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Archival film footage on The Marshall Plan from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.


Large massed parade of communists on Mayday in Berlin. France demonstration against Marshall plan aid. Tokyo students riot. Homefront communism at Union Square NYC. Soviet functionary for UN Valentin Gubitchev deported following conviction.

Spy / Spies. Cold War.

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in Berlin during Blockade / airift

Mass meeting addresses by Ernst Reuter SPD urging them not to give up and appealed to the World for support. Father Christmas airlift - gifts handed out to German children. Children unwrap parcels and look at Santa and Red Indian. Choir singing.

21:10:32 Airlift shots - seaplanes bringing supplies. Pilot given flowers. Children playing with model aircraft in streets. Aftermath of plane crash, aircraft in flames - firefighting. Plane flying low.

2nd May 1949 - blockade lifted - night shots as barriers lifted. Day shots various celebrations.

East Berlin, communist demonstrations - scuffle between two young men. Communists storm Greater Berlin City Hall. Non-communist deputies establish government offices in West Berlin - free elections. Animated map showing division of East and West Berlin.

21:12:20 - Communist police HQ - guns issued. 1953 Berlin riots - demonstrators massed on streets, Red Flag torn down from Brandenburg gate - flag burning. Soviet / Russian tanks crush revolt.

Rebuilding of West Berlin with Marshall plan aid - construction work - apartment blocks - modern architecture - Berlin Hilton - modern roads / highways. Industry - clothing factory - women at sewing machines. Heavy machinery in factory. Modern art - iron sculpture. Airlift memorial. Congress hall. Kurfurstendamr - street scenes. Berlin Film Festival - movie stars including Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn. Young women - fashions. Street cafes.

21:15:10 - Everyday life - Organ grinder, women listen from windows. Man with giant pumpkin. Summer - Man relaxing in garden, soaking feet in bowl of water and drinking beer. Man in hammock - watering garden. Tourists sightseeing - large building - visiting lake and countryside. Holidaymakers - sailing - crowded carparks. Border signs. Family at lakeside in the evening, two boys run into water watched by mother and father.

21:16:11 - Berlin night life on Kurfurstendamr - exteriors nightclubs - neon lights - fountains

11:43:27 City planners with models of a united Berlin.

11:43:35 Interior nighclub - dining - dancing.

Cold War

Europe Looks Ahead Part One

Montage shots daily life around Europe post war. Stamp ERP - European Recovery Programme.

Shipyard - workers on ships - painting anchor chain. Ship on booklet which is being shown to class of school children. Marshall Plan. Industry - smoking chimneys - interior factories - steel production. People looking at posters showing European Economic Progress.

17:36:56 Walcheren island off Holland - remains of wreckage on shore from WWII. Dykes collapsed and sea had reclaimed land. Post war farming, reclaiming the land, tractor driver. Harvest - grain / wheat.

17:37:33 Steam shovels carrying out further land reclamation - dykes being built.

17:37:50 Turkey - agriculture - farming. Tractor. Local expert and American advisors instructing Turkish farmers - new machinery, plough from Detroit, combine harvester. Loading wagon with flour.

17:38:56 Denmark - chicken farming - feed supplied by Marshall Plan. Livestock farming - pigs, cows. Cheese tested. Cheese and other products loaded onto lorries for export. Docks, loading ships.

17:40:00 Antwerp Port - dockers loading ships with barrels. Top shot harbour. Cargo ships.

17:40:54 Italy - people looking at posters re reconstruction of Italian ports funded in part by Marshall Plan. Rebuilt railway bridge crossing Po river. Freight train over river.

17:41:38 Trieste - port / docks - CU cargo with countries of origin. Shipyard in Trieste, ships under construction. Ships leaving Trieste harbour.

17:42:48 Ship going through Corinth canal in Greece. Rebuilding of canal following WWII using American engineers and equipment. Pireaus port / docks.

17:43:25 River Rhone - work to divert the path of the river between Montdragon and ?. Huge machinery - earth moving equipment.

Europe Looks Ahead Part Two

River Rhone - work to divert the path of the river between Montdragon and ?. Huge machinery - earth moving equipment. Work is being carried out to channel water into new hydro-electric reservoir / dam.

17:44:41 Norway - northern most iron mine in the World being re-equipped and modernised. Shots town, snow covered buildings. Man walking next to barbed wire fence which forms the border between Russia / Soviet Union and Norway. American mining equipment used - iron ore.

17:45;30 Northern Austria - interior steel mill / foundry shots.

17:46:18 Volkswagon cars in West Germany. Interior car factory - motor parts. production line.

17:47:05 England - rubber tyre factory. Sacks of carbon black stamped with USA being unloaded. Rubber production. HMV radio - announcer says that the British standard of living has improved during 1949 partly due to Marshall plan. Workers leaving factory. Workers in canteen eating. Women in grocery shop.

17:48:20 Freight train - men working on overhead electrical wires. Exports to America - men packing crates - Austin Motor Cars for export to USA. Women polishing cars.

17:49:22 Various shots construction work using heavy machinery. Planning office.

17:50:05 Animated map Europe showing proposed areas of economic co-operation. Paris HQ of O.E.E.C. Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (Common Market) - men entering building. Meeting between OEEC and Marshal Plan representatives.

17:51:00 Strasbourg - meeting place - flags flying. Conference calling for the political unification of all the free nations of Europe. Council of Europe in session - Winston Churchill - Paul Henri Spak of Belgium.

17:51:31 Education - children taught about united Europe. Customs signs of England France Italy. Customs checks made in various countries. Border post lifted and lorry drives through.

Liquid Force - Hydro Electricity

Electric pylons / power lines - sparking as arms moving. Montage where electricity is used - transport / trolley buses - trains - industry - Car factory, motors on production line. Montage streams, waterfalls and reservoirs. Animated map showing projects underway in building dams. Building dams on River Rhone. Construction work using heavy machinery - commentary explains that a lot of the machinery and the money / finance to construct these projects comes from Marshall Plan. Men working day and night - welding.

17:16:00 Montage shots use of electricity - man at dials - operating theatre in hospital - dentist - display white goods for kitchen.

17:16:26 Construction work on massive Central development. Cement carried in buckets on aerial cables / invention looks like cable cars. Huge technological achievement. Men walking over huge pipelines which will carry water to turbines.

17:19:15 Building different dam in another location using old methods. Men hammering wood.

17:20:10 Uses of power - Woman on telephone exchange - woman in home using phone - man turning dials of generator ? Radio mast / broadcasting. Man in home listening to radio. Children on roundabout / carousel at funfair. Men up pylons and telegraph poles - electrification.

17:21:05 Interior farmhouse, open fire burning in grate. Electricity turned on for house.

17:21:13 Construction work on dam in the Alps - Dam on Marron river under construction. Dam in the Dordogne nearing completion. Rhine river dam which was damaged during the war but now ready for use again. Dordogne dam in operation.

17:22:14 Interior power station - turbines - power lines. Turning switches in power station sending electricity to any part of France or Europe. Electricity sparking on pylons

Marshall Plan At Work In Great Britain

London stockshots - Tower Bridge - horseguards on sentry duty. Horse-drawn delivery van from Scotts of Piccadilly - drivers in top hats. Two men in top hats having conversation. Rural countryside - farms - agriculture. Manor house - home of Washington family. Gravestone of William Penn. Farmer driving tractor in orchard. Tractor ploughing- good shot line of tractors through field (British farmers are the most mechanised in the world).

08:13:26 Night shots - Houses of Parliament - night shots Piccadilly - London West end with lights. Bovril sign. 08:13:40 Blackout and blitz during WWII.

08:14:03 Construction / building work in post war London - bricklayers. Blocks of council flats. Interior grocery shop / store - woman buying food - weighing bacon on scales - weighing butter - some food still on ration. Cheese weighed. Exterior Lipton grocery shop. Housewife having ration book marked. Housewife leaves with her shopping.

08:15:38 Flashback to Jarrow in 1930s - closed factories. Depression, men on street corners - closed shops.

08:16:01 Summer 1950 - same street, shops open and propering. Shipyards - docks - stock of ships propellers. 08:16:31 Open cast mining of ?. Farmland next to factories. Interior factory - production lines - women workers taking bars of soap? from line. Interior cotton mill - women working on looms.

08:17:29 Scotland - whisky production. Shots distillery - old man rolling barrels marked with Glenlivet etc. Interior man in white coat smelling whisky in glasses and identifying which malt they are. Bottling plant - bottles on production line - being babelled.

08:18:33 Export shops for tourists - tax free. Man being shown suiting material, socks and other mens clothes. Wife trying jumper.

08:19:11 Exterior Firestone factory - interior tyre / tire production. Rubber - carbon black - Finished tyre. Tractor factory - man driving finished tractor at speed. Tractors on back of flatbed truck for transportation. Trucks - British road services - loaded with various machinery for export to help the economy.

08:20:06 Line of Vauxhall cars along road - sign in window Manufactured by Vauxhall of Luton. Cars lined up on dock waiting for loading onto ship. 08.20.38 Barge taking on grain

08:20:50 USA - shops in America selling British goods. Traffic on roads. 5th Avenue shops. Woman shopping in British Tweed store. British furniture and Church s shoe shop in New York.

08:21:34 UK - Food imports - unloading meat / carcasses at docks. Port of London.

08:21:47 English leisure pursuits - crowds at swimming pool - men playing bowls - Old Pub - interior pub people drinking. Landlord calls time. Montage shots - going to work, walking across bridge - traffic - Train crossing bridge (Forth ?).

Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 part 1

B/W War Graves - blowing up aircraft after WWII. Demobilization in US - fleet in mothballs - scrap jeeps. Production of household / white goods, irons, electric cookers. Whiz-pan.

13:33:14 1946 - United Nations - Bernard Baruch - proposal for international control of all atomic energy.

13;33:40 Aerial views Berlin post WWII, bomb damage. US aid / Marshall Plan / Cargo ships unloading. Montage shots European countries benefiting from aid - construction work - laying new RR tracks - steam train - agriculture - haymaking.

13:34:24 AVs Berlin 1948 - ground shots empty railway stations and roads - travel restrictions - blockade. Berlin airlift - planes flying in low - supplies unloaded. Blockade lifted - border gates opened.

13:35:10 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Flags flying - montage military - naval - aircraft - troops marching. Scots guards. (NATO)

13:35:31 Korea - Night shots artillery barrage. Day, Korean refugees. United Nations Security Council. Battle scenes Korean war. Injured soldier carried on stretcher. Blood transfusion given in the field. Korean peace talks - delegates arrive - sign.

13:36:39 Rocket fired - space race - Russian experiments with weightlessness etc. Missile launched. Nuclear powered submarine. Russia - Military parade in Moscow s Red Square - montage shots Russian and US Military hardware intercut.

13:38:11 USAF Reconnaissance plane landing. Still pix missile bases on Cuba. Brief shots re missile crisis - press. President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation re crisis - announces Cuban blockade - speech continues over shots Recon. planes landing - film removed, developed and studied. operations rooms. B-52 bombers taking off. Brief shot JFK on small TV screen, people watching.

13:40:02 Adlai Stevenson speaks at United Nations - asks USSR delegate if they are putting missiles in Cuba. Russian delegate refuses to answer. AVs Rssian ships approaching Cuba - UN Navy ship running parallel.

13:41:26 Averell Harriman with Dean Rusk arrive at Kennedy holiday home after negotiating atmospheric atomic test ban treaty in Moscow. Press - photocall with President.

13:41:45 Moscow - Kremlin - treaty signed by US, Soviet Union and Great Britain.

Cold War

The Marshall Plan At Work

Lakes of Kilarney - tourists - landscape scenics. Tourist getting onto horse and cart outside hotel, waving. Toursits mounting horses - pony trekking. Blarney Castle, County Cork. Tourists tradition - kiss the Blarney stone. Remains of early church and castle - Castle and house belonging to Sir Walter Raleigh. Bubbling river - falls.

09:50:37 Sign Office of Public Works Brosna Drainage. Plan to turn bog land into useful areas. Rivers dredged. Trench drainage machine cutting through bogs. Electricity transformer which was once level with ground, bog has dropped three feet. Men cutting peat by hand - turf laid out to dry. Donkey and cart into which turfs are loaded. Small cottage with smoking chimney from peat fire. Men piling up peat moss. Moss in bales transported for export. Mechanical digger of peat. Men putting dried peat on conveyor belt. Peat loaded into trucks from conveyor. Small train takes trucks to electric power station. Crates raised onto elevated railway - fed into bunkers. Power station - pylons. Thatched cottage. Sign Rural electrification. Power lines across fields. Construction work on tower of thermal power station. Hydro-electric dam.

09:55:52 ExteriorFactory - sugar refinery. Limestone quarry - men digging by hand. American trucks used to transport limestone to nearby farms. Limestone transferred from big truck to smaller for use on farm. Spreading lime on farm field / agriculture. Tractor ploughing furrows. Tractor turning hay - farm labourers making haystacks. Traditional farmhouse, boy with donkey, geese in yard. Pigs in pens, chickens out of coup. Cattle in fields. Cattle market for export.

09:58:48 Dublin city centre with traffic. Various street scenes and buildings. Man buys ? from woman street peddler. Scenics.

The Promise of Barty O Brien

Dramatised film to show the work of the Marshall Plan in Ireland

Four prop aircraft landing at Shannon airport - passengers through arrival hall. Two passengers, one Irish and one American take coffee in lounge. Irish man reminisces about his home.

Young man with donkey and cart standing on moor - pan round bog. Power plant and cooling tower under construction. Men working on installation - electricity pylons. Small farmhouse next to cooling tower. Father telling son to keep away from power people. Interior cottage, father tends fire. Father talking to man who has asked to marry his daughter - says he doesn t like his new fangled ideas.

Shots cooling tower now finished and power plant in operation - smoke from chimneys. Exterior farmhouse.

The Promise of Barty O Brien

Dramatised film to show the work of the Marshall Plan in Ireland

Machine cutting peat. Men using shovels to load peat into waggons. Young man decides to find out what happens to peat they cut and jumps freight train. Small steam train carrying wagons filled with peat up and past. Train into power station yard. Man watches as waggons of peat are raised by crane and emptied into bunkers. Furnaces burning turf - turbines to make electricity. Worker checking guages in turbine hall - discovers young man and tells him to leave then offers him a job. Young man walks out of plant and goes home. Young man is employed as ashman s helper - emptying hot ashes into dumpers. Young man also working on farm.

09:43:03 Inside the plant, young man walks past boiler controls - notices something wrong and changes dials - boss tells him off. Young man creeps back into house and is caught by father who thinks he has been out with girl.

09:45:42 Old fashioned alarm clock showing twenty past two. Peat fire burning in open hearth. Young man has dream sequence about power plant - dials. Inside the plant engineer suggests to young man that he attends night school.

Truman Speaks to Congress on State of the Union

Capitol - Truman welcomed by congress. Truman speaks re cost of living and inflation - corporate profits - says he wants $40 tax credit for all and support of the Marshall Plan

Reconstruction of Berlin

HSs, looking in both directions on Schloss Str, business street in the US zone. LS, modern apartment building on Innsbrucker Platz, cyclists move past in foreground. LSs, of Air Lift Memorial and Tempelhof Air Base building. Shots of building on Meringdam Str. VS, shoppers on the Kurfurstendamm Str in the British zone; a sidewalk display box. Hotel, department store in the US zone. Two women inspect window of a jewelry store, they enter. Window of a radio shop. Partially reconstructed building housing Berliner Bank on Kurfurstendam Str. VS, sidewalk stands selling fruit, cosmetics and housewares against background of bombed building. MS, fruit stand. A cyclist and his girl read amusement ads on circular billboard; walk away. Civilian policeman directs a pedestrian; policeman directs traffic. White-coated policeman directs vehicular traffic at a busy intersection. LS, ruins of old buildings. VS, Russian War Memorial. VS, Brandenburg Tor / Gate LS, old German Reichstag building. Two-decker bus drives on residential street. View of the entrance to the subway, the "S" Bahn. Shot of a building surrounded by scaffolding and a sign indicating Marshall Plan aid for "Clay Allee". Autos drive on a residential street; car traffic in shopping street.

U.S. Aid Spurs Oil Drilling In France (Marshall Plan)

Sheep pasture w/ oil rig in background & drilling. View of tower, tilt down. Looking up, view looking down from top. CU Oil starting up & running down pipe fittings. CU of man standing in oil.

05:26:45 Pipes and filling RR cars Cars leaving towards and past camera.

'A new and promising oil field is opened up in southern France with the aid of Marshall Plan funds. The newest American drilling techniques are employed.'

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in Berlin during Blockade / airift

Mass meeting addresses by Ernst Reuter SPD urging them not to give up and appealed to the World for support. Father Christmas airlift - gifts handed out to German children. Children unwrap parcels and look at Santa and Red Indian. Choir singing.

21:10:32 Airlift shots - seaplanes bringing supplies. Pilot given flowers. Children playing with model aircraft in streets. Aftermath of plane crash, aircraft in flames - firefighting. Plane flying low.

2nd May 1949 - blockade lifted - night shots as barriers lifted. Day shots various celebrations.

East Berlin, communist demonstrations - scuffle between two young men. Communists storm Greater Berlin City Hall. Non-communist deputies establish government offices in West Berlin - free elections. Animated map showing division of East and West Berlin.

21:12:20 - Communist police HQ - guns issued. 1953 Berlin riots - demonstrators massed on streets, Red Flag torn down from Brandenburg gate - flag burning. Soviet / Russian tanks crush revolt.

Rebuilding of West Berlin with Marshall plan aid - construction work - apartment blocks - modern architecture - Berlin Hilton - modern roads / highways. Industry - clothing factory - women at sewing machines. Heavy machinery in factory. Modern art - iron sculpture. Airlift memorial. Congress hall. Kurfurstendamr - street scenes. Berlin Film Festival - movie stars including Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn. Young women - fashions. Street cafes.

21:15:10 - Everyday life - Organ grinder, women listen from windows. Man with giant pumpkin. Summer - Man relaxing in garden, soaking feet in bowl of water and drinking beer. Man in hammock - watering garden. Tourists sightseeing - large building - visiting lake and countryside. Holidaymakers - sailing - crowded carparks. Border signs. Family at lakeside in the evening, two boys run into water watched by mother and father.

21:16:11 - Berlin night life on Kurfurstendamr - exteriors nightclubs - neon lights - fountains

11:43:27 City planners with models of a united Berlin.

11:43:35 Interior nighclub - dining - dancing.

Cold War

A Seed is Sown

[Shows exchange initiated through Marshall Plan in which farm youths lived and worked in other countries, sharing ideas and techniques in agriculture.]

AV Capitol; crowds at 4-H club gathering - young European farmers who had attended camp financed by Marshall Plan.

18:01:12 Young boy takes 4-H club oath , 4-leaf clover logo on wall. Young boys educated in farming / agriculture; washing and combing bull for show. Girls have their own projects such as preserving and other home making tasks - girl with jar of preserves / home dressmaking.

18:02:05 Washington, outdoor meeting of 4-H club w/ speaker at podium; US flag flying.

18:02:32 Young American farmers at airport leaving for Europe to overcome national prejudice through farming. Goodbyes. Plane takes off.

18:03:07 Zoom-in map of Europe; Denmark - agricultural fair - Marshall Plan exhibit - ECA. Young US farmer visits pig and dairy farm. Chicken farming. Cows milked by machine. Weeding sugar beet field.

18:04:50 Zoom in map of France. Young woman farmer from Kentucky visits farm in France. French family with baby. Girl joins in harvesting of wheat by machine and with hand scythe. Threshing. Farmer showing grain to girl. American combine harvester at work.

18:06:43 Girl visits blacksmiths shop. Visits fruit orchard - fruit being bagged on tree for protection. French farmers custom at end of harves - girl rides last hay truck. Drinking toast.

18:07:57 West Germany - Young Kansas farmer visits pig and potato farm. Tractor lifting potatoes, women picking and placing in baskets. Pigs in pen; piglets suckling. Cooking potatoes and feeding to pigs. Young farmers relaxing - swimming.

18:09:50 4-H club members return to US. American farm which is being visited by English girl Alison Reeve. Girl shown printed information pamphlet. Young boys and Alison being taught about bull.

18:10:51 Connecticut - 4-H club sign - New London County. Girl looking at tractor. Girl with family having dinner in open air; first I thought American boys rather rude, but you soon learn to answer back and put them in their place ; comments on similarities between US and Britain. Ext church and interior service in progress. Square dancing.

18:12:18 Montage shots of above - reprise and short shots farming around Europe.

Rice and Bulls [Reel 2]

[Documentary showing how cooperation among farmers and Marshall Plan assistance irrigated and reclaimed the salt lands of the Camargue in Southern France to increase rice production.]

Scenes of neighbours planting and later harvesting rice. Farmers discuss how the Marshall Plan has benefitted their community. Tractor - ploughing land, looking at soil. Line of men sowing rice in flooded field / paddy. Nice shot two old farmers in shadow looking over fields.

18:14:40 Rice crop - harvesting by machine.

18:15:41 Farmers at long table toasting harvest. Farmer at head of table with bulls horns. Female farmer at table w/ cowboy hat. Narr. translates another farmer talking about benefits of Marshall Plan. New pumping stations allowing farmers to pump salt water back into Rhone. Farmer demonstrating using handfuls of rice how production has gone up dramatically.

Agriculture. Farming.

Land of Apulia

Pan down whitewashed village church tower to row of women sitting at tables cracking nuts / shelling almonds and singing. Narration re poverty in region.

18:20:32 Accordian player walking through mountains with group of unemployed young men w/ farm tools looking for work. Village street, statue of Roman poet Horace, women drawing water from well, bucket of water used to water plants - irrigation / water shortage.

18:21:55 Crowds gathered in village square to celebrate the opening of water standpipe. Dignitory walking through square and getting water from tap. Running water to Italian villages has been made possible by Marshall Plan. Horse drinking water; girl drinking water from running tap.

18:22:38 Drought - dried up river beds. River in full flood two months a year. Sign Torrente Sanore . Flooded countryside.

18:23:10 Work being carried out on river beds, building walls to contain flood water - Construction work. Building houses. Woman getting bucket of water from standpipe. Salt marshland.

18:24:35 Village - church bell ringing. Religious procession - villagers carrying statue of Jesus and farming tools. Catholic Priest holds service on edge of marshes. Men sowing by hand on newly reclaimed land. Rain / storms. Men in streets watching rain; faces up to sky. Salvaged areas once again salt marsh - crops lost.

18:28:04 New agricutural machinery courtesy of the Marshall Plan. Bulldozers in line moving into area to reclaim land permanently.

Agriculture. Farming.

The Home We Love [Reel 1]

[Documentary: Focuses on the French town of Mazamet between Carcasonne and Toulouse, and its role as a great wool and leather producing centre, before and after World War II.]

Typical old French man leaving home, walking in village / town narrow streets. Stops to talk to old woman on doorstep. Top shot town of Mazamet - rooftops - valley. Old man stops at shop. Modern buildings in Mazamet, banks inc. Credit Lyonnais. Vars brass plaques with names of businesses connected to wool industry.

18:31:58 Farmer with flock of sheep. Sacks of wool unloaded from freight train. Ruins of small wool factories which had to close when the flocks died.

18:32:38 Waterfall / river / canals leading local especially soft spring water into factories for washing wool - saviour of town. Method of removing wool from hides by soaking in water and scraping. Denapping process. Piles of sheep hides imported from round the world.

18:34:17 Men round notice board in street writing down wool prices - Laine de Mazamet .

18:34:35 Complete denapping process shown - hide soaked in water. Machines / rollers - hides fed through to remove dirt and grease. Skins redipped and then put into fermentation chambers. Hand denapping - wool is scraped from hides with special knives. Skins dried and sent for curing. Interior factory - Skins softened in chemical baths - through rollers - tanning, skins into huge drum. Skins polished and pressed - CUs workers w/ very dangerous machines in action.

Marshall Plan. Agriculture / Farming. Textile Industry.

The Home We Love [Reel 2]

[Documentary: Focuses on the french town of Mazamet and its role as a great wool and leather producing centre, before and after World War II.]

Wool factory: Women carry bales of wool for processing. Wool washed in large containers - steaming vats. Clean wool put in spin dryer operated by woman. Clean wool transported round factory on conveyor belts. Women sorting wool.

18:39:22 Old man wearing beret sitting on stone bridge lights pipe, remembers the time just after the war when France had no money or industry - factories with machines standing idle, streets with closed shops and houses with closed shutters. Closed banks. Men chopping logs - fishing in Arnet River.

18:40:50 Modern day - busy streets / shoppers / industry up and running in Mazamet. Lorries through town. Commentary says 'u7 million Sterling given through Marshall Plan brought Mazanet back to life. Factories working. Heavy machinery / mechanisation. Warehouses full of wool. Looms - spinning - mills. Bundles of wool for export. Bundles of wool on lorries.

18:43:20 River shots. Old man gets lift in truck up hill to his home. Shots over valley.

Marshall Plan. Agriculture / Farming. Textile Industry.

Novosti Dnia - Russian Newsreel - July 1949

[First two items missing.]

Students in Tallin, Estonia receive certificates at graduation ceremony & told to build Communism .

23:13:19 Moscow - Electro-Tractor factory - workers out of gates & through streets w/ parade of tractors

23:14:20 Grain harvest in Lithuania - elderly man w/ medals inspects crop.

23:15:00 Harvesting wheat crop in Tajikistan.

23:16:00 Tobacco harvest in Georgia - women pick leaves & hang to dry on wooden frames.

23:16:50 Northern Siberia - Chukotka natives domesticate & breed reindeer herd - snow.

23:17:32 Czeckoslovakia - Zhukovskian coal miners at work & building new factory - congratulated upon delivery of symbolic wagon of coal.

23:18:32 Austria - Communist party parade and meeting in Wiener Neustadt - demonstration against the Marshall Plan & high prices.

Postwar USSR. Communism. Farming / Agriculture. Heavy Industry.

Me and Mr Marshall

Documentary tracing the Marshall Plan's role in revitalizing Germany's coal industry after WWII.

Pan across Ruhr Valley & coal mine. CUs miner drills into coalface. More shots miners at work underground w/ electric drills. Miners watch band play at ceremony for 1000th Ruhr volunteer from US Zone - migrating to Ruhr for new jobs. Miners board train at night - American narration from one miner s PoV We were going to the Ruhr for calories, clothes and a roof over our heads, but we didn t kid ourselves .

19:56:06 Miners arrive in Ruhr industrial complex - carry belongings into hut for first meal, medical checks & kit distribution. Miners in dormitory & taught about the industry.

19:56:47 Small group of new miners walk to mine after training completed - into elevator carts. Miners at work w/ drills. Dirty miners out fo pit & top shot above shower cubicles - washing. Display of new clothes sold on points system - miners exchange coupons for coffee. German newspaper headlines re Marshall Plan.

19:58:09 US Foreign Minister George Marshall speaking to Congress? Aerials ruined city after WWII - destroyed factories, transport links & docks. Top shot homeless people among ruins w/ salvaged possessions - devastated city scenes w/ superimposed shots of political rallies, fascism etc. Marshall making speech w/ quote superimposed re US cooperation w/ governments assisting in reconstruction efforts.

20:00:03 VO explaining Marshall Plan & its supporters in Europe: Washington DC street scenes - Big Ben - Tower Bridge - Buckingham Palace - Eiffel Tower - Arc du Triomphe. Soviet refusal to participate - high shots across Moscow & street scenes w/ traffic.

20:00:44 Delegates of 16 countries arrive for meeting re Marshall Plan. Animated map showing Eastern Bloc countries blacked out & marked w/ No! - others Yes! INT shots of meeting in progress showing many delegates. Montage prewar German industry & destruction of WWII night bombing. Postwar industry shots - VO re vicious circle caused by lack of steel, coal, equipment & food. Factory production line scenes. Miners push coal carts out of mine.

20:03:56 US Congress - Truman at podium - voting for $5billion aid to Europe. Animated map showing how money was distrubuted between countries & breakdown of expenditure.

20:04:54 German trade fair - foreign delegates looking to put Marshall Plan money into German products. Heavy Industry scenes - blast furnace - cotton - docks - bread sold at bakery - street market - household goods in shop window. New locomotive lowered onto tracks. Welder at work - heavy machinery. High shots across industrial landscape; miner at work underground - VO My profession? Just call me a Marshall Planner .

Postwar Recovery / Reconstruction. Economic Aid. Europe 1940s - 1950s.

In Defense Of Peace [Part 1 of 2]

Rolling title re International Information & Exchange Program & exposing obstructionist tactics of USSR.

WWII flashback montage: Russian troops advancing; Germans surrendering; Allied forces landing in France on D-Day; Allied leaders at Yalta; meeting of US & Russian troops at Elbe River; aerial views ruins of Berlin & Nazi symbol dynamited from Nuremburg Stadium; Germans surrendering at Rheims; President Truman & Joseph Stalin at Potsdam Conference; US Marines battling on beaches of Pacific islands; flag raising on Iwo Jima; aerial views ruins of Tokyo; & Japanese surrender to MacArthur aboard battleship Missouri - brief MacArthur soundbite ...pray that peace will now be restored to the world... . Victory celebration shots.

23:06:03 San Francisco - delegates of 50 nations sign documents for creation of United Nations - Truman, Molotov & Gromyko seen arriving.

23:07:05 Returning US troops disembark at US ports & are discharged - some wave or kiss demob papers. Diagram showing reduction in US Armed Forces 1945-47. US bombers destroyed w/ explosives - piles of scrapped vehicles - factories converted to peacetime production.

23:09:27 Gromyko walks out of UN Security Council debate on the Iranian question. US proclaims Marshall Plan in Paris - Churchill et al present. Animated map of Europe w/ Soviet border nations cut off.

WWII - Pacific War. Postwar Europe. Reconstruction. Economics. Anti-Communism. Cold War.

In Defense Of Peace [Part 2 of 2]

Supplies for Europe loaded onto ships at docks - Marshall Plan - farmer receives new tractor. Flashes of reconstruction work in Europe are shown. Communists demonstrate & blockade Berlin - trucks full of food line road, allowed to rot. US planes fly supplies to the blockaded city - air to air shots - landing at airfield & supplies unloaded - blockade lifted.

23:15:14 Refugees flee East Germany through woods. Map of Korea.

23:15:44 South Korean voters go to the polls; US troops evacuate Korea. North Koreans attack South Korea - Republican troops march to defence. Refugees. Emergency UN meeting - USSR absent. MacArthur accepts first UN Battle Flag.

23:17:55 US troops land at Pusan to aid South Korea - marching through countryside - heavy artillery. US & Canadian troops train for overseas service. Turkish, Dutch & Australian troops arrive in Korea - greeted by Korean civilians. Swedish nurses leave for Korea.

23:19:35 British Navy units set sail. INT United Nations NYC? Animated spinning globe w/ superimposed flags of united nations.

Berlin Blockade / Airlift. Korean War. Cold War. Anti-Communism.

The Congress (194? March of Time Forum Edition

04:52:3? Library of Congress display of The Constitution. Capitol w/ people on stairs, statues in hall.

04:54:0? Upper gallery and visitors, House floor. Sam Raeburn on podium. Speaker s room, conferences of various people. Robert Taft with papers into elevator, on subway between buildings. Senate Office Building board. Sen. McMahon.

04:56:40 Ext. of House of Represenatives. Christian A. Herter talking w/ two men in office.

04:57:04 Signs on doors: Claims; Finance Committee; Agriculture And Forestry; US Banking &Currency Committee; Indian Affairs; Privileges and Elections Committee; Special Sub-Committee On War Mobilizaton of the Military Affairs Committee; Committee On Small Business; Newspaper Headline: Vaughn Testifies...

Committee investigating w/ McCarthy present.

04:58:2? Truman testifiying for ERP (European Recovery Program). Headline re Marshall Plan w/ Marshall testifying.

04:59:?? Congress signing bill; President Truman signing law.

05:00:0? Ext. of Supreme Court. Justice Vinson in CU. Official Reports shown. Smalltown street scene w/ traffic. People voting and entering & leaving polls.

The End

USA Government; Educational Film;

Rice And Bulls [Reel 1 of 2]

A Tele-Radio-Cine Production / Dir. Wesley Ruggles

Documentary exploring how cooperation among farmers w/ Marshall Plan assistance irrigated & reclaimed salt lands of the Camargue in Southern France to increase rice production. Opening scenes of picturesque rural Camargue. Cattle farmer & son on horseback w/ herd. Farmer arrives home. Rice farmer ploughing field - VO re salt spoiling soil - farmer reads about new irrigation system. Rice farmer urges his neighbours to diversify & plant rice - arrives at cattle ranch & gives farmer copy of newspaper article. Work starts on new Marshall Plan irrigation system along the Rhone River - construction scenes - fresh water pumped through channels. Cattle farmer views progress made by the new system - rides his horse past irrigation channels & pumping station - agrees to join up to scheme & plant rice - sits down to discuss it over a drink w/ rice farmer. Rancher gets lesson in driving a Caterpillar plough. Farmers inspect freshwater lake where soil cleaned of salt.

Farming / Agriculture. Geography. Postwar France. Economic Aid. Recovery.

Emilia [Part 1 of 2]

The Regions of Italy series - Prod./Dir. Vittorio Gallo

Countryside scenes in Emilia region of Northern Italy - VO richest province in Italy & most Communist. Blossoming fruit trees in orchard. Tower of Abbey of Pomposa [?] seen through cloisters. Reflection of castle seen in moat at Ferrara. Courtyard of old university building in Bologna. Vars churches. Ruins of town of Pianoro destroyed by WWII bombing - scenes around new town funded by ECA. Farmer hoeing soil as express train passes - CU checks pocket watch.

04:14:40 Bologna scenes - Renaissance architecture - Statue of Neptune - INT ornate Chamber of Commerce - President of Chamber Professor Merlini talks in Italian about region s recovery since the war - cut to shots of farming, land reclamation in Po Delta, railroad, motorway traffic - construction sites - cut back to President finishing speech.

04:16:52 Locomotive engine fuelled & prepared at Bologna station - INT passengers travelling in comfortable train compartment - eating meal w/ wine. Maintenance gang on track. Passenger train across bridge. Trucks, scooters & mopeds past - tracking shots countryside. CU signpost Bologna & Modena.

04:19:13 Huge numbers of bicycles & scooters parked at Modena - Italians along street to large market - cattle in pens - lively bartering & handshake - some natural sound [not sync] - CUs more negotiating & livestock shots - Fordson & Ferrari tractors seen - man counting money. Modena Cathedral.

Postwar Italy. Economic Aid. Recovery. Farming / Agriculture. Geography. Marshall Plan.

Emilia [Part 2 of 2]

INT factory - workers making ? w/ American machines - Italian foreman trained in Detroit speaks to camera re how machines funded by ECA have speeded up manufacturing, trans. by narrator; CUs machine tools at work. INT tractor factory - rows of finished vehicles.

04:24:45 Fishing village on sea coast of Emilia region south of Po River estuary - boats w/ white sails - CUs fresh fish, eels, shrimp etc. Marshy area - fisherman push boats through mudflats. Sign Comacchio - fishing village on marshes - CUs villagers. Land reclamation in process - drainage channels being built - water pipes fitted etc. Women preparing soil in reclaimed field. Water control station; CU sign Quest Opera E Finanziata Con Il Fondo Lire E.R.P. Sluice opened - drainage channel fills up - bulldozers at work. New housing settlement for workers - Regional Director at window of office, turns to talk to camera - pan to workers & trucks passing by.

04:31:20 Row of women tilling soil. Planting of first vines. Fields full of first crops.

Postwar Italy. Economic Aid. Recovery. Farming / Agriculture. Geography. Marshall Plan.


Large massed parade of communists on Mayday in Berlin. France demonstration against Marshall plan aid. Tokyo students riot. Homefront communism at Union Square NYC. Soviet functionary for UN Valentin Gubitchev deported following conviction.

Spy / Spies. Cold War.

Berlin, Germany (1955) R3 of 8

02Sep55 People boarding street cars & buses; vehicles drive off. People at outdoor food stall. German department store. Large control building w/ flags in front. German apartment buildings constructed in 1954-55 under the Marshall Plan. Berlin Area Headquarters main gate w/ US, French & British flags. MS sign on empty highway For the Next Two Miles You Will Be In The Soviet Zone - Do Not Stop Petrol tanker past sign. Gas truck.

09:33:54 INT empty hangars at Templehof AB, Berlin. C-54G plane in hangar. MS signs Autobahn: Helmstedt 172km & Check Point Baker . Golfers on golf course in Wasse subdivision of Berlin.

Postwar Reconstruction & Prosperity. 1950s. Trolleys; Post-WWII;

[Post-WWII Marshall Plan Aid To Greece]

Greek priest & man looking at citation re need of Peoples of Greece... Men moving pallet of crates of Medicines for Greece Wm. R. Warner & Co. Inc. into building.

Post-WWII Marshall Plan Aid; Charity;

[Trip To West Germany - Reagans View Marshall Plan Exhibit, Tempelhof Airport]

President & Mrs. Reagan pose w/ others before touring exhibits relating to Marshall Plan. Mayor Eberhard Diepgen & West German President Richard von Weizsaecker w/ them. Journalist calls out Some of those demonstrators think Gorbachev is more a man of peace than you are. (no response). Mayor gives them tour of exhibit, they meet some Berliners from the time of the Airlift who are sitting in front of photographs. Woman in wheelchair brought up & handshake, other old women helped over to meet the President. Also present: Helmut & Mrs. Kohl.

West Germany State Visit; Anti-Communism; Communists; Cold War;

Your Eighty Dollars Pt. 1 of 3

Montage of rebuilding & rearming western democracy re NATO. 1948. Acropolis, Coliseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Notre Dame, Paris Opera, Tower Bridge, Istanbul Mosque. Talking about Marshall Plan. Ruins of war in various cities. Greek Orthodox priest among ruins.

16:30:47 Greek civil war fighting. Berlin & Cold War w/ signs of sectors. Map of Europe. Aerial of factory & heavy industrial activity. Steel, shipbuilding, dams.

16:32:04 London & people walking across bridge; Communist posters; people & kids in CU hungry. Communist demonstration & parade.

16:32:36 George Marshall speaking describing need for aid. Ships being loaded w/ crates, food, tires, barrels. ECA symbol on bags. Unloading grain, catepillars, handing out shoes to kids. Lines of people getting coal, machinery installed in factories. Communist demonstration & speaker to crows.

16:35:00 Title: 1949 year of Recovery. Rebuilding homes, factories. Men working, building, laying foundations.

16:35:38 Organization for European Ecconomic Cooperation meeting of 18 countries. Men looking at agriculture equipment, harvesting by machine & hand. Cleaning up Sardinia to get rid of malaria. Draining swamps. Housing projects rebuilt w/ scafolding around them. Draining farm land. Irrigation. Plowing. Farm family eating around table. Women buy food at market.

Post-WWII; Propaganda; Re-building; Economics;

Your Eighty Dollars Pt. 2 of 3

Communist posters against Marshall Plan aid.

Title: 1950 Year of Expansion Construction of housing projects; dams under construction. Concrete poured. Power turbines. Steel industry & factory. Coal mining w/ men working at face. Slag in steel mill filling cars; coal arriving. Farming. Workers into factories & time clock. Men & women listening, looking, .

16:41:03 ECA & Marshall speaking on second anniversary says much effort is necessary, erasing of trade barriers & cooperation for banking & currency.

16:42:17 Trees into wood pulp for paper as men watch while touring US. Americans in Europe answering questions. European meeting for assisting currency. Workers in heavy industry. Ship launching. Camera manufacturing. Textile industry & working on looms. Mnufacturing motor scooters & motorbikes. Heavy tractor & ruck construction. Motorcycles, cars. Cars loaded into ships, exporting barrels. Trade union meeting. People buying in stores, looking at consumer goods, food, shoes. people in pub. Men at cattle auction. Harvesting grain & rice. Folk dancing in Greece.

16:46:21 Korea war fighting. NATO troops;

16:46:38 Title: 1951 Year of Defense Tanks down road as men working in field.

Post-WWII; Propaganda; Re-building; Economics;

Your Eighty Dollars Pt. 3 of 3

Robert Buron (?) Economic Minister for France speaks (SOF) from office about raising productivity & how they had to both increase & to turn out military equipment which slowed down what had been accomplished w/ the Marshall Plan. Korean war meant postponing much of growth.

16:50:59 Signing of NATO treaty. Various military meeting setting up SHAPE. Training in England, Belgium & elsewhere, firing machine guns, tanks in field moving w/ camouflage. Narrator describes increase in numbers. Small British navy pocket submarine demonstrated. Jet planes taking off

16:53:35 Buron continues speaking from desk.

16:54:09 Title: Postscript To The Marshall Plan Heavy industry: steel, refinery, aircraft factory. Jet taxiing, armored fighting vehicle. Miner, farmers, welders, military training. Sailors smoking. Refueling fighter jet & taking off. Man looking at oats crop. Montage as at beginnign of film. title Strength For The Free World over pictures. Track continues after picture ends.

Post-WWII; Propaganda; Re-building; Economics;

Trieste To Lampedusa R1 of 2

Pan over harbor of Trieste w/ fishing boats leaving dock. Marshall Plan built fishing boats. Map showing route to Lampedusa between Sicily & Africa. Village rooftops & harbor, sheep grazing; shepard boy w/ lamb around neck. Stone village w/ women spinning wool, CU w/ kids. Family making cheese. Fishermen mending nets beside cactus, grass. Men carry nets to water to work on Trieste boats, kiss wife goodbye, walk past stone walls.

17:02:00 Fishing boats tied together in harbor, seen from water; men working on boats getting ready to sail. Rigging, boats out to sea, thru water; kids wave from shore. CUs. Men rowing in rowboats, pulling in nets & gathering small catch.

17:03:58 Men working on boats, at wheel, smoking cigarettes, cooking in galley, grinding coffee, reading, working on engine. Putting out nets & pulling in. Glass floats. Nets onto ship & raised & opened. Octopus, squid, small fish gathered into boxes & wire buckets, hosed & sorted. Sea gulls behind boat. Tieing glass floats to net.

Post-WWII Europe Rebuilding; Propaganda; Poverty; Occupations Fishing; 1950s; Mediterranean Sea;

[Representative Christian Herter & Others Sailing on Liner Queen Mary, ca 1947]

Man smiling & laughing at camera in MCU. CU ship s steam whistle on stack. Three men posing, talking.

18:07:53 CU Christian Herter; MS w/ seven other men posing. Herter & nine men posing. Crowd on shore waving; people on boat lining upper deck & waving as Queen Mary leaves NYC dock. Dark shot in Hudson River

Note: May be Congressmen on trip re Marshall Plan or European Aid.

Truman Honored With Canadians; Signs Aid Bill

College of William And Mary ext. w/ Black in Revolutionary era dress opening gates & women on steps behind in Colonial formal dresses. President Truman & ?? walking ahead of others. High angle crowd seated outdoors. Truman talking w/ ?? in college robes as others including William MacKenzie King, stand in background on steps. Spectators stand & applaud (SOF) as man on dias receives honorary degree. Military VIPs standing in front row.

10:33:16 MS Canada s Prime Minister William MacKenzie King receiving sash of honorary degree. Graduates seen. Swish pan to...

10:33:44 President Truman (in light suit) in office 03Apr48 signing Foreign Assistance Act of 1948 giving aid to Greece & Turkey and creating European Recovery Program (ERP or Marshall Plan) w/ European Cooperation Administration (ECA) to administer. Various Congressional VIPs surround him including Rep. Joe Martin.

10:33:54 Truman (in dark suit) signing another bill w/ VIPs watching, includes Edward Stettinius, Sec. Vandenberg others.

10:34:09 CU document signed.

10:34:11 Original group w/ Truman in light suit passing out pens from the signing.

10:34:26 Truman reads statement (low sound): The Foreign Assistance Act is the best answer that this country can make in reply to the vicious and distorted misrepresentations of our efforts for peace which have been spread abroad by those who do not wish our efforts to succeed. This measure is America s answer to the challenge facing the free world today.

Diplomacy; Honors; Post-WWII Aid; Rebuilding;

The Marshall Plan At Work In Denmark

21:00:32 Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor w/ large ships at docks in background. Unloading crated Ford, large bags, barrels w/ For European Recovery by United States of America marking. Tires, tractors unloaded. Tractors lined on dock.

21:01:38 Many bicyclists past along w/ trucks. High angle of square; palace w/ flag pole. Elsinore castle. Guide & two tourists, stone sculpture of Shakespeare. Ornate stone gate; large architecture & spires w/ towers, stock exchange, English & Danish churches. Modern apartments w/ balconys.

21:03:25 Silversmith at bench, craftsmen; women & men at workbench. Porcelain statues, woman painting on plate; on vases. Figurines, man painting fisherman & family statuette.

21:04:38 Fishing boats in harbor; man mending nets. Boxes of sardines. Shipbuilding in dock w/ large metal plates. Construction of large diesel engines for ships. Atlas factory w/ heavy tooling machines for refrigeration plants. New factory under construction w/ machinery by Marshall Plan. Man at drill press.

21:06:34 Danish liquor factory; man walking between rows of very large casks of cherry liquor. Men & women at bottling machine checking labels. Cases labeled w/ New York, Chicago, Montreal. Large brewery w/ enormous tanks; man pouring bags of mash into them. Bottling, automated capping machine. Tuborg brewery installing new machinery. Carlsberg brewery w/ horse wagen pulled load of boxes.

21:08:15 Art Museum funded by brewer & wife. Fountain & park. Biological Insitute w/ plaque: Carlsbergfondets Biologiske Institut. Man & woman scientists doing research. Three in lab w/ protective clothing doing cell structure research.

21:09:10 Eggs moving on conveyor, eggs onto containers & crated. Pan over farmland w/ horses pulling planter & farmer walking behind. Farm buildings by pond, dairy cattle in stalls eating hay at milking time. Butter in large container & man emptying large churn; packing in barrel w/ cheese cloth. Pigs fed skim milk. Large pens and piglets nursing w/ large sow. Men inspecting hogs hanging from conveyor. Loading exports onto ship. Ships seen from water & pan over docked ships back to Little Mermaid.

Post War Economy; European WWII Recovery; Crafts; Bicycles; Transportation; Travelogue; Economics; Imports;

The Village That Would Not Die

21:14:00 View across farmland, dairy cattle in pasture, tractor pulling binder; people pitching grain. River & small dam w/ fisherman beneath. Monument. Burial sites for British & American soldiers at Normandy.

21:14:54 Aunay - Caen bus w/ people walking alongside, others riding. Sign for Aunay & Vire, France. Road marker partially destroyed. Headstones partially destroyed

21:15:30 Bus pulling into village of temporary barrack village. High anle w/ rooftops. Market square & women shopping & selling at stalls. Horse carts, wagons, visiting, priest, well-dressed woman. Newly built wooden Church. Statue rescued from destroyed hospital. Mayor out of temporary town hall & walking thru market square. Various views of village & electrical wires, gardens. Woman washing windows. People along wide gravel walks. Kids playing on basketball court.

21:18:15 Bicycle racing around town streets w/ crowds on sidewalks. Signs for various hotels, resaturants. People outside quonset hut movie theatre. Women walking w/ children, pushing babies in buggy, woman out of jewelry (Bijouterie) store. Laborers outside monastery turned into cheese factory. Man tasting camambert cheese wheels before packing.

21:19:33 Old woman greets another (narrator), women talking on street. Meat market w/ hanging sides of beef. Butcher shows customer meat. Women out of bakery w/ bread. More temporary population in village. Men talking. Mayor walking & looking at old destroyed town; new town under construction nearby. Hospital under construction supplied by Marshall Plan.

21:21:56 Old men sitting in sun talking. New schools under construction, men laying bricks, paving sidewalk, planting trees. Two men sawing stones, polishing; bricklayers & stone masons. Street signs, wide streets, stores ready to open w/ signs. Large church under construction in middle of town. CU statue of Norman chef. Cornerstone describing total destruction of Aunay-sur-Odon, 11-15Jun44. Views of buildings.

21:25:31 Nearly finished houses, boys, workers, cart. Man laying flowers at monument, policeman saluting, two children walking. Shots of village. The End.

Post War Economy; European WWII Recovery; Rebuilding; Economic Reconstruction; French;

News From The Nation s Capital (Hoffman Appointed Marshall Plan Head)

High angle shot of Paul G. Hoffman at table facing reporters & cameramen. MCU alongside, smiling & answering questions.

13:54:59 White House w/ cars pulling up, many people watching Prince Regent Charles of Belgium greeted by President Truman. Saluting military honor guard.

13:55:21 In Oval office presenting Truman w/ the Belgian Military Cross of the Unknown Soldier for WWII.

13:55:27 At Tomb of Unknown Soldier laying wreath & saluting.

Press Conference; Ceremony; Royalty; Post-WWII European Rebuilding; ca Apr48; Diplomacy;

News In Brief (Dutch Royal Family Greets Eleanor Roosevelt, Apr48)

Prince Bernhardt & Princess Juliana & children greet Roosevelt from Brussels. Visit sponsored by Dutch Women s Committee, given gift. Walking w/ University of Utricht Vice Chancellor, Queen Wilhelmina present as Mrs. Roosevelt is given honorary degree. ...carries the message of the Marshall Plan where ever she travels in Europe.

Post-WWII Diplomacy; Royalty; ca Apr48

Marshall Plan At Work, The - In Western Germany

Rubble & destroyed buildings, statue. Staged: car pulls up in street w/ destruction, exchange of Camel cigarettes for gunny sack w/ man walking, then drive off (Black Market).

06:08:49 1950 & people shop from vendors of vegetables, cigarettes. Pharmacists, drug manufacturing in Hersh, Germany; penicillin. Sign: Telefondbau Und Normalzeit. Women work in factory; men work in factories. Clock manufacturing w/ many clocks. GOOD. Mnaufacturing & assemblying ??

06:10:53 Toolmaker working; manufacturing coinbox, motorcycles, motorbikes, bicycles on assembly line. Typewriters assembled & tested. Polishing lenses. Precision gears inspected on comparometer.

06:12:51 Man checking cameras. Woman taking picture.

06:13:06 Farming w/ horses; woman stacking shocks of grain. Men threshing. Oxen, sheep grazing. Men picking potatoes. Digging w/ mechanical digger behind horses.

06:14:36 Fertilizer plant ext. & interior w/ conveyors, large machinery.

06:15:00 Refugee woman & two children crossing a bridge over railyard, walking down past camera to barracks. CU sign: Zon. Durchgangslager Giessen - Dienststelle. Walking across yard. Tracking shot past people standing outside barracks for Displaced Persons (DPs). Playing guitar outside, women in windows. Older woman holding umbrella. Kids playing, MCU. Woman taking down clothes from line. Woman sewing in barracks as man watches. Women out door w/ pails. Kids washing in large washroom. Food passed around from window. Bread handed out.

06:17:18 Boy eating outdoors; old woman eating soup, young girls eating around table. Older people eating around table. Bald man sitting w/ head bowed outdoors/

06:18:01 Destroyed neighborhood w/ large houses in background & trucks past on street. People walking. Construction & rebuilding w/ bricklayers, carpenters. Town fountain w/ statue above. Cars past & poster of Marshallplan. The End.

Post-WWII Rebuilding; ERP European Recovery Plan; Propaganda; Cold War; Anti-Soviet;

The Invisible Link R1 of 2

Victor Vicas Films

07:15:10 Alps w/ glaciers, tilt down to stream & melting snow field w/ crevices. Water dripping into streams & falling over rocks, thru forest & rocky canyon. GOOD CUs. Reservoir behind dam & buckets across w/ materials. Man w/ headset giving instructions as men guide new bucket up. View from bucket above dam, men below. Bucket lowered as foreman (narrator) watches.

07:17:34 CU dropping concrete from bucket, pouring, moving concrete. Vibrating machines packing concrete; men shoveling. Watering.

Kaprun Dam Construction; Post-WWII Marshall Plan; Austria; European Economic Assistance;

Note: Kaprun Dam designed by Austrian architect Edith Lassmann won 1946 (?) annuomour competition because all male jury assumed her drawings were by a man. She refused to decline the award & suffered harrassment & resentment.

The Invisible Link R2 of 2

Men working on top of dam, gas welding; foreman down steep wooden stairs w/ mountains behind & view down valley. Men at window getting pay; into cable car & descending to valley. POV from bucket descending, men out of bucket at bottom, walking along road. Power lines across fields, towers. Power station, chimney.

07:20:51 Int. of factory w/ metalworking, spot welding, grinding, CU arc welding. Drill press, CU drilling, belts driving machiens. Men out of factory yard on bicycles. River thru valley w/ city on both sides, traffic across bridges. MCU people boarding electric buses, thru streets. Electric railroad past in CU. POV w/ carriage on wires, CU tracks; freight cars passing in blur. (GOOD) Train into station.

07:23:05 Cu man sawing firewood w/ rotary power saw. Farms w/ mountain huts; setting up electric motor to pump fertilizer on pasture, MCU. Man looking at soil in CU. Plowing w/ electric winch pulling plow up hill. CU cable & man plowing. Men plowing by pulling by hand across hillside.

07:26:10 Men raising poles for power lines. CUs.

07:26:31 POV from control room w/ man guiding buckets. Man w/ flags directing lowering buckets & pouring concrete. Men sawing timbers, surveyor; men drilling rocks for blasting. View of reservoir & dam.

Kaprun Dam Construction; Post-WWII Marshall Plan; Austria; European Economic Assistance;

Note: Kaprun Dam designed by Austrian architect Edith Lassmann won 1946 (?) annuomour competition because all male jury assumed her drawings were by a man. She refused to decline the award & suffered harrassment & resentment.

How To Get Along In France R2 of 3

WWII fighting, USSR into Berlin fighting in warehouse, from windows, GOOD.

16:44:13 Exploding German Swastika on top of stadium.

16:44:20 CU man looking. Pan over destruction of city. French destruction; washing hanging on exposed rear floors of building. Construction. Quarry & large shovel & earthmoving equipment. Marshall Plan aid arriving in France w/ banner. Unloading flour into railroad cars. Ball bearings assembled; bicycle & people riding on streets in MCU. Unloading large equipment & moved on large trailers thru streets. Kids watching.

16:45:55 Electric power connected to towers; French electric railroad. People walking along streets w/ posters on wall; man lights cigarette & reads Communist poster; election posters for many parties.

16:46:49 View down Paris street lined w/ apartments on hillside. Man walking up stairs w/ shadows. Family at dinner eating out of stew pot on table; pouring wine father is king. VO re affection part of French character.

16:48:00 Street vegetable market, shopping & looking at lettuce, puts back. Pan over storefronts, shopkeeper exits & locks door, puts sign on door as closed for two hours. Sits down w/ men at outdoor cafe table & talking.

16:49:37 Farmer riding cart behind oxen; cutting grain, hauling hay. Threshing & straw blowing into pile. Man turning soil in garden; man w/ rotortiller tractor. They talk. CUs. Men talking & women walking past in village street as priest passes. Family eating at table, radio behind; all talking, MCU. Drinking wine w/ conversation & dinner. Bistro bar & drinking wine; cafe w/ couples sitting & talking. Outdoor Club de Paris talking, smoking. Tilt up to woman in tight sweater w/ coat off shoulder, prostitute; she lights cigarette.

16:53:18 Young couple leaving on date w/ girl s mother coming as chaperone. Man meeting girl s parents.

16:53:54 Paris cathedrals: Sacre-Coeur on Montmartre; Notre Dame w/ bicycles past. Jewish synagogue (?). US military w/ French women, taking pictures on date.

Cold War Propaganda; Indoctrination; 1950s; Anti-Communist; Communism;

Ideas At Work

Long line of sedans down country road. Bearing manufacturing. LS of London & power station, manufacturing, conveyor belts of coal; textile manufacturing. Locomotives, tractors off assembly line; ship launched. Older large factory & pan over it. Construction of housing w/ bricks on conveyor; Man greasing machinery before & after grease gun. Cement mixer w/ men & wheel barrows; mechanical tractor & hauling cement. Factory & replacing hand labor w/ mechanical.

10:52:07 CU sign: Suggestions To Aid Production... Putting forms in box. Arc welding on foundry boxes, man puts suggestion in & turn-table frame used to manipulate the job; receiving money for suggestion. Crating products.

10:53:39 Inking textile w/ hand block printing. Couple working on large textiles, moving inking tray. Trade union meeting w/ experts for imporved method of moving ink & blocks.

10:55:27 Looms & women w/ shuttles, weaver; oiler; helpers. CU bobbins, wefts & shuttles threaded. LS of floor.

10:56:51 Cake decorating; consultant & two decorators working rolling paste, marzipan etc. Woman using jam brush to speed it up; turns assembly into assembly line method.

10:58:25 Pottery factory w/ man & assistant; pottery on conveyor. Women applying transfer designs & enamelling. Factory exterior. Int. w/ women assistants working as assistants; then moved to figure makers & ornamentors. Man at autoclave; women working at revolving tables to repalce blockage of fixed tables. POV thru factory & storage.

11:03:04 Power plant on river, pan over to factories. People leaving factory gate, bicycling home. The End.

Marshall Plan; Production Lines; Industry; Industrial Outputs; Trade Unions; Post-WWII; Productivity;

Zinc Valley

Dir. Joe Falletta, Photography Massimo Sallusti.

Northern Italian foothills w/ mountains beyond. Steep valley, Val Seriana, w/ houses and small villages. Men going to & from work in zinc mine, walk up road carrying lights, up steep path; rail ore cart. Light lamp & enter tunnel & walk down steps cut into rock, to face & put on masks & pick up drills & begin working. Men pushing carts of ore.

14:14:40 View out of tunnel w/ ore carts pulled by small engine around hillside to dump into cable cars & to bottom of valley; POV along aerial cables & dumped into processor shaking out zinc. Women hand picking from conveyor belt. Crusher & large drums turning. Slurry w/ paddles & mud removed to another plant for extraction of zinc.

14:16:59 Mud into truck & hauled down gravel road past houses under construction in village. Arriving at large electrolytic smelting plant & stock piled until plant construction is finished. Men working in yard. Interior of plant built w/ Marshall Plant funds & equipped w/ American & European machinery. Welding, installing Nicholas furnace. Laborers.

14:18:48 Men installing large machinery w/ chain hoist; lathes turning, unloading crates w/ valves. Large tumbler installed. Concrete vats finished; smaller tanks w/ aluminum sheets being installed for zinc electrolytic extraction. Power plant installation; electricians working. Chemical laboratory & equipment unpacked.

14:20:53 Men installing wooden beams; end of work shift & workers leaving on foot & bicycle. Man on motorcycle arrives at apartment building & greeted by kids. LS of valley. The End.

Post-WWII Economics; Rebuilding Europe; European Mining Industry;

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (Marshall Plan Encouraging Americans To Travel)

05:27:17 Man at desk (SOF): I am going to Europe to attend the Second Session of the General Assembly of International Travel Organizations; and I will deliver there a message from the United States to that Assembly which is composed of about 60 nations & will be held at Luxembourg, September 20. In connection w/ this trip I am going to also travel to various capitols of Europe including London, Paris & Rome & will hold meetings at those places on the general subject of encouragement of travel amongst countries. This was recognized in the Marshall Plan as having a very great importance as to the economic recovery of Europe. The dollars which particularly are brought to Europe by American travelers will make a very valuable contribution to the economic stablity of Europe.

Civil Servants; September 1949;

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (NATO Pact Ratification)

11:03:09 Senator John Foster Dulles in front of maps, SOF: The North Atlantic Pact has been approved by the Senate after the full consideration that it deserved. It is a logical extension of the Monroe Doctrine to Western Europe. The difference is that whereas the Monroe Doctrine was merely a decloration that we would fight, the Atlantic Pact binds other countries to fight w/ us. The combination is so strong that it probably will not be challenged & we will not have to fight which is of course what we want.

11:03:48 CU The North Atlantic Pact is a natural supplement to the Marshall Plan which was designed to preserve the free peoples of Europe from collapsing in the face of Soviet aggressive policies. The Pact, like the Marshall Plan, is in our interest because it will keep Russia from coming to the shores of the Atlantic.

11:04:06 MS The Pact does not require us to send arms, although we may later on decide that it is good business to do so. That is a matter to be considered, & being considered further by the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the Congress will later on come to a decision on that matter.

11:04:24 CU Now the fact that we have an Atlantic Pact does not mean that we have to have also a Pacific Pact, but I do believe that consideration ought to be given to stopping the spread of Communism in China & in Asia. It is good to protect ourselves on the Atlantic side but we must not forget that we are also exposed on the Pacific side.

11:04:45 MS The Atlantic Pact is a great step forward in American statesmanship, & it should give confidence to the free peoples throughout the world.

Cold War; 1949;

NOTE: NATO treaty was ratified 21Jul49

Title: ECA Aid - From The Cradle To...

07:21:40 Nurse to plexiglass covered beds w/ premature babies. Adjusts controls. CU of name & birth information. MCU putting hands thru openings & weighing baby. CU scales. MCU Feeding baby w/ milk.

Medical; Medicine; 1950s; Post-WWII; European Recovery Administration; Marshall Plan;

In Search of Peace Pt. 1 of 2

Ext. of Department of State. Stills

07:24:46 Dean Rusk SOF about US foreign policy. Headline of crisis & footage; Iran; Greece; Berlin; North Korea; Cuban Missile Crisis.

07:25:54 Adlai Stevenson at UN asks question. Tanks move in Hungary. South Vietnam. Rusk keeps talking about meeting agression w/ force ...we ve done so w/ prudence...

07:27:33 Title.

07:27:49 Rusk keeps speaking.

07:28:12 ?? speaking As our policy of containment...the communist world has moved to a basically different strategy. Stone throwing, smoke bombs, etc. Thailand shown w/ POV on river & canal past villagers. City center w/ fountain & traffic. Pedestirians. GOOD. Map of SE Asia. US military working w/ Thai villagers & military assistance. Thailand jet pilots to planes & take off. Explanation w/ map of Chinese moving south.

07:32:01 Rusk: We must work together w/ the other industrialized countries...

07:32:27 ?? speaking re Marshall plan working w/ Europe in past; then NATO; OECD & monetary fund to maintain industrialized countries strength. Visuals of automotive factory assembly line. Talking about Free Trade .

07:34:14 Africa outline superimposed over shots of village & westerners giving medical aid.

07:34:50 MS of speaker: We Have to work together... to compete...

07:35:12 Rusk: ...most of these new governments now face rising expections...

07:35:45 ?? Talking about foreign aid programs. Visuals of Africans working; AID cartons w/ markings. inoculations. South Americans & road building. Nigeria & fishing along the coast; traffic. Education, small shops; agricluture; outdoor class for adult education & teacher training. Pan over faces, CUs.

07:38:29 Poultry raising in eastern Nigeria; people sorting eggs; CU chickens in pens. Men fishing w/ nets; bringing fish, shrimp & selling at dock.

Cold War; Economics; Government Propaganda; 1960s; State Department; Diplomacy; Anti-Communist;

Amercan Foreign Policy; Rationalization;

The Years of Decision Pt. 1 of 2

Produced by March of Time for the Economic Cooperation Administration

23:00:28 London sunny street scene w/ many pedestrians, double-decker buses, St. Paul s cathedral in background. Montage European cities w/ people walking past camera, shopping at vendors cart, goods in front of French stores. Women buying vegetabales, clothing, people riding bicycles.

23:01:25 Montage of working scenes: man at weaving loom in large mill. Coal mine head & miners into tunnel & boarding mine train. LS of factory & railroad yard. Man working at Fiat factory; farmyard & cows to barn; farmer w/ machinery. Map & outlines of countries & animation.

23:02:32 Destruction w/ weeds overgrowing; rubble, wreckage w/ people walking past; across temporary bride. Cranes raising sunken ships. Chimney smoke of factory. Machinists working. Millworkers & cotton.

23:03:49 Men eating at table, farmer plowing behind team of horses. Norway harbor & men tie fishing nets. Women waiting in food lines. Bakery shelves in window partially filled.

23:04:47 1947. Coal mine & small train; miners working underground w/ picks at coal face. People w/ wheelbarrows getting coal. Electrical power plant & switches, large gears comng to stop, lights out. Work stoppage. English women wait in food lines. Farmyard & tending cattle; people purchase on blackmarket, man giving food to woman at door. Women picking olives from ground. Empty shelves of market. Old freight cars; factory in Belgium building new ones. Railyard w/ filled railcars; stopped mills & economic stagnation.

23:07:59 Men digging peat in Holland. Illustration showing comparative production.

23:09:01 Secretary of State George Marshall at desk signing papers.

23:09:11 Men & women at large newspaper kiosk, man buys magazine. People sitting & reading.

23:09:30 Paris street scene. Prime Ministers of Great Britain, Soviet Union & France walking up steps for meeting. Int. & shaking hands at large round table. Delegates include Georges Bidault, Molotov. Signing papers for Organization of Economic Cooperation.

Post-WWII European Rebuilding; Marshall Plan; Diplomatic Cooperation; Diplomacy; Workers;

The Years of Decision Pt. 2 of 2

Montage: Norway harbor, OEEC request; Italy & request to ERP; Turkey & request; Ireland ERP program.

23:11:15 US Capitol building, int. House of Representatives (GOOD).

23:11:36 CU Paul Hoffman, talking w/ ??.

23:11:44 Montage: antennas, men & families listening to radios. GOOD

23:12:17 Freighter unloading at dock. Ship Cape Poge. Speakers platform w/ US & French or Italian flags & speakers (MOS). Military, priests. Unloading bulldozer tractor in crate by crane.

23:13:02 Village, bicyclists in Holland. Unloading cotton from railroad car, int. of textile mill & looms weaving, man attending. Ext. England coal hoist, miners looking; int. miners mining, shoveling & conveyor. Unloading coal barges. GOOD.

23:14;32 Int. Fiat car plant, automobile body lowered. Assembly line. Ship at dock & unloading sulfur / sulphur in Marseilles. Horse pulling sprayer thru grape vines in vineyard.

23:15:13 Small fishing boat, Norwegian fishermen, nets & dumping herring & sardine. men & women packing & sorting herring, canning. King of Norway brand on crates.

23:15:58 Int. small English grocery shop, woman to counter & cans pulled from shelf. CUs. Man buying spaghetti at counter. Men at cattle livestock market in village square. Paying money.

23:16:59 Tractors parked, man getting on. Animation of process of Marshall plan showing money to Europe a gift from people of US to people of France.

23:17:40 Man on tractor & swather cutting grain. Dam under construction, men working in MCU. Road building in Greece. Housing construction. Soe factory & CU stiching soles. Man window shopping outside shoe store. Woman putting food on table from string bag. Coal shoveling w/ 11% over. Textiles (18%).

23:19:40 Passenger train past destroyed buildings. Men playing bocci / bocce in Italy. Couple & two children at dinner table. Large French family at table w/ roast onto table, kids eating.

23:20:36 Textile union meeting. Montage of coal miner, other workers, farming. The End.

Post-WWII European Rebuilding; Marshall Plan; Diplomatic Cooperation; Diplomacy; Families; Communication;

E.R.P. In Action, No. 2 - A Monthly Film Digest of The Facts & Figures of European Recovery Pt.1 of 2

Produced by Movietone-News.

Title over turning globe

23:22:01 Title: German - A New Chapter, Bonn US High Commissioner McCloy & Chancellor Adenauer sign ECA agreement, Dec49, allowing German government to administer Marshall Plan funds. Newsmen.

23:22:41 Title: Berlin (over street by Brandenburg Gate. Gen. Maxwell Taylor announces release of first ERP counterpart funds. MCU speaks in German w/ English subtitles. Officials listening, reporters take notes. CUs. Mayor Ernest Reuter responds, German w/ English subtitles.

23:25:49 People entering large exhibition hall w/ ERP exhibition in British Sector; looking at displays & illustrations relating to Marshall Plan.

23:26:57 Dusseldorf ERP exhibits w/ miners viewing exhibits. Electric trains, mechanical exhibits.

23:28:02 Title: Greece - Factory On The Move Trucks on Salonika / Thessaloniki harbor leave in convoy north up muddy roads to Nouessa (sp?) w/ textile mill equipment to rebuild mill destroyed by guerillas. Ceremony w/ army soldiers, orthodox priests, VIPS & sign: Our motto defend your country fight for home, includes wreath-laying by Marshall Plan representative.

23:29:12 Title: Taking A Look - Rome American editors & publishers meet w/ US Ambassador James Dunn a large shiny table. Walking thru Termini railroad station under construction being financed by counterpart funds. Int. of main waiting room concourse, men working laying paving stones; on roof.

23:30:15 Title: Paris. Street scene & editors into the building housing Monet Plan. Meeting w/ Jean Monet, shaking hands & at table taking notes.

Post-WWII European Rebuilding; Marshall Plan; Diplomatic Cooperation; Diplomacy; Cold War; ERP;

E.R.P. In Action, No. 2 - A Monthly Film Digest of The Facts & Figures of European Recovery Pt.2 of 2

Ext. Kleber Colombes tire plant / factory outside Paris. Int. w/ editors touring as men working w/ machines. Moving large tires, steam & heat.

23:31:53 Barge on canal or river; int. of editors touring Renault automobile plant. Looking at first Renault; sitting in new small car.

23:32:38 New Land For Old - Normandy. Barry Bingham, Chief of ECA special mission to France w/ editors riding on sledge behind crawler tractor across stubble field & swamp clearance of Marais Verneis. Draining field w/ large plow & men & shovels. Linemen putting up telephone & power lines. Canals & pumping stations.

23:34:18 Title: Bourges French farmyard, farmer w/ tractor plowing. At family table eating bread w/ wine.

23:35:40 Title: OEEC Chateau de la Muette. Interior, American & European VIPs talking & at conference table.

23:36:11 Title: Belgium - Technical Assistance Int. w/ sign Le Plan Marshall, cans & shipping cases for 16mm films. Opening & mounting reel on 16mm projector & group watching & taking notes. Picture on screen.

23:37:09 Group visiting dairy farm w/ Prof. H. B. Henderson, head of Dairy Department of U. of Georgia w/ farmer & looking at woman milking cow, into Brussels Veterinary Laboratory & w/ scientists & technicians. In dairy pasturization room, bottlling operation. Bottles loaded onto distribution carts. Visits dairy store & at milk bar drinking milk. Child & baby drinking milk. The End.

Post-WWII European Rebuilding; Marshall Plan; Diplomatic Cooperation; Diplomacy; Cold War; ERP;

Report From Britain Pt 1 of 2

Montage: Rainy night London street w/ traffic, lights, neon signs. Piccadily Circus.

04:42:02 Mister Roberts theater production, cast bowing, curtain drops.

04:42:16 Backstage w/ actor, Jackie Cooper & actress - wife, Hildy Parks; he takes off make up & talks about seeing Britain.

04:43:08 Trafalager Square street scene w/ Coopers in sports car sight-seeing.

04:43:30 Policeman / Bobby giving tourists directions. Large buildings, buses.

04:43:45 Tenement houses; Tower of London; Horseguard w/ Coopers & boy petting horse. Walking along sidewalks. Front of American Embassy (?) w/ flag. On South Bank looking at Big Ben & Parliament.

04:44:58 Ext of Parliament, people watching arrivals. Int. (stage) Chancellor Hugh Gaitskill speaking: The Governments of the United States & the United Kingdom have agreed to the suspension of Marshall Aid...from 01Jan51. Her majesty s government desires to regain her economic independence & power.

04:46:21 Stock shots (brief). Anthony Eden (stage): Their generosity couldn t have been more freely given or more warmly appreciated...

04:46:57 Coopers looking across Thames River.

04:47:08 Street scenes, pedestrians, traffic, sidewalks subway entrance,window shopping. GOOD shots.

04:47:47 Ext. hardware store w/ sidewalk displayed goods, shoppers, fruit market. Housing construction, bricklaying. Excavation of damaged blocks.

04:48:29 POV from water of shipyards w/ cranes; placing stack on ship, men watching. Views from crane; docked ships.

04:48:50 Cooper adjusting tie in front of mirror. Three years ago the British people were in a spot...

04:49:23 High angle Bank of England. CU ledger book & recording checks, banking, counting money. MS Bank of England; low angle.

04:49:49 Jaguar sports car past parked sedans & parking on Grosvenor Square. Out & shakes hands w/ LaMarr King, ECA administrative officer for UK & into Embassy. Int. of office: King SOF describing ECA role.

04:50:35 Industrial cooling towers, underground coal miner, equipment working. GOOD.

04:50:55 Power generating plant from across river. Large dam construction, hydroelectric lines, Scotland. Int. steel mill manufacturing. Construction of new steel mill in Wales.

04:51:37 Workers leaving large factory. Overhead shot of crowded market, grain harvesting, combines.


1940s; 1950s; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Reconstruction; Aid; Economic Support; Marshall Plan

NOTE: both parts (entire film) sold at rate of one reel.

Report From Britain Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Dock, unloading freighter into barge. Steel mill & workers shovelling, textile mill. Export crates in CU & on dock. Truck chassis unloaded. Parliament.

04:52:33 MS of Stafford Cripps walking past on sidewalk. BBC Broadcasting House, antenna on roof. Cripps VO on exports. Workers at machinery, men & women, welders, packaging, punch presses, filling & packing crates. Moving cases of Johnnie Walker.

04:53:15 Int. Lamarr King SOF: And as one phase of the Marshall Plan comes to a successful close, another moves to the center of the stage...we have a new chief of ECA in Britain, Willliam L. Batt... pan to...

04:53:51 Batt (SOF): It was a heartening thing to find our great friend & neighbor had recovered her economic health to the point where she can now stand on her own feet...

04:54:20 VO Batt. Heavy machinery, welding, int. factory. Tanks down road between factory buildings. Freight loaded on ship. Machinists at drill presses, lathes, etc.

04:54:55 We are getting on w/ the task of strengthening the British economy...

04:55:10 VO w/ British military at maps on wall. Ext. British airfield w/ both older British bomber & larger American bomber parked. Raising of US & RAF flags, saluting. Aircrews. B-50 taking off, Lincoln Bomber taking off. Both in flight. CU pilots in cockpits.

04:55:59 Aerial of London. Grosvenor Square & FDR statue w/ Jackie Cooper looking at it & wreath at base. Dusk over Parliament. The End.

1940s; 1950s; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Reconstruction; Aid; Economic Support; Marshall Plan;

NOTE: both parts (entire film) sold at rate of one reel.

Aquila R1 of 2

10:11:37 Tilt down ornate columned town hall, small group of people gathered in front. Int. employment office w/ men in, present card to man reading newspaper at desk who stamps, initials & takes down binder, shakes head & man leaves, walks street. Children on carousel w/ man past. Dock gate closed w/ guards. 10:14:15 People walking, gather in rain for demonstration in city square; speaker, flags, pan women listening holding umbrellas. MCU speaker; listeners applauding.

10:15:59 MCU feet walking on pavement, thru grass.

10:16:31 Man at construction site, watches man arrive; gestures no work. Man walks thru war ruins along coast. Kids playing around beached boat, deserted warehouses. Man walks off w/ boy to woman holding baby. Shipyard cranes behind. They go into house, wash for meal, wife serves bowls at table to man & son. CU boy eating; MCU baby crying in basket. CU parents picture; wife cries; boy drinks from bowl; father leaves.

Marshall Plan Film; Neo-Realism; Neo-Realist; Italian; Italy; Trieste (?); ca 1950; 1940s; 1950s; Documentary;

Economics; Post-WWII - Poverty; Unemployment; Anti-Communist;

Aquila R2 of 2

Man walking, docks & railroad yards behind; thru empty city streets. Ext. Perugina store w/ well-dressed woman & boy out, into new Ford car, wooden station wagon. Man breaks window, steals book. Chased by policeman thru streets as poeple watch. Others join chase & caught by policemen in jeep who take him away.

10:23:08 Police station & policeman at desk looks at book, then man; checks his papers & contents of billfold; sends him away. Man down endless steps.

10:24:55 Italian newpaper headline. CU ECA symbol on building. Men looking at table top plans w/ flags & cameramen; man signing aid check.

10:25:41 MCU brass band playing. Ship crane unloading crates marked ECA Aquila from ship, USNS Pvt. William H. Thomas, w/ US flag in CU. Women watching, laughing. Crates moved on dock.

10:26:40 Fuel trucks past, large oil storage tanks. Men unloading crates, sacks of flour or cement, men sawing boards. Steel plates hoisted & placed for petroleum storage tanks; welded. Construction of oil refinery.

10:28:36 Man presents papers & hired, others wait & watch. Tilt up completed refinery, man walking among pipes & tanks, turning handles.

10:30:18 Workers leaving refinery; man walking home past election sign; runs greeting wife & children.

10:30:55 Fuel trucks leaving refinery; along highway thru countryside & towns w/ Aquila on trucks. The End.

Marshall Plan Film; Neo-Realism; Neo-Realist; Italian; Italy; Trieste (?); ca 1950; 1940s; 1950s; Documentary;

Economics; Post-WWII - Poverty; Unemployment; Anti-Communist;

Greece - King and Queen See Corinth Canal Opened (1949)

POV naval ship passing through canal, crowds on banks of canal. King Paul in uniform & Queen Frederica on boat w/ visible machine guns, etc. thru canal re-opened w/ aid of Marshall Plan funds. King lights Queen s cigarette from his. King walking with VIP. Priest blesses ribbon which King cuts. Queen joins Greek peasants and children in traditional folk dancing.

Post WWII; Economic Aid; Ribbon Cutting; Folk Dance;