Finland, people on the move. Changing road signs. Pushing sleds along snow covered road.

01:24:34 Night, fire ball or flare falls over lake, soldiers pass burning buildings, shot from the plane to other war planes in the sky. Homeless people on the field, people come out of the underground bunkers & hurry away, leave the village. Dead soldiers in shot up truck w/ machine gun on back; people grieve over dead, corpses put in coffins, women cry. Map shows forced resettlement of Poles & Baltic state inhabitants into Russia & German resettlement to Siberia.

01:25:51 Still pictures of deported people in the train carriages, grave yard, people around the fire, CU book w/ names off the missing deported people.

01:26:09 German occupied Europe w/ busy transport links; train on railway, people on platform calling names as others wait to be called to board train to go for forced labor. Map shows deportees, forced labor & volunteers coming from all parts of occupied nations.

01:26:36 Long lines of homeless Jews & others walk thru country field. Warsaw ghetto, starving children on street, people eat out of one kettle, various shots of starved people & kids, in shelter, on the street, corpse on the street. Still pictures of big crowds of Jews on the train platform, shot of crematorium in the background.

01:27:39 Ship on the water, Jews who were lucky to escape speak to the camera (SOF), introduce themselves, tell were they come from incl. Vienna, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Bolivia, Belgium.

01:28:00 Russia, battle field, shooting, explosions, soldiers on horses thru battle field, CU helmet w/ bullet hole, dead soldier, army nurse takes care of injured, tanks thru city, soldiers w/ flag on the tank.

01:28:38 At Stalingrad Field Marshall Paulus surrenders an army, Soviet officers enter the building, CU surrendered Nazis answering questions.

01:28:55 Moscow at night, celebrations of Stalingrad victory & proclamation of Patriotic war, fireworks over the Red Square.

European Tragedy Pt 3 of ?

Tens of thousands German prisoners march thru Moscow, people watch from rooftops; gather on the roadsides, CU prisoners, people shout, woman spits towards the prisoners, huge crowds from various angles, after the march street washed w/ special trucks, prisoners loaded in train carriages for their last journey - to prison camps, train leaves the station.

01:30:02 Russian refugees return to homes destroyed; people near huge mass grave uncovered, grieving women. Russian troops on horse wagon, greeted by cheering crowds, women give kisses, kids present flowers, people w/ placards of Stalin; Russians who feared communism seek refuge in Germany, people on the road to village, huge explosion on bridge.

01:30:42 1943 Poles sent from Iran to Siberia return to Iran; church service to celebrate their liberation, various pictures of starved bony children.

01:31:21 Freed Poles join Soviet Army, women soldiers to fight Nazis. Man in cave, printing press;resistance organizers paint anti-Nazi writings on walls; fascist cross hanged, big cut out Hitler's image hung in effigy on post. Long lines of refugees flee from Russia & Rumania, people in horse carriages, on foot. Camel carriages, Fins on the move, kids in horse carriage, people pack up belongings. Map shows Fins fleeing & coming back to their country due to Russian takeover in 1939 & 1941 &1944.

01:32:40 Battle field at night, fiery shooting, explosions, soldiers in the battle field, load guns, one looks straight into the camera, big smoke. Rockets.

01:33:00 Refugees, war prisoners thru city on horse carriages, cars. High angle East Prussia, refugee crowds queue to board ship, people in the boats, children on board w/ cups of milk, soldier holds exited boy.

01:33:32 Overloaded ships move in convoys, soldiers look thru binoculars, sinking ship, people in rescue boat, wreckage on water. East Prussia, frozen lake; refugees on shore, crossing frozen lake in horse carriages & foot, shots of partly drowned carriages in the broken ice, dead horse, bomb shattered carriages, various shots of dead people.

01:34:37 Night attack on Dresden; battle field at night, flashing fire bombs in the air, explosions, still shots of huge smoke in the city, streets covered in dead people, huge stack of corpses for burning, high angle city in ruins.

WWII Europe History;

[Churchill Farewell Speech w/ Stalin & Molotov]

Churchill wearing military overcoat & cap next to Stalin; Molotov. At mic speaking SOF but w/ Russian voice over. Anthony Eden standing listening. Shakes hands w/ Stalin & translator walks w/ them translating as they go to Churchill s plane; salutes & handshakes before boarding plane. Stallin & Molotov w/ others wave goodbye & watch plane leaving. Ambassador shakes hands w/ Stalin & Stalin & Molotov leave in car.

WWII Allied Diplomacy; British-Soviet Relations;

[WWII Battle of Stalingrad Fighting]

Bombed apartment or factory complex, people passing on street. Russian soldiers firing rifles from rubble during Battle of Stalingrad. Civilians fighting alongside soldiers. Explosions. Soldiers running thru, one shot on camera. Sniper kills German on camera. Troops run thru courtyard, smoke. Thru buildings & throwing grenades. Soldier dies on camera.

05:47:36 Prisoners lead out of building w/ hands in air. The End. GOOD.

Horrors of War; WWII Eastern Front; Death; Dying; Troops;

[USSR Leaders & Military Troops]

Stalin, Kalinin, Mikoyan,Kaganovich laughing & smiling while talking & walking near Lenin s Tomb, good quality.

Flashbacks to Revolution, maps, paintings, footage, etc.

Title: In the Name of Stalin - To Fight Against The Enemy.

CU of Lenin s order making Stalin head of the Red Army.

Stalin -- CS staring. Small fighter airplanes taking off, tanks across field, POV thru trees. Troops riding, marching in countryside. Large number of planes overhead. POV in torpedo boat, on Navy ship.

[WWII Mixed Footage - Russian & German w/ Atrocities, Fighting, Burning Convoy, etc.]

Happy civilians in streets wave to camera as they walk past & Nazis enter city; smiling women w/ soldiers; crying woman w/ soldier. Pan across large building (Kiev Prison) w/ bullet marks, smoke coming out of some windows. Body carried out. Crying people. More bodies carried out by Jewish men; people crying. Line of bodies (killed by Communists?) alongside path in grass. Burned & bloody bodies panned across. Women weeping over them. Civilian man pushed through crowd.

06:09:48 CU of faces of starved beaten. Man tearing down picture of Stalin, people clapping.

06:10:16 German firing large guns, tank burning, captured Russian prisoners running w/ Germans alongside. Burning convoy along roadside, tanks past. Convoy halted by roadside, many horses & cars. GOOD.

WWIII atrocities; Atrocity; Horrors of War;

[Unid. Russian Newsreel, ca 1941]


12:29:22 Title:

Tracked trucks pulling artillery camouflaged along road w/ gun crews.

12:30:08 Horses pulling artillery along roadside; infantry w/ dogs & along walking. Supply wagons to front. Marshall ??? talking to men, including w/ medals & gold teeth & Private ?? Figher plane landing on dirt field. Bi-wing plane lands & greetings. Burning German plane w/ swastika on metal. Destroyed artillery & used ammunition boxes & debris. German prisoner questioned.

12:33:05 German POWs marched past under guard.

12:33:38 Title:

12:33:41 Title:

Grain combines harvesting, women help load bags of grain. Trucks to large concrete elevators & unloaded. 12:34:45 Farmyard w/ women standing by tractors. Women in CU speaking & learning about tactors Tractor cranked & pulled out of farmyard.

12:35:57 Men & women working in machine shop assembling, metal working, railroad wheels. The End.

WWII Russian Collectives; War Effort; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR Homefront, 1940s;

[Unid. Russian Newsreel, ca 1941]

MS Loudspeaker on pole. Mostly women listening, larger crowd w/ some young men - pan across.

12:37:27 Mostly men listening; cut back to women in closer shots. Old & young. Spaeaker horns.

12:38:25 Wheat blowing in wind, combine moving thru field. Loudspeaker & farmworkers, various ethnic groups & regions.

12:40:02 Military officer in office shaking hands, CU of letters. Statue of Lenin. Military faces.

12:40:51 POV thru large steel mill; int. men shoveling into furnaces. Miners drilling. Coal. Oil derricks. Tank into water. Navy ships at sea & launching torpedoes. Tanks across grain stubble. Troops on horseback, riding in rail cars, trucks on flatcars. Soldiers listening, women listening, mixed civilians listening.

12:42:34 CU Stalin speaking (but not in sync w/ track). CUs speakers, people, listeners outdoors & indoors.

12:43:02 Military caricature of USSR soldier bayoneting snake. Bayoneting a caricature of Hitler w/ claws. Men & groups listening. Pan across them. Fixed shots of others.

12:45:40 CU document:

12:46:13 Horn speakers; people listening, young people.

12:46:41 POV of tank into trees, tanks aross field, planes. Speaker, flag, factory workers, large crowd in city listening.

12:47:10 Cossacks riding on road (3 or 4 seconds). Listeners. Troops board boxcars & leaving, waving. People listening & loudspeakers. Military troops listening. Pan across large group applauding w/ Stalin statue in middle, Montage of military hardware moving w/ International being sung.

WWII Russian Collectives; War Effort; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR Homefront, 1940s; Anti-Fascist Speech;

The War Front

(1, A) War damage in Finland - wounded in hospital - funerals - Finnish troops - fighting in snowy forest - captured Russians - military vehicles - damaged Russian transport, picture Stalin - dead soldiers

(1, B) 21:19:36 British submarine Ursula returns - sub docking - Captain and crew. First Division of Canadian troops arrive in England by boat - Military march past

(1, C) 21:20:44 French railway artillery - Good shots large guns on the move and firing - Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor in uniform at package forwarding centre for troops. She and other lady volunteers load packages into van. French aircraft factory - women workers on production lines and assembling parts of aircraft. Crowds of young women running from factory after shift WWII

The World At War [Reel 7 of 7]

US Office of War Information

Hitler w/ Generals consulting map. Hitler talking w/ Goering. Russia - Stalin at podium - crowds in Red Square? - civilians marching. Russian civilians digging tank traps inc. women. Weapons distributed. Anti-aircraft guns. Burning village. Armaments factories - mass production. Dead German soldiers; wreckage of Luftwaffe plane; German PoWs. Winter - German corpses in snow - tanks.

19:38:11 Goosestepping troops - German/Italian - Japanese march past Emperor. Burning ship at Pearl Harbor. MacArthur in Philippines. Air raid siren in Manila - civilians run for cover - wrekcage in street w/ civilians corpses. MacArthur in Australia. Warships at sea.

19:39:24 Roosevelt / FDR signs Lend Lease Act. US factories - car plant turned into armaments factory - Montage showing US industry turning out materiel of war, and military developments are increased in total war campaign. Pacific fleets. New recruits & army training. South American assistance for Allies - Pan-American Nations declare war on Axis. Troops of conquered nations fighting for Allies - CUs soldiers of many nationalities marching - Dutch, Belgian, Yugoslav, Czech, Filippino, Polish, Norwegian, Free French, plus Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans.

19:42:51 British warships & bombers. Russian troops marching w/ bayonet rifles. Chinese troops along Great Wall. High angle shot US military parade - many troops marching behind American flag.

WWII. Pacific War.

Moscow: A Cityscape

Korean narration. Automobile production line - finished cars. Older man honoured in field and given flowers by young girl in peasant costume.

22:16:49 Carving Stalin head in stone.

22:17:06 Parade for Stalin - large placards with Stalin s face.

22:17:30 Dusk over Moscow - beauty shots. City lights turned on as night falls; setting sun over river.

Russia / USSR.

College Students Protest War Profits

Students protesting war profits. Signs abolish compulsory ROTC. Munitions must be public owned. Outdoor w/ speakers on platform as college kids watch. Various caricatures carry coffin of unknown soldier: Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Morgan(?).

American youth Anti-war

[[Pro-Soviet Film On The Ukraine]

CU Bas-relief Russian plaque. Unid. Ukrainian city. Parade of Ukrainian people, some in native costumes. Women and children carry banners, give Communist salute as they pass Stalin. 14:08:46 Khruschev ? High pan, Kiev city streets, buildings, statues & monuments. High shot, mass callisthenics drill. AV parade of Ukrainian people, women in native costume carry bouquets. Pan across fruit orchard; CU branches and blossoms.

14:10:22 German bomber in flight drops bombs - explosion - burning farmhouses - CU cattle field and haystacks on fire. Mass exodus of Ukrainian people, cattle & machinery from bombed rural areas. CU village in background. Huge column of black smoke rises. German soldiers race across field. German soldier kicks in farmhouse door.

14:11:45 Rear view, Goering walks up road with other German officers. CU, two buzzards on top of haystack. Goering enters farmhouse; Goering smiling, exits; Goering walks past farmhouse. Population of Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa prepare barricades. City streets with sandbag barricades, Russian soldiers traverse camouflaged anti-aircraft gun, civilians move forward for battle in truck. AV German fighter planes peel off for attack. AA gun in action. Destruction in Odessa. Civilians clear rubble caused by bombing. Soldiers embark on transport in retreat. Cruiser "Red Ukraine" covers retreat. Russian retreat from Ukraine halted by seasonal rain. Men and equipment in retreat. MCU horses attempt to pull equipment through muddy, slippery terrain, bottleneck of equipment shown. Town in flames.

14:14:34 AV Moscow. CU Stalin. AV Red Square. Steel mills in the Urals; weapons factory - armament manufacturers - tanks off production line. Montage: Russian tanks advance over snow covered terrain, soldiers follow on foot - CU bombs drop on city - destroyed German tanks. Snow covered graves of German soldiers, other fallen soldiers lie dead on ground covered with windswept snow. AV masses of dead German soldiers. MCU Germans drag their dead to open pit. Huge pile of helmets. Anti-German VO throughout - Heil Hitler? Heil Germany s shame .

WWII. Eastern Front. Russian Steppes. Battle of Stalingrad.

Moscow - Stalin Reviews Red Sky Power - Air display

Impressive shots as mass of bombers and other aircraft including bi-planes fly over. Stalin with Molotov and others including young Khruschev watching. Air to ground as bombs drop away and exlode in field. Paratroopers sitting on wing of plane - climbing up wing - good close shots as troops jump - parachutes opening.

Russia At War - two reels

March of Time Forum Edition

Part One:

Troops march through Red Square past Kremlin & across river - Moscow street scenes - newspaper vendor - VO re city carrying on despite war - Molotov into office - Stalin making speech. Soviet war heros dining at Cafe National. Troops packed onto train leaving station waved off by loved ones. Armoured train. Map of USSR. Leningrad bomb damage; Soviet troops crawling w/ rifles. Gunboat squadrons patrolling eastern waters separating Russian Siberia & Japanese-held Manchuria. War effort scenes: female crew on fishing boat - farming in Caucasus - sheep herd on mountain slopes - wheat harvest - tea plantation - camels pulling carts of produce. Baku oil refinery scenes; loading tank cars and trains past camera. Coal miner Stakhanov (sp?) who exceeded quota drilling underground. Female miners; trains underground.

03:20:13 Magnetogorsk steel mill & industrial region - war production scenes - armaments factories; airplane & tanks assembled & roll off production line. Good shot workers crawl up hillside in armed combat training, industrial landscape below. Russian villagers support guerillas w/ home-made weapons. Partisans advance through village - take rifles from dead soldiers.

Part Two:

03:22:41 Villagers attack traitor captured by partisans after liberation w/ shovel & rakes - execution by firing squad. Soviet pianist entertains troops on airfield. Air to air shots gunner in turret - bombs away - explosions on ground - Luftwaffe fighter plane downed. Heavy artillery fired. Silhouette of fighter plane in flight. Soviet tanks advance. German tank ambushed by camouflaged gun. View from inside Russian tank as it fires and hits German tank.

03:26:25 Soviet nurse helps wounded soldier into trench. PoVs from inside moving tanks being fired at. Destroyed German tanks - CU hand of dead soldier w/ Swastika ring, pan to show uniform burning - Germans out of trench w/ hands up. Doctors operating on wounded. Shellshocked soldier helped out of tank & into ambulance.

03:28:08 Heavy gun raised at dusk, city in BG. Blimp / LTA raised above city at night. Silhouette heavy guns firing at night.

03:28:52 Military parade through Red Square - tanks - officers.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russian Home Front. War Effort. Petroleum

[Misc. Russian Newsreel Extracts]

Trial of SRs (Soviet revolutionaries) - CUs men listen w/ headphones, hands over eyes [Si.]

03:42:56 Tsarist troops - Orthodox priests conduct outdoor blessing [?]

03:44:02 WWII sequences [English narr.] - Russian fighting against Japan - tank advance - rockets fired - POWs. Zhukov signing Japan s surrender document. Shellshocked German? soldier - explosions. Grieving Russian woman

03:45:13 Babi Yar - ravine near Kiev where Jews massacred by Nazis Sep41 - bodies laid out in curved rows - CU skull. Khruschev given key to city.

03:44:43 Aerials ruins of Stalingrad - Soviet victory celebrations among ruins - Krushchev kisses army general & delivers victory speech [MOS].

03:46:41 Nuremberg trial - CUs Goering - Keitel - Jodl - Rosenberg - Ribbentrop - Frank - CU Frank s diary - Schirach - Hess - extract Hess making speech.

03:48:14 Fall of Berlin - Russian sign for Berlin. Brief shot Berlin s Commandant Gen. Weidling - Red Army firing rockets in street - Soviet woman soldier handing out bread to Germans; soldier helping old man - VO says Red Army saved all of Germany from the yoke of despised fascism . Names on columns of Russian soldiers - graffiti. Liberated peoples, waves and cheers - pro-Soviet narration.

03:49:47 Munich Pact - Daladier and Chamberlain [VO perpetrators of the betrayal ] - Mussolini & others signing - Mussolini, Hitler & Goering. Daladier & Chamberlain return home.

Russia / USSR. Nazi Atrocities / War Crimes. Holocaust.

[Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes]

Marshall, Dulles, Clay & other unid. VIPs around table, probably in US Embassy. Moscow [?] street scenes - people onto streetcar - clearing snow. US embassy. Orthodox church. Kids stand around in melting snow. More Embassy shots inc. CU plaque on gate. Pedestrians past Embassy & church.

11:47:50 Red Square & Kremlin shots, St. Basil s Cathedral, few people crossing huge square. Pan down from star on top of Kremlin tower to Lenin s mausoleum below. View from across river. Traffic & police in Red Square. Statues. Soldiers marching past mausoleum. Elaborate Orthodox churches. 11:50:26 Woman streetcar driver in cab; good shot streetcar past camera, people jump on. Pedestrians on street - shop window displays - coats & hats.

11:51:07 INT truck factory assembly line. Tractor factory, women & men workers.

11:51:42 Red Square; officers outside Red Army HQ. INT officers on stairs; officer looks at statue of Stalin talking to Lenin. Schoolkids on tour shown display of captured Nazi flags & banners w/ swastikas. Officers play chess & dance w/ women in ballroom.

11:52:40 People queue at entrance to Lenin s mausoleum; group exit mausoleum; line stretching round Red Square. High shots across Moscow - hazy weather - little traffic.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism.

[Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes] (1940s)

Moscow sidewalks crowded w/ pedestrians - flower stall - brief shot commuters in underground metro station. CU priest; EXT pan down Orthodox church - woman past boarded-up entrance. Red Square - Kremlin, St. Basil s Cathedral, soldiers marching, abstract view of Lenin s mausoleum, bas-relief plaque Stalin-Lenin-Marx-Engels.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism.

[Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes]

EXT Red Army HQ. INT officers down steps. Officers & women jitterbugging dancing in ballroom. Long line around Red Square for Lenin s mausoleum. Woman selling newspapers inc. New Times in booth w/ portrait of Stalin. St. Basil s Cathedral. High shot across Moscow - hazy weather.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism.

Young Men Of Our Country (Mass Calisthenics) R1 of 5

Korean titles

Montage: Stadium, swimmers, weight lifters, women s discus, men & women high diving, running.

10:20:42 - 10:20:43 Out of frame & off projector at transfer.

10:20:43 Woman runner & hurdles; bicycle road racing from car; motorcycle racing; outboard racing; horse racing; railroad trains.

10:21:08 CCCP twiin-engine plane above clouds seen from above

10:21:11 Overhead shot of large stadium filled w/ spectators. Opening ceremony from ground of young women & men, flags; youth groups.

10:21:24 Large poster of young stalin behind women in robes. Other women in ethnic dress. VIP limousine arriving. Stalin in military uniform out of car. Stadium crowd stands & applauds, cheering. Molotov & Stalin & ?? stand in box. MCU of young athletes applauding.

Physical Fitness; Track & Field Meet; Metaphors; Propaganda;

Young Men Of Our Country (Mass Calisthenics) R3 of 5

Women on stadium floor performing exercises in ethnic dress w/ circular drums. Oriental men twirling ropes, rope pull; high wire walk. Stalin watching. Young boy in safety harness walking on slack rope; descending pole. Men in robes twirling while balancing baskets on their neck; parade carrying woman in open egg-like float, flags.

10:23:26 Aerial of stadium floor spelling out Hurray For Stalin . Men stand up & run off. VIPs applaud. Lines of athletes doing calisthenics & pattersn w/ poles, flags. Star marched across stadium. Women dance in circles. Boys in large fur hats wrestling in center of stadium.

10:24:51 Men Greco-Roman wrestling on large white mat. Violent throws. MCU people applaud. Molotov. Soldiers watch. Boxing in ring. Applause & winner s hand raised.

10:26:38 Weight lifting. Soviet VIPs applaud. Men s distance races 7 breaking ribbon.

10:27:28 Men s soccer.

Physical Fitness; Track & Field Meet; Metaphors; Propaganda; Cult of Stalin

Battle of Kursk (Related) R01 of 18

Title: 1944 Picture: Kalinin presesnts medal to Stalin. (music)

Title: 1945 Picture: Generals on tiered stage applaud arrival of Stalin in uniform & seated posing. (music).

09:01:12 Pan over railroad flatcars loaded w/ tanks.

09:01:29 Women loading metal cartridges on table of large machine, sized & spit out. Women at machines pointing bullets into cartridges, sorting & packing.

09:02:43 Tanks out of factory runby. Workers listening; military man on stage gives award (?). Handshaking.

09:03:31 Women weep over Russian dead men & women laid out on snow.

09:03:58 Two women & man w/ grenades & rifles along muddy village road, walking past large towed artillery. Greeted by village women. Kisses & hand shakes. Talk to villagers on porch.

09:04:58 Train w/ flatcars loaded w/ lots of tanks & soldiers on top moving to front.

09:05:11 Tanks along dusty road, crews atop, forward to front. Smaller tracked vehicles w/ camouflage.

09:05:27 Soldiers w/ helmets & bedrolls, some women, march to front.

09:05:51 Soldiers place & fire artillery, place camouflage; large explosion behond sunflower field. Russian infantry advance thru grain field; move machine gun, wild flowers, explosions.

09:06:50 Overturned & destroyed German tanks; piles of cartridges. Other destroyed equipment; artillery cartridges. Russians looking at burned grain, women crying & holding children.

09:07:30 Boy following harrow on field, women shovel ditch, pulling plow by hand; plowing w/ oxen & sowing. Fields w/ craters filled w/ water. Women planting potatoes.

09:08:13 Ranks of German tanks, reviewed by officer on tank. Russians on tanks over uneven terrain.

09:08:28 General ROTMISTROV w/ General (still).

09:08:36 Explosions & artillery firing. Airplanes diving & strafing. POV. Seen flying low over tanks. Tank battle, scratchy but good shots. Young Russian officer. End: 09:09:25

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev;

NOTE: Eastern Front battles may be of mixed dates.

The Battle For The Beaches

POV Troops in landing craft, LCPs head for shore under enemy fire. Assault wave hits the beach, running up beach & digging in. Offshore, underfire, transport ships unload guns & howitzers onto middle weight landing craft - troops & equipment landing on beach w/ amphibious craft. US troops firing machine guns. Supply dump organised on beach. Troops move inland w/ flamethrowers. Japanese prisoners of war POWs. Radio communications on beach. Landing craft carry heavy military equipment, tanks & trucks, onto beach. Tank landing ship LST opens bows & tanks etc off. Montage of battle successes in Pacific. Airfield built. US flag raised. Tarawa, Japanese shrine - bodies of Japanese soldiers.

04:33:02 Waves breaking on beach. Allied battleships at sea. Seaport military base in North Africa. Attack on Sicily w/ US planes dropping bombs; airborne troops parachute down. US naval ships, LCIs unloading troops. German prisoners of war, POWs, after Sicily regained by allies. Animated map showing invasion of Italy. Night landings at Salerno. American tanks landing, battle scenes on beaches of Italy; American ships under attack. Tanks through Italian village. Animated map showing US progress in forcing enemy northwards. Nettuno & cheering crowds as Italian civilians welcoming US troops. (balance of reel different than LN 400-281 version). Cairo conference, Churchill w/ Roosevelt & Chiang Kai Shek. Tehran conference Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin. Montage battle shots, Soviets in winter, bombers & bombing. Montage American ships training on English coast for Normandy landing. Ammunition ship exploding at Salerno. Bougainville burning - dead & wounded in Pacific. Battlefield funeral.

04:37:38 German films - Nazi version of Dieppe landings Aug 1942. German troops firing guns & dug in on beaches; destroyed allied ships & equipment. Allied prisoners, some beaten & wounded marching along. Street scenes in Dieppe, civilians. German fortifications - giant guns under camouflage. Military equipment thru town. AVs invasion fleet at sea. Landing craft on beaches - troops run up beach. The End.

WWII Battles; Fighting; Horrors of War; Amphibious Landings;

[Red Square Summer Parades]

Post-WWII march of young people through city w/ flags - past bombed buildings. Stalin watches & smiles as kids perform display in Red Square.

13:50:31 Horsemen riding at speed & swiping targets w/ their sabres.

13:50:45 Postwar big rally in Red Square - May Day Parade ? - Stalin onto Mausoleum w/ officials to applause. Young men & women marching in vars costumes, some shirtless - display of vitality & youth. Soldiers & sailors marching w/ rifles - tanks - fighters fly past. Youth parade w/ mock-up tanks - Stalin looks impressed - agricultural-themed parade - float w/ infantrymen tableau.

[Music continuous but parade fooatge may not all be from same date - could include May Day 1941.]

Russia / USSR. 1940s. Soviet Rallies. Communism.

[Leningrad & Moscow Military Defence Parades]

Top shots pan across display of troops & tanks in rainy Red Square. Battleship along river past Moscow skyline. Troops marching in review past officials; CU Kaganovich ? saluting from podium. Tanks in parade. Miserable weather.

13:57:57 Parade through Leningrad? city streets - elite soldiers - sailors - paratroopers - cavalry - tanks. Closer shots troops marching & singing. Cossacks on horseback - Minsk ?.

13:59:25 Top shots huge military parade in Red Square; troops pass in review; vars vehicle units parade past inc. Chinese? machine gun motorcyclists. CUs Stalin, Voroshilov & others on podium. LS Mausoleum. Top shot lines of tanks towards St. Basil s Cathedral. Trucks w/ giant spotlights. Crowds look up as planes fly over. Defiant intertitles - We re not afraid... etc.

WWII. Russia / USSR.

[Soviet Air Force - Red Square Speech]

Aerial manoeuvres - biplanes, bombers & fighter planes over countryside dropping bombs & in formation. Tanks through undergrowth. Good shots sky crowded w/ fighters coming at camera [animation?] & sailor looking to sky.

14:04:33 CU Yezhov? speech on Mausoleum, Red Square- ...we are the army of the world... - Stalin watches in fur hat & coat.

14:07:00 People in museum looking at military & Stalin portraits.

Russia / USSR. 1940s.

[Cult of Stalin - Parades]

Top shots parade in Kievw/ portraits of Stalin & Soviet officials. Travelling shot along street decorated w/ banners. Parade of civilians many holding ribbons attached to huge portrait of Stalin on wheels.

14:09:33 Moscow parade: Smiling Stalin & Molotov waving from Mausoleum in Red Square. Excited people as they parade past podium cheering & waving up to Stalin w/ reaction shots Stalin waving back, pointing & clapping. Vars nationalities in crowd inc. gypsy woman dancing. Old lady peers up towards podium. Women chanting Stalin! Very good adoration / personality cult shots.

Russia / USSR. 1940s.

The Road to the Wall Part 3 of 3 (1st half) James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:17:16 Czechoslovakia, 1948 : parliament. crowds cheering. Politician makes speech. Riot. Edvard Benes accepts Communist cabinet. Ian Masaryck assassinated, corpse superimposed hammer and sickle, funeral. Parliament. Benes dies, hammer and sickle superimposed, funeral. Still Churchill an iron curtain has descended... speech.

Parade in USSR , carrying hammers and sickles and large portrait Stalin.

anti-Communist riots, mixed footage East Germany and Poland, tanks.

13:20:04 Poland jazz musicians, cartoons.

13:20:30 Budapest 1956: Demonstrations, star falls off roof. Tank through street, troops firing. Prime Minister Imre Nagy. Looted streets, books burning. Russian tanks invade. Nagy executed. (not seen)

13:21:51 Havana 1959: Cuban peasants at work in sugar cane fields. Slum, poor children. kid bathed with bucket, Castro with guerrillas in forest and through Havana with cheering crowds. Castro brother raul. Che Guevara. Castro speech at podium, cheering crowd. With Krushchev. Firing squad. Two men executed.

Cold War

[Misc. Stalin Close-ups]

Vars set-ups of Stalin in MCU - before speeches & walking along w/ senior aides.

[NB Problem in source tape near end but some usable material.]


In Defense Of Peace [Part 1 of 2]

Rolling title re International Information & Exchange Program & exposing obstructionist tactics of USSR.

WWII flashback montage: Russian troops advancing; Germans surrendering; Allied forces landing in France on D-Day; Allied leaders at Yalta; meeting of US & Russian troops at Elbe River; aerial views ruins of Berlin & Nazi symbol dynamited from Nuremburg Stadium; Germans surrendering at Rheims; President Truman & Joseph Stalin at Potsdam Conference; US Marines battling on beaches of Pacific islands; flag raising on Iwo Jima; aerial views ruins of Tokyo; & Japanese surrender to MacArthur aboard battleship Missouri - brief MacArthur soundbite ...pray that peace will now be restored to the world... . Victory celebration shots.

23:06:03 San Francisco - delegates of 50 nations sign documents for creation of United Nations - Truman, Molotov & Gromyko seen arriving.

23:07:05 Returning US troops disembark at US ports & are discharged - some wave or kiss demob papers. Diagram showing reduction in US Armed Forces 1945-47. US bombers destroyed w/ explosives - piles of scrapped vehicles - factories converted to peacetime production.

23:09:27 Gromyko walks out of UN Security Council debate on the Iranian question. US proclaims Marshall Plan in Paris - Churchill et al present. Animated map of Europe w/ Soviet border nations cut off.

WWII - Pacific War. Postwar Europe. Reconstruction. Economics. Anti-Communism. Cold War.

Russian related Cuts

Excellent shots Russian paratroopers parachute from plane.

03:17:21 Camel drawn cart along road. St Basil s Cathedral, brief. Crowds in Red Square? Children in street

03:18:02 Building, sign Embassy of the United States of America. Policeman on traffic / point duty. Red Square parade. Interior Stalin on platform.

03:18:25 Mosque? Military march past in Red Square. Night shots, floodlights.

03:19:16 Statues and frieze. Military parade Red Square. May Day parade Red Square - Stalin in fur hat.

03:20:08 Various cuts including more Red Square at different times. Shops and street scenes 1950 s

03:23:48 Stalin meets with Field Marshall Montgomery - more cuts including tourists leaving Lenin s Tomb.

03:24:24 Germany - crowd outside Reichstag - demonstration. Roadsign You are Now Entering Russian Zone Newspaper headlines Reds declare war on Japs.

This reel comprises mainly of extremely brief cuts.

Russian related Cuts

Excellent shots Russian paratroopers parachute from plane.

02:17:35 Camel-drawn cart along road. German Prisoners. St Basil s Cathedral, brief. Crowds in Red Square? Children in street, wrecked buildings behind.

02:18:06 Building, sign Embassy of the United States of America. Policeman on traffic / point duty. Red Square parade. Interior Stalin on platform.

02:18:40 Military march past in Red Square. LS of Kremlin outside walls. Night shots, floodlights.

02:19:30 Statues and frieze. Military parade Red Square. May Day parade Red Square w/ posters; Stalin in fur hat.

02:20:22 Women past rubble. Military parades & various cuts including more Red Square at different times. Dnieper dam. Lenin s tomb & people leaving. Shops & street scenes 1950s.

02:24:02 Stalin meets w/ Field Marshall Montgomery; w/ Harriman; tourists leaving Lenin s Tomb.

02:24:38 Germany - crowd outside Reichstag - demonstration. Roadsign You are Now Entering Russian Zone Newspaper headlines Reds declare war on Japs.

Post-WWII; Daily Life; Communist; Communism;

This reel comprises mainly of extremely brief cuts.

[Misc. Russia Material 1930s - 1940s]

Parade - Tanks towards Red Square; Men and women in parade clapping

Officials on Mausoleum; overview of Parade

00:02:19 Crowd waving towards mausoleum; Good CU Stalin waving to crowd; CU old woman waving; Stalin salutes; overview parade

00:03:24 Night shots; GVs Ext Gum with picture of Stalin lit up; GVs Firework display

00:03:58 Soviet Feast or famine; GVs over Moscow; GVs Kremlin in snow; farmers meeting (Sd)

00:04:38 CU of Red army leader and his wife at farmers meeting; CU Stalin smoking his pipe during meeting; GVs meeting; People making speeches inc Com. Ulyanov Krupskaya (Lenin s sister) at mic (Sd - Sof)

00:06:20 Art Exhibition - people looking at pictures by artists awarded Lenin s Prize [?] - CUs vars satirical anti-Nazi political cartoons inc. Hitler & Mussolini. Children looking round Art Exhibition. [Sd - Russian narr].

00:08:11 Farm workers from Armenian borders visit Moscow as reward; shake hands w/ Mikoyan & meet Stalin; Stalin hugs old lady who is oldest inhabitant of the village. [Sd - Narr].

00:10:03 [Si.] Mass of German POWs paraded through streets inc. soldiers & Nazi officers in uniform; crowd watch them. Street cleaning trucks down street after Prisoners of War.

WWII. Communist Party. USSR.

[Vasilevsky Addresses Red Square Parade - 1940s]

Parade addressed w/ long speech by Vasilevsky, Chief of General Staff Red Army [Japanese voice over]. Troops at attention in Red Square. Pan along VIP podium. MCU Stalin on podium. Shots over Red Square. Line of VIPs salute.

Post-WWII Russia / USSR.

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 2 of 3

Continued... Heavily damaged Brandenburg Gate, people watching as flag raised on top. HA people running in riot & from soldiers shooting. CU sign Potsdamer Platz. Running crowd, injured carried. Soviet tanks. Notice re Soviet Sector, Berlin. Tanks past people, men throwing stones at tanks. Notice re 18Jun53 Berlin closed the border. Parked tanks, people watching.

16:10:49 Still photographs of crowds, burning bulidings, soldiers.

16:11:12 Map showing other cities of demonstrations. CU text describing riot.

16:11:41 Clock tower. West Berlin, caskets under flags at funeral service. MCU standing West German leaders. SOF Ernst Reicher (sp?) at microphones. MCU listeners.

16:12:37 Stone w/ carving re Soviets.

16:12:47 Photograph: Hilda Benjamin (sp?); Trial footage of ??

16:13:04 Photograph of prison (?). Massive group of people camping in street; women & children in bunsk.

16:13:27 1956 Soviet Party Congress w/ Khrushchev to microphones (no speaking). Montage: Map of Poland. Yalta; Stalin w/ FDR, Churchill.

16:13:57 Post-WWII city w/ people, war veterans, in square listening, parading, etc.

16:14:13 Large exposition w/ Standard Motor Company sign; Mercedes Benz pavilion.

16:14:28 Workers in square w/ man speaking from back of truck, large crowd listening. Stills of Soviet tanks & crowds.

16:14:54 Large bulding ext; int. courtroom, young defendants & people listening. Soviet troops. lawyers, judges.

16:15:22 Moscow (?) aerial, street scene; Polish parade w/ Marx & Lenin posters; students on street hurrying & into bulding. Headline: Khrushchev in hald anti-Soviet Move. Off large plane. People on street. Polish leader, Wladyslaw Gomulk (21Oct-20Dec70 head of United Workers Party) speaking (MOS), others listen. Speaking from railroad car to crowd. Headline of voting Stalinists from office.

16:16:29 Polish tanks across field (brief). People reading Polish newspapers, demonstrating

16:16:56 Cardinal Wyszinski giving blessing from balcony, crowd below. Cardinal receiving flowers from children inside.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; East Germany Uprising 1953. Anti-Soviets; 1956 Poland;

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 1 of 3

Uniformed youth drum & bugles; large Communist demonstration w/ cheering; CUs, girl kisses flag.

16:00:33 Ext. Street demonstration & burning flag; large crowd marching w/ flags; workers in street listening.

16:00:55 Tanks advancing w/ troops; loaded w/ people w/ raised fists thru street w/ tri-color flag. Youth w/ knife cutting up Communist flag.

16:01:34 Montage: Aerial of WWII burning city; artillery firing; refugees in burning city; Nazis boy soldier; tanks; British & Russian soldiers firing artillery. Nun walking thru brick rubble. Victory celebrations, Arc de Triumph; Churchill, DeGaulle & others down Champs Elysees. Winter & returning troops.

16:02:35 Swastika on stadium explodes (GOOD).

16:02:43 Stalin, Churchill & others shaking hands at Potsdam. Map of Europe w/ Communist shadow moving west. Soviet troops marching. Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev & others applauding. Map of East Germany. Still of Walter Ulbrecht w/ others. Marchers, faces, kids w/ banners in parade. Police & civilians in East Germany. CU door sign: Untersuchungs Haftanstalt Wittenberge, two policemen enter.

16:03:46 Ext. Deutscher Volksrat - Le Front des Demokratischen Deutsch; interior w/ large Communist meeting. CU Wilhelm Pieck first & only President of GDR, 11Oct49 - 07Sep60, wiping face; congratulated; thru street in open car. Little girl w/ flowers, Stalin holding.

16:04:08 People moving thru woods w/ packs. Troops buiding fence thru woods on border; sign re land mines. Pan of men at small meeting & voting, ext. workers voting, people marching w/ flags in country village.

16:04:49 Coal miners; workers in factory. Title card re Brigade Karl Marx. Women w/ wheelbarrows on construciton site. POV on train. Sign over doorway: Robfchlachtercel Franz Fritsche Perleberg, crowd. Civilians training w/ rifles; large group of women marching w/ rifles; young girls marching w/ bows & arrows. Soviet military in parade.

16:05:52 Montage of USA attacking Korea (seen from Soviet view): ship, tanks, soldiers. Wounded, chaplain. Orphaned ; Korean children eating; refugees.

16:06:19 Flags outside United Nations; interior. UN troops on ship. Kremlin ext. Pan from Stalin laying in state to politburo. People at monument. CU Ulbricht at microphones; clock speeded up; poster re 1954.

16:06:58 Wide avenue w/ little traffic. Men working on large construction site, workers on scaffolding, walking in street for demonstration, 16Jun53. Filling street. Soldiers w/ guns. Marchers running. Burning desks. Line of soldiers at East - West border. People taking down fence. Papers falling outside government building & burned in fire on sidewalk. Police & soldiers facing each others at border. Crowd running. Banner burned. Border troops behind barriers. Signs torn down, bonfire. East Berlin building set on fire, seen from American Sector. Construction Workers Strike became Uprising of 1953.

16:09:06 Crowd w/ ?? carrying, beating; policeman tries to stop. Crowd & small shed or ?? burning. Cont.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; Cold War; Propaganda;

[Manchuria - Russians and Chinese]

Exterior factories. UNRRA sign in English and Chinese. Wreckage inside factory buildings. US military or Russian inspecting buildings. Corpse with chopped off leg - gruesome. Damaged buildings.

Exterior official looking building? - Chinese people look at camera. Building with portrait Chiang Kai-Shek? Chinese troops in street. Poster shows Chinese and Russian officer shaking hands.

Winter - railroad platform with people on top of carriage. Street scenes with horses, carts, pedestrians. Outdoors tables. Destroyed buildings being repaired. Wide empty avenue. Square with obelisk; large building with portrait of Stalin and Cyrillic writing. Russian & Chinese officers shaking hands. Interior damaged factory - US military inspects. Street scenes. Outdoors restaurant tables and market.

[Manchuria - Russians and Chinese]

Train at station and people sitting on top of carriage. Russian and Chinese officers pose together and shake hands. Russian soldiers guard building. Exterior large building with portrait Lenin & Stalin. Sandbagged building guarded by Chinese. Street and traffic. Crowd of Chinese. Russians out of building and talk with Chinese officer. Large building with Stalin portrait and Cyrillic writing. Chinese children shine Russian s boots. Market stalls in street. City rooftops. High angle street with traffic. Cyrillic writing on house facade. Russians? inspect factory ruins.

Soyuzkino Journal #62

Russian Newsreel

Speakers on stand with Stalin portrait behind - big crowd of workers or peasants - all raise their arm.

14:35:24 Factory meeting with speaker ton stand and Stalin portrait & Hitler portrait behind - speakers presumably encouraging workers to work harder in fight against fascism. Wagons out of factory.

14:36:06 Mining - drilling. War production

14:37:05 Women workers at desks with drawing tools - then working on machines. Factory. War production.

14:38:44 Pastoral scene - peasants harvesting. Haystacks on horse carts.

14:39:38 Harvesting with more modern machinery? Threshing.

14:40:28 Pilots pose in front of row of planes and one takes off as others watch. In flight.

14:41:55 Soldier reads poetry by Surkov. Tanks, Cossacks and boats speeding forth - war montage.

Russia at war

Wheat fields - combine harvester - women working in the fields, collective farm.

14:35:02 Molotov - Crowds listening to radio broadcasts in street - shows close shots all different nationalities of Russians.

14:36:03 Russia mobilises against Germany - Troops marching - military vehicles on the move - troop trains tanks aircraft etc.

Newspaper presses - Russians buying Pravda and reading on streets.

Russian civil defence - women and children digging trenches - air raid shelters - street meeting. Russian women taking on war work - enlisting as nurses. Russian women in factories - steel mills - armament production. Oil production - oil tankers at sea.

14:39:11 Stalin - good montage army navy including mosquito patrol boats and air-force / good shots Russian battleships.


Defense of Moscow / Defence of Moscow R1

Sandbagged and barricaded streets. Moscow covered by snow. Anti-aircraft. Soldier w/ binoculars. Firing at Nazi planes. Wreckage of German plane. Germ. pilot's ID. CU of dead pilot. Women digging trenches. Arms industry. Ammunition factory. Ski production. Machine guns. Tank factory. Armored vehicles. Camouflaged armoured train pulling out of factory. Admiral Popov, Secretary of Defence Committee congratulating workers. Front line. Briefing of soldiers. Officer reading Stalin's letter. Cavalry in woods. Big guns firing. Cavalry advancing w/ swords raised in air. Infantry advances. Burned buildings. Smoke stack.

Soviet World #7, R11

Stalin Says the Word: People in line for newspaper. LS of line. Groups of people reading 'Pravda.' Picture of Stalin. People in park. Commentary says Stalin s speech is calling on Russians to fight Fascist Germany.

03:49:47 The Wrath of the People: Workers meeting Stalingrad Tractor Plant. Speakers. Applause.

03:50:47 Called to the Colours: Mobilisation of reserves. Men signing recruiting documents. Volunteers sign up for Red Army in Estonia. CU of document. Hand shake.

03:52:07 In the Soviet Republic of the Volga-Germans: Agriculture - Field. Harvesting. Collective Farming - Transporting hay.

03:53:09 Grain of the New Harvest: Crop fields. Harvesters in Azerbaijan.

03:53:47 On the Sugar-Beet Fields in Kirghizia;

03:54:20 Replace the Men - Girls at drawing desks. Replacing men in factories.

03:55:22 Strong, Quick: Red Army basic training. Men in cross country running & throwing grenades.

Moscow Strikes Back [Reel 2]

Map of Moscow and surrounding area w/ Nazi advance. Lookout above Red Square - snow. Stalin speech, theoretically in Red Square, 07Nov41 - actually filmed in either Metro Komsomolskaya or Metro Meyerkovskaya station. We fight alone against the forces of facism .

Russian army massed in Red Square - singing - march off to war - ski troops, cavalry & infantry - Cossacks. Tanks down snowy road. Moscow defences - camouflaged & armoured steam train out of siding - through snow covered cutting. Civilians building tank traps and laying barbed wire - cutting trees to act as tank traps. German plane overhead. Concealed heavy guns - snow-covered bunkers.

19:52:36 Montage of night bombing raids and anti-aircraft fire - armament factory, women filling shells - balloons - troops marching - snow suits - artillery. German plane downed - wreckage.

19:55:02 Russian pilots loading bombers and fighter planes on snowy airfield. AVs bombing raid - air to air - bombs hitting ground. Artilery observers ascend in hot air balloon. Montage heavy guns firing in snow - Russian artillery - CU barrels. Cavalry and tank units move forward.

WWII. Soviet Russia. USSR.

[Moscow Defences]

Early day shots Kremlin & Council of Deputies. Barrage balloons transported through streets; defences built by civilians as trucks & streetcars pass. Men & women digging trenches outside city. Sentry on Kremlin wall - view across snowy Red Square w/ few vehicles. MCU Stalin speaking at microphones.

18:34:41 Tanks & ski troops along snow-covered Moscow street [brief].

WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR. Russian Home Front.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [#566 Jul41]

11:25:40 Map of Eastern Front. Luftwaffe scout planes [ Henschel He-123 ] take off; aerials convoy of Russian troops / vehicles. Planes land - aerial photos developed & evaluated. After analysis of material, Heinkel He-111 bombers take off - in flight over Soviet lines - top shots bombs dropping Russian troops

11:27:20 Aerial Lemberg [ Lvov ] - destroyed Russian fortifications after German attack

11:27:42 Map Eastern Front showing East Prussia, Belarus & Ukraine. German trucks towards Lemberg, truck gets stuck [VO due to Russian roads ] - troops dig it out.

11:28:20 Lemberg - high shots across city. Bavarian Mountain Infantry arrive - German convoy through streets past cheering Ukrainian civilians. Women crowd around German soldiers. Crying woman w/ German soldier & others in front of Lemberg prison - smoke from windows. Victims carried out of building by civilians.

Panning shots over rows of corpses laid out on ground. Women crying over bodies.

11:30:33 Jewish men kicked through crowd [out of focus]. CUs faces & groups of Soviet prisoners.

11:31:04 Stalin busts & monument smashed w/ sledgehammers & poster torn down - civilians applaud.

11:31:26 German Heinkel bombers on way to Ukraine, top shots dropping bombs. Aerial plane factory Bolshevic bombed.

11:32:17 Map. German troops advance east of Bialystok, Poland - tanks & trucks. Firing against Russians.

11:32:58 Russian POWs, hands up, being searched; CU POW.

11:33:07 German tank convoy under attack on road approaching Minsk - return fire.

11:33:47 Hundreds of Russian POWs run out of woods along roadside. Burning Russian tanks.

11:34:30 German advance interrupted by Russian attack; fierce counterattack. Russian POW. German troops advance cautiously. Cont d...

WWII. Russia / USSR. Soviet Atrocities. Operation Barbarossa. Nazi Occupation.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [#566 Jul41]

Continued. German troops in Riga, Latvia; burning buildings; tanks & troops in convoy. Firefighting. Cheering Latvian civilians line streets; Latvian flags; women give soldiers food

11:37:12 Pan over Stuka bombs laid out on airfield. Libau [ Liepaja ] - war correspondent in plane with camera. Stukas take off. Aerial & air to air shots Stukas bombing Soviet positions & attacking tanks.

11:38:12 Map of Eastern Front marking Jonava in Lithuania. German tanks on way to Jonava; heavy artillery battle around the town. Jonava burning in distance; Germans advance against heavy Soviet fire. Devastated buildings.

11:41:23 Soviet soldier surrenders - searched. POWs marched at gunpoint. German troops past burning, wrecked Russian tanks & equipment.

11:42:22 Sign: Jonava; scenes of destruction in town.

11:42:29 Synagogue - EXT & INT shots. Jewish ghetto - men rounded up & taken prisoner.

11:43:04 Road to Schaulen [ Siauliai ], Lithuania - German troops on horseback & on foot. Troops gather & begin attack - battle scenes around Schaulen - black smoke over burning buildings.

11:44:36 German cavalry troops through Schaulen, given flowers by civilian women. German Front News distributed to troops.

11:45:14 Stalin poster ripped up.

11:45:30 German troops advance towards Libau. Ammunition depot under fire from heavy artillery

11:46:10 Street fighting in Libau - good shots

11:47:00 Loudspeaker set up - Russian soldiers told to surrender. Libau in flames.

11:47:31 War correspondents at work - photographer w/ 35mm Arriflex cine camera. German troops past burning buildings. Montage troops marching, tanks advancing etc. w/ patriotic song. End.

WWII. Russia / USSR. Operation Barbarossa. Nazi Occupation. Military Aviation.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.567 R4? Jul41]

Convoy of German trucks, motorcycles w/ sidecars thru damaged village & down street past bombed buildings. Large Soviet building captured by Germans, Lenin statue in front. Russian civilians pick thru ruins of smoking homes. High pan across rubbled town, salvaging possessions. Convoy of German military vehicles along muddy road thru village. VO trans. This is how the Bolshevik worker s paradise looks in reality... . Soldier nails sign on fence, people standing watching. Villagers buy food & leaving wrecked store. Large Soviet Red Army banner w/ picture of Stalin & Lenin.

13:00:40 Heavy guns fired near Minsk, fighting & explosions, viewing binoculars, USSR tank & troop carriers under fire; truck burning. Surrendering Soviets PoWs, some wounded, CUs prisoners from Eastern/Asian USSR, female Russian soldier. PoWs marched in long column. Tracking shots past wrecked much Soviet equipment, tanks & trucks along road. Troops inspect huge Soviet tank. Airfield littered w/ damaged Soviet fighter planes. VERY GOOD.

13:05:15 Map of Eastern Front, Baltic States. Germans into Riga, troops & trucks past bombed buildings & streets w/ bodies & equipment. VO blames Soviets for destruction. Civilians begin clean-up operation;German soldier paints scene. Forced labor, Latvian Jews off truck w/ shovels, strip to waist & begin digging [graves?], German troops shouting.

13:06:33 Bodies of Latvian nationalists removed from shacks around Riga. VO: mutilated & killed by Soviet GPU secret police , women cries over corpses, bodies into coffins, dead children. Jewish man beaten in street by civilians & dragged away, accused of collaboration w/ GPU & massacre. Riga synagogue burning, VO says civilians did it.

WWII. Russia / USSR. Nazi Occupation. Operation Barbarossa. NKVD. Atrocities.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.565 Jul41 - Reel 2]

Makeshift bridges built to replace those destroyed by Russians, civilians helping. Men carry & replace timbers. Passing river Huth into Bessarabia. Troops on bicycles, marching, getting water & drinking.

12:07:01 Ukraine. Banners welcome German troops: Heil Hitler . Troops into Omorshani (?) - good shot half-track troop carrier pulling heavy gun, cheering population wave hats. Woman giving salt & bread to Nazi officer as sign of hospitality as people watch.

12:07:40 Top shot town almost completely destroyed by Russian bombing

12:07:50 Locals pull down Communist banner, Soviet flag, & bust of Stalin pounded on till it falls. Map. High pan across abandoned Soviet trucks & equipment on riverbank, tanks in water, railway line w/ smashed derailed train. Pan to trucks along road nearby, bus carrying German troops. (GOOD)

12:09:40 Troops climb on KV-2 tank painted w/ 2/ Regiment General Goring & date 1941. POV on tank.German tanks & trucks along dusty road past abandoned Soviet BT-7 tank - armed cars ahead. German artillery firing guns in field - Waffen SS troops in camouflage gear.

12:10:57 Soviet troops give themselves up & taken prisoner, hands in the air. CUs faces of PoWs inc. some from oriental USSR & 1 female soldier.

12:11:36 Russian KV-1 tank blown up; burning KV-2 tank; burning houses & equipment - Soviet Scorched Earth policy; Germans deeper into Ukraine.

12:12:21 Uniform of dead soldier; German soldiers pick flowers & place on graves of dead comrades.

12:12:46 Map Byalistok-Minsk area. German convoy along road, trucks towards village; tank across stream, soldiers on bicycles, infantry marching, vehicles pushed through muddy potholes.

12:13:58 River Beresina, bridges destroyed by Russians; German pioneers build makeshift bridges. Trucks across. Soldiers having break, eating, resting. Pig beside tank.

12:15:16 Good shots of troop activity after setting up camp, cleaning chickens; food preparation, haircuts, car washing - troops ride horses in river & joke around. Soldiers attend outdoor concert, laugh as bench collapses.

12:16:08 German troops over pontoon bridge, singing on track as marching past camera.

12:16:34 Minsk burning - street scenes, destruction. Abrupt end. Incomplete.

WWII; Russian Front; Eastern Front; Operation Barbarassa; Fighting; Propaganda;

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 2 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration.

Leningrad at dusk, silhouettes, blackout curtains drawn, searchlights. Montage war workers in factory while bombing continues, anti-aircraft fire. Soviet airmen take off, CU ace fighter pilot Karashan [?]; armament production line. Burning buildings & firefighting; downed German plane w/ CU burning Swastika on tailfin. Armored & camouflaged train w/ large guns.

09:13:45 Dead elephant among ruins of zoo. Tilt down levels of apartment building w/ facade blown off. Rescue workers among ruins. Railroad laid in street, shells loaded & heavy artillery fired; field artillery w/ machine guns. Battleships at sea,Soviet Naval officers consult map.

09:16:13 Title Then came the severe winter of 1941-2 . Soldier guarding snow-covered docks, anti-aircraft guns in streets. CU Stalin speaking in full uniform before large micophone ordering Soviet troops to stop retreating [English subtitles]. Loadspeakers. Russian headline w/ VO The enemy is at the gate! Troops march thru city, traffic & civilians thru snow. Workers in factory w/ collapsed roof. Damage to the Hermitage museum. Pedestrians wrapped up against severe cold. VO re harsh conditions - man pulls box on rope thru street.

09:19:49 Water gathered by buckets from holes in ice.

09:20:28 Bread ration chart translated to English - 9 ounces for workers, 4.5 everyone else; women queue for bread. Worker at tank factory warms hands over fire; armaments workers in thick coats.

WWII; Eastern Front; Battle of Leningrad; Russia / USSR;

[Molotov Announcement of War With Germany, Jun41]

Title sequence. Molotov Statement

Molotov at desk (grainy). Loudspeakers, aerial of many Soviet listeners, w/ Molotov s voice-over announcing war w/ Germany, following German invasion. More of listening Russian people. CUs people & loudspeakers. Workers in factories; ethnic groups listening to radios. Workers at construction sites, hospitals.

05:40:23 Head-on shot of Stalin at mausoleum, CU Stalin. Navy ships toward camera, battleship raising gun, planes over.

05:40:36 Titles: Truth is on our side. Everyone will be destroyed. Soviet Movie Magazine #49.

Declaration of War; WWII; Radio Broadcast of Speech;

[24th Anniversary of Revolution, Moscow - Nov1941]

RV troops in Red Square, SV troops.

11:20:34 Low angle LS Molotov, Budienny and Beria on mausoleumsaluting. MS Stalin leads group down steps & into mausoleum.

Communist Party Leaders; Communism; 1940s;

[Russian Newsreel, 23Jul41]

20:17:15 Title: In The Name Of Stalin To Fight The Enemies

Stalin, Beria,Voroshilov ? (in uniform) & others walking down street outside Kremlin.

20:17:40 CU document. Photograph. 1920s cavalry riding w/ raised swords. CU Stalin ca 1941.

20:18:10 Many small single-seat monoplanes taking off; tanks across field & POV thru trees. Other military vehicles; marching troops; planes overhead in formation. Navy boats launching torpedoes.

20:19:15 Title: For ?? & Freedom - A Cameraman Reports From The War Front

Military front; soldiers in trees; camouflaged equipment; troops moving forward on foot. Dug in artillery position & firing from camouflaged pits. Anti-aircraft positions; men listening; firing from barrels disguised as trees. Falling German plane; USSR soldiers looking at wreckage burning. Officers arrive & inspect gun & remains of plane.

20:22:20 Title:

Large machine shop & men & women working at lathes. Man running several at once. Animated pistons or ?? parts move into stack.

20:23:09 Title:

State kindergarten w/ kids and girls (Young Pioneers) or women tending them outdoors; teaching to play in sand; eating at lunch table w/ bibs. Taking naps. Girls (nannys) making dolls.

20:24:17 Title:

Outboard boats racing on river past camera. Swimmers w/ rifles strapped on back dive in & swim in competition or race. Other swim holding grenade above water w/ one hand. Rescue demonstration shown.

Four men in gas masks rowing or sculling w/ coxswain on river.

20:26:04 Motorcycle corps begins crosscountry race riding w/ rifles through dirt road, on highway, past check point w/ gas masks. Crossing finish line. The End.

Oddities; WWII; Wartime Propaganda; Communism; Communist Leaders;

Russian Newsreel No. 59

12:09:40 Title:

MCU Molotov. CU loudspeaker horns & crowds listening intercut w/ shots from various distances & angles.

12:11:22 Sailors listening; factory workers; peasants; various ethnic groups; students, nurses, old & young.

12:15:03 VO over tanks across field in maneuvers. Planes flying over; troops in trucks pulling artillery. Ship w/ gun turret turning. Speaker horns, people listening, peasants. Troops marching. Navy toward camera, many planes over, tanks running past. Heavy artillery pulled, cavalry & infantry in ralroad cars. Bulldozers, trains. POV on railroad car w/ guns. Ship w/ many guns.

12:17:06 VO POV past men at metalworking machines; men drilling in mine, combine, lathes. Women working. Coal mining w/ machines & by hand. Blackboard & output. Oil drilling; steelmaking w/ sparks.

12:18:06 VO over loudspeakers, men & women factory workers listening. CU Stalin. Ships & their guns raised.

12:18:41 Title: ??

12:18:48 Title: ??

12:18:58 Title: ??

WWII Russian Collectives; Molotov Speech; Sacrifice; Contribution; War Effort; Patriotic Propaganda; Patriotism; USSR Homefront; 1941;

Russian Newsreel No. 63

12:19:43 Titles:

12:20:05 Title:

People lined up in long line buying newspapers, reading about Stalin, sitting on park benches. Standing in factory yard or streets, pan over large crowd.

12:21:01 Man at microphone talking to crowd w/ pictures of Stalin, Molotove & Beria. Praising Stalin. CU young people & young workers listening, applauding.

12:22:27 Title:

12:22:30 Title:

12:22:34 Young man speaking into two microphones, other young people listening, applauding.

12:23:10 Title

12:23:18 Title:

12:23:26 Long line of tanks along road though flat land towards front.

12:23:57 Forest along field, Soldiers & horses under trees, eating, digging trenches. Preparing ammunition, reading newspaper. Camouflaged tank. Two soldiers on motorcycle past village, man off. Officers talk.

12:25:22 Three planes over; town w/ empty streets. POV past buildings. Log cabins, smoke in distance. Airplane wreckage of German bomber. Parachute & body; another body in wreckage. Large pile of debris.

12:26:23 Captured German airmen brought down road by USSR soldiers, pose. More prisoners marched along road past peasant women beside fence.

12:27:39 Title:

12:27:44 Title:

Officers & workmen out of factory. Workers into meeting room & sit at table, get up & sign document w/ handshakes.

12:28:41 Titles:

WWII Russian Collectives; Speeches; Sacrifice; Contribution; War Effort; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR Homefront, 1941;

Russian Newsreel, No. 64 - 1941

12:49:44 Titles:

12:49:56 Women & men listening; man speaking from stand (MOS) applause

12:50:29 Man speaking out side log house to collective group; peasant woman speaks, applause.

12:51:01 Titles:

Men enlisting at outdoor table, shake hands, CU faces. Signing document.

12:51:43 Montage: enlistees march thru village, thru city & wave at crowds.

12:52:40 Titles:

Men working in machine shop. CU.

12:53:26 Boat working on large river; logs in floats tied to pilings; ferry pulling floats of timbers, log rafts

12:54:27 Titles:

Military band playing while trucks of soldiers go past. Ranks of soliers at attention, CUs as men named.

12:55:25 Soldier playing accordion while others dance, men clap in time. GOOD. Bugler playing, troops board railroad freight cars & flatcars leaving as band plays. Large equipment. Men wave from freight cars.

The End.

WWII Russian Collectives; War Effort; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR Homefront, 1940s; Anti-Fascist Speech;

Soviet Newsreel

Title: Agreement Between The Governments of the USSR & Great Britain For Joint Action In The War Against Germany.

00:07:16 MS Military VIPs & civilians standing. Stalin, & three others; Molotov, Ambassador Stafford Cripps & others pose. Molotov signing at desk as Cripps & others watch including Vishinsky.

00:09:13 Melting wax to seal the agreements. MCU completed agreement. CUs & MSs individuals & groups. Smiling Stalin.

WWII Agreements; Pacts; Formalities; Ceremonies; Alliances;

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [567 Reel 2]

16Jul41 German soldiers & tank-like troop carrier pulling heavy gun down country road in Ukraine. Convoy of horses & carts passes under banner across road at entrance to town - Heil Hitler & Russian script. Civilians waving hats. Convoy enters town - good shot of half-track troop carrier pulling heavy gun. Ukrainian civilians milling around town square. Woman giving food to Nazi officer; others smiling. Top shot town almost completely destroyed by bombing. Locals pull down Communist banner, Soviet flag, & bust of Stalin.

17:15:03 Map of South-Western Russia. High pan across abandoned Soviet military vehicles on riverbank - tanks in water - railway line w/ smashed derailed train - pan to trucks along road nearby - bus carrying German troops? Troops climbing on tank painted w/ 2/ Regiment General Goring & date 1941. German tanks & trucks along dusty road - scout cars ahead. German artillery firing guns in field - SS troops in camouflage gear. Soviet troops give themselves up & taken prisoner, hands in the air - CUs faces of PoWs inc. some from oriental USSR & 1 female soldier.

17:18:21 Tank blown up on road - soldiers dive for cover. Convoy along road into Ukraine, towards Kiev, PoWs or resting troops in ditch. Vars pieces of burning machinery / equipment littering roads.

WWII. Eastern Front.

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 4 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration.

Snipers on front line in snowy trenches; medics w/ infured, snipers in snow camouflage crawl through undergrowth. Probably staged scene w/ ace sniper finding German soldier in gun sight, shooting him & keeping score. Heavy guns firing, explosions. General Kochin [?] Commander of Leningrad front consults map w/ officers. Soviet fighters & bombers in flight; bombs dropped, explosions.

09:34:27 Guerrilla troops in woods - snow camouflaged & skis. German communication lines severed & trees felled across roads. German troops run away as guerrillas fire [staged?]. Group of guerillas bring convoy of food to Leningrad. Guerillas advance.

09:37:40 Ski troops across open plain under bombardment - tanks clear way for infantry. Dead German soldiers. Tanks thru burning village, piles of corpses & makeshift graves.

09:39:47 Captured German soldiers marched through snow, lone PoW limping along at gunpoint. Groups of PoWs look freezing, some wounded. Captured German trucks & equipment. Graves of some of 37,000 Germans killed.

09:41:44 Banners awarded to Soviet fighter pilots - Stalin s Falcons. Chanov [?] gives awards to guerrillas in city.

WWII; Eastern Front; Battle of Leningrad; Russia / USSR; Fighting; Prisoners of War; Horrors of War;

The Graves of Katyn

Polish Association of Former Soviet Political Prisoners [English narration]

Titles. Map of Poland showing 1939 invasions by Germany & Russia. Map of Russia showing location of prisoner of war camps where Polish sent including three camps where 15,000 PoWs disappeared. CUs mail from PoWs marked return to sender . Stills of other Polish PoWs released in 1941. Troops of Polish army created in Russia under treaty.

15:55:42 Dec41 Gen. Sikorski arriving by plane in Moscow to inspect Polish army under Gen. Anders - greeted by Molotov - VO says whereabouts of missing 15,000 questioned but proper answer never given.

15:56:22 Anders & Sikorski meet w/ Stalin & Molotov in Kremlin. Newspaper report on discovery of bodies of Polish officers in Forest of Katyn near Smolensk Apr43. Report in German listing victims. VO re Soviet refusal to allow Red Cross access to site. Photograph of Russian PoW camp taken secretly by Polish officer later killed at Katyn. Diagram sent to Polish governement in exile in London showing Katyn site. Map showing exact location. VO says two films made on massacre site - by Germans for propaganda purposes [see Im Wald von Katyn], & later by Russians when they had recaptured Katyn area. Abrupt ending.

WWII; Soviet Atrocities; War Crimes; Cover-Ups; Propaganda;

[Soviet VIPs At Congress Meeting] (ca 1941)

INT Soviet Communist Party Congress [?] - VIPs present inc. Stalin, Molotov, Mikoyan, Malenkov, Khruschev - applause - male & female speakers heard briefly. People in street outside. Senior Party officials talking after meeting. Woman speaker at podium - more applause shots. [NB Very choppy.]

Russia / USSR. Communism.

[Soviet Newsreel Extracts 1941]

Reel 3 partial

19:16:30 Steel industry Interiors & exteriors. CU workers & liquid steel. Train of coke cars, oil derricks & workers drilling oil wells.

End of section.

Reel 28

19:17:36 Self-Mechanized Labor 22Jul41 Marching women civilians to fields, past village. Working in fields, hoeing, watering & dusting crops w/ spray guns. Grain in CU & boys plane spotting on small tower. Women learn about tractors in outdoor class, Kolkhoz. Learn to drive tractor & combine.

19:19:35 Women scythe & gather hay. Men stacking.

19:20:29 End of section.

Reel 30

19:20:34 23Jul41? Stalin, Kalinin, Mikoyan walking near Lenin s tomb along pavement outside Kremlin - stills and etchings of young Stalin. Stalin on mausoleum. Soviet fighters take off.

End of section.

19:21:31 Nursery scenes - looking after children of Red Army soldiers without tiredness; cared for by Soviet government w/ help from adolescent girls / young pioneers. (GOOD).

WWII; Eastern Front; Russia / USSR Homefront; Women at war; Cult of Stalin;

France Libre Actualités, #7, American version Reel 1

Titles explain that the following is captured enemy newsreel which shows Axis hopes and plans for the campaign in the Middle East as of October 1942. French-accented English narration laid over original French.

Map showing Middle east and advances made by Germans. German footage of advancing Nazi troops near Stalingrad - artillery fire - Germans throwing grenades - flame throwers - destroyed buildings. Animated map shows how Germans have cut off supplies to allied troops through Persian Gulf. Animated map with American commentary shows how this is propaganda and shows what really happened in the battle for Stalingrad. Actuality footage of battle - many Russian tanks and troops - fighting scenes. Russian aircraft - wrecked German planes and German prisoners of war marched through streets, abused by Russian citizens. Russian tanks advance on snowy fields of Leningrad - excellent shots Russian cavalry charging and troops running in advance.

16:46:09 Newsreel continues Rommel with troops, German military vehicles and tanks in convoy. Artillery firing. Building of landing grounds and airfield - pumping water - irrigation. Tobruk harbour. German troops disembark Tobruk, supplies unloaded - transported by desert railway. Rommel and Kesselring - animated map showing how Axis have surrounded Middle East. American commentary tells what has really happened - actuality British 8th army firing artillery - US planes dropping bombs over desert. British troops and tanks advance. Allies advance on Tobruk.. Wrecked German planes. Captured German prisoners of war including General Von Toma ?.

The Thirteenth of June, 1942 [Reel 6]

Film shows a typical WWII day in Russia - 13Jun42. VS Russian artillery positions fire heavy guns; soldiers loading shells. Montage of scenes in a Russian munitions factory - men and women pack shells, assemble heavy guns and rifles; bombs stacked ready for transport; large bombs rolled off production line into wooden crates; factory yard filled w/ crates of bombs.

19:10:39 Russian mine - miner operates drilling equipment; mine carts filled w/ rocks. Men climb on mountain above, others hit rocks w/ sledgehammers; male and female geologists in tented encampment examine rock samples for minerals. Miner underground operates hand drill - brief cut to soldier firing machine gun then miner s face repeatedly intercut w/ shot of mountain. Miners chat, one w/ black face and torch helmet. Female miners hack at rock w/ pickaxes.

19:12:30 Oil fields: site manager in office w/ portrait of Stalin on wall. Machine room. Passenger / worker train moves through oil field against backdrop filled w/ drill scaffolds. Oil tanker cargo train along tracks past refinery. Workers inside refinery - machines and gauges - huge showers of sparks illuminating semi-darkness.

19:13:53 AV oil refinery. Workers shovel coal into huge furnaces; others watch through dark glasses attached to caps to shield eyes. Lumps of molten metal moved along production line operated by workers.

19:15:15 Russian officer watches tank firing w/ civilian men? wearing medals. Gun carriages in factory / railroad yard moved onto freight train. HA PoV from crane looking out across factory floor. VS tank assemby and CUs workers at vars machines inc. women. Finished tanks roll out of factory under banner in Russian; tanks outside, past camera w/ men on top; tanks tested on wasteground. - through ditches and water; tanks over camera; tanks lined up in factory yard. Good - filmed and edited with flair.

WWII. Eastern Front. Industry.

[Siege of Leningrad - Part 3]

Stalin speech theoretically in Red Square, 07Nov41 - actually filmed in either Metro Komsomolskaya or Metro Meyerkovskaya station - We fight alone against the forces of facism .

00:43:28 CU Russian newspaper headlines - Pravda 10Nov41. Scenes of city in the snow; pedestrians past tank parked outside building; soldiers march down street; tanks down street; traffic & civilians in street.

00:45:00 Bomb damage scenes - INT building w/ collapsed roof; Stalingrad Tractor Factory; corpses removed; grand buildings damaged; people of streets of frozen city; dead bodies removed on sledges ; people drawing water through ice; food distribution - bread weighed - children get 125 grams, soldiers 195.

00:48:28 Dec41 INT tank factory production line; tanks & shells being made by men & women; heavy guns wheeled out of factory. Two lone soldiers on sentry duty. VS bomb damage - smoke. GVs refugees / homeless w/ belongings in street & corpses. Buses & train covered in snow.


[Moscow: Winter 1941/42] Two Reels

Part One:

Good stock shot footage including high angles over Moscow. Deserted roads around Kremlin; Red Square - building w/ banners Stalin and Lenin; Lenin s mausoleum. Good city street scenes - people queue for cinema -

Part Two:

Vars state buildings & traffic - more banners in Red Square - pedestrians crossing busy street - streetcars - river & bridges. Red Square at dusk - traffic policeman - river at sunset - train across bridge. More dusk / silhouette shots of streets - traffic lights.

Russia/ USSR. 1940s.

[Battle for Stalingrad]

German troops in Stalingrad - advance through rubbled streets. Animated map of area. Soviet artillery assault in snow - heavy guns raised & fired - troops towards camera, turn round as shell explodes behind them. Aircraft take off from icy airstrip. SS troops in trench - aircraft in distance. Tanks & troops advance in snow, explosions and bodies. Cavalry charge.

03:33:44 Soviet units run across snowy plain to greet one another - hugs. German officers. Russian soldier rubs hands together for warmth.

03:34:19 Hitler & Goering inside Berghof at Berchtesgaden - large strategy map glimpsed on table under picture window.

03:34:37 INT cockpit of Russian bomber; air to air shots Russian planes above clouds. Soviet troops out of plane - gather equipment. Map of Stalingrad showing Nazi-held area. Fighting scenes in snow - troops wading through deep snow - shells loaded - artillery firing - German tank under fire - air to air shot bombs falling - ski troops drop to ground. AV huge troop convoy moving up. Shells exploding - corpse on tank burning [shot appears elsewhere]. Animated map. Russian officers prepare surrender document? - wave white flag from snowy trench - bugler - officers out of trench.

03:37:08 Flocks of birds fly away as Red Army fires artillery & ground-based rockets. Night firing rockets. Aerial bombing & explosions. Germans in trench. Many bodies scattered around wreckage of German plane? Anti-aircraft fire. Luftwaffe planes overhead. Italian or Romanian officer & troops? Digging out truck & car stuck in snow. Horse-drawn sleigh convoy. Battle scenes. Fighting into and surrender of Stalingrad - troops advance across rubbled buildings past corpses. Germans arrested, kicked by Russian soldier. Germans out of building w/ hands up. Troops w/ white flag. Tank with Red Flag at speed through Stalingrad streets. Russian soldiers hug.

03:42:05 Hitler & Goering at Berchtesgaden.

WWII. Eastern Front.

[Stalingrad Victory]

Soviet celebrations at end of battle for Stalingrad - soldiers embrace. Kruschev kisses general. Captured German officers - INT Field Marshall Paulus at interrogation. CUs POWs. Good high shots long lines of bedraggled German prisoners of war marched out of ruined city in snow. Soldier w/ improvised snow shoes.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR.

The Battle for Russia [Reel 8 Partial?]

Summer 1942. Anti- Nazi Posters in Moscow. Crates unloaded at dock - supplies sent by Allies. INT Zhukov & officers look at map. Oil wells - Caucasus Mountain shots. Soviet troops marching through mountains w/ huge rifles. Animated map Nazi advance towards Stalingrad. Tracking shot Stalingrad seen across river w/ columns of smoke. Heavy guns fired - German planes dropping bombs - explosions - aerial bombardment - German soldiers running & through bombed streets.

WWII. Eastern Front. USSR.

Battle For Stalingrad, The [Reel 2 partial?]

Soviets fighting Germans in streets of Stalingrad - tanks past - troops running for cover. Wounded men carried to safety. Running forward. Burning tank. Lots of smoke & noise. Good tracking shot city from across river w/ huge columns of smoke. Burning buildings at night.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR. Red Army. Nazi Occupation.

Battle For Stalingrad, The [Reel 6 partial]

Soviet commanders watch Katyusha rockets launched in snow. LS series of explosions. Brief air to air shots fighter planes over countryside. Heavy guns fired in industrial / factory area on outskirts of city. Grenades thrown - 62nd Army in street fighting offensive. Good shots Soviet troops running forward through snow-covered ruins & smoke. Surrendering German troops out of garrison w/ hands up - sign re Wehrmacht above door. Others pulled out of foxholes among ruins - kicked & prodded by Soviets - CU prisoner w/ wounded face - PoWs marched off w/ hands up - white flag.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR. Red Army. Nazi Occupation.

[Unid. Battle of Stalingrad] Pt. B of ?

Christmas of 1942, people in Red Square collect Christmas trees; people w/ Christmas trees on back of truck drive thru woods. MCU child w/ tree over shoulder. Huge lighted Christmas tree in middle of big hall, people dance around it, kids play on slide, look at little dancing dog, play various games, winning boy flips other boy s nose, Christmas tree on merry-go-around.

09:30:33 1943 People work in steel factory on New Years eve, sparks from oven, people work on various machinery, smiling woman leans out & says - Happy New Year! Two women kiss

09:30:58 Troop on front line; Commander wishes Happy New Year & orders Fire , flashing explosions at night, heavy artillery, shooting, war planes drop bombs. Flame throwers, much black smoke, troops in ice gliders across fields & lake, rocket guns, high angle of battle field, w/ tanks & ground forces, CU soldiers run thru snow.

09:32:49 Animated map w/ Nazis being pushed out offStalingrad territory; high angle city ruins, horse in middle off demolished city. 02 Feb1943 Russian troops fire last shot to mark end of Stalingrad s battle. City in ruins, CU monument of kids playing, cities defenders of the city greet rescuing army, soldiers hug, kiss, wave Soviet flag, Nazis surrender w/ white flags& hands up in the air; CU captured German generals.

09:34:09 Nazi Field Marshall Von Paulus & other officers into building, long lines of surrendered Nazi troops march thru fields, high angle war prisoner lines thru city ruins, CU captured Nazis, one walks thru snow w/ big straw shoes, corpse onground.

09:35:28 Spring over Russian country side, animated map shows freed Russian land; high angle of destroyed planes on airfield, tanks, guns, machine guns, heap of rifles, soldier w/ heavy artillery, dead bodies on the ground. Field after battle, troops march thru fields, big heaps of corpses, animated map showing German attempt to conquer Russia, starting w/ Moscow in 1941, then 1942 Grozny and so on, shots of troops in battle, UN flags in the background incl., US, USSR, UK & others, V sign.

WWII Propaganda; Incentive; Educational Film;

Note: May be R10 of Battle of Russia, or a version.

[Unid. Battle of Stalingrad] Pt A of ?

Summer of 1942, CU Anti-Nazi posters featuring strangled Hitler; American ship w/ aid arrive in Russian port, ship unloaded, high angle stacks of boxes in outdoor storage.

09:19:25 Red Army officers at table look at map; Caucasus & oil derricks; Caucasus mountains, animated map w/ only highway thru mountains to Baku oil field. RR tank cars; map of German plans for Stalingrad invasion.

09:20:21 Stalingrad street scenes, animated map of German attack plans to cut off Russian armies.

09:21:06 CU Volga river, explosion; German invasion from Kursk to Crimea. Animated map of Nazis reaching Kerch & Sevastopol in Crimea; then over whole area to the south to Rostov, then capturing oil fields of Maikop.

09:22:02 German troops on road thru fields, shot of Caucasus. Civilians join the army, handed guns, new troops march thru the mountain field.

09:22:28 Animated map shows attack on Stalingrad, smoke over the city, CU German soldiers order firing, shooting, German bombers over city drop bombs, explosions.

09:23:02 20Sep42 Germans battle their way into Stalingrad s outskirts; soldiers walk thru deserted streets, Nazi tank thru the city, take over railroad station. CU Newspaper headlines - Russia Facing Her Greatest Crisis , shots of battle in the city, shooting, explosions, intense battle thru the city (some staged?), high angle city ruins.

09:25:29 End of October, city ruins covered in snow. Stukas & bombers over; Russian artillery shooting, black smoke from plane, soldiers lay in the snow, battle of the streets continue. November, Russians slowly regain Nazi occupied side of Stalingrad, shooting, explosion, soldiers run thru snowy field.

09:27:22 CU Teletype machine, animated map shows movement of US & British troops landing in North Africa & in North East Red army pushing back Nazis. Newspaper headlines incl. 375,000 Nazis face trap , map shows Red army regaining Schlusselburg, Velikiye Luki, Voronezh areas.

09:28:25 Fresh Russian troop reserves on their way to Stalingrad from Siberia, long lines of soldiers on horseback thru snowy mountain road, tanks on the road, ground force march thru fields, into the city ruins.

09:28:59 Commanders of free Russian armies at table look at maps, animated map w/ Russian troops surrounding Nazis, emotional meeting of Northern and Southern armies in snowy fields, men run towards each other and hug.

WWII Eastern Front; Fighting;

Note: May be R9 of Battle of Russia, or a version.

News Review #02: The War 1941-1944 R2 of ?

Guerrilla fighters in USSR; Leningrad. Russians fighting, cutting barbed wire, w/ rifles & tanks.

10:33:46 Aerial of Sevastopal & nearly total destruction. Map showing drive for Stalingrad & Caucasus.

10:34:23 1942 North African cammpaign. British carry wouknded.

10:34:43 1942 Pacific Front montage: Japanese saluting, pilots, taking off in bombers; Thailand falls, troops moving thru mud. Attu & Kiska. Globe.

10:35:41 Ships in row, launch plane from battleship. Submarines & others ships at rest. Man in radio room. Adm Nimitz CU. Pilot briefing in aircraft carrier, loading bombs, taking off from aircraft carrier (GOOD). LS.

Planes over American fleeting, flak, ack ack, anti-aircraft gun crew firing. Planes explod in water. Plane crash on carrier deck. Carrier hit & planes in low in flames. Yorktown burning. Aerial of planes in flight, diving on ships. Ship sinking; others burning.

10:39:43 American sailors sitting in sun on deck. Ships underway.

10:39:53 Africa Aug42 Egypt & setting up artillery, fueling tanks. French tanks, troops moving up thru dust clouds. British firing large artillery in barrage. German tanks burning w/ heavy black smoke. British troops behind sandbagged positions.

10:41:04 Russia Sep42 Map w/ German front shown. Hitler & men at maps on table. Stalin at microphone. Fighting thru walls, destroyed building stairs, setting up automatic guns, firing from windows. Street fighting. Moving artillery by hand. Fire in building behind statue of dancing children. Men looking w/ binoculars.

10:42:45 Title: The Home Fronts, 1942 View of parts from moving overhead crane. Women working in factories on assembly line, at machines. Bombed factory in USSR & men working in steel mill; women working in machine shop, boy running lathe.

WWII Compilation Film; Battles;

[German Newsreel Excerpts, 1942]

Franco, in black uniform, at opening of Madrid, Spain Falangist girls school, looking at exhibits; walking w/ two women followed by priest. Girls & banners on poles; women receiving pins. Girls w/ berets marching as others watch.

02:19:37 Romania - Priest & military visit exhibit; banners. Small girl in folk dress beside two large squash. Outdoor pavilions & people in folk costumes; large hat of flowers. Parade of marchers giving Fascist salute passing reviewing stand. Oxen pulling wagons w/ people in folk dresses. Reviewing stand. Wagons w/ floats.

02:20:33 Denmark. Men, woman picking tobacco leaves. Loading crates onto wagen. Women sorting tobacco leaves at long tables under shed roof. Men hanging to dry. CU hands rolling cigars; smoking. Nutria (?) in cages; black fox in cage & held up by man. Man holds marten in canvas sack & puts ?? on fur; takes it out & shows how it bites the canvas. Woman modelling pelts around neck as stole.

02:21:58 German women tending various thread machines in hosiery factory. Spinning, threading, weaving. CUs. Finished stocking onto forms to shape, steam, inspecting. Woman putting on stocking. Models .

02:23:17 Paris France crowd at Auteuil grass track for horse races. Starting gate, over jumpsdown finish.

02:24:14 Soldiers breaking rocks for road, laying. Roller. Large wooden timbers & bridge under construction (in Galicia?) w/ saws, axes. Pans over timbers.

02:25:53 Italian (?) soldiers picking up packs w/ fur covers. Saying good-byes; marching up street in tight formation w/ military band. Other troops alongside as they leave for USSR.

02:26:30 Map of Kronstadt, Leningrad, Schlosselburg. Large artillery firing. Shells exploding at river or lake edge, fires burning in Kronstadt. Men cranking artillery around. Firing on Russian battleship Marat enveloped in smoke screen. German plans bombing Leningrad industrial area. POV dropping bombs, explosions, planes shadow over ground. Pilot smiling. Bombs falling seen from above.

02:28:41 Map w/ Stalingrad. German troops running to edge of Volga, firing across. Soviet tank hit, burns. Troops thru wreckage of railyard. LS of Stalingrad w/ heavily destroyed buildings.

WWII Eastern Front; Agriculture; Propaganda; Occupied France; 1942;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

The Battle of Russia R10 of 10 (Military Version - Part 2)

re Battle of Stalingrad

Wire service machine. Spinning newspaper. Map of Europe & North Africa advances & the Russian encirclement of Nazis along the front.

04:15:46 Stalingrad. Cossacks riding thru snow; tanks & infantry. Marshal Voronoff confers w/ his aides. 04:16:30 Map showing two encircling attacks. The encircling Red armies meet in Dec. 1942 - troops hugging in snow. Christmas 1942 celebrations, Christmas trees cut, decorated w/ Fatehr Christmas dancing; dancing bear. Boys playing games.

04:17:52 Title: 1943 & calendar. War production, industry, shells, women kiss. Artillery firing at night, daytime. Barrage. Planes dropping bombs & explosions in snow.

04:19:03 Flamethrowers, ice gliders, Katusha rockets & artillery used to force the surrender of remnants of 22 Nazi divisions - infantry thru huge snowy steppes past frozen dead. Animated map.

04:20:16 Aerial & ground shots of Stalingrad destruction. Last shot fired, burning building behind statue of dancing children. Flag hoisted. Nazi come out w/ flag of surrender & hands raised; German generals, CUs. Von Paulus & others at surrender table.

Huge column of defeated German soldiers. CUs; wrapped feet in snow. Maps of Russian gains and cites statistics on Nazi losses thus far in the campaign over wrecked equipment & piles of rifles, cartridges. Dead.

04:23:45 Animated map showing 1941 Moscow explodes; 1942 Caucus; 1943 question mark & explosion. Flags of Allies & superimposed marching troops. The End w/ Liberty Bell & V.

WWII Why We Fight Series, Military Propaganda Film; Invasion; History;

The Stilwell Road [Reel 1 of 6]

Story of the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations (CBI) during WWII. Narrated by Ronald Reagan [?]

Aerial shot over mountains. Animated map land bridge Burma Road to China. Aerial shots Burma Road. Chinese workers building Burma Road, hammering on rocks by mountain. Snowy mountain road with camels, then trucks carrying ammunition. Animated map, pans West to show land bridge of Iran, arrows point to battles of El Alamein and Stalingrad. Pan East to Asia, (animated map) Japanese destruction of Burma Road.

00:14:52 MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz. Troops marching. Japanese planes bombing. General Alexander. General Stilwell with Chinese troops looking at map. Map of Asia shows Japanese offensive. Volunteer pilots Flying Tigers and RAF taking off. Japanese offensive on Rangoon, buildings bombed, top shot Burmese on top of moving train, palm trees burning.

00:16:11 Rangoon after fall, destroyed buildings and empty streets, Buddha statues amidst rubble. Japanese troops on way to Mandalay - road sign Rangoon, Mandalay, Hanza. Japanese offensive on Mandalay, India, very high aerial shots of city bombed, explosions on ground, Indian children running and man carrying child. Japanese war planes. Burning buildings. Indian people on overcrowded train. Animated map shows Japanese progress and cutting off of Burma Road. Indian refugees on road and Alexander s troops retreating. Allied Demolition squads destroying equipment and supplies, running off to row boats, burning buildings behind.

00:18:02 Burmese refugees on road, some with military uniforms. European or US soldiers retreating, crossing rivers and mud on way to India.

India, refugees and troops at camp, wounded carried on stretcher, Stilwell says they ought to go back and retake Burma.

00:19:09 Map India, Burma, China, Indochina and Thailand. Burma, Buddhist temples, street scenes, woman smoking shilom, tribal Giraffe woman. Aerial shot Burmese. Allied troops through Burmese forest with mules. Turbulent river with raft, mountains, Himalayas, wind storm, swamp. Soldiers hacking through jungle with machete.

00:20:45 Stilwell and other study map. CBI (China-Burma-India) military badge. Allied Chinese troops march through mountains.

WWII - India-Burma Campaign. Engineering. Ledo Road

The Stilwell Road R1 of 3

Story of China-Burma-India Theater of Operations (CBI) during WWII. Narrated by Ronald Reagan [?]

Aerial shot over mountains. Animated map land bridge Burma Road to China. Aerial shots of Burma Road. Chinese workers build Burma Road, pounding on rocks of mountain cliffs. Snowy mountain road w/ camels, trucks carrying ammunition. Animated map, pans West to show land bridge of Iran, arrows point to battles of El Alamein & Stalingrad. Pan East to Asia, (animated map) Japanese destruction of Burma Road.

22:04:49 MacArthur & Admiral Nimitz at map. Japanese troops march, Japanese planes bomb. British General Alexander. Gen. Stilwell w/ Chinese troops look at map in field. Map of Asia w/ Japanese offensive. Volunteer pilots Flying Tigers & RAF take off. Japanese offensive on Rangoon, buildings bombed, top shot Burmese on top of moving train, palm trees burning.

22:06:07 Rangoon, destroyed buildings & empty streets, Buddha statues amid rubble. Japanese troops on way to Mandalay - road sign Rangoon, Mandalay, Hanza. Japanese offensive on Mandalay, India, aerial shots of city bombed, explosions on ground, Indian children run & man carries child. Japanese war planes; burning buildings. Indians on crowded train. Animated map of Japanese progress, cutting off Burma Road. Indian refugees on road in carts & Alexander s troops retreating. Allied demolition squads destroy equipment & oil supplies, run to row boats, burning buildings behind.

22:07:58 Burmese refugees thru fields, on road, some w/ military uniforms. European, Australian or US soldiers retreating, across rivers & mud on way to India. Refugees & troops at camp, wounded carried on stretcher.

22:08:50 SOF: Stilwell says they ought to go back and retake Burma. Map of India, Burma, China, Indochina & Thailand. Burma, Buddhist temples, street scenes, woman smoking shilom (cigar), tribal Giraffe woman w/ neck rings. Aerial shot Burmese. Allied troops thru Burmese forest w/ mules. Turbulent river with raft, mountains, Himalayas, wind storm, monsoon rain storm, swamp. Soldiers hack thru jungle w/ machetes.

22:10:41 Stilwell & other study map. CBI (China-Burma-India) military command badge. Allied Chinese troops march thru mountains.

WWII - India-Burma Campaign; Engineering; Ledo Road; Retreating; Asia;

[Eisenhower, Zhukov, Montgomery in Frankfurt - Dead Soviet PoWs]

L-R Montgomery, Eisenhower & Zhukov up steps outisde building past photographers - Frankfurt, 10Jun45?. Three Generals toast on steps. CU Ike & Zhukov looking up to sky at planes. Top shot military band playing. Soviet flag.

13:20:50 Troops examine bodies of dead Soviet prisoners of war littering snowy ground - some burned / mutilated - killed by Germans. Heavy guns firing in retaliation - probably Stalingrad.

13:22:44 Street scene w/ emotional civilians - greeting troops? - CU blonde woman wiping eyes - waving unid. flag w/ large white strip above smaller dark strip - shop sign in German visible in BG.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR.

The Soviet Army: Victorious Stalingrad Pt. 2 of 2

Moscow Central Documentary Film Studios

Map shows routing of Nazi troops outside Stalingrad. Russian soldiers celebrating victory. German soldier holds up white flag; surrender of Field Marshal von Paulus arriving by car & into building. German prisoners march up snowy hill after surrender.

12:11:45 Present-day aerial view of Russian countryside around city where battle took place; INT cockpit as pilot flies over. Aerial view ruins of Stalingrad, 1943. International newspaper headlines. Soviet troops thru ruined streets w/ flag, smiling soldiers, officers light cigarettes, marching band & troops.

12:13:45 Stalingrad veterans return to city 30 years later; shake hands at reunion, some in uniform, woman wearing medals. Bride lays flowers at eternal flame on wedding day. Modern day city street scenes, traffic; kids in park, veterans walk in street adorned w/ medals, talking, one-armed veteran & child. People mill around waterfront area, excursion boat passing Kids climb on tank memorial, people walk up steps.

12:15:34 Very good aerial view from helicopter flying ove Volga &r rebuilt Stalingrad & Mamayev Hill memorial site. Impressive Soviet sculptures in honor of city s defenders.

12:16:42 Veterans & visitors file thru large site, large crowd. Woman w/ medals wipes eyes. Semi-abstract faces of soldiers carved in relief out of rockface. The End

WWII. Eastern Front. Battle of Stalingrad. Patriotism. Monuments; Pedestrians; USSR;

The Soviet Army: Victorious Stalingrad Pt. 1 of 2

Moscow Central Documentary Film Studios

Pan across Steppelands of the Volga, river at sunset, electricity transmission towers, open plains. Colorised Stalingrad in flames. B/W German troops & tanks advance. Heavy artillery firing, fighting outside city.

12:03:16 Color map showing Nazi invasion plan. Nazi troops look across Volga w/ binoculars, ride horses naked in river, smiling soldiers eating, smoking, resting. Russians build pillboxes & anti-tank defences by hand.

12:04:16 Stalingrad just before war. Luftwaffe bombers & fighters in flight; anti-aircraft guns firing; planes downed; bombs dropped. Aerial views of city & surrounding area; bombs dropped; smoke rising.

12:05:39 Street fighting, ruined buildings, grenades thrown, machine gun fire. Map of ciy showing Nazi advance. Modern dam across river; war memorials; cutaways to German troops marching. Ludnikov Island where Russian troops cut off from rest of army fought. Fighting. Gutted shell of Stalingrad flower mill preserved as it was. Sergeant Pavlov & Pavlov s House. Street fighting.

12:08:00 Site of Pavlov s House w/ tank sculpture; little girls outside modern apartment building; ruins glimpsed in BG. Monument on hill outside city.

12:08:35 Soviet tank convoy across snowy wasteland, view past vehicles leaving & troops crossing river in winter. Color & 1972 aerial view over Volga & shipping. CU wristwatch at 10:00; heavy guns firing Nov42. Soviet generals confer. Ground to air rockets fired. Tanks across snow. Soviet bombers in flight. Aerial view snow-covered enemy defences. Soviet units run towards each other across snowy plain after enclosing German army - soldiers hugging.

WWII. Eastern Front. Battle of Stalingrad. Patriotism.

The Battle of Russia R9 of 10 (Military Version - Part 2)

re Battle of Stalingrad

Title: Summer, 1942

(Maps the battle for the Caucasus and the Crimea) Wall posters, Russian cartoon of Hitler strangled by Allies. Supplies arrive, ships at dock. Tanks onto flatcar; crates unloaded; dock w/ stacks of crates. Red Army generals study maps. Caucasus oil, mountains; map w/ animation of highway to Baku & Caspian Sea. Railroad w/ tank cars. Map showing Stalingrad on Volga River.

04:07:41 Prewar Stalingrad. Map of German attempted advance thru Caucasus. Volga scenes.

04:08:30 Large explosion, Germans advance, map showing advance thru Crimea to Kerch & Sevastopol; advance to Don River for strike against Stalingrad.

04:09:22 Marching Germans into mountains; people in mountains prepare.

04:10:04 Bombardment of Stalingrad begins, planes bombing, buildings burning. Entering outskirts. Newspaper headlines predicting fall of Stalingrad. Bitter house-to-house fighting. Falling dead. Snow & destruction of city. Planes hit. Firing guns & advancing in city outskirts; crawling thru wreckage w/ tommy gun; grenades thrown. Destruction of city.

WWII Why We Fight Series, Military Propaganda Film; Invasion; History; Defenses;

Battle of Stalingrad R2 of ?

German troops walking across field past camera smiling; w/ trucks, staff cars, other equipment. Digging along railroad track. Tank past at high speed w/ much dust. Low flying plane overhead. LS of horizon, artillery firing from various angles, distances. Explosions & smoke rising. Troops iding on half-track truck, others marching. Soldiers advancing on foot.

14:24:50 Firing rockets, heavy smoke rising; CU firing artillery. Officers watching.

14:25:20 Slug

14:25:22 Map w/ Stalingrad. Sign: Gruppe Befehlsst. Pilots given orders & take off in plane w/ double-tail; POV above railroad, overhead. View o Stalingrad & smoke from plane. Smoke bomb dropped; artillery firing, soldiers advancing. Soviet tank across field, artillery hits & it burns. Troops in trench & flak in sky w/ planes through. Firing anti-aiircraft artillery; four-engine Russian plane crashes. Tnak firing. Burning tank & direct hit on tank. Line of tanks thru destroyed wood village houses. Burning houses, armored vehicle thru. Chimneys left. Soldiers alongisde houses; concrete buildings standing. CU firing artillery. Grain elevator.

Abrupt ending.

WWII; German propaganda film; Fighting; Nazis;

Note: Battle of Stalingrad 21Aug42 - 02Feb43.

Cairo and Tehran

On screen credit advises that the commentary on this film is an excerpt from the President s broadcast to the armed forces Christmas 1943.

Globe turning over montage of shots.

12:41:20 Moscow - Kremlin. Interiors Pact signed by Molotov - Anthony Eden and Cordell Hull.

12:41:45 Cairo Conference. Pyramids and Sphinx. Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek seated in garden. Pan along military officers standing behind including General Marshall.

12:42:47 Animated map detailing Korea Formosa and Manchuria. Graphic The Tanaka Memorial - Japan s Dream of World Empire. Naval ships firing - US marines landing on Pacific island. Troops in jungle firing artillery. Aircraft drops bombs. Australian firing artillery. British forces.

12:44:10 Chinese flag. Chiang Kai-shek with troops. Flying Tigers.

12:44:35 General Marshall visting with General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz.

12:44:50 Aircraft in flight AV Tehran. FDR, Churchill and Stalin seated in front of conference building.

12:45:34 Russian army firing artillery on Eastern Front. - snow - aircraft - explosion from bomb. Cossack troops.

12:45:45 Allied armies in Italy. Brief dogfight. General Eisenhower with Clark being driven in jeep across bridge. Bomb damaged buildings in Italy. Ike with Allied officers. Gen. Spaatz given decoration. Planes dropping bombs over Germany

12:46:49 Tehran conference - three leaders seated on porch of building. Anthony Eden and Molotov join group. Montage German military might - parade and flypast. German children at play. Troops marching - Hitler ranting

12:47:56 Sword of Stalingrad presented to Stalin by Churchill. FDR inspects sword. Roosevelt voice over says he got along just fine with Stalin and thinks they will get along very well together in the future - praises Stalin for his determination and good humour.

Montage allies - FDR speech says as long as these four nations stick together there will never be another World War.

The War 1941 - 1944 R5

Von Paulus at the surrender of Stalingrad. Artillery fired and fireworks in Moscow for celebrations of the liberation of Stalingrad. Happy Russians.

10:01:22 The Gathering Offensive - Jan 1943 President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in Casablanca. De Gaulle returns to French soil to attend conference. Allied top brass - officers meet round conference table. Sir Charles Portal and General Arnold. Sir Alfred Dudley Pound and Admiral King. Sir Alan Brooke with General George Marshall. FDR and Churchill pose in gardens.

10:02:11 British and American troops meet in Tunisia - exchange cigarettes andhelmets. General Eisenhower greeting General Montgomery. British fighting scenes as they continue up the Tunisian coast. AV Allied planes bomb desert area - US tanks forward towards Bizerta.

10:03:24 German prisoners of war march down road after tank following the surrender of Bizerta and Tunis. French soldiers guarding German POWs. Masses of Germans prisoners in trucks and walking. AV prisoners in desert compound.

10:04:06 Tunisians welcome American troops - celebrations.

10:04:43 On to Fortress Europe - July 10th 1943 Allied troops landing on beaches of Sicily. Paratroop drop. Mussolini. 3rd Sept. Allied invasion of Italy. Italian fleet surrender to Gen. Eisenhower at Malta. Good shots battleships.

10:05:57 Naples - celebrations as allies enter city.

10:06:15 The Air Front - Animated map of Europe showing tactical advantages of capturing Italian airspace. Bomber crews in England at briefing. Montage Allied planes taking off. Aircraft in flight - US daylight bombing raids on German industry and docks. Night bombing by British on German armament centres. OPX film. Allied planes bombing and strafing railways - airfields. Dofights - camera gun shots. Planes in formation

10:09:25 Russia - June 1943 - Russian artillery firing - Animated map of Russia showing how they pushed the German back. Russians with German prisoner.

The War 1941 - 1944 R6

1943 - Russian troops liberating Russia - Marshall Zhukov, Khruschev.

10:10:53 The Pacific - US naval task force. Ships firing on Pacific islands - tracer bullets. Aircraft strafing and bombing. Troops in landing craft - battle scenes on beach. Firing machine gun. Dead Japanese on Tarawa. Medic tending to wounded marine. US flag raised - US bodies floating in sea and on beach. Marching marines.

10:14:24 Cairo conference - Churchill, Roosevelt, Chiang Kai-Shek pose for photos. Military top brass at meeting round conference table. Map of Pacific and Japan.

10:15:21 Tehran Conference - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin pose. Joint statement.

10:16:11 Yugoslav partisans singing and smiling. Marshall Tito smoking. French underground singing.

10:16:47 D-Day - montage leaving Britain. Animated map re attacks on Germany. Montage battle scenes in various theatres of war. 03:18:07 French undergrounduprising - man firing pistol - partisans with rifles - interior shot as one throws grenade from window. German military vehicle on fire - burning Germans out. Allies enter Paris - cheering crowds. Montage liberation shots across Europe. War graves. Dead Germans. Crying baby boy. US tank breaking through wall. Montage allied armies - allied flags.

[Nazi Occupation of Ukraine - Reel 2 of 15]

German photographers travel through Ukraine photographing cities, villages and collective farms.

Sign: Reichs-Rundfunk - Sendergruppe Ukraine Hauptsender Ukraine. Sports convertible pulls up & man out, in front of Germany's main broadcasting station for Ukraine.

01:26:40 Poster montage of German, Ukrainian & Hungarian films and theater notices in Kiev. German soldiers driving horse-carts thru woods. Others riding posing. Boy pulls water from well. Village w/ church & countryside on bank of wide river; girls walking w/ ornate church steeple beyond. Boys riding horses down dirt street. Truck of German soldiers past. River & POV from water; river boat. Large Ukrainian factory by side of river.

01:28:39 Crowd at public market buys food & clothing at stalls - men sell old shoes, smoke & play Ukrainian banjo. Buying grapes.

01:29:44 German (?) boys in shorts, shirts & neck scarfs march / driill near government building - hammer & sickle on bldg. German recruitment poster? CU.

01:30:24 LS of river w/ log rafts & tugboats. Outdoors restaurant above river w/ waitresses serving German soldiers. Women walk past Stalinist government building. Orthodox church exterior. Market; women buy milk; counting money. Wrecked church.

01:32:14 At border crossing; guard lifts barrier. CU sign.

01:32;42 Refugees (?) on road with horse-carts stacked with belongings. Resettlement?. Church views; monument of man on horse. Three women across plaza; two girls, tilt up to church.

01:34:56 German soldiers shown being helpful to Ukrainian population (playfully staged): helping out cobblers at shoe repair shop (shop sign is in German); unloading bread from carriage; helping w/ carpentry.

01:35:54 Men outside German news agency. Village views, street scene quiet town. Boats tied up. Stacking short logs at river harbor.

Travel; 1930s; WWII Occupation; Daily Life; Eastern Front; Rural Life; Travelogues; USSR;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

STALIN SPEECH at 26th Anniversary October Revolution

MCU Stalin making speech - talks about how finally in year from 25th-26th anniversary the Red Army has succeeded against the fascists in summer attack & has forced them out of occupied territory, leaving behind their artillery & even injured soldiers. Public applaud.

05:39:36 1944 - Stalin receives medal for defence of Moscow, shot of diploma & medal. Kalinin? presents Stalin w/ medal, shake hands, walks back.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[Liberation of Kiev]

People returning to city past burning buildings ca. 06Nov43 - welcoming Red Army liberators. Woman in street wringing hands at destruction as tanks pass in BG. Ukrainian civilians wave at Soviet troops on tank - kiss & shake hands w/ soldiers. Belongings pulled on carts. Bodies of those killed by Gestapo litter ground - men, women, children - mourning women. Ruins of University of Kiev. Soldiers tear down German sign & deface portrait of Adolf Hitler. Street scenes - almost deserted city.

13:03:38 Marshal Zhukov walking through city w/ Kruschev - crying woman hugs Khruschev, man kisses him - given drawing of Stalin.

13:04:37 Moscow - gun salute & fireworks over Red Square & Kremlin to celebrate Kiev s liberation.

13:05:09 Zhukov & Kruschev in front of statue of Lenin? in Kiev. High shots across Kiev. Good.

WWII. Eastern Front. Nazi Occupation. Refugees / DPs. Russia / Ukraine / USSR.

[Benes in Moscow at Signing of Czecho-Soviet Agreement]

12Dec43, Kremlin - Representative of Czech government [ Ferlinger ?] seated at desk signing treaty w/ Stalin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Kalinin & Czechoslovakian President Edvard Benes standing behind. MS & CU Molotov signs document while Benes talks to Stalin in BG.

13:07:21 Kalinin, very near-sighted, reads speech by desk [sync]; Stalin & others listening.

13:08:03 Benes speech in Russian [sync] - Delighted to be signing treaty of friendship between Czechoslovakia & USSR - to free our people and state from German yoke... Smiles & handshakes.

WWII. Russia.

Russische Stellingbau

Die Frontshau #2 re Stalin Line between USSR & Germany.

Pans over front line trenches & cleared area w/ anti-tank posts connected w/ barbed wire. Deep tank traps dug. Tank or tanks stuck in eroded gully. CU water in trenches. Barbed wire on posts covering dtches w/ water.

03:08:21 Pan to iron girders welded together as anti-tank barrier. Remains of WWI: POV down road from earthen covered pillbox w/ WWI artillery out front. CU of 1917, machine guns, cartridges. Mines (?) or gas cannisters on surface. Dead in trenches.

03:13:32 Pan down to concrete pyramids in winter river water as tank trap. Posts planted into bank of trench. Shots of pillboxes dug into edge of woods. Views of log fortresses from inside & outside.

03:18:10 German troops moving forward w/ horses, carts, artillery pulled by horses (WWI or WWII?).

German Training Films; Propaganda; Invasion Preparations; Defensive Positions;

[Surrender of Stalingrad]

Firing artillery in snow & panning over broad plains. Explosions. Old & new Russian artillery. Aerials of bombers in flight. Soldiers on ground w/ machine guns firing, trrops advance. Many dead in snow near cemetery. Dead by guns. Wreckage. Soldiers pulling sleds. Fighting at edge of small town.

05:49:58 Russian military VIPs visit, into trenches; smoking cigarettes together. They iniclude Marshal Vozanov, Gen. Rakossovsky. Men firing artillery & hitting large water tower; moving into city, firing machine guns. Running past dead. Germans surrendering w/ white flag & hands up. Out of building. Large number captured, marched along snowy road as town burns in background.

05:52:20 31Jan43 German officers towards camera, past camera & bodies. Mass of POWs marching in snow. German generals in winter clothes, soldiers in mixed clothes. CU of General who fought in Stalingrad. Russian General interviews Germans some w/ Iron Crosses.

05:52:54 CU German Lt. Gen. Canne surrendering wearing winter uniform.

05:53:19 Commander & Gen. of 20th Grand Division, Dimitriou (sp?) gives up.

05:53:40 CU captured German Generals: Dimitriou, 14th Tank Div. Gen. Slemme (?), 297th German Div. Von Dreber (?); Rinoldi; Von Daniel.

German salutes Russian General & go inside wooden house; others arise. Field Marshal Von Paulus & Lt. Gen. Schmitt (sp?) enter & sit. Paulus talking, explaining. CUs of prisoners & German officers. Fascist prisoners march past camera in long line, feet wrapped. High angle marching thru city ruins. Russian flag on pole raised above freed Stalingrad.

05:57:36 CU Soviet govt. order to Vovenov & Rokossovsky congratulating them for freeing the city from the enemy, signed by Stalin, 02Feb43. Destruction. The End.

WWII; Horrors of War; Fighting; Battle; Winter; Weather;

[Soviet Speech On 19th Anniversary of Lenin s Death]

Soviet Meeting w/ Kalinen & other VIPS, applauding delegates. Stalin at foot of Lenin statue. ?? speaks. Listening VIPS (Malenkov, Molotov etc) & delegates. Much applause.

Ceremony; Cult of Lenin; Speech;

Ukraine in Flames (final reel)

Ca Aug43. View of empty city; destroyed buildings. Bodies on street; warehouse destroyed; railroad. Young woman w/ naked baby climbs out of shelter & helped, w/ others by Russian soldiers.

02:30:53 Kharkov University. Men gathering burned books, papers. Int. professor s looted house; students looking at picture. Professor speaks (voice over translation into English) describes 22 months spent as Nazi prisoner. Russian wounded POW left in hospital by Germans describes hospital set on fire. USSR officers inspect.

02:32:47 LS of large open pit filled w/ bodies shot & left by Nazis. MS.

02:33:04 POV past trucks & jeeps of Soviet troops into city; tanks; artillery. People wave. Soldiers marching. Officers waving; people kiss soldier; kids greet give bouquets. People read posted notices, newspapers.

02:34:04 Marshall Zhukov & Khrushchev, Chairman of Ukraine Central Committee, receiving flowers. K. in uniform picks up young girl on reviewing platform.

02:34:26 Moscow w/ fireworks. People waving in spotlight, artillery firing.

02:34:44 Gen. Rokossovskiy w/ medals. Soldiers march past townspeople after capturing Glukhov, old capitol. People give bread & salt to soldiers. Partisans & volunteer army.

02:35:18 CU sign Konotop. Soldiers on motorcycles & sidecars alongside railroad, past heavy smoke. Fighting in ruins of buildings, moving forward. Many bodies; many cemeteries, many crosses. Troops march past sign Stalinov.

02:36:16 Generals Tolbukhin & Gordov watch w/ binoculars. Pan over grave markers.

02:36:30 Soldiers run thru burning refinery or still mill w/ collapsed pipes & towers. Peasant women w/ children run past burned out village houses.

02:36:44 Aerial over destroyed city w/ smoke. Soldier throwing crowd newspapers; hold children. Hugs, kisses.

02:37:15 LS over burning town at foot of hills. MS.

02:37:23 Pile of German helmets & Swastika on marker. Soldiers thru town. Burning village; cooking in oven of standing chimney. Soldier consols old woman. Fires. Advancing troops, tanks, cavalry. Troops arrive at Dnieper. The Ukraine will never die... Various scenes, monuments. Statue of Stalin The End.

Classical Documentary; Alexander Dovzhenko; WWII Horrors of War;

NOTE: R1 (Sd) & R4 (MOS) on LN 501-636 & 221366.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R16 of 18

Aerials of destroyed Stalingrad & ground level shots, partial buildings left standing.

11:00:35 Aerial of destroyed city.

11:01:08 Men standing in cold looking very tired.

11:01:22 Long line of Germans captured at Stalingrad marching up hill, MCU past camera.

11:01:49 Dead soldiers in snow; MCU of POWs feet in rags, line snaking arouind hillside.

11:02:21 Best (?) shots of scorched earth left behind by Germans: burning vilages, German s walk past silhouetted, women crying; mcu house logs collapsing, Germans walk w/ rifles past.

11:02:58 German POWs past camera; other soldiers riding in trucks, smiling. Riding on tanks, motorcycles etc. Marching in dust.

11:03:45 Russian troops running, womat at machine gun, others advancing w/ artillery, firing from trenches, throw grenades.

11;04:08 English Sd. Anti-Nazi-posters in the streets of Moscow to greet the American Allies. Unloading suppleis from USA, crates stacked. Russian Generals over maps. Heavy fighting in Kiev, Rostock as prelude to Stalingrad. CU machine guns, placing mines, firing artillery. Soldiers firing as shot.

11:06:12 (very grainy) Snow covering Stalingrad; German planes & artillery firing at them. Fighting in streets in snow, past remains of factories, railroad yard w/ Tommy Gun. Throwing grenades, using flame throwers. Running through rubble.

11:07:54 Russian Sd. (running scratches but good picture quality) Soldiers cleaning artillery, instructed in mortar firing, training w/ long barreled gun & hitting tank w/ armor piercing shells. Mounted cavalry riding past; pulling light artlillery.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R08 of 18

Germans firing machine from trench, on radiophone. Carry wounded & treated.

10:15:55 Commander decorates some soldiers w/ the Iron Cross.

10:16:07 Map: Kiew (Kiev), Stalin, Sewastopol (Sevastopol).

10:16:14 Destroyed Russian equipment, dead. Infantry eating in foxholes.

10:16:51 Dive bombers, explosions, tanks pastUSSR rocket launchers. Tanks firing, explosions. Germans pinned down.

10:18:31 Good daylight nebelwerfer firing. Amazing night firing.

10:19:04 Map: Brjansk, Orel, Kursk, Woronesch, Bjelgorod, Charkowa w/ Orel & Bjelgorod underlined.

10:19:15 Tanks & trucks thru city streets, across bridge, German troops wave. German planes over & battle in countryside fields. Stukas diving. Tank commander. Tank driver. Nebelwerfer fired.

10:21:09 Firing seen from tank viewing slit. Artillery etc firing from woods. POV across countryside. Burning village. Destroyed USSR tanks & dead. Tank destroyed by Stuka. Prisoners.

10:22:36 Planes against sky; aerials. Bombing, explosions seen, dogfight, firing plane s machine gun. Inside cockpit, attacking Russian plane & hitting. Pilot turns to camera. GOOD.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R09 of 18

Si. Russian men & women in summer digging canal or tank trap; construction work w/ soldiers moving beams ito place for bunkers. Troops in helmets w/ machine guns into trenches. Women covering bunkers w/ dirt & camouflage. Installing decoy dragons teeth. Shoveling.

11:01:47 Sd. Title: Commander gives Stalin s order to Russian troops; CU listening soldiers. CU reading paper. LS of assembled troops.

11:02:47 Title:

Battle scenes of smoking fires; destroyed German tanks, smoking & burning. Dead German soldiers. Burning house ruins, destruction of equipment & German airplane. Explosions on hillside, USSR carry machine gun, drag up hillside, infantry thru trenches. Firing rifles & machine guns. CUs (GOOD).

11:06:18 Woman & man working in coal mine, other sshoveling & moving carts; train of cars thru mine.

11:06:42 Tanks on train flatcars; tank crews on tanks. Trucks & other materiel. SOF tank crew leader talking to workers. Crew practicing running to tanks, climbing inside; driving out of factory or storage yard.

11:08:46 Tanks across dirt.

11:08:53 Titles: Steam engine pulling freight cars, POV from top of cars. Planes over spotted by soldier, firing machine guns at planes dive bombing; bombs exploding.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R10 of 18

Russian trenches, troops thru; firing rifles & machines guns; digging in field & explosions. Carrying wounded on back & stretcher. View from bunker, trops on phone in trenches.

11:11:15 Aerial over tanks on field. Destroyed German tanks, burning. Dead bodies. Overturned tank & artillery. Tanks German POWs, row of prisoners.

11:12:25 Russian soldier running across rail yard, into car & reporting to officers, looking at maps.

11:12:57 Death & destruction in trenches. Troops thru muddy trench, past wood pile, walking along railroad. Out of bunker w/ German sign on it. Advancing along large trench.

11:13:43 Russian troops reviewed, military band playing & reviewing troops. Commander reading orders of Stalin. Listening soldiers of various units.

11:15:19 Boys & women in Russian factory manufacturing shells. Pan over completed munitions.

11:16:14 Tank production, engines lowered into place. Tank moved by crane, lowered . Crews drive out of factory.

11:17:29 Title: Tanks along dirt road, loaded onto railroad flatcars.

11:18:27 Russian troops marching to front. Tanks along road, fighting across valley & laying land mines. Raising artillery, plane taking off & in flight, over field & along railroad line. Dogfight & German plane crash. Infantry across field, fighting. Two dead Germans. Around Russian infantry moving forward, wounded carried back. Firing rifles & machine guns. Burning tanks & more dead & destroyed equipment.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R13 of 18

Russian soldiers out of woods & placing charges on tracks; explosions destroying railroads. Bridges blown. Railroad cars down hillside, burning; German troops on bicycles across field, tanks passed. Montage, artillery, Russian people listening to loudspeakers, German tanks advancing, bombers dropping bombs, floating across river. Russians firing back, Russian tanks across field, troops following. Russian planes bombing. German generals watching.

11:50:46 Stalingrad burning, man carrying cello, city fighting. German planes crashing. German scorched earth, burning oil.

11:51:29 Peasants leaving to join Soviets, thru mountains. Fighting in Stalingrad, explosions. Soldiers advancing. Volga & Germans looking across. Mouintain peaks & soldiers on skiis.

11:52:38 German troops looking up, Nazi banner flying in front of heavily damaged building. Iron Cross onto soldier. Tired Russian soldiers, dead in trenches; overturned artillery. Destroyed German tanks & guns. German prisoners marched; dead bodies. Crosses at cemetery of dead Germans. Massive amount of German prisoners marched. Tracking shot along Soviet tanks. German Generals looking out of bunker. Tanks moving, troops run forward.

11:55:30 Map:

11:55:45 Troops run foward; burning tanks & troops past. Destroyed tanks, bodies. Commanders:

11:56:26 Title: Explosion, POV tank over tree, past others. Burning log building; bodies in remains of houses. POV from tank slit past burning cabin. Russian generals watching from trench. Tanks up rough gully. Heavy smoke in distance.

11:57:38 Title: Tanks w/ flag & soldiers on top thru city street. People wave from building. People lining streets bring flowers, convoy thru. Commander ?? walks thru streets; others carry flag thru streets. Yugoslavians (?). Soldier carries girl & flowers.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R14 of 18

Loudspeakers superimposed over rolling text w/ narration. CU girls listening; CU soldiers listening; barrels of artillery lined up. Night & firing of artillery, women smiling & people watch from balcony lit by guns, applauding. Statue of Stalin; silhouette of Kremlin; stream.

12:00:24 Formation of German bombers seen from air; shot of bombs dropping. Stalingrad fighting, artillery on train, tanks on train pulled thru snowy countryside; Soldiers marching in snow.

12:01:10 Animated map showing line of protection around Moscow. Log house w/ plaque. CU sign:

Other house, interior. General at large map of terrain; pilots practicing under instruction of pilot, another terrain map. Destroyed tanks & Nazi w/ head in hands by artillery. Commander greeted by women w/ flowers in village. Woman make Communist flag & put on pole.

12:03:05 General greeted by family. CU teapot on cooker, family around table, fireworks & people celebrate in streets.

12:03:41 Montage: soldiers run ashore on beach landing, tanks along road silhouetted. Khruschev in military coat comforts woman; greets others in Red Square (?). Infantry following tanks; Soviet bombers & dropping bombs (GOOD), explosions, dive bombing, battle, inside Russian tank underway. Wounded fighting, crossing river. Russian blows horn, artillery barrage, rockets fired, explosions, dive bombers over road, dog fighting, tanks.

12:05:52 Convoy of various USSR vehicles along countryside roads. Germans along road, tanks, equipment, marching Nazi infantry smiling, tired. Motorized units.

12:07:13 Fighting w/ explosions, tanks, artillery, planes (GOIOD).

12:08:23 Grain fields burning; village burning & people run, woman & baby crying, cattle moved; tractors on road; refugees w/ kids.

12:08:58 Tank along road & fighting; artillery pushed ahead. Tanks racing across plains, planes overhead & POV from plane of explosions.

12:09:39 Germans run from woods & cross river by rubber rafts. Tanks, trucks & guns across fields. Churning dust.

12:10:41 Flare fired & USSR tanks forward, followed by infantry. POV alongside racing tanks, planes overhead & POV bombing. Officer & troops firing mortars etc.

12:11:46 CU leaflets:

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R15 of 18

Civilians digging tank traps. Building concrete barriers to protect Stalingrad. Pouring steel in mill. LIne of tanks down road.

12:12:43 Map of stalingrad area, animated arrows of attack by Germans & area captured. Fighting, tanks in place, infantry forward, men waiting.

12:13:50 Soviet Generals at desks & phones in front of wall map. Tanks along dusty road; troops in trucks. Soldiers out of factories (?) w/ blown out windows, infantry down street, people waving to tanks past in convoy. Countryside & trucks, cars, tanks.

12:15:30 German fighter planes taking off past camera, POV, aerials of Stukas & others over river. Ground & burning vehicle, buildings; artillery shooting & planes smoking, crashing on fire. Aerial of fires in Stalingrad, ground shots from across river. Pan of destroyed & burning buildings behind statue of dancing children. Girl out of shelter, women & man pull cart of belongings thru street, others walking w/ bags & suitcases. Gutted buildings.

12:17:55 German soliders fighting in street, tanks thru, infantry run forward & Soviets counter attack. Burning tank.

12:18:31 Hitler shakes hands w/ General ?, who in turn shakes hands w/ ??

12:18:45 Russian troops run forward. Aerial of German plane, view from plane. German soldiers in street w/ artillery firing, heavy smoke, truck of Nazi soldiers past. Burning factory w/ heavy black smoke. Oil storage tanks burning.

12:20:30 Montage of women wrap & pack bread rations in factory; sewing in factory. Women at lathe & at drop forge; in coal mine. Steel rolling mill, tank manufacture, fighter plane factory, artillery on overhead crane, tanks out w/ crew on top, moving on flat cars. GOOD.

12:21:53 Barber giving haircut to troop, fixing clocks at front, making & filling molotov cocktails; troops resting in heavy coats. Waiting, cooking, warming around fire. Troops in snow uniforms, others looking thru binoculars. Gesturing.

12:23:03 More Stalingrad fighting, artillery firing, burning German planes on ground, infantry forward w/ rifles, pistols.

12:23:44 General Paulus & others surrender.

10:24:06 Aerial over destroyed city of Stalingrad. Ground shot.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R16 of 18

Aerials of destroyed Stalingrad & ground level shots, partial buildings left standing.

09:00:42 Aerial of destroyed city.

09:01:15 Men standing in cold looking very tired.

09:01:29 Long line of Germans captured at Stalingrad marching up hill, MCU past camera.

09:01:56 Dead soldiers in snow; MCU of POWs feet in rags, line snaking arouind hillside.

09:02:28 Good shots of scorched earth left behind by Germans: burning vilages, German s walk past silhouetted, women crying; mcu house logs collapsing, Germans walk w/ rifles past.

09:03:05 German POWs past camera; other soldiers riding in trucks, smiling. Riding on tanks, motorcycles etc. Marching in dust.

09:03:52 Russian troops running, woman at machine gun, others advancing w/ artillery, firing from trenches, throw grenades.

09:04:15 English Sd. Anti-Nazi-posters in the streets of Moscow to greet the American Allies. Unloading supplies from USA, crates stacked. Russian Generals over maps. Heavy fighting in Kiev, Rostock as prelude to Stalingrad. CU machine guns, placing mines, firing artillery. Soldiers firing as shot.

09:06:19 (very grainy) Snow covering Stalingrad; German planes & artillery firing at them. Fighting in streets in snow, past remains of factories, railroad yard w/ Tommy Gun. Throwing grenades, using flame throwers. Running through rubble.

09:08:00 Russian Sd. (running scratches but good picture quality) Soldiers cleaning artillery, instructed in mortar firing, training w/ long barreled gun & hitting tank w/ armor piercing shells. Mounted cavalry riding past; pulling light artlillery.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

Battle of Kursk (Related) R18 of 18

Men constructing reinforced concrete pillboxes. Bending reinforcing rod; unloading off truck & burying in soil.

09:21:45 Plane & tanks unloaded from England.

09:21:55 Russian soldiers building shelter or pillbox w/ logs, poles & earth. Covering w/ camouflaged sod & branches. Troops marching past grainfield w/ accordion player. Pan over farm huts, carrying soil under camouflage netting. Many civilians digging deep, long tank trap or ?? along river. Women shoveling, GOOD CU but soft focus.

09:25:25 Civilians marching w/ shovels, joining many others working along river & digging along hillside. Women digging in sunshine w/ light dresses etc. Using picks & shovesl.

09:26:27 Faces of Germans in winter after surrender of Stalingrad. Iron cross pinned on. Mass German graves in cemetery. Troops march in stadium. German POWs snaking way up hillside in snow, marching thru city. German general past body in snow. Von Paulus surrenders after Stalingrad - formal ceremony & signing..

09:27:45 Marching POWs up hillside, past camera. Aerials over planes & equipment in snow on field. Railroad yard w/ steam engine & snow.

09:28:41 American English Sd. Russian dead, frozen bodies laying on ground, grieving people cdivilians & troops outside village of log houses. Dead frozen stiff bodies of massacred children.

09:30:00 Hanging bodies, people looking. Girl crying by mother.

09:30:15 Leningrad montage: Troops march past statue, hillside, women & men & children digging trenches; cutting rations of bread & weighing, women buying, building up barricades in streets & clearing rubble. Factories under bombardment w/ people working. CUs. (GOOD but grainy).

09:31:58 Shots of supply trains & people waiting to be evacuated across the lake. Bundled against winter cold. Trucks across the lake.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

[Battle for Stalingrad] (main title missing)

Map showing Stalingrad, Rostow, etc.

19:00:12 German & Italian cavalry riding hard pulling artillery & caissons. Soldiers unhook, set up artillery & firing on Russians. Explosions. Machine guns firing; mortars firing. Infantry running advancing.

19:01:10 German officers in shirt sleeves w/ papers briefing pilots. Officer mounts horse, rides w/ another to two seater monoplane (Junkers JU 87 Stukas?); several taking off & formation in flight.

19:02:17 Air to air shots of Italian single engine planes information. Don River below.

19:02:31 German tanks on field under Russian attack. Explosions in distance, planes overhead; men watch from tanks in good MS. AVs w/ Stukas & huge clouds of smoke over battlefield. Russian steppes, trucks, panzer tanks re-group.

19:03:41 Good PoV shot from moving tank, tanks seen climbing hills; German & Italian units advance thru dust towards Stalingrad, good shots of tanks in motion. POV across grain or hay fields. kPlane low over; German troops watching & load huge shells into heavy artillery gun & fire; one soldier flinches slightly as he walks towards camera, another w/ fingers in ears.

19:05:45 CU breech & reloading. Officers looking through scope. POV along dirt road w/ tanks.

19:06:23 Line of infantry moving up; others w/ horses & wagons; smiling German troops along road past camera.

WWII Eastern Front; German Newsreel; Fighting; Advancing;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

Stalingrad Relives [Reel 3?]

Promotional documentary on reconstruction of Stalingrad after siege & battle - Korean commentary.

Soldiers survey devastated factory; others gatheer salvagable materials from factory - salvaging tools in ruins & clearing debris. Railroad yard & craters. Unexploded bomb lifted by crane; trucks lifted; locomotive among debris.

INT factory, workers returning, women cleaning, men assembling engines, truck hauls past camera. Tank parts salvaged - tanks re-assembled. Woman writes on tank: 1st Tank Reconstructed 22Apr43; tanks driven out of factory. Pan over destroyed factories.

18:41:46 Arrival of young Communist volunteers by train to aid reconstruction effort; welcomed at station & march past ruined buildings. Young people in boat along river sing patriotic song. Arrive in ruined city - good shots girls getting on with life among ruins, emerging from underground shelter, cooking outdoors, brushing teeth, living in wreckage of Nazi plane.

18:44:28 Girls walk arm-in-arm to work on construction site; girls planing wood & hammering nails. Bricklaying. Conveyor belt. Abrupt end of section.

WWII; Battle of Stalingrad Aftermath; Eastern Front; Communism; Rebuilding; Enthusiasm;

[WWII Soviet Battles]

Checkpoint in Stalingrad in Fall or Summer & soldiers checking papers. Metal gate & soldiers thru. Pan over destroyed building; soldiers fire machine gun from inside building; running thru courtyard. Firing from balcony, from rubble in foundation, throw grenades. Explosions. Pan over dead, burning German tank.

06:00:45 Soviet soldiers along riverbank (?), down dirt bank, explosions along river. Asian soldier runs wire out to set off explosives. Aerial of fighter planes, bombing seen from air & ground.

06:01:59 USSR troops run & uncover camouflaged tank & drive forward. Fighting in village, burning buildings, planes over. Tanks along very dusty country road, thru stream past camera. The End

WWII Battles; USSR Fighting;

People to People Reel 1

Four British trades union men arrive in New York Harbor on an exchange visit.

15:01:31 Shows President Roosevelt (FDR), Chiang Kai-shek, Stalin, and Churchill at Teheran.

15:01:52 New York harbour - British group meets NY Mayor LaGuardia, Washington Production Board head Donald Nelson, Sec. of Labor Perkins (first woman to hold office in American Cabinet)

Group walking up path to White House, Eleanor Roosevelt comes out and greets. Group walking up steps at Capitol and meet Vice President Wallace. Wallace makes speech.

15:03:45 The group discusses, with A.F.L. and C.I.O. stewards, the use of labour management conferences to settle disputes. Group seated round table. American trades unionists who have just returned from their visit to UK make report. Black Union leader asks the British delegation what their attitude to International labour unity is. Talk of war effort. Emancipation of women.

15:07:37 British visit Star Electric Motor Co N.J. labor management meeting. Discuss suggestion schemes. Whether labour committees will continue post war. British delegation looking at wall map - split into different groups - pick up suitcases.

[Guatemala - Demonstration, Post 20Oct44 (?) Anti-Communist Revolutionaries]

Large civilian street demonstration w/ placards calling for Justice, Liberty & Equalilty. Presidential palace w/ Pres. Juan Jose Arevalo & other VIPs watching from balcony.

03:21:35 Women & men w/ union & guild banners.

03:21:42 Slug

03:21:49 Left wing demonstrations w/ banner re We Are Not Communists We Are Authentic Revolutionaries.

Speaker; marchers & crowd in front of church / cathedral. Crowd singing, marching w/ banners. People watching.

03:23:01 Slug

03:23:08 Women & girls marching w/ shawls. Men watching camera, waving to camera. Group outside government buildings.

03:23:58 Slug

03:24:04 Machers w/ large banner: PUA Partido Unification and Anti-Communist. Civilians in suits marching; bands walking. 1944 on banner. Indians marching. Poster of Stalin calling him the god of Atheists.

03:25:19 Slug

03:25:24 High angle shot of people & banners marching around square as people line sidewalk. View of VIPs in business suits lining balcony. Bicycles, floats, food stands (brief).

03:26:13 Slug

03:26:21 Across heads of people watching, shot from on top of car? Pan of crowd. Marchers singing. Signs for democracy, against communism. No more deportations. Men marching & clapping.

WWII Central America; Patriotism;

Home From Nazi Prisons

Exchange ship arrives in New York carrying repatriated prisoners. SS Gripsholm - poeple waving from decks. Ambulances carrying repatriated wounded. Press scrum round returning diplomats. CU Somerville Pinkney Tuck, former Charge d Affaires Vichy France. Douglas MacArthur, nephew of General, returning with dog. American press correspondent Ralph ? home with family, he speaks re the feelings in Germany, German people blame Hitler for the defeat of Stalingrad. Says as far as anyone knows there is no organised party against Hitler but there is a growing sense of defeatism.

True Glory Reel 2

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day

Military training exercises. Training landing on rocks in rough seas and scaling cliff face.

22:08:45 Map. Germany - Hitler - German Generals with maps.

22:09:19 SHAEF HQ interior, high command meeting. Good night shots British bombers taking off towards cameras. Night and day bombing of Europe. Brief shot agent parachutes into France. One man submarine. Torpedo boats etc returning from Normandy with sand for analysis. Woman at microscope. Man putting camera into reconnaisance plane. Coast of Normandy. Still photographs glued together making relief map. Supplies dropped to French resistance.

22:10:31 Mulberry Harbour launched. Montage supplies readied and stockpiled, men innoculated, ships launched, radio listening for German transmissions. SHAEF HQ, meeting of high command.

22:11:11 Stalin. Roosevelt and Churchill pose after Tehran conference.

22:11:24 Eisenhower, Montgomery and others at wall map. Montage preparations. Montage aircraft bombing and strafing France including RR marshalling yards. Railway lines destroyed. German plane shot down. Map showing Normandy and South Coast of England. German coastal defences, German troops march, Officers at West Wall. Goering inspects troops.

22:13:22 Invasion convoys assemble at Southampton, mass movement of military trucks, troops and materials through countryside and small towns. Transport continues at night by rail and road. Tanks etc loaded onto ships. Troops boarding. British and US men waiting on ships in harbour. Barrage balloons, hills in background. Men briefed on deck and dockside. Aircrews briefed.

22:15::51 Flags run up on ship, officers boarding, torpedo loaded, King George VI on board, salutes sailors.

Signals made with lights. Anchors weighed. Engine room scenes. Convoy sets sail

22:16:44 Eisenhower with camouflaged troops - inspects.

22:17:02 Silhouette shots soldiers moving at dusk. Aircraft, nose paint That s All Brother . Planes take off, almost night.

Tito s Partisans, Yugoslavia, May 1944

Yugoslav partisans march on drill field - VS soldiers past and towards camera, some w/ rifles. Sergeant calls forward four soldiers - salute and return to ranks; CU sergeant. VS sergeant talking w/ soldiers inc. women and boys; CUs women in uniform standing alongside men; CUs male soldier twists his moustache for camera. Women w/ Red Cross badges on uniforms. Troops march through village past church watched by local boys. Partisans in chow line - stew served in mess tins.

23:13:08 CU wall w/ pictures of Roosevelt, Stalin, Tito? and Churchill w/ US, British, Soviet and Yugoslav flags and banner ?Vili Nasi Saveznici Engleska Amerika SSSR ; CUs portraits w/ flags. Troops resting in barracks. Women soldiers on steps w/ young children and rifles.

23:15:17 Partisans dancing in large circle w/ linked arms; CUs dancing; soldier playing accordion, others singing inc. women and boys.

23:16:47 Women soldiers marching. Three female soldiers on ground w/ machine guns / rifles. CU portrait of Marshal Tito.

WWII. Women at War.

STALIN SPEECH at 27th Anniversary October Revolution

On podium Stalin makes speech (SOF) at 27th anniversary of October revolution. He says that in the Patriotic war the Soviet people and Red Army succeeded in overcoming the challenges set by war. Red Army successfully carried out its patriotic duty and freed us from the jaws of our enemy. Freeing us forever.

05:41:09 High angle audience, applause. Stalin continues hi speech, adjusts his moustache. Praises Red Army, navy, Soviet people & mighty homeland, public applaud. High angle of audience, people on balcony, Stalin applauds.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Mission To Yenan (Jul44) Pt. 2 of 3

US & others applaud outdoor Chinese Opera performance done by guerrilla fighters which depicted conversion of people to the Communist rebels cause.

20:12:37 Pan over lush vegetable garden or farm; US & Chinese inspecting spinning, dying & other manufacturing. Children s choir sing. CU of kids. Kids spinning silk (?). Military training shown w/ obstacle course demonstation. Gymnastics & training w/ weapons.

20:15:07 Outdoor stage w/ canvas backdrop & flags above; audience sitting on ground.

20:15:56 Gen. Stilwell (?) on rifle range. Others w/ machine guns, watching w/ binoculars. Demonstrating explosives.

20:18:13 American poses; Group in front of stone building w/ elaborate decorative arch. US man at radio; others at typewriters. Chinese in/out of gate: Kangzhan Rhbao.

20:19:15 Wall w/ posters of drawings of various people s pictures including Stalin, etc. Artist working in front. US out of their HQ.

20:19:47 Posing from R-L David D. Barrett, Mao, Patrick Jay Hurley, ?, Chou En-Lai, ? Gen. Hurley walking w/ Mao & ??, followed by Barrett & others. Posing. Shaking hands w/ Mao.

WWII, China; Chinese Communists; Dixie Mission; Diplomatic Relations

Demotraticheskaia Vengria [Reel 2 of 6]

[Documentary depicting democratic conditions in Budapest following Soviet liberation . Reel 2 shows flashbacks of Hungarian crowds welcoming Soviet liberators.]

Picturesque views of Budapest showing grand architecture. Admiral Horthy in full uniform marching w/ ceremonial guards - up steps to palace; cut to tanks entering Budapest decorated w/ flowers & children sitting on soldiers laps - cheering civilians. Woman lays flowers on graves.

04:01:26 Goering w/ Horthy & other Hungarian officers examining map. [Hitler attacks Hungary 15Mar44]. Trucks & tanks through city; troops marching. Shelling & street fighting in Budapest [?] - smoke over city - civilians running in street w/ belongings - horses loose in street past burning shops. Soviet [?] fighter planes in flight; tanks across smoky battlefield; heavy artillery firing; tracers fired. Street fighting - snipers in building - heavy guns fired - top shot troops down street - soldier steps on mine [?] & sets off explosion - snipers on roof. Officer kisses wounded soldier.

04:03:53 13Feb45 Soviet army parades in Budapests - tanks into city, civilians waving. War memorials / monuments in Budapest.

04:04:35 Blossom trees in summer. Centre of Budapest packed w/ people - marching w/ Hungarian flags & Stalin portraits - celebration of 100 years since 1848 Revolution. INT empty church. Portraits of battles & imprisoned / persecuted Hungarians? Wreath-laying ceremony outside city at monument to leader of Revolution Laysha Koshuka [?] & in main square watched by officials.

04:08:11 People in square chanting as Matthias Rakosi makes speech from platform. INT Hungarian parliament session.

Communist Occupation. Post-WWII Hungary. Soviet Propaganda.


Kalinin presents Stalin w/ medal, close up of medal, hands it to Stalin, shake hands, pose for camera.

Russia / USSR.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau

Obituary salute to Maj. Walter Novotny, German Air Force ace: highlights Novotny's visit with Adolf Hitler - decorated w/ knight s cross? - crowds welcome him in Vienna, CU w/ father. Funeral of Novotny in Vienna - Nazi VIPs in attendance - coffin on elaborate platform w/ guards & Luftwaffe insignia - CU medals - wreaths laid.

07:49:01 Prague - Hradschin: Russian Gen. Andrew Vlasov opens founding ceremony of anti-Stalinist committee for the liberation of the people of Russia ; Karl-Hermann Frank makes opening speech; Vlasov making speeches in Prague and Berlin - receives standing ovations.

07:50:16 Map of Czechoslovakia. Uprising in Slovakia - German troops advance w/ heavy artillery. Village on fire.

WWII. Eastern Front.

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

Wiesbaden DP Camp on VE Day

Ruins in Germany - Ident

Platform decorated with posters of Stalin and Zhukov

Group of DPs with red banner

Stalin portrait

Young women march


Marching - Stalin portrait

#9 Reel 1

01.14.36 1. Moscow - Anniversary Parade - Stalin on podium

01.17.34 4. Food for Holland

Reel 2

01.19.44 Marytred French Village - Oradour sur Glane

01.20.38 Cologne under military rule - Rebuilding War Damage clearing rubble - US soldier drives bulldozer, Water tanker, people getting water in buckets - Workmen digging out crater - water from standpipes. Cranes moving girders. Conference table with unid. men. Bank notes being taken out of bombed bank- Military trial for man found with revolver

01.23.40 Beethoven Collection Restored - Bonn

01.25.15 Civilian Motor Pool - Gothe


1945 - Year Of Victory

Newsreel Review of Greatest News Year In History.

Street fighting during invasion of Germany.

Yalta with Churchill, FDR and Stalin. FDR burial. Truman sworn in. Berlin in flames. Hitler with Mussolini, Goering and others study map. Mob in Rome and Mussolini s body hung up by heels. Hitler s bunker in Berlin. Gasoline canisters which burned his body; Hitler s coat and Eva Braun s clothes? General Keitel signs Germany s surrender w/ Eisenhower.

Ike parades through London and awarded English honours; motorcade through Paris; with wife Mamie off plane and ticker-tape parade in US.

Pacific naval battle and land fighting. Kamikaze attacks on ships. MacArthur returns to Philippines. Manila burning, Iwo Jim flag hoisting. Churchill loses election to Attlee. Attlee with Truman and Stalin at Potsdam w/ Byrnes and Molotov behind. Atom bomb blast. Nagasaki blast seen from above. Truman at White House announces Japan s surrender. Celebration VJ Day Times Square - man dancing and hopping by himself in Australia?

Surrender of Japan aboard Missouri w/ MacArthur. General Umezu signs. Crowded ship carrying returning troops. Sailor welcomed by families, children and wives.

Truman speech re lasting peace at United Nations Organisation (Sd).

Jewish Orphans Going Home

Weimar - Jewish orphans boarding train and some saying goodbye - train pulls out as children wave from windows

Signs on side of train

20:49:09 Buchenwald - Polish Hungarian Czech and Jewish orphans board train - CUs individual children

Children looking out of window of train - Jewish flag hangs beneath window - signs hanging from train Vive Truman Stalin Churchill, and in French Our beginning of a new life in liberty.

Marshall and King Retire; Eisenhower and Nimitz Named

King taking oath as Chief of Navy; at desk planning.

Nimitz shaking hands with men; Nimitz and Halsey; surrender of Japan aboard Missouri, Nimitz signing surrender documents.

Gen. Marshall takes oath as Army Chief of Staff. Marshall with Arnold; Marshall with producer Daryl Zanuck. Top shot army marching. Marshall talking to troops; with FDR and others; at Yalta near Stalin; reviewing troops; with Gen. Clark; with MacArthur in Pacific; with Eisenhower.

Eisenhower with staff planning Normandy invasion; Ike in Paris at liberation with GI parade under Arc de Triomphe; Ike by wrecked building with Nazi sign and eagle. Ike posing with other Allied Supreme commanders of occupied Germany Montgomery, Zhukov and De Lattre de Tassigny. Ike welcome parade in New York. Ike awarded American Legion honours at Chicago and ovation.

Title re war bonds

[Middle East Conference - Yalta]

View of coastal town from hilltop tunnel. Russian soldier at attention by road sign. Woman & child walking up hill; motorcycle & sidecar up road. Wrecked buildings.

13:49:32 People walking along street w/ ornate buildings & iron balconies. People standing about, looking at poster & anti-Nazi cartoon. Tea stand & woman drinking from glass; Livadia Palace w/ signs in cyrillic Russian & English.

13:50:11 USSR troops w/ rifles & bayonets march. People enter building. CU sign: Entrance to canteen, barber shop, sick bay. British or Americans officers out. Unloading trucks & views of buildign.

13:51:15 Convoy of jeeps arrive w/ President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in cloak & party.

13:51:55 Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ ?? walking in parking lot. Stalin out of car & into bldg; saluting guards; Molotov into building.

13:52:26 Interior w/ fire in fireplace; men talking. Anna & two other women pose. Stalin enters with others; 13:53:11 Churchill in military uniform w/ large cigar. Ext. & delegates exiting, CU Churchill w/ cigar & wearing fur cossack hat, posing w/ Stettinius & army woman. Cars leaving up driveway. Churchill leaving, saluting.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

Potsdam, Gatow Airport & Conference

Flags in Berlin of USSR, England & USA. Prime Minister Attlee &various VIPs at airport saying farewell. Clement Atlee w/ army officer getting into C-54 (4 motor) plane. Take off. Truman walks out and shakes hands with soldiers. Boards plane. Honor guard putting US flag on pole & running it up. More shots Atlee & Truman saying goodbyes. British man & Truman talking; Truman waves from plane entrance. Potsdam conference round table from above as Molotov comes in others sit down. Shots Stalin & Truman at round table.

04:44:55 Montgomery; Churchill arrival in military uniform down steps of aircraft shakes hands with Monty - other military officers, nice shot Churchill s female aide smiling excitedly. Top shot as Churchill inspects troops. Sailors at attention.

Post-WWII Conferences;

Potsdam Conference - Very soft in parts

Exterior shots Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam - former summer palace of Crown Prince Wilhelm and scene of the Berlin conference. Press outside. Flower bed in shape of Red star. Russians in evening suits standing on doorstep.

07:11:04 25Jul45 Big three at Potsdam, last meeting attended by Winston Churchill. Truman Stalin and Churchill walking to seats for photocall. Three seated. Mass of press cameras.

07:12:08 26Jul45 - en route to Frankfurt - Aerial views over countryside and towns. American guard of honour at Frankfurt airport - Presidents plane taxiing. Truman down steps. President inspects the 508th Parachute, the Third Armoured and 84th Infantry divisions. (very soft)

07:14:46 Exterior of I.G. Farbin building, now used by General Eisenhower as his headquarters. Pan round bomb damaged buildings in Frankfurt. President Truman awards DSMs to four foreign officers.

07:15:47 Flying over Tempelhof airdrome at Berlin (very soft). AVs bomb damaged buildings.

07:16:48 1Aug45 Potsdam - Cameramen - The "Big Three" pose with their principal advisors,

The three heads of government are (seated, left to right): British Prime Minister Clement Atlee;

US President Harry S. Truman; Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin.

Standing behind them are (left to right): Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, USN, Truman's Chief of Staff;

British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin; US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes; Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. People milling around.

07:18:25 2Aug45 Harrowbeer airport, near Plymough, England. President Truman off plane and poses with British service girs. Very jumpy tracking shots through town. Plymouth harbour.

07:20:17 President Truman and Secretary Byrnes with Admiral Leahy leaving the Augusta for HMS Renown to lunch with King George VI. HMS Renown at anchor. Signalling from bridge. Launch carrying President returns to Augusta.

07:22:16 King George visits Augusta. - Royal launch - King on board and inspects crew. Flags, British White Ensign, flown to show the King is on board and the Presidents flag fly together , believed to be for the first time. King leaves - top shots of departure.

Review of the Year 1945 (part)

FDR Roosevelt inauguration - swearing in ceremony - Yalta conference, seated in garden with Churchill and Stalin. Roosevelt state funeral - mourning - fly past - flowers. Harry Truman sworn in in Cabinet room of White House. 01:01:33 Germany surrenders - signing in Reims, France Gen. Jodl arrives. Into room with bright lights, army photographers. Gen Walter B. Smith & Russian Generals. Smith signs. CU of document. German Generals turn to leave. Ike (Eisenhower) & other delegates laughing. 01:02:14 Pacific war - Kamikaze planes (good). US forces assault on Okinawa on Easter Sunday - good shots ships firing. AV landing craft - landing craft on beaches - troops - US flag raised in July 45. Atomic explosion - mushroom. USS Missouri, Sunday September 2nd 1945 Japan surrenders Battleship Missouri. 3rd fleet. Sailors aboard ship. Japanese foreign minister Shigamitsu signs for Japan - Douglas MacArthur signs - Chinese General Chang? signs.

Roosevelt Dies Suddenly


FDR as young State Senator; Asst. Secretary in the Navy; swimming and playing ball in pool with polio kids. By fireplace with Eleanor and sons. First inauguration as president incl. speech. Headlines re FDR s actions against depression: incl. closing of banks. FDR signing New Deal reform (foundation social security?)

FDR starts operation of ?? Dam.

03:27:05 Fear is vanishing speech.

FDR in car with family and dog Fala on holiday. On fishing trip.

03:27:41 I have seen war... I hate war anti-war speech. FDR with his mother before Pearl Harbor. Queen Elizabeth and George VI with FDR. FDR reviews fleet. Speech in Canada promising help if Canada is threatened. Signing lend-lease agreement. Atlantic Charter meeting on Battleship Prince of Wales with Churchill. FDR and Eleanor outside church with priest. Speech after Pearl Harbor declaring war on Japan. Reviewing troops in North Africa - Casablanca. Tehran Conference with Stalin and Churchill. FDR & MacArthur. FDR & Nimitz. Roosevelt sworn in for fourth terms. Yalta conference, FDR looking ill shaking hands with Russians?. Churchill walks by FDR s car. With King Farouk of Egypt (aboard ship?). With Ibn Saud aboard ship. Last public appearance reporting to Congress and speech. With American delegation to San Francisco United Nations conference. Headlines re allies approaching Berlin and Elbe. Truman sworn in. Good CU FDR.

Titles: Join 7th War Loan Victory Drive WWII

Roosevelt re-elected to 4th Term

FDR at desk. FDR at 1933 inauguration in car with Hoover. Swimming with polio kids. Yalta with Stalin and Churchill. With Ike reviewing troops in North Africa. MacArthur explains strategy against Japan to FDR (Nimitz present). Dewey out of voting booth. Truman as Senator Times Square at night; people waiting for election results. FDR after hearing of electoral victory.

Dewey defeat speech.

FDR at desk

Screen Magazine - Navy Edition

Sports - Who s Next - Louis v Conn.

Woman to camera re letter from Guam asking for pictures of Joe Louis in action - last three rounds (cannot supply fight).

02:26:13 Conn speaking after defeat

02:26:25 Potsdam - Berlin Conference. 7Jul1945 Cruiser Augusta at sea - President Truman in lookout tower. Truman wearing cap down stairs. Augusta coming into harbour, Truman seated on deck waves hat. Allied officers board ship and welcome Truman. Truman in open top car through streets. Truman with 35th division. Truman boarding plane - aircraft takes off - air to air shots in flight. Plane landing.

02:29:08 Unter den Linden in Berlin - Brandenburg gate - Monuments with posters Truman, Stalin and Churchill. Flashback - Hitler in open top car through streets. Hitler ranting - german accented translation over.

02:29:56 Truman making open air speech / radio broadcast re raising flag of Victory over Berlin. Speech over shots of radio tower - broadcast technician. Tracking shot pedestrians in US city. Radio listening. Truman addressing troops

Stalin Sees Huge May Day Victory Parade in Moscow

Red Army Mayday parade reviewed by Stalin. Troops marching. Japanese representative. Litvinov, former ambassador to USA. Military equipment parade: motorised rocket-firing equipment; tanks. Top shots parade.

V-E Day Special

Times Square night celebrations superimposed with headlines. Cinema marquee with sign War s End - Nazis Out! . Hitler rally and speech. Animated map showing German invasions. Hitler smiling. Burning town in Belgium? Holland? Blind man walks with stick. British troops evacuated at Dunkirk. Churchill in street with others. 03:10:47 London burning. Stalingrad Tanks and explosion, German troops in snow, street fighting, German POWs. 12:25:40 FDR and Churchill Atlantic Charter Conference. Troopship full of US troops. Tunisia: desert fighting and German POWs. 12:26:30 Italy - Abbey of Cassino bombarded. Rome and crowd at Collosseo / Coliseum. Pope Pius at St Peter s cathedral and crowds below.

Tehran conference with Stalin, FDR and Churchill. Planes dropping bombs on Germany. Liberation of Russia - Russian troops in snow in white suits. Germans sabotage railway line as they retreat. Russian civilians on road as houses burn on roadside - apocalyptic. Eisenhower and Montgomery planning. 12:28:20 D-day landings. Allies troops through French towns cheered by crowds and kissed by women. Ike in Paris and American troops parade under Arc de Triomphe. Yalta conference. Battle of Germany - night bombing. Street fighting. Hitler and Mussolini. During war. Illustration Mussolini s execution. Hitler visits victims of assassination attempt. Protestant?, Catholic and Jewish religious ceremonies. Military cemetery. Pacific war battle scenes. Japanese plane shot down. Map of route to Tokyo. Truman. MacArthur with Nimitz. Troops run. Fleet. Planes in formation. US flag.

Victory - Russia Declares War on Japan

Stalin reviews troops - march past in Red Square - massed troops stand in formation.

Yalta Conference - Feb1945

President Roosevelt wearing cape and smoking cigarette. Stalin looking stony faced sitting next to him. Good shot Churchill FDR and Stalin laughing at photocall. Officers from all services assemble behind the three for photos. Foreign ministers Eden, Stettinius and Molotov standing behind big three. Still and movie cameramen.

12:03:39 Stalin, Molotov and other officers standing in group. Big three seated in garden, various shots having photographs taken. Stalin and others enter building

12:06:07 Sarah Churchill standing with two other women.

Yalta Conference

Top shot members of conference in courtyard. President Roosevelt seated - Winston Churchill and Stalin take seats. Group seated with officers standing behind - pan across to American group with Stettinius.

CU of the three heads of state.

16:01:11 View of valley. Jeeps up mountain road past mosque like building. Army tent set up on roadside. Interior tent with radio operator - aerials. Telecommunications engineers. Generator.

16:07:46 Stalin and Molotov waiting outside building - Sarah Churchill with another woman.

Yalta Conference

CU President Roosevelt seated smoking cigarette- Stalin in next seat. Churchill joins - smoking cigar - photocalls with different groups standing behind the Big Three - first militry officers - then Anthony Eden, Stettinius and Molotov.

16:11:16 Bank of cameramen - good shots movie and still cameras. General milling around in courtyard. Sarah Churchill and another woman.

Yesterdays Big Story - Yalta Conference

Yalta - Anthony Eden with Molotov and Stettinius await arrival of Winston Churchill. Churchill exits plane. FDR looking ill shakes hands with Russians. Roosevelts daughter Mrs Anna Buttica

(phon) with Sarah Churchill.

Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas where conference takes place. Cars arriving. Harry Hopkins with

Anthony Eden. Stalin arrives and enters building. Meeting in progress. Exterior photcall.

11:21:52 FDR addresses Congress - apologises for making address sitting down and makes reference to his polio / leg irons. This is Roosevelt s last major public appearance 21Feb45. FDR gets standing ovation.

Stalingrad Relives Ca 1945 - some poor quality

Reconstruction of Stalingrad after WWII. Russian soldiers walking round bombed out factory - destroyed machinery. Refugees. Men salvaging tools from rubble. Clearing up operations. Railway yard, buckled and broken RR lines. Unexploded bomb lifted by crane. Burnt out truck lifted by crane. Men working on steam engine. Men working on lathe. Women scrubbing and sweeping floor of factory. Repairing tanks. Tanks out of bomb damaged factory.

03:09:55 15,000 young communist volunteers arrive to aid in reconstruction - greeted off train. Young volunteers march past statue of Lenin and through streets of rubble singing patriotic song.

13:11:09 Volunteers or refugees on board ferry, singing to accordian player. CU faces. Young women look at bomb damaged buildings. Clearing up operations. Young women living in fuselage of downed Nazi plane. Volunteers, mostly young women working on construction, planing wood, bricklaying, building site. Men inspecting heavy machinery. Factory nearly finished.

France Libre Actualités, #4, 1945

German officers surrender to allied officers at Cordemais train station as train tracks are repaired; Red Cross train leaves station. Train arrives in Chantenay at Red Cross evacuation centre - hordes of refugees on platform

20:47:19 Scenes in an old people's home (hospice): men gather firewood, women knit, cemetery for WWI soldiers, old men smoke pipe; old people eat in a large dining room. CU old hands warming by fire. Civilians queuing in front of shop. Ten French Francs banknote. Secretary typing; seamstress at sewing machine; Graph shows how young workers supporting elders. Elderly couple reading and knitting in living room and daughter kisses them.

20:50:02 A Russian delegate speaks (in Russian) to French townsfolk at a Communist meeting at Vel d Hiv - huge portraits of de Gaulle parallel with Stalin s. Henri Reynaud, Secretary-general of CGT (worker s union) welcomes Russian delegates and hails Red Army.

Sound OK

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 1

7th July 1945, Ships at sea. Cruiser Augusta w/ Truman aboard w/ Byrnes. Through streets in Army car to airport, reviews troops of 35th Div. & boards 4-motor plane, taxiing, in -flight. Off plane in Berlin w/ Gen. Marshall, Anthony Eden, Sec. Byrnes. Shakes hands w/ Winston Churchill. Military parade, Troops of various nation march. Military Chiefs of Staff of many nations around table. Parade & firing salute w/ artillery.

15:04:44 Truman & Churchill shaking hands. Devastated Berlin aerial & ground. Truman tours in open top car, Unter den Linden near Brandenburg gate, posters three leaders on monument.

15:05:24 Flashback Hitler in open top car, adoring Germans. Hitler making speech, overlaid with Eng. translation.

15:06:02 Truman at mic speaking; technicians; radio mast, USA, people listening to radio in various situations. Truman says working for peace for the World. Stalin, Truman, Molotov. Potsdam, good exteriors house.

15:08:24 Arrivals for Potsdam conference, Truman, Stalin, Eisenhower, Montgomery. Truman, Stalin and Churchill join hands for posed photo.

15:08:39 Moscow Conference with Molotov, Eden and Hull.

15:08:53 Cairo, Tehran conference, good shots Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, FDR voiceover flashback shots of German military might.

15:09:57 Yalta, exteriors conference building, interiors meeting in progress

15:10:16 San Francisco, signing of UN charter.

15:10:22 Allies meeting - Elbe? lots of handshaking and celebrations. Surrender signed.

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 2

Brief shots German SS officer attempts to shake hands with ? Pan down bomb damaged Berlin building. Women in bucket brigade clearing rubble. Woman commandant of concentration camp walks past released prisoners.

15:11:52 Potsdam conference - arrivals, Stalin, Churchill and Truman. Conference begins.

15:12:49 Montage of shots to show proposed de-nazification of Germany. Agreement signed by Eisenhower, Zhukov and Montgomery who make up the Allied Control Council. Three pose for cameras.

15:13:53 Montage landmarks, Capitol, China? Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, Franco on balcony at military march past.

15:14:07 Potsdam conference, brief shots Eisenhower funeral, England, elections, Churchill out, Atlee in, Atlee arrives in Berlin for conference.

15:15:05 Newspaper headlines Russia declares war on the Japanese. New Bomb Frees Atomic Energy, Stalin, Truman and Atlee pose.

15:15:29 Montage United Nations Flags over images of war and peace

First Pictures: The Big Three Conference in Crimea

US Scretary of State Stettinius off plane and welcomed by USSR Foreign Minister Molotov. American presidential advisor Harry Hopkins arrives, shakes hand. Group photo with three foreign ministers: Stettiniusm Molotov, and Anthony Eden from UK. US Chief of Staff George Marshall and Admiral King arrive. Winston Churchill arrivesw, off plane. FDR arrives, shakes hands. Churchill and FDR review Soviet honor guard. Former Palace of the Czars. Stalin arrives, enters hall. Churchill arrives at hall, enters. View of table and participants, including FDR. Leaders pose for picture outside of hall. Shot of Mrs. Sarah Oliver, Churchill s daughter; Ambassador Harriman s daughter, and FDR s daughter, Mrs. Anna Boddiger.


Berlin to North Africa - Devastated Berlin - Russian Sector - Good colour

Post-war - ruins of Berlin

Berlin - Eastern sector Building with Atlas holding globe on top - Reichstag? - and Hammer and Sickle Russian sign next to it - pan down building amidst ruins and signs in Russian - Eastern sector. Much wreckage. American soldiers in jeep past large building.

Good CU Identity card with Russian, British and American flags on cover.

Destitute German family: women and children wheeling old man on cart.

Medieval-looking gate. Russian woman directing traffic with red and yellow flags. Poster of angelic woman Europa in Russian. Russian soldiers past medieval gate and walking leisurely down street.

02:54:43 big modern building - Russian platoon walking pas t in formation. Tiny cemetery in middle of street with four presumably Russian graves (red stars).

German families walking with belongings in carts and prams down highway

02:56:15 Man cycling on highway past blue sign indicating Berlin , Potsdam .

Sign Entering US Berlin district . Tank on plinth. Parade area with pillars and pictures of Eisenhower, Truman and Stalin. Jeep drives past huge picture of Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt - Big Three at Yalta.

Entering Russian sector - POV shot going through Brandenburg gate past sign you are now leaving British sector and towards large Stalin portrait in middle of road. Adlon hotel exterior. Devastated buildings. Good pan down Brandenburg gate with jeep driving fast towards camera.

Russian platoon with woman.

02:58:38 Russian women s platoon marching and smiling - various uniforms - leading platoon of men.

German civilians pulling cart with belongings.

Smoke from collapsing building at entrance Russian sector - people watching.

Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:

Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress

Wiesbaden DP Camp on VE Day - End of War

Various shots bomb damaged buildings. Building with large Red star, portraits of Stalin and Zhukov and banners in Russian. DPs with banners and Stalin portrait march. Unid. Russian men making speeches. Young woman makes speech. Russian officer. Pan round large group displaced persons. DPs march off with flags and banners. Russian bombers in fly-past. Young men marching with red banners.

Activities ETO 1945 - Wiesbaden - Russian DP camp VE celebrations

Various shots Russian displaced persons - men and women marching with red flags and banners and portrait Stalin.

09:01:24 Slate: Capt. Carter 474th Group 24Feb45. Parade, Russian soldiers and women with banners. People applaud speaker

09:02:43 Slate 19th April 1945 People applauding at outdoor meeting. Girls march with Russian flag.

09:03:54 Slate 24th Feb 1945. Street scenes, bomb damaged buildings, pedestrians, people on bicycles. Bus up and past. Two US soldiers walking down street. RV British officers past. Locals moving furniture. Bomb damaged buildings. American service women .

09:05:14 Aerial over refugees on highway.

09:05:56 AVs railway track, destroyed in places, mass of German prisoners of war.

09:06:39 VE Day Paris - crowds with flags, crowd singing La Marseillaise. Young people with Allied flags carry R.F. shields. Locals waving from pavements. Horsedrawn carriage. Allied flags carried in parade.

Big Three Meet in Potsdam Conference

Truman down steps with Stalin. CUs Truman and Stalin. Conference in session. Winston Churchill. Stalin lights cigarette. Conferees around circular table. Truman walking with Eisenhower. Truman speaks at flag raising ceremony in Berlin. Generl Patton and Eisenhower saluting at flag raising.

[Ruins of Berlin & Red Army Propaganda, July 1945]

Sign in German erected by Red Army among ruins of Berlin - statement by Stalin - roughly translated it declares his army s freedom from racism and prejudice. US military vehicles and civilians pass in BG. Russian road signs erected in front of burned-out, bullet-scarred building.

21:02:02 Civilians and soldiers along street inc. woman w/ one leg on crutches; troops pass on trucks in BG. Camera along road - slowly passes strange concrete monument / podium w/ red banners in Russian and portraits of Truman, Stalin and Churchill; MCU of each portrait. Another poster w/ statement from Stalin next to ruined building. Russian road signs outside Dresdner Bank - civilians past w/ possessions.

21:08:18 Man cycles towards camera past piles of rubble and shells of tall buildings - pan across street to reveal same - facades totally destroyed. Worst hit streets of city - sea of grey brick walls stripped of plaster and piles of grey rubble. Good colour.

Post-WWII damage.

British and Canadians Enter Berlin

British and Canadian troops drive along road outside Berlin. Russian zone - Large portrait of Stalin - Russian girl soldier. Sign British Sector - flag raising ceremony - military parade before Major General Lines ? commander British Forces in Berlin. German civilians watch. Sightseeing - Brandenburg Gate - Reichstag - Chancellery; British troops pick up souvenirs - one holds Iron Cross. Berlin women bucket brigade clearing rubble - Buildings in ruins.

WWII. Fall of Berlin. Occupation. Looting.

Victory - Russia Declares War on Japan

Stalin reviews troops - march past in Red Square - massed troops stand in formation.

Truman in Berlin / Moscow Celebrates

President Truman down aircraft steps. Greeted. Tours Berlin ruins in open top car. Posters Truman, Stalin and Churchill.

05:48:20 Interior Potsdam conference, Stalin smoking cigarette.

Night shots of Moscow. Top shots.

05:49:01 Moscow broadcasts German capitulation. (SOF) Radio announcer at microphone.

05:49:27 Moscow street victory celebrations.

Audience applaud Stalin to podium (interiors) June, 1945 Extremely long standing ovation.

Berlin at End of War

Berlin street with huge poster Stalin, bombed out buildings. Ruined Riechs chancellery exteriors then interiors.

05:14:33 Beria visits Chancellery in Berlin. Beria with Molotov and Zhukov? touring ruins. Into and leaving bunker. Touring Berlin in open top car, approaching Brandenberg Gate. Large posters Russian senior officers. More shots Beria and Molotov in car.

Aftermath in Berlin: refugees, rubble, women, ruins. bucket brigade. Women cook in street over open fire. Colour to here

Potsdam Conference

One shot of Truman and Stalin on steps at Potsdam.

Beria and Stalin in gardens.

Stalin with Churchill and Truman at Potsdam, pose in gardens.

05:28:55 Interiors of big 3 at Potsdam. Stalin, Truman and Attlee. Conference table.

05:29:23 Exteriors, Stalin Truman and Attlee pose in gardens. Russian cameraman.

Victory Celebrations in Moscow

Berlin ruins. Various shots destroyed and bomb damaged buildings including Reichstag.

05:30:20 Two top shots Moscow, one with flag fluttering in foreground.

Military parade in Moscow. Stalin salutes from podium.

05:31:07 Party in Moscow as celebrate V-Day. Kissing returning soldiers. Night shots fireworks, gun salute

Truman in Berlin / Moscow Celebrates

President Truman down aircraft steps. Greeted. Tours Berlin ruins in open top car. Posters Truman, Stalin and Churchill.

05:48:20 Interior Potsdam conference, Stalin smoking cigarette.

Night shots of Moscow. Top shots.

05:49:01 Moscow broadcasts German capitulation. (SOF) Radio announcer at microphone.

05:49:27 Moscow street victory celebrations.

Audience applaud Stalin to podium (interiors) June, 1945 Extremely long standing ovation.

[Stalin, Eisenhower Red Square Parade] - Color

Festival of Sport

Aerial view of Moscow; Crowds cheering in Red Square

14:14:37 General Eisenhower w/ Harriman & ?? walking around saluting crowd.

14:14:45 Stalin walking in white uniform. Stalin & others up steps on to mausoleum; waves to crowd; pan of crowd, Russian parade standing still, cheering.

14:15:36 Eisenhower on mausoleum; salutes as Soviet National Anthem is played; pan along dignitaries, including good shot of Harriman w/ hat over heart. Overview of parade thru Red Square; Statue & pictures of Stalin carried in parade; 2 young children watching parade; 2 youngsters wrestling in parade, in dress; children march in parade;

14:16:10 Dignitaries watching from mausoleum inc. Stalin, Zhukov, Beria. Parade w/ women, banners etc.

14:17:40 Parade, past pictures of Lenin & Stalin

14:17:44 Eisenhower & Stalin together, and others dignitaries inc. Beria watching. Parade going past, crowd watching.

14:19:09 Repetition from Stalin walking through crowds onwards.

Post-WWII; Cult of Stalin; Communism; WWII Victory Celebration;

Moscow at the End of World War Two

Documentary on the demobilization of the Red Army after WWII. Cheering crowds greet returning soldiers - tanks through streets - soldiers along coastal roads w/ Soviet flag. Military parade in Red Square - massed troops reviewed by Stalin, Molotov, Khruschev and Budennyi atop Lenin s Tomb - CUs senior officers. Speeches in state building - Stalin clapping. Soldiers kiss national flag.

20:09:55 Demob troops returning home on train - play accordion and sing - train decked w/ flowers and portrait of Stalin. Embracing reunions - CUs soldiers greeted by loved ones. Troops on trucks through city streets - crowds. Tombs of dead soldiers - portraits above.

20:11:48 VS young soldiers in training camps and aboard naval destroyer - illustrates Soviet concern for future defence. Calisthenics - bugle calls - tents - infantry exercises / target practice - heavy guns.


Yalta Conference

Top shot members of conference in courtyard. President Roosevelt seated - Winston Churchill and Stalin take seats. Group seated with officers standing behind - pan across to American group with Stettinius.

CU of the three heads of state.

16:01:11 View of valley. Jeeps up mountain road past mosque like building. Army tent set up on roadside. Interior tent with radio operator - aerials. Telecommunications engineers. Generator.

16:07:46 Stalin and Molotov waiting outside building - Sarah Churchill with another woman.

Yalta Conference

CU President Roosevelt seated smoking cigarette- Stalin in next seat. Churchill joins - smoking cigar - photocalls with different groups standing behind the Big Three - first militry officers - then Anthony Eden, Stettinius and Molotov.

16:11:16 Bank of cameramen - good shots movie and still cameras. General milling around in courtyard. Sarah Churchill and another woman.

Churchill Beaten; Britain Goes Left in Labour Landslide

Churchill in motorcade saluting crowd and speech [MOS]. Clement Attlee. Herbert Morrison. Ernest Bevin. Potsdam Conference - Attlee with Stalin. Stalin. Truman. Attlee. Potsdam conference table.

Post - WWII.

Japan s Doom - Russia Enters War Against the Japs

Russia agrees to declare war on Japan to end war in Pacific after ultimatum from China, USA and British rejected by Japanese. Conference table. Byrnes. Truman. Stalin. Truman, Byrnes, Molotov and Stalin together posing. Soviet troops & tanks parade.

05:01:30 26Jul45 Byrnes warning speech to Japan resistance... will be absolutely futile... There is still time, but little time for the Japanese to save themselves from the destruction that threatens them . Ultimatum.

05:01:58 President Truman Visits King George VI - aboard warship on way back from Big Three Potsdam Conference. Reviews troops. At Plymouth with Byrnes. Handshake.

WWII. Pacific War.

[Red Square Victory Parade]

24Jun45 VS military parade in rain through Red Square - Kremlin decorated w/ portraits of Lenin & Stalin - CUs senior military officers - troops w/ medals. Stalin et al onto podium to applause. HA four horsemen gallop through square - military stand to attention & cheer. Marshall Zhukov at microphones [not heard]. Cannons fire. MS parade past camera - banners & flags - military band playing. HA shots parade.

01:31:27 MCU tattered Nazi banners & flags thrown on steps of Lenin s mausoleum.

Very Good colour footage.


[1945 Festival of Sport - Colour]

CU Stalin flag; MS Stalin on podium; MCU Stalin. Young men & women in parade w/ rifles. Good colour.

Russia / USSR. 1940s

[1945 - Kremlin Grounds]

MS Kalinin, Andreev? & Kaganovich in Kremlin grounds. Mikoyan and Molotov. Kalinin, Andreev, Kaganovich. Stalin leads Mikoyan, Khruschev, Malenkov, Beria & Molotov. CU Stalin as crowds applaud. MS Stalin on Mausoleum.

Russia / USSR. 1940s.

[1945 Festival of Sport - Colour]

Vars shots parades/ performances in Red Square w/ two CUs Stalin watching the Festival.

Russia / USSR.

[Stalin & Beria At Potsdam Conference]

Very brief shot Stalin on steps w/ Truman & others. MS Stalin & Beria pose for camera in garden at Potsdam Conference. Poor colour.


Dresden - Bombing of Dresden Part 1 of 2

Gravestone: Dresden dead 13th February 1945. Memorial . Rostrum stills bomb damaged buildings, hundreds of dead.

01:02:28 Pre-war Dresden, park w/ fountains, bridges over Elbe River, steamer. Picturesque shots rooftops, street scenes. Architecture, huge spherical shaped office building. Good street scenes, trams, pedestrians, police directing traffic, bicycle, boy locking bike up in public shelter.

01:04:10 Churches, religious buildings including very old building on hilltop. Soldiers look over city.

01:04:45 Village pond w/ horse cart past. Men outside pub The Mason s Arms. Montage troops march, Churchill w/ Roosevelt, Big Three pose at Yalta. CU Stalin.

01:05:26 Arthur Bomber Harris? w/ RAF officers & men at country airbase. Car arrives at castle-like HQ. Bomber command? RAF officers on telephones, office shot. Cranes & tractors move bombs. Drums of high explosives moved by tractor & trailer. Int. bomber command offices, maps & wall charts. Guns prepared.Canada women RAF on radios. Preparing bombers. Officers in map room; men arrive at briefing room.

01:08:30 Briefing crews. Germany, German troops & civilians clearing rubble, civiians in bombed streets with belongings. Relief workers, soup kitchen. German officers. CU young girl in rubble. Homeless load belongings onto trucks, assisted by Allied soldiers.

01:09:47 Int. nursery kindergarten w/ German sign. Goebbels with Hitler lookalike. Bomb damaged buildings. German troops carrying drums. Tent. Soup kitchen. German signs.

01:10:30 Bomb victims watch acrobats in variety show in theatre - laughing. Soup kitchen. Supply train. (Much of this aftermath footage also appears in what is thought to be 1943 German newsreel - see LN 501-449)

Homeless at RR station, steam train. Train pulls out of station w/ people clinging to side (GOOD). Troops out of truck. Ornate buildings & fountains. Heavily bomb-damaged building. Continued...

WWII Aircraft; Headquarters; Refugees;

Potsdam Conference

CU national flags on staff cars parked at conference centre. Stalin enters conference room, shakes hands with President Truman. Pan Russian & American delegations seated at conference table.

00:00:37 Aircraft taxis.

00:00:43 Tracking shot from car approaching conference center, Russian guards on road. Cars arrive & military people exit.

00:01:10 Stalin, Truman & others walk in garden to wicker chairs; mass of press photographers & cameramen. Winston Churchill in army uniform joins group, speaking with Stalin. Good shots cameras. Three leaders sit in garden chairs. MCU of each of three.

00:01:55 Int. delegates pose for cameras. CU group including Truman, Stalin, Attlee. Freeze frame.

WWII Conference Meeting; Big Three;

Moscow Sports Parade in Victory Year.

Pan over Red Square buildings; crowds applauding as Eisenhower, Mrs Harriman (?) & Averell Harriman & other VIPs walk toward Red Square. Stalin & entourge walking in square. Stalin & other climb onto podium. Crowd applauding.

00:03:26 Ike on podium w/ Marshal Zhukov, both salute. Pan Stalin, Averell Harriman, Kalinin. Beria & two others.

00:04:05 Parade w/ participants carrying Stalin statue. Posters & red flags, various costumes. Wrestling exhibition in middle of parade. Various shots, VIPs watching & laughing. CU Zhukov; Children in costume parade. Eisenhower CUs smiling & watching. Stalin CU; Harriman CU. Marchers & Stalin statue.

00:06:14 Malenkov & Beria on podium, good CU Beria (hair in gate) crowds watching. Stalin walking w/ Beria, Malenkov, Molotov. More shots VIPs on podium, slow pan along.

00:07:47 Marchers, VIPs, CU Stalin and Zhukov. Previous shots repeated.

European Tragedy Pt 4 of ?

England, celebration & church, huge crowds on the streets, double decker buses on roadside, surrounded by people big poster - Victory Over Germany 1945 , high angle streets filled w/ people.

01:35:34 France, people in the streets celebrating Europe's liberation, people congratulate each other, kiss, huge, high angle crowds. De Gaulle.

01:35:45 High angle city ruins left behind & broken tanks on the field, broken artillery. Man in the field cuts hay, war prisoners in huge field, guarded by soldiers.

01:36:10 Prague rises up shooting, battle in the city. People arrested on street, crowd of civilians push German trucks, burn Nazi flag, CU Czech newspaper headlines announcing that they will sanitize Republic. They drive out the Germans, people w/ their belongings in horse carriages, long lines of German people on the road. Germany, returning people join millions on the streets after losing their homes; streets full of homeless people. Map showing forced relocation of Polish people, Polish people in the area which Germans fled from, people on the road, carry their belongings, refugees enter the shelter.

01:38:06 Map shows forced evacuation of German people from Polish & Czechoslovak territory. Big field filled w/ German refugees w/ all their belongings in horse carriages, people on train platforms, still images w/ refugees in the train carriages, monument w/ images of Stalin & ?, various images of refugees.

01:38:53 Berlin, refugee crowds queue outside shelters, woman with young children, high angle people camping on the streets, women wash clothes in buckets on the street, black market.

01:39:24 Map showing 9 million displaced people in Germany who want to get back to their homes, refugees on the road, boarding open top train carriages, high angle people filled train on the railroad.

01:39:49 Displaced children celebrate their first peaceful Christmas, men pull in carriage w/ Father Christmas, kids at the table entertained by army officers. Ship into harbor people wanting to emigrate on the dock, all smile, wave. (Incomplete)

WWII DPs; Resettlement;

The Fall of Berlin Reel 1

Ruins of Chancellery, ext & int. w/ globe. Animation w/ quotes in cyrillic. Arrows show Hitler's plan for world conquest. Launch of German bomber from ship, paratroopers out of Nazi plane & landing in snow; dust & N. Africa attack w/ Rommel. Bombing. Periscope. Tanker hit, launching torpedoes. POV past waving swastika flags, Hitler & Mussolini. Burning tanks & oil on eastern front with Stalingrad. Double exposed montage over map.


Movietone News

21:08:46 President Truman Gets report From Hopkins And Davies

Joseph E. Davies & Harry Hopkins around Truman at desk w/ Gen. ? - just back from mission in London & Moscow re arranging Truman-Stalin-Churchill meeting (Potsdam Conference) & negotiations re Poland & Soviet veto at San Francisco conference.

WWII Homefront; Diplomacy;

Big Three Confer (Yalta Conference)

Four-motor Army Air Force plane landing at Malta for preliminary military conference. Ambassador Harriman talking w/ ?? General Marshall off plane, shakes hands w/ Harriman & Russian Officer. LS Montgomery House as car pulls up where early meeting was held. CU name plaque.

01:46:38 Military officers around long table w/ Field Marshall Alexander, Summervell, Adm. King. LS of Yalta from above. Molotov posing w/ Anthony Eden & Stettinius. Churchill off plane at Yalta & next to Molotov. Rooselvelt0 in car looking very thin shaking hands. CU of daughter Anna Boettiger. Flags of nations. FDR in jeep reviewing troops. Palace & arrival of cars. Harry Hopkins.

01:47:44 Arrival of Josef Stalin. Int. shot of round table w/ various delegates & aides. Posing for camers seated outside.

WWII Yalta Conference variously called Crimea Conference, codenamed Argonaut Conference, 04-11Feb45.

It s All Yours

Teen Age Book Club, Sponsored by Pocket Books Inc, Presents

Narrated by Ralph Bellamy

POV along Americana residential street of two-story houses w/ fences; Doctor out to get into car; kids playing sandlot baseball on front lawn. Barber shop front. House w/ large porch. Boys playing basketball in gym.

21:14:06 Town library w/ students studying, young woman librarian. Bookshelves w/ signs on shelves.

21:13:57 Daniel Boone excerpt. Settlers across forested hills & sagebrush plain. Coonskin cap & Indian by water.

21:15:42 Oliver Twist excerpt. Boys say prayer of grace around table before eating; boy still hungry asks for more.

21:16:19 Africa Speaks excerpt. Lions, cameraman sets up, Black runs for rifles & lion catches him; assistant shoots various lions w/ pistol.

21:17:12 Boy w/ book fishing in stream at edge of woods. Thinking, staring into water. Montage: Steam boat, ocean liner, farmer into barn, Times Square, Wright Brothers plane, large military plane overhead, hand picking cotton, military cemetary, WWII army nurses & transfusion, Yalta w/ Stalin, Churchill & FDR.

21:18:30 Boy sitting on bed reading. Log cabin of farm behind bucking rail fence. Skyscrapers of NYC, kids play sandlot baseball, major league stadium, fishing boats, liner in Hudson River, blacksmith, steel mill w/ good lighting.

21:19:07 Boy on bed reading looks up & sighs.

21:19:19 Kids in new library. Boy returning books in old library & paying overdue fine. Talks w/ librarian about graduation & possible jobs; she shows him card catalog as place to start looking: medicine (doctors, labs); engineering, (quick shots of bridge, dam); other shown by stills.

21:21:40 Marquee of Loew s 72 St w/ Delightfully Dangerous w/ Ralph Bellamy. CU Bellamy speaking to camera: How much books meant to me...books open up a whole world of ideas... The End. By Willard Pictures.

NOTE: Very good for Americana montages but shots very short to be used separately except to buikl montages. Card Catalog is very good.

1940s; WWII Homefront; Memory; Nostalgia; Movie Star; Reading; Education;

[Yalta Conference; FDR Meeting w/ Ibn Saud & King Farouk at Great Bitter Lake on Suez]

LS of Yalta & Crimean Sea from hilltop, pan across. Elaborately carved stone sarcophagus. Building w/ military man standing in courtyard. ca 04Feb45 Arrival of Churchill & Anthony Eden; saluting them as they enter Livadia Palace. Other military as US army jeep arrives.

10:10:50 FDR sitting on bench between Stalin & Churchill w/ military attaches around preparing to pose for photographers (out of focus).

10:11:16 Title: Along The Lenin Embankment in Yalta . Waves breaking, people walking in distance. Kids pose for camera. Kids on sidewalk before sea wall. Church (dark). US sailors walking, horse cart on road, truck. Local women & kids posing for camera (out of focus & dark). Ruined building.

10:12:35 Title: Landing At Deversoir, on Great Bitter Lake midway the Suez We rejoin.... Aerial over lake & canal. Title: King Farouk of Egypt Calls On The President 13Feb45 Flags shipboard, woman (Ann Boetticher ?) sitting w/ FDR. Farouk arrives & salutes sailors; talking w/ FDR & other Egyptians & US go off.

10:13:49 Title: Late that same afternoon the Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie, calls Up ship walk & sitting w/ FDR (dark), big US flag behind. Title: King Ibn Saud royal Arabian party embarked in a U.S. destroyer, arrive. 14Feb45 Seen on deck w/ sailors. Carpets on deck. Party w/ rifles; US military officers. King Abdul Aziz aka Ibn Saud boards the cruiser as sailors salute.

10:15:49 Title: The Royal Flock Has Now Been Reduced To Two Sailors looking at two sheep on deck in pen. Shots of groups on shipboard. Sheik s bodyguards posing w/ Adm William D. Leahy & others. Ornate furniture on carpets on deck. Ibn Saud talking & gesturing w/ FDR beside military translator. Leahy talking w/ other members of party. MCU of body guard kin brocade robes.

10:17:31 Title: The ceremonial coffee server performs Pouring coffee to arabs seated along railing of ship. Small Dhow on water coming alongside; military watching as crates & chests off-loaded onto Dhow.

WWII Middle East Diplomacy; Conferences - Yalta; Ethnic Customs; Palestine Question; Argonaut Conference;

[Meeting on The Elbe ]

CU graffiti on wall - Volk An s Gewehr! (People Fight!) & Lieber Tot, Als Sklave (Better Dead Than Slaves). Aerials of destroyed bridges. Russian & American troops & officers in group standing on bridge looking at map; Russian & American officers shake hands - photocall; Larger group, more shaking of hands - American, British & Russian flags.

11:03:50 MCU Russian female soldier smiling for camera. VS troops fraternising; Russian soldier w/ movie camera; Russian girls pose w/ American soldier; party in honor of the first meeting of US & Soviet Armies. Major General Emil Reinhart, Commanding General US 69th Infantry Division, panning to Major General C Ralph Huebner, CG, V Corps, US First Army, to Major General Barovov, Corps Commander, First Ukrainian Army, presentation of flag of Stalingrad.

11:05:15 Couples dancing in front of posters of Stalin & Roosevelt. Officers at table talking.

11:05:38 CU feet of Russian girl dancing folk dance, joined by Russian soldier.

11:06:20 Troops examine Soviet T34 tank driven all the way from Stalingrad.

11:07:27 Officers board large rowing canoe on river.

11:07:52 Soldiers with sign East meets West - painting of US & Russian soldiers shaking hands over Nazi flag.

WWII; Victory; Celebrating; Celebration; Friendship; Communists;

[NB Some shots soft focus.]

Middle East Conference - Yalta

View of coastal town from hilltop tunnel. Russian soldier at attention by road sign. Woman & child walking up hill; motorcycle & sidecar up road. Wrecked buildings.

11:00:49 People walking along street w/ ornate buildings & iron balconies. People standing about, looking at poster & anti-Nazi cartoon. Tea stand & woman drinking from glass; Livadia Palace w/ signs in Cyrillic Russian & English.

11:01:26 USSR troops w/ rifles & bayonets march. People enter building. CU sign: Entrance to canteen, barber shop, sick bay. British or Americans officers out. Unloading trucks & views of building.

11:02:33 Convoy of jeeps arrive w/ President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in cloak & party.

11:03:14 Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ Sarah Churchill & ?? walking in parking lot. Stalin out of car & into bldg; saluting guards; Molotov into building.

11:03:43 Interior w/ fire in fireplace; men talking. Anna & two other women pose. Stalin enters with others; 11:04:29 Churchill in military uniform w/ large cigar. Ext. & delegates exiting, CU Churchill w/ cigar & wearing fur Cossack hat, posing w/ Stettinius & army woman. Cars leaving up driveway. Churchill leaving, saluting.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

Big Three Confer (Yalta Conference)

Four-motor Army Air Force plane landing at Malta for preliminary military conference. Ambassador Harriman talking w/ British Field Marshall Wilson. General Marshall off plane, shakes hands w/ Harriman & Russian Officer. LS Montgomery House as car pulls up where early meeting was held. CU name plaque.

11:47:50 Military officers around long table w/ Field Marshall Alexander, Summervell, Adm. King. LS of Yalta from above. Molotov posing w/ Anthony Eden & Stettinius. Churchill off plane at Yalta & next to Molotov. Rooslevelt in car looking very thin shaking hands. CU of daughter Anna Boettiger. Flags of nations. FDR in jeep reviewing troops. Palace & arrival of cars. Harry Hopkins.

11:48:57 Arrival of Josef Stalin. Int. shot of round table w/ various delegates & aides. Posing for camers seated outside.

WWII Yalta Conference variously called Crimea Conference, codenamed Argonaut Conference, 04-11Feb45.

Yesterday s Big Story - Yalta Conference

Yalta - Anthony Eden w/ Molotov & Stettinius await arrival of Winston Churchill. Churchill exits plane. FDR Roosevelt looking ill shakes hands w/ Russians. FDR s daughter, Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ Sarah Churchill.

Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas where conference takes place. Cars arriving. Harry Hopkins w/ Anthony Eden. Stalin arrives, enters building. Meeting in progress. Ext. posing for photographers.

11:51:34 FDR addresses Congress - apologises for making address sitting down & makes reference to his polio / heavy iron leg braces. This is Roosevelt s last major public appearance. FDR gets standing ovation.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

Don t Be a Sucker R2 of 2

Dramatizes the destructive effects of racial and religious prejudice.

MCU BBC radio announcer at microphone, NY Times headline. Goebbels (not actor), priests, German teacher explains Nazi racial theories; the teacher is dragged away by SS soldiers.

01:31:16 Nazi flag hoisted. Germans listen to radio & reading newspapers. Staged Nazi speaker & listeners. Farmer plowing, shop closed, man in munitions factory. German convoy, motorcycle convoy, panzers, tanks.

01:33:02 German unemployed worker in uniform, kisses wife goodbye & goes to war. Montage of German troops in field, on vehicles, firing guns; Nazi defeats at battle at El Alamein, Stalingrad, D-Day in Normandy, stadium w/ swastika & swastika exploded. Defeated German prisoners. Dead soldiers.

01:34:33 Hungarian lectures man about liberty, minorities, tolerance, freedom, prejudice. This is good hard common sense. Man tears up pamphlet & throws on ground. The End.

Film Noir; WWII Anti-semitism; Superiority; Aryan Race; Fascism; Propaganda; Military Training Film;

United News (Japan Surrenders)

11:00:59 Title: Japan Surrenders 1931 dock scenes w/ Japanese troops leaving for Manchuria, boarding ships; sitting on docks; military officers march past camera. Explosions. Shanghai 1937 ruins; texecuted bodies in streets. Japanese troops thru street in 3-wheel motorcycle.

11:01:28 League of Nations w/ Japan s delegates speaking & walking out. Out of building. Troops in field firing machine guns, artillery & infantry running thru rice fields. Man holding large Japanese flag.

11:02:03 Italy into Ethiopia; raising flag. CU of diplomats at signing of Axis Military Pact, 1940. Talking at microphone, saluting.

11:02:32 Refugees thru streets of China, along fields. Fighting, camouflaged guns, fields. Diplomats Kurusu & Nomura into US ?? Pearl Harbor ships burning. Fleet at sea in dramatic formation. Large battleship guns firing; Troops landing on Pacific Island beaches. Philippines & Allied prisoners, CU man w/o arm. MS Gen. MacArthur talking to people. Aerial of Iwo Jima. Battleships firing; aerial of shipt to shore; dead bodies; raising US flag on Mt. Suribachi.

11:04:45 Gen. Buckner briefed at map, CU. Okinawa, wounded on stretcher; GIs blowing up cave, firing rifle, Japanese tumbling ouut. Mass of Japanese surrender.

11:05:16 Kamikazee seen from ship w/ planes diving into water. Ship firing at planes, coming into ship. Carrier burning. Burial at sea. Military cemetery.

11:06:20 B-29s on runway, loading bombs, Map. B-29s in flight formation. Aerial over ships. CU Adm. Halsey.

11:07:11 Potsdam w/ Attlee, Truman, Stalin seated. Russian troops marching.

11:07:33 Hirohito on white horse. Stimson into White House, Forrestal arrives; around cabinet table. Shots of FDR during war.

11:08:22 CU of Chiang Kai Shek; Adm. Chester Nimitz; Truman w/ ccabinet. Hull in CU.

11:08:49 CU Truman SOF: I have received this afternoon from the Japanese government...

11;09:55 Reporters rush out. People in Times Square at zipper sign. People cheering filling street, paper out of buildings. View from above. Dancing in street. Sailor waving flag; confetti. Kissing. Night & people filling streets & lights on. Outside Hotel Astor. The End.

WWII Pacific War summary; Compilation Film; Military Newsreel;

Stalingrad Relives Ca 1945 - some poor quality

Reconstruction of Stalingrad after WWII. Russian soldiers walk thru bombed out factory - destroyed machinery. Refugees. Men salvaging tools from rubble. Clearing up operations.

21:57:52 Railway yard, buckled and broken RR lines. Unexploded bomb lifted by crane. Burnt out truck lifted by crane. Men work on steam engine. Men working on lathe. Women scrub & sweep floor of factory. Repairing tanks. Tanks out of bomb damaged factory.

22:00:02 15,000 young communist volunteers arrive to aid in reconstruction - greeted off train. Young volunteers march past statue of Lenin & thru streets of rubble singing patriotic song.

22:01:17 Volunteers or refugees on board ferry, singing w/ accordian player. CU faces. Young women look at bomb damaged buildings. Clean up operations. Young women live in fuselage of downed Nazi plane. Volunteers, mostly young women working on construction, planing wood, bricklaying, building site. Men inspecting heavy machinery. Engineers in office. Factory nearly finished, women scrubbing down machiens. crane tdhru factory. Assembling large gears.

WWII Rebuilding USSR; Russia;

[Potsdam Conference]

Multiple shots of USS Augusta (CA-31). View astern of convoy of ships; sailors lining bow of ship, MS of row at attention. Sailor signaling. Covere guns of large ships.

19:07:51 Ship arriving at Antwerp, Belgium dock, Truman off gangway followed by Sec Byrnes. Into car & out of dock area, secret service men running alongside & riding on open car following. Truman shaking hands w/ army officers. Eisenhower & others. Adm. Leahy & Adm. King (?).

19:09:26 Truman & others boarding airplane. LS & w/ pilot in window. Taxiing.

19:10:06 Jeeps & motorcade along road. Truman & military officials at attention. Motorcade w/ Truman & others in back of army half-track truck reviewing line of tanks parked by trees, crews saluting. POV past tanks. GOOD.

19:12:33 Army officer reading, Truman & others on truck behind. Truman ties ribbong on unit flag. W/ Sec. of State Byrnes & Adm Leahy in open car followed by others. Stopped amid Berlin rubble.

19:13:32 Churchill out of building; Truman & Churchill pose for cameras on steps; shake hands. Truman , Leahy & Stalin pose w/ others on steps.

19:14:09 Hallway & INT conference room shots. Delegates of Soviet delegation pose, then all shaking hands including Stalin & Churchill (in uniform). Gromyko, Molotov, Trumam, Harriman. Anthony Eden seen in long shot. Stalin lights cigarette. End of reel.

WWII; Post-WWII Planning; Allied Conference; Diplomats; Big Four Conference; Germany;

[Potsdam Conference - Truman inspects Tank Corps; Surveys Berlin Damage w/ Byrnes]

NR 357 Truman on back of truck w/ one-star (?) general. Armored half-track truck w/ Truman, Leahy, Byrnes & military offices past reviewing line of tanks on tree-lined autostrada. Army troops at attention & saluting. POV past. Truman & others standing at attention. Traveling shots.

15:37:10 Citation read & Truman ties ribbon on corp (?) flag.

15:37:57 Truman, Byrnes & Leahy riding in back of open army car. POV on wide avenue of Berlin w/ heay destruction. Victory Monument on column in middle of street. Past monument w/ picture of Truman, Stalin & Churchill. Approching Brandenburg Gate. Along street w/ heavy damage to large buildings. Sitting in car talking, surrounded by cameramen. Secret Service riding on running board. Car closely followed by jeep, POV from camera-car alongside.


Red Square Victory parade

Troops march through Red square w/ Nazi banners in hands, banners thrown on Lenin s tomb in gesture of surrender, photographers take pictures.

05:43:45 Stalin in military hat watches as soldiers aggressively throw the posters, people crowd applaud.

05:44:14 Army officers lined up for photo, applaud as Stalin walks in to the room & takes his place in the middle of the group next to - Zhukov(?), has photo taken w/ Marshals, Admirals & Generals - deputy s of USSR Supreme Soviet.

05:44:32 Camera slides past all officers seated, pose for photo w/ serious faces. Stalin can t sit still. Shot of Stalin & Zhukov smiling. Group portrait.

WWII / Postwar Russia / USSR. VE Day.

Meeting on The Elbe

CU graffiti on wall - Volk An s Gewehr! [ People Fight! ] & Lieber Tot, Als Sklave [ Better Dead Than Slaves ]. AVs destroyed bridges. Russian and American troops and officers in group standing on bridge looking at map; Russian and American officers shake hands - photocall; larger group, more shaking of hands American, British and Russian flags.

15:46:11 MCU Russian female soldier smiling for camera. VS troops fraternising; Russian soldier with movie camera; Russian girls pose with American soldier; Party in honor of the first meeting of the US and Soviet Armies. Major General Emil Reinhart, Commanding General US 69th Infantry Division, panning to Major General C Ralph Huebner, CG, V Corps, US First Army, to Major General Barovov, Corps Commander, First Ukrainian Army, presentation of flag of Stalingrad. Celebrations - dancing - Russian soldier and woman soldier dancing. Troops examine Soviet T34 tank driven all the way from Stalingrad. Soldiers in canoe on river. Soldiers with sign East meets West - painting of US & Russian soldiers shaking hands over Nazi flag.


[NB Some shots soft focus.]

Gigantic Parade Marks May Day In Moscow

HA shots Red Square - huge banners, portraits of Lenin & Stalin etc. British French & US military VIPs in attendance [only Brits seen?]. Stalin walking w/ President Kalilen, Marshal Borashilov & other Soviet officials; Stalin onto podium, crowd applauds. VS parade in progress - Red Army band & military units marching - Stalin saluting - excellent shot of helmeted infantry troops marching in lines past camera w/ rifles at ready. Japanese military observers watch display of Russian tanks & rocket launchers [on US lend-lease trucks] through Red Square, St. Basil s Cathedral in BG. Good.


Russia - Post War Elections / Beria / Kalinin Funeral

Beria on podium speech making in election post-war , huge photo of Beria behind him.

All our thoughts are with the architect of our victory Comrade Stalin . Standing ovation.

05:20:47 Train arrives in Moscow from Berlin, officer with two RR workers checking time. Steam train into station. Beria? and other walk down stairs in station. Ext. station.

05:21:26 Beria and others on podium in Red Square or mausoleum. Close-ups.

05:22:07 f Stalin at Kalinin s funeral. Coffin on gun carriage. Stalin walks behine with Molotov.

Moscow - Start of Victory Parade

Moscow crowd chants STALIN, then wider shots of crowd clapping.

Stalin walks along mausoleum / podium, talks to Beria. CU of Stalin on podium. Good shots Stalin smiling and waving to crowd. Crowds applaud. Top shot Red Square as ceremony begins.

Russian Troops Leave Iran & Street Riots

Girl puts flowers on poster of Stalin. Russian troops march. Russian women soldiers. Russian soldiers leave parade ground. Line of military vehicles - locals give flowers. Crowd lines streets as military drive past

04:58:30 Various top shots street riots in Iran in 1950. People running in streets. Troops on horseback herding rioters.

Russia Declares War on Japan

Troops parade & march in Red Square for Stalin. Very massed troops.

Stalingrad Relives aka Stalingrad Rebuilds R1 of 6

Title & credits in Korean

Open biplane w/ USSR cameraman shoot from second seat. Aerials of destroyed & heavily damaged city, much rubble has been removed but concrete building skeletons still standing. Shadow of plane across.

23:02:20 Heavily damaged statue of men & women dancing in circle.

23:02:37 Signs over doorways of shelters underground: Here was the base of General ?

23:02:59 Happy New Year .

Bullet pocked walls, barbed wire w/ clothe, helmets & reed shoes. Equipment left behind in the weeds. Large grain elevator. USSR soldiers w/ 35mm film.

23:04:10 Footage of Germans taking Stalingrad. USSR buring dead & taking Germans prisoners. People looking at exhibit warning of mines. Men probing & exploding mines. Heavy destruction of buildings.

23:05:32 CU note: Mother, we are all alive & in good health.

WWII Aftermath; Destruction; Nazis

Stalingrad Relives aka Stalingrad Rebuilds R2 of 6

Woman putting up poster on wagon: On the way to rebuild heroic Stalingrad. Other signs & painted slogans relating to gifts for Stalingrad & workers.

People leaving on train. Steam engines pulling passenger & freight trains. Women working at canning machine beneath sign: ...for rebuilders of Stalingrad .

Cases of goods shipped. Kitchen wagons packed, freight train; sewing room & women packing goods for Stalingrad. POV along railroad & trains arriving in Stalingrad. Group listening to man by railroad & applauding. People gather chests, carry crates & boxes on their backs. People given clothes, gifts, toys, shoes. Boxes of glass unpacked & installed as windows.

23:08:49 Sign: All forces are joined to rebuild Stalingrad . Electic works. Men rebuilding gas storage tanks, turbines. Clock tower: State Electric Power Station. Electrical plant starting w/ smokestack & black smoke. Workers marching w/ Lenin portraits & banners.

23:10:54 Poster: Stalingrad is alive...salute for the heroic city of Stalingrad. Salute for our hero Stalin. Plane low overhead. Orchestra & people filling square. Men & women laying bricks and rebuilding. Women helping to clean up and reconstruct buildings. People applauding woman w/ banner.

WWII Aftermath; Destruction; Nazis

Stalingrad Relives aka Stalingrad Rebuilds R4 of 6

Large metalworking factory operating w/o roof, snow on ground. Warming hands over fire. Throwing snow on metal being turned. Men building wooden buildings, moving bricks w/ conveyors; assembling steel frame buildings. Steel mill recycling German helmets & weapons. CU men watching steel poured; ingots being moved by overhead crane, dumped and rolled.

23:15:35 Men feeding sheet steel linto rollers, stacking. Stream melting & ice moving in river. Large government building under reconstruction. CU pan of water out of faucet. CU telephone & operators. College women walking into building. Sign: Stalingrad State Medical Institute . Women in classroom. Younger students in classroom & boy at blackboard. Woman working at newspaper presses. Man checking printed paper.

23:17:20 Blacksmith working knife blade. Men inspecting markings on sword. Man presented ceremonial sword of Stalingrad; another presented shield. Stalin, Molotov & Amb. Averell Harriman with proclamation from American people.

WWII Aftermath; Destruction; Nazis

Stalingrad Relives aka Stalingrad Rebuilds R5 of 6

POV from German car along road; Russians taken prisoner. POWs along road. Convoy thru & burning Stalingrad. Destroyed buildings from air. Trombone laying on street beside dead man & puddle of blood. Naziis harrassing man on street.

23:20:05 Dalmatian (?) seacoast town, people walk in square. Old columned buildings, orchard. German marching, through fields w/ flame thrower. Map of Yugoslavia & Adriatic. Steam train w/ passenger cars past. German officers talking intercut w/ diplomats (?). Menin street saluting; soldiers. Grenade thrown & exploding. Man w/ throat slit. Man shaking hands w/ nazis. Nazi cocktail party. Underground resitance fighting back. German truck & car on road ambushed. Peasant farmers close houses & leave w/ families to go to mountains & fight.

23:23:36 POV riding on train w/ German troops & view from rebels of ambushing. Others in forest. Headlines of Fight newspaper: Victory Is Ours.

23:24:1? CU Josep Tito Troops fighting in mountains, thru village. Stills of hanging, firing squad. Guerrilla revolutionaries drilling. Blowing up railroad & passes. On foot attacking over stoney, rocky countryside. Burning city. Dead. Troops retaking village. Hitler and ?? Naziis in countryside fighting. Family hiding in hideout in forest.

WWII Fighting; Destruction; Nazis

Part 5

Unknown Africans and Russians walk in gardens of house by sea - Sochi ?

06:03:18 Eisenhower and Harriman in Moscow - Stalin etc at Victory / Sports parade B/W

06:06:20 Sports parade - Stalin present

Part 6

06:15:46 Cross country motorcycle race

06:16:01 Khruschev and Brezhnev at presentation of Medal - speech made by woman who presents medal

06:17:00 May Day celebrations - Castro arrives by plane, greeted by Khruschev and Brezhnev - good shots

06:17:40 Motorcade and Khruschev speaking in Red Square (synch) Castro speech in Spanish ( synch ) Long Live Soviets good shots military and civil parade

06:24:05 Sports stadium - parade of athletes watched by K. and Castro

06:24:24 Khruschev and party leaders on balcony watching outdoor events - K. bored and confused ? Football - Ulbricht in attendance - K wearing very odd sunglasses in most shots

06:26:06 Khruschev addresses mass crowds - don t know what this is

06:27:19 Interior shots formal reception - opening - unknown man cuts ribbon - presented with flowers - meeting - sporting trophies ? celebrations and ballroom dancing - young people looking wealthy and happy.

Czechoslovakia - The Soviets Neighbour

Man reading paper on the river side at Vltava. Wooden tower with election poster urging Vote #4 for the National-Socialist party.

02:48:59 Bridge - Manes? with posters, in the background is Rudolfinam Palace. Tram crossing bridge - good shot. Large posters with words Chaos and Terror which have been crossed through. CU as tram passes in foreground.

02:49:56 Large poster which has symbols of four main political parties. Poster United in War - United in Peace

02:50:10 Night scenes in Prague on eve of election. Crowds on streets - election buses - posters. People argue on pavements. Election pamphlets scattered over pavement. People handing out literature.

02:52:09 Day - Street scene - political pamphlets blowing around street - pedestrians. Interior polling office - people register - crowds on street - people reading posters outside Communist Party HQ?

02:53:29 Street scenes - various buildings with election flags - huge Communist posters. Interior gallery with large photos of leaders ? Russians ? Bust of Lenin. Meeting - standing ovation - man speaking (mos). Top table stand and applaud. Posters Stalin and ? Meeting room people seated round table, communist flag on wall.

Mexico City Street Scenes (Tomorrow s Mexico)

Pedestrians & people in street. View of Cathedral from streets. Alameda Park & people picnicking. Vendors on sidewalk. Peasants talking on sidewalk. Modern architecture, horseback riders. Mexican banner salesmen on street corners. Mexican flag on Cathedral. Street market in front of Palace of Fine Arts. Indian vendor. Man with 2 children, moustache on boy. Charo buying lemonade. Girl acrobat in park performing for crowd. US Soldiers talk with peasant in street. Neighbourhood. Beggar in street. Traffic around Cathedral. Gallery of United Nations with FDR, Churchill, Chiang Kai-Shek & Stalin pix in windows. Picture of Camacho.

Red Army Out of Iran - Russians leave after WWII

Handover ceremony at military base? Russian and Iranian officers shake hands. Newspaper headlines and being printed. Flags. Young women picking flowers in garden. Woman decorates poster of Stalin with flowers.

10:08:14 Iranian troops parade down street carrying flowers. Russian troops board line of military vehicles - drive through streets, locals throw flowers. Cheering crowds line streets. Unid. man using microphone. Ceremonial dagger presented. Cheering crowds. Russian tanks through streets. Women and children waving - veiled women. Russian troops on horseback ride through streets. Young kids waving flags, some Russian. Traditional ceremony ? involving pouring ? from pitchers and man holding large mirror. Mounted troops parade through streets, given flowers by veiled women. Old man speaking animatedly. Crowds line street. Russian soldiers distribute communist information / propaganda leaflets thrown into crowd.

VIPs on dais - officer making speech. Gifts given. Pages turned with writing and picture of Stalin. Flag depicting Stalin. Engraved picture with Russian Generals depicted. Iranians waving and clapping. Russian military vehicles parade through streets - POV driver going down street lined with Iranian soldiers. Russian soldiers pass in trucks and have flowers thrown at them. Various shots military parade and locals.

Winston Churchill in Fulton Missouri

Winston Churchill off train with President Truman and into open top car. Car down street lined with schoolgirls. Motorcade, Churchill and Truman ride on back of car. Truman and Churchill enter university. Truman wearing cap and gown intros. Churchill. Talks re danger of atomic bomb and how glad he is that the knowledge etc is not yet in the hands of some Communist or neo-fascist

10:11:01 Talks of the Special relatioship between Britain and America. (some sound breakup) Crowds in audience. Talks of goodwill towards Stalin. Welcomes Russian contac.... however, talks of fifth columnists, calls them a threat to Christian civilisation.

10:14:29 Truman awarded degree. Truman makes speech. Churchill gets degree and makes speech (very short)

[1946 - Mukden, Manchuria]

Japanese planes stripped by USSR troops after VJ Day.

Japanese awaiting repatriation selling belongings & food on street in former Japanese residential area.

US 1st Army troops arriving 10 days after USSR troops left. American and Chinese talking on airfield. Chinese troops march. American amidst wrecked planes. Barracks. More Japanese at market.

Stalin poster hanging from former Japanese owned Yamato Hotel still flying Soviet flag.

[Post-WWII Russian Newsreels - Kalinin Funeral]

Poster of Mikhail Kalinin - Kalinin lying in state in Union House - queues wait to pay respect. Soviet officals pay respects inc. Kosygin - Alexandrov - Popov. Military officers & servicemen file past. Stalin - Beria - Molotov - Kaganovich - Andreyev. Marshall Tito attends. Laying wreaths - mourners. Stalin & officials by coffin.

[France, Paris Newspapers] (Apr-Jul46)

Ext. of newspaper building w/ signs for Ce Soir on side. Also for Front National & Liberation on front. Cars parked, Men working on sign. People in/out.

13:20:04 Street scene w/ traffic in front of bulidng w/ sign Le Populaire for Socialist paper. (Previously occupied by collaborationist paper Le Matin. People on sidewalk watch man write news on blackboard; also looking at posted photographs.

13:21:06 Facade of building housing three ex-underground papers: Combat; Franc-Tireur; France-Soir. L Intransigeant carved on wall of building. LS of people on street looking at posted photos & news of day.

13:21:45 Int. Pierre Lazareff, editor of France-Soir, at desk w/ assistants, secretary. On phone, all smoking & talking.

13:23:38 Men looking at Franc-Tireur att printing plant of L Inntransigrant, Lazareff looking at papers coming off press.

13:24:38 Marcel Cachin, editor of French communist Party paper L Humanite talking to Greek newspaperman taking notes (reporter?). Talking to other assistants, w/ picture of Stalin on wall. Hammer & sickle on desk.

13:27:04 Ext of building housing newspaper L Aube ; Holland America Line. CU Francisque Gay, editor, at desk & standing correcting proofs. Brief shot of his son, a priest, at his father s desk. Gay w/ male secretary.

Post-WWII France; French Recovery; Journalism; Industry; Economics; Politics;

[Germany, Dresden - Russian Zone of Occupation] (Mar46)

Dresden, East Germany

Streetcar crossing Augustus Bridge over Elbe w/ other traffic. Traffic policewoman using flags to direct traffic at Albrecht Platz. War damaged builidng behind; cars, horse wagons, pedestrians. MCU. Another policewoman directing & rubble seen behind.

00:10:54 Tram pulling up & people lined up waiting; boarding. Large poster of Stalin w/ writing. Newspaper seller, policewoman & many ruins. Three car tram past. Truck w/ building supplies.

00:12:26 Soviet War Memorial in the Albrecht Plaza w/ hammer & sickle on left. Two USSR officer salute wreath. Flowers and others things at base of statue. Plaque at bottom in Russian. CU of saluting Soviet soldier. Street signs pointing in four dirrections.

00:14:00 Large sign for Communist Party office in Dresden. Banners hanging w/ slogans. Women & men volunteers cleaning up rubble & carrying off outside Zwinger Art Gallery & Pavilion. Men leveraging stone to repair steps. Interior & work underway w/ scaffolding.

00:16:37 Ext. Catholic Church seen from across square. Several views. Old women in line moving stone by stone. Others chipping & cleaning bricsk & paving stones. Distribution of mail to volunteer workers. Three men looking at plans & pointing.

Post-WWII Clean-up;

[October Revolution 29th Anniversary Celebrations - Reel 1? of 4]

Moscow scenes at dawn, 07Nov46. Kremlin across river. Banners & portraits of Stalin etc. in preparation for celebrations. Vars shots of Russian civilians marching towards camera.

18:54:05 Stalin Prize winner Davidov, one of the founder s of the Soviet automobile industry.

18:54:27 Soviet Deputy, writer Leonid Leonov; Army General Antonov into car & leaves. Academician & Social Labor Hero Lusenko walking past. Dancing in street. Brass band in parade. Women march w/ linked arms. Top shot rainy Red Square w/ assembled civilians & military - CUs soldiers. Civilians & military individuals named. Balloons given out. Waltzing outdoors in street. Marching w/ bright patterned banners. Stalin & idolized auto banners. Marching band & singing. Military at attention & individuals named.

18:57:51 Soviet officials inc. Zhdanov & Shvernik onto balcony of mausoleum - applause. Marshal Govorov & General Actemyer on horseback rides into Red Square, addresses troops & civilians then onto mausoleum balcony.

Post-WWII; Russia / USSR; Celebration; Communist Revolution Anniversary; Communism;

A Defeated People R2 of 2

British flag, tilt down to Military Judge & court officers w/ defendant. Ext. German police force w/ band playing. German policeman at intersection w/ British & training. British health service; refugees gathered; British health workers checking blood pressure, & lab tests. Kids playingon rubble; farmers w/ horses. Kids playing on remains of artillery. German speaking (MOS), people watching 7 listening. People repairing building. Children in school class writing. Heavily damaged Reichstag. Krupp family portrait, painting.

07:40:41 Steel twisted in wreckage of factory building. Pan over. Prisoners of War, POWs, deloused w/ DDT. Men getting hands stamped. Demobilization of soldiers, interviewed. Stripped & checked for SS marking under left armpit. CU British soldier interviewing civilian man.

07:43:44 British soldier patrolling as people cross bridge; people into air raid shelters due to curfew. Women sitting on bunks, children sleeping. Shadows of girls circling hand in hand. German Judges given oath of office; girls seen circling in garden sunshine. Monument w/ pictures of Big 3 at Potsdam: Churchill, Truman, Stalin. Large building flying British flag. British officer swearing in judges. The End.

Post-WWII German Occupation; Rebulding; British Sector; Re-education

[October Revolution - 29th Anniversary Celebrations]

Military band marching in Red Square w/ men watching from Lenin s tomb. Marching citizens w/ banners of Lenin & Stalin. Large flags, High angle w/ massive groups marching in each direction seen from various angles. Large pictures of Stalin, ?? Molotov, others. Waving to viewing stand & Unid. waving back to crowd. Stalin or look-alike?

18:02:35 Large banners re industrial output, consumer goods & targets for 1950. Young people waving & marching.

18:04:00 Balloon floating, LS of many placards carried.

18:04:30 Title:

Building w/ moving lights & multi-story picture of Stalin. Night & dancing w/ search lights playing across crowd & stage, buildings. People dancing.

18:05:15 Int. large auditoriium & couples dancing w/ orchestra playing. Moving camera among the couples; camera appearing to move about high above the couples w/ use of mirrors.

18:06:07 Ext. & fireworks, lights, searchlights, artillery fired, lighted sign. Spectacle. The End.

Post-WWII Russia; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR; 1946;

Montgomery in Russia

[Sd.] Montgomery and others in ballroom of palace. Montgomery with Stalin seated for photcall. Montgomery wearing Russian cossack hat and coat with Stalin - joined by Molotov. Staff car pulls up in snow - Montgomery out wearing huge fur coat - with Russian officers enters military academy - point top sign in Russian above entrance. LS academy building - typical Eastern Bloc architecture.

19:01:27 EXT Opera House; INT Montgomery in uniform up steps with Russian officers on visit to see Profokiev ballet Romeo and Juliet; party into royal box. Curtains part - VS ballet performance w/ first Soviet prima ballerina Galina Ulanova. Applause.

19:03:06 Staff car pulls up in snowy square - Monty out in fur coat. Russian buildings - churches w/ elaborate towers and pinnacles - sightseeing - group along in snow - into cathedral and out again. Party into CCCP HQ building - reception inside - empty ballroom w/ chandeliers - Montgomery w/ medals on uniform.

Postwar. USSR.

Novosti Dnia #15 - February 1947

Part 1 Supreme Soviet in Moscow meets. Stalin presides - standing ovation. [NB Out of rack & out of focus in parts.]

06:21:54 Pt. 2: Manufacturing steel at Stalin Steel Factory, Kuznets Basin. Unusable - out of focus

06:22:50 Pt. 3: Rostov - Stalin Kolkhoz farmers prepare for spring planting - measuring depth of snow - under lab conditions seeds grown. Scientists in Laboratory. Collective farmers attend meeting. Cattle & horses.

06:24:11 Pt. 4: Phosphate mining & fertilizer manufacture in Kazakhstan. Camels. Explosion in open cast mine. Mine train. Party members watching labourers with pick-axes. Silos. Factory - processing.

06:25:46 Pt. 5: Fino-Karelia, Russia - paper mill sets record. Exteriors and interiors factory - heavy machinery - paper processed. Steam train.

06:26:55 Pt. 6: Sport - Moscow s best basketball team practices in gymnasium.

Russia / USSR - Postwar. Industry. Farming / Agriculture. Communism.

Novosti Dnia #66 - November 1947

Delegates at pre-election gathering of District Soviet nominate Joseph Stalin & Vyacheslav Molotov. Man making speech in front of large poster Stalin. Audience applaud

06:11:27 Pt. 2: Pre-election crowd listens to speeches in Molotov District, Moscow.

06:12:48 Pt. 3: At 30th of October plant, locomotive wheel rims are manufactured. Steel works - hot metal into press - train wheels stored.

06:14:13 Pt. 4: Collective farming - Russian Kolkhoz farmers take grain harvest to Marinskian authorities and receive a portion for themselves. Women stacking grain.

06:15:30 Pt. 5: Kolomna District agricultural exhibit displays fruits & vegetables. Beekeeper w/ hive.

06:03:03 Pt. 6: Marine biological expedition of students & professors from Institute of Zoology gather and sort specimens of fish from the Sea of Okhotsk on deck of fishing boat Toporov - octopus measured.

06:18:37 Pt. 7: Sofia, Bulgaria citizens sign a letter of appreciation for Soviet liberation from German occupation & best wishes for 30th Anniversary of October Revolution. Bulgarian President signs - Minko Neychev or Georgi Dimitrov ?

Russia / USSR - Postwar. Agriculture. Communism.

Novosti Dnia #67 - November 1947

Part 1: District Soviet President Popov gives pre-election speech to Stalin Automotive Factory workers in Moscow. [Scratched.]

06:29:55 Pt. 2: At Dynamo Hall in Leningrad workers are urged to complete 5-year plan in four. Audience listen to various speakers inc. woman.

06:31:13 Pt. 3: At Sormov Locomotive Factory near Moscow workers produce locomotive engines. Interior building train engines - heavy machinery. Engine making steam. Exterior steam train up and past.

06:32:56 Pt. 4: Sugar beet factory near Kiev - manufacturing process. Sugar stacked in sacks.

06:34:07 Women pick and unload cotton at Commune of Paris cotton kolkhoz, Turkestan.

06;34:44 Pt.6: Uzbekistan - North Star kolkhoz? - threshing grain crop w/ threshing machine. Sacks of grain moved on trucks carrying poster of Stalin

06:35:23 Pt. 7: Dynamo sports club athletes arrive at Moscow Railroad Station after touring Sweden & Norway. Close ups all members with flowers.

Russia / USSR - Postwar. Collective Farming / Agriculture. Communism.

Russia - Voting Farms etc

Queues outside building - men handing out leaflets. Man reading newspaper. Interiors people registering to vote at table. Given voting paper. Shots voting booth. Voters place paper in ballot box, room is covered in huge murals and portraits of Stalin. CU seal on ballot box.

14:28:44 Two children ice skating on frozen river. Men looking down ice holes for fish ?

02:29:04 Collective Farm / cattle market in snow. Woman fills trough from well. Horse drawn sleigh / cart loaded with hay. Russian peasant woman wearing headscarf feeding chickens. Farmer loading cart with hay.

14:30:12 People entering meeting house. Farmers and wives interviewed by State representatives. Clerk using abacus. 14:31:03Tractor in snow going into shed. Tractor repairs - workshop. Engine on block and tackle. Man hitting tractor tracks with sledgehammer. 14:32:24 Two children climbing up snowy hill towards house. Shot from hill top of snowy terrain. Religious statue in foreground. 14.32:54 Russian Orthodox Church, parade - Cross carried. Priest reading to mass of women all wearing scarves in open air. 14:33:40 Interior church - priest with incence - Religious Service - line of women come to kiss crucifix.

14.34:07 Voting hall - short sequence votes in ballot box.

Soviet Lithuania, 1947 [Reel 1 of 5]

Incentive documentary on the achievements of Lithuania since the 1939 Soviet "liberation." Picturesque rural views of Lithuania prior to 1939 - women throw garland into river - montage fields, castles, farms & trees - deserted agricultural buildings. LS cathedral; INT CU portrait of unid. man.

14:19:49 Map showing break-up of Lithuanian territory -Polish forces in Vilnius, Germans in Klaipeda. Montage of newspaper headlines, still images & models [of torture chamber?] highlighting pre-World War II Polish and German aggression and occupation of Lithuania; contrasted to the 1939 liberation of Vilynus - natives are smiling and happy - parading w/ banners of Stalin.

Monument representing loss of cities to Polish & Germans. VS ice flows on river through Vilnius [?].

14:22:18 Stalin on platform above huge crowd of Lithuanians waving Soviet banners & portraits - celebrating Lithuania joining USSR 03Aug40. INT diplomatic signing. Civilians loading furniture onto truck - tearing down shack. Farm workers in field - surveying new land & signing papers - smiling men. Rural idyll scenes - woman out of cottage, watering flowers, children nearby.

14:24:22 Rural idyll shattered by explosion. Germany attacks USSR 22Jun41 - burning building collapses. City streets - buildings on fire. Women crying [brief].

USSR. Art / Painting.

Sovetskaia Ukraina [Reel 1]

Documentary on the Soviet effort to rebuild industry, agriculture, housing, and culture in the Soviet Ukraine. Shows intense Ukrainian support for the Soviet system.

Opening titles. Scenic rural views - lakes, mountains, forests. Views of a monument dedicated to Taras Shevchenko, famous Ukrainian poet and freedom fighter in Kiev. River at sunset. Ice floes on river through Kiev.

04:50:46 Tanks & troops pass in review through Red Square - CU Stalin saluting on podium - top shot Red Square.

04:51:23 Ukrainians rebuild after WWII destruction - male & female workers on construction sites. Wrecked oil refinery / steelworks. People carry water into hut buried underground. New homes being built - windows glazed. Workers on high scaffolds.

04:53:30 Communist rally in city - workers signing pledge to fulfill the current 5-year plan on the 30th anniversary of the October Revolution. Farm workers sowing seeds using modern equipment - ploughing. Farmer on tractor congratulated by fellow workers - celebrating arrival of first Soviet vehicles - peasants in national dress.

04:55:44 Trees being felled - logging. Men ride log raft down fast-flowing river rapids. Goods train past loaded w/ logs.


Russia Post War

Snow on steps. Woman clearing snow.

01:09:24 Winter street scenes - shops, pedestrians. Pan across city. Bomb damaged buildings. More street scenes.

01:11:14 Sign for Christmas 1947. Children looking at Xmas decorations.

01:11:36 Russian Orthodox priest gives blessing to crowd in open air.

01:11:56 Huge murals Stalin

01:12:20 Out of rack.

01:12:38 Disabled servicemen with walking sticks - crutches in hospital / rehabilitation clinic waiting room. Nurse escorts patient into room. Doctor making medical notes. Man has had leg amputated.

01:14:20 Exterior building. Interior laboratory. Woman looking at magazine. Waiting room - man with one leg walking with crutches.

01:15:28 Nurse examines stump of amputee. Doctor fills in form whilst talking to patient with one leg. Nurse sits next to patient on bed whilst consultation taking place.

01:16:46 Laboratory shots - chemistry experiments. Female students take notes.

Russia Post War

Women shopping in grocery store - buying bread which is weighed on scales. Very sparse shelves. CU bread, cans of evaporated milk. Shopping - queues.

01:19:27 UNRRA aid boxes / crates loaded onto cart

01:19:53 Large Father Christmas / Santa Claus sign. Children looking at Xmas displays in windows. Litlle boy reading poster. Children in classroom - various school classes. Little girl using abacus, teacher. Pupils writing in exercise books. Children listening to ?

01:22:29 Sleigh - snow. Mother and two children wrapped up against the cold. Back view as they walk down snowy road pulling sledge. Horse drawn sleigh full of children. Kids looking at toys in window. Christmas tree and decorations. Huge Santa Claus. - decorations on tree. Smiling children.

01:25:01 Kindergarten class. Teacher with hand pupets. Kids with stuffed toys. Poster of stalin on wall. Kids eating / school dinners. Children setting table. Children with cuddly toys.

01:29:19 Evening - snowy roads - kids on skis and sledge.

Soviet Newsreel (1947)

Narrated by Robert Magidoff

23:29:03 Session of the Supreme Soviet, A Great Kremlin Palace w/ standing ovation for Stalin & others during joint session of both houses of Supreme Soviet. Chairman of Soviet of Nationalities ?? opens, Minister of Finance speaks of cutting of budget for defense.

23:31:20 Kuznetsk Metallurgical Works in Siberia, The Exterior & interior of works, pouring steel, moving slag. Steel Mill; Industry

23:32:26 Preparations for Spring Sowing. Men measuring snowfields prior to spring melt. Farmers looking at winter wheat samples in laboratory. Looking at winter wheat & farm accountant using abacus to prepare numbers for report. Man reporting to farm. Grain, CU cattle, men working with hoses. Local radios station, projector being threaded.

23:34:40 Phosphates in Kazakhstan Camel caravan led out of town. Large explosion & shovels working to dig open pit mine. Inspection team viewing drilling for more blasting. Large plant for manufacturing fertilizer. Electric power station shown.

23:36:20 Paper By The Ton City in the Karelo-Finnish Soviet Republic Large paper plant w/ machines running & paper flowing. Large rolls off and roll over cutters. Paper stitched into bags, stacked & bundled. Steam train leaving thru snow, dramatic shot. Industry

23:37:28 Monument to Maxim Gorky, A Very large statue being constructed with men on scaffolds. Designed by Vera Muchina. Seen working on statue to be cast in bronze & erected at birthplace of Gorky. Artist; Post-WWII; Propaganda; Communism;

Communism Condemned

HUAC House Committee on UnAmerican Activities meeting. J. Edgar Hoover w/ hand raised sworn in, sits down & reads statement (SOF): The Communist Party of the United States is a Fifth Column if there ever was one. It is far better organized than the Naziis... ...their allegience is to Russia not the United States. Communism in reality is not a political party, it is a way of life. ...akin to disease...a quarantine is necessary... .

07:15:41 Ambassador Bullit testimony (SOF): The Communists are Red Fascists. Soviet Imperialism has replaced Nazi... Stalin will not stop of his own volition. He can only be stopped.

Cold War; Anti-Communists; 1947; Politics; Political Testimony;

NOTE: Source film material has printer ride.

Reds Mark May Day

Large marching groups merging for parade; family of man, woman & son wearing U.S. Navy sailors hat & suit;

marchers waving to leaders on Lenin s Tomb, carrying pictures, banners, Stalin waving in CU.

07:19:03 Large crowd in Free Territory of Trieste from above; MCU of young boys; marchers w/ flags; police marching. People shouting from sidelines & police waving truncheons. Crowd yelling. High angle of massed crowd.

Post-WWII Occupation; Workers Celebrations; Parades; Marches; Demonstrations; Cult Figures;