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Prohibition Prohibition  
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Archival film footage on Prohibition from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

[1920s Personalities]

ca Feb22 Joffre arrives Yokohama, Japan, Japanese in top hats on dock greet him out of rowboat & up ramp led by Emperor Hirohito; young girls present flowers. Soldierslined up waiting at Tokyo Station, flags.

11:16:53 05Mar19 - 04Mar21, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer holds daughter on lap & reads to her. CU wife w/ ornate hat & veil.posing w/ daughter & husband. Note: Known for anti-communist raids.

11:17:27 Albert Einstein outside Erich Mendelsohn designed tower (1921), Berlin, Germany, poses & turns & walks up steps. LS of expressionist-style multi-story tower; MCU of observatory on top; arched windows.

11:18:14 Irving Berlin & wife, Ellin Mackay (married 04Jan26) posing on Atlantic City honeymoon in hotel & outside.

11:18:34 William E., Pussyfoot, Johnson (ca 1920) raids bootleg plant, Sioux City, Iowa during prohibition raid (appears staged) as police break down door & arrest laughing man; carry out copper still. Johnson takes off coat & hat & smashes top w/ sledge hammer as man watches.

11:19:38 George Bernard Shaw visits Prince Paul Troubetzkoy s studio in Suna, Italy; walks up kisses wife s hand. Lake Maggiore & mountain behind. Another man introduced & all sit on wicker lawn chairs w/ dog. CU Shaw (GOOD). Troubetzkoy working on bust of Shaw outdoors as Shaw poses.

11:21:19 Obituary for William Jennings Bryan (died 25Jul25). CU, walking in rain in Washington, DCstops & takes off hat. CU; MCU w/ brother Charles. Speaking to large crowd in Florida. ON Miami, Florida balcony w/ President Harding & others.

11:22:35 Ceremony w/ French VIPS as large painting Pantheon de la Guerre is shipped to USA. Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt cuts ribbon releasing 500 ft panorama depicting World War (WWI). CU of portions of painting.

11:24:10 National Guard patrolling Centralia, Washington after Armistice Day IWW massacre (11Nov19) in gunfight between American Legion & Wobblies. Cars past patrolling soldiers; kids moved out of street. Troops march up street to police station to guard prisoners, Wobblies held in jail. Ext. of IWW Union Hall, men outside looking in; picking thru debris outside.

11:25:20 ca 25Aug25, Lord Plumer, British High Commissioner of Palestine & wife on reviewing stand upon arrival. Reviewing line of troops.

11:25:49 Ext. of Vienna, Austria government building & military lining up. Overhead shot of crowd of men in plaza & alongside building, raising hats & cheering; walking away. A few women present. Men marching behind man w/ flag.

Celebrities; Germanic Modern Architecture; Popular Music Composer;

[Billy Sunday Rally, 1917]

Pan crowd in large auditorium / temple. MS, Billy Sunday removes collar and tie, beside desk on stage w/ bunting behind. Gtarts speaking to audience (mos) w/ animated gestures, waving hands around.

Prohibition / Evangelists; Preacher; Preaching; Evangilist; Sermons; 1910s; Americana;

Prohibition Begins

Thousands of cases of alcohol stacked in warehouse - very soft focus. Ships on the Hudson River, NYC.

Rum Runner in the Bahamas

Barrels stacked under palm trees. Black workers stack cases. Aerial island. Biplane lands on sea - men on rowboat. Black workers on beach carry cases on head. White men drink straight from bottle. White man in bar drinking. Soft focus.


Dry Navy declares war on rum runners

US Coast Guards ships lined up in dock. Various shots including guns being cleaned (some poor quality)


Roaring 20s

Busy city streets with horse-drawn carriages, pedestrians, automobiles.

CU woman at beautician made up with lipstick. Woman with cloche hat, man lights her cigarette. Women show off legs. Miss beauty contest, women in swimsuits. Worker hanging to pillar at top of skyscraper, street underneath. Prohibition, bashing bottles of alcohol, emptying barrels. Murder scene with corpse shot and police, car with back window smashed. Mass arrest, criminals come out with hands up, crowd watches. Dance competition charleston. Bartender with cocktail shaker. Exotic dancers, men and women dance in night club. Sign Broadway, Wall Street, crowd.

Fashion. Lifestyle

Start Drive To Strip The Gunmen Of Their Guns (National Crime Commission Meets)

Pan over meeting in conference room, men listening.

20:54:32 Flash title: J. Weston Allen, Chairman, Former Governor Lowden & Mayor Dever. Holding guns &

Police officer shows tommy-gun to commissioners. Weapons laid out on table.

20:54:49 Former Secretary of War Newton D. Baker at conference. Handshaking.

1920s; Chicago, Illinois; Criminals; Gangsters; Prohibition; Americana; Gun Control;

NOTE: J. Weston Allen was Attorney General for Massachusetts, 1920-1923. Baker was Sec.of War until during 1921. Lowden was Governor until 1921. Dever was Mayor of Chicago, 1923-1927.


Illegal liquor being seized and put inot truck. Agents on rubbish tip smashing barels and breaking bottles


Men wearing masks cutting alcohol. CU brand names on bottles.

10:07:34 Federal agents smashing bottles into barrels.

[Rum Runners in the Bahamas, ca. Mar22]

Smaller boat approaches sailing ship, man throws rope. Crates of alcohol loaded onto small boat. Empty crates on coastline. CU crates - tradenames Gordon s Gin, Haig Whiskey. Local boy sitting on tree stump with binoculars looking out to sea. Boy up palm tree keeping watch.

Smuggling - Prohibition; Liquor; 1922; 1920s; Caribbean; Crime;

[Rum Runners off Florida, ca May24]

POV from sailing ship to freighter; View of sailing ship from frieghter. Three masted sailing ship at anchor in choppy seas, smaller boats approach. Crates off loaded from sailing ship onto smaller boats, crates marked Fine Old Brandy. Men in suits & topcoats on deck. Name on stern of sailing ship General Pau. GOOD.

Crime; Smuggling; Prohibition; 1920s;


Tourists cars searched by customs men.

Lenard B. Jones, customs chief mute piece to camera.

03:01:20 Piles of confiscated liquor. Customs men smashing bottles



Tourists cars searched by customs men. Piles of confiscated liquor. Customs men smashing bottles - Partial repeat of first Item on tape


[Liquor & Cuba - Prohibition, 1925]

Men roll barrels of alcohol out of warehouse at docks. Ocean liner, ship, unloaded at dock. Barrels & cases of alcohol stocked under shed roof. Barrels on barges along ship; loading on sailing ship. Man in owwboat. Three masted sailing shiop; two two-masted ships w/ sails furled. Cases of liquore stack.

Rum runners; Caribbean;

Liquor Raid - Prohibition

Agents climb in through chimney door or trap door. Beer emptied from barrels. Smashing barrels.

1927; 1920s; Alcohol;

Oklahoma Dry and Kansas Wet - Saloon Raids

Oklahoma City Police, not in uniform, out of station, into car carrying axes & crowbars. Raiding an illicit saloon in old wooden building. Small bar carried outside & bottles removed.

20:46:06 Kansas, The Country Club Saloon by railroad tracks, men going in.

20:46:20 Police stationed at Leavenworth, Kansas inspect men crossing the bridge into Kansas City, Missouri - still wet. Street scene of Kansas City which has thirty saloons in one block, supported by visitors across the state line.

20:46:45 Men in demonstration carrying banner Wet or Dry - we will have work or know the reason why - men forced into unemployment by Prohibition. Small children with banner Our Papa hasn t worked since Jan 1st . Crying child with placard Won t Somebody please give my Daddy a job Brewery worker w/ wife & seven children. Stand w/ placards.

20:48:01 Beginning of item repeated - Oklahoma City Police, not in uniform, out of station and into car carrying axes and crowbars. Raiding an illicit saloon. Small bar carried outside and bottles removed.

Kansas saloon, men going in.

Prohibition; Social Crime; 1927; Anti-Alcohol; Liquor; 1920s; Protests; Unemployment;

[Chicago, Illinois Opera Ball, 1929]

Couples in evening dress dancing. Crowded dance floor. Parties dining at tables. Smoking. Good shots dancing.

Wealthy Society; Prohibition; Formal Dress;

Rum-Runner Ada M. Captured - Prohibition

Rum runner taken into New York Harbor by Coast guard. Officers taking cans of Double Eagle whiskey for analysis. Officers looking at confiscated alcohol. Stevedores offloading confiscated liquor.

Prize Liquors And 11 Prisoners Nabbed In Rumboat Capture

Crew of Schooner Thorndyke at docks after arrest by US Coastguard. Men unload smuggled crates of alchohol inc. Old Glory Pure Rye Whiskey onto carts and wheel off.

Prohibition. Bootlegging. Smugglers.


Preparations to brew beer - bottles on conveyor and into crates - glass with beer being poured - brewers sampling beer


Drys Ruin Famed Dixie Moonshine

Federal raid in New York City

Prohibition agents smashing bottles and barrels, close shot liquor running in gutter. Stills destroyed with axes.

Seizing a mountain still. Government agents chase and arrest moonshiner. Still destroyed by rifle fire and axes

Government agents use machine gun to shoot up moonshiners car, eventually it bursts into flames

Drys Ruin Famed Dixie Moonshine

Federal raid in New York City

Prohibition agents smashing bottles and barrels, close shot liquor running in gutter. Stills destroyed with axes.

Seizing a mountain still. Government agents chase and arrest moonshiner. Still destroyed by rifle fire and axes

Government agents use machine gun to shoot up moonshiners car, eventually it bursts into flames

Prohibition Agents Wreck Huge Still in Chicago

Agents with sledgehammers breaking up still. Man with acetylene torch cutting up still - vats broken up.

Sync. sound.

Coast Guard Nabs Rum Ship And 18,000 Bottles Of Liquor

San Francisco, California

Coast Guard Cutter alongside smaller wooden tug; gunnysacks unloaded. Man listing on clipboard. Man unwraps and holds for CU two bottles of Glenmore Bourbon Sour Mash Whiskey. Wagon loaded w/ bags of alcohol away from camera as revenue agents ride and people watch from outside fence.

Prohibition; Rum Running; Smuggling; Depression; Bootlegging; Black Market;

[Prohibition: Barrels of Alcohol Smashed, ca Mar30]

Men with axes smash open barrels of liquor in field by river or bay. Cans of alcohol opened & poured out, bottles smashed by agents, set fire.

Prohibition; Smuggling; Rum Running;

[Rum-Running Ship Ada M. Captured by Coast Guard, Apr30]

Rum runner taken into New York Harbor by Coast guard. Officers taking cans of Double Eagle whiskey for analysis. Officers looking at confiscated alcohol in cans.

20:26:59 Stevedores offloading confiscated liquor packed in bags.

Prohibition; New York City Harbor; 1930s; 1920s; Evidence;

Popping The Cork 1/2

Educational Pictures

Prod. Jack White; Dialogue E.B.Colvan; Story Harold Atteridge; Dance Dir. Bob Alton

With Milton Berle, Norma Taylor, Mary Cole, Gertrude Mudge

CU College Snitch newspaper w/ headline Oxy College For Repeal . CU sign: Oxidontal University . Staircase / college entrance lined w/ men in football pants throwing balls to one another and girls skipping w/ ropes. Line of girls in white sportswear emerge w/ vars racquets, balls etc. Football players line up w/ REPEEL spelt out on back of jerseys.

02:08:02: College Dean talks w/ young woman (Gloria). Man w/ Panama hat and fur coat arrives (Elmer), greeted by football players. Woman embraces man in fur coat. Football players admire coat; he opens it to reveal just bathing trunks. Another man in fur coat w/ bathing cap arrives, opens coat to reveal fur bathing suit. Woman asks man for fur coat; jocks huddle round him while he takes off coat and gives it to her; other man brings him suit to change into.

02:11:21: Gloria s mother arrives w/ Dean; Oh look at the boys, they re always playing. Football players leave Elmer exposed in front of Gloria s mother.

02:13:08: VS radio broadcast of student debate on prohibition. Man at microphone making speech; script altered by Elmer; gag: You re trying to make a monkey out of me! / It s too late, a guy named Darwin beat me to it. Elmer makes pro-repeal speech; ticker-tape machine in BG; college professors exchange weary glances. Gloria leaves w/ Meet me at Oxy Roadhouse chalked on skirt.

1930s Americana. Gags. University life. Fashion. Prohibition. Jazz Age. Morality.

Popping The Cork 2/2

Educational Pictures

Prod. Jack White; Dialogue E.B.Colvan; Story Harold Atteridge; Dance Dir. Bob Alton

With Milton Berle, Norma Taylor, Mary Cole, Gertrude Mudge

CU hand pouring liquor from barrel w/ Old Oxy Roadhouse painted on it. LS and MS young couple Elmer and Gloria in garden talking. Elmer kisses Gloria s hand, turns her round to reveal backless dress; That s what the public wants, new faces.

02:17:10: INT club w/ art deco features. Gloria: I can t stand any more of your re nothing but the college won t amount to anything. Elmer dips chin in beer froth and uses hatstand as crutch; hides under table; Gloria w/ mother and Reggie, man mother wants Gloria to be with; Elmer gets Gloria s attention; mother looking around for hidden liquor barrels; Reggie slips alcohol into Gloria s ginger beer. Mother: I have a feeling something s going on here right under my nose. Elmer spikes mother s drink; wide-eyed expression as she swallows it.

02:21:26: MS jazz band. Mother drunk, laughing; Gloria: Why mother, you ve been drinking. Waiter: That s not ginger ale...I m going to have you arrested. Elmer takes Gloria s hand, makes speech, Everybody s for repeal...repeal is sweeping across the country, on to Washington like a fast express.

02:22:55: Montage of US map, train in motion, newspaper headlines, people bursting through map w/ liquor bottles shouting Repeal! VS Elmer and Gloria at club post-prohibition repeal; Elmer gets telegram turning down invention of carbonated bottle top; alters it to trick businessman into buying it for $25,000; takes Gloria s hand, announces marriage; mother asks for $100, I ve always liked you, Elmer... ; Elmer mimes removing his eyeball; What s that? / It s my right eye .

[Penn. State Censors Certificate]

1930s Americana. Gags. Fashion. Jazz Age. Speakeasies. Prohibition. Morality.


Customs officers search car

Sign United States Customs and Immigration - car searched

Customs officer shows some of the ways liquor is smuggled - bottle hidden in engine - bottle hidden in battery - bottle hidden in tyre tube - lady modelling smuggling petticoat with pockets. Man removing solid body belt filled with liquor


Canadian Ale in the Making

Montreal distillery prepares for the holidays

Brewers horse drawn dray with Black Horse painted on side - interior distillery - vats of beer - beer bottles on conveyor belt and packed into crates. Gentlemen s club, waiter serving bottled beer at tables

Lorries loaded with beer leave distillery in the snow


Canadian Ale in the Making

Montreal distillery prepares for the holidays

Brewers horse drawn dray with Black Horse painted on side - interior distillery - vats of beer - beer bottles on conveyor belt and packed into crates. Gentlemen s club, waiter serving bottled beer at tables

Lorries loaded with beer leave distillery in the snow


Federal raid on boat

Boat Raritan Sun moored - Federal agents searching boat and finding bags of Walkers Club Whisky (Whiskey)

Contraband loaded onto customs lorries and away


Broadway Night Life Gets in Full Swing

Broadway at night with lights and traffic. Interior nightclub - chorus girls singing and dancing doing semi-strip to song A Little Lingerie . People at tables. Girls dancing - leg kicking - groups at tables. Different floor show, more like ballet.

Prohibition. Jazz.

Texas Guinan Back With Her Gang After Taking French Leave

New York nightclub hostess and party barred from France return aboard liner. Texas Guinan & her female dancers on deck singing The Gang s All Here . Guinan to camera says trip has been an adventure - how she went 3000 miles to go to jail when she could have gone to any of the best jails in New York City - praises French people - I was simply the victim of politics - steamer blowing interrupts her speech. Group say they glad to be home & cheer.

[Guinan wearing all-white outfit w/ jodhpurs & blonde ringlets under beret.]

Prohibition. 1920s / 1930s Fashions. Chorus Girls.

[Monkey on Trip to Bar]

People watch chimp ride tricyle up to door of tavern. Walks up to chair & table w/ bell; rings bell while tipping hat. Waiter brings beer bottle & chimpanzee drinks, looks into bottle, gets up and spins around. Goes out onto sidewalk, spins around, lays on back as though break dancing.

Trained Animals; Stunts; Oddities; Prohibition Gags;

FDR Nomination

VS FDR at dedication ceremony of Washington Bridge NY-NJ. AVs crowds and traffic on bridge.

01:14:01: Prohibition agents destroying illegal beer caskets. Beer parade through NYC. Statue of Liberty at night. Police arrests following invasion of City Hall.

01:15:20: VS Bonus Army riots in Washington, fires.

01:15:55: Chicago Democratic convention. Keynote speech anti-prohibition by Kentucky Senator. AV meeting of the Drys .

01:17:05: MCU old woman chanelling spirit [?] of George Nye, Quaker Evangelist of Madison, Wisconsin . Preaching and chanting against evils of alcohol.

01:18:06: FDR named Democratic nominee for President at convention.

01:18:50: FDR arrives by plane at Chicago. FDR acceptance of nomination speech, pledges to New Deal.

01:19:47: FDR on sailing holiday, New England coast.

France Ships Wine

French dockers name dock Roosevelt and prepare barrels of wine for shipment.

Barrels labeled New York City and Chicago


Do You Want A Beer ?

Men and women in the street interviewed re beer and repeal of prohibition - What we want is a good four percent beer that would really bring the country back to normal again ...

Prohibition. Vox Pops. Volstead Act.

US Confiscates Big Capone Brewery

Government agents destroy barrels of beer in Chicago. Agents breaking open barrels - beer spraying everywhere. Sarcastic narration re agents stopping for a glass of water .

Prohibition. Bootlegging.

Dry Agents Smash Holiday Cheer Valued At $250,000 in New York

Liquor bottles smashed against wall - huge pile of broken glass. Sync sound.


Beer Coming Back ? Milwaukee Brewers Prepare for Repeal

Re change in Volstead Act. Interior breweries - bottles on conveyor belt filled with beer.


Billy Sunday Declares War on Dry Appeal

Animated speech by evangelist against black background re prohibition and evil of drink.


British Hop Workers Eye America in hope of end of prohibition News.

Hop field, CU hops. Men tending hops on stilts, picking. Man on bicycle rides between legs of man on stilts followed by car.

Agriculture, farming; Stunts; Oddities; Beer Production;

Dry Law Repealed! Government To Sell Liquor For Revenue

Liquor labels. Tea pot & tea cup w/ desk calendar & date 3 on it. Table & wine & beer bottle beside glass w/ ice; desk calendar says 5. Men standing looking in window of liquor store w/ displace of bottles, glasses, small kegs & beer steins. Carved crystal decanter & shot glasses. Truck w/ White Horse advertising signs & display on back. Large Hennessy box as display. Large lineup of men & women filling sidewalk and around corner, photographers watching. Woman wrapping liquor bottles. Doors opened and crowd in & buying at counter. Heavy snow falling outside.

11:24:16 Men dumping grain into vats & scrubbing large copper vats. Pounding corks into bottles w/ mallets; women putting labels on bottles on conveyor belt past camera.

11:24:35 Bar & men waving to camera. MCU filling five cocktail glasses from shaker. Couples in formal evening dress dancing on dance floor; bartender shaking cocktail. Couples eating & drinking at tables & bar. Bartender slides drink towards camera.

Prohibition; Europe; Finland; Scandinavia; Alcohol;

[Depression Stories: Prohibition; Oyster Money; Tide Turns]

13:02:02 TITLE: Federals Destroy Record Seizure Of...

13:02:13 Int. warehouse w/ kegs, men moving & rolling out, dumping; smashing w/ axes. GOOD.

Prohibition; 1932; 1930s; Liquor; Alcohol; Bootlegging; Depression

13:02:43 TITLE: Oyster Money Routs City s Cash Shortage After Bank s Failure

13:02:57 LS large granite bank building from across intersection. CU sign: First Willapa Harbor National Bank, Capital & Surplus $120,000.00

13:03:07 Man at printing press. CU counting bills Raymond Oyster Money . MS woman at counter counting money. CU shot of bill.

13:03:32 Ext. People into store.

13:03:40 Int. Two women at counter & people signing for oyster money.

13:03:50 Ext. People leaving.

13:03:56 Int. Couple buying kitchen goods.

13:04:01 TITLE: The Tide Turns - Industry continues upward trend as renewed activity stimulates nation s business.

13:04:16 Ext. MS men walking out of building & away from camera. Women & men walking toward & past camera in sunshine.

13:04:24 Int. Large garment factory w/ women working at benches. Woman at large sewing machine; men cutting stack of cloth. Women at line of sewing machines.

13:04:42 Ext. Men walking towards factory entance. Gate sign: Notice to Employees ...due to increased orders this plant will operate at full capacity...Seminole Paper Corp Division of International Paper Co.

13:05:03 Int. Warehouse w/ large rolls of paper & workers moving them; men at machines; workers & cardboard boxes.

13:05:22 Ext. Women in aprons & caps into factory, at assembly lines, sort w/ almond nuts.

13:05:52 MS Women boxing candy or nuts?

13:05:59 Ext. Workers into Cudahy plant.

13:06:06 Woman at assembly line w/ cans, boxing Dutch Cleanser.

Factories; Depression; Back To Work Propaganda; 1930s; 1932; Laborers;

Poison Liquor Flood Prompts City s Free Beverage Analysis

02:28:44 Lab technician w/ chemistry lab glassware testing alcohol; pours bottle into beaker, heats & distils alcohol. Puts label on bourbon whisky bottle: poison. Many bottles labeled w/ percentage of alcohol.

Prohibition; Poisoning; Government Testing; Liquor; 1932;

Barrel Orders Swamp Factory As Brewers ??? Beer

Mostly Black workers assembling barrels on factory production line as Prohibition ends. EXT barrels loaded onto truck from gantry.

1930s. Breweries. Manufacturing.

25 Years Ago Today - FDR Inauguration

Herbert Hoover leaves White House for last time as president. Drives in car with president elect FDR.

Inauguration ceremony - Roosevelt speech.

Mounted police in city street with crowd. Man makes rubber check out of tyre. CU rubber check. Stretching rubber strip. Man with violin case into grocery store. Shop sign You don t need money - What have you got? We will take anything . Swaps violin for food.

CU beer bottled. Barrel rolling, serving beer in bar after end of prohibition. Barrels rolled into bank building. Cash till with sign The bank gave 3% - We give 3.2% .

Women through women entrance .

depression. inflation.


25 Years Ago Today - New Deal s WPA

Destitute workers on building site (?). CU very damaged shoes. Children out of school.

Drugstore exterior with signs for beer at 60 cents per hour. Man in bar drinks three glasses of beer in a row, other drink from one glass with straw, women and men at table drink as fast as possible, group with girl in trousers sitting on top of piano cheering with beer.

End of prohibition.


Beer Here - So Near Beer Plants get Hopped Up

Brewers dray loaded with barrels, crowd cheers as it leaves brewery in Brooklyn - trots off down street. Interior bar - beer poured and served - men drinking and singing at bar - shots repeated in quick time / time lapse.


Barmaids School

Interior bar with lines of barmaids holding cocktail shakers - all shaking in unison. Girl asked why she became barmaid - says you can mix business with pleasure - looks like a young Bette Davis.


200,000 Beer Cases In Skyscraper Pile Ready For April 7th - Chicago

1933. Huge pile of beer cases being stacked & moved on conveyors.


[Liquor Smuggling a Magician's Art]

Police searching car at border. Pulling on spare tyre. Pulling bottle out of inner tube. Disassembling battery & taking out 5 bottles of Seagrams.


Al Smith Receives a Rousing Welcome as Repeal Delegate

Smith walking with Gov. Lehman & others & waving hat. People applaud from along side street filled with crowd. Man Shakes hands with three women in Central Park who feed beer to newly arrived goats. Prohibition

Industry Booms As States Vote Repeal of Prohibition Law

Dozens of mules pulling combine in grain field. Women sealing liquor bottles in factory. Workers into factory. Man making barrel on lathe; barrels rolling off production line, onto truck; out of Chicago depot.

02:43:20 Beer tap flowing. Night club shots - AV Broadway & night w/ neon; couples dancing in front of exotic African like art deco backdrop, drinking at table; women dance wildly on stage.

02:43:41 Smashing barrels of liquor. [NRA logo at end of newsreel.].

Depression; Anti-Prohibition; Alcohol;

Bank Becomes Tavern To Liquidate Assets By Selling 3.2% Brew

13:21:55 Ext. of West Highland State Bank w/ sign: Tavern Opening. Truck w/ kegs unloaded & barrels rolled into bank. Int. Men greeted & drinking at bar w/ mugs of beer. Bartender at cash register.

13:22:33 Sign on cash register: This Bank gave 3% We give 3.2%.

13:22:40 View along bar w/ men drinking & three bar tenders.

13:22:44 CU sign: Ladies Entrance. Women along sidewalk, greeted & enter.

13:22:53 CU bartender at beer tap. Women toasting in separate room & drinking.

End of Prohibition; 1933; Depression; Repealed; Drinking; Alcohol;

Washington, D.C. - Ban on Beer Lifted As President Signs Bill Legalizing Brew (23Mar33)

20:00:07 FDR at desk w/ handful of pens, dips in ink & begins to sign. CU of bill upside down.

20:00:20 Bartender sets full glass of beer on counter, slides down almost to camera. CU man drinking. Feet on bar rail. Bartender wipes off head of beer

1930s; 1933; Prohibition Ending; Alcohol; Repeal; Government; Election Promises; President Roosevelt;

New York Bars

Traffic on E 48 St. Road sign E.48 Park Avenue. Interior bar - customers are men and women - flowers everywhere, looks very select.

03:18:03 Well dressed women drinking cocktails. Close ups various customers.

03:18:45 Different bar, waiters shaking cocktails, men and women seated at bar - sound is conversation between two men saying how good it is to have a legitimate drink after all these years. CU feet standing at bar - bottles - cocktail prepared


Bootleggers Doomed As Thousands Rush To Buy State's $1 Whiskey

Lines outside liquor store with police ushering them in. Wrapping bottles and taking off shelf. CU of money & bottles. Woman leaves.


[Prohibition - Speak Easy Street, New York City]

Night & taxis along crowded street w/ pedestrians & cars parked. Awning: ...Casino club. Sign 'Guinness is Good for you'. People at door being hustled. Interior of bar & women drinking. Men shoveling bottles into trash bin. Man in suit w/ carnation talking, another drinking. CU hand on buzzer. Man at window in door. People drinking up. Hand on buzzer. Toasting. Bottles into trash. Ext. 21 on awning. Interior man at window & buzzing someone in. Men raiding basement dumping bottles. Ext. people in & out. Trumpet player & guitarist under awning #35 casino de luxe. Awning Leon & Eddie #33. Sign: Tony's. CU Casino de Luxe awning; Leon & Eddie; Night & people out of car into & out of iron gates in top hats, etc.

Huey Long [Staged]

Reconstruction, rel. US 19Apr35? Group of men in men s room / toilets in Gentleman s club. Actor Walter Baldwin impersonates Huey Long having heated discussion / argument with others. Group standing in circle - shots of feet only as scuffle / fight breaks out - feet stamp on book. Medal inscribed w/ By Public Acclaim for a Deed Done in Private - Sands Point Aug. 26 1933 . Sequence repeated.

10:02:02 Men and women in evening dress seated at tables in small-town nightclub; entrance to Gents visible. Door marked Gentlemen, man enters.

10:03:12 Interior everyday office scenes; law firm?; many women round large desk sorting through papers. Boxes. Man enters waiting room. Other people in waiting room.

10:04:09 Man in office / secretary to Huey Long speaks into dictaphone recording device re Old Age Pension bill. Man looks though letters piled on desk; on telephone. Group of women round desk sort letters, place in boxes. Male secretary comes in, takes some letters. Line of women working at typewriters.

10:06:50 Sign We Regret We Cannot Receive Visitors Today . CU crested medal, turns to reveal motto. INT mens room w/ CUs paper towels Sands Point Club . Sign on door Mr Long with We Regret We Cannot Receive Visitors Today underneath.

Share Our Wealth Scheme. Depression. Economics. Prohibition? 1930s.

US Confiscates Big Capone Brewery

Raid on Capone Brewery. Federal prohibition agents raid brewery and destroy 20,000 gallons. Agents smashing barrels. Beer running into gutters. No shots Capone

(Crime - Prohibition)

Gangster Montage

White House - President Roosevelt (FDR). Flashback end of prohibition - brewers dray with barrels - Al Capone at races (poor quality shot). Criminal behind bars - FBI agent firing guns - Dillinger on slab - Hauptmann.

All very short montage shots

[Crime-Related Montage, 1930s]

White House across south lawn. President Teddy Roosevelt speaking; President Franklin D. Roosevelt; FDR; Newspaper headline of prohibition repeal.

21:23;26 Draft horses & beer wagon at loading dock w/ barrels. Int. w/ bootlegger Al Capone.

21:23;36 Ext. Dept. of Justice window w/ insignia. Dillinger (?) behind bars.

21:23:44 CU two pistols firing. Dillinger on slab; Hauptmann. All very short montage shots

Gangsters; Criminals; 1930s Montage;

Eleanor Jarrett Tells Her Side Of Olympic Squabble

ca 24Aug36

MS Eleanor Holms Jarrett says: I was greatly shocked when I received a letter from the American Olympic Committee dismissing me from the team. At first I was panic-stricken & heart broken but decided to stick it out in Berlin hoping & praying that they would take me back onto the team and give me the opportunity of competing for my country in three Olympics, and possibly winning some points.

02:57:48 MCU No, of course not. I had a few glasses but that s all. Off-camera: Do you think champagne is a good thing to take while you re in training?

02:57:57 MCU But it all depends on the individual...sure I like it, or I wouldn t drink it...

Swimmer; Scandal; Alcohol; post-prohibition; 1936 Olympics; Training; Rules; Averill Brundage;

Prelude to War (1943) Reel 2 Pt 1 of 3

Why We Fight series Narrated by Walter Huston

Hoover Dam & others, electricity supply towers. Newspaper headlines re Senators Oppose the League of Nations, Tariff Act, Dry Law, prohibition. Montage electoral conventions in US. Hitler posters & brief street scene. Polling papers w/ single name Adolf Hitler. Compares freedom of Americans to read anything as opposed to book burning of forbidden authors in Germany

01:28:07 US church spires, choir singing Onward Christian Soldiers. Baby, children play, swings & slide. Kids at school & montage of at play. Nazi flag, German kids loading artillery.

01:29:55 Japanese flag. Title: To Die for the Emperor is to Live Forever . Italian flag, title: Three cheers for war, noble and beautiful above all . Italian child blackshirts practice put on gas masks during exercise. American children donate funds for Japanese children.

01:30:32 Nazi marching band, smiling Hitler, shots Goering, Mussolini. Montage German, Japanese & Italian crowds. Hitler makes speech very animated some SOF. CU Hess, Goering, Goebbels, DietrichTodt,Reinhardt, Darre, Ley (w/ titles over). Montage crowds Banzai, Heil Hitler, young Italian Fascists saluting.

01:32:30 1940 Hitler with Kurusu, Japanese Ambassador at time of Pearl Harbor, Von Ribbentrop signs Tripartite pact. Animated maps showing Italian, Japanese and German expansion plans.

Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

Our Living Constitution

Coronet Instructional Films

View of farm, farm house. Interior and farmer talking about farm in family for 100 years. Telling story to high school kid for newspaper as to how he wouldn t give his land for a county airport. Flashback to man and woman meeting with farmer; he gets upset, wads up paper and says I ll stand on my constitutional rights!

06:12:50 back to boy & farmer. He goes on to tell boy about The Constitution. Points it out on the wall. CU of pointer and various Articles.

06:15:1? Marking sample ballot, woman and others seen discussing.

06:15:25 Boy & farmer Prohibition amendment & repeal seen & explained.

06:16:26 Riverboat, railroad, oil tank truck, passengers boarding TWA plane. People talking at desk.

06;16:55 Boy & Farmer. CU of Agriculture pamphlets on Vegetables; Foot and Mouth Disease; Soil & Water Conservation. CU of Capital with traffic on east side. Bills of congress in CU.

06:17:3? White House; Supreme Court.

06:17:52 Farmer talking, boy.

06:18:22 Political speaker beneath donkey & elephant. Good staged. Man in audience speaks.

06:18:5? Civic committee meets w/ farmer who says No! He huffs and puffs. Man sitting at desk writing letter to newspaper.

06:19:4? Farmer meeting w/ editor who reads him an opposing letter. Farmer gets on phone to President of airline. Looks out window to United Airlines airplane Mainliner Lake Superior taxiing up & past.

Dialogue; Educational Films; Instructional Film; Capitalism; Political Science; Stubbornness; Land Ownership; Right of Eminent Domain; Government;

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

New York City Street scenes ca 1930 w/ traffic on Broadway, near Wall Street. Other locations of city and medium sized town w/ many cars.

17:30:36 Staged: Wealthy woman out of house & into chauffered Lincoln car. Pulling up at sidewalk and man admiring it.

17:31:11 Fifteen Millionth Model T assembled and Ford w/ Edsel off assembly line. Trucks of cars bringing in for recycling, cut up, salvaged and rest thru crusher and into furnace.

17:32:29 CU of wheels on road, super-imposed over young people in convertible, on amusement park rides and flapper couples dancing, unemployed walking and Okies driving with goods, family in car.

17:33:15 CU Begin Detour sign, jeeps on test course, montage with WWII guns firing by army, navy & air force. Atomic Bomb test blast in Pacific. POV out of tunnel on highway, thru underpasses. Various scenes of highway driving. Crossing bridge towards New York from New Jersey. Along western highway. Farmer waves.

Abrupt ending. Incomplete.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford (not seen); Taylorism; Manufacturing; Recreation; Wealth; Prohibition Montage;

[Crime Hearing - Kefauver w/ Costello]

Witness sitting for photographs. Questioned about bringing Louis Lepke Buchalter in. Asked about his activity in bootlegging before repeal of prohibition. Reads statement prepared with his lawyer. 03:15:38. 'You have evaded this committee for months...and you wouldn't tell us where you were...this is only the beginning, as they say in the Showboat.' Lawyer McMann (sp?) makes statement against lights & movies & tv. Another witness. Kefauver statement re hearings brought via newsreels & need for people to stop the criminal influences.

[Kefauver Commission - Questioning Frank Costello]

Kefauver Committee, Frank Costello brought in. Lawyer speaks. Asked if he used name Castiglia; questioned about arrest in 1915 for possession of revolver and about asking McLaughlin to wire tap. McLaughlin says he reported back to Sherman.

07:14:50 Costello asked if in 1925 was involved in selling alcohol in US. He says no. He says he knew Harry Sausser & Frank Goff. Refuses to tell his net worth.

Organised Crime. Prohibition. Gangsters.

Longines Chronoscope with Senator Elect Barry M Goldwater

TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Introduced by Frank Knight; William Bradford Huie, Editor of the American Mercury, and Hardy Burt, author and correspondent, talk with Sen.-elect Barry Morris Goldwater (Republican, Arizona) on growth of Federal government and its tendency to pre-empt state functions.

17:07:04 Talk re lower standard of living of Native American Indians, legal discrimination against them, including prohibition against buying liquor, and health problems - newborn life expectancy of 17yrs in places. Businessmen in new Administration. Mostly MCUs and CUs; bookshelves in BG and plaque on wall Longines: The World s Most Honored Watch .

17:12:01 Sponsor s advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches on revolving stand. Brief trailer for CBS Thanksgiving festival broadcast.

25 Years Ago Today

Tilt down Capitol to inauguration stand. Herbert Hoover leaving White House w/ wife & shares open car w/ FDR & wife. Crowd at Capitol

21:07:07 FDR speaking, SOF: But first of all let me affirm my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. MCU.

21:07:27 VO re bank closinngs. Sidewalk w/ pedestrians outside large columns of bank; armored trucks out of Washington DC mint. Mounted police & pedestrians on sidewalk.

21:07:41 Oregon garageman cutting innertube w/ scissors. CU holding Rubber Check & stretching.

21:07:57 Man w/ guitar trading w/ grocer. Sign: You don t need money - what have you got? We will take anything over heads of cabbage.

21:08:10 Man handing crate of apples to man at gas pump in exchange for gasoline.

21:08:15 Beer bottling machine. Kegs rolled. Bartender sliding steins of beer & toasting. Unloading kegs & rolling into First High State Bank, now a tavern. Men drinking. Sign on register: This bank gave 3%, we give 3.2%. CU sign: Ladies Entrance, three women enter.

1933 Inauguration; Bank Holiday; Prohibition Ends; Depression Shortges; Unemployment;

NOTE: Brief shots best used as montage. Most covered in outs & masters are at Footage Farm.

25 Years Ago (Small private airplanes; Flexible Glass; Peace Demonstrations; WPA; Cheap Beer)

07:51:03 Small airplane w/ V-8 engine wheeled out; started.

07:51:20 Overhead of plane w/ pusher propellor & twin tail, winner of Dept. of Commerce contest for fool-proof airplane. Taxiing, circling other planes & taking off over camera.

07:51:40 MCU of polishing machine & flexible glass pulled out. Hit w/ hammer w/o breaking. Tested by dropping large ball bearing on it, CU. Used as diving board, MCU. Car driven over showing strength, CUs.

07:52:08 NYC Protesting demonstrators against Italy aggression against Ethiopia w/ union & peace placards. People watch from fire escape. Mass of demonstrators.

07:52:25 Men sign up for New Deal s WPA jobs. Pouring wheelbarrow of concrete. CU worn out tattered shoes. Kids out of dilapidated wooden one room school; large brick school house & kids leave.

07:52:48 Street corner beer hall w/ signs Schepps Beer, all you can drink $.60 per hour. Man at bar gulping down glasses of beer. Various groups of men & women drinking, toasting & singing (MOS).

Depression; ca 1935; Aviation; Protesters; Post-Prohibition; Alcohol; Economics;

[Satellite File #083: Mothers Against Drunken Drivers; Mujahideen in Pakistan & Afghanistan] Pt. 2 of 3

07:05:10 Candy Lightner & MADD. Shots in bars; Lincoln Memorial w/ Mothers Against Drunken Driving having national candlelight vigil. Lightner speaks from podium and to reporter. CU tape recorder; being interviewed on air in radio station. Support group of SADD (Students Agaisnt Drunken Driving) meeting.

Note: Lightner left MADD in 1984 feeling it had become too prohibitionist.

07:08:18 Benton introduces Roberto Cabanos, Paraguay, American Soccer League; at practice & game footage. He is interviewed sitting in empty stands of New York Cosmos stadium. Poland player w/ Cosmos talks about him. Good scoring shown. Talk about problems of the League and worried that League won t survive. Game footage.

07:13:00 Benton introduces Afghanistan fighting thru Mujahideen. Fighters getting pictures taken. Destroyed village in mountains; fighters w/ old rifles & newer guns from China, Germany & the U.S. . Loading ammunition in clips. Fighter interviewed; cleaning rifles. Camp in high mountains; buying supplies & crossing border. Looking down on truck convoy on valley road. Explosion & firing explosives at USSR tanks on road.

07:15:48 Two men & boy looking at destroyed homes; fighters w/ guns. Interviewee saying they will fight as they don t want the Soviets in their country. Flags over graves of fighters w/ rocky village behind. Sky & silhouetted mountains.

Sports; Soccer; War; Alcohol;

[Kefauver Commission - J. Edgar Hoover & ???]

Witness (dark suit, glasses, looks like Art Buchwald) before Kefauver Committee. Requesting no further demonstrations.

06:24:51 Si. Young ca 35 yr old witness. No glasses.

06:25:06 Sd. J Edgar Hoover & Tolson sitting; man gives records of ?? to committee. While the mobsters of the prohibition era have not been eliminated...modern version combines the worst features of big business manipulation, violence & corruption... ..festering sore eating away at the strong and healthy tissues of our great country... . [Hoover does not speak.]

Organised Crime. Gangsters.