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Archival film footage on Mao from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

70th birthday celebrations for Stalin at the Bolshoi with Mao Tse Tung in attendance .

Pioneers make speech - flowers etc. Fireworks. VS Huge hall, audience applauding. Stalin grand entrance. Pan Up Hall. Mao seated next to Stalin. Also Khruschev. Mikoyan (?) makes speech. Trumpets and boys marching band parade through hall and bring flowers to Stalin. Children make speeches. Gigantic poster of Stalin. Cult of personality. Exterior crowds outside Bolshoi. Fireworks.


Color At meeting in MCU applauding. Standing outside on stand w/ people visible behind & below.

11:46:01 B/W Mao signing document at table in Moscow (?)

Diplomacy; Politics; Agreements;

[Misc. USSR - Red Army Out Of Korea - Famine - Parades - Stalin s Mother]

Excerpts w/ English narration. Russian troops withdrawing from North Korea - Korean civilians wave them off - soldiers packed onto train waving flowers. Mao out of train in Moscow? - greeted by Molotov.

00:49:47 Burning of Brest-Litovsk, Belarus [WWI ?] - troops through smoke on horseback - civilians w/ horsedrawn carriages - houses on fire [shots repeated].

00:51:20 Short sequences vars Russian personalities incl. Lenin & Trotsky making speeches.

00:52:15 Beggar / woman trying to sell underwear - street scenes - shoppers look in windows - trams. - street market.

00:53:04 Depression / Famine scenes - men on street corners - beggars. Busy market.

00:53:49 Various Stalin - parades & meetings - inc. huge inflatable? Stalin head unfurled & carried aloft by balloon - Stalin & Voroshilov look up. Another parade w/ Stalin banners. Stalin, Molotov et al wave from top of mausoleum - anti-Trotsky cartoon banners in crowd - top shot Red Square. 20th anniversary parade 38.

00:55:22 Georgia - Stalin s mother Ekaterina Geladze walks down steps of palace in Tbilisi. Old man who was formerly a prince & wine grower. Vars old Georgian men - VO re wine of region.

00:56:24 Crowds at railway station - hurry along platform towards camera. Women & children walk away from camp where men watch behind barbed wire.

00:56:53 Women working at teletype machines & telephone exchange.

00:57:12 Meeting - men seated round table.

00:57:28 Stalin looking younger w/ Molotov & Kalinin; later shot of Stalin & Molotov waving from platform.

00:57:36 Early shots of soldiers on horseback & marching w/ rifles. Trotsky salutes w/ flag.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Poverty.

[Various Russian Material]

Stalin 70th Birthday celebrations at theatre - Mao present, standing ovation. Various speeches.

15:03:06 Young Pioneers parade and present flowers and make speeches.

15:08:52 Crowds outdoors w/ lights & lighted picture in air. Searchlights on buildings.

15:09:25 Russian steam train transporting workers to Labor camp; marched w/ guards. Gates shut.

15:10:37 Young Stalin w/ Kalinin and Kirov? Molotov.

15:11:12 Cranes moving bouilders & dirt. Belamor slave labour in snow, interior camp barracks, workers.

15:12:46 Workers adrressed by ?

15:13:42 Stalin watches ship pass thru canal - Stalin on board ship.

15:15:55 Felling trees, logging. Interior offices w/ engineers, etc. Workers marching to work - breaking stones, hard labor, camp band playing - various shots construction, shoveling mud, pile driving, etc.

15:21:55 Summertime. Pan over workers faces; women, men w/ unit flags. Excursion boat on canal w/ Stalin & others. Locks.

15:23:55 Workers in snow w/ wagons, digging, splitting rocks. Forms for locks, finishing. Closing locks doors. Man across; men out of locks.

15:26:09 Death of Stalin. Lying in state etc.

15:32:20 Lenin s death. Lying in state etc.


[Soviet Canal Construction - Mao Visit - Stalin Outside Kremlin]

Workers w/ large banner 1934; forced labour - men clearing ground for canal project w/ pickaxes; pushing wheelbarrows full of earth to and fro. Top shot swarms of workers on site - wooden boards across trenches in ground.

15:00:19 CU crocodile puppet at children s party / carnival? Brief CU Russian typewriter in use.

15:00:29 [Sd.] Mao Tse Dong visit: INT Bolshoi theatre - applause as Stalin, Mao, Beria, Gromyko, Khruschev, Molotov onto stage. National anthem sung - good shots packed theatre.

15:01:41 [Si.] Stalin, Beria, Kalinin, Kaganovich, Kruschev [?] & others walk in Kremlin grounds, 1940s. CU Stalin putting hand inside jacket in familiar pose.

Russia / USSR. Communism. Chairman Mao.

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 1 of 3

Uniformed youth drum & bugles; large Communist demonstration w/ cheering; CUs, girl kisses flag.

16:00:33 Ext. Street demonstration & burning flag; large crowd marching w/ flags; workers in street listening.

16:00:55 Tanks advancing w/ troops; loaded w/ people w/ raised fists thru street w/ tri-color flag. Youth w/ knife cutting up Communist flag.

16:01:34 Montage: Aerial of WWII burning city; artillery firing; refugees in burning city; Nazis boy soldier; tanks; British & Russian soldiers firing artillery. Nun walking thru brick rubble. Victory celebrations, Arc de Triumph; Churchill, DeGaulle & others down Champs Elysees. Winter & returning troops.

16:02:35 Swastika on stadium explodes (GOOD).

16:02:43 Stalin, Churchill & others shaking hands at Potsdam. Map of Europe w/ Communist shadow moving west. Soviet troops marching. Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev & others applauding. Map of East Germany. Still of Walter Ulbrecht w/ others. Marchers, faces, kids w/ banners in parade. Police & civilians in East Germany. CU door sign: Untersuchungs Haftanstalt Wittenberge, two policemen enter.

16:03:46 Ext. Deutscher Volksrat - Le Front des Demokratischen Deutsch; interior w/ large Communist meeting. CU Wilhelm Pieck first & only President of GDR, 11Oct49 - 07Sep60, wiping face; congratulated; thru street in open car. Little girl w/ flowers, Stalin holding.

16:04:08 People moving thru woods w/ packs. Troops buiding fence thru woods on border; sign re land mines. Pan of men at small meeting & voting, ext. workers voting, people marching w/ flags in country village.

16:04:49 Coal miners; workers in factory. Title card re Brigade Karl Marx. Women w/ wheelbarrows on construciton site. POV on train. Sign over doorway: Robfchlachtercel Franz Fritsche Perleberg, crowd. Civilians training w/ rifles; large group of women marching w/ rifles; young girls marching w/ bows & arrows. Soviet military in parade.

16:05:52 Montage of USA attacking Korea (seen from Soviet view): ship, tanks, soldiers. Wounded, chaplain. Orphaned ; Korean children eating; refugees.

16:06:19 Flags outside United Nations; interior. UN troops on ship. Kremlin ext. Pan from Stalin laying in state to politburo. People at monument. CU Ulbricht at microphones; clock speeded up; poster re 1954.

16:06:58 Wide avenue w/ little traffic. Men working on large construction site, workers on scaffolding, walking in street for demonstration, 16Jun53. Filling street. Soldiers w/ guns. Marchers running. Burning desks. Line of soldiers at East - West border. People taking down fence. Papers falling outside government building & burned in fire on sidewalk. Police & soldiers facing each others at border. Crowd running. Banner burned. Border troops behind barriers. Signs torn down, bonfire. East Berlin building set on fire, seen from American Sector. Construction Workers Strike became Uprising of 1953.

16:09:06 Crowd w/ ?? carrying, beating; policeman tries to stop. Crowd & small shed or ?? burning. Cont.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; Cold War; Propaganda;

Mission To Yenan (Jul44) Pt. 1 of 3

C-47 arrival & US army officers off & greeted; board back of truck. Plane camouflaged under netting. US & Chinese walk into compound, greeted.

20:02:23 Map of China & zoom in on Yenan. Large pagoda on mountain peak, people, horses, carts along road. Group walking into military base.

20:03:11 CU Chou En-Lai; Lin Piao (?); Others included per NARA: Chu-Teh, Yeh Chien-Ying, chen O, Nieh Jung Chen, Peng Te-Hua; Ma Hai-Te.

20:04:09 Mao Tse-Tung (?).

20:04:38 Military review. Visiting building complex on hillside & entering. Posing outside stone arches; very old men in heavy fur coats.

20:05:40 US military (& a few Chinese) on bandstand saluting as Chinese troops march past. LS of military parade ground. Chinese military officers (?) speaking from bandstand; US officers speaking. Chinese rebel guerillas hiking thru countryside, single file w/ rifles & knives on ridgeline. Placing mines or bombs on road & covering. High angle of man walking on road, bombs ignited. Training w/ very old rifles. Native band playing w/ drums & single stringed instruments and dancing as many watch from shade, including Chou En-Lai. US military watching singing & dancing work songs & dances. Opera w/ narrative.

WWII, China; Chinese Communists; Dixie Mission; David D. Barrett; Diplomatic Relations

Mission To Yenan (Jul44) Pt. 2 of 3

US & others applaud outdoor Chinese Opera performance done by guerrilla fighters which depicted conversion of people to the Communist rebels cause.

20:12:37 Pan over lush vegetable garden or farm; US & Chinese inspecting spinning, dying & other manufacturing. Children s choir sing. CU of kids. Kids spinning silk (?). Military training shown w/ obstacle course demonstation. Gymnastics & training w/ weapons.

20:15:07 Outdoor stage w/ canvas backdrop & flags above; audience sitting on ground.

20:15:56 Gen. Stilwell (?) on rifle range. Others w/ machine guns, watching w/ binoculars. Demonstrating explosives.

20:18:13 American poses; Group in front of stone building w/ elaborate decorative arch. US man at radio; others at typewriters. Chinese in/out of gate: Kangzhan Rhbao.

20:19:15 Wall w/ posters of drawings of various people s pictures including Stalin, etc. Artist working in front. US out of their HQ.

20:19:47 Posing from R-L David D. Barrett, Mao, Patrick Jay Hurley, ?, Chou En-Lai, ? Gen. Hurley walking w/ Mao & ??, followed by Barrett & others. Posing. Shaking hands w/ Mao.

WWII, China; Chinese Communists; Dixie Mission; Diplomatic Relations

Mission To Yenan (Jul44) Pt. 3 of 3

GI & ?? in doorway of C-47, boarding & waving. Mao & ??. Gen Hurley & ?? wave from door. US GIs riding ponies out of village. Pan of villageor city of Aui-Te on hillside above valley floor. High angle of people across bridge. Pan of buildings along sides of hills above valley floor.

20:22:34 Boats along riverbank and soldiers, ponies loaded aboard.

20:23:05 Chinese troops running along mountainside. Boat arriving; Communist guerrilla troops in trenches, w/ machine guns.

20:23:55 Pan over destroyed village of stone houses. Soldiers on rock w/ map, looking across valley, line of people or soldiers moving. Bugler & soldiers waiting. Firing rifles from eroded gullies at guard tower. Soldiers running along ridge; others up hill to base of tower. Men run into tower, catpture Japanese (?). Cheering from top of tower.

20:26:55 Soldier w/ binoculars; pople returning to tower w/ bundles. Fire set & burning tower. Men shoveling down tower.

20:28:04 Valley floor and horses & soldiers marched thru people watching. Large cache of arms displayed & soldiers stack and display them. Pan over captured Japanse (?).

20:29:45 Group putting on dance performance. Valley & people work (LS). US & Chinese Communists talking in school or ?? Dinner table w/ fruit, etc & panning over US servicemen relaxing. Chou En-Lai (?). Group posing outdoors. C-47 w/ motors starting & people shaking hands. Plane in snow. The End.

WWII, China; Chinese Communists; Dixie Mission; Diplomatic Relations

[Mao Tse-Tung Arrival, Chungking; Signing of the Handing Over (Treaty) of Japanese Army...]

Mao and other Chinese VIPs arrive by plane, greeted by VIPs including Ambassador Hurley?, US army officers present. CU Mao smiling.

03:01:15 Burma Government House Interior, large surrender table. Unid. Japanese signs the handing over treaty of the Japanese Army

WWII Ceremonies;

Digital dropout on 03:00:48

[Mao Tse-Tung Arrival, Chungking; Signing of the Handing Over (Treaty) of Japanese Army...]

Mao and other Chinese VIPs arrive by plane, greeted by VIPs including Ambassador Hurley?, US army officers present. CU Mao smiling.

02:01:29 25Aug45 Burma Government House Interior: large surrender table. Unid. Japanese sign treaty documents for the handing over of the Japanese Army.

[Yenan - Lady Isobel Cripps Visits Mao]

Pan over hillside with houses and official building. Camels led. American DC-3 on airstrip - Mrs. Cripps off with Mrs Miller and unid. American? men. Mao Zedong & others walk out & pose in courtyard. Tilt down from hills to valley floor & buildings with caves built into cliffs & people working at spinning & flailing grain, etc. Troops at outdoor classes; assemble in ranks; exercising. Banner for Bethune International Peace Hospital. Ext & interior of patients being treated. Pan over nursery; kids playing outdoors with teachers.

12:47:27 Peasant lecturing others in large group. Woman responding. Tilt down & other views of hillsides. Camel caravan. Mrs Cripps off plane. Women working in front of caves. Repeat shots of classes, flailing grain, lectures.

12:49:13 Mao; voting shown & depositing ballots. Doctors out of hospital, Lenin bust by entrance; hospital interiors; weighing baby; kids washing dishes.

British - Chinese relations. Chairman Mao. Communism.

Stalin s 70th birthday

70th Birthday celebrations for Stalin at the Bolshoi (Bolshoy) Theatre with Mao Tse Tung in attendance.

Ext, Bolshoi, night - neon lights / decorations - crowds - Stalin s picture lit up. Stalin & Mao enter with others, long applause & cheers. Khruschev on Stalin s left, Mao Tse Tung on right. shvernik & others making speeches. Pioneers make speech to theatre - brass band, children praising Stalin & promising to grow up good Communists - present flowers, huge painting of Stalin behind stage

Novosti Dnia - May 1950

Prod. Dziga Vertov. Leningrad nice top shot - statue of Lenin. Delegation of Chinese workers on tour of leather factory - Mao badge pinned on worker - visitors hug workers.

Communism - USSR.

Novosti Dnia - May 1950

Prod. Dziga Vertov. May Day parade in Peking - big posters Chairman Mao - Mao reviews parade. Crowds cheering and clapping. Huge flags carried. Chou en-lai watching. Schoolchildren in 04May Parade of Youth. Posters of Mao and Stalin carried.

Communism - China.

[Stalin s Birthday 1950]

INT Moscow Grand Opera House - Stalin enters the stage to standing ovation followed by Malenkov & Chairman Mao [?]. Khruschev also on podium. MCU Stalin, Voroshilov & Kaganovich.

Preparedness And National Security Pt. 2 of 2

15:20:54 CU National Security Act of 1947 w/ Amendments of 1949 on cover page. Open to Title 1 - Coordination For National Secrity - National Security Council. MCU Truman at table w/ Council around him. Page turns to: Central Intelligence Agency.

15:21:24 High angle of Red Square & tanks, trucks, guns on parade w/ VIPs watching.

15:21:50 Scientist at microscope; factory w/ chimneys smoking.

15:21:54 Mao off railroad & shaking hands in USSR. Montage of signs of US intelligence agencies & divisions. Research analyst at work at desk. Truman & National Security Council.

15:22:28 Montage of WWII weapons: flame thrower, planes, boats, tanks, V-2 rocket fired, bazooka, homing torpedo launched, rockets launched from land & ships. Radar antenna infield.

15:23:03 Text: Highlighted Research And Development Board. Navy research lab experiments; aviation experiment. Montage of testing men & equipment. Equipment in wet, dry, hot, cold. Test chambers. Model of jet, testing prototype jet, moving radioactive material, men at radar stations; electronics tested & training. Launching balloon; teletype; camera from stratosphere & underwater.

15:25:30 Steel mill & heavy industry manufacturing; airplane, ship & tank construction. Military equipment.

National Security Resources Board. Oil field derricks; coal train; tanks on flatcars past; moving crates on planes, trains, trucks, barges. Large pileline. Warehouse, loading ships. Workers out of factories. Women working. Kids playing.

15:27:08 Map of USA w/ shadows over bombers coming from northwest & explosive markers. Radar warning screen illustrated w/ animation. Meeting to plan ground observer corps. Training in desert & at maps. Bombed aftermath in Japan after atomic bomb. Water supply w/ leaking pipe freezing. Firefighting.

15:29:14 MCU Pamphlet: State Civil Defense Plan - Governors Committee Report. Meeting w/ Director of Civil Defense & assistants. Telephone operators; New Jersey State Police car & officer on phone. Dams & reservoirs. Workers out of war plants; nurses working. Civil Defense Meeting at table.

15:30:55 Fire trucks out, aerial & ground shots of large fires. Soldier dusting inside men s pants & shirts w/ DDT. Women outside shacks at tent city washing clothes (1930s?). Men eating in tent. State Police & stretchers out of van. Geiger couktner & gas mask. Blood bank. Coast, planes & moutain shots. Neighborhoods, town centers, aerial over Manhattan. (end SP).

15:32:07 Capitol, Truman before Congress, family at radio, farm laborers, factory, military Generals. Government military meeting.

Note Abrupt ending on US Capitol Building on SP. 35 seconds more on Digibeta.

20th Century Military History Overview; Educational Films; Propaganda; Cold War; Technology;

[Defence of Formosa]

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Map showing coast of China & island of Formosa. High shots & street scenes Taipei ? Formosa countryside - farming. Chiang Kai-Shek out of car, up steps wearing long cape; INT Chiang & Madame Chiang. Nationalist Chinese Army recruits training in formation w/ rifles; women s auxillary. General Sun - trained in US. Nationalist troops on battle maneouvres.

11:49:44 Chairman Mao out of car wearing winter coat, greeted by officers; Communist troops stand to attention. Supplies sent by US unloaded by Nationalists on Formosa.

Korean War. Anti-Communism.

[Various Newsreels - 1950s Germany; England; USA]

Trade show; knife & scissors exhibition. Giant Swiss Army knife - giant knife and giant scissors. Ornamental knives.

21:36:08 sd. BRITISH FLEET MANEUVERS Carrier, British sailors on deck at anchor. Aerials of British destroyers in line leaving harbor, aircraft carrier, plane takes off. British sailor w/ binoculars. HMS Duke of York battleship, bow of moving battleship, wake of ship. Aerial view of fleet, sun on water.

21:36:50 sd/si. BRITAIN HONORS F.D.R. Monument & ceremony from high angle. King George VI & Eleanor Roosevelt to monument. Mrs Roosevelt unveils monument - statue of FDR (profile). CU "FDR, 1882-1945". King George places wreath, front view of statue. Attlee, Eleanor Roosevelt & Queen Elizabeth; Winston Churchill & wife, Queen Elizabeth. Churchill looking at monument. CU statue.

21:38:00 Si. LONDON'S WORST FOG. Train & traffic in heavy fog. Man lights gas lamp. English bobby w/ flashlight.

21:38:39 Sd. 1948(?) GENERAL LUCIUS D CLAY Washington DC. Gen. Lucius Clay from military plane, Clay speaks (SoF) about Berlin Blockade.

21:39:11 Sd. EISENHOWER SPEAKS ON ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY, WASHINGTON, DC, speaking at desk. Platitudes for military.

21:40:12 Sd. EUROPE IS TEMPTING TARGET FOR REDS Ike speaking (SoF) in Denver, Colorado

21:41:04 Sd. Pres. Truman Apologies To Marines ((title only).

21:41:05 High angle of large room w/ orchestra on stage to side & U-shaped table w/ men & name tages.

21:41:08 Sd. Sign: "OFFICE OF HIGH COMMISSIONER AND MILITARY GOVERNOR - MR. JOHN J MCCLOY". McCloy speaking at desk (SoF). 45 million Germans will shortly commence the task of governing themselves...

21:41:44 Si. BERLIN RED YOUTH RALLY, GERMANY Brandenburg Gate & signs. British soldiers on armored vehicles behind barbed wire. US troops in bg. Soldier at gun. Truckloads of German girls. Arch, youth band playing. Young Pioneers clean dishes & wash at trough. Young Pioneer in stadium maneuvers & parading; Red leader before mic. Street parade w/ large picture of Stalin & Mao banners, etc. (GOOD)

21:43:22 Si. RED ARMY DAY IN BERLIN Russian soldiers march, lay wreath, young USSR soldier on guard. Wreath laying at large monument (In memory of Soviet Dead.)

21:44:09 Si. JOINT ALLIED MANEUVERS IN GERMANY Officers chatting; French & US officers salute. General Mark Clark & unid. Major General. LS, truck moving over pontoon bridge, MS, tank (M-26) moving. Soldiers march on road. Troops w/ various equipment (portable communications, guns, etc.). Multiple antiaircraft gun w/ .50 cal air-cooled machine guns. CU soldier behind gun reading Stars and Stripes newspaper w/ headline: "UN advances on Seoul" (re Korea).

Indo-China Newsreel #2, 379 - 2, 380

19Apr51 - 22Apr51

Visit of General de Lattre de Tassigny and President Tran Van Nuu at Dong-Trieu and Vinh-Yen--

Children waving flags. Reconnaissance plane landing. Colonel Sizaire, victor of Mao-Khe, greets and welcomes General de Lattre and President Tran Van Nuu. Group standing at attention saluting and then reviewing troops and equipment.

(This section is very poor quality up to 05:05:14)

Troops passing review section and standing at attention on the field. Two small cabing planes landing. General and President greet arriving officers. President, General and staff inspect the troops. CU, Faces of the soldiers. General de Lattre, President Tran Van Nuu and staff greet Vietnamese and dignitaries.

Official party inspect school children and athletic societies participating in the review. Officials listen and watch children's band.

Troops and school children passing review area. Military band playing.

05:09:13 Interior scene of General de Lattre drinking a toast to S.M. Bao-Dai and to the Vietnamese Governor.

LCT type aircraft loaded with troops making its way up the canal and landing the men on the riverbank near the port of Coi-Co at the junction of the Song-Thai-Binh and the Bamboo canal. Soldiers leaving LCT, crossing open field and small canal. Truck being ferried across canal. Advance is held up by the Vietminh Command post and air support is requested. Soldiers digging in, firing machine guns and mortars. Farm house burning. F-6-F Hellcats and B-26s bombing and strafing enemy position. Soldiers in prone positions during the air attack. Wounded men being treated. Soldier searching and removing weapons from a dead comrade. 105mm Howitzers firing. Soldiers advancing and passing burning buildings. 400 Viet Minh prisoners surrounded by parachutists are taken to the Command Post. Vietnamese sentry standing guard. Wounded men being treated.

U.S. Germ Warfare In Korea Pt. 2 of 2

Military interviewing captured U.S. Air Force spy, Norman ?? Reporters around table.

11:14:15 He speaks in English describing dropping two bombs 200 mph & 500 ft & says they were to report the bombs as ordinary dubs. Signing confession.

11:15:15 MCU Pilot John Quinn confirms in English bombs dropped on 04Jan & 11Jan were w/o fuses & were in fact germ bombs.

11:16:25 North Korean workers listening to speakers outdoors.

11:17:26 Room w/ meeting & photos on wall of Stalin, Kim Il Sung, Mao. Crating monographs & loading in trucks; leaving factory. Man talking in yard to waorkers. Students & others visit display of dud bombs, posters of illustrations & exhibits about germ warfare. Good posters.

11:18:58 Group of North Koreans & Democratic Lawyers . Unearthing ?? Crying women telling them stories. Sitting at outdoor table, blond woman reporter taking notes. Meeting the scientists. Talking to John Quinn; talking to families of victims.

11:21:16 Warehouse w/ cartons & wicker baskets. Loading truck w/ medical supplies & through countryside. Arriving at village & giving North Korean soldiers injections in trenches. Van to sterilize clothing; nurses giving injections in van to smiling soldiers & sailors; school children. Highway & spraying trucks; mass disinfection. Spraying under roads, in villages. Groups of men & women cleaning all soil, wells, streets.

11:24:37 Plane spotters watching for U.S. planes circling low. Trucks waiting, medical personnel lined up. Closing slogan type title. The U.S. plan will not succeed. The End.

Korean War; Bacteriological Warfare; Chemical Warfare; Confessions; Propaganda;

[Various Communist Leaders ca 1953]

Malenkov w/ Beria (?) & military VIP seated in front row of ?? Applauding, standing & Molotov visible.

11:18:36 Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev & Bulganin (in military uniform). Similar but another angle w/o Mao. All shot of same event but w/ different combinations of individuals.

Communist Party Leaders; Communism;

You in Great Britain Reel 1 Part 1

Servicemen entering British Museum looking at copy of Magna Carta. Magna Carta Island. Various paintings / art of British history - portrait of Queen Victoria. Houses of Parliament, traffic over bridge. Good shots HOP from river Thames. Shots American Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anti Communist painting. Short flashback WWII scenes. Commentary refers to threat of Communism over animated map showing location of American bases in England. American servicemen in cinema watching this film before they go to Britain to serve on bases.

01:48:49 Piccadilly Circus US servicemen crossing road with other pedestrians. Busy street scenes, crowds going down underground steps. Servicemen outside BOAC house Piccadilly - pamphlets thrown down showing countries of the British Empire.

01:49:40 US servicemen outside Bank of England. Coastline and White cliffs of Dover. Agriculture - combine harvester at work, pan over fields. Various painings of merchant shipping lines.

01:50:45 Animated map showing trade routes. Docks, unloading sheep carcasses, loading of coal onto ship. Crates loaded and unloaded. Flashback WWI - war graves.

01:51:483 Royal family on balcony of Buckingham Palace after Coronation of George VI. Flashback WWII, Spitfires - blitz - Coventry aftermath of bombing - London, aftermath of bombing, classic shot of double decker bus in hole. Bombed out factories and industrial areas. War graves. Montage of British inventions Radar scanners. Jet aircraft flyover - doctor injecting penicillen - Television mast - Atomic bomb.Sign Get Your Ration Books Here . Queue of women, policeman checking ration books. Interiors, clerks at desk issuing books. Shopping after war, queue outside butchers. Inside shop, cash register, housewives shopping. London docks - coal loaded onto ship. New York harbour with freight ships.

01:54:45 First International Automobile / motor Show - various shots cars with glamour models including Jaguar sports car.

01:55:05 Communist parades in Germany - posters of Stalin and Mao.

[1954 First Top Level Soviet Visit To Communist China]

LS across city. Palace, Tananmen Square (?) MCU Chou En Lai & Ambassadors from other countries on 5th Anniversary of People s Chinese Republic walking past camera.

17:28:29 Khrushchev w/ Bulganin, Mikoyan & others.

17:28:42 Chairman Mao walks past camera, acknowledges crowd. Massive crowd marching past waving & w/ pictures & banners.

17:29:04 MS of Mao, K., Bulganin waving. Floats pass, balloons & doves release, people applauding.

17:29:41 MLS women w/ fans dancing past. MCU. Dignitaries waving. The End.

Communism; Beijing, China; 01Oct54; 1954; Diplomacy; Russians; Red China;

NOTE: Good celebration; first visit by top-level Soviets.

Unconquerable Tibet

11:00:21 Pan over cloud enshrouded mountains. Village on mountainside; men working field on slope; village, goats; baby & mother; baby played with.

11:01:01 Pan over trees in bloom, farmer burning sacrifice; men w/ oxen helpl till, women seeding field. Loaded ponys on mountain road.

11:01:41 People welcome riders. LS Lhasa; MS Potala Palace w/ balconies & MCU ornate carvings, statues. Monks & Dalai Llama. CU

11:02:36 Costumed dancers under canvas tent celebrating opening new roads; drummers.

11:02:50 Large temple; monks march w/ flutes, bowls, gong. Buddhist statue. People praying. People around monk reconstructed from broken fragments.

11:03:26 Truck convoy across high plain on gravel road.

11:03:37 Soviet flag put on top of peak in wind. Smiling monk w/ Chinese & ?? Communist leaders, Mao & ?? trade gifts, walk along rail platform w/ Zhou Enlai.

11:04:02 Large Asian conference. Zhou Enlai w/ others at table. Moslems (?). Yemen delegates; Nehru. Flags flying.

11:04:37 Dalai Lama (?) out of plane visiting India. British troops. Nehru, ?? & Dalai Lama, Panchan Lama formal dinner. Receiving floral wreaths in New Delhi. Speaking to large crowds.

11:05:30 Aerial over Himalayan Mountains. Chinese workmen making road along mountain side cliffs.

11:06:08 Aerials thru clouds & past Potala Palace. Decorations & details, ext. & interiors.

11:06:18 Prison & barbed wire, concentration camp & cast statue.

11:06:27 India protest march w/ placards against Chinese outside Embassy. Monks march & lay wreaths and flowers at Ghandi s shrine. MCUs praying.

11:07:37 Oficials in jeeps past. Dalai Lama walking w/ many army soldiers exchanging scarfs. People watching. Motorcade & large crowd. Dalai Lama mounts platform & waves to crowd.

11:08:55 Carved stone buddhist statues; texts. Prayer wheel, incense, prayers, monks. The End.

Oriental Religion; Religious persecution; Leaders; Enlightenment; 1957 ca; 1950s; 1960s;

NOTE: Edited material; choppy unusable sound track.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #19 May

Gamal Abdel Nasser in USSR Baku city streets w/ cheering crowds for United Arab Republics President Nasser & VIPs thru streets in open car, various shots of motorcade, cheering crowds. Chairman of Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet Abdulayev meets Nasser, talk at meeting table. High oil drilling derrick w/ sign: Welcome, President Nasser. W/ VIPs at refinery, workers applaud, Nasser waves, into open car & leaves.

04:53:58 World Exposition in Brussels Pans over city World s Fair grounds w/ various pavillions. Ext. USSR pavilion, int. large exhibition hall w/ display of fur coats, new car models, big crowds around Soviet rocket & Sputnik hanging above; shot of nuns gesturing in circles, woman picks up small souvenir model of soviet sputnik, listens to it. CU various people looking in wonderment.

04:55:41 Title: Machine Constructors , CU machinery on factory floor, CU Lenin Prize winner talking. One of the engineers (?) tells (SOF), tells about their invention that produces very useful machinery parts, CU of variety of gears. Several automated gear cutting machines at work. Robotics.

04:57:19 Spring planting on collective farm. Men off on tractors, CU sign on field w/ tractor driver supervisor, man fills planter; tractors on field from various angles.

04:58:12 Sakhalin Island, winter & woods, small wooden houses in snowy field, men in underpants run out from bathhouse & rub themselves w/ snow. Men in workers hostel, sit at table, play accordions, shave. Men work on oil drilling derrick, CU workers pulling pipe & pulling petroleum derrick to new site.

04:59:07 Lithuania, Spring flooding, village yards covered w/ flood water, deer in deep water, men w/ rowboat catch & rescue, putting deer in boat. LS motorboat through water.

04:59:57 Riga, Latvia street scene. Cars parked & Lottery winner, schoolboy Imants, checks out his prize new car, sits behind the wheel, presented w/ car key. Shot of car w/ family driving past on country road.

05:00:38 Kiev, Athletic teams march into swimming pool hall, USSR competition for the newspaper Komsomol Pravda prize. CU trophy, shots of swimmers competing in various styles, spectators cheer.

05:01:30 1st of May Abroad Peking, China. Mao & others watch May Day parade. VIPs on the podium, applaud, people w/ various placards, decorative posters, high angle demonstration. Also Warsaw, Moscow & unid. countries. The End.

Diplomats; Diplomacy; USSR; Communism; Communists; 1950s; Synthetics; World Fair; Agriculture; Oil Exploration;

Russian News of the Day 1958 #24 June

High angle Kremlin. Meeting of International Democratic Women s Federation delegates. CU women of various nationalities applaud & cheer. Khruschev, Mikoyan & others take places on the stage & kids run on stage, give flowers to VIPs & federation delegates, applause. Speech (SOF) by Soviet delegation s leader Nina Popova, asking all to put collective effort in building better world, audience applauds. Speakers of various nationalities on podium, applause, high angle audience.

02:12:48 Men working on construction of big metallurgy plant, big parts put in place, CU workers, high construction of factory, big chimneys, high angle of construction, shot of workers. Finished plant in operation from various shots of big machinery, huge furnace, fiery coke poured out.

02:13:47 Future engineers . Man w/ lamp in mine, CU smiling girls, all out of mine straight into classroom, CU sign on the door - Mine Education, students in big metallurgy study classroom, various machines, teacher shows students various machinery, CU students, machinery, teacher. Female student works on her diploma project at drafting board & teacher gives advice, CU students around the table. Student Vladimir in front of audience, presents his diploma project, CU Vladimir near big construction plans displayed on board, shot of teacher jury, student audience, ext. shot of institution building.

02:15:06 Big field, harvest, tractor w/ mowing machine behind, man sits on mowing machinery, shots of hay rakes moving hay pulled in rows & hay baled & loaded onto truck.

02:15:57 Moscow, People in the Soviet photography exhibit, people viewing. CU various pictures.

02:16:35 Small biplane flies over snowy mountain peaks, int. aircraft photographer w/ camera, takes pictures, CU pilot, plane lands on snow. Men w/ dogs to plane, scientific station, CU house w/ snow level up to roof; scientists inside investigate climate & atmosphere changes, sun radiation, various equipment. Men measure snow s depth, write down measurements, view over station area.

02:17:44 Central Lenin Stadium, motorcycle racing on dirt track, shots of race, CU supporters. Evening, winners on the podium, presented w/ flowers.

02:18:26 Moscow Leopold Stokowski conducting orchestra in front of pipe organ; orchestra performs fragment from Shostakovich s 11th Symphony , CU Stokowski conducting, audience applaud.

02:19:21 China People working on huge water reservoir construction site, CU workers, running thru site to greet VIP s. CU Chairman Mao, walks thru crowd, workers applaud, CU VIPs, CU Liu Shauqi, high angle worker crowd. Mao takes of his jacket, CU Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai digging soil, high angle workers, VIP s work along side workers. The End

Russian News of the Day 1958 #40 October

09:42:18 Title: 9th Anniversary of People s Republic of China. Meeting of Chinese community in Moscow w/ Soviet - China Friendship Committee Chairman Andreyev (MOS). Montage: Steel mill, CU Chinese workers & large furnaces. Machine parts factory, Orientals at long table assemble various bearings. People on truck pulling long line of hay wagons. CU new car on road past workers; new tractor out of factory. Huge field, night harvest w/ Chinese combine working. Girls w/ flowers smile & wave flower bunches.

09:43:33 Chairman Mao walks alongside workers, stops & applauds. Huge crowds in Tiananmen Square for parade, people wave w/ flowers. Khruschev meets Mao on farm, shake hands. Back to anniversary meeting, Andreyev on podium, audience applauds; Ambassador of China Lu Thau(?), applause as Andreyev shakes hands w/ Chinese ambassador.

09:44:06 Title: In Friendly Afghanistan. Moscow airport, Voroshilov leaving for Afghanistan visit shakes hands w/ VIPs, people wave & applaud, Voroshilov bows w/ open arms (GOOD), young kids run up w/ flowers, people smile, wave; Voroshilov waves hat from airplane stairs. Officials wave as plane starts moving.

09:44:54 Title: In Honor of 11th Congress of CPSU. Grain to horizon, tractor w/ harvesting combine, CU tractor driver off tractor, changes place w/ son on combine; daughter on combine. Combine cutting & harvesting. CU women shovel grain, trucks at outdoor storage.

09:46:03 CU textile factory machinery, woman factory worker show s new way of replacing threads in machine saving 2 meters of thread, large machines from various angles.

09:47:01 Title: This Day Will Never Be Forgotten. Animation of first Soviet sputnik, man looks up; thru starry sky, various nations newspapers featuring articles about USSR sputnik. One year later people in exhibition hall look at copies of 2nd & 3rd sputnik, CU Sputnik models.

09:47:49 LS Kremlin, CU new ambassador of Norway Oscar Christian Gundersen presents credentials to USSR Deputy Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet Mikhail Tarasov & shake hands.

09:48:24 Moscow, crowd in square for unveiling of monument of Russian artist Repin. Art Academy Pres. Yoganson pulls white sheet off, CU statue w/ people viewing. USSR Culture Minister Mihailov at microphone (MOS), people putting baskets of flowers on monument, CU remembrance plate & statue.

09:49:16 Int. Kremlin, USSR Trade Minister Potolechev greets officials from Switzerland, shake hands & talk in hall, Kosygin talking to guests; delegates w/ glasses in their hands.

09:49:46 CU Palm trees & cactuses in Ashabatsk s botanic garden, 2 little girls & huge leaves of Victoria Cruziana water lilly, girl sits on leaf, smile & wave. People wait in evening for blossoms to open.

09:50:34 Riga Swimming pool in VEF factory opens w/ flag raising. Neptune & other sea kingdom inhabitants (GAG) give blessings to new pool w/ symbolic key & throwing fully dressed people in the pool, laughter, applause. Factory s youth start swimming meet, boys diving in & swimming. The End

Communist newsreel; Oddities; Gags; NOTE: Very good.

Red China Pt. 1 of 2

Title over dancers on stage; lion dance. People applauding.

10:26:38 Lowell Thomas VO describing filming done by filmmakers from India. Housing, bus. Map superimposed over faces of various ethnic groups of China. Temples. Great Wall.

10:27:51 POV from train parallel to road & past farms. Rivers & rapids. Large fish wheel (?), Pan over cheering rally w/ banners. Street scene of rickshaws, traffic. Dancing in street demonstration.

10:28:44 Chinese army VO re 1600 calories daily. People looking hungry, starving in street & doorways.

10:28;53 Chinese coal miners working underground; exterior of mine. Open pit iron mine. Oil storage tanks & refinery. Dam construction w/ many workers. Marchers in political rally (?).

10:29:40 Large factory interiors, ball bearing. Theatrical production; acrobatis balancing on chair & pole. GOOD. Audience. Ethnic chinese, farmers, people cutting grain by hand. Rice farming. Women sewing. Large textile mill. Rural people walking along road. Christian church, Buddhist temple, Moslems praying; large Buddha statue. Young couple eating melon. Women riding camels. Park & excursion boats

10:31:36 CUs men, hammar & sickle over; They are either communists, or victims of Communism.

10:31:46 Still of Mao at rally. Military review. He has been a flop as a leader. Like one of the floods, a national disaster. Wall posters & murals. Men threshing w/ horses. Adult education. Industrial scenes. Metal working factory. Large punch press. Ext. of large automobile plant. Men pouring steel. Iron & steel mill rolling bars; other plants. Large bridge spanning wide river.

10:34:21 Ext. factory & park; interior w/ women working on electrical insulators. Large refinery. All built by others per narration. Small backyard smelters w/ much labor. Int. machine works. Largely empty road w/ a few busses. POV along road. Man painting tractor, tractors off assembly line.

10:36:41 Mao & Khrushchev signing agreements. Headlines of disagreements. Very large factory machinery including punch press, turbine, textile mills. steel mills. Steel, coal, electricity, petroleum production statistics.

Communist China; Ecoomics; Population; Communism; Poverty; Politics;

Note: Footage shot in 1959.

Red China Pt. 2 of 2

Farm visited by Russian military & Chinese military; others looking. Large plow plowing. Men & women pitching grain into thresher. People digging fields by hand. Building dam w/ hand labor; excavating large pit for canal. Worker communes. Sifting soil, planting rice w/ machine. Cutting by hand & threshing.

10:40:17 Mao off bus greets villagers. Motorized & people working at threshing; small plow; Man cutting cotton, women picking cotton & others scything rice or grain.

10:41:20 College w/ students on bicycles, lecture hall; people out large building. Kindergarten; kids watching political play, MCU faces.

10:42:30 Still of Mao w/ other leaders including Deng Xiaoping; Zhou Enlai (Chou En-lai); etc.

10:42:39 Traffic scenes; factories & heavy industry. Still repeated. Marching political rally of uge number of people. Army & navy marching, reviewed. Tanks, personnel carriers, artillery. Stills of Chinese atomic bomb blast.

10:44:31 Int. United Nations General Session. Stills of Mao supered over marchers & floats.

10:45:33 Army fighting in Korea; Tibetans; Indian army wounded assisted. Stills of Khrushchev.

10:46:24 Vietnam fighters, soldiers in Laos (?). Atomic blast. Still of Mao & VO of his promise of war w/ west. Ext. of Department of State.

10:47:26 Dean Rusk talking to camera about threats of China, pictures of marchers w/ floats of large duck, chicken, sheep, banners etc. Carrying bomber airplanes.

Communist China; Ecoomics; Population; Communism; Poverty; Politics;

Note: Footage shot in 1959.

[Chinese Microsurgery]

Chinese newsreel opening w/ heroic statue of three people. Title:

03:56:00 Hall w/ portrait of Mao on dais. People clapping. People presented w/ awards. Much applauding by crowd. CU of award.

03:47:34 Shaking hand, Zhou En Lai (?). Talking w/ winners.

03:48:05 Doctors & nurses getting ready to operate to re-attach patient s hand. VS of hand & feet prosthetics.

03:59:00 Doctor w/ face mask on phone. Nurse putting surgical implements on try. Patient wheeled thru corridor. Washing / scrubbing hands. Surgeon dressed in operating gown by nurse & discusses operation wi/ other doctors.

04:00:14 CU of arm w/ severed hand cleaning wound during surgery. CU attaching bolts. Doctors doing research in library. Animation of operation & VS of actual operation.

Medicine; Medical Procedure; Operations; Blood; Oddities;

Selected Scenes from Revolution Betrayed

US troops unloading Cuban arms cache. Guns laid out on floor.

AVs coastline - huts / houses. Raid on Panama and Haiti by Castro forces. Negotiations between US and Castro officials for release of captured Cubans. Latin American street demonstrationsincluding El Salvador. Newspaper headlines re Castro / Cuba / Communism.

05:34:40 Montage shots Pre WWII Nazi rally. Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler speaking. ECU, Fidel Castro ranting as he speaks. Prisoners in Auschwitz concentration camp. Premier Khruschev and Mao Tse-tung of Red China waving at Red Square parade. Russian troops marching. Red Chinese men and women with rifles, cheering. MS, Mao Tse-tung and Khruschev greeting each other. Crowds in streets holding signs. CU of one of the signs Cuba Si Rusia No" (as it appears on sign).

Why Vietnam Pt. 3 of 3

1964 - Destroyed American air bases and troop installations. Aftermath of bomb at American Embassy in Saigon - ambulances . US Helicoptors - US troops firing from coptor. Wounded US servicemen in hospital. Lines of coffins covered with Stars and Stripes. Various shots vietnamese peasants - faces.

05.26.30 American troopship - soldiers disembarking. Combat units of US Marine Corp arrive Vietnam - out of landing craft. Army combat units arriving by plane. Military trucks - helicoptors - fighter planes. Planning meeting. Civilian casualities. South Vietnamese children in nursery school, washing hands and having meal.

President Johnson saying he doesnt find it easy to send young men into battle over stills of American youth. Mao Tse Tung and poster Ho Chi Minh.

05.29.30 prow of US naval ship through water. US Air Craft Carrier - fighters take off. B-52s dropping bombs. Tank - marines landing - troops in jungle. LBJ speaking re Why we are in Vietnam

Anti-Communism; USA Government Propaganda; Anti-Communist; Imperialism;

[Mao Tse Tung - Cult of Personality ]

Image of Chairman Mao projected like sun on screen behind children. Military parade / rally in Tiannenmen Square - tanks firing salute - Chinese people in huge crowd waving Little Red Book - CUs people chanting in frenzy intercut w/ Mao approaching balcony. CUs Mao; view from balcony of huge crowds filling square below. Vast statue / effigy of Mao wheeled through square; crowd becoming more frenzied inc. young kids chanting animatedly. Vars stock shots of Mao surveying crowds. People removing & vandalising road sign?

Interitles w/Mao s words in Russian - clean page from the heart of the book - smash the dog s heads -Communist China.

The Challenge of Ideas (1961) Pt. 2 of 3

John Wayne as a responsible human being...the American way. Library, votiing, auction w/ auctioneer calling, hogs & pigs.

01:10:27 Edward R. Murrow talks of USSR & Communism. Khruschev reviewing troops. Animation of people on assembly lines. State running business, social life. What we oppose is the aggressive nature... Good 50 s weapons. Murrow introduces Hansen Baldwin (?) as expert on Cold War.

01:11:36 I have here policy statements of each of our services in the contest we are engaged in w/ the Communists... goes to map w/ USA dominated as white; communist dominated as black. Some grey. Nasser speaking in CU & other quick street scenes. ...exploit passions that smoulder there...

01:13:43 GI having picture taken on church steps, asks local to be in picture. People watch & smiles.

01:14:59 Turning globe w/ Murrow describing political actions of Communists. Success they ve had in expanding between 1945 & 1954. Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia in 1947. Funeral of leader, voting in rigged election. Military occupation turning states into puppets.

01:16:35 China & tanks fighting; artillery firing. Chinese army marching, Mao on stand. Tanks firing in park, street fighting, rooftop fighting, burning books in streets; 1953 East Germany, 1956 Poland & Hungary, Tibet in 1959 (not seen). Fighting in French streets.

01:17:51 Globe & Economic Method. CU Frank McGee typing at desk & talks of Soviets attempting to bury us . Factories, steel mill, auto assembly line & appliances. Shipping. Khrushchev in foreign country. USSR meeting w/ Castro in Cuba. continued...

Cold War Propaganda; Patriotism; Cliches; Pride; Celebrities; Economics; Foreign Aid; Communists; Free World; Anti-Communism

The Challenge of Ideas (1961) Pt. 2 of 3

John Wayne as a responsible human being...the American way. Library, votiing, auction w/ auctioneer calling, hogs & pigs.

14:09:10 Edward R. Murrow talks of USSR & Communism. Khruschev reviewing troops. Animation of people on assembly lines. State running business, social life. What we oppose is the aggressive nature... Good 50 s weapons. Murrow introduces Hansen Baldwin (?) as expert on Cold War.

14:10:19 I have here policy statements of each of our services in the contest we are engaged in w/ the Communists... goes to map w/ USA dominated as white; communist dominated as black. Some grey. Nasser speaking in CU & other quick street scenes. ...exploit passions that smoulder there...

14:12:24 GI having picture taken on church steps (Spanish Steps, Rome), asks local to be in picture. People watch & smiles.

14:13:41 Turning globe w/ Murrow describing political actions of Communists. Success they ve had in expanding between 1945 & 1954. Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia in 1947. Funeral of leader, voting in rigged election. Military occupation turning states into puppets.

14:15:18 China & tanks fighting; artillery firing. Chinese army marching, Mao on stand. Tanks firing in park, street fighting, rooftop fighting, burning books in streets; 1953 East Germany, 1956 Poland & Hungary, Tibet in 1959 (not seen). Fighting in French streets. GOOD.

14:16:33 Globe & Economic Method. CU Frank McGee typing at desk & talks of Soviets attempting to bury us . Factories, steel mill, auto assembly line & appliances. Shipping. Khrushchev in foreign country. USSR meeting w/ Castro in Cuba. continued...

Cold War Propaganda; Patriotism; Cliches; Pride; Celebrities; Economics; Foreign Aid; Communists; Free World; Anti-Communism; Cancer Victims;

Royal Welcome - New Zealand Greets her Queen

Royal Yacht Britannia sailing into Bay of Plenty. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive by launch and are greeted by Governor General. Crowds cheering and welcoming royals in open top car. Maori natives being presented to Queen - perform Hakaa - maori girls dancing.

14:.25:46 - Royals go to Auckland for Royal regatta - sail past of yachts and dinghys. Rear view as Queen and Prince in open top car wave goodbyes.

Khrushchev Resigns

Montage shots. K. waving from train. K at meeting. K w/ Mao Tse Tung. K w/ Nasser. K at United Nations making speech & gesticulating - banging desk w/ fists. Khruschev waving w/ hat at parade in Red Square. 02:41:23 Int. meeting of Central Committee - Khrushchev seated & applauded by audience & Brezhnev who has now taken over. Brezhnev making speech at microphone w/ voice in background.

02:42:02 Newspaper headlines & picture Khrushchev. K s 70th birthday party.

Diplomacy; Leader; Communism; Communist; Cold War; 1964;

Great Victory of Mao Tse-Tung s Thought - Development of China s Nuclear Capability Part 1 of 3

Chinese titles and narration translated by voice over. film grainy

Sunrise - Masses with red flags. Mao on balcony reviewing parade. Huge parade - balloons. AVs Chinese countryside looking like contour map. Cornfield. Industrial shots - mining - steel - factories - machinery. Steam freight train towards camera - loaded trucks. Chinese troops sitting in circles reading pamphlets re thoughts of Mao. Military from engineering corp carrying out construction work, preparing buildings and installations for the first Chinese Atomic test. Soldier goes into bunker through three steel doors. Supplies unloaded from truck. Scientists in laboratories - primitive equipment. Instruments being prepared for test. Troops training, wearing gas masks - marching across sand at hottest time of the day. Troops at end of training session remove protective rubber suits and pour out pints of sweat. Comrades from the Cultural and Arts Troop dance with rifles entertaining troops - troops play football volleyball and basketball. Quartermaster Corp deliver supplies to troops. 16:09:33 Testing day nears and equipment and arms transported to site - military vehicles - tanks - aircraft - animals which are to subjected to nuclear explosion.


Great Victory of Mao Tse-Tung s Thought - Development of China s Nuclear Capability Part 3 of 3

Chinese titles and narration translated by voice over. Film grainy

Chinese military barracks at testing site for third nuclear test - painting red star on ground - portrait Mao - hanging propaganda banners and signs. Comrades at propoganda meeting study red book. Kitchen comrades preparing food for troops. Sandstorm over tents - soldiers struggle to keep tents pinned down. Covering Mig fighter plane with tarpaulin. Filling sandbags and digging out equipment from sand. Preparing test site - scientists and instruments. Preparing animals (vivisection) and civilian belongings and equipment which are to subjected to test. May 9th 1966- propaganda preached to troops. Control room of nuclear bunker with electrical equipment flashing - explosion of first nuclear bomb containing thermo nuclear materials. Flash as test house is destroyed. Mushroom cloud. Dog tied to stake in blast area frantically trying to get free but two caged dogs under ground feel much safer ! Chickes in cages - Monkey in cage. Exposed buildings damaged. Planting seeds in scorched earth following explosion. Seeds growing. Damaged crops. Narration says Khruschev and his revisionists were telling lies when they said nuclear bombs would destroy everything. Streets - civilians cheering and celebrating - getting newspapers. Reading pamphlets in various situations. Chinese lettering on pamphlets. Celebrating crowds - dancing - singing.

Great Victory of Mao Tse-Tung s Thought - Development of China s Nuclear Capability Part 2 of 3

Chinese titles and narration translated by voice over. Film grainy

Various shots equipment ready for first test - calender turns showing October 16th 1964. Control panel opened - various shots people getting ready for test - scientists - troops - countdown and explosion. Atomic mushroom from various angles. Cheering troops jumping up and down. People put on protective clothing and gas masks have examinations before entering contaminated area for recovery work - includes women. Helicopters and trucks transport workers to contaminated area. Taking photographs of effects and removing equipment and animals. Trucks return and workers are cheered by comrades.

16:15:27 Premier Chou En-Lai announces sucess of nuclear test - audience clapping. Crowds fight for newspapers. Military personnel prepare vehicles and equipment for manoeuvres which are to take place in the contaminated test area. Propaganda - combat teams given political indoctrination - anti US voice over. Gas masks put on horses. May 14th 1965 Weather balloon launched. Men put on goggles in preparation for second test - explosion - nuclear device dropped from aircraft - effects of nuclear fallout seen on buildings - mushroom. Tactical manoeuvres carried out by military in contaminated area - tanks - troops wearing protective clothing in motorcycles and sidecars - cavalry on horseback - tanks artillery and soldiers. Cavarly firing rifles from galloping horses. Troops running behind tanks etc.

This Land is Ours Pt. 3 of 3

US Department of Agriculture

Continued.... Small pasture conservation programme. Eastern Appalachian maountains, Men cut brush & weeds on hillside w/ scythe or sickle. Farmer hand sow. Mules pull farm implements. Farmers w/ cattle in field. Scenics. Farmer from Kentucky sits w/ family on house steps, talks (SOF) re participation in conservation program. Family walking w/ two cows along mountain road. Man & boy hoeing corn.

05:22:11 Dairy land in Northeast. Huge field, not good for wildlife. Pheasant hunters thru tall grass, shoot bird. Man on tractor, member of the ASC state committee, stops and inspects corn used as state wildlife project, VO re conservation project to return some land to wildlife habitat.

05:23:14 Hunter Bill Glass with two dogs, speaks (SOF) re hunting as part of heritage. Habitat disappearing, need for conservation. Three hunters walk thru grain field. Pheasant, hunter fires gun.

05:24:32 Minnesota River Valley, groundbreaking explosion in foreground as ponds excavated. Man shoveling mud for drainage. Ducks on water pond, take off. Pheasant flies up. Scenic shots trees & shrubs. Pine trees. Farmer talking (SOF) re benefits of conservation & providing habitat for wildlife. Trees, pull back to show river & farmland.

05:27:0? Corn and oats growing, left for birds & animals. Two men looking at pond. Montage shots re agricultural conservation programme. Duck shot & dog paddles out to it. Bulldozer and bucket w/ shovel excavating for pond. Scenics. Two little girls skipping in field. The End

Our Friend Sun-Yat Sen Pt. 2 of 2

07:31:13 1911 Wuchang uprising in pictures. Chinese governors run in panic. Monarchy collapses, photo of Sun-Yat Sen assuming post of provisional president. Picture of Lenin.

07:32:29 Street w/ people carrying people in rickshaws & on litters. Picture of Lord Uan Shi-Kai(?) who forced out Sun-Yat Sen and took president s position. Photo of Sun-Yat Sen forced to flee to Japan.

07:33:26 Photo of Sun-Yat Sen w/ wife. Shots of nature. Cartoon of WW1 breaking out. High angle city view.

07:34:08 1917 Photo of Sun-Yan Sen as General. Cartoon - foreigners again force him out of government.

Photo of Sun-Yan Sen at time when he wrote telegram to Lenin - asking for help. Animated painting of Lenin & Sun-Yan Sen, Russian newspaper articles w/ Lenin's articles about China s war & revolution. Photos in Russian & Chinese press of Russians who went to help Chinese freedom fighters

07:36:12 Versailles 1919 Conference where powers decide to hand over Chinese province of Sham-Tung(?) to Japan. Paintings of Chinese protests. Photos of Sun-Yat Sen w/ Chinese communist leaders, w/ advisors from Moscow. Picture w/ Mao?

07:37:40 1924 on the day of Lenin s death First Congress of Kuomintang was in session. Photo of Sun-Yat Sen in Lenin s memorial meeting. Factory shot. Anti-imperialist.

07:38:10 Documentary shots of last stage in the life of great revolutionary. Sun-Yat Sen walks through streets w/ group of people. In 1924 prepares revolutionary army of the south for marching against peaking reactionaries, walks past troops, watch as they march off. Makes speech in front of big crowd.

07:38:56 Shot of revolutioner through train window. Visit to Piking in attempt to unit all progressive forces in China. Meets w/ people shake hands. Photos of Sun-Yan Sen from young to old.

07:39:28 1925 painting of Sun-Yan on death bed dictating political testimony & letter to Soviet government. Picture of wife Sum-chin Ling(?). Couple walk on ship board.

07:40:21 High angle shot of Chinese Great Wall. 1945 Soviet troops fight against Japanese invaders. Soldiers run through field. Battle fields, explosions. Soviets hand over weapons of captured enemies to Chinese revolution army. Soviet soldiers pay respects at memorial, all go down on one knee, take off their hats. Shot of Red Square parade, picture of Sun-Yan Sen, his memorial - people place flowers. May parade. Lots of balloons let up in the air.

News in Brief - China

Mass swim in Yangtze river - posters of Mao - balloons. Men swimming wearing uniforms and pushing floats with Mao posters - raising arms and quoting slogans. Chinese army taking part in swim carrying rifles.



The Newsreel - Radical Documentary - re Black Panthers - protest to free jailed Huey P. Newton

Poster for Free Huey rally. Alameda County Court House exterior??

Demonstration with placards carrying picture of Newton. Angela Davis? or Kathleen Cleaver? at microphone. White man in suit says Huey Newton is danger to community. Bobby Seale at microphone.

Black Panther wall paintings, Poster re Bobby Hutton. Bobby Seale and other pasting posters and Black Panthers distribute leaflets in streets.

Police searching people in streets and standing armed in front of Black Panther office - man at microphones recounts standoff and shootout. Police van locked and drives off. Stills police firing; take man away in car. Eldridge Cleaver? at microphone. Crowd chants Free Huey . Cleaver & others in crowd hold up Mao s Little Red Book. White men in Alameda County courthouse look out of windows at Panther Rally. Kathleen Cleaver? or Angela Davis? re Black Panther party free breakfast program. Black kids eating and women at self-service buffet. Seale re Huey P. Newton Clinic & other initiatives in Black community; mentions such programs also benefiting non-Blacks i.e. Chinese-Americans. Still poor white people. We will not fight racism with racism . White in audience. White man speaks at microphone re duty worldwide. Black Panthers parade with flags. Angela Davis? or Kathleen Cleaver? If all the people don t have justice... liberty... freedom... that means none of us do . Still prison gate w/ sign Obedience to the law is freedom . Still Huey Newton. Still protesters w/ flag Revolution . Seale makes audience repeat after him I am a revolutionary. Still Huey Newton with black beret & holding gun & bullets.

May day

Nixon in China - Part 1

Ziegler statement on China: announces that Nixon met with Chairman Mao. (Sd)

05:01:12 Nixon off plane with Pat and greeted by Zhou en Lai. Getting into car - motorcade through streets as Chinese people watch (Sil)

05:04:06 Nixon into Great Hall and shaking hands with Chinese dignitaries. Nixon poses with Zhou En Lai and others (Sil)

05:06:45 Sd. Zhou En Lai reads speech re re-establishment of contact between China and USA - interpreter translates and Nixon follows written speech. Toast.

Tape damage at 05:14:14 - 05:14:18

Nixon toasting Chinese dignitaries. Nixon and wife Pat at table.

We can provide a transcript of the entire speech

Nixon in China - Part 3

Nixon speech:

Thanks Chinese hosts for hospitality, food and American music.

... through the wonder of telecommunications, more people are seeing and hearing what we say than on any other such occasion ...

... If our two peoples are enemies the future of this world we share together is dark indeed. But if we can find common ground to work together, the chance for world peace is immeasurably increased... We have at times in the past been enemies. We have great differences today. What brings us together is that we have common interests which transcend those differences... But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it...

05:31:00 So, let us ... start a long march together ... on different roads leading to the same goal/... peace and justice in which all may stand together... The world watches. The world listens. The world waits to see what we will do...

05:32:36 What legacy shall we leave our children? Are they destined to die for the hatreds which have plagued the old world, or are they destined to live...

05:33:00 There is no reason for us to be enemies. Neither of us seeks the territory of the other; neither of us seeks domination over the other; neither of us seeks to stretch out our hands and rule the world.

Nixon quotes Chairman Mao: ...Seize the day, seize the hour."

This is the hour, this is the day for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world.

Toasts Chairman Mao and Prime minister Zhou En Lai.

05:35:57 Banquet listening to translation - CUs Zhou

DO NOT USE AUDIO after 09:35:08 (Reporters)

Tape damage 05:41:32 - 05:41:38

09:41:37 Nixon toasting with Zhou and Chinese dignitaries. Pat Nixon talks with Zhou En Lai.

We can provide a transcript of the entire speech.

A Time For Peace R1 Pt. 1 of 2

Series of stills peoples of the World. Titles

09:54:00 Feb 21st 1972 Presidential Plane The Spirit of 76 lands at Capital airport near Peking. President Nixon & wife Patricia deplane, greeted by Chou En-Lai, military band plays Star Spangled Banner.

09:55:06 POV from motorcade down tree lined road. Street scenes, traffic, including many bicycles. Huge posters Stalin & Lenin.

09:55:40 Meeting between Nixon, Mao Tse-Tung & Chou En-lai. Kissinger present.

09:56:06 Banquet in the Great Hall of the People. Speech from Chou, Chinese woman interpreter voice over. President Nixon making speech There is no reason for us to be enemies .... neither of us seeks to stretch out our hand and rule the World Applause.

09:57:01 Meeting w/ Nixon, Chou, Kissinger etc.

09:57:17 Pat Nixon visiting restaurant; cooking. Visit to Zoo, Giant Panda.

09:57:47 Evergreen Peoples Commune, Mrs Nixon watching schoolchildren reciting.

09:58:09 Parade w/ red flags in athletic hall. Ping-pong / table tennis match, gymnastic display. Clapping.

09:58:56 Bicycle in snow, hundreds of young people clear snow from road. Presidential car enters Forbidden City, Nixons touring. Nixon & party walk on Great Wall.

10:00:15 Nixon & party w/ Chou make visit to southern city of Hang Chow, visitors walk across bridge, Chinese architecture.

10:00:42 Plane in Shanghai. Theatre, traditional dancers w/ diabolo on cords.

10:01:16 Industrial exhibition. Nixon makes farewell toast w/ Chou En-Lai (SOF): Our two peoples tonight hold the future of the World in our hands ....... toasts

10:02:24 Street scenes, pedestrians, bicycles. Kids in class. Presidential aircraft in flight.

Cold War; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Asia; 1970s; Summit Meetings;

The Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos R3 of 3

Continued... Spirit of 76 (Air Force One) landing; touring Asia. Meeting w/ Marcos & others in various meetings. Landing by helicopter among palm trees; walking w/ Prime Minister Heath in Bermuda.

01:19:56 Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau at White House dinner. CU at meeting w/ Golda Meir; Japanese PM Sato; Meets w/ Pope Paul; Azor meeting w/ French President Pompidou.

01:20:19 1969 trip to Romania w/ President Ceasescu, greeted & thru streets in open car; walking.

01:20:46 Spirit of 76 landing in Peking, Beijing, Feb72 & greeted by Chou En Lai, Zhou Enlai. W/ Pat. Meeting w/ Chinese & translators. CU Zhou. Great Wall of China & walking w/ group. Shaking hands w/ Mao, Kissinger. Gathering around table for discussions. Large hall w/ US & Chinese flags. Speaking w/ translator & jokes she got every word right. (laughter). CU Zhou.

01:23:32 Motorcade thru Moscow & into Kremlin (first visit by a President). W/ Brezhnev, Kosygin. State dinner. Signing of agreements, including trade. Walking w/ Kissinger talking in formal garden.

01:25:21 Ornate chandelier, Brezhnev & Nixon signing agreement for Peace. Speaking on USSR television to the Russian people. Film of wreathlaying for rememberance of Siege of Leningrad. Pedestrians on streets & flags of US & USSR. Russian children walking.

01:27:28 Ext. of US Capitol & interior as he arrives to report to Nation on return. Family in gallery.

01:28:16 At White House desk. Montage of Nixon walking in various situations. America needs President Nixon now more than ever.

Economics; Republican National Committee Propaganda; Anti-Bussing Policy; Entertainers; Arts Support;

1960s; 1972 Presidential Campaign Film;

Note: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration