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Henry Ford    
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Archival film footage on Henry Ford from Footage Farm

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[American Personalities CUs Si/Sd]

07:38:20 Huey Long talking of over-concentration of wealth. 07:38:35 Al Smith; 07:38:59 Henry Wallace, 07:39:13 John D. Rockefeller; 07:39:24 ??: 07:39:30 ??; 07:39:38 Gen. Pershing; 07:39:44 re economics; 07:39:59 ?? of France.

07:40:33 Sports: ?? skipping rope; 07:40:57 ?? speaking of charity boxing match w/ Jimmy McClaren for Actors Fund; 07:41:18 National League All-Stars w/ coach; 07:41:32 Jim Jeffries; 07:41:59 ?? speaking of economics; 07:42:19 Rudolf Valentino; 07:42:28 rancis Townsend (?) & ?? talking economics.

07:42:55 Al Jolson (?), wife & child shipboard. 07:43:02 ??; 07:43:12 ?? speaking of economics; 07:43:23 ?? speakng of cutting government spending but employing hungry men; 07:43:42 Henry Ford talking of Hoover; 07:43:49 ??;

07:43:58 Bill Tilden playing tennis; 07:44:11 ?? in early flying cap; 07:44:18 ?? well-dressed Congressman; 07:44:29 Morganthau on going off Gold Standard. 07:44:44 League of Nations members ca 191? w/ Indian leaving along w/ others.

07:46:10 ?? in white suit speaking; 07:46:18 ??; 07:46:23 ?? Senator ??; 07:46:31 ??; 07:46:39 ?? on education: 07:46:48 ?? shipboard; 07:46:57 Jimmy Durante; 07:47:06 ?? talking about importance of eraser on lead pencil; 07:47:21 LaGuardia; 07:47:28 Babe Ruth; 07:47:35 Al Smith (?); 07:47:40?? Bobby Jone (?) golfing: 07:47:45 ?? Sailing racer in rain gear; 07:47:51 John McGraw (?) about baseball;

07:48:10 Eleanor Roosevelt speaking; 07:48:45 Gen. Pershing, shipboard; 07:48:52 William Jennings Bryan speaking in Florida (?), on Washington DC street, & Extreme CU.

1920s; 1930s; Depression; Baseball; Boxing; Sports; Politics;

[Ford Cars, 1903 - 1917] Pt. 1 of 2

03:07:52 Moving Model T assembly line man putting wheels onto axle, other men around chassis.

03:08:09 Three men in early open auto in front of wealthy home w/ man at side of open right-hand drive car cranking, starts & he runs around & gets in; car moves off screen.

03:08:29 Early car on street in city w/ playground behind, traffic beyond. Car turns & passes camera CU.

03:08:42 Three cars at intersection, two as though in collision; policeman standing looking.

03:08:49 Ext. Henry Ford s brick garage where quadricycle was built in 1896.

03:08:58 Closed car ca 1918 thru deep cut, past camera.

03:09:05 Team of horses pulling sleigh followed by car in snowstorm.

03:09:14 Open car on mountain gavel road past large stone marker.

03:09:24 Rural mountain village w/ cars parked diagonal.

03:09:34 Ext of large factory w/ four tall chimneys & Ford sign on large water tank. High angle of street cars & some cars, many workers waiting to board. Lines of men on each side of tracks waiting for trolleys. Trolly arrives, a few men off & it stops for people getting on from line. Dissolve to ext of factory w/ men leaving, cars on street.

03:10:03 Closed sedan pulling up to house in deep snow, pulls into driveway.

03:10:21 Two men in coupe sitting in front of large stone building; sedan pulls up to same place. Coupe pulls up to same place. Another convertible coupe sitting. man gets into Model T coupe (several times); also sedan & rolls up window.

03:11:17 Natives walking along road in tropical country w/ baskets on head, burros.

03:11:24 Cars along road lined w/ mature large palm trees. Many convertibles. Men in early open car (03:08:09 above) coming toward & passing camera. View away from camera w/ open rear gearbox, smoking from engine.

03:11:45 MS Closed sedan parked in snow w/ people in. Same sedan from across street & couple walk out & get into it, drive off. Large wealthy homes behind. Same car pulls up couple walks away along snowy sidewalk. Other shots, car pulls up & couple & another woman gets in; instructions given to driver & it leaves.


Early promotional footage; transportation;

Henry Ford Pilots Big Locomotive Pt. 1 of 2

Locomotive #15 across road towards camera w/ men standing on front & sides. Henry Ford at controls looking out window. Posing w/ engineer & others beside engine. Engine & activity beside station.

Ford Motor Company Freight Train; Railroad;

[Henry Ford Home Movies - Edsel & Friends Relaxing; Henry Dancing] Pt. 2 of 2

Two young women sitting in lawn chairs beside table, talking, laughing & smiling. Man carries log in & puts down for foot rest. Two other men sitting on grass & camera pans across four women relaxing reading magazines in shade. Man sitting doing crossword puzzle; women drinking tea & smoking cigarettes.

02:00:?? Edsel Ford performing for camera; others relaxing.

02:01:?? Henry Ford & ?? dancing in barn to fiddle music, others watch. Woman dances w/ another man in a waltz-type two-step. Men trying to square dance in couples.

Wealthy Relaxation; Holidays; Home Movies; Oddities;

[Thomas Edison, John Burroughs & Others Camping W/ Henry Ford]

Edison smoking cigar in striped cloth picnic chair. John Burroughs washing fruit in stream. Group relaxing while some do dishes at camp table. Henry Ford by campfire. Climbs tree. Pan across row of tents in morning. Cars parked nearby. Taking down tents and loading into camping cars.

00:04:08 Burroughs sitting w/ Henry Ford by campfire while ?? washes up. MCU washing face & drying. Edison washing face from enamel pan, drying & smiling towards camera. Man shouts in his ear.

00:05:29 Young boys watching Henry Ford chopping wood w/ single bladed axe.

00:05:54 John Burroughs walking on large timbers of ??

00:05:58 Campsite in cutover woods, stumps around. Edison & Henry Ford talking, large touring cars behind. Ford yells in ear of Edison. Talking w/ mountains behind.

Recreation; Tourists; Celebrities; Oddities; Deafness;

This Was Yesterday - The American Scene Reel 2

St. Louis Democratic Convention (1916).

17:27:27 Wilson at NJ home. Wilson acceptance speech.

17:28:19 Wm. Jennings Bryan.

17:28:44 Young FDR on cruise with snow.

17:29:13 NY, Billy Sunday tabernacle exterior and interior. Sousa. Anna Case.

17:30:07 Harry Lauder appeals for aid to allies. Sarah Bernhardt C/U, then speaking.

17:30:45 Joffre visits US - motorcade then walking through vast crowd, CU Joffres

17:31:20 Pan down Capitol.

17:31:49 Henry Ford at the Capitol.

17:32:04 Thomas Edison with ??

17:32:23 Jeanette Rankin, suffragette, suffragist. Police push back crowds.

17:32:36 Sub Deutschland visits US.

17:33:11 Submarine firing torpedoes and under water scene.

17:33:42 Barhan? sinking.

17:34:15 Lusitania survivors. 17:34:50 Sabotage scenes - houses burning, fire aftermath wrecked railroad, damaged shopfronts. Parade with cutaway of crowd. Welcome sign.

17:37:35 Officer posing for camera kissing children and wife.

17:38:06 Wilson reviewing troops on horseback & troops marching; troops down city avenue.

This Was Yesterday - The American Scene Reel 2

St. Louis Democratic Convention (1916). Wilson at NJ home. Wilson acceptance speech. Wm. Jennings Bryan. Young FDR on cruise with snow. NY, Billy Sunday tabernacle exterior and interior. Sousa. Anna Case.

19:30:07 Harry Lauder appeals for aid to allies. Sarah Bernhardt.

19:30:45 Joffre visits US. Henry Ford at White House. Jeanette Rankin. Sub Deutschland visits US. 19:33:41 Barhan? sinking. Lusitania survivors. Sabotage scenes - houses burning, fire aftermath wrecked railroad, damaged shopfronts. Officer posing for camera kissing children and wife. Parade with cutaway of crowd. Homecoming troops. Welcome Home sign; Wilson reviewing troops on horseback & troops marching; troops down city avenue.

Greenfield Village Ford School - Ford Rubber; Ford ice skating; Model T Assembly (1916).

Henry Ford and others sitting in front of building under construction. Interior classroom. Ford sitting at desk with small boy talking - shows his initials HF carved in desk. Ford and boy reading from book.

Ford and another man looking at globe and pieces of leather ?

Ford on horse drawn plough

21:08:15 Ford family ? ice skating

21:10:58 Production line assembly of Ford Model T car - interiors factory, engines and body parts moving by overhead pulleys. Cars assembled on line.

[Highland Park Assembly Line, 20s; Wilson, Ford & Ferris, 1916; Crowds; Model T; Plane; Driving]

10:06:43 1920s Highland Park assembly line w/ overhead conveyor of parts; & Black & White workers moving engine & transmission castings on waist high conveyor. Camshafts & other parts hanging & moving past men assembling engine blocks, turning at end of assembly w/ transmission mounted; put on another conveyor. Fenders past hanging from overhead conveyor. Chassis, attaching engine & brakes. Radiator & steering column added & sedan body lowered. Model T s driven off assembly line & out of plant.

10:09:18 ca 1916 President Wilson w/ Michigan Governor Ferris & Henry Ford out of building w/ VIPs and crowds, strawhats, flowers & flags. Posing.

10:10:20 Crowds surging through entrance and alongside factory building seen from overhead. Some waving up at camera. Mostly men. Lower camera, men waving caps. US flag on pole, women carry umbrellas for sun. Assemblying outside factory w/ bunting for Wilson. Wilson in open car surrounded by many people.

10:11:59 Model T chassis & motor on assembly line & crank started by man w/ machine.

10:12:50 Interior of large engineering hall w/ drafting tables; Int. of machine tool room w/ machinists. Both spaces lighted by overhead roof windows.

10:13:10 CU of gears at rear axle. Transmission shifting mechanism shwn working. Interior of engine.

10:13:44 Airfield and large single engine biplane tw/ twin cockpit taxiing up. The Air Service Needs You barely visible on side. Pilot out and walks toward camera unbuttoning heavy coat.

10:14:28 CU Pres. Wilson & others in top hat.

10:14:36 Ext. of factory w/ horse drawn wagon & trolley past.

10:14:47 ca 1916 Two men in open sedan by waterfall. Canyon w/ road in bottom and several open touring cars pst, seen from above. Women & men walk along.

10:15:27 1916(?) safety film clip. Soft focus. Car nearly hitting pedestrians, policeman pulls over.

10:15:48 Two women driving convertible, man in convertible past, others thru residential area w/ wide streets.

Automobile Industry; Inventor; 1916 Presidential Campaign; Tourists; Tourism; Air Mail Airplane; Ethnic Migration;

Lord Northcliffe Visits Henry Ford - River Rouge Plant

MS Northcliffe & other members of British War Mission being shown vars tractors by Henry Ford in grounds of Ford tractor plant, Detroit, 1917. Group stand in muddy field as worker demonstrates small tractor w/ plough. Ford past camera on Fordson tractor. Pan along group of dignitaries; tractor zooms past. Guests driving tractors.

12:30:29 Vars scenes of steel processing at Ford s River Rouge Plant c 1920s - emptying ore ships - CUs carts filled w/ coal hoisted up conveyor - snow on ground - cargo ship in dock and on river - heavy digging machinery excavating - dumping slag - workers clearing site. INT plant - workers around huge furnace. EXT plant complex - crane & chimneys.

Farming / Agriculture. Mechanisation. Heavy Industry. Car Manufacturing.

Lord Northcliffe Visits Henry Ford

Northcliffe learning to drive Fordson tractor at Ford tractor plant, Detroit, during visit as Head of British War Mission - Northcliffe leading convoy of tractors ploughing field towards camera, Ford behind.

Farming / Agriculture. Mechanisation.

[Ford, Edison, Firestone, Pres Harding Camping, Part III]

People on horseback riding through stream, riding along far bank, enter stream towards camera. Edison past camera in CU on horseback & dismounting. Title Mrs Harvey Firestone, Jr., rewards Harbel with some sugar . Mr & Mrs Edsel Ford. Man playing with dog. Harding & others. Piano played under trees. Couples talking; pose for camera. Horses brought up & shown off. Henry Ford, Edsel, Thomas Edison & George B. Christian, Jr the President s secretary. Edison & Firestone fishing. Ford cranking car. Ford cooking pancakes. Edison and farmer talking. Ford & others doing dishes. Bishop Anderson Sunday Church Service. Pres. Harding leading singing. Church services ending & hand shaking. Harding shaking hands. Men posing for photo in dinner suits. Harding says goodbye, shakes hands all round.


[Americana: Children w/ Ponies & Cart & Dancing on Large Lawn]

Henry Ford walking w/ men & children along deck of ore carrier at River Rouge plant. Ore shovels are unloading the ship.

01:37:?? Two boys on wagon pulled by two ponies exit thru small barn. Wave toward camera as it drives off, circles and passes back past camera & returns through barn. Kids get off & attach rope halters of ponies; feed horses hay.

01:40:?? Large group of kids dancing on large lawn. Orchestra playing in middle of them, traffic on road behind. Dancing in couples & in large circle.

Dance Class;

[Ford Factory Construction w/ Henry & Edsel Ford, 1920s] Pt. 1 of 2

Henry Ford sitting talking w/ Edsel in front of large steel skeleton of new multi-story building. Still photographer walking around. Large shovel excavating behind them. They look at blueprints w/ ??

Architect; Contractor;

[Greenfield Village, Henry Ford in School House; Ice Skating; Factory Footage 1920s] Pt. 2 of 2

School & teacher s desk, wood stove, Henry Ford sitting w/ boy at desk talking, shows boy where he had carved his initials in the desk.

01:49:?? At upright writing desk, boy reads to Henry from primer textbook. Sitting at desk talking.

01:49:?? Henry Ford w/ Edsel & piece of rubber or leather & other pieces of rubber beside automobile tire & rim.. Looking at large globe. Look at ball of raw rubber.

01:50:?? Henry Ford & another man beside reaper, gets on & pulled by team of horses. Scything wheat & tieing small bundle.

01:52:?? Henry Ford skating on outdoor scraped rink carrying small child, another runs after. Mrs. Ford walking on ice.

01:52:?? Henry Ford speed skating around rink. Large stone warming hut at corner & pan to family on ice w/ Edsel skating & doing turns.

Winter Recreation;

01:54:?? High angle of open Model T car descending Pike s Peak on switchback road.

01:54:?? Men assembling motors beside assembly line. Motors & transmissions. Men on transmission assembly line. Body parts along hanging assembly line. Chassis on line w/ wheels on & body parts being added. Radiator fitted Men inspecting before body is added. Lowering of sedan body. Cars driven off assembly line & out door past camera. GOOD.

Ford Automobile;

[Henry Ford Hospital - Excerpt]

Shows the various sectors of the hospital.

Laundry taken out of washing machine by man. Large irons w/ women taking sheets off & folding. Mangled & pressed by women workers.

00:30:13 Linen storage room. Kitchen where patients meals are prepared men preparing food.

00:32:00 Bakery, bread taken out of oven. Food storage room, cans piled up neatly on shelves.

00:32:45 Maintenance service, man at bandsaw. Woman at reception desk, two women applicants for nurses enter reception area.

00:34:06 They are shown their rooms; later having tea w/ other nurses in lounge. Mingling.

Image; Promotion; Workers Benefits; 1920s Nursing Profession;

[Paper Mill - Strathmore Paper Company]

Men walking on gigantic pile of log sections.

Int. men working on chipper machine feeding log sections into chute. CU man cutting wedge from wood w/ knife.

00:33:15 Large vat, workers lower heavy metal lid. Tilt down large tapered vat (chipper?), man turns wheel. Sheets of wood fiber thrown into liquid. CUs of fiber shown.

00:34:39 Rough paste, CU. Large vat churning liquid. Men at work on large paper rollers, machines; sweeping waste scraps.

00:35:27 Hillside, train across L-R, wooded & mountain landscape. Factory buildings in landscape. MS Strathmore Paper Co. factory. Pan across glass front. Train from R to L in distance on hillside.

00:36:23 Paper wood pulp in shreds in drum; opened & pulp falls out; CU kheands tearing fibers apart. Picked loose & dumped intohopper cart.

00:37:32 Slate: Beatters. Carts pushed past vats; drums turning & tumbling. Pulp thrown into liquid vat; fluffed & swept into vat top; heavy metal lowered into top. Water pouring out of pipe into vat.

00:39:18 Large vat w/ pulp, men check consistancy; rocking machine; CU other mechanical vibrating parts. Paper rolls, drawn thru rollers; rewound? Substance added for finish (?); details of large machinery working.

00:42:17 Men forking ?? into brine. Large tumblers behind. Women workers w/ white hats sorting & cutting shredded paper. Sheets of paper hung to dry. Hosing stacks of sheets.

00:43:34 Woman worker laughing at camera while sorting sheets; paper hanging & drying. Separating sheets & running thru machine. Pressing paper (?). Row of women separating sheets by hand, counting sheets.

00:45:59 Slate: Counting. MCU man quickly counting many sheets after flipping at angle. View of entire factory floor. CU paper sheets folded, stacked.

00:47:38 Shearing in Undercut machine. Die cutting into reams of office paper. Woman assembling ??. MCU die cutting.

00:49:37 Ext. New York Dock railway. Men & women reading newspapers, boys talking & playing game on sidewalk.

00:49:54 Mountain stream; man (Henry Ford?) drinking from it. Woman & man laugh as he falls in.

00:50:30 Fat man on seat of strange car w/ verticle steering; other men watching.

Paper Industry; Production Line; Workers; Machinery; 1920s Mechanization;

Golden opportunity

Ford Weekly Purchase Plan to allow everyone to own a car. NOTE: some shots out of narrtive sequence.

00:13:49 Model T Ford on country road.

00:14:17 Man looks at cars on lot, gets into convertible; pulls out, down street. POV past pedestrians, sees friend on sidewalk & gives him ride home. Fishing on lake from rowboat. Talking in car driving.

00:15:05 Drops friend at his house; freind thru gate. Into kitchen: daughter, child & wife preparing dinner. Picks up boy, puts child down; takes off coat & rolls up sleeves.

00:15:58 Mother sells old papers to junk man on porch.

00:16:24 Women & children counting money saved in kitchen; Ford salesman arrives. Husband Bill comes home asks where the money came from. Boy says take it to the dealer & enroll us. Bill goes off w/ Ford man & family happy & cheers.

00:18:06 Bill, salesman & Ford dealer at Ford office. Forms filled in. CU forms.

00:18:54 Salesman & son drive home & into kitchen (out of sequence).

00:19:22 Son, Johnny, sells magazines to woman on doorstep. Daughter works selling vegetables at store. Entire family in kitchen, father reads paper & smokes pipe. Ad in paper for Ford purchase plan pointed out by Johnny to mother who shows it to dad.

00:21:21 Sister shopping in pharmacy. Johnny sees advertisement for Purchase Plan in shop window. Son playing mumbly pegs w/ other boys called to dinner; washes up. Family at table eating & talking. Father thinking & cut to man getting into car w/ family to go fishing. Driving past woods.

00:24:07 Father passes out money or allowance to famly. Mother puts hers in jar.

00:24:46 Father at Ford office finsihes signing papers, shakes hands with sales people. At work in factory complimented by foreman on good work. Eating lunch tells others about car purchase plan. (out of sequence)

00:26:05 CU Bill working on car motor (out of sequence).

00:26:15 Johnny mowing lawn, selling papers; daughter babysitting, taking baby for walk in pram; mother baking as kids watch. Family collects weekly savings for payment.

Economics; Marketing; Selling; Automobile Sales; Henry Ford; Immigrant Family; 1920s Americana;

[10 Millionth Ford Trip Across USA - Excerpt]

Pan on group of old men & women looking at camera - Sign behind: Eugene Business College.

01:24:46 Cars lined up on bridge over Willamette River. Cars parade up street of Portland, Oregon past camera w/ band playing from back of pickup truck. Automobile district w/ many signs. Streetcar.

01:25:34 Police on motorcycles along cars crossing Columbia River bridge entering Washington State. POV of motorcade from alongside on bridge. Four motorcycle police lead motorcade.

01:26:23 Jazz band w/ piano playing at back of pickup truck. POV alongside 10 Millionth Ford, bicycle messenger keeping up w/ car, around corner. State Capitol in background.

01:27:30 Crowd around cars at bottom of stairs of State Capitol (?). Other unidentified city, workers in coveralls wave & watch car procession past. Parked beside residential tobacco store, spectators & crowds on look at cars.

01:28:29 Across bridge w/ five-masted ship seen (briefly). Henry Ford (?) talking w/ two men, railroad car behind.

Promotion; Advertising; 1920s; 1923;

[Greenfield Village; Santa Claus & Christmas; Camping & ?]

Children in couples marching into buildings at Greenfield Village as men play violin & piano-like instrument on lawn. Henry Ford & kid out of house in sunny winter day. 16:54:27 slug. Interior of house, tilt down Christmas tree with Santa Claus looking at ornaments; young boy & girl down stairs and play with toys--drum, piano, doll. March around room. 16:55:41 Mrs. Henry Ford & others camping sitting on deck chairs. Woman with cigarette & pistol joking with others in front of tent. Man with cigarette also. Henry Ford talking withothers & telling joke. Everyone well dressed in hats & coats. Everyone inspecting a sawmill. Henry Ford & ? with guns walk past camera with workers quarters behind. Horn blown & group goes into cabin for lunch (?).

[Henry Ford Museum: Children Dancing, ca 1920]

Kids holding hands & dancing in circle under open-sided tent as parents watch from sides. Adult instructor teaching very lively w/ pointing. Kids in dress clothes. Kids circle in couples after something was passed out to them.

01:03:?? Kids in couples attempting to waltz.

01:03:?? Young kids circle dance floor carrying American flags, band can be seen outside. Kids walking in approximate height then couples divide to circle both directions & return in rows of four- thoroughly confused.

01:05:?? Kids try to do square dance interchanges, advance to new partners.

01:06:?? Kids in colonial costumes w/ elaborate wigs bowing & curtsying; four couples do a slow dance in a square.

01:08:?? Original children circle dance floor as band plays in background. Instructor in middle of floor.

Americana; Dance Class; Clumsy; Chaotic;

The Fair Of The Iron Horse

aka Iron Horse Centennial

[Intertitles throughout]


Baltimore and Ohio railroad centenary pageant 24Sep-16Oct27

Title screen w/ AV pageant site. Cars and bus pass through gateway w/ wrought iron banner The Fair of the Iron Horse, Baltimore and Ohio Exhibition Grounds . AV pan thousands of parked cars. Man in signal office; man pulls signal levers; AVs train pulls into station, two guards on platform.

05:03:59: Governor Ritchie of Maryland arrives by car, greeted by railroad officials and gives brief address to audience. Signal to start pageant given: tableaux-style review of history of North American transport starts.

05:05:00: American Indians of Blackfeet Nation - costumed chieftains ride past audience behind barriers. Intertitle: They employed the crude, slow methods of travel of prmitive America ; VS women and children walk on foot w/ warriors on horseback; Indians carry bull-hide boats, carts pulled by oxen.

05:06:15: Parade float passes pageant audience in covered bleachers w/ recreation of missionary Pere Marquette on rocky outcrop blessing Mississippi River.

05:06:26: Costumed settlers on mock boat w/ model horses crossing river on journey West.

05:06:40: Settlers w/ ox-drawn covered wagons; steam train in BG.

05:07:05: 98yr old Ezra Meeker recreates 1852 journey over Oregon Trail, in covered wagon pulled by oxen, audience visible in BG [brief].

05:07:12: Young people dressed as settlers on wagons. Mule-drawn covered wagon. Kearsarge stagecoach loaned by Henry Ford pulled by six horses passes audience on covered bleachers.

05:07:49: Stagecoach pulls up outside mock-up of General Washington Inn; passenger disembarks.

05:08:31: Mock canal boat w/ settlers [brief].

05:08:40: Henry Clay in period coach.

05:08:56: New England Concord stagecoach w/ luggage pulled by four horses.

05:09:20: 1813 covered wagon w/ freight and passengers.

[Ford 4-Cylinder Model A Motor & Assembly Line, River Rouge Plant]

Men viewing 4-cylinder Model A motor. Motor & transmission w/ sign No. 1 Completed Oct. 20, 1927. Others on assembly line behind. Henry Ford, Edsel Ford and others in suits looking at motor. Plate on motor saying #1.

10:27:56 Ext of River Rouge plant and huge conveyor over pile of over or coal.

10:28:20 Model A on conveyor, pulling cart w/ man on cushion attaching parts to chassis. Tightening bolts. Several passes. Wheels lowered by conveyor, man hurries back w/ cart. Men seen attaching wheels.

10:29:39 Ext. w/ train pulling car of steaming or smoking ore.

10:30:29 Int. tour past assembly line where men are attching parts to car chassis. Crowded assembly line; motors being added, fitted. Radiator fitted, dissolve to further in process as wheels being added. Motor assembly w/ parts on overhead conveyors, man takes off exhaust manifolds and attaching.

Automobile Industry; Factory; Cars Assembled; Mass Production Line;

Ford Motor Company - Ford Japan

Japanese title; Henry Ford, Edsel Ford and E.J. Cutler talking in field; aerial of River Rouge plant; Ford Ore carrier; Japanese flags. Ford Motor Co of Japan buildings. Harbour pan w/ small sailboats junks and ships. Steam goods train runs through plant. Japanese Employees entering & at work. Ford motor car showroom

14:21:55 Offices at Ford plant. Docks - ships unloading crates marked Ford. Ship Gertrude Maersk. Barges docking at Ford factory. Unloading crates - interior warehouse. Men operating different machines, assembling body and frame of car. Cars on assembly line - conveyor. Paint shop.

Early Flight - Wright Brothers

Various news clippings showing honours bestowed on the Wright brothers and commemorating ceremonies of invention of aircraft.

A Feature of the two day event was the presentation to the Wright Brothers of medals from the Governor, the State and the City. Governor Harmon presenting the state medal.

Still photo of Governor Harmon standing at base of large grandstand with spectators.

06:20:11 Dedication of Wright Field at Dayton. Coverage of the flag raising ceremonies showing Mr. Wright pulling the rope which raises the flag upon the mast. Event attended by various military and civil leaders. Firing cannon salute at the ceremony.

06:20:56 L to R Orville Wright, Gen. Gilmore and Col. Deeds,chairman of the dedication ceremonies, standing on the platform. Following this the delegates went to Washington to attend a conference, some were transported in Col. Deeds private plane the King Bird. Various members of the party, en route to conference at Washington, DC, getting into Col. Deeds' aircraft. "The King Bird" taxiing resembles the Fort Stoudt C-3 aircraft. Delegates standing in front of large building in Washington. Orville Wright in whose honor conference is held with delegates

06:22:30 Dedication of memorial to Wright Brothers, Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina. LS looking down from Kill Devil Hill showing throngs of spectators walking up along the hill.

Governor Maclean greets Orville Wright. Orville Wright unveiling the memorial plaque. Crowd standing around, military and civilian one person opens a coop of birds that fly towards camera. Orville Wright standing next to memorial plaque. Inscription on plaque.

06:23:22 35th Anniversary of the first flight Dec. 17th 1938 in the NCR auditorium under the auspices of the Aviation Committee of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. Int. taken from stage looking at auditorium, all seats occupied. CS of Col. Deeds, Henry Ford, Orville Wright and Charles F. Kettering sitting on stage. CS still photograph of Orville and Wilbur Wright.

06:24:10 The pioneer flights of the Wright plane. Flying demonstration given by Wilbur Wight at Le Mans 20 years ago. Horse pulling the Wright brothers' plane out across open field. Spectators stand showing various high officials in the French government. CS mechanics preparing the plane for launching. Catapault device being erected upon the field. Wright brothers aircraft being placed upon the launching rail. CS of the stand showing the spectators. Men pulling the heavy weight catapault device up for dropping - dropping of weight and launch. 06:26:41 Coolidge opens Great World air conference in Washington celebrating 25th anniversary of mans conquest of the air. Crowd of delegates in front of building. President Coolidge and his secretary standing on steps of building. Notable group: Asst. Secretary of War, Davison; Col. Lindorf; H.P. Guggenheim; Asst. Secretary of Navy, Warner. CU of Clarence Chamberlin. Delegates from Venezuela. CU of Lady Heath, noted English aviatrix. Orville Wright, honored guest at conference, standing amidst group of delegates. CU of Whiting, Sec. of Commerce, and Orville Wright. continued/...

Giant Plane From Germany Is tried Out Here

Men on top of Giant German clipper plane tried in US by Stout Airlines. Rolled into water on launching wheels. Taking off over bay & overhead.

Commercial Aviation; 1929;

NOTE: Stout Airlines owned by Henry Ford.

Hoch der Flivver! Ford Sails For Home After Laying Cornerstone of New European Plant

Henry Ford surrounded by large crowd lays cornerstone of new Cologne car plant inscribed w/ 2-OKT-1930


World Wide News Events - Henry Ford Visits Roosevelt

Henry Ford with son Edsel getting out of car at White House - press photographers. Ford leaves through crowds - into car and away.

World-Wide News Events: New York, NY

Henry Ford & son Edsel pose w/ 27 millionth Ford car in crowd of spectators & news cameramen - car painted w/ From Coast to Coast - 27,000,000th Ford - Assembled in Richmond, Calif. February 15, 1939 .

Car Manufacturing Industry. Publicity / PR Stunts. 1930s.

Willow Run Airplane plant

Plane flying over runway.

Dedication ceremony. Henry Ford signing name on bomber plane. Others sign names. Crowd gathers around plane.


United News (Jap ships bombed; Service Woman & Wedding; Early Films; Italy Invasion Preparation)

10:44:23 Title: U.S. Navy Planes Bomb Jap Ships in South Pacific Following fighter dive bombing ship; explosions near. Other planes & explosions in water seen, one on bow of ship.

10:45:49 Title: U.S. Servicewomen Hail Spring From Coat-To-Coast Sailors, soldiers & military women walking w/ civilians around tidal basin under flowering cherry trees. Scenics & CUs.

10:46:27 Women picking daffodils in Washington State & wedding among them for military wedding of WAC private & Army sergeant as others watch. CU slipping ring on & kissing.

10:47:07 Title: 50th Birthday Of Cinema Recalls Historic Films. Edison at camera w/ Henry Ford watching takes picture of George Eastman. Mrs Edison showing Kinetoscope to ?? w/ film running thru seen from side. Lower Broadway & crowds. Teddy Roosevelt & Roughriders; in 1905 Presidential Inaugural parade. Women punching out time clock & others leaving factory. Beauty parade on pier ca 1910 (?). Lillian Russel modeling for camera. Early automobile family drive re-enacted. Early Market Street POV from trolley in San Francisco pre-earthquake.

10:49:34 William S. Hart into CU; Clara Kimbell Young & Sydney Drew in over-acted screen drama. Pearl White climbing out of window & jumping to next building. Ruth Roland rescued from runaway railroad.

10:50:22 Title: England Sees Airborne Troops Ready For Test

Allied officers over relief map talking (MOS), paratroops into planes, taking off, C-47 interiors w/ paratroops lighting cigarettes. Eisenhower & Churchill on reviewing stand watching w/ others as parachutes open in practice exercise. Seen from inside plane jumping, many chutes seen from air & groiund. Landing & dragged by chute; others descending. Sky full of parachutes. The End.

WWII Military Newsreel; Propaganda;

WWII Compilation Film; Battles; Melodrama; Motion Pictures; Personalities; Celebrities; Marriage; Wartime Bride;

Henry Ford Birthday Party - Film deteriorated

Children on bicycles. Car arrives - Henry and Mrs Ford out of car and pose with crowds. Birthday cake presented to Ford in car.

[Henry Ford Mourned]

People walking along sidewalk in overcast weather at Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. Wait in line under awning to enter. People passing line on way out. Long line of men & women. Flag at half-mast; Ford home behind picket fence. One room school house, Ford Motor Company first factory w/ sign. Other views of houses & building at museum. Brick garage where first Ford car was invented. 08:02:40 Overheard shot of Ford in coffin and passing people. CU of Ford in coffin w/ flowers. MCU men passing. Overhead from opposite angle.

08:03:51 Small cemetery in LS w/ people at gravesite.

08:04:06 Ford factory, closed for funeral. Security guard closing & locking Gate 3. Flag at half staff over entrance w/ Ford Motor Corporation sign. LS of factory.

08:04:50 People passing coffin. Blacks and whites.

08:05:04 LS Ext. of building w/ people in lines snaking around grounds.

08:05:30 Small cemetary and tombstones.

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

Staged: CU wheel & spokes of horse drawn carriage wheels thru mud on dirt road. Couple dressed up riding w/ luggage arriving at farm house, man splitting wood & woman hanging wash. Past school house. CU of pocket watch, boy running to door of school. Past farm house, doctor leaving in buggy. Arrive train station.

17:03:38 ca 1900 City street scenes, well dressed pedestrians, street cars, firemen down pole, to fire. Beer wagon (staged. Lower east side (LES) vendors, kids playing in street, elevated train & Blue point oyster wagon. Staged, exterior of baseball park w/ people around it & large banner signs.

17:04:58 CU wake of water at rear of ferry in NY harbor. Amusement park w/ women boarding train, shoot the chutes, camel ride, women & men frolicing on beach in long swim suits. Kids in hydrants.

17:05:33 Staged: Recreational bicycle riding w/ couples side-by-side on tricycle bike, dirt roads. Others alone. Man falls on bad road, they all turn back.

17:06:27 Staged: Man working on quadricycle, buggy w/ gasoline engine motor. (negative scratch). Pushed out at night from garage for trial run. Riding thru neighborhood on brick street.

17:08:18 Staged: Man & horse pulling early car w/ couple in it on dirt road. Two men in car on road. Sailwagon like ice-boat on wheels. On dry lake bed.

17:09:22 Staged: Man working on gas engine of racing car 999. Others working on anvil and forge.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford (not seen); Race Car; Blacksmith

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

Staged: Race car 999 started and driven on banked wooden track.

17:10:20 ca 191? Traffic past NYC Pennsylvania Station on 8th Ave. Other NY street scenes of pedestrians and traffic (much later than narration track).

17:10:35 Staged: CU hand and payroll book. Model A driving up to large wealthy house. Costumed people. Man cranks side crank, drives off.

17:11:42 Staged: Man at barn currying horse, watches car go past. Model T into barn yard, farmer inspects but shakes head. CU man at desk w/ pencil and car catalogue.

17:13:12 Staged: Men working at constructing cars on saw-horses and assembly frame & body parts. Decides to move cars past men. Man with stop watch timing assembly process. Pushing on tracks. Sliding sub-assemblies along belt as men assemble gears. Wheel rims down gravity slides. Moving conveyor belts w/ parts, engines. Hanging parts from tracks. Motors into frames, fenders onto frames, body dropped on, Model Ts off final assembly and out factory door.

17:16:56 Staged: Family out of house and into car w/ kids bouncing on seats. Man cranking, off down dirt road w/ mother holding hat. Down crooked dirt road, two cars meet on one-lane road.

17:18:23 Car w/ man driving down very muddy road towards & past camera. Truck stuck in axle deep mud.

17:18:59 Men with horse teams grading road, concrete mixer and pouring concrete road. Cars on paved roads. Mountain road with Model T up hill past camera.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford (not seen); 999 Race Car; Taylorism; Manufacturing

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

Staged: Car to countryside intersection, man looks at sign post, woman upset; second car arrives and farmer gives directions gesturing..

17:20:41 Women shopping at sidewalk market in Model T, doctor pulling up and out of car, carrying medical bag into house. Businesses, gas station, car dealer.

17:21:25 High angle shot of very crooked road with several cars. Touring mountains and woods in cars bouncing on rutted roads. Feeding bears out of open car. Driving thru redwood tree. Sequoias. People picnicing by lake and picking wild flowers. Camping and sleeping in car. People at beach. Kids running on beach. Waves and kids playing with kelp seaweed.

17:23:27 Montage of car fording stream, on sandy road, through deep snow, driving on railroad bridge, up giant Los Angeles water supply pipeline, Hollywood slapstick comedy excerpt with Harold Lloyd & policeman chasing on motorcycle, across field and up hill, then rolling backwards after policeman throws him out of car.

17:24:48 Ford River Rouge plant w/ steel poured, manufacturing car parts. Large forming presses dwarfing workers and making fenders, hoods. Welding bodys. Assembling.

17:25:29 Henry Ford in home movies at Fairlane, walking and walking with wife Clara in garden. Sitting w/ friend and newspaper. Ice skating w/ grand children.

17:26:12 Ford tinkering with steam engine on farm, driving early tractor plowing, in office with men at desk. Family scene w/ Edsel leaving on family trip in two large calls. Country dancing in barn. Playing with grandson Henry Ford II, w/ Mrs Edsel Ford watching. With Henry II and Benson Ford in garden. Driving with wife in quadricycle in snow.

17:28:17 Camping with John Burroughs, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison and others. (soft focus). Burroughs getting into car and driving off. Ford washing clothes beside creek, at large lazy susan table. Talking with Edison. With Edsel camping and walking thru factory machine shop.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford; Taylorism; Manufacturing; Recreation; Wealth; Family life; home movies.

American Road, The (main title missing) Ford Motor Co.

New York City Street scenes ca 1930 w/ traffic on Broadway, near Wall Street. Other locations of city and medium sized town w/ many cars.

17:30:36 Staged: Wealthy woman out of house & into chauffered Lincoln car. Pulling up at sidewalk and man admiring it.

17:31:11 Fifteen Millionth Model T assembled and Ford w/ Edsel off assembly line. Trucks of cars bringing in for recycling, cut up, salvaged and rest thru crusher and into furnace.

17:32:29 CU of wheels on road, super-imposed over young people in convertible, on amusement park rides and flapper couples dancing, unemployed walking and Okies driving with goods, family in car.

17:33:15 CU Begin Detour sign, jeeps on test course, montage with WWII guns firing by army, navy & air force. Atomic Bomb test blast in Pacific. POV out of tunnel on highway, thru underpasses. Various scenes of highway driving. Crossing bridge towards New York from New Jersey. Along western highway. Farmer waves.

Abrupt ending. Incomplete.

Technology; Industrial History; Autombiles; Henry Ford (not seen); Taylorism; Manufacturing; Recreation; Wealth; Prohibition Montage;

Where Were You? Pt. 1 of 3

MPO Prods. Presented as a Public Service by Ford Motor Company

Introduction by man (Henry Ford Jr.?) behind desk explaining reasons for film - everyone should take a more active interest in political affairs , Ford Co. s desire to help local groups awaken political conscience of the public at large .

03:44:51 Musical sequence w/ car thru street of small town w/ loudspeakers & campaign banners Folks for Doakes . Townspeople watch it pass, from sidewalk & windows; kids run across playground to look. Cheesy tune playing re democracy.

03:46:13 Joseph Welch in library - declares to camera that he went to the polls & cast his vote against John Doakes - the way, where were you? - Titles.

03:46:44 Man at home watching election broadcast on television - presenter seen filling in wallchart w/ columns for candidates Doakes & Smith & districts - wife says it s a bore & he changes channel to western film while she paints her nails - interrupted by special bulletin on election w/ announcement of Doakes victory.

03:47:54 Victory celebrations at party headquarters w/ Doakes supporters singing For He s a Jolly Good Fellow & waving campaign flags - Doakes makes acceptance speech - I solemnly promise to the voters who elected me that I will consider my office a sacred trust - hugs wife.

03:48:41 Interviewer taking vox pops in street - people expressing indifference or surprise at Doakes victory - I m just on the outside looking in - there was hardly any choice etc. Flashback to start of Doakes campaign eight months earlier. Party chiefs at caucus / meeting, decide on slogan & debate choice of candidate. Cut to presenter Jseph Welch explaining Caucus process to camera - many people forfeited valuable priviledge in not exercising right of attendance at meeting - first step of Doakes career made possible by political ignorance of the voters.

Politics. Voting. Democratic Process. Local Government. 1950s. Democracy; Elections; Stereotype

Introducing Germany Pt 2 of 2

Series: The Atlantic Community

Ruined church. Berlin reconstruction, modern buildings; building site w/ men at work by damaged church. Road construction. Monument. Plane takes off over camera.

01:34:34 Ruhr - hjeavy Industry & factories w/ smoking chimneys. Miners, workers, into mine as others exit; Workers on bicycles. Interior factory floor; employees w/ managers. Train carrying coal? Steel mill & other heavy industries. Machines & machine operators.

01:36:22 22-23Oct54 Signing of Paris Agreement w/ Adenauer signing. SHAPE Military ceremony. NATO air base in Germany. Fighter pilots from England, West Germany, USA, France & Italy by plane. Flight exercises. Plane in flight (good) & aerial. Newly-built crèche w/ women gardening outdoors. New primary school interior w/ art displayed & classroom activity w/ girl at blackboard.

01:38:39 Berlin Free University exterior - sign Henry Ford building . Students on steps. University hall & lecture theatre w/ students.

01:39:16 Munich - German museum ext & int. Children look at statues of great men in memorial hall. Kids play w/ machine displays or exhibits. Otto Hahn plaque & laboratory corner re atomic discoveries.

01:40:24 Muenster modern theatre exterior; poster advertising play by Paul Claudel. Art school students in class.

01:41:48 Medieval town - Bamberg cathedral exterior & interior with statues.

Boy on town square looks at NATO Air Force exercises w/ aerobatics. Boy runs down steps & village street.

Good quality - well shot Post-WWII Propaganda; Tourism; Tourists; 1950s German Daily Life;

On Impact

An MCI Production by Sturgis-Grant for American Medical Association / Ford Motor Co.

Pre-title sequence - car driving too fast at night - headlights towards camera, traffic light changing, car heard screeching to a halt & crashing. Titles w/ dramatic music over shots of car accident scene - casualties loaded into ambulance - VO what you just heard were two accidents. The first was a car crashing into an object; the second was the car s occupants being thrown against parts of the car s s this accident inside an accident that causes human injuries... Ambulance en route to hospital.

13:02:00 CU telephone ringing - doctor out of house & into car. INT operating theatre scene w/ superimposed statistics of US car accidents - 38,000 Fatalities; 1,250,000 Injuries.

13:02:47 Dr. Harris outside house morning after accident - drives to AMA Annual Convention - road sign Chicago - Speed Limit 35mph . EXT convention venue - CU sign American Medical Association . INT doctor into convention hall - looks at exhibit re car accidents & attends lecture. Doctor Harris taken round convention floor by John O Moore, Director of Crash Injury Research at Cornell University Medical College - - meet Army lieutenant who tells them impact of motor vehicle accidents on personnel levels - Indiana State Police Sergeant explains crash injury reports - CU diagram of human body used for report. O Moore shows Dr Harris graph & diagram.

13:06:41 EXT Crash test dummy loaded into car. INT laboratory tests of new steering wheel design & padded instrument panel. EXT CU two crash test dummies secured in front seats, only one w/ seatbelt; car along test track, crashes into another car - seen again in slow-motion & from inside car. Crash test into barrier. Technicians & press climb over barriers to examine wreckage.

13:08:28 Cut back to convention hall - sergeant shows Dr Harris new safety measures for inside cars. Harris meets Dr Fletcher Woodward, Chairman of AMA s committee on reduction of car accidents - wall charts re nervous & cardiovascular systems, drugs & special senses. Medical symposium in lecture theatre - list of 11 papers presented on rolling title.

13:11:28 Sign Passenger Car Safety - Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich. - industry display. Extract of Henry Ford II making speech - ...all of the pioneer safety features developed by Ford Motor Company...are to be made available to any automobile company that wants them . Moore to camera re reduction in severe injuries as a result of safety features - if we could suddenly equip all of the 50 million vehicles with these five devices...we could expect to reduce by one third the crash injuries we see... .

13:14:05 Travelling shot from open-top car along road. Driver pulls up outisde suburban house, two young kids run out to greet him.

Road Safety. Automobile Industry. Car Crashes - Deaths. 1950s.

Portrait of a City Pt. 2 of 2

Pleasure boats on river, city in BG. Aerial view Ford River Rouge plant at Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Rotunda exhibit hall. Detroit Institute of Art, INT visitors looking at oil paintings VO: Detroiters appreciate those things that enrich the mind and the spirit .

10:43:22 Cranbrook Cultural Center in Bloomfield Hills - fountains in garden. Christchurch Cranbrook - bells heard. Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn & display of historical cars. Small paddle steamer on river.

10:44:11 Menlo Park laboratory building where Edison lit first electric light, transported to Greenfield from New Jersey. Various other preserved historic structures inc. McGuffy Schoolhouse & early Lincoln court house. Charity fundraising. Henry Ford Hospital. INT elementary school classroom. University of Detroit & Wayne State University campuses - modern architecture.

10:45:45 Car along highway w/ tracking shot as car passes sign to Detroit. Fly fishing scenes outside city. Man & woman hunting in snowy woodland wearing red flannel & dungarees. Golfers. Detroit Tigers stadium - baseball game in progress. High shot Detroit Lions football game. Olympia Arena - ice hockey game; boxing match; Detroit Pistons basketball team.

10:47:20 Man rowing woman in canoe. Family eating picnic. Flowers in park & greenhouse at Belle Isle. Car across bridge to island - view across water to city. River Rouge Park - tennis - ice skating - toboggan slides. Speedboat racing on Detroit River. International Tug Boat Race. Yachting. Municipal Zoo.

10:49:07 Salt mine under Detroit - heavy machinery.

10:49:23 POV past mansions on Lakeshore Drive & Grosse Point. New homes in suburbs. Various churches & cathedrals, churchgoers arriving. Travelling shot from boat along waterfront showing new Civic Center complex w/ skyscrapers behind. Cobo Hall - cars parked on roof.

10:51:02 Car convention - new cars on turntables. Various parking. Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium. City County Building; Spirit of Detroit sculpture at entrance. Aerials Detroit w/ increasingly hyperbolic commentary.

Travelogues; Tourism; Promotional Films; Automobile Industry; City Guides; Sports; History; Recreation;

Theme Parks; 1960s Americana;

Note: Occasional printer ride due to print shrinkage.

White House Spotlight

Ext. views White House. JFK walking on White House grounds with Prime Minister Nehru of India. Sightseers peer in through White House gates. Press corps. JFK and Nehru shake hands.

15:22:48 - Jackie Kennedy buying first Christmas Seals to launch fund drive against epidemic diseases.

15:23:05 - 25 Years Ago Today - Henry Ford at Greenfield Village School - partial

The Rouge Pt 1 of 3

Ford Motor Company

Documentary on the Ford River Rouge car plant, Dearborn, Michigan. Montage of industrial steel making scenes: molten steel poured, sparks flying, automatic machinery in action etc. Workes in CU.

07:01:47 Titles over silhouette of River Rouge plant.

07:02:10 Stream thru Michigan countryside, widens into river. Etchings & paintings of early French settlers - still Henry Ford as young man. Ford s mansion Fairlane on riverbank. Map of Ford s land in Dearborn. Ford Rouge plant, 1962 views across river & aerial.

07:03:32 Illustrted map of world showing Dearborn s links to other countries.

07:03:39 Scenes of plant complex: staff bus - Ford vehicle past building w/ sign Safety Is Everybody s Business . Workers car parking lot outside main building. Railroad & elevated; worker having medical check up; fire truck w/ siren past Safety... sign. Large generators in power plant & control room.

07:05:11 Conveyors carrying parts, iron ore unloaded from cargo ships at docks into storage bins. CUs coal & coke samples w/ lab technicians.

07:06:05 Rouge coke ovens: flames & black smoke a coke doused w/ water to prevent coal being over-burned as its pushed into moving rail cars. Pan across three tall blast furnace structures, skips up conveyor. Workers inside smelting iron - liquid iron tapped from furnace into trough & to opening in floor where fed into torpedo-shaped insulated railway cars to move to open hearth furnace. Scrap into furnace; limestone added to molten iron from blast furnace. Steel tapped w/ dynamite, steel into ladle & bags of alloy material are added. Impurities or slag drained off from surface; crane carries ladle of steel to ingot moulds & poured.

07:09:55 Cooled and hardened, then re-heated in soaking pits & ready for converting to sizes for automobile manufacture. 5-ton ingot lifted out of mould ready for shaping.

American Automobile Industry; 1960s; Manufacturing; Educational Film; Promotional Film;

Debrief Apollo 8 - introduction - Three Reels

Spectacular launch Apollo 8

Reel two

MOCR room - AV communications ship and aircraft: Computers: Huge radar dishes: MOCR: SOF Henry Ford commenting on conquest of space,

Sun - explosions from suns surface: Sun spot and solar flare activity monitored ( SPAN ) computers and telescopes: First television shot of earth from space and interiors spacecraft:

Thomas J Watson Jnr ( Chairman IBM ) V/o re space race: Computer wheels turning: V/o Dr Ralph Bunch re space travel over shots of moon:

Christmas Eve - night shots street scenes - neon lights, xmas trees, shop windows - moving news flash / zip re Apollo 8: Newspapers - v/o Bob Hope comments on space flight:

Surface of the moon - long tracking shots: Interiors space capsule v/o Dr Leo Goldberg re importance of space mission:

NASA - Debrief Apollo 8 - Introduction [Part 2]

VS mission control room - flight controllers at consoles. AV communications ship and aircraft. Huge radar dishes. Mission control - men on telephones - VO Henry Ford commenting on conquest of space.

14:06:03 Sun - explosions from sun s surface. Sun spot and solar flare activity monitored by SPAN - computers and telescopes.

14:06:54 First television shot of earth from space; interiors spacecraft; miles from earth counter.

14:07:46 Thomas J Watson Jnr, Chairman of IBM, VO re space race. CU computer reels turning. VO Dr Ralph Bunch of UN re space travel over shots of moon.

14:09:25 Christmas Eve - night shots street scenes - neon lights, xmas trees, shop windows - moving news flash / zip re Apollo 8 - Newspapers - VO Bob Hope comments on space flight. Surface of the moon - long tracking shots.

14:13:14 Interiors space capsule w/ VO astronomer Dr Leo Goldberg re importance of space mission - asrtonaut carrying out repair inside module.

Space Race.

Ford Stock Footage Part 4 - Henry Ford II

(Cars / autos)

Ford Escort drives up and Henry Ford II exits car. Ford says Damn nice car .