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Archival film footage on Pearl Harbor from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Prelude To War Pt. 1 of 6

17:48:21 American troops parade towards camera. Montage of short sequences of Pearl Harbor; London Blitz; Fall of France; China; Czechoslovakia; Norway; Poland; Holland; Greece; Belgium; Albania; Yugoslavia; Russia.

17:50:47 Armament production superimposed over map of USA. Animated graphics showing Free World and Enslaved World.

17:51:53 Sequence re religion: Ten Commandments, Koran, Confucius, Bible. Parchment with Declaration of Independence. Freedom. Statues Washington, Jefferson, Garibaldi, Lafayette, Bolivar, Lincoln. Various paintings and statues depicting fight for freedom. Government buildings. Animated graphics re enslaved world.

17:53:57 Short sequences: Fascists in Rome, Rome demonstrations, soup kitchen, Fascists in trucks; Blackshirts; young Mussolini wearing top hat & tails. Germany, inflation, demonstrations; young Hitler cheered. Costumed marchers & military uniforms. Various shots German armies parade. Kaiser reviews troops. German industrialists with Hitler. Riots in Germany very short.

WWII; Propaganda;

Project Warrior - [Igor Sikorsky]

Air Force Now

CU Igor Sikorsky tombstone & son at grave of aviation engineer. CU son & early plane model in foreground

03:14:45 WWI firing guns & explosions, soldiers out of trenches. Stills: Igor Sikorsky, first prototype biplane bomber, headlines, wmen throw flowers at soldiers. Storming of Winter Palace, pile of guns. Orthodox priest. Russian palace on fire (staged).

03:15:37 Waves crashing on rocks, immigrants, Statue of Liberty. Stills: biplane in front of small hangar with sign Sikorsky , building plane in garden. Pilots in front of plane. All-metal twin-engine airliner.

03:16:08 Film of pushing out S-38 amphibious plane, taking off. Sikorsky at new plant in Stratford, Connecticut with Lindbergh. Large S-40 amphibious plane in flight, view from plane, interior S-40 cockpit with control panel, S-40 on water.

03:16:39 Sikorsky s son talks of Sikorsky s first interest, helilcopters, stemming from Leonardo da Vinci & reading Jules Verne. Da Vinci early helicopter sketch.

03:17:17 Early helicopter failed experiments.

03:17:31 Aged Sikorsky talks re helicopter. Sikorsky pilots early helicopter VS-300 (B/W & COL). Early helicopter lands on water.

03:19:01 Pearl Harbor & newspaper headlines. XR-4 first army helicopter in flight & inside, flies around Capitol. Various WWII locations & uses, rescue helicopter, large helicopter.

03:20:04 Helicopter lifts up house. Reaches boat on fire at sea. Lifting wounded? man. Drops food in Africa as people on ground run to collect. Lifting man on rope. Igor Sikorsky out of plane w/ General in uniform. Still Sikorsky as old man. Helicopter aerobatics & in Vietnam (?)

Aviation Inventions; Inventors; Helicopter Stunts;

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2

Fast Montage USAF from pre WWII early flight to Vietnam; to NASA Space Program, rockets launched. Incl. NY Times Headline: Senators Oppose the League of Nations.

02:22:15 18Sept47 Truman signs document creating separate Air Force. Still of first Air Force Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz. Interview in 1970s.

02:22:51 Jun82 Maxwell AFB gathering for Walk Through History (re military aviation)

02:23:38 WWI Sopwith Camel fighter planes on ground. WWI planes out of hangar and takeoff. Squadron in flight. 1982 interview w/ pilot, Col. George Vaughn, Jr. (SOF) re Sopwith Camel.

02:24:19 Various military planes, 1920s, 1930s.

02:24:40 1941 Pearl Harbor, US pilots, explosions.

02:24:55 WWII Color footage 305th Bomb Group arrive Scotland. ca 1980 interview w/ Commander Curtis E. Lemay re poor accuracy.

02:25:24 Bombing mission (B/W), variety of shots. CU propellers. In flight, bombs dropped, firefighters putting out fire.

02:26:19 Pacific fighter operations. John Mitchell describes ambush attack on Commander in Chief Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto (who suggested attack on Pearl Harbor). P-38s modified by ground crew, taking off. Japanese Air Force pilots. Mitchell SOF talking. Footage of 18Apr43 ambush by P-38s & attacking Jap Zeros.

02:27:55 1945, Col. Paul Tibbets re dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima .

02:28:23 1980s interview. Actual explosion is probably NOT Hiroshima, but Nagasaki mushroom cloud. CU Enola Gay. 1945, Tibbets & others by Enola Gay B-29. B-29 bomb hatch opening seen from inside, then below & bomb dropped (not atomic). B-29, NOT Enola Gay, in flight. Tibbets interview. Hiroshima atomic blast.

02:29:46 14Oct47 (?) Chuck Yeager lands plane. Test pilot Frank Everest speaking (SOF) re speed of sound & Yeager. Yeager SOF talking about X-1 plane (breaking altitude record) dropping from B-29. Boarding X-1, view dropping, LS.

Military Aviation History;

Why We Fight - Prelude to War

American troops parade - Short sequences Pearl Harbor - London Blitz - Fall of France - China - Czechoslovakia - Norway - Poland - Holland - Greece - Belgium - Albania - Yugoslavia - Russia. Armament production superimposed over map of USA. Animated graphics showing Free World and Enslaved World.

Sequence re religion - Ten Commandments - Koran - Confucius - Bible. Parchment with Declaration of Freedom. Statues Washington, Jefferson, Garibaldi, Lafayette, Bolivar, Lincoln. Various paintings and statues depicting fight for freedom. Government buildings. Graphic re enslaved world. Short sequences - Fascists in Rome - demonstrations in Rome - soup kitchen - Fascists in trucks - Young Mussolini wearing Top Hat and Tails. Demonstrations in Germany - young Hitler cheered. Various shots German armies parade. Kaiser reviews troops. German industrialists with Hitler. Riots in Germany very short

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 1]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Rolling title: On December 7th, 1857, Townsend Harris, first American Consul-General to Japan, presented his credentials to the Shogun. On December 7th, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. These are facts... - details fictional views of Japanese character - ...the time for endowing the Japanese either with wings or horns is past. We must know them as they are .

CUs 18th/19th Century Japanese etchings - scenes of everyday life. Japanese tanks roll out of factory and over camera. VS modern Japanese industry - steelworks w/ smoke stacks on river, boats passing - fades to traditional tori gateway; workers in cotton mill and machine shops; women workers in manufacturing plant; porcelain and metalwork craftsmen.

02:29:11 Tokyo montage - city street scenes - pedestrians and traffic - commuters - Geisha girls - trams. Narr. comments on Japanese style of dress and blend of old and new - freeze-frame on man entering theatre wearing kimono and derby hat. Young Japanese men on way home in Western-style dress - enter house, take off shoes and hats, sit by bedside of older man. Man changes from office clothes to kimono - performs the gymnastic squat - sits at low table.

02:31:07 AV schoolyard - children perform synchronised exercises - narr. describes school uniforms as Western in style as California places . Children on way home from school; at home in kimonos.

02:31:43 Train through snowy countryside. Farming montage: planting, cultivating and harvesting of rice. Electric lightbulb and radio in Japanese home.

WWII. Customs.

Japanese Behaviour [Reel 6]

[Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films.]

Animated chart showing growth of child literacy in Japan. Emphasis on education - film extracts w/ drunkard father sending young son out to earn money - government official tries to take child to school but is beaten up by father and his friends - youngster eventually gets to school and reformed father proud. Postman delivers message to woman - people reading bulletin board. Empress gives lighthouse keeper a radio.

00:10:00 Montage explaining psychology of the ancient Samurai and modern Bushido codes: Samurai archer applauded; soldiers practice w/ bayonets; women practice archery; Samurai swordsman fights multiple attackers; Japanese fight Chinese attackers on riverboat; Samurai walks calmly to his death / modern Bushido soldier drinks ritual cup of sake before suicide mission. Montage of dead Japanese warriors / soldiers - Samurai commit hara kiri, for Bushido it s falling like a cherry blossom or the way of the warrior .

00:11:54 Montage of heroic statues, shrines and banners. People banzai. Mountain scenes. Family visit grandmother s grave to ask for approval.

00:13:19 Moving samurai sword optical over blossom trees w/ caption February 11, 660 B.C. - narr. reads directive of 1st Mikado: We shall found the Empire and cover that which is under the heavens . February 11, 1940 - Crowds celebrate 2600 anniversary of mythological founding - banzai and waving Japanese flags - re-affirmation of pledge. November 26, 1941 - Sec. of State Hull off plane in Tokyo for meeting w/ Japanese Ambassador re: Pacific region. December 6, 1941 - Roosevelt on US battleship w/ MacArthur & Nimitz ? as narr. reads letter he wrote to Japanese Emperor on that date in efffort to keep the peace. December 7, 1944 - Ambassador Nomura ? and envoy speak to press - narr reads statement given to Hull 55mins after Pearl Harbor attack - ...the government of Japan...has continued negotiations with the utmost sincerity .

00:15:22 Extracts from scenes of Japanese life used earlier - Geishas, schoolchildren etc. - blends into footage of atrocities committed by Japanese troops in China - civilians beaten, dead babies, Chinese kicked into pits and shot in the head etc. Smiling Japanese general off plane, salutes. We must know them as they are .

WWII. Customs.

The American Soldier in Combat Pt. 3 of 3

WWII - Nazi rally - overhead shot rally - Huge swastika banners. Hitler on podium & crowd.

14:24:09 Headlines re invasion of Poland. German troops into Poland.

14:24:27 USA draft begins, FDR at lecturn, numbers written on blackboard. Men in street w/ banners Good bye Philly Hello Ft. Meade Conscription & new recruits trained. Target practice w/ beer cans, wooden guns. Planes drop bomb - visual of bomb falling on camera. Pearl Harbor & FDR declares war on Japan (very brief cut, no sound). Troops march.

14:25:18 Troops at train station,Soldiers kiss girlfriends / wives good-bye (GOOD but brief)

14:25:24 Tanks in desert. Firing guns. Paratroopers jump out of plane (good). Climbing down ropes off boat - explosions on Pacific beach - landing, jungle fighting. Fighting in Europe - street fighting (GOOD). 14:26:57 White surrender flag out of window. Wounded, sleeping soldiers. VE Day in London - US troops cheered. US tanks in Paris parade. More fighting & firing guns montage (Europe). US Vehicle drives over Swastika flag. CU Church bells ring.

14:28:01 VJ Day celebrations in New York City - jubilant crowd & woman kissing soldier, confetti & paper floating down shots, parade. Soldiers return on board ship & hug families & children.

14:28:56 Montage: Peace - suburban homes built. Factory exterior. Rows of consumer goods in factories: refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, toasters; combine machine.

14:29:15 Korean War - North Koreans wave flag on top of hill. American troops in mud. Battle - firing guns, rifles & machine guns. Wounded on stretchers. Religious service outdoors (Catholic).

14:31:03 Montage various American wars featured in this film - colonial wars, war of independence, civil war, WWI parade, CUs WWII soldiers. American soldiers superimposed on American landscapes and cityscapes.

Military Propaganda; History of Wars;

The Enemy Japan, Pt. 3: Dream of Empire Dream of Empire R2 of 2

Map of Philippines. Street scenes - high angle shot of traffic, billboards, lumber & train of logs. Hemp drying, mining chromite & moving w/ hand carts; loading onto ship. Malaya & rubber tapping & drying. Tin mining w/ hand labor, Malaya. Loading US ship in Singapore docks; dry docks w/ British Naval ship. Dutch East Indies Java & Sumatra. Oil drilling, storage, peeling bark & making quinine drugs for malaria.

02:16:17 Dutch naval bases. Australia & resources - street scenes & industry. Mining w/ large open pit iron mines, milling factories. Sheep farming & shearing. Docks - ships loaded.

02:17:35 March 1941 Jap foreign minister welcomed to Berlin. Japanese flags flying from Brandenburg Gate - motorcade. Diplomats met by Goering, Hitler & other VIPS. Group after meeting on balcony. French turning over bases to Japan in Indochina w/o a fight.

02:19:40 Ships unloaded, troops advance into Indo-China on trucks, then w/ camouflage; road marker re Hanoi, 170 km. Natives surrendering. Japan at Thailand border. October, 1941 General Hideki Tojo becomes Prime Minister along w/ Admirals & Generals. Cabinet poses. Kenoye removed. Japanese Navy & ships, planes over.

02:21:58 Bombing of Pearl Harbor & ships burning.

Pre-WWII Pacific; Invasions; Diplomacy; Propaganda; Natural Resources;

The World At War [Reel 1 of 7]

US Office of War Information

Roller stating that all film material is authentic and unstaged

Bombers in flight - Japanese flag flying. Pearl Harbor scenes w/ planes on field, ships in harbour, sun through clouds, bombers overhead. Aftermath & smoke. Ships through harbour. Wreckage seen from water. Hull, wreckage.

19:03:40 FDR (Roosevelt) before Congress - declaration of War - Day of Infamy speech. Cutaway to Japanese Ambassador; men & crowd listening to radio in streets.

19:05:58 CUs men opposing war. Wendell Wilkie, others pro-war. Interiors of Congress. Outdoor meeting of fascists w/ American flag. Brown Shirts at 1939 German-American Bund rally in Madison Square Garden with marching members beneath George Washington banner - dissenter disrupts Fritz Kuhn speech.

19:08:36 Pearl Harbor ships on fire. People at docks boarding ships, MCU of docks. Manchurian army marching past camera 1931. Regiment at attention. CU officer. Chin Hsie station, train moving past camera. Army men on horseback. Aerial view of train station. Men collecting hay. Army marching on top of hay, past camera - Invasion of Mukden. Mounted regiment, riding across screen. MCU of mounted regiment with Japanese flag.

WWII. Pacific War.

The Battle of China Reel 6 - Compilation film.

AVs Andes (Hump) Donkeys picking way over trail

12:31:18 Draughtmen at drawing boards - engineers.

12:31:26 Modern road building machinery. Chinese building the Burma road by hand - labourers using pick-axe - moving boulders by hand. Masses of men working on carving supply route out of mountain. Women and children working on road. Completed Burma road - supplies moved by convoys of trucks. Col. Chenault s Flying Tigers overhead to protect convoys.

12:33:44 Animated map showing Japanese incursion into China and takeover of rail routes. Chengchow on banks of Yellow River. Animated map show original course of river and new course which occurred following flood. Yellow river in Spring flood - Chinese working on dykes to hold river on new course. Animated map show how Chinese deliberately blew up dykes to stop Japanese advance. Chinese refugees displaced by flood. Yellow river. Smiling Chinese.

12:35:28 Map - Japanese foot soldiers marching and military vehicles / RR advance into China. Chinese guerilla fighters - some armed - some very young. Chinese guerrillas ambush Japanese patrol - explosions. Japanese troops bogged down in mud. List of Japanese war aims. Animated map showing Germany s advance on Russia. Brief shots bomb damage in Britain. Royal Navy battleship.

12:38:30 Capitol - Newspaper headlines re Navy bill - re-armament of US. Graphic The Tanaka Memorial - Japan s Dream of World Empire.

12:39:06 Japanese parliament meeting. Japanese officers with map.

12:39:26 Pearl Harbor attack. Ships burning. Montage allied armies and of Japanese advances. Newspaper headlines - Malay Peninsula invaded - Singapore Falls - Corregidor Taken. Map showing how China lost the Burma Road.

The World At War [Reel 7 of 7]

US Office of War Information

Hitler w/ Generals consulting map. Hitler talking w/ Goering. Russia - Stalin at podium - crowds in Red Square? - civilians marching. Russian civilians digging tank traps inc. women. Weapons distributed. Anti-aircraft guns. Burning village. Armaments factories - mass production. Dead German soldiers; wreckage of Luftwaffe plane; German PoWs. Winter - German corpses in snow - tanks.

19:38:11 Goosestepping troops - German/Italian - Japanese march past Emperor. Burning ship at Pearl Harbor. MacArthur in Philippines. Air raid siren in Manila - civilians run for cover - wrekcage in street w/ civilians corpses. MacArthur in Australia. Warships at sea.

19:39:24 Roosevelt / FDR signs Lend Lease Act. US factories - car plant turned into armaments factory - Montage showing US industry turning out materiel of war, and military developments are increased in total war campaign. Pacific fleets. New recruits & army training. South American assistance for Allies - Pan-American Nations declare war on Axis. Troops of conquered nations fighting for Allies - CUs soldiers of many nationalities marching - Dutch, Belgian, Yugoslav, Czech, Filippino, Polish, Norwegian, Free French, plus Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans.

19:42:51 British warships & bombers. Russian troops marching w/ bayonet rifles. Chinese troops along Great Wall. High angle shot US military parade - many troops marching behind American flag.

WWII. Pacific War.

Prelude to War (1943) Reel 2 Pt 1 of 3

Why We Fight series Narrated by Walter Huston

Hoover Dam & others, electricity supply towers. Newspaper headlines re Senators Oppose the League of Nations, Tariff Act, Dry Law, prohibition. Montage electoral conventions in US. Hitler posters & brief street scene. Polling papers w/ single name Adolf Hitler. Compares freedom of Americans to read anything as opposed to book burning of forbidden authors in Germany

01:28:07 US church spires, choir singing Onward Christian Soldiers. Baby, children play, swings & slide. Kids at school & montage of at play. Nazi flag, German kids loading artillery.

01:29:55 Japanese flag. Title: To Die for the Emperor is to Live Forever . Italian flag, title: Three cheers for war, noble and beautiful above all . Italian child blackshirts practice put on gas masks during exercise. American children donate funds for Japanese children.

01:30:32 Nazi marching band, smiling Hitler, shots Goering, Mussolini. Montage German, Japanese & Italian crowds. Hitler makes speech very animated some SOF. CU Hess, Goering, Goebbels, DietrichTodt,Reinhardt, Darre, Ley (w/ titles over). Montage crowds Banzai, Heil Hitler, young Italian Fascists saluting.

01:32:30 1940 Hitler with Kurusu, Japanese Ambassador at time of Pearl Harbor, Von Ribbentrop signs Tripartite pact. Animated maps showing Italian, Japanese and German expansion plans.

Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

December 7th - Aftermath - colour

LA CU Machine gun nest or sand bag area along a street; soldier with rifle stands by. MS Worker in pineapple field (SV). HA MS Main thoroughfare in Honolulu. HA LS Street lined with buildings; cars move along; people walk about.

20:01:58 CU Navy enlisted man looking over a captured two-man submarine (Japanese) which is on dry land on a metal mount. HA LS Aircraft burning on a field; two army trucks in F/G; men run around the burning planes. CU Charred remains of aircraft (SV).

Battle Of The United States

FBI- J.Edgar Hoover sitting at desk talking about Battle of the United States which was about enemy agents in America in WWII

1940 Flashback - New York at Night - Brooklyn Dodgers - wheat harvest - enlisted men - cars - street scenes. American Nazi spies - short wave radio - American ship torpedoed in the Carribbean - intercepted mail containing military information. Various Nazi rallies in America. Nazi pamphlets in New York. Huge Nazi rally. FBI files on Nazi agents. Work in FBI during WWII to try and combat espionage. FBI agents carrying out surveillance. Map of South America showing where enemy agents were living and working. South America - Patagonia - reconstruction enemy agents - German shops and industry in South America - Thyssen factory. Nazism taught in S.A. schools - Nazi Rally - Sabotage in factories - reports sent to FBI telling of planned Nazi attack against Panama Canal - FBI radio operator - Nazi banners and pictures of Hitler hung on wall. USA month after Pearl Harbor thirty three foreign agents convicted. Film cans marked

- Duquesne Case, secret filming by FBI agents. Film on projector.

Attack at Pearl Harbor [Simulated Action - Japanese Viewpoint and Reaction]

Reconstruction using models and actors. LS torpedo launched from sub; hits USS Arizona (BB-39) [model]. Good shots interior Japanese submarine with jubilant sailor. MS model Sub comes to surface; burning battleships and naval installations in background [simulated]. MS young Japanese officer looks at blazing battleship through binoculars [good]. USS Arizona buckles amidships from torpedo explosion and starts to sink [simulated, good]. LS pan - night scene at Pearl Harbor after Japanese attack [poor model].

11:30:47 MS interior of sub: officer sending Morse code signal to report battle result. MS communication room aboard Japanese ship, vars radiomen in view; Captain comes in and asks if any report has been received. CU telegram reading: "We have succeeded in the attack" [Japanese]. MS high-ranking Japanese officer in wardroom receiving reports of battle [long].

11:33:26 MS members of Japanese family listening to radio, which is broadcasting news of their son's honourable death; CU mother. MS another family of son's friends listening to radio; also his school teacher. MS girl in kimono goes into art room, kneels before painting of a flaming ship and prays for the dead.

11:36:06 Front view of shrine w/ high toril (gate); [emotive Japanese song playing].

WWII. Re-enactments. Pacific War.

The Roswell Reports [Part 1]

Newspaper headline - Roswell Daily Record - RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region ; VS many books on the Roswell Incident ; UFO Museum ; brief shot of bogus alien autopsy film; New Mexico magazine cover. VO despite the vested interest a questionable credibility of all sources involved in generating the media hype, the US Air Force is routinely accused of concealing a deep, dark secret from the American people . Newspaper clippings inc. Busting the Balloon of a Real-Life X-File re case reopened in 1994 by NM Congressman Steven Schiff to determine whether US govt. held information regarding alleged crash of UFO & alien crew in Roswell in July 1947.

01:01:59 AV Pentagon. INT man & woman opening file in records vault - shelves. Cover of completed report; map of Roswell; pages of report w/ VO describing finding: not remains of alien craft found, but wreckage from top secret Mogul research project to accoustically detect suspected Soviet nuclear explosions & ballistic launches .

01:02:55 Good LS nuclear test explosion & mushroom cloud [col]. US WWII battleship burning after Pearl Harbor attack - Early Warning System then main priority. VS equipment used in Mogul tests - attached to weather balloons - launched by two men. Newspaper headline as before re discovery by rancher of flying disc - actually Mogul equipment. Stills of US airmen w/ debris - identified as radar targets & weather balloons. Headline Gen. Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer...Excitement Not Justified .

01:04:30 Intertitles: Alien Bodies and the Roswell Incident - no claims of alien bodies made when wreckage found in 1947 - titles summarise claims made by UFO enthusiasts from 1970s onwards re transportation of alien bodies to Roswell AAF hospital, intimidation of civilians by military etc. Graphic showing documents found after publication of 1994 report - more info to explain theories of alien bodies - second report written to take them into account.

01:07:09 Air Force activity of type misunderstood by witnesses c1950s [col] - balloon unit - pilot into test aircraft. Military funeral 1980s - exploitation of air force members killed or injured in the line of duty .

01:07:41 Rest of film devoted to Five Main Conclusions of 2nd report. First conclusion: military operations misinterpreted - AV crash site in desert; aliens actually anthropomorphic dummies - stills of military dummies in use - shows 1980s TV commercial w/ talking crash test dummies w/ slogan You Could Learn a Lot from a Dummy - Buckle Your Safety Belt .

Extra Terrestrials. UFOs. Flying Saucers. Aliens. Hoaxes. Legends. Myths. Conspiracy Theories.

[Post WWII - Pearl Harbor Hearings]

Photographers taking pictures as Gen. Marshall & Gen. Hurley sworn in for Pearl Harbor hearings. Congressmen at table. Civilian at mic speaking (MOS)

Air Force Now - [Rex Barber Describes Shooting Down Gen.Yamamoto]

News of the Day: Yamamoto Shot Down

(Yamamoto responsible for Pearl Harbor attack)

Still photo of Barber; describes hitting the plane.

Newsreel (is this reel or recreated?): Portrait Yamamoto. Barber with others on airfield after exploit. Radio operator intercepts message. Bougainville airfield. CUs propellers. Pilots into planes. John Mitchell briefing pilots. Climb into Lockheed P-38 and takeoff. Air battle. P-38s return. Victorious pilots pose.

[Home Movies - Alaska Mining Town, Mammoth Bone & Tusk, River Boat]

Two young girls w/ two dogs out of log cabin (wood siding on rear) past father taking 8mm home movies. Malamute husky tied to post by river, CU. Town rooftops w/ dramatic storm clouds.

11:02:10 Gold dredge sitting near river in pond. Men drilling holes in frozen earth w/ water hoses. Dredge working (brief). Hydraulic mining w/ water against dirt bank.

11:03:43 Small town houses, log cabins & gravel streets. Service station. Van w/ gas tanks on roof. Small steam engine A.R.R. w/ man in cab but not working; Eskimo or Indian kids beside it. Alaska Railroad car Nenema past.

11:04:59 POV on highway (brief). Kids in stream. Army trucks past military-style barracks. Building w/ large sign on side w/ dogs head. Rows of quonset huts, army trucks. Old cabins, mixed-breed sled dogs staked to posts & trees. Log cabins. Dog sled in weeds.

11:06:47 Town from river w/ dark dramatic clouds. CU art deco sign: North Pole Bakery on store front. Men looking at piper cub airplane on grass. Aerial over town, river & clouds, piles of tailings from gold dredging w/ large dredge working

11:07:55 Plane on gravel bar of river w/ hiill behind. Taxiing.

11:08:20 Wooden two story building settling. Log cabin w/ sod roof, others behind on hillside. Man standing in front. View of small town main street between cabins w/ large landslide exposed on hillside behind. Men loading logs into truck. Ext. of sawmill, vacant store fronts. Three story building Central Hotel. Sign on building Pearl Harbour w/ mounted moose-head on side. Signs: beer parlour; Monte Carlo; Royal Alexandra Hotel. Large river.

11:10:54 Two small Indian girls pose. Log cabins & other. Chickens in pen. Birch on river bank. View of town from hillside.

11:11:37 Street of vacant & dilapidated buildings. Yukon Hotel. Indian boys. Church. Men into ?? Home fronts. Men on river bank. Indian mother & three children. Old men talking to tourists. Steel bridge over river. Town shots; log cabin.

11:13:30 Couple fishing from river bank. Hillside shots. Horse, buggy, people. Vistas of river & log cabins, collapsed. Mining or logging camp. Hyudraulic mining. Burning grass & stumps. CU of debris left after mining.

11:15:16 Large mammoth (?) bone standing upright beside man holding tusk. CU. ca four feet tall. Man picks up bone.

11:15:40 River boat underway.

1940s; Tourists; Travels; Frontier Life; Western Expansion; Gold Rush; Ghost Town; Oddities;

[WWII Airplanes]

Air Force Now

Pearl Harbor attack. Flying Tigers P-40s w shark faces painted on.

Col. Joe Engle Air Force Astronaut assigned to Shuttle Space Program presents. Montage nose art. Montage WWII bomber airplanes.

05:37:00 P-38 Lightning. P-51 Mustang. P-47 Thunderbolts. B-17 Flying Fortress dropping bombs. B-24 Liberty. B-25 Doolittle.

05:38:54 1980s footage: B-29 Superfortress. Airshow w/ explosions on ground & various WWII planes.

P-40 on ground, switches to B/W & WWII pilot takes off. Presented by Your Air Force.

December 7th Reel 1

Dramatisation showing actor playing Uncle Sam and his conscience talking. Shows sugar cane and pineapple cultivation (agriculture). Stock Shots Honolulu all major buildings - beaches - ports and business centres.

December 7th Reel 2

Dramatisation showing actor playing Uncle Sam and his conscience talking. Japanese labourers on Hawaii - working and living conditions. Japanese school - telephone book - newspapers and magazines. Japanese labourers working on sugar plantations and pineapple fields. Commerce and industry on Hawaii showing Japanese community . Tells how there are 157000 Japanese living on Hawaii of which 120,000 are US citizens. Actor playing Doctor Shunzo Sakamaki (phon.). Chairman of the Oahu citizens committee says they pledge themselves to the defence of America - that they were born in Hawaii and they cherish heritage as Americans. Group of Japanese schoolchildren make pledge of allegiance and sing God Bless America. Japanese Central Institute - Japanese children in class singing patriotic song to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. Shinto temple - Japanese women in traditional dress enter temple - Shinto priest explains how Hirohito is God. Shots of temple grounds.

December 7th Reel 2

Dramatisation showing actor playing Uncle Sam and his conscience talking. Graphics showing how Japanese have since 1924 registering their children as US citizens whilst keeping their own Japanese status. Japanese consulate in Hawaii - report given to Japanese ambassador about US naval movements - intelligence which will be relayed to Tokyo and Berlin (spies). English subtitles over Japanese speech. Japanese women and children watching Pearl Harbor from their shanty homes. Japanese workers in dock Japanese take photographs. Japanese gardener listening to American naval officers discussing weapons etc. Japanese barber listening to American officers discussing naval capability - Taxi driver same. American servicemen in dance hall with Japanese girls - loose talk. German ambassador tells Japanese ambassador how information gained by his agents in Hawaii led to sinking of US destroyer. Japanese women agents gossiping.

December 7th Reel 4

Dramatisation showing actor playing Uncle Sam and his conscience talking. Japanese Ambassador talking with German Ambassador. Conscience tells US not to be complacent, that Japan will one day attack Hawaii. Japanese spies and agents collecting information and sending by radio and diplomatic pouch to Tokyo. Aerials - Japanese family listening to Japanese radio broadcasts - radio masts. Lovely stock shots of islands - beaches - waterfalls - countryside - different nationalities - street scenes - population - children - traditional customs - hula dancing - beach scenes and surfing. Uncle Sam dreaming over shots of war in Europe.

December 7th Reel 5

Dramatisation showing actor playing Uncle Sam and his conscience talking. Shots of island coastlines. US army on minor alert. Airfield - Pearl Harbor ships at anchor - early morning Sunday service military. Actor playing Private Lockhart picks up Japanese planes approaching on radar - his warning goes unheeded. US sailors watching Japanese planes overhead. Attack begins - Japanese planes bomb installations - airfield - Japanese fighter planes - US military make attempt to down aircraft - good some re-enactments

December 7th Reel 6

Dramatisation - Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor - ships in flames. Re-enactment of the bombing of the battleships Oklahoma, California, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Panic in the city. Various shots different guns returning fire. Ack Ack brings down Japanese fighter. Navy big guns firing. Dramatisation intercut with actuality.

December 7th Reel 7

Dramatisation - Ships on fire in harbour - Japanese planes leaving. Japanese aircraft downed during fight. Two men submarines. Fleet in flames - planes burning on airfield - wounded and dead. Funeral services.

December 7th Reel 8

Dramatisation - Graphic Japanese radio mast - tells Japanese of attack on Pearl Harbor. American battleship Arizona sunk - Utah capsized - Oklahoma capsized - other damaged. Salvage operations - US Navy ships set to sea - ships in dry dock. US convoy from US mainland bringing supplies to Hawaii. Oahu civil defence committee - air raid precautions - barbed wire fences - tunnels and shelters - air raid warning. Children go down shelter trenches. Children putting on gas masks - tiny children in bunny masks. Queues for masks. Rubber mountain - blood donors - war bond drive

December 7th Reel 9

Dramatisation - Loyal Japanese - disloyal Japanese interned - Japanese signs removed - closed schools and boarded up Shinto temples. Replacing signs with American signs - deserted streets - blackout on Hawaii. Two ghosts talking in military cemetery about war and hope for the future - lots of baseball references. Flags of Allied nations flying - nice sequence all flags named individually. Plane makes smoke trail of victory V.

Japanese Newsreel

Japanese sailors march on parade ground

18:01:42 Captured American prisoners of war walk down Peiping (Peking) street - several captured GIs embark freight train. POWs seated in room - Group of captured US personnel come on deck - Commander sends message to the President saying they were captured on Wake Island by the Japanese and were being treated well (Japanese subtitles in vision). 18:03:26 Saigon Street scene - taping windows against blast damage - buildings sandbagged - digging trenches for air raid shelter. Front of British Embassy - car parked in front of Japanese official building, British ambassador enters building. British embassy, probably Japan - American embassy probably Japan. Newspaper headlines re Pearl Harbor (Japanese) Tojo (Japanese PM) makes speech. Head of Japanese War Information Centre makes speech. News bulletin - moving electric banner showing battle results of December 8th. Japanese naval and army officers announce battle results - press. 18:09:03 Map of Pacific area - Japanese troops in tropical area preparing for battle - Japanese tanks and armoured cars advance on road - coconut trees. 18:10:12 President Roosevelt and Churchill meeting on British Battleship Prince of Wales - British preparing for action in Singapore - unloading military equipment from ships - Indian troops - British troops and artillery on parade ground.

The World at War, Pt 1 of

Roller stating that all film material is authentic and unstaged bombers, Pearl Harbor scenes w/ planes on field, ships in harbour, sun through clouds, bombers overhead. Aftermath & smoke. Ships through harbour. Wreckage from water. Hull, wreckage, FDR (Roosevelt) before Congress declaration of War. - Day of infamy speech. Japanese ambassador; men & crowd listening to radio in streets. CUs opposing war. Wilkie, others against war. Interiors of congress. Students picketing White House. Others picketing pickets. Women demonstrate against war. Brown Shirts and American Bund meeting with marching members beneath George Washington banner. Dissenter disrupts Kuhn speech in Madison Square Garden. Labour picketing and fighting outside factories. Strikers hosed down. Idle plants.

Hawai Mare Oki No Senso Eigwa (Battles of Hawaii and the Malay Sea) Reel 2

Japanese fleet on its way to attack Pearl Harbor. Japanese fleet commander on board air craft carrier calls on all personnel to turn and face Tokyo and worship. CU propellers turning - mass of planes on deck - aircraft take off - ground crew waving - formations of fighters in flight - good air to air shots through clouds. Planes fly over land - shots from plane as pilot spots fuel storage tanks and Pearl Harbor. Bombing of Pearl harbor - battleships hit Wheeler and Hickam Fields hit. Excellent shots Japanese aircraft throughout.

06:51:05 Japanese aircraft interior - spotter sees British warships Prince of Wales and Repulse en route to Singapore, pilot radios Prince of Wales sunk - CU hand on morse code key.

Good quality - some staged

Pacific war

December 7th Outtakes

Ships at sea, launching planes by catapult from carrier & moving damaged plane - wings folded. SBD landing on deck. Air to air PBY in flight over clouds. Plane crashes into carrier tower, pilot rescued. Staged Pearl Harbor attack. Hull overturned. Wrecked hanger & planes.

December 7th Outtakes

Amphib. plane (seaplane) dropping torpedo. PBY (?) dropping torpedo. Jap planes attacking ship (actual). Sailors below deck to surface w/ explosion (v. staged). Dive bomber dropping bomb. Wreckage. Planes w/ Japanese markers in flight. Multi takes of plane dropping torpedo. US plane landing at Hawaii past foliage & bunker. Hula dancer w/ people watching. Cherry blossoms. Battleship putting out from dock. Planes on carrier flight deck launched; wings unfolded & locked into place. Fleet w/ troop ships underway. Guarded ship tied up at Pearl Harbor close to shore. Wreckage in harbor.

December 7th Outtakes Pearl Harbor

Plane burning & jeep past. Waves breaking on coast. Kids play on water edge. Navy diver out of water in suit. Helmet removed. Torpedo boat past camera. Ships off Hawaii. Flak above ship. Ships guns firing in MCU. Aircraft carrier turning. Battleship moved between several tugs into dry dock. Plane diving. View of Harbor & docks from ship arriving. Hawaiians walking on sidewalk with kids. Old couple looking up in MCU (staged). CU young child in stroller. POV past stores & people waiting for bus on sidewalk. Windows taped up. Officer on bridge of ship.

December 7th Outtakes Pearl Harbor

Plane diving. 13Jan43 Japanese fighter plane hit. Variety of planes overhead in V formation JM-2 type aircraft in flight. Bomber and two fighter planes in flight. JM-2 type plane in flight banking to left. Silhouette of men working on US plane. Staged plane burning. Painted backdrop of planes. B-24 Bomber landing. Line of P-39s on runway at Hickam Field. B-17 landing Removing machine gun from fighter. CU gun barrel firing. Staged men run past camera w/ heavy smoke behind. Pumping out battleship (OK) as moved into dry dock. Staged attack on Pearl Harbor w/ explosions & fires. Overturned hull. Staged heavy smoke. Staged airfield burning. Honolulu from ridge w/ planes over (process plate). CU smoke behind gun. Airfield with wreckage. MPs. Interior of destroyed hanger & slow pan over wreckage. Burned Buildings w/ smoke behind. Pan over to heavily burned hanger, ends on Hanger #9. MP shows bomb crater.

Still Aerial Photos of Pearl Harbor During Attack

Japanese aircraft carrier pitching in heavy seas - CU officers on the bridge. Air to ground over mountainous country. Japanese dive bombers in flight with bombs attached. Air to ground, bombs being dropped on city (very shakey) . Smoke pouring from buidlings and airstrip. Still photographs with Japanese characters over of aftermath of attack on Pearl harbor - poor quality WWII

A Captured Film Hawaii / Air Attacks Over Hawaii

Animated map showing route from Japan to Hawaii. Two Japanese air craft carriers en route - shots Captain and crew - Japanese pilots of the Imperial Air Squadron addressed by officers - run to planes. Fighter bomber planes launch from deck. Formations of aircraft in flight. Inter titles US Pacific Fleet Annihilated. Very jerky shots air to ground of bombs exploding on Pearl Harbor and Ford Island. Graphic showing American losses.

08:37:14 formation of Japanese aircraft over - various shots Japanese naval fleet.

Pacific War

Activities of Fighter Squadron December 7th Outtakes

CU F4F aircraft in FG (SP). Two pilots discuss in front of plane - shot repeated different angle CU Commander Thatch in F4F. CU Lt. "Butch" O HARE in cockpit of F4F.

10:06:38 Air to air F4F s in formation (SP). Various sequences F4F s making gunnery runs on camera plane. Good close up shots air to air of plane. Pilot looking at camera!

Actual Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Poor quality, transferred in B/W exists in very bad quality colour

MS Camera on bow of ARGONNE pans down battleship row showing BB s MARYLAND, capsized OKLAHOMA, TENNESSEE, listing WEST VIRGINIA, burning ARIZONA, AR-VESTAL and BB NEVADA. MS Repeats of above. MS Repeat of scene one & two (This is the best of the three).

LS Looking up at attacking Japanese plane; Much flak in sky. MS Another pan down battleship row; This view shows tanker NEOSHO starting to back clear of her moorings at end of row of BB s. MS Looking to left along 1010 dock at moored CL HELENA & listing CM OGLALA being pulled clear of the cruiser s side. LS Looking up at Japanese plane under anti-aircraft fire. MS BB NEVADA has past 1010 dock & is trying to reach open sea; She is being heavily bombed forward; her guns are firing back at her attackers; She turns left & runs aground at Hospital Pt. As this action is taking place in the background of scene, the OGLALA rolls over & sinks in the foreground of scene. MS Camera pans rt. to It. showing WEST VIRGINIA settling with a decreasing list: Upturned hull of OKLAHOMA. with MARYLAND behind her. TERN (AM-31) is moored in at 1010 dock. Repeat of scene - MS ST. LOUIS breaks down channel for open sea, guns firing. Camera pans off to the left showing beached & burning NEVADA & SHAW afire in the floating dry dock down channel from 1010 dock.

MS Pan- showing part of Battleship row with CALIFORNIA settling in the water, then MARYLAND & overturned OKLAHOMA. The burning oil pouring out of ARIZONA is starting to engulf all of the battleships due to drift in current MS Injured men on stretchers being carried past autos parked on 1010 dock for transport to medical facilities. MS Drifting oil fires from ARIZONA engulfing BB CALIFORNIA - MS Destroyer Shaw s forward magazine explodes in large fireball. MS Pan across CALIFORNIA after oil fire drifts clear MS BLUE (DD-387) heads down channel past burning oil fires for sea. MS Capsized OGLALA sunken in foreground; SHAW burns in the background.

LS Japanese plane overhead is fired on; Heavy flak in air. MS Shrapnel falls in water just off 1010 dock, BB s in back. MS Camera pans across battleship row showing MARYLAND, OKLAHOMA, TENNESSEE, WEST VIRGINIA, & ARIZONA (ARIZONA still burning). Repeat of scene

MS CALIFORNIA settling lower in water (she took two torpedoes). MS Another view of OGLALA laying sunken on her side beside dock. MS Pan across CALIFORNIA as she settles lower in the water (Camera man has changed to 3" lens to get a closer view). VIREO in foreground. MS Pan across barracks & HQ s of Pacific Fleet Battle Force on Ford Island showing American flag still flying in front of building. CS View of American flag still flying on stern of CL HONOLULU in navy yard dock behind the main 1010 dock. Colour Film has deteriorated to monochromic red - Very Poor Condition Pacific War

December 7th Outtakes

MCU California class Battleship; Marine sentry passing by in FG. ECU USS CALIFORNIA (BB-44); crew and dock workers on deck. MLS Unidentified air craft carrier underway in Pearl Harbor; Marine sentry and civilian workers looking on from dock in FG. CU PAN Along port side of CALIFORNIA showing new war paint on ship; several of crew and civilians on weather deck.

CU Dock workers and naval personnel running down dock with hawser. CU CALIFORNIA; dock workers on dock in FG. CU Men tending lines on dock. ECU PAN Along side of CALIFORNIA; many of crew on deck. 08:04:00 MLS CALIFORNIA moving out into stream; tug off port quarter; personnel looking on from dock in FG; several men on foc sle folding jack.

08:05:37 LA MCU Shipyard officers looking over blueprints onboard a BB; officer in group has on a diving type suit (SP). CU Floating barge crane tied up to dock; PAN out over Pearl Harbor to stern of unid. BB; water pumped out over side of ship from flooded compartments; rainbow in FG.

Japanese Film - Misc. scenes

LS Japanese Battleship firing. LS Japanese BB of ISE-Class firing. LS Two Japanese BBs firing broadside; stern of another BB in the FG. LS Japanese DD (titles on roll). LS Japanese BB (complete with titles). LS Japanese DD (with titles). LS Japanese BB bombarding (titles on same) (SP). MS Group of Japanese Army and Navy officers; one reading from piece of paper. HA LS Interior of bldg.; Japanese writing on paper. CU Hideki Tojo making speech. CU Loudspeaker on telephone pole. CU Man holding his ear, listening to speech. GV People listening to speech being made over loudspeaker (SP). CU Japanese woman bending over with her hands in front of her. LS Three people kneeling in front of Emperor s Palace. LS Emperor s Palace. LS Japanese naval students walking down street carrying banners. CU Map of Japan and Korea.

08:12:44 LS Two Japanese air craft carriers underway. LS PAN Up side of ship to men in gun tubs. CU Officers on bridge of Japanese ship (SP). LS Japanese sailors pushing planes on flight deck of Japanese carrier. LA LS Pilot running down flight deck to plane. HA LS Japanese officers being briefed on flight deck (SP). LS PAN Planes on flight deck of Japanese carrier. HA LS Japanese planes on flight deck. MS to LS Japanese pilots running to man their planes. HA MS Air "boas" on bridge of Japanese carrier giving "Launch Planes" signal. HA LS Japanese aircraft being deck launched from carrier (SP). LS Japanese torpedo bombers in flight. CU Japanese plane in flight. LS Air to Air Japanese planes in flight (SP). CU Air to Air Japanese planes in flight (SP). AV Japanese planes approaching Pearl Harbor. AV Pearl Harbor burning under Japanese air attack (SP). AV Bombs exploding on Ford Island,

08:15:16 LS Street scene in Japan near waterfront (SP). MS Japanese soldiers unloading from truck. LS Japanese troops milling around entrance to building. LS Japanese sailors, under arms, walking down street in Orient. LS GV Wartime street scenes of city under Japanese attack (SP). MS Japanese armoured vehicle going down street very slowly. CU Japanese soldier carrying battle flag. LS Japanese troops filing down street. LS Waterfront. MS Japanese river gunboat. LS Flag flying from Japanese gunboat. LS Japanese gunboat underway in harbour of Shanghai.

Japanese Planes Bomb Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona Explodes and Sinks

GV-Pan Pearl Harbor shipping, explosion in water, US planes dive over. GV USS Nevada leaves harbour. GV AA flak, cruiser damaged and on fire. LS Japanese plane amid flak. GV-Pan Various ships burning. Quality poor in parts

Overturned and Wrecked Shipping - Pearl Harbor

MS-Pan hull, over turned Oklahoma- SV. GV Wrecked Arizona, turrets awash, twisted superstructure. GV Arizona, with diver down - pan to damaged sections. GV Overturned Oklahoma, men on keel -SP. GV Wrecked,damaged Arizona.

14:48:45 GV-MS Arizona & ships burning ( very spectacular, excellent) Phoenix exits harbour, burning ships, heavy smoke. FG (excellent). GV USS Shaw sunk & damaged in dry dock. MS wrecked planes in damaged hangar. GV Smoke rises from burning planes, hangar etc.

Pearl Harbor Activities ? December 7th Outtakes

US troops - marines out of sandbag bunker and into military truck - soldier scans sky with binoculars. Shots repeated. Troops in back of truck training machine guns to sky. Shots repeated different angle, radio operator assembles aerial in foreground. Radio operator and officer pointing to map. Three soldiers with anti aircraft gun. Soldiers run and jump into trench. Truck pulls up at sandbag emplacement - drops off three soldiers with guns. Truck drops off more soldiers including radio operator at sandbag emplacement. CU machine gun being used. Various other different types of machine guns being fired. Troops firing rifles.

09:34:16 Mass of marines run out of Marine Barracks - shots repeated. Troops run to trucks and motorcycles with sidecars. Shots repeated different angle. CU sign Marine Barracks Pearl Harbor

Various shots troops dive into trench with machine guns.

Pearl Harbor Activities - December 7th Outtakes

Damaged Battleship

09:37:49 MCU Three plane formation of J2Fs aircraft taking off; OS2U taxies by; PBY-5A taxies by; OS2U taxies up with depth charges on. MCU PBY-5A taxiing by.

09:40:10 CU Tugs alongside USS CALIFORNIA (BB-44) after she was raised, taking her to dry dock (SP). Various shots sailors on deck of raised battleship. Pumping out water. Camera moving with sea - very shaky.

Pearl Harbor Activities - December 7th Outtakes

MCU-CU Pilots being briefed by group commander (SP). MCU-MS TBF Fighter plane warmed up and taxiing out; other TBFs in FG taxi out and get clear, next one in line taxis out to take off.

09:48:12 MS Battleship tied-up at Pearl Harbor. MS Liberty party going over brow and into motor launch. MS-LS BB tied-up at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor.

MS Navy yard, Pearl Harbor. MS BB steaming by; sailors in white uniforms manning rail (SP). MS Sailors on sponsion waiting for ship to come in to be tied-up by line handling party. MS USS Colorado (BB-45) pushed in alongside sponsion by tugs at Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Shortly After Attack

07Dec41. Views of sunken & capsized ships in harbour from boat. Burning ship. Burning airport. Airport after fire out w/ wreckage, seen from water. Battleship moving past heavy black smoke. Whaler Ariz w/ diver in water. CU past twisted wreckage. Men w/ rifles on hull of overturned ship patrolling. Propellers out of water. Small boats moving about. Wreckage of airport, PBY looking normal. Others badly damaged.

Unid. Japanese Newsreel - Bombing of Pearl Harbor - poor quality

MS Turrets of Japanese Battleship being trained. MS Japanese navy flag flying. MS Bow of Japanese BB; Imperial Crest. MS Three Japanese crewmen using binoculars; these men are lookouts. MS FLEET ADM. YAMAMOTO on bridge. MS Scale ruler being used on navigation map. 09:01;26 MS Map; arrow pointing from Japan to Hawaii and dotted line going to US. MS Two Japanese officers on bridge. MLS Two Japanese carriers underway. MLS Flight quarters being held on carrier; crew getting ready for attack on Pearl Harbor. .

09:03:20 MLS Group of Japanese pilots on flight deck, scattering toward their planes. Single engine planes on flight deck with engines running. Various shots of Japanese planes taking off carrier. LS Japanese planes in formation; mast in FG. MS Map of Hawaiian Islands. Japanese carrier based bombers in flight

09:08:00 A-G LS Pearl Harbor being bombed. MS Japanese markers left by Japanese suicide sub officers. MS Several pictures of Japanese navy officers who attacked Pearl Harbor in suicide subs.

War on the Seas Reel 1

Japanese titles - December 7th 1941 - Japanese planes taking off from aircraft carrier. Japanese planes in flight formation. Aerial Views Pearl Harbor - bombs dropping. Ships burning. Japanese aerial photographs of destruction at Pearl Harbor. Aftermath of attack - wrecked aircraft. Roosevelt infamy speech over shots of destruction. Frogman - salvage work - sunken ships. Tojo and his ministers in Tokyo. Animated map showing Japanese plans for invasion of Pacific Islands. Berchtesgaden - planning meeting with Hitler and Mussolini. Animated map showing German plans for Europe and Asia and how convoy supply lines must be cut. German submarine pens in Norway. American Navy personnel on small civilian boats off coast of America forming Corsair defence fleet. Dropping depth charge off back of small boat - explosion in water. Dirigible - LTA - Balloon - US Navy blimp protecting convoys off US coast. Air shot merchant ship. Interior blimp - crew.

20:45:54 Island Air base - Seaplane takes off on air patrol - flies over tanker. Interior aircraft. Air to air shot Naval aircraft. Air shot German submarine on surface. Interior German submarine as alarm sounded - dive. Sea Plane drops depth charges.

Pacific War

[Miscellaneous Newsreels 1932-1941 - Pearl Harbor]

Bomb Damage High - Pearl Harbor footage - aftermath - civilians taking furniture out of houses. Hospital emergency unit.

Woman reading newspaper headlines re Pearl harbor. Damaged building and cars. Wreckage near houses. Civilian damage. Babies and children in kindergarten. Sandbagging. Digging trenches.

Stills destroyed planes. Two-man Japanese submarines on beach. Rubber suit used by Japanese.

Good patriotic narration.

Battle Of Midway And Pearl Harbor Damage

LS Plane in flight toward camera; combat plane low over water w/ ships in BG. Silhouette machine gunner.

Crewmen carry fire bottles on flight deck of carrier. Deck-edge elevator, carrying crew members, rises to flight deck. Two sailors aboard carrier look up at sky. Marine looks out over water. DD underway & other ships in bg. Carrier underway.

Men, at lifelines, look down at water. Man looking through telescope. Two officers converse on bridge. LS Carrier underway. USS HORNET-CV-8 . Signalman sends message with flags from bridge of carrier.

F-4 F6F in flight over carrier.

TBM in flight. LS-CA DD underway & plane in flight overhead. Men standing on bridge watch ship underway. Looking through telescope WAR CORRESPONDENTS - Journalists. Two stand next to long telescope.

On flying bridge looking through binoculars. Donning rain gear; plane in flight over water. CU ADM WILLIAM HALSEY on bridge of carrier.

Carrier flight deck. captain talks into communication system. 40mm anti-aircraft guns firing. MS 8" guns, aboard cruiser, firing. Flak in sky. SALT LAKE CITY-CA-25 - LS Plane, in flight, fired on. LS Ship s guns firing at plane in flight toward ship.

Carrier underway, crew on flight deck. Pilots come out of tower onto flight deck.

Damaged Ships, Base and Air Station, Pearl Harbor

Attack aftermath.

Keel overturned OKLAHOMA, UTAH SV. ARIZONA smoking, wrecked superstructure. Bow ARIZONA . turret awashed. Keel OKLAHOMA, wreckage ARIZONA. ARIZONA, Boat alongside, wreckage SV. Keel OKLAHOMA workmen, guards on keel. Keel OKLAHOMA SV. USS PHOENIX leaves Pearl ARIZONA burning in BG.

Ford Island, wrecked planes, hangar, etc. Wrecked hangars, aircraft burning, Ford Island

Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

LS pan across Pearl Harbor filmed from ship; vars destroyers in dock; several small craft going about. Pan as motor torpedo boat moves through water R-L, camera shifts to right suddenly to catch explosion in water. Camera follows as vars Japanese planes fly overhead. LS Silhouette of Pearl Harbor and area. LS Battleship underway in Pearl Harbor; smoke rising in BG.

11:01:59 LS huge explosion of battleship in FG; battleship burning. LS flak in sky overhead. LS burning ships in Pearl Harbor. Pan across sky showing flak bursting; several planes in sky, but not clearly seen. LS fast pan Pearl Harbor area; smoke rising from burning ships; US flag in FG.

[Fair to poor quality but only extant footage of attack - probably from 8mm.]

WWII. Pacific War.

[Japanese Task Force, Pearl Harbor Attack, Dog Fighting; FDR Declares War; US Flag Lowered]

Japanese pilots run to planes on carrier deck; views of Pearl Harbor. B-17s arrival from US & Japanese attack. Pictures from ground & air. US pilots into cockpit & taking off. Dog fighting. CU wing machine guns. firing. Wreckage on airfield.

19:02:19 FDR speaking to Congress: I ask that the Congress declare...a state of war has existed between the United States & the Japanese Empire. applause.

19:03:00 US flag on pole lowered by Japanese over New Guinea w/ banzai; raising of Japanese flag.

WWII Pacific War Beginning; Battle; Aerial Fighting; Surprise Attack; President Roosevelt;

December 7th (Shortened version)

Title: The following picture is RESTRICTED to war workers, presented by The Industrial Incentive Division Of the... Spoken main title.

Scenes of aftermath weckage, Pearl Harbor. Secretary of Navy letter I am very desirous of obtaining, for the Department, a complete motion picture factual presentation of the attack...

01:01:58 Early morning, scenic shots of Oahu, Honolulu in LS; w/ troops patrolling & guarding trains. Hickam Field guard post, aircraft on open field. Pearl Harbor, ships at anchor, others entering. LS. Traffic, men fishing, Field Mass - priest talks to sailors re Christmas nearing.

01:04:09 Aloha Tower. Japanese planes overhead & low; planes dive bomb. Air to air. Bombs exploding on Hickam field, planes on fire (staged). Bombing Wheeler field, aircraft in flames. Men run in smoke. Japanese plane machine gunning American pilot trying to get plane off ground. Congregation of open air mass rush to battle stations. Battle scenes - airfield hangars in flames.

01:07:27 Planes attack Pearl Harbor; ships exploding. Battle stations on board ship, bombs fall on ships. Ships guns firing, planes downed. Men firing guns. Japanese plane drops torpedo. Ships burning. Crying child. Japanese planes burning on airfields. Ships burning at anchor in Pearl Harbor. Injured & dead treated.

01:13:00 Grave of dead Americans, photographs & actors give voice overs introducing the dead. Shots of various sets of parents in homes. Funeral services, sailors laying leis on graves.

01:15:38 Animated map of Japan, radio antenna. Fleet at sea, firing guns. US mine layer Oglala where sunk, refloated, in dry dock & refitted and repaired moving thru water. Street scene; Aloha tower in camouflage. Hawaii pre war & at war, liners, beach scenes - barbed wire on beaches, deserted streets, blackout. Hawaii at sunset. Title: This Is Not The End...This is but the beginning...You Must write The End.

(NOTE: Much Hollywood staged; intercut w/ some actuality.)

WWII Pacific War; Invasion Attack.

DaiToa News No 1

Build New Philippines. Air Attacks over Hawaii.

Japan declares war on Dec. 8th. Animated map. Aircraft carriers through heavy storm. Navy airmen on decks & planes warming up & take off. Japanese Aircraft in flight. Aerials over Pearl Harbor with smoke, bombs going off. List of US losses - Japanese aircraft in flight and Battleships at sea.

18:15:10 French titles re Fall of Corregidor. Animated Map. Aerials of burning island. Japanese up ladders on cliffs from beach & using flame-throwers. Running with rifles & holding US prisoners. General Wainwright. Pan over harbour. Prisoners alongside caves or cliffs. Marched by Japanese. Coastal Defence Guns, Cave entrances & interiors of concrete. View out of block house.

18:18:21 Attack & Fall of Mandalay. Soldiers walking past long lines of parked vehicles. Natives watch. Japanese riding on horse. Watering horses & soldiers. Truck crossing stream. Japanese Tanks and artillery. Marching Japanese troops.

Pacific War

[Pearl Harbor Attack; Adm. Mitscher; USS Lexington]

07Dec41? - Attacking fighter aircraft in flight toward camera & dropping bombs over Pearl Harbor - Japanese Zeros ?

15:16:32 MCU Adm. Mitscher & other officers on bridge of carrier USS Hornet [CVA-12]. CU Man operating anti-aircraft gun. LS aircraft carrier, Pearl Harbor in BG. MS 5" 54 guns. LS flight deck and superstructure of the old USS Lexington [CV-16]. VS B-17s on airfield at Ford Island [flipped].

15:18:50 VS destruction of Pearl Harbor seen from inland w/ severe fires burning - black smoke. CU Men detaching bombs from damaged aircraft. Pan across wrecked buildings. MCU color guard facing toward sea. MS military burial at Pearl Harbor.

WWII. Pacific War.

The Life and Death of the USS Hornet - scratched

05:16:40 Title: Restricted to the men & women of America s shipyards & war plants upon whom in large part...

05:16:49 Titles

Washington, Capitol. FDR press conference announcing bombing of Japan. Reporters run out to phones & typewriters. Man at NBC microphone. Headlines: Japs Murder Doolittle s Fliers - F.D.

05:17:42 People listening to radios, buying newspapers. Headline Carrier Hornet was Shangri-La. Workers at shipyard, in factories. Welding, machine shops, CU of oriental & black workers. Hornet launched. Loading Hornet w/ goods & sailors up gangway. 20Oct41 dedication, soldiers to attention and Secretary Navy makes speech. Views of ship moving.

05:21:27 Plane squadrons on board, flying. Signal officers. Plane falls off carrier, crew to the rescue, landings on carrier. B25 bombers on deck. 18Apr43 army planes ready for takeoff to Tokyo. Admiral Halsey. Aerial views Hornet.

05:24:51 Torpedo Squadron 8 before Battle of Midway. Planes taking off for Battle of Midway on 4Jun42. In radio room. Church service for dead. Crew exercising on flight deck. Everyday life on ship, training. 20Oct42 Battle of Santa Cruz. Planes taking off at dawn. Crew lookout on deck. Japanese planes, ship firing, Japanese planes hit. Hornet burning. Crew abandons ship and aboard rescue ships.

Ship torpedoed and sunk at night. Wounded transferred to other ship and ashore. New ships launched.

WWII Pacific War;

[Documentary Extract re Japanese Militarism] Pt. 1 of 2

Japanese troops march thru packed stadium in rainy military parade - VO re Japanese militarism & Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere - Tojo addresses troops from podium; pan across servicewomen in uniform, schoolgirls & CUs soldiers listening to Tojo.

01:47:25 Japanese navy ships at sea, battleships, aircraft carrier, fighter planes launched - air to air shots - aerial bombardment of airfield & Pearl Harbor shots inc. US battleship burning.

01:48:47 Japanese troops land on beaches of Malaya, fix bayonets & run; advance towards Singapore. British surrender, flags. General Yamashita & Arthur Percival.

01:50:08 Japanese tanks into & thru Singapore Feb42.

01:51:05 Kamikaze pilots & last drink ceremony before mission c1944; very young pilots into cockpits, waved off by civilians, take off. Good Kamikaze attack sequence inc. gun camera footage, air to air & sea to air shots. Allied battleships at sea - shots from deck as plane dives & crashes into sea - long tracking shot showing Kamikazee diving towards targets & exploding on impact - anti-aircraft gunners - burning wreckage on deck.

01:54:39 Pacific islands - Marines hunt Japanese soldiers out of foxholes w/ grenades & flamethrowers - Japanese sniper shot, body falls into trench. Cont d..

WWII Summary; Pacific War; Anti-Japanese Racism; Militarism; Fighting; Battles;

War Ends

Recap of Pacific war since 1941

VJ Day Night and day on Times Square w/ jubilant crowd. Japanese warships and bombers take off from Japanese carrier to attack Pearl Harbor. US ships bombed. FDR declares war on Japan.

Animated map shows Japanese conquests in Pacific.

Title: Doolittle s Tokyo Raid . Aircraft carrier Hornet. Jimmy Doolittle and other crew in front of plane. Admiral Halsey. Bombers on carrier and takeoff. Aerial of bombed Tokyo. Animated map shows conquest East Indies - Borneo, Sumatra, Celebes, Philippines. Wainwright surrendering. Death March of Bataan. Animated map shows Jap conquest New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

04:28:04 USA: workers or crowd marching; plane factory; ship launched into water.

04:29:00 Title; The Road Back - Guadalcanal - American landing and hoisting flag. Animated map shows US conquest from Solomon Islands to New Guinea.

Paratroopers drop. MacArthur in plane with machine-gunner. Animated map shows amphibious hops along new Guinea coast.

Tarawa in the Gilberts. Naval battle, explosions and fierce ground battle. Naval battle and US flag hoisted on Guam. Nimitz on Guam.

MacArthur return to the Philippines in Leyte with Philippines President Osmena. Battle of Leyte. Manila burning and street fighting. Corregidor invaded by air - paratroopers jump. MacArthur at Corregidor raising of US flag.

04:31:50Iwo Jima: High aerial showing naval forces along coast. Land invasion. Troops in hills. Flag raising (frames of black at end). Excellent suicide air attacks / kamikaze. Aerial explosion. Flame throwers seen from a distance. Devastation and fire on Iwo Jima. Animated map shows final encirclement of Japan.

04:33:36 Truman. Troops march. Plane in flight. warships. Plane lands. Stars and Stripes.

WWII - Pearl Harbor & Fall of Corregidor

Pan over burning battle ship at Pearl Harbor. Aerial of heavy smoke. Jap troops packed on transport enroute to Corregidor. Japanese running up assault ladder and running forward. Gen Wainwright & others talking to Japanese officer. Americans & British who had surrendered, walking past camera.

Pacific War

[Ambassador Grew in Japan; Japanese Ambassador to US Makes Statement - 1941]

[Si] MS Ambassador Grew making after-dinner speech in Japan [dark]. Grew poses for camera w/ wife.

02:08:17 [Sd] Japanese ambassador to US [ Horinouchi ?] interviewed in Japan: I am looking forward to my impending return to Washington...many brilliant memories for me...I will endeavour to the best of my abilities to carry into practice [?] my firm belief that there are no problems between our two countries that cannot be solved as among friends .

WWII. Pacific War. Pearl Harbor - related.

[Meeting of Japanese & French Politicians - Signing & Statements]

Cars enter gateway. Japanese military VIPs around large table signing vars documents; CUs documents. Unid. politician reads statement in Japanese; Western politicians watching; men drink toast. French politician reads statement at microphone; Japanese read another statement.

WWII ? Pearl Harbor - related ?

War on the Seas Reel 2

Depth charge exploding. Convoy with escort at sea. German sub on surface following convoy. Interior German sub. Night shots of convoy silhouetted. Interior German sub as preparing to attack convoy. Ship exploding and on fire after being hit by torpedo. Daylight shots convoy. Signaller using signal light. US Naval escort sport submarine periscope. Interior sub as dives. US naval ship launches depth charges - explosions - interior sub, crew listening. Murmansk Norway. - Nazi luftwaffe planes take off. German planes in formation flight over convoy. US ships firing at German planes. German plane downed into sea. Merchant ship sinks. Pall of smoke.

20:52:30 Convoy of ships in harbour. Unloading military equipment. Animated map .

20:52:48 Atlantic convoys with British naval escorts. German planes over. On board British warship as plane is spotted - good shots firing guns. German planes shot down. Atlantic convoy in harbour - Malta ? Shots showing damage to prow of transport ship. Supplies on dockside.

20:54:26 Hawaii - meeting at officers of Commander in Chief US Pacific Fleet. Admiral Nimitz and staff. American convoys en route to Australia. Carrier strike force sent to neutralise Marshall Islands. Shots on air craft carrier. Planes take off. Battleship firing broadsides at land. Smoke rising from Island. Formation of aircraft over.

20:57:01 Docks patrolled by soldier - Troop ship unloading Australia.

Pacific War

Battle of Midway and Pearl Harbor Damage

MS Tracking shot along street - Boarded-up buildings on Pearl Harbor street.

05:52:31 LS Ships approach harbour area. MS Merchant ship enters harbour. CPO stands next to 50 cal. machine gun in building. MS Soldier standing guard duty in windy mountain area; Pan, mountains; Pan, various views of Honolulu.

05:54:12 Various Steam Trains approach camera pulling freight wagons

05.56.03 LS Trench; Pan, bulldozer digging trenches CU Shovel of bulldozer lifting dirt MS Civilians dig trenches under palm trees.

05:57:53 MS Two submarines in drydock; camouflaged buildings, MS Two subs, civilians work on propeller blades. HA panning shot round Navy base, ships, Pan CA enters harbour; Honolulu, BG; Pan, damaged ship; Pan, city of Honolulu. HA LS Oil tanks; city, HA LS Sunken ship.

Pacific War

Battle of Midway and Pearl Harbor Damage

LA MS Civilian workers painting camouflage on side of building at waterfront. MS Damage to building; Pan, merchant ship tied up to pier. MCU Chief & enlisted man turning valves on pier. MS Civilian workers constructing concrete bomb shelter; mobile crane to right. Storage area; mobile crane raising section of concrete shelter onto truck. LS Shipping at Pearl Harbor; Pan, capsized ship in harbor. Ships tied up at pier undergoing repair.

10:03:19 MLS Hawaiian street; MP, seated on motorcycle, Street scenes. Two MPs in a jeep 10:04:08 Various shots nose art on aircraft - some under camouflage netting. HA MS Bow of ship underway. LS Coastline & island. LS Ships underway; man stands on stern of ship,sailors leaning on deck rail.

10:06:33 Diver in water tending lines. MS Deck personnel; line tenders for diver. Barge under tow.19) LA MS Gun director on superstructure. Man on radio telephone plotting on diagram on table. Men on bridge of ship. Man looks through gun finder. LA MS British officer speaking into radio telephone. MCU Man looking at pelorus; men with binoculars stand behind. Lookout in crow s nest looks out to sea through binoculars.

10:09:30 CU Muzzle of 50 cal. machine gun firing (faked shot). MS Flying boats / aircraft models burning (faked shots).

10:11:30 MS Ship model burning (NG).

Pacific War

Battle of Midway Outtakes - Pacific War

HA MS PAN Two quad-mount 4 mm guns firing. Gun Bursts in the air. SBD taking off from USS HORNET-CV-8 (during 1942); (SV) of SBD"s taking off from HORNET during battle of Midway LS Across flight deck toward island structure, SBDs starting from island structure on takeoff or deck-launch; Pan, aircraft airborne (SV), VG; several TDBs taking off from flight deck of HORNET (TBDs are torpedo bombers). MS Port quarter of a Battleship; several men on deck of BB, which is painted a water colour; flag flying from stern; tug, with tow line attached to stern of Pennsylvania class BB; Pan, to left, after main battery, triped mast, two cranes on boat deck. Pan Along port side toward stern of BB. LA MS Up toward bridge of BB, stack, triped mast. CU Port side forward, port side damage. MS Damaged BB, which appears to be in Pearl Harbor; Admirals" barge cuts across bow of BB.

04:57:23 CU Tray loaded with silver stars held in the hands of an officer. LA MLS Several men at quarters aboard SS. MCU PAN Several officers & enlisted men at quarters on the dock; Pan, crew at quarters aboard SS, which is tied up to dock; medal is pinned to the breast of an officer by a USA General; General continues down the line pinning medals on officers & chiefs in front rank, he shakes hands with the men & moves on.

04:58:45 MS PAN Several hundred officers & enlisted men, in ranks, near SS training tank at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu; Pan, SS tied up to dock, men at quarters. US General presenting medals to men of the crew. Army General on deck of sub pinning silver stars on enlisted men & shaking hands. Crew at quarters aboard sub as general continues to present silver stars to crew.

05:00:09 Army band on dock; Navy officers in ranks behind Army Colour Guard, standard bearer carrying General s flag;

05:00:35 Pilot seated at controls of an aircraft. AtoG Very small island offshore near beach. LS Looking from cockpit of camera aircraft toward Ford Island, damage to island. LS PBY sea plane taxiing on water; man, on beach, waving his arms toward plane. CU Starboard. Float of PBY, man riding on starboard wing as plane taxis across beach; rugged terrain, BG

MS Beach crew swimming toward camera aircraft. Plane coming in for beaching; man swimming toward aircraft; plane director stands on ramp giving pilot directions (vertical stabiliser on plane has red & white stripes of early part of second World War). CU PBY in the water at ramp in Pearl Harbor.

05:02:41 AtoA LS Various small cloud formations. AtoG ELS Past cloud formations down toward sear. GtoA LS Four unidentified aircraft flying low over camera (appear to be F4Fs),

Navy Yard - Memorial Services at Cemetery

Pearl Harbor MCU PAN Construction material piled in Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor. Anchors chains & tackle in yard. MCU Ships' propellers. MCU Lumber storage. Wire cable stored at yard. Tracking shot Workers' cars on parking lot. Track over cable yard - lumber Supplies & equipment

10:19:15 MS Navy band playing at cemetery during memorial services; enlisted men marching, FG. Band & civilians at cemetery. Girls placing flower leis on graves. Man with stills camera appears to be directing women

10:20:38 MS Salute fired by USMC during memorial ceremonies. MCU Two sailors placing flower cross on grave. Shots repeated MCU Bugler sounding taps. Good shot by Palm tree, Flower leis placed on graves. MS Line of graves; flowers.

Item has some digital break up in parts.

WWII - Pearl Harbor Salvage Work on USS West Virginia

POV past Railway steam engine, through steel poles criss-crossed. Pearl Harbor with ships, sign that air raid alarm to be tested. On board battleship USS West Virginia, men working under large guns. Salvage work, diver out of water. Pumping out water. CU of overturned hull of USS Oklahoma, men working on parts, winching pipes out of water.

Pearl Harbor Activities

MS mainmast of the Battleship USS Arizona (BB-39) being removed from ship & put aboard a floating crane. MS off-duty sailors, one in plaster cast, watch Hula girls; older Hawaiian woman dances closely with sailor, laughs as she teaches him to hula; Hawaiian band plays. MS ferries from Ford Island land at Pearl Harbor.

11:05:15 Supply trucks and civilian vehicles / cars arrive at the main gate of Pearl Harbor Navy Yard; vars vehicles, naval and civilian, in and out, sailors walking around; VS sentry on gate.

11:08:38 LS and MS Hawaiian and US civilians and service personnel disembark from Ford Island Ferry. AV Pearl Harbor w/ submarine on surface.

11:09:46 Vars MS and CUs Marines unload sandbags from trucks to build gun emplacements; officer supervises; several Marines smoking cigarettes as they work. Good.

WWII. Pacific War.

Pearl Harbor Activities

VS removal of the mainmast from wreckage of the Battleship USS Arizona (BB-39) in Pearl Harbor. US flag flying through palm trees.

11:15:55 MS Hula girls giving hula show to sailors and officers. MS hospital patients and nurses on sidelines watch the dancing show & applaud. Young girl in grass skirt doing hula. More dancing - older Hawaiian woman teaching sailor to dance hula. Vars CUs Hawaiian band, American patients and nurses, some patients on crutches. Good.

11:21:50 LS plane comes in to land beyond naval base buildings.

11:22:21 LS ferry from Ford Island to Navy Yard at Pearl Harbor passes R-L loaded down with sailors.

WWII. Pacific War.

Memorial Day Services Aboard USS Arizona

Pan flag in Pearl Harbor at half-mast. MCU wreckage of USS Arizona submerged in water.

11:37:54 Captain and woman civilian onto boat. Captain and Officers with bowed heads in prayer. Admiral Denebrink lays wreath on deck. MCU woman naval officer places wreath on deck of Arizona. MCU Waves posing with wreath.

11:38:46 Good shot of Bugler sounding taps with US flag waving in BG. Arizona submerged in water, showing battle scars. CU wreaths. Shots from motor boat as it pulls away from dock.

WWII. Pacific War.

Seabees The World Over [Reel 1 of 5]

Rear Admiral B. Moreell at desk presents re Bureau of Yards & Docks and the increase in Seabees numbers since Pearl Harbor attack - The Navy s Fighting Construction Men .

04:03:06 AVs Japanese planes over Pearl Harbor, Midway, Tahiti? Civilian US workmen pre-war. Pearl Harbor attack [reenacted] - Japanese planes drop bombs; explosions at naval base; wounded carried on stretchers and fire. Hoisting Stars & Stripes.

04:05:31 Flow of men out of train platform and queuing up for recruitment into Construction Battalion - Seabees ; training scenes; briefing; malaria prevention; obstacle course; landing on beach; pass in review. Seabees singing; boarding train and embark on large transport ship.

04:07:44 Map shows Dutch harbor in Pacific Aleutians. Ship in harbor with snow-capped mountain. Seabees w/ surveying equipment. Explosion; steam shovel and bulldozer; hammering and sawing. Lumber yard. AV pan over Northern naval base. Seabees repair destroyer; fixed destroyer at sea, rejoins task force. Seabees / troops on deck.

WWII. Pacific War.

Seabees The World Over [Reel 2 of 5]

Map of Attu in the Aleutians. Landing, unloading and preparing naval base on Attu. Coal gathered in hoists. Seabee stevedores carry supplies across desolate landscape. Base camp and chow - troops eating and drinking coffee. Prefab building parts unloaded and hospital assembled in 5hrs. Gas pump. Bulldozers churning earth. Travelling shot from boat showing completed naval base on shorelilne.

04:13:47 Map showing distance from Japan to Midway Island. Seabees salvaging ships damaged at Pearl Harbor.

04:14:17 Marines landing at Guadalcanal and battle; Guadalcanal base constructed. AV column of Marines march across island. Heavy guns fired. AV wrecked planes. Seabees working under fire at Henderson Field. Japanese plane shot down. Seabees repairing bomb crater. Finished runway and bomber takes off.

04:18:24 Animation w/ shadows of planes over Pacific towards Japan.

WWII. Construction. Pacific War.

Barriers And Passes R1 of 3 (Pt 1 of 2)

Board of National Missions; credits & introduction titles.

09:01:07 LS Golden Gate Bridge, freighter in San Francisco harbor near docks; liner docked; freighter & naval ship in harbor. City street scenes, busy intersection. Traffic.

09:01:29 Japanese-American children out of building. Three kids hold banner: Japanese Church of ??. Church activities w/ man at pulpit; man & women around 16mm projector.

09:01:51 Title: Then came Pearl Harbor... Were they fifth columnists? Some were - & these aliens were immediately arrested... Within a few months...these people, two-thirds of them American citizens either by birth or by act of Congress in the case of veterans of World War One...

09:02:45 Young couple in heavy coats checking in w/ soldier behind barbed wire.

09:02:50 Title: The great majority of the issei , or Japanese-born were also loyal to America... With incredble speed the Government built ten cities to house from 7,000 to 18,000 people each. Basic construction was done by contract labor. Land clearance for farm purposes, usually done by the evacuees...

09:03:08 High angle, car across desert on dirt road. Men clearing sage brush, burning in ditch.

09:03:22 Cities of army barracks grew on waste lands...

09:03:29 Pan over barracks under construction; LS of barrack city on desert, snow on ground.

09:03:47 Title: Lucky to find a bed & mattress. Some had to sleep on the floor...

09:03:50 Family w/ luggage & child into bare barracks.

09:04:10 Title: No recreation halls...When are we going home? Kids pull wagon on muddy street; into house. Of course, two families occasionally had to live in one room... LS of main street, Heart Mountain, Wyoming butte in background. The crude quarters were accepted...behind barbed wire, guarded by armed men. Guard tower, fence, barracks. Military soldiers & officer by flag pole, reviewed. Mud, blinding dust...

09:05:06 Woman & child walk along muddy street outside barracks; dust blowing. The coalpile.. People carrying coal to stoves. Does one crave a bath?... Woman walking across road in robe; couple w/ water buckets & kettles. What, no washing machine? Hard work... Wash tubs & scrubbing clothes; ...wait in line to eat... Man hammering dinner anvil; people in line outside mess hall; serving line; eating at long tables. All the problems... Internee policemen in uniform at role call; police booths. Manzanar Fire Department w/ truck in barracks, mountains behind. Truck past. (Manzanar, California).

09:06:59 Title: Said one, We ve been wronged... Victory gardens... Pan over plants beside barracks. CU squash. Born hard work they receive from $12 to $19 a month...

09:07:38 Agriculture fields, harvesting.

09:07:47 Title: Did you think japanese were copycats ...

09:08:03 Harvesting peppers; tractors plowing. Irrigating (Minidoka, Idaho?), cultivating. Continued...

WWII USA Homefront; WW2 Incarceration; Ethnic; Enemy; Enemies; Injustice; WW2;

Army Air Forces Report Pt 1 of 4 WW II

General H. Arnold intro over montage shots tradesmen and women and young American men who gave up normal way of life to join the services.

Planes burning on airfield after Pearl Harbor attack. German and Japanese aircraft fly over in formation. US planes on ground. Aircraft factory / production

Training of airforce pilots - recruits. Diagram re ground and air crews.

Fighter planes in flight. Women pilots WASPs flying planes.

01:07:02 Operational training units - flying - simulated combat conditions. Pilots practice skip bombing - low level flying, releasing bomb and away. Attacking target tank. Bombing target ship. Diagram explaining make up of squadron / group / wing / bomber command.

Air Service command - Warehouse in England converted to engine shops for repair and maintenance of aircraft engines. Stocks of supplies. Oil cans.

Damaged Flying Fortress Stella returning from mission - three engines dead. Plane after crash landing in meadow / field. Mobile machine shop arrives and engineers get to work repairing plane. Bulldozers into field to clear emergency runway. Repaired plane takes off.

[Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Speech At Hollywood Bowl]

US Marine unit w/ rifles march through garden to music; followed by Army officers. Army/Navy/AF Band performs in Hollywood Bowl? band shell. Navy chorus sings ...we will send the Axis to Davy Jones . Army troops stand to attention under US [and Chinese?] flags w/ rifles.

06:21:07: White open-top limo w/ Madame Chiang Kai-Shek waving pulls up w/ guards on foot [last stop on US tour]; Madame escorted from car. Bandstand fills w/ Chinese people in vars costumes and children w/ flowers; Walter Huston narrates sugary potted history of 20th C. China as band plays.

06:22:55: Madame Chiang escorted to podium; makes speech w/ anti-Japanese comments; mentions Pearl Harbor, Liuchow Incident, Chinese resilience in face of war; CU praises Roosevelt, ...enable America to become the arsenal of democracy... ; pauses for applause. Mutual radio network mic on podium. Band and crowds stand to applaud as Madame leaves podium.

WWII. International relations. Diplomacy. Women at war.

AAF Report Pt. 1 of 4

aka Army Air Forces Report

19:15:50 General H. (Hap) Arnold at desk to camera introduction, over montage shots workers, women, college football players, airline workers, factory workers, steel mill workers,etc. Skilled workers, older couple at dinner table, car sitting in garage.

19:17:16 Gen. Arnold continues talking, says facts can now be given as to what s been done & is being done.

19:17:56 Planes burning on airfield after Pearl Harbor attack. German & Japanese aircraft fly over in formation. US planes on ground. Aircraft factory & airplane production (many views).

19:19:21 Training of airforce pilots, recruits. Diagram re ground & air crews training steps.

19:20:33 Fighter planes in flight overhead.

19:20:42 Women pilots, WASPs, on flight line & flying planes; towing gunnery sleeves; running control tower.

19:21:09 Operational training - flying, dropping bombs on simulated targets of ships marked out on ground (GOOD). Fighter firing at water target. Pilots practice skip bombing, low level, CU releasing bomb, thru target. CU Attacking target tank (GOOD). Bombing mocked up ship.

19:22:24 Diagram explaining make up of squadron / group / wing / bomber & fighter & air service command.

19:23:11 Warehouse in England, engine shops for repair & maintenance of aircraft engines, supplies. Oil drums & barrels.

19:23:41 Damaged Flying Fortress Stella returning from mission - three engines dead. Plane after crash landing in meadow / field. Mobile machine shop arrives & repair crews work repairing plane. Bulldozers into field to clear emergency runway. Repaired plane takes off.

WWII Homefront War Effort; Encouragement;

My Japan R2 of 2

Hirohito riding leading Japanese military parade; reviewing troops. Japansse troops in ambush, Japanese convoy thru mountains. Armed forces drill, training, marching. Children shown model war ship, in classroom. Destroyed street and buildings. Civilian refugees carrying luggage. Huge group doing synchronised exercises.

00:32:24 Japanese soldiers execute two bound men by shooting in back. Children in playground w/ soldiers. Dead baby. US prisoners of war, POWs marched. Corpses decapitated, other casualties on battlefield. China. Atrocities. Philippines. Wounded carried.

00:33:33 Pacific Island battle & aftermath. Bodies in field.

00:34:19 Map of Japan overlayed w/ people. Crowds waving Japanese flag, from train. Cliffs w/ waves breaking. Map of Japan & pan across into Mongolia. Troops advance in China. Soldiers in countryside, climbing rocks, lying in ambush. Parade.

00:36:07 Map w/ lines going out from Japan. Tacky special effects of volcano erupting. Ships burning at Pearl Harbor. Aerial view land bombed. Idyllic rural views, villages, cherry blossoms. CU soldier.

WWII Pacific War Anti-Japanese Propaganda; Ethnic Stereotype;

War Department Report R4 of 4

Plane over Himalaya mountains to China; people unload aircraft, men put on spare parts on planes; plane takes off.

18:14:37 Animated map showing Siberian bases for bombing Japan. Shooting, explosions, shot of Hitler and other Generals talking in railroad car. Fighting. Map of Asia. Map of Europe & animation of air power.

18:16:14 Big supply storage depot. Airbase construction, war planes in air, high angle air base, shots of various type ships, LSTs, DUKWs, tanks, machinery, tanks loaded off ship, ships on the water. Amphibious invasion w/ landing caft dropping door seen from shore & troops run off (GOOD). Planes giving protection & attacking; dig foxholes & jump in when planes pass over. Engineers remove land mines. Heavy equipment, lay mats over sand, heavy equipment driven off ship over temporary floating docks. Jeeps, trucks, equipment, soldiers unload boxes of ammunition. Sinking boats all along beach. Big explosion, plane shot down, various shots of fighting. Munitions ship Robert Rowan exploding off Sicily. Burned landing ship off Guadalcanal w/ destroyed equipment on the ship, dead soldiers carried off the ship.

18:21:15 US Under-Secretary of War Paterson speaks (SOF), ...glad that this report has been made as it tells what it will take... Tells about attack on Sicily, animated map of preparations for the attack, shots of the soldiers carrying injured. Map of European strength; Asia; shots of Americans captured by Japanese, captured American soldiers in Philippines.

18:24:00 Huge explosion, Pearl Harbor, smoke from the sinking ship, Japanese soldiers shoot captured civilians in back, shots of hanged people by Nazis in Russia, soldier escorts little girl covered in blood.

18:24:23 Blowing up of the Naples post office, big smoke, corpses on the ground in the rubble, CU dead baby, stranded people in rubble of collapsed building, injured carried away by soldiers.

18:24:56 Moscow, international conference w/ foreign ministers Molotov, Hull and Eden, sign declarations to bring war criminals to trial. Montage of shots of the Allied army soldiers in battle, shooting, paratroops jump out of the plane, tank through the jungle, fighting in the city, tanks destroy buildings, boots walk over fascist sign.

18:25:37 Montage of war workers: welding, riveting, Soldiers in battle field shoot machine gun. The End.

WWII Quartermasters; Supplies; Resupplying Asia; Fighting; Battles; Propaganda;

Second Battle of the Philippines

Pearl Harbor, 23Oct44. Ext of Navy Department; communique No 165 in CU. Third fleet underway; Pilots briefed & to deck, POV taking off from carrier. Montage of strafing airfields & ships near Philippines. Men on decks of ships. FDR w/ MacArthur & ? on shipboard briefing. Ships bombarding Leyte. Rockets. Men off landing craft onto beach, Mac & Osmena. Japanese ceremonies on land & ship subtitled. Japs cheering. US thru jungle. Pincers shadow over Jap map of Philippines. Submarine surfacing, then diving. Periscope view of sinking cruiser. Carrier planes fighting ships. US destroyers in Suragawa Straits firing; night explosions. Map w/ diagramming of battle. Moving ammo; communication room; firing battleship big guns at night. Burning ships in morning. Japanese battleships; US baby carriers.

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Speech, Pearl Harbor - anniversary

MSs, CUs, Admiral Nimitz delivering speech to officers and men of the Navy and civilian workers at Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor. MSs, cadets singing Star Spangled Banner after the Admiral's speech. (NOTE: In his speech, the Admiral tells of the history of the ships that were bombed in the Pearl Harbor attack.)

Review of WW II in Pacific on First Anniversary

Chinese titles - This is a Japanese propaganda movie for Chinese with Chinese subtitles.

21:21:45 MLS Japanese planes taking off flight deck. A-G MLS Pearl Harbor being bombed.

21:23:27 MLS Japanese army trucks loaded with soldiers, moving down street in Shanghai.

21:23:50 LA MLS Japanese flag flying on top of impressive western style building.

MLS Japanese marines marching down street in Shanghai. Japanese soldier handing propaganda sheets to crowd of Chinese people on street. Japanese marines in combat uniform, advancing on roof of building large gas tanks burning in FG. Gas tanks burning black smoke rising into sky. Formation of aircraft.

21:25:16 MS High ranking Japanese officers on horseback down street. MLS Japanese marines advancing through grassy field burning tanks in FG.

21:25:45 MS Japanese tanks advancing down road on Hainan Island, natives standing alongside road, watching them

21:26:19 MS Japanese soldiers firing field guns. First loader opens and loads gun. MS Japanese soldiers advancing through jungle area.

21:26:44 MS Surrendered British soldiers coming toward camera with hands up. MLS British soldiers coming out of grove of trees in vicinity of Singapore. MLS Several high ranking British officers coming down road with Japanese Officers carrying white flag of surrender and Union Jack. Interior - surrender signed.

21:27:24 MS Japanese soldiers cheering Banzai. Formation of aircraft

21:27:38 MS Map of Celebes Islands. Several two-engine Japanese planes dropping paratroopers. Paratroopers coming down, sky, low mountains, and grassy field in FG. Japanese troops on ground, ready for action.

Map showing Pacific Island. Japanese tanks advance along jungle road. Japanese soldiers riding on bicycles on road through tropical jungle market building in FG.

MS Local Natives cheering Japanese soldiers.

Interiors high ranking unidentified officers talking.

Pacific War

Brought To Action - Pacific War [Part 1]

Pearl Harbor - US Navy Department HQ Washington - reconstruction of delivery of telegram from Admiral Nimitz to James Forrestal, Chief of Naval Operations - CU message On 24th October the enemy forces were brought to action. The second Battle of the Phillipines had begun.

US Naval Third fleet at sea. Crew briefings - pilots board planes - take off from aircraft carriers. Planes flying in formation - strafing enemy shipping. Animated map Paramushiro - Mindanao - Ryukyu - Manila - Formosa intercut with short battle scenes.

09:48:54 US aircraft flying in formation - fleet en route to Philippines, scenes below decks. Map showing destination - Leyte. Ships firing landing craft - General MacArthur walking onto beach. Newspaper headlines, Philippines invaded. Scenes on board ships, men looking for enemy planes through binoculars. Ships signaller and signal flags. Japanese naval ships. Various Japanese officers reading orders to men - English subtitles on screen. Banzai.

09:51:45 US troops on Pacific island - supply dump on beach. Japanese animated map using shadow of pincers over Philippines. Periscope of submarine - US submarine surfaces and dives after spotting Japanese fleet - interior US sub, man looking through periscope at Japanese ship. US aircraft over. US Aircraft carrier - planes take off. American destroyers - night shots barrage. Hands of US officer drawing on map plans of approach to Leyte. Five US battleships sailing in convoy. Below decks on battleship, loading big guns, radio room, firing - night shots barrage - daylight shots Japanese ship burning - smoke pall.

Brought To Action! R1 of 2

13:18:15 Pearl Harbor, US Navy Department HQ Washington. Reconstruction of delivery of telegram from Admiral Nimitz to James Forrestal, Chief of Naval Operations. CU message On 24th October the enemy forces were brought to action. The second Battle of the Philippines had begun.

Ships of US Naval Third fleet at sea. Crew briefings, pilots board planes & take off from aircraft carriers. Planes flying in formation, strafing enemy shipping. Animated map Paramushiro - Mindanao - Ryukyu - Manila - Formosa intercut with short battle scenes.

13:19:53 US aircraft flying in formation, fleet en route to Philippines, scenes below decks in bunks. Map showing destination: Leyte. Ships firing large guns, rockets & landing craft going to beaches, wade thru water. General MacArthur walking onto beach. Newspaper headlines, Philippines invaded. Scenes on board ships, men look for enemy planes thru binoculars. Ships signal, signal flags. Japanese naval ships. Various Japanese officers reading orders to men - English subtitles on screen. Banzai.

13:22:47 Troops on Pacific island, supply dump on beach. Japanese animated map w/ shadow of pincers over Philippines. Periscope of submarine - US submarine surfaces & dives after spotting Japanese fleet.

13:23:57 Interior US sub, man looks thru periscope at Japanese ship. US aircraft over. US Aircraft carrier, planes take off. American destroyers, night shots barrage. Hands of US officer drawing plans on map of approach to Leyte. Five US battleships sailing in convoy. Below decks on battleship, loading big guns, radio room, firing - night barrage. Daylight shots Japanese ship burning - smoke pall.

WWII - Pacific - Battle of Leyte; Retaking Pacific Islands; Naval fighting;

U.S. Marines Take Eniwetok ??Mar44

Title: Embarkation from Pearl Harbor Trucks filled with marines en route to ships. Pearl Harbor w/ many transport ships. Officers on bridge of troop ships. Tugs & view of crowded ships. Leaving harbor.

01:33:32 Title: Gunnery practice. Marines fire Oerlikon ant-aircraft (Ack Ack AA) guns. Tracer bullets.

01:34:35 Title: Aboard Ship En Route. (for Marshall Islands). Sailor blows bosun whistle (ships pipe) Soldier sews up hole in trousers, marine reading, sharpening knife. Band conducted.

01:35:19 Title: Invasion leaders study model of objective. Officers with map on deck. Marines playing checkers, cleaning rifles & bayonets.

01:35:52 Title: Warships and planes open bombardment. Battleships fire at shoreline.

01:37:10 Title: Landing barges assemble for assault. LCPs at sea & en route to island. LVTs nearing shore and landing.

01:38:32 Title: Landing On Beach Head. Troops assembled on beach, crowded, one marine digs foxhole. Various equipment ashore, M-7 motor carriage with 105 mm How comes off LST. Men carry ammo.

01:39:43 Title: Pushing Inland. Marines advance under gunfire; two LVTs & M-4 tank move inland thru shattered palm trees. Medical aid, transfusion given to injured marine on battlefield. Heavy destruction.

01:41:18 Title: Snipers are blasted from their holes. Various shots Marines fire carbines into foxholes. Troops in foxhole w/ machine guns, explosions nearby.

WWII - Pacific War - Invasion; Horrors of War; Gritty;

Naval Workers Digest - Attack and Counter Attack (US battleships firing)

On board Air Craft Carrier. Plane unfolds wings. Newspaper headlines New York Times from attack on Pearl Harbor to 1945. Smoking chimneys - D-Day landings. Liberation of France, US troops march down Champs Elysee towards Arc de Triomphe. Belgium liberated, locals welcoming allies. Pacific. pan over store dump on Pacific Island. Troops boarding landing craft - ships at sea in heavy weather. On board Air Craft Carrier - bombers and fighters prepared for operations. Crews in briefing room. Crews board planes - take offs. Battleships at sea - Kingfisher target planes launched. Good shots Battleships firing barrage. Smoke shells. Troops on landing craft - landing and moving inland. Allied planes overhead. Troops moving into hills - destroyed Japanese gun emplacements. Engineeers battling with mud to beach heavy equipment. Enemy bombers in air. Aircraft carrier - Hellcat fighters take off - TBM in flight - Helldiver in flight - planes crashing into sea. Fleet under attack. Plane on board ACC in flames. Plane landing on deck. Ship on fire.

In The Service of America [Part II] (ca 1944)

WWI Liberty motor lowered into chassis; WWI tank; staged scenes people buy newspapers w/ headlines re WWI victories & reading in windows, Germany Surrenders etc.; celebrations.

07:16:34 Chimneys & steel industry; Ford cars - stills montage w/ dates. 1920s Ford Tri-motor assembly [first plane made entirely of metal] & in flight. Vars car models towards camera: Mercury, Lincoln Zephyr, Continental, Custom, & trucks. Tractor in field.

07:19:10 WWII map w/ swastika & newspaper headlines supered. Pacific War map; radio announcer reading at 'Blue' microphone re Pearl Harbor; housewife listening in kitchen, man in car etc. [staged].

07:20:24 LS factories w/ smoking chimneys. VO re Ford contribution to War Effort - Jeeps driven off, M-4 tanks, M-10 tank destroyers, DUKWs amphibian jeeps, armoured cars, glider on airfield & in flight. CU Supercharger; Anti-aircraft director; airplane engines.

07:21:51 INT Ford factory plant, men & women workers assembling aircraft engine. Pratt & Whitney engine assembled.

07:23:00 Young people taught assembly of engines at Ford Aircraft School. Large engine moved about & going thru testing process. Monitoring gages.

Automobile Industry. War Production. US Home Front. Montage WWI; Montage WWII; Radios; mass production; manufacturing; broadcasting; technology; wartime;

Around The War Map -

Sub Attack In Caribbean

Aerial Dutch island of Aruba s oil refinery centre. General Andrews with others looking at map. Night attack of refinery by Nazis, burning refinery. Nearly sunken tanker Arkansas examined for damage. Torpedo on beach.

06:01:55 US Troops At Sea

En route to North Ireland with winter sea storm. Army cameraman filming. Women waiting on dock.

06:02:55 Destroyer Shaw Safe

Arrival at West Coast port. Temporary bow allowed it to cross from Pearl Harbor for repairs. At drydock. Sailors waving hat.

06:03:45 Chinese pilots Trained in Arizona

Classroom with Chinese students and Chinese officer. American officer instructs on field. Planes in formation.

Board Of Inquiry Starts Pearl Harbor Investigation

Board round table: Supreme Court Justice Roberts with Admiral Reeves; General McNarney? and Adm. Stanley; Gen. McCoy; Adm. Ernest J. King;

Adm. Nimitz brief speech re appointment as Commander of Pacific Fleet. MacArthur made full general: poses with full set of medals.

General Short Before Pearl Harbor Committee

GVs committee room. General Short speaking re how information was not made available to him before Pearl Harbor. Said he had been led to believe that peace negotiations with Japan were paramount. Said he had expected sabotage on Hawaii mainly because of the high percentage of Japanese living on the islands. Talks of the events of December 7th

MacArthur Begins Roundup Of Jap War Criminals

Tojo in uniform. Stills Tojo after failed suicide and receiving blood transfusion.

General Sugiyama in uniform.

Admiral Shimata reviewing troops (involved in Pearl Harbor attack)

Members of Tojo cabinet posing.

NR 364 [President Truman Tells the World Of Hiroshima]

President Truman aboard ship sits at table w/ microphone. A short time ago an American plane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima and destroyed its usefulness to the enemy. That bomb has more power than 20,000 tons of TNT. The Japanese began the war from the air at Pearl Harbor; they have been repaid many fold. And the end is not yet. With this bomb we have now added a new & revolutionary increase in destruction to supplement the growing power of our armed forces. In their present form these bombs are now in production

and even more powerful forms are in development.

04:28:39 It is an atomic bomb. It is the harnessing of the basic power of the Universe. The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East.

04:28:57 CU. We are now prepared to destroy more rapidly & completely every productive enterprise the Japanese have in any city; we shall destroy their docks, their factories & their communications. Let there be no mistake we shall completely destroy Japan s power to make war. It was to spare the Japanese people from utter destruction that the ultimately of July 26th was issued at Potsdam. Their leaders promptly rejected that ultimatum. If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth. Behind this air attack will follow sea & land forces in such numbers & power as they have not yet seen; & w/ the fighting skill of which they are already well aware.

04:29:04 MS chuckles, then recovers. We have spent more than two billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history, and we have won. But the greatest marvel is not the size of the enterprise, its secrecy or its cost; but the achievement of scientific brains in making it work. And hardly less marvelous has been the capacity of industry to design, & of labor to operate, the machines & methods to do things never done before. both science & industry worked together under the direction of the United States Army which achieved a unique success in an amazingly short time. It is doubtful if such an other combination could be got together in the world. What has been done is the greatest achievement of organized science in history.

Nuclear Age; Atomic Bomb; Surprise; Military Secret;

Roosevelt Dies Suddenly


FDR as young State Senator; Asst. Secretary in the Navy; swimming and playing ball in pool with polio kids. By fireplace with Eleanor and sons. First inauguration as president incl. speech. Headlines re FDR s actions against depression: incl. closing of banks. FDR signing New Deal reform (foundation social security?)

FDR starts operation of ?? Dam.

03:27:05 Fear is vanishing speech.

FDR in car with family and dog Fala on holiday. On fishing trip.

03:27:41 I have seen war... I hate war anti-war speech. FDR with his mother before Pearl Harbor. Queen Elizabeth and George VI with FDR. FDR reviews fleet. Speech in Canada promising help if Canada is threatened. Signing lend-lease agreement. Atlantic Charter meeting on Battleship Prince of Wales with Churchill. FDR and Eleanor outside church with priest. Speech after Pearl Harbor declaring war on Japan. Reviewing troops in North Africa - Casablanca. Tehran Conference with Stalin and Churchill. FDR & MacArthur. FDR & Nimitz. Roosevelt sworn in for fourth terms. Yalta conference, FDR looking ill shaking hands with Russians?. Churchill walks by FDR s car. With King Farouk of Egypt (aboard ship?). With Ibn Saud aboard ship. Last public appearance reporting to Congress and speech. With American delegation to San Francisco United Nations conference. Headlines re allies approaching Berlin and Elbe. Truman sworn in. Good CU FDR.

Titles: Join 7th War Loan Victory Drive WWII

Nation Hails V-E Day (VE Day)

Interior of Boeing plant in Seattle & wheeling out an extra B-29 among crowd of workers. Sign: On To Tokyo. Workers waving.

05:24:26 Capitol dome lighted for first time since Pearl Harbor.

05:24:37 Times Square at night fully lighted. Movie Marquees with lights. Celebrating crowds & sailor mimicking Hitler. Statue of Liberty turned on. People waving.

Inside Information Disclosed in Pearl Harbor Testimony

Admiral Richardson testifies before Pearl Harbor Commission. Relates conversation with FDR re Pearl Harbor preparedness and possibility of war. Sooner or later Japanese would make a mistake and we would enter the war.

Wreckage of USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor / VJ Day

MS Liberty party on dock at Pearl Harbor displaying newly purchased luggage, grass skirts etc. Pan along dock installations at Pearl Harbor inc large dock crane, CA seen alongside dock. Tug tied alongside dock. Sailor standing with back to camera looks across harbour.

11:24:04 MS-LS-CU remains of the USS Arizona protruding above water, workmen s shack built on deck. VS wreckage of USS Arizona from vars angles; wrecked battleship w/ plume of smoke in BG.

11:26:04 LS submarine underway, dock installations at Pearl Harbor. MS sailor sells newspapers announcing Japanese surrender. CU sailor reading newspaper, headline says "Truman Receives Jap Surrender Bid".

WWII. Pacific War.

Emperor Hirohito Reports Defeat to his Ancestors.

Priests watch as Emperor arrives at his father's grave in motorcade wearing medals. It s to explain why Americans are in Japan. Flashback shows walking with other Generals after Pearl Harbor attack.

Personalities In The News - State Dept. Aides Sworn In

Joseph C. Grew (American Ambassador to Japan during Pearl Harbor) sworn in as Under Secretary of State. Assistant Secretaries: William L. Clayton, Archibald McLeech, Nelson Rockefeller . Shake hands with Stettinius. Stettinius welcome speech.

[General George Marshall testifies before Pearl Harbor Committee.]

Cordell Hull speaking before committee telling of meeting w/ Japanese diplomats.

02:04:20 Marshall takes oath. Explains his whereabouts on Dec. 7th, explains US position before Pearl Harbor invasion; reading his letter to Governor Dewey. Talks about preparation training for possible attacks. Talks about shortage of bombers, anti-aircraft guns; talks about level of troops being adequate for preventing a landing.

02:09:55 Talks about his letter to General Short warning of possible sneak attack and its effect.

Others present as per card General Short, Admiral Stark

Post-WWII Congressional Hearings; Congressional Investigations.

[General George Marshall testifies before Pearl Harbor Committee]

Talks of events up to attack on Pearl Harbor & precautions taken re Pacific Islands & deployment of forces, readiness of aircraft, his whereabouts on December 7th - says he wrote message re alert to be sent to Naval officers. His conversations with the White House. Card refers to Dewey letter.

Post-WWII Congressional Hearings; Congressional Investigations. Pre-WWII Army Air Force Preparations;

Attack and Counter Attack

Naval Worker s Digest, The

Onboard aircraft carrier. Planes unfold wings, No. 187 pilot signals for take-off & POV. Titles.

02:20:34 The New York Times newspaper headlines from Pearl Harbor attack until 1945. Smoking smokestacks, D-Day landings. Liberation of France & US troops march on Champs Elysees towards Arc de Triomphe w/ waving crowds & overhead shots. Belgium liberated, locals welcoming allies on tanks.

02:21:33 Storage dump of supplies on Pacific Island. Troops boarding landing craft - ships at sea in heavy stormy weather (GOOD).

02:22:34 Onboard carrier, bombers & fighters loaded w/ bombs. Crews in briefing room & board planes, take offs. Battleships at sea, Kingfisher target planes catapulted. Battleships fire barrage & explosions on shore (GOOD). Smoke screen laid; troops off landing craft, tanks thru water, ships firing & landing & moving inland into jungle.

02:25:35 Allied planes overhead, parachuting; troops move into hills past smoking & destroyed Japanese gun emplacements. Engineers battling w/ mud, beached heavy equipment. Enemy bombers in air. Aircraft carrier & Hellcat fighters take off - TBM in flight; Helldiver in flight over land. Ack-ack; planes crash into sea. Fleet under attack by Kamikazes. Plane on board carrier in flames. Plane landing on deck. Ship on fire.


WWII Pacific Battles; Fighting; War Morale Propaganda; Production;

United News (Japan Surrenders)

11:00:59 Title: Japan Surrenders 1931 dock scenes w/ Japanese troops leaving for Manchuria, boarding ships; sitting on docks; military officers march past camera. Explosions. Shanghai 1937 ruins; texecuted bodies in streets. Japanese troops thru street in 3-wheel motorcycle.

11:01:28 League of Nations w/ Japan s delegates speaking & walking out. Out of building. Troops in field firing machine guns, artillery & infantry running thru rice fields. Man holding large Japanese flag.

11:02:03 Italy into Ethiopia; raising flag. CU of diplomats at signing of Axis Military Pact, 1940. Talking at microphone, saluting.

11:02:32 Refugees thru streets of China, along fields. Fighting, camouflaged guns, fields. Diplomats Kurusu & Nomura into US ?? Pearl Harbor ships burning. Fleet at sea in dramatic formation. Large battleship guns firing; Troops landing on Pacific Island beaches. Philippines & Allied prisoners, CU man w/o arm. MS Gen. MacArthur talking to people. Aerial of Iwo Jima. Battleships firing; aerial of shipt to shore; dead bodies; raising US flag on Mt. Suribachi.

11:04:45 Gen. Buckner briefed at map, CU. Okinawa, wounded on stretcher; GIs blowing up cave, firing rifle, Japanese tumbling ouut. Mass of Japanese surrender.

11:05:16 Kamikazee seen from ship w/ planes diving into water. Ship firing at planes, coming into ship. Carrier burning. Burial at sea. Military cemetery.

11:06:20 B-29s on runway, loading bombs, Map. B-29s in flight formation. Aerial over ships. CU Adm. Halsey.

11:07:11 Potsdam w/ Attlee, Truman, Stalin seated. Russian troops marching.

11:07:33 Hirohito on white horse. Stimson into White House, Forrestal arrives; around cabinet table. Shots of FDR during war.

11:08:22 CU of Chiang Kai Shek; Adm. Chester Nimitz; Truman w/ ccabinet. Hull in CU.

11:08:49 CU Truman SOF: I have received this afternoon from the Japanese government...

11;09:55 Reporters rush out. People in Times Square at zipper sign. People cheering filling street, paper out of buildings. View from above. Dancing in street. Sailor waving flag; confetti. Kissing. Night & people filling streets & lights on. Outside Hotel Astor. The End.

WWII Pacific War summary; Compilation Film; Military Newsreel;

NR 364 [President Truman Tells the World Of Hiroshima]

President Truman aboard ship sits at table w/ microphone. A short time ago an American plane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima and destroyed its usefulness to the enemy. That bomb has more power than 20,000 tons of TNT. The Japanese began the war from the air at Pearl Harbor; they have been repaid many fold. And the end is not yet. With this bomb we have now added a new & revolutionary increase in destruction to supplement the growing power of our armed forces. In their present form these bombs are now in production

and even more powerful forms are in development.

11:26:50 It is an atomic bomb. It is the harnessing of the basic power of the Universe. The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East.

11:27:08 CU. We are now prepared to destroy more rapidly & completely every productive enterprise the Japanese have in any city; we shall destroy their docks, their factories & their communications. Let there be no mistake we shall completely destroy Japan s power to make war. It was to spare the Japanese people from utter destruction that the ultimately of July 26th was issued at Potsdam. Their leaders promptly rejected that ultimatum. If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth. Behind this air attack will follow sea & land forces in such numbers & power as they have not yet seen; & w/ the fighting skill of which they are already well aware.

11:28:15 MS chuckles, then recovers. We have spent more than two billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history, and we have won. But the greatest marvel is not the size of the enterprise, its secrecy or its cost; but the achievement of scientific brains in making it work. And hardly less marvelous has been the capacity of industry to design, & of labor to operate, the machines & methods to do things never done before. both science & industry worked together under the direction of the United States Army which achieved a unique success in an amazingly short time. It is doubtful if such an other combination could be got together in the world. What has been done is the greatest achievement of organized science in history.

Nuclear Age; Atomic Bomb; Surprise; Military Secret;

Admiral Kimmel Gives His Version of Pearl Harbor

Address to Congressional Committee: explains why there were 2 task forces simultaneously in Pearl Harbor. Says he would have needed information held in Washington about when and where Japan would strike, and did not get this info.

Pearl Harbor hearings

General Short Testifies At Pearl Harbor Inquiry

(Army Commander in Hawaii at time of attack) re scapegoating by War Dept

SOF: I do not feel that I was treated fairly or with justice by the War Department. I was singled out as an example, as a scapegoat in the disaster. I am sure that an honest confession by the War Department general staff of their failure to anticipate the surprise raid would have been understood by the public in the long run, and even at the time. Instead they passed the buck and I have kept my silence until the opportunity of this public forum was presented to me.

Post-WWII Investigation; 1946 Congressional Hearing; 1940s;

Tokyo War Crimes Trials [Yamamoto]

Unid. US Admiral? in courtroom giving testimony in war crimes trial of Admiral Yamamoto. MP guard alongside. Details build up to Pearl Harbor attack and losses incurred.

02:04:52 US lawyer? at stand - addresses Japanese Admiral via translator - wipes brow. Yamamoto himself not seen.

Post - WWII.

[Admiral Kimmel testifies before Pearl Harbor Committee] - held in Senate Office building

Adm. Kimmel stands & takes oath. Committee at table.

02:11:23 Kimmel w/ Alben Barkley.

02:11:37 Kimmel seated says it is his first opportunity to make statement to the American people.

02:13:2? Talks of superiority of Japanese fleet.

02:13:55 Fuel deliveries were falling behind...had to keep two task forces in harbor rather than one.

02:18:29 Accuses Navy Department that vital information was kept from him. Says he was not given details of the status of Japanese - American negotiations or plans. Was never given orders for alert on Pearl Harbor.

02:20:41 Si. Cuts of Kimmel sworn in, talking to Senator Barkley, various shots room.

Post-WWII Congressional Hearings; Congressional Investigations.

[General Short Before Pearl Harbor Committee]

General Short presents his defence; says he thinks he has been treated unfairly and used as a scapegoat.

... [the war department] have passed the buck to me and I have kept my silence ... [they] had four years to admit that a follow-up should have been made on the November 27th message and on my report of the same thing... .

Thanks committee for opportunity to speak out.

Japanese War Crime Trials

Wide shot courtroom. Prosecutor asks if the attack on Pearl Harbor will go down in history as just another incident. Defendant asked if his advice was sought as a cabinet member. Prosecutor asks defendant if he was an advocate of peace including towards China. Defendant was minister of Education in October 1937. Questions re French Indochina - Japanese troops sent abroad and negotiations with Vichy government. Defendant asked whether there 1,600,000 Japanese troops in China.

Yanks Marry Nippon Maids

Ext. of American Consulate in Yokohama w/ people gonig in. Army Lt. Frank White & Japanese bride, daughter of envoy to Washington at time of Pearl Harbor, arrive. Others arriving & registering at counter before the deadline. Couples leaving & getting in cars.

Immigration; Military; Japanse War Brides; Post-WWII;

Target: Peace R1 of 2

Produced by Consolidated Vultee. Dedicated to US 8th Air Force, Strategic Air Comand...

Montage: Mule pulling grain wagon & harvesting w/ combine; logs into log pond; oil drilling & refinery. Man looking thru filter at furnace.

13:07:50 Montage Recreation w/ basketball, baseball & rocky coast beach scene. Downtown street scenes w/ medium city w/ pedestrians; night of large city & neon lights & cars. University, church & subrb w/ man putting golf bag into Studebaker. Couple gardening & daughter comes & gets coin. Look up and flight of ten or so B-36 planes over.

13:08:59 Aerial & ground shot of plant where B-36 built, Ft. Worth, Texas. Int. constructing planes, workers thru gates. Management, Floyd Odlum & Lamont Kohue (?) at table talking w/ others. Air Force officers; draftsmen & women office workers. Toolmakers working at machinery.

13:09:59 Tracking shot over assembly line of B-36; crane moving wing section; pilots canopy moved & fitted. Riveters; working inside the plane. Planes near completion w/ motors mounted. Men working on tail of plane dwarfed by size. Chow train brought onto floor for meals.

13:11:30 Twin engine plane cranked; wright brothers in biplane taking off. Diagram showing distance of first flight as half wingspan of B-36. Pearl Harbor newspaper headline. Hap Arnold at desk.

13:12:17 Hanger door opening for roll-out of B-36 pulled by small tractors whlie sitting on cradles. Aerial of Carswell Air Force Base AFB on opposite of field from Consolidated. Logos on building for 8th AF.

13:13:15 Gen. Roger Ramey speaking to officers in front of room. CU men listening. Others training in servicing the B-36 bomber. Starting motors on field.

Cold War; Leisure; 1950s; Propaganda

[General Hap Arnold Tribute]

No main title.

James Stewart narration. Opens w/ large white scenic cumulus clouds seen from air. CU of Wright brothers superimposed, then take off and flying biplane over. 1911 airmail flight of five miles. 1912 altitude record to 6540 ft.

18:11:55 and army biplanes in flight. 1917 & planes dogfighting (staged). War production & large motors assembled.

18:12:28 Very large triple-wing six-engine bomber taxiing. Early gag helicopters bouncing. First army airmail flights. Question Mark refueling over Los Angeles. Spaatz, Aiker. First flight to Alaska.

18:14:18 CU of Hap Arnold who did the above. Bombers in line. Arnold speaks.

18:15:00 Sketches of fighter planes. Two engine bombers; other sketches. Fighters in air. Large groups f fighter planes on ground; paratroopers out of planes; P-38 (good) in flight. Bombers in flight.

18:16:17 Well-off business men & wives sitting at dinner tables eating large dinners. Dramatic clouds & lighting. from plane. headlines & footage of Pearl Harbor in flames.

18:17:01 WWII industry; women riveting & assembling planes. Assembly lines of aircraft & taxiing out of hanger, intercut w/ clock ticking. Taking off. Air to air shots of bombers in formation; view of machine gunner; contrails above & with planes. (GOOD).

18:18:36 Machine gunners shooting at attacking fighters. Aerials of bombs dropping & exploding.

Biography; WWII; Air Force; Aviation; Aircraft History;

Preparedness And National Security Pt. 1 of 2

15:11:55 Aerial over destroyed European city; kids thru rubble, refugees w/ babies crying. United Nations General Assembly.

15:12:28 People lining street watching parade w/ large banners w/ hammer & sickle. GOOD Nazi parade & rally w/ banners. Japanese bowing to military officers in formal dress. Pan over UN Security Council

15:13:00 Ext w/ NATO flags & CU of US flag over WWII ships & landings in Pacific, flame throwers.

15:13:24 Title: 1917 Montage w/ large railroad artillery firing, men out of trenches, artillery, biplanes, tanks. Armistice Day celebrations.

15:13:54 Disarmament Conference int. & signed document from Versailles. Blowing up battle ship. Good WWI explosion, sinking ship hull.

15:14:16 Large drafting room, men working & looking at plans.

15:14:20 Title: ARMY over map of US. NAVY over map. Air Force over map, w/ names into squares of relative size.

15:14:33 POV of waves in ocean. Military equipment: machine guns, trucks w/ artillery, tanks. Training w/ guns of wood firing flour bombs at tank, beer cans. Sign on side of truck Tank & driven across field.

15:15:01 Boiling clouds, lightening. War montage: artillery firing. China & Japanese; Ethiopia; Czechoslovakia; Poland; Artillery; Nazi ships, planes, tanks. Firing enormous guns. Parachuting from German planes. Naziis into Paris. Night, planes, London & tracers, wall collapsing. Romania signing surrender, German planes over Bulgaria; Athens, Greece. Russia & digging canal or tank trap. Bombs out of plane. Pearl Harbor (GOOD). Signing surrender in Germany, on Battleship Missouri.

15:16:59 Raising American flag on Wake Island. Bodies floating in surf at beach. Bataan death march. Corrigador inside concrete bunker.

15:17:43 Digging thru bombed wreckage, removing bodies. England burning. Ships at sea.

15:18:10 Montage: Industry to war. Chimneys w/ smoke; equipment in factory manufacturing arms.

15:18:30 Truman signing document at round table, flash photographers. Military advisory committee at table meeting. CU pamphlet: A Program For National Security May 29, 1947 Opened & pages flipped. Highlighted: A Strong, Healthy Educated Population. Montage: Factory interiors. Woman on potato harvester, fishermen, men & women workers; ext. of high school w/ day & evening classes. Hospital operating theater, large equipment; people on street in city; factory chimneys; grain harvest.

15:19:57 Koreans w/ flags cheering Allied troops advancing on road. Large scaffolding w/ UN insignia drapped on banner above speakers table, pan over large gathering. UN buildnig from across East River.

15:20:23 1921 (?) soldiers marching past camera. 1940s jets in formation seen from air to air. Aircraft carrier & other ships. Formation of many B-36 bombers.

20th Century Military History Overview; Educational Films; Propaganda; Cold War;

USS Arizona Memorial Dedication

Entrance to Memorial w/ inscription "USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL". MS Admiral Perry and staff entering Memorial from boat landing. Guests, mostly women, disembark at landing to Memorial. CU Adm. Riggs and party entering Memorial followed by guests. MS Adm. Benson and Adm. Metzger arriving at boat landing and entering Memorial with guests. CU military VIPs and civilian VIPs arriving off boat.

11:41:33 Six A4D planes in tight formation fly overhead.

11:41:42 MS Rear Adm. C.A. Buchanan (Com 14) giving introduction to dedication for Memorial. MS Unid. civilian VIP speaking from podium; ships in BG. MLS Officers, VIPs and guests seated.

11.42.08 MS Chaplain giving benediction. MS Sailor and Marine carrying a large wreath. Wreath thrown over side of Memorial and floats on surface of water. MS Group of Marines on platform over Memorial, firing a military salute; USS Buchanan (DDG-14) in FG in full dress. MS Navy band on platform. USS Buchanan at anchor; Marine Honour Guard on platform.

11:43:04 Adm. Felt speaking with guest aboard Memorial. Good shot looking up toward the US flag at half mast. LA CU Officer on bridge of USS Buchanan viewing ceremony through binoculars.

11:43:29 Good LS Memorial w/ colours at half mast.

11:43:50 LS guests on beach at Ford Island, looking toward Memorial. LS 14th Naval District band on one of the keys to left of Memorial; crowd on beach in FG.

11:44:06 Looking over bow of USS Buchanan; ship s company manning rail during services. MS Memorial during dedication; wreaths dropped from Memorial to water by Navy and Marine personnel. MS Guests leaving their chairs after service. Wreaths in water.

11:48:04 MS USS Buchanan at anchor in full dress; crew at quarters. Adm. Harry Felt arriving in barge to Memorial. Six A4D s in tight formation on flyover. VS memorial whilst dedication ceremony in progress. Flag at half mast. LS guests stand for silence.

11:49:50 MS US Marine corps Honour Guard on platform next to Memorial, firing rifle volleys.

11:50:03 Bugler blowing taps [out of shot] while rest of naval band stands at attention.

Pearl Harbor.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper s Arrival at Hickam AFB

Crowd gathered waiting for arrival, hangars in BG. Admiral and Mrs Harry Felt greet Mrs Cooper and daughter. Helicopter landing, Cooper off and greeted by wife with flower leis. VIPs greet Cooper. Cooper at microphones, joined by wife. Standing with Governor Burns. Large group of spectators gathered in front of the Iolani Palace.

15:20:23 Hula dancers perform outside Iolani Palace; arrival of Astronaut Cooper. Cooper and wife leave car amongst the crowd; pose on steps w/ Hawaiian flag.

15:22:07 SH3A helicopter carrying Cooper flies over USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor and drops a wreath from the helicopter; helicopters fly over coastline enroute to Hickam Field.

15:22:37 Sailor standing on memorial, large wreath by stone wall containing the names of those who died during sinking of USS Arizona. US Flag flying at Memorial.

15:23:03 USS Kearsage returning to naval station at Pearl Harbor for off-loading Mercury capsule Faith 7. Aircraft carrier approaching dock in FG. Naval band on dock. Sign on ship Cape Canaveral to Kearsage . Naval officers on dock pointing. Capsule on deck and lowered onto dock.

Space Race - Project Mercury.

Wings to Hawaii Pt. 1 of 2

Montage: hotel, flowers, waterfalls, outrigger, porpoise (?) leaping, tourists, surfers.

00:29:51 Pan Am logo & title: Wings To Hawaii

Film Authors Production.

Illustrated map of Hawaiian Islands; mountains, rain, flowers. Aerials w/ clouds, cattle.

00:31:04 Pan American aircraft unloading passengers, tourists. Baby girl walking on mosaic compass. Honolulu beach w/ hotels & palm trees, yacht marina. Escalator in shopping center; CU feet. Buddhist Temple. Modern building & interior hotel restaurant. Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

00:32:34 Street scenes, traffic, pedestrians & locals & tourists; girls in bikinis. Boy w/ surfboard. Couple on Honda motorcycle; other pedestrians. Girl scouts. Faces.

00:33:23 Interior museum? display showing how missionaries insisted native girls had to be clothed. Beach scenes - swimming, girl rolling in surf, couples in sea. Catamaran sailing boat. Surf canoes. Surfing & diving into sea.

00:35:13 Rear view man opens shutters onto hotel balcony. Waiter brings breakfast to balcony. Couple looking out over scenic shots of beach. Dolphins. Couple eating.

00:35:58 Sea Life Park - porpoises. Native girl swimming w/ porpoise. Dolphins put on display, slow motion.

00:37:19 Pineapple cultivation.

00:37:34 Pearl Harbor Memorial & flag raising over Battleship Arizona.

00:38:06 Polynesian Cultural Center - tourists on decorated truck & in canoe view exhibits showing earlier lifestyles of Tahitians. Hula dancing; tourists looking at leis / flowers.

00:40:05 Celebrations for King Kamehameha Day at State Capitol in Royal Palace.

00:40:35 Car & surfers arrive at beach; surfing shots (GOOD).

00:41:57 Fishing from platforms; children in surf skimming on board, falls.

00:42:35 Map. Aloha Airlines plane lands on Hawaii, tourists, scenics, tropical orchids & others; macadamia nuts, sausage tree. Glass roof opening in hotel which is built around trees. Hotel balconies, waitresses, bar area. Playing golf.

00:44:39 Fishermen bring in catch. Black marlin weighed. Lava rock. Girl walks on black sand beach; waves beating on rocks. Volcano erupting - spectacular shots. Smoking burned trees & lava.

Colorful Travelogue; Promotional films; Advertising;

Air Force Now (AF Firefighting; Robert W. Maloy re Leadership; Pearl Harbor Memorial)

AFN opening w/ montage of movie theater front in photos & drawings & colored animation.

06:01:37 Night, fire burning wooden frame building, black woman drops & caught; firemen arrive w/ hosed, ladders, building collapses. (GOOD)

06:02:27 Title: Where There s Smoke. Sign: Chanute AF Base, North Gate. Montage: Defense Department students march, rappel on side of building, in classroom watching hazardous materials burn. SOF instructor, cockpit removing dummy pilot, driving rescue truck - POV.

06:03:23 Air Force woman SOF ...comes from within, you actually want to save somebody s life.

06:03:32 VO continues. Montage: oil burning on water, firemen train in blazing structure w/ hoses & airtanks. Woman. Norma E. Brown (USAF Tactical Air Command Maj. Gen.) AFB mode for training. Man at panel controlling lights; trainee watching. SOF explains need for practice; continues tracking past.

06:04:57 Fuel fire at actual Los Angeles airplane crash site. Cutting up plane, firemen run from explosion. Foam & putting out fires on people (GOOD).

06:05:35 Stills of burned.

06:05:47 Aerial over smoking city building mostly burned. Woman narrating. Man in asbestos suit jet fuel fire to test plane site; trucks spray foam. Firemen enter w/ hose spraying final flames.

06:07:14 Man fitting jet fuel hose to plane, ignited & burning.

06:07:25 Portraits in Blue w/ pencil sketch intro. re 314th AF Div. Commander Gen. Robert W. Maloy (retired 01Sep75)

06:08:02 Airmen SOF about him on street. Introduced smoking cigar. Interviewed. 1967, view over water & lifeboat w/ rescuers hoist into helicopter after being shot down over Vietnam waters. Rubs neck (was broken). On base talks to man; talking to a group of men in fatigues. Talks about how to be a leader by talking to their people. Talks to young people on bases. Footage of Maloy at a several AFB bases & at different times in his career. To be a got to get up there & get to work. GOOD inspirational common sense.

06:12:25 POV over water & to Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor. People w/ flowers, flag flying in slow motion. Service. Aerials over. Waves, people wipe tears. Aerials, sunset over. List of dead on memorial wall. Presented by Your Air Force.

1970s; Military Recruiting Propaganda; Leadership Inspirational Speech; Fire Fighting;

Air Force Now - Curtis LeMay

CU writing w/ ballpoint. 1929 biplanes in flight. LeMay talking in interview. Tells of assignment to bombers. Twin engine plane taking off past hanger w/ Langley Field on roof seen from above.

16:35:27 1938 Six B-17s fly to Argentina & back. Various shots of planes in flight. Montage of Hitler, Roosevelt, industries. Pearl Harbor bombing.

16:36:13 Color of damaged B-17s flying out of England. Taxiing, shot of man out of plane & kissing ground. Col. LeMay in charge of 8th AAF. Wheels down, landing. Good shot of shadow of plane landing.

16:36:46 LeMay at desk, planes in air, talking w/ pilots. Color planes starting & taking off past camer, over camera (GOOD). View out of bubble at other planes, bombs dropping from plane & exploding on ground. POV from behind pilot of B-29 plane landing. Various interior shots from B-29s & crash landings on water & on land. Working on plane; meetings; shots of main bombs falling thru flak.

16:39:06 Color shot of White House & Capitol.

16:39:11 B/W LeMay walking beneath B-29. Tokyo, Japan in flames. Oil storage tanks burning. Aerial over leveled blocks.

16:39:40 Japanese surrender on Missouri. LeMay testifying before Congress.

16:40:08 Berlin, Germany Damaged buildings. Blockade footage planes landing, supplies off.

16:40:39 Walter Cronkite interviewed about it w/ visuals of children eating at long tables.

16:40:53 B-36s; LeMay in command of SAC w/ range of large bombers planes shown. Rocket launched. Refueling planes.

16:41:34 JFK (SOF) talking of LeMay as LBJ watches as he is announced as Chief of Staff of Air Force & a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Photographs of LeMay smoking pipe. The End.

Military History; Army Air Force; Biography; WWII;

Voices of Spirit R4

Elwood Babbitt being interviewed by Steve Diamond. Talks about childhood, school, car accident and near death experience, trance experience, war experience at Pearl Harbor. Stills of Pearl Harbor. Elwood talks about how tough New England is for psychics. About stepping out into mass media work. Ewood s mom comes over and is interviewed. Elwood was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She says she doesn t know about soul or spirit surviving. I didn t worry before I came here...

01:45:35 Elwood in trance as Walt Disney. Newspaper head of Disney death. Shot of Dan Keller at camera. disney advises to shoot film in color. Steve Diamond relates story of playing tape of Walt Disney for Roy Disney, Jr. and wife and their reaction. Brigns up thought of having Marshall Bloom come through Elwood.

01:48:04 Harvey Wasserman tells story of Marshall Bloom and LNS at Johnson Chapel, Amherst College prior to Elwood trance session. Video shots of Marshall Bloom with bar. Stil of Bloom VS of two people plowing with farmall A tractor at Montague Commune. More of Steve Diamond setting up Bloom trance session. Talks about Davd Eisenhower piece at NY Times Op-Ed on how Bloom s suicide was a metaphor for the death of the New Left. Pan over Eisenhower article.

Air Force Now - Never Again

re Pearl Harbor

Titles against dark sky and stars.

VO FDR re attack. Pearl Harbor attack footage intercuts staged and actuality footage (unsure which is which). Smoking building. Wounded sailors taken away. USS Arizona burning. Flames and smoke. American flag on ship.

1980s Interviews veteran sailors & Hawaiian woman re memories of event.

Planes take off against red sky. GV Pearl Harbor AFB at sunset, men cleaning or repairing planes. Control room and controllers on phone.

Men climbing into fighter plane, takeoff and in flight.

Air Force Now (Pearl Harbor; Leukemia)

Title Sequence against dark sky and stars.

02:02:04 Title: Never Again. V/O FDR re attack - Day of Infamy speech (mixed w/ effects). Pearl Harbor ships burning; footage on dock & wounded. USS Arizona burning. Flames and smoke. American flag on ship.

02:03:24 1980s interviews: Hawaiian woman; veteran sailors re memories of event intercut w/ actuality & staged footage.

02:05:11 Planes take off against red sky. 326 Air Div., Wheeler AFB, Air National Guard working w/ AF.

02:05:41 GV Pearl harbor AFB at sunset, men cleaning or repairing planes. Int. Control room & controllers on phone. Scramble called; men climb into fighter plane, takeoff & in flight. VO FDR speech.

02:08:18 VO Ask not what your country can do for you ... JFK 1961 inaugural speech (sound only) w/ staged voting booth. Title: Please vote

02:08:46 Title: There Is No Deeper Appreciation For Life Until The Chance Of Losing It Is Real. Maj. Thomas Peter. Title: Against The Odds - The Tom Peter Story

Ext. LS 22nd Strategic hospital. Peter narrates VO as examined by nurse. CU drawing blood. Peter out of hospital in slow motion. CU wife talking; Commanding officer. Peter talks of bone marrow transplant.

Still little sister who was his bone marrow donor.

02:12:09 Aerial University of Minnesota, St. Paul & Minneapolis, city. CU Peter talking. Commander.

02:13:08 Ext. sign on building: Welcome to March AFB. - Tanker Town USA. Lecture. Plane takeoff. Peter Inside cockpit. Family throwing football in yard. Refueling fighter planes.

02:14:09 Newspaper headlines re his first flight after battle w/ leukaemia. Night landing. Signalman. Peter out of plane low angle shot from bottom of stairs; hugs wife & children. Still Peter in plane. Presented By Your Air Force

Cold War; Disease; Recovery; WWII History;

Air Force Now (Air Force Aid Society; Tomorrow s Air Force w/ future technology)

CU hand holding papers - bills. VO If the house doesn t sell soon, & the bills keep coming in, I don t know what I m going to do. Blonde mother & daughter walk by lake. I sure wish daddy were here .

08:01:34 Blonde enters Air Force Assistance Fund office XCU pendulum of ticking clock. VO says her loan has been approved. Mother & child by lake at sunset hand in hand. CU Handshake.

08:02:37 Mostly Stills: old people - CU funds application - Black airman packing suitcase - logo AFAS (Air Force Aid Society). Entrance Air Force Village, home for retired airmen and families. Exercise class; Airman kisses old lady.

08:03:53 Biplane in sunset. Designer s sketch of Wright brothers plane. Wright Borthers flight. 1920s early planes. Fighters. 1941 Pearl Harbour & various WWII planes aerial dogfights w/ Japanese planes.

08:05:02 First jet plane; X-15 in MCU & dropped from mother plane. Various aircraft models. F-16 & other planes in flight rolling, diving. F-16 on ground. ?? Dougherty in plane talks to camera (SOF).

08:06:32 Drawn models of future aircrafts & Titles: Air Force Now - Tomorrow s Air Force.

08:07:12 Dougherty beside HIMAT: Highly Maneuverable Aircraft Technology developed w/ NASA. Hanging beneath B-52; dropped & flown by remote control from ground. Other new planes shown; one w/ pivotal wing. Officer describes innovations, winglets, conards, graphite epoxy skin. HIMAT in flight. Digital control systems shown. Talks re stealth technology. Futuristic illustrated drawings.

08:10:17 Pilots around WWI biplane cockpit; WWII P-51 Mustang cockpit control & 1980s F-15 Eagle cockpit w/ hundreds of controls. Tomorrow s computerised controls; computerised map - early CGI. Infra-red image. for night & bad weather. Computer graphics, Pictorial Format Program. Future helmet visor w/ display & CGI air battle shown. Rockets fired from fighter plane.

08:13:14 Kids play video games; Space Invaders.

08:13:43 Flight simulator w/ computer graphics seen from outside & inside. Mock air battle. Pilots to briefing room. GOOD. Montage: plane firing rockets, dropping drone (?), control room, computer graphics, video games, starry sky, various weapons tested - 1980s vision of future & technology.

08:16:46 Space shuttle rocket launch; separation. Shuttle Columbia in space. Astronauts inside spacecraft - zero gravity. Animation satellites & space station of the future. Sunset with biplanes. Presented by...

Military Technology; Promotional Film; Commercial; Military Charity;

Air Force Now (Combat Weapons Loading Competition - Aerospace Rescue & Recovery)

04:25:02 Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Black Hills. CU sign: Ellsworth Air Force Base Strategic Air Command, Peace Is Our Profession, Welcome SAC Combat Weapons Loading Competition.

04:25:30 Competition leader SOF to camera. Participants off plane. Training in gym, on assault course etc.

04:26:49 04Sep?? Maj General Monroe W Hatch, Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Command gives welcome speech. VS competition in progress; maintenance teams at work, races, combat activities.

04:28:12 Winning teams pose w/ trophies. Montage of activities.

04:29:34 Title: Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service. Daytime simulation of rescue mission - airman wounded in enemy territory. Control room / navigating activity; briefing session, consult map. Crew into armored helicopter drops men ino wooded area, men out & thru jungle w/ camouflage makeup - whispering instructions; injured airman located and carried back to clearing. Helicopter drops harness & injured winched up, into helicopter. AF Military Aviation Training.

04:34:45 Project Warrior Curtis LeMay at desk writing diary. Interview w/ LeMay w/ cutaways to WWII aviation footage [col&b/w] - fighter taking off at Langley Field, Virginia. 1938, B-17 bombers on goodwill mission to Argentina. Hitler & Roosevelt, montage war production & Pearl Harbor.

04:36:42 Color 8th AF B-17 squadron in England, damage & wounded. Crewman kisses ground. Lemay & US 305th Bomb Group at Prestwick, Scotland, CU landing. LeMay in HQ w/ pilots.

04:37:32 Color Bombers take off & in tight box formation, bombs drop.

04:38:10 INT bomber nose & POV. New B-29 crash-lands in sea; another in flames on runway; maintenance crews at work. Large number of bombs released & falling. LaMay interview SOF in living room.

04:39:35 Color EXT White House & Capitol, Washington.

04:39:43 B/W LaMay in front of B-29. Aerials over Tokyo after successful bombing raids, wide fires burning. 04;39:55 Japanese surrender 14Aug45. LeMay as USAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Research & Development; split-screen missiles / rockets taking off.

04:40:26 B/W 1948 Berlin Blockade by Soviets. Operation Vittels flying supplies into West Berlin, children eating.

04:41:10 B-36s in flight. LeMay, head of Strategic Air Command (SAC). Montage: B-29, B-36s, B-47, B-52 & missiles. Refueling.

04:41:50 President Kennedy, JFK, praising LeMay & welcoming him as USAF Chief of Staff. CU LeMAY thinking w/ pipe in mouth (stills?). Presented by Your Air Force.

Air Force Training; Army Air Force History; Biography;

Air Force Now title sequence

23:34:28 AWACS Past & Present

SOF re history of EC-121 Warning Star Connie jet over stills; scenes of plane taking off, in flight. Headline re use in Vietnam.

23:35:27 Black pilot talks to camera - technical problems w/ aircraft - Congress approval of modernisation. Modern E3 AWACs Century in flight - 707 w/ rotordome satellite mounted on top; AWAC crew at work on board, tracking devices - crew members SOF describe purpose of unit - bases in Iceland, Saudi Arabia & Tinker AFB. Scramble fighter planes to direct Russian bomber (GOOD) out of air space. Analyst talks to camera re importance of hardware & software. Air to air E-3 in flight.

23:39:21 CU portrait of WWII pilots; Brig Gen Robert Scott SOF, talks about lying his way onto a B-17 bomber to Karachi after Pearl Harbor attack. Flying C-47 over the Hump for China. Stock footage of Japanese occupation of China. Flying Tigers & pilots in American Volunteer Group in China; P-40 fighter planes; pilots at briefing and in flight. Brig Gen Claire Chennault; air to air battle scenes; enemy plane crashing. Pilots scramble to planes, take off, POV & fighting. GOOD. Montage: Color CUs pilots posing next to planes - nose art. Chinese & Americans. Talks of Museum of Aviation as useful to educate.

23:46:26 Trailer for next month s special edition of AFN to celebrate 40th Anniversary of USAF creation - VO by Walter Cronkite (on LN 504-040).

Military Aviation; WWII; Reconnaissance Technology;