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Great Depression Great Depression Great Depression
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Archival film footage on The Great Depression from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Pt. 1 of 2 Deals with social change - labour laws from 1900 thru WWI and 1920s.

4Mar1913 - Military parade on wide Pennsylvania avenue, high angle, people on roofs watch.

09:06:55 President Taft in office signs document, CU of pen on paper. Early NYC traffic scenes - some horse drawn; pedestrians, crowded streets w/ hansom cabs, buses.

09:07:25 Main title: Challenge Of Change

09:07:56 Montage labor, women winding coils; men w/ molten metal. Recent coal mining. Turn of century women at time clock. POV Westinghouse floor from crane. Immigrants off Ellis Island boat w/ luggage. Statue of Liberty. Brief montage, working conditions. POV past street vendors, carts.

09:08:35 MCU Samuel Gompers. Drawing - soldiers shooting crowd, labor violence, social upheaval. CU sign: Department of Labor.

09:08;58 Staged: Man takes books out of horse-drawn carriage into offices, men at desks.

09:09:20 Photo: Archduke Ferdinand w/ wife, spinning newspaper w/ assassination headline. Large artillery firing. Headline Lusitania sunk by sub , Wilson & headline US declares War! . Troops in front of Capitol & headline Yanks are coming! .

09:09:39 Battle scenes. Soldiers out of trenches, over the top, explosions, planes, tanks.

09:09:56 Men in office. Women textile & other factory workers; trade union parade, crowds celebrate WWI armistice, sailors dancing, flag waving, troop ship returning, soldiers off.

09:10:52 Man at job interview. Montage: cotton-picking. sewing factory, steel mill. 1920s baseball w/ Babe Ruth running, wing walker on Avery bi-plane, Black jazz musicians, Charleston dancers, city neon lights, flagpole sitter, sewing factory, night club & tuxedos, dance marathon. Gangsters car headlights, gun firing. 09:11:39 Lindbergh (?) into plane, takes off. Tickertape parade, CU Lindbergh at microphone.

09:11:53 Wall Street stock exchange. CU money counted by bank cashier. Union Riots. Stills child labor.

09:12:22 Automobile assembly, production lines. Cars out of factory. Babe Ruth to home plate. 1930s women at adding machines, male supervisor. Board room meeting. Garment factory, sewing. CU men at metal working machines.

09:13:14 Stock exchange scenes.

09:13:24 Biplane stunt flying into plywood wall. Depression soup kitchen on street. Staged: banks closed, lines waiting. Deserted industrial areas.

09:14:03 POV thru ghetto street market; breadline, old woman served. Poor kids skip rope. President Roosevelt inauguration w/ sd. Poor family eating outside with 9 children. Continued....

Poverty; Industrialisation; Depression; Economics; Workers; American Labor History;

NOTE: Brief shots useful for montages.

Continued... Office w/ women working at desks, secretaries, typists; typewriting, adding machines.

09:15:05 Men eating outside building at soup kitchen; others past buckets of soup, coffee, woman at bucket w/ spoon.

09:15:18 FDR signs National Social Security Act w/ VIPs watching. Montage deprived & unemployed; children.

09:15:33 Capitol dome framed w/ tree branches.

09:15:41 Coal miners into tunnel, superimposed titles: Social Security Act; Wage and Hour Act.

Car manufacturing, welding. Hooverville w/ rural poor family in makeshift house, beds outside/ superimposed title: Unemployment compensation.

09:16:06 Laborers, superimposed title: 8 Hour day. Dirty working children group photo & superimposed title; Outlaw Child Labor. Exterior factory w/ smoking chimneys & title; Wagner Act. Men in street with Strike signs around neck picketing.

09:16:33 Staged: Businessmen meeting around table.

Poverty; Industrialisation; Depression; Economics; Workers; American Labor History;

NOTE: Brief shots useful for montages.

[Misc. USSR - Red Army Out Of Korea - Famine - Parades - Stalin s Mother]

Excerpts w/ English narration. Russian troops withdrawing from North Korea - Korean civilians wave them off - soldiers packed onto train waving flowers. Mao out of train in Moscow? - greeted by Molotov.

00:49:47 Burning of Brest-Litovsk, Belarus [WWI ?] - troops through smoke on horseback - civilians w/ horsedrawn carriages - houses on fire [shots repeated].

00:51:20 Short sequences vars Russian personalities incl. Lenin & Trotsky making speeches.

00:52:15 Beggar / woman trying to sell underwear - street scenes - shoppers look in windows - trams. - street market.

00:53:04 Depression / Famine scenes - men on street corners - beggars. Busy market.

00:53:49 Various Stalin - parades & meetings - inc. huge inflatable? Stalin head unfurled & carried aloft by balloon - Stalin & Voroshilov look up. Another parade w/ Stalin banners. Stalin, Molotov et al wave from top of mausoleum - anti-Trotsky cartoon banners in crowd - top shot Red Square. 20th anniversary parade 38.

00:55:22 Georgia - Stalin s mother Ekaterina Geladze walks down steps of palace in Tbilisi. Old man who was formerly a prince & wine grower. Vars old Georgian men - VO re wine of region.

00:56:24 Crowds at railway station - hurry along platform towards camera. Women & children walk away from camp where men watch behind barbed wire.

00:56:53 Women working at teletype machines & telephone exchange.

00:57:12 Meeting - men seated round table.

00:57:28 Stalin looking younger w/ Molotov & Kalinin; later shot of Stalin & Molotov waving from platform.

00:57:36 Early shots of soldiers on horseback & marching w/ rifles. Trotsky salutes w/ flag.

Russia / Georgia / USSR. Communist Party. Poverty.

WWI - Sieg im Westen R1 of 12

SUMMARY: Introductory Title: "Forward To The Decision".

05:06:19 Montage, Stereotyped teutonic Nazi German troops take oath of allegiance to Hitler. Cathedral; Rhine, Cologne Cathedral. Animated map German Frontiers in Bismark's time. Shots - Danzig Harbor. Montage, interior & exterior scenes of Ruhr industrial area; mine underground shots; exterior shots; Hamburg Harbor.

05:07:36 Two German soldiers in pre-WWI uniforms on honour duty as sentries. German Pre-WWI 1914 Naval vessels.

05:07:44 Animated map shows extent of World War I fighting beyond Germans's borders and ending with presentation of situation on November 9th, 1918. WWI fighting. Animation, 4 1/2 years of WW I fighting.

05:08:36 CU Hindenburg & Ludendorff at headquarters (brief). WWI Explosions. CU, signatures in Versailles Treaty (brief).

05:09:04 Animated map, creation of Polish Corridor. Demilitarization& disarmament activities of German factory areas. Hundreds of WW I type German fighter planes dismantled & wrecked.

05:09:34 Strike riots & communists in street fights in front of Brandenburg Gate. SEQ, French occupation of Ruhr area.

05:10:06 Montage, all types of German inflation money. Hunger - Berlin food riots. Depression

Very early CU of Hitler. SEQ, Scenes from Nurnberg "Peace" Congress. Ext, storm troopers in regomental parade formations. CU General Von Seeckt reviews parade of Reichswehr. SEQ, Guard regiments, infantry and artillery in Potsdam. German military build up.

05:11:04 Hindenburg reviews Reichswehr parade.

05:11:21 SEQ, German Army uses weapons made of cardboard in maneuvers.

05:11:41 Torchlight parade. Hitler begins construction, mining, factories & interiors. Medium CU, Laval. SEQ, Promulgation of new German Constitution in the Garrison Church of Potsdam with Hindenburg, Hitler, Papen, in March of 1933. Also parade scenes of same day. Newly created Nazi Labour Corps - industrial shots. Building autobahn highway.

1920s; 1930s Germany; Early Nazi Party; German History;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

War Comes To America Reel 3 - Compilation film.

Compilation film. Brief shots 1940s American way of life - AV clover leaf highways - construction - housing - people going to and leaving work - crowds - pedestrians. People going into church - interiors church service. Traffic - beach. Bodies.

12:01:37 1917 - World War One - Big guns firing - soldiers in trenches - over the top. Aircraft and tanks.

12:01:58 Armistice day Nov 11th 1918 - crowds celebrate in New York. Naval ships blown up - graphic re reduction of military strength. Brief establishing shots Europe and Asia.

12:02:30 1931 Japanese play baseball. Map Manchuria. Japan invasion. Washington - Capitol - Sec. of State Stimson superimposed on newspaper denouces Japans invasion.

12:03:18 Bonus March on Washington - depression - gangsters - dustbowl.

12:03:39 1933 High school graduation - man reading paper re Hitler in power. Night shots Hitler watches military display - Day - Nuremberg rally.

12:04:32 1935 Graduation ball - man reads paper re Mussolini attacks Ethiopia. Italian aircraft bombing. Haile Selassie - battle scenes. Capitol Sen Hiram Johnson in congress - we want no war . Newspaper re Neutrality act.

12;05;25 1936 Young men with first car. Interior cinema - newsreel re Civil War in Spain - German and Italian planes bombing - battle scenes - civilians injured - many children. Franco meets with Hitler.

12:06;20 Exterior American Institute of Public Opinion - Gallup poll - men in office - brief shots American people interviewed. Exterior Capitol - interior Congress - cash and carry ammendment to neutrality act. animated map.

12:07:07 1937. Brief shot news room.

The Story With Two Endings

20th Century Fox Dir. Lee Strasberg

Staged. WWII Troopship boarding - wives cheering, waving - kisses.

01:24:48 Book - pages open at chapter one & flicked over to The End ? Returning ship in NYC harbor.

1918 - Printing press - newspaper headlines Armistice - end of WWI celebrations - crowds - troops marching parade.

01:25:30 1920 Car factory, stock market & ticker tapes. Crowds of women in hats into department store. Shopping for clothes - crowds like sale scrum. Brief shots agriculture & industry. Prices go up in shops. Warehouse & factory. Warehouses overstocked with goods. Closed factories, unemployment, depression. Grocery shop closes down. Shoopping. Rural scene - farmer w/ equipment - notice Sheriff s Sale - bankruptcy. Deserted railyards. Coal mine closed - sign No Men wanted. Flashback end WWI & montage shots to show economic problems after war.

01:2?:00 WWII Military marching (brief shots). Crowds of men going to work in factory - shoppers in department store - factory with smoking chimneys - combine harvester -

01:28:25 Beach & fairground scenes - happy people. Split screen showing economic disaster following WWI & what hopefully will happen after WWII

01:28:45 Mr Charles Trowbridge (?) speaks to camera re importance of stable prices after the war. Graphic shows cost of living.

01:30:28 Continues speaking over brief shot of woman in butcher s shop. Montage: people enjoying themselves: beach, kids playground, tennis, cinema. Queue for War Bonds, men to work, woman shopping in small self service grocery store w/ ration book.

01:31:59 Military marching. Montage of 20s depression & contemporary wealth.

Post-WWII Planning; Economics; Economy; Americana; Back to work;

Industrial Landscape and Poverty

CU train wheels on track. View of locomotive.

Crowd in street cheering and waving. People in tenement window sills looking out.

05:37:40 - A team of about twenty mules pulling a combine across a field.

A horse pulled tram in a city. A hand driven plow going through soil. Pan across field to house in the country. CU graves in cemetary. Massachusetts. New England church with steeple. Boy walking into barn with dog. Men owrking with fire and hoop - blacksmith, bellows, CU fire. Banging on hot metal with hammer. Pouring hot metal in factory setting. Fire and sparks. Welding in factory setting. Cascades of sparks and fire. Excellent CUs of molten metal. Train pulling into smog factory area. Smoke everywhere. True industrial hell visuals of steaming slag heaps, endless smoke, streams of molten metal like lava, and endless pipes belching smoke and soot. Industrial revolution. LS of town that surrounds polluting factory complex. VS of worker houses in town and people going to work, children playing in the slums, playing on railroad tracks, laundry drying in the back yards, gathering coal, working manual water wells, washing in a pan, cooking on a coal stove. VS of people both black and white in poverty. More landscape shots of incredible industrial hell. Poverty. Industrialization. Depression

Mayor Jimmy Walker

VIPS congratulate Jimmy Walker on stage in front of several USA flags at Tammany Hall after Walker s victory.

20:00:23 Walker at desk in office w/ assistants & papers. LS crowd outside New York City Hall. Mayor Walker exits w/ King Prajadhipok of Siam & wife. Walker with Governor of New Jersey. Walker w/ Channel swimmer Getrude Ederle.

20:01:19 Depression, men walk in front of billboard: Jobless Men Keep Going - We Can t Take Care of Our Own. Closed factory buildings. Man speaking from porch w/ unemployed around him, auctioning men for labor. Man handing over cash to another who cries.

20:01:48 Demonstration march against unemployment, evictions many women in parade.

20:02:06 Boston Mayor James Curley in top coat poses, tips hat. Leads symbolic funeral parade to bury the Depression w/ coffin on top of ??. Sign on side: The General D. Presson - Buy - Spend - Now.

20:02:28 ? hands out food baskets for the needy in Chicago.

20:02:43 New York - Beer parade, mass marching bands, Jimmy Walker in parade - speaking (MOS).

Celebrities; Celebrity; Unemployed; Royalty;

[Girl Works Telephone Switchboard in Illinois Coal Mine] [Title card missing] 23Nov29

Young woman working at telephone switchboard in a coal mining company; talking into a mouthpiece; a miner talking on the other end, putting the receiver down walks thru mine to a small electric rail car; he drives down track thru tunnel.

Title: Handles 300 phones and never gets a wrong number.

Girl at switchboard; miner s cart emerges from tunnel pulling cars. CU girl at switchboard; Female Emancipation; Odd Employment; Depression; Coal Industry;

Thrift In The Gay 90 s - Toy banks that helped to build modern fortunes shown in savings drive

11:08:01 Shelves of cast iron mechanical banks. MCU pan across. CU of Uncle Sam bank, man puts coin in his hand & pushes lever dropping coin into bank.

11:08:30 CU Eagle holding coin in bill drops into nest w/ chicks when handle moved. CU man puts coin into Black man s hand, hand moves into mouth. Man shoots coin into tree hole. Horseback rider falls & coin into ground. Clown holds hoop & dog w/ coin in mouth jumps thru & drops into barrel.

Saving Money; Savings Banks; Economy; Economics; Depression; Gags; Oddities; Toys; 1929; Collectors; Collections;

Burn 2,300 Squealers - Station F.I.R.E. takes toll of obsolete radio sets w/ith public bonfire

Large radios unloaded from truck; MCU showing electronic components. Men pile onto large pile. Boy pulls one out & runs (staged), people watching as man catches & takes him bac,. Large sign partially seen announcing bonfire. Fireman lighting; large flames w/ men watching.

Communications; Depression; Technology; 1929; 1920s;

A Better Pennsylvania

02:19:19 Montage of depression, unemployed, men go thru trash, sleep in doorways, food lines.

02:20:01 Montage: Steam whistle & men to work digging, smoke stacks working again, payday. Family with kids, milk, groceries, kids playground.

02:20:54 Residential street. repaired in Phillipsburg. Highway construction & widening w/ large equipment & men drilling & dynamiting rock. Sealing abandoned coal mines.

02:22:10 Philadelphia Museum of Art & WPA recontruction & restoration. Blacks working teaching handicraft. Boys doing landscaping project.

02:22:48 Women taught sewing; seamstresses. Garment workers; CU stitching.

02:23:10 Social workers visiting homes & crippled children. Children hospital & treatment; returning to home no longer crippled.

02:23:55 Aerial of plane & countryside; Pittsburgh airport construction by men & bulldozers. Building Harrisburg airport. Laying pipes. Aerial of Philadelphia airport construction at Hog Island w/ many workers. 02:25:03 Clearing mountain landing site, falling trees, dynamiting stumps, bulldozer working.

02;25:31 1936 flood scenes & cleanup (VERY GOOD). Flood control showing building dikes, deepening channel at York.

02:26:34 Construction of recreation areas. Fish hatchery constructed. Paramount Park in Philadelphia improved; Allentown park constructed. Kids fishing. Washington, Pennsylvania park. Nursery schools set up in Scranton; kids play and learn indoors & oudoors. Children eating, napping. The End.

Federal Works Project; WPA; Educational Propaganda; Quick Editing;

Apples Play Important Role in Providing for Temporary Relief.

Crates of apples handed out to unemployed from back of lorry. Car drives off with crates on back. Street scenes - jobless selling apples on street corners. Police handing out bags of apples. Mrs Oscar Hammerstein selling.


Franciscan Friars dole Nickels to Homeless and Hungry

Line of umenployed men queue - friar giving nickels to men as they file past him.


Jobless Seek Work for Board, Bed and 1$ a Week

Group of unemployed men wearing signs giving professions and hats saying $1 A Week.

Men wearing signs walking along street.


New York City Unemployed

Large line of unemployed men queue for bread line. Good shots men drinking hot tea from mugs and eating chunks of bread. Hoover ? handing out bread.


Starving Thousands Fill Bread Line in Unemployed Crisis

Queues of unemployed men given bread rolls and ? by priest. CU feet shuffling along. Group of unemployed men with newspaper.


Unemployed Storm City Bureau As 5000 Battle for 100 Jobs

Queues outside office - entering office - police supervise. Women lined up at counter of city office filling in forms. Line of men outside. Queue jumper taken away by policeman. Mounted police.


Vegetables for a Haircut

Barber patriot accepts produce and wheat to aid Farm Relief.

Line of men stand in queue outside barbers shop carrying sacks and baskets with farm produce to barter. Interior men getting haircut, others waiting.


Woods Begins Relief Work; Government To Aid Unemployed

MCU Woods, takes hat off. Good shots of NYC skyscraper construction - men clambering down girders very high up etc. Shipyard scenes - men at work - heavy machinery - welding; hull of ship under construction. Workers off large unfinished / unpainted? ship and along docks. Immigrants ?


Franciscan Friars Dole Nickels To Homeless & Hungry For Bed Or Bread

Unemployed men queue on street outside church; men file past friar on steps who hands out a nickel to each of them - men touch hats as they pass. Seen from vars angles.

Depression. Poverty. Charity.

'Help Wanted' Draws Crowds of Jobless to Work Agencies unemployed

1930. Crowds of pedestrians looking at job boards. CU tilt down cards. MCU of men. Men sitting on park bench reading papers. - unemployment, depression

[Pawn Shop & Medals]

1930. Tilt down from of loan shop. Men looking inside at medals with prices. CU of medals.

pawn shop


Nab Counterfeiters and Bogus-Money Plant in Quick Raid Toledo, Ohio 06Oct30

Men around desk with various CUs of counterfeiting equipment and forged banknotes & money; ink and printing press. Talking to men.

Treasury Department; Secret Service; Police; Depression; Criminal Occupation;

[Lipton s Shamrock V Sails For America s Cup Challenge (1930)

Gosport, Hampshire, England (?)

Sailboat leaving port past Camper & Nicholson Ltd. warehouse as many watch; undertow & sailing w/ two stack liner passing behind.

1930s; Depression; J- Class Boats; Wealthy Sportsmen; Wooden Sailing Yachts;

Coast Guard Nabs Rum Ship And 18,000 Bottles Of Liquor

San Francisco, California

Coast Guard Cutter alongside smaller wooden tug; gunnysacks unloaded. Man listing on clipboard. Man unwraps and holds for CU two bottles of Glenmore Bourbon Sour Mash Whiskey. Wagon loaded w/ bags of alcohol away from camera as revenue agents ride and people watch from outside fence.

Prohibition; Rum Running; Smuggling; Depression; Bootlegging; Black Market;

The President Receives! Mr & Mrs Hoover Keep Cool A Their Fishing Retreat In the... Mountains

Rapidan, Virginia

Herbert Hoover & wife walk across deck of log cabin in trees; past camera followed by dog. Posing above waterfall and sitting on deck in shade.

Presidential Retreats; Vacation; Second Home; Depression;

Title: Queen Calico Reigns! Indoor Modes Are Newest Wrinkle In Unique Kitchen Style Show.

22:06:31 Models posing in summer casual wear. Dresses, shorts, aprons, Two laughing at doing dishes in brightly printed aprons. Two others beside stove eating cookies (?). Two in front of cupboard w/ doors open & getting out food. One opens bottle, pours in pitcher. Three others pose while mixing baking goods.

1930; Fashion Show; Seasonal Clothes; Oddities; 1930s; Depression; Kitchen Houseware;

Title: Take Matrimonial Plunge in Swimming Pool Ceremonial

22:20:04 Young girls in swimming suits leading older bride & bridesmaids along walkway beside large fountain & pool. Bride & bridesmaids follow groom into pool. Reverend on raft reading wedding vows. MU of couples; swimmers watching. Bride & groom walk in water toward camera.

1930 Promotion; Oddities; Depression; Gags;

Toldeo, Ohio - Banks transfer $10,000,000! - Heavy guard attends cross-street big dough shipment

11:31:38 CU hand putting loose coins into bags. Tilt down shelf of The Security Savings Bank & Trust Co. canvas bags of money.

11:31:50 MCU bundles of $1 & $2 bills. Woman passing bills to man in bank safe / vault. Overhead shot of men crossing street w/ arms of money, watched by police w/ shotguns. Street level moving cart across street; women carry bundles of money followed by policemen.

Oddities; Economics; Moving Day; Banking; Depression; 1930;

Homeless Blacks in Tent City

Crowd of black people by side of road with all of their belongings piled. Moving shot past tent cities of homeless. People warming themselves by burning barrels. Cooking dinner

Poverty. Depression.

A Better West Virginia

Montage depression - closed factories - jobless / unemployed. Better times - montage workers - happy families - land of plenty. Smoking factory chimneys. Construction of Tri-County airport at Clarksburg. Sealing of abandoned mines to prevent pollution. Construction of retaining wall in Morgantown to prevent earth erosion/ subsidence. Construction of unit at Morris Memorial Hospital for Crippled Children. Kids in cots suffering from infantile paralysis. Construction of building in Huntingdon. Gymnasium at Fairview High School Assembly hall for 4-H camp at Jacksons Mill. Swimming pools - people diving etc. Sewing room, women make garments for needy families. Nursery school - small black child in bath tub. Children playing in yard.

09:19:36 men breaking rocks for roadbuilding. Cars along road through rural area. Post office at Helvetia - small town. Old woman sitting churning butter outside farmhouse. Cheese. Tourist spot - Seneca Rocks ? mountains. Germany Valley.

09:20:38 Work of the Conservation Commission - Fish hatchery in Morgan County - fish added. Young women feed deer for restocking of forests.

09:21:03 Charleston - bridge replaced by WPA. Rail crossing improved - steam train.

09:21:42 Floods of 1936

09:22:00 Flood resoration programme - bridge being rebuilt over Potomac near Peterburg. Flood walls and dykes.

09:22:31 Public Improvements - Mercer County Industrial Park - log houses - sort of collective farm.

09:23:08 Camp Fairchance in Boon County. Orphans / institutionalised children now living in happy community conditions. Children getting out of bunk beds - eating at long tables. Young girls sewing. Children playing - swimming - marching behind band - trumpeter on tower as Stars and Stripes lowered.

Father Divine Vendor Making Ices

Peanut Stall - Ice cream stall - Black children waiting while cone being made. Sign Peace and Love on barrow.


Herbert Hoover - selected scenes

Hoover and wife in gardens meeting with military / naval officers and veterans, many disabled in wheelchairs. Good shot exterior Capitol. Intervior - Hoover at desk surrounded by men as he signs ?

Hoover fly fishing / angling. Hoover and wife sitting in gardens, she knitting.

Convention ? - crowds. With Lindbergh / Admiral Byrd / Coolidge campaigning. Battleship with sailors at stations on all decks. Hoover seated on deck. Navy Day ? Parades - banner of Hoover - Iowa welcomes you.

Crowds lining street - ticker-tape parade. Demonstration - Lorry with jobless - sign on side Hoovers Farm Relief - First Closure then this . Another sign In Hoover we trusted - Now We re Busted . Convention hall, crowds cheering and waving flags. Exterior Capitol. Hoover, wife and group of VIPs down steps and into waiting cars.


[Police raid slum - Hooverville]

Policemen inspect inside several houses. The slum-dwellers come out as police inspect. Policemen and hobos walking on train track Several men are led out of house by police.

05:26:55 Inspection station at border - cars checked. Signs re inspection station.


[Depression - Unemployment Need Demonstration, Union Square]

Shot for Acme Theatre. Sign Unemployment Relief Demonstration on Union Square; Daily Worker Newspaper held up. Crowd with speaker at Union Square. Pan over men, police on horseback in background. MCU of workers listening. Marchers with placards arrive. High angle & street level re Unemployment needs. MCU faces, police crowd control. 'Answer Bank Holiday with Rent Holiday'. Women & Young people marching. March was to City Hall to demand trucks for trip to Washington DC.

[Midwest Drought]

WPA (Works Project Administration) action against famine caused by drought in Midwest.

Men clearing debris.

Western plains afflicted by drought. Clouds of dust obscure landscape. Woman and child in dust storm. Rural family brings home sacks of supplies provided by government agency. Children examined by WPA nurses in white uniforms.

Convoy of horse-drawn ploughs and other instruments, refugee farmers. Building dam to conserve future rainfall, destitute farmers employed on project.

Famine. Rural poverty. Depression.


Before the Day - Excerpt

Office. Salvation Army & breadlines w/ food distribution, outdoors with van and people queuing, many Black. Some soldiers. Man buying apple from unemployed man in coat at curb.

00:46:06 Pan of Social Security office with rows of secretaries. Man w/ several children in front of row house, talks w/ crippled girl on doorstep. CU two old men. Blind man w/ dog crosses street. Mother dresses small child near bathtub. Disabled man w/ hooks instead of hands uses typewriter. Homeless man sleeps on pavement. Various CU poor people.

00:46:57 Window Employment Service. Inside automobile factory. Workers outdoors on construction site or quarry(?). Men throwing rivets on dam project. Streamline trains in & out of city. Man & woman picnic under tree. Top shot & brief tracking shot Library of Congress reading room.

00:47:41 Oklahoma land Rush. Wagons assembled & race after as Cavalry man sounds trumpet signal. Pounding stump. CU plowing sod w/ horse. Large field, farmer or pioneer. CU grains harvested. Felling trees for timber by hand. Steam train passes. Panning for gold. Digging the earth. Cattle drive. Wagon train & pioneers past. Cowboy on horseback. Aerial view cattle in wilderness, skyline w/ steam train trail.

00:49:11 Montage: sign: Wall Street . Office, tickertape machine falls to floor, newspaper headlines re stock market crash. Traders on floor active. Man in street with sign Unemployed will take any job . Man gives money to newspaper boy. Deserted farm. Farmer s children on back of Okie s wagon leaving. Deserted land, dead trees. Dustbowl shots. Family outside tent w/ baby, watch cars going past. Insect on cracked parched earth. Congress, top shot.

Poverty; Depression; Aid Programs; FDR New Deal; 1930s;

We Work Again

Works Project Administration WPA

Education and employment - film aimed at Black people.

Despondent black men sitting or lying in street and doorsteps, idle. Blacks talking. In front of employment agency. Looking at goods outside shop. Men & women wait in breadline, CU sad faces in queue. Same people working in factory, teaching school, typing, playing accordion, painting, laying bricks, in kitchen - all smiling.

11:18:36 Men going to construction office, leave laughing. Working at Bolling Field near Washington DC excavating, digging, shovelling. NYC demoliton of tenaments. Various shots around building site in Harlem. Colonial Park, Harlem swimming pool for Black people. Diving, jumping into water; injured boy tended by nurse & man in uniform. Children play in wading pool, in playground area, seesaw or teeter-totter, swings, climbing jungle gym frames, toddler on swing. Blacks in classroom, school cafeteria or canteen refectory with children eating. Children in line given medicine by nurse. Kids sleeping or napping on rows of beds.

11:21:45 Adult education class teaching literacy. Black women at desk writing as teacher writes on blackboard. Well-dressed young adults in classroom at desk with teacher in suit, blackboard & maps.

Children at workshop. Secretaries filing, typing. Draftsmen and women drawing, kitchen workers prepare food, chambermaid make bed in hotel w/ folded corners. Woman in nurse uniform demonstrates infant care with doll. Sick woman in hospital brought dinner on tray.

11:24:09 Clothes factory floor (incl. white women), folding linen with white man, sewing.

Segregation; Racism; Depression; Labor Projects; Negros; Teaching; Instruction; Garment Industry; Manufacturing

Handles For Dogs The Newest Idea In Pet Protection

New fashion accessory. Woman straps handles around small dogs, women carry them across street like a handbag, policeman watches. Woman out of Cord automobile carrying dachsund w/ handle towards hat shop. Group of four women walking their small dogs along boardwalk, all pick them up when woman walking Borzoi or elkhound approaches & walks past.

Oddities; Gags; Stunts; Inventions; Wealthy; Depression;

[Paul van Zeeland Speaking in English; Leon Degrelle Speaking in French]

MCU SOF in English.

06:40:51 Wall of election & other posters w/ good 1930s graphics. Large square & parade of large paper mache figures of Lenin & van Zeeland w/ large life-size hand-puppets . Men driving small cars w/ election posters for Van Zeeland. Street scenes. Catholic priest walks past. Men voting. Ballots stamped. Crowded street scenes. Woman shouting. Two men fighting on cobblestone street.

06:41:38 Leon Degrelle speaks (SOF) in French. Leader of Rexist Party (Fascist) supported by Mussolini & Hitler.

06:42:37 People listen to him on balcony (MOS).

06:42:46 1937 van Zeeland outside home (very large mansion). Speaks & reads to camera in English (SOF) says Belgium has overcome the Depression...

Politics; Elections; 1930s;

[Billiard Champion Jimmy Caras]

Various shots Caras playing game of pool. Clears table, audience applaud, awarded medal?

10:11:05 Different man doing tricks w/ multiple cues & balls.

Sports; 1930s; Depression; Oddities; Gags;

[Longshoremen s Labor Strike, 1930s]

Men fighting on street; World-Telegram newspaper truck leaving. Men watching fight. Policeman arrives.

23:24:34 Men leaving newspaper office, leafletting. Men reading, talking. Men in window looking down at street.

23:25:23 Men on street w/ leaflets & moving about. Man setting up microphone. Tilt up to sign: New York District Council International Longshoremens Assn. Men in window looking down. Men move into building.

23:26:20 Dockworkers picketing, on strike. Picket line w/ sandwich boards outside Old Dominion Steamship Line pier. Trucks past on.

23:27;13 View of Grace Line pier from water; 2-stack liner docked at next pier. Tug past; Empire State Building seen. Longer shot from water past piers. National Biscuit sign on building behind Grace Line pier.

Stevedores; Depression; New York City; Labor Unions; Waterfront;

NOTE: Probably 1934 strike.

[Longshoremen s Labor Strike, 1930s]

Men fighting on street; World-Telegram newspaper truck leaving. Men watching fight. Policeman arrives.

23:24:34 Men leaving newspaper office, leafletting. Men reading, talking. Men in window looking down at street.

23:25:23 Men on street w/ leaflets & moving about. Man setting up microphone. Tilt up to sign: New York District Council International Longshoremens Assn. Men in window looking down. Men move into building.

23:26:20 Dockworkers picketing, on strike. Picket line w/ sandwich boards outside Old Dominion Steamship Line pier. Trucks past on.

23:27;13 View of Grace Line pier from water; 2-stack liner docked at next pier. Tug past; Empire State Building seen. Longer shot from water past piers. National Biscuit sign on building behind Grace Line pier.

Stevedores; Depression; New York City; Labor Unions; Waterfront;

NOTE: Probably 1934 strike.

[Blindness Prevention]

Women repairing and rebinding books.

Children queue up by travelling library in rural area.

Public nursery, nurse bathing baby as mother looks on.

Workers making books and maps in braille for blind people, proof-reading by blind people.

Prevention of trachoma: Poor family in wooden hut in rural area. Clinic bus takes old lady and old men to hospital. Waiting room with patients waiting at clinic. Female nurse tests sight on little girl. Old men get eyes checked.

Warm Springs Foundation to cure children with infantile paralysis: Child lying on platform lowered into water.

Depression. Rural poverty


Abandoned Coke-dump yields Fuel for Needy - Thousands lay up free winter supply.

Coke heaps with men and women scavenging - digging out coal and putting into sacks. Children helping to dig.


Cares of Jobless Parents Eased by Free Child Feeding

Sign on building, Children s Shelter - queue / line of kids outside. Interior - stew into bowls, children getting plates and sitting at tables eating.


Sensational Grain Rise Aid Jobless As Flour Sales Rocket

Loading sacks of grain on train


Natives Hail End of Depression With Gay Prosperity Pageant

HA views of Cologne city square filled w/ people and flags on poles. Decorated carriage and floats move along street. Germans throw streamers from rooftops and balconies. People in costume follow parade. Couples dance at open windows of building. Man dressed as policeman on stilts towards and over camera.

Weary Depositors Await Re-opening of Stricken Banks

1931. Lines of people outside windows of banks. Reading newspapers. Lined up waiting. Sign on door. Crowds. Police directing them; holding them back as they rattle doors and gates. Crowds start to go in.

Depression - Economy Inflation

War Vets Swamp Bureau For Loans On New Bonus Law Plan (1931) Washington DC; New York City

Lines of men (Black & White) around block outside government building. Two men inside at printing machine & another at machine after checks (?) are cut.

06:02:42 Title: In New York

High angle w/ sidewalk filled w/ men waiting in line six or eight abreast. CU, some cover faces. Repeat of high angle w/ street traffic of cars and trolleys and crowded sidewalk of waiting men. Bonus Army; WWI Veterans; Depression; Unemployed;

15 Teams Start In 50th International Six-Day Bike Grind (1931) New York City

Bikes start off around banked wooden track. Overhead shot following them around, center of ring activities seen. Man eating sitting on mattress. Bikes racing past camera from various angles. Barber shaving man lying down on mattress. Spectators in grandstands or arena. Depression; Sports; Indoor Bicycle Racing; Marathon; Endurance;

Traveling Clinic Aids Children! - Teeth yanked and cavities filled in motor-bus dental parlor (1931)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nurse & dentist moving kids into bus; interior with kid getting out of chair past dentist & nurse. CU of four children sitting on running boards holding cheeks that have bandages wrapped around head--gag shot. Return to helping children inside, & interior of boy w/ bandage into dentist chair. Dentist w/ large needle giving anesthetic shot; pulling tooth. Boy spits and grins.

Medicine; Tooth-ache; Depression; Health;

[Hobo Jungle] (1931)

Men in shade beside stream; cutting hair, shacks for living. Around circle playing cards for vegetables, potatoes and carrots. Winner takes winnings and puts into stew pot over fire. Depression; Unemployed; Hooverville; Poverty;

[Capone s Soup Kitchen]

Soup kitchen set up by Al Capone, long line of men outside. Men eating & talking about how great it is to have a place to eat a hot meal. Men cheer man who makes statement. Two men outside talk to reporter.

10:26:55 Department of Public Welfare Dining Room feeding 3,000 per night. Shot of room of men eating.

10:27:12 Men in line for bath & bed.

Depression; Welfare; Unemployed; Hunger; Homeless;

[Capone s Soup Kitchen]

Soup kitchen set up by Al Capone, long line of men outside. Men eating & talking about how great it is to have a place to eat a hot meal. Men cheer man who makes statement. Two men outside talk to reporter.

07:26:53 Department of Public Welfare Dining Room feeding 3,000 per night. Shot of room of men eating.

07:27:10 Men in line for bath & bed.

Depression; Welfare; Unemployed; Hunger; Homeless;

[Silicosis Health Problems In Mining & Need For Government Relief Assistance]

One of worst industrial accidents in USA. Spring of 1931 5,000 men worked in tunnel to supply hydroelectic power to Union Carbide. Silica Quartz killed at least 764.

MS of man sitting beside woman & four children.

Charlie Jones speaks (SOF) about three sons who died of silicosis. He also has silicosis, can t find work & lives on $3.00 per week of Federal Relief.

08:19:53 Woman holding two small children says My husband, Cecil Jones, died of working in the Hawk s Nest & contracted silicosis & died. I was paid $1,000 for his death; and after the death, doctor bills was paid out of it & I was left destitute w/ two little children to take care of & no means whatsoever to support them, only $2/week I get from Federal Government & I hope Congress will make an investigation so that I will have somethng to live on.

08:20:32 Harold Mackatee (?) in CU ..I worked in the Hawk s Nest tunnel for 9 weeks, the dust was so bad I had to quick. I had a pain & my chest and the doctors say I have silicosis.

08:21:02 My name is Delbert Surgeon (sp?), I m 23 years old & worked in Hack Smith Tunnel for 4 months & each & every day I had to carry off 10 to 15 men overcome by the dust. And I know I have silicosis and can not afford medical treatment.

08:21:41 My name is Walter Kincaid & worked in the tunnel for 4 or 5 weeks...went to the doctor...told I have silicosis...and was told that any men who worked as much as 24 hours would not be alive in 15 years.

08:22:26 Int. of Doctor s Office (?): In recent years I have had considerable experience w/ silicosis; it is not a new & strange disease. It is caused by breathing air laden w/ mining particles of silica dust which induces a growth of scar tissue in the lungs. It exists only as an occupational disease, & has been identified w/ men & mining for centuries....the introduction of pneumatic tools for drilling, cutting & chipping of silica rock...

Public Health Disasters; 1930s Depression; Mines;

[Silicosis Health Problems In Mining & Need For Government Relief Assistance]

One of worst industrial accidents in USA. Spring of 1931 5,000 men worked in tunnel to supply hydroelectic power to Union Carbide. Silica Quartz killed at least 764.

Underpass entrance; interior of tunnel w/ lights visible. View out from inside. Dam spillway w/ water over it.

07:01:49 West Virginia town on hillside & river shore. Main street Esso service station, various car garages, CU sign: Doctor L.R. Harless hanging from building. Power plant. Looking down on entrance to tunnel. Interior of tunnel w/ dust in air seen against flares. Men moving into aquaduct w/ burning flares.

07:04:34 Man working on electric pump motor.

Public Health Disasters; 1930s Depression; Mines; Emphysema; Lungs; Breathing Problems; Medical; Environmental Disasters; Miners;

Immigration Chiefs Deport Trainload of Undesirable Aliens

Small boat along dock w/ train unloaded of deportees. Men & women, w/ suitcases & bundles past camera, police watching. Conductor helps two young girls off train. Too bad about the kids, but its a situation of the sins of the parents are visited on the children. CU woman holding young child. ...they made the mistake of being found out. Boarding boat to Ellis Island. Leaving dock w/ sun on water.

Anti-Communism; Anti-Unionism; 1930s; 1931; Depression; Families;

Flagpole-sitting Epidemic In Northwest! 7 Count 'em - 7 Compete For $500 Cash Prize

23:59:39 Festival w/ amusement rides & seven men in chairs on small platforms on seven different timber poles w/ crowd watching. Wave. Crowd watching w/ funhouse or rides behind at amusement park .

23:59:55 CU Man raising up large bottle of water on rope, CU drinks from jug. CU View from top of pole as another man washes, lake & homes seen behind. Other haul up box, package. CU reading mail & unpacking box. All wave.

Depression Stunts; 1930s; 1931; Loggers; Endurance Contest;

Weary Depositors Await Re-opening of Stricken Banks

Lines of people outside windows of banks reading newspapers; CU article & photo re economy problems closing of all banks, held up. Men in suits & hats reading.

00:00:55 Crowd waiting. Sign on Dresder Bank door: Closed by Emergency Law...

00:01:02 Large crowds waiting, police directing them; holding them back as they rattle doors and gates. Crowds start to go in.

1931; 1930s Germany; Depression Results; Economy Inflation; Economics; Bank Run; Debts; Loans;

NOTE: In 1931 the German government took over 90 percent of Dresdner to offset lack of necessary foreign capital to pay interest on its Capital loans.

Silk Mills Strikers Mix With Police In Furious Street Riot

High angle of pickets w/ placards marching down street, thru town. Street level, signs re unionization & joining.

00:15:28 High angle of large crowd at intersection; marchers thru middle. Men gathering placards. Police run in swinging long clubs. Beat man on ground w/ batons. Men run along sidewalk; police roughly pushing woman.

Depression; Factory Workers; Demonstrations; Demonstrators; Brutality; 1930s; 1931; Industrialization; Textile Industry;

Grateful Populace Repays Drouth Debt To Stricken Cities

11:38:59 Farmers in overalls putting sugar cane thru press powered by horse. Men w/ paddles stirring large steaming metal tub under cover. Children eating molasses (?) on sugar cane sticks.

11:39:16 Pan tall rows of corn, man tearing open ears on stalks.

11:39:26 MS Black farmer & family posing, gestures to large stack of cans, bottled fruit & vegetables & ducks on display on porch.

11:39:39 White farmers carry bushel baskets of fruit (?) across wide intersection followed by women, men w/ burlap bags over shoulders. Pan baskets & bags on ground w/ potatoes, watermelon.

11:39:56 Men loading squash into truck. Sign on side of truck: Food For Unemployed From England Ark and Community. Good Land & Good Folks.

11:40:09 Truck convoy thru small town main street.

1931; Depression; Agriculture; Unemployment; Food Aid; 1930s;

Dixie Planters Plan Cotton Ban In 1932 To Rescue industry

Blacks picking cotton, bags into road & dumped into piles; more picking & dumping. White harmer watches it weighed in burlap bundle & another records weight. Truck arrives & loaded.

11:57:51 Black boy sitting on pile of cotton w/ slice of enormous watermelon. Takes bites out of center.

Agriculture; Share-croppers; Sharecropping; 1931; Depression; Southern States; Ethnic Stereotype;

Local Businessmen s Help Your Neighbor Idea Aids Hundreds

14;18:14 City storefronts w/ ladders & men painting, pedestians past. MCU painters. Businessmen in topcoats & hats walking past, shaking hands.

1931 Depression; Propaganda; Self-Promotion Ideas; 1930s;

Philanthropist Pays Closed Bank s Debts To Child Depositors

Man w/ other men & women at desk on sidewalk outside bank; long line of children lined up down the street. Sign: Waldman s Furniture.

04:24:59 MS Man handing check to girl as others watch. Kids past camera; Franks Bros. Hardware sign. More activity at table in MS. MCU handing girl check. CU of white haired man.

04:25:27 Two boys & girl sit on step reading checks, smile to camera.

Depression; 1931; 1930s; Bank Failures; Ecoomics; Savings; Children;

Clark Walks Away With Bunion Title in Marathon Grind (Boston, 1931)

Heel & toe runners begin race past camera, scattered people watching. Kids pour water on walkers.

06:50:16 Winner thru crowd breaking tape. Kissing wife holding baby.

Sports; Depression; 1930s; National AAU Championship; Pep Clark; Oddities;

[Cars Ssliding on Icy Toledo, Ohio bridge]

Suspension bridge and many cars sliding around. Unemployed men shoveling sand, helping push cars. Car bounces up over high curb and turns around and slides backwards.

Depression; Winter Weather; Ice;


View over town market with stalls around sides. Women in blankets w/ large plaid stripes looking on, shopping & trading. MCU of faces. Multiple shots. Childen. Gag track referring to the announcer s loss in the stock market.

Depression; Agriculture; Farmers;

[Carpenter Makes Hats of Wood!]

Made in three minutes and sold for eleven cents. Man puts thin plywood over woman s head, folds then cuts and retfits. Shears pieces, paints and woman models finished hat. Does touching up and has wooden feather. Two women leave in wooden hats.

Gags; Fashion Oddities; Depression

[Night Club Revives Beef Trust ]

Fat chorus girls rehearse, kick, dance, exercise on stage. Seen from various angles. In costume performing on stage.

Oddities; Gag; Overweight; Physical Fitness; Depression; Chorus Line; Tastes;


Crowd in adobe stands w/ tiled roof, horses walked past. Several shots & pans over bettors lined up at betting windows. Crowd watching racetrack; horses in place on backstretch and running. Around turn toward camera and past for finish. Man tearing up ticket and walking away.

Legalized Gambling; Horse Racing Sport; Loser; Tourism; Depression

Poultry Marketing R5 of 5

US Department of Agriculture Inspector filling out form for chickens. Heavy crates weighted & stacked. Men brings chickens out by handsful & puts into crate on railcar.

14:17:35 West Washington Market w/ sidewalk activity under tin awnings. Trucks & vans. Pan onto side street & acivity. Two mounted police. Crates of live chickens moved on railroad dock.

14:18:57 Kosher chickens killed by shocket or rabbi standing in front of barrel w/ knives.

14:19:33 Hebrew intertitle. More killing.

14:19:50 Sign: Morris Bressler & Co. etc. in English & Hebrew. Woman buying chicken on sidewalk as two men watch. Clerk delivered killed & cleaned chicken.

14:20:38 Chart of US Government Standards for dressed chickens. Turning pages of regulations. Inspectors working over pile of dead, cleaned chickens. Stamping grade on back of chicken. Brief shot of 3-stack liner. The End

Depression; Shopping; Meat; Government Propaganda; Jewish Religion; Dietary Laws; 1930s;

Cockney Porters Hold Annual Baset Run! Bill Sparks Again Victor In Close Race

Men stacking wicker baskets & try to balance on heads, some fall. Man walks off w/ tall stack, others follow. Baskets fall crossing finish line. CU of tough-guy winner in cap.

Depression Workers Contests; Laborers Competitions; Oddities; Balancing; 1930s; 1931;

Bonus Army enroute to Washington D.C.

Veterans converge on Capital to press bonus cash claims

Soup kitchen - men eating bread and soup. Trucks loaded with men along road through town.


Needy Artists in Greenwich Village

Artists open out door salon emulating Paris street exhibits. Crowds looking at paintings hanging on walls and fences. Girl artist painting. - Crowds looking at art - man buying picture.


One Killed, Scores Hurt in Bonus Riots

Army - troops on horseback down street followed by small tanks - Infantry running down street. They are going to evict Bonus Army from government buildings which are scheduled for demolition. Riot scenes, smoke bombs and tear gas thrown by troops. Army wearing gas masks as veterans give up. Police putting arrested men into police vans. Makeshift camp being burnt.


Oyster Money Routs City s Cash Shortage after Bank s Failure

Large bank, front doors. Willapa Harbor National Bank. Man at printing press & stack of certificates. Woman sorting. Cu of $5 w/ oyster on it. People into building and signing for certificates. People buying with it. 'Emergency script coined by Chamber of Commerce bears the picture of a succulent bi-valve on its face, and takes its name from the shell currency used by local Indians years ago. In four denominations, Two Bits, Four Bits, One Buck and Five Bucks, the temporary bills are in great vogue, $10,000 worth being printed for residents whose funds are tied up in the town's only financial institution, now closed. Also, hundreds of dollars worth have been purchased by coin collectors and curio seekers in all parts of the globe. An unusual experiment in token-coinage that is stimulating prosperity in this section.'


Police Stem Effort by Bonus Hikers to Blockade Railroad. Bonus army gathered by railway tracks - demonstration as men take over train and sit on tracks - police move demonstrators . 18.27.57 Shot of Capitol through trees - bonus army gathered, more arriving by truck - marching - soup kitchen - shanty accomodation.


Veterans Converge on Capital to Press Bonus Cash Claims

Army veterans getting food at night in encampment near Wash. DC. Sitting & eating. Shaving. Daytime--trucks in convoy up road with vets & banners. Through small town.

Depression - Bonus Army

Fatal Mine Shooting Increases Tension In Coal War Situation

Taylorville, Illinois - National Guard patrol in street. Poor, angry-looking family on doorstep. Wounded man held up by friends. Police checkpoints guard road. Men running towards mine. Exterior mine with men striking or picketing? National Guard nearby. Miners at work inside mineshaft. Food distribution outdoors.

Depression. 1930s.

Business Booms As Citizens Return To Oldtime Swap Basis

Suffern, NY - people trade goods - outside barrack in countryside - noticeboard advertising exchanges - office furniture for coal etc. People display goods on table - trading live animals - goat for painting - man has difficulty holding on to newly acquired goose.

Depression. Bartering. 1930s.

Production swing pursues upward course as industry continues renewed labor turn-over

Workers into Kraft Paper factory. INT factory. EXT bales of paper loaded into cargo ship hold. Women file into Chicago knitting mill; INT rows of women workers at sewing machines making clothes. Men into oil-cloth plant - INT printing machines. Detroit auto plant production line.

Depression. Economic Recovery.

Record Attendance Marks Re-Opening Of Nation s Schools

Mother washes boy s ears w/ flannel - kisses sons as they leave for school. Crowd of kids in uniform outside city school - file inside past teacher. CUs kids legs & feet as they climb steps [slow]. INT classroom - uniformed young kids take out exercise books. Dog sniffs around closed school entrance.

Depression. Education. Recovery.


Capitol dome and marchers from Pittsburgh past accompanied by police. Uncle Sam costume. Long shot of parking lot and groups of marchers, brief shot of Father Cox in priest collar. Shots of men getting sandwiches and coffee, rice etc. w/ Capitol behind.

Depression; World War I veterans; Unemployed; Catholic activist;


Ten couples dancing in front of orchestra ringed by large number of spectators. MCU of tired dancers, audience applauding. Some couples dancing quickly. Man shaving as partner holds pan and mirror. Dancers to table and eat standing up. Sleeping dancers from floor to bed; man carries woman off. Woman given note: in CU it asks when are you coming home. Guy tries to wake up partner. Woman reading newspaper while partner sleeps on her shoulder while dancing.

Endurance Dance Contest; Depression; Unemployed; Unemployment; Stunts; Oddities;

[57 year old college man on hunger strike against his Unemployment]

Frederick F. Walters, unemployed for 6 years, sits on bed reading; waves away man w/ tray of food. Walks down street past storefronts & stops in front of Capitol Lunch. Sign: nothing over 10 cents.

Depression; Unemployed; University; Street Scene;

Food And Fuel Given Jobless As Wages In New Civic Work Plan (1932) Grand Rapids, Michigan

Man to camera, poses. Men digging from large excavation, wheelbarrows past camera on planks. Man pushes plunger for dynamite explosion & protective matting over rock jumps. Men dumping concrete into slide into deep ditch. LS of men men working concrete and reinforced steel. View along very large sewer (?)pipe in excavation.

06:39:35 Social Welfare Store sign above storefront w/ men in and out. Pull goods in toy wagon along sidewalk. Interior w/ men wrapping bundles; people receiving them at windows. Crowded room. Exterior of firemen or policemen passing out milk and bread to children. Kids hold baskets for camera.

Depression; Works Project; Unemployed; Poverty; Hunger;

Fishing Strike Ties Up Tuna Industry In Low-Price Protest (1932) San Pedro, CA

Docks and boats tied up; men working on repairing nets. Throwing powder on nets. pelicans in water alongside boats. Men working fish with pitchforks and winching baskets out of hold of boats. Labor Strike; Fishing Industry; Depression;

New Millinery Fad Provides Work For Jobless Hundreds (1932)

Men at machine steaming material for hats; tumbling cloth. Women sewing woolen flat caps. Women model caps in MCU. Two well-dressed women in caps walking along Central Park street w/ cabs behind, stop and talk about their similar hats. Woman looks in store window and adjusts her cap; turns & walks past camera. Fashion; Depression;

Bus Brings Literature To Front Door! (1932) Wandering book-shelves serve dwellers distant from Public Libraries. Creedmore, New York

Kids outside school grounds waiting as Queens County Book Bus pulls up. Man opens rear door. Interior with checkout desk and librarian. Children and man looking at shelves on outside of bus. Kids returning books & getting new ones. Waving good bye. Bookmobile; Informal Education; Depression; Invention;

Avalanche Of Fish Provides Food And Profits To Jobless (1932) Longview, Washington.

Smelt fishermen on Columbia River in rowboats dipping nets w/ river brirdge visible behind. Filling boxes & boat. Seagulls lining logs into river, flying verhead. Men at dock on shore and on rocky bank dip netting. Woman w/ long pole lifts net from water, man takes out a couple of fish. Depression; Annual Smelt Run;

Home-Brewers Hold Tournety To Decide Bottle-Capping King (1932) Winner sets new record of 9 secs. Portland, Oregon.

Six or seven men race down street and grab bottle capper; run on to ten or twelve bottles & cap them. Then run back carrying the bottles. Winner shakes hands. Stunt; Oddities; Depression; Race; Competition;

Nation s Housewives Aid Needy With New Share-A-Meal Plan (1932) New York City

Women in store at counter; grocer wearing share-a-meal button. Woman puts bottle in collection container. Men filling bags with goods. Man out of store w/ packages; into home & kids and wife take out food. Young children eat bread. Depression; Unemployed; Shopping; Grocery Store; Poverty; Hunger; Aid Program;

150,000 Workers Pledge Party Solidarity In Huge Demonstration (1932) Germany (?) or Czechoslovakia

Large square filled w/ men; march of men & Communist (?) flags arriving. Well dressed men on podium wave, girls in uniform behind. Athletic looking man on stand with others. May Day Celebration (?); Depression;

Phenomenal Salmon Run Supplies Meals For Jobless Hordes (1932) Oregon City, Oregon

Many rowboats anchored across Willamette Rive, lines downstream, salmon brought in, gaffed into boat. Fish held up for camera. Depression; Sports; Fishing;

Penny Meals Served In Ex-Speakeay By Rich Philanthropist (1932) New York City

Sign: One Cent Restaurant Vital Foods Bernarr McFadden ?? Foundation. Cooks in kitchen watched by woman. Men eating in resaturant. Board w/ prices & CU of food served cafeteria style. Variety of people, men & women getting food & eating. Depression; Unemployed; Physical Culture; Publisher;

Reinforcements by Air and Rail Swell Bonus Army s Ranks.

Bonus army travels by freight train from Texas to Washington DC.

Men march w/ banners Pay the Bonus Now past camera. Men w/ bundles onto roof of freight train. Private plane w/ signs Aviation Unit US Bonus Army, California Division. Kiwanis International North Hollywood Club. Pilot Russell Benton in cockpit, monoplanes take off. AV freight train carrying men on top of railroad cars.

Depression; Hoboes; Tramps; March on Washington; Post-WWI;

Blue Shirts Name Father Cox to Head New Fascist Party

Men marching w/ US flag giving half-hearted fascist salute. Cox on stand watching & waving. Some women marching past in demonstration.

Depression; Fringe Party;

Coin-less Customers Donate Labor as Pay for Past-Due Debts

Jobless men working off debts on construction scaffolding on buliding site. Man throwing bricks to other on scaffold. Interior men paint ceiling. Men rest around table eating sandwiches outsdie.

Depression; Unemployed;

Armed Forces Halt Strike Picketers In Coal...Uprising

LS of coal mine; MS of men beside railroad coal cars, walking w/ rifles & shotguns. Men picking coal from top of coal cars, others w/ guns. Train arrives. Into shed. men walk along road towards camera.

08:31:44 Army troops marching w/ rifles along town street past camera. No confrontation seen.

Strikers; Labor Unions; Violence; Soldiers; Domestic Violence; Labor Unrest; 1930s Depression; Strikes;

Odd Bits in Today s News - Automobile...

Man lifts hood of car beside people on sidewalk. Quick shot of boiler; man polishing smokestack. Car driven up street followed by another & boy on roller skates.

08:32:11 Pulls up to coal chute. Man puts scoop of coal in front of hood, stokes the boiler fire & takes coal out of chute on front of car & throws into boiler. Drives down street w/ much smoke coming out of chimney.

Oddities; Inventions; Transportation; Gag; Natural Resources; Ecology; Environmental Pollution;

1930s Depression;

Troops Despatched to Quell Disorders at Mine Strike Zone

LS of mine w/ US flag & army soldiers w/ rifles & bayonets (?) coming out of mine w/ guards outside. Wooden sign over entrance: Safety First. Trees & stumps on hillside above entrance. Men standing in back of truck in caps & coats as truck drives off. Army patrolling entrance to mine grounds. Miner train out of mine. Miners sitting around fires & standing outside of mine. Soldiers w/ machine guns guarding entrance to mine grounds. Army officer performing autopsy (?).

11:15:23 Band leading parade w/ long line of miners following slowly walking up street.

11:15:40 Electric train w/ coal out of mine entrance.

Strikers; Picketing; Poverty; Coal Mining Industry; Military Intervention; Depression; Labor Unions; Strike Breaking;

Acclaim Mellon As New Ambassador To Court Of St. James

Off ocean liner & down gangway w/ police behind, following formally dressed man. Walking thru US & British flags. W/ flags in train depot as engine pulls in. US flag. CU Mellon. Limousine leaving & pulling up at Embassy w/ Indian carved stone head above entrance. Interior & shaking hands w/ various people, men in wigs.

Diplomacy; Wealthy; Depression;

Financial Problems Solved By Issue Of Local Paper Money, ca 01Sep32

Printing press & money sheets off press. Shear & cutting to size. Man signing bills; handing out. Woman in store paying w/ bill & stamp put on it, merchant rings it up.

22:49:?? Sedan at indoor service station gasoline pump being filled up. Palm trees & traffic behond. Man pays w/ paper money.

Depression; Economics; City Government; Oddities; Business;

20,000 Unemployed Led By Reds In Monster Relief Cut Protest

Art work title. Street full of men w/ banners, placards marching to camera led by police on motorcycles. LS past pedestrians & parked cars. Police shoving in intersection. Placards: One For All & All For One; Don t Starve Fight; High angle of marchers turning corner & park & lake beyond. Street level.

20:05:10 Men, placards & Chicago buildings in background. Hammer & sickle on flag.

Depression; Unemployment; Protests; Communists; American Communism; Demonstration; Demonstrators;

1930s; 1932;

NOTE: Sound is insignificant.

Reclaims Fortune From Old Flooring

Large shop w/ wooden stove & belt drive motors. Man chopping up floor & putting pieces in stoves; charcoal & carbon residue removed & poured into ingots. Tongs holding ingots.

Depression; Recycling; Metal Shop;

Wood-Paved Street Ripped Up By Needy As Fuel For Winter

Chicago, Illinois neighborhood. Large group of men digging up street w/ picks, trolley past. MS Wooden blocks pried loose & removed; loaded into bags, baskets & childrens wooden wagons. Women helping.

Depression; Poverty; Unemployed; Unemployment; 1930s; 1932;

Police Stem Effort By Bonus Hikers To Blockade Railroad

Military Bonus Army gathered in town street by railway tracks, police on tracks, train engine nearby. Trains in yard, demonstration w/ women, boys as men take over train & sit on tracks; police move along w/ demonstrators. Men posing on engine 4228, sitting on tracks, several w/ US flags. Man speaks, men applaud & police watch. Policemen & men sitting on coal car w/ flag.

01:10:29 MCU police moving men.

01:10:35 US Capitol thru trees - Bonus Army gathered in field, more arriving by truck & car, waving. Marching & arriving, greetings. Soup kitchen & feeding. Men under open-sided shed lounging, washing feet.

Depression; March on Washington; WWI Veterans;

NOTE: VERY good reel.

Height Rule Decides Childs Age! If it s 44 inches it s 6 years old regardless and you pay full fare on buses.

01:15:55 Women helping children onto streetcar or trolley followed by conductor. Interior girl measured, pays. others try to duck - line of children measured to determine fare as trolley moving. Man carries child.

Stunt; Gag; Oddities; Detroit, Michigan Public Transportation; Mass Transit; Depression; Economics; Daily Life;

Junior Aviators Vie In Jordan-Traveler Model Plane Meet

01:20:44 Boys sitting posing w/ balsa wood model aircraft. Walk to field past camera & launch & fly planes. Shots of planes & retrieving.

01:21:54 Celebration dinner served by waitresses, men at ead tabe. Loving cups for winners on table.

Youth; Hobbies; 1932; 1930s; Depression Daily Life; Americana;

[Economics] Normalcy Restored To City s Business By 5-Day Recess Decree

12:01:21 Man writing at desk, CU.

12:01:34 View down largely empty main street w/ diagonal parking. Kline s sign.

12:01:38 Front of Bank building w/ large sign: Confidence... Men standing beneath. Front of Scott Stores five & dime. Sign in window Confidence. CU sign saying majority of depositors agree they will not withdaw from Busey s State Bank or the First National Bank of Urbana. Men reading signs in others stores; men & women in & out of grocery store w/ prices on window. Men into drugstore.

12:02:31 Hammond, Indiana - Boy Genius Saves Community From Financial Isolation! - Whole Nation Interested In Youth s Dramatic Banking Move.

12:02:42 MCU Laughing boy w/ pencil behind ear. Men into bank, others past.

12:02:53 CU sign: Hammond Currency Exchange... Women & men thru large revolving door.

12:03:02 Man leaving window of teller, policemen watching. Shot from behind teller w/ money drawer & giving out money. People at window, teller counting money, man leaving, woman to teller.

12:03:25 Man leaving w/ satchel & two police guard him out door onto sidewalk.

Economics; Depression Solutions; 1932; Banking; Daily Life; Americana;

Citizens Mint Wood Coin As Bank Failure Ties Up Cash Supply

12:17:29 Man smoking pipe carrying block of wood into shop; woman holding as machine cuts into stack of veneer. Man flips them.

12:17:54 Printer taking one at time from stack & feeding into printer & taking out. CU Abraham Lincoln picture & Tenino, Wash. as money bill. CU backside w/ Chamber of Commerce, Fifty Cents & signature.

12:18:15 People at counter exchanging paper & receiving bills from men behind counter as man signs bills.

12:18:44 Ext. w/ lline of people outside movie theater, buying tickets at window w/ wooden currency.

Depression Bank Failures; Solutions; Inventions; Oddities; Pacific Northwest; Washington; Economics; Local Economy;

Motor Bank Solves Money Problems Of Inland Communities

12:25:37 Policemen lead men out of bank as others watch. Men get into van w/ money. Drive down rural gravel road w/ cars behind. People lined up to do banking at rear of van w/ security guard watching. CUs, men getting money. Farmers w/ cattle nearby & past.

12:26:51 Van leaving or into farm yard.

Depression; Banking; Economy; Economics; 1932; Inventions;

[Depression Stories: Prohibition; Oyster Money; Tide Turns]

13:02:02 TITLE: Federals Destroy Record Seizure Of...

13:02:13 Int. warehouse w/ kegs, men moving & rolling out, dumping; smashing w/ axes. GOOD.

Prohibition; 1932; 1930s; Liquor; Alcohol; Bootlegging; Depression

13:02:43 TITLE: Oyster Money Routs City s Cash Shortage After Bank s Failure

13:02:57 LS large granite bank building from across intersection. CU sign: First Willapa Harbor National Bank, Capital & Surplus $120,000.00

13:03:07 Man at printing press. CU counting bills Raymond Oyster Money . MS woman at counter counting money. CU shot of bill.

13:03:32 Ext. People into store.

13:03:40 Int. Two women at counter & people signing for oyster money.

13:03:50 Ext. People leaving.

13:03:56 Int. Couple buying kitchen goods.

13:04:01 TITLE: The Tide Turns - Industry continues upward trend as renewed activity stimulates nation s business.

13:04:16 Ext. MS men walking out of building & away from camera. Women & men walking toward & past camera in sunshine.

13:04:24 Int. Large garment factory w/ women working at benches. Woman at large sewing machine; men cutting stack of cloth. Women at line of sewing machines.

13:04:42 Ext. Men walking towards factory entance. Gate sign: Notice to Employees ...due to increased orders this plant will operate at full capacity...Seminole Paper Corp Division of International Paper Co.

13:05:03 Int. Warehouse w/ large rolls of paper & workers moving them; men at machines; workers & cardboard boxes.

13:05:22 Ext. Women in aprons & caps into factory, at assembly lines, sort w/ almond nuts.

13:05:52 MS Women boxing candy or nuts?

13:05:59 Ext. Workers into Cudahy plant.

13:06:06 Woman at assembly line w/ cans, boxing Dutch Cleanser.

Factories; Depression; Back To Work Propaganda; 1930s; 1932; Laborers;

Countryside Mourns As 38 Victims Perish In Fatal Mine Blast Mar32

22:47:26 LS of mine head w/ cars, people waiting. Miners into elevator, descending. Women, children talking. Miners up. Truck w/ coffins to minehead.

22:48:13 Sign: Funerals For Tuesday... CU w/ names.

22:48:23 CU woman sitting w/ three small children. Cars leaving.

Coal Mining Accidents; Dangerous Working Conditions; 1930s; 1932; Virginia; Depression;

Santee, Cal. - World s largest goose herd bred for epicures! Vast project... (Mar32)

22:48:49 Man w/ geese, opens fence & they run out past camera, trying to fly down long field. Men shoveling food into trough & geese eating. CUs

Bird Farming; 1932; 1930s; Depression;

Workmen Flock to Idle Town Awaiting Revival of Business (1932)

New York City

Large Hooverville, shanty town, jobless men sitting around shacks, rough sign City Hall Men cleaning street in shanty town. Hudson River view towards docks and men washing and ironing, man sewing, man getting shave as others watch.

Depression; Unemployed;

Grain Pit Stays Open Despite Suspension Edict by Farm Board (1932)

Chicago, Illinois

Brief street scenes, exterior Board of Trade Building. Man at desk makes speech about Chicago Board of Trade s refusal to close as demanded by Sec. Hyde.

Depression; Farmers; Commodities Stock Exchange;

Countryside Mourns As 38 Victims Perish In Fatal Mine Blast Mar32

22:47:26 LS of mine head w/ cars, people waiting. Miners into elevator, descending. Women, children talking. Miners up. Truck w/ coffins to minehead.

22:48:13 Sign: Funerals For Tuesday... CU w/ names.

22:48:23 CU woman sitting w/ three small children. Cars leaving.

Coal Mining Accidents; Dangerous Working Conditions; 1930s; 1932; Virginia; Depression;

Santee, Cal. - World s largest goose herd bred for epicures! Vast project... (Mar32)

22:48:49 Man w/ geese, opens fence & they run out past camera, trying to fly down long field. Men shoveling food into trough & geese eating. CUs

Bird Farming; 1932; 1930s; Depression;

25 Years Ago - FDR Inauguration and Depression

Capitol - Herbert Hoover leaving White House - in car with Roosevelt in parade down Pennsylvania. FDR makes inaugural speech. Street scenes on Bank Holiday after inauguration. Security vans carrying money.


FDR Inaugural Speech 1933

VS huge crowds listen to FDR Inaugural speech 04Mar33. Vars MS and CUs Roosevelt at decorated podium during speech.

01:03:59: FDR arrives at Church for Sunday service in open-top car. FDR at desk in White House.

01:04:55: AVs Congress on passing of FDR s Depression-era banking measures, 09Mar33.

01:05:39: VS families listen to FDR radio announcement of new bank holiday to meet currency demand, 12Mar33. MS FDR making speech at desk.

We can provide complete transcript of speech.

Four Killed As New War Brings Troops To End Mine Labour Troubles

Kincaid, Illinois coal strike violence - National Guard? marches near houses. Collapsed and destroyed houses and people repairing or searching ruins - belongings and furniture piled outside house. National Guard past collapsed house and guarding road.

Strike. Depression. 1930s.

New Bootleg Industry Thrives In Coal Mines

Scranton, Pennsylvania: Car up rough road. Miners enter coalmine with smoke coming out. Ore extracted in wagon and carried away in truck.

Black Market - Depression.

25 Years Ago - FDR Inauguration and Depression

Capitol - Herbert Hoover leaving White House - in car with Roosevelt in parade down Pennsylvania. FDR makes inaugural speech. Street scenes on Bank Holiday after inauguration. Security vans carrying money.


25 Years Ago Today - FDR Inauguration

Herbert Hoover leaves White House for last time as president. Drives in car with president elect FDR.

Inauguration ceremony - Roosevelt speech.

Mounted police in city street with crowd. Man makes rubber check out of tyre. CU rubber check. Stretching rubber strip. Man with violin case into grocery store. Shop sign You don t need money - What have you got? We will take anything . Swaps violin for food.

CU beer bottled. Barrel rolling, serving beer in bar after end of prohibition. Barrels rolled into bank building. Cash till with sign The bank gave 3% - We give 3.2% .

Women through women entrance .

depression. inflation.


Bonus Army Cheers as Mrs Roosevelt Inspects Tent City

Eleanor Roosevelt surrounded by a large group of men in suits walks through tent city. Stands and poses. Climbs into car and drives off.

Depression. Veterans War service bonuses .


Bonuseers Amazed by U.S. Hospitality and free Government Food

Distributing supplies in small town, men queuing. Men wash up faces at tap. Outdoor soup kitchen, ladling out food. Men eating on grass.

Poverty. Drought? Depression. Veterans War service bonuses .


Vanguard of 2nd B.E.F Reaches the Capital ; Will Live in Tent City

Long line of men in overcoats and hats walking empty street. Man on road getting injured feet checked ? by two others. Big group of men queue outside tent, Capitol in distance. Unfurling USA flag. Registering with papers?

Men up electricity or telegraph poles.

Tent city, empty. Building camp, helicopter flies over.



Co-Operative Town Formed By Jobless...

Oakland, CA: Community of unemployed men living in goods yard w/ concrete pipes as shelter - vars shots men share chores inc. food distribution outside Office tent & clothes mending; play cards & smoke; man gets wet shave from barber; reading paper in concrete pipe.

Depression. Poverty. Tramps. Transients. Okies.

Surplus Farm Stuffs Make New Motor Fuel

Large factory with railroad tank cars & freight cars alongside. Chimney s smoking. Very large wire containers of ears of corn.

08:48:31 Man in bib overalls filling car at gas pump. Sign over spare tire saying Alcohol From Grain Mixed With Gas, Works Fine Use It.

08:48:36 Wet road w/ cars parked on both sides, car comes skidding & sliding down the road as though drunk.

Bio-fuel; 1930s Depression; Alternative Energy; Industry; Agriculture Surplus;

Farmer Group Arms To Break Picket Lines In Produce Price War

Iowa farmers pose w/ guns. Group of armed men jumping aboard car on road thru picket line. LS Rebuilding burned road & railroad bridges; group of men waving sticks at camera. Freight train of cattle cars, runby.

Agriculture Strikes; Depression; Trade Unions; 1930s; Midwest;

Highlights in the News - 13 Year Old Builds Motor Car

Boy builds & drives tiny rear-engined automobile. Fills cart w gas & drives along sidewalk at 8mph to deliver newspapers; throwing newspaper in suburban area while driving.

Oddities; Hobby; Invention; Inventor;

02:34:35 Kansas City Clothes merchant distributes 500 free winter coats to unemployed men. Long queue in front of shop and men trying on coats. Helping men on with coats. Lines along street w/ store signs.

Depression; Poverty; Charity; Unemployed;

02:35:00 French fashion show. Models on Paris catwalk wear transparent dresses - plastic? Garter belts & underwear showing. Men at table watching.

Erotica; 1930s Fashions; Modeling;

Kidnappers Lynched By Enraged Crowd After Jail Battle

Crowd in front of jail after discovery of mutilated body of Brooke Hart & lynching of abductors. Guarding door. 02:35:45 Sheriff Hamilton speaks to camera; comments on vain attempts to quel crowds w/ tear gas. Cell windows. Prisoner interviewed re mob storming into prison & concern that they would lynch wrong men.

02:36:27 Crowd around Saint James park trees where kidnappers Thomas Thurmond & Jack Holmes were hanged & burned. Governor Rolph says lynching understandable reaction to kidnap murder.

02:37:36 Tanks & crowds outside St. Joseph, Missouri County Jail, after mob lynched & burned Black man accused of assault. Int. destroyed office. Steel security door of jail smashed open.

Lynchings; Mobs; Vigilantes; Crime Aftermaths; 1930s; Depression;

City Gold Rush Starts - Prospectors Find Ore near Metropolis

Ohio gold rush near Cincinnati - Farmers sifting water & rocks thru large quarry contraption. Winching buck w/ gravel & dumping over chute to sluice gold. CU gold ? in pan.

Amateur Mining; Depression; 1930s;

Industry Booms As States Vote Repeal of Prohibition Law

Dozens of mules pulling combine in grain field. Women sealing liquor bottles in factory. Workers into factory. Man making barrel on lathe; barrels rolling off production line, onto truck; out of Chicago depot.

02:43:20 Beer tap flowing. Night club shots - AV Broadway & night w/ neon; couples dancing in front of exotic African like art deco backdrop, drinking at table; women dance wildly on stage.

02:43:41 Smashing barrels of liquor. [NRA logo at end of newsreel.].

Depression; Anti-Prohibition; Alcohol;

Experts aid Senate war on rackets!

Men at table beneath large USA flag. Senator Royal Copeland stands, speaks SOF: There is a growing conviction in our country that kidnapping & racketeering & other forms of crime, are on the increase. This is determined in this committee; the Senate itself is determined that the crime of racketeering, & the crime of kidnapping, shall cease.

21:10:03 Unid. man from Justice Department (SOF): Senator Copeland I am happy to have had an opportunity to attend the meeting of your committee...and I am satisfied...the Justice Department will make some permanent headway in attacking the gangster army in America.

21:10:36 Unid. man (SOF): Senator Copeland I believe that the sub-caliber machine gun should be outlawed entirely in the United States except for such purposes as it may be used by the military & police officers. I also believe that the entire control of the manufacture, sale & transportation of firearms should be regulated with help of committee progress will be made. Man calls for outlawing of machine guns and regulation of firearms should be regulated by Federal statutes.

21:11:04 Wall w/ pistols & fishing reels.

1933; 19Sep33; 1930s; Gun Control; Crime Investigation; Criminals; Gangsters; Depression; Government;

President Roosevelt s Emergency Bank Bill Passed By Congress

13:13:17 Man on podium: House of Representatives on March 3 banking operations in the United States cease. LS of house members. causes of thus failure of our banking system is unnecessary. shot of floor

...has been compelled to step in for the protection of depositors & the business of the Nation. Our first task is to reopen all sound to the Executive Branch of the Government control for immediate action...reopen such put them on a sound basis. i ask amendment to the Federal Reserve Act...currency adequate secured...I shall request of the Congress few other measures which I regard as of immediate urgency... End of sound.

13:15:10 Policeman & man beside car on street, man takes out box of apples & policeman or service station attendant puts on sidewalk by gasoline pump.

13:15:24 Woman outside store w/ sign: Never Mind The Holiday We Will Trust You, handed bag by grocer.

13:15:29 Sign in grocery window: You don t need Money, What Have You Got? We Will Take Anything.

13:15:33 man w/ guitar case to grocer who looks at guitar; gives him bag of food.

13:15:47 Begin VO narration. Men w/ crates chained & locked; armored car leaving on empty street.

13:15:56 Crowd & mounted police crontrolling; police at entrance to department store (?) holding back woman. Int. & crowd of women among coat & clothing racks.

13:16:11 Women leaving department store w/ boxes.

Depression; Bank Closings; Economy; Economics; Shopping; Unemployed; Money; 1933; 1930s;

Money Stream Flows Steadily As Treasury Rushes New Currency

13:16:27 Ext. of Treasury

13:16:29 Int. w/ long role of printing presses, woman at benches alongside; paper thru presses. LS men & women at benches.

13:16:43 Three men at large microphones in large room of women sitting at benches. SOF Treasury Secretary William H. Woodin: I want to congratulate the country & thank the director, staff & employees of the Bureau of Engraving for the alacrity & efficiency w/ which they have met this crisis.

13:17:00 MS looking at sheet of bills. SOF by director: This is the $20 denomination which will soon be ready for issue.

13:17:12 SOF Motorcycle police w/ sirens leading convoy of armored trucks out of mint.

13:17:21 MOS High angle of people on street & thru large columns of bank. CU sign: The Terminal National Bank of Chicago Is Open For Business, Member Federal Reserve System.

13;17:27 Line of men at cashier or teller windows.

Depression; Bank Closings; Economy; Economics; Shopping; Unemployed; Money; 1933; 1930s;

Bank Becomes Tavern To Liquidate Assets By Selling 3.2% Brew

13:21:55 Ext. of West Highland State Bank w/ sign: Tavern Opening. Truck w/ kegs unloaded & barrels rolled into bank. Int. Men greeted & drinking at bar w/ mugs of beer. Bartender at cash register.

13:22:33 Sign on cash register: This Bank gave 3% We give 3.2%.

13:22:40 View along bar w/ men drinking & three bar tenders.

13:22:44 CU sign: Ladies Entrance. Women along sidewalk, greeted & enter.

13:22:53 CU bartender at beer tap. Women toasting in separate room & drinking.

End of Prohibition; 1933; Depression; Repealed; Drinking; Alcohol;

Circus Under Canvas Proves A Big Novelty For City Youngsters

13:24:28 Railroad w/ circus train & wagons. People watching horses & other animals leaving.

13:24:35 MCU elephants passing w/ trunks holding tails & handlers alongside; kids watching elephants eating.

13:24:45 Raising tent canvas from outside, from inside. Kids behind netting. Elephant pushing Hagenbeck & Wallace circus wagon.

13:25:07 Sideshow painted advertising canvases, barker selling tickets. MCU boy eating cotton candy.

13:25:16 Boys try to crawl under canvas tent sides. Int. ringmaster w/ elephant sitting up. Cop chases boys from edge of canvas.

1930s Entertainment; 1933; Americana; Depression; Animals;

Big League Players Gather For Fray As Ball Season Starts (Mar33)

20:06:09 Kids on sand lot use bat to decide who starts at bat. Sand lot pitcher, batter. Fielder catches & throws to trap runner. Boy running base.

20:07:04 Batter hits foul ball; CU of window & ball breaking. Woman to window, opens & yells and shakes fist; kids run.

1933; 1930s; Depression; Sandlot Baseball; Children Recreation; Sports;

Workmen Risk Lives Dynamiting 140-Foot Grain Plant Chimney (Mar33)

20:09:08 Tilt up large brick chimney.

20:09:13 Workmen w/ pneumatic drills removing bricks at corner of base; CU drilling past screwjack on timber supporting bricks.

20:09:27 View up chimney.

20:09:29 Worker by plunger looking up, signals & pushes plunger.

20:09:32 Chimney slowly begins to fall. Enormous dust cloud on impact. View of brick rubble pile.

1933; 1930s; Depression; Destruction; Removal;

Lyon, France - Lebrun Opens Famous Fair Marking Return Of French Prosperity (Mar33)

20:09:56 In open limousine thru street w/ military officers riding behind. Standing, waving hat & exiting car. W/ VIPs; crowd waving.

20:10:22 Int. large multi-story atrium w/ crowded balconies ringing it. Automobiles at bottom, Lebrun looking down.

1933; 1930s; Depression; Car Show; Exhibition Hall; Politician;

New York, N.Y. - Communists Stage Anti-Japanese Riot As Envoy Arrives (Mar33)

20:12:13 Large 3-stack liner, Leviathan, w/ four tugboats in harbor. Japanese Ambassador ?? walking on deck followed by other Japanese. CU posing, CU.

20:12:42 Ext. many pickets w/ placards. Four Japanese picketing beside railroad car (across street).

20:12:52 Police leading motorcade from docks.

20:13:01 Police arresting demonstrator on top fo RR boxcar. Trying to get him off the freight car. Mounted police & Japanese in crowd as man is led off.

Spring 1933; 1930s; Depression; Demonstration; Protests;

Giant Ocean Liner Capsizes At Dock With Two Missing (Mar33)

20:13:28 View from water circling liner President Madison leaning against dock & crane. CU from side w/ hull mostly visible, workmen in small boat.

20:14:09 Aerial of ship, oil slick on water.

1933; 1930s; Depression; Transportation Accident;

NOTE: Sank at pier, 24Mar33, repaired & returned to service in six months.

Prosperity Script Issued By Merchants In ??? (Mar33)

20:14:39 Man hands paper to woman at desk wo fills out & issues other paper.

20:14:51 CU Prosperity Script Issued March 24, 1933 One Dollar. W/ picture of Uncle Sam.

20:14:57 Woman w/ basket at counter in grocery store; man accepting script.

20:15:09 Store & woman giving script to woman clerk who puts purchase in bag.

20:15:18 Town street, two men in top hat on wagon / hearse pulled by team; crowd lining street, as other horse drawn wagon follows, then truck w/ band.

20:15:46 People watch as hearse opened & men take out large fake casket & carry to stream, throw in.

20:16:12 High angle of marching band, float 7 cars up street lined w/ parked cars. Military veterans (?) w/ US flags & rifles marching, boy scout w/ flag; band; Prosperity Script float w/ Uncle Sam & bag w/ $ sign.

20:16:45 Man on roof w/ bugle or trumpet; Uncle Sam w/ bag throwing ??. Crowd below catching

1930s Depression; Economics; Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Local Money; 1933; Oddities; Economy;

Vanguard Of 2nd B.E.F. Reaches The Capital: Will Live In Tent City (May33)

20:17:30 Marchers led by men w/ flag. Men beside road changing socks. Men getting out of trucks, Capitol dome in background.

20:17:48 Men standing outside large tent w/ US flag on pole; Capitol seen. Men watching veteran unfurl flag; others registering at table.

20:18:08 Men putting up lines on electric poles w/ many tents seen beyond. MCU electric wires to tops of tents. View thru partially erected tents. Men pounding stakes, soldiers watching. Gyrocopter over field of tents.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Economics; Economy; Bonus Expeditionary Force;

NOTE: This was the Second Bonus Army march that came to appeal to newly elected FDR (not seen in story).

Work On World s Fair Speeds To Completion As Opening Day Nears (May33)

View from tall cable-car tower w/ some buldings & Lake Michigan.

20:18:52 MS of iron-worker on side of girders, climbs up. Two men sitting on girders eating lunch high above buildings. LS along lake front w/ various buildings and wide highway visible. Peninsula w/ amphitheater, buildings. View down at cars parked & carts.

20:19:24 View in observation tower w/ welder welding window supports; Chicago visible beyond.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Exhibitions; Entertainment;

Jews Hold Monster Anti-Hitler Protest As Thousands Cheer (10May33)

20:19:40 View of large parade of demonstrators; crowds lining both sides of avenue.

20:19:47 Crowd of well dressed marchers walking towards camera across Washington Square Park. Overhead shot of crowded march. Man on horseback leading & waving to crowd. Variety of overhead shots of large group of marchers.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Anti-Nazi Demonstration;

Cyclone Destroys Business Section But Spares Lives (May33)

20:20:41 Second story of large brick building destroyed; people looking. Dayton Paper company w/ bundles of cloth (?) sitting amidst second floor rubble. Collapsed building.

20:21:06 Tipped over storage tanks alongside railroad tracks; other toppled structures & people walking about. Destroyed service station w/ gas pumps standing.

20:21:23 Two men repairing shingles on roof. Other destroyed buildings.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Weather; Tornado Damage; Dayton, Ohio;

Lindbergh Appears At Means Hearing; Kidnap Sequel Told (May33)

20:21:44 Crowded stairs & stoop; arriving car w/ people lining entrance. CU woman. Man (?) into police wagon. Crowd watching.

20:22:02 Reporters & photographers at street level entrance, Lindbergh & guards walk out & into car & leaves.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Celebrity; Hero;

Workmen Defy Death To Re-build Bridges In Cave Of The Winds (May33)

20:22:23 Men in rain gear seen walking on wooden bridge thru mist above rapids, carrying large timber. MS men hand sawing beams & moving across rushing water.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Tourist Site; Construction; Dangerous; Niagara Falls;

Roosevelt Or Ruin Says Father Coughlin In Plea For Loyalty (Nov33)

20:28:25 MCU Coughlin speaks to camera SOF: Ladies & Gentlemen, it is almost preposterous on my part to advocate your loyalty to...Roosevelt. The events of the past three weeks are eloquent in themselves. Our laborers are being restored...our factories are open; the prices of our commodities have been raised; why, may I ask, simply because the money changers are being driven from the temple, simply because the out-worn gold standard which held you and myself in bondage for generations has evaporated in the mists of the past.

20:29:16 The great advantages obtained thru the National Recovery Act are more or less insignificant compared to the greater advantages which the future holds for us once the fullfillment of Franklin Roosevelt s monetary policy will become history.

20:29:42 Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the day despite all opposition to the contrary that you remain steadfast behind the one man who can save this civilization of ours; it is either Roosevelt or ruin. I thank you.

1930s; 1933; Depression; Economics; Economical Philsophy; Catholic Priest; Trust; Pro-Roosevelt;

Miam, Fla - Dark Horse Winner of Florida Derby In Final Hialeah Event (Mar33)

19:28:56 Crowd mingling in sun as horses parade past. MS of well-dressed society watching Horses beginning race, around track to backstretch. Crowd. Down to finish w/ leader far in front.

1930s; 1933; Sports; Horse Racing; Gambling; Depression; Wealth; Wealthy;

Trade Boom Follows President s Move To Revalue The Dollar

Interior Congress, man speaking (MOS). Men applauding & moving about. MCU Sec. of Treasury Henry Morganthau signing bill. Empty crate lowered from ship to dock (to load exports?). Men loading boxes & crates onto truck. Passing bags of money at bank.

Black workers in cotton field. MCU of kids picking cotton & laughing.

Pan over trading floor of stock exchange.

Depression; Economy; Economics; Gold standard; Stock Market;


Blowing dust; corn crops withered. Cattle into pens, thin; dead cattle and calf.

Dust Bowl. Depression.


San Francisco aerial & street scenes. Police & people walking. Out of gas signs on service station due to fuel shortage. People walk alongside parked cars in street.

11:54:40 Police & truck drivers strike in Minneapolis. Police fighting strikers.

11:54:50 Toledo auto parts workers strike with violence between state guardsmen & strikers; tear gas thrown in streets. 2 killed, 7 wounded. Soldiers help wounded walk toward camera.

Labour disputes. Depression. Civil strife.

Dillinger - Public Enemy #1 [Pt 1]

Indiana Film Company

John Dillinger off plane, past crowds & press into police car at night. Sign: Mooresville. Small town street scene with cars & grocery store / gas station. Ext. of Indiana Reformatory [multiple]. Michigan City Prison. Grocery store & houses in Indianapolis, Dillinger s birthplace. Still of Dillinger as child. Mailbox of Dillinger Sr & rural house. Lima, OH street scenes with cars. Entrance to Indiana State Prison w/ sign & guards. Newspaper headline The Lima News - Get Killers, Either Dead Or Alive! Order To Police . Racine, WI street scene w/ robbed bank; East Chicago street scene.

14:08:53 Police with machine guns. Dillinger & others after arrest in Tuscon. Map. Off plane with reporters taking pictures. Dillinger poses for photos w/ armed police & woman sheriff of Crown Point, IN. Police guard jail house. Arrival of train, prisoners off. Prisoner Russell Fox seen through car window. Pan over Columbus, OH prison. Wooden gun used by Dillinger during escape. Residential street scene, alley. Interior of garage & street scenes.

Crime. Gangsters. Depression. 1930s Americana. Bank Robbery.

Dillinger - Public Enemy #1 [Pt 2]

Indiana Film Company

Postal employee who reported Dillinger escape. Prison & convicts marching. Gov White of OH in office with cigar. Map of Dillinger route. Still of Dillinger s moll. Men posing outside of store where Youngblood shot & bullet holes in wood. Road block w/ police stopping cars. CU of Dillinger Sr on porch. Pan of buildings. Pan of small town; police department. People on porch & policeman standing in uniform on porch. St. sc. map. Aerial of Spider Lake, WI. Sign: Dine, Dance & Swim - Little Bohemia ; Ext of Inn. Woman with dogs. Man out of window. Police look at guns & bullet riddled car. Police with guns.

14:19:10 Man in hospital w/ doctor. Dying man. Casket loaded into hearse. Stills of Dillingers associates. Convicts in yard marching.

14:20:09 CU electric chair. CU Dillinger smiling. South Bend IN street scene with people looking into Bank. Sign: Merchants National Bank. Man opens bullet riddled glass door. St. Scenes - map. AV Chicago. Biograph Cinema exterior; CU marquee Manhattan Melodrama with Clark Gable & William Powell . Men standing in front of theater where Dillinger was ambushed - white cross on pavement. Ext. Alexian Brothers Hospital. Top shot Cook County Morgue; INT Dillinger laying on slab in morgue - before & after body cleaned up. Wicker casket carried into wagon & driven from morgue. Title Crime Never Pays .

Crime. Gangsters. Depression. 1930s Americana. Bank Robbery.

Highlights of The News - [New Bonus Army Gathers]

Men at table with Capitol dome behind. Check army papers. Large tents pitched on mall. Bugler & men come out & line up with metal plates. Eating standing in sun. MCU.


Large queue outside building in city. Man distributes coins or vouchers.




Cattle out of pen. Dead cattle lying on ground.

Farmers fill truck with water; others fill containers and into cars. Cows in field drinking. Large herd.

Depression. Farming.


Shop Gives Garments to Needy

Long queue in city street, mostly women. Woman let through police cordon. Man and woman fist-fight in front of shop window. People let into shop. Extremely crowded shop, customers raid the store. Women out of store with boxes, smiling.

depression. Poverty


Gen. Butler Bares Plot by Fascists

Ex-General Smedley Butler seated at desk in front of Marine Corps symbol reading statement. Talks re his appearance before the Congressional committee to tell what he knew of activities to set up fascist dictatorship to overthrow democratic government. It was to be formed in the manner of a veterans association. He spoke to the committee rather than to be supoened.

Anti-Fascism; Anti-Dictatorship; Politics; Depression; Pacificst;

[French Veterans March ]

Huge socialist demonstration, banner Les Croix de Bois carried by men w/ clenched fists. Banner re veterans have no rights, thru enormous crowds. Veterans in wheel chairs giving Communist salute.

Post-WWI Veterans; Depression;

Highlights In The News - [Grocery Strike, ca 29Oct34]

Men outside grocery warehouse milling about. Man speaking from loading dock of large warehouse. MS of small Atlantic & Pacific grocery store w/ car parked in front. CU sign: The Store Is Closed see notice in Sunday Plain Dealer... MS logo A&P Growing With America for 75 Years.

22:13:?? Ext. of A&P very large warehouse w/ billboards. Brief shot of men loading or unloading railroad cars.

Depression; Cleveland Labor Unions; Food Markets;

Highlights In The News - [Depression Housing Construted, ca 29Oct34]

Many men working on construction of small house of used building materials; fitting windows, flooring & finished painted house being viewed on small lot w/ city buildings behind.

Homeless; Real Estate; Suburban Living;

Highlights In The News - [Silver Fox Farming & Fashion, ca 29Oct34]

High angle pan over many fenced in huts for foxes; fox seen in yards. CU of black fox. Half dozen young fox jumping; MS of fox climbing poles in enclosed pens of chicken wire mesh.

22:14:?? Two farm workers grabbing one fox each by tail & holding up. CU w/ heavy gloves holding around necks and sharp teeth showing. Four men each holding a fox w/ long thick tails showing. Lower into small box cages & slide door shut.

22:15:?? Fashion models wearing fox coats & stoles & smiling; one wearing tiara. Turning for camera.

Fur Industry; Depression; Wealthy; Animals;

Trade Boom Follows President s Move To Revalue The Dollar

Interior Congress, man speaking (MOS). Men applauding & moving about. MCU Sec. of Treasury Henry Morganthau signing bill. Empty crate lowered from ship to dock (to load exports?). Men loading boxes & crates onto truck. Passing bags of money at bank.

06:15:34 Black workers in cotton field. MCU of kids picking cotton & laughing.

06:15:42 Pan over trading floor of stock exchange.

Depression; Economy; Economics; Gold standard; Stock Market;

[Burned Pleasure Craft Nearly Sunken, 1934]

Burned pleasure craft of Frank Jay Gould at 45 degrees in water at dock, seen from water. Man walks aboard on plank, hoses spraying water on smoking ship.

Wealthy; Depression; 1934; Yacht; Converted Sub-Chaser; Fire Aftermath;

[TVA Muscle Shoals Dam Construction, 1934]

High angle & ground shots of excavation of large rocks by steam shovesl & trucks. Men on scaffolding in background. Truck leaving reservoir. Steam drills, dynamite into holes & plunger; explosion.

1930s Depression; Government Electrification Program; Tennessee Valley; New Deal;

[Horses Pulling in Netted Salmon, ca 1934]

Teams of horse up sand pulling fish nets from small boats. Large salmon in nets. men pulling in nets by hand; carry & throw salmon to wagons pulled by teams of horses.

Labor; Workers; Fishermen; Depression; Pacific Northwest; 1930s; Fishing Industry;

[Winter Fashions Modelled on Ice Cave Stage Set, 1934]

Kids on decorated set of ice cave run & pick up small imitation snowballs & throw.

05:49:03 Older girl w/ several young ones pose in winter clothes. Woman w/ skis modeling; another w/ ice skates. Several in dresses.

05:49:33 Line of models down steps towards camera & turn moeling dresses & hats.

Depression; Clothing; 1930s; Society;

[White House West Wing Remodeling] (1934)

High angle of construction on East Wing of White House w/ crane lowering material, workmen on scaffolding. Men removing roof & interior w/ shovels & wheelbarrows.

Depression; Construction; 1930s; Laborers;

[Glider Train Used To Carry Air Mail] (1934)

Biplane takes off towing three gliders. Air to air shot; from below.

07:06:32 Glider landing seen above trees, turns & lands on Washington Mall. Crowds run up. Man taks out mail from Lustig Sky Trains Inc. glider.

Publicity; Transportation; 1930s; Experiments; Depression;

NOTE: Jack O Meara, R.E. Franklin & Stan Smith were towed nose to tail starting in New York, dropping a glider in Philadelphia, one in Baltimore & last one landing in Washington.

[Fat Ladies Diving Contest] (1934)

Overweight large women in bathing suits onto scale & weighed. MCUs; young people watching.

07:24:18 Line of women dive from side of pool & swim. Woman runs & jumps off diving board; others off board. Belly flops. Backwards w/ large splash in slow motion. Woman bounces on board, sits down & dives w/ enormous splash. Man presents trophy & MCU of woman holding it.

Contests; Oddities; Stunts; Gags; Loving Cup; Depression; 1930s;

[Harvard & Cambrige, Massachusetts]

Men in dormitory room studying & talking; talking under trees on campus grounds. Walking, sitting on bench beneath statue. In classroom listening to lecture. Taking notes; wearing coats & ties. Ext. of buildings, silhouetted leaving buildings. Ivy up wall of building.

04:28:05 Students in room studying & talking. CU of guy w/ wire-rimmed glasses, talking. College gate, building & students leaving. Walking on campus.

04:29:13 Two men sitting on steps reading. Church spire thru trees. Charles River w/ several oarsmen rowing, Harvard buildings behind. Students out of classroom building. Walking along Charles River bank. Clocktower on building. Walking, talking on campus. Sitting & smoking on steps of ??

04:31:16 Church w/ ornate clocktower. Students walking.

04:31:49 Students in library. Walking on campus. Reading in ornate room. Sitting under trees on grass reading.

04:32:39 Pedestrians along streets of Cambridge; out of subway exit. Bus & cars on main street; exiting bus by Harvard Square subway stop. Fellows in caps & gowns & men in top hats leaving campus.

04:33:25 Slug. Ext. of large campus building & cars & traffic on street past. POV down street from car. 04:34:19 Ornate bell tower. Campus building w/ awnings in wind. Clocktower. Various views. Ornate building entrance, man inside.

College; University; Depression; 1930s;

Supreme Court Rules NRA Unconstitutional

Exteriors and interior Supreme Court sitting - unemployed - locked factory gates - empty factory. Sign Schechter s. Queue outside poultry market


25 Years Ago

Depression - destitute miners live in Pennsylvania coke ovens - poverty - children.

Government Baby bonds printed on high speed presses. Preesident Roosevelt buys first bond from Postmaster General Farley.

Louisiana - Huey Long (sd)

Wiley Post with aircraft Winnie May

Malcolm Campbell sets record on Daytona Beach in Bluebird. Tyre with no tread after run. Campbell celebrates with crew.

Huey Long [Staged]

Reconstruction, rel. US 19Apr35? Group of men in men s room / toilets in Gentleman s club. Actor Walter Baldwin impersonates Huey Long having heated discussion / argument with others. Group standing in circle - shots of feet only as scuffle / fight breaks out - feet stamp on book. Medal inscribed w/ By Public Acclaim for a Deed Done in Private - Sands Point Aug. 26 1933 . Sequence repeated.

10:02:02 Men and women in evening dress seated at tables in small-town nightclub; entrance to Gents visible. Door marked Gentlemen, man enters.

10:03:12 Interior everyday office scenes; law firm?; many women round large desk sorting through papers. Boxes. Man enters waiting room. Other people in waiting room.

10:04:09 Man in office / secretary to Huey Long speaks into dictaphone recording device re Old Age Pension bill. Man looks though letters piled on desk; on telephone. Group of women round desk sort letters, place in boxes. Male secretary comes in, takes some letters. Line of women working at typewriters.

10:06:50 Sign We Regret We Cannot Receive Visitors Today . CU crested medal, turns to reveal motto. INT mens room w/ CUs paper towels Sands Point Club . Sign on door Mr Long with We Regret We Cannot Receive Visitors Today underneath.

Share Our Wealth Scheme. Depression. Economics. Prohibition? 1930s.

Huey Long [Staged]

Reconstruction, rel. US 19Apr35? Vars MCUs group of women sit round table talking (Women s Institute type meeting). Woman holds stacks of clipped together papers, information from Share Our Wealth scheme?; CU papers w/ State names, California - Illinois etc written on top held up. CU signatures; pamphlet Is the Senate Afraid of Huey Long? ; more pages with signatures. Women round table.

1930s. Depression. Economics.

Huey Long [In Senate Office]

Rel. US 19Apr35? CU badge Share Our Wealth Society - Every Man A King . CUs Huey Long in Senate office and on telephone. Long in meeting with Senator [asking for more office space, talk about redistribution of wealth?]. Sequence repeated from different angles. CU Long speaks, waves finger. Long on telephone behind desk, secretary comes in.

Depression. Economics. 1930s.

Father Coughlin on Bonus Army Veto.

Coughlin in front of microphones addressing large meeting. May I remind the President (FDR) that not one of these soldiers cast a ballot in 1917 to force a peace loving nation like ours to take up arms for the profiteers and the exploiters of mankind . Crowd cheering.


Huey Long on Bonus Army Veto.

Speaking from desk - says These three million soldiers their wives and their children had already figured what each of them would do with the few hundred dollars that each one of them were to get ... pay debts .. buy food ... educate children ... . Says how cruel it was of FDR to make such an event of Vetoing their bonus. Short shot of Congress from dais.


President Reads Bonus Veto to Joint Congress

Crowds gathered outside Congress, President Roosevelt removes hat and smiles. Interiors as FDR speaks from dias. (MOS)

08:50:16 Family in middle class sitting room sitting round radio listening. Various sequences of different families listening intercut with congress. Hospital with men listening to radio. Extererior Capitol, FDR in car, rear view as car drives off.


Twenty Five Years Ago - Scenes From the Depression

Destitute coal miners make homes in coke ovens, children standing outside.

Row of workers at high speed presses turning out bonds.


Smedley Butler Speaks His Mind on U.S. Politics; Senator Bone Warns U.S. Against War Entanglement

Ex-Marine General standing outdoors in civilian clothes speaks to camera. Says people of American do not think the Democrats can run the country, but do not want hard line Republicans. Says Roosevelt will be re-elected unless he makes a false step & involves America in a foreign war which is surely coming. (Neutrality) Says to remember that this Administration has control of the vote getting machinery & around 5 billion dollars to spend as it sees fit ... and as present day politics go, you could elect an Eskimo with 5 billion dollars...

01:01:16 Senator Bone Warns U.S. Against War Entanglement. Speaking outdoors to camera re situation in Italy. Mussolini ready to plunge Italy into war. Applauds the Neutrality Bill & says he hopes it will keep Americans out of war and safe on this side of the Atlantic Ocean .

Elections; Campaigning; Ethnic Slur; Outspoken; Economics; Pre-WWII; Depression; 1930s; Pacifist; Isolationism;

Better Housing News Flashes No. 9: Low-Price Homes - Special Release


22:52:26 Newspaper room & Herbert F. Cretchman, editor & president of Chamber of Commerce, in vest takes off eye shade & puts on coat.

22:52:36 Ex. The Coeur d Alene Press w/ sign on bulding. Man leaving, gets into parked sedan & leaves; car pulls up to small house w/ shutters, small girl runs out to greet him. Monthly payment of $20.48 includes everything per narrator. Working in backyard.

22:53:10 Int. w/ fireplace burning. Views of rooms. Woman in kitchen cooking. Daugher in bedroom w/ dolls.

22:53:30 Ext of small house in Moro, Arkansas. Man watering his lawn, pan over small house as narrator describes cost & payments.

22:53:50 Pan over family posing. Swish to:

22:53:55 Car at gas pump in Panama City, Florida service station. CU of owner; gasing up car. Wife & daughter in home, woman cooking. He & wife watering flower bed.

22:54:31 Norman, Oklahoma man into screened porch. Sitting w/ newspaper next to radiio & wife, baby on floor playing. Working outside house, playing garden. Posing w/ two children. CU front page of Norman Transcript & model house open house announced.

22:55:01 Editor & wife on couch bought house. Leaving fenced gate along gravel street.

22;55:15 Couple & son looking at housing poster in San Antonio, Texas. Swinging in lawn swing in backyard, gardening, feeding chickens. Making furniture & yard toys.

22:55:46 Chili, New York stucco house w/ couple & child outside working. Woman cooking, reading to daughter; listening to radio.

22:56:12 Title

22:56:19 (bad sound) Pan over miniature houses. CUs of various styles. Tilt up to chef who made them out of candy. Man making house. Small girl picks up house & eats it. Comparing to real home ownership.

22:57:39 Animated logo

Depression; Government Home Ownership Program; Federal Housing Administration; FHA; Propaganda;

Americana; Food Oddities; Mortgages;

Better Housing News Flashes No. 7

23:00:13 Title: Winter Home Work

23:00:19 Snow blowing hard & traffic along street, pedestrians crossing, running holding hats.

23:00:28 Man pulling down stairs to attic from ceiling. Woman opens hidden door in wall to show cupboard w/ liquour & jams; cupboard w/ golf clubs.

23:00:47 Boy into room, drops part of painting to form top of desk w/ storage built into wall. Opens top to show bookcase. Closet light turns on when door opens.

23:01:08 Kitchen w/ cupboards built around sink etc. Ventilation fan. Man moves bookshelf for folding Murphy bed.

23:01:33 Ext. of snow drifted from eaves. Kid climbs onto roof.

23:01:38 Title: Housing Act Peps Building. Graphs showing residential construction of 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931 thu 1934, all declining figures totalling 92 per cent.

23:02:25 Clippings of FHA programs & increased building activity.

23:02:36 Apartment complex under construction w/ workmen. Houses in various stages of construction; carpenters, laborers. nailing, bricklaying, shingling, stucco applied. Workers taking lunch break on job site.

23:03:25 LS of suburban housing development under construction. CU cover: Amortized Mortgage, government. LS of established large home.

23:03:49 Title: Model Home Mania. Signs pointing. Car pulls up & couple tours, looks around furnished house, he sits down to read; she gets him up. Look at kitchen & appliances, cupboards, ironing board. Modern art deco furniture; tacky decorations. Nursery, master bedroom w/ canopy bed & closet.

23:05:54 Look at sign: model home $4800. $960 cash; 27.62 per month.

23:06:01 Animated logo.

Depression; Government Home Ownership Program; Federal Housing Administration; FHA; Propaganda;


Better Housing News Flashes No. 8

23:06:28 Title; How About A Bath? Boy sitting in kitchen in large tub covered in soapy water slowly scrubbing. Sponging water over head.

23:06:52 Man in barrel under bucket outdoors, pulls rope & dumps bucket of cold water to rinse.

23:07:08 Oak covered zinc bathtub from 1890s; man w/ handlebar moustache scrubbing.

23:07:22 Porcelein tub & woman scrubbing back w/ brush.

23:07:33 Small boy scrubbing in new tub w/ built in tub. Woman in new bathroom, putting on shower cap & into mirrored shower stall; silhouette as she showers.

23:08:06 Title: Wanted. CU want ad for 5 million new houses.

23:08:19 LS over blocks of attached houses from hilltop. Statistics over pictures re things lacking in housing.

23:08:45 Suburban houses, suburbs w/ landscaping. Large houses. Homes w/ porches screned in. Flowerbeds.

23:09:32 Title: Much House For Little Money. Men walking thru fenced entrance getting pay checks (?).

23:09:52 LS Home w/ payment graphic. Floor plans of various variations for more money per month.

23:11:38 Title: How Does the Other Half Live. Stock footage of Chinese families living on boats; arctic igloos; desert houses in ground. Canals of Holland & houses alongside. Venice gondoliers. Crowded city in USA; garden apartment complexes. CUs of doorway, people walking on sidewalks.

23:13:06 Women getting something out of electric refrigerator. Black women at basement washing machine w/ wringer & electric mangle ironing appliance. Black women hanging sheets & towels over heated pipes.

23:13:19 Kids playing game on lawns in yards.

23:13:30 Animated logo.

Depression; Government Home Ownership Program; Federal Housing Administration; FHA; Propaganda;

Americana; Gags;

Depression Dust Storm & Farm Family - Disasters - weather

Tumbleweed blowing on fence with dust behind. Drifts. Paper on fence 'Capper's Farmer 'Is This Fair''. Basement house with driftr beside. Man runs up. Shot from inside. Field with drifted sand & sun blotted out. Equipment buried in sand. Farmer inside house reading while woman has head on hand looking worried. Sand & dirt on table, child draws house in sand on table. CU of bible that man's reading with dust on it.

Remington Rand Strike, Norwood, OH - Police & Strikers

Small town street w/ police & small crowd. Police motorcycle w/ side car follows cars down street away from camera.

14:4:0? Group of policemen disentangle motorcycle from rear of car after collision. Ambulance leaves & damaged motorcycle w/ destroyed sidecar.

14:24:3? Small group of striking pickets outside building. Cars & policeman on motorcycle sidecar around corner; police keep small crowd of men & women in yard beneath shade trees. More men run to join crowd in street.

Labor Strikes; 1930s Depression; Labor Unions; 1936;

One Dead, Many Hurt, In Strike Battle At Big Shipyard.

Large fist fight w/ tear gas; ships docked in background. Large cloud of tear gas, men wipe eyes, running. Police & fire trucks arrrive.

14:14:0? Demonstrators standing facing camera; some taken away by police. Man into ambulance.

Depression workers; Labor strikes; Unions;

[Harlem Street Scenes & Father Divine's Establishments Pt1]

VS coal truck truck painted with signs re peace, righteousness and God inc. Father Divine Is Love plus Authorized dealer for Salem Hill coal ; coal down chute. Delivery truck w/ similar peace messages.

08:18:44 Black men and boys sitting outside Prosperity Barber Shop , men enter; CUs shop sign. Ext Father Divine Delicatessen and Grocery . Sign re Father Divine s Headquarters have moved. People in and out of The Sweet Shop w/ peace on sign.

08:20:50 Women dressed in white enter door with sign Peace to All and We Thank You Father . Women entering and leaving.

08:22:00 Summer - NYC street scenes - pedestrians - traffic. Black kids play in the street. Tenement buildings.

08:23:59 Father Divine estate - mansion and trees.

Depression. Black Ghettos. Religious cults / movements.

[Harlem Street Scenes & Father Divine's Establishments Pt2]

Ext New Day laundry and furniture store . Peace signs on windows. Window of Sunshine Dress Shop w/ assistant inside.

08:26:15 Ext large town house; CU number 1887. Ext Fish Fruits and Vegetable Market , man painting sign. Ext Peace Tailor Shop .

08:28:29 Sign over shoe shine parlor Peace Shine 3 cents w/ vendor at ice cream stall making ices in FG; Black children waiting for cone. Man at peanut stall. Ice cream cart painted w/ God is Love etc.

Depression. Black Ghettos. Religious cults / movements.

The Plow that Broke the Plains R1 of 3

Documentary made for US Resettlement Administration on the causes and effects of the Great Plains Dust Bowl. Animated map showing US States covered by great plains. Cattle graze on the grasslands. Herders on horseback. New Pioneers - covered wagons - homesteaders land rush onto the plains and grow large wheat crops - ploughing & harvesting scenes. Drought - soil baked after rains failed - ploughing useless. Woman sweeps dust from front steps of cottage - farmer looks worriedly up to sky as baby crawls on ground. Modern tractor appears on horizon.

Depression. Farming / Agriculture. Economics. Man-Made Disasters. 1930s.

The Plow that Broke the Plains R2 of 3

WWI headlines England Declares War on Germany - Wheat Prices Soar . Farmer driving tractor pulling plough. Montage explosions & more headlines. Field churned up by tractors in clouds of dust. Montage wheat production & shipping w/ cries of Wheat will win the war! etc. Advancing tanks intercut w/ tractors. Combine harvesters. Printing press - Government posters re Free Land!! & 30,000 Farms for Sale . Postwar decline of the wheat market results in overproduction - more combines - nighttime ploughing. Farm machinery is used and then abandoned. Drought - skulls of dead animals - dying puppy. Dust storm - farmers run for cover, kids run along main street of town - dust through cracks in window pane - topsoil blown away - INT derelict farmhouse.

Depression. Farming / Agriculture. War Effort. Economics. Man-Made Disasters. Poverty. 1930s.

The Plow that Broke the Plains R3 of 3

Dust storm renders a farm useless. Farmer shovels dust away from house as scruffy kids watch - family load few possessions onto truck & head West. Devastated farmland. Convoy of cars heading West. Unemployed living in camps. Shots dead trees and deserted Plains.

07:43:45 Animated map explains what happened to the Great Plains - 40 million acres destroyed, 200 million damaged - work of Resettlement Administration inc. loans.

07:45:40 Houses built for resettled farmers. New small farms. Drought conditions - VO control & conservation vital to sustain grasslands.

Depression. Farming / Agriculture. Economics. Poverty. Man-Made Disasters. 1930s; Erosion;

The Plow that Broke the Plains [Reel 1 Excerpts]

Part of documentary made for US Resettlement Administration on the causes and effects of the Great Plains Dust Bowl. New Pioneers in covered wagons - homesteaders land rush onto the plains to grow large wheat crops. Ploughing & harvesting scenes - horse-drawn combines.

Depression. Farming / Agriculture. 1930s.

Drought - Stricken Areas Get water from Kansas City

Water tank train car with sign Free water from Kansas City, Mo, to Louisburg, Kansas . Man in front turns wheel to open and other pours water from bucket into tank. Water tank train moving with men sitting on it.

Various shots pouring water from hoses into containers, group of rural children around well. Small dog pulls cart filled with water.



Hoboes Get the Bum s Rush

Police rout Knights of the Road from jungles they ve lived in undisturbed for nineteen years in a vigorous drive to keep indigents and tramps out of the State. Hundreds of penniless travellers are turned back to Yuma, Arizona. Shows police in wasteland shantytown slum evicting men from makeshift houses. Walking them on railway line.

Sign Arizona state line . Searching tramps.

Police look under passing train at night, looking for hoboes. Hoboes empty pockets on tables, fingerprints taken.

Poverty. Housing. Depression


Unemployed Army storms Capitol for relief funds

LS Capitol. LS Poor men sitting on steps. Men sleeping rough on ground around entrance, on benches. Waiting idly in front of building. Man sitting smoking in front of blankets. Child and mother sleeping in grass.

Soup kitchen with men and children eating.

Poverty. Depression.


[Cotton Picking by Hand & by Rust Cotton Picker] (ca Aug36)

Black men picking cotton by hand. CU. Two men, one riding on tractor & other on machine picking cotton being pulled past watching men, others follow machine. Dust in ari from machine.

00:34:17 CU white woman watching; mostly white men in straw hats watching Rust Cotton Picker (printed on metal) at work. Boy walks thru field picking missed cotton.

00:36:44 CU mechanism working w/ branches out still w/ some cotton on them. Unhooking bag and dumping into wagon.

Agriculture; Agricultural Inventions; Labor Saving Devices; Depression; Economics

[Football, Professional - Unid. Team Practicing] (ca Sep36)

Unknown professional football team practicing. Note highway above stadium.

Throwing passes, doing exercises, posing for photograph. CUs.

Sports; 1930s; Depression; Americana;

[Alligator Wrestling]

Seminole Indians wrestling alligators in pit as tourists to Florida watch.

Stunts; Oddities; American Indians; Travel; 1930s; Depression;

Two Presidential Candidates Take Break...

Roosevelt New Hyde Park, NY home in LS. Convertible car down tree-lined lane,FDR driving children past camera. Sitting in corn field watching corn loaded onto wagon. CU. With children in MCU. CU of signing his name while sitting outdoors at card table.

08:50:42 Sitting w/ Eleanor outdoors on wicker chairs w/ dog beside, two young children ride up on horseback, another girl on a pony. CU of girl on pony. CUs of FDR w/ mother by fireplace reading & smiling.

08:51:02 Landon Walking while carrying young boy, wife & daughter (?) with young girl up steps of porch. Wife w/ two young chidren at table. Mr. & Mrs Landon sitting w/ boy & girl & toy mechanical poodle. CU wife smiling. Landon holding daughter on lap & playing w/ campaign button (?). At desk working & smiling.

Politics; 1936 Presidential Campaign; Depression; Vacations;

Efficient New Auto Engine Uses Cheap Fuel Oil

Men stand behind four cylinder water cooled engine running as man adjusts lines into motor from several bottles on table next to it. Man holding cigarette while looking at motor running. Man explains to others what is happening (MOS).

Transportation; Automobile; 1930s; Depression; Inventions; Alternative Energy;

Pickets Clash With Police In Textile Strike

Strikers walking along grounds in front of large mill w/ Berkshire Textile Mill sign on roof. Police watch watch people coming & going at entrance. Mounted police moving people, tear gas thrown. People watch police walk off w/ one man.

Labor Union; Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; Depression Workers; Union Strikes;

New 20,000-Ton Airplane Carrier Goes Down Ways [USS Enterprise CV-6]

Ca. 05Oct36

Carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6) bow w/ bunting, workmen on deck. Workmen knocking blocks from beneath. Men watching. MCU of Mrs. Claude Swanson w/ bottle on rope, swings & breaks on bow & ship slides down ways as large crowd watches. Young girls clapping. Ship launched into water at Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company.

Pre-WWII; Naval Aircraft Carrier Launching; US Navy; Depression Workers; Union Strikes;

Drouth-Stricken Areas Get Water From Kansas City

Men filling railroad tank car w/ fire hose; banner sign hanging Free Water from Kansas City, MO to Louisburg, Kansas. Man pouring water into tank car w/ bucket. Train pulling out of rail yard w/ three tank cars & signs.

14:27:06 Men standing about as hose fills buckets in horse drawn wagon. Kids watch & steady bucket. Water wagon filled. Boys w/ small wagon & milk bucket get filled from hose. Dog cart w/ buckets.

Depression; Dust Bowl; Weather Disaster; Assistance; Aid;

[1936 Democratic Convention: VP Garner & FDR Acceptance Speeches]

Convention floor & people in grandstand of stadium. Cheering crowds waving state placards & hats.

20:01:10 FDR on arm of son w/ others through curtains, pictures. LS Man introducing Garner as VP candidate.

20:02:14 Garner begins speaking: words shall be as few as they shall be fervent & sincere. I am a soldier & my duty is to follow where the Commander leads. I accept the rules of war as laid down in the Platform. I am not insensible of the high honor which has been confirm upon me....I gladly accept the nomination...Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is my leader, my Commander-in-Chief...I pledge anew my allegiance to Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt.

20:04:35 Senator Joseph Robinson speaks introducing FDR.

20:05:15 FDR at mic begins speech. Opening thru ...sustained me in my task I am grateful. For their loyalty

Continues: right to work and his right to live. Today we stand committeed to the propositioin that freedom is no half-and half affair. If the average citizen is guaranteed equal opportunity in the polling place, he must have equal opportunity in the market place. (applause) These economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. What they really complain of is that we see to to take away their power. 20:07:36 MS continued. Our allegiance to American institutions requires the overthrow of this kind of power. (applause) In vain they seek to hide behind the Flag & the Constitution. But in their blindness they forget what the Flag & the Constitution stand for. Now, as always, for over a century and a half, the flag, the Constitution, stand against a dictatorship by mob rule & the over-privileged alike. And the flag & the Constituiion stand for Democracy & not tyranny, for freedm, not subjection. (applause). Coverage skips to:

20:09:05 LS The greatest guide of all is moral principle. We do not see faith, and hope, and charity as unattainable ideals. We use them as stout supports of a Nation fighting the fight for freedom in a modern civilization. Faith, faith in the soundness of democracy in the midst of dictatorship. Hope renewed because we know so well the progress we have made. And Charity, Charity in the true spirit of thatgrand old word. For charity literally translated from the original means love, the love that understands, that does not merely share the wealth of the giver, but in true sympathy helps men to help themselves. (applause).

Oration; Speech; Public Speaking Example; Politics; Political Process; Nomination; Nominees; 1936; Depression;

[Indigents Stopped At Californian Border]

Police at California-Arizona border stop migrants - men & women ordered out of truck & goods wagon of train. Men searched at police desk - good shots inc. CU young man in cloth cap. CU sign Arizona State Line. People out of truck, dishevelled-looking woman allowed to stay seated in back. Police open goods wagon, men out. Some shots repeated from vars angles.

08:04:14 Night scenes police searching migrants - CUs Black man has fingerprints taken - woman & several men watching. Man empties his pockets onto desk. Liquor bottle. Police / border official shows badges. More fingerprinting - White man. Police on tracks w/ torches as train passes through.

08:09:11 Train crossing railroad bridge next to highway at Californian border. High shot train passing in FG w/ indigents waiting at border station? below.

Depression. Okies. Tramps. Poverty. Migration. Stowaways.

[Folksinger Leadbelly & John Lomax, ca 1936]

SOF Huddie William Ledbetter (Jan1888 - 06Dec49) playing guitar & signing Goodnight Irene to well dressed Black woman in wicker chair; group of people in room. Older Black man in suit listening.

19:18:27 MOS CU Leadbelly s feet tapping to music. MCU well-dressed Blacks watching, in living room; drinking from glasses. CUs.

19:19:33 SOF CU strumming worn guitar & singing.

19:19:54 LS group listening, John Lomax standing by bookcase listening.

19:20:19 MOS CU Leadbelly. SOF begins playing, Lomax voice in background. CU face while playing. MS.

19:21:49 SOF CU strumming while singing. Playing chorus, humming.

19:23:47 MOS laughing CU of woman. Repeat of singing.

19:24:20 Ext. w/ snow on ground.

19:24:29 Repeat of CUs.

19:25:10 Ext. Lomax car pulls up w/ Leadbelly driving; he goes around & opens door for John Lomax & they walk up path & into house.

Ethnomusicology; Folksinging; 1930s; Depression; Ethnic; Library of Congress Recordings; Folk Life; Lead Belly;

NOTE: reel is out of sync.

[Library of Congress Librarian & John Lomax w/ Folk Song Recording, ca 1936]

John Lomax holding 16 inch recording disc beside console turntable w/ Library of Congress Librarian Herbert Putnam & ?? sitting in front of wall of books. Lomax talking, MOS, while gesturing to record. Puts it on turntable w/ difficulty & plays. MS men listening. Lomax talking.

19:27:56 MCU of shelves of books in Library of Congress storage stacks. Lomax & ?? walk out w/ recording in sleeve.

19:28:29 CU of shelves. Lomax replaces disc into large box on shelf. Repeat.

19:29:04 Lomax standing, talking & putting disc on record player for Putnam & ??.

19:30:11 Ext. Library of Congress w/ traffic past. No leaves on trees.

19:30:40 CU sign: Music Division. CU sign on storage box American Folk-Song Collection.

19:30:56 Int. of LIbrary of Congress ornate hallway & people on balcony looking down.

Ethnomusicology; Folksinging; 1930s; Depression; Ethnic; Library of Congress Recordings; Folk Life;

[Kidnapping & Murder of Charles F. Mattson, 26Dec36 - 11Jan37]

Journalists run to car on street corner overlooking Puget Sound Commencement Bay. Policeman stopping cars at intersection.

06:15:00 CU woman in fur coat kneeling w/ small dog on wet sidewalk. LS of Mattson large tudor-style home, mansion.

06:15:12 Intersection w/ large home, pedestrian & cars past. Various daytime shots w/ Christmas lights on conifers.

06:15:50 MCU Man at writing desk (father William Whitlock Mattson?) writing.

06:16:02 Men into small cruiser or fishing boat Vagabond & across harbor past sawmill.

06:16:25 Police checking cars at previous intersection. CU woman & dog. Mailman to house. Cars parked along street overlooking Puget Sound. CU man in car w/ paperbag on lap & drinking from milk bottle. Newspaper reporters run to telephones on pole; men w/ cameras; taking notes. Reporters standing on corner outside home.

06:17:25 Reporters in snow, men load covered body into ambulance or van; backing up small road.

06:18;22 Farmhouse. MCU of 19 year old Gordon Morrow who found body. CU.

06:18:44 Snow & bursh where body found. Cameramen, reporters looking at location w/ body (?).

06:19:40 Road w/ reporters cars on side. Men carry stretcher to road; body onto gurney & into car. Footprints in snow.

06:20:17 Farmhouse & shed.

06:20:24 Stretcher out of van & carried to woods; carrying back to van w/ reporters & loading into van. Photographer outside car (of family?).

Unsolved Criminal Mystery; Kidnapping; Murders; Crimes; Depression; Ransom; Pacific Northwest;

NOTE: Charles F. Mattson, 10, kidnapped from home 26Dec36 by gunman leaving ransom note. Body found 11Jan37 near Everett. Never solved, remains open case on FBI files. Father was physician & surgeon.

[Gold Bullion Weighed For Shipping To Ft. Knox, ca 1937]

MCU woman sittiing smiling at desk.

06:21:38 Men working w/ two treasury guards holding tommy guns behind. Weighing gold billets on large balance scale.

06:21:54 Woman speaking, MCU. Signs paper w/ two men & woman watching. Pose, smile.

06:22:35 Men wheel cart to large scale & weighing; men watch. CU removing bars. Cameramen filming.

06:24:14 CU & long shot of men melting gold in furnace; pouring into molds, man in suit watches. CU pouring liquid metal w/ flames on top.

06:25:39 Exterior of ?? w/ traffic past. Probably Philadelphia mint 1937 when gold was shipped to Fort Knox.

Economics; Economy; Americana; Mint; US Treasury; USA; Civil Service; Depression;

NOTE: First shipment of gold to Fort Knox was 13Jan37.

[Unid. Government Official Returns to Washington, DC January 1937]

American Airlines DC-3 low over airport buildings & landing w/ ?? returning to Washington, DC. Taxiis up. Man into car w/ Black chauffeur holding door. Inside w/ newspaper (difficult to see), drives off past cameraman cranking camera.

VIP; Transportation; Depression;

[Women WPA Workers Picket; Ambassador to USSR; Chevrolet Auto Strike; Strike Settled] (ca1936) 16:00:08 X1 Women WPA workers picketing on sidewalk in small town, placards about Xmas. Town intersection, man & boy jaywalk; cars turning. Pleaseantville Fire Co. No. ? fire department. Women meeting in hall, reading newspapers, eating at long table. Woman smoking cigarette by radiator w/ feet up. Woman sleeping on rattan couch. Large group, some knitting, talking, sitting on benches. One or two men present.

16:04:43 Marching across street, men carry large sign: Does A Ship Pay?

16:05:22 X4 US Ambassador presents credentials in Moscow. LS of Kremlin and snow covered; car past & arriving at Spaso House w/ Joseph E. Davies & others out of cars, into building. Various Ambassdors & Embassy staff stand around and greeted by USSR Mikhail Kalinin. Posing.

16:06:57 X5 End of Chevrolet strike. Demonstrators in overcoats march from shack w/ US flag. Tear down shack and burn it. Large factory in background; also houses from other angle. Train past w/ passenger cars.

16:08:24 Strikers marching outside factory offices behind American flag; waving hats; tear down canvas & wood shack.

16:09:10 X6 Ext. of Chevrolet plant w/ workers marching behind USA flag. Men waving hats. Two men carried on shoulders, put down & piano set up outside autoworkers Union Local 34. Men singing, dancing & cheering.

Organized Labor Unions; Depression; Americana; Streetcar; 1930s;

Thousands March to Protest Cuts in WPA Projects

Demonstrators marching with band, banners and floats. Women marchers.


A Better Massachusetts

Depression montage, signs, chimneys, unemployed. Men getting handouts; going through trash, sleep in doorways, food lines.

11:55:39 Whistle & men to work digging, picks, smoke stacks working again. Family w/ kids, milk, groceries, kids playground. Scaffolding, chimneys w/ smoke.

11:56:29 Map. Springfield - work on cross town boulevard. Roadworks. Large concrete pipes laid

11:56:53 Boston - golf course, construction of club house. Building new gymnasium in New Bedford.

11:57:13 Men working on secondary country roads.

11:57:26 Worcester - garment workers, industrial sewing rooms, women at sewing machines make clothes for poor. Federal art project restoring paintings.

11:57:53 Gloucester harbor, artists painting in sun on docks. Boats.

11:58:18 Recreation, leisure activities in park. Greenfield Municiple swimming pool. swimming & diving.

11:58:52 Young boys boxing & wrestling, other kids watching. Model building class.

11:59:26 Public Safety - woman using simulator of driving wheel. Roads, safety islands for pedestrians. Streets. Improvement work on Park Street transfer subway &/or elevated station in Boston. Men with pneumatic drill.

12:00:06 Man working on granite w/ cleaning suction drill - commentary re silicosis danger.

12:00:34 Coastguard Station at Sandwich on Cape Cod. Demonstration of emergency callout, rescue drill ww/ breeches buoy.

12:01:25 Education - Public nursing projects. Mother sits wi/ baby on knee as nurse bathes another baby in bath on table. Home nurse giving baby quick checkover.

12:02:02 National Youth Administration - office scenes. POV from boat as approaches dock in Gloucester. Project re breeding of fish & restocking fishing grounds.

12:02:37 Perkins Institution for the Blind in Watertown. Int. men making braille maps. MCUs. Blind people proofreading maps.

12:03:12 Free music lessons - young Whitet girl playing piano. Black girls watch black girl playing piano as Black teacher watches. All white Boston harmonica band, plays Swanee River.

12:04:19 South Boston Nursery school. Kids eat, play on climbing frames, washing up, taking cod liver oil. 15:04:52 Children having nap on cots. The End.

1937; 1930s; Fedeal Government Works Progess Administration; WPA; Unemployment; Back To Work;

We Work Again Reel 1

Documentary: On the employment of Negroes in Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects.

Depression scenes, Black men on doorsteps and street corners. Young black men whittling. Line of unemployed black men and women.

Montage black people working in Federal Work programmes intercut with breadlines.

05:48:50 Black labourers reporting to construction office for work assignments. Labourers work on road improvements.

05:49:45 New York City, WPA demolition project underway, old blocks of flats being torn down for new housing. Building of new bath house next to swimming pool in Harlem.

05:50:36 Swimming pool - children off diving boards and in pool. Colonial park paddling pool and playground area, swings and slides.

05:51:34 Nursery school, kids playing and eating. Getting medicine from nurse. Afternoon rest, kids asleep.

05:52:07 Adult education, older women learning to read and write. Adults in Spanish language class. Clerical workers in the WPA scheme, filing cards, working in land records offices. Women in typing pool.

05:53:15 Household training schools, black women having domestic science / cookery lesson. Cooking, turning mattress on bed, making beds. Healh education, hospital.

05:54:38 Community sewing rooms.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


MS and CUs family meeting.

02:01:30: Mother answers phone; bad news; drops receiver. Grandfather reveals moral of the story. Daughter and brother w/ grimy face arrive.

VS brothers and sisters in evening dress; I m gonna get a real job... Brother announces into his pipe: Ladies and gentlemen of the radio audience, this is the voice of experience speaking. The only way to lick a depression is to go to work.

02:04:15: CU grandfather tuning radio. MS family around radio; children bring wage packets home. Father in new masonic costume w/ beehive hat. MS Grandfather gives mother mortgage papers.

1930s Americana. Family life. Fashion. Repartee. Con artists. Morality.

[Miami Street Scenes & License Plates] (1937)

Traffic on wide street w/ cars parked next to palm trees & buildings, people walking about. Beach beyond palm trees.

08:43:51 Traffic. Hotel sidewalk cafe, storefronts & traffic; blimp overhead. All from fixed camera.

08:45:26 Intersection w/ traffic turning. Cars to & from on wide avenue. Sidewalk tables. Leisurely traffic.

08:46:49 Large modern apartment house or hotel; others a few blocks away.

08:47:16 CU of license plates from California, New York, Wisconsin, Ontario, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Delaware, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey.

Retirement; Tourists; Tourism; Weather; Depression; Wealth;

[Florida Trailer Park & Retirement; Mansions & Waterfront] (1937).

Car pulling trailer house into retirement community with palm lined roads. POV thru trailer park from top of car. People sunning in chairs. Many trailrs & caanvas roofs, breeze blowing. People walking about. Men playing cards, women talking.

08:51:28 Four men w/ enormous catch of fish hanging from pole. More shots of trailer park, knitting, readiing. Black woman tending three white children. Man mowing lawn.

08:52:57 Two women riding in back of trailer (soft focus) seen from inside.

08:53:27 Traffic past, trailer pulls into park. Two women in back of trailer playing cards.

08:53:55 POV from bac window of trailer down highway. Cars pass.

08:54:40 Trailer park scenes, angles & different size trailers.

08:55:54 POV from boat past yachts docked in front of hotels. Mansions. Under opening draw bridge towards open water.

Retirement; Tourists; Tourism; Weather; Real Estate Development; Depression; Wealth;

[Miami Hotel, Tourism, Fashions Poolside] (1937)

Three women in swimming suits and dress leave large cabana & walking along ocean front on walk. Poolside & diving board, people sitting in chairs. Sign: Cafe de la Paix, Public Invited. People walking along. Sidewalk bar moved through tables. Women walking.

09:01:43 Woman posing beside wooden post on walk.

09:03:14 Couples dancing in center of tables under palm trees in afternoon. Others walking, in shade under awnings. Poolside.

09:08:56 Long shot of beach & breakwaters w/ hotel in distant background. Women in chairs on beach.

09:09:24 LS of dancing in afternoon under palm trees.

Retirement; Tourists; Tourism; Weather; Real Estate Development; Depression; Wealth;

[Miami Golf, Stdreets, Race Track] (1937)

High angle from top of hotel (?) of new golf course, few people visible. Shadow of clouds blowing across.

09:13:21 Miami street scene w/ pedestrians past store fronts. Sign: Michigan Ave., Lincoln Rd.

09:15:54 Entrance horse race track with traffic police and greeter in uniform. Traffic turning in.

09:16:54 Horses ridden by jockeys through crowds beneath palm trees. Onto track from several angles.

09:20:07 Betting windows and people lining up.

09:21:05 Crowd under palm trees and walking of horses; people into & out of grandstand.

Retirement; Tourists; Tourism; Weather; Real Estate Development; Depression; Wealth; Gambling;

[Oxford University, Student Life]

Oxford University student in bed waking as man brings basin of hot water in. Stretches. Hot water bucket on stove burner. Man takes tea pot up wooden stairs. Brings sheos downstairs.

06:25:33 Door #4 M.A. Clarke Ext. of stone building. Man bringing tray as student runs out putting on coat. Several takes. From inside & outside.

06:26:16 Students sitting around drinking, smoking & laughing

06:26:37 Students out of building, many standing in caps & gowns; several women waiting, watching. Traffic past, pedestrians, bicycles, tiny roadster parked by curb. Several women in cap & gowns.

1930s Depression; College Life; Graduation;

[Oxford University, Nuffield Dept of Surgery Gift]

Man into building. Professor at desk, knock & male secretary brings man, Lord Nuffield (aka William Richard Morris, founder of Morris Motors Ltd.) in. Shake hands w/ Chancellor of Oxford (one armed). Nuffield offers £100,000 for Nuffield Dept. of Surgery. They talk about this in several takes.

1930s Depression; College Life; Fund Raising; Medical Research; Philanthropy; Gifts;

Aluminum Strike Ends After Death Claims 2 In Riot

22:26:16 Strikers outside plant gate; car at guard post. Car stopping for soldiers; other plant gates w/ soldier w/ bayonet inside watching workers pass thru into plant.

22:26:29 Soldiers on roof w/ machine gun on sandbag. View on roof of soldiers watching w/ binoculars.

22:26:37 Men lining road to plant watching men walking past soldier w/ bayonet.

22:26:44 Pan factory. Men thru gates. Soldiers w/ machine gun. Men sitting on street curb.

Jul37; 1937; Alcoa, Tennessee; Depression; Workers;

NOTE: AF of L, American Federation of Labor strike.

Thousands March As Parade Marks C.E. Convention

22:29:50 High shot of police riding in formation of cross w/ parade behind. Spectators lining sidewalks thru city center. Float w/ sign Christ For The Crises, marchers following. Large float w/ magnet & woman on thrown, giant feathers. Kids on back of truck float, Christ for the Crises. Woman s marching group in shape of cross; wearing white dresses

22:30:18 Float as boat. Other marching women w/ balloons. Windmill on float, banner Holland (Michigan).

22:30:35 Boy Scout marching band. High angle of other floats. CU old woman waving from chair on sidewalk. Float. Reviewing stand & people passing. Floats. Spectators.

Religion; Evangelical Conference; 1937; Depression;

[Works Progress Administration, WPA, Parade ca 1937]

SOF WPA parade, marching band toward camera. Banners, placards & flags. Workers Alliance of Greater New York. Past Penn Station (?) on 7th Ave. w/ band playing; kid on roller skates w/ hockey stick.

11:25:45 People watching from sidewalk as parade passes. Signs calling for expansion of WPA; jobless chanting we want jobs.

11:26:25 Float w/ Boss hitting workers on head with axe & they fall. Battleship float. Teachers union float. Sign: stop layoffs. People watch from curb. Parade exiting street into building garage.

Depression; Unemployed; Government Programs; Labor Unions;

NOTE: WPA was set up in 1935; this parade was probably during 1937 recession.

[Oxford University, Library & Ashmolean Preservation Center]

Student rining bell in library as man is reading next to him. MCU of man reading. Interior of ornate library looking out stained glass windows. Students reading at tables in front of large bound volumes. Student reading medieval parchment (?) w/ hand calligraphy & illuminations. Turning pages.

04:38:08 Man down stairwell. Climbing ladder to get large volume, leaves slip on shelf.

04:38:41 Beam of flashlight seen in dark. Bound tattered books Courier de Londres volume taken from shelf. Put back.

04:39:24 Row of volumes: Oxford Chronicle on shelf. Man w/ flashlight reshelving volumes. Shelves of books, overloaded. Man returning volumes.

04:40:26 Ext. Stone building, man with two volumes around corner, to door & opens w/ keys. Closes behind.

04:4100 Exhibit: The Silver Universal Microscope made For George III. Other chemical glasware in display case. Chemical glass-ware used in the Ashmolean Laboratory ca 1790-1820 . Other equipment showing telescopes, wheels, etc. Clock dial. Vacuum tube (?) display case with many things. Etchings or engavings of men.

04:42:56 Excavation of early foundation; men digging into wheelbarrows & dirt removed. Laying bricks & stucco or plastering. Man w/ pipe watching workmen. Laing foundations behind. Piledriver w/ steam.

College; Elite; 1930s; Depression;

Conservation of Natural Resources

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone river. Montage: natural resources w/ VO re wastage: waterfalls, oil refinery, petroleum spillage, railroad coal cars. Warehouse polluting river, streams. Farmer plowing w/ horses; eroded landscape. Forest before & after logging. Map of US & animation showing depletion of forests; logging scenes, tree topping, cutting redwood timber! as huge tree crashes down; 60% of each tree wasted, forest floor littered w/ branches.

02:03:35 MCU Hunter in forest drops cigarette, sets forest fire. Aerials of devastation & flames; smoking timber.

02:04:10 Ranger on fire lookout tower w/ binoculars; men cut fire trails thru forest. Sign Bass River State Forest - Be Careful With Fire . Men put out cook fire, cut brush.

02:04:44 Log on conveyor thru sawmill , cutting. Children w/ toys in wooden crate made from recycled waste. Artificial silk made from wood. Forest replanting programme.

02:05:29 Stump land after logging. Field plowed, topsoil washed away, field cut into large gulleys, erosion.

02:06:03 River choked by water from gulleys, floods, men on riverbanks w/ sandbags; valley flooded w/ houses almost submerged. Men build small dam across gulley to hold back soil. Beaver caught in trap & taken to headwater streams to build dams. Man-made dam. Contour plowing, terraces into soil of farmland.

02:07:24 Great Plains & western US dust storm from wind erosion. Dust Bowl shots - low visibility on road - bank of soil built up against shack - family loading possessions onto truck & leaving. (GOOD).

02:08:12 Map of US w/ dust bowl area. Man walks up deep erosion. Surveying, trees & hedges planted. Land & grazing use.

02:08:54 Pan across oil field packed w/ derricks; oil gushing out of ground & on fire, wasted. Oil refinery & oil by-products inc. petroleum extraction. Service station & man filling car at gasoline pump, fuel oil delivery to home, man lubricating machine in factory; mineral oil, paraffin, workers laying asphalt in parking lot.

02:10:10 Polluted stream w/ waste pipe, dead fish. Sewage processing plant. Farmer fertilising field. Man fishing in healthy river, waterfall, healthy forest & fields. River & large dam. Family at camp fire & meal outdoors in state park.

Environment. Nature. Farming / Agriculture. Energy / Fuels. Natural Disasters. Depression. 1930s Okies;

[Harvard Students & Campus; Housing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire]

Students in suits walk on campus in front of Harry Elkins Widener (Widner - incorrect) Memorial Library building w/ large columns; on sidewalk past ivy covered brick building on College Yard.

10:50:28 Males in classroom taking notes, CUs. Sitting looking at books, some taking notes.

10:52:04 Students, including women, out of ??? and on campus passing various buildings including Sever Hall; across quadrangle under leafy trees. Past ivy covered buildings.

10:53:06 Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Pedestrians & cars down tree-lined neighborhood street. Fronts of old established large homes w/ old tall trees.

10:54:05 Wooden working class houses, some unpainted, across railraod tracks w/ kids playing on sidewalk. Pedestrians, cars.

10:55:06 Main street w/ white church steeple at ned. Signs: Hotel, drugs, Portsmouth Supply Company. Pedestrians crosing street, traffic towards & away from camera. GOOD.

10:55:57 Original street shot, fairly empty. Closer shot down same street w/ cars & pedestrians.

10:56:26 Large home w/ trees & white fence. Other early large well kept houses.

10:57:18 - 10:58:45 Dark (not usable) for rest of reel.

Weather - Lazy Summer; Americana; Colleges; Daily Life; Harvard University; Living Conditions; Housing; Houses; Homes; 1938; 1930s; Depression - Wealthy;

Father Divine Shops

Entrance to The Sweet Shop - restaurant and delicatessen (Father Divine). Sign Best food at Divine Prices. Peace shop. Black women wearing white overalls enter door with sign Peace to All - We Thank You Father. Women out of door two takes.


Harlem Street scenes.

Good shots with pedestrians. 127th Street & Lenox Avenue ? summertime, with pedestrians and traffic.

23:19:36. Street scenes, children playing in streets, people sitting on stoops (steps). Groups of men standing around talking. Tenemant buildings - street games. Father Divine Estate.


Middleton Family At The New York World s Fair, The [Pt. 2/6]

Fairgrounds w/ flags, pylon and people around fountain; George Washington statue & others; large wall of falling water. Int. Jim is talking w/ visitors to Westinghouse exhibit, Bud runs in and plays practical joke w/ exploding handshaking device. Mrs Harrison & Mr. & Mrs. Middleton follow and talk. Jim tells what he does; takes them to the time capsule and chart. Container that contains it for 5000 years & people look in. Its a complete record of the civilization Storage case shows everything that went into it. Microfile shown and describes the contents. Most permanent exhibit of the fair. Jim tells about letter writing contest for letters home. 09:14:15 Television camera shown, Bud is on camera, speaks and pull back to show people watching. The Playround of Science sign and they are all looking around. Exhibits show Westinghouse

normal research project. Phantocycle, a bicycle balanced by light beams & photoelectric cells.

09:16:32 Triode and microphone operates. Jim makes speech about American private enterprise and its advantages: things must move ahead or back. Things improve or products must have lowered prices to maintain their place in marketplace. Standard of Living. Oscilloscope shows projection of Bud s voice.

So many jobs people won t be able to fill them. Argue about depression.

09:18:45 Escalator, people in Yesterday: World Without Electricity. Babs & Nick looking around, he doesn t want to drool over this Temple of Capitalism. They argue about getting married.

Vernacular Architecture; Exposition; Gardens; Corporation; Advertising Image; Oddities; Economics; Values; Future

The City (sections)

Heavy traffic, POV fire engine, cars, pedestrians. Horse w/ nose-bag

Fast food in New York City: people eating outdoors at street kiosks; diner, cafes, bars. Various food being quickly prepared. Sandwiches, pancakes, toast; CUs of mouths drinking coffee, eating toast; muffins etc. Automat. Automatic pancake machine. Montage. VERY GOOD.

15:15:14 Various shots businessmen & women leave counter; men talk on sidewalk. Women walking, men watch from windows. Man throws newspaper in trash, another picks it up. Man trying to cross street w/ tightly parked cars. Heavy traffic, street scenes, man w/ child in middle of street. Chop Suey sign. People dash between cars; mothers & children crossing street.

15:16:25 Tired people lined up, CU sign: Skin Clinic. Other hospital signs.

15:16:35 Traffic jam; irate motorists; taxis w/ CU meter. Man looking out of sunroof of car stuck in gridlock. Taxi meters running, men out of cabs.

04:16:27 Crowds of people leaving work, crossing streets. Good shots to show huge population of city. CU Policeman directing traffic. CUs road signs, busy streets.

15:18:27 Empty Wall Street w/ church at end, early morning; other narrow streets between skyscrapers.

15:18:38 Cars on New Jersey highway; traffic jams on the road, people sitting in cars, frustration. Policemen. CU bumpers & wheels. Road rage. Mechanical policeman warning sign. Sign: Death lurks at all crossings, Drive Carefully. Crash into back of dump truck (simulated) & damaged cars.

15:20:09 Sign advertising hot dogs & beer. People in cars eating; drive-in food dispensers; family having

picnic beside busy road. Girl looks over stone wall, sign: No Trespassing. Horn sticks, stress situations. Car over high cliff, crashes & destroyed.

Metaphorical Editing; Autombile Culture; 1930s; Prosperity; Depression; Oddities; Gags;

Even in this Day and Age: A Review of Major Forces Tending to Produce Social Breakdown.

Title card: The purpose of this picture is to encourage THOUGHT, DISCUSSION, ACTION; to remedy demoralizing influences.

Overhead shot of busy NYC city streets, pedestrians on pavement, traffic, tram or streetcar, bridge, newspaper stand. Schoolchildren past camera in group. Bus drops off children. Girls out of school gates. Boys play fighting on lawn. Girls play game.

10:19:56 Farmer on tractor in field; hand sharpens scythe. LS looking down wide street of small town or suburban. Girls on lawn outside middle class home skipping / jump rope. CU bread sliced & put in toaster. CU Opening refrigerator door & showing its full of food.

10:20:59 Rooftops of large city housing, two women sit w/ babies. Street with people hanging out outside houses, sitting on steps, children playing. Migrant workers in cardboard & wood makeshift house among brush. Mothers in tattered clothes hold three crying, ill-looking babies. Two groups of teenage boys facing each other shown game by man.

10:22:20 Children play in street blocked off with sign Driving thru a play street is a traffic violation and Play street closed . Pedestrians walking. Chinatown, signs in Chinese. Men & storefronts. Lower East Side & kosher poultry shop. Jewish men talking beneath Hebrew signs. Women at market vendors.

10:23:39 Harlem sidewalk & pedestrians. Black kids playing on sidewalk, men talking. Children drawing on pavement. White old lady. Speaker at consciousness-raising meeting - shot as shadows.

10:24:55 Striking workers picketing. Demonstration w/ fighting & teargas. Injured & violence; throwing stones at cars.

10:25:30 Cars on Westside Highway, NYC. Neon signs advertising alcohol, liquor. Alcohol poured in glass by shaky hands, spills, CU drunken hands can t open car with keys, CU steering wheel & hand grabbing.Limp hand in hospital clothes put under blanket. CU Cigarette burning. Smoking cigarette in ashtray. CU newspaper article with doped cigarette underlined, Marijuana . Hand holds cigarette w/ smoke.

10:27:20 Group of young men rolling dice, drinking and gambling. CU raffle form, punchcard. Headline Sweeps winners , front page America s Turf Authority paper. Men with cigars fill in betting forms. Church raffle and bingo. Headline Bingo banned by Lutherans .

10:29:00 Boys stealing from fruit stand. Burglar breaking into gas station, searching drawer. CU girl s hand stealing purse out of lady s handbag, caught.

10:30:00 Chain gang walking in front of guard.

Ethnic minorities. Crime. Childhood. Juvenile Delinquents. Drugs. Depression. Christian Moralizing. Temperance. Negroes. Sin.

[CCC Camp #4432, Hardeeville, South Carolina; Southern Governors & Economics] (Apr-May39)

Apr39 Hardeeville, South Carolina Black CCC Camp men in formation, drilling past barracks w/ white officers. Boarding trucks & leaving barracks area. Hoeing around bean plant in farm; moving wheelbarrow loads of dirt to build dike in swamp as part of Dept of Agriculture Wild Bird Refuge. Bugler in front of barracks and men out & line up.

18:57:40 Mr. Carroll Downes, Industrial Consultant in office headquarters of Southern Governors Conference dictating letter to secretary. Looking at envelopes w/ letterheads. CU posters on walls for organization w/ photographs. Framed page: With Malice Towards None .Governor Rivers & of Georgia & Mr. Downes look at proofs for conference posters & ads. Ext. Bona Allen Building - Atlanta Builders Exchange entrance.

New South; Economics; Depression; Segregation; Poverty; Federal Works Programs; Organizations; Negroes; Blacks;

New Ways In Farming Pt. 1 of 2

March of Time Forum Edition

14:46:05 Picturesque rural farming scenes, haying w/ farmers loading hay onto wagon w/ pitchforks - superimposed shot of leather-bound books by Burns, Riley, Frost & Virgil. Farmer s wife & daughter in kitchen making cake, baking bread. Woman taking jars of canned fruit [?] from ??; cooking meat. VO re idyllic view of rural life.

14:47:17 Aerials Department of Agriculture building, Washington DC. INT government workers inc. female secretaries at desks, scientists in laboratory, artist designing poster. Intertitle re problem caused by US farmers supplying WWI war effort.

14:48:20 WWI shots - cargo ship w/ banner Belgian Relief loaded w/ produce - food sacks unloaded - goods train runby past. Herd of cattle - farm workers harvesting potatoes - ploughing w/ horse - early combine harvester pulled by many mules - unsuitable land used. Post-WWI depression: Dust Bowl - deserted farm - arid land - Great Flood - people in rowing boats near submerged house - fertile topsoil washed away leaving eroded gulleys. US map showing land erosion. Good Dust Bowl scenes: ruined farm machinery - family leaves farm w/ possessions on cart, kids sitting on mattress. Signs No Camping Without Permission & No Pickers Wanted . Trailer full of possessions painted w/ California or Bust . Homeless family outside tent.

14:50:36 Deep South - poor family eating in shack. Black farm workers - VO re failure of Southern one-crop system. EXT typical Southern plantation house - INT Georgia textile tycoon Cayson Calloway talking about new farming methods [MOS] - map of South showing Calloway farm near LaGrange, Georgia. Bulldozers shaping land into contours preparing it for new beneficial crops. Calloway poses w/ crop of grapes planted in regenerated soil. Black workers picking fruit & blue berries. Chinese Kudzu [?] crop harvested & processed as sileage - cattle grazing - ducklings in coop - ducks on pond.

Agriculture - US - 1940s; Postwar Economics; Countryside; Animals; Propaganda; US History; Poverty; Soil Conservation Service;

25 Years Ago Today

Teachers strike - picket along Chicago Loop. Placards , depression signs and signs re importance of education.

14:47:15 Camden shipyard & pickets, workers lining streets.

14:47:29 FDR with Vincent Astor shaking hands on sailing trip. Roosevelt with son James, Astor and unid. man posing on boat, smiling. Boat leaving dock. He waves hat.

14:48:03 Men punching timeclocks & working on car assembly lines. Good montage of auto assembly line in factory. Workers eating in factory.

14:48:25 Pirelli anti-skid tyres manufactured by grooving crossride grooves. Depth shown. Car on wet pavement stops for camera. Accident - A car skids into woman & baby carriage knocking carriage over and woman lying on pavement. Said to be dead. Anti skid tyres.

Title: 25 Years Ago Today (FDR; Morgenthau; Senate Committee; Highway Accidents; Ears; Glasses Wipers)

21:20:34 President Roosevelt giving State of Union speech (MOS) to 73rd Congress. Standing ovation.

21:20:58 Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. writing at desk, looks up smiles.

21:21:05 Lowering hoist alongside ship; stevedors hooking chains to crate.

21:21:13 Senate Committee w/ Edsel Ford CU w/ consul Ferdinand Pecora CU, leading to regulation of stock & security trading.

21:21:38 Sedan on highway entrance forces another car across center divide. Other sedans crash at intersection. Multiple accidents staged by State of New Jersey.

21:22:05 Car over cliff seen from below, bounces on way down & completely falls apart.

21:22:16 Men inspect & measure ears of model in Paris. Multiple models ears in CU.

21:22:36 man wearing goggle-like eye glasses w/ tiny fan mounted on bridge, Wind blown into fan cses operation of wipers on each glass lens. CU . man squirts water on to him. CU results. The End.

1934; Oddities; Highway Safety; Depression; Dollar Devaluation; Economics;

25 Years Ago (FDR at Pine Valley Georgia; Eleanor Roosevelt Ribbon Cutting; Mundelein; Batman]

05:10:20 President Roosevelt driving w/ others in car to Pine Valley Rural Resettlement Project. Arriving past crowd. CU farmers of depression pilot project to reclaim barren land. Crowd watching, applauding,

05:10:42 High angle of very large crowd listening on grandstand. FDR speaking: You re government & I say to you, you cannot borrow your way out of debt; but you can invest your way into a sounder future.

05:11:11 Tenements w/ sheets, pillows on clotheslines between. New low-income municipal housing on New York City Lower Eastside.

05:11:19 Eleanor Roosevelt cutting ribbon as LaGuardia & ?? watches. MCU of people watching. LS crowd waiving flags.

05:11:30 Cardinal Mundelein of Chicago at convocation honoring new Philippine Commonwealth; priests applauding. Mundelein speaking: We are not in politics, neither the Church nor I, no individual Cardinal, Bishop or Priest; no organization of laymen or Catholic newspaper has the right to speak for the 20 million Catholics of this country in matters political. Applause.

05:12:14 CU of stuntman w/ parachutes & cloth wings in front of biplanes at Miami All-American Air Maneuvers. Jumps from planes, people looking up at him falling w/ smoke. Opens parachute & descending.

Depression; Unemployed; Catholics; Religious Statement; Anti-Father Coughlin; Aerial Stunts; Oddities; Gags;

25 Years Ago (NJ Sit-in; Aviation & Auto Inventions; KY Derby)

Depression - State House, Trenton, NJ. People march in and have sit-in. Sitting around tables with mock speaker.

09:10:33 Pusher plane chosen by government as safest. Take off w/ Capitol behind.

09:10:52 Flying pancake shown on ground, takes off at 30 mph.

09:11:15 3-wheeled car with inventor. CU of motor. View running down highway. 5 passenger front seat 09:11:39 Kentucky Derby & betting windows, crowds, close finish won by Bold Venture by head.

(Safety Inventions)

The Miners Story [Part 1 of 3]

WCAU-TV Philadelphia - Starring Jack Palance

High pan across derelict mine complex in north-east Pennsylvania. Palance walks through derelict site & delivers hyperbolic piece to camera re this being his home despite jet-set Hollywood lifestyle - I m still a coal cracker at heart . Musical title sequence showing miners underground.

01:04:13 Palance to camera re hazards of miners working lives. Aerial views over desolate deforested landscape w/ hills scarred by mining, slag heaps, etc. AV small towns set among abandoned collieries; VO the land of anthracite coal...500 square miles of the richest hard coal country in the world .

01:06:37 Palance to camera re legends of early coal era; cutaways to portraits depicting birth of coal industry & its development. Palance in front of derelict mine tower - talks re Irish immigrants - early stills of immigrants & miners at work - Molly Maguires vigilante gang & early union activity. Formation of United Mine Workers of America 1890 - founder John Mitchell.

01:12:39 More early stills of miners - VO re low pay & child labour - strike of 1900.

01:13:43 Palance to camera re militia breaking strikes - negotiations between Theodore Roosevelt, George Behr & Mitchell. Palance looks out over blackened valley & recalls what it was like before mining ruined it.

01:15:08 Nostalgic footage three young boys walking home, carrying shirts after swimming - white picket fence; boys skinny dipping in lake. High shots across mining town - small houses. Morning whistle - miners walk to work in semi-darkness. Miners gather round camera; down into pit followed by horses.

01:17:24 Cut back to Palance Times were good in this valley . Post-WWI coal boom montage: neon lights in Times Square; AV huge foundry; locomotive pulling goods wagons; coal transportation; general mining scenes. Oilfield shots - VO re decline of coal industry by 1926 - two thirds of anthracite miners in PA unemployed by 1930s - miners stealing coal from abandoned mines.

01:19:32 Miner feeding poor family of 9 kids on outdoor table - CU dirty kids eating. John L. Lewis, President of United Mine Workers - influence on 1933 National Recovery Act & union; group of miners gather to hear speaker outside mine. CU sign above hall Mass Meeting - Hear John L. Lewis ; INT crowded meeting; CU Lewis speaking [MOS]. WWII increase in coal mining but still behind oil & gas - Palance to camera re further decline in late 40s.

[NB Slugs left in for commercials. STILLS MAY HAVE ADDITIONAL RIGHTS - USER BEWARE.]

Heavy Industry. Progress. Depression. Unemployment.

[President Reagan Press Conference On Economy Growth & Cuts in Defence]

Ronald Reagan at White House announced and up to podium - makes statement re economy : ...inflation has been held under 4%...opportunity is our engine of progress so I m asking Congress to work with me and not against me... . Takes questions from Helen Thomas re Strategic Defence initiative ( SDI ). Says he is sorry it was ever called Star Wars. Mentions Great Depression. Talks of forthcoming summit meeting. Conference closed.

Cold War