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Archival film footage on Joe McCarthy from Footage Farm

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The Congress (194? March of Time Forum Edition

04:52:3? Library of Congress display of The Constitution. Capitol w/ people on stairs, statues in hall.

04:54:0? Upper gallery and visitors, House floor. Sam Raeburn on podium. Speaker s room, conferences of various people. Robert Taft with papers into elevator, on subway between buildings. Senate Office Building board. Sen. McMahon.

04:56:40 Ext. of House of Represenatives. Christian A. Herter talking w/ two men in office.

04:57:04 Signs on doors: Claims; Finance Committee; Agriculture And Forestry; US Banking &Currency Committee; Indian Affairs; Privileges and Elections Committee; Special Sub-Committee On War Mobilizaton of the Military Affairs Committee; Committee On Small Business; Newspaper Headline: Vaughn Testifies...

Committee investigating w/ McCarthy present.

04:58:2? Truman testifiying for ERP (European Recovery Program). Headline re Marshall Plan w/ Marshall testifying.

04:59:?? Congress signing bill; President Truman signing law.

05:00:0? Ext. of Supreme Court. Justice Vinson in CU. Official Reports shown. Smalltown street scene w/ traffic. People voting and entering & leaving polls.

The End

USA Government; Educational Film;

Telenews Daily, The - 5 Percenter Inquiry Continues (Maj. Gen. Herman Feldman?)

03:18:53 Senate Committee w/ Karl Mundt; Joseph McCarthy; Margaret Chase Smith;

03:19:03 CU Army 2-star Major-General at mic: The question of my retirement came up, I don t know who mentioned it, whether he did or I did; but at that time General Bond (?) did say that he felt I was best qualified for the job, that I should succeed myself. He said that I was only 56 years old, that there was still good service left in me, that he knew of my abilities, that he thought there was a possibility that I might succeed myself.

03:19:40 In connection w/ my reappointment? Senator: Yes. General: I assumed that as a friend he would give me such assistance as he could, I knew that he knew many people in high positions; I wasn t counting on Col. Hunt getting me the job. Senator: But you would have welcomed any assistance? General: I would have welcomed any assistance that I could have gotten...which was proper. Senator: And you got did welcome his assistance, is that correct? General: I don t know that he gave me any assistance. Senator: But did you seek it? General: No, not deliberately seek it. Senator: If you didn t seek it deliberately, did you seek it in any manner? General: By implication I don t know, let me say this: here I am dealing w/ one of my closest friends, I don t have to ask him for help; I know my friends will do whatever they can for me. I can t recall asking Col. Hunt [James V.] at anytime to do anything for me. Brief shot of committee, including Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Military bribery investigation; five-percenter scandal; Senate Hearing;

NOTE: probably July 1949.

The Telenews Daily - Congressional Probe (Harry H. Vaughan Testifies)

03:34:56 Senate Committee w/ Joseph McCarthy, Karl Mundt, Margaret Chase Smith sitting beside Chairman Senator Clyde Hoey (Democrat, North Carolina). Photographers.

03:35:05 CU General Harry H. Vaughan, reads statement (SOF): The freezers which have been discussed here were a gift from two old friends of mine. This gift was an expression of friendship & nothing more. There is absolutely no connection between this gift & any assistance I have given these friends. At no time have I taken action as a member of the White House staff in exchange for a gift or other favor. With respect to John Maragon, I have known him since 1941 when he was employed by a railroad company to assist in obtaining transportation for members of Congress. I have had no business connections w/ Mr. Maragon. I have never authorized him to represent or speak for me, or the White House, in any matters pertaining to my duties. Upon his request, I have given him assistance in matters when it appeared entirely proper to do so. There is nothing to conceal in my record as a public servant. I will answer any questions you gentlemen may wish to ask. I have discharged my duty honestly, & to the best of my ability.

Senator: Have you ever, at any time, received any fee or commission, or shared w/ anybody else in receiving any fee or commission in connection w/ any of those operations? Vaughan: No so, I did not. It had never occured to me. My duties at the White House in that connection, were the continuation of practically the same duties here in Senator Truman s office. Senator: In any of these matters did you have occasion to advise the President of what was transpiring, or did you do it just on your own? Vaughan: I have never had any occasion, that I can recall, to advise the President on any action I have taken in any particular instance; I didn t think it was necessary because I was performing according to the President s instructions that he had given to me before. He had never had occasion to change them, & I would just continued to operate in the same way. And I felt sure he would be the first one to tell me if he wanted me to change. People standing at end of hearing.

Five-percenters; Scandal; Investigation; 08Aug49; 1949; Hearings; Corruption;

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (Five Percenters Investigation)

09:18:11 Man being sworn in, sits down. Committee w/ Karl Mundt, Margaret Chase Smith, Eugene McCarthy, etc.

09:18:27 Man at microphones w/ arms folded speaks (SOF): It seems to me I met him in Milwaukee. What was the occasion? He was there at some social gathering. With whom? General Bond . Is that the first time you met him? Yes. Did you have an occasion to talk to him? Yes, I believe I did talk to him. Did he tell you what his business was? I think he talked so much I didn t remember all the details. When you left did you know what business he was in? No, but I guess I was impressed w/ his importance. In other words he represented that he had a lot of influence? I don t know if he did that, but he said he d lived in Washington a long time & knew everyone.

09:19:22 Did you have any discussion at all about fees? I have a vague recollection that I gave him $500. Well, if you paid a man $500, wouldn t you have a vivid recollection of it? (applause) Well if I d been paying out my own money I probably would have, but I was paying out the Allied money. Well even paying out somebody else s money you don t pay out $500 to a man every day or two? In all probabiliy I gave him that other $500 or I wouldn t have reported it to the Allied. Why do you say you paid him $500 in cash or know or not? ...I think so; for the record I paid it. Swish pan.

09:20:16 CU Joseph McCarthy, SOF: I think the country is extremely fortunate that we do have such a fair minded Chairman conducting this hearing; I am sure that he will insist that all fruitful angles will be explored & as the hearing continues the developments will be very interesting.

1949; Senate Investigations; Committees;

The Telenews Daily - Congressional Probe (5 Percenters, Vaughan)

10:06:47 Senator Hoey & investigative committee w/ Karl Mundt, Margaret Chase Smith & others. Photographers taking pictures of General Vaughan smoking cigar & another military officer at table.

10:06:55 SOF Congressman: In view of a statement made yesterday...did you ever investigate him over the phone? Military officer: I certainly did not & I never would. Did you ever hear anyone in your office impersonating him? No.

10:07:15 MOS photographers arouind committee.

10:07:22 SOF Sen. McCarthy (?) SOF: ...the Agriculture Department to proceed to make sure that the allegations...not be reduced.

10:07:28 SOF Vaughan: I did not say that, Sir. I did not. McCarthy: Will you tell me what you did do?

10:07:34 SOF At the direction of the President, I called the Secretary of Agriculture to find if the quarters were going to be changed. And I reported to the Presdient & that is the sum total to my connection to it. I never made any suggestions about whether they should be changed or whether they shouldn t. I knew nothing about it. ....It was reduced before that.

10:08:08 Committee members.

10:08:13 Vaughan: I should see no reason why I should object to anything the FBI or the Department of Justice has on me being made completely available to the Committee. ...I don t think my opinion would be of interest to the FBI...

1949 Scandal; Extortion; Bribery;

Note: Senate Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Department opened hearings on five percenters & influence peddling, 08Aug49. Vaughan testified 30Aug49

President Eisenhower with Senator Dulles

Seated at desk signing ? Group of press photographers taking pictures. Dulles countersigns document. CU document (out of focus)

02:05:54 Exterior White house - press cameras - Ike and senators exit including LBJ (Johnson) and McCarthy - photocall. Various of senators talking to groups of reporters.

Unknown Secrets: Art & the Rosenberg Era R2 Narrated by John Randolph. Featuring voice overs by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Tovah Feldshuh, Jack Gilford, George Irving, Tony Randall, Shirley Blac Romaine.

Ruby Dee reading poem over art shots. Stills and art work re Ethe Rosenberg. Int. with artist Marina Gutierrez about reactionary forces in government intercut with her art work. Rosenberg bus shelter in New York. Interview with Dennis Adams, artist who created bus shelter. Int. with author Robert Coover about his book, The Public Burning and Rosenbergs. . Wood cut stills of circus and Congressional hearings over Tony Randall reading excerpt from The Public Burning. Still of US Supreme Court. Supreme Court Building. Neon lit Times Square pan to Camel sign with puff of smoke. Tells how he decided on Nixon - clown figure - as narrator for book. LS clowns in circus. Nixon holding up microfilm. Nixon impersonator reads from Coover book. Congressional hearing, still of Whittaker Chambers pumpkin patch, Chambers holding up and opening hollow pumpkin intercut with art. Tony Randall voice over as Joe McCarthy, Ossie Davis reading J. Edgar Hoover over art work. Int. with Leon Marcus, artist who was harrassed by the FBI with his picture of Roy Cohn in frame. Describes painting picture of FBI visiting. Ralph Fasanella pointing out historical stuff in his paintings. CU flashbulb popping. Julius and Ethel leaving court house. Clemency march. Eisenhower waving. Universal headline Landslide for Ike. Pan down Times Square billboard. Eisenhower inaugral parade with Ike waving from open limousine. We Like Ike sign. Ike walking into press conference. CU cameraman. Art of White House. Other art work.

Artistic work in film by: Kim Adeles, Dennis Adams, Victor Arnautoff, Robert Areneson, Doug Ashford, Karen Atkinson, Gary Bachman, Rudolf Baranik, Terry Berkowitz, Angel Bracho, Crhis Bratton, Celia Calderon, Luis Camnitzer, Sue Coe, Richard Corey, Mort Dimondstein, Fred Ellis, Ralph Fasanella, Rupert Garcia, Marina Gutierrez, Jerry Kearns, Rockwell Kent, Margia Kramer, Fernand Leger, Leon Marcus, Paul Marcus, Arnold Mesches,Louis Monza, Francisco Mora, Antonio Muntadas, Alice Neel, Lorie Novak, Saul Ostrow, Pablo Picasso, Adrian Piper, Archie Rand, Martha Rosler, Juan Sanchez, Peter Saul, Greg Sholette, Kenneth Shorr, Deborah Small, Anthony Toney, Patty Wallace, Janet Winston, David Wojnarowicz

[Peace Marchers Attacked At NYC May Day Parade]

8th Avenue May Day Parade, NYC, people in crowd yelling. People pass w/ large banner Bronx United May Day Committee , followed by Communist sympathisers? w/ placards. Police arrest anti-Communists. Boys in crowd throw stones at marchers. Groups pass holding Civil Liberties flags and banner w/ Wall St. Made $???,000 Profit in World War II: No Wonder Wall St. Pushes For World War III .

15:09:49 Marchers attacked, Demand Peace banner torn down, crowd becomes unruly, spills into street; Elgin Theatre in BG. Marchers w/ Manhattan Jewish Organisation For Peace banner attacked. Boy in crowd throws something at marching band, aware of camera. Good.

Anti-Communism. McCarthyism. Civil rights.

Longines Chronoscope [With Sen. Joseph McCarthy], 16Nov51

Opening commercial for Logines-Wittnauer Watch Company. Main title: typewriter typing it out. A Television Journal of the Important Issues of the Hour. Frank Knight introduces Col Ansel E. Talbert, an editor of New York Herald Tribune, & William Bradford Huie of American Mercury.

11:06:38 Huie asks about the atrocity reports of Korea. McCarthy says the Judge Advocate General who let out the story must be telling the truth. Those guilty are Acheson s agrarian reformers.

11:07:40 Huie: As a critic of the State Department & the Administration... Mc: That s putting it mildly!

McCarthy responding to thought that atrocity information was withheld so as to not destroy morale.. I don t believe your troops need to be spoonfed. I think they can take the raw, harsh facts...& they should get them.

11:09:20 Mc: No reason why Stalin should start a shooting war while he is winning so rapidly without a shooting war & while we are cooperating so fully.

11:10:1? Huie: How do you define McCarthyism, sir? Mc: I didn t coin the phrase, The Daily Worker...was the first newspaper to use it...McCarhyism is apparently calling a man a communist and later is proven to be one.

11:10:5? Huie: Have you had any regrets on any of the tactics you ve used on the State Dept. sir? Mc: I think at times we should have hit much the Jessop case... Says that State Dept. can no more change than a leopard can change his spots...quotes Shakespeare.

11:12:02 Huie: Do you think you think you have been guilty of any Un-Americanism yourself... Mc: If fighting Communists & getting a bit rough w/ them...then I must plead to being Un-American... Sen. Tydiings is the man who defeated Sen. Tydings, not McCarthy. McCarthy talks about Tydings challenge to convict 57 Communists... (too expensive, says McCarthy).

11:13:29 Mc: LIttle Willie Benton, Connecticutt s mental midget keeps on, it will be unnecessary for me or for anyone else to do any campaiging against him. He s doing his campaigning against himself!

11:13:45 Mc on his re-election next year. ..very viscious campaign...the usual party line smear attempt...

11:14:38 Mc on Presidential aspirations. I wouldn t take the vice-president... Talks about as senior member of Senate committee will be able to supeana records etc. Talks about McClaren Committee. Only one issue of campaign of 1952...suicidal Kremlin-directed foreign policy.

11:17:02 Frank McKnight concludes, and a commercial as he unwraps a Christmas package of a Longines watch. CU various styles turning.

1950s; Television News Broadcasting; Anti-Communism; Politics; Korean War; Sleaze;

[Republican Convention, Municipal Auditorium, Philadelphia, PA] (07-11Jul52)

CU New York, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Kentucky, Alabama etc. signs.

18:00:56 Joseph McCarthy onto stand & shaking hands, waves. Begins to speak (MOS). Parade w/ fish-shaped signs saying: Lattimore, Hiss; Acheson. More state delegation signs, Oregon, Pennsylvania, etc. Man waves gavel.

18:02:09 Group on floor includes Thomas Dewey w/ large crowd around. Police or fire marshals thru. Reporters at radio telephones and equipment. Delegates seen from above huddling, cameras around them.

18:03:15 Everett Dirksen (?) at mics, sips water & waves. Delegates listening. CU State Signs.

18:04:45 Unid man in Hilton Hotel room making statement to crowd of press. Sign: Resolutions Committee.

18:05:37 Group for MacArthur. Group of women for Taft w/ large badges. Women reporters taking notes.

Political Convention; Politics;

News in Brief - Washington D.C. - Senator McCarthy Wedding

Crowds outside St. Mathew s Cathedral - arrivals including Harold Stasson , movie star Constance Bennet and VP Richard Nixon. Interior church, marriage ceremony. Wedding party out of cathedral doors and down steps. Cutting cake at reception. Jack Dempsey kisses bride.

[Hearings, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations - McCarthy] (ca Oct-Nov53)

New York City Federal Court House; NYC.

NOTE: See LN 501-554 14:42:47 - 14:47:06 for additional shots (MOS)

Swearing in of Col. ?? McCarthy asks Roy Cohn to put a definition of secret into the record. Discusses Rosenberg's assignment to Emerson Radio Co. & inspecting proximity fuses. David Greenglass's counsel, or lawyer, says he will cooperate w/ espionage investigation.

12:14:00 McCarthy talks about Julius Rosenberg s association w/ Mr. Levitsky. Cohn says there is plenty in the record of Levitsky & Rosenberg.

12:14:58 McCarthy swears ? in. McCarthy talks about the lights & newsmen. Asks if Julius Rosenberg helped to get job at Telecommunications in Signal Corps Laboratory. Witness asked if given as a reference. He agrees. McCarthy tells he can only avoid self-incrimination w/ the 5th Amendment.

12:18:26 Witness asks what McCarthy is reading but gets no response. Witness leaves & McCarthy talks to press. Lawyer asks Cohn if overcoat is his. Good footage of mingling etc.

Espionage; Spy - McCarthy] David Greenglass is brother of Ethel Rosenberg;

[Supreme Court Picture; McCarthy & Army Hearings re Harry Dexter White & Sec. Stevenson] (1954)

14:42:47 14Dec53 Supreme Court justices in annual sitting for picture w/ front row left to right: Felix Frankfurter; Hugo Black; Chief Justice Earl Warren; Stanley Reed & William O. Douglas. Back row left to right: Tom Clark; Robert H. Jackson; Harold Burton & Sherman Minton. NOTE: On 17May54 this court ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional in Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

NOTE: Following MOS relates to Sd. material on LN 501-553 12:11:35 - 12:20:44

14:44:59 New York City Federal Courthouse. Army Officer, prob. from Ft. Monmouth, sworn in at opposite end of table from Roy Cohn & ??

14:45:29 Lawyer for David Greenglass. Spectators. Counsel & witness (bald w/ glasses & dark suit) enter room. CU military officer testifying, CU McCarthy listening. CU baldheaded next (?) witness & lawyer. People up & leaving table, press clustered around McCarthy who s talking w/ them (MOS).

Cold War; Anti-Communism; McCarthyism; Congressional Investigations; Senate Subcommittee on Investigations; Spy; Espionage; Signal Corps Laboratory; Communists;

McCarthy Replies - Calls U.S. Communism Root Of All Our Ills (26Nov53)

Hearing room, attorney & witness (bald w/ glasses) enter. Committee at table intercut w/ CU of witness. MCU of Cohen, McCarthy & ?? w/ Cohen questioning.

20:32:16 McCarthy in front of three mics reads statement: A few days ago I read that President Eisenhower expressed the hope that by election time in 1954 the subject of Communism would be a dead & forgotten issue. The raw, harsh, unpleasant fact is that Communism is an issue; and will be an issue in 1954. Truman s diatribe against those who expose Communists is the best proof of that. We should remember that practically every issue which we face today from high taxes to the shameful mess in Korea is inextricably interwoven with the Communist issue.

Anti-communism; McCarthyism;


McCarthy seated at desk reads statement. Accuses ex President Truman of putting interests of the Democrat party above the interests of America. Trumanism . Talks of Communists and filthy communist dungeons and says America and her allies should not trade with China until Americans are released.

[Senator Joseph McCarthy Before Press Conference] (1953ca)

McCarthy in dark suit at desk w/ 6 or 7 microphones; in front of carved wooden eagle on panel. Surrounded by press photographers, newsreel cameramen & reporters. Writes note on small pad. Waits, holds statement to read.

McCarthyism; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist;

McCarthy - Army hearings

Hearing room - McCarthy and Cohn behind desk

09:32:35 Shot Joseph Welch. Various shots committee asking questions and McCarthy answering (mos)

News In Brief - Washington DC

Hearings on charges against McCarthy continue.

Crowd enters courtroom. Spectators. McCarthy and team. Guard outside courtroom.

[Army & McCarthy Senate Sub-Committee Hearings w/ Sec Stevens & Testimony] (Mar-Apr54)

Joseph N. Welch visible; Roy Cohn next to McCarthy; Senator Everett Dirksen questions. Ray H. Jenkins repeats a question and Robert T. Stevens talks about his conclusion that Cohn s behavior was with knowledge of McCarthy. Stevens asked to identify G. David Schine in photograph.

Cold War; McCarthyism; Robert F. Kennedy; Homosexual Favoritism;

[Eisenhowers w/ Grandchildren; McCarthy - Army Hearings] (1954)

11:26:38 X4 President & Mamie w/ David & daughters Susan & Barbara in sun at Augusta golf course (?) in Easter dress clothes; with John & wife & mother ?. Press photo shoot.

11:28:01 X5 Sec. of Army Stevens standing next to attorney Welch sworn in. Stevens at mic in filled room. Sen. Jenkins (?) questioning; other Senators at table. Swearing in from front of room.

11:29:13 X9 ?? at mic; leaves. General view at front w/ large table & Senators. MCU of McCarthy, Roy Cohn, Jenkins. TV camera visible. LS of room w/ photographers around behind. Swearing in of ?? w/ Welch beside.

Cold War; Senate Sub-Committee Hearings; Schine Affair; Presidential Family Life;

[Army & McCarthy Hearings; Eisenhowers laying cornerstone; Gettysburg; McCarthy & Schine]

12:48:42 X2 Capitol rotunda w/ large crowd waiting for start of Senate hearing. Very large group still photography & film cameramen. Two military arrive w/ briefcase, boxes & file folders. People taking seats. Four women wearing sash wait to enter. Two VIPs arrive. Sec. Stevens & military VIPs arrive & pose. McCarthy w/ woman on crutches enters. Table w/ Stevenson & military; McCarthy, Cohn at mics. TV camera visible behind committee. Swearing in of Army General, Welch next to him. Crowd shots & very good shots of bank of newsreel cameramen.

12:54:06 X4 President Eisenhower & Mamie at church cornerstone laying. Out of car, into Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church (sign). Crowd of onlookers on curb. Cornerstone w/ 1954 on it, Ike w/ trowel and cement. Police holding back crowd as limousine leaves.

12:56:31 X7 Presidential plane Columbine landing and Dean Rusk off, arrives at Gettysburg & greeted by Ike. Pose for photographers.

12:57:33 X10 David Schine in MCU. Standing,sworn in. Welch, Stevens & Army VIPs sitting behind. Schine holding photograph & questioned by committee members (MOS).

1950s; Anti-Communism; Cold War; McCarthyism; Diplomacy;

[Senator McCarthy & Committee at Ft. Monmouth Concerning Security Violations] (29Apr54)

Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

CU sign behind barbed wire: Fort Monmouth Home of the Signal Corps U.S. Army. Restricted Area. View thru chain link fence of radar units turning,

14:39:45 MCU Secretary of Army Stevens & Senator McCarthy laughing & talking w/ ??. CU of each. Sign behind wire fence: ...Signal Laboratory.

14:40:03 Stevenson & McCarthy board military aircraft.

14:40:13 McCarthy seated at table w/ Roy Cohn, G. David Schine and committee standing & seated around.

14:40:29 McCarthy walking between two military officers w/ David Schine away from large building, diner & small stores visible on street. tilt down front of New York Federal Court House (?) w/ columns.

14:40:46 Sd. McCarthy seated w/ committee & Schine. Seated w/ 3 others including Gen. Lawton, Commanding Officer of Ft. Monmouth, looking grim. McCarthy speaking answering question about result of investigation & house cleaning done by Stevens and Lawton to get rid of Communists. McCarthy talks about old Truman administration reversing cases in the past . (GOOD).

Cold War; Anti-Communism; McCarthyism; Congressional Investigations; Senate Subcommittee on Investigations;

McCarthy Charged

Hearing room - McCarthy takes seat - mass of press. Chairman makes statement outlining purposes of hearing. Chairman says that the Permanent Sub-committee on investigations of the United States Senate has convened to investigate charges brought by Sec. of Army Robert T. Stevens and his council John G. Adams that Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Roy M. Cohn and others sought preferential treatment for Private G. David Schine by giving him a direct Commission .

04:26:58 McCarthy talking to Roy Cohn - Army Officer and others seated at table.

04:27:33 McCarthy speaks - says all he was trying to do was to expose Communists in the army.

04:28:20 Army Major sworn in - answers questions re conversations he had with Senator McCarthy.

04:30:50 McCarthy speaks re hearsay evidence. Hearing continues.


McCarthy - Army Hearings - David Schine affair.

Army officer being questioned (brief}. Witness, Mr Stevens ? sworn in - press photographers. Witness explains why case was brought.

05:18:35 McCarthy seated with Cohn. McCarthy speaks re small percentage of communists in the army. Stevens ? continues statement re charges made by Senator McCarthy which were that Stevens urged McCarthy to go after the navy and the air force and that he, Stevens, is guilty of blackmail. Refutes charges.

McCarthy - Army Hearings - David Schine affair.

Hearing in progress - Witness, Mr Stevens? giving evidence re David Schine. Says McCarthy asked for commission for Schine. McCarthy heard off camera but not seen. Member of committee speaking.

06:30:03 McCarthy seated next to Cohn - speaking re transcripts.

06:31:10 New witness sworn in - Jenkins ? McCarthy speaking.

McCarthy - Army Hearings - David Schine affair.

Hearing in progress - McCarthy seated at desk. Press melee as David Schine enters court. McCarthy seated next to Cohn. Schine takes oath and gives evidence. Committee handed large photograph of Schine with ?? Cohn giving evidence (mos)


[Korea & US Military Review; McCarthy & Hearings Committee]

18:45:01 Korea US troops marching in review; planes overhead.

18:45:36 People waiting in line for McCarthy hearings, directed by guards; MCU past camera into room. Seated. MCU Sam Irvin & ?? talking at table. Other committee members. CU boy w/ pamphlet: McCarthyism: The Fight For America.

18:46:21 CU McCarthy putting on glasses. Crowd shot of supporters. McCarthy posing. Other committee members into hearing; gavelled to order by ?? MCU of woman, McCarthy talking to her. Exterior of hearing room & guards close doors.


[McCarthy-Army Hearings, Welch Takes Oath] (1954ca)

Washington DC

Welch, w/ Stevens sitting next to him, holding large picture of two military (Shine?) & Sec. Robert Stevens beside military plane. Its an original, undoctored piece of evidence. Jenkins (?) responds. Robert Kennedy sitting behind.

18:18:05 McCarthy asks for 3rd man to be identified, Welch should be put under oath to explain how it was doctored. Chairman asks McCarthy to speak to Point of Order. McCarthy: Mr. Chairman, may I suggest that before I start to say something that I not be interrupted in the middle of a sentence; and that Mr. Symington and no one else has the right to interrupt unless they address the chair and the chair recognizes them.

18:19:22 McCarthy holding two photographs side by side. Responded by Sec Stevens who had asked for a picture of alone w/ Schine; and he s proven that what he was given simply had a 3rd person cropped off. McCarthy asks if it matters; Stevens says: ...tremendously. Because it means someone is going to edit the information that is going to come before this committee.

18:20:34 McCarthy: who is that.. Stevens: I don t know; it might be Senator McCarthy. (laughter & applause). Jenkins questioning Cohn.

18:21:06 Welch: Are you close enough to the picture so you would like to qualify that statement, I would say its a grim picture of Sec. Stevens. Cohn responds... Not so fast Mr. Cohn, not so fast... Cohn responds. Welch: My question was a simple one... End of out.

McCarthyism; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist; Doctoring of Photographs; Evidence; Cross-examination.

[McCarthy w/ Broken Arm & Petitions; Eisenhower w/ Gift]

McCarthy w/ arm in sling into office chair, picks up phone & talks while holding glasses. MCU. Laughing. Capitol building dome. Armored truck w/ sign: 10,000,000 Americans For Justice pulls up and unloading of boxes of petitions onto sidewalk. Guard holding pistol, men look into boxes & pull out petitions.

18:50:06 Vice-President Nixon w/ three others at mics look at petitions or telegrams.

18:50:40 Senator McCarthy at desk in hearing room, arm in sling, laughing.

18:51:23 President Eisenhower at desk receiving gift from ?? as three others stand behind watching, laughing. Cameramen. Posing. Exterior of White House in winter but no snow. CU of gift.

Anti-Communism; Presidential Gifts; Diplomacy;