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Richard Nixon Richard Nixon  
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Archival film footage on Nixon from Footage Farm

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10:00:07 Stills of moon; stills from surveyor; WS launch pad;

10:00:46 Astronauts dress

10:00:52 BCU Conrad;

10:00:54 CU Gordon

10:00:56 CU Bean; MS crew leave transfer van; night shots launch pad and floodlights; interior general views LCR at 10:02:36 Cape; crowd shots day including Richard Nixon; night shots launch with voice over countdown; stills of 10:03:27 lightening strike;

10:04:36 Interior general views Command module; scenes of Houston MOCR

10:05:52 Docking with lunar module; MOCR interior intercut with poor quality command module interiors;

10:07:03 Crew shave on-board; poor quality TV transmission of module interior and moon's surface;

10:10:06 MOCR interiors; transfer to lunar module and separation all video;good quality shots lunar module in orbit and into landing; lands

10:10:42 MOCR interior; CU soft shot of lunar module from command module through magnifier; astronauts descend - joke about small one for Neil, long one for ?; LMS Surveyor in crater; Conrad collects samples; Stills and telereadings Bean leaving module; TV tube destroyed; stills of flag placed and stills of experiments being positioned; stills of mini-volcano;

10:17:40Telerecording of Gordon in command module; timelapse of Conrad and Bean descending stills of experiements

10:22:00 MOCR; lift off from lunar module; command and lunar modules docking;

10:23:44 Conrad and Bean in module; lunar module jettisoned; MOCR seismograph monitored; voice over statement by Maurice Ewing CU seismograph; stills of Fra Mauro; interior general views command module; MOCR scenes - good CUs of staff;

10:26:05 CU of sun

10:26:15 re-entry, splashdown and recovery - crew on to deck from chopper; specimens examined in lab; stills of lunar experiments; voice over by various technicians and scientists.



Stills of moon; stills from surveyor; WS launch pad;

Astronauts dress

BCU Conrad;

CU Gordon

CU Bean; MS crew leave transfer van; night shots launch pad and floodlights; interior general views LCR at Cape; crowd shots day including Richard Nixon; night shots launch with voice over countdown; stills of lightening strike;

Interior general views Command module; scenes of Houston MOCR

docking with lunar module; MOCR interior intercut with poor quality command module interiors;

Crew shave on-board; poor quality TV transmission of module interior and moon's surface;

MOCR interiors; transfer to lunar module and separation all video;good quality shots lunar module in orbit and into landing; lands

MOCR interior; CU soft shot of lunar module from command module through magnifier; astronauts descend - joke about small one for Neil, long one for ?; LMS Surveyor in crater; Conrad collects samples; Stills and telereadings Bean leaving module; TV tube destroyed; stills of flag placed and stills of experiments being positioned; stills of mini-volcano;

Telerecording of Gordon in command module; timelapse of Conrad and Bean descending stills of experiements

MOCR; lift off from lunar module; command and lunar modules docking;

Conrad and Bean in module; lunar module jettisoned; MOCR seismograph monitored; voice over statement by Maurice Ewing CU seismograph; stills of Fra Mauro; interior general views command module; MOCR scenes - good CU's of staff;

CU of sun

re-entry, splashdown and recovery - crew on to deck from chopper; specimens examined in lab; stills of lunar experiments; voice over by various technicians and scientists.


Mrs. Nixon-Nirdlinger Arrives! Former St. Louis beauty winner, recently acquitted in France comes home to forget . (1931) New York City

View of two-stack liner from water w/ tugboat alongside. Shot of two blonde women & two children, of Nixon-Nirdlinger, on shipboard. Overhead shot of reporters clustered around Nixon-Nirdlinger (aka Charlotte Nash) & CU of her. She wipes nose of one of her two children. Murderer; Gold Digger; Adultry;

Save the Planet R2

Chanting and beating drums. Native-American (Indian) marchers in Black Hills intercut with Bikini blast. Dr. John Gofman on track. Man in decontamination suit wiping up floor. Yellow barrels of waste stacked outside. Nuclear waste being placed in salt mine. LBJ speech on the peacefult atom. Animated atomic genie footage holding up electric transmission lines. Newspaper headline : Nuke Tower Felled on Montague Plain. Interview with Sam Lovejoy re toppling the tower and anti-nuclear movement. Shots of twisted reckage of felled tower.

01:12:35 Demonstrators being arrested at site for Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire on August 22, 1976. Police dragging them off. Dick Gregory making speech at Seabrook Rally in 1978 commending anti-nuclear movement. Zoom in New York city skyline at dawn as John Hall, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash and others sing Power. Solar flare. Sun glinting off solar panel. Interview with Guy Chichester by ocean in New Hampshire re economic benefits of alternative energy. Shots of solar homes, equipment, windmills, people working on alternative energy projects. Black woman extols solar hot water heaters on low income housing as people install equipment and build homes. Long pan down from sky to Black Hills sunset.

01:15:13 Stills of nuclear plants as President Richard Nixon talks about building more nuclear plants. Native-American Black Hils march. Track by John Trudell and Winona Laduke. Demonstrtors chanting No Nukes and being arrested at Seabrook. Other anti-nuclear marches including ones in Barcelona, France, Rocky Flats, Colorado, Japan, California, Washington, DC. Zoom into setting sun in Black Hills.

[HUAC - Hearings - Motion Picture Industry, 1947]

Motion picture cameras & sound men lined up. Reporters at table. MCU of ???? with white hair & bow tie. Warner & ??? & ??? Committee table with Richard Nixon, J Parnell Thomas. LS of room. Jack Warner takes oath. Spectators. Menjou at witness table. Eric Johnston & Warner.

Anti-Communist; Hollywood Ten; Blacklists;

Hearing On Communism in Hollywood

House Un-American Activities Committee gavelled by Parnell Thomas w/ Richard Nixon behind. Thomas makes statement that hearing shouldn't be considered an indictment of the industry. Eric Johnston statement that Hollywood wants Communists exposed.

Hearing On Communism In Hollywood

J. Parnell Thomas gavels HUAC Committee to order; Richard Nixon sitting next to him. Reporters taking notes. Row of five newsreel cameras & soundmen. Cu Thomas. SOF: I want to emphasize at the outset of these hearings...must not be interpreted as an attack on the industry itself...loyal Americans.

07:24:14 LS from rear of room. Eric Johnston in CU, SOF: We are accused of having Communists & Communist sympathisers in our employ. Undoubtable there are such persons in Hollywood as you ll find elsewhere in America...we want them exposed...we are responsible for what goes on the screen...we will never permit them to succeed.

Anti-Communism; Cold War; House Committee on UnAmerican Activities; Motion Picture Producers Association;

Our Basic Civil Rights


03:44:00 Man on sidewalk passing out literature and told to leave by store owner, shop keeper. Gets policeman to move him along. Staged courtroom scene w/ judge speaking to man & his lawyer; he dismisses the case. High school students brought in and introduced to judge and wants to talk about civil rights. Judge asks what civil rights include, students explain and read from Bill of Rights. Judge explains basis he uses: Civil Rights defend the individual from each other, hostile majority and sometimes the government.

Judge shows students drawing and explains them in terms of Bill of Rights.

03:49:0? More explanation, relating to Mr. Nixon appearing before the court and his passing out political literature.

03:50:2? Jury; witnesses seen and lawyer before judge.

03:50:4? Judge explains more; how trial might be run in country without civil rights. Film noir looking court and cop brings man in who s lectured by judge against him.

03:51:5? Judge speaking to students says your life can then be taken away on a whim without Civil Rights.

Civil Rights are inter-related. Again trial set up with witness, jury and lawyer. Civil Rights must apply to all and be allowed to grow.

03:55:?? Man lecturing; passing out literature; well to do residential street; poor inner city street with people standing about.

Stereotypes; High School Students; Research; Sociology; Political Science; Democracy; Myth; Freedoms

[Churchill Arrival & Greeted by V.P. Nixon]

People waiting by BOAC plane. Churchill in car with Nixon & V-sign. Convertible limosine leaving. Cameramens bags. People waiting for arrival (sd) as plane taxiis up. Applaud Churchill exiting plane, followed by Anthony Eden. To my mother's land, I've come with Anthony Eden to talk over some family matters and to see that there are no misunderstandings...and if we work together we may get along alright ourselves & do a lot to help our neighbors. Some of whom on both sides of the Iron Curtain face more problems than ourselves . More arrival shots. Nixon greeting & shaking hands. Arrival at White House. Interior w/ ?? Cameramen on lawn. (Some over exposed)

Eisenhower with Nixon (election campaign ?)

Suitcases - sign Dick Nixon Special - People on balcony at airport with posters re Pat and Dick Nixon - woman gives flowers to Mrs Nixon. I ke and Richard Nixon together surrounded by group. Sign We Love Pat. Richard Nixon kisses two small girls. Mr and Mrs Nixon on steps of aircraft.

Nixon and Khruschev Kitchen Debate - NB Clearance must be sought from Ampex before use.

Khruschev makes long speech in Russian and gesticulates with hands whilst Nixon stands in background. Nixon to microphone talks about success of exposition - says he was asked by Russian market manager for tickets when he was aout walking that morning which he had delivered to him.

Nixon and Khruschev in hat - Nixon speaking re competition between USSR and USA - technology - says there should be a free exchange of ideas especially when each have progressed further on different things, for example Russia has made more progress in rocket / space race technology whilst USA have progressed further in the development of colour television. K cuts in saying they are more superior. Voice out of vision explains that interview is being recorded on Ampex colour videotape (inventions). K speaking in Russian.

Nixon tells K that everything he says in Moscow will be reported in America. K asks if Americans will see pictures when Nixon says yes he shakes hands. Laughter.

Cold War

Vice President Nixon Praises Work of Senator Schoeppel

V.P. Nixon seated at desk with Senator Schoeppel talks about end of 83rd Congress and their accomplishments & congratulates Senator Schoeppel. Schoeppel says it has been a pleasure to serve in the Senate under Nixon. Says they have put a lot of fine constructive legislation on the books.

20:40:07 Sen. Schoeppel Reviews G.O.P. record with Senator Bricker.

Senators Bricker and Schoeppel seated at desk. Bricker congratulates Sen. Schoeppel. Schoeppel says it has been a pleasure to work with Bricker. re Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Unknown Secrets: Art & the Rosenberg Era R2 Narrated by John Randolph. Featuring voice overs by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Tovah Feldshuh, Jack Gilford, George Irving, Tony Randall, Shirley Blac Romaine.

Ruby Dee reading poem over art shots. Stills and art work re Ethe Rosenberg. Int. with artist Marina Gutierrez about reactionary forces in government intercut with her art work. Rosenberg bus shelter in New York. Interview with Dennis Adams, artist who created bus shelter. Int. with author Robert Coover about his book, The Public Burning and Rosenbergs. . Wood cut stills of circus and Congressional hearings over Tony Randall reading excerpt from The Public Burning. Still of US Supreme Court. Supreme Court Building. Neon lit Times Square pan to Camel sign with puff of smoke. Tells how he decided on Nixon - clown figure - as narrator for book. LS clowns in circus. Nixon holding up microfilm. Nixon impersonator reads from Coover book. Congressional hearing, still of Whittaker Chambers pumpkin patch, Chambers holding up and opening hollow pumpkin intercut with art. Tony Randall voice over as Joe McCarthy, Ossie Davis reading J. Edgar Hoover over art work. Int. with Leon Marcus, artist who was harrassed by the FBI with his picture of Roy Cohn in frame. Describes painting picture of FBI visiting. Ralph Fasanella pointing out historical stuff in his paintings. CU flashbulb popping. Julius and Ethel leaving court house. Clemency march. Eisenhower waving. Universal headline Landslide for Ike. Pan down Times Square billboard. Eisenhower inaugral parade with Ike waving from open limousine. We Like Ike sign. Ike walking into press conference. CU cameraman. Art of White House. Other art work.

Artistic work in film by: Kim Adeles, Dennis Adams, Victor Arnautoff, Robert Areneson, Doug Ashford, Karen Atkinson, Gary Bachman, Rudolf Baranik, Terry Berkowitz, Angel Bracho, Crhis Bratton, Celia Calderon, Luis Camnitzer, Sue Coe, Richard Corey, Mort Dimondstein, Fred Ellis, Ralph Fasanella, Rupert Garcia, Marina Gutierrez, Jerry Kearns, Rockwell Kent, Margia Kramer, Fernand Leger, Leon Marcus, Paul Marcus, Arnold Mesches,Louis Monza, Francisco Mora, Antonio Muntadas, Alice Neel, Lorie Novak, Saul Ostrow, Pablo Picasso, Adrian Piper, Archie Rand, Martha Rosler, Juan Sanchez, Peter Saul, Greg Sholette, Kenneth Shorr, Deborah Small, Anthony Toney, Patty Wallace, Janet Winston, David Wojnarowicz

News In Brief - Mexico: Cortinez Inaugurated

Ruiz Cortinez takes oath as president. Outgoing President Alaman present. Ambassador O Dwyer and Nixon present. Army parade.

[Eisenhower Campaigning; Nixon by radio to Republican Convention w/ Ike s response, 1952]

Ext. (Si.) Ike walks thru crowd of applauding well-wishers. At railroad station, speaking at microphones (MOS) from RR car as people listen in rain. MS listening; MS speaking.

20:11:36 Si. POV leaning out of train pulling into station; speaking from rear to crowd in small town.

20:11:51 Si. Motorcade thru city w/ tall buildings, waving to waving crowd.

20:12:08 Sd. Robert Taft to mic & crowd applauding. I feel proud that citizens of Cincinnati have come out in such numbers... Introduces Ike & they both wave. I can summarize the purpose of everything I have to say in a four word axiom of Jefferson: Peace is our passion! Peace is my passion. (applause)

20:13:14 What I deplore in these cases of Berlin & Korea is this: the incompetence of political leaders which made military action necessary. (applause) Our fighting men of all services were summoned to snatch military victory from political defeat. Democracy cannot afford the luxury of assigning armies of soldiers to go around picking up after their statesmen. (applause) It takes smugness to try to stifle critics as the Democrat candidate did last week with the epigram that A wise man does not try to hurry history . Every American knows the answer to that one: neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him. (applause).

20:14:19 Si. Ike off train waving, shakes hands, photographers. Holds up broom w/ Ike signs on it. Crowd filling square - listening, Ike speaking (MOS).

20:15:01 Si. Ike & Mamie looking closely at television set. No tv picture visible.

20:15:10 Sd. Auditorium seen from front w/ Nixon voice speaking saying he s leaving decision to the Republican National Committee as to whether or not he stay s on the ticket. View of front of auditorium w/ crowd listening to Nixon s voice over the telephone. Nixon says he will continue this fight, he will campaign up & down America until we drive the the crooks and the Communists...and remember Eisenhower is a great man. Crowd stands & cheers.

20:16:06 Sd. Man at podium of Republican Convention: We want to take the vote, all those in favor of Nixon continuing as candidate will say Aye Large cheering aye!. Band plays. Eisenhower led to podium, w/ Taft & Mamie.

20:16:46 I have been a warrior & I like courage; and tonight I saw an example of courage. I do not mean to say that there will not be some who will find no items, nuances...stands up in front of all the American people & bares his bare the secrets of his economic life... Ike goes on & reads letter he s sending to Nixon asking him to fly to meet w/ him.

20:18:38 There shall be no...I am trying to show the American people what has been the result to them, abroad & at home, of an administration that has been too long in power. And as a result has grown arrogant, complacent & indifferent & away from the people.

Politics; Political Process; Korean War;

Politics - Ike And Stevenson Map Campaign Plans

Democratic Presidential & Vice Presidential candidates Adlai Stevenson & Sen Sparkman out of car at White House. Photographers.

03:51:57 Posing w/ Truman at desk. Swish pan...

03:52:09 Eisenhower w/ Nixon, John Foster Dulles & others around table. Standing talking, posing.

Election Campaign Planning, 1952;

Politics - Ike Okays Nixon; Adlai In Baltimore

Eisenhower in car at Wheeling, West Virginia airport; crowd waving w/ hand-lettered signs. CU smiling Ike.

04:24:42 Richard Nixon & wife, Pat Nixon, off United Airlines Dick Nixon Special airplane, Ike walks down from plane w/ him CUs waving, handshaking MS. Fans cheering.

04:25:04 Adlai Stevenson & Senator John Sparkman (Vice President Candidate) waving w/ others in Baltimore. Seated crowd w/ placards; Stevenson at podium speaking SOF: I don t like taxes, I doubt if anybody does; I shall do everything I can to reduce them. But I shall make no promises that I know I can not keep! Applause.

1952 Presidential Campaigning;

Nixon Visits Corregidor

Jungle gun - Richard Nixon with ? inspect gun, Mrs Patricia Nixon. Nixon and other walking down pier - Sign Philippine Naval Station Port facilities. Limo carrying Nixons arrives at dock - board launch. On deck with ?

Party on walkabout - looking at guns - children waving flags. Banner welcoming Vice President Nixon and party - Mrs Nixon with children. Party on deck of launch. Entrance to Malinta Tunnel - party in tunnel looking at relics from the Pacific war. Sign Gen. MacArthur H.Q.

Eisenhower Inaugurated - Complete

Capitol. Traffic in snow; people off planes & trains. Street scenes. Buttons, balloons. White House & press. Truman greets Ike & Mamie. Motorcade. Capitol grounds. Ike at stand; Nixon taking oath. Ike swearing in & part of inaugural address(w/ sd). Parade.

Eisenhower Inauguration - incomplete.

Crowds - people in trees. Ike arrives at podium - Short excerpt Nixon swearing in as Vice president. Eisenhower sworn in as President. Makes inaugural speech. Ike in open top car during parade. Ticker-tape

News in Brief - Washington D.C. - Senator McCarthy Wedding

Crowds outside St. Mathew s Cathedral - arrivals including Harold Stasson , movie star Constance Bennet and VP Richard Nixon. Interior church, marriage ceremony. Wedding party out of cathedral doors and down steps. Cutting cake at reception. Jack Dempsey kisses bride.

Eisenhower Inauguration - incomplete.

Crowds - people in trees. Ike arrives at podium - Short excerpt Nixon swearing in as Vice president. Eisenhower sworn in as President. Makes inaugural speech. Ike in open top car during parade. Ticker-tape

State Visit: Canada Prime Minister Arrives In Washington

Canadian Prime Minister St. Laurent off plane in Washington, first state visit in four years - met by Vice President Nixon & Secretary of State Dulles. St. Laurent arrives at White House; INT photocall w/ President Eisenhower / Ike.


Turning Globe - Eisenhower Inaugurated (w/ Parade)

07:23:03 Montage: Capitol in fog, traffic into Washington, people off airplanes & trains. Traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue looking towards Capitol. People checking into hotel; pennants, buttons, balloons.

07:23:32 Entrance to White House, limousine arriving. Photographers. Eisenhowers & Trumans greet Joe Martin & ??. Ike & Truman shake hands for cameras.

07:24:01 Motorcade along Pennsylvania Ave., POV past crowd at Capitol, motorcade arrival.

07:24:22 High angle of crowd, people in trees, w/ periscopes. LS of inaugural stand.

07:24:34 Intermittent sd. Ike & others down steps to front of stand. Nixon taking oath of office, crowd applauds.

07:25:06 SOF Ike sworn in by Chief Justice Vinson. Handshaking & kisses Mamie. To microphone. Shots of crowd MOS.

07:26:37 SOF ...realizing that common sense & common decency alike dictates the futility of appeasment we shall never try to placate an agressor by the false & wicked bargainn of trading honor for security. (applause) We must be ready to dare all for our country; for history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We must acquire proficiency in defense & display stamina in purpose. We must be willing individually & as a nation to accept whatever sacrifices may be required of us; a people that values its priviliges above its principles soon loses hope. The peace we seek then is nothing less than the practice & fulfillment of our whole faith, among ourselves & in our dealings w/ others. This signifies more than the selling of guns, easing the sorrow of war; more than an escape from death, it is a way of life; more than a haven of the weary, it is a hope of the brave. This is the hope that beckons us onward in a century of trial; this is the work that awaits us all; to be done w/ bravery, with charity, and w/ prayer to all-mighty God. My citizens I thank you. Applause & handshaking.

07:28:26 MOS Parade from Capitol w/ marhcing units; Eisenhower in car waving, paper falling. People lining street. MCU of Ike waving, hands hat to Mamie. Marching units past Presidential reviewing stand w/ military cadets. Montie Montana lassos Ike. Marching troops.

07:29:40 CU Ike & Nixon. The End.

Republican Presidential Politics; 1953; Oddities; Speech;

NOTE: Audio quality only fair. Ideally use w/ better audio.

Nixons in Asia

Richard and wife Patricia out of plane - greeted - inspects guard of honour. Meets President ? Walks in gardens and admires statue. Visits archaeological ruins / temples. Talks with children.

05:34:00 Nixon out of plane (Air France steps) - Greeted - inspects guard of honour. Meets with President ?

Troops give military display - going over obstacle course - manoeuvres.

Nixons in Korea ? and Japan

Nixon walking in group - inspects guard of honour - with officers.

05:37:55 Japan ? Ceremonial coach with outriders crosses bridge and lawns. Nixon and wife Pat leaving building or palace and into car.

State visit of unid. African

Flags flying, Car arrives at White house greeted by President Eisenhower.

04:08:12 Visitors met at airport by Vice Presidenr Richard Nixon and wife Patricia. Guard of Honour as USAF plane lands. Greeted off plane, Pat Nixon gives flowers to wife of visitor. Pose for photos. Inspect guard of honour.

04:09:57 Motocade.

Nixon visits Asia. Guard of Honour at airport as plane lands. Richard Nixon and wife Pat out of plane and greeted. Ceremonial outside building - Nixon in front of USIS microphone - People assembled with banners, one has Saigon ? - Nixon on walkabout with civilians, receives flowers. Motorcade with outriders arrives at government building. Party stands for anthems? - interior - speeches (MOS). Exterior more speeches - crowds with banners. Military band march past - VIPs watch and wave to crowd.

Nixon in Mexico.

Richard Nixon waving from open top car - car surrounded. Nixon, his wife Pat and another man seated on back of car. Welcoming crowds - banner welcoming - crowds outside building as Nixon and party exit. Nixon and wife down aircraft steps - greetings - flowers - crowds - guard of honour. Nixon and Pat out of car - cheering crowds - children

01:46:37 In Guatemala - Nixon with Armas

01:46:54 In flight. 01:47:55 Nixon welcoming guests to US Embassy in Guatamala. Nixon makes speech

(MOS) Reception - Armas recieves photograph as gift.

Sports - Baltimore Welcomes Baseball Orioles After 52 Years

Welcome parade with Vice-president Nixon 7 Pat Nixon. Floats.

Dulles Reports: Tells President Of Impasse At Geneva

Sec. of State Dulles off plane in Washington following Geneva Conference, greeted by VP Nixon. Dulles meeting w/ Pres. Eisenhower at White House; Dulles exits to car.

Canada s Chief: Governor General Addresses Congress

Gov. Gen. Vincent Massey applauded before address to Congress, shakes hand w/ Nixon. Brief speech on US-Canada relations; In our collaboration we may not always agree on every detail...but there is not a difference between us on the fundamental aims we pursue... ; Congressmen stand and applaud.

Rhee Urges War - Wants U.S. Support In Attack On China (1954)

Syngman Rhee enters US House of Representatives to speak to joint session to applause. V.P. Nixon & Joe Martin watch & applaud w/ others.

05:04:55 Rhee speaks in English (SOF). (difficult to understand & brief excerpts.

Diplomacy; Dictator; Post-Korean War; Cold War; Anti-Communist;

Highlights of 1955

Salk polio victory - Vaccine storage. Scientist Jonas Salk at press conference. Vaccines dispatched and kids queuing up and getting shots. Medicine; Infantilie Paralysis; Disease;

08:50:50 Parley at UN Geneva Summit re disarmament & Cold War: Interior conference & exterior Geneva UN building. International Conferences

08:51:25 Hurricane Carol in North East USA. Floods and damage. Weather

08:52:06 Plane crash in Rockies: Plane wreckage and rescue. Air disaster.

08:52:33 Argentina - Peron ousted - resigns and flees. Pius XII excommunicates Peron. Rioting. HQ of Labour Confederation looted. Dictator.

08:53:10 Ike heart attack: Eisenhower in wheelchair. Motorcade in hometown of Gettysburg. Ike at mountain retreat. Ike with Nixon and others.

08:53:52 Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend royal romance: Margaret - Headlines The Nation Waits Townsend in street with others.

08:54:24 French Colonial crises in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: riot aftermaths with burning cars and wreckage. Rabat - Huge crowd welcomes exiled Moroccan sultan Mohammed Ibn Yusuf. Yusuf sits on throne. Revolution; Independence; Arabs; North Africa;

08:55:02 AFofL & CIO merge with Reuther & Meany. Labor Unions.

08:55:34 Austria free: Austrian sovereignty restored - re Austrian State Treaty. Return of Austrian POWs from Russia - women holding pictures on train platform and tearful reunions.

News In Brief: Washington DC

VP Nixon made Honorary Member of International Association of Firefighters by President Redman in aid of muscular dystrophy, w/ young sufferer.

[Vice President Nixon s Visit To Guatemala]

Arrival of plane & Nixon & wife out of doorway. Nixon to press at microphones. Parade w/ formal military on horse & Nixon & wife in open convertible w/ security. Crowds along street. OUt of sedan & meeting w/ Armas & wife at mics. Armas reading speech, Nixon making remarks, shaking hands; w/ glasses making toast. Wives w/ glasses posing.

11:55:13 Armas & Nixon w/ glasses raised in toast; receiving line. Posing w/ VIP guests.

11:55:57 Large building under construction; market place w/ stalls. Many soldiers & Nixon w/ crowds around.

11:56:39 Nixon w/ Catholic VIPs, Nixon leaves in sedan.

11:57:08 Nixon w/ Armas & military visiting exhibit & looking at propaganda seized as Red Terror .

11:57:45 Title: Antigua. Welcom Mr. & Mrs Nixon, walking w/ flowers & ribbon cutting; holds ump scissors. Meets w/ kids, talks to them thru grill. Walks thru street; somebody faints or ??

11:59:03 Out of church (?). Walks past ruins of large church.

11:59:32 Title: Cena En Casa Presidencial En Honor Al Distinguido Huesped. Armas in formal military uniform greeting Nixons & others in blacktie. receiving line. Talking w/ drinks. Formal dinner w/ candles.

12:01:46 Title: Quezaltenango View from airplane. Armas waves from door, followed by Nixon out & thru crowd; ride in open car w/ US flag across hood. People waving. Cu of Nixon, Armas & receiving flowers & gifts.

12:04:55 Title: Dinner w/ formally dressed at long table. Armas & Nixon sit on sofa talking.

12:05:40 Title: Recepcion en la Camara Junior. Nixon w/ VIPs posing & VP Nixon talking, they applaud.

12:06:45 Title: Diferentes Aspectos De La Despedida a Mr. Nixon. Parade thru streets following formal military on horseback. Small crowd. At airport board plane.

Ceremonial Visit; Anti-Communist; Dictator; Cold War; Monroe Doctrine;

[Ike State of the Union Address to Congress, 1955]

06Jan55 Congress stands and applauds as Eisenhower arrives and makes his way to the podium. Ike at podium smiling - Nixon applauds behind him. VS Congressmen and women in gallery - Mamie ? Ike makes speech Nixon looking uncomfortable behind him [silent at first, sound cuts in; ...A decade ago in the death and desolation of European battlefields I saw the courage and resolution, I felt the inspiration of American them I saw too a devout America, humble before God. Apologises for length of address, shakes hands w/ Nixon and leaves Congress to standing ovation. Camera / sound man heard saying 55 minutes - length of speech?

[McCarthy w/ Broken Arm & Petitions; Eisenhower w/ Gift]

McCarthy w/ arm in sling into office chair, picks up phone & talks while holding glasses. MCU. Laughing. Capitol building dome. Armored truck w/ sign: 10,000,000 Americans For Justice pulls up and unloading of boxes of petitions onto sidewalk. Guard holding pistol, men look into boxes & pull out petitions.

18:50:06 Vice-President Nixon w/ three others at mics look at petitions or telegrams.

18:50:40 Senator McCarthy at desk in hearing room, arm in sling, laughing.

18:51:23 President Eisenhower at desk receiving gift from ?? as three others stand behind watching, laughing. Cameramen. Posing. Exterior of White House in winter but no snow. CU of gift.

Anti-Communism; Presidential Gifts; Diplomacy;

[Carlos Castillo Armas Speech & V.P. Nixon Anti-communist Answer]

Standing in front of books & poster w/ Communist Sickle broken by sword Armas reads speech to Nixon during his Goodwill Tour at the Exposition of ?? talks about his direction of the revolution that threw out Arbenz & Communist destructive influence. Nixon standing waiting for Armas to finish.

12:12:02 Nixon thanks him & says how gratifying it is to have seen this exhibit. Talks of the motion pictures received from USSR to win over the Guatemalan people. Thanks them for fighting Communism & says its the first time people have overthrown the Communist regime.

12:14:15 Third man shows & explains what things are; Fortunas Diary & handwritten notes; Communist Chilean teacher s letter & letters from Union. Shows him flyer How To Be A Good Communist.

12:15:40 Shows two books of Marx & Stalin that were in the schools. Children s book printed in Moscow in Spanish. Can of film shown from Sovexport Film. Pravda newspaper sent directly. Other magazines from USSR.

12:17:45 Talking about proof that Arbenz was controlled by foreigners. Its a good lesson for all of us to be on guard against what the Communists try to do.

Eisenhower Campaigns in Portland

Beauties with Ike umbrellas. Eisenhower and Mamie off plane and greeted. Crowds cheering. Motorcade - crowds line streets - Ike in open top car. FBI men walking next to car. Tickertape - good shot 6 press photographers in preceeding car standing to take shots. Ike into hall - audience stand and applaud. Ike on stage, picture of Nixon behind him. Ike and Mamie out and into car - cheering crowds.

01:09:01 Night - searchlight. Ike and Mamie out of building - police outriders. Interior hall - audience applaud.

Ike on podium with others. Ext. searchlights.

[Eisenhower Arrival and Campaigning in Portland]

Crowd at airfield with banners Spike for Ike Roth Likes Ike . Row of identically dressed women with Ike umbrellas & skirts. Plane lands. Ike and Mamie out of plane; shaking hands w/ VIPs. More Ike banners. Crowd chants. Eisenhower speech at stand. Motorcade through Portland. Car with photographers.

Ike gives speech in hall w/ Nixon portrait behind. Motorcade past democratic headquarters.

11:16:50 Night - Mamie and Ike out of car. Handshakes and salutes on stage w/ Nixon & his portrait behind.

Newsreel cameramen. Ike speech.

Landslide For Ike

Chicago, Illinois 1956 Democrat National Convention w/ crowd. MCU of Adlai Stevenson waving, people cheering. San Francisco Republican Convention & signs & delegates for Eisenhower. Ike & Mamie waving to crowd. Times Square & zipper sign w/ Presidential election results announcing Eishenhower & crowds cheering & waving.

14:34:49 Ike & Nixon w/ Ike giving V sign.

Main Title: Universal International News

Four Full Years - The Eisenhower Story

Title re public service.

Montage of factory workers, smoke stacks, auto assembly line, railroad engineer in cab & freight cars w/ combines. Combining.

20:13:47 Woman at cash register; mother & kids w/ groceries into car; traffic on overpass into city. People looking. Ike sworn in (SOF), inagural address, Korean troops homecoming w/ kisses & hugs. Sec. of State John Foster Dulles off plane, shaking hands, w/ Churchill. Ike & Dulles at Geneva Conference. United Nations address, 1953, on atomic control.

20:15:47 St. Lawrence Seaway announced & construction. Headlines on spending & inflation. Views of farming.

20:16:24 Construction of apartment house, interstate highway system, Health Education & Welfare building & workers.

20:17:00 Ike, Nixon & various foreign leaders from Indonesia (?), Africa; Queen Mother; Anthony Eden; St. Laurent; King Paul & Queen Frederika of Greece.

20:17:34 Press Conference talking about disarmament. Off-shore radar towers of early warning system & operators at scopes & telephones inside. Missiles raised. Launching of atomic submarine; planes flyhover.

20:18:40 Ike statement on next four years: we can all be grateful to the almighty...

Presidential Campaign Advertising; Republican Propaganda; Cold War; 1950s;

Landslide For Eisenhower

Small Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania town voting house w/ Prresident Eisenhower signing register. Putting ballot in box w/ Mamie.

02:43:22 Adlai Stevenson voting in Illinois. Other voters. NIght & zipper sign showing Eisenhower winning. People cheering in street. Eisenhower, Nixon & wives waving as people applaud.

02:43:47 Ike speaks (SOF)

1956 Presidential Elections; Winner; Celebration;

Republican Convention

15:31:29 POV past people waving on sidewalk (very light). Joe Martin past. Vermont delegation w/ sign. Sign: Citizens For Eisenhower - Northern California & pedestrians past. Women w/ We Like Ike sign & dresses; assemble map.

15:31:57 Reporters into White House. Nixon w/ Governor Knight & Senator Knowland. CU Nixon.

15:32:09 Press conference.

15:32:12 LS Cow Palace, San Francisco. Washington s Governor Langley at podium for Keynote Speech, SOF: the answer to the plaintive question that covered over the Chicago arena along with the ghost of the past is simple. The American people will, I believe & hope, throw the Republicans out of office the day when, if ever, they copy the Democrats and put the party first & America second.

Presidential Elections; 1956; Ike; Fashions; Promotion;

[French Ships Loading for Suez from Algeria (?); Eisenhower, Mamie & VP Nixon & wife] (ca 1956)

Both outs probably from 1956.

X3) Large navy ship (destroyer?) docked at sea wall. Reverse shot of shore of large port with railroad freight cars, trucks & many French soldiers on dock.

07:24:57 Girl & soldier saying goodbye. Troops march past camera w/ buildings in background. Sailor watching from ships rail, troops boarding gangway along side of ship, look down on others arriving.

07:26:18 Trucks & cars along dock area. Military vehicles to ships, tanks, jeeps.

07:26:50 Gen. Jacques Massu & ?? boarding ship. Jeep driven aboard ferry or ship. Trucks backed up onto landing craft.

X5) 07:27:43 President Eisenhower & Mamie out of Gettysburg house or polling station. Posing while sitting on couch w/ Nixon & wife. Eisenhower signing in at voting station.

Record Crowd - 92,000 Fill Stadium To Hear Billy Graham

Largest crowd in history of Yankee Stadium. People arrive at Yankee Stadium, onto field. Looking down from above. Richard Nixon on platform with him. People listen. MCU of him talking (MOS).

News in Brief - Washington D.C.- Mental Health Week

Vice President Nixon and Senator Smathers of Florida ring bell - bell was cast from chains and shackles previously used in mental institutions

Eisenhower Doctrine to Congress

Applause as Ike takes stand. Speaker presents President - Ike thanks Vice president Nixon and Speaker. Ike speaks on Middle East situation - international communism - Russias desire to control Middle East - not oil but World domination.

Suez - Israel - Egypt

King Saud visits President Eisenhower - Part 2

King Saud with President Eisenhower inspects troops. Press surround open top car as pulls away. Cortege, crowds lining streets. Good shots FBI men walking by limousine. Banner over road welcoming King Saud. Car arrives at Blair House, the President s guest house. King and Ike up steps. Flags of US and Saudi Arabia.

14:53:10 Night - Car carrying King arrives at White House for formal dinner. Richard Nixon arrives and into W.H. Ambassador Walter George arrives. Unid. Arabs arrive. Joseph W. Martin Jnr arrives. Fred Davies, Aramco official greets group of Arabs.

14:54:32 King visits Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Ceremony - wreath laid. Last post played.

14:55:28 King visits George Washington Mount Vernon memorial - wreath laid.

14:56:09 Blair House. Sec of State Dulles arrives for meeting.

14:56:32 Exterior hotel. Interior V.P. Nixon hosts official luncheon for King. Herbert Hoover Jnr in receiving line.

14:56:56 Saudi Arabian Embassy - interior Richard and Mrs Nixon welcomed. Foreign diplomats received by King. Good shot movie cameras. Mrs John Foster Dulles shakes hands with King. US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, George Wadsworth. Sam Rayburn ? speaker of House of Representatives. Children of Saudi Ambassador meet King.

14:58:55 Washington Islamic Centre / mosque. King arrives. Shots architecture. King leaving surrounded by crowds.

King Saud visits President Eisenhower - Part 3

Pentagon - Troops present arms as King Saud arrives. Sec. of Defence Charles Wilson and Admiral Radford greet King. Inspect Guard of Honour.

15:00:44 White House - interior King and President sit talking.

15:01:10 Walter Reed Army Medical Centre - King visits son Prince Mashhur who is having tests - suffers from cerebral palsy.

15:.01:34 Exterior building ? Interior - formal dinner hosted by King for President. Richard Nixon - Earl Warren - Loy Henderson and others with King.

15:02:01 King and President stand together.

15:02:15 King visits United States Naval Academy at Annapolis firing salute. King inspects guard of honour. Cadets marching. King presented with plaque. Basketball game between Academy and Bute university.

15:03:54 King into car and drives down road lined with cadets. King returns to Walter Reed hospital to collect his son. Child holds message to people of America thanking them for good wishes.

15:04:52 Blair House - Dr Charles Malik from Lebanon enters - Greek Ambassador enters. Iranian ambassador enters. Interior - King seated on sofa with Iranian Crown Prince.

15:05:44 Saudi embassy - childrens party hosted by Prince Mashhur - kids round table. Prince with bicycle given to him by chauffeurs.

15:06;30 White House, King and Ike walking to car. President says farewell.

15:06:50 Night shots - rain - cars arriving at airport. Nixon with King. Air Force One takes off in rain.

News In Brief - Nixon Visits Morocco

Nixon visit Africa & Rabat, Morocco on Goodwill tour - motorcade with Sultan. Patricia Nixon holds Sultan s small daughter. Nixon discusses with Sultan Muhammad Ibn Yusuf (aka King Muhammad V).

Nation s Tree: President Opens Festive Season

VS President and Mrs Eisenhower join Vice-President and Mrs Nixon for annual tree lighting ceremony; Eisenhower at podium, tree lights up; Pathway to Peace sign.

And Now Tomorrow Pt. 1 of 3

06Mar57 One minute past midnight & Ghanians celebrate Independence in streets. Kwame Nkrumah onto stage & dancing & waving to crowd.

05:32:07 View over forest. City of Accra w/ street filled w/ people & Nkrumah standing in convertible driven thru people VO: He is a symbol of their aims, their hard won victory... POV past waving crowds. Stadium & British army handing over authority. Nkrumah talking w/ Ralph Bunche of United Nations. Soldiers of Ghana & military band playing.

05:33:20 Traditional band & dancers in stadium. People watching. Religious ceremony. British rulers leaving. Nkrumah waves in CU.

05:34:33 Pan over Ghana countryside. Ancient coastal fort & pan over town. Ghana tribal chieftains in robes & under umbrellas walking past camera; band in front of Memorial Hall.

05:35:42 Vice President Richard Nixon & Pat (holding small black girl); he shakes hands w/ chiefs. Pan over crowd & awnings above various tribal groups posing. Talking drums, dancers. Women dancing.

05:37:13 Coast w/ fog, boys on canoe or log; others playing in waves. Man cutting coconut & drinking. Pan over river, bridge on Volta. People off ferry along w/ car & trucks. Highway.

05:38:29 Oil storage tanks & pipelines; men turn valves. Mobil Oil service station; people around truck - bus. Accra sign; high angle of bus depot & bus pulling out. View over city; streets & traffic; policeman directing traffic. Pedestrians walking w/ goods on heads. Busses. Woman w/ large tray of books on head. Vendors selling clothing etc. on street. People walking under palm trees.

05:40:29 Sign: You are entering Salt Pond. Large group of people in barren lot w/ cars; people talking & getting ballot. People wave as Nkrumah walks past, mounts podium, people watching. He speaks (MOS) in shade.

05:41:08 Large Government building w/ flag flying. Rolls Royce limousine past & led by motorcycle out to gate w/ guard. At large table w/ Whites sitting as Nkrumah speaks (MOS). Government Courts building w/ seal or coat of arms.

African Independence; British Colonialism; Celebration;

Main Title

21:00:21 Record Crowd, 92,000 Fill Stadium To Hear Billy Graham

Ext. & parking lot. Crowds in, walking across grass stadium w/ filled grandstand beyond. Both Blacks & Whites. Banner Jesus I am the way & the life draped from upper level deck. LS of speakers platform & grandstand behind.

21:00:48 Shaking hands on stand w/ Vice President Nixon. Crowd shot.

21:00:56 At mic speaking & gesturing (MOS).

Evangelical Christian Religion; Popularity; Religious; Protestant;

Universal International News - News Review Of 1958

12:06:49 Night launch of USA first satellite, Explorer in MLS, MS. December, Atlas Ballistic Missile launched. 12:07:16 SSN Nautilus underway in ocean; men at controls. Shot of crevasses in ice. CU Commander Anderson of Nautilus. Submarine on surface & coming in towards camera w/ men on deck.

12:07:49 MCU Chicago Daily Tribune headline: Alaska Voted Statehood; kids hold pennant 49th State. Banner: Anchorage All-America City over main street w/ traffic & pedestrians. Stuffed bull moose w/ sign: Hey Texas Now I m the Biggest Bull. Girls in convertible wave & laugh. Large flag on government building.

12:08:09 VP Nixon & wife thru South American streets. Caracas mobs stopping car, shouting. Aftermath showing broken windows from outside & inside of car.

12:08:27 Charles De Gaulle out of car past cameras to microphones, seated as photographers take pictures. Riding in open convertible thru streets as head of 5th Republic.

12:09:02 Brussels Fair & large pavillions; women w/ flags. Fountains. Large USSR hall (brief). Ext. of US pavillion.

12:09:19 Khrushchev shaking hands w/ Egypt s Nasser. Nasser speaking (MOS); men listening. Demonstration march or parade w/ banners & flags of UAR.

12:09:41 King Faisal II of Iraq & Uncle Prince Abd al-Llah riding in carriage thru street. (Killed 14Jul58)

12:10:00 Lebanon harbor; US Marines, Beirut landing, jeeps off landing craft. People applauding. Boxes & supplies ashore.

12:10:27 Quemoy Island & artillery in place; men move ammunition out of bunkers; men run thru trenches. Men look thru long range binoculars at mainland China across straits. US 7th fleet & convoy. Unloading bags of flour thrown into landing craft.

12:11:22 Berlin, Germany Large modern buildings. Pedestrians crossing street; traffic police. Sign: leaving West Berlin. POV past destroyed buildings in East Berlin, Soviet Sector. Communist police drilling. Unter Den Linden w/ horse cart & little traffic; men push hand carts in street. Ext. of British government building. US, British & French soldiers at attention outside Russian building.

12:12:10 Pope Pius XII w/ Cardinal Spellman; crowd beneath balcony. People passing body of Pope. St. Peter s Square completely filled, Pope John crowned (others block view except for crown), bells ringing; John giving blessing

12:12:57 The End.

Year Ender; Highlights of 1958; Newsreels;

[Nixon Touring South America]

Wreath-laying at statue of San Martin w/ large wreath, flags. Vice-President Richard Nixon at attention before statue, journalists & others behind. LS of crowds of protesters w/ placards held back by police or soldiers. Chase Nixon in street outside San Marcos University.

17:00:42 Nixon & wife off plane in Ecuador. Shakes hands w/ ?? Visiting partially completed school w/ kids in suits waving American & Ecuadorian flags. Nixons pose smiling.

Diplomacy; Anti-Capitalism; Communism; Cold War; Students; Propaganda; Anti-American Demonstration; 1958; 1950s;

NOTE: Demonstrations partially in response to US activity in Guatemala.

[Nixon Venezuela Trip & Return To Washington]

Nixon Air Force airplane landing in Venezuela. Crowd w/ banners protesting outside aiport terminal. MCU of young men w/ whistles in mouths, holding caricatured drawing of Nixon. MS sign Go Away Nixon, Go Home.

17:06:44 Nixon & wife wave from plane doorway; MCU. Walking past troops on runway w/ Army General & others.

17:06:59 High angle of Nixon alongside & entering closed car surrounded by military VIPs. Students & others shaking raised arms. Army soldiers alongside car thru shouting crowd.

17:07:18 Street w/ men running toward camera, motorcade w/ motorcycle police in opposite direction. MCU of mob catching up to Cadillac car leading motorcade. Policeman on motorcycle stands alongside car w/ men jeer & gesture. Sign w/ Guatemala on it.

17:07:35 View from inside of car looking out of shattered car windows. Soldier standing alongside seen from outside. CU outside of window.

17:07:43 US Embassy & Nixon shaking hands w/ Venezuela leaders. Soldiers running thru streets as Nixons leaving for airport. MCU past camera, hand shaking w/ US & Venezuela VIPs. Wave from plane.

17:08:15 Washington DC National airport & large crowd w/ signs. President Eisenhower arrives. Nixons wave & off plane, shake hands with Ike & others.

17:08:58 Nixon at microphones w/ Ike beside & crowds around. May I say that...incidents in which a very small violent vocal minority were able to enlist the support of some innocent people who were misled as to what US motives really were. Violent incidents occurred. I can tell you that from my observations in each one of the countries we visited, that the great majority of the people...are friendly to the United States today (applause).

17:09:44 Nixons s, flowers & Ike in convertible to White House w/ motorcycle escort & cheering crowds. Arriving at White House, posing for photographers.

Diplomacy; Anti-American Demonstrations; Anti-Communist; Communism; 1950s; 1958;

Red Fair Opens in New York

Russian Turbo-prop transport plane arriving New York. Deputy Premier Koslov of Russia descends aircraft steps. Exterior exhibition hall. Koslov and other man wave to cameras. Exterior hall with Russian and American flags. Crowds outside. President Eisenhower with Nixon arrives to visit show, Ike shakes hands with Koslov. Exhibition hall with exhibits of Soviet scientific achievements including Sputnik. Model of nuclear powered Ice Breaker. VIPs leave hall.

Space Race

News Review Of 1959

Vice-President Nixon touring US Fair in Moscow w/ Kruschev during visit to Russia. Kruschev visiting US - at airport, in motorcade & posing w/ President Eisenhower at Camp David.

17:30:15 Animation of new Soviet space probe, first to take pictures of Moon - stills shown. Monkeys Abel & Baker sent into space by US. Project Mercury astronauts in weightlessness chamber

17:31:15 Castro addresses cheering crowds in Havana following Cuban Revolution.

17:31:55 St. Lawrence seaway opened - Ike & Queen Elizabeth on deck of royal yacht Britannia.

17:32:12 Celebrations to mark Hawaii s accession as 50th State of the Union - hula girls - volcano erupting.

17:32:41 Prince Akahito of Japan poses in ceremonial robes & on steps of Palace w/ new bride Mishiko Shoda.

17:32:58 Stephen Rockefeller out of church in Norway w/ new bride Anne Marie Rasmussen.

17:33:12 Shah Pahlevi of Iran after marriage to Farah Diba.

17:33:25 Destruction in Japan after worst typhoon in its history - civilians wade through flooded streets.

17:33:42 John Foster Dulles filmed not long before death from cancer.

17:34:00 Dalai Llama photocall w/ Nehru after seeking refuge in India from Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet. Nehru on horseback through mountain village.

17:34:28 Troops from Communist-held Vietnam attack Laos - exodus of refugees.

17:34:44 Ike arrives at National Airport after completing 11-nation tour - cheering crowds wave sparklers - Ike gives Victory sign from passing motorcade. Brief shot White House at night.

Space Race. Cold War. Royal Weddings. Southeast Asia. Anti-Communism.

1st Round Ends. Mr. K Says farewell and Awaits Ike in the Spring

Khruschev and President Eisenhower out of car outside Blair House. Ike says farewell to group on steps. Night shot K makes farewell speech at Andrews AFB - Nixon stands by side. K speaking and translated. K says there should be more OK s between Russia and USA. K and Nixon shake.

Cold War

X-15 (1959) Pt. 2 of 3

Edwards Air Force Base, California (17Sep59)

Archival film of X-1 breaking sound barrier. X-2 beneath B-52 airplane & dropping seen from above and below. Animated diagram of planned route of X-15 & radar stations during flight from California, across Nevada, to Utah. Returning plane w/ heat built up shown in animated drawings.

18:10:35 Space suit fitted to pilot Al White & boarding TF-102 in suit. Rocket sled w/ pilot in suit to over 1000 mph. Nose section of X-15 tested on rocket sled w/ ejection escpe system & dummy parachuting back. Engineers in drafting lab, assembling new alloys in test assembly for three test planes.

18:12:54 Pilot into flight simulator. Computer; instruments in simulator. Centrifuge training & CU of test pilot, flight surgeon & test director monitoring.

18:14:12 Vice President Nixon speaking at mics at unveiling of X-15. Crowd around plane. At Edwards AF Base X-15 inspected, tested. Fitting plane into cradle under wing & trial flights of B-52 w/ X-15.

18:15:54 First test drop & various views of plane, pilot & instruments. Ground communication. First landing on lake.

NASA; Air Force; Experimental Test Flights

Continued on Pt. 3 of 3

Russian News of the Day 1959 #03 January

Whole world is amazed Soviets launch rocket at the moon, CU various nationality newspaper headlines in montage. News Chronicle - Russia Shoots At Moon , Daily Worker - First Man Made Planet .

14:44:20 GDR man in control room receives signals from Soviet rocket, data tape records, CU coded signal printed out, large telescope. Man at control panel, reads signals from Soviet space ship or satellite on oscilliscope. Sophia, crowds outside Soviet Embassy, CU smiling, cheering people, Soviet Embassy representatives on balcony applaud, people cheer. CU newspaper articles, worker reads out the news to others. Chinese People s Republic, audience, LS stage, representative of China s Academy of Science, reads news about USSR space achievement, applause. Men at coffee table, CU President of China s Academy of Science says (SOF Chinese w/ Russian narration over) that USSR rocket launch is great scientific success. CU man at telescope, shot of moon.

14:46:05 Mikoyan s visit to USA NYC skyscrapers. Mikoyan exits car, photographers, pose w/ John Foster Dulles. Mikoyan & others visit large supermarket, talk w/ employees, customers. Photographers take pictures, visitors place things in trolley cart, cashier at checkout bends over counter to reach Mikoyan s cart, Mikoyan pays for groceries & they exit w/ shopping bags. Car on road, Soviet delegation w/ Mikoyan enter government building; meet Vice President Nixon; CU Mikoyan & Nixon pose, smile, CUs.

14:48:02 Map w/ Omsk, Novosibirsk & other regions. After Great Plan , Siberian workers look at plans, measure & survey over snow. Raise large steel towers. CU workers high up on construction of new refinery or factory. North Siberia oil & gas workers near tent, man on phone, pushes plunger, dynamite explosions, people in heavy coats work on drilling rigs. Oil derrick, construction cranes & building apartments; large model of future city.

14:50:06 All Union Count of Population Moscow, census takers on street, tall apartment houses. Interview

family members (SOF) around table. Outskirts of Moscow road, new culture house w/ woman & man at table, write down information. Wintery town, counter walks on snowy road, in apartment sits at table w/ family. Hospital maternity unit, women w/ new born babies, give names, CU baby. Woman w/ 111 yrs. old man, CU old man, shot of poster: on the 15Jan59 is start of counting population .

14:51:58 Biggest in USSR , ext astrophysics observatory, construction of largest USSR radio-telescope; workers & shots of huge construction, LS radio telescope.

14:52:41 Soviet Gymnasts in Hungary Soviet Ukrainian gymnast Raisa Borisova(?) performance to applause; performance on horizontal bar by Raisa Gabliyevsaya(?). Performances by Soviet champion in gymnastics Boris Tkachov; on the horse champion Urij Titov; on the high bar Soviet & world champion Boris Shohlin. Applauding audience. The End

09:00:13 Stern looking Vice-President Nixon walking w/ Khrushchev & others at Moscow World s Fair. LS of photographers taking pictuers w/ Buck Minister Fuller s geodesic dome, US pavillion, in background.

09:00:20 Nixon & Khruschev w/ scissors laughing & cutting ribbon to open exhibit. Applauding.

09:00:32 Overhead shot of crowd following K. & Nixon w/ guards inside. MS of both looking & walking. MCU of toy display.

09:00:45 Nixon & others including Mikoyan standing under overhead lights to be recorded on Ampex two-inch color tape recorders. MS K. gesturing & talking & waving goodbye. Nixon - You would have made a good lawyer yourself. Nixon says he ll be seen on television in US. Translated. They shake hands as Nixon says it will be sent over the Soviet Union.

Propaganda; Cold War; Expositions; World Fairs; Technology; 1959; Communism; Capitalism;

Pro Grid Crown - Colts Trample Giants, 31-16 (Claimed by National Football League)

Ext. Baltimore Stadium; Vice President Nixon in MCU watching; shot of filled stadium upper deck.

01:17:41 Begin footage of game. Several good crowd shots.

1959 American professional football.

NOTE: Rights must be cleared before using game footage.

49th Star - Alaska Statehood, New Flag, Official

21:26:30 LS White House. Int. Eisenhower at desk w/ Nixon, Rayburn & Congressmen behind him & seated beside him. Photographers. CU Ike signing as people watch..

21:26:58 Ext. Paramount Flag Co. Int. women silkscreening stars on flag; woman sewing flag & holding it up.

1959; Ceremony; Manufacturing Flags;

Kennedy - Nixon Meet Your Candidates.

John Kennedy (JFK) and Richard Nixon on stage talking to press. JFK and Jackie in open top car - ticker tape parade - crowds. Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, Kennedy nominated on first ballot. JFK on platform with sister and Mother, Rose. Cheering supporters. Senate meeting JFK and brother Robert, 1958 JFK votes, Jackie waits outside booth. 1952 wins in Massachusetts. 1960 JFK with Lyndon B Johnston, running mate.

14:5:39 Berlin, Brandenburg Gate. Kennedy campaign in Germany, election buttons / badges. Cars with Kennedy posters. JFK at home with wife and two year old daughter Caroline, sitting on couch.

14:16:07 Chicago, July 1960 Nixon at Republican Convention. Nixon with wife Pat, mother and daughters on stand as crowd cheers. Nixon with Henry Cabot Lodge his running mate. Nixon with Eisenhower and Cabot Lodge sitting at table. Nixon at Cabinet meeting chatting. Nixon visit to Poland, cheering crowds - Nixon visits ruins of Warsaw Ghetto. Nixon with Khruschev at US Fair in Moscow (Kitchen debate).

14:17:37 Nixon campaigning - crowds. Television screens, Nixon and Kennedy .

14:18:10 Kennedy speaks re reasons why Democrats should win. Defender of freedoms - Liberal traditions of Party:Asks for support.

14:19:08 Nixon election broadcast. Says America wants leaders who will keep the peace without surrender. Talks of knowledge of Khruschev.

Nixon and Kennedy together

Cold War

Kennedy Elected

Sign - Legal Holiday - Election Day. Queues to vote. Priests voting . Eisenhower arrives by helicopter to cast his vote. Ike putting ballot in box. Mamie Eisenhower casts vote. Boston Pubic Library, John f Kennedy arrives with wife Jackie to vote. Richard Nixon and wife Pat vote in Los Angeles. Henry Cabot Lodge casts vote. Lyndon B Johnson LBJ casts vote. Public voting. Zip banner ( moving electric light news hoarding } says Kennedy overcomes slow start. Hyannis Port, JFK and Jackie in gardens pose for press.

14:24:26 Nixon more or less acknowledges defeat. More voting and counting. Next day, news stand, man picks up newspaper, New York Mirror, Headlines Kennedy. Kennedy with Jackie, Mother and Father Joseph on stand, sends message to Nixon. Says to the public that next few years will be difficult and asks for help of the United States. Says he and his wife will prepare for a new administration and for a new baby.

Politics 1960 - Presidential Fever Sweeps the Nation.

Wisconsin Presidential primaries. Hoarding with Hubert Humphrey and Kennedy posters. Polling, ballot paper, people voting. Kennedy (JFK) beats Humphrey. Republican Womens National Conference in Washington - audience eating fried chicken from boxes. Eisenhower and wife and Richard Nixon in audience eating. Ike endorses Nixon

Nixon Campaigning

Richard Nixon and wife Pat shaking hands with crowds. Nixon parades down crowded street in open top car, rear view Nixon on podium. Room filled with press ? two television screens one with Nixon and the other with Kennedy (JFK) on screens.

01:00;27 John Kennedy makes statement to camera ( ncomplete)

Republican Convention Highlights

GOP Convention - Crowds with placards waiting for Governor Nelson Rockefeller - Rockefeller out of plane and waves. Rockefeller at convention centre, ladies eating cake from buffet. Nixon poster in bg. People pick up badges from table. Nixon for President sign. Parade of floats with Nixon portraits. Nixon hats. Young women with Nixon signs wave at parade.

The Nixon-Lodge Ticket

GOP convention names Nixon & Lodge - crowd at convention. President Eisenhower with Nixon and photographers. Ike s motorcade is enthusiastically welcomed by crowd - car doused in confetti. Signs Well done Mr. President . Ike and Mamie cheered at convention.

18:07:41 Ike speech re challenge to Khrushchev I challenge him to this task: will he agree to the holding of free elections under the sponsorship of the United Nations to permit people everywhere (...) to vote on one single, simple issue(...) Do you want to live under a Communist regime, or under a free system such as found in the United States?

Roar of applause. Crowd in pit. Nixon s nomination as republican presidential candidate announced. Many pro-Nixon signs amidst crowd.

vice-president nominee Henry Cabbot-Lodge and wife. Lodge sound bytes re outcome of campaign, alludes to people s worries re Cold War It s like someone who s going to have an operation, he wants the best doctor .

Nixon with wife Pat, two daughters and mother - speaks with journalists re how hard it will be to follow in Eisenhower s footsteps.

Politics, USA: Candidates Take the Spotlight

Reporters outside JFK Hyannisport compound. JFK with Stevenson talks to reporters. LS Ext. house. JFK with LBJ.

Nixon with Lodge in Washington, DC

Kennedy Elected

Sign: Legal Holiday, Election Day, November 8, 1960. People in at polls, waiting in line. Into booth, signing in & Catholic priests into booth. Eisenhower arrives by helicopter to cast his vote, Barlow Firemen s Hall. Ike out of curtains, putting ballot in box. Mamie Eisenhower out of car wearing large Nixon button, shaking hands & casts vote.

01:32:50 Crowds outside Boston Pubic Library, John F Kennedy arrives w/ wife Jackie to vote. VP Richard Nixon & wife Pat vote in Los Angeles suburb home. Henry Cabot Lodge casts vote. Lyndon B Johnson, LBJ, casts vote. Public voting. Salinger & others looking at teletype machines.

01:34:08 Night & Times Square zipper banner (moving electric light news sign) says Kennedy overcomes slow start. Hyannis Port, JFK & Jackie in gardens pose for press.

01:34:33 Nixon & wife at local campaign headquarters; more or less acknowledges defeat (SOF).

01:35:26 Voters signing in & voting. Next day, news stand, man picks up newspaper, New York Mirror, Headlines Kennedy. John F Kennedy w/ Jackie, Mother, Rose, & Father, Joseph, on stand, reads message sent to Nixon (SOF). Says to the public that next few years will be difficult & asks for help of the United States. Says he & his wife will prepare for a new administration & for a new baby. Posing

1960s; Presidential Election; Democrats; Republicans; Democracy;

Election of John F. Kennedy, The

JFK waving from motorcade w/ Secret Service agents & police alongside; people on curb & lawns; Nixon & wife at night wave from convertible. Intercut campagining & conventions, debates, huge campaign crowds.

10:02:34 Train & Nixon campaigning, speaking from rear in railroad station (MOS). W/ American Indians, old timer miner, Hawaii.

10:03:45 Election day, flag raised on pole on school (?). Black.10:03:47 until

10:03:58 Streets & legal holiday signs & waiting to vote, reading ballots. Booth & machine; men & women enter, pull curtains. Leaving, others arriving & voting.

10;06:06 Helicopter lands w/ President Eisenhower to vote. Ike voting, photographers. Mamie votes.

10:07:22 Ambassador of Japan inspecting voting booths & observing.

10:07:49 Nixon & wife voting. Kennedy & wife voting.

10:08:34 Montage: street signs & signs relating to voting.

10:08:41 People enter school to vote in city. Signing in, waiting. Amb. U Thant observing in New York City.

10:09:39 NBC studios & coverage of election returns. Large floor cameras wheeled around. Huntley & Brinkley at desk. Tabulating machines & main frame IBM 728 (?) computer working. Printout. Party Headquarters & people watching tally boards.

10:10:42 Times Square zipper sign: Kennedy Pulling Ahead...Kennedy Leads in 17 States. CBS News Center & covering. CU Cronkite. Zipper sign re see-saw battle. Press covering.

10:10:32 JFK press secretary Pierre Salinger at teletype. Hyannisport crowd watching; Nixon makes statement. SOF I want to say that one of the great features of America is that we have political contests, they are very hard fought as this was is hard fought; and once the decision is made we unite behind the man who is elected. I want all of you to know...I want Senator Kennedy to know & I want all of you to know that if this trend does continue & he does become our next President he will have my support and yours too. Crowd waving, Nixon waving & leaving.

10:14:38 Empty chairs at Republican National Headquarters.

10:15:00 Newspaper stands in NYC & headlines re Kennedy. JFK out of house to talk to press; w/ daughter Caroline & Jackie. Sen. Kennedy before press in Hyannisport w/ Joseph & Rose Kennedy. Speaks: To all Americans I say the next four years are going to be difficult & challenging years for us all....a supreme national effort will be necessary in the years ahead to move this country safely thru the now my wife & I prepare for a new administration, and a new baby. Posing. The End.

Democracy; Government Propaganda; USIS; Diplomats; Candidates; 1960; Presidential Election 1960;

[President Eisenhower Meets w/ Nixon, Lodge & Herter at Summer White House, July or August, 1960]

18:30:13 Official car, VIP given identification by Marine; walked up steps.

18:30:41 Marine hellicopter & VIPs out & to house. Helicopter landing & VIPS out, John Eisenhower walking past w/ black briefcase in MCU. VIP car arrives & out & to house, last is Allen Dulles & walks up steps w/ large briefcase. Others arrive.

18:32:22 Slate: 01Aug60 (?). Int. Summer White House, Newport w/ Eisenhower at desk w/ VP Nixon & Henry Cabot Lodge. Pan from one to another as they laugh & talk.

18:33:29 Journalists taking notes. Nixon, Lodge into room & seated at desk w/ microphones. Nixon speakimg (MOS).

18:34:28 CU over shoulder of man taking notes. LS of Nixon & Lodge. Newsreel cameramen. MCU Lodge.

18:35:08 Slate. Ext. VIPs leaving Summer White House. Includes Allen Dulles. Into cars & leaving.

18:36:20 LS pier area, Presidential Yacht Barbara Ann in background, passing mounted saluting guns. Marine helicopter in flight over pier & landing on grass; Eisenhower & others off & walking to summer White House & up stairs.

18:37:37 Slate. Naval officer & VIP out of house. Christian Herter w/ walking crutches & others down steps & leaving.

18:38:22 Arriving Marine helicopter landing. Nixon & VIPs including Lodge CUs. Reporters. Handshaking. Eisenhower greeting & posing w/ Nixon & Lodge on porch, entering house.

1960 Republican Presidential Candidates; Summer White House;

NOTE: Nixon & Lodge were losing Republican candidates in Presidential election, November, 1960.

Washington, D.C.

Vice-President Nixon in bed at Walter Reed Army Hospital, visited by secretary, signs papers; smiles.

01:27:50 President Eisenhower & Army General ?? arrive. Ike talks w/ Nixon by bedside, laugh & shake hands.

1960; Medical;

Politics, U.S.A. - Candidates Take The Spotlight

07:53:28 Reporters w/ Kennedy speaking after meeting w/ Adlai Stevenson. LS of car. CU of JFK & LBJ on lawn.

07:53:52 Republican candidates Nixon w/ Henry Cabot Lodge & two others. Photographers.

1960 Presidential Campaign; Candidates;

John F Kennedy (JFK) Inauguration

Arrival Nixon and Eisenhower (Ike) band plays - Kennedy arrives - prayer - Marian Anderson sings Star Spangled Banner.

Inauguration: Kennedy Sworn In, New Era Begins

Ext. White House. VS JFK sitting in Oval Office. Eisenhower exits White House.POV driving down Pennsylvania Ave towards Capitol. VS Capitol, crowds, Eisenhower and Nixon walk down to rotunda for swearing in. JFK and Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) walk down. JFK sits and talks with Eisenhower. Jackie Kennedy is on other side of Eisenhower. LBJ sworn in as vice president by Sam Rayburn. Chief Justice Earl Warren swears in Kennedy as president and JFK is congratulated by Nixon and Eisenhower. Snippets of JFK Inaugural speech. Does not include lines - do not ask what your country can do for you....

13:05:29 - JFK at luncheon party at Capitol. Good shot of jackie Kennedy and Earl Warren. LBJ. Inauguration parade. JFK andf Jackie in open air limousine. Review parade. Replica of PT 109. Ext. White House at night. JFK and Jackie in formal dress enter Inaugural Ball at Columbia Armory (followed by LBJ and Lady Bird). JFK, Jackie, Ted Kennedy, Joe and Rose Kennedy, others on dais.

News Highlights of 1960

02:38:52: Street clashes in Algeria, General de Gaulle and crowds

02:39:07: Black South Africans demonstrating against apartheid

02:39:14: South African Premier survives assassination attempt by white farmer

02:39:30: Rioting and army mutiny follows independence in Belgian Congo, UN troops arrive, pro-Communist Premier Patrice Lumumba seized by forces of Colonel Mbutu.

02:39:57: Student riot in Japan against defence treaty with US, parliament invaded, President Eisenhower s visit cancelled, Japanese socialist leader stabbed to death by student

02:40:27: American U-2 spy plane crashes over USSR, pilot tried

02:40:50: Khruschev addresses UN assembly in New York; meets MacMillan and Castro

02:41:51: Castro in NYC

02:41:59: Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong-Jones

02:42:09: Belgium s King Baudoin marries Spanish bride

02:42:17: Royal family at Balmoral following birth of Prince Andrew

02:42:23: Japan s Prince Narohito born

02:42:30: First male heir for Shah of Iran

02:42:36: John F. Kennedy Jr. born

02:42:50: Earthquakes in Agadir, Morocco and Chile

02:43:15: Hurricane Donna hits Caribbean

02:43:18: Two airliners collide over NYC in worst air disaster

02:43:28: Blaze aboard carrier Constellation in NYC docks

02:43:37: JFK defeats Richard Nixon to become US President.

News In Brief: Israel

Richard Nixon meeting Minister of Defence Moshe Dayan in Tel Aviv [ Moshe Pearslmen, Army spokesman in background ] as part of fact-finding tour of Israel - posing for cameras.

US Foreign Policy. Middle East. 1960s.

Sports - Daytona (200 mile motorcycle race on speedway)

Overhead shot of beginning of 200 mile motorcycle race; shots on banked Daytona Beach track w/ several crashes on corners. Finish line & checkered flag waved for Gary Nixon, Baltimore, Maryland; in winners circle. The End.


NASA at Work - Moon Landing - 1969

Pre title montage - rocket launch - radar tracking - solar panels - Space flight - Shuttle.

06:01:02 Introduction

06:01:25 Apollo XI moon landing - stills and moving pictures on moon. Montage achievements in 1969

06:02:09 Mariners to Mars - Mariners in lab - animation of Mariner flight round Mars. Step printed form of data sent back from Mariner.

06:03:10 Weather Satellites Tiros - animation Tiros in orbit

06:03:22 Weather Satellites Nimbus

06:03:55 ATS - Applications Technology Satellite - will be used to transmit television pictures to India

06:04:25 Space shuttle research - artists concept of space shuttle. Actuality of early space shuttle tests. Rocket powered HR-10.

06:05:07 Aeronautics - V/Stol - Vertical or steep take off and landing planes. Various different aircraft take off and hovering.

06:05:56 Project Apollo IX - Astronauts in suiting room. Apollo 9 in space - EVA - astronauts return.

06:07:03 Project Apollo X - Surface of moon from command module - lunar module over moon testing - mission control Houston.

06:08:05 Project Apollo 11 - Rocket lift off, excellent shots. Tracking rocket. Surface of moon. Astronauts walking on moon. Lunar module and command module towards each other for docking. Astronauts in quarantine after their return to earth speaking with President Nixon. Scientists working with moon rock samples in laboratory. Crew of Apollo 11 on World goodwill tour including meeting with Pope.

06:10:24 Project Apollo XII Lunar module over moon surface. Touchdown on moon. Astronauts on moon collecting samples and setting up experiments - some stills. Eclipse of Sun as seen from space. Apollo 12 splashdown.

06:11:43 Montage previously seen shots. Wrap up by presenter.

The Eagle Has Landed - The story of Apollo XI (Eleven) flight to the moon

15:51:23 Helicopter - night shots as Apollo re-enters. President Nixon on board recovery ship. Helicopter picks up astronauts from sea. Nixon waves V/O re The Spirit of Apoll , how it has brought the peoples of the world together.

15:52:53 Astronauts into quarantine van for flight to Houston. Back in Houston, wives of astronauts waiting - astronauts waving from inside capsule. CU Astronauts speaking to wives on phone. Quarantine van moves off.

15:54:58 Rock and soil samples - experiments in laboratories intercut with stills of astronauts on moon.

People s Park

The Newsreel - Radical Documentary

Man in front of wired off park explain history of Park owned by University of California; how the area nearby, which was occupied by hippies, was destroyed: harassment by police of Black and working class students; moving Black high school to Black area; buying up and destroying houses; local people reclaiming area by building park.

Sign People s Park - people working at park s construction. Hoeing; emptying wheelbarrows of earth; rolling out grass; noticeboard; working together. Stirring soup? Playing drums or bongos. Many hippies. Middle-aged ladies. Young couple hugging. Children help or play. Men hoeing.

No trespassing notice. Police in park. Fence erected. Cameraman films construction firm at work. Police in riot gear stands by and local people watch.

Rally re fencing off of park. Speaker. March. Riot police. Standoff and policeman throws tear gas? Confrontation, protesters throw stones at police, people running off. Much tear gas. Upturned car. Wounded carried off. Montage stills riot police and injured bleeding with VO Councilman interviewed. National Guard in vehicles through streets of Berkeley.

Strikers with placards near police car. Girl makes V-sign at National Guard going past. National guard advance pointing bayonets at hippies; pointing guns. National Guard in front of university building pointing bayonets. Fast montage stills governors incl. Nixon & Reagan. CU policeman w/ mask; CU gun. Point guns at sit-in. LS National Guard or riot police enter central campus area. Helicopter flies over university building. Students running and police chase them on campus grounds. Bare-chested man held in handcuffs.

March re People s Park with women and children. Lone man picketing w/ sign Dick Jones . National Guard past in vehicle make victory sign. Still Siente de La Rosa? Susan Parker? LS & CUs Marchers at Berkeley.

The Eagle Has Landed - The story of Apollo II (Eleven) flight to the moon

Armstrong begins climb from moon module onto surface of moon One small step for man ... . Armstrong on surface of moon collecting moon rock. Stills Aldrin onto surface of moon. Various stills astronauts on surface of moon - American flag.

00:16:50 Actuality poor quality footage of astronauts moving about on surface of moon. Footprints. Scientific equipment left behind on moon. Sequence stills euqipmet set up.

00:19:10 Eagle module leaves moon. Shots from Columbia of Eagle approach from moon. Docking proceedure. Earthrise.

00:23:57 Helicopter - night shots as apollo re-enters. President Nixon on board recovery ship. Helicoptor picks up astronauts from sea. Nixon waves V/O re The Spirit of Apollo how it has brought the peoples of the World together.

00:25;30 Astronauts into quarantine van for flight to Houston. Back in Houston, wives of astronauts waiting - astronauts waving from inside capsule. CU Astronauts speaking to wives on phone. Quarantine van moves off.

00:27:32 Rock and soil samples - experiments in laboratories intercut with stills of astronauts on moon.

President Nixon s World Trip [Reel 5? Part 1]

01-02Aug69 Airport / air base - Richard Nixon & President Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan onto raised platform - troops march past w/ Pakistani flag. LS & MS Aga Khan then Nixon make speeches [MOS].

02:07:45 Down red carpet past Air Force One - greeting VIPs - women in saris - Nixon among crowd - greeting US citizens?

US Presidents. State Visits. 1960s.

President Nixon s World Trip [Reel 5? Part 2]

01-02Aug69 EXT Presidential palace, Lahore - US & Pakistani flags ceremonial buglers. Nixon & Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan arrive along red carpet - Pakistani photographers - Pat Nixon & Aga Khan s wife following.

02:13:17 Entertainment on palace lawn - sword dancers in national costume. Nixon et al watching from covered seating area.

02:18:53 Pakistani military band parade w/ bagpipers / drummers in full regalia.

US Presidents. State Visits. 1960s.

President Nixon s World Trip [Reel 3 Part 1]

Lahore, Pakistan, 01-02Aug69: Entertainment on palace lawn - rifle dance performed for President Nixon.

03:37:47 L-R Richard Nixon, President Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan & Pat Nixon applauding dancers as they pass. Presidents down red carpet to palace.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

US Presidents. State Visits. 1960s.

President Nixon s World Trip [Reel 3 Part 2]

Bucharest, Romania, 02-03Aug69: band playing at airport; crowd waiting. Crowd of photographers & news cameramen tracking Nixon & Ceausescu as they walk along line of guards. Presidents onto podium - speeches [MOS].

[NB Picture quality poor.]

US Presidents. State Visits. 1960s.

President Nixon s World Trip Reel 5 Pt 1 of 3

02-03Aug69 EXT Governor s mansion, Bucharest, Romania - military honor guard waiting - CU US & Romanian flags in breeze. Presidential motorcade arrives - Nixon out of limousine, greeted by VIPs.

00:01:51 INT photocall President Nixon & Ceausescu seated speaking w/ translator - smiling. Prime Minister Ion Gheorghe Maurer [?] & Kissinger. Meeting around table - Nixon talks to Romanian Foreign Minister? - Ceausescu opposite - photographers & cameramen at work.

00:04:10 MCU & CU ornate brass (?) wall medallion of sylized trees, oil well derrick.

00:04:22 Nixon tour of Bucharest market - traders applaud beside stalls of vegetables & fruit. Official party ushered thru crowd, Pat Nixon talks to Romanian women.

00:05:30 Motorcade thru streets past modern buildings - surrounded by phalanx of police motorcycle escorts. Nixon & Ceausaescu standing in limousine, wave to crowds. Good travelling shots through streets showing apartment buildings & various architecture. Motorcade thru suburbs - past fairground.

00:08:51 Nixon w/ reporters outside indoor market; enters & tours [dark].

State Visits - US Presidents; Eastern Europe; Dictators; 1960s; 1969; Diplomacy; Cold War;

President Nixon s World Trip Reel 5, Pt 2 of 3

02-03Aug69 Bucharest, Romania. Motorcade continues thru modern apartment complex of Titan district - Nixon & Ceausescu wave to crowds lining streets. Nixon on walkabout meeting residents - banner Welcome Mr President! People watch from balconies. Back into car & away.

00:11:27 Village Museum w/ welcome banner, Bucharest - Nixon tours reconstruction of typical Romanian village - display of folk dancing in national costumes. Nixon signs guest book - Nixon & Ceausescu join in traditional dance - oddity.

00:14:56 Motorcade returns to Governor s mansion.

00:15:14 Bucharest airport - banner Long Live Peace And Friendship Among Peoples! Motorcade arrives; Honor Guard w/ military band playing.

00:18:46 LS official party next to podium. Richard & Pat Nixon on red carpet - farewells to Ceausescu, Maurer et al; then up steps & into Air Force One.

00:19:31 CU television camera & technicians.

00:19:37 Plane taxis in BG behind Honour Guard standing at attention w/ rifles & bayonets. Presidential plane seen flying over heads of military & red carpet.

Presidential State Visits - US Presidents; Eastern Europe; Dictators; Architecture; Folk Art; Dancers;

President Nixon s World Trip Reel 5, Pt 3 of 3

Jakarta, Indonesia, 27-28Jul69. INT Nixon arrives at state dinner [dark]. Nixon into banquet hall w/ Pat - seated next to President Suharto.

00:22:24 Bangkok, Thailand, 28-30Jul69. MS, row of US & Thai flags flying.

00:23:06 Nixon out of palace & away in motorcade. Travelling shots thru streets past temples - banner The Warmest of Welcomes, President & Mrs Nixon - giant portrait of Nixon. Arrival at royal palace - Nixon inside. 05:25:19 INT Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn [?] in military uniform at microphone toasts (MOS) Richard & Pat Nixon - Nixon speech at microphone [MOS]. Government / military VIPs & wives raise glasses.

00:27:02 EXT palace [or US embassy?] lighted up at dusk & dark.

State Visits - US Presidents; Dictators; 1960s; 1969; Diplomacy; Cold War; Southeast Asia;

President Nixon s World Trip Reel 6, Pt 1 of 3

Bucharest, Romania, 02-03Aug69. Pat Nixon on tour of school w/ Elena Ceausescu - uniformed children applaud, play bugles, teachers introduced.

00:29:10 INT kids present flowers to Pat. Informal press conference w/ Pat & Elena Ceausescu. School kids present gift packages to the VIPs.

00:32:12 Pat Nixon saying goodbye; into car - tracking shot past kids waving as motorcade leaves school. 00:33:13 Girls perform ballet display outside school.

00:33:56 INT boys & girls perform folk dances in national costume for Pat - some play instruments.

State Visits - US Presidents - First Ladies; 1960s; 1969; Ceremonial Visit; Diplomacy; Culture; Arts; Dancing; Cold War;

President Nixon s World Trip Reel 6, Pt 2 of 3

Bangkok, Thailand, 28-30Jul69. POV on muddy water in canal past village huts & native boats. Monks in canoes; ornate bell tower; CU women & children. Miniature temples. Pat Nixon (not seen in boat) on tour of floating market place - good travelling shots along river past shacks & other boats - vendors inc. Buddhist monks in orange robes row past selling wares - school kids on riverbank wave Thai flags.

05:38:48 Pat Nixon on visit to Thai Red Cross Society - nurses lined up to welcome her. Pat arrives & inside on tour.

05:40:33 EXT sign Snake Farm - Feeding Snakes and Extracting Venom . EXT unid. official building.

05:41:26 Pat Nixon on visit to school for blind - basketweaving. Pat talks to little children.

05:44:13 Prime Minister s summer home - women show Pat display of local delicacies - lychees etc.. Party moves onto jetty where women who supply fresh produce from boats present flowers to Pat. Flower arranging display.

State Visits - US Presidents - First Ladies; 1960s; 1969; Ceremonial Visit; Diplomacy; Culture; Arts; Cold War;

President Nixon s World Trip Reel 6, Pt 3 of 3

Jakarta, Indonesia, 27-28Jul69. Pat Nixon visits school for handicapped w/ wife of President Suharto [?] - girls w/ Downs Syndrome using spinning wheels & looms. Pat Nixon talking to them; photographers.

00:52:02 Pat Nixon into rickshaw - press crowd around as she is pushed along street.

00:52:34 Pat on visit to market area, possibly back in Thailand w/ Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn [??] - women selling fine fabrics - jewellery [most shots very dark].

00:53:52 Lahore, Pakistan, 01-02Aug69. Dark shots inside ??

00:55:40 Pat Nixon kneels beside band playing sitar & other instruments (MOS); visits girls school - girls in white uniforms look down from balcony.

00:57:33 CU plaque This Foundation Stone of APWA College Hall & Hostel was laid by Begum Zeenat Fida Hassan M.A. Signs in English advertising APWA [All Pakistan Womens Association] stores. Sign APWA Headquarters ; US & Pakistani flags across street.

State Visits - US Presidents - First Ladies; 1960s; 1969; Ceremonial Visit; Diplomacy; Culture; Arts; Cold War;

Apollo 11 For All Mankind - Apollo XI - Three Reels

Special effects of sun on water - seagull flying - volcanic rocks - moon.

07:14:51 Apollo 11 on launch pad, early morning. Titles. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buz Aldrin suiting up. Astronauts leave for launch site. Unloading from van, up in elevator. Saturn V on launch pad. People on beach watching. Dr von Braun in lunar control centre. Dr Debuse and Dr Petrone (brief) pan over consoles; Dr Mueller puts on headset & earphone.

07:16:53 Gantry removed. Ignition & launch. People watching & clapping. POV over earth. Tracking of Saturn V. Mission control. Astronauts in command module. Earth surface from space. Docking with lunar module. View of earth. Interior shots. Interior rocket. Mission control as Apollo goes into lunar orbit 19Jul69. Moon s surface. Lunar module undocking. Eagle rotating, lunar module passing over landing site. Moon s surface & earthrise.

Reel Two

04:23:28 Lunar module Eagle descending & landing - Mission Control - moons surface. Intercut worried faces in Mission Control w/ pictures of Neil Armstong going down ladder.

04.29.17 One small step for man... Armstrong on moon moving around. Armstrong collecting lunar soil. Stills Aldrin stepping onto moon. Astronauts plant flag on moon & moving about on moon intercut w/ Mission Control. View of surface from above. Aldrin bouncing around on surface past camera.

Reel three

04:34:46 Mission Control shot. Phone call between President Nixon and astronauts. Nixon speaks, split screen as astronauts voice heard. Intercut shots Mission Control & astronauts on moon. Some stills. On board footage of ascent stage. Footage of Eagle as approaches Columbia. Interior shots in capsule. Earthrise over lunar surface. Still of earth. Sunset over earth rim.

04:44:21 Astronauts picked up in cage by helicopter from ocean. Celebration in Mission Control. Astronauts wearing biological insulation garments enter mobile quarantine facility. President Nixon speaks to Astronuts as they watch thru window. Crowds waving at airport. Astronauts talking on telephones to family. Still Earth and lunar module. Footprint on lunar surface.

Music may be copyright.

Apollo 11 For All Mankind - Apollo XI - Three reels

Special effects of sun on water, seagull flying, volcanic rocks, moon or earth in sky from space craft.

16.02.14 Apollo 11 on launch pad, early morning. Title. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buz Aldrin walk to van in suits & leave for launch site; unload from van, up in elevator, across walkway & into Saturn V on launch pad. People on beach watch. Wernher von Braun in control center. Dr Debuse & Dr Petrone (brief) pan over consoles; Dr Mueller puts on headset & earphone.

16.04.23 Ignition & launch; people watching & clapping. POV over earth. Tracking of Saturn V by Mission Control. Astronauts in command module; earth from space. Docking w/ lunar module. Still photo of earth. Interior shots of crew. Mission control as Apollo goes into lunar orbit 19Jul69. Moon s surface w/ craters. 16.08.35 Lunar module undocking, Eagle rotating, lunar module & landing site. Moon s surface & earthrise.

Reel Two

16.10.51 Eagle descends & lands, Mission Control, moon surface. Worried faces in Mission Control.

16.13.10 Eagle has landed. Descripion of terrain. Houston faces.

16.15.31 B/W Armstrong out of hatch & down to moon. One small step for man... Armstrong collecting lunar soil. Stills Aldrin stepping onto moon. Astronauts plant flag on moon & move about intercut w/ Mission Control. View of surface from above. Aldrin bouncing around on surface past camera.

Reel three

16:22:11 Mission Control shots. President Nixon speaks, split screen as astronauts voice heard. Intercut shots Mission Control & astronauts on moon. Color stills. On board footage of ascent from moon. Eagle approaching Columbia. Interior shots in capsule. Earthrise over lunar surface. Still of earth. Sunset over earth rim.

16.31.47 Astronauts picked up in cage by helicopter from ocean. Celebration in Mission Control. Astronauts wearing biological insulation garments enter mobile quarantine facility. President Nixon speaks to them as they watch thru window. Crowds wave at airport. Astronauts talk on telephones to family. Still earth & lunar module. Footprint on lunar surface. End credits.

Music performance may be copyright, user beware.

Space Research; Space Race; Exploration;

Apollo 12: Pinpoint For Science Pt. 1 of 2

Moon surface moving in CU. Surveyor 3 on moon, arm digging shallow trench.

19:52:46 14Nov69 Rocket by gantry; Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean leaving bus & into elevator. Mission control. President Nixon in viewing stands.

19:53:29 Rocket lit w/ ignition start & firing w/ lift off in rain.

19:53:53 Title

19:53:59 Rocket clearing gantry. Stills of lightning. Mission control room. Map of path Apollo XII. Astronauts in cabin; engineers at consoles. Lunar Module & turn & docking w/ it. Engineers w/ video display. Guy shaving in capsule. View of moon in quarter. Moon surface, various views. view of moon surface w/ black edge. View of surface moving past window.

19:58:26 Conrad & Bean into Lunar Module. Undocking w/ Lunar Module moving away. View of earth; view of landing crater. Moon & horizon, moving in closer across surface. Dust seen on landing.

20:02:22 Landed. View panning across moon. Engineers in Mission Control. GOOD CU. Helmet w/ reflection standing on ladder. Video of Conrad down ladder (poor).

20:04:35 Good film from above of on moon surface (GOOD). Conrad collecting geological sample; long shadow & feet splashing in dust. Continued...

Exploration; Technology; Space Race; Moon Landing; 1960s;

[Nixon Inauguration, 20Jan69] Pt. 1 of 3

Everett Dirksen to microphone, introduces Rabbi Edgar Magnin for prayer. MCU Nixon; crowd shots; MCU VP Spiro Agnew.

11:03:33 Dirksen administers oath of office to Agnew. Applause.

11:05:43 Prayer by Archbishop Arkovos aka Iakovos.

11:08:40 Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing This Is My Country. LS of Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Capitol Dome shots & other monuments. Statues, frieze, columns, architectural features.

11:12:56 Prayer by Billy Graham.

Inaugural Ceremonies; Ceremony; Religion; 1960s; 1969;

[Nixon Inauguration, 20Jan69] Pt. 2 of 3

Everett Dirksen to microphone introduces Chief Justice of Supreme Court Early Warren to administer oath of office to President Elect Richard Nixon.

11:19:53 Salute fired by cannons on mall.

11:21:25 Nixon Inaugural Address. Applause.

Inaugural Ceremonies; Ceremony; 1969; 1960s;

[Nixon Inauguration, 20Jan69] Pt. 3 of 3

Everett Dirksen to microphone introduces US Marine Band & Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing National Anthem. Flag flying. CU Nixon; Agnew. LBJ; Humphrey.

11:43:10 Benediction by Archbishop Terence J. Cooke.

11:48:14 Nixon shaking hands. Sign on lawn: Nixon s The One. Standing & posing & leaving stand.

Inaugural Ceremonies; Ceremony; 1960s; 1969;

APOLLO XI Mission Conrol Room 24Jul/69 During Splashdown

For detail see marked sheet

04:34:04 Slate

04:34:30 ?? standing. LS of room, men at consoles, map on upper wall. Man tracking on large paper map. Men talking & looking at map.

04:35:51 Map on wall. Men looking at consols. Animation on wall w/ countdown to splashdown; concerned look on CU of face. Various views w/ countdown on wall.

04:37:51 Wall map w/ path of Apollo 11 on re-entry. Video on wall of shipboard & ocean. Control room watching.

04:39:19 Video on wall of President Nixon on Aircraft carrier. View of carrier & water w/ men in control room watching.

04:43:10 Control room, two women sitting w/ small American flags. LS of room. MCU of woman & flag.

04:45:19 MCU small phonograph record in sleeve Voices From The Moon. Woman looking at. Engineers w/ copies of record & furled flags. Various views in control room during recovery

04:48:36 Men applauding as helicopters return to carrier - seen on monitor. Flag waving. CU of poster. Cigars. Hand shaking. Flag waving. Autographs.

Space Race; Recovery Operation; Astronauts;

President Nixon s World Trip (1969)

28-30Jul69 Bangkok, Thailand Nixons arrives at formal reception accompanied by King Bhumibol Adulyadej & wife. Nixons in reception line greet Thai VIPs; Nixons chat w/ King & his wife. Receiving line for US diplomatic staff & Thai officials & guests.

11:03:52 State dinner, Nixon seated between King & his wife at elaborately decorated banquet table. Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn seated in FG.

11:04:53 01-02Aug69 Lahore, Pakistan Richard & Pat Nixon & others stand for anthems. Official reception inside palace w/ Nixon greeting Pakistani VIPs & US diplomatic staff. President Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan present (?) Huge banquet hall w/ guests seated around elaborately dressed table.

11:08:22 Washington DC - Richard & Pat Nixon on return greeted at airport by crowds waiting in rain - many umbrellas. Nixon onto platform w/ Vice President Spiro Agnew for speeches (MOS). Heavy rain - pan across crowds & news cameras. More shots soaked crowds - women in rain hats. Guard of Honor marching.

US Presidents; State Visits; 1960s; Diplomacy; Royalty; Weather; Storms;

President Nixon s World Trip (1969) Pt. 1 of 3

INT Richard Nixon & Prime Minister Harold Wilson at informal meeting in England; CU PM Wilson w/ pipe; CU Nixon; Wilson gets up to greet unid. man.

11:14:38 Unid. house in countryside.

11:14:50 LS Air Force One jet taxiing at unid. airport.

11:15:40 26-27Jul69 Manila, Philippines Nixons sign guest book watched by President Ferdinand Marcos & Imelda Marcos. CU guest book. Nixon & Marcos at informal meeting for photographers.

11:18:20 03Aug69 Aerials from Air Force One over England. Air Force One taxiing at RAF Mildenhall air base; British policeman in FG. Richard & Pat Nixon off jet, wave; Pat in canary yellow dress. Greeted by Harold Wilson & other British officials inc. military. Nixon & Wilson shake hands. Pat kisses Ambassador & wife. On podium, backs to camera for anthem.

11:21:10 LS Wilson & Nixon giving speeches [MOS]. Nixon mobbed by crowd, ushered thru greeting people.

US President s State Visits; 1960s; Diplomacy;

President Nixon s World Trip (1969) Pt. 2 of 3]

01-02Aug69 Lahore, Pakistan. President Nixon & President Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan arrive w/ wives at presidential palace state dinner. At attention for anthems, then sit down - pan banquet table. EXT palace lit up at night.

11:26:56 28-30Jul69 Bangkok, Thailand. Boy Scouts wait behind barrier w/ signs. Nixon out of building & presented w/ gift by Scouts, shaking hands. Motorcade thru Bangkok streets - tracking shots past ornate temples & monuments. Arrival at palace / government building; military band. Nixons greeted by officials inc. King Bhumibol Adulyadej & Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn; sign guest book inside palace.

11:29:50 02-03Aug69 Bucharest, Romania. President Nicolae Ceausescu toasting Nixon. Richard & Pat Nixon in reception line w/ Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu, shaking hands w/ guests.

11:33:00 State dinner - waiters past camera w/ trays of elaborate dishes. Presidents at head table being served wines during banquet; musicians & singer on balcony; shots of grand banquet hall interior inc. painted ceiling.

US Presidents; State Visits; 1960s; Diplomacy; Dictators;

President Nixon s World Trip (1969) Pt. 3 of 3

Bangkok, Thailand, 28-30Jul69: EXT ancient temples. INT Nixon at meeting w/ two unid. officials. Motorcade arrival at palace / government building. Nixon poses on steps w/ Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn. US & Thai flags flying outside gates.

11:37:34 Night shots Presidential palace in Lahore, Pakistan, 01-02Aug69.

11:39:20 Bangkok: motorcade through streets past temples - street scenes - portrait of Pat Nixon at roadside? Nixon greets crowds outside US Embassy inc. Boy Scouts - makes speech & holds up baseball cap given to him. INT Nixon w/ officials.

US Presidents. State Visits. 1960s.

APOLLO XI Mission Operation Control Room 24Jul69

Control room w/ President Nixon on video screen from USS Hornet. Map on wall; technicians waiting landing.

01:39:02 More of waiting engineers; watching video & console screens. Carrier deck seen on screen; Nixon on carrier.

01:41:05 Black

01:41:52 CU screen of Recovery Status etc. w/ helicopters drawn. CUs of engineers waiting, watching screens. Engineer boss passing out furled flags. Technicians smiling, waiting. Video of helicopter above capsule.

01:44:19 Black

01:44:33 Video of helicopter & capsule over console; also on console monitors. Waiting.

01:46:08 Flags, cigars. Nixon on video. CU box of cigars.

01:47:05 Black

01:47:19 Engineers happy; at consoles. Watching drawing of recovery stages. Talking over consoles & laughing. Applause. Congratulations.

Moon Landing Return Celebration; Capsule Recovery; Houston Mission Control; Space Race;

Note: Use ANY CONSECUTIVE TEN MINUTES at public domain reel rate.

NASA at Work - Moon Landing - 1969 & 1970 Pt. 1 of 2

Pre title montage - rocket launch; radar tracking; solar panels; wind tunnel; space.

02:00:33 NASA at Work - Moon Landing - 1969

02:00:58 Presenter, Lynn Bondurant, explains covering 1969 & 1970.

02:01:23 Apollo 11 moon landing - stills & moving pictures on moon. Montage achievements in 1969

02:01:59 Title: Highlights 1969. Mariners to Mars.

02:02:06 Technicians working on Mariner space craft in lab. Animation of Mariner flight around Mars. Step printed pictures of Mars as Mariner approaches. CUs of surface.

02:03:07 Title: Weather Satellites Tiros. Animation of Tiros in orbit

02:03:27 Title: Weather Satellites Nimbus Animation of Nimbus III measuring temperature.

02:03:49 Title: Applications Technology Satellite. Animation of ATS in operation to transmit television pictures to Indian villages.

02:04:21 Title: Space Shuttle Research. Artists concept of space shuttle. Test flight w/ experimental shuttle-type plane, rocket powered HR-10, under wing of B-52 (?) & released & under power, landing.

02:05:03 Title: Aeronautics - V/Stol. Vertical or steep take off & landing planes shown during take off & hovering. GOOD.

02:05:51 Project Apollo 9. Astronauts in suiting room. Apollo 9 in space, practicing w/ lunar module. Russell Schweickart outside on space walk. Apollo 9 astronauts return.

02:06:58 Project Apollo 10. Surface of moon from command module; lunar module over moon testing equipment at altitude of ten miles.

02:08:00 Project Apollo 11. Rocket lift off & tracking. GOOD. Surface of moon; astronauts walking on moon. Lunar module and command module towards each other for docking. Astronauts in quarantine after return to earth, speak thru window w/ President Nixon. Moon rock samples in laboratory, CU. Scientists work at microscopes.

02:09:45 Crew of Apollo 11 on World Goodwill Tour including meeting w/ Pope Paul VI.

02:10:20 Project Apollo 12. Lunar module w/ Conrad & Bean over moon surface. Touchdown on moon near Surveyor III. Stills of astronauts on moon, collect samples & set up experiments. Eclipse of Sun as seen from space. Apollo 12 splashdown; in water w/ carrier Hornet in background.

02:11:42 Montage covering 1969. Lynn Bondurant summarizes. Continued...

Space Exploration History; Promotional Film;

NOTE: 1969 & 1970 to be sold as one reel.

Screen News Digest - The Story of Post-War Japan

MCU Boy w/ Kodak movie camera, montage of places, people, events. Commercial. Boy loading projector.

02:02:05 Man listening to radio; famly listening. Football game. Other families, listening.

02:02:40 Main title: From Enemy To Ally - The Story of Post-War Japan (over Nixon & Premier Sato - met 1969).

02:03:01 Night fighting, ships guns firing; shipboard & troops going ashore on Pacific Islands. Troops thru jungle, Japanese POWs & CUs.

02:03:59 Japan Surrenders newspapers held & cheering crowds GOOD.

02:04:08 Shigemitsu & others boarding USS Missouri & signing surrender w/ MacArthur speaking, MCU of signing from above & shipboard as men watch. MacArthur prayer for peace.

02:05:55 Japanese newspaper w/ MacArthur picture; montage of Japanese agriculture, family, farming rice. Hirohito out of building past US officers, thru streets w/ CUs. Int. of Diet w/ meeting.

02:07:14 Kids sing Happy Birthday to MacArthur coming out of building on 70th birthday.

02:07:31 Large textile mills & packaging for export.

02:07:52 Lowering US flag & raising Japanese flag as occupation ends. Hirohito reading to crowd. Banzai cheer. National Defense Agency troops march, tanks past crowds, rocket mounted on trucks past.

02:08:50 Diet exterior; protesters storming & breaking into building & fighting at podium. Street demonstrations by youth movements against US bases.

02:10:06 Election & voting. Vote counting. NHK studio.

02:11:09 Factory exterior; interior w/ women working on assembling large television sets. MCUs. Assembly line; Christmas decorations & neon lights. Santa w/ hula hoop; Santa Claus (japanese) passing out gifts.

02:12:13 Royal family & infant prince.

02:12:34 1969 White House meeting of Sato & Nixon sit in front of fireplace for photographers. Sato speaks at end of three-day meeting w/ English voice-over translation.

02:13:47 President Nixon speaks responding re Harmony & Progress for All Mankind .

02:14:20 Modern buildings & street scenes in Japan w/ MCUs of pedestrians.

02:14:57 Kodak logo. Abrupt end.

Post-WWII Japan; Occupied Japan; Occupation;

Head of State Visit - President of Romania [Part 1 of 2]

26Aug70? Young spectators waving miniature Romanian flags. Coor Guard marching onto south lawn of White House. Unid. officials chatting - Romanian Ambassador? President & Mrs Nixon arrive to wait for Ceausescus. Motorcade pulls up, Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu out, greeted by Nixons & VIPs. Nixon escorts Ceausescu onto speaker s stand. Presidents w/ backs to camera as national anthems are played; MCU Elena Ceausescu & Pat Nixon. Presidents review Color Guard then return to podium.

02:28:40 Nixon makes welcoming speech].

State Visits. Dictators. 1970s.

Head of State Visit - President of Romania [Part 2 of 2]

26Aug70? Ceausescu speech on south lawn of White House w/ translator. Good shot both Presidents standing apart looking uncomfortable as translator reads Ceausescu s remarks. Shake hands & depart podium w/ wives.

02:36:14 WH balcony, L-R Nicolae Ceausescu [waving], Richard Nixon, Elena Ceausescu, Pat Nixon. Zoom out from balcony & back in as Presidents & wives enter WH.

02:36:56 Honor Guard on WH lawn.

02:37:13 CU sailor w/ US flag.

02:37:25 Handing out miniature US & Romanian flags to crowd.

02:37:56 Views from WH balcony: high shot Richard & Pat Nixon walking to red carpet to greet Ceausescus - trumpeters on balcony - high shot motorcade arrival w/ zoom-in to Ceausescus - bank of news cameras.

02:38:50 Nixon & Ceausescu towards camera reviewing Color Guard. Crowd of spectators.

State Visits. Dictators. 1970s.

A Pretty Good Class For A Monday... [Part 2]

[Film made by UCLA for US Mental Health authorities comparing three typical American High School students - all male - and their different aptitudes and outlooks.]

Geek student Chas w/ friends at home playing historical strategy board game. Chas riding to school on bicycle. Parents comment on his unusual intelligence and their encouragement. Family around dinner table having good-natured debate. V/O people comment on his future - I hope he gets married... . Teacher asking other students if they understood what Chas was saying in class.

01:17:22 Third student, Mike, shown [all in same class] - watches others debate question of democracy, looks disinterested. Boy at home watching television with father and dog; answers father s questions about school and upcoming election without enthusiasm. Interview: I wouldn t mind being a marine biologist or police officer . Mike on telephone; at supermarket w/ mother. Teacher recalls boy never correcting him when he was calling him by the wrong name for weeks. Mike at part time job in car garage - chats with older man about saving for first car and asked if he s going steady with a girl yet . Vars comments made on what an average boy he is - dependable...never calls attention to himself...a nice of those people in class you can easily ignore etc.

01:21:00 Mike in gym - lifts weights. Interview with sports coach - same type of comments - fine boy but just an average athlete - maybe won t make it through the year [and stay in team ?]. Mike w/ parents at home; I m for the Establishment if that s what you want to call it ; brother reads paper at breakfast table w/ headline It s Nixon 49-1 .

01:22:43 Scout leader praises Mike for his guidance of other kids. Mike in bedroom listening to music through large headphones. Father: He s the All-American Boy . Mike in class answering question in favour of secrecy of Atomic Bomb manufacture - they might have rejected the idea of making the bomb and that s one of our major strengths, that keeps our country strong, that makes us number one .

01:24:25 Teacher wraps up class w/ discussion of assignments; CUs bored students; students leave class. Teacher clears up - well that was a pretty good class for a Monday, I guess . Good.

Education. Parenting. Nerds. 1960s / 1970s Fashions & Daily Life. Teenagers.

King Faisal at the White House

Exterior White House - Fanfare - ceremony. President Richard Nixon and Patricia waiting for Royal car to arrive. Greeting King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Movie cameras. President and King onto podium on lawn. Inspecting Guard of Honour / honor. Nixon and King make speeches (mos). President and King enter White House.

15:17:00 Interior Nixon and Faisal seated - talking.

President Nixon Announces Visit to China

Nixon speaking to the nation re reasons for going to China: world peace & more normal relations between two countries. Talks re Henry Kissinger visit & meeting w/ Chou en Lai. Nixon reads announcement of invitation to visit China before May 1972. Nixon reassures listeners that the seeking of normalisation of relations between China and USA will not be at the expense of old friends . Any nation can be our friend without being any other nations enemy . Says he hopes it will become a journey for peace. Thank you, and Good Night.

Diplomacy; Diplomats; Communism; Cold War; Asia; 1970s; 1971; 15Jul71;

[President Nixon Vietnam Speech] Pt. 1 of 2

07Apr71 To camera: Good evening my fellow Americans. Over the past several weeks you have heard a number of reports...on the situation in Southeast Asia. I think the time has come for me as President & as Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces to put these reports in let you judge for yourselves as to the success or failure of our policy. ...I have decided to increase the rate of American troop withdrawals for the period from May 1 to December 1.

08:09:00 When I left Washington in January of 1961...there were not American combat forces in Vietnam....when I returned to Washington as President 8 years later, there were 540,000 American troops in Vietnam. Thirty-one thousand had died there. Three hundred Americans were being lost every week & there was no comprehensive plan to end the United States involvement in the war...

08:12:32 Did the Laotian operation contribute to the goals we sought? I have just completed my assessment of that operation & here are my conclusions. ...third, and most important, the disruption of enemy supply lines, the consumption of ammunition & arms in the battle has been even more damaging...

08:13:28 Consequently, tonight I can report that Vietnamization has succeeded....I am announcing an increase in the rate of American withdrawals...

08:14:21 Now, let s look at the future: As you can see from the progress we have made to date & by this announcement tonight, the American involvement in Vietnam is coming to an end...

08:15:51 Let me turn to a proposal which at first glance has a great deal of popular appeal. If our goal is a total withdrawal of all our forces, why don t I announce a date now for ending our involvement? Well the difficulty in making such an announcement to the American people is that I would also be making that announcement to the enemy. And it would serve the enemy s purpose & not our own...

08:16:55 The issue very simply is this: Shall we leave Vietnam in a way that--by our own actions--consciously turns the country over to the Communists? Or shall we leave in a way that gives the South Vietnamese a reasonable chance to survive as a free people?...

08:17:39 I believe, as Thomas Jefferson did, that Americans will always choose hope over despair....and above all, we have it in our power to close a difficult chapter in American history, not meanly but nobly--so that each one of us can come out of this searing experience w/ a measure of pride in our Nation, confidence in our own character, and hope for the future of the spirit of America. Continued...

Presidential Speeches; Vietnam War;

[President Nixon Vietnam Speech] Pt. 1 of 2

07Apr71 Continued... I know there arre those who honestly believe that I should move to end this war w/o regard to what happens to South Vietnam....I understand the deep concerns which been raised in this country, fanned by reports of brutalities in Vietnam. Let me put this into perspective. I have visited Vietnam many times, and, speaking now from that experience & as Commander in Chief...atrocity charges in individual cases should not & cannot be allowed to reflect on their courage & their self-sacrifice...

08:21:12 That is why it is so important how we end this war... That is why I have chartered the course I have laid out tonight: to end this war - but end it in a way that will strengthen trust for America around the world...

08:21:50 I can assure you tonight w/ confidence that American involvement in this war is coming to an end. But can you believe this? I can understand why this question is raised by many very honeest & sincere people... Tonight I do not ask you to take what I say on faith. Look at the record...

08:24:00 Every time I talk to a brave wife of an American POW...

08:26:06 My fellow Americans, I want to end this war in a way that is worthy of the sacrifice of Karl Taylor, & I think he would want me to end it in a way that would increase the chances that Kevin & Karl, and all those children like them here & around the world, could grow up in a world where non of them would have to die in war; that would increase the chance for America to have what it has not had in this century - a full generation of peace...

Presidential Speeches; Vietnam War;

[Nixon White House w/ Ellington, Ehrlichmanj, Patricia s wedding]

President Nixon at desk. With Ellington in White House & playing Happy Birthday (song is copyrighted).

01:30:22 Ehrlichman talking to Nixon in Oval Office (SOF) We don t have any assurance that if we put Federal money into that reform that property taxes are going to go down in those localities.

01:30:30 CU Nixon Then we won t accept them; what s the matter w/ these clowns? The whole purpose of this is to get property taxes down, not to increase the budgets for local officials to raise property taxes. And unless you put the heat on these local officials, they ll just take the money & pour it into all their pet projects...and its not the way its going to be.

01:30:56 12Jun71 Nixon walking Patricia in wedding dress to canopy for marriage ceremony. Abrupt ending.

Economics; State Property Tax Relief; 1970s; Presidential Activities; Advisors;

Note: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

NASA at Work - 1972

Pre-Title tease montage. Presenter to camera

06:31:28 Mariner to Mars - Mariner 9 in laboratory - pictures of surface of Mars.

06:32:23 Pioneer to Jupiter - launch of Pioneer 10 - animation of proposed orbit.

06:33:02 Copernicus Star Gazer - orbiting astronomical observatory on ground - technicians - equipment - telescope.

06:33:39 Small Astronomy Satellite - Rocket with Italia on side - launch from platform in Indian Ocean.

06:34:02 Sounding rockets - launch from Wallis Island Virginia - tracking rockets.

06:34:23 Earth Resources - High altitude plane take off. Data / pix of Earth. Scientists at Photographic Technology Branch studying film. Nimbus research and development weather satellite - clouds

06.35.12 Communications Satellites - Satellites in lab - launch - part of global communications network

06.35.29 Aeronautics - Jet plane which has on board digital computer.

06:35:52 Wind Tunnel Research - Model aircraft - testing in wind tunnel

06:36:17 STOL - Short take off and landing aircraft. Test flights and landing.

06:36:38 Noise abatement - Research into making quieter jet engines.

06:37:06 Lifting Body - Wingless M-2 dropped over desert area (forerunner of space shuttle)

06:37:28 Manned Space Flight - President Nixon in Russia, signs agreement with Kosygin re proposed US / USSR rendezvous in space. Technicians with models.

06:37:50 Preparing for Skylab - Astronauts who will spend over fifty days locked in altitude chamber to collect medical data. Simulator. Animation Skylab

06:38:29 Apollo 16 and 17 - Astronauts into coach to launch pad. Shots in space.. Lunar buggy on moon. Launch of Apollo - Stills sequence on moon. Earth from space - splashdown and retrieval.

06:40:34 Presenter wrap up of 1972

Nixon in China - Part 1

Ziegler statement on China: announces that Nixon met with Chairman Mao. (Sd)

05:01:12 Nixon off plane with Pat and greeted by Zhou en Lai. Getting into car - motorcade through streets as Chinese people watch (Sil)

05:04:06 Nixon into Great Hall and shaking hands with Chinese dignitaries. Nixon poses with Zhou En Lai and others (Sil)

05:06:45 Sd. Zhou En Lai reads speech re re-establishment of contact between China and USA - interpreter translates and Nixon follows written speech. Toast.

Tape damage at 05:14:14 - 05:14:18

Nixon toasting Chinese dignitaries. Nixon and wife Pat at table.

We can provide a transcript of the entire speech

Nixon in China - Part 2


Nixon and wife Pat at banquet table. Chinese dignitaries come up to table to toast.

05:18:00 LS Banquet tables. Nixon, Zhou En LAi, PAt and interpreter sitting together at table. Band plays

05:19:59 Great Hall long shot and zoom in on Nixon s and Zhou En Lai s table. Waiters behins table.

05:24:09 Banquet hall with US and Chinese flags on wall. Zhou En Lai and Nixons - Pat eating with chopsticks and talking with interpreter. Waiters bustling about.

05:27:10 Nixon brought papers and gets up with Zhou En Lai to give speech.

Nixon in China - Part 3

Nixon speech:

Thanks Chinese hosts for hospitality, food and American music.

... through the wonder of telecommunications, more people are seeing and hearing what we say than on any other such occasion ...

... If our two peoples are enemies the future of this world we share together is dark indeed. But if we can find common ground to work together, the chance for world peace is immeasurably increased... We have at times in the past been enemies. We have great differences today. What brings us together is that we have common interests which transcend those differences... But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it...

05:31:00 So, let us ... start a long march together ... on different roads leading to the same goal/... peace and justice in which all may stand together... The world watches. The world listens. The world waits to see what we will do...

05:32:36 What legacy shall we leave our children? Are they destined to die for the hatreds which have plagued the old world, or are they destined to live...

05:33:00 There is no reason for us to be enemies. Neither of us seeks the territory of the other; neither of us seeks domination over the other; neither of us seeks to stretch out our hands and rule the world.

Nixon quotes Chairman Mao: ...Seize the day, seize the hour."

This is the hour, this is the day for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world.

Toasts Chairman Mao and Prime minister Zhou En Lai.

05:35:57 Banquet listening to translation - CUs Zhou

DO NOT USE AUDIO after 09:35:08 (Reporters)

Tape damage 05:41:32 - 05:41:38

09:41:37 Nixon toasting with Zhou and Chinese dignitaries. Pat Nixon talks with Zhou En Lai.

We can provide a transcript of the entire speech.

A Time For Peace R1 Pt. 1 of 2

Series of stills peoples of the World. Titles

09:54:00 Feb 21st 1972 Presidential Plane The Spirit of 76 lands at Capital airport near Peking. President Nixon & wife Patricia deplane, greeted by Chou En-Lai, military band plays Star Spangled Banner.

09:55:06 POV from motorcade down tree lined road. Street scenes, traffic, including many bicycles. Huge posters Stalin & Lenin.

09:55:40 Meeting between Nixon, Mao Tse-Tung & Chou En-lai. Kissinger present.

09:56:06 Banquet in the Great Hall of the People. Speech from Chou, Chinese woman interpreter voice over. President Nixon making speech There is no reason for us to be enemies .... neither of us seeks to stretch out our hand and rule the World Applause.

09:57:01 Meeting w/ Nixon, Chou, Kissinger etc.

09:57:17 Pat Nixon visiting restaurant; cooking. Visit to Zoo, Giant Panda.

09:57:47 Evergreen Peoples Commune, Mrs Nixon watching schoolchildren reciting.

09:58:09 Parade w/ red flags in athletic hall. Ping-pong / table tennis match, gymnastic display. Clapping.

09:58:56 Bicycle in snow, hundreds of young people clear snow from road. Presidential car enters Forbidden City, Nixons touring. Nixon & party walk on Great Wall.

10:00:15 Nixon & party w/ Chou make visit to southern city of Hang Chow, visitors walk across bridge, Chinese architecture.

10:00:42 Plane in Shanghai. Theatre, traditional dancers w/ diabolo on cords.

10:01:16 Industrial exhibition. Nixon makes farewell toast w/ Chou En-Lai (SOF): Our two peoples tonight hold the future of the World in our hands ....... toasts

10:02:24 Street scenes, pedestrians, bicycles. Kids in class. Presidential aircraft in flight.

Cold War; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Asia; 1970s; Summit Meetings;

A Time For Peace R1 Pt 2 of 2

May 1972, night, CU military band, press waiting at Salzburg airport. Presidential plane Spirit of 76 taxis, President Nixon w/ wife Patricia greeted by Chancellor Bruno Kreisky.

10:03:40 Salzburg city views. Nixon walking w/ Henry Kissinger, surrounded by press. Nixon shakes hand of motorcycle policeman. Cameramen.

10:04:12 Photocall Nixon, Kissinger & Kreisky. Celebration lunch given for visitors. Good CU Nixon.

10:04:47 Moscow, USSR. Crowds waving red flags. RV President Nixon & others on walkabout. Good shot Russian & US flags flying together.

10:05:05 Nixon, Podgorny, Kosygin & Gromyko at welcoming military march past.

10:05:24 Kremlin from across the river. St Basil s church. Int, shots of Kremlin showing art & architecture. Cameramen.

10:05:52 First summit meeting in Katherine Hall, Nixon & Brezhnev shake hands, pose for cameras. Teleprinter, communications centre, press room, journalists typing & on telephones.

10:06:31 Good shots undercover food market, women shopping.

10:06:53 Nixon & Russians sign environmental agreement, an agreement on health. Toasts. Agreement for co-operation in Space, agreement in science & technology, agreement on safety at sea signed by John Warner.

10:08:08 Reception, champagne drinking.

10:08:15 St Basil s Cathedral. Mrs Nixon meeting w/ people of Moscow; at Moscow circus - performing bear, audience applaud, watch high wire act w/ women balancing on wire-walker s head; performing horses. GOOD.

10:08:59 Moscow State University, exterior & interior, students. Visit to Bolshoi theatre school, young students dancing ballet. Young dancer presents doll to Pat Nixon.

10:09:52 Chandelier. President & Mrs Nixon w/ Russian hosts attend Bolshoi ballet. Dancers perform Swan Lake.

Cold War; May 1972; Diplomacy; Summit Meetings; 1970s;

A Time For Peace R2 of 2

26th May 1972. St Vladimir Hall, Nixon & Brezhnev walk down stairs, take seats at table & sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT 1). Nixon & Brezhnev watched by many politicians. Champagne toasts.

10:11:38 Leningrad, eternal flame, military ceremony & wreath laying by President Nixon. Nixon signs guest book in memory of those who died during siege of Leningrad. CU To Tanya & all... May 27, 1972.

10:12:28 Nixon back in Moscow sits in front of television cameras to directly address the Soviet people Makes speech SOF re prospects for peace and progress made. ... with great power goes great responsibility clipped.

10:13:22 Top shot Brezhnev & Nixon taking seats at table, sign agreement pledging to avoid nuclear confrontation, signed agreements are exchanged & handshakes.

10:13:59 State visit to Iran, Nixon & Shah reza Pahlavi waving from open top car. Good shots across Tehran & motorcade w/ police outriders thru streets. Iranian & US flags. Locals read (brief) newspapers; CU newspaper headlines.

10:14:52 Evening reception, Nixon & wife Patricia arrive in evening dress; greeted by Shah & Empress Farah. Int, reception & guests seated at dining table. Wealth.

10:15:27 Next day Nixon at wreath laying ceremony at tomb of Shah s father. Architecture, mosques, street scenes w/ traffic, road signs.

10:16:26 Nixon hosts lunchtime reception for Shah, Empress & other Iranian dignatories. Shot of Tehran w/ mountains in background.

10:16:45 Presidential plane landing at Warsaw airport, Nixon off aircraft, greeted by Premier Jaroszewicz & President Jablonski. Girl presents bouquet of roses. Nixon inspects guard of honor, press watch. Nixon makes speech from dais. (SOF): ... our goal to achieve a World of peace for all nations. Crowd applauds.

10:18:01 Motorcade thru crowd lined streets of Warsaw. Good shot press car w/ many cameras. Crowds surround Nixon car at Victory Square.

10:18:36 Ext. of ?? Int. Nixon meeting w/ Edward Gierek, First Secretary of Polish United Workers Party. Nixon & Kissinger at table w/ Gierek & others.

10:18:55 Pat Nixon attending open air piano concert of Chopin in the park. Street scenes.

10:19:29 President leaving in limousine.

10:19:48 Series of stills from meetings during 1972 trip. Nixon VO re peace. Credits.

Cold War; May 1972; Diplomacy; Summit Meetings; 1970s;

[National Military Command Center & Washington-Moscow Hotline ] 07-16Nov72 Pt 2 of 2

Soldier & airman processing papers from sorting machines & using stamping machine. One airman filing into sorting bin or pigeon hole files.

05:08:57 Woman at desk w/ large computer machines around; takes paper from civilian man & goes to machine to scan it on LDX Scanner. CU naval officer writing in log; others at large control panel w/ many switches on telephone. CU lighted buttons & switches. Man pushing. Airman typing on Selectric typewriter.

05:11:30 Zoom in on directory board listing Presidential Successors; San Clemente, Calif. ETR UNK. Nixon. Mr. Laird, Adm Moorer, Gen. Abrams, Adm Zumwalt, Gen Ryan, etc. Senate leaders, cabinet secretaries. CU phone at man s ear. MS talking on phone.

05:12:50 CU official paper w/ stamp coming out of scanner & falling on floor. CU Xerox LDX Scanner. Sign: Washington Facsimile Network including White House, State Dept., NMCC, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, etc.

CU woman at scanner.

05:14:10 Room w/ office workers at desks looking busy (?). Zoom in to man/men on telephones.

05:14:51 Lighted wall map of world showing daylight & missile range (?).

Cold War; Communications Center; Fax;

Richard Nixon, Portrait Of A President Pt. 1 of 3

Nixon, wife & H.R. Bob Haldeman watching television of 1968 Republican Convention giving him nomination to run for President. Wisconsin delegate casting votes to put him over. David Eisenhower & other family meembers in hotel room applauding.

00:01:03 Nixon being sworn in, title over. Aerial over Washington & zoom in to White House. Interior shots w/ portraits of various presidents. Empty Oval Office & objects, furniture, CU The President s Daily News Briefing, Eyes Only For The President. Nixon walking past hedge, along colonnade & into office seen thru window. Inside on telephone calling George Shultz, Secretary of Treasury. Talks about English monetary issue. MCU reading report at desk.

00:04:08 John Ehrlichman, Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, enters & talks about revenue sharing. Nixon dismissive of local officials who he says grab off Federal grant money.

00:05:00 Leonard Garment, Secial Consultant to the President, sitting outside White House talking about Nixon as a completely professional President. Others also including Dr. Jerome H. Jaffee, Special Consultant to the President for Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs, William Safire & Patrick J. Buchanan, Special Assistants to the President; Mrs. Barbara H. Franklin, Staff Assistant; Rose Mary Woods, Personal Secretary to the President; Miss Sally Inge, Receptionist, Mr. Dwight L. Chapin, Deputy Assstant to the President; Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, Counsellor to the President; Robert H. Finch, Counsellor to the President.

00:07:13 Nixon meeting w/ ??, w/ Ehrlichman & V.P. Spiro Agnew; ??; Henry Kissinger, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; at cabinet meeting discussing curtailing Turkish opiuim crop to stem flow of heroin. MCU looking devious. Statement: ...if that will do that job, pay 50 million dollars. Footage of large opium poppy field, w/ Nixon voice over making announcement, continues at lecturn.

00:08:48 Stills of Nixon as President including on Air Force One. Finch talking. Footage of Nixon as Vice President w/ Ike, Khrushchev. Continued...

Self-Promotion; Electorial Politics; Politicians; Narcotics; Drugs; Management Style; Bureaucracy;

NOTE: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

Richard Nixon, Portrait Of A President Pt. 2 of 3

Continued... Waving off plane. Nixon campaigning in 1960, shaking hands; announcing his defeat w/ Pat.

00:11:38 Stills out of office & as President. Speaking w/ Donald Rumsfeld on lawn & in MCU. Voice over of Rumsfeld; walking & talking about economics & being prepared before talking to Nixon.

00:13:14 Dwight L. Chapin talking about Quaker background. Dr. Walter Tkach, Physican to the President, talking about how hard Nixon works.

00:13:50 Montage in various situations.

00:14:08 W/ Duke Ellington on Ellington s birthday at White House & playing Happy Birthday for singing along after making joke.

00:15:32 Home movie w/ daughters & wife, mother in various situations.

00:15:55 Still w/ older daughters & David Eisenhower on beach.

00:16:06 Julie Eisenhower sitting in White House talking of Nixon s sensitivity. CUs of Nixon looking out window. Patricia Nixon as bride on arm of President at White House wedding; dancing w/ Tricia & Pat.

00:18:00 Zoom in on White House, int. Nixon talking against busing as an approach to integregation; says its failing. Special Assistant to the President, Robert J. Brown talking. Nixon talking w/ staff on veranda talking about minority hiring. Continued...

Presidential Entertaining; Family; Self-Promotion;

NOTE: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administrationon

Richard Nixon, Portrait Of A President Pt. 3 of 3

Continued... John Ehrlichman talking about Nixon s growing up poor. Stills of family.

00:21:44 President watching football game from grandstand & then in locker room.

00:22:10 Special Counsel Harry S. Dent talking being accused of changing after working for Nixon. Stills of Nixon & Kissinger; Air Force One & Kissenger talking on board about difference of Nixon from what he expected & talks about what Nixon s done in terms of foreign policy.

00:24:01 Pat Buchanan talks about meeting Nixon & going to China w/ him. Nixon in China toasting & meeting w/ Chou Enlai & others; touring Great Wall. Talking at microphone giving praise to his translator, making joke. Kissinger on plane talking about how Nixon conducts business in understated way, ...His impact on foreign policy wilil be historic, no matter what happens.

00:25:53 Nixon motorcade into Kremlin; w/ Brezhnev. Signing agreements. Shaking hands after signing arms treaty.

00:26:26 28May72 Nixon speaks directly to Russian people w/ visuals of wreath laying previous day. Talks of seeing picture of girl & death of her family during war. Street scenes w/ pedestrian, USA & USSR flags, children.

00:28:04 Ground crew waving returning plane & crowd welcoming at airport at night. Nixon before joint session of Congress. Aerial of Capitol, Statue of Libery, Manhattan. Nixon walking alone on beach. The End (no end title).

Self-Promotion; Diplomacy; Humor; Conservative; Politics;

NOTE: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

The Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos R1 of 3

Montage: police beating demonstrators; Vietnam fighting; riots; industry; burning draft cards; Army patrolling Wshington DC streets.

01:00:42 White House zoom in across South Lawn. 1968 Republican Convention & Nixon banner raised; floor demonstration.

01:01:14 Title: The Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos

01:01:21 Nixon speaks to Convention: I don t promise that we can eradicate poverty & end discrimination...but I do promise action... Agnew & Nixon & wives waving from platform. Boarding plane & inside Air Force One (Spirt of 76) w/ Kissinger. Vietnam troops; Nixon shaking hands w/ Blacks; in hospital; against pollution; crime; meeting in Oval office. Reading papers.

01:02:58 Paris, France & Kissinger & Vietnamese. Nixon meeting w/ Congressional Leadership. Nixon signing bill. Visits Vietnam & shaking hands w/ troops. Troops leaving Vietnam, crying wives greet.

01:05:02 Speaking to Nation about why can t withdraw completely. Meeting w/ families in White House; meeting w/ Kissinger. Draft lottery set up. Signs bills.

01:06:07 Police & ambulances gather bodies on US city streets. Arrests. Display of illegal drugs seized.

01:06:45 Nixon makes joint announcement w/ Ankara, Turkey re stopping heroin. Opium poppy fields & CU. Aerial over docks; Agents seizing drugs from various sources. Dogs & customs inspecting cars, luggage.

01:08:00 This is one area where we cannot have budget cuts because we must war...problem of dangerous drugs. W/ Moynahan looking at housing. Supermarket & food relief. Poverty & kids; women & kids picketing. Nixon meeting w/ economic advisors & talking in generalities.

01:09:20 Nixon on TV to nation: I am today ordering a freeze on all prices & wages throughout the United States for a period of ninety days. Visuals of Cost of Living Council he has appointed w/ Nixon speech voice over. Continued...

Anti-Vietnam War; Demonstration; Police Brutality; Economics; Republican National Committee Propaganda;

1960s; 1972 Presidential Campaign Film;

Note: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

The Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos R2 of 3

Continued... Walking w/ ?? at White House. Pallets of crate being loaded on ship; farmers; manufacturing of cars; workers. Zoom shot from Washington Monument to Capitol.

01:10:41 Nixon 1971 State of the Union speech: Let us share our resources; let s share them to rescue the states & localities from the brink of financial crisis... ...most Americans today are simply fed up w/ Government at all levels.. Note head clog: 01:11:19 - 01:11:22.

01:11:23 Nixon meeting w/ Vice-President Spiro Agnew, CU of Agnew.

01:11:34 Nixon & advisors on plane; view out window. Presidential party on Jackson Lake w/ Mt. Moran in background seen from another boat. Nixon in Oval Office establishing first Environmental Protection Agency. Aerial past industrial chimneys; over mining trucks; biplane spraying; highways.

01:12:18 Nixon SOF: Massive bussing produces inferior educationi & education is the name of the game... talking at desk across from Ehrlichman. ...Its wrong for the White children; its wrong for the Black children...

01:12:59 Walking on beach alone. Elderly faces. Nixon waving to audience of older people & speaks of locking Social Security to inflation & increases benefits.

01:13:48 Medical research, laboratories; hospitals. SOF 1971 State of Union calling on war on Cancer.

01:14:32 Shaking hands w/ elderly Black man in White House. Factory floor from foreman s office; machines making boxes & furniture. Black owner Al Hollingsworth & workers.

01:15:10 Large trucks & trucking company owner J.J. Carusco who benefitd by Small Business Administration. Another factory owned by an American Indian who speaks to camera.

01:16:08 Meeting w/ two women & man in White House. Staff Assistant Barbara Franklin SOF about recruiting women for government positions. We ve tripled the number of women in top jobs...

01:17:02 Crowd greeting Pres & Pat Nixon arrival on helicopter. Meets w/ teenagers after legislation lowering voting age to 18. SOF We are certifying the 26th Amendment to the Constitution...

01:17:47 Artist Andrew Wyeth at White House; gives Medal of Freedom to Eugene Ormandy; w/ Duke Ellington at White House as Nixon goes to piano, SOF Ladies & Gentlemen, please don t go away, (laughter) Duke was asking earlier if I would play...this is his birthday...sing Happy Birthday to him, in the key of G . Continued..

Economics; Republican National Committee Propaganda; Anti-Bussing Policy; Entertainers; Arts Support;

1960s; 1972 Presidential Campaign Film; Racial Policies; Ethnic; Mexican-Americans; Latinos;

Note: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

The Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos R3 of 3

Continued... Spirit of 76 (Air Force One) landing; touring Asia. Meeting w/ Marcos & others in various meetings. Landing by helicopter among palm trees; walking w/ Prime Minister Heath in Bermuda.

01:19:56 Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau at White House dinner. CU at meeting w/ Golda Meir; Japanese PM Sato; Meets w/ Pope Paul; Azor meeting w/ French President Pompidou.

01:20:19 1969 trip to Romania w/ President Ceasescu, greeted & thru streets in open car; walking.

01:20:46 Spirit of 76 landing in Peking, Beijing, Feb72 & greeted by Chou En Lai, Zhou Enlai. W/ Pat. Meeting w/ Chinese & translators. CU Zhou. Great Wall of China & walking w/ group. Shaking hands w/ Mao, Kissinger. Gathering around table for discussions. Large hall w/ US & Chinese flags. Speaking w/ translator & jokes she got every word right. (laughter). CU Zhou.

01:23:32 Motorcade thru Moscow & into Kremlin (first visit by a President). W/ Brezhnev, Kosygin. State dinner. Signing of agreements, including trade. Walking w/ Kissinger talking in formal garden.

01:25:21 Ornate chandelier, Brezhnev & Nixon signing agreement for Peace. Speaking on USSR television to the Russian people. Film of wreathlaying for rememberance of Siege of Leningrad. Pedestrians on streets & flags of US & USSR. Russian children walking.

01:27:28 Ext. of US Capitol & interior as he arrives to report to Nation on return. Family in gallery.

01:28:16 At White House desk. Montage of Nixon walking in various situations. America needs President Nixon now more than ever.

Economics; Republican National Committee Propaganda; Anti-Bussing Policy; Entertainers; Arts Support;

1960s; 1972 Presidential Campaign Film;

Note: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

[Nixon - Address to the Nation Making Public A Plan For Peace In Vietnam, 25Jan72]

White House ext. Presidential Seal.

04:00:11 Nixon sitting at desk w/ two microphones holding speech. I ve asked for this television time tonight to make public a plan for peace that can end the war in Vietnam. The offer that I shall now present on behalf of the government of the United States & the government of South Vietnam w/ the full knowledge & approval of President Thieu, is both generous & far-reaching. It is a plan to end the war now...withdraw all American forces w/in 6 months of an agreement...

04:01:52 The path of Vietnamization has been successful...

04:02:23 But the path of Vietnamization has been the long voyage home...

04:03:33 I sent Dr. Kissinger to begin these secret peace negotiations.

04:05:09 For 30 months...we would only say we were pursuing every possible channel in our search for peace. There was never a leak, because we were determined not to jeopardize the secret negotiations...

04:07:12 As the private record will show, we have taken all these steps...& have been flatly rejected...

04:09:50 I decided in October that we should make another attempt to break the deadlock. I consulted...

04:11:10 That is where matters stand today. We are being asked publicly to respond to proposals that we...

04:11:58 We are publishing the full details of our plan tonight. It will prove...which side has made every effort....Here is the essence of our peace plan; public disclosure may gain it the attention it deserves in Hanoi. Within 6 months of an agreement: We shall withdraw all U.S. & allied forces from South Vietnam... There shall be a new presidential election in South Vietnam. President Thieu will announce the elements of this...

04:14:12 We are ready to negotiate the plan... ...we would be willing to begin implementing certain military...

04:15:06 This is a settlement offer which is fair to North Vietnam & fair to South Vietnam...

04:16:43 We are ready to negotiate peace immediatley. If the enemy rejects our offer to negotiate, we shall continue our program of ending American involvement...

04:17:38 Some of our citizens have become accustomed tothinking that whatever our Government says must be false, & wahtever our enemies say must be true, as far as this war is concerned. Well, the record I have revealed tonight proves the contrary. We can now demonstrate publicly...

04:18:19 This has been the longest,the most difficult war in American history... Let us unite now...

04:19:02 Thank you & good night.

Vietnam War; Presidential Speeches; 1972; 25Jan72; Richard Nixon;

NOTE: Entire speech found at

Pre title montage - rocket launch; radar tracking; solar panels; wind tunnel; space.

02:30:24 NASA at Work - More Moon Exploration - 1972

02:30:49 Presenter Lynn Bondurant to camera introduces Episode 8 1972 & 1973.

02:31:21 Title: Mariner to Mars. Mariner 9 in laboratory w/ technicians. Still pictures of surface of Mars.

02:32:16 Title: Pioneer to Jupiter. Pictures, launch of Pioneer 10 - animation of proposed orbit.

02:32:57 Title: Copernicus Star Gazer. Orbiting astronomical observatory on ground - technicians - equipment - telescope.

02:33:33 Title: Small Astronomy Satellite. Rocket w/ Italia on side - launched from platform in Indian Ocean.

02:33.54 Title: Sounding rockets - launch from Wallis Island Virginia; tracking rockets.

02:34.18 Title: Earth Resources - High altitude plane take off. Data / pix of Earth. Scientists at Photographic Technology Branch studying large format film coming out of processor.

02:34:43 Title: Weather Watcher. Nimbus research & development weather satellite animation - clouds

02:35:06 Title: Communications Satellites. Satellites in lab, launch.

02:35:23 Title: Aeronautics. Jet plane testing Apollo flight control system w/ onboard digital computer.

02:35:46 Title: Wind Tunnel Research. Model aircraft testing in wind tunnel, seen on video.

02:36:11 Title: STOL - Short take off and landing aircraft. Test flights & landing.

02:36:32 Title: Noise abatement - engines mounted on stand tested.

02:36:59 Title: Lifting Body. Wingless M-2 dropped over desert area testing for space shuttle.

02:37:21 Title: Manned Spaceflight. President Nixon in Russia signs agreement w/ Kosygin re proposed US / USSR rendezvous in space. Technicians w/ models.

02:37:44 Title: Preparing for Skylab. Astronauts Crippen, Thornton, Bobko enter altitude chamber to collect medical data over 50 days. Simulator. Animation Skylab.

02:38:22 Title: Apollo 16 and 17 - Astronauts into coach to launch pad. Shots in space of landing modle. Lunar buggy on moon. GOOD. Summary shots: Launch of Apollo - Stills sequence on moon. Earth from space - splashdown and retrieval, arriving on ship. GOOD stills & footage.

02:40:28 Lynn Bondurant wraps up 1972 & introduces 1973.

Space Exploration History; Promotional Film;

Russian News of the Day #21 1972 June

29May72 Kremlin palace. Delegation into big hall. Brezhnev & Nixon at table, sign cooperation agreement, other government leaders present incl. Podgorny, Suslov & Kosygin, Kissinger. Brezhnev & Nixon exchange signed agreements, shake hands, all applaud. (16:21:05) Newspaper headlines & articles highlighting agreement between Soviet Union & US, pictures of USSR & US leaders. USSR & US flags next to each other on rainy day, Podgorny & Nixon walk past troops at airport, military parade, US president shake hands w/ general public & walks towards plane. Nixon w/ wife up stairs, wave at top, people wave small Soviet & US flags, high angle plane on the runway, shot of both nation flags in flag post. (SALT 1 Strategic ARms Limitation Talks).

16:22:41 Armenia, Soviet-Armenian composer Alexander Arutunian, writes down notes, plays piano. High angle country mountain view. Capital city Yerevan, big square w/ pool & fountain in middle, filled w/ people, busy street, revolution hero monuments, group of children in the park, shot of schoolgirls. Large building w/ Lenin s portrait on wall. Shots of various factories, metalworking industrial machinery, car manufacture, agriculture, woman picks grapes. (16:24:11) Shot of university building, people in the street, fountains. LS of city w/ huge mountain behind it.

16:24:31 Urals, factory worker M. Popov walks thru factory hall, CU of history book of Soviet Union w/ article about Popov. Flashback to 1941, workers in tank manufacturing factory, newspaper articles w/ pictures of young M. Popov who led the first workers team of tank builders. Popov in his present job - Ural car manufacture, looks at work plans w/ another man, various shots of factory workers, machinery. Popov gives prize to his brigade s best workers, men look at prize & pass it around.

16:25:53 Moscow exhibition hall, Federal Republic of Germany (DDR) trade show, opening speech by German chairman (MOS), people applaud. People in exhibition hall, look at various automatic metal industry machinery, high angle factory. Automation, numerical controlled machines.

16:27:00 Tadjikistan, contrasts of climate, Dushanbe region, poppy fields, waterfall, people collect flowers.

Hissar mountain w/ roads covered in deep snow, tractors plow snow, man w/ special sunglasses walks in front of tractor to show way, car on the cleared road.

16:27:49 Construction site of new 700 km electric power line Moscow to Bulgaria, transmission towers pulled up w/ tractors, man w/ portable radio gives directions, worker on special bicycle rides high up on electric power line.

16:28:45 Sport. Outskirts of Riga, Latvia motorcycle & motorbike racing championship, people w/ flags on stadium. Race begins in Bikernieki race track, shots of bikes racing through woodland roads, people on roadsides. Latvian racer 1st crosses the finish line, shot of the winner. Race for bikes w/ side cars, seen from various angles, spectators watch, race winners from Estonia get their prize.

Russian News of the Day 1972 #20 May

Moscow airport. US & USSR flags on flag pole. Air Force One lands, crowds gather to greet President Nixon on official visit to USSR. Soviet VIPs w/ Kosygin, Podgorny & Gromyko walk toward plane. High angle of aircraft, Nixon & wife off plane, shake hands w/ USSR VIPs, Nixon w/ Podgorny walks past army delegation, shake hands w/ people from crowd. CU of NBC film camera.

13:32:26 Military parade marching past VIPs. Escorted by police, Nixon driven thru streets of Moscow, people on roadsides.

13:32:46 High angle Kremlin, government leaders w/ Brezhnev, Kosygin, Podgorny & Gromyko enter hall, meet w/ Nixon, Kissinger, Rogers & other US delegates, all shake hands. Big line of reporters, photographers w/ cameras. VIPs sit down around big table. (SALT 1 Strategic ARms Limitation Talks).

13:33:46 18May71, Kremlin. Pioneers 50th anniversary celebration meeting. Standing applause, government leaders on stage as Pioneers enter hall. Podgorny on podium, presents Pioneer flag w/ 2nd Lenin prize, all children cheer - thank you, applaud.

13:34:51 Young Pioneer makes speech (SOF), gives oath to follow in steps of Communist Party & love USSR - all Pioneers join in. High angle of hall. Celebration parade on Red Square in sushine, Pioneers march w/ posters, flags, give flowers to VIPs, high angle of big parade.

13:35:55 Tadzhikistan / Nurek, big mountains, huge dam construction, high angle of building site, water pouring out cylinder, close up of builders, men weld, look at building plans. CU of workers. Construction planning office, men work on plans. Factory workers producing huge dam construction parts. Turbines. High angle of construction site.

13:37:37 Kazakhstan, ore production mining site, high building, inside various machinery, lift goes under ground. Men work w/ big machinery in mine, close shot of worker. Man controls coal mining machine.

Woman operator in automatic control room, all sorts of machinery. Big containers w/ ore raised & dumped.

13:39:10 Spring, men walk thru blossoming apple orchard. Farm leader walks thru field towards men checking new automatic planter; planting, high angle of tractor in field & men working.

13:40:09 Federal Republic of Germany, Bundestag meeting hall. Chancellor Willi Brandt on podium ask deputies to vote in favor of Moscow's & Warsaw's agreement. High angle meeting hall, people w/ boxes in hands walk around hall & collect votes, various shots of members talking, all applaud (incl Franz-Josef Strauss & Ludwig Erhard) as deputy announces that vote is in favor.

Diplomacy; Youth Group; Hydroelectric Power Construction; DDR;

United States Civil Service Commission.

Introduction to film narration over: MCU faces of managers, etc. men & women & mostly blacks. Government employees at jobs, office, cafeteria, printing. Supervisors, management, managers.

17:02:30 Quote from President Nixon memo 08Aug69 re Equal Employment Opportunity. Views of managers, workers & intertitles.

17:04:40 Office w/ typists at electric typewriters; hallway w/ woman & man deliverying mail etc. CU people griping about managment styles & deadend jobs & depriving people of paths for advancement.

17:06:25 Title: Remember My Name

17:06:30 Hands sorting folders, tilt up to face of Black woman. Women stuffing envelopes; talking about not being able to work on machines. Men working on machines. Man sorting mail. Managers talk about problems & opportunities. Mostly Blacks.

17:08:17 White man at meeting table talking about EEO programs. Managers talk about hiring & then almost immediately going into training. CUs women taking application exam or filling out applications.

17:10:22 CU hands on keyboard, MS. Cu hands w/ pencil, at adding machine. Man talking about entry level jobs & promotion ladder.

17:11:14 CU woman talking about new hires that have skills. MCU of office of women working adding machines, CU & MCU. Women talking about wanting to progress. One w/ good afro hairdo.

17:12:07 Man at computer keyboard; Black man explaining & training beginnng people. CU main frame tape. Men talking about minority or deprived white people & how superiors or bosses feel they now are involved in social work.

17:13:32 Managers talk about problems w/ existing employees feeling the newly hired are getting more advantages. Talking about lateral mobility & vertical mobility; training needs & guidance necessary.

17:15:51 Civil Service employees leaving building & boarding bus.

17:15:59 Black woman talking about the opportunity being real.

17:16:19 Black woman trainer in front of blackboard; view of class at typewriters; CU woman, hands, talking w/ trainer.

17:17:15 Black man w/ interesting face & bright red coat: The agency first has to make the commitment; to create the area for the grassroots people to move into...

17:18:24 End credits

Bureaucracy; Government Personnel Planning; Opportunities; Minorities; Civil Servants;

Vietnam! Vietnam! Pt. 5 of 5

Ike statement: Today the Communists reached ruthlessly for domination of southeast Asia... JFK: The use which the Communists make of dissent cannot arise...liquidation by gunfire of the opposition...problem of this decade . LBJ speaks. Nixon speaks to United Nations: Since I took office as President nothing has taken so much of my searching for an end to the war in Vietnam....we are prepared to withdraw all our troops...

03:53:41 Anti-Vietnam demonstration. South Vietnam troops marching up hill towards camera & singing in long line; past w/ rifles. Troops outside Capitol in Washington DC. 1969 Candle-light parade in Washington. Candle light parade in Vietnam & memorial (?) ceremony w/ large torches & singing, 31Dec69. Marching past camera. The End.

Religion; 1960s; Pro-American Vietnam War Propaganda; Captured; Debate;

President Nixon - I Am Not A Crook! - AP Managing Editor's Convention

Nixon fielding questions from Associated Press Editors re Watergate and tax irregularities.

I am not a crook at at 13:36:49

Four reels

Nixon Announces Vietnam Peace Accord

Peace With Honour aka Peace With Honor speech

Nixon reads statement issued in Paris and Hanoi re Agreement on Ending the War initialed by Kissinger & Le Duc Tho; to be signed formally at Paris Conference on 27Jan73.

Recalls address to the Nation of January 25 and May 8, 1972 re peace with honour; announces time and date of ceasefire; return of POWs within 60 days of ceasefire and fullest possible accounting for all of those who are missing in action ; withdrawal of all American forces from South Vietnam within 60 days after ceasefire; South Vietnam guaranteed right to determine their own future without outside interference.

... This settlement meets the goals and has the full support of President Thieu...

The United States will continue to recognize the Government of the Republic of Vietnam as the sole legitimate government of South Vietnam. We shall ... support efforts by the people of South Vietnam to settle their problems peacefully among themselves.

All parties must now see to it that this is a peace that lasts... This will mean that the terms of the agreement must be scrupulously adhered to.

To South Vietnam: By your courage, by your sacrifice, you have won the precious right to determine your own future ... friends in peace as we have been allies in war.

To leaders of North Vietnam: As we have ended the war through negotiations, let us now build a peace of reconciliation...

To the other major powers that have been involved even indirectly: Now is the time for mutual restraint...

To the American people: explains why negotiations had to remain secret. The important thing was not to talk about peace, but to get peace and to get the right kind of peace. This we have done.

... let us be proud that America did not settle for a peace that would have betrayed our allies, that would have abandoned our prisoners of war, or that would have ended the war for us but would have continued the war for the 50 million people of Indochina. Let us be proud of the 2 1/2 million young Americans who served in Vietnam ... in one of the most selfless enterprises in the history of nations... proud of those who sacrificed their lives so that the people of South Vietnam might live in freedom & so that the world might live in peace.

Word of thanks to families of POWs & missing in action. you had the courage to stand for the right kind of peace so that those who died ... would not have died ... in vain, and so that ... the next generation would know peace.... your long vigil is coming to an end.

Mentions vilification of LBJ who has just died ... No one would have welcomed this peace more than he .

We can provide the transcript of the entire speech.

Vietnam War

John Dean s Testimony Before the Senate Watergate Committee - Pt 7

Tells of conversation where he tells Nixon the coverup is a cancer on the Presidency...

President s legal counsel John Dean at mic reads opening statement presenting his version of Watergate events.

Hearings resume for afternoon. Dean talks of meetings and phone conversations with president Nixon re blackmail & perjury.

[Nixon Welcomes PM Bhutto & Daughter (?)] R1 of 2

ca 18Sep73 Nixon walks w/ PM Bhutto through guest to lecturn. Some small talk caught on microphone. Nixon welcomes PM & guests & talks of his two trips as VP to Pakistan. Talks of the friendship for past generation; it the friendship is a cornerstone for American foreign policy. Talks of brave people during recent problems of war & floods. What happens half way around the world affects us, what happens half way around the world affects you...

02:23:45 PM Bhutto responds. ...I have come to these shores before, as a student and as Prime Minister... ...we share a host of common affinities despite the diversities & the distances that separate us... I look forward to our discussions... ...that Mister President was a tilt for justice, and a tilt for equity. Exit thru crowd, people watch.

Diplomacy; Diplomatic Visit; Greetings; Cold War; 1973; Alliances;

Inauguration (1973) Color, Sd.

Washington, DC Narrated by Charlton Heston

People into Kennedy Center, past fountain. many CU. Folk group playing on stage in front of Les Brown Band. This Land Is My Land being sung by mixed group of Blacks & Whites. Pres. Nixon & wife into box to applause.

00:32:41 Statue of George Washington, in NYC outside NY Stock Exchange. Crowds on sidewalk in telephoto. Paintings of Washington Inauguration.

00:33:22 Nixon entering Inauguration Stand in front of Capitol w/ long pull back. Swearing in by Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger. Pat Nixon & daughters w/ Mamie Eisenhower. Part of Nixon s speech. Agnew sitting next to podium.

00:37:29 Motorcade up Pennsylvania Avenue w/ Nixon waving & grinning. Military marching units & flags. Drum majorettes, high school marching bands, Fife & Drum Corps. Floats.

00:39:51 Inaugural ball w/ pop music. Nixon, daughter & ?? in front of Les Brown Band. Nixon speaks: I m going to do whatever I can to make these next four years the best... More popular music. Moon over Capitol. Dawn over Capitol.

00:42:14 Credits. Singers include: Serendipity Singers, Mike Curb Congregation, Ray Stevens, Marine Corps Band. Music publishers.

Fashions, 1970s;

[Nixon Welcomes PM Bhutto & Daughter (?)] R2 of 2

ca 18Sep73 MOS Nixon walks w/ PM Bhutto through guest to lecturn. Faces of crowd, Pat Nixon & ?? Bhutto. Pakistani guests applauding & watching. Cu man takes snapshot photograph. Small girl lin mother s arms. People smiling & laughing.

02:31:24 MCU PM Bhutto to mic & speaking (MOS). Nixon listening, watching. Other guests, applauding politely. US military officer listening. Pat Nixon & Mrs. Bhutto. Nixon & Bhutto shake hands, leaving room w/ others filing past camera.

02:33:45 Limousine arrives at White House, Spiro Agnew out w/ Mrs. Agnew. MCU Nixon & arrival of Bhutto & Mrs. Bhutto from limousine & into White House. View of stair case & Military Honor Guard w/ flags out followed by Nixon & Bhutto, followed by Pat Nixon & Mrs. Bhutto. Smiling, posing. Past camera & prepare to enter dinner.

Diplomacy; Diplomatic Visit; Greetings; State Dinner Ceremony; Cold War; 1973;

Nixon s Farewell to White House Staff

Do NOT use audio until 03:04:26 containing newscasters Dan Rather & Walter Cronkite.

CU Nixon s attorney Sinclair? Nixon and Patricia enter and walk on stand with children. Applause.

04:07:29 Nixon addresses White House Staff.

... this office can only be as great as the men and women who work where... This house, for example... This isn't the biggest house... But this is the best house because it has something far more important than number of people who serve... than numbers of rooms... than magnificent pieces of art. This house has a great heart, and this heart comes from those who served... I would always get a lift from them because I might be a little down, but they always smiled... And so it is with you. ... each and every one of you is indispensable to this government.

07:09:11 - I am proud of this Cabinet.... sure we have done some things wrong in this Administration, and the top man always takes the responsibility, and I have never ducked it. But I want to say one thing... No man or no woman came into this administration and left it with more of this world's goods than when he came in. No man or no woman ever profited at that public expense or the public till. That tells something about you. Mistakes, yes. But for personal gain, never. You did what you believed in. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong. And I only wish that I were a wealthy man...

07:10:50 you are getting ... something in Government service that is far more important than money. It is a cause bigger than yourself. It is the cause of making this the greatest nation in the world, the leader of the world, because without our leadership the world will know nothing but war, possible starvation, or worse, in the years ahead. With our leadership it will know peace, it will know plenty.

We have been generous, and we will be more generous in the future as we are able to. But most important, we must be strong here, strong in our hearts, strong in our souls, strong in our belief, and strong in our willingness to sacrifice, as you have been willing to sacrifice, in a pecuniary way, to serve in Government.

07:12:03 There is something else I would like for you to tell your young people.... They get the impression that everybody is here for the purpose of feathering his nest. That is why I made this earlier point -- not in this Administration, no one single man or woman.

I remembered my old man.... he was a streetcar motorman first... and then he had a lemon ranch. It was the poorest lemon ranch in California... But he was a great man because he did his job, and every job counts up to the hilt, regardless of what happens.

We can provide the transcript of the entire speech.

Nixon s Farewell to White House Staff - Part 2

Tearful speech about mother - ... my mother was a saint. And I think of her, two boys dying to tuberculosis, nursing four others in order...

07:15:06 ... Nixon quotes TR regarding death of his daughter. He thought the light had gone from his life forever -- but he went on. ... We think that when we suffer defeat, that all is ended.... Not true. It is only a beginning always... the greatness comes when you are really tested, when you take some knocks... Because only when you ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.

07:20:13 And so I say to you on this occasion, as we leave, we leave proud of the people who have stood by us and worked for us... And so, we leave with high hopes, in good spirit and with deep humility, and with very much gratefulness in our hearts...

07:22:14 Applause and Nixon leaves.

Do NOT use audio after 07:22:33 due to reporters.

Henry Kissinger. Guests leaving incl. George Bush Sr??

We can provide the transcript of the entire speech.

Nixon s Farewell to White House Staff - Part 3

Leaving White House by helicopter

LS White House Lawn - Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, Pat Nixon and President Nixon walk across to helicopter

Tape damage 03:25:26 - 03:25:32

Kissing goodbye and climbing into helicopter - Nixon waves. Closing doors.

Tape damage 03:27:11 - 03:27:15

White House staff at balcony waving. Rolling back red carpet. Nixon seen through helicopter window (hardly visible.

Tape damage 03:27:50 - 03:27:52 MCU Gerald Ford and Betty Ford watch helicopter leaving.

Tape damage 03:28:10 - 03:28:11 and later at intervals.

Helicopter takes off.


Nixons Arrive At Andrews AFB

Nixon s departure after leaving White House.

Nixons helicopter lands. Crowd watching (soft). Air Force One "Spirit of 76" waiting. Pat and Nixon out of helicopter and into Air Force One plane. Crowd take pictures and wave. Nixons wave. Nixon children into Air Force One and plane leaving. Good shots spectators.

Colour has pinkish tinge

President Ford Inauguration

CU Kissinger talking with two others. Ex-speaker of the House McCormick. General Haig? Ford children seated. VIPs being directed to seats.

Do not use sound until 03:42:27 (network commentators).

Chief Justice Warren Burger arrives and announces Vice-president Ford & Mrs Ford. Ford & Betty enter to loud applause.

03:44:24 Ford sworn in - takes oath of office. Ford children applaud.

03:46:02 Gerald Ford s inauguration speech:

... I assume the Presidency under extraordinary circumstances never before experienced by Americans. This is an hour of history that troubles our minds and hurts our hearts.... I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your President by your ballots... I have not campaigned either for the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. I have not subscribed to any partisan platform. I am indebted to no man... Those who nominated and confirmed me as Vice President were my friends... They were of both parties... I will be the President of all the people...

I intend... to request... the privilege of appearing before the Congress to share ... my views on the priority business of the Nation and to solicit your views and their views.

... We cannot stand still or slip backwards. We must go forward now together.... To the peoples and the governments of all friendly nations... I pledge an uninterrupted and sincere search for peace...

... I believe that truth is the glue that holds government together... That bond, though strained, is unbroken at home and abroad.... honesty is always the best policy in the end.

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

... As we bind up the internal wounds of Watergate, more painful and more poisonous than those of foreign wars, let us restore the golden rule to our political process, and let brotherly love purge our hearts of suspicion and of hate.

... I ask again your prayers, for Richard Nixon and for his family. May our former President, who brought peace to millions, find it for himself....

... I now solemnly reaffirm my promise I made to you last December 6 ... I will not let you down.

07:53:59 End of speech and applause. President Ford and Betty Ford exit.

Do NOT use audio after 07:54:08 (Dan Rather voice)

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President Nixon s Address to the Nation Resigning the Office of the Presidency - Pt 1

Throughout the long and difficult period of Watergate, I have felt it was my duty to... complete the term of office to which you elected me... I no longer have a strong enough political base in the Congress to justify continuing that effort.... I would have preferred to carry through to the finish whatever the personal agony... But the interest of the Nation must always come before any personal considerations...

... because of the Watergate matter I might not have the support of the Congress ... necessary to ... carry out the duties of this office...

04:13:00 I have never been a quitter.... But as President, I must put the interest of America first... To continue to fight ... for my personal vindication would almost totally absorb the time and attention of both the President and the Congress...

Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Vice President Ford will be sworn in as President at that hour in this office... I know ... that the leadership of America will be in good hands... the first essential is to begin healing the wounds of this Nation, to put the bitterness and divisions of the recent past behind us...

04:15:59 I regret deeply any injuries that may have been done in the course of the events that led to this decision. I would say only that if some of my Judgments were wrong, and some were wrong, they were made in what I believed at the time to be the best interest of the Nation.

To those who have stood with me during these past difficult month... eternally grateful for your support.

... let me say I leave with no bitterness toward those who have opposed me...

... gratitude for the privilege of serving as your President ... a time of achievement in which we can all be proud... We have ended America's longest war... We must complete a structure of peace so that it will be said of this generation... not only that we ended one war but that we prevented future wars....

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President Nixon s Address to the Nation Resigning the Office of the Presidency - Pt 2

Nixon continues outlining achievements:

We have unlocked the doors ... between the United States and the People's Republic of China.... In the Middle East, 100 million people in the Arab countries... now look on us as their friends...

Together with the Soviet Union we have made the crucial breakthroughs that have begun the process of limiting nuclear arms.... We have opened the new relation with the Soviet Union...

We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace... what we are striving so hard right now to achieve, prosperity without inflation.

04:21:43 For more than a quarter of a century in public life I have shared in the turbulent history of this era. I have fought for what I believed in... Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed

Quotes Theodore Roosevelt ... if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly."

... I am confident that the world is a safer place today, not only for the people of America but for the people of all nations, and that all of our children have a better chance than before of living in peace rather than dying in war.... This, more than anything, is what I hope will be my legacy to you, to our country, as I leave the Presidency.

Do not use sound after 04:26:00 (commentators).

We can provide the transcript of the entire speech.

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R1 of 6

Sam Lovejoy in field overlooking Montague Farm introduces himself. Pan over Franklin County countryside, with titles and music. Lovejoy talks about organic farming. Holstein cows running across field. Shot of Montague Center from field; 500 weather tower in fall foliage. Lovejoy talks abut tower as symbol of nuclear power plant. VS tower intercut with Lovejoy interview about toppling tower to protest nuclear power. Still of atomic blast with narration underneath. Stills of Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, Einstein. Shot of Montague Center, small town common. Stills of Eisenhower at UN with Atoms for Peace, graphics, stills of nuclear reactors. Int. with Dr. John Gofman, anti-nuclear scientist (nuclear chemist) from Lawrence-Livermore lab about corporate sponsorship of nuclear power. Stills nuclear plants, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy with narration. Int. with Bill Semanie, purblic relations, Northeast Utilities (NU), about benefits of nuclear power. Shot of NU stock certificate. Nixon Project Independence speech excerpt about nuclear power under Nixon stills. Stills and headlines about nuclear power. Pan of Montague Plains, site of potential nuclear power plant. Artist drawing of Montague plant. Storefront office of anti-nuclear activists with signs and No Nukes bumper stickers. Int. with Anna Gyorgy about objections to nuclear power. Pan over Montague Plains with fall foliage colors. Shot of Connecticut River in winter. Int. with Sam Lovejoy about diversity of anti-nuclear movement and necesity of direct action and civil disobedience to stop nuclear power.

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R3 of 6

Int. with Charles Bragg, VP of NU, re uselessness of votes against nuclear power. Narration with still of man working in glove box, footage with television bar of men getting into decontamination suits. Dr. John Gofman int. re dangers of nuclear plants and need for public study and debate. Stills of Kissinger, Ford, oil fields, Ralph Nader, headlines re oil crisis. Int. with Charles Bragg re energy shortages and planning for growth. Nixon Project Independence Speech with Nixon stills. Aerials of Franklin County, canal through mills in Turners Falls. Int. with Sam Lovejoy re history of Montague Plains and the coming of the nuclear plant. Aerials of Connecticutt River. GV of River. Aerial of tower.

01:26:10 Int. with Charles Bragg about benefits of Montague site. Pull out Turners Falls street. Lovejoy int. Int. with people on street in Turners Falls. Int. with Lovejoy, cartoon stills re nuclear power from newspaper. Int. with Bill Semanie about tax breaks from nuclear plant. Int. with Sam Lovejoy about Northeast Utilities and profit. Int. with Charles Bragg about weeding out anti-technology people

No Nukes R4

Graham Nash performs Barrel of Pain .

01:39:44 Int. with Graham about nuclear waste dump in San Francisco Bay. Giant mutant sponges.

01:40:44 Barrel of Pain continues. Audience applauds. Fade out to distorted red light.

01:42:35 James Taylor in hall. Jackson and Graham talking.

01:42:52 James Taylor performs Your Smiling Face and audience applauds

01:45:46 James introduces film. Bikini atomic blast. Shot of crowd at Madison Square Garden. Soldiers going to atomic blast in Nevada desert. Chaplin describes beauty of atomic explosion and mushroom cloud to soliders waiting for test. It s a wonderful site to behold. Troops marching in silhouette. Soldier describes test . Large group of soliders during Nevada test in open. Int. with dying veteran, Paul Cooper. Int. with scientist about aready knowing the effects of radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions. Pres. Eisenhower Atoms for Peace Speech at UN. Pres. Johnson talking about taming the atom for peaceful use. Pres. Nixon talking about nuclear power and energy independence. Three Mile Island exterior. Int. with evacuees. Int. with people and children re TMI accident and radiation.

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;

No Nukes R5

Int. with Dr. John Gofman about effects of low level radiation. Int. with people at anti-nuclear rally. Debate between pro-nuclear person and anti-nuclear man in clown make-up. Int. with Kristie Conrad one of the Seabrook, NH occupiers re people voting in Seabrook against the plant. Int. with Carlene Peruse re Seabrook vote. Entering Seabrook sign. People playing on beaches. Int. with Rennie Cushing and other Seabrook occupiers. Silver shovels dedicating ceremony at Seabrook, NH. Press conference with New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thompson about town vote being illegal. Tony Santasucci, Seabrook resident, on why the vote should count. Sing says Welcome to South Dakota . Pan over Black Hills. Int. with South Dakota rancher re nuclear waste. Anti-nuclear protestor in Connecticut. Shots of anti-nuclear activity and demonstrations. Solar rollers on rollerblades on New York street. Baloon vendor. American flag against sign. Ralph Nader talking about evacuation plans at press conference. Seabrook demonstration. Black Hills march. Spinning Globe intro to the Big Picture from the US Army. More of the Chaplin reassuring soldiers that they are safe. Troops marching past. Soldier eating in silhouette. Stills of various presidents -Truman, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Carter. Jackson Browne marching with Native-Americans in Black Hills. Anti-nuclear demonstration in France. John Trudell, Native-American activist, speaking to South Dakota rally. Ballon release at Rocky Flats, Colorado. Anti-nuclear rally in front of Capitol in Washington, DC Song by James Taylor Stand and Fight in background.

01:56:35 James Taylor backstage. Tim Sexton talking with Madison Square Garden guy. James Taylor performing Stand and Fight on stage and audience applauding. Int. with Gil Scott-Heron backstage on how he wrote song We Almost Lost Detroit.

01:58:38 Gil Scott-Heron performs We Almost Lost Detroit.

02:01:21 Musicians backstage rehearsing Power . Backstage conversation. Graham Nash with wife and child.

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 4 (partial) of 4

Moscow w/ small navy boat on river, traffic of trucks & buses in background & pulling back showing corner of Kremlin & Red Square buildings behind. Narrator describing Peristroika.

08:13:17 Peter Reddaway in George Washington University office being interviewed, makes statement of need for improving performance of Soviet economy. Pedestrians on crowded sidewalk.

08:13:45 Marshall Goldman on Glastnost & speaking out on economy & other issues. Soviets looking at goods in shop windows, standing passively in line, walking on sidewalk.

08:14:36 Reddaway saying Gorbachev is right to make Soviet society more open so as to encourage motivation & reform of the economic system.

08:15:05 Reagan & Gorbachev after signing of Intermediate Weapons Treaty.

08:15:21 Goldman saying that Gorbachev must divert resources from military to civilian sector of economy.

08:15:36 Gorbachev waving to Soviet crowds in Red Square. With others on balcony. Pedestrians.

08:16:01 Lech Walesa w/ microphone speaking at Solidarty Labor Union rally. People running from police.

08:16:12 Worldnet broadcast w/ Dimitri Simes (founding President of Nixon Center) saying Soviets did NOT have a master plan when Perestroika was begun.

08:16:40 Rally of young people in Red Square releasing balloons & w/ red flags. Good banner w/ Marx, Lenin & Engels.

08:16:57 President Reagan speaking to World Affairs Council dinner calling on USSR to comply w/ Helsinki Accords: Regional conflicts & human rights are closely intertwined; they are issues of moral conscience, they are issues of international security. Because when a government abuses the rights of its own people, it is a grim indication of its willingness to commit violence against others. Two of the most basic rights we have called on the Soviets to comply with...are the right to emigrate & the right to travel...

08:17:46 Kremlin zoomed in on from river side. Pedestrians on crowded street. Shultz arriving up stairs & greeted by ?? Makes statement & seated at semi-circle table w/ NATO allies.

08:18:25 Marvin Fitzwater at press briefing. Reporters w/ Helen Thomas & others.

08:18:32 CU sign: State Department & pull back.

08:18:45 Demonstration in Soviet Union w/ speaker at mic. Large demonstration in Washington DC by Jewish groups w/ banner Glasnost for Soviet Jews. Includes Natan Sharansky & wife marching w/ others. SIgn: Mr. Gorbachev: Let Our People Go. Speakers on podium on Washington mall. Reddaway in office on USSR releasing dissidents held in psychiatric wards. Continued...

Cold War; Diplomacy; Propaganda;

Air Force Now (Hawaii - Precious Cargo - Battle of Khe Sanh)

Title sequence w/ Pencil sketch opening, rotoscoping.

08:31:08 Hawai & montage: blowing conch shell, seashore, outdoor mountains, sign: Hale Koa Hotel, Armed Forces Hotel, Waikiki Beach.

08:31:34 Joan Vierra, Marketing Director fo Hale Koa Hotel explains that it is available for all members of Armed Forces. Rates based on military pay grade so always affordrable. Volleyball, surfing & other sports. Traditional Hawaiian dancing, singer.

08:33:14 Presidential aircraft montage: President Truman off The Independence, Ike Eisenhower off, JFK Kennedy, LBJ Johnson, Richard Nixon.

08:33:53 Title: Precious Cargo

SOF Col. Brem Morrison Commander of 89th Military Airllft Wing, Andrews AF Airbase. (note: post-1987) Pres. George HW Bush boarding plane & waving. Briefing. Man at telephone, part delivered. Working on motor, explanation of food preparation. Supermarket shopping in PX for trip (GOOD). Peparing for flight, loading aircraft.

08:36:53 Morrison describes fleet of 6 types of aircraft etc. Crew to helicopter, CU of rotor & taking off. SOF about 1st Helicopter Squadron & flying VIPs around Washington DC area. Aerials: Washington Monument & over city w/ Capitol in background.

08:38:13 Pan Presidential plane on runway, Pres. Reagan boarding Air Force One & waving & saluting, plane taxiing & turning (GOOD Reagan leaving).

08:39:09 Title: Project Warrior. Feb-Mar68. Khe Sanh, troops past camera. Aerial of AFB. Ground fighting, mortars, heavy guns, wounded on stretchers carried.

08:39:50 Title: The Battle Of Khe Sanh Planes dropping napalm. B-52 bomb run; parachute drop of equipment. SOF Maj. McGuire. C-130 landing. Burning plane.

08:41:00 Container delivery; dropping skids. Large helicopter arriving & unloading. Men jump into foxhole. Napalm bombs falling, explosion from air. Artillery firing. B-52 drops, 500 & 750 lb bombs. Night bomb explosions. Marines boarding helicopter.

08:43:49 LBJ SOF re what Marines had done at Khe Sanh. Visuals of marines moving up, fighting, marching. South Vietname troops. Base at Khe Sanh w/ supplies. Presented By Your Air Force.

Vietnam War Fighting; Presidential Planes; Air Force One Preparation; Military History; Recreation;

[Nixon Remarks at Japanese Luncheon]

VS INT function room; Pat Nixon and unid. senior US military officer in audience; applause and standing ovation [quite dark].

16:14:29 Sd. Nixon at mic., US flag behind. Thanks delegates for attending lunch etc. then cuts into speech re threat of Communism for Japan: ... there is only one threat to the peace of the world today... the international Communist movement with its power centre in the Soviet Union... If it weren t for the Communist threat there would have been no war in Korea.... there would be no war in Indochina today... there would be no war in Malaya today... the nations of the world could embark on a program of disarmament.... If we want peace... we must remain militarily stronger . Says this administration is doing more for military strength than the previous. If the rest of Asia falls under Communist domination, Japan also will fall.... if Japan desires to be free ... it is essential that they work with the free nations... [Abrupt end.]

[Shigemitsu Mamoru Meets Dulles and Nixon]

Shigemitsu into building w/ walking stick; greeted by Dulles; talks w/ Dulles. Shakes hands and talks with Nixon. Stands with Nixon on steps near Capitol?

[Dulles Returns from NATO]

USAF plane taxis on runway; Dulles out, shakes hands w/ vars VIPs.

16:46:56 Sd. Press conference on airfield: Dulles mentions going to report to President later same day. Says he feels a great deal has been accomplished on trip; ... we have seen great events: the entry of Germany into NATO; the actual beginning of Western European union; good talks about China and about Indochina; the signing of the Austrian State treaty; and the agreement of the Western powers upon an invitation to the Soviet Union for a meeting of the four heads of government... I return feeling this has been an eventful week and that much good work has been done.

16:48:44 Si. White House inserts?: Framed photographs. Clock. Family pictures. Globe. Encyclopedia on shelf. paintings. Pelican sculpture. Portrait beardless Abraham Lincoln. Medals. CU painting Summer by Charles H Davis. Photographers and newsreel cameramen setting up. Nixon, Byrnes & Unid. man.

Dulles reporting to Truman in Oval Office. Many other VIPs present. EXT White House; people on verandah.