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Franco Franco Franco
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Archival film footage on Franco from Footage Farm

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War Comes To America Reel 3 - Compilation film.

Compilation film. Brief shots 1940s American way of life - AV clover leaf highways - construction - housing - people going to and leaving work - crowds - pedestrians. People going into church - interiors church service. Traffic - beach. Bodies.

12:01:37 1917 - World War One - Big guns firing - soldiers in trenches - over the top. Aircraft and tanks.

12:01:58 Armistice day Nov 11th 1918 - crowds celebrate in New York. Naval ships blown up - graphic re reduction of military strength. Brief establishing shots Europe and Asia.

12:02:30 1931 Japanese play baseball. Map Manchuria. Japan invasion. Washington - Capitol - Sec. of State Stimson superimposed on newspaper denouces Japans invasion.

12:03:18 Bonus March on Washington - depression - gangsters - dustbowl.

12:03:39 1933 High school graduation - man reading paper re Hitler in power. Night shots Hitler watches military display - Day - Nuremberg rally.

12:04:32 1935 Graduation ball - man reads paper re Mussolini attacks Ethiopia. Italian aircraft bombing. Haile Selassie - battle scenes. Capitol Sen Hiram Johnson in congress - we want no war . Newspaper re Neutrality act.

12;05;25 1936 Young men with first car. Interior cinema - newsreel re Civil War in Spain - German and Italian planes bombing - battle scenes - civilians injured - many children. Franco meets with Hitler.

12:06;20 Exterior American Institute of Public Opinion - Gallup poll - men in office - brief shots American people interviewed. Exterior Capitol - interior Congress - cash and carry ammendment to neutrality act. animated map.

12:07:07 1937. Brief shot news room.

Time to Remember Part One 1926 The Short Sharp Shower Funeral of Valentino

Rudolph Valentino as shekh, dancing on stage in costume, died in 1926. Funeral with Douglas Fairbanks as one of the pallbearers. Funeral procession, outside church. Train through flood waters. People walking through flooded streets in Europe. London street with double decker bus. Dredging up WWI German battleships. Allied forces out of Germany. Nazi brownshirts parade on trucks through streets. Hindenberg reviews troops. Germany admitted to League of Nations. VS of League in session and various delegations, especially German. German experimental air craft including seaplane. Sir Alan Cobomb, flyer who went to Cape Town South Africa and back is welcomed to London air field. Air stunt with wing rider and changing wheel in flight. Flying boat in Spain received by King Alfonzo, with Franco. Mussolini on balcony with crowd, reviewing troops. Marshall Pielsudski in Poland. Military coup in Greece puts General Pangollis in power and scenes of demonstators and protestors on street. Winston Churchill at Belfast receives hat. Parade with Churchill. Ticker Tape parade in New York for Ms. Adele the first woman to swim English Channel. VS Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey training. Man bending iron bar around neck. Tight rope walking between buildings. Stunt car crashes three times. Couples dancing during marathon dance contest. Couple ball room dancing in tuxedo and dress. Couple doing 1920 s type dance, charleston.

News Paragraphs - Invents Life-saving bumper ! Accident proof device expected to lessen fatalities by 75 per cent (1930)

London, England

Unid. man with model car showing bumpers. Bus or truck doing road test with dummy, approaches body in road, bumper rolls dummy instead over running over. Man throws himself in front of truck, bumper rolls him down road. Men pick man up and all have cigarette.

Inventions, stunts, road safety.

14:13:04 V02 #104 S1-9 16mm MPSA 24fps Si. 24Dec30 Havana, Cuba horse race; Life-saving bumper invented; Actor-cockatoos; USSR first junior Soviet; R-101 blimp crashes in France; 8-story jump to fire net; Gandhi on way to prison; Coste & Bellonte in NYC after flight to US; Italy has worst earthquake.|

14:19:42 V23 #343 S1,2A-C,3-4 16mm MPSA 24fps Si. 13Apr50 Truman welcomes Pres of Chile; Chief Justice Vinson swears in Frank C. Pace, Jr as new Sec. of Army; Franco's daughter married in Spain; Boeing demonstrates small gas-turbine engine for trucks; Summer fashions worn by US college students in Bermuda; Mother throws knives at daughters.|

14:26:43 V23 #366 S1,2A-F,lcl. 16mm MPS 24fps Si. 03Jul50 Tanks in desert maneuvers; Launch rocket as salute to July Fourth; Mining and blasting in Chile; Franco and parade in Bilbao, Spain; Charity party for polio children w/ Mary Martin, Jane Pickens, Jinx Falkenburg and Mrs. O Dwyer; Italian San Paulino festival in Brooklyn; Fire resistant paint tested; Chicago s Fair w/ atomic energy displays.|

14:33:19 V22 #238 S1-3A-C,4A-C 16mm MPS/mag Sd. 11Apr49 Failed rescue, girl found death in well; Corinth Canal opened w/ queen and King; James MacDonald, first US ambassador to Israel; Spanish victory parade on 10 anniversary of Civil War, w/ Franco (Sd); Ike meets with chiefs of staff of the army; Baby swimmers; All terrain motorcycle race in France; Navy children boxing.|

14:40:53 V22 #255 S1A-4 16MPS/mag Sd. 09Jun49 Riots in Tokyo, Japan; Tribute to Franco in Madrid as he opens the third assembly w/ Esteban Bilbao, Spain (Spanish Narration); Third anniversary of the Italian republic; Premiere of Illegal Entry in Washington; West Point graduation; Sammy Mason shows stunt plane flying; Summer ski jumps.

14:48:03 V22 #287 S1-4 16mm MPS/mag Sd. 29Sep49 Navy Power; Psychologists & Illusion; US fleet visits Galicia, Spain & Bullfight w/ Franco and Mrs (Spanish Narration); George Murphy & movie industry pledge faith in Democracy; Yoga Stunts; Rodeo in Madison Square Garden; Gov. Duff statement on Pennsylvania Week.

End: 14:56:15|

[Re-Establishment of Bi-Color Flag, Spanish Civil War]

High angle, Church exterior w/ crowds as icon carried thru streets. La Giralda Tower & bells ringing.

23:24:47 Statue of virgin sen past heads of monks & Spanish Civil War soldier w/ rifle. Soldiers standing, but laughing. Altar boys & men in black shirts giving fascist salute. Flags in background. Officers & othes. Enormous crowd.

23:25:30 High angle of crowded street & many people on balconies. Girls in uniforms; boys in uniforms w/ fascist salute; army soldiers marching past include Moroccans (?).

23:26:15 Generals watching. Sevilla Town Hall balcony w/ Falangist shield; General Gonzalo Queipo De Llano speaking & gesturing. Possibly General Franco on right. Large bi-color Spanish flag unfurled. Crowd below looking up.

23:26:59 Old fortress-like building w/ window glass broken out. Embassy (?) crest on iron railing, flag above. Hole in end from shelling. Other heavy damage to roof of a building.

23:27:20 Workmen removing timbers & bricks from destroyed houses or shops. Soldiers outside destroyed Algeceras railway station; patrolling other destroyed buildings.

Destruction; Spain; Nationalists; Fascists;

World At War, R3

German & Italian troops in Spanish civil war fighting. Wounded & dead bodies. Franco banner & reviewing troops. Hirohito - Japanese & goose-stepping troops. Munich pact & signing with Chamberlain and Mussolini, Daladier. Mussolini on balcony at night w/ crowd.

18.53.19 Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old woman throwing out flowers. Military band on trucks past camera. Troops through crowds. Nazis into Prague.

18.54.22 Landing in Albania. Hitler at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt s appeal for peace. Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Good shots in offices at Berchtesgaden in front of huge window. 18:55;50 Ribbentrop in Moscow w/ Molotov.

Newspaper Headlines. Hitler reviewing troops. Polish planes, tanks, & guns reviewed - military parade. Loading German bombs, fuel, shells; take off & over, in formation. POV in air. Bombing of Poland - Flak, bombing, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Stukas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railway tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazis. German battleship firing.

[Spanish Civil War Offensive Opened by Loyalists]

ca 31Aug36

US Navy ship USS Kane, DD 235, w/ sailors at rail moving thru harbor. Spanish troops at re-establishment of bi-color flag w/ youth giving fascist salute & Gen. Gonzalo Queipo De Llano & possibly Gen. Franco. Reviewing troops. People on balconies, girls in uniform. Troops march.

03:01:12 Troops running & firing in field. Charging w/ bugler. Behind ditches on rocky field & running ahead.

03:01:40 Women peeling potatos & eggs, men at base.

03:01:47 Monoplane lands on rocky field. Pilots talking; into large bi-planes w/ gunners & taking off. Men viewing plane wreckage & treating injured.

Fighting; Loyalists;

Spain In Arms [Reel 2A]

Banner on church Viva Il General Franco! Viva Espana! ; Franco greeted by crowd of supporters giving Fascist salutes - Falange banner - Nationalist troops marching. Animated map of Spain showing Nationalist-controlled areas under emblem of Queen Isabella & Republican areas under Communist hammer & sicle. Troops on trucks & horseback. Nationalist troops under General Queipo de Llano cheered in Seville.

20:55:50 Pamplona - troops enlist on Nationalist side at request of General Mola inc. Carlist Mountaineers of Navarre. Fighting on French frontier in Northern Spain - freed [?] Loyalist prisoners give Nationalist salute at flag raising.

20:57:46 Republican soldiers giving clenched fist salutes sent on train back to Barcelona by government.

[NB Narration seems to be in support of Franco & Nationalist cause but less so in some other reels.]

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

[Early Spanish Civil War Scenes]

[Sd. - French narration.] Civilians run through streets of town & look up to sky at bombers passing overhead; North African [?] soldiers. Troops dig trenches in twon square. Anti-Franco troops arrive by boat. Heavy guns fired in countryside - shell loaded. Refugees over French border w/ belongings on cart; CU street sign of Basses-Pyrenees region - La Bidassoa ; CU French customs sign Douanes Francaises .

01:50:57 [Si.] Vars shots of defences built into hillsides - trenches & bunkers. Man picks up shell casing. Top shots soldiers arresting guerilla? Wounded man helped. Intertitle over painting Ce Que Goya N Avait Pas Vu [ What Goya Never Saw ].

01:51:19 [Sd.] Men wearing white armbands in street - firefighters w/ hoses. INT fascist leader Mirandas [?] - replacement for Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera; EXT new chief leads Nationalist troops out of Falange HQ past civilians giving fascist salute.

01:51:38 Road between Seville & Cordoba - volunteer troops on horseback. March through Pamplona [?] - banner across street Pamplona - Navarra - Espana Por Santa Maria La Real . Young kids in fascist uniform marching past Falange Espanola banner on building followed by young women in uniform - Seccion Feminina ?

01:52:20 Funeral of fascist Colonel Ortiz de Zarate - coffin in hearse past crowd giving fascist salute - coffin lowered into grave.

01:52:54 Truck w/ coffin of fascist General Goded after execution by government of Catalonia [?].

01:53:03 Troops in village of Puerto Cristo - Majorca ?

01:53:17 Refugees into France? People on French beach look through telescope to Spain across bay.

01:53:43 [Si.] Shots of hillside defences & capture of guerilla / insurgent repeated. Heavy artillery fired. Burned-out & damaged cars in unid. town square - civilians & soldier wearing berets in BG.

Falangists. Fascism. Revolution. Spain 1930s.

[Early Spanish Civil War Scenes]

Pan along line of troops w/ bayonet rifles outside prison. INT soldiers on guard - view through bars across window to valley below - bridge across river. Prisoners yard - troops chatting - personal possessions inc. ladies handbags laid out in line on ground. Street scene w/ queue of women & children. Countryside - heavy gun firing. Destruction in city - ruined buildings - man crouches in debris of street cafe, trying to tune in radio ? - troops relax behind makeshift brick wall, rifles lodged in cracks. Brief shot body w/ missing head / limbs. More destruction. Nationalist troops march past civilians giving fascist salute. Brief MS Franco.

Falangists. Fascism. Revolution. Spain 1930s.

[Women Fighting In Spanish Civil War]

High angle shot town in valley w/ column of smoke above; snowy mountains in BG. Troops run through snow & CU jump out of trench inc. woman soldier? Fire rifles from behind wall. LS troops advance through village. Female soldiers in trench w/ rifles then over the top & run across snowy field. Probably anti-Franco Republican troops.

Winter. Spain 1930s. Women At War.

[Spanish Civil War]

ca 1936

Troops marching & people giving fascist salute; Moroccan troops.

04:29:07 Troops running over hillside w/ rifles; troops riding & dismounting. Troops in black running to barn. Destroyed building; troops on ground w/ rifle.

04:29:23 Airplane wreckage w/ people around it. Carrying stretcher w/ wounded to truck.

Spain Nationalists; Fascists; Pro-Franco;

Deutsche Freiwillige In Spanien - Der Erste Filmbericht Vom Kampf Der Legion Condor

Dir. Karl Ritter

Pan over Granada from hilltop. Unid. city w/ large stone bridge across wide river & church on hilltop, pan across & tilt up from reflection to Cathedral. Other views of fountains (Granda) and church bell towers & church buildings w/ carvings, windows & doors.

13:04:29 War ruins panned across. Cross seen thru arch; walls left w/o roofs. Ancient stone buidligs in ruins. Soldiers march in street. Anti-Franco volunteers firing rifles & w/ raised fists intercut w/ ruined churches & Christ statue as though against Church.

13:05:27 People in front of caves & inside. Women holding children, crying; kids eating from buckts. Portrait of France & Fascist poster w/ saying Arriba Espana

13:06:01 View of plane over coastline, view from plane of Condor planes arriving & 3 German JU-87 Stuka fighter planes in flight. Twin-engine plane lands; make-shift control tower w/ wind-sock & German soldiers beside tent. Biplanes taxi to stop. Abrupt end. Balance of film missing from NARA per second request 04Sep06.

1930s Spanish Civil War; Condor Legion; Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

Spain In Arms [Reel 3B]

High pan across Malaga - Nationalist fleet in harbour - heavy guns fired - Nationalist volunteers capture prison ship Marques de Chavarro & free captives who give open-handed salute - greeted by crowds on dock. Malaga liberated 08Feb37 - Franco s army through streets - refugees return to city.

21:01:20 Damaged hospital interior - nurses gather broken glass - EXT Worried-looking civilians search rubble - dead bodies - injured women & children lowered from building onto street in harness.

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

Spain In Arms [Reel 8]

Animated map of Spain showing Nationalist advance on Teruel region. High shots across rural town & mountains. Nationalist troops into region. Battle of Teruel scenes c.Dec37 - aerial bombardment - officers confer - bicycle messenger despatched - artillery fire from mountain positions - troops advance across hillside - plane overhead - bombs explode - riflemen laying on ground firing - machine gunners fire back at them.

21:20:52 Troops across bridge into Teruel after Republican surrender Feb38. Map showing Loyalist front broken in two. Nationalist troops march w/ flags.

21:21:40 Brigades of Navarre reach Mediterranean. General Franco inspects fleet at Castellon, Valencia - sailors march in review - Franco tours battleship - departure w/ motorcade through crowd giving Nationalist salute.

Spanish Civil War. Fascism.

[Spanish Civil War - Railroad Repairs & Republican Troops]

Scenes of devastation at railroad station - wrecked carriages among debris - bomb crater - burned-out goods wagons. Sign Pozuelo Alarcon - small town near Madrid. Damaged railway track - men begin repairs laying sleepers & track. Locomotive on its side. CUs railroad reconstructed. High angle shot railway goods yard burning? - clouds of smoke pouring from locomotives & wagons [could be stoking up after repairs?]. Train driver in cab gives Republican salute w/ closed fist. Armoured train pulls out of tunnel - troops inside - CUs bugler & soldiers - troops line up the march along street w/ Madrid flag - probably Republicans [ anti-Franco ].

Spain 1930s.

[Political Cafes & Hotels; Loyalists Sailing for Spain]

The Little Souq & Spanish Hotel Becerra (Fascist). Spanish Post Office interior & people at windows; posting letters. Small street outside. Red Cafe Restaurant Fuentes. Hotel Fuentes used by Spanish Republicans. Cafe Restaurant Roma (Italian & Spanish Fascists). Cafe Franco (Spanish Nationalist).

05:24:45 People boarding ship & getting off SS Koutoubia. Customs & police by fence. Checking Loyalist refugees getting on w/ baggage. Ship leaving.

World-Wide News Events: New York, NY

Young men of Abraham Lincoln International Brigade arrive home from Spain after fighting with Loyalist troops against Genral Franco s Nationalist Insurgents. Huge welcoming committee w/ banners & march through NYC streets.

Spanish Civil War. 1930s

[General Franco & Family] (1938) Burgos, Spain

Posing w/ wife and daughter inside house. All smiling, daughter kisses father.


The World At War [Reel 3 of 7]

US Office of War Information

German & Italian troops in Spanish Civil War fighting. Ruined buildings. Wounded & dead bodies. Franco banner & reviewing troops. Hirohito - Japanese & goose-stepping troops. Munich Pact signing with Chamberlain, Mussolini, Daladier, Hitler, Goering. Night shot crowd in Rome in square w/ Vittorio Emmanuel memorial in BG.

19:14:20 Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old woman throwing flowers. Military band on trucks past camera. Troops through crowds. Nazis into Prague. Hitler at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt s (FDR) appeal for peace.

19:15:49 Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Newspaper headlines. Polish planes, tanks, & guns reviewed - military parade. Loading German bombs, fuel, shells; bombers take off & over, in formation. Air to air shots. Bombing of Poland - flak, bombing, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Stukas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railway tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazis. German battleship firing.


World Wide News Events - Catalonia, Spain

Spanish Civil War, Battle for Barcelona and refugees, troops across fields. Injured in the streets of Barcelona. Art treasures. Refugees in mountains - walking along roads with belongings.

Gen. Franco hailed as he enters the city with Moorish guard - Franco salutes from balcony.