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Korea Korean War Korean War
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Archival film footage on Korean War from Footage Farm

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Korea War Fighting

Korean troops through trees, digging with spades. Setting up field gun. Smoke on distant hill. Soldier on field telephone. Firing grenade launcher. Preparing to fire artillery. US troops along road. Koreans with various guns and grenades. Injured man having arm bandaged.


Korean script titles Korean film mute GVs street scenes banners etc.

08:03:06 CU Kim Il Sung addressing meetings

GVs crowd and banners POV speaker. Various meetings. Good North Korean or Chinese army sequence

08:07:22 North Korean or Chinese field telephone ? Firing mortars. Troops Dancing

Field gun. Marching towards heavy gun mass parades towards over snow

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 1 of 10

Panmunjom w/ soldiers standing guard & monument, 1950 - 1953. Interior empty negotiating table.

06:00:52 Armistice agreement opened & signature Gen. Mark W Clark, US army, Commander in Chief, UN. 06:01:12 Title. Explosions & artillery firing; start of war. Large US bombers & bombs exploding seen from above & on ground. Impact sequence of bombs on town.

06:02:09 Japanese flag w/ Jap surrender troops resting on ground. Rifles stacked on ground. 15Aug45 victory celebrations. Cheering crowd.

06:03:02 Kim Il Sung speaking. Crowd cheering. Fireworks. Map of Korea.

06:03:49 USS Saint Paul (CA-73) stern w/ sailors. US army marching thru city. US military parade.

US soldiers marching towards camera. Korean police in uniform marching.

06:04:58 Sign: National Police College of Korea. US soldier by brick entrance post. Troops reviewed. (some focus problems)

06:05:25 US military man (Gen. Hodge?) beside Korean on podium. Documents.

06:05:42 Korean police parade? Mounted police. Military parade, jeeps, armored cars etc.

06:05:56 Large building w/ broken windows, poster w/ Japanese flag (?). Characters (Jap. or Korean?) falling off, signs on ground. Pan from inside over broken windows. Slum conditions of huts.

06:06:27 Line up of troops or police outside Seoul assembly building. Arrival of armored cars w/ US troops on top & MacArthur s car. Syngman Rhee & MacArthur standing, talking. Other military & civilians. Rhee & MacArthur at microphones.

06:07:20 Still photo of artillery & early troops in Philippines (?). Mac at mic; troops marching. Army truck w/ South Korean flag. US ships firing, burning city. Korean civilians run through street w/ hands up. Troops into houses; crowd w/ fighting & kicking. Helmeted police arresting. Prisoners into jail. Still of men tied to post w/ targets on chest & US soldier w/ rifle.

06:08:34 Troops parade w/ flags; w/ packs. On firing range w/ US military supervising training w/ grenades, artillery. Troops (North or South Korean?) march past w/ rifles. Men in white outfits marching along country road w/ US soldier guarding. Troops on parade guard.

06:09:34 Unloading US Air Force plane into army truck w/ South Korean flag on hood. Railroad flat-cars w/ jeeps etc.

Korean War; Propaganda; Military History;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 2 of 10

Military & civilian observers looking over valley. Camouflaged soldiers pointing; artillery firing (sync sd.) Soldiers moving up & coming down hillside. View of forested mountains. North Korean officers on hillside w/ officer talking to men.

06:10:58 Rhee off plane greeted by MacArthur; reporters. MacArthur & Rhee leaving Dai Chi.

06:11:36 MacArthur greeting ??; Gen. Omar Bradley present. Many photographers.

06:11:49 Army parade of US troops in Japan reviewed by Mac & Bradley. Largely ceremonial occupation duty.

06:12:13 Wipe, back to Jap army of occupation. Mass parading by soldiers & sailors, reviewed by Emperor Hirohito (?) in army uniform.

06:12:36 CU MacArthur saluting. Mass tanks & large guns etc on parade in Japan (?).

06:12:46 Plane: Northwest, John Foster Dulles & ?? off; cars arrive at US Army Base.

06:13:21 Dulles up to 38th parallel w/ large number of people; looking across - When ? looks like 1950 letter in June 1950. :pplomg at ,a[/

06:14:14 Dulles w/ Rhee dining on balcony, shaking hands w/ other Koreans.

06:14:33 Pan across large airfield w/ mothballed planes; taking off protective covering. Carrier & planes w/ pilots. Briefing room & pilots & crew.

06:15:03 South Korean (?) Army moves up. City street scenes; Korean girls & families walking. Kindergarten scenes.

06:15:40 Artillery attack, title 1950,6,25. Firing artillery. explosions on hillside. Mass up hill.

06:16:18 Artillery & more firing; moving up hillside on foot w/ rifles. Crossing 38th parallel marker. Map.

06:17:03 Truman in MCU. UN flags, UN Security Council meeting & CU US Draft Resolution. UN meeting (MOS) w/ Warren Austin gesturing.

06:17:50 MacArthur. Air crew in Japan & B-29 bomber take off, bombing; burning city. North Korean (?) General speaking flanked by other bemedaled military officers.

06:19:06 Still of Kim Il Sung behind microphone.

06:19:39 T-34 tanks lead North Koreans forward sequence; North Koreans advance. Camouflaged vehicles thru nearly empty streets of city.

Korean War; Propaganda; Military History;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 3 of 10

Trucks loaded w/ volunteers; rallies etc. & volunteers marching. Troops marching along road & riding on railroad. Illustration of Kim Il Sung (?) in uniform & generals around a large map of river.

06:21:31 Artillery firing; explosions; T 34s in line abreast (Sure this comes from Stalingrad). Chinese machine gun or maxim as soldiers attack. Animated map showing North Korea crossing 38th Parallel.

06:21:53 Men running ahead. CU tank forwards & soldiers, motorcycles w/ machine guns & sidecars. Soldiers talk to people in street in Seoul (?)

06:22:27 Attacking, on foot, armored cars. Posters up & crowd in streets. Infantry jog towards camera w/ camouflage on helmets. Wade stream.

06:22:58 Artillery sequence: both sides followed by fighting sequences, North Koreans generally wearing leaves. More mass attack. Gun barrels raised in unison. Tank across stream and followed.

06:24:16 Attack into Seoul (?) streets. Some short shots O.K. Han river bridge blown & trapped dead beside vehicles.

06:25:18 Seoul assembly, other buildings. North Korean flag flying 28 June, general street scenes. North Korean slogan / poster on tram.

06:26:21 T34s lead parade thru Seoul. Posters Stalin and Kim in background. North Korean army parade, guerrilla volunteers following. Singalong troops in city; parade on road marching South.

06:27:58 MacArthur off plane, into jeep & talking w/ men & press. Mass wreckage by bridge w/ bodies. wounded helped. Mac talks to press.

06:28:56 Many planes overhead. Troops marching on road, across bridge.

Korean War; Propaganda; Military History;

KOREA K12 - EX North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 4 of 10 Task force Smith

US soldiers at foot of hill, move up & on ground w/ rifles at top firing. North Koreans watch; w/ map. Maxim replies US soldiers run for cover (various shots). Best task force sequence seen. (GOOD).

Dead & captured US prisoners of war (POWS), CUs, surrounded by North Korean officers. Naval battle. 06:30:42 Stagey advance after tanks by North Koreans. 1950-7-7 UN Security Council w/ empty USSR chair. Demonstrator evicted. Warren Austin gesturing. Truman at podium addressing Reserve Officers. Draftees. MacArthur w/ flags of US, UN & military.

06:31:56 Soldiers march w/ flags, Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC. Troops into NYC Penn Station (?).

06:32:16 Rockets loaded under planes, line of planes. Mass of planes on aircraft carrier deck, wings folded. British (?) politicians. Sailors march onto carrier, bombs or shells brought up by British sailors. Troops HMS Theseus ??? & Greek or Turkish troops?? Various cavalry & marching.

06:33:32 Mass tanks on parade; troops on small railroad platform: Task Force Smith. Similar crowd of GIs on train in B/G. Ship decks crammed & soldiers down ramps etc at Pusan build up. Tanks on train. CU US & Korean officers. Tank up at speed US M-46 then Sherman Tank followed by columns US troops. Jeeps, trucks & troops, artillery. Americans moving up. GOOD

06:35:00 Naval sequence. Navy ships anchored, firing, jet planes off carrier, mass wings in flight. Bombing.

Destruction on the ground, burning buildings & smoke.

06:35:51 Camouflaged North Korean truck in city. Kim Il Sung photo in paper

06:36:16 T34 tanks & infantry forward & across stream. HA North Korean mass columns advance up valley.

US soldiers running after tanks; jeeps fording river. GI looks at watch; US blowing bridge; still of destruction.

06:37:07 Machine guns firing; artillery sequence; planes bombing run over river.

06:37:33 Two shots of North Koreans at river, crossing under fire. Some stagey. T34 into water. Planes diving. North Koreans in small boats down river; infantry fording.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 5 of 10 Walton Walker seq.

3-star Gen. Walton Walker & 2-star general by roadside w/ map; in jeep. CU GI; US officers in rain gear into tent. More US beach landing at Inchon. T34s in urban area followed by men.

06:39:19 Explosions; artillery; burning buildings & tanks thru Seoul, street fighting US firing back. (GOOD)

US troops in road firing. N. Koreans running forward. US w/ wounded on stretchers

06:40:45 Supered 7? 20? over sign. Fires burning. Cartoon illustration of captured of Gen. Dean.

06:41:02 General Dean in prison playing solitaire w/ supered writing. Mass of UN POWs, prisoners, marched thru streets etc. Proud US march on base in Japan reviewed by Gen. MacArthur & Bradley.

06:42:01 US POWs thru street. Pictures of wrecked tanks, bodies.

06:42:25 Wrecked Taejun post office. North Koreans under trees in street & in front of tanks. Still.

06:42:44 Mass advance columns & tanks. Column of tanks towards camera on narrow road. N. Korean infantry thru woods. Low angle of guns & trucks past on road. Aerials of jets over river & road. Strafing.

06:43:59 Patriotic N. Korean poster, volunteers march, exhorted, fix railway. Runby & POV.

06:44:46 N. Korean artillery, line of tanks advance (GOOD).

06:45:04 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders off ship. US troops by train & eating by roadside.

06:45:29 MacArthur off plane met by Gen. Walker. Walker gives medals to South Koreans, others watch. US equipment parked; observers direct heavy artillery fire. North Korean troops & map y roadside. N. Korean camouflaged observers w/ radio walkie-talkie. North Korean artillery w/ long barreled Soviet (?) guns

Shells pan to Maxim CU of mortars, machine guns firing. Jet formation over.

06:46:57 N. Korean troops at meeting. Heroic sequence, cut together. Dramatic fighting montage shots.

06:48:11 T34 through river 2 seconds . T34 & infantry toward camera.

06:48:31 Carrying stretchers & coffins, wounded & dead. Coffins w/ US flags hoisted out of hold of ship. More stretchers, military ambulance. Mass UN troops on dock, at railroad. Waves breaking.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 6 of 10-

UN troops w/ packs onto ships. Korea assembly point, CU Turkish crescent. load onto trucks; off ships. Walker speaking.

06:50:07 Australian troops; troops in field.

06:50:23 Naval battleship guns firing day & night; explosions on land - varying quality.

06:51:42 MacArthur & Osema landing in Philippines. Wipe to on bridge of ship.

06:51:58 North Koreans / Chinese march over bridge, trucks & lorries ford river, troops along ridge. Maxim machine gun fired, artillery.

06:52:28 Very good shot explosion close to US infantry in ditch. More US action in field, thru Seoul. Stretcher on helicopter & flown out.

06:53:18 North Korean troops meeting, cheering & marching in hills; people waving & cheering them.

Running into village & fighting

06:54:29 THE HUMAN WAVE (Chinese enter war). Staged volunteer guerrillas given weapons, woman forward / snow. Training w/ rifles sequence. Ski troops.

06:55:23 More running towards camera, explosions, street fighting. Mass advance (staged).

06:55:44 Photo of Kim Il Sung (?) & officer. Troops in mountains, cleaning weapons, polishing shells. Camouflaged tank no. 428 cleared & crew in, leaves out of hills. T34 bounces across ditch toward camera.

Snow advance w/ tanks; Chinese columns. LS of troops moving through mountains. Winter.

06:57:24 Artillery sequence w/ attack sequence

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 7 of 10

Tanks across snowy field - poor quality. Thru village. More human wave in snowscape down hill. US troops by roadside w/ destroyed equipment. Dead.

06:58:59 Surrender columns towards camera (Big Bug out collapse)

06:59:43 Mass North Korean charge towards camera in railyards.

07:00:02 Marching & in mountains again. More snow scapes.

07:00:33 Chosin sequence. Pan Chosin camp in deep, cold snow etc. US troops marching in snow, plane landing, another on nose, wounded loaded onto planes etc.

07:01:41 Americans around fire & eating snow; packing up in blizzard. Sleeping bag man in snow; man warms shoes over fire. Intercut gag shots.

07:02:39 Catholic religious service in snow.

07:02:52 Dug in guns, artillery sequence; more Chinese human wave in snow (cutting off & ambushing Chosin retreat) bodies.

07:03:51 N. Koreans inspect burning remains of American plane, dead crew.

07:04:14 Hungman Harbor, fleet; evacuating troops. CU box of explosives. Blowing up chimney.

07:04:47 Huge explosion on hillside; two trains w/ cars of explosives crashed & burn.

07:04:59 Burning house UN. rearguard bug out columns ROKS towards & past US tanks. More attacking into city, along & thru ruins. Maxim machine gun fired & realistic running (until door falls off!).

07:06:41 North Korean flag raised again, CU in wind. US flag on fire. GV abandoned US equipment / tanks etc

07:07:25 N. Korean Victory March thru crowds cheering - recapture of Pyongyang (?)

07:07:42 N. Korean tanks past at speed with men on. Troops jog past camera, snow on ground.

07:07:59 US soldier slides down gully on snow, infantry advance in snow, tanks past. Artillery firing, night & day.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 9 of 10

B-29s bombing, ground explosions; damage, women run w/ blanket. GVs mass destroyed city, kids etc. (w/ & w/o snow). Bombings. Pilot. Bombs out of plane from plane. Fires. Pan over destruction.

07:22:29 Pan over valley after floods after earth dams blown. Flood water, people salvaging; on roofs of huts. Gathering destroyed wood. Woman & child. People on hillside above.

07:23:28 Dead outside huts including child by dead mother; wounded babies.

07:23:50 Nose gunner in B-29. Dead on ground. Atrocities inspection by press. Bodies in pits.

07:24:51 CU book page: Incidents in Korea (Plague) w/ Korean subtitles.

07:24:59 Bombs dropping from B-29. CU on ground of canister & tiny insects around on ground. Parachutes by canister. CU of bugs on slides. Press & USAF pilots confessions

07:26:06 Pilot (SOF) talking about bacteriological warfare w/ narration translating. Masked & coated scientists burning & cleaning the ground; taking samples from canister on ground. Poster & talking at outdoor table to village. CU People s World headline: Jurists Find Evidence of Germ Warfare, others.

07:27:16 Artillery barrage montage, day & night, actual & staged. North Korean trenches. Up from trenches new human wave offensives. Infantry following tanks

07:27:50 Pan over ridges & mountain sides; digging reinforced positions (start of fixed position war).

07:28:29 Artillery duel, mortars & guns fired from dugout positions. Observers (staged). Pan around hillside trenches, guns fired from dugouts & small arms from trenches. (multiple clips).

07:30:06 Armistice signing. North Korean camp cheering at end and masses on hillside (staged), fireworks. Cheering & Kim Il Sung on balcony in army uniform. Troops marching past in review; Kim saluting.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda; Horrors of War; Truce;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 10 of 10

Bombing, Migs overhead. Firing, air to air, shoots down model plane with still propellers (most staged).

07:32:08 Good columns along road & T34 tanks around bend towards camera w/ snow.

07:32:25 Eisenhower winter visit, w/ Mark Clark, & UN troop review.

07:33:09 Longest shot US flag draped coffins out of ship & lowered to dockside. Wounded off ship. Woman receiving news of dead soldier from postman; reading letter in house.

07:33:57 North Koreans (stand off war) another human wave from trenches.

07:34:26 Good North Korean artillery sequence, officers in bunkers. Gun rolled forward in tunnel (staged)Action sequences from trenches. Porter carrying supplies up from underground, ammunition to troops. Trucks loaded & lorries away.

07:35:59 Summer North Koreans attack in woods, grenade thrown (looks like orchard surrender pictures). Intercut US tank interiors, firing & massive shell pile.

07:37:01 North Korean officers under camouflage position, send troops forward. US tanks hit & burning sequence (staged).

07:37:43 Lorries w/ supplies; building road. Massive artillery & tank barrage.

07:38:24 Column towards camera again, lorries in middle. Congratulating troops. BV tanks along then column towards camera. Pan over mountains.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

Korea (Robert Kennedy & wife visit troops)

Attorney General Bobby Kennedy & wife walking w/ military VIP, shaking hands w/ officers in receiving line.

18:02:49 With wife meeting Korean VIPs including Park Chung Hee. Posing. Photographers.

18:03:07 Title: Tokyo

Flags at airport & Emperor Hirohito greeting King Baudouin aka Baudoin, & Queen Fabiola of Belgium, getting off airplane for state visit. Shaking hands w/ Japanese Crown Prince Akihito & Princess Michiko. Walking & formal military. Motorcade leaving.

Royal Visits; Diplomacy;

The 38th Parallel [Reel 1 of 5]

[North Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th Parallel. Reel 1 shows Japanese occupation from 1910 to WWII.]

Mountains and countryside in Korea. Japanese troops getting off ship in Korea. Japanese atrocities committed against the Korean people: shootings, mass graves and burning villages. Still pictures of Japanese officers. Japanese and Korean officials with Buddhist priest.

13:08:07 Streets scenes and buildings in Nam San Dong, Seoul. Men and women working in rice fields, sorting and packing rice.

13:09:45 Docks. Sacks of rice being inspected before shipment to Japan. Good shot steam train with plume of smoke.

13:10:13 Korean men and women working in various factories - slave labour - Koreans working on rock piles and carrying logs. Several men fall from exhaustion and beaten by supervisor. Japanese soldiers getting off ships. Koreans fighting side by side with Japanese in World War II [very scratched]. Warship firing on shore positions.

Chosen Chiho - Documentary on Korea

Various titles in Japanese - Steamship - Japanese ? arrivals - Steam train - Agriculture - paddy fields - harvesting - Water wheel - harvesting cotton - paddy fields - machine processing tobacco ? Town - market - train. Large building and landscaped gardens - water gardens - city streets. Coast - Boat. Open cast mining. Coal mining with pick axes. Various mining shots. Shots of mountainous region - huge writing in Korean carved into mountain. Coastline rocky formations - Hydro electric dam ? Power lines - pan over power stations - oil refinery - forest area - felling trees - logging on river - Junks on river. Railway tracks - iron bridge over river - train passes over bridge. Top shot port.

Beware - Japanese titles in vision intermittently throughout.

Info from NARA says significant geographical locations include Pusan, Taegu, Seoul, Inchon and the Yalu river.

38th Parallel [Reel 2 of 5]

[North Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th parallel. Reel 2 shows Russians liberating Korea from the Japanese occupiers in WWII.]

Sign in Japanese. Korean students at Kwang Choo demonstrating against Japanese occupation. Japanese officer taking child from mother. Still pictures of students who were killed in the demonstrations. Graphic reconstruction [?] of men and women students being tortured for taking part in the demonstrations - hanging upside down, burned with hot pokers, beaten, injected under fingernails. Japanese prisons. Planes dropping bombs.

13:14:59 09Aug45 Russian ships firing at Japanese positions. Russian infantry making assault landing. Tanks moving up. Russian artillery firing. Russian infantry running along gully. Japanese soldiers coming out of pillbox and surrendering to the Russians. Piles of dead Japanese. Russians placing flag on hilltop. Captured equipment. Japanese prisoners seated on ground. Smashed temples. Russians releasing Korean prisoners. Koreans celebrating Liberation Day; waving banners / flags. Korean band playing.

13:17:17 Japanese and Russians (only) signing WWII surrender terms aboard the USS Missouri, 02Sep45. Displaced Japanese civilians moving along road. Korean village and countryside. Newspaper notice about Big Three meeting in Moscow (in Korean). Duck Soo Koong building in Nam Dai Moon, Seoul.

13:18:28 Meeting between General Hodge (USA), General Shtikov (Russian), Syngman Rhee and Kim Sung Soo (Koreans) and their staffs. Syngman Rhee addressing the meeting.

Torture. Atrocities.

38th Parallel [Reel 3 of 5]

[North Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th parallel. Reel 3 shows the brutal regime of South Korea.]

Koreans entering YMCA building in Seoul. Animated map of Korea showing the southern section as an American marked beetle. Len Han Sa building in Seoul & other views of Seoul. South Korean police treating the people badly and taking their food away - brutal beating. American soldiers, on sightseeing tours, and at rodeo. Public building in Seoul. Unemployed Koreans gambling and loafing in Bagado park, Seoul. Korean fortune teller in park.

13:21:28 Market place in Seoul. Korean people looking at Japanese goods being sold. Slum sections of Seoul. Korean inspector searching private home. Sign on door "Contagious Disease". Sick children lying in streets. Sign in Korean "Give Us Rice".

13:22:44 Idle factories. Wrecked factory equipment.

13:23:15 American soldiers and Korean girls dancing and drinking in night clubs. Wild Korean Jazz band. Flashing night club signs. Night scene of Korean placing sign on wall that the Russians and Americans should leave Korea. Korean police walking threateningly toward the Korean.

13:24:12 Atrocities committed by the South Koreans [graphic reconstruction]: Tortures and beating in cellars, dragging men and women behind trucks, hanging of many men and women at the Song Ack mountain in Kai Sung. Corpses lying on ground after being cut down from the trees.

13:26:06 Men, women and children with hands tied behind their backs lying in shallow graves [genuine?]. Communists in South Korea revolting and killing police; wave flaming torches, trample body.

Atrocities. Poverty.

[NB Two black lines running down film from 13:21:34 to end of reel.]

38th Parallel [Reel 4 of 5]

[Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th parallel. Reel 4 & 5 show Russians as benefactors of Korea and portray North Korea as idyllic.]

Russian liberators being welcomed at the Pyongyang railroad station. Russians getting out of trains. Koreans cheer arriving Russians. Russian soldiers and tanks parading through Pyongyang streets.

13:28:12 Kim Il Sung addressing mass meeting. Parade.

13:28:54 Agriculture - North Koreans in fields operating farm equipment, harvesting and packing rice. North Korean farmers celebrating a good harvest with traditional music and dance. Korean river and modern concrete bridge. Sheep, cattle and duck farming in North Korea.

13:31:16 Industry - Ap Nock Kang dam. Power station and power lines at the dam. Boats and trains. GVs factories in Nam Po, Wha Chum, Hung Nam and Chung Chin in full operation. Fertiliser being made at the Hung Nam factory. Hung Nam factory and workers. Paper making. Soap manufacture. Ceramics. Good aerials, interiors and exteriors of industrial plants.

The American Soldier in Combat Pt. 3 of 3

WWII - Nazi rally - overhead shot rally - Huge swastika banners. Hitler on podium & crowd.

14:24:09 Headlines re invasion of Poland. German troops into Poland.

14:24:27 USA draft begins, FDR at lecturn, numbers written on blackboard. Men in street w/ banners Good bye Philly Hello Ft. Meade Conscription & new recruits trained. Target practice w/ beer cans, wooden guns. Planes drop bomb - visual of bomb falling on camera. Pearl Harbor & FDR declares war on Japan (very brief cut, no sound). Troops march.

14:25:18 Troops at train station,Soldiers kiss girlfriends / wives good-bye (GOOD but brief)

14:25:24 Tanks in desert. Firing guns. Paratroopers jump out of plane (good). Climbing down ropes off boat - explosions on Pacific beach - landing, jungle fighting. Fighting in Europe - street fighting (GOOD). 14:26:57 White surrender flag out of window. Wounded, sleeping soldiers. VE Day in London - US troops cheered. US tanks in Paris parade. More fighting & firing guns montage (Europe). US Vehicle drives over Swastika flag. CU Church bells ring.

14:28:01 VJ Day celebrations in New York City - jubilant crowd & woman kissing soldier, confetti & paper floating down shots, parade. Soldiers return on board ship & hug families & children.

14:28:56 Montage: Peace - suburban homes built. Factory exterior. Rows of consumer goods in factories: refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, toasters; combine machine.

14:29:15 Korean War - North Koreans wave flag on top of hill. American troops in mud. Battle - firing guns, rifles & machine guns. Wounded on stretchers. Religious service outdoors (Catholic).

14:31:03 Montage various American wars featured in this film - colonial wars, war of independence, civil war, WWI parade, CUs WWII soldiers. American soldiers superimposed on American landscapes and cityscapes.

Military Propaganda; History of Wars;

[North Korea?]

Korean script titles. Korean film mute GVs street scenes, posters, banners, large street posters & propaganda? broadsides. Store windows.

05:01:32 Business man in office pointing to many wall posters & showing woman. Decorated street car. Factory interior w/ men at lathes, one w/ Communist red star on cap. Farmers w/ bundles.

05:03:06 Interior CU Kim Il Sung in suit addressing meeting & audience listening, applauding.

05:04:25 Ext. crowd & banners; POV speaker in city. Pan of listeners, peasants, farmers, others. Poster of Stalin & posters of others.

05:06:24 Moon over bridge. Title of date? Factory w/ lights strung on outside. People listening to speakers. Women w/ child on back.

05:07:15 North Korean or Chinese army sequence, troops moving up hillside. Soldiers on radio telephone in foxhole. Camouflage & binoculars. Sequence of sighting & firing mortars.

05:09:28 Men & women soldiers dancing. Troops firing artillery. Saluting. Balance is in snow. Field gun. Marching towards heavy gun mass parades towards over snow

Communist Korea; Korean War; Daily Life;

Why Vietnam Pt. 1 of 3

President Johnson LBJ at microphone talking about a letter from a woman in the Mid West asking Why Vietnam ? Montage vietnam war shots.

05:01:17 Munich 1938 - Hitler in open top car - Chamberlain arrives - Munich pact - Chamberlain speaking re Peace. Montage shots - bomb damaged buildings - Mussolini - Ethiopia - Haile Selassie at League of Nations - Anschluss - Korean war.

05:03:16 Johnson speaking re reasons for War and fight for freedom

05:04:28 Background to US involvement in Vietnam. Dien Bien Phu in what was French Indo China. Battle scenes and dropping supplies. 1954 Hanoi refugees - French leave Hanoi as communist forces move in. Geneva conference which divides Vietnam into North and South. Refugees fleeing South. US support to South Vietnam.

05:06:45 Map 1954 17th Parallel - mountain shots. North Vietnam, Ho Chi-Minh with children. South Vietnam - farming and agriculture - building homes - elections. US economic aid - tools and grain. Gathering in harvest in the South following land reforms. Scenic shots - junks - coastline

05:08:46 Manilla 1955 signing of South East Asia Collective Defence Treaty. South Vietnam - shots of house building - narration tells of subversive activities from Communist North. - Terrorist activities - NV guerilla warfare - burning buildings - dead bodies.

05:10:08 South Vietnam - spraying rice fields - rice processed. Open cast mining. Rubber plantation - latex processing. Textile factory.

Anti-Communism; USA Government Propaganda; Anti-Communist; Imperialism;

[Japan, ca 1940 w/ stylized Buddhist temples; art works]

Photograph of ?? in ornate uniform. Temple grounds, formal entrances & soldier visible. Japanese Diet (?) ext & int. Painting of soldier & parents bowing to him. Officer shaking hands w/ soldier (?) & government official, all bowing. Actually room from previous painting. Lantern or ?? beside table.

06:30:45 Ext. of government building. Title card.

06:31:12 Farmer beside rice or grain field blowing in wind.

06:31:32 Temple entrance way, gates. Buildings. Formal gardens.

06:33:34 Japanese title w/ art work. Militaristic helmeted Kagura (?) dancers seen from above. LS, MS & CUs. Swords drawn.

06:34:59 Japanese titles, scrolls rolled & unfurled. Pan over mountain ridge w/ fog; other ridges w/ fog. Pine trees w/ new growth, CU & on hillside. LS of valley in rugged mountains, swift flowing steam. Fog moving thru valleys seen from above. Clouds over ridge. Branches of various forests, barren trees & old trees.

06:36:56 Waves breaking over jagged rocks in surf. Metal sculptued plaque of warriors. Stone marker, rocks on sand; trees blowing in breeze, waves over rocks.

06:37:40 Large statue on base as monument to warrior or priest, LS & MS.

06:37:52 Wooden markers w/ characters, temples. Painting of warriors & horsemen in battle; painting of naval officers shipboard in battle. Waves breaking on rocky shore; trees in violent wind & still. Blossoms on branches outside temple. Stone lion, lantern. Temple roof in front of clear sky.

06:38:59 Map of Korean peninsula w/ characters over. Stylized paintings of ?? Japanese characters on paper. Painting of Mt. Fuji w/ characters, scenic footage of Fuiji w/ & w/o clouds around base from several distances. Characters over scenic views for balance of film. Abrupt end.

Travelogue; Ethnic Culture; Pre-WWII; Buddhist Religion; Buddhism; Scenics; Poetic; Oriental architecture;

NOTE: Ca 40 min. edited version of original 72 min. film (per IMDB).

38th Parallel [Reel 5 of 5]

[Korean propaganda film on the events leading up to the crossing of the 38th parallel. Reel 5 portrays North Korea as idyllic.]

North Korean children at ballet class, theatre workshop, music school and choir - vars North Koreans at home listening to children singing on radio. Reconstruction and new buildings going up in North Korea. CU train wheel & pan of Korean countryside as seen from moving train. Small islands in bay. North Korean tourists at Diamond Mountain resort looking at the Koo Rong Hun falls and the Sin Ke Sa temple.

13:38:01 Mass meeting to get equal rights for women w/ speakers. Women operating switchboards. Construction of the Kim Il Sung University.

13:39:04 Education - schoolyard - children and adults classes. Children receiving instruction in dancing, singing, and acting. Variety show performed by young adults; audience applauds.

13:40:12 Cinema - National motion picture studios under construction. Movies being filmed at the new studios.

13:41:12 Workers sport meet showing scenes of the various events incl. running, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, football, disc throwing, marathon, downhill skiing, ice skating etc. Crowds with banners cheering.

13:42:47 Montage & superimposition of heroic images as narrator states, we must abolish the 38th parallel, move south, throw out Syngman Rhee, crush imperialism and became one nation again. Men and women students parading through Pyongyang street. Still of Kim Il Sung with superimposed North Korean flags.

In Defense Of Peace [Part 2 of 2]

Supplies for Europe loaded onto ships at docks - Marshall Plan - farmer receives new tractor. Flashes of reconstruction work in Europe are shown. Communists demonstrate & blockade Berlin - trucks full of food line road, allowed to rot. US planes fly supplies to the blockaded city - air to air shots - landing at airfield & supplies unloaded - blockade lifted.

23:15:14 Refugees flee East Germany through woods. Map of Korea.

23:15:44 South Korean voters go to the polls; US troops evacuate Korea. North Koreans attack South Korea - Republican troops march to defence. Refugees. Emergency UN meeting - USSR absent. MacArthur accepts first UN Battle Flag.

23:17:55 US troops land at Pusan to aid South Korea - marching through countryside - heavy artillery. US & Canadian troops train for overseas service. Turkish, Dutch & Australian troops arrive in Korea - greeted by Korean civilians. Swedish nurses leave for Korea.

23:19:35 British Navy units set sail. INT United Nations NYC? Animated spinning globe w/ superimposed flags of united nations.

Berlin Blockade / Airlift. Korean War. Cold War. Anti-Communism.

The Roswell Reports [Part 3]

Report conclusion 4 - red-headed Captain said to have intimidated civilians in 1947 was probably balloon test pilot Col. Kittinger. Colour shots of Kittinger climbing out of balloon module after high altitude flights in 1957 & 1962; no evidence he intimidated civilians - still of Kittinger w/ Eisenhower; shots of Kittinger making record parachute jump from 20 miles up, 16Aug60 - in cockpit of fighter plane during Vietnam War; still of Kittinger making first solo balloon crossing of Atlantic,1984.

01:19:49 Report conclusion 5 - exploitation of dead personnel to perpetuate the alleged sightings of alien bodies - 1980s military funeral - bodies in Roswell AAF Hospital were result of vars air accidents - 1956 newspaper headline 11 Walker Airmen Die In Tanker Crash - b/w shot KC-97 tanker aircraft in refuelling flight - stills of Walker Air Force Base [Roswell renamed in 1948] where burned bodies taken.

01:21:14 Still of crew in manned balloon involved in accident 1959 near Walker AFB; USAF chase helicopter in flight; Kittinger; Walker AFB Hospital; stills of injured Capt. Fulgum w/ swollen head & injury record sheet - later stills of Fulgum as NASA test parachutist & F-4 pilot in Korean War.

01:23:03 Conclusion - VS balloon experiments, dummies etc. - Incident exposed as a conglomeration of many events . Stills of early US flight & USAF leaders through the years.

01:24:01 Black F-117A flying wing fighter take off; in flight at night - infra red air to air shots - CU weapons guiding screen. Space rocket take off. Fighter jets fly over. VO re dedication of USAF staff.

Extra Terrestrials. UFOs. Flying Saucers. Aliens. Hoaxes. Legends. Myths. Conspiracy Theories.

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 1 of 3

Uniformed youth drum & bugles; large Communist demonstration w/ cheering; CUs, girl kisses flag.

16:00:33 Ext. Street demonstration & burning flag; large crowd marching w/ flags; workers in street listening.

16:00:55 Tanks advancing w/ troops; loaded w/ people w/ raised fists thru street w/ tri-color flag. Youth w/ knife cutting up Communist flag.

16:01:34 Montage: Aerial of WWII burning city; artillery firing; refugees in burning city; Nazis boy soldier; tanks; British & Russian soldiers firing artillery. Nun walking thru brick rubble. Victory celebrations, Arc de Triumph; Churchill, DeGaulle & others down Champs Elysees. Winter & returning troops.

16:02:35 Swastika on stadium explodes (GOOD).

16:02:43 Stalin, Churchill & others shaking hands at Potsdam. Map of Europe w/ Communist shadow moving west. Soviet troops marching. Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev & others applauding. Map of East Germany. Still of Walter Ulbrecht w/ others. Marchers, faces, kids w/ banners in parade. Police & civilians in East Germany. CU door sign: Untersuchungs Haftanstalt Wittenberge, two policemen enter.

16:03:46 Ext. Deutscher Volksrat - Le Front des Demokratischen Deutsch; interior w/ large Communist meeting. CU Wilhelm Pieck first & only President of GDR, 11Oct49 - 07Sep60, wiping face; congratulated; thru street in open car. Little girl w/ flowers, Stalin holding.

16:04:08 People moving thru woods w/ packs. Troops buiding fence thru woods on border; sign re land mines. Pan of men at small meeting & voting, ext. workers voting, people marching w/ flags in country village.

16:04:49 Coal miners; workers in factory. Title card re Brigade Karl Marx. Women w/ wheelbarrows on construciton site. POV on train. Sign over doorway: Robfchlachtercel Franz Fritsche Perleberg, crowd. Civilians training w/ rifles; large group of women marching w/ rifles; young girls marching w/ bows & arrows. Soviet military in parade.

16:05:52 Montage of USA attacking Korea (seen from Soviet view): ship, tanks, soldiers. Wounded, chaplain. Orphaned ; Korean children eating; refugees.

16:06:19 Flags outside United Nations; interior. UN troops on ship. Kremlin ext. Pan from Stalin laying in state to politburo. People at monument. CU Ulbricht at microphones; clock speeded up; poster re 1954.

16:06:58 Wide avenue w/ little traffic. Men working on large construction site, workers on scaffolding, walking in street for demonstration, 16Jun53. Filling street. Soldiers w/ guns. Marchers running. Burning desks. Line of soldiers at East - West border. People taking down fence. Papers falling outside government building & burned in fire on sidewalk. Police & soldiers facing each others at border. Crowd running. Banner burned. Border troops behind barriers. Signs torn down, bonfire. East Berlin building set on fire, seen from American Sector. Construction Workers Strike became Uprising of 1953.

16:09:06 Crowd w/ ?? carrying, beating; policeman tries to stop. Crowd & small shed or ?? burning. Cont.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; Cold War; Propaganda;


Brooke Shields presents and narrates from Hollywood set.

01:23:07 1940s USO. Hollywood Victory Committee boards train & waves (w/ Babe Ruth). Troops go into Roxy Theater tent in Bougainville for show. Egyptian sphinx; Jack Benny playing violin. Movie stars; Joe E. Brown at mic. GIs & stars - actresses. Stills outdoors performances & audience. Patty Thomas (?) does silly dance w/ soldier. Bob Hope in uniform with troops shaking hands; on stage jokes w/ Patty Thomas. Celebrities / stars visit military hospital. VJ Day in New York City.

01:24:47 Korean War - CU apprehensive soldier looks up. Brief battle shots. Marilyn Monroe out of helicopter. Bob Hope on stage at various locations incl. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

01:25:07 Vietnam War - Helicopter over jungle. Blonde (Joey Heatherton ?) woman on stage disco dancing w/ soldiers (GOOD COLOR).

01:25:25 Shields. Montage USO volunteers in field, airport scenes, fleet in harbor. Canoeing.

01:25:55 Concert with Loretta Lynn? talking to audience.

01:26:23 Rock star talks to woman in hospital bed (Base hospital in Spain) then sings patriotic song (bland 80s soft-rock) at concert God bless the USA... I m proud to be an American... Caus at least I know I m free - very emotional audience, cheering, CUs crying, shaking fists, singing along. Presented by Your Air Force.

US Military Troops entertainment; Patriotism; Promotional;

The Tarawa Operations R4 of 5

Bulldozer sealing bunker; dynamite exploded w/in. Dozer & steam shovels repairing airstrip, moving sand w/ trucks.

03:29:28 Landing defensive troops & artillery w/ LVT pulling supplies on rubber rafts. Crates carried ashore & stacked. Confusion. Grader smoothing airstrip & first fighter plane landing on Betio.

03:30:57 Raising US & British flags, saluting for returning island to Great Britain. Men inspecting dead bodies on sand. Wounded on stretcher w/ flies waved away; moved to ship & loaded by crane. Treating wounded on shore w/ plasma hung on rifle.

03:32:17 Dead Japanese bodies, badly burned & swollen. Suicide bodies w/ rifles in place. Eleven Japanese survivors stripped of clothing on beach & walked to LVT, boarding.

03:33:32 Large group of Korean laborers who surrendered. Bathing in surf & wounded treated. Questioning.

03:34:58 Pan over destroyed palm trees & bunkers. 8 British made defense guns inspected, some burned, in bunker positions. British 140mm guns in place. Other weapons showing heavy damage

WWII Pacific Islands; Battle; Diagrams; 1943; Tarawa Invasion; Fighting; Aftermath; Prisoners of War; WW2 POWs;

NOTE: Battle fought 20-23Nov43

Army-Navy Screen Magazine #21, 1944 [Reel 2]

Marine cameraman shows Navy cadets? his footage of US invasion of Bacio? Island in Pacific atoll of Tarawa:

VS Catholic priest holds Mass aboard ship in convoy. Ship s steward poses w/ cake w/ A jungle plus coconut tree equals JAP so keep your eyes OPEN in frosting. Marines w/ operation map on deck.

09:20:20: D-Day, 20Nov44: VS naval bombardment of Japanese submarines. AV Marines loading powder charges onto landing craft. Battleships firing on Tarawa. US aircraft above. Smoke above island. Landing craft / AmTracks w/ Marines approach shore; gasoline dump exlodes. Higgins boat caught on reef, Marines wade to beach and take cover. Marines use machine guns, some advance past beach and use flamethrowers to rout Japanese from blockhouse. Snipers take out Japanese soldiers attacking US machine gun positions on beach. Dessimated island scenes.

09:25:09: Stretcher bearers w/ wounded. Stretchers loaded onto rubber rafts for transport to Higgins boats. Marine throws grenade into foxhole. Vars corpses of Japanese Imperial Marines in foxholes and gun placements.

09:26:33: Surrendering Japanese soldiers stripped and guarded by Marines. Korean PoWs. Scenes of wrecked beach and captured Japanese guns. Marine gives stray Kitten water under tank. Marines wash. Steamrollers prepare landing strip for bombers. Bomber pilot Bill Kelly. Marines salute as US flag raised.

Pacific War.

[Peleliu: Japanese Caves Bombed; Natives & PoWs]


VS Japanese PoWs working in camp.

10:56:24 Vars LS aerial bombardment w/ napalm over mountain ridge, aircraft fly back & forth; flames & smoke clouds.

10:58:45 AV US Marine w/ group of natives. MCU Liberated natives pose for camera. Marine talking to POWs.

11:00:36 1st Marine Div., Lt. Walington Jr w/ Koreans brought out of caves (?). Marine gives children sweets; various MS & CUs.

11:02:07 Further shots napalm dropped on Japanese cave positions in central Peleliu. Top of ridge shrouded in flames and black smoke.

Pacific War; Prisoners of War; WW2; WWII; 1944;

Army-Navy Screen Magazine, #21, 1944 [Reel 2]

Marine cameraman shows Navy cadets? his footage of US invasion of Bacio? Island in Pacific atoll of Tarawa:

VS Catholic priest holds Mass aboard ship in convoy. Ship s steward poses w/ cake w/ A jungle plus coconut tree equals JAP so keep your eyes OPEN in frosting. Marines w/ operation map on deck.

13:20:20 D-Day, 20Nov44: VS naval bombardment of Japanese submarines. AV Marines loading powder charges onto landing craft. Battleships firing on Tarawa. US aircraft above. Smoke above island. Landing craft / AmTracks w/ Marines approach shore; gasoline dump exlodes. Higgins boat caught on reef, Marines wade to beach and take cover. Marines use machine guns, some advance past beach and use flamethrowers to rout Japanese from blockhouse. Snipers take out Japanese soldiers attacking US machine gun positions on beach. Dessimated island scenes.

13:25:04 Stretcher bearers w/ wounded. Stretchers loaded onto rubber rafts for transport to Higgins boats. Marine throws grenade into foxhole. Vars corpses of Japanese Imperial Marines in foxholes and gun placements.

13:26:30 Surrendering Japanese soldiers stripped and guarded by Marines. Korean PoWs. Scenes of wrecked beach and captured Japanese guns. Marine gives stray Kitten water under tank. Marines wash. Steamrollers prepare landing strip for bombers. Bomber pilot Bill Kelly. Marines salute as US flag raised.

WWII. Pacific War.

Film Communique - Fifth Issue R2 of 2 (Bloody Tarawa)

07:10:25 Convoy of ships en route, mass celebrated on deck of ship. Briefing of marines by CO on deck;large relief map w/ pointer before landing on Betio Island. Ships firing at unseen Japanese sub. Planes over Shelling island. Landing craftw/ large shells, landing craft circling as battleships fire.

07:12:35 Amphibious tanks landing under covering fire (GOOD). Higgins boat caught on reef, soldiers crawl ashore, take shelter on beach from enemy fire. Battle scenes - flame thrower.

07:14:55 Machine guns firing; sniper; machine gun kills Japanese soldier (gory) bodies. Wounded carried out on stretchers - transfusion given on beach. Strecher bearers transfer wounded to rafts, then to Higgins boats. Japanese bodies. Japanese block house where Japanese hiding being demolished by bulldozer - grenades into block house, explosions & dead Japanese.

07:18:36 Japanese prisoner under armed escort. Group of sullen Japanese POWs sitting in underwear. Many Korean prisoners who had been taken to Tarawa by Japanese as slave labor. Bodies & debris on beach. Wrecked Japanese planes & military equipment.

07:20:02 Naked American troops having shower on beach. Seabees constructing airstrip, first plane landed by Bill Kelly. Troops salute as American flag raised over Tarawa.

WWI Pacific Battles; War Effort; Materiel; Anti-Japanese; Racist; Racism;

[Documentary Extract re Japanese & Russian Militarism, 1940s & 1950s] Pt 2 of 2

Cont d...Japanese prisoners taken on Okinawa, some wounded - good semi-silhouette shot PoWs on ridge. US air raids over Japan, bombs dropping; burning buildings in Tokyo, firestorm; still of child s body in ruins. 01:57:54 Aerial view Hiroshima? Atomic explosions over Hiroshima & Nagasaki - mushroom clouds. Good shots Japanese civilians & military listen to Emperor Hirohito s announcement of Japanese surrender - bowed heads.

01:58:58 02Sep45 MCU Mamoru Shigemitsu boarding USS Missouri for signing of surrender document - Allies sign after Shigemitsu.

02:00:39 Korean War scenes, tanks firing. Civilians evacuate w/ possessions along pontoon bridge. US & Allied troops fight at roadside.

02:01:31 Red Square military parade; rows of tanks in field.

02:01:54 Atomic bomb pacific test blast; good mushroom cloud shots.

02:01:11 MacArthur out of plane smoking corncob pipe; CU MacArthur in sunglasses. US tanks on flatcars.

Korean civilians along roads & railroad tracks. Fighter jets, planes, take off & attack behind North Korean supply lines - air to air shots; napalm bombing air to ground shots. Burning ruins of village.

WWII Pacific War; Cold War; Korean War; Fighting; Battles; History;

7th Div Landing at Korea

Line of LCVPs approach shore. 7th Division troops walk along pier of Inchon. Japanese guard stands in right foreground. Japanese locals carrying umbrellas. Street scenes - wooden buildings. Two US soldiers talking to Japanese policeman on horseback. Line of US troops march through city. Attempts to start car with starting handle. Line of military vehicles. Koreans watching out of open windows. Line of troops.

03:33:06 General Archibald V Arnold, CG 7th Division followed by army and navy officers disembark at pier. Troops march down streets. Tracking shot Koreans standing on front of wooden buildings (short)

Korean Railroad

Locked off shot crowded train passing camera - passengers sitting on top of carriages and hanging from sides. Close shots crowded train as pulls out of station.

Korea - Sir Alan Brooke arrives.

RAF Plane taxies - Sir Alan Brooke off plane w/ Lt Gen Gairdener & others. Greeted by Lt Gen Hodge. Group into cars and away.

Korean Railroad

Locked off shot crowded train passing camera - passengers sitting on top of carriages and hanging from sides. Close shots crowded train as pulls out of station.

Title: Shrinking Jap Empire

07:15:11 Hong Kong, pan over ships in harbor & low buildings. Indian guards push some of lined-up Japanese POWs in prison camp. POWs strip in front of guards, papers checked.

07:15:38 Japanese POWs made to run & are made to dig dirt & cement blocks.

07:15:59 Korea. Aerial Seoul under title. Allied officers sit down at long table; Japanse sign surrender documents; US General ?? signs.

07:16:13 GIs march into Seoul. Japanese soldier disarmed & searched. Pile of guns. Japanese flag lowered & US flag raised as Korean crowd applauds.

WWII Surrender;

Surrender In The Pacific [Reel 2]

re Japanese capitulation

Cebu Island, Philippines - U.S. troops march Japanese POWs along a Pacific island road and Japanese commander hands over sabre in surrender - gathering captured swords and guns.

00:41:38 Baguio, Luzon - Japanese officer Yamashita signs surrender documents as Generals Wainwright and Percival and other allied generals look on. Yamashita enters prison.

00:42:54 Surrender of Marcus Islands aboard US Destroyer Bagley. Japanese signing.

00:43:19 Wake Island - Destroyed Japanese bases - marines hoisting American flag. Wrecked US planes.

00:44 01 Singapore - GVs city - British Royal Marines go ashore at Pennang? after local surrender agreement. Aerials destruction. British patrol streets and fire from buildings - Japanese soldiers surrender.

00:45:16 Nanking - Japanese surrender to Chiang Kai-Shek.

00:45:39 Shanghai aerials - Chinese boy sews American flag - civilians waving US and Chinese (not PRC) flags.

00:46:03 South Korea - US troops enter Seoul - signing surrender- John Hodge. Japanese flag hauled down and hoisting American flag.

Emaciated released American POWs welcome ship come to rescue them - POWs drink from flask - inside liberated Japanese POW camp with prisoners - victims show traces of beatings - Red Cross packages - graves - Japanese guards bow to departing prisoners. Liberated prisoners board train, trucks & boats to return home. Hospital ship Benevolence. LS carrier with plane formation above - MacArthur quote in VO ... my earnest hope that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood of carnage... founded upon faith and understanding...

[Processing And Evacuating Japanese Soldiers, Pusan, Korea]

Slate: 08Oct45. Japanese soldiers carrying bundles, crates of belongings marched to processing compound led by American soldier.

14:45:11 Laying belongings on railroad station (?) wooden floor. US soldier inspects bag; CU counting money, banknotes. Japanese repacking, watched by US troops. CU searching belongings, coats

14:46:36 Open train car loaded w/ Japanese POWs & MP guards backed into station. POWs sit on platform beside steam engine.

14:47:03 Many prisoners of war sitting on pavement outside platform; train of open cars arriving. Soldiers prepare to board.

14:47:44 Slate: 9-10-45 (09Oct45?) Filled open railroad cars of prisoners in station. Troops getting out of carriage; men waiting.

14:48:50 Slate: 8-10-45. GIs leading Japanese soldiers out of station; CU boots walking. CUs of faces, US Army photographers.

14:49:56 Slate: 8-10-45 POWs waiting on dock & belongings spread out & searched. Searching clothes & shoes; leg wrappings searched. POWs embarking on boat w/ Japanese flag.

14:53:13 Japanese women on board giggle. View down to dock of men boarding. Planks removed, ship moves away from dock, turns in harbor slowly.

Post-WWII; Post-WW2; Repatriation;

[Japanese Surrenders In The Pacific] R2

Cebu Island, Philippines. US troops march Japanese POWs along a Pacific island road & Japanese commander hands over sabre in surrender. US soldiers gathering captured swords & guns.

15:05:07 Baguio, Luzon - Japanese officer Yamashita signs surrender documents as Generals Wainwright, Percival & other allied generals watch. Yamashita enters prison.

15:06:20 Surrender of Marcus Islands aboard US Destroyer Bagley. Japanese signing.

15:06:44 Wake Island. Destroyed Japanese bases - marines salute hoisting American flag, 04Sep45. General Walter Baylor. Wrecked US marine planes.

15:07 27 Singapore. High angle of city. British Royal Marines go ashore at Pennang? after local surrender agreement. British fleet off Hong Kong. Aerials of destruction. Aug45 British patrol streets; fire from buildings. Japanese soldiers surrender.

15:08:42 Nanking, China. Japanese surrender to Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek.

15:09:05 Shanghai aerials; Chinese boy sews American flag, civilians waving US & Chinese (not PRC) flags.

15:09:30 South Korea, US troops enter Seoul; signing surrender. Lt. Gen. John Hodge. Japanese flag lowered & hoisting American flag.

15:10:30 Emaciated released American POWs welcome ship come to rescue them. American POWs drink from flask. GIs inside liberated POW camp with allied prisoners - victims show traces of beatings. Red Cross packages - graves; Japanese guards bow to departing prisoners. GOOD kiss. Liberated prisoners board train, trucks & boats to return home.

15:12:29 Hospital ship Benevolence. LS carrier w/ plane formation above - MacArthur quote in VO ... my earnest hope that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood of carnage... founded upon faith and understanding... Superimpression on flags turning on to of globe & saluting military. The End.

Post-WWII; Post-WW2; Summary;

Stalingrad Relives aka Stalingrad Rebuilds R1 of 6

Title & credits in Korean

Open biplane w/ USSR cameraman shoot from second seat. Aerials of destroyed & heavily damaged city, much rubble has been removed but concrete building skeletons still standing. Shadow of plane across.

23:02:20 Heavily damaged statue of men & women dancing in circle.

23:02:37 Signs over doorways of shelters underground: Here was the base of General ?

23:02:59 Happy New Year .

Bullet pocked walls, barbed wire w/ clothe, helmets & reed shoes. Equipment left behind in the weeds. Large grain elevator. USSR soldiers w/ 35mm film.

23:04:10 Footage of Germans taking Stalingrad. USSR buring dead & taking Germans prisoners. People looking at exhibit warning of mines. Men probing & exploding mines. Heavy destruction of buildings.

23:05:32 CU note: Mother, we are all alive & in good health.

WWII Aftermath; Destruction; Nazis

Memorial Day Service, Korea, w/ Gen. Hodge & Brig Gen. Shoe

16 planes fly over; soldiers salute on field. Jiggly pan over group. Wreath at foot of flag pole, slow tilt up to US flag. Soldier walks away & joins line previously seen. Man in front of mic (3 Stars), then carries wreath & places. Men fire rifles for salute. Large field of crosses & wreathes war graves (out of focus). US flag at half-mast.

Foreign Affairs - Korea

Korean refugees boarding American LST to return home after Korea liberated from Japanese. Refugees inside boat - women with babies, eating rice; woman with newborn baby which is put in cardboard box for a cot. Children wash up on deck. Disembarking in Korea carrying huge bundles, suitcases and parcels.


Memorial Day Service, Korea, w/ Gen. Hodge & Brig Gen. Shoe

16 planes fly over; soldiers salute on field. Jiggly pan over group. Wreath at foot of flag pole, slow tilt up to US flag. Soldier walks away & joins line previously seen. Man in front of mic (3 Stars), then carries wreath & places. Men fire rifles for salute. Large field of crosses & wreathes war graves (out of focus). US flag at half-mast.

Japanese Leave Korea After WWII

Street scenes Seoul with trams - Street market - shops. Japanese being prepared for journey home - civilians being sprayed with DDT by soldier. Man being inoculated / injected. Crowds gathered at Pusan port for repatriation. US troops checking papers and baggage. Men, women and children heavily laden with belongings up gangplank of ship. Various shots children on boat. Top shot crowded deck

Scratch down right hand side

Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 part 1

B/W War Graves - blowing up aircraft after WWII. Demobilization in US - fleet in mothballs - scrap jeeps. Production of household / white goods, irons, electric cookers. Whiz-pan.

13:33:14 1946 - United Nations - Bernard Baruch - proposal for international control of all atomic energy.

13;33:40 Aerial views Berlin post WWII, bomb damage. US aid / Marshall Plan / Cargo ships unloading. Montage shots European countries benefiting from aid - construction work - laying new RR tracks - steam train - agriculture - haymaking.

13:34:24 AVs Berlin 1948 - ground shots empty railway stations and roads - travel restrictions - blockade. Berlin airlift - planes flying in low - supplies unloaded. Blockade lifted - border gates opened.

13:35:10 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Flags flying - montage military - naval - aircraft - troops marching. Scots guards. (NATO)

13:35:31 Korea - Night shots artillery barrage. Day, Korean refugees. United Nations Security Council. Battle scenes Korean war. Injured soldier carried on stretcher. Blood transfusion given in the field. Korean peace talks - delegates arrive - sign.

13:36:39 Rocket fired - space race - Russian experiments with weightlessness etc. Missile launched. Nuclear powered submarine. Russia - Military parade in Moscow s Red Square - montage shots Russian and US Military hardware intercut.

13:38:11 USAF Reconnaissance plane landing. Still pix missile bases on Cuba. Brief shots re missile crisis - press. President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation re crisis - announces Cuban blockade - speech continues over shots Recon. planes landing - film removed, developed and studied. operations rooms. B-52 bombers taking off. Brief shot JFK on small TV screen, people watching.

13:40:02 Adlai Stevenson speaks at United Nations - asks USSR delegate if they are putting missiles in Cuba. Russian delegate refuses to answer. AVs Rssian ships approaching Cuba - UN Navy ship running parallel.

13:41:26 Averell Harriman with Dean Rusk arrive at Kennedy holiday home after negotiating atmospheric atomic test ban treaty in Moscow. Press - photocall with President.

13:41:45 Moscow - Kremlin - treaty signed by US, Soviet Union and Great Britain.

Cold War

Soviet of Today #31 - 1948

[NB Bad scratches in parts. Korean narration.] Part 1: Soviet Ukraine writers meeting - EXT government building - INT groups of men inside hall - CU famous writers.

06:38:22 Pt. 2: Soviet political meeting with Khruschev on platform.

06:39:27 Pt. 3: Book pages turn. Russian judges behind desk in courtroom / chamber - judge in office listening to people s problems - CU Soviet poster People s Court - w/ portrait of woman. Man speaking to workers group beneath Stalin banner.

06:41:09 Pt. 4: EXT Large building - streetcar / trolley past with banner. INT woman writing at desk in office & lecturing to group - holds up pictures of oppressed peoples in America showing Negroes being beaten and lynched & five Blacks being led to the electric chair. People consulting textbooks in library - lecture on biology ?

06:43:18 Pt. 5: Movie premiere - WWII Soviet war hero into theatre w/ film actor, greeted by applause & both speak; servicemen in audience; good shots of war hero & star watching the movie w/ young audience - shots of hero in action on screen.

06:44:45 Pt. 6: Budapest Peace Meeting - torchlight parade inc. war widows & representatives of nations inc. Korea & US. Flags & banner re Stalin. Women and oriental speakers.

Russia / USSR - Postwar. Education. Civil Rights. Soviet Cinema. Pacifism.

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 2 of 2

1948 Berlin Blockade & airlift - closing down electricity. Sign Russian zone Berlin street. Gale Halverson interview, SOF. Loading supplies into plane; planes takeoff. Walter Cronkite SOF about airlift. Landing at Templehoff. Distributing food.

02:32:36 Sept51 Headline: N. Korea Reds Declare War . Migs, air combat dogfighting. Korean War Ace pilot Francis Gabby Gabresk SOF to camera re battle & color combat footage. GOOD pilot & cockpit scene. Plane explosion. Jets takeoff and in flight. F-100, F-101 and F-102. B-47 & B-52.

Feb54 H-bomb blast - re ICBM thermonuclear warheads. General Bernie Schreiber lecturing. V2 Rocket.

X-15 rocket research aircraft dropping X-15 & pilot Pete Knight describes mission; landing on dry lake bed.

02:36:18 Vietnam - war planes over jungles. Dropping bombs, rockets. Ground combat. Napalm explosions on ground. Firing machine-gun from helicopter. Machine-gun bullets. Rescued pilot lands at base.

02:37:06 Mrs. Aldova Ford, wife of pilot Captain David E. Ford captured in 1967, interviewed with kids. 1973 Return of Vietnam POWs Operation Homecoming ; aboard aircraft; welcome committee. Lt. Col Lewis Shattuck w/ eye patch talking of release.

02:38:36 1970s developments: A-10 Thunderbird in flight. F-15 & F-16; A-10; B-1; AWACS; stretched C-141; C-5 w/ modified wings; KC-10 refueling fighter. Rocket launch. Space satellite.

02:39:42 Vice-commander of Space Command Richard Henry SOF on space revolutionizing warfare. Rocket launches w/ shuttle; landing of shuttle. Space and stars.

02:40:38 Brief montage from early flight to space rockets.

Military Promotional Propaganda;

[Air Force Now - Walter Cronkite Narrated History of of Air Force] 40th Anniversary.

Edward C. Aldridge SOF re 40th Anniversary of Air Force.

Montage: Wright Brothers; WWII B-17s; Korean fighter jet; Title: 40th Anniversary.

Montage: Fighter jets, all eras. Pilots & crews.

22:39:54 Shot of Truman s The Independence taxiing. 1947 Truman signs National Security Act, reorganizes DOD, creates separate Air Force. Truman off plane, shaking hands w/ AF personnel.

22:40:18 14Oct47 Airplane in flight & launch of Bell X-1, Chuck Yaeger breaks sound barrier; X-1 in flight. 22:40:34 XP-59 earliest jet aircraft; F-80 Shooting Star - first operational jet fighter. B-36 intercontinental bomber w/ interior shots & exteriors (GOOD)

22:41:24 24Jun48 Berlin Blockade & airlift. Closing down electricity. Sign Russian zone Berlin street. Loading supplies into & out of plane. Planes takeoff, land at Templehoff, distributing food. Operation Vittles. Children eating. Plane over. (GOOD)

22:42:45 25Jun50: Headlines N. Korea Reds Declare War . Air combat F-80s; battle & color combat footage. Plane explosion. Americans & Koreans entering building for negotiations.

22:43:44 1950s technological developments. Frank Everest flies Bell X-2 three times speed of sound. X-2 & other experimental aircraft in flight. Flying Wings & montage of weird experimental airplanes.

22:45:13 B-52 take off. Missile launch ww/ Atlas Booster; Intercontinental Missile launch. Titan-1 & Minuteman-1. X-15 in flight Maj. Robert White reaches altitude of 50 miles, landing. Shot of astronauts. 1965, Maj. Ed White Gemini-4 walks in space.

22:46:46 Vietnam - bombing shot thru smoke & fire (GOD). Various views of air force combat in Vietnam. Helicopter rescue. B-52 bombing. Evacuation. Plane maintenance. Take offs & landings. Combat w/ MIGs. Int. w/ fighter pilot. Capt. Steve Ritchie, Ace pilot SOF ...greatest team effort..

22:48:22 Helicopter shots. Helicopter rescue operations. Helicopter machine gun firing. Flares. Various views of helicopter fighting and rescues. Int. with rescued pilot. (GOOD)

22:51:00 1973 Return of POWs. Int. w/ POW with eye patch. Vietnam Memorial & Veteran s Statue at Vietnam Memorial.

22:51:50 Montage: Thunderbirds; contemporary Air Force in flight, at work, running out of hangar, medical operating room, parade, pilots, flying in formation. The End.

Patriotism; Military Americana;

General Inspection of Motor Pool

General inspecting military trucks - look at engines. Korean mechanic? standing to attention next to truck. General talking to soldiers. General & others entering Club Taro - servicemen s canteen.

Repatriated Arrive in Korea

Korean POWs prisoners of war being repatriated from Japan on ship; eating and drinking tea. Buckets of soup?. Washing up in buckets. Crowds on deck. Being served rice.

01:00:43 Ship Tachibana Maru with repatriated men & families on deck, then on land.

01:01:45 People leaving ship, luggage searched. Korean families with their belongings old and young, lots of children.

01:04:55 Moving out of dock area with goods. Carts heavily loaded - man with many baskets on back.

01:05:47 Ship with close up of name Tachibana Maru.

Post-WWII; Koreans Repatriation;

[Sasebo Repatriation Center]

Mar49 Hario Shima off Kyushu. Japanese leave Korea

Japanese families having luggage searched before leaving; boarding ship. Sign: Camp 34th Infantry Regiment Hario Shima.

02:42:23 Huge hall where Japanese families wait for repatriation. Nissen huts - buildings - crying baby - Japanese loading goods onto trucks and small boats.

02:44:04 People on boat crossing. Transfer to land & walk up dock. Off larger ship to small boat.

Post-WWII; Returning;

The Telenews Daily (China Delegation Arrives NYC)

08:23:23 Title: New York

08:23:27 Night & passengers off BOAC plane. Oriental men walked w/ police outside; still photographers & movie newsreel cameramen. Microphones in CU.

08:24:04 (SOF not usable) Microphones in front of BOAC plane (no one speaks). Chinese (?) into limousine & drive across airport.

Chinese Delegation; 1950; Arrival New York City; Communist China;

NOTE: 24Nov49 Chinese special delegation arrives at United Nations Security Council re Korean War

North Korea - Peace Talks ?

Woman soldier; buildings being guarded. Soldiers sitting about. US & UN military. North Korean delegation arriving or leaving. Chinese photographers photographing US military negotiators. Pan over empty room & table. Little girl across bridge, gets candy from US soldier, then comes on and gets some more candy bars.

North Korea - Peace Talks ?

Woman soldier; buildings being guarded. Soldiers sitting about. US & UN military. North Korean delegation arriving or leaving. Chinese photographers photographing US military negotiators. Pan over empty room & table. Little girl across bridge, gets candy from US soldier, then comes on and gets some more candy bars.

Your Eighty Dollars Pt. 3 of 3

Robert Buron (?) Economic Minister for France speaks (SOF) from office about raising productivity & how they had to both increase & to turn out military equipment which slowed down what had been accomplished w/ the Marshall Plan. Korean war meant postponing much of growth.

16:50:59 Signing of NATO treaty. Various military meeting setting up SHAPE. Training in England, Belgium & elsewhere, firing machine guns, tanks in field moving w/ camouflage. Narrator describes increase in numbers. Small British navy pocket submarine demonstrated. Jet planes taking off

16:53:35 Buron continues speaking from desk.

16:54:09 Title: Postscript To The Marshall Plan Heavy industry: steel, refinery, aircraft factory. Jet taxiing, armored fighting vehicle. Miner, farmers, welders, military training. Sailors smoking. Refueling fighter jet & taking off. Man looking at oats crop. Montage as at beginnign of film. title Strength For The Free World over pictures. Track continues after picture ends.

Post-WWII; Propaganda; Re-building; Economics;

[Korean War: Germ & Bacteriological Warfare, AF Lt. Floyd O Neil Interviewed]

Segments of narrated propaganda film w/ journalists sitting around table as 2nd Lt. Floyd O Neil is interviewed after his F-51 was shot down 04Mar52. He gives rank & serial number, address; tells of lectures he received at Luke AFB on 01Dec51; second more complete lecture on bacteriological weapons he d be using was given in Korea on 22Jan52.

15:49:30 Q: What did you feel like...? Frankly I think I was the most nervous I have ever been...I tried as much as I could not to think about it. Talks about observing the other three pilots who attended the second lecture....a sense of horror, a great element of surprise in it...I felt I was well on the way to somebody elses funeral...stunned silence...why using this even while peace talks were going on at Khe San.

15:52:10 Pan across European & Asian reporters or commission members including woman.

15:52:26 O Neil makes final statement to commission.

15:52:44 Another American making statement (brief); O Neil continuing.

15:53:20 White slug.

15:53:27 O Neil in Air Force uniform behind two microphones asks by American if he wants to make a statement about his confession to Chinese.

15:53:41 I most certainly would; I would like to state that these charges are false & absurd. I did sign a confession relating to germ warfare, but these statements were false & were obtained under duress... Talks about his confession to one mission, though the Communists had three missions they wanted him to confess to. Communists wanted precise details...all of which I made up as best I could.

15:56:50 Asked about methods to get his confession. O Neil says two categories: mental & physical torture. Physical was standing at attention, slapped, being denied sanitation, fed unclean water, poor food... Mental treatment was to wear down & force a confession. O Neil decided to give false confession.

15:58:27 Were you treated humanely & in accordance w/ the provisions of the Geneva Convention...? Most certainly not: improper sanitation facilities, denial of medical treatment, polluted water, I was intimidated quite frequently, I was threatened... Talks about facing accusations that United Nations command was using Germ Warfare.

Prisoner of War; Denial; Military Retraction;

[Korean War: Germ & Bacteriological Warfare, AF Lt. John S. Quinne Interviewed]

Segments of narrated propaganda film w/ journalists sitting around table, John Silas Quinn speaks about bombs on wing when he inspected were different but other bombs were regular w/ fuses.

16:01:32 Lt. Quinn interviewed by American about his confession & asked he wants to make a statement. I never have considered what I did up there as a confession; because I don t see how a person can confess something he has never done. They put three people to getting my confession. They gave most of my statements to me...quite a bit I added myself...a loaded B-26 couldn t fly at 110 mph...they took out that.

16:04:00 Asked about his confession & Quinn talks about his coercion & fearing for his pregnant wife. Talks about General Wong telling him he had two things to worry about: what would happen when he got home & what would happen if he didn t confess, or play ball with them.

16:06:1? Asked to describe threats, brides, etc. Tells about being kept awake; couldn t sleep & very tense.

16:07:2? Asked if he was treated according to Geneva Convention. Quinn says he has studied the Geneva Convention since he got back & it was violated.

16:09:0? Did you participate in any bomb raids that could be considered Germ warfare? Absolutely not...

16:10:39 Quinn: I am 100% behind this fight against this mili-propaganda that the Chinese have stirred up... I know they took out many things I had said (which would show it wasn t a true confession). Goes on to say only thing he wants to do is to make people aware that he did not actually confess.

Prisoner of War; Denial; Military Retraction; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communists;

[Korean War: Germ & Bacteriological Warfare, AF Kenneth L. Enoch Interviewed]

Givs age, address to Commission. Tells of lecture 25Aug51 in Japan given by Mr. Wilson on ways & means of waging bacteriological warfare & how to protect from it. Shots of Commission members as Enoch tells of methods of delivery: germs by themselves in a bomb; drop by spraying from plane in flight; dropping container into lakes or reservoirs at load elevation & slow speeds.

16:16;0? Talks of dropping & loading; intercut w/ Quinn testimony. Return to Enoch describing flight & dropping wing bombs. Locations given. Tells of debriefing by intelligence.

16:18:06 Quinn talking to commission. O Neil speaking. Enoch speaking. Lt. Niss (sp?).

16:19:15 Lt. Niss (sp?) in uniform interviewed by American. Makes statement, says he made confession but it was all without basis, wrung out by mental & physical torture. I was given the opportunity of death if I didn t make...

Prisoner of War; Denial; Military Retraction; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communists;

United Nations And World Disputes (main title missing) Pt. 2 of 2


Map of Korea. General Assembly meeting Sep47 w/ John Foster Dulles speaking for Korean independence (MOS). Gromyko. High angle, Seoul. Int w/ US Four-Star General arriving, Soviet Generals sitting, speaking at mic (MOS). Ext. Int. meeting of United Nations Commission w/ Koreans, Soviets & US. Elections in South Korea under UN supervision. Voting. South Korean flag on pole, large crowd, Syngman Rhee at microphone. LS of Korean city from hilltop, street scenes & market. Street scenes.

02:45:12 Map of Korea w/ 38th parallel. Fighting at night, day. Buildings burning, refugees, kids.

02:45:51 United Nation modern flag raising, security council meeting w/ empty USSR seat, Austin; MacArthur off plane in Korea meets w/ Generals, receives UN battle flag. Troops along road on foot & jeeps, tanks. Fighting. Large artillery firing; mortars firing.

02:47:13 01Aug50 UN meeting w/ Jacob Malik arriving; Warren Austin & others arrive. Security Council w/ Malik presiding.

02:47:38 Korean fighting intercut w/ delegates.

02:48:19 Security Council meeting, packed gallery. Austin speaks (SOF): Who s troops are attacking deep in somebody else s territory? (thru) Is the Soviet Union one of the fifty-three? No.

02:49:55 Turning globe, w/ flags of 53 nations supporting South Korea. The End.

Post-WWII History; Diplomacy; Diplomats;

[Dulles Reports on 12 Nation Visit, 195?]

Secretary of State John Foster Dulles seated at desk w/ microphones, SOF: ...Mr. Stassen, the Director of Mutual Security & I & our associates left at President Eisenhower s request for a three-week visit to the twelve countries which lie n between the Mediterranean area & China...met w/ a cordial reception...many of these countries people feel our policies of recent years have been rather unfriendly...antagonistic to them. There were...demonstrations in most countries which were primarily organized by the Communists...

07:51:58 One of the spots we ran into first, Egypt, is a serious trouble spot. We had a long talk there w/ General Naguib who is the new ruler...but he wants to get the British out of the Suez Canal base...a gigantic affair...for the defense of the entire area...its a technical problem...I believe there can be a solution which will reconcile the needs of the International Community w/ the sovereignty of Egypt.

07:53:31 In Israel & the surrounding Arab countries we studied the very tense situation which results from the creation of Israel & the bitterness...between the Israeli & the Arabs. We found the leaders of Israel...agree w/ us that the United States ought to find policies which would be impartial between Israel & the Arab States so as to win...respect of the Israeli but also of the Arab peoples...

07:54:15 In India...talks w/ Mr. Nehru...we didn t agree about everything...Korean armistice...

07:54:59 repeat India.

Cold War; Middle East; North Africa; Near East; Diplomacy; Diplomatic Travels;

[Korea: F-86 related Scenes] (ca 195?)

01:15:35 Jet bombing hillside in Korea, explosion. Various jets dive bombing; MCU officer watching w/ binoculars. Bunker & trenches on Korea mountains. Firing from below & explosions across valley.

01:16:55 F-86 taking off.

01:17:18 PoV shot from plane alongside row of parked F-86 fighter jets, only tails visible.

01:18:08 MCU airman driving jeep. View alongside two F-86 jets taxiing; alongside in flight. Aerials from different angles, planes peel off into dive. CU of single F-86 w/ extended spoiler for drag.

Korean War; 1950s Cold War;

War or Peace? 1950 Fateful Year!

Warren Austin asks UN Security Council Will there be peace or war? Nationalist Chinese delegate arrives. Jacob Malik walks out.

United Nations. Korean War.

Atom Bomb

President Truman at press conference. Atomic explosion seen, night. Narration re potential use in Korea. Dead & refugees in Korea. Saint Peter's Cathedral - pilgrims in Rome praying. United Nations building as symbol.

Korean War. Nuclear Warfare

Korea Invaded

Truck through fog; troops run through trenches fighting in Korea. Gen MacArthur off plane, CU. Tanks fighting, riflemen fighting; artillery fired. Wounded being treated (CU). Newspaper headlines Evidence of Red Atrocities w/ pictures of slaughtered prisoners. Burial services. Allied troops marching to trains & goodbyes. Canadians boarding trains - wife in tears. Inchon landing; aerial of ships to beach; unloading supplies. Bombers dropping bombs & views of explosions. Oil dump burning. Village burning. Troops along road, tank burning. Explosion near camera. Aerial of snow cover. Wounded UN troops helped to planes. Retreat.

Korean War.

Korea - UN Forces Grimly Hold on to Their Beachhead

Trucks past camera; graders etc past waving soldiers. Trucks off road. 1st Marines had been trapped at Hamhung but got out to Hungnam port. Chinese POWs with feet encased in ice. Supplies at port being defended. 7th Fleet offshore; jeeps & tanks loaded onto ships for evacuation. Wounded carried onto ships. Troops board landing craft to embark onto ships; climb ladder. Ceremony at cemetery at port.

Evacuation by Ship from Korea

American military on dock - ship docks, US military go on board and take off stretcher - luggage - women and children taken off ship and into processing centre. Evacuees down gang plank - mostly American women and children. People looking at notice board at pictures of evacuees arriving outside building - sign Asahi Press. Ship coming into harbour and evacuees off. Stretchers into ambulances. Women, babies and young children helped off ship. Evacuees leave processing centre an onto buses arriving camp Kokura. More buses arriving with women and children. Evacuees taken to living accommodation - Nissen huts. Women boarding bus - Camp Hakata on side of bus. More ship arriving with evacuees.

Der Frieden Erobert Die Welt Reel 6

Pro-Soviet World Peace Congress in Warsaw November 16th-22nd 1950.

Congress in progress - delegates gather in hall. Close shots various named delegates incl Greek Orthodox bishop Nikolai, poet Pablo Neruda (06:11:30), Pudovkin ? (06:11:48). Delegate takes stand and makes speech in French most of which has German voiceover. Delegates applaud. Prof. Leopold Infield makes speech re science s role in maintaining peace. Dmitri Shostakovich (06:13:41) addresses congress. British delegate takes stand and says she has just arrived from Sheffield after winding up conference which was banned by the Britihs Government. French African delegate speaking in French to congress. Indian delegate Dr. Atal speaking. Vincento Lombardo Toledano of Mexico denounces Yankee Imperialism . Cleric / Dean of Canterbury? on podium. Indonesian delegate speaking. Marinello from Cuba about American Imperialism; John Miller Scottish delegate speaking. 06:18:04 American delegate - Howard Fast? Black American delegate speaking. Polish Cleric speaking. Johannes Becher from GDR speaking.

Other speakers mentioned on card are Nazem el Kodsi and Ilya Ehrenburg.

(response to Korean War); cold war;

First Films from North Korea since 1945

Scenic shots mountains. Korean students in Russian medical school. Students in laboratory. North Korean culural leaders visiting Moscow. Kremlin under snow.

16:28:12 Korea - Cultural ambassadors address open air meeting - citizens salute. Primitive farming / agriculture. Lan reform - collective farming.

16:29:02 Hydro-electric dam. Electricity pylons. Interior power station. Heavy industry - steelworks.

16:29:32 Children going to school - classroom - children taught Russian - girl writes Stalin on blackboard. University science students. Korean girls doing traditional dance. Korean artist working on communist poster. Korean society for cultural relations with Russia - translating Russian literature including biography of Stalin.

16:30:45 Election day - floats - parades and banners - people voting at polls.

Ends abruptly.

Cold War

MacArthur and Collins Inspect Battlefront

US tank across field - MacArthur and Collinswith officers - drive off in jeep. Battlefield Holy Communion service - religion - soldiers walk past ? and lay pieces of tree on plate ?? Collins ? off plane and speaks to camera.

11:43:50 Posthumous Medal of Merit awarded to Al Jolson ? pins medal on son.

Korea - Inchon Area September 1950 - colour faded

US Soldiers with naked North Korean prisoner of war. POW speaking, translator?. Troops looking at map with POW. Wrecked military equipment on road. US tanks. Locals wave, not very enthusiastically.

12:02:53 Many North Korean POWs sit with hands on heads. Medic attending POW. Dead body. Locals watch as US troops inspect downed American plane

12:04:16 Troops and military equipment crossing river. LVTs.

12:06:32 Ceremony restoring Inchon to civilian control. Various speakers (mos) US General Smith ? makes speech during handover ceremony. Locals cheer with raised arms.

Korea - Hangang River and Seoul Area September 1950 - colour faded

Catholic battlefield religious service / mass.

12:10:45 Generals arriving on plane. MacArthur?

12:10:59 General Smith and Colonel Puller interviewed by press corp. Smith and Puller with troops, Officers talking to each other.

12:13:01 Explosions in distance. Pan round area, smoke rising. LS tank on road and soldiers running across road to take cover. Road sign Akia Hill - troops posing with sign. Burnt out tanks. Troops along road. Bodies. American T-34 tanks advance. Marines and military equipment inc. LVTs crossing river.

B-29 Raids on Korea 28-31st Aug. 1950

AVs bombs explode on ground. River. Good aerial shots bombs explode on coastal city area.

05:01:42 Ground crew working on aircraft. AV through bomb doors, Bombs exploding on bridge, good bombs away and explosion.

05:03:06 Kadena AFB Okinawa, three F-48s fly low over airfield. B-29s formation flight

05:04:12 Bomb away, jerky shots explosions on ground.

05:05:17 Briefing - officer in front of wall map marked with primary target. Man holding up sheet with flags of various nations. Various shots crews taking notes. Nose of P-80 on ground, nose guns fired. Ground crew work on front wheel of plane.

Combat Bulletin #102 - Aug-Sep50 - Turning The Tide [Reel 1]

Animated map shows US offensives in Pusan area of Korea - 10Aug50.

11:23:14 Title United Nations Forces Hold Red Invaders at Naktong River - 24th Aug50 - Bridge construction in Taegu area - sign 8 Ball Express . Jeep over pontoon bridge. Sign re bridge built by 8th Engineer Bn. South Koreans labour building bridge. Crane and construction equipment.

11:24:17 British Troops Arrive in Korea - 29Aug50 - British carrier Unicorn welcomed at Pusan Harbour. Koreans waving flags and British officer receives flowers from Koreans. Scotsmen & Middlesex Regiment, most of whom arrive from Hong Kong.

11:25:28 Propaganda Warfare - Leaflets loaded aboard C-47 plane to be dropped over North Korea. Stacks of leaflets on board Safe Conduct Pass ; leaflets dropped over villages.

11:26:19 Army-Marines Counterattack - 30Aug50 - South Korean and US troops with jeeps and tanks on road by village in North-East Korea near Pohang. 24th Infantry Div. advances towards Hill 148. Explosions on roadside and attack on Hill 148 begins.

11:28:42 02Sep50 - 1st Marine Brigade advances in South Central region. Battle in hilly area - Marines firing guns.

Korean War. Anti-Communism / Communist.

Combat Bulletin #102 - Aug-Sep50 - Turning The Tide [Reel 2]

Carrier Planes Hit Red Targets - Bombing mission - USAF carrier planes loaded with ammunition. 5-inch Holy Moses and 11.5in Tiny Tim. Funny message on bomb - Listen to this - it will kill you!! . Planes take off. Aerial footage of strafing and bombing Korean targets.

11:32:37 B-26 Strike Reds - Japan - Preparations for US bombing mission during week of 06Sep50. Loading machine-guns and large bombs on planes. Fuelling B-26s. Pilots driven to planes after briefing and boarding B-26 - Douglas Invaders . B-26 takeoffs and in flight. Aerials from B-26 - bombs drop over Seoul area.

11:35:21 Wolmi Invaded - Night battle 15Sep50 - firing at island. Dawn - MacArthur watches from ship through binoculars. Day - Troops Landing on beach and advance on land. Bulldozer destroys dugouts. Land fight begins. Dying Korean soldier - North Korean captive arrested and stripped.

11:36:59 Marines Take Inchon - 16Sep50 - 1st Marine Div. entering Inchon.

11:37:22 Han River Crossing - US tanks across Han River - Marines advance towards Seoul. Sign on vehicle Enjoy yourself, it s later than you think . Animated map sums up US advances on Southern beachheads in Pusan region and near Seoul and Inchon.

Korean War. Anti-Communism / Communist.

War or Peace? 1950 Fateful Year!

Warren Austin asks UN Security Council Will there be peace or war? Nationalist Chinese delegate arrives. Jacob Malik walks out.

United Nations. Korean War.

Korea Invaded

Truck through fog; troops run through trenches fighting in Korea. Gen MacArthur off plane, CU. Tanks fighting, riflemen fighting; artillery fired. Wounded being treated (CU). Newspaper headlines Evidence of Red Atrocities w/ pictures of slaughtered prisoners. Burial services. Allied troops marching to trains & goodbyes. Canadians boarding trains - wife in tears. Inchon landing; aerial of ships to beach; unloading supplies. Bombers dropping bombs & views of explosions. Oil dump burning. Village burning. Troops along road, tank burning. Explosion near camera. Aerial of snow cover. Wounded UN troops helped to planes. Retreat.

Korean War.

Atom Bomb

President Truman at press conference. Atomic explosion seen, night. Narration re potential use in Korea. Dead & refugees in Korea. Saint Peter's Cathedral - pilgrims in Rome praying. United Nations building as symbol.

Korean War. Nuclear Warfare

[Korean War - Taegu, Waegwan & Naktong River Terr]

c28Aug50 Taegu - Military police Jeep patrolling street, CU MP directing traffic. Two MPs walking on street [men from 519th MP Btn.] Flatcars loaded with vehicles moving slowly and coming to stop at station. Men untying ropes from vehicles. High speed tractor pushing a trailer off flatcar [men from 1st FA Observation Btn.].

Waegwan - Tanks with infantrymen moving forward into Waegwan. Tanks with troops and other military vehicles moving along a tree lined road. Soldiers eating hot chow food on side of road. Man drinking from canteen cup. Soldier helps another to put on portable flame thrower - checking equipment. Troops, one with flame thrower march down road [men from A Company, 5th Cavalry Rgt. Ist Cav. Division].

10:04:58 Two South Korean soldiers seated on side of road eating and drinking.

10:05:07 Various mid shots men of 7th Cav. Rgt, 1st Cav. Div in trucks moving along dusty road. In last shot men wave towards camera. Pontoon bridge across Naktong tributary near Waegwan. Man crossing bridge - sign Cross by Courtesy of C Co, 8th Engr, C Bn. Jeep crossing bridge - shot POV driver jeep crossing bridge.

10:07:09 Patrol 35th RCT - Naktong River Terr. Men on top of tank, 50 calibre machine gun is being fired. Tank in stationary position as big gun is fired. Soldiers from patrol return carrying body of dead soldier on stretcher. North Korean being questioned by Captain ?

[Korean War - Naktong River]

US troops from 27th Infantry Reg. Artillery Observers on hill top looking through binoculars (field glasses). Soldier painting 3.5 bazooka to show North Korean tank hits. Soldier is Pfc Edgar L Taylor, 23rd Infantry reg. LS Two tanks on dirt roadway. Tank in foreground fires big guns. Troops from D Co. 1st Btn 27th Inf. Rgt seated on side of road cleaning weapons, some eating. Puppy dog. Medic treats slightly wounded soldier.

10:10:45 Refugees west of Miryang ? - slated 17Aug1950 - Refugees / DPs, some looking sick and injured coming out of village after hiding for three weeks. Women and children - very old woman bent double is picked up by US soldier and put in jeep.

10:11:40 Naktong River, 23Aug50 - Battery B 503rd FA Bn, 2nd Inf Div [Coloured / Black] firing 155mm howitzer. LS Artillery position.

10:12:23 25Aug1950 - Tank on ridge firing big guns. VS Little Joe - Korean mascot for Co B 89th Tank Bn - holding up mess kit on chow line [he is a South Korean little boy adopted by company].

10:13:15 17Aug1950 - Enemy held ridge. Platoon of south Korean troops with American Squad Leaders moving up to the front. US troops from F Co, 9th Regimental combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. High angle shot three 155mm howitzers of Btry A 503rd FA Bn, 2nd Inf. Div. firing at enemy held village across Naktong River - good shots.

[Korean War - Replacements Attacked]

24Aug50 Chon-Pyong Dong? VS replacements on way to front take cover in embankment on side of road - under mortar fire. Four enemy tanks knocked out by 2nd Bn, 27th Infantry Regt and Co C 73rd Heavy Tank Battalion. Tanks are Russian T-34s used by North Koreans. Few men point to dead North Korean lying on roadside. Damage to tanks. Two men dig a hole with shovels. Coffee cooking on fire, exhausted soldier lying on his back. Cartoon in communist paper MacArthur tied to gun of Russian tank .


[Korean War - 25th Div Tanks Open Fire]

10Aug50 Northwest of Masan - Recon tanks of the 25th Div fire at enemy targets on hill to make an opening for b Battery 159th FA Bn which was cut off by enemy forces. LS smoke moving up hill. Enemy target on mountain top. Several shots M-24 tank firing - machine gunner on tank firing. Smoke on mountain top.

[Korean War - Mechanics of 725th Ordnance]

06Aug50 Wooden sign pointing to 725th Ordnance Det 4 . Various shots soldiers, mechanics working on truck motors. Soldier removes spare part and takes to mechanic working on another vehicle for recycling. Knocked out salvage vehicle. Soldier welding wire cutter on vehicle. Man working under vehicle. Mechanic with many weapons which have been disassembled for cleaning. Coloured / Black soldier removing tyre from rim.

[Major General William B Kean Visits Front Lines]

06Aug50 Keane conferring under camouflage net with Brigadier General Craig, Marine Brigade Commander. Two men checking chart, talking etc. General Kean entering jeep, leaving. Gen Kean followed by officers walking on top of hill - pointing out area.

Korean War.

US Marines in Naktong River Area

Troops advance - walking wounded and casualties on stretchers. Smoke from explosion. LS natives into hut. Soldiers using rangefinder? Explosion on ridge. Planes diving and bombing on hills.

14:02:35 Slate - Marines take first objective Naktong River. Wounded men on stretchers. US Tank.

14:03:16 Medics working in tent - blood transfusion - various shots different wounded men getting medical treatment. Aircraft strafe and dive bomb ridge. Marines firing grenades. Burnt out tank.

US Marines in Inchon Area - September 1950

Various shots Corsair fighter plane from VMF 214 Black Sheep Squadron circling and landing - US marines markings. Pilot greeted by officers and men.

14:07:11 Burnt out US car. Front grill Buick Eight.

14:07:57 Brief shot rocket guns firing from ship offshore. Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Division raise first American flag on observatory in Inchon. RV Soldiers stand by flag with guns raised.

14:08:52 Body of North Korean? outside entrance to foxhole. Civilian prisoners of war. Soldiers removing barricade of sandbags from entrance. Young Korean woman washing hand of old injured Korean civilian.

14:09:21 Sign Zuan - US troops from E Co. 2nd Bn advance towards Kimpo - tank - naked POWs marched along by tanks. Troops surround house - Korean man comes to door and is questioned. Locals hiding in undergrowth. Troops walking across farm fields. Roadsign Bupyong

14:11:40 2nd Bn 5th Marines handover Kimpo airfield to Lt. General Shepard USMC. First aircraft to land on airfield is helicopter. Officers talking - pointing to markings on chopper - chopper takes off and lands.

14:12:28 Makeshift sign Heartly Welcome UN Army . Soldiers with POWs. POWs stripped to waist are marched along with hands on heads. Wide shots airfield with helicoptors (some overexposed)

Naktong River Area - 14th September 1950

Helicopter landing - Syngman Rhee out and greeted by officers and men.

14:14:53 Korean body at side of road. Troops through scrub - soldiers firing rifles from cover. Radio operator. Troops move forward slowly on top of ridge. Destroyed artillery. RV soldier firing machine gun.

14:16:57 Military vehicles being repaired - using acetylene torch. Men taking showers in open air.

Ist Marine Prov. Brigade Arriving at the Docks in Pusan

Various shots troops by transport ship. Troops arriving in military truck to Pusan dock area. Various dockside activity, cleaning weapons. Military trucks and equipment arrive. Soldier on truck carrying parasol. Troops cleaning kit, soldier cleaning medicine bottle. Soldiers eating rations from tins

14:25:04 Sign on building Welcome USMC . Bombed palace? with American flag draped over domed roof. Troops by helicopters. Dead bodies in street - bomb damaged building.

08:26:28 Troops on board ship prepare to use landing nets. Soldiers and equipment over side into landing craft.

14:28:18 Troops with prisoners of war. Burning tank. Troops walk down hill towards town - tank along road. Troops running forward - North Korean soldier surrenders in orchard.

Korea - Draftees Called Up As War Gains Intensity

Navy recruiting station banner; civilians being sworn in; Marines poster & swearing in; troops march & along dock, boarding ship; swish pan to camouflaged trucks & lorries past on gravel road; fighting in grass, w/

bazooka & artillery firing, trucks on railroad flatcars; ruins. Tanks past waving Koreans. Dead carried on stretcher from field hospital.

05:37:03 Headlines (Daily Mirror, Daily News etc.) evidence of atrocities, grave digging - service held.

Korean War; Fighting; Enlisting; Horrors of War;

Korea - New Aid Is Rushed As Yanks Battle Red Tide.

Long column of soldiers moving up, GI carrying machine gun; eating by roadside. Trucks across bridge. Enormous explosion by bridge, sleeping soldier w/ weapons.

05:44:16 CU Gen. Walton Walker; troops. Mortars & street fighting. Troops advance in trucks, fighting alongside tricks & buildings. Columns forward. Seoul

Poor quality gun camera attack on train & bridge. Seoul

05:45:38 Swish pan to new bazooka displayed. Firing M20 rocket launcher at test tank. Hole in armor shown.

05:46:23 Swish pan Liner Queen Mary carrying priests posing w/ photographers; at mic SOF priest : The fact we were caught unprepared in Korea...... Cardinal Stritch.

Korean War; Fighting; American Way; Freedom;

[Korean War: B-29s & F-9s Attacking]

B-29 overhead either taking off or landing. POV in plane of others & pilot. Bombs dropping, explosions.

POV F-9s strafing of railroad yards & village strafing convoy & trucks on highway.

Korean War; Air Force Bombing;

Korea - America goes all out to back UN

Troops w/ field packs cross railroad tracks & on station platform, board freight cars. Wounded on ground on stretchers. MP directing traffic of trucks thru town. GI w/ interpreter & captured POW. GIs searching refugees belongings.

05:33:17 MacArthur w/ military VIPs at airport. Swish pan to large USA (?) dock & military ships & masses of equipment. Sign: Danger, Explosives. Crates unloaded from RR cars & stacked on pallets.

05:33:52 Ship at sea followed by small landing craft. Small boats move into LCTS (?). VS fleet ships of different countries: Canada, Greece loaded at dock. Goodbye kisses of wives w/ children & waving as fleet goes to sea.

Korea - Allies Hold Tight As Truman Alerts Nation

B-29 superfortresses on flight line; taking off. POV from nose of othe planes in flight. Bombs dropping seen thru bomb bay doors. POV strafing.

05:38:39 Trooop reinforcements pouring ashore off landing craft; equipment on dock beside ship. Doll hanging. CU of dog held by GI. CUs of GIs; marching along road, moving in jeeps & on tanks.

General Walker & Gen. Dean by roadside w/ map. Tank by roadside; burning truck on road. Camouflaged artillery & moving large shell. Howitzers fired. Swish pan.

05:39:51 President Truman speaks (SOF) nations must be on their guard more than ever before.... Lawless aggression will be met by fatal force... We know that the cost of freedom is high, but we are determined to preserve our freedom no matter what the cost.

Korean War; Air Force Action; Fighting;

Korea - Troop Landings Back Embattled UN Forces

LST at shore w/ doors open, equipment from shore onto ships. Officer at map on bridge. Fleet at sea, planes over. Ships in harbor; GIs off ships; jeeps & trucks pulling howitzers. Troops along street thru town, people waving.

05:42:31 Syngham Rhee sitting at table in garden SOF: On behalf of every man woman and child, I want to thank every American, Australian and British soldiers, sailors and airmen who daily and nightly risk their lives in this distant land so that freedom may not perish from the earth. Etc.

Korean War Troops Build Up; Landing;

Korea - Yanks Set For Big Offensive

Mass of equipment, guns etc parked & prepared for shipment to Korea. Sherman tank flame thrower tested. Streamliner engine pulling train w/ flatcars of equipment in USA.

05:48:14 Swish pan

Aerial sequence of fighter jets rocket attacking ground targets. Smoking village.

05:48:46 Artillery sequence: LS explosions infantry firing etc. BV into village, burning, destruction. (Pausan early perimeter battles.)

Men on tanks & trucks thru village, heavy smoke in distance.

Korean War; Fighting;

Korea - United Nations Forces Halt Big Red Push

General Macarthur & others off plane, shaking hands, walking & leaving by car, MacArthur & Madame Chiang out of car; Chiang Kai Shek. MacArthur shaking hands w/ ??

05:50:20 Swish pan to Walton Walker & ?? beside jeep & spotter plane. South Korean troops line road w/ line of trucks into distance.

05:50:39 Good American artillery firing at hill w/ binoculars & radio-telephone. Prisoners marched towards camera. More prisoners searched.

05:51:10 POV aerial attacks on roads. Rockets & bomb hits.

Aerial of harbor & ship in port anchored & alongside dock. UN, US & Korean flags paraded (Good).

05:51:53 Swish pan to ext. Lake Success UN. Int. Seecurity council meeting w/ Koreans & Russian delegates. Walter Austin speaks (MOS).

Korean War; Fighting;

Preparedness And National Security Pt. 1 of 2

15:11:55 Aerial over destroyed European city; kids thru rubble, refugees w/ babies crying. United Nations General Assembly.

15:12:28 People lining street watching parade w/ large banners w/ hammer & sickle. GOOD Nazi parade & rally w/ banners. Japanese bowing to military officers in formal dress. Pan over UN Security Council

15:13:00 Ext w/ NATO flags & CU of US flag over WWII ships & landings in Pacific, flame throwers.

15:13:24 Title: 1917 Montage w/ large railroad artillery firing, men out of trenches, artillery, biplanes, tanks. Armistice Day celebrations.

15:13:54 Disarmament Conference int. & signed document from Versailles. Blowing up battle ship. Good WWI explosion, sinking ship hull.

15:14:16 Large drafting room, men working & looking at plans.

15:14:20 Title: ARMY over map of US. NAVY over map. Air Force over map, w/ names into squares of relative size.

15:14:33 POV of waves in ocean. Military equipment: machine guns, trucks w/ artillery, tanks. Training w/ guns of wood firing flour bombs at tank, beer cans. Sign on side of truck Tank & driven across field.

15:15:01 Boiling clouds, lightening. War montage: artillery firing. China & Japanese; Ethiopia; Czechoslovakia; Poland; Artillery; Nazi ships, planes, tanks. Firing enormous guns. Parachuting from German planes. Naziis into Paris. Night, planes, London & tracers, wall collapsing. Romania signing surrender, German planes over Bulgaria; Athens, Greece. Russia & digging canal or tank trap. Bombs out of plane. Pearl Harbor (GOOD). Signing surrender in Germany, on Battleship Missouri.

15:16:59 Raising American flag on Wake Island. Bodies floating in surf at beach. Bataan death march. Corrigador inside concrete bunker.

15:17:43 Digging thru bombed wreckage, removing bodies. England burning. Ships at sea.

15:18:10 Montage: Industry to war. Chimneys w/ smoke; equipment in factory manufacturing arms.

15:18:30 Truman signing document at round table, flash photographers. Military advisory committee at table meeting. CU pamphlet: A Program For National Security May 29, 1947 Opened & pages flipped. Highlighted: A Strong, Healthy Educated Population. Montage: Factory interiors. Woman on potato harvester, fishermen, men & women workers; ext. of high school w/ day & evening classes. Hospital operating theater, large equipment; people on street in city; factory chimneys; grain harvest.

15:19:57 Koreans w/ flags cheering Allied troops advancing on road. Large scaffolding w/ UN insignia drapped on banner above speakers table, pan over large gathering. UN buildnig from across East River.

15:20:23 1921 (?) soldiers marching past camera. 1940s jets in formation seen from air to air. Aircraft carrier & other ships. Formation of many B-36 bombers.

20th Century Military History Overview; Educational Films; Propaganda; Cold War;

Title: U.S. Aids Korea

07:43:59 John Foster Dulles & ?? off Northwest Orient airliner in Korea & greeted by US Army Band & Korean VIPs & John J. Muccio, US Ambassador to Korea. Handshaking & walk off.

07:44:17 Large banner w/ Mr. Dulles & calligraphy across road. Walking w/ US & Korean Army officials. CU stone w/ painted characters over Company Infantry.

07:44:25 Dulles handed binoculars. LS looking up valley.

07:45:35 MS Syngman Rhee at mic (MOS). VIPs listening including US Ambassador. Dulles at mic (MOS) speaking. Koreans raise arms in cheer.

1950; Diplomacy; Diplomats;

Title: News In Brief (Ship Damage; Launching of President Jackson; Military Ship)

07:45:56 Pilot boat & tug boat alongside passenger vessel Excalibur after collision w/ Danish freighter Colombia in New York harbor, 27Jun50. Excalibur low in water. MCU of large gash in front of Excalibur (?). CU of twisted metal.

07:46:17 CU of hull of Colombia w/ name showing & steaming large hole almost thru w/ men working from barge alongside.

07:46:32 Tug w/ newsmen past.

07:46:39 New Story. View up at docked ship President Jackson. Crowd on dock; MCU of Senator ?? & woman; men knocking out pilings to launch ship.

07:46:57 Woman breaks champagne bottle & ship slides. GOOD.

07:47:04 Passengers carrying suitcases to board liner. Papers being checked; young people taking pictures.

07:47:26 Ship General C.C. Ballou (AP-157) docked. Young couple walk up & look. The End.

Wreckage; Launching;

NOTE: Liner President Jackson after launching was finished as USS Barrett, a troop ship used for Korean War. Pres. Jackson may have been built in 1952 but launched in 1950?

The Telenews Daily - Korean Crisis (Pres. Rhee speaks)

07:48:22 Photographers & cameraman as Koreans come out of ?? & pose in Washington, DC.

07:48:38 MCU of Ambassador ?? at microphones SOF: Now we are only asking for more ammunition, and more arms to fight with. We are not asking for American troops to shed their blood for us. But we are determined to fight & shed our own blood to defend our country, defend democracy & the will of the people of the world.

07:49:29 Secretary Louis Johnson w/ military & civilians around table w/ linen tablecloth & water glasses. Gen. Bradley among them, sitting & posing.

07:49:44 Defense Secretary Louis Johnson at microphone outdoors SOF: The effect of the present attack by North Korean forces will not be known for several days. If South Korea fails to hold it will be evidence of outside assistance. Although we have given military aid to South Korea for a comparatively short time, those in a position to know feels it has been quite effective and that they have made substantial progress in providing for a proper defense.

07:50:32 President Sygman Rhee in front of Korean flag (SOF): They have no reason or right to be there & we believe the forces should withdraw immediately from Korea. They say they have withdrawn but if they have we demand that they should prove it by inviting the United Nations commission to visit that part of the country & freely hold elections under its observation, the same as we have held in South Korea.

07:51:27 Following has Korean visuals from post-WWII over Rhee s speech continuing... I want our friends in the United States to know that we are engaged in the midst of a war, a real war. You people in America call it a Cold War, but our war is a little too hot for us to call it a Cold War...we don t mind however, we are fighting for the security & protection of our lives & property. Sometimes we are fighting for the very life of our nation. So long as all the other democracies in the world are fighting for the same principle they are fighting for us & we are fighting for them. So, we are not fighting alone & in the end we will all come out right.

Korean War Outbreak; 1950;

Note: Pre-19Sep50 when Johnson was replaced by Truman.

Telenews Daily - Latest War Films (Korean War & US Shipping Goods)

03:51:23 Korea soldiers on old truck down highway & across concrete bridge. Men carry crates of ammunition. Wounded US soldiers laying on stretchers; soldier w/ left hand wrapped. Man laying on stretcher eating Hershey chocolate bar; talking to soldiers.

03:52:05 Carrying litters to light airplane & loading.

03:52:20 Korean MP holding pistol on prisoner w/ hands up, kids watching. Two Korean soldiers carrying birds on wire.

03:52:33 Title: New York - Korea Spurs Enlistments

03:52:38 Ext. of Selective Service Board, men going into recruitment office; at desk talking to recruiters, reading forms, filling out & signing forms.

03:53:11 Office swearing in very young recruits (SOF): Raise your right hand & repeat after me; citizen of the United States, do hearby acknowledge, that I ve voluntarily enlisted, this 10th day of July, 1950, as a soldier in the United States Army for a period of three years; and I do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith & diligence to the United States of America. And that I will serve honesty & faithfully against all enemies whosoever.

03:54:05 Title: Norfolk - Midway Sails For Mediterranean

03:54:09 Gangway swung away from aircraft carrier no. 41 & moving away from dock; sailors waving, tug pulling into channel. Planes on deck.

03:55:01 Title: San Diego - Rush Arms For Korea

03:55:06 Crane hoisting loaded truck aboard ship; ammunition onto pallets & raised onto shiop. Light boats raised. Hold w/ tanks loaded. Dock. Swish pan...

03:55:54 Steel Rover freighter at dock; pallets of goods stacked to load. Large crane, trucks, jeeps loaded & lowered into hold.

Korean War Beginning; July 1950;

Title: Korea

09:35:17 Men cleaning snow off jeeps & army trucks w/ brooms, cardboard. MS Soldiers w/ rifle watchiing in heavy snow; at machine gun. Getting food & eating squatting in snow.

1950; Korean War;

Title: News From Abroad

11:12:19 Large group w/ banners & Korean flags in demonstration.

11:12:30 Large speaking platform, man at microphone (MOS). Women watching; others watching. Everyone in crowd looks grim. All banners in Korean.

1950; Demonstrators;

Telenews Daily, The

07:11:07 Title: Exclusive

View over smoke clouds; hillside forest fire. Camouflaged army trucks w/ troops past w/ Korean soldiers & flags. Thru heavy smoke.

07:11:32 Two women in military dress out of building past guard. Soldiers looking at rifle w/ US soldier watching. Troops run thru slit trenches w/ rifles; into observation dugout. Firing rifle. View along trench on mountainside w/ troops running toward camera. Soldiers in sandbagged trench looking across valley.

07:12:27 Small navy boat, POV from ship. CU of Korean sailors navigating, manning guns, signalling.

Korean War; 1950;

[Warner Pathe News Magazine Of The Screen] title missing

SOF President Truman calling on people for military service or working harder in industry during the Korean War. Poor quality film & has break.


[Warner Pathe News Magazine Of The Screen] title missing

Personal Appearances (Clement Attlee to U.S.)

06Dec50 Prime Minister Attlee out of car at White House, w/ Truman, Acheson & Marshall in White House Leaving posing, smoking pipe. Speaking at National Press Club:

21:53:12 Our forces are fighting along side yours...

Korean War; Journalists; Diplomacy; Diplomats; Patriotism; 1950;

[Warner Pathe News Magazine Of The Screen] title missing

Charles E. Wilson, President of General Electric appointed chief of US defense production. W/ George Marshall in office.

21:54:06 China s Gen. Wu to the United Nations. MCU USSR delegation looking grim. Wu speaking before Security Council.

21:54:40 Wu leaves from NYC shaking hands w/ USSR Amb. Malik at airport.

21:54:54 Brussels hosts meeting of 12 nations. Acheson & 11 other Atlantic Pact foreign ministers meet.

21:55:28 Appointment of Dwight Eisenhower named to head Atlantic Council armies. He is w/ wife & in uniform. In cars in uniform thru crowds after WWII.

Korean War; Defenses; Anti-Communist; 1950;

Korea - UN Forces Prepare For Winter Drive; [Purple Hearts Awarded in Washington, DC]

23:16:20 Captured Communist prisoners of war, POWs, in heavy quilted coats & fur caps stand in sun under guard. MCUs. CU UN Safe Conduct Pass pinned to coat.

23:16:38 Marched along road; wait in field.

23:16:47 Army trucks & jeeps fording river. GIs w/ tents, straw & fires in open fields. GIs eating, reading newspapers around fire.

23:17:19 Washington DC Army Hospital w/ General giving Purple Heart medal to soldier lying on bed surrounded by nurses & other wounded in large entranceway. CU awarded medal. Black shakes officer s hand, smiles. CUs & pan over various men w/ ribbon pinned on.

Korean War; 1950; Nov50; Casualties;


Montage: Anti-communist re post-WWII Eastern European countries. Voting. Map of USSR expansion. Berlin sectors. NATO formation. Globe turning.

18:15:50 Title: Korea. Montage of fighting, prisoners, refugees. Navy ships unloading US troops. Fighting. Retreating. Captured small arms examined. Map of Pusan ca 01Sep50.

18:17:55 Men enlisting, training, equipment, wiring, signal equipment, etc. Following tanks. Embarking.

18:19:03 North Koreans; fighting, rockets firing & advancing. Night. (GOOD).

18:20:13 Inchon landing. Troops in winter snow. Spotter plane, maps & target plotted, men loading shells, sighting & firing artillery, rockets, etc from multiple areas.

18:22:30 Barren hillside w/ many dead bodies. Horrors of War; Captured POWs.

18:22:53 UN Security Council; Jacob Malik says USSR thinks peace talks should begin. Peace Truce signed. Returning troops, kisses, hugs.

18:23:28 Jets overhead, radar, antennas, plotting screen. Aircraft carrier, submarine. French (?) unloading wounded in Indo-China; military in Nationalist China islands.

18:24:18 US Army parading up Fifth Avenue & past reviewing stand & spectators.

18:24:38 Montage: family on porch in small town; father & kids in house; mother & baby girl.

18:24:53 Montage: United States Army Reserve; reservists out of car in parking lot. Training w/ rifle; training camp.

18:25:34 Montage: School: teacher in classroom, students, blackboard. Voting & voting booths. Woman hanging clothes in suburban yard. The End.

US Military History; Cold War; Anti-Communist; Communism; Americana; Patriotism; Patriotic; Propaganda;

Education; Defensive Strength; Horrors of War;

Korea: The Long Road To Peace [Part 1 of 2]

March of Time Forum Films

Sign over door U.P. News Room; CU hands on typewriter; CU news coming in over teletype machine re North Korean attack on South Korea in early hours of 25Jun50; man on telephone Get me Lincoln White of the State Department . Lincoln White receives call in Washington office; State Department building lit up at night. Battle scenes in Korea - tanks advance - rifles & heavy gun fired - South Korean forces retreating - civilians evacuate w/ possessions - wounded civilians? USAF planes in flight - air to air & air to ground shots - gun camera footage.

12:03:00 01Jul50 - US soldiers arrive in South Korea - GIs engaged in streetfighting. Animated map showing Communist advance w/ only small area left around Pusan. US forces defending Pusan perimeter - heavy shelling - wounded GIs.

12:04:18 Gen John McCaylis of West Point interviewed by Westbrook van Voorhees re first weeks of war when he commanded US Army 27th Infantry Wolfhound Regiment - ...very few were willing to fight overwhelming odds...they were in fact fighting for their way of life...strain, intensity, confusion, fatigue that all the men had and yet the remarkable sense of humour... . Voorhees recalls tension back in US - cut to United Nations Main Gate - INT Security Council in session, USSR delegate Jakob Malek [?] accusing US of aggression against Korea - Warren Austin replies this statement has been repeated over and over through every Soviet-inspired channel on Earth...It is a lie. It is a big lie . Animated map showing 15Sep50 amphibious attack by Marines at Inchon.

12:07:25 Voorhees in studio w/ Time Life Correspondent Frank Gibney, first American to be wounded in war - talks re Battle of Inchon - one of the most complex operations I d ever boldness it was certainly a steal...

12:08:40 Inchon landing scenes - CU battleships firing - CU Douglas MacArthur watching - Marines in landing craft - building burning - Communist troops out of foxhole w/ hands up - good shot ground-based rockets launched. 24Sep50 - US Marines streetfighting in Seoul - heavy gunfire/ High shot across Seoul after liberation; civilians return - clear-up operation.

12:10:35 Rows of dead South Korean civilians murdered by Communist troops laid out for identification - relatives file past. Animated map showing advance of UN troops past 38th Parallel into North Korea. AV Wake Island - President Truman off plane, greeted by MacArthur - conference building - Truman & MacArthur pose w/ Gen Bradley & Army Secretary Pace - low angle shot MacArthur & Truman shake hands. Animated map showing US 8th Army & 10th Corps advance almost to northern border. Maj Gen Edward Amman [?], Commander of 10th Corps, w/ generals. Lt Gen Walton Walker of 8th Army consults map.

Korean War. Anti-Communism. Atrocities.

Korea: The Long Road To Peace [Part 2 of 2]

March of Time Forum Films

Frozen Yalu River between North Korea & Manchuria - 7th Div. GIs at outdoor service in town of He San Jin. Map showing Chinese attack from north, 26Nov50. UN forces in retreat. 1st Div. Marines battle to break out of encirclement at Changjin Reservoir.

12:13:23 Voorhees interviews Private Hector Caporata, awarded Medal of Honor for helping to hold gap in line & killing fifteen Chinese Reds - Voorhees refers to him as Hec - jokey conversation about missing home & having beards. Marines fighting towards sea - snowy mountains - Communist prisoners taken, CU frozen feet - aerial bombardment.

12:16:14 US fleet at Hongnam - good high shot - troops coming aboard - port blown up as battleships retreat. 26Dec50 Lt Gen Matthew Ridgeway after replacing MacArthur as Commander of US Ground Forces. New offensive launched Feb51 - US troops advance through woodland. Tanks & troops reach outskirts of Seoul 14Mar - sign on pole Seoul Off Limits . Street fighting in ruins of central Seoul - heavy gun fired outside government building - closer shot domed roof in scaffolding w/ South Korean flag flying.

12:17:50 Hanada Airport, Tokyo - MacArthur greets Army Chief of Staff Gen. Collins - VO the Supreme Commander in the Far East, Washington felt, was perhaps a little too supreme - CU newspaper headlines Mac. Spoke on Own, State Dept. Explains - Truman Fires M Arthur .

12:18:17 Truman statement extract re dismissal of MacArthur - the cause of world peace is much more important than any individual . MacArthur speech to Congress on return to US - I am closing my 52 years of military service. The world has turned over many times since I took the Oath on the plain at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have long since vanished...old soldiers never die, they just fade away...I now close my military career and just fade away - some applause heard.

12:19:48 Air to air US F-86 Sabre jets [?] fighting MiGs. Soviet delegate Malek statement at Lake Success Jun51 The Soviet people believe that as a first step discussions should be started between the belligerents for a cease fire and an armistice providing for the neutral withdrawal of forces from the 38th Parallel .

12:20:39 Truce negotiations at Kaesong - arrivals inc. North Korean General Na-Mil [?], US Admiral Joy - INT conference room. 04Aug51 - Chinese Communist troops march through neutral zone violating agreement. Sep51 - 1st airborne operation by helicopter in military history - Marines dropped on enemy-held mountain. Aerial Panmunjom; arrivals for new peace talks inc. Joy - photographers inside tent - documents signed. Sign Headquarters United Nations Prisoner of War Camp No 1 Koje-Do Korea - POWs in camp.

12:22:16 Battle scenes. Sign We welcome Ike ; Eisenhower visits front Dec52 - Gen. Clark. Tanks firing on ridges. Postwar scenes in South Korea - kids. Dulles speech Communism pitted its youth against what it thought was our decrepitude...

Korean War. USAF. Anti-Communism.

[Acheson Speech on Korea & Aggression]

Acheson talks about Korean war & unprovoked aggressive acts. Purpose of our strength is not aggression, it is the opposite... to deter aggression . Newsreel cameras seen. Cameramen & reporters visible. Still photographers taking pictures.

Cold War

UN Opens A Second Front In Korea

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

US Navy fleet at sea. Map of Korea showing destination of Inchon. US battleships open fire off coast near Inchon; rockets launched; dawn attack 15Sep. US 1st Division Marines come ashore, climb over sea wall. Smoke clouds over coastline. Marines in landing craft / LST. North Korean soldier taken prisoner - crouches w/ hands up. Prisoners out of truck.

11:47:07 MacArthur comes ashore during clean-up operation; talks to Marines.

Korean War.

[Defence of Formosa]

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Map showing coast of China & island of Formosa. High shots & street scenes Taipei ? Formosa countryside - farming. Chiang Kai-Shek out of car, up steps wearing long cape; INT Chiang & Madame Chiang. Nationalist Chinese Army recruits training in formation w/ rifles; women s auxillary. General Sun - trained in US. Nationalist troops on battle maneouvres.

11:49:44 Chairman Mao out of car wearing winter coat, greeted by officers; Communist troops stand to attention. Supplies sent by US unloaded by Nationalists on Formosa.

Korean War. Anti-Communism.

[Unid. Aerials of war area w/ Oriental Junks - Probably Korea ca December, 1950]

Aerial over coastal area w/ bulidings, houses w/ mountains behind. Snow? Docks & railyard, large lagoon w/ locks (?) to sea or ocean. Heavily bombed or damaged area.

06:45:41 Aerial of minerals (?) stockpiled near loading dock w/ buildings & small docks; sunken boat?

06:45:50 Aerial of small sailing boats, junks on open water.

06:45:57 Aerial over countryside mountains w/ light snow cover (?); possibly rocky. Lake or flooded fields or salt or mineral settling ponds. Fires smoking w/ explosions.

06:46:36 Aerial LS of mountains w/ glaciers or ??

Shipping; Boats; Korean War (?); 1950s ca;

NOTE: Shot from US Air Force plane.

Korea - Unid area

US troops in cold weather gear walking down road - snow in fields. Jeep along road with casualty strapped on bonnet. Wounded man treated by medics. Troops lay at side of road. RV troops down road. Smoke in distance - snow covered hills. LS tanks on road. Soldiers relax at side of road. LS troops advance over snowy fields. RV troops over fields. Soldier with no boots or gloves helped by officer.

Korea - Unid area

Wrecked military equipment - dead bodies in the snow. US troops along road - burnt out US trucks. Bodies. Smoke rising in distance. Wrecked trucks and debris strewn around. Officers into jeep. South Korean? using radio mike? to call out locals from hiding? Korean civilians slowly start coming, women and children. Soldier using microphone. Troops form human chain to get supplies up hill.

Korea - Last of Red Forces Driven To Border

Planes from ground & air; paratroops troops inside plane, jumping. MacArthur watching from in plane; outside mass parachutes from above.

05:30:49 Troops run thru burning villages; tanks & wheel over rifles on road. Dead North Koreans. Very devastated town, trucks & lorries thru smoking ruins. Prisoners. Christian graveyard w/ crosses, soldiers kneeling; Chaplain & service. UN flag at half mast, bugle played.

Korea Fighting / US Camp

American soldiers firing big gun - US troops cross river on tank. Rear and front view mass of Korean troops march down road. Troops wearing jungle camouflage / leaves in hats / advance running up hill. Firing mortars smoke on hillside - firing machine guns.

07:15:52 Parade ground at camp of 24th ? Infantry Division. Good shot four black soldiers at attention. Officer addresses assembled troops. Ceremonial taking down and furling up of American and regimental flags. Colour guard and escort march off parade ground. Packing up camp - blankets etc thrown onto trucks - checking off cooking equipment. Soldier cleaning rifles.

Korea Summer Fighting / US Camp

American soldiers firing big gun - US troops cross river on tank . Rear and front view mass of Korean troops march down road. Troops wearing jungle camouflage / leaves in hats / advance running up hill. Firing mortars smoke on hillside - firing machine guns.

Navy Carriers Keep Reds on Run in Korea

Activities aboard carrier in or near Korea

Carrier. Officer s meeting. Plane taken out of hangar and on deck carrier. Loading bombs on plane. Takeoff. Bombers in flight. Aerials of bombing countryside. Enormous clouds of black smoke. Aerial carrier. Planes back from mission. Debriefing?

[Marines March from Korean Icy Mountains to Sea]

Marines wrapped up in bulky cold weather clothes at camp in snowy mountain; they pack and leave. On field telephone. The convoy comes across Korean women and children carrying packs on their heads. Convoy comes down mountain on road. Plane drops bomb on mountain as troops walk past; troops climb up mountain in snow and capture Koreans; dragging dead bodies; reading prayers for dead from bible. View of pipelines going up mountains? and through valley. Troops through Korean village, vehicle through river. Men stand around campfire.

[GIs train Koreans]

American, United Nations & South Korean flag. Stone engraved Macnab Compound . Officers arrive in small plane and off in jeep. Drilling Korean troops; Koreans march. Bilingual signs in English & Korean. Target practice. Anti-aircraft guns used. American & Korean officers together. Troops run uphill, crawl; shooting range; crawl under barbed wire;

[Cardinal Spellman In Korea]

Spellman reviews troops. Dressed in army fatigues with troops passing kissing his hand. Says mass. Woman soldier exchanges a few words. Spellman gives troops holy communion.

[USO - Johnny Grant & movie starlets arrive Korea]

Grant and starlets out of plane; girls talk with troops. Posing for cameras etc.

[Spellman arrives Korea]

Cardinal Spellman out of plane and greeted by officers. Crowd of soldiers taking his photo. Korean girl gives Spellman flowers. Troops kiss Spellman s hand on stand. Giving holy communion.

Communist Chinese Propaganda re Eleven US PoWs

[Depicts American PoWs from Korean War as well-fed, happy and well cared for.]

Eleven white American men & wearing Chinese uniform do Calisthenics; eat at canteen from soup bowls [shaven heads]; play Ping-Pong in refectory; reading magazines and looking at photographs of family. CU mail. Reading mail. Eating and talking around big meal. Writing letters. Playing volleyball.

13:05:41 Medical examination - prisoner has ears examined by doctor and other medical checkups.

Korean War.

[May Day Parade, Budapest]

Documentary directed by Miklos Jancso [title missing from opening credits]. Good colour.

Nature scenes - CUs blossom trees, flowers. High pan across industrial landscape of factories & chimneys. Women in traditional dress picking flowers in meadow. Rural village - traditional dancing & costumes.

16:03:30 High shot Budapest. Troops march around statue. Small group of soldiers & civilians walk arm in arm down street w/ Hungarian / Soviet flags & accordion. People on streets in traditional dress dancing & singing. Hungarian officials greet Soviets. Hungarian kids greet Korean / Chinese kids visiting for parade. Portraits of Stalin, Lenin & Gheorghiu-dej? seen in crowds.

16:04:44 Drummer w/ red flag - men marching w/ red flags - high shots parade proceeds across bridge in Budapest - many red flags. Women & girls in parade. Large flag w/ image of Marx, Engels, Lenin & Stalin unfurled as trumpeters play.

16:05:38 Top shots main parade w/ red flags & portraits of Lenin & Stalin - marchers wearing white - kids w/ trumpets & drums. Parade converges on huge square in front of war memorial? Matyas Rakosi waves from decorated balcony / podium. More cheering crowd shots - men, women & children waving red handkershiefs, banners & flags - portraits of Rakosi, Lenin etc. & Communist Party insignia. CUs marchers singing.

16:07:47 Rakosi smiling, waving & clapping. Girls in red pinafore dresses wave up to him. Unid. VIPs in sunglasses on podium. Chinese delegation waving & smiling from balcony. CU Chinese man marching & chanting Rakosi - Stalin - Rakosi - Stalin . More shots Rakosi on podium. More shots banners & portraits through crowd & workers marching.

16:09:30 Good shots little girl on father s shoulders waving handkerchief & singing. Little boy on father s shoulders looking bemused then father encourages him, he waves his arm & shouts. Banners depicting industrial output statistics & Communist dogma. Wide shot of crowded square.

Postwar Hungary. USSR. Communism. Propaganda. 1950s.


Group singing around machine gun

Cleaning weapons

Working heavy guns

Lineabreast through ditch long line digging in - snow - and firing. Machine gun on wheels set up.

Mass long lines. Parade past Generals. CUs smiling.

Mass spread out down hill putting on bandanas etc. More propaganda, piece different from above sequence. Camouflage run and firing from trenches. Mass advance heavy propaganda CUs faces etc. More from pillboxes etc. Letter read. More mass towards and CUs. Damage and bodies


Industry - street scenes - posters - money counted - construction work with young girls carrying bricks. Strip mining - steel mills and factories etc

08:24:42 more dramatic reconstructions of battles.

Mass military parade victory ? Arms and lorries past. Troops / Marines head North.


Title: Last of the Red forces driven to the border. Planes over troops inside paras outside mass paras MacArthur watching ? Through burning villages tanks and wheel over guns dead North Koreans. Devastated town, lorries through smoking ruins

Christian graveyard and service. UN flag at half mast, bugle played


Title: America goes all out to back UN. Mass troops onto lorries Task force Smith ?? Wounded etc. Jeep through town. Refugees with belongings. MacArthur with South Korean Generals ??

Docks, explosives, masses of equipment etc LCTS into ships. VS fleet ships of different countries: Canada. Fleet at sea.

Korea: Draftees called up in USA.

Troops along dockside wipe to along on camouflage lorries

Task force smith artillery / bazooka, ruins

Tanks in past, waving crowds

Headlines (Daily Mirror etc.) evidence of atrocities, grave digging - service held.


Title: Allies hold tight as Truman alerts the nation

B-29 super forts 8 days after alert in action attacking communications - Reinforcements pouring ashore - Marching along road

Walker and Dean together. Delaying action after left Taejon. Says tanks taken out by new bazookas

Howitsers heavy artillery

08:39:55 Truman sof Free nations must be on their guard more than ever before...... Lameless aggression will be met by fatal force...

We know that the cost of freedom is high, but we are determined to preserve our freedom no matter what the cost.


Troop landings back embattled UN Docks equipment build up. Pansan

Fleet at sea. Troops long street

Syngham Rhee SOF: On behalf of every man woman and child, I want to thank every American, Australian and British soldiers, sailors and airmen who daily and nightly risk their lives in this distant land so that freedom may not perish from the earth. Etc.


New aid is rushed in as Yanks battle red tide. Long column moving up

Explosion by bridge, sleeping soldier

Walton Walker

Mortars and street fighting. Columns forward. Seoul

Poor quality gunsight attack on train and bridge. Seoul

08:45:43 New bazooka displayed. M 20 rocket launcher. Liner Queen Mary carrying priests.

SOF priest : The fact we were caught unprepared in Korea...... Cardinal Stritch

Korea : Americans set up for big offensive (Title) Mass equipment, guns etc prepared. Sherman flame thrower tested. Train with mass equipment (USA)

Air sequence rocket attack on ground

Artillery sequence: LS explosions infantry firing etc. BV into village, burning, destruction. (Pausan early perimeter battles.)

On tanks. March through village with tanks etc

Korea: UN forces halt big Red push.

Generals off plane, MacArthur, car, MacArthur and woman

South Korea Walton Walker troops line road.

Good American artillery firing at hill

Prisoners marched towards camera. More prisoners searched

Aerial attacks on roads. Rockets and bomb hits

GVs ship in port. UN and US flags paraded (Good)

UN council meeting Russian delegate.


Good B-29 aerial sequences and low level attacks. B-29 towards ?? cockpit / fleet ? mass bombing good ground. Seen more mass fleet shots and explosion river and ports cities, smaller planes rocketing diving etc cockpit view. F-9s good attacking vehicles and installations cutting communications.

[North Korea]

Men & women soldiers singing & dancing around machine gun (no snow).

05:10:32 Cleaning weapons, snow on ground. Working heavy guns. Troops advance over ditch & dike. Using small shovel to dig in. Machine gun on wheels set up. Others adance on snow & set up guns. Marching in long lines across snow & reviewed. Parade past Generals. CUs smiling. With machine guns.

05:12:22 Mass of troops spread across hillside (no snow). Soldier w/ bayonet on rifle into office, reports to officer. Runs out again. Men in field put on bandanas, put knives between teeth, run up hillside; in trenches & leader waves sword for charge. Mass of troops run up. CU young camouflaged soldier. Intercut w/ fighting & studio shots. Falling soldiers. Explosions. Machine gunning. More from pillboxes etc. Dead bodies, staged.

05:15:45 Letter read by young soldier. More mass attack towards camera & CUs. Cheering & resting. Rolling boulders down to dislodge enemy.

05:17:20 slate. Two soldiers begin fighting w/ rifles. CU dying soldier. LS troops marching up long winding road, some trucks. Soldiers scramble up hill. Pan over valley; damage, bodies, burning valley buildings.

NOTE: Probably all staged, but most very good action footage.

Korean War; North Korean Troops; Battles; Propaganda;

Korea - Seesaw Battle On For Beachead Area

GV camp w/ tents; flag on hilltop. Tents taken down & packing into lorries or trucks. Aerial over clouds. Pair of fighter jet planes low over workers heads in paddy fields. Aerial views attack on coastal ports and bridges railyard & train. Aerials of burning oil tanks, etc.

05:55:31 Artillery firing sequence on ground; soldiers patrol along mountside road. Run for cover. MCU.Good.

05:56:03 Good incoming explosion, more advance, CU firing rifle. Dead. Prisoners guarded; wiybded ib stretchers to small helicopter.

Korean War; Fighting; POWs;

Korea - United Nations Hold As Battle Tide Turns

Large airfield w/ B-29s parked. Bombs on ground, planes landing. Good Nose Art: Bub; Mission Inn; Double Whammy. POV from nose behind pilot of taking off, gunner in turret, pilot in air & other planes.

Bombs dropping from bombay & other planes. Clouds over mountains. Smoke rising.

05:58:13 Gun camera of strafing run & rockets fired, variety of targets includeing railyard & entrance to train tunnel. Strafing road.

Korean War; Air Force;

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 8 of 10

Aircraft carrier w/ planes on deck; US ship in port & troops march past. North Koreans polish artillery; warm by fire. UN troop patrolling around covered tanks parked in mud.

07:08:42 N. Korean (?) Infantry running into Seoul. US tanks, street fighting,wounded treated. US troops surrender. NKs on street marching plus guerrillas.

07:09:52 Burning city; volunteers run past camera; medical brigade on truck. Anti aircraft guarding bridge & people crossing (Chinese retake Seoul)

07:10:37 Speaker at microphones - Kim Il Sung & Stalin posters behind (GOOD).

07:10:54 Digging tunnels in hard rock, conveyor taking rock out; women picking coal (?). Moving buckets of ore on cables; men shoveling. Steel mill interior (underground?).

07:12:06 Poster - pan to people making weapons & bullets underground. Machine tools working; racks of guns, pan around tunnels. Heavy industry underground.

07:14:00 Bullet manufacturing sequence. Women working. Machine gun firing. Machines working. Artillery explosions & machine forming shell.

07:15:04 Woman along through wrecked buildings, caves etc. Gathering & salvaging. In cave w/ family.

07:15:31 Kim Il Sung - Kim speaking (MOS) w/ old woman; in auditorium to large group.

07:16:07 Woman working irrigation water wheel treadmill; rice field posters & camouflaged people planting rice fields and man watching for planes from hillside.

07:16:59 Woman out of hut in rubble; others salvaging in debris. Army trucks arrive, past camera; supplies unloaded & given to troops and handed around.

07:17:58 Artillery exchange; advanced as wounded gathered. Refugees past (some staged).

07:18:52 Smashed bridge w/ train on it, wrecked railyards, repairs by army. (GOOD)

07:19:38 Troops into hillside tunnel; large tunnel w/ railroad engine repaired. Bridge destruction. Train w/ steam on repaired railroad. Civilians repairing roadbed.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

Korea - Winter (Korean War)

US troops inside hut - dark. Exterior - burning wood on stove. Constructing makeshift shlter from wooden pallets.

[North Korea Daily Life & Industry; Military]

Men in classroom; open pit mining w/ steam shovel, laborers & railroad cars. Titles. Posters & banners; men putting up wall postings & people reading. Truck w/ loudspeakers. People into building w/ man posters. Lines of people at bank teller exchanging money. Bundes of money into bans.

05:22:04 Brick laying & concrete mixing & pour w/ large buckets.

05:22:29 Summertime & young girls in uniforms move bricks. Men carry beams & working. Title.

05:23:09 Open pit mining w/ large steam shovels, railroads. Miners in tunnels & ore out in rr cars. Steel mills w/ Russian equipment & workers (?).

05:24:41 Dramatic reconstructions of soldiers fighting. Dead; explosions; field artillery; long line of men marching up winding road.

05:26:55 Factory w/ workers in yard & military. Military parade & factory workers. Review of marching North Korean soldiers, thru city (GOOD).

05:28:46 Soldiers & artillery in trucks in review on field; through city. On highway, in military base (?). (could be heading to battle).

Korean War; Propaganda;

Unid. Anti - Communist Doc.

Russian tanks on streets of Budapest 1956

23:00:15 Havana 1959 - Cutting sugar cane - shanty towns - poverty - Castro and rebels in hills - short shot Che Guevara - revolution - Castro with masses - Castro with Khruschev - executions by firing party

23:02:08 Berlin 1961 Berlin Wall - putting up barbed wire - Flats in East and West Berlin. Refugees going to West Berlin - Templehof airport - sealed apartment blocks on East Berlin border. Animation galaxy

23:04:09 Khruschev in UN - Kennedy (JFK) adresses congress ?

23:04:23 Korea - Refugees helped by US sailors - Fighting in Korea - US naval ships - montage US aid to under developed countries - Statue of Lincoln - ends abruptly - incomplete

[US Military VIP Meeting South Korean President Syngman Rhee]

Military officer arrives by car, enters room and shakes hands with South Korean Presidet Syngman Rhee, standing beside European woman (?).


Diary of Three Sailors Pt. 1 of 3

03:53:02 Entrance to Republic of Korea Navy base w/ men marching past guard post. POV past farm land, past ships in harbor. Sailors salute arriving enlistees. Semaphore training; drilling on large field.

03:54:44 Officer & sailor monitoring test. Eye examination test; physical exam w/ lungs, heart checked, chest x-rays. Three look at results; to outdoor bulletin board, laughing & shaking hands.

03:58:06 Issue of uniform, inspection in quarters, lockers.

03:59:02 CU ringing bell, men run to assembly ground, swearing in, officers introduced. Men off field. Group drilled w/ CUs.

04:00:51 Weapons training - rifle target practice.

04:01:18 Cadet falling asleep in lecture. Bell rings, soup served in canteen, eating from metal dishes, drinking from cups as they leave.

04:02:50 Arm wrestling, laughing. Cadet dance band playing, men laughing. Thumb wrestling. Sleeping. Duty officer inspecting sleeping cadets. Cadet studying at night by candle.

1950s; Korean Military Training Film; USIA Propaganda;

Diary of Three Sailors Pt. 2 of 3

Daytime clouds, reveille w/ two buglers. Cadets dress; parade ground & graduation day. Diplomas given by South Korean Naval officer. Joke over camera. Officer & wife show three sailors the coast & freighters offshore.

04:08:54 Climb steps to top of lookout over harbor, sit & eat fruit. Shake hands & sailors wave goodbye;

04:10:00 W/ others carrying duffelbags to training school. Learning semaphore lights; study engine in cutaway; arc welding. Ship models for recognition. Study navigation instruments; globe.

04:12:08 Electric welding class.

04:12:55 Training in stopping water flow in ship. Cllimbing rigging w/ semaphore flags.

04:13:40 Boarding assigned ship 61, flagship. Signal flags, bell, whistle, anchor hoisted. POV past ships in harbor at dock. View around ship 61.

04:14:50 Scrubbing deck, polishing equipment, guns. POV thru water. Ships crew at jobs, navigation; radar; men out of hatch to battle stations, up stairs to gun positions. Loading artillery at night.

04;16:09 Lightning over junks. Man at wheel. Engine speed controlled. Men beneath deck in engine room. w/ large pistons. Broken pipe taken to be welded.

04:17:24 Welder seasick, looks at valve, welds. Man at wheel.

1950s; Korean Military Training Film; USIA Propaganda;

Diary of Three Sailors Pt. 3 of 3

Wake of ship seen from behind. Doctor examines welder who staggers back down corridor to railing. POV past docked ships. View from round windows. Sailor walks off w/ duffel bag, friends wave goodbye. Sailor walking past docked ships, back on base looks at statue of Adm Lee (?) warrior in armor w/ sword.

04:22:30 High angle of walking thru navy yard w/ duffel bag. Entering factory building, large propellor lowered in place, machining parts. Large drop forge, milling machine working.

04:23:40 Shipmates visit; greetings. POV from crane thru machine shop. Sailors look at equipment. Go to ship out of water & welding repairs to hull.

04:25:31 Lighting cigarettes & smoking; looking at ship at night. Docked ships & welding flashes. CU welding.

04:26:19 Pan over tug, barges and shore. Buddies shake hands. Minesweeper slides down ways from dock as men on shore laugh. View of navy yard from ship. GOOD.

04:28:14 Montage men on ship; men on shore working.

04:28:50 Three men on liberty.

1950s; Korean Military Training Film; USIA Propaganda;

[Korean War, Winter - Issuing Heavy Coats; Mine Sweeping, 195?]

Winter, GIs into tent. Sign: Killer Blue HQ Supply. Issued heavy coats & boots, leave. Put on coats & hoods over helmet. CU w/ cigarette in mouth. Men up snowy hillside. MCU hands holding rifle w/ mittens / gloves.

Walk along snowy ridge in sunshine. Down brushy hillside past camera. Two men stop & light cigarettes. More walking.

06:07:23 GI w/ mine detector over snow followed closely by riflemen. MCUs. GOOD.

Mine Sweeping;

Korea Talks - Truce ?

Groups meeting on bridge. American and Korean officers. Large tent and huts. American and Korean officers exit tent after meeting. Both groups walk down road.

03:38:17 Soldiers dismantle small tents and pack equipment. Line of American jeeps and military trucks down dusty road.

Korea Tragedy - Despite peace Talks Homeless Wander Land

Refugee camp, children - families under makeshift shelters. Lines of refugees lying on ground under shelter.

Korean War

Washington D.C. (Medals of Honors to Korean War families)

Parents of Korean heroes get medals of honors from Gen. Bradley.

Korea - Mass Parachute Drop Speeds Drive to 38th - Operation Tomahawk

Paratroopers of 187th Airborne prepare & board planes in Japan. Drop above Munsan-Ni in Korea. MacArthur visits front.

Korea - UN Forces Brace For Red s Spring Offensive

Aerials near 38th parallel showing US tanks? Korean POWs marched on road. American troops at destroyed North Korean base? GIs relax with newspaper and watch hunchback and transvestite comedy sketch.

Combat Bulletin #105 - Nov-Dec50 - UN Forces Escape Trap [Part 1]

20Nov-20Dec50 US withdrawal from Korea. Animated map of Korea shows Chinese drive to 38th parallel

US 7th? Division climb snowy mountains near Hyesanjin. Plane drops bomb on hilltop. Town of Hyesanjin. 11:45:04 Thanksgiving chow - dinner brought to sentinels. Chinese PoWs. Americans withdraw under heavily falling snow. Army camp with tents, tanks and falling snow. Korean? saying prayer over body of dead soldier in snow.

11:47:18 Aerial from plane. Supplies air drop by Combat Cargo Command from C-47s & C-119. Leaving camp and destroying anything usable by enemy. Casualties evacuated by air - US Marines plane takes off.

11:47:50 US troops advance on road - Chinese prisoners of war. Marines march to Hongnam - convoys moving East. Convoy joins up w/ Royal Marines.

Korean War. Anti-Communism / Communist.

Combat Bulletin #105 - Nov-Dec50 - UN Forces Escape Trap [Part 2]

20Nov-20Dec50 US withdrawal from Korea. Marines arrive on outskirts of Hanhong. Large stacks of military supplies in Hamhung and / or Hongnam to be evacuated or destroyed - ships at dock waiting to be loaded; rows of trucks at port. Korean civilians look at mattresses piled in truck.

11:54:27 Korean refugees from Hongnam area pour to the docks trying to flee. Boxes and vehicles loaded on top ships with cranes. Guns loaded on board. US troops embark on ship and on board. Limping wounded on board. Landing crafts carry troops from shore to transport ship. LS transport & hospital ships. Troops board.

Korean War. Anti-Communism / Communist.

[Anna Rosenberg Speech On Return From Korea]

06Nov51? MS and MCU Asst. Sec. of Defense Anna Rosenberg behind desk at Pentagon; makes speech about visit to US troops in Korea; Every ridge is a heartbreak ridge in Korea...It may have started out as a heartbreak for us, but it ended up as a heartbreak for the enemy . Reassuring loved ones that troops receive best care; They are well cared for, they have the best food in the world. I actually saw men have fried chicken right up at the front line...

Korean War.

[Eisenhower Leaves Washington on Constellation, 1951]

06Nov51? MS soldiers and civilians stand next to Gen. Eisenhower s Lockheed Constellation at MATS terminal; pan across crowd, Ike w/ back to camera kissing unid women in fur coats and young child. Photographers call out. Ike makes brief statement at microphone this has been the busiest two days or three days in my life... ; Ike runs up steps of plane, turns and waves. Officers at door of plane. CU engines emit cloud of smoke as USAF plane taxis away [8614 on tailfin?]. LS pan aircraft takes off. CU USAF? crest on plane, Virgilia Pretium Liberatis .

09:49:05 Ike arrival at air base, speech at microphones, Ike boarding of plane and engines starting viewed from slightly different angles. MS plane taxis L-R.

09:50:05 Ike emerges from limousine followed by Gen. Omar N Bradley; MCU Generals pose for photographers.

Korean War?

Inflation And You

Narr. Robert Montgomery. ??Jun51 Montage of city skyline, sheep herd, farming, factories, office w/ US flag. US tanks in Korea. EXT department store; women inside; CUs price of goods increased, meat counter and men s suit. Diagram showing cost of weopons and supplies after inflation. Newspaper printing; New York Times headline: Prices and wages frozen to curb inflation... Zoom into door of Office of Price Stabilzation ; official behind desk; Our price stabilization programme can succeed if we have the active support of you the consumer...

Korean War. Economics.

Combat Bulletin #112 - Jun-Jul51 - Korean Cease-Fire Talks [Part 1]

20Jun - 20Jul51 Animated map shows lack of territory changes around 38th Parallel & Kaesong where peace negotiations are taking place.

US officers arriving in field in Kaesong and meeting Chinese and / or North Korean representatives. Air Force Rescue helicopter takes off. AV Kaesong area from helicopter. W painted on runway. US negotiators follow Chinese representatives & Chinese woman interpreter. Pan over town of Kaesong. Brief image of US-Chinese conference. US delegates helicopter lands in Munsan after conference and crowd of photographers snap photographs; helicopter takes off again.

01:05:13 Admiral Joy outdoors talking with N. Koreans and Chinese. Chinese negotiators arrive. Communist troops outside conference room looking like they re guarding - VO says these images were used as propaganda to make negotiations look like US surrender. Chinese & US delegates exit conference room. US delegation milling about outside nearby billet, newly-built mansion which VO points out doesn t have a latrine. Group sitting on steps - into jeep and driving off; General Ridgeway out of helicopter.

01:07:48 Return to Kaesong conference - Chinese delegates and soldiers with Americans; American shows pictures to Chinese who laughs. Chinese out of conference room and drive off in car.

Korean War. Anti-Communism / Communist.

Combat Bulletin #112 - Jun-Jul51 - Korean Cease-Fire Talks [Part 2]

20Jun - 20Jul51 Gen Ridgway with press reporters. CU Ridgway s four stars on jeep. Reporters convoy stopped by North Koreans outside Kaesong - Communist talking with reporters - blocked convoy retreats. Ridgway s aide Gen Allan issues statement demanding freedom of movement, removal of troops etc. [sound poor]. Map shows area around Kaesong.

01:14:00 15Jul51 US soldiers remove white flags from jeeps before returning to Kaesong. Road sign Kaesong . Crossing bridge. Korean children on roadside. US and Chinese delegations enter conference room. Activities & press around conference room - UN correspondents on steps; Chinese filming and taking pictures; American & Chinese photographers take pictures of each other. Delegates exit conference & Americans depart. Chinese or N. Korean on road holding white flag.

01:16:00 Telephone wire laid out by Americans between Kaesong and Munsan Peace Camp; American calls from field telephone. Construction of relay station north of Seoul to be part of a radio network - South Koreans climbing up steep mountain carrying large boxes and installing antenna.

01:17:22 Two Chinese soldiers chased from conference area by South Korean soldier. 15-21Jul - end of negotiations - GV Kaesong - Delegates into conference room. North Korean & Chinese soldiers in line in front of conference building. Empty conference table. LS exterior conference compound.

Korean War. Anti-Communism.

Combat Bulletin #107 - Jan-Feb51 - UN Forces Move North [Part 1]

20Jan-20Feb51 Animated map shows American attempts to recapture Seoul area from North Koreans.

01:21:47 Suwon Recaptured - 22-29Jan - US tanks advance North on road and past villages - into Osan. Soldier cleans machine gun. Troops advance on foot in snow. Small group Korean villagers hold up South Korean flag. Searching and interrogating Korean civilians and searching houses in small village. Polishing guns; firing 155 Howitzer. Prisoners taken.

01:24:51 Searching shop on shelled outskirts of Suwon. Destruction and rubble. Tank through city gate. General Joseph Bradley looking at map. Searching and interrogating Korean civilians. Men of 25th Division resting.

Korean War. Anti-Communism.

Combat Bulletin #107 - Jan-Feb51 - UN Forces Move North [Part 2]

20Jan-20Feb51 25th Division Attacks Towards Seoul - American troops firing in mountains north of Suwon. Chinese prisoners searched and marched down mountain. GI crying. Tank moves north on road.

Exhausted US soldiers sleeping in ditches by roadside. General Bradley discussing assault with company commander. CUs tank commanders; tank assault. South Korean unit firing battery. CU South Korean officer on field telephone.

01:29:15 The Han River Is Reached - 10Feb - US troops reach Han River bridge. Sign Seoul - Off limits . Three Chinese PoWs questioned. Fighting on bridge. LS Seoul across bay.

01:30:16 Red Resistance Stiffens - US troops up mountain North of Inchon - Hill 704 recaptured. Chinese POW points out Chinese positions nearby. Tank assault on hill. Flying boxcar parachutes ammunition and supplies.

01:31:57 Assault on Hill 584 - preparing for assault and firing guns. Infantry assault on hill. Signalling for gun to fire. LS shells explode on mountain. Troops moving uphill and firing machine-guns.

Korean War. Anti-Communism.

Combat Bulletin #111 - May-Jun51 - UN Counterattack! [Part 1]

20May-20Jun51 Animated map shows US movements to 38th parallel and beyond towards Pyongyang.

03:02:34 Allied Units Advance - US troops on road. Infantry assault on hill - shell blasts.

03:03:51 Infantry Receives Close Air Support - US Planes strafe & bomb hilltop - napalm ?

03:05:28 Mud Hampers UN Forces - US military vehicles on muddy road. Cleaning gun; feet deep in mud. Cold-looking soldiers. Parachute airdrop of ammunition.

03:07:12 Artillery Pounds Enemy - Preparing for assault - stacking 155mm Howitzer shell, screwing fuses & cleaning gun parts. Firing Howitzers.

Korean War.

Combat Bulletin #111 - May-Jun51 - UN Counterattack! [Part 2]

20May-20Jun51 Contact Kept With Reds - US positions on North Korean front; cleaning gun. Lieutenant General Frank Milburn visits front. US troops move uphill; moving on road with mine detector team. Soldier reading enemy propaganda - surrender pamphlet. Talking on field phone. Firing mortar.

03:11:35 Air-ground Team Pinpoints Enemy - Ground units direct pilots bombing of hills from phones.

03:13:15 Attack Continues - US troops on hill machine-gunning houses in valley. North Korean prisoners captured; wounded N. Korean fighter on stretchers. Troops resting. Firing from vehicles. Moving uphill. Hot chow & moving on.

03:15:19 Navy Rockets Blast Wonsan - Loading ammunition on Navy rocket ship for night mission on Wonsan N. Korea. Night battle - rockets fired.

Korean War.

Combat Bulletin #110 - Apr-May51 - Reds Launch Spring Offensive [Part 1]

20Apr-20May51 Animated map shows movements back and forth South of the 38th Parallel.

03:19:27 UN Forces Withdraw - British, Belgian, Filipino & US troops break camp in Njeng [?] River area - shelling approaching Communist troops with mortar blasts. Convoy retreats towards south. UN tractor burning on roadside. US troops on road firing guns in retaliation to attack. Batallion commanders discussing. Convoy enters Uijongbu - sign. Weary infantry through rice paddy, crossing stream and resting; guarding railroad tracks. Troops & trucks on road. Firing big guns. Crossing bridge south of Yapyung ?; engineer batallion pour gasoline & TNT mixture on bridge which burns and explodes.

03:22:59 Lincoln Line Established - US troops withdraw to defensive position North of Seoul. US engineers planting landmines and stretching barbed wire across field; US troops on hilltop watching minefield valley and firing guns. Tank destroys hut.

03:25:13 Seoul city centre - US troops firing Howitzers in grounds of bomb-damaged Capitol building. CU cleaning gun.

Korean War.

Combat Bulletin #110 - Apr-May51 - Reds Launch Spring Offensive [Part 2]

20Apr-20May51 Tank-Infantry Team Holds Line - US troops planting landmines behind US-held line; trip wires planted. American soldiers move a North Korean soldier who has survived the landmines from a ditch onto the road and search him - CU landmine victim s face in agony - first aid. Machine gunners watch valley and fire at village infiltrated by Communists. Tank drives to machine-gunners. Burning village & US troops walking away.

03:28:38 Air-Ground Assault Halts Reds - North of Seoul - battle in valley - US officers watch. LS Planes strafing, dropping rockets and napalm. US Soldiers firing machine-guns. Enemy planes shot down.

Korean War.

News In Brief

MS Secretary Pace of US Army presents Distinguished Service Cross to Col. Paul L Freeman for heroism in Korea - wife kisses him - MCU Freeman.

Korean War. Veterans. Decorations.

[Piper Laurie & Others In Korea For Paul Douglas Show - Pt1]

Unid. Hollywood actor & blonde actress talk w/ small group of servicemen & pose for photos in snow at Chuk-Tong, Korea, 30Dec51 [?] - into jeep & away, military camp in BG. VS servicemen queuing & entering rec hut - sign over door 555-FABn Recreational and I&E Hall - Movies Daily . INT show in progress - two stars seen earlier on stage - serviceman playing accordion. EXT servicemen crowd round actor & actress - MCU soldier hugging actress for photo - signing autographs.

18:25:12 Stars inc. Piper Laurie off RAF [?] plane at K-47 airstrip, Chunchon, Korea, 28Dec51; Laurie into jeep w/ personalised sign; jeep convoy arrives at air base. Piper Laurie & others greeted by US officers; Laurie climbs into foxhole. Soldier delivers newspapers to actresses. Laurie in queue to wash mess kit before chow. Male & female stars meet servicemen. Laurie talks to Black soldier in jeep. Servicemen queue outside tent w/ poster advertising USO Camp Show - Operation Starlift .

18:29:32 INT man [Paul Douglas ?] on stage introduces actress who invites serviceman onto stage [dark].

Hollywood Stars. Korean War. USO.

MacArthur Comes Home

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Japanese people lining street outside Command HQ, Tokyo - cheer as MacArthur arrives for last time. General Ridgeway off plane, arriving to take over as Supreme Commander. Gen. van Fleet arrives from Washington en route to Korea to succeed Ridgeway as 8th Army Commander. Departure ceremony for MacArthur & wife - say farewells to crowds at airport - plane The Bataan [?] taxiiing.

11:27:10 MacArthur arrives in San Francisco - VO says first time in US since 1935. Ticker tape parade next morning - MacArthur in open top car w/ Mayor Robinson & Governor Warren - crowded streets.

11:27:47 MacArthur motorcade pulls up outside Capitol. Standing ovation as MacArthur enters hall to address Joint Session of Congress. Speech extract - I am closing my 52 years of military service [applause]. When I joined the Army, even before the turn of the Century, it was the fulfilment of all my boyish hopes and dreams. The world has turned over many times since I took the oath on the plain at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have long since vanished...old soldiers never die, they just fade away...I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty... Standing ovation. MacArthur in motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue w/ wife Jeane-Marie & son Arthur. Crowds at Washington Monument.

11:30:09 Ticker tape parade through New York City - good views MacArthur in motorcade - crowds on tenement balconies - air filled w/ streamers, ticker tape etc. - office workers empty waste paper out of windows - MCU Arthur MacArthur waving from car.

Korean War. US Occupation.

Korea: New Army Undergoes Training For Battle

US General Van Fleet and President of Korea inspect South Korean troops; training exercise; CU Van Fleet and President; blood supply appeal.

Korea - War Goes On Despite Cease-Fire Reports (1951)

Temporary lull on Korean battlefront following rumours of truce. US troops, soldier looking through binoculars, UN officer briefs troops. Tent, officer reports to press that negotiations have broken down (MOS). Allied troops arm and fire artillery from valley floor.

16:10:19 Vice President Alban Barkley arrives for inspection trip. Barkley greeted by Gen. Van Fleet as he get out of small plane. Barkley with General Ridgway speaks to other officers. Barclay inspecting Turkish Brigade troops.

War - Korean;

Your Plans

Are You Ready For Service? Series Issue #2 - Coronet Instructional Films

06:12:25 Teenage boy Mike at home trying to study looking perplexed; older brother Harry [WWII veteran ?] comes home, asks why he s not at track practice - finds paper w/ army insignia scribbled on it - Mike worried about having to enlist - there s an exam alright, but how can you study? . Cuts back to Mike in diner w/ friends discussing inevitability of joining up - it s always us young guys who have to go out and do someone else s dirty work .

Mike can t see any point in studying or training - brother uses example of sandwich to show traditional pattern of life choices - college, marriage etc. - something new has been added to the pattern [military service] but does that mean you should stop planning?

06:15:09 Brothers talk in kitchen about patterns of living & interruption caused by military & draft.

06:16:57 Brothers washing car; flashback to Mike s friend in diner telling them how he has plan to get out of military service; Harry talks to Mike about planning and being prepared for service w/ cutaways to scenes showing new recruits arriving at camp, being kitted out, taking aptitude tests, training on assault course, working in bad weather - importance of physical fitness & good education.

06:20:35 Harry tells Mike about vocational training given by military. VS mechanics, chefs, welders, film cameramen. Recruits learning how to handle rifles - you learn how to to take orders etc.

06:21:55 Scenes showing Mike organising his time & working to goals: back at spring training - track race - working at high school courses - in class talking to visiting military speaker - in diner w/ girl, tells friends he s too busy to go out with them - you know, it sure helps when a fellow stops worrying and starts planning .

Korean War Homefront; Draft; Conscription; US Army; Planning; 1950s Americana;

[3rd Batallion, 19th Infantry Reg, Korea, Seoul Area; Evacuation of UN Troops, Seoul Area, 04Jan51]

03Jan51 Captain breifing men of Co. I atop snow-covered Hill 638. Men on ridge moving in single file in LS; trudge up past camera. View down to valley as men rest. Radioman, man carrying walkie-talkie. alking on walkie-talkie; on radiophone. Good shots walking past dramatic peak.

01:58:06 04Jan50 (sic) 04Jan51 Jeep & truck w/ troops & other vehicles (some British) past on pontoon bridge over Han River w/ fog around. Men riding on tank past. View from frozen river bank of bridge & trucks.

01:59:35 Burning British tracked vehicle; men walking past camera in heavy coats, tanks parked. Troops, jeeps etc in convoy past camera on outskirts of Seoul enroute to Yongdongpo.

02:01:00 British tankman riding tricycle (gag). Another Brit pushes him.

02:01:28 Men loading beams on truck on pontoon bridge. Dismantling in retreat (?). Koreans watching.

02:02:30 03Jan51 Burning British tracked vehicle, tanks past. Large explosion beyond railroad. Men on railroad bridge & destroyed bridge.

02:03:30 04Jan50 (sic) Men walking past camera w/ rifles, radios.

02:04:08 Fitting charges to explosives on bridge. Men walking across bridge. Men lying beside road w/ rifles, frozen river behind. MCU of ?? Views of pontoon bridge. Explosion of bridge & burning timbers afterward.

War - Korean - Retreat;

[19th & 21st Regiments of the 24th Div Spearhead Into Iron Triangle, Korea] 30Jun51

Man running toward camera; enormous blast in mouth of canyon. Several more explosions. Three soldiers under ground placing explosive charges.

04:45:30 Two men into bunker beside road. large explosions. Army trucks & jeeps up switchbacks of gravel road, men in back of trucks, passing other trucks going downhill. MCU passing camera. LS from above.

04:49:40 M-46 tank up road carrying men on top. Convoy of trucks, trailers.

Korean War; Segregation (24th Division); American Indians;

[Fleet Activities (Background Supplement) 06Sep51]

Capt. Farrell, Chief of Staff to RAdm Dyer, waits at landing for Gen. Shepherd. Lt. Gen Lemuel C. Shepherd arrives & greetd by Capt. Farrell. Other ships in background. Shepherd inspects Honor Guard. Walks along line, stops to talk to marine. Navy Band.

04:51:57 01Sep51 Munsan-ni, Korea US Ambassador John J Muccio out of helicopter, leaves in jeep. Muncio shakes hands w/ Vice Adm C Turner Joy. Maj Gen Lurence C Craigie USAF walking behind Muccio & Joy.

04:53:01 Sep51 Burial of Sgt. First Class John R. Rice, Arlington National Cemetery. Band & infantry marching at funeral of John R Rice, full-blooded Indian, refused burial elsewhere. Flag draped casket past on caisson past Honor Guard. Pallbearers carry casket, ceremony under canopy. Spectators & American Legion veterans, Amerian Indians. Bugler. Widow presented flag. Leaving ceremony.

04:55:11 05Sep51 Casket out of Fort Myers Chapel, onto caisson, band & Honor Guard marching. White horese pulling caisson.

04:56:17 06Aug51 Pentagon, Washington, DC CU Navy Distinguished Public Service Medal pinned on JB Woodward, Jr. president of Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co by Sec. of Navy Kimball. Shaking hands w/ various civilian VIPS.

Korean War; Ceremonies; Racism; Segregation;

Starting Now!

Are You Ready For Service? Series issue #4 - Coronet Instructional Films

Tank towards camera, stops in CU; soldier looks out w/ binoculars, others lying in undergrowth. Politicians - CU Communist officer, Communist troops on tank. VO re struggle against Communism. Teenage boy outside high school, looks at US flag - VO you should plan for service . Kids into school; boy looks through recruitment brochures inc. Your Son and The US Marine Corps .

10:14:50 Three teenage boys in school library. Dialogue w/ narrator & amongst themselves re how prepared they should be for military service - two of them indifferent / flippant: you get a snappy uniform, the girls go for that, it s pretty nice . The third more serious. They admit they don t know much about service & narrator offers to help.

10:16:55 Cut to barrack room scenes - VO think of having no privacy...long days of hard physical effort - military training scenes inc. naval signalling & rifle handling. INT classroom - swabbing decks of battleship - Marine Corps training in swimming pool wearing full gear.

10:18:17 Three boys listen to narrator; start answering questions in quick succession - summary of steps they need to take Title: Find Information - Check Yourself - Develop Yourself - START NOW

10:20:31 Same title superimposed over shots of boys reading up on service, having medical check-up, building themselves up etc. Suggests better contact w/ church. Each boy says what steps he intends to take to prepare for service. Oldest boy w/ bouffant 1950s hairstyle maybe I d better have my teeth examined s a big job isn t it?

10:23:26 Boy reading brochures outside school - VO Now is the time to begin - goes inside.

Conscription; Armed Forces Recruitment; Korean War; Anti-Communism; Cold War; Patriotism;

H Company 3rd Bn, 7th Regiment - Combat

RV Soldiers wearing cold weather uniforms fire shoulder held rocket grenades. RV troops advance down hill taking cover as they go. Troops towards camera as advance. G-A plane strafing, smoke from explosions. Aircraft flies low through valley. Troops firing machine gun. Bodies on ground, rope tied round ankles of bodies. Atrocity victims - various shots dead bodies. Wrecked jeep. Soldiers looking at another wrecked jeep, victims of ambush. Line of wrecked American military vehicles and equipment. Many bodies, some half stripped. Debris from ambush scattered around fields.

14:41:42 Slate - 1st Marines in Battle for Hoeng-Song. Troops moving up. Troops firing. (soft)

Project Warrior - [Korean War Flying Ace]

Air Force Now

B-52 bomber overhead. Korean war fighting; USSR Migs; USAF jet fighter planes; Col. Francis Gaby Gabreski veteran flying ace of WWII & Korea on camera. 4 MIGS. CU instruments, dials, pilot in cockpit. Dogfight & MIG exploding.

Air Force Pilot;

U.N. Counterattack! Pt. 1 of 2

Combat Bulletin #111 - May-Jun51


Animated map shows US movements to 38th parallel & beyond towards Pyongyang.

15:02:39 Allied Units Advance Allied troops on road. US tank past on road, across rice paddies; Infantry assault on hill - shell blasts.

15:03:59 Infantry Receives Close Air Support F-51s, US planes, strafe & dive bomb hilltop & hillside - napalm?

15:05:40 Mud Hampers U.N. Forces US military vehicles, jeeps & trucks, on muddy road. Cleaning large artillery gun; feet deep in mud; waiting for ammunition. Cold-looking wet soldiers. Parachute airdrop of ammunition. Crates hitting ground parachuted from planes. Soldier undoing.

15:07:29 Artillery Pounds Enemy Preparing for assault - stacking 155mm Howitzer shells in bunkers, screwing fuses & cleaning breech block & other gun parts. Firing Howitzers.

Korean War; Battle; Fighting; United Nations; Weapons; Army;

U.N. Counterattack! Pt. 2 of 2

Combat Bulletin #111, May-Jun51

Contact Kept With Reds - US & Allied positions on North Korean front in hills & mountains; camouflage & bunkers dug into hillside. 75mm recoiless rifle cleaned. Lieutenant General Frank Milburn visits front. US troops move across valley & uphill; moving on road w/ mine detector team. Soldier reading enemy propaganda - surrender pamphlet. Talking on field telephone. Setting up, sighting & firing mortar.

15:12:02 Air-ground Team Pinpoints Enemy Ground unit standing by jeep directs pilots bombing of hills from radio telephone. Explosions on mountainside; soldier looking at map on jeep hood. Plane dive bombing.

15:13:46 Attack Continues Allied & US troops on hill machine-gunning houses in valley. North Korean prisoners captured; wounded N. Korean fighter on stretcher. Troops moving, resting. Firing from machine guns mounted on vehicles. Moving uphill & mopping up. Hot chow brought in, eating & moving on.

15:15:56 Navy Rockets Blast Wonsan Loading ammunition on Navy rocket ship for night mission on Wonsan, North Korea. Night battle - rockets fired. (GOOD)

Korean War Propaganda; Fighting;

Reds Launch Spring Offensive Pt. 1 of 2

Combat Bulletin #110 - Apr-May51

20Apr-20May51 Animated map shows movements back & forth South of the 38th Parallel.

15:20:14 U.N. Forces Withdraw British, Belgian, Filipino & US troops break camp in Njeng [?] River area - shelling approaching Communist troops w/ mortar blasts. Convoy retreats towards south. UN tractor burning on roadside. US troops on road firing guns in retaliation to attack. Dusty road. Batallion commanders discuss. Convoy enters Uijongbu - sign. Weary infantry thru rice paddy in rain, crossing stream & resting; guarding railroad tracks. Troops & trucks on road. Firing 155mm big guns. Crossing bridge south of Yapyung ?; engineer batallion pour gasoline & TNT mixture on bridge which burns & explodes.

15:23:55 Lincoln Line Established US troops withdraw to defensive position north of Seoul. US engineers plant landmines & stretch barbed wire across field; US troops on hilltop watch minefield valley w/ recoiless rifle; firing guns w/ HE shells. Tank past; another destroys hut beside road. Tanks waiting in emplacements.

15:26:14 Seoul city center - US troops firing 155mm Howitzers on grounds of bomb-damaged Capitol building firing seen from ground & upper window. CU men cleaning rifles.

Korean War; United Nations; Fighting;

Reds Launch Spring Offensive Pt. 2 of 2

Combat Bulletin #110 - Apr-May51

Tank-Infantry Team Holds Line UN troops & US troops planting anti-personnel mines behind US-held line; trip wires planted. Tanks & infantry men watch. American soldiers move a North Korean soldier who has survived the landmines from a ditch onto the road & search him. CU landmine victim s face in agony & pain. Give first aid. Machine gunners watch valley & fire at village infiltrated by Communists. Tank drives to machine-gunners. Burning village & US troops walk away.

15:29:48 Air-Ground Assault Halts Reds North of Seoul allied planes fire on valley, battle in valley. US officers watch. LS Planes strafing, dropping rockets & napalm. US soldiers firing automatic rifles & machine-guns. Good CUs. Enemy planes shot down.

Korean War Propaganda; United Nations fighting;

Longines Chronoscope [With Sen. Joseph McCarthy], 16Nov51

Opening commercial for Logines-Wittnauer Watch Company. Main title: typewriter typing it out. A Television Journal of the Important Issues of the Hour. Frank Knight introduces Col Ansel E. Talbert, an editor of New York Herald Tribune, & William Bradford Huie of American Mercury.

11:06:38 Huie asks about the atrocity reports of Korea. McCarthy says the Judge Advocate General who let out the story must be telling the truth. Those guilty are Acheson s agrarian reformers.

11:07:40 Huie: As a critic of the State Department & the Administration... Mc: That s putting it mildly!

McCarthy responding to thought that atrocity information was withheld so as to not destroy morale.. I don t believe your troops need to be spoonfed. I think they can take the raw, harsh facts...& they should get them.

11:09:20 Mc: No reason why Stalin should start a shooting war while he is winning so rapidly without a shooting war & while we are cooperating so fully.

11:10:1? Huie: How do you define McCarthyism, sir? Mc: I didn t coin the phrase, The Daily Worker...was the first newspaper to use it...McCarhyism is apparently calling a man a communist and later is proven to be one.

11:10:5? Huie: Have you had any regrets on any of the tactics you ve used on the State Dept. sir? Mc: I think at times we should have hit much the Jessop case... Says that State Dept. can no more change than a leopard can change his spots...quotes Shakespeare.

11:12:02 Huie: Do you think you think you have been guilty of any Un-Americanism yourself... Mc: If fighting Communists & getting a bit rough w/ them...then I must plead to being Un-American... Sen. Tydiings is the man who defeated Sen. Tydings, not McCarthy. McCarthy talks about Tydings challenge to convict 57 Communists... (too expensive, says McCarthy).

11:13:29 Mc: LIttle Willie Benton, Connecticutt s mental midget keeps on, it will be unnecessary for me or for anyone else to do any campaiging against him. He s doing his campaigning against himself!

11:13:45 Mc on his re-election next year. ..very viscious campaign...the usual party line smear attempt...

11:14:38 Mc on Presidential aspirations. I wouldn t take the vice-president... Talks about as senior member of Senate committee will be able to supeana records etc. Talks about McClaren Committee. Only one issue of campaign of 1952...suicidal Kremlin-directed foreign policy.

11:17:02 Frank McKnight concludes, and a commercial as he unwraps a Christmas package of a Longines watch. CU various styles turning.

1950s; Television News Broadcasting; Anti-Communism; Politics; Korean War; Sleaze;

Korean Cease-Fire Talks - 20Jun - 20Jul51

Combat Bulletin #112

13:01:40 Animated map shows lack of territory changes around 38th Parallel & Kaesong where peace negotiations are taking place.

US officers arrive in field in Kaesong & meet Chinese and / or North Korean representatives. Air Force Rescue helicopter takes off. Kaesong area from helicopter. W painted on runway. US negotiators follow Chinese representatives & Chinese woman interpreter. Pan over town of Kaesong. Brief image of US-Chinese conference. US delegates helicopter lands in Munsan after conference & crowd of photographers snap photographs; helicopter takes off again.

13:05:47 Admiral Joy outdoors talking w/ N. Koreans & Chinese. Chinese negotiators arrive. Communist troops outside conference room looking like they re guarding. VO says these images were used as propaganda to make negotiations look like US surrender. Chinese & US delegates exit conference room. US delegation milling about outside nearby billet, newly-built mansion which VO points out doesn t have a latrine. Group sitting on steps - into jeep, driving off; General Ridgeway out of helicopter.

13:08:07 Return to Kaesong conference - Chinese delegates & soldiers w/ Americans; American shows pictures to Chinese who laughs. Chinese out of conference room & drive off in car.

13:09:28 Gen Ridgway w/ press reporters. CU Ridgway s four stars on jeep. Reporters convoy stopped by North Koreans outside Kaesong - Communist talking w/ reporters - blocked convoy retreats. POV back crossing amphibious bridge w/ army truck following. Ridgway s aide Gen Frank A. Allen (SOF) issues statement demanding freedom of movement, removal of troops etc. [sound poor]. Map shows area around Kaesong.

13:14:52 15Jul51 US soldiers remove white flags from jeeps before returning to Kaesong. Road sign: Kaesong. Crossing bridge. Korean children on roadside. US & Chinese delegations enter conference room. Activities & press around conference room, UN correspondents on steps; Chinese filming & taking still pictures; American & Chinese photographers take pictures of each other. Delegates exit conference & Americans depart. Chinese or North Korean on road holding white flag.

13:16:53 Telephone wire laid out by Americans between Kaesong & Munsan Peace Camp; American calls from field telephone. Construction of relay station north of Seoul to be part of a radio network - South Koreans climbing up steep mountain carrying large boxes & installing antenna.

13:18:19 Two Chinese soldiers chased from conference area by South Korean soldier. 15-21Jul51 - end of negotiations - GV Kaesong - Delegates into conference room. North Korean & Chinese soldiers in line in front of conference building. Empty conference table. LS exterior conference compound.

Korean War; Anti-Communism / Communist; Peace Talks; Negotiations: Diplomacy; Propaganda;

U.N. Forces Move North - 20Jan - 20Feb51

Combat Bulletin #107

13:20:30 Animated map shows Allied attempts to recapture Seoul area from North Koreans.

13:22:52 Title: Suwon Recaptured 22-29Jan51 US tanks advance North on road, past villages - into Osan. Soldier cleans machine gun. Troops advance on foot on ice & in snow. Small group Korean villagers hold up South Korean flag. Searching & interrogating Korean civilians; searching houses in small village. Polishing guns; firing 155 Howitzer. Prisoners taken. Man on field telephone.

13:26:04 Search shop on shelled outskirts of Suwon. Destruction & rubble. Tank thru city gate leaving Suwon. General Joseph Bradley looking at map. Searching & interrogating Korean civilians. Men of 25th Division resting.

13:27:06 Title: 25th Division Attacks Towards Seoul. United Nations troops firing in mountains north of Suwon. Chinese prisoners searched & marched down mountain. Tank moves north on road. Exhausted US soldiers sleeping in ditches by roadside. General Bradley discussing assault w/ company commander. CUs tank commanders; tank assault. South Korean unit firing battery. CU South Korean officer on field telephone. Tanks firing.

13:30:41 Title: The Han River Is Reached. 10Feb51 - Allied troops reach Han River bridge. Sign: Seoul - Off limits. Three Chinese PoWs questioned. Fighting on bridge. LS Seoul across bay.

13:31:44 Title: Red Resistance Stiffens. US troops up mountain North of Inchon - Hill 704 recaptured. Chinese POW points out Chinese positions nearby. Tank assault on hill. Flying boxcar parachutes ammunition & supplies.

13:33:31 Title: Assault on Hill 584. Preparing for assault & firing field artillery. Infantry assault on hill. Signalling for gun to fire. Mortars firing. LS shells explode on mountain. Troops moving uphill & firing machine-guns & rifles.

Korean War; Anti-Communism; Propaganda;

[Korean War Fighting ca summer 1951]

Summertime. Allied tank firing at low hills, explosions; shell casing thrown out of tank; LS tanks firing.

15:13:27 Army truck loaded w/ shell casings. Unloading & stacking. Artillery firing; firing from under light camouflage. MCU Powder & shell into casings before firing (GOOD), firing, sighting & reloading. Signalling.

15:14:32 Fighter jet (?) overhead; fighter dive bombing & explosions in mountain valley & on hillside. Dive bombers, napalm, low level bombing.

15:15:45 Barren hillside, burned tree stumps & scorched ground. Entrance to covered hillside trench. Destroyed vegetation.

World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951)

15:37:47 Artillery firing in Korean War; tanks firing near Kuhn Song (sp). Large explosion near highway.

15:37:56 Prisoners taken. MacArthur & other officers past. CU newspapers MAC Is Out.

15:38:10 Cu General Ridgway; row of bodies w/ CU tied hands. MPS, tents & US military peace delegation; North Koreans into tents. Seated w/ documents being signed.

15:38:55 LS delegates from 52 nations meet in San Francisco Opera House to sign treaty w/ Japan. Soviets walk out. Signing by Dean Acheson for U.S. Acheson shaking hands w/ Japanese.

15:39:24 General Eisenhower & other military officers inspecting Allied troops in Korea.

15:39:43 Capitol in winter re 82nd Congress meeting after election. Truman signing ??

15:40:00 Missile on launcher raised, fired w/ booster rocket & seen in slow motion.

15:40:24 Map showing Iran; oiil refinery. Men turning valves on pipes. Street demonstration & tearing signs down. Enormous crowd on buildings, in street. Marchers w/ placards. People running in street seen from building roof.

15:40:53 CU Mossadegh; Mossadegh meeting w/ Security Council.

15:41:11 New United Nations Tower.

15:41:17 Title: Disasters. Overturned railroad engine; body n ground & rescue workers beside multiple cars still smoking. Pennsylvania passenger cars.

15:41:37 Flood w/ fast water thru city streets, thru cars & buildings. people walking thru knee deep water. Kansas City, Missouri & flooded cars beside warehouse; railroad freight cars.

15:42:00 Title: Probes. Ext. & int. of Kefauver crime hearings. Men taking notes. Mayor O Dwyer at microphone.

Committee room in Washington & CU of Frank Costello w/ cigarette. Committee.

15:42:39 Title: Politics. London voting, crowds in Trafalager Square. Churchill thru crowd. On steps of 10 Downing Street.

15:43:00 Senator Robert Taft before press announcing run for President. Governor Earl Warren announces.

15:43:19 Ext. Eisenhower campaign headquarters.

15:43:25 President Truman SOF: One of the things I ve been thinking about is next years s election (laughter). I m not going to make any announcement as to who the candidate is going to be.

15:43:57 Crowd listening filling streets in Cadillac Square, Detroit.

NOTE: Sound track is choppy - not useful.

Cold War; Year Ender;

[Longines Chronoscope w/ Wilmot, Lord John - Anglo-American Relations, 25Jun51] Pt. 1 of 2

Title sequence; Frank Knight does commercial over watches.

07:02:02 Introduction of Henry Hazlitt, William Bradford Huie & guest Lord John Wilmot. Huie: You mean you are a Lord & also a Socialist? Explains he s a member of the Labor Party. Hazlitt: What s your...opinion of this Malik offer...? ...we ve got to be cautious... Huie: ...I believe you ll agree that there s been a great deal of criticism...of what we think is a soft British policy towards Red China... ..we ve no soft policy, not at all; we are w/ you, as Mr. Attlee said, in fighting aggression...but we do hope that we shall carry the Korean War to victory...& the victory will be when we ve turned the aggressor out of South Korea. Hazlitt: Has there been any embarrassment...that the British recognized the Chinese Communists & the Chinese Communists haven t recognized them back? ...some misunderstanding about it...we recognized it as a matter of fact, not as a matter of approval... Hazlitt (?): Are you in favor of admitting Red China now to the United Nations? Certainly not while this agression goes on...! Huie: Are you in favor of the Red Chinese signing the Japanese Peace Treaty? No...

07:05:46 Hazlitt: ...a lot of Americans are interested in your domestic Englishman has only about 9/10 worth of meat per week...about two good did you get into that position...? Well, meat costs dollars, & dollars are very scare. Hazlitt: Well haven t they simply been made scarce by the British Government? No sir, they were made scarce by Hitler; we spent our overseas dollars buying munitions of war before America came into the war. Hazlitt: When you say our dollars though you re speaking of the British government s holdings of dollars. No, no; private citizens! Hazlitt: Well the private citizen isn t allowed to have any holdings, he has to turn them over to the government, doesn t he? That s right. Hazlitt: So therefore that s why he can t buy meat w/ his own holdings because the govt. takes the dollars over, isn t that the situation? ...that s done because we have to mobilize the dollar resources of all British citizens in the first years of the war when we had to pay cash in America & South America for what was necessary to carry on the war against Hitler. Hazlitt: Do you think it is still confiscate...the foreign exchange holdings of its citizens & not buy what they want to buy w/ it? Well, very few citizens have got dollar resources. Hazlitt: ...they would...if they were allowed to keep them, wouldn t they.

...the best to pursue a policy of reasonable fair share...w/ so little, we have to spread it around...evenly. ...we couldn t really tolerate the situation if a few people ate as much as they liked & the rest of the people went without. Hazlitt: Yes, but you ve got a situation where they re all going w/out...we want to find out how that situation came about, & some of us over here think that British Socialism brought about the situation. Oh no, no, no. Continued...

Foreign Affairs; WWII Economics; Post-WW2; Economy; Food Rationing; Currency Exchange; England; Great Britain; 1951; Communism;

NOTE: Pt. 1 & 2 sold as single reel if desired.

[Piper Laurie & Others In Korea For Paul Douglas Show - Pt2]

Unid. Hollywood entertainers mingle w/ servicemen at snowy camp in Korea 30Dec51. Jeep past road sign 2nd Infantry Division Special Service . Servicemen waiting in front of makeshift stage - snow on ground. Blonde actress talks to servicemen outside trailer. Paul Douglas [?] on stage addressing troops - introduces blonde bombshell - good shot over sea of servicemen in tin helmets.

18:36:37 Troupe poses for camera outside entrance to hotel - sign I. Corps Rest Center . INT actress kisses serviceman on stage. Piper Laurie receives gift on stage. Vars CUs performers on stage [some blurry]

Hollywood Stars. Korean War. USO

[Cease-fire Talks After Strafing Incident, Panmunjom, Korea]

21Jan52 VS Korean & US troops next to truck damaged in strafing incident; CUs bullet holes in vehicle; officers arrive to examine damage.

Korean War.

[Korean War - Winter, Tanks & Supply Planes]

Tanks across snow; first one has number 50 on it & face painted. Through underpass - tight fit. Men riding on it through mud. Others over fields. Soldiers past. US soldiers digging in. Smoke on hillside in distance. Tanks firing. Smoke rising. Planes over & bombing w/ smoke rising. MCU soldiers.

06:18:05 AVs Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcars [?] over snowy mountains; planes drop supplies on parachutes.

Military Aviation / Hardware.

[Korean War - Summer Infantry Fighting]

Troops firing heavy artillery under camouflage net; smoke on hillside. Hot weather. Blacks & Whites. Tanks & soldiers along road. Moving through scrubby ground. Soldiers firing machine guns and rifles, radioman & soldiers advancing in crouch. Soldiers firing mortars & rifles. Infantry move up through trees; machine gunners & riflemen. Tank throwing flames.

[Korean War - Heavy Artillery Guns]

Vars shots Black GIs loading heavy gun & firing towards mountain range. Smoke over wooded plain. South Korean? soldier in long grass talking on field telephone; officers in tent talk over radio. GIs prepare heavy gun. Good CUs shells loaded. Smoke over distant ridge. Very large carriage-mounted gun under tarpaulin fired - CUs gun recoil. Field radio wound up. GIs cross shallow river, move through wooded hillside in single file. Explosions from shelling.

08:20:11 CU machine gun firing in undergrowth. Line of troops march up path.

Communications; summer fighting; Walkie-talkie;

[US Artillery Unit Fires On Enemy Positions, Korean War]

All-Black artillery unit loading & firing heavy gun in valley of mountainous region of Korea; smoke cloud in distance. US troops on hillside - firing mortar rounds from dug-in positions. Various heavy guns in action - smoke on ridge in distance - closer shots inc. Black & White GIs loading shell. Many troops shirtless, Summertime. Korean War. fighting;

[United Nations Military Cemetery Ceremony, Korea]

Military & civilians, Oriental & European onto platform & at attention reviewed by ? Many flag poles w/ flags of United Nations in cemetery. United Nations flag on pole. Korea? Military band. Flag raising at cemetery w/ US, United Nations, Korean, Australian, Greek & other flags. Rainy day. MCUs;

1950s; ca 1951;

[USS General John Pope Arriving San Francisco w/ Korean Troops, post-Aug50]

Ferry, two-stack liner or troop ship in San Francisco harbor seen from dock. Two stack troop transport in harbor, pov around stern of General John Pope (AP-110), troops lining rail waving. MCU from below.

15:02:30 On board, CU of papers w/ photograph of oriental soldier. Korean (?) troops on board w/ ROK patches on uniform posing. US officers shaking hands.

15:03:51 Officers greeted coming down gangway. Marching out of dock arrival building. More shots of troops on board, marching, greetings inside dock building.

15:05:13 Korean officers speaking w/ reporters talking notes, translator. Reviewing US troops, MPs. At attention on dock, marching away from ship General John Pope.

Korean War; 1951 ca

NOTE: USAT Gen. John Pope resumed service 20Jul1950.

Korea - Camera Gun Footage - colour faded / poor quality

AVs Strafing roads, landing strip, forested area. AVs showing contours of land. Mountain areas. Strafing Roads and railway yard? smoke rising.

Korea - Inchon Area September 1950 - Colour

US troops - battle scenes. North Korean POWs. Soldier using field telephone walking behind tank. Soldier climbing tall chimney? and using binoculars. US troops with young Korean children. Troops marching down road. Old Korean man walking down centre of road. US troops advance - welcoming Koreans. Dead bodies in road.

12:38:00 Corsair landing - pilot out and welcomed. Speaking with General.

12:39:23 Pan round residential area. Troops sitting relaxing. Sign Greater Los Angeles Press Club, Kimpo Branch. Troops and tanks advance down dusty road. Washing hanging from radio mast? US military truck moving out. North Korean pows? folding uniforms. Sign - restricted area, keep out.

[Korean War Fighting]

Korean War, soldiers up hillside, tanks in valley. Men firing machine guns; Jets dropping napalm & explosions on opposite hillside. Soldiers moving up past burning straw huts. Troops running w/ full packs.


News In Brief - New Thunderstreak Fighter Bomber

New Fighter-bomber inaugurated - Thunderstreak taken out of hangar and in flight. Re Korean War

Red Prison Riot: UN Guards Kill 87 As POWs Riot On Island

LS Ponggam Island after riot. AV prison camp. VS prisoners watched by armed guards. Camp Commander Colonel Miller. Injured prisoners. Prisoners crouching in barbed wire enclosure.

Korean War.

Korea Elects: Syngman Rhee Wins By Wide Majority

VS Koreans outside polling stations, inspect posters. Truck in street w/ megaphone distributes campaign leaflets. Women look at large painting of Syngman Rhee. People queue to vote. VS Koreans place votes inc. women w/ babies. President Rhee in panama hat places vote and poses for cameras.


News In Brief [Korean War]

Soldiers climb steep muddy slope in wet-weather gear; dig trench in ground waterlogged by torrential rains; soldiers filthy, one looks at camera w/ miserable expression. Washed-out road repaired.

Longines Chronoscope with Arthur Bliss Lane

TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Introduced by Frank Knight; William Bradford Huie & Henry Hazlitt talk with Arthur Bliss Lane, former US Ambassador to Poland & Yugoslavia, re Katyn Forest massacre of 15,000 Polish officers by Soviets c. Apr-May40 - graves not discovered until 1943; shows what Soviet criminal methods are . Lane offers evidence of Soviet guilt. Soviet policy is always to stamp out the roots of intellectualism in every country, in other words the roots of nationalism . Russians blaming Germany - believed by US. Suggestion that similar events now occurring in Korea - US PoWs found in mass graves w/ hands tied behind backs. Political row stirred up by Lane s investigations.

13:28:54 Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches past camera.

WWII. Korean War. War Crimes / Atrocities. Cover-ups.

Top News Stories Of 1952

Crowds of American voters - Eisenhower campaign speech ...with speed and honour I shall go to Korea - applause - neon news in Times Square [?] Eisenhower Elected - Ike & wife cheered onto stage.

17:50:36 Ike off plane in Korea - reviews troops.

17:50:58 Truman seizes steel industry after strikes - Judge Pine rules against President in court battle.

17:51:25 Death of King George VI - Princess Elizabeth reviews Royal Guard on horseback.

17:52:02 Riots over Suez Canal & Sudan occupation. King Farouk exiled after Egyptian military coup.

17:52:31 Nationalisation of British oil in Iran - demonstration - Mossadegh at the Hague.

17:53:04 Devastated buildings in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after air crash. Wreckage of plane which crashed on West coast killing 86 GIs. British jet explodes over air show killing 29 - engine hurtles into crowd. Rescue operation among wreckage of trains which collided outside London - 200 dead. US freighter Flying Enterprise sinks of English coast w/ Captain Carlsson hailed as hero.

17:54:28 Rebellion of 20,000 Communist prisoners at Korean PoW camp on Koje Island - UN guards throw smoke bombs. 87 North Korean prisoners killed during violence on Pongam Island - rioters marched away by armed guards.

17:54:58 Damage from prison riots in Michigan & New Jersey.

17:55:18 US explodes hydrogen bomb - Marshall Islands ?

Korean War. Nuclear / Atomic Warfare. Anti-Communism. Disasters.

News In Brief

Troop ship docks in San Francisco w/ soldiers home for Christmas from Korea. A-B-C-D Quads off ship & pose for cameras - Anthony, Bernard, Carl & Donald Perricone. Recruitment Officer on dock.

Korean War. Leave. Quadruplets. Veterans.

News In Brief: Korea

Hollywood stars off plane in Korea for USO tour greeted by servicemen. Banner on building Welcome Meeting For Cardinal Spellman - Spellman into jeep for tour of front lines - Korean kids watching - Spellman visits wounded GIs.

Korean War.

Military Life And You

Are You Ready For Service? Series Issue #11 - Coronet Instructional Films

21:09:42 CU Army recruits marching, tilt up from feet as troops perform drill. US Navy & Air Force recruits marching. VO You ll spend a lot of time drilling and learning how to drill...even the ladies do it Women troops march. Troops parade in ceremonial dress. VO re good impression made by soldiers drilling / parading - somehow you know that whatever situation they re faced with, they ll make a good account of themselves . Shots of cadets training in camp & sailors drilling w/ cutaways to combat situations inc. troops running off landing craft onto beach. VO re discipline. Fighter planes on aircraft carrier & in flight.

21:11:54 Night guard duty: Discipline pays off here, when you re on your own & your imagination plays tricks on you...or is it your imagination? CU w/ worried look.

21:12:35 House w/ teenage boy Kurt asleep in bed. VO says he takes a dim view of discipline...a rugged individualist . Narrator points out ways in which he displays self-discipline. Alarm clock goes off, gets up for school, makes bed, smiles into kitchen, eats breakfast w/ family but father tells him he must finish a task after school or he won t get to use the car. VO says sulking means he s not a man & not ready for service.

21:14:45 Navy officer turns barrack light on as morning wake-up call heard; recruits off bunks, make beds etc. Good ol Mom won t be there to pick up after you . Recruits queue for chow, if you re finnicky about food, get over it . Recruits line up on parade ground - VO you ll take orders every day . Training scenes showing how to salute; cleaning guns, reading rules.

21:16:14 Kurt walking to school as VO points out haven t you been following rules and regulations all your life? CU traffic lights, cross street, traffic. Lunch queue at school; boy tries to push in & sent to back on line. VO And you know what we call a man who doesn t follow the rules? He s a poor sport .

21:17:03 Soldier sitting slouched on steps thinking. VO ..showing no respect for his uniform & threrefore a poor soldier ; good soldier out of barracks w/ immaculate uniform, salutes officer; VO re military coutesy w/ shots of servicemen saluting superiors [& women] while working on plane, at guard post, etc..

21:17:56 Kurt fixing lawnmower as father demanded. Kurt plays on softball team; rulebook consulted - VO The important thing to remember about military life is that it s a life for men. The best way to get ready for that life is to grow up . Kurt thrown out of game; onto bench but he d be childish to get sore about it .

21:18:54 Recruits drill - VO discipline is the difference between a mob and an army . CUs servicemen salute at camera; tracking shot past sailors standing at attention w/ rifles - one Black recruit. Recruits towards camera w/ US & military Marine ?] flags.

Korean War; Recruitment; Teamwork; Conformity; Cold War;

Inflation Pt. 1 of 2

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films / Twentieth Century Fund

Longer EB co-production explaining inflation w/ unusually well-produced & acted dialogue scenes.

18:32:40 Good color 1950s city street scenes, people crossing street, sidewalk shots, shoppers. VO ...when inflation does come, it s like this : various brief dialogue scenes w/ people complaining about prices & quality of goods inc. man trying on suit If all you wanted was my right arm, why d you bother to sew on two sleeves? More street scenes showing traffic & pedestrians.

18:33:33 Man & woman onto bus; INT driver tells woman No lady, I said ten cents, no more nickels... , Well you don t have to be so fresh about it . Male passenger: So this is what they mean by highway robbery, where did you leave your mask? , Look mister, I just drive this loaf, take it up with the government .

18:33:52 Montage CUs gasoline pump dial; coin counter; cash register.

18:34:01 Man buying groceries at store checkout - more complaints - Inflation or no inflation you gotta eat, how can I buy anything else if you keep on hiking up the prices? Woman makes comment about clerk/store manager not understanding English - manager replies Look mister, I only work for a living same as you, if it costs me more I ve gotta charge you more ; man on telephone to supplier complains about raised prices; supplier at canning factory telling manufacturer to keep costs down.

18:34:49 Farmer pulls up to camera in tractor - Whatcha lookin at me for? Supposin we are better off than we used to be? Don t use the depression as a yardstick for us, used to be we couldn t even give our stuff away... ...machinery, labor, fertilizer, we re caught in this inflation business same as you.

18:35:23 Fred arrives home w/ groceries; complaining about prices; wife says he has to get a raise. Fred in meeting at work, boss tells them he can t give yet another raise but union rep demands it. Fred brooding over issues raised. VO Poor Fred Andrews.

18:36:52 Female teacher rants to camera What do you mean poor Fred Andrews? - complains about position of public service workers & those w/o unions, conditions in schools etc.

18:37:14 Mayor in office w/ cigar sarcastically: Mister Mayor I need this, Mister Mayor I need that, Mister Mayor, Mister Mayor, Mister Mayor; Why don t they call me Mr Superman... Cutaways to school, road repair, street light, hospital, library, garbage truck; ...and the price of everything is going do you think we re going to do it unless taxes go up? ...they all blame me for it . Montage all people who ve been complaining so far; VO Hey, hey wait a minute...we re all to blame in part, now let s try to get this inflation business straight . Cont d...

Economics; Post-Korean War Americana; 1950s Fashions; Funny Dialogue; Humor; Educational Films;

Inflation Pt. 2 of 2

Illustrations & animation showing consumer goods put into boxes - clothes, food, building materials, household appliances, goodies ; Piled boxes.

18:39:16 Money piled up alongside boxes. VO too few goods or too much money, depending on how you look at it . Fred & wife (SOF) want to know where extra money came from. Argue.

18:40:00 Animated calendar pages flip back to 1938; Couples dancing; Fred accidentally tunes in to Hitler speech on large floor radio - WWII headlines montage.

18;41:33 Fred working in quartermaster s store handing out Army uniforms; wife working as secretary to factory boss; boss at bank arranging $2.5m loan for war contract. Capitol Building (GOOD); VO re war contracts & credit expenditure .

18:42:20 AV Pentagon; shots of bank ext., int. meetings & heavy industry w/ loan agreements supered; good shot man in factory office as fighter planes pass along production line through glass. Cut back to Fred & Alice in 1952; SOF: Would you mind telling me what all this has to do with inflation? .

18:43:15 Animation showing tanks, planes & ships produced for war - too much money created, so prices have to rise.

18:44:17 Montage SOF: people complaining.

18:44:43 Town meeting (SOF) Economist Professor Daniel Seabrook introduced by Mayor, answers questions about inflation from Fred et al w/ cutaways to animated diagrams; narrator interrupts to ask him to clarify & everyone turns to look at camera.

18:47:26 Seabrook over illustrations of goods.

18:48:36 Every economy that can be made should be made... Most of the tax money we pay goes for defence, and for paying for past wars... .

18:49:26 More taxes? CUs people s faces looking concerned as economist sums up w/ defense-orientated speech ...we must not only be willing to defend ourselves, we must also be willing to pay the necessary price. Talks about need to incrrease productivity. This may mean waiting for that new car or washing machine, doing without a new suit or dress, or postponing a non-defense business expansion. It may mean doing without a raise or price increase, it means less spending, more saving. [Ends abruptly.]

Economics; 1950s Americana Fashions; Post-Korean War Economy; Government Bonds;

[HITC Combat Training, Kahuka, Oahu, Hawaii, Mar52; Medal of Honor Awards, Ft. Schafter, 22Mar52]

Slate: 21Mar52 LS of hills, explosioins on side & view from above. Soldiers w/ rifles running up, firing. Heavy smoke. Tank advancing past phosphorus explosion, troops follow tank.

08:01:59 Helicopter & military ambulance, clearing & landing. Soldiers in group firing mortars; several machine guns firing as instructor watches. Man out of military ambulance, stretcher w/ man to helicopter.

08:04:05 Men fusing charge. LS of hillside range. Troops by road w/ bazooka, in foxholes fire rifles & machine guns. run down road; tank down road w/ large explosions alongside. Men out of tank in smoke. Navy helicopter landing, takeoff.

08:07:12 Troops seated on hillside.

08:07:24 Slate: 22Mar52 Ft. Schafter, Oahu Presentation of Medal of Honor awards. MCU officers & wives talking, laughing. Medals & handshake to man in suit, woman receiving medal, mother receiving medal. Officer pins medal on uniform.

Korean War Awards; Training;

[Presentation of Military Decorations, Hunter s Field, Schofield Barracks]

Marching band leading troops arcross field on cloudy day. Officers at attention. 4-star Lt. General Henry S. Aurand, CO, US Army Pacific, pins Silver Star on Cpl Harlan F. Kurisu, Bronze Star w/ device for valor on M/Sgt Walter Yamashita, & Bronz Star on Pfc Wallace T. Hayami all of 8285th AU for service in Korea. pins award onto soldiers.

Korean War Decorations;

Note: Reel is flipped.

U.S. Germ Warfare In Korea Pt. 1 of 2

Presented by The Peace Committee of the Korean People s Democratic Republic; w/ English subtitles.

Dead US soldier; burned & wrecked tanks, trucks, equipment. Dead from saturation bombings. Burning & badly damaged factories. Bodies in snow. Burned bodies.

11:06:23 Korean title - Napalm The Receiving End. Victims w/ badly burned faces, hands. Disfigured. In hospital beds.

11:06:56 Korean title - And From Jan 1952 - Germ Warfare. Illustrated map. Text. Animation of points of contact (?).

11:07:34 Large reservoir, men digging, finding bacteria in water on surface of ice & snow. Snowing to others. Bomb cannister nearby that delivered ?? parachute attachment. Dead (?) frogs. Melting snow. CU infected insect. Microscope shots of various insects.

11:09:23 Medical man reporting; men on radios; ambulance & trucks w/ medical personnel thru countryside. in protective suits gathering samples & putting in test tubes. Burning brush w/ gasoline. Gathering dropped straw packages w/ shell fish.

11:10:56 Victims of plague that was dropped. Disinfecting building w/ hand sprayers; w/ powder. At farm in countryside gathering victims & putting in coffin w/ lye & spraying. Burning on bonfire.

11:12:13 Research nurses & scientists working in hospital to test substances; find plague, typhus & ??

11:12:48 Microscope shot. Testing for virulence on mice.

Korean War; Bacteriological Warfare; Chemical Warfare; Confessions; Propaganda;

U.S. Germ Warfare In Korea Pt. 2 of 2

Military interviewing captured U.S. Air Force spy, Norman ?? Reporters around table.

11:14:15 He speaks in English describing dropping two bombs 200 mph & 500 ft & says they were to report the bombs as ordinary dubs. Signing confession.

11:15:15 MCU Pilot John Quinn confirms in English bombs dropped on 04Jan & 11Jan were w/o fuses & were in fact germ bombs.

11:16:25 North Korean workers listening to speakers outdoors.

11:17:26 Room w/ meeting & photos on wall of Stalin, Kim Il Sung, Mao. Crating monographs & loading in trucks; leaving factory. Man talking in yard to waorkers. Students & others visit display of dud bombs, posters of illustrations & exhibits about germ warfare. Good posters.

11:18:58 Group of North Koreans & Democratic Lawyers . Unearthing ?? Crying women telling them stories. Sitting at outdoor table, blond woman reporter taking notes. Meeting the scientists. Talking to John Quinn; talking to families of victims.

11:21:16 Warehouse w/ cartons & wicker baskets. Loading truck w/ medical supplies & through countryside. Arriving at village & giving North Korean soldiers injections in trenches. Van to sterilize clothing; nurses giving injections in van to smiling soldiers & sailors; school children. Highway & spraying trucks; mass disinfection. Spraying under roads, in villages. Groups of men & women cleaning all soil, wells, streets.

11:24:37 Plane spotters watching for U.S. planes circling low. Trucks waiting, medical personnel lined up. Closing slogan type title. The U.S. plan will not succeed. The End.

Korean War; Bacteriological Warfare; Chemical Warfare; Confessions; Propaganda;

[Eisenhower Campaigning; Nixon by radio to Republican Convention w/ Ike s response, 1952]

Ext. (Si.) Ike walks thru crowd of applauding well-wishers. At railroad station, speaking at microphones (MOS) from RR car as people listen in rain. MS listening; MS speaking.

20:11:36 Si. POV leaning out of train pulling into station; speaking from rear to crowd in small town.

20:11:51 Si. Motorcade thru city w/ tall buildings, waving to waving crowd.

20:12:08 Sd. Robert Taft to mic & crowd applauding. I feel proud that citizens of Cincinnati have come out in such numbers... Introduces Ike & they both wave. I can summarize the purpose of everything I have to say in a four word axiom of Jefferson: Peace is our passion! Peace is my passion. (applause)

20:13:14 What I deplore in these cases of Berlin & Korea is this: the incompetence of political leaders which made military action necessary. (applause) Our fighting men of all services were summoned to snatch military victory from political defeat. Democracy cannot afford the luxury of assigning armies of soldiers to go around picking up after their statesmen. (applause) It takes smugness to try to stifle critics as the Democrat candidate did last week with the epigram that A wise man does not try to hurry history . Every American knows the answer to that one: neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him. (applause).

20:14:19 Si. Ike off train waving, shakes hands, photographers. Holds up broom w/ Ike signs on it. Crowd filling square - listening, Ike speaking (MOS).

20:15:01 Si. Ike & Mamie looking closely at television set. No tv picture visible.

20:15:10 Sd. Auditorium seen from front w/ Nixon voice speaking saying he s leaving decision to the Republican National Committee as to whether or not he stay s on the ticket. View of front of auditorium w/ crowd listening to Nixon s voice over the telephone. Nixon says he will continue this fight, he will campaign up & down America until we drive the the crooks and the Communists...and remember Eisenhower is a great man. Crowd stands & cheers.

20:16:06 Sd. Man at podium of Republican Convention: We want to take the vote, all those in favor of Nixon continuing as candidate will say Aye Large cheering aye!. Band plays. Eisenhower led to podium, w/ Taft & Mamie.

20:16:46 I have been a warrior & I like courage; and tonight I saw an example of courage. I do not mean to say that there will not be some who will find no items, nuances...stands up in front of all the American people & bares his bare the secrets of his economic life... Ike goes on & reads letter he s sending to Nixon asking him to fly to meet w/ him.

20:18:38 There shall be no...I am trying to show the American people what has been the result to them, abroad & at home, of an administration that has been too long in power. And as a result has grown arrogant, complacent & indifferent & away from the people.

Politics; Political Process; Korean War;

Korea (Sygman Rhee Presents Medal to Gen. Van Fleet, 1952)

President Syngman Rhee & wife arrive at 8th Army HQ in Seoul, Korea by car. CU. US Army information as Rhee at mic reads (MOS) citation of honor; presents medal to Four-Star General Van Fleet. Hand shake.

California (USS Haven, AH-12, Arrives W/ Wounded, 1952)

Hospital ship USS Haven (AH-12) arrives w/ Korean War wounded. Men play w/ handle-bar moustache of man. Men at rail; greeting families waving from dock. Children waving. Men carried off on stretchers; in casts. Leaving in Red Cross buses.

[Prison camp - Koje Island, Feb52?]

US LST 1090, naval ship, lowering bow & troops ashore. (do not see this)

Prison camp - one legged prisoner; shots thru wire of camp prisoner holding up sign in Chinese (?) after piling blankets on ground.

NOTE: May be 18Feb52 Koje Island riot aftermath by North Korean prisoners.

[Korean War - Summer Fighting - US Army, n.d.]

Summer, artillery; officer & Black sergeant (?) soldier. Gun & crew under light camouflage netting firing towards hillside. Various positions; men throwing powder into ?? & firing. Explosions.

13:01:04 MS Spotter on field telephone in grass; men in tent on phones. Men adjusting artillery & signal for firing. MCU officer (?) in tent on phone. Rounds fired, gun swabbed. CU firing & reloading; explosions (GOOD).

13:03:05 GIs cranking field radio generator. LS men wading shallow river or wide stream; thru hillside forest.

13:03:45 Looking across valley; running. Firing salvo from hillside w/ bazookas, machine guns (CU) & feeding shells. Large phosphorus explosion w/ smoke rising.

13:04:47 Men walking up steep road.

Battles; Infantry;

Service and Citizenship

Are You Ready For Service? Series Issue #3 - Coronet Films

Military parade - teenage boys watch from behind barriers & hold hands over chest proudly - VO Howie s brother reading letter to him all of a sudden you re filled with that I gotta do my part feeling... - cut to Howie reading letter at home, brother telling him to listen to his advice. Older brother Bill writing letter from military camp - Citizen Army - VO continues re learning good citizenship through everyday activities, not just through military service. Military training scenes - Bill salutes US flag - defending way of life . Howie at school in class & playing basketball. Zoom in on school blackboard w/ definition Citizenship is the earning of rights by fulfilling reponsibilities . Cuts back to Howie reading letter - flashback to Howie accompanying father to polling station & asking mother why she spends spare time on PTA work.

17:22:06 Family discuss citizenship when Bill home on leave - you can t take things out of life without putting something back in - discuss jury duty etc. - service in the armed forces is the heaviest responsibility of citizenship . WWII montage battleship, tanks, fighter planes, beach landing. More shots Bill at work in Citizen Army camp - finishes writing letter - your job is to meet the responsibilities of citizenship at home .

Korean War. Democracy. Elections. 1950s.

Korea - Camp Munsan-Ni

Line of ambulances arriving .

13:02:02 Film fault to 13:03:42

13:03:46 Tent with sign Welcome, Gate to Freedom . Generals standing at entrance. Man carried on stretcher. Ambulances carrying released prisoners of war. More ambulances with POWs. MP watches. Cameramen. Stretcher cases out of ambulances. Line of ambulances leaving camp. Released POWs moved around to different tents. Clearance proceedure?

Korea - Prisoner Exchange. Camp Munsan-Ni,

US released prisoners of war arrive by military truck. POWs helped out of trucks, details taken. Sign Welcome Gate to Freedom . Rear view line of ambulances down road. Native carrying bundle on back walking down road. South Korean? soldiers helped out of truck.

Korea - Prisoner Exchange / Dulles Signs Security Pact

Military helicopter landing, locals waving, many women and children watching. 2nd take, helicopter landing, Korean injured helped from chopper.

04:03:23 John Foster Dulles enters room, takes seat at table. Signs Mutual Security Pact with Pyun Yung Tae. Men shake hands. Dulles and party leave meeting place. Four star general in doorway.

Flag Salute - UN Units In Korea Parade For Ridgway

Chief of Staff Matthew Ridgway with Generals Taylor and Hull visit Syngman Rhee. Reviews troops of UN nations - parade - British & Australians troops.

News In Brief - Army Salvages Korean War Debris

Korean harbour - Loading empty shell cases and metal scrap aboard ship for recycling in US steel mills. Korean labour.

Damaged tanks, bulldozers and other equipment shipped to Japan where they are repaired by American engineers.

Operation Big Stick Reel 4 24/25th Aug 1953 (Korean War related)

Officers standing next to aircraft. Crewman exits C-97 from front hatch. Brig. General Fay R. Upthegrove greets Maj. General Sweeney, others present.

05:09:10 Officer group walking towards camera.

05:09:25 Camera slate re Security Classification Top Secret.

05:09:33 B-36 landing at Kadena AFB Okinawa. Excellent shot landing flying past F-94s on field. CU as B-36 taxiis to standstill. Crew out of plane, Col. James Edmondson, commander 95th Bomb Wing greeted by Brig. General Fay R. Upthegrove. Still cameramen taking photos. Colonel into car, more shots crew leaving B-36. Crew in chow hut.

Air And Ground Action In Korea

Captain Joseph McConnell taking off on MIG-hunting mission after joining ranks of USAF Double Aces. Air to air shots US Sabre jets fighting enemy MIGs - gun-camera footage McConnell shoots down tenth plane. Tank recovery mission in Pork Chop Valley under cover of air & ground barrage - crippled tank towed out of danger zone.

Korean War.

News In Brief [3rd Infantry Division, Korea Ceremony] (26Nov53)


Si. Pres. Syngman Rhee & Gen.Maxwell Taylor walking. CU Sign: 3d Inf Div Review Field Organization Day Soldiers watching as Korea pins ribbon to unit flag & award to two-star General. Troops Pass in Review. Korean War Ceremony; 3rd Infantry Division;

Operation Big Switch - Returned POWs Interviewed, ca 03Oct53

Freedom Village, Korea

Dr. Sidney Esensten talks about what he was told by North Koreans as to what American doctors would be doing when America is liberated. Also propaganda that was told to the POWs; how they were isolated.

19:27:57 Tells story of effect of will to live on men & of squalor etc.

Communist Propaganda; Prisoner of War; Korean War;

Note: Sound is poor.

[Armistice Coverage by UNKRA Film Unit, Munsan-Ni, Korea, 27Jul53]

Gen. Mark Clark signing several copies of Armistice at table at Munsan-Ni, Korea as seated US officers watch. Microphones in front (MOS). MLS of room. Photographers to table when done.

08:21:58 Panmunjom confernence room int. North Korean officers watching.

08:22:13 Three Allied officers. Man holds lights on North Koreans for photographs. Table w/ MS of senior North Korean officer signing documents flanked by two others; flag on table.

08:22:55 Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison, Jr. signing assisted by two others.

08:24:20 Pan over watching Allied officers, MP standing. Newsreel camera of North Koreans filming. Military leaving building.

Korean War Agreement; 1953;

Universal International Newsreel - Red Lie Bared: Germ War Confession Forced, Fliers Say

US airman at table before mics w/ North Korean & European reporters at press conferences. Two

21:07:54 SOF Paul Kniss (?) (in black shirt) speaking: One thing I forget to mention on the germ bombs that we could tell they were germ bombs from ordinary bombs is the loading time; the germ bombs were loaded fifteen minutes before our mission where ordinarily our aircraft were loaded two hours or more before a mission.

21:08:12 And here is what Lt. Niss had to say after repatriation from a Red prison camp when given the opportunity to speak freely... ...I did make confessions up there...recordings, movies and had interviews w/ reporters. All this information given in this so-called confession was entirely w/o basis; it was rung out of me by torture, both mental & physical. Before each & every interview....I was given the opportunity of death...

Germ Warfare Confessions; Korean War; Truth; Defense Department Propaganda;

[Korean War - Germ Warfare Confession Discussed by Released Confessor]

Lt. Kenneth Enoch (sp?)asked about his confession to Chinese of Germ Warfare bombing raids over North Korea. Says so-called germ warfare charges are completely without grounds. ...anyone w/ knowledge of Air Force activities...could tell... Asked about motion pictures of confession. Says he was told by an interpreter that all Chinese investigators were personnally screened by Chou En-lai before coming to interregate POWs. They made no attempt to get to the heart of the matter w/ me...these movies, wire recordings & interviews were forced upon me...they would give me the so-called lenient treatment policy.

21:30:32 They used both physical & mental pressure, but primariily the Communists work on mental pressure; they don t like to leave any marks... ...repititition, they used that a repeat over, and over and over again...threatened me that I should never leave alive....anybody that doesn t play their game is classed as a war-monger...

21:32:30 Asked if he knows of any other exploitation made of his confession. Yes...they forced me to write two articles for their prison camp newspaper...and an open letter to the Chinese Peoples Volunteers...

21:33:15 Asked if he felt he was treated according to Geneva Convention. No sir, not in many respects...

Talks about solitary confinement; constant interregation; poor food & constant diarrhea.

21:35:50 Says he has never heard that United Nation forces carried out any germ warfare.

Torture; Military Traitor; Recanting; 1950s; North Koreans;

[Korean War - Lt. Paul Kniss Confessing to Communists; Interviewed Upon Release Recanting]

Pilot Paul Kniss in black in North Korea w/ captors at table smokes & talks; gives his serial number & history in the US Air Force. European reporter w/ beard listening; Oriental reporters taking notes. F-51 base w/ 18th Fighter Bomber Group & part of 12th Squadron. Shot down on 27th mission, 31May52. European men & women reporters taking notes.

21:38:35 Describes his Germ Mission of 27th March 1952 & briefing w/ photographs, but could see no gun emplacements. Describes bombs being loaded by men in white suits & masks; loading by hand.

21:41:00 View from other end of table; he continues talking about taking shower afterwards but it could not clean his soul. Men didn t talk about the mission;.

21:41:55 Leader

21:42:02 Paul Kniss in uniform rebutting his confession. Interviewer asks about radio broadcasts & motion pictures that included his confession & asked for statement. The confessions were all forced on me...mainly mental torture & some physical torture...the details were all mine except those that matched a previous pilot that was shot down. Asked if he knows of any other use made of his torture.

21:43:59 Gives method of torture sitting for 20 hrs on floor w/ constant interrogation. Tells about being sick.

21:44:46 Are you familiar w/ provisions of Geneva Convention... Yes.. Says he did not receive treatment afforded by Geneva Convention... the fascists of the last war. They entirely ignored the Geneva Convention... Asked he participated in any missions that could possibly have been a bacteriological raid. Says he had never heard any rumor other than from Communists.

Torture; Military Traitor; Recanting; 1950s; North Koreans;

Nixons in Korea ? and Japan

Nixon walking in group - inspects guard of honour - with officers.

05:37:55 Japan ? Ceremonial coach with outriders crosses bridge and lawns. Nixon and wife Pat leaving building or palace and into car.

[Korean War Peace Talks]

Jeeps wait at crossing gate at pontoon bridge. Border gate raised, jeeps across & POV from bouncy third jeep. POV back as US Army trucks following on road. POV ahead to jeep w/ dog running up road in front. Thru towns w/ a few Koreans along road. North Koreans in army truck.

12:36:53 North Korean soldiers in brush at foot of tree. Inside & outside of ?? View over valley w/ farms, machine gun visible.

12:37:08 Jeeps arrive. North Korean officers march to ?? Journalists sitting, typing. Asking questions of military. More jeep arrivals. Korean reporter (?) tries to light cigarette for North Korean who turns away. Various soldiers smoking, North Koreans looking suspicious. US military radio truck set up. Hook up power. Various delegations walk w/ briefcases; enter shabby meeting building. North Koreans leaving building & leaving in jeeps past camera (GOOD). US jeeps leave.

12:39:40 Chinese holding 35mm camera. Photographers taking pictures of jeep leaving. US soldiers drinking ?? North Korean women soldiers talking to korean soldier.

12:40:20 Pan over valley w/ village or farms & old style buildings.

12:41:08 US soldier talking w/ Chinese or North Korean (?) soldiers. Sitting around taking notes & smoking cigarettes. Army still photographers.

12:41:56 US Army officers sitting on stone steps. Walking to jeeps & leaving w/ briefcases.

12:42:38 US & Korean Military reporters waiting, talking. Posing for pictures of each other. US officers leaving. North Koreans out; posing. US officers sitting on steps. IEmpty interior shot of meeting room. Groups outside talking.

Korea - UN Planes Smash At Red Supply Depots

Men & planes on aircraft carrier Oriskany in rough seas; MCU prop plane ited down w/ wings folded up. Men shoveling snow from deck & chipping ice. Heavily iced guns. Jets on deck.

07:02:19 Jet in air. POV strafing railroad train near village, trucks on road, ships along coast.

07:02:42 Burning oil storage tanks & depot. Swish pan to...

07:02:48 Jeep greeted by young Korean children at school. CU sign: Do- Bong Orphan Asylum. Kids run, greet soldier w/ box of clothes & bedding. CUs of kids in new winter clothes.

Korean War; 1953 ca; Winter Aerial Fighting; Propaganda;

News In Brief (Chara Temple Bell Returned to Korea)

US Navy ship 629 returns 262 year old temple bell to Korean village from Japan where it was taken near end of WWII. People watching as bell in crate unloaded & moved through large crowd. Children in native dress watch. Bell is rolled into place. Military man, civilian & Korean shake hands. Priests dedicate in ceremony.

News In Brief - Korea - Rhee visits new towns

Synghman Ree with military officers - crowds of Korean women and children - housing, Rhee inspects new house, exits with military - crowds clapping.

News in Brief - Secretary of Defense Wilson in Korea

Wilson out of plane arriving in Korea; welcomed by Far East Commander Maxwell Taylor; Wilson & wife given flowers. Wilson interviewed?

News in Brief - Ike Appeals for the American Korean Foundation

Ext White House. Ike at desk :

I have seen in my own life the devastation caused by war... relief dollars in Korea will literally perform miracles... shelter for homeless children... I deeply hope that the people in this country will respond generously...

News In Brief - 45th Division Leaves Korea

Thunderbird Division returns home. Polish representatives present at embarkation.

News In Brief - Los Angeles

Locomotives shipped to Korea on Philippine Bear. American VIP and South Korean VIP shake hands. Locomotives loaded on ship at dock. Korean woman and child pose in locomotive.

Korean War

Anti-Reds Are Freed In Korea

Anti-Communist Chinese prisoners of war freed from stockades - marching & cheering w/ banners. Chinese troops ready to join Chiang Kai Shek s Free Chinese Forces on Formosa. US & British? officers remaining in camp w/ 300 pro-Communist North Korean PoWs refusing repatriation. Freed PoWs ride through Seoul on back of trucks - cheering crowds.

Korean War. Anti-Communism.

Marilyn Monroe Shows, K-2 & K-16, Korea [Pt 1]

10-19Feb54 MS Marilyn Monroe in front of helicopter wearing military-style bomber jacket over dress - troops taking photos. Monroe walks w/ three MPs through the area; Monroe w/ Gen. McGarr. CU Monroe receives mail from an MP. GIs queue near Welcome Marilyn Monroe sign. VS Monroe posing for GIs w/ cameras - jacket off showing tight dress. VS group of spectators watching show; musicians on stage under Bulldozer Bowl sign [NB picture jumps due to lost loop].

19:06:56 Excellent HA pan across huge crowd of servicemen to stage - large cross in BG - smoke hanging in air. LS stage seen from back of crowd. GIs holding banner Greetings from the 82nd Ack Ack . LS Bulldozer Bowl; audience shots. MCU Gen McGarr & party view the show.

19:08:00 MLS Monroe onto stage - VS performing for troops. CU Marilyn signs autograph. CU Marilyn talks w/ GI photographers. Monroe on jeep through crowd - blows kiss at camera. Sign 2nd US INF DIV. LS helicopter coming in for landing; Monroe exits helicopter, is greeted by officers and men & into car.

19:10:02 Night scenes: low-angle shots of Monroe performing on the stage w/ male quartet - it appears to be cold [slightly underexposed]. Day scenes: Monroe w/ MP escort as she walks through GIs - snow on ground. Welcome sign outside hut.

19:11:30 CU Marilyn climbing into jeep - stands up and poses for the GIs, back to camera - jeep moves out. Side shots male singers performing for the GIs w/ band.

19:13:27 Side shots Monroe performing before mic - sings and dances - trademark wiggle . Good.

Hollywood Stars. USO.

Marilyn Monroe Shows, K-2 & K-16, Korea [Pt 2]

16-19Feb54 VS Marilyn Monroe exits helicopter, gets into jeep & rides away. Monroe on tank w/ GIs taking pictures - tank moves off.

19:14:55 Huge crowd of GIs watching entertainers perform on the Grenadier Palace stage. LS over heads of troops to stage in distance. Large group of GIs use cameras & binoculars; MCU Monroe on stage performing in the rain.

19:16:06 MLS Monroe on steps of airplane posing for military photographers. VS H-19 helicopter with Monroe aboard; taxis & takes off. Monroe on steps of plane; pan as she walks through crowd & followed by troops. Good shot of Monroe barely visible in crowd of GIs & photographers as she makes her way to helicopter; poses for the men from helicopter window. Good.

Hollywood Stars. USO.

Marilyn Monroe Shows, K-2 & K-16, Korea [Pt 3]

16-19Feb54 CUs Marilyn Monroe getting out of copter, greeted by Brig Gen McGarr & others. Monroe into a staff car, talks through open window to GIs. MCU Monroe onto stage - vars MCUs dances and sings for the GIs w/ quartet of men accompanying her; off stage & away in jeep. VS Marilyn poses for photos w/ troops; into H-19 helicopter; copter takes off. Marilyn exits helicopter w/ female assistant, greeted by Gen McGarr; poses for more pictures then into staff car.

19:22:25 Monroe poses & waves in front of door w/ sign Marilyn Sweetheart of the Bayonet Division . MS GI adjusts the lights on the stage. Band plays before a huge audience of GIs.

19:23:02 Night scenes: brief shot Monroe arriving. MCU Monroe sings and dances. Daytime: Monroe exits USAF plane at Taegu - greeted by officers and men - CUs - MS Monroe w/ two Korean girls. MS Monroe poses on wing of jet fighter plane - pilot stands on the wing w/ Marilyn. ELS large group of GIs as they mass for the show. LS Grenadier Palace stage. MLS male performers sing; Monroe joins them & sings in the rain; sign over stage Welcome to Monroe Valley . MCUs male performers sing & dance on the stage.

19:25:50 MCUs Monroe sings then exits after her song. Band play. Good.

Hollywood Stars. USO.

Road to Freedom Pt. 1 of 3

On the release of Taiwanese POWs from Korean prison camps.

23Jan1954 - Ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan in honor of 14,000 returning POWS. Bell rung. Chairman Wo Chung Gang? makes speech. Chiang Jiang or Chen Cheng? Premier of Chinese Government in exile. Large crowds. Korean Ambassador to China, Kim Hung-Il. Taiwanese released from Korean prison camps.

03:30:04 Korea - Release of Taiwanese prisoners. Map of Korea w/ 38th parallel. Flags of United Nations & USA. US planes fly over as Chinese officers from Taiwan welcome released Taiwanese POWS at airfield. Taiwanese general inspects processing area. Crates unloaded. American Gen. V.S. Laughton (sp?). Processing officers & Chinese Nationalist military delegation arrive from Taiwan.

03:32:16 Commanding General of UN Forces John Hull visits processing area tent city. Nationalist Chinese flags put on poles, Welcome Gate to Freedom & banners w/ portrait of Chiang Kai-Shek along road. Korea & Gen. Lawton (?) & Gen. Lai. Welcome party along road incl. Nationalist Government in Taiwan officials. Military band plays 14,000 released POWs march, American soldiers hold up Taiwan flag. POWs thru Gate of Freedom, into tents & into trucks bound for Inchon Harbor. Nat. China Ambassador to Korea Wong Dong Wan (?). Aerials of truck convoy; crossing bridge, stop for rest; men served water by Americans.

03:36:47 Inchon - Trucks w/ POWs into Inchon. UN military band; men walk thru crowd w/ flags. Traditional Chinese opera performers on stilts. Men board ships as crowds wave.

US Government anti-Communist propaganda; Korean War - China - Guomindang KMT; Cold War;

NOTE: This may be Chinese soldiers who decided to go to Taiwan rather than return to China.

Road to Freedom Pt 2 of 3

Map - journey to Taiwan aboard 15 LSTs w/ escort ships & planes above. View from onboard LST. Released POWs singing (MOS) & clapping.

03:39:49 Welcome committee at Taipei airport incl. women for released hospital Taiwanese patients from Korea, rainy day, umbrellas & raincoats. Wounded carried thru welcoming crowd on stretchers to ambulances; others off plane wearing surgical masks. Nurses serve snacks.

03:42:28 Taipei hospital, VIPs visit patients. Overseas Chinese National Salvation Association & Overseas Chinese Students w/ speeches to patients & parcels distributed. Patient spokesman thanks visitors.

03:44:14 Chi-Lung, Taiwan harbor dock & convoy arriving past breakwater; men off ship w/ American marine escort; POWs thanked by Taiwanese military. Waving crowds & military band on pier. Returnees disembark, greeted by VIPs of Nationalist Chinese government in exile. Taipei s daily newspaper distributed. Speeches - Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Jang Chang Wan?.

03:48:04 Major General C. William Chase (?); Filipino minister Emmanuel Deva?; returning soldier makes rousing speech & crowd cheers. Americans offered gifts for escorting convoy & embark on ship.

Heavy handed anti-Communist propaganda; Anti-Red Chinese; Korean War - China - Guomindang KMT;

Cold War;

NOTE: This may be Chinese soldiers who decided to go to Taiwan rather than return to China.

Road to Freedom Pt. 3 of 3

On the release of Taiwanese POWs from Korean prison camps.

Released men parade thru streets of Chi lung carrying free Taiwan flags & portraits of Chiang Kai-Shek; board trucks for Taipei trip. Chi lung people throw flowers at truck convoy soldiers; stilt walkers, firecrackers.

03:50:20 Truck convoy parade thru Taipei, bicycles precede convoy. Soldiers shake hands w/ civilians. Chinese? Generals, VIPs. Cheering crowds & firecrackers.

03:52:37 Men march into Freedom Village & barracks. Foreign journalists & photographers. Taiwanese men display tattoos, CU, of anti-communist slogans. Provincial Governor of Taiwan Oke Yur? & General Jang Jin Wan? Welcoming speeches - Secretary General of Kuomintang.

03:55:33 Hong Kong movie star Liu Chi? and Taiwan movie actress. China harmonica club & band from Korean prison camp. Taiwanese General does roll call & reviews men.

03:57:20 Chief military Council gives gift of money to returnees on Chinese New Year. Crowd of returned POWs clapping.

03:57:56 19Feb1954 - Chiang Kai-Shek & Madame Chiang Kai-Shek on balcony waving to returned POWs - much cheering.

Anti-Communist propaganda; Korean War; China - Guomindang KMT, Oddities; United Nations Military;

NOTE: This may be Chinese soldiers who decided to go to Taiwan rather than return to China.

[Parade & Presentation of Award, Tripler Army Hospital, Hawaii; 17Jan54]

08:10:47 Slate: 17Jan54. Flag Headquarters U.S. Army Pacific. Large building exterior, others on base. Third floor w/ balcony walk. Sign: 8284th Army Unit Station Complement APO 957. Guard post at base entrance seen from inside base. Traffic entering & leaving. CU window: Headquarters U.S. Army Pacific. Ext. large military buildings. Lawn & two troops at attention. Gen. Armstrong pins Purple Heart on Sgt. Clark & Sgt. Heu (Japanese-American ?). Robert A. Lovett presents sword to Gen. Armstrong.

08:17:12 Marching band on field, military band playing. Officers march out from building. Stand at attention. Armstrong in AF dark suit, many ribbons

Korean War Awards; Training;

[25th Division Leaving Inchon, Korea, 13Sep54]

Train cars & waving GIs, train out of station in fog. Army trucks w/ troops arrive at train; troops off & boarding train w/ duffle bags & rifles. Army band (Wolfhounds on drum). Officers watch.

08:38:00 American Red Cross Clubmobile w/ sign: Aloha Y all. MCU handing out coffee. Troops off train & line up, march to dock & board landing craft ferry for ship. Entering ship across barge into side entrance.

08:41:18 POV from on landing craft as GIs board from dock, door raised. Wake in harbor. Sailing junk & ship anchored offshore.

Korean War Redeployment; Embarking;

News of the Week - Korea (Air Force Exercise); Bremerton, Wash. (Decommissioning USS Missouri)

National holiday as Korean pilots fly American built planes for Aviation Day. Prop fighter planes in flight. Enormous crowd on hillside watching air force exercise. MS of Syngman Rhee & others. Fighter planes firing rockets; four propellor fighter planes flying over low.

15:02:30 Fighter jets in formation overhead.

15:02:34 Title: Bremerton, Wash.

15:02:37 Workmen boarding USS Missouri (BB-63) in drydock to decommission (mothball). Sailors & officer on deck, sailors scraping paint; painting anchor chains, covering guns.

Military; Korean War Related; 1950s; 1954; Military

Rhee Urges War - Wants U.S. Support In Attack On China (1954)

Syngman Rhee enters US House of Representatives to speak to joint session to applause. V.P. Nixon & Joe Martin watch & applaud w/ others.

05:04:55 Rhee speaks in English (SOF). (difficult to understand & brief excerpts.

Diplomacy; Dictator; Post-Korean War; Cold War; Anti-Communist;

[Korea & US Military Review; McCarthy & Hearings Committee]

18:45:01 Korea US troops marching in review; planes overhead.

18:45:36 People waiting in line for McCarthy hearings, directed by guards; MCU past camera into room. Seated. MCU Sam Irvin & ?? talking at table. Other committee members. CU boy w/ pamphlet: McCarthyism: The Fight For America.

18:46:21 CU McCarthy putting on glasses. Crowd shot of supporters. McCarthy posing. Other committee members into hearing; gavelled to order by ?? MCU of woman, McCarthy talking to her. Exterior of hearing room & guards close doors.


Debbie Reynolds Visits 7th Infantry Division, Korea [Pt 1]

21-28May55 [?] Unid. female star in white cocktail dress sings to huge crowd of servicemen; CUs audience. LS comedy sketch on stage. CU Johnny Grant introducing; MS unid. star onto stage in voluminous dress - good view of huge audience. Side shot of woman tap dancing, skirt removed to show off legs; CU troops applauding. VS Grant & more singers on stage.

18:44:32 VS Debbie Reynolds performing before troops. MSs, Debbie Reynolds posing for soldiers to photograph. Excellent reaction shots of huge crowd watching the show. MP guards.

18:46:54 Performers, with baggage, leaving building w/ MP escorts. Debbie and others enter cars & away. More brief shots of USO show. MS light plane taxiing up. CUs Debbie Reynolds. MS entertainers followed by photographers, walking on runway. MS sign Debbie's Hideaway, Courtesy of 51st Sig Bn. Corps, Uijonbu, Korea . Servicemen at camp; sign on hut 51st Sig. Battallion Corps, Kimchi Bowl . MSs huge audience of troops troops waiting for show. Johnny Grant [?] talking w/ servicemen. Brief shots of acrobat and others performing - joke slow-motion fight in dinner suits - Grant in silly hat - good shots of audience reacting - Reynolds onto stage to sing.

Hollywood Stars. Post- Korean War. USO.

Debbie Reynolds Visits 7th Infantry Division, Korea [Pt 2]

21-28May55 [?] CU Johnny Grant [?] talking, singing on stage w/ oversized cowboy hat. Unid. woman sings in evening gown. Servicemen laughing at Grant s jokes.

18:55:17 MS Debbie Reynolds does a comic dance routine with a male partner. MS Reynolds performs a flapper dance routine with male partner. MSs troops applauding. MS Reynolds interviewed by soldier. VS audience watching show - some standing on jeep hoods. Air to air shots of light plane carrying performers.

18:58:21 MS sign Welcome John Grant's Galaxy, Seoul Military Post . Pan shot of troops seated. MS Debbie Reynolds singing, intercut w/ reaction shots of troops.

18:59:56 Reynolds w/ photographers receiving dog tags; CU elderly three-star General laughing; Reynolds posing w/ soldiers. Brief shots of performers milling around & boarding small plane. Unid. glamorous female star introduced by Grant & singing to troops.

19:02:30 Reynolds on stage after show signing autographs - soldiers taking pictures. VS performers boarding plane. Good AVs planes in flight.

Hollywood Stars. Post- Korean War. USO.

[Hammarskjold re American PoWs]

UN Sec. Gen. Dag Hammarskjold makes statement re intention to seek release of 11 captured US fliers and other PoWs captured by Chinese and upcoming visit to Peking on behalf of UN General Assembly. Vars takes.

Korean War.

News In Brief - Portland, Ore.

16:10:26 Plane arrives at airport w/ 24 Korean-American orphan babies for adoption - babies carried down steps by crew & others. MCU organiser Harry Holt holding child. Babies w/ crowd of photographers in airport lounge.

Korean War; Immigration; 1950s; 1956; Military; Korean War Aftermath; Charity; Oregon;

Main Title: Universal International News

Four Full Years - The Eisenhower Story

Title re public service.

Montage of factory workers, smoke stacks, auto assembly line, railroad engineer in cab & freight cars w/ combines. Combining.

20:13:47 Woman at cash register; mother & kids w/ groceries into car; traffic on overpass into city. People looking. Ike sworn in (SOF), inagural address, Korean troops homecoming w/ kisses & hugs. Sec. of State John Foster Dulles off plane, shaking hands, w/ Churchill. Ike & Dulles at Geneva Conference. United Nations address, 1953, on atomic control.

20:15:47 St. Lawrence Seaway announced & construction. Headlines on spending & inflation. Views of farming.

20:16:24 Construction of apartment house, interstate highway system, Health Education & Welfare building & workers.

20:17:00 Ike, Nixon & various foreign leaders from Indonesia (?), Africa; Queen Mother; Anthony Eden; St. Laurent; King Paul & Queen Frederika of Greece.

20:17:34 Press Conference talking about disarmament. Off-shore radar towers of early warning system & operators at scopes & telephones inside. Missiles raised. Launching of atomic submarine; planes flyhover.

20:18:40 Ike statement on next four years: we can all be grateful to the almighty...

Presidential Campaign Advertising; Republican Propaganda; Cold War; 1950s;

[Unid. Korean Military Review & Ceremony]

Oriental people through receiving line on stand with military & religious VIPs. Large crowd of people watch as flower girls present bouquets. Various people introduced & saluted. Birds fly over & fireworks explode. Motorcade arrives & military passes in review parade: cavalry, bands, tanks - US & Korean. Jets fly over.

[Jane Russell & Others In Korea & Japan For Johnny Grant Show - Pt1]

27Mar-04Apr57 Shows Jane Russell & many others en route to and arriving in Korea to perform in Johnny Grant Show for US servicemen - OPN Starlift . VS USAF passenger plane prepared at Tokyo [?] airport - PoV from plane as it taxis past other aircraft & buildings inc Tachikawa Air Freight Terminal sign & takes off for Korea. INT pilots in cockpit; AVs countryside.

18:02:15 INT VS passengers in cabin - unid. Hollywood entertainers - Jane Russell singing w/ two fellow passengers. VS stars leaving plane - crowd of photographers.

18:05:05 Sign K-8 Base Operations - 6170th Air Base Sqdn. - Korea. Sign in base grounds Officers Open Mess . Entertainers in bus en route to base; MCU Jane Russell off bus in fur coat. INT USAF personnel in lobby of meeting hall - open doors to let in servicemen for show; VS servicemen taking seats; CUs applauding.

18:07:51 LS Johnny Grant [?] at microphone on stage. MS unid. blonde female singing at mic.

18:08:17 HA shots people out of car in heavy rain / sleet - unid. entertainers onto plane - LS USAF plane on airstrip in sleet - MCU Jane Russell out of car & up steps of plane, snowing. HA shot Russell through crowd of servicemen on airstrip. Sign Welcome K-18 Air Base . Light plane on airstrip. PoV from plane as it takes off - AVs air base & surrounding countryside.

Hollywood Stars. Post- Korean War. USO.

[Jane Russell & Others In Korea & Japan For Johnny Grant Show - Pt2]

27Mar-04Apr57 Shows Jane Russell & many others arriving in Korea & Japan to perform in Johnny Grant Show for US servicemen - OPN Starlift - only brief scenes of performances.

Light plane landing at air base - Jane Russell & few others out, greeted by servicemen - military press corps. MCUs Russell & others mingling w/ troops & being photographed. Stars off bus & into meeting hall. CU Jane Russell poses for cameras then into light US Army helicopter - take off. MS troops waiting outside base Service Club; MCU men looking at poster advertising Far East Command Presents Johnny Grant s Operation Starlift with Jane Russell ; CU Officers Club & Mess opening hours signs. LS helicopter lands; MS Russell out & into building.

18:14:44 US tank towards camera, Russell just visible seated at front wearing goggles, Jane Russell printed on gun barrel; tank past sign US Army Tank Co. Russell helped off tank.

18:15:48 CU sign 7th US Infantry Division . Checkpoint guard waving cars through. LS convoy moves through Korean countryside. CU road marker The 38th Parallel - Courtesy 1 US Corps .

18:16:47 Johnny Grant at base wearing silly Western hat - talking to servicemen then goes on stage in front of huge crowd - shot looking out from stage, Grant s back to camera - reverse shot looking over servicemens heads to Grant on small makeshift stage. Servicemen in deerstalker hats taking pictures. Side & front shots of Jane Russell singing at mic, audience in BG.

18:17:53 MS & CU man w/ SP fur hat waving vehicles through gate; cars under archway w/ sign Eighth US Army Personnel Center . Cars at entrance to building - star living quarters? - Korean guard - Russell out of building.

18:18:44 [NB picture problem w/ this section] Low angle shot Johnny Grant introduced & onto stage in silly hat; audience; LS unid. female actress dancing [night]; blonde actress onto stage in cocktail dress, sings accompanied by band.

18:19:52 Military press & Japanese women waiting at airfield; vars members of troupe off plane & into bus inc. Jane Russell & Johnny Grant - Niigata Air Base sign on bus.

Hollywood Stars. Post- Korean War. USO.

Washington, DC (Rock Hudson Honored By Korean Embassy)

Ext. w/ sign. Formal reception where Mr. & Mrs Rock Hudson (Phyllis Gates) are greeted by the Ambassador. In receiving line for his portrayal of Col. Dean Hess, star of movie Battle Hymn.

Self-promotion; Advertising; Oddities; Cold War; Movie Stars; Motion Pictures;

Russian News of The Day 1958 #46 November Pt. 2 of 2


Newly built snow cars for Antarctic s researchers past on road, man out of car, int car sleeping area for 8 people, seats, kitchen w/ special food storage units, man at control panel, ext. cars on road. Snowmobile; Snowcat.

19:48:37 Automobile manufacture, CU Moskwich cars loaded by crane onto roof of new type truck, two sit side by side. Moskwich station wagon driven into truck body. Cars secured to top; loaded truck drives past.

19:49:11 Fort USSR Cup CU Women s fencing world champion, Valentina Kyselova(?) prepares; CU Galina Gorohova. Women walk onto mat, tick foils to see if electric counting system is working; light bulbs light when epee (?) touches body. Audience applauds Kyselova win, girls take off head covers, kiss on lips, jury members at long table. Men's USSR Cup final: world champion Jakob Riss(?) & silver medalist David Pishler(?), Pishler wins. Winners presented w/ Cups & flowers, 1st place winners CU Kyselova & Pishler.

19:50:48 Pyongyang Today High angle construction site as CU man w/ little flag guides placement of prefabricated concrete sections for apartment house. Young workers working high up & on the ground, LS newly built residential houses. Young kids celebrate opening of new school, dance, smile, high angle big square w/ fountain outside the new train station, high angle city. The End.

Communist; Communism; 1950s; Cold War; Russian Newsreel;

Russian News of The Day 1959 #14 April

Soviet - Korean Friendship is Getting Stronger Soviet & North Korean flags, VIPs meet Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Korea, Soy Yan Gan(?) official visit to USSR, delegates exit plane, shake hands w/ Soviets; Soy Yan Gen presented w/ flowers, greets crowds w/ little USSR & Korean flags. Military reviewed, people applaud, VIPs into car, drive off.

20:14:18 After Great Plan Huge electric power station construction site, big cranes, concrete forms from various angles, men work high up, large cranes bring concrete. CU foreman, LS building site.

20:15:22 Electrification, newly invented huge generator (?), group of people look at new generator & listen to one of the inventors Paul Therenthev (SOF) explain how it works. Various angles of generator, CU Therethev. Inventor at control panel, switch on machine & big flashing lightning.

20:16:20 Great Word Artist CU portrait of Russian writer Nikolai Gogol; fragments of theater productions based on Gogol s novels. Moscow, celebration of Gogol s 150th birthday w/ writer s portrait on stage. Shots of audience, academic Vinogradov at microphone. LS stage.

20:17:56 England, Peace March 80 km peace march from Aldermaston to London protesting against

danger of nuclear weapons. Demonstration crowds gather in field, hold up various posters: Oxford , The bomb tests must stop ; march along road w/ posters, women w/ baby in baby buggy. Foreign marchers hold up country names: Australia, Norway, France, Cyprus & others. Marchers thru city. CU baby in pram w/ peace sign on side, huge meetings in various places in London at end of the march w/ speaker at microphone, crowd in Trafalgar Square. CND

20:18:57 Friend s Exhibition Moscow, German plastic furniture exhibition. Various furniture sets, lamp shades, dishes, bathroom. 3 girls look at man in car w/ plastic interior. People view other exhibits.

20:19:41 Sport , Alatay region. Skiers on T-bar ski lift. Beautiful wintery scenes. Start of USSR ski championship. Downhill race w/ athletes at high speed, one falls; shots of skiers down the hill, spectators wearing sunglasses, photographer takes picture of the winners.

20:20:39 Young pilots on snowy airfield. CU pilot association leader Alexander Dolgih(?). Year 8 pupil Vova Muhin takes pilot seat in small glider, people pull wire, plane up in the air. CU young Vova during flight, shot to the snowy fields underneath, aircraft lands, other student run up to it.

20:21:33 American Ice Ballet Moscow performance of syncronized dancing on ice skates. CU audience, Elisa Casey s solo performance w/ baton twirling; audience applauds, clown in sailor uniform, runs thru audience onto the ice. 5 time world champion & 2 time Olympic champion Dick Button shows complicated jumps & turns, applause. People come close to the ice ring, applaud the artist, kids give flowers, CU artists, hand-in-hand on the ice, skate past, high angle shots of performers. The End.

Communist; Communism; 1950s; Cold War; Russian Newsreel; Industry; Anti-Nuclear Demonstrators; Entertainment;

The Unique War R1 of 3

re American helping ordinary Vietnamese in Vietnam War.

Narrated by Commander Glenn Ford, USNR - Dir. For Armed Forces information & education Dept of Defense

Map South Vietnam. Montage: MCUs soldiers; sailor; marine; signalman; Korean troops disembarking off ship; Australian soldier. Officer reads out letter from commanding officer to troops urging good behaviour towards Vietnamese. Shots of tired soldiers at attention.

15:03:02 Troops off truck. Briefing in class; out of helicopter. POV from plane, Vietnam landscape & jungle. Bomb craters. LS village. Villagers.

Map of Korea w/ battle line movements animated. B/W destroyed town.

COL of Vietnam map. GIs on ship w/ guns. Search carried out by Vietnamese troops on fishing boat. Troops rush out of helicopters. Troops moving forwrd. Vietnamese farm girl with cows. Child carrying lamp. Rice paddy w/ ducks nearby village - daily life of laundry, cleaning outside hut, kid killing small snake, cooking, pulling water from well, kindling fire in hut, women chatting; selling vegetables.

15:08:05 GIs out of transport plane; strafing jungle; dropping bombs & explosions in jungle. Napalm. Dead or wounded Vietnamese tended by Americans after terrorist attack. Burning city.

Vietnam War; Hearts & Minds; Propaganda; Military Educational Film;

News In Brief - Korea (Riots in Panmunjom)

US military armistice commission meeting with North Koreans at Panmunjom conference table. Koreans outside. Scuffle - Korean guard kicks at camera. MPs & Koreans fighting around cars. Camera jostling & running.

Cold War

News In Brief - Korea (Riots in Panmunjom)

US military armistice commission meeting with North Koreans at Panmunjom conference table. Koreans outside. Scuffle - Korean guard kicks at camera. MPs & Koreans fighting around cars. Camera jostling & running.

Cold War

Russian News of the Day 1961 #26 July

Kazak Nation s Festival Plane arrives w/ mountains behind, Khrushchev off & waves hat, shakes hands w/ Kazak VIPs & kids give flowers, motorcade to Astana past waving, cheering crowds, Khrushchev waves from open car. Meeting in large hall w/ Kazakhstan's party leaders & soviet delegates incl. Khrushchev & Arganov applaud. On podium 1st Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist Party Kunayev; Khrushchev on podium.

10:44:28 Soviet-Vietnamese friendship is getting stronger Large Kremlin auditorium w/ meeting of USSR & Vietnamese delegations,VIPs w/ Khruschev, Brezhnev on stage, applauding audience; Khruschev hugs Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Dong, high angle audience. Various speakers & audience in CU. Phan Van Dong on the podium w/ K. raising arm in air.

10:46:02 Korean guests in Moscow 29Jun61 Moscow s airport w/ Soviet & North Korea flags as Khruschev greets Kim Il Sung & delegation; walk past military & flag waving people. Kremlin Khrushchev greets Korean delegation in front of photograpehrs, shake hands, sit at meeting table, CI Khrushchev & Kim II-Sung, smile.

Brezhnev meets Kim II Sung, kiss, photographers, shake hands, talk at meeting table, CUs smiling.

10:47:46 Kazakhstan Pan over large open-pit iron mine; large shovel digging & CU shovel operator. High angle filling rail cars & ore train past camera.

10:48:40 Kiev City street scenes, people in park, monuments, city at night, crowds watch fireworks in honor of city receiving Lenin order.

10:49:18 Pan over grain field, swather mowing grain & combine following harvesting.

10:49:53 Large railroad maintenance machine removing old track & laying replacement track. Passenger train past.

10:50:36 CU newly constructed ore carring ship past on Volga; captain on bridge. CU controls.

10:51:07 Moscow, fashion show Holland 1961 , modeling suits, blouses, skirts & coats, wedding gowns on catwalk, audience and models, applause.

10:51:57 Leningrad, USSR men s gymnastic competition; tumbling & performances on bar & parallel bars. Trophies given for first place to Moscow athlete Victor Leonyev. The End.

News In Brief - Korea (Government Overthrown by Military & Japanse Student Response, May61)

12:27:03 General Chung Cho Young (?) at microphones. Military sitting on stage; swearing in military cabinet.

12:27:42 Title: Japan Police holding back Japanese students trying to demonstrate outside US embassy for removal of US troops from Korea. Police throw them down & arrest some. Bloody noses, MCU.

Korean Military Revolt; Cold War; Communism; Police Violence; Communists;

Forward March Hare (1952)

Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. Copyright by Vitaphone Corp. Technicolor; by Chuck Jones.

Silhouette animation, mailman delivers mail but blows into Bugs Bunny hole where he s exercising. Calisthenics. He opens envelope from draft board.

03:02:20 Goes to take physical. So their inducting rabbits! Doctor looks at x-ray, takes own temperature saying over work .

03:03:2? In oversize uniform on drill field. On forced march followed by sergeant. Smashes phonograph playing reveille. Various gags.

03:05:44 Chickens in tuxedos. Pounds nail w/ shell & sets off explosion. Put to work testing shells w/ hammer.

Animation; Military; Army; Satire; Caricature; Korean War Era; Oddities; Gags;

The Road to the Wall Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies, hammer & sickle over. High angle of trial, defendants, prosecutor (?) stills of executed man w/ hammer & cycle over.

01:10:21 Title: Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination. Stills; hammer & cycle over.

01:10:42 German Nazi Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech (SOF). Still of Popular Front demo w/ peace signs. NY Times headline: Reich & Soviet Join For Peace--Or War. Stalin, Molotov, von Ribbentrop.

01:11:24 German army trucks, WWII title, stuka planes dive bombing; bombers, explosions. Soviet tanks & troops invade Poland - stagey footage w/ snow - NOT September invasion!

01:12:03 Nazi troops march down Champs Elysées. German guns & mortars fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Map USSR w/ arrows to Stalingrad, shows areas Russia expanded into after war.

01:13:21 Troops march on parade; tanks. Crowd cheering in East Germany stadium. Docks & cranes re trade, training. Troops run across barren fields. Montage: military exercise w/ Chinese w/ artillery, tanks, barge, woman on stretcher, refugees.

01:14:11 Czechoslovakia, 1948: Parliament. Ext. Crowds cheering, speaker on balcony. Riot, fightnig & police. Benes signs accepting Communist cabinet. Jan Masaryck assassinated, corpse w/ hammer & sickle, 01:15;13 Funeral. Parliament. Benes dies, hammer & sickle over still. Funeral w/ street crowds.

01:16:07 Anti-Communist riots, mixed footage East Germany 1953 & Poland 1956, tanks, soldiers, fleeing.

01:16:30 Budapest, 1956 demonstrations, star falls off roof. Tank thru street, troops firing. Fires. PM Imre Nagy at memorial. Looted streets, book burning. Russian tanks invade, firing. Still Nagy w/ Hammer...

01:17:49 Havana 1959: Cuban peasants cut sugar cane. Slum, poor children. Kid bathed w/ bucket, Castro w/ guerrillas in forest & thru Havana w/ cheering crowds. Castro brother Raul; Che Guevara. Castro speaks at podium, cheering crowd; w/ Khrushchev. Firing squad, man executed. Hammer & Sickle over still.

01:1937 Title: Berlin 1961 Pan of wall. Soldiers constructing, inspecting. West Berlin & East Berlin titlees over. Title down memorial. Airplane take off. Tilt & pan boarded up wall; various shots of wall. Still of moon & stars. Khrushchev & JFK speaking at UN (MOS). Korean war montage, ships, US aid activity. Washington Monument; Lincoln Memorial statue. Jefferson Memorial. The End.

Cold War Propaganda; History of USSR; Revolution; Communism; Communists; Socialism;

Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 part 2

Montage aid programmes - cargo ship unloaded - medical care in Africa - inoculations - construction work - education - Peace Corp volunteers. UN peace keeping troops in Middle East? UN Special forces military training - patrol walking through river. Mass parachute drop.

13:44:12 Vietnam war - Troops firing machine guns and rifles - helicopters fly in formation - battle scenes - jungle fighting. Casualty airlifted out by chopper. Helicopter crashed in field, troops running for cover.

13:45:13 Switzerland - Colour - UN flag flying - mural on ceiling of UN building. United Nations meeting to discuss Nuclear arms treaty.CU various delegates including William Foster for US - Russian delegate - Lord Chalfont for UK - empty chair for France. Russian delegate Sarobkin? speaking. Later at press briefing Russian representative says Soviet Union favours full discussion with US to stop spread of Nuclear weapons. Foster speaking re urgency of treaty.

13:47:43 Foster stands in park overlooking Lake Geneva. Flock of seagulls.

13:48:27 Girl folk singer - Judy Collins (?) at peace demonstration in Washington. Huge crowds watch in silence as she sings.

13:49:30 Montage children of all nationalities playing and laughing. Kids standing next to radar scanner. Close shots children s faces, some happy, some sad.

13;50:15 Interior missile silo crew room at Minuteman Missile Base, Malmstrom AFB, Montana - two man crew at consoles. 24 hour clock.

Cold War

Counter Punch Pt 2 of 2

Backing fighter jet in to bunker at Da Nang. Aerial over hanger area. Fighter jets in for landing, parachute out. Pilot out. Photo reconnaisance film to procerssing & inspected. Large twin-engine loaded w/ freight. Rescue helicopter w/ machine gunner in door. Landing, South Koreans loading crates into helicopter. Artillery w/ large guns firing. Mortars fired. Crates dropped by parachute. Khe Sahn airbase w/ explosions around plane taxiing. Interior of large helicopter & loading rockets & ?? onto planes. Maintenance mechanics working. Planes parked behind revetments. Large bomb attached. Burned plane on ground. Wounded loaded onto helicopter & lifted out.

08:01:51 Aerial over hospital ship & others in bay. Wounded & view from helicopter.

08:02:15 Fighting in field. Da Nang airfield contacted & pilots briefed. Run to F-4 Phantoms & A-4 Sky Hawks. Planes taxi; take off. Marines on ground firing machine guns. Dropping bomb load, rockets firing & napalm burning. Rockets fired from beneath plane seen from in front; seen from plane. Explosions seen from above.

08:06:21 Air controller on radio phone. Ground troops moving up. Helicopter formation landing. City street scene & people walking in rain. The End.

1st Marine Aircraft Wing; Vietnam War; Defense Contractor Promotional Propaganda;1960s Military Contractor;

Air Force Now - 604th Direct Air Support Squadron

16:43:16 Heavily camouflaged tanks moving up road; infantry mrching thru village. North Koreans. Firing. US fighting back. Plane in flight & bombing runs; large explosion . Refugees moving w/ wagons, carrying things.

16:44:33 North Korean troops w/ binoculars watching (brief). Flags flying. Road & US army trucks.

16:44:39 Color. Inside hardened bunker command center where 604th Direct Air Support Squadron operates just south of Demilitarized Zone. Koreans & US at consoles. Setting up mobile radar dish, camouflaged. CU talking between Korean & US troops. Lt. Col. Larry Desch describing operations.

16:45:58 Jeep w/ radio operator moving past. CU radio unit w/ man on phone as planes come over. Talking beside jeep, map & watching planes doing runs. Sign: Military Demarcation Line. North Koreans w/ binoculars. Tilt up large radio antenna & North Korean flag on top.

Communications; 38th Parallel;

Air Force Now - Taegu Air Base - Korea

Korean military man answering telephone. CU sign: Welcome to Taegu Air Base. Shots of different buildings on base including Main Exchange, Clinic, Base Theater, shops, steam bath, restaurant.

02:25:44 City of Taegu - busy streets - crowds - street market & vendors.

02:26:06 On base, CU alarm sounds, men run for training exercise. Republic of Korea Air Force firemen take out fire engines onto runway supporting 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

02:26:31 US officer SOF to camera re benefits of US & Rep. of Korea air forces working together; w/ international co-operation. Shots ground crew working on aircraft. Maintenance Operations control room w/ American & Koreans working side by side. Working on plane. Meeting in office.

02:28:15 Jet fighter rolled out of hangar - various take offs. Commander of 497th Tactical Airforce wing Lt. Col. Don Brown out of plane & speaks to camera - over shots maintenance carried out on engine. Korean Wing Commander speaks to camera re importance of working relationships.

02:29:48 Schoolgirls sing & clap.


[Quick-Turn Combat Exercise]

Montage: CU barbed wire. Korean market. View of coastline thru rolls of barbed wire. Marketplace cooking, stalls. Bunker beside water, soldier. Market. Girls on street.

20:46:25 Moving bombs at Kunsan AFB on tracks. 8th Tactical Fighter Wing preparing for combat turn around exercise aka munitions turn around exercise.

20:47:22 Col Robert C. Byer Jr. (17Mar79 - 31Mar80) SOF Quick turn allows us...

Bombs & munitions moved around on tarmac. Re-arming two F-4 airplanes in 15 minutes. Trucks with bombs, loading into warehouses, on tarmac.

20:48:48 Montage of crews at work arming & doing maintenance on planes. Inspecting job. Plane taxiing, rockets loaded. Taxiing.

20:50:26 Bunker by water & soldiers w/ rifles guarding. VO: Freedom, that s what its all about!

Air Force Now; 1970s & 1980s Korea; Military Training Exercise; Cold War;

Portrait in Blue [Reconnaisance Ace Clyde East Remembers]

20:57:45 Lt. Col. Clyde East in WWII plane w/ kills on side, still photograph. East to camera SOF of his experience as reconnaisance pilot who shot down German planes.

Footage of P-51 Mustang, modified for reconnaissance, in flight, combat w/ gun camera.

20:58:39 East at wall map; flying RF-80 and RF-81 aircraft during Korean War. On first air refueling flight. East describes refueling, intercut w/ re-fueling footage. Italian Air Force advisor. Assumed command at Shaw AFB in South Carolina in 1958 of RF-101 Unit.

21:00:26 October, 1962, Cuban Missile Crisis headlines, JFK speech, footage from spy satellites, planes taking off, briefings, preparing to bomb Cuban targets.

21:01:29 Pres. Kennedy visits the unit at Homestead AFB after crisis. JFK at Homestead seen as East recounts JFK speech to them. Flyover.

21:02:01 East at desk. Presented By Your Air Force.

Air Force Now; Memories; Hero;

Air Force Now - Coming Attractions

Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre (ABCCC)

Bombing jungle & big explosions

Bud Mahurin interview (WWII pilot and Korean War POW)

Air Force Now - Project Warrior

Note: Musical arrangement must be cleared.

01:26:12 Four WWII fighters in formation seen from slightly below; others in flight & diving, etc. German plane. Pilot, Walker (Bud) Mahurin (sp?) voice-over talking about what it was like: Like hunting lions but the lions can hunt you right back. MCU talking to camera about killing other human s in planes, intercut w/ gun camera of planes exploding. Pilot bailing out. Talks about being shot down in France during WWII & rescued by Free French.

01:28:58 Terry & the Pirates artist drawing Phil Cochran. Flying in Pacific Mahurin talks about shooting down only one Japanese. Talks about experience in Korea, bridge bombed (GOOD), dog fight against MIGs, & hitting them down. Strafing. Plane going down; talks about being captured & charged w/ germ warfare. Talks about trying to commit suicide, then after nursing him back writing alleged confession.

01:32:38 POW prisoner swap. Tells about training then at SANDIA. Pilots on flight & in flight. I believe in America & I believe it needs to be defended....

Military Propaganda; 1980s; Military Recruitment Films; Korean War; Ace;

NOTE: Music must be cleared if used.

Air Force Now (SAC; NATO Training; Korea Training)

Title sequence.

04:41:31 Large KC-135R transport landing. Title: On Alert Aerial of ready planes on tdarmac. KC-135R taxiing. Air refueling fighter jet. KC-135 used for mid-air refuelling. Interior hangar - maintenance work on aircraft.

04:43:23 Family visitation center where families can visit when crew is on alert. Little girl playing on computer w/ Dad - hugs. Family at table in visitation center.

04:44:28 Control room - alert situation exercise. Alarm sounding - crews run to vehicles & drive to aircraft. Scramble - crews board planes. Plane takes off. Crew shots. Mid-air refuelling.

Strategic Air Command; Cold War;

04:47:20 Tanks thru town; helicopter over & AF A-10 planes; Officer SOF re Warrior Preparation Center - joint facility for army / airforce training of NATO.

04:48:00 Officers in control room using computers, look at maps & general communications. Map on wall w/ Soviet sticker. German airforce commander SOF who is taking part in exercise. War games on computer.

04:50:35 South Korean war memorial in honor of US soldiers who died during Korean conflict. Meeting between North & South Koreans.

04:51:22 Title: Cease-Fire SOF officers to camera re policing operation in South Korea intercut w/ shots US military training: jet fighters, tanks & weapons. SO by officers; ready planes w/ bombs, out of hanger & taking off.

04:53:45 SOF statement from South Korean officer who says the US are needed in South Korea. Montage of shots. North Korean guard looking through binoculars superimposed over shots Korean War

04:55:42 Coming Attractions: High School Junior ROTC; Project Warrior - General Hap Arnold; Pacific Logisitc Support Base Kadena AFB, Okinawa Presented By Your Air Force

Cold War; Korean War; Air Force Military Training;

Air Force Now (Training For The Future - Project Warrior - Physical Fitness)

AFN opening sequence w/ animation / rotoscoping & hand colouring. Fighter jets in flight, radio exchanges heard.

08:01:35 Title: Training For The Future. Fighter jets in flight, radio exchanges heard, inspection of one by other as though problem. SOF Interactive Video Disc as training device developed by USAF Audio-Visual Service; INT edit suite where computer graphics & still frames added; recorded onto laserdisc. Student using interactive touch screen training program

08:03:25 AV team filming maintenance for inclusion; portable 1 video recorder unit set up in hanger w/ crew; bank of recorders rolling in post-production facility at Hill AFB w/ check disc prepared Student at training console. (good) Planes in flight.

08:06:14 Title: Project Warrior. WWII fighter planes in flight w/ big band music behind (In The Mood, Glen Miller-style). VO veteran pilots. Walker M Mahurin leading ace SOF: Aerial combat footage - enemy planes shot down, railroad attacked; talks about being shot down & rescue by French underground forces.

08:09:00 Cartoonist drawing Flip Corkin. Joined Air Commandos w/ Phil Cochran, gun camera footage in Pacific.

08:09:43 Korean War w/ F-186 Sabre jet missions & shooting down Russian MIG pilots; crash landed & captured. CU drawings of POW Mahurin under questioning by North Koreans, talks of cutting wrists in suicide attempt. Brief scenes of exchange of prisoners of war. Montage of Korean era AF planes. Recruiting pitch.

08:14:20 Fighter plane in flight & POV; INT cockpit. CINPAC pilot 4-star Gen. ?eak next to plane, talks to camera - everyone who wears the blue uniform is a warrior ; pilot running, playing raquetball, golf, weight training in gym - physical fitness is essential...I do it, I expect you to . Presented by your Air Force.

WWII; Military Aviation; Story Telling; Propaganda;

Air Force Now (Hurricane Hunters; B-52s; Olympic Sprinter Alonzo Babers & Exercise)

[America - Worth Voting For] VO: My vote won t make any difference... over US Constitution being burned.

05:23:50 Title Sequence: Air Force Now (broken glass w/ planets).

05:24:22 Animated of weather satellites photos of hurricanes. VO 08Sept1900 - Hurricane in Galveston, Texas - stills aftermath (B/W).

05:24:38 SOF airman to camera re excitement. 17-18Aug69 Hurricane Camille, Mississippi good footage.

05:25:07 1983 Hurricane Alicia in Houston, Texas. Scenes.

05:25:26 Title: Hurricane Hunters. Old man in debris after hurricane.

05:25:42 Aerial of weather plane. SOF Lt. Dennis Wood, Commander of 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (WRS) to camera. Inside plane. Weather data men & analysis equipment. Briefing. Plane & taking off. View of plane against clouds; interior. VO of crew & SOF talking about their roll. Radar screen.

05:27:29 Hurricane eye. Taking measurements w/ equipment launched from plane on parachute. Crew working, pilots in cockpit. Aerials of plane. Eye of hurricane.

05:28:58 Title: 15Jun55 Castle AFB, California Pan across still of B-52, pilot William E. Eubank,Jr. in cockpit narrates. 93rd Bombardment Wing piloting B-52s. Various stills of refueling in flight.

05:30:17 Title: A Flying Legacy. Pilot talks about B-52s replacing B-47s. Crane shot B-52 prepared in hanger. Tracking shot, maintenance work underneath B-52.

05:31:53 Very stagey, dramatic crew briefing Gentlemen, the ability to react is what we are all about. Slow motion airmen running out on alert. Convoy of Dodge pickups on tarmac to plane. Slow motion crew climbing into plane. B-52 takeoff towards & over camera, away; camouflage in flight - in sunset. Landing at dusk.

05:35:05 CU Olympic 1984 Los Angeles medallion. Color, Olympic still photographs of sprinter, breaking tape, w/ USA flag, spectators. Pan over empty stadium w/ pilot Alonzo Babers, winner of 440, in Air Force uniform on track talks of keeping fit. Montage: men pushing cargo off plane, at radarscope, swimming. Woman doctor explains values of aerobics exercise. Cycling (GOOD), cyclist talks; rides on highway against mountain background; runner talks about running / jogging. Men & women in aerobics class exercising; AF guy explains music as structure. Montage men & women give thumbs up sign: guard, tennis player, jogger, repairmen, truck driver, jogger, cyclists, guards, etc.

05:40:02 Air Force Now Coming Attractions Planes, Airborne Battlefield Command & Control Center (ABCCC) in flgiht; Bombing jungle & big explosions; Bud Mahurin interview (WWII pilot and Korean War POW). Presented By Your Air Force.

Patriot Horse - Assignment Europe - Reconnaissance Pilot

Knight on horseback rides up to camera outside castle: Welcome to this month s Air Force Now .

Title: Air Force Now

23:01:44 307th Civil Engineering Squadron, Kelly AFB, Texas preparing for exercise Patriot Horse. Trucks loaded onto C-130 cargo plane, CUs. C-130 in flight, int. C-5 transport plane takes off. POV under signs: Highway 183 South to Bergstrom AFB. Truck convoy turning off highway, parking on field & setting up tents. Medical personnel on walkie talkie; first aid exercise on injured soldier in tent. Engineers repair damaged airstrip w/ bulldozers etc. Plates placed, runway lighting installed.

23:03:52 Commander SOF re testing war skills training. Field exercise in camp - colored smoke flares set off simulate chemical attack; troops thru grass defend camp - firing rifles & machine guns w/ soldiers playing enemy. Construction projects at Bergstrom AB paving perimeter road & erect security fences. Maj Don Savage SOF re use of high explosives to clear space for airstrip; CU plastic explosive? cut into segments; crew drilling holes in concrete bunkers for explosives; detonator pumped; bunker explodes (GOOD).

23:05:39 Title: Assignment Europe. London street scenes, Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Beefeater on guard, Castles in English countryside, White Cliffs of Dover, communication masts & radar. US Master Sergeant Thomas Tish in garden w/ wife - operating location chief at Swingate station - radio relay link antennas as link between US, England & Continental Europe.

23:06:52 Man says Welcome to Germany in German. Bavarian scenes inc. Schloss Neuschwanstein [?], clock w/ mechanical figures; fairytale castles on mountain, quaint villages etc. Bustling town square. AF wife SOF re settling into German life & sons missing home. VO & SOF serviceman: Americans shouldn t be afraid of coming to Europe because of terrorism. POV driving: we re proud of being Americans [but] we try not to paint bullseyes on ourselves .

23:08:37 INT cockpit of US cargo plane flying cargo to & from West Berlin - AVs. German countryside. Husband & wife on sofa re cultural experiences of living in Europe - VS London, England & Germany scenics.

23:10:16 Project Warrior SOF Lt Col Clyde East. WWII German planes shot down; P-51 Mustangs in flight during Korean War; First air refuelling scenes w/ description by East. Shaw AFB North Carolina where East returned in 1958 after acting as advisor to Italian Air Force; commanded first RF-101 unit.

23:13:31 Headlines Oct62 re Kennedy announcement on Cuban Missile Crisis; JFK making speech. Reconnaissance scenes. AV photos of Cuba, Florida AB - briefing - target photos. Kennedy s visit to Homestead AFB Florida to thank East & his team. JFK out of motorcade - planes fly over. Still of East as WWII pilot. Presented By Your Air Force.

Military Aviation; Tourism; Travel; Promotion; Military Propaganda;

[Forward Air Control In Korea - Operation Linebacker II - Drug Testing Lab]

Maj Gen Jack Ferris, Commander of 2nd Infantry Div., Korea - points to mountains near demilitarised zone. 02:31:16 Air Force Now title sequence

02:31:44 Title: Forward Air Control in Korea. CU tilt-up: soldier in shined boots standing on drain. Foggy mountains & sentry tower. Antenna of North Korean propoganda broadcast station; tilt up soldier [face not seen]. Shots of negotiation table, guard, buildings. North Korean sodlier w/ binoculars looks to camera. Guard tower; North Korean guard on steps. Soviet soldier in uniform.

02:33:25 USAF A-10 plane in flight, tank from above. Planes & helicopters over; tank firing; officer w/ binoculars, F-4 firing rockets, ground explosions. Cobra gunship low over hillside; tanks hit; Ferris SOF, officers consult map - CU on field telephone calling for support; A-10 in flight.

02:35:39 Tech Sgt Gary Christopher at Camp Casey SOF. Training exercise in Korea, troops out of personnel carrier; tank; helicopter w/ small truck dangling; paratroopers; fighter jet fly over; tanks.

02:37:20 Title: Project Warrior. Paris Peace Conference 1972, people on street.

02:37:42 18-29Dec72 Operation Linebacker II Christmas bombing campaign over North Vietnam. B-52 Stratofortress take-off & in flight. Three B-52 crew members (Tail-gunner Reg Martin, Navigator Paul Winkler, aircraft commander Maj. John Dalton) interviewed in 1973 in front of aircraft, SOF re feelings about mission. Plane in flight; CU crew in flight; buttons. Talk of emergency landing in Thailand.

02:39:37 Dropping bombs from below, view of explosions on bridge. Night tracers.

02:39:50 US Flag & displayed B-52 used in Linebacker II .

02;40:06 27Jan73 Kissinger & others signing peace agreement in Paris ending Vietnam War. CU document; 12Feb73 - first of captured PoWs released in Hanoi - off bus (slow-motion).

02:40:40 Title: Air Force Drug Testing Laboratory Montage at Brooks AFB Texas, scientists test in laboratory. Commander of AFDTL SOF re testing of specimens for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines etc. over lab scenes. Technicians & urine testing machine; CU graphs on monitor. Woman opening urine sample box & checking seals for tampering. Commander re security in laboratory. Combination dial lock on doors & explained. Zoom out from sign above door in lab 100% Accuracy .

Military Aviation; Korean War; Cold War; Vietnam War; Drug Abuse; Technology;

Scenic shots Korea. Memorial to American Soldiers.

Air Force Now

Stream, flowers, park, Korean temple w/ lake. Bridge over. Memorial to Amerian dead.

10:37:22 B/W / Sepia - Korean War battle scenes - North Korean troops. Newspaper headlines re 38th Parallel crossing. Seoul burning. UN forces counter offensive - troops, tanks, artillery. China enters war - Chinese troops, tanks & artillery - battle scenes.

10:38:28 USAF jets take off, strafing shots - dogfight (poor quality). Spring 1951 battle lines along 38th Parallel - July 1953 Armistice signed. Military cemetery & taps played by bugler.

10:39:36 Color footage: 1980s US troops patrol 38th parallel -panning top shots countryside. USAF Fighter jets - Korean & US servicemen. Checking missiles. Plane taxis - Air to ground aircraft in flight. Osan AFB - ground crews & planes on tarmac. Pilot w/ 36th tactical Squadron Capt. Mike Hazenfield re mission. Planes & ground activity. Various aircraft in flight. Lt. Col James Dozier commander of Kotar bombing range. Jets flying in mountains; radar, jet dropping bombs, computer & television cameras used to score bomb hits. Missiles hit ground - bombing targets - training.

10:43:16 Training for penetrating simulated enemy defences. Master Sgt. Bill Smith explains simulator & training.

10:44:20 Family life on Air Force Base, children in playground, housing Mustang Valley ; school - swimming pool. Miniature golf - shopping - Air force wife re her life over shots of Korean culture & ringing bell at Shinto temple.

10:45:31 Jet on tarmac. AF Captain Suzanne Hazenfield talks re provision of evacuation procedures for civilians on base over shots of families. Various Air Force personnel re tour of duty in Korea.

10:46:59 Huge Gold Buddha. Aircraft slowly over camera. Plane in flight. Scenic shots Korea (scratched in parts). Presented by your Air Force.

Postive Reinforcement; Training; Cold War;

Air Force Now

Space Launch Support

03:38:36 Title: Space Launch Support

Montage: helicopters in flight over Cape Canaveral; astronauts on Moon; Florida beach activity; pelican, surfers; aerials; paraglider; radar; beach shots; reflection of rocket in sun glasses (good).

03:39:33 Cape Canaveral - LS & CU Discovery rocket lift-off of first mission dedicated to Department of Defense. Shuttle & rocket launches. SOF airman in front of launch tower, re Eastern Test Range based at Patrick AFB - launches rockets from Cape Canaveral & supports NASA launches at Kennedy Space Center. 03:40:30 Title: Weather Operations Patrick AFB Weather Squadron lieutenant in front of radiosonde balloon & launched. Woman at monitor of MIDS/MARS meteorological & safety computer systems in use. Map of US showing barometric & other reading.

03:41:52 Title: Range Safety SOF of job. Huge satellite dishes; computer-generated tracking screens w/ maps. Range Surveillance - helicopter take off. Aerials over range site, CU pilot; drop message w/ streamer onto boat or ship s bow. Launch Control - Various command center scenes, countdown synchronised. LS rocket launch.

03:45:59 Title: Project Warrior Men scrambling to fighter jets & take off. SOF Korean War ace Maj Gen Frederick Blesse. 1950s fighter planes in flight, CUs & being prepared on runway; pilots running thru gateway w/ sign MIG Alley 200 Miles . Air combat scenes inc. grainy gun camera footage of enemy planes shot down. USAF fighters in formation.

03:49:20 Title: March AFB, CA - 11 July 0130 KC-10 aircraft landing at night; maintenance crew out in truck - signalmen directing plane - ground chocks in place. Maintenance crew at work; radio messages one hour til crew show ; mechanics away in truck, plane airborne. (GOOD)

03:55:40 Trailer for next month s AFN: Newest Fighter Wing; AFD 1-30 computer system; Clark Air Base, Philippines - cameraman surrounded by Filippino school kids - plaque dedicated to WWII forces.

Military Aviation Propaganda; Korean War; Air Force Support Activity;

President Reagan - Morning Again in America (Campaign Broadcast)

Ronald Reagan takes oath at inauguration intercut with scenic shots of America and happy American people.

Exterior White House. Interior Reagan at desk reading. Reagan in meetings with advisors in various situations. Reagan and VP George Bush walking. Reagan and Bush talking in office. Vox pops re pride in America.

02:29:48 AV skyscrapers - montage idealised shots of America over shots of song I m Proud to be an American (Advise music rights to be checked)

02:31:01 Air Force One landing in South Korea - President visit DMZ and attends outdoor Church Service with troops. Reagan wearing Parka jacket. Reagan wearing US Army camouflage fatigues - getting food in canteen line. Reagan meeting soldiers in huts.

02:32:20 Voxpops re praise of President Reagan - good economy - less unemployment. Montage construction industry. Headlines re interest rates and inflation. Reagan to camera intercut with shots people buying houses and cars. Woman praises Reagans TV appearances.

02:34:43 Old couple walking down suburban street and on beach at sunset - re pensions and social security. Various shots old people some speaking in praise of Reagan

02:35:35 Reagan assassination attempt - FBI bundle President to ground. Newspaper headlines ro shooting.

Reagan makes joke re Republican doctors - nice shot smiling. Still photograph meeting with Cardinal Cook. Reagan in close up talking of shooting and God.

02:37:22 President and mrs Reagans trip to Japan and China - crowds welcome him. President entertained. Walking on Great Wall of China.

02:38:23 Reagan in Northern France reading at D-Day anniversary ceremony. intercut with footage D-Day landings. Sixty two veterans - members of the original landing party. Good shot Reagan saluting. War graves. President and Nancy walking through and placing flowers.

02:39:45President on dais makes moving speech re D-day veteran who had died before he could return to Normandy but was represented by his daughter.

02:41:20 AVs over American countryside. Reagan on horseback. Reagan at ranch grooming horse, in T-shirt chopping wood. Riding with Nancy. Reagan to camera re why he is running for re-election - interior Oval office. Interior Roosevelt room - details of battle flags. Montage previous shots. Statue of Liberty with scaffolding. RV Reagan and Bush away from camera. Still triumphant Reagan.

A Week Around the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2

Los Gossett, Jr. MCU introducing, title sequence w/ animated graphics.

17-23April coverage of the Air Force. Montage: Lakenheath AFB, England & maintenance of planes by men & women, pilot. Controller & plane taking off.

19:23:45 Ramstein AFB, Germany. Ext. & Int. helicopters in flight.

19:24:11 Rhein Main AFB, Germany planes on runway. Berlin Mission to keep air lanes open. Berlin Templehoff Airport.

19:24:44 Ellsworth, AFB, maintenance & RB-71 plane take off.

19:25:02 Osan AFB, Korea, moving missiles or rockets in hanger, fitting on planes.

19:25:16 Elmendorf AFB inspecting planes on runway, taxi & flight w/ snow capped mountains.

19:25:39 Hickam AFB, Hawaii - maintenance on tarmac.

19:26:01 Williams AFB, Arizona, pilot into plane & low fly-over.

19:26:14 RAF Mildenhall AFB, England, control tower, planes on tarmac, unload freight; working on engine of large transports.

19:26:45 Lou Gossett.

19:27:06 Lackland AFB, Florida men get heads shaved at barbershop; basic training lecture by drill sergeant.

19:27:53 Mildenhall - man in camouflage uniform loading pack w/ field equipment.

19:28:45 NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. POV thru huge underground tunnels. Men of various countries & branches of service at computer monitors. GOOD

19:29:22 South Dakota Descending in elevator in missile silo. Airmen go over check list re missile launch, talk.

19:29:55 Lackland AFB, Texas - snarling German shepherd guard dog training.

19:30:10 Clark AFB, Phillipines - airmen with horses, riding, grooming. Patrolling.

19:30:44 Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio Airmen w/ virtual reality type helmets fitted. Simulators turning.

19:31:15 Air Force Academy, Colorado w/ forest fire beyond. Fighting fire on ground & w/ helicopter & plane.

Promotional; Recruiting Film;

NOTE: Pt 1 & Pt. 2 combined at one source reel price.

Instantaneos Internacionais [Philippine delegation to US for signing]

Philippine Airlines plane lands and Philippine President Elipidio Quirino [?] in white suit comes out waving his hat. Shakes hands with Dean Acheson. Delegation off in cars; through Washington. Conference hall, Quirino giving speech; Filippinos in audience.

Korean War ?

Instantaneos Internacionais [Truman at National Airport & Savings Bond Drive]

Truman off USAF plane The Independence , greeted by Acheson and others; large crowd. Motorcade from airfield w/ motorcycle escort, bodyguards on foot; brief shot of newsreel cameras on platform. Flower wreath sign Make Today your D-Day: Buy United States Defense Bonds. Truman at mic. w/ wreath. All-female audience. CU unid. politician ?

Korean War ?

[Korean War - Snowing]

Korean sandbagged bunker on hilltop, snowing. Soldier climbs hillside, others looking out from bunkers. Man throws off snow-covered tarp over jeep. Man climbs into tank in snow. Rifleman dusts off sandbags. Smoke near hilltop. LS soldiers move up hillside.

07:08:30 Men crawl down slope and fire rifles. Soldier rolls down shingle-covered ridge. Korean? soldiers throw rifles out of bunker w/ burning roof. Troops advance throwing hand grenades which explode. Koreans show off captured machine guns & rifles.