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Archival film footage on Lenin from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Stalin & Solovki Camp - Forced Labour

City views - Lubianka.

19:00:35 Map of route from Moscow - Leningrad - ? View of train slowing down - windows to other side.Prisoners transported by rail - off train (men & women) with suitcases.

19:01:59 Mainland buildings - high up, wide shots township

19:02:24 Prisoners with belongings walked along by armed guards - under camp entrance sign name ?? CCCP - gates shut behind them; Shot of guards barracks?

19:03:26 Docks - Boat moors. Loading supplies by crane and hand. People embark - Prison transport ship. Man talks into early loudspeaker - whistle seen blowing. Solovki GVs no people GVs prisoners on board ship. Captain with binoculars - circular shot of Solovki? camp from water. - views of old town - Russian architecture.

19:08:00 Ship GVs - prisoners / guards on deck. Arriving at Solovki camp, POV ship camp buildings - ship docks. Prisoners under armed escort in single file. Luggage brought off boat. Walking across desolate land to camp.


7th Party

Interior general views audience; Stalin and Voroshilov, Molotov and Kaganovich sync applause; Ordjonikidze speech - Following the path of Lenin and Stalin has made socialism in our country; we are specialist in industry, factories have better output then in capitalist countries. Education of specialists. Soviet Union will produce everything it needs . Shot of leaders; Hitler is unaware of the Socialist Industry and no deal will be signed with Hitler in towns or villages now.

Soviet Union wil supply nothing to the Facists. Long live CPSU, long live comrade Stalin ; Head of Leningrad Factory - Berman One of the oldest factories; CPSU does its best for the country, factory wants to be part of socialist success ; Unseen speaker - Industry must develop (o/lay of leader !!!) statement by Ordjonikidze; ?Avdeenko standing.



Moscow night GVs. Various including Lenin books/ crowds going into mausoleum. i.e. Lenin cult.

intercut with Asian material.

Various industry - bit dupey but OK shots.

Girl with headscarf making radio broadcast. Pioneers / Books of Lenin - queues at lying in state.

13:12:30 Man with tie - sync

Nice if dirty shot of tractors and harrows away from camera then woman with scarf - sync

13:14:46 Aerial Magnetogorsk - 3 engines over bridge. Dam. Electricity supply lines - pylons. Collective farming. Woman synch. Steam trains.

STALIN - Early Russia 1921

13:16:41 Lenin lying in state - funeral

Part 2

13:26:54 Grain exports

13:29:02 Ford tractor parts being loaded

13:29:41 Grain being loaded on to ship; cu ships, name

13:30:34 Drought conditions - farming

Part 3

13:37:22 Early railways - tracking shots from train over bridge

13:40:35 Poverty Famine 1921 -

Part 4

13:54:48 Trotsky getting on train; talking to soldiers and band standing on platform

13:56:08 POV train journey through snow

13:57:26 Trotsky reviews Red Army during Civil War

Part 5

14:00:03 Lenin - 3rd Comintern - Lenin, Kalinin, Radek, Krupskaya

14:06:39 Famine - some very good shots of food lines children and old people

[Paul van Zeeland Speaking in English; Leon Degrelle Speaking in French]

MCU SOF in English.

22:40:52 Wall of election & other posters w/ good 1930s graphics. Large square & parade of large paper mache figures of Lenin & van Zeeland w/ large life-size hand-puppets . Men driving small cars w/ election posters for Van Zeeland. Street scenes. Catholic priest walks past. Men voting. Ballots stamped. Crowded street scenes. Woman shouting. Two men fighting on cobblestone street.

22:41:40 Leon Degrelle speaks (SOF) in French. Leader of Rexist Party (Fascist) supported by Mussolini & Hitler.

22:42:39 People listen to him on balcony (MOS).

22:42:48 1937 van Zeeland outside home (very large mansion). Speaks & reads to camera in English (SOF) says Belgium has overcome the Depression...

Politics; Elections; 1930s;

Serious Extravagances R2 of 2

Cont... Collector of folk art - Vassily Katnayan (?), biographer of Mayakovsky, has huge collection of spice biscuits (cookies) (ginger dolls) in varous shapes showing Russian folk figures. Kids & cards.

19:34:50 Sweet wrappers designed by Mayakovski looked at by collector at desk.

19:35:43 Good Soldier Schweig animated cartoon, collectors of Schweig-related objects: dolls & other collectibles. Exhibition devoted to Schweig. People look at posters, books etc.

19:37:12 Collectors of Russian folk songs, man singing & playing string instrument. {pet Victor Bokov?). CU listeners faces. CU reel to reel tape recorder for recording songs.

19:38:22 Collector of illustrated postcards looks thru albums. Collector(SOF) in Russian about his passions. CU various cards, including first Russian & first Soviet. Photos early car. Photos of Vladivostok & buildings, early trolley; modern circus at Petrograd, cards of Lenin. Posters, sheet music as collectibles.

19:41:08 Rockwell Kent etchings & paintings on exhibit.

19:41:33 Boris Borodin collection of oil painting portraits. Large square & more paintings in his gallery; people looking and walking thru.

19:42:46 Montage of people & collections shown in film. The End.

Animation; Art; LIterature; Hobbies; Hobby; Collecting; Enthusiasm; Obsession;

Red Myth, The: #3, Theory & Tactics of Bolshevism On The March Pt. 1 of 3

National Educational Television credits w/ flames burning paper of title The Red Myth

Actors as Marx & Engels talking, writing. Book shelf. Hoover Institute s Assistant Director Whitold Sworakowsky introduces.

05:02:36 Staged 1903 London Party Congress w/ Mensheviks & Bolsheviks split.

05:03:36 Russian Social Democratic Party w/ Lenin & Plekhanov of Iskra debate policy & leaves Iskra to Mensheviks.

CU Trotsky writing. MS dictating to wife, Krupskaya.

05:07:00 Sworakowsky lectures w/ chart of communist geneology.

05:08:11 1905 Revolution shown w/ photo, paintings, illustrations. Murders, arrests, fighting. Fleet w/ Potemking mutiny. Food shortages.

05:09:16 Lenin & wife; visitor arrives & Lenin says uprising is necessary.

Historical Recreation; Instuctional Film;

Red Myth, The: #3, Theory & Tactics of Bolshevism On The March Pt. 3 of 3

Illustrations of soldiers and people armed; tactics of guerrilla warfare.

Sworakowsky lectures

05:22:12 Actor as Lenin speaking, other Bolsheviks listen. Whittle resumes lecture.

05:23:?? Actors making weapons, planning, plotting. Take over of police station, distribute government money.

05:25:18 Actor as Stalin. Sworakowsky continues.

05:27:57 Large artillery guns & railroad guns firing. To represent outbreak of war by Germany on Russia.

End Titles. KQED San Francisco for National Educational Television; Prod. by Mat Lehmann, Dir. by Gerald Marans; Written by E.G. Valens

NET National Educational Television logo & voice over.

Dramatic History; Russian Revolution; Staged History;

[WWII Soviet Munitions Factory, battle; Soviet 1920s Trials

Men & women working in tank factory, welding warm hands over fire. Tank moved by crane & loaded on railroad car. Painting artillery; man at lathe warms hands. Men & women wearing overcoats against the cold, handling shells.

14:42:25 Summer & firing artillery, soldiers running, firing rifles, machine guns & sighting artillery & firing.Scenes of a Battle.

14:43:01 Si. Flash title re Muravyov presenting evidence at trial of Left (?) Spectators in court listening; stenographers taking notes, reading notes.

14:44:15 Flash title re evicence. Soldiers, workers listening to trial.

14:44:36 Flash title: Rakitnikov re 1919. Cu speakers, meeting.

14:44:57 Flash title: Pashutinsky, ex Kiev war committee member. MCUs listening.

14:45:37 Flash title: Family & relatives. MCU people showing papers & into trials.

14:46:02 Soviet style Graphic title in shape of revolver: This is the gun that killed Lenin . MCU on table w/ files, MCU man speaking.

14:46:21 Soviet style graphic title (revolver inverted): re killing Lenin in public gathering. Man speaking, people listening.

14:46:50 Slug.

14:46:52 Flash title. MCU man speaking, people listen.

14:46:59 Flash title re counter-revolutionary party. Man gesturing, judges.

14:47:08 Flash title re propaganda describing the opposition party. CU spekaer, men writing, people listening.

14:47:36 Flash title re another speaker giving evidence. Women & men writing, listening intercut w/ titles.

14:48:33 Title re Bukharin. CU of Bukharin. MS Crowd.

14:48:4? Title re Semionov. Speaking.

Trial of Assassination of Lenin; Defendants; Soviets; Communists; Propaganda.

NOTE: This may be several trials combined

Russian Newsreel (WWII Stalingrad fighting); Russian Revolution

Sd. Battle scenes w/ soldiers around large destroyed concrete buildings firing machine gunes. Sniper s seen in rubble & bullets hitting building. Explosions, soldier runs thru street. Sniper POV w/ scope. Soldier hit & falls. Others out of building, run thru smoke in street & buildings; several hit. Man falls in doorway. Soldiers take gun from dead.

15:07:13 Crawl into street w/ artillery & firing. Machine guns firing (summer & winter?) Tommy guns fired. Grenades thrown at tanks & burning tank.

15:08:10 Title: 1917. Si. Street - ?emadeni (cinema?) People vandalising exteriors; passout leaflets & crowds celebrating, Servicemen parade w/ banners. Picture of Lenin on balcony (single frame). Troops manning checkpoint. Armored vehicles (early tanks?) w/ policemen around & on top in winter. Soldiers with handwritten banner - Soviet?

NOTE: Good WWII Stalingrad Battle footage. Good 1917 Russian Revolution footage.

The Russian Miracle Pt. 1 of 3

Annelie & Andrew Thorndike

Map & stating film locations & locations of source archives.

18:16:35 POV across desert of Khazakhstan. 12Apr61 Bus w/ Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin to rocket; handshakes & military walk him to rocket. Raised in container up elevator and helped into satellite capsule. CU waiting. Technicians at instruments.

18:19:18 Rocket lifting off, men tracking with telescopes. Views of rockets into space.

18:19:58 Title: 07Nov18 Stills of crowd at unveiling of monument to Marx & Engels. Lenin & CUs of people listening. Footage of Lenin speaking & gesturing (good quality).

[Unid. German film fragment w/ Russian voice over] (missing title)

Theater production stage set of Revolution story, young revolutionary Victor visits his fiancee at boarding school, argues w/ aristocrat head teacher who puts him up in the summer house.

02:15:38 Very heavy kissing scene in CU.

02:16:04 Head teacher interrupts; Victor s friend comes to tell him they have to go to Berlin so Vctor is discovered. Three talk & eat.

02:18:10 Headteacher returns; has read Victor s book & makes sarcastic remarks about Lenin & his philosophy.

02:19:03 Special effects shot (GOOD) of train seen travelling.

02:19:12 Shot of returning German soldiers on train back to Germany from Moscow w/ forest scenery going past. (suddenly ends).

Sold on access basis only, client reponsible for any clearances if needed.

10 Minutes Around the USSR 19?1 #30

Moscow. Moscow s airport, Soviet statues & sculpture.

15:04:29 New city s built, busy traffic on streets, couple in hotel(?) has breakfast outside, people dining in restaurant, busy street scenes w/ cars, people, famous buildings, architecture. POV along streets w/ flowering trees. Buildings.

15:06:18 Tourists take pictures. Bus on highway. Circular buliding.

15:07:3? Empty / Full stadium, football game. Inside metro, city s bridges.

15:08:4? New constructions, high angle shots of city, monuments, apartment buildings / estate blocks, 15:09:34 Multiracial / ethnic citizens. Children play in fountains. Big swimming pool, diving, flower beds around city streets, parks.

15:11:1? Shots of palaces, cathedrals, museums, tourists. Guard change at Lenin sTomb, beautiful city s views.VERY GOOD

Kinoteca Excerpts

Czarist prison camp with prisoners walking in circle. Potemkin sailors in chains. (Clash of Gens.)

1914 Kaiser reviews - Franz Joseph - Poincare - Russian into trenches - WWI combat incl. corpses in mud (good, staged?). Tanks. Hindenburg - Churchill. (Revolution in Red) Various troops incl. Japanese. Lenin s flat? - Invasion of Russia - Lenin speaking to crowd - Red Square - CU Russian faces - Lenin with cat - Kremlin - Lenin & Sec - Lenin with crowd - haranguing crowd - writing.

The Road to the Wall Part 1 of 3

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

Footage from 1905 to 1960s

CU and pan on Berlin Wall. Montage refugees in several different countries and eras walking on roads, soldiers marching, crowds cheering, Lenin? giving speech. Baby. Corpses in forest. Castro in forest. Man

China 1960, crowd cheering and throwing paper in the air, men pulling heavy cart.

Berlin 1961, crowd and parade, man and woman running across no man s land escaping East Germany. East German ? military or police pushing civilians looking sinister, on horseback patrolling. Barbed wire, civilians searched,

Narration explains Marxism, portrait of Karl Marx. Red Army? Russian street early footage. Signs one way in different languages.

Demonstration with pickets frieden and peace . Checkpoint in forest in Germany with sign. Barbed wire, patrolling fenced border.

Portrait resident East Berlin, stills of his being shot by border guard when attempting to escape by swimming in canal.

Map of world, titles superimposed Berlin 1961 , Havana 1959 , Budapest 1956 , Coyoacan 1940 , Kronstadt 1921 , St Petersburg 1905 .

12:59:17 - 1905: Tzar Nicholas II at balcony of palace. Workers and peasants. Still Father Georgy Gapon with group and petition read (in English). Crowd outside winter palace to present petition. Crowd being shot at. Still Czar, still Gapon, still Lenin. Lenin gesticulating making speech. Tsar, Czarin and other dignitaries on parade, getting on horse. Still Czarin and son. Still Rasputin.

World War One, trenches, bombing. Miserable looking children stare into camera.

13:01:58 - March 1917 demonstration in St Petersburg, Czar troops turn on demonstrators, then army cheering with protesters. A.F. Kerensky speech, dubbed into English. Political prisoners freed. Speeches gesticulating. Lenin. Trotsky. Kerensky head of provisional government. Newspapers printed. Women s parade. Protest. Lenin speech dubbed into English re class war. Workers or soldiers digging field with shovels. Monument toppled. Crowds running and storming winter palace (staged).

Nov: Lenin, restless people in street. Trotsky s Red Army marching. Old woman making speech. Civilian protest against election dismissal, still of Lenin superimposed.

James Cagney narrates

Cold War

[Misc. Revolutionary Personalities]

Part English narration. Zinoviev at Funeral. Kamenev smoking. Zinoviev making speech by Kremlin wall. Train (early) wheels passing over camera. May Day 1917 - Lenin making animated speech. Trotsky returns from exile - speaking from train.

[NB Film badly damaged by nitrate decomposition.]

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Revolution [Extracts]

Documentary on Russian Revolution - footage intercut w/ stills & paintings.

High shots across Simbirsk where Lenin born 1870 - exterior & interior shots affluent family house - portraits of Lenin s father Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov & mother Maria Alexandrovna Blank - CUs book & newspaper laid out on tables - dining room w/ map of Europe on wall - more family portraits inc. young Lenin, brothers & sisters - Lenin s bedroom [?] w/ desk.

04:07:48 Lake scenes - painting of peasants. Prison. CU Imperial proclamation [?] dated April 1887 - probably trial papers or death sentence for Lenin s brother Alexander & other students from St. Petersburg University who plotted against Tsar - list of names & signatures. INT Lenin family home - portrait teenage Lenin.

04:09:12 City shots - St. Petersburg? - prison cell where Lenin held c1895? - artist s impression of Lenin in cell. Portrait Lenin now w/ beard. Run-down village w/ shacks - peasant farmer ploughing w/ horse - threshing grain - peasants on boat.

04:11:02 Men packing shells? Early oil fields at Baku - drilling - filthy man climbs out of hole & bucket of oil raised.

04:11:50 1893 - Tsar Nicholas II & family ? at military review [actually early 1910s]. City scenes - factories - chimneys pouring smoke. Portrait of Lenin as adult. Building in St. Petersburg? where Lenin held meetings; artists impressions. Russian pamphlets. Prison exterior & interior - Lenin s cell.

04:14:26 1897 - Rural Russian scenes - forested mountains - lakes - farms - village of Shushenskoye in Siberia where Lenin exiled? - INT log cabin.

04:15:34 1900 - Views of unid. city on river - ancient ruins. Lenin aged approx. 30. Newspaper Iskra. Good quality. Cont d...

Russia / USSR. Communism.

Revolution [Extracts Cont d.]

Documentary on Russian Revolution - footage intercut w/ stills & paintings.

Animated map of Lenin s travels? Printing presses in underground chamber. Artist s impression Lenin speaking at meeting.

04:18:11 1905 - First civil war / uprising - wounded soldiers helped off train by nurses [footage later than 1905] - portrait of St. Petersburg protest suppressed by military. Workers out of factory; workers meeting.

04:18:52 Extract from Battleship Potemkin - sailors on ship - Odessa Steps sequence - 11Dec1905 events recreated - workers demonstration put down in Moscow - street fighting. Artist impressions of Lenin addressing large meeting.

04:21:39 Prisoners marched in circle in yard; prisoners in ship s jail. Sailors board train. Men in leg irons.

04:22:28 1908 - High shots across Paris [c1920s] showing the Seine from Notre Dame - memorial wall carved w/ anguished faces - house where Lenin lived. Revolutionary literature & newspapers.

04:25:30 1914 - German troops w/ spiked helmets marching - Kaiser Wilhelm II ? French? officers. High pan across huge crowds in centre of St. Petersburg [?] Brief shot line of troops moving slowly through trench. Good quality.

Russia / USSR. Communism. Riots / Rebellion. WWI. Trench Warfare.

[Pre- & Post-Revolutionary Russian Scenes]

WWI [?] troops marching through city - conscripts ?

01:06:29 Tsar Nicholas II down steps into open carriage w/ Tsarina & older daughters.

01:06:53 Digging canal - senior Soviets visit - Molotov talks to foreman - Stalin & Voroshilov on ship s deck.

01:07:38 3rd Communist Party Conference 1921 - delegates arriving by bus. INT conference; CUs Lenin working on notes; MCU Lenin makes animated speech.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. Royalty.

[Misc. USSR: Lenin Funeral - Stakhanovites - Trotsky In Mexico - 22nd Party Congress]

INT Lenin funeral 1924 - body lying in state - CU Stalin - CU body of Lenin - other CUs inc. Kalinin & Voroshilov.

02:06:07 Grain sacks being counted and checked - loaded onto barge. Mining underground 1930s - miner w/ drill - sign in Russian re miner who achieved / exceeded yearly target - miner out of mine entrance & applauded - Stakhanov ?

02:07:02 Red Square parade 1940s? - English narration starts re 1937 Purges - Stalin on mausoleum w/ Molotov, Beria et al.

02:07:43 Trotsky in exile, Mexico: Trotsky w/ wife - in group inc. Frida Kahlo w/ police guard - brief shot Trotsky [face obscured] & Diego Rivera - CU Frida Kahlo & Trotsky s wife - CU Trotsky. Trotsky making anti-Stalin speech in English as at 01:43:48 - ...warm thanks to the Mexican people...monstrous and absurd accusations were hurled at me and my family [in Norway]...false confessions extorted by modern inquisatorial methods... - mentions show trial of Zinoviev & Kamenev & irresponsible despotism - I have nothing to hide... - promises to make available private papers to expose the Moscow frame-ups - a counter-trial is necessary... - says GPU has fallen to level of Nazi Gestapo - ...there is not a stain on my honour . [NB Small chance this is a Trotsky impersonator but background matches that seen in earlier shots w/ Kahlo.]

02:11:33 22nd Soviet Party Congress 1961 - Khruschev applauded onto stage - VO re Kruschev repeating Trotsky s accusations against Stalin - Ho Chi Minh present?

Russia. Communist Party. Artists - South America.

The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3 James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:06:12 Russian Civil war fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still Tzar s family with hammer and sickle superimposed. Secret police searching suspects. Firing squad. Lenin with cat, dubbed in English. Dora Kaplan, newspaper headlines re assassination attempt. Red army parade?

Map of world,

Kronstadt 1921, people dragging corpses out of mass grave, CU corpses with hammer and sickle superimposed. Military. Lenin, Trotsky. Stalin. Farmers with machines in field, wheat, buying food at shop, weighing grain. Herbert Hoover re aid to Russia. Children eating. Headlines re Lenin stroke. Lenin dead. Lenin funeral in snow.

Stalin. Five year plan. Men at work on railway line, lugging wood, heavy industry, quarry, factories and smoke, machinery. Agriculture, building houses, factory work, train (narrator says to Siberia), factory boss congratulating workers. Dignitaries in line.

trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies with hammer and sickle superimposed. trials, still of executed man.

13:12:45 Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination.

Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech. Popular front demo still. News headlines. Molotov and Ribbentrop meet.

13:13:51 Planes dropping bombs re Poland invaded by Germany. Soviet tanks and army invade Poland - stagey footage w/snow - not September invasion? Cartoon Hitler and Stalin with Poland corpse.

13:14:39 Soviet icebreaker. Fighting at sea. French plane sabotaged by French Communists. Nazi troops march through Champs Elysées. German guns and cannons fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Russian soldier surrenders. Map Russia with arrows to Stalingrad, shows territories Russia expanded into after war.

Troops marching. Tanks. Crowd cheering, parade. Industry. Troops running on barren land. Artillery, tanks.

Submarine, woman on stretcher, refugee.

Cold War

[Misc. USSR - First 5-Year-Plan - Parades - Famine]

Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov & other men sitting round table & standing in group talking - Supreme Economic Council discussing forced industrial drive - first 5 Year Plan.

00:32:05 Crowd of people; high shots parade past Lenin s wooden tomb - early.

00:32:50 New Soviet troops pledge allegiance to the Government - military parade - tanks and troops - recruits take oath. Parade with CU of people in parade wearing large masks over their heads - cardboard tanks - top shots crowd.

00:33:49 The People s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs - Litvinov, Krestinski, Karakhan, Stromoniakov - men sitting round table talking.

00:34:06 Snowy street scenes - sleighs - people waiting in line - soldier on sentry duty in snow, St. Basil s Cathedral in BG; CU soldier w/ tall bearskin hat; pan across Kremlin in snow.

00:35:45 Crowds of people demonstrating in street [French shop signs]; soldiers (some on horseback) keeping them in order. High shot people march past and priest blesses them; CU soldier on horseback; people line street to watch parade. Pan across group of soldiers / officers sitting & standing. Officer talks to troops standing to attention in background. CU group of men in winter coats.

00:38:29 CU cobbler mending a shoe, people watching him

00:38:38 Lenin giving speech - side shot & brief front CU.

00:38:52 Trotsky [in leather jacket, trousers & cap] & young boy standing on prow of ship as it sails. Brief shot [future?] Soviet officials in army uniform, one speaking - inc. very young looking Voroshilov.

00:39:05 Famine - people selling possessions at street market; old lady standing on street selling her wares; digging for roots in the snow; GVs street market.

Russia. Communist Party. Poverty.

[Misc. USSR - Red Army Out Of Korea - Famine - Parades - Stalin s Mother]

Excerpts w/ English narration. Russian troops withdrawing from North Korea - Korean civilians wave them off - soldiers packed onto train waving flowers. Mao out of train in Moscow? - greeted by Molotov.

00:49:47 Burning of Brest-Litovsk, Belarus [WWI ?] - troops through smoke on horseback - civilians w/ horsedrawn carriages - houses on fire [shots repeated].

00:51:20 Short sequences vars Russian personalities incl. Lenin & Trotsky making speeches.

00:52:15 Beggar / woman trying to sell underwear - street scenes - shoppers look in windows - trams. - street market.

00:53:04 Depression / Famine scenes - men on street corners - beggars. Busy market.

00:53:49 Various Stalin - parades & meetings - inc. huge inflatable? Stalin head unfurled & carried aloft by balloon - Stalin & Voroshilov look up. Another parade w/ Stalin banners. Stalin, Molotov et al wave from top of mausoleum - anti-Trotsky cartoon banners in crowd - top shot Red Square. 20th anniversary parade 38.

00:55:22 Georgia - Stalin s mother Ekaterina Geladze walks down steps of palace in Tbilisi. Old man who was formerly a prince & wine grower. Vars old Georgian men - VO re wine of region.

00:56:24 Crowds at railway station - hurry along platform towards camera. Women & children walk away from camp where men watch behind barbed wire.

00:56:53 Women working at teletype machines & telephone exchange.

00:57:12 Meeting - men seated round table.

00:57:28 Stalin looking younger w/ Molotov & Kalinin; later shot of Stalin & Molotov waving from platform.

00:57:36 Early shots of soldiers on horseback & marching w/ rifles. Trotsky salutes w/ flag.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Poverty.

[Russian Collective Farming - Trains - Agitation Meeting - Lenin]

Collective farm looking prosperous - healthy livestock - top shot rural village - horses pulling hay bundles huge pig w/ baby piglets - women loading hay onto steam-powered threshing machine?

19:12:58 Top shot train emerging from tunnel below. School children in classroom. More top shots passenger train in motion.

19:14:09 Early Moscow street scene [slow] - streetcars / trams, cars, horses & pedestrians at busy crossroads.

19:14:51 CUs men & women at Agitation meeting - faces - listening to speaker - CUs lightbulbs off & back on - illuminated Lenin sign on building.

19:17:05 Lenin lying in state - mourners outside at night. Man filming Lenin s body in coffin. CUs mourners.

Russia / USSR. 1910s / 1920s.

Russia in World War One

Troops march down road. Troops in trenches, soldier using periscope, soldier using field telephone. Gun firing

11:01:51 Cossack dancing by troops - celebrations. Soldiers in foggy conditionssome on horseback - grave

11:03:09 The wounded arrive home - carried from railway car - into carriages and trams.

Digging trenches, including women. Ox carts along road

11:05:13 Graves / Funerals - mourning. Troops in trenches. Wounded on stretchers. Troops advance. Dead soldiers

11:08:12 Aerial views from Balloon

11:08:39 Troops in the field - winter- preparations for battle. Snow. Military vehicles along road. Soldiers looking at map in snowstorm - into military truck and off down road. Troops in trenches in blizzard. Cossacks. - Troops advance out of trench. Prisoners of War? Parcels handed out to soldiers Troops march through countryside - snow. Crossing bridge. Officer looking through binoculars. Trenches. Wrecked military equipment. Tsar with officers. Crowds watch troops pass through town. Tsar with officers.

11:23:49 Crowds in Red Square- recruits? march through

11:25:10 Digging a trench - the wounded lie under trees. Nurses, troop train / hospital train, interiors casualities bandaged, doctors / surgeons and nurses. Wounded transferred to train. Interior hospital

11:29:48 Croquet played by train, nurses join in.

11:30:40 Grenades thrown into snowy forest - explosions

Officers discuss over map. Troops march though snow - pan over snowy landscape - soldiers march through trenches - using binoculars - artillery - troops up snow covered hill. Bomb damaged town. Line of artillery

Ammunitions factory - women workers

11:37:50 Peasants use camels for agriculture / farming - traditional costume.

A boy (Tsarevitch Alexis?) salutes - officers.

11:39:22 Military trucks parked by side of road, motorcycle with sidecar arrives. Officers discuss and move out - Damaged fort ? tape dropout - Pan over town.

11:40:29 Religious procession. Soldiers relaxing, play game with dice. Soldiers run down street

11:42:34 Demonstrations in Tverskaya? Moscow - parade with banners. POV View from balloon of landing, troops deflate balloon

11:43:35 Troops are blessed in red square

11:45:37 German officers at train station - greet Russian men

11:46:34 Montage faces in slo mo - Lenin

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

Excerpt from Unforgettable Years. (Revolution - civil war)

CU Russian peasant faces. Lenin at base of monument addressing waving crowds. German VIPs and troops in Russia.

03:19:24 US Naval ship underway in heavy seas. Troops march ? US battleship in harbour. Japanese battleship with officers - Japanese sailors with Russian soldiers. Russian VIPs? Scene following execution. Animated map detailing Moscow. Wealthy Russians?

03:21:30 Russia - open air meetings - demonstrations - various unid. Russians - Krupskaya. Red and White Armies. Lenin speaks to troops (actual voice laid over?) Russian troops on transport trains. CU various personalities.

03:24:14 Lenin with Red Army. Red Army march. People in streets read pamphlets. Lenin addresses meeting.

03:25:10 Red and White Armies. Communist demonstrations round the World including demo outside Chicago Daily News offices. Riots in America, police beat demonstrator.

03:27:05 American journalist John Reed (shortly before death in 1920) at open air meeting. Civil war, battle scenes. Russian navy. American warship.

The War to End All Wars (195?) Pt. 4 of 4

Narration Quentin Reynolds.

19:13:58 Lenin in various situations some with Krupskaya.

19:14:26 Trotsky speaks (MOS) from train, Trotsky with troops.

19:14:55 Stalin making speech (MOS).

19:15:07 Winter scenes Petrograd 1917 revolution (Feature film?). Lenin speaks to troops after revolution.

19:16:59 Reynolds: America enters the war. US soldiers board troop ships. Convoys cross Atlantic. Large numbers American soldiers. US troops off ship, march thru London, past Buckingham Palace, watched by Lloyd George & Royal Family. Troops arrive in France, cheering crowds (GOOD sequence).

19:19:04 Reynolds introduces Burnett Hershey, journalist and writer who narrates. Hershey reported from France in WWI and WWII. Speaks re difference, especially re access to commanding officers. Various shots Pershing. Pershing with General Foch. Reynolds & Hershey discussing.

19:20:42 Pershing at the front, new recruits marching. Pershing in front of huge crowd of soldiers. Montage US troops in action.

19:21:25 Brief shot German Crown Prince at the front. Trench scenes, French soldiers replaced by Americans. Load & fire artillery, Marines from 2nd American Division, good battle scenes in battle for Belleau Wood, good montage battle scenes (some reconstruction).

19:23:07 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria on train. Italian troops advance. Austrian Emperor Karl. Allenby in Jerusalem w/ Chief Rabbi??. Sultan of Turkey. German army retreats in France. Armistice, newspaper headlines, enemies shake hands & swap helmets. Montage of Armistice celebrations round the world.

19:24:55 Versailles, gardens & ext. Palace. Arrivals for peace conference. President Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau & Vittorio Orlando. Int. Hall of mirrors, Wilson signing. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington cemetery (1950s). The End.

Pravda - Russian Revolution

St Petersburg. Various newspaper headlines Pravda.

02:05:42 1917 - Revolution - Tsarist signs removed. Crowds on the streets - papers thrown to crowds from back of truck. Revolution scenes - demonstrations.

3Apr1917 - Lenin returns from Poland. Etchings only.

02:07:06 Poorly equipped Red army march past Lenin

02:07:26 May Day ? parade in Red square - Lenin watches.

[Stock Newsreel Excerpts]

Prince of Wales (future Duke of Windsor) & King George V visit battleship USS New York. Admirals, Beatty, Rodmund?, King George V, Admiral Sims & Prince of Wales.

13:52:29 NYC - American troops off to war - first volunteers parade down 5th Avenue - recruits embark aboard transport ship.

13:53:25 Newspaper headlines re conscription - Wilson and Marshall draw draft lottery . US troops aboard ship on way to France; red Cross nurses & YMCA workers on board. Chow below deck. Torpedo sighted and submarine attacked with depth charge. ??Jun17 First American troops disembark in France. Americans parade in Paris and women throw them flowers; parade in London and before King George V with mother, Lloyd George and Lord French.

13:56:41 LS Kremlin - Last appearance of Czar Nicholas with his family - son Alexis, daughters and Czarina.

Russian front - Cossacks march through snow - wounded soldiers return. Kerensky. Scenes from the Russian revolution - crowds and mayhem in streets. Russian army demonstration in support of Bolshevism. Trotsky harangues troops & reviews Red Army in Red Square.

Winter 1917 famine - children queue at American red Cross soup kitchen. Ext. snow-covered Kremlin. Lenin. Lenin s wife.

13:59:54 France - Prince of Wales welcomes his mother Queen Mary at the front. King George V visits wounded. Belgian King Alfred & Queen Elizabeth meet Queen Mary of England & King George V. King George decorates officers by sea. Belgian princess Marie Josephine with fiancé Italian Crown Prince. King George and Douglas Haig meet French President Poincaré, Marshal Juin and Marechal Foch


[Kinoteca Excerpts]

Russian revolution

1917 - Hauling down Czarist sign. Crowds of soldiers with banners.

Painting depicting 03Apr17 Lenin speech in Petrograd. Lenin letter. Bolshevik speakers, many soldiers and / or sailors in audience and marching in protest. Painting of Lenin at balcony. High angle slaughter in streets, crowd being shot at. Lenin hideout when in exile. Lenin s passport and photo without moustache or beard.

Kerensky - Generals & Russians celebrate. Convoy on road. Russian train with soldiers on roof.

Lenin and Stalin hiding places. Newspaper headlines

[Misc. Lenin Scenes]

Car speeds thru old courtyard w/ leaflets thrown out, people run to collect them. CU group of people read leaflet. High shot march & demonstration thru street; soldiers & workers w/ rifles; young boys marching. Lenin arrives & walks in Red Square among large crowd. Pan across crowd - St. Basil s Cathedral in BG.

09:53:29 MS & CU Lenin talking intently to unid. man who has back to camera. Lenin addresses crowd from podium - seen over heads of crowd. Troops march past in review w/ cutaways to Lenin.

09:55:03 Lenin greeted by wellwisher before boarding train? Pan across Kremlin w/ river in FG. Communist Party HQ?

09:55:27 Lenin speaking from balcony in Moscow ? - side shot - cutaways to troops below.

09:56:15 Outdoor gathering in heavy snow in Red Square(?). Lenin in crowd, military band playing; horsemen past covered in snow. MCU Lenin salutes, smiling & marchers w/ banners - troops & tank past.

Russia / USSR; Communism; Parades; Revolution Hero;

Lenin Lives [Part 1 of 3]

Documentary produced in 1969 using all known footage of Vladimir Lenin - Russian narration. NB Many shots have been manipulated, or retouched to remove enemies .

01:11:10 Titles - CU Lenin talking - late 1910s. 1918 - Moscow street scenes - crowds w/ banners - May Day workers demonstration & Red Army parade. Lenin in open carriage w/ wife Krupskaya & sister Maria. Kremlin across river.

01:12:47 16Oct18 Good sequence of Lenin posing for camera in courtyard after recovery from assassination attempt - smiles & chats w/ companion - giant cannon monument seen in BG - Lenin walks towards & past camera, away down street.

01:15:30 07Nov18 Lenin addresses crowds gathered in square on first anniversary of October Revolution - animated gestures - dedication of monument to Marx & Engels.

01:16:08 1919 - 13Mar - Funeral procession in Petrograd / St. Petersburg for Lenin s brother-in-law - CUs Lenin among mourners - watches w/ hat off as coffin lowered - sister Maria crying beside him.

01:17:01 18Mar19 Funeral of Sverdlov - Lenin in crowd looking sombre - watches coffin being buried w/ hat off - sister Maria? crying beside him. Street scenes - another funeral - grand procession w/ banners - military coffin bearers - CUs Lenin talks to crowd, breath visible in cold air.

01:18:20 01May19 Low side angle shot Lenin addressing crowd from podium in Red Square. Smiling Lenin in carriage - crowd wave hats.

01:18:59 06May19 Lenin & wife out of building w/ party; MCU Lenin talking to someone off-camera.

Good quality.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party. Russian Revolution.

[Kinoteca Excerpts]

Lenin & Russian material

Lenin & Secretary - in car.

1918 - Russian troops on railway train

1919 - Lenin speech - galloping cavalry - troops march.

1920 - Lenin speaking in front of banner - speech at Soviet Congress

Children watching parade. Soldiers sitting on top of freight train.

Starving kids picking food off the ground. Dead emaciated children. Piles of bodies - gruesome.

Lenin speech at market place.

Death of Lenin (1918 - 1924)

1918, Lenin & wife in car. Russian titles. W/ various people; talking in front of banner. Large crowds. Talking in winter & in summer. W/ cat. 1924 dead. Headlines. Funeral cortege. Huge crowd following thru snow. Lying in State - Lined up outside building & moving camera past. Interior with people past (out of frame) People weeping as they pass. Soldiers past. Widow. School kids. Various ethnic groups. Stalin & others. People outdoors. Soldiers firing salute; ship firing salute. Trolley stops for moment of silence. Stalin at mic. Stalin speaking in front of ?? & pours from bottle into glass.

Moscow Travelogue

Incentive documentary made to mobilise support for Russian defence during WWII.

INT royal palace - ballroom w/ chandeliers. LS cathedrals w/ ornate domes; view from cathedral rooftop across river to city. Vars architectural CUs - statuary inc. giant bell & cannon; cathedral see through archway; ramparts above Red Square; St. Basil s Cathedral.

14:01:30 Re-enactment of city under siege in 1618 & 1812 - troops marching - city in flames - soldiers into battle.

14:02:20 Documentary footage of Lenin speaking to large crowd in 1918 [not heard] - Red Square ? - WWI troops march off to war w/ rifles.

14:02:57 1941 - Civilians building barricades in street. Night: listening horns, launching zeppelin - silhouette zeppelins. People go down elevators & stairs into subway. Explosion over city [reconstruction w/ model]. Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production / steel mill.

14:05:00 INT Stalin onto platform to applause - encouraging speech to group of officers; Vyshinskii [?], Molotov & Beria [?] present - Politburo VIPs?

14:06:13 MCU Stalin speaking 07Nov [MOS]; troops pass in review. Winter: troops & tanks off to war through city streets - snow on ground. VS anti-aircraft guns firing. Air-to-air fighter planes. Tanks across snowy countryside, troops on skis. Montage guns firing, explosions, ski troops & tanks past. Bodies in snow; wrecked vehicles. [Ends abruptly.]

Eastern Front. Russian Home Front..

[Lenin; War Preparations & Subway Air Raid Shelter; Stalin Speaking]

1918: Lenin talking to crowd. Soldiers off to war.

22:19:31 1941 - Building barricades in street. Launching zeppelin & Silhouette zeppelins. People go down elevators into subway. Explosion over city (reconstruction w/ model). Kids and rows of people sleep in shelter. Night firing & searchlights. Brief shots armament production.

22:21:28 6Nov?? Stalin speaking to group of officers. Molotov present. 7Nov?? Troops march off to war in snow - tanks through city streets. Brief shots of heavy guns firing in snow.

WWI - WWII. Russian Home Front.

[Lenin at Sverdlov Funeral]

Excerpt from Lenin Lives documentary. 13Mar19 - Funeral procession in Petrograd for Lenin s sister s husband w/ coffin on white carriage covered in flowers - attendants alongside wearing all white inc. top hats. CUs Lenin among mourners - watches w/ hat off as coffin lowered - sister Maria crying beside him. Funeral of Sverdlov - CUs Lenin addressing crowd. Low side angle shot Lenin addressing crowd from podium in Red Square - military parade. Smiling Lenin in carriage. Lenin & wife out of building w/ party; MCU Lenin talking to someone off-camera.

Russia / USSR.

Lenin Lives [Part 2 of 3]

Documentary produced in 1969 using all known footage of Vladimir Lenin - Russian narration. NB Many shots have been manipulated, or retouched to remove enemies .

01:19:42 25May19 Car through courtyard w/ occupant throwing handfuls of pamphlets to people; CU women reading leaflets. Military academy students march in Red Square w/ rifles. Lenin in group towards camera - arrives to review parade. MCU Lenin, wife Nadezhda Krupskaya & others. CU shot of Lenin talking intently to Hungarian Commissar Tibor Sammeli? [shot tweaked to last longer]. Lenin makes animated speech to crowd of soldiers & civilians - crowd wave hats. Lenin watches Hungarian Commissar address crowd [other person(s) clearly blanked out]. Military band & parade - cutways to Lenin watching. Lenin shakes hands w/ wellwishers from back of truck.

01:23:00 High shot troops marching. Lenin addresses crowd from balcony; CU smiling crowd wave hats to camera; Lenin s speech heard [genuine recording]; soldiers lined up.

01:24:25 07Nov19 2nd Anniversary of October Revolution - Kremlin in snow - CUs clocktower bells ringing 3 o clock. Soviet banners. Band plays in snow - Lenin watching in group, snow on hat - parade w/ men on horseback, tanks - Lenin salutes.

01:26:24 1920 - Unit of soldiers w/ rifles march past parked cars. INT Lenin s office in Kremlin - CU desk & telephones. Shots of Lenin in his office giving interview to American journalist Lincoln Eyre [not shown]; Lenin at window; 1960s view from same window of snowy Kremlin. Lenin s apartment - preserved for posterity. Lenin in apartment Feb20 w/ cat on lap continuing interview w/ Eyre - Nadezhda present.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[Misc. Lenin & Early Russian Scenes]

Soviet officials inc. Stalin & Molotov carry body of Lenin on stretcher down steps of building. CU body of Lenin lying in state 1924; cutaways to Stalin et al.

10:08:49 1919 - Funeral procession for Yakov Sverdlov (18Mar19) thru streets - elaborate cortege w/ attendants in white suits. Lenin among mourners - coffin lowered into grave, Lenin watching next to crying woman. Lenin addresses crowd. Troops march past in review - cutaways to Lenin. Lenin in back of car. Lenin out of building in group - look at camera.

10:13:37 Peasant farmer ploughing hillside w/ horse. Flaying grain in front of stacks. Men in factory assembling shells. City w/ harbour in FG. Stills of printing presses underground. CUs pamphlets in Russian by Lenin - What To Do - One Step Forward, Two Back - Two Tactics of Social Democracy .

10:15:21 Foreign city? - sphinx-like statue in FG - city across river w/ oriental? tower. CUs vars editions of newspaper - Pravda. Huge crowds in city square - high pan - possibly Petrograd / Leningrad.

Russia / USSR; Communism; Revolution Hero;

Lenin Lives [Part 3 of 3]

Documentary produced in 1969 using all known footage of Vladimir Lenin - Russian narration. NB Many shots have been manipulated, or retouched to remove enemies .

01:28:36 01May20 Moscow street scenes. Building of monument to Marx & freed labour in Svetlov s Square - CU Lenin signs remembrance plaque & lays cement for foundation stone. Good low angle shot Lenin addressing crowd, cap in hand; CU Lenin after speech; crowd gathers round.

01:31:00 19Jul20 Fleet of ships in harbour w/ bunting - Petrograd / St. Petersburg crowds greet delegates of 2nd Party Congress. March through streets w/ banners. Lenin in crowd of people waving hats. INT first meeting in Urickovo [?] Palace - standing ovation for Lenin at Congress; shots of Lenin delivering speech. EXT Lenin speech to huge crowd outside Winter Palace. Moscow - Kremlin clocktower. INT Lenin at table. Lenin out of building & along street in small group.

01:33:44 1921 - Party members arrive in bus for 3rd Congress of International Communists at Kremlin. INT CU Lenin makes notes / checks speech while another man makes speech - side shot Lenin addressing room.

01:35:29 Kremlin in snow [1960s]. 28Nov21 Lenin in Red Square talking to American economist P. Christensen [poor quality]. CU Lenin inside talking to someone off-camera. MCU shot of Lenin in courtyard repeated from start of film. End titles.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[Misc. Lenin Scenes]

1920 - CUs Lenin signing autographs in crowd. Lenin speaks from podium - pan across crowd. EXT government building? INT Lenin s apartment? - pan round simple furnishings. Lenin at table w/ cat on knee, wife Krupskaya next to him. Lenin talks to someone off screen. EXT Urickovo Palace [?] w/ dome.

10:01:39 INT Lenin addressing Party Congress? - animated gesturing w/ paper in hand - applause. Pan down grand facade. Crowd waving hats in large square - could be Petrograd / Leningrad - side shot Lenin speaking from podium - CU Lenin in crowd w/ flowers chatting.

10:03:26 Kremlin seen across river. INT shot Lenin addressing meeting - animated as ever.

10:04:20 1921 - People entering large building w/ pillars. INT Lenin crouched over examining document.

10:05:11 1922 - Garden of summer villa? INT Lenin [?] at window. Row of parked cars - troops march past. EXT grand building - theatre? INT Lenin s office in Kremlin ? - Lenin at desk & vars CUs Lenin talking.

Russia / USSR. Communism.

[1920s Anti-Communist Arrests - San Francisco?]

Crowd men w/ police behind outside building posing for camera. Police & same arrested men, handcuffed together, leave building. Walk down street, past camera. Being loaded into railroad train.

02:21:47 Store window w/ banners reading Open the Jails, Revolutionery Red ?, Political Defense Committee ?? S.F. Soviet of Russian Workers, pictures of Lenin, Trotsky, etc. Lithograph of Lady Liberty with torch, pistols laying against it. Two men opening crate and examining bombs (?).

1920s Anti-Communist Arrests;

[13th Communist Party Congress]

EXT delegates arriving at conference hall, guards checking credentials. INT good shots delegates mingling & chatting - striking faces.

00:28:52 VS speech by Kamenyev, audience listening & other speakers at podium

00:33:05 EXT visit by Party leaders to Lenin s mausoleum; scenes of Stalin [& Zinoviev ?] at head of huge procession of delegates led by brass band; wreath laying not seen.

Communism. USSR.

[Misc. USSR - Georgian Scenes - Famine - Trotsky - Lenin Funeral - Farming]

1929? Children in rowing boats. 5 Georgian men sitting in field talking & smoking; CU Georgian man talking.

GVs village; overview of people working in village; CU children & women sitting around. CU woman cooking over open fire, child beside her; vars shots women & children w/ cooking pots on open fires (famine ?). GVs temporary camp - DPs sitting around - cooking - women and children

00:41:23 GVs Graveyard with crosses. Train stopped & people milling about - living in carriages?; men eating; man chopping firewood; young boy sitting with his head in his hands

00:41:45 Street market near lake.

00:42:06 Nurses examining undernourished people; injections. Women collecting hot water from communal tap. Town square crowded w/ camels & carts.

00:42:44 Soldiers parading through Red Square; Soviet officials - Stalin, Kalinin etc. - watch parade; CU Voroshilov on horseback in uniform; soldiers march past saluting.

00:43:31 Horses & carts through village; children run to meet them.

00:43:48 Trotsky making speech from train; people trying to catch papers that have been scattered; soldiers on horseback; Trotsky in crowd talking. Trotsky on boat wearing leathers. Lenin makes speech.

00:44:29 Vars shots Lenin funeral 1924 - coffin carried by Kalenin, Kamenev, Stalin, Zinoviev and others. - INT CU mourners inc. widow Krupskaya, Martinov, Lunacharsky.

00:45:14 Dock scenes - ships at harbour; soldiers on board ship; band playing as officer comes on board.

Men digging in field; young man holding Red Flag; horses ploughing; early tractor.

00:46:32 Scenes from 06:41:49 onwards repeated - Trotsky speeches, Lenin funeral, ships, farming.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Rural Life. Poverty. Malnutrition. Agriculture.

[Early Stalin Shots]

Good shots Stalin, Molotov, Mikoyan, Marshall Budienny et al walking from Lenin s tomb informally across Red Square; Stalin towards camera in CU & past. Late 1920s.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Russia 1920s - Outtakes

March past of massed troops - parade. Map of Russia. Young woman / nurse with baby - turns over showing flexibility.

03:27:15 Coach of Tsar wheeled along by men. Young women applying lipstick. all very short cuts

03:27:35 Parade in Red Square - Top shot marching troops. Ground shots troops with horse drawn carriages at speed. Civilians with banners intercut with cavalry riding at speed. Short shot young Stalin.

03:28:33 Shots of buildings from riverboat. Map with White Sea indicated. Shanty type buildings on waterside. Map inidicating Volga. Map indicating Caucasus - mountains. Map inidicating Siberia - haystacks, people reading. Film flipped. Map. Young woman with baby as at beginning. Removal of cross from minaret. Group of men.

03:31:11 Map showing distance across Russia. Fountains in formal gardens. Paratroops parachute from plane. Trotsky reading from book in English talks about Europe, US and colonialism. Montage short shots personalities including Stalin, Lenin, Tsar, Krupskaya (widow of Lenin)

Very short shots throughout.

[Collective Farming In Central Asia]

Outdoor meeting / rally - speakers at mic inc. woman. Mongolian [?] farmers on horseback - women milk sheep. Beating wool & preparing rolls of wool. Young boy & father grinding grain. Cooking - family eating. Interiors living accommodation - toddler strapped into wooden hammock? Cottage industry. CUs Mongolian people reading.

03:59:31 Town scenes - Soviet-style banners decorating building. Farmers with camels and reindeer. Riding on horses & oxen through foothills. Outdoor meeting - Russian [?] soldiers on horseback - Mongolian troops.

04:01:14 [Brief Russian narr.] Farming in Turkmenistan - Combine harvester - women in traditional clothing - old woman cooks for children outside tent.

04:01:51 Town scenes - statue of Lenin - factories / school - families - crowds gathered round fountain. Agriculture & farming - sheep - melons - corn - sunflowers. Farmers? on bicycles looking at grain - combine harvesting. Fishing port - unloading huge fish - fishermen look European / Russian.

04:03:40 Mongolian [?] audience applauding traditional dancers performing on stage - small boy dancing - band inc. accordion player - audience smiling.

04:04:43 Women & men dancing in streets - Turkmenistan? [could be Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan ]. Celebrations - large groups eating - more traditional dancing.

USSR. Anthropology / Ethnography. Travelogues. Ethnic. Customs.

Various - Russia Related - various places and dates

Various buildings in Moscow - Guard marching outside Kremlin walls. Church. Old woman paper seller - large poster of Stalin on kiosk - selling papers with headlines New Times in English and French. Red Square. Whiz pan early march / parade in Red Square. Informal shots young Stalin walking in Red Square with Molotov and others - good shots.

02:10:00 Gramophone - various shots different races of Russian listening.

02:10:20 Cossacks ? training with rifles.

02:10:37 Industry - smoking chimneys - Lenin statue - opening of Hydro Electric Dam attended by Kalinin?

02:11:07 Top shot and ground shots military parade in Red Square. Stalin on podium in fur hat (1941?) Top shot May Day parade

02:11:39 WWII Night shots artillery barrage - house explodes after being hit. Bodies. Russian soldier tears down Nazi sign. Russian refugees / DPs - food handed out.

02:12:23 Docks - small tanks off loaded. Chassis and body parts of lorries off loaded. Completed military trucks.

02:12:48 Yalta - Posed shot Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

02:13:07 Military parade Red Square - post war. Stalin on podium.

02:13:22 Potsdam. Atlee, Truman and Stalin pose.

02:13:40 Old woman in newspaper kiosk. Whiz pan - Refugees leaving Russia ?? Liner leaving harbour

02:14:21 Pro-Communist demonstrations Germany? Whiz pan Violent demonstrations and riots ? where? Hungarian revolution - bodies. Woman being pulled in two directions - border?

02:15:48 Re-construction? riot where young boy is hit over head - blood on pavement - where? whiz pan

02:16:12 Demonstration in London - policemen arresting students Whiz Pan

02:16:25 French railway station La Chapelle Interieure. - Strike ?

02:16:38 Montgomery in Russia. Interior Kremlin Stalin seated with Churchill and Harriman. Evening reception - Molotov and wife - VIPs arrive for Bolshoi ballet ? VIPs in box watching performance.

Fulfilling Lenin s Behests R1 of 5

Moscow Central Documentary Film Studios [English narration]

05:19:41 Moscow - Kremlin & Red Square in Summer, flowers outside Lenin s mausoleum - high shot long queue of people lined up waiting to enter - closer shots people in queue inc. Black man.

05:21:27 Titles.

05:21:56 Battleship, gun fired. Crowd scene from October (?) - storming of Winter Palace gates. Smolny Institute; INT Lenin s study preserved as it was. Stills & portraits of Lenin. Farmland turned w/ plow.

05:23:43 Uzbekistan - arid land. CU man w/ handful of dry soil, VO re early irrigation programme initiated by Lenin for Steppe region. Good 1920s (?) shots of Uzbek workers celebrating start of irrigation programme - musicians lead procession thru village - many workers digging canal. Ribbon cutting, opening ceremony, water floods through canals & ditches. [Some shots may be staged / feature extracts?]

05:25:35 Modern-day construction site in desert, pouring concrete for canals. Aerial views of canals w/ dams & reservoirs as Hungry Steppe transformed into green farmland. Aerials over farms.

05:27:14 Uzbek [?] cotton growers in desert surveying land; walk past irrigated farmland; new homes being built for workers. Industrial landscape. Farmer opens holes in irrigating pipe thru field, water pours into irrigation ditches; young son swims in irrigation canal. Growers check crop in field.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Extreme Weather; Farming / Agriculture; Communism; Water;

From Congress to Congress R1 of 5

Central Documentary Film Studios, Moscow (English narration)

March 1966. B/W shots of Moscow, Kremlin, Red Square, flags & delegates outside Kremlin Palace of Congresses for 23rd Party Congress. INT delegates stand & applaud, Leonid Brezhnev speaks re Eighth Five Year Plan for 1966-1970. VO translation by narrator. LS of room, MS delegates, CUs.

17:48:50 Title: From Congress to Congress. Heavy industry montage. VO re accomplishments of 8th Five Year Plan. Electric towers, wires under construction. pylons; hydroelectric dams.

17:50:43 Lenin s GOELRO Plan for recovery of USSR & electrification. 1920s shots of first Soviet power station; output compared to that of plant built during 8th Five Year Plan. INT of thermal & atomic power plants. Construction at Novovoronezh atomic power station; & hydroelectric dams in remote regions inc. Chukotka. Workers on cliff face & in tunnels at Nurek Dam construction on Vakhsh River in Tajikistan. Visit by Brezhnev, Autumn 1970 - talks to crowd of workers. Krasnoyarsk dam on Yenisei River, tenth unit turned on on centenary of Lenin s birth, 1970 project leader Andrei Botchkin - flashback shots of river being blocked & construction workers welding high above dam - turbines installed.

17:55:09 Office interior w/ two men. Montage: new communities, lights, little girl playing piano, neon & other lights. Dam lighted at night. Top shot looking down onto dam spillways. Botchkin surveys construction of Sayano-Shushenskaya dam, second scheme on Yenisei River. Electricity pylons & men working in buckets.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Heavy Industry; Communism; Sustainable Resources / Energy; Industries; Electrification; Nuclear Fuel; Promotional Films;

[Various Russian Material]

Stalin 70th Birthday celebrations at theatre - Mao present, standing ovation. Various speeches.

15:03:06 Young Pioneers parade and present flowers and make speeches.

15:08:52 Crowds outdoors w/ lights & lighted picture in air. Searchlights on buildings.

15:09:25 Russian steam train transporting workers to Labor camp; marched w/ guards. Gates shut.

15:10:37 Young Stalin w/ Kalinin and Kirov? Molotov.

15:11:12 Cranes moving bouilders & dirt. Belamor slave labour in snow, interior camp barracks, workers.

15:12:46 Workers adrressed by ?

15:13:42 Stalin watches ship pass thru canal - Stalin on board ship.

15:15:55 Felling trees, logging. Interior offices w/ engineers, etc. Workers marching to work - breaking stones, hard labor, camp band playing - various shots construction, shoveling mud, pile driving, etc.

15:21:55 Summertime. Pan over workers faces; women, men w/ unit flags. Excursion boat on canal w/ Stalin & others. Locks.

15:23:55 Workers in snow w/ wagons, digging, splitting rocks. Forms for locks, finishing. Closing locks doors. Man across; men out of locks.

15:26:09 Death of Stalin. Lying in state etc.

15:32:20 Lenin s death. Lying in state etc.


[Show Trials 1922]

Russian intertitles. INT Show Trial: MCU man giving evidence; shots of bench - men & women in audience.

00:18:01 Women taking notes - stenographers ? Witnesses called and waiting. Unid. man in court answering questions; VS audience listening - one man w/ binoculars. Another witness testifies.

00:20:22 Searching relatives of defendants arriving; evidence - gun used to shoot at Lenin; Ussov ? speaking; Tribune ? members.

00:21:49 Lunacharsky speaks; shots of audience; Bukharin speaks briefly; Okrovsky; shots of audience & stenographers plus two of the accused Semenov & Nopleva.

00:25:00 CU clockface, man pushing hands of clock round to 8.30. Empty trial room - jury in meeting. CU clock hands pushed round to 12.00. CU hand removing calender page - 5th to 6th August. CU clock hands round to 12.55.

00:25:37 Man sitting by window waiting for verdict - screws up newspaper. Men talking outside building. Another calendar page ripped off. Guard at door of trial room. People sleeping on benches.

00:26:21 Good shots Russian newsstand - men buying papers & reading. Men out of building after verdict, driven away in open-top car.

Communism. USSR.

[12th Party Congress]

Abstract intertitles throughout. Good group shot senior Communist Party members inc. Leon Trotsky [no Lenin]. Vars further scenes of formal meetings, group discussions & personalities inc. good CUs Molotov, Voroshilov, Kalinin. Delegations inc. Urals & Eastern Russia. Stalin present but no CUs.

17:07:07 Lenin & group pose for camera outside - waving hats. High angle INT Congress delegates looking up at camera, clapping & laughing - Stalin in centre. Further shots Congress under way - packed hall.

17:08:23 Trotsky making speech at podium. Title Hopes of worldwide bourgeoisie fell through but wonderful anticipation of Lenin came true . Zinoviev speech.

Russia / USSR. 1920s.

Kinoteca Excerpts

Lenin Funeral - mass of people listen to speaker - Lenin lying in state and mourners - Lenin wife - sister - Stalin;. Kalinin; Klara Tsetkin? Vorosilov. Other VIPs. Parade with band - crowd outside Lenin funeral.

Bearded man makes speech and is bounced up and down.

[Death of Lenin]

Shows funeral ceremonies for Lenin [died 24Jan24]. Flashbacks show Lenin in the streets of Moscow, conferring with Russian revolutionary leaders, addressing the crowds in Moscow and Leningrad, and with President Kalinin of Russia. A procession of party officials and civilians, among them Stalin and Kalinin, pass by to view Lenin's body as he lies in state. Riflemen and artillery for a salute.

Stalin addresses a crowd [unrelated to Lenin s funeral] - more of same speech at around 23:33:00.

[Stalin s Oath to Lenin]

Russian intertitles. VS INT Stalin making speech in which he pledges to continue the work begun by Lenin.

NB Censored version to hide either Bukharin or Kirov. VS EXT departures from meeting; men pose w/ portrait of Lenin; parked cars visible. Pan across large group posing for camera - wearing winter coats, fur hats etc. Good shots of faces as people pose and disperse towards camera - smiling and laughing.

Communism. USSR.

[Trial of Bandits, 1924]

Exterior Leningrad courthouse w/ guard - last day of trial of 43 bandits & spies. Truck carrying first group of prisoners & armed guards through gate. Prisoners w/ belongings in courtyard then taken into building, one on crutches. Second group of important prisoners arrive.

17:36:37 Show Trial in progress - bandits in dock - man giving evidence - people from Christian villages where bandits operated. After 15 hours of trial, 9 prisoners sentenced to death.

Russia / USSR. Criminals. 1920s.

[Trotsky Speech 1924]

Crowds in Moscow - parade - lorry with huge sculpture of Head of Lenin

17:37:08 INT meeting - woman stands up to speak. Trotsky makes speech, Communist Party banner in BG. Anniversary of Communist university named after Svordlov ?

Russia / USSR. 1920s.

[Red Square 1924]

HA pan across Red Square, Moscow, showing St. Basil s Cathedral & wooden mausoleum of Lenin. Goskino Calendar ??

[Lenin s Death]

Snow covered trees - Lenin s villa at Gorki [?] - newspaper headlines. Funeral scenes: Lenin lying in state 26Jan24 - crowds in snowy streets w/ banners. Mourners inside including Stalin - other mourners present inc. Mrs. Vladimir I. Lenin, Nicholas Bukharin, Gen. Voroshilov, Mikhail I. Kalinin, Gen. Frunze [not all seen?]. Soldiers and mourners in wintery Red Square - wooden mausoleum - coffin carried. Montage showing naval vessels & cannons firing gun salute w/ CUs people removing their hats in respect.

1920s Russia / USSR.

[Lenin Funeral Scenes]

Fields burning - black smoke. INT Lenin funeral - personalities inc. Voroshilov - Ordjonikidze - Kalinin - good CU very striking Russian man. Kamenev smoking. Zinoviev making speech by Kremlin wall.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Solovki Camp - Forced Labour


19:40:42 Chained bear cub getting titbits from prisoner - prisoners relaxing, reading newspaper, sitting etc.

Camp brass band performing CUs - women sewing in yard (smiling to camera) - hanging out washing - girls reading. int. barbers shop - men relaxing in bedrooms with pipers.

19:43:11 Two bearded priests at table, wall covered in icons. Woman (individually) - playing guitar - lying down.

19:43:42 Red corner (lg picture of Lenin - Soviet stars) - playing chess. Outdoors chess. Man reading, greeted by guard, who sits down like a friend. (DROPOUT 19:44:56) Old men on benches.

19:45:14 Ext. church - priests leaving, past camera.

19:45:37 Men (Russian) dancing with mandolin? & accordion.

19:46:11 Making roads: Good shots forestry - logging - digging - radway with horse and cart

19:46:46 Guards on boat - on land, out of building, up and past. Guards in office meeting around desk - parole board?

Ext. Courtyard - Officer reads from list. Prisoners kiss goodbye, band plays. Prisoners up ship walkway, counted by guards - high up shot of crowds, Cheering, waving off steamboat leaving through icy waters.

[Lenin s Funeral & related, ca 21Jan24]


14:49:36 Ext & men out of doorway carring Lenin s body & coffin including Stalin, Molotov, Kalinin. Through snowy streets from train.

14:50:10 Title re carrying coffin thru Moscow. Men carry coffin up steps in Kremlin. Lenin s funeral, coffin being carried (by Stalin and others?). Lying in State w/ wreathes.

14:51:04 slug.

14:51:06 Stalin, widow & other Party members, family & public paying their respects.

14:51:52 Coffin covered & taken out.

14:53:00 Slug.

14:53:03 Title. Coffin out of building & thru streets, past crowds, band. Red Square in cold weather.

14:54:12 Flash Title. Lenin surrounded by workers & military. Hall w/ delegates entering, on speakers platform speaking (MOS). Lenin on podium & crowd applauding. Band playing above on balcony. (GOOD).

14:56:35 Title & Lenin in coffin; people standing nearby, children w/ banners & other people pass by. CUs Widow, Nadezhda Krupskaya.

14:59:10 CUs: Sister. Dzerzhinsky; Frunze; Krasin; Stalin; Proslavsky; Kalinin; `Klara Tstetkin; Voroshilov; Budeny intercut w/ large graphics. People fainting; passing coffin, ethnic groups, soldiers, brass band.

Cult of Lenin; Communist Party Leaders; 1920s Russia; 1924; USSR;

[Lenin s Funeral]

Brief shot Lenin s body carried out of house on stretcher by Party officials inc. young Stalin & Molotov - crowd wrapped up against cold. Lenin s coffin arrives by train - escorted by Soldiers, members of Central Committee CPSU w/ Kalinin in the front and Stalin at the back, carry Lenin s coffin through wintery streets filled w/ people. Bukharin

05:57:00 Delegation carry Lenin s coffin up the staircase w/ Kalinin in front and squeeze through crowds of people. Man decorates podium w/ flowers, people gathering all around it.

05:57:32 Shot of big banner - rough trans. Lenin has died, but left behind his communist party, so let s surround it tighter with our lines . High angle of funeral hall, group of people pay their respects. Vars shots of hall, Lenin's coffin from different angles.

05:57:52 CU Stalin. CPSU members w/ Kalinin & Stalin in fur coat next to the coffin.

05:58:13 Lenin's family at coffin w/ wife Nadezhda Krupskaya & sister Anna Ulyanova. CU of Lenin s body.

05:58:32 Crowds of mourners enter hall.

05:58:43 Shots from 2 angles - men closing Lenin's coffin, secure the lid w/ rope. CPSU members w/ Stalin take their places & carry coffin past soldiers & through corridor filled w/ mourners.

05:59:50 Delegation carry coffin out of Soviet Union house on to street, past soldiers, playing orchestra, big crowds follow the coffin, shot of clock tower. CPSU member carry coffin, very cold winter day - people s breath visible. Kremlin clock tower at 4pm.

06:00:48 Top shot - Coffin carried in to mausoleum.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Lenin Memorial

Leningrad Popular Science Film Studios [English narration]

Stills & footage of mourners at Lenin s funeral, Moscow, Jan24. Parade in street w/ banners. CU steam whistles. Battleship firing guns. Newspaper headlines.

15:34:06 Present-day shots of Party HQ; VO says letters poured in from across USSR requesting monument to Lenin be built in Leningrad - funds raised. Leningrad / St. Petersburg street scenes; artists impression of proposed huge statue near Peter & Paul Fortress. Views of river, city street scenes.

15:35:02 16Apr24 Cornerstone-laying ceremony for memorial in square opposite Finland Station. Steam train along track, dramatic montage of views down tracks; armoured car like the one Lenin made speech from on return to Russia in 1917.

15:36:20 Montage of various designs submitted for monument. Winning design w/ still of architects & sculptor. Animation shows how original design developed into final composition. Film of Lenin making speeches; stills of Lenin; VO re capturing his gestures etc. Still shot inside sculptor Yevseyev s studio.

15:39:05 CU casting in bronze. Still of finished statue w/ workers who made it. Pedestal prepared. Stills of 07Nov26 monument unveiling.

15:40:24 School children file past monument laying flowers on Lenin s birthday. Young Pioneers & Comsomols swear allegiance at ceremony in front of monument. POV camera past monument. Credits.

Communists; Communism; History;

Emelke-Woche #47, 1927

15Nov27 German titles 10 Jahre Sowjet-Republik: Das Jubilaum wurde in Moskau mit grossen Paraden und Umzuegen gefeiert .

Red Square parade - 10th Anniversary of Russian Revolution - good shot Lenin s mausoleum & VIPs inc. Kalinin - civilians march past mausoleum.

Russia / USSR/ Celebration. 1920s.

[Russian Newspaper Presses]

EXT building in Leningrad decorated w/ flags & portrait of ? CU fanlights over doors 1918 & 1928 . CU newspaper. Vars scenes inside Krasnaja Goreta [?] Communist newpaper offices - men and printing presses; presses running; men talking. Newspapers off press.

Journalism. USSR.

Stalin Speech to the Moscow District Soviet

Painting / mural Stalin with Lenin - Pravda newspaper headlines - Lenin lying in state - Stalin at Belomor Canal - workers. Kremlin - Sequence to show Uncle Joe Stalin with many different members of public inlcuding Stalin in silk kimono - hugs and kisses. Exterior and interior Kremlin - congress - 1937 Stalin s speech to the Moscow Soviet during election campaign; praising Lenin. CU Lenin

Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass [Excerpts]

Dir. Dziga Vertov. Girl puts on headphones & listens to early radio broadcast - CUs. Drunks outside elaborate cathedral - people crossing themselves - not St Basil s. Atonal music / sound effects.

19:54:19 Extract of early radio broadcast re Communist march - Leningrad Speaking - cuts back to woman w/ headphones. Camera at low angle facing conductor as he starts to conduct unseen musicians - avant-garde music - CU woman listening on headphones. Montage: people leaving churches - bell ringing - kissing icons - drunks staggering & gesturing at camera, some fighting - atonal music mixed w/ choir singing.

20:00:07 Train whistle / factory hooter letting off steam, seen through electricity wires. Top shot marching band along street - children [girl guides & boy scouts ?] following.

20:01:32 [Si.] CU face. Montage repeated w/ shots of people crossing themselves outside cathedral / kissing icons / drunks in street etc. - views of church inc. top shot from statue on roof down to street - carved turrets. Cutaways to woman listening to headphones - CU face.

Russia / USSR. Religion - Catholicism. Avant-Garde. Documentaries. 1930s.

[NB Several sections re-dubbed and speed corrected - mute.]

[Russian Collective Farms & Peasant Workers 1930s - Part 1]

Russian intertitles throughout. 1932: Hundreds of tractors in shed - peasants pass in carts - market, produce weighed and meat cut up. Animal livestock inspected. More market scenes - sack of grain weighed - children at bookstall - drinking tea. Outdoor political meeting - men crowd around speaker. Men queue at kiosk to sign ? Brass band playing.

09:03:30 Sacks of grain on conveyor at docks; sacks loaded onto ship. Tractors in yard - maintenance and repair. Rows of living accomodation. Hand-painted banner. Outdoor meeting - farmers / workers vote.

09:05:50 Small wooden church. Grain poured into grinder ? Farmers get receipts ? Factory. Tractors being repaired. CU certificate? w/ pictures of Lenin & Stalin. Construction work on wooden frame of building; tractors in sheds. Line of tractors drive off - snow on ground. Ploughs inspected.

09:08:52 Outdoor meeting - MCUs faces. Peasants sign ?

09:09:30 Measuring out land using wooden triangle measure. Labourer shakes dice [?] out of hat. Construction of woven fences. Overview of fields. Half starved pony.

USSR. Communism. Collectivism. Farming / Agriculture. Poverty.

[Russian Collective Farms & Peasant Workers 1930s - Part 1]

Russian intertitles throughout. 1932: Hundreds of tractors in shed - peasants pass in carts - market, produce weighed and meat cut up. Animal livestock inspected. More market scenes - sack of grain weighed - children at bookstall - drinking tea. Outdoor political meeting - men crowd around speaker. Men queue at kiosk to sign ? Brass band playing.

11:03:30 Sacks of grain on conveyor at docks; sacks loaded onto ship. Tractors in yard - maintenance and repair. Rows of living accomodation. Hand-painted banner. Outdoor meeting - farmers / workers vote - Oct31.

11:05:50 Small wooden church. Grain poured into grinder ? Farmers get receipts ? Factory. Tractors being repaired. CU certificate? w/ pictures of Lenin & Stalin. Construction work on wooden frame of building; tractors in sheds. Line of tractors drive off - snow on ground. Ploughs inspected.

11:08:52 Outdoor meeting - MCUs faces. Peasants sign ?

11:09:30 Measuring out land using wooden triangle measure. Labourer shakes dice [?] out of hat. Construction of woven fences. Overview of fields. Half starved pony.

USSR. Communism. Collectivism. Farming / Agriculture. Poverty.

[USSR Coal Mine & Steel Mill Workers]

Girl sculpts bust of Lenin

05:00:51 Dusk shots POV past industrial skyline; art card w/ titles. Pouring steel. Opticals.

05:01:43 - 05:03:11 Repeat w/o sound (slowed down?)

05:03:11 - 05:04:48 Angle shots industrial chimneys and workers, w/ music & narration. Into auditorium.

05:04:48 - 05:07:21 Repeat w/o sound (slowed down?).

05:07:21 Man in field of flowers speaks to camera:

05:08:13 Men march in thru tees as though in mining tunnel. Walking in mine tunnel & go to work. Exercising outside, interior of mine w/ horse pulling rail cart. Men picking rock. Exercising laying flat on ground. Pounding posts. Horse & car & men building cribbing; drilling, picking. Hammering exercise.

05:11:50 Miners working in mine w/ picks on coal face; horses past pulling mining carts. MCU miner digging. Empty carts. Men walk away stooped over thru trees after exercise.


1930s USSR Workers; Poetic Images; Calisthenics; Coal mine;

[USSR Agriculture Workers]

Sd. Women in field singing while stacking bundles of grain. Silhouetted tractors pulling swathers in grain field.

06:04:15 Sd. Workers listening to man speaking beside large steam threshing machine.

06:05:01 Sd. Overhead shot of army (?) men marching.

06:05:26 Sd. Women couples dancing by large threshing machine as others watching. Man dances around outside of group.

06:07:25 Sd. Tractors pulling swathers cutting grain. Past threshing machine. Intercut w/ brief shots of steel mill. Woman march past w/ rakes. Women pitching grain into thresher.

06:10:38 Si. Steam engine pulling train in runby. Slowed down from previous.

06:11:37 Sd. Woman writing, inter-titles of how they think of Lenin as their father. View of his books, etc.

06:12:12 Sd. Kids in rural outdoor school. CU woman s eyes. Clouds above combines in field. Woman feeding chickens in USSR republic; oriental girl & others marching. Biplane over combines etc.

06:13:08 Sd. Two women & child into open car as other villagers watch leaving. Combine & biplane. Women riding in car across Steppes.

1930s USSR Agriculture Workers; Poetic Images; Manual Labor;

[USSR Agriculture Workers]

Sd. Combine moving thru grain field & bi-plane overhead.

06:14:00 Sd. Woman w/ type & box in field. Biplane overhead. Leaflets to people reaching up.

06:14:30 Sd. Rural woman 7 tracktor, bicycle & camels down road. Others reading newspaper. Woman driving tractor.

06:15:14 Sd. Woman being instructed in firing gun; tilt down brick rounded hut or mosque or ??. People listening to radio, march in Red Square. Intercut w/ rural people in oriental Republics listening to radio; riidng bicycle. Turning on light bulb. Sign; (not Russian) re 1st of May. Modern building.

06:17:11 Sd. My University. Young women walking. Clock tower & buildings. Textile mill w/ women at mcahiens. Ext. & people past. More interior. Camels past buildigns & women walking.

06:18:38 Sd. Women walking w/ shovels; watering plants in greenhouse. Woman and baby. Working in field, nursing. Camel & tractors. Women gathering reeds or tall grass. Man & woman at microscope. Women pickign cotton in large field.

06:20:16 Sd. Picking tea (?); at microscope. Many tractors w/ plows. Women picking ?? in rows. Field w/ many tractors & men riding on cultivators behind.

06:21:45 Sd. Forest. Woman at printing press (?) Papers or pages of books of Lenin off press.

Abrupt ending.

1930s USSR Agriculture Workers; Poetic Images; Manual Labor;

[Paul van Zeeland Speaking in English; Leon Degrelle Speaking in French]

MCU SOF in English.

06:40:51 Wall of election & other posters w/ good 1930s graphics. Large square & parade of large paper mache figures of Lenin & van Zeeland w/ large life-size hand-puppets . Men driving small cars w/ election posters for Van Zeeland. Street scenes. Catholic priest walks past. Men voting. Ballots stamped. Crowded street scenes. Woman shouting. Two men fighting on cobblestone street.

06:41:38 Leon Degrelle speaks (SOF) in French. Leader of Rexist Party (Fascist) supported by Mussolini & Hitler.

06:42:37 People listen to him on balcony (MOS).

06:42:46 1937 van Zeeland outside home (very large mansion). Speaks & reads to camera in English (SOF) says Belgium has overcome the Depression...

Politics; Elections; 1930s;

[Red Square Parade w/ Stalin Banner, Summertime]

High angle shot of Red Square; MCU of Stalin banner carried;high angle of marchers. Marching groups raising arms & applauding.

01:37:45 Stalin & others wave from atop Lenin s Tomb. Various shots of marching groups: leaving, CU waving, CU Stalin in uniform, Molotov, Stalin saluting. Bboy waving trumpet Marchers. Stalin waves cap.

01;38:46 Night & moving lights on buildings. Superimposed lights. Artillery firing. Fireworks over city. GOOD.

Cult; Masses; USSR; Russia;

[Soviet Literature]

English narration. CUs Iskra - Bolshevik newspaper & Lenin s book What Is To Be Done? CUs other books - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Two Tactics of Social Democracy - Materialism and Imperial Criticism . Very brief library shots.

Russia / USSR. Communism.

Russia's First Five Year Plan

Improving living conditions. Alista in Marmek Republic. Baku with trolley. Workers house. Black sea refinery & housing. Apartment with telephone. Sanitorium at Zerbitan Socialist City with Nivinegrodst auto plant. Leningrad apartment complex. Moving out of old quarters in Moscow with wagon. Large office building in Ukraine. Modern workers club in Moscow. Chess & dominoes. Women & men. Concert, ethnic dance. Hockey, outdoor exercises in snow. Women exercise on beach & men swim in ice. Women's track: discus, race, high jump. Moscow athletic meet in large stadium. Smoke stacks, tractors, trolleys, trains intercut with young people applauding.

Russia's First Five Year Plan R2 of 9

Int. Grand theatre - Congress / Supreme Soviet meeting Kalinin at podium - Molotov speaking - Korobocher, head of State Planning; Ordjonikidze - Supervisor of Industryt;

17:12:47 Sverlov Square; Lenin Institute. Economists & engineers. Academy of Science meeting; science models as teaching aids.

17:14:07 Trade school; industry - women in shop; teaching brick laying, tractor mechanics, driving instruction, anatomy & anthropology. Sign: Schools for illiterates everywhere'. Adult and child education. Outdoor classes & day nursery.

Russia's First Five Year Plan R4 of 9

Grain field; grain dumping; conveyor belts. Central Asiatic people gather seeds. Rubber harvest to factory. Geological survey of remote area. Primitive drilling. Phosphate prospecting on Kola peninsula. Cotton production; fishing at Volga mouth. Logging by chain saw, sled & monorail; icing roads to skid logs. Harbor & exporting logs & grain. American engineer consulting on constuction of grain elevators. Selling pelts & exporting. Exporting oil pipe line; ship to London; importing farm equipment: Catapiller & Ford. Chevrolet crates unloaded at Leningrad docks & loaded onto railroad.

Russia's First Five Year Plan R5 of 9

Electrification. Beginning construction of Dnieper Dam. Blasting, pouring concrete. Huge cranes. Turbines installed. Niva River power station connecting with Murmansk RR rail road. Hydraulic method of excavation. Electricity for Phosphate plant. Rian (?) on Transcaucasian RR; Sphere River hydroelectric plant near Leningrad. Volkov plant. Red October plant in Leningrad burns peat. Control room & tubes etc. Donets Basin plant & radio station near Moscow. Men on electrical towers installing wires etc. Sod houses w/ electricity. Moscow at night--montage of lighted buildings. Construction under electric lights at night.

Russia's First Five Year Plan R7 of 9

Baku oil wells and wooden & metal towers. Pumps at work; drilling; gushers. Oil refining at Baturn on Black Sea fed by pipe line. Grasny oil field in Caucus Mts. Expansion and building. Auto factories being built. Volga River. Nisni? ato build Ford-type autos to be licensed by Ford. Workers on factory buildings. Leningrad shipyard & launching of lumber carrier. Industry - Spinning mill in textile center. Large paper mills; logs cut for pulpwood & pulp making. Crane shot thru mill in Karale(?) Republic. Stalingrad tractor factory under construction. Steel frame erected. Leningrad tractor plant being rebuilt for Fordson type tractor construction.

Russia's First Five Year Plan R9 of 9

Improving living conditions.

LS of camel pulling wagon; MS past concrete building in Alista in Marmek Republic. Man rides bicycle. Tram past, trolley in new town of Baku. Workers house in Ukranian steel area. Black sea refinery & housing. People walking up street & new buildings. Women walking.

02:14:55 Apartment w/ man using telephone. Children, sanitorium at Zerbitan w/ modern buildngs & fountain.

02:15:17 Workers metal scupture on gate over street. Socialist City w/ Nivinegrodst auto plant, construction. Leningrad apartment complex & kids playing. Young people walking thru new quarter in Moscow w/ views under construction & moving out of old quarters w/ wagon. Large state trading building.

02:16:40 Very large office building in Ukraine. Modernist workers club in Moscow w/ trolley past. Woman watching two men playing chess in workers club; others playing dominoes. Women & men talking. Kids playing; watching concert, ethnic dance in costumes. Georgian dancer.

02:18:28 Hockey, outdoor exercises in snow. Women exercise on beach & men swim in ice; diving in pool. Women's track: discus, race, high jump.

02:20:01 Moscow athletic meet in large stadium, marching w/ banners; young people watching.

02:20:26 Smoke stacks w/ much smoke, people applaud, tractors at work, trolleys, trains intercut with young people applauding & marching around stadium track in mass groups.

02:21:32 Welded rings & braced antenna tower. The End.

Communism; Collectivization; Urban Workers Collectives; Soviet Communes; Idealism;

17th Party Congress

Lenin poster on building - various steam trains arrive with delegates, cars leaving station.

Leningrad delegates - beaucracy sequence - entry cards, checking on telephone. Delegates filling in forms

Litvinov leaves - high angle waiting cars

Congress hall exteriors and arrivals including Stalin, Ordjonikidze and Beria - Kirov

13:08:39 Empty hall - full hall - applause,

13:09:27 Molotov on podium. Applause. The presidium. Various shots delegates listening.

13:11:01 Stalin at podium, applause

Ordj and ? clapping - shots Kirov Voroshilov

13:12:34 Kirov at podium watched by members of the Presidium

13:12:58 Stalin at podium - standing ovation.

[17th Party Congress]

Worker representatives from factories in Leningrad, Tula & Moscow. Men from Stalin s car factory holding scale models of latest bus & truck. Vars speeches. Standing ovation shots inc. Molotov. Stalin presented w/ large rifle by Voroshilov & others - gift from Tulans. Molotov speech re 2nd Five Year Plan. Kaganovich and/or Kalinin speech at microphones on balcony. Votes taken. End of congress - singing - Kruschev seen? [MOS].

Russia / USSR. Soviet Communist Party. 1930s.

Northern Lights R5 of 5

Village in northern USSR - Sami ? villagers. INT village school - kids learning Russian, teacher repeats words in native tongue & little boys act out scene in Russian at front of class; VO says they will go to study in Moscow or Leningrad when they are older.

04:45:26 Fishing on riverbank at sunset; group cooking around campfire inc. Yevgeny Katayov. Cut to Katayov in Moscow, Kremlin in BG - President of Komi Republic, west of Urals. INT Katayov at meeting w/ President of Russian Federation [ Mikhail Yasnov ?] & Presidents of other Republics. Moscow street scenes inc. University in BG.

04:46:53 Weather report heard over shots of cold northern regions in Summer. Soviet research station on boat moored at North Pole - scientists w/ monitoring equipment on Arctic wasteland - VO re establishment of Great Northern Sea Route from Murmansk to Vladivostock.

04:48:42 1934 b/w footage of steamship Chelyuskin trapped in Arctic - crewmen digging away ice - supplies unloaded & ship abandoned - crew rescued by Soviet pilots as ship sinks, crushed by ice. (GOOD)

04:50:28 Various shots modern icebreakers making way along northern sea route; helicopters take off from deck; VO reads 1912 diaries of ill-fated explorer Georgy Sidov. INT ship s galley, chefs preparing food. Montage showing faces of people of the North seen in film - Sami herders, students, fishermen, scientists, politicians etc. End titles.

Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Ethnography; Extreme Weather; Lapland; Ethnic; Exploration; Geography;

[Second All-Union Congress Denies Reports Of Starvation]

LS Moscow, Kremlin in snow, pedestrians past Church & bell to Congress. Int. w/ filled hall. CU people.

01:40:18 MCU Stalin & Kalinin sitting in audience. Stalin w/ pipe. CU speaker. Stalin w/ Molotov. Lenin s widow speaking. CUs listeners.

1930s USSR Propaganda;

The News Parade - War In Europe Pt. 1 of 2

Castle Films

22:01:05 Montage: Free City of Danzig, View down canal; traffic policeman. Troops parade in street. Polish officers; peasant women & children, refugees, Polish (?) soldiers, closing Polish-German border, sentry.

22:01:39 Montage: England - high angle of crowd filling plaza; men at counter enlisting, CU. British women & men soldiers marching, nurses. CU newspaper banner: Britons Told To Leave Germany. British troops march in parade; banner Americans Told To Leave Britain - Evening Standard. Barrage balloons in line; artillery w/ House of Parliament behind; Air Raid Warning Posted; sandbagged building; civilian men in gas masks; people in railway station or at ferry dock leaving for New York via Cherbourg. Family w/ tickets. Woman in life preservers wave from ship railing; ferry leaving dock.

22:02:48 Night, Von Ribbontrop waves from steps boarding German airliner, looks out window. MS Stalin waving from top of Lenin s tomb alongside Molotov.

22:03:00 Montage: tilt down from clock on Parliament to people watching Chamberlain out of car, Cabinet ministers leave & arrive 10 Downing St. Dadelier out of ??.

22:03:28 Montage: children w/ tags & bags evacuated. Babies w/ gas masks. Children board & wave from departing train. Mothers put gas masks on young children. Women & children boarding trains, tears, kisses, wave goodbye.

22:04:08 Montage: Hitler into room, salutes, sits at side of long wooden table. Map showing invasion points into Poland. German troops on horseback & in carts; tanks across field; large transports low. Soldiers into trees, across fields. Planes bombing Danzig (?), explosions. CU Chamberlain; King & ?? out of ?? & into car. Lord Halifax at microphone SOF: It is not the British way to go back on an obligation & now that the possibility of conflict again exists the government has taken steps to declare their attitude not only to the world, but in a special message to Herr Hitler.

22:05:33 Montage: Man w/ news banner Warsaw Bombed. Artillery along street. People wave to camera. Announcement of war by France posted; men kiss wives goodbye. Tanks down avenue; submarine conning tower out of water, liner in periscope, single stack liner, torpedo launched, liner passing, explosion in water.

22:06:16 Montage: German soldiers, trucks along road; raise bar across road & cavalry ride ahead; German troops march past concrete anti-tank barriers. Motorcycle sidecar troops past farm buildings, across fields.

tanks along country road; trucks across fields, fighter planes & bombs on grass field, men in swim trunks load bombs; bomb onto stukas. Continued...

WWII Outbreak; WW2; Battle; Fighting; History;

Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

[WWII Soldiers Ceremony & Parade in Winter]

Staged - Russian soldier kissing pistol. Ext. of ceremony in winter w/ battle flag or ?? given by officer to soldier who kneels; troops holding tommy guns aka machine guns, kneel. Flag w/ Lenin portrait becomes superimposed w/ Alexander Nevsky, w/ Suvorov. WWI victorious soldiers.

05:21:54 Flag: 86th Guard Regiment. Troops rise & march down snowy road in formation to singing.

05:22:29 Soldiers w/ sleds thru snowy city; various groups past large arch. Ski troops marching on frozen river or lake. Paratroopers in camouflage gear, winter troops w/ skiis. The End.

Title: Memory of heroes wilil live in nation s hearts forever.

WWII Soldiers Parade;

[WWII: Leningrad Winter Fighting]

Battle scenes w/ large explosions, smoke & burning. Destroyed artillery. Front line barricade. Destroyed german tanks, rocket launchers, artillery. Bodies frozen in snow. Gutted & destroyed empty Palace buildings w/ snow.

05:26:02 Dissolve to footage of same buildings pre-wwii w/ gardens & fountains. Dissolve back to remains & burned out hulks. People in streets watching prisoners marched thru mud & slush.

05:27:08 Title: Leningrad keeps fighting back. Fight near Gatchina.

Artillery firing from fields, soldiers running across snow past dead bodies & wrecked equipment. Empty pillbox. Soldiers along buildings retaking city; firing machine guns & tommy guns. Flames out of windows of burning buildings as troops march past. Statue of Napolean in front of burning building.

05:28:53 Troops along road, horse pulling caisson w/ artillery. Soldiers on rooftop w/ Red flag. The End.

WWII Battle of Leningrad; Fighting; Winter; Horrors of War;

[USSR Leaders & Military Troops]

Stalin, Kalinin, Mikoyan,Kaganovich laughing & smiling while talking & walking near Lenin s Tomb, good quality.

Flashbacks to Revolution, maps, paintings, footage, etc.

Title: In the Name of Stalin - To Fight Against The Enemy.

CU of Lenin s order making Stalin head of the Red Army.

Stalin -- CS staring. Small fighter airplanes taking off, tanks across field, POV thru trees. Troops riding, marching in countryside. Large number of planes overhead. POV in torpedo boat, on Navy ship.

[Unid. Russian Newsreel, ca 1941]

MS Loudspeaker on pole. Mostly women listening, larger crowd w/ some young men - pan across.

12:37:27 Mostly men listening; cut back to women in closer shots. Old & young. Spaeaker horns.

12:38:25 Wheat blowing in wind, combine moving thru field. Loudspeaker & farmworkers, various ethnic groups & regions.

12:40:02 Military officer in office shaking hands, CU of letters. Statue of Lenin. Military faces.

12:40:51 POV thru large steel mill; int. men shoveling into furnaces. Miners drilling. Coal. Oil derricks. Tank into water. Navy ships at sea & launching torpedoes. Tanks across grain stubble. Troops on horseback, riding in rail cars, trucks on flatcars. Soldiers listening, women listening, mixed civilians listening.

12:42:34 CU Stalin speaking (but not in sync w/ track). CUs speakers, people, listeners outdoors & indoors.

12:43:02 Military caricature of USSR soldier bayoneting snake. Bayoneting a caricature of Hitler w/ claws. Men & groups listening. Pan across them. Fixed shots of others.

12:45:40 CU document:

12:46:13 Horn speakers; people listening, young people.

12:46:41 POV of tank into trees, tanks aross field, planes. Speaker, flag, factory workers, large crowd in city listening.

12:47:10 Cossacks riding on road (3 or 4 seconds). Listeners. Troops board boxcars & leaving, waving. People listening & loudspeakers. Military troops listening. Pan across large group applauding w/ Stalin statue in middle, Montage of military hardware moving w/ International being sung.

WWII Russian Collectives; War Effort; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR Homefront, 1940s; Anti-Fascist Speech;

Russia At War - two reels

March of Time Forum Edition

Part One:

Troops march through Red Square past Kremlin & across river - Moscow street scenes - newspaper vendor - VO re city carrying on despite war - Molotov into office - Stalin making speech. Soviet war heros dining at Cafe National. Troops packed onto train leaving station waved off by loved ones. Armoured train. Map of USSR. Leningrad bomb damage; Soviet troops crawling w/ rifles. Gunboat squadrons patrolling eastern waters separating Russian Siberia & Japanese-held Manchuria. War effort scenes: female crew on fishing boat - farming in Caucasus - sheep herd on mountain slopes - wheat harvest - tea plantation - camels pulling carts of produce. Baku oil refinery scenes; loading tank cars and trains past camera. Coal miner Stakhanov (sp?) who exceeded quota drilling underground. Female miners; trains underground.

03:20:13 Magnetogorsk steel mill & industrial region - war production scenes - armaments factories; airplane & tanks assembled & roll off production line. Good shot workers crawl up hillside in armed combat training, industrial landscape below. Russian villagers support guerillas w/ home-made weapons. Partisans advance through village - take rifles from dead soldiers.

Part Two:

03:22:41 Villagers attack traitor captured by partisans after liberation w/ shovel & rakes - execution by firing squad. Soviet pianist entertains troops on airfield. Air to air shots gunner in turret - bombs away - explosions on ground - Luftwaffe fighter plane downed. Heavy artillery fired. Silhouette of fighter plane in flight. Soviet tanks advance. German tank ambushed by camouflaged gun. View from inside Russian tank as it fires and hits German tank.

03:26:25 Soviet nurse helps wounded soldier into trench. PoVs from inside moving tanks being fired at. Destroyed German tanks - CU hand of dead soldier w/ Swastika ring, pan to show uniform burning - Germans out of trench w/ hands up. Doctors operating on wounded. Shellshocked soldier helped out of tank & into ambulance.

03:28:08 Heavy gun raised at dusk, city in BG. Blimp / LTA raised above city at night. Silhouette heavy guns firing at night.

03:28:52 Military parade through Red Square - tanks - officers.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russian Home Front. War Effort. Petroleum

[Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes]

Marshall, Dulles, Clay & other unid. VIPs around table, probably in US Embassy. Moscow [?] street scenes - people onto streetcar - clearing snow. US embassy. Orthodox church. Kids stand around in melting snow. More Embassy shots inc. CU plaque on gate. Pedestrians past Embassy & church.

11:47:50 Red Square & Kremlin shots, St. Basil s Cathedral, few people crossing huge square. Pan down from star on top of Kremlin tower to Lenin s mausoleum below. View from across river. Traffic & police in Red Square. Statues. Soldiers marching past mausoleum. Elaborate Orthodox churches. 11:50:26 Woman streetcar driver in cab; good shot streetcar past camera, people jump on. Pedestrians on street - shop window displays - coats & hats.

11:51:07 INT truck factory assembly line. Tractor factory, women & men workers.

11:51:42 Red Square; officers outside Red Army HQ. INT officers on stairs; officer looks at statue of Stalin talking to Lenin. Schoolkids on tour shown display of captured Nazi flags & banners w/ swastikas. Officers play chess & dance w/ women in ballroom.

11:52:40 People queue at entrance to Lenin s mausoleum; group exit mausoleum; line stretching round Red Square. High shots across Moscow - hazy weather - little traffic.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism.

[Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes] (1940s)

Moscow sidewalks crowded w/ pedestrians - flower stall - brief shot commuters in underground metro station. CU priest; EXT pan down Orthodox church - woman past boarded-up entrance. Red Square - Kremlin, St. Basil s Cathedral, soldiers marching, abstract view of Lenin s mausoleum, bas-relief plaque Stalin-Lenin-Marx-Engels.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism.

[Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes]

EXT Red Army HQ. INT officers down steps. Officers & women jitterbugging dancing in ballroom. Long line around Red Square for Lenin s mausoleum. Woman selling newspapers inc. New Times in booth w/ portrait of Stalin. St. Basil s Cathedral. High shot across Moscow - hazy weather.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism.

[Leningrad & Moscow Military Defence Parades]

Top shots pan across display of troops & tanks in rainy Red Square. Battleship along river past Moscow skyline. Troops marching in review past officials; CU Kaganovich ? saluting from podium. Tanks in parade. Miserable weather.

13:57:57 Parade through Leningrad? city streets - elite soldiers - sailors - paratroopers - cavalry - tanks. Closer shots troops marching & singing. Cossacks on horseback - Minsk ?.

13:59:25 Top shots huge military parade in Red Square; troops pass in review; vars vehicle units parade past inc. Chinese? machine gun motorcyclists. CUs Stalin, Voroshilov & others on podium. LS Mausoleum. Top shot lines of tanks towards St. Basil s Cathedral. Trucks w/ giant spotlights. Crowds look up as planes fly over. Defiant intertitles - We re not afraid... etc.

WWII. Russia / USSR.

[Soviet Officials on Lenin s Tomb - Mikoyan Speech]

CUs officials on Mausoleum in Red Square talking & waving - Molotov, Kalinin, Kaganovich, Beria, Voroshilov, Mikoyan [Si.].

13:47:48 INT Mikoyan sync speech at 20th Birthday of Cheka, seems to start mid-sentence - tells of & praises boy who turned on his own father for stealing from the state; ends in applause off camera.

Russia / USSR. 1940s ? Communist Party.

Russian related Cuts

Excellent shots Russian paratroopers parachute from plane.

03:17:21 Camel drawn cart along road. St Basil s Cathedral, brief. Crowds in Red Square? Children in street

03:18:02 Building, sign Embassy of the United States of America. Policeman on traffic / point duty. Red Square parade. Interior Stalin on platform.

03:18:25 Mosque? Military march past in Red Square. Night shots, floodlights.

03:19:16 Statues and frieze. Military parade Red Square. May Day parade Red Square - Stalin in fur hat.

03:20:08 Various cuts including more Red Square at different times. Shops and street scenes 1950 s

03:23:48 Stalin meets with Field Marshall Montgomery - more cuts including tourists leaving Lenin s Tomb.

03:24:24 Germany - crowd outside Reichstag - demonstration. Roadsign You are Now Entering Russian Zone Newspaper headlines Reds declare war on Japs.

This reel comprises mainly of extremely brief cuts.

Russian related Cuts

Excellent shots Russian paratroopers parachute from plane.

02:17:35 Camel-drawn cart along road. German Prisoners. St Basil s Cathedral, brief. Crowds in Red Square? Children in street, wrecked buildings behind.

02:18:06 Building, sign Embassy of the United States of America. Policeman on traffic / point duty. Red Square parade. Interior Stalin on platform.

02:18:40 Military march past in Red Square. LS of Kremlin outside walls. Night shots, floodlights.

02:19:30 Statues and frieze. Military parade Red Square. May Day parade Red Square w/ posters; Stalin in fur hat.

02:20:22 Women past rubble. Military parades & various cuts including more Red Square at different times. Dnieper dam. Lenin s tomb & people leaving. Shops & street scenes 1950s.

02:24:02 Stalin meets w/ Field Marshall Montgomery; w/ Harriman; tourists leaving Lenin s Tomb.

02:24:38 Germany - crowd outside Reichstag - demonstration. Roadsign You are Now Entering Russian Zone Newspaper headlines Reds declare war on Japs.

Post-WWII; Daily Life; Communist; Communism;

This reel comprises mainly of extremely brief cuts.

[Misc. Russia Material 1930s - 1940s]

Parade - Tanks towards Red Square; Men and women in parade clapping

Officials on Mausoleum; overview of Parade

00:02:19 Crowd waving towards mausoleum; Good CU Stalin waving to crowd; CU old woman waving; Stalin salutes; overview parade

00:03:24 Night shots; GVs Ext Gum with picture of Stalin lit up; GVs Firework display

00:03:58 Soviet Feast or famine; GVs over Moscow; GVs Kremlin in snow; farmers meeting (Sd)

00:04:38 CU of Red army leader and his wife at farmers meeting; CU Stalin smoking his pipe during meeting; GVs meeting; People making speeches inc Com. Ulyanov Krupskaya (Lenin s sister) at mic (Sd - Sof)

00:06:20 Art Exhibition - people looking at pictures by artists awarded Lenin s Prize [?] - CUs vars satirical anti-Nazi political cartoons inc. Hitler & Mussolini. Children looking round Art Exhibition. [Sd - Russian narr].

00:08:11 Farm workers from Armenian borders visit Moscow as reward; shake hands w/ Mikoyan & meet Stalin; Stalin hugs old lady who is oldest inhabitant of the village. [Sd - Narr].

00:10:03 [Si.] Mass of German POWs paraded through streets inc. soldiers & Nazi officers in uniform; crowd watch them. Street cleaning trucks down street after Prisoners of War.

WWII. Communist Party. USSR.

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 2 of 3

Continued... Heavily damaged Brandenburg Gate, people watching as flag raised on top. HA people running in riot & from soldiers shooting. CU sign Potsdamer Platz. Running crowd, injured carried. Soviet tanks. Notice re Soviet Sector, Berlin. Tanks past people, men throwing stones at tanks. Notice re 18Jun53 Berlin closed the border. Parked tanks, people watching.

16:10:49 Still photographs of crowds, burning bulidings, soldiers.

16:11:12 Map showing other cities of demonstrations. CU text describing riot.

16:11:41 Clock tower. West Berlin, caskets under flags at funeral service. MCU standing West German leaders. SOF Ernst Reicher (sp?) at microphones. MCU listeners.

16:12:37 Stone w/ carving re Soviets.

16:12:47 Photograph: Hilda Benjamin (sp?); Trial footage of ??

16:13:04 Photograph of prison (?). Massive group of people camping in street; women & children in bunsk.

16:13:27 1956 Soviet Party Congress w/ Khrushchev to microphones (no speaking). Montage: Map of Poland. Yalta; Stalin w/ FDR, Churchill.

16:13:57 Post-WWII city w/ people, war veterans, in square listening, parading, etc.

16:14:13 Large exposition w/ Standard Motor Company sign; Mercedes Benz pavilion.

16:14:28 Workers in square w/ man speaking from back of truck, large crowd listening. Stills of Soviet tanks & crowds.

16:14:54 Large bulding ext; int. courtroom, young defendants & people listening. Soviet troops. lawyers, judges.

16:15:22 Moscow (?) aerial, street scene; Polish parade w/ Marx & Lenin posters; students on street hurrying & into bulding. Headline: Khrushchev in hald anti-Soviet Move. Off large plane. People on street. Polish leader, Wladyslaw Gomulk (21Oct-20Dec70 head of United Workers Party) speaking (MOS), others listen. Speaking from railroad car to crowd. Headline of voting Stalinists from office.

16:16:29 Polish tanks across field (brief). People reading Polish newspapers, demonstrating

16:16:56 Cardinal Wyszinski giving blessing from balcony, crowd below. Cardinal receiving flowers from children inside.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; East Germany Uprising 1953. Anti-Soviets; 1956 Poland;

[Manchuria - Russians and Chinese]

Train at station and people sitting on top of carriage. Russian and Chinese officers pose together and shake hands. Russian soldiers guard building. Exterior large building with portrait Lenin & Stalin. Sandbagged building guarded by Chinese. Street and traffic. Crowd of Chinese. Russians out of building and talk with Chinese officer. Large building with Stalin portrait and Cyrillic writing. Chinese children shine Russian s boots. Market stalls in street. City rooftops. High angle street with traffic. Cyrillic writing on house facade. Russians? inspect factory ruins.

Life of Ho Chi Minh Reel 5

Ho Chi Minh climbs down ladder of hut; leads outdoors exercise class; volley ball - training camp?

At desk studying; typing; playing with children; fishing; serving food; eating outdoors at camp with others; Hilly landscapes and rain. Troops walk in field. Crowd of villagers run to welcome Ho. Communist meeting and speeches by various people, some women. Applause.

Ho Chi Minh at HQ? village and planning with his men. Infantry battle, firing and explosions - Vietnamese capture many prisoners and parade victoriously under Ho s gaze. - crowds cheer; celebration. Ceremonial dance with fans. Fireworks over city. Ho & others vote. Meeting at conference table.

Women with soldiers. Anti-Diem poster? Demonstrations. Ho gives flowers to schoolchildren. People off boat welcomed at dock.

Re modernisation of Vietnam: Ho through crowds waving and gives speech; cheering. People on sides of river. harvesting and ploughing with tractors. Automated factory production. Printing press. Bulldozers. Factory. Modern buildings. Cargo ship at dock and loading goods. Schoolyard with kids. Cycling in street. Students at university; women in anatomy class; students at microscopes; lecture halls; portraits Marx & Lenin & Ho under Hammer & sickle. People cheer at Ho Chi Minh shrine. Applauding. Ho hoes to plant tree. Child with watering can. Kids and babies play. Ho writes. Ho sbedroom; Ho walks down stairs; waters plant; plays with kids and makes them sing.

Very grainy and scratched.


Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.567 R4? Jul41]

Convoy of German trucks, motorcycles w/ sidecars thru damaged village & down street past bombed buildings. Large Soviet building captured by Germans, Lenin statue in front. Russian civilians pick thru ruins of smoking homes. High pan across rubbled town, salvaging possessions. Convoy of German military vehicles along muddy road thru village. VO trans. This is how the Bolshevik worker s paradise looks in reality... . Soldier nails sign on fence, people standing watching. Villagers buy food & leaving wrecked store. Large Soviet Red Army banner w/ picture of Stalin & Lenin.

13:00:40 Heavy guns fired near Minsk, fighting & explosions, viewing binoculars, USSR tank & troop carriers under fire; truck burning. Surrendering Soviets PoWs, some wounded, CUs prisoners from Eastern/Asian USSR, female Russian soldier. PoWs marched in long column. Tracking shots past wrecked much Soviet equipment, tanks & trucks along road. Troops inspect huge Soviet tank. Airfield littered w/ damaged Soviet fighter planes. VERY GOOD.

13:05:15 Map of Eastern Front, Baltic States. Germans into Riga, troops & trucks past bombed buildings & streets w/ bodies & equipment. VO blames Soviets for destruction. Civilians begin clean-up operation;German soldier paints scene. Forced labor, Latvian Jews off truck w/ shovels, strip to waist & begin digging [graves?], German troops shouting.

13:06:33 Bodies of Latvian nationalists removed from shacks around Riga. VO: mutilated & killed by Soviet GPU secret police , women cries over corpses, bodies into coffins, dead children. Jewish man beaten in street by civilians & dragged away, accused of collaboration w/ GPU & massacre. Riga synagogue burning, VO says civilians did it.

WWII. Russia / USSR. Nazi Occupation. Operation Barbarossa. NKVD. Atrocities.

11:15:00 Russian titles

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.566/7/8? Partial Jul41]

11:15:12 Map of Eastern Front showing Lake Peipus on Estonian-Russian border. German Messerschmidt Me-109 fighter planes on way to attack around Lake Peipus, shots inside cabin of bomber, bombs dropping, air to air shots

11:15:48 Russian fighter planes attacked.

11:16:01 INT cockpit, wounded German pilot bandaged. Cutaway gun camera stock shots Spitfires & Hurricanes being shot down over Britain 1940 - VO says they are Soviet fighter planes.

11:17:40 Bombs dropped on Russian troop transport & rockets fired.

11:17:58 Destroyed train & wrecked tanks on railway flat cars; Russian armoured train, debris littered across tracks. Various shots in MCU of twisted wreckage & equipment.

11:18:41 Map of Eastern Front. Troops on way to Lake Peipus, half-tracks tow artillery pieces across field. Attack against Russian position; burning Russian tank by roadside. CU German soldier firing machine gun from side of railroad tracks. (GOOD)

11:20:06 CU Wehrmacht photographer taking photo.

11:20:13 Howitzer fired. Battle scenes as village taken. Burning buildings. Street fighting - photographer runs across road w/ normal soldier. German troops fire from behind destroyed Soviet tank, bodies below.

11:21:54 East of Lake Peipus, tanks & trucks towards Leningrad through burning town [night] - musical sequence showing troops marching, convoy inc. troops on horseback & bicycle, tanks, horse-drawn carriages etc. End.

WWII; Russia / USSR; Eastern Front; Nazi Occupation; Military Aviation; Propaganda; German Newsreel;

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 1 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration. Map of Leningrad & surrounding area. Leningrad at peace, Summer 1941; statue of Lenin, street scenes w/ traffic, industry, grand architecture.

09:01:31 22Jun41 Molotov radio broadcast re war with Germany, crowds listen to loudspeakers in streets [Molotov s voice, w/ narrator translation]. CUs faces of civilians & military, applause. General Secretary of Communist Party for Leningrad Chanov [?] meets w/ Kusnetsov [?] to organise defence. CU statement of defiance in Russian signed by Voroshilov & others.

09:03:33 Montage: women put up Soviet propoganda posters, sailors man battleship, workers enlist & given rifles. Battalion of female soldiers formed to defend city - CU leader Natascha Matsiva [?]. Column of troops march out of city led by military band. Fighting montage: Soviet troops in trenches, battleships firing heavy guns, heavy artillery, farmers evacuate w/ cattle, farmland torched, burned.

09:05:44 Civilians build defences on outskirts of city, dig barricades across street. Armed factory workers marching. Armaments production, women workers, new tank off production line, women sew uniforms, fur hats packed. Soldier on watch w/ binoculars. Anti-aircraft gun.

09:08:42 Civilians in streets run to shelters as first bombers approach, medics & firemen spring into action, siren heard, deserted streets. Aerial over city. Anti-aircraft guns firing, bombers overhead, building collapses - stretcher carried past rubble - high pan across devastated neighbourhood - burning buildings. Crashed Nazi plane w/ Swastika visible - dead pilot. Ruins of grand buildings & broken statue.

WWII. Eastern Front. Battle of Leningrad. Russia / USSR.

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 2 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration.

Leningrad at dusk, silhouettes, blackout curtains drawn, searchlights. Montage war workers in factory while bombing continues, anti-aircraft fire. Soviet airmen take off, CU ace fighter pilot Karashan [?]; armament production line. Burning buildings & firefighting; downed German plane w/ CU burning Swastika on tailfin. Armored & camouflaged train w/ large guns.

09:13:45 Dead elephant among ruins of zoo. Tilt down levels of apartment building w/ facade blown off. Rescue workers among ruins. Railroad laid in street, shells loaded & heavy artillery fired; field artillery w/ machine guns. Battleships at sea,Soviet Naval officers consult map.

09:16:13 Title Then came the severe winter of 1941-2 . Soldier guarding snow-covered docks, anti-aircraft guns in streets. CU Stalin speaking in full uniform before large micophone ordering Soviet troops to stop retreating [English subtitles]. Loadspeakers. Russian headline w/ VO The enemy is at the gate! Troops march thru city, traffic & civilians thru snow. Workers in factory w/ collapsed roof. Damage to the Hermitage museum. Pedestrians wrapped up against severe cold. VO re harsh conditions - man pulls box on rope thru street.

09:19:49 Water gathered by buckets from holes in ice.

09:20:28 Bread ration chart translated to English - 9 ounces for workers, 4.5 everyone else; women queue for bread. Worker at tank factory warms hands over fire; armaments workers in thick coats.

WWII; Eastern Front; Battle of Leningrad; Russia / USSR;

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.567? Jul41] R1 of 2

Convoy of German trucks, motorcycles w/ sidecars thru village & down street past bombed buildings. Large Soviet building captured by Germans w/ statue of Lenin in front. Heavily damaged area of town & Russian civilians pick thru ruins of homes. Pan across rubbled town - salvaging possessions. Convoy of German military vehicles along muddy road thru village - VO trans. This is how the Bolschevistic worker s paradise looks in reality... . Soldier nails sign on fence.

04:09:18 Villagers buying food in wrecked store. Red Army banner - large mural on side of building calling soldiers to arms.

04:09:33 Heavy guns fired near Minsk, Soviet tank & troop carriers under fire; truck burning. Soviet PoWs, some wounded - CUs prisoners from Eastern/Asian USSR. Female Russian soldier. PoWs marched in long column.

04:12:30 Tracking shots past wrecked Soviet equipment - tanks at roadside. German troops inspect huge Soviet tank. Airfield littered w/ abandoned Soviet fighter planes, some damaged.

WWII - Eastern Front; Germany; Russia / USSR; Nazi Occupation; Operation Barbarossa; Propaganda.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.567? Jul41] R2 of 2

Cont d...Map of Eastern Front showing Lake Peipus on Estonian-Russian border. Bomber formation in flight. shots inside cabin of bomber; bombs drop - air to air shots, explosions. Russian fighter planes attack & fired on by machine gunner. ME 109 Messerschmidt & gun camera footage hitting Russian planes. INT cockpit, wounded German pilot bandaged. Cutaway gun camera stock shots Spitfires & Hurricanes (being shot down over Britain 1940) - VO says they are Soviet fighter planes.

04:16:50 Bombs dropped on Russian troop transport & strafing.

04:17:07 Wrecked tanks on railway flat cars - Russian armoured train - debris littered across tracks.

04:17:48 Map of Eastern Front. Troops on way to Lake Peipus - half-tracks tow artillery pieces across field. Tanks along road, up railroad trak. Attack against Russian position; burning Russian tank in BG. CU German soldier firing machine gun from side of railroad tracks.

04:19:13 CU Wehrmacht photographer taking photo.

04:19:16 Howitzer fired. Battle scenes as village taken. Burning buildings. Street fighting - photographer runs across road w/ soldier. German troops fire from behind destroyed Soviet tank, bodies below.

04:21:00 East of Lake Peipus - tanks and trucks towards Leningrad thru burning town [night] - musical sequence of troops marching - convoy inc. troops on horseback & bicycle, tanks, horse-drawn carriages etc. End.

WWII Eastern Front; Russia / USSR; Nazi Occupation; Germany Military Aviation; Operation Barbarossa; Propaganda;

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.577 Sep41 R1 of ?]


10:03:44 Eastern Front: Nazi Generals visit troops, inc. Gen. Field Marshal von Brauchitsch; Ritter von Schobert (who died shortly after in battle) take off in light plane from grass field.

10:04:06 Good shots Goering looking ridiculous as he arrives at von Brauchitsch s headquarters in huge open-top limousine wearing pale overcoat & carrying walking stick. Goering views aerial photos on wall w/ Nazi Generals, then departs past troops taking pictures.

10:05:26 Map of Eastern front w/ Finland & Murmansk. Junkers Ju-87 Stukas take off from airfield for raid on Murmansk. Air to air shots bombing Soviet positions in water & countryside.

10:06:22 Viipuri in Finland seen across river. Finnish troops wait in undergrowth; heavy guns firing at USSR positions. Troops row across river under heavy fire, explosions in water all around; boat reaches side & troops run up bank. Troops thru smoke under fire; cut barbed wire; CU machine gun firing. City of Viipuri [now Vyborg] on Finnish-Russian border under bombardment. Germans run across ruined wooden bridge, set up small machine gun. Street fighting, snipers inside building; city re-captured by Finnish force, troops thru streets past burning buildings & bomb damage inc. church & railway station w/ town s name. GOOD.

10:09:40 Lake Ladoga in long shot. Finnish? troops w/ bicycles & marching advance on Leningrad [St. Petersburg] south of Viipuri. Town burning on horizon, industrial plant burning. Troops search town for USSR soldiers.

10:10:45 Map showing Leningrad. Troops on camouflaged speedboats into Gulf of Finland, drop mines to destroy Soviet scout boat & submarines, explosions in water; anti-aircraft gun fired from deck. Nazi Kriegsmarine flag flying on boat.

10:12:35 German planes towards USSR positions around Leningrad, fighters attacking Soviet positions - gun camera footage. Air to air of German bombers.

10:13:26 Burning ammunition depot.

WWII Fighting; Operation Barbarossa; Axis Powers; Russia / USSR; Early Battle of Leningrad;

NOTE: Good material & coverage.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.577 Sep41 R2 of ?]

Convoy of German troops & tanks thru Russian countryside towards Leningrad, past abandoned concrete bunker & wrecked Soviet equipment. German tank plows thru brick wall; miniature tank attached to back w/ string as talisman for good luck; tanks & trucks thru village.

10:15:08 Heavy guns pushed by half-track trucks. Heavy artillery fired. Shells w/ Leningrad written on them. Troops march across open countryside. Trenches & communications; observation position, soldier in trench looks thru binoculars. Tank? blown up. Nearing Leningrad - heavy bombardment. Officers watch from beside road. Leningrad seen in distance.

10:18:08 Map showing Kiev & Odessa Air to air of German bomber. INT German bomber flying over Kiev & Odessa region; attacking USSR industrial plants and troops. Bombs drop & small explosions on ground below. CU Pilot & navigator. Heavy explosions, railway line bombed. Bombers over lake, drop bombs, ship below & explosions. Ship on fire. Plane s radio operator transmitting news of success.

10:20:05 Map of Russia & Ukraine showing advance on Kiev - triangle around city compared to distance between Munich, Cologne & Stettin.

10:21:25 Battle around Kremenchuk, Ukraine w/ heavy artillery bombardment from grain fields near Dnieper River. Oil tanks or boats burning on riverbank. German troops into Kremenchuk past makseshift bunkers & defences in streets.

10:23:12 German troops on motorcycles w/ sidecars & trucks along muddy road thru village. Deep mud. (GOOD) High pan across Ukrainian city of Chernigov. Tired German troops into town & resting. Soviet propaganda poster. Ruins in village. [Ends abruptly.]

WWII Fighting; Operation Barbarossa; Axis Powers; Russia / USSR; Battle of Leningrad;

NOTE: Very good coverage & quality.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [572 Reel 3]

20Aug41 Map of Western Russia. LS bomb-damaged Smolensk, trucks passing in FG. Tracking shot past gutted buildings. Soldiers looking at noticeboard w/ sign Feierstunde des Frontsoldaten Smolensk 14.8.41 - watched by woman w/ baby. Town square. Bomb-damaged cathedral destroyed by pagan Russians . Display in Russian w/ portraits of Lenin. Soviet prisoners forced to clean out churches - removing hay stored inside; more ornate churches visible in BG - served as a platform for paratroopers. Nazi officers greet local people who smile & wave - finally liberated from bolshevistic tyranny . Nazi soldier getting married [bride absent] w/ two comrades as best men - officer conducts ceremony from small outdoor platform - soldier congratulated & given choice of gifts - comrades gather round, one w/ puppy. Troops march laden down w/ equipment.

WWII. Eastern Front. USSR.

The Battle of Russia R8 of 10 (Military Version - Part 2)

re Siege of Leningrad

Aftermath of blitz, clean up, wounded & dead; smoking buildings. Women remove rubble from streets. Dead children. Dead elephant in Leningrad zoo. Animated map. Winter siege begins: tanks, barrage balloon carried thru street. Aerial of city; snow & frozen lake; sleds pulled. Defenses are manned, trenches. People thru streets; locomotive sitting under snow. Electric busses stopped.

03:57:00 Food is rationed; people dig holes in street for water. Cutting bread, handing out. Women digging w/ shovels, picks clearing rubble & wreckage. Burning building, industry.

03:58:01 Enormous German Morser Karl Thor gun - mortar - raised. Shell moved into place, fired. Shelling of Leningrad w/ other artillery. Shell manufacture continues in roofless factory building, montage of firing & manufacturing. Casket pulled on street. Bodies pulled on sled.

03:59:44 Map of Lake Ladoga & Baltic w/ Leningrad & Nazi occupation. Supplies brought in by truck, tractor, & railroad across frozen Lake Ladoga. Winter snows blanket the city. Nazi planes bomb trucks on the lake. 04:03:00 Spring thaw. Children play in sunshine. Trams running; sailors entertained; Cossack dancing on stage. German prisoners marched thru the city. People march w/ rifles out of factory gates.

WWII Why We Fight Series, Military Propaganda Film; Invasion; History;

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 3 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration.

VO re scientists, artists & musicians working during siege. Composer Assaviev [?] sits down at piano to play, cutaways to people reading. People watching sky. Smoke & vapor clouds over city. Mother feeds bundled child. Street scenes of people trudging thru snow; pull sleds w/ coffins & bodies, starving peple. Pedestrians look at frozen body on sidewalk. Frozen train & empty railroad station w/ guard.

09:24:38 Map of Leningrad area showing city surrounded by German forces. Planes fly in w/ supplies, crates loaded into trucks, planes take off. CU telegram from Zhukov in Moscow thanking Leningrad citizens for efforts. Civilians at newstand read newspaper report of German defeat at Moscow.

09:26:50 Road cleared across frozen Lake Ladoga, convoy of trucks brings food & fuel supplies as arillery fire alongside roadway. Railway tracks laid across ice.

09:29:14 Women & children evacuated from city by buses & tanks across ice. Fuel truck & more supplies past pulled by tanks, bulldozers, etc. Pan across depot w/ hundreds of barrels.

WWII. Eastern Front. Battle of Leningrad. Russia / USSR.

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 4 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration.

Snipers on front line in snowy trenches; medics w/ infured, snipers in snow camouflage crawl through undergrowth. Probably staged scene w/ ace sniper finding German soldier in gun sight, shooting him & keeping score. Heavy guns firing, explosions. General Kochin [?] Commander of Leningrad front consults map w/ officers. Soviet fighters & bombers in flight; bombs dropped, explosions.

09:34:27 Guerrilla troops in woods - snow camouflaged & skis. German communication lines severed & trees felled across roads. German troops run away as guerrillas fire [staged?]. Group of guerillas bring convoy of food to Leningrad. Guerillas advance.

09:37:40 Ski troops across open plain under bombardment - tanks clear way for infantry. Dead German soldiers. Tanks thru burning village, piles of corpses & makeshift graves.

09:39:47 Captured German soldiers marched through snow, lone PoW limping along at gunpoint. Groups of PoWs look freezing, some wounded. Captured German trucks & equipment. Graves of some of 37,000 Germans killed.

09:41:44 Banners awarded to Soviet fighter pilots - Stalin s Falcons. Chanov [?] gives awards to guerrillas in city.

WWII; Eastern Front; Battle of Leningrad; Russia / USSR; Fighting; Prisoners of War; Horrors of War;

[Soviet Newsreel Extracts 1941]

Reel 3 partial

19:16:30 Steel industry Interiors & exteriors. CU workers & liquid steel. Train of coke cars, oil derricks & workers drilling oil wells.

End of section.

Reel 28

19:17:36 Self-Mechanized Labor 22Jul41 Marching women civilians to fields, past village. Working in fields, hoeing, watering & dusting crops w/ spray guns. Grain in CU & boys plane spotting on small tower. Women learn about tractors in outdoor class, Kolkhoz. Learn to drive tractor & combine.

19:19:35 Women scythe & gather hay. Men stacking.

19:20:29 End of section.

Reel 30

19:20:34 23Jul41? Stalin, Kalinin, Mikoyan walking near Lenin s tomb along pavement outside Kremlin - stills and etchings of young Stalin. Stalin on mausoleum. Soviet fighters take off.

End of section.

19:21:31 Nursery scenes - looking after children of Red Army soldiers without tiredness; cared for by Soviet government w/ help from adolescent girls / young pioneers. (GOOD).

WWII; Eastern Front; Russia / USSR Homefront; Women at war; Cult of Stalin;

France Libre Actualités, #7, American version Reel 1

Titles explain that the following is captured enemy newsreel which shows Axis hopes and plans for the campaign in the Middle East as of October 1942. French-accented English narration laid over original French.

Map showing Middle east and advances made by Germans. German footage of advancing Nazi troops near Stalingrad - artillery fire - Germans throwing grenades - flame throwers - destroyed buildings. Animated map shows how Germans have cut off supplies to allied troops through Persian Gulf. Animated map with American commentary shows how this is propaganda and shows what really happened in the battle for Stalingrad. Actuality footage of battle - many Russian tanks and troops - fighting scenes. Russian aircraft - wrecked German planes and German prisoners of war marched through streets, abused by Russian citizens. Russian tanks advance on snowy fields of Leningrad - excellent shots Russian cavalry charging and troops running in advance.

16:46:09 Newsreel continues Rommel with troops, German military vehicles and tanks in convoy. Artillery firing. Building of landing grounds and airfield - pumping water - irrigation. Tobruk harbour. German troops disembark Tobruk, supplies unloaded - transported by desert railway. Rommel and Kesselring - animated map showing how Axis have surrounded Middle East. American commentary tells what has really happened - actuality British 8th army firing artillery - US planes dropping bombs over desert. British troops and tanks advance. Allies advance on Tobruk.. Wrecked German planes. Captured German prisoners of war including General Von Toma ?.

[Siege of Leningrad - Part 1]

Vars GVs Leningrad; exterior general views Smolny. Traffic, pedestrians, architecture shots etc.

00:36:02 22Jun41 Vars GVs people listening to speakers announcing German invasion [ Barbarossa ] and bombing of Russian cities - 200 killed. CUs faces.

00:37:35 Rallies calling for mobilisation; tanks - burning buildings - farm workers evacuate w/ animals. Troops at front; Russian artillery fires; Russian troops into trenches.

WWII. Refugees. USSR.

[Siege of Leningrad - Part 2]

Early scenes bombing by Luftwaffe; good sequence showing aftermath of air raid - burning buildings, stretcher bearer, corpses, homeless child clutches doll. Russian ack-ack battery. Russian troops inspect German planes on ground after being shot down. GVs bombed city inc. destroyed Kirov Opera House; dead elephant in bombed zoo; scenes of city being cleared up after bombing.


[Siege of Leningrad - Part 3]

Stalin speech theoretically in Red Square, 07Nov41 - actually filmed in either Metro Komsomolskaya or Metro Meyerkovskaya station - We fight alone against the forces of facism .

00:43:28 CU Russian newspaper headlines - Pravda 10Nov41. Scenes of city in the snow; pedestrians past tank parked outside building; soldiers march down street; tanks down street; traffic & civilians in street.

00:45:00 Bomb damage scenes - INT building w/ collapsed roof; Stalingrad Tractor Factory; corpses removed; grand buildings damaged; people of streets of frozen city; dead bodies removed on sledges ; people drawing water through ice; food distribution - bread weighed - children get 125 grams, soldiers 195.

00:48:28 Dec41 INT tank factory production line; tanks & shells being made by men & women; heavy guns wheeled out of factory. Two lone soldiers on sentry duty. VS bomb damage - smoke. GVs refugees / homeless w/ belongings in street & corpses. Buses & train covered in snow.


[Moscow: Winter 1941/42] Two Reels

Part One:

Good stock shot footage including high angles over Moscow. Deserted roads around Kremlin; Red Square - building w/ banners Stalin and Lenin; Lenin s mausoleum. Good city street scenes - people queue for cinema -

Part Two:

Vars state buildings & traffic - more banners in Red Square - pedestrians crossing busy street - streetcars - river & bridges. Red Square at dusk - traffic policeman - river at sunset - train across bridge. More dusk / silhouette shots of streets - traffic lights.

Russia/ USSR. 1940s.

[Siege of Leningrad 1941-42 - Part 5 of 5]

Montage documentary w/ English narration.

Street scenes in Leningrad, civilians clear rubble as snow starts to melt. Streetcar - man painting at easel in street. Title Spring 1942 . Ice melting on river. Anti-Nazi cartoon. Soldier rolls cigarette in trench. German tank abandoned; grave w/ German helmet. Cross floats in river. Last convoy crosses Lake Ladoga thru melting water on ice; piles of supplies.

09:45:28 Bread ration increased. Civilians clear snow from streets; women w/ shovels. Warships repaired in dock & maintained.

09:47:17 Visitors from other Communist countries arrive w/ gifts; group from Kirghiz Republic [Kyrgyzstan] - VO from the Steppes of Asia Minor . Sailors paint ship. Recovery scenes, kid in fur coat on tricycle; kids hold hands thru city center. Streetcar lines repaired & streetcars back in service; people board & travelling shots through streets. Pedestrians in sunshine walking, bicycling. Barrage balloon thru street. Barricades on outskirts of city - soldiers in defence positions prepare for second wave of attacks.

09:51:24 High pan across Leningrad w/ statue of Lenin superimposed. End title quote from Lenin: Comrades! Fight to the last drop of blood. Hold on to every foot of earth, firm to the end! Victory is not far off! And Victory will be ours!

WWII. Eastern Front. Battle of Leningrad. Russia / USSR.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [No.601 Mar42 ?]

Warship convoy w/ icebrakers on icy sea heading east. Heavy smoke. Map of Eastern Front around Leningrad. Lake Ladoga - Finnish troops on horseback & skis - advance party pulling sleds.

15:17:47 Russian attack, explosions, soldiers in snow camouflage fall, pulling & loading gun & counterattack in snowy forest.

15:18:52 German infantry thru woods toward front - tank w/ soldier searching for mines. Dead.

15:19:22 Fleeing Russian soldier shot at. German Stukas overhead (GOOD). German & Finnish troops thru woods, fighting, troops advance on tanks & foot thru woods, dead Russian soldiers, wrecked equipment, tanks.

15:21:22 Map Eastern Front. Heavy artillery shooting on Leningrad. Shells unpacked. Multiple firing.

15:22:05 German airfield, sign Flugleitung / Air Control . German planes. Russian PoWs clear runway of snow, shoveling into wagons. Runway beinig packed w/ rollers. Horse-drawn carts w/ supplies of food, ammunition, petrol - supplies loaded into Junkers JU-52. Snow cleared from wing, troops into plane w/ skiis, pilot & co-pilot into tri-motor plane, take off in cloud of snow. Aerials & air to air shots en route to Eastern Front. Interior of planes w/ troops sitting on floor.

15:24:19 Plane drops mail; horse-drawn sleds bring mail to front line. Cont d...

WWII; Russia / USSR; Eastern Front; Battles;

News Review #02: The War 1941-1944 R2 of ?

Guerrilla fighters in USSR; Leningrad. Russians fighting, cutting barbed wire, w/ rifles & tanks.

10:33:46 Aerial of Sevastopal & nearly total destruction. Map showing drive for Stalingrad & Caucasus.

10:34:23 1942 North African cammpaign. British carry wouknded.

10:34:43 1942 Pacific Front montage: Japanese saluting, pilots, taking off in bombers; Thailand falls, troops moving thru mud. Attu & Kiska. Globe.

10:35:41 Ships in row, launch plane from battleship. Submarines & others ships at rest. Man in radio room. Adm Nimitz CU. Pilot briefing in aircraft carrier, loading bombs, taking off from aircraft carrier (GOOD). LS.

Planes over American fleeting, flak, ack ack, anti-aircraft gun crew firing. Planes explod in water. Plane crash on carrier deck. Carrier hit & planes in low in flames. Yorktown burning. Aerial of planes in flight, diving on ships. Ship sinking; others burning.

10:39:43 American sailors sitting in sun on deck. Ships underway.

10:39:53 Africa Aug42 Egypt & setting up artillery, fueling tanks. French tanks, troops moving up thru dust clouds. British firing large artillery in barrage. German tanks burning w/ heavy black smoke. British troops behind sandbagged positions.

10:41:04 Russia Sep42 Map w/ German front shown. Hitler & men at maps on table. Stalin at microphone. Fighting thru walls, destroyed building stairs, setting up automatic guns, firing from windows. Street fighting. Moving artillery by hand. Fire in building behind statue of dancing children. Men looking w/ binoculars.

10:42:45 Title: The Home Fronts, 1942 View of parts from moving overhead crane. Women working in factories on assembly line, at machines. Bombed factory in USSR & men working in steel mill; women working in machine shop, boy running lathe.

WWII Compilation Film; Battles;

[German Newsreel Excerpts, 1942]

Franco, in black uniform, at opening of Madrid, Spain Falangist girls school, looking at exhibits; walking w/ two women followed by priest. Girls & banners on poles; women receiving pins. Girls w/ berets marching as others watch.

02:19:37 Romania - Priest & military visit exhibit; banners. Small girl in folk dress beside two large squash. Outdoor pavilions & people in folk costumes; large hat of flowers. Parade of marchers giving Fascist salute passing reviewing stand. Oxen pulling wagons w/ people in folk dresses. Reviewing stand. Wagons w/ floats.

02:20:33 Denmark. Men, woman picking tobacco leaves. Loading crates onto wagen. Women sorting tobacco leaves at long tables under shed roof. Men hanging to dry. CU hands rolling cigars; smoking. Nutria (?) in cages; black fox in cage & held up by man. Man holds marten in canvas sack & puts ?? on fur; takes it out & shows how it bites the canvas. Woman modelling pelts around neck as stole.

02:21:58 German women tending various thread machines in hosiery factory. Spinning, threading, weaving. CUs. Finished stocking onto forms to shape, steam, inspecting. Woman putting on stocking. Models .

02:23:17 Paris France crowd at Auteuil grass track for horse races. Starting gate, over jumpsdown finish.

02:24:14 Soldiers breaking rocks for road, laying. Roller. Large wooden timbers & bridge under construction (in Galicia?) w/ saws, axes. Pans over timbers.

02:25:53 Italian (?) soldiers picking up packs w/ fur covers. Saying good-byes; marching up street in tight formation w/ military band. Other troops alongside as they leave for USSR.

02:26:30 Map of Kronstadt, Leningrad, Schlosselburg. Large artillery firing. Shells exploding at river or lake edge, fires burning in Kronstadt. Men cranking artillery around. Firing on Russian battleship Marat enveloped in smoke screen. German plans bombing Leningrad industrial area. POV dropping bombs, explosions, planes shadow over ground. Pilot smiling. Bombs falling seen from above.

02:28:41 Map w/ Stalingrad. German troops running to edge of Volga, firing across. Soviet tank hit, burns. Troops thru wreckage of railyard. LS of Stalingrad w/ heavily destroyed buildings.

WWII Eastern Front; Agriculture; Propaganda; Occupied France; 1942;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

The Battle of Russia R7 of 10 (Military Version - Part 2)

Nazi atrocities: dead frozen Russian civilians & mourning relatives; public hangings. Titles over chanting CU of civilians w/ rifles (Brechtian).

03:50:09 Machine guns firing; tanks forward & Russian advance past burning buildings. Animated map. German army retreat, Germans captured.

03:51:23 Prewar Leningrad, skyline, factories, docks. Troops marching; men, women & children digging to build barricades. Air-raid sirens, people run for shelter, empty streets. Plane spotters on roof; guns firing at planes. German planes in flight & dize bombing, explosions. The city is intensively bombed, ack-ack guns firing. Flak. Night shots battle scenes. Searchlights. Planes down in flames. Fires raging in buildings.

WWII Why We Fight Series, Military Propaganda Film; Invasion; History;

[Liberation of Kiev]

People returning to city past burning buildings ca. 06Nov43 - welcoming Red Army liberators. Woman in street wringing hands at destruction as tanks pass in BG. Ukrainian civilians wave at Soviet troops on tank - kiss & shake hands w/ soldiers. Belongings pulled on carts. Bodies of those killed by Gestapo litter ground - men, women, children - mourning women. Ruins of University of Kiev. Soldiers tear down German sign & deface portrait of Adolf Hitler. Street scenes - almost deserted city.

13:03:38 Marshal Zhukov walking through city w/ Kruschev - crying woman hugs Khruschev, man kisses him - given drawing of Stalin.

13:04:37 Moscow - gun salute & fireworks over Red Square & Kremlin to celebrate Kiev s liberation.

13:05:09 Zhukov & Kruschev in front of statue of Lenin? in Kiev. High shots across Kiev. Good.

WWII. Eastern Front. Nazi Occupation. Refugees / DPs. Russia / Ukraine / USSR.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [#674 Aug43]

Harvesting rape for rape oil - farm workers w/ threshing machine. Hitler Youth pick peas on farm. Flemish & Norwegian girls help feed animals etc. - walk thru farm arm-in-arm looking happy. Kids at Hitler Youth camp by Baltic Sea [Wartegau ?] - outdoor craft tables & eating lunch - boy gives nurse Nazi salute after having check-up to see if he gained weight - gymnastic display - good shots hordes of Hitler Youth in bathing suits run across beach into sea & towards camera.

01:24:15 Hitler & von Ribbentrop walk thru grounds of Wolf s Lair / Wolfsschanze - Alsatian dog Blondi seen. Various shots other Generals arrive for conference & greet one another inc. Keitel, Oshima from Japan, Dietrich, Jodl, Milch, Doenitz, Goering w/ Speer. Hitler w/ Goebbels.

01:25:41 Supplies loaded onto supply U-Boat / U-Tanker at docks. U-Tanker at sea - alarm raised - good PoV shot facing conning tower as submarine goes under water to hide from British scout sub - INT engine room - LS sub diving at sharp angle. U-Boat surfaces - crew relax on deck - catch shark - lookouts w/ binoculars - bread cooked in galley - supplies passed along ropes to sub from ship - torpedo floated across & loaded into gun - doctor into small boat to examine troops - fuelling pipes - damage repaired - crews wave to each other.

01:31:04 Map of Eastern Front around Leningrad. Displacement of soldiers - good shots heavy bombardment across Lake Ladoga during Siege of Leningrad [no snow]. Scout soldier.

[Ends abruptly - incomplete.]

WWII; German Navy; Naval Preparations;

[Soviet Speech On 19th Anniversary of Lenin s Death]

Soviet Meeting w/ Kalinen & other VIPS, applauding delegates. Stalin at foot of Lenin statue. ?? speaks. Listening VIPS (Malenkov, Molotov etc) & delegates. Much applause.

Ceremony; Cult of Lenin; Speech;

Battle of Kursk (Related) R18 of 18

Men constructing reinforced concrete pillboxes. Bending reinforcing rod; unloading off truck & burying in soil.

09:21:45 Plane & tanks unloaded from England.

09:21:55 Russian soldiers building shelter or pillbox w/ logs, poles & earth. Covering w/ camouflaged sod & branches. Troops marching past grainfield w/ accordion player. Pan over farm huts, carrying soil under camouflage netting. Many civilians digging deep, long tank trap or ?? along river. Women shoveling, GOOD CU but soft focus.

09:25:25 Civilians marching w/ shovels, joining many others working along river & digging along hillside. Women digging in sunshine w/ light dresses etc. Using picks & shovesl.

09:26:27 Faces of Germans in winter after surrender of Stalingrad. Iron cross pinned on. Mass German graves in cemetery. Troops march in stadium. German POWs snaking way up hillside in snow, marching thru city. German general past body in snow. Von Paulus surrenders after Stalingrad - formal ceremony & signing..

09:27:45 Marching POWs up hillside, past camera. Aerials over planes & equipment in snow on field. Railroad yard w/ steam engine & snow.

09:28:41 American English Sd. Russian dead, frozen bodies laying on ground, grieving people cdivilians & troops outside village of log houses. Dead frozen stiff bodies of massacred children.

09:30:00 Hanging bodies, people looking. Girl crying by mother.

09:30:15 Leningrad montage: Troops march past statue, hillside, women & men & children digging trenches; cutting rations of bread & weighing, women buying, building up barricades in streets & clearing rubble. Factories under bombardment w/ people working. CUs. (GOOD but grainy).

09:31:58 Shots of supply trains & people waiting to be evacuated across the lake. Bundled against winter cold. Trucks across the lake.

WWII Largest Armored Engagement; July 1943; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Fighting;

NOTE: Includes good sound effects. Eastern Front battles may be mixed dates.

[Kalinin Presents Order of Lenin]

Kalinin presenting Order of Lenin to Molotov; MS Malenkov, Molotov, Beria, Mikoyan - Beria steps forward to Kalinin and shakes hands as he presents order.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau [#707 Mar44]

[First story missing?] US Headquarters in Caserta, Southern Italy - Italian President Badoglio with ?

12:10:20 Paris - Leon Degrelle [leader of Walloon contingent of Waffen SS] on platform making speech [MOS], SS-sign in background.

12:10:32 Poster to encourage French youth to join Waffen SS. French Waffen SS recruits sworn in & marching.

12:11:02 Saarbruecken railway station - arrival of exchanged wounded German soldiers and civilian PoWs from US - banner across tracks Willkommen in der Heimat / welcome home.

12:11:32 Man turns around to show PW / Prisoner of War on back of shirt.

12:11:40 Returned mother with children

12:11:43 Two women with Mexican hats, arriving from Mexico.

12:11:52 Hamburg - Man on microphone; radio speaker for Blinkfeuer Heimat - radio programme where relatives could send greetings to German naval soldiers - 100th programme. German sailors inside ship

- mother reads message on mic - cutaways to audience & sailors on vars ships - little boy sends message to father, held up to mic by presenter - wife with message for husband - Hallo Heinz!...

12:13:25 Announcer introduces band - singer - servicemen listen to music through radio.

12.14:10 Eastern Front? - 3 soldiers in snow with new Goliath mini-tank, operated with remote control. Goliath brought into position; captured Soviet Su-85 self-propelled gun used as target; Goliath sent towards tank & detonated

12:15:15 Map of Eastern Front - Leningrad. Supplies sent on trains. Panther tanks arrive close to front line.

12:16:06 Estonian unit of Waffen SS unloading rations, Fuer Frontkaempfer im Grosskampf / for front fighters in action.

12:16:23 Soldiers eating. Soldiers w/ goat to supplement diet. Pleskauer See / Lake Pleskau - soldiers on observation duties.

12:16:58 Narwa Front - soldiers try to fly an observation balloon; observer into basket w/ binoculars.

12:17:26 Eastern Front - Man on phone, giving order to fire artillery against Russian attack. Heavy bombardment; flak; machine gunners; grenade launchers.

12:18:20 Wounded soldiers

12:18:27 Russian fighter planes strafing

12:18:35 German infantry w/ Estonian volunteers in trench - Tiger tanks & heavy assault guns firing across snowy wasteland - 2cm flak cannon - hand grenades thrown.

12:19:58 Dead Russian, wrecked equipment. Cont d...

WWII. Russia / USSR. German Home Front. Nazi Occupation.

[German Newsreel Excerpts] (1944?) R1 of ?

German Gen. Galland deplanes in Romania to inspect Luftwaffe units - snowy airfield. Prof. Sauerbruch (the "Medical General ") visits wounded in a Romanian hospital. Men in pool. Doctor shows x-ray & prosthetic limbs.

09:52:04 Snowplow used in French Alps to clear snow from railroad tracks. Children frolic in the snow in Moravia. Sled race & snowball fight. Skiing in Poland.

09:52:34 Wrestling in Berlin - wrestlers lined up - match in progress w/ cutaways to judges & audience. 09:52:53 General Jonic and Ministers Kostic & Ilya attend swearing in of Serbian anti-guerilla police divisions in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

09:53:59 Map of Eastern Front around Leningrad. Artillery fired & snow plows used to dig entrenchments. Men dig by hand. Food distributed to troops in trenches, ice & snow. Tanks & men move forward. POV from tank. Tanks fire & rocket barrage at night. Destroyed Soviet equipment in snow - corpses in trench.

WWII. Winter; Fighting; Siege of Leningrad;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

Stalingrad Relives Ca 1945 - some poor quality

Reconstruction of Stalingrad after WWII. Russian soldiers walking round bombed out factory - destroyed machinery. Refugees. Men salvaging tools from rubble. Clearing up operations. Railway yard, buckled and broken RR lines. Unexploded bomb lifted by crane. Burnt out truck lifted by crane. Men working on steam engine. Men working on lathe. Women scrubbing and sweeping floor of factory. Repairing tanks. Tanks out of bomb damaged factory.

03:09:55 15,000 young communist volunteers arrive to aid in reconstruction - greeted off train. Young volunteers march past statue of Lenin and through streets of rubble singing patriotic song.

13:11:09 Volunteers or refugees on board ferry, singing to accordian player. CU faces. Young women look at bomb damaged buildings. Clearing up operations. Young women living in fuselage of downed Nazi plane. Volunteers, mostly young women working on construction, planing wood, bricklaying, building site. Men inspecting heavy machinery. Factory nearly finished.

[Stalin, Eisenhower Red Square Parade] - Color

Festival of Sport

Aerial view of Moscow; Crowds cheering in Red Square

14:14:37 General Eisenhower w/ Harriman & ?? walking around saluting crowd.

14:14:45 Stalin walking in white uniform. Stalin & others up steps on to mausoleum; waves to crowd; pan of crowd, Russian parade standing still, cheering.

14:15:36 Eisenhower on mausoleum; salutes as Soviet National Anthem is played; pan along dignitaries, including good shot of Harriman w/ hat over heart. Overview of parade thru Red Square; Statue & pictures of Stalin carried in parade; 2 young children watching parade; 2 youngsters wrestling in parade, in dress; children march in parade;

14:16:10 Dignitaries watching from mausoleum inc. Stalin, Zhukov, Beria. Parade w/ women, banners etc.

14:17:40 Parade, past pictures of Lenin & Stalin

14:17:44 Eisenhower & Stalin together, and others dignitaries inc. Beria watching. Parade going past, crowd watching.

14:19:09 Repetition from Stalin walking through crowds onwards.

Post-WWII; Cult of Stalin; Communism; WWII Victory Celebration;

Moscow at the End of World War Two

Documentary on the demobilization of the Red Army after WWII. Cheering crowds greet returning soldiers - tanks through streets - soldiers along coastal roads w/ Soviet flag. Military parade in Red Square - massed troops reviewed by Stalin, Molotov, Khruschev and Budennyi atop Lenin s Tomb - CUs senior officers. Speeches in state building - Stalin clapping. Soldiers kiss national flag.

20:09:55 Demob troops returning home on train - play accordion and sing - train decked w/ flowers and portrait of Stalin. Embracing reunions - CUs soldiers greeted by loved ones. Troops on trucks through city streets - crowds. Tombs of dead soldiers - portraits above.

20:11:48 VS young soldiers in training camps and aboard naval destroyer - illustrates Soviet concern for future defence. Calisthenics - bugle calls - tents - infantry exercises / target practice - heavy guns.


[Red Square Victory Parade]

24Jun45 VS military parade in rain through Red Square - Kremlin decorated w/ portraits of Lenin & Stalin - CUs senior military officers - troops w/ medals. Stalin et al onto podium to applause. HA four horsemen gallop through square - military stand to attention & cheer. Marshall Zhukov at microphones [not heard]. Cannons fire. MS parade past camera - banners & flags - military band playing. HA shots parade.

01:31:27 MCU tattered Nazi banners & flags thrown on steps of Lenin s mausoleum.

Very Good colour footage.


[Yalta Conference; FDR Meeting w/ Ibn Saud & King Farouk at Great Bitter Lake on Suez]

LS of Yalta & Crimean Sea from hilltop, pan across. Elaborately carved stone sarcophagus. Building w/ military man standing in courtyard. ca 04Feb45 Arrival of Churchill & Anthony Eden; saluting them as they enter Livadia Palace. Other military as US army jeep arrives.

10:10:50 FDR sitting on bench between Stalin & Churchill w/ military attaches around preparing to pose for photographers (out of focus).

10:11:16 Title: Along The Lenin Embankment in Yalta . Waves breaking, people walking in distance. Kids pose for camera. Kids on sidewalk before sea wall. Church (dark). US sailors walking, horse cart on road, truck. Local women & kids posing for camera (out of focus & dark). Ruined building.

10:12:35 Title: Landing At Deversoir, on Great Bitter Lake midway the Suez We rejoin.... Aerial over lake & canal. Title: King Farouk of Egypt Calls On The President 13Feb45 Flags shipboard, woman (Ann Boetticher ?) sitting w/ FDR. Farouk arrives & salutes sailors; talking w/ FDR & other Egyptians & US go off.

10:13:49 Title: Late that same afternoon the Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie, calls Up ship walk & sitting w/ FDR (dark), big US flag behind. Title: King Ibn Saud royal Arabian party embarked in a U.S. destroyer, arrive. 14Feb45 Seen on deck w/ sailors. Carpets on deck. Party w/ rifles; US military officers. King Abdul Aziz aka Ibn Saud boards the cruiser as sailors salute.

10:15:49 Title: The Royal Flock Has Now Been Reduced To Two Sailors looking at two sheep on deck in pen. Shots of groups on shipboard. Sheik s bodyguards posing w/ Adm William D. Leahy & others. Ornate furniture on carpets on deck. Ibn Saud talking & gesturing w/ FDR beside military translator. Leahy talking w/ other members of party. MCU of body guard kin brocade robes.

10:17:31 Title: The ceremonial coffee server performs Pouring coffee to arabs seated along railing of ship. Small Dhow on water coming alongside; military watching as crates & chests off-loaded onto Dhow.

WWII Middle East Diplomacy; Conferences - Yalta; Ethnic Customs; Palestine Question; Argonaut Conference;

[1945 Victory Parade]

MS Malenkov, Beria looking camera right & Mikoyan looking straight ahead viewing from Lenin s Tomb.

11:16:54 MCU Beria looking camera right - slightly soft

11:17:04 MCU Malenkov & Beria who turns back & walks into shot.

Communist Party Leaders; Communism; 1940s;

Stalingrad Relives Ca 1945 - some poor quality

Reconstruction of Stalingrad after WWII. Russian soldiers walk thru bombed out factory - destroyed machinery. Refugees. Men salvaging tools from rubble. Clearing up operations.

21:57:52 Railway yard, buckled and broken RR lines. Unexploded bomb lifted by crane. Burnt out truck lifted by crane. Men work on steam engine. Men working on lathe. Women scrub & sweep floor of factory. Repairing tanks. Tanks out of bomb damaged factory.

22:00:02 15,000 young communist volunteers arrive to aid in reconstruction - greeted off train. Young volunteers march past statue of Lenin & thru streets of rubble singing patriotic song.

22:01:17 Volunteers or refugees on board ferry, singing w/ accordian player. CU faces. Young women look at bomb damaged buildings. Clean up operations. Young women live in fuselage of downed Nazi plane. Volunteers, mostly young women working on construction, planing wood, bricklaying, building site. Men inspecting heavy machinery. Engineers in office. Factory nearly finished, women scrubbing down machiens. crane tdhru factory. Assembling large gears.

WWII Rebuilding USSR; Russia;

Red Square Victory parade

Troops march through Red square w/ Nazi banners in hands, banners thrown on Lenin s tomb in gesture of surrender, photographers take pictures.

05:43:45 Stalin in military hat watches as soldiers aggressively throw the posters, people crowd applaud.

05:44:14 Army officers lined up for photo, applaud as Stalin walks in to the room & takes his place in the middle of the group next to - Zhukov(?), has photo taken w/ Marshals, Admirals & Generals - deputy s of USSR Supreme Soviet.

05:44:32 Camera slides past all officers seated, pose for photo w/ serious faces. Stalin can t sit still. Shot of Stalin & Zhukov smiling. Group portrait.

WWII / Postwar Russia / USSR. VE Day.

Gigantic Parade Marks May Day In Moscow

HA shots Red Square - huge banners, portraits of Lenin & Stalin etc. British French & US military VIPs in attendance [only Brits seen?]. Stalin walking w/ President Kalilen, Marshal Borashilov & other Soviet officials; Stalin onto podium, crowd applauds. VS parade in progress - Red Army band & military units marching - Stalin saluting - excellent shot of helmeted infantry troops marching in lines past camera w/ rifles at ready. Japanese military observers watch display of Russian tanks & rocket launchers [on US lend-lease trucks] through Red Square, St. Basil s Cathedral in BG. Good.


Stalingrad Relives aka Stalingrad Rebuilds R2 of 6

Woman putting up poster on wagon: On the way to rebuild heroic Stalingrad. Other signs & painted slogans relating to gifts for Stalingrad & workers.

People leaving on train. Steam engines pulling passenger & freight trains. Women working at canning machine beneath sign: ...for rebuilders of Stalingrad .

Cases of goods shipped. Kitchen wagons packed, freight train; sewing room & women packing goods for Stalingrad. POV along railroad & trains arriving in Stalingrad. Group listening to man by railroad & applauding. People gather chests, carry crates & boxes on their backs. People given clothes, gifts, toys, shoes. Boxes of glass unpacked & installed as windows.

23:08:49 Sign: All forces are joined to rebuild Stalingrad . Electic works. Men rebuilding gas storage tanks, turbines. Clock tower: State Electric Power Station. Electrical plant starting w/ smokestack & black smoke. Workers marching w/ Lenin portraits & banners.

23:10:54 Poster: Stalingrad is alive...salute for the heroic city of Stalingrad. Salute for our hero Stalin. Plane low overhead. Orchestra & people filling square. Men & women laying bricks and rebuilding. Women helping to clean up and reconstruct buildings. People applauding woman w/ banner.

WWII Aftermath; Destruction; Nazis

Czechoslovakia - The Soviets Neighbour

Man reading paper on the river side at Vltava. Wooden tower with election poster urging Vote #4 for the National-Socialist party.

02:48:59 Bridge - Manes? with posters, in the background is Rudolfinam Palace. Tram crossing bridge - good shot. Large posters with words Chaos and Terror which have been crossed through. CU as tram passes in foreground.

02:49:56 Large poster which has symbols of four main political parties. Poster United in War - United in Peace

02:50:10 Night scenes in Prague on eve of election. Crowds on streets - election buses - posters. People argue on pavements. Election pamphlets scattered over pavement. People handing out literature.

02:52:09 Day - Street scene - political pamphlets blowing around street - pedestrians. Interior polling office - people register - crowds on street - people reading posters outside Communist Party HQ?

02:53:29 Street scenes - various buildings with election flags - huge Communist posters. Interior gallery with large photos of leaders ? Russians ? Bust of Lenin. Meeting - standing ovation - man speaking (mos). Top table stand and applaud. Posters Stalin and ? Meeting room people seated round table, communist flag on wall.

Post War Russian Newsreel - Yugoslav Visit

Russian and Yugoslav flags flying side by side. Molotov in uniform exits car and is greeted by Dekanosov, Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs and Pepovitch, Russian Ambassador in Moscow.

03:11:59 Two US transport planes landing at Moscow airport. Marshall Tito off plane and greeted by Russians. Welcome ceremony - military band plays anthems. Good CU Tito and Molotov. Party inspects guard of honour. Tito makes speech at microphone. Tito into car. Molotov into car and away.

03:14:04 Tito visits Lenin Museum. Exterior Tomb showing entrance and guards. Cars arrive and Tito and party with huge wreath enter Mausoleum. Exterior building.

03:14:54 Tito takes trip on Volga canal - boarding boat. On board as boat travels through canal and locks.

[Yenan - Lady Isobel Cripps Visits Mao]

Pan over hillside with houses and official building. Camels led. American DC-3 on airstrip - Mrs. Cripps off with Mrs Miller and unid. American? men. Mao Zedong & others walk out & pose in courtyard. Tilt down from hills to valley floor & buildings with caves built into cliffs & people working at spinning & flailing grain, etc. Troops at outdoor classes; assemble in ranks; exercising. Banner for Bethune International Peace Hospital. Ext & interior of patients being treated. Pan over nursery; kids playing outdoors with teachers.

12:47:27 Peasant lecturing others in large group. Woman responding. Tilt down & other views of hillsides. Camel caravan. Mrs Cripps off plane. Women working in front of caves. Repeat shots of classes, flailing grain, lectures.

12:49:13 Mao; voting shown & depositing ballots. Doctors out of hospital, Lenin bust by entrance; hospital interiors; weighing baby; kids washing dishes.

British - Chinese relations. Chairman Mao. Communism.

First Metallurgical Plant in Soviet Central Asia

English Language Russian Newsreel. Uzbekistan - Interior foundry scenes (Kuznetsk?)

21:39:09 The Fountains of Petrodvorets (Peterhof). Leningrad - Fountains & palace left in ruins since war. Fountains refurbished - crowds watching.

21:39:57 Home Again After Twenty Years. Ukrainian people boarding ship in France to return home after twenty years.

Post-WWII Russia / USSR.

[October Revolution - 29th Anniversary Celebrations]

Military band marching in Red Square w/ men watching from Lenin s tomb. Marching citizens w/ banners of Lenin & Stalin. Large flags, High angle w/ massive groups marching in each direction seen from various angles. Large pictures of Stalin, ?? Molotov, others. Waving to viewing stand & Unid. waving back to crowd. Stalin or look-alike?

18:02:35 Large banners re industrial output, consumer goods & targets for 1950. Young people waving & marching.

18:04:00 Balloon floating, LS of many placards carried.

18:04:30 Title:

Building w/ moving lights & multi-story picture of Stalin. Night & dancing w/ search lights playing across crowd & stage, buildings. People dancing.

18:05:15 Int. large auditoriium & couples dancing w/ orchestra playing. Moving camera among the couples; camera appearing to move about high above the couples w/ use of mirrors.

18:06:07 Ext. & fireworks, lights, searchlights, artillery fired, lighted sign. Spectacle. The End.

Post-WWII Russia; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR; 1946;

Novosti Dnia #67 - November 1947

Part 1: District Soviet President Popov gives pre-election speech to Stalin Automotive Factory workers in Moscow. [Scratched.]

06:29:55 Pt. 2: At Dynamo Hall in Leningrad workers are urged to complete 5-year plan in four. Audience listen to various speakers inc. woman.

06:31:13 Pt. 3: At Sormov Locomotive Factory near Moscow workers produce locomotive engines. Interior building train engines - heavy machinery. Engine making steam. Exterior steam train up and past.

06:32:56 Pt. 4: Sugar beet factory near Kiev - manufacturing process. Sugar stacked in sacks.

06:34:07 Women pick and unload cotton at Commune of Paris cotton kolkhoz, Turkestan.

06;34:44 Pt.6: Uzbekistan - North Star kolkhoz? - threshing grain crop w/ threshing machine. Sacks of grain moved on trucks carrying poster of Stalin

06:35:23 Pt. 7: Dynamo sports club athletes arrive at Moscow Railroad Station after touring Sweden & Norway. Close ups all members with flowers.

Russia / USSR - Postwar. Collective Farming / Agriculture. Communism.

Reds Mark May Day

Large marching groups merging for parade; family of man, woman & son wearing U.S. Navy sailors hat & suit;

marchers waving to leaders on Lenin s Tomb, carrying pictures, banners, Stalin waving in CU.

07:19:03 Large crowd in Free Territory of Trieste from above; MCU of young boys; marchers w/ flags; police marching. People shouting from sidelines & police waving truncheons. Crowd yelling. High angle of massed crowd.

Post-WWII Occupation; Workers Celebrations; Parades; Marches; Demonstrations; Cult Figures;

Novosti Dnia #49, Aug. 1947

18:18:26 Departure From Moscow By Bulgarian Delegation

Bulgarian delegation inc. Ambassador to Russia, Nikolov, out of car, greeted & shaking hands; pose for cameras at Moscow Central Airport beside plane before departure - tense faces.

18:19:29 Head of delegation, Raiko Domyanov makes speech at microphones (MOS). Delegation into CCCP plane & waved off. Soviet officials Vlasov & Abramov present.

18:20:08 Title:

Foreman, Nicolai Rossijsksky walking thru metal working factory w/ workers at machines; inspects parts w/ micrometer. Woman at lathe & foreman inspects parts. Woman doing quality control.

18:21:46 Court of Nicolai Petkov Sofia, Bulgaria - EXT Hall of Justice - INT trial of Nikola Petkov, leader of anti-Communist part of the Agrarian Party, & others - Petkov given death sentence, partners sentenced to imprisonment. Accused sitting next to soldiers w/ rifles. Judges & spectators.

18:23:06: C-4 Combines Production line & men & women assembling large grain harvesters. Cutting grain.

18:23:54 Title:

Overhead shot of large rowboat on Sea of Uzebek, people rowing, swimming, fishing. Men mining for minerals behind dike; trucks leaving; filling trucks by hand w/ large hoes. Large excavating machine working; filling trucks.

18:25:31 Title:

Large coal gasification plant under construction. Workers welding, assembling steel beams w/ cranes. Men laying pipeline to Leningrad w/ machine. Wrapping & covering pipes.

18:26:40 Title:

Ships at dock; large empty drydock prepared & lines attached; towed by two tugs. (stops abruptly)

Eastern European Diplomacy; Diplomats; 1947 Russia / USSR; Eastern Europe; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Manufacturing; Post-WWII Show Trials; Agriculture Machinery; Communism; Heavy Industry; Cold War;

[October Revolution - 29th Anniversary Celebrations] R4 of 4

Military band marching in Red Square w/ men watching from Lenin s tomb. Marching citizens w/ banners of Lenin & Stalin. Large flags, High angle w/ massive groups marching in each direction seen from various angles. Large pictures of Stalin, ?? Molotov, others. Waving to viewing stand & Unid. waving back to crowd. Stalin or look-alike?

18:30:46 Large banners re industrial output, consumer goods & targets for 1950. Young people waving & marching.

18:32:13 Balloon floating, LS of many placards carried.

18:32:40 Title:

Building w/ moving lights & multi-story picture of Stalin. Night & dancing w/ search lights playing across crowd & stage, buildings. People dancing.

18:33:26 Int. large auditoriium & couples dancing w/ orchestra playing. Moving camera among the couples; camera appearing to move about high above the couples w/ use of mirrors.

18:34:15 Ext. & fireworks, lights, searchlights, artillery fired, lighted sign. Spectacle. The End.

Post-WWII Russia; Cult of Stalin; Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; USSR; 1946; Celebration.

[October Revolution - 30th Anniversary Parade 1947]

Kids carried on shoulders of military; civilians past podium all smiles. Good CUs Beria, Voroshilov & Molotov smiling & waving. High angles & ground shots parade in Red Square. People waving & dancing, playing accordions; applauding VIP & civilians. Good posters of Stalin & Lenin on balloons (not yet released). Loudspeaker calling to people.

18:37:15 Dusk & buildings w/ lights outlining. Night - Floodlit Kremlin & Moscow buildings w/ neon lights turned on; bridges over river & some traffic. Sign: The October Revolution in lights. Cars & people thru streets - searchlights or klieg lights. Buses & traffic. Waltzing, balloons; dancing at Palace of Culture & the Great Theatre. Exteriors & interiors. CUs Happy couples dance(GOOD) CU accordions.

18:40:06 People into New Theater of Stalin s district, sign on top: Long Live Great Stalin. Dance show w/ Cossacks & audience. Artillery guns fired in salute; more lights & fireworks of Hammer and Sickle & Lenin & Stalin portraits etc. The End.

Celebrations; Post-WWII Russia / USSR; Postwar; Communism Revolution Anniversary; Cult of Stalin; 1940s;

Patriotism; Patriotic Propaganda; Happiness;

Future Soviet Admirals and Captains

English-language Newsreels. Leningrad in snow. Leningrad Naval Academy. Interior Academy, young boys & teenagers in uniform dancing w/ girls in ballroom. Boys gathered round Captain Morosov who tells stories of recent past. Flashback to WWII operations. Russian soldiers/naval operations. Russian patrol boats at sea in Barents - explosions - Russian soldiers make landing on Cape ? held by Germans - battle scenes. Back to ballroom and dancing.

Post-WWII Russia.

Novosti Dnia, 1948

Moscow: Interior factory manufacturing machine parts. Production line. Women workers.

22:08:04 Magnetogorsk Steel Plant. Exterior plant. Steel mill interior and workers.

22:09:14 Solikamsk mining. Smoking chimneys. Miners drilling in mineshaft.

22:10:22 Leningrad: Crowd in busy street with arcades. Old woman buys product at kiosk. Crowd at flower stall. Smiling people with balloons. Merry-go-round. Rides.

Postwar Russia / USSR. Heavy Industry.

[Funeral of Zhdanov] (Died 31Aug48)

Crowds in square. VIPs along station platform - train decoraterd w/ flags arrives - coffin carried from train. Funeral cortege from railway station - coffin on gun carriage, VIPs walking behind. Lying in State - mourners including Stalin & Beria - Stalin helps carry coffin to caisson.

20:27:34 Top shots Red Square procession - huge wreaths carried - portraits of Zhdanov. Stalin onto podium above Lenin s tomb w/ members of Poliburo - Zhdanov in open coffin. Speech made by ? Top shot crowd in Red Square. Coffin carried to cemetery. Gun salute - burial. Military parade / march past - Stalin takes salute from podium - marching bands.

Postwar Russia / USSR.

[October Revolution Anniversary Parade - Reel 5]

32nd Anniversary of Revolution parade, Red Square - Beria on podium - Cheerleader in vision!! - various shots parade and cheering crowd - nice top shots - excellent civilian parade - Posters and flags.

Night celebrations - dancing - choir sing patriotic song - dancing in streets and traditional dancing - fireworks, huge posters Stalin and Lenin, night illuminations.

Communism - USSR. Nightlife. Nighclubs.

Novosti Dnia #05, Jan. 1949

18:07:51 Title:

LS of Soviet Academy of Sciences, Leningrad. Int. w/ Mikhail Lomonosov (19Nov1711 - 15Apr1765) equipment, furnishings, portrait & honored for early scientific work. Museum of scientific work of chemistry, geology, astronomy, etc.

18:10:00 Title: 60th Birthday of Successful Aviatiion - Constructor

Large group in auditorium, VIPs on stage at table w/ MCU of Andrei Tupolev in uniform honored on 40th Anniversary of aviation industry. Sitting w/ wife. Various shots military men on stage & in audience - grim faces; portrait of Stalin in background. Tupolev presented w/ award. CU Booklet, handshaking, applause.

18:11:15 Stack of degrees or ?? Large four-motore planes overhead & crowd below on airfield.

18:11:45 Title: For Our Native Moscow

LS steel mill; int. men working pouring, women working. Industrial shots of construction of forms for subway system supports. Engine leaving w/ carloads for Moscow subway.

18:12:45 Title: Building Of 4th Metroline

Underground, men pushing empty hand cars inside Moscow subway w/ forms being placed by woman operating maching. View of twin tunnesl & joining. Int. of Pavileckaya Station & working on finishing of walls, marble columns. Placing grate. Finished corridor. Artists sketches.

18:14:13 Title: Evening in Turkmenistan s Collective Farm

Night, car past. Ethnic peoples into meeting at table & women & men discussing cotton; reading books; playing chess. Performance by dance troupe w/ drummers.

18:15:37 Warsaw, Poland. Title: Meeting to Unite Poland s Worker Parties Held in Conference Hall of the Polytechnic Institute. Street scenes w/ crowds & banners; INT huge theatre President Boleslaw Bierut delivers speech [SOF]. Singing of National Anthem (?). The End.

Russia / USSR; Eastern Europe; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Communism; Moscow Metro; Heavy Industry; Cold War; Patriotic Propaganda; Russian 1946;

Title: Czechoslovakia (Train & VIPs; President Gottwald Visits Village)

05:03:24 POV from train w/ crowds waving; soldiers at attention as VIPs past. Greeted. Couple on train getting gifts, waving from train. Interior w/ man w/ pipe.

05:04:04 Ext of ?? w/ pictures of Stalin, Lenin & Klement Gottwald (President of Czechoslovakia & head of Communist Party). Gottwald greeted by man, given bouquet flowers by girl. He kisses her as onlookers applaud.

ca September 1949;

The Telenews Daily - Labor News (US Labor Unions; East Germany)

07:24:19 Unid. man w/ Cyrus Ching, appointed mediator for steel strike talks, at desk, news cameramen taking pictures. MCU of men at desk, one w/ pipe, looking at papers. CUs. LS w/ cameramen.

07:25:10 Title: San Francisco.

Dockworker on tractor w/ trailer of drums, large freighter at dock. Longshoremen w/ pallet of buckets hoisted. Forklift moving lumber under large suspension bridge.

07:25:33 Large ornate government building & traffic.

07:25:41 Group of men in suits to building, includes Walter Reuther (?); pose in doorway. CU Harry Bridges.

07:26:01 CIO head Walter Reuther in dark suit at desk.

07:26:05 Older people in suits sitting in ?? looking at camera; man at desk w/ others in front. Bridges, Reuther & ?? at table talking w/ others.

07:26:34 Title: Exclusive! Eisler s new German Anthem.

07:26:41 Sign in German, at bottom J. Stalin, & the DDR over entrance to exhibition hall. Tilt down to entrance; flag draped. People out of cars, entering.

02:26:55 Int. w/ long table on stage, pictures of Lenin, Stalin & ?? Delegates listening. Man at microphones speaking (MOS), applause. Other speakers.

02:27:29 Delegates standing singing (SOF) anthem similar to International.

ILWU, International Longshore & Warehouse Union; CIO, Congress of Industrial Organizations; Communists; Anti-Communism; Propaganda; Hans Eisler; Patriotism;

NOTE: ILWU headed by Bridges was excpelled from CIO in 1950.

May Day Parade 1950 -

Huge crowds march past in parade carrying banners.

Josef Stalin, Molotov, Malenkov, Beria, Shvernik, General Popov review the parade Youth groups, ecstatic girls and children praise Stalin as the announcer speaks of the "happy people united under Lenin and Stalin". Funfair. Night shots A post-parade celebration follows with a carnival, dancing and fireworks.

Novosti Dnia - February 1950

LS Moscow in snow - traffic by walls and Red Square monuments in background. Pre-election Meeting in large factory to put forward Stalin s candidacy, huge Stalin portrait and speakers - workers listening; applause. Women speakers. Crowd put hands up- all vote for Stalin.

Meeting in factory? with Stalin & Lenin portraits. Woman speaker. Applause. Young man speaker; workers put hands up- voting for Molotov s candidacy.

22:26:56 25th Anniversary Turkmenistan Communist Party - Exterior headquarters with Stalin and Lenin portraits and hammer & sickle flags. Grandiose assembly hall and speaker. Applause. Woman speaker. Applause. Parade with flags. Turkmen troops on motorbikes and horseback wearing huge hairy hats. Floats with people in national costume.

22:29:32 Cinema in Bryansk - street scenes - crowd enter cinema hall. Movie posters. Interior empty movie theatre. Orchestra on stage. projectionists in projection room. Movie audience in theatre. Screening of film re popular uprising.

Post-WWII Russia / USSR. 1950s.

Novosti Dnia - May 1950

Prod. Dziga Vertov. Leningrad nice top shot - statue of Lenin. Delegation of Chinese workers on tour of leather factory - Mao badge pinned on worker - visitors hug workers.

Communism - USSR.

[May Day Parade 1950 - Poor quality]

Huge crowds in Red Square march past reviewing stand on Lenin s Tomb in parade carrying banners.

Josef Stalin, Molotov, Malenkov, Beria, Shvernik, Budennyi, General Popov review the parade. Youth groups, ecstatic girls & children praise Stalin as the announcer speaks of the "happy people united under Lenin and Stalin". Funfair amusement rides. Night shots & a post-parade celebration follows with a carnival, dancing and fireworks.

Cold War; Propaganda; Communism; Communists;

US and Russian VIPs in Berlin

Military ceremony / parade. Band marches towards camera in snowstorm. Troops march. Red Star with portraits Stalin and Lenin on exterior of building. Troops march. US and Russian or East German soldiers salute each other. Photographers in background. Families watch in snow. Russian troops march. Flags. VIPs salute.

Farming - agricultural scenes 1950s ? Corn - chickens - dairy - using new agricultural machinery, combine harvesters etc

05:16:13 Grandchildren visit home of grandparents - sons visit - each has a new job, one in a factory - one as driver - one as engineer: Family life in the home - mealtime - synch Russian man re prosperous life: Exterior and interior new housing showing good life

05:18:33 Young people presented with party cards ? Synch official and teenage girl

05:19:51 Smiling workers in railway yards - synch party meeting in factory - good informality shots

05:22:17 Formal meeting of young men and women - synch young woman addresses meeting

05:23:01 Excellent montage of 1950s industry - steel works - building coaches - new hydro electric dam - patriotic song over shots - happy smiling soviets

Part 2

05:25:13 Unveiling various statues of Lenin - smiling people - may day ? smiling russians parade past Khruschev on mausoleum

05:26:23 New housing - farming - Khruschev in wheat field - threshing - mountains of grain

05:27:52 Dairy and pig farming and geese 1954? harvest - time of plenty - cotton picking - new machinery - grape harvest - lorries unloading grain - transporting grain:

05:30:34 Kremlin 1958 ? Party congress - Khruschev speech - synch - other speakers

05:33:20 Khruschev presents Order of Lenin

Part 3

05:34:02 Khruschev visits dairy Kolkhoz Russia 1959

Snow plough at work - Spring thaw - crop spraying by bi-plane - sheep herding - Spring blossom

05:35:33 Moscow street scene intercut shots of London Paris and Moscow streets

05:36:25 Interior watch making factory - close up radio speaker Comrades of Moscow - radio masts

Interior general views Soviet art exhibition ( rushes ) visited by Khruschev who talks with artists

Part 4

05:41:35 Khruschev shit speech after Gary Powers incident - Rushes - out of synch Long speech at press conference where he accuses US of spying

[May Day Parade, Budapest]

Documentary directed by Miklos Jancso [title missing from opening credits]. Good colour.

Nature scenes - CUs blossom trees, flowers. High pan across industrial landscape of factories & chimneys. Women in traditional dress picking flowers in meadow. Rural village - traditional dancing & costumes.

16:03:30 High shot Budapest. Troops march around statue. Small group of soldiers & civilians walk arm in arm down street w/ Hungarian / Soviet flags & accordion. People on streets in traditional dress dancing & singing. Hungarian officials greet Soviets. Hungarian kids greet Korean / Chinese kids visiting for parade. Portraits of Stalin, Lenin & Gheorghiu-dej? seen in crowds.

16:04:44 Drummer w/ red flag - men marching w/ red flags - high shots parade proceeds across bridge in Budapest - many red flags. Women & girls in parade. Large flag w/ image of Marx, Engels, Lenin & Stalin unfurled as trumpeters play.

16:05:38 Top shots main parade w/ red flags & portraits of Lenin & Stalin - marchers wearing white - kids w/ trumpets & drums. Parade converges on huge square in front of war memorial? Matyas Rakosi waves from decorated balcony / podium. More cheering crowd shots - men, women & children waving red handkershiefs, banners & flags - portraits of Rakosi, Lenin etc. & Communist Party insignia. CUs marchers singing.

16:07:47 Rakosi smiling, waving & clapping. Girls in red pinafore dresses wave up to him. Unid. VIPs in sunglasses on podium. Chinese delegation waving & smiling from balcony. CU Chinese man marching & chanting Rakosi - Stalin - Rakosi - Stalin . More shots Rakosi on podium. More shots banners & portraits through crowd & workers marching.

16:09:30 Good shots little girl on father s shoulders waving handkerchief & singing. Little boy on father s shoulders looking bemused then father encourages him, he waves his arm & shouts. Banners depicting industrial output statistics & Communist dogma. Wide shot of crowded square.

Postwar Hungary. USSR. Communism. Propaganda. 1950s.

[Kruschev - Death Reported & Earlier Footage w/ Stalin]

Very Brief shot Brandenburg gate with screens.

15:06:58 CUs 13Sep71 Pravda showing Khruschev s death as a footnote - died 11Sep71 aged 78. Early Kruschev still.

15:08:24 1950s Khruschev, Mikoyen, Beria, Molotov, Voroshilov outside Kremlin - greet other officers. Stalin arrives & all onto Lenin Mausoleum in Red Square. Panning shot along mausoleum [no Stalin] - all salute. Another pan along mausoleum w/ Stalin present - LS & slightly jerky close pan. LS mausoleum. More waving from balcony inc. Kruschev.

15:13:17 CU Kruschev s Communist Party membership cards 1925 - 1927. CU Invitation to Stalin s 70th birthday celebrations.

Russia / USSR.

[Stalin s Funeral - Beria Oration]

WS Lenin s Mausoleum in Red Square; MS Lavrenty Beria speaking, Voroshilov on left, Khruschev on right; cutaway to crowd in square; WS Mausoleum entrance w/ line of officials above, people listening to oration in FG. Molotov starts to speak [ends abruptly].

Russia / USSR. 1950s.

[Supreme Soviet 1953]

Fourth Session, Supreme Soviet; LMS Beria (sync) proposing Malenkov for position of Prime Minister, o/lay shot Mikoyan, Malenkov, Molotov; MCU Beria sync on work ahead and Malenkov's credentials as a good pupil of Leninism/Stalinism.

Russia / USSR. Communist Party.

[Stalin Newsreel Obituary, 05Mar53]

Moscow, Red Square; CU clock tower. Sun behind clouds w/ buildings; flag at half mast, aka half staff. Newspaper w/ painted picture of Stalin & slow zoom into CU.

Moscow buildings, flags; shots of crowd standing in Red Square; people crying; people buying newspapers; shots of Russia very silent no traffic; Leningrad; Stalingrad (?); villages; families listen to radio; woman crying.

14:33:15 Construction workers on high building read newspaper announcement; crowds in Red Square & streets. Large photograph of Stalin; crowds filing in up stairs & past body lying in state. MCUs. CU Stalin lying in State; Communist Party leaders & dignitaries, suits & uniform standing paying respect, Khrushchev, Beria etc.

14:36:16 Slug.

14:36:19 CU Stalin lying in state. Wreaths carried in, dignitaries & labeled wreaths. Various shots of lying in state & dignitaries.

14:39:29 Silent Moscow night; lying in state; Chao En-Lai w/ Party leaders.

14:40:21 Coffin being carried out by soldiers & pall bearers.

Cult of Stalin; 1953; Death; USSR; Russia; Funeral;

News In Brief: Washington DC

VS vodka and caviar party at Russian Embassy to mark 38th anniversary of Russian Revolution. Ambassador Georgi Zarubin greeting guests. Guests eating caviar etc. Portraits of Stalin and Lenin.

[Americans Tour Moscow]

VS Moscow skyline - grand buildings. US tourists, many in cowboy hats, take photographs outside cathedral w/ gold domes. Giant bell & cannon sculptures. Tour group in Red Square - into Lenin s Tomb - St. Basil s Cathedral in BG.

Tourism. USSR.

[Moscow Street Scenes - Shopping at GUM]

Moscow street scenes: traffic - pedestrians - boats past Moscow State University - statue of Lenin, University in distance - traffic policeman, people crossing street - policemen sitting in car talking into loudspeaker.

19:01:55 INT grand GUM department store w/ glass roof - several floors - women buying ceramics, jewellery. New refridgerator unloaded from truck, carried into modern apartment building. INT family unpacking in new apartment; workers? toasting. People looking at books on street stall. Happy workers finishing shift. INT waitresses laying tables in luxurious restaurant. Consumer goods at GUM department store - shoes on carousel - women modelling fashions for female customers.

Russia / USSR. Luxury Goods. Consumerism. 1950s.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #20 May

Soviet-Arab friendship is getting stronger LS Kremlin, Khrushchev meets United Arab Republic (Egypt)President Gamal Abdel Nasser, delegates sit at table, photographers take pictures as Khruschev & Nasser sign collaboration agreement, shake hands.

04:42:33 3rd Soviet land Sputnik , Newspaper presses running, people outside kiosk buy & read newspapers: on street, in car, CU newspaper articles about 3rd USSR Sputnik Satellite, shots of various articles quoting foreign country s congratulating Russian scientists, painting of rocket. USSR scientist Evgeny Fodorov (?), at desk, speaks on camera (SOF), speaks about great success in space ship s construction & research possibilities.

04:44:47 What Chemistry Produces Chemical industry exhibition: people look at carpets, cloth samples, dress designs, plastic medical instruments, big synthetic rubber tyres, artificial leather shoes, water proof engine running submerged in water tank. Men look at house model & various plastic building materials. Woman looking at drapes & fabrics in exhibition hall.

04:46:16 Kremlin audience applauds academic Skabilcin presenting writer N. Thihonov w/ Lenin Prize; woman pins Lenin Order on Thinov.

04:46:53 CU inventors around table w/ plans; shots of their invention of a coal drilling & mining machine in use in underground mine, said to replace 200 workers.

04:47:31 Minsk, tractor factory celebrates production on 100,000th tractor, tractor out of factory past applauding workers; high angle shot outside factory buildings w/ many workers.

04:48:03 Sevastopol port, Yugoslavian navy ships in return visit, LS people look at ship, kids give flowers to Yugoslavian commander. Sapum hill & Yugoslavian wreath laying at war memorial. Yugoslav sailors plant tree to honor this meeting; people tour the ships, listen to sailor guide, USSR & Yugoslavian sailors talk.

04:48:56 Award ceremony for World Chess Championship, Mikhail Batvinik presented w/ huge laurel wreath.

04:49:19 Abkhazia, music students walk thru garden, sit on bench, girl, native artist s prize winner, plays guitar and sings (SOF), CU singer.

04:50:03 Title: Abroad: Calcutta, ext. Governor s Palace, int. USSR Ambassador Ponomarenko at microphone presents Soviet gift of medical equipment to India. Views of medical equipment display.

04:50:43 Osaka, Japan country side, city street scenes, busy traffic, billboards, traffic police, ext. big building w/ International Trade Fair sign, crowds attend trade fair, shots of various pavilions, high angle people crowd in snaking line outside USSR exhibition, int. USSR exhibition people look at various metalworking machines, agriculture goods, people around Soviet Sputnik & model of rocket nose, ext trade fair.

Diplomats; Diplomacy; USSR; Communism; Communists; 1950s; Space; Science; Synthetics;

Russian News of the Day 1958 #19 May

Gamal Abdel Nasser in USSR Baku city streets w/ cheering crowds for United Arab Republics President Nasser & VIPs thru streets in open car, various shots of motorcade, cheering crowds. Chairman of Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet Abdulayev meets Nasser, talk at meeting table. High oil drilling derrick w/ sign: Welcome, President Nasser. W/ VIPs at refinery, workers applaud, Nasser waves, into open car & leaves.

04:53:58 World Exposition in Brussels Pans over city World s Fair grounds w/ various pavillions. Ext. USSR pavilion, int. large exhibition hall w/ display of fur coats, new car models, big crowds around Soviet rocket & Sputnik hanging above; shot of nuns gesturing in circles, woman picks up small souvenir model of soviet sputnik, listens to it. CU various people looking in wonderment.

04:55:41 Title: Machine Constructors , CU machinery on factory floor, CU Lenin Prize winner talking. One of the engineers (?) tells (SOF), tells about their invention that produces very useful machinery parts, CU of variety of gears. Several automated gear cutting machines at work. Robotics.

04:57:19 Spring planting on collective farm. Men off on tractors, CU sign on field w/ tractor driver supervisor, man fills planter; tractors on field from various angles.

04:58:12 Sakhalin Island, winter & woods, small wooden houses in snowy field, men in underpants run out from bathhouse & rub themselves w/ snow. Men in workers hostel, sit at table, play accordions, shave. Men work on oil drilling derrick, CU workers pulling pipe & pulling petroleum derrick to new site.

04:59:07 Lithuania, Spring flooding, village yards covered w/ flood water, deer in deep water, men w/ rowboat catch & rescue, putting deer in boat. LS motorboat through water.

04:59:57 Riga, Latvia street scene. Cars parked & Lottery winner, schoolboy Imants, checks out his prize new car, sits behind the wheel, presented w/ car key. Shot of car w/ family driving past on country road.

05:00:38 Kiev, Athletic teams march into swimming pool hall, USSR competition for the newspaper Komsomol Pravda prize. CU trophy, shots of swimmers competing in various styles, spectators cheer.

05:01:30 1st of May Abroad Peking, China. Mao & others watch May Day parade. VIPs on the podium, applaud, people w/ various placards, decorative posters, high angle demonstration. Also Warsaw, Moscow & unid. countries. The End.

Diplomats; Diplomacy; USSR; Communism; Communists; 1950s; Synthetics; World Fair; Agriculture; Oil Exploration;

Russian News of the Day 1958 #24 June

High angle Kremlin. Meeting of International Democratic Women s Federation delegates. CU women of various nationalities applaud & cheer. Khruschev, Mikoyan & others take places on the stage & kids run on stage, give flowers to VIPs & federation delegates, applause. Speech (SOF) by Soviet delegation s leader Nina Popova, asking all to put collective effort in building better world, audience applauds. Speakers of various nationalities on podium, applause, high angle audience.

02:12:48 Men working on construction of big metallurgy plant, big parts put in place, CU workers, high construction of factory, big chimneys, high angle of construction, shot of workers. Finished plant in operation from various shots of big machinery, huge furnace, fiery coke poured out.

02:13:47 Future engineers . Man w/ lamp in mine, CU smiling girls, all out of mine straight into classroom, CU sign on the door - Mine Education, students in big metallurgy study classroom, various machines, teacher shows students various machinery, CU students, machinery, teacher. Female student works on her diploma project at drafting board & teacher gives advice, CU students around the table. Student Vladimir in front of audience, presents his diploma project, CU Vladimir near big construction plans displayed on board, shot of teacher jury, student audience, ext. shot of institution building.

02:15:06 Big field, harvest, tractor w/ mowing machine behind, man sits on mowing machinery, shots of hay rakes moving hay pulled in rows & hay baled & loaded onto truck.

02:15:57 Moscow, People in the Soviet photography exhibit, people viewing. CU various pictures.

02:16:35 Small biplane flies over snowy mountain peaks, int. aircraft photographer w/ camera, takes pictures, CU pilot, plane lands on snow. Men w/ dogs to plane, scientific station, CU house w/ snow level up to roof; scientists inside investigate climate & atmosphere changes, sun radiation, various equipment. Men measure snow s depth, write down measurements, view over station area.

02:17:44 Central Lenin Stadium, motorcycle racing on dirt track, shots of race, CU supporters. Evening, winners on the podium, presented w/ flowers.

02:18:26 Moscow Leopold Stokowski conducting orchestra in front of pipe organ; orchestra performs fragment from Shostakovich s 11th Symphony , CU Stokowski conducting, audience applaud.

02:19:21 China People working on huge water reservoir construction site, CU workers, running thru site to greet VIP s. CU Chairman Mao, walks thru crowd, workers applaud, CU VIPs, CU Liu Shauqi, high angle worker crowd. Mao takes of his jacket, CU Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai digging soil, high angle workers, VIP s work along side workers. The End

Russian News of the Day 1958 #35 August

850 years for city Vladimir LS road into city, early orthodox church, POV from car to people on streets.

People in Lenin Square, CU people at dedication of Lenin monument, sheet pulled off statue, applause, lay flowers at monument, shot of building w/ big sign - 850.

02:22:25 CU Athletes march w/ flags, packed Torpedo stadium, athletes collective performance of callisthenics, spectators, audience.

02:23:09 At Ural Miners Pan across open pit mine w/ train descending. Large excavation machinery, high power water streams used to collect coal, CU worker, water w/ coal flows on conveyor belts.

02:23:59 High angle large grain field, harvest, combines, drivers and loading into trucks. Woman pitching straw. Convoy of trucks on road.

02:24:49 Leningrad Austrian war veteran delegation greeted w/ flowers. CU delegates wave, people applaud, delegation look at Lenin s statue, look around Lenin Memorial complex in Smolny. Delegates visit Lenin s room, look at various paintings & exhibits, CU veterans; visit Cruiser Aurora.

02:25:49 LS ships on water, big port machinery, freighters unloaded using cranes, from crane operator s cabin, CU deputy port s leader speaks w/ workers before he climbs up to crane, various shots of ships, workers, navigation ship leads another ship out to sea.

02:26:48 People outside at airport, Japanese chairman of Anti-Atomic & Hydrogen Weapon committee Professor Kaore Ya Soui (?) off plane, shakes hands, applause, smiles, delegation walk from the plane.

02:27:38 Stalingrad s dam workers outside factory watch circus performance, acrobat does handstand on others head while climbing ladder; audience shots, trapeze artists spin from construction crane.

02:28:26 Latvia, sports academy students train in water skiing, guy on the water skis behind the motorboat, over jumps, another student on water-skis pulled by car on beach. Oddities.

02:29:09 Film festival in Tashkent Various Asian & African film posters displayed in the city, film makers greeted w/ flowers by girls in traditional Uzbek folk outfits, delegates from Ceylon meet Uzbek filmmakers, shake hands, CU Soviet actress Iryna Skopcova (?) talks w/ Chinese delegates. Producer Karmen shakes hands w/ Vietnamese film makers, CU smiling girl, festival delegates walk through street, applause, CU BIG Film Festivals placard. LS stage, 1st deputy chairman of Uzbekistan s Council of Ministers Gulama(?), applause, filmmaker delegates from United Arab Republic, Indonesia Vietnam stand up one by one, applause. Shot of festivals guest American artist Paul Robeson applauds w/ huge smile, various shots of delegates on the stage and audience applauding, LS stage. Night time, fireworks behind huge lighted up torch, high angle people in the square. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #06 October

For Hard Work Krasnodar celebration of Kuban s presentation w/ Lenin Order, CU poster across the street announcing that for success in agriculture Kuban has earned Lenin s prize, meeting hall, applauding audience, Khrushchev on the stage presents Lenin Prize. Lenin s poster in the square filled w/ people, huge crowds, VIP s on podium, CP secretary Mathushkin at microphone, Khruschev next to him. Khrushchev s speech (MOS), CU Khrushchev from various angles, applause.

22:44:45 Towards 21st Congress of CPSU Dam in name of Lenin, high angle huge dam & hydroelectric station, electric lines thru fields, CU workers high up on power line, various shots of power lines, high angle industrial construction site. Int. of power control room & workers listen to instructions, turn on power, gauges. 22:46:04 Construction workers inside large tank & arc welding high up. Men work on construction of new turbines for synthetics factory, high angle factory hall & exterior.

22:47:06 15 years later Aerial over rebuilt Kiev, flashback 15 yrs. to city burning, explosions, shooting, soldiers run thru streets, tanks on road; city square in ruins & people thru rubble. Same square now in 1958, high angle big buildings, square, monument. New apartment building under construction, woman surveying underground constructing metro tunnels, ext new indoor market, int. huge market hall, people cross new footbridge across river; high angle new motorway & bridge, monument high over the city.

22:48:21 Combine & truck harvesting, tractors pulling combine, CU men on new invention of self-propelled combine w/ many belts in large field.

22:49:17 Newly built modern excursion ship, int. ship - restaurant, bar area, cinema, rooms, crew members on board, ext ship on water.

22:50:01 Tallinn, Estonia Exhibition of experimental furniture factory products; people view: modern bedroom set, extendable table, woman turns writing desk into cosmetic cabinet w/ mirror, living room set.

22:50:42 Armenia countryside, fruit harvest, woman w/ little girl pick peaches in big bucket; vineyard, women collect grapes, CU juicy grape bunches, shot of boxes full of grapes.

22:51:25 Group of tourists from Leningrad drive to Finland, cars past thru woods, thru streets of Helsinki, traffic controller, street scene, CU fat boy eats sandwich & smiles, tourists outside government building, entrance hall, monument of classical literature artist. City of Tampere, street scenes, CU Lenin museum sign, shots inside museum, Leningrad s tourists speak w/ Finnish people on street, show photographs.

22:52:27 Art of Kirghizia Moscow, LS stage Kirghizian artists presented w/ flowers, audience applaud, high, fragment from opera performance (SOF), CU main singer, LS stage, curtains close, audience applaud. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #34 August

New York, high angle ext. United Nations, international flags, high angle conference hall.

07:32:54 CU Soviet delegates Gromyko, Zorin & Sobolev, audience, Gromyko on podium.

07:33:19 Fragment of Gromyko s speech (SOF) anti-US & UK, speaks against American & English troops in Arab countries, high angle audience.

07:33:43 Stalingrad s Bread Grain harvest w/ big combine in field, CU men on combine & grain loading into lorry, moving grain w/ shovels at outdoor storage threshing site to load into trucks seen driving on country side road; loading freighter ship w/ auger & conveyors.

07:34:32 Gas Pipeline in Urals Ishimbay s major oil field in Bashkiria, river, people work on gas pipe line s laying through big fields, pipe line construction from various angles, pipe line moved into trench & laid thru river, shot of pipeline going thru fields, big machinery, CU workers, big pipe put in place using machinery, lorry truck thru field, past pipe line. (VERY GOOD)

07:35:51 Remembrance of honored son of France , Paris. Large ceremonial funeral of French nuclear physicist, resistance hero Frederic Joliot-Curie, CU coffin, medal on podium, remembrance banner. French Interior Minister Jean Berthoin on podium, high angle funeral square. Flash back: Curie talking w/ scientists, signing documents, on podium as chairman of world wide peace committee.CU Curie.

07:36:33 Liner Georgia docking at Leningrad s port, crowds w/ flowers cheer & greet 500 Baltic national representatives on trip around Baltic Sea. Delegates off ship, thru crowds, woman puts souvenir badge on man s jacket. Applauding crowd. Leningrad s region council chairman Slipuhin(?), Swedish writer Artur Lundkvist on podium, LS podium.

07:37:45 Central exhibition hall & people view art piece submitted in competition for monument of 1st Soviet sputnik, CU various sputnik sculptures. Space exploration program. Model of eventual winner.

07:38:25 LS Newly finished cement factory, black smoke out of chimney, int. factory various machinery, big tumbling pipe-like tanks.

07:38:57 Altai, big herd of Panti reindeer's led by men on horseback into farm pen, man w/ whip leads one deer out of herd, farmers saw young reindeer horns used in production of medicine - Pantokrin , shot of horns on the box, dehorned reindeer jumps out of box, runs thru field.

07:39:45 Kiev, ext. newly opened big market pavilion, int, huge crowds in market hall w/ stalls selling fruit, vegetables, live chickens. high angle large market hall.

07:40:25 Moscow outskirts, 37th World Championship in shooting, LS shooting booth & CU men shooting rifles, targets on hillside. CU Various weapons shoot at moving target of deer. Soviet team presented prizes.

07:41:21 Polish artists in Kiev Polish folk singers & dancers on stage, women sing (SOF Polish), LS folk dancers perform on stage, high angle applauding audience in enormous hall. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #25 June

In the Meeting of Brotherly Communist Party Prague, ext. big building; int. applauding audience in meeting hall, CU delegates on the stage, on podium Congress Chairman William Shirokiy(?), applause. 1st Secretary of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Antonin Novotniy, CU audience, LS podium, high angle applauding in unison by audience.

07:44:25 Presentation of International Lenin Prize , Kremlin. CU Lenin Prize Book of Honor, applauding audienc; Ademician Skabelcin presents India s Academy of Science President w/ Lenin Prize, CU Indian scientist pinned w/ medal.

07:45:00 Kazakhstan harvest, people walk thru field. CU worker, people wave as men on combines leave farmyard; men on back of lorry w/ accordion. CU large combines cutting grain, loading into trucks.

07:45:55 One Cactory s Comsomolci All Union Industry Exhibition, people watch automatic machinery working. LS factory hall, men work manufacturing automatic machinery. Worker (SOF) to camera that Comsomolci youth workers from his factory, plan to fulfill production targets by 220%.

07:47:12 Leningrad shipyard & newly built fishing ship for GDR, shot of huge ship & launching, woman breaks bottle against ship. Ship slides into water, people on shore applaud & anchors dropped.

07:47:56 Bear Islands, East Siberia(?), aerial of snowy mountains; 2 baby polar bears play in snow. Two men past big rocks, dog sled & dogs, explosion in snow, man checking weather station, woman measures wind speed, balloon released, going high up in the air, high angle of polar science research station.

07:49:05 Bogorodskaya village, kids on country road thru fields, man & boy carving wooden bears. Craft's school, pupils listen to teacher, CU students carving various figures.

07:49:57 Saransk Parachute training jumping from basket raised beneath barrge balloon. GOOD

07:50:45 Abroad Cambodia USSR Ambassador Anikin arrives to dedicate new hospital. Prince Norodom Sihanouk arrives, bowing. Anikin at mic says hospital is present from USSR government. Prince announces this to be most modern hospital in all SE Asia, applause, Price places speech in cornerstone where hospital will be built. (all MOS).

07:51:36 Voronezhk s artists in Moscow Train platform & greeting arriving artists w/ flowers, smiles, hugs.

Tchaikovsky concert hall, stage performance by traditional Russian folk song & dance group, performance from various angles, applause, CU smiling audience, artists presented w/ flowers. The End

Russian News of the Day 1958 #49 December

In Honor of 21st Congress of CPSU Kremlin meeting of Moscow region workers & collective farmers.

Michael Yeromer(?), tells (SOF) about 1st Subotnik (workers Saturday) when Lenin worked side by side w/ workers. Metallurgy factory s leader (SOF) says 16 teams from his factory are taking part in competition for the name of Communist labor team, high angle audience, LS podium, applauding audience.

07:55:54 High angle heavy machinery factory, various machines & workers, CU team leaders at table, CU application letter for competition for Communist labor team. men sign letter.

07:56:41 Large chimneys of electric power station, workers at opening of new generator, ribbon cutting & factory s best mechanic Vera Turpanova starts new machine, applause, ext power station; work begun on next turbine.

07:57:21 School and factory Ext, school building at night, int. teachers talk in big classroom, one speaks (SOF) about program that enrolls last form pupils in practical work in the Tula machinery factory; combines in factory yard. Int. students work w/ various machines, supervised by factory worker; CUs. Young worker tests combine, tells (SOF) how useful this first work experience provided by the school is.

07:59:09 Moscow. Conference hall, Moscow s community & international student meeting marking day for fight to free Africa from Imperialism, CU international audience, LS stage, various nation speakers on the podium Soviet academic Zhukov, United Arab Republic s representative, African student.

07:59:50 Leningrad Lomonosov Museum s history of Russian science & machinery exhibit. Lomonosov s portrait on wall, two boys look at huge globe, people climb into the globe & look at drawings of the heavens.

08:00:36 Self propelled railway car along railroad; woman inside carriage looks at shopping orders, shopping boxes in the carriage, car stops. Village people pick up their shopping boxes; car leaves past signalman.

08:01:16 Sports cars begin 200 km highway race. Various shots of cars racing, high angle motor way, cars pas the finish lane, CU winning teams.

08:02:27 Chinese artist s visit . Leningrad railroad station platform & people greeting Chinese Central Opera guests. Large hall & applauding audience, Chinese artists greeted w/ flowers on stage, applause.

Fragment of opera performance dedicated to nation s daughter hero, big statue on the stage, artists dressed as soldiers w/ fists raised, various shots of audience, artists, orchestra, applause. The End

Russian News of the Day 1958 #37 September

In Honor of 21st Congress of CPSU CU upcoming 21st CPSU congress newspaper articles. CU textile team leader in factory meeting to increase production amounts, CU workers promise to beat production targets (all MOS), high angle factory worker meeting hall, big portrait of Lenin in the front, applause.

08:05:20 Big electric towers rised in field, man tightens big screw, high angle electric power lines, men work on the turbine, ext, power station, power lines across fields.

08:05:50 Grain harvest, people shovel grain at outdoor storage, loading & unloading trucks; augers working.

08:06:36 New Atomic Electric Power Station Ext, power station, int, high angle station hall, atomic reactor in the middle of the hall; control room & woman switches on reactor. Building next to the atomic reactor building, int, large turbines, large control room, electric power lines.

08:07:54 Hands of China Leningrad machine factory s anti-american meeting, speaker on the podium, high angle workers crowd around podium, all vote to give full support to Chinese people. Moscow auto-factory anti-American meeting, speaker on podium, demands (MOS) in the name of all Soviet nations immediate US troop evacuation from (Nationalist) China, crowds, placard - Hands off of China .

08:08:41 Newly Born City Fireworks flashback to 1943, Soviet troops ride on tanks thru city after fleeing from Nazi occupied Orel & Balgorod. Prisoners wave thru prison window, freed men come out of prison injured on crutches, soldier up ladder to put flag next to sign - Stalin s street. Orel, city in ruins, building w/ city s name. 1958 & rebuilt city, high angle train station, city scenes, house where 15 years ago 05Aug43 Red soldier put up soviet flag, CU rememberance plate, people on the street, high angle city.

08:10:01 Kremlin Audience, on stage International VIPs from Japan, India, CU Japanese professor Kaoru Yesoy(?) w/ wife & daughter. Academican Skobelcin presents professor Yesoy w/ International Lenin Prize.

08:11:13 Moscow International Festival of Educational - Popular films. Filmmakers from 32 countries meet for 12th Congress. Delegates talk in entrance hall, photographers take pictures. High angle audience, on stage at microphone association president Belgian Luke Hezets(?). Congress Chairman Surin & USSR Deputy Minister of Culture Koftanov(?), high angle applauding audience.

08:12:13 Caucasus countryside, bulldozers level hills for agriculture, surveyor; terraced fields & CU peach trees, grapes.

08:12:50 Introduction of new truck. Man shows interior, thru countryside, lorry up mountain road.

08:13:35 Hungarian Ice Ballet Moscow sports palace, LS ice ring, Budapest s ice theater group, perform folk dance on ice, skating two-man horse & clown dance on ice (GAG), horse falls down & shakes legs in the air, stands up & poses for applauding public, skates up to couple sitting on heart shaped bench hiding behind umbrella, horse pushes off umbrella, sits between them. Finale all artists skate around the ring, throw flowers in to public. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1958 #38 September

Towards 21st Congress of CPSU Stalingrad, huge crowds in city square, VIPs w/ Khrushchev, Brezhnev & others, Khrushchev waves hat, high angle applauding crowds, Stalingrad Party Secretary Zhigalin at the microphone. Khruschev at mic (MOS) congratulates Staliningrad w/ getting Lenin Prize, crowds applaud.

08:16:07 (out of frame) Large metallurgy factory hall, various machinery, factory worker speaks on camera(SOF) says factory is determined to beat year s target (in frame) & produce 275 machines on top of target.

08:17:03 Chinese Nations Put Together Their Power Huge crowd filled square, Anti- American protest against US troops in Taiwan region. VIPs w/ China Premier Chou En Lai (Zhou Enlai) on podium, high angle huge crowds, Peking National Committee Chairman at microphone, shots of cheering people, people w/ guns in their hands cheering on the street.

08:18:07 Leningrad Gorky Printing House hall, printing of 5th edition of Lenin s writings. Printing machines, man checks sheets, CU books out of machine, women check, CU book cover & first page w/ Lenin s portrait.

08:18:54 Kiev People enter large exhibition hall for Lenin s Comsomol 40th anniversary, people look at posters that told story of Comsomol prizes; CU various paintings, shot of people in the exhibition hall.

08:20:15 Ternopil, one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities high angle big square, big buildings. Stills of WWII ruins of city. Rebuilt Ternopil: square w/ fountain, ext, Taras Shevchenko theater & street scene.

08:21:02 Duck farm, lake full of ducks, huge flock of ducks walking to farm, CU 4 young duck farm workers, young ducklings run across the yard for feed, CU ducklings, woman in the yard surrounded by ducklings.

08:21:52 Japanese sea coast, cliffs in the water, CU cliffs, lighthouse in the mist, CU lighthouse workers, man turns on the signal light, LS lighthouse lamp in the mist & at night.

08:22:57 Honored professor - Paul Robeson Moscow s conservatory, Robeson welcomed on stage w/ applause, LS stage, CU smiling Robeson, audience applaud. Conservatory director Sveshnikov presents Robeson w/ Professors diploma, shake hands, kiss, CU diploma, people give flowers.

08:23:46 Robeson sings hymn (SOF english), LS stage applause. The End

Russian News of The Day 1958 #46 November Pt. 1 of 2

Unbreakable Unity Moscow's sports palace hall, USSR - People s Republic of Poland friendship meeting, high angle applauding audience, LS VIPs applaud on podium w/ Khruschev, Voroshilov, Brezhnev & others, LS stage.

19:41:52 LS podium, at the microphone, Moscow City Party s 1st secretary Ustinov, Khrushchev sits next to the speaker; applause, CU Polish VIPs Wladislaw Gamulka, Alexander Zavatsky(?) & others.

19:42:10 Various speakers, Soviet worker s representatives on podium inc. writer Vadim Kazhevnikov, LS stage, VIPs & audience give standing ovation to Khrushchev walking to podium. CU Khrushchev applauds, Khrushchev from various angles, pan over applauding audience.

19:43:00 CU Polish government leader Wladislaw Gomulka on podium, audience. CU Gamulka speaks (MOS) of friendship forever between Poland & Soviet Union; unbreakable unity of all socialistic countries, audience applause w/ tv camera visible. LS Khruschev & Gomulka shake hands.

19:43:33 In Honor of 21th congress of CPSU CU Pravda newspaper article, Khrushchev s announcement of 21st Congress. Atomic icebreaker Lenin under construction. LS ship, cranes, large poster saying builders are constructing the ship as a present for 21st Party Congress. CU of ship, steam out of stack, workers in engine room, CU machinery, workers in motor room, ext ship surrounded w/ construction cranes.

19:44:48 CU powerful water stream onto sugar beets as unloaded from trucks; piles outdoors, covered w/ (?) by machine. Sign - Uslabinsky Sugar Factory. Ext. sugar factory, int w/ machinery. CU workers in white coats supervise automatic machinery, CU older worker gives advice to young workers, shots of conveyors.

19:45:55 LS Kremlin, Voroshilov meets Ambassador of Federal People s Republic of Yugoslavia Lazar Mojsov, delegates walk into meeting hall. Mojsov reads speech (MOS) & presents Voroshilov w/ his papers. CU Voroshilov reads his speech & presents papers, shake hands.

19:46:39 Moscow, POV from metro out of subway; LS train over bridge, shot passing big buildings. CU train driver, train thru station. Ext. people into train station, walk along platform. Train arrives at platform. (GOOD)

19:47:25 LS construction of new 2 level bridge. CU shot from car on wide upper level of new bridge, LS lower level for trains & metro; high angle bridge, traffic on city road. Continued...

Russian News of The Day 1958 #43 October

Unbreakable Friendship Between USSR & UAR LS Kremlin, Khrushchev & Vice President of United Arab Republic Marshall Abdul Hakim Amir walk into big hall & greeted by Soviet delegates; shake hands w/ USSR VIP s incl. Mikoyan, Kosygin, Suslov & others, high angle big banquet hall. Khrushchev at microphone reads welcoming speech (MOS); CU Amir reads speech, audience applauds, Khrushchev & Abdul Hakim talk w/ help of translator.

19:53:12 In Honor of 21st Congress of CPSU Heavy steel mill under construction, workers weld high up, LS big pipes, men climb up stairs, LS high constructions. Workers meet outside factory, 40th anniversary of Lenin s Comsomol; speakers on podium, public applaud. Men work next to huge furnace, ext metallurgy factory at night.

19:54:19 Kazakhstan cotton harvest. Big combines collect cotton on the big field, combines. People hand pick cotton; outdoor cotton storage, men on large cotton piles, fill sacks. Truck loads of cotton sacks past.

19:55:06 Towards Great anniversary Moscow exhibition in honor of 40th anniversary of Lenin s Comsomol, people in the exhibition hall viewing CU paintings w/ Lenin, soldiers, workers, parachutists, war zone, construction site, shot of exhibition hall.

19:56:45 Lithuania, Klaipeda, man paints 40 Comsomol on newly built river motor ship at dock. CU contractor team leader working on plans, shots of workers: man welds, woman worker, construction team stand on shore & watch ship on river. CU ship s captain & assistant on board, ext. ship on the river.

19:57:31 Pan over newly built city Amursk, CU male & female workers lay bricks, building site, crane & woods.

19:58:26 Road to life Moscow s 610th school, pupils in crafts class, CU children work at lathes & w/ various machinery, make machinery parts, supervised by teachers. Senior class girls assemblying car parts, working w/ large looms.

19:59:17 Young Zoo Physics Forest w/ young professionals from experimental hydro electric laboratory in the woods; assemble research unit & pull it up in the trees to research air humidity. Man climbs up in research tower & checks wind gauge. Workers on ground in control room view read-outs.

20:00:32 Moscow s Lenin Prize Circus, Youth festival Special program in honor of Lenin s comsomol s 40th anniversary. Performers in white outfits enter arena, applause, trapeze artists, audience smiles, applauds. Acrobat performs on parallel bars held by 2 men, applause, artists perform sliding & walking on the high wire, people look up, applause. Bows. the End

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Russian News of The Day 1958 #45 November

Successful Peace Fighter Kremlin meeting hall. LS VIPs on podium, academic Skabilcin at microphone presents Lenin Prize to Luis Jahn (?) General Secretary of World Wide Trade Union Association.

20:03:38 In Honor of CPSU 21st Congress Stalingrad, Pan over huge dam construction on the Volga. CU dam, trucks dumping rock into river; workers & lorrys at night on the construction. Large concrete pyramids loaded onto trucks & dumped into water at dam site. (GOOD)

20:05:19 Nikolayevsky ship manufacture, Soviet Ukraine under construction, men work on construction, welding. CU workers, ship from various angles.

20:06:06 Ambassador of Argentina Kremlin, Voroshilov meets Enrique Rivarol, exchange books of honor & read their speeches (MOS), shake hands.

20:06:45 Kremlin Theater Ext. new theater, CU Kremlin s Theater name plate, int. theater entrance hall w/ art gallery. Shots of empty hall, people enter theater building, shot of clock tower. Fragment from opening night performance of Lenin s Bells of the Kremlin , actors on stage incl. Lenin look-like. Audience & scene of play featuring Lenin in his office w/ other delegates, listen to repaired clock tower s bells ringing, Lenin speaks of future when these bells will ring in a different time, in a time when all that they are now planning has come true.

20:08:41 In Fishermen s Village Latvia, fishing boats docked, collective farm s fishermen return home in the newly built seaside village, shots of various residential houses. Int. house of Alfreds Plume, w/ son & friend at table looking at map & planning trip to Atlantic when they grow up, photo of ship. Father enters, takes his bag & w/ wife leaves house & gets into the car.

20:09:45 Cup Belongs Again to Spartak Spartak & Torpedo football teams run into stadium, CU prize cup. Shots of the match & CUs of spectators. Spartak s goal keeper saves all attacks; in overtime winning goal by Spartak s Nikita Semanyan; cheering spectators. Spartak s captain w/ cup, photographers.

20:11:34 Seven Weddings Hungary, village Mezotur w/ wedding horse-carriage parade thru streets. Wedding couples out of carriages, into church, CU old ladies. Newlyweds pose for group picture. Outdoor

celebration w/ long line of chefs preparing food in big kettle's on open fire, orchestra plays music. People at tables, old lady serves food to bride & groom. CU orchestra, people on the dance floor. CU Newly weds dance traditional Hungarian dance. The End.

Communist; Communism; 1950s; Cold War; Russian Newsreel; Industry;

Russian News of the Day 1959 #16 April

Around Lenin s places Portrait of Lenin, Lenin s 89th birthday, ext. & int. Lenin Museum Gorki, people look at historical documents; park bench where Lenin loved to sit, park path where he took walks. Moscow, Ext. Kremlin, int people walk thru Lenin s office. Archival footage of Lenin in Kremlin s Yard.

04:32:12 Ext. Kremlin, 1st session of leading USSR Soviet, rear shot of tall narrow meeting hall, government leaders on stage w/ Brezhnev, LS stage, shots of audience, speakers on podium, applause. Party member Aristov nominates Ignatov for Chairman of Ministers Cabinet. VIPs applaud w/ Brezhnev & Ignatov.Polanskoy on the podium, audience votes, applause.

04:33:33 Cotton textile factory w/ cotton bobbins on looms(?), women workers; workers are trying out new plan where leading workers help out bottom brigades; leading team s member Valentina tells (SOF) how she decided to leave her team & come to help bottom team, knowing that she will get paid less. Valentina works w/ team mate, shots of young women working.

04:34:36 Africa fights for freedom , Accra, East Africa nationalist demonstrations. People march w/ placards, speaker at microphone surrounded by huge crowd, various placards w/ - Freedom for East Africa , various shots of demonstration thru city.

04:35:32 Kremlin, Deputy Chairman Poleckis(?) w/ Ethiopia ambassador, speeches, exchange documents.

04:36:18 Uzbekistan, spring, CU apple orchard in bloom w/ flowers. Cotton planting, men in big field, look at soil, CU tractor driver, man measures planting distance in soil, high angle tractor thru field, CU planter.

04:37:02 Workers in back of lorrys driving up mountain road. Trucks on snowy road. Workers into tramway & up mountain. Shots thru tram window to mountains. CU Dramatic shots of men working on tram lines high above valley. Cable room & men in control panel room talking by telephone to the tram. LS tram sliding through the air mountains behind.

04:37:57 Leningrad harbor w/ ice & arriving ships. Ship from Ceylon unloading bulk rubber cargo; workers move rubber blocks, woman on fork lift.

04:38:35 People on street gather around, take pictures, CU police man blows whistle, smiles. Dog & tiny bear cub out of car; walked down street on leashes. Couple at dinner table, dog on floor nurses adopted baby bear, CU bear feeding from dog, woman feeds eager bear from baby bottle, CU bear w/ bottle.

04:39:35 Moscow s Bolshoi theater hall, shot of audience, folk dancers on the stage, dancers from various angles, applause. Rumanian dance Beryl performed by 2 male artists, shots of funny (clown like) dancing.

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Russian News of the Day 1959 #06 February

Meeting of Communism Builders Ext. Kremlin, last meeting of 21st Congress of CPSU, meeting hall from rear & standing applause to Khruschev walking to podium & applauding audience. Khrushchev (MOS) speech, encourages to follow Lenin s steps towards Communism s victory. Suslov reads suggested changes in the production development resolutions, delegates vote in favor. Khrushchev at microphone (MOS), announces the USSR 21st Congress closed, standing applause. LS stage, ext. Kremlin. People on dock port listen as team member reads out the 21st Congress new communism building program from newspaper. Oil workers in Azerbaijan meet on drilling platform w/ derricks behind, speaker promises to fufill government set targets, applause. Minsk factory workers meet & promise to fufill 7 year production plans, listen, applause.

22:36:24 After Great Plan Kazakhstan trucks on snowy road, metallurgy factory construction site, workers on crane listen to speaker announcing new goals - to build quicker & faster, CU workers. Construction, men arc weld on the construction, CU workers & slogan on steel tank.

22:37:12 Moscow LS railroad train past State university, people on station platform view exhibition of new railway equipment, CU new electric 5300 horsepower train, newly constructed passenger cars, people inspect new cars, motors, automatic doors. Runby of electric passeger train in snow.

22:38:37 Severyankas trip LS soviet submarine Severyanka on open sea, shot of captain, LS ship diving under water, crew in sub, science specialist make notes, CU machinery to measure water radioactivity, crew table look at the map. Crew members cut each others hair, shave, sunlamps, have medical check up, man at helm, ext. submarine, huge waves. Man on lookout.

22:39:53 Ancient Nation s Art Ceylon palm trees on beach, high angle city, 11th anniversary of independence. Moscow, exhibition of Ceylon's art, people in the exhibition halls, look at various exhibits, CU ambassador of Ceylon Professor Z. Malalasekera at the exhibition, shots of various art pieces, folk art sculptures, figurines, silver dishes, national dance costumes & masks, shot of people at the exhibition.

22:41:22 Sport Georgia Valley floor in winter & ski jumping competition w/ falls. People watching.

22:42:02 Turkmania Soviet bicycle road race riders in training for international championship, ride through country roads, coaches in motorcycle w/ side car, riders from various angles.

22:42:23 Ukraine's dancers Moscow, Guest folk dancers from Soviet Ukraine in traditional outfits perform on the stage, performance from various angles. High jumping, leaping, kicking. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1959 #04 January

Khrushchev s reception Khruschev meets Polish delegation w/ deputy chairman of Poland s cabinet Zenen Novek(?), delegates shake hands, CU Khrushchev & VIPs pose for group photo.

14:55:21 Ambassador of Czechoslovakia Czech delegation w/ ambassador Richard Dvorzhek(?) enter Kremlin meeting hall, Voroshilov meets delegation, CU Dvorzhek & Voroshilov, speeches, shake hands.

14:55:51 Honored Doctor CU diploma for doctor of historical science & Moscow s University s anniversary medal, LS people at tablel, Chancellor Petrovsky presents Black American Professor William DuBois (died in 1963 at age 95) w/ award.

14:56:28 Today s People , Large chemical factory, CU worker s leader Ivan on catwalk, enters control room, dials, gages. Ivan studying at polytechnical institute; w/ other students in laboratory, mix liquids. Estonia, truck POV on snowy road, driver stops, shakes hands w/ CU collective farm s leader Artur Sarav(?), newly built village houses, Sarav checks on builders work. People walk on wintery street, CU instrument, factory worker Maria at machine that prints factory s logo on parts; Maria in front of classroom at evening school. Train w/ oil tank cars leaving city, CU engineer in cab of locomotive.

14:58:29 After Great Plan LS Winter & smoking chimneys, CU stopwatch. Steel mill & overhead shots large machinery, furnaces. Kazakhstan open pit strip mine, crane driver & digging ore & dumping into large trucks & leaving on road, shot of ore train. CU new buses, interiors & buses out of factory gates. Moscow factory of experimental building materials & prefabrication machinery; workers & factory leader Kozlov, shot of building built w/ new pre-fabricated materials.

15:00:51 CU river down mountain canyon; man on the phone in CU, another presses button to set off huge explosion (VERY GOOD) of side of mountain for dam, workers applaud, high angle bulldozers & earthmoving equipment.

15:01:55 Sport Outskirts Leningrad, skiing competition, ski jumping from high tower. 15 km cross-country ski race thru forest; shots of athletes skiing, winner crosses finish line, people shake hands w/ athletes, CU winners on podium 1st place - USSR athlete, 2nd - Finland & 3rd - Norway. The End.

Communisum; Socialism Benefits; Progress; Natural Resoures; Mining; Transportation; Celebrity; Black Independence.

Russian News of the Day 1959 #02 January

Soviet Rocket in the Cosmos Various language newspaper articles w/ drawings, animated film, rocket going up & transmitting signals to earth & radio antenna. People in control room monitor signals from USSR rocket, man: (SOF) as soon as rocket was launched they were successful in receiving its signal, plays the recorded signal. Factory workers listen to the signal played on radio. Ext observatory; man looks in big telescope, member of USSR Science Academy speaks (SOF) of the rocket s course, speed & technology.

15:06:13 CU metro station sign Leninsky gori subway builder: (SOF) we have just heard the great news of rocket s launch, others behind go up escalator & look back at speaker. Caricature of USSR rocket passing the moon & sun, artist Mark Abramov & poet Sergei Mihalkov at drawing table, artist draws caricature, poet reads (SOF) poem about Soviet sputnik.

15:07:15 Belorussian nations celebrations , Minsk street scene, pedestrians; 40th anniversary w/ representatives from all Soviet nations on stage w/ Khruschev, deputy chairman Kozlov gives Lenin s prize to Republic of Belorussia, medal pinned to city s flag. Huge crowd in Lenin square, VIPs on podium w/ Khruschev, 1st secretary of Belorussian Communist Party Mazurov at microphone, applause, CU smiling people, snowing. Khruschev smiling at mic, crowd w/ Lenin s statue in middle of the square.

15:08:39 Mikoyan in USA NY arrival w/ other Soviet delegates off plane, waves hat; CU camera crews. Mikoyan at microphone (MOS) gives greetings from Khrushchev & wishes all American people happiness, well-being & peaceful life. Mikoyan (SOF) answers reporter s question about USSR rocket, says it shows how far Soviet science has gone & that they will make sure this achievement serves the purpose of peace & friendship & not in the interest of war. Reporters make notes, take pictures, CU Mikoyan.

15:09:47 Steel mill main furnace worker Fyodor w/ family at dinner table looking at various diplomas & prizes CUs earned for his devotion to his work. Ext. factory s smoke stacks, CU Fyodor at work, walks thru factory, where team mates voted him delegate for 21st Communist Party Congress.

15:10:37 Soviet ship Asia thru large waves on open ocean, int. ship, crew member taking census knocks on door, sits w/ family & writes down their names; interviews others. LS sun set.

15:11:28 Riga Retired painting collector Martins Formanis w/ book, walls covered w/ paintings; Martin & wife w/ letters from artists, CU letter from China including artist s sketches for Martin s collection.

15:12:30 French circus in USSR, performance on rollerskates on round table, applause, circus artist spins w/ audience member, man helped down but so dizzy he can hardly walk. Trapeze artist performs; clown performance sets fire to clown s hat, applause, man jumps rope on trampoline w/ hoop, applause; performers run hand in hand around the ring first one holds on to horses tail. The End.

Animation; USSR Space Program;

Russian News of The Day 1959 #17 April

Lenin s 89th birthday CU Lenin s portrait. Celebration at the ornate Bolshoi Theater hall, large Lenin sculpture on stage, audience give standing applause to Soviet VIPs coming on stage incl. Mikoyan, Suslov & others. Lenin s Guard veterans also on stage. At microphone Comrade Kirichenko introduces Brezhnev who speaks. Various shots of audience. Fragment of Brezhnev s speech (SOF) tells how all the communist party s & working people s achievements lead back to the great Lenin. Applause, says to follow Marxism's & Leninism s lead to the great victory of Communism, public & VIPs applaud.

20:25:58 Lenin Prize Winners Machine tool (?) factory, big machinery, 3 engineers are Lenin Prize winners for their invention of new machine. CU engineers tell (SOF) about the new machines; the new machinery in factory hall; CU automatic machinery supervised by only 2 workers.

20:27:17 Moscow monument of the famous Russian writer & poet Vladimir Mayakovski. CU statue, people take pictures, put flowers. CU sculptor Alexander Kipalnikov(?) in his workshop w/ Lenin statue behind him, speaks (SoF), he s glad that people like his statue of Mayakovski on which he worked for many years & for which he was awarded w/ a Lenin prize. CU sculptor works on a statue, stands next to unfinished sculpture.

20:28:22 LS Kremlin. Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR Poleckis meets Ambassador of Iran M. Ansari. Ansari & Poleckis read their speeches & exchange papers.

20:28:59 Moscow airport, snowy evening, Soviet editors & journalists greet editor delegation from GDR. East German delegates shake hands w/ greeters. CU main editor of German newspaper Forverts .

20:29:33 Swish pan to airport & people boarding airplane, reporters interview passengers, little kid answers reporter s question. Ext new passenger plane IL-18 from various angles, interior w/ pilots in cockpit, shot from plane to clouds, passengers, air hostess offers newspapers, little baby sits on passenger s seat, another sleeps in mother s arms; shot from plane over city near Black sea, plane lands, people exit the plane.

20:30:40 Swish pan to Uzbekistan spring, blossoming trees, people walk thru blossoming apple orchard to new art museum. CU people look at the paintings.

20:31:27 CU Fishing Collective s leader & others pull out fishing nets full w/ fish. CU sturgeons. Men on boat lay the fishnets, fishermen pull out huge fish, all smile, pose w/ enormous fish in their arms.

20:32:16 Bolshoi Theater Ballet in USA New York City intersection, Bolshoi Ballet posters at Metropolitan Opera, long ticket queue; people read newspapers, sit & lay on pavement for overnight wait. Women w/ sewing kits, men review music notes. Performance evening, people outside theater, enter smiling at camera, VIP s arrive in cars, enter the theater, CU Soviet ambassador Menshikov smiles at camera.

20:33:17 Fragment of ballet Romeo & Juliet w/ Galina Ulanova as Juliet, applause, all artists on the stage. (End cut off, complete version on LN 400-248 21:00:59)

Communist; Communism; 1950s; Cold War; Russian Newsreel; Industry;

Russian News of the Day 1959 #01 January

Lenin s Prize for RFSU LS ext. Kremlin, high angle meeting hall, meeting of Supreme Soviet of Russian Federation, VIPs w/ Voroshilov, Khruschev, Suslov, Brezhnev & others on podium, audience & standing ovation. Voroshilov present s Lenin s prize to Russian Federation s representatives, applause, Lenin s medal put on Republic s flag. Russian Federation s chairman Polansky at microphone, applause.

09:32:51 Title: New Year s Eve. Stalingrad dam construction site, huge cranes, workers prepare new turbine & finish one year early, dedication. Man under turning turbine taking readings, engineer at control panel, CU smiling factory workers shake hands, LS turbine, ext dam & spillways (VERY GOOD).

09:33:52 Steel mill, factory hall w/ big furnaces, workers, man into control room, says (SOF) his team is competing for title: Communist Labor team; all are always ready to learn & be a model industry.

09:34:45 Moscow s airport w/ USSR & Afghan flags. Royal Highness, Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Mohammad Naim greeted by Kosygin, Gromyko & VIPs. CU Naim, car leaves airport.

09:35:26 Shot from plane, Siberia. Couple on sled pulled by reindeer arrive at collective reindeer farm for census. Reindeer herd in snowy field, people out of tent & enter tent w/ census taker. Oil derrick, woman taking information from workers; man at control panel forwards coded messages w/ counting results.

09:36:14 Men work on Chaika auto assembly line; new Chaika model w/ CUs of details, out of factory.

09:36:50 Title: Art Festival. Moscow gallery, crowd views exhibition from Socialist countries. USSR Culture Minister Mihaylov as sculptor Konyonkov(?) cuts ribbon. Views of hall & paintings. (VERY GOOD) Hall of Albanian artists, CU painting. Bulgarian painting Teacher in the Village , various shots of people, CU various nationality artist paintings, CU Chinese Artists Collective work: large sculpture, CU people look at pictures, shots of various paintings & sculpture.

09:39:08 Painting of Lenin s speech in the 3rd Comsomol s meeting, people in the exhibition hall.

09:39:29 Title: Hello Year 1959. New Year s eve, good traffic & street scenes on winter night. CU Red Square at night, snowing, CU clock tower showing 11:55 pm. Ext modern apartment house, int., family at table, stands w/ glasses in hands Christmas tree behind, toast as clock rings midnight & girl rips off calendar page, CU calendar on 1st of January. CU orchestra plays in large hall & people dancing waltz (GOOD).

09:40:38 Santa on horse drawn carriage arrives at children's New Year s celebration in Sports Palace w/ big Christmas tree in middle of arena. CU trapeze acrobats performance, little girl smiling.

09:40:54 Live bear arrives on motorscooter, little girl smiles, LS bear on motorbike, acrobatic clown on trapeze, kids laugh, various shots of clown flying up & down, little boy watches w/ open mouth, laughing children. LS Roller skate performer. The End.

Holidays; Families; Recreation; Entertainment; 1950s; USSR; Communist Propaganda; Circus; Trained Animals;


Russian News of the Day #08 1959 February

Khrushchev s visit to Tula: in open top car through Tula s streets filled w/ huge crowds. Krushchev visits Soviet Arms Factory, greeted by factory workers, shakes hands w/ factory veterans, pose for photograph.

17:02:13 Culture Palace of Railway workers, Khrushchev on stage presents Tula region w/ Lenin Prize, city s flag decorated w/ order, audience applaud. (17:02:41) Khruschev s speech (SOF), gives best wishes to Tula s citizens, praises USSR government, friendship between nations & peace in the world, all applaud, shot of large Lenin portrait on the wall.

17:03:39 Azerbaijan, cement factory, smoking chimneys, train w/ heavy loaded cars arrives w/ raw materials. Automatic machinery & workers. Man in the control room. Sack of cement on conveyor belts.

17:04:38 Submarine at sea, various shots, ship captain looks around w/ binoculars & quickly enters & closes lid. Shots inside submarine, sailor answers captain s order, complicated control panels. Shot of ship slowly going under water. Various CU sailors operate controls, group of men talk at small table inside the ship. High angle submarine in the water.

17:05:58 Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) coal crisis, workers demonstration along sidewalk. High angle coal factory, huge coal pile. Workers demonstrate against job cuts due to coal importing from US, protester crowds w/ banners & flags.

17:06:43 Kremlin, Soviet deputy chairman Rashidov meets Mongolian People s Republic s Ambassador, delegates exchange speeches, shake hands.

17:07:17 Kamchatka, ship in water, picture of Kamchatka s territory in the past. Winter, sign of State Pedagogue Institute, young people on street, enter institute building. Physics class, CU students & teacher. Crafts lesson, students work w/ plane, hammers and other tools.

17:08:13 Moscow, exhibition of Uzbek artists work, people in exhibition hall, CU painting of Khrushchev w/ Uzbek farmers in big field, shots of people looking at paintings, sculptures, ornate carpets, glassware.

17:09:09 Khabarovsk region, winter woodland, group of hunters w/ dogs thru deep snow, dog runs to dead tree & barks. Hunters look at tree, one knocks on it w/ axe, puts ear to the tree, keeps knockings & looks up to hollow. All men run back from tree and look up, bear comes out of hollow and quickly climbs down & tries to escape, gun shots fired, bear falls down. Men gather around the bear, smoke a cigarette. Shot of hunters carry animal home through woods.

17:10:20 Winter Fancy . Moscow s Sports Palace, 1st performance of Soviet ice ballet ensemble. Group of girls in long dresses dance on skates in line on ice.

17:10:50 Ice Ballet couple performs dance w/ complicated lifts.

17:11:07 Women s ice ballet group perform Russian dance. ( suddenly ends)

Russian News of the Day 1959 #13 March

12th Meeting of Trade Union. High angle Kremlin, top shot of audience, Chairman Grishin on podium introduces Communist Party s Secretary Kirichenko, all rise & applaud. High angle stage. Kirichenko speech (SOF), gives Party s official greetings, applause, high angle speaker, various shots audience applaud. Chairman Grishin on podium, various shots of delegates, listen w/ earpieces, audience applaud.

21:07:50 Tataria. Following the Great Plan. Bulldozer in winter field, oil drilling derrick, men fix pipes, run to drill hole & wait, wheel opened & oil pours out of pipe, team leader shakes workers hands, man puts his hand in the oil & checks it, CU workers, men smile, shake hands.

21:08:49 High angle people on street past factory w/ smoking chimneys. Men in tire factory introduced, CU workers, man opens large machine & takes out truck or equipment tire & checks it. (21:09:26) CU letters. Men sit at the table, go through letters from people supporting their work, shot of camera man filming them. Men give interview (SOF), promise to reach the 7-year-plan s goals before the set time. Shot of voice tape recorder, interviewer.

21:10:03 Abroad . Towards atomic death . West Germany. Road sign - Nurnberg 10 km. Big US & English army trucks on the road pulling w/ nuclear cannons/weapons on trailers, parked trucks. Germans w/ posters protest w/ demonstration & march thru Dortmund streets. Near Dortmund's airport people have sit-down protest on road w/ big poster of Hiroshima.

21:10:55 Leningrad. Unveiling of monument for scientist, inventor of radio, Alexander Popov in city square. sheet pulled off monument, CU writing on the memorial, people lay flowers, shot of statue. Inventions.

21:11:39 Moscow, remembrance plaque for pilots of Escadrille Normandie-Niemen visited by French newsreel cameramen for filming of feature film. High angle of airport for film setting of Soviet-French movie Normandie-Niemen, CU producers going through scripts, CU cameramen, actors on the set. Motion Pictures. Movies.

21:12:36 South Krim. Crimea. Wintery field up in the mountains, long icicles on side of waterfall, spring, rocky sea side w/ waves breaking. People in indoor swimming pool at spa, men sunbathe on coast, high angle seaside health resort. People on the street near sanatorium walking, CU old man smiling, busy street, high angle coast, seagulls flying over water, ships on the coast.

21:13:33 Sport . Figure ice-skating, shots of 1st prize winners performances, acrobatics & dancing - Tatjana Lihoreva, Lev Mihailov & couple Nina & Stanislav Zhuk, audience applaud.

21:15:02 Bulgarian theater in Moscow . Book w/ theater cast pictures, scenes from play Buntarskaja Pesna . People on stage folk-dance, audience applauds, another shot of play, curtains close, applause.

The End

Cuba Waits

Latin-American band and dancers - carnival. Havana coastline - skyline - street scenes - hotels - traffic. Cubans on streets - workers - industry - sugar cane fields - cutting cane. Irrigation of fields. Agriculture - farmer with ox-drawn plough / plow. Dairy cattle. Street market - fruit stalls.

08:02:28 Poverty in Cuba. Hungry children - shanty towns. Cuban police / army. Batista votes in elections. Moody shot revolutionaries walking in fields with the sun behind them. Castro and his troops in mountains - training and fighting - firing weapons.

08:03:48 1959 - Batista overthrown - street demonstrations - Castro arrives in Havana surrounded by jubilant crowds. Good shots Castro making speech from balcony (mos) gesticulating wildly. Pages turn of book re Constitution of the Republic of Cuba. New President Manuel Urrutia.

08:05:02 Castro visit to US. Motorcade - crowds waving flags - Castro waving outside Suttons Gift shop. Castro lays wreath on Lincoln memorial. Castro at press conference. Castro at microphones (SOF) speaking in English denies he is a Communist,

08:05;45 In Havana - Castro, Che Guevara and others preside over show trials - small boy denounces. Newspaper presses not running. Exterior Communist newspaper offices Hoy. News stand with Communist propaganda and magazines. Small statue head of Lenin. Jan 1960 Mikoyen visits - waves from aircraft steps - press photographers. Mikoyen opens Russian trade fair. Castro looking into microscope. Evening reception, Castro drinking wine. Che Guevara with camera taking photo of Mikoyen wearing straw hat with Cuba on.

08:07:15 Moscow - Che Guevara meets with Khruschev, trade agreement for Cubas sugar signed by Mikoyen and Guevera

08:07:44 Port of Havana - Russian ship - imported guns. Army marching with guns. Anti-aircraft guns. Russian tanks in parade. Castro watches, smoking cigar and wearing large glasses.

Ends abruptly.

Cold War

Science and Technology (196?)

IL-18 passenger aircraft in flight. Interior, air hostess or stewardess, passengers reading & eating.

17:52:43 Airliner on display in Moscow at Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR. Top shot of enormous exhibition site showing pavilions, fountains. Exterior & interior of Pavilion of the USSR Academy of Scientists. Rockets & various Sputnik on display. Moon rocket. Survey rocket which photographed the back of moon. Photographic maps of the moon. Ext. exhibition hall, ornate architecture.

17:55:40 Traffic from overpass of road between Moscow River & Kremlin. Pigeons fly off from Red Square. Various buildings. Construction work, crane lifting prefabricated sections of flats / apartment block into position. Pan across new building complex. Moskva swimming pool, families in pool. Children in paddling pool. People diving from high platforms. Tourist boats on Moscow river. Hydrofoil.

17:58:34 Scientific Research Radio telescope at Pulkovo Observatory near Saint Petersburg, men adjusting dishes. Ural 2 model electronic computer, huge open reel computer, woman working. Scientist using robotic arms to experiment with radioactive substance. Plant seeds being irradiated in laboratory.

18:00:30 Atomic icebreaker Lenin in ice.

18:00:47 Moscow State University, exteriors with national flags. Palace of Science.

18:01:18 Intourist advertisement Come and visit the USSR

Architecture; Russian Travelogue;

INNA R1 of 2

13:23:57 view across river at Leningrad. Bridge, street lamps, wrought iron & various scenic shots around streets in winter w/ steam & fog rising. Traffic & POV along road; w/ man on tractor. Rotary snowplow blowing snow along road. Large buildings, snow blowing. Woman in fur collar walking along street, traffic moves ahead of her, follows man w/ dog; then woman again. Canal w/ ice; people bundled aginst cold, woman runs for trolley or tram, gets on as others get off.

13:26:35 On board, passengers boarding; woman sitting, smiles at man & looks outside. Trees covered wj/ snow & ice.

12:27:37 High angle along street w/ electric buses, traffic, trams. People thru subway turnstiles. Women at desks doing paperwork in large office where Inna works, using large abacus, w/ kettle; into factory & walking thru where many welders are working - making parts for Vietnam & Cuba.

13:30:12 Women at bar in ballet rehearsal studio w/ instructor. Woman playing piano, pan over handbags of dancers. Inna joins the group warming up, exercising. CU of piano accompaniest (GOOD), reflections in mirror of room. MCU of dancers (named) Galena... Vera

13:32:55 Male instructor & dancers join. Igor ? Mikhail ?? Man sprinkles powder on floor.

Russian Daily Life; Winter Street Scenes; Cultural Activities;

[Russian News of the Day 1960 #45]

Titles & first four scenes of issue missing.

Kremlin, Brezhnev presents Voroshilov w/ Order of Lenin and Order Sickle & Hammer, for his excellent service to Communist party and soviet government, kiss on lips, other delegates seated at long table, Brezhnev pins both orders on to Voroshilov jacket, shake hands, smile.

02:01:20 Soviet - Cuban debate . Kremlin, Mikoyan meet Cuba s delegation w/ Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, shake hands, discuss future collaboration in trade and economic industries. Good CUs.

02:01:49 Labor report to Homeland . Biggest in the world Bratsk Dam under construction, workers, water streams thru scaffolding, man in high crane lifts concrete as woman gestures.

02:02:52 Tajikistan, apple harvest, women sort big piles of apples & pack them in boxes. Grape harvest, CU women cut grapes, men carry big baskets of grapes, piles of grape boxes, workers check & pack grapes.

02:03:39 Ukraine, testing of huge new open pit mining machine, man in control panel, switches on mining machinery w/ buckets & conveyor belts, huge machine from various angles & tailings pile.

02:04:26 Arctic, Atomic Icebreaker ship Lenin on water, breaks thru ice, CU ships captain on bridge looks w/ binoculars, ship from various angles, people in control room, smaller ships lined up behind icebreaker.

02:05:20 Launching new ship Soviet Russia , people crowds on the shore, ship slides into water w/ flags flying from bow.

02:05:57 Ancient city of Vladimira, military band, crowds in square of freedom, in honor of city s 850th anniversary unveiling of new monument, CU statues on monument.

02:06:29 CU dolls on the conveyor belt, kids celebrate kindergarten anniversary, little girls sing & dance(SOF), kids applaud w/ big smiles on faces. Children dance w/ little flags in their hands & sing (SOF) - Hurray to October . Very nice for youthful patriotism, pride.

02:07:29 Football (soccer) Final between Dynamo & Torpedo teams, LS huge stadium, CU cheering supporters, shot of winning goal from Torpedo s Ivanov, applause, winners collect their prize trophy.

02:08:28 Youth celebration ball . University of Friendship hall, international youth dance, celebrate, international students at microphone introduce themselves in Russian (SOF) from Ghana, Venezuela, Russian factory; applause, guests watch Russian folk dance ensemble's performance, all smile, applaud.

Russian News of the Day 1960 #48 November

Ext. Kremlin, int. Brezhnev meets president of Finland Kekkonen, shake hands, photographers take pictures, delegation at meeting table, CU Brezhnev smiles. Khrushchev meets Kekkonen, shake hands, pictures, all at table, smile. Shots of various newspaper headlines - Friendship w/ Finland is getting stronger .

02:33:01 First in USSR . Azerbaijan LS HES construction site, CU ext., new power generating machinery operated w/ just 2 workers, int., man near automatic machines, man in control room w/ big control panel, shots of power lines, high angle near by town.

02:33:55 In Tolstoy memory . Int. Ornate Bolshoi theater hall, Tolstoy s memorial meeting w/ Tolstoy portrait on the stage, audience, CU Tolstoy s grandsons w/ long beards seated on stage. Soviet government leaders w/ Brezhnev, Khrushchev, Mikoyan in audience at balcony, high angle audience. Writer Leonid Leonov on the podium. Archival film of Tolstoy on bench in countryside, writes, saws wood, w/ his wife(?) walks towards camera.

02:34:55 Tajikistan cotton harvest, workers hand pick cotton, workers meeting in the field, woman Umarova picks up diploma of working hero, she explains how the combine works to others, applause. Umarova drives combine through cotton field, LS combine.

02:35:47 American artist s Rockwell Kent art exhibition in Moscow, people queue outside building, Kent cuts ribbon to open, applause, people enter gallery, look at various paintings, CU art pieces.

02:36:49 Peruvian singer Yma Sumac at piano w/ her family, singer speaks on camera (SOF) w/ Russian translation over), very high angle stage, Yma Sumac sings Hymn for the Sun (SOF), song s composer next to her plays guitar, CU singer, audience applause.

02:38:07 Sport. Moscow boxing competition between Polish & Soviet army teams, exchange gifts, various shots of fights. knockout, high angle boxing arena. CU hitting gong.

02:39:05 Abroad . Italy, New apartment blocks that working people can afford. Palermo, Sicily poor living conditions, slums, narrow streets between overloaded apartment blocks, high angle hut like apartments, CU children. Street scene, Communist election posters, huge crowds applaud Italian communist party delegates, who walk through crowds. Communist leader Palmiro Togliatti on podium, speaker from various angles, shots of huge audience crowd, applause.

02:40:06 Ukrainian Culture celebrations . Ext. Bolshoi theater lighted up, high angle big hall, people applaud entering guests w/ Khrushchev in the front, high angle audience. Young girls w/ gloves run on the stage, applause, shots of various folk dance performances from various angles. CU huge statue of Lenin & big Soviet flag behind the chorus singers, audience applaud. Soviet VIPs in first row applaud, Khrushchev & Podgorny shout out - Hurray to Soviet Union, Ukraine & Communist party, high angle VIPs presented w/ cake, LS stage.

[Memoir of Lenin] Reel 1 of 2

CU of Lenin in various situation (good quality) intercut w/ turning pages. Large demonstration in streets of Petrograd. Interior of empty Lenin house & exterior of large apartment building.

16:13:34 Staged soldiers arrive & race into apartment building shot w/ dramatic shadows. Tear up the place & furniture overturned. Newspaper sellers on street & people rushing to buy. Posters put up on walls. CU of posters & newspapers. Staged shots of empty city streets as though 1917. Interior of his room.

16:16:41 Staged, soldiers searching apartment & books, throwing on floor. Pencil over map of city; camera moves thru empty city. Rural houses & empty attic w/ sunlight through roof. Writings in CU.

16:20:06 Older man in uniform reading book in cu.

Russian Biography; Loneliness; Emptiness;

[Memoir of Lenin] Reel 2 of 2

Scenics: sunrise over still river. Boat among reeds. Birch trees in sunshine. Kettle cooking over fire outside straw house.

16:21:53 Archival footage of early demonstration w/ business men & military VIPs (GOOD). Interior of building w/ staged shot of man writing. Staged cavalry riding. Straw hut & rain.

16:22:43 CU of steam engine racing along rails, wheels, tracks (metaphor of revolution). LS of train. Moving shot looking down on port.

16:23:06 Interior of empty house w/ books, table, bed.

16:23:33 Military army tanks past camera & CU steam whistle. Staged passing out rifles to protect Petrograd during revolution. Empty house w/ newspapers on table, more added.

16:24:40 Archival of steam engine into station towards camera. Empty city from moving camera. Interior of room after Lenin moved out. Cavalry thru streets; empty apartment buildings, streets & moving camera.

More of same w/ cavalry, staged arrival of troops in cars.

16:28:17 Entering large hall to cheering crowds. The End.

Russian Revolution; Biographical; Loneliness; Emptiness;

Story of Soviet Schools Pt. 1 of 3

Kindergarten graduation, kids sing dressed in national folk outfits, girls perform dance w/ dolls, portrait of Lenin on the wall, young boys dance traditional dance, dance & sing w/ flowers thanking kindergarten & saying they will never forget it, shot of children playing in playground, children give flowers to their teachers, kids presented w/ diploma & school bag.

03:44:37 Title; School, 1st year pupils in math class, teacher checks children reciting arthimetic, CU pupils, boy at blackboard, Lenin s image above the board, CU teacher, kids look at the board, do their sums.

03:46:03 Teacher in front of class for teachers. Shots of children in school uniforms & flowers in hand on way to school w/ mothers. Newspaper printing, headlines, articles announce prizes given to teachers.

03:47:04 Kremlin, best soviet teachers presented w/ prizes by government leaders incl. Podgorny, applause, shots of prize winning teacher Ivarvara Ivanenka from Kiev in classroom, students give teacher flowers. CU teacher reads letters sent by ex pupils, shots of grown up ex-student s, girl in factory, young police men w/ dogs in the woods; teacher opens letter sent by ex-pupil who thanks her for choosing the right profession, shot of doctors in surgery, surveyor in field, women in factory.

03:48:59 Teacher at home checks pupil s homework; high angle village houses, teacher w/ pupils in school farm looking at crops, taking honey from bee hives, CU bees, girls examine blossoming plants.

03:49:50 Biology class, girl at blackboard. Classroom w/ stuffed tiger, boy at blackboard points at drawings of animals, pupils w/ small dinosaur skeletons on desks, CU children listen, examine skeletons.

03:50:45 Physics class & pupil w/ various electrical equipment, teacher draws formulae & schematics on blackboard, boys in technical class learn to use various machinery.

03:52:06 Students in radio electrical engineering school work w/ various electronic devises, use headphones to learn foreign languages. Recite. Continued....

Elementary Education;

Story of Soviet Schools Pt. 2 of 3

03:53:24 Students in classroom use special mechanical devices; teacher at control panel pushes buttons to check each student s knowledge. CU machinery shows pupils their marks; CU teacher at the control panel.

03:54:23 Boy tests remote control car he built; crafts class & constructing models of cars, ships; boys try submarine & powered model boats in pool; fly model airplanes, boy takes pictures as other kids fire rocket.

03:55:55 Children in the physical activity class, jump on the trampoline; perform on high bar, horse, young girls in ballet & gymnastics class.

03:56:34 Siberia, people ride reindeer thru snowy woods; kids under the hides on sleighs. Pupils in Russian literature class, boy reads poem, pupils listen, young kids eat in canteen served by others; classroom, girl at blackboard; children in sanatorium school, ext. sanatorium people exercise, kids sunbathe, nurses give massages, children exercise on beach supervised by nurse, kids run into the water, play.

03:58:43 Tractor spraying cabbage field, CU young tractor driver, working students in evening school, CU girl reviewing w/ open book w/ portrait of young Lenin in front of her; young children in library w/ librarian.

04:00:00 Pupils stand up as teacher enters the classroom, teachers say hello and pupils sit down. CU children, teacher at front of class. Class watches film of 1920 homeless children, smoking, pushing each other. Teachers parade on Red Square w/ placards, people enter education center & all ages studying, write. do mathematics w/ abacus. Movie projector running.

04:01:25 High angle group of people studying beside reindeer & tent, sit on ground writing in notebooks. Adult workers in classroom improving their education.

04:02:01 Lenin s wife, Nadezhda Konstantinova Krupskaya, one of the founders of the Soviet system of public education at her desk, goes through papers, letters, CU Nadezhda laughing. W/ student.

Respect; Education;

Story of Soviet Schools Pt. 3 of 3

Young Pioneers march thru the city, CU kids w/ flower baskets in hands, put flowers on Lenin Monument, cu statue of Lenin.

04:03:12 Pioneers in art gallery look at paintings. Children s art exhibition, kids look at small statues, figurines, paintings, drawings, photographs.

04:04:49 CU boy w/ still camera takes picture, kids go on camping trip, walk thru woods w/ packs, sit down for lunch break & fill water bottles from stream; boy takes pictures, CU smiling children, kids cross stream.

04:05:48 Young Pioneers walk on beach w/ officer telling them about the war w/ flash back - explosions in water, soldiers jump out of boats & run to shore. CU ex army officer w/ medals telling his story to Pioneers, takes off his hat, flash back shots of shooting, explosions, battle field, CU pioneers listening.

04:06:50 War Memorial torch lighted, line of Young Pioneers watch, officer walks up to pioneer & passes the torch to one of them. Pioneers in boat place wreaths on water in memory of navy sailors & soldiers who lost their life fighting for Homeland.

04:07:28 CU boy w/ torch, Pioneers march to monument to Unknown Soldiers, all salute as boy lights up memorial torch, boys play trumpets, girls pull various flags up the pole, CU various nationality pioneers salute.

04:08:14 International Pioneer camp Artek w/ speedboat on water, kids wave from boat to Pioneers on the beach, LS Artek camp beside beach, kids play ball.

04:08:51 Day dedicated to Vietnam War; kids demonstrate w/ placards, applaud, shout out slogans in support of Vietnam, 12 years old Vietnamese boy soldier, whose village was burned down, together w/ his family at the microphone, applause. CU boy, shot of Vietnamese delegates, kids hold up big placards, applaud, hold up hands together.

04:10:05 Group of African black boys dance on the podium, play guitar. Evening, Pioneers in stadium hold hands, watch children in various national costumes perform, explosion lights up big bonfire in the middle of the field, children dancing & jitterbugging, CU kids wave, smile. GOOD Credits The End.

Communist Education;

France (Khrushchev visit, 1960)

Khrushchev w/ others view exhibit of Russian documents, painting of Lenin, in Lenin s southeast Paris apartment.

07:41:50 High angle of crowd waving up to K. who waves from balcony. CU & MCUs.

07:42:03 Motorcade thru streets. Bordeaux & old buildings. K. & wife w/ officials; presented w/ large lamb by farmer. K. holds & pets as people watch. GOOD CUs.

Diplomacy; 1960;

Social Welfare In The Turkmanian Soviet Socialist Republic

A Turkmen Film Studios Production [English narration]

CU extract from Soviet Constitution re social security provisions for old age & incapacity. Retirement ceremony for female worker at textile plant in Turkmen SSR [Turkmenistan] - on stage w/ image of Lenin in BG - dabs eyes w/ handkerchief as colleagues applaud - women wearing traditional patterned headscarves - worker presented w/ embroidered rug - VO From this day on the State assumes concern to ensure a ? bond security in her old age .

12:23:05 Sheep herder w/ flock in wide valley. VO says co-operative farmers receive comparable pension to industrial & office workers. Group of elderly sheep breeders, stock farmers & grape growers at social security meeting where retirement confirmed - men w/ traditional Turkmen beard & fur hat - VO says 20 million rubles per year paid to co-operative farms in Turkmen SSR. Pensioner living w/ eldest son - plays w/ grandchildren & great-grandchildren. Home for pensioners - elderly men playing chess, women sewing - growing vegetables in garden - dining room - VO Everything is done to bring happiness to single people in their old age . Woman has afternoon nap in room - picture of serviceman husband on table - war widow?

12:25:46 Social Welfare Ministry - elderly people visit female minister - woman w/ Mother Heroine medal.

Family w/ fifteen childreen sit down to eat in garden - VO re extra state aid. Young boys into school - INT boys making models in art class. Blind girl reading braille - VO Children who are handicapped get particular care and attention in the Soviet Union - special needs boarding school in capital Ashgabat - blind boy reads braille sign pinned to on blackboard. Braille map & globes in geography class. Braille typewriters. Girl playing piano. Blind? boys in woodwork class. Invalids working in special factory - making bottle tops - deaf woman at sewing machine, supervisor communicates in sign language.

12:30:00 Orthopaedical factory - servicemen fitted w/ artifical limbs - VO says veteran s trip to capital & accompanying nurse paid for by State. Man in traditional hat gets into car - maimed veterans provided w/ cars - travelling shots through streets. Pensioners at health resorts - medicinal spring & mud bath - sunbathing on terrace. Street scenes & traffic, pedestrians on sunny day - elderly people taking walks.

USSR. Welfare State. Old Age. Communism. Socialism. Prosthetics. Spa.

Les Copains De Notre Cours [Classmates]

Film following Russian schoolboy & his friends as they participate in Soviet road safety programme [French track]. Neighbourhood residential scenes: apartment buildings, kids playing, people on balconies. Man into car, woman walking dog.

15:46:29 INT young boy eating breakfast, pan around house, w/ tv, sister ironing, boy getting ready for school. Apartment of boy s friend next door, eating breakfast; parents ready for work. Boys downstairs & outside to play w/ friends. CU faces.

15:48:49 Kids in school in uniform w/ red neckerchiefs around model of streets & traffic.

15:49:27 EXT Kids fixing cars before driving them in strange display, ballet like; CUs young boys & girls at the wheel. Kids presented w/ driving licenses - boys wearing black caps w/ ear flaps.

15:52:04 Red Square - older boys lined up in red caps & neckerchiefs. Young kids begin driving display thru Red Square; cars move slowly in formation, each w/ red flag on hood & giant banner w/ Lenin in BG. One kid stands in centre directing cars. Overhead shots of Red Square, cars in formation. Yuri Gagarin waves from podium.

15:54:09 Boy & friend arrive home; father at desk studying after work. Camera moves over bookshelves. Group of little kids cross the road, young boy in red neckerchief directing traffic. Stops truck driver to check license, another boy watches traffic from observation tower. The End.

Russia / USSR; Cosmonauts; Oddities; Gags;

[Moscow Scenics, Parade & Military Review 1960s]

Beautiful colour. LS Moscow State University at dusk. View across city from university? May Day Parade in streets w/ portraits of Kruschev & Lenin - people happy - dancing & singing.

18:47:58 Good tracking shot over crowds heads w/ Lenin statue in FG & University in distance. Top shot crowd across bridge. Huge banner of Lenin, Marx & Engels w/ zoom out to show military parade in Red Square. CUs sailors & soldiers. Kruschev & others out of Kremlin; crowd applauding Kruschev as he arrives at balcony above Lenin s Mausoleum.

18:48:54 MCU ornate clock striking 10:00. Two open top American cars enter Red Square, one w/ Marshal of USSR Rodion Malinovsky standing in back & saluting - cars meet in middle of square as troops stand to attention & proclamation over loudspeakers heard - cars drive past reviewing troops - young recruits chant replies in unison to Malinovsky s words. Malinovsky out of car & onto balcony - trumpeters.

18:51:05 CU Malinovsky making speech - intercut w/ shots of Kruschev et al on balcony, Red Square & troops listening.

18:53:00 Panorama of Red Square after speech. Pan across Kruschev & other officials, all in similar overcoats. Military review continues - Kruschev & military chiefs saluting - tanks & missile carriers.

18:55:53 May Day parade 1964 - dancing in national costume - acrobatics - Cossack dancers. Kids in costumes onto podium, give flowers to Kruschev. Communist banners paraded. Elderly Chinese? military officers waving. Mikoyan? African military chiefs link hands w/ Kruschev. Civilians smiling & waving up to balcony.

19:00:14 Night shots light displays - Communist insignia, slogans & pictures in neon inc. firing rockets - 46th Anniversary of October Revolution - street scenes w/ traffic, buildings lit up - LS University at night.

Russia / USSR. Communism.

[Unedited Colour Siberia Material]

Russia - far North USSR - various scenes of desolate snowy landscape w/ sound of wind - small town in winter; houses & apartment blocks looking deserted - satellite equipment on one roof - date 1965 on wall of building.

Statue of Lenin in snow. One passer by with a dog, sound of crunching snow. Woman walks to apartments.

18:44:00 Aerial of region - snow everywhere - ice-covered lakes - helicopter noise audible.

Could be as late as 1980s ?

[Filmed Lecture on Communism vs Capitalism by US Government Employee, ca 1960s] Pt. 1 of 2

By Charles T. Vetter United States Information Agency

04:19:40 Charles Vetter introduces himself & his past postings while standing in front of map & blackboard.

...competition of ideas between the Free World & the Communist must always know & understand your enemy & your competition. We didn t asked for the struggle & the fight...

04:20:37 ...this presentation is an attempt to look at their language & appeal realistically.. Gestures, writes on blackboard & explains similar words in Russian & English; and words sounding similar by meaning different things which will confuse. ...Russians are creating their meaning of words, their concept of life so their message will go thru & the Free World message will be filtered out. Explains how Soviets will explain things to you . Outlines on blackboard Soviet ideas of class warfare as thought of by USSR.

04:25:50 ...and when the masses are so elevated you come into the final ideal stage of society, they say Communism, heaven brother heaven, Communism. When you see this is a rather ideal do-it-yourself chart to help people answer a very basic question: How am I doing? They say for instance that they can place people on History so they can analyze their state of life & know the past, analyze the present & predict the future. But before we apply this we have to bring it up to date the way Lenin did... ...Lenin, you may remember, said: These clever Capitalists have found a way of delaying the Revolution, they have gone out & gotten colonies & they re sucking the blood, bringing the wealth of Colonies back to Europe & England & delaying the Revolution... Vetter says USSR says USA are Economic Imperialists which must come to us for gasoline, parts, Peace Corpsmen...

04:28:27 ...they [Communists] predict they will be in the Communist stage in 20 years. They say China is not yet sufficiently industrialized, so China is just on the road to building Socialism. Romania, Poland, East Germany, Hungary they say have an economic basis but their People s Democracies w/ more than one party on the books so they are just approaching Socialism. They say Czechoslovakia is the only other country which has reached the Socialist stage w/ its new 1960 Constitution. Where would they put these countries: India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines... They say these countries are just emerging from feudalism...

04:29:30 ...they say you can t basically change it, but you can speed it up if you listen to the proper theory & leadership. You can go can go over the worst aspects of Capitalism, come into the higher social, economic, political stage of Socialism if you follow the right leadership. Continued...

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Communists; Economics; Russia; Soviets; USSR; Soviet Union; Marxism;

NOTE: Vetter worked for US State Department, 1950- 1955. USIA post 1955.

[Filmed Lecture on Communism vs Capitalism by US Government Employee, ca 1960s] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... ...I think you see that this is one of their most appealing slogans: We can help you catch up w/ history fast...many of my friends in other countries have said to me...looks pretty logical to me. But you know when you talk about this to the average person in the United States, I think his reaction is words, words, words; theory, theory, theory. We have today in the United States, what the Communists are promising in the distant future, in the most advanced Communist countries.

04:30:30 Vetter s view: ...after living in the Soviet Union in 1959, is that developed Free World countries have achieved the kind of economic & social justice Marx was calling for w/ real justification 100 years ago. We have a higher standard of performance & justice for our masses of people...

04:31:03 I love very much, Pakistan, these people have seen there is a change & they are looking for a change...there s been a revolution in communication at the village level all over the world & people are demanding a better life; and they say if we can t get it from the Free World we ll get it any place we can, and sometimes this type of explanation has great appeal. Its much like a Salvation religion...

04:32:24 ...does the Free World have a counterpart package...? I think you ll find in the Free World we have many, many packages; not one. But not only do they have their theory, like the Bible or Koran, the same all over the world but they also have done their homework in projecting this...

04:33:00 Let me assume the role of a Soviet & take questions from you the audience & answer as they are being answered all over the world by the Soviets. Does phoney accent presentation of Soviet government official & then both questions & answers

04:34:45 If we are such a peace people why did we intervene in Hungary in 1956...?

04:35:40 What is our Soviet interest in Cuba? re missiles

04:37:10 Berlin Wall & nuclear testing? re French nuclear testing in North Africa.

04:39:25 Goes back to normal lecture voice. We have many working Free World solves human problems...I believe the alternative to dictatorship is teamwork...I m basically optimistic...this is why Free society is very productive.

04:40:48 We ve got to use our heads, we ve got to use our hearts. Love is a very powerful tool...we ve got to use our morality, our working religions, our experience in solving human problems in the Free World fashion. The End.

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Communists; Economics; Russia; Soviets; USSR; Soviet Union; Marxism; Leninism;

NOTE: Charles T. Vetter worked for US State Department, 1950- 1955. USIA post 1955.

Red Crowds celebrate May Day

Moscow May Day

Parade. Men and women marching. MCU women clapping. Khrushchev with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Rocket balloon launched in Gagarin s honour. Rocket-looking vehicle past Lenin portrait. Various floats with: giant atom sculpture, farmer sowing, Lenin. Khrushchev & Gagarin wave. Huge regimented crowd.

02:15:49 Cuba May Day - after Cuba s admission that Cuba is socialist nation.

Parade with Castro portraits. crowds with placards.

space race

Red Crowds Celebrate May Day

Moscow May Day

Parade. Men and women marching. MCU women clapping. Khrushchev with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Rocket balloon launched in Gagarin s honour. Rocket-looking vehicle past Lenin portrait. Various floats with: giant atom sculpture, farmer sowing, Lenin. Khruschev & Gagarin wave. Huge regimented crowd.

04:19:49 Cuba May Day - after Cuba s admission that Cuba is socialist nation.

Parade with Castro portraits. Crowds with placards.

space race

First Pictures - Soviet Hail Space Hero

Crowd with large photos as Yuri Gagarin arrives in Moscow off Russian plane. Greeted by Khruschev [seen in poor Kinescs] - big hugs and kiss. Gagarin in Red Square - stands on Lenin s tomb and waves as people march past.

Space Race. Astronauts / Cosmonauts.

Russian News of the Day 1962 #27 July

Transmission of Khruschev on TV and Radio . Moscow, 02Jul61, high angle Kremlin. Khrushchev reads speech (SOF), speaks of party members visits to foreign countries, tells about his visit to Romania. CU loud speaker, people gather around car, listen to radio, CU people s faces, group of people watch Khrushchev s speech on TV monitors in store display. CU Khruschev continues, salutes Soviet - Romania friendship.

21:29:10 The biggest in the country . Large electrical generating plant under construction, crane lowering large pieces into place. Cooling tubing & turbine pieces installed. Power lines across fields.

21:30:13 State library in name of Lenin selebrates 100th anniversary, CU name plate, building. People on huge stairs inside; CU women sorting books in stacks & at card catalog. Large reading room w/ CUs of people at work. Celebration in large meeting hall, huge portrait of Lenin on the stage. Writer Sobolev on podium, audience applause. Greetings from government by Communist Party Secretary Iljihov, applause.

Swish pan to completely destroyed Penati - house of famous Russian painter Repin. People outside newly rebuilt Penati museum. President of Science Academy cuts the ribbon, people look around restored Repin house w/ art work on walls, shot of painters desk, archival footage / flashback of painter at work, last self portrait, palate w/ paints and brushes. Shot of people outside Penati house.

21:32:18 Kazakhstan pea harvest, swather thru field, CU tractor driver, shot of big field w/ peas cut & drying in big lines. Combine threshes peas from cut row, dumps them into large wagon, man on carriage picks up handfull of peas. Shot of big field.

21:33:14 Cattle in pasteur, lost of flies & mosquitoes in the air. Big army amphibious truck thru field, lets out huge white cloud of chemicals that to kills, but doesn t harm humans, animals & birds. Shots of huge white cloud covering fields and woods. Huge chemical cloud spread over water.

21:33:57 Algerian said yes . Oran, Algeria, dark smoke cloud over city & houses, people on the street around stacks of burning furniture, clothes. Algerian women smile wave at camera, big lines of people gather to vote for country s liberation, Arab women all dressed in white, people place their votes as army watches, various shots of people - applaud, celebrate, run through streets w/ flags, high angle of residenial homes.

21:34:57 Sport . 14 country flags flying in long line, spectators crowds around. World championship cross country motorcycle race, various shots of bikes riding through difficult race track, up & down huge hills, some fall down. Winner crosses finish line, racers clean their faces from mud, smile.

21:36:16 Guandunsky circus in Moscow . Chinese circus artists in the arena, Chinese girl welcomes public in Russian (SOF), audience applaud. Shots of various circus performances, big furry costumes, artists juggle w/ plates, men spin tables w/ their feet, acrobats climb poles & do group performances, public applaud. The End

Russian News of the Day 1961 #16 April

Lenin is always with us . Lenin museum, city celebrating Lenin's 91st birthday, people in exhibition halls, various paintings of Lenin. People look at historical documents, Lenin's Communist party s member card.

People who knew Lenin sharing knowlige w/ museums guests, CU people s faces. Very long queue through Red Square to Lenin s mausoleum.

21:39:42 Khrushchev s reception . Laos Prince Souvanna Phouma in airplane, reads magazine. At Sochi, Khrushchev & others incl. Gromyko(?) greet Prince Phouma on his official visit to Soviet Union, shake hands. Delegation enters building, sit around table, CU Khrushchev & Phouma.

21:40:27 Press-conference in house of scientists . Audience applaud as USSR scientists & Yuri Gagarin take places on stage, academician Nismeanov(?) presents Gagarin w/ gold medal, shakes hand, Gagarin shows medal to reporters, photographers take pictures. Gagarin makes speech (SOF), tells that he made this space flight to cosmos in name of his homeland, all Soviet nation and Communist party, applause.

21:41:59 Towards 22nd CPSU congress . Huge dam construction, workers up on girders, shots from various angles, big crane picks up 80 ton construction parts, construction truck along road over dam below.

21:42:49 Turkmenia, spring, man on donkey rides through blossoming orchard, sheep in the field. Tractor cultivating & planting cotton, CU seeds, man pours seeds into planter, tractor thru field.

21:43:26 High angle road through mountain woods, tractors dig pit for oil pipe line to Czechoslovakia, dir bulldozed out of the way, big pipe put in place, welding, men cover pipe w/ protective covering, high angle lorry carrying pipes on the road.

21:44:00 Moscow, photo exhibition of 7 year social work all around USSR countries, CU shots of various photographs, people looking at the pictures. Photograph of Khrushchev w/ big smile & white pigeon sitting on his hand.

21:45:01 We are with you Cuba . Cuba crisis. Shots of various newspaper articles featuring stories of USSR support to Cuba, people in big Cuba support meetings, all hold up hands to show they agree w/ Soviet government , demonstration protest march thru Moscow to US embassy; crowds w/ posters gather outside embassy, big line of police guards, various shots of protesters, shout out slogans: - freedom to Cuba .

Large cheering crowd waving fists & signs.

21:46:41 Cuban flag, fragments from Soviet-Cuba movie. Soldiers get their rifles, shot of soldiers marching, night ralley in Havana (?), huge crowd in the big square. Fidel Castro on the podium, crowds cheer, wave their hats.

21:47:25 Movie premiere in Moscow s Sport s palace, audience applaud, on stage chairman Babarovnikov, Cuba s ambassador and movie producer, Lenin prize winner Karmen, audience give standing applause. The End

Russian News of the Day 1961 #22 June

On the way to Vienna . Train arrives on platform, greeted by military guard, Khruschev off train, hugs w/ Czechoslovakian VIPs, applause, Khruschev cuts slice of traditional greeting - Bread and salt, lots of photographers take pictures, Khruschev w/ VIPs walks past cheering crowds & waves thru train window as train continues journey to Vienna. Shot of train thru countryside, cheering crowds in various cities greeting Khrushchev, all applaud, wave to train. Bratislava, night time, huge crowds greet Khrushchev, Czechoslovakian President Antonin Novotny on podium, wishes best luck in Khrushchev s upcoming meeting w/ Kennedy, applause. Khruschev on the podium, public applaud. Khrushchev waves through departing car s window, high angle long line of cars.

22:21:27 Towards 22nd congress of CPSU . Moscow, students in classroom in crafts class work w/ various metalworking machinery, boy speaks on camera (SOF) all production made in their workshop is present for 22nd Congress of CPSU.

22:22:29 Huge steel mill w/ men working; steam from chimneys, machinery, control panel room, shots of streaming molten metal & pouring steel.

22:23:33 Kremlin meeting to sign cooperation agreement between Soviet Union and Somalia, VIPs enter, sit at the table, CU chairman Mikoyan & Prime minister of Somalia Abdirashid Ali Shermake. Agreement signed by USSR ministers - Potolechev, Skotchkov and Zhukov & Somalian ministers, VIPs shake hands.

22:24:42 Moscow s International Film Festival s Organizing & Directing Committee . Group at table, woman goes thru movie star photographs. Committee members look at application forms sent by movie production teams from almost 50 countries, shots of Kino festivals booklet. Festival directors look at city s decoration arrangement models for Festival days. Press conference for international media, USSR Minister of Culture Kurcova answers reporters questions.

22:25:47 People gather to see aircraft, in which in 1955 Yuri Gagarin learned to fly, placed in museum. CU small aircraft, air force club s head gives gift documents to museum s director, demonstration statue on wheels w/ boy holding rocket on the top, motorbike riders w/ flags, air force students in parachutes march, other students march w/ big poster of Gagarin.

22:26:32 Moscow, British Trade Fair, various metalworking, plastic fabrication & textile machinery.

22:27:29 Tallinn, All-Union artistic gymnastics competition; female performs w/ ribbon. USSR champion s performance.

22:28:30 High prize . CU Fidel Castro at microphone, huge crowd. Castro talks w/ military men, w/ children, surrounded by people. Cheering crowds, VIPs w/ Castro on stage, young boy representative of Christians of Ecuador shakes Castors hand, applause, Castro greeted by sculptor Armando Gonzales. Fidel Castro at mic, thanks for Lenin Prize given to him; says its not just for him but for all Cuban nation.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #21 May

Prime Minister of Somalia Republic in Moscow , Kremlin Khrushchev meets Somalia s prime minister Abdi Rashid Ali Shirmarke (aka Abdirashid Ali Shermarche) shake hands, at table, CU Khrushchev & Shermarche.

Mikoyan meets Somalian delegation w/ Prime Minister Shermarche. Mikoyan leads Shermarche to seat at meeting table, CU Shermarche & Mikoyan.

04:21:47 Towards 22nd congress of CPSU Large factory w/ workers at punch presses. Man speaks, SOF, about new machinery he invented, woman feeding punch press & blanking die; men at drafting board, one tells camera how he plans new machinery in his free time, high angle factory floor.

04:22:51 Country field, CU flower, men w/ planting machines, truck arrives & workers fill planters w/ seed. CU farms leader, high angle planters in the field, tractor pulls 4 planters, high angle of field.

04:23:35 Presentation of International Lenin Prize , CU Lenin medal & prize book, prize winner writer Mikhail Sodovian(?) on stage presented w/ prize, applause, people congratulate writer.

04:24:10 Kremlin, Brezhnev presents award to USSR Soviet Ministers Deputy Chairman Nikolay Ignatov, shake hands, hug, kiss on lips, Brezhnev pins medals on Ignatov s chest.

04:24:53 USSR Academy of Science elections, people ballots, elected academic Keldish onto stage, applause, CU Keldish, audience applauds.

04:25:26 Kremlin, Brezhnev w/ Italy Ambassador Carlo Alberto Straneo, speeches & exchange documents.

04:26:11 Kabardino Balkaria, summer tourist expedition by helicopter, shadow seen on mountains lake. Tourists off helicopter, walk thru trees to a lake, mountains behind. View of waterfall turning to mist over rocks. LS tourists crossing bridge over river in narrow canyon.

04:27:08 Moscow, 2nd Traditional Song festival, squares filled w/ people listening to choruses, banner, big crowds near Bolshoi Theater, chorus on theater steps sings fragment from M. Glinka opera Ivan Susanin (SOF), CU chorus singers, shot of theater building, audience, fountain in the square, applause.

04:28:10 Uzbekistan, plane over mountains & view past pilots in cockpit. Sheep in back of aircraft delivered in 45 min. (it takes 2 months by foot). Man w/ radio control on the field, plane lands, sheep jump out of plane & graze in pasture.

04:28:53 Yuri Gagarin - guest of Bulgaria , Gagarin off airplane, smiles, greeted by crowds & Bulgarian leaders w/ communist party s 1st secretary Todor Zhivkov, hug & kiss, photographers take pictures, Zhivkov & Gagarin thru crowds, woman runs up from behind & kisses Gagarin, crowds cheer & applaud; Gagarin w/ big smile walks past crowd. People wave from apartment balconies, road sides packed w/ people, Gagarin & Zhivkov in open car; people hold up big Gagarin portraits; people on bus roofs, balconies, Gagarin waving, high angle motorcade, w/ huge crowds of spectators on both sides.

African Diplomats; Diplomacy; USSR; Communism; Communists; Italy; 1960s; 1961; Cosmonaut; Astronaut;

Russian News of the Day 1961 #26 July

Kazak Nation s Festival Plane arrives w/ mountains behind, Khrushchev off & waves hat, shakes hands w/ Kazak VIPs & kids give flowers, motorcade to Astana past waving, cheering crowds, Khrushchev waves from open car. Meeting in large hall w/ Kazakhstan's party leaders & soviet delegates incl. Khrushchev & Arganov applaud. On podium 1st Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist Party Kunayev; Khrushchev on podium.

10:44:28 Soviet-Vietnamese friendship is getting stronger Large Kremlin auditorium w/ meeting of USSR & Vietnamese delegations,VIPs w/ Khruschev, Brezhnev on stage, applauding audience; Khruschev hugs Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Dong, high angle audience. Various speakers & audience in CU. Phan Van Dong on the podium w/ K. raising arm in air.

10:46:02 Korean guests in Moscow 29Jun61 Moscow s airport w/ Soviet & North Korea flags as Khruschev greets Kim Il Sung & delegation; walk past military & flag waving people. Kremlin Khrushchev greets Korean delegation in front of photograpehrs, shake hands, sit at meeting table, CI Khrushchev & Kim II-Sung, smile.

Brezhnev meets Kim II Sung, kiss, photographers, shake hands, talk at meeting table, CUs smiling.

10:47:46 Kazakhstan Pan over large open-pit iron mine; large shovel digging & CU shovel operator. High angle filling rail cars & ore train past camera.

10:48:40 Kiev City street scenes, people in park, monuments, city at night, crowds watch fireworks in honor of city receiving Lenin order.

10:49:18 Pan over grain field, swather mowing grain & combine following harvesting.

10:49:53 Large railroad maintenance machine removing old track & laying replacement track. Passenger train past.

10:50:36 CU newly constructed ore carring ship past on Volga; captain on bridge. CU controls.

10:51:07 Moscow, fashion show Holland 1961 , modeling suits, blouses, skirts & coats, wedding gowns on catwalk, audience and models, applause.

10:51:57 Leningrad, USSR men s gymnastic competition; tumbling & performances on bar & parallel bars. Trophies given for first place to Moscow athlete Victor Leonyev. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #28 July

Our Homeland s Wings Crowds at airfield, Tushino Aviation Day Parade, VIP s on podium w/ Khrushchev, Gagarin, people w/ binoculars, planes in sky spell LENIN, people smile, applaud, helicopters fly over w/ Soviet flag, USSR space ship Vostok , acrobats hang from helicopter, air show plans stunting. VIP s watch various large planes, incl. M-50 Bounder, w/ fighter jets fly over. Parachutists land near grandstand.

13:10:48 Honored Ghana Guest Kremlin, Brezhnev & President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on official visit to USSR, shake hands, have friendly conversation, CU smiling Kwame. Khrushchev meets Nkrumah, hug, delegates w/ K., Gromyko & others at meeting table.

13:11:45 Film-art Festival , 2nd Moscow s International Film Festival in Sports Palace, VIP s on balcony w/ Khruschev, shots of audience. CU Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida; Joris Ivens from Holland; Soviet Producer Sergei Gerasimov, artists Elena Bistricka(?), & Evgeny & Tatyana Somoylov s. At the mic Festival jury chairman Soviet producer Sergei Yutkevich, shot of audience, big Festival placard on stage.

13:12:28 USSR Minister of Culture Furcova, applauding audience, President of International Federation of Producer Association Otkins(?), applause. 1st Festival prizewinners Producer Sergei Bondarchuk & Vietnam actress actress Lan raise festival s flag. Cinema Russia, crowds entering, shot of African man in colorful costume w/ big fur hat, high angle audience, LS artists lined up on the stage, LS audience.

13:13:29 CU 13 letters written by Lenin, featuring labor movement in Russia. Institute of Marxism & Leninism presented w/ important historical letters by elderly Belgian professor.

13:14:04 Brezhnev meets Ambassador of United Arab Republic Mohamed Morada(?), ceremony.

13:14:35 Aerial tramway over valley between lime stone mines & cement factory. CU buckets & dumping at factory. Machinery & smoking chimneys.

13:15:10 Snovropol,Buban youth arrives to study at machinery schools, greeted on train platform. CU Cuban students given flowers, square filled w/ crowds, people on podium, read out welcom speeches (MOS).

Cuban delegation leader at mic.

13:15:56 Tractor in big field, new process cutting grain & planting corn at same time, machinery from various angles. Newly planted field & new corn crop.

13:16:42 Riga, Latvia Baltic states motorbike race on wet road, spectators, on the roadsides in woods.

13:17:37 Yuri Gagarin in London Motorcade thru streets from airport to town center, Gagarin stands in open top car waving; motorcade arrives Earls Court USSR Trade Fair, Gagarin exits car. Press conference, photographers, Gagarin on at microphone, British VIPs present cosmonaut w/ gold medal, delegates pose for pictures. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #33 August Pt. 2 of 2

02:03:08 In interests of whole world , FRG, high angle Soviet of ministers conference hall, CU delegates, speaker on podium announces stricter West Berlin s border control, CU big placard, shots of traffic police stop cars, people show documents to cross border to DDR Democratic Berlin, queue of cars at the border.

01:03:52 Police men patrol the city s streets, CU smiling traffic policeman.

01:04:04 Sport . Moscow, shot of Soviet nation flags, cyclists w/ flags ride through square, CU flag w/ Lenin s portrait.

01:04:23 Final days of 7th All Union Spartakiad, balloon in shape of rocket launched, athletes of all ages w/ flags march through stadium, big portrait of Lenin, collective artistic gymnasts performance, shots of various contests - running, swimming, diving, gymnastics, closing ceremony, dancers make various shapes, Mexican waves, human pyramid.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #32 August

12:44:45 Title: In The Name Of Soviet People. 07Aug61 Khrushchev speaks on radio & Television, TV (SOF), people USSR watch & listen in homes, streets & cars. CU of car radio. (MANY SHOTS GOOD) At the end people everywhere applaud.

12:47:11 Leningrad's factory Gomz workers meet outdoors w/ people at podium.

12:47:33 Uzbekistan. Cement factory s building under construction, workers walking to work. Woman works very high up in the crane. Shots of workers, welders, truck drivers, past very large storage tanks.

12:48:24 Collective farm - Udarnik. Combines work night & day harvesting grain crop. Huge grain piles, trucks bring more.

12:48:57 Guests from Cuba visit collective farm to learn about getting good harvest, Soviet farmer heroine Ergash Oinamova(?) shows group different aspects of farming. Learn how to drive tractors

12:49:37 Kishinova(?), kindergarten kids learning other languages. Big group of children walk in circle & recite foreign verse. Little girls have English dialogue, another girl recites poem to Yuri Gagarin in English. (GOOD)

12:50:27 Title: Great Victory of Mind & Work. People celebrate in streets the news of Major General Titov s successful return from space, marching w/ pictures & picture posted in Red Square w/ Khrushchev & Lenin.

12:50:48 Titov is greeted in Moscow by communist leaders, astronaut s families & huge crowds of supporters. Fly-over of large plane accompanied by fighter planes on both sides. General Titov exits aircraft & gives his account (SOF) of USSR s task accomplished on August 6th & 7th (17 times around world in 25 hrs) to Khrushchev; both kiss, hug. Hero greeted by his family. Other leaders moved by his speech wipe tears of joy. Gagarin congratulates his friend. Crowds cheer. Walk past screaming fans w/ Khrushchev. In decorated open top car w/ K. to Red Square where large crowds wait. K. makes praising speech, people march past. Top shot of parade. The End. GOOD.

Cosmonaut; Gags; Space Race; Space Program; Manufacturing; Communism; Communists Propaganda;

News In Brief - Japan

Russian trade fair, Mikoyan w/ VIPs out of building; cuts ribbon opening exhibition for cameras. Int. w/ crowd following Mikoyan thru exhibits. Picture of Lenin above space capsule (?).

01:34:25 Ext. building. Tokyo Kaikan on awning. Int. w/ Mikoyan on platform in front of USSR & Japanese flags at microphone. CU speaking MOS.

1961; Economic Diplomacy; Diplomat; Communism; Communist; Cold War;

NOTE: Anti-communist narration.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #25 June

Soviet Nation s Huge Victory. Kremlin meeting, 20th Anniversary since beginning of war. Public applaud, Communist party & government leaders on stage w/ (10:19:34) Brezhnev & Khrushchev in military (army) uniforms.

10:19:40 Opening speech (MOS) by Moscow s party s 1st secretary Timachev(?). Standing applause - soldiers led byUSSR heroes march in w/ Soviet union flag. Soviet Marshal Malinovsky speech (MOS). Various VIP s on podium (all MOS).

10:20:36 Closing speech by Krushchev (SOF) in uniform. CUs of audience. All rise, applaud.

10:22:39 High Prize. Kremlin, Brezhnev presents Khrushchev w/ Lenin prize and 3rd gold medal, all smile, applaud, Brezhnev puts medals on Krushchev s jacket. Khrushchev, kiss on lips, shake hands. Others presented w/ prizes incl. Central Committee Secretary Kozlov, Deputy Chairman Uztinov(?), Science Academy President Keldish, Deputy Chairman Rudnev(?), Minister Kalmikov & Brezhnev.

10:23:56 Ukraine. Big tire production factory, men at large automatic machinery, ready tyres on conveyor.

10:24:43 Ukraine. High angle car drives through country road. CU of collective farm s leader in car. Tractors in field. Man walks through crop field. Cattle herd. Farmer out of pig farm, talks w/ collective farm head. Nicely dressed young people, couples walk on street, meet w/ Farms leader.

10:25:40 Kremlin interior, Brezhnev meets Indian representative Sudimal Dakta(?), exchange speeches, shake hands, Brezhnev smiles.

10:26:18 Yuri Gagarin visits home town, Gzhatsk. Greeted by applauding crowd, little girl gives flowers. Walks thru street hand in hand w/ his parents. On podium in big square, people smile applaud.

10:27:05 High angle seaside. Crowded beach. Men & women on street in swimming suits. Man w/ inflated boat on his shoulders, people sunbath, sun tans. Tourist listens to guide, takes pictures. Group run into water. Band s music instruments - trumpets, drums left lying on beach. People swim, woman w/ furry hat & boy on catamaran, speed boats. High angle beach, ship in the sea.

10:27:54 People in grandstand of central Lenin stadium. CU of high jumper Valery Brumel smiling. Judges set up new high on bar - 223 cm. Reporters w/ cameras. Shot of world record setting jump, athlete jumps, is congratulated by coach, poses for pictures.

10:28:35 Moscow, high angle city streets, Red Square. Young graduates meet for summer s shortest nights celebration. CUs faces, girls w/ flowers, sing, laugh, group of girls all hold hands, walk thru square, sing, guy w/ accordion, all dressed in prom dresses, guy s in suits.

Sports; Track Meet; Cold War Newsreel; USSR; 1960s;

Russian News of the Day 1962 #20 May

Celebrations of Brotherly Friendship . Bulgaria, Khrushchev in open car thru city streets filled w/ cheering crowds, people take pictures, huge sign welcoming Dear Khrushchev across road, people on roadside wave.

Khrushchev greeted w/ traditional gift bread &salt, he kisses bread, pulls off little piece, smiles, high angle crowds. Khrushchev & Soviet & Bulgarian delegation walks thru street, shipyard; Khrushchev on podium,smiles & waves, ship construction factory workers applaud, cheer. Khrushchev and factory leader exchange presents - ship models, applause, cheer. Varna, square w/ huge crowds of people, Khrushchev & VIPs on balcony, Khrushchev presented w/ traditional hat, puts it on to Khrushchev's head, applause. Bulgarian republic s chairman Anton Yugov on podium w/ Khrushchev who smiles, thanks for a warm welcome; Varna Soviet Chairman presents Khrushchev w/ diploma of city s guest of honor, kiss, high angle cheering crowds.

02:45:36 Famous anniversary . Kremlin, big hall, 40th anniversary of Soviet Pioneers in name of Lenin. CU pioneers applaud to flag brought in, shots of audience. Speaker reads out Khrushchev s letter, standing applause. Brezhnev presents Pioneers w/ Order of Lenin, pins it to Pioneer flag, applause, high angle stage, CU big portrait of Lenin on the wall. Chairwoman of Central Committee of Pioneer organization Balasnaya(?), applause. Children give flowers & put pioneer tie around necks of Brezhnev & other VIPs. Group of Pioneers at microphone (SOF) shout out enthusiastically that they are always ready to follow their party, high angle applauding audience.

02:47:35 Int. Kremlin, LS stage, Lenin's Order ceremony for Literature & Art public figures, Writer Nikolay Thihonov at the microphone presents various artists w/ Lenin prize, applause, CU prize winners.

02:48:26 Moscow, ext. museum building, int. exhibition of Marx & Engels: various paintings, pictures telling Marx & Engels life story, shots of their personal belongings, book library.

02:49:11 Plane lands on Arctic ice, boxes unloaded. Scenes from first days on North Pole 11 station, people prepare tent, enter it, man at telegraph, sends & receives signals. Scientists surveying, make notes, plane takes off, team waves to last aircraft, high angle camp on the ice field.

02:50:12 Moscow s Sport Palace, All Union Gymnastics competition, audience applauds, high angle 1st prize winner gymnast performs on pole, applause. Female gymnast runs up to horse & jumps over it, applause, shots of performance on poles, high angle various jumps, applause. Winning team presented w/ main prize by Newspaper Pravda .

02:51:25 Soviet exhibition in Brazil . Rio de Janeiro street scenes, people crowds gather outside trade fair gates. Ribbon cutting opening of trade show, people view exhibitis of cars, ship models, machinery, space. The president of Brazil Joalo Goulart attends the exhibition, CU Goulart, VIP s delegation w/ president Goulart and USSR Trade minister Potolechev, walk through trade fare, high angle exhibition halls filled w/ people.

Russian News of the Day 1962 #33 August

USSR cosmonaut pictures against animated background & years they flew to space: 1st Y. Gagarin 12Apr61, 2nd G. Titov 06Aug61, 3rd 11-15Aug62 A. Nikolayev & P. Popovich, title - Happy Returns .

15Aug Big army helicopter lands, soviet cosmonauts Nikolayev & Popovich quickly out & into into car. Khrushchev & Brezhnev sits at table, Khrushchev speaks on telephone w/ Nikolayev (SOF), congratulates them & says how proud he is & gives his best wishes. K. hands phone to Brezhnev who congratulates cosmonaut (SOF) & gives best wishes. People gather outside house where cosmonauts are staying, CU Nikolayev getting shave, cosmonauts eat at big table. CU photographer, Cosmonauts Nikolayev & Popovich exit & smile standing on podium, people cheer, people pick up autographs thrown in crowds, CU newspaper page w/ cosmonaut pictures & autographs. People wave as cosmonauts enter plane. Ukraine village houses, int. cosmonaut s father Roman Popovich on telephone surrounded by family members, people crowd to greet cosmonauts parents, shake hands, kiss, applaud, CU Popovich s mother very moved, CU photos of Popovich and Nikolayev.

11:07:43 Leningrad. Huge crowds in big square, applause, speaker on podium, people march thru streets w/ placards, cheering, people gather in various squares to show their support to cosmonauts, CU people.

11:08:16 Moscow Factory workers meeting, speaker on podium (SOF) in the name of all factory s workers, gives congratulations to cosmonauts & to USSR scientists & technicians who built the space ships.

11:08:56 World is amazed Czech travelers give interview in front of state university (SOF), how happy they are to be in Moscow when cosmonauts competed their trip, & give greetings to real future travelers .

11:09:30 Budapest, People in streets buy & read newspapers. People watch television w/ cosmonauts on TV screen, people around radio, men around car listen to the radio. World aerobatic champion Jozsev Toth speaks on camera (Russian translation over), to give pilot team s best wishes to cosmonauts. English language newspapers in CU, watching television.

11:10:29 Sofia crowds buy newspapers, crowd applauds people on Soviet embassy balcony. Factory worker meeting in big factory hall, speakers on the podium.

11:11:00 Homeland praises its heroes Moscow big plane in the air surrounded by fighter jets. Waiting VIPs & others. Popovich & Nikolayev march down red carpet to VIPs w/ Khruschev, Nikolayev gives his account (SOF) of mission. Popovich says (SOF ship was perfectly & he is ready for next mission. K. hugs Nikolayev, long kiss on lips, then hugs & kisses Popopvich, high angle other VIPs give their congratulations.

K. & cosmonauts walk past greeter crowds, high angle delegates, shot of cameramen on the balconies.

11:13:14 Motorcade thru streets, Nikolayev & Popovich stand in decorated open top car, wave to crowds on roadside. Government VIPs in open top car w/ Brezhnev, Khrushchev. Red Square from various angles, huge crowds around Lenin mausoleum, government leaders w/ Khrushchev & cosmonaut heroes Popovich, Nikolayev, Gagarin and Titov, CU very happy people applaud, cheer, CU all 4 cosmonauts side by side, various shots of cheering people. The End

Russian News of the Day 1962 #26 June

Important Austrian guest Moscow airport, plane arrives w/ Federal Chancellor of Austria Dr. Alfons Gorbach greeted by Khruschev & VIPs incl. Mikoyan on official visit to USSR, Hand shaking, flowers. K. & Gorbach review military, delegates shake hands w/ VIPs. K. at microphone & Gorbach at mic before leaving. Kremlin, K. greets Gorbach; at meeting table. Gromyko next to K. Gorbach meets Brezhnev & take seats at table,

11:16:45 Kremlin Meeting of Russian Federations of Central Regions, high angle meeting hall, VIPs enter to aplause. Khrushchev on podium, audience watching. K. CU & gesturing (good).

11:17:58 On the Cuban fields Large grain field, combine pulling planter as it harvests grain. New invention also pulls straw behind as it cuts grain. CU farmers check the tiny corn plants.

11:19:07 High angle electrical generating plant w/ coal? on conveyor belts. Ore poured in machinery, high angle factory hall, workers check on big automatic machines, CU control panel, woman looks at TV monitor, conveyor w/ ground coal (?) piled in outdoor storage.

11:19:57 June Ext. USSR State University yard & students review for exams, waiting in hallways, shot of students in exam room supervised by teacher, CU student Valentin,writes exam, working in metallurgy factory w/ various machines, student answers teacher s questions who writes grade in book. Valentin shows others that he s passed, smiles, friends shake hands.

11:20:53 Moscow Film makers return from International Film Festival off plane - producer Mikhail Romm, script writer Daniil Khrabrovitskii & actor Aleksei Botalov. CU Filmmakers show trophy for film Nine days of One Year . Mikhail Romm speaks (SOF) on camera, says how glad he & his team are for winning first prize.

11:21:38 Bird flock fly in air, CU black head gulls. Gulls fly over small island in lake, CU birds, shot of eggs in grass, gulls on water, birds fly up in the air, shot of sky filled w/ gulls.

11:22:21 Outskirts of Riga, go-cart racing, various shots of the race, spectators, racer drops out. Checkered finish flag, applause, CU winner given prize.

11:23:16 Leningrad s ballet in Moscow Ext. Kremlin palace, int. audience in big hall & performance by Leningrad s Kirov ballet, fragment of Soloviev-Sedoi ballet Taras Bulba, Zoporozhtse dance, shots of performance from various angles, applause, LS stage. The End.

Russian News of the Day 1962 #37 September

Warning to Aggressors . Moscow, factory workers in anti-American meeting in support of Cuba, CU workers, factory workers Anti-American speech (SOF), applause.

01:06:55 Leningrad, factory worker s protest meeting, placards in support for Cuba, speaker on podium, applause, high angle people & crowds.

01:07:42 Ukraine, women in grain field harvest crop, CU team s leader true communist - Nadjezhda, makes hay bundles, women listen to Nadjezhdas encouragement. Teams leader walks through corn field w/ collective farms leader, plants higher than they are. Communist Nadjezhda speaks on camera in Ukrainian(SOF), encourages people to be true communist.

01:09:13 Gas pipeline in the mountains . Big explosion in mountains, trucks carry big pipes, high angle construction site & workers laying pipes, shot of long pipeline through field. Man welds, pipe covered w/ protective coating w/ special machinery, high angle pipeline.

01:10:09 Belgrade, shot thru landing airplane s window, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Titov exits aircraft, greeted by Yugoslavian VIPs, cheering crowds. Titov on podium, huge crowds of people cheering. Titov in open top car thru city streets filled w/ supporter crowds. people cheer, applaud. Titov waves from car.

01:11:01 Moscow State University, International symposium about highest technical and humanitarian education, high angle delegation on the stage. On podium English professor Sesil Paul(?), CU audience listening w/ earpieces. Deputy Chairman of USSR soviet of ministers Rudnev on the podium, reads out message from Khruschev, applause, various shots of audience w/ earpieces, various nationality speakers on podium, high angle audience.

01:12:12 Odessa port, big crowds greet Soviet liner returning from Havana w/ 400 Cuban students on board coming to study for a year, CU Cuban men, big crowds applaud, cheer.

01:12:49 CU cartoon, famous Dutch comic creator Herluf Bitstrup in Moscow on the street draws fountain, in exhibition draws group of children. House of friendship, Moscow society members greet Bitstrup on 50th birthday, applause, Bitstrup thanks people for making him feel so welcome, signs autographs.

01:13:46 CU trophies, people compete in race in honor of 150th anniversary of Patriotic War. Man fires starting pistol for the start, high angle runners, athletes pass on the race to bicycle riders, then its passed on to athletes in the boat race, and final part of race - running, winning team get prize.

01:14:51 Ensemble Lado in Moscow . Yugoslavian folk dance ensemble performs on stage, fragments from various dances, stage from various angles, applause. Brezhnev, Kurcova & Yugoslavia ambassador Myatovich in audience on balcony, smile, applaud, public applaud.

The Road to the Wall Pt. 1 of 2

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism. Footage from 1905 to 1960s

CU & pan on Berlin Wall. Montage: refugees, different countries & different times, walking on roads; soldiers, crowds cheering Red Square. ?? gives speech; 191? refugees at railroad pushing; CU baby. Corpses in forest.

00:55:36 Globe turning, Title: The Big Picture. CU statue, picture of Marx. Russian troops march, various time periods. Graphic arrows. Signs, German forest & sign; barbed wire, men building fence.

00:57:04 Still: Bernt Luytens (sp?) first killed in escaping. Still w/ hammer & sickle over.

Map of world, titles superimposed Berlin 1961 , "Havana 1959 , Budapest 1956 , Coyoacan 1940 , "Kronstadt 1921 , St Petersburg 1905 .

00:58:15 1905: Tsar Nicholas II at balcony of palace. Workers & peasants. Still, Father Georgy Gapon w/ group & petition read, VO in badly accented English, over crowd outside Winter Palace w/ placards & flags. Staged cossacks thru mud, beating crowd. Stills Czar, Gapon, Lenin. Lenin gesticulating, speaking. Tsar & wife & other dignitaries march; Czar gets on horse. Stills: Czarina & son; Rasputin.

01:00:03 Montage: WW1, trench fighting, bombing. Russian soldiers scratching. Starving children.

01:00:54 -March 1917 demonstration, St Petersburg. Troops arrive in trucks, then army cheering w/ protesters. Kerensky speaks (MOS). Political prisoners freed. Faces, speeches, marching, gesturing. Lenin arrives. Trotsky speaks; Kerensky head of provisional government on balcony. Newspapers printed & sold.

01:02:30 Montage: women in uniforms parade. Protest. Lenin speaks (MOS). Workers & soldiers plow field w/ shovels. Lenin speaks.

01:03:05 Monument toppled. Crowds run, storm winter palace (staged?).

01:03:16 Leaflets passed out, Lenin, restless people in street. Red Army marching; old woman makes speech. People in streets, protest election dismissal, still of Lenin superimposed.

01:04:36 Russian Civil War, fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still: Tzar s family, hammer & sickle overlay. Soldiers arresting; firing squad shoot three men into grave. Lenin w/ cat. Troops in streets. Map of world,

Kronstadt 1921 superimposed. Troops in streets.

01:05:55 People w/ corpses. Trotsky in uniform on steps. still of corpse w/ hammer & sickle superimposed. Lenin & Trotsky intercut. Stalin, People s Commissar of Workers & Peasants Inspection Group, walking w/ others. Stalin at various times. Families beside railroad car. Wheat harvest w/ combines filling trucks. Woman buying bread. Weighing grain & US aid to Russia. Herbert Hoover. Food to veterans, children eat. 01:07:37 Headlines re Lenin Stroke; Lenin Dead; Lenin funeral in snow. Stalin, Five Year Plan & montage: men work by railway, move logs, steel pouring, coal on conveyor, mining, factories & smoke, machinery, turbines, agriculture, housing construction, factory worker, freight train runby. (narrator says to Siberia). Cont.

Cold War Propaganda; History of USSR; Revolution; Communism; Communists; Socialism;

NOTE: Crowd footage not correct as to dates.

Russian News of the Day 1962 #31 August

09:52:16 Title: Khrushchev in Kalinovka. Khrushchev kisses bread & salt in birth village, Kalinovka, shakes hands, pats head of young Pioneer. K. w/ other VIPs incl. Voronov, Polyansky, Podgorny walk thru field. K. speaks w/ collective farm s leader. K. & others look at big food plant; inspect corn field, shot of village houses. Village people gather outside collective farm s culture house, K. on podium speaks (MOS) & gestures. GOOD CUs.

09:53:42 Title: Building of Kremenchug s Dam. Kremenchug train arrives w/ Khrushchev in doorway, smiles, waves. Podgorny behind K., people applaud. K. off train shakes hands, receives flowers & kisses young girl on nose. Motorcade thru city past crowds, cars past bridge near big Hydroelectric dam. K. cuts ribbon, other VIPs behind him applaud. (GOOD) K. & others in big control room, Khrushchev turns on machinery. Huge crowds outside dam, VIPs on podium, K. puts Labor's Red Order onto city flag. Khrushchev at microphone.

09:55:27 USSR Navy Day. Naval fleet past crowds on shore. Leningrad s eldest navy leader Admiral Baikov, various ships, submarine 957 & 786. Parade head commander Admiral Garshkov, salutes to the passing ships, CU sailors on board; line of large navy ships.

09:56:21 Crowds outside combine factory view new production line combines. 2500th large combine made in the factory since August (?).

09:56:52 Large gold dredge on water, large railroad bridge over river. Engineers lift bridge & dredge slowly passes under. Bridge put back in place & train crosses.

09:57:39 Moscow woods Pioneer s camping site, tents; girls feed rabbits, boys feed young moose. Kids crawl thru woods, boy w/ fake bear hides. Children spot bear, run to it. Small car race, other amusement park rides. Children return home, say goodbye to each other on city street.

09:58:53 Title: Londoners Rebuff Fascists. 22Jul62 Trafalgar Square police struggle, hold back huge Anti-fascist, anti- Mosley protester crowds, protesters rip up fascist posters, arrests.

09:59:44 Title: USSR - USA compete in athletics. US - USSR Track & Field Meet in Palo Alto stadium. USSR & US teams. 100m women s race, CU athletes running, world champion Wilma Rudolph takes the lead & wins. Women s 80m race w/ hurdles, Soviet athlete Irina Press after winning. Harold Connolly sets world record in hammer throw. USSR high jumper Valeriy Brumel & world record jump of 2.26 m. Brumel kissed by his coach, shake hands.

10:01:01 Title: Finland, World s Youth Festival. Various nations at 8th International Youth & Student Festival in Helsinki dance in parade thru streets. High angle, march around stadium before VIPs & PM Karjalainen. Country flags & symbols of youth delegations marching. USSR youth w/ big Hammer & Sickle. CU audience w/ small white Peace flags waving. Various nationality youth delegation performances, dancing in the dark, fireworks. The End.

Russian Newsreel; 1960s; Sports Meet; Cold War; Communist Propaganda;

Russian News of the Day 1962 #43 October

12:33:58 Newspaper headlines: Hands off Cuba . Information center send & receivest opinions from all over the world w/ many teletypes sending & receiving (GOOD). Protest meeting, people w/ banners supporting Cuba. Factory workers speaking SOF to camera.

12:35:16 Leningrad, meeting of Cuban students, speeches (MOS) & chanting full of hate toward US actions. Leningrad s port - ship s crew at protest meeting 8 days before departure to Cuba. Cuba missile story. Newspaper headlines re Khruschev on Cuba.

12:36:14 Title: Expanding gigantic dam continues . Men work inside new construction, turbine pit & parts under construction. Huge streams of water from dam in the air; inside turbines under construction.

12:37:07 Kremlin palace. Khruschev and USSR Marshal Rodion Malinovski meets GDR)East German army delegation w/ their army s General Gopman(?).

12:37:53 Sir Roger Makins & wife of UK greeted at airport; visit atomic energy institute & greeted by Soviet scientists. View large pipes for ??

12:38:40 Siberia, countryside. Mining camp, workers w/ soil core samples, building road to help industrial ore transportation across tundra.

12:39:35 High angle factory interior shot. Professional technical school #11 prepares new generation factory s workers for operating automatic & precision equipment. Students w/ different machinery & getting practical knowledge in factory.

12:40:30 Open house at Uljanovsky collective farm. Crowds watch eleven month old bulls,which weigh 350 kg. Collective farm Michurin cattle fed w/ variety of healthy feed. Special growth stimulating drug produced in laboratory, CU bottles. Men & women injecting animals in pens. Neighboring farm w/ 2 yrs old cattle half the size, farmer smiles.

12:41:36 Moscow. Young girls artistic gymnastic class in huge hall. Girls dance w/ balls, teacher directing in front. (Good Gag footage)

12:42:24 Sports. Buzhnika(?) Sports Palace World Volleyball championship - USSR vs Czechoslovakia; USSR wins, supporters applaud. Prize award ceremony, boys give athletes flowers. The End.

Cold War; Ballet Training; Communism; Communists Propaganda; Agriculture; Beef Cattle;

Soviets Hail Space Hero

Yuri Gagaran arrives on plane in Moscow. Greeted and hugged by Khruschev. Crowds in Red Square. Gagaran and dignitaries atop Lenin s Tomb.

Russian News of the Day 1963 #36 September

Bulgarian exposition, people look at many lines of products. Girl in traditional Bulgarian outfit greets Khrushchev, delegation is shown around different parts of exhibition. Machine tools, furniture, food.

13:34:47 Siberia, combine in huge grain field, collective farm leader congratulates worker who managed to finish 62 hectares in 1 day. Combines collect grain in big tracks, hay collected in big hay stacks and cleared fields plowed.

13:35:47 Flashback of grain harvest - women work in fields, do everything by hand. Now the same fields everything done by machinery. Agriculture; farming.

13:36:49 Children of all ages w/ flowers going back to school after summer. Newly built school in Kiev, kids greeted by head teacher & welcomed inside. Hand ringing bell. Shots of spacious classrooms, canteen, sleeping room. 1st lesson for 1st year pupils. In break all children walk to Lenin's memorial to put their flowers.

13:38:07 Ribnhica(?) huge cement factory. Trucks collect necessary limestone from 4 km away, but now new invention - automatic aerial tramline that brings material much quicker and faster by buckets.

13:38:56 Watermelon harvest. People pick melons & load on to truck. Women pack them into big boxes; cranes stack them. Big lines of boxes ready for transporting.

13:39:29 Moscow, new modern design furniture exhibition; people choose the most practical ones that will be put for mass production. Public give their verdict to designers.

13:40:21 Musician & author Aleksander Kromskoy plays guitar in beautiful country side, display of his records, in his house composing, teaching guitar to group of young students.

13:41:24 28Aug63 Washington DC, aerial over civil rights demonstration, 200,000 protesters take part in March on Washington. High angle shots of demonstration.

Starry Road R6

Moscow, motorcade thru city, Khrushchev & Tereshkova & Bykovsky in open top car, wave to crowds at roadside, pass tv camera man on platform; motorcade from various angles, high angle over bridge near Kremlin, Red Square filled w/ greeting crowds, LS VIP s on podium.

17:23:23 Speech by Valery Bykovsky (SOF), thanks Soviet government & communist party for giving him the great honor to fly in space. CU audience, applause, praises - Long live Communist party of USSR! Khrushchev next to the speaker applauds, praises Soviet government & leader Khrushchev. Applause, Khrushchev & Bykovsky hug & kiss, high angle square.

17:24:47 Speech by Valentina Tereshkova (SOF), thanks Lenin s Central Commitee of Communist Party & Soviet government for giving her the great opportunity to fly in space, applause. Thanks Khrushchev for his fatherly love & care towards Soviet cosmonauts, (Khrushchev looks very serious) thanks Moscow's citizens for warm welcome, applause, various shots of the crowds.

17:25:58 Khrushchev s speech (SOF) praises all Soviet Cosmonaut heroes, thanks their parents, CU Bykovsky s parent & Tereshkova s mother, applause, tells that he has no doubt that in near future there will be even more advanced space ships, LS podium, people cheer w/ flags, placards, VIP s incl. Gagarin,Tereshkova, Khruschev, Bykovsky, Brezhnev & others hold up joined hands, people cheer, smile, applaud, CU Soviet cosmonauts all smiling & holding hands up in the air, high angle Red square.

17:28:31 Celebration reception in Kremlin Palace, VIP s incl. Brezhnev, Bykovsky, Khrushchev, Tereskkova, Mikoyan & others walk up the stairs, applaud. Brezhnev presents Tereshkova & Bykovsky w/ honors,VIP s applaud, smiling Khrushchev & others. International Women s Forum greets Valentina Tereshkova at their meeting, various nationality women applaud, cheer in the audience, Valentina on the stage waves w/ neckerchief, smiles & applauds.

17:29:26 Motorcade w/ Valery Bykovsky in flower covered convertible car thru Moscow neighborhood where he was born, huge crowds on the streets cheer, applaud, present Valery w/ traditional Bread & Salt, Young Pioneers wave as Bykovsky puts on their present of a Pioneer hat, applause, Valery on the podium in front of huge crowd of people. Sign: Yaroslavl. Motorcade w/ Valentina Tereshkova in open top car, people crowds cheer, applaud, Valentina on podium in filled stadium. Tereshkova in various places around home town, greeted by huge crowds, ex work mates.

17:30:33 CU plaque of honor in factory saying: Here worked First Woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, Valentina shows that she still remembers how to work on textile machinery.

17:30:56 Tereshkova & Bykovsky in the motorcade thru Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, greeted By Castro in Cuba. Vlentina & Gagarin exit car outside United Nations building, reporters take pictures for a resolution of Space as a Atomic free zone, CU Gomyko, Tereshkova & Gagarin, shake hands w/ ? The End.

Space Race; USSR Communism; Communists; Cosmonauts Return; Heroes Welcome;

Chinghiz Aitmatov R1 of 2

Moscow, audience applauds, on stage Kirghiz Soviet prose writer Chinghiz Aitmatov honored w/ Lenin Prize, applause.

03:01:19 Writer Aitmatov speaks on camera (SoF), tells that this prize is achievment of entire Kirghiz nation.

03:01:52 Film title, Kirghizia, Narrator tells Aitmatov s life story. LS pan over mountains, farmhouse & man rides horse thru small village, young boys walk w/ dog, woman hangs out big carpet, women in ta horse carriage, people on the country road, tractor drives past. Horse carriage, blacksmith works over fire & anvil CU hammers.

03:03:45 CU Small stone house w/ collapsed roof, home for Atmatov family. CU tree branches, kids play on swings, laugh, play games, CU little boy, various shots of children.

03:05:49 Black Mountain gorge, poplar trees, where Chirghis as a boy carted grain for the war front & where he began work on tragedy of Ismael Seide(?), place where Jamila & Daniyar met. Train past on the railway. CU big bell.

03:06:24 (Shot from the movie The Mother s Field ) Two women scream on platform between two trains, man leans out of the passing train waves & screams to his mother, throws his soldier hat, woman falls down on the ground and cries, train continues away.

03:06:50 Chinghiz speaks w/ old crying lady Tolgonay, tells her to calm down, she asks if anyone knows anything about her sons; asks why it takes so long for them to return. Chinghiz tries to calm her down, asks if she knows that he wrote a book about her family The Mother s Field , Tolgonay says that someone told her about the book, thank s writer, cries.

03:09:02 Chirghiz & others at the memorial flame, CU flame, writer. Chirghiz meets peoples of nationalities, shakes hands, talks. Writer seen from various angles, signs autographs on copies of his book, speaks w/ cigarette in his mouth.

03:10:39 Chirghiz Aitmatov at podium, makes speech on behalf of Soviet-Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee, various nationality peoples in the audience listen w/ headphones.

USSR Author; Writer; Prize Winner;

Moscow And Leningrad

International Film Bureau - Russian Language series - Photographed by Julien Bryan

Russian commentary - very basic for language teaching purposes.

04:01:32 Civilians walk thru Red Square, Lenin s mausoleum & Kremlin in BG. Kremlin. Group of schoolgirls outside church - pan up to ornate cupolas. Tourists look at cannon & giant 18th Century bell sculpture w/ piece cut out. Pan across Red Square; tourists in front of St. Basil s Cathedral.

04:03:54 High shot Moscow street scenes w/ busy traffic. Driver waits by taxi. POV inside moving car - traffic lights / pedestrian crossing Stand & Walk.

04:06:00 Shop window display w/ clothes mannequins, bicycle, television, toys - EXT GUM department store opposite Kremlin; INT main hall of GUM w/ glass roof - shoppers on vars levels.

04:07:59 INT Moscow Metro - down escalators - commuters in ornate marble hallways lit by chandeliers - train arrives on platform - commuters standing up inside carriage [grainy]. EXT construction work - cranes above rooftops. Women bricklaying & drilling pavement w/ power tools for repair. Men laying stones as bed for new road.

04:10:40 Roadside gas station outside city; single red petrol pump & truck driver fills up - good CU pump w/ large moving dial. CU car driver filling up. PoV from car approaching bridge towards Leningrad. Animated map shows distance between cities.

04:12:09 Leningrad / St. Petersburg street scenes; civilians along sidewalk as four red & white buses pass. Traffic scenes inc. streetcars - Nevsky Prospekt? - people onto bus inc. soldiers.

04:13:31 Formal gardens w/ lines of fountains. The End.

Travelogues; Tourism; Postwar Russia / USSR; Subway / Underground; Cold War; Language Studies;

Near Russia - Fifth Year R1 of 2

13:01:28 POV train around curve, CU wheels, steam whistle.

13:01:42 ?? date. Large rally , demonstration w/ banners thru streets. book, officer reading at desk & writing on letter. Hands picking up identification photos of Lenin.

13:02:49 Pan across river or canal; painting of Lenin speaking & people listening, talking; others. Newspaper articles & text. Photo of people in streets, troops on horseback; demonstrators marching in various cities. Superimposed photo of Lenin. Narration re Lenin rousing the workers and revolutionaries and his call for a conference, but where?.... where would be safe?

13:04:38 Tracking along frozen river, factory on opposite bank. Men ride horses past; hand w/ photo. Staged soldier marching in snow, wealthy pedestrians walking opposite direction.

13:05:28 Pan across rooftops of Tammerfors (later Tampere) on rive where the 12 Dec1905 Bolshevik conference was held. Factories on water; streets, tilt up large building. Int. w/ paper on desk. Papers & titles over; headlines, map of city. Soldiers chasing people thru streets, people behind barricades firing (staged) in winter. Tilt up chimneys; logs in river. Tilt up building. Painting of Lenin w/ others in meeting, dissolve to empty restored office where conference was held.

13:08:12 Shoreline & small waves, pan across water to shoreline & trees; house in woods. Villa where Lenin was in hiding. Headlines. CU monograph & cover opened, pages visible & hand writing across page.

13:09:48 Pan thru trees in forest in summer, along path. Birches & house in woods. Railroad platform & train past. Zoom in on railroad station sign Aggelby (Finland) wheree Lenin escaped to; pan over houses set in trees. Interior of room where Lenin worked, desk w/ books. Painting of Lenin at desk w/ books.

Biography; Biographical Film; Propaganda; Russian Revolution;

Near Russia - Fifth Year R2 of 2

Int. of Lenin s room & movment to window, curtain lifted. POV from train thru woods & village in winter; pull bax tdo ?? Train across bridge; runby. Painting of boat by dock. Captain w/ watch CU checking watch. Whistle, bow pushing ice in water. Map & pencil showing route along Finland. Photo. Map, watch.

13:14:26 POV past wind blowing snow at night in dramatic light. Ice opening & closing in CU. Three men (?) walking across ice w/ lantern.

13:15:08 Before the Storm - Russian title. Wind blowing grass along shoreline, waves. Dissolve to painting of Lenin. Kettle being cooked over small fire, shelter of limbs & moss. Identity papers.

13:16:13 LS pan over Helsinki (Helsinfors) railroad station & buildings. Largely empty streets; tilt up massive building. Interior of Lenin s room, dissolve to painting of Lenin working at desk. Writing on paper s/ voice over including dictatorship of the proletariat .

13:17:50 Military parade w/ troops & rifles on bayonets. Staged Kerensky up steps inside ? Archival footage of Generals incl General Kornilov. Explosions; stage battle footage (brief). Pan over buildings & rooflines w/ zoom into window. Int. w/ photo, paintings & restored apartment. Headlines of newspapers laying. Dissolve to photos.Map w/ flags of revolution sites, CU of flag in wind. Hands typing on early typewriter & CU of keys against paper.

13:20:38 Canal & church in Petrograd. Zoom in on house; restored room w/ books, plants in window & table as though still used. As Lenin left it. Archival footage of military in square raising hats. Demonstration. POV from front of train, CU wheels. Painting of Lenin on locomotive as metaphor. Steam train past, The End.

Biography; Biographical Film; Propaganda; Russian Revolution;

Favorskii Reel 2 of 2

Moscow Popular Science Film Studio

Narrator says he won Lenin Prize for illustrations of historical subjects. Engravings shown including detailed expansive nature pictures. Narrator describes the entering of a book as similiar to entering a building.

Mozart illustrations, sitting & at piano.

15:36:30 Diptych shown and playing w/ space.

15:38:29 Still photograph of men in CU looking. The End.

Art; Engravings; Educational Film;

[Unidentified Dovchenko] R6 of 7 ?

Continued clip from Shchors (1939) Soldiers carry man on shoulders thru country field, men on horses follow; burning houses in background, soldiers ride thru smoke, explosions near, men on horses look around & continue riding, explosion next to the wind mill, big flames, smoke, men ride past huge black smoke clouds, flames, black smoke goes up in the air, CU man walks w/ horse on the lead, LS men carrying the dead man through big grain field.

07:13:01 Another clip from movie: men sit in dark room, one tells how they will come back from dead & proudly walk behind Lenin. CU POV passing beneath blossoming apple trees.

07:14:35 War planes, drop bombs, huge explosions, burning houses, CU Dovchenko s Identity card w/ picture, various newspapers w/ articles encouraging duty to homeland; written by Dovchenko, drawing featuring writer, various newspapers & other publications written by Dovchenko.

07:15:29 Huge black smoke clouds over burning field, Dovchenko s voice played over, soldier walks past burning houses.

07:15:39 Dovzhenko s patriotic speech (SOF), shots of big smoke over country fields, speech played over, city in ruins, burning buildings,village on fire, back to Dovchenko at microphone reading speech. CU article For Ukrainian nation , CU Dovchenko continues his speech.

07:17:27 Scene from Dovchenko s movie, soldiers fighting in the field, CU crazy looking man laughs at the camera, soldiers w/ guns, photo of Dovchenko.

07:17:39 Filming of Dovchenko s historical war films, explosion in the building, another camera man behind soldier in battle field, war planes drop explosives, CU cameraman in plane filming w/ special camera.

07:17:52 CU portrait of Dovchenko, posters for The Battle for Ukraine posters in many different languages. Ruins of big building. Old university professor & his assistant go thru ruins, find half burned paper work, books.

07:18:52 High angle of mass grave of Ukrainians killed by Fascists in big field, investigative commission stands next to huge pit full of corpses, CU skeleton skull, commission's member in white lab coat goes thru corpse clothes, finds identification, shot of body lying in the field.

07:19:25 Shot of balconies where in 1942(?) many people were hanged, shot of 4 bodies hanging from balcony, tortured corpse on ground, burning buildings.

Soviet Cinema Industry; Filmmaking; Biography - Film Directors - USSR; Communism; WWII Russia; Ukraine;

[Unidentified Dovchenko] R6 of 7 ?

Ukraine, WWII planes in air, big field w/ tanks, soldiers run thru battle field, explosions in the dark, shooting, image of Dovchenko over explosions, CU Devchenko s Letter to an enemy officer of the German army in German, putting curse on German soldiers & stating Away with Fascism etc.

07:20:54 High angle German PoWs march on the country road; man w/ bulls pulling plow past the tank, men planting, woman behind the plow pulled by bull, little boy runs next to her.

07:21:23 Short clip from Dovchenko s 1960 War Drama Story of the Burning Years . CU soldier speaks at camera (SOF), announces the war is over, troops march past, title of the movie.

07:22:02 Writers meeting, big hall, applause, Dovzhenko on podium makes speech (SOF), various shots of the meeting hall, audience, LS Dovchenko on the podium.

07:22:53 Ext. Dovchenko s home, desk where he worked, hand written scripts on table, various ceramic figurines; desk covered w/ papers, bookshelves, CU view thru window to woodland.

07:23:28 Railroad, train past. Int. passenger car, CU pen writing Dovchenko s words. Dovchenko w/ man stand beside river looking at huge dam construction on the opposite side. Walking thru construction site w/ large cranes pouring concrete. Aerial over site. Photo of Dovchenko, CU printed letters.

07:24:55 CU Dovchenko in meeting, points at big construction plan on the board, LS men around table including Eisenstein (?), various shots of Dovchenko, in audience, talking w/ people, presents prize, making speech (MOS). Huge dam, water through. Dovchenko on stage at his 60th birthday celebration meeting, applause, LS stage, audience & VIP s give standing applause. Devchenko s speech (SOF) thanks everyone, speaks about great victories of Lenin s & Communist Party s ideas, says that he is working on project Poem about the Sea .

07:27:26 Film production studio, Poem about the Sea . Scene drawings on table, CU drawings, board w/ chosen actor pictures. Dovchenko s photo, final scenes of the film, big dam, gull flies in the air, high angle dam, CU bird flying close to the water w/ big waves.

07:28:25 Back to Dovchenko s birthday speech, filmmaker tells (SOF) how he feels that he hasn t done enough, that he should have written more movie scripts. CU Dovchenko s picture, shots of many various books, movie scripts, novels etc.. written by him.

07:29:22 Short clips from various Dovchenko s films. CU writer s portrait on wall. Dovchenko finishes his speech by deeply thanking everybody. The End.

Soviet Cinema Industry; Filmmaking; Biography - Film Directors - USSR; Communism;

900 Unforgettable Days Pt 3 of 5

01:21:04 High view of Leningrad, guard on high post w/ binoculars. Voluntary troops incl. women march thru streets. CU pill boxes guard city. Trams last stop at front line, people get off. Scenes of destroyed rail line, burned house. From Pulkovo observatory views of destruction. Pan over city.

01:22:14 May, inside city vegetable gardens planted & hoed w/ guns behind.

01:22:32 Physical training day in Leningrad, different groups parade w/ flags, in uniforms, on bicycles past applauding crowd. Soccer game in small stadium watched by troops & civilians.

01:23:23 People go to work, enter building, sign. Military training for civilians. All factories work on army supplies, mines, shells, machine gun belts, grenades. Women working.

01:24:13 Poster - order for all Leningrad's citizens to go on firewood collection. Women carry big trees , people load wood on to lorry truck. Bomb blasts few yards away, all run. Wood sawed, wooden house pulled down & demolished for materials.

01:24:48 Torpedo loaded onto submarine. Baltic sailors arrive on small ships. Soviet submarine interior, unexpectedly attack w/ torpedo; thru periscope see ship hit. Soviet soldiers, covered in camouflage of branches creep up to enemy, shoot down sniper from tree.

01:26:52 German soldiers move to storm Leningrad. Boats on river, lots of explosions, bombs, guns, soldiers run thru fields, lots of shooting. Boats on water, planes. War prisoners taken. CUs. POWs.

01:28:19 Barrage balloon over city scenes, people on streets. Premier of musical Wide, wide sea hall full of audience, people in coats listen to soldier singing, artists performance, applaud.

01:29:42 Printing plant, poetess Vera Inber checks work in progress of her poetic chronicle - Pulkovo Meridian about the defense of the city.

01:30:07 Poet Nikolai Tikhonov at table w/ army officer reads his poem, Kirov Is With Us (MOS).

01:30:22 Tank convoy across snowy field. Animated map of attack. Battle field, big explosions. Soldiers in special cold resistant winter suits. Happy news received w/ note that Soviet troops in other fronts continue attack. Battle continues ,troops run thru snowy fields. Animated map shows how Leningrad blockade was broken on River Neva; crossing on ice. Fighting.

01:32:26 18Jan43 Soldiers hang out flag over city. Armies of Leningrad & Volkov fronts joined, hug, kiss, cheer.

WWII Russian Front; Fighting; Leningrad; Lake Ladoga Victory; Winter Hardship; Horrors of War;

900 Unforgettable Days Pt 1 of 5

1941-1945 footage

High angle of Leningrad, Neva river, Lenin's statue, POV thru streets; memorial w/ tank, city outskirts - war monuments. Tank traps.

01:02:41 Flashback, bombs explode one after an other in field, planes drop bombs, country road, soldiers on tanks, village houses on fire, collapse as woman w/ child watch, bodies on ground, solders march thru; flame throwers.

01:03:49 Wide fields w/ pill boxes among weeds & farms. German planes over. Wrecked bomber crashed in city. Montage of solders march thru streets, collect rifles, say goodbye to families. navy ship. Crowds wave, woman blesses passing men w/ cross sign. Tanks thru city. Girls put posters on walls. Troops march thru city s gates.

01:05:32 Monument in honor of soldiers.

01:05:49 People incl. women work on city s front line, dig huge barrier & prepare for attack. Artillery raised; citizens of all ages work on building walls, blockades; heavy damage. Trams past guns.

01:06:49 Defense. Soldiers on train w/ heavy gun load, fire, explosions of bombs.

01:07:23 Monument for 55th army's heroism on Sep41, another line of defense & monument for bravery of Leningrad's defenders.

01:08:01 Bombing continues. Nazi propaganda's statement. Heavy artillery, frozen ground & ice & Nazis in trench. Firing of guns. Inside city, shells exploding, people on streets, dead body put on carriage, woman cries. Solders march thru city. Ship frozen in harbor. Snow & frost on trees, streets filled w/ people, buses stopped, man on bridge sidewalk dead from starvation, everyone walks past. Workers continue work in tank factory. Shots of damaged architecture.

WWII Russian Front; Battles; Fighting; Winter; Horrors of War;

900 Unforgettable Days Pt 2 of 5

Interior of factory w/ damage but men working. Large statues holding up beams. Baltic pilots set off to bomb Berlin. Planes in the air at night, drops bomb. Smolny & headquarters of defense of Leningrad, Generals at map. Trucks cross Lake Ladoga bring food for Leningrad, Nazis shoot & throw bombs.

01:12:54 Partisans shooting in snowy woods, electricity lines cut down. Partisans thru woods w/ sleds; loading freight cars on railroad w/ food supplies from all over Soviet Union. Freight trains, doors closing, people wave goodbye. Aerial over city. Children evacuated on trains; trucks thru water on lake.

01:14:37 Spring 1942, ice floating on Neva River w/ Leningrad seen across it. Clearing city from snow & ice,

for bodies to avoid epidemics. CU air raid sirens, guns, looking up at bombers. Solders w/ binoculars prepare for attack. Dive bombers over city, explosions, anti-aircraft positions, explosions by naval ship in harbor. Girl running, buildings collapsing, girl s body on street. People pick up explosives & unexploded bombs & extinguish them in buckets of water. People clear up bomb damaged building ruins, take care of dead bodies. Wooden wall w/ sign: Danger, unexploded bomb. People load large bomb onto truck.

01:17:54 Children evacuated on to boat, various boats sail away on lake (GOOD).

01:18:20 Western shore of Lake Ladoga - port - Vasinavec(?), transfer point w/ newly built railway lines & warehouses. Boxes, sacks of food supply loaded from one train to another. Ships in water bombed by planes, ground forces fight back, plane shot down. Central pipe lines & electric cable laid on bottom of lake. More Soviet solders arrive in boats & trains w/ army equipment, cars on freight cars.

WWII Russian Front; Fighting; Battles; Battle of Leningrad;

900 Unforgettable Days Pt 4 of 5

People w/ smiles read posters on walls. Meetings held in Leningrad. In ammunition factory meeting woman makes speech. Newspaper kiosk.

01:33:52 POV from first train, greeted on arrival after city freed from fascists. Shots of other freight trains & supplies. People on snowy streets. Night over city, siege continues, men load plane w/ bombs, trucks on road across lake. Guns fired. steel mill working, camouflaged armored train leaving.

01:35:40 Army troops in field, medals for the Defence of Leningrad given to soldiers, workers & other heroes in front line, factories, scientific laboratories etc. Young 13 year-old boy gets medal, makes speech (SOF) thanks his father who was killed by enemy & swears revenge. Women troops march on streets, flashback on work they did on blockade, railway, felling timber in the woods, shoveling, etc.

01:38:11 Tram, 1943 Leningraders work on rebuilding city, roads laid, roofs repaired, tram lines put in place, reroofing & rebuilding.

01:38:40 Launch of new ship named after hero - Vladimir Poluhin. Man checks train & it leaves.

01:39:14 Children at school, disrupted by sirens. Sign on wall warning that during artillery fire this street side is most dangerous. Siren played on loudspeakers thru city, guards on lookout posts. Fire engines thru street. Smoke out of buildings. Fire fighters rush, put out huge fire, dead body on ground. Big explosions all around city, many injured. Explosions of buildings. People in street, bodies on stretchers. Dead onto trucks.Soviet troops try to divert fire from city on to their own artillery. Lots of shooting, explosions. Women solders carry unexploded bomb out of building. People clear street. Scenes of damaged buildings. Barrage balloon thru city on truck. Cleaning up. Destruction.

WWII Russian Front; Battle of Leningrad; Siege of Leningrad; Fighting;

900 Unforgettable Days Pt 5 of 5

01:43:37 Army s artillery factory, people work on producing rockets, bombs, grenades. Tank on street. Animated map w/ Soviet command attack plans. Troops load ships w/ equipment, tanks & leave.

01:44:42 15Jan44 Leningrad goes over to offensive. Large artillery & big ships guns on battleships pointed at enemy, artillery in winter fields fired, explosions. Young boys watch w/ binoculars. People watch from bridge over river.

01:45:59 Bombers in air, drop bombs, soldiers on ground watch. Bombers in formation. Line of tanks on road. Lots of shooting of rockets, soldiers into battle on foot, on tanks across snowscape. War prisoners taken. Generals in field consulting. Street fighting continues.

01:48:47 900th day. Soviet Army breaks thru to Gatchna on 26Jan44, intense fight in burning city, soldiers hang out flag in high tower. Tanks & troops past dead.

01:49:15 Troops greeted back w/ cheering & waving crowds. Scenes of battlefield w/ wire, pillboxes & dead bodies. Wrecked equipment, tanks. Captured Nazi prisoners led thru Leningrad, people watch. Big line of tanks. Soviet flag on pole, birds fly in the sky.

01:51:20 Leningrad in festive mood. Golden spire on Admiralty building sparkled, monument of Peter The Great appears from protective covers, famous statue of horses put back in place, warning signs on walls covered over. Modern shots of Leningrad w/ new blocks of houses & apartments. Busy street w/ traffic & people. High angle shots of restored city. Monument - tank onto post & field w/ gravestones. Pedestrians & street activity w/ traffic.

01:53:10 Credits

WWII Russian Front; Battle of Leningrad; Siege of Leningrad; POWs; Fighting;

Russian News of the Day 1965 #49 December

Large steel mill, pouring steel, controls & electric turbines. Blast furnaces, CU of man in goggles working.

04:10:42 Tracking shot thru textile mill w/ women workers at looms, CU of fabric, eyes, cloth. Shoppers looking at finished bolts of cloth in department store.

04:11:30 Famous anniversary , Belgrade, high angle city, street scene. End of WWII 20 years ago. Troops march thru cheering crowds on Yugoslavia's independence from fascist forces; high angle crowded street. Aerial over dam construction site, past mills, over sea port & steel mill.

04:12:36 Kremlin int. w/ Kosygin & Gromyko receiving UK Foreign Minister Michael Stuart.

04:13:00 Moscow press conference of Nobel Prize Laureate writer Michael Sholokhov before reporters. Sholokhov s speech (SOF) thanking all. CU photographers & reporters make notes; voice tape recorder.

04:14:13 Ext. Timiryazev Academy of Agriculture. Academy s 100th anniversary, picture of founding teachers; paintings of scientists -Timiryazev and Pranyshnikov(?). Students take notes in lecture hall, in science laboratory, look at plants, work w/ scientific equipment. Students look at cattle, horses on Academy farm, in plant growing laboratory, students walk up University stairs.

04:15:24 Ship w/ Armenian refugees into port from Syria, returning people off ship, very emotional welcome by, long unseen families & friends, hug , cry, view thru train window as people look out at canyon & stream.

04:16:20 CU Soviet gymnastic acrobatic champion Alexandra Kalomina walks thru streets w/ fiance. Kalomina practicing w/ trainer, high angle acrobat, CU gold medal, friends give flowers to Alexandra, laugh.

04:17:09 Anti-American footage, Vietnam, troops, tanks, war planes, bodies in the mud, soldiers look at the dead, Vietnamese soldier gets medal, wounded brought to the helicopter & flown out. Peace march in Washington outside White House, w/ placards - Stop the bloodshed. Protest demonstration seen from top of Washington monument.

04:18:10 Title: Leningrad s artist concert , on the stage sings (SOF) opera singer Boris Shtokolov, folk dance group performance, men dance w/ accordions, high angle stage, applause.

Communist Newsreel; Cold War; Science; 1960s;

War Art (1965) Ukrainian

CU various paintings - mother whose son was shot in front of her, little girl w/ Pioneer scarf holding white pigeon, woman w/ baby waiting for husband s return, man on crutches, LS of all of them together on one big painting.

09:10:52 CU Stone sculptures engraved in the rock. Film s title.

09:11:32 CU Long list of names; various paintings & watercolor of nature scenes w/ Ukrainian song played over.

09:12:12 Sound of shooting, German voice (Hitler?) screaming orders, CU engravings & wood cuts of scared child, of smiling Fascist soldiers w/ evil look, cut back to the young child s face.

09:12:37 Paintings of battle field, war planes in air, soldiers w/ gun on ground, explosions, CU various paintings of men in the war zone, sculptures of woman, soldiers, soldier hold swounded tcomrade in hands, shot of man w/ crutches in the painting; painting of female nurse sitting next to injured soldiers w/ gun in her hands. Illustrations: woman sitting on the injured man s bed, doctor, women in war zone, mother holding child, people on house roof watch aircraft flying over, soldiers in winter woods, skeleton in Fascist uniform, various drawings of troops, soldiers.

09:15:29 Painting of man playing piano while another listens, CU people behind bars, black smoke coming out of the house writing in red paint - NO ; CU painting of woman, hand holds on to barbed wire fence; writing in red paint - We are not going to forget & forgive! .

09:16:08 Paintings: injured people, old woman, grieving women, woman soldier between the two sides of soldiers, various paintings of soldiers on the battle field, explosions, tanks, planes over burning city; Fascist soldiers hold up hands surrendering w/ white flag.

09:17:23 Painting: Soldiers hold folded up Fascist flags, Lenin saluting soldiers, soldier w/ drums in front of troops, soldiers on horseback, one salutes & holds Soviet flag, soldier in red uniform holds flower.

09:18:18 Paintings: cosmonaut, pilots on airfield, navy sailors watch flag raised; kids at nap time in kindergarten, sculpture of soldier, painting of little girl drawing, little girl w/ white pigeon, narration saying that on the war anniversary her mother started crying. Paintings: soldiers pay respect at flame of remembrance; rockets in the winter woodland, kids play in snow, country fields, construction work, port, soldiers in the boat, girl reads letter, sailors read books.

09:19:40 Painting of mother holding a baby; narration says that she is thinking about daughter's future & wishes her happiness; & wishes that she never has to experience war. Painting of little girl, family in the park, woman & baby, fireworks over city. Various sculptures of soldiers, woman & baby. The End.

WWII Victims;

Russian News of the Day 1965 #48 November

13:10:56 Day, Kremlin palace, 1st meeting of Soviet Cinematography delegations. Standing applause, VIPs on stage w/ Brezhnev. Opening speech (MOS) by Professor Lev Kuleshov, public applaud.

13:11:31 Greetings from Central committee by party s secretary Demichev (MOS). Cinematography chairman on podium. Close shots of audience.

13:12:12 Delegates in entrance hall. Speech on camera by producer Sergei Geraseman(?), others speak on camera incl. writer Chirigis Aytmatov(?), actress Natalia Fathejeva (all SOF).

13:13:17 2nd part of meeting, shot of audience, on stage delegation of best actors, artist and popular movie stars. Actor in soldier uniform addresses public (SOF). All applaud.

13:14:40 Soviet Union house meeting in honor of Mikhail s Kalinin s 90th birthday. Big portrait of Kalinin. Communist party veterans on stage. On podium USSR Highest Court s chairman Gorkin.

13:15:15 Kalinin s village in snow. His home opened as museum. Flashback w/ various shots of Kalinin makes speech (MOS), walks on podium w/ Stalin & other VIPs, presents woman w/ prize.

13:15:50 Kalinin s speech (SOF), calls himself as not just Communist Party s member but as it s son too.

13:16:08 Kremlin, cooperative agreement signed w/ Finland by Finland's Foreign Minister Karje Lainen(?) & USSR trading minister Potolechev(?). All present applaud, both ministers shake hands.

13:16:38 Urals district. Oil industry, refinery, factory. Workers in control room, man at desk check papers, woman shows around new worker, man at telephone. CU gages. Train w/ tank cars of petroleum. Man puts soviet flag high up on refinery tower. Refinery at night, smoke or steam from chimneys.

13:17:31 Men work w/ heavy machinery in mine, drilling coal. Workers out of tunnel w/ flashlights & head lamps.

13:18:02 Meeting hall, public applaud, best miners on stage w/ big Lenin s Statue, presented w/ prizes.

13:18:20 Moscow, House of Foreign Country Friendship. Soviet photographer s exhibition. People look around gallery, display w/ best photographers prizes, diplomas. Shots of various photographs w/ people of all ages in all sorts of situations.

13:19:32 Outside Moscow, woodland in snow & children ski down hill, group of boys hold together in line w/ stick, close up of little girl, woman ski w/ small dog on lead, field w/ many skiers.

13:20:04 People ice-skating, couple skate holding hands - man looks straight at camera, little girls hand in hand, dance on skates, girl skates, falls down. Man w/ kids slides down the hill on sleds, falls & people laugh, boy covered in snow.

03:20:30 Dominican Republic/ Santa Domingo, protesters run thru streets in demonstration against US troop arrival. Military car w/ soldiers, arrest guy, drive away. Huge crowds shout w/ posters in hands.

The Vast Expanses of Russia

Central Documentary Film Studios

Aerial over large river, woods & farms; traffic in distance. Passenger plane over. Scenics: wild flowers, grain fields, women pick flowers, cows grazing, scenics. Men at fire at dusk, ferry on water. Rooster, horses graze, owl, mist in woods & pond. River, leaves blowing. Rain, snow, wolf chases rabbit,

16:03:08 Moose grazing thru snow, wolf eating, squirrel, bird on branch (all CU). Pussy willows, melting stream & ice flowing on river. Snow melting w/ flowers around; patches under trees.

16:04:06 Stream under trees, landscape and Tchaikovsky s music. Battlefield of Borodino, monuments. Trees, light thru leaves. Pastureal scenes of streams & Volga; excursion boat, tug and log barges, grain elevators loading ships. Much other harbor & river traffic. Large hydrofoil excursion boat.

16:06:21 Statue of Lenin & large dam w/ electric towers. Map showig linkages of power. Atomic plant at Dubna, Russia & scientist working on nuclear reactor control panel.

16:07:10 Russian monument to space, exhibit of space ship models. Nose of large passenger plane; train engine. Large highway & cloverleaf. Large grain field & huge open pit iron mine w/ enormous shovel & conveyor. Steel mill, oil derricks & refinery. Automated factories.

16:08:22 Troika of horses pulling sleigh. Three bears on trapeze & boxing bears in circus. Kids laughing. Crying girl in CU. Ice skating troop in Father Christmas St. Nicholas costumes. Huge Moscow winter festival w/ parade & stilts. (GOOD)

16:09:05 Red Square activity in winter & summer w/ tourists and interior of restored ornate buildings. Moscow cityscapes.

16:09:36 Installing prefabricated housing. Subway exit, Boshoi ballet, park & fountain; pedestrians & traffic. Moscow University. The End.

Nuclear Power Station; Transportation; Travelogue; USSR;

Our Ukraine R1 of 7

United Nations General Assembly hall, English narration introduce Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Dimitry Belokolos(?), speech by Belokolos (SOF). Speaker & audience.

14:18:30 CU spectators at football game, ball thrown in the air. Aerial of farm fields, pond, trees, fields.

14:19:30 CU planing wood; aerial, large fields of crops, women pluck harp-like instruments & sing song of Ukraine; shots of apple trees w/ fruit, CU big sunflower, enormous machinery in open pit mine; big squash, city bridge, overhead of folk dancers in field, aerials of boats on water, grain blowing, sculpture, huge explosion w/ black smoke in the open mining pit.

14:21:56 Kiev, stone building, historical city s streets, memorial. Airport, plane on runway, in the air. 27Jun66 People, crowds outside airport, Soviet & French flags on flag poles, greeting French delegation w/ President de Gaulle. VIPs thru crowds, girls in national folk outfits wave little Soviet & French flags.

14:22:45 Motorcade thru city, people line road. Blossoming chestnut trees along road, Lenin statue in park, Bohdan Khmelnytsky monument; monument of St. Vladimir The Baptist, large pedestrian bridge over Dnieper river, people on the street, Indian man takes pictures, girls in bikini & one-piece swimsuits on beach, sunbathers, man fishing, high angle boats docked. LS bridge, city, modern apartment blocks.

14:24:46 Historical architecture, buildings, stone carvings & statues, man looks out from hole in Cathedral rooftop; modern residential building in contrast to old church.

14:25:07 CU Bell tower of Saint Sophia Cathedral, Jesus Christ image fresco in central dome. War memorial plaque, bullet holes in wall. Statue of Lenin at sunset. Ukrainian flag on top of building, CU flag.

14:25:54 Int. Ukrainian Parliament hall, CU deputies in meeting; shots of the hall, deputies vote, speaker on podium, high angle conference hall, applause. Interior of large empty concert hall.

Travelogue; Propaganda; Communists; Communism; Good Life; Politics; Diplomacy; Government;

[Russian Newsreel: November, 1966 Military Parade, Red Square & Malinovsky Speech]

Moscow & 49th Anniversary of Great October Revolution in Kremlin s Red Square on sunny day. Brezhnev, Kosygin & others walk on top of Lenin s Tomb & wave from balcony. Spectators below applauding.

05:05:31 Two convertibles enter from opposite ends of square w/ Marshall Malinovsky & Ivanovsky standing & saluting. Troops in MCU cheering. Good shot of VIPs on balcony & CU of Malinovsky at microphones. SOF speaking. Pan over troops at attention listening. Flags. Cheer & fire artillery salute.

05:08:05 Troops parade in formal drill. MCU of Brezhnev & Kosygin talking, not looking well. MCU soldiers listening as speech continues. Artillery fire salute. Additional speech repeated, troops seen again.

Good scenes military parade including Kosygin, Gromyko & Podgorny on balcony of Lenin s mausoleum

Ceremony; Communists; Communism; Military Hero; Cold War;

Spring in Kiev (1966)

CU buratino doll swinging on the car s front mirror, POV from front of car past sign: Kiev , POV drive along river. LS car thru park, past large house behind trees, high angle big building w/ Soviet Ukraine flag on top, CU statue of Lenin, people put flowers next to it.

09:21:56 Street scenes: woman in car starts filming thru window w/ 16mm camera; shots of large buildings behind blossoming chestnut trees, people walk thru square, traffic, people in park walk past monument, high angle trolley buses on the road, traffic, LS buses.

09:23:05 CU ext. Kiev s Taras Shevchenko University; students talking in front, CU students, LS Ext. university w/ big monument in front of it, CU Shevcheko s monument facing.

09:23:38 Shot of Opera & Ballet Theater in name of Shevchenko, traffic past theater, high angle big square in front of the building.

09:24:06 Large group of Pioneers march in a line thru the square, up the modern stairs of overpass. People in the square, CU blossoming trees, girl hides behind blossoming bushes, CU little girl w/ flowers, people walking in park.

09:24:58 Women pick flowers in tulip field, CU various color tulips, woman w/ flowers walks on the street past blossoming chestnut trees, cathedral s towers behind the blossoming trees, shot of cathedral & monument of man on the horse.

09:26:04 Artist paints on street, CU painting, shot of tram driver, various shots of traffic on a busy roads - cars, buses, trams, LS street packed w/ people; Cafe Grot across the street, people walk thru park, shot of Chinese(?) girls walk past, look at camera & wave; two ladies w/ umbrellas, Girl in yellow dress CU her legs, park filled w/ people, 2 women in same dresses, Young Pioneer at newspaper kiosk, little girl reads book.

09:27:21 Women in jewelry shop, look at jewelry on display, girl tries on beads; MS jewelry shop window; pedestrians past big flower bed, LS couple watch artist painting, CU smiling women on park bench smells little bunch of flowers, people walk thru the park, high angle big square, buses, people enter big building, women walk up stairs, ext. building.

09:28:49 LS war monument w/ statue, CU remembrance plates for General Valtutin, Captain Sholudenko, Major Leonov, General - Colonel Kirponos, wreaths on the monument; LS another monument, city view.

09:29:23 High angle train arrives on outdoor platform, people exit train, high angle busy train platform, people across footbridge, walk alongside river.

09:29:55 CU motorboats on the water, flooding river w/ trees in middle of water, church towers on the riverside, high angle park w/ many blossoming chestnut trees, very high angle suspension bridge across the river, excursion boat on the water.

Travelogue; Springtime; Daily Life; Communist Propaganda;

Our Friend Sun-Yat Sen Pt. 2 of 2

07:31:13 1911 Wuchang uprising in pictures. Chinese governors run in panic. Monarchy collapses, photo of Sun-Yat Sen assuming post of provisional president. Picture of Lenin.

07:32:29 Street w/ people carrying people in rickshaws & on litters. Picture of Lord Uan Shi-Kai(?) who forced out Sun-Yat Sen and took president s position. Photo of Sun-Yat Sen forced to flee to Japan.

07:33:26 Photo of Sun-Yat Sen w/ wife. Shots of nature. Cartoon of WW1 breaking out. High angle city view.

07:34:08 1917 Photo of Sun-Yan Sen as General. Cartoon - foreigners again force him out of government.

Photo of Sun-Yan Sen at time when he wrote telegram to Lenin - asking for help. Animated painting of Lenin & Sun-Yan Sen, Russian newspaper articles w/ Lenin's articles about China s war & revolution. Photos in Russian & Chinese press of Russians who went to help Chinese freedom fighters

07:36:12 Versailles 1919 Conference where powers decide to hand over Chinese province of Sham-Tung(?) to Japan. Paintings of Chinese protests. Photos of Sun-Yat Sen w/ Chinese communist leaders, w/ advisors from Moscow. Picture w/ Mao?

07:37:40 1924 on the day of Lenin s death First Congress of Kuomintang was in session. Photo of Sun-Yat Sen in Lenin s memorial meeting. Factory shot. Anti-imperialist.

07:38:10 Documentary shots of last stage in the life of great revolutionary. Sun-Yat Sen walks through streets w/ group of people. In 1924 prepares revolutionary army of the south for marching against peaking reactionaries, walks past troops, watch as they march off. Makes speech in front of big crowd.

07:38:56 Shot of revolutioner through train window. Visit to Piking in attempt to unit all progressive forces in China. Meets w/ people shake hands. Photos of Sun-Yan Sen from young to old.

07:39:28 1925 painting of Sun-Yan on death bed dictating political testimony & letter to Soviet government. Picture of wife Sum-chin Ling(?). Couple walk on ship board.

07:40:21 High angle shot of Chinese Great Wall. 1945 Soviet troops fight against Japanese invaders. Soldiers run through field. Battle fields, explosions. Soviets hand over weapons of captured enemies to Chinese revolution army. Soviet soldiers pay respects at memorial, all go down on one knee, take off their hats. Shot of Red Square parade, picture of Sun-Yan Sen, his memorial - people place flowers. May parade. Lots of balloons let up in the air.

On The Threshold Of The 2nd 100 Years Pt. 1 of 2

100 yrs. anniversary centennial celebration of Moscow's Tchaikovsky Conservatory. People enter Conservatory hall, greet each other. Building decorated from outside w/ lights. Plate of honor for excellency of conservatory s graduates. Pictures of graduates: Rachmaninoff, Scriabin. Various shots of young pianists - international prize winners, newspaper articles w/ various year conservatory s international prize winners.

06:03:22 Archival film of some of those gathering for celebrations in hall including David Oistrakh. Flashbacks of conservatory s teachers. Various shots of Moscow s artists performances in other countries. Rostropovich. Leopold Stokowsk conducting orchestra in conservatory's hall, other young artists get their first recording. Von Cliburn bows & w/ Prof. Gills (?).

06:05:56 1942 Professor Gills(?) performs on grand piano next to planes on airfield as plane flies over, solders listen. Empty hall. Pictures of conservatory s founder Nicolay Krubinshtein(?) & of its first professors. Tchaikovsky - Big portraits of these two artists on stage for anniversary s celebrations. Various officials make speeches incl. USSR culture minister- Jekaterina Furcova(?), Nicolay Jegorochev(?).

Lenin's prize; drawing-pin put on conservatory s flag, audience applaud. Rector s Aleksaner Sveshnikov speech. Soviet country representatives bring their presents on stage - flags, carpets, traditional outfits. 06:09:10 Soviet army s delegates give their congratulations. Pioneers give their greetings w/ song. Conservatory s student orchestra performs the same piece that Tchaikovsky played on opening 100 yrs. ago, painting of Tchaikovsky.

USSR Cultural History; Composer; Classical Music;

A School of Beauty Appreciation Pt 2 of 2

Lithuanian Film Studios / Sponsored by Ministry of Education [English narration]

Tracking shot thru school to girl in study area of school; posters in Lithuanian on wall. Art gallery exhibit. Modernist bas-relief mural on wall. Indoor rockery w/ plants.

14:02:49 View down curved corridor as pupils leave class; stairwell lined w/ glass bricks. Kids into courtyard - zoom out showing large school. Kids plant trees in school grounds; apartment buildings visible in distance. INT artwork by students hung on wall. Folk-art sculptures; mobile.

14:04:56 Young girl sewing in room furnished in traditional Lithuanian style; other boys & girls at tables reading wearing different uniform to other kids. Boys wearing suits study at long table; mosaic portrait of Lenin on wall. Large school theatre, teacher watching among empty seats as students practice dance in traditional costume on stage. Library study tables w/ reading lamps. Girl dances twirling ribbons in gymnasium; ballet lesson. Pan down wall of glass bricks by stairwell. Older boys & girls dancing traditional waltz in couples to Strauss music.

14:07:53 Exterior of school at dusk as narrator returns saying two thirds of students in Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic study in new schools; ...not all of the buildings could be shown here of course, but there were shots of combined elementary and secondary schools in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Siauliai... [plus various other types of schools]. End titles.

Modernity; Progress; Architecture; Oddities; Kitsch; USSR - Lithuania; 1960s; Soviet Propaganda;

A School of Beauty Appreciation (1967) Pt 2 of 2

Flowers, boy studying at desk, hallway & tracking shot thru school to girl in study area of school; posters in Lithuanian on wall. Art gallery exhibit. Modernist bas-relief mural on wall. Indoor rockery w/ plants.

03:38:03 View down curved corridor as pupils leave class; stairwell lined w/ glass bricks. Kids into courtyard - zoom out showing large school. Kids plant trees in school grounds; apartment buildings visible in distance. INT artwork by students hung on wall. Folk-art sculptures; mobile.

03:40:07 Young girl sewing in room furnished in traditional Lithuanian style; other boys & girls at tables reading wearing different uniform to other kids. Boys wearing suits study at long table; mosaic portrait of Lenin on wall. Large school theatre, teacher watching among empty seats as students practice dance in traditional costume on stage. Library study tables w/ reading lamps. Girl dances twirling ribbons in gymnasium; ballet lesson. Pan down wall of glass bricks by stairwell. Older boys & girls dancing traditional waltz in couples to Strauss music.

03:43:06 Exterior of school at dusk as narrator returns saying two thirds of students in Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic study in new schools; ...not all of the buildings could be shown here of course, but there were shots of combined elementary and secondary schools in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Siauliai... [plus various other types of schools]. End titles.

Modernity; Progress; Architecture; Oddities; Kitsch; USSR - Lithuania; 1960s; Soviet Propaganda; Arts & Crafts;

[Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968]

Brief INT shot political rally. INT meeting of politicians - new Communist Czech President Klement Gottwald [Feb48]. Crowds gathered in square addressed by Gottwald.

03:52:35 Budapest, 1956 - Hungarian Revolution: Troops on back of trucks. Demonstrations through city - woman waves Hungarian flag from window ledge. Mutilated bodies, one strung up from lamppost, another w/ spear [?] shoved in mouth & portrait of Lenin on top of body.

00:53:07 Map of Czechoslovakia & surrounding countries in Russian; VS newspaper & magazine reports in English & French.

00:54:26 Russian tanks rolling into Prague, 21Aug68 - crowds on streets. Line of tanks, aircraft over. Demonstration - Czech flags waved. Casualties. Russian troops & vehicles push through demonstrating crowds. PEOPLE IN STREETS LISTENING TO TRANSISTOR RADIOS - DISTRIBUTING LEAFLETS. Tanks through crowd; tanks on fire. VS Dissidents. Riots - burning vehicles - burning buildings - firefighting - INJURED ON STRETCHERS. Czech people arguing with Russian soldiers. [Ends abruptly.]

USSR. Communism. Military Occupation. Warsaw Pact.

Time To Live R4 of 6

People dance on the street,