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Archival film footage on Nuclear Power from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Fallout - When And How To Protect Yourself Against It

Explosion w/ boiling cloud going from white to black & tilting up w/ it. Another wispier cloud. Large cloud dissolving to animation of fallout falling. Animated man in front of small portable movie screen, sits down. Watch & listen, some day these facts may save your life. Title card Fallout - what is it? Animated fallout.

08:19:28 Explosion of atomic bomb & cloud moving up. Animation of cloud drifting. usually you can see the fallout

08:20:42 The particles behave as miniature x-ray machines...

08:22:00 Drawing of radio set to conalrad station; men w/ geiger counters at wreckage. Drawing of central monitoring point & board.

08:23:05 Just what can you do if fallout comes your way? Shelter, effect of a house, basement; large buildings & improvised shelters. Sandbagged space & covered w/ books. Exterior storm cellar or vegetable cellar stocked w/ supplies. you need some of the same things you might take on a vacation or camping trip.

Drawings of supplies; of shelter best is constructed shelter...get busy on construction.

08:27:46 Animation of woman in house fililing containers; family in basement. Don t be discouraged.

08:29:05 ...exposure can even cause death. If you have had considerable exposure you will vomit & grow weak; but after a few hours this sensation will pass & by the next day you may have had the last of it.

Talks about other symptoms including loss of hair, nose bleed, etc.

08:30:42 Animation of family listening to radio. CU card of Civil Defense Preparedness Five Steps To Safety. Office of Civil And Defense Mobilization The End.

1960s; 1950s; Cold War; Civil Defense; Instructional Films; Educational Films; Atomic Energy; NuclearDisasters; Lecture Film; Atomic Attack Defenses;

From Congress to Congress R1 of 5

Central Documentary Film Studios, Moscow (English narration)

March 1966. B/W shots of Moscow, Kremlin, Red Square, flags & delegates outside Kremlin Palace of Congresses for 23rd Party Congress. INT delegates stand & applaud, Leonid Brezhnev speaks re Eighth Five Year Plan for 1966-1970. VO translation by narrator. LS of room, MS delegates, CUs.

17:48:50 Title: From Congress to Congress. Heavy industry montage. VO re accomplishments of 8th Five Year Plan. Electric towers, wires under construction. pylons; hydroelectric dams.

17:50:43 Lenin s GOELRO Plan for recovery of USSR & electrification. 1920s shots of first Soviet power station; output compared to that of plant built during 8th Five Year Plan. INT of thermal & atomic power plants. Construction at Novovoronezh atomic power station; & hydroelectric dams in remote regions inc. Chukotka. Workers on cliff face & in tunnels at Nurek Dam construction on Vakhsh River in Tajikistan. Visit by Brezhnev, Autumn 1970 - talks to crowd of workers. Krasnoyarsk dam on Yenisei River, tenth unit turned on on centenary of Lenin s birth, 1970 project leader Andrei Botchkin - flashback shots of river being blocked & construction workers welding high above dam - turbines installed.

17:55:09 Office interior w/ two men. Montage: new communities, lights, little girl playing piano, neon & other lights. Dam lighted at night. Top shot looking down onto dam spillways. Botchkin surveys construction of Sayano-Shushenskaya dam, second scheme on Yenisei River. Electricity pylons & men working in buckets.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Heavy Industry; Communism; Sustainable Resources / Energy; Industries; Electrification; Nuclear Fuel; Promotional Films;

News Paragraphs - Invents Life-saving bumper ! Accident proof device expected to lessen fatalities by 75 per cent (1930)

London, England

Unid. man with model car showing bumpers. Bus or truck doing road test with dummy, approaches body in road, bumper rolls dummy instead over running over. Man throws himself in front of truck, bumper rolls him down road. Men pick man up and all have cigarette.

Inventions, stunts, road safety.

14:13:04 V02 #104 S1-9 16mm MPSA 24fps Si. 24Dec30 Havana, Cuba horse race; Life-saving bumper invented; Actor-cockatoos; USSR first junior Soviet; R-101 blimp crashes in France; 8-story jump to fire net; Gandhi on way to prison; Coste & Bellonte in NYC after flight to US; Italy has worst earthquake.|

14:19:42 V23 #343 S1,2A-C,3-4 16mm MPSA 24fps Si. 13Apr50 Truman welcomes Pres of Chile; Chief Justice Vinson swears in Frank C. Pace, Jr as new Sec. of Army; Franco's daughter married in Spain; Boeing demonstrates small gas-turbine engine for trucks; Summer fashions worn by US college students in Bermuda; Mother throws knives at daughters.|

14:26:43 V23 #366 S1,2A-F,lcl. 16mm MPS 24fps Si. 03Jul50 Tanks in desert maneuvers; Launch rocket as salute to July Fourth; Mining and blasting in Chile; Franco and parade in Bilbao, Spain; Charity party for polio children w/ Mary Martin, Jane Pickens, Jinx Falkenburg and Mrs. O Dwyer; Italian San Paulino festival in Brooklyn; Fire resistant paint tested; Chicago s Fair w/ atomic energy displays.|

14:33:19 V22 #238 S1-3A-C,4A-C 16mm MPS/mag Sd. 11Apr49 Failed rescue, girl found death in well; Corinth Canal opened w/ queen and King; James MacDonald, first US ambassador to Israel; Spanish victory parade on 10 anniversary of Civil War, w/ Franco (Sd); Ike meets with chiefs of staff of the army; Baby swimmers; All terrain motorcycle race in France; Navy children boxing.|

14:40:53 V22 #255 S1A-4 16MPS/mag Sd. 09Jun49 Riots in Tokyo, Japan; Tribute to Franco in Madrid as he opens the third assembly w/ Esteban Bilbao, Spain (Spanish Narration); Third anniversary of the Italian republic; Premiere of Illegal Entry in Washington; West Point graduation; Sammy Mason shows stunt plane flying; Summer ski jumps.

14:48:03 V22 #287 S1-4 16mm MPS/mag Sd. 29Sep49 Navy Power; Psychologists & Illusion; US fleet visits Galicia, Spain & Bullfight w/ Franco and Mrs (Spanish Narration); George Murphy & movie industry pledge faith in Democracy; Yoga Stunts; Rodeo in Madison Square Garden; Gov. Duff statement on Pennsylvania Week.

End: 14:56:15|

President Truman Dedicates New TVA Dam In Kentucky (Tennessee Valley Authority)

Truman with Lillienthal at dedication. Crowd.

Truman speech re atomic energy: ...We ve just discovered the source of the sun s power: atomic energy... We had to turn it loose in the beginning for a destruction... but that tremendous source of energy can create for us the greatest age in the history of the world... .

Prime Minister Attlee Addresses US Congress

Clement Attlee gets standing ovation from Congress as takes stand. Attlee makes speech praising America and saying that she will never use her power for selfish aims or territorial gain. Talks of Atomic bomb and the need for all men to feel secure. President Truman meets with Attlee and Mackenzie King. Talks have been about atomic energy being used for industrial and humanitarian purposes.

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 2

Brief shots German SS officer attempts to shake hands with ? Pan down bomb damaged Berlin building. Women in bucket brigade clearing rubble. Woman commandant of concentration camp walks past released prisoners.

15:11:52 Potsdam conference - arrivals, Stalin, Churchill and Truman. Conference begins.

15:12:49 Montage of shots to show proposed de-nazification of Germany. Agreement signed by Eisenhower, Zhukov and Montgomery who make up the Allied Control Council. Three pose for cameras.

15:13:53 Montage landmarks, Capitol, China? Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, Franco on balcony at military march past.

15:14:07 Potsdam conference, brief shots Eisenhower funeral, England, elections, Churchill out, Atlee in, Atlee arrives in Berlin for conference.

15:15:05 Newspaper headlines Russia declares war on the Japanese. New Bomb Frees Atomic Energy, Stalin, Truman and Atlee pose.

15:15:29 Montage United Nations Flags over images of war and peace

Save the Planet R1

Bikini Atom Bomb blast. Zoom in on Animated earth, big flash, The Atomic Age was born. Animated spinning atom, Food Atomic Style, two women n kitchen, scientist with test tubes, scientists weighing chickens that have been fed radioactive food and deciding that it has no effect and is safe. Nuclear sub under water. Jimmy Carter at controls as Truman on soundtrack says Armed strength, the free world must have it now. Carter fires missile. Truman on track with cold war rhetoric. AV of Bikini explosion, Ban the Bomb demo in London. Atom bomb explosion, blast effects of A bomb explosion, Bertrand Russell at demonstration. VS devastated Hiroshima after explosion. Rememberence gathering at Hiroshima, people playing. Eternal flame. Army chaplain describes what the atomic blast will look like to soldiers who are going to take part in atom test - it s a wonderful sight to behold. Blast with soldiers in Nevada. Pete Seeger on track sining Mack the Knife with new words. Shot of Capitol, AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) Sign, soldiers standing up in trench and facing atom explosion. Long shot of atom or hydrogen bomb explosion.

01:04:22 - Eisenhower at UN with Atoms for Peace speech Shot of AEC building, a family food center to store atomically radiated food. Track plays Uranium song from 1950 s. Animated uranium atom, man working in glove box, conveyer belt with buckets of uranium stuff, miner holding up rock, radiation caution sign, uranium manufacturing footage, piles of yellow cake, man with two donkeys. Shot of Black Hills landscape to small herd of horses. Native American and environmentalists marching against uranium mining in the Black Hills. John Trudell (Indian activist) on soundtrack, along with Winona Duke.

01:06:25 - LS Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Power Plant with setting sun in background. Children on soundtrack recount dream and real reactions to TMI meltdown over various shots of TMI exteriors and interior views of other nuclear power plants.

01:08:30 - Animation section with Ion the Neutron Batter, nitting baseball into neutrons. Driving up to nuclear power plant. WS of nuclear cooling tower. Overhead moving shot of nuclear reactor. Scientist with geiger counter. Nuclear reactor control room. Radiation worker putting on mask. People dressing in decontamination suits over anti-nuclear speech by Dr. John Gofman who appears in sync.

Save the Planet R2

Chanting and beating drums. Native-American (Indian) marchers in Black Hills intercut with Bikini blast. Dr. John Gofman on track. Man in decontamination suit wiping up floor. Yellow barrels of waste stacked outside. Nuclear waste being placed in salt mine. LBJ speech on the peacefult atom. Animated atomic genie footage holding up electric transmission lines. Newspaper headline : Nuke Tower Felled on Montague Plain. Interview with Sam Lovejoy re toppling the tower and anti-nuclear movement. Shots of twisted reckage of felled tower.

01:12:35 Demonstrators being arrested at site for Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire on August 22, 1976. Police dragging them off. Dick Gregory making speech at Seabrook Rally in 1978 commending anti-nuclear movement. Zoom in New York city skyline at dawn as John Hall, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash and others sing Power. Solar flare. Sun glinting off solar panel. Interview with Guy Chichester by ocean in New Hampshire re economic benefits of alternative energy. Shots of solar homes, equipment, windmills, people working on alternative energy projects. Black woman extols solar hot water heaters on low income housing as people install equipment and build homes. Long pan down from sky to Black Hills sunset.

01:15:13 Stills of nuclear plants as President Richard Nixon talks about building more nuclear plants. Native-American Black Hils march. Track by John Trudell and Winona Laduke. Demonstrtors chanting No Nukes and being arrested at Seabrook. Other anti-nuclear marches including ones in Barcelona, France, Rocky Flats, Colorado, Japan, California, Washington, DC. Zoom into setting sun in Black Hills.

[Atomic Power - Desert Re-enactment]

Night shots two soldiers talking. Actors reconstruction Oppenheimer ? Soldier (Groves ??) on field telephone - re-enactment.

[ Atomic Power - University of Chicago ]

Metallurgical labs, Eckhart Hall in foreground, entrance to Eckhart hall. Entrance to Institute for the study of Metals (sign) Squash court containing graphite pile. On right is Dr Enrico Fermi and two assistants testing for radioactivity 09:22:17 CUs Fermi and assistants. Geiger counter with flashing lights. Fermi making notes in laboratory book. Good shots Fermi.

Movietone News

10:10:23 Title: Problem of Atomic Energy Given To UNO Commission.

10:10:30 Secretary of State Byrnes speech at an early United Nations (UN) meeting re atomic energy

SOF: We won the war by fighting together. We must now preserve the peace by working together. Peace and reconciliation require common action... The problem of devising the necessary safeguards to ensure that atomic energy will be used for the benefit of humanity and not its destruction is a common problem. We who fought together for freedom must now show that we are worthy of the freedom that we won. Applause

Post-War; 1946; Peaceful Uses; ca 24Jan46;

Note: Speech in London.

NOTE: Session opened 10Jan46, Central Hall, Westminster, London. General Assembly on Jan24 adopted its first resolution re peaceful use of atomic energy.

[Atomic Power - Einstein Statement; Federation of Scientists; Acheson]

INT Einstein residence at 112 Mercer Street, Princeton, New Jersey. Doctors Urey, Szilard & Einstein seated; Urey reads statement on their responsibility in harnessing the atom; Einstein agrees to the text.

06:04:11 [Si.] EXT run-down building w/ sign Federation of American Scientists - National Committee on Atomic Information . INT office - J.W. Bush, Jr & Albert Cahan of American Federation of Scientists w/ Mr. Higginbothom & Daniel Meltcher (Head of Office of Atomic Info). CU bulletin sheet w/ headed paper National Committee on Atomic Information . Young volunteers [?] assembling Atomic Bulletin & Info Packets. CUs newsletters One World or None - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - The American and Russian Proposals - someone underlines a sentence in pencil.

06:09:04 Name plaque on door - Mr Acheson - Under Secretary of State . INT Dean Acheson & David Lilienthal discussing document behind desk [MOS] CU A Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy .

Postwar. Nuclear War / Weapons. Cold War. 1940s.

Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 part 1

B/W War Graves - blowing up aircraft after WWII. Demobilization in US - fleet in mothballs - scrap jeeps. Production of household / white goods, irons, electric cookers. Whiz-pan.

13:33:14 1946 - United Nations - Bernard Baruch - proposal for international control of all atomic energy.

13;33:40 Aerial views Berlin post WWII, bomb damage. US aid / Marshall Plan / Cargo ships unloading. Montage shots European countries benefiting from aid - construction work - laying new RR tracks - steam train - agriculture - haymaking.

13:34:24 AVs Berlin 1948 - ground shots empty railway stations and roads - travel restrictions - blockade. Berlin airlift - planes flying in low - supplies unloaded. Blockade lifted - border gates opened.

13:35:10 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Flags flying - montage military - naval - aircraft - troops marching. Scots guards. (NATO)

13:35:31 Korea - Night shots artillery barrage. Day, Korean refugees. United Nations Security Council. Battle scenes Korean war. Injured soldier carried on stretcher. Blood transfusion given in the field. Korean peace talks - delegates arrive - sign.

13:36:39 Rocket fired - space race - Russian experiments with weightlessness etc. Missile launched. Nuclear powered submarine. Russia - Military parade in Moscow s Red Square - montage shots Russian and US Military hardware intercut.

13:38:11 USAF Reconnaissance plane landing. Still pix missile bases on Cuba. Brief shots re missile crisis - press. President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation re crisis - announces Cuban blockade - speech continues over shots Recon. planes landing - film removed, developed and studied. operations rooms. B-52 bombers taking off. Brief shot JFK on small TV screen, people watching.

13:40:02 Adlai Stevenson speaks at United Nations - asks USSR delegate if they are putting missiles in Cuba. Russian delegate refuses to answer. AVs Rssian ships approaching Cuba - UN Navy ship running parallel.

13:41:26 Averell Harriman with Dean Rusk arrive at Kennedy holiday home after negotiating atmospheric atomic test ban treaty in Moscow. Press - photocall with President.

13:41:45 Moscow - Kremlin - treaty signed by US, Soviet Union and Great Britain.

Cold War

Operation Sandstone - Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Atomic Bomb Test, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands Pt. 1 of 2

Produced by US Air Force, Lookout Mountain Laboratory

02:49:21 Men off landing craft on white sand beach wearing protective masks, gathering samples. Moving thru blasted buildings. Ships offshore. Pan along & aerials over Eniwetok.

02:50:22 Atomic Energy Commission ext. & generals at meeting for briefing; cranes unloading supplies. Palm trees removed, bulldozed, graded, paved. Causeway construction & tent city built. Building towers, reinforced concrete cubes built. Tower completed for atomic test drop. Men arriving; man at console. Ext. of college building.

02:52:55 Aerial over New Mexico desert (brief). Three scientists w/ slide rule doing calculations. CU Sign: Argonne National Laboratory, Palos Park Unit, Do Not Enter Except On Business, w/ buildings behind. Vehicle entrance to Los Alamos, aerials of Oak Ridge, Hanford - all w/ names over image. Int. Brookhaven Lab w/ technician working. View across Eniwetok beach. Sign: Long Beach Naval Shipyard...Gate No. 5. Pan to oil pumping. Technicians & crates w/ large navy ship loaded w/ crates. Freight yard; cranes; docks.

02:54:40 Scientists board ships; crates into hold; ships underway. Civilian & military shaking hands & talking on beach outside plane. Security guard. MPs checking security at check point on beach. Loading machine guns, Various test instruments installed; men checking. Recorders, electronic panels. Adjusting gages. Harp gage; piston gage; foil installed. Paint panels set up for testing.

02:57:40 Camera platforms set up. Still cameera of various types. High speed cameras. Men loading camera equipment into B-29, photgraphic team boarding plane. Continued...

Atomic Test Preparations; Pacific Islands; Science; Propaganda; Military; Cold War;

NOTE: Tests were 14Apr-14May48

[French Atomic Energy Commission]


Sign in doorway for Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat). Sign Haute Cour de Justice .

Mrs. Joliot-Curie & Bertrand Goldschmidt talking; French Scientific Committee meeting w/ Frederic Joliot-Curie, Irene Joliot-Curie, Lew Kowarski, Francis Perrin. F. Joliot-Curie makes speech in English on France's progress in Atomic Energy.

Pierre Biquard seen?

Soviet Atomic Scientists

Kurchatov and other scientists relaxing - Kurchatov home movies with family and friends. Interior Worlds first atomic power station

A Job For Bob Pt. 1 of 3

Protestant Film Commission Production, A Acting credits. Prod. by Paul Heard Dir by Edward L. Cahn

03:01:48 Boy crosses street, up sidewalk to door. Greeted by girl, kiss; inside Bob tells about new low wage job at the Brookfield Atomic Energy Laboratory. Bob & girl discuss pros & cons of atomic energy with girl s brother, Jim. He admits he doesn t have the job, only applied. Talk about getting married. We could live in a trailer.

03:04:52 They leave house & she looks at & exclaims over new Ford convertible parked near by. Into house & religious class; man offers him a job of hard work & low pay making monkey wrenches. His parents think he should take it, but he says no, that he s going to work at the Atomic Energy plant.

03:08:40 Bob disappointed that he didn t get job at Atomic lab.

03:09:13 Class in Christian Principles for Choosing a Vocation being given by girl s brother Jim. Girl w/ outline on paper does presentation in from of ernest teenagers. Teenagers argue over how to approach job & building a better world. Selling brushes is good! Continued...

Religious education; High School; Employment; Jobs; Positive Thinking;

A Job For Bob Pt. 2 of 3

Class in Christian Principles for Choosing a Vocation continues as teenagers argue over how to approach job & building a better world. Discuss what a calling is in Christianity. Bob rejects concept of Christian principals. Couple home & enter dark house, turn on lights. Sounds like a lot of double-talk only thing to do is make money. Helen says she s decided to enroll in nursing course. He walks out when she says she doesn t want to get married.

03:14:10 He turns on light & works at lathe in basement while thinking about what to do.

03:14:53 Daytime & walking street. Montage: watching workers repair streets, on buildings, policeman, soda fountain, etc. (GOOD) Reads newspaper classified ads. CU of ads. Imagines working at various jobs, selling brushes, lumber yard, digging in street, dumping garbage.

03:17:55 Standing outside movie theater, in line at ticket booth directing people. Quits & walks off w/ girl iriend.

03:18:26 Taking aptitude test & sweating. Into house behind Jim who asked how aptitude test went; Bob says that things went well, but didn t tell him which job he could do. Bob tells how Atomic Energy work would be so good. Jim quotes Jesus. Continued...

Americana Business Stereotypes; Myths; Religion; Christian; Positive Thinking;

Atomic Radiation

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

Men assembling cars on small assembly line. Atomic reactor w/ serveral men; man diagnosed by radiation; archaelogy dig; man w/ geiger counter & others in field. Dissolve from pole in field to diagram.

21:56:18 Animated diagram showing atomic energy radiating out from pole. Atom w/ atomic field. Costumed depiction of Henri Becquerel in lab w/ assistant, discover photographic plate was exposed in the dark by uranium (without being triggered by sunlight). Diagram of atoms, of nucleus. Various radiations listed on chart.

21:58:30 Chart explaining alpha, beta & gamma & difference explained.

21:59:08 Pierre & Marie Curie experiment staged w/ photographic plate, a piece of radium in a metal block & strong magnetic field. Chart showing why beta goes to positive pole & alpha rays to negative pole. More of Curies.

22:00:59 Professor lecturing on uranium U-235 to science class. Explains how the neutrons are released in animated sequence.

22:03:17 Hydrogen bomb exploding. Reactor shown in still photographic & animated diagrams as to method of producing radio isotopes. Workers in protective mask, clothes & w/ tools & instruments to monitor work.

22:04:37 Polonium sample inserted to a measuring device & sheet of paper stops the slow moving particles. Radium E sample releasing beta particles which pass thru paper but not aluminum. Cobalt 60 pass thru paper, aluminum but not thick lead. Drawing showing what gets stopped.

22:05:56 Becquerel & assistant. Diagram of cosmic, natural & artificial radiatiiion shown. Use of radiation in medicine, agriculture shown.

Physics; Science; Radioactivity; Educational Film;

Nautilus out of Harbour

First US Nuclear powered submarine Nautilus out of harbour, diagrams showing nuclear reactor and engine. Nuclear rods ? Man looking inside reactor ? Reactor at desert test site, Arco Idaho ? arrives on back of lorry / truck. Interior men working on reactor. Man at dials. Flashback to launching ceremony , champagne bottle smashed - Nautilus down slipway. Nautilus at sea, helicopter over


The Atom Comes to Town Reel 1 of 3

Interior Atomic plant with engineers and technicians & film noir music.

Arch N. Booth, Executive Vice president American Chamber of Commerce introduces standing in office - re importance of nuclear energy for US economy.

VS American city. Street scenes. Suburbs & residential houses. People in various situations discuss atomic power - for or against: Housewife in apron with friend in modern kitchen: What would we do without all this atomic energy . 01:41:12 Factory worker with machine says atomic power is a long way off. 01:41:28: Women play cards. Gentlemen s club, old men play chess, middle-aged men play snooker. Pool balls used to explain atomic energy & split atom.

Animation: Ancient Egyptians at work, city, Einstein, electric power shown then atomic electricity; family by mod cons. Houses representing various countries. Narration celebrates increasing use of power by America & atomic power to ensure abundance of electricity.

Futuristic machinery. Ecology. Environment. Consumerism.

The Atom Comes to Town Reel 3 of 3

01:57:10 Peanut harvest at farm operated by North Carolina University, Blacks working. Peanuts from seeds radiated in reactor to boost acreage use. Giant peanuts. Kid buys giant peanuts at stand. Car engine. Factory laboratory radiating car parts to check wear. Tyres checked. Rubber coating. Atomic thickness gauge. Rubber mill. Cars on suburban street.

02:00:25 Kid brushes teeth. Toothbrush brushes teeth in tube for radioactive fluoride toothpaste test. Teeth measured in Geiger counter. Man off plane with atomic suitcase. Atom ray machine. Narration re increased business use of atom for product manufacture.

02:02:28 Drilling at oil well. Oil gushing through. Labour. Row of houses w/ sign caution, radiation area . Minerals tested for reaction to radiation. Graphs on computer screen. Engineers experiment w/ portable radiation measuring implement to be used on site. Coil. Device to preserve crude oil: covered with water in pool; Pool glows. Engineer smiles.

02:06:00 Montage re benefits of atomic power.

Futuristic machinery. Ecology. Environment. Consumerism.

The Nature of Energy

Coronet Instructional Films

Costumed cavemen scene - prehistoric Man. Modern laboratory - scientist behind desk - pan back to reveal movie cameras VO we re preparing to shoot a motion picture on energy. Let s see how many ways we are using energy to make our picture... - technicians set up camera & lights - forms of energy inc. human muscle, electrical, sound - CU light meter. Filming starts - presenter / scientist demonstrates kinetic energy in weighted balls on strings. Pile driver - hammer lifted by steam engine. Presenter mixes vinegar & baking soda - foams up & pushes cork out. CUs car battery - motor starting up - foot stepping on gas pedal - car off. Presenter heats water to boiling point. Illustrated diagram explaining radiant energy.

21:17:58 Streetcar pulls up to let passenger off - pan up to wires - electrical plant - hydroelectrical plant - dam - streetcar in motion - kinetic energy. Brief shots machines & appliances using different forms of energy: steam locomotive pulling out of station - factory tool - housewife ironing - light plane taking off - coal loaded onto train w/ digger - digging for coal. Aerial lake & dam; sun shining; lake & stream; the sun is the original source of most energy... Animation of energy produced by sun.

21:19:55 Nuclear energy: still shot of atomic bomb mushroom cloud explosion - presenter uses geiger counter to measure radioactivity of his watch & radium sample. Recap of types of energy covered in film w/ extracts from each experiment: potential & kinetic, chemical, heat, electrical, nuclear. Filming finished, movie cameras unloaded.

Science - Chemistry / Physics. Cold War. Nuclear Warfare. 1950s. Filmmaking.

International Zone: 26 x 36 Messenger Pt 1 of 2

United Nations Post Office film for UNTV w/ Alistair Cooke. Animated introduction, titles.

19:02:17 INT post office in New York City, wanted poster, customers at counter, letters & parcels sorted. Lighted sign: United Nations Post Office. Clerk fixing special United Nations stamps to letters. Cooke to camera on importance of national postal services, over montage of stills re postal history: origins in pigeons in ancient Egypt.

19:04:38 CU of US Postal Service motto on NYC P.O. neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...

19:04:49 Incas & Peru stamp re knotted string, pre-literacy.

19:05:19 Drawings of development of early US service, Cooke VO re high charges; pioneer English school teacher Sir Rowland Hill, seen on Portuguese postage stamp, devised notion of single pre-paid rate for all letters & postage stamp.

19:06:25 CU first adhesive stamp: English Penny Black of 1840; CUs other stamps. Interview w/ postage history expert Ernest Kier [?] on first period prior to issue of first US federal postage stamps (1847). Stills of stagecoaches, Pony Express etc. Portrait of US Postmaster-General Montgomery Blair. Universal Postal Union HQ in Berne, Switzerland.

19:09:21 Cooke to camera (w/ cigarette) re stamp collecting / philately & famous collections of Queen Elizabeth II & Franklin Roosevelt; CUs valuable & rare stamps & commemorative issues. UN Postal Administration established 1951, proceeds from UN stamp sales go to pay off loan for UN HQ building NYC.

19:13:22 UN stamp designer to camera re purpose of designs, to reflect work of specific agencies or world issues e.g. scenes of malaria, malnourished African child given food, Freedom From Hunger & Economic Commission for Latin America stamps; scenes of poverty & people behind barbed wire, Human Rights. International co-operation fostered by UN - meterologists releasing weather forecasting balloon & UN stamps represent meterology, International Labor Organisation, Civil Air Traffic, Telecommunications, Atomic Energy Agency, UNESCO, International Monetary Fund. Flags flying outside UN HQ. Stamp designer at desk w/ more UN stamp designs.

Collectors; Philately; US Mail; Hobbies; Internationalism; Cooperation; Hobby;

Atomic Energy Commission Safety Monitoring

Entrance to Hanford AEC reservation w/ warning signs. Guards search cars. Worker checking monitoring instrument. Technicians checking ?? w/ pipette at truckside. Geiger counters checking ground & sagebrush. Gathering samples.

03:03:09 Inside building employee in protective suit checking piping of reactor & reading gauges. Radiation Zone sign.

03:03:42 Man in front of diagram showing cooling.

03:04:25 Radiation Zone sign on door, man in protective suit enters & takes radiation reading of man after he has shed his outer protective coveralls & face mask - putting into marked box, then vacuumed off.

03:06:37 CU dials set and feet of man taking boots off on protective mat. CU of men after removing head covering.

Nuclear research; plutonium manufacturing plant; Radioactivity; Protection.

Atomic Energy Commission Worker in Inflated Plastic Suit

Atomic worker puts on slippers & other protective equipment, breathing mask Man in plastic suit. Man in coveralls crawls out thru tunnel & monitored for radiation. Wearing SWP on coveralls.

03:07:59 Man in lab working in blown up plastic suit, crawls into it, loads materials into box. Plastic tunnel suit inflated & man crawls into it. Vacuumed off or checked w/ geiger counter. Man putting on face mask and slippers. Repeated shots and view in tunnel. View of deflated tunnel suit being inflated & man into it and working; exiting and vacuumed.

Nuclear research; plutonium manufacturing; radioactivity; protection; industrial safety; gag; oddities.

[Hanford AEC Entrance & Army Defense]

US AEC Hanford entrancet checkpoin signs. Searching workers cars going in.

03:15:25 Soldiers in back of truck showing identification. POV down highway past sagebrush. Pan over buildings. Radar & military equipment. Flag on tall pole. Radar dish turning. Soldiers monitoring.

03:16:13 Soldier runs out of tent-hut, hits gong & troops run from tents to large anti-aircraft guns & fire them. 03:16:59 Army trucks in & out of checkpoint. Buses leaving. Signs: No Trespassing.

03:18:10 Sign: Headquarters Camp Hanford, North Richland, Washington. Pan over buildings. Military equipment in field & troops working on large guns in shop.; men at lathes working in shop.

03:19:00 Soldiers walk out to cars in parking lot.

03:19:15 Soldiers run out of tents & gun drill w/ firing. Convoy of army trucks.

Nuclear research security; plutonium manufacturing; Atomic Energy Commission; protection.

USA Trade Fair in Germany

Crowd around US stand. Exterior American pavillion. Atoms for Peace exhibit in George Marshall Hall. Crowds entering exhibition. Demonstration of robotic arm. Blow up safety suit.

[Trade Fair in Germany]

Crowd around US stand. Exterior American pavillion. Atoms for Peace exhibit in George Marshall Hall; geiger counter. Crowds enter exhibition. Demonstration of robotic arm picking up glass instruments. Blow up (inflate) safety suit.

Atomic Energy Technology; Promotion; Propaganda; Radiation;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Desert Rock Army Troop Preparations, Oct51]

Slate 01Nov Desert Rock. Soldier walking across desert w/ geiger counter; group of troops walking across desert past camera w/ rifles. Jack rabbit runs up. Men walk past wrecked structure.

19:12:01 Army truck convoy w/ lights on past camera on paved road. Helicopter flying in background. MP directs trucks off road; pan to assembly area. Three medic trucks visible. Several squads (?) of troops marching across desert, wave hats.

Slate 27Oct51 Desert Rock CU feet marching on sandy desert. Jeep on highway & on dirt road w/ soldier standing. Convoy of trucks of troops toward & past camera along graded sand. Men out of trucks w/ ponchos, some w/ geiger counters, small packs. Line up across desert. Marching away. Past camera.

19:17:30 MS Officer speaking to them from on hood of truck.

19:17:59 Slate: 31Oct51 Desert Rock Soldiers issued radiation monitoring tags or cards. Clerk registering them.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Troop Activity & Leaving Test Site After Blast, 01Nov51]

Convoy of army trucks w/ trooops past camera on desert highway. POV from truck following others. Pulling into assembly area. CU of MP directing traffic.

19:20:11 Slate 01Nov51 Troops walking to sandbagged area, looking at water tank in revetment. Generals & officers talking. Troops w/ rifles & geiger counters walking across desert. Soldiers gather at assembly area & turn in radiation badges; MCU soldier sweeping dust off boots & being checked w/ geiger counter on clothes & head; more sweeping of clothes.

19:22:35 Pen w/ sheep; trench w/ wooden supported walls; boxes of rations; men measuring covered pit. Overturned tables & debris from blast effect.

19:23:46 Heavy dust cloud seen beyond massed troops, empty army trucks. Wind blowing past sandbagged revetement & fire burning ?? by water tank. Men in protective gear walk into area, look at fire & take notes.

19:24:59 Slate: 01Nov Troops marching across desert; inspect sandbags, jeep & bunker-like position; tanks parked w/ soldiers inspecting & standing around.

19:26:16 Geiger counter used to check clothes & boots. Sweeping off clothes w/ broom. More geiger counter checking before troops board trucks. Convoy leaves thru dust.

19:27:27 Slate: 31Oct Desert Rock Trooops receiving rations in mess kits in chow line; sitting & eating

19:28:38 Slate 01Nov51 Officers standing arouknd talking, waiting. Men inspect sheep in pen, Army veterinarian takes blood sample from sheep. MS of sheep w/ dye marking.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Troop Arrival & Blast, 01Nov51]

Troops marching across desert in several columns.

19:30:24 Slate: 01Nov51 Desert Rock Jeeps leading trucks w/ soldiers pulling onto highway after blast. CU running past on gravel road. MS Sign: Camp Desert Rock III Corps. Truck convoy moving in background & vehhicles passing in forground. Pan showing tents & dust in distance.

19:34:25 Slate: 01Nov51 D-Day Troops standing about (slight shutter problem), sit down facing camera & direction of blast (19:36:16) flash of explosion & men stand up, then back down; (19:36:51) Dust from explosion moving past & troops stand up, then down.

19:37:20 Sky, tilt down to seated troops looking up at cloud (behind camera).

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Interviews After Blast, Camp Desert Rock, 01Nov51]

Clapper board & MP (Sgt Howard Lee, St. Paul, MN) & Black (Sgt. Clarence J. Virginia, P?, Arizona) interviewed by announcer as to what he s doing at Camp Desert Rock. They show the film badge that shows amount of radiation received. They were in forward trenches ground shook like an earthquake & big flash of light . I expected more than what it was. Talk about hearing debris flying above the trenches. What do you think about training troops in atomic warfare Its an excellent thing... Talks about helicopters flying men up from forward trenches for interviews.

19:41:54 Sgt Weaver, Columbus, Georgia interviewed. He thought it was more than he expected. ...being the closest anyone has been to the bomb. Asked if he d had training before & he said no. Mother earth still the best weapon against atomic weapons. Guy tries to describe the colors of the blast he d seen. Asked about training about atomic weapons he says: most of the soldiers are afraid of its a good thing.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Opinions; Atomic Safety;

Operation Greenhouse Pt. 1 of 2

The Atomic Energy Commission

Roilling credits, Joint Task Force 3 headed by Lt. Gen. Elwood Quesada & Dr. Alvin C. Graves.

03:09:09 Animated atom & title sequence.

03:10:01 Los Alamos w/ post office, & shopping center, living & recreation in 1951. Mowing lawns, hanging clothes. POV thru past school & buildings. Sign: Security... Entry checkpoint. Scientists & technicians working. Map, aerials of Eniwetok & other atolls.

03;12:03 Tilt down Washington monument & across WWII Army barracks on mall. Task Force organization meeting; military talking; technicians working; man leaving family into car & boy waves goodbye.

03:13:33 Aerial of Harry Island (Task Force HQ); Eniwetok (Army & Air Force HQ) w/ military dormitories, laboratories on various test islands. Men working on equipment, atomic test tower. animation of blast, heat, light & radiation. Men launching plastic balloons to suspend instruments. Platform of high speed cameras. Radiation measuring devices; other devices being installed. Tower w/ weapon; men leave on small boat.

03:16:10 Men put on goggles. Explosion & cloud w/ light moving up.

03:16:53 Helicopter lifting off. Opening bunker. Unloading ship w/ cranes. Men eating; scrubbing in shower; pumping water to holding tanks. Landing craft; light plane taking off. Large double-decker transport airplane landing. Army, navy & air force officers talking. More installing electronics, soldering. Tanks moved into place w/ instruments inside to measure heat, pressure. Bomb proof building; airplane wings planted in ground; B-29 & crew. Joint Task Force 3 meeting; weather charts, Continued...

Atomic Test Preparations; Pacific Islands; Science; Propaganda; Military; Cold War;

NOTE: 4 tests 08Apr-25May51

Captain Rickover Demonstrates Nautilus Submarine Model

USSN Nautilus Submarine Model - First nuclear powered submarine

Captain Rickover and female naval officer WAVE standing behind model of Nautilus - Man asks woman to remove part of the hull to show interiors - he explains with pointer how nuclear reactor works in the ship. Shield placed on model, he explains that everything under the shield will be radio active and the shield will protect personnel from radioactivity. Closer shots of man explaining how ship is propelled. Explanation repeated

Captain Rickover Demonstrates Nautilus Submarine Model

USSN Nautilus Submarine Model - First nuclear powered submarine

Captain Rickover with diagram of first American submarine, The Turtle, invented by Dr Bushnell in 1776. With pointer shows how ship worked. With pointer shows how one pound of uranium equal to 2,600,00 of coal power. Diagram of American WWII submarine. Picture of battery used in WWII sub showing size. Picture of liner Queen Mary used to explain that no air is needed on nuclear submarine to burn oil. CU details of model of Nautilus reactor. Close shots of various diagrams and pictures used during lecture.

H-bomb - Atomic Head Tells Of Eniwetok Tests

Gordon Dean. chairman of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) speech re early announcement of H-bomb tests - says disciplinary action will be taken to prevent information being divulged & protect national security.

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Newsmen Observing Blast from News Nob, ??52]

Slate: 04??52 View of mountains across valley (Frenchman Flat?)

20:06:00 Flash & returning to normal w/ light moving towad camera & tilt up to cloud in sky roiling into mushroom. Very good.

20:06:56 Tall thin cloud w/ smoke-ring like cap on top.

20:07:27 Base & cloud but fairly dark, exposure opened.

20:08:40 Looking down from hillside to journalists & soldiers at tables & standing in cleared area, cloud in distance, tilt up base & hold on bright white top.

Slate: ??52 View of newsmen & others sitting on chairs & rock outcrops wearing dark eye covers. Flash of light & then they remove them; army photographer takes their picture. They flinch when shock wave hits. Newsreel cameramen on hillside. News Nob sign visible. KTLA TV truck briefly visible.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Propaganda; Atomic Safety; Atomic Warfare;

Carbon Fourteen

Encyclopaedia Britannica

10:19:17 Archeological dig. Organic material found to be tested for age by Carbon 14 test. Breakdown of Carbon 14 explain.

10:20:03 Three men around drawing board in Science magazine office talking about wanting to explain carbon becoming nitrogen & back again. Animated drawing of atom w/ voice over talking about forming carbon dioxide & then being taken in to a plant.

10:21:51 Research laboratory w/ glass glass tube & part of axe handle to be tested after burning the sample. Tubes being filled. Back at magazine they talk about half-life which is an average of all the atoms decaing. Animated chart showing graph of change in atoms. Book listing half-life shown to two men by editor.

10:24:56 ...we expect to show some of its other uses... Carbon 14 is the queen of the tracers.

10:25:51 Animated drawing of plant w/ carbon atoms going up stem to leaf, both radioactive & stable carbon atoms. Talk about how plants use carbon dioxide we might learn to make food in laboratory by duplicating the photosynthesis in plants.

10:27:51 Argonne National Laboratory & experiment in a sealed greenhouse where plants are grown in atmosphere where high level of Carbon 14. Dr. Scully doing the experiment that puts radioactive material in w/ the plants.

10:29:21 Setting up equipment to count the radioactivity of carbon in axe handle. Corn plant. The End.

Where there is life, there is carbon fourteen.

Instructional Film; Educational Film; Science; Scientific Theory; Atomic Energy;

Atoms for Peace Use Unveiled

Atomic Energy Commission - exterior building employees enter. MS of enterance w/ sign: Main Tech Area, security check on gate.

02:21:17 Interior technical area - scientific technicians doing experiments. Sign: Danger Neutron & Gamma Rays. Robot arms move radioactive materials - radioactive isotope removed from container from the atomic pile, opened using remote control power saw. Artificially hot metal analysed - hardness tester - dials turning - microscopic view of metal specimen. Exterior Security buildings - artillery gun turning, security troops.

Post-WWII Propaganda; Cold War;

News In Brief - Atoms in Science - Aids Cancer Research in Search for Cure

Atomic Energy Commission fish hatchery Hanford, Washington - scientist feeds fish raised in atomically heated water. Scientist in lab with fingerlings (fish). Sheep in pens fed atomically activated food - scientist puts rats in cages in large machine. (Vivisection) Exterior Medical Division building - interior cancer patient in bed; Doctor & nurse experimenting w/ radioactive tracer element which is injected intravenously. Doctor wearing protective gloves and using metal tongs to carry bottle pours liquid into drip. Surgeon removes section of cancer for analysis.

Animals; Testing;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Public Relation Activity, Operation Upshot-Knothole, 16-17Mar53]

Two story house, #2, constructed for blast, car nearby & small trees. Static shots.

19:45:54 Four-Star Gen. John R. Hodge w/ two unid. civilians, man military & civilian buses behind. CU of Hodge. Congressmen k& others pose in Las Vegas, some speak into mic (MOS).

19:47:01 Auditorium w/ large group of men & women civilians listening. Pan over faces.

19:47:32 Atomic blast & cloud rising but goes dark.

19:48:07 Tall spindly cloud in sky & tilt down to base in early morning light. Seated men silhouetted.

19:48:41 Reporters at table. Reporters & others on News Nob on hillside w/ tripods & camera cases. Reporters seated at table. Sign: Department of Defense Information & Governor Earl Warren standing close by, talking w/ military VIP. Pan over group.

19:49:49 CU Sign: This is News Nob where on April 22, 1952 the American Press & Radio first covered & the nation first viewed by the medium of television the firing of a nuclear device known as Operation Big Shot. Small helicopters landing & Gen. Hodge walking being interviewed. Others soldiers talk w/ newsmen (all MOS). Large helicopter arrives .

19:50:56 Two communication trucks, military sending news stories (?) for press. Soldier at teletype machine, others on phones.

19:52:00 Slate: 16Mar53 Light helicopter lifting & hovering, moving low over sagebrush & man w/ geiger counter out door. Several shots.

19:53:28 Slate: 17Mart53 Man walking w/ geiger counter towards House #2 checking for radiation; wearing breathing mask. MCU of tank covered in dust, man approaches w/ geiger counter & circles it. MCU w/ breathing apparatus. Checking coveralls & boots of man beside pickup truck; checking wheels of pickup.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Atomic Safety;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Public Relation Activity, Operation Upshot-Knothole, 16-17Mar53]

LS from News Nob of ridge in distance in very early morning light. Rockets for measuring go up, count down heard & blast of light w/ roiling cloud erupting & darkening to black sky. Blast heard & people s voices; cloud slightly visible. Voices explaining. Black screen till

19:59:29 Very early light & large dark cloud seen across valley, tilt up angled by wind to mushroom at top. Silent second take tilting down the cloud.

20:00:57 Cloud silhouetted w/ dawn light behind. Ridge w/ light & tilt up to cloud above.

20:01:00 Clapper board slate: 17Mar53 News Nob Yucca Flat View across desert floor w/ ridge & light. Five small helicopters arriving bringing men from trenches to be interviewed or ???Hodge in front of microphone jokes, then This test I think went very well. I was quite interested in how the troops reacted, I didn t find any troops who were afraid... They took it in their stride as all American Soldiers take...the troops moved out just as soon as the Safety Officers pronounced it safe & went out in good formiation. The last I saw of them they were pretty much up toward Ground Zero.

20:04:01 Gen. Hodge interviewed by military announcer. Announcer: Now that atomic weapons are definitely here we certainly need the trained soldiers to know what to do & to pass the word on not only to the people in the Armed Forces but also to the civilians as well. Hodge: We need the soldier to understand this weapon so we can use it intelligently.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Propaganda; Atomic Safety; Atomic Warfare;

Atom And Biological Science (main title missing)

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

CU Sign: Radiation Area - Film Badges Must Be Worn In This Area. View thru window of atomic energy lab where technician is handling large white rats Other men move parts of machinery & checked w/ geiger counter. Picking up metal cylinder from nuclear reactor w/ pole & grip; dropping into lead cyliinder & putting plug in top.

01:02:05 Chart showing alpha, beta, gamma & neutron. Gamma ray explained & effect on plants planted around a pole which gives them off. Woman at microscope; film of asexual reproduction of single cells. Geneticist using pipette to put culture solution into radiation chamber to check effect of gamma rays. Put into lead safe. Counting cell divisions under microscope.

01:04:15 Field of plants; corn around gamma ray tower released by cobalt iin pole. Indoor plant growth room. Scientist checking plants. Diagram showing genes bombarded by gamma rays. Corn chromosomes seen under microscope. Man & woman working in lab (brief shot). Corn in field. Man doing tracer study using carbon dioxide on algae. Special greenhouse w/ radioactive carbon dioxide pumped in.

01:07:17 Sheep eating in cages. Rats being put into container & measuring radioactive waste. Women doing other experiments w/ rats; testing blood by removing iron from sample. Lab technicians w/ machinery. Surgeon performing operation w/ nurses assisting.

01:09:15 Testing cancer treatment w/ rats.

01:09:39 Large cyclotron using deutrons. Diagram showing beaming onto rats tumor. Overhead w/ two technicians preparing the experiment.

01:10:28 Scientist using tongs to put bottle among lead blocks as he prepares a radiation treatment. Pushes cart away. Doctor & nurse preparing patient. Large machinery room of radiology work shop showing barriers for protection, remote control equipment & central control room. Technician taking water sample at outdoor pond or settling pool at atomic energy laboratory.

1950s; Atoms For Peace; Health; Medicine; Radio activity;

Atom Smashers

Men working w/ large parts of cyclotron & particle accelerator.

05:46:09 Frank Stevens interviews Prof. Porter for article, takes notes as Porter explains (SOF) about science testing predictions. I ll be happy to take you down to the cyclotron pit... I m particularly interested in studying particlals...called mesons.

05:48:27 Cyclotron. Model used to explain principal parts: vacuum tank, upper magnet coil, dissurion chamber, oscillator. Views of parts of actual cyclotron. Animated diagram showing process w/ particles striking silver film.

05:51:04 Man attaching photographic plate to put into vacuum chamber. Large door closing to seal pit. Control room & panel.

05:51:34 Stevens & Porter back in office w/ Porter explaining what is done in experiment & studying target remains. Shows him result thru microscope.

05:53:12 Sign: Particle Physics Cloud Chamber Laboratory Cloud chamber shown. Technicians w/ large cloud chamber & showing photographs of the particles.

05:54:12 Technicians working on machinery.

05:54:26 Cyclotron, Betatron, Linear Acceleratron each shown. Model of linear accelerator shown. Drawing to illustration operation.

05:55:48 Stevens & Porter discuss X-ray tube & picture tube in television as small versions. Various machines & technicians working. The End.

Research Science; Physics; Atomic Energy; 1950s; Educational Films;

[Turning Globe - Atomic Energy Commission Research w/ Remote Controls, 1953 ca]

06:59:55 Si. Title: Atoms For Peace Use Unveiled. People entering past security at Atomic Energy Commission research site: TA1 Main Tech Area sign.

07:00:08 Int. Atomic pile, men working. Sign Danger - Neutron & Gamma Rays. Men work w/ remote hands & equipment to lift steel cap. MCU man using remote hands. CU lefting rod from core. CU inserting & saw cutting; moving piece to pan, picking up small piece & measuring w/ ?? Looking at three pits in surface thru binocular magnifying glasses.

07:01:34 Woman walking out of Security building. CU sign.

07:01:41 Artillery set up in sagebrush, turned on base & soldiers put shell in breech.

Post-WWII; Cold War; Nuclear Science Research; 1950s; 1952; 1953; Radiation;

America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Part 1

VOA - Voice of America announcers in various languages. Turning globe with title. Eisenhower at Presidential press conference. Press/ reporters rush out of room - journalist on telephone in kiosk. Man exits car outside United States Information Agency building. Interiors - offices. Office of Director Theodore C. Streibert - Streibert on telephone - at meeting.

15:50:50 Radio broadcasting room - man at console. Newspaper press room - reporters at typewriters. Editing films. Exterior USIA building in Washington. Citizens committee meeting with Director. Streibert explains to visitors work of USIS. How it works in the life or death struggle between Communism and democracy . Using charts explains how Communist propaganda is spread - Red Square parade - Khruschev on podium. Montage Communist meetings / demonstrations and parades throughout the world.

15:43:43 Bulganin and Khruschev visiting India - off plane and greeted - cheering crowds. Russian forms of propaganda - piles of film cans - pamphlets and books. 15:54:20 Exhibition of Soviet industry.

Back in USIA office Streibert talking to visitors explains how USIA is working to promote democracy. Atomic Power for Peace campaign leaflet.

15:55:40 Dec. 8th 1953 Eisenhower addresses United Nations re atoms for peace. Speech continues over shots of radio control room - clocks showing different countries time zones - dials - radio announcers broadcasting in various languages, people listening to radio. Press service sending txt of Presidents speech - men at type writers - tele types. Film cutting / editing rooms. American Embassies.

15:57:36 Tokyo - USIS Public Affairs Officer with US Ambassador in office. PAO in meeting with staff.

Cold War

America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Reel 2

Washington - staff of USIA reviewing books re peaceful use of atomic power. - Pamphlets produced in various languages.

15:59:00 USIA - United States Information Agency library in Brazil - people reading - hand holds USIA pamphlet on Atomic Power for Peace

15:59:16 Designers at drawing boards designing Atoms for peace exhibits. Construction work on model nuclear reactor. Exhibits world wide.

15:59:47 Exhibit in West Berlin - In India, Nehru visits exhibit. In Japan - exhibit showing the use of remote control hands to move radioactive material.

16:00:40 Mobile units take exhibits to smaller towns. Portable screen erected for showing USIA films. Excerpt of A is for Atom. Montage faces various nationalities.

16:01:41 Kremlin - Russian broadcaster re false propaganda of American Atoms for Peace programme. Russian broadcaster switching tack says Atoms for Peace Plan was a Soviet idea.

16:02:48 Men in italian bar - public opinion interviewer takes notes.

16:03:07 Map showing USIS posts round the World

16:03:25 Germany - building Amerika-Haus. Interior library - people reading. Mobile library in German town.

16:04:25 USIS discussion group. Concert. Exterior RIAS - VOA broadcasting in US zone in Berlin. Announcer broadcasting in German.

16:05:06 Family of Man - USIS exhibit at Museum of Modern Art in New York. Visitors looking at photographs.

Cold War

Life on board Nautilus - first US Nuclear powered submarine

Officers of Nautilus shake hands with ? CU badge. Good shot Nautilus underway. Hatch door closing. Interior officers in wheelhouse. Plaque re Nautilus. Officers mess, crew mess. Various short shots interior with crew. Car with 4 stars on dockside. Interiors sub, man playing juke box. Various short shots sequences repeated and VIP given tour. VIP officer leaves sub by gangplank to launch, sub at sea.

Nautilus Commissioned - First US Nuclear Powered Submarine.

Various shots sub including nameplate. Ceremony on deck as US flag raised. Naval officer at microphone. Crowds. Officer and unid. civilian with presentation document ?. Naval personnel at attention on deck. Sub tied up. Crowds watching ceremony. Various shots naval officers and politician ? Shots repeated.

[Atomic Energy Lewis L. Strauss on Bravo Hydrogen Bomb Test & Radioactivity, 31Mar54]

Strauss at mics in front of drawn maps of South Pacific & Bikini & other atolls.

02:00:26 MCU waiting. Speaking: The President has authorized me to make available those portions of my report to him, the publication of which would not compromise information vital to our national security. I have just returned from the Pacific Proving Grounds of the Atomic Energy Commission where i have witnesssed the second part of a test series of thermonuclear weapons, weapons powerful enough to take out a city.

02:01:06 Repeat in CU.

02:01:46 Early this January men & supplies began to move out to the Proving Grounds for this series. The first shot took place on its scheduled date of March 1st & the second on March 26th. Both were successful. No test is made w/o a definite purpose & a careful determination that it is directed to an end result of major importance to our military strength & readiness. The result which the scientists at Los Alamos & Livermore had hoped to obtain from these two tests were fully realized; an enormous potential has been added to our military posture by what we have learned. It should also be noted that the testing of weapons is important likewise in order to be fully aware of the possible future aggressive ability of an enemy, for we now we fully know we possess no monopoly of capability in this awesome field.

02:02:49 Now as to this specific test series: the first shot has been variously described as devastating, out of control, & w/ other exaggerated & mistaken characterizations. I would not wish to minimize it; it was a very large blast in the megaton range...the misapprehension seems have arisen due to two facts: the yield was about double that of the calculated estimate...and second, because of the results of the fallout.

02:03:52 For the day of shot number one, the meteorologists had predicated a wind condition that should have carrried the fallout... the wind failed to follow the predictions but shifted south of that line & the little islands of Rongelap & Rongerik & Utirik...the Japanese fishing trawler seemed to have been missed by the search...well within the danger area. The 23 crewmembers.., 28 American personnel manning weather stations on the little islands & the 236 natives...were therefore w/in the area of the fallout...taken to the island of Kwajalein... Today, a full month after the event...the 23 Japanese fishermen is less certain due to the fact...not yet been permitted by the Japanese authorities to make a proper clinical examination...

02:06:47 Repeat: For the day of shot number one...

02:07:09 I concluded my report to the President...that one important result of these hydrogen bomb developments has been the enhancement of our military capability to the point where we should soon be more free to increase our emphasis on the peaceful uses of atomic power at home & abroad...

Atomic Testing; Mistakes; Accidents; Radiation Burns; Radioactivity; Dangers; Castle Bravo; Daigo Fukuryu Maru aka Lucky Dragon No. 5; radiological accident; Operation Castle; 1954; Nuclear Dangers;

Atomic Energy Can Be A Blessing Pt. 1 of 2

w/ Fred MacMurray & Father James Keller; a Christopher Production

07:10:50 Operating room w/ doctor & nurses. Narrator: its atomic energy at work, as a blessing .

07:10:58 Japanese blast aftermath destruction.

07:11:10 CU doctor operating. MacMurray talking to camera: ...until recent secret motion picture scenes which we are going to show you. Now I think I am an average American citizen...when I hear atom, I think of bomb... Introduces Father James Keller & asked him how he got interested in atomic energy... Keller says man came & suggested that if the Christopher Brothers could: that this power is from God & can be used for research, medicine, agriculture & may have a great effect & benefiting mankind in the future; and if you don t...most of us may be blasted off the face of the earth. Discuss changing of this power from destructive to constructive force.

07:13:54 Interior of government atomic energy laboratory producing radioactive material.

07:14:40 Hospital, girl in wheel chair w/ thyroid cancer, drinks radioactive iodine; examined by doctor.

07:15:57 Atomic Energy Commission headquarters in Washington, DC; Brookhaven Lab in NY; Hanford, Washington; Beltsville Maryland, Schenectady, Oakridge, Tennessee, Los Alamos; New Brunswick, NJ; Arco, Idaho; Argonne National Laboratory ext & interior w/ technicians working testing materials; moving concrete shields & using remote control hands to move materials seen through 3 ft. thick window.

07:18:28 Greenhouse laboratory, plants studied; radioactive corn pollen pollinating other plants. Motorized equipment run by scientist to develop better growth in plants.

07:20:04 Keller talks: ...wonderful subject of atomic energy...handful of people have uncovered positive side of atomic energy... MacMurray suggest he tell about a science teacher who wants to make the world a better place...can t do enough to help others...(got teenagers to help) ...making atomic energy a god-given help...

07:23:06 Scientists wheeling cart in Oak Ridge, moving lead shielded rods. Printout of radioactivity as a man drinks iodine solution as doctor watches; then instrument over throat to read the radioactivity & amplified signal showing thyroid gland as a means of diagnosing cancer. Continued...

Peaceful Atomic Energy; US Government Propaganda; 1955; Atoms For Peace; Educational Films; Medicine; Medical Procedures;

Atomic Energy Can Be A Blessing Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Two technicians experimenting on chicken, feeding w/ radioactive carbon to study egg production; others working on steer w/ iodine; feeding radioactive feed to sheep.

07:26:07 Technician working w/ gallium. Doctor & nurse using gallium thru drip into bloodstream: Every drop is a soldier in a new kind of army; an army that is fighting w/ God against the forces of disease. CU of patient being operated on.

07:27:57 Man w/ leukemia treated after early detection using atomic energy. Nurses outside radiological lab.

07:28:32 Freeway w/ rail tracks between four lanes of traffic each way; man climbing telephone pole; gasoline refinery; Navy ships; tire wear, hospital w/ babies; giving baby bath. Men working at machines. Narrator saying how people are needed: plant guards, radiologists, statisticians, executives, file clerks, etc.

07:29:52 Washington DC Headquarters of Atomic Energy Commission.

07:29:58 Father James Keller summarizes (kinescope) relating atomic energy to blessing of God. For you to make up your use your influence...for benefit of mankind...not to destroy the world....not in the way of the Devil.

07:31:44 Segment of film shown to show destructive force. Car in dawn light across desert, daughter w/ sick sleeping child who s dying headed for father s ranch. Stopped by police roadblock, told to park & read instructions. Man explains they are going to test an atomic bomb. It will be just like fireworks for her...we ll be the ones who will be threatened. CU of mechanical test equipment & scientists .

07:34:00 Bright blast of explosion lights faces; mushroom cloud rising; CU of cloud & blast seen from above.

07:34:33 Father Keller gives Christian Thought Of The Week: For we have not here a lasting city, but we seek one that is to come. Its appropriate for the atomic age... CU as he makes his pitch for newsletter that The Christophers will send for no cost. God wants you to reach out to the world... (otherwise) ...Universal death & destruction if we mishandle atomic & hydrogen energy. Do your part to show that this can be a Servant of Man... The End (GOOD Graphic of man looking at globe w/ The End across it..

Peaceful Atomic Energy; US Government Propaganda; 1955; Atoms For Peace; Educational Films; Medicine; Medical Procedures; Religion;

NOTE: Father James Keller founded The Christophers in 1945.

News in Brief - Maryland - New Atomic Energy Commission Building.

Exterior building - crowds outside. President Eisenhower lays cornerstone - dedication. Ike making speech (not heard)

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Test Shot Priscilla, Nevada Test Site, Jun57]

Slate: 07Feb57 Soldier w/ geiger counter taking readings on desert plants & sand. Checking subsidence crater (?). Three soldiers walk towards camera; large group huddled w/ heads bowed; another group laying on ground away from blast seen lighting them, get up and climb hill. Tilt up mushroom cloud & men looking.

19:02:11 Slate: 06Aug57 Camp Desert Rock. Drilling tower or ??. Men out of back of Army Communications truck; on telephone, GIs around back of pick-up w/ radio gear.

19:03:15 Slate 23Jun57 Radar antenna turning, other seen. Explosion white-outs film, slowly normal exposure w/ bright mushroom cloud darkening. (19:03:58) white light & dust cloud past. Tilt up mushroom cloud boiling further into sky. (19:05:10) CU of top of cloud.

19:05:27 Desertscape, H-34 helicopter across & landing, several views (burn-in on lens from ??); lands after taking air samples.

19:07:08 Slate: 18Jun57 Frenchman Flat Soldiers beside & boarding Army buses, follow car out of area. Past camera on desert road of test-site w/ desertscape in background & much dust.

19:08:58 Canadian & American officers listen to Maj. Robert E. Zadra explaining about test shot.

19:10:03 Several looking at tank used during test shot; climb on tank. Buses leaving w/ much dust.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s;

Your Share In Tomorrow R2 of 2

Int. of steel mill. Floor of New York Stock Exchange, pan across; traders on floor phone. Board w/ numbers appearing, buying broker to clerk; trading slips w/ selling broker; group bidding w/ each other on transactions. CU of written agreement by reporter, page takes to pneumatic delivery system.

10:02:55 Phone lines to Easton, Pennsylvania & pan over streets & square. Ext. of brick building; int. of brokerage office. Wome secretaries, CU tickertape machine; man out of office; women into broker w/ slip, he calls, CU dialing, client. Both on phone. Man in, asks broker question about investing, windows looking down on street behind. CUs. Look out at city market on sidewalk, MCU women buying vegetables. Broker gives man book, shakes hands; broker sorting folders at desk.

10:06:27 MS nurse working on paperwork, at patient bedside, at ambulance receiving patient & overseeing boy w/ polio in iron lung. Packing her suitcase at home, answers phone (MOS).

10:07:14 Broker, secretary comes in. He speaks outdoors to graduating college class; CU parents, MS receiving degrees, graduates walk past in MCU. Professors past. Congratulating & hand shaking.

10:08:21 POV from car following convertible thru countryside on gravel road. Stops & greets farmer on John Deere tractor by barn; walk along road to hay field & man on baler. Walk into wheat field; CU of ripe wheat, walk thru stubble of cut grain; point & look.

10:09:49 Tilt up microwave antennas; large antennas, dishes turning. Montage of images suggesting research facilities; chemical laboratory; scientists working; multiple images of futuristic look. Atomic energy; robotic arm w/ radioactive chemicals. Electrical discharge machine making lightning. Computer lights flashing, solar mirrors, reflectors melting stone. Plasma. Fighter jet in flight. Rocket launch & man following w/ viewing glass. Model of sputnik.

10:12:38 Montage of people: men & women in city along sidewalk; business men on phone; farmer & broker in field; people at graduation; nurse; floor of NY Stock Exchange. Ext. The End.

Economics; History; Industry; Capitalism; Positive Propaganda; Agriculture; Future; Futurism; Technology;

Stock Broker;

Illinois (Atomic Power Plant, 1957)

LS bulidings. MS entrance w/ sign: EBWR over door. 331 beside.

22:37:03 Int. Man opens large door. Sign: Main Airlock. Two enter. Large room w/ equipment. Sign: Turbine Generator. Journalists & cameramen looking at equipment. Tilt down thru multi-level opening.

22:37:31 Sign: Reactor Shield Water Cooling Manifold on large pipes & valves. Man to line of gages on wall. Man seated at control panel.

Offsite Monitoring Of Fallout From Nuclear Tests Pt. 1 of 2

US Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare

Sunrise; personnel watching VO countdown; bllinding light.

00:27:26 Main title & introductory titles.

00:28:03 Check point & large sign: US Atomic Energy Commission Nevada Test Site, Mercury, Nevada. Several mushroom clouds, test cloud over hilltop & directly in front. Silhouetted men watching cloud. Globe showing Nevada location & route firing into Pacific. Pan across desertscape looking at flat basin. Blast craters, remains. CU signs: Ghost Town Rhyolite 4 1/2 mi.; Death Valley & Tonopah. SW states w/ atomic labs & blast location.

00:30:04 US Public Health Scientists at desk doing paperwork. Man at radio microphone. Lecture briefing (MOS) of radioactivity monitoring teams. Blackboard; equipment, badges, air sampling machines & bottles for milk & water collection.

00:32:54 Men shown geiger counter; men at wallmap. LS of Tonopah. Map of 300 mile diameter monitoring. Pan over Tonopah & map; people meeting & briefing. Man into newspaper office; CU newspaper; radio antenna & statioin. Post Office, Overton, Nevada, policeman talking to government official. Sheriff gets badge. Alamo Post Office w/ badge attached; in school room, fire department, individuals putting on badges at home, on town street. Mine w/ badge attached to building.

00:37:31 LS down small town street w/ ranch buildings, kids on horseback. Hospital; exchanging badge w/ doctor. Nailing on fence post by burro.

00:38:36 Air sampling machine checked & filters changed. Continuous recorders checked. Fallout trays cleaned & placed.

1950s Atomic Test Preparations; Small Town Americana; Government; Businessmen; Propaganda; Radioactive; Safety; Hazards;

Industrial Applications of Nuclear Explosives

07:00:30 Bright blast over US desert w/ roiling cloud upwards turning dark.

07:00:49 Animation showing plot plan of harbor development in coastal rock w/ dimensions shown. Location of four buried 100 kiloton explosives & a one megaton shot fifty meters deep.

07:01:47 Side view animation of explosion & finished harbor outline shown. Animation of cross section showing supposed minimal thermal effects above ground, crater & confined radioactivity. Animated arrows showing radioactivity washed out into ocean. Chart of bulk and cost suggesting lower cost.

07:03:33 Mountainside w/ miners carts into hillside. Aerial of Nevada mesa top; CU men sitting watching first completely contained underground blast on 19Sep57. Mountain seen w/ arrow overlay, & explosions effects w/ dislodged dust cascading down. Aerial past.

07:04:50 Man inside exploration tunnel to blast center. Graphic illustration showing self-sealing tunnel w/ room w/ atomic explosive device. Side view of tunnel & distances shown from side & top. Animation of firing w/ expansion of room & effect on rock & sand outward & upward.

07:07:53 Cross-section showing use to develop power thru steam; recovery of copper ore by leaching; release petroleum thru oil shale. River valley showing use to open underground storage area in rock for flood control.

07:09:23 Two men in suits in office looking at charts; men at electronic panels.

07:09:31 Cross section again shown & narrator saying nuclear over chemical explosions ...for greater effect at a substantially lesser cost, & for many industrial applications which require amounts of packaged energy heretofore unavailable. End credits.

Peaceful Atomic Energy; Propaganda; 1958; Atoms For Peace; Educational Films;


International Film Foundation

View across the river, people walking; domes of Kremlin churches. Czar footage; military band leading troops in Red Square. Czar w/ cossacks. Wealthy on lake or pond. People washing at outdoor trough; workers on Volga River packing fish. Men & boys eating from communla bowl. Women eating at table & drinking from bowls; posing or camera. Two old women. Woman reading letter sitting on bed; others threading needle.

14:08:16 Women at church w/ candles, icons, praying. Ukraine & religious procession thru winter snow w/ pennants. Priests blessing peasants.

14:09:15 Russia map. Samarkand Great Mosque of Moslem. Moslems at prayer. Ruins & donkeys. Farmers working fields, women hoeing; Combines pulled by bulldozer & loading trucks. Grapes harvested, cattle tended. Fruit harvest; open market selling fruit & vegetables. Women shopping in small state owned store.

14:12:05 Winter village, winching buckets up & pouring water into trough. Man unloading sacks of grain. Feeding chickens. Truck w/ logs thru village; sawmill; house building; sled building. Tracker repair works & mechanics working. Workers in heavy industry.

14:15:09 Steam engine pulling pipes & tractors on flatcars in railroad yard.

14:15:35 City street w/ pedestrians; working & street scenes. Large housing construction. Women welding & crane operators; sweeping streets & washing them. Large poster of Stalin. Tashken cotton textile works; looms. Sign re 20th Party Congress (1956).

14:17:16 GUM department store, ext. & int. People walking through, standing & looking. Street scene w/ cars & trucks in Moscow. Window shopping in small stores. People shopping for shoes. Liquor store window. Kids on ice & fishermen. Skiing. To school w/ book bags in rural village; kids in class. English class; university & science classes at Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Reading in scientific library; medical treatment & school. Sports stadium & matches w/ CU of spectators.

14:23:11 Moscow University w/ students into building. Scientists & atomic particle accelerator. Atomic icebreaker. Model of sputnik; atomic power station & operators. Electrical distribution power lines. Flyover of fighter jets & in air. Military; tourists at Kremlin. American students meeting w/ Soviets. Views of Moscow Kremlin at twilight. The End.

Anti-communism; Cold War; Capitalism; Propaganda;

Red Fair Opens in New York

Russian Turbo-prop transport plane arriving New York. Deputy Premier Koslov of Russia descends aircraft steps. Exterior exhibition hall. Koslov and other man wave to cameras. Exterior hall with Russian and American flags. Crowds outside. President Eisenhower with Nixon arrives to visit show, Ike shakes hands with Koslov. Exhibition hall with exhibits of Soviet scientific achievements including Sputnik. Model of nuclear powered Ice Breaker. VIPs leave hall.

Space Race

Fallout And Agriculture Pt. 1 of 2

US Department of Agriculture

Animation radiation as though snow falling over countryside. Narrator explains what the job of the farmer will be in time of nuclear attack. Narrator stands in front of backdrop of barn. This motion pictue is directed to you the farmer... Let s look at what actually goes on in a nuclear explosion.

07:56:22 Animated blast. Titles: Heat; Blast; Initial Radiation; Residual Radiation. Animation of fireball forming, rising & earth carried aloft shown mixed w/ hot gases & vaporized. Radioactive fallout shown descending both quickly & gradually.

07:58:28 Black cloud & fallout over countryside.

07:59:04 Narrator speaking to camera tells of types of fallout particles & long term damage of alpha, beta & gamma particles. Ionization. radioactive decay explained. Charts of half-life for Iodine 131, Strontium 90, mixture decay shown on chart using math to show decrease based on 7 hours & factor of 10.

08:02:26 Let s consider the external hazard...distance Explains effect of shielding. Diagram of house & of cellar; bomb shelter w/ packed earth roof & what is needed for supplies. Need for protection of farm animals.


1960s; 1950s; Cold War; Civil Defense; Instructional Films; Educational Films; Atomic Energy; NuclearDisasters; Lecture Film; Atomic Attack Defenses;

Fallout And Agriculture Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Now we come to the matter of the internal hazard; this occurs when we consume contaminated food & air. Some radioactive elements in fallout are retained in the body for a long time. Rays...then continue to damage these cells...

08:04:56 Drawing of fallout onto corn etc. Fallout in soil discussed, locked w/in the new chain. Iodine 131, Strontium 90, Cesium 137 & others, though of less concern.

08:06:50 Ripe apples on tree. Pan over citrus grove. CU washing beets, carrots in sink.

08:07:49 Charts explaining what happens w/ radioactive material: Iodine 131; Cesium 137 goes to soft tissue; Strontium 90 (like calcium) collects in bones, remains for years; also into soil & into plants. Chart showing diet containing Calcium & Strontium & percentage taken in by body.

08:11:26 Truck spreading lime on soil to put more calcium into plants. Tractor pulling four-row planter; harvesting cauliflower. Cotton field; carrots being picked by Mexican children & man. Alfalfa field; cows grazing on clover. Cowboys moving beef cattle & calves in pen.

08:13:21 Ililustrated drawing to show deep plowing to bury contaminated surface layer.

08:14:18 Tractor pulling hay rake, driver wearing breathing apparatus & gloves. Bulldozing contaminated foliage. Removing surface soil.

08:16:21 Sign US Department of Agriculture Research Center. Lab technician in white coat doing experiment, measuring. Opening of barn door & looking out as two farmers walk away. The End.

1960s; 1950s; Cold War; Civil Defense; Instructional Films; Educational Films; Atomic Energy; NuclearDisasters; Lecture Film; Atomic Attack Defenses;

Atom and Eve

The benefits of atomic power. Ultra modern, futuristic household goods and equipment.

Reel One

Reflection in metal object doctor tending patient. Child with ironing board and washing machine. Opening refrigerator. Girl combing hair with tiny radio by feet. Eating popcorn with remote control? in hand. Talking on telephone. Radio. Christmas tree by fireplace & woman opens present. Audio typing with reel to reel player. Frying eggs, opening oven. Polishing nails at vanity stand. Serving cocktails to guests. Atomic plant. Meters and lights. Pink animated atom.

01:26:23 Title with woman dancing. Tiny generator. Light bulb. Woman in blue 1900s costume then 1930s costume. Dams and hydroelectricity. Turbines. Electric towers. Railway station. Aerial view city. Woman in blue dances. Atomic generating stations. Stills aerial views New England industry. Woman looks into microscope and dances with light bulb. Map shows North East USA regions covered by Connecticut Yankee Electricity Company. Woman dances in living room amidst furniture. 01:30:05 Exterior power plants. Voice over re depletion of conventional fuel. 01:30:39 Oil & pipeline & transportation. Train carriages. Woman dances by graph. Names of companies pooled in Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company.

Environment. Ecology. Consumerism.

Atom and Eve

The benefits of atomic power. Ultra modern, futuristic household goods and equipment.

Reel Two

Woman holds up map. Animated map and artist s sketch of plant & nuclear reactor. Animation nuclear submarine. Nuclear plant in Massachusetts. Inside Yankee Row control room. Connecticut Yankee offices. Talking heads managers re safety, preservation of site & harmonious landscaping. They show model of new plant.

01:35:3 Chair lifts & skiing in Vermont. Milking w/ machine. Classroom. Stadium lit at night. Jazz musicians w/ bass, trumpet, saxophone. Airport landing strip lights. Metal workshop. Helicopter takes off, sign Sikorsky Aircraft . Residential houses. Docks w/ boats. Electric towers.

01:36:47 Roasting chicken & zoom out to family makes barbecue at night. Views city buildings. Woman sings as reel to reel projector runs, then dances amidst household appliances. Refrigerator. Oven. Egg beater. Clock. Baby on floor.

Environment. Ecology. Consumerism.

Inside The Big E

American Petroleum Institute / A Roland Reed Production

Documentary on USS Enterprise (CVN-65), first nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

01:14:59 Engine room. Enterprise at sea, plane takes off. VO gives statistics re size. US Navy helicopters land on deck. INT metal & woodworking shops, offices, repair shop, goods bay, post office, hospital, printing press, television studio, laundry, tailors, shoemakers, barbers, bakery. Crewmen queuing for food in galley - fresh fruit display.

01:17:16 Sailor reads in bunk, adjusts air conditioning outlet. Zoom in on machines, VO re importance of lubricating oil - CUs moving cogs, pistons etc. Nuclear reactors in hull.

01:19:19 Scientist in research laboratory w/ scientific apparatus, pours smoking liquid into tube. Air to air shot jet plane flies L-R, Enterprise below. NS Savannah, smaller nuclear ship used to test lubricants. INT lab testing shots, lubricants exposed to radiation inside chamber, mechanical hands, oils mixed in vials.

01:22:19 Day in the life scenes aboard Enterprise: INT bridge, sailors on watch. Radar dishes turn. Reveille, sailors washing & shaving; breakfast cooking; mess line. Crewman & huge elevator raised to deck level. Pilots onto flight deck - jets take off, CUs catapult mechanisms using lubrication - planes in flight & landing. Fighter jets fueled before take off. Jet lowered to maintenance deck. INT storeroom w/ vars kinds of lubricating oil. Aerial view Enterprise; fueling escort ship.

01:26:17 Captain looks through binoculars on bridge. Last aircraft returns to carrier, 150mph touch down - down to hangar deck. Crewmen on elevator taken back below deck. Sailors in recreation room / library playing chess & reading; television room. Scientist in lab; research meeting. Shots of Enterprise at sea.

Military Aviation; Petroleum; Propaganda; Industrial Film

Russian News of the Day 1961 #18 May

11:34:52 Title: Delegation of Cuban Youth Visits Khrushchev. Moscow LS Kremlin. K. greets Cuban youth delegation in Kremlin Palace, photographer takes picture of them shaking hands, all enter meeting room.

11:35:47 Title: Yuri Gagarin Visits Prague. Motorcade thru streets in decorated open top car, huge crowds greet him.

11:36:15 Czechoslovakian president Antonin Novotny presents Gagarin w/ scroll; applause. Gagarin walks

thru streets w/ excited crowd; enters Town Hall & signs book of city s guests.

11:37:04 Title: 22nd Meeting of CCCP. Construction site of huge atom power station. Workers on very high cranes & placing reinforcing rods. Foreman gives instructions. Top shot of almost finished building site. Reactor chamber, chimney.

11:38:10 Moscow. 33 new medical workers prepare to leave for new hospital in Celenu(?) where their help is needed, presented flowers, big crowd saying goodbyes. Wave from windows of moving train.

11:38:53 Fish farming in lakes. Men in boats shovel fish food in water for fish. Net full of large carp. Ducks hatched from eggs & raised. Lake full of ducks. Ducks fed outside by woman, then off for a swim in the lake.

11:40:02 Moscow. Cameraman filming as Nikitev family w/ flowers await arrival of French Afman family who 17 years ago saved daughter Alla s life while they were in Nazi fascist concentration camp Blisalgransha(?). Photographers take pictures of emotional meeting. Both families greeted by Soviet committee of war veterans. Luisa Afman makes speech on camera. Nikiteva Alla who s now 18 thanks French family in Russian.

11:41:40 Title: May Day. Parade in Sofia, Bulgaria, people march w/ big banners. Communist leaders on podium wave. Balloon w/ poster released into air. Posters - freedom for colonies.

11:42:37 Title. Warsaw. Poland International May Day parade of working people, huge crowds w/ flags & banners march past officials on podium & children present flowers.

11:43:46 Title. Budapest. Hungary May Day workers parade. Big decorative circle float - balloons released. Smiling faces. Shots of marching people w/ decorations, model of aircraft. Camera operators lifted up in the air by crane filming the demonstration. Communist leaders wave from podium.

Diplomacy; Third World; Space Hero; Cosmonaut; WWII Reunion; Communism; Newsreel; 1960s; Cold War; Workers Celebrations; Socialist Republics;

A Report Of The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission: The SL-1 Accident, Phase 3 Pt. 1 of 2

08:17:57 Man at desk introduces film ..first fatal nuclear reactor accident in the United States (03Jan61) uncontrolled nuclear excursion... All three men performing maintenance were killed. Phase 1 retrieving bodies etc. Phase 2 determining nuclear safety status...w/ remotely operated equipment. Separate motion picture has been released. Phase 3 was aimed at what caused the nuclear excursion... Contract awarded to General Electric. Still photograph showing before accident. Cut-away drawings of reactor building. Photos of post-accident

08:22:31 Film of workers removing pieces & remotely filming etc. Briefing workers before investigating & working. First personnel into building; draining water tank, measuring radiation. Engineers discussing.

08:26:45 Clean up activity ca November 1961. Wearing many radiation badges; face mask; disposable plastic suit over double coveralls w/ dosimeters on suit. Working w/ vacuum cleaner in top of reactor building, cans of high debris removed; large pieces remove. Covering radiation w/ heavy steel plate. Exterior stairwell built to allow access to top.

08:31:21 Cutting ducting, fan etc. for removal; Crane lifting pieces from roof. Men checking equipment for radiation. Digging pit for burial of equipment & moving equipment by hoist & truck & placed in burial trenches; covered w/ several feet of soil.

08:33:29 Boring into core area prior to extraction of reactor. Photos showing reactor room. Trial lift of 13 ton reactor. Cutting hole in ceiling, lifting out out portions & cutting & removing wall sections. Test lift of same size & weight & test hauled in concrete cask. Rubberized canvas placed to wrap vessel as extracted. Photographers. Removing & lowering onto truck & metal top put over.

08:37:27 30Nov61 Truck & cask steam cleaned & truck leaving w/ caravan. Arriving at Hot Shop & backed inside into shop originally used for aircraft nuclear propulsion program. Men discussing next step; large portions of contaminated building removed, cut & trucked off. CU cutting of base & gravel removed by scoop & dump truck. Superstructure removed prior to dynamiting concrete slab on steel supports.

08:41:05 Concrete slab on remaining steel supports prior to dynamiting. Explosion. Bulldozer dragging slab to burial ground. Remaining gravel & steel baseplate removed.

08:42:35 Cleaning adjacent buildings, mopping, vacuuming, brushing & bagging. Dumping into waste pit. Salvagable telephones & equipments taken for cleaning. Hosing of buildings; site ground scraped; hot spots shoveled. Men monitored in steel cubicle to measure radioactivity outside of background radiation. Man w/ chart noting measurements. CU 18 badges on badge belt for Beta radiation. Graph of wholebody & skin exposure.

Environmental Cleanup; Radioactivity; Radioactive; Engineering Problems; AEC; Testing; 1961; Safety;

A Report Of The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission: The SL-1 Accident, Phase 3 Pt. 2 of 2

LS of Arco, Idaho nuclear test site. Pieces of equipment after decontamination; diagram of portion of reactor showing parts. Engineers & technicians checking parts & damage. Footage of checking reactor core; glowing visible.

08:50:56 Narrator & still photographs of interior damage, melting & distortion.

08:52:09 Men working around core vessel, drilling through & filming. Boring thru steel & sample removed from bottom. TV camera set up to view removal of ?? CU hands on levers moving vessel into tank. Water added & tested on removal. men watching from control room. Dumping of water.

08:55:10 Remote cutting of vessel; lifting shield & removing top half, removal of core shrouds & thermal shield. Vacuum cleaning based. Pointing out evidence of sequence of events. Cutting sections; removing parts w/ remote controlled grips or hands. Filling bottles & putting into protective container. Man operating w/ hand manipulators. Sifting remains thru filters to measure by size.

08:59:09 Two men looking thru windows while operating manipulating hands; pulling wires. Working w/ wires thru gloved hands in protective chamber. Woman operating printout out machine of study.

09:00:50 Reconstruction of men doing maintenance at time of excursion. Fitting rod, screwing handling tool & c-clamp. Attempt to withdraw 85 lb rod.

09:03:27 Animated drawing of accident. Repeated in slower motion showing energy release, melting & vaporization. Vessel jump of seven feet shown & parts into roof etc. explained.

09:09:12 Narrator by charts re pre-planning emergency procedures; adequate pool of manpower to respond; management of radiation exposure; regular review of reactors. Narrator justifies the $4 millon dollars cost & loss of three lives by improved technology. The End.

Environmental Cleanup; Radioactivity; Radioactive; Engineering Problems; AEC; Testing; 1961; Safety; Nuclear;

Pt. 1 of 2

Illustrated globe or arctic, zoom in on Greenland showing location. Cut-away showing geological construction & ice-cap.

16:29:43 Title: The Story of Camp Century - City Under Ice.

16:29:53 Tracked snowcats, tractors, across ice, stop & men out. Capt. Tom Evans narrates, points out location to Col Kookering (sp?). Surveying ice plateau & placing marker flags. Views of ice cap w/ cracks, crevasses from air. Glacier runoff. Harbor w/ icebergs.

16:31:34 Gravel road w/ heavy trucks & tractors moving crates supplies to edge of ice cap & offloading to bobsleds. Equipment onto sleds. GIs into wooden cabins, wonegans. Wide tracked tractors pulling bobsled trains. Polecats loaded w/ men & supplies.

16:33:56 Light airplanes & helicopters taking off. Aerial over glaciers. Convoy underway.

16:34:21 Int. of wonegan kitchen w/ cook & meat on stove. Men eating, sleeping in bunks.

16:35:01 Planes arriving at surface camp, polecats, arctic huts. Men planning construction, diagram of camp shown dug into trenches. MCU Tom Evans briefing.

16:36:39 Cutting trenches w/ tractors; men placing supports on sides of trench for support of metal arched steel roof. Bricks of snow cut. Men finishing w/ shovels. Preparing support for floor, wooden beams. Laying prefabricated flooring, walls & ceilings & assembling w/ clips.

16:40:30 Electrical wiring installed. Entrance closed w/ bricks of snow after tunnel completed. Snow pushed in & escape hatches installed. Men entering tunnel seen from inside. Carpentry & barbershop insie hut. Sign: ...the only barber shop on the polar icecap.

16:41:51 Nuclear trenches being dug by tractors; steel arches over forty foot cut & installation of floor. Steel beams installed; piping installed for water & electrical wiring. Sewer lines installed. Well dug w/ steam hose for fresh water. High voltage lines installed; interior view of escape hatch. Continued...

USA Military Research; Nuclear Power; 1961; Army Corps of Engineers (?); Construction; Arctic Research Center;

Continued... Ext. Man ouf of escape hatch. GIs skiing behind snowcats. Riding bouncing 55 gallon drum. Tom Evans washing clothes; talking to man about construction.

16:46:19 Convoy of ice sled w/ large diesel tank. Aerial over tractor trains across ice. Maintenance shop built & used.

16:47:14 USNS Marine Fiddler arrives w/ nuclear power plant, PM-2A. Harbor & unloading large vapor container unit & trucking to ice cap. Convoy of tractors & trailers. Reloading from trailer to sleds. Two tractors pulling vapor container on flatbottom sled.

16:48:49 Crane pulled across ice; storn. Construction in blowing snow; tractors still pulling container. Crates opened & crane lifting pieces for reassembly. Nuclear plant into trench & assembled on heavy wooden floor on steel beams. CU winching cable; bolting together & assembling gages, controls.

16:52:18 Capt. Jim Barnett (sp?) wearing white safety hat describes the start up of the reactor core.

16:52:51 Fuel elements removed from shipping barrels; bars containing 500 grams of U-235 unwrapped & loading into fuel storage tank. Crewmen watching lowering into water; men reading gages & announcing results. Men monitoring increase of energy. Men waiting.

16:55:20 MCU lowering rod / bar into water. Gages at start up. Turning light bulb.

16:56:01 Completed trench, men walking. Men showering, brushing teeth in completed quarters. Shaving. Medical dispensary w/ x-ray. Chapel & religious service. Warehouse storage of frozen food. Large kitchen & ovens; bakery w/ biscuits. Men eating & talking in mess hall.

16:57:40 Man entering quarters, men sitting reading, lounging.

16:58:19 Scientists boarding snowcats & loading trailers w/ scientific equipment. Snowcats thru blizzard. The End.

USA Military Research; Nuclear Power; 1961; Army Corps of Engineers (?); Construction; Arctic Research Center;

Naval Might - USS Enterprise on Shakedown Trip

Worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Ship at sea - planes on flight deck - jets and others take off and land including radar surveillance plane.

President John F Kennedy (JFK) speaks on Disarmament and Testing

Talks re nuclear power and tests - atomic bombs - test ban treaty - Soviet policy - Cold War - Military strength - nuclear arms race.

President John F Kennedy (JFK) speaks on Disarmament and Testing

Talks re nuclear power and tests - atomic bombs - test ban treaty - Soviet policy - Cold War - Military strength - nuclear arms race.

[Pres. Kennedy Speech, Rice University Stadium re Science & Space] Beginning Pt. 2 of 3

17.13.00 Pres. Pitzer introduces JFK, photographers pop up as he stands at microphone. President Pitzer, Mr. Vice President, Governor, Congressman Thomas, Senator Wiley, & Congressman Miller, Mr. Webb. Mr. Bell, scientists, distinguished guests, & ladies & gentlemen: I appreciate your president having made me an honorary visiting professor, & I will assure you that my first lecture will be very brief. I am delighted to be here & I'm particularly delighted to be here on this occasion. We meet at a college noted for knowledge, in a city noted for progress, in a State noted for strength, & we stand in need of all three, for we meet in an hour of change & challenge, in a decade of hope & fear, in an age of both knowledge and ignorance. The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.

17.15.14 Despite the striking fact that most of the scientists that the world has ever known are alive & working today, despite the fact that this Nation's own scientific manpower is doubling every 12 years in a rate of growth more than three times that of our population as a whole, despite that, the vast stretches of the unknown & the unanswered & the unfinished still far out-strip our collective comprehension. No man can fully grasp how far & how fast we have come, but condense, if you will, the 50,000 years of man's recorded history in a time span of but a half century. Stated in these terms, we know very little about the first 40 years, except at the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animals to cover them. Then about 10 years ago, under this standard, man emerged from his caves to construct other kinds of shelter. Only 5 years ago man learned to write & use a cart with wheels. Christianity began less than 2 years ago. The printing press came this year, & then less than 2 months ago, during this whole 50-year span of human history, the steam engine provided a new source of power. Newton explored the meaning of gravity. Last month electric lights & telephones & automobiles & airplanes became available. Only last week did we develop penicillin & television & nuclear power, & now if America's new spacecraft succeeds in reaching Venus, we will have literally reached the stars before midnight tonight. This is a breathtaking pace, & such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers. Surely the opening vistas of space promise high costs & hardships, as well as high reward.

17.17.48 So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are a little longer to rest, to wait. But this city of Houston, this State of Texas, this country of the United States was not built by those who waited & rested & wished to look behind them. This country was conquered by those who moved forward--and so will space. William Bradford, speaking in 1630 of the founding of the Plymouth Bay Colony, said that all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and both must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courage. Continued...

Space Research; Space Race; Exploration; Speech;

[Pres. Kennedy Speech, Rice University Stadium re Science & Space] Pt. 2 conclusion, of 3

If this capsule history of our progress teaches us anything, it is that man, in his quest for knowledge and progress, is determined & cannot be deterred. The exploration of space will go ahead, whether we join in it or not, & it is one of the great adventures of all time, & no nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in this race for space. Those who came before us made certain that this country rode the first waves of the industrial revolutions, the first waves of modern invention, and the first wave of nuclear power, & this generation does not intend to founder in the backwash of the coming age of space. We mean to be a part of it - we mean to lead it.

17.19.52 For the eyes of the world now look into space, to the moon & to the planets beyond, & we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom & peace. We have vowed that we shall not see space filled with weapons of mass destruction, but with instruments of knowledge & understanding. Yet the vows of this Nation can only be fulfilled if we in this Nation are first, &, therefore, we intend to be first. In short, our leadership in science & in industry, our hopes for peace & security, our obligations to ourselves as well as others, all require us to make this effort, to solve these mysteries, to solve them for the good of all men, & to become the world's leading space-faring nation. We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, & new rights to be won, & they must be won & used for the progress of all people. For space science, like nuclear science & all technology, has no conscience of its own. Whether it will become a force for good or ill depends on man, & only if the United States occupies a position of pre-eminence can we help decide whether this new ocean will be a sea of peace or a new terrifying theater of war. I do not say that we should or will go unprotected against the hostile misuse of space any more than we go unprotected against the hostile use of land or sea, but I do say that space can be explored and mastered without feeding the fires of war, without repeating the mistakes that man has made in extending his writ around this globe of ours.

17.22.19 There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in outer space as yet. Its hazards are hostile to us all. Its conquest deserves the best of all mankind, and its opportunity for peaceful cooperation may never come again. But why, some say, the moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain. Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas?

17.22.56 We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade & do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize & measure the best of our energies & skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, & one which we intend to win, & the others, too.

It is for these reasons that I regard the decision last year to shift our efforts in space from low to high gear as among the most important decisions that will be made during my incumbency in the Office of the Presidency.

Space Research; Space Race; Exploration; Speech;

[Washington DC Landmarks, 23-30Oct62]

LS Atomic Energy Commission building & sign: USAEC.

17:22:50 Capitol Building from various angles. Department of Health, Education and Welfare; Office of Education & sign.

17:25:39 LS Lincoln Memorial from mall & reflecting pool. Jefferson Memorial from across Tidal Basin. Washington Monument & traffic past.

17:27:09 LS Pentagon w/ Potomac River in foreground. US Marine War Memorial (Iwo Jima Flag Raising Statue). LS across Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument to Capitol Dome. Pentagon Buliding from southwest. Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial w/ Capitol beyond.

17:29:09 Capitol building from mall. Sherman Memorial statue in front of Capitol.

World-Wide Fallout From Nuclear Weapons Pt. 3 of 3

continued... Lecturer asks how little an amount of radiation will cause how many mutations. Says much is speculation as to what effect background radiation has; and then says that Cesium being a tiny percentage is even less likely.

02:38:40 Carbon 14 as a nuclear explosion result & its danger.

02:39:26 POV of car around curves on highway in dry mountain area.

02:39:50 Lecturer on allowable dosages of C14.

02:41:09 Strontium 90, Sr90 received from plants & animals. Animation re bones in body & causing cancer but little long-term study has happened. Says everyone is guessing on effect. Statistics show much more leukemia from background levels than from fallout from atomic testing.

02:45:43 If this should happen it would be a tragic thing for those injured no matter how small a number. Whether these statistically very few casualties can be justified is a personal value judgement outside the scope of this report. Each citizen must make his or her own evaluation. There are those few who loudly maintain there is no actual threat to the free world at all, certainly none that cannot justify either nuclear testing or nuclear armorment. The opposite viewpoint holds that the development of our nuclear power has been an absolutely necessary protection against Communist hostility & nuclear threat. In this view the fallout casualties, if any, will be seen as those of unidentified soldiers in the service of humanity; unknown soldiers in a war which has not struck & which our nuclear power may indeed prevent from ever striking. Beyond this it should be remembered that while fallout may conceivable kill or injure some hundreds of persons in the coming generations we suffer vastly greater losses every year from causes which seem to excite very little public interest or reaction. Automobile exhausts & oil furnaces continuously contaminate our air w/ lead & w/ benzopyrene in large quanities, both of them known for 30 years to be powerful cancer-causing agents. There were over 6,000 deaths in a single smog attack in England a few years ago. There was a killing smog in Donora Pennsylvania. There are many cities w/ poisoned air; we are suffering virtual epidemics of lung cancer & heart disease, almost certainly man-made. For some curious psychological reason none of these, nor many other large & substantial hazards seem to provoke the blind public alarm that tends to flair up at the mere mention of the word radiation.

Propaganda; Safety; Dangers; Operation Castle; Fear; Nuclear Testing; Biological Science; Military Weapons; Cold War; Anti-Communism;

NOTE: Donora smog attack 30-31Oct48, Floride fumes from US Steel zinc smelting plant blanketed the town & killed at least 20. No Universal Newsreel exists.

Russian News of the Day 1962 #43 October

12:33:58 Newspaper headlines: Hands off Cuba . Information center send & receivest opinions from all over the world w/ many teletypes sending & receiving (GOOD). Protest meeting, people w/ banners supporting Cuba. Factory workers speaking SOF to camera.

12:35:16 Leningrad, meeting of Cuban students, speeches (MOS) & chanting full of hate toward US actions. Leningrad s port - ship s crew at protest meeting 8 days before departure to Cuba. Cuba missile story. Newspaper headlines re Khruschev on Cuba.

12:36:14 Title: Expanding gigantic dam continues . Men work inside new construction, turbine pit & parts under construction. Huge streams of water from dam in the air; inside turbines under construction.

12:37:07 Kremlin palace. Khruschev and USSR Marshal Rodion Malinovski meets GDR)East German army delegation w/ their army s General Gopman(?).

12:37:53 Sir Roger Makins & wife of UK greeted at airport; visit atomic energy institute & greeted by Soviet scientists. View large pipes for ??

12:38:40 Siberia, countryside. Mining camp, workers w/ soil core samples, building road to help industrial ore transportation across tundra.

12:39:35 High angle factory interior shot. Professional technical school #11 prepares new generation factory s workers for operating automatic & precision equipment. Students w/ different machinery & getting practical knowledge in factory.

12:40:30 Open house at Uljanovsky collective farm. Crowds watch eleven month old bulls,which weigh 350 kg. Collective farm Michurin cattle fed w/ variety of healthy feed. Special growth stimulating drug produced in laboratory, CU bottles. Men & women injecting animals in pens. Neighboring farm w/ 2 yrs old cattle half the size, farmer smiles.

12:41:36 Moscow. Young girls artistic gymnastic class in huge hall. Girls dance w/ balls, teacher directing in front. (Good Gag footage)

12:42:24 Sports. Buzhnika(?) Sports Palace World Volleyball championship - USSR vs Czechoslovakia; USSR wins, supporters applaud. Prize award ceremony, boys give athletes flowers. The End.

Cold War; Ballet Training; Communism; Communists Propaganda; Agriculture; Beef Cattle;

World-Wide Fallout From Nuclear Weapons Pt. 3 of 3

continued... Lecturer asks how little an amount of radiation will cause how many mutations. Says much is speculation as to what effect background radiation has; and then says that Cesium being a tiny percentage is even less likely.

16:13:38 Carbon 14 as a nuclear explosion result & its danger.

16:14:38 POV of car around curves on highway in dry mountain area.

16:14:54 Lecturer on allowable dosages, MPD, of C14.

16:16:10 Strontium 90, Sr90 received from plants & animals. Animation re bones in body & causing cancer but little long-term study has happened. Says everyone is guessing on effect. Statistics show much more leukemia from background levels than from fallout from atomic testing.

16:20:48 If this should happen it would be a tragic thing for those injured no matter how small a number. Whether these statistically very few casualties can be justified is a personal value judgement outside the scope of this report. Each citizen must make his or her own evaluation. There are those few who loudly maintain there is no actual threat to the free world at all, certainly none that cannot justify either nuclear testing or nuclear armorment. The opposite viewpont holds that the development of our nuclear power has been an absolutely necessary protection against Communist hostility & nuclear threat. In this view the fallout casualties, if any, will be seen as those of unidentified soldiers in the service of humanity; unknown soldiers in a war which has not struck & which our nuclear power may indeed prevent from ever striking. Beyond this it should be remembered that while fallout may conceivable kill or injure some hundreds of persons in the coming generations we suffer vastly greater losses every year from causes which seem to excite very little public interest or reaction. Automobile exhausts & oil furnaces continuously contaminate our air w/ lead & w/ benzopyrene in large quanities, both of them known for 30 years to be powerful cancer-causing agents. There were over 6,000 deaths in a single smog attack in England a few years ago. There was a killing smog in Donora Pennsylvania. There are many cities w/ poisoned air; we are suffering virtual epidemics of lung cancer & heart disease, almost certainly man-made. For some curious psychological reason none of these, nor many other large & substantial hazards seem to provoke the blind public alarm that tends to flair up at the mere mention of the word radiation.

Propaganda; Safety; Dangers; Operation Castle; Fear; Nuclear Testing; Biological Science; Military Weapons;

NOTE: Donora smog attack 30-31Oct48, Floride fumes from US Steel zinc smelting plant blanketed the town & killed at least 20. No Universal Newsreel exists.

SPERT Destructive Test-I On Aluminum, Highly Enriched Plate Type Core

Produced by Phillips Petroleum Co, Atomic Energy Division, Reactor Projects Branch for AEC.

Test was probably on 05Nov62.

08:00:50 Pan over SPERT (Special Power Excursion Reactor Tests) project buildings of National Reactor Testing Station on sagebrush desert of Idaho. Two men into sheetmetal clad building, closing doors.

08:01:22 Int. w/ five men, remove cover of ...swimming pool type reactor w/ plate type core... Fuel plate lowered into core; handling by pole from above. Man at bench looking thru microscope like device. CU mounting thermocouples on fuel plate on bench. CU of boron line-neutron detecting devices, assembled. Other devices assembled to be placed around core.

08:03:16 MS thru water of reactor. Men at control or instrument panel readout panels w/ video views of core. Rods pushed down, water seen boiling up seen from above & from side. Second test showing distortion in fuel plates. Third test much more violent boiling resulting in substantial melting in core.

08:04:44 Animated drawing showing rods in position & fuel plate melting. Stills of uranium melting & cracking of cladding. Fused fuel plates shown.

08:05:25 Engineers at blackboard & table studying what occured. CU writing equation on blackboard.

08:05:55 Workers dismantle metal skin of building on front half to allow water & debris to eject from reactor tank & for film coverage. Plastic put over for protection before final test. Personnel leave area, gate raised & van leaves area seen from inside guard control booth. CU warning light turned on & gate lowered.

08:07:13 Reactor ooperator turning on control power on console. CU of rods being withdrawn; lights on panel showing changes. CU setting sequence timer. 10 sec. counter countdown.

08:08:07 LS across desert to building in slow motion, large eruption of water (shot at 48fps.) seen.

08;08:28 Telephoto from Spert 2 building at normal speed, shows flash & water explosion. View from 50 yards in front of reactor building at 64 fps showing force of water on upper bridge. Repeat at 1/10th speed.

08:09:18 View from rear of reactor bldg at 650fps, rod drops, flash & explosion of reactor vessel.

08:11:18 Operator shutting off console. Five men in protective suits entering vehicle & to building for quick view. Roof beam bent up, lights & other destroyed equipment seen.

08:12:53 View into reactor vessel, twisted & destroyed. Workers covering building w/ plastic sheeting & cleanup begun, workers removing pieces w/ long poles; man holding radiation gauge. CU of damaged metal in several scenes.

08:15:01 Men cutting open fuel assemblies underwater w/ portable grinding wheel.

08:16:01 Rod dropping from above, views of explosion from various view points.

08:16:37 Aerial over SPERT-1 bldg & ARCO test site. The End

Radiation; Radioactivity; Science; Physics; Mathematics; Testing; Dangers; Cold War; Power Source; Electricity; Accident Recreation; Nuclear Reaction;

Civil Defense Public Information

Animated training film for US Civil Defense workers. Cartoon family in park - VO Many people are confused about the facts of the nuclear threat - cartoons showing areas of confusion inc. nature & effects of radiation. Offers tips on how civil defense workers can best keep people informed - pile of pamphlets appears inc. Defense Against Radioactive Fallout on the farm & Community Shelter Plan . Images of 16mm film cans - radio broadcast - posters - billboard - stall on sidewalk marked Build A Family Fallout Shelter . Colour slides & filmstrip. Animation of vars government officials making statements - VO suggests workers can quote from these statements when preparing local information. Little girl at home w/ parents - lets puppy dog lick her lollipop. Film advises against speaking off the record or outside individual specialisms. Animated exchange between pro-active civil defense worker & lazy colleague who hasn t bothered to keep newspapers interest - We re not selling Miss America you know . VO tailor your civil defence information to fit the needs of the media that will be using it - images of newspaper - telephone - school - post office - bank. Family decorating Christmas tree - VO don t try to fight Santa Claus for your public s attention . CUs newspaper headlines New Blast By Communist Leader - Tension Mounts In Mediterranean - news releases - CU civil defense copy edited by newspaper. Animation of civil defense worker boring an audience w/ overly technical information on atomic energy - VO know your audience . Further advice tables & diagrams - encouraging workers in the face of disinterest - ...Maybe you can get Miss America to make a statement on Civil Defense... Newly-confident worker at microphone summarises what makes a good information program.

Cold War Paranoia. Public Information. Press / Public Relations / Marketing.

Miracle in The Desert - The Story of Hanford R3 of 3

Plutonium recycle test reactor. Powdered uranium & plutonium compacted by ultra-high frequence sound waves. Scientists work to develop fast breeder reactors.

03:42:23 Glenn Seaborg, Chairman of AEC, speaking to camera re production of nuclear energy over AV fast breeder reactor in Arco, Idaho.

03:43:26 Donald Williams, Manager of Richland AEC office, speaks to camera. Workers arriving at Hanford in buses & cars.

03:44:04 Aerial of Richland, WA. Industry council meeting. G.E. terminates & 7 new contractors take over. Plans listed by Williams over drawings of new plants.

03:46:28 Workers doing research for Batelle. Computer tape on reels. Computers of UNIVAC 1107 processing data over telephone lines for other companies.. Men on telephones. Montage various work inside Hanford laboratories.

03:48:20 Waterways w/ barges & tug. . Ext. Center for Graduate Study. Visitors at Hanford Science centre. CU of boy looking.

03:48:57 Residential area & downtown Richland. Suburbs of 50s. Relaxation / recreational activities. Street scenes. Swimming - water-skiing motor boats speeding. Tape fault 03.50.2?(analog) . Aerials over access roads to Hanford & general views.

Nuclear research; atomic manufacturing industry; Industrial safety; U-238; Enriched Uranium; Plutonium; Radioactivity; 1950s Daily Life; Propaganda

Atomic Power Today: Service With Safety Part 1 of 3

Bridge at sunset. Road with cars. Electric tower and power lines. POV driving through bridge. CU roasting chicken. XCU hands of clock turning. Desk lamp. Egg whisk. Woman dancing. XCU hitting keyboard & letters typed. Neon signs.

Dam and nuclear power station. Coal refinery - coal shifted, on conveyor belts and into furnace.

16:03:07 Super-modern control station with dials and screens. Interior nuclear power stations. Coal in wagons. Technician inserts metal rods into tubes. Animation explains nuclear fission. Good CUs & MCUs dials. Truck driven through countryside. Engineer at other power station? in snow turns dials and causes a red liquid to bubble.

16:10: 51 Designing nuclear power station?? - Men in suits look at slides showing graph of interior power station; board meeting. Men in white shirt and ties discuss with maps or charts. Cars on city street. Man into building and gets a book re application for construction permit from Black receptionist. Sign US Atomic Energy Commission. Men in library study complex charts. Sign advisory committee on Reactor Safeguards . - men in conference. Request for construction being examined in courtroom? Document signed. Construction starts.

Atomic Power Today: Service With Safety Part 2 of 3

Designing nuclear power station?? - Men in suits look at slides showing graph of interior power station; board meeting. Men in white shirt and ties discuss with maps or charts. Cars on city street. Man into building and gets a book re application for construction permit from Black receptionist. Sign US Atomic Energy Commission. Men in library study complex charts. Sign advisory committee on Reactor Safeguards . - men in conference. Request for construction being examined in courtroom? Document signed.

Atomic Power Today: Service With Safety Part 3 of 3

Construction of nuclear power plant starts from clearing land to finished plant. View inside tube. Reading meters. Control room. Exterior plant. Truck on road. Sunset with electricity tower. Power plant in snowy landscape and activities inside. Control room. Exteriors views of various atomic power plants. Cows in field next to power plant. Aerial town and area.

Pastoral imagery: Farmer on tractor. Yellow school bus; man fishing in front of nuclear plant; daffodils. City at dusk - busy pedestrian crossing, train runs past.

Titles over night cityscapes.

The Vast Expanses of Russia

Central Documentary Film Studios

Aerial over large river, woods & farms; traffic in distance. Passenger plane over. Scenics: wild flowers, grain fields, women pick flowers, cows grazing, scenics. Men at fire at dusk, ferry on water. Rooster, horses graze, owl, mist in woods & pond. River, leaves blowing. Rain, snow, wolf chases rabbit,

16:03:08 Moose grazing thru snow, wolf eating, squirrel, bird on branch (all CU). Pussy willows, melting stream & ice flowing on river. Snow melting w/ flowers around; patches under trees.

16:04:06 Stream under trees, landscape and Tchaikovsky s music. Battlefield of Borodino, monuments. Trees, light thru leaves. Pastureal scenes of streams & Volga; excursion boat, tug and log barges, grain elevators loading ships. Much other harbor & river traffic. Large hydrofoil excursion boat.

16:06:21 Statue of Lenin & large dam w/ electric towers. Map showig linkages of power. Atomic plant at Dubna, Russia & scientist working on nuclear reactor control panel.

16:07:10 Russian monument to space, exhibit of space ship models. Nose of large passenger plane; train engine. Large highway & cloverleaf. Large grain field & huge open pit iron mine w/ enormous shovel & conveyor. Steel mill, oil derricks & refinery. Automated factories.

16:08:22 Troika of horses pulling sleigh. Three bears on trapeze & boxing bears in circus. Kids laughing. Crying girl in CU. Ice skating troop in Father Christmas St. Nicholas costumes. Huge Moscow winter festival w/ parade & stilts. (GOOD)

16:09:05 Red Square activity in winter & summer w/ tourists and interior of restored ornate buildings. Moscow cityscapes.

16:09:36 Installing prefabricated housing. Subway exit, Boshoi ballet, park & fountain; pedestrians & traffic. Moscow University. The End.

Nuclear Power Station; Transportation; Travelogue; USSR;

Farm Fresh To You - Radiation Pasteurization Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

05:56:23 CU father, mother & two sons eating dinner in early 1960s kitchen / dining room. CUs as eating, talking. Mother to refrigerator & looks at spoiled strawberries for desert; pours into trash.

05:57:28 Loading dock on warehouse as man looks at crates of lettuce. Man looking thru other baskets for spoilage.

05:57:55 Black man picking fruit on ladder. Pan down vegetable display case in supermarket, packaging.

05:58:19 CU Stacking crates of strawberries in field.

05:58:27 CU Sign: United States Atomic Energy Commission & pan to buildings. Sign: US Army Natick Laboratories. Ext. of building. Map of US w/ University of Florida at Gainesville & U of California at Davis.

05:59:02 POV past buildings at Davis; fruit shed w/ sign: AEC-UC Food irradiation... Man enters.

05:59:17 Corner w/ traffic, sign: University of Florida. Man carries tray of fruit into building w/ sign Food Irradiator, Department of Food Technology & Nutrition. Plexiglass sign: Michigan State University...

05:59:34 Int. man at spreading fruit on aluminum foil, views gauges of machine.

05:59:54 Animation of fruit passing under radioactive rays like the sun using Cobalt 60 gamma rays. CU of animated figures representing spoilage.

06:01:02 Man moving peaches from crate to glass or plastic container & loading into chamber & lowered into water shield. CU strawberries. Comparing 8 days in refrigerator & spoiled untreated berries w/ mold.

06:02:07 Woman in chemical lab measuring residual vitamin C. Crushing, color & vibration tests.

06:03:14 Wholesale market & trucks w/ fruits & vegetables.

06:03:32 Taste testing, aroma samples & slicing strawberries, testing in booths. Marking data sheet.

06:04:37 Picking strawberries in field. CU of baskets of strawberries, CU tomatoes, bags of oniions. Man picking oranges (brief). Examples of other fruits.

06:05:25 Peppers, lettuce & others in display case. General map of world & zoom in on Hawaii.

06:05:45 Tropical plants, papayas on tree. Mango trees & fruit cut open. Picking bananas & loading, crating.

06:07:04 Man loading irradiation machine w/ tomatoes, oranges. Montage of lab workers testing, instrument readouts.

06:07:43 Men sorting potatoes, bagging. Display of vegetables & woman eating sample.

06:08:11 Large field of strawberries & many pickers. CUs strawberris & loading into machine.

06:08:29 Loading trucks at wholesale market, leaving past West Side Highway, NYC (brief), on road.

06:08:43 CU strawberry desert served. The End.

Food Preservation; Atoms For Peace; Atomic Energy; Scientific Research; Science; Agriculture; Economics; Shelf-Life; 1960s; Educational Film; Promotional Film; Americana;

News in Brief - Virginia

Converted WWII Liberty Ship at anchor - sign World s First Floating Nuclear Power Station. Interior Sturgis showing atomic power plant. Technicians working on reactor. Control room.

Purpose of power plant is to provide electricity in emergency / disaster areas.

News In Brief: Arizona

Pan from Grand Canyon to uranium mine on south rim; scaffold tower; carts on rails into mine; man pulling levers in switch room; INT miners w/ digging machinery; yellow & black ore being sorted outside mine; LS mine shaft / tower.

Nuclear Energy. Mining.

Cherbourg [Le Redoubtable, France s First Nuclear Submarine Launched]

Le Redoubtable, France s first nuclear powered submarine, launching. President De Gaulle presides. Button pressed. Military VIPs salute and ship slides into water.

Atomic Weapons; Missiles; Firsts;

Sandia Spinoff

CU switch for nuclear engineering applications. Diagram showing piston, spring & magnet describing small tolerances & reliability.

04:14:11 MCU of switch in hand. Men working in ultra clean environment; technicians. Animation of bombs spinning into peace-time applications as spinoffs. Title: Sandia Spinoff.

04:14:53 White glove holding tiny nuclear weapon components . Narration re cleaner environments. MCU machine assembling chip; men & women cleaning room. Animation showing movement of dust particles & air handling. Actual filters in ceiling, tilt down to men working & on down to metal floor where air is drawn out thru grated floor. Demonstration of laminar filtration principle by filling room w/ smoke, CU switch on & room emptied of smoke. Men assembling foil & ?? for printed circuits.

04:17:10 Pass through window & people working in clean room assembling television color camera tubes.

04:17:33 Men installing filter system. Hospital operating room w/ laminar filtering. Doctors operating.

04:18:18 Ion plating. CU of surface to be plated. Diagram showing atoms w/ rust forming to block plating.

04:19:00 Block of aluminum coated w/ gold; peeled off due to oxides. Animation showing incompatible atoms. CU silver onto iron plate but peeled off. Technician lowering glass hood for vacuum depositing unit. Shown placing material onto annode; material to be plated is cathode. Nobs, gage. Animation showing plating process as coating is built up.

04:22:05 Copper & molybdenum which would be incompatible otherwise. Animation showing tight bond.

04:22:39 Gold chain jewelry on display stand. Scale balance in case. Switch. Ion plating watched by technician. MCU hand holding printed circuit board. Shown in CU. Technician w/ drawn surface board to be acid etched. Hand holding.circuit board.

04:23:49 Drafting room w/ men working at boards drawing layoiuts. Main frame computers, tapes running, lights blinking. Engineer drawing rough schematic, hands it to woman, clerk, who draws a grid over it, feeds information into computer on punch card. Print out of results & instructions. Computer visuals showing layout developed & stored on magnetic tape. Then onto film. Technician enlarges & makes etching.

04:26:55 Large electronic camera & other electronics. Operating room, ion plating, automated printed circuits.

04:27:22 POV on desert high way w/ map of US outline w/ unid. locations overlayed; road & cars past small roadside businesses. End credits.

Atomic Energy Commission; Sandia Laboratory; Peaceful uses

Aerial clouds boiling, water over falls, wheat harvesting, huge open pit coal mining machine, aerial over refinery. CU of ??. Universe w/ stills animated.

03:29:36 Unloading ore carrier onto conveyor belts, CU shovel moving coal & dumping. Aerial over open pit mine. POV around ship hull in harbor, atomic merchant ship Savannah in harbor to refuel at dusk after five years at sea. Men moving atomic fuel w/ crane, loading into reactor.

03:31:29 POV past men working robotic hands. MCU of man.

03:31:53 Title: The Atom... Year of Purpose.

03:32:16 MCU Man putting ?? into glass container. CU men working in atomic research laboratory; at control panels. Loading mock-up plutonium cores. Electrical power station. Aerials over nuclear power plants in construction & completed plants.

03:34:08 Pan over large reactor by ocean. Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 2 in Idaho. Interior w/ several men working, large cavernous operating room.

03:34:50 Reactor Plant 767 on side of building. Pan over snow beside large building. Zero Plutonium reactor & men w/ mock up cores loading.

03:35:34 Men working on Molten Salt Reactor experiment. Man at control panel; Glenn Seaborg at reactor controls, watching gages. Motlen Salt Reactor fueled w/ Uranium 233 for first time. Thorium in tray pulled out & moved; various metallic chips in ceramic (?) containers on pallet.

03:36:59 View down dam spillway; salt desert w/ sage brush & other. Ditch & irrigation. Model of reactor w/ large complex in desert setting & description of products.

03:38:24 Irrigation canal. Field & irrigating. Large open pit mine. Tilt dumping large car of uranium ore; mining; drilling rig in desert. Man on derrick & men working controls. Conveyor taking ore out of mine. Large settling (?) tanks; man working with yellow uranium at large roller. Cask of U-235 moved into reactor. POV along Oak Ridge plant. Man at scale weighing ?? Aerial of AEC Oak Ridge gaseous diffusion plants. Truck w/ uranium casks strapped down.

03:40:31 Men at conference table signing contract, shake hands. CU Capitol. Int. of hearing room. Capitol in LS.

03:41:11 Scientist looking thru microscope; holding small atomic container, working on tiny wires, discussing miniature heart regulator or pacer. Man assembling. Atomic fuel capsule inserted. Testing performance. Man w/ stop watch; other instruments.

03:42:36 Animation of atomic activity & nucleus of atom.

03:42:58 Camera over top of particle accelerator. Engineers & technicians at various controls. People walking in snow along road at Fermi lab to ground breaking ceremonies in tent for 200 billion electron volt accelerator. Continued...

Government Atomic Energy Propaganda; 1968; 1960s; Technology; Thermal;

Continued... Aerial over Fermi lab accelerator ring. POV along road on top. Surveyor outsdide waving. Technicians inside working. Looking at large photos of particles & tracks. Camera inside. Color background & pattens of particles.

03:44:44 Interior of factory space & parts for Bubble Chamber w/ workers welding, rolling copper, measuring w/ micrometers. Particle Detector & assembly super conductor magnet. Hoist moving large cap over copper bands.

03:45:54 Ext. of tower & engineers beside. Illustration or diagram of geology containing natural gas & Project Gas Buggy lowering atomic explosive into drilled hole & detonating to allow gas to flow.

03:47:10 Tower & men working assembling pipes & valves, CU turning valves. Men working on pumping station. Flame burning on top of pipe.

03:47:52 Aerial over Nevada canyon. Uplift of five explosions 150 feet apart of 135 ft deep; crater afterwards. Diagram of explosions to be used to dig a canal or harbor.

03:49:08 Large nuclear complex at Los Alamos & moving reactor into place to test power rocket engines. Reactor test underway.

03:50:09 Men in simulated space capsule. Illustration of capsule in space. Two men carry bucket. Men assembling SNAP generator fueled by plutonium. Putting fuel in place (?). Astronauts training in space suits w/ SNAP-27 generator. Illustration on moon.

03:51:15 Simulated (?) satellite over earth. Rocket firing in CU. GOOD.

03:51:32 Waves breaking on rocks; sea otters in CU. Many eating abolone or ?? some w/ young. CUs. Catching on Amchitka, loading cages on truck & transplanting by airplanes for conservation.

03:53:07 Diagram of dropping instrumented projectile that goes deep into ground & gives out data. Man on surface looking at hole & measuring entry point. CU holding rocks. Man w/ cups / containers of steel alloys in lab measuring stress & strength. Man loading high speed certrifuge, starting & CU gage. Experimental artifical kidney & engineers. Computers generating braille tapes.

03:55:37 Montage of various atomic scenes seen in film. Credits.

Government Atomic Energy Propaganda; 1968; 1960s; Technology; Thermal;

Fulfilling Lenin s Behests R3 of 5

High pan across new town under construction. INT Chukchi children in school classroom; CUs kids learn traditional skill of bone carving; examples of carvings. CU newspapers off printing press; Chukchi daily newspaper office. Library w/ books in native languages. Chukchi author at typewriter.

07:13:55 Chukchi kids at home watching dance performance by Chukchi Eskimo Ensemble on television; cutaways to programme being filmed in studio - dance depicts history of indiginous people. control panel.

07:15:36 Scenic views of Chukotka region [Russian Far East]. Large statue of Lenin. Meeting of Chukchi Soviet. Soldier w/ rifle on guard in mountains. Mining explosion - start of construction for nuclear power station. Titles in Russian re a land electrified.

07:17:08 Lenin s Kremlin office - preserved as it was - CUs desk. Exterior shots Bolshoi Theatre where 8th Congress of Soviets held in 1920 - Lenin s GOELRO Plan for electrification of Russia adopted. Interview w/ Konstantin Ygorov [?], delegate of 1920 Congress. B/W stills of post-WWI devastation. INT small museum w/ exhibit about opening of rural hydropower station attended by Lenin & wife Nadezhda Krupskaya - CUs photo of Lenin & guests at opening & invitation written by village to him.

07:19:48 Good shots of hydroelectric dam / hydropower station under construction w/ cranes & aerial views. Former construction worker Andrei Botchkin - now in charge of Krasnoyarsk hydropower station construction - various shots talking w/ colleagues on site.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Heavy Industry; Communism; Sustainable Resources / Energy; Ethnic;

Fulfilling Lenin s Behests R4 of 5

Flashback to start of Krasnoyarsk dam project - group trudges thru snow, woman uses surveying equipment; dynamiting. Aerial view Yenisei River finally blocked; huge turbines for hydropower station delivered by boat; supervisor Andrei Botchkin w/ colleagues.

07:23:10 INT turbine hall & installing new turbines. New town of Divnogorsk, power station workers walk along river - modern apartment buildings, people in summer w/ guitar player. High pan along river. Botchkin surveys site of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower station; construction work begins w/ large shovels & trucks at work. Snow on trees & equipment.

07:27:55 Siberian village of Shushenskaya, kayak. House where Lenin exiled in 1897 preserved as it was - various shots desk & bookshelves. CU passage of Lenin s writing re electron. INT enormous electricity generator inside enormous hydropower station - proton-syncrotron . Scientists operating banks of equipment; discuss findings.

07:30:47 Group of people around campfire & picnic on riverbank at dusk. INT workers in white overalls prepare for work at atomic power station; uranium & interior shots of power station & banks of equipment, gauges, control panel.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Heavy Industry; Communism; Sustainable Resources / Energy; Nuclear Fuel; Technology;

Fulfilling Lenin s Behests R5 of 5

INT meeting of foreign scientists discussing Soviet nuclear power programme - miniature flags inc. Britain & USSR visible on table - man points to diagram on wall & scientists stand around scale model of plant. B/W stills montage: Lenin w/ HG Wells; atomic & hydropower plants; scientists & workers; VO Soviet people say Let the atom be a worker and not a soldier .

07:33:45 Portraits depicting Lenin s quest for peace. Scenic shots of Leningrad [St. Petersburg] in Summer - street scenes showing pedestrians, tourists, women in colourful print dresses; cutaways to b/w stills of WWII bombardment of city & devastation. WWII stockshots of battleships firing, fighter planes in flight, tanks advancing across icy plains; victory celebrations in Leningrad [staged?].

07:37:11 Biskayorovska Cemetery where 632,000 defenders of city buried - Eternal Flame - visitors w/ flowers walk thru - statues & murals - CUs people reading inscription on memorial wall, man crying. Good faces. Leningrad street scenes & daily life. INT workers in factory.

07:40:06 High shots across parade in Red Square - huge crowds w/ many Soviet flags, red banners & Lenin portraits - recording of Lenin speech played - father carrying little girl dressed in red on shoulders - Brezhnev et al waving from top of mausoleum. End titles.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Heavy Industry; Communism; Sustainable Resources / Energy; Nuclear Fuel;

Pt. 3 of 3


Crew & guests from Africa, Australia & South America board & off C-1A plane of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron, VRC-40. Firing military salute, shown around ship, viewing fly-overs.

07:44:37 Frank Blair describing course of Operation Sea Orbit around world. Superimposed ships & map.

07:45:11 Ships at sea; ships in Brazil w/ public visiting.

07:45:31 Aerial of ships at sea w/ planes on deck of USS Enterprise (CVN-65) & E=MC2 seen on deck. GOOD. Crew on bridge of ship; antennas. Fireboats greeting returning ships.

07:46:19 Blair holding photo blow-up of micro-photograph of atomic particles. Aerial of Nautilus (SSN-571) thru waves. Convoy of conventional ships & refueling from tanker seen from ships. Ships thru heavy weather & waves breaking over decks.

07:47:22 WWII Kamikazee plane into ship w/ resulting fire ball. VERY GOOD color footage

07:47:35 Nuclear powered ships past. Carrier deck activity; signalman, signal flags.

07:48:07 Enterprise & Bainbridge (CGN-25) off Vietnam 02Dec65. POV from plane taking off. Strafing jungle, firing rockets w/ large explosions.

07:48:43 Ships at sea, various views. View of ships from fighter plane. Landings seen from bridge & in plane. Enterprise from Bainbridge. View of washing down ship from air. Int. crew working at controls. More views of ships turning sharply.

07:50:56 Lowering control rods into reactor; working w/ robotic hand controls; view of large reactor; pulling control rods; control room. Power plants; producing fresh water, McMurdo Sound.

07:51:32 Medical research, doctor & patient. Ext. National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda. Int. w/ technician treating patient.

07:51:57 Frank Blair w/ large models of nuclear powered naval ships. SOF.

07:52:31 Aerial of submarine on surface; firing polaris from beneath surface; CVA 584 thru ice; ships at sea w/ CU passing aircraft carrier, landing, wake of ship.

07:53:24 Montage: Treating patient; testing on plants; control room; ships at sea. The End

Military Technology; Atomic Age; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s; Cold War; Naval Ships; Nuclear Navy;

NOTE: Shots brief but good sequences & color quality excellent.

Apollo 12: Pinpoint For Science Pt. 2 of 2

Still of Bean leaving Lunar Module. Video, tube burned out. Still w/ flag; other stills setting up the ALSEP experiment station equipment to leave behind powered by nuclear energy; to measure solar wind; magnetic field; seismometer & data station.

20:08:27 Stills of collecting geologic samples; drilling core tube. Pan around moon surface. View from Yankee Clipper w/ Dick Gordon.

20:10:11 Descending labor for second walk, flag in background; both seen at foot of ladder briefly. Stills & film. Bean runs out to ALSEP. Pan around, taking samples from craters. View of Surveyor 3 sitting on floor of crater & pick up camera from it,

20:13:49 Bean re-entering LM & Conrad following. Engineers w/ stop watch. View of moon receding & view of LM by Dick Gordon & Yankee Clipper. Vehicles come into dock.

20:15:56 Three in Command Module; jettisoning Lunar Module & its falling away to moon surface. Men in Houston Control watch & see the seismograph print out for more than 55 minutes. Engineers waiting for Apollo XII changing orbit. Earth blocking out sun w/ corona. Heat shield lights seen from in Command Module.

20:18:32 Module floating w/ frogmen & life rafts around. Out of helicopter w/ breathing masks. Opening case w/ moon rocks. ALSEP on moon. Description of its functioning by various scientists. Various moon surface shots.

Exploration; Technology; Space Race; Moon Landing; 1960s;

Pt. 1 of 3

F-4 Phantom Jets (?) catapulted from aircraft carrier runway. CU getting ready & launching.

07:26:08 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) w/ deck lined w/ figher jets thru water. CU Greek philosopher Democritus head in bronze sculpture. Photographs of atomic particles.

07:26:52 Nuclear blast in Pacific. Large wake of ship; carrier bow thru water.

07:27:26 Main Title: The Nuclear Navy.

07:27:46 Frank Blair sitting on stool explaining history of nuclear power w/ photos behind relating to history of atomic power.

07:28:35 MCU Nuclear submarine on surface; surface ships. Aerials.

07:29:02 Still photograph w/ Dr. Lise Meitner & Dr. Otto Hahn, 1938, in laboratory; Enrico Fermi.

07:29:28 Montage: Explosions & soldiers running, fighting, blasts. VERY GOOD.

07:29:42 Aerial over two stack liner filled w/ returning troops.

07:29:58 Montage: 1946, naval officers & civilians at table talking. Clinton Laboratory, aka Oak Ridge two-story barrack housing w/ cars driving in. Employees show identification. Int. large industrial plant w/ machinery working, crane moving large item, oscilliscope working, lathe, overhead crane.

07:30:48 MCU Adm Nimitz at desk. Ext. Atomic Energy Commission building w/ name. Int. Hyman Rickover briefing Forrestal, w/ cutaway of submarine showing power plant.

07:31:38 Montage: Ext workers leaving plant. Int. workers at large machinery. Aerial: Arco National Reactor Test Site, Idaho. Int. engineers constructing. CU sign: Reactor On. Reactor w/ water boiling & rods. Steam pipes. Engineers smoking pipes at blackboard. Large control panels & technicians.

07:32:30 Montage: 1951, Engineers w/ blueprints; construction of reactor plant for Nautilus submarine, technicians working, draftsmen, AEC Bettis Laboratory run by Westinghouse.

07:33:00 Blair w/ drawing / diagram / chart explains nuclear propulsion system & principle.

07:33:55 14Jun52 Keel laying of Nautilus (SSN-571) by President Truman; 21Jan54 christening by Mamie Eisenhower. Launching. Good color footage. Continued..

Military Technology; Atomic Age; Inventions; 1950s; Cold War;

NOTE: Shots brief but good sequences & color quality excellent.

Power Industry of the USSR

18:03:44 Burning village, equipment during 1920 civil war. Painting of Lenin. Men constructing electric station, building dam w/ wooden platforms. Military band at dedication of Dnieper dam. Modern dams on Volga, moden excursion boat thru locks. Irrigation canal & sprinklers. Recreational sailing

18:06;08 Prenaponska (?) thermal power station 2,400,000 KW. Interior & exterior of huge plant. Automated control panel. Three large chimneys.

18:06:58 Atomic power station w/ reactor, control panel w/ woman & others at large contorl complex. Ext. of atomic poower station under econstruction. POV of power station from river.

18:07:46 Large joint control center in Moscow controlling all power plants. Various shots. large model w/ lights showing power grid of European part of USSR. Helicopter lifting power tower. Siberian power station & exterior dam & factories nearby to Bratsk. Workers housing.

18:09:16 Construction of Ust-Illimskayaon on the Angara River. Dumping stones to block the river. Constructin trucks. Model of new power station.

18:10:00 Krasnoyarsk station under construction. Turbines installed & working. Eastern grid shown. Thermal power station, models. Helicopter delivering steel towers for transmission lines; cranes raising them to bring electricity from Siberia to western part of USSR. The End.

Propaganda; Cold War; Industry; Technology;

The Story of Oak Ridge Operations Pt. 1 of 3

Sunset over mountain ridge & zoom in. Montage: CU fire burning in pit of rocks. Pull back from CU of large well preserved waterwheel. Coal train out of mine. View down pipes to petroleum or oil storage tanks. Take off American Airlines passenger jet; cars on freeway, railroad locomotive past, large earth mover, water over dam.

01:01:59 Montage: bird in flight, ripe wheat field, windmill, waves breaking over rocks.

01:02:16 View into atomic cooling pool w/ blue glow in reactor. Technicians & scientists at various equipment. Title: Story of Oak Ridge Operations. Credits.

01:03:15 CU flag & pull back showng Federal Office Building w/ sign. Map locating Oak Ridge. Montage: Men working at variety of equipment, exterior of plant grounds, men at robotic controls. Computer mainframe. Machinists & others.

01:04:02 Aerial over large Oak Ridge buildings.

01:04:17 Animated diagram of atom & U-235 turning into a series of connected atoms. Diagram of U-235 atom & 140 atoms of U-238 making up Uranium. Diagram of gas against porous barrier w/ U-235 passing thru. Pan over large plants for gaseous diffusion & aerials. Padukah, KY & Portsmouth plants showing huge buildings. POV down concrete exterior. Various other views of piping; electric generation turbines, vapor from cooling systems.

01:06:18 Hyster moving large cask of radioactive material passing over camera. Aerial around nuclear power station & ground shot. Electric transmission tower, diagram of expansion of nuclear power industry.

01:07:11 Int. of plant. Hyster moving cask. View of gaseous diffusion cascade.

01:08:00 Lower uranium cask into shipping container on railroad car. POV following hyster w/ cask. Plant interiors w/ large containers & men at controls opening valves etc.

01:09:26 Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge, pan over. Interior w/ refined uranium weighed. Chemical system to recover production residue. Machining w/ computer controlled machines. Apollo mission hardware machined. Woman analyzing finished products.

01:10:53 Large 13 million volt X-Ray machine is positioned by crane & man at controls. Autoclave compaction machine used at Y-12 plant to compress at 20,000 lbs per sq. inch. metal & ceramic powders.

01:11:31 Filament winding machine w/ operator at panel to make high strength material. Ultra clean room & workers using ultaviolet light.

Promotional Film; Government Film; Atomic Power Plants; Industry; Manufacturing; High Technology;

The Story of Oak Ridge Operations Pt. 2 of 3

Draftsmen working w/ engineers; machinists; welders training.

01:12:40 Ext. of Fernald, Ohio plant of National Lead Company. Int. w/ uranium concentrate, thorium oxide. Uranium being machined or rolled. w/ coolant making fuel cores. Ashtabula, Ohio plant w/ billets into press to extrude for fuel cores.

01:14:00 Man using robotic hands at analytic laboratory, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Men & women working at machines, chemical laboratory, computers, analyzing. Researching techniques. Plutonium laboratory w/ hot cells & manipulating robotic hands.

01:15:22 Research & development at Oak Ridge National Laboratory run by Union Carbide. Scientists, engineers, doing various atomic studies, reactor development, radioactive disposal. View in nuclear reactor atomic pool. Pan along line of men w/ robotic hands working. Man working w/ large gloves behind glass.

01:17:08 Nuclear power reactor & 75 foot linear particle accelerator. Man using light pencil to communicate w/ computer. Man at control panel of experimental fusion reactor under construction. (?).

01:18:28 Technician doing biological studies w/ white mice, man studying DNA & RNA w/ models. Man w/ ultra high speed centrifuge, begins it & view of spinning zonal centrifuge. Clinical body fluid analyzer GEMSAEC w/ operators.

01:20:16 Men measuring pollution from plant & thermal discharge of power plants. Men on barge ouside coal fired plant.

Promotional Film; Government Film; Atomic Power Plants; Industry; Manufacturing; High Technology;


The Story of Oak Ridge Operations Pt. 3 of 3

Plaque: Oak Ridge Associated Universities Administration 1959 & woman leaving. Various college names & plaques. Professor & students at various work. Main frame computer; large machine treating cancer patients & diagnosis. Nurses, technicians, doctors. Computer processing data. Man in radiation treatment room; television monitoring.

01:23:07 Exhibits for AEC. American Museum of Atomic Energy exterior, people at exhibits. Lecture demonstration of mechanical hands, traveling exhibits. High school program; professional training, lectures & technology training.

01:24:47 Agricultural Research Laboratory, Oak Ridge. Growing plants to test for mutations; studing farm sheep.

01:25:44 Puerto Rico surf on rocks, palms. Ext. of Puerto Rico Nuclear Center. Researchers studying & teaching. Cobalt 60 teletherapy for cancer treatment. Reactor w/ glow & training at Mayaguez; research on insects & pests; studying rain forest; ocean marine research boat & studying environment of bay & water currents.

01:28:37 LS of Oak Ridge community. Montage of daily life. POV past suburban houses & pans over plants.

A better life thru atomic energy .

Promotional Film; Government Film; Atomic Power Plants; Industry; Manufacturing; High Technology; Workers;

The Great Plan Reel 2 of 3

Dniepra river flowing, Mar27 big explosion, building of the Dniepra hydroelectric station, construction workers. 10Oct32 Band playing, as Stalin, Kalinin & others arrive for dedication. Kalinin, French writer ,communist Henri Barbusse, Stalin & others speak (MOS). Reporters, CUs of listeners. Working machinery in the new hydroelectric station, VIP s w/ Kalinin tour dam, CU power station.

08:55:06 WWII, CU painting w/ soldier, troops march, shots of warplanes in air. Ruins of dams & power stations. Volkov power station at dark, trucks on the lake Ladaga. Restoration work on the Dnieper dam. People greet returning soldiers, fire works, electrican high up on the power line cables, CU power line construction, big construction part picked up & delivered by helicopter, other power line constructions.

08:56:56 Int. atomic power station, control panels, ext. Beloyarsk power station, int station, big new reactor assembled. People work in big atomic power station s control room, high angle station buildings from various angles. Reactors model, high angle big machinery in the power station, control panel, various angles of people working in the control panel room.

08:58:06 Big tractors at frozen construction site, workers weld, people on the street. Smoke out of house chimneys, power station model from various angles. Huge construction of Leningrad atomic power station - one of the biggest in the world, welding, LS station. POV helicopter carrying construction part, shots of construction at various power stations, shots of various stations ext. & int., big machinaries, control panel room, huge chimney, CU workers near huge turbine. Thermal power stations w/ turbines moving.

09:00:05 Contractors working on construction plans. Worker look at first Soviet hydroturbine.

09:00:46 Huge unit delivered by ocean freighter, ship on water. CU unit, man at the control panel starts new turbine. Various shots of new Krasnoyarsk 10th unit in operation, various shots of turbines, high angle station hall, LS dam. Very power full water stream out of Dam, high angle worker on the Dam bridge, shot up to a worker in crane. Bear up tree, tiny kittens carried in bowl, people moving into houses in newly built Divnagorsk town, trucks & yard w/ furniture, high angle of new town surrounded by big mountains, group of young people walk singing on street w/ guitar, little girl in the flower field.

09:02:32 High angle boat on water, CU sparkling water, sun shines over mountains on to a water. Village of Shushenskoye, kids enter school, CU remembrance plate saying Lenin lived in this village from 1898 - 1900.

Speed boat on river, opening of Shusenskoye hydroelectric station construction site, cut the ribbon, applause, shot of big engraving on the rocks - Lenin's wishes come true , big construction parts moved w/ cranes, CU men work on the Dam construction, LS big supporter crowds on the shore.

[Stories About Communists] R3 of 5

Continued... Secretary of Party speaks about lack of free labor reserves because 90% of USSR population involved in working or studying.

02:32:26 Men walking on catwalk of chemical works & talking, pointing, gesturing.

02:32:54 Man talking in office. MCU men & women workers discuss improving chemical plant efficiency. Men at work in plant, in control room; CU gauges, faces, talking.

02:34:56 Chemical works, train w/ tank cars past. Large floor of chemical factory & very large control room. Chemical lab. Men looking at gages, control buttons, refining towers & men working on pipes. Women at looms in large synthetic textile plant. Men in control room, atomic energy plant and rods. Chemical lab and man and woman talking. Technicians in chemical lab. Prof. O.A. Reutov talks about chemical production & chemical reactions in living organisms and what it means for new & future developments.

02:38:35 Moscow University towers; man at desk in office walks into room where lab technicians are working w/ microscopes. CU books on organic chemistry. Reutov writing at desk & drawing organic chains while smoking. Speaking to camera about US chemical war weapons used in Vietnam. Spraying by planes and drifting onto people. Aerials of bombing & burned village. Bombs dropping, exploding. Baby crying.

02:41:00 Workers. Large antenna turning. Military jet & CU pilot. Abrupt end.

USSR; Travelogues; Five Year Plans; Communism; Scientific Research; Technology; Vietnam War;

A New Town On The Volkhov

Leningrad Documentary Film Studios

Kirishi scenes from river & new construction of the city on site of village destroyed in WWII. Petroleum & chemical plants & refineries, war memorial & construction. Apartment blocks,

19:02:16 Pedestrians walking in sun. Young population: women w/ strollers, women construction workers. Cu of woman engineer at refinery. Newly weds at City Hall greeted by councilwoman; laying flowers at war memorial. CUs of kids, twins &/or brothers; swimming pool w/ murals. Ext. of school w/ kids giving flowers to teachers; marching into school.

19:05:02 Cranes & new high rise apartments. People walking, book store or library window & interior. Large supermarket & cash registers & women at checkout counter.

19:05:51 Gathering fish raised in warm ponds below the power station. Giant oil refinery ext. & interior of control room; chief of operations. Shots panning across pipes, CU of operator, cigarette in ash tray. Family in their apartment.

19:07:15 POV from in front of car traveling on highway and thru woods. Picking mushrooms. View along river. High angle shot across park area towards apartments. Mayor welcoming guests from Finland & meeting around table. Mayor speaks (SOF) w/ English over. Guests visiting Thermo-nuclear power station. Interior shots; outside in wind. Narrator describing what director of oil refinery is saying about environmental protection from industrial waste: filtered water is collected in ponds for final biological filtering. Fish hatch eggs here & only clean water goes to Volkhov River.

19:08:54 People walking to Cultural Center, painters & sculptors working. Young girls doing folk dance in large gymnasium or auditorium. Playing spoons

19:10:18 LS of city & from boat on river. The End.

Communist Life; Workers Paradise; Communism; Propaganda; Travelogue; Educational Film; 1970s; Atomic Energy;

Note: Kirishi had a green party amongst educated work force of engineers & scientists that was at the center of early ecology protests in USSR ca 1980s due to PVC manufacturing & 1987 accident at PVC plant.

Russian News of the Day 1971 #29 August

09:12:18 Great Commonwealth. 25th session of international help in Bucharest. Big government building, leaders of the USSR member states seated in conference room, flags, chairman Alexsei Kosygin. Shots of representatives listen w/ headphones, camera man in background.

09:13:21 1st Session of Supreme Council meets in Kremlin, leaders of Communist party & Soviet govt. applauding in opening of session. Brezhnev making speech - putting forward as candidate for soviet minister chairman position deputy Mikhail Solomencov. Everybody approves nomination.

09:14:31 Deputy and party's central commitee secretary Andrei Kirilenko at podium. (09:14:43) Mikhail Eons on podium; 09:14:52 Mikhail Solomencov confirms new members of Russian federation, vote & applauding.

09:15:15 7th Moscow International Film Festival. USSR chairman Romanov welcomes members & guests Producers & filmmakers from Italy, Japan, USSR, France, Vietnam given prizes. Applause.

09:17:04 Summer semester for Uzovskys working youth. Students on railroad platform leaving to help build the country. Friends sing, play guita & accordion, others dance. Goodbye s to family & friends, hold hands through train windows, carriages slowly moving. People waving. (09:17:44) One destination is Sherbokov (?) Collective farm in name of Sherbokov(?); road signs. Ukrainian & Polish students smiling & building wooden house. Others lay bricks. Sign with street name put on finished brick wall; group picture.

09:18:31 Countryside. Lakes w/ water flowers. Flowery meadow, tractors mowing grass for silage; 4 farmer brothers Vorobjovi in colorful shirts check the mower then all of them back to work. Group gathering hay. Machinery chopping & stacks of bagged hay outside the barn. Series of large haystacks.

09:19:45 Khazahstan. High angle shots of desert like field, truck driving through. Rocky coast of Mongoshlak(?) island, new city of Shefcenko(?). Streets with few cars & buses, people walk past. World s largest water filtering plant operating on nuclear energy to satisfy demand for drinking water in the fast growing city; control room w/ technicians & chief who s been awarded Lenin's Prize.

09:20:48 People drink fresh filtered water from automatic machines on streets. Kids in swimming pool.

09:20:58 5th Athletic Olympiad between all USSR countries, athletes march w/ flags in stadium; 18 new worldwide & 19 European records set in different categories. Montage of winners - men sprint, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, cycling, weights. Award ceremony in stadium filled with competitors & fans. Winners carry big prizes together with their teammates march around the stadium waving to the crowds. Large TV camera seen. Applause

Russian News of the Day 1971 #27 July

Youth celebrations Moscow, 5th USSR Sports Festival opening, athletes march w/ flags in big full stadium, CU athlete teams, men w/ lots of medals, public applaud. Women give flowers to VIP s w/ Kosygin, sspectators applaud. All republic team representatives, carry USSR flag and pull it up on flag pole. Female runner w/ Spartakiad fire torch, run thru stadium & lights up flame. Soviet flag in the pole. High angle stadium, youth collective gymnastic mass demonstration. VIPs. Performers make patterns, make words - Hurray Labor , then into big star w/ human pyramid in middle, big portrait of Lenin on the side of stadium.

22:01:52 Moscow s districts . Train into city, lorries on road. Cooling towers of atomic power plant (?) behind. Interior of large metalworking factory, big machinery, CU men work w/ various machinery, measuring. Factory workers in class, learning higher skills. Teacher at black board, CU workers, machinery, high angle factory hall.

22:03:32 Collective farming country side, farmhouse. Inside huge hot house, CU cucumbers, women pick vegetables, water plants. Collective farm leader talking w/ worker, big automatic feeding cattle, pig farm, man controls food distribution machinery, feed pours out of pipes into pig farm, CU pigs eating.

22:04:52 Soviet Institute of Science, laboratory equipment, people work in laboratory on production of synthetics, CU laboratory professor teaches students. Shot of pipes that take laboratory s production for practical tests in institute factory, various machinery inside factory, CU workers, people work w/ big machinery, shot of white synthetic threads.

22:06:27 Country side, artists draw in the woods, CU flowers in field, CU painted plates w flower print, people in workshop painting on plates, shots of various painters, shots of beautifully painted platters.

22:07:47 International Film Festival . Moscow, sign of 7th International Film festival, people outside building, w/ flags of 70 nations on display, CU various film posters. Kremlin palace, festival s opening day, various nationality people gather in big hall, CU women faces, people talk. Festival s committees chairman Romanov on podium, reads out Chairman Kosygin s letter to festival guests, applause, audience from various angles. Various speakers on stage, shot of Film Festival s flag. The End.

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R1 of 6

Sam Lovejoy in field overlooking Montague Farm introduces himself. Pan over Franklin County countryside, with titles and music. Lovejoy talks about organic farming. Holstein cows running across field. Shot of Montague Center from field; 500 weather tower in fall foliage. Lovejoy talks abut tower as symbol of nuclear power plant. VS tower intercut with Lovejoy interview about toppling tower to protest nuclear power. Still of atomic blast with narration underneath. Stills of Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, Einstein. Shot of Montague Center, small town common. Stills of Eisenhower at UN with Atoms for Peace, graphics, stills of nuclear reactors. Int. with Dr. John Gofman, anti-nuclear scientist (nuclear chemist) from Lawrence-Livermore lab about corporate sponsorship of nuclear power. Stills nuclear plants, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy with narration. Int. with Bill Semanie, purblic relations, Northeast Utilities (NU), about benefits of nuclear power. Shot of NU stock certificate. Nixon Project Independence speech excerpt about nuclear power under Nixon stills. Stills and headlines about nuclear power. Pan of Montague Plains, site of potential nuclear power plant. Artist drawing of Montague plant. Storefront office of anti-nuclear activists with signs and No Nukes bumper stickers. Int. with Anna Gyorgy about objections to nuclear power. Pan over Montague Plains with fall foliage colors. Shot of Connecticut River in winter. Int. with Sam Lovejoy about diversity of anti-nuclear movement and necesity of direct action and civil disobedience to stop nuclear power.

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R2 of 6

Still of cross section of nuclear reactor over narration. Archival footage shot off television monitor with bar moving across image of reactor core, fuel rods, etc. Int. with Charles Bragg, vice president Northeast Utilities on safety of nuclear plants. Still of Atomic Energy Commission logo, stills from AEC report on consequences of nuclear accident. Int. with Dr. John Gofman on accident consequences and nuclear meltdown and radioactive waste. Aerial view of Vernon, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. Moving barrels of waste, headlines on accidents, nuclear waste cask on truck. Headlines re nuclear resistance in Franklin County. VS of nuclear plant weather testing tower. Int. with Bill Semanie, NU public relations, about purpose of tower re design and location of plant, evacuation of plant. Headline Nuke Tower Felled on Montague Plains. Narration about tower toppling by Lovejoy over headlines and wrecked tower footage.

01:17:35 Lovejoy talks about knocking over tower intercut with tower footage. Artist rendering of falling tower by David Yaghjian. Headlines about tower toppling. Pan over Turners Falls, Mass. till of Town Hall in Montague Center.

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R3 of 6

Int. with Charles Bragg, VP of NU, re uselessness of votes against nuclear power. Narration with still of man working in glove box, footage with television bar of men getting into decontamination suits. Dr. John Gofman int. re dangers of nuclear plants and need for public study and debate. Stills of Kissinger, Ford, oil fields, Ralph Nader, headlines re oil crisis. Int. with Charles Bragg re energy shortages and planning for growth. Nixon Project Independence Speech with Nixon stills. Aerials of Franklin County, canal through mills in Turners Falls. Int. with Sam Lovejoy re history of Montague Plains and the coming of the nuclear plant. Aerials of Connecticutt River. GV of River. Aerial of tower.

01:26:10 Int. with Charles Bragg about benefits of Montague site. Pull out Turners Falls street. Lovejoy int. Int. with people on street in Turners Falls. Int. with Lovejoy, cartoon stills re nuclear power from newspaper. Int. with Bill Semanie about tax breaks from nuclear plant. Int. with Sam Lovejoy about Northeast Utilities and profit. Int. with Charles Bragg about weeding out anti-technology people

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R4 of 6

Int. with Dr. John Gofman about utility duplicity re nuclear power safety through advertising. VS of pro-nuclear power print ads. Int. with Sam Lovejoy about studying nuclear power and trying to find recourse and about nuclear intervention process at Atomic Energy Commission.

01:33:35 Charles Bragg from NU on openness of intervention process. Int. with Sam Lovejoy on ridiculousness of intervention process. VS of AEC documents. Hearings taking place at Turners Falls High School. Newspaper articles. Dr. John Gofman about nuclear conspiracy. Int. with Sam re lack of recourse and decision to topple the tower. Pan over Connecticutt River Valley with fall colors coming to tower.

01:38:20 Turners Falls, MA street interviews. Sam on people getting hung up on property destruction. More street interviews. VS toppled tower. Zoom out Franklin County Courthouse. Newspaper headlines re Lovejoy trial.

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R5 of 6

Int. with Sam Lovejoy about trial strategy. Drawings and stills of Lovejoy trial. Shots of empty courtroom over Lovejoy testimony. Int. with Dr. John Gofman on why he is testifying at Lovejoy trial and importance of nuclear power issue.

01:44:10 - Int. with Dr. Howard Zinn about necessity and history of civil disobedience in times of danger to life, liberty, health, etc. Int. with Charles Bragg of NU about civil disobedience and where do you draw the line. Int. with Howard Zinn on industrial revolution and pollution and civil disobedience. Voice of prosecuting district attorney about civil disobedience over still of prosecutor. Howard Zinn - the law isn t a holy thing .

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R6 of 6

Int. with Stanley and Betty Bell, town constable of Gill, MA and wife who were character witnesses for Lovejoy and difiiculty in coming to terms with civil disobedience and destruction of power. Stills, newspaper articles and headlines re trial and not guilty verdict. In. with James O Neil one of the jurors about how Commonwealth did not prove point. Int. with Howard Zinn about decision and moral pressure on judge. Int. with Sam re protecting environment and life against technology and trial. Int. with Howard Zinn about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and connection to environmental and anti-nuclear power movements. Sam Lovejoy on politics in America. No safe nuclear power plants. Int. with Stanley and Btty Bell about Sam s altruistic motives and why the plant will not be built. Moving POV Shots of Connecticutt River and music over end credits.

The Last Resort (Anti-Nuclear Movement at Seabrook, NH) R1

A flock of ducks on a pond. Music and credits. Pull back to reveal marsh flats pond near ocean. Ground breaking ceremony for Seabrok Nuclear Power Station. New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson speaks in front of executives and dignitaries wearing hard hats and wielding silver shovels. Truly great day A line of geese in sky. VS Ocean waves breaking against beach. Seabrok resident Tony Santasucci speaks against the plant. Lid of nuclear reactor red hot coming out of forge. Other scenes of nuclear plant construction over narration. Executives showing different models of reactors. Map of nuclear plants worldwide. Press conference with William Tallman, President of Public Service Company of New Hampshire who is building the plant. Describes plants and cost estimates. Aerial view of Seabrook. Marshland, beaches, bridges. Drawing of ancient Indian burial ground. Animation of how nuclear power plant cooling pipes work. Interview with Dudley Dudley, NH state legislator who opposes plant. Pan over fishing boats in small harbor. Nuclear Regulatory Commission logo. AV of Seabrook marsh and plant site. Meldrim Thomson speaking at broundbreaking. Tony Santasucci and wife speak against plant. Horse drawn wagon leading anti-nuclear protest. Interview with Rennie Cushing on of the Seabrook activists and occupants about growing up in area and feelings about plant.

The Last Resort (Anti-Nuclear Movement at Seabrook, NH) R3

Gov. Meldrim Thomson at press conference defending nuclear power plants. Stock footage of storing nuclear waste. Men in decontamination suits with bulldozers, barrels. Waste pools at Hanford, Washington Nuclear Reservation. Men in suits working with radioactive material. Shots of Indian nuclear reactor. Map of countries that might possess nuclear weapons by 1985. Scenes of used fuel storage at reactor sites. Gov. Thomson on nuclear waste. Tony Santasucci and wife in his garden talking about radiation and Hiroshima. Police chief s wife about children and grandchildren. William Tallman, president of Public Service, on evacuation. People on beaches. Large crowd, summer haze. People in the surf. Interview with different people on beach about impossibility of evacuation. Int. with Carline Peruse, Seabrook resident and plant opponent on evacuation. Meldrim Thomson if we can handle sharks we can handle nuclear energy. LS Manchester, New Hampshire. Democratic nominee, Jimmy Carter introduced, comes on stage. Pro and nuclear arguments in crowd while Carter speaks. Really loud pro-nuclear guy gets in argument with old woman German refugee (famous photographer). Jimmy Carter leaving rally, answers our question about nuclear power and civil disobedience. Do you think citizens have a right to protect their environment. Nuclear power should be a last resort.

Title: This film states the opinions of the American Security Council Education Foundation concerning the military threat posed by the Warsaw Pact countries to the United States & its allies. It does not represent the official position of the United States Government for the Department of Defense.

22:00:23 B/W Pres. Kennedy sitting before microphones: It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack... speech continues over shots of United Nations, flags.

22:01:16 Color Main Title: The Price of Peace and Freedom Pt 1 of 2

B/W US Navy following USSR freighters w/ missiles.

22:01:44 Color Montage: Communist flags carried by marchers in Red Square, large banner of Lenin, large ICBM missiles pulled in parade past Lenin s tomb; int. XXV, 25th Party Congress w/ Brezhnev speaking & narrator translating in the struggle w/ the nations of the West, the Soviets had indeed been winning. Train into station, 13Feb74 w/ Alexander Solzenitzen aka Aleksandr Solzenitsyn at RR window & off train, deportation.

22:02:45 Speaking SOF at AFL-CIO dinner, Washington, DC about threat to US w/o nuclear war. CU of still.

22:03:33 SOF Brezhnev: Vietnam has been a glorious victory, after Vietnam it was Laos & Cambodia...

Crosscutting between the two re war, Communist ideology, detente, class struggle. Audience applauding Brezhnev speech. MS Generals applauding.

22:04:45 Montage: Soviet pilots run to MIG fighter jets; rocket on launcher raised; rockets to USSR bombers & bombs loaded. Large ICBM planes in forest. Tanks, planes, pilots, artillery firing, explosions, planes firing & tanks & troop carriers across river. Warsaw Pact exercises. Navy launching rockets. Bombers. (GOOD).

22:06:31 NATO ext. w/ flags. MCU SOF Gen. Peter Hill-Norton: The Soviet Union & its allies have, in there military policies, shown a steady & continuous improvement in both quality & quantity of weapons, equipment & training... Stresses Warsaw Pact superior numbers & questions their need for naval superiority.

22:08:22 B/W & color USSR naval ships, sailors, soldiers, radar. Submarines, flags, men training at sea firing guns, missiles, explosions. (GOOD).

22:09:50 Color ext. Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic. Admiral Isaac C. Kidd SOF ...Atlantic moat filled w/ predatory steel sharks conceived & constructed in the Soviet Union... Shots of subs, ships, aircraft carriers Kiev, etc. w/ VO. ...its the future that bothers me, it must bother you because the trends are all in wrong direction. Atomic & H-bomb (?) explosions w/ mushroom clouds. Soviet ICBM launched. CU crew & in silo. Atomic blast in ocean. ICBMs in Red Square. Military descending in USSR missile silo; men at switches, firing, launching. SS-9 (?) firing.

22:13:19 POV Yankee Class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine & crew at controls. Raising thru ice. Firing R-29 / SS-N-8 missile launches. (GOOD) Continued...

Cold War; Scare Films; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communists; Right Wing; Arms Race; Military Buildup; Alarmist; Defense; Offense

Early Warnings R2

Labor Union speaker - Jerry Gordon - about difficulty of worker s choice in search for jobs. VS workers building Seabrook nuclear plant. Dick Gregory speaking to rally and thanking the protestors and asking where are the black folks, etc. Shots of protestors about to try to occupy plant facing line of police behind fence. Comm. Kennedy on safety of nuclear power and his past on Kissinger staff. Protestors on sidewalk in front of NRC headquarters in Washington. Dick Gregory - there is a force inside of yourself... Protestors marching into plant over credits. VS police, Seabrook plant

Early Warnings

Aerial Seabrook nuclear site with titles overlaid. MS Native-American speaker. GV nuclear plant site with construction cranes. Man in hard hat carrying construction material up metal tower. AV construction site. Impromptu interview with Commissioner Richard Kennedy of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at NRC headquarters in Washington, DC. Plant would be safe if we licensed it. State police with dogs guarding reactor vessel on back of truck as it is moved. Speaker, Sarah Nelson from National Organization of Women (NOW) on stopping nuclear power. LS crowd at Seabrook rally. Dr. John Gofman speaking to about nuclear waste at rally. VS of silver shovels at groundbreaking and clearing and construction work on site. Commissioner Joseph Hendrie of NRC - the plant won t go forward unless it s safe. Seabrook resident woman addresses rally. Reactor vessel on flatbed Police removing protestors from in front of truck with reactor vessel. Pete Seeger on track singing Early Warnings. MS Pete Seeger on stage with Jackson Browne and John Hall. Dr. Benjamin Spock speaking to rally about danger of nuclear power to children. VS Seabrook dump (near rally site) with plant in background. Dr. Barry Commoner about nuclear power as junk. Protestors holding hands and circling around plant. Shots of Seabrook construction. Pete Seeger & Jackson Browne singing. Windmill turning. Crowd clapping with music. Int. with Jackson Browne and John Hall about dangers of nuclear power. Indian speaker Kariaktaja at rally. NRC Commissioner Richard Kennedy on confidence in regulatory process. Bread and Puppet Theatre with bigger than life puppets on Wall Street during anti-nuclear protest. CU and zoom out on Wall Street sign. Intrview with NYC cop. LS crowd in front of stock market. People being arrested. Giant bird puppet. Stock brokers and traders watching arrests, stepping over protestors. Int. with Amory Lovins on bad economics of nuclear power. Comm. Hendrie on effects of possible Seabrook bankruptcy.

No Nukes R1

Voice over over opening credits of Sam Lovejoy and Tom Campbell and musicians going over music line up. Crowd outside Madison Square Garden with MSG neon sign. Someone chants No Nukes. Man in Uncle Sam costume selling pins. Int. with mounted policeman on horse re disaster plans and nuclear power. Various comments re nuclear power and music. Jackson Browne and concert organizer Tim Sexton walking down hall in MSG with arms around each other. Jackson Browne, holding small son, greeting Bruce Springsteen. VS backstage and hallways. Carly Simon, Graham Nash, John Hall going over the words to The Times They Are A Changing. VS crowd at MSG, Sound Board, putting on make up. Graham Nash getting ready. 01:04:25 James Taylor & Carly Simon perform Mockingbird. Audience clapping

01:08:10 James Taylor & Carly back stage. Gil Scott-Heron introduces Bonnie Raitt who talks about rally. Backstage with Graham, James and Carly.

01:09:20 Bonnie Raitt performs Runaway

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;

No Nukes R2

Graham Nash, Carly Simon, James Taylor and John Hall perform The Times They Are A Changing .

01:14:50 Sam Lovejoy, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, John Hall talk about schedule, press conference. Graham Nash, John Hall, James Taylor, Jesse Colin Young, David Crosby speaking at press conference about dangers of nuclear power and proliferation.

01:17:50 Crosby, Steven Stills, and Nash rehearse Suite: Judy Blue Eyes and segue into performance.

01:20:24 Stills talking about song. Two black back up singers rehearsing. Jackson in hall.

01:20:56 Jackson Browne performs Running on Empty and audience applause

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;

No Nukes R3

Int. with Jackson Browne about artists getting involved in politics and nuclear power.

01:26:45 Jackson Browne performs Before the Deluge

01:28:30 Bonnie Raitt talking backstage about artists putting egos aside. Carly, James, others rehearsing Power backstage. Graham Nash talking with Tim Sexton about set change and showing Save the Planet movie. Jackson Browne on stage about energy in Madison Square Garden. Introduces Doobie Brothers.

01:29:46 Doobie Brothers perform What a Fool Believes

01:36:55 Jackson Browne on phone talking about film. Graham Nash in hallway. Musicians rehearsing Power. Graham Nash speaking with Ralph Nader about nuclear waste and nuclear power.

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;

No Nukes R4

Graham Nash performs Barrel of Pain .

01:39:44 Int. with Graham about nuclear waste dump in San Francisco Bay. Giant mutant sponges.

01:40:44 Barrel of Pain continues. Audience applauds. Fade out to distorted red light.

01:42:35 James Taylor in hall. Jackson and Graham talking.

01:42:52 James Taylor performs Your Smiling Face and audience applauds

01:45:46 James introduces film. Bikini atomic blast. Shot of crowd at Madison Square Garden. Soldiers going to atomic blast in Nevada desert. Chaplin describes beauty of atomic explosion and mushroom cloud to soliders waiting for test. It s a wonderful site to behold. Troops marching in silhouette. Soldier describes test . Large group of soliders during Nevada test in open. Int. with dying veteran, Paul Cooper. Int. with scientist about aready knowing the effects of radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions. Pres. Eisenhower Atoms for Peace Speech at UN. Pres. Johnson talking about taming the atom for peaceful use. Pres. Nixon talking about nuclear power and energy independence. Three Mile Island exterior. Int. with evacuees. Int. with people and children re TMI accident and radiation.

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;

Russian News of the Day 1980 #24

Brzhnev speaks to press & presents medals.

Large dam & strip mining.

Nuclear Power Plant;


May have other material.

Russian News of the Day #02 January 1980

W/ Brezhnev; Dam Construction; Atomic Nuclear Power Plant Construction; Steel Mill w/ huge furnace (?) on tracks; Farm Tractor Factory Assembly Line; Subway;

22:21:51 Arts & Crafts. Police or Military Graduation; Indoor long distance bike racing on enormous banked track. Kremlin & youth dance performance w/ singing. Folk Dancing.

Birth of NASA, The Pt. 2 of 3

Presenter Lynn Bondurant tells of Glennon s background as President of Case Institute of Technology & Commissioner of Atomic Energy Commission. Then Eisenhower nominates him & NASA is formed.

10.11.11 Glennon explains they inherited NACA, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, & its laboratories: Ames, Langley, Lewis, Wallops Island, VA & one at Edwards Air Force Base w/ 8,000 employees. Still photos of NACA aviation & airplane research. Glennon explains that NACA has started doing some research into shapes of equipment beyond planes but NACA didn t have expertise. Had only minimal rocket research available. Tells of meeting in late 58 at Huntsville & footage of meeting.

10.14.17 Stills of Von Braun. Tells of Cal Tech s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, JPL, which was transferred to NASA, then soon a portion of Army operation at Huntsville was transferred in and became the Marshall Space Flight Center. A week later Project Mercury was approved, man s first space flight program.

10.15.27 Man polishing capsule shape, wind tunnel tests being conducted, one-inch model fired on supersonic pre-flight ballistic gun range. Shadowgraph shown.

10.16.30 Men welding capsule versions; parachute drop test from AF C-130 on sled, capsule falls from sled & parachute released. Capsule splashing down in water.

10.17.31 Narrator Pioneer 1 probe launched toward moon a week after NASA established ca 12Oct58. Glennon talks about it; about how they were excited that they could talk to the probes.

10.19.11 Trail from a launch, then explosion. Engineers checking rocket components to improve quality control. Tells of first domestic jet airline service begins 10Dec58 between NY & Miami. Gives other events.

History; US Space Program; Moon Probes; Testing; Space Race;

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 3 of 4

CUs of paintings of American West w/ settlers & Indians. Two men packing paintings of Wyeth family in crates to ship to USSR. Soviet painting of Russian art w/ paintings in CU.

08:08:15 Gorbachev w/ body guards walking on Washington DC or NYC street & shaking hands. Woman says: The guys a P.R. genius, jumping out of the car & shaking hands like that.

08:08:38 Sec. of State Shultz & wife on street in Soviet Georgia.

08:08:49 President Reagan & Gorbachev at attention in front of flags in Washington DC on mall as Reagan greets him.

08:09:07 Graphic of US & USSR flag & talk of 1956 agreement to exchange magazines.

08:09:15 Billy Joel touring Soviet Union. Moiseyev folk troop touring USA.

08:09:32 Statement on humanising element of exchanges. Horowitz playing piano in Moscow w/ audience applauding. Bolshoi ballet dancing in USA. Russian children visiting Lincoln Memorial. Soviet kids on US Outward Bound type obstacle course.

08:10:35 Chautauqua Talks in New York & USSR w/ people speaking & listening. Information USA exhibit in USSR w/ people looking at tv monitors. Russian boy gives impression, subtitled.

08:11:10 US & USSR astronuats greeting in space. Sun over mountain while narrator talks of agreeing to study the threatened ozone layer.

08:11:28 Men signing agreements on studying safety of civilian nuclear power plants. Shultz cutting ribbon w/ Soviet Diplomat for hot-line system re nuclear dangers.

08:11:43 Grain unloading.

08:11:48 Soviet troops on tanks, troops in Afghanistan. US journalist Nicholas Daniloff after spying arrest in 1986 exiting passenger plane; was swapped for Gennadi Zakharov.

08:12:03 US Embassy in Moscow, antennas on nearby rooftops. US marine in handcuffs accused of collaboration in spy mission. USIA Voice of America studio

08:12:28 Dance Theater of Harlem performance. CU two men fitting US & USSR flags on poles. CU pedestrians in CU; Reagan & Gorbachev on platform on mall.

Cold War; Cultural Exchanges; Diplomacy; 1980s; Arts; Propaganda;

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Pt 1 of 4

17:12:30 Pre-1988 Aerials of Laboratory site & surrounding buildings.

17:13:52 Aerials Site 300 which is a test site in the Altamont Hills. Buildings w/ hills in background.

17:15:12 Building 111 - Sign at entrance for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

17:15:38 Visitors center - two men walk across wooden bridge in front of the visitors centre. Int. w/ tourists looking at displays including lights & kinetic ball light. Model of DNA on display, CU sign.

17:16:56 Science Education Center - Ford van outside building. Int. lecture in progress - library - students (science teachers?) conducting experiments - women at 1980s computers. Cute robot turning around.

17:18:10 ETA-II Electron Accelerator - Technician at equipment - pan along laser ?

17:18:50 Neutrino Mass Experiment - Large piece of scientific equipment / physics; technicians.

17:19:45 High Explosive Application Facility. Heavy steel & mounted in concrete stand.

17:20:27 Electron Beam Ion Trap - Technician w/ electronic equipment, man adjusts wiring at control panel; man at computer.

17:21:27 Weapons Materials Research & Development Microscopy. Men at computers - 3-D graphics on screen. Technicians w/ large piece of stainless steel equipment.

17:22:41 Nevada Test Site. Gate with signs - cars entering. AVs over test site, buildings against hillside. Dry lake. Zoom across desert past railroad locomotive to very large radio mast.

United States Government Atomic Energy Research Program; Nuclear Testing; Department of Energy; Test Site;

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Pt 2 of 4

17:24:33 Site 300 Front Sign Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Site 300

17:24:58 Site 300 Front Gate - cars & pickup trucks entering thrugsecurity post w/ identification.

17:25:50 Advanced Test Accelerator - Site 300 Aerials - Large facility buildings against hillside.

17:26:29 Advanced Test Accelerator (ATA) - Int. dolly along equipment w/ technicians.

17:27:34 ATA - Wiggler Magnets - Site 300. Pan & dolly along equipment.

17:28:20 ATA - Animation - Beam Path / Wiggler. Animation of laser beam &electron laser amplifier.

17:29:11 Lasers - Internal Confinement Fusion - animation. Colorful particles colliding.

17:30:46 Lasers - Nova. Ext large building. Int. technicians - large tubes, piping & equipment .

17:31:50 Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation - Dark room w/ many lenses placed at different out laser light. Man opens hatch, puts on protective goggles & adjusts equipment. Beams of laser light. Dolly (?) down corridor. Men at large electronic panels or computers.

17:33:20 Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation - Animation

Atomic Energy Research; Nuclear Research; Equipment; Military Research; 1980s;

Atoms For Peace

Pile of photos & atomic pamphlets added. Man working at atomic furnace in government laboratory producing atomic isotopes; handling lead bars, carrying vials in lead shielding. Refinery; oil well pumping at base of derrick. Animation of movement of oil w/ radioactive isotopes to track petroleum from wells.

07:41:05 Radioactive piston rings attached to piston & wear is measured in running engine. Animated diagram showing piston moving & oil w/ radiation. Technician in lab analyzing, counting by Geiger counters & printing out on tape. Automated machinery. Thickness of sheet metal being measured, animated drawing.

07:43:30 CU radiation detector dial. Paper rolls moved. Measuring pipes for cracks - animated explanation.

07:44:22 Photographic laboratory & processing exposed films of metal showing flaws. Radioactive atom in animation. Large shovel moving coal; interior of power turbine. Animation of reactor producing steam & electricity. Large model of first electric power plant run by atomic energy.

07:45:54 Arco, Idaho EVR breeder reactor exterior; interior w/ operator at control panel bringing up to power.

CUs. Lighted bulbs. Steam gauges Man opening valve to let steam into turbine, spinning drive. Dark ext.

07:47:58 Control room at panel to shift to electricity provided by reactor; MCUs & CUs. Exterior as lights come on. Farmers working in field; plant scientists & technicians working int. & ext.

07:49:35 Studying photosynthesis in laboratory w/ atomic tracers. Watering plants

07:50:50 Fertilizers w/ tracers used to measure how plants take up nutrients. Equipment monitoring various use of radioactivity. Patients in waiting room; doctor doing thyroid treatment.

07:53:09 Ext. of building w/ sign: Medical Research. Doctors & nurses in operating room.

07:53:40 NYC Montefiore Hospital w/ Cobalt Teletherapy Unit. Beam of atomic radiation being used to treat tumors in back, head for cancer treatment. Montage of farmers, factories, technical workers. The End.

Peaceful Atomic Energy; US Government Propaganda; 1950s; Atoms For Peace; Educational Films; Medicine; Medical Procedures;

Atoms For Peace: Working Together

07:56:02 CU Oscilloscope & man manipulating signal. LS United Nations. Int. of government research lab.

07:56:54 Turning globe, animation w/ stars behind. Int. of Manhattan project nuclear reactor.

07:57:28 CU Einstein in tuxedo speaking at microphone from paper; Bohr; Curie; Yukawa (brief shots.

07:57:40 Animated diagram of atom over spinning globe. Graphics of man looking at futuristic city on horizon. Isotopes moved by remote control in laboratory & shipping in lead cases. Lecture w/ blackboard & equipment showing foreign students.

07:58:50 High angle of Copenhagen city streets, ground level. United Nations 08Dec53 w/ Eisenhower speaking calling for International Atomic Agency; delegates listening in MS, CUs, applauding.

08:00:03 1954 conference at University of Michigan on atomic energy. United States presenting library papers to scientists of foreign countries.

08:00:48 United Nations General Assembly; MCU Henry Cabot Lodge, French delegate, translators (GOOD); Norway delegate in MCU. Int. of Norway laboratory w/ technicians. Indian delegate Krishna Menon. Ext of Indian factory; Teachers College, lectures. Brazil delegate speaking at United Nations. Sao Paulo streets & University of San Paulo. Rio De Janeiro streets.

08:03:36 United Nations General Assembly w/ Indonesian representative. Animated graphics linking nations. 04Dec54 voting creating International Atomic Agency. Technicians working; scientists touring US Argonne Plant, Chicago.

08:05:33 Philippine & US sign agreement, Summer 1955 to lease Uranium. Geneva street scenes & ext of Palace of Nations; interior w/ India presiding w/ nuclear scientists: Cockroft of Great Britain; Hahn of Germany; Libby of USA; Wexler of USSR; Bohr of Denmark. Scientists listening in CUs. Exhibits, hall.

08:07:47 Eisenhower touring. Aerial of large Swiss laboratory for European countries; Philippine lab.

08:08:35 Oct55 Men tour National Institute of Medicine in US.

08:09:25 CU sign: Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies. Lecture to foreign scientists, MCU. Scientists in India, Venezuela, Italy teaching.

08:10:56 Sep56 UN delegates arrive to approve Charter of Int. Atomic Energy. Lewis Strauss SOF says US will supply U-235. ...then the world can beat it s swords into plowshares... Signing Charter. Brazil delegate speaks SOF on atomic revolution. Ext. shots of UN. The End

Peaceful Atomic Energy; US Government Propaganda; 1950s; 1957; Atoms For Peace;