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Archival film footage on Spanish Civil War from Footage Farm

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World War One and short clip Spanish Civil War

Pre WWI Germany - funeral procession - Kaiser - politicians - German army - Headlines New York Journal. Kaiser defies Tsar - Hands Off or War. Tsar Nicholas and family down steps and into coach. Russian soldiers march past. Newspaper headlines France Enters War. Mounted troops and troops marching across field. Newspaper headlines German Armies Sweep France. Troops in kilts march down road. Germans marching. Trench fighting and explosions (recreations ?) Tank - aircraft going down - battleship sinking, sailors rescued from water. Submarine warfare - torpedo - ship sinking .

08:30:17 - 1917 America enters war - signed declaration of war - Woodrow Wilson at desk. American troops board transport ships - waving as leaving dock - ship along with New York skyline in background. American troops marching on field - American flag - Battle scenes - firing artillery - trench warfare - explosions

08:.31:52 - 1918 Troops celebrate armisitice - American flag. Prisoners of War ? Celebrations in streets - soldier kisses young woman. Mass celebrations - symbolic coffin carried by crowd. Crowds celebrating - group n lorry with effigy of German, beating him over head. VIPs into car. Tickertape - troops march down avenue in parade. Celebrations in Paris - VIPs in coaches down crowd lined Champs ElyseeS. Versailles, Peace conference in room of mirrors.

08:34:30 Historical recreations re signing of American independence - paintings of early US personages - document Declaration of Independence. Statue Abraham Lincoln - memorial. Veterans parade. Veteran lays flowers on bed ? Confederate veterans, some in wheelchars sit round campfire, waving confederate flags.

08:37:22 War scenes Spanish Civil War - child pulled out of rubble - bodies. Child crying - refugees many children, two who have lost legs.

[Spanish Civil War, Misc. Communists & Fascists] (193?)

Spanish border w/ ?? Military by crossing gate. Ship in harbor. Falangistas past camera, some in uniform. Three submarines w/ Spanish flag & crew w/ clenched fists. One sub w/ C #6?

18:28:52 Gibraltar w/ policeman, child. Unid. location, people applaud marching men; women marchingin white w/ white berets. Military VIP checking papers of journalists (?). Troops (German?) in back of open trucks; others, rebels or ?? by roadside.

18:29:19 Ship docking, people on deck & out of docks saluting w/ clenched fist. Posing. Small single-stack yacht in harbor; Communist men on submarines saluting. Border; bridge sign: La Bidassoa N. 10. CU ship Chella. Liner Djenne docking w/ tugs, people w/ clenched fists & down gangway, leaving docks past camera.

18:30:50 Checkpoint w/ police, motorcycle & cars & checking papers at bridge (La Bidassoa?). Men w/ rifles on ground relaxing by sign Ciprian. Soldiers w/ mortars on trucks, rifles. Box of cartridges for Mauser rifles.

Men marching.

18:32:12 Sign: Pamplona Men into trucks; people on balconies watching marching.

18:32:33 Fighting, burning vehicles; tracked vehicles over rough ground. Men into camouflaged twin-engine plane (German?) & taking off; flying over. Vehicles across country; tanks w/ fascists & trucks w/ fascists saluting & saluted as going thru village. VIP fascist in open collared military shirt acknowledged by crowd.

18:33:25 Soldiers dance w/ women in street. Black smoke from airplane crash? CU sign: Castellon. People running through street, troops past & people waving; greeting of soldiers marching in and family welcome w/ kisses.

Spanish Civil War

Crowds gathered in city centre. Girls in dark uniforms and Spanish troops or police stand at attention, people watching from balconies. Crowds applaud as troops and women wearing white uniforms march past. Spanish officer looking at papers. Trucks loaded with soldiers. Docks - liner comes into dock. Crowds coming out of docks giving raised fist salute. Catholic priests carrying trunks. Dock area - submarines - sailors give raised fist salute.

15:25:13 Gibraltar. English policeman with children - refugees cooking on beach, Rock of Gibraltar.

15:25:32 Border. Sign on bridge La Bidassoa - crowds standing at border barrier. Short sequence from previous shots. Ammunition boxes, car through border. Railway yard - passenger train crosses bridge then reverses. Border post, priests. Dock area ship called Chella. Wide shot docks, liner Djenne docks using tug boats. Crowds on board giving raised fist salute. Men and women disembarking carrying suitcases. Interior customs sheds, cases searched (very dark). Smiling crowds leaving dock area and pose for camera saluting

15:29:07 Car checked at border crossing. Town square, people at attention.

15:29:35 Pan round countryside

15:30:00 Papers and car checked at border. Partisans relax with rifles on grass. Troops and artillery in back of trucks, boxes of ammunition.

15:31:22 Crowds waving in town square as men wearing berets and carrying rifles march through followed by women in white uniforms (nurses ?)

15:32:02 Sign Pamplona - Parada Arbitrios. Town square, sequence of shots from above. Troops march past.

[La Guerre Fratricide - Spanish Civil War]

Aerial over Barcelona harbor & city. Pan from rooftop over city roofs of Montjuic.

23:21:34 Trolley #58 past pedestrians & POV from moving car past men on street, some w/ rifles.

23:21:49 Car stopped at checkpoint & papers given to soldier in black. He lets him drive across bridge guarded by sandbagged position.

23:22:16 Interior of ?? w/ suits of armor. Lluis Companys, President of the Generalitat, standing outside in suit & tie smiles at camera.

23:22:21 Men unloading bags from bus, many in uniform. Crowd waving goodbye in front of loaded passenger train cars. Men shaking fists in Communist salute as train pulls out.

23:22:35 Aerial over harbor. Freighters, tankers & navy ships from air.

23:22:46 Playa Catalunya square or park from high angle. Building w/ bullet holes thru windows on ground floor. Man sitting with rifle. Interior of bullring w/ smashed up and burned out cars. Men w/ rifles reading papers in front of building w/ Grup del Poum on banners.

23:23:15 Int. of art museum storage w/ paintings & church icons, statues.

23:23:24 Railroad station crowds. Troops leaving in cattle cars.

Volunteers; Families;

[Spanish Civil War]

Pan over desert battlefield. Men firing rifles & machine guns from behind barricade. Large explosions. POV from train (?).

23:23:57 Uniformed troops parade thru city streets w/ large crowds. CU from between columns in street.


[Re-Establishment of Bi-Color Flag, Spanish Civil War]

High angle, Church exterior w/ crowds as icon carried thru streets. La Giralda Tower & bells ringing.

23:24:47 Statue of virgin sen past heads of monks & Spanish Civil War soldier w/ rifle. Soldiers standing, but laughing. Altar boys & men in black shirts giving fascist salute. Flags in background. Officers & othes. Enormous crowd.

23:25:30 High angle of crowded street & many people on balconies. Girls in uniforms; boys in uniforms w/ fascist salute; army soldiers marching past include Moroccans (?).

23:26:15 Generals watching. Sevilla Town Hall balcony w/ Falangist shield; General Gonzalo Queipo De Llano speaking & gesturing. Possibly General Franco on right. Large bi-color Spanish flag unfurled. Crowd below looking up.

23:26:59 Old fortress-like building w/ window glass broken out. Embassy (?) crest on iron railing, flag above. Hole in end from shelling. Other heavy damage to roof of a building.

23:27:20 Workmen removing timbers & bricks from destroyed houses or shops. Soldiers outside destroyed Algeceras railway station; patrolling other destroyed buildings.

Destruction; Spain; Nationalists; Fascists;

Spanish Civil War

Aircraft over - Bomb damaged buildings and bullet marks in mosaics - debris on ground. Devastated buildings, bust of ? Carriage and furniture in courtyard of building - palace ? More damage to building. Stuffed polar bear in courtyard - piles of books - smoking building. Building on fire. Interior showing damage. Fires. Sign reads Este Historico Artistico Palacio fue Declarado Monumento Nacional. Shots courtyard showing damage. Grave stones destroyed. People in streets, wide shots showing total devastation. Poster of hand Paso el Fascismo. Shots as men try to clear rubble - baby dug out of demolished house, man runs with child to car. More shots clearing up operations, women rescue bits of furniture. Close up woman with little girl in arms. Another child dug from rubble. Refugees some with laden mules down road.

14:34:07 Refugees living in caves - family comes out, children pose for camera. Old woman with dog. Makeshift cooking stove.

Spanish Civil War

Destroyed bridge over river - men and soldiers carrying sandbags. Fascist troops. Men examining wreckage of small aircraft (Breguet XIX) in field.

Spanish Civil War - Communist Demonstration - Harbour shots.

Men wearing black berets giving raised fist salute in park. Man at microphone making animated speech - no sound. sign in background says Generalitat Catalana. Crowd applauding. Band playing - youth marching. Various shots groups of unidentified men sitting talking. Wreath laid by unidentified man accompanied by naval officer. Statue. Ship tied up in harbour, pan round to German naval ship flying Nazi flag. Men on patrol.

14:48:05 Demonstration, banners, can only make out word Actores on banner. Marchers give raised fist salute. Another banner reads S.U.E.P. Autores. Band CU drummer. Marchers carrying pitch forks and spades. More marchers including children. Two young girls marching wearing life belts. Anti Fascist banner. Interior - close shots many individual men, some too dark. Demonstrators on trucks. Pan of children

Spanish Civil War - Russian Steam ship attacked

Russian steamer Suyuz Vodnikov - damage to ship. Captain and crew given heroes welcome on return to Russia - given bouquets of flowers. More shots of damage.

World At War, R3

German & Italian troops in Spanish civil war fighting. Wounded & dead bodies. Franco banner & reviewing troops. Hirohito - Japanese & goose-stepping troops. Munich pact & signing with Chamberlain and Mussolini, Daladier. Mussolini on balcony at night w/ crowd.

18.53.19 Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old woman throwing out flowers. Military band on trucks past camera. Troops through crowds. Nazis into Prague.

18.54.22 Landing in Albania. Hitler at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt s appeal for peace. Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Good shots in offices at Berchtesgaden in front of huge window. 18:55;50 Ribbentrop in Moscow w/ Molotov.

Newspaper Headlines. Hitler reviewing troops. Polish planes, tanks, & guns reviewed - military parade. Loading German bombs, fuel, shells; take off & over, in formation. POV in air. Bombing of Poland - Flak, bombing, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Stukas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railway tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazis. German battleship firing.

25 Years Ago Today

Spanish Civil War - Spanish government troops march down street - King Alfonso - partisans.

Berlin Olympics - Hitler in open top car - opening ceremony Olympics - Hitler saluting - Jesse Owens wins 200m.

Snow sliding - girls having wax painted on seat of trousers - ironing wax ? - sliding down mountains on bottoms (stunt)

Durruti Funeral

Barcelona Top shots huge parade - crowds on pavement giving raised fist salute. Anarchist leader Durruti s Coffin carried by pall bearers. Flag with F.A.I. (Federación Anarquista Ibérica). Man throws flowers on top of coffin. Women crying.

Spanish Civil War - related

Siege of Oviedo Leaves The City Badly Damaged

Many shots of severe damage to city of Oviedo, Spain - some buildings in ruins, gutted by fire - damaged church - wreckage of cars - train station canopy riddled w/ bullet holes & carriages damaged. CU officer / town official. Spanish insurgents [?] towards camera w/ plates of food [after relief convoys broke through ring of Asturian miners around city ?]. Wounded man helped from car. North African [?] troops in unusual uniforms march through city. Convoy of Spanish troops inc. truck pulling gun carriage.

Spanish Civil War. 1930s Spain.

Spain In Arms [Reel 5]

High pan across Madrid - street scenes w/ traffic - Republican preparations for siege under Prime Minister Francisco Largo Caballero - streets fortified & civilians dig trenches on outskirts - women collect firewood. International Brigades arrive in Madrid w/ supplies sent from abroad - CUs foreign soldiers. International Brigades man positions against Nationalist attack - battle montage w/ heavy artillery fired - troops through trenches - grenades thrown - CUs rifles fired.

21:08:33 Capture of University City by Nationalists Nov36 - map of Madrid. Bridge across Manzanares River separating Nationalist-held University City w/ Republican Army in Casa del Campo & rest of Madrid. Pan across no-man s land.

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

Bird-Woman Hops Over Ocean For New Air Record

Beryl Markham Atlantic Flight from East to West.

Aerial downed plane The Messenger on coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Group of people around wrecked plane. Markham posing with group - family? Arriving in NYC by biplane and talking into NBC radio microphone. Cameraman on top of car. Motorcade. Beryl Markham speaking in hall (sd).

Aviation. Woman pilot.

FDR & Gov. Landon on drought; Spanish Civil War fighting from both sides. (02.03.55)|

Civil War Engulfs More of Spain As Fighters Press On

Spanish Civil War fighting from both sides. Nationalist troops & cavalry on battlefield. Republicans running, firing rifles and machine guns. Convoy through town. Car pockmarked with machine-gun bullets. Men clean guns; women shown how to use gun. Little girl with gun posing with grandmother.

British Warship Forced To Shell Rebel Bomber

ca 05Aug36

Shot of harbor w/ arab & european boys looking at camera. Naval ship Churruca in water. Sailor gives communist salute. Small ship firing gun in harbor; large naval ship in entrance.

02:51:43 Crowd of men, boys, burro & cars outside large building. MS.

Tangiers, North Africa; Spanish Civil War;

[American Refugees Arrive Home From Spanish Civil War]

ca 05Aug36

Large ship into port past camera w/ people at rail. Couple & young daughter on deck pose for camera. CUs of pretty girls; other women.


Spanish Loyalists Rush Fresh Troops To Northern Front

ca 24Aug36

Aerial over Barcelona harbor of foreign ships from plane. Plaza Catalunya from high angle. Hotel Colon w/ bullet holes in windows & security guard w/ rifle in chair outside.

02:59:09 Bullring w/ many wrecked cars from bombings etc.

02:59:20 Ext. of Grup del Poum, Marxist & Union, w/ men sitting around on sidewalk. Train station & soldier kissing fiance goodbye; troops waving from train & giving Communist salute & train pulls out.

Spanish Civil War; Republicans; Loyalists;

[Spanish Civil War Offensive Opened by Loyalists]

ca 31Aug36

US Navy ship USS Kane, DD 235, w/ sailors at rail moving thru harbor. Spanish troops at re-establishment of bi-color flag w/ youth giving fascist salute & Gen. Gonzalo Queipo De Llano & possibly Gen. Franco. Reviewing troops. People on balconies, girls in uniform. Troops march.

03:01:12 Troops running & firing in field. Charging w/ bugler. Behind ditches on rocky field & running ahead.

03:01:40 Women peeling potatos & eggs, men at base.

03:01:47 Monoplane lands on rocky field. Pilots talking; into large bi-planes w/ gunners & taking off. Men viewing plane wreckage & treating injured.

Fighting; Loyalists;

Spain s Civil War Flares Violently On Many Fronts

ca 09Sep36

Women running on city sidewalk towards camera; plane diving, people looking up at it. Street shots of people carrying goods; men digging trenches. Troops run out of underground shelter.

03:05:45 Communist troops in boat give salute, off ship into boat.

03:05:58 Artillery firing towards mountains. Loading artillery & firing, explosions.

03:06:10 Men w/ belongings on cart across stone bridge. Sign: La Bidassoa N10. Sign: Douanes Francaises. Refugees crossing border. Tilt down dirt hillside to front of house built into cave.

03:06:28 Man picks up heavy shell. Prisoner taken away. Wounded tended.

Spanish Civil War; Loyalists; Republicans; Fighting;

Spain s Bloody Revolt

ca 21Sep36

Man firing artillery on desert. Town w/ castle-like structure & explosion (Siege of Alcazar, Toledo). Other firings & explosions amid wreckage. Heavily damaged church, pan to countryside beyond town. Soldiers w/ rifles seen looking out of barred windows, river below. Heavy destruction & soldiers behind sandbags in partially destroyed buildings. Men at machine guns, some reading. Collapsed brick walls.

03:13:55 Nuns standing in heavily damaged hospital. Prisoners walking in jail under gaurd. Wounded and dead. Prisoners accompanied into jail.

Spanish Civil War; Fighting; Horrors of War;

Rebel Army Hurls Its Might Against Madrid Defenders

Ca. 05Oct36

High angle pan over desert, troops fighting w/ machine guns & rifles behind low ditches. Explosions. Moving shots. Troops march & parade thru city streets.

Spanish Civil War; Republicans; Loyalists;

[Bomb Damage In Oviedo]

Many shots of severe damage to city of Oviedo, Spain - some buildings in ruins, gutted by fire - damaged church - wreckage of cars - train station canopy riddled w/ bullet holes & carriages damaged. CU unid. officer / general on balcony [fat w/ moustache & glasses] . Spanish insurgents [?] towards camera w/ plates of food [after relief convoys broke through ring of Asturian miners around city ?]. Wounded man helped from car. North African [?] troops in unusual uniforms march through city. Convoy of Spanish troops inc. truck pulling gun carriage. More shots troops & bomb damage - wrecked train carriage - convoy past, some soldiers make fascist salute.

02:07:17 Two official cars across bridge outside city. Snipers behind wall in countryside & helmeted troops w/ surveying equipment. Bombed farmhouse. Dead horse & destruction in Oviedo.

02:09:18 Same general seen earlier w/ troops outside city - talks to civilian woman. Destroyed bridge. CU same general / officer on balcony. Troops resting & eating. Damage at railroad station inspected. Pan up damaged facade of cathedral. More troops in countryside.

02:12:09 Oviedo street scenes - gutted official building & apartment blocks. High pan across town. Troops signal w/ flags from rooftop.

Spanish Civil War - Siege of Oviedo. 1930s Spain.

Spain In Arms [Reel 2A]

Banner on church Viva Il General Franco! Viva Espana! ; Franco greeted by crowd of supporters giving Fascist salutes - Falange banner - Nationalist troops marching. Animated map of Spain showing Nationalist-controlled areas under emblem of Queen Isabella & Republican areas under Communist hammer & sicle. Troops on trucks & horseback. Nationalist troops under General Queipo de Llano cheered in Seville.

20:55:50 Pamplona - troops enlist on Nationalist side at request of General Mola inc. Carlist Mountaineers of Navarre. Fighting on French frontier in Northern Spain - freed [?] Loyalist prisoners give Nationalist salute at flag raising.

20:57:46 Republican soldiers giving clenched fist salutes sent on train back to Barcelona by government.

[NB Narration seems to be in support of Franco & Nationalist cause but less so in some other reels.]

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

Spanish Civil War - Report from Special Envoy Roger Moulinet Anti Fascist troops en route to San Sebastian Lorry with sign Zabalza Transports. Troops moving along roads and through countryside with cattle drawn artillery. Battle scenes in Pamplona ? Artillery firing. Damaged buildings. Troops relax after battle. Troops continue through countryside. Injured man attended to by medics (out of focus). Soldier in bombed out building.

Spanish Civil War

POV train coming through tunnel. Steam train into station. Frontier between France and Spain. Customs. Sign Somosierra Altitude 1444ms. Military vehicles and equipment on road. Burnt out car at side of road. Bullet holes in Obregordo House, former HQ. Colonel Escamez looking at map with General Cabanellasm prexy of Government of Burgos.

Seville - Troops in truck through city streets. Soldiers marching in town square. Young Andalusian recruits receive training - practising with machine guns (not firing) and artillery. General Chapo de Llano, rebel chief out of building. Troops in trucks.

[Early Spanish Civil War Scenes]

[Sd. - French narration.] Civilians run through streets of town & look up to sky at bombers passing overhead; North African [?] soldiers. Troops dig trenches in twon square. Anti-Franco troops arrive by boat. Heavy guns fired in countryside - shell loaded. Refugees over French border w/ belongings on cart; CU street sign of Basses-Pyrenees region - La Bidassoa ; CU French customs sign Douanes Francaises .

01:50:57 [Si.] Vars shots of defences built into hillsides - trenches & bunkers. Man picks up shell casing. Top shots soldiers arresting guerilla? Wounded man helped. Intertitle over painting Ce Que Goya N Avait Pas Vu [ What Goya Never Saw ].

01:51:19 [Sd.] Men wearing white armbands in street - firefighters w/ hoses. INT fascist leader Mirandas [?] - replacement for Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera; EXT new chief leads Nationalist troops out of Falange HQ past civilians giving fascist salute.

01:51:38 Road between Seville & Cordoba - volunteer troops on horseback. March through Pamplona [?] - banner across street Pamplona - Navarra - Espana Por Santa Maria La Real . Young kids in fascist uniform marching past Falange Espanola banner on building followed by young women in uniform - Seccion Feminina ?

01:52:20 Funeral of fascist Colonel Ortiz de Zarate - coffin in hearse past crowd giving fascist salute - coffin lowered into grave.

01:52:54 Truck w/ coffin of fascist General Goded after execution by government of Catalonia [?].

01:53:03 Troops in village of Puerto Cristo - Majorca ?

01:53:17 Refugees into France? People on French beach look through telescope to Spain across bay.

01:53:43 [Si.] Shots of hillside defences & capture of guerilla / insurgent repeated. Heavy artillery fired. Burned-out & damaged cars in unid. town square - civilians & soldier wearing berets in BG.

Falangists. Fascism. Revolution. Spain 1930s.

[Early Spanish Civil War Scenes]

Pan along line of troops w/ bayonet rifles outside prison. INT soldiers on guard - view through bars across window to valley below - bridge across river. Prisoners yard - troops chatting - personal possessions inc. ladies handbags laid out in line on ground. Street scene w/ queue of women & children. Countryside - heavy gun firing. Destruction in city - ruined buildings - man crouches in debris of street cafe, trying to tune in radio ? - troops relax behind makeshift brick wall, rifles lodged in cracks. Brief shot body w/ missing head / limbs. More destruction. Nationalist troops march past civilians giving fascist salute. Brief MS Franco.

Falangists. Fascism. Revolution. Spain 1930s.

[Women Fighting In Spanish Civil War]

High angle shot town in valley w/ column of smoke above; snowy mountains in BG. Troops run through snow & CU jump out of trench inc. woman soldier? Fire rifles from behind wall. LS troops advance through village. Female soldiers in trench w/ rifles then over the top & run across snowy field. Probably anti-Franco Republican troops.

Winter. Spain 1930s. Women At War.

[Republican Activity Around Barcelona]

Cavalry troops practice drawing swords on horseback. Man w/ neckerchief smoking cigar poses for still photographer.

02:53:26 Pan along ship s hull marked [SS?] Uruguay - Barcelona . Troops on horseback past giving closed fist salutes - some very young boys - Republicans? - tracking shot [slightly out of focus] follows cavalry - one rider w/ flag marked w/ Communist hammer & sicle emblem & POUM [Partido Obrero de Unificacion Marxista]. POUM group continues down street giving salutes - low angle shot horses almost gallop over camera.

02:55:31 CU man in car shows handgun w/ extra long bullet clip - passengers armed - longer shot car stopped for inspection. Man w/ arm in plaster.

02:56:36 Coffin on horse-drawn white carriage past camera. Republican troops & civilians fill sandbags in city - truck marked PSU [Partit Socialista Unificat [de Catalunya] - Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia ?] - probably Barcelona. Car w/ sign in windshield Ordre Public . Truck past in BG marked CNT [Confederacion Nacional de Trabajo - National Confederation of Labour ?]. Car w/ sign Fuerzas Leales [Loyal Forces]. B on car license plates - indicates Barcelona.

02:58:52 Pan round three men sitting at table on ship s deck, one w/ Republican badge. Guards pose for camera on deck overlooking port - Barcelona ?

Spanish Civil War. Spain 1930s.

[Spanish Refugees taken aboard US Navy Ship; Storm at sea]

POV over bow thru waves in storm, spray over gun mounted on front deck.

14:20:0? Calm & sailors at ships gun drill, practice loading.

14:20:48 Sailors in whale boat w/ US flag & civilian refugees. Men,, women & children boarding US naval ship.

14:21:12 Whale boat of luggage, belongings & civilian man & old woman arrives alongside; boat hoisted aboard w/ shore visible behind; unloaded onto deck w/ luggage lined up. Others arrive & helped up gangway. Refugees sitting on deck & fed by crew. Two navy officers talk on deck. Sailors take large basket of wine bottles from man in small boat.

Spanish Civil War Evacuation; US (?) Diplomatic Personnel;

[Spanish Civil War]

ca 1936

Troops marching & people giving fascist salute; Moroccan troops.

04:29:07 Troops running over hillside w/ rifles; troops riding & dismounting. Troops in black running to barn. Destroyed building; troops on ground w/ rifle.

04:29:23 Airplane wreckage w/ people around it. Carrying stretcher w/ wounded to truck.

Spain Nationalists; Fascists; Pro-Franco;

[Spanish Civil War]

ca 1936

Sign: St. Jean de Luz w/ river & bridge beyond. People bicycle past. LS of sandy beach & tents, harbor w/ small boats at anchor.

04:29:43 View from water of boat w/ British (?) flag. Large ship D72 w/ British flag. CU of large flag w/ three vertical stripes flying from stern of ?? moving past.

04:30:05 Belongings at border, people, refugeees crossing or loading onto cars. Talking. Sign: Chambre de Commerce de Bordeaux... re airport.

04:30:27 Airfield w/ twin-engine DC-3 (?) on runway w/ biplanes behind. Nose says Granada. Lineas Aereas Postales Espanolas on side of plane.

04:30:38 Tri-motor Fokker F.XII (?) plane in hanger w/ French police around. G-ADZK markings; mcu of police. Other planes in hanger & outside.

04:31:10 View from boat off shore. Gibraltar & police. Women cooking & washing kids on beach. Cars crossing. Police holding baby. Allowing cars & wagons to cross from La Linea. Rock of Gibraltar above Spanish border post. Car leaves Gibraltar & police standing around. View towads road to La Linea or Algecieras. More border crossing scenes of carriage & horses. Ship, Ciudad (?) de Cadiz, & tug moving in harbor to dock.

04:33:59 Small boat, Tetuan, w/ Spanish flag. Gun mounted on front deck.

Deutsche Freiwillige In Spanien - Der Erste Filmbericht Vom Kampf Der Legion Condor

Dir. Karl Ritter

Pan over Granada from hilltop. Unid. city w/ large stone bridge across wide river & church on hilltop, pan across & tilt up from reflection to Cathedral. Other views of fountains (Granda) and church bell towers & church buildings w/ carvings, windows & doors.

13:04:29 War ruins panned across. Cross seen thru arch; walls left w/o roofs. Ancient stone buidligs in ruins. Soldiers march in street. Anti-Franco volunteers firing rifles & w/ raised fists intercut w/ ruined churches & Christ statue as though against Church.

13:05:27 People in front of caves & inside. Women holding children, crying; kids eating from buckts. Portrait of France & Fascist poster w/ saying Arriba Espana

13:06:01 View of plane over coastline, view from plane of Condor planes arriving & 3 German JU-87 Stuka fighter planes in flight. Twin-engine plane lands; make-shift control tower w/ wind-sock & German soldiers beside tent. Biplanes taxi to stop. Abrupt end. Balance of film missing from NARA per second request 04Sep06.

1930s Spanish Civil War; Condor Legion; Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

The Spanish Earth [Reel 1 of 6]

Directed by Joris Ivens / Co-written & Narrated by Ernest Hemingway

US documentary produced by Contemporary Historians group* recording the effects of the Spanish Civil War on the peasants & townspeople on the Republican side.

20:00:00 Scenes of dry Spanish countryside w/ VO re need for water & irrigation to grow food for defenders of Madrid. Village of Fuentedueña - people baking bread, washing linen, sweeping streets - men off to work in the fields on mules - women collect bread stamped w/ Union label - ploughing fields - irrigation channels being dug. High pan across valley w/ sound of gunshots & artillery heard.

Spanish Civil War. Anti-Fascism.

* Contemporary Historians was a group of American intellectuals supporting the Republican cause, inc. Lilian Hellman, John Dos Passos [who co-wrote narration], Archibald Macleish & Herman Shumlin.

The Spanish Earth [Reel 2 of 6]

Directed by Joris Ivens / Co-written & Narrated by Ernest Hemingway

Map showing the village's position near the main highway from Madrid to Valencia. Republican soldiers walking across countryside to front line - preparing weapons & ammunition - firing heard - loading shells & firing heavy guns - officers look through binoculars. Map shows front line 25 miles away from Fuentedueña. Front line outside Madrid, shells landing in distance. Men digging trenches, reinforced using doors of bombed houses.

20:12:00 Republican troops eating, reading, getting shave & haircuts. Loudspeaker van of People's Army driving out gates of Madrid - record put on turntable - men listening to music - new recruits given rifle instruction. Map of Madrid, showing University City taken by Rebel forces. Battle for the clinic in the University City; Commander Martinez de Aragón seen talking with officers; various shots of sniper activity - target building seen through gun slits, gunfire. Young soldier writes home.

Spanish Civil War. Anti-Fascism.

The Spanish Earth [Reel 3 of 6]

Directed by Joris Ivens / Co-written & Narrated by Ernest Hemingway

Soldiers in groups smoking; giving Republican clenched fist salute; Republican meeting, with vars speakers [non-sync.] & applause, inc. German writer Gustav Regler & La Pasionara (Dolores Ibarruri); cut to her voice heard broadcast from loudspeaker van.

20:21:03 Street fighting in Madrid - shells fired at enemy positions in ruined building - VO re aid from Germany & Italy prolonging war. Republican soldiers go home on leave past bombed buildings inc. Duke of Alba s Palace - artworks salvaged by government militia.

Spanish Civil War. Anti-Fascism.

The Spanish Earth [Reel 4 of 6]

Directed by Joris Ivens / Co-written & Narrated by Ernest Hemingway

Propaganda broadcast over shots of Madrid devastation. Statue of Don Quixote & Sancho Panza. Civilians help build Madrid defences. Street scenes of life in besieged city - women queue for food - body of civilian killed by shelling under blanket in street - hearse arrives. Posters urging civilians to evacuate - women & children waiting to get into lorries to be evacuated. Men enlist in Republican Army.

20:29:49 President Azaña arrives in Valencia - addressing council meeting [voice w/ English subtitles] against Fascist overlords wishing to deprive Spanish people of the earth they have the right to hold and cultivate.

20:30:33 In Fuentedueña irrigation plans continue - plans finalised - building a pump house - digging channels & cultivating soil.

20:32:45 Young soldier returns home from Madrid - his father called in from the fields.

Spanish Civil War. Anti-Fascism.

The Spanish Earth [Reel 5 of 6]

Directed by Joris Ivens / Co-written & Narrated by Ernest Hemingway

Father returns home to greet his son - villagers gather round. Soldier drills village boys.

20:35:34 Drilling of battalion of bullfighters & athletes in Madrid. Soldiers bid farewell to girlfriends & families. Sandbags along roadside - air attack on Madrid - people running in street - explosions & panic - ambulance w/ siren - boys look for shell fragments among debris - dead bodies in hallway.

20:38:49 Bombing of village - German Junker planes spotted overhead - bomb hits - women weeping - rubble in street - CUs dead women - young boys in soldiers uniforms. Wreckage of downed Junker. Dead Italian troops - VO says they signed up to work in Ethiopia.

Spanish Civil War. Anti-Fascism.

The Spanish Earth [Reel 6 of 6]

Directed by Joris Ivens / Co-written & Narrated by Ernest Hemingway

Map showing attack of Rebels on a bridge on the Madrid-Valencia road. Fighting continues while villagers work on irrigation scheme.

20:44:22 Republican troops leaving Madrid city gates, tanks going through - infantry and tanks travel to bridge area - shells falling. Wounded being treated. Bridge not hit - successful counter-attack for Government troops - Valencia Road saved. Soldiers return to Madrid; irrigation work continues; water flows across the parched earth. CU soldier firing rifle.

Spanish Civil War. Anti-Fascism.

Spain In Arms [Reel 3B]

High pan across Malaga - Nationalist fleet in harbour - heavy guns fired - Nationalist volunteers capture prison ship Marques de Chavarro & free captives who give open-handed salute - greeted by crowds on dock. Malaga liberated 08Feb37 - Franco s army through streets - refugees return to city.

21:01:20 Damaged hospital interior - nurses gather broken glass - EXT Worried-looking civilians search rubble - dead bodies - injured women & children lowered from building onto street in harness.

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

Spain In Arms [Reel 7]

Apr37 Nationalist troops head North. Map of Basque Country showing Guernica. Sign on wall Guernica - steel frame of bombed building - VO suddenly veers back to Nationalist-propagandist angle: Guernica was not bombed from the air but burned to the ground by retreating Reds . Reconstruction Corps of Nationalist Army repair bridges & roads. Map of advance on Bilbao.

21:11:05 Nationalist troops & armoured cars advance from South. Artillery prepares - attack on Brigades of Navarre - montage heavy guns firing - machine gunners. Jun37 Bunkers of Iron Ring outside Bilbao captured by Nationalists. Troops advance up railway line.

21:13:48 Sign Bilbao ; high pan across city. Nationalist troops pour into Bilbao 19Jun37. Map showing decreasing Northern stronghold of Loyalists around Gijon. Gasoline tanks burning at night. Nationalist troops marching.

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

Spain In Arms [Reel 8]

Animated map of Spain showing Nationalist advance on Teruel region. High shots across rural town & mountains. Nationalist troops into region. Battle of Teruel scenes c.Dec37 - aerial bombardment - officers confer - bicycle messenger despatched - artillery fire from mountain positions - troops advance across hillside - plane overhead - bombs explode - riflemen laying on ground firing - machine gunners fire back at them.

21:20:52 Troops across bridge into Teruel after Republican surrender Feb38. Map showing Loyalist front broken in two. Nationalist troops march w/ flags.

21:21:40 Brigades of Navarre reach Mediterranean. General Franco inspects fleet at Castellon, Valencia - sailors march in review - Franco tours battleship - departure w/ motorcade through crowd giving Nationalist salute.

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

[Spanish Civil War - Ship Imerethie II w/ Nationalist or Fascist Soldiers & Families Boarding]

Men walking past on sunny street. CU ship s smoke stack w/ black smoke out.

10:28:00 Ship s bridge w/ soldier (?) w/ binoculars & woman off camera.

10:28:11 Looking odwn w/ people alongside truck on street, one w/ rifle. Pan docked ship Imerethie II, cargo net loading. Small rowboat on water w/ flag & man rowing. Men at rail of ship, some wearing military caps; men take off hat to camera. Black legion -like soldier boards. Black man & family boarding. Nationalist or Fascist soldier & children boarding. Women board in mcu.

Spanish Civil War; Spain; 1937ca; Ship; Military;

[Spanish Civilians Evacuated - Destruction in Madrid]

High pan down facade of British Embassy in Madrid w/ roof damaged after bombing by Spanish rebels - Union Jack flag hanging above gate. CU plaque His Britannic Majesty s Embassy & Consulate . INT shots showing bomb damage - British Ambassador to Spain ?

02:25:03 Troops w/ rifles advance through woodland - crawling. Soldier in trench throws grenade, others fix bayonets to rifles.

02:26:04 Women & children in train carriage marked Madrid-Mondejar - evacuating refugees. Soldiers help load more kids into goods carriage. Train leaves station watched by men on platform. Mother kisses kids through train window. Refugees wrapped in blankets on platform. Pan down apartment building in city [ Madrid ?] w/ damaged blinds at windows - sandbag roadblock across street. Refugees onto truck & through streets w/ belongings. Civilians salvage possessions from rubble - little boy w/ broken scooter. Pan down apartment building w/ most of facade collapsed. Civilian women & children in ruined streets.

[NB Some shots out of focus.]

Spanish Civil War. 1930s Spain.

[Spanish Civil War - Railroad Repairs & Republican Troops]

Scenes of devastation at railroad station - wrecked carriages among debris - bomb crater - burned-out goods wagons. Sign Pozuelo Alarcon - small town near Madrid. Damaged railway track - men begin repairs laying sleepers & track. Locomotive on its side. CUs railroad reconstructed. High angle shot railway goods yard burning? - clouds of smoke pouring from locomotives & wagons [could be stoking up after repairs?]. Train driver in cab gives Republican salute w/ closed fist. Armoured train pulls out of tunnel - troops inside - CUs bugler & soldiers - troops line up the march along street w/ Madrid flag - probably Republicans [ anti-Franco ].

Spain 1930s.

[Spanish Civil War - Fighting In Countryside]

Heavy gun firing - bomber overhead - column of smoke - troops running. Republican troops past on truck convoy - salute at camera w/ closed fists. Troops chat w/ civilians on hillside. Motorcycle troops. Kids salute passing buses w/ closed fists. LS convoy along mountain road. Motorcycle troops through town. Snipers out of foxhole; shoot w/ rifles & machine gun from behind sandbag wall. Officers look through binoculars & consult map - one has tassle on front of cap - Nationalists ? Heavy artillery fired - shells loaded - officer makes notes. Biplanes overhead - air to air combat? Smoke from bomb or crashed plane. Troops run across field.

02:49:33 CU officer w/ binoculars & distrinctive triangular badge w/ crossed swords. CUs troops run for cover under aerial bombardment watched by officer.

02:50:28 Republican officers wearing leather jackets & distinctive hats watch through binoculars - chief w/ heavy moustache. Motorcycle soldier brings food & drink. Dead soldiers on ground. Prisoners marched at gunpoint - all give Republican salute to camera then given cigarettes & shake hands w/ officers - defectors ?

Spain 1930s. Guerillas.

Italy, Naples - Fascist Volunteers Return From Spain

Troopship heavily laden with troops arriving in Naples Harbour. Soldiers disembark. Inspected on dockside. Military parade - thousands watch as troops parade down street.

Spanish Civil War

World-Wide News Events: New York, NY

Young men of Abraham Lincoln International Brigade arrive home from Spain after fighting with Loyalist troops against Genral Franco s Nationalist Insurgents. Huge welcoming committee w/ banners & march through NYC streets.

Spanish Civil War. 1930s

[Worldwide News Events - Spanish Civil War Refugees in Luchon]

Spanish refugees cross the Pyrenees at Luchon, France. Herded by village. CU man with beret Basque eating and smiling. Boarding train and train drives off with men leaning through windows.

[World Wide News - Spanish Civil War]

Amposta - Fighting scenes on Catalonian front with Italian legionnaires attacking Loyalist positions. VIP visits front.

The World At War [Reel 3 of 7]

US Office of War Information

German & Italian troops in Spanish Civil War fighting. Ruined buildings. Wounded & dead bodies. Franco banner & reviewing troops. Hirohito - Japanese & goose-stepping troops. Munich Pact signing with Chamberlain, Mussolini, Daladier, Hitler, Goering. Night shot crowd in Rome in square w/ Vittorio Emmanuel memorial in BG.

19:14:20 Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old woman throwing flowers. Military band on trucks past camera. Troops through crowds. Nazis into Prague. Hitler at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt s (FDR) appeal for peace.

19:15:49 Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Newspaper headlines. Polish planes, tanks, & guns reviewed - military parade. Loading German bombs, fuel, shells; bombers take off & over, in formation. Air to air shots. Bombing of Poland - flak, bombing, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Stukas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railway tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazis. German battleship firing.


World Wide News Events - Catalonia, Spain

Spanish Civil War, Battle for Barcelona and refugees, troops across fields. Injured in the streets of Barcelona. Art treasures. Refugees in mountains - walking along roads with belongings.

Gen. Franco hailed as he enters the city with Moorish guard - Franco salutes from balcony.

World Wide News Events - Catalonia, Spain

Franco routs Loyalist Army - Spanish Civil War. Graphic scenes as General Franco s insurgent forces sweep northward into the Catalonian corner following the capture of Barcelona. Military vehicles on road, destroyed bridge in background. Artillery and supplies on mules moving up. Troops through destroyed town - barricades on streets. Prisoners of war.

World Wide News Events - War Ends in Spain

Madrid - the stronghold of the Red forces surrenders without firing a shot. Pan over outskirts - False start, repeats. Close shots damaged buildings. Crowds gathered in square. Arms / rifles piled up. Soup kitchen, close up child eating bread. Franco s Moorish guard ride through streets escorting car carrying Franco. Franco out of car - large signs and pro Franco posters. Franco salutes from balcony.

01:18;21 Paris, France. La Passionara, Communist woman leader flees from Spain to avoid execution - shots as she walks through railway station in Paris on her way to Russia. Group into waiting car and away.

Spanish Civil War

World Wide News Events: Paris, France

Sen. Leon Berard, special envoy to Burgos, Spain, arrives back in Paris for talks w/ French Foreign Minister Bonnet after agreement to recognise Franco regime. L-R Bonnet & Berard pose at microphones outside official building for news cameras, reporters taking notes.

Spanish Civil War. French Foreign Policy. 1930s.

World-Wide News Events: Cadiz, Spain

Italian legionnaires prepare to leave Spain after fighting for General Franco - march through huge crowds to docks past building w/ banners spelling out D-U-C-E F-R-A-N-C-O . Civilians on dock give fascist salute. Legionnaires onto ship w/ belongings, one carries Italian flag.

Spanish Civil War. Italian Foreign Policy. 1930s.

World-Wide News Events: Naples, Italy

20,000 Italian troops given hero s welcome on return from fighting w/ Franco s forces in Spain. CU helmeted troops hold up combat knives in salute; King Vittorio Emmanuel past reviewing troops. High angle shots soldiers march through Naples; MCU King Vittorio salutes troops from podium.

Spanish Civil War. Italian Foreign Policy. Prewar Italy. 1930s.

Pathetic Scenes Mark Flight Of Spanish Refugees


High angle shot of mass of cars & people in small French village in valley. Police at border holding back crowds. Men, women & children outside border police station. Many with bags of goods. Wounded walking, searched by police. Girl crying in MCU. Man passing out coffee or soup. Woman carrying bags & boxes, kids carry baskets. Woman balacing bundle on head. One legged children w/ canes & crutches. People being fed on long tables. Kids given inoculation shots. CUs. Families walking hand in hand.

Spanish Civil War Refugees; Despair; Hopelessness; Horrors of War; Pre-WWII; Homeless; Displaced Persons;

World-Wide News Events - Le Perthus, France

Ca. 20Feb39

Men in suits w/ reporters at border. Huge group of refugees or prisoners. Wounded treated.

03:21:33 Line of men walking over Pyrenees w/ packs and rags etc. Past piles of rifles, cars & people.

03;21:39 Stacking enormous pile of rifles; pan over armored cars parked in valley, most w/ flat or no tires.

03:21:46 Convoy of trucks w/ soldiers; pulling artillery. men giving facist salute beneath flag. French General shaking hands w/ Spanish officer. Men in prisoner of war (?) camp staring at camera.

Spanish Civil War; Refugees; Pre-WWII; Horrors of War; Displaced Persons;

On the War Front - Italy - Mussolini presents medals to heroes of the Spanish Civil War.

Outdoor ceremony - Mussolini on dias presents medal - kisses. Military march past (goose stepping)

World-Wide News Events [US Pilot freed from Spanish Civil War Prison Returns]

ca 18Mar40

LS American-Export Lines freighter in harbor; on board man waving towards Statue of Liberty seen from behind. MCU. Blond woman up gangway & they embrace (he wearing beret). At press conference both behind microphones surrounded by press & others.

Spanish Civil War;

New York, N.Y. [Communists Picket NYC French Embassy Over Deportation Of Spanish War Refugees]

Ca. 20Mar40

Police & demonstrators on Fifth Avenue outside French Embassy at Rockefeller Center. Police pushing protesting women & arresting men as they march w/ American flag. Plainclothes police arrest man. Mounted police. Woman dragged by police; others carrying US flag loaded into police van. Men calling thru wire on back of police van.

Spanish Civil War Demostration;

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.565 Jul41 - Reel 1]

11:56:33 Volunteers register for war on Axis side in Denmark & Norway.

11:56:49 Volunteers parade in Holland & Spain, anti-Communist banners: Voluntarios Falangistas Contra Rusia . Sign at train station: The German army greets the Spanish volunteers .

11:57:21 Bordeaux station - Legion Azul leaves for the front.

11:57:40 Italy / Verona - Mussolini reviews troops leaving for the front; military parade past podium, crowds wave Italian flags, troops in trucks.

11:58:23 Flyers distributed in Bucharest, Romania, crowd in front of German embassy demonstrates unity w/ German Reich; swastika banners & Romanian flags. Romanian troops march off to front, Nazi salutes from crowd.

11:58:59 Slovakia - marching troops.

11:59:13 Hungary - troops march past cheering crowds.

11:59:25 Map of Eastern Front. Finnish-Russian border w/ road construction, over branches on muddy road; tank through water; advance towards Salla. Finnish general discusses operation w/ German officers. Front newspaper distributed. Signpost various towns inc. Salla & Kantojoki.

12:00:35 Russian planes overhead, attack airfield; anti-aircraft guns fired. Downed Russian plane.

12:01:13 German planes in flight chase Russians, air to air shots inc. gun camera footage. Soviet plane goes down. Forest burned down by Russians; tanks thru it.

12:02:37 Meeting at airfield W/ German & Finnish officer. Stukas on airfield. Reindeers driven out of flight path - Lapland ? Silhouette Junkers Ju-87 Stuka flying low; air to air shots.

12:03:30 Russian positions bombed by Stukas; burning woods. Luftwaffe ground crew crank engine of Messerschmidt Me-109 & plane takes off; fighter on way to attack Russian naval ship in White Sea. British assault ship burning; another under fire.

12:05:20 Map. Southern part of Eastern Front; Romanian troops; marching; truck convoy & motorcycle troops across timbers on rough ground. CU of tank treads; CU motorcycle wheels.

WWII; Russian Front; Eastern Front; Operation Barbarossa; Military Aviation; Fighting; Battles; Spanish Civil War;

[Prison of Alcala de Henares] (ca 1942)

Top shot prisoners assembling in prison yard, shot through bars of window. GV prisoners marched back into building seen from above & from yard. Man blows bugle, prisoners march to workshops; seen coming thru barred gates into building. Wooden benches loaded onto trucks.

Dictators; Franco Era; Post Spanish Civil War; Pews; Political Prisoners;

[Yeserias Prison] (ca 1942)

Madrid, Spain

Political prisoners who are journalists, edit weekly newspaper Redencion.

Editorial room, men typing, director of the prison enters with one of the prisoners. Director looking at copy & discussing. Sequence repeated.

16:25:26 Newspapers on conveyor belt stacked & packed into bundles. Prisoners in yard reading newspaper. Sign Redencion Jornal de los prisioneros.

Dictators; Franco Era; Post Spanish Civil War;

[Alcala de Henares and Comendadoras prison] (ca 1942)

Madrid, Spain

Artists & intellectual prisoners. Sculpture studio, prisoners working on religious pieces. Prisoner painting crucifix. Two prisoners carving statues. Prisoners doing pen drawings of altars to replace those destroyed during the revolution.

16:27:44 Comendadoras prison in Madrid. Shots in cartography work room showing prisoners making relief map. Plaster spread over mould. Dried map of Spain removed from mould, prisoners putting detais on relief maps.

Dictators; Franco Era; Post Spanish Civil War; Craftsmen; Political Prisoners; Sculptor

[Ventas Prison for Women] (ca 1942)

Madrid, Spain

Exterior, Director & Administrator of Prison walking round perimeter. Int. women prisoners in kitchens, prison administrator tasting soup. Catholic nun watches women enter workroom & stand by sewing machines. Women pray before work. Women sewing at machines & some doing hand embroidery.

16:31:40 Cooking classes, woman guard teaching young girls. Nuns teaching young girls to iron.

Dictators; Franco Era; Post Spanish Civil War; Political Prisoners;

[San Insidro Mothers Prison; Porlier Men s Prison; Valencia Prison] (ca 1942)

Madrid, Spain;

Courtyard of prison w/ mothers & young children and babies. Group of toddlers in yard. Woman getting small children ready to visit father in different prison. Woman guard takes kids. Kids wait to be let thru prison gate. Party arrives at Porlier men s prison, goes into directors office. Picture of Franceo. Male prisoner into office & kisses small boy. CU lots of hugs and kisses.

16:36:05 At festivals of Nativity and Epiphany children are allowed to visit Fathers in prison. Long row of children clutching bags entering prison accompanied by nuns, Sisters of Charity. Kids into hall, greeted by fathers. Stall selling toys made by prisoners. Prisoner paying for toy at window. Kids in courtyard w/ newly acquired wooden dogs made by prisoners. Mock circus put on by fathers to amuse children in prison yard.

Dictators; Franco Era; Post Spanish Civil War; Political Prisoners;

[WWII - German Newsreel Excerpts, 1943] R1 of 4

Ext.of building w/ name on top. Int. panning of farmers listening to officials in Agram (Austrian - German name for Zagreb). Men signing ??, one in native coat. Give salute, leaving w/ VIPs, walk down village road. Woman behind fence salute official car passing.

04:01:03 Pressburg / Bratislava, Slovakia square & Czech & Bulgarian officials w/ military; civilians watching; int. signing agreement w officials behind. CUs. Handshaking & exchanging documents.

04:01:40 Madrid, Spain University after Spanish Civil War. Damaged or partially constructed large buildings seen behind officials; attaching explosives to concrete columns. Pushing plunger & tall building dropping.

04:02:09 Pan across new buildings, looking like Mussolini-type architecture. Name over columns: Scuela Superior de Arcuitectura.

04:02:28 Gas welding on bicycle frames on assembly line & assembling gears, wheels in German factory. CU inspecting. Attaching chain, pedals, handlebars, seat. Packing bicycles for shipping.

04:03:38 Four cyclists riding on treadmills. Large dial above recording distances. MCU rollers, riders. CU dials, riders, wheels.

04:04:08 Norwegian ski slope w/ skier past flags on slalom race. Spectators. Racing.

04:05:07 Canoe & Kayak race on Savoyard Alps of France. Two women & man down slope; POV behind woman in canoe thru trees. View alongside.

04:05:17 Man in canoe down & into stream; man in kayak rolls onto side, up snowcovered & wipes face. People down slope into stream & two canoes & kayak paddle down river. Gags; Oddities.

04:06:00 First locomotive engine built in Ostrogeral, Germany w/ swastika on front out of factory. Sign on front. CU R50 UK. Nazi & civilian VIPs walk around it, gesturing. CU wheels, steam whistle, moving out.

04:06:49 Dr. Krechi, Moravic Minister & SS leader & German Minister of State for Bohemia & Moravia Karl Hermann Frank speak to Bohemians & Moravians on stage in front of large coats of arms w/ swastika between. Filled hall of men listening. Several in native coats. (see also similar on R4)

WWII German Nazi Propaganda; 1943 ca; Recreation; Politics; Diplomatic Agreements;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world; however if users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

[Mexico City Meeting of Junta Espanola de Liberaction w/ Paul Rivet Speaking (MOS), Aug-Sep44]

Trolley bus past headquarters of Junta Espanola de Liberacion; pedestrians walking past, other traffic past. Flags of Mexico & Spanish Republic flying from poles in front outside second floor windows.

11:01:01 MCU. Int. w/ six men around large table. Junta meeting of refugees from Franco Spain headed by Don Diego Martinez Barrio, former interim president of Spanish republic & Don Indalecio Prieto, former Minister of National Defense in Republic Spain. Spanish Republican flag on wall in back. Talking (MOS) over reports of war & proofs of their own writings. CUs. Also present Don Antonio Maria Sbert; Don Carlos Espla; Don Alvero De Albornos; Don Feliz Gordon Ordas.

11:06:07 Paul Rivet, French Socialist speaking to meeting of Spanish & French Socialists at HQ of Junta Espanola de Liberaction. Shots of hall from behind speakers. Crowd shots, listening, applauding, etc. Rivet & Prieto talking surrounded by admirers, embrace. CU Cross of Lorraine flag & Spanish Republican flag.

11:08:56 Flag decorating desk at Rivet-Prieto meeting: UGT Comite Nacional Group signing parchment in testimonial to Gen de Gaulle. CU of parchment.

Post-Spanish Civil War; WWII; Exiles;

[Spanish Exiles Meeting in Mexico, Sep44]

Ext MS & CU of home of Don Indalecio Prieto, former National Defense Minister of Spain. Cars & pedestrians past. Int. of Spanish refugee leader Prieto at desk w/ his portrait on wall & picture of Ex-Pres. of Mexico Laszro Cardenas on other wall. Writing, on phone

11:13:30 Meeting by fireplace w/ refugee friends as though planning trip back to Spain. Group includes Dr. Juan Companys, congressman from Almeriz, Spain; Julio Prieto Villabrille, Consul General d Espagne in Paris; Dr. Rafael Fraire, Ex. of the National Committee of the General Workers Union; Don Luis Prieto son of Indalecio Prieto; Pedro Gonzalez-Blanco, friend & well-known Spanish writer; Victor Salazar Prieto s private Secretary. Wood carving on mantle of Prieto. Murals on wall painted by Aurelio Arteta.

11:15:55 CU of carved statue & painting behind.

11:16:00 Prieto interviewd by Donald Newton, American journalist & head of Time, Inc Bureau in Mexico and a Mexican journalist.

Exiles Post-Spanish Civil War;

[Spanish Government In Exile, Paris, France]

Men seated around table w/ papers & folders, coats on wall rack behind. Jose Giral Pereira presiding at meeting in offices of Spanish Government in Paris. On his left are Trifon Gomez San Jose, Minister of Immigration; Jose E. Leiva, Min. of Agriculture; Horacio M. Prieto, Min. of Public Works. On his right: Juan H. Saravia, Min. of Defense; Manuel Tores Campana, Min. of Interior; Santiago Carrillo, newly elected Minister of the Communist Party w/o portfolio. These are the only members of the Spanish Government in Exile, now in Paris.

11:37:26 15th Anniversary of the Spanish Republic. LS Ext. of Salle Wagram, rue Montenotte, 17th Arrondissement. Crowded sidewalk w/ nearly all men, large banners in Spanish. People marching into entrance from street w/ banners.

11:38:42 Pres. Jose Giral speaking (MOS), seated on left is Mr. Aguirre, Pres of Basque Government; General Riquelmel and Albert Bayet, Pres.of French Press Federation. Others seated behind. Flags over tables.

11:38:53 Audience shots listening, w/ dramatic light from ceiling.

11:39:39 La Passionaria (Dolores Ibarruri) applauding & laughing. CUs others standing, applauding, listening.

11:40:33 Largo Caballero s (15Oct1869 - 23Mar46) Funeral. Procession w/ marchers w/ red flags & wreaths proceeding the hearse. Street lined w/ people. Hearse passing; many marching behind. Many carrying banners & flags and signs in tribute. Procession entering the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, coffin placed on trestles, covered w/ flag; MS of mourners. President Jose Giral delivering speech, crowds listen. Various shots.

11:43:29 CU Leon Jouhaux, Gerneral Secretary of the CGT (Confederation General du Travail aka Spanish Workers Union) speaking (MOS). Overhead crowd shot.

Post-Spanish Civil War; Post-WWII France; Spain; Exiles; Refugees; Politics; Socialists;

Martinez Barrio, president of Spanish Republic in exile, down gangplank of the Jamique after arrival from New York. Poses w/ ?? & French naval officers. Walking on dock past camera, greeted.

10:52:32 CU Premier Jose Giral of Spanish Republican Government at Orly Airport w/ to his (off screen?) left Emanuel d Astier de la Vigarie (minister of Interior in de Gaulle s government in Algiers who greeted him. Giral speaks (MOS) w/ several women behind him.

10:53:31 Dr. Jose Giral Pereira, President of exiled Spanish Republican Govt. leaving Cite Universitaire w/ son Antonio Giral who is his father s First Secretary. Enter Park Montsouris w/ university behind; traffic and people behind. Walk in park, sit & talk (same man as at Orly?)

10:54:33 Jose Giral & four men around table; may be Francois Mauriac; Paul Boncour; Reverend Father Riquet. Also at reception in apartment of Madame Malaterre-Sellier w/ many people seen talking were Juan H. Saravia, Minister of Defense; Luis Nicolau D Olver, Amb. to Mexico; Jose antonio de Aguirre, Pres of Euzkadi (Basque homeland); Jose E. Leiva, Minister of Agriculture.

10:55:29 Madame Sellier, Rev. Riquet, Jose Giral.

10:55:34 Mauriac, Giral & Riquet.

10:55:42 LS w/ more people visible as Giral speaks. Giral & Riquet in MCU. talking. Many people in entrance hallway talking. MCU of Father Riquet, Paul Boncour, Nicolau D Olwer talking as Mauriac passes.

10:57:10 Mrs Company, widow of former President of Cataluna.

10:57:31 General Requelme. Dr. Juan Sgnazca, Pres. of Union Nacional Espanola. Dr. Carlos Marti, former counsellor of the Generality of Cataluna. Dr Sgnazca & Marti together.

10:58:05 L to R Rafaele Closas, former counsellor of Generality of Cataluna; Jose Tarradellas, former 1st counsellor of Generarlity of Cataluna; & Minister Mariano Auso, former Minister of Justice of Spanish Govt. CU of each. All w/ Marti.

10:58:38 Ext of house & studio of Pablo Picasso in Rue Augustin in snow. CU sign: Rue des Grands Augustins. Entrance to Picasso s house, several shots. Int. of Picasso Studio w/ meeting around table in coats at meeting of Friends of Spain. CUs of various people.

11:00:29 Unid. personalities walking on sidewalk past shop windows. Paris street scenes. US soldier cameraman films briefly as they enter subway.

Post-Spanish Civil War; Post-WWII;

News in Brief [Civil War Anniversary, Spain] (1949)

Madrid, Spain

Spanish victory parade on anniversary of Civil War, military march past large crowds. Franco salutes. V/S and angles of troops including moorish guard & ski troops march past. Motorcycles with sidecars, tanks.

Spanish Civil War; Dictator;


Road & street scenes of old stone buildings, castles, fountain & square.

15:00:16 Map of Spain, Europe & North Africa w/ animation. LS Madrid, city buildings from above & newer buildings (1950s). Street activities, trolleys, trams & pedestrians. People into subway. Roman aquaduct near Segovia. Alcazar fortress in Almeria; Alhambra Palace in Grenada w/ reflecting pools & ornate architecture.

15:02:08 Tomb of Ferdinand & Isabella. Tilt up monument to Columbus. Tourists touring castle grounds & shots of castles.

15:02:51 People into church, sidewalk cafe, women knitting in courtyard. Park & lake, bullfighting w/ fighter gored. Prado seen from above, Don Quixote statue; flaminco dancing. Int. of Moorish architectue in Cordoba Cathedral. People kneeling at candle decorated Christ statue.

15:03:55 Catholic Religious parade w/ penitents. Rural mountains, agriculture & oranges, dates, olive picking. Poling boat w/ bags, waterwheel & burrow turning.

15:05:02 Cadiz sherry wine cellars w/ barrels, workers. Fishing & men pull in nets on beach. Logging in Pyranees w/ aerial cables. Mining copper & refinery for refining to sulphuric acid for munitions.

15:05:53 Spanish Civil War & rioting in streets (speeded up), fighting. Franco, marching, giving diplomas, w/ Nazis, saluting & marching after war. Troops training, reviewing w/ cavalry & armored forces.

15:08:13 Falangist symbol outside welfare building where women, children & old are fed, clothed & housed. Classes. Women sewing. Children swimming & marching in military training. Pan over Madrid.

15:09:10 United States support of the Spanish dictatorship in our current struggle against totalitarianism has been explained as a matter of military necessity. Spain s strategic location makes her valuable to the democratic world as a possible air, naval base & beach head should the east & west ideologies come to a military showdown. So the democracies weigh carefully their relations w/ Franco s Spain; aware that it cannot be ignored in Western defense plans. Shots of military ships, planes & Moroccan Guard. Shots of Seville & ??

Travelogue; Government Propaganda; Educational Films;