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Model T Ford Model T Ford  
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Archival film footage on Model T from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

[Ford Cars, 1903 - 1917] Pt. 1 of 2

03:07:52 Moving Model T assembly line man putting wheels onto axle, other men around chassis.

03:08:09 Three men in early open auto in front of wealthy home w/ man at side of open right-hand drive car cranking, starts & he runs around & gets in; car moves off screen.

03:08:29 Early car on street in city w/ playground behind, traffic beyond. Car turns & passes camera CU.

03:08:42 Three cars at intersection, two as though in collision; policeman standing looking.

03:08:49 Ext. Henry Ford s brick garage where quadricycle was built in 1896.

03:08:58 Closed car ca 1918 thru deep cut, past camera.

03:09:05 Team of horses pulling sleigh followed by car in snowstorm.

03:09:14 Open car on mountain gavel road past large stone marker.

03:09:24 Rural mountain village w/ cars parked diagonal.

03:09:34 Ext of large factory w/ four tall chimneys & Ford sign on large water tank. High angle of street cars & some cars, many workers waiting to board. Lines of men on each side of tracks waiting for trolleys. Trolly arrives, a few men off & it stops for people getting on from line. Dissolve to ext of factory w/ men leaving, cars on street.

03:10:03 Closed sedan pulling up to house in deep snow, pulls into driveway.

03:10:21 Two men in coupe sitting in front of large stone building; sedan pulls up to same place. Coupe pulls up to same place. Another convertible coupe sitting. man gets into Model T coupe (several times); also sedan & rolls up window.

03:11:17 Natives walking along road in tropical country w/ baskets on head, burros.

03:11:24 Cars along road lined w/ mature large palm trees. Many convertibles. Men in early open car (03:08:09 above) coming toward & passing camera. View away from camera w/ open rear gearbox, smoking from engine.

03:11:45 MS Closed sedan parked in snow w/ people in. Same sedan from across street & couple walk out & get into it, drive off. Large wealthy homes behind. Same car pulls up couple walks away along snowy sidewalk. Other shots, car pulls up & couple & another woman gets in; instructions given to driver & it leaves.


Early promotional footage; transportation;

[Ford Cars, 1903 - 1917] Pt. 2 of 2

03:13:20 ..Continued. Car w/ railwheel flanges along tracks past camera. High angle of series of open sedans along mountain road.

03:13:37 Model T towards edge of dirt bank & drops over; slowly down bank. Repeated twice.

03:14:08 Two early cars on race track bouncing. Line of Ford tractors parade past slowly on dirt track. Highway roller past.

03:14:40 View across dirt race track to grandstand w/ cars past. Checkered flag. Start of race; passing at speed. Posing w/ car number 24, mechanics, drivers & spectators.

03:15:42 Truck driving up steep ramps, backs down.

03:16:04 Dirt race course & line of cars slowly past led by motorcycle policeman, w/ man & large megaphone on first car. Line of various type of trucks and vans follows.

03:17:30 Street scenes of cars past factories & loooking up main street; pedestrians; electric trolley. Cars parked along side & in middle of street. Pixillated of pedestrians, cars & carriag.

03:18:22 Looking down on snaking curved gravel road of Pike s Peak, Colorado w/ a car driving up, another down.

03:18:57 View from above of canyon w/ car parked near top. Open car arriving w/ others parked at overlook. People on top of rock outcropping looking over edge of mountainside. Gravel road alongside stream & cars up towards camera. Other shots of mountain roads & cars.

03:20:22 MCU Convertible car pulling trailer pulls across meadow; two couples out & look around. Men open trailer & take out camping gear, suitcases & set up canvas turning it into a trailer.

03:21:16 Car parked in winter in park, couple gets in & drives off.

03:21:42 Model T convertible up to large stone & ivy building. Sedan w/ canvas top pulls up & stops; leaves.

Tourists; Transportation; Advertising; Promotion; Vacations; Tourism;


Meeting of Ford dealers of Michegan and Ohio - Pan along company building - people going to work. Model T through snowbank - masses of people walk alongside Ford building - pan over company buildings with people leaving etc. New demands for petroleum. 21:09:20 some glitches over animation of firing cannon that shows development of piston in cutaway. Horse drawn buses etc. 21:10:49 1900s London

[Ford Cars, 1903-1907]

Assy of Model T, wheels. 1903 Model A w/ 4 men, drives off. 1903 drive in town; parked w/ 1904. Ford's orig. Bagley Ave shop. Desert cut; sleigh & ford; Tioga Pass. Mt. Lodge. Highland Park w/ traffic, trollies. Model T in snow to house. Different Model T-s driven & parked in front house. Tropics & Florida. Snow & large sedans on RR track. Mt. Road. Down embankment. On race track; parade of tractors. Race cars past grandstand; start & finish of race on dirt. Truck up ramp; parade of cars; of trucks. City street w/ trollies & traffics; small town. Pike's Peak. Tourists, mts. Family & camp trailer set up. Model T's front of house.

[Misc. Ford Model T cars & Los Angeles footage]

Men walk thru sequoia & then car drives through. Cars along mountain road thru sequoias or redwoods, people out and look at them. Snow on ground. (dark)

00:08:34 Two men feeding large bear beside open touring Model T. Horse & wagon behind.

00:08:51 Ford opening touring car in mountain beside snow field. (dark)

00:09:11--00:09:29 Ford driven over rough ground & down deeply rutted muddy road.

00:09:30 Seventh & Broadway intersection in Los Angeles w/ much heavy traffic ca 191?

00:09:47 Large water pipeline to Los Angeles w/ man walking on it, Model T driving up it.

00:10:20 POV driving past California bungalows in Los Angeles. Palm tees in parking strip. Man walking up sidewalk past houses. Pan along houses.

00:11:24 Wooden oil derricks, Signal Hill (?). Pan across.

00:11:42 High angle from tall building of busy street in Los Angeles speeded up, pixillated. Electric Trolleys

Travelogues; Oddities; Wild Life; Animals;

Columbia River Highway, The

Diagram of Columbia River Highway alongside river. Two men & three women out of house and into open touring Model T (?) car, drive out of driveway. Driving along paved highway w/ wooden guard rails. Cars along road, cliffs, bridges. Looking at river from bridge. Rooster Rock, Crown Point & other views. Concrete guard rail & stones. Construction beside Crown Point overlook & view looking east up stream.

00:14:41 Concrete Bridge at Latourell Falls seen w/ three arches of concrete.

00:15:00 Multnomah Falls. Tilt down; people on bridge at base. Traveling along road and out of tunnel.

00:16:13 Horsetail Falls. Cars along road thru cut. Large concrete bridge. People at view point.

00:16:47 Wahkeena Falls. n.g. film rolls.

00:16:55 Cars under basalt rock overhang. Cocrete bridge & tilt up cliffs. Looking out of river.

Travelogue; 1910s; Transportation; Recreation; Highways; Promotion Ford Motor Company;

1991 FORD STOCK FOOTAGE part 4 - Historical - Model T

Model T auto Assembley - interior factory - men with wheel rims - engine parts on conveyoy belts - production line. Car parts moved by overhead pulleys. Men assmebling car - fitting radiator - cars off line and out of factory

Greenfield Village Ford School - Ford Rubber; Ford ice skating; Model T Assembly (1916).

Henry Ford and others sitting in front of building under construction. Interior classroom. Ford sitting at desk with small boy talking - shows his initials HF carved in desk. Ford and boy reading from book.

Ford and another man looking at globe and pieces of leather ?

Ford on horse drawn plough

21:08:15 Ford family ? ice skating

21:10:58 Production line assembly of Ford Model T car - interiors factory, engines and body parts moving by overhead pulleys. Cars assembled on line.

[Highland Park Assembly Line, 20s; Wilson, Ford & Ferris, 1916; Crowds; Model T; Plane; Driving]

10:06:43 1920s Highland Park assembly line w/ overhead conveyor of parts; & Black & White workers moving engine & transmission castings on waist high conveyor. Camshafts & other parts hanging & moving past men assembling engine blocks, turning at end of assembly w/ transmission mounted; put on another conveyor. Fenders past hanging from overhead conveyor. Chassis, attaching engine & brakes. Radiator & steering column added & sedan body lowered. Model T s driven off assembly line & out of plant.

10:09:18 ca 1916 President Wilson w/ Michigan Governor Ferris & Henry Ford out of building w/ VIPs and crowds, strawhats, flowers & flags. Posing.

10:10:20 Crowds surging through entrance and alongside factory building seen from overhead. Some waving up at camera. Mostly men. Lower camera, men waving caps. US flag on pole, women carry umbrellas for sun. Assemblying outside factory w/ bunting for Wilson. Wilson in open car surrounded by many people.

10:11:59 Model T chassis & motor on assembly line & crank started by man w/ machine.

10:12:50 Interior of large engineering hall w/ drafting tables; Int. of machine tool room w/ machinists. Both spaces lighted by overhead roof windows.

10:13:10 CU of gears at rear axle. Transmission shifting mechanism shwn working. Interior of engine.

10:13:44 Airfield and large single engine biplane tw/ twin cockpit taxiing up. The Air Service Needs You barely visible on side. Pilot out and walks toward camera unbuttoning heavy coat.

10:14:28 CU Pres. Wilson & others in top hat.

10:14:36 Ext. of factory w/ horse drawn wagon & trolley past.

10:14:47 ca 1916 Two men in open sedan by waterfall. Canyon w/ road in bottom and several open touring cars pst, seen from above. Women & men walk along.

10:15:27 1916(?) safety film clip. Soft focus. Car nearly hitting pedestrians, policeman pulls over.

10:15:48 Two women driving convertible, man in convertible past, others thru residential area w/ wide streets.

Automobile Industry; Inventor; 1916 Presidential Campaign; Tourists; Tourism; Air Mail Airplane; Ethnic Migration;

Lumber Industry

Animated map. Winter logging camp w/ horses. Timber - Falling tree in summer, pulling thru snow; loading sled, to RR car, loading & to sawmill. Highline & steam donkey working. 2 wheeled carts pulled by horses carrying logs. Derrick loading logs onto RR. River w/ logs flowing downstream. Dynamite blasting dammed stream. Lumberjack pulling logs. Boomed at mill w/ village on hill. Train dumping logs into pond; moved into mill, cutting w/ band saw & to green chain. Wagon of lumber pulled by Model T. Loading RR cars & ship in NW. Drying & sawing boards. Cutting square holes, planing boards, Family looking at boards being cut.

[Greenfield Village, Henry Ford in School House; Ice Skating; Factory Footage 1920s] Pt. 2 of 2

School & teacher s desk, wood stove, Henry Ford sitting w/ boy at desk talking, shows boy where he had carved his initials in the desk.

01:49:?? At upright writing desk, boy reads to Henry from primer textbook. Sitting at desk talking.

01:49:?? Henry Ford w/ Edsel & piece of rubber or leather & other pieces of rubber beside automobile tire & rim.. Looking at large globe. Look at ball of raw rubber.

01:50:?? Henry Ford & another man beside reaper, gets on & pulled by team of horses. Scything wheat & tieing small bundle.

01:52:?? Henry Ford skating on outdoor scraped rink carrying small child, another runs after. Mrs. Ford walking on ice.

01:52:?? Henry Ford speed skating around rink. Large stone warming hut at corner & pan to family on ice w/ Edsel skating & doing turns.

Winter Recreation;

01:54:?? High angle of open Model T car descending Pike s Peak on switchback road.

01:54:?? Men assembling motors beside assembly line. Motors & transmissions. Men on transmission assembly line. Body parts along hanging assembly line. Chassis on line w/ wheels on & body parts being added. Radiator fitted Men inspecting before body is added. Lowering of sedan body. Cars driven off assembly line & out door past camera. GOOD.

Ford Automobile;

The American Road - Excerpt]

Note: Spliced sections so sound not continious.

Cars out of factory; driven thru muddy road, stops (car stuck in mud?) and driver gets out, kicks tire.

00:43:48 Horses grading road bed; pouring concrete w/ large machine. Road workers stand around.

00:44:08 Concrete roads w/ cars. Women outside fruit & vegetable shop by road, climb into car; drive off.

Model T up to front of house, doctor w/ bag exits car & up steps, into house.

00:44:39 Aerial view of Pikes Peak s winding mountain road w/ cars. Driving in mountains, overlook. Bouncing thru Sequoia National Park. People in cars feed bear. Car thru tunnel in Redwood tree.

00:45:23 Rest area by side of road & lake with swings, picnic tables, cars parked. Tourists pick flowers in field, napping in car. On beach in swimsuits.

Vacation Recreation 1910s; 1920s; Outdoors; Scenics; Families;

[Mining - Coal; Tacoma & Olympia, Washington] Pt. 1 of 2

Miner drilling by hand, flame burning on helmet; man picking. Breaking loose ceiling rock. Men loading cars in mine; moving them past camera. Power engine pulling cars. Mules in mine; blacksmith shoeing mule.

Cars raised to surface, int. & exterior. Covered conveyors above mine. Building above w/ steam; dumping cars into conveyor; cars up & down parallel shafts.

04:31:07 Flash title; The Diamond Drift... Men out of drift shaft on small electric engine pulling string of filled coal cars. Out & past camera. Empties pushed back into mine.

04:31:51 Small steam locomotive pulling long line of coal cars & moved on to dumping machine. MCU dumping. Empty cars past.

04:32:55 Ext. Men wait for arriving elevator, miners off & walk past. Clean miners leaving building; pose w/ others black w/ coal dust.

04:33:24 Ext. LS of breaker building. Coal piles. CU machinery w/ gears, conveyor belts, watering coal. CU fan room. Buildings & man beside conveyor belt. Winter w/ man walking thru snow next to coal piles. Train thru yard. Large open pit mine & steam shovel loading coal cars in front of small steam engine.

04:35:17 Flash title: Miners Homes, well built & comfortable, are erected by the Coal Companies. Two well dress men in overcoats on sidewalk as woman & child past on sidewalk. Behind large duplex houses.

04:35:29 Flash title: Culm Dumps - coal not of a marketable size & refuse is piled...washing redeems a large percentage for fuel. Piles shown outside steaming buildings. Men alongside conveyor built moving washed coal up from pile; MCU man w/ high pressure hose washing coal falling onto conveyor. MCUs & LSs.

04:36:28 Model T thru coal yard on icy road. Dirty water draining from conveyor.

04:36:47 Flash title: Leaving the coal fields for the freight yard where the coal is sorted for shipment. Engine pulling coal train past w/ men riding on top of coal cars. Continued...

1916; ca 1910s; Heavy Industry; Coal Mining;

Golden opportunity

Ford Weekly Purchase Plan to allow everyone to own a car. NOTE: some shots out of narrtive sequence.

00:13:49 Model T Ford on country road.

00:14:17 Man looks at cars on lot, gets into convertible; pulls out, down street. POV past pedestrians, sees friend on sidewalk & gives him ride home. Fishing on lake from rowboat. Talking in car driving.

00:15:05 Drops friend at his house; freind thru gate. Into kitchen: daughter, child & wife preparing dinner. Picks up boy, puts child down; takes off coat & rolls up sleeves.

00:15:58 Mother sells old papers to junk man on porch.

00:16:24 Women & children counting money saved in kitchen; Ford salesman arrives. Husband Bill comes home asks where the money came from. Boy says take it to the dealer & enroll us. Bill goes off w/ Ford man & family happy & cheers.

00:18:06 Bill, salesman & Ford dealer at Ford office. Forms filled in. CU forms.

00:18:54 Salesman & son drive home & into kitchen (out of sequence).

00:19:22 Son, Johnny, sells magazines to woman on doorstep. Daughter works selling vegetables at store. Entire family in kitchen, father reads paper & smokes pipe. Ad in paper for Ford purchase plan pointed out by Johnny to mother who shows it to dad.

00:21:21 Sister shopping in pharmacy. Johnny sees advertisement for Purchase Plan in shop window. Son playing mumbly pegs w/ other boys called to dinner; washes up. Family at table eating & talking. Father thinking & cut to man getting into car w/ family to go fishing. Driving past woods.

00:24:07 Father passes out money or allowance to famly. Mother puts hers in jar.

00:24:46 Father at Ford office finsihes signing papers, shakes hands with sales people. At work in factory complimented by foreman on good work. Eating lunch tells others about car purchase plan. (out of sequence)

00:26:05 CU Bill working on car motor (out of sequence).

00:26:15 Johnny mowing lawn, selling papers; daughter babysitting, taking baby for walk in pram; mother baking as kids watch. Family collects weekly savings for payment.

Economics; Marketing; Selling; Automobile Sales; Henry Ford; Immigrant Family; 1920s Americana;

Flexibility [Ford Motor Car Advertising Film]

Title over car towards camera. Art intertitles re flexible cars.

04:01:01 POV following car ( Model T ? ) thru suburban city traffic; stopping at intersection, pedestrians & traffic. Weaving around traffic.

04:01:57 Demonstrates three point turn in empty street; parking between cars.

04:02:20 Woman making shopping list, checking storage cupboard & ice-box. Woman telephones friend to arrange shopping trip to market. CU switch board. Woman gets up from table & answers telephone.

04:03:06 Woman w/ apron on phone, takes off apron and out of door.

04:03:40 Car waiting outside school for children; kids wave & into car, snow on ground.

04:04:14 Man leaving office after work w/ others; waves to waiting wife & kids in car. Child to father & he carries to car & they leave. Pulls up to house. Car picking up lady & boy from house. Car past on snowy suburban street; along road. Family arrives & out of car at Grandma s.

04:05:53 Family seated round table having dinner.

04:06:07 Car to garage for service. Woman talking to car mechanic as he looks at engine. Filling car w/ petrol & gas station. Checks oil and water.

04:08:30 [The Ten Millionth Car - Ford Motor Car Advertisement]

Cars on production line in factory, putting body on chassis - painted on car The Ten Millionth New York to San Francisco via Lincoln Highway.

04:09:31 Car out of factory, poses & drives off. Group of men looking at car. Inter titles Giving five members of the original Ford organisation a little test ride . Men into car * driving round yard

04:10:44 [Flexible Car] Auto parked outside residential house, couple walking past stop to admire. Owner w/ two women out of house - they show off car s extras - rear view moirror, windshield wipers. ( film deteriortion ) Interior light - window blinds - side pockets. All get into car & drive away.

Promotion; 1924; 1920s Daily Life; Street Scenes;

[Scrapping Model Ts]

Flatbed truck loaded with Model-Ts being driven into Ford plant yard. Supervisor checking in loads. Various models. Truck towing Model-Ts off flatbed. Tow truck. Men taking parts off car on assembly line, loosening, cutting with torch. Fenders put into car & moved into crusher where press crushes, another crushed, then remains pulled into furnace.

[Wake Up Ford Dealers - Part 2]

Ford Motor Company

Intertitles throughout. Intertitle Soon Walter s garage was the most popular in town . Front shot wooden car garage w/ Ford signs - Model T [?] car pulls out onto street, mechanic waves in another car. INT garage manager asleep in office - dream sequence where he dreams of selling Fords to the multitude - speeded-up shot of cars zooming past man standing at interchange - woman comes into office & wakes him up - CU telegram Please arrange attend important dealers meeting... . Walter leaves garage for dealers meeting next morning - mechanic gives him license tags for new cars.

00:07:03 Train pulling into railway station at Spring Haven, PA - Walter boards w/ assistant, train pulls away. Ford dealers chat in groups outside meeting. Dealers tour Ford car plant - all in hats watch production line workers. Dealers attend meeting - given advice on good service - dealers applaud speaker. Walter arrives back at his garage, sets about cleaning place up & improving standards. Gives pep talk to staff of garage - secretary blows dust off abandoned service follow-up file - Walter shows them new Vis-U-All records system - tells them to prioritise soliciting repairs of existing customers Model Ts over selling new cars. Staff applaud their boss.

00:13:01 Boss shows mechanic mess in garage forecourt - dirty Model A & junk lying around. INT repair shop - Boss tells mechanics no more non-Ford repair work. Forecourt cleared of junk. Covers put over car to keep clean during repairs.

Automobile Industry. Promotional Films. Car Manufacturing. 1920s Fashions.

Bees Buzz, The

Mack Sennett Talking Picture

Credits, w/ Harry Gribbon & Andy Clyde, Barbara Leonard, Tyler Brooke,Vernon Dent, Ruth Kane

00:54:59 Man: ..folks, I want to announce the engagement of my daughter Peggy to Homer... She looks unhappy. Vaudeville like dialogue, singing quartette or quintette

00:56:17 CU cardboard tube labeled Alum. Man w/ flower bouquet puts it in punch bowl, then runs in gives flowers to Peggy w/ a kiss: Hello darling! Everything is arranged for our elopement, I ll be back at 4 o clock this afternoon to get you & we ll get married...pardon the intrusion... He leaves. Maid brings in punch.

00:57:14 Homer starts growling & held, given punch. They ask him to sing. He tries to sing Roses bring dreams of you. Puckered up so he can t sing, give him another cup of punch. He has to hold his mouth open. A third cup & he runs out, trips over knight s armor (suitor inside suit) & pals fight. Woman gives the pals boxing gloves. Homer hits pal & knocks pants off him. Repeated gag.

01:00:44 Peggy hears whistle & runs to bedroom window, chased by father who follows up window & down ladder. Father falls into rain barrel. Peggy & ?? drive off to elope.

01:02:03 Father & Homer chase in Model T. Down residential street; across new narrow road blocked by large car, they bump & Model T off into field.

01:03:12 CU sign: Justice of the Peace. Peggy & fiance pull up. Home & father arrive & Peggy & fiance into barn, hide in cow costume. Guy w/ stool: Milkman s here No udder so fiance blows up glove & give to Peggy. Guy tries to milk, pulls off glove. Bull sees Peggy & fiance in costume get into roadster & drive off. Chased again.

01:06:25 Steam train w/ much smoke alongside them on road, racing to crossing; stuck on railroad tracks, skirt caught in door, handle broken. Pushed off in time. Father & fiance also nearly runover.

01:08:48 Peggy & fiance into country club, get Justice of Peace in steam cabinet to marry them. Father on golf course, woman hits ball into hornets nest that falls into Homer s pants as he has them off in the brush. Pulls them up w/ & starts running around screaming. Everyone on golf course chased.

01:10:58 Justice in steam cabinet. Father in locker room w/ bees in his pants. Home interrupts ceremony, runs into locker room w/ bees. Chaos. Fiance & Peggy chase Justice of Peace running across golf course as he finally completes marriage.

Gags; Oddities; Early Sound Pictures; Weddings; Marriage; 1920s; Flappers; Wealth; Golfing;

[Ford Motor Co. - Japan Plant]

21:15:3? Chapter 2

21:15:46 Polishing (all titles state the processes being shown)

INT factory - various processes in manufacture of Ford cars. Workers washing car body on assembly line - tacking upholstery seat and soft roofs for convertible cars. Painting coach line on car - bodywork inspected. Bodywork parts put through machine - galvanised? - buffed & dipped. More production line scenes - chassis / axle [?] assembly. Engines fitted. Body shell lowered onto chassis. Finished car off production line. Lines of Model T Fords outside factory. Car lowered onto Locomotive & wheels removed; goods train out of station w/ cars covered in tarpaulin.

Automobile Industry - 1930s.

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

Staged: Race car 999 started and driven on banked wooden track.

17:10:20 ca 191? Traffic past NYC Pennsylvania Station on 8th Ave. Other NY street scenes of pedestrians and traffic (much later than narration track).

17:10:35 Staged: CU hand and payroll book. Model A driving up to large wealthy house. Costumed people. Man cranks side crank, drives off.

17:11:42 Staged: Man at barn currying horse, watches car go past. Model T into barn yard, farmer inspects but shakes head. CU man at desk w/ pencil and car catalogue.

17:13:12 Staged: Men working at constructing cars on saw-horses and assembly frame & body parts. Decides to move cars past men. Man with stop watch timing assembly process. Pushing on tracks. Sliding sub-assemblies along belt as men assemble gears. Wheel rims down gravity slides. Moving conveyor belts w/ parts, engines. Hanging parts from tracks. Motors into frames, fenders onto frames, body dropped on, Model Ts off final assembly and out factory door.

17:16:56 Staged: Family out of house and into car w/ kids bouncing on seats. Man cranking, off down dirt road w/ mother holding hat. Down crooked dirt road, two cars meet on one-lane road.

17:18:23 Car w/ man driving down very muddy road towards & past camera. Truck stuck in axle deep mud.

17:18:59 Men with horse teams grading road, concrete mixer and pouring concrete road. Cars on paved roads. Mountain road with Model T up hill past camera.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford (not seen); 999 Race Car; Taylorism; Manufacturing

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

Staged: Car to countryside intersection, man looks at sign post, woman upset; second car arrives and farmer gives directions gesturing..

17:20:41 Women shopping at sidewalk market in Model T, doctor pulling up and out of car, carrying medical bag into house. Businesses, gas station, car dealer.

17:21:25 High angle shot of very crooked road with several cars. Touring mountains and woods in cars bouncing on rutted roads. Feeding bears out of open car. Driving thru redwood tree. Sequoias. People picnicing by lake and picking wild flowers. Camping and sleeping in car. People at beach. Kids running on beach. Waves and kids playing with kelp seaweed.

17:23:27 Montage of car fording stream, on sandy road, through deep snow, driving on railroad bridge, up giant Los Angeles water supply pipeline, Hollywood slapstick comedy excerpt with Harold Lloyd & policeman chasing on motorcycle, across field and up hill, then rolling backwards after policeman throws him out of car.

17:24:48 Ford River Rouge plant w/ steel poured, manufacturing car parts. Large forming presses dwarfing workers and making fenders, hoods. Welding bodys. Assembling.

17:25:29 Henry Ford in home movies at Fairlane, walking and walking with wife Clara in garden. Sitting w/ friend and newspaper. Ice skating w/ grand children.

17:26:12 Ford tinkering with steam engine on farm, driving early tractor plowing, in office with men at desk. Family scene w/ Edsel leaving on family trip in two large calls. Country dancing in barn. Playing with grandson Henry Ford II, w/ Mrs Edsel Ford watching. With Henry II and Benson Ford in garden. Driving with wife in quadricycle in snow.

17:28:17 Camping with John Burroughs, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison and others. (soft focus). Burroughs getting into car and driving off. Ford washing clothes beside creek, at large lazy susan table. Talking with Edison. With Edsel camping and walking thru factory machine shop.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford; Taylorism; Manufacturing; Recreation; Wealth; Family life; home movies.

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

New York City Street scenes ca 1930 w/ traffic on Broadway, near Wall Street. Other locations of city and medium sized town w/ many cars.

17:30:36 Staged: Wealthy woman out of house & into chauffered Lincoln car. Pulling up at sidewalk and man admiring it.

17:31:11 Fifteen Millionth Model T assembled and Ford w/ Edsel off assembly line. Trucks of cars bringing in for recycling, cut up, salvaged and rest thru crusher and into furnace.

17:32:29 CU of wheels on road, super-imposed over young people in convertible, on amusement park rides and flapper couples dancing, unemployed walking and Okies driving with goods, family in car.

17:33:15 CU Begin Detour sign, jeeps on test course, montage with WWII guns firing by army, navy & air force. Atomic Bomb test blast in Pacific. POV out of tunnel on highway, thru underpasses. Various scenes of highway driving. Crossing bridge towards New York from New Jersey. Along western highway. Farmer waves.

Abrupt ending. Incomplete.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford (not seen); Taylorism; Manufacturing; Recreation; Wealth; Prohibition Montage;