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Archival film footage on Hippies from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

The Youth Drug Scene [Part 1/3]

Family Films / Johnson-Nyquist Prods.

Title card: You are about to see a true story portrayed by the people who actually lived this nightmare .

Brief shot of Woodstock-style festival. Talking heads sequence - vars young people commenting on drug culture and peer pressure [most are / were drug users themselves]. Everybody s using some form of drug - alcohol, nicotine - everybody in the entire world is getting stoned - It s easy to start on drugs, it s easy to stay on drugs, until you start realising something s happening - Before you start taking drugs you should read the newspaper, read books...look at some of the people you know that take drugs .

06:06:30 Psychedelic title sequence.

22:03:21 Subject of film introduced - 20 yr old Mark Lindley - for three of his teenage years he has been drug dependant - carpentry work on house - family around dinner table, zoom in on Mark. Psychologist Dr Herbert Shiro on difficulty of persuading kids off drugs.

22:04:15 Mark to camera - I took them because I enjoyed them...LSD over two hundred times - psychedelic montage - Mark running through park w/ swirling graphics. Interview w/ mother - watching his eyes - and father we caught him and his friends rolling marijuana . Mark on effects of marijuana.

22:06:05 Dr Shiro - parents lack a real enjoyment or an appreciation of pleasure . CU variety of pills out of tube into hand - uppers and downers - Mark went to sleep on Friday night after being awake for four and a half days and slept until Monday morning .

22:08:53 Photo of Mark during drug phase w/ thick curly hair and sideburns - parents embarrassed to go out with him and angry at strangers reactions - the hate would be so apparent in their faces but at the same time it made me so angry at him and so ashamed . More psychedelic graphics - Mark interviewed through distorted lens.

Social Issues. Drug Abuse. 1960s. Hippies. Teenagers. Acid / Pot / Hash / Weed / Grass / Speed / Dope.

Juvenile Delinquency / Delinquents.

The Youth Drug Scene [Part 2/3]

Family Films / Johnson-Nyquist Prods.

Dr Shiro we will know what LSD does when the current generation of LSD users comes to autopsy... . CU needle; Mark talks about moving on to methodrine shots and being caught w/ marijuana - psychedelic montage - police car down street. Interview w/ probation officer re Mark s disrespect for authority. Father re deterioration in Mark s physical appearance - on probation for three years - stuck at home w/ no marijuana to ease the nothingness .

22:14:32 Mark: I d take methadrine one night and LSD the next night and smoke opium and hash and weed and DMT mixed with weed, and pretty soon I started to think my mind was going, I was pretty paranoid . Dr Shiro on Mark s arrival barefoot in his office - having thoughts of suicide - He wanted death .

22:15:55 More talking heads: long haired young hippy guy - Drugs are fun, drugs are really fun when you re having fun but after a while when you take to many drugs they don t get fun any more, y know? Others re paranoia. Before people start taking drugs they should look into themselves .

22:16:50 Dr Shiro drugs must be combatted with pleasurable experiences . Mark recalls realisation that he needed God to help me - montage w/ cross. Probation officer re surprise when Mark apologised for behaviour after becoming born-again Christian. Mark reading Bible - he wouldn t leave the house without that Bible . Mark at work on new job building house - hammering nails - distraction from drugs.

Social Issues. Drug Abuse. 1960s. Hippies. Teenagers. Acid / Pot / Grass / Speed / Dope. Religion.

Juvenile Delinquency / Delinquents.

The Youth Drug Scene [Part 3/3]

Family Films / Johnson-Nyquist Prods.

Mark and family walking to church; zoom in on Mark during service. Dr Shiro: The problem is that most people, parents and teenagers includes, feel lonely . Mark at church youth group and choir. Mark driving along highway; I would want to maybe run and jump off a cliff if I hadn t had the Lord to go to... . EXT Torrance High School - Mark in. Mark discussing w/ his teacher. Interview w/ sports coach re Mark s pre-drugs potential as an athlete; Mark could have been college material . Mark playing catch and swimming w/ his brother; walking on the beach w/ brother and sister.

22:25:40 Mark playing pool w/ father and brother; recently I was upset about my girlfriend and he talked to me and told me things I didn t think a Dad would know . Family eating dinner; we have a lot of fun . Narration states that despite being off drugs for two years, daily life is still a struggle for Mark. Beach scenes.

22:27:38 End credits; film features the song I ve Got Something to Sing About .

Social Issues. Drug Abuse. 1960s. Hippies. Teenagers. Acid / Pot / Grass / Speed / Dope. Religion.

Juvenile Delinquency / Delinquents.

[London Fashions, 1960s; Street Scenes; Trafalgar Square] Pt. 2 of 2

Signs outside small Salvation Army building: Have Faith In God ; The Earth is the Lord s And The Fulness Thereof . Blonde girl or woman in small mini-skirt & boots walking in street as taxi & cars pass by. Walks towards sign of American Indian on building. The World s End bar & pan to The Salvation Army w/ two women members, one in uniform, standing in front looking at camera. Uniformed woman speaks (MOS)

or sings, CU. Other one also speaks to camera (MOS).

16:38:42 Two red haired Hippies or students on bench feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square w/ fountain, lion & traffic beyond. Women in miniskirts walking through; young school girls feed many pigeons as they walk thru. Hippies combing hair & ducking. Pan to fountain. Lions w/ spray blowing past.

16:41:02 Traffic w/ double decker buses past St. Martin in the Field church. English hippies on sidewalk towards camera. CU of clothes & worn shoes. School boys in coats & ties across square w/ pigeons. More lions. Two bobby policemen patrol park. Family at fountain edge.

16:44:39 Teddy Boys put on leather coats. Other college students (?) walking thru. CU pigeon. Woman in miniskirt. Young Mods (?). Statue w/ pigeon on hand. Low angle of man feeding pigeons & pigeon on shoulder. Base of Nelson s statue & tilt up column.

16:47:54 Traffic on flag lined street looking towards Big Ben. Double decker buses & taxis. British Union Jack flags. Other flags, wide streets and morning light. Windows of office building.

Hippy; London Street Scenes; British Fashions; Hair Fads; Clothing Styles; Birds;


Night Shots - Boots all night dispensing chemist - crowds of young men and women getting prescriptions filled. Young woman with paper cup - methadone ?

04:08:43 CU Coca Cola neon sign in Piccadilly Circus - West End street scenes - traffic - flashing lights. Old woman feeding pigeons / birds.

Youth / hippies

Long Weekend: The Odds Get Shorter Pt. 2 of 2

Dissolve & continued... Guy at card table; guy at slot machine; rolling dice. Four young women sitting at next lounge booth to airmen & they notice them; dancing w/ them in mini-skirts & hippy fashions.

12:17:54 Guys in swimming pool horsing around at motel.

12:18:32 Night & guys walking across Las Vegas street between casinos; dissolve to the four guys standing in sun againt blue sky w/ sign supered.

12:18:58 Guys teeing off on golf course.

12:19:03 Motel room & guy decideds its time to head back but all are dozing. VO about odds raised from 5000 to 1 to 1000 to 1 because of fatigue. Guys get into car, very tired. Car driving, blow-out. Pulled off road. At service station waiting for tire to be fixed.

12:21:45 From in front, car along highway. Pulled over by California State Patrol, gets ticket. Drives off w/ seat belt hanging out door. VO drops odds to 200 to 1. Driving at night; shaking head to stay away. CU blinking eyes.

12:24:15 Narrator to camera dropping odds to 40 to 1 because of time of day.

12:24:37 Montage: Sleepy driver; CU spinning hubcap; white line passing; guy wipping eyes, stretching. Lights out of focus. CU. Smoking cigarette. VO says 10 to 1. CU driving w/ cars passing. Highway sign: San Bernardino 36 miles, Los Angeles 91 miles. CU Norton AFB 17 miles. VO says its even money bet. View of car weaving. Eyes closing.

12:27:18 ...I m only interested in the odds...only two kinds of gambelrs, the pros & the suckers. The End.

Military Educational Films; Gambling; Driving; Americana; 1960s; 1970s; Gamblers; Gambling;

News in Brief - London

Hippy Fashion show in Chelsea showroom- models dancing - flower people.

Peace March - Thousands Oppose Vietnam War

Anti-war demonstrators marching with protest banners - crowds in Central park - shots showing hippy fashions - draft card burning. Argument between soldier and peace protestors. Anti Anti-war march - signs Lets bomb Hanoi - Anarchy cannot be permitted in the USA. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King leads procession to United Nations - police arrest demonstrators - dragging off.

03:34:12 San Francisco demonstration - parade with banners along Market Street - Rally in stadium - scuffle.

03:34:47 Rome - night peace demonstration outside US embassy - turns into riot - police - fighting - sit down protest - using water cannon.

Protests Galore

England - Anti-war demonstration / protest. Demonstrators scuffle with police. Demonstration organised by CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) Parade down street.

03:40:08 Madrid University - students demonstrate against America and Vietnam war - burning US flag.

03:40:36 Anti-hate demonstration in Detroit - hippies - painting car with legalise pot / dope - Love in. Girls dancing.

San Francisco

Parade thru sunny street w/ mock-funeral & carrying corpse to illustrate death of term hippy. Giant coffin and funeral pyre w/ dancing in Haight Ashbury; many people watching in intersection. Guys jumping over fire.

Oddities; 1960s; Summer of Love; Free Man;

Seattle [Hippies Dancing in Park]

Hippies in park & band playing at be-in. People dancing about in paisley & tattered clothes. Styles; Teen-agers; Students; Drop-outs;

Provincetown, Mass. [Hippies Body Painting]

Hippies painting each other w/ body paint; psychedelic patterns.

Stunts; Gags; Body Painting; 1960s; Be-In;

[Drugs - Border Crossing; San Francisco Haight Ashbury District; Stanford; Japanese Gardens, Apr68]

Cars pouring thru Tijuana road crossing at border in late afternoon light; queues of cars - border guards search car trucks & look inside.

04:20;44 Interior customs office. Cars trunk & interior searched; papers inspected. Night, family beside van.

04:21:49 Haight Ashbury district streets - people hanging around on street corners. Tracking shot past hippies, Jazz sign, Haight Bootery, pedestrians; young people hanging out on cars.

04:24:36 Stanford Research Institute. Sign: Life Sciences Building. Shots of buildings. Sign Stanford Research Institute - cars in parking lot.

04:25:34 Japanese garden w/ statues & plantings.

Customs Officials; Parks; Border Inspection; 1960s; 1968; Counter Culture; Youth;

Drugs, Border Crossing, Smuggling, Love-In, Airdrop, Boats

US-Mexican Border. People at desk of customs. Cars being searched. Van, volkswagen. Frisking kids. Searching tyres in trunk. POV plane taking off. Love-In 14Apr68. Tapia Park, LA County. Cars & people. Hippies, smoking dope / narcotics / marijhuana. Sound stage. Fabric banners & psychedelic posters. Loudspeakers; dancing; drummer; singer; Boat harbor with condominiums. Neon & go-go signs, Bonnie & Clyde, Up Down Staircase; Aerials of LA at night.

03:53:01 14Apr1968 Raven s Hollow VA More Love in. Light aircraft takes off. Light aircrafft flies over grassy field, drops package - repeated takes. Shadow of plane flying over scrubby land. POV plane landing at airport.

[Drugs - San Francisco & Haight - Ashbury; Tijuana Border Crossing]

04Apr68 Ocean lapping on sandy beach, tilt up to Golden Gate Bridge & shoreline.

04:00:29 San Francisco Street scenes w/ people boarding cable cars aka trams & traffic.

04:01:25 Top shots San Francisco - buildings, skyscrapers, residential areas - looking over city to Oakland Bay bridge. Alcatraz in harbor. Coit Tower. Golden Gate Bridge seen across rooftops. Alcatraz. Looking down on rooftops & tilting up to harbor, liner leaving. Skyscraper construction.

04:04:04 Slate: 04Apr68 Street Signs: Haight & Ashbury. Young men / youths on street, pedestrians, various people chatting - hippies. Drug deal?.

04:06:09 US Customs officers searching trunk of car. Illegal Mexican immigrant helped from trunk & detained. Suitcase searched.

04:06:41 Cars queue to cross border - border guards, immigration officers, question occupants. Searching cars.

04:07:49 Official w/ bags full of dope / narcotics / marijuana / hash.

Scenics; 1960s; 1968; Counter Culture;

[Drugs - San Francisco, California Harbor, Medical Clinic, Haight - Ashbury, 05Apr68]

San Francsco harbor w/ Swedish ship, docked seen from water. Dockside activity w/ nets & hoists.

04:10:40 Tracking shot from car. Two young people hitch-hiking lift, run & get into car, leavs.

04:11:30 Aerial views city - Golden Gate bridge & park, coastline.

04:13:29 Harbour w/ freighter docked.

04:14:04 Police (?) look to be questioning young long haired man in back of car. Youth taken into bulding (very dark) .

04:14:45 Group of squirrel monkeys running around cage. LSD test monkey wearing tag. Man in white coat catches one in net. CU Monkey held tightly in hand as he tries to bite lab technician. Monkeys used to test effects of LSD

04:16:33 Exterior building, sign on door David Smith MD and Associates. Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic.

Street scenes - pedestrians - youth, hippies. Street signs: Haight, Ashbury. Young people walking along. Psychedelic posters; 1960s; 1968; Counter Culture; Youth;

Prison, Drugs, UCLA, Smuggling, Love-In, Yachts, Boats

Middle class in minimum security prison. Fashions of 1960s. Women inmates gardening. Ext. of prison. LS of prison complex w/ dormitory buildings. Handball courts. UCLA campus & students between classes walking & lounging. Dickson Plaza sign. Reading outdoors. Sign: UCLA. Prison recreation & men lifting weights. POV past sailing & motor yachts. Man in living room of condominium. Ext. along ocean beach. Women outdoors at prison. Sunset & boats at anchor, Mexican bay. Beach from water. Love-in, hippies, drums & group. Flower children. Police arresting & hauling off guy in handcuffs, people follow. Horsemounted police leaving to applause. Guitar players.

Chicago Convention

Summary: Demonstration of Hippies and Yippies on lawn in Lincoln Park. Hippies dance, crowd listens to band on stage. Black man teaches kids to play drums. Hells Angels Outlaws Chicago on Jackets.

04:02:39 Sign: "Free Store" - girl picks up clothing. Hippies walk through park.

04:03:39 Crowd of demonstrators with signs at Conrad Hilton hotel. Sign re fashions and advertising seduce innocent youth. People milling outside entrance to hotel Sign re welcome to Chicago Host City Democratic National Convention. Various signs, Stop the War - Resist in Prague, Saigon and Chicago.

04:04:44 Slate Garden Plot Troops of the 3rd Corps Artillery Brigade set up pup tents in encampment.

LS, C-141 plane takes off.

04:06:57 Sign on parkway "O'Hare Terminal." LS, downtown Chicago, lake in fg. Various shots skyline.

04:09:12 Police station building. LS, Conrad Hilton hotel.

Chicago Convention (Garden plot) Part Two

Night shots - Street scenes of Chicago. Hippies in street.

04:12:18 Clergyman talks to hippies / demonstrators in park. Two hippies in costume dancing. Phil Ochs (?) playing music. Man waving CND flag. NS, police break up crowd with tear gas. Police van and ambulance speed through street. Police in park.

04:15:16 National Guard troops with weapons lined up on street. Hippies hold sit-in in park, police stand by. 04:18:23 Troops tear gas demonstrators. LS crowds running across bridge - clouds of tear gas. CU people with cloths over mouths. Demonstrators in park

04:19:35 Night shots, crowds in front of Conrad Hilton hotel. Police break up crowd, drag demonstrators away. Anti-draft poster. NS, formation of police and troops move forward. NS, demonstrators move thru streets.

[San Francisco - Cable Car Street Scenes & Haight Ashbury Hippies]

14:07:38 San Francisco street scenes w/ Powell & Hyde cable car, automobile traffic. Residential neighborhood w/ trolley descending hill from above. Van Ness Ave. on rear of cable car going up hill & one coming down w/ passengers off. MCU of passing cable cars, passengers feet - many barefoot. Traffic

14:10:28 Powell & Market sign on side; CU of driver & top shot in telephoto of traffic up & down hill.

14:12:07 Telephoto shot of hills w/ trees & wild grass.

14:12:18 More traffic, able cars & street scenes, some looking down towards waterfront & to land across bay. 14:14:22 CU Haight street scene; 1600. One way. Young people on street, policeman, crowd standing along curb & sitting.

14:15:09 CU Sign, marquee Cinematheque Coffee House SF Premere Andy Warhol s I A Man. (sic)

14:15:13 People on street as above, beards, long hair; older couples walk past. Blacks & hippies; Camera follows one walking thru. MCU of feet.

14:16:13 Painted sign: Haight Ashbury Store from across street. Other stores & traffic, VW bus, parked motorcycle. Young people talking. Guy selling underground newspaper. People in front of Bargain Market.

14:17:42 Hippies calling to camera; sitting on sidewalk. Store from across intersection. Older couple w/ 16mm home movie camera. Bearded older man wearing Haight Ashbury sign on chain. Blacks & others in front of Unique Men s Shop.

14:18:39 Row of wooden San Francisco houses w/ bay windows, shops on ground floor. CU street corner sign: Haight, Ashbury. Pan to young black men standing. Sailor taking apple from young girl. Others hanging out on corner. Well dressed people walking; guy in flowered shirt, other long haired talking on corner, one man walking & combing hair; paisley dresses. Camera follows long haired fellow. Couple standing; another couple walking. Peole looking at people.

14:22:15 MCU of feet crossing street & various types of shoes. Poster in window War Is Not Healthy For Children And Other Living Things.

14:22:40 More of all the people walking. CU of man in sailor hat w/ Haight Ashbury sign around neck reciting poetry (?); couple of guys listen & laugh. Girl comes up & hugs him. MS Young fellow in poncho talking after other man, Bo Maverick, leaves w/ girl. Then they return & stand in MCU w/ people walking behind.

Dropping Out; Hanging Out; Youth; Quest; 1960s; 1968; Americana; Daily Life; Transportation; Steep Hills; Urban; City Center; Counter Culture; Clothing Fashions;

[1968 Democratic Convention Riots & Army, ca 25Aug68]

Blue helmeted policemen in Lincoln Park standing around. Large crowd gathered around large speakers. Rock band MC-5 (?) playing on platform. Pan over people, a few dancing. Chicago buildings in background. Fenced area, people talking. Band seen in LS.

23:25:02 People moving, woman w/ large flag w/ crescent & star. Police & others standing. Couple sitting on grass.

23:25:30 Motorcade of small army trucks past leaving past guard post; trailers marked Explosives, ambulance. Soldiers w/ rifles off army busses & chartered busses.

23:26:48 Officers w/ megaphones directing soldiers w/ duffel bags into large building.

23:27:00 Jeep parked by airport runway, convoy moving behind. Soldiers & duffels walking past to tarmac. CU sign: 928th TAC Airlift Group (RES). Group operations...

23:28:18 Briefing on grass, tents behind. Officer w/ pointer & map. MCU. Man asks question; officer answering, gesturing. CUs men listening. Stand up, leaving.

23:30:14 Slate: 26Aug68 Garden Plot (operation). LS Soldiers drilling w/ rifles on grassy area, tents behind. MCUs. Crowd control V formation advancing towards camera.

23:31:47 Tilt down armory to traffic & pedestrians passing. Jeep entering past soldiers. LS flag pole on top. Parked cars alongside & pan to front w/ jeep leaving. MCU jeep w/ four soldiers leaving; men entering showing identification papers. Traffic in/out.

23:33:13 POV from car. not useful.

23:33:20 Army jeeps & trucks parked along park curb; soldiers sitting in back & in jeeps, early morning.

23:34:16 Slate: 29Aug68 Police car & chartered bus double parked, turning &pulling into parking lot.

23:34:53 Night, helmeted police onto bus. Slate: 28Aug68. Night, street light, flashing police lights. Out of focus moving lights, traffic along park. GOOD effects.

23:35:49 Police line w/ people standing opposite; photographers. Demonstrators marching in street. Soldiers on street corner; people standing about. People sitting down. massed police. Soldiers watching. View up street toward marching demonstrators.

23:37:53 Slate: 25Aug68 Seated soldiers listening to briefing in front of tents (as above) by officer. MCU men listening. MCU Soldiers walking across grass.

Operation Gardon Plot; Protests; Protestors; Demonstration; Demonstrators; 1960s; Hippies;

People s Park

The Newsreel - Radical Documentary

Man in front of wired off park explain history of Park owned by University of California; how the area nearby, which was occupied by hippies, was destroyed: harassment by police of Black and working class students; moving Black high school to Black area; buying up and destroying houses; local people reclaiming area by building park.

Sign People s Park - people working at park s construction. Hoeing; emptying wheelbarrows of earth; rolling out grass; noticeboard; working together. Stirring soup? Playing drums or bongos. Many hippies. Middle-aged ladies. Young couple hugging. Children help or play. Men hoeing.

No trespassing notice. Police in park. Fence erected. Cameraman films construction firm at work. Police in riot gear stands by and local people watch.

Rally re fencing off of park. Speaker. March. Riot police. Standoff and policeman throws tear gas? Confrontation, protesters throw stones at police, people running off. Much tear gas. Upturned car. Wounded carried off. Montage stills riot police and injured bleeding with VO Councilman interviewed. National Guard in vehicles through streets of Berkeley.

Strikers with placards near police car. Girl makes V-sign at National Guard going past. National guard advance pointing bayonets at hippies; pointing guns. National Guard in front of university building pointing bayonets. Fast montage stills governors incl. Nixon & Reagan. CU policeman w/ mask; CU gun. Point guns at sit-in. LS National Guard or riot police enter central campus area. Helicopter flies over university building. Students running and police chase them on campus grounds. Bare-chested man held in handcuffs.

March re People s Park with women and children. Lone man picketing w/ sign Dick Jones . National Guard past in vehicle make victory sign. Still Siente de La Rosa? Susan Parker? LS & CUs Marchers at Berkeley.

[Demonstrations - Vietnam War Moratorium March, Washington DC 15Oct69]

MCU marchers w/ Calvinist For Peace placard, others across mall w/ US flags,etc. View toward White House across Ellipse w/ rows of busses parked,people walking. People standing & cameras & sitting on top of private bus, Washington Monument behind. Couple in coats & blanket sitting on empty mall.

02;00:49 Packed crowd on mall; surrounding Washington Monument, applauding. Speakers platform w/ George McGovern (?) at microphone.

02:01:20 Pete Seeger & Black man singing; Mitch Miller singing beside them. Others.

02:01:54 VIPs in suits. Doctor Spock in black suit. Spock signing autograph. Others singing & swaying to music. Coretta King at microphone.

02:02:49 Marchers on avenue w/ placards Impudent Snobs for Peace, etc. flags, cameras & many buttons past camera.

02:06:10 Tilt down Washington Monument & crowd at base, many people walking past. MSs Seated crowd from high angle. Applauding & chanting.

02:07:11 Men on stage w/ Stop The Trials placards, handing out to crowd.

02:07:27 Large crowd on mall; man on cross as though crucified.

02:07:49--02:07:51 leader

02:07:51 Marchers along sidewalk w/ pedestrians w/ names of dead.

02:08:29 Monitor on radio. People away from camera on sidewalk along Pennsylvania Avenue. Police line & people on sidewalk outside Justice Department (?). MS of cameraman on top of light. Photographers. CU woman on light fixture.

02:09:55 Free All Political Prisoners poster. People walking up to Capitol Hill.

02:10:43 Massive crowd on mall; hands w/ V-sign in air.

02:11:11 Crowd in street outside Justice Department w/ police; CU sign. People standing around. Marching w/ Stop The Trial placards down avenue; large Spiro Agnew puppet figue.

02:12:20 Washington Monument against blue sky, tilit down to massive crowd; crowd singing.

02:13:26 Marchers past Justice Department. W/ Vietnam flag. Broken window. Knocking on large metal doors w/ ring knocker. Tear gas & crowd moving back. Yelling at door of Justice Department.

Anti-Vietnam War Protest; 1969; 1960s; Hippies; Demonstration; Demonstrators; Americanism;

[Dope Smoking Adults; Hippies; Doctor & Drug Patient; Art Therapy ca 1960s or 1970s]

Adults sitting in living room w/ tacky furniture, lamps. Woman in pants suit; man in sport coat & slacks, two men in suits & two women in dresses. Laughing, gesturing & drinking & eating snacks. Man passes out marijuana cigarette; man lights & inhales, passes. CUs. Man gestures on how to inhale. Everyone sitting laughing & getting stoned. Repeat w/ closer shot of cigarette case; woman smokes & passes joint. Woman refuses then tries, coughs; people laugh. Passing joint. man begins to play guitar, cu strumming. Passing champagne glass.

06:04:19 ECU Man w/ joint & inhaling. CUs passing joint & woman smoking.

06:05:24 Hippies w/ beaded necklaces on temple stones smoking from bong, Kathmandu; man playing drum. Pass bong, talk.

06:06:04 Swedish male doctor sitting on desk, w/ thin, skinny, young man in examining room; checks marks on wrists. Young man talking (MOS) feels hair, looks at arms. CU talking, listening. CU doctor listening.

06:12:32 CU fidgeting hands of patient. Talking (MOS).

06:13:10 Young man standing at easel painting in jail art studio w/ paintings on wall; pan around room w/ mostly Blacks working on sculpture & crafts.

06:13:24 CU envelopes on desk, hands w/ rolling papers & rolling.

Drugs; Narcotics; Travelers; Travellers; 1960s; 1970s; Drug Treatment;

News Story, A [Part 1]

[Follows the research, filming and broadcast of a television news report examining life in a Commune on Portland s KGW-TV channel. Made by University of California for US Mental Health authorities]

VS newsroom, men at desks, on phones, examining film reels etc. CU reporter John Stossel making phone call to local commune asking if he can film them and their lifestyle - mentions failure of many similar communes.

01:28:49 Vars young people in their 20s at home in communal / shared house; men playing guitars and singing; woman sits on floor and starts to scrape bark off a piece of wood. News crew load car with equipment outside studio; in car en route to commune, discuss ways of approaching story. Street scenes. Commune members peel vegetables, play piano, read etc. - baby plays w/ kitten; reporter and cameraman arrive - ask where they will be eating.

01:32:32 VS reporter practising questions w/ commune members in kitchen - telling them how they should phrase their answers - sound man attaches microphones to people. CU female commune member re ecological reasons for living together - the American standard of living is really harmful to the ecology . Cameraman w/ large shoulder-mounted 16mm camera and spotlight.

01:35:22 Man interviewed w/ baby on his lap, reporter crouching w/ microphone; It s very important for me to, like, learn how to cook and learn how to do dishes and learn how to take care of a household which I never was expected to do when I was young...I always felt that that was what women did, you know. Reporter looks at cameraman crossly - film almost used up - we re burning it .

01:36:05 Crew film commune at dinner; vars CUs through camera sight; reporter films introduction to piece and interviews female commune member - we recommend it for as many people who can make the decision to do it - it s not a game - appears to be trying to manipulate her answers. News crew leave house.

01:38:42 Vars scenes back at TV studio HQ showing the editing process - equipment inc. film winders, viewing screens in use; Stossel and others watch abrupt end of report where film ran out. Stossel transcribes / times soundbites using stopwatch; darkened editing room. Stossel on phone chasing up another potential news story on the ski business [typing at same time].

Hippies / Dropouts. 1970s Fashions. Communal Living. Society.

News Story, A [Part 2]

[Follows the research, filming and broadcast of a television news report examining life in a Commune on Portland s KGW-TV channel. Made by University of California for US Mental Health authorities]

Reporter John Stossel discusses shot list w/ editor. Editor at work while reporter talks about way of editing to achieve a certain result. Camera follows man into gallery above studio; preparations for show. CUs clock: 5:30pm. Three presenters at desk in studio - broadcast of Newsbeat begins - presenters read headlines inc. one about organised prostitution - cuts back and forth to cameramen and control room / gallery - technicians w/ headphones. Roll commercial - technician starts up large machines w/ videotape? reels.

01:45:11 Commune members sit around television to watch broadcast. Commercial for brushed-nylon sleepwear seen; cuts back to studio - presenter introduces Stossel s report on the commune - VS edited report on television screen and reaction shots of commune members watching.

01:48:39 Commune members discuss negative reaction to report; pre-digested and tasteless, like bread - I feel kind of ripped off because it was so blah . Other viewers comment on report inc. doctor? - many of them are deteriorating physically... they re not maintaining themselves...

01:50:58 High school / university students shown watching the report in class - students discuss / debate their reactions to it, whether the reporter was manipulating his subjects, and issues of media bias, the generation gap, marijuana etc.; I know the facts, my mother thinks she knows the facts, but she doesn t .

01:54:27 End credits over more KGW-TV studio scenes - presenter closes w/ link to NBC Nightly News.

Hippies / Dropouts. 1970s Fashions. Communal Living. Society.

[Asia & Drugs w/ Snake Charmer & Bangkok Prison Hospita; Kathmandu Temple] Pt. 1 of 2

Threshing w/ oxen walking in circle in field dragging sled. Boys in MCU beside road. Sheep herded. Mud house, woman cooking outdoor; women walking w/ jugs on head.

10:01:13 Snake charmer playing flute for large cobra; raised w/ hood. Holds snake & others around on ground.

10;:02:04 Large modern hotel. Road sign; Nepalese soldier at guard post. Int. & sign: Central Bureau of Narcotics. X-ray mounted on light w/ arrows pointing to packets.

10:03:13 Ext. modern apartments or prison? Metal woven wire fence; police & inmates inside.

10:03:50 Ditch & sensors (?). Views of buildings. Int. & men in hospital beds, mostly oriental. Nurse & patients.

10:04:48 Men working out w/ weights; others sitting reading at table. Ext. & boy looking into room. Doctor w/ patients in hospital gowns. MCUs. Metal screens on windows. Woman & children; men watching.

Courtyard of hospital. Military or ?? talking to doctor.

10:06:10 Ext. Stone entrance sign: Thanyarak Hospital Dept.of Medical Services Ministry of Public Health (Bangkok). Fishing on pond. Two nurses past on bicycle w/ umbrella. Pan over main sign.

10:06:34 India (?) Intersection of large streets w/ pedestrians & low buildings. Shops along sidewalk colonade walk. Laborers in field sifting gravel.

10:07:05 Three men & two woman, hippies wearing bead necklaces & smoking from bong on temple roof; one playing drums. Monkey on wall behind. One in MS talking to camera (MOS). CU crushing marijuana in hand. CUs tapping feet. One w/ flower & stoned. Long haired.

Drugs; Hippy; Travelers; Tourists; Quest; Treatment; Reptiles; Hippies;

[Asia & Drugs w/ Snake Charmer & Bangkok Prison Hospital; Kathmandu Temple] Pt. 2 of 2

Hippies on temple roof smoking from bong & clapping to music. Monkey by window bars.

10:14:37 MS small boy beside temple. CUs monk, shopkeeper, men staring stotned at camera.

10:15:31 LS of roofs in wide valley, pulling back to show farmland.

10:15:55 Hippies dancing in street as locals watch while playing drums & clapping.

10:16:23 Two men carrying large bags on poles along road. Kids walking along open area; men w/ bags across plaza. Golden Thailand (?) temple monument & bells. Wall poster: Charlie Byrd at National Stadium. Small girl on stone elephant; two boys play under bronze bell. Small children, boy saluting.

10:18:20 View of temple yard or square; people walking w/ sun umbrellas. Small street, pedestrians. Kids staring; jumping. Street scene w/ boys walking & crs & bicycles past. Cow on sidewalk. Man smoking from pipe, sitting by painted statue.

10:20:00 CU Lrge sign in english: Welcome To Kathmandu; map of down town w/ embassies marke w/ flags (?). MS couple talking to camera (MOS) beside ornate Buddhist mural (?) or geneological chart.

Drugs; Hippy; Travelers; Tourists; Quest; Buddhism; Religion; Street Scenes; Hippies;

Vietnam! Vietnam! Pt. 4 of 5

Title: Part Two - Vietnam: The Debate

03:36:36 Dr. Benjamin Spock at New York Hilton lecturn ...I think it is destroying the good is unwinnable... Secretary of State Dean Rusk statement about South Vietnamese dead & wounded.

03:37:39 Student asking this what honor is all about, and I don t think it is. Governor Ronald Reagan press conference. Other statements including wounded veteran. LBJ we cannot just now...abandon our commitment... Senator Eugene McCarthy. Reagan again. Sen. Charles Goodell on dead & cost. Sen. Ernest Gruening speaking at rally.

03:40:29 German NASA scientist (?) Kraft Ehricke statement. Sen. William Fulbright statement; wounded soldier says it was worth it for Freedom. Eugene McCarthy says we should accept a fusion government.

03:42:10 Pres. Nguyen Van Thieu in English ..don t like to have the Communists . Ehricke statement on what its like to live under a totalitarian government. Ernest Gross before Congressional committee. Sen. Bourke B. Hickenlooper rebuttal. Eugene Rostow about bombing halts. LBJ: I have now ordered that all...bombardment of North Vietnam cease as of 8am Washington time, Friday morning.

03:44:26 Ex-President Eisenhower: If you are going to fight a war I believe in winning it...get everything you can, as fast as you can, use everything you can and and get it over with. Sam Brown (organizer of Moratorium to End The War in Vietnam): I think the anti-war sentiments will continue to grow. Reagan statement. Woman against the anti-war demonstrations. Sam Brown statement about working against the war.

03:45:58 Color Soldier talking about people not knowing about situation in Vietnam. Pres. Van Thieu.

03:46:25 Anti-war demonstration. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller: can you imagine a protester in Hanoi, how far he d get if he wanted to protest... Anti-war demonstrator asked if any action had been taken for burning his draft car. Sen. John Tower speaks. Anti-war march in Central Park; march in Washington. Hungarian, w/ reporters clustered around, yells against demonstrators in Saigon: be shot is too good for you.

03:49:42 US anti-war demonstrators or hippies beside car painted w/ anti-war slogans.

Religion; 1960s; Pro-American Vietnam War Propaganda; Captured;

Free Farm

Radical Documentary

Mixture of stills and moving images.

Stills hippies working in field. Hippies playing drums and picnicking in grass. Hell s Angels or biker types. Preparing food. Children & babies. Printing T-shirts with American flags, Free Vermont & Black Panther motifs incl. raised fist.

Still Bobby Seale. Vietcong woman dancing for men. Leaflets re panthers & Woodstock. Harvesting vegetables & corn. Alternative art. Drumming and campfire prepared. Poster re Paul H. Lawrence, undercover narcotic agent? Cutting vegetables into pot.

CUs policeman s gun and insignia. Policeman standing. No Trespassing sign. Free Farm leaflet. Hippies leave under police supervision - some hippies play maracas. VO re area being private property belonging to College. Hippies running in field. Hippies in front of college building protesting. Sit-in. Newspaper headlines re sit-in. Hippies take off No Trespassing signs and burn on campfire. Night. cooking outdoors. Vermont hills.

Man w/ bleeding face from confrontation. Trampled field. Stills hippies gathered in field.