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Archival film footage on Iran from Footage Farm

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Shuttle Earth Views Pt. 3 of 5

11.20.57 STS-37 05-11Apr91 Atlantis. Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait oil fires. Light cloud cover over Mediterranean; smoke visible from Kuwait.

11.24.35 STS-41 06-10Oct90 Discovery. Sunrise earth limb view of Persian Gulf, Somalia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran. VERY Brief

11.24.59 STS-39 28Apr-06May91 Discovery. Aral Sea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

11.25.47 Russia (snow covered), Tien Shan Mountains, Takla Desert of China. VERY Brief.

11.26.09 STS-29 13-18Mar89 Discovery. Iraq, Iran, Persian Gulf and Zargos Mountains. Zoom directly in showing bright blue water & brown land thru light cloud cover. Pull back showing snow of mountains(?).

11.27.25 Burma and Irawaddy River Delta. Interesting changes of color from blue to brown.

11.29.59 STS-39 28Apr-06May91 Discovery. Russia (snow covered), Kuybyshevskoye Reservoir, Volga River uplands. LS then zoom in to show river & tributaries.

Space Exploration; Aerial Photography; Geography;

Shuttle Earth Views Pt. 4 of 5

11.30.48 STS-60 03-11Feb94 Discovery. Russia, Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Iran, Arabian Sea, Pakistan, Indus River Delta & Gulf of Kutch. Caspian sea with light clouds & tilting down. Camera moving about though smooth. Tilt up to show curve of earth. Cut to straight down and sea. Zoom in. Good river beds and delta & silt deposits moving in water, brown thru blue-green.

11.34.52 STS-63 03-11Feb95 Discovery. Kashmir, India, Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan along Himalayan Mountains. Zoom in, some of shuttle visible but good colors & curve of earth. VERY GOOD general stuff.

11.37.07 STS-58 18Oct-01Nov93 Columbia. China, Zuinghai Hu, Gansu Mountains to Shanghai, mouth of Yangtse River & Yellow Sea w/ sun glint.

11.39.43 STS-57 21Jun-01Jul93 Endeavour. East coast of China, Formosa Strait, Taiwan, East China Sea, South China Sea & Philippine Sea. Earth w/ curvature in lower 2/3 of frame. GOOD general stuff.

Space Exploration; Aerial Photography; Geography;

United States Army - School of the Americas - A Partnership in Democracy Pt. 1 of 2

Pan over jungle, US soldier SSG Alexander A. Figueroa, School of the Americas (SOA) Medical Course Instructor, w/ kids playing. Speaks to camera about program. Int. of elementary school w/ teacher & children at desks; US Army Medics giving medical check up to kids.

19:15:48 Colombian Drug Raid (14Oct94). Colombian Police Officer, SOA Counter-Drug Graduate speaks, Helicopter overhead; troops in small boat on river; police or troops in jungle at drug location. Aerial of giant explosion in jungle near road. Colombian soldiers carry large packages (drugs). Sample shown.

19:16:19 Colombian government building w/ flag flying. Prof. W. Michael Reisman, Yale Law School speaking. Ext. of Organization of American States building w/ sign.

19:16:32 School of the Americas exterior w/ flags of nations; CU of colored glass window w/ motto.

19:17:04 Jeanne Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Representative to the United Nations, speaks to camera: how to live in freedom; expansion of democracy & human rights. Sign: Ridgway Hall School of the Americas, Escuela de las Americas Officers walking past. Int. classroom, outside picnic for families.

19:18:17 Footage (poor) of obstacle course. Map showing Western Hemisphere. Communist parades. VO against Soviet & Cuba inspired Communism, subversion & insurgencies. Training also included those skills what is now termed Nation Building. Ext. of Ridgway Hall, Ft. Benning, Georgia w/ El Salvador Amb. Ana Cristina Sol speaking of professionalism. Military in camouflage & normal uniforms walking in front of building. Soldiers training on communications equipment in field in Spanish. Running in formation on track. Officer reading Fidel Castro Y La Revolucion Cubana . Kids & medic.

19:20:18 Training against narco-terrorists in building. Mine detecting; footage of Haiti overthrow of (SoF) elected president by military coup & the eventual restoration of that elected president by a US led multinational military action (Operation Uphold Democracy, 1994). Haiti army marching past palace; Baby Doc Duvalier on balcony w/ raised arms cheering. people. Casual military & police force; trucks of people thru streets. Soldiers in back of army truck w/ rifles.

19:21:11 Sen. Sam Nunn speaking about value of school & its role in respecting human rights. Class in human rights being taught by SSG Villa. Another class w/ students at computers. Soldiers in field w/ full pack seen from above, moving w/ rifles & bazookas (?) thru woods.

19:22:09 Prof. Edwin G. Corr, former Amb. to El Salvador & Bolivia (involved in Iran-Contra), speaking to camera over classroom scene. Map of Western Hemisphere showing Red Cuba. Soldiers in South American as medics, walking in city, talk of benefit of school. Colombian Police Medic, SOA Medical Course Graduate, in Spanish to camera w/ VO in English. Continued...

Military Propaganda; 1990s;

Early Russian Material

Mohamed Ali II /Diplomatic bodies

Mohamed Ali arrives - the Shah and inspects the forces

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Obit

White House with people standing looking, sorrowful. Truman taking office from Harlan Fiske Stone; kisses bible.

03:27:34 Early footage of FDR before polio - walking - shaking hands, with Eleanor. Sailing with pipe. Sitting in yard with Eleanor & kids. Swimming with kids in Georgia. By car tipping hat; with family as Governor & at 1932 convention. Taking oath. Photos year by year. With Churchill in Aug41 off Newfoundland at Atlantic Charter. Signing declaration of war on 11 Dec41. In North Africa reviewing troops. Cairo & Tehran conferences. President with Chiang Kai-Shek and Churchill in Cairo - In Tehran with Churchill and Stalin. Guests at 1944 inaugural looking tired as he waves to crowds. Yalta with Stalin and Churchill - report to Congress his last public appearance. Roosevelt speaking re his hopes for peace in the World for his children and grandchildren.

[The League of Nations - Preparatory Commission for Disarmament Conference, 28May26]

Int. meeting & delegates listening, taking notes, speaking.

17:15:00 Delegates walk in park. Pose in front of building as group & individually.

17:16:47 Int. of meeting as before.

17:16:58 Four men posing in front of building. Large group out & pose on wide steps, many orientals. Others pose.

17:18:15 Two men pose on steps.

17:18:25 Delegates talking near porch columns.

17:18:45 MS man on steps, tips hat; w/ others talking. Posing.

17:19:39 Int. w/ large group listening, observing & table of delegates. Man standing reading speech or remarks. MS of audience.

17:21:49 Delegates walking on porch of hall. Delegates leaving, waiting for cars or taxiis.

17:22:20 High angle of delegates listening.

17:22:37 View of raised dias; from balcony delegates at tables w/ papers.

17:23:43 Delegates walk down steps towards camera, tip hats; others just past in groups. Posing & walking slowly.

17:24:42 African & Indians pose.

17:25:01 Iranian delegate posing. Others walking past.

NARA lists says it includes: Loudon (Netherlands), Paul-Boncour, Robert Cecil & De Brouchere (Belgium). Outside of hall: Von Bernstorff (Germany), Jouvenal & Briand (France), Cadogen & Anthony Eden (Great Britain), Japanese delegation, Ethiopian delegation, Maharajah of Kapurthala, India, Turkish delegates & Egyptian delegates.

Diplomacy; International Conference;

NOTE: Undercranked interiors to compensate for lack of light. Usable.

Date Culture in Iraq Reel 2

Date palms are pruned at Beled Ruz - native up tree trimming leaves. Native climbing tree with small bag, collecting dates for immediate consumption. The oasis of Mandali on the Persian border - shots of entrance to village - housing. Transporting dates from garden to village of Mandali - donkeys with packs.

04:50:27 Bags are plaited from the date leaf pinnae. Arab men sitting round plaiting. Blind native sewing strips together to make bags. Dates are transported on camels to Persia (Iran). A Charad - native water lift for irrigation operated by native and bullock. Cultivating a date garden near Basrah. Groups of natives digging. Cutting off shoots from mature trees. Packing shoots for shipment to US Department of Agriculture.

[League of Nations - Sixteenth Assembly - July, 1936]

Assembly President Van Zeeland, Belgium, speaking in French at podium (original building). Massey, Canada SOF re continuing of sanctions serves no useful purpose (clipped off at end). Bruce of Australia, SOF speaking ...& have to capitulate a few months hence... On invasion of Ethiopia by Italy.

18:52:44 De Graef, Netherlands (?) speaks in English; De Velies, Hungary, speaks in French. Others speak, (may be incorrectly cataloged).

18:55:35 ?? in French. Sebahbodi, Iran (?), says his nation cannot participate in motions which will abrogate the rights of nations."

18:56:25 Man in window. CU of Art Deco sign.

18:56:38 Man at desk SOF to camera, in French re newsreels... re USA; re Stresemann;

18:57:54 Various unid. speakers in French.

18:58:06 Men outside hall including Blum; men on balcony above entrance, crowds watch from across street. Int. of assembly.

18:58:20 Haile Selassie & guards in London w/ crowd at railway station, w/ wife & sons. Train leaving. Selassie arriving in Geneva surrounded by crowds as he leaves railway station.

18:58:49 Makes statement on patio in French.

18:59:20 Selassie at League of Nations - heckled by Italian journalists, waits. Balcony & people. Selassie speaking at podium, reading from speech.

18:00:30 Eric Drummond at desk. Abrupt ending.

Diplomats; International Diplomatic Organization; Rude; Italian-Ethiopian War; Abyssinian War;

NOTE: UNKNOWN RIGHTS sold for Access Fee upon receiving signed paper acknowledging client will clear any necessary rights.

Teheran, Iran

15:48:12 MCU & CU Crown Prince Mohammed Riza Pahlevi aka Pahlavi walking w/ Egyptian Princess Fawzia in garden of palace (?), salutes guard & exits thru gate.

15:48:19 Large crowd & military review w/ cavalry, officers riding horses & saluting; sailors, soldiers marching. Trick riders w/ Iran flags riding horseback on shoulders in pyramid. MS German (?) Army & Navy officers in dress uniforms watching.

15:48:35 LS of performance in formation; MCU of young girls in white dresses, some w/ Egyptian scarfs dancing.

15:48:40 LS Large square & lighted palace (?) w/ crowds watching.

15:48:45 Night Pahlevi & bride walking in formal entrance w/ attendants; girls carry dress train of Princess. 15:48:52 Fireworks. (Very GOOD).

Royalty; Dynasty; Middle East; 1939; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2

War Comes To America Reel 6 - Compilation film.

Winston Churchill signs agreement that in return for old destroyers US will get a chain of bases stretching from Newfoundland to British Guiana (shown on animated map) giving protection to US and Panama Canal.

21:00:43 Berlin - Hitler with Japanese (poor quality)

USA - Sign over door Mr Berle - Assistant Secretary of State. Berle seated speaks to camera re aggression of Axis countries.

21:01:11 Sept 27th 1940 - Pact of Berlin or Tri-partite pact signed by Germany, Japan and Italy. Von Ribbentrop signs for Germany - Ciano for Italy and Kurusu for Japan.

21:01:57 Celebrations in Tokyo - cheers of crowds. Rome - Mussolini addresses cheering crowd from balcony. Berlin - Crowd cheer Hitler and Japanese.

21:02:23 Silhouette Houses of Parliament at night - tube shelters - montage Blitz

21:02:47 Charles Lindbergh says England will lose the war - Wendell Wilkie says they will definitely win.

21:02:59 Clearing up operation in London following air raid.

21:03:12 Gallup pole re should US keep out of war or aid Britain.

21:03:43 President Roosevelt speaks to Congress re armament production and lend-lease / lease-lend. Docks - military equipment loaded. (brief) Graphic Lend-Lease bill.

21:04:40 April 6th 1941 Animated map shows Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. June 22nd 1941 Germans invade Russia - shots German troops crossing river - firing artillery.

21:05:05 Russian civilians dig trenches. Animated map shows extension of Lend-Lease.

21:05:17 lease-lend imports unloaded at London ? docks and at Red Sea ports for British in Africa. Trucks travelling down Burma road towards China. Brief shot materials stockpiled Murmansk and Iran. Sign on box from America says Hammer and Sickle em. Montage shots war goods being stored and used.

21:06:00 Brief shots American men talking and Hitler talking animatedly.

21:06:22 Animation shows the iron fist of Germany and map shows what would have happened if Germany had beaten Britian - Russia and China. German domination of resources and economy. Animation compares projected wealth and power of Axis v Americas.

21:08:13 Capitol - Lend-:ease materials - US troop ships heading for Greenland and Iceland.

War Comes To America Reel 6 - Compilation film.

Winston Churchill signs agreement that in return for old destroyers US will get a chain of bases stretching from Newfoundland to British Guiana (shown on animated map) giving protection to US and Panama Canal.

21:00:43 Berlin - Hitler with Japanese (poor quality)

USA - Sign over door Mr Berle - Assistant Secretary of State. Berle seated speaks to camera re aggression of Axis countries.

21:01:11 Sept 27th 1940 - Pact of Berlin or Tri-partite pact signed by Germany, Japan and Italy. Von Ribbentrop signs for Germany - Ciano for Italy and Kurusu for Japan.

21:01:57 Celebrations in Tokyo - cheers of crowds. Rome - Mussolini addresses cheering crowd from balcony. Berlin - Crowd cheer Hitler and Japanese.

21:02:23 Silhouette Houses of Parliament at night - tube shelters - montage Blitz

21:02:47 Charles Lindbergh says England will lose the war - Wendell Wilkie says they will definitely win.

21:02:59 Clearing up operation in London following air raid.

21:03:12 Gallup pole re should US keep out of war or aid Britain.

21:03:43 President Roosevelt speaks to Congress re armament production and lend-lease / lease-lend. Docks - military equipment loaded. (brief) Graphic Lend-Lease bill.

21:04:40 April 6th 1941 Animated map shows Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. June 22nd 1941 Germans invade Russia - shots German troops crossing river - firing artillery.

21:05:05 Russian civilians dig trenches. Animated map shows extension of Lend-Lease.

21:05:17 lease-lend imports unloaded at London ? docks and at Red Sea ports for British in Africa. Trucks travelling down Burma road towards China. Brief shot materials stockpiled Murmansk and Iran. Sign on box from America says Hammer and Sickle em. Montage shots war goods being stored and used.

21:06:00 Brief shots American men talking and Hitler talking animatedly.

21:06:22 Animation shows the iron fist of Germany and map shows what would have happened if Germany had beaten Britian - Russia and China. German domination of resources and economy. Animation compares projected wealth and power of Axis v Americas.

21:08:13 Capitol - Lend-:ease materials - US troop ships heading for Greenland and Iceland.

The French Campaign 1944 Reel 1

Stock shots pre-war Paris - Eiffel Tower - Madeleine - people walking in streets, pavement cafe - artist in Tuileries - art on display in streets - bookshop. Sign Congrès des Ecrivains - meeting of renowned writers.

14:33:10 Night shots Paris - traffic - neon signs - Moulin Rouge. Interior nightclub - wealth and glamour. Woman guitarist.

14:33:40 Mobilization placards are posted in 1939 as war is declared on Germany. Civilians dig air raid shelters and sandbag buildings. Newspaper headlines announce the fall of Poland and the invasion of the Low Countries.

14:34:16 German motorized forces roll through France. German troops march into Paris under the Arc de Triomphe as Parisians weep. Hitler and Goering enter Paris in open-top car. Classic shot Hitler in front of Eiffel Tower. Nazi flag flies from tower.

14:35:06 Pres. Roosevelt addresses Congress. American volunteer workers prepare packages for French relief. US troops drill, shipyards, factories turn out guns and tanks, factory - aircraft production. Atlantic convoy.

14:36:56 1943 - President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill confer in Quebec.

14:37:11 Roosevelt, Churchill Stalin, Molotov and Marshall in Tehran.

14:37:33 Map showing German fortifications - gun emplacements - tank traps etc. Rommel inspects Atlantic wall.

14:38:21 Allied planes in formation. RAF aircraft in flight over sea - interior cockpit. Dogfight - German fighter shot down. Allied planes drop bombs over France?

14:39:15 England - Stockpiles of equipment for D-Day.

14:39:36 London - June 1944 - High command planning meeting - Gens. Montgomery and Eisenhower plan the European invasion at headquarters.

14:39:50 Allied planes take off on bombing missions over French coast. Cameragun footage - Strafing German train. Building explodes. Strafing German planes on the ground.

14:40:40 6Jun1944 - D-Day invasion - British and American warships shelling coastline of France. Rocket guns fired. Animated map showing invasion route. Allied forces land on beaches of Normandy. German film showing Nazi troops shooting at allies from bunker. US troops advance.

The French Campaign 1944 - Reel 2

Map shows progress of allied troops on Cherbourg peninsula. Supplies and reinforcements moving off the beaches and heading inland. Battle action for port of Cherbourg. Artillery firing - tanks through town - 27th June, German garrison troops surrender. German POWs march down road under sign for Cherbourg. Engineers making repairs to docks at Cherbourg. Steam freight train.

14:43:28 Gens. Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton confer at the front. Allied planes bomb St Lo area - US tanks and men advance. Animated map. German troops retreating. British and Canadian armies - battle scenes - firing artillery. Wrecked German tanks and equipment. Nazi POWs.

14:45:36 Military truck convoy bringing supplies to front line.

14:46:00 Liberation of Southern France - aircraft in formation - paratroopers - mass of parachutes

14:46:22 Allied forces land on the Riviera.

14:46:22 Paris - Eiffel Tower - Free French battle for Paris - street fighting - man throws grenade from window into truck loaded with German troops. General Le Clerc and French 2nd Armoured division movingup towards Paris. Troops welcomed by Parisians as they enter city. Battle scenes. German prisoners of war.

14:49:20 Crowds celebrate - newspaper headline re liberated Paris. Charles de Gaulle marches down Champs Elysees - military parade - Arc de Triomphe. Street scenes in liberated Paris. Two children playing.


European Tragedy Pt 3 of ?

Tens of thousands German prisoners march thru Moscow, people watch from rooftops; gather on the roadsides, CU prisoners, people shout, woman spits towards the prisoners, huge crowds from various angles, after the march street washed w/ special trucks, prisoners loaded in train carriages for their last journey - to prison camps, train leaves the station.

01:30:02 Russian refugees return to homes destroyed; people near huge mass grave uncovered, grieving women. Russian troops on horse wagon, greeted by cheering crowds, women give kisses, kids present flowers, people w/ placards of Stalin; Russians who feared communism seek refuge in Germany, people on the road to village, huge explosion on bridge.

01:30:42 1943 Poles sent from Iran to Siberia return to Iran; church service to celebrate their liberation, various pictures of starved bony children.

01:31:21 Freed Poles join Soviet Army, women soldiers to fight Nazis. Man in cave, printing press;resistance organizers paint anti-Nazi writings on walls; fascist cross hanged, big cut out Hitler's image hung in effigy on post. Long lines of refugees flee from Russia & Rumania, people in horse carriages, on foot. Camel carriages, Fins on the move, kids in horse carriage, people pack up belongings. Map shows Fins fleeing & coming back to their country due to Russian takeover in 1939 & 1941 &1944.

01:32:40 Battle field at night, fiery shooting, explosions, soldiers in the battle field, load guns, one looks straight into the camera, big smoke. Rockets.

01:33:00 Refugees, war prisoners thru city on horse carriages, cars. High angle East Prussia, refugee crowds queue to board ship, people in the boats, children on board w/ cups of milk, soldier holds exited boy.

01:33:32 Overloaded ships move in convoys, soldiers look thru binoculars, sinking ship, people in rescue boat, wreckage on water. East Prussia, frozen lake; refugees on shore, crossing frozen lake in horse carriages & foot, shots of partly drowned carriages in the broken ice, dead horse, bomb shattered carriages, various shots of dead people.

01:34:37 Night attack on Dresden; battle field at night, flashing fire bombs in the air, explosions, still shots of huge smoke in the city, streets covered in dead people, huge stack of corpses for burning, high angle city in ruins.

WWII Europe History;

Letter From Iran

Star of Oklahoma? presents and dedicates number to men of Persian Gulf Command.

Phil Spitalny all-women orchestra perform People Say We re In Love from musical Oklahoma .

Includes singing. Animated lyrics appear on screen.


In Defense Of Peace [Part 1 of 2]

Rolling title re International Information & Exchange Program & exposing obstructionist tactics of USSR.

WWII flashback montage: Russian troops advancing; Germans surrendering; Allied forces landing in France on D-Day; Allied leaders at Yalta; meeting of US & Russian troops at Elbe River; aerial views ruins of Berlin & Nazi symbol dynamited from Nuremburg Stadium; Germans surrendering at Rheims; President Truman & Joseph Stalin at Potsdam Conference; US Marines battling on beaches of Pacific islands; flag raising on Iwo Jima; aerial views ruins of Tokyo; & Japanese surrender to MacArthur aboard battleship Missouri - brief MacArthur soundbite ...pray that peace will now be restored to the world... . Victory celebration shots.

23:06:03 San Francisco - delegates of 50 nations sign documents for creation of United Nations - Truman, Molotov & Gromyko seen arriving.

23:07:05 Returning US troops disembark at US ports & are discharged - some wave or kiss demob papers. Diagram showing reduction in US Armed Forces 1945-47. US bombers destroyed w/ explosives - piles of scrapped vehicles - factories converted to peacetime production.

23:09:27 Gromyko walks out of UN Security Council debate on the Iranian question. US proclaims Marshall Plan in Paris - Churchill et al present. Animated map of Europe w/ Soviet border nations cut off.

WWII - Pacific War. Postwar Europe. Reconstruction. Economics. Anti-Communism. Cold War.

Various shots unidentified VIPs walking in gardens of chateau?

Shah of Iran related?

Shah of Iran walks down steps into gardens followed by entourage. Shah greets various unid. VIPs, guests at garden party. Reporters taking notes as Shah speaks.

The Stilwell Road [Reel 1 of 6]

Story of the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations (CBI) during WWII. Narrated by Ronald Reagan [?]

Aerial shot over mountains. Animated map land bridge Burma Road to China. Aerial shots Burma Road. Chinese workers building Burma Road, hammering on rocks by mountain. Snowy mountain road with camels, then trucks carrying ammunition. Animated map, pans West to show land bridge of Iran, arrows point to battles of El Alamein and Stalingrad. Pan East to Asia, (animated map) Japanese destruction of Burma Road.

00:14:52 MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz. Troops marching. Japanese planes bombing. General Alexander. General Stilwell with Chinese troops looking at map. Map of Asia shows Japanese offensive. Volunteer pilots Flying Tigers and RAF taking off. Japanese offensive on Rangoon, buildings bombed, top shot Burmese on top of moving train, palm trees burning.

00:16:11 Rangoon after fall, destroyed buildings and empty streets, Buddha statues amidst rubble. Japanese troops on way to Mandalay - road sign Rangoon, Mandalay, Hanza. Japanese offensive on Mandalay, India, very high aerial shots of city bombed, explosions on ground, Indian children running and man carrying child. Japanese war planes. Burning buildings. Indian people on overcrowded train. Animated map shows Japanese progress and cutting off of Burma Road. Indian refugees on road and Alexander s troops retreating. Allied Demolition squads destroying equipment and supplies, running off to row boats, burning buildings behind.

00:18:02 Burmese refugees on road, some with military uniforms. European or US soldiers retreating, crossing rivers and mud on way to India.

India, refugees and troops at camp, wounded carried on stretcher, Stilwell says they ought to go back and retake Burma.

00:19:09 Map India, Burma, China, Indochina and Thailand. Burma, Buddhist temples, street scenes, woman smoking shilom, tribal Giraffe woman. Aerial shot Burmese. Allied troops through Burmese forest with mules. Turbulent river with raft, mountains, Himalayas, wind storm, swamp. Soldiers hacking through jungle with machete.

00:20:45 Stilwell and other study map. CBI (China-Burma-India) military badge. Allied Chinese troops march through mountains.

WWII - India-Burma Campaign. Engineering. Ledo Road

The Stilwell Road R1 of 3

Story of China-Burma-India Theater of Operations (CBI) during WWII. Narrated by Ronald Reagan [?]

Aerial shot over mountains. Animated map land bridge Burma Road to China. Aerial shots of Burma Road. Chinese workers build Burma Road, pounding on rocks of mountain cliffs. Snowy mountain road w/ camels, trucks carrying ammunition. Animated map, pans West to show land bridge of Iran, arrows point to battles of El Alamein & Stalingrad. Pan East to Asia, (animated map) Japanese destruction of Burma Road.

22:04:49 MacArthur & Admiral Nimitz at map. Japanese troops march, Japanese planes bomb. British General Alexander. Gen. Stilwell w/ Chinese troops look at map in field. Map of Asia w/ Japanese offensive. Volunteer pilots Flying Tigers & RAF take off. Japanese offensive on Rangoon, buildings bombed, top shot Burmese on top of moving train, palm trees burning.

22:06:07 Rangoon, destroyed buildings & empty streets, Buddha statues amid rubble. Japanese troops on way to Mandalay - road sign Rangoon, Mandalay, Hanza. Japanese offensive on Mandalay, India, aerial shots of city bombed, explosions on ground, Indian children run & man carries child. Japanese war planes; burning buildings. Indians on crowded train. Animated map of Japanese progress, cutting off Burma Road. Indian refugees on road in carts & Alexander s troops retreating. Allied demolition squads destroy equipment & oil supplies, run to row boats, burning buildings behind.

22:07:58 Burmese refugees thru fields, on road, some w/ military uniforms. European, Australian or US soldiers retreating, across rivers & mud on way to India. Refugees & troops at camp, wounded carried on stretcher.

22:08:50 SOF: Stilwell says they ought to go back and retake Burma. Map of India, Burma, China, Indochina & Thailand. Burma, Buddhist temples, street scenes, woman smoking shilom (cigar), tribal Giraffe woman w/ neck rings. Aerial shot Burmese. Allied troops thru Burmese forest w/ mules. Turbulent river with raft, mountains, Himalayas, wind storm, monsoon rain storm, swamp. Soldiers hack thru jungle w/ machetes.

22:10:41 Stilwell & other study map. CBI (China-Burma-India) military command badge. Allied Chinese troops march thru mountains.

WWII - India-Burma Campaign; Engineering; Ledo Road; Retreating; Asia;

Cairo and Tehran

On screen credit advises that the commentary on this film is an excerpt from the President s broadcast to the armed forces Christmas 1943.

Globe turning over montage of shots.

12:41:20 Moscow - Kremlin. Interiors Pact signed by Molotov - Anthony Eden and Cordell Hull.

12:41:45 Cairo Conference. Pyramids and Sphinx. Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek seated in garden. Pan along military officers standing behind including General Marshall.

12:42:47 Animated map detailing Korea Formosa and Manchuria. Graphic The Tanaka Memorial - Japan s Dream of World Empire. Naval ships firing - US marines landing on Pacific island. Troops in jungle firing artillery. Aircraft drops bombs. Australian firing artillery. British forces.

12:44:10 Chinese flag. Chiang Kai-shek with troops. Flying Tigers.

12:44:35 General Marshall visting with General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz.

12:44:50 Aircraft in flight AV Tehran. FDR, Churchill and Stalin seated in front of conference building.

12:45:34 Russian army firing artillery on Eastern Front. - snow - aircraft - explosion from bomb. Cossack troops.

12:45:45 Allied armies in Italy. Brief dogfight. General Eisenhower with Clark being driven in jeep across bridge. Bomb damaged buildings in Italy. Ike with Allied officers. Gen. Spaatz given decoration. Planes dropping bombs over Germany

12:46:49 Tehran conference - three leaders seated on porch of building. Anthony Eden and Molotov join group. Montage German military might - parade and flypast. German children at play. Troops marching - Hitler ranting

12:47:56 Sword of Stalingrad presented to Stalin by Churchill. FDR inspects sword. Roosevelt voice over says he got along just fine with Stalin and thinks they will get along very well together in the future - praises Stalin for his determination and good humour.

Montage allies - FDR speech says as long as these four nations stick together there will never be another World War.

The War 1941 - 1944 R6

1943 - Russian troops liberating Russia - Marshall Zhukov, Khruschev.

10:10:53 The Pacific - US naval task force. Ships firing on Pacific islands - tracer bullets. Aircraft strafing and bombing. Troops in landing craft - battle scenes on beach. Firing machine gun. Dead Japanese on Tarawa. Medic tending to wounded marine. US flag raised - US bodies floating in sea and on beach. Marching marines.

10:14:24 Cairo conference - Churchill, Roosevelt, Chiang Kai-Shek pose for photos. Military top brass at meeting round conference table. Map of Pacific and Japan.

10:15:21 Tehran Conference - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin pose. Joint statement.

10:16:11 Yugoslav partisans singing and smiling. Marshall Tito smoking. French underground singing.

10:16:47 D-Day - montage leaving Britain. Animated map re attacks on Germany. Montage battle scenes in various theatres of war. 03:18:07 French undergrounduprising - man firing pistol - partisans with rifles - interior shot as one throws grenade from window. German military vehicle on fire - burning Germans out. Allies enter Paris - cheering crowds. Montage liberation shots across Europe. War graves. Dead Germans. Crying baby boy. US tank breaking through wall. Montage allied armies - allied flags.

Red Cross In Iran Aids Polish Refugees

VS Polish refugees walking into Iran. Arrival at camp, greeted by fellow Poles. Red Cross food and supplies distributed, attend religious service, women working fields.

Latest Films of Iran s Royal Family at Home

Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi walking in garden with wife and daughter. Daughter playing with pet dog. Couple and daughter pose.

[Thanksgiving Day Outtakes, 1943]

Slate 25Nov43 Kitchen Shots, Thanksgiving Day. Man stirring large steaming pot in MCU & CU; puts lid back on. Decorating cakes. Opening tin cans of Boneless Turkey.

10:18:40 Men boxing in ring & punching heavy bag. Two men in robes waiting. MS from outside ring of two white boxers. Soldiers lined up for mess. Black troops drilling on dusty space as others watch; tents in background. Fancy footwork. Baseball game, Blacks vs whites.

10:23:00 Vehicles outside main building. Men loading large tires into truck. Men working on C-47 motor; stop & read that 250 WACs coming. More baseball. Teaching boy how to throw.

10:24:44 Men watching game; officers & others. Blacks & whites. CU blacks cheering.

10:25:53 Black drill team marching, drilling w/ rifles, passing to guy behind. CUs.

WWII Integration; Anti-Racism; Segregation; Oddities; Recreation; Sports; GIs;

[Lend-Lease Planes to USSR via Iran]

post 1943

Persian Gulf. Aerials Iranian refinery producing oil used for Allied Air Force. Abadan Airfield and planes (which are assembled on site then piloted by Russians to USSR). Unloading large crates containing plane parts. Fuselage is uncrated. Planes in hangar.

Russian pilots out of DC-3 type Russian passenger plane & posing for camera. Col. Charles Porter, Commanding Officer of Abadan military base with Russian general & Brigadier General Macmillan.

Activities on airfield: refuelling and checking planes. Planes towed to Russian side of airfield. Russian pilot tests gun. Russian and American pilot working together fixing plane. American paints over star on plane to turn it into Soviet red star. Russian pilot in P-40 takes off for Teheran and Russia. GV and pan airfield.

Convoy Route Iran to Russia

Tanks on hoist? Tanks arriving at docks on transporter. Large crates unloaded from cargo ships onto waiting transporter. Second crate unloaded onto truck.

10:28:20 Railway freight yard. Train slowly up and past carrying small tanks. Freight train past loaded with crates and oil?

Iran - Malaria Prevention

Soldier handing out spades to long line of natives. Soldier handing out flit insecticide sprays to children who run home to spray homes. Funny sequence where small boy stops to spray calf. Kids surround group of men sitting under palms and spray with insecticide.

10:52:36 Man spraying irrigation channel. Spraying fields and putting insecticide into irrigation gully.

10:54:13 Surveyor. Man testing water. Laboratory - water tested (Slate 1944)

10:56:32 Tanks and military equipment unloaded at docks. Food supplies unloaded and checked.

[WWII - Iran - GI Life, Summer, 1944]

Train arriving railroad station w/ people on platform waiting. Military men checking paperwork as others walk past; US GIs, shoe shine boys, people off train

18:30:03 GIs marched off platform, across dirt square; standing about beside train (?). People off & boarding; Iranians w/ household goods. Women in robes; CU man at RR car window, training pulling out w/ Iranians looking out open windows & doors.

18:32:20 LS train around bend in large flat desert w/ mountains behind; runby from opposite side.

18:32:49 Slate. Freight & passenger train around bend on hillside seen from stream bottom.

18:33:57 Pan across dry desert to railroad line & building; on to stop at mountain beyond track. Truck convoy along road w/ trees at base of mountains behind. Closer shot.

18:36:17 GIs beside railroad station, train stopped. Men out of building w/ mess kit & wash in garbage can of water. GI smoking cigar in MCU. GIs out of hut. CU hand lettered signs: re furnishing own mess kits; This Mess Operated ONly For M.R.S. Personnel on Duty. No other Personnel Will Be Served.

18:38:00 CU Sign: Every Man Plays A Part In Moving Goods To Russia. M.R.S. performance for this month 105% of target. Keep em Rolling!

18:38:07 MS GIs playing cards for money & chips. CU.

Card Games; Poker; Recreation; WWII Lend-Lease;

[WWII Iran, Misc. Scenes Tehran, 03-06Oct44]

Slate. Army officers talking in front building w/ sign Office of Commanding Genera. Men in & out. CU sign.

Slate: MS rocky mountain slope, tilt down to large ancient carvings; GIs looking at them.

18:41:48 Sgt (?) lecturing about them; MCU several listen. Officer leaving, shaking hands w/ men beside DC-3 (C-47 w/ windows), boards & takes off.

18:43:55 Slate. Sign: In Bounds To O.R.S. Only Cafe Restaurant Texas; Hotel Ritz.

18:44:34 Slate, sign: Brown Derby American Bar & Resaturant Let s EAt. No. 1 In Bounds To Other Ranks.

18:44:47 Slate, sign: Black Cat Bar. Sign: Cabaret Astoria. CU sign Hollywood Laundry.

18:45:52 Slate, railroad track on elevated roadbed across desert, steam train w/ five freight cars approachs & passes, much black smoke. Second take closer to track. Train slowly to stop on double track, no black smoke. Repeat closer.

18:48:07 Three Iranians standing beside train, look at paperwork & two board train. Repeat in MCU of one reading paper & boarding.

WWII Lend-Lease; Transportation; Recreation;

[Scenes in Tehran, Iran, 25Sep44]

Horse pulling cart onto large round-about w/ monument & statue of soldier. US army trucks past; ms of statue. Opposite view w/ jeep & water wagon passing large modern factory or office complex. Pedestrians, bus, traffic. MCU modern building, tilt down to Iranian pedestrians.

16:42:03 Art Deco style bilding w/ soldier at guard post, bicycle past. MS of entrance & military men.

16:43:15 MS of soldier at entrance w/ rifle & bayonet,people past. LS of modern corner of interior building w/ gardens. MS Hotel Ritz w/ cars, horse & wagon; LS across street w/ cars, pedestrians & carriages. Corner store w/ Texas in window, soldiers on sidewalk, military vehicle past.

16:44:40 High angle of street w/ traffic & five story buildings - University or hospital ?

16:45:15 Ornate government building w/ flag, carriage etc past. Ornate minarets & mosque from across street. Soldiers & others along sidewalk past Black Cat Bar. Old store fronts w/ Bar Astoria. Horse & carriage past building w/ horizontal wooden fence, tilt up deep set windows. Texas ?? , people on street.

16:47:01 Sign: Cafe Restaurtant Texas, soldiers past. Street scenes of government building w/ flag. Bar Astoria w/ horse drawn wagons & carriages past. Sign: Hollywood Laundry; MS; awnings, pedestrians.

16:48:10 Large number of pack camels through intersection blocking traffic, army truck waiting.

16:48:47 POV from top of railrod train, steam engine w/ black smoke in front. Camel train alongside.

16:49:25 Street scnes w/ carriage. LS of military base & vehicles parked, desert beyond.

16:49:48 Slate: 25Sep44 US & Iranian soldier in front of military garage w/ US army trucks. MCU of Iranian talking. Two carriages parked in shade, US army truck past, monument w/ soldier behind in center of round-about.

WWII Middle East; Military Lend-Lease Russia; Daily life;

Roosevelt Dies Suddenly


FDR as young State Senator; Asst. Secretary in the Navy; swimming and playing ball in pool with polio kids. By fireplace with Eleanor and sons. First inauguration as president incl. speech. Headlines re FDR s actions against depression: incl. closing of banks. FDR signing New Deal reform (foundation social security?)

FDR starts operation of ?? Dam.

03:27:05 Fear is vanishing speech.

FDR in car with family and dog Fala on holiday. On fishing trip.

03:27:41 I have seen war... I hate war anti-war speech. FDR with his mother before Pearl Harbor. Queen Elizabeth and George VI with FDR. FDR reviews fleet. Speech in Canada promising help if Canada is threatened. Signing lend-lease agreement. Atlantic Charter meeting on Battleship Prince of Wales with Churchill. FDR and Eleanor outside church with priest. Speech after Pearl Harbor declaring war on Japan. Reviewing troops in North Africa - Casablanca. Tehran Conference with Stalin and Churchill. FDR & MacArthur. FDR & Nimitz. Roosevelt sworn in for fourth terms. Yalta conference, FDR looking ill shaking hands with Russians?. Churchill walks by FDR s car. With King Farouk of Egypt (aboard ship?). With Ibn Saud aboard ship. Last public appearance reporting to Congress and speech. With American delegation to San Francisco United Nations conference. Headlines re allies approaching Berlin and Elbe. Truman sworn in. Good CU FDR.

Titles: Join 7th War Loan Victory Drive WWII

V-E Day Special

Times Square night celebrations superimposed with headlines. Cinema marquee with sign War s End - Nazis Out! . Hitler rally and speech. Animated map showing German invasions. Hitler smiling. Burning town in Belgium? Holland? Blind man walks with stick. British troops evacuated at Dunkirk. Churchill in street with others. 03:10:47 London burning. Stalingrad Tanks and explosion, German troops in snow, street fighting, German POWs. 12:25:40 FDR and Churchill Atlantic Charter Conference. Troopship full of US troops. Tunisia: desert fighting and German POWs. 12:26:30 Italy - Abbey of Cassino bombarded. Rome and crowd at Collosseo / Coliseum. Pope Pius at St Peter s cathedral and crowds below.

Tehran conference with Stalin, FDR and Churchill. Planes dropping bombs on Germany. Liberation of Russia - Russian troops in snow in white suits. Germans sabotage railway line as they retreat. Russian civilians on road as houses burn on roadside - apocalyptic. Eisenhower and Montgomery planning. 12:28:20 D-day landings. Allies troops through French towns cheered by crowds and kissed by women. Ike in Paris and American troops parade under Arc de Triomphe. Yalta conference. Battle of Germany - night bombing. Street fighting. Hitler and Mussolini. During war. Illustration Mussolini s execution. Hitler visits victims of assassination attempt. Protestant?, Catholic and Jewish religious ceremonies. Military cemetery. Pacific war battle scenes. Japanese plane shot down. Map of route to Tokyo. Truman. MacArthur with Nimitz. Troops run. Fleet. Planes in formation. US flag.

San Francisco Conference

Top shot San Francisco - street and buildings. Delegates arriving for conference, Saudi Arabian delegation, Field Marshal Smuts, China, Philippines, Arabs pose for cameras.

12:30:02 Eden arrives. Molotov stands talking with Lord Halifax, Anthony Eden and Stettinius. Oriental man with camera. CUs various delegates including Masaryk, delegate from Netherlands, Mexico, Lebanon, Iran, an others.

12:31:40 Conference opens, Stettinius on podium.

12:31:47 Dorr opens to the Associated Press HQ. Reporters, typing, telephone operators. Conference, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek.

Russian Troops Leave Iran & Street Riots

Girl puts flowers on poster of Stalin. Russian troops march. Russian women soldiers. Russian soldiers leave parade ground. Line of military vehicles - locals give flowers. Crowd lines streets as military drive past

04:58:30 Various top shots street riots in Iran in 1950. People running in streets. Troops on horseback herding rioters.

Red Army Out of Iran - Russians leave after WWII

Handover ceremony at military base? Russian and Iranian officers shake hands. Newspaper headlines and being printed. Flags. Young women picking flowers in garden. Woman decorates poster of Stalin with flowers.

10:08:14 Iranian troops parade down street carrying flowers. Russian troops board line of military vehicles - drive through streets, locals throw flowers. Cheering crowds line streets. Unid. man using microphone. Ceremonial dagger presented. Cheering crowds. Russian tanks through streets. Women and children waving - veiled women. Russian troops on horseback ride through streets. Young kids waving flags, some Russian. Traditional ceremony ? involving pouring ? from pitchers and man holding large mirror. Mounted troops parade through streets, given flowers by veiled women. Old man speaking animatedly. Crowds line street. Russian soldiers distribute communist information / propaganda leaflets thrown into crowd.

VIPs on dais - officer making speech. Gifts given. Pages turned with writing and picture of Stalin. Flag depicting Stalin. Engraved picture with Russian Generals depicted. Iranians waving and clapping. Russian military vehicles parade through streets - POV driver going down street lined with Iranian soldiers. Russian soldiers pass in trucks and have flowers thrown at them. Various shots military parade and locals.


Encyclopaedia Britannica Films - World Energy Resources Series [Erpi announcer]

CU Oil pouring into vat. Cars & trucks along highway past camera. Chinese men at docks w/ straw hats carrying heavy loads from pole across shoulder - manual labour in developing countries. Petroleum delivery truck out of gas station. Home furnace in cellar. Fuel used in factories. Bulldozer; tractor ploughing; ship at sea in storm; diesel locomotive; American Airlines passenger plane taking off L-R.

13:59:40 Map of US showing active oilfields. Survey crew detonate test charge - shockwaves measured by seismographic equipment - cross-section diagram showing shockwaves being reflected from various strata underground.

14:00:58 Oil derricks; drilling crew at work - CU drill bit - drill pipe lowered into hole & drilling starts. Cross-section diagram of drilling down to oil strata past layer of gas. Derrick replaced by pipes & valves nicknamed a Christmas tree . Crude oil stored in barrels waiting for transport to refinery. Oil tanker. Crude oil pipelines & pumping station ext & int..

14:03:48 High pan across oil refinery complex; towers where fractional distillation & more modern process of cracking take place. Research chemist takes sample from pipe.

14:05:10 Map of world showing how yearly production of petroleum would encircle earth almost four times if put in rail wagons - world petroleum producing fields located - Eastern Hemisphere - Netherlands East Indies, Russia, Romania, Iraq, Iran, oil reserves in Persian Gulf. Western Hemisphere - Caribbean coast of South America, US. VO re unequal distribution - Western Europe dependant on other countries.

14:06:58 Street scene w/ traffic - London? Multi-lane American highway. Heavy gun towed down motorway by truck. Arabs signing oil supply deal (staged). Montage of shots oilfields, refinery, tanker ship; petroleum reserve. (GOOD)

Fossil Fuel; Middle East; Politics; Non-sustainable Resources; Heavy Industry; Geology; Economics; Import; Export; Technology; 1940s;

Search for Oil in Iran

Desert; river boat / paddle steamer on Nile. Mosques, burros & Arabs through streets. Smoking hooka, working leather, street scene. Desert canyons & valley w/ pack stream. Camels along rocky valley. European man w/ pipe on horseback posing for camera. Rides off. Bubbling oil dipped into skings. Building outpost w/ stones. Digging well by hand. Assembling drilling tower. Drilling pipe. Surveying. Pulling pipe. CU of letter. Sun, drilling. Dust. Smoke at well. Letter re striking oil in Iran. Camel caravan. Archaeological remains / carvings. Fire burning off oil by base of well.

Iran - Native Market etc.

Street market, men in Arab dress. Young boy at watermelon stall. Flies crawling over food. Women and children washing in communal wash hole. Woman scooping water from river into container. Boy drinking from river. Men and children washing, drinking and swimming in same river. Cows bathe in river. Wide shot native boats in river with mosque behind. Tradesmen unload pitchers from boats at quayside.

10:42:11 Natives by date palms - village life, oasis. Cooking unleavened bread on open fire. Boy washing. Man cutting meat. Water collected. Natives on horseback herding sheep. Native with Iranian officer. CU flock of sheep. Nomads driving sheep down mountain road.

10:46:15 Line of military trucks blocking road.

10:46:53 Native dancing. Arab encampment - cooking on fire. Oxen ploughing field. Young men threshing corn. Ruins of fort?

Royal Diary

Shah Pahlevi of Iran arrives at Northolt airfield - greeted by Duke of Gloucester - reviews RAF personnel. Shah reviews Guard of Honour outside Buckingham Palace. King George VI & Shah of Iran into Palace. King George, Queen Elizabeth & Shah of Iran on rear terrace of Palace, into garden. Review & decorate Palestine Police to mark end of service.

02:01:35 George VI inspects King s Own troops at Chatham Dockyard. Royal Navy Cadet Corps. line up for review - little kids in uniform.

British Royal Family. State Visits. Postwar Britain. Middle East. 1940s.

Shah of Iran and Shots Tehran.

Shah and wife at US military review. American officer greets royal couple on arrival at US base. Shah and wife leaving building and getting into jeep. Shah and wife leaving service club.

10:24:31 Street scenes Tehran - horse carriages parked at side of road, monument in BG. Close shots monument. Royal palace with soldiers on sentry duty. Various other modern buildings. Mosque. Camel caravan crosses main road - traffic. Streets with traffic and pedestrians. Women wearing veils outside shop. Women dressed in western clothes. Market place, camels and natives.

[President Truman Greets Shah of Iran, 1949]

Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran greeted by President Truman at National Airport - State Visit 16-20Nov49. Truman reads speech, still photographers in FG. Shah speaks in English off the cuff.

02:02:21 MCU men shake hands. I bring you a message of warm regard and work with the United States for peace in Middle East . VS Shah arrives on Presidential plane. US colour guard. Shah and Truman into open limo.

The Telenews Daily - Shah Of Iran On U.S. Tour

09:57:57 16Nov49 American troops at attention on airfield tarmac, salute; colorguard; Shah Pahlavi off plane greeted by President Truman. Shakes hands w/ others.

09:58:20 W/ Truman on platform before microphones. Truman SOF: Your Majesty, I m happy to welcome you to the United States on this, your first, visit here...

09:58:37 Shah: I thank you Mr. President for your generous welcome. I am looking forward, w/ the keenest anticipation, to all that I have to experience, here in the greatest of the democracies in the free world. Applause & posing together, hand shakes in front of Presidential plane Independence. Waving.

Diplomacy; Arrivals; 1949

Nevada (Shah of Iran visits Hoover Dam, Dec49)

22:38:58 Shah Pahlavi of iran posing w/ ?? in front of building w/ sign: Las Vegas, Nevada.

22:39:00 Walking on Hoover Dam w/ civilian & military. Various views looking, cars driving across.

Government Visit; Dictators; Cold War; 1949; Water;

Nevada (Shah of Iran visits Hoover Dam, Dec49)

22:38:58 Shah Pahlavi of iran posing w/ ?? in front of building w/ sign: Las Vegas, Nevada.

22:39:00 Walking on Hoover Dam w/ civilian & military. Various views looking, cars driving across.

Government Visit; Dictators; Cold War; 1949; Water;

Iran - Street Demonstration

Young men and women (students?) parade in street with placards and banners. Military past in trucks. Policemen lined up outside ? palace? Young man arrested and thrownin back of truck. Stones in road after demonstrations.

[Shah of Iran & wife leaving hospital, greeted by Mossadegh]

Men lined up outside building. Mossadegh & others. Shah & wife out of hospital. Mossadegh shakes hands with Shah. Wife looks very unhappy, carries gladiolas through crowd. Rolls Royce & motorcycle escort. High angle of streets. Army truck through. Excavation in street. Large building with buses & other traffic outside. Palace? Large statue. US Embassy

Concepts For Geography Coronet Films

Grade school children crossing street, playing on playground. Plane taking off. Plane model around globe to Spain. Shot of village.

12:54:07 Shot in Iran; Night POV shot in Japan. Returning home with model plane over globe. Sunrise shot in California.

12:55:0? School kids walking. Back to globe. Various views showing sun light onto globe as earth turns.

12:56:1? Day and night shots of traffic at city intersection. More globe turning intercut with locations.

12:57:5? Amazon river. Brazil & copacabana beach in Rio.

13:01:?? Seasons.

13:02:1? Fat boy and girl playing with globe.

Educational & Instructional Films; Tacky; Oddities; Gag

[USSR - Shah of Iran & Wife Arrive & Tour ?? & Uzbekistan; Moscow]

Two-engine plane arrives; Iran, USSR & ?? flags on post. Shah in military uniform & wife off, shake hands. CU saluting. Walking, saluting, past Red Army soldiers at attention. Teenage girls & boys run out w/ bouquets.

12:20:26 Greeter, man, at microphones reading welcoming speech (MOS). Handshaking & Shah at mic (MOS).

12:20:46 Motorcade leaving airport, past people on sidewalk in front of apartment tower buildings.

12:20:57 LS War memorial w/ many steps, tourists. Sha & wife out of car, into ?? walking thru courtyard. Group standing in front of statue of ?? holding wreath. Motorcade leaving, row of industrial cranes on track. Power station & out of car looking at dam (?) or power station, CUs & MCUs.

12:22:12 River excursion boat from another. MCU of Shah & wife sitting w/ two men who point out sites. MCU of other women, USSR or ?? military officers

12:22:52 2-engine Russian plane arrives; Azerbeijan or ?? men w/ head wraps & robe-like shirts watch Shah, wife & others off plane. Receive flowers, natives applaud. Fountain w/ crowd watching as convertible w/ Shah leaves in motorcade w/ police escort, beneath banner welcoming to Uzbekistan.

12:24:05 In civilian clothes visiting collective farm, in potato Or ?? field, tractor cultivating. Journalists, farmers & politicians w/ him. Inside dairy barn. Walking w/ wife & others into kindergarten & girl doing folk dance while other young kids clap in rhythm. Large luncheon table. Toast raised. Slug.

12:26:03 POV across desert looking out of railroad car past USSR army soldiers, farm houses. Men reading letter. Through city. Military in freight car doorway receiving flowers from girls. Soldiers shake hands, kiss. People wave. Slug.

12:26:52 USSR Soviet meeting hall w/ delegates applauding. Khrushchev enters, Bulganin next to him. Pan down to Shah Pahlavi & Soraya watching. MCU CU w/ headset listening. Orientals listening. LS of delegates. ?? at microphone (MOS). Molotov & ?? behind K. CU men & women listening. Bulganin at mic (MOS).

Cold War Diplomacy; 1950s;

[Iran Demonstration; Fighting; Muslim Cleric]

Large crowd lining street, art deco building behind. Cleric & other men, including man in straw hat & white suit, walking down street, cleric turns to look into camera.

18:27:50 Ornate gate w/ lines on each side holding swords, tilt down to soldiers & others large crowd beyond. Demonstration w/ large banner & police; jostling & mcu man walking ahead w/ briefcase.

18:28:12 High angle of large crowd in center of square. Cleric in robes speaking, applause. View of Mosque beyond. Another building.

18:28:29 High angle of marching demonstrators led by flag & banner. Posing in street.

Islamic Religion; Protest;

News in Brief - Paris

Princess Fatima of Iran in Paris with American husband - browsing booksellers on banks of Seine. Fatima wears fur coat.

Agriculture Story, The

Capitol w/ lights; CU statue Lincoln. Man flood irrigating, potatoes. Tractor ploughing / cultivating away from camera, flat land. Man plowing with horses; tractors working in LS. 2 Combines; dust twister across desert; blowing on road; drifted around equipment. Dandelions blowing; CU ants; forest fire; flood around farmhouse. Titles: Research, Education, Conservation, Stabilization, Regulatory Functions, Credit, Marketing Here & Abroad over clouds. Sign: Fernow Experimental Forest. Sign: Agricultural Research Center. Baling hay in front of pond. Bi-plane crop dusting (2 shots). Cattle eating. Pan over feed yard. Farmers looking at experiment. Tickertape. Tree planting. Aerials of contour farming. Grain elevators & inspection. Meat inspection. Innoculating cattle. Inspecting pineapples. Shipping grain to Iran. Cafeteria & school lunch. Farmers in field; with dairy cattle; paper work; Milking barn. Chicken weighing. Eggs. 4-H kid on tractor. Spraying orchard from tractor. Lab; entymologists. Crop picking. Corn into silo. Cotton picking; cabbage, carrots, peaches. Sawmill w/ wigwam burner. Combines in various shots. Cowboys Cattle herding in mountain valley.

[Shah of Iran]

Shah of Iran in full dress uniform enters very ornate room in palace. Shah presents medals & meets with ambassadors. Shah and wife visit school ? - large hall with children seated at dining tables, some stand up as Shah passes.

Middle East - 1950s - Royalty.

[Selected Scenes - Middle East, Iran & Shah Handing Out Land Deeds To Tenant Farmers]

Arabic title. Looking at map. In courtyard by table & farmers receiving deeds. Kissing hand. MCU. Photographers. Applauding farmers reading deed & smiling.

Dictator; Paternalism;

[Shah Pahlavi & Fighter Jets; Soraya Esfandiary & Fashion Show, 1950s]

Shah Pahlavi walking past military at attention in airplane hanger.

22:07:36 Twin-engine jet in hanger; Shah out of it. Sits in smaller twin-engine fighter as US (?) officers watch.

22:07:52 Large twin-engine jet takes off, banks past.

22:08:01 MS Shah & officers watching, intercut w/ fly-over. Swish pan...

22:08:06 Fashion model in small room w/ men & women seated watching; curtsy to Soraya Esfandiary (?) wife of Shah (1951-1958). CU of ace; others modeling hat, formal dresses; many in & curtsy.

Iran Dictator; 1950s;

NOTE: may be British officers.

[Shah Pahlavi & Fighter Jets; Soraya Esfandiary & Fashion Show, 1950s]

Shah Pahlavi walking past military at attention in airplane hanger.

22:07:36 Twin-engine jet in hanger; Shah out of it. Sits in smaller twin-engine fighter as US (?) officers watch.

22:07:52 Large twin-engine jet takes off, banks past.

22:08:01 MS Shah & officers watching, intercut w/ fly-over. Swish pan...

22:08:06 Fashion model in small room w/ men & women seated watching; curtsy to Soraya Esfandiary (?) wife of Shah (1951-1958). CU of ace; others modeling hat, formal dresses; many in & curtsy.

Iran Dictator; 1950s;

NOTE: may be British officers.

British at Iran Oil Field

BOAC prop aircraft landing on desert airstrip. British politician ? in white suit of plane and greeted. Second plane lands - US Air Force plane ? Averell Harriman ? out of aircraft and greeted. Harriman and British party pose for cameras - tour of oil installations (Abadan?). Iranian VIP with party pointing out things over oil fields. Workers opening up pipelines - storage tanks - oil pump house. Oil installations. Dock area

Crisis in Iran - Nationalists Seize British Oil Fields

Oil refinery. Map of Middle East. Demonstrators on trucks - demonstrators in Abadan and Iranians take over the British Petroleum Company Offices - tearing down signs and raising Iranian flag. Demonstrators jubilant. Printing office in Abadan - British Publisher barred from entering - Iranians enter office. British cruiser HMS Mauritius anchored in port. Refinery closed down, valves shut. Women and children evacuated by air. Person on stretcher carried up aircraft steps. Huge crowds gathered.

Oil Crisis in Iran - Persia and the Oil Fields

Pan over deserts of Iran - oil seeping into ground. Drilling for oil - derrick. Construction of refinery in Abadan. Native taking cattle to waterhole. Goats crossing newly built bridge. Construction work carried out with money from new oil wealth. Brick built houses for Persian employees of oil company. School - interior, Persian girls and boys in class. Students in lecture - physics and learning to use machinery in workshop. Pipeline across desert - oil bubbling on ground. Smoking chimneys at refinery. Ports - tankers Umaria, British Guardsman and British Virtue.

Oil Crisis in Iran - Meeting

Unidentified men in conference around table. Dean Rusk ?

Oil Crisis in Iran

USAF plane taxiing Harriman met off plane. Press gathered round Harriman.

03:13:55 Harriman meets with Mossadegh - interiors and walking in grounds.

03:15:22 Demonstration on streets - flags - students. Top shots riot police on horses break up demo. Harriman with Mossadegh. Demonstrations.

03:18:00 Harriman meets with Shah of Iran (Mohammed Reza Pahlavi). Harriman and other talk.

03:18:31 Rioters on streets.

Oil Crisis in Iran -

BOAC plane taxis on landing and unidentified man met off plane.

03:20:46 Harriman arrives on USAF plane and is met. Harriman and others tour refinery. Valves closed on pipes. Sign Gas Oil pump house - machinery running down. Panning shots over refinery. Tankers at anchor, in port.

Oil Crisis in Iran -

British oil workers being evacuated by Royal Navy - boarding ship. Courtyard crowded with workers and suitcases. Ferry carrying them out to ship. On board ship - passing naval ship at anchor. More boarding - waving as leaving.

Oil Crisis in Iran - Riots

Demonstrators on trucks - demonstrators in Abadan - Iranians take over the British Petroleum Company Offices - tearing down signs and raising Iranian flag. Demonstrators jubilant. Printing office in Abadan - British Publisher barred from entering. British cruiser HMS Mauritius anchored in port. Refinery closed down, valves shut. Women and children evacuated by air. Person on stretcher carried up aircraft steps. Huge crowds gathered. Demonstrators on streets.

03:02:01 British ? women leaving - boarding aircraft with children. People waving them off. BOAC plane. Iranians ? boarding TWA plane. Stretcher loaded onto plane. Newspaper The Daily News, headline scratched out. Men in room going through papers, one at typewriter - reporters ? British naval ship at anchor.

Valves closed on oil pipelines. Large crowds - demonstration. Many shots repeated.

Persia and the Oilfields

Pan over desert - oil drilling rigs of the Anglo-iranian Oil Company. Construction of oil refinery. Benefits of oil money - bridges - farmer driving sheep over bridge - brick houses under construction - school, Persian children educated for the first time - interior classroom - adult education as students taught about oil technology - workshops. Abadan oil refinery and pipelinestretching across desert. Oil bubbling up - power plants - oil tankers in docks Umaria - British Guardsman - British Virtue. Tanker leaving port.

UN Meeting on Iran

Pan round meeting CUs of delegate from United Kingdom. Man calls Security Council to order. British delegate Sir Gladwyn Jebb says his government wants to bring to the attention of the Security Council the dispute re removal of Anglo-Iranian Oil Company concessions. Russian ? delegate speaks. French delegate. Voice says Russians have protested.

[UN meeting re Iran, 1951]

Various shots conference room - observers / press listening with headphones.

07:25:30 Delegates arrive, Warren Austin, Gladwyn Jebb, photographers.

07:25:26 Trygve Lie heading Security Council in session - shots US, USSR, UK delegates - Sir Gladwyn Jebb UK representative speaking (MOS).

07:26:27 Mossadegh at table & speaking (MOS). Flags flying outside United Nations.

Petroleum; Oil Crisis; Lake Success;

NOTE: Mossadegh was in US from 08Oct-18Nov51 to defend Iran s case over oil nationalization issue.

UN Meeting re Iranian Oil

US representative and ? in discussion. Interior Security Council chamber . Mossadegh takes his seat. Shots of room.

UN Meeting re Iranian Oil

Wide shot security council room. Arrival Mossadegh. Mossadegh speaking over shots UK rep Sir Gladwyn Jebb. Mossadegh reading from paper in French. Jebb speaking says he hopes new provisional scheme will allow flow of oil to be resumed. Mossadegh listening intently through headphones.

Crisis in Iran

Exterior large building in mountains, Shah of Iran enters luxurious office and takes seat at desk. Closer shots Shah dealing with paperwork. Shah talks with man in office.

10:32:33 Gardens of palace, leopard cub chained up. Shah and wife exit building with four dogs. Dog playing with cub. Shah and wife take drinks in gardens. Good CUs Shah and Wife. Rolls Royce car parked. Rolls driven out of gates. Royal flag flying.

06:35:44 Oil drilling rig in operation. Close shots natives with drill.

Longines Chronoscope with Max W. Thornburg

Baseball at Yankee stadium - Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer watches.

20:35:35 TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Introduced by Frank Knight; Henry Hazlitt political economist and William Bradford Huie talk with Max Thornburg, Petroleum Advisor, Department of State, on his experience in the Middle East oil industry and credentials as petroleum advisor, causes of the oil nationalization crisis in Iran, British interference in Iranian politics and failure of effective Anglo-Iranian oil policy. Longines ads on wall in BG.

20:41:15 Lack of US corporate intiatives in developing realistic oil agreements in the Middle East. Comparison between US and Anglo-Iranian approaches.

20:45:50 Brief discussion of Shah of Iran s role.

20:46:26 Sponsors advertisement for Longines wristwatches inc. CU vars watches pass camera L-R.


Universal International Newsreel - Iran Oil, Harriman Offers New Solution In Dispute

12:46:35 Off US military plane waving hat greeted by Ambassador Grady. ...he will seek to reconcile views of the British interests & Iranian Nationalists. Out of car & into Shah s palace. Greeted by Shah Pahlavi, standing posing.

12:47:08 Tudah National Party demonstrators w/ posters, marching; large crowd. Police or military on horseback moving crowd. Army trucks. Fighting & rioting, horsemen chasing.

12:47:46 Harriman seated talking w/ Mossadeq.

CIA Assisted Revolution; 1950s Cold War; Oil Interest; Petroleum; Mossadegh;

[Harriman In Iran, ca July51]

VIPs outside large building (Summer Palace in Elburz, Iran?). Men walking away from camera on grounds; MCU past camera & diplomats talking

13:07:13 Harriman & others sitting on lawn furniture around small table outdoors (MOS); MCU looking at papers.

13:07:33 Harriman & three other men in rattan outdoor furniture under shade trees talking. MCU of young man, CU Harriman; CU of young man w/ black hair (Shah?).

13:07:57 Harriman & ?? in doorway talking, posing. Cars leaving in motorcade.

Oil Negotiations; Diplomatic Efforts; Petroleum;

[Truman & Marshall Send Harriman to Iran, ca July51]

Man at microphone in dark glasses (Secret Service?)

13:08:44 Unid. man at mic (MOS). Truman to mics, waits for Marshall, Acheson & Harriman. Shakes Acheson s hands & thanks him for undertaking this trip to Iran s a very important job...and one which I think you can handle w/ satisfaction & success...I hope you ll express to the Iranian government, our interest is the interest of world peace; the welfare of Iran & the rest of the world. We have no selfish interest in the matter whatever.

13:10:15 Acheson: Mr. Harriman, you carry the good wishes of all of us w/ you & I know this mission could not be in better hands...

13:10:27 Marshall: I wish you a safe trip & I look for success in carrying out your objective. I ve seen you in many parts of the world & on very difficult occasions & I have complete confidence in your ability in this particular issue.

13:11:28 Harriman responds. ...there is great mutuality of interest between & among the needs of the people of Iran, the British & the many parts of the world - the people of Europe & the people in the Far East who have been dependent on the oil that has been coming from Iran; that under these circumstances if we can create a spirit of goodwill, a way can be found to work out the difficulties which are now causing so much trouble....

13:12:15 Handshake w/ Truman and posing; repeated. Still photographers in; more posing.

Diplomacy; Petroleum; Oil Crisis; Mediation; Mediator; Diplomats; Oil Negotiations; Diplomatic Efforts;

[United Nations Security Council Meeting - Mossadegh, Lie, Jebb & Austin, ca Oct51]

MCU Warren Austin, tilt down to CU of United States name tag on desk. CU of Gladwyn Jebb, United Kingdom representative, unid. couple (?? & Amb. to US Nasrolleh Entezam?) & others seated observers. Mossadegh arriving on arm of Trygve Lie, photographers. MS Mossadegh. LS of room; MS of delegates w/ headsets / earphones. Seated observers.

15:09:17 Trygve Lie at head of table, pan to Jebb & Austin. MS Mossadegh.

Lake Success (?);

NOTE: Mossadegh was in US from 08Oct-18Nov51 to defend Iran s case over oil nationalization issue.

[United Nations Security Council Meeting - Mossadegh & Oil Crisis, ca Oct51]

Mossadegh helped out of car on arrival at UN & into building.

15:09:55 MCU Soviet delegate. MS UK representative Gladwyn Jebb shaking hands & talking w/ Warren Austin. CUs.

15:10:30 Delegates & others standing, pan they sit down. Mossadegh enters w/ others & helped to seat next to Turkish delegate.

15:11:32 LS from rear of room, from various angles & distance. Mossadegh reading statement (MOS). Observers & reporters listening.

15:12:40 Iranian delegation posing. Mossadegh talking w/ ?? as photographers take pictures.

Lake Success (?);

NOTE: Mossadegh was in US from 08Oct-18Nov51 to defend Iran s case over oil nationalization issue.

[Mossadegh Visits Truman, Washington, DC. 23Oct51]

Limousines to curb of Blair House. Mossadegh out of car w/ Iranian Ambassador to US Nasrolleh Entezam (?), pose & walk up steps & inside. Shaking hands w/ Truman for photographers & entering.

15:18:07 Still & newsreel cameramen towards camera.

1951; Diplomacy; Iranian Oil Crisis;

World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951)

15:37:47 Artillery firing in Korean War; tanks firing near Kuhn Song (sp). Large explosion near highway.

15:37:56 Prisoners taken. MacArthur & other officers past. CU newspapers MAC Is Out.

15:38:10 Cu General Ridgway; row of bodies w/ CU tied hands. MPS, tents & US military peace delegation; North Koreans into tents. Seated w/ documents being signed.

15:38:55 LS delegates from 52 nations meet in San Francisco Opera House to sign treaty w/ Japan. Soviets walk out. Signing by Dean Acheson for U.S. Acheson shaking hands w/ Japanese.

15:39:24 General Eisenhower & other military officers inspecting Allied troops in Korea.

15:39:43 Capitol in winter re 82nd Congress meeting after election. Truman signing ??

15:40:00 Missile on launcher raised, fired w/ booster rocket & seen in slow motion.

15:40:24 Map showing Iran; oiil refinery. Men turning valves on pipes. Street demonstration & tearing signs down. Enormous crowd on buildings, in street. Marchers w/ placards. People running in street seen from building roof.

15:40:53 CU Mossadegh; Mossadegh meeting w/ Security Council.

15:41:11 New United Nations Tower.

15:41:17 Title: Disasters. Overturned railroad engine; body n ground & rescue workers beside multiple cars still smoking. Pennsylvania passenger cars.

15:41:37 Flood w/ fast water thru city streets, thru cars & buildings. people walking thru knee deep water. Kansas City, Missouri & flooded cars beside warehouse; railroad freight cars.

15:42:00 Title: Probes. Ext. & int. of Kefauver crime hearings. Men taking notes. Mayor O Dwyer at microphone.

Committee room in Washington & CU of Frank Costello w/ cigarette. Committee.

15:42:39 Title: Politics. London voting, crowds in Trafalager Square. Churchill thru crowd. On steps of 10 Downing Street.

15:43:00 Senator Robert Taft before press announcing run for President. Governor Earl Warren announces.

15:43:19 Ext. Eisenhower campaign headquarters.

15:43:25 President Truman SOF: One of the things I ve been thinking about is next years s election (laughter). I m not going to make any announcement as to who the candidate is going to be.

15:43:57 Crowd listening filling streets in Cadillac Square, Detroit.

NOTE: Sound track is choppy - not useful.

Cold War; Year Ender;

[Mossadegh Arrives NYC For UN Meeting & Hospital; British Oil Workers Out of Iran, ca Oct51]

Mossadegh helped down stairs from airplane at Idlewild airport; people wave flags from terminal rooftop. MCUs, assisted to car.

17:11:31 Swish pan to British Anglo-Persian Oil Company (AIOC) technicians w/ bags outside ?? leaving Iran after closing of oil refinery at Abadan. Boarding launch on water at petroleum terminal.

17:11:45 Cruiser HMS Mauritius anchored for evacuating oil workers; men boarding. POV from water, men waving.

CIA Plot; Economcs; Business; Politics; Diplomacy; Middle-East; Cold War;

Iran Crisis - Mossadegh Pleads Oil Case Before UN

22:09:34 Ext. Lake Success, NY United Nations w/ flags flying.

22:09:38 Int. Mossadegh on arm of Trygve Lie entering Security Council & sitting. MCU.

22:09:54 Pan over U-shaped table w/ Mossadegh holding papers.

22:10:02 CU Sir Gladwyn Jebb making notes. MS Jebb & Warren Austin.

Petroleum; Colonialism; Nationalisation; 1951; 1950s; Middle East;

Iran Crisis - Mossadegh Pleads Oil Case Before UN

22:09:34 Ext. Lake Success, NY United Nations w/ flags flying.

22:09:38 Int. Mossadegh on arm of Trygve Lie entering Security Council & sitting. MCU.

22:09:54 Pan over U-shaped table w/ Mossadegh holding papers.

22:10:02 CU Sir Gladwyn Jebb making notes. MS Jebb & Warren Austin.

Petroleum; Colonialism; Nationalisation; 1951; 1950s; Middle East;

[Iran Oil Dispute Meeting w/ Harriman]

Large picnic table under trees outside country house - politicians meet for a signing or negotiating. MCUs Averell Harriman. Mossadegh ? Arrival of two men in suits and hats [dark suit is Harriman]. Talk to reporters. Police & VIPs touring, shaking hands. British man boards BOAC plane.

Diplomacy. Middle East.

[Mossadegh in Bed, Visited by US Ambassador Henry Grady]

Diplomatic limousine arrives w/ US flag on fender; Grady gets out in white suit & hat, shakes hands w/ still photographer holding graphlex camera. Enters house carrying envelope. Mossadeq sitting on bed reading paper & Grady holding paper; coffee served. Several shots. MCU. Handing paper to Mossadegh.

CIA Assisted Revolution; 1951 Cold War; Oil Interest; Petroleum; 1950s; Diplomacy; Diplomat;

[UN Meeting On Iran; Shah Wedding; Iran Votes To Seize British Oil]

MS Byrnes entering w/ others; Stettiniius enters. ?? at desk. Gromyko at desk wipes glasses. ?? at desk. MCU Byrnes & Stettiniius. Others in MS observing.

18:50:56 LS of Secruity Council meeting.

18:51:01 Sd. (Russian) MS Gromyko speaking.

18:51:36 Oriental chairing meeting. Cutaways. Voting.

18:52:04 Byrnes speaking: ..give them a chance to be heard; after we ve heard them, after we ve heard the representative of the Iranian government speaking for his government; if his statement does not appeal to us then we can postpone, but to postpone w/o giving them the chance to be heard would be a violation of the spirit of the charter.

18:52:29 Gromyko & others of USSR delegation get up & walk out.

18:53:00 Iran representative comes in & sits down. MCU. Speaks in English about Iran has most to lose & USSR most to gain, asks Iranian situation to be taken up.

18:54:24 Title: Shah of Iran: Wedding of The Year Si. 12Feb51 Soraya Esfandiary at ceremony, walking down aisle, w/ VIPs etc. Reza Pahlavi At dinner.

18:55:02 Title: Iran Votes To Seize Vast British Oil Fields Sd. Aerial of Abadan oil refinery. Mountains; highway & trucks carrying large pipes; workers at Abadan Island refinery.

1950s; Petroleum; Royalty;

Top News Stories Of 1952

Crowds of American voters - Eisenhower campaign speech ...with speed and honour I shall go to Korea - applause - neon news in Times Square [?] Eisenhower Elected - Ike & wife cheered onto stage.

17:50:36 Ike off plane in Korea - reviews troops.

17:50:58 Truman seizes steel industry after strikes - Judge Pine rules against President in court battle.

17:51:25 Death of King George VI - Princess Elizabeth reviews Royal Guard on horseback.

17:52:02 Riots over Suez Canal & Sudan occupation. King Farouk exiled after Egyptian military coup.

17:52:31 Nationalisation of British oil in Iran - demonstration - Mossadegh at the Hague.

17:53:04 Devastated buildings in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after air crash. Wreckage of plane which crashed on West coast killing 86 GIs. British jet explodes over air show killing 29 - engine hurtles into crowd. Rescue operation among wreckage of trains which collided outside London - 200 dead. US freighter Flying Enterprise sinks of English coast w/ Captain Carlsson hailed as hero.

17:54:28 Rebellion of 20,000 Communist prisoners at Korean PoW camp on Koje Island - UN guards throw smoke bombs. 87 North Korean prisoners killed during violence on Pongam Island - rioters marched away by armed guards.

17:54:58 Damage from prison riots in Michigan & New Jersey.

17:55:18 US explodes hydrogen bomb - Marshall Islands ?

Korean War. Nuclear / Atomic Warfare. Anti-Communism. Disasters.

Pilgrimage to Mecca 1952

Large mosque w/ rolling titles re Hadj to Mecca.

00:09:52 Man, muezzin, calling faithful to prayer & pan over city rooftops. Interior & men bowing, pan over cityscape. Street scenes w/ vendors selling on streets. Farmers cutting rice w/ scythe; others picking ??? & olives. Ship at dock being boarded by men enroute to Mecca. Sitting on deck & POV leaving dock. CUs.

00:11:38 POV thru canal, view of ship passing thru Suez & man w/ camel waving to men on shipboard. Praying on ship in MS. Man w/ barber. People wating, sitting in shade. Transition effect to..

00:12:47 Harold Minor, US Ambassador in Beirut at desk in Embassy, on telephone. Walking out to chauffered car.

00:13:14 LS of Pentagon entrance from across grass. CU sign Restricted Area Authorized Personnel Only. Military officer sitting beside table w/ ca. dozen rotary telephones. Transition effect to..

00:13:32 Men in airport control tower, view of military airplanes on runway sent to fly pilgrims to Mecca. Landing large plane over outside airport fence w/ people watching. US foreign service officials, military & moslems waiting to board. Mr. Minor & son standing shaking hands. 13 planes, people praying before flight, walk to board planes

00:14:38 Iran s Ayatollah Seyyed Abol-Ghasem Mostafavi Kashani (1884-1961) w/ cane boards plane. Others boarding up stairways, luggge loaded. View of shadow of plane from plane. Aerial of Beirut & harbor. Pilot in cockpit & landing at Jeddah / Jidda / Jiddah in Saudi Arabia & refueling. Control tower in Saudi Arabia. More boarding of planes by pilgrims. Plane taking off.

00:16:50 Jeddah & busses, trucks, donkeys & men walking to Mecca. Pan over Mecca. Large group thru street. Tilt up Mosque & the Great Mosque w/ people moving around.

00:18:02 Desert men on camels preceeding King Ibn Saud & son Imir Faisal from overhead shot.

00:18:38 Aerial over Beirut. Amb. Minor at house of Mufti of Lebanon meeting important Moslems; receives donation from airlines. Shaking hands, applauding.

00:19:26 Military AWACs plane in flight. The End.

Religions; Islamic; Moslem; Sacred Celebration; Royalty; 1950s; Diplomacy; Goodwill; Gifts; Holy Shrine;

Iran - Shah Ousts Mossadegh

Crowds gathered outside government buildings. Crowds applaud, celebrations. Damaged buildings - burnt out car. Armed guards outside building and searching interior. Group of VIPs including cleric Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran in military uniform. Out of building and into car - cortege down street, military escort. Tracking shot through crowds - army - tank with armed troops.

Night shots Shah of Iran surrounded by reporters. Shah reading statement - holding newspaper in Italian re Mossadegh. Newspaper headline the American - Mossadegh Flees Iran Riots. Shah prepares Flight Home . Other papers on desk. Exterior building, traffic passing. Shah and entourage leave building. Shah boarding plane, gives interview from aircraft steps . Car arriving at airport. Shah surrounded as he enters building.

10:20:02 Shah and others leave airport building. Shah boarding KLM Constellation passenger aircraft, waves from steps. Good shot plane standing on tarmac with props going round. Plane down runway.

Shah Returns - Military Coup Ousts Premier Mossadegh

Wrecked house of deposed Premier Mossadegh. Press and soldiers in courtyard. Car belonging to Mossadegh which has been burnt out. Shah ? and General Zahedi after return from exile. Cabinet pose for cameras.

America Presents America - Work of the USIA- Reel 3

Latin America - communist agitator at outdoor meeting. Mobile unit of USIA takes film show on road to counter the work of the communists. People at screening.

16:06:12 Thailand - people riding elephant - planning meetings with USIS officers and Thais. USIA officer addressing locals.

16:06:50 Germany - USIA secretary with German couple. In Saigon, USIS English classes. In London - man carries film from taxi into Broadcasting House. In Iran - plane takes off, aerial views of American technical assistance project. In Tokyo, private publishing company translating American book. Other USIS activites - theatre - Porgy and Bess on tour. Audience applaud. Orchestra - Symphony of the Air performs in Tokyo. William Faulkner, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature talking with Japanese men on cultural / educational visit. Jesse Owens in Malaya

16:09:02 Exhibit in Washington re Peoples Capitalism. Overseas trade fairs - motor show. International Trade Fair in Salonika in Greece. Greek man using electric razor. People looking at displays. King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece visit fair. Visitors looking at themselves on television.

16:10:17 Campaign re disarmament - Mutual Inspection for peace - The Open Skies Proposal.

16:10:44 Map showing Iron Curtain and VOA tranmitters. USIA Coast Guard Cutter Courier acting as floating radio relay station - transmitters - aerials - radios with people listening - radio jamming by Russians.

16:12:30 Cover of America Illustrated, magazine published by USIA - pages turned. American magazines on racks. Two Japanes ? women looking at small library of American books - Care shelf.

16:13:30 Cultural City Salutes - signs - City of Boston salutes Rome. Boston shops. Montage - Statue of Liberty - Atomic explosion - US troops marching - State Department - Voice of America broadcasting in various languages.

Cold War

The U.S. Overseas Information Program Reel Two

Graphic re USIA In Action in the Free World. Map showing agencies of USIS.

15:30:03 Rio de Janeiro - Public Affairs officer walking along street. In office confers with US Ambassador.

Brazilian Foreign Office - PAO meets with chief of cultural division. PAO at Thomas Jefferson Library in Rio - with USIS Film programme department and Radio department.

15:31:05 Philippines - Cebu - street scenes exterior USIA building. USIS pamphlets loaded onto truck for distribution. PAO visiting mayor of Cebu - with newpaper editors - USIS broadcast on local radio. PAO with locals having coffee. USIS truck with loudspeakers arrives in remote village. Man pinning up pamphlet on side of hut which has Coca Cola sign. Portable movie / film screen erected - villagers turning out for show.

15:32:52 Washington - Exterior USIA building. Interiors, meeting. Graphic showing different methods used by USIA.

15:33:21 April 16th 1953 - President Eisenhower addresses leaders of American press at dinner. Ike speaks re peace and makes anti Communist remarks. Graphics and stills showing how the text of the Presidents speech was distributed throughout the World. Pamphlets - posters. Stills US Information Centers round the world - portable libraries - cultural activities.

15:37:09 Man threading film projector. Montage various nationalities watching films. Excerpts from USIS films - UN Report on prisoners of War. Chinese POWs in US prison camps - Locust plague in Iran 1951, American aircraft brings small crop spraying planes to combat plague. Dr Milton Eisenhower s goodwill tour of Latin America. Excerpt from Tanglewood - music school and festival - choir singing

Cold War

Iran: Between Two Worlds (Title Missing)

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Mountains, desert & car along road. Map showing placement of Iran.

06:05:40 Ruins of Persepolis from high angle. Carved statues in bas relief showing various ethnic people, animals & chariots etc coming to pay taxes. Statue of ruler. Columns.

06:07:29 Mosque & tall minarets. Large dome w/ ornate architecture. Royal Blue Mosque. Early painting of polo match. Palace gateway & porch overlooking square. Pool, irrigation system.

06:08:25 Statue of Reza Shah; footage of young Reza Shah Pahlavi. Modern architecture of Tehran. Palace interior w/ peacock throne. View of mountains beyond Tehran seen from above.

06:09:24 Religious college w/ muslim students; street scenes w/ western & Iranian dress. Buildings under construction. National University w/ students walking under fall foliage.

06:10:04 Isfahan bazaar, coppersmithing by hand. Silverworking by hand in small room w/ many silversmiths working. CU elaborate work & products, miniature paintings. Persian rugs woven in CU w/ women sitting in row. CU of woman. Children tying small knots. Textile mill ext. w/ pollution; int. & men at looms.

06:12:57 Shiraz gates & palace. Citrus & oranges; pools, fountains & monument to poet w/ ornate tile. Camel caravan & grain elevator. Technical school exterior. Medical school ext. & int w/ women students. Rural village w/ people walking; man at well drawing water w/ goatskins. Sheep & goats at well, women taking water & carrying on head & w/ jugs. Woman making bread outdoors.

06:16:00 Int. Boy folding carpet, other family possessions shown. House shown. Woman baking bread over hearth. Man walking to fields; plowing with oxen as others working in distance. Wooden plow w/ steel tip.

06:17:28 Aerial over very large oil refinery complex at Abadan; technicians on ground & men working at pipe handles. Changing shift & men walking, bicycling. Smoke stacks at sunset. Statues at Persepolis. The End but abrupt.

Geography; Persia; Travelogue; Religion; Islam; Islamic; 1950s; Middle East; Petroleum Industry;

Longines Chronoscope [With Henry F. Grady], 24Oct51

Opening commercial for Logines Wittnauer Watch Company. Main title: typewriter typing it out. A Television Journal of the Important Issues of the Hour

16:00:54 Frank Knight w/ Frazier Hunt co-hosting w/ William Bradford Huie, editor of American Mercury. Guest is Henry Grady, ex-Ambassador to Iran since Jun50 says the US was aware that something needed to be done to settle the oil question. Iranian govt. had before their Parliament a supplementary agreement, signed but not ratified, to one they had signed in 1933 which would increase royalties. Originally 13-15% royalties; supplemental would about double it to 25 to 30%.

16:03:15 Hunt: What royalites were we paying to Saudi Arabia? Well shortly after that we went to 50/50 basis which was an increase over what we had been paying (a considerable increase).

16:03:58 Huie: Were the British at fault that they weren t meeting our terms? It wasn t not meeting our terms but making a number of non-monetary concessions. Razmara became PM a few days before I arrived & he was anxious to get the supplement ratified. I believe if the British had given some non-monetary concessions...I mean employ more Iranians in the plants, matter of prices charged for oil w/in Iran, only 5% was being sold to Iran (thought they should have provided at same price as to British Navy & Air Force.

16:05:05 Huie: Did you urge the British to make those concessions? Yes....and this nationalization movement would not have started... Talk about British Labour Govt. not being very worried about nationalization.

16:06:15 Huie: By Nationalisation do you mean confiscation? It shouldn t mean that. Have the Iranians offered to pay the British for these properties? Yes, setting aside 25% of the proceeds for paying the British claims...but British think there won t be any profits...

16:07:12 Grady: ...vital importance for the future...industrialization, warfare... aka industrialisation

16:07:50 Hunt: ...biggest fear we have is the intrusion of Russia into this would Russia get this oil oul? Say we went from one failure to another & there was a coup d etat... Grady talks about moving a considerable amount by trucks, ships etc. if a govt. friendly to USSR got in. But then says: I don t think Russia could get any of the oil.

16:09:29 Huie: ...Mossadegh is a visitor in the United States, do you know him... Extremely well...he s extremely able, he s a patriot...I think he s misguided in the way he s carrying out the Nationalization Program...may be very harmful to his country. I doubt the Iranians can operate this industry themself. ...he s not easily influenced by anybody. We ve found that out. He s the man who makes the decisions...

16:11:44 Frank Knight closes show. Commercial. The End.

Petroleum; Revolution; Middle East; Labor; 1950s; Nationalise; Natural Resources; Foreign Ownership; Television News Broadcasting;

[Shah of Iran Arrives New York City, 13-15Dec54]

Lockheed Constellation plane arrive, Idlewild airport.

17:26:41 Shah Pavlavi & wife Soraya in mink coat w/ orchid corsage off plane, greeted w/ handshakes MCU. Walking w/ police behnd to terminal. At microphones, posing w/ flowers. (MOS)

Cold War; Dictator; Middle East; Diplomacy;

[Shah Pahlevi & Wife Waterskiing, 1955]

Farina & Shah of Iran in military uniform w/ many medals out of car w/ Marine holding door, crowd watching from distance. Salutes. CU Farina.

01:30:22 Baton twirlers & marching band in street of Miami, Florida(?). Shah & Farina up steps past camera. Swish pan to:

01;30:33 Shah on back in water w/ water skiis. POV from boat water skiing. Farinah skiing. Into boat Terry Bea. Shah helped into motorboat Confused.

Celebrities; Dictators; Cold War; Diplomacy; Recreation; 1955; 1950s;

[Military Assistance & Advisory Group, Tehran, Iran - 10-21May56] (per card in Washington DC)

Maj. Gen. McClure, Commanding General of Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) greeting Brig. Gen. Mohammed Ali Khazaee, Imperial Iranian Army; sit at desk w/ flags behind. MCU McClure, pan to MCU Khazaee who puts on glasses & reads paper; then handed to him & he reads w/o glasses. Brief look at map.

16:51:28 Slate: MAAG & Missions, May56 Karachi, Pakistan (???) Sgt. in civilian clothes & wife look at table & inlaid wood in woodworking shop.

16:51:58 Slate: Tehran, Iran 10May56 MAAGs & Missions. LS of ornate gate w/ traffic thru, mountains beyond & pooliceman on pedestal. Pedestrians, buses & cars.

16:52:37 Slate - same. Traffic past, bus picking up passengers. Workman on sidewalk w/ winch raising bucket from manhole.

16:53:30 Tops of ornate minarets & Sepahsalar mosque, rooftop only.

16:53:47 Slate - same. High angle over mud bruck village w/ construction; snow capped mountains in distance. Soldiers & kids playing baseball on dirt field w/ bleachers.

16:54:56 Slate - 12May56 Tehran Entrance gate & sign above: US Army Hospital, women, children servicemen out & in. CU sign. Iranian soldiers marching w/ weapons, pack mules & equipment alongside road.

16:56:08 Slate: same. Americans sitting under beach umbrellas at poolside, snacks & sodas on table. Kids swimming in enlisted men s pool. Couple playing golf on dirt course, Iranian caddie; snow capped mountains beyond.

16:57:15 Slate: 19May56 Tehran. Golestan Palace, two Iranian soldiers by two decorate columns & open gate, large shade trees & building behind. Mosque-like building interior behind. Plants on grounds, soldiers in background walking to large building. MS Ornate building, Royal Museum, entrance w/ two guards, another marching across in front. Int. w/ ornate ceilings & wall decorations. Tile walls w/ ornate patterns.

16:58:28 Slate: same. Street taffic, crowded w/ pedestrians in suits & western dress. Large buildings in background. American cars. View towards very large government building (Parliament) across large street. CU sign: Chief of Mission; Deputy Chief of Mission and Chief of Staff. Street & men riding donkeys, bicycle, cars.

16:59:17 CU Lion w/ sword on ball on top of post. LS of Sepahsalar Mosque w/ minarets.

16:59:38 Slate: 21May56 Tehran. American kids off bus w/ books into large school yard, some others walking w/ mothers. Snow capped mountains beyond. Basketball backboards. Sign on bus: School Bus #4. Kids shooting basketballs. Children playing on jungle gym etc.

17:00:46 Slate: Same. CU sign: American Dependents School kids playing.

17:01:05 Downtown large building w/ two linons on posts, either side of steps, traffic past. Another large building, traffic, pedestrians, bicycles. Large round-about w/ mounted statue.

Middle East; Iranian Daily Life; Pakistan Daily Life; Diplomacy; Military Influence;

King Saud visits President Eisenhower - Part 3

Pentagon - Troops present arms as King Saud arrives. Sec. of Defence Charles Wilson and Admiral Radford greet King. Inspect Guard of Honour.

15:00:44 White House - interior King and President sit talking.

15:01:10 Walter Reed Army Medical Centre - King visits son Prince Mashhur who is having tests - suffers from cerebral palsy.

15:.01:34 Exterior building ? Interior - formal dinner hosted by King for President. Richard Nixon - Earl Warren - Loy Henderson and others with King.

15:02:01 King and President stand together.

15:02:15 King visits United States Naval Academy at Annapolis firing salute. King inspects guard of honour. Cadets marching. King presented with plaque. Basketball game between Academy and Bute university.

15:03:54 King into car and drives down road lined with cadets. King returns to Walter Reed hospital to collect his son. Child holds message to people of America thanking them for good wishes.

15:04:52 Blair House - Dr Charles Malik from Lebanon enters - Greek Ambassador enters. Iranian ambassador enters. Interior - King seated on sofa with Iranian Crown Prince.

15:05:44 Saudi embassy - childrens party hosted by Prince Mashhur - kids round table. Prince with bicycle given to him by chauffeurs.

15:06;30 White House, King and Ike walking to car. President says farewell.

15:06:50 Night shots - rain - cars arriving at airport. Nixon with King. Air Force One takes off in rain.

9 U.S. Airmen Freed By U.S.S.R.

21:02:54 Sign on building: Wiesbaden Air Base. Released capture American airmen off plane greeted; hugs by blonde wife, picks up boy. Photographers. Boarding military bus.

1958; Cold War; Prisoner Release;

NOTE: Two Soviet Migs shot down transport plane during flight from Turkey to Iran (per narration).

News Review Of 1959

Vice-President Nixon touring US Fair in Moscow w/ Kruschev during visit to Russia. Kruschev visiting US - at airport, in motorcade & posing w/ President Eisenhower at Camp David.

17:30:15 Animation of new Soviet space probe, first to take pictures of Moon - stills shown. Monkeys Abel & Baker sent into space by US. Project Mercury astronauts in weightlessness chamber

17:31:15 Castro addresses cheering crowds in Havana following Cuban Revolution.

17:31:55 St. Lawrence seaway opened - Ike & Queen Elizabeth on deck of royal yacht Britannia.

17:32:12 Celebrations to mark Hawaii s accession as 50th State of the Union - hula girls - volcano erupting.

17:32:41 Prince Akahito of Japan poses in ceremonial robes & on steps of Palace w/ new bride Mishiko Shoda.

17:32:58 Stephen Rockefeller out of church in Norway w/ new bride Anne Marie Rasmussen.

17:33:12 Shah Pahlevi of Iran after marriage to Farah Diba.

17:33:25 Destruction in Japan after worst typhoon in its history - civilians wade through flooded streets.

17:33:42 John Foster Dulles filmed not long before death from cancer.

17:34:00 Dalai Llama photocall w/ Nehru after seeking refuge in India from Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet. Nehru on horseback through mountain village.

17:34:28 Troops from Communist-held Vietnam attack Laos - exodus of refugees.

17:34:44 Ike arrives at National Airport after completing 11-nation tour - cheering crowds wave sparklers - Ike gives Victory sign from passing motorcade. Brief shot White House at night.

Space Race. Cold War. Royal Weddings. Southeast Asia. Anti-Communism.

Peace Mission - Ike Returns to Mediterranean

Eisenhower riding in open top car in motorcade - crowds line street - police motorcycle outriders. Sign Welcome Ike suspended from clasped hands monument over road. Ike with Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran inside palace.

14:49:45 Ike visits Greece - Air Force plane on tarmac - Ike with King Paul of Greece, reviews military. Ike and King Paul standing in open top car - motorcade - cheering crowds.

14:50:20 Night shots parade. Military on horseback - Ike and King in car waving to crowds. Past ancient buildings.

Russian News of The Day 1959 #17 April

Lenin s 89th birthday CU Lenin s portrait. Celebration at the ornate Bolshoi Theater hall, large Lenin sculpture on stage, audience give standing applause to Soviet VIPs coming on stage incl. Mikoyan, Suslov & others. Lenin s Guard veterans also on stage. At microphone Comrade Kirichenko introduces Brezhnev who speaks. Various shots of audience. Fragment of Brezhnev s speech (SOF) tells how all the communist party s & working people s achievements lead back to the great Lenin. Applause, says to follow Marxism's & Leninism s lead to the great victory of Communism, public & VIPs applaud.

20:25:58 Lenin Prize Winners Machine tool (?) factory, big machinery, 3 engineers are Lenin Prize winners for their invention of new machine. CU engineers tell (SOF) about the new machines; the new machinery in factory hall; CU automatic machinery supervised by only 2 workers.

20:27:17 Moscow monument of the famous Russian writer & poet Vladimir Mayakovski. CU statue, people take pictures, put flowers. CU sculptor Alexander Kipalnikov(?) in his workshop w/ Lenin statue behind him, speaks (SoF), he s glad that people like his statue of Mayakovski on which he worked for many years & for which he was awarded w/ a Lenin prize. CU sculptor works on a statue, stands next to unfinished sculpture.

20:28:22 LS Kremlin. Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR Poleckis meets Ambassador of Iran M. Ansari. Ansari & Poleckis read their speeches & exchange papers.

20:28:59 Moscow airport, snowy evening, Soviet editors & journalists greet editor delegation from GDR. East German delegates shake hands w/ greeters. CU main editor of German newspaper Forverts .

20:29:33 Swish pan to airport & people boarding airplane, reporters interview passengers, little kid answers reporter s question. Ext new passenger plane IL-18 from various angles, interior w/ pilots in cockpit, shot from plane to clouds, passengers, air hostess offers newspapers, little baby sits on passenger s seat, another sleeps in mother s arms; shot from plane over city near Black sea, plane lands, people exit the plane.

20:30:40 Swish pan to Uzbekistan spring, blossoming trees, people walk thru blossoming apple orchard to new art museum. CU people look at the paintings.

20:31:27 CU Fishing Collective s leader & others pull out fishing nets full w/ fish. CU sturgeons. Men on boat lay the fishnets, fishermen pull out huge fish, all smile, pose w/ enormous fish in their arms.

20:32:16 Bolshoi Theater Ballet in USA New York City intersection, Bolshoi Ballet posters at Metropolitan Opera, long ticket queue; people read newspapers, sit & lay on pavement for overnight wait. Women w/ sewing kits, men review music notes. Performance evening, people outside theater, enter smiling at camera, VIP s arrive in cars, enter the theater, CU Soviet ambassador Menshikov smiles at camera.

20:33:17 Fragment of ballet Romeo & Juliet w/ Galina Ulanova as Juliet, applause, all artists on the stage. (End cut off, complete version on LN 400-248 21:00:59)

Communist; Communism; 1950s; Cold War; Russian Newsreel; Industry;

News In Brief - Iran

03:01:29 Men in formal dress waiting under ornate Golestan aka Gulistan palace. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlevi reviewing diplomatic corps & military. Fireworks at night. Athletes on dark field w/ torches doing patterns of light as birthday tribute.

Dictators; Middle East;

In Search of Peace Pt. 1 of 2

Ext. of Department of State. Stills

07:24:46 Dean Rusk SOF about US foreign policy. Headline of crisis & footage; Iran; Greece; Berlin; North Korea; Cuban Missile Crisis.

07:25:54 Adlai Stevenson at UN asks question. Tanks move in Hungary. South Vietnam. Rusk keeps talking about meeting agression w/ force ...we ve done so w/ prudence...

07:27:33 Title.

07:27:49 Rusk keeps speaking.

07:28:12 ?? speaking As our policy of containment...the communist world has moved to a basically different strategy. Stone throwing, smoke bombs, etc. Thailand shown w/ POV on river & canal past villagers. City center w/ fountain & traffic. Pedestirians. GOOD. Map of SE Asia. US military working w/ Thai villagers & military assistance. Thailand jet pilots to planes & take off. Explanation w/ map of Chinese moving south.

07:32:01 Rusk: We must work together w/ the other industrialized countries...

07:32:27 ?? speaking re Marshall plan working w/ Europe in past; then NATO; OECD & monetary fund to maintain industrialized countries strength. Visuals of automotive factory assembly line. Talking about Free Trade .

07:34:14 Africa outline superimposed over shots of village & westerners giving medical aid.

07:34:50 MS of speaker: We Have to work together... to compete...

07:35:12 Rusk: ...most of these new governments now face rising expections...

07:35:45 ?? Talking about foreign aid programs. Visuals of Africans working; AID cartons w/ markings. inoculations. South Americans & road building. Nigeria & fishing along the coast; traffic. Education, small shops; agricluture; outdoor class for adult education & teacher training. Pan over faces, CUs.

07:38:29 Poultry raising in eastern Nigeria; people sorting eggs; CU chickens in pens. Men fishing w/ nets; bringing fish, shrimp & selling at dock.

Cold War; Economics; Government Propaganda; 1960s; State Department; Diplomacy; Anti-Communist;

Amercan Foreign Policy; Rationalization;

[US Aid to Iran ca 1960]

Title card: arab

Boys looking up at men building large railroad bridge over wide river. MCU men using large equipment to lift sections of rails & ties & moving into place. Men working w/ picks & rakes behind grading device pulling over road bed. Men pushing by hand crane carrying rail section & placing; bolting sections together by hand. Moving another section into place & men in suits tightening last section. American (?) & Iranian, shaking hands. Watching more sections moved up.

17:03:58 Diesel passenger train around bend towards, & runby camera. Barren mountains in background.

17:04:15 Title card: Arab

More railroad equipment moved into place w/ crane lifting military equipment. Truck pulling string of jeeps w/ Iranians at wheel. MCU AID symbol. Iranian officers watching artillery moved. Tanks, artillery on flatcars.

17:05:58 Title card: Arab

POV inside car driving on paved road, stopped for check point. Signs pointing: To Abadan; To Ahwaz; To Kut Abdullah. POV soldiers & military vehicles along road; soldiers stopping traffic. CU sign: Traffic Post. Soldier stopping Chevrolet w/ Iranian family; searching man, inspecting trunk. Bus pulls up w/ people and a lot of goods. CU police or soldiers. Man off bus, searched. CU man w/ telegraph key on lap; bus pulls out.

17:07:35 Meeting of Arab leaders in robes, Iranian military officers speaking. Arabs stand & speak (MOS).

17:09:10 Iranian soldiers in classroom, at blackboard in literacy class. Learning to write. Reading instruction.

17:10:19 Large group of people behind fence watching military firing mortars & machine guns from pits; dust. Tracers fired.

17:11:50 Title: Arab

Woman & baby at hospital reception desk. Nurse putting baby on bed, weighing, taking notes. Doctor at desk, given notes & he examines baby. (GOOD).

Military diplomacy; Middle East; 1960s; Railroad Construction;

Central Treaty Organisation Meeting

Iranian representatives pose for photcall with Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten signs ? at meeting. Lord and lady Mountbatten welcome guests to reception. Various shots guests at reception

[Selected Scenes - Middle East - Iran]

King Saud visiting Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran.

Guard of Honor at airfield. King Saud & Shah at airport reviewing military. Palace interior in formal dress wearing many medals. Arab princes seated watching. Shah & Saud on thrones talking. Arab talking on knees at their feet.

News Highlights of 1960

02:38:52: Street clashes in Algeria, General de Gaulle and crowds

02:39:07: Black South Africans demonstrating against apartheid

02:39:14: South African Premier survives assassination attempt by white farmer

02:39:30: Rioting and army mutiny follows independence in Belgian Congo, UN troops arrive, pro-Communist Premier Patrice Lumumba seized by forces of Colonel Mbutu.

02:39:57: Student riot in Japan against defence treaty with US, parliament invaded, President Eisenhower s visit cancelled, Japanese socialist leader stabbed to death by student

02:40:27: American U-2 spy plane crashes over USSR, pilot tried

02:40:50: Khruschev addresses UN assembly in New York; meets MacMillan and Castro

02:41:51: Castro in NYC

02:41:59: Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong-Jones

02:42:09: Belgium s King Baudoin marries Spanish bride

02:42:17: Royal family at Balmoral following birth of Prince Andrew

02:42:23: Japan s Prince Narohito born

02:42:30: First male heir for Shah of Iran

02:42:36: John F. Kennedy Jr. born

02:42:50: Earthquakes in Agadir, Morocco and Chile

02:43:15: Hurricane Donna hits Caribbean

02:43:18: Two airliners collide over NYC in worst air disaster

02:43:28: Blaze aboard carrier Constellation in NYC docks

02:43:37: JFK defeats Richard Nixon to become US President.

News in Brief - Washington DC

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran on official visit. Shah tours Washington mosque. Shah presented with memento of visit.

14:59:01 Night shots - Shah and wife arrive at White House for State dinner. Greeted by President John F Kennedy and wife Jackie with new hairdo. Queen Farah wearing diamond tiara and furs. Party enter White House.


14:01:25 King Hussein introducing his British bride (Antoinette Avril Gardiner aka Muna Al-Hussein) to journalists seated around table. MCUs.

14:01:56 Iran

14:01:58 Premier leafing thru book at circular desk; ruling after Shah dissolved parliament.

14:02:09 Street scene of large building; MS closed gates or doorways. Street w/ demonstrators (?).

Apr62; 1962; Royalty; Middle East;

Defensive Might - President Sees U.S. Sea Power

14:04:25 Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise w/ presidential helicopter landing. Kennedy & McNamara w/ others walk across deck to salutes. Line of sailors, wind blowing trousers; JFK on bridge watches planes take off.

14:05:08 Terrier missile launched from ??

14:05:11 Walking on board walk across dunes w/ Shah of Iran in naval uniform at Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to view landing exercises w/ landing craft & helicopters. Watching. Men running ashore, 14Apr62.

1962; Apr62; Dictator; Diplomacy; Military;

Gotham Roars - Parade Honors Shah of Iran

14:07:05 Color Guard leading parade past NYC Customs House, ticker tape. Pahlavi & Empress Farah wave from open car. GOOD ticker tape shot. Still photographers. Arrival at City Hall, out of car & greeted by Mayor Wagner & wife. Posing.

16Apr62; 1962; Dictator; Ticker-tape; New York City;

[Iran - US Aid To Iran & Military, ca 1962]

Title (Farsi ?):

12:12:17 View across rooftops of low mud city buildings. MS limousine leaving walled compound, flags & banners.

12:12:23 Iranian at podium speaking to group of Iranian civilian & military offficials; introduces American civilians, w/ translator at microphone (MOS), applause.

12:12:56 Ribbon cutting. Int. small textile mill, workers at machines. US & Iranian VIPs touring. CU & MCU men & women in scarfs working; looms.

12:13:54 Swish pan to mosque & other roofs, overhead traffic on wet pavement.

12:14:01 CU farsi & english sign over bookshelf: The Present of American Distribution Department Embassy. American & others touring, look at books & talk. Swish pan...

12:14:52 Iranian business men around table talking, talking notes. Man reads speech (?). CUs. Swish pan..

12:15:47 Man up path to estate being repaired, fountain, pools, tiles, laborers., grounds. Swish pan...

12:16:29 Water out of valved pipe; man w/ water tank on horse leads horse. Swish pan...

12:16:54 Title (farsi?): Construction w/ reinforcing bar; surveying. Stacks of irrigation pipe; men shoveling dirt & rock; air drilling rock; loading wheelbarrows.

12:17:46 Ext. agricultural school (?). Plaque (farsi & english): The people of the United States have assisted this project as part of a nationwide technical & economic assistance progam... Students in field w/ hand pushed wheel hoes cultivating. Men inspecting corn in field; men at orchard tree. Men threshing grain in wind. Picking peppers (?). Pan new orchard trees, men weeding. Other plants in fields. Cotton (?). Men show dairy cattle in pen. Swish pan...

12:19:09 Iranian paratroopers jump from four planes in military exercise. Soldiers on ground watching parachutes; officers watch. Men landing, one onto another s chute. Officer presents medals. Fly-over; band marching on rundway, troops marching.

12:20:32 Shah Pahlavi & wife on review stand, salutes. Various shots, army, navy. Crowds. Pack mules, trucks, artillery, tanks. Officers out of monoplane, review Honor Guard w/ Shah past.

12:22:34 Civilian crowd on hillside watching US Thunderbirds fly-over in tight formation, multiple shots. (GOOD). Cargo planes over; interior w/ skydivers in plane, jump master in doorway & jumping. Ground views. Iranian officers on ground & reviewing stand watching.

12:24:04 Low level napalm demonstration. Four passes, varying distances.

1960s Cold War; Military Diplomacy; Middle East; Dictators;

The World Mourns - John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 - 1963

State Funeral - JFK Coffin on gun carriage through streets - Jackie Kennedy and children arrive by car with President Johnson (LBJ) and Robert Kennedy. LBJ lays wreath on coffin. Jackie and daughter Caroline kneel at coffin - lines of mourners outside and in waiting to pay respects. Crowds keeping night vigil. Next day Kennedy family and other dignitaries follow coffin on gun carriage. Coffin carried into St Mathews Cathedral - mourners file in. Coffin carried in to choir singing Ave Maria - Cardinal Cushing conducts service. Coffin carried to gun carriage - shot of Kennedy family watching John junior salutes coffin. Shots of parade to cemetery and ceremony - last post played. Close shot de Gaulle and Shah of Iran saluting. Honour guard fold flag - presented to Jackie. Eternal flame lit - CU coffin and flame.

The World Mourns - John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 - 1963

State Funeral - JFK coffin on gun carriage up Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol w riderless horse. Jackie Kennedy & children out of limousine w/ President Lyndon B. Johnson & Robert Kennedy. Capitol Rotunda ceiing; coffin on display, LBJ lays wreath. Jackie & daughter Caroline kneel at coffin.

08:33:06 Lines of mourners outside; in & past coffin to pay respects. Crowds keep night vigil.

08:33:55 Kennedy family & other dignitaries follow coffin on caisson. Coffin carried into St Mathews Cathedral, VIP mourners file in. De Gaulle, German Chancellor Erhard, Mikoyan, etc. Coffin carried in to choir singing Ave Maria, Cardinal Cushing conducts service.

08:36:16 Ext. Coffin carried to gun carriage; Kennedy family watching, John junior salutes coffin. HA shots of procession to cemetery & ceremony - last post, taps, played. Close shot de Gaulle & Shah of Iran saluting. Honour guard fold flag - presented to Jackie. Eternal flame lit - CU coffin and flame.

Note: On same reel w/ Assassin Killed - President s Slayer Shot in Dallas Jail.

International Zone: 18th Year [Part 2 of 2]

Alistair Cooke in map room of UN headquarters. Pointing to Yemen on map. Aerials of desert & canyons. Capital city Sana a; northern Royalist village.

16:13:55--16:14:00 Ibn Saud CU.

16:14:01 Yemen city & village scenes. UN arrival of 200 UN soldiers in jeeps and 50 Royal Canadian Air Force. Patrolling barbed wire fence. Oct63 Pierre P. Spinnelli appointed UN special represenative to Yemen

16:15:54 01May63 Hollandia became Kota Baru and territory of West New Guinea became Indonesian province of West Irian. UN had overseen governance for nine months. Dutch leaving Oct62. Arrival of UN soldiers. Russian civil engineer overseeing public works. Iranian diplomat Dr. Jallal Abdell (sp?) oversaw.

16:17:2? Cooke at map. Points out new Federation of Malaysia UN mission went there and to South Vietnam to see if Buddhists has religious freedom.

16:18:3? South African Race Question being discussed in UN.

16:19:2? South African representative asking UN to stay out of its politics and most delegates walk out during speech.

16:20:13 Hailie Selassie speaking to General Assembly of need for racial equality, translated.

16:21:12 Cooke in map room. Aug63 signing of nuclear test ban treaty in Moscow and U-Thant giving airport statement re general disarmarment..

16:22:17 Night exterior of United Nations. Interiior General Assembly opening.

16:22:45 Adlai Stevenson speaking of JFK after assassination.

16:24:14 Sept61 JFK speaking after Hammarskjold s death. ...UN lives...

16:26:34 End credits

16:27:12 End

1963; United Nations Peace Keeping; Apartheid; Segregation; War;

News In Brief - Berlin

Demonstrating students outside Opera house - riots - protest against Shah of Iran who is attending performance of Magic Flute. Police scuffle with demonstrators. Police beating students.


14:14:19 Facing traffic in wide street, pan to bunting & decorations for Coronation of Shah Pahlavi. Portrait w/ Empress & son.

14:14:40 Golestan Palace exterior. Sidewalk & street w/ decorations. Huge lighted decorated crown & street lights.

Celebration; Iran; Royalty; 1967; Oct67; Cold War; Tehran;

News In Brief - Teheran

14:18:18 Ext of Golestan Palace. Int. w/ decorations. Shah Palavi walking in formal procession to peacock throne w/ mililtary in full dress uniforms & swords raised, crowd bowing. Diplomats & guests. Shah puts crown on himself, places crown on Empress. Pose, pan to son on throne.

Royalty; Ceremony; 1967; Oct67; Wealth;

[Iran & Shah s Coronation, ca 1967]

1967 Coronation ceremony. Pull back from large empty throne to procession w/ Shah Pavlevi in military uniform walking w/ others in procession.

15:53:35 MCU of Princess Farah Diba. Shah mounts to front of throne. Attendants arrive w/ Crown & places on head.

15:54:17 Title sequence: Echo Newsreel (stills).

15:54:45 Pan across ruins of Persepolis. Ancient columns, walls, doorways, carvings.

15:55:27 POV past rugged hillsides & mountains.

15:55:47 Exposed pools of oil, CU.

15:55:53 View down from top of oil derrick drilling. Views from below, workers, drilling.

15:56:06 Refinery, pipes, pipeline.

15:56:19 Shah interviewed re oil, SOF: CU, It s not eternal...twenty, thirty, fifty years time it will is the principle source (of wealth)...we are building up our country.

15:56:56 Military review in formal review. Bayonet training; school w/ soldier teaching children reading.

15:58:06 CU woman s hands weaving patterned carpet. Modernising montage: factory, modern highway, trucks. Factories, construction. Sign: Levland. Int. automobile manufacturing, cars on assembly line; completed buses; dam construction, canals, planting sugar cane (?); irrigating fields; electrical power lines constructed.

15:59:36 View down long city avenue; traffic around circles, roundabouts; skyscraper. Women pedestrians in dresses, pants, shawls, hijab, robes; children. Store windows, belts, shoes, dresses, jewelry.

16:00:58 Avenue w/ royal decorations celebrating 2500th anniversary. CUs. Construction of memorial for Shah, POV crane past workers & scaffolding. LS of monument.

16:02:24 Palace exterior; int. Shah w/ ministers & attendants. CUs. Credits. The End.

Literacy; Dictators; 1960s; Persia; Propaganda;

[Iran] Pt. 1 of 2

Gas pump into car, counting money; many bills passed from bank window & put into briefcase. Molten ore flowing.

16:15:06 Montage: Man knotting finely patterened rug be hand; crowded traffic in telephoto shot.

16:15:21 Aerial over oil wells, refinery, storage tanks in desert & along coast w/ tank at dock; pipelines out to ships; and brief view from boat on water. More aerials.

16:16;45 Big Ben 11:56. Title: Echo, Ekxn, Echo, Eko, Eco. Stills intercut w/ title graphics.

16:17:13 Aerial over Tehran, skyscrapers & traffic. Modern buildings & monuments. Police directing traffic; pedestrians, women in short skirts; car rear-ends another in accident.

16:18:09 Men & boys weaving & knotting Persian carpets. Man drawing small watercolors, CUs. Men & boys hammering ornate metal trays.

16:19:00 Ornate copper jugs on steps, traffic beyond,people past. POV past industrial warehouses under construction along highway. Aerial over railroad yard, highway & steel mill built by USSR. Int. w/ flowing ore; bucket & bubbling ore. Copper sheets, man pulls one out of ??

16:20:42 MCU Reza Shah Pahlavi. Sd (French) w/ translation. We have a Capitalist system here, if you accept what is not Communist is Capitalist. All wealth has been Nationalized, all natural resources such as the forest, the water, the steel & the oil industries....all major industrial companies have been..advised to open their accounts to the public...who will own 49% soon.

16:21:27 Worker grinding, other industrial scenes. Main frame computers, textile mill, looms, metal working, rubber manufacturing, boots & stockings. Men at machines. Camera past assembly line. Narrator: (Iran) In accordance w/ its neutral position, it does deals regardless of politics. Cites co-production plants w/ Britain, Japan, Germany, ...Sweden, Czechoslovakia...exchanging oil & gas for credit & technical help. Glass bottle making. Coca-cola bottling.

16:24:56 ...and the Shah is delivering that promise. Teletype printing out. Associated Press machine & news release torn off & put in pneumatic tube. Newspaper printing press running.

16:25:35 Shah continues: Ours is a policy of participation embracing all men & women...carried out within a framework of very advanced social laws...the results speak for themselves.

16:26:18 Traffic w/ large houses, apartments etc. Hospital desk w/ woman filling out form, othrs waiting. Technicians & doctors. Patients; baby treated by doctor. Continued...

Propaganda; Middle East; Travelogue; Educational Film;

[Iran] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Poor families w/ goats in shade beside brick wall; woman milking goat; people walking, burro w/ bas. Jeep arrives in isolated town w/ doctor. Int. women in hajib-like colorful patterned shawls w/ children waiting; doctor & nurse. CU children. Doctor talking to male patient & checking w/ stethoscope.

16:29:02 MCU Reza Shah Pahlavi talking about education growth, having exceeded expectations.

16:29:39 College age women in scarfs & sparkly clothes reciting in class, theatrical. Walking along street (future teachers) & boarding bus. Classroom of boys & girls. Pan over dry farmland; water, canal & ditches seen from car.

16:31:23 Cotton in agriculture experiment station. Sunflowers in field irrigated. Grain combine & harvesting. Boys picking crop; tractor cultivating. Trees of windbreak.

16:32:25 MCU of military martial arts class. Uniformed troops w/ rifles & bayonets drilling on parade ground while shouting. Formal marching & review (VO as deterrent to Iraq & Russia).

16:33:58 Shah: Seeing the impotence of the United Nations, & bearing in mind that the great powers would be foolish to make war among themselves since that would be the end of the world, we need to be a stable & powerful state with which the little Don Quixotes dare not mettle.

16:34:30 Navy river boats patrolling; destroyers delivered & crew training w/ guns & ammunition. Firing ships guns, mines. Shah: We either have an independent, modern & progressive Iran, or we have nothing. That s why we think things are going well for us...

16:35:53 American provided Phantoms & F-5 Freedoms, fighter jets on flight line of large military airport. Pilots in class or briefing, map on wall w/ countris marked. Large bomb loaded onto plane & fuse put on it. Pilots run out & into truck; to planes & closing cockpits, taxiing & taking off. Formation flyover.

16:38:35 Oil refinery seen from ship on water.Map w/ oil shipping routes.

16:39:02 Shah: Our oil policy is a very independent & agressive one; we want to do everything we can to bring its benefits to the people of our country, to establish industries in the interior of Iran using the by-products of oil...we don t have Iraq s problems. Shots of refinery, pipelines. Guard w/ rifle next to storage tank.

Propaganda; Middle East; Travelogue; Educational Film;

A Time For Peace R2 of 2

26th May 1972. St Vladimir Hall, Nixon & Brezhnev walk down stairs, take seats at table & sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT 1). Nixon & Brezhnev watched by many politicians. Champagne toasts.

10:11:38 Leningrad, eternal flame, military ceremony & wreath laying by President Nixon. Nixon signs guest book in memory of those who died during siege of Leningrad. CU To Tanya & all... May 27, 1972.

10:12:28 Nixon back in Moscow sits in front of television cameras to directly address the Soviet people Makes speech SOF re prospects for peace and progress made. ... with great power goes great responsibility clipped.

10:13:22 Top shot Brezhnev & Nixon taking seats at table, sign agreement pledging to avoid nuclear confrontation, signed agreements are exchanged & handshakes.

10:13:59 State visit to Iran, Nixon & Shah reza Pahlavi waving from open top car. Good shots across Tehran & motorcade w/ police outriders thru streets. Iranian & US flags. Locals read (brief) newspapers; CU newspaper headlines.

10:14:52 Evening reception, Nixon & wife Patricia arrive in evening dress; greeted by Shah & Empress Farah. Int, reception & guests seated at dining table. Wealth.

10:15:27 Next day Nixon at wreath laying ceremony at tomb of Shah s father. Architecture, mosques, street scenes w/ traffic, road signs.

10:16:26 Nixon hosts lunchtime reception for Shah, Empress & other Iranian dignatories. Shot of Tehran w/ mountains in background.

10:16:45 Presidential plane landing at Warsaw airport, Nixon off aircraft, greeted by Premier Jaroszewicz & President Jablonski. Girl presents bouquet of roses. Nixon inspects guard of honor, press watch. Nixon makes speech from dais. (SOF): ... our goal to achieve a World of peace for all nations. Crowd applauds.

10:18:01 Motorcade thru crowd lined streets of Warsaw. Good shot press car w/ many cameras. Crowds surround Nixon car at Victory Square.

10:18:36 Ext. of ?? Int. Nixon meeting w/ Edward Gierek, First Secretary of Polish United Workers Party. Nixon & Kissinger at table w/ Gierek & others.

10:18:55 Pat Nixon attending open air piano concert of Chopin in the park. Street scenes.

10:19:29 President leaving in limousine.

10:19:48 Series of stills from meetings during 1972 trip. Nixon VO re peace. Credits.

Cold War; May 1972; Diplomacy; Summit Meetings; 1970s;

Air Force Now - [Stars and Stripes European Edition]

Officer presents publication for Servicemen stationed overseas.


Interview with newspaper editor. Newspaper office, reporters in civilian clothes typing on computers, answering phone. Reporter in car on highway w/ voice-over interview, overpass w/ sign Heidelberg

17:03:16 German smalltown GVs & reporter taking pictures. Cartoon character picture & cartoonist s desk. Editor talks re finances of publication.

17:04:01 Inside bookshop w books & magazines. Late 70s or early 80s computers being used.

Newspapers off printing presses & newspaper publishing staff at work intercut w/ WWII archive footage & stills of soldiers reading paper.

Presenting officer looks from behind newspaper w/ headlines re Iran and Khomeini US hostages.

Military newspapaer production.

President Carter State of the Union Address 1980 - Part One

Carter enters Congress with others. CU Members of Senate. Applause. Carter in crowd. Carter family on balcony.

Behind Carter during speech are Speaker of the House O Neill and Vice-President Mondale.

Speech topics: Iran hostage Crisis, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

... Three basic developments have helped to shape our challenges: the steady growth and increased projection of Soviet military power beyond its own borders; the overwhelming dependence of the Western democracies on oil supplies from the Middle East; and the press of social and religious and economic and political change in the many nations of the developing world, exemplified by the revolution in Iran.


re Iran: In response to the abhorrent act in Iran, our Nation has never been aroused and unified so greatly in peacetime. Our position is clear. The United States will not yield to blackmail.

We continue to pursue these specific goals: first, to protect the present and long-range interests of the United States; secondly, to preserve the lives of the American hostages and to secure, as quickly as possible, their safe release, if possible, to avoid bloodshed which might further endanger the lives of our fellow citizens; to enlist the help of other nations in condemning this act of violence, which is shocking and violates the moral and the legal standards of a civilized world; and also to convince and to persuade the Iranian leaders that the real danger to their nation lies in the north, in the Soviet Union and from the Soviet troops now in Afghanistan, and that the unwarranted Iranian quarrel with the United States hampers their response to this far greater danger to them.

If the American hostages are harmed, a severe price will be paid. We will never rest until every one of the American hostages are released.

We can provide complete transcript of speech.

President Carter w/ Pakistan Pres. Zia-Ul-Haq, ca 03Oct80]

Carter speaking at microphone outdoors w/ Pres. Zia-Ul-Haq standing behind, talks about security of Pakistan having been threatened; talks of Pakistan having received so many refugees from Afghanistan. the peace & freedom of Pakistan is very important to our country. US signed an agreement in 1959 to stand up for Pakistan if they are in danger. the belief that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is contrary to the laws of peace loving nations...should withdraw...immediately... His recent visit to Tehran & then to Baghdad to limit the war between Iran & Iraq. He is a military man who received part of his training in our country, he is familiar to our nation...

01:35:09 Zia to mic: Ladies & gentlemen of the press...I wish to thank you...I am very grateful to President Carter, especially when he is so busy w/ a very crucial campaign at home... ...a man of deep understanding...who has at the bottom of his heart...humanity. Hand shaking


[Inauguration of President Reagan - Part 5 of 5]

20Jan81 Speaker takes stand w/ closing speech. Reverend Moomah gives Benediction. Wahnita Booker [?] sings Star Spangled Banner - cutaway shots of military band & flag bearers. Carter & Mondale leave platform, into cars bound for airport - leaving for Plains, GA.

05:46:59 INT Capitol - luncheon in House Wing - Reagan announces that US prisoners held in Iran are on planes bound for home. EXT Reagan reviews troops from Capitol steps. Motorcade leaves Capitol - Reagans & Bushes wave from roof of limousines. Parade down Pennsylvania Ave - high shots inc. White House - shots of Reagan watching parade from purpose-built enclosure in front of WH - military & marching band - dancers on float, balloons released - Native Americans on horseback. Parade ends at dusk - crowds pour down Pennsylvania Ave. Top shot White House.

US Presidents. Ceremonies.

[Reagan Press Conference, 29Jan81] Pt. 1 of 2

Journalists rise, President Reagon enters & to podium: How do you do. I have a brief opening statement here, then I ll take your questions. Yesterday, Secretary of the Treasury Donald Regan sent to the Congress a request to raise the debt ceiling....yesterday, I announced the elimination of remaining Federal controls on US oil production & marketing.

16:01:33 Today I m announcing two more actions...taking major steps toward the elimination of the Councl on Wage & Price Stability... My a directive ordering key Federal agencies to freeze pending regulations for 60 days...

16:03:05 Now I ll be happy to take your questions, Helen? (Helen Thomas) Will your policy toward Iran be one of revenge or reconciliation? Well I m not thinking of revenge...

16:04:15 re Reductions in Federal Spending ..because this administration did not come here to be a caretaker government...

16:05:12 re U.S. Response to Terrorist Acts.

16:06:12 Walter Rodgers re Strategic Arms Limitation SALT II treaty. Reagan says it continues to allow build up as there is no verification of number of warheads on the missile.

16:08:01 Sam Donaldson re Goals of the Soviet Union. USSR, Communism, Communists.

16:09:30 American Businesses and Iran. ...we are urging the people to think long & hard before they travel to Iran, because we don t think their safety can be guaranteed there.

16:10:15 American Prisoners in Vietnam.

16:10:48 Black reporter in back on discussion on dismantling the Affirmative Action Programs & Federal hiring of Blacks & Hispanics specifically? No, there will be no retreat... re Civil Rights.

16:12:02 Decontrol of Natural Gas Prices. ...I can t really answer your questions...

16:12:23 Lou Cannon on Soviet Grain Embargo. Second thoughts? was asking one group of Americans to bear the burden...

16:13:30 Atlanta murders of 17 missing Black children.

16:14:28 U.S. Policy Toward the Caribbean re Jamaican PM Seaga visit. Says reverse thru election away from Communist leanings.

16:16:05 re Registration for the Draft. Had campaigned against it. What to do will be considered in the future

16:17:28 Gary Shuster re Tax Reductions. ...principle of a 10-percent cut for each of 3 years.

16:18:30 U.S. Relations w/ Iran. Continued...

Campaign Politics; 1980s; 1981; Republican Presidential Politics; Change of Government; Journalists; Reporters; Economics; Policy; Policies;

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Note: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

[Reagan Press Conference, 29Jan81] Pt. 2 of 2

16:19:15 Cotinued... Abolishing Departments of Energy and Education? ...I believe that it was wrong to have created the two agencies to begin with.

16:20:37 Re Dairy Price Supports, carrying on or cutting back?

16:21:37 Stability in Persian Gulf Region. Reagan feels lack of government to speak for Iranians. Re revenge against Iran?

16:23:40 Hispanics in Reagan Administration.

16:25:00 Interest Rates & the Federal Reserve System; the Federal Reserve Board having policies opposite those Reagan has stated. Interest rate & whether he is worried about sabotage of his programs.

16:27:25 re Jesse Helms & others being concered about Reagan Administration appointees. The only problem I ve had is in the selection of personnel. President jokes.

Campaign Politics; 1980s; 1981; Republican Presidential Politics; Change of Government; Journalists; Reporters; Economics; Diplomacy; Appointments; Executive Branch;

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Note: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

[President Zia of Pakistan at White House Dinner, 07Dec82]

Marines w/ flags descend Grand Staircase followed by Pres Reagan & Pres Zia & wives. Out tall lentrance & stop for photographers. Into Dining Room. Camera stop & start.

22:36:56 Pan around dining room, Reagan to lecturn & speaks: If I was late getting up here it was because I just had to finish the story. Reagan says that their talks had shown they are even more frequently in agreement bolstering hopes for SE Asia & Middle East. Talks about refugees in Pakistan returning to Afghanistan. ...reinforced our commitment to Pakistan...we will not waver in this commitment.

22:40:12 Differences may come between our nations, or have come between our nations in the past, but they ve proven to be transitory while the ties that bind us together have grown stronger year by year...

22:40:50 Reagan proposes a tost & raises his glass, everyone stands up & sips. Applause. Sit down.

22:41:46 Zia to mic. Gives prayer, then addresses Reagans & others: ...I see very little to what I can add to what you have said...the people of Pakistan are deeply the dictates of Islam. Islam ordains upon its followers a belief in the equality & universal brotherhood of mankind. Talks about US as a melting pot & Pakistan similiar but on smaller scale. Talks about Pakistan as a melting pot of various people from all over into Indus Valley.

22:45:40 Thus we are indeed the heirs to a rich & a varied, if somewhat turbulent, historical heritage... Mr. President unfortunately a new & menacing turbulence has arisen in our region... Speaks of Resolution adopted by United Nations. War between Iran & Iraq; ...and the suffering recently visited on the Lebanese & Palestine people continue to cause us profound concern & anguish. Calls for a solution to the Palestine problem. is the first time the Arabs have put up a unified plan for the solution of the Palestine problem. To the best of my knowledge it is for the first time that the President of the United States of America has put up a very comprehensive plan w/ so many positive elements in this... Urges him to follow thru on it.

22:50:10 We cherish this union of partners, though unequal partners, but as two sovereign states... ...let America be the torch bearer of Peace; Peace not only on the American continent but Peace in Afghanistan, Peace in Vietnam, Peace in Somalia, but above all Peace in Palestine. Asks for a toast.

22:51:35 To the health & happiness of President Reagan... Glass raised, applause, fade out.

Ceremonial Diplomacy; Formal Dinner Ceremony; Speeches;

Note: Zia, a military dictator who took control in bloodless coup, imposed strict Islamic law, channeled US military aid to fight Soviets in Afghanistan, & was assassinated 17Aug88 in a planned air crash.

AFN Special Report on Soviet Danger Pt. 2 of 2

Dr. Paul Holman, DOD Soviet Specialist interviewed on weapons says US ahead except ground forces technology. Soviets have been outspending us. Visuals of USSR mililtary exercises.

17:34:05 Technology theft, legal & illegal. Espionage explained by AF officer, Major Hudson; says it saves money on research. Rockets fired

17:35:53 Map of Soviet weapons systems locations. Illustration of SS-20 missile system better than a lot of products in Europe at this time . Other rockets shown; military exercises in arctic. AF officer talks about how Soviets are building many new missile systems since US stopped deploying Minute Man missile.

17:37:34 Holman: they want crushing military superiority over the United States & all other possible enemies.

17:37:46 Air Force Now Presenter at desk & standing up dramatically: Today we see a nation who s leadership is taking extreme measures in an effort to achieve military & scientific superiority; we have seen that a history of brutal, bloody invasions, internal rebelliions & the cumulative effects of Communist rule have forged a national character that perceives the rest of the world w/ fear & distrust. The Soviet response to that perception has resulted in a reversal of their historic role. No longer are they the victims, they ve now become the aggressors.

17:38:20 Soviet tanks in Afghanistan. Map of Afghanistan. Afghanis watching Societ parade.

17:39:04 Presenter: Invasion & occupation; this is the Soviet version of global chess, making calculated moves in order to force defeat. But it isn t a game.

17:39:20 Middle East & views of Iran (?), crowded street scenes; man on camel past Sphinx. Map of Far East & China. Chinese troops marching single file across desert. Chinese laboratory & technicians. Major Hudson to camera. Soviet planes in flight; navy firing missiles & hitting plane. USSR using American built base at Cam Ranh Bay.

17:41:17 Map of Central America. Believe it or not it was Castro, & this just happened a few years ago, who convinced the Soviets that now was the time to support the Leftists & Revolutionary Movements in the entire region, particularly in Central America. ...lately we have seen the direct effort grow.

17:42:57 Presenter: Direct effort, direct involvement, deliberate oppresion in violation of International Law & basic Human Rights. Its a pattern that is all too clear; and a direct reflection of Soviet Doctrine in the International Arena. Today the Air Force &, indeed, the entire Free World is faced w/ a potential enemy whose continuing military expansion far exceeds the legitimate needs of self-defense...but we re also facing an adversary w/ its own internal problems. The Soviet fighting man is not ten feet tall, nor are we impotent...

Cold War Fear; Military Equipment; Hardware; Soviet Threat; Anti-Communism; Stereotyping; Myths;

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 1 of 4

Arms Control: Reagan in front of black background speaking: As I ve said before we do not mistrust each other because we re armed, we re armed because we mistrust each other. (applause). CU 08Dec87 signing papers w/ Gorbachev. Both signing MRMB Treaty ban on medium range missiles at table seen from directly in front w/ USSR & USA flags behind.

08:00:57 Very large missile moved on self-propelled carrier. Launching of fixed position rocket (Russian?).

08:01:10 High angle of ceremonial signing w/ Gorbachev & Reagan standing & shaking hands. MCU. Rocket in flight. ICBM nose up out of sile & launching in CU. Russian nuclear bomber in flight. Navy ship & launching of Cruise Missile in slow motion & CU. Battle ship firing rocket.

08:01:53 Illustration or drawing of USSR rocket w/ CCCP on side.

08:02:00 Gorbachev & wife w/ military officers, G. returns salute, shakes hands & walks on Soviet nuclear submarine deck.

08:02:10 New head of Arms Control Agency, Kenneth Adelman, re Soviet sensor technology we ve looked at it & we don t see how it could work.

08:02:23 Animation of satellites being destroyed by lasers. SDI, Strategic Defense Initiative.

08:02:32 George Shultz & wife (?) off plane in Moscow; w/ Soviets at meeting.

08:02:43 Adelman to journalists on road to...balanced treaty. I don t see any particular deadlines for that however.

08:02:54 Dead bodies from chemical weapons in Iraq (?).

08:03:03 Man in protective suit & mask out of tank; hosing down tanks. View of tanks down road, aerial over large number of tanks. Tanks across field. Soldiers in fields in protective gear. Firing large artillery. Firing artillery in WWII. Afghanistan & carrying dead. Iran - Iraq war. Large camouflaged troop carrier through mud in autumn trees. Interior of US vehicle w/ windows closed up, ext. of launching rocket from it.

08:04:03 Reagan & Gorbachev at formal signing w/ people applauding; walk off waving.

08:04:20 Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci speaking: We see no discernable evidence of the Soviets changing...

Nuclear Arms Control Talks; Diplomats; Diplomacy; Republican Policy; Cold War; Propaganda;

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 2 of 4

Summit: Regional Issues. Afghan, camel, etc. walking in front of Soviet personnel carrier. Soviet troops marching in dry Afghanistan camp.

08:04:51 President Reagan speaking: The next few months will be no time for complacency, no time to sit back & congratulate ourselves. The Soviets have rarely before, & not at all in more than three decades, left a country once occupied. They have often promised to leave, but rarely in their history, and then only under pressure from the West have they done it. Tank on truck & other military vehicles on road.

08:05:20 Soviet troops walking past stores in Afghanistan. Army convoy on road.

08:05:26 Pres. spokesman at briefing: Our understanding of the agreement that was negotiated is that the Soviets commited themselves to complete withdrawal & in that context it would seem logical that Soviet advisors should be part of that.

08:05:46 Planes dropping flares (?) over Afghanistan city; tanks through; Afghans firing weapons. Iran Iraq war, tanks, mortars & rockets fired. UN meeting w/ Shultz speaking (MOS), rocket at sea fired from ship. Soviet ships. Destroyed Gulf oil platforms on fire w/ fireboats.

08:06:51 Israeli soldiers & Palestine scene w/ kids throwing rocks.

08:06:57 Soviet Minister or negotiator greeting Shultz in Moscow.

08:07:23 Daniel Ortega w/ others in Nicaragua. Men at peace talk table signing ?? Ortega standing behind.

Diplomats; Diplomacy; Cold War; Middle East; Central America; Propaganda:

Tehran Setting, Iran

VS streets of Tehran, traffic and pedestrians. Traffic lights. AVs Tehran. Caravan of camels loaded with belongings through desert. PoV Tehran street, shopfronts. Women in burkas. Women at fabric stall. Camel loaded with wood. Irantour building. Singer store (sewing machines?). LS petrol/ gas station. VS women in western dress walking down street. LS building in countryside/ large grounds. CU sign: Shahriar . Man waving arms (American?). 17:16:09: CUs ancient stone carvings.

LS man by truck on clifftop.


VS Iranian men in traditional dress, some with rifles and ammo rounds. Desert outpost. Lookout with binoculars. Armed militia. VS desert airfield, British RAF plane and personnel? with Iranians.

17:20:34: British? soldier wearing middle eastern headwear cleaning guns with Iranians.

Loading machine guns onto trucks. Soldiers with rifles laying in dugouts in the sand.

Polish Exodus to Persia!

VS arrival of refugees at camp in Iran. Greeted by Polish countrymen. Eating in food tent. Religious service. Camp Commandant enlists refugees for army. Parades of male and female troops marching. Ends abruptly.

News of the Day: Iran

MS palace gardens. Shah of Iran and wife? by fountain. Nurse brings out baby girl. MCU parents and child.

VS military parade with horses, carriages, troops and tanks. Crest/ emblem on tanks.