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Iraq War Iraq Iraq
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Archival film footage on Iraq from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Israeli Attack on Iraqi Nuclear Plant

Material brought back from Israel of attack on Iraqi nuclear plant (IDF) - F-15(?) F-!^(?) various shots from ground, air and of bombing of nuclear reactor. Planes in formation, above mosque, above clouds and shot so reactor Bombs falling, explosion of reactor.

Alban Barkley (correct sp) / Barklay (incorrect sp)

Claire Chennault (correct sp) / Clare Chenault (incorrect sp

Admiral Doenitz / Donitz

Amelia Earhart (correct sp) / Earhardt

Moune De Rivel (correct) / Moune De Rival (incorrect sp)

Feisal / Faysal / Faisal

Hagerty, James / Haggarty / Haggerty (Eisenhower press secretary)

Kasavubu / Kasa-Vubu / Kasabubu (incorrect)

Kassem / Kassim (premier - Iraq)

Mohammed Ali / Cassius Clay

Mildred Babe Didrikson Zaharius (correct sp) / Didrickson (incorrect sp)

Nikita Khruschev (preferred sp) / Khrushchev / Khruschev / Krushchev

Patrice Lumumba (correct sp) / Lamumba (incorrect)

John Jack Northrop (correct sp / Northrup (incorrect)

Georgia O Keeffe (correct sp) / O Keefe (incorrect)

Ramesses / Rameses / Ramses

General Matthew Ridgway (correct sp) / Ridgeway (incorrect sp)

Paul Robeson (correct) / Robson (incorrect)

Stilwell, Joe (correct) / Stillwell (incorrect)

Juan Trippe (correct sp) / Tripp (incorrect)

Wendell Willkie (correct sp) / Wendell Wilkie (incorrect)

Chaim Weizmann (correct sp) / Weitzman (incorrect)

Mao Zedong / Mao Tse-Tung / Mao Tse Tung

Shuttle Earth Views Pt. 3 of 5

11.20.57 STS-37 05-11Apr91 Atlantis. Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait oil fires. Light cloud cover over Mediterranean; smoke visible from Kuwait.

11.24.35 STS-41 06-10Oct90 Discovery. Sunrise earth limb view of Persian Gulf, Somalia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran. VERY Brief

11.24.59 STS-39 28Apr-06May91 Discovery. Aral Sea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

11.25.47 Russia (snow covered), Tien Shan Mountains, Takla Desert of China. VERY Brief.

11.26.09 STS-29 13-18Mar89 Discovery. Iraq, Iran, Persian Gulf and Zargos Mountains. Zoom directly in showing bright blue water & brown land thru light cloud cover. Pull back showing snow of mountains(?).

11.27.25 Burma and Irawaddy River Delta. Interesting changes of color from blue to brown.

11.29.59 STS-39 28Apr-06May91 Discovery. Russia (snow covered), Kuybyshevskoye Reservoir, Volga River uplands. LS then zoom in to show river & tributaries.

Space Exploration; Aerial Photography; Geography;

Special Inquiry into the Mosul Affair

League arbitrators visit Mosul, Iraq, to investigate border dispute between Turkey and Iraq. Representatives view military review and cavalry manoeuvres.

06:01:37 Shots of street scenes, market places, people on camels, hillside dwellings, river crossing cars onto pontoon. Group of European ? men / inquiry team. Housing and streets. Harbour

Date Culture in Iraq Reel 1

Harvesting dates, native climbs tree / date palm, dates are picked and transported from the gardens by boat. Scenes in shed where dates are graded and packed by mostly arab women. Roller slide for moving boxes. New primative machine for packing seeded dates. Dates pressed and boxed. Natives carrying boxes then break into traditional Arab war dance. Loading dates on native boat for transportation to the steamer which will carry them to America. In Basrah experiments with more modern machinery in more factory like conditions with small production lines. Arab women working. Tigris river near Baghdad. Tracking shot along rivers edge. BP sign (British Petroleum).

04:42:01 Harvesting dates near Baghdad. Native climbing tree and lowering dates down on tray. Natives handpick fruit from branches. Packing dates at Bacuba. Loading dates into sacks.

Date Culture in Iraq Reel 2

Date palms are pruned at Beled Ruz - native up tree trimming leaves. Native climbing tree with small bag, collecting dates for immediate consumption. The oasis of Mandali on the Persian border - shots of entrance to village - housing. Transporting dates from garden to village of Mandali - donkeys with packs.

04:50:27 Bags are plaited from the date leaf pinnae. Arab men sitting round plaiting. Blind native sewing strips together to make bags. Dates are transported on camels to Persia (Iran). A Charad - native water lift for irrigation operated by native and bullock. Cultivating a date garden near Basrah. Groups of natives digging. Cutting off shoots from mature trees. Packing shoots for shipment to US Department of Agriculture.

Twice Upon a Caravan R2 by Robert Fulton, Jr.

Open air car in desert in Syria. Fulton and motorbike riding through desert. Fulton kicking sand to test density. Animal skeleton lying in desert. Fulton resting by side of bike. Fort in desert. Enters desert in Iraq. Abandoned trucks. Meets with truck also crossing desert.

00:12:27 Map of Iraq part of motorcycle journey. Road Sign Ramadi - 5 Kilos. Bike standing in middle of dust storm. Arab men in village, camels, dhows and other boats on Euphrates River. Mesopotamian ruin of ziggeraut temple. Baghdad street with cars in street. Pontoon Bridge across river. Pan over Baghdad. Fulton with villagers eating. Fulton by side of ship on dock with many Arab men. Baghdad hospital. Two soldiers on camels. Fulton and bike on hard desert surface. Camel caravan. Bike being loaded onto boat.

00:17:00 Map of Persian Gulf. Vs passing through Persian Gulf. Arrival at Bombay, India. Motorcycle off loaded from ship. Arch in Bombay. Passing through streets, double decker bus. Man on oxen cart. Bullocks hauling wood, raising water, plowing fields. Water wheels. High speed bullock cars. Camel cars. People riding donkeys and horses. People carrying litters. Women carrying huge loads of straw on heads. Wild boars in brush. Crossing railroad trestle bridge on bike. Bike through muddy ditches.

00:19:31 Map of India with Rajputana. VS Beautiful marble city on shores of lake. Royal palace. Camels walking through city streets. Elephants on city streets. Man riding elephant in wedding procession. Groom on horseback. Two warriors with swords. Women and children at wedding.

[Palestine Arab & Jewish Daily Life, 1938]

Dirt street of Ness Ziona & Ben Shemen w/ people walking, standing. Arabs on left of road, Jews on right side.

20:19:04 Two Jewish women & Arabs walking. Women w/ jugs on heads; men on bicycles & walking past.

20:19:28 Ben Shemen, Junior agriculture village, w/ Jewish young people folk dancing in two lines as others watch. MS facing line.

20:20:17 Young boys & girls at side of clearing playing flutes, drums & orchestra instruments for dancers. CUs.

20:20:32 Boys running & jumpng in swimming pool, various angles.

20:21:00 Girls & boys editing newspaper & printing on mimeograph machine.

20:21:21 Palestine Orchestra in concert lead by Dobrowen conducting last movement of Tchaikowsky Fourth Symphony. MCU violins. Bows, musicians stand.

20:22:58 Pipes at docks of Iraq Petroleum Company, workers eating.

20:23:20 Storage tanks in tank farm.

20:23;37 Workman taking oil sample, measuring oil. Men working on top of tank polishing (?). Man opening large valve. Man filling bottle w/ sample.

20:24:30 Two men walking toward camera, tank form behind. Terminal Superintendent s chart or board.

20:24:52 Cranes on dock; oil pipes on dock w/ men working.

20:25:12 Int. Tel Aviv City Hall City Council meeting w/ Mayor Rokach. Members listen to speeches.

20:25:59 MS George Wadsworth, American Consul-General, in Jerusalem office talking on telephone, writing. talking on phone.

20:26:24 Exterior, leaving office & into large chauffered car.

20:26:37 MS Gen. Wavell greeting Sir Charles Tegart. Others standing talking.

20:26:58 Soldiers drill in kilts (brief).

20:27:02 MCU Sir Charles Tegart, terrorism expert w/ soft hat, talkign w/ Intelligence Officr.

20:27:08 MCU Mrs. Rose Halpern, ex-president of Hadassah & Dr. H. Yasaky, director of Hadassah in Palestine.

20:27:15 POV from car thru Tulkarm street.

20:27:25 Sheep grazing w/ Arab shepherd; camels & burros along road.

1938 Daily Life; Zionism; Settlers; Near East;

Iraq revolt. James Roosevelt visits.

June 1941

Soldier stands next to sign Royal Air Force Habbaniya . Sign London 3287 miles - Baghdad 55 miles .

Planes bomb city or plant.

Soldiers sitting on tank going at fast speed. Building damaged by fighting, two soldiers look out of hole. View of coast with explosions.

Troops on shore embark on dinghy. Aiming at targets with guns. Look at destroyed cars on bridge. Destroyed, abandoned field guns. Deserted camp.

Arab men in keffiyeh by destroyed cars.

Troops dig ? from soil amidst waters. Iraqi ? soldiers stand in garden.


Fight For Liberty [Part 2 of 2]

Battle of the Atlantic scenes cont d. Convoy of supply ships at sea w/ battleship escort; supply ship sunk; lifeboat. German? submarine firing at supply ship. Warship HMS King George V guarding merchant navy. German battleship Bismarck under fire May41. RAF planes in flight above Allied convoy at sea. Lend-lease planes & supplies unloaded & uncrated at dock.

11:02:48 Fighter plane flying over Iraqi desert? Allies guarding fort captured on Middle East oil pipeline. Genearl Charles de Gaulle greets Gen. Wavell. High angle shot Palestine oil depot. Sign Nazareth Town. Allies towards Syria. Signpost in English & Arabic - Jerusalem, Nazareth, Mas-Ha. Free French Forces & British troops in truck & tank convoy.

11:03:34 Wheat harvest in Ukraine - grain supplies coveted by Nazis. Nazi invasion of USSR - burning villages. Red Army military parade. Paratroop drop. Soviet armoured cars & tanks. CU Gen. Voroshilov & others. Battle scenes - explosions - tank advance, USSR bombers over.

11:05:05 RAF bomber loaded at airfield & take off. Bombers in flight - bombs away - aerial views bombs exploding - German anti-aircraft crew - AV wrecked industries, railyard & goods yard. Germans repairing.

11:06:14 Canadian war effort scenes - workers in munitions factory - farming - Canadian warships & coastal defences - troops at military ceremony - Canadian pilots training in England. RAF fighters on training mission. [Ends abruptly.]

Compilation film of varying quality material.

WWII. Operation Barbarossa. Canada Home Front; British Airforce; Allied Effort; North Atlantic; Industry

Title: 51 Nations At Aviation Conference

14:08:44 Ext. Stevens Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, light traffic past.

14:08;53 Delegates enter. Military & civilian men standing around large globe on exhibit, smiling, talking & pointing.

14:09:21 LS ballroom w/ assembled delegates meeting. MCU delegtes & names on table: Belgium; Haiti; Iraq; India (?); Australia; Norway.

14:09:43 US Assistant Secretary of State speaks for FDR welcoming deligations. SOF: ...I know you will see to it that the air which God gave to everyone shall not become the means of domination over anyone.

Post-WWII; Distribution of Commercial Aviation Routes; 01Nov-07Dec44 International Civil Aviation Conference; 1944;

NOTE Issue continues on next card MacArthur Returns To Philippines .


Encyclopaedia Britannica Films - World Energy Resources Series [Erpi announcer]

CU Oil pouring into vat. Cars & trucks along highway past camera. Chinese men at docks w/ straw hats carrying heavy loads from pole across shoulder - manual labour in developing countries. Petroleum delivery truck out of gas station. Home furnace in cellar. Fuel used in factories. Bulldozer; tractor ploughing; ship at sea in storm; diesel locomotive; American Airlines passenger plane taking off L-R.

13:59:40 Map of US showing active oilfields. Survey crew detonate test charge - shockwaves measured by seismographic equipment - cross-section diagram showing shockwaves being reflected from various strata underground.

14:00:58 Oil derricks; drilling crew at work - CU drill bit - drill pipe lowered into hole & drilling starts. Cross-section diagram of drilling down to oil strata past layer of gas. Derrick replaced by pipes & valves nicknamed a Christmas tree . Crude oil stored in barrels waiting for transport to refinery. Oil tanker. Crude oil pipelines & pumping station ext & int..

14:03:48 High pan across oil refinery complex; towers where fractional distillation & more modern process of cracking take place. Research chemist takes sample from pipe.

14:05:10 Map of world showing how yearly production of petroleum would encircle earth almost four times if put in rail wagons - world petroleum producing fields located - Eastern Hemisphere - Netherlands East Indies, Russia, Romania, Iraq, Iran, oil reserves in Persian Gulf. Western Hemisphere - Caribbean coast of South America, US. VO re unequal distribution - Western Europe dependant on other countries.

14:06:58 Street scene w/ traffic - London? Multi-lane American highway. Heavy gun towed down motorway by truck. Arabs signing oil supply deal (staged). Montage of shots oilfields, refinery, tanker ship; petroleum reserve. (GOOD)

Fossil Fuel; Middle East; Politics; Non-sustainable Resources; Heavy Industry; Geology; Economics; Import; Export; Technology; 1940s;

Anglo-Iraqi treaty

Jan 1948

Old Victory preserved ship shown. Service chief Bevin & Iraqi Prme Minister Laiyid Saleh Jabr review troops. Board Victory and dining inside ship.

Title: Israel (Iraqi Jews (?) Arriving Israel, ca November, 1949)

10:02:20 Near East Transport 4-engine passenger airplane arrives, CU logo. Child handed off, women in scarfs helped off. Man carrying large hooka or ??

10:02:42 Man w/ child kisses tarmac; otehrs also. Walking off airfield; walking into refugee camp w/ many tents; carry dried flowers; woman w/ bucket on head; others w/ multiple buckets.

10:03:11 MCU girls w/ metal pans looking at paperwork. Children & woman washing clothes on ground. Woman scrubbing child w/ soap. CU old man w/ white beard; others. GOOD.

NOTE: Probably early Baghdad emigrants arriving.

Basra Oil Fields

Jan 1952

Cars by roundabout in Iraqi city, policeman directs traffic.

Houses under construction in desert, workers sifting gravel.

Water extracted by contraption with donkeys pulling.

Big gatehring in warehouse with European dignitaries and wives in fur coats, board plane.

Oil field with tower. Pipelines. Iraqi men in drilling unit at work. Many good and detailed shots of pipelines, containers, machinery and extraction process.

08:44:39: Ship at dock with bunting. Town with mosque in bg, river with long oars boats lined up, bridge with busy pedestrian traffic.

European dignitaries walk past.

King of Iraq - World Cruise - Aug52

Greyhound bus pulling into terminus / depot. King Faisal of Iraq and his party out of bus and greeted. Party board admirals motor launch - tourists / sightseers.

King and party leaving launch - speaking with naval officer. Royal party into Cadillac & away.

05:02:20 Royal party walk down gangplank to waiting barge at dockside. Interior, king seated. Luggage taken aboard. Launch underway. Shots superstructure of Aircraft carrier USS Oriskany - cuts Royal party on dock - in car.

05:04:21 Royal party piped aboard Oriskany (dark). King and Admiral looking at F-9F planes on deck of ship - King talks with pilot. Pilot into cockpit. King using telescope. Helicopter landing on deck of Oriskany - King using cine-camera.

05:07:39 King and two naval officers on bridge. Top shot as royal party leave Oriskany by barge.

05:08:45 Greyhound bus over bridge. Royal party down gangplank - enter barge. Good shots Barge flying Iraq and US flags as ferries King to ship. King walks up ladder to deck of ship

Royalty; 1950s; Diplomacy;

Two Kings Crowned In Near East

Top shots crowds running through streets of Baghdad celebrating crowning of new King Faisal II; King & Prince Regent arrive wearing ceremonial military uniform to take Oath of Office - away in horse-drawn carriage - VO re problems of dissidents & illiteracy in Iraq.

13:00:22 19-year-old King Hussein reviewing troops after crowning in Amman, Jordan; arrives at Basman Palace to present himself to government officials & royal family - reads Royal Proclamation. Amman street scenes - crowds & cavalry surround royal motorcade.

Middle Eastern Royalty. 1950s.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Coronet Instructional Films

11:13:32 High angle over small Iraq city street w/ traffic, looks like American town. ancient city of Babylon w/ ruins, columns & Ur of the Caldes; wall w/ arch, steps up hillside. Vieew of countryside.

11:14:22 Map showing location of Iraq & Mesopotamia, fertile crescent & showing Tigress & Euphrates. View of highlands & valley; rivers. Low flat paline w/ fishing boats; irrigation. Aerial of fields; canals of Nebakanezer. Date palms, grains.

11:16:10 Map showing location of Sumerians & Egyptians, 3500 BC. Man looking at huge columns; mound of earth burying city; various civilizations named.

11:17:04 Sumarian statues & bust in CU. Toys: rattle, chariot. Cart pulled showing wheels. Mesopotamian house being built of sun dried bricks. Ruins w/ arch. Clay tablets w/ cuneiform writing; demonstrated.

11:19:05 Semite statue. Diagrams of bringing Sumarians & Semites under one king, Hammurabi. Code of Hammurabi. Cylinder seals shown, one rolled on clay. Map w/ Babylonian empire.

11:20:34 Assur area w/ sheep & herders, Assyrians. Horses; bas relief of horse drawn chariots, military soldiers.

11:21:30 Nineveh ruins from hilltop. Model of Babylon w/ ziggarat. Large ruins partially unearthed. Map & names of later cultures. Ruins. The End.

Archeology; History; Historical Settlements; Educational Films; Boring;

MAAG Missions, Basra, Iraq

LS equipment unloaded from freighter by Iraqi dock workers. US ordnance officer checks arrival of military assistance equipment with two Iraqi officers in uniform. CU crate with sign from USA for Mutual Defense .

LS aerial views Baghdad.

Military Assistance Advisory group officers seated with wives and children by swimming pool at the Alwujah Club in Baghdad.

Off-duty army officers play tennis at Alwujah Club.

LS trucks out of Ministry of Defence building. LS Kadhiman Mosque.

American army instructor holds class on mobile 40mm anti-aircraft gun for Iraqi soldiers.

Administrative activity in Military Assistance Advisory Group office building in Baghdad. Maj. D.L. Price at desk typing.

LS air views city of Baghdad showing river Euphrates and large bridge spanning waterway.

US MAAG and Military Missions, Baghdad, Iraq

Off-duty military family visit architectural ruins of ancient Baghdad. VS, studies of military assistance group Headquarters building in Baghdad. MCU, Iraqui soldier standing guard at front entrance to Military Assistance Advisory Group Headquarters building. ECU, sign in brass: "Military Advisory Group Headquarters".

05:51:06 Two American wives shop for earthenware jugs in downtown marketplace. VS, crowded streets in native quarter.

05:52:34 LS, radio transmission towers outside Baghdad. Statue of Arab on horseback.

05:53:29 American Army instructor supervises technicians demonstrating Mutual Defense Assistance Program signal equipment to class of Iraqi Signal Corps students. Outdoor class of Iraqi Army students practice assembling antenna of African SCR 399 and PRC 10-radio. MCU, Iraqi Army officer demonstrates technique of connecting cable and headphone assembly on SCR-10 handie-talkie set. VS, Iraqi officer demonstrates method of buckling on head set assembly of a PE-210 unit.

[King Feisal of Iraq Speaks at London s Guildhall, ca 17Jul56]

Courtyard w/ police (?) band; exterior & carriage arrives w/ King & ?. Formally dressed men & women waiting, King out of carriage & shakes hands w/ Lord Mayor; woman curtsys.

12:55:09 Entering hall from floor & above. .

12:55:29 Greeting, people seated. CU of box. King reads speech thanking them for receiving him at Guild Hall on behalf of his government & people for assisting in expanding the economy of his country.

Ceremony; Diplomacy; Middle East; Royalty;

News In Brief - Mine Sweeper (Given to Japan)

No. 255 at Treasure Island Naval Base. Sailors off. Japanese sailors lined up at attention alongside; MCU. US flag lowered. Consul-General Kasuno (sp?) signs paperwork, accepts ship. Sailor board, salute, raise flag. Military Gift; Post-WWII;

13:15:37 King Faisal II of Iraq off train, greeted by Queen Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh on platform. Queen Mother & Princess Margaret & others. Prime Minister Anthony Eden. MCU of Faisal.

Diplomacy; Middle East; Petroleum; Oil; Diplomatic Relations; Visit;

Mid East Crisis - Area Quiet Pending UN Summit Talks.

Nasser walking in group, crowds cheering Nasser on 6th anniversary of the overthrow of Farouk. Nasser speaking from podium - microphones.

05:20:19 Lebanon - Robert Murphy, US negotiator, meets President Chamoun.

05:20:39 Rome - American evacuees from Iraq arriving at airport - men women and children down aircraft steps

05:20:55 Jordan - street scene - flags flying at half mast for King Feisal and government leaders killed by Iraqi rebels nine days previously. King Hussein addressing press conference. US airlift vitally need fuel to Jordan - unloading gas cans from globemaster plane.

05:21:52 United Nations - Khruschev calls for summit talks. Top shot New York - UN building

Pro Nasser Revolt in Iraq

Anti Western revolt in Iraq topples King Faisal s pro-US government on the eve of the Baghdad Pact (aka CENTO) meeting.

Shots King Faisal at earlier meeting with his uncle Crown Prince Ilah who was also killed. Amman airport, King Hussein welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Said and King Faisal on an earlier visit to Jordan. Kings Hussein and Faisal kiss. Tanks in parade.

Universal International News - News Review Of 1958

12:06:49 Night launch of USA first satellite, Explorer in MLS, MS. December, Atlas Ballistic Missile launched. 12:07:16 SSN Nautilus underway in ocean; men at controls. Shot of crevasses in ice. CU Commander Anderson of Nautilus. Submarine on surface & coming in towards camera w/ men on deck.

12:07:49 MCU Chicago Daily Tribune headline: Alaska Voted Statehood; kids hold pennant 49th State. Banner: Anchorage All-America City over main street w/ traffic & pedestrians. Stuffed bull moose w/ sign: Hey Texas Now I m the Biggest Bull. Girls in convertible wave & laugh. Large flag on government building.

12:08:09 VP Nixon & wife thru South American streets. Caracas mobs stopping car, shouting. Aftermath showing broken windows from outside & inside of car.

12:08:27 Charles De Gaulle out of car past cameras to microphones, seated as photographers take pictures. Riding in open convertible thru streets as head of 5th Republic.

12:09:02 Brussels Fair & large pavillions; women w/ flags. Fountains. Large USSR hall (brief). Ext. of US pavillion.

12:09:19 Khrushchev shaking hands w/ Egypt s Nasser. Nasser speaking (MOS); men listening. Demonstration march or parade w/ banners & flags of UAR.

12:09:41 King Faisal II of Iraq & Uncle Prince Abd al-Llah riding in carriage thru street. (Killed 14Jul58)

12:10:00 Lebanon harbor; US Marines, Beirut landing, jeeps off landing craft. People applauding. Boxes & supplies ashore.

12:10:27 Quemoy Island & artillery in place; men move ammunition out of bunkers; men run thru trenches. Men look thru long range binoculars at mainland China across straits. US 7th fleet & convoy. Unloading bags of flour thrown into landing craft.

12:11:22 Berlin, Germany Large modern buildings. Pedestrians crossing street; traffic police. Sign: leaving West Berlin. POV past destroyed buildings in East Berlin, Soviet Sector. Communist police drilling. Unter Den Linden w/ horse cart & little traffic; men push hand carts in street. Ext. of British government building. US, British & French soldiers at attention outside Russian building.

12:12:10 Pope Pius XII w/ Cardinal Spellman; crowd beneath balcony. People passing body of Pope. St. Peter s Square completely filled, Pope John crowned (others block view except for crown), bells ringing; John giving blessing

12:12:57 The End.

Year Ender; Highlights of 1958; Newsreels;

Military Parade in Baghdad

Top shots Iraqi soldiers trying to keep crowd under control - skirmishes. Crowd surrounding car which is moving forward slowly. Officers and officials including Premier Abdul Karim Kassem take places in stand. Various shots VIPs in stand. Parade - flags carried - children - guides ? in parade. Troops march past stand. Civilian men and women dressed in white and carrying flags march past. Kassem presented with model boat. Crowds waving and cheering. Short shot chariot in parade. Girl guides march past. Arab with sabre on horseback. Sign reads Babylonian Mathematics lead to Russian Sputnik. Tanks drive past - crowds cheering. Soldiers in trucks carrying flags drive past - more good shots tanks. Troops past in military vehicles with weapons. Trucks towning artillery. Truck carrying inflatable assault boat. Soldiers on guard on rooftop. Wall murals.

British Move To Stop Iraq s Kuwait Claim

Aerials over ? British troops on unfinished airfield w/ RAF Hawker Hunter figher bomber parked on tarmac. Pose smiling in group beside plane. Crane unloading artillery gun; troops moving small artillery w/ canvas coverning. Street scene & truck load of arabs w/ rifles past; unloading from back of truck. Troop positions on ground. Kuwait s Emir Abdallah al-Salim Al Sabar greets & kisses diplomat in business suit.

Operation Vantage; Kuwait Independence; 1961; 1960s; Iraq Threatening; Post Colonialism; Military Support;

King Hussein of Jordan

Iraqi Airlines plane taxis. King Hussein of Jordan down steps with others. Greeted by King Faisal II of Iraq. Two kings review honour guard.

01:24:40 Brief clip from next item ? Sign Amman airport - King Hussein and others come through airport doors.

[Selected Scenes - Middle East]

New housing development w/ modern minaret; people walking among unfinished buildings; children assembled under Iraqi flag outside modern school.

11:28:33 Modern building w/ Turkish flag sitting in unplanted field.

11:28:37 People walking down dirt street in front of small concrete & brick houses; electric poles w/ lights. Small group gathered in street in Arab robes & western suits. Kids leaving school, marching in twos.

11:28:50 Men sowing in field; horse near by.

Developing Countries; Development;

Iraqi Revolt - Pro Reds Ousted in Military Coup

Top shot Baghdad - Military through city. General Abdul Kassim on review stand etc before his execution. Damaged buildings and cars in Baghdad following revolt. Military on streets - tank.

Cold War

The Revolt in Iraq. - Out of rack at start.

Top shot Baghdad - Military through city. General Abdul Kassim on review stand etc before his execution. Damaged buildings and cars in Baghdad following revolt. Military on streets - tank.

News In Brief: Syria

Pro-Nasser military clique assembles in Damascus after taking power in 7th Syrian revolution since French withdrawal of 1941 - Ba athist delegation from Iraq congratulates new government. Crowds in streets cheer & destroy Communist newspapers. VO mentions US recognition for new regime.

Middle East. Military Coup. Coup d Etat. Socialism. Ba ath Party

[Iran] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Poor families w/ goats in shade beside brick wall; woman milking goat; people walking, burro w/ bas. Jeep arrives in isolated town w/ doctor. Int. women in hajib-like colorful patterned shawls w/ children waiting; doctor & nurse. CU children. Doctor talking to male patient & checking w/ stethoscope.

16:29:02 MCU Reza Shah Pahlavi talking about education growth, having exceeded expectations.

16:29:39 College age women in scarfs & sparkly clothes reciting in class, theatrical. Walking along street (future teachers) & boarding bus. Classroom of boys & girls. Pan over dry farmland; water, canal & ditches seen from car.

16:31:23 Cotton in agriculture experiment station. Sunflowers in field irrigated. Grain combine & harvesting. Boys picking crop; tractor cultivating. Trees of windbreak.

16:32:25 MCU of military martial arts class. Uniformed troops w/ rifles & bayonets drilling on parade ground while shouting. Formal marching & review (VO as deterrent to Iraq & Russia).

16:33:58 Shah: Seeing the impotence of the United Nations, & bearing in mind that the great powers would be foolish to make war among themselves since that would be the end of the world, we need to be a stable & powerful state with which the little Don Quixotes dare not mettle.

16:34:30 Navy river boats patrolling; destroyers delivered & crew training w/ guns & ammunition. Firing ships guns, mines. Shah: We either have an independent, modern & progressive Iran, or we have nothing. That s why we think things are going well for us...

16:35:53 American provided Phantoms & F-5 Freedoms, fighter jets on flight line of large military airport. Pilots in class or briefing, map on wall w/ countris marked. Large bomb loaded onto plane & fuse put on it. Pilots run out & into truck; to planes & closing cockpits, taxiing & taking off. Formation flyover.

16:38:35 Oil refinery seen from ship on water.Map w/ oil shipping routes.

16:39:02 Shah: Our oil policy is a very independent & agressive one; we want to do everything we can to bring its benefits to the people of our country, to establish industries in the interior of Iran using the by-products of oil...we don t have Iraq s problems. Shots of refinery, pipelines. Guard w/ rifle next to storage tank.

Propaganda; Middle East; Travelogue; Educational Film;

World Congress of Peace Forces: Peace To You Our Planet Earth R5 of 6 (Same as 221129)

High angle Moscow city scenes. Int. delegates talking casually w/ each other. CU taking notes. Delegates at various meetings listening, speaking incl. President of International Federation of War Veterans - Cooper(?); British Labor Party member & 1959 Nobel prize winner for Peace, Philip J. Noel-Baker; Russian Archbishop Patriarch Pinen (sp?); Congress Vice-President & head of Amnesty International Sean McBride. 11:13:30 25-31Oct73 African country Guinea-Bissau that won independence from Portuguese colonialists. Children stand around flag pole; revolutionaries thru brush. Revolutionary soldiers march thru fields w/ artillery on shoulders. Man w/ gun & others stand on mountain ridge overlooking valley. State Commissioner Vas Kabraul(?) makes his statement in commission against neocolonialism. Latin-American speaks. Other speeches including film director Stanislav Rostocky asking for end to arms race.

11:15:42 B/W Flashback - aerial & ground shots of city in ruins after WWII.

11:16:19 Back in meeting w/ representatives speaking incl. Iraqi Minister of State. People listen; man speaks against Israel intimidating Arabs. (Yom Kippur War ended days earlier).

11:17:23 Reception of multiracial women.

11:17:52 Flash back - African women soldiers w/ guns & babies on their backs educating their people at blackboards in clearing. Mozambique.

11:18:25 Speech by South Vietnam National Liberation Front representative; tells story of Letong, 4 year old boy held hostage for 3 years by Saigon authorities. Scenes of Letong, who now lives in liberated district, eating, learning to hoe, playing near car. Footage & stills of people held in detention in Vietnam intercut w/ delegates listening.

11:19:59 Cosmonaut Herman Titov speaks of Vietnam resistance.

Leaflets distributed by Palestinian delegates. People w/ peace posters applauding. International press center & journalists, delegates in meeting room, camera man in background.

11:22:05 31Oct High angle of Moscow city in snow. Final day of the World Congress in Kremlin Palace. Artist draws Indian woman, man smoking pipe. Delegates talk in entrance hall. Congress session begins, all applaud. Various speeches incl. VIP's Michael Zemjanin(?), Romes Chandra(?) Audience listening intently, all rise, applaud, cheer holding hands. Montage: aerial views of clouds, fields; CU various nationalities, smiling faces, young boys laugh. Children run through flowery field, two kids run on beautiful seaside, birds fly up from beach into blue sky. Credits. 11:26:44

1970s; Communism; Communists;

World Congress of Peace Forces: Peace To You Our Planet Earth Pt 5 of 5

03:13:24 African country Guinea-Bissau that won independence from Portuguese colonialists. Children stand around flag pole & revolutionaries thru brush. Revolutionary soldiers march thru fields w/ artillery on shoulders. Man w/ gun & others stand on mountain ridge overlooking valley. State Commissioner Vas Kabraul(?) makes his statement in commision against neo-colonialism. Latin-American speaks. Other speeches including film director Stanislav Rostocky asking for end to arms race.

03:15:36 B/W Flashbacks - city in ruins after WWII, view from airplane to demolished town.

03:16:13 Back in meeting other country representatives make speeches incl. Iraqi Minister of State. People listen; man speaks against Israel intimidating Arabs. Reception of multiracial women.

03:17:46 Flash back - African women soldiers w/ guns in hand & babies on their back educating their people at blackboards in clearing. Mozambique.

03:18:2? Speech by South Vietnam National Liberation Front representative, tells story of Letong, 4 year old boy, who was held hostage for 3 years by Saigon authorities. Scenes of Letong, who now lives in liberated district, eating, learning to hoe, playing near car. Footage & stills of people held in detention in Vietnam intercut w/ delegates listening.

03:19:46 Cosmonaut Herman Titov speaks of Vietnam resistance. Leaflets distributed by Palestinian delegates. People w/ peace posters applauding. International press center & journalists, delegates in meeting room, camera man in background.

03:21:49 31Oct High angle of Moscow city in snow. Final day of the World Congress in Kremlin Palace. Artist draws Indian woman, man smoking pipe. Delegates talk in entrance hall. Congress session begins, all applaud. Various speeches incl. V.P. Michael Zemjanin(?), Romes Chandra(?) Audience listening intently, all rise, applaud, cheer holding hands. Montage: aerial views pf clouds, fields; CU various nationalities, smiling faces, young boys laugh. Children run through flowery field, two kids run on beautiful seaside, birds fly up from beach into blue sky.

President Carter w/ Pakistan Pres. Zia-Ul-Haq, ca 03Oct80]

Carter speaking at microphone outdoors w/ Pres. Zia-Ul-Haq standing behind, talks about security of Pakistan having been threatened; talks of Pakistan having received so many refugees from Afghanistan. the peace & freedom of Pakistan is very important to our country. US signed an agreement in 1959 to stand up for Pakistan if they are in danger. the belief that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is contrary to the laws of peace loving nations...should withdraw...immediately... His recent visit to Tehran & then to Baghdad to limit the war between Iran & Iraq. He is a military man who received part of his training in our country, he is familiar to our nation...

01:35:09 Zia to mic: Ladies & gentlemen of the press...I wish to thank you...I am very grateful to President Carter, especially when he is so busy w/ a very crucial campaign at home... ...a man of deep understanding...who has at the bottom of his heart...humanity. Hand shaking


Strategic Defense Initiative - Brilliant Pebbles Effectiveness in Global Protection (Star Wars)

Animation of turning globe with Brilliant Pebble orbiting earth providing protection against hostile missile launches. Animation on globe of launch from submarine of coast of United States.

04:00:52 Saddam Hussein with army officers - missile launcher in Iraq

04:01:05 Animation of supposed rocket launch from Iraq against Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Animation shows Brilliant Pebbles taking out missiles.

04:02:38 Military parade in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi on stand.

04:02:52 Animation of supposed missile launch from Libya - missiles reach targets and detonate. Same scenario repeated using Brilliant pebbles.

04:03:28 Unauthorized or Accidental deployment from Submarine off coast of US. Brief shot submarine

04:03:37 Animation of supposed missile launch from sub - without defence, targetted cities destroyed. Same scenario using SDI - missiles destroyed.

[President Zia of Pakistan at White House Dinner, 07Dec82]

Marines w/ flags descend Grand Staircase followed by Pres Reagan & Pres Zia & wives. Out tall lentrance & stop for photographers. Into Dining Room. Camera stop & start.

22:36:56 Pan around dining room, Reagan to lecturn & speaks: If I was late getting up here it was because I just had to finish the story. Reagan says that their talks had shown they are even more frequently in agreement bolstering hopes for SE Asia & Middle East. Talks about refugees in Pakistan returning to Afghanistan. ...reinforced our commitment to Pakistan...we will not waver in this commitment.

22:40:12 Differences may come between our nations, or have come between our nations in the past, but they ve proven to be transitory while the ties that bind us together have grown stronger year by year...

22:40:50 Reagan proposes a tost & raises his glass, everyone stands up & sips. Applause. Sit down.

22:41:46 Zia to mic. Gives prayer, then addresses Reagans & others: ...I see very little to what I can add to what you have said...the people of Pakistan are deeply the dictates of Islam. Islam ordains upon its followers a belief in the equality & universal brotherhood of mankind. Talks about US as a melting pot & Pakistan similiar but on smaller scale. Talks about Pakistan as a melting pot of various people from all over into Indus Valley.

22:45:40 Thus we are indeed the heirs to a rich & a varied, if somewhat turbulent, historical heritage... Mr. President unfortunately a new & menacing turbulence has arisen in our region... Speaks of Resolution adopted by United Nations. War between Iran & Iraq; ...and the suffering recently visited on the Lebanese & Palestine people continue to cause us profound concern & anguish. Calls for a solution to the Palestine problem. is the first time the Arabs have put up a unified plan for the solution of the Palestine problem. To the best of my knowledge it is for the first time that the President of the United States of America has put up a very comprehensive plan w/ so many positive elements in this... Urges him to follow thru on it.

22:50:10 We cherish this union of partners, though unequal partners, but as two sovereign states... ...let America be the torch bearer of Peace; Peace not only on the American continent but Peace in Afghanistan, Peace in Vietnam, Peace in Somalia, but above all Peace in Palestine. Asks for a toast.

22:51:35 To the health & happiness of President Reagan... Glass raised, applause, fade out.

Ceremonial Diplomacy; Formal Dinner Ceremony; Speeches;

Note: Zia, a military dictator who took control in bloodless coup, imposed strict Islamic law, channeled US military aid to fight Soviets in Afghanistan, & was assassinated 17Aug88 in a planned air crash.

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 1 of 4

Arms Control: Reagan in front of black background speaking: As I ve said before we do not mistrust each other because we re armed, we re armed because we mistrust each other. (applause). CU 08Dec87 signing papers w/ Gorbachev. Both signing MRMB Treaty ban on medium range missiles at table seen from directly in front w/ USSR & USA flags behind.

08:00:57 Very large missile moved on self-propelled carrier. Launching of fixed position rocket (Russian?).

08:01:10 High angle of ceremonial signing w/ Gorbachev & Reagan standing & shaking hands. MCU. Rocket in flight. ICBM nose up out of sile & launching in CU. Russian nuclear bomber in flight. Navy ship & launching of Cruise Missile in slow motion & CU. Battle ship firing rocket.

08:01:53 Illustration or drawing of USSR rocket w/ CCCP on side.

08:02:00 Gorbachev & wife w/ military officers, G. returns salute, shakes hands & walks on Soviet nuclear submarine deck.

08:02:10 New head of Arms Control Agency, Kenneth Adelman, re Soviet sensor technology we ve looked at it & we don t see how it could work.

08:02:23 Animation of satellites being destroyed by lasers. SDI, Strategic Defense Initiative.

08:02:32 George Shultz & wife (?) off plane in Moscow; w/ Soviets at meeting.

08:02:43 Adelman to journalists on road to...balanced treaty. I don t see any particular deadlines for that however.

08:02:54 Dead bodies from chemical weapons in Iraq (?).

08:03:03 Man in protective suit & mask out of tank; hosing down tanks. View of tanks down road, aerial over large number of tanks. Tanks across field. Soldiers in fields in protective gear. Firing large artillery. Firing artillery in WWII. Afghanistan & carrying dead. Iran - Iraq war. Large camouflaged troop carrier through mud in autumn trees. Interior of US vehicle w/ windows closed up, ext. of launching rocket from it.

08:04:03 Reagan & Gorbachev at formal signing w/ people applauding; walk off waving.

08:04:20 Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci speaking: We see no discernable evidence of the Soviets changing...

Nuclear Arms Control Talks; Diplomats; Diplomacy; Republican Policy; Cold War; Propaganda;

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 2 of 4

Summit: Regional Issues. Afghan, camel, etc. walking in front of Soviet personnel carrier. Soviet troops marching in dry Afghanistan camp.

08:04:51 President Reagan speaking: The next few months will be no time for complacency, no time to sit back & congratulate ourselves. The Soviets have rarely before, & not at all in more than three decades, left a country once occupied. They have often promised to leave, but rarely in their history, and then only under pressure from the West have they done it. Tank on truck & other military vehicles on road.

08:05:20 Soviet troops walking past stores in Afghanistan. Army convoy on road.

08:05:26 Pres. spokesman at briefing: Our understanding of the agreement that was negotiated is that the Soviets commited themselves to complete withdrawal & in that context it would seem logical that Soviet advisors should be part of that.

08:05:46 Planes dropping flares (?) over Afghanistan city; tanks through; Afghans firing weapons. Iran Iraq war, tanks, mortars & rockets fired. UN meeting w/ Shultz speaking (MOS), rocket at sea fired from ship. Soviet ships. Destroyed Gulf oil platforms on fire w/ fireboats.

08:06:51 Israeli soldiers & Palestine scene w/ kids throwing rocks.

08:06:57 Soviet Minister or negotiator greeting Shultz in Moscow.

08:07:23 Daniel Ortega w/ others in Nicaragua. Men at peace talk table signing ?? Ortega standing behind.

Diplomats; Diplomacy; Cold War; Middle East; Central America; Propaganda:

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm [Part 1]

5-reel documentary on US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War. Sunrise on sea and muezzin call to prayer on soundtrack. Coast Guard on motor boat speeding off. Saudi Mosque. Fishing boat. Dammam, Saudi Arabia - big black transport plane taxis after landing and troops disembark. Map of Gulf shows American bases. Briefing outdoors. Checking motor boats on dry land.

14:13:26 Training in camouflage gear in USA incl. target practice; men in gas masks or biological weapon protection. Coast Guard at port supervising loading of ships. Captain Ibsen explains safety measures for loading cargo. Supervisor checking safe loading of vehicles. Cargo ships at dock.

14:16:47 - Coast Guard boarding team carry out enforcement of merchant ships embargo in Red Sea - Gulf. of Aqaba - actual inspection of cargo ship & team members describing their job.

Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm [Part 2]

Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War. Protection of Persian Gulf Ports. Coast guards in Raider motor boat patrol harbour. Coast guard explains patrol job. Fishing floaters out of water. Inspecting small motor boat with Arabs on board.

14:24:57 Guarding the shore - patrolling on breakwater - looking through binoculars - camouflage surveillance shelter on beach. CU putting gun in holster.

CU serviceman s Identity card and zooms back to show soldier holding it up for control at checkpoint. Army camp entrance guard describes his duties. Checking under vehicles with mirror and searching vehicle. Black soldier re occasions when he gets nervous or scared working at checkpoint. Guarding coast with gun at dusk.

14:28:28 Morale and recreation - Soldier pets dachsund mongrel dog. Men at base play ball. Men relaxing and watching TV show. Mail distribution and reading letters - men say how they look forward to getting mail. Letters and drawings from children supporting troops displayed on board.

Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm [Part 3]

US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War. Morale issues ct d from Pt 2. Chow. Coast Guards on boat describe their diet. Packet of Cheerios w/ name in English & Arabic. Food containers. Soldier eating and joking about food quality to camera. Cook hands out plate. Men in canteen eating. Opening and eating vacuum-sealed MRE rations and serviceman jokes to a TV crew about MREs being disgusting. Coast Guard refectory.

14:34:14 Supplies and vehicles unloaded at dock - fork lift truck - briefing. Christmas decorations in dorms and offices. Greeting cards sent by families. Men in dorm talk about being in Saudi Arabia for Christmas & support from people back home. Christmas tree outdoors. Christmas dinner at army base with some reporters. Santa Claus distributes presents. Christmas Carol on ghetto blaster.

14:38:04 Christmas night - Coast Guard team checking ships. Christmas day - checking packages. Men clown about and wear silly umbrella hats. Soldiers say they miss their family but happy to make sacrifice.

14:40:09 Joke road signs Phoenix, Arizona 11,915 miles , Playboy Mansion , Bagdad: 18 minute SCUD time . Brooke Shields with troops, signing autographs and giving Xmas gift packs.

Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

Arrival of Saudi Arabian Foreign Officials

Secretary James Baker welcomes officials out of US helicopter. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal statement re Middle East crisis re Iraq invasion of Kuwait. Reporter s question re Port of Aqaba & Jordan; solving conflict peacefully; UN resolutions 660, 661 & 662. Questioned on Hussein s belligerent statement.

Bandar present. Boarding helicopter. MCU James Baker walking away.

Gulf War; Diplomacy; Conflict; United Nations;

President Bush Meets with Coalition of Ambassadors on Desert Shield

In Roosevelt Room of the White House

Bush circles room shaking hands & starts speech. Seated w/ Dan Quayle & Bandar on either side of him. Photographers take pictures, President begins to make comments asking Ambassadors to thank their governments. Says Coalition is holding together very well; ambassadors are doing their part well to contribute to this. End: 02.03.33

02.04.00 Color bars. Coalition Ambassadors posing for photographers in White House Rose Garden - Bush speech or statement re coalition against Saddam s aggression remains deep & wide; some 28 countries... Every country represented agrees that the twelve Security Council Resolutions make clear.... ...over 200,000 individuals have been contributed... It is really Iraq against the world... We welcome Security Council Resolution 678...

02.07.47 ..there can & will be no negotiations for concessions & no rewards for agression. Questions shouted. Bush talks about Hussein should withdraw from Kuwait. I think he will realize...or all available means will be used. Discusses Amnesty Report to be released in next few days.... talks of unacceptable brutality that is now going on.

02.17.35 I m satisfied that the Coalition...when we prevail we have the promise of a new world order; you have a revitalized United Nations, whose peace-keeping function up till now has been rather dismal...

Handshaking on the steps with some of the Ambassadors.

Gulf War; United Nations; Diplomacy;

Press Conference on Middle East Situation in White House Press Room - 9 Aug1990

Re Iraq s invasion of Kuwait and US sending troops to Saudi Arabia

03.16.44 Bush doesn t / can t reply re troops numbers sent to Saudi Arabia. Troops only on defensive mission. Doesn t know for how long.

03.18.05 Helen Thomas asks if we are in a war? We are not in a war. Re other nations involved - Britain; Egypt; Morocco. Was Cheney s mission successful in rallying support? Re Americans choosing to leave Saudi Arabia.

03:20.30 re Chemical weapons being used on US troops. Rumor re Saddam Hussein being dead.

Re Saudis cutting off Iraqi pipelines & oil situation. Venezuela has announced an increase in oil supply.

Presence of reporters in Saudi Arabia & whether to send Pentagon pool.

03.23.00 re King Fahd s request for support. Soviet s response. Have joined on the UN Resolution.

Re whether to use more than economic sanctions. Possibility of Arab component in Force.

Re American hostages???

Re how economic sanctions will affect Saddam regime.

Not preparing for long ground war; military objective is defence of Saudi Arabia & overall objective is that Iraq leaves Kuwait.

03.29.40 re attempts to improve relations w/ Saddam Hussein.

Reporter questions adequacy of intelligence & Bush defends it saying move was too swift to foresee.

Re cost of intervention.

Re Vulnerability of oil fields in Middle East. Budget agreement; risk of oil prices rise.

03.35.35 re teaching Saddam Hussein to behave well in future.

Re embargo to be all-encompassing.

Journalists; Presidential Press Conference; Gulf War Troop Build Up; Petroleum;

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm [Compilation]

[Documentary re US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War using material from the 5-reel film Into the Gulf] Fast montage - individual shots may not be usable: Coast guard Raider motorboat. Wanted poster of Saddam Hussein. USA - Troops embarking in plane & takeoff and other pre-departure preparations. Trying on gas mask. Sign Baghdad - 18 minutes SCUD time . Gulf - Troops in desert. Battleship firing gun. US Coast Guard flag. Coast Guards on boats.

14:02:09 USA Port Operations - loading and inspecting supplies bound for Gulf incl. tanks, weapons, explosives.

14:04:01 Maritime Interception Force - Gulf - Helicopters silhouetted in front of sunset; US soldier in front of sunset. Mosque. Oil ship. President Bush [very brief]. Member of Maritime Interception Force explains how they intercept cargo ships in Persian Gulf region to enforce embargo & sanctions; images of actual inspection of merchant ship.

14:05:39 Port Security and Harbour Defence - re protecting safety of cargo transport. Cargo ship. Checking with mirror under vehicle. Harbour patrol motor boat. Forklift truck at port. Commander praises Coast Guard.

14:07:08 Camouflage shelter by sea. Soldier behind heap of sandbags looks through binoculars. Troops briefing in tent. Officer recounts seeing a SCUD missile. Actual SCUD seen. Motor boat on sea at dawn. Coast Guard flag. Montage: Coast Guard men at various everyday tasks in Gulf [no combat].

14:09:00 Boarding transport plane and servicemen inside plane. Families of servicemen waving goodbye at airport & waving flags. Returning servicemen reunions with families at airfield - lots of hugging and kissing - slow motion.

Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

[Pres. Bush Sr. Gulf War Related & 1991 State of the Union Address excerpt]

08Aug90 President Bush in White House speaking to television camera (shot by film camera approx. 15 degrees off) announcing troops arriving in Saudi Arabia after long consultations. In the life of a nation, we re called upon to define who we are...

03:19:07 A puppet regime, imposed from the outside is unacceptable. The acquisition of territory by force is unacceptable. ...and no one should underestimate our determination to confront aggression.

03:19:42 08Aug90 Bush press conference on sending troops to Saudi Arabia: How many troops have you sent to Saudi Arabia.... There will be a military briefing at the Pentagon... They (military) are there in a defensive mode right now; that is not the mission, to drive the Iraqiis out of Kuwait... We are not in a war. We have sent forces to guard Saudia Arabia. I believe Margaret Thatcher... We are very close agreement w/ Mubarek...

03:22:28 President Bush out of tent w/ tray, troops in camouflage & under netting; Barbara Bush wearing camouflage clothes carrying tray & talking w/ troops; sits down, talks. Pres. Bush w/ statue eating & talking.

03:24:22 Pres. Bush at microphone w/ Senator George Mitchell & Speaker of House Thomas Foley. Bush speaks to military troops about America s Thanksgiving & unforgettable visit. May God bless...

03:25:51 Pres. Bush (same as 03:24:22) challenging Marine winners to Horseshoe tournament at White House.

03:26:42 Pres. Bush & wife talking w/ troops off microphone, background nois.

03:27:20 29Jan91 Pres. Bush State of the Union What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea, a new world order where diverse nation s are drawn together in common cause... The community of nations has resolutely gathered to condemn & repel lawless aggression. Saddam Hussein s unprovoked invasion--his ruthless, systematic rape of a peaceful neighbor... ...backed up by forces from 28 countries of six continents. With few exceptions, the world now stands as one.

Middle East War; Kuwait Invasion; 1990; 1991; Diplomacy; Politics;

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm [Part 4]

Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War. Montage: preparations prior to 15Jan91 ultimatum for withdrawal from Kuwait - Tank unloaded. Fighter? in flight. Guard with gun. Building tent city. Sequence re repairing Raider motor boats.

14:44:18 Tank unloaded with crane. Tanks in desert. Men digging in desert. Loading bombs on plane and signalling for takeoff. Headlines re start of war.

14:44:53 President Bush speech extract no nation will be allowed to brutally assault its neighbour. Night footage - firing of missiles. Coast Guards recounts reasons for going to war with Iraq. Camouflaged Patriot missile launcher. Harbour patrol. Night footage SCUD missile. Officer recounts seeing SCUD missile. 14:47:55 Salvaging sunken carcass of SCUD from sea. SCUD launched. Other officer re other scary SCUD experience.

Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm [Part 5]

Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War. VO re no casualties amongst Coast Guards. Coast Guard repair & maintenance workshop. Piling sandbags. Coast guard re doing great teamwork. Weapons repair and maintenance workshop. Administration department - woman soldier wearing guns talks to men in office. Army office workers on phone etc. Peeling potatoes.

14:52:29 Battle footage - Battleships firing guns. Tanks advance in desert. Ground troops running and in trenches 24-28Feb91. Firing big gun.

14:53:02 President Bush speech to Congress re end of Gulf war - ... as President, I can report to the nation: aggression is defeated. The war is over. Applause . This victory belongs to the finest fighting force this nation has ever known in its history . Soldier on tank. Other says he thinks the war is properly over. Combat unit crawling in Florida training desert with guns. 303rd replacement troops arrive in Saudi Arabia. Exchange of command ceremony. Royal Highland Fusilier plays bagpipes.

14:54:50 President Bush speech re troops returning We re coming home now. Proud, confident, heads high .

14:54:57 Troops return from Gulf - transport plane lands and families with flags and balloons at airport. Servicemen reunions with wives and kids - much hugging and kissing. Uncorking and drinking champagne from bottle.

Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

[NB Picture quality poor.]

President Bush Meets with Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar

In the Oval Office

Bandar thanks Bush re sending US troops to Saudi Arabia. Bush talks about being grateful to your Majesty... Photographers clicking. What s the mood at home on all this? Well the mood is excellent Mr. President & I m here to help His Majesty & the Saudi people... (thanking US & its military and to be proud of them)

Bush: I think we did the right thing back in August...kept your loss of life, our loss of life way, way down...

Bandar: We have a healthy respect for the Iraqi people & the Iraqi Armed Forces...they didn t really believe in their cause. Shot of cameramen & VP Quayle, James Baker & ?? on couch. Cameramen leaving.

Gulf War Aftermath; Diplomacy;

President Bush s State of the Union Address (29Jan1991) - Part 1 of 5

(entire speech)

03.48.49 Barbara Bush enters. George Bush enters; introduced by Speaker of the House, Tom Foley.

03.52.20 Persian Gulf War - re twelve United Nations resolution demanding Iraq s immediate withdrawal from Kuwait.

03.55.29 End of Cold War & Soviet - US cooperation; importance to the world.

American responsibility for world leadership; good vs. evil (re Kuwait).

Anti-Communism; Freedom; Eastern Europe; Democracy;

President Bush s State of the Union Address (29Jan1991) - Part 4 of 5

(entire speech)

04:20:201 Tribute to servicemen in the Persian Gulf. Standing long ovation. Mentions negotiations to avoid conflict with Iraq; & Saddam Hussein having rejected diplomacy; report on current situation in Gulf & purpose of action.

04.27.40 re control of oil resources & American public opinion - dissent. Applause.

04.29.05 Commitment to strong defense. Patriot missile defense to missiles; SDI program to be refocused.

1990s American Foreign Policy; Republicanism; Future Threats;

Address to the Nation About Iraq War Ending (27Feb91)

Oval Office (entire speech) - President George Bush (Sr)

27Feb1991 (Date wrongly idented by cameraman - says 1990)

Kuwait is liberated. Iraq's army is defeated. Our military objectives are met. Kuwait is once more in the hands of Kuwaitis, in control of their own destiny... ...people of Iraq are not our enemy...

Operation Desert Storm; Military Victory; Persian Gulf War; Patrioitism; Pride;

Brilliant Pebbles Effectiveness in Global Protection

Strategic Defense Initiative - (SDI - Star Wars) anti-ICBM missile program of 4,000 satellite constellation in low-earth orbit. Originally named Smart Rocks when initiated by Edward Teller, Lowell Wood & Gregory Canavan at Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory.

00:30:31 Computer animation of turning globe w/ Brilliant Pebble path orbiting earth providing protection against hostile missile launches from outer space, or submarines off coast of United States.

00:31:03 Saddam Hussein w army officers - missile launcher in Iraq.

00:31:16 Animation of supposed rocket launch from Iraq against Israel, Saudi Arabia & Syria. Animation shows Pebbles taking out all missiles. Targeting boosters shown; then from space showing Pebbles descending from orbit to hit rising missiles.

00:32:51 Military parade in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi on reviewing stand.

00:33:04 Animation of supposed missile launch from Libya - missiles reach targets & detonate. Same scenario repeated using Brilliant Pebbles defense.

00:33:40 Unauthorized or accidental missile launch from submarine off coast of US. Brief shot submarine.

00:33:49 Animation of supposed missile launch from sub - without defence, targeted cities destroyed. Same scenario using SDI - missiles destroyed before reaching targets.

00:34:30 Path of Brilliant Pebbles system over globe. Animation of rocket & missile launch.

00:34:56 SDI logo & credits.

Missile Defense System; Anti-Nuclear Threat; Department of Defense; DOD; Propaganda;