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Big Four Generals Agree In Berlin On Rule Of Germany

Allied Control Commission meeting. Soviet Mashall Zhukov signs to control eastern & central Germany; French Gen. De Lattre de Tassigny signs to occupy western Germany on Rhine; Field Marshall Montgomery signs to hold northwestern Germany; Gen. Eisenhower signs to control southern Germany. All four Supreme Allied Commanders posing outside.

Post-WWII; Rebuilding; Diplomacy; European Agreement Signing; Four-Power;

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Exploring Hitler's Mountain Hide-Out At Berchtesgaden

US troops into underground retreat at Berghof. GI looking thru books in library. Book marked "Adolf Hitler". Tunnels w/ steel doors. Hitler's bedroom w/ empty champagne bottle. Looted paintings seen stored.

Post-WWII; Art;

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Airfield "Fog Killer" Revealed As British Miracle In The War ("FIDO")?

Fog on field. Man runs w/ torch lighting fire in long lines to clear fog with heat. Much smoke. Plane lands amidst flames seen from above & on ground. Several bombers landing.

WWII Invention; Discovery; War-time Secrets;

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Battle Reports from The Philippines

Mindinao. Dropping Bombs on Japanese positions by B-24s (GOOD).

06:12:49 Luzon. Capture of Ipo Dam section of Manila. Japanese soldiers take clothes off & surrender to Americans. Banzi sword. Top shot dam w/ water over spillway & US flag.

Pacific War - Fighting;

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Don't Travel! Vacation At Home

Troops return to USA from Europe by ship & plane before being sent to Pacific.

Troopship w/ waving; w/ Statue of Liberty in distance. Soldier on board with broken arm waves. Men board railroad & wave from train window. Soldiers aboard train w/ women & civilians. Wounded loaded onto train. Wounded in bed on train tended by nurse - looks delighted.

21:14:11 Head of Defense Transportation Col. Johnson at desk says (SOF) not to travel; spend holiday at home.

WWII Home Front; Transportation Shortage;

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G.I.s Relax In Venice

GIs in uniform & civilian clothes on gondolas. Man on gondola holds two women in uniform w/ gondolier at back poling & musician playing accordion. Larger boats full of American soldiers on grand canal. DUKWs w/ soldiers on canal.

WWII Rest & Recreation; Military Leave;

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Wedding Bells For Air hero Gabreski

Pilot Gabreski in uniform w/ bride in front of priest recite vows (SOF); exchange rings. Kissing.

(Gabreski shot down 28 German planes & was POW in Germany)

Title: Join the 7th Mighty War Loan

Post-WWII Homefront; Ceremony;

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Movietone News

Yanks Force Jap Retreat In Bitter Okinawa Fighting

Land battle on Okinawa - explosions & flame throwers, heavy fighting. Hut burning. Advancing GI throws grenade. Firing. Cave tunnel entrance. Okinawan children found & carried by GIs. Native refugees, women & children. G.I. befriends wounded canine soldier dog. Writing letter. Savage fighting. Soldiers behind tanks advance into city of Naha. CU tanks; soldiers marching. LS Naha burning.

WWII Fighting; Horrors of War; Pacific Battle;

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Personalities In The War News

General Hodges welcomed to Atlanta; out of plane, greeted by Governor Arnold of Georgia. Motorcade thru city. Hodges with wife big crowd waving, applauding.

21:19:20 General Doolittle Honored by King George: King & Queen Elizabeth out of car, greeted by Doolittle, reviewing troops. King awards medal to Doolittle. CU medal.

21:19:53 Sgt. Carothers has 168 Points; fights On; Veteran adds up his points on blackboard. CU medals on his chest; shows his mother hand-drawn map of Japan then throws darts with map. CU Sgt.

WWII Homefront; Military Homecoming; Heroes;

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News Reports From Washington

Herbert Hoover Confers with President Arrives & poses w/ Truman. re food relief for postwar Europe

21:20:57 Tom C. Clark New Attorney General Tom C. Clark at desk.

21:21:06 Clinton P. Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture.

Post-WWII Planning; Homefront USA; Government;

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Page 348 of 858 (8574 results)

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