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Ordering DVD or FTP previews

We transfer all the items you have chosen from the detailed list onto a VHS or DVD preview at a cost of $10 per item (minimum charge $50)

Ordering Masters

The cost per reel diminishes according to the number you order at any one time.

1 reel$385
2-3 reels$275 per reel
4-6 reels$220 per reel
7-10 reels$195 per reel
11+ reels$185 per reel

The cost per reel is the same if you ask for the whole reel or just a section of it. The difference will only affect duplication and stock costs which are additional, and are charged at reasonable rates.

New Customers

Place an order of $200 or more and you will receive a complementary copy of Kenn Rabin and Shelia Bernard's book: Archival Storytelling: A Filmmaker's Guide to Using and Licensing Third-Party Visuals and Music. Please ask us for the book and we'll be happy to include it with your order, while supplies last.