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Archival film footage on J. Edgar Hoover from Footage Farm

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J. Edgar Hoover Statement - FBI

Hoover seated at desk says the FBI is waging war against criminals ... organised crime. ...parasites...

Mafia; 1930s; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Gangsters;

Battle Of The United States - Duquesne Case

Enemy agents in America in WWII

New York street corner, suspect Harry Sawyer a naturalised German American working for the FBI - Spy Fritz Duquesne. Meeting with spies incl. cook Klossing?, Hartwood Kleis? gives money to Sawyer and shows maps. Duquesne removes diagram hidden in socks. Japanese spy Takio Azema?

26May42 - Two German submarines leave base and land on Long Island and florida - subs underway. Scientist in lab scrapes lumps of coal which disguise TNT explosives. Saboteurs in police van and at military trial. Metal cabinets labelled secret .

Hitlerwith secret superimposed.

J. Edgar Hoover at desk speaks.

(Bund. American Nazism)

Communism Condemned (J. Edgar Hoover) J. Edgar Hoover testifies to HUAC. 'Fifth Column...Communists' allegience is to Russia...akin to disease...a quarantine is necessary'. Bullit testimony: 'Communist are Red Fascists'

Communism Condemned

HUAC House Committee on UnAmerican Activities meeting. J. Edgar Hoover w/ hand raised sworn in, sits down & reads statement (SOF): The Communist Party of the United States is a Fifth Column if there ever was one. It is far better organized than the Naziis... ...their allegience is to Russia not the United States. Communism in reality is not a political party, it is a way of life. ...akin to disease...a quarantine is necessary... .

07:15:41 Ambassador Bullit testimony (SOF): The Communists are Red Fascists. Soviet Imperialism has replaced Nazi... Stalin will not stop of his own volition. He can only be stopped.

Cold War; Anti-Communists; 1947; Politics; Political Testimony;

NOTE: Source film material has printer ride.

The Preakness

Large crowd; people watching including J. Edgar Hoover. Horses & riders out thru crowds, walking on track. Out of gate & around track. Down track towards camera in telephoto shot (GOOD). Back stretch & around turn to finish. No. 2, Faultless wins; no. 1 On Trust is second, & Phalanx third. Jockey w/ winning floral.

Professional Gambling; Sports; Horse Racing;

[Unidentified FBI Post War] R1 of 2

Federal Bureau of Investigations - offices (interiors); Washington Department of Justice Building entrance; FBI HQ office workers, male telephone operators. J. Edgar Hoover in office, women searching fingerprints; photography lab & various other forensic tests. Agents w/ ultra-violet goggles; CU stop watch; microscope; tweezer.

05:02:05 FBI training academy at Quantico. Agents learnself defence, disarming man with gun, martial arts. Agents learning how to assemble guns, target practice on rifle & pistol range.

05:03:02 Science labs, spectrographic analysis, photography, microfilm - decoding messages re WWII sabotage. Row of file cabinets being searched.

05:04:04 Reconstruction of war time espionage case of Nazi Agent August Baumeyer. Baumeyer s restaurant; meeting place for American Nazis (German-American Bund). FBI agent recording meeting w/ recorder in bunch of celery. Nazi on stage w/ Swastikas, FBI agents in car listen. FBI agents talk in office. Call August Baumeyer on restaurant phone; camera surveillance by FBI - spies meet. Nazi spies hide in Baumeyer restaurant basement.

Spy; Myth; WWII Homefront;

[Unidentified FBI Post War] R2 of 2

FBI door & meeting discuss Baumeyer. Agent goes undercover & takes fake microfilm to Baumeyer Restaurant, passes him the fake microfilm re his identity. FBI agent infiltratres Nazi ring, works as waiter gathering evidence & feeds other spies in basement.

05:10:23 Shows FBI evidence taken from basement: rolls of microfilm & documents. FBI meeting; plan to grab Nazis.

05:11:35 Agents watching restaurant chase Nazi leaving in car. Sidewalk street scene; hitch-hiking in countryside. FBI chase on foot along beach, then raid restaurant.

05:14:53 Justice Department building & technicians working at desk, meeting w/ Tolson (?). Searching pictures etc. FBI National Police Academy addressed by J. Edgar Hoover (MOS); FBI graduates leave building.

Spy; Myth; WWII Homefront;

Unknown Secrets: Art & the Rosenberg Era R2 Narrated by John Randolph. Featuring voice overs by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Tovah Feldshuh, Jack Gilford, George Irving, Tony Randall, Shirley Blac Romaine.

Ruby Dee reading poem over art shots. Stills and art work re Ethe Rosenberg. Int. with artist Marina Gutierrez about reactionary forces in government intercut with her art work. Rosenberg bus shelter in New York. Interview with Dennis Adams, artist who created bus shelter. Int. with author Robert Coover about his book, The Public Burning and Rosenbergs. . Wood cut stills of circus and Congressional hearings over Tony Randall reading excerpt from The Public Burning. Still of US Supreme Court. Supreme Court Building. Neon lit Times Square pan to Camel sign with puff of smoke. Tells how he decided on Nixon - clown figure - as narrator for book. LS clowns in circus. Nixon holding up microfilm. Nixon impersonator reads from Coover book. Congressional hearing, still of Whittaker Chambers pumpkin patch, Chambers holding up and opening hollow pumpkin intercut with art. Tony Randall voice over as Joe McCarthy, Ossie Davis reading J. Edgar Hoover over art work. Int. with Leon Marcus, artist who was harrassed by the FBI with his picture of Roy Cohn in frame. Describes painting picture of FBI visiting. Ralph Fasanella pointing out historical stuff in his paintings. CU flashbulb popping. Julius and Ethel leaving court house. Clemency march. Eisenhower waving. Universal headline Landslide for Ike. Pan down Times Square billboard. Eisenhower inaugral parade with Ike waving from open limousine. We Like Ike sign. Ike walking into press conference. CU cameraman. Art of White House. Other art work.

Artistic work in film by: Kim Adeles, Dennis Adams, Victor Arnautoff, Robert Areneson, Doug Ashford, Karen Atkinson, Gary Bachman, Rudolf Baranik, Terry Berkowitz, Angel Bracho, Crhis Bratton, Celia Calderon, Luis Camnitzer, Sue Coe, Richard Corey, Mort Dimondstein, Fred Ellis, Ralph Fasanella, Rupert Garcia, Marina Gutierrez, Jerry Kearns, Rockwell Kent, Margia Kramer, Fernand Leger, Leon Marcus, Paul Marcus, Arnold Mesches,Louis Monza, Francisco Mora, Antonio Muntadas, Alice Neel, Lorie Novak, Saul Ostrow, Pablo Picasso, Adrian Piper, Archie Rand, Martha Rosler, Juan Sanchez, Peter Saul, Greg Sholette, Kenneth Shorr, Deborah Small, Anthony Toney, Patty Wallace, Janet Winston, David Wojnarowicz

News In Brief - Washington DC [Eisenhower Awards Medals]

W/ J. Edgar Hoover of Justice Department, present presents Young American Medal for Bravery to Edmund Zernacy, Lawrenceville, Indiana; Young American Medal for Leadership to William Steiger of Oshkosh, Wisconsin for leadership. Poses w/ both.

04:32:28 First Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin, Robert Briscoe & wife greeted, shake hands & gives Irish cut glass gift to Ike.

White House Ceremonies;

Civil Rights - President Signs Historic Bill.

Washington - stockshots of Lincoln Memorial. White House - interior President Johnson signs Civil Rights act of 1964. Surrounded by legislators from congress and Civil Rights leaders. Johnson speaks (sync) re purpose of law. Applause from audience. Johnson signs with nearly 100 pens which are given out as souvenirs. Hubert Humphrey and Dirkson get pens. Martin Luther King receives pen. J. Edgar Hoover recieves pen. Robert Kennedy given six pens.

The President: February 1968 [Part 2 of 3]

Lyndon Johnson signing vars bills into law inc. Crime Report - uses numerous pens - J. Edgar Hoover & others present - LBJ speech at podium [MOS]. Bust of Adlai Stevenson unveiled. Actress Patricia Neal presented w/ Heart of the Year award. Arthur S. Fleming Award presented to ten government officials. National Medal of Science Awards. Finalists in White House Photographers Annual Contest w/ winning photos. Cerebral Palsy Association s National Poster Child Kenny Cunningham.

09:08:51 Fashion show at White House to boost US tourism: models pose in front of WH w/ Lady Bird. INT models prepare in Blue Room. Show in progress, State Dining Room - themed on American states - red, white & blue colour scheme - Lady Bird speech heard in VO. Lady Bird greets Governors wives after show - women file past inc. TV Commentator Nancy Dickerson. Reception for Governors & wives - after dinner performance of excerpts from Broadway musical Fiorello .

09:12:51 Ceremony at Lincoln Memorial - wreath laid - LBJ speech heard we are sometime forced by an adversary to back our beliefs with steel...we live in a time that Lincoln would have well understood...Lincoln stuck it out, sad but will we .

09:14:27 LBJ greets Cyrus Vance after his return from diplomatic mission to South Korea. LBJ & Vance conferring at WH - Cabinet meeting.

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War. Dress & Hat Fashions.

[Kefauver Commission - J. Edgar Hoover & ???]

Witness (dark suit, glasses, looks like Art Buchwald) before Kefauver Committee. Requesting no further demonstrations.

06:24:51 Si. Young ca 35 yr old witness. No glasses.

06:25:06 Sd. J Edgar Hoover & Tolson sitting; man gives records of ?? to committee. While the mobsters of the prohibition era have not been eliminated...modern version combines the worst features of big business manipulation, violence & corruption... ..festering sore eating away at the strong and healthy tissues of our great country... . [Hoover does not speak.]

Organised Crime. Gangsters.

[Eric Johnston HUAC Testimony]

VS MPAA President Eric Johnston testifies before HUAC, comments on part of J. Edgar Hoover s previous testimony re: influence of motion picture industry and Communism.

15:29:05 Pictures which are produced under a democratic form of government...are bound to convey some of the viriilty, the zest and the joy of living which are characteristic of the life of our country, these are the qualities that other peoples need most at this time and these are the qualities that make American films hated and feared by communists everywhere...

15:29:39 I think Mr Hoover undoubtedly had evidence to that effect...there are communists in Hollywood [but] their propoganda has not reached the screen...

15:30:57 Johnston talks about labour unions, guilds and contracts; management vs technicians in cutting rooms. I think [communists] should be exposed...but I don t think Mr Rankin we re ready for concentration camps yet in America, men have to earn a living...

15:34:48 Mr Rankin: I can tell you now, you need a house cleaning, and you need it very badly, and I think you re the man to start it.

Anti-Communism. Witch hunts.