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Public Domain Explained

Footage that has never been or is no longer held in copyright and is not subject to the usual licensing constrictions and costs associated with copyrighted material is considered to be in the public domain. Often it is material that was produced by the American government or donated to the American people by individuals or organizations, thereby eliminating any copyright restrictions. The Universal Newsreels, for example, cover all the main international events, and in many cases contains footage identical or similar to other newsreels which is held in copyright.

When you acquire public domain material from Footage Farm you no longer have to worry about licenses or counting seconds and frames. We charge a one-time buy-out fee, not a per-second rate as other stock footage archives. Once you have bought the footage, it is yours to use and re-use forever in any program. You will not need to come back to us to renew a contract or to pay any additional fees.  For all intents and purposes, your rights would include: Worldwide, All Media, and In Perpetuity.

Our prices compare favorably to the cost of going directly to the source, but without many of the associated research costs and bureaucratic delays; and often, because we are aware of the desire for quality, our master tapes will surpass what can be received directly from the various sources.

To simplify matters for everyone, we have set our pricing structure to parallel the costs at the National Archives in Washington, in that our material is sold on a source-reel basis (which tend to run at 6-11 minutes). For example, if you need one shot or sequence of a particular subject, it does not matter how long that shot is you pay for the one source reel it originates from. If you use several shots from that same reel, it still costs the same.

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