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Archival film footage on Fashion from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

Early Russian Material

16:03:07 Italian Dirigible #2 Ampalto (?) Arrives Greece (?)

Zeppellin arrives from Italy (?). Balloon over field secured. People around.

16:03:27 King Gregory returns for the opening of parliament

- arrival in horse drawn carriage arrives before officers in dress uniforms.

16:03;45 Paris Fashions...

Good shots women dressed in furs and feathered hats walking in street modelling French fashions. Fur coats & feathered hats.

16:04:05 France (?) Normandy prize motor car race w/ five cars .

Start of 308 km race completed in 2 hrs 49 minutes. Crowds along road at start; around hairpin turn on tree-lined road. Winners smiling to camera, smoking cigarettes.

16:04:49 Stuttgart A young boy dressed as an officer rides a horse.

Boy on small horse watched.

16:04:59 The Spanish royal family at a country house. The King was shooting pigeons.

16:05;12 Kings off-spring on the beach

Shooting party - children and ladies on beach

16:05:21 And he raises the Royal flag.

More of family in formal dress on beach.

Early Russian Material

Paris Fashions - includes some caricatures by Georges Gross - animation

Hair fashion, models with elaborate styles turn.

16:44:42 Models wearing day dress - more hairdressing - jewels / feathers in hair

16:45:57 Model in dress poses, reading book. Model in coat. Model in formal / evening dress.

16:46:54 Two girl models walking in gardens, joined by another, posing by lake.

16:47:47 Model in open top car / roadster convertible. Alights, wearing tennis dress. Woman with parasol in garden. Woman in garden seat powdering nose. Various different models pose in gardens.

16:50:05 Interiors, three models wearing day dresses. Three models wearing more formal dress in ornate room / setting.

16:51:08 Woman at dressing table whilst another waits for her to finish, she puts on hat, they leave.

16:52:00 Visit to milliners - trying on various hats.

16:53:00 Various shots models in gardens.

Wealthy; Society Women;

Hamburg [Fall & Winter Fashions]

Fashion models off streamlined canal boat or ferry; turn to show winter fashions by Schultz Burrell (sp?); top coats over sunsuits modeled on dock. Fisherman seen behind, sailboat past. Alpaca wool coat & mink fur bonnet worn w/ sleeveless dress.

09:55:57 Evening gown of satin brocade over harem trousers worn w/ arm bracelet. Another evening outfit, models walk past fountain.

Clothing; Styles; 1960s; Formal Dress;

Tunis [1967 Exotic Fashions Shown]

Woman modelling cape in heavy wooden doorway w/ tiled walls. CU shoes, tilt up coat. White Ottoman coat & mini-dress is modeled. Floor length gown w/ sequins. Scheherazade like clothes; low neck-line & exotic bodice. Tunisian Burnoose wedding gown.

1967 Fashions; Oddities; Women s Clothing;

Foxy Grandpa and Polly In A Little Hilarity

Filmed over the head of the audience at a vaudeville act.

An actor made up to look old and fat walks in escorting a young fashionable lady. The stage has a painted backdrop with an outdoors country scene. They perform fast energetic dance steps together.

Oddities; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Primitive Cinema

Parade of Horses on Speedway

A parade of horse-drawn vehicles on a thoroughfare, driven by men and women in fashionable riding clothes, with only a few punters watching. In the background is an arched bridge resembling 59th Street bridge, and further afield is Brooklyn Bridge.

Her New Party Gown aka Having Her Gown Fitted (No main title)

American Mutoscope & Biograph Company; AM&B. Cameraman: A. E. Weed

Stage set of sewing room w/ large woman being measured & fitted & seamstress at sewing machine. Woman drops skirt, then picks up laughing.

Primitive Film; Fashions; 1900s; Peep Show; 1903;

Her New Party Gown aka Having Her Gown Fitted (No main title)

American Mutoscope & Biograph Company; AM&B. Cameraman: A. E. Weed

Stage set of sewing room w/ large woman being measured & fitted & seamstress at sewing machine. Woman drops skirt, then picks up laughing.

Primitive Film; Fashions; 1900s; Peep Show; 1903;

How a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the New York Herald Personal Column

Edison - Shot Aug 23 & 24 1904

Title: Personal - Young French Nobleman, recently arrived, desires to meet wealthy American girl, object, matrimony; will be at Grant s Tomb at 10 this morning, wearing ? voilets .

Interior house set, man w/ big moustache picks up newspaper and ties flowers on his lapel in front of mirror.

Man paces in top hat in front of Grant s Tomb. Fat lady introduces herself. Then another. Flocks of women arrive - all in hats and long skirts. He escapes and they chase him through Riverside Park, over a small bridge, into countryside, down sand bank, through bushes, over fence. Good shots of women running, climbing, sliding etc. in formal Edwardian dress.

07:52:08 Aristocrat jumps into pond, women plead on their knees on bank, one lady wades through water and catches him, they embrace. Other women wave goodbye.

Gags. 1900s. Dating. Fashion.

The Westinghouse Works - Girls Taking Time Checks


Hundreds of neatly dressed women workers in an orderly line check in to work / clock on with what seems to be an automated system.

1900s - US. Edwardian Dress Fashions. Feminism. Female Empowerment.

The Westinghouse Works - Girls Winding Armatures


Large factory with girls sitting at benches winding engine armatures - supervisor walks down aisle.

1900s - US. Industry. Edwardian Dress Fashions. Feminism. Female Empowerment.

The Westinghouse Works - Taping Coils


Many female factory workers busy at machinery, in rows, some chatting & laughing. One male supervisor walks in the aisle.

1900s - US. Industry. Edwardian Dress Fashions. Feminism. Female Empowerment.

The Westinghouse Works - Coil Winding Machines


Rows of women at winding machinery in factory overseen by men.

1900s - US. Industry. Edwardian Dress Fashions. Feminism. Female Empowerment.

The Westinghouse Works - Coil Winding Section E


Rows of women in factory seated at machines - overhead lighting visible. Male supervisor walks down aisle.

1900s - US. Industry. Edwardian Dress Fashions. Feminism. Female Empowerment.

Arrival Of Immigrants, Ellis Island

American Mutoscope & Biograph Co.

Immigrants with belongings outside reception building - directed where to go. Women in hats. Boarding ferry.

1900s - US. Immigration. Edwardian Dress Fashions.

World War One - Pre War Berlin, Germany

Good street scenes of Berlin - includes pedestrians - fashionable women - architecture - statues.

[Vienna & Venice Pre-1914]

Still silhouette of young Hitler in mountains. Vienna street scenes: GVs horse & carts - people in street. Still shot of Parliament building & drawing of it. Good travelling shot past Parliament. High pan showing palace(?) & statues.

10:14:40 Soldiers w/ Kaiser Franz Josef walking in park. Kaiser greeting officials. Track along women in hats, parasols. Parked automobiles. People by pavement cafe.

10:15:08 Workers demo, red flags . Men in hats watch. Man on bicycle; women in traditional clothes sell flowers. Stills of Jews (women, men & child in hats). Painting of the White Knight .

10:16:34 GVs of street, people, tram, horses & carts.

10:16:57 Women feed pigeons outside cathedral / Basilica in St. Mark s Square, Venice - includes good CU.

10:17:07 WWI - soldiers advance across battlefield through explosions [poor quality].

Travelogues. Austria & Italy - 1910s. Piazza di San Marco, Venezia. Edwardian Fashions.

[Early New York Scenes]

Good top shots busy traffic down Fifth Avenue - carriages, open-top buses, pedestrians.

07:57:14 Views of Central Park & boating lake - lots of people in rowing boats, sitting on grass & wandering through park - NYC skyline visible - men in suits / Sunday best. Winter - no leaves on trees.

1910s Street Scenes / Fashions

World War One - Vienna

Kaiser Franz Joseph and King Nicholas of Montenegro - long shot as royals get into carriage.

Vienna Derby 1912 - Officers and ladies in fashionable hats at race course

03:25:46 King Nicholas of Montenegro with Franz Ferdinand ? Jockey club officials.

03:26:18 Motorcade in Vienna street.

03:26:42 King Peter & Victor Emmanuel in carriage, military parade, King Peter & Victor Emmanuel on palace balcony - crowds waving in square

Group of officers ?

The House of Romanoff (Romanov) Tsar and Tsarina of Russia

01Aug1912 Review of the Poteshny regiments from all the Russian Empire, from the Far East & Turkestan. Displays of military marching, gymnastics, balancing; Romanov children view from carriage. Nicholas on horseback. Nicholas w/ other officers.

Krasnoye Selo - the place where reviews, training and parades were held by the Petersburg Military Unit. Tsar on horseback.

02:03:39 Firing rifles military exercises. Tsar w/ generals & posing for photographers.

02:05:55 Charity - The Day of the White Flower. All over Russia collections were made to fund asylums & hospitals. The Tsar s family w/ white flowers on poles march around poles, receive donations.

02:07:19 Charity event w/ society ladies & men walking, at garden party w/ wine poured; bazaar w/ fancy dressed people at booths.

02:08:52 Tsar w/ men in top hats inspecting plows, fields agriculture.

02:09:40 May 1913. Anniversary festivities during the Sovereigns stay in Moscow celebrating 300 years of the House of Romanov. Ceremony laying the stone for the monument to the 300th anniversary of the Romanov reign held on the banks of the Volga. Tsar lays stone. Reviewing troops. Large ceremonial celebration & procession. NOTE: Festivities started in St. Petersburg in February & then spread throughout Russia.

0:13:00 Tsar & family on a pilgrimage to memorial places connected w/ the first member of the Romanov dynasty - Mikhail. Kostroma, Russia - POV from river of the Volga river bank, Tsar s yacht past - crowds. 02:13:59 Tsar Nicholas leaves Mass at the Assumption Cathedral. Nicholas visits his ancestors home. Note: young Tsarevitch Alexei is carried by special attendant following a fall. Celebrations & parades.

02:16:07 Ceremony w/ Tsar drinking vodka in fron tof troops. POV from river passing yacht. Parades & celebrations family in cars; meeting religious officials.

02:19:08 LS of Red Square by the Spasskiye Gates. Tsar and Trasrina, family & members of the court go in procession behind church leaders to the Assumption Cathedral.

02:20:25 Celebrations of the 300th anniversary were completed by a visit to Novospassky Monastery in Krutitsi where the burial vault of the Romanovs is under the Transfiguration Cathedral. Party leave burial vault & the Tsar is presented w/ scale model of the Cathedral by the bell ringer Dolinsky.

Oddities; 1910s; 1912; 1913; Russian Royalty; Society; Wealth; Fashions;

[WWI - Newsreel Excerpts]

Arabian troops in mountains and in desert - men holding flag; oasis with palm trees and camel caravan. 19:02:39 Yanks occupation of Rhine patrol. Soldier asks other for light at checkpoint and runs off laughing.

Mules ploughing field; good shots plough.

19:05:24 King Ferdinand of Bulgaria reviews troops in Sofia.

19:05:56 Seaside resort promenade - Deauville ? Elegant women pose for camera - good.

19:07:36 French cavalry: 7th Dragoons drill in Fontainebleau.

19:08:22 American troops after war, Italy - Red Cross trucks - wounded returning to States?

19:08:54 Italian Army in the Alps. Digging with crane.

19:09:50 French officer or general greeted outside doorstep.

19:10:03 Leviathan docking.

19:10:09 US troops board train - cheering crowd on platform.

19:10:37 Austrian PoWs of Italy.

19:11:04 Soldiers treated to outdoors feast to celebrate an Allied victory - eating under trees; Catholic service outdoors.

19:11:41 Rebuilding houses in village - reconstruction; Belgian refugees? walking out of house or shop carrying furniture and various household items whilst others queue. Children eat at outdoors table. MCU soldier with dog. Two American soldiers with priest in garden.

19:13:27 French road construction in Alsace behind Allied advance into enemy territory. Materials transported on narrow-gauge tracks and on oxcart.

1910s Dress Fashions.

[Early Industry & Street Scenes - Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver & Indianapolis]

Brief shot decorated horse-drawn carriage in parade - St. Paul or Minneapolis ?

12:49:42 Top shots Minneapolis c 1915 [?] - city centre buildings & dock. Railroad station ? Street scenes - traffic & pedestrians in shopping / business district. Affluent residential street - suburbs of Minneapolis.

12:51:14 People onto boat at dock. Minneapolis seen from the river c 1915 [?] - good shots of architecture, shipping, bridges.

12:53:01 Mens clothing factory c 1920 - women working at sewing machines - men pressing creases into trousers & cutting fabric patterns. Sewing by hand. Packing finished garments.

12:55:44 Detroit c 1915 - cable cars down steep incline - PoV shots - industrial area. Street scenes in city. Factories. Brief shot of ostentatious mansion / villa.

12:56:53 Denver - park / boating lake ? At night - buildings & signs lit by neon. Panoramic view from hills above Denver.

12:57:58 Indianapolis - high pan across city - establishing shots - smoking chimneys. Street scenes - buildings decorated w/ bunting - market. Speeded-up shot of pedestrians millings about. Indianapolis Capitol Building. Top shot monument in centre of city w/ surrounding streets.

1910s - 1920s - US. Manufacturing. Mens Fashions.

[WWI Scenes - British Home Front - Versailles]

High shot parade through street w/ large banners - Hyde Park trade union meeting.

14:50:26 Protest against high cost of food in Britain - pan across crowd of people w/ placards inc. Hands off the Baby s Milk - ...Feed Babies or Pigs? - woman holds crying baby.

14:50:49 Christmas in the trenches - troops wrapped up against cold wait to cook christmas puddings in trench surrounded by snow - drop pudding containers in bucket of water on fire - portions of pudding served up - CU soldiers enjoying their christmas pudding.

14:51:45 Trench warfare scenes - troops scrambling across battlefield - stretcher bearers carrying dead / wounded across no man s land - brief shot medical station w/ red cross sign.

14:52:05 Group of men waiting as man standing on crate hands out leaflets / documents. 1916 - crowds march to Hyde Park London in protest to Government against high cost of living - freezing weather.

14:53:15 Woman playing golf in Edwardian dress - long skirt, blouse & hat - female caddy - golf course overlooking valley & mountains. Man tees off watched by young girl. Outdoor political meeting w/ Union Jacks hanging from stage. Men out of building w/ women in elaborate hats, pose for camera.

14:54:48 People along platform at large train station. Man addressing outdoor meeting. Military officers & politicians? on platform w/ British military ensign [?] flying in BG.

14:55:36 Versailles peace treaty newsreel shots - German & Allied representatives arriving on first day of talks. Prime Minister Lloyd-George out of car. Marshal Foch reviewing Guard of Honour en route to Conference. Arrival shots repeated.

14:57:45 Cavalry regiment attempts to descend snowy slope on horseback - very thick snow, some horses fall over - gallop towards camera. Ski troops down slope, some fall over. Troops marching through snow wrapped up against cold - bayonets visible - climbing up steep slope. High pan across town w/ snowy rooftops & mosques w/ minarets - Balkans or USSR ?

WWI. Women in Sport - Female Golfers. Edwardian Dress Fashions. 1910s.

Roaring 20s

Busy city streets with horse-drawn carriages, pedestrians, automobiles.

CU woman at beautician made up with lipstick. Woman with cloche hat, man lights her cigarette. Women show off legs. Miss beauty contest, women in swimsuits. Worker hanging to pillar at top of skyscraper, street underneath. Prohibition, bashing bottles of alcohol, emptying barrels. Murder scene with corpse shot and police, car with back window smashed. Mass arrest, criminals come out with hands up, crowd watches. Dance competition charleston. Bartender with cocktail shaker. Exotic dancers, men and women dance in night club. Sign Broadway, Wall Street, crowd.

Fashion. Lifestyle

[Ice Hockey Match - Speed & Figure Skating - Barrel Jumping]

Hockey players pose for camera on cold day in gloves & hats - sponsor s name on jerseys [?] - coach - sponsor present ? Ice hockey game in progress - suburban field w/ small group of spectators - referee in winter coat.

22:41:53 Speed skaters racing on frozen lake. Trophies awarded. Large crowd watching near parked cars - wrapped up againts cold. Man & woman perform acrobatic / figure skating display for crowd. Skaters jump over barrels, some fall over.

Amateur Sports. Winter. 1920s. Fashions. Leisure Time.

To Suit Man

Ford Educational Weekly

Industrial clothes manufacturing.

02:20:36 Warehouse w/ rolls of cloth stacked. Cutting small pieces off roll & weighing, dissolving in heated ??. Testing strength w/ manually cranked machine till cloth breaks.

02:22:03 Title: Measuring and inspecting. Unrolling cloth on long table & cutting as a mark for length; men tagging cloth at mark, pulling down onto table.

02:22:32 Title: Sponging, winding & shrinking in cold water. Large machine w/ cloth thru on rollers into & out of vats. Drying over large roller & folded as man watches

02:23:20 Title: Making a pair of Pants. Laying out cloth and patterns.

02:23:30 Long tables w/ trolley cart laying out cloth. Men spread out patterns; cloth marked around patterns & cut out by electric cutter. Markings chalked on cloth by women.

02:24:28 Title: Making belt straps for trousers. LS very large factory floor w/ women at sewing machines & hurrying about. Woman in MS make button hole & pocket, sewing buttons. Chalked against guide.

02:25:33 Title: Pocket is then serged and tacked. Sewing pocket. Title: Sewing long seam of trouser leg. Sewing; men w/ iron machines pressing.

02:26:39 Title: Cutting to regulation length, sewing on size tags and removing surplus threads. Man at table laying out pants, inside out, chalking & cutting cuffs. Woman sewing w/ machine & trimming threads.

02:27:25 Title: Making the Coats. Trimming & basting cloth to canvas foundation. Men at table, counting layers, marking patterns, cutting w/ shears.

02:28:08 Title: Shaping & making lapel roll. Women at sewing machines running repeated passes. Title, then man at sewing machine stitching tape in.

02:28:54 Title: Felling bottom & facing coat. Woman at sewing machine following chalk markings. Another doing inside of jacket. Woman hand stitching.

02:29:46 Title: re button holes. Hand making button holes w/ thread & needle.

02:30:33 Title: Pressing and dusting. Men at seven or eight overhead irons & vacuums. Folding & packing in large wooden crate w/ paper covering.

02:31:32 Men walking out of building w/ large fluted columns; parading in suits, jackets, military uniform, working clothes, overalls, etc.

1920s Men s Fashion Industry; Production line; Mechanization; Hand Labor; Workers; Tailors; Tailoring; Garment District; Manufacturing; Craftsmanship;

Just Kids (Leather glove manufacturing)

Man holding chamois-like leather. Rolling leather into into wet cloth for stretching. Gloves, hand-made on work bench, leather cut, pattern cut. Die cutting pattern w/ press. Different parts of glove before stitching. 01:08:58 Women at Singer sewing machines stitch gloves, tries them on.

01:09:33 Gloves put on form & turned inside out. Cutting w/ hand die. Women stitching; fitting liner & outside over form. Mittens made. Cutting wristlets; glueing or dyeing; stitching on Singer sewing machine. Cutting, pasting & sewing cuffs together. Gloves on steam-heated forms, then ironed. Smoothing leather, putting on buttons.

01:12:48 Workshop floor w/ piles of finished gloves on table, man inspects. Final inspection, fur-lined glove.

01:13:29 Boys & men ice skating. Boy holds sitting girl s shoe, she throws snow at him. He puts gloves on.

Fashion; Industry; Work Gloves; Dress Gloves; Manufacturing; Hand Labor; Craftsmanship; 1920s Americana; Winter Recreation;

Warner Corset Advertisements

TITLE: A story of Warner s fashionable rust-proof corsets, guaranteed not to rust, break or tear .

Woman in living room with husband. Two children peek in and kiss mother good night and go upstairs.

Little girl puts on mother s bracelet and plays with new corset. Children fight over corset and pull it, over bathtub and drop in water. MCU floating corset. Mother hears noise and runs upstairs. Takes corset out of water and hangs to dry.

Animation of corset w/ CU of brand name. Advertising title.

[Funny Eating Habits; Fashions]

Very fat man seated at table eating hard boiled egg whole, hot dogs, meat & having waiter bring more plates to table.

10:05:37 Small man seated outdoors in garden w/ water serving covered plate. He lifts cover & it is filled w/ cigarettes & match books which he puts on plate w/ nife & fork & then lights & eats.

10:06:36 Back to fat man who is paying check; all plates at table are empty. He lights cigar & takes bills from wallet & puts on plate as waiter watches.

10:06:47 Tilt up legs of girls lined up on NYC rooftop; modeling swimsuits, 20 s fashion. CU of older woman & younger blonde.

10:07:16 Sweater & hand drawing w/ black pencil. Full shot of woman wearing w/ shorts & a black & white checkered sun umbrella.

10:07:40 Man in convict suit against black background, dissolves into girl modeling swimsuit of black & white stripes w/ parasol.

Stunts; Gags; Oddities; Fashions; Chorus Girls; Movie Starlets; 1920s; Smoking; Art Deco;

[1925 France: Paris Art; Ship Launching; Fashions; Woman Tap Dancing Shipboard]

Crowds view art along tree-lined boulevard. Looking at paintings; woman shows to man.

10:16:14 Priest & altar boys alongside hull of ship on dock. Timbers knocked away. Woman w/ ribbon waits. Priest tossing holy water from dock. Crowd watching from pier. Very large ship sliding down ways; men on deck. In water w/ small boats around.

10:17:20 Poster re Montmartre art show, dissolve to paintings exhibited by trees etc.

10:17:41 Women having nails done & hair cut short (nitrate damage).

10:17:56 Three women modeling long dresses of varying length; cape. CU bobbed hair & many ear rings.

10:18:41 Woman tap dancing on deck of ship.


[Funny Eating Habits; Fashions]

Very fat man seated at table eating hard boiled egg whole, hot dogs, meat & having waiter bring more plates to table.

14:05:38 Small man seated outdoors in garden w/ water serving covered plate. He lifts cover & it is filled w/ cigarettes & match books which he puts on plate w/ knife & fork & then lights & eats.

14:06:36 Back to fat man who is paying check; all plates at table are empty. He lights cigar & takes bills from wallet & puts on plate as waiter watches.

14:06:48 Tilt up legs of girls lined up on NYC rooftop; modeling swimsuits, 20 s fashion. CU of older woman & younger blonde.

14:07:17 Sweater & hand drawing pattern w/ black pencil. Full shot of woman wearing w/ shorts & a black & white checkered sun umbrella.

14:07:41 Man in convict suit against black background, dissolves into girl modeling swimsuit of black & white stripes w/ parasol.

Stunts; Gags; Oddities; Fashions; Chorus Girls; Movie Starlets; 1920s; Smoking; Art Deco; Food;

[1925 France: Paris Art; Ship Launching; Fashions; Woman Tap Dancing Shipboard]

Crowds view art along tree-lined boulevard. Looking at paintings; woman shows to man.

14:16:15 Priest & altar boys alongside hull of ship on dock. Timbers knocked away. Woman w/ ribbon waits. Priest tossing holy water from dock. Crowd watching from pier. Very large ship sliding down ways; men on deck. In water w/ small boats around.

14:17:21 Poster re Montmartre art show, dissolve to paintings exhibited by trees etc.

14:17:43 Women having nails done & hair cut short (nitrate damage).

14:17:57 Three women modeling long dresses of varying length; cape. CU bobbed hair & many ear rings.

14:18:42 Flapper woman tap dancing on deck of ship.

1920s; 1925;

[Wake Up Ford Dealers - Part 2]

Ford Motor Company

Intertitles throughout. Intertitle Soon Walter s garage was the most popular in town . Front shot wooden car garage w/ Ford signs - Model T [?] car pulls out onto street, mechanic waves in another car. INT garage manager asleep in office - dream sequence where he dreams of selling Fords to the multitude - speeded-up shot of cars zooming past man standing at interchange - woman comes into office & wakes him up - CU telegram Please arrange attend important dealers meeting... . Walter leaves garage for dealers meeting next morning - mechanic gives him license tags for new cars.

00:07:03 Train pulling into railway station at Spring Haven, PA - Walter boards w/ assistant, train pulls away. Ford dealers chat in groups outside meeting. Dealers tour Ford car plant - all in hats watch production line workers. Dealers attend meeting - given advice on good service - dealers applaud speaker. Walter arrives back at his garage, sets about cleaning place up & improving standards. Gives pep talk to staff of garage - secretary blows dust off abandoned service follow-up file - Walter shows them new Vis-U-All records system - tells them to prioritise soliciting repairs of existing customers Model Ts over selling new cars. Staff applaud their boss.

00:13:01 Boss shows mechanic mess in garage forecourt - dirty Model A & junk lying around. INT repair shop - Boss tells mechanics no more non-Ford repair work. Forecourt cleared of junk. Covers put over car to keep clean during repairs.

Automobile Industry. Promotional Films. Car Manufacturing. 1920s Fashions.

[Good Old Days--Fashions]

Old people dressed in turn of century clothes walk down steps into gardens. Line of women wearing Victorian fashions - flappers step out from behind and model modern dresses - one smoking. Old model takes cigarette out of hand and stubs out on ground.

25,000 See Wild West s Greatest Rodeo

Sheridan, Wyoming: 2,850 cars bring visitors from 35 states to witness Morgan Ranch spectacle

High pan across wide open plain, hillside opposite packed w/ cars, spectators inc. women in cloche hats in FG - line of men on horseback makes way to rodeo arena. Rodeo under way - cowboy chases calf on horseback & lassoes it by the neck. Many cowboys gallop across arena. Bucking bronco - cowboy tries to control horse; bull [?] & horses jump over camera placed on ground.

1920s Hat Fashions.

Thousands See Diving Star Perform In Public Pools

Aileen Riggin, Queen of Mermaids, is brought to city by Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh, PA: Aileen Riggin poses w/ Mayor Kline [?]. Title At Ormsby Pool, in the South Side, she gives her first exhibition . Three shots Riggin performs dives from low board; congratulated by group of women in swimming costumes. Title South Hills residents at Phillips Park Carrick Plunge see her dive a la Olympics . Crowd watches Riggin perform vars acrobatic dives. Mayor Kline gives Riggin award.

1920s Bathing Suit Fashions.

Royal Hands Unveil Beasley Head Memorial: Duke and Duchess of York Visit Famous Resort as Acquisition of the Downs is Celebrated 13Nov29

Royal couple arrives in Eastbourne in open-top Rolls Royce, decorations visible on buildings; greeted by officials & military guard; Duchess in 1920s fashions.

12:49:18 Title: Her Highness officiates at the unveiling.

LS Town Hall?, crowds gathered, military guard march past; Duchess unveils plaque to commemorate purchase of the Downs from Beachy Head to Folkington by the Eastbourne Corporation

12:49:44 Duke (future George VI) and Duchess leave the memorial led by town officials, walking towards camera, the Duke takes off his hat.

Royal motorcade drives through decorative archway constructed across the road, lined with people

Royal Ceremony; British Royalty;

Rivals Gotham s Mayor: Jimmy Walker of this town is sartorial sunburst at his wedding 23nov29

Gag title for Hungarian wedding party in traditional ethnic costume posing; CU tearful bride; a guest s knitted headress.

Title: The Mayor s bride is some fashion plate herself.

CU Bride s white beaded headress; bride and groom, unsmiling, groom with black cape and hat; three couples dance; CU bride and groom, dancing, groom looks at camera.

Ethnic Costumes; Hats; Oddities; Ceremonial Costume; Central European;

Legion Flays Reds As Convention Ends With Great Parade

Military parade in Boston. WWI uniforms. Miniature train float. Old-fashioned automobile doing tricks. No anti-Communist placards.

Wedding Ceremony Performed In Plane High Over Cathedral

Biplane flies overhead - church spire visible in FG. INT cramped plane cabin - priest stands over guests. Cutaways to aerial views of Berlin inc. Brandenburg Gate. Priest puts rings on couple. Newleyweds, guests & priest off plane at airfield - pose for cameras w/ bouquets.

Gags. Oddities. Marriage. Aviation. 1920s Fashions.

News Paragraphs: Dog heroes decorated! Medals awarded to brave canine life-savers

Owners pose w/ hero dogs inc. spaniel & St. Bernard - little boy w/ small dog, shows medal. Dalmatian? puppy turns back on camera then raises paws. Woman in cloche hat gives out medals.

Animals. Gags. 1920s Fashions.

Old Ladies Short, Young Ladies Long, New Fall Coiffures

New York, NYC;

Man working on models hair in front of mirror. CU of various models hair styles. Older woman. Young woman. 1930s; Hair Fashions; Hair Styles.

Title: Queen Calico Reigns! Indoor Modes Are Newest Wrinkle In Unique Kitchen Style Show.

22:06:31 Models posing in summer casual wear. Dresses, shorts, aprons, Two laughing at doing dishes in brightly printed aprons. Two others beside stove eating cookies (?). Two in front of cupboard w/ doors open & getting out food. One opens bottle, pours in pitcher. Three others pose while mixing baking goods.

1930; Fashion Show; Seasonal Clothes; Oddities; 1930s; Depression; Kitchen Houseware;

Kingsport Annexes Inaugural Handicap in Season s Opener (1930)

Havana, Cuba

Horses parade to starting line, race start and in progress. Formal gardens seen from above. Brief shots of formally dressed couples watching race from terrace, liquor bottles on tables. Twenties fashion. Various shots race & crowds.

Sport, horse racing; punters; spectators;

News Paragraphs - Invents Life-saving bumper ! Accident proof device expected to lessen fatalities by 75 per cent (1930)

London, England

Unid. man with model car showing bumpers. Bus or truck doing road test with dummy, approaches body in road, bumper rolls dummy instead over running over. Man throws himself in front of truck, bumper rolls him down road. Men pick man up and all have cigarette.

Inventions, stunts, road safety.

14:13:04 V02 #104 S1-9 16mm MPSA 24fps Si. 24Dec30 Havana, Cuba horse race; Life-saving bumper invented; Actor-cockatoos; USSR first junior Soviet; R-101 blimp crashes in France; 8-story jump to fire net; Gandhi on way to prison; Coste & Bellonte in NYC after flight to US; Italy has worst earthquake.|

14:19:42 V23 #343 S1,2A-C,3-4 16mm MPSA 24fps Si. 13Apr50 Truman welcomes Pres of Chile; Chief Justice Vinson swears in Frank C. Pace, Jr as new Sec. of Army; Franco's daughter married in Spain; Boeing demonstrates small gas-turbine engine for trucks; Summer fashions worn by US college students in Bermuda; Mother throws knives at daughters.|

14:26:43 V23 #366 S1,2A-F,lcl. 16mm MPS 24fps Si. 03Jul50 Tanks in desert maneuvers; Launch rocket as salute to July Fourth; Mining and blasting in Chile; Franco and parade in Bilbao, Spain; Charity party for polio children w/ Mary Martin, Jane Pickens, Jinx Falkenburg and Mrs. O Dwyer; Italian San Paulino festival in Brooklyn; Fire resistant paint tested; Chicago s Fair w/ atomic energy displays.|

14:33:19 V22 #238 S1-3A-C,4A-C 16mm MPS/mag Sd. 11Apr49 Failed rescue, girl found death in well; Corinth Canal opened w/ queen and King; James MacDonald, first US ambassador to Israel; Spanish victory parade on 10 anniversary of Civil War, w/ Franco (Sd); Ike meets with chiefs of staff of the army; Baby swimmers; All terrain motorcycle race in France; Navy children boxing.|

14:40:53 V22 #255 S1A-4 16MPS/mag Sd. 09Jun49 Riots in Tokyo, Japan; Tribute to Franco in Madrid as he opens the third assembly w/ Esteban Bilbao, Spain (Spanish Narration); Third anniversary of the Italian republic; Premiere of Illegal Entry in Washington; West Point graduation; Sammy Mason shows stunt plane flying; Summer ski jumps.

14:48:03 V22 #287 S1-4 16mm MPS/mag Sd. 29Sep49 Navy Power; Psychologists & Illusion; US fleet visits Galicia, Spain & Bullfight w/ Franco and Mrs (Spanish Narration); George Murphy & movie industry pledge faith in Democracy; Yoga Stunts; Rodeo in Madison Square Garden; Gov. Duff statement on Pennsylvania Week.

End: 14:56:15|

Popping The Cork 1/2

Educational Pictures

Prod. Jack White; Dialogue E.B.Colvan; Story Harold Atteridge; Dance Dir. Bob Alton

With Milton Berle, Norma Taylor, Mary Cole, Gertrude Mudge

CU College Snitch newspaper w/ headline Oxy College For Repeal . CU sign: Oxidontal University . Staircase / college entrance lined w/ men in football pants throwing balls to one another and girls skipping w/ ropes. Line of girls in white sportswear emerge w/ vars racquets, balls etc. Football players line up w/ REPEEL spelt out on back of jerseys.

02:08:02: College Dean talks w/ young woman (Gloria). Man w/ Panama hat and fur coat arrives (Elmer), greeted by football players. Woman embraces man in fur coat. Football players admire coat; he opens it to reveal just bathing trunks. Another man in fur coat w/ bathing cap arrives, opens coat to reveal fur bathing suit. Woman asks man for fur coat; jocks huddle round him while he takes off coat and gives it to her; other man brings him suit to change into.

02:11:21: Gloria s mother arrives w/ Dean; Oh look at the boys, they re always playing. Football players leave Elmer exposed in front of Gloria s mother.

02:13:08: VS radio broadcast of student debate on prohibition. Man at microphone making speech; script altered by Elmer; gag: You re trying to make a monkey out of me! / It s too late, a guy named Darwin beat me to it. Elmer makes pro-repeal speech; ticker-tape machine in BG; college professors exchange weary glances. Gloria leaves w/ Meet me at Oxy Roadhouse chalked on skirt.

1930s Americana. Gags. University life. Fashion. Prohibition. Jazz Age. Morality.

Popping The Cork 2/2

Educational Pictures

Prod. Jack White; Dialogue E.B.Colvan; Story Harold Atteridge; Dance Dir. Bob Alton

With Milton Berle, Norma Taylor, Mary Cole, Gertrude Mudge

CU hand pouring liquor from barrel w/ Old Oxy Roadhouse painted on it. LS and MS young couple Elmer and Gloria in garden talking. Elmer kisses Gloria s hand, turns her round to reveal backless dress; That s what the public wants, new faces.

02:17:10: INT club w/ art deco features. Gloria: I can t stand any more of your re nothing but the college won t amount to anything. Elmer dips chin in beer froth and uses hatstand as crutch; hides under table; Gloria w/ mother and Reggie, man mother wants Gloria to be with; Elmer gets Gloria s attention; mother looking around for hidden liquor barrels; Reggie slips alcohol into Gloria s ginger beer. Mother: I have a feeling something s going on here right under my nose. Elmer spikes mother s drink; wide-eyed expression as she swallows it.

02:21:26: MS jazz band. Mother drunk, laughing; Gloria: Why mother, you ve been drinking. Waiter: That s not ginger ale...I m going to have you arrested. Elmer takes Gloria s hand, makes speech, Everybody s for repeal...repeal is sweeping across the country, on to Washington like a fast express.

02:22:55: Montage of US map, train in motion, newspaper headlines, people bursting through map w/ liquor bottles shouting Repeal! VS Elmer and Gloria at club post-prohibition repeal; Elmer gets telegram turning down invention of carbonated bottle top; alters it to trick businessman into buying it for $25,000; takes Gloria s hand, announces marriage; mother asks for $100, I ve always liked you, Elmer... ; Elmer mimes removing his eyeball; What s that? / It s my right eye .

[Penn. State Censors Certificate]

1930s Americana. Gags. Fashion. Jazz Age. Speakeasies. Prohibition. Morality.

The Open Door

Documentary on church participation in family lives [intertitles throughout]. Shows nursery school, children's activities, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and adult meetings.

Church in the residential centre of old Manhattan. Street scene, houses, family leave house, mother and father wave farewell and mother and son leave in one direction, father in other. Mother and son stop at another wealthy house to pick up little girl to go to church kindergarten / nursery. Children on roof playground. Kids plant flowers in pots. Kids on tricycles, swings etc. Older kids play with hammer and saws. Kids on slide and see-saw, climbing frame. Kids on mattresses having morning nap.

20:53:00 Older boys / scouts in shirts, ties and short pants / plus-fours play volleyball and tag. Boys line up for inspection parade.

20:53:53 Interior, scouts learn semaphore, first aid, bandages. Tying knots.

20:54:24 Girl Scouts play ball game; inspection parade. Girl scouts put on make-up and costumes inc. beards for play. Girls rehearse play. Cast pose for photograph w/ female teacher.

20:55:53 Evening - young people of the community at church hall for dinner and dancing - evening dress. Diners seated at long tables. Band play, couples dance. Priest in middle of dancers. Newcomers to the community introduced to priest in lounge.

20:58:20 Following Sunday church services, people gather in reception hall. People leave church.

1930s Dress / Hat Fashions. Education. Family Life.

Handles For Dogs The Newest Idea In Pet Protection

New fashion accessory. Woman straps handles around small dogs, women carry them across street like a handbag, policeman watches. Woman out of Cord automobile carrying dachsund w/ handle towards hat shop. Group of four women walking their small dogs along boardwalk, all pick them up when woman walking Borzoi or elkhound approaches & walks past.

Oddities; Gags; Stunts; Inventions; Wealthy; Depression;

[Cuba - Havana Travelogue]

High spirited horses at race track preparing for race.

11:47:22 View from grandstand, horses down stretch. People, mostly men rushing forward.

11:47:46 Mostly women sitting at tables. Good 1930s fashions. Smoking, l.aughing. All ages.

11:49:11 Aerial of city, golf course, large estates / houses, prison (?), low over golf course. View out side window during airplane landing.

11:51:07 Aerial over factory or ??; other large buildings. Coastline, harbor, docks w/ Morro fort.

1930s; Aerials;

Experts Decree Glazed Coiffures for Milady.

Fashion and hair. Hairdresser with blonde woman. Brunette model with strand of hair sticking out. Blonde with dark bit of hair stuck on back. Elaborate hairstyles.

By Way of Panama - Over Sapphire Seas

A Panama Pacific liner travels from New York City to San Francisco.

The liner leaves New York. Shows shopping facilities, social activities, etc.

NYC skyline. Crowds watch ship leaving harbour. Captain & others look through navigating instruments. Captain in cabin. Man points trajectory on old-fashioned map. Woman exercises with weight machine. Callisthenics on deck. Breakfast in bed. Buying luxury underwear or perfume. Volleyball. Kids on rocking horses and play area; musical chairs; pantomime; children given sandwiches.

Table tennis . People lounging on deckchairs served by staff. Croquet or curling? Frisbee. Swimming contest, underwater swimming & lesson.

18:54:54 Restaurant. Kitchen & preparing meat; baking, cakes. Restaurant scenes, elaborate dishes presented to diners. Fancy dress ball with racial theme: guests blacked up as Africans, Mexicans. Piano recital and singing.

Ship sails on.

Collegiettes wreck college building! Girls dismantle historic structure to make way for modern edifice

Female students of Wellesley College, Mass., trash dilapidated wooden building - smash windows, rip out doors & carry old furniture & wooden fittings out - girls pose w/ old-fashioned telephones before throwing them out of window - many wearing fur coats & carrying books. Nighttime scene - girls dance in circle around large bonfire made from junk.

Oddities. University Life. Gags. Riots. Feminism. Women s Liberation.

Texas Guinan Back With Her Gang After Taking French Leave

New York nightclub hostess and party barred from France return aboard liner. Texas Guinan & her female dancers on deck singing The Gang s All Here . Guinan to camera says trip has been an adventure - how she went 3000 miles to go to jail when she could have gone to any of the best jails in New York City - praises French people - I was simply the victim of politics - steamer blowing interrupts her speech. Group say they glad to be home & cheer.

[Guinan wearing all-white outfit w/ jodhpurs & blonde ringlets under beret.]

Prohibition. 1920s / 1930s Fashions. Chorus Girls.

Nippon Belles Hold 1st Annual Fashion Display! Gorgeous robes feature quaint Japanese show (1931)

Los Angles, California

Small children in traditional Japanese robes, older girls standing behind. Modeling for camera outdoors. MCU with ornaments and decorated hair, lipstick. Japanese-Americans; Native Costumes; Ethnic; Immigrants

[Carpenter Makes Hats of Wood!]

Made in three minutes and sold for eleven cents. Man puts thin plywood over woman s head, folds then cuts and retfits. Shears pieces, paints and woman models finished hat. Does touching up and has wooden feather. Two women leave in wooden hats.

Gags; Fashion Oddities; Depression

Milady s Hats to be Smaller for Winter - First and exclusive pictures from the salon of Mlle Marthe.

Interior salon - hats being made on false heads and on models. Various - models show new fashions.

Coiffure Feathers To Match Gowns, Is Newest Paris Edict

Parisian wig fashion in NYC

Model in front of mirror fitted with white feathery wigs. Models with wigs pose together with hairdresser.


White kittens in box; other white cat against black cloth. Black cat aginst white backdrop. Three cats together. shorthaired Siamese. Woman w/ large white cat as fur neck wrap.

Fashions; Gag; Animals; Cat Show; Obsession;

New Millinery Fad Provides Work For Jobless Hundreds (1932)

Men at machine steaming material for hats; tumbling cloth. Women sewing woolen flat caps. Women model caps in MCU. Two well-dressed women in caps walking along Central Park street w/ cabs behind, stop and talk about their similar hats. Woman looks in store window and adjusts her cap; turns & walks past camera. Fashion; Depression;

Censor War Divides Modiste Camps on Ultra Beach Modes

Beach fashions. Large hotel or resort swimming pool, bathing beauties parade in swimsuits past camera. Girls stand & pose for camera. Man with small 16mm (?) movie camera.

Women Ousted While Male Vanity Invades Famous Style Show

03:27:16 High angle w/ large crowd seated at beach front hotel; lower angle two men in robes & swim suits walking on cat-walk among seat women wearing hats.

03:27:47 Men in white slacks, sport coats & straw hats modeling.

1932 Winter Vacations; Florida Resort; Fashions; Miami Beach Florida;

Show Advance Styles For Spring (moving light sign?)

High angle from top of hotel to seated crowd aroiund circular area. Women walking around on runway under palm trees. Formal dresses, wedding dress, swimsuits. Shots of mostly women in audience.

Fashion Show; 1930s; Spring Women s Fashions;

Highlights in the News - 13 Year Old Builds Motor Car

Boy builds & drives tiny rear-engined automobile. Fills cart w gas & drives along sidewalk at 8mph to deliver newspapers; throwing newspaper in suburban area while driving.

Oddities; Hobby; Invention; Inventor;

02:34:35 Kansas City Clothes merchant distributes 500 free winter coats to unemployed men. Long queue in front of shop and men trying on coats. Helping men on with coats. Lines along street w/ store signs.

Depression; Poverty; Charity; Unemployed;

02:35:00 French fashion show. Models on Paris catwalk wear transparent dresses - plastic? Garter belts & underwear showing. Men at table watching.

Erotica; 1930s Fashions; Modeling;

Tennessee Valley Authority - TVA

Wide shot fields - soil erosion. Methods of halting soil erosion - Building of check dams - men digging in holes. Men spread brush matting. Terracing of land by tractor. Finished terraced field. Agriculture / farming

09:08:31 Wilson Dam at Muscle Shoals - animated map - shots of dam superimposed. AVs dam and reservoir. Good shots dam and power station. Interiors generating station - electricity supply cables. Men working on pylons. Tuvalu ? Mississippi town - first city to contract TVA Electricity. Building with sign TVA Electricity for all. Main street with traffic - city hall, Mayor and clerk at desk. Residential homes. Electricity bill showing reduction in costs.

09:11:32 Electricity sub station - line men from Alabama division laying power lines to rural communities. Erecting poles. Man fitting meter.

09:13:50 Shots contrasting life before electricity - drawing water from well - modern kitchen. Hand milking of cow - mechanical milking. Old fashioned cold box - modern fridge. Hand mixing cake - electric whisk. Lighting old cooking range - modern electric cooker. Washing using scrubbing board - modern washing machine. Ironing - modern roller iron. Sweeping floor with broom - modern vacuum / hoover. Treadle sewing machine - modern electric machine. Filing hot water bottle - electric blanket placed in babies cot. Shots dam.

Ford News - 1,500 Women Unite in Recreational Pageant

Gymnasium filled with women doing exercises & callisthenics. Women with feathers; Black women dancing modern & spirituals. Women do performance with flags. Pose in weird fashions; jockeys; Blacks laughing & waving. Others pose as skaters. Queen in middle & rest run off floor.

Highlights In The News - [Silver Fox Farming & Fashion, ca 29Oct34]

High angle pan over many fenced in huts for foxes; fox seen in yards. CU of black fox. Half dozen young fox jumping; MS of fox climbing poles in enclosed pens of chicken wire mesh.

22:14:?? Two farm workers grabbing one fox each by tail & holding up. CU w/ heavy gloves holding around necks and sharp teeth showing. Four men each holding a fox w/ long thick tails showing. Lower into small box cages & slide door shut.

22:15:?? Fashion models wearing fox coats & stoles & smiling; one wearing tiara. Turning for camera.

Fur Industry; Depression; Wealthy; Animals;

[Winter Fashions Modelled on Ice Cave Stage Set, 1934]

Kids on decorated set of ice cave run & pick up small imitation snowballs & throw.

05:49:03 Older girl w/ several young ones pose in winter clothes. Woman w/ skis modeling; another w/ ice skates. Several in dresses.

05:49:33 Line of models down steps towards camera & turn moeling dresses & hats.

Depression; Clothing; 1930s; Society;

Latest Paris Styles Shown By Fair Misses

Women modelling formal gowns inc wedding / bridesmaid dresses.

Fashion. Couture.

Novel Styles Shown

Novel fashions shown in Coral Gables, Florida.

Outdoors fashion show with catwalk

Fashion - New Styles for Beachwear are Easy on the Eyes

Models parade on beach in swimsuits and shorts - various poses - girls run into sea.

Oriental Style Show Staged By Japanese Belles

Japanese-American fashion show.

Japanese women in traditional costume. Kimonos. Drinking tea.

New Yorkers Get Novel Thrill on Indoor Ski Slide

Longest Indoor ski-run in the World in Wannamakers department store. Girls in fashionable ski wear. Girls ski down slope - some spills.

King George VI and Family Attend Official Events

AV Crowds gather around car as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth emerge. MS King and Queen visiting some kind of nursing ward.

15:22:57: Queen leaving an event, lines of uniformed guard and crowds. MS Queen and Princess Elizabeth? get into open-back car.

15:23:12: VS King and Queen attending horticultural/ flower show, Chelsea?

15:23:45: VS King George in military dress inspecting uniformed guards and presenting trophies inc CU. Lines of spectators behind ropes.

15:24:30: Queen inspecting group of men with banner. Orange Order? Mining Union?

15:24:40: Queen at hospital visit, demonstration of stretcher. Intercut with brief shots of: Queen in summer dress visiting children, playing in paddling pool.

15:24:58: Queen behind table covered with English flag, applauded. Brief shots of crowds around tenement block and crowds seated in stadium. Fragment of hospital visit footage.

15:25:22: VS family listening to radio. Important announcement? CU radio.

15:25:41: MS King, Queen, Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth getting out of car. London buses in background? Royal Family enters building between two lines of guards.

15:27:07: VS Queen at official building. Hospital?

15:27:35: Queen in summer dress meeting children in a park, making speech.

15:27:54: Factory worker, CU girl eating cake, MS profile King George sitting at desk.

15:28:07: King meeting veterans in wheelchairs. Rides tricycle.

15:28:40: Boy Scout parade/ convention attended by King outside cathedral? country house? Be Prepared flag visible. Scouts raise hats.

15:29:11: LS King and Queen at garden party watching fashion parade, King seated on throne. CU guests and Royals. AVs garden party. Guests bow to King.


Doggie Styles of the Past in Novel Parade.

Models in various fashions parade and pose with dogs.

Poor quality - dark

Glimpses of Modern China - Reel 2

Education - Children out of school building and doing organised game in playground. Older children do callisthenics.

05:16:31 College / University ?. Students, mostly girls, and tutors leaving building.

05:17:15 Title re social responsibility - men walking into hills with spades to plant new trees.

05:17:45 Traditional sports - people perform in streets - weapons - martial arts.

05:18:38 Western sports - Girls playing netball. Girls with bows - archery. Men watching basketball game. People at outdoor swimming pool. Diving. People on outdoor ice rink - skating.

05:21:22 - Fashion - Interior department store - shoppers using escalator. Young woman buying jumper and young girl with baby doll. Young women sampling makeup.

05:22:21 Work place - Interior textile factory, women at machines. Food processing ? production line. Women work at desks in office. Young women leave building carrying flags.

05:23:10 Title re Chinese leaders encourage exchange of culture between East and West. Ambassador to the US - C.T. Wang and Madame Wang. Ambassador was Yale educated.

05:23:51 Title - Hu Shih, foremost philosopher and instigator of China s renaissance is a Cornell and Columbia graduate. Shots Hu Shih greeting women.

05:24:11 Jimmie Yen, educated at Princeton and Yale heads the mass education movement. Shots Yen and family.

05:24:30 Chang Po-Ling, President of Nankai University. Po-Ling with little boy outside house .

05:25:00 General Ho Ying Chin, Minister of War. Li Sen, Chairman of the National Government.

05:25:27 Chiang Kai-Shek and Madame Chiang.

05:25:24 VIPs including military officers down stairs. Mass assembly of troops. Chinese Boys Brigade? Boy Scout? Boys in uniform march with flags.

[Inauguration of Beverly Hills Tennis Club]

Jul37 Swimming pool terrace at the Beverly Hills Club. Charlie Chaplin w/ Fred Perry & Ellsworth Vines in tennis clothes - Groucho Marx to left of frame gags for camera. Press with cameras. Groucho and Chaplin sitting on court. Groucho fools around with sleeping bag on court.

12:19:29 Paulette Goddard with two men, all with home movie cameras. Chaplin plays doubles tennis ( left handed ) - knocking up with partner Fred Perry. Shots of opposition playing - Groucho Marx & Vines.

12:20:35 Groucho serves with row of Movie cameras behind.

12:21:13 CU Paulette Goddard removes sunglasses, seated in audience. Others in audience, Douglas Fairbanks [Sr.], Ronald Colman at 12:21:26. Constance Bennett [or Miriam Hopkins ?] at 11:21:35 w/ two men.

12:21:54 Paulette Goddard on left w/ Fairbanks English wife Lady Sylvia Ashley.

12:22:04 CU Harpo Marx mugging. Match in progress - Harpo smiles for cameras. Groups milling about ready to leave inc. Constance Bennett, Douglas Fairbanks, Sylvia Ashley, Paulette Goddard. Ronald Colman in hat and sunglasses. Humphrey Bogart ? Other stars / starlets. David Selznick ?? & unid. female. Exteriors Beauty parlour advertising various treatments including colonics.

12:23:44 Hollywood Planetarium / Griffith Park Observatory w/ domed roof on hill overlooking Los Angeles.

Movie Stars. Architecture. Sports. 1930s Dress Fashions.

June Brides Fashion Show - Models parade in wedding gowns - underwear and negligee modelled. Evening wear

June Brides To Be Queenly In Array Says Dame Fashion

Bridal and other fashions. Wedding dresses. Swimsuit.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


VS teenage brothers/sisters squabbling over bathroom and clothes; complain to Mother. Sisters banging on door, brother singing in bathtub, shaving etc. Good dialogue/visuals, including:

01:03:05: MS blonde sister in satin nightgown w/ second brother in striped dressing gown. It s uncivilised to expect a family of this size to be dependent on one bathtub...

01:04:13: MS brother in bathroom shaving, sister bangs on door: Get away from here and quit annoying me...

01:04:50: Blonde sister looks into crystal ball, brunette sister enters. Oh Edna you startled me...I was taking a occult flight, projecting my astro ego into the subliminal...I wouldn t expect you to are intellectually embalmed.

01:06:38: Father arrives, met by two children. Good gosh, children, can t a man come home after a hard day s work without listening to a lot of complaints? Father kisses Mother. Father and son argument.

01:08:30: Daughter sprays perfume; told off by elder sister for borrowing dress; goes downstairs to meet beau. I got my Dad s car and I thought maybe we d go for a ride then take in a picture . Brother insists on joining them.

01:09:45: Mother meet s daughter s date: I don t want you riding around the highways, there are too many bad accidents at night. Father slips down stairs.

1930s Americana. Family life. Oddities. Fashion. Battle of sexes. Repartee. Dating. Morality.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


Mother fastens father s collar. Teenage brothers in bedroom, one dresses, one practises radio broadcast. Mother kisses daughter who drives off w/ date, leaving brother behind.

01:12:35: MS daughter answers door to debt collector: Piano company lady, two dollars was due three days ago... . Daughter [haughty]: I beg your pardon... please remember your position. I shall obtain the paltry sum from my father. Wait. Closes door on debt collector; Mother gives daughter money from Father s pay packet, notices shortfall. Daughter opens door to male visitor (Occultist / fortune teller), scolds brother.

01:14:20: Occultist: It s so delightful of you to ask me here Daughter [taking his arm]: Shall we go into the drawing room? Thank you . Mother w/ Father in Napoleonic-style uniform; feathered hat wrong way round, brushes Mother s face.

01:16:00: Mother meets Occultist. MS comic / bizarre exchange: I m honoured, your lovely daughter has told me so much about you. Please don t move! I can sense it! Ah, it s beautiful. [MCU man w/ look of delight] I glimpsed it! I glimpsed it briefly...You re aura, you have the most beautiful pink aura Mrs Wallace. CU daughter explaining to Mother: Your aura. It s something that hangs about, something you don t see when it s there . Mother: Mary, if you re trying to say my petticoats show say so right out.

01:17:02: CU Brotherhood of Whales sign. VS men dressed in Napoleonic costume w/ feathered hats in masonic lodge.

Occultist meets daughter s grandfather.

1930s Americana. Family life. Oddities. Fashion. Battle of sexes. Repartee. Dating. Con artists. Morality.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


Grandfather in grandson s bedroom w/ belongings.

01:21:24: MCU daughter and Occultist on sofa w/ crystal ball. I see you stepping out of a luxurious automobile..all I can say is your family will become wealthy through an investment...

Grandfather in kitchen smokes pipe. Grandson practices radio broadcast into biscuit. MS grandfather and grandson listening at door. Sister w/ fortune teller in next room: I m a harp of a thousand strings.

01:23:15: You know there are times grandfather when I think this family suffers from a strain of incipient insanity. Father in costume brings home Grand Harpoon of Whales masonic lodge, meet daughter and occultist friend. VS Father offered shares; discussion.

01:25:49: MCU daughter exchanges knowing glance w/ occultist / friend. Mother embraces Grandfather in kitchen. I ain t been able to stand liquor or coffee since me stomach gave out . CU grandfather s remedy bottle w/ Indian Joe s Chill Tonic - Alcoholic contents not more than 9?% .

01:27:34: MS group arouns fireplace L-R daughter w/ father, businessman standing at mantlepiece, daughter s friend seated. Hand shaking, men leave. VS family group around kitchen table. Younger daughter returns from date. Younger brother cross: You and that cream puff ran out on me. You know why mom? So they could drive out on the road somewhere and neck.

1930s Americana. Family life. Oddities. Fashion. Repartee. Dating. Con artists. Morality.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


MS and CUs single beds, grandfather snoring, grandson awake. Rolls grandfather over, snoring continues. Puts peg on nose, peg comes off etc. MS Mother and Father talk in kitchen. MS Mother and grandfather talk at kitchen table.

01:36:55: Family around table; candelabra, china, flowers etc. MS three men in suits at fireplace.

01:39:16: Daughter in armchair: Grandfather, we d appreciate it if you d cease making senile observations.

1930s Americana. Family life. Fashion. Repartee. Con artists. Morality.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


Mother and Father on sofa, Mother upset. Mother comforted by grandfather. Father answers phone. Children run down stairs in nightclothes. Listen folks, we re rich, we re rich. There s a cheque for $10,000 coming and plenty more! Family celebrating.

01:44:42: Zoom Mother at head of lavish empty dining table, butler serves coffee; If you will allow me, Madam. Butler goes to answer door, bows. Daughter enters w/ satin / fur nightgown. Butler brings flowers in box for daughter.

01:46:44: MS and MCU brother practices radio broadcast for children w/ butler. Daughter in riding clothes attempts to give butler orders in French.

01:38:??: MS younger brother talks to girl in armchair; I d give you the moon if you asked for it ; gives her money. Girl stands up - maid in uniform. Maid talks w/ French accent, And next week you will buy me a fur coat ; fake sobbing. Maid blackmails sister.

01:50:07: Butler and maid exchange money extorted from family.

1930s Americana. Family life. Fashion. Repartee. Con artists. Dating. Morality

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


MS family round breakfast table. MCU daughter w/ riding dress: Mother dear isn t it just a bit absurd? Really I can t see where grandfather fits in. Wouldn t it be more charitable if he were provided for in one of those nice comfortable places for elderly people? [Cut to grandfather in earshot] Mother: You mean, put grandfather in an old folks home? Brother: We could give him a generous allowance . Mother angry.

01:52:10: Daughter w/ telephone. Father being groomed at desk while on phone.

01:52:46: VS dinner party; toasts. MS Grandfather warns mother There s red lights ahead...

01:55:27: CU sign Cuddle Club . Pan to bar. Daughter w/ beau toast at table. Brother interrupts. Men in Napoleonic costume at masonic lodge; police bust, con artists exposed.

1930s Americana. Family life. Fashion. Repartee. Con artists. Dating. Morality.

Red Lights Ahead

Chesterfield Corp., 1937

Dir. Roland Reed; Prod. George R. Batchelor; Scr. Robert Ellis & Helen Logan

With Andy Glyde, Lucille Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander, Ann Doran et al.


MS and CUs family meeting.

02:01:30: Mother answers phone; bad news; drops receiver. Grandfather reveals moral of the story. Daughter and brother w/ grimy face arrive.

VS brothers and sisters in evening dress; I m gonna get a real job... Brother announces into his pipe: Ladies and gentlemen of the radio audience, this is the voice of experience speaking. The only way to lick a depression is to go to work.

02:04:15: CU grandfather tuning radio. MS family around radio; children bring wage packets home. Father in new masonic costume w/ beehive hat. MS Grandfather gives mother mortgage papers.

1930s Americana. Family life. Fashion. Repartee. Con artists. Morality.

[Miami Hotel, Tourism, Fashions Poolside] (1937)

Three women in swimming suits and dress leave large cabana & walking along ocean front on walk. Poolside & diving board, people sitting in chairs. Sign: Cafe de la Paix, Public Invited. People walking along. Sidewalk bar moved through tables. Women walking.

09:01:43 Woman posing beside wooden post on walk.

09:03:14 Couples dancing in center of tables under palm trees in afternoon. Others walking, in shade under awnings. Poolside.

09:08:56 Long shot of beach & breakwaters w/ hotel in distant background. Women in chairs on beach.

09:09:24 LS of dancing in afternoon under palm trees.

Retirement; Tourists; Tourism; Weather; Real Estate Development; Depression; Wealth;

Colorful Clothes Will Add Zest To Summer Sports

22:27:06 Models in variety of clothes in front of painted backdrop. One w/ bicycle, others w/ golf club, tennis racket etc. CU on in sweater. CU smiling. Polka dot hat. Frock w/ apron.

22:27:45 Two modeling swim suits.

1937 Fashions; Clothing;

NOTE: light struck occasionally but some good shots.

Beach Beauties Hold Fashion Show at Night

Night fashion parade at Biltmore pool. Models parade in evening wear. Dresses and shoes.

Fashion / Russian Antiques / Russian Exiles

Female fashion designer fitting evening dress pattern on model, assistant brings in bolt of material, they talk about a shop in Hanover Square. Shots repeated closer angle.

17:11:53 Woman in fur coat looking at silver bowl which has been handed to her by shop assistant. Portrait of Tsar Nicholas ? in ornate silver frame. Collecting box with sign Emperor s Memorial Fund.

17:12:38 Group of White Russians men and women sitting around, tea served and they sing folk song accompanied by man on guitar. Some form of traditional toast and song. Waiter brings in drinks on tray

(vodka ?). Low angle shot interior building - sign Prince Vladimir Galitzine Antiques.

Hearts n Flowers the Sweet Refrain for St. Valentines

Fashion show. Models pose in dressing room - very romantic evening wear. Floral ornaments in hair and as corsages. Model posing smoking cigarette.

[1939 World s Fair]


Worlds Fair - Dupont Lucite Exhibit - demonstrating unbreakable test tubes and other lab equipment

08:48:34 Fashions - model posing under fake tree and showing off legs. Shot legs crossed. Stand with Lucite? objects. CU factory machines - manufacturing.

Grandma s Bustle (Of All Things) Might Come Back

Old & new fashions at World's Fair

Models in park take off gowns to reveal old-fashioned and modern corsetry. Models in period costumes in park.

Aged Couples Wed 50 Years Or More Hold Convention

9th annual meeting of True Vow Keepers organisation for elderly couples - Kansas City street scenes w/ old men & women in old-fashioned clothes walking to convention. INT couples watch old woman at spinning wheel. Vars aged couples pose for camera inc. man w/ long white beard.

Geriatrics. Oddities. Gags. Old Age. 1930s.

Jim Crow Signs

Front Union Station of Richmond. Sign coloured entrance , section of station for coloured people. Street with traffic, pedestrians and trams, groups of white and black people, policeman. Front large building, cars and lorries past.

Two men enter Liggett and Myers (?) tobacco company office. LS former Capitol of Confederacy Building, sign White House of Confederacy .

Outside building (bus station?) w/ signs coloured waiting room .

White pedestrians at crossing on Broad Street. Sign on highway coloured tourists stop at Hotel McGuire .

Large official building with pillars, old church and big modern buildings behind. Policeman past restaurant for coloured people, woman looks through window.

Ladies enter mansion with vine. Church spire. Old-fashioned, leafy narrow street with two storey houses. Iron gate R.G. Rhett, No 147, two old ladies comes out. Man in garden by house, enters house.

Battery Park, car past, people on benches. Promenade by sea w/ palm trees, cannons displayed.

Front mansion, two ladies enter. Statue on promenade to confederate defenders of Charleston. More mansions and imposing buildings, church.


Pickle Puss


Soundies; Scr./Prod. Joseph Coslow; Dir. Josef Berne

Dick Hogan sings Pickle Puss as curtains open to reveal Tanya Widrin as schoolgirl rejected by boys then as grown-up beauty w/ men at door. Interlude w/ Hogan greeting women in vars Miss America fashion / beauty contest outfits; gives Widrin Miss America sash.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress / hat fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

Moonlight Becomes You [w/o Title]


Perry Como sound-alike sings Moonight Becomes You on stage set w/ orchestra [ EH on organ]. Woman performs dance in ballerina dress w/ high kicks and acrobatics in spotlight. Woman in gown dances in front of orchestra as man ends song.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

[Flipped as per original?]

Don t Get Around Much Anymore [w/o Title]


Woman in deck chair on beach set [Anita O Day?] sings Don t Get Around Much Anymore to muscled man in trunks; they dance; vars other bathing beauties w/ men on sand.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Bathing suit fashions.

[Flipped as per original?]

I ve Got To Get Hot [w/o Title]


VS Gracie Barrie sings I ve Got To Get Hot in dressing room setting w/ chorus girls changing into costumes. Singer behind cupboard; outfit changed.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

[Unid w/o Title - Hoops]


Women perform aesthetic dance w/ hoops on balcony setting half in shadow; man in evening suit sings.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Bathing suit fashions?

[Flipped as per original?]

[Unid w/o Title - Song: The Night Is Young]


Man in tuxedo sings The Night Is Young as vars women in elaborate historical? costume arrive on stage inc. 18th Century, Southern belle and medieval gowns and woman dressed as Red Indian.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress / hat fashions.

[Flipped as per original?]

[Unid w/o Title - Song: I m Nobody s Baby Now]


Woman in long white skirt and sequinned blouse sings I m Nobody s Baby Now to vars people seated at tables in nightclub setting w/ 4-piece band. Chorus girls in top hats and sequinned tails/tuxedo-style hotpant suits tap dance.

Tacky / kitsch. Dress / hat fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

[Unid w/o Title - Beach]


All-female orchestra play in beach setting; CUs female conductor dancing, clarinet, accordion and guitar players. Men in trunks and women in swimsuits watch; man in Beach Censor t-shirt measures length of women s bathing suits and crawls under tables. Man and woman balance on beach balls.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Swimsuit fashions. Bathing beauties. Erotica.

[Flipped as per original]

[Unid w/o Title - Acrobatic Tap Dancers]


AV and MS woman in long gown w/ sleeves tap dances w/ acrobatic flourishes on square dancefloor, all-female band on stage in BG. Woman in two-tone sequinned gown sings La Cucaracha and tap dances on band platform; CUs dancer s feet and female trombonists.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions. Big bands.

[Flipped as per original?]

[Unid w/o Title - Women s Orchestra]


Woman in satin/sequinned gown dances as she conducts all-female orchestra w/ banners; woman in white gown sings. CUs saxophonist.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions. Big bands.

[Flipped as per original?]

Hop, Skip And Jump [w/o Title]


Charlie Spivak and orchestra play checkers / draughts w/ women, Spivak falls asleep; dream scene w/ orchestra playing on giant checkers board; conductor in black suit w/ straw hat on one pile of giant checkers; woman in bikini dances on opposite pile of checkers; orchestra sings. Dancers in minidresses and ruffles dance on board. Woman wakes up sleeping Spivak.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions. Big bands.

[Flipped as per original?]

[Unid. w/o Title - Barbershop Quartet]


Barbershop quartet in checked suits, moustaches and bowler hats sing [ He s Got The ? Canary ?] on stage; cafe scene w/ waiter and women at table; waiter sings, cut in w/ quartet.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Suit fashions.

[Flipped as per original?]

May I Have The Next Trance With You


RCM Prods; Prod. Sam Coslow

Man in bolero-style suit sings May I Have The Next Trance With You to woman in evening gown in garden setting; optical w/ couple dancing on clouds.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

Nautical And Nice


Official Films

Vars bathing beauties, the Seashore Sweeties pose next to swimming pool next to ocean and in studio as Bob Kennedy sings She Looks Cute in her Bathing Suit ; MCU camera pans up and down women.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Erotica. Swimsuit fashions.

[Not flipped as per original]

The Right Kind Of Girl


Prod. Joe Bonica

Man in suit sings The Right Kind of Girl to young blonde woman choosing movie magazines at news stand. Woman in office, pulls up blind and sits at typewriter; EXT pan up Art Deco style building; man outside office window singing, Hollywood and Movie Star magazines visible; girl prompts him to sing in style of Harry Richman, Maurice Chevalier and Rudy Vallee; man falls off building into net held by firemen, pays them and hugs girl.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Gags. 1940s dress / hat fashions.

[Not flipped as per original]

Shepherd Serenade w/ Sugar Kane

Prod. by Sam Coslow & Dir. by Josef Berne Sing-along-song. Song was hit in 1941, Soundie probably 1942 or 1943. Flipped.

CU of singer and then full shot standing in front of four women in slips. Whistling the song.

Stops and tells must sing better. Women hold cards w/ words on them.


Musical Bizarre Fashions underwear

I Look At You (w/o title) w/ Rita Rio & Mistresses of Rhythm & Alan Ladd, Yvonne DeCarlo

Soundies #1125


Woman leader, sung to by man in tuxedo. She gives him the baton and dances as orchestra play horns. Abrupt ending. Incomplete.

Stereotypes; Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Big bands; Women s Orchestra;

[Unid. w/o title: Song - I ve Taken A Fancy To You , Historical Fashions & Song]


Man w/ butler in grand drawing room setting, sings [ I ve Taken a Fancy To You ?] while vars women model historical fashions of 1870, 1940 etc; women in 1943 military uniform w/ man in white naval uniform salute.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Clothing; Fashion shows; Hats; Sex; Gags; WWII Women s Miitary Uniforms;

[Unid. w/o title: Song - Now That I Have Found You... women & hoops, singing]


Night club, curtains open & women w/ hoops in front of painted curtain. One sings Now that I have found you... as others wave hoops. Singer walks thru audience, puts hoop over man s head & kisses him. Others do chorus line in front w/ hoops & bending, then sing as they too put hoops over people s heads as they sit at tables. Another dancer walks down from stage on hands, does acroatic kicking & twisting.

Bizarre; Musical Numbers; Society; 1930 s; 1940 s; Wealth; Entertainment; Oddities; Stage Show Fashions;

[Unid w/o title - Serenade of the Silhouettes - women w/ hoops on balcony]


Women perform aesthetic dance w/ hoops forming geometric & symetrical patterns on balcony setting half in shadow; man in tuxedo sings Dancing around to the rhythm of starlight, dark silhouettes in the shadow of midnight, playing a part in a beautiful rhapsody...

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Aesthetics; Bathing Suits; Fashions;

[Unid w/o title: Song - The Night Is Young]

Bob Hannon


Bob Hannon in tuxedo sings The Night Is Young as various models in elaborate historical? costumes arrive on stage inc. 18th Century, Southern belle & medieval gowns; woman dressed as Red Indian. Stand about as though in a pagaent.

Tacky / kitsch; Absurd Fashions; Oddities; Dresses; Hat fashions; Ethnic; Stereotypes;


[Unid. w/o title: Song - I m Nobody s Baby]


Woman in long white skirt & sequinned blouse sings to various people seated at tables in nightclub setting w/ 4-piece band. Chorus girls in top hats and sequinned tails/tuxedo-style hotpant suits tap dance.

Tacky / kitsch; Dress / hat fashions; Musicals;

[Unid. w/o titles: Female orchestra playing on beach]


All-female orchestra play in beach setting; CUs female conductor dancing, clarinet, accordion & guitar players. Men in trunks & women in swimsuits watch; man in Beach Censor t-shirt measures length of women s bathing suits & crawls under tables. Man & woman balance on beach balls. Man looking scared.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Swimsuit fashions; Bathing beauties; Erotica; Recreation; Fear;

[Unid. w/o title - Rita Rio & Mistresses of Rhythm & Acrobatic Tap Dancers]


Woman in long gown w/ sleeves tap dances w/ acrobatic flourishes on square dance floor, all-female band on stage in BG. People watching from sides; blacks shining shoes seen on one side.

09:40:58 Band leader in two-tone sequinned tight gown sings La Cucaracha & tap dances on band platform; CUs dancer s feet and female trombonists. Bandstand surrounded w/ circles as motif.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Big bands; Latins; Entertainment Acts; Women s Orchestra;

[Unid. w/o title: Song - Take It And Git... by all-female orchestra & Doris Day (?)]


Woman in satin/sequinned gown dances as she conducts 12 piece all-female orchestra w/ banners on music stands; Doris Day (?) in white gown sings. CUs saxophonist playing as band claps. Swing Jazz Band.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Big bands. Women s Orchestra;

[Unid. w/o title - Barbershop Quartet]


Barbershop quartet in checked suits, moustaches and bowler hats sing [ He s Just A Sawdust Canary ] on stage; cafe scene w/ waiter & women at table; waiter sings I ll Take You Home Kathleen , cut in w/ quartet. Darling, You Are Growing Old .

Tacky / kitsch; History Oddities; Suit fashions; 1900s staged; Gags; Bald Head;

His Rockin Horse Ran Away

w/ Ida James

Filmcraft Prods. Dist. Soundies 1044-7-97

Prod. & Dir by William Forest Crouch


Ida James w/ flowers in hair sings His Rockin Horse Ran Away in living room setting w/ various women in armchairs; young Black boy enters in pyjamas & gets on rocking horse.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Middle Class Blacks; Family; Fashion; Mother;

May I Have The Next Trance With You

R.C.M. Prods; Prod. Sam Coslow; Assoc. Prod. Neil McGuire

w/ Grace Poggi and Igor


Man in bolero-style suit sings May I Have The Next Trance With You to woman in evening gown in garden setting w/ painted cloud-llike backdrop; dancing on stage, then optical w/ couple dancing on clouds.

Tacky / kitsch; Musicals; Oddities; Dress fashions; Special Effects; Dreaming;

Shepherd Serenade w/ Sugar Kane

R.C.M. Productions

Prod. Sam Coslow, Dir. Josef Berne


Sing-along-song. [Song was hit in 1941 - Soundie probably 1942 or 1943].

CU of singer & then full shot standing in front of four women in slips. Whistling the song. Stops & tells must sing better. Women hold cards w/ words on them.

Musical; Bizarre; Fashions; Underwear

Here Is China R3 of 3

Continued... Homes, newly constructed residential apartments; department store & shopping. Fashion models & cloth, buying dress, escalator in store.

09:59:59 Public health nurses treating young children. Nationalist flags & teacher, classes. Women at blackboard & children at desk outdoors gesturing shape of characters to learn writing. CUs. Martial arts training of boys in uniforms in street w/ wooden swords.

10:00:54 Large swimming pool, men diving & in pool. Young Chinese in soda fountain; in library; art museum. Ext. ornate temple w/ carved lion, college students talking, CU.

10:01:40 Map of China, w/ Japan & graphic of its 1937 attack. People running in street w/ belongings in bundles, carts, car & trucks. Woman carrying child.

10:02:21 Explosions of bombs; refugees. People hiding in caves. Destroyed mud brick buildings; collapsed bridge. People picking thru wreckage. Crowd of people moving thru street by barbed wire barricade. Old woman falls. Crowd of women & children eating rice.

10:04:02 Refugees walking, various locations. Riding train. Leaving passenger train, registering for Cooperatives. Working outside caves (Yenan /Yennan / Yunnan), spinning w/ hand cranked wooden machine for army blankets. Men in long line carrying heavy loads on shoulder poles. Factory, manufacturing guns. Men & women working in cooperative workshops. Loom; women sewing blankets; moving canvas for shipment. Heavily loaded cart.

10:06:22 Packaging & boxing first aid supplies. Red Cross loading truck w/ supplies. Nurses working w/ wounded. Man on crutch w/ injured leg across yard & up stairs to work w/ other wounded weaving nets & bags, other goods for war effort.

10:07:09 Pan over large crowd, VO The faces of fighting China, good comrades for us to have in this gigantic war we fight in Asia & the Pacific. Airmen pose & wave.

10:07:23 Gen. Chung Kai Shek leading other military up steps. Street scene of busses & people in Chungking, view from top of hill to river over rooftops. Damaged building from bombs & people moving thru crowded streets. People climbing & descending wide steps. End music clipped short.

Travelogue; 1940s; Poverty; Primitive; Chinese Daily Life; Manual Labor; Strength; Poverty; China Daily Life;

WWII; Sino-Japanese War;


Vocational Guidance Films, Burton Holmes - Your Life Work series

Alphabet superimposed over piles of newspapers, then shots of regional & national US newspapers & magazines. CU printing press, VO first however words must be written . CU typewriter, newspaper office, proof readers wearing visors; reporter sent out by editor to cover fire.

14:13:13 Building on fire at night, firemen. INT office, journalist looks at article Three Hurt In $1,000,000 Hospital Fire . Map showing reporters beats . Reporter at hospital; reporter & cameraman greet celebrity getting off trai; interview couple on street, makes notes, tips hat in thanks; gets info from record at police station & phones in information from phone booth. Rewrite man types story. Copy editor.

14:15:21 Production scenes: linotype operator, makeup editor checks layout. Telegraph news from Press Association bulletin; world map shows telegraph network. CU teletype machine.

14:16:24 Sports reporters at baseball game. CU Finance & Business page, correspondent analysing sheets of information. All previous employees have been male.

14:16:54 Society Notes page, couples dancing at formal ball; female society reporter at typewriter, receives telephone call. VO women find it difficult to compete w/ men in general reporting jobs, so girls who want to be successful in journalism should prepare for work in the special womens departments CU For and About Women page. VO ...home decoration, childcare, gardening & household hints are found in the homemaking section, a department handled by women...also included are cookery, meal planning suggestions, menus & attractive ways of arranging the table. Work in fashion, beauty care & merchandise reporting affords further opportunities, almost exclusively for women. Sexist narration over corresponding shots of cookery, table settings, woman journalist examining pictures of evening dresses etc. ONLY FEMALE SHOWN.

14:17:45 Music-Drama-Art page. EXT theatre, INT curtain up. CU Editorial Page - editorial writer at desk typing. Political reporter interviews politician. Sunday editions & magazines: McCall s, Saturday Evening Post, Popular Science, etc spread out - VO re job of features writer.

14:19:07 CU Male columnist at typewriter, sends to syndicate; column sent to various publications - matrix placed in casting box so syndicated column ready to be added to newspaper s own press. Owner & editor of small rural newspaper carrying out many different tjobs inc. printing the paper. Publisher of city paper at desk w/ female secretary.

14:21:32 Optical montage: blizzard scenes w/ headline Blizzard Perils Safety ; subway construction; forest fire w/ Fall River Press headline Forest Fire Raging, Threatens Wide Area . High school newspaper office & headline. Students working at desks.

Careers; Sexism; 1940s; Workplace; Sex Discrimination; Sexist;


Walter O. Gutlohn, Inc.

Good CU shots wheels turning on steam train. Top-shot stoker fills firebox w/ CU, shots in engine w/ engineer & POV. Quick runby towards camera.

20:00:44 Montage: Reconstruction trains meet at Promentory Point, 1869. Detroit, 1920s - masses of cars. 1929 Depression w/ empty railway tracks, deserted stations. Highways w/ freight on trucks, buses & airlines carry passengers.

20:01:32 Silver Streak streamlined locomotive out of mountain tunnel towards camera. Good shots at speed thru mountains, runbys.

20:01:?? Montage: Passengers & buying tickets.

20:01:?? Montage: Construction of new streamlined trains. Interior RR cars being soundproofed.

20:02:?? Good shot two streamlined trains pass each other, skyscraper in background.

20:02:39 Montage: Railyards; two streamlined trains pass w/ skyscraper in background. Night shots trains on move; interior cars, dining car, people play cards. Passengers travel in comfort. Two women passengers shown into sleeping car by black porter.

20:03:?? Good night shots, day & streamliner passing steam train. Man having shower on train; man having haircut. POV engineer. Passengers having breakfast, Black waiters. POV past Rockie Mountains & thru Colorado desert & New Mexico.

20:04:58 POV into Albuquerque station. Passengers off to look at the inevitable Indians while train re-stocked w/ ice, food, etc. Train cleaned. Train moves out, tracking shot journey thru Arizona desert. Interior sleeping car, young woman prepares for bed - pulls down bed.

20:06:55 Silver Streak en route from New York to Florida. Interior passenger carriage, nurse cum hostess baby-sits so mother can eat. Bar car aka tavern car , couple dancing to accordion player. Couples drinking at tables. Young women prepare for bed in reclining seats dressed in comfortable lounging clothes . Train runby.

Railroads; 1940s Fashions; Travelogues; Tourists; Tourism; Public Transportation; Racism; Wealth;

[Young Visitors Tour Postwar London - Scenes In Nazi-Occupied Paris]

[Sd.] Group of 26 boys & girls from vars countries visiting London post-WWII - arranged by Council For Education In World Citizenship . Tower of London - Buckingham Palace - Houses of Parliament.

12:15:37 [Si.] Paris street scenes - young people visit Arc du Triomphe, Eiffel Tower etc., tourist bus w/ GB sticker.

12:16:12 Scenes in occupied Paris during WWII Nazi officers at ceremony / announcement in street - French officer salutes Nazis, civilians leaving. Bomb damage at railway station, CU entrance canopy w/ signs St. Pierre des Corps - Entree de la Gare. LS huge cloud of smoke over bomb site. Travelling shots through Paris streets w/ Nazi banners hanging from buildings. High shot military convoy inc. camouflaged truck along street. Propaganda posters. People out of Metro underground station. Paris Opera exterior.

12:17:39 INT meeting of LVF [Légion des Volontaires Français contre le Bolchévisme] w/ Nazi banners & LVF insignia - speaker at podium. Smoke over grand building. German officers at Arc de Triomphe & eternal flame. Exterior of Notre Dame and people leaving in government cars. Flower sellers at entrance to Metro - civilians & Nazi officers past. Firefighters tackle huge blaze. Twisted rubble.

12:19:38 People fleeing Paris at railroad station - Jewish emigration; huge line outside entrance w/ piles of luggage. Night shots Champs Elysees ?

WWII. German Occupation - Vichy France. Collaborators. Refugees. 1940s Fashions. Subway. Ceremony; Ethnic; Right Wing;

[Japanese Women Model Traditional & Modern Dress Fashions]

Three Japanese women model Western-influenced dress and hat fashions in garden setting - pose individually and as a group w/ CUs. Parasols.

00:17:51 CU side profile of Geisha girl drinking tea. Three Geisha girls in patterned kimonos stand in front of small audience; men remove elaborate kimono from stand - Geisha puts it on. MCUs Geishas model kimonos.

00:19:50 EXT Japanese city building. Further shots of women modelling hat and dress fashions in garden inc. CUs. VS Geisha girl and pupil ? inc. CUs Geisha opening handbag and stepping into shoes.

00:22:33 Old Japanese man painting traditional scene. More shots of Geisha and pupil and Geishas modelling kimonos. EXT city street, cars, people into building.

00:24:55 Two Japanese women in kimonos walk through ornamental gardens w/ parasol; CU. Good. [Some shots repeated.]

Postwar ?

[Traditional & Modern Japanese Hair Fashions]

Geisha girl sitting in front of large mirror - checks hair using hand mirror. Vars CUs women fixing Geisha s wig into correct style - hair pieces / weaves combed and styled - finished wig onto Geisha s head [side profile]. Geisha s real hair combed back and styled.

00:27:29 Good shot of Japanese woman sitting in front of beauty parlour mirror w/ hair full of foil and hot perm [?] cables attached - fanning herself - back to camera, reflection seen in mirror.

00:27:46 MCU Geisha [facing camera] has wig tied at back. CU carved jade hair slides added to back of wig .

00:28:14 Woman w/ modern hairstyle in front of mirror - turns round. Woman in kimono adds flower to hair in front of mirror - smiles [two takes]. MCUs Geisha shows off finished hair style. Woman admires finished hair w/ hand mirror.

00:29:33 MS Geisha has long hair combed in beauty parlour; CU hair folded and combed into rounded shapes; hair weaves added w/ metal implement. Some shots repeated - woman tying Geisha s hair w/ thread - hair slides added.

00:33:42 MCU smiling Geisha w/ completed hair style - turns head to show back - fans herself [several takes]. Good.

Postwar ?

Friendship Begins At Home

Coronet Instructional Films

Teenager Barry lending friend George his tennis racquet to use while he s away on family camping trip. Barry s mother & sister come in & he complains that he was left to wash car & do chores alone before family leaves on trip - sister argues that mother had to do his packing - Barry steps on brother Dick s racquet & breaks it - Dick comes in [w/ huge gelled quiff] - family gang up on Barry, think he gives more consideration to his friends than them - Barry refuses to go on trip - everybody s always picking on me...I d rather stay here with my friends - father unsympathetic in any case we re going away to have fun, we don t want anyone along who doesn t want to come - gives him money for groceries & family leave. Barry calls friend Lorraine - I ll be able to come to your party after all . Barry in bed relaxing - wasting day - phone rings but not one of his friends - thinks about what his brother & sister are doing - friends not home.

21:07:09 Barry arrives home from movies w/ George - brags about benefits of doing as he pleases but George comments on empty fridge - my mom s a swell cook - Barry asks for tennis racquet back & promises to return it to George for his tournament - wonders why George didn t invite him to play tennis or come to dinner - opens another can of beans. Lorraine calls to tell him party cancelled.

21:11:04 Barry tired after four days working at garage; cutaway to father fishing - Barry lonely & feeling guilty for not going along - hallucinates family members talking to him - realises his family are the most dependable friends I have .

21:13:35 Barry cleaning house as family return from trip - pleased to see them - bought brother a new tennis racquet. Sister gets call from boyfriend to say he can t take her to party - Barry steps in & goes with her - brother exclaims what fun it is to be with friends, mother agrees - your friends at school, your friends at work...and your friends at home .

1940s / 1950s Family Life / Hair & Dress Fashions. Teenagers.

Heads Up

Presented by American Red Cross

Film dedicated to volunteer lifeguards. Man & woman swimming in pair. Red Cross lifeguards on tower. Wide shot beach w/ swimmers & small boat in water - probably Florida. Intertitles give advice e.g. An uneven bottom is dangerous unless you know what to do - vars demonstrations of how to handle dangerous situations given w/ underwater scenes filmed at Silver Springs. Female swimmer gets out of her depth & shows how not panic & to bounce back to shallower water. Man shows how to deal w/ foot & calf cramps - follows current to avoid fatigue. Underwater shots showing man & woman removing clothes & shoes in correct manner. Freeing yourself from weeds. Techniques for rescuing swimmer from shore - life ring / buoy thrown. Shows rescue techniques for non-swimmers & strong but untrained swimmers [grab victim by hair] - VO Play safe, and the grim tragedy of a double drowning will be avoided .

16:30:24 Five requirements for Red Cross life saving training shown - long shallow dive, swim quarter mile, swim on back using legs only, tread water, surface dive.

16:32:00 Good shots lifesaving class on pier - male & female swimmers lined up in partners practising techniques inc. pulling victim in by life ring. Advice given on keeping head up & adjusting strokes to suit lifesaving. Diving techniques during rescue inc. how to stop victim grabbing rescuer by using parry. Carrying victims to safety inc. violent ones. Male rescuer pushes male victim to safety on wooden float.

Water Safety. Drowning. 1940s Bathing Suit Fashions. Fetish.

Georgie Porgy With Patty Lacey & Ray Hirsch


Girl w/ long eyelashes imagines man in car as she reads; CU starts to sing Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie ; women get dressed, woman s silhouette in shower; woman at piano. Ray Hirsch? pulls up in car, vars women rush to window. Women rush down stairs to greet him. Patty Lacey? slides down bannister into man s arms; VS couple jive / jitterbug in lounge inc. CUs; couple jump over one another. Black maid dances in kitchen. Other couples dance.

Tacky / kitsch. Sweater girls / pinups. Fashion. Erotica.

[Not flipped as per original]

Georgie Porgy With Patty Lacey & Ray Hirsch


Girl w/ long eyelashes imagines man in car as she reads; CU starts to sing Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie ; women get dressed, woman s silhouette in shower; woman at piano. Ray Hirsch? pulls up in car, vars women rush to window. Women rush down stairs to greet him. Patty Lacey? slides down bannister into man s arms; VS couple jive / jitterbug in lounge inc. CUs; couple jump over one another. Black maid dances in kitchen. Other couples dance.

Tacky / kitsch. Sweater girls / pinups. Fashion. Erotica.

[Not flipped as per original]

I Look At You (w/o title) w/ Rita Rio & Mistresses of Rhythm & Alan Ladd, Yvonne DeCarlo

Soundies #1125


Rita Rio in satin/sequinned gown dances as she conducts all-female orchestra; man comes in & sings to her. She gives him baton & dances. Very abrupt ending. Incomplete.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Big bands; Women s Orchestra;

Jack You re Playing The Game

Minoco Prods. presents The Delta Rhythm Boys


Shoeshine stand scene w/ the Delta Rhythm Boys singing Jack You re Playing The Game ; Black women watch from windows, another dances; Black man measured by tailor watched by girlfriend; rent party w/ jive & jitterbug dancing; men enter Harlem Credit Clothing and pose in new suits w/ dames .

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Blacks; Segregation; Fashion;

The Right Kind Of Girl


Prod. Joe Bonica

Man in suit sings The Right Kind of Girl to young blonde woman choosing movie magazines at news stand. Woman in office, pulls up blind & sits at typewriter; EXT pan up Art Deco style building; man outside office window singing w/ Hollywood and Movie Star magazines visible; girl types names which prompts him to imitate Harry Richman, Maurice Chevalier & Rudy Vallee; man falls off building into net held by firemen, pays them & sings while hugging girl.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Gags; 1940s dress / hat fashions; narrative;

Kiss The Boys Goodbye

Minoco Prods. 541-2W-9 Prod. Sam Coslow; Dir. Josef Berne

W/ Mary Healy

From Paramount s Kiss The Boys Goodbye


Headline: Banker To Marry Show-Girl. Men in tuxedos read newspapers in wealthy art deco style apartment setting as Mary Healy pours cocktails. CU doorbell, pushed. Fiance (called Father) arrives, suitors sigh. Healy sings Kiss the Boys Goodbye to banker & dances w/ suitors. Father puts mink fur coat on Healy, all leave.

Tacky / kitsch; 30s Dress Fashions; Hollywood musicals; Marriage; Gag;

I ve Got To Get Hot

Minoco Productions

542-1-93 w/ Gracie Barrie


Gracie Barrie sings I ve Got To Get Hot in dressing room setting w/ chorus girls changing into costumes. Singer behind cupboard; outfit changed.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Novelty Song; Economics; Stripping; High Culture; Low Culture;

Japanese Documentary Shinsei Kanton Reel 3

Documentary. Explains Japanese movement into China and gives examples of achievements.

Reel three. People repair industries damaged by war. Damaged industrial area clearing rubble. Women making rush mats - weaving at loom - shops and street scenes. Painting coolie hats - making brushes and wind chimes. Posters - street scenes - tracking shot along busy street. Hand rolling cigarettes in a unique fashion using tobacco from dog ends - coolie buys cigarette from street trader - various pipes and hubble pipes - market - woman carrying live fish on string. Moving logs etc by hand cart - dock area - loading unloading - panning shots of mountains. Soldier camouflaged with leaves on guard. Commentary praises Cantonese women for their strength and hard labour.

[Unid. w/o Title - Mexican Orchestra]


Official Films

LS and MS large orchestra in Mexican-style dress perform on stage, man singing some notes; dancers in front of orchestra, woman w/ white gown and arm beads, man in white bolero jacket and black flamenco-style trousers.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

[Not flipped as per original]

I ve Got To Get Hot w/ Gracie Barrie

Minoco Prod. 543-1-93 Flipped

VS Gracie Barrie sings I ve Got To Get Hot in dressing room setting w/ chorus girls changing into costumes. They watch her sing, smile. Singer behind suitcase & trunk; outfit changed into patterned dress


Musical Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

A String of Pearls


RCM Prods; Prod. Sal Coslow; Dir. Josef Berne

Radio announcer Don Wilson as MC presents 6 women in vars costumes dancing on podium then taking solos in turn; costumes inc. chorus girl and Carmen Miranda styles. Vars dancing styles, some acrobatics. All dance in unison.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

I Got Her In The Mail w/ Smoke Wells

RCM Productions Ex. Prod. by Sam Coslow Prod. & Dir by Arthur Driefuss. Flipped.

Man w/ goatee and straw hat in MCU singing about his marriages and divorces while looking at photos of women who beginning to move, MCU blowing kiss. He puts on suit in front of mirror, fat woman in awful clothes comes in and tries to wrestle him as mailman throws down stack of letters. He looks at another that comes to life and teases him. When she arrives she has blacked out teeth and a silly hat. Picture of a third comes to life, when comes in the door she dances around him and they have a long kiss. CU of spitting into cuspidor.


Musical Bizarre Fashions Advertising sweethearts spittoon mail order brides hillbilly farmer bumpkin

Buffalo Gals 2/ Denver Darling & his Hill Billies

Minoco Prod. Flipped.

Man playing guitar w/ accordion, fiddle and bass, all singing. Three women sitting and singing, later dance and three others watch.

Fiddler doubles on clarinet, plays for a couple of women. Then plays bass to impress women.


Musical Bizarre Fashions hillbilly farmer bumpkin gags jokes.

Five Foot Two w/ Music Makers

Minoco Prods. Flipped.

Band The Music Makers sing Five Foot Two w/ accordion, drum, guitar and bass as women frolic in beach setting and perform acrobatic tricks in front of painted ocean backdrop; CUs band and women in deck chairs smiling.


Musical Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Swimsuit fashions. Gymnastics Acrobats

Five Foot Two

w/ Music Makers

Minoco Prods.


Band The Music Makers sing Five Foot Two w/ accordion, drum, guitar & bass as women frolic in beach setting & perform acrobatic tricks in front of painted ocean backdrop; CUs band & women in canvas deck chairs smiling.

Musical Number; Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Swimsuit fashions; Gymnastics; Acrobats;

Five Foot Two

w/ Music Makers

Minoco Prods.


Band The Music Makers sing Five Foot Two w/ accordion, drum, guitar & bass as women frolic in beach setting & perform acrobatic tricks in front of painted ocean backdrop; CUs band & women in canvas deck chairs smiling.

Musical Number; Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Swimsuit fashions; Gymnastics; Acrobats;

I Got Her In The Mail (w/o title)

w/ Smoke Wells

R.C.M Productions

Ex. Prod. by Sam Coslow, Prod. & Dir by Arthur Dreifuss;


Man w/ goatee & straw hat in MCU singing about his marriages & divorces while looking at photos of women who begin to move, MCU blowing kiss. He puts on suit in front of mirror, fat woman in awful clothes comes in & tries to wrestle him as mailman throws down stack of letters. He looks at another that comes to life & teases him. When she arrives she has blacked out teeth & a silly hat. Picture of a third comes to life, when she comes in the door from Paris & dances around him & they have a long kiss. CU of spitting into cuspidor.

Musical Oddity; Bizarre; Fashions; Advertising; Sweethearts; spittoon; mail order brides; hillbilly; farmer Country bumpkin; Postman;

Hop, Skip And Jump (w/o title)

Minoco Products Inc. ?41-2-227

Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra


Two beauties lift lid on hat box & another raises up holding card: Monoco Productions.

Spivak & orchestra play checkers / draughts w/ women; Spivak falls asleep; dream scene w/ orchestra playing on giant checkers board. Spivak conducting in black suit w/ straw hat on one pile of giant checkers; woman in bikini dances on opposite pile of checkers; orchestra sings. Dancers in minidresses & ruffles dance on board. Woman wakes up sleeping Spivak.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Big bands; Special Effects; Shadows;

Hop, Skip And Jump

Minoco Products Inc. ?41-2-227

Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra


Two beauties lift lid on hat box & another raises up holding card: Monoco Productions.

Spivak & orchestra play checkers / draughts w/ women; Spivak falls asleep; dream scene w/ orchestra playing on giant checkers board. Spivak conducting in black suit w/ straw hat on one pile of giant checkers; woman in bikini dances on opposite pile of checkers; orchestra sings. Dancers in minidresses & ruffles dance on board. Woman wakes up sleeping Spivak.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Dress fashions; Big bands; Special Effects; Shadows;

I Got Her In The Mail

w/ Smoke Wells

R.C.M Productions

Ex. Prod. by Sam Coslow, Prod. & Dir by Arthur Dreifuss;


Man w/ goatee & straw hat in MCU singing about his marriages & divorces while looking at photos of women who begin to move, MCU blowing kiss. He puts on suit in front of mirror, fat woman in awful clothes comes in & tries to wrestle him as mailman throws down stack of letters. He looks at another that comes to life & teases him. When she arrives she has blacked out teeth & a silly hat. Picture of a third comes to life, when she comes in the door from Paris & dances around him & they have a long kiss. CU of spitting into cuspidor.

Musical Oddity; Bizarre; Fashions; Advertising; Sweethearts; spittoon; mail order brides; hillbilly; farmer Country bumpkin; Postman;

Farm Front - Part One- WWII

On agricultural progress and efficiency motivated by the demands of war. Explains efforts being made to develop substitute crops for foreign products now unavailable.

Agricultural scenes, many showing crops being harvested - contrasts old-fashioned ways (hand tilling, scythe) with use of modern equipment and tractors.

Assembly lines. Poster or entrance sign for war plant Defense Plant - Part of the Arsenal of Democracy .

Livestock in field. Soldiers parade. Grain thresher.

Various crops incl. oil crops. Oil products on conveyor belt. Oil mill. CU bottles & cans of linseed oil. Flak seed crop. Peanut plant and crop harvested. Peanuts displayed. Castor bean crop. Various products made from castor oil. Cotton seed and harvest. Hemp plant, harvest and threshing; fibre shown.

Five Foot Two


Soundies/Minoco Prods.

Band The Music Makers sing Five Foot Two w/ accordion, drum, guitar and bass as women frolic in beach setting and perform acrobatic tricks; CUs band and women in deck chairs smiling

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Swimsuit fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

Kiss The Boys Goodbye


Minoco Prods; Prod. Sam Coslow; Dir. Josef Berne

From Paramount s Kiss The Boys Goodbye

Men in dinner suits read newspapers in fashionable apartment setting as Mary Healy pours cocktails. Father arrives, suitors sigh. Healy sings Kiss the Boys Goodbye to father and dances w/ suitors. Father puts fur coat on Healy, all leave.

Tacky / kitsch. Dress fashions. Hollywood musicals.

[Flipped as per original]

[Busy Streets In London And Oxford, Jul-Aug43]

EXT Royal Albert Hall? Poster advertising rally in presence of Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden and Chinese Ambassador: A Meeting Representative of National & Civic Life Will Salute China, Our Ally .

15:52:51 Excellent shots of Oxford city centre, streets busy w/ British and US airmen, Wrens and civilians, bicycles; women in hats w/ children. MCU woman talks to airmen on street; GIs smoke, talk to women. US military vehicles pass in convoy. Noels and Dewhurst shop signs visible. Traffic crosses bridge, church tower in BG through trees.

15:55:57 LS Oxford Street, London; bombed John Lewis store site undergoing clearance for Army Exhibition; MCU sign John Lewis & Co. Ltd. Cavendish Square Open 60 Yards Up . VS workmen prepare exhibition space.

15:57:02 VS pedestrians and buses move through Piccadilly Circus, Statue of Eros boarded up; View w/ Regent Street in BG. Civilians, Wrens? and soldiers outside Underground station entrance. Policemen give directions to military; talk w/ Military Policewomen. US servicemen buy newspaper from old lady.

16:00:02 Large queue at bus stop; queue for newspapers, air raid shelter sign on wall; MCU people buy papers.

16:01:07 MCU man sits down, opens Daily Express; headline Mussolini Resigns ; woman w/ News Chronicle, headline Mussolini Resigns, King of Italy Takes Command: Rome Official ; people reading newspapers on bench.

16:01:47 LS Hyde Park boating lake, people on rowing boats, relaxing on summer day. Men row along Serpentine?, soldiers on chairs and young boys on riverbank. Civilians, soldiers and WAAF stroll across bridge. People in street; Cumberland? Hotel in BG. Good.

WWII. British Homefront. Fashion - 1940s.

Don t Get Around Much Anymore (w/o title)

Lina Romay


Lina Romay in deck chair on beach sand sings Don t Get Around Much Anymore to muscled man in trunks; they dance; various other bathing beauties w/ men on sand.

Tacky / kitsch; Oddities; Bathing suit fashions;


Care Of The Feet

Erpi Classroom Films Inc.

Man lifting baskets of coal. MCU of people s feet walking in different directions in sun on sidewalk.

17:50:04 CU diagram of bones of foot from above, side & below. Animated diagram of pressures & function of various bones.

17:51:18 CU of bare foot stepping. Man steps onto staticometer telling weight distribution on feet. Diagram indicates how it is spread across the toe bones. Man steps off. Lower leg shown in diagrams & picture of legs from side w/ diagram over. Rolling weight demonstrated.

17:54:24 Bottom of foot with heavy callouses, aka calluses, being probed by doctor. Diagrams showing arch problems.

17:55:11 Walking toward camera showing problems of arch allowing feet to roll inward. Problems of bone displacement by flat feet.

17:56:14 Woman sitting on sofa pushes off shoes & puts feet, in nylon stockings, in raised position on sofa. Man soaking feet in bucket; feet being alternately wrapped in hot & cold towels. Foot pads shown.

17:57:24 Man having shoe fitted w/ device to measure length & width. Lacing new shoe being tried on.

17:57:50 Doctor pointing out foot disorders in women due to high heels & other extreme fashions. Woman putting on shoes, several styles shown & feet w/ problems in CU. Corns shown & moleskin applied. Ingrown toenails & clipping.

17:59:21 Needle sterilized w/ match; blister drained & pad put on.

17:59:52 Man s feet up on wooden foot rest outdoors.

Instructional Film; Educational Films;

Newest on Spring Togs

Fashion - mother and children model spring lines. Suits and hats. Two young girls in pinafore dresses. Little girl winks at camera.

Title: Vyvyan Donner s Fashions From Coal

07:18:50 Model in living room set w/ dress, jewelry, tabletop & other accessories made of coal. Woman powders her nose w/ coal-based powder. Two models in various outfits including nylon headscarf. CU. Girl strips to two piece bathing suit. Woman in elegant white dress w/ flowers & slippers.

Post-WWII; Synthetic Fabrics; Plastics; Inventions; Promotion; Clothing;

Fashions (Hats)

09:11:56 MS Soldier & sailor exchange pictures of their girlfriends. MCU of picture: woman w/ wide brimmed hat; full CU of smiling model w/ hat & veil.

09:12:13 MCU model & very small hat w/ veil, turns & smiles to camera.

09:12:17 MS sailor looking at photo & smiling, winks to camera. (GOOD).

09:12:21 MCU of picture in billfold of woman w/ a shell bonnet with flowers. CU of same model & bonnet. 09:12:28 MS of picture of woman in checkered patterned sillk bonnet. CU of same called Civil War bonnet.

09:12:35 Pictures of others & CUs. Garden hat; others.


GI Dream Fashions

Silhouette soldier in bedroom with pinup posters lighting cigarette. Woman in spangled dress with shawl. Woman in evening dress poses in front of boyfriend GI s photo. Dress with bow in front. Woman in evening dress reads letter.

Paris Hat Stylists Find A Way Despite Lack Of Materials

CU making wood shavings; weaving straw. Milliners hand sewing hats with straw and wood shavings. Model shows hat to WACS. WACS in dressing room try on hats

Fashion. Rationing

The Women s Page Easter Parade Pre-view

Models with new Spring fashions. Using Museum of Modern Art for fashion show. Easter fashions.


Models wearing keys as fashion accessory and fob. Mink turban hat. Nettie Rosenstein style. Short jacketed skirt. Model at piano with gloves. She gets up in sequined gown. Bright sequinned bolero with matching muff and purse. Model dressed in Egyptian motif dress and headgear.


VS Cotton being off loaded from ship in port of Bremen. Cotton in mills all over Germany. VS Manufacture of cotton cloth, spinning, people at mill machines, Various machines and workers.


VS Steel mill, blast furnace. Idle workers. American officer opens mill. Shots of molten iron and steel being poured and fashioned.


Black market transaction amid ruins of Berlin. Bartering belongings - coat for suitcase. Police raid and arrest everyone on street - wholesale roundup.

[USAF Fighters Take Off - Anglo-Soviet Ceremony - Civilian Activity in Ruins of Berlin]

Jun/Jul45? VS USAF fighter planes take off from airfield past burned-out building. Airmen / ground crew relax in sun. Planes overhead. England ?

21:25:20 Berlin: CUs charred building w/ damaged statue of knight on horseback on roof - Reichstag ? Elaborate fountain - pan down to civilians crowding round Russian? soldier. Bombed factory w/ vehicle parts? stacked up. Travelling shot along ruined street.

21:28:06 Red Army and British officers gather - Field Marshal Montgomery in beret w/ Zhukov - all onto podium draped w/ Union Jack and Soviet flags - Zhukov presents something to Montgomery. Officers salute as troops march past camera. MCUs officers talking; MS Montgomery w/ Zhukov - waves him off in car. CUs Montgomery. Rokossovsky present?

21:30:53 MCU older German woman in street talks to camera - wearing sequinned headband and patterned dress. Civilians on horse-drawn cart. VS civilians on streets of Berlin - most look well-dressed, in suits and smart dresses. Women look at baby in pram. Two girls in berets pose for camera.

[NB Colour deterioration in places.]

Post-WWII damage. 1940s Fashions.

[German Civilians Interviewed - Ruins of Berlin - Senior Military Arrivals]

Jun/Jul45? Vars German civilians being interviewed against backdrop of rubbled buildings and blue sky: MCU man in hat w/ Hitler moustache; MS mother w/ arms round two small children; MS German policeman; businessman in hat; older man w/ white beard.

21:36:19 Berlin street scenes - civilians walk about and sit chatting on benches. Baby in pram. Girl looks at camera. Nurses. People in smart dresses and suits, some w/ sunglasses. Men read cards pinned to tree.

21:39:07 Military parade - soldiers w/ rifles.

21:39:58 Ruined buildings - children play in street.

21:40:56 Plane taxis along airstrip; senior US? general off, greeted by others - US, Russian and British ? - and into car w/ motorcycle escort; CUs red license plates w/ gold stars. LS busy airfield w/ several aircraft and military vehicles; US, British and Soviet flags flying. More shots of senior officers talking.

21:43:21 CU meal laid out on table.

[NB Some colour deterioration in places.]

Post-WWII damage. 1940s Fashions.

Clothes Go To College

Fashion college students in class - sketching dress worn by model. VS student fashion show outdoors. Young man and woman model bathing suit fashions. Female audience sitting on grass applauds. Women model dresses and pants suits. Wedding dresses modelled.

1940s Fashions.

Vyvyan Donner s Fashions in Hats

Women modelling hats: Ostrich feather hat. Plastic hat. Umbrella hat. Huge beret embroidered in jet. Enormous ribbon hat. White roses hat. Black picture hat with ostrich trimmings. Ermine bonnet.

1940s. Tacky / Kitsch.

[VJ Day Celebrations, Washington DC]

Crowd of people standing & sitting in & around Lafayette Square opposite White House inc. soldiers & sailors - TV truck visible. CUs people waiting inc. WAVE in uniform & two soldiers sitting on grass. Busy park w/ two soldiers walking along sidewalk.

10:14:24 Travelling shot past crowded park showing civilians, servicemen & reporters. Man walking along reading newspaper. View over shoulder of man sitting on grass reading newspaper w/ headline Japs Offer to Surrender, Mikado Can Remain . Vars women civilians reading same newspaper, one smoking.

10:16:49 Two women in brightly coloured print dresses reading newspaper on grass. People gathering around CBS News van. Two Japanese American men reading newspaper on grass. Civilians talking & reading in park.

10:18:29 Top shot crowds in street w/ confetti & ticker tape raining down from windows above; Capitol Theater visible as camera pans along street; confetti being thrown from government buildings. Street-level shots showing celebrations under way as evening closes in - sailors trying to kiss girls - people w/ US flags - soldier kissing girl under Capitol marquee - newspaper seller w/ pile of papers - headline The War Is Over . Good shots people along sidewalk towards camera - civilians & servicemen / women. Some Black civilians seen.

10:21:24 Cars drive past loaded w/ girls & sailors. Civilian women & servicewomen march down street, few men in crowd. More packed vehicles past; neon store signs in BG.

10:22:22 Crowd packed under Capitol marquee waving at camera & holding up newspapers; Jackie Gleason film showing; dark now - crowd lit up by marquee lights. Pan across ecstatic crowd, some waving bottles of whisky or wine; man holds up newspaper headline The War Is Over! in one hand & bottle of whisky in the other.

WWII. Pacific War. US Home Front. 1940s Dress Fashions.

The Kingdom of Plastics: An Excursion In Science

Jam Handy Org. for General Electric [first title missing]

Technicolor. Kids at party decide to play blind man s buff - father gives daughter Susie his handkerchief to use as blindfold - boy holds plastic thimble over her head & Susie is stumped because the object she's trying to guess is not from the animal, vegetable or mineral kindoms. Her dad, an engineer, sits the kids down & suggests that it is from the fourth kingdom, the kingdom of plastics . Narrated by the father, film then reviews the role of thermoplastic & thermosetting compounds in history & WWII...

10:22:40 Man in turn-of-the-century dress putting on celluloid collar in front of mirror - but Grandad soon found out that it was a pain in the neck...and dangerous - collar ignites on dressing table.

10:23:07 CU man lighting pipe, puts match in fire-resistant plastic ashtray. VO re natural & growing elements used in plastics - water, corn, coalfields - chemist in laboratory mixing chemicals - zoom in on flask & cut to animation of molecules in vars patterns.

10:25:16 Resin cubes poured into waffle iron & heated - plastic waffles! Resin heated in different shaped mould. Much stronger plastic produced by thermosetting procedure. Filler mixed w/ resin for strength.

10:26:55 Vars plastic products on revolving display - alarm clock, shaving brush, film spool, baby rattle etc. Scientist in lab - zoom in on bunsen burner.

10:27:48 WWII armament production montage - pan across plastic components used in military equipment - 75mm gun fired - tank past - fighter planes in flight - battleships at sea. Uses of plastics in peacetime - model of new airport development - artist s impression of new car interior - female fashion designer at easel - CUs dress & shoe designs - modern home interiors.

Manufacturing. Man-made Materials. Mass Production. Progress. Science & Technology. Postwar US.

Bakelite. Modernism.

The Restaurant Operator

Burton Holmes / Vocational Guidance Films - Your Life Work series

Boy crams hotdog into his mouth; affluent women lunching at hotel - VO there s no denying people like to eat - dining carriage on train. Cafe - CUs men eating & neon restaurant signs. VO re growth - $2billion turnover of restaurant industry. People in street past restaurants. CU book pages turning w/ photos re types of restaurants to suit different tastes: table service; self-service cafeterias; counter service inc. luncheonette ;

22:04:04 Curb service by waitress or car hop serving tray of food to motorist in car. Truck drivers stop at snack bar. Neon signs: Cooley s Cupboard ; The Vera Megowe Luncheon-Diner .

22:04:27 Chefs serve food over counter, kitchen shots , food preparation, meals assembled on many plates. Washing hands, carving roast chicken, waitresses loading trays. VO re manager s role; shots of manager seating customers in dining room. Talks to diners, discusses menu w/ chef; does book keeping; settling waitress dispute. On telephone. People thru revolving door.

22:06:48 Aunt Martha cooking in her kitchen at home. CUs pies & muffins. Montage Martha rents & decorates new tea room but no customers come in; on a quiet side street, zoom in on Closed sign. VO Martha was no manager even if she was the best cook in town . Newspaper article 50% Restaurants Fail First Year . Busy restaurant w/ attentive manager. CU list of vocational schools. University - CU diplomas handed out.

22:09:10 Women at cooking food science class, home ecoomics course, not interested in managerial work - man w/ flipchart Foods You Need To Eat Each Day teaching high school class. Women buying meat at butchers - CU joint of meat prepared. Buyer examining meat carcasses. Restaurant hostess greeting customers & seating them. Kitchen, chefs preparing roast chickens, dishing up etc.

Careers. Catering. Post-WWII; Americana; Sexism. Housewives. Class. 1940s Fashions; Educational Films; Gender Roles;

New Ways In Farming Pt. 2 of 2

March of Time Forum Edition

Line of tractors cultivating crops. Map showing US wheat farming. Tulare Lake Ranch, San Joaquim Valley, California. Huge combines harvesting wheat; war time labor costs cut by mechanisation.

14:54:40 Map of US showis growth of Truck Gardening. Seabrook Farms, NJ w/ vegetable processing plant surrounded by fields, workers out of gates. Seabrook & sons in office.

14:55:28 Female secretaries - typing. Women outside staff living quarters & in cafeteria - 1940s fashions. Vines & peas harvested. Fleet of crop dusting biplanes taxi for take off; low flying crop duster towards camera & dumps load (GOOD). Seabrook cannery - vegetables on conveyor system; women inside on production line - man operates canning machine.

14:57:25 Small family farm - milking cow - famers forming co-operatives to compete w/ larger-scale producers. Dairy truck past barn w/ sign Dairymen s Co-operative Association - milk cans unloaded. Sign Hunterdon Co-operative GLF Service Inc. Workers unloading sacks of produce. Storefront of Rural Electrification Association office; INT farmer signing up for loan; map of US showing farms electrified through REA loans. Power lines being installed on farm. Opening ceremony for rural electric sub-station - Scottish man makes speech (SOF) & pulls lever - farmers cheer. Labour-saving devices - hay bales loaded onto conveyor - corn grinder]. Farmer s wife in kitchen w/ newicooker. Other small farm scenes - ploughing field, men gathering hay, farmer s wife drawing water from pump & feeding chickens.

Agriculture - US - 1940s. Postwar Economics; Countryside; Animals. Collectivism; Cooperative; Propaganda;

Painting And Decorating

Burton Holmes / Vocational Guidance Films, Inc. - Your Life Work series

Man painting window frame & ceiling inside house; painters working on exterior of house.

18:23:30 Suspension bridges (San Francisco; George Washington, NYC) - VO re need for regular maintenance.

18:23:50 Man painting closet door & banisters. Spray-painting compressor. Blow-torch used to strip old paint. Mixing paints. Plastering cracks in wall. \

18:25:37 Wooden frames primed on residential sub-division construction site.

18:26:07 Painter climbs carefully down ladder from porch of large house - VO re hazards of job inc. paint fumes - painter cleans hands w/ turpentine. Painter lowers himself down wall on suspended platform to paint advertising wall sign; others paint underside of theater marquee.

18:27:50 Trimming & hanging wallpaper. Trade school students learning decorative skills. VO re natural requirements of job inc. artistic ability, good eye-sight, enduring fumes, you should have average intelligence & more than average patience .

18:29:14 Apprentices learning about color harmony & mixing in technical school. Students practising various skills inc. painting fake age cracks on furniture. Requirements of owning own business - CU Estimate.

18:31:03 Married couple shown different wallpaper in homeware store - VO Homeowners are becoming more & more paint and colour conscious... - couple pays for wallpaper at store counter. The End.

Occupations; Careers; Interior Design; 1940s Fashions; Americana; Manual Labor; Building Trades; Educational Films;

Titles: Fashions In Hats

Blonde with frilly hat. Russian head dress. Bonnet w/ ribbon bow. Chinese-style straw hat. Hat w/ decorative cherries. Floral hat of imitation rosses.. CUs.

Oddities; 1945;

Shipyard Girls Have Own Idea of Hat Styles

Narrated by Lew Lehr

15:38:07 Women workers at Todd Shipyards, Hoboken, New Jersey do fashion parade w/ fanciful, amusing fancy dress homemade hats using helmets.

15:38:30 Shipyard men workers.

15:38:48 CU Carmen Miranda style hat w/ fruits and milk carton.

WWII Homefront; Oddities; Gags; Working Women;

Bathing Suit Fashions

Girls in swimsuits on rooftop penthouse terrace w/ view over NYC East River & 59th Street bridge. Models pose by swimming pool in two piece bathing suits. Venus Ramey (Miss America 1944). Miss Betty Underwood pretends to exercise.

Priscilla Dean (?) designed suits.

1945 Swimming Suits; Fashions; Post-WWII; Models; Modeling; New York City; Oddities;

Nagasaki Daily Life - Reel 2

CU Japanese fisherman with nets. Low angle of a group of Japanese boys walking towards the camera smiling and singing a song. Young girl carrying her baby brother on her back in typical Japanese fashion. As the scene opens, the girl looks to camera and then moves her head and eyes skyward as if to look for planes. Baby brother is sound asleep.

01:12:45 LS A series of pictorial views taken along the SW coast of Nagasaki. View shows harbour entrance between Koyagi Island group and Kyushu coast. Group of rock islands in bay. Education - School - children sit at their desks. MS Teacher stands at her desk while children perform their usual morning bowing. MS Teacher at desk walks to blackboard and begins to write Japanese characters. Children watch teacher as she writes. Children read lessons from book. Class in progress. Note: The above scenes were recorded at the Yamadato (Kokumin Gakko) Primary Public School in the Mitsubishi Urakami Ordnance Plant area just outside of Nagasaki proper. The average age of the students is 8, and they are in their first year of primary school. The majority of the children are from the poorer families of Catholic faith remaining in the Nagasaki area. It was further revealed that the appearance of the children was largely an after effect of the same bomb. Most of the children's homes were about a half hour from the school.

01:16:51 MS Interior of Japanese department store showing a modern counter and a modern Japanese female purchasing some articles. Note the show cases are bare due to the shortage off supplies and material. Two customers in typical Japanese dress stand at counter talking to saleslady, while in the foreground a young Japanese girl in modern, western street clothes walks past camera. scene. Special department set up at the opposite end of the store for the exclusive use of the occupation forces. Many hard to get items are for sale, such as Jade and Ivory carvings, lacquered boxes and trays. American Naval Officer shopping in background soldiers, sailors, and marines walk about looking at display. Pretty saleslady in Western clothes displaying lacquered saucers and trays.

01:19:03 Display counter in a book store in Nagasaki which has assorted literature, such as pamphlets, small Japanese-English dictionaries, calendars, pictures, and other items. Young Japanese girl in typical Japanese clothes is shown standing alongside a display counter looking over some pictures. A studious Japanese male is examining some books which are on the shelves. Empty shelves. CU Various types of books on shelves.

[British GI Wives Arrive in New York City on SS Argentina]

SS Argentina in NYC docks. Wives of US GIs look out over New York skyline w/ Empire State Building in BG and Welcome sign. Woman poses for camera w/ husband - American naval officer? - kiss and hug. Young boy looks out of porthole. Women wave documents in unid. room. VS women on deck of ship in best clothes - woman in huge white fur coat holding baby. Porters unload luggage in warehouse. Women off boat and into warehouse area - give names to man at desk; American personnel off boat and past line of women. Woman poses on crate laughing - photographer adjusts hemline - shows off silk stockings. Women waiting to disembark wave from deck. GIs play saxophones. Red Cross workers help locate luggage. Woman poses w/ husband and baby.

03:14:48 VS women posing for cameras w/ babies in nursery on board ship. Mothers eating and feeding children. Bank of press photograpers taking pictures of two mothers w/ babies. CUs mothers and babies. Below decks: women and children in bunks. Women down gangway w/ Cunard White Star Line banner to reception area - spotlights; women w/ babies in carry-cots down gangplank. Good.

WWII. War Brides. 1940s Fashions.

[British GI Wives Arrive in New York City on Queen Mary]

Three-stack liner Queen Mary arriving in icy NYC harbour w/ tug boats - winter. VS women wave from decks and portholes - US servicemen waiting on docks. Women down gangplank w/ babies, some in carry-cots. GIs playing instruments. CUs tug boats pushing front of ship. Women off ship [night]. Some shots repeated. Good.

WWII. War Brides. 1940s Fashions.

Their Great Adventure: GI Wives Set Out For America

EXT Waterloo Station, London; CU chalk sign 10.40am G.I. Brides For Tidworth Will Leave From... ; first of 50,000 British wives and children of American GIs onto train bound for reception area at Tidworth; train leaves station, relatives waving. CUs three women w/ babies bound for California, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Women in hats eating sandwiches. Women wait w/ suitcases in snow to board buses for reception area; sign Wives No Children Queue Here ; women and children onto buses; Wot no husbands scrawled on back of bus; buses off w/ US military vehicles.

03:03:03 CU sign HQ Perham Downs Detachment Tidworth - Reception Area . Smiling women w/ babies into Women Only building - luggage carried by German PoWs. Transport ship SS Argentina docked at Southampton waiting to take women to US. Good.

WWII. War Brides. 1940s Fashions.

I d Like To Set You To Music


Official Films

Ginny Simms w/ sequinned gown sings I d Like to Set You to Music w/ Johnny Long and orchestra in elaborate poolside setting; audience in pool and at tables.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress fashions.

[Not flipped as per original]

Fashions For A Rainy Day

Raincoats for women. Terrier dog in raincoat. Children in raincoats, rain hats and umbrellas matching their mother s. Wet weather evening wear. Girl in swimsuit on diving board.

March of Dimes Fashion Show

Model in pants suit type pajamas & evening wear modeled on catwalk. Fancy dress from several angles - fundraising for infantile paralysis (polio). Evening gowns. Barrel style bathing suit. Strapless evening gown; bare midriff gown. Dress decorated w/ design of dimes.

Oddities; 1946; Post-WWII Clothing; 1940s;

[Trial of Vichy Government - Parade - Paris Bicycles]

VS very large busy courtroom. Petain testifies. CUs Pierre Laval testifies and leaves. Others testifying.

02:38:38 LS parade at Arc de Triomphe. HA shot of motorcade w/ motorcycle escort; MS Ike in car with De Gaulle - salutes crowd - through streets. Crowd waving at motorcade.

02:40:45 Parisian girls on bicycle - travelling shot. VS groups of Parisians on bicycles: One woman cycles with GI. Husband and wife. Woman with poodle in basket. Man with guitar on back. Gendarme regulating traffic. Couple on motorcycle.

02:43:29 Huge crowd queue outside cinema? w/ sign Le Monde Libre: Les Actualites des Nations Alliees ; Café George V nearby. Heaps of bicycles parked on pavements. Bicycles hanging on pavement bike park;

02:44:08 MCU two blonde women light cigarettes. People climbing on American military cars. VS horse-drawn carts used as public transport - large groups of people on carts, some wave to camera.

02:45:41 Boxer George Carpentier - in elegant suit w/ slicked-back hair - greets and chats to group of GIs.

[Very good street scenes of postwar Paris, 1940s fashions etc.]

Georgie Porgy With Patty Lacey & Ray Hirsch


Girl w/ long eyelashes in living room w/ book, imagines man in car (superimposed); CU starts to sing Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie ; women get dressed, woman s silhouette thru shower door; woman at piano, both get up & run to see Ray Hirsch? pull up in car. Various women rush to window. Some meet him at door.

11:38:56 Women rush down stairs to greet him. Patty Lacey? slides down bannister into man s arms; various shots of couple jive / jitterbug dancing in lounge inc. CUs; couple jump over one another. Black maid in uniform dances in kitchen. Acrobatic dancing. Other couples dance.

Tacky / kitsch. Sweater girls; pinups; Fashion; Erotica; Ethnic Stereotyping; College Students;

Fashions (blouses)

13:11:25 Two women models w/ crowns of flower or fruit lean out of windows of set of house w/ fake window box plants.

13:11:45 Two girls in office modeling. Hemp fabric with key pattern; war bond pattern design. Girls with frilly peasant blouses & flowers in hair.

Promotional; Post-WWII Styles; 1946;

[Howard Hughes Testifies Before Brewster Senate Committee]

Howard Hughes enters courtroom through crowd of photographers, raises hand for oath and sits; more photographs. Senator Brewster. CUs male stenographer at work. Public enter courtroom, women in hats, man cranes for glimpse of Hughes.

06:44:04: Women queue outside courtroom in hats, file in. VS public, reporters and newsreel cameras crowded into courtroom. Brewster testifies, Hughes in BG. More women, some men enter courtroom.

06:45:43: Newsreel cameramen set up. Journalists at desk w/ NBC box. Stenographer.

Aviation kickbacks. Spruce Goose . Dress / hat fashions.

What Is Money?

Coronet Instructional Films [main title & first of scene missing]

Father gives son Tom $5 to get can of paint - VO what IS money anyway? . Tom paying for goods in hardware store w/ five dollar bill - storekeeper then uses bill to pay electrician - electrician into car & away. Flashback to cave dwellers around fire carving stone tools for bartering. Teenager swapping flashlight for baseball mitt. Aerials goods train - Studebaker factory - INT factory worker on production line. Electrician at gas station paying w/ five dollar bill from hardware store. CUs early monetary items inc. spearhead - VO re flaws of this kind of money - salt in rain. Gold & silver coins. US Treasury Mint building. EXT Bureau of Engraving & Printing in Washington where paper money printed. Gas station attendant putting five dollar bill in cash register & counting change - CUs coins being put in jukebox, piggy bank etc., notes being counted.

12:17:15 Woman in elaborate hat cashing cheque at gas station - woman into gift shop next day looking for bookends - stilted dialogue w/ assistant - that s more than I care to spend, do you have a cheaper pair? - uses five dollar bill to pay. Note put into clerk s pay packet by manager - uses it to pay instalment in radio shop where boy from start of film works - given five dollar bill as pay.

12:19:56 Boy depositing money at bank - Savings window. Montage summarising journey of five dollar bill - CU bill passing along several pairs of hands. Passengers boarding aircraft - take off & in flight.

Economics. Finances. Currency. Consumer Goods / Services. 1940s Fashions.

The New Look Develops A Spanish Twist

Spanish designer fashions displayed. Evening gowns.

Royal Family Arrives in South Africa

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and princesses Elizabeth and Margaret arriving in Cape Town - greeted by Prime Minister Smuts. Huge crowds as royals drive in cortege through streets.

07:12:17 Garden party held for visitors on the estate of Governor General Van Zion? Fashionable women presented to Royal party. Queen in ostrich feather hat. Women with parasols.

The Powers Of Congress

Coronet Films

Pull back from large deluxe radio set w/ couple in living room listening to report on Congress; husband grumpy: Congress this & Congress that...I ve other things to think about than Congress Wife sewing. Man in post office, friend asks him if he s voting in congressional elections. Grumpy man complains about income tax: I think we d all be better off if there wasn t any congress .

08:13:27 Man pounding stamps on letters fades to CU judge s hammer hitting gavel & newspaper headline Congress Suspended . Brechtian fantasy sequence shows life w/o Congress: man at postal counter, clerk points to Proclamation stating that w/ Congress suspended, its financial, military, commercial & postal powers are no more - US money worthless & man sent over to currency exchange as every state printing its own money.

08:15:03 He pushes piles of notes onto floor; told to go to Washington to see for himself. Tries to buy rail ticket but that ll be $600 New York regulation & no national defence w/o Congress... Sailors past w/ New York Navy on uniform - judge crosses out sign US District Court - there is no justice .

08:16:32 Man receives paycheck at work - no tax deducted but his company out of business due to lack of patent protection - wife runs in crying, says bank foreclosed on house.

08:17:23 Man being shaken awake from nightmare by wife - fell asleep in armchair. VS man writing speech for his club defending Congress, refers to Constitution. Cutaways include suburban house, kids in front, joint of meat being carved,

08:19:33 Dept of Agriculture leaflet US Graded and Stamped Meat . CUs rail ticket & air coupon w/ regulated fares - workers clocking off time clock; minimum hours & salary - CU cheque book w/ stub Collector of Internal Revenue - bottle of perfume w/ luxury item tax added onto price - gasoline pump: 23.5 cents/gal.

08:20:32 Montage for where taxes go: LS Golden Gate Bridge, federal highway, Hoover Dam, National Parks & forests, health, education, farming & homeowner assistance, FHA.

08:21:03 Man finishes speech; calls up friend, asks if he wants to go to register to vote: We can t be too careful who we send to Washington to exercise the vast powers of Congress .

Democracy; Politics; 1940s Decor / Fashions; Surreal; Dream Sequence; Economic; Special Effects; Oddities; Gags;

[Unid. Golf Tournament]

Golf tournament in progress watched by crowds. White golfers w/ Black caddies. Winning put - runner-up wearing plus-fours congratulates victor, who is wearing all-white outfit. Probably US.

Sports. 1940s Fashions.

How To Be Well Groomed

Coronet Instructional Films [main title missing]

Teenage brother & sister Don & Sue getting ready for dates at weekend - VO by slightly fascist man and woman re grooming habits - Health, Posture, Cleanliness, Neatness plus a daily routine of little finishing touches . Sue ironing clothes - agrees to fix loose button on Don s jersey if he ll shine her shoes. Sue at dressing table carrying out nightly routine after bath wearing headscarf - painting nails - Sue avoids red nail polish as it draws attention to her stubby hands - gets into bed and now for at least eight hours of sleep - zoom in on bedside clock 10.45pm; cut to clock at 7.00am w/ alarm ringing, Sue out of bed. Don s alarm ringing - gets out of bed & tells sister to leave him some hot water for a shave - goes to closet to choose outfit - let s hope he ll pay a little attention to patterns and colours - chooses shirt, slacks and tie. Don scrapes dirt from under fingernails & goes for shower.

01:39:05 Sue in bedroom selecting outfit for school: chooses between two blouses - fellows like to see girls dress up, but in general only for a special occasion . Sue fixes hair - just be sure that your hairdo suits you and is neatly in place .

01:40:25 Family around breakfast table - mother too keeps a good appearance, even around the house for that keeps up her spirits . Sue back to dressing table for finishing touches - applies make-up - be careful when it comes to lipstick - checks herself in full-length mirror - make sure your hemline s even, don t let your slip show . Don comes in & checks himself, adjusts trousers & posture at Sue s behest. CUs Don & Sue in front of mirrors washing hands, brushing hair etc. - Don adjusts quiff.

01:43:05 Cuts back to Sue & Don ready for their dates - Sue checks dress in front of mirror as VO offers final advice - ...a well-planned outfit of clothes, well cared-for hands and nails, light touches of make-up, a becoming hairdo ; Don comes in wearing suit - say, do you look smooth! - thank you sir, you look mighty elegant yourself! - Don & Sue out of room. Good.

1940s Americana - Family Life - Dress & Hair Fashions. Kitsch.

We Go To School

Coronet Instructional Films [Lovely colour]

Pan across Elementary school classroom - little boy George feeding chipmunks in cage - other kids cleaning blackboard. Teacher talking to new boy Jimmy, VO says his family has just moved to town - Jimmy wearing amazing outfit inc. miniature plus-fours & golf socks! George shows Jimmy around classroom inc. supply cupboard - VO re keeping everything in its place. Little girl rings bell & kids sit down at small tables for lessons - clock 9am - Jimmy gets to sit with Tony, Vivian & Gretchen. Bags of counters handed out for math, Jimmy opens his but realises nobody else has so quickly puts counters back in bag - Tony smiles at him.

10:15:46 Kids get classroom ready for film screening - Jimmy helps Tony uncover projector - lights off - kids watch film about counting & answer narrator s questions - CU Jimmy counting number of chickens in coop on screen.

10:17:18 Kids into playground at recess - Jimmy looks around at other kids in winter coats playing on slide, ball game & teeter-totters [see-saws] - joins in game of marbles & lends Tony some of his because he s been so nice to him [Tony wearing leather cap w/ flying goggles!]. Montage summarising how to behave at school, take turns & make friends. Good.

Cute Kids. 1940s Fashions. Kitsch. Educational Film Shows.

Wheels A-Rolling: 100 Years of Railroad Progress [Colour]

Presented by Chicago Railroad Fair

Pageant / Play with music - probably for Chicago World s Fair - slightly surreal as historical pageant is acted out on outdoor stage in front of large concrete block backdrop.

01:44:25 Pageant showing history of transportation - starts with American Indian in head dress singing - smoke signals - Indians walking along with horses, carrying canoes. Re-enactment of French missionaries reaching Lake Michigan. Various steam engines in pageant - George Stephenson s Rocket steam engine - steam engine The John Bull. First railway train - the Best Friend of Charleston - built 1829 - passengers in period clothes. Dewitt Clinton engine - carriages are stage coaches on rails.

01:50:25 Tom Thumb engine (1821) designed by Peter Cooper. Race between Tom Thumb and horse drawn coach. Horse wins. The Atlantic Engine (1832) - last of the upright steam engines. Gag as guard helps woman into coach showing bloomers. Growth of Chicago early 1840s - firemen and citizens using water pump as they fear Chicago about to be engulfed by fire - turns out to be smoke from Baldwin built locomotive The Pioneer. Train passes slowly, waving people. 1849 and the Gold Rush - covered wagons and horses recreate trek West - includes death on the trail. 1859 - Wells Fargo coach and horses - Pony Express - recreation of coach being held up. 1861 - Abraham Lincoln speaking on leaving Chicago [insert scene] - back to stage, Lincoln gets into horse-drawn carriage.

02:00:26 American Civil War tableau - injured soldiers limping along. Train bringing body of Lincoln moves very slowly. 1856 representation of RR going west - Cowboy and Indian fights. 1869 - Last rail link across America opened - Golden spike hammered in as Union Pacific line is completed - Auld Lang Syne .

02:08:32 Steam engine and train of the Santa Fe Railway - refreshment provisions include the Harvey Girls dressed as waitresses sing Beautiful Dreamer. Frontier town cowboys - Can Can girls. Minnetonka Steam engine and train.

02:11:25 Farmers and wives on hay wagon - train of the Burlington Line bringing farmers and immigrants to Mid West. Dancing - Hoe down - folk dancing.

02:14:10 Chicago in the Gay Nineties - 1890s - Horse cars and trams - cable car. Horse-drawn fire engines speeds past. Early bicycles and tandems. Dancing fashion show. Famous 999 steam engine - series of shots showing early forms of transport - cars - automobiles - gag policeman with drunk. Racing car - fire engine - more gags with policeman and drunk.

02:17:54 1934 - Diesel engine passenger service. Cast of pageant make map of American showing advancement of transportation. Diesel train along track.

US History. Tableaux Vivants. Oddities. Tacky / Kitsch.

Wheels A-Rolling: 100 Years of Railroad Progress [B/W] Pt. 2 of 2

Presented by Chicago Railroad Fair (1948-1949)

Continued... Pageant Play w/ music.

10:22:20 Minnetonka Steam engine & train; past large logging carriage pulled by draught horses. James J. Hill in costume on passenger train of Great Northern System.

10:22:37 Farmers & wives on hay wagon arrive, dance; train of the Burlington Line brings immigrants to farm the mid-west. Folk dancing; hoe-down, ballet like square dance.

10:25:28 1890s Gay 90s; Horse cars & trams; cable car. Horse-drawn fire engines speed past. Early bicycles & tandems. Dancing fashion show.

10:26:50 Famous 999 steam engine. Series of shots show early forms of transport: cars - automobiles - gag policeman with drunk. Racing car, fire engine - more gags with policeman and drunk.

10:28:58 1934 Streamlined diesel-electric engine passenger service. Cast of pageant make map of America showing advancement of transportation. Diesel train along track.

US History; Tableaux Vivants; Expositions; Fairs; Oddities; Myths; Ethnic; Imperialism; Celebration; Tacky / Kitsch;


Coronet Instructional Films

Introductory titles.

20:06:08 Bulletin board Western High School presents What is Capitalism Young man enter studio. High school students, male & female, around table argue about their understanding of Capitalism. Teacher in control room behind them. One student illustrates his understanding with a story: interior Mr Brown s grocery store & boy & girl students buy hot dogs for weenie roast. Boy explains that Mr Brown could make deals & provide extra services like the loan of his truck because he owns his own shop.

20:08:36 Girl says Bill missed the point, that Mr Brown was really only wanting to make money. Shows Mr Brown ringing up sale on old fashioned cash register. Girl says he only offered extra service after she said his prices were too high. Students discuss Capitalism, competition & freedom of contract. Free enterprise explained.

20:10:59 Clock hands reach 3.30. Students go on air, programme introduced as Western High School Radio Forum: What Is Capitalism, technician playing pre-recorded interviews on disc with towns people.

20:11:48 Businessman says Capitalism has given us the highest standard of living in the world Shopkeeper says there is no free enterprise, just red tape . Garage mechanic says he doesn t worry about freedom of contract etc, he s got the Union. Housewife w/ groceries complains about prices. Artist says he is glad he can work for himself. Needle lifted off the record.

20:12:51 Town treasurer at desk recording statement re Capitalism. Montage over: Private property, land, oil wells, buildings, machinery, RR, produced goods, packaging toasters in factory.

20:13:34 Re profit motive, man writes invoice. Wheatield, factory, invoice, bank & savings bonds to help industry. Shipbuilding.

20:14:17 Re competition, freedom of contract, free enterprise, the need for laws to protect. Back to radio station studio & moderator asks: What is Capitalism

Economics; Railroad; Grocery store; Products; Americana;

World Affairs - Palestine & Europe Centers Of Unrest (Czechoslovakia & Hungary, Mar48)

23:13:55 UN Security Council meeting.

23:14:05 MS US delegate Warren Austin.

23:14:08 LS & MS removal of woman spectator objecting to use of American troops. Others listening.

23:14:21 MS Canadian delegate, General McNaughton speaking (Ralph Bunche behind): ...these recommendations & these appeals have not had the effect of bringing peace & order in the Holy Land. The threats uttered during the General Assembly have now turned into acts of violence purging on Civil War; and the sparks which were ignited by intense emotion & by conflicting fashions now might at any moment, unless they are quenched, cause a conflagration which would certainly result in a breech of international peace.

23:15:07 LS Moving van in front of large Czechoslovakian Embassy mansion.

23:15:18 Ambassador Yuri Slavik (sp?) at desk after resigning.

23:15:27 Large barn & Imre Nagy, ex-Hungarian Premier; MCU. SOF: ...I saw the free people of my country subjected to the Communism domination...

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Near East; United Nations; 1948; Mar48; Diplomats; Diplomacy;

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in Berlin during Blockade / airift

Mass meeting addresses by Ernst Reuter SPD urging them not to give up and appealed to the World for support. Father Christmas airlift - gifts handed out to German children. Children unwrap parcels and look at Santa and Red Indian. Choir singing.

21:10:32 Airlift shots - seaplanes bringing supplies. Pilot given flowers. Children playing with model aircraft in streets. Aftermath of plane crash, aircraft in flames - firefighting. Plane flying low.

2nd May 1949 - blockade lifted - night shots as barriers lifted. Day shots various celebrations.

East Berlin, communist demonstrations - scuffle between two young men. Communists storm Greater Berlin City Hall. Non-communist deputies establish government offices in West Berlin - free elections. Animated map showing division of East and West Berlin.

21:12:20 - Communist police HQ - guns issued. 1953 Berlin riots - demonstrators massed on streets, Red Flag torn down from Brandenburg gate - flag burning. Soviet / Russian tanks crush revolt.

Rebuilding of West Berlin with Marshall plan aid - construction work - apartment blocks - modern architecture - Berlin Hilton - modern roads / highways. Industry - clothing factory - women at sewing machines. Heavy machinery in factory. Modern art - iron sculpture. Airlift memorial. Congress hall. Kurfurstendamr - street scenes. Berlin Film Festival - movie stars including Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn. Young women - fashions. Street cafes.

21:15:10 - Everyday life - Organ grinder, women listen from windows. Man with giant pumpkin. Summer - Man relaxing in garden, soaking feet in bowl of water and drinking beer. Man in hammock - watering garden. Tourists sightseeing - large building - visiting lake and countryside. Holidaymakers - sailing - crowded carparks. Border signs. Family at lakeside in the evening, two boys run into water watched by mother and father.

21:16:11 - Berlin night life on Kurfurstendamr - exteriors nightclubs - neon lights - fountains

11:43:27 City planners with models of a united Berlin.

11:43:35 Interior nighclub - dining - dancing.

Cold War

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in Berlin during Blockade / airift

Mass meeting addresses by Ernst Reuter SPD urging them not to give up and appealed to the World for support. Father Christmas airlift - gifts handed out to German children. Children unwrap parcels and look at Santa and Red Indian. Choir singing.

21:10:32 Airlift shots - seaplanes bringing supplies. Pilot given flowers. Children playing with model aircraft in streets. Aftermath of plane crash, aircraft in flames - firefighting. Plane flying low.

2nd May 1949 - blockade lifted - night shots as barriers lifted. Day shots various celebrations.

East Berlin, communist demonstrations - scuffle between two young men. Communists storm Greater Berlin City Hall. Non-communist deputies establish government offices in West Berlin - free elections. Animated map showing division of East and West Berlin.

21:12:20 - Communist police HQ - guns issued. 1953 Berlin riots - demonstrators massed on streets, Red Flag torn down from Brandenburg gate - flag burning. Soviet / Russian tanks crush revolt.

Rebuilding of West Berlin with Marshall plan aid - construction work - apartment blocks - modern architecture - Berlin Hilton - modern roads / highways. Industry - clothing factory - women at sewing machines. Heavy machinery in factory. Modern art - iron sculpture. Airlift memorial. Congress hall. Kurfurstendamr - street scenes. Berlin Film Festival - movie stars including Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn. Young women - fashions. Street cafes.

21:15:10 - Everyday life - Organ grinder, women listen from windows. Man with giant pumpkin. Summer - Man relaxing in garden, soaking feet in bowl of water and drinking beer. Man in hammock - watering garden. Tourists sightseeing - large building - visiting lake and countryside. Holidaymakers - sailing - crowded carparks. Border signs. Family at lakeside in the evening, two boys run into water watched by mother and father.

21:16:11 - Berlin night life on Kurfurstendamr - exteriors nightclubs - neon lights - fountains

11:43:27 City planners with models of a united Berlin.

11:43:35 Interior nighclub - dining - dancing.

Cold War

The Promise of Barty O Brien

Dramatised film to show the work of the Marshall Plan in Ireland

Machine cutting peat. Men using shovels to load peat into waggons. Young man decides to find out what happens to peat they cut and jumps freight train. Small steam train carrying wagons filled with peat up and past. Train into power station yard. Man watches as waggons of peat are raised by crane and emptied into bunkers. Furnaces burning turf - turbines to make electricity. Worker checking guages in turbine hall - discovers young man and tells him to leave then offers him a job. Young man walks out of plant and goes home. Young man is employed as ashman s helper - emptying hot ashes into dumpers. Young man also working on farm.

09:43:03 Inside the plant, young man walks past boiler controls - notices something wrong and changes dials - boss tells him off. Young man creeps back into house and is caught by father who thinks he has been out with girl.

09:45:42 Old fashioned alarm clock showing twenty past two. Peat fire burning in open hearth. Young man has dream sequence about power plant - dials. Inside the plant engineer suggests to young man that he attends night school.

Demotraticheskaia Vengria [Reel 1 of 6]

[Documentary depicting democratic conditions in Budapest following Soviet liberation . Reel 1 shows solidarity between Hungarian and Soviet people to build Communism through scenes of workers, monuments and new construction.]

Statue reaching to sky at sunset. Workers on way to work - EXT factory & street - men giving solidarity gestures. CU war memorial inscription in Russian; good HA pan from top of statue across Budapest, divided by River Danube - destroyed bridge visible; street scenes showing grand architecture; VS monuments of city esp. religious & military statuary. Hungarian & Soviet [?] flags flying side by side. LS cathedral across river.

20:56:10 Very good Budapest street scenes: warden directing traffic - streetcars & pedestrians - crowded sidewalks - girls in traditional dress, fat policeman, washer women, fashionable woman in sunglasses, priest etc. Organ grinder & child acrobat on sidewalk. Nuns walking in park. Newspaper vendors - people reading. Government building. CU street sign V.ker Sztalin-Ter . Line of women sitting in park w/ prams. Molotov street. HA shot plaza next to river w/ Soviet monument - sculpture of warplane on top - kids playing at base.

20:58:44 More street scenes: road repairs & new construction work; worker up ladder high above city; huge girders moved into place for bridge - traffic across.

Communist Occupation. Postwar Hungary. Soviet Propaganda.

[Fashion - Christian Dior & Model Wearing Furs]

Christian Dior sketching, shows sketch. Then opens door & adjusts leopard skin & furs on model. MCU of model posing using various animal skins.

Paris Presents: French Set New Mode In Gracious Living

VS Paris lifestyle/ fashions: women in gowns pour drinks, pans along table setting, CUs jewellery modelling; audience.

News In Brief: Princess Margaret At Hat Fashion Show

VS Princess Margaret attending a fashion show in London, women on catwalk modelling hats.


Royal family.

Carbon And Its Compounds

Coronet Instructional Films

Scientist / chemist lays out diamond ring, pencil & lump of coal - all from carbon element. CU chemist handles diamond ring. Worker in factory using grinding machine w/ diamond grit for its hardness. CU handling lead pencil - graphite rod & filings. Charcoal - amorphous carbon & very soft - soot used as pigment mixed into paint. Coal shovelled into furnace. Chemist in studio laboratory w/ carbon dioxide CO2 cannister - holds match over valve to show it is inflammable. Water mixed w/ carbon dioxide makes carbonic acid H2CO3.

07:14:30 Cylinder of H2CO3 behind counter of soda fountain, pan up to girl serving Coca-Cola to teenagers lined up on stools - CU sparkling glass of Coke w/ superimposed formula. Chemist in lab demonstrates flammability of carbon disulphide & carbon tetrachloride - one used to extinguish the other. CU large old fashioned vial marked Petroleum - many superimposed formulas for organic compounds [carbon+hydrogen]. Chemist builds models using plastic carbon & hydrogen atoms to make chain compounds - methane, ethane, propane, butane. More complex ring compounds built - benzene, acetylene, isobutane. Oxygen atom added to make methanol / wood alcohol. Examples of common organic compounds - bag of sugar, box of starch. CU chemist lays out coal, petroleum, wood fibre, water - basis for new materials: car being filled w/ high-test gasolene - synthetic rubber tyres - rayon fabric - nylon gloves - baby w/ plastic toy - cabinet of synthetic drugs at pharmacy.

Science - Chemistry. 1940s. Industry. Mass Production - Postwar. Consumer Goods.

Watch That Quotation

Coronet Instructional Films

Young prissy-looking teenagers at party playing Chinese Whispers quotation game - Sister Susie swam at the seashore becomes Mr Shubert ran to the shoe store . Three of the kids, Tom, Mary & Frank [still seem to be dressed as 40-year-olds] along street, wonder why playground always locked on Saturdays - VO re people they decide to ask for help on the subject.

13:13:12 Dialogue scene in one of kids homes - sitting around in confusion after each speaking to a different adult about opening the playground - try to clarify different pieces of advice - Frank reads notes made from his meeting w/ athletics coach & Tom points out misleading lack of quotation marks & proper punctuation when you re quoting somebody, you sort of have to talk quotation marks - Tom corrects it & Mary crosses out last line added by Frank.

13:17:02 Frank takes his part of report to coach for him to check accuracy. Mary shows her part of report to school principal who corrects her misleading paraphrasing - I see I must be more careful to make sure I m quoting accurately .

13:19:29 Tom tells others what head of Civic Improvement League said about playground after going back to clarify his comments - Mary at desk notes it down for final report.

13:20:49 Kids into busy playground, now open on Saturdays after approval granted.

Nerds. Geeks. Junior High School. Funny Dialogue. 1940s Kids Fashions.

Title: The Woman s Page (1949 Cleaning & Furnishings)

02:16:14 Woman w/ vacuum cleaner & others cleaning gear talking (MOS) to woman in front of suburban house. MCU of bucket, mop, vacuum, etc, brooms. MCU of each of models.

02:16:30 Int. of house w/ five women cleaning & wiping down plastic type furniture, drapes, tables etc. Boy at desk doing homework spills ink bottle on chair; woman sponges it off. Another cleaning two young kids hands & wiping food off cover of sofa. The End.

Oddities; Inventions; 1949; Post-WWII; Home Furnishings; Promotional; Suburbs; Fashions; Suburbia; Americana;

NOTE: All women are pretty models.

Title: The Woman s Page (Evening Fashions)

03:16:41 Low angle of woman in leopard evening dress w/ low back in front of painted backdrop. Another model from above in snakeskin pattern evening dress. Woman in leopard patterned dress & scarf looking at camera from behind bars.

03:17:22 Low cut evening gown w/ glittery top modeled next to large silhouette statue of African w/ spear.

03:17:29 CU model w/ hat. Shiny dress w/ cloth looking like leafs over breasts. Another model half covers face w/ shawl or scarf. The End.

Fashion Show; Animal-like Fabrics; Oddities; Gags; 1949;

Title: The Woman s Page

03:41:18 Tilt up large antenna tower w/ fire (?) lookout on top.

03:41:23 Model in striped long dress on carpet; many people watching from distance. Another model in corduroy pants suit modeling w/ announcer talking into mic (MOS). Othes seen in various outfits w/ steps of ?? beside modelling area. Spectators applaud. Evening wear. Woman waltzing in long dress w/ announcer. The End.

Fashion Show; 1949;

Title: The Woman s Page (Odd Hair Styling Fashions)

04:30:38 Woman reading Six Thousand Years of Hair Styling by Louis; model holding book as man arranges her hair; tilts her head for camera. Various hair styles modelled. Model holding doll. Wig shown. Models & statues.

1949; Oddities; Gags; Fashions;

Title: The Woman s Page (Mrs America; Miss America Contests)

05:05:36 Mrs. America Contest. Crowd of men & women watching women modeling fashions,bathing suits w/ sashes for Mrs Hudson County, Mrs Paterson, Mrs. Florida; Mrs.... pose for camera seen from low angle.

05:06:32 Judge crowning Mrs. Frances Cloyd of California, Mrs. America 1949. CU smiling. Swish pan...

05:06:41 Miss America Contest. Large auditorium & crowd watching bathing beauties in swim suits wearing sashes of various states. Pan down line. Individuals walk & pose.

05:07:21 Parade in formal gowns in group & individually. Miss America, Jacque Mercer, crowned. CU blowing kiss.

Beauty Contests; Beauty Pageants; Convention Center; September 1949;

Title: The Woman s Page (1949 Shoe Fashions in Close Ups)

06:06:52 Small hairy dog sniffing at pages of sketchbook w/ shoe illustrations.

06:07:02 CU from behind of woman walking in summer shoes w/ seam on nylon stockings; past fire hydrant, stops & CU tapping shoe impatiently.

06:07:14 MCU Feet only of woman in sandles w/ elaborate straps waits on sidewalk; woman also in sandles gets out of car.

06:07:27 Needlework on cushioin in CU, women put feet up & kick off shoes. CU dog looking around.

06:07:44 CU cigarette in ashtray, two glasses on table, man & woman pick them up, camera moves forward & down to shoes.

06:07:55 CU hand turning radio dial, pan down to feet & dancing. CU elevator door opening, woman s ornate shoes out, man out. Woman in bedroom slippers, kicks them off & puts feet under covers. Dog pushes slipper. The End.

Oddities; Gags;

Title: People In The News (Attlee; Fashion Hat Designer; Field Marshall Montgomery in France; US German Military Court, 1949)

06:12:20 Crowd on sidewalk watching. Prime Minister Attlee & ?? out of 10 Downing Street; crowd watching.

06:12:31 Big Ben.

06:12:34 Chauffered car arriving w/ woman & man.

06:12:39 CU woman having black ribbon put around hair & tied into hat w/ jewelry, MCU, modelled. Designer puts coffee tin under & does it as a tall hat, pinned together. Woman turns modelling.

06:13:31 Designer uses patterned scarf & knots it before putting on & tieing into stylish hat. Woman looks in mirror.

06:14:02 Field Marshall Montgomery off British military plane w/ ?? & greeted. Military band. Walking past soldiers w/ flag. Into rolls royce & drives off.

06:14:30 Front of Ecole Militaire. Soldiers marching. Montgomery saluting, De Gaulle standin behind at attention. Soldiers marhcing past in review.

06:14:43 Large ornate stone French building w/ American flag from staff near to. Military man & woman take woman out of car & into building. CU sign: United States Military Government Courts for Germany Fourth Judicial District. Woman out w/ man, followed by military man & woman.

ca October 1949;

Title: The Woman s Page (Jewellery Fashions, 1949)

09:46:15 Large crystal like gem turning in front of black background.

09:46:20 Man at work bench hand cutting stone. CU. Row of machines & mounting to polish; polishing on mandrel.

09:46:33 Diamond (?) held by religious statue. MCU Model wearing diamond necklace & talking to another wearing necklace & ring. Others w/ other jewelry; watch band w/ jewels. Pan row of models sitting w/ wine glasses, CU necklace ornament.

09:46:33 Five models sitting at bar seen from behind them. Model walks up, sits & orders drink while looking very coquettish. CU of bracelet, necklace, ring she is wearing. ECU.

1949; Flirting; Post-WWII Consumerism; Fashions; Wealthy; Jewelry;

Title: Society News (Fashions, Models w/ Dogs in coats, jewelry, etc. 1949)

10:05:02 Model walking cocker spaniel on fashion runway in middle of lare room w/ people at dining table. Variety of dogs wearing clothes, ribbons & jewelry. The End.

Animals; Oddities; Gags;

Title: The Woman s Page

11:08:02 Woman down sidewalk, meets another who models swimming suit; another watches. Model by tree in summers blouse; model rocking in hammock; another smoking cigarette sitting in bathing suit by glasses & seltzer bottle. More of same.

1949 Summer Fashions; Oddities;

New York (Cartier Jewelry Modelled, Dec49)

22:39:22 Diamond jewelry seen thru magnifying glass; large brooch; pins displayed on branch. Birds & butterflies encruted w/ diamonds.

22:39:49 CU diamond necklace; stick-pin put into hair by model, CU.

Oddities; Fashion; 1949; Models; Modelling;

New York (Cartier Jewelry Modelled, Dec49)

22:39:22 Diamond jewelry seen thru magnifying glass; large brooch; pins displayed on branch. Birds & butterflies encruted w/ diamonds.

22:39:49 CU diamond necklace; stick-pin put into hair by model, CU.

Oddities; Fashion; 1949;

Title: The Woman s Page (Christian Dior Salon & Salesroom)

05:32:59 Two women at table, women or models in. Ext. carved stone: Christian Dior. Int. man cleaning mirror in fitting room; two women stitching; fitting. Models at makeup table in front of mirrors. Two lighting cigarettes.

05:33:21 Two women in robes down stairs w/ coats, past men laying carpet. Woman in black evening dress, jewels & hat down stairs, stops & looks at mannequin. Another model w/ pearls; model w/ jeweled dress & oriental model looking at her dress. Woman in store looking at purse; jewelry. The End.

September 1949; French Fashion Marketing;

NOTE: This is thought to be to promote the opening of the New York City store.

Your Permit to Drive (195?)

General Motors Corporation; National Commission on Safety Education, National Education Association (NEA)

Zoom in on drivers licence or motor vehicle operators permit. Tracking shot POV from car down country road. RV Couple in open top car, convertible aka roadster. Brief shots various places you can reach in a car. Saloon sedan leaving house, good shots traffic, cars, trucks, ambulance & police in city & countryside. Trucks on highway CU wheel. Truck down city street. Truck load of chickens in crates. Truck of new cars aka Car transporter.

08:16:47 Leisure activities, people at beach, camping trailers in caravan park, kids down slide into lake. Woman at supermarket, boy helps load groceries into car trunk. Industrial shots. Drive-in cafe w/ cars, couple in convertible eating from tray on door.

08:17:30 Night shots neon lights Town Drive In theater, traffic, headlights. Night traffic on large highway. Truck pulls out in front of elderly man. Simulated road traffic accident. CU horrified faces, traffic lights. Ambulance. Interior hospital, Nurse being given possessions of accident victim including driving licence. Nurse at file cabinet.

08:18:48 Examples of why accidents occur. Car passing cars on right i.e. young man undertakes on the verge. Car passing dangerously in dust of gravel road. Woman driving w/ father or older man. Young woman signing driving licence in office, taking oath. Top shots traffic at intersection, various other streets & roads.

08:19:39 Montage sports, polo, ice-hockey, basketball, swimming, athletics, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling showing obeying rules. Cars on road obeying & not obeying rules. Driver argues w/ cop giving him ticket. Driver in court, judge sentences. Driving licence stamped Revoked. Traffic shots, driver gives hand signal, small town streets. Girls walk on country road; pedestrian crowds wearing summer fashions (GOOD) to show how people avoid collisions when walking in crowds. Top shot five lane street in city, good driving skills, traffic lights, stop sign, children crossing road, traffic signs. Short sequence scratched.

08:23:03 Brief shot head on of driver in convertible, POV down road w/ traffic. Damaged autos following accident, drivers arguing. POV along highway in wide open country, mountains in distance. Other POV shots. The End.

[1950s: Egypt & Nasser; French Police & Students Riot; International Conference; Israel Navy; Nasser & USSR; USA Air Rescue]

Egypt. High angle Cairo street w/ large awnings over crowd, military review, troops marching & women under shade applaud. Nasser & others in military uniforms standing reviewing. Army troops jogging in ceremonial fashion. Military vehicles w/ soldiers, tanks past. Diplomats (?) watching. Pickup trucks w/ soldiers in back pulling light artillery; personnel carriers

12:30:04 France. French student demonstration blocking street, pound on passing buses. Police in street. Sidewalk filled w/ students, police pushing & chasing w/ capes & batons. Kicking, knocking down students on motorscooters. Arrests.

12:31:03 LS high angle of newly built city w/ large convention hall, hills behind & tall buildings. MS w/ flags on poles, palm trees. Int. delegates to front w/ curved table. MS of podium w/ translation booths behind: English, France; Espanol. Delegates w/ name plates: French, Canada, Afganistan, Australia, Germany. MS of U-shaped table & men w/ headphones listening, applaud.

12:31:54 Israel. Ben Gurion reviewing Army & Navy troops at attention. Cameraman & others watch ship into harbor w/ life ring INS Elath. Men down gangway including Dayan. View from ship of seated military crowd around harbor. Ben Gurion at microphones, Moshe Dayan & ?? behind; reverse shot of Ben Gurion looking towards ship docked. CU military (French?) & others. Sailors greeted. LS of crowd boarding ships.

12:32:30 Cairo, Egypt. Twin-engine plane arrives w/ USSR civilian representatives off. Review soldiers; meet reporters ??. Nasser & Soviet rep posing w/ others. Slug.

12:33:14 Title. USA: Air Rescue Marks Anniversary. Shadow of four-engine plane over water. B-29 bomber in flight. Int. w/ CU of man looking out w/ binoculars; men in doorway & view of life rafts. PBY & men carried ashore, pose w/ stubble beards. Man at desk w/ many phones & talking on telephone. Hangs up, pushes button, CU horn. Flight crew out of ready room, run to PBY rescue plane. Takes off over camera. Air to air in flight. Men on life raft wave & plane lands & taxiis over. Men helped into bunks inside. Shot from above as PBY takes off, also from alongside. In flight against sunset.

Military Power; Middle East; Rioting; International Conference;

Man watching machine; automobile assembly lines. Painting.

15:13:58 High speed electric railroad runby. French fighter jet taking off, POV behind pilot. Air to air as jet does rolls.

15:14:21 Man working on high tension wires on electric railroad; train past.

15:14:35 Farmers seeding hillside. Scenic mountain views of water, dams, construction pouring concrete.

Welding large ?? in hole. Large dam from distance.

15:15:21 Young African kids in school classroom; boy with instructor who sits down at desk.

15:15:41 Large stones (like Stonehenge). Very large Roman aquaduct. Cathedral in countrysdie w/ carved stone statues & entrance. CUs. Tilt up tower.

15:16:29 Aerial at Versailles. Formal gardens, fountains.

15:16:53 Wrought iron gate opens. Viw across large reflecting pond to castle or ?? View of turreted building; building across river. Stone houses / palaces / ??. Women picking flowers (?) from bushes or trees. Woman scything grain. Heavily loaded wagon of lavender (?) away from camera.

15:17:35 Chemical laboratory, technician pouring, measuring, weighing, studying. Glass blowing & CU glass blowers. Grinding patterns in crystal; pouring wine into glass. Grapes.

15:18:33 Military dressage riders. Man mashing grapes; Strasbourg w/ cathedral tower above rooftops. Loading wine kegs onto ship. Beaujolais bottles. Fountain. Avignon palace. Ornate German buildings. Alsace & champaigne.

15:19:36 Nightlife & neon lights in Paris, opera program, paintings includnig The Clown by Picasso.

15:20:12 Pedestrians. Fashion model. Photographer & model.

15:20:26 Student walking & reading large book. Medical researchers; children in hospital. Bookshop windows; men debating; giving directinos & talking at Sorbonne.

15:21:23 Book stalls along Seine; Notre Dame & man fishing across river. Eiffel Tower, Palace des Chaillot; other landmark buildings. Interior of government & meeting.

15:22:07 People reading newspapers.

15:22:24 Soldiers w/ medals, motorcycles leading motorcade down Champs-ELysees; review stand; soldiers marching in camouflage; other troops following; tanks; etc. Planes fly over. P

15:23:18 CU feet dancing; crowds dancing at night in street. CUs. Festival, celebration.

15:23:45 Antarctic expedition & opening celebration to celebrate homeland; dogs in snow. Credits.

France; Colonialism; Economics; Economy; Farming; 1950s; Post-WWII;

Miscellaneous Scenes Scotland and England

Women wearing turbans, working in whisky distillery - checking bottles under magnifying glass. Bottles labelled with Blended Scotch Whisky. Women packing bottles into crates. Split screen effect of whisky production superimposed with globe.

04:46:54 Scenics mountains and streams - countryside - river - mist on the moors. Lochs.

04:48:04 Edinburgh - Theatre - sign First International Festival of Documentary Films. Pipe band marching

04:48:56 Trade Fair - Exhibition of baby clothes and pram. Fabrics. Poster re nylon rope. People at exhibition drinking. Perpetual motion toy - chicken which dips head towards bowl of water. Man looking at huge leather glove made by Millingtons. Siutcases, Golf bags and footballs on display. Men looking at saddles. Kitchen ware on display - Wedgewood China display - hand pours from miniature tea-pot. Woman looking at crystal display. Men looking at silverware. Wilkinson Sword stand. Exterior farmers market - sheep in pens.

04:51:45 London - underground passengers using escalator. Exterior, crowds waiting at Victoria bus terminal. 38 bus pulling out. Top shot terminus. Meeting of city planners - looking at maps - models etc.

04:52:33 Crowd queue at bus-stop (summer) bus arrives and takes some passengers - conductor stops entry when bus is full. Men making notes re transport problems.

04:52:58 Back to trade fair - china display - glass display - fabric display. Elaborate moving fashion display. Mannequins wearing evening dresses. People at exhibition. Stainless Steel cutlery and kitchenware.

04:55:41 Two men enter door marked trade enquiries. Montage cuts re political meetings etc, some recognisable as actors.

Writing Better Social Letters (1950)

Coronet Instructional Films

CU Teenage girl thinking, frowns. Nora & Rod at home thinking & writing thank-you letters. Walt finished, Nora having trouble how do you write such good social letters? Rod agrees to help her.

CU Invitation card from Community Drama Club for Washington Birthday Ball; explains how to write a reply in third person.

CU Informal invitation letter shown: April Fools Party - w/ Nora telephoning to accept. Brother gives more examples of social letters - inc. Rod smiling as he reads sympathy letters when in bed w/ pneumonia. Rod criticises Nora for using torn notepaper & pencil & for poor spelling in thank-you letter to aunt & uncle, dissolve to them receiving poor letter & worrying if she really did enjoy her visit - pretty hard to tell from her letter . Diagram showing sections of letter layout.

02:21:07 CU Nora imagines what she would say when thanking aunt & uncle in person for inviting her to visit. Rod helps her write improved letter; makes her read finished letter while imagining recipients thrilled reaction to it. Rod agrees to let her help him write letter to cousins.

I think writing letters is going to be a lot of fun!

Social Etiquette. Communication. Family Life. Corny Dialogue. 1950s Americana. Teenagers Dress Fashions;

How Do You Know It s Love?

Coronet Instructional Films

Teenage girl Nora in bedroom at dressing table - gets up to smell flower corsage - soppy music. Flashback to prom night [?] that evening w/ boyfriend Jack proclaiming love for her - You re the only girl I ve two months - Nora says she ll have to think about it. Mother comes into bedroom - tells Nora most people fall in love several times in their life - kisses her goodnight.

03:50:35 Jack in shared bedroom telling older brother Bob about his feelings for Nora - brother gives him lecture: ...and you were really in love with Betty and Mary and Alice and I don t know who else... - young punks go to the movies a couple of times, do a lilttle necking and you think you re in love - suggests Jack & Nora go on double date with him and his girlfriend.

03:52:10 Nora on telephone to Jack re double date. Mother sits her down & goes through photo album to explain how your capacity for love grows and develops - CU stills of Nora as a baby being fed, neighbouring kid w/ beloved teddy bear, Nora washing dishes, Nora s friends, captain of football team who she had a crush on, couple kissing in car at camp. Mature love is more s tender, unselfish, co-operative - mother tells her to ask herself some questions - Nora decides to watch Bob & Jean to see if they have a mature love .

03:57:03 Neon restaurant signs; couples seated in Chinese restaurant. Nora watches w/ increasingly worried expression as Bob & Jean discuss their concert series season ticket, agree that the watercress salad sounds like fun , and generally behave like a smug perfect couple . Meanwhile she wonders if she feels at ease w/ Jack or proud of him - he asks her have you heard the new recording of the Brahms violin concerto? - I guess I never learned to appreciate classical music - awkward silence - Jack orders lamb & won t try Chinese food with her - that s alright if you like that stuff . Jean asks Nora if she likes kids - Nora changes subject - here s the waiter with our soup .

04:00:19 Jack walks Nora to her door, both agree they re not ready for mature love but can still have fun so arrange to go rollerskating. Good.

Romance. Young Love. Teenagers. 1950s Fashions. Funny Dialogue. Parental Advice. Maturity.

Ways To Better Conversation

Coronet Instructional Films

Vars shots groups of prissy teenage boys & girls chatting as narrator points out benefits of good conversation. Teenagers playing indoor volleyball - used as metaphor for conversation. Three teenagers discussing model of proposed summer camp development - Jane thinks cabins too far from lake - I m sorry if I sound cantering, but I don t like it... - but realises benefits having listened to the boys - back to volleyball as narr. points out why it was a good conversation, being inclusive, spontaneous, lively, free, pleasant, interesting, enjoyable AND profitable. Other kids discuss camp model but boy takes over I always know what I m talking about... . VO says you have to know how to keep the ball going - narr. repeats in more detail why first conversation was a good one - cutaways to teenagers being courteous, inclusive, respecting others opinions, & contributing etc. etc. Example of bad conversation used again - girls look bored while boy drones on. Tips for good conversation listed.

13:06:46 Original three teens joined by second three, discuss summer camp plan following all previous tips - more funny acting / dialogue - Say, when do they expect to have the camp completed? / Next summer, I hope! / Boy I ll say! etc. Girls dressed in prim cardigans.

Social Skills. Etiquette. Nerds / Geeks. Funny Dialogue. 1950s Dress Fashions.

Title: The World Of Women (Fashion Models w/ Watches)

03:57:26 Two women models looking at watch & talking. CU watch, watch as pin on pocket. Another model looking at & showing watch. Cu of ring that opens to be watch. Model w/ watch on lapel. The End.

1950; Jewelry; Accessories; Time; Oddities;

Title: Fashion Highlights (Unid. January 1950 Fashion Show as Benefit)

11:18:12 Various VIPs around large tables.

11:18:20 Lillian Gish & Dorothy (?).

11:18:24 Woman at podium (MOS). Arthur Godfrey pushing two small girl in wheel chair accompanied by another. Man in six w/ six women in 1920s flapper dresses dancing Charleston on stage.

11:18:42 Women modelling in 1920s influenced dresses. Other styles & coats. The End.

Society Fashion Show; Wealthy; Nostalgia;

Title: Denounces China Double Talk (also Finland-Russian Pact; Norway Military)

07:19:36 Man w/ Capitol behind. SOF: It is my opinion that the State Department intends to recognize Communist China; but there really is the opportunity to do so after softening up the American Public to accept it. In the first place at the International Conference last fall between Canada, England & the United States I believe they made a deal w/ England to follow England in such recognition. It will be remembered that England did recognize Communist China immediately after that Conference. And I believe that it is necessary to have a good old fashioned Spring house cleaning in both the State Department & The United Nations to prevent it.

07:20:24 Title: Finland Concludes Russian Pact.

07:20:29 Russian twin-engine commercial airplane arriving. Men down steps, greeted by VIPs w/ handshaking. Russian officer & others posing, smiling.

07:21:00 Title: Norway s Army Today.

07:21:04 Crowd watching some soldiers w/ rifles walking past large building. Crowd in front of barracks-like building looking towards camera. Swish pan to Norwegian Army officers walking to reviewing stand. Military twin tailed fighter jet airplane taking off. People watching fly-by of two planes, LS & CU. Six planes fly over. Low fly-by of twin propeller fighter planes

Post-WWII; PRC; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist; Right Wing; Diplomacy; Conferences; Military;

[Warner Pathe News Magazine Of The Screen] title missing

Ice Skate Fashions

Girl onto ice, falls. Other skaters at Rockefeller Center ice skating rink. Various fashions shown;

1950; Rayon; Gags; Oddities; Models; Promotion;

Fashions for Summer Wear (1950)


Colonial Airlines passenger plane lands, college students disembark, greeted by others in summer suits & straw hats. Young couple in madras-like shirts & shorts, running on beach, join others wearing swim suits & beach jacket. Two young men play golf in Bermuda shorts. Two young men dressed for evening in white tuxedos w/ cumberbunds, joined by girls in evening dress.

Title: The World Of Women (Fashion Show 1950)

01:33:57 Large life ring w/ Sant Rosa, San Francisco & two bathing beauties pose for camera. Other women modeling summer swim suits. Women at table toasting glasses while watching. Models take off outerwear. Summer dresses modeled by laughing models. He Love me & he Loves me not on skirt. The End.


Title: Shorter Formal (Dresses & Hats ca 1950)

11:24:24 Model in white short formal w/ deep cut neckline & jewelled collar & hair covering models. LS CU.

11:24:35 Model in dark formal twirls across room. Two models in long formals lift skirts to walk down stairs; models in strapless short formals on stairwell. Model in black evening dress off one shoulder, & hat w/ two long feathers. Two others in black formals & partial hats, one w/ veil looking at magazine.

11:25:26 CU of plunging neckline, camera pulls back for MS as two models walk off.

1950 (?) Evening Wear Women s Fashions;

[Rural Americana, Small Town USA, ca 1950]

Man & small boy pulls up to store, men sitting in front; owner of store pumps gas. CU, boy watching. County courthouse, Shelbyville. Ed as county commissioner. School Bus unloading kids & they buy popsicles. Farm and Agriculture Agent talking w/ farmer about corn. Farmer spraying tobacco plants as men look at leaves eaten. Team of horses pulling group on a hayride to a picnic thru farm lane; woman playing accordion on wagon. Picnic by pond w/ fiddler & accordion playing as people listen.

22:41:?? Silhouetted wagon w/ people going home.

22:41:?? Interior of country store by wood stove; radio; men reading newspaper. Men talking & arguing.

22:42:?? People walking from country store to church; others walking across hanging bridge. Shaking hands & going into church.

22:43:?? Locomotive pulling into station & man unloads Sunday newspaper; into pick-up & hauled to country store along paved road. People waiting for the paper; storekeeper passes them out. Kids reading comic strips; women reading fashions. Storekeeper & daughter walk next door to home. Pray before lunch.

22:45:?? Putting wood on fire in store. Man buying groceries. The End.

Small Town Rural Americana ca 1950; Democracy; Freedom; Participation; Post-WWII Propaganda;

Note: Made for educating about democratic ideals of USA.

Penthouse Serenade


Snader Telescriptions

MS and CUs King Sisters grouped in penthouse set wearing evening gowns perform Penthouse Serenade w/ few shots of Alvino Ray and orchestra.

Tacky / kitsch. Dress fashions.

[Not flipped as per original]

Penthouse Serenade


Snader Telescriptions

MS and CUs King Sisters grouped in penthouse set wearing evening gowns perform Penthouse Serenade w/ few shots of Alvino Ray and orchestra.

Tacky / kitsch. Dress fashions.

[Not flipped as per original]

[Promotional Shots For Early 1950s Lincoln Mercury Cars]

Car pulls up in suburban street - probably new Mercury model [division of Ford Motor Co.]. INT car showroom, women in 50s style suits look at same model of car w/ gleaming chrome; CU woman touches headlamp w/ gloved hand; fade to car on street. Same car driving along then cut to PoV shot from interior of moving car. INT woman opens car boot / trunk to show how many suitcases fit inside. Woman pulls up outside house on affluent street to collect female friend. CU car in showroom showing grille design.

00:17:27 CU different model Mercury grille; wider shot showing Mercury parked on street; vars shots Mercury driving around suburban streets.

00:18:14 CU man points at camera, face not seen. More shots Mercury driving around. High angle shot cars entering road tunnel on highway. Cuts back to car seen at start of reel.

00:19:09 CU foot on accelerator pedal w/ fade to speedometer needle moving round dial. Mercury driving around town. Man out of affluent house; back car out of driveway. Woman poses w/ baby in passenger seat of parked Mercury; car through gates & away down tree-lined suburban street. CU Your Classified Telephone Book - pan to hand picking up telephone receive & dialling number - dial fades into CU of car steering wheel. Mercury up street. [Some shots repeated.]

Automobile Industry. 1950s Fashions. Street Scenes.

Practice Makes Perfect Drivers

General Motors Photographic

Sports montage - golf, ten pin bowling, basketball, chess - VO No matter what you do, practice makes perfect... - man shows woman correct golf swing - ...driving a golf ball is no different than driving an automobile - PoV shot from car going over edge of very steep hill; CU woman s foot in built-up high heels pushing brake pedal; CU shifting gear. PoV driving along country road, driver of truck in front makes arm signal out of window - overtakes & back into lane keeping on the right side of the road especially in hilly country is plain common sense...danger you can t see may be rushing toward you just around the next curve - animation shows how to approach blind curves safely.

14:35:06 PoV car turns onto bumpy track - VO gives tips on how to control car. PoV driving through rain w/ windshield wiper; animation of stopping distances on dry & wet roads - car hits pedestrian. Car drives through water collected in dip in road / ford. Car speeds round corner then skids on wet leaves. Animation of skid & control. CU car pulls away slowly from snowy driveway using minimum pressure.

14:38:46 Side shot man driving car - zoom out to show tyre bursting / blowout - shows how to bring car to a safe stop depending on front or rear blowout.

14:39:52 Car through city; pulls over when siren heard; tracking shot as old-fashioned fire truck / fire engine rounds corner. PoV from car along suburban street at dusk - kid on bike, pedestrian wander in front - slow down at sundown . How to avoid being blinded at night by passing car w/ headlights on full beam. Animation explaining purpose of driving & passing beams at night. Teenagers along road in shiny open-top car; PoV from car.

Road Safety. Sexism. 1950s Americana.

Fashion Parade [Fashion Models and Dog Clothes]

Jewelled collars tried on Afghan Hound; hat tried on poodle. Terrier tries boots and beret w/ tartan pattern. Various dogs wearing ridiculous clothes paraded round pool - they don t seem to like it too much!

Stunt; Oddities; Gags; Fashions; Animals; Pets;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 1 of 3

Norwood Studios, Inc. for Office of Civil & Defense Mobilization

Children in school classroom, alarm horn (CU) sounds, kids leave room. VO The threat of disaster is never pleasant... VO re schools protecting children over shots of dark skies - sign Tornado Shelter - school nurse tending to injured boy. Montage traffic speeding along street, past school bus w/ cutaways to warning signs School Crossing etc. Traffic cop stops cars for school kids to cross. VO however we are threatened with a new form and magnitude of disasters. For this is the age of the atom - still shot of atomic mushroom cloud.

02:02:55 NYC city rooftops & skyline, tilt down to school building.

02:03:14 Suburban & rural school. VO re civil defense measures. CU Disaster Protection Handbook . Civil Defense Superintendent presentation (SoF) on protection proposals to school board, uses flip chart: Fallout shelters - Evacuation or dispersal - Warning . CUs, board member making notes. Board approves funding for a more detailed protection plan.

02:05:08 Sign on door Superintendent s Office , INT meeting to discuss defense proposals & personnel allocated responsibility [MOS]. School principal in office discussing w/ school staff [MOS].

02:06:48 CU scale model of school site. School Superintendent & architects examining plans & blue prints for new fallout shelters in school.

02:07:22 Busy school cafeteria - can double as bomb shelter. Men surveying building to find best site for shelter. Kids working on sets for theater production in coal storage room converted to shelter.

02:08:03 EXT prison-like inner city school w/ empty concrete playground. Boys in metalwork class in dual purpose underground shelter classrooms . Evacuation procedures: younger kids out of school, walk & cycle home; high school students out of school & onto bus.

Cold War Paranoia; American Life; Nuclear Warfare; Education; 1950s Fashion; Americana; Architectural Drawings;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 2 of 3

Men examining strategic map of region. CU outdoor siren sounding various coded signals. People take cover inside building. Indoor warning systems explained - bell & light equipment, chain of communication , siren in town triggered. Switchboard operator alerted at console, calls school principal who makes evacuation announcement [MOS]. Kids out of classrooms calmly, all immaculately dressed, file down stairs like zombies for shelter drills.

02:13:20 INT empty combination fallout shelter/cafeteria ; female manager checking stock of food & blankets in store room, emergency water supply, battery powered radios & emergency telephone. Also first aid supplies, sanitation garbage cans, radiological equipment, emergency generator, ventilation. Kids playing in shelter.

02:14:55 Third-Grade children visiting emergency facilities; fireman showing them fire truck. Fifth-Grade class makes posters on home preparedness . Teacher pins poster on wall. CU crayon drawings & titles when we hear the siren, we go to the shelter ; a first aid kit would be helpful . Class discusses (MOS).

02:16:49 Students practicing first aid in gymnasium supervised by school nurse; bandaging. VO ...the objective of curriculum planning is to give each student a background in the needs & methods of civil defence so they can be prepared for living in the nuclear age .

Cold War Paranoia; Preparedness; American Life; Nuclear Warfare; Americana; Education; 1950s; Fashions;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 3 of 3

Tenth-Grade students in home economics class shown how to make food on large scale by cafeteria manager, gathered around huge vat of soup. Students in lunch queue; noisy cafeteria. Twelfth-Grade class in American Government, teacher at blackboard talking preserve our Constitutional Government list on blackboard titled Continuity of Government .

02:18:37 CU boy w/ headphones conducting experiment; zoom out to Twelfth-Grade physics class studying radioactive fallout - radioactivity detection kit, Geiger counter, distributed to schools by OCDM.

02:19:35 CU Lincoln Junior High School PTA Program: Guests Speaker Mr. Ralph Miller, City Civil Defense Director . Miller addressing PTA meeting from podium on stage (SoF) s just as important that we take this knowledge into the home... He points to chart w/ Five Points For Survival . Prepare your family shelter & equip it w/ two weeks supply of food & water... CUs audience looking concerned. Scale model of family fallout shelter.

02:21:48 Review of steps taken in preparing school civil defense programme, initial meeting w/ superintendent s proposal to school board, meeting of defense staff & principals; architect-engineer w/ shelter plans, warning systems, evacuation drill, civil defense & survival techniques taught at school.

02:23:10 Various shots urban & rural schools. INT high school students in class. VO We cannot ignore the threat, the stakes are too high .

Cold War Paranoia; American Life; Nuclear Warfare; Education; Preparedness; Americana; 1950s Fashions.

Italy Today

Police man on point duty directing traffic. Heavy traffic - street scenes - pavement cafes. Pedestrians / shoppers. Magazine stall. Tourists - buildings.

17:24:55 Fashion - model showing cocktail dress. Woman trying on jewellery - diamonds.

17:25:29 Night shots streets (short) Interior nightclub, people dancing to latin American band.

17:25:51 Day shots - smoking chimneys - industry. Man using acetylene. Interior - women sorting wool ? for weaving. Men and women with weaving looms. Fashion industry - sewing room - designer. Men making shoes. Dentist inspecting false teeth.

17:26:55 Interior shop, couple feeling blanket before buying. Man paying money into bank ?

17:27:26 Couples on motor scooters - seven scooters drive off. Man on scooter getting petrol. Parking area for scooters. Parking area for cars. Crowds entering football stadium. Football match - starts to rain - umbrellas put up.

17:28:20 Back streets - poor housing / slums - washing hanging on lines in streets. Unemployed men on streets. Old man holding baby. Closed factories.

17:29:18 Land reform - men drawing lots for farms. (same shots as in Calabria). Farming machinery. Irrigation. Lorry carrying coal. Oil storage tanks. Interior foundry. Concrete blocks moved by train. Earth moving equipment.

17:31:36 Ship building / shipyard.

17:31:57 Construction work / building / architecture.

17:32:18 Man buys newspaper from kiosk - reading. Political meetings - crowds on street. Interior bookshop, people buying and reading. Man with art book.

17:33:15 Film / movie industry. Man pasting up poster. Filming on set. Editor holding up 35mm film. Truck with film poster Anna .

17:33:40 Traffic - cars / scooters, bicycles.

How To Read Effectively

Coronet Instructional Films [main title missing]

Teenage boy Jim [w/ gelled bouffant hairdo] reading - CU passages in book highlighted at different speeds. Teenager Mary can t read as fast as Jim because she has to form words with her mouth - stands in front of school noticeboard w/ perplexed expression - VO she has to think of the words as sounds before she really understands them . Jim at desk mouthing new word to aid pronunciation - looks up word venerated in dictionary - VO gives more tips on effective reading. Shows Jim in library thinking about assignment question - CU simulation of skimming through chapter to get main points - makes notes w/ questions he wants answered & reads chapter more thoroughly, at different speeds according to relevance. Shows Jim using skills outside school - at home reading mystery novel - in garage reading mechanical diagram - in library skimming through encyclopaedia [wears amusingly bad sweater.]

Literacy. English Language - Comprehension. High School. 1950s Dress Fashions.

[Argentina Film Festival]

4-engine triple-tail Pan American Airways Constellation airplane landing, cheering crowd watching from terminal roof. VIPs wait on runway. Eric Johnston & Nathan Howard (?) greeted.

10:10:42 4-engine DC-? w/ actors & actresses including Irene Dunne.

10:11:12 Night arrival of Robert Cummings, Japanese actress, Edward G. Robinson, Errol Flynn, ??, people applauding.

10:11:45 Aerial, Buenos Aires (?) along coastline. Modern theater. Festival headquarters & crowds waving to movie stars in motorcade; thru streets. Fred MacMurray out of car. Other cars thru crowds.

10:13:37 Night ext. Ocean Rex w/ crowd. Arrival of Gen. Peron in dress uniform; Mary Pickford into theater w/ Walter Pigeon; Joan ??. Pan over crowds w/ lights. Peron leaving, into limousine.

10:14:43 Aerial over buildings; people greeted & pose for camera; Argentine gauchos w/ movie stars. Stars laughing, inspect bull, ride in horse cart & wagon.

10:15:58 Coast resorts; biplanes overhead massive crowds w/ banners welcoming Peron. Peron on balcny waving to crowd. Eva picture on pole among crowd. Japanese on balcony waving back.

10:17:08 Night, flags on poles & crowd on hillside at base. LS Ballet dancers on stage, searchlights on crowd. Peron standing w/ others. MS ballet dancers. Pan over crowd.

10:17:53 Day & starlets, others including Mary Pickford. Game w/ horseback riders & basketball-like object & hoops. CU starlets & others watching.

10:18:29 Movie stars w/ gauchos at barbeque on ranch, smoking meat, people eating. Fred MacMurray & others. Night & dancing, singing. Int. formal dinner, shots of self-conscious VIPs. Fashion model on runway thru crowd modeling evening gowns.

10:20:30 Award statues & presentation by ?? Japanese actress gets award; others including Frank Borzage.

Rito Moreno (?)

Theatre; 1950s; Awards; International Film Festivals;

[Shah Pahlavi & Fighter Jets; Soraya Esfandiary & Fashion Show, 1950s]

Shah Pahlavi walking past military at attention in airplane hanger.

22:07:36 Twin-engine jet in hanger; Shah out of it. Sits in smaller twin-engine fighter as US (?) officers watch.

22:07:52 Large twin-engine jet takes off, banks past.

22:08:01 MS Shah & officers watching, intercut w/ fly-over. Swish pan...

22:08:06 Fashion model in small room w/ men & women seated watching; curtsy to Soraya Esfandiary (?) wife of Shah (1951-1958). CU of ace; others modeling hat, formal dresses; many in & curtsy.

Iran Dictator; 1950s;

NOTE: may be British officers.

[Shah Pahlavi & Fighter Jets; Soraya Esfandiary & Fashion Show, 1950s]

Shah Pahlavi walking past military at attention in airplane hanger.

22:07:36 Twin-engine jet in hanger; Shah out of it. Sits in smaller twin-engine fighter as US (?) officers watch.

22:07:52 Large twin-engine jet takes off, banks past.

22:08:01 MS Shah & officers watching, intercut w/ fly-over. Swish pan...

22:08:06 Fashion model in small room w/ men & women seated watching; curtsy to Soraya Esfandiary (?) wife of Shah (1951-1958). CU of ace; others modeling hat, formal dresses; many in & curtsy.

Iran Dictator; 1950s;

NOTE: may be British officers.

Social Courtesy

Coronet Instructional Films

Presents information on specific social graces & shows how to make them a natural part of daily activities. Sour-puss Bill is invited to a "hard times" party w/ girlfriend Carol - opens w/ hims talking into bedroom mirror I don t have any fun at parties, kids just aren t friendly - believes social courtesy is "old fashioned" - interactive narrator cuts in, suggests it s Bill s fault. Bill takes the narrator in stride, as he does being teleported through space and backward in time (repeatedly) - first to Carol s house.

05:13:50 Bill rude to Carol - don t take all night . "Let's take a picture of this situation," the narrator says as strobe flashes from behind camera & scene transformed into a photo on a wall in the next scene, "you discourage others when they want to be'd better back up and start all over again. Maybe you'd better try to be more FRIENDLY this time."

05:15:20 Surreal party scenes - signs on wall inc. Hobo Jungle & Bum's Rest (over the couch) - Bill rude in various ways, scenes repeated as before w/ better behaviour. Narrator scolds, "You're supposed to rise when an adult speaks to you; everybody knows that" - "Come on, Bill. Sit up! That's a chair, not a bed" etc.

05:18:39 Bill beckons the invisible narrator closer so he can discuss things in private, camera dollies in while other teens at party remain oblivious. Teens then sing She ll be Comin Round the Mountain whilst square dancing - Bill joins in.

05:19:55 Carol, suddenly aware that Bill is having a solo conversation, asks "Are you talking to yourself?" Bill knocks over girl s plate of food & gets her some more. "Learn from watching others," narrator concludes, "You can even get a book on courtesy from the library. Be friendly. Thoughtful. YOU'LL get along!" It works; the mum chaperone whispers "Isn't that the boy who used to be so rude?" & Bill is accorded the ultimate symbol of Fifties' conformist success; he's invited to another party. "Those changes made a big difference, didn't they!" he exclaims in wonder, "Social courtesy DOES pay! Thanks!!!"

1950s. Teenagers. Parties. Social Skills / Manners / Etiquette. Oddities / Bizarre.

French Influence In North America

Coronet Instructional Films [main title missing]

Typical small town US main street - Coca Cola sign visible - awning w/ Suburban Restaurant - Home Cooking - teenager Jack & younger sister Louise into restaurant. INT Louise looks at menu & points out words that don t seem American - menu - fillet - casserole etc. Title: 1534 - map showing explorer Jacques Cartier s route from France to gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada & first settlements of Quebec & Montreal. Statue of Champlain & early wooden settlement showing French architecture. French missionary outside chapel shakes hands w/ man dressed as stereotypical Native American Indian. Church built in Quebec in 1688 - one of oldest streets in New World - more French architecture - horse & carriage. Quebec street scenes - women talking on street - French shop signs.

09:44:26 Cut to examples of French influence in typical American town - store signs Chalmette Drug Store - Lecorgne Hardware . Statue of Jesuit priest Father Marquette & fur trader Louis ? - map showing their route from Quebec to Mississippi Valley on mission to convert Indians - recreation of the two explorers canoing down river. Examples of chapel, trading post & fort built by French explorers as they travelled through valley. Vincennes, Indiana - French style cathedral. Map of US showing French influence in city names like Montpelier, Detroit, Baton Rouge etc.

09:46:21 Louise out of restaurant w/ brother - wearing beret - walk past sedan car. Traffic past. Buy newspaper from sidewalk vendor - point to French words Premier & Bayou on front page - shot of typical Louisiana bayou.

09:47:17 Statue of explorer Robert de la Salle. Map of US showing region la Salle named Louisiana after French king. CU street sign New Orleans City Limit . EXT Parish Court house. Cathedral in old section of New Orleans. French Quarter - Chartres Street - French-style carriages on street - balconies. French plantation house outside city. Jack & Louise walk down suburban street as VO points out French influence in US architecture - French provincial style, chateau - INT furniture in French style, French print on wall & French literature. VO summarises areas in which French influences visible. High angle shot of small town main street w/ traffic.

1950s. Dress & Hat Fashions. Art / Architecture. Religion.

Royalty: Austrian Archduke Weds German Princess

INT Cathedral of the Rope Makers in Nancy, France: wedding of Princess Regina Saxe-Meiningen & Archduke Otto, pretender to throne of Austria-Hungary. Bride w/ 22ft train poses w/ groom. Top shot main square in Nancy - large crowds restrained by police - bride s huge train being carried - VIP guests inc. Empress Sita - bride & groom waving to cheering crowds.

European Royal Families. Marriage. Wedding Dress Fashions. 1950s.

Dominican Republic [Resort Fashion Show] (1951)

Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic

Models arrive by Pan American airplane from Miami. Open air fashion parade. Swimwear, day and evening dress modeled, locals applaud. Posing. Formal, casual w/ hats.

[Fashions - Outer Space]

Women lined up at buffet table, model wacky hats, shoes. Man in 'space suit'. Woman w/ stuffed chicken. Waiters serve with masks. Outer space decorations. VS eating pills from Tales of Tomorrow Buffet , woman feeds man miniature Hot Dogs of Tommorrow out of capsules. Scientists w/ face masks help man in astronaut costume to drink through gauze helmet.

Stunts. Gags. Novelty Fashions / Food. Tacky / Kitsch.

Spring Modes - Paris Frames its Fashions for 1952

Models in picture frames - model in cape - models in daywear and evening wear.

Spring Styles from Paree

Fashion show

Day dresses - model smoking - designs - evening wear.

France Shows Chapeaux For Madame

VS women model hats designed by Denise Cheveaux in photographers studio setting; hats w/ veils, feathers and flowers.

1950s Hat Fashions. Kitsch.

Japanese War Brides School, Tokyo

Four Japanese brides of American servicemen, Kiyoko Underwood, Margie Okinzai, Siko Karrigan and Miyeko Stroller walk to the bungalow of Mrs Miller [wife of Lt. Col Gordon Miller]. INT Mrs Miller acts as brides group instructor - shows girls how to use vacuum cleaner, electric toaster, coffee percolator and toasted sandwich maker. Women watching attentively. Mrs Miller takes pie out of oven and shows to brides. EXT brides given talk on beauty aids - already have Westernised hair & dress styles. Newsreel cameraman setting up. Beautician making up eyes of Japanese girl. Good.

1950s Housewives. Fashion. Racism. Domestic Appliances / Consumer Goods.


Castle Films

View from Eiffel Tower as lift descends; tourists beneath tower. Man in lederhosen looks up to Tower. View from top of Eiffel Tower - Palais de Chaillot - Ecole Militaire. Tourist couple sit by fountain eating French bread & looking at map. Champs Elysees w/ horse-drawn carriage, traffic policeman, eternal flame at Unknown Soldier s memorial under Arc de Triomphe. Sidewalk cafes, waiter serves drinks; women past in fashionable dresses. Tuileries Gardens w/ painters, kids ride donkeys. Place de la Concorde w/ traffic, statues & obelisk.

00:23:43 Boats on Seine. Left Bank w/ bookstall by river. Rue de Rivoli [?] - flower seller & Les Halles (?) outdoor market.

00:24:37 EXT couturier Jacques Fath s HQ; INT fashion show w/ buyers, men & women watching models pass by. EXT cars & bicycles past camera. Champagne delivery arrives at restaurant. INT chef in kitchen cooking filet mignon & chips. Tour d Argent restaurant entrance; INT diners seated at window w/ view of Notre Dame. Man & woman stop & look at street painter working on portrait of Notre Dame.

00:26:45 Montmartre & Place du Tertre, artist painting Cathedral of Sacre Coeur. Wedding procession thru streets. Pigalle bars & cafe lights at dusk. INT young people dancing in jazz club; women smoking & drinking.

00:27:49 Taberan nightclub w/ CU champagne cork popping. Chorus girls do can-can on stage; glasses filled; solo dancer kicking in front of show girls. Neon sign Moulin de la Galette. The ENd.

Travelogues - France; 1950s Dress Fashions; Haute Couture; Cafe Society; Tourism; Nightlife;

As We Forgive Pt. 2 of 2

Ext. of church as people leaving, shaking minister s hand. Eddie thanks Cameron for getting him job in music store.

11:21:02 Minister at desk w/ wife at typewriter who says: Do you really think you ll ever get some of our people like Mrs Mitchell to support our juvenile delinuency program? They hear jazz being played on organ; find Eddie, Alice & another couple. I don t think a church organ is the right instrument for that kind of music. Can you play anything else, I mean beside be-bop? Eddie plays a hymn in upbeat fashion. Pastor s wife offers to teach him organ.

11:23:27 Police station; Mrs Mason, Eddie s step-mother, waiting for Cameron. Wants judge to let her take him back. Cameron & Pastor discuss. Then Eddie comes in from organ lesson & talks about not being allowed to play hot stuff by step-mother. Cameron: Don t you think maybe she had a sqawk coming? So did I; she never done nothing for me and I ain t going to forget it! CU of angry Eddie. Pastor gives little morality lecture or sermon.

11:27:07 Brief street scene, cars parked, traffic past. Eddie scrubbing glass counter; talking to Mr. Graham. Boy comes in and says Alice wanted him to tell Eddie that she can t go to the party w/ him.

11:28:55 Mrs. Mitchell into Pastor s office. She says something got under her skin ...learning to be better people. She agrees to let juvenile program go ahead. Interrupted by Mr. Cameron looking for Eddie. They hear Eddie playing organ in dark. All sit and sing as he plays.

11:34:56 Eddie shows up at step-mother s as she s ironing. Talk. Eddie delivering package waves to Alice & her mother but mother pushes Alice into house. Then at home w/ Mr. & Mrs. Cameron. Talk & interrupted by Joe, hisolder brother, a real wise guy who wants him to come w/ him.

11:40:19 Eddie sitting on park bench as Joe tells him: It s like I was tellling you Eddie, there s only one thing that counts in this rat race, dough! Get it and no body cares how you got it. Argue. Joe says he ll meet them at the hotel.

17:41:41 Eddie outside church at night, outside music store. Cameron on police desk called by wife as neither boy s gotten home. Cameron radios dispatcher to check on Joe Mason. Cameron gets call that the boys left w/ Mason & general call went out. Joe & Eddie & other boy brought in. They say that Joe was just bringing them home. We talked a lot & we decided that we d seen enough of both sides of the fence to know which is the best...want to be the kind of Christian that you are. The End.

Christian; Forgiveness; Evangelism; Juvenile Delinquency; Parents; Skepticism;

Inflation Pt. 1 of 2

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films / Twentieth Century Fund

Longer EB co-production explaining inflation w/ unusually well-produced & acted dialogue scenes.

18:32:40 Good color 1950s city street scenes, people crossing street, sidewalk shots, shoppers. VO ...when inflation does come, it s like this : various brief dialogue scenes w/ people complaining about prices & quality of goods inc. man trying on suit If all you wanted was my right arm, why d you bother to sew on two sleeves? More street scenes showing traffic & pedestrians.

18:33:33 Man & woman onto bus; INT driver tells woman No lady, I said ten cents, no more nickels... , Well you don t have to be so fresh about it . Male passenger: So this is what they mean by highway robbery, where did you leave your mask? , Look mister, I just drive this loaf, take it up with the government .

18:33:52 Montage CUs gasoline pump dial; coin counter; cash register.

18:34:01 Man buying groceries at store checkout - more complaints - Inflation or no inflation you gotta eat, how can I buy anything else if you keep on hiking up the prices? Woman makes comment about clerk/store manager not understanding English - manager replies Look mister, I only work for a living same as you, if it costs me more I ve gotta charge you more ; man on telephone to supplier complains about raised prices; supplier at canning factory telling manufacturer to keep costs down.

18:34:49 Farmer pulls up to camera in tractor - Whatcha lookin at me for? Supposin we are better off than we used to be? Don t use the depression as a yardstick for us, used to be we couldn t even give our stuff away... ...machinery, labor, fertilizer, we re caught in this inflation business same as you.

18:35:23 Fred arrives home w/ groceries; complaining about prices; wife says he has to get a raise. Fred in meeting at work, boss tells them he can t give yet another raise but union rep demands it. Fred brooding over issues raised. VO Poor Fred Andrews.

18:36:52 Female teacher rants to camera What do you mean poor Fred Andrews? - complains about position of public service workers & those w/o unions, conditions in schools etc.

18:37:14 Mayor in office w/ cigar sarcastically: Mister Mayor I need this, Mister Mayor I need that, Mister Mayor, Mister Mayor, Mister Mayor; Why don t they call me Mr Superman... Cutaways to school, road repair, street light, hospital, library, garbage truck; ...and the price of everything is going do you think we re going to do it unless taxes go up? ...they all blame me for it . Montage all people who ve been complaining so far; VO Hey, hey wait a minute...we re all to blame in part, now let s try to get this inflation business straight . Cont d...

Economics; Post-Korean War Americana; 1950s Fashions; Funny Dialogue; Humor; Educational Films;

Inflation Pt. 2 of 2

Illustrations & animation showing consumer goods put into boxes - clothes, food, building materials, household appliances, goodies ; Piled boxes.

18:39:16 Money piled up alongside boxes. VO too few goods or too much money, depending on how you look at it . Fred & wife (SOF) want to know where extra money came from. Argue.

18:40:00 Animated calendar pages flip back to 1938; Couples dancing; Fred accidentally tunes in to Hitler speech on large floor radio - WWII headlines montage.

18;41:33 Fred working in quartermaster s store handing out Army uniforms; wife working as secretary to factory boss; boss at bank arranging $2.5m loan for war contract. Capitol Building (GOOD); VO re war contracts & credit expenditure .

18:42:20 AV Pentagon; shots of bank ext., int. meetings & heavy industry w/ loan agreements supered; good shot man in factory office as fighter planes pass along production line through glass. Cut back to Fred & Alice in 1952; SOF: Would you mind telling me what all this has to do with inflation? .

18:43:15 Animation showing tanks, planes & ships produced for war - too much money created, so prices have to rise.

18:44:17 Montage SOF: people complaining.

18:44:43 Town meeting (SOF) Economist Professor Daniel Seabrook introduced by Mayor, answers questions about inflation from Fred et al w/ cutaways to animated diagrams; narrator interrupts to ask him to clarify & everyone turns to look at camera.

18:47:26 Seabrook over illustrations of goods.

18:48:36 Every economy that can be made should be made... Most of the tax money we pay goes for defence, and for paying for past wars... .

18:49:26 More taxes? CUs people s faces looking concerned as economist sums up w/ defense-orientated speech ...we must not only be willing to defend ourselves, we must also be willing to pay the necessary price. Talks about need to incrrease productivity. This may mean waiting for that new car or washing machine, doing without a new suit or dress, or postponing a non-defense business expansion. It may mean doing without a raise or price increase, it means less spending, more saving. [Ends abruptly.]

Economics; 1950s Americana Fashions; Post-Korean War Economy; Government Bonds;

Footwear For Fall (1952)

Int. shoe factory w/ men & women at work tables. CU rack of lasts at Guild of Better Shoemakers, New York City. Woman & man polishing women s shoes.

03:55:21 CU model w/ sandals & shoes. High heels, stockings. Plastic shoes. Legs on sofa.

Fashions Modeled; Manufacturing; Industry;

Styles on Shipboard

Leonard Arkin Fashion show on Italian ship Andrea Doria

Fashions: He Goes Formal So She Can Shine In Fine Style

Women down staircase in formal gowns by Ceil Chapman. Bartender pouring champage for women & men in traditional tuxedo & white dinner suit.

Dress Fashions. 1950s.

Slinky Sleeper Slippers (26Nov53)

Si. Woman in negligee walks to train berth & climbs ladder into upper berth. Woman with two girls all wearing slippers. Four women in train showing off various sandals and legs. Various shots.

Oddities; Fashions - Nighttime; Railroad Sleeper Compartments;

French Fashion Preview

Models showing winter coats most with fur trim. Models at Arc de Triomphe and other Paris locations. Mink coat modelled. Girl in evening dress. Models reflection in pool.

Literature Appreciation: How To Read Plays

Coronet Instructional Films

16:01:14 Woman talking on phone seen on television set. Hand turns it off, teenage boy in living room, stretches, walks over & picks up book & sits at desk. CU title page: Oedipus Rex, dissolve to poster for MacBeth, pan row of books of plays. Boy imagines, opens book. Finger in CU pointing to lines of dialogue & stage directions. Boy imagining, smiles.

16:03:03 Man w/ tennis racket walks across stage set, opens desk & looks for something.

16:03:39 Written instructions for previous scene. Boy imagines. Gets another book & begins reding She Stoops To Conquer: or The Mistakes of a Night by Oliver Goldsmith. Setting of country house.

16:04:44 Curtain raised on chamber in old fashionied house; reading dialogue & description.

16:05:22 Couple comes home after going to dinner, arguing. Same couple set in 1700s, boy imagines; then re-imagines while following the dialogue.

16:06:45 Stage & curtain raises on room in old fashioned house & couple enters, reciting same dialogue, moving about on stage gesturing elaborately. Arguing. Farce.

16:09:02 Boy w/ book thinking; remembering; picks up book & acts out what hes been reading. Room furniture dissolves to old & he s suddenly on stage set. Gesturing. Back to costumed couple. The End.

Instructional Films; Educational Films; Imagination; Theater; Theatricalality;

Fashions - North & South

Woman out of house poseing in tweed suit, w coat in front of suburban home. Special lining for insulation keeping you cool or warm. (?) Men model overcoats; women in other coats & dresses. Kids in similar fabric. Mother wearing strapless dress (not shown). Cars outside home drive off.

Oddities; Contradictions; Fashion Promotions;

It s In The Bag (Fashion Models & Purses)

Model in winter coat w/ large handbag onboard ship Andrea Doria at NYC dock. CU showing latch. Two owomen w /bags waving from ocean liner deck. CUs of bags by Josef. Woman in wind & dark glasses. Others showing bags, hats & smiling.

Fashion Promotional Film; 1953; Hand Bag; Purses;

Tulip Time Styles for Dutch Maids

Holland fashions.

Models pose in Jacques Vert? designs with cinched waists. Cameramen gape. Evening gown.

British Fur Fashions For Canada

Fashion parade.

Timber Topper Toggery

VS models dressed in fashions for tall women pose at NYC zoo enclosure w/ giraffes [who know that a timber-topping gal has been neglected style-wise ]; models feed giraffes as narrator refers to long-limbed lasses with lithe lines and fashion s neglected children .

Fashion show. Tacky / kitsch. Oddities.

Glass: From The Old To The New Through Research Pt. 2 of 2

Shelves of glass bottles & containers at Self Service Snack Bar. Glass blowers in factory using old technique - laboratory flask made using blow mould. Worker operating precision machinery. Finished laboratory glassware packed. INT lab w/ scientific apparatus. Glass blocks on revolving display; glass block production; modern buildings where glass blocks used as well as standard windows.

14:22:03 Glass fibre manufacturing - made into marbles first, rolling down trays.

14:22:47 Housewife at home admiring curtains made using glass fibre. Glass wool fibres made for use in building insulation; builder installing insulation. Insulating board off production line. Fibre wool bats used in domestic appliances. Car hood lining fitted w/ glass fibre insulation; retainer mat for storage battery; glass fibre sheet wrapped around pipe; filter for air conditioning fitted. Soldier unzips bullet-proof vest made from plastic sheets reinforced w/ glass fibres.

14:24:50 Research scientist in lab. Optician fitting woman w/ new spectacles - VO re improved optical glass due to research. CU 35mm Bell & Howell Eyemo cine camera lenses. Man using microscope; single-cell organism reproducing seen through microscope. CU scientist comparing vars test tubes of liquid from rack - extracting aluminium from clay brick. Sea crashing on rocks. LS rocket launched. Electric lamp bulbs moving quickly along production line.

14:26:55 Female glass blower making glass vial w/ blowtorch. Pan up modern tower building w/ glass cladding (model?). The End.

Manufacturing; Heavy Industry; Consumer Goods; Housewives; Science; Development; 1950s Dress Fashions; Optometry; Hand Craftman Working;

Getting Along With Parents

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Large group of teenagers & some children ice skating on vacant lot w/ residential houses & cars behind. Teenagers into warming hut & taking off skates. ...count me out, you know what my parents are like.

19:45:07 Two business men talking on railroad platform I don t know what young people are thinking of these days, no discipline, no consideration, no sense of the value of money; everything seems so old fashioned to them. They get too much freedom, too much money... ...little kids little problems; big kids big problems.

19:45:53 Young couple walk w/ ice skates along sidewalk. Betty into house, gushes to mother about date for the dance. Stand talking in living room w/ 1950s furniture w/ television set. And afterwards we re going to go to the Blue Room; everybody is going to die of envy! But Mother, I ve got to go where the crowd goes. Mother & daughter tells father that she has a date. Class dance is alright but not the Blue Room. She runs out crying.

19:47:35 CU Father tying bow tie; Jimmy helps him on w/ his coat. They argue over Jimmy using the car for the dance. Why do you always have to act like a State s Attorney when I want to borrow the car? They go to the garage as dad gets into the car; they argue about cost of Blue Room. When I was your age a dollar was a lot, and $5 was plenty for the Junior Prom. Jimmy shakes his head.

19:49:54 Dick s mother in kitchen cooking, puts food on table for him & they talk about how late he is. I wish you wouldn t work so hard Dick...what with your job, your school work, going out to parties and seeing your friends....I wish you d quit that job... They argue.

19:51:51 Mother & child in living room. Montage of CUs opening pill bottle, pouring medicine, ear syringe, adhesive tape unspooled. Dick back to table in huff & gets his book.

19:52:36 Jane on couch doing homework, mother w/ knitting. Your daddy said to be sure to be in by 12. 12, I can t be in by then... Dad comes in to room That s right young lady; 12 o clock. That s plenty late for a girl your age, & if you can t be in by 12 o clock just forget the whole my house I make the rules.

19:54:10 Photo album pictures of Jane's father s ancestors. Jane crying on couch while mother picks up things & father returns to desk. Another family seen thru window curtains holding conference about what money is available & what they can do with that amount. Parents whisper; mother asks them to trust this once for the parents to make as special party. Parents decorate, kids arrive talk about their parents. Dance under decorations, talking. The End.

Young Adults; Growing Up; Problems; High School; Americana; Dating;

Fashions... From Out Of This World

15:04:27 Woman on roof talking into large portable jewelled cordless telephone wearing strange long dress.

15:04:37 Woman wearing helmet w/ double propellers & goggles talking into large telephone; low angle looking under coat w/ woman in tights & garter.

15:04:44 Tilt up woman in swim suit w/ breathing tank to plexiglass hat w/ jewels & holding a trident fork; talking to another in umbrella & plexiglass hat w/ doll on top. Tilt down to face.

15:05:01 Woman walking toward camera w/ plastic cone filled w/ flowers. Wearing odd clothes w/ fur collar & feathered (?) hat. Woman in short pants & strange hat on wall; standing modeling glittery pants & pennant from plastic box w/ two bottles in it. Woman w/ giant decorated plastic rimmed glasses & pseudo leather. All walk across roof.

Oddities; Gags; 1954; Modern; Space Age; Futuristic; Artificial Materials; Future; Fashion Designers; Publicity;

Fur Fashions Jump Season In Old Rome

Women model fur trimmed coats outdoors in Rome gardens. Astrakhan and full fur coats.

A New Look At Handbags

Women get out of convertible outside airport. Women with handbags at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines check-in desk. CU woman reading Holland leaflet, pan down to handbags. Women about to board aircraft, air hostess gives one a bunch of flowers.

17:47:09: Another female passenger in fur-trim coat saying goodbye to two white poodles, on lead held by man in pilot s uniform. CUs dogs and waving owner.

Group of women, all with handbags, board plane, smiling at camera.

Fashion accessories.

Fashion On The March For Dimes

Celebrity fashion show for March of Dimes, guests seated at dinner tables around catwalk.

18:20:28: Grace Kelly on catwalk w/ young girl on crutches.

Vars other unid. movie stars modelling.

Royalty Sees The Fashions

Queen Mother and Princess Margaret attend fashion show held by top 12 London couturiers. VS royals meeting models and designers. VS fashion show, models walking among rows of seated guests, curtseying to royals. MS Queen and Princess seated.

Light & Airy Are Hairdo s For Summer

Paris: women modelling hair fashions seated in outdoor terrace setting - smartly-dressed models smoking & being servide by waiter - CUs hairstyles.

1950s. Style.

High Fashion In Costume Jewelry

New Desoto car w/ models & man; model holding smoking cigarette in mcu so can see jewelry; tilt up to earrings. CU man closing cigarette lighter & puts in pocket so tie clasp & watch fob shows.

18:29:50 Three women & man beside rose or flower garden, model picks tulip & hodls w/ earrings showing.

18:30:09 Sit under law umbrella at table & sip cocktails to show necklaces & earrings, belt w/ stones, bracelet w/ watch. Primping & turning.

Promotions; Society; Wealth; 1950s;

Fashion Parade

Vars women model formal evening and cocktail dresses and day outfits in luxurious domestic settings; women pose for camera alone or interact w/ other models.

1950s Dress fashions. Tacky / kitsch.

Inland Waterways In The Development Of American Transportation

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

05:33:50 Aerial views river, coastline. Old-fashioned steam locomotive past. Industrial scenes, steel mills. VO re fall & rise of US waterways. Freight barges & tug boats; canals. Pan across river to dam / bridge. Allegheny Mountains - VO re Westward expansion in 19th Century

05:35:23 Flatboat loaded w/ goods; poled on river. Niagara Falls. Man dressed as George Washington - quote re waterways. Mules leveling land.

05:36:28 Erie Canal lock; canal boat drawn by mule - water level raised in lock & barge continues.

05:38:08 Map of US showing canal construction. Various paddle steamboats on river. Locomotive steam whistle - early trains along railroad. VO re decline of inland waterways by 1850.

05:40:02 Industrial scenes, steel mills - ore barge along river; coal barge towed. Oil tanker barge, chemical barge; grain filled into covered barge - top shot goods loaded into barge.

05:42:10 Map of North America showing inland waterways & links w/ rivers & sea. Cars & steel transported down Ohio River en route to Texas - towboat pushing barge. INT cab - past Cincinatti - new industrial development on riverside. Barge thru lock - new barge full of tractors added at Louisville. Night scenes, barge using arc lights & radar. Fog.

05:46:20 Barge passes thru Baton Rouge & New Orleans, Louisiana - dock scenes, United Fruit Company freighter.

05:46:51 Map showing point where barge leaves Mississippi River & enters Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Aerial views GIW showing channel; barges- passes Galveston & arrives at Brownsville, Texas where freight unloaded, pipes.

05:48:12 New cars loaded onto four-deck self-propelled barge - Tennessee River - bridge raised - various barge & aerial shots. The End.

Shipping; Cargo; Trade Routes; US History; 1956; 1950s; Corps of Engineers; Freight Transportation;

Keeping Neat And Clean (1956) main title missing

Enyclopaedia Britannica Films

Junior high school classroom. CU young boy Don, looks a bit scruffy. Don waking up as tyrannical narrator proceeds to point out exactly what he could have done to be neater & cleaner accompanied by a chirpy 50s score. Don drags himself out of bed as VO chides him for stalling. CUs Don takes shower, which we re told should be once a day in summer when you re hot & sweaty, or every other day in winter; Remember your ears! ; CU scrubs nails - You re not clean if your fingernails aren t! ; rinses soap off then washes hair, which should be done on the same day every week . Keep rinsing until every bit of soap is out.

08:24:13 Don dries himself, puts on tartan bathrobe, combs wet hair, checks teeth in mirror. Zoom in on areas of bathroom, POV to check he s left it in a neat & clean state - Cap back on shampoo! etc.

08:25:10 Don in bedroom getting dressed, about to put on filthy shoes. VO What you need is a shoeshine kit! - one appears on floor; cut to Don wearing shiny shoes. Hanging up clothes - speeded-up shot of Don tidying up closet. Don checks himself in mirror, grins. CU of belt, shoes.

08:27:02 Cut back to previous Don in classroom looking scruffy by comparison. Similar procedure repeated for Don s schoolmate Mildred. Mildred in front of dressing table mirror brushing long hair & putting it up in curlers so she won t got to bed w/ wet hair. CUs filing nails & cutting toenails. Mildred picks up clothes off floor of messy room, You d better straighten it out this minute! . Speeded-up sequence of tidying. VO repeating same advice about getting into habit. Now that your room is neat, and you re clean, isn t it nice to get into bed?

08:29:20 Mildred getting dressed in morning; CU of shoes. Brushing hair. VO Brush, brush, & brush! At least a hundred strokes . Vars shots zooming in on mirror as Mildred tries on different outfits. VO even criticises her choice of color. Tracking shot thru classroom past various kids to Don & Mildred at desks, presumably in their unacceptably sloppy pre-advice selves. VO Keeping clean and neat is something we expect of everyone as a health measure, for ourselves and for our community...

Public Health. Hygiene. Appearance. Etiquette. Snobbery. 1950s Americana. Paranoia. Dress Fashions.

Northeastern States (Second Edition)

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

NYC harbor & skyline. Color map of northeastern states. Montage: railroad, milk cans, poultry, dairy farm.

22:18:28 Haying & dairy cattle. Field crop, apples, cranberries, tobacco, picking potatoes in Maine. Northeast harbor & fishermen unload fish, lobsters & oysters (Long Island). Women work in fishing cannery. Men unload Vermont marble. Coal mine & cars leaving mine. Train of coal cars. Industry & railroad axles. 22:20:48 Woolen mills, trucks arrive; spinning & weaving cloth in looms.

22:21:25 NYC, clothes moved thru streets in fashion district. Windows. Shoes boxed, hides sorted & cut. Shoes manufactured.

22:22:03 Map. Animated diagram showing movement of ore for steelmaking. Steel mills. Large electrical motor armature. Men & watch making. Mix of products of cameras, electric trains, etc.

22:23:06 Unloading ships in NYC harbor. Ships w/ various flags & ocean liners. Queen Mary leaving. Railroad yards, air freight, West Side Highway & George Washington Bridge. Niagara Falls, forests, lakes. Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk w/ many people. NYC street scene, ABC TV studio camera covering orchestra concert, skyscrapers, Wall Street. United Nations.


Fashion Parade (Hat Fashions)

Models in front of newspaper headlines blown up as backdrop Frame Your Face ln A Pretty Hat . MCU of models w/ variety of hats. Sit in front of mirror & try on different styles & materials. Ostrich feathers, fox fur & fabric.

Oddities; 1956; 1950s; Styles; Promotional; Women s Clothes;

Fashion Parade (White Stag Ski Fashions)

Man helps date out of Chrysler at Bear Mountain Inn, New York. Walk inside, pose in front of fireplace wearing White Stag winter way. Toe Jackets w/ hoods. Jacket w/ pocket for ski mittens. Man helps women on with ice skates. Woman wearing corduroy pants & scarf top.

1956; 1950s Winter Clothes; Sports; Recreation; Dating; Clothing Styles;

Note: White Stag is/was headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Seed Dispersal (Second Edition)

Encyclopaedia Brittanica

10:40:00 Seed pods on farms, CU of milkweed dispersal. Cottonwood trees & CU of fruits & time-lapse photography of dispersing & blowing out in parachute fashion. Laying on ground & ants crawling.

10:41:40 Pine cone thru time-lapse opening; seeds falling, germination. Goats beard & dandilion expanding & blowing out. Seeds floating on water.

10:43:36 Bird eating fruit, water bird carrying seeds in mud on feet. Squirrels bury acorns. Burrs from plants that attach to animals, dog & man in plaid coat. Man takes burrs off dog.

10:45:09 Eroded field & tumbleweeds blowing & rolling. Hickory tree & nuts dropping and rolling. Witchhazel bush exploding away from bush. Shown in time-lapse slow motion.

10:46:07 Seed absorbing water & expanding. Time lapse of stork s bill seed which twists into ground in slow motion done by absorbing water.

10:47:15 Man cultivating w/ tractor, CU. Seeding. Grain field of oats, CU, oat seeds putting out roots during rain in slow motion. Wild oats twisting w/ air moisture. Time-lapse of spikelets opening. Cross-section of ground: seed, rooting & growing. Autumn seeds in woods. The End

Botany; Science; 1950s Educational Films; Boring Narration;

Egyptian Might - Parade Arsenal of Red Weapons

14:24:54 High angle of military parade & large covered grandstand. Ground shots, troops; spectators. Marching troops; Nasser in uniform & other officers stand in review; troops running in ceremonial fashion.

14:25:14 Troop carriers, tanks.

14:25:21 VIPs in stand.

14:25:24 Artillery passing. Troop carriers.

Military Build Up; Cold War; Russia Aid; 1956 Pre-Suez Crisis;

Republican Convention

15:31:29 POV past people waving on sidewalk (very light). Joe Martin past. Vermont delegation w/ sign. Sign: Citizens For Eisenhower - Northern California & pedestrians past. Women w/ We Like Ike sign & dresses; assemble map.

15:31:57 Reporters into White House. Nixon w/ Governor Knight & Senator Knowland. CU Nixon.

15:32:09 Press conference.

15:32:12 LS Cow Palace, San Francisco. Washington s Governor Langley at podium for Keynote Speech, SOF: the answer to the plaintive question that covered over the Chicago arena along with the ghost of the past is simple. The American people will, I believe & hope, throw the Republicans out of office the day when, if ever, they copy the Democrats and put the party first & America second.

Presidential Elections; 1956; Ike; Fashions; Promotion;

[Moscow Street Scenes - Shopping at GUM]

Moscow street scenes: traffic - pedestrians - boats past Moscow State University - statue of Lenin, University in distance - traffic policeman, people crossing street - policemen sitting in car talking into loudspeaker.

19:01:55 INT grand GUM department store w/ glass roof - several floors - women buying ceramics, jewellery. New refridgerator unloaded from truck, carried into modern apartment building. INT family unpacking in new apartment; workers? toasting. People looking at books on street stall. Happy workers finishing shift. INT waitresses laying tables in luxurious restaurant. Consumer goods at GUM department store - shoes on carousel - women modelling fashions for female customers.

Russia / USSR. Luxury Goods. Consumerism. 1950s.

Fashion Parade

March of Dimes charity fashion show, guests watching include Mrs Douglas MacArthur. Models from the entertainment world including Dorothy Kilgowan? Elsa Maxwell. Various fashions modeled in benefit for polio appeal.

07:54:39 Salvador Dali in audience. Marlene Olsen? Polio poster girl on catwalk, walking with crutches.

Skating & Skiing In Style

VS skaters modelling fashions on ice for charity at Rockefeller Centre skating rink, NYC. Finale w/ figure skater Sheila Moldani.


Montage. Children in different clothing & different seasons. Boy on roller skates wearing blue duffle coat - little girl skips away from camera wearing party dress - mother and child in red raincoats and sou westers. Children playing in playground - various shots kids playing. Coats - boots - shoes - wellington boots. Man wearing umbrella hat taking photo. Various other hats being worn in different situations. Trousers - shorts. Mexicans wearing blankets. Street parades - uniforms - back view four walking away from camera wearing denim jeans. Girl wearing pedal pushers - Japanese businessman. Woman in fur coat - men and women in different styles of coats and hats. Pairs of people wearing the same clothes.

Americana - fashion; 1957;

Fashion Parade

Fashions by Balmain in a new Paris spring collection titled Jolie Madame de Paris. Models in gowns, CUs of skirts. Described as suppleness. White evening gown.

Promotion; Wealth; Advertising;

Sports (1957 Women s Golf Championship; Wimbledon Men s tennis Singles)

LS toward Wing Foot Golf Course, Patti Berg tees off; spectators. Kathy Cornelius; Beverly Hansen putts; Alice Bower. Jackie Pung disqualified. Betsy Rawls new women s champion.

13:25:48 Wimbledon, England Crown into stands. Posing Dick Sachus (sp?); Lew Hoad & wife. Women thru gate & posing w/ fashions. Singles Pierre Darmon & Hoad wins. Walk off.

13:26:48 The End

Fashion Parade (Rome, Italy - January 1957)

Woman modeling Italian cape & summer season dresses. On catwalk. Two models modeling frocks, hats, sportswear, afternoon wear. Feathered hat; fur cape. Evening dresses. CUs.

Fashion Show;

Toddlers Togs N Toys

03:16:56 Kids playing w/ large toy animals in style show at F.A.O. Schwartz. Girl swinging doll; boy w/ sailboat; girls playing dolls. boy in cowboy suit w/ pistols.

Oddities; Fashions; Children; Gender Roles; 1957; Toy Store;

Fashion Parade (Harry Hammer furs modeled, 1957)

Outdoors, blonde model w/ fur over dress modeling in hotel garden designs by Harry Hammer. Armored car backdrop for mink coat. Coat w/ large fur collar covering model in ermine bikini. Gag shot of cameraman following model.

1957 Fur Fashion Week Promotion; Oddities; Fur Coats;

In Paris The Eyes Have it (Fashion Modeling of Eye Glasses, 1957)

LS of parked airliners on airport tarmac. Beautiful women, models, boarding plane - some wearing glasses. CU w/ new glasses frames; sunglasses w/ reflective glass. Waving.

Oddities; Beauties;

Fashion Parade (Barcelon, Spain Spring Fashions Shown) 1957

Barcelona, Spain fashion show w/ French models along catwalk w/ Spring fashions. Bridal gown.

Fashion Parade.

Models in autumn suits parade in garden.

Kimonos Go Western

Fashion show in Japanese garden of westernised Kimonos. Evening dresses.

Fashion Parade

Models in Central Park show winter coats Mushroom line. Many plaids and tartans.

Tips on Toppers

Hat fashions at NYC summer showing: VS women model somewhat oddball hats. Wide-brimmed hat converts into turban and beach bag. White ostrich-feather wig hat. Convertible hat is a four-in-one.

Kitsch. 1950s Fashions.

[Fashions - Hats, Otto Lucas Designer]

British designers hats modeled for middle-aged audience of men & women. Model walks thru seated crowd. CUs of smiling woman in full hat; CU of couple watching. Two models w/ tight hats turn heads & smile to camera. Large hat w/ small veil from above, model turns & raises head to face camera; another model holding rose & modeling small hat w/ rose pinned across front.

17:03:44 Designer Otto Lucas (1903-1971) fitting flowers onto hat, puts fabric over hat, tilts models head.

17:04:04 MS of well dressed men & women past expensive store windows w/ hats on mannequins, woman walks over to glass. CU hat, CU woman looking, street seen behind. Hat removed from display, woman tries it on.

1950s; Marketing; 1958; Milliner;

Fashion Fiesta (American Models in Mexico, 1958)

22:49:08 Pan over Mexican harbor shot w/ navy ships anchored.

22:49:11 Women out of station wagon in park on hilltop. Models past camera.

22:49:23 LS of race horses on track. MS Mexican spectators in stands, pan to four models.

22:49:36 Horses racing.

22:49:41 Models in garden near paddock. CUs, showing fabric & blouses, dresses. Models riding cable car up hillside.

22:50:12 CU of shoes at top of cable car.

1958 Summers Fashion Promotions;

Fashion Parade

Models & others looking at clothes racks; purses, handbags, shoes, costume jewelry.

01:10:53 Tables of women, some watching. Male model in summer coveralls, female model posed in Persian pajamas as he tugs on her cloth. Smiling women watching .

01:11:08 Model parading in dress & red fox fur hat. Model w/ fall sleevless fur coat. Spectator in elegant hat. Model in school girl argyle plaid dress w/ hood. Small girl models.

1958; Fashions;

NOTE: Raspy track due to source negative.

25 Years Ago Today

News items of April 30, 1934:

Racegoers celebrate legalisation of off-track betting. AVs horse race and CUs money changing hands.

23:17:56: President Roosevelt return from holiday by boat, greeted by NRA chief General Hugh Johnston. Boards special train to capital to instigate Depression relief programme.

23:18:11: FDR Junior w/ Harvard rowing crew.

23:18:29: King Gustav of Sweden plays tennis w/ Princess Ingrid.

23:18:59: Mrs Lindbergh awarded honour by National Geographic Society.

23:19:15: Women model spring fashions.

Tropical Fashion Holiday

Women modelling fashions on Dutch Antilles island. Arrival at airport; on balcony of villa; picnic on beach at Aruba; on terrace in cocktail dresses.

Understanding Others

Young America Films / Centron for McGraw-Hill - Discussion Problems in Group Living series

INT high school classroom - popular guy Bob & his clique think he has Editorship of school paper in the bag & that poor, quiet Ben from wrong side of the tracks has no chance. Bob pretends to be magnanimous but we hear his snobbish inner thoughts - thinks Ben s shabby clothes are weird , his father worked just long enough to buy a bottle , his mum who cleaned for them was a lousy worker , & his family just stupid, ignorant people . Bob tells his sycophantic, weird-looking friends you think he d feel out of place around people like us ! Stern-looking teacher Miss Alton arrives at Press Club meeting - Bob looks around and thinks smugly the job is his but teacher announces that Ben will be Editor - CU Bob looking horrified & cue more mean-spirited thoughts. Narration starts while Ben addresses meeting - admonishes Bob for his judgmental attitude.

13:13:10 Above scene repeated from Ben s viewpoint - wonders if popular clique are laughing at him, decides not to go over to them - another kid tells him he thinks Ben will get the Editorship - teacher makes announcement & Ben can t believe he got it - makes acceptance speech I m open to suggestions . VO suggests Ben may not give the popular clique enough basis for understanding .

13:16:28 Scene repeated again from teacher s point of view - thinks they re not going to like Ben Curtis as their new Editor but justifies her choice to herself based on his ability - he s a courageous boy - wishes he would let other kids get to know him as she knows him - wonders are they too set against you because you re different? VO There are many people like Ben, people with problems, people we reject and ignore because we don t understand why they act as they do, and because they re different from our idea of friends - shots of soft-spoken & shy kids being pushed around - pretty girl looks at ugly girl w/ pity [she looks the same but with glasses!] - those who are physically attractive cannot always appreciate the loneliness of those who are not . VO asks what Ben, Bob & teacher could do to improve situation - What do you think?

[NB Main actors look about ten years older than they should be! Filmed in Lawrence, Kansas.]

Social Skills. Snobbery. Class. Bullying. Poverty. 1950s Dress Fashions. School Journalism.

News In Brief - (Fashion Pirates in Germany)

Man with periscope looking at models being fitted. Miniature camera, man looking through keyhole & with notebook. Someone draws lines onto mans coat. Gag story. Fashion pirates

The American Flag (The Story of Old Glory) (Second Edition)

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

Junior high school kids making Pledge of Allegiance to US flag, zombie-like fashion, w/ hands on hearts; kids singing (MOS). Rest of film consists mostly of costumed re-enactments charting development of US flag. 04:29:02 Columbus arrival on shore of America.

04:29:25 John Cabot w/ English flag; flags of other colonist nations. SOF Scenes of colonists rebelling against British rule, woman sewing banner w/ rattesnake & motto Don t Tread On Me . Flags of individual states/colonies. 1776 flag raised over First Continental army - but Union Jack still used in design.

04:30:49 Betsy Ross given design for US flag by Washington & others - sewing flag in rocking chair. Colonial flags carried to battlefield.

04:31:39 Signing of Declaration of Independence 04Jul 1776 - bells ringing. CU document signed w/ quill pen. American War of Independence - battlefield re-enactments. Soldiers w/ various versions of new US flag - CU cannon fired. Extra stars & stripes added after independence - 1803 Louisiana Purchase etc. Storm clouds.

04:34:17 SOF Francis Scott Key detained on board British ship during 1814 attack, Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor; sees tattered American flag still flying at dawn thru telescope - Star-Spangled Banner heard.

04:36:56 Woodsman in coonskin cap chopping down tree. Map of US as new states added. Steam locomotive.

04:37:51 Confederate flag & American Civil War scenes - CUs cannons firing.

04:39:04 Animated map showing addition of Alaska & Hawaii. VO summarises what American flag represents over shots of polling station, court, school, troops on parade etc. Musical montage of US inc. cemetery; Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge; US flag shown in all its incarnations.

US History; Patriotism; Nationalism;

Title: Weather-Bound Ski-Birds Show Fine Feathers

21:14:19 Alps, snow scenes.

21:14:27 Lodge interior w/ men & women at tables watching fashion show modelling white sweater w/ ace, heart, diamon, club on it. Woman in poncho cape wrap. Parka coat w/ hood shown. Synthetic fur. Two men ogling models.

1958 Winter Fashions; Promotional;

Fashion Parade (German Feathered Hats & Summer Fashions, 1959)

08:09:18 CU face of model, feathers; hats. Oddities. Models wearing furs walking across snow.

08:09:55 Woman in parka puts snowball down summer dress of model on tropical set who stands up & poses for camera. Two models in swim suits twirl large beach umbrella & pose. Other bathing suis w/ low backs. Two piece bathing suits.


News In Brief - Italian Fashions

Models pose in front of famous sights in Rome - Coliseum and others.

Fashion Parade

Model posing on street in Florence, Italy. Ends abruptly.

Teenage Conflict Pt. 1 of 3

Family Films Prod. Sam Hersh Dir. Harold Schuster

Teenage boy Joe in basement w/ headphones trying to listen in on satellite frequencies [?] without success - interrupted by sister Donna needing help w/ science homework; Fred comes in to ask why Joe & Donna haven t been to church recently & if they can help out Youth Fellowship; both say they are too busy ...and besides it doesn t mean what it used to...things in the Bible don t make sense when you look at them scientifically .

21:32:48 Family dinner talk about old neighbor scientist Dr George Cooper s visit & his favoring of science over religion; How can a man w/ a mind like that be so blind to the very Creator himself...the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom ; father sees religion as crucial to science.

21:34:52 Joe in diner w/ friend Stan, president of Science Club, discussing parents old fashioned faith. Stan asks Joe to invite George to meeting. Donna in, suggests they invite George to stay during his visit, hoping he will talk parents round re science.

21:36:32 Joe & Donna at home talk parents into inviting George. Parents sit on couch & discuss concerns about George s influence as an atheist; we ve got to hope that our children have a spiritual foundation even deeper than they realise .

Religion; Christianity; Evangelism; 1950s Americana High School;.

Teenage Conflict Pt. 3 of 3

Joe & Donna at breakfast after sleepless night - discussing George s visit, worried he ll say something to upset her. Even if Mom s beliefs are old fashioned, if they re going to help her out...

21:47:45 Joe comes home to find George arrived early - tries to distract him - takes him to basement to explain about mother s illness. Joe asks him to play along so as not to upset her. But George agrees w/ Joe s parents I know it comes as a shock, but several years ago I came to know Christ...under God there can be but one ultimate truth - no longer demands scientific proof for everything - uses example of how much Joe loves his mother - can t be quantified. There is more to this life and to the human world than demonstrable physical realities ; It s not a matter of Science versus Christian faith .

21:54:35 Joe w/ headphones. George fixed receiver & satellite signal comes thru - sister & parents listen - father: When you get things connected right you can get the best message of all, the one God sent this old world a long time ago . Kids listen to headphones again, faith in both science and religion restored. Happy family. The End.

Religion; Christianity; Evangelism; 1950s Americana High School;

Fashion Parade

Women modeling coats in front of sign: Federica; sports beach outfit of pants & blouse. Women at formal hotel tables watching model wearing cape & hat. After ski outfit; formal wear by model smoking. Models on stairs wearing evening gowns; white fox stole modeled by Oriental.

1960 Women s Fashion Show; Promotion;

Fashion Parade (Jewelry Shown)

Models looking at jewelry fashions based on antiques. Modeling ear rings; magnetic ear-rings demonstrated. CUs. Gag shots of tea kettle & other metal things turning as model walks past.

1960s; Gags; Oddities; Inventions;

France (Fashion Models Have Hair Painted)

Blonde & brunette models having hair painted in various patterns by man w/ palette & brush.

Gags; Stunts; Oddities;

Easter Fashion Preview (Hats)

Overhead shot of model wearing Spring hat walking out to model it, MCU.

01:40:09 Line of models walk out of doorways in large hall or theater; all wearing Easter hats. MCU of model wearing black patent leather hat. Models in various hats talking. Wide brimmed black hat; white ruffled hats. Cloche type hat. Two models drinking red wine wearing striped straw hat & cloth hat w/ fabric wrap. Flat wide brimmed hat.

Clothing; Seasons; Fashions;

Fashion Parade (Ladies Leather Apparel Industry Fashions)

02:43:59 Model on catwalk, takes of coat while turning. Kidskin, fox evening jacket, coats, shoes, suede.

02:44:36 MCU Three men & woman at table watching.

02:44:39 MCU model w/ fur collar & hat. Other jackets, skirts, trenchcoats. Spectators applauding.

Fashion Show; Marketing; Promotion; 1960s;

Fashion Parade (Italy s 1961 New Look)

07:55:58 Statue & pan to photographer & fashion model, women & girls watching. Model in fringed pants poses. Evening stole modeled in front of mirror; evening dress w/ long train. Glittering fabrics. Gloves & ribbons on gown, model strokes statues. Odd coats, skirts. Fur on dresses.

Clothing; Wealthy; Society; Oddities; 1960;

Fashion Parade (Italian Fashions for 1961)

08:03:10 Three models pose alongside wall of large stone blocks, show many hats, styles. CUs. Fur hat.


Fashion Parade (Spring, 1960)

Model in leather colt skin coat as others watch; two models, one in toreador pants. Shoes & scarfs w/ jewels; jewelry in hair.

10:04:55 Model on ocean liner deck w/ Leica camera. Spring fashions in light jackets.

Jan60; Clothes; Clothing;

Television - Distribution [Excerpts]

Salesman in shop with customers - turns to address camera. Delivery van with TV through city. Two men carry TV from back of van into apartment building.

1960s Fashions.

Chicago Illinois, Kitchen Style Show

Queen Calico reigns - Indoor modes are newest wrinkle in unique Kitchen Style Show.

Women s fashions - models wearing day dresses - culottes - trousers. Two women at sink washing up showing fashions. Women doing various things in kitchen showing fashions.

[London Fashions, 1960s; Street Scenes; Trafalgar Square] Pt. 2 of 2

Signs outside small Salvation Army building: Have Faith In God ; The Earth is the Lord s And The Fulness Thereof . Blonde girl or woman in small mini-skirt & boots walking in street as taxi & cars pass by. Walks towards sign of American Indian on building. The World s End bar & pan to The Salvation Army w/ two women members, one in uniform, standing in front looking at camera. Uniformed woman speaks (MOS)

or sings, CU. Other one also speaks to camera (MOS).

16:38:42 Two red haired Hippies or students on bench feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square w/ fountain, lion & traffic beyond. Women in miniskirts walking through; young school girls feed many pigeons as they walk thru. Hippies combing hair & ducking. Pan to fountain. Lions w/ spray blowing past.

16:41:02 Traffic w/ double decker buses past St. Martin in the Field church. English hippies on sidewalk towards camera. CU of clothes & worn shoes. School boys in coats & ties across square w/ pigeons. More lions. Two bobby policemen patrol park. Family at fountain edge.

16:44:39 Teddy Boys put on leather coats. Other college students (?) walking thru. CU pigeon. Woman in miniskirt. Young Mods (?). Statue w/ pigeon on hand. Low angle of man feeding pigeons & pigeon on shoulder. Base of Nelson s statue & tilt up column.

16:47:54 Traffic on flag lined street looking towards Big Ben. Double decker buses & taxis. British Union Jack flags. Other flags, wide streets and morning light. Windows of office building.

Hippy; London Street Scenes; British Fashions; Hair Fads; Clothing Styles; Birds;

The View From Mr Bain s Porch - Part 1 of 2

About rural community trying to survive economic changes.

Flowers, pan up to windswept field, someone throws a ball. Church. Grain plant. Field. LS high angle tiny village, title.

Old man s voice over says this is the best community he s ever lived in.

very old man (Mr. Bain) in chequered shirt and hat sits on front porch and describes town when he moved in in 1901. Field. Barn. Little country road with pickup truck. All idyllic.

At old fashioned local grocery store / shop, little girls buy sweets at counter from large lady, her husband in back.

Older man (school headmaster) CU interview says community is friendly, helpful like in the old days. Younger woman doing dishes says people care for each other, says all her family lives close to each other. View through her window of river.

Man with blue helmet says says good fishing, sports, biking in area. Other man in helmet says no trouble like in big cities like drugs.

Views of area, farms, mud roads, cows, tractor. Cow in pad, farmer washes her udders and milks her with machine as he talks of his work in voice over.

Idyllic farm, flock of sheep in field, sheep dog. Sheep in pad. Sheep farmer talks of his job in VO, how many have left the community. Shears sheep.

CU Mr Bain, very wrinkled talks of changes in community and farming practice.

Lumberjack workers at work with helmets amidst large area full of felled trees, they pull tree trunks out and forklift them. Red truck with tree trunk on top. lumberjack drives. Lumberjack voice over talks of work conditions. Says son in Vietnam war.

Car passes in front of houses. Mr Bain on porch talks of jobs.

Man interviewed CU talks of sawmills, change in economy.

Older man in white shirt with huge stuffed moose head and other animal heads in lounge talks of unemployment.

Sawmill, CUs wood and machinery.

Older man in yellow shirt says hard to get jobs.

Beautiful colour. Rural Americana

[Filmed Lecture on Communism vs Capitalism by US Government Employee, ca 1960s] Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... ...I think you see that this is one of their most appealing slogans: We can help you catch up w/ history fast...many of my friends in other countries have said to me...looks pretty logical to me. But you know when you talk about this to the average person in the United States, I think his reaction is words, words, words; theory, theory, theory. We have today in the United States, what the Communists are promising in the distant future, in the most advanced Communist countries.

04:30:30 Vetter s view: ...after living in the Soviet Union in 1959, is that developed Free World countries have achieved the kind of economic & social justice Marx was calling for w/ real justification 100 years ago. We have a higher standard of performance & justice for our masses of people...

04:31:03 I love very much, Pakistan, these people have seen there is a change & they are looking for a change...there s been a revolution in communication at the village level all over the world & people are demanding a better life; and they say if we can t get it from the Free World we ll get it any place we can, and sometimes this type of explanation has great appeal. Its much like a Salvation religion...

04:32:24 ...does the Free World have a counterpart package...? I think you ll find in the Free World we have many, many packages; not one. But not only do they have their theory, like the Bible or Koran, the same all over the world but they also have done their homework in projecting this...

04:33:00 Let me assume the role of a Soviet & take questions from you the audience & answer as they are being answered all over the world by the Soviets. Does phoney accent presentation of Soviet government official & then both questions & answers

04:34:45 If we are such a peace people why did we intervene in Hungary in 1956...?

04:35:40 What is our Soviet interest in Cuba? re missiles

04:37:10 Berlin Wall & nuclear testing? re French nuclear testing in North Africa.

04:39:25 Goes back to normal lecture voice. We have many working Free World solves human problems...I believe the alternative to dictatorship is teamwork...I m basically optimistic...this is why Free society is very productive.

04:40:48 We ve got to use our heads, we ve got to use our hearts. Love is a very powerful tool...we ve got to use our morality, our working religions, our experience in solving human problems in the Free World fashion. The End.

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Communists; Economics; Russia; Soviets; USSR; Soviet Union; Marxism; Leninism;

NOTE: Charles T. Vetter worked for US State Department, 1950- 1955. USIA post 1955.

[Drugs - Middle Class Couples Smoking Marijuana, ca 1960s]

Well dressed couples sitting on couches & passing joints. MS & CUs, smiling & laughing. Drinking wine. young woman taking toke & passing cigarette. Other woman laughing. 1960s furniture & clothes.

11:40:02 CU spreading dope on cutting board & into long cigarette paper using straw to fill. MCU twisting paper. Repeating.

11:41:30 Well dressed man smoking & inhaling deeply, passing joint as woman watches; men passing back & forth, then to woman. Others smoking, watching, laughing.

Fashions; Americana; Illegal Narcotics; Dope; 1960s; 1970s;

Long Weekend: The Odds Get Shorter Pt. 2 of 2

Dissolve & continued... Guy at card table; guy at slot machine; rolling dice. Four young women sitting at next lounge booth to airmen & they notice them; dancing w/ them in mini-skirts & hippy fashions.

12:17:54 Guys in swimming pool horsing around at motel.

12:18:32 Night & guys walking across Las Vegas street between casinos; dissolve to the four guys standing in sun againt blue sky w/ sign supered.

12:18:58 Guys teeing off on golf course.

12:19:03 Motel room & guy decideds its time to head back but all are dozing. VO about odds raised from 5000 to 1 to 1000 to 1 because of fatigue. Guys get into car, very tired. Car driving, blow-out. Pulled off road. At service station waiting for tire to be fixed.

12:21:45 From in front, car along highway. Pulled over by California State Patrol, gets ticket. Drives off w/ seat belt hanging out door. VO drops odds to 200 to 1. Driving at night; shaking head to stay away. CU blinking eyes.

12:24:15 Narrator to camera dropping odds to 40 to 1 because of time of day.

12:24:37 Montage: Sleepy driver; CU spinning hubcap; white line passing; guy wipping eyes, stretching. Lights out of focus. CU. Smoking cigarette. VO says 10 to 1. CU driving w/ cars passing. Highway sign: San Bernardino 36 miles, Los Angeles 91 miles. CU Norton AFB 17 miles. VO says its even money bet. View of car weaving. Eyes closing.

12:27:18 ...I m only interested in the odds...only two kinds of gambelrs, the pros & the suckers. The End.

Military Educational Films; Gambling; Driving; Americana; 1960s; 1970s; Gamblers; Gambling;

Jackie Kennedy (not seen) - Cassini Fashions

Fashion show in progress - Oleg Cassini among crowds. Cassini discusses sketches of new fashions with press.

News in Brief - USSR Trade Fair in London

Earls Court, Macmillan opens Russian trade fair - Goods on display, cars - toys - fashion show.

Unions Display Progress in Industry

Labour exhibition - trade fair. Union leaders. Fashion show by Ladies Garment Workers union. Toys / dolls on display. Hand painting plate. Man shearing sheep. Stand with sign Buy U.S. Savings Bonds .

In Fine Shape: Choose World Beauty Queen

Miss International Beauty congress in Long Beach, California - women parade up & down catwalk in front of large audience wearing sashes marked Holland , Panama etc. Dutch contestant Stanny van Baer crowned as winner; VO Man! when s the next plane to Amsterdam? CU winner.

Beauty Pageants. Miss World. Fashion Shows. 1960s.

Russian News of the Day 1961 #13 April

Guests from Burma in Moscow . CU airplane, Burmese General Ne Win (?) w/ wife exits aircraft, greeted by USSR defense minister Marshall Malinovsky, shake hands. Malinovsky & Ne Win walk past & salute military, national flags flying. Kremlin, Khrushchev meets General Ne Win, shake hands, talk at table.

02:11:27 Storming of Cosmos continues . Rocket launch w/ dogs, Belka & Strelka, & rats on board, CU dogs at lift off, rats flying weightless in space, nose cone lands w/ parachute, scientists check dogs.

02:12:33 Press conference in Academy of Science, scientists tell reporters of their research results from animal flights to space, CU reporters make notes, dogs shown in front of reporters, photographers take pictures, dogs on way home by car.

02:13:14 Towards 22nd congress of CPSU . Turkmania, helicopter delivers workers to desert construction site & oil drilling, CU drilling machinery, oil out of pipe, line of tractors w/ pipes for pipeline & pulling derrick.

02:14:28 TV set manufacturing factory, conveyor w/ television tubes, workers manually move parts. Robotic manufacturing of picture tubes. Fully automatic factory, machines, high angle machinery.

02:15:16 Kremlin, Brezhnev meets Mali ambassador, delegates read their speeches & exchange documents, shake hands, Brezhnev smiles.

02:15:56 Medical students, newlyweds Tanya & Boris, hold 16mm film & 35mm of their trip to Ceylon, couple speak (SOF) & tell that they have decided to move to Ceylon to work as doctors so they can get proper experience as there aren t many doctors there, shot of medical students on their way to institute.

02:16:54 Tajikistan, sheep in field, farmers weigh young lamb on scales, CU Tajik farmers, shots of sheep.

02:17:35 Woods, CU of feet walking, hand picks up dry branch, w/ little knife shapes it into reindeer, shots of various wood figurines, CU artist Vera, sculpts figures out of wood,

02:18:29 Latvia, fashion designers in bus, look at drawings, women demonstrate new collection of work clothes, women model new confortable clothes outside farm, inside hothouse, in textile factory, doing housework. Gag; design.

02:19:17 Moscow, CU guest of Moscow s Friendship University Paul Robeson, applause, Robeson on stage presented w/ order of honor & painting of Patrice Lumumba, sings in Russian (SOF), audience applaud.

02:20:18 Latvia, Aluksne lake, winter, All Union ice boat race, man looks w/ binoculars, yachts on ice from various angles, winning team from Estonia, throws in the air their driver (brief).

Space Race;

Russian News of the Day 1961 #26 July

Kazak Nation s Festival Plane arrives w/ mountains behind, Khrushchev off & waves hat, shakes hands w/ Kazak VIPs & kids give flowers, motorcade to Astana past waving, cheering crowds, Khrushchev waves from open car. Meeting in large hall w/ Kazakhstan's party leaders & soviet delegates incl. Khrushchev & Arganov applaud. On podium 1st Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist Party Kunayev; Khrushchev on podium.

10:44:28 Soviet-Vietnamese friendship is getting stronger Large Kremlin auditorium w/ meeting of USSR & Vietnamese delegations,VIPs w/ Khruschev, Brezhnev on stage, applauding audience; Khruschev hugs Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Dong, high angle audience. Various speakers & audience in CU. Phan Van Dong on the podium w/ K. raising arm in air.

10:46:02 Korean guests in Moscow 29Jun61 Moscow s airport w/ Soviet & North Korea flags as Khruschev greets Kim Il Sung & delegation; walk past military & flag waving people. Kremlin Khrushchev greets Korean delegation in front of photograpehrs, shake hands, sit at meeting table, CI Khrushchev & Kim II-Sung, smile.

Brezhnev meets Kim II Sung, kiss, photographers, shake hands, talk at meeting table, CUs smiling.

10:47:46 Kazakhstan Pan over large open-pit iron mine; large shovel digging & CU shovel operator. High angle filling rail cars & ore train past camera.

10:48:40 Kiev City street scenes, people in park, monuments, city at night, crowds watch fireworks in honor of city receiving Lenin order.

10:49:18 Pan over grain field, swather mowing grain & combine following harvesting.

10:49:53 Large railroad maintenance machine removing old track & laying replacement track. Passenger train past.

10:50:36 CU newly constructed ore carring ship past on Volga; captain on bridge. CU controls.

10:51:07 Moscow, fashion show Holland 1961 , modeling suits, blouses, skirts & coats, wedding gowns on catwalk, audience and models, applause.

10:51:57 Leningrad, USSR men s gymnastic competition; tumbling & performances on bar & parallel bars. Trophies given for first place to Moscow athlete Victor Leonyev. The End.

[Fashion Show, London]

Traffic past ext. of US Trade Center, Metro House, St. James Street. Pedestrians, cars etc.

16:50:07 CU of US eagle insignia on sign outside. Man (Cy Pusey?) at desk talking on phone & w/ schedule or calendar in front of him. Gets up and shakes hands w/ man (Bill Dorsen? of American Embassy), they sit down & talk.

16:51:07 Nathaniel Knowles, Commercial Attache of US embassy w/ secretary looks at booklet: Collection of Women s Sportswear ...America for 1962 styles. Michael Whittaker on stage. Mrs. Berta McDonald (?) Promotion Editor of Harpers Bazaar magazine of NY at microphone. California sun fashions modeled by four women described.

16:52:05 At home costume of printed fabric and tapered pants modeled. Avante Garde (?) clothes modeled, weekend dresses. Washable cotton clothes w/ invisible seams. Other clothes modeled & described. Fancy hats w/ swim suits. Gag.

16:54:47 Maternity beach coat modeled by English model Christine Tidmarsh while knitting. Other outfits including some coats.

17:05:43 Mr. Knowles, at desk w/ two British women, reviewing British press coverage.

American Fashion Trade Show; Exports; 1960s; United States Embassy; Modeling; Oddities; Gags;

Fashion Parade (Spring & Summer 1961)

12:22:15 Model takes off black coat of Spring & Summer collection. Gilla Roche (?) Paris designer s collection. Skirt length above knees; hats, dresses. Model leans on piano smoking.

Promotional film; Cloche Hats; Slim Look; French Designs;

Fashion Parade - London Autumn Fashions

Model wearing autumn suit and leather hat - poses in garden. Lace dress modelled. Interior, model in sweater dress. Organza evening dress. Satin strapless dress.

Fashion Parade

Fashion show in English Carnavon castle. Pretty girls in evening gown look at Lord portraits and stand on staircase with Lord Carnavon.. Matrons look on as models parade in ballgowns.

Know Your Library

Coronet Instructional Films - 2nd Edition

Teenage girl Betty into library looking nervous - wanders round taking random books off shelf. Betty goes to see cousin - asks him how he got his library books - cuts to cousin looking through card catalogue at library by subject, title & author - vertical file w/ pamphlets - librarian helping him; cousin tells Betty to go back to library. Betty goes to librarian [wearing horn-rimmed glasses ] to ask for help finding information for her Civics assignment on natural resources - takes her to encyclopaedia index volume & explains card catalogue - Betty writes down selected books & call numbers - librarian shows Betty subject groupings on shelves sorted by Dewey Decimal system & she sits down w/ books.

12:52:20 Betty stops by cousin s house happy - I got some wonderful books . Betty at library now using system efficiently.

1960s Fashions.

The City

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

Freight train past farmland & small towns en route to Chicago - suburbs - apartment blocks - industrial area - train terminal in city. Black workers unload goods from trucks inc. meat carcasses. CUs passenger jets landing. Docks. Tracking shot through city looking up at skyscrapers - high shots across skyline. Chicago street scenes - busy traffic, commuters, pedestrians - more angled shots tall buildings - huge department store. Modern apartment building under construction - workers high up - views over city.

12:28:42 Good 60s nuclear family scene - couple out of suburban house w/ young son Joey - bid farewell to father then son off to school, mother in print dress & horn-rimmed glasses. Joey passes larger apartment buildings on way to school - goes inside one & up in lift to meet friend - intercom - female elevator attendant - 28 please - Joey greeted by friend & boys look across city from balcony. Boys walk to school past stores, sign painter, traffic cop helps them cross road. Elevated railroad - PoV shots. Boys into city school.

12:31:43 Joey s father driving to work in open-top car - expressway - radio traffic report heard - reporter in helicopter overhead - travelling shots inside car - aerials expressway & huge car park.

12:32:35 City Hall; INT meeting of city council. Model of new housing development. Slum areas clearedl new apartments.

12:33:18 House on fire in Black neighbourhood - firefighters hold safety mat watched by Black kids - man jumps from burning building. Fireboat on river. New highway under construction. Street cleaning. Street lights put up. CUs people in park jumping into pool - baseball. Baseball game in stadium - TV cameras. Kids drawing buildings for art class. Kids in art gallery / museum - dinosaur bones.

12:34:57 Rollercoaster inc. PoV shot. Manufacturing scenes in factory - goods trains - jets - shipping - steelworks. INT TV studio - female opera singer to camera.

12:35:56 City at night - neon - traffic.

Travelogues. City Guides. Illinois. Housewives. 1960s Dress Fashions. Progress / Development. Architecture.

Fashion Parade

French haute couture designers including Patou, Dior, and Ricci display spring fashions dominated by silk at Mediterranean Palace, Nice; models on catwalk, audience seated at tables; models descend staircase.

Fashion Parade (Show of fashions of French & Italian derivation)

Models down runway, MCU of models, people at tables. Watching. Miss Italy; Miss Cinema; Evening Gowns, casual & hats. Applause;

NOTE: Good quality general fashion show shots.

1960s; Wealthy; Clothing;

Problems of the Young Married Pt 1 of 3

Family Films Prod. Sam Hersh Dir. Lee Sholem

00:01:53 CU LP record player turntable in top of console, expensive, sound system / hi-fi, record turning - pan to young couple, Eddy & Nan. eating dinner silently in next room. - narrator introduces couple as set goes dark & he steps forward; says that making a home is not just material possessions, the fact that they ve forgotten this is the reason we re presenting this story . Lights up to Eddy & Nan - she asks him to turn down hi-fi - had a rough day? What s the matter Eddy?

00:03:37 Gail & Dick from next door arrive unexpectedly, invite them in, Dick admires stereo. Can t stay on way to church for Young Married Group meeting. Eddy & Nan say they re too busy - you are missed . 00:05:00 Eddy: I got fired today... Worried about paying debts for car, hifi etc. bought on credit. They talk.

00:06:28 Nan in Gail s apartment, listen to classical music on stereo. It has a lovely tone. It should after all the time Dick spent building it. They talk about Eddy job hunting; needing to make cut backs. Not that there s anything wrong about installment buying, as long as you don t over-do it. I envy you, you always seem to know the right thing to go about things, l wish I had more confidence Gail, like in handling our money... Gail says there s a talk on family budgeting at the Young Married Group, says they should come along - At a time like this you need your friends at the church & your friends want to help in any way they can. I ll alway remember how much they meant to us when Dick & I were having a rough go.

00:08:54 CU Nan writing cheques, aka checks. Eddy suggests they look for a cheaper apartment, talk about whether to give up hi-fi. She suggests selling to her father - argue about finances then make up.

Religion; Christianity; Evangelism; Social Issues; 1960s Dress Fashions / Americana; Economics; Monthly Payments; Credit Card debts; Youth; Finances; 1950s; Americana; Religious Propaganda;

Note: Fashionable 1960s decor in apartment, women wearing late-50s style dresses w/ can can petticoats.

Problems of the Young Married Pt 2 or 3

Narrator to camera re compromises needed for marriage to work - used to thinking about themselves first - activities had revolved around the pronoun first person singular - need to think we not I .

00:11:58 Eddy at home opens letter from bank saying their account is overdrawn. Nan comes home w/ groceries & he tells her. Nan: Its all my fault. Eddy too tired to argue; no garages in town need mechanics. Nan suggests they ask her father for money; I just don t like the idea of borrowing. Nan: there are times when it s wrong to be so proud . I ll think about it.

00:15:06 In store (set) Eddy meeting Nan s father who offers to loan him $100 & a job at his shop as a clerk.

I ll teach you...why don t you talk it over w/ Nan.

At home at desk, discussing working w/ her father. Nan - can t you just forget about being a mechanic for a little while? I suppose I ll have to. ...if we hadn t bought all this junk on time! That s right, we...

00:17:06 Eddy w/ customer in Nan s father s shoe shop - recognises him from garage & says he needs a mechanic as his car isn t running well. Eddy goes to take a look at the car, Nan s father wonders.

00:18:31 Eddy & Nan argue about moving to a cheaper apartment. I thought we were going to move. I m going to give your father notice. Nan wide-eyed surprised: You re quitting? ..I m just not cut out to be a shoe clerk. Cross that Eddy quitting his job as shoe clerk - he offended her father by walking out to look at customer s car. They argue. ...we ve been fighting about money...this apartment is more important to you than I am.

Social Issues; 1960s Dress Fashions / Americana; Economics; Consumer Debt; Credit Card Payments; Youth; Religious Propaganda; Religion;

Problems of the Young Married Pt 3 of 3

Nan visits Gail: I hate the thought of moving. Gail talks to her about when she & Dick had money troubles & argued until they both realised love & faith more important than where they were living, or what car they drove . When both parties in a marriage are united in their faith in Christ, they face their problems together - invites her to family budgeting talk at church.

00:24:36 Dick in shoe shop, Eddy still working there, Dick says he can t afford shoes in this month s budget, asks if Eddy will be at church meeting. He says yes.

00:25:19 Eddy at home w/ Nan after church meeting - working out budget - discuss starting family worship again. Nan reads passage from Bible & Eddy reads analysis of passage. Nan offers to get a job to help w/ finances. He says no.

00:28:44 Narrator to camera even in the most humble home, when Christ our Lord & Savior is present, love binds the members of that household to one another and to God. Such a home will be able to stand through the difficult daily problems of our life . Fade out. End credits.

Religion; Christianity; Evangelism; Social Issues; 1960s Dress Fashions / Americana; Debt; Consumer Credit; Economics; Youth; Religious Propaganda;

The Shield Of Freedom Outtakes [Reel 5]

Covers BMEWS installations near Colorado Springs and Thule, Greenland.

Small town in vicinity of Colorado Springs: teenage boy and girl cross road holding books, Palmer High School in BG, boy in college football cardigan / sweater. US and RCAF flags flying above trees.

05:05:25 Kids cross roads. Good travel shots busy city streets w/ heavy traffic - store signs and women shoppers. Black man walks down city street towards camera, past Whites.

05:07:49 Thule AB, Greenland: CUs squadron sign over doors: 332 FIS World's Top Fighter Squadron - pan down as pilots run down stairs in orange suits.

05:08:20 MSs pilots running through door and boarding ADC F-102A aircraft.

05:09:17 Bright conditions, snow on ground - Mileage sign indicating distance from Thule AB to various cities throughout the world.

05:10:00 VS lineman in fur-trimmed hood climbs utility / telegraph pole and starts to repair line.

05:11:16 LS pan across the four AN/FPS-50 BMEWS search radar antennas at Thule AB, Greenland. LS of AP truck driving along road -- BMEWS search radar antenna in BG. MS of AN/FPS-50 BMEWS radar antenna. LS to MS of man walking along exterior tunnel wall. Lovely lighting sunset over snow on ground. 05:12:53 LSs, MLSs & CU of radome including the search antenna and scanner buildings - also shows a shot of clouds moving in front of the BMEWS site.

05:13:55 MS two men at consoles in darkened tracking control room - one using telephone.

Cold War. Military Aviation. 1960s Fashions.

Fashion Parade

Dior fashion show.

Capital Previews Charade

Ext. movie house marquee. Premiere of Charade starring Cry Grant and Audrey Hepburn is benefit for Washington charity. Mrs. Sargeant Shriver arrives - also, Robert Kenedy and wife; LBJ and Lady Bird.

19:11:05 - partial fragment on winter fashion and football.

A Community s Tribute [Pt 1 of 4]

WCAU-TV Philadelphia

Television broadcast of JFK memorial service held in Philadelphia on 24Nov63, two days after assassination.

04:00:57 Clock Tower of Independence Hall; voice of commentator John Facenda heard - As the body of President John F. Kennedy lies in state at the Grand Rotunda of the Capitol in Washington, Philadelphians are gathering here at Independence Hall, here to mourn along with millions of Americans . Pan from US flag at half mast to crowds waiting on street behind barriers. Memorial procession up street - flag bearers on horseback - VO re local support for JFK during elections - Funeral March played by brass band - Marine Corps Honor Guard in procession. Police Highway Patrol who escorted JFK. High shot VIPs holding hats.

04:09:38 Montage US flags flying w/ Star Spangled Banner sung on track. Marine Corps flag bearers stand to attention then march away from podium. Prayers led by Rev. Monsignor John J. Noone w/ organ music in BG. Choir singing conducted by grey-haired woman wrapped up against cold.

US Presidents - John F. Kennedy. Funerals. 1960s Fashions.

A Community s Tribute [Pt 2 of 4]

WCAU-TV Philadelphia

Television broadcast of JFK memorial service held in Philadelphia on 24Nov63, two days after assassination.

04:15:05 John Facenda speaks from platform, introduces Mayor of Philadelphia James H.J. Tate ...As one who has been so proud to have known John Fitzgerald Kennedy in an official and a personal capacity, I have proclaimed Monday to be one of mourning...I have respectfully urged that all business and commercial establishments mark this day of mourning appropriately...the death of our great President is truly a sin against humanity itself...

04:19:00 Facenda introduces actress Eva Le Gallienne reading poem Once by the Pacific by Robert Frost. Choir sings again - pan across faces of singers - many wearing 1960s style glasses.

04:22:45 Secretary of State of Delaware Elijah Dukes makes speech representing Governor - pan across audience - ...I am certain that this courageous man would call upon us to muster our strength, to marshall our forces and to carry on the work of the country he loved so well .

04:25:58 Black Reverend Henry H. Nicholls leads prayers - high pan across audience - more inappropriate organ music. Choir - unintentionally amusing female conductor gives thumbs up to singers.

US Presidents - John F. Kennedy. Funerals. 1960s Fashions.

A Community s Tribute [Pt 3 of 4]

WCAU-TV Philadelphia

Television broadcast of JFK memorial service held in Philadelphia on 24Nov63, two days after assassination.

04:30:25 Thomas S. Tull, British counsel to city of Philadelphia, makes speech This is a universal tragedy . 04:33:13 Jose Ferrer reads Escapist Never by Robert Frost. Governor of Pennsylvania William Scranton: The First Lady grieves with a courage all will admire...This generation of Americans has lost forever the easy privilege of deadening that conscience with the narcotic of complacency...God bless him and God help us - pan across audience looking very cold. Choir sings.

04:41:32 Governor of New Jersey Richard J. Hughes makes speech - John Kennedy belongs to history...His was a search for justice for the poor, the retarded, for the underprivileged, for the handicapped, for all those in need of help from their fellow Man...

US Presidents - John F. Kennedy. Funerals. 1960s Fashions.

A Community s Tribute [Pt 4 of 4]

WCAU-TV Philadelphia

Television broadcast of JFK memorial service held in Philadelphia on 24Nov63, two days after assassination.

04:46:26 Senator Joseph Clark Jr. makes speech - A friendly man committed to the causes of peace, of freedom... Choir sings.

04:54:00 John Facenda addresses audience - refers to assassination of Lincoln. Rabbi Maurice ? leads prayers - calls Kennedy an Inspiration to an insecure generation . Pan up to clock tower as military band plays; audience stands w/ hands on chest. End.

US Presidents - John F. Kennedy. Funerals. 1960s Fashions.

The Last Two Days Pt. 1 of 2 21st-23rd Nov. 1963 - pictures clipped at start

AV flying above clouds from aircraft window, some w/ engine in vision. Titles.

08:04:21 President John F. Kennedy visit to San Antonio Texas, crowds at airport, JFK, wife Jackie & party down steps of presidential plane. JFK & wife into open top convertible car. POV thru crowd lined streets. Ext. HQ School of Aerospace Medical Division, Brooks Air Force Base. Press photographers on platform, JFK on podium speaking. (SOF) Calls for unity among Americans, a time for pathfinders & pioneers. LBJ seated next to Jackie. Audience shots. CU JFK & Jackie shaking hands on walkabout.

08:06:41 Aerials over San Antonio & Houston; aircraft landing. US & Texas flags. Crowds & welcome banners. Reception line at airport greeting. Good CU JFK & wife smiling. CU flags.

08:07:48 Motorcade, POV behind JFK limousine thru crowd lined highway into Houston.

08:07:59 Int. JFK CU at League of Latin American Citizens; Jackie Kennedy addresses league (MOS). Brief night shot Houston street w/ lights. Int. Coliseum, Kennedy speaks (SOF) on growth of Texas & space exploration w/ attempt of US to be second to none.

08:09:36 Fort Worth, night shots w/ bulidings lighted as tribute to JFK.

08:09:53 22Nov63 morning, JFK w/ Vice President Lyndon B Johnson leaving hotel & on platform where LBJ on from podium (MOS). Sign: JFK in 64. Crowds listening (MOS) & JFK shaking hands w/ crowds.

08:11:28 Int. LBJ & Governor John Connelly applaud as JFK arrives for breakfast meeting w/ Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Mrs Kennedy arrives. JFK VO jokes about the interest in Jackie & her fashions . Newsreel cameramen. Kennedy speaks re dangerous world ...would like to live as we once lived, but history will not permit it... (SOF)

08:13:21 Kennedy party leaves in open top cars. POV from motorcade passing tickertape, cheerleaders, crowds. Continued...

News in Brief - Easter Bonnets

Hat styles bring a breath of spring

Hats modelled. classical with flower. Black straw and white silk. feathery white petals. Plaid hats. Extravagant flowery hats, huge daisies.


9th Winter Olympics - Records fall at Innsbruck

LS Innsbruck town below mountains and under snow. Street of Innsbruck with old-fashioned hanging shop sign. Church spires. House facade with small orchestra playing on ornate sculpted wood balcony. Policeman Rudolf ?? with badges on lapel indicating the ten languages he speaks, giving indications to tourists. Olympic games symbol, aerial shot crowd around slopes, Olympic flame burning.

Figure skating with Russian gold medalists Oleg Protopopov and Lyudmila Belousova.

Downhill skiing, Austria s Egon Zimmermann down slope.

Bobsled, UK Tony Nash and Robin Dixon racing down.

US Jean Saubert, downhill skiing

Christine Goitschel, slalom. Her sister Marielle Goitschel, France.

Snow Fashions - Olympics Inspire Sport Clothes

Couple outside house in snow, man in blazer & woman in dress based on official Olympic travel uniforms. Guy on skiis up to couple on skiis beneath chairlift looking down the slope. Olympic patch on sweaters. They head down hill.

09:48:45 Couple down wooden stairs of ski lodge, join other couples around large stone fireplace. Woman modeling stretch nylon glittery pantsuit. CU of fabric. Women in checked stretch pants & acrylon sweater. Poodle comes in, held in CU.

1964 Clothes Fashions; Clothing Designs; Winter Sports; Skiing; 1960s;

News in Brief - Germany (Men s Fashion Show)

Male models - hunting outfit - sports jacket - knickers; plaids. Straw hat; beret, pipe smoking. Evening dress suit w/ side zip - ruffled shirt. Lounge pyjamas. Spectators. Derby hat and formal coat.

Oddities; Gags; Promotion; Clothing; 1964; Fashions

The New Fashions - Paris Designers Show Creations.

Sewing room - many girls hand stitching gowns. French fashion designer Jean Denis (?) w/ one of his creations on dummy. Model showing coat and dress.

02:47:56 Models at House of Carven showing suits. House of Molineaux - models wearing coats.

02:48:37 Jacques Heim w/ models - dresses and coats.

02:48:51 Pierre Cardin w/ models. Models on catwalk wearing evening dresses.

1965; Fabrics; Promotional; Creators; Clothing;

Fashion Parade

Catwalk with models dancing in Carnaby Street gear . Fur coat for men - girl models hat - mini kilts. Models in Mod fashions dancing to pop group. Girl models trouser suit - male model takes off her top and they run from catwalk.

Fashion Parade

New Paris collections - models wearing suits by Nina Ricci and Gerard Pippart. Jazz age dresses - ra-ra skirts. Pop-art prints. Evening gowns.

Fashion Parade

Models wearing dresses made from metal squares walking round modern / pop art display rooms. Model trying on hat with built in goggles

Keep Calm, Men! New Fashions Bring The Bug-Eyed Look

Models in weird clothes outfits designed by Jacques Esterel modeled on runway for people. Pop art; plastic or vinyl; kooky glasses; gay 90s inspired bathing costumes; combination afternoon & evening dress. Strange wedding dress.

Oddities; Gags; 1960s; 1966; Patterns; Clothing Materials; Designer;

Studio Party

Unidentified Movie stars and starlets at studio party. Go-go dancing. Card says Ross Hunter ? could be the man who appears to be going round interviewing various people. Girl in fringed mini skirt dancing / fashion. party in progress. Good angled shots dancers

News In Brief - Italy

Fashion show - models parade - huge sunglasses. Girl on catwalk models shift dress and coat - psychedelic print evening wear - outlanding hairstyles. Dresses and coats - model drags reluctant poodle dog.

News in Brief - London

Hippy Fashion show in Chelsea showroom- models dancing - flower people.

News In Brief - London

Hyde Park hippie festival - flower children - legalise pot / dope / marijhuana posters. Hippie smoking. Fashion, girl wearing paper dress with Bob Dylan face.

News In Brief - London

Fashion - hat designer piping plastic design on hat - strange glittery evening hat forming cage over head and shoulders - high patent boots - ornate earings - jewellery - mini skirts - diamond garter.

News in Brief - Paris

Ext. of Christian Dior fashion house opened for showing of Winter show; crowds. Ext. of Chanel & model Battina showing velvet party dress; Silk trouser suit shown modeled; hemline 2 inches below the knee. Sign: Chanel.

News in Brief - Paris

Winter Fashions - Pierre Cardin - models parade in gardens - Wool coat with fur trim - Cape with fur trim - Evening dress with sequins - Very short / mini coat. Evening dress shaped like Kaftan. Futuristic hat in shape of coiled spring - space age style dress and boots, patterned tights.

News In Brief - Paris Fashions

Three models display suits. Designers include Jacques Haim Lanvin, Dior Dress and coat - model standing next to 1901 car. Model in white organdie mini dress - Cardin long beach dress.

Peace March - Thousands Oppose Vietnam War

Anti-war demonstrators marching with protest banners - crowds in Central park - shots showing hippy fashions - draft card burning. Argument between soldier and peace protestors. Anti Anti-war march - signs Lets bomb Hanoi - Anarchy cannot be permitted in the USA. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King leads procession to United Nations - police arrest demonstrators - dragging off.

03:34:12 San Francisco demonstration - parade with banners along Market Street - Rally in stadium - scuffle.

03:34:47 Rome - night peace demonstration outside US embassy - turns into riot - police - fighting - sit down protest - using water cannon.

Sports - England - Royal Ascot

Royal family including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and other in coach procession around course.

22:48:10 Bing Crosby in top hat and tails walking along. Ladies hat fashions. Gertrude Shilling ?. Horse race in progress - won by Schirra ?

England - US Sailors on Liberty Leave

Two US sailors talking in street with elderly lady. Sailors go into Britannia Inn, public house. Sailors on high level roadway looking out over rooftops. Street scene, single decker bus up and past. Robin reliant parked outside small row of shops. Shop window display of electrical goods, televisions etc. Sailors looking in shop windows. Taking photograph of sailor standing next to three wheel car which is also butchers delivery van. Old fashioned sweet shop, jars in window and Kit-Kat vending machine outside, sailors look in window

10:39:57 London Houses of Parliament, double decker buses pass in foreground. Sailors taking pictures in front of Big Ben. Street scene and traffic approaching Westminster Bridge.

10:42:04 Buckingham Palace. Horseguards. Tourists.

News In Brief: London

Women model avant-garde fall fashions by London designers in street inc. asymmetrical cape & jacket w/ armholes & neckline covering face. Summer print dress w/ butterflies stuck to model s back. Model outside The Talk of the Town theatre wearing black military tunic w/ gold braid fashioned after the British cavalry .

Couture. Trends. Dress Fashions - 1960s. Swinging Sixties.

News In Brief: New York City

Glamourous Grannies contest in NYC - women parade in swimsuits around rooftop swimming pool - male judges. Winner admits to 48 years .

Tacky / Kitsch. Oddities. Swimsuit Fashions. 1960s.

News In Brief: New York City

Women modelling Rudi Gernreich s Fall plaid collection inc. mini-dress/miniskirt combination, reversible jacket, Austrian cavalry inspired tunic & hat, & 2ft feather earrings.

Couture. Dress Fashions. 1960s.

News In Brief: New York City

Teenage fashion show - girls model fashions on strange outdoor stage - see-through raincoat & culottes - girl in minidress dances barefoot - Twiggy-like girl models jump suit / swimsuit combination - evening dress with matching helmet . Men & women watch behind barriers.

1960s Dress Fashions. Swinging Sixties. Oddities. Kitsch.

Summer s Here: Mini Ways To Beat Heat

People relaxing & playing in Central Park, New York City during summer heatwave - kids in fountain. Vars shots of women walking along street in miniskirts & men gawping - very funny narration - of the season s fringe benefits...this passing parade of breezy knees promises to outrank baseball as America s favourite summer pastime...hope springs eternal in the midst of meandering mini manoeuvres etc.

Kids letting off fire hydrants - street & passing traffic drenched in torrents of water - the young natives are restless .

Dress Fashions. Sexism. Gags. NYC. 1960s.

News In Brief: Rome

Men model fashions from Brioni winter collection on steps of building w/ Roman statues - sports suit - wolfskin car coat - frock coat & hat w/ flannel suit - exagerrated poses, one model w/ pipe.

Men s Fashions. Couture. Tailoring. 1960s.

A School of Beauty Appreciation (1967) Pt 1 of 2

Lithuanian Film Studios / Sponsored by Ministry of Education [English narration]

Clocktower bells tolling. Kids in empty school courtyard. Two school kids walking down autumnal lane. VO ...A pupil s environment can be fashioned into an excellent school of beauty appreciation . Coastline. Young girls hike in hills above river valley. Modern school on birght autumn day; boys wear suits & carry briefcases. Children walk to classes - modern apartment blocks behind.

13:21:35 INT classroom, cute little blonde girl stands up reciting words [of song just played on track?]; teacher at front of class; boy w/ unusual bow tie gets up to read from book. Tracking shots past school buildings set around neat courtyards; kids seen through window; basketball court & ornamental gardens. Landscaping. Kids outside school at play time. Girls in woods collect leaves. Playing fields.

13:26:07 Schoolgirls in corridor. Half-empty dining room; CU little boy having lunch. Murals on wall. Rows of neat desks & chairs in classroom. Female teachers preparing immaculate, well-equipped classrooms for next lesson: language laboratory w/ desks equipped w/ headphones & tape recorders; art & math or geometry room; science lab; zoology room w/ goldfish & stuffed animal heads. Indoor basketball court & gymnasium. Pupils into classroom, sit down & look at microscopes - half desks empty; warm-up exercises in gym; volleyball game; metalwork class. Continued on LN 400-233.

Modernity; Progress; Architecture; Oddities; Kitsch; USSR - Lithuania; 1960s; Soviet Propaganda;

News in Brief - Paris - Nina Ricci Autumn / Fall and Winter Fashions.

Models in park wearing Peru dresses - multi-coloured striped wool. Model in plaid overcoat. Model in sporty outfit including knickerbocker pants.

Lithuania Today

Lithuanian Film Studios, Dir. A. Krisciunas Dedicated to 50 Years of Soviet Friendship.

English narration.

11:35:16 Views of gnarled treel. Aerial views Lithuanian lake & countryside inc. castle on island in lake. Pan & aerial over capital city, Vilnius. University; INT library; views across rooftops of old city from high tower. Young people gathered in courtyard.

11:37:45 INT woman sits at large computer w/ concentration - pan up complex bank of wires & cables - VO re increase in production of electric power, chemicals, shipbuilding under Soviet government - workers in electrical machine tool factory w/ equipment. Gold medal on wall of machine tool manufacturer. INT synthetic fibre plant in Kaunas, tracking shots past female workers & stacks of coloured thread on spools.

11:39:15 Women model clothes made from man-made fibres in very 60s setting. Pan across wall covered in film or theatre posters; range of amber necklaces, jewellery.

11:40:00 Water & sand. Port of Klaipeda, industrial scenes, cargo ships & liners in dock. New highway w/ very little traffic. Aerials of apartment complex under construction; VO an apartment is built in Lithuania every half hour . Tracking shot thru empty new restaurant w/ 1960s style interior design. Tracking shots past & under new apartment blocks, some built across roads. Nitrogen fertiliser plant. Aerials farmland & farming villages.

11:42:59 Tracking shot past several open refrigerators filled w/ Lithuanian produce inc. milk, cheese, meat, wine & canned goods. VO Lithuania s achievements were made possible by its industrious people and the friendly Soviet nations , more aerials farmland & countryside.

11:43:46 Bizarre musical hunting montage w/ moose running & shots of men shooting guns intercut w/ shots of deer, rabbits & birds. Pan across rural river valley & city rooftops to ancient tower w/ sound of church bells ringing.

Baltic States; Soviet; USSR; Travelogues; Tourism; Industrialisation; Progress; Agriculture; Good Life;

1960s Dress Fashions; Kitsch; Gag;

New York City [Fashion Show of Summer Beachwear]

Fashion modelling of summer beach wear in department store attrium.

Models wearing plastic fringed dress; a cover over a crocheted bikini w/ sun hat; model w/ crocheted bikini exposed & carrying crocheted handbag; white duck pinafore; psychedelic tunic over panties.

Oddities; Clothing; Swim Suits; Swim wear; 1960s;

Paris [Summer & Fall Fashions]

Models showing Taurent fashions for summer against backdrop. Wild west motif. Posing. Autumn fashions w/ coats matching culottes & dresses. Evening wear for discotheque; fur, low cuts; sparkling decorations.

Oddities; 1960s Clothing fashions; Modeling;

Wings to Great Britain Pt. 2 of 2

Pan American Airlinest

Highland Games, men in kilts wrestling, tossing the caber, playing bagpipes & Scottish folk dancing contest; Scottish troops parade. Ruins & Scottish castles. Old lady castle owner on doorstep. Powis Castle; Windsor Castle.

20:07:45 Piccadilly Circus & Eros statue. Trafalgar Square & Nelson statue. Kensington Gardens leisure activities - lounging - sunbathing. London rooftops. Aerial over city. Queen s coach. Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. British Grenadier Guards / Busby bearing bearskin. Outdoor art show w/ paintings on pavement.

20:11:12 Chelsea houseboats. Chelsea Gardens flower show & its visitors. Elegant women in street. Paddington Station sign. Shop signs. Red bus reflection in window. Street musicians.

20:12:30 Two-story houses w/ tower block high-rise apartment house behind. Fleet Street & newspaper signs. Dragon statue. St. Paul s Cathedral. Military parade. Flea market at Portobello - people browsing antiques. Dog show. Sheepdog & shepherds on Yorkshire Moors. Old man on horse with child. Thatched roof cottage. Gypsy caravan. Picnicing on roadside, in garden, in nature. Old-fashioned horse carriage displayed in front of cottage. Rolls Royce emblem.

20:16:11 Beach & sunbathers at Brighton & Blackpool. Scarborough promenade. Night: Bingo sign; roulette wheel; London neon signs: brand names, shops, theatre plays incl My Fair Lady .

20:17:13 POV from car on straight country road.

Travelogue; England; English; Tourists; Holidays; Vacations;

Germany (Space Oriented Fashions)

Odd clear plastic coats, clothes, boots with models in front of large globe, telescope. Wearing large jewelry, pants, climb into rocket (?) & wave.

Modern Fashions; Gags; Stunts; Space Race Inspiration;

Hamburg [Fall & Winter Fashions]

Fashion models off streamlined canal boat or ferry; turn to show winter fashions by Schultz Burrell (sp?); top coats over sunsuits modeled on dock. Fisherman seen behind, sailboat past. Alpaca wool coat & mink fur bonnet worn w/ sleeveless dress.

09:55:57 Evening gown of satin brocade over harem trousers worn w/ arm bracelet. Another evening outfit, models walk past fountain.

Clothing; Styles; 1960s; Formal Dress;

Paris (Fashion Show)

Model in short skirt over pants on runway or catwalk w/ collection by Esterel. Jacques Esterel fitting model wearing watch on ankle. Floral evening dress modeled in large marble hall. Printed silk dress w/ pantaloons. Mini-skirts; three driving outfits w/ mod looking women in sun glasses & caps.

1960s; 1967;

News In Brief (Heinz Riva Italian Fall Fashions, 1967)

Model on rooftop wearing plaid cape by Heinz Riva, Fall & Winter fashions; w/ Roman buildings beyond. Evening dress; weird hat & hair styles. Orange feathered dress.

Modeling; Seasonal Fashions;

New York City (Twiggy arrives; Movie Premier Thoroughly Modern Millie )

MCU Model shaking hands & smiling at airport. Befoe microphones at press conference in TWA terminal. Cameramen, Twiggy modeling coat for journalists & boy friend, manager.

05:46:24 Title: World Premiere - Thoroughly Modern Millie

Ext. of Criterion Theater, other theaters in Times Square. MCU Crowds waving; Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme & othes arrive for benefit for Museum of City of New York, including Milton Rackmill.

05:47:00 Ed Sullivan & wife; Kevin McCarthy & Susan Stein (sp?), others. LS of sidewalk crowd. Beatrice Lillie out of limousine. Ethel Merman & Jimmy Van Heusen; Sammy Cahn; Elmer Bernstein; Mary Tyler Moore, CU. Photographers. Carol Channing & David Merrick; James Fox; Ross Hunter & Mrs. Nancy Sinatra.

Celebrities; Fashion models; Movie Stars; Motion Pictures; Hollywood Promotions;

Rome (3 Fashion Houses show Fall & Winter lines, 1967)

01:54:35 Model w/ fabric blowing in the wind w/ pond in background. Eleanora Garnett s line of Fall & Winter fashions; CU of crepe evening dress; jewelry necklace. Wool coat w/ woolen hood modelled. CU.

01:55:15 ?? designed Horizontal striped coat & ball hat of chenille.

01:55:31 ?? Fontana s fashions w/ model indoors wearing tartan plaid lined coat & cap w/ plaid slacks; turtle neck sweater.

01:55:51 Low angle of model in evening gown of trouser suit.

Oddities; Designers;

A School of Beauty Appreciation (1967) Pt 1 of 2

Lithuanian Film Studios / Sponsored by Ministry of Education [English narration]

03:26:19 CU Clocktower w/ bells tolling. Kids in empty school courtyard. Two school kids walk in autumn down lane. VO ...A pupil s environment can be fashioned into an excellent school of beauty appreciation . Coastline. Modern school on birght autumn day; boys wear suits & carry briefcases. Children walk to classes - modern apartment blocks behind.

03:27:58 INT classroom, cute little blonde girl stands up reciting words [of song just played on track?]; teacher at front of class; boy w/ unusual bow tie gets up to read from book. Tracking shots past school buildings set around neat courtyards; kids seen thru window; basketball court & ornamental gardens. Landscaping. Kids outside school at play time. Girls in woods collect leaves. Swan on pond. Two girls running; playing fields.

03:32:28 Schoolgirls in corridor. Half-empty cafeteria dining room; CU little boy having lunch. Murals on wall. Rows of neat desks & chairs in classroom. Female teachers preparing immaculate, well-equipped classrooms for next lesson: language laboratory w/ desks equipped w/ headphones & tape recorders; art & math or geometry room; science lab; zoology room w/ goldfish & stuffed animal heads. Indoor basketball court & gymnasium. Pupils into classroom, sit down & look at microscopes - half desks empty; warm-up exercises in gym; volleyball game; metalwork class w/ CU boy & instructor. Continued...

Modernity; Progress; Architecture; Oddities; Kitsch; USSR - Lithuania; 1960s; Soviet Propaganda;


Ukrainian Documentary Fillm Studio

Amusing opening montage re God creating the sea, land, birds, animals, man & woman from the void - shots of rocky coast, seagull, baby deer or fawn, young man & woman in bathing suits on rocky beach. VO naturally, they soon had children, and since the people had to have a place to live in, He created in the Crimean Mountains, excellent roads, trolley bus lines and a city. And he called it...Aluschta . Titles over city shots.

17:19:22 High shots across Aluschta, bordered by coast & mountains. VO re history of town - old tower & 14th Century fortress ruins. Street scenes w/ CUs tourists. Modern hotel developments & school. Apartment houses & buildings. Views of rocky coastline & town from sea - sanatoriums & holiday homes. Holidaymakers on crowded beaches, man reading while standing in water. Fat people. Portable radios. CUs. Volleyball game. People on promenade eating ice cream sandwiches. People taking pictures.

17:22:32 Alushta vineyard & winery. Rose garden w/ CUs of flowers.

17:23:14 People along promenade w/ strange hats. Policemen. CUs car registration plates. Cars parked on beach by campers.

17:25:04 Group of divers into sea. Scuba divers. Skindiving & underwater photography. Countryside scenes - streams - deer in forest. Fish in stream, some large.

17:26:42 Crimean Mountain scenery w/ deer w/ large antlers in CU. Sunset montage - seabirds, fishing boats, closing up terrace cafe, streetcleaning, tourist bus, pleasure cruiser off coast. Ornate rocks in water.

Travelogues. Tourism. Seaside Resorts. Crimea - Ukraine - USSR. 1960 - 1970s Hair / Dress Fashions.

Kitsch. Beauty Shots. Tourists. Hats. Workers Paradise. Suntans.

Prison, Drugs, UCLA, Smuggling, Love-In, Yachts, Boats

Middle class in minimum security prison. Fashions of 1960s. Women inmates gardening. Ext. of prison. LS of prison complex w/ dormitory buildings. Handball courts. UCLA campus & students between classes walking & lounging. Dickson Plaza sign. Reading outdoors. Sign: UCLA. Prison recreation & men lifting weights. POV past sailing & motor yachts. Man in living room of condominium. Ext. along ocean beach. Women outdoors at prison. Sunset & boats at anchor, Mexican bay. Beach from water. Love-in, hippies, drums & group. Flower children. Police arresting & hauling off guy in handcuffs, people follow. Horsemounted police leaving to applause. Guitar players.

Chicago Convention

Summary: Demonstration of Hippies and Yippies on lawn in Lincoln Park. Hippies dance, crowd listens to band on stage. Black man teaches kids to play drums. Hells Angels Outlaws Chicago on Jackets.

04:02:39 Sign: "Free Store" - girl picks up clothing. Hippies walk through park.

04:03:39 Crowd of demonstrators with signs at Conrad Hilton hotel. Sign re fashions and advertising seduce innocent youth. People milling outside entrance to hotel Sign re welcome to Chicago Host City Democratic National Convention. Various signs, Stop the War - Resist in Prague, Saigon and Chicago.

04:04:44 Slate Garden Plot Troops of the 3rd Corps Artillery Brigade set up pup tents in encampment.

LS, C-141 plane takes off.

04:06:57 Sign on parkway "O'Hare Terminal." LS, downtown Chicago, lake in fg. Various shots skyline.

04:09:12 Police station building. LS, Conrad Hilton hotel.

The President: February 1968 [Part 2 of 3]

Lyndon Johnson signing vars bills into law inc. Crime Report - uses numerous pens - J. Edgar Hoover & others present - LBJ speech at podium [MOS]. Bust of Adlai Stevenson unveiled. Actress Patricia Neal presented w/ Heart of the Year award. Arthur S. Fleming Award presented to ten government officials. National Medal of Science Awards. Finalists in White House Photographers Annual Contest w/ winning photos. Cerebral Palsy Association s National Poster Child Kenny Cunningham.

09:08:51 Fashion show at White House to boost US tourism: models pose in front of WH w/ Lady Bird. INT models prepare in Blue Room. Show in progress, State Dining Room - themed on American states - red, white & blue colour scheme - Lady Bird speech heard in VO. Lady Bird greets Governors wives after show - women file past inc. TV Commentator Nancy Dickerson. Reception for Governors & wives - after dinner performance of excerpts from Broadway musical Fiorello .

09:12:51 Ceremony at Lincoln Memorial - wreath laid - LBJ speech heard we are sometime forced by an adversary to back our beliefs with steel...we live in a time that Lincoln would have well understood...Lincoln stuck it out, sad but will we .

09:14:27 LBJ greets Cyrus Vance after his return from diplomatic mission to South Korea. LBJ & Vance conferring at WH - Cabinet meeting.

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Vietnam War. Dress & Hat Fashions.