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Archival film footage on Eisenhower from Footage Farm

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Army Navy Screen Magazine No 32

Normandy Invasion - D-Day

Invasion fleet at sea, bombers fly overhead. Closer shots ships. Naval officer speaking into microphone. Ships firing at coast of France. Men in landing craft heading for shore. Shots from inside landing craft as it hits the beaches. Shots from second landing craft. Shots on the beaches as allied forces come under fire. Men hit. Beachhead activity - men dig small trenches - arming grenades.

Troops carry wounded on stretchers along beach under shelter of the cliffs. Medics tend wounded - Plasma transfusion given. German prisoner given treatment. German POWs on beach. Fleet lying offshore - barrage balloons.

23:49:24 Ship flying four star flag. Eisenhower and Captain on board. General Omar Bradley climbs up landing nets to board ship. Montgomery piped aboard. Generals pose.

23:50:05 General Clark sitting on windowsill discussing map with other officers. 3rd June Rome - Germans fleeing - abandoned tanks. German troops on horse and cart leaving city. Lone German on bicycle leaving. AV German convoy on road out of Rome.

23:50:41 4th June - Americans enter Rome. Various signs Roma. Tanks and military vehicles on road. (Briefly out of rack) Crowds outside Coliseum welcome American soldiers. Scots guards playing bagpipes parade. Italian women and girls welcome troops. Various shots as 5th army move towards centre. Good CU happy faces of locals. Local girls riding on tank. Locals tear down German posters.

23:52:52 Crowds in St Peter s Square - Vatican. Pope Pius on balcony gives blessing. Church bells ringing.

23:53:31 France - sign Sant-Marcouf - American troops walking down country road. French locals, farmers and wives welcome soldiers. Soldiers relax on village street. GI talking to two small children. Soldier walks behind religious shrine.

On screen quote No compromise is possible ....utter defeat of the war machines of Germany and Japan . Victory / Liberty bell ringing, superimposed over marching troops.

[Khrushchev Shit Speech ]

K. speaking, gesturing & pointing to his forehead.

11:45:32 Cutaway to K. w/ Mamie in lowcut gown & pearls, pan to right to Mrs. K. & Eisenhower in tuxedo w/ speech continuing under picture.

11:45:37 Continue Khrushchev speaking & gesturing

Russian Politics 1950s;

Welt Im Film excerpts

No. 94 Unterwegs Nach Moskau ca. Dec46. Four motor military plane arriving & greeted by military, George Marshall down stairs, shakes hands w/ Gen. Joseph McNarney & Gen. Luicus Clay & others.

21:27:38 British Zone. Train into station & Sir Brian Robertson greets Ernest Bevin, CU.

21:27:53 French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault is received at Wannsee Station by US General Clay. CUs. Into car.

21:28:17 No. 96 Wechsel Im Amerikanischen Oberkommando 06Jan47 McNarney turns over command at Military Governor of American Sector to his deputy Lt. Gen. Lucius D. Clay. Manyu army officers standing on reviewing stand. McNarney at mic, pan over military & civilians alongside him. View of officers watching. McNarney pins medal on Clay; Clay at mic & reviewing troops.

21:29:39 No. 74 ca May46 Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower visits exhibits at the Bavarian Export Exposition w/ Dr. Ludwig Ehrhardt, Gen. McNarney & Mrs. McNarney. Up stairs into hall, at exhibits of crafts; looking, smiling, walking thru w/ other military officers. Leaves in large touring car.

21:30:30 No. 74 Auf Dem Weg Zur Wirtschaftseinheit: Ein Schlagbaum Geht Hoch Officials of US & USSR military governments meet at Lauenstein for opening of the border. Sign as to nearest authorized crossing point 63 kms. Russian party walks up to crossing point, MP moves sign & raises bar and group crosses; met by Americans, hand shaking. Russian soldiers at border check papers of traveler in car; American soldier then checks papers & car crosses.

21:31:38 No. 75 Der Wahltag In Berlin Street w/ sample ballots passed out to pedestrians. Campaign advertisements on boys scooter, painted on buildings & posters. Destroyed buildings w/ signs attaached. Sign: You Are Leaving The American Sector & pan to people waiting in line to vote at polling place. Int. w/ people at voting booths, US & Russian Military officers watching, inspect ballot boxes. Nurses at hospital holding ballot boxes for patients.

21:32:57 Franz Neumann, Chairman of Social Democratic party walking w/ man greeted by another. Int. w/ Jakob Kaiser at table & giving ballot to man who puts in box. Ext. as people leave including Otto Grotewhole. Int. Dr. Kulz voting as man watches.

21:33:23 Ballot box emptied on table for counting as people watch. Large room w/ board in front as ballots tally is posted. Journalists taking notes. Woman at teletypewriters (?). Large calculator printing.

Post-WWII Germany Occupation; 1946 Berlin Elections;

Welt Im Film No. 82: Highlights of 1946 Pt. 2 of 2

Concluded... People in auditorium listen to speakers. McNarney at podium w/ Amb. Robert Murphy & Sen. Vandenberg & Sen. Connolly behind. Sec. of State James Byrnes to mic & speaks (MOS). MCU people listening. CU Byrnes.

21:41:12 Two men walk past w/ large factory behind, join others walking to vote in free elections in British Zone.

21:41:40 Nuremberg & conclusion of War Crimes Trial. Int.w/ packed courtroom. Pan over Nazi leaders, judges. CUs. MP shuts large doors.

21:42:53 Gen. Eisenhower out of car, shakes hands w/ French Gen. Koenig & Ambassador Murphy at Tempmlehof Airport & boards plane, salutes at door.

21:43:27 Punch & Judy puppet show, CU of kids & anguish looking, crying, scratching, applauding.

21:43:53 Steam engine into railroad station, refugees wearing tags out of freight cars; some w/ children. Walk into building; look at map or papers, feed baby, sleep. Do make lace, men making things. Men walk past camera w/ gunny sacks & bags.

21:44:50 Boys trained as miners go on night shift in Ruhr District. Miners out of elevators & next shift into & descending. Large coal mine.

21:45:15 CU Ernest Bevin at table w/ others, Secretary of State Byrnes & Sen. Vandenberg to sign treaty to join British & American zones. Montage: harbor & ships, men building wooden frames, filling bags, moving plows & plowing, trucks out of factory yard, railroad over high bridge.

21:45:44 Skiing meet POV on skiis, falls.

21:46:10 Pigs. The End. GOOD.

Post-WWII Germany Rebuilding; 1946 In Review; Occupation

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 10 of 10

Bombing, Migs overhead. Firing, air to air, shoots down model plane with still propellers (most staged).

07:32:08 Good columns along road & T34 tanks around bend towards camera w/ snow.

07:32:25 Eisenhower winter visit, w/ Mark Clark, & UN troop review.

07:33:09 Longest shot US flag draped coffins out of ship & lowered to dockside. Wounded off ship. Woman receiving news of dead soldier from postman; reading letter in house.

07:33:57 North Koreans (stand off war) another human wave from trenches.

07:34:26 Good North Korean artillery sequence, officers in bunkers. Gun rolled forward in tunnel (staged)Action sequences from trenches. Porter carrying supplies up from underground, ammunition to troops. Trucks loaded & lorries away.

07:35:59 Summer North Koreans attack in woods, grenade thrown (looks like orchard surrender pictures). Intercut US tank interiors, firing & massive shell pile.

07:37:01 North Korean officers under camouflage position, send troops forward. US tanks hit & burning sequence (staged).

07:37:43 Lorries w/ supplies; building road. Massive artillery & tank barrage.

07:38:24 Column towards camera again, lorries in middle. Congratulating troops. BV tanks along then column towards camera. Pan over mountains.

Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

Universal International News (Main title)

17:13:30 Title: Ike On Summit - Warns Reds Against Bluff Or Blackmail

Int. White House Press Briefing Room, President Eisenhower enters; listens to question: How do you feel now about the argument that the only man in Russia you can do business with is Soviet Premier Khrushchev?

17:13:52 Well I think it is perfectly clear that he is the only man who has the opportunity, let us say the authority to negotiate. But, I want to make this very clear this does not mean that anyone can command anyone else to come to a summit meeting...heads of government who are acting voluntarily...that real measures can be discussed profitably by all of us.

17:15:10 Title: News In Brief - Connecticut Civilian & military VIPs see first public viewing of Navy sH-3 Sea King, the largest amphibious helicopter to be used for searching & destroying submarines. Helicopter flies, lands on water; takes off from water.

17:16:01 Title: Washington, D.C. King Hussein of Jordan out of car, shakes hands w/ unid. man at White House, turns & poses smiling, walks thru photographers & into W.H. Shakes hands w/ President Eisenhower as several watch. Good MCU of the two.

Diplomacy; Cold War; Military Equipment; Aviation; Royalty; 1959; 1950s;

New York City (Eisenhower Art Show)

MCU Ike painting. Framed paintings hangng on wall. CU stag; docked freighter; country scene; George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, & Winston Churchill portraits.

Hobbies; Recreational Oil Painting; Retirement Hobby;

World Mourns Nehru - obituary

LS Taj Mahal

Jawaharlal Nerhu with ??. Giving speech to huge crowd (no sound). Last pictures taken one month before death with Sheik Abdullah re Kashmir dispute.

CU younger Nehru. Walking with group. Mohandas Gandhi talking to small crowd. Gandhi lying in bed, Nehru sitting in room.

Nehru with Mountbatten.

Parade for Indian independence August 1947, vast crowds. Nehru gives speech.

Nehru out of plane with wife for first visit to United States in 1949, with Truman. Motorcade through New York, Nehru standing in open topped car waving. Shakes hands Truman.

1960: With Eisenhower during his visit to India, shake hands.

Nehru in Washington with President Kennedy walking in White House grounds.

Crowd outside Nehru s gates and residence to pay tribute. Indian flag. Nehru corpse guarded, wreath brought in.

The French Campaign 1944 Reel 1

Stock shots pre-war Paris - Eiffel Tower - Madeleine - people walking in streets, pavement cafe - artist in Tuileries - art on display in streets - bookshop. Sign Congrès des Ecrivains - meeting of renowned writers.

14:33:10 Night shots Paris - traffic - neon signs - Moulin Rouge. Interior nightclub - wealth and glamour. Woman guitarist.

14:33:40 Mobilization placards are posted in 1939 as war is declared on Germany. Civilians dig air raid shelters and sandbag buildings. Newspaper headlines announce the fall of Poland and the invasion of the Low Countries.

14:34:16 German motorized forces roll through France. German troops march into Paris under the Arc de Triomphe as Parisians weep. Hitler and Goering enter Paris in open-top car. Classic shot Hitler in front of Eiffel Tower. Nazi flag flies from tower.

14:35:06 Pres. Roosevelt addresses Congress. American volunteer workers prepare packages for French relief. US troops drill, shipyards, factories turn out guns and tanks, factory - aircraft production. Atlantic convoy.

14:36:56 1943 - President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill confer in Quebec.

14:37:11 Roosevelt, Churchill Stalin, Molotov and Marshall in Tehran.

14:37:33 Map showing German fortifications - gun emplacements - tank traps etc. Rommel inspects Atlantic wall.

14:38:21 Allied planes in formation. RAF aircraft in flight over sea - interior cockpit. Dogfight - German fighter shot down. Allied planes drop bombs over France?

14:39:15 England - Stockpiles of equipment for D-Day.

14:39:36 London - June 1944 - High command planning meeting - Gens. Montgomery and Eisenhower plan the European invasion at headquarters.

14:39:50 Allied planes take off on bombing missions over French coast. Cameragun footage - Strafing German train. Building explodes. Strafing German planes on the ground.

14:40:40 6Jun1944 - D-Day invasion - British and American warships shelling coastline of France. Rocket guns fired. Animated map showing invasion route. Allied forces land on beaches of Normandy. German film showing Nazi troops shooting at allies from bunker. US troops advance.

The French Campaign 1944 - Reel 2

Map shows progress of allied troops on Cherbourg peninsula. Supplies and reinforcements moving off the beaches and heading inland. Battle action for port of Cherbourg. Artillery firing - tanks through town - 27th June, German garrison troops surrender. German POWs march down road under sign for Cherbourg. Engineers making repairs to docks at Cherbourg. Steam freight train.

14:43:28 Gens. Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton confer at the front. Allied planes bomb St Lo area - US tanks and men advance. Animated map. German troops retreating. British and Canadian armies - battle scenes - firing artillery. Wrecked German tanks and equipment. Nazi POWs.

14:45:36 Military truck convoy bringing supplies to front line.

14:46:00 Liberation of Southern France - aircraft in formation - paratroopers - mass of parachutes

14:46:22 Allied forces land on the Riviera.

14:46:22 Paris - Eiffel Tower - Free French battle for Paris - street fighting - man throws grenade from window into truck loaded with German troops. General Le Clerc and French 2nd Armoured division movingup towards Paris. Troops welcomed by Parisians as they enter city. Battle scenes. German prisoners of war.

14:49:20 Crowds celebrate - newspaper headline re liberated Paris. Charles de Gaulle marches down Champs Elysees - military parade - Arc de Triomphe. Street scenes in liberated Paris. Two children playing.


WW II - North Africa

Priest with US Air Force Chaplain arrive by car to airfield. Transport plane taxiing.

18:23:15 Military ceremony, Eisenhower / Ike and French General inspect troops. Native troops marching with rifles. Women military personnel watching parade - US troops march past review stand. Allied tanks and artillery mounted by Scots guards in parade. Arab horsemen in parade. French troops march past. Formation of aircraft fly over. Scots guards in kilts with bagpipes march past. US soldiers watching parade. officers on review stand. British troops march past

[Eisenhower Speech to British Military Graduation, n.d.]

Ext. SOF Eisenhower speaking, saluting, was introduced by General Fanshaw (not seen) at military graduation in England. Ike speaks re special relationship. We are on the side of decency, honor...much remains to be done...we can & must win this war. I think we've shown we can work together as a unified team...

15:10:28 British troops marching w/ field behind.

15:10:48 Ike salutes from steps as troops march past to band music (SOF). Troops march inside. Ike speech from steps: It is up to you men to give your units whether it is a tank crew...leadership every hour of the day, every day of the week. You must know every one of your must be their leader, their father, their mentor, even if you are half their age... You must be the one that goes to their rescue... Stands beside Gen. Fanshaw. Men formally march into building. Generals leaving, Ike into car. Kay Summersby?

15:15:54 MOS. Ike & British military march between line of tanks. Eisenhower & others watching training exercise on obstacle course.

American - British Relations; Leadership;

The Roswell Reports [Part 3]

Report conclusion 4 - red-headed Captain said to have intimidated civilians in 1947 was probably balloon test pilot Col. Kittinger. Colour shots of Kittinger climbing out of balloon module after high altitude flights in 1957 & 1962; no evidence he intimidated civilians - still of Kittinger w/ Eisenhower; shots of Kittinger making record parachute jump from 20 miles up, 16Aug60 - in cockpit of fighter plane during Vietnam War; still of Kittinger making first solo balloon crossing of Atlantic,1984.

01:19:49 Report conclusion 5 - exploitation of dead personnel to perpetuate the alleged sightings of alien bodies - 1980s military funeral - bodies in Roswell AAF Hospital were result of vars air accidents - 1956 newspaper headline 11 Walker Airmen Die In Tanker Crash - b/w shot KC-97 tanker aircraft in refuelling flight - stills of Walker Air Force Base [Roswell renamed in 1948] where burned bodies taken.

01:21:14 Still of crew in manned balloon involved in accident 1959 near Walker AFB; USAF chase helicopter in flight; Kittinger; Walker AFB Hospital; stills of injured Capt. Fulgum w/ swollen head & injury record sheet - later stills of Fulgum as NASA test parachutist & F-4 pilot in Korean War.

01:23:03 Conclusion - VS balloon experiments, dummies etc. - Incident exposed as a conglomeration of many events . Stills of early US flight & USAF leaders through the years.

01:24:01 Black F-117A flying wing fighter take off; in flight at night - infra red air to air shots - CU weapons guiding screen. Space rocket take off. Fighter jets fly over. VO re dedication of USAF staff.

Extra Terrestrials. UFOs. Flying Saucers. Aliens. Hoaxes. Legends. Myths. Conspiracy Theories.

Winston Churchill With Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip outside Downing Street. Churchill In car following bombing of London. 1941 Atlantic Charter meeting w/ FDR Roosevelt shipboard off Newfoundland on USS. Augusta. Crossing Channel; w/ Ike Eisenhower & Montgomery. W/ royal family on balcony for VE Day. Motorcade in NYC in rain. Into Congress & at podium. Meeting w/ Ike at White House posing for cameras. Outside #10 Downing Street gives V sign.


[1951 - London Military Parade to St. Paul s Service & Presentation by General Eisenhower]

USA soldier, sailor & airman at attention behind book on podium. CU Ornate cover w/ 1941 - 1945, opened to title page: American Roll of Honor They Gave All 1941-1945. Pages turned, first page signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, 13Aug??. Illuminated & water color pages. Other pages w/ names flipped past.

15:21:59 Ext view of military band & parade thru London stret w/ British & American units marching past stopped buses & spectators. Other views & locations; St. Paul s Cathedral in background.

15:23:21 People on in windows throw confetti. Marching past bomb damaged buildings; billboards;

15:24:07 Front of St. Paul s cathedral & military marching in.

15:24:54 Two US (?) officers in dress uniforms follow woman up steps. Naval officers w/ swords up steps. Queen, Elizabeth & Margaret out of limousine & up steps, greeted w/ handshakes by Church officials in robes.

15:25:32 Churchill out of limousine & up steps in top hat & w/ cane.

15:25:46 Ike, Mamie, John & wife up steps; greeted by Church officials.

15:26:04 Clement Attlee & wife.

Commemoration Ceremony; Dead; British Royalty; High Holborn; England;

NOTE: Volume lists 28,000 Americans who served w/ US, Canadian & British units and died coming to Britain, while based in Britain or returning home.

Air Force Now, Issue 95 (USAF 30th Birthday; Civilian AF Workers; Air Ace Rickenbacker; FAA)

(1940s footage intercuts with XCUs decorating cake.)

26Jul47 Truman signs re creation separate air force. 1948 Berlin Airlift, loading supplies. Landing. Children eating. 27Jun50 Truman announces Armed Forces to aid Korea (MOS). 20May51 Capt. James Jabara, first American Jet Ace shoots down enemy plane . 15Aug57 Nathan F. Twining sworn in by Eisenhower as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 17Dec57 Atlas ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missile launched. 06Feb59 Titan ICBM launch. 03Jun59 First graduation USAF Academy. 14Oct62 USA reconnaissance aircraft finds proof of Russian missiles in Cuba. Man inspects photo with magnifying glass. Headlines re Khrushchev ordering missiles removal.

02:33:40 01Jul65 USAF crews down two MIG-17 over North Vietnam. 20Mar69 Apollo 11 launch. 16Jul71 Jeanne M. Holme first USAF woman General officer. Finished 30th birthday cake.

02:34:38 Air Force Now Title Sequence.

02:34:57 Black officer presents in TV studio.

Officers opinions re civilians working in the Air Force - negative reactions, jokes overpaid, underworked . One officer says they re essential. Civilian worker Robert Oyas, shop foreman of fuel-system branch of field maintenance squadron cycling round Wright Patterson airfield; at work & describes his job in V.O. Checking plane. Irene Schiller, Program Analyst for Space & Systems Missiles Administration in meeting w/ officers & lecturing.

02:38:45 Col. George B. Powers in car says one third USAF workforce are civilians. Montage stills civilian professions: welder, doctors, bank clerk, handling data storage tape, librarian, supermarket staff, electricians, typist, clerical, etc. Presenter ends.

02:40:38 Air Force Air Aces. 1910s Eddie Rickenbacker race cars, stills. Headlines United States & Germany at War - WWI. Enlisted Americans march. Early plane w/ Rickenbacker piloting war plane. Plane downed & crash. Rickenbacker car. Eastern Air Lines commercial airplanes. Aerial Washington.

WWII: stranded at sea after plane crash & rescue w/ crew members. 1974 - Rickenbacker AFB renamed - airshow and plaque uncovered. Oil painting Eddie Rickenbacker.

02:43:17 AF Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Controls at back of plane. Truck convoy. California National Guard deploys facilities in airfield. Radar & other equipment. Trackout (?) evaluations. Radar screen. Taking notes. Good CUs dials & controls. Plane in flight seen from below. Controllers in tower.

02:48:23 Happy 30th Anniversary Presenter wishes happy anniversary. Crowd with USAF birthday cake in middle seen from above. Balloons drop - crowd shouts Happy Anniversary .

[Government Officers inc. Col. Donovan in Washington, 1942]

Vol.VIII#12 Rel. Jul42 EXT temporary Government Information Office, Washington - sign US Information ; men and women through main entrance and reverse angle of same from lobby. INT lobby w/ Buy War Savings Bonds & Stamps Now banner; MS Lowell Mellet talking to Phil Hamblet [Director & Asst. Director, Bureau of Information] in lobby - exchange documents and Hamblet off; CU Lowell Mellet. People at information desk; CU sign Services for men of the armed forces, war workers, visitors & DC residents . Government publications desk - men buy books; CU document Trade and Professional Associations of the United States . CU leaflet Work Will Win: The Story of Manpower .

22:50:28 INT Office of War Information in Social Security building - Elmer Davis, Director, and Mr Eisenhower, Deputy Director, at desk; CU Davis; CU Eisenhower; CU sign 719 - Mr Davis - Mr Eisenhower . EXT entrance to Social Security building. New York City: Elmer Davis out of building towards camera; talks to doorman as cameramen film w/ hand-held cameras.

22:52:50 INT Administrative building of Coordinator of Information, Washington - MS Colonel Wild Bill Donovan, Coordinator of Information, seen through doorway looking at papers - world maps on wall; CU Donovan. VS informal grouping R-L: Col. K. Preston Goodfellow, Col. Donovan, Edward Stanley, Col. G. Edward Buxton, Asst. Coordinator of Information & Col. William Eddy. MCU Buxton, Stanley and Eddy; CU Goodfellow and Donovan; CU Donovan.


Latest Pictures of American Army in North Africa

US troops salute Governor of French Morocco General Nogues on visit to General Patton head of U.S. Occupation Force. Patton with French military leaders out of Miramar Hotel.

03:15:22 Nazi officers & POWs marched.& exercised.

03:15:47 Algiers harbor protected by French barrage balloons above many ships. Ext. Hotel St. George after occupation by U.S. Gen. Nogues now aligned w/ United Naitons enters for negotiations. British Admiral Cunningham, Gen. Clark & Gen. Eisenhower. People cheer.

03:16:25 Italian member of Axis Armistice Commission guarded by American soldiers leave Hotel d Angleterre & driven out in trucks & booed by civilians.

03:17:03 British troops of Britain s First Army (veterans of Dunkirk) arrive in Port of Algiers, march past on dock.

03:17:37 Map of occupied France. Port of Toulon: 27Nov42 French fleet sunk by French to avoid takeover by Nazis. Fleet underway towards camera. Laying smoke screen. Flying French flag. The End

WWII 1942 Mediterannean; Capture of French North Africa;

[Eisenhower, Zhukov, Montgomery in Frankfurt - Dead Soviet PoWs]

L-R Montgomery, Eisenhower & Zhukov up steps outisde building past photographers - Frankfurt, 10Jun45?. Three Generals toast on steps. CU Ike & Zhukov looking up to sky at planes. Top shot military band playing. Soviet flag.

13:20:50 Troops examine bodies of dead Soviet prisoners of war littering snowy ground - some burned / mutilated - killed by Germans. Heavy guns firing in retaliation - probably Stalingrad.

13:22:44 Street scene w/ emotional civilians - greeting troops? - CU blonde woman wiping eyes - waving unid. flag w/ large white strip above smaller dark strip - shop sign in German visible in BG.

WWII. Eastern Front. Russia / USSR.

Conquest by Air [Reel 1 of 3]

Montage film re US Army Air Force activity in WWII - mostly brief shots. Opens w/ flashback to WWI French troops storming German trenches [probably staged].

16:31:18 AVs bomb damaged city - Hamburg ? Montage aircraft and air operations - B-26s, B-17s & P-38s in flight - bombs away inc. aerials of bombing of Rouen, 17Aug42. Mass of Flying Fortresses en route to Germany to bomb factories at Schweinfurt. unescorted B-17s under attack by FW-190s.

16:33:36 Interior factory - ballbearing production.

16:33:47 Gen. Eisenhower conferring w/ aides in front of map [brief]. Bomber going down - unescorted B-17s under attack by FW-190s - gun camera footage? Bombs away on target. Wreckage of factory - 14Oct42. Bombers in flight - view of propeller failing from inside cabin.

16:35:14 Unloading of dead & wounded from Schweinfurt raid from US bombers.

16:35:32 INT German factory still working - German industry - ball bearings - moving of military equipment. Ruins of Schweinfurt 20Aug43.

16:36:23 P-47s in flight. Damaged US planes. Massed aircraft in flight. P-51s on airfield. Air combat scenes. Bombing German factories - aftermath damage.

16:38:36 INT German aircraft factory - Fokke-Wulfs on production line; finished planes under camouflage netting.

WWII. Military Aviation. USAAF.

Allied Offensive North Africa (Operation Torch )

Military equipment and hardware being moved East by rail and road - Stockpile of trucks etc at docks. American troops on transport ship in dock.

19:47:00 British tanks being moved by rail.

19:47:12 US tank being lifted aboard ship. Troops awaiting embarkation. Allied troops going on board ship.

Naval Ships in convoy in the Atlantic - good shots.

03:48:39 Capitol - President Roosevelt in office with Winston Churchill. FDR and Churchill seated together at desk. General George Marshall.

19:49:00 Churchill with cigar. Eisenhower - General Mark Clark.

19:49:12 Convoy at sea - good shots troops on deck relaxing - great shot young American GI giving V for Victory sign. Troops playing games. Troops at battle inspection on board ship. Animated map shows fleet movements from America and Britain. 850 ships in all. Map showing how the fleet was divided - one part to Algiers and the other off Morocco.

19:50:43 Casablanca - fleet off shore - planes fly overhead. Battle scenes as allied warships fire on coast of Morocco - firing broadsides. Unfinished French battleship in port goes up in flames after being hit by US guns. Ship sinking. Wrecked ships in harbour.

Allied Offensive North Africa (Operation Torch ?)

Oran - Ships off Algerian coast. Ships anti-aircraft guns firing. Warships lay down smoke screen. British and American soldiers down landing nets and into landing craft. Landing craft approaching shore - troops wade ashore and up beach. Supplies landed. Locals line street - smiling and waving to camera. Soldier holding leaflet from Eisenhower and v/o Ike speaking in French . American troops march through streets of Oran. Military vehicles.

19:56:24 French soldiers who had been fighting under Vichy - now prisoners of war and assembled in square.

19:56:47 Algiers - Allied convoy at anchor in harbour. Allied troops marching in docks and down streets. Tanks and jeeps moving eastward - soldiers on foot. Animated map pinpointing Alexandria in Egypt. Allied planes taking off line abreast. Air to ground bombs away over desert. Ait to air formation of planes dropping bombs. British 8th Army artillery firing. Lybia, Battle scenes - tanks - armoured cars. Wrecked german aircraft. Supplies and equipment moving up towards front line.

19:59:50 Montgomery. Thousands of Italian POWs.

20:00:08 Algeria - German officers under arrest. Axis 5th column spies rounded up for internment. Locals make gestures as Axis prisoners taken away in trucks. Crowd making V for victory signs as Allied trucks pass. American medal ceremony.

20:01:18 Animated map detailing allied flight paths to Italy. Night AVs bombing of Italy.

A Community at War - Reel 3

Dayton, Ohio, solves its labour problems.

Homefront War Workers - production - organised labour.

New housing projects. Builders - construction. Buildings in city centre converted to house war workers. Traffic. Factory workers leaving work. Car sharing / pools. Buses / transportation. Workers in and out at change of shift. Works Cafeteria - womens only cafeteria - Factory whistle blows signalling break. Ladies health department and dentist. Personal services department set up in factories to stop people having to take time off for visits to rationing offices / driving licence office etc. Two men in office, worker wants to quit, man talks him out of it. Exteriors Factories at night. WMC training meeting. Management labor committee. Animated graphic re war production. Meeting of committee re manpower and Dayton success story.

15:57:05 Aircraft and armament factories. Military vehicles. Eisenhower in uniform standing in front of flags.

Cairo and Tehran

On screen credit advises that the commentary on this film is an excerpt from the President s broadcast to the armed forces Christmas 1943.

Globe turning over montage of shots.

12:41:20 Moscow - Kremlin. Interiors Pact signed by Molotov - Anthony Eden and Cordell Hull.

12:41:45 Cairo Conference. Pyramids and Sphinx. Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek seated in garden. Pan along military officers standing behind including General Marshall.

12:42:47 Animated map detailing Korea Formosa and Manchuria. Graphic The Tanaka Memorial - Japan s Dream of World Empire. Naval ships firing - US marines landing on Pacific island. Troops in jungle firing artillery. Aircraft drops bombs. Australian firing artillery. British forces.

12:44:10 Chinese flag. Chiang Kai-shek with troops. Flying Tigers.

12:44:35 General Marshall visting with General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz.

12:44:50 Aircraft in flight AV Tehran. FDR, Churchill and Stalin seated in front of conference building.

12:45:34 Russian army firing artillery on Eastern Front. - snow - aircraft - explosion from bomb. Cossack troops.

12:45:45 Allied armies in Italy. Brief dogfight. General Eisenhower with Clark being driven in jeep across bridge. Bomb damaged buildings in Italy. Ike with Allied officers. Gen. Spaatz given decoration. Planes dropping bombs over Germany

12:46:49 Tehran conference - three leaders seated on porch of building. Anthony Eden and Molotov join group. Montage German military might - parade and flypast. German children at play. Troops marching - Hitler ranting

12:47:56 Sword of Stalingrad presented to Stalin by Churchill. FDR inspects sword. Roosevelt voice over says he got along just fine with Stalin and thinks they will get along very well together in the future - praises Stalin for his determination and good humour.

Montage allies - FDR speech says as long as these four nations stick together there will never be another World War.

De Gaulle in North Africa June 1943

Generals De Gaulle and Giraud talking by plane. De Gaulle shaling hands and reviewing French troops. General Giraud decorating General Eisenhower, places sash over him and dubs with sword and kisses him on cheeks. Gens. Giraud, Ike and others salute flags. American troops march past in review.

15:06:58 Ships at sea. Ships in harbour. Unloading landing barge using roller type conveyor belt. Soldiers stacking supplies.

15:07:14 AV African coastline - B-17 in flight - bombs dropping away.

Italian Fleet Surrenders

Warships underway. Admiral Sir Allan Cunningham, General Eisenhower & others on bridge of warship. Distant AV ships in convoy. Italian battleships Vittoria Veneto & the Littoria underway. Italian warships at anchor. Italian warships & submarines at sea. Italian naval officer shakes hand with British officer as smiling crew looks on. Italian Admiral & aides arrive in launch at pier, greeted by Admiral Cunningham.

WWII; 1943; Mediterranean; Italy Navy;

Latest Pictures of US Occupation of North Africa

US Military transport ships in Algiers Harbour to bring US & British reinforcements. Troops disembark in harbour.

Wrecked French fleet in Casablanca Harbour after Allied attack; wrecked ship Jean Bart. French General Noguet past allied troops. General Clark & Cunningham. Eisenhower. A dozen captured German officers; made to run on beach.

Crowd in Algiers. Italian fascists come out of Hotel Angleterre under armed guard and driven in truck through streets as crowds jeer and make rude gestures and V-signs.

News From North Africa

Generals de Gaulle and Giraud meet at airport - inspect Free French troops. General Giraud awards General Eisenhower the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour for services to France. Ike salutes. American troops parade.

The War 1941 - 1944 R5

Von Paulus at the surrender of Stalingrad. Artillery fired and fireworks in Moscow for celebrations of the liberation of Stalingrad. Happy Russians.

10:01:22 The Gathering Offensive - Jan 1943 President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in Casablanca. De Gaulle returns to French soil to attend conference. Allied top brass - officers meet round conference table. Sir Charles Portal and General Arnold. Sir Alfred Dudley Pound and Admiral King. Sir Alan Brooke with General George Marshall. FDR and Churchill pose in gardens.

10:02:11 British and American troops meet in Tunisia - exchange cigarettes andhelmets. General Eisenhower greeting General Montgomery. British fighting scenes as they continue up the Tunisian coast. AV Allied planes bomb desert area - US tanks forward towards Bizerta.

10:03:24 German prisoners of war march down road after tank following the surrender of Bizerta and Tunis. French soldiers guarding German POWs. Masses of Germans prisoners in trucks and walking. AV prisoners in desert compound.

10:04:06 Tunisians welcome American troops - celebrations.

10:04:43 On to Fortress Europe - July 10th 1943 Allied troops landing on beaches of Sicily. Paratroop drop. Mussolini. 3rd Sept. Allied invasion of Italy. Italian fleet surrender to Gen. Eisenhower at Malta. Good shots battleships.

10:05:57 Naples - celebrations as allies enter city.

10:06:15 The Air Front - Animated map of Europe showing tactical advantages of capturing Italian airspace. Bomber crews in England at briefing. Montage Allied planes taking off. Aircraft in flight - US daylight bombing raids on German industry and docks. Night bombing by British on German armament centres. OPX film. Allied planes bombing and strafing railways - airfields. Dofights - camera gun shots. Planes in formation

10:09:25 Russia - June 1943 - Russian artillery firing - Animated map of Russia showing how they pushed the German back. Russians with German prisoner.

[North Africa - De Gaulle & Giraud Review French Troops]

De Gaulle and Giraud arrive in car. King George, Gen de Gaulle, Gen Giraud, Gen Eisenhower, Gen Alexander, Adm. Cunningham & others review French troops & equipment.

Italy Quits

CU Eisenhower saluting. Montage Italian military and airforce. CU Mussolini. Italian Prisoners of War waving to camera. Civilians throwing stones at painting of Mussolini. Mussolini through streets in open top car surrounded by crowds. Shot from balcony of cheering crowds.

23:12:42 Newspaper headlines in New York World Telegram Italy Surrenders . Papers off press. Italian Americans celebrating.

Sicily Invaded

General Eisenhower standing with other high ranking officers. Formation of bombers overhead. From inside plane - bombs away. Air to air bombs dropping. AV bombs dropping along coastline. A-A bombs dropping inland.

23:01:17 Invasion fleet at sea. Ship flashing light signals. Troops on deck. Captain. Ships big guns firing. Night firing - big flashes - battle. Dawn - aircraft. Planes flying over coastline - paratroop drop. Mass of parachutes. Landing craft approaching shore. Ships firing broadsides. Landing craft coming ashore - troops wade through sea. Soldier waving American flag. Troops run up beach. General Eisenhower in front of flag salutes.

En Route Home from Tehran, Roosevelt Hails Troops in Sicily

FDR seated in car, Winston Churchill in civilian suit leans against car chatting. Sphinx, pyramid. FDR, Churchill with Turkey s President Ismet Inonu pose for cameras following diplomatic talks. FDR in Jeep with General Eisenhower reviews troops in Sicily. Nice shot Ike and FDR laughing. General Mark Clark and five officers receive medals for Sicily campaign. Army photographer. Troops march past in parade. Ike and FDR have picnic lunch in back of car. FDR poses with two of his sons, one in naval and the other in army uniform.

Japanese Relocation

Introductory titles re transfer of Japanese-Americans to internment camps .

03:27:55 Director of Relocation Authority Milton S. Eisenhower at desk, statement to camera & narrates.

03:29:06 Ext. houses in San Pedro near Los Angeles, air base & oil wells nearby. Naval ships; fishing boats in harbor, Japanese fishermen. Army officers at map; notice re Japanese evacuation put up.

03:30:33 Japanese families registering, doctor giving medical examination; filling out paperwork to lease or sell their property.

03:31:01 Loading household goods into moving vans; boarding special buses & waving goodbye. Lines of buses; cars on road in convoy. Empty Japanese shops w/ signs for lease or sale & boarded up. Guarded impounded fishing boats at dock.

03:32:02 Buses of displaced Japanese arrive & people are held at race tracks & fairgrounds. LS pan over Santa Anita Race Track barracks . Int. of huge canteen dining hall; church service in grandstand; kids walking w/ mother. High shot of men & women making camouflage nets for US army. Pan over barracks being built. Japanese boarding train & pulling out of station. Bus convoy pulling out & into camp on dusty road; passengers off bus & into building. Japanese nurses giving immunization shots. Sign: Americanization Classes - Advanced. College age women taking notes. Community meetings w/ civic award given, applause. Sign: Children s Center. Woman pouring milk for young children, MCUs.

03:34:54 Group walking in front of barracks, nursery lathe house. Sign: Production Section Guayuule Experiment Plant. Weeding cuttings grown as possible rubber replacement.

03:35:16 - 03:35:38 damaged

Pan over barren farm field & canals. LS & extensive pan of camp at foot of mountains. ...only when circumstances permit the loyal American citizens once again to enjoy the freedom that we in this country cherish; and when the disloyal, we hope, have left this country for good. In the meantime we re setting a standard for the rest of the world in the treatment of peoples who may have loyalties to an enemy nation. We are protecting ourselves w/o violating the principles of Christian Decency, & we won t change this fundamental decency no matter what our enemies do...

WWII Homefront Propaganda; Concentration Camps; Anti-Democracy; Imprisonment; 1940s;

First Films - Bizerte Falls! Axis Crushed By Allied Power!

GIs of Second Army Corps hiking toward camera along road over rolling hills. Armored units on roadside & moving up, fighting, LS of smoke in plain see from hilltop. Aerials over tanks lining desert & wrecked German tanks inspected.

04:18:54 Eisenhower looking at Nazi booby traps. Quick shot of British 8th Army firing artillery, taking prisoners. Allies through town, citizens throw stars onto ground and stamp on them. These had to be worn by Jews under Vichy / Nazi occupation. General Montgomery riding thru street in jeep & saluting. Kids waving flags. Monty receiving bouquet & kisses.

04:19:46 Tank rolling across field, German plane overhead drops bomb; similar plane shot down. Another crashes in flames. Lake Bizerte & US firing on Nazi naval base w/ explosions. Troops moving up w/ rifles & bayonets. CU sign on entrance wall Bizerte. Troops march in (ca 07May43) alongside buildings w/ street fighting, tanks firing into buildings which crumble.

04:21:24 Truckloads of German prisoners surrendering. Nazi Generals questioned by American; soldiers questioned. POWs marched to rear carrying field packs. Large number herded by MPs through coiled barbed wire. Eating, laughing to camera.

04:22:38 Triumphal entry into Bizerte, crowds waving, V signs; happy faces, girls & women throwing flowers, Laughing GIs. Kids w/ V-signs. CU waving, cheering faces (GOOD). US, British & other flags waved.

WWII government newsreel; Propaganda; 1940s; North African Battles; Fighting;

War Department Report R2 of 4

Nazi parade, huge crowds salute marching soldiers, CU of Nazi leader - Robert Lay marches thru the crowds, smile, wave; 19 European country representatives give nazi salute to leader on podium.

17:51:58 Food montage. Warehouse men carry boxes; sacks, pigs hang from ceiling, sausages stored, workers in the canteen, soldier on street eats sandwich. People queue for food, family prepares food in yard.

17:52:30 Industry shots: coal mining, steel, oil, rubber tire factory. High angle heavy industry, automatic machinery, CUs, steel foundry, rolling, tool makers, weapons production, shells, explosives, artillery shells from various angles (GOOD).

17:53:59 New submarines launched, locomotive production & new train engines over camera; tanks on railroad cars. Tiger tank production, tank drives across field in dust; fighter plane production, planes on ground & in air fly-over.

17:55:20 Men work w/ huge fiery factory furnaces in Ruhr steel mills. Slave laborers work on concrete structures; building Maginot Line. Large gun emplacement. Big pipe line laid, men paint the pipeline from inside & outside. Channel gun emplacements.

17:56:25 Huge artillery gun lifted in air; soldiers load new rocket gun & fire barrage. Night explosions.

17:57:07 Montage of US military & support. GI strokes rifle & smiles, others watch, troops attack in Pacific; out of landing craft & into jungle; high angle navy fleet, ships from various angles, big waves, freighters unloaded. Shots of various artillery, paratroops landing, tanks drive off ferry, short clips of weapons factory, cars transported by rail, various goods stockpiled & in storage.

17:58:45 Montage: North Africa & attack on Sicily. Eisenhower & ?? out of building. Supplies on railroad. Oil, DUKWs, & other needed supplies. Communications equipment; soldier w/ mine detector, new road construction, planes on the field, railroad, partly sunk ships in damaged port.

17:59:28 Montage equipment replacement: bomber plane crash lands; damaged trucks & equipment road side; tank sunk in Voltuno river next to pontoon bridge, trucks across; ships unload onto lorries, big trucks hoisted from ship; shots of stacks of supplied stored.

18:00:37 North African men carry big sacks, high angle army storage base, soldiers check various equipment; De Gaulle & Free French w/ General w/ marching French troops. Lend Lease & artillery production & storage. Moved thru large port, various shots of unloading, transporting, artillery, American war planes to Russian air force, white star painted red. US & Soviet pilots.

18:01:37 Montage of delivery: factory, people work w/ automatic machinery, railroad transportation; boxes unloaded from transport plane onto camels & wagons, high angle navy base.

WWII Quartermasters; Supplies; Resupplying; Propaganda;

Happy Warriors

Formations of planes over (phoney looking). Air to air of bombers w/ flak bursts around. CU Pilots, gunners etc looking out window & views of bombs dropping away (good). Explosions. Ike (Eisenhower) shaking hands. Bus of men going for relaxation; checked at Washington Hall, signs. Col. Gale & staff pose. Sgt Maj. Holloway, Colonel Gale s right hand man. Intelligence Unit S2 - Men checking out & belongings checked. Men getting tennis rackets, dice, baseball bat. Volleyball. Punching bag, gymnastic rings; baseball game. Touring in group to sites w/ guides. Red Cross Aeroclub for snacks & coke. Men salute lowering of flag. Men run to bulletin board, announcement for home. Jackets w/ missions. Chaplain, good CUs of listening. Pay officer changes money to dollars. RR station & leaving by passenger cars waving. Col Gale waves goodbye. CU of wheels. Aerial of Statue of Liberty.

D-Day Convoy

Paratroops by bus to planes. AV Aerial of convoy; bombing bridges; ships across. Planes & gliders readied. Pilots briefed. General Gavin with troops Religious services. Eisenhower (Ike) & airborne w/ 6th Pathfinder Units. Loading gliders, taking off. Ships bombarding coast firing broadsides - signallers; men off ships; gun camera of strafing RR & canals.

Main Title: Movietone News

14:41:53 Allies Land In France (re Second front - D-Day)

14:42:09 Bombers over France; drop smoke bombs & others. Road junction area hit; bridge hit by precision bombing (GOOD).

14:42:44 British troops on road in South of England; British, Americans & Canadians embarking. Fleet at sea w/ barrage balloons above; on way to France. Eisenhower talks w/ other military VIPs. Transport plane takes off before dawn, paratroopers embark. Gliders take off, towed.

14:44:39 Strafing Nazi shipping in French canal.

14:44:54 Convoy across English Channel; aerials w/ planes below. Aerials French coast. Planes in flight (GOOD).

14:45:52 Troops into landing craft & ashore under fire; landing seen from aboard craft. Aerial of landing ships. Troops fall under enemy fire on beach.

14:47:32 Stormy weather, rough seas. Troops w/ wounded under cliff. Equipment brought ashore in rough water. Bradley, Eisenhower, Montgomery on shipboard.

14:48:32 Low-flying footage of air attack on railroad; train blows up. Troops in field; behind cemetery; talking to French man in beret.

14:49:24 Column of Nazi POWs; surrender of Germans on beach after landing. Ragged troops hold up Nazi flag.

14:49:49 Wounded disembark in Britain & tended by Red Cross. Air assault on German air base - Nazi plane explodes. The End - Join the Fighting 5th - Buy War Bonds

1944; WWII Battles; Fighting; Invasions; Normandy;


General Eisenhower and his aides map the Normandy invasion standing in front of huge wall map. Slave labour used to build German coastal defences known as West Wall. Good shots fortifications - big guns pointing across Channel. Camouflage.

06:02:34 Tanks, guns, locomotives, and other military equipment is massed on the English beaches. Aircraft on airfield. Supplies in warehouses. Railway locomotives specially built to run on Continental RR. Naval ships waiting in ports fro invasion. Assault boats launched from transport ships.

06:04:27 Troops practice loading operations. Tanks and artillery loaded onto ships. Landing craft is tested in the English Channel. Fleet at sea in Channel. Me into landing craft. AVs ships and landing fleet. Animated map.

Pictures of practice landing and airborne operations are used to dramatize the actual invasion on June 6, 1944.

06.06.53 American bombers flying in formation - mass paratroop drop, sky full of parachutes. Landing craft heading for shore - artillery and rocket guns fired. Landing craft onto beaches - explosions - troops running. Good battle scenes.

D-Day & invasion, England to Paris Reel Four

Shots countryside - POV jeep (jiggly)

07:39:26 Correspondents swimming in the nude in lake - relaxing by lake

07:40:29 Edward G Robinson talking to troops outside barn where show to entertain troops is held

07:40:56 Rambouillet Town - soldiers milling around - press corps laughing together including George Stevens

07:41:32 Repeated material Edward G etc:

07:42:31 Sign post Versailles 32 Paris 52 - Troops etc towards Paris

07:43:27 Arc de Triomphe - Champs Elysees with crowds (dark)

07:44:17 B/W de Gaulle - snipers - crowds taking cover - French collaborators manhandled by crowds - German POWs.

07:45:29 Col American Troops march down Champs Elysees (dark) shots landmarks and buildings in Paris including Opera .House - crowds on street - Eiffel Tower - going up in lift in tower - shots of Paris - River Seine and buildings. Crowds on street.

07:48:03 Auteuil Race course - horse racing - women in glamorous clothes

07:48:39 Paris - Art gallery in street paintings on display - artist painting street scene in old quarter of Paris

07:49:11 Countryside shots - village - forest of Ardennes

07:49:39 General Collins talking to General Maurice Rose

07:49:58 Units of 3rd armoured division in jeeps etc through streets

07:50:13 Shots happy children posing with troops

07:50:37 Children posing in front of Seigfreid line

07:51:20 POV travelling through country

07:51:31 Germany - Station Aachen Rothe Erde - bomb damaged buildings - few GIs on streets

07:52:11 GIs waiting to be called into action

07:52:23 Shot of propeller from plane window - cemetery - war graves on Normandy beaches

07:52:37 Devastation - buildings in ruins in Berlin

07:53:01 B/W Berlin in ruins

07:53:13 General Eisenhower (Ike) addressing troops - exhibition of weapons and aircraft used by Germans V2 rocket - ME-262 - Jet plane - Japanese Kamikaze bomb plane - Plane built by Germans to bomb New York. Called Alles Kaputt on nose.

07:54:57 Atomic explosion New Mexico (B/W)

07:55:32 Sunset

NB Sound out at 07:56:25

Eisenhower In Paris

Ike under Arc de Triomphe with Gen. Brandy. De Gaulle and Ike in countryside; shake hands; laughing together.

Title: Back the Attacks - Buy War bonds NOW!

Film Flashes Of The War

re war in Europe

Port of Antwerp Open

British minesweepers clear channel; mine blows up. LS Antwerp docks. First Allied supply vessel enters. Truck and supplies unloaded by giant cranes.

15:15:34 Air Fighter Action

Air strafing of German planes on ground inside Germany. Dogfight w/ German jet-propelled fighter. Nazi plane hit and exploding; pilot ejected. Other plane explosion and pilot ejected.

15:16;07 Victims of War s Havoc

French refugees on road in countryside carrying belongings on horse-drawn cart. Group of refugees stand in farm yard; farmer w/ meat on table; peasant women cook outdoors. Families eat outdoors. CU Mother w/ child.

15:16;46 General Eisenhower on tour

Ike w/ Montgomery conferring re joint action. Ike in British uniform inspects troops on British Second Army front in Holland. Ike written on his boots. Ike visits British field hospital; signs autographs for nurses.

Fourth Of July Celebrated In France

Eisenhower and Bradley on French front. Fire cannon at noon - ammunition marked Happy 4th Adolph .

French villagers stitch American flag. Celebration on village square and message in English Many thanks for our liberators painted on wall. Drinking wine. French schoolchildren sing American national anthem.

General Eisenhower Pays Tribute to People of Paris

June or Jul44 - Ike speech re liberation. Praises French resistants. The glory of having freed the capital belongs to Frenchmen .

Motorcade on Champs Elysees.

General Eisenhower Receives Churchill On Western Front

09:56:53 Churchill smoking cigar & Ike walk, talk followed by staff.

09:57:07 Ike w/ other generals walking in rain, reviews 29th Division troops on visit to border of Germany. Talks w/ soldiers. Gen. Bradley & Ike talk.

1944; WWII; WW2; Allies;

Invasion - D-Day Landings (INV 37)

Ships at sea - Eisenhower on board ship.

06:20:27 Montgomery boards ship. USAF in flight over Europe, gun camera, dogfight, German plane explodes, strafing railway line and German aircraft on ground.

06:21:10 Landing crafts hit the beach - men out of landing craft. Men and military equipment ashore - troops wade through sea.

06:23:08 Camera gun, strafing railway lines, explosion. AVs gliders on ground. GV Gliders on grass, troops with bicycles. Troops out of landing craft, beachhead activities. LV Soldier shot as runs up beach. Troops into water as landing craft sinks. Burning German gun emplacement / bunker. German soldier up to neck in ground. Troops moving inland along RR line. Tanks up and past. US troops moving through small town. Dead. Bomb damaged buildings.

06:27:57 (Same as 1275) Patrol walking down street next to churchyard. Locals walking down road - old French man shakes hands with soldier. Armoured vehicle towing gun. Soldiers in ruins of Shrine / Church at Saint Marcouf. Two soldiers crouch behind wall of large house, one raises white flag on rifle. Patrol with German prisoner of war. Pile of confiscated helmets etc.

Latest Pictures of Allied Push In Normandy

09:38:26 Eisenhower w/ Secretary fo War Stimson at front. Winston Churchill inspects captured German rocket launching site & leaves in boat holding cap on cane.

09:38:49 RAF air assault from ground & British bombers seen from air; flares dropped. Aerial of bombs dropped; explosions. American bombers overhead & bombs falling seen from bombers, explosions w/ much smoke.

09:39:32 Large artillery guns firing. British & Canadian tanks advance, tank slides off road. Tanks in field firing. Column of German POWs past Canadian troops parked on road. American fighters; GSAP gun camera of dog fight w/ German planes; strafing downed German plane.; strafing muntions train w/ explosion. Plane fires tracers & hits rocket bomb in air, explodes.

WWII; WW2; 1944 France; Fighting; Jun44 (?);

The War Speeds Up - includes V1 rockets on London

On the need for increased production of war material.

Shows the manufacture and combat use of artillery pieces, B-17 aeroplanes, tanks, and trucks.

Various explosions including planes, various guns fired (damaged film). Tanks, boat landing, parachutes dropped. US flag hoisted on tree, medieval towers and other buildings. German soldiers captured. CU soldier with wounded face. Newspaper headlines. US carrier and planes at Guadalcanal. Guam battle. Military lorry convoy. US troops with tanks in Pacific and Europe (Italy? France?), Aerial shots military convoys in European countryside moving forward.

Big guns: 105, 155, 240 used in combat/ firing. Pile of shells and bullets, big bomb conveyed / bomb trolley - bombs dropped from planes. Bulldozers clearing rubble. Big trucks with troops on board moving up to front line. Montage tyres.

Titles with names of battles won by US: Guadalcanal, Oran, Casablanca, Attu, Sicily, Salerno, Naples, Bougainville etc.

Aerial shot submarine, planes. tanks. Shows manufacture: Pan across enormous piles of war material stored, military vehicles incl. ambulances. Tank. Armament factory production line and storage. Tanks in field in combat. Aerial shot tank convoy. graphics of production needs.

Gens. Eisenhower (Ike), Bradley, Patton, Spaatz, Clark, MacArthur, and Montgomery and Adm. Halsey are shown in the field.

Goebbels. Hitler & Goering review German troops, Germans in combat (very grainy). Dead German soldier being shot.

Pacific ground combat.

V1 rocket flying over England. Destruction and rubble in England including church, wounded civilians evacuated, casualties.

Wounded soldiers on battlefield. Medics treating.

Rendova. Bodies lined up in field, wrapped in US flag, troops mourning. Bodies on beaches.

Soldiers eating and smoking outdoors. Pan along line of tired looking troops.

Wreckage of US boats on beach and other destroyed or abandoned artillery and military equipment.

Firing guns in forest in Normandy near St Lo. Tank through thicket, attack. Entering St Lo. Body of Major on rubble of St Lo church in US flag. Troops moving forward.

[WWII - General Eisenhower Inspects 29th Div. Front, Germany, 10Nov44]

LIB 632 2nd Division front - three miles from enemy lines

Ike talks & shakes hands w/ troops; other VIPS, MCUs, shake hands. Walk along railway track, helped into heavy coat.

Morale; 1944;

WWII - Eisenhower & King George VI in Tunisia May 1944 - visit to Rest Home

Officers putting Flags on car in Tunisia as others watch. Eisenhower by plane with Admiral Cunningham. King George VI and Ike walk towards car - in and away. Soldiers line road. Military on hillside above beach waving to camera. King George in car, talking with men and reviewing troops. King arrives by car in Naval uniform met by Naval officers enters Royal Navy Canteen. Sentries on door. King takes leave, shakes hands with Naval officer. MS Admiral Cunningham.

Yesterday s Big Story - D-Day

Troops boarding ships for invasion. Ambulances, tanks aircraft. Eisenhower confers with Montgomery. Convoy crossing Channel. Allied airforces bomb France. Ground to air planes over. Interior aircraft - paratroopers jumping - mass of parachutes in sky. Ships firing guns as troops get into landing craft. Landing on beach - casualities.

01:20:29 Eisenhower - German prisoners of war - POWs.

Preview to Invasion

Interior warehouse in England, supplies stacked. Exterior lines of jeeps and military vehicles stand waiting in the rain. General Eisenhower with Air Marshal Tedder and General Montgomery inspect troops. They watch military manoeuvres. Soldier sitting on tank firing machinegun. Two British soldiers demonstrate newest tank destoyer (invention) Piat gun. Tank explodes. Paratroops - mass of parachutes.

General Eisenhower

Ike speaking re war and makes bond appeal - sound fault which is probably on master.

War Pictorial - Invasion of France - D-Day

Allied High Command looking at wall map. General Spaatz, Eisenhower and Air Marshal Mallory. British troops boarding transport ship. Massed supplies for invasion. Men boarding ships with bicycles. US troops boarding landing craft. Allied bombardment of Nazi occupied Europe. Planes with special striped markings on wings. Part of invasion convoy at sea. Various shots ships at sea. Cameragun footage allied planes attacking coastal defences. Various bombs dropped. Aerial views coast of Normandy. Beachhead scenes. German prisoners. General Montgomery landing on the beach , speaks with officer.

04:42:50 Evening Standard newspaper headlines Invasion of Europe begins, people buying papers off street vendor. Brief street scenes. Poeple looking up at overhead allied aircraft.

True Glory Reel 1

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day

General Eisenhower introduces film, praising men of the services and teamwork.

Map of Europe, montage Hitler and Nazis. Coastal defences / West Wall, German officers. Good shots gun emplacements. Map, montage of possible invasion points which were rejected for various reasons. Normandy coastline.

22:04:01 USA - armament productions, London, British war workers. US trucks loaded onto transport ships. Montage military services. Survivors covered in oil are rescued from a freighter sinking in the North Atlantic.

22:05:20 England - Operations room, women putting markers on huge wall map.

22:05:39 US transport ship arrives in Liverpool, crowds on deck and below decks. Band playing as ship arrives and troops disembark. Montage brief street scenes in London - US servicemen sightseeing. other allied forces in London, various forces clubs. Good montage of single soldiers, men and women, of all nationalities on London streets. Exteriors various service mens clubs.

22:07:24 - Military training exercises. Obstacle courses, training landing on beach and scaling cliff face. Hand to hand combat.

True Glory Reel 2

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day

Military training exercises. Training landing on rocks in rough seas and scaling cliff face.

22:08:45 Map. Germany - Hitler - German Generals with maps.

22:09:19 SHAEF HQ interior, high command meeting. Good night shots British bombers taking off towards cameras. Night and day bombing of Europe. Brief shot agent parachutes into France. One man submarine. Torpedo boats etc returning from Normandy with sand for analysis. Woman at microscope. Man putting camera into reconnaisance plane. Coast of Normandy. Still photographs glued together making relief map. Supplies dropped to French resistance.

22:10:31 Mulberry Harbour launched. Montage supplies readied and stockpiled, men innoculated, ships launched, radio listening for German transmissions. SHAEF HQ, meeting of high command.

22:11:11 Stalin. Roosevelt and Churchill pose after Tehran conference.

22:11:24 Eisenhower, Montgomery and others at wall map. Montage preparations. Montage aircraft bombing and strafing France including RR marshalling yards. Railway lines destroyed. German plane shot down. Map showing Normandy and South Coast of England. German coastal defences, German troops march, Officers at West Wall. Goering inspects troops.

22:13:22 Invasion convoys assemble at Southampton, mass movement of military trucks, troops and materials through countryside and small towns. Transport continues at night by rail and road. Tanks etc loaded onto ships. Troops boarding. British and US men waiting on ships in harbour. Barrage balloons, hills in background. Men briefed on deck and dockside. Aircrews briefed.

22:15::51 Flags run up on ship, officers boarding, torpedo loaded, King George VI on board, salutes sailors.

Signals made with lights. Anchors weighed. Engine room scenes. Convoy sets sail

22:16:44 Eisenhower with camouflaged troops - inspects.

22:17:02 Silhouette shots soldiers moving at dusk. Aircraft, nose paint That s All Brother . Planes take off, almost night.

D-Day - First Pictures Invasion of France

Airforces attack France. Bombers - bombs dropped on Normandy, Strafing RR and marshalling yards. Camera gun footage strafing German planes on ground.

01:01:26 England - US paratroopers board planes. General sees transport planes take off in dusk. Men board gliders. British gliders take off. Invasion fleet at sea. Ships bombard French coast. Troops down landing nets. Ship sinking. In landing craft as approaches beach. AV coast of Normandy. Troops out of Landing Craft, classic shot soldier killed as runs up beach. Beachhead scenes, troops under fire, injured on stretchers. Men wading through seas. Stranded landing craft. German POWs. Local with US flag. German wounded tended by medic. Americans in shelter of cliff have wounds tended. Mass bombing - bridge blown up.

01:06:05 Shell damaged house on beach. Heavy equipment moved in. Wounded US soldiers. German prisoners. US troops move inland, question German prisoners. Piles of German equipment. French locals help Americans with directions. GI talking to two children. Troops pose with Nazi flag.

01:07:26 General Eisenhower stands with Montgomery. Ike with Omar Bradley. Wounded arriving back in England.

[German Surrender In Paris]

Von Choltitz arrives and with Leclerc. Collaborators and Germans rounded up. POV from plane flying over Arc de Triomphe. De Gaulle marches on Champs Elysees. Crowd held back. De Gaulle wreath laying. Procession with de Gaulle from Champs Elysees to Place de la Concorde. Snipers firing and crowd disperses and runs for cover. Fighting. Wounded civilians on stretchers. Crowd lying on ground as snipers fire. 03:39:12 Crowd assaults French collaborators escorted by police. Eisenhower at Arc de Triomphe with Bradley. American troops parade on Champs Elysees.

[Paris Liberation - Part 2]

Paris Liberation memorial service -

Ext. Les Invalides. LS setting up camera (soft). Tomb of unknown soldier. National Guard on foot. Stevens and others with camera near unknown soldier s grave. National Guard parade. Plane (glider?) flies overhead. Tanks lined up. President Eisenhower walks to grave, salutes and lays wreath. Photographers and cameramen. Military band plays. Ike and others leave; tanks follow. GIs and French girls chatting, flirting, kissing. POV from car hurtling towards La Concorde. Military, civilian, cycle and pedestrian traffic on Champs Elysees. Women drinking with GIs. Chicken on jeep. CU French woman and couple talking with GIs.

15;14:46 Eiffel Tower from Trocadero with rainbow on left. Three GIs pose in front of Eiffel Tower. Crowd at Trocadero Square. CU pretty French girls. GVs Eiffel Tower. US military band playing. Seine river nearby and white sailboat. People fishing on banks of Seine. Notre Dame cathedral. Boats moored on Seine. Boys choir singing in front of Notre Dame. Two GIs on bridge. Bicycle traffic.

15:19:43 - 15:20:01 FILM OUT OF RACK

Bicycle traffic

Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:

Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress

Eisenhower Speaks on North African Campaign

Ike at desk announces complete destruction of Rommel s Afrika Korps.

Adolf Hitler once had a great army called the Afrika Korps ...Every member [of that army]... is either dead or has been captured. His vast array of equipment is either in our hands or has been shattered... When the final showdown came, Rommel remained true to the fox s characteristics: he ran away... This great victory is a monument to the perfection of cooperation amongst the fighting services of several nations... this should give us great confidence in facing the great task that lies ahead of us...

Repeats speech in CU.


Invasion of France- D-Day

General Eisenhower and his aides map the Normandy invasion standing in front of huge wall map. Allied leaders, General Spaatz and Air Marshal Mallory. British and allied troops board invasion ships. US troops march to landing craft. Allied planes bombing Nazi occupied Europe. Invasion fleet at sea. German coastal defences bombarded by allied aircraft using rockets. Bombs away over France. AV coast of Normandy. POV from inside German gun emplacement of beachhead. Medic tends wounded. German prisoners. General Montgomery landing on the beaches of Normandy.

08:09:18 England - Newspaper headlines, Evening Standard Invasion of Europe Begins . People reading newspapers - buying paper from news stand. Milkman looks up as planes fly over. Policemen look up at aircraft. Montage people looking up.

General Eisenhower Pays Tribute to People of Paris

June or Jul44 - Ike speech re liberation - praises French resistants - The glory of having freed the capital belongs to Frenchmen . Motorcade on Champs Elysees - Ike waves from car runningboard.


What Makes a Battle

Armaments production and supply - Pacific War - Marshall Islands

Stock piles of war supplies. Montage armament production - factory interiors and transport. Troops boarding tranport ships. Transport ships in convoy heading for Marshall Islands - animated map - Aircraft carriers in convoy - planes take off - aircraft in formation - strafing Japanese hangars. Kamikaze planes shot down. Naval guns firing. Ships in convoy - Ships firing at Roy and Namur - 4th Marines climbing into landing assault craft - battle scenes - landing craft heading for shore and on beach (film jumps). Troops on beach setting up radio communications - firing shells - troops run between foxholes - troops through jungle - troops helping injured - one with eyes bandaged - casuality on stretcher. Firing rifles under sniper fire. Explosion, dead Japanese soldiers. Beach scenes after battle, supply dump organised. Ships at sea - 7th infantry in landing craft their object is to take Kwajalein. Troops landing on two small islands either side of Kwajalein - stores and ammunition brought ashore. Firing artillery at Kwajalein - piles of shell cases. Infantry hit the beach at Kwajalein - battle scenes - firing. Tanks and artillery move up. Troops using flame throwers. Japanese soldiers surrender - medic treats Japanese prisoner. POW Prisoners of war - damaged aircraft and buildings. Japanese foxhole and artillery. Medics treat wounded American soldiers. Injured on stretchers transferred to hospital ship. Beach littered with bodies of Japanese. Dead US troops laid in rows, details / paperwork - fingerprint taken from body - graves. Funeral service on beach - good shot troops in silhouette firing salute

05:20:44 Film Fault on ptc by three star General

05:22:00 Three star General piece to camera As General Eisenhower s Deputy in ETO ... talks about importance of work done on the homefront - American productive genius . Appeal for fifth war loan. Shots repeated.

[D-Day 6-6-44] Pt. 1 of 3 ?

D-day, officer walks thru corridor & enter door w/ sign: Office of Supreme Commander General Dwight. D. Eisenhower. CU book label - Ourline plan for Invasion of N.W. Europe. Men load camera onto twin-engine aircraft. CU propeller, plane takes off, aircraft in the air, man w/ team of horses ploughing field.

05:44:10 Hitler w/ other officers at the table in railroad train car, look at the map, officers smile. French man in farm yard, plane in sky, cameraman looks down, LS from the plane to the ground, LS coast line, picture taken

05:44:38 Man collects film from plane & taken by sidecar motorcycle; officers enter camp tent.

05:44:50 Plane takes off at night, int. aircraft men prepare to jump, LS car on the country road, LS parachute jump, boxes of equipment thrown out, parachutist lands, LS boxes w/ parachutes in the air, men collect boxes from field, load them into truck & cover w/ branches.

05:46:12 Allied expedition planning committee at meeting table. Bombers in air, LS down to the coast, various shots of fighter planes, flak, bombs dropped. LS explosions on ground. CU pilots, bombs dropped, explosions. British bombers in formation. View of machine gunner position.

05:47:43 Britain. Women checking & packing parachutes, fold them, tie ropes. Welding, bolting & assembling Mulberry units & launched. Arriving GIs, in the port, exit the ship. March on dock.

05:48:31 CU Montgomery, Sir Arthur Tedder & Eisenhower at army base, army cars & equipment parked on big field, soldiers inspect tanks, long lines of artillery. June44 soldiers on motorbikes, army cars, military cars convoys on the road, DUKWs, drive thru city, train thru countryside, train arrives at night.

05:49:30 02Jun44 CU fighter planes loaded w/ artillery, airmen paint aircraft's. CU men painting white star, troops at the invasion port board ships, military trucks, tanks drive onto LSTs & other ships.

05:50:10 03Jun44 Submarines on water, ships wait as operation on hold because of the weather warnings LS many ships, CU soldiers read small booklets about France.

05:50:49 Eisenhower w/ ?? out of building, walk towards car, on 5th of June air force division briefed, sit on ground, listen to commander. American GIs prepare, load guns, grenades into pockets, sharpen knives & throw them at cartoon of Hitler, jeep onto plane. Continued...

WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

[D-Day 6-6-44] Pt. 2 of 3 ?

Soldiers prepare to leave, blacken & paint faces. CU soldiers w/ faces painted black, board aircraft; soldiers at night next to plane. Planes taking off, in the air. Ships crossing at night, soldiers look up to the planes in the dark sky, paratroops prepare & jump out of planes, LS parachutes in the air .

05:53:24 British bombers over Dover drop tin foil. Radar & broken tower. CU German officer w/ binoculars to sea. CU ships, war planes in the air, shooting from both sides, explosion in the water near ships, various shots of firing ships, soldiers w/ binoculars on the ship & on the ground, intense shooting, black smoke from the ship, soldiers on landing craft approach the coast, fighter bombers in the air.

05:55:11 Soldiers in landing craft approach shore, jump out; shoot, various shots of forces exiting ships & boats. Fighting resistance, various shots of soldiers take over coast, group off German officer give up w/ hands in the air, fighting in city, ship on the fire.

05:56:35 London, Big Ben in the fog, double deck bus on road, tanks, street scenes, statue of Abraham Lincoln. CU plan of D-day, narration reads out D-day attack plans under command of Eisenhower.

05:57:30 Large airfield. w/ reinforcement fighter planes & troops depart; soldiers enter aircraft. CU writing on the plane: Now it s our turn, you ve had yours you German ..(last word wiped off), planes set off, shot down to the glider planes on airfield. planes in air, view of coast line, various shots of the planes in the air. Gliders

land in fields, soldiers off planes. Battle field, German tanks fight back, shooting, explosions, British soldiers run thru city, march on the field. Landed planes on field, Mulberry harbor started w/ constructing the port, shot of the long bridge across water.

05:59:34 CU Winston Churchill inspects new port w/ Montgomery, soldiers, officers in the port.

05:59:44 16Jun44 Montgomery & officers salute King George VI arrival in France, climbs down stairs & shakes hands w/ Montgomery; rubs his hands, shot of officers incl. Tedder. New army base construction, tractors work on field. Army officer in pub (?), French troops pack bags & leave army barracks for France. Soldiers board aircraft, planes on runway, in the air, fly over channel, Pluto pipeline being laid. LS planes fly low over the channel, shot from low flying planes to the ground, fly over the fields, villages.

WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

[Generals Eisenhower, Bradley & De Gaulle in Paris, 26-27Aug44]


Ike, Bradley & other US & French military & civilians beneath Arc de Triomphe, accompanied by armed MPs. Motorcade thru streets w/ some people on sidewalk waving. Ike talking w/ French officers.

22:00:57 De Gaulle leading group towards camera down avenue. Crowds waving. Placing wreath at Arc de Triomphe & walking w/ military & resistance fighters down crowded avenue. Plane overhead & military cameramen filming from truck. US soldiers in trucks; obelisk - Place de la Concorde; past row of tanks & banners from buildings.

22:02:18 Sniper fire from tall building, soldiers on streets firing, waving. Crowd on ground lying around cars & running. Police carry man.

WWII Liberation - Paris; Celebration;

Third Army Blasts Nazi Strongholds

Eisenhower inspects 3rd Army troops. Tanks moving up. Artillery firing from hilltop. View of shells exploding in town. Mortars fired in mcu. Bazookas firing, smoke & dirt up from rooftops.

07:06:00 Destroyed store fton w/ sign above S.A. Sturm 3/135 CU of poster & Hitler silkscreen. Destroyed building & jeep down deserted street.

WWII European Theater - France; Metz; Fighting; Ike; 1940s; Allies;

[D-Day Special] R2 of 2

Army - Navy Screen Magazine #32

Ships across English channel seen from air; overhead planes in formation. View from water of fleet; man on phone; ships open fire. Small amphibious carft & landing craft to shore; men in landing craft. Ships firing. Men out of landing craft (minimum of scratches). Men out of landing craft (no scratches). Men coming onto beach, hit & falling. View ashore, men round cliff at water edge. Men digging into sand, wounded; planting dynamite. Ships floundering.

21:32:28 Wounded carried around cliff on stretcher; medic w/ plasma bottle; wounded treated. German POWs in mcu sitting on pebble beach.

21:33:07 Ships w/ Eisenhower s flag; Ike, Gen. Bradley up onto ship w/ Ike. Montgomery arriving on shipboard & standing w/ Ike & Bradley.

21:33:49 Gen. Clark on window sill w/ map & troops in Rome, view of streets on 03Jun06 as Germans leaving, riding bicycle. Aerial of road in Germany w/ convoy.

21:34:25 Allied troops moving into Rome, Signs, around fountain. Across bridge w/ St. Peter s behind, tanks & GIs marching down street toward colliseum; w/ Scottish bagpipes, convoys coming in. People greeting, applauding, waving, laughing (GOOD). Tearing down German anti-American posters. Tank in front of Victor Emmanuel Monument. St. Peters square crowd, Pope on balcony giving blessing; cheering crowd. Bells ringing.

21:37:15 Sign: Saint-Marcouf w/ GIs marching past w/ machine guns. French talking to them. Troops resting by fence, houses. GI talking to kid, walking past sculpture. The End.

WWII - Invasion - France; Normandy; 06Jun44; Liberation;

News Parade Of The Year 1944

Castle Films Presents

05:37:29 Title: Allies Liberate France Montage: Explosions, artillery firing. 3rd Army... tanks & troops advance firing, fighting; along road past dead mule, soldiers, burning vehicles. Soldiers in house to house fighting w/ rifles & bazooka rocket launchers. WWII.

05:38:29 Questioning captured German soldiers, one slapped. Large group marching in formation w/ rifles.

05:38:38 Title: Paris: General Eisenhower At Arc de Triomphe! Walking ahead of French military to wreath & placing another w/ photographers behind. Waving from car.

05:39:12 Title: Yanks Carry War To German Soil! Tanks firing, Siegfried line & dragon s teeth. GIs walk thru. Gun camera of strafing & explosions. Artillery firing. Strafing & blowing up train.

05:40:09 Siege & Capture of Aachen! Firing from tanks, into buildings w/ machine guns; throwing grenades. Moving up thru streets. Eisenhower inspecting troops. Aerial of flooded area, army trucks through flooded city. Stretching camouflage in snow; firing artillery; walking thru snow.

05:41:34 Title: Brussels Liberated. Troops run thru street, tanks thru field. Antwerp buildings falling, tank & buildings burning. People waving to greet tanks, CU running over swastika flag; flag lighted w/ match & crowd watches. Kissing tank driver.

05:42:30 Title: Canadians - British Drive Into Holland Parachutes descending seen from another & from ground. Boats landing. Fighting, running thru streets; helping woman.

05:43:20 Title: Pope Pius Blesses Allied Soldiers At Vatican Line of soldiers watches Pope walk to throne, blessing given, carried thru crowd w/ blessing given.

05:44:08 Title: Soviet Armies Blast Way To Germany! Artillery firing, machine gun. Fighting in railyard & heavy industry plant. Running past destroyed building. Captured German films reveal destruction by retreating Nazis! Blowing up railroad, power lines, buildings. 60,000 Nazi Prisoners Marched Thru Moscow Streets

05:45:38 Title: U.S. Marines Crush Japs in Marianas! Artillery firing, explosions. Fighting on Saipan thru jungle; tanks, flame throwers into caves. Surrendering, grenades into caves. Suicide off cliffs. Piles of bodies. MacArthur Back in Philippines Massive flotilla of ships, MacArthur watching; wades ashore w/ Osmena. GIs moving up, burning village. At Presidential palace.

05:48:07 Title: Britain Fights Robot Bomb Menace! GOOD CU of buzz bomb. Artillery firing; planes diving; explosion. One hit out of air, another thru flak, then hit. One falls to earth, explodes. Rubble & men & women digging thru.

05:49:17 Title: Roosevelt Defeats Dewey - Wins 4th Term. Parades, ticker tape in rain.

[Eisenhower Inspects US Troops In France & England, Jun-Jul44]

INV 332 [M-306] Wreckage of Cherbourg harbor, 01Jul44. LS from hilltop of French countryside, smoke cloud in distance. US? soldiers walk thru village.

05:01:31 INV 333 Convoy of US jeeps pass w/ Generals Eisenhower & Bradley, visit 2nd Inf. Div. near Cerisy-la-Foret, 02Jul44; Gens talk w/ officers inc. Gen. Gerow, Maj. Gen Robertson (in sunglasses) & George P Hays; Eisenhower past camera in jeep, salutes. MCU Eisenhower w/ second cousin, Sgt. GC Etherington, Abilene, KS of the Chemical Warfare Section [M-191]. CUs 2-star General & soldier (Etherington?). Ike & Bradley tour camp HQ. GOOD MCU Ike.

05:04:14 B 495 06Jun44 US troops of 1st Inf. Div. & 5th Engineers Specialist Brigade prepare for D Day on ship near English coast; perform calisthenic exercises on shipboard.

05:05:09 05Jun44 Load demolition charge into LCVP. Exercises. Sailor loads rockets into multiple rocket launcher. Fighting shells into anti-aircraft machine guns. Wrap equipment in waterproof covers.

05:07:17 INV 001 Gen. Eisenhower talks to 101st Div. paratroopers in tent city w/ battle gear & camouflage blackened faces w/ face paint. MCU of leggings & outfit. Airfield at dusk w/ planes; Ike talks to paratroops. Ike w/ Brig. Gen. Taylor. Ike climbs over barbed wire to talk to soldiers & moves thru large crowd of soldiers .

WWII Europe; Final D-Day invasion preparations;

[WWII - Churchill & Ike, Paratroop Exercise; Tanks Advance In France]

Staff car arrives, Kay Summersby out, Churchill & Eisenhower out, shake hands w/ Gen. Maxwell Taylor w review massed troops.

16:18:55 Apr44 Ike, Bradley & Churchill on platform watching 101st Airborne Div. paratrooper drop from C-47s in training exercise over England countryside. Many chutes in sky at once. (GOOD). Churchill & Ike leave in open jeep followed by guard jeep w/ soldiers & rifles.

16:20:24 Jul44 Tank followed by camouflaged troops enter Notre-Dame de Cemilly, priest watches passing. POW searched by MPs in front of burned out Cafe Breton. Dead bodies, wreckage.

16:21:02 Line of tanks thru wrecked town of Periers. Prisoners searched. Troops along road w/ mine detectors. Near town of Seves, CU sign: Minen, & soldier w/ bayonet removes it. CU looks like C-ration can. CU of half-dozen.

16:22:41 14-15Sep44 LS Tanks firing into Dombasle, France thru trees from fields nearby. Troops running forward. Crossing chest-deep stream holding rifles above water. (GOOD).

16:24:31 Troops running across field; MCU tanks firing machine guns. Stream crossing.

16:25:15 Burned out tanks, boys pas & French & Americans looking as still smoking German tanks. Dead inside tank. Wrecked tank in ditch. People walking past. Heavily damaged houses; dead soldiers. Ox pulling cart of dead bodies w/ German prisoners walking alongside; into cemetery. POWs digging mass grave. Caskets carried past American soldiers & Catholic burial of French soldier.

WWII Horrors of War; 1944; Normandy Invasion Preparations;

D-Day Minus One

82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and the 9th troop Carrier Command activities on 05-06Jun44 during Allied invasion of France.

Title: Army Air Forces Special Film Project 158-A

05:01:09 Main title: D-Day Minus One

Troops wading ashore. Parachute and glider troops land behind German coastal defences in France on the day preceding the full invasion. Reinforcements arrive the following day. US army preparation in small unnamed village in England immediately before the attacks. Troops living in glider crates, barber shop. View across the English Channel. Footage of defenses; map w/ animation; briefing at maps for officers.

05:03:43 Troops board buses w/ full packs. Convoy on English road w/ GI voice over. Troops in hanger;

troops play jazz music; exercises, ball games etc... French money handed out to soldiers. Sharpening bayonets. Praying. Final inspection by Gen. Eisenhower. Airmen w/ blackened faces. Pathfinders shown.

Troops smiling & waving to camera on way to planes. Paratroops w/ full packs helped on planes.

WWII; Invasion;

United News (Jap ships bombed; Service Woman & Wedding; Early Films; Italy Invasion Preparation)

10:44:23 Title: U.S. Navy Planes Bomb Jap Ships in South Pacific Following fighter dive bombing ship; explosions near. Other planes & explosions in water seen, one on bow of ship.

10:45:49 Title: U.S. Servicewomen Hail Spring From Coat-To-Coast Sailors, soldiers & military women walking w/ civilians around tidal basin under flowering cherry trees. Scenics & CUs.

10:46:27 Women picking daffodils in Washington State & wedding among them for military wedding of WAC private & Army sergeant as others watch. CU slipping ring on & kissing.

10:47:07 Title: 50th Birthday Of Cinema Recalls Historic Films. Edison at camera w/ Henry Ford watching takes picture of George Eastman. Mrs Edison showing Kinetoscope to ?? w/ film running thru seen from side. Lower Broadway & crowds. Teddy Roosevelt & Roughriders; in 1905 Presidential Inaugural parade. Women punching out time clock & others leaving factory. Beauty parade on pier ca 1910 (?). Lillian Russel modeling for camera. Early automobile family drive re-enacted. Early Market Street POV from trolley in San Francisco pre-earthquake.

10:49:34 William S. Hart into CU; Clara Kimbell Young & Sydney Drew in over-acted screen drama. Pearl White climbing out of window & jumping to next building. Ruth Roland rescued from runaway railroad.

10:50:22 Title: England Sees Airborne Troops Ready For Test

Allied officers over relief map talking (MOS), paratroops into planes, taking off, C-47 interiors w/ paratroops lighting cigarettes. Eisenhower & Churchill on reviewing stand watching w/ others as parachutes open in practice exercise. Seen from inside plane jumping, many chutes seen from air & groiund. Landing & dragged by chute; others descending. Sky full of parachutes. The End.

WWII Military Newsreel; Propaganda;

WWII Compilation Film; Battles; Melodrama; Motion Pictures; Personalities; Celebrities; Marriage; Wartime Bride;

Left of the Line R1 of 3

Ministry of Information

A short pictorial record of the British and Canadian Armies fighting from the beaches to Brussels. Produced by the British and Canadian Army Film Units.

19:57:19 Big Ben; traffic in downtown London, barrage balloon in distance. 10 Downing Street drive by; drive by London buildings.

19:58:02 Men & equipment in convoys to embarcation points. POV shots of men & material moving. Train runby; w/ engineer. Night time shots of train.

19:59:17 Convoys of trucks, tanks; troops march, in trucks, converge on harbors. Ships move down coastal waters, assembling on England s south coast. Soldiers study invasion maps & enemy defenses. Mass of assembled troops. Soldiers board ships, load equipment. officer walk down HQ corridor & enter office marked Supreme Commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

20:01:57 Soldiers in silhouette. Shot of English Channel; planes above drop parachutes. Dawn over Armada; ships at sea, planes above, bombs explode.

20:03:15 Ships fire big guns; landing craft head toward shore; troops out of landing craft, into surf & on to barricaded beaches. Troops & equipment coming on shore & heading inland. Surrendering German POWs. Fighting; tanks on move. French flags waving from town windows. Women & children run on street & greeting liberators. Troops on move, fighting with mortars, tanks, rifles, machine guns.

WWII Battles; Military History; D-Day Landing; Invasion;

Note: Good coverage.

B 565 26Jun44 Ex. of Great Western Railroad station, Exeter w/ military VIPs into jeeps & staff cars.

09:00:27 Eisenhower on podium in rain beneath trees saluting troops. Inspecting troops w/ another officer; walks between rows, stops & talks. Crowd of troops seen from high angle & behind listening to Eisenhower.

09:01:52 Ike talking to officers on field (pulls back to repeat). Artillery firing salutes. Eisenhower walking w/ others, shakes hands w/ saluting soldier & talks w/ him in MCU. Into staff car, Summersby briefly visible).

09:03:34 Ike beside trucks inspecting, talking w/ drivers. MCU. MCU w/ officers standing under trees talking.

09:05:22 Walking towards sign: Mine Field. Troops laying down, move foreward on knees w/ knives searching for mines. Ike talking to soldiers, inspecting them. GOOD CUs. Raining.

09:06:30 High angle inspecting troops in rain.

09:06:59 Troops applauding. Ike & other officers on bluff from below watching (?); one w/ binoculars. View from behind looking out to sea, English Channel. Walking to car parked on sand.

09:08:02 Saluting troops in formation; people watch from side. Scottish drummers marching leading group on field w/ large estate behind.

WWII Field Inspection; Southwest England; 35th Infantry Division;

Officer reading from chart at microphone, others standing at attention behind. Walking forward towards troops standing at ease.

09:09:46 Officers pinning medals on soldiers, MCU.

09:10:23 Two star General at mic talking to officers. Marching forward; army band march across field; troops march w/ rifles in formation. Color Guard past saluting officers. Troops march past camera on both sides.

09:11:27 Officer at mic reading, troops in background listening. Soldier raises cloth covering graphics of Eagle in front of sun & rays w/ Bunker Hill Road over it. CU. Army band playing; troops marching. Sunshine.

09:12:32 B 564. 26Jun44 (out of frame till 09:12:50) MCU Eisenhower saluting, inspecting troops in rain., Exeter, England. Moves thru tight ranks. Overhead of walking in rain. Troops walking & running off in rain.

09:13:42 Shakey telephoto of Ike speaking (MOS) into mic. CU. CU men listening in rain.

09:14:22 Ike w/ others at artillery firing. Talking to officers & walking w/ them thru country gate; army trucks pulling up. Kaye Summersby holding car door for officers.

09:15:15 Ike & other officers out of quonset hut past soldiers, stop to talk & laugh. Talking to truck drivers along w/ three-star General..

09:16:38 High angle of troops in tight formation, Ike walking thru w/ other officers, stopping in rain to talk.

09:17:40 High angle from behind of Ike on podium or bluff talking down to troops below. Looking out across English Channel. Hurrying down sandy dunes.

09:18:46 Troops marching on drill field on cloudy day, color guard past. pan to British policeman & people watching. Ike on platform and troops move up; speaking into mic.

WWII Field Inspection; Southwest England; 35th Infantry Division;

U.S. Generals At Battlefront Before Metz

14:15:21 Generals Eisenhower, Patton & Bradley eating, talking, smoking. POV of 3rd Army tanks along road toward Metz. Firing from field. Explosions at edge of town. Firing mortars, bazookas, smoking town.

14:16:21 The End. Eagle insignia.

WWII Europe Fighting; 1944;

[WWII - France w/ Allied Troops Greeted; POWs & Collaborationists; Italy & Churchill Arrival, 1944]

05:02:01 Title: Victory Is Everywhere - Churchill (also in arabic)

MS clapping smiling cheering boys & girls. Women kissing soldiers; putting US flag next to French flag on building. Others cheering.

05:02:25 German prisoners of war marched past. Woman Nazi collaborators past crowd; others lead off.

05:02:49 Abandoned German clothing salvaged by French civilians; smiling in CU.

05:03:05 Children w/ flowers, crowds line Chartres street; General De Gaulle & others cheered as they walk. Motorcade w/ De Gaulle past. Shot of De Gaulle & Koenig meeting General Eisenhower. Sitting, meeting, talking & smoking under canvas shade.

05:03:58 German prisoners off army truck. standing about in field. Some VERY young. US army trucks loaded w/ prisoners leaving.

05:04:20 Naval ship, heavy black smoke screen; large ships shelling shore. Landing craft heading to shore. White smoke screen. Troops off Landing Craft onto beach. POWs standing on road. Troops move inland. Camouflaged battleship (the Rodney ?) underway; shelling English Channel shore. American LSTs to shore. Rodney rescues downed pilots in lifeboat.

05:06:27 Shelling shore seen from ship underway. Heavily smoking ship (?). Sunset.

05:07:00 MCU tanks passing, tracks seen in CU. In line along road; firing from field. POV crossing firled. Firing on town & destroying buildings. GOOD.

05:07:55 People & soldiers pinned down in street behind vehicle. GI firing machine gun from between jeeps. Woman collaborationist pushed across street. Men firing rifles at snipers. Troops w/ rifles march past burning building. GOOD.

05:08:20 Pan over large number of German prisoners. Prisoners removed from wreckage; one very drunk. Prisoners walked through town.

05:08:58 Flame throwing tanks advance past burning grass, brush; tanks & jeeps w/ Americans crossing Seine on pontoon bridge, civilians waving. Tank in town surrounded by townspeople.

05:09:49 French remove roadblock into Paris. March prisoners thru town past armored personnel carriers. Americans greeted, applauded, cheered. GI drinking from wine bottle. French flag raised to cheering.

05:10:24 Italy - Churchill in rear of open convertible raises arm in V-sign. Large field & British troops cheer Churchill arrival w/ 3 cheers. Churchill in sun glasses & w/ large cigar shakes hands; autographs shell 7 loaded into artillery. Cheered as he leaves. The End.

WWII 1944; Fighting; Battles; Rescues; Happy; Greetings;

Main Title: Movietone News

15:05::21 Title: Fourth Of July Celebrated In France

15:05:28 Gen. Eisenhower & Gen. Bradley on French front. Fire cannon at noon - ammunition marked Happy 4th Adolph . Bradley fires first shot. Others firing salvos.

15:06:05 French villagers stitch American flag as photographer takes picture. Celebration on Normandy village square & message in English Many thanks for our liberators painted on wall. Drinking wine. French school children sing American national anthem. SOF. Laughing.

1944; WWII; Celebration; Oddities;

Jungle War In Burma

23:03:10 Pan over Burmese jungle; British troops dug in, crawl forward. Tanks firing from wide valley. Signs w/ jokes. Man pointing to sky. American B-24 Liberator bombers in flight. Artillery firing; machine guns fired; troops check Japanese foxholes, drag out captured soldier. Wounded carried; walked out. Captured equipment, flag.

23:04:36 Title: Eisenhower at British West Point. Ike reviewing marching troops at Sandhurst; presents officer belts. Troops do passing out slow march; officer rides horse into ??

WWII; WW2; 1944;

Jungle War In Burma

23:03:10 Pan over Burmese jungle; British troops dug in, crawl forward. Tanks firing from wide valley. Signs w/ jokes. Man pointing to sky. American B-24 Liberator bombers in flight. Artillery firing; machine guns fired; troops check Japanese foxholes, drag out captured soldier. Wounded carried; walked out. Captured equipment, flag.

23:04:36 Title: Eisenhower at British West Point. Ike reviewing marching troops at Sandhurst; presents officer belts. Troops do passing out slow march; officer rides horse into ??

WWII; WW2; 1944;

The Enemy Strikes

US propaganda film intended to boost domestic war effort & tackle complacency by showing difficult conditions on Western Front.

POV past people going through France, Aug44. Troops & happy crowds making V signs; fade to CU corpse. Medics getting wounded out, 16Dec - loading into ambulances. Infantry moving behind tanks & running up to burning buildings. Fighting w/ rifles from behind walls. Chaplain prays over body. Snow falling & fog as wounded removed. German officers. Labor battalions. POV tanks reviewed. Germans equip. advance & firing in fog. Burning US convoy. US POWs.

11:11:?? Malmedy bodies inspected - frozen w/ hands & ankles bound; bodies of Belgian civilians frozen solid buried in mass grave inc. child - atrocity. Germans Smoking US cigarettes. US troops retreating & burning supplies. US tanks & artillery firing; AA guns fired at tanks. Air Force contrails & dog fight. Tanks & guns in snow; men in foxholes; advancing through forest.

11:14:?? Ike (Eisenhower) congratulating. German soldiers. Newspaper headlines - Russians Smash Nazi Line - Army Deep in Germany . CU soldiers. Burning vehicles. Dead GIs in mud.

End title If You Have a War Job - Stick To It! If You Haven t - Get One! - US Employment Service.

WWII. Nazi War Atrocities. Battle of the Bulge.

Target Berlin [Part 2]

AVs bombers descend through clouds over English countryside - landing gear down - PoV landing. Crew out of bomber, welcomed by senior officer & Canadian High Commissioner. Sir Stafford Cripps, Minister of Aircraft Production, statement re first Lancaster bomber produced by Canadians. VS Canadian Lancaster squadron briefing re mission to Berlin; crews into planes at dusk - silhouette - voices of crew heard - pan across bombers on airfield - planes taxiing - ground crew signalling.

13:41:14 Canadian aircraft plant workers in canteen listening to radio broadcast re 1000 Allied bombers over Berlin - German radio off the air - Lancaster bomber they built involved in mission - why that s our baby - workers on production line spread the news. INT bomber cabin at night - voices over radio - AVs Berlin during night bombing raid - CU bomb release trigger - bombs away.

13:44:35 Gen. Eisenhower s deputy to camera re American productive genius - need for machines to support war effort - 5th War Loan.

WWII. Military Aviation. AVRO.

The War Speeds Up Pt. 2 of 2

Montage film comprised of many brief shots.

Montage of US Admirals & Generals. Ike smoking. re supply shortages: CU Eisenhower w/ intertitle I must have 350,000 more Artillery shells immediately; Lt Gen Spatz I don t have enough of the right type & right sizes of bombs. It is unthinkable that our air offensive should be hampered at this time ; Gen Mark Clark We must scrap 3500 trucks immediately... ; MacArthur re need for tents etc. German soldiers marching; Hitler, Himmler, Goering etc. Street fighting; Pacific War scenes.

12:15:23 England - bombed buildings including church. Blitz rescue effort, wounded. GI casualties on stretchers; burying bodies on island of Rendova; bodies under sheets in France; Saipan GIs under US flags about to be buried at sea - dead GIs on beaches. Smiling GIs going home; pan along sad looking GIs still fighting. Beach covered in wrecked US tanks, trucks etc. Wreckage of USAF planes.

12:18:41 Battalion of US soldiers cut off outside St. Lo, Normandy, France fighting. Advance on town led by Major who was killed. Tanks thru bushes, infantry running, troops thru streets, Germans surrender. Dead major s body laid out on pile of rubble next to ruined church. Good tracking shot of GI advancing thru marshy woodland w/ bayonet rifle & camouflage makeup [staged?]. GOOD.

WWII Fighting; War Bonds; War Effort; War Incentive; Propaganda;

Nazi Concentration Camps & Prison Camps - 3 reels

US compilation film on atrocities discovered by US troops liberating German concentration and prison camps:

Affidavit of official photographer of Allied Expeditionary Forces who took photos of Nazi concentration camps & prison camps. Concentration camps in Leipzig. Testimony of prisoners. Prisoners burnt, corpses of men electrocuted by electric wires. CS of burnt corpses. Russian women-slave laborers watch mutilated corpses. Penig concentration camp: Hungarian prisoners, young women under blankets examined by American doctors, open wounds on back, gangrene wounds on buttocks. Women carried out of camp. Prisoners on stretchers. Hospital, Nazis look after prisoners. Red Cross. Women smile. Line of stretchers. Ohrdurf conc. camp. Barracks, groups of surviving captives. Ger. Patton. Amer. Army. Patton goes into barracks.

Reel 2:

20:08:45 #2 Wood sheds, inside layers of naked corpses half decomposed. American congressmen view atrocities. Gen. Eisenhower. CS of corpses. Grill of railway tracks - crematory, remains of charred bodies. Skulls. Truck w/ local town's people & Nazis. German doctor. Germans see horrors , CS of faces. Hadamar Camp interiors of survivors in hospital, exhumation of mass grave, 20,000; outdoor autopsy; interrogation of camp workers

20:17:49 #3 Russian POWs at camp following liberation by Canadians at Meppene Camp (Stalag VIc) De-lousing of prisoners; exteriors of Camp near Munster (Stalag VIf) looks like location of RAF officer in UTW or DW at BAB, POWs in camp following US liberation; Breendock camp for arrested Belgians, demonstrations of punishment inc stick wrappe in barbed wire; men and women show scars after Gestapo torture; a/math liberation of Nordhausen includes classic shot of man praying as placed onto stretcher - slave labour used on V-2 rocket project at Dora; German civilians bury dead prisoners; Nordhausen civilians march long road to dig graves - contrasts with RAD / Wehrmacht a decade before!!!; scenes of mass grave.

Reel 3:

Concentration camp near Hannover. Red Cross truck distributes food to survivors from Poland. Men w/ food. Man on stool eats soup. Inmates on bunks. Corpses removal. Checking list on inmates. Taking photographs of inmates. Arnstadt Con. Camp. Pan of tents, dogs kennels. Ger. exhumate bodies. Face half covered by dirt. Americans inspect dead bodies. Civilians from Weimar, 12000 women, men, smiling faces, people w/ bicycles look healthy. Ger. view lampshade made of human skin, drawings on human skin. Shrunk heads, CS of Ger. women in scarves. Ger. get agitated. Forced tour to living quarters. Ger. hold nose. Lines of well fed Ger. face hungry inmates. Matthausen, Austria - Aerial of conc. camp. Entranc. Crematorium furnaces. German held at gunpoint.

Welt im Film - Alliierte Kontrollkommission (Berlin Allied Control Commission)

Ext GVs Allied Control Commission (formerly domicile of the National Socialist People s Court, Volksgerichtshof); Marshall Zhukov inspects guard of honour; General Eisenhower salutes guard; French General Koenig out of car; Marshall Montgomery inspects guard of honour; 4 Power Flags; WS Building


1945 - Year Of Victory

Newsreel Review of Greatest News Year In History.

Street fighting during invasion of Germany.

Yalta with Churchill, FDR and Stalin. FDR burial. Truman sworn in. Berlin in flames. Hitler with Mussolini, Goering and others study map. Mob in Rome and Mussolini s body hung up by heels. Hitler s bunker in Berlin. Gasoline canisters which burned his body; Hitler s coat and Eva Braun s clothes? General Keitel signs Germany s surrender w/ Eisenhower.

Ike parades through London and awarded English honours; motorcade through Paris; with wife Mamie off plane and ticker-tape parade in US.

Pacific naval battle and land fighting. Kamikaze attacks on ships. MacArthur returns to Philippines. Manila burning, Iwo Jim flag hoisting. Churchill loses election to Attlee. Attlee with Truman and Stalin at Potsdam w/ Byrnes and Molotov behind. Atom bomb blast. Nagasaki blast seen from above. Truman at White House announces Japan s surrender. Celebration VJ Day Times Square - man dancing and hopping by himself in Australia?

Surrender of Japan aboard Missouri w/ MacArthur. General Umezu signs. Crowded ship carrying returning troops. Sailor welcomed by families, children and wives.

Truman speech re lasting peace at United Nations Organisation (Sd).

Allied Air Army Invades Holland

Eisenhower addresses airborne army (no sound). Good CUs troops listening; Ike mingles with troops. American and British troops board and take off. Fighter plane escort. Parachuting out of plane.

Movietone News

09:07:15 Title: Allied Chiefs See Invasion Maneuvers For Second Front.

09:07:23 Eisenhower, Air Marshall Arthur Tedder & Montgomery watch tanks, watch operations of paratroop units in mass air-drop in Britain. Masses of parachutes dropping.

09:08:08 Ike talking to men during inspect.

WWII England; Army Air Force;

Antwerp to Potsdam Part One (AKA The Presidents trip to Berlin)

July / August 1945

04:09:16 Sign - HQ Berlin area - tracking shot down Unter Den Linden - Victory monument - Brandenberg Gate. Very jumpy. German girls pose before camera.

Pres. Truman reviews the 2nd Armoured "Hell on Wheels Division" which is currently occupying Berlin.

Pan Band plays .

GV Street scene, men & women pull carts through streets (soft). Sign Entering US Berlin District.

04:12:32 Babelsberg, Berlin suburb where the American conference delegates lived.

04:13:22 No.2 Kaiser Strasse (The Little White House) - exteriors and gardens and lake.

05:14:57 Winston Churchill leaving Little White House. Churchill, in civilian clothes and President Truman walk down steps smiling. Lord Louis Mountbatten ? and army officers down steps

04:15:39 Ceremony attended by Pres. Truman, Secretary Stimson and Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, Clay and Parks - American flag raised over Berlin. Gen. Patton & Pres. Truman.

This film has an amateurish quality

Chicago Hails The American Legion In Convention

American Legion Convention parade of veterans. Crowd of vets pledging allegiance. John Steel? takes over as new commander from Scheibling? by exchanging caps. Eisenhower addresses convention (sound) and praises national commander. Eisenhower on verge of tears, breaking up talking about Mamie being ill and recovering.

Eisenhower Hails GI Joe As Hero Of Victory In Europe

Ike speech: Mentions Montgomery, Radley, Spaatz etc and emphasises the role of each individual soldier, praising their courage etc.

Eisenhower Hails Hero Division of Bastogne

101st Airborne Division awarded presidential citation just before drive into Germany. Ike speech congratulating. Troops review.

Battle of the Bulge / Ardennes

Eisenhower Places Wreath On Grave of Roosevelt (FDR)

Ike and Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park placing wreath.

Eisenhower Talks to Fighting Men at the Front

Ike by jeep gives Christmas speech to small group of soldiers. Soldier gives Christmas message to camera. Promises to be home next year. Ike speech in French for French troops. Other soldier gives speech. Troops say Merry Christmas to Ike.

Title: Help shorten the war. Buy that extra war bond.

General Arnold Awarded Medal By President Truman

Truman pins Oak Leaf Cluster medal on Arnold. CU medal on Arnold s chest. Admirals Leahy, King, and Nimitz and General Eisenhower present and shake hands with Arnold and Truman.

General Eisenhower Takes Office As Chief Of Staff

Ike speech re his new responsibilities; dismantling forces; solidifying peace

General Ike Comes Home - Victor Over Nazis Hailed In Three Allied Capitals

Eisenhower parades through London in horse carriage and receives sword of Duke of Wellington from Lord Mayor at Guild Hall. Churchill clapping. Ike farewell and thanks you speech to England with Churchill standing behind. Churchill speech lauding Ike as great commander and leader. MCU Ike and Churchill.

10:12:11 Paris - military ceremony at Arc de Triomphe honouring Eisenhower. De Gaulle kissing Ike. Wreath on tomb of eternal soldier. De Gaulle and Ike motorcade - French crowds cheering.

10:13:36 Washington - Ike out of plane and greeted by wife Mamie. Motorcade through streets. Crowds cheering. Ike waves. Address to congress. Truman awards Ike Oak Leaf cluster.

Marshall and King Retire; Eisenhower and Nimitz Named

King taking oath as Chief of Navy; at desk planning.

Nimitz shaking hands with men; Nimitz and Halsey; surrender of Japan aboard Missouri, Nimitz signing surrender documents.

Gen. Marshall takes oath as Army Chief of Staff. Marshall with Arnold; Marshall with producer Daryl Zanuck. Top shot army marching. Marshall talking to troops; with FDR and others; at Yalta near Stalin; reviewing troops; with Gen. Clark; with MacArthur in Pacific; with Eisenhower.

Eisenhower with staff planning Normandy invasion; Ike in Paris at liberation with GI parade under Arc de Triomphe; Ike by wrecked building with Nazi sign and eagle. Ike posing with other Allied Supreme commanders of occupied Germany Montgomery, Zhukov and De Lattre de Tassigny. Ike welcome parade in New York. Ike awarded American Legion honours at Chicago and ovation.

Title re war bonds

Men of The Hour

Churchill returns to London after pneumonia in Middle East

Churchill and wife out of train in London.

Eisenhower statement from London re faith in armies of democracy - tape ends mid-speech


Millions Honor Eisenhower in New York

Ike out of plane. In car with LaGuardia. Man runs after motorcade and hands Eisenhower Key to Brooklyn. Schoolchildren waving US flags in Central Park. Crowds down 5th Avenue and church dignitaries in front of St Patrick s Cathedral. Cheering, ovation and ticker tape. Crowd around City Hall and Ike speech one nasty job you ve finished . MCU women clapping. Motorcycle parade and sirens. Ike at Polo Ground given bat by Braves and Giants. Ike watches game.

04:01:59 Ike speech at Waldorf Astoria re war in the Pacific and postwar jobs for soldiers and reconstruction.

West Point parade.

Names In The News (Byrnes - Morgenthau - Aleman - Halsey)

Secretary Byrnes Flies to Moscow Conference (foreign ministers meeting for Big Three): with wife; shakes hands with Eisenhower; boards plane

07:42:22 Ex-Secretary Morgenthau Honoured By President Truman: Medal of Merit awarded for services as wartime Sec. of Treasury

07:42:35 Miguel Aleman - Mexican presidential Candidate: at Tijuana - with crowd; in front of microphone; men on horseback wearing Mexican hats; CU Aleman smiling.

07:42:54 Admiral Halsey Receives Fifth Star: Forrestal awarded by Forrestal. Nimitz shakes hands w/ Halsey.

Names In The News - Nimitz - Adm. King - Gen. Marshall - Adm. Halsey

Admiral Nimitz Sworn In As new Navy Chief:

Nimitz takes oath and congratulated by Forrestal and predecessor Adm. King.

Adm. King Honored By President Truman:

White House: Adm. King and Leahy; Gen. Marshall and Eisenhower; Nimitz and Spaatz. Truman decorates King.

Gen. Marshall Leaves For China: Marshall seen off by Stark

Adm. Halsey Hailed on New York Visit:

Ticker-tape parade on 5th Avenue. Archbishop Spellman in front of St. Patrick s Cathedral.

20th Century Fox Presents - Movietone News

02:17:02 Nazi Atrocities - Pictorial Proof of German Bestiality (w/ warning of gruesome sights)

02:17:31 Ohrdruf - Eisenhower and Gen. Bradley walking thru w/ others; Gen. Patton looking horrified as they pass piles of corpses.

02:18:07 German civilians out of truck; Nazi camp commander taken on tour of concentration camp; guests read list of atrocities.

02:18:30 Walk into barracks w/ piles corpses; leave w/ handkerchiefs over faces.

02:19:06 Hadamar. Men digging, exhuming graves, bodies. Euthanasia camp / insane asylum: Exhuming Autopsy. Prison doctor interrogated by American officers & shown poison bottle. CUs.

02:19:45 Nordhausen. Hundreds of corpses laid on ground & visitors. Ex-inmates in striped uniforms look at camera, helped onto litters. Survivor crying on stretcher. Faces. Ghastly looks.

02:20:34 German civilians w/ shovels; pick up corpses. Priest.

02;20:58 American soldiers in front of mass grave.

02:21:03 Buchenwald. Corpses. Club used to beat prisoners shown. Ovens w/ bones & skeleton inside. Liberated slave laborers attack Nazi officer

02:21:25 US War Prisoners - POWs rescued and treated in field. Emaciated American POW in hospital shown by two nurses.

WWII Europe, 1945. War Crime; Starvation; Concentration Camps; Holocaust;

Nazi Atrocities - Pictorial Proof of Nazi Bestiality

Eisenhower and Gen. Bradley visits Ohrdruf. Gen. Patton looking horrified. Piles of corpses. German civilians out of truck and Nazi camp commander taken on tour of concentration camp; into death chamber with corpses.

07:10:46 Hadamar Euthanasia camp / insane asylum: Exhuming corpses. Prison doctor interrogated by Americans and shown poison bottle.

07:11:27 Nordhausen - hundreds of corpses laid on ground and visitors. Ex-inmates. Survivor crying on stretcher. German civilians pick up corpses. Priest. American soldiers in front of mass grave.

07:12:48 Buchenwald - Corpses. Club used to beat prisoners. Ovens with skeleton inside. Liberated slave labourers attack Nazi officer

07:13:11US War Prisoners - PoWs rescued and treated. Emaciated American PoW in hospital.

WWII. War crimes

Nazi Murder Mills - Atrocities

Titles - First actual newsreel pictures of atrocities in Nazi murder camps.

Freed US prisoners of war - emaciated - given food - wounds dressed by medics. US soldier Private Richard Mulder of Lincoln Nebraska in hospital bed, helped by two nurses to remove pyjamas to show skeletal body. Hadamar - Top shot graves - bodies being exhumed for re-burial.

08:09:00 Heads of asylum at Hadamar questioned by US army officers re putting to death of prisoners by overdoses of morphine.

08:09:25 Ohrduf concentration camp - bodies lie on ground. Generals Eisenhower Patton and Bradley inspect camp. Ike shown implements of torture. Camp officers and German civilians looking at bodies on ground. Mass grave - lime pit full of bones. Germans forced into sheds where piles of bodies which had been sprinkled with lime were left to decompose. German civilians out of shed looking upset.

08:11:28 Buchenwald - released prisoners standing around in camp compound - CU faces - club for beating inmates shown - CU man with disfigured face - corpses - dead bodies of slave labourers - serial numbers tattooed on stomachs - men opening furnace doors - skeleton in oven.

08:12:10 Nordhausen - mass of bodies piled on ground - skeletal bodies. Men crying after liberation. Medics take sick away on stretchers.

08:13:09 Large group of German civilians with shovels walk along road - forced to move bodies to grave for burial. Horrific shots of bodies carried. Mass grave.

Obliteration Bombing In Germany - Destroy All German Railways Eisenhower

Ike at desk. Gen. Spaatz and Gen. Eker at desk (commanders US air power). Air Marshall Harris.

Good bombs dropping and aerial Sof bombing .

British Typhoons (RAF rocket planes) - flying over Germany shooting rockets.

Aerial view of Ansbach - Stendal - Ludwigslust

US Fighters Join In The Shoot-Up : POV from plane dive bombing; burning planes on airfield.

Uelzen freight yard bombed.

Personalities in the News

Marshall and Eisenhower: Marshall landing for conference with Ike re Battle for Germany - shake hands. Bradley.

07:57:27 Cheers for De Gaulle at Nancy: Top shot crowd under umbrellas in rain. De Gaulle greeted by little girls.

Potsdam Conference - Very soft in parts

Exterior shots Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam - former summer palace of Crown Prince Wilhelm and scene of the Berlin conference. Press outside. Flower bed in shape of Red star. Russians in evening suits standing on doorstep.

07:11:04 25Jul45 Big three at Potsdam, last meeting attended by Winston Churchill. Truman Stalin and Churchill walking to seats for photocall. Three seated. Mass of press cameras.

07:12:08 26Jul45 - en route to Frankfurt - Aerial views over countryside and towns. American guard of honour at Frankfurt airport - Presidents plane taxiing. Truman down steps. President inspects the 508th Parachute, the Third Armoured and 84th Infantry divisions. (very soft)

07:14:46 Exterior of I.G. Farbin building, now used by General Eisenhower as his headquarters. Pan round bomb damaged buildings in Frankfurt. President Truman awards DSMs to four foreign officers.

07:15:47 Flying over Tempelhof airdrome at Berlin (very soft). AVs bomb damaged buildings.

07:16:48 1Aug45 Potsdam - Cameramen - The "Big Three" pose with their principal advisors,

The three heads of government are (seated, left to right): British Prime Minister Clement Atlee;

US President Harry S. Truman; Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin.

Standing behind them are (left to right): Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, USN, Truman's Chief of Staff;

British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin; US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes; Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. People milling around.

07:18:25 2Aug45 Harrowbeer airport, near Plymough, England. President Truman off plane and poses with British service girs. Very jumpy tracking shots through town. Plymouth harbour.

07:20:17 President Truman and Secretary Byrnes with Admiral Leahy leaving the Augusta for HMS Renown to lunch with King George VI. HMS Renown at anchor. Signalling from bridge. Launch carrying President returns to Augusta.

07:22:16 King George visits Augusta. - Royal launch - King on board and inspects crew. Flags, British White Ensign, flown to show the King is on board and the Presidents flag fly together , believed to be for the first time. King leaves - top shots of departure.

Title: Press Photographers Exhibit Prize News Pictures In New York

07:18:02 Secretary of Navy Forrestal looks at photos. Various stills; Eisenhower, Triplets, Charlie the Chimp, Truman & child, little boy crying over dead dog etc. Forrestal & photographers holding awards.

Post-WWII USA Homefront; 1945;

Review of the Year 1945 (part)

FDR Roosevelt inauguration - swearing in ceremony - Yalta conference, seated in garden with Churchill and Stalin. Roosevelt state funeral - mourning - fly past - flowers. Harry Truman sworn in in Cabinet room of White House. 01:01:33 Germany surrenders - signing in Reims, France Gen. Jodl arrives. Into room with bright lights, army photographers. Gen Walter B. Smith & Russian Generals. Smith signs. CU of document. German Generals turn to leave. Ike (Eisenhower) & other delegates laughing. 01:02:14 Pacific war - Kamikaze planes (good). US forces assault on Okinawa on Easter Sunday - good shots ships firing. AV landing craft - landing craft on beaches - troops - US flag raised in July 45. Atomic explosion - mushroom. USS Missouri, Sunday September 2nd 1945 Japan surrenders Battleship Missouri. 3rd fleet. Sailors aboard ship. Japanese foreign minister Shigamitsu signs for Japan - Douglas MacArthur signs - Chinese General Chang? signs.

The Beginning of the End For Nazis

The Mighty Allied Offensive Across The Rhine River

Rows of planes on ground and paratroopers briefed and climbing into planes. Plane takeoff. Planes in formation. Aerial Rhine river. Paratroopers jump out en masse. Plane crashes and burns.

Gliders take off. Graffiti on glider is this trip necessary?

British gliders at base in England loaded. Graffiti Wot! No engines? Takeoff. Aerial cliffs of Dover. Churchill at Rhine front looks through binoculars. Cutting loose glider. Glider landing and crash-landing. Munitions loaded into cargo plane carrying supplies back and forth. Aerials battle (blurry). Supplies dropped by parachute. Ground forces on truck.

Tanks across Rhine. Pontoon bridges used. German POWs rounded up. Churchill crosses Rhine. Churchill with Eisenhower

Title: Buy that extra war bond today

The Surrender Of Germany -

Lunenburg, Germany to Field Marshall Montgomery

Montgomery reads out surrender documents; German Admiral signs.

German surrender at Reims with Jodl signing. Eisenhower speech re FDR s & Churchill s terms of unconditional surrender at Casablanca now being fulfilled.

V-E Day Special

Times Square night celebrations superimposed with headlines. Cinema marquee with sign War s End - Nazis Out! . Hitler rally and speech. Animated map showing German invasions. Hitler smiling. Burning town in Belgium? Holland? Blind man walks with stick. British troops evacuated at Dunkirk. Churchill in street with others. 03:10:47 London burning. Stalingrad Tanks and explosion, German troops in snow, street fighting, German POWs. 12:25:40 FDR and Churchill Atlantic Charter Conference. Troopship full of US troops. Tunisia: desert fighting and German POWs. 12:26:30 Italy - Abbey of Cassino bombarded. Rome and crowd at Collosseo / Coliseum. Pope Pius at St Peter s cathedral and crowds below.

Tehran conference with Stalin, FDR and Churchill. Planes dropping bombs on Germany. Liberation of Russia - Russian troops in snow in white suits. Germans sabotage railway line as they retreat. Russian civilians on road as houses burn on roadside - apocalyptic. Eisenhower and Montgomery planning. 12:28:20 D-day landings. Allies troops through French towns cheered by crowds and kissed by women. Ike in Paris and American troops parade under Arc de Triomphe. Yalta conference. Battle of Germany - night bombing. Street fighting. Hitler and Mussolini. During war. Illustration Mussolini s execution. Hitler visits victims of assassination attempt. Protestant?, Catholic and Jewish religious ceremonies. Military cemetery. Pacific war battle scenes. Japanese plane shot down. Map of route to Tokyo. Truman. MacArthur with Nimitz. Troops run. Fleet. Planes in formation. US flag.

Eisenhower Calls GIs Real Heroes

Ike speaks to camera: 'The United Nations will greatly remember (Generals)...but all these agree with me in the selection of the truely heroic selection in this war. He is GI Joe and...' Release sheet: Gen. Eisenhower credits Allied generals with genius, but states that the real hero of the war is GI Joe and his buddies in the other armed services of the Allies.

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 1

7th July 1945, Ships at sea. Cruiser Augusta w/ Truman aboard w/ Byrnes. Through streets in Army car to airport, reviews troops of 35th Div. & boards 4-motor plane, taxiing, in -flight. Off plane in Berlin w/ Gen. Marshall, Anthony Eden, Sec. Byrnes. Shakes hands w/ Winston Churchill. Military parade, Troops of various nation march. Military Chiefs of Staff of many nations around table. Parade & firing salute w/ artillery.

15:04:44 Truman & Churchill shaking hands. Devastated Berlin aerial & ground. Truman tours in open top car, Unter den Linden near Brandenburg gate, posters three leaders on monument.

15:05:24 Flashback Hitler in open top car, adoring Germans. Hitler making speech, overlaid with Eng. translation.

15:06:02 Truman at mic speaking; technicians; radio mast, USA, people listening to radio in various situations. Truman says working for peace for the World. Stalin, Truman, Molotov. Potsdam, good exteriors house.

15:08:24 Arrivals for Potsdam conference, Truman, Stalin, Eisenhower, Montgomery. Truman, Stalin and Churchill join hands for posed photo.

15:08:39 Moscow Conference with Molotov, Eden and Hull.

15:08:53 Cairo, Tehran conference, good shots Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, FDR voiceover flashback shots of German military might.

15:09:57 Yalta, exteriors conference building, interiors meeting in progress

15:10:16 San Francisco, signing of UN charter.

15:10:22 Allies meeting - Elbe? lots of handshaking and celebrations. Surrender signed.

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 2

Brief shots German SS officer attempts to shake hands with ? Pan down bomb damaged Berlin building. Women in bucket brigade clearing rubble. Woman commandant of concentration camp walks past released prisoners.

15:11:52 Potsdam conference - arrivals, Stalin, Churchill and Truman. Conference begins.

15:12:49 Montage of shots to show proposed de-nazification of Germany. Agreement signed by Eisenhower, Zhukov and Montgomery who make up the Allied Control Council. Three pose for cameras.

15:13:53 Montage landmarks, Capitol, China? Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, Franco on balcony at military march past.

15:14:07 Potsdam conference, brief shots Eisenhower funeral, England, elections, Churchill out, Atlee in, Atlee arrives in Berlin for conference.

15:15:05 Newspaper headlines Russia declares war on the Japanese. New Bomb Frees Atomic Energy, Stalin, Truman and Atlee pose.

15:15:29 Montage United Nations Flags over images of war and peace

General Patton Dies of Injuries in Auto Accident

VS shots of Patton: in Tunisia, in Sicily. With tanks. Greeting Eisenhower, riding in jeep with Eisenhower, With troops in England preparing for D-Day. Drive through France and Germany. Homecoming after victory, off plane, greeting wife and children. Boston parade for Patton. Visiting Truman at White House. WWII

[Mrs. Goering - US & USSR Generals - Remagen Bridge Captors Celebrate VE Day]

LIB 1171 - Mrs Emmy Goering and daughter

Train stopped in countryside amidst mountains - Alps?

Mrs. Goering and her daughter sit by table outdoors with GI standing behind. CUs of both; Mrs. Goering and daughter escorted down steps by several GIs; with other woman in fur coat.

LIB 1259 - 14May45 US & USSR generals meeting; pose for photograph - Mark Clark, Eisenhower, Patton and other. They hang around a courtyard with a horse.

13:57:54 LIB 1260 - 15may45 Remagen Bridge Captors Celebrate V-E Day - GIs around tanks for ceremony at village square. Crowd of soldiers leaving town square and tanks through town and past heavily signposted tree. Patton reads out victory announcement and GIs cheer.

Berlin to North Africa - Devastated Berlin - Russian Sector - Good colour

Post-war - ruins of Berlin

Berlin - Eastern sector Building with Atlas holding globe on top - Reichstag? - and Hammer and Sickle Russian sign next to it - pan down building amidst ruins and signs in Russian - Eastern sector. Much wreckage. American soldiers in jeep past large building.

Good CU Identity card with Russian, British and American flags on cover.

Destitute German family: women and children wheeling old man on cart.

Medieval-looking gate. Russian woman directing traffic with red and yellow flags. Poster of angelic woman Europa in Russian. Russian soldiers past medieval gate and walking leisurely down street.

02:54:43 big modern building - Russian platoon walking pas t in formation. Tiny cemetery in middle of street with four presumably Russian graves (red stars).

German families walking with belongings in carts and prams down highway

02:56:15 Man cycling on highway past blue sign indicating Berlin , Potsdam .

Sign Entering US Berlin district . Tank on plinth. Parade area with pillars and pictures of Eisenhower, Truman and Stalin. Jeep drives past huge picture of Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt - Big Three at Yalta.

Entering Russian sector - POV shot going through Brandenburg gate past sign you are now leaving British sector and towards large Stalin portrait in middle of road. Adlon hotel exterior. Devastated buildings. Good pan down Brandenburg gate with jeep driving fast towards camera.

Russian platoon with woman.

02:58:38 Russian women s platoon marching and smiling - various uniforms - leading platoon of men.

German civilians pulling cart with belongings.

Smoke from collapsing building at entrance Russian sector - people watching.

Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:

Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress

[Paris - VE Day Parade]

Paris - Victory Parade. LS De Gaulle walking towards Arc de Triomphe and shaking hands with Eisenhower? De Gaulle speech to Eisenhower and gives him medal and kiss; awards Legion of Honour medal to General Walter Bedell Smith. Free French troops parade as Ike and De Gaulle watch. French Republican Guard (mounted). De Gaulle into car and motorcade.

Big Three Meet in Potsdam Conference

Truman down steps with Stalin. CUs Truman and Stalin. Conference in session. Winston Churchill. Stalin lights cigarette. Conferees around circular table. Truman walking with Eisenhower. Truman speaks at flag raising ceremony in Berlin. Generl Patton and Eisenhower saluting at flag raising.

London Welcomes Eisenhower

No. 218 Ike in horse-drawn carriage w/ Air Marshal Tedder through streets to Guildhall; crowds wave, Ike gives V sign. US flag over Guildhall. VS ceremony INT Guildhall, Ike awarded Freedom of City. Carriage through streets past cheering crowds. Ike speech on podium, Churchill in BG; I am now a Londoner have done something in cementing bonds that must always remain between your country and mine... ; AV crowd cheers. WWII

[Stalin, Eisenhower Red Square Parade] - Color

Festival of Sport

Aerial view of Moscow; Crowds cheering in Red Square

14:14:37 General Eisenhower w/ Harriman & ?? walking around saluting crowd.

14:14:45 Stalin walking in white uniform. Stalin & others up steps on to mausoleum; waves to crowd; pan of crowd, Russian parade standing still, cheering.

14:15:36 Eisenhower on mausoleum; salutes as Soviet National Anthem is played; pan along dignitaries, including good shot of Harriman w/ hat over heart. Overview of parade thru Red Square; Statue & pictures of Stalin carried in parade; 2 young children watching parade; 2 youngsters wrestling in parade, in dress; children march in parade;

14:16:10 Dignitaries watching from mausoleum inc. Stalin, Zhukov, Beria. Parade w/ women, banners etc.

14:17:40 Parade, past pictures of Lenin & Stalin

14:17:44 Eisenhower & Stalin together, and others dignitaries inc. Beria watching. Parade going past, crowd watching.

14:19:09 Repetition from Stalin walking through crowds onwards.

Post-WWII; Cult of Stalin; Communism; WWII Victory Celebration;

Eisenhower Talks to Fighting Men at the Front

Ike by jeep gives Christmas speech to small group of soldiers. Soldier gives Christmas message to camera. Promises to be home next year. Ike speech in French for French troops. Other soldier gives speech to camera. Troops say Merry Christmas to Ike.

Title: Help shorten the war. Buy that extra war bond.

Post - WWII.

Nazi Atrocities - Pictorial Proof of Nazi Bestiality

Eisenhower and Gen. Bradley visits Ohrdruf labour camp. Gen. Patton looking horrified. Piles of corpses. German civilians out of truck and Nazi camp commander taken on tour of concentration camp; into death chamber with corpses.

03:52:34 Hadamar Euthanasia camp / insane asylum : Exhuming corpses. Prison doctor interrogated by Americans and shown poison bottle.

03:53:13 Nordhausen - hundreds of corpses laid on ground. Ex-inmates. Survivor crying on stretcher. German civilians pick up corpses. Priest. American soldiers in front of mass grave.

03:54:32 Buchenwald - corpses. Club used to beat prisoners. Ovens with skeleton inside. Liberated slave labourers attack Nazi officer

03:54:54 US War Prisoners - PoWs rescued and treated. Emaciated American PoW in hospital.

WWII. War Crimes.

Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender

General Jodl out of car salutes and into Rheims France school house; other Naziis in & sitting at table w/ Allies as military cameramen work. CU of Walter Bedell Smith. Russians and others. Germans & Smith signing paperwork. CU of document. Germans stand and leave. Smith w/ Eisenhower & Russians. smiling.

WWII - European Surrender; End of war;

Moscow Sports Parade in Victory Year.

Pan over Red Square buildings; crowds applauding as Eisenhower, Mrs Harriman (?) & Averell Harriman & other VIPs walk toward Red Square. Stalin & entourge walking in square. Stalin & other climb onto podium. Crowd applauding.

00:03:26 Ike on podium w/ Marshal Zhukov, both salute. Pan Stalin, Averell Harriman, Kalinin. Beria & two others.

00:04:05 Parade w/ participants carrying Stalin statue. Posters & red flags, various costumes. Wrestling exhibition in middle of parade. Various shots, VIPs watching & laughing. CU Zhukov; Children in costume parade. Eisenhower CUs smiling & watching. Stalin CU; Harriman CU. Marchers & Stalin statue.

00:06:14 Malenkov & Beria on podium, good CU Beria (hair in gate) crowds watching. Stalin walking w/ Beria, Malenkov, Molotov. More shots VIPs on podium, slow pan along.

00:07:47 Marchers, VIPs, CU Stalin and Zhukov. Previous shots repeated.

The Camps of the Dead Pt 1 of 2

Colditz. People camping on woodside banks near railway, CU people cooking, eating, two men carry old man, people lying on ground, starved bony children.

07:57:12 Langestein. Group of people look at dead bodies lying in pit & on field. Village people work on unearthing the mass graves & laying out corpses on the ground, CU the dead, people look at the marks of torture on the bodies.

07:58:05 Ohrdrus. Eisenhower looks at torture methods that were used in the camp; high angle big field covered in corpses. CU starved dead bodies, mass grave, CU two survivors.

07:59:11 Dachau. Concentration camp gates, soldier walks past bodies lying on ground, pull out corpses from the canal near electric fence. Women who were used as guinea pigs in various cruel experiments treated by military nurses, shots of crippled women. Piles of corpses in the shed, crematorium; clothing that was removed from dead hung out on line for new arrivals. Last train that arrived at Dachau from Buchenwald filled w/ starved bodies in the carriages, various shots of corpses. Germans prepared to blow up ammunition dump by stacking bodies of dead deportees. Men move parts of bodies w/ shovels, pull them out of the canal water.

08:03:10 Buchenwald. LS clock tower w/ flag on the top, various shots of people in grim conditions in concentration camp. Camp visited by inquiry commission off British Parliament for data for war criminals. CU refugees, some w/ crippled faces, people inside camp, dead body on the torture stand, commission member look at the hanging gallows, beating bats, crematorium, skeleton in the oven. British commission exit camp building, talk w/ refugees, look at piles of calcite bones outside the crematorium, heaps of corpses killed by gasoline injections, various shots of corpses.

Post-WWII Concentration Camps;

General Eisenhower Asks For More Ammunition

Delegation of soldiers sent back from Germany to ask for ammunition standing behind desk w/ Sec. Patterson.

21:04:30 Soldier speaks (SOF) re needing ammunition. ...the more ammunition we can get & shoot, the more lives we can save...

21:04:46 Men in workshop listening to radio. Eisenhower speech on soundtrack over; troops march; bombs dropped; tanks; stash of ammunition stockpiled; firing guns; troops advance.

21:05:29 Manufacturing ammunition; Wome wire electronics; cutting material; Red Cross boxes; tyres aka tires..

21:05:45 Undersecretary of War Patterson says he trusts American workers will produce necessary ammo for Ike s boys.

WWII Homefront; USA; War Incentive;

Big Four Generals Agree In Berlin On Rule Of Germany

Allied Control Commission meeting. Soviet Mashall Zhukov signs to control eastern & central Germany; French Gen. De Lattre de Tassigny signs to occupy western Germany on Rhine; Field Marshall Montgomery signs to hold northwestern Germany; Gen. Eisenhower signs to control southern Germany. All four Supreme Allied Commanders posing outside.

Post-WWII; Rebuilding; Diplomacy; European Agreement Signing; Four-Power;

[Eisenhower tour, Cherbourg, Rouen & Le Havre, France 21-23Feb45]

LIB 3299 Ike walking out of tent, inspects others. Talking beside car. Talks to men eating from mess kits. Accompanied by two star general & other officers.

13:45:11 Railroad platform, foggy. Out of tent & with officers in heavy fog. CU other officers.

13:46:02 Leaving tent, partially sunny & talking w/ officer. Down steps. Inspecting storage depot. Leaving in jeep past camera.

13:47:16 Walking thru railroad yard w/ large steam locomotives. Walking along docks w/ ships unloading behind. Out of car and greeted by officers at tent village. Walking thru, past medical tents. Signing ?? Talking to Coast Guard &/or Merchant Marine officers. Looking into hold of ship, crates onto pallets & talking. Off railroad car, saluting. Into car. Onto US Army Hospital ship Jarrett W. Huddleston & leaving, shaking hands on gangway, walking across dock & looking .

WWII European War;

Gen. Ike New Chief Of Staff

Eisenhower sitting at desk w/ microphone in front speaking to camera: I have taken over the duties of the Chief of Staff of the Army from a great predecessor... ...I have taken up this duty at a critical time in the affairs of the nation and the Army. ...we are now engaged in tearing down that Army at an unprecedented rate. At the same time we have commitments in foreign lands, commitments which require military strength. Those commitments were made in good faith to help solidify the peace that has been so dearly won. Very soon those two processes will clash. This is your army and it is your decision as to which course we shall follow. The decision once made, it is the duty of the War Department to carry it out. For my part I hope that we secure that peace.

Post-WWII; Pre-Cold War;

East s Pro Grid Champs (Washington 17, New York Giants 0)

Stadium crowd w/ CU of wounded military. Eisenhower and another officer sitting in crowd.

Washington Red Skins kick field goal. Long pass. Leather helmets. MS of woman in fur coat standing, cheering. Crowd cheering.

Sports; Professional Football;

[Potsdam Conference]

Multiple shots of USS Augusta (CA-31). View astern of convoy of ships; sailors lining bow of ship, MS of row at attention. Sailor signaling. Covere guns of large ships.

19:07:51 Ship arriving at Antwerp, Belgium dock, Truman off gangway followed by Sec Byrnes. Into car & out of dock area, secret service men running alongside & riding on open car following. Truman shaking hands w/ army officers. Eisenhower & others. Adm. Leahy & Adm. King (?).

19:09:26 Truman & others boarding airplane. LS & w/ pilot in window. Taxiing.

19:10:06 Jeeps & motorcade along road. Truman & military officials at attention. Motorcade w/ Truman & others in back of army half-track truck reviewing line of tanks parked by trees, crews saluting. POV past tanks. GOOD.

19:12:33 Army officer reading, Truman & others on truck behind. Truman ties ribbong on unit flag. W/ Sec. of State Byrnes & Adm Leahy in open car followed by others. Stopped amid Berlin rubble.

19:13:32 Churchill out of building; Truman & Churchill pose for cameras on steps; shake hands. Truman , Leahy & Stalin pose w/ others on steps.

19:14:09 Hallway & INT conference room shots. Delegates of Soviet delegation pose, then all shaking hands including Stalin & Churchill (in uniform). Gromyko, Molotov, Trumam, Harriman. Anthony Eden seen in long shot. Stalin lights cigarette. End of reel.

WWII; Post-WWII Planning; Allied Conference; Diplomats; Big Four Conference; Germany;

Main Title: Movietone News

14:23:04 Title: Historic Pictures: The Surrender Of Germany.

14:23:11 Lunenburg, Germany. aka Lunenburg or Luneburg. Field Marshall Montgomery in tent w/ German Generals & others. Montgomery (SOF) reads out surrender documents & terms; German Admiral von Freudenberg signs.

14:24:03 German unconditional surrender at Reims w/ Jodl signing. Eisenhower speech (SOF) re FDR s & Churchill s terms of unconditional surrender at Casablanca now being fulfilled.

WWII European Surrenders; Winners; Defeated;

NOTE: Surrender took place on 04May45.

General Eisenhower Takes Office As Chief Of Staff (of Army)

15:13:12 Ike seated at desk talks to camera (SOF) re his new responsibilities; dismantling forces; solidifying peace. We have commitments in foreign lands that require real military stdrength. Those commitments are made in good faith to help solidify the peace that has been so dearly won. Very soon those two processes will clash. This is your army, and it is your decision as to which course we shall pursue. It will be the duty of the War Department to carry out that decision. For my part I hope that we firmly secure the peace.

Post-WWII; Peacetime reconversion; 1945;

News Flashes - Eisenhower in Canada

Ike with McKenzie King to discuss postwar problems. Ike speech re international cooperation.

Save the Planet R1

Bikini Atom Bomb blast. Zoom in on Animated earth, big flash, The Atomic Age was born. Animated spinning atom, Food Atomic Style, two women n kitchen, scientist with test tubes, scientists weighing chickens that have been fed radioactive food and deciding that it has no effect and is safe. Nuclear sub under water. Jimmy Carter at controls as Truman on soundtrack says Armed strength, the free world must have it now. Carter fires missile. Truman on track with cold war rhetoric. AV of Bikini explosion, Ban the Bomb demo in London. Atom bomb explosion, blast effects of A bomb explosion, Bertrand Russell at demonstration. VS devastated Hiroshima after explosion. Rememberence gathering at Hiroshima, people playing. Eternal flame. Army chaplain describes what the atomic blast will look like to soldiers who are going to take part in atom test - it s a wonderful sight to behold. Blast with soldiers in Nevada. Pete Seeger on track sining Mack the Knife with new words. Shot of Capitol, AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) Sign, soldiers standing up in trench and facing atom explosion. Long shot of atom or hydrogen bomb explosion.

01:04:22 - Eisenhower at UN with Atoms for Peace speech Shot of AEC building, a family food center to store atomically radiated food. Track plays Uranium song from 1950 s. Animated uranium atom, man working in glove box, conveyer belt with buckets of uranium stuff, miner holding up rock, radiation caution sign, uranium manufacturing footage, piles of yellow cake, man with two donkeys. Shot of Black Hills landscape to small herd of horses. Native American and environmentalists marching against uranium mining in the Black Hills. John Trudell (Indian activist) on soundtrack, along with Winona Duke.

01:06:25 - LS Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Power Plant with setting sun in background. Children on soundtrack recount dream and real reactions to TMI meltdown over various shots of TMI exteriors and interior views of other nuclear power plants.

01:08:30 - Animation section with Ion the Neutron Batter, nitting baseball into neutrons. Driving up to nuclear power plant. WS of nuclear cooling tower. Overhead moving shot of nuclear reactor. Scientist with geiger counter. Nuclear reactor control room. Radiation worker putting on mask. People dressing in decontamination suits over anti-nuclear speech by Dr. John Gofman who appears in sync.

Part 5

Unknown Africans and Russians walk in gardens of house by sea - Sochi ?

06:03:18 Eisenhower and Harriman in Moscow - Stalin etc at Victory / Sports parade B/W

06:06:20 Sports parade - Stalin present

Part 6

06:15:46 Cross country motorcycle race

06:16:01 Khruschev and Brezhnev at presentation of Medal - speech made by woman who presents medal

06:17:00 May Day celebrations - Castro arrives by plane, greeted by Khruschev and Brezhnev - good shots

06:17:40 Motorcade and Khruschev speaking in Red Square (synch) Castro speech in Spanish ( synch ) Long Live Soviets good shots military and civil parade

06:24:05 Sports stadium - parade of athletes watched by K. and Castro

06:24:24 Khruschev and party leaders on balcony watching outdoor events - K. bored and confused ? Football - Ulbricht in attendance - K wearing very odd sunglasses in most shots

06:26:06 Khruschev addresses mass crowds - don t know what this is

06:27:19 Interior shots formal reception - opening - unknown man cuts ribbon - presented with flowers - meeting - sporting trophies ? celebrations and ballroom dancing - young people looking wealthy and happy.

Army-Irish in Game of the Year. Sports - American Football (Army v Notre Dame)

Crowds going into Yankee Stadium. Westpoint Army cadets march onto pitch. Celebrities in crowd - Major General Taylor. Mascots. Universal News cameras and reporter. Sec. of War Patterson takes seat. Se. Forrestal - Gen. Devers; Postmaster-Gen. Hannigan. Arnold Tucker leads Army. Mascots Irish Terrier & Army Mule. Half-time. Gen. Eisenhower. Crowds onto field at end.

Eisenhower Replies To GI Demand We Want To Go Home

GI demonstration in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Eisenhower speech re demobilisation - says they will have to stay 2 or 3 more months at the most.

Death Mills Pt. 1 of 2

Introductory titles.

13:39:10 Crowd of Germans w/ shovels carry 1100 crosses past for French graves. Electrified fences; CU warning sign in German. Guard towers, barracks. Gates open, liberation of concentration camps; inmates waving seen from guard tower. US soldiers

13:40:10 Auschwitz gates: Arbeit Macht Frei w/ emaciated prisoners in striped uniforms smiling thru. Gates open, more waving from various camps. CUs.

13:40:49 Prisoners scramble for potatoes on passing horse drawn wagon; man eats horse manure in street.

13:41:21 US troops carry starved men & women out of camps on stretchers; in arms. Auschwitz - Soviet doctors examine prisoners & emaciated children.

13:42:27 Allied leaders - Eisenhower (Ike) visit to Ohrdruf; inmates demonstrate torture instruments; bodies strewn on ground. Archbishop of Canterbury visits camp. Civilians of Allied Investigation Commission tour camp. Dungeons, corpses, ovens. Bodies piled on trucks & in rooms. Pile of burned bodies & ash.

13:44:16 Torture chamber at Maidaneck; guillotine; gas chambers; canisters of Zyklon. Bodies. Ovens w/ remains. Bundles of clothing; warehouse w/ shoes & toys; human hair in sacks. Buchenwald - jewellery, eye glasses, teeth etc. taken from bodies.

13:46:51 GIs alongside freight cars w/ bodies; soldiers pull body from river. Overhead shots & CUs of bodies. Barn where over a thousand were burnt alive by Germans.

13:48:15 German guard captured at Mauthausen.

13:48:20 LS smoke rises over Belsen; MCU Camp Commander Josef Kramer, the Beast of Belsen.

13:48:27 German women, SS Death s Head Concentration Camp guards, in uniforms file out of barracks. German guards, POWs.

13:48:49 Hadamar interrogation room - Camp Commander & Chief Physician questioned at table.

WWII; Horrors of War; Horrific; Nazi War Atrocities; War Crimes; Holocaust; Starvation; Survivors; Germany;

Truman Urges Universal Training

Albert Einstein in cap & gown arriving at honorary graduation ceremony at Princeton University. President Truman & Herbert Hoover in procession also. Eisenhower in uniform receives scroll on outdoor platform to applause from large audience. Truman given doctorate hood & poses for cameras. Truman speech at podium - asks for military training programme for young people order not to win a war, but in order to prevent one .

[NB Sound intermittent but speech intact.]

1940s. Postwar.

War Leaders Honored

Ben Grauer announces. 9 military leaders receiving Honorary Doctor of Law degrees walk into Columbia University commencement ceremony. General Eisenhower; Admiral Leahy & others w/ Secretary of State George C. Marshall receiving degree; Eisenhower, Admiral Halsey, Adm. Nimitz, Adm. King all receiving degrees & hand shakes.

Publicity; Public Recognition; Post-WWII; Heroes;

General Pershing - Nation s Top Soldier Buried at Arlington

Coffin lying in state in the rotunda of the Capitol. Politicians pay respects including Sec. of State George Marshall. Exterior, long line of people queue to pay respects. Interior people including veterans, mothers and children pass coffin. Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Clark and others stand in salute as coffin is brought out to caisson. Funeral procession through crowd lined streets to Arlington Cemetery. Mourners follow, marching in rain. Funeral cortege arrives at Arlington. President Truman bows his head. Family mourners. Last post played

Personalities in the News

Ike and Mamie at home in Washington - preparing to take over Columbia University - Mamie adjusts Ike s tie. Couple leave house - snow on ground - pose for photographers, Ike signs autographs for waiting military. MS Eisenhower poses alone - waves for camera.

Freedom Is Indivisible [Part 1 of 2]

Produced by March of Time

Excerpts from two speeches made by Dwight D. Eisenhower during and shortly after his inauguration as President of Columbia University.

03:42:48 Opening shots of University campus & huge audience for ceremony - graduating students / faculty - Ike through audience in cap & gown - Admirals Leahy & Halsey watching - Mamie & John Eisenhower [?] in front row. Ike on platform to applause - investiture begins [sync.] - Ike seated to applause.

03:44:48 Ike makes inaugural speech at podium in cap & gown. Today s challenge to freedom and to every free institution is such that none of us dare stand alone, for human freedom is today threatened by regimented stateists...democracy and the police state have no common purposes, methods or free insitution can be neutral...All our cherished rights...are mutually dependent for their long as our schools devote themselves to a truly liberal education...The facts of Communism for example shall be taught here... Cutways to audience inc. Gen. Omar Bradley. Standing ovation at end of speech.

Higher Education. Graduation. Anti-Communism.

Freedom Is Indivisible [Part 2 of 2]

Produced by March of Time

Excerpts from two speeches made by Dwight D. Eisenhower during and shortly after his inauguration as President of Columbia University. Cont d...

03:48:28 EXT Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC, two weeks after Columbia inauguration ceremony. INT Annual Meeting, Association of National Advertisers - conference on education.

03:49:23 Ike speech to conference: ...I have a feeling that there is no subject in the world so fascinating to talk about as America...There has been a spiritual unity existing even long before the signing of the Declaration of Independence borne of the belief that Man is a dignified human being...the possessor of certain inalienable rights...the one that seems to have come under attack in our day and time more than anything else is the right of property, and many people have tried to make us believe that there is an essential antagonism between so called property rights and human rights. It is a fallacy which underlies the conflict now going on in the world between stateism and these freedoms...I believe that no matter how effective is the work of the educational institution it must be supported further and amplified by every group in the United States that believes as I have been trying so haltingly to say that in the education and understanding of our people today lies the certainty of our own future...I can think of no one with more influence than the have a ceaseless and daily impact on us all...every time you re selling one of those things, to my mind you re selling part of America, but along with must sell an understanding of what made those things...can be brought about by one means and that is telling the truth...we are convinced that anyone that has known our way of life...will choose our own. Therefore, why lie about it? Why claim that it has never had any defects?...It was not a personal sacrifice to come here today... - Ike makes self-deprecating remark to finish speech - standing ovation.


West Point (Eisenhowers visit John Eisenhower baby)

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower & Mamie up steps to West Point military hospital & visit son John, daughter-in-law & grandson Dwight David Eisenhower, Jr. CU of baby & three Eisenhowers together around hospital bed. Good shot of Ike laughing.

Families; Military Celebrities;

[NYC Inauguration Ceremonies, Twentieth Century Limited, Sep48]

POV forward along tracks in MCU, sunny day. Approaching signal.

08:01:06 Pullman passenger cars & New York Central streamliner alongside moving along Hudson river. CU wheels. Runby away from camera from along tracks w/ photographers visible.

08:02:00 Overhead from bridge of streamliner approaching & passing under. Also leaving.

08:02:20 Int. of car w/ model in towel closing shower curtain in club car; repeat in CU. Drying.

08:02:55 Man dictating, male secretary typing on manual typewriter in club car.

08:03:11 CUS White male barber gesturing to come in. Woman given hair cut in club car.

08:03:23 Black waiter serving drinks in club car lounge. Black waiter serving business men dinner; couple into upper & lower berths. Woman turns off light.

08:04:06 Gustav Metzman, president of New York Central Railroad speaking (MOS) at NYC radio station microphones; Mayer O Dwyer at mics beside 20th Century Limited logo.

08:04:33 Miss Lillie beside Metzman w/ bottle of various rivers & lakes enroute to Chicago. Actual breaking not seen. Dwight Eisenhower w/ Lillie & O Dwyer beside train. Journalists on platform.

08:05:07 Man on phone in train; people in dining car being served. Eisenhower (MOS) at microphones.

08:05:28 Brief on board scenes of waiters. POV of train. MS of Eisenhower at mics.

08:05:53 Runbys. View of moving train.

Promotion; Advertising; Models; Public Relations; PR;

[NYC Inauguration Ceremonies, Twentieth Century Limited, Sep48]

POV forward along tracks in MCU, sunny day. Approaching signal.

08:07:30 Pullman passenger cars & New York Central streamliner alongside moving along Hudson river. CU wheels. Runby away from camera from along tracks w/ photographers visible.

08:08:23 Overhead from bridge of streamliner approaching & passing under. Also leaving.

08:08:44 Int. of car w/ model in towel closing shower curtain in club car; repeat in CU. Drying.

08:09:20 Man dictating, male secretary typing on manual typewriter in club car.

08:09:35 CUS White male barber gesturing to come in. Woman given hair cut in club car.

08:09:48 Black waiter serving drinks in club car lounge. Black waiter serving business men dinner; couple into upper & lower berths. Woman turns off light.

08:10:30 Gustav Metzman, president of New York Central Railroad speaking (MOS) at NYC radio station microphones; Mayer O Dwyer at mics beside 20th Century Limited logo.

08:10:56 Miss Lillie beside Metzman w/ bottle of various rivers & lakes enroute to Chicago. Actual breaking not seen. Dwight Eisenhower w/ Lillie & O Dwyer beside train. Journalists on platform.

08:11:32 Man on phone in train; people in dining car being served. Eisenhower (MOS) at microphones.

08:11:54 Brief on board scenes of employees. POV of train. MS of Eisenhower at mics.

08:12:07 Runbys. View of moving train.

Promotion; Advertising; Models; Public Relations; PR;

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (Eisenhower Outside Congressional Hearings)

03:26:55 Eisenhower in civilian clothes w/ ?? into room. ?? enters smiling past security guard & others. Senator Hoey in white suit & bow tie slowly walks in.

03:27:25 Secretary of State Dean Acheson poses w/ Eisenhower, Sec.of Defense Louis Johnson & two others talking (MOS)


News in Brief [Ike & Army Chiefs of Staff] (1949)

Key West, Florida

General Eisenhower meets outdoors w/ Army Chiefs of Staff Bradley and others. Ike & generals pose for cameras. Group seated round table in gardens. Photographers with flash cameras.

Overexposed in parts.

[Eisenhower home & attending church, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]

Eisenhower home exterior w/ Ike & Mamie in doorway. Flag flying on pole. Eisenhower, Mamie & daughter-in-law (?) & other family members w/ grandchild in stroller. Photographers. Posing on porch. CU child.

17:30:07 Sedan arriving, Ike & Mamie out, greeted & into church w/ others. Church from across street, policeman directing traffic. CU sign: Presbyterian Church.

17:30:58 CU plaque re Abraham Lincoln attending. MCU townspeople watching; Ike & Mamie out & shaking hands w/ reverend. Into car.

Presidential Retreat; Vacation Home; Retirement;

[Eisenhower in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Office w/ Joe Martin & ??]

Eisenhower & others past professional cameramen & kids w/ cameras, up ramp & into church. Joe Martin & others following. Grandchildren wave from car as it leaves.

07:02:41 Joe Martin talking to reporters, laughting & into building.

07:03:09 Martin sitting talking w/ Eisenhower at desk (MOS), flags behind.

07:03:58 Martin & Press Secretary James Hagerty out of building & into car.

07:04:13 Eisenhower at desk talking to ?? in dark suit.

07:04:53 People waiting outside. Hagerty leaves w/ ?? who was talking w/ Ike.

Note: May be after Presidency.

[President Eisenhower w/ West German Foreign Minister von Bretano & ?? in White House Office]

Talking, shaking hands. CUs of visitors. Leaving, into Bentley or Rolls Royce limousine car.


Note: von Bretano served 06Jun55 - 17Oct61.

[Dulles Reports on 12 Nation Visit, 195?]

Secretary of State John Foster Dulles seated at desk w/ microphones, SOF: ...Mr. Stassen, the Director of Mutual Security & I & our associates left at President Eisenhower s request for a three-week visit to the twelve countries which lie n between the Mediterranean area & China...met w/ a cordial reception...many of these countries people feel our policies of recent years have been rather unfriendly...antagonistic to them. There were...demonstrations in most countries which were primarily organized by the Communists...

07:51:58 One of the spots we ran into first, Egypt, is a serious trouble spot. We had a long talk there w/ General Naguib who is the new ruler...but he wants to get the British out of the Suez Canal base...a gigantic affair...for the defense of the entire area...its a technical problem...I believe there can be a solution which will reconcile the needs of the International Community w/ the sovereignty of Egypt.

07:53:31 In Israel & the surrounding Arab countries we studied the very tense situation which results from the creation of Israel & the bitterness...between the Israeli & the Arabs. We found the leaders of Israel...agree w/ us that the United States ought to find policies which would be impartial between Israel & the Arab States so as to win...respect of the Israeli but also of the Arab peoples...

07:54:15 In India...talks w/ Mr. Nehru...we didn t agree about everything...Korean armistice...

07:54:59 repeat India.

Cold War; Middle East; North Africa; Near East; Diplomacy; Diplomatic Travels;

[Eisenhower Leaving on Columbine, 195?]

Presidential limousine arriving at airport. President Eisenhower walking to plane & military VIPs. Boarding Columbine, posing on steps, entering plane

07:56:41 Engines started & taxiing, taking off.


Eighth Sea, The Pt. 2 of 2

Men tamping concrete in dam construction; CUs. crane moving bucket to pour. Various construction shots. Walter Cronkite w/ model of channel. Earthmovers moving & building dikes.

13:50:14 Iroquoi, Canada street scene w/ traffic prior to removal for dam reservoir. House movers moving house to new town site & people walking behind. Trees removed; highway moved.

13:50:49 View up thru antenna. GOOD. High voltage power line towers; US & Canada flags on mast at border customs post.

13:51:31 Grass River Lock construction. Eisenhower lock construction & excavating marine clay. CU man walking in mud; dredging w/ drag-line. Glacier till being removed, first using deep sub-soiler type blade.

13:52:35 River shallow water thru ice; excavation w/ earth movers pushed by bulldozers. Breaking ice on top; bulldozers working at night w/ lights. Daytime & deep excavation nearly to bedrock. Model.

13:54:11 Earthmovers pulled w/ large Caterpillar D-8 dozer. Aerial w/ control dam under construction. Ground shot of partially constructed dam w/ dozers & shovels moving rock using dump trucks. Men working on catwalks. Earthmoving equipment; islands combined in river. Drilling & moving rock. Model shows combined.

13:57:37 Dredging rock & much & loading into large barges. Sunset over Lake Ontario.

13:58:37 Steel mill & pouring large bucket. Ore carriers unloaded. Combining grain; grain elevators along river w/ carriers loaded.

13:59:45 Montage: Montreal seen from across St. Lawrence river. Unloading of ship; CUs of power lines; large drilling machine; neon signs; appliances; lights turned on.

14:00:15 Cronkite talks to camera.

Construction Projects; Inland Seaway; Waterway; International Cooperation; Borders; Promotion; Sponsored Films;

[Warner Pathe News Magazine Of The Screen] title missing

Charles E. Wilson, President of General Electric appointed chief of US defense production. W/ George Marshall in office.

21:54:06 China s Gen. Wu to the United Nations. MCU USSR delegation looking grim. Wu speaking before Security Council.

21:54:40 Wu leaves from NYC shaking hands w/ USSR Amb. Malik at airport.

21:54:54 Brussels hosts meeting of 12 nations. Acheson & 11 other Atlantic Pact foreign ministers meet.

21:55:28 Appointment of Dwight Eisenhower named to head Atlantic Council armies. He is w/ wife & in uniform. In cars in uniform thru crowds after WWII.

Korean War; Defenses; Anti-Communist; 1950;

Korea: The Long Road To Peace [Part 2 of 2]

March of Time Forum Films

Frozen Yalu River between North Korea & Manchuria - 7th Div. GIs at outdoor service in town of He San Jin. Map showing Chinese attack from north, 26Nov50. UN forces in retreat. 1st Div. Marines battle to break out of encirclement at Changjin Reservoir.

12:13:23 Voorhees interviews Private Hector Caporata, awarded Medal of Honor for helping to hold gap in line & killing fifteen Chinese Reds - Voorhees refers to him as Hec - jokey conversation about missing home & having beards. Marines fighting towards sea - snowy mountains - Communist prisoners taken, CU frozen feet - aerial bombardment.

12:16:14 US fleet at Hongnam - good high shot - troops coming aboard - port blown up as battleships retreat. 26Dec50 Lt Gen Matthew Ridgeway after replacing MacArthur as Commander of US Ground Forces. New offensive launched Feb51 - US troops advance through woodland. Tanks & troops reach outskirts of Seoul 14Mar - sign on pole Seoul Off Limits . Street fighting in ruins of central Seoul - heavy gun fired outside government building - closer shot domed roof in scaffolding w/ South Korean flag flying.

12:17:50 Hanada Airport, Tokyo - MacArthur greets Army Chief of Staff Gen. Collins - VO the Supreme Commander in the Far East, Washington felt, was perhaps a little too supreme - CU newspaper headlines Mac. Spoke on Own, State Dept. Explains - Truman Fires M Arthur .

12:18:17 Truman statement extract re dismissal of MacArthur - the cause of world peace is much more important than any individual . MacArthur speech to Congress on return to US - I am closing my 52 years of military service. The world has turned over many times since I took the Oath on the plain at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have long since vanished...old soldiers never die, they just fade away...I now close my military career and just fade away - some applause heard.

12:19:48 Air to air US F-86 Sabre jets [?] fighting MiGs. Soviet delegate Malek statement at Lake Success Jun51 The Soviet people believe that as a first step discussions should be started between the belligerents for a cease fire and an armistice providing for the neutral withdrawal of forces from the 38th Parallel .

12:20:39 Truce negotiations at Kaesong - arrivals inc. North Korean General Na-Mil [?], US Admiral Joy - INT conference room. 04Aug51 - Chinese Communist troops march through neutral zone violating agreement. Sep51 - 1st airborne operation by helicopter in military history - Marines dropped on enemy-held mountain. Aerial Panmunjom; arrivals for new peace talks inc. Joy - photographers inside tent - documents signed. Sign Headquarters United Nations Prisoner of War Camp No 1 Koje-Do Korea - POWs in camp.

12:22:16 Battle scenes. Sign We welcome Ike ; Eisenhower visits front Dec52 - Gen. Clark. Tanks firing on ridges. Postwar scenes in South Korea - kids. Dulles speech Communism pitted its youth against what it thought was our decrepitude...

Korean War. USAF. Anti-Communism.

[Eisenhower, Jules Moch, Rene Pleven & ?? in French Palace, ca Jan51?]

American civilian VIP & Army general leaving w/ French Minister of Defense Jules Moch (?). Unid. VIP beside Moch as he returns into building.

06:47:26 Moch & Eisenhower leaving, shake hands. Into car & waving goodbye; joined by 3-star Lt. General ??.

06:48:01 CU French guards w/ swords at attention.

06:48:04 MS posing: Eisenhower, Moch, Rene Pleven, unid. American?. And w/ British General & others; cameramen.

Post-WWII; SHAPE Command; France; 1950; 1951; Diplomatic Relations; Military; Diplomacy;

NOTE: Moche was Defense Minister, 12Jul50 - 11Aug51. Pleven first Ministry, 12Jul50 - 10Mar51.

[Various Newsreels - 1950s Germany; England; USA]

Trade show; knife & scissors exhibition. Giant Swiss Army knife - giant knife and giant scissors. Ornamental knives.

21:36:08 sd. BRITISH FLEET MANEUVERS Carrier, British sailors on deck at anchor. Aerials of British destroyers in line leaving harbor, aircraft carrier, plane takes off. British sailor w/ binoculars. HMS Duke of York battleship, bow of moving battleship, wake of ship. Aerial view of fleet, sun on water.

21:36:50 sd/si. BRITAIN HONORS F.D.R. Monument & ceremony from high angle. King George VI & Eleanor Roosevelt to monument. Mrs Roosevelt unveils monument - statue of FDR (profile). CU "FDR, 1882-1945". King George places wreath, front view of statue. Attlee, Eleanor Roosevelt & Queen Elizabeth; Winston Churchill & wife, Queen Elizabeth. Churchill looking at monument. CU statue.

21:38:00 Si. LONDON'S WORST FOG. Train & traffic in heavy fog. Man lights gas lamp. English bobby w/ flashlight.

21:38:39 Sd. 1948(?) GENERAL LUCIUS D CLAY Washington DC. Gen. Lucius Clay from military plane, Clay speaks (SoF) about Berlin Blockade.

21:39:11 Sd. EISENHOWER SPEAKS ON ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY, WASHINGTON, DC, speaking at desk. Platitudes for military.

21:40:12 Sd. EUROPE IS TEMPTING TARGET FOR REDS Ike speaking (SoF) in Denver, Colorado

21:41:04 Sd. Pres. Truman Apologies To Marines ((title only).

21:41:05 High angle of large room w/ orchestra on stage to side & U-shaped table w/ men & name tages.

21:41:08 Sd. Sign: "OFFICE OF HIGH COMMISSIONER AND MILITARY GOVERNOR - MR. JOHN J MCCLOY". McCloy speaking at desk (SoF). 45 million Germans will shortly commence the task of governing themselves...

21:41:44 Si. BERLIN RED YOUTH RALLY, GERMANY Brandenburg Gate & signs. British soldiers on armored vehicles behind barbed wire. US troops in bg. Soldier at gun. Truckloads of German girls. Arch, youth band playing. Young Pioneers clean dishes & wash at trough. Young Pioneer in stadium maneuvers & parading; Red leader before mic. Street parade w/ large picture of Stalin & Mao banners, etc. (GOOD)

21:43:22 Si. RED ARMY DAY IN BERLIN Russian soldiers march, lay wreath, young USSR soldier on guard. Wreath laying at large monument (In memory of Soviet Dead.)

21:44:09 Si. JOINT ALLIED MANEUVERS IN GERMANY Officers chatting; French & US officers salute. General Mark Clark & unid. Major General. LS, truck moving over pontoon bridge, MS, tank (M-26) moving. Soldiers march on road. Troops w/ various equipment (portable communications, guns, etc.). Multiple antiaircraft gun w/ .50 cal air-cooled machine guns. CU soldier behind gun reading Stars and Stripes newspaper w/ headline: "UN advances on Seoul" (re Korea).

Churchill Visits Ike

Press photographers lined up on White House steps. President Eisenhower and Winston Churchill out of door and pose - Anthony Eden follows. Into car and cortege away down drive.

[Diplomacy - Italy - US - Eisenhower]

Guard of Honour - Visitor lays wreath - Press photographers - flag flying. Visitor out of embassy and into waiting limo. Visitor with President Eisenhower - photocall. Ike and guest on steps of White House - standing in rain - umbrellas - ceremony at Washington Monument.

[Eisenhower - Ike - & Cabinet in White House]

Cabinet in White House around table pose for pictures.

Eisenhower Going to Church ? / Gettysburg

Small crowd waving from behind railings. Presidents car arrives - Ike and Mamie out of car. Sign Gettysburg National Military Park - Cannon - monument - President touring with Montgomery ?. National Museum building. Various cuts tour very chopped.

Eisenhower Press Conference - Poor quality sound

Talks to press re Budget - says that the budget cannot be reduced markedly without cutting programmes - national defence - state department. Asked re unemployment compensation - East & West Germany - Senator Humphrey - asked whether Republicans are supporting his budget - whether there is a post in government for Adlei Stevenson - tax write offs for Corporations.

Eisenhower Press Conference - Poor quality sound

Talks to press re Budget - says people ask for cuts but on other hand demonstrate against cuts in programmes. Leaves room

02:22:45 CU Seal of the President - press cameramen. Press corp taking notes - stenographer - reporters writing in notebooks. Top shot President entering room.

Eisenhower Press Conference - Good sound quality

Gives plug for Red Cross. Asked re trip to Gettysburg and the speed of the Presidential car. Re vacancy on TVA board. Re school construction bill. Re press speculation on possible retirement. Re Vice Presidential power in the event of the temporary disability of the President. Re meeting between himself and Anthony Eden. Re conflict of interest statute.

Eisenhower Press Conference - Good sound quality

Pays tribute President Magsisi (phon). Talks Re Vice Presidential power in the event of the temporary disability of the President. Talks re Fifth ammendment and the right of Congress to investigate. Asked a question re government spending on new helicopters - angrily refuses to answer question. Talks re disability ammendment. Re civil rights. Re Russian threats to Japanese and Norwegians if they have bases on their land. Re Middle East situation. Re deployment of US troops and missiles in Allied countries.

Eisenhower Press Conference - Good sound quality

Talks re budget / economy. I can't tell you how strongly I feel what I told you before. This budget was not only made carefully...we have a vast expensive government in the post office I don't know anyone who has said we can cut our Armed Forces Foreign it comes up...economy minded people...this becomes a fair is a matter of getting up and arguing for the security we are not going to touch any of these things or we are going to suffer... Very rambling. NY Times reporter asks what the foreign aid will be. Ike rambles and doesn't answer. It's only one part of a multi-sided say you are going to save a few millions here and a few million there... .

Eisenhower with Nixon (election campaign ?)

Suitcases - sign Dick Nixon Special - People on balcony at airport with posters re Pat and Dick Nixon - woman gives flowers to Mrs Nixon. I ke and Richard Nixon together surrounded by group. Sign We Love Pat. Richard Nixon kisses two small girls. Mr and Mrs Nixon on steps of aircraft.

President Eisenhower with Senator Dulles

Seated at desk signing ? Group of press photographers taking pictures. Dulles countersigns document. CU document (out of focus)

02:05:54 Exterior White house - press cameras - Ike and senators exit including LBJ (Johnson) and McCarthy - photocall. Various of senators talking to groups of reporters.

[Transexual Christine Jorgensen with Ike]

Jorgensen and President Eisenhower talk & shake hands in office - many photographers. Ike steps out of White House and has his picture taken with a Thanksgiving reprieve turkey. Jorgensen steps out of White House and is photographed.

Eisenhower at dedication of $32 million housing project named after Dr. Simon Baruch, on Lower East Side. VS, housing project, dais with Eisenhower, Bernard Baruch. Bust of Bernard Baruch revealed. Pan down housing project

Eisenhower at Lower East Side Housing Dedication

Secret Service or police on roof tops. LS Eisenhower s convertible limousine drives up to gate and Ike steps out, shakes hands. Walks on to dais platform. WS dais and platform with flag bunting. CU Eisenhower talking to ? LS Children on roof top and leaning out of windows. Man (New York mayor?) speaking introduces Ike. Shot of bust of Bernard Baruch. Ike speaks paying tribute to Baruch who he has known since Ike was a major in the Army. Shots of crowd, housing development. Baruch speaks expressing thanks, remembers his father, etc.

Eisenhower Awarding Certificates to Military

Military & others greet Pres. Eisenhower (Ike) who presents them with certificates. All pose for picture standing behind large table. MCU of certificates held by men (overexposed).

[Eisenhower & John Foster Dulles Chat in Office]

Eisenhower (Ike) speaking with John Foster Dulles in White House. They look at papers & chat posing.

President Eisenhower with Dean Rusk

Ike standing with Rusk and unid. man in office. Unid man poses outtside.

President Eisenhower with Unid. Woman

Ike standing with attrctive blonde woman carrying fur stole in office for photocall. Woman leaves and poses for cameras outside White House.

Congress - Man Speaking - Applause

Ike / Eisenhower into congress; applause. ?? At podium. Standing ovation.

Unknown Secrets: Art & the Rosenberg Era R2 Narrated by John Randolph. Featuring voice overs by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Tovah Feldshuh, Jack Gilford, George Irving, Tony Randall, Shirley Blac Romaine.

Ruby Dee reading poem over art shots. Stills and art work re Ethe Rosenberg. Int. with artist Marina Gutierrez about reactionary forces in government intercut with her art work. Rosenberg bus shelter in New York. Interview with Dennis Adams, artist who created bus shelter. Int. with author Robert Coover about his book, The Public Burning and Rosenbergs. . Wood cut stills of circus and Congressional hearings over Tony Randall reading excerpt from The Public Burning. Still of US Supreme Court. Supreme Court Building. Neon lit Times Square pan to Camel sign with puff of smoke. Tells how he decided on Nixon - clown figure - as narrator for book. LS clowns in circus. Nixon holding up microfilm. Nixon impersonator reads from Coover book. Congressional hearing, still of Whittaker Chambers pumpkin patch, Chambers holding up and opening hollow pumpkin intercut with art. Tony Randall voice over as Joe McCarthy, Ossie Davis reading J. Edgar Hoover over art work. Int. with Leon Marcus, artist who was harrassed by the FBI with his picture of Roy Cohn in frame. Describes painting picture of FBI visiting. Ralph Fasanella pointing out historical stuff in his paintings. CU flashbulb popping. Julius and Ethel leaving court house. Clemency march. Eisenhower waving. Universal headline Landslide for Ike. Pan down Times Square billboard. Eisenhower inaugral parade with Ike waving from open limousine. We Like Ike sign. Ike walking into press conference. CU cameraman. Art of White House. Other art work.

Artistic work in film by: Kim Adeles, Dennis Adams, Victor Arnautoff, Robert Areneson, Doug Ashford, Karen Atkinson, Gary Bachman, Rudolf Baranik, Terry Berkowitz, Angel Bracho, Crhis Bratton, Celia Calderon, Luis Camnitzer, Sue Coe, Richard Corey, Mort Dimondstein, Fred Ellis, Ralph Fasanella, Rupert Garcia, Marina Gutierrez, Jerry Kearns, Rockwell Kent, Margia Kramer, Fernand Leger, Leon Marcus, Paul Marcus, Arnold Mesches,Louis Monza, Francisco Mora, Antonio Muntadas, Alice Neel, Lorie Novak, Saul Ostrow, Pablo Picasso, Adrian Piper, Archie Rand, Martha Rosler, Juan Sanchez, Peter Saul, Greg Sholette, Kenneth Shorr, Deborah Small, Anthony Toney, Patty Wallace, Janet Winston, David Wojnarowicz

Atlantic Pact - Gen. Ike Opens Permanent HQ

Hotel Astoria entrance & soldiers guarding. Door opens & empty desk with US & NATO flags. Eisenhower signing order. CU of paper with signature that he took over as head of NATO. He does statement to another camera.

Cold War

West Point, N.Y.

17:11:20 General Eisenhower returns from Europe on MATS plane to report to Congress; smiling Ike off plane in West Point, kisses wife & picks up grandchildren.

NATO; 1951;

[Eisenhower Leaves Washington on Constellation, 1951]

06Nov51? MS soldiers and civilians stand next to Gen. Eisenhower s Lockheed Constellation at MATS terminal; pan across crowd, Ike w/ back to camera kissing unid women in fur coats and young child. Photographers call out. Ike makes brief statement at microphone this has been the busiest two days or three days in my life... ; Ike runs up steps of plane, turns and waves. Officers at door of plane. CU engines emit cloud of smoke as USAF plane taxis away [8614 on tailfin?]. LS pan aircraft takes off. CU USAF? crest on plane, Virgilia Pretium Liberatis .

09:49:05 Ike arrival at air base, speech at microphones, Ike boarding of plane and engines starting viewed from slightly different angles. MS plane taxis L-R.

09:50:05 Ike emerges from limousine followed by Gen. Omar N Bradley; MCU Generals pose for photographers.

Korean War?

News In Brief: France

??Jun51 VS Gen. Eisenhower attends meeting in Paris to discuss defence force for western Europe; greets Viscount Montgomery; CU hats of military leaders on table; CUs Ike w/ Montgomery; newsreel cameras. US Gen. Norstadt; French Gen. Guillame? Leaders in discussion at table.


News In Brief: Holland

Eisenhower inspects Dutch troops at military bases in role as Commander of new NATO forces. Army performs display manouvre on assault course. Ike watches as tanks pass. Ike & Mrs Eisenhower w/ Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard at Summer Palace.


[Eisenhower Reviews Maneuvers & Visits Koblenz]

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Ike off USAF plane on rainy airfield in West Germany, greeted by British staff officers & inspects units of new defence force. Ike past in Rolls Royce. Ike observes field exercises of 91st Brigade on British training ground; Ike pulls up collar of overcoat against cold.

11:25:06 Aerial view Koblenz in French-occupied zone. Eisenhower w/ French Generals Schomel & Guillaume watches maneouvres by French 3rd Army - tanks & troops across countryside & construct pontoon bridge.

Postwar Germany. Cold War. Anti-Communism. Atlantic Pact.

World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951)

15:37:47 Artillery firing in Korean War; tanks firing near Kuhn Song (sp). Large explosion near highway.

15:37:56 Prisoners taken. MacArthur & other officers past. CU newspapers MAC Is Out.

15:38:10 Cu General Ridgway; row of bodies w/ CU tied hands. MPS, tents & US military peace delegation; North Koreans into tents. Seated w/ documents being signed.

15:38:55 LS delegates from 52 nations meet in San Francisco Opera House to sign treaty w/ Japan. Soviets walk out. Signing by Dean Acheson for U.S. Acheson shaking hands w/ Japanese.

15:39:24 General Eisenhower & other military officers inspecting Allied troops in Korea.

15:39:43 Capitol in winter re 82nd Congress meeting after election. Truman signing ??

15:40:00 Missile on launcher raised, fired w/ booster rocket & seen in slow motion.

15:40:24 Map showing Iran; oiil refinery. Men turning valves on pipes. Street demonstration & tearing signs down. Enormous crowd on buildings, in street. Marchers w/ placards. People running in street seen from building roof.

15:40:53 CU Mossadegh; Mossadegh meeting w/ Security Council.

15:41:11 New United Nations Tower.

15:41:17 Title: Disasters. Overturned railroad engine; body n ground & rescue workers beside multiple cars still smoking. Pennsylvania passenger cars.

15:41:37 Flood w/ fast water thru city streets, thru cars & buildings. people walking thru knee deep water. Kansas City, Missouri & flooded cars beside warehouse; railroad freight cars.

15:42:00 Title: Probes. Ext. & int. of Kefauver crime hearings. Men taking notes. Mayor O Dwyer at microphone.

Committee room in Washington & CU of Frank Costello w/ cigarette. Committee.

15:42:39 Title: Politics. London voting, crowds in Trafalager Square. Churchill thru crowd. On steps of 10 Downing Street.

15:43:00 Senator Robert Taft before press announcing run for President. Governor Earl Warren announces.

15:43:19 Ext. Eisenhower campaign headquarters.

15:43:25 President Truman SOF: One of the things I ve been thinking about is next years s election (laughter). I m not going to make any announcement as to who the candidate is going to be.

15:43:57 Crowd listening filling streets in Cadillac Square, Detroit.

NOTE: Sound track is choppy - not useful.

Cold War; Year Ender;

03:31:13 Adlai Stevenson campaigning; MCU waving to crowd; out of car. Placards. Int. of large crowd for speech. 03:31:57 Ike (Eisenhower) in Dallas and elsewhere. With Mamie. Night and with placards. CU at mics. (no sound)

News In Brief - Greece - Ike in Athens

After Greece and Turkey join NATO Eisenhower pays visit. Ike reviews armed forces in Athens then goes sightseeing.

News In Brief - Eisenhower At Mamie s Birthday

Ike with grandchildren - spoonfeeding granddaughter Ann. Mamie spoonfeeds grandson David.

News In Brief - Ike & Charles Wilson en route home from Korea

Cruiser Helena from Guam to Hawaii - on board are president-elect Eisenhower and his Defense Secretary Charles Wilson en route back from Korea ?

Eisenhower - Senator Lodge Tosses Ike s Hat In GOP Ring

Eisenhower Headquarters - Senator Henry Cabbot Lodge Jr. announces Eisenhower is a Republican and therefore cannot be entered as Democratic candidate in New Hampshire primaries.

Ike Quits NATO - General To Return To US By June 1st

Eisenhower and wife hold reception in Paris before leaving NATO to enter electoral race - shaking hands with officers. Letter from Ike to Lovett. Photographers. Ike speech says he has not resigned from army but asked to be placed in inactive status - will resign if elected.

Whistle-Stops - Truman In Fight To Aid Campaign Against Ike

Ike motorcade campaigning in South Carolina. LS crowd. Eisenhower w/ Gov. James Byrnes on podium. CU at microphone (MOS). Crowd with sign USC Likes Ike . CU Mamie.

17:02:30 Wisconsin - Tracking past Green Bay railroad station, signs Welcome Ike .

17:02:36 Adlai Stevenson in MCU into car, waving. LS crowd waving. Truman & daughter Margaret campaigning in Pacific Northwest - waving from train. POV past dam in desert.

17:03:09 North Dakota Native American Indians listening in headdress w/ children; CUs. W/ Truman & peace pipe.

Politics; Presidential Campaign; 1952;

Longines Chronoscope with Michael (Mike) Mansfield

TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Introduced by Frank Knight; CBS News corrrespondents Larry Leseur and Bill Costello talk with Hon. Mike Mansfield, State Senator from Montana. Senator Mansfield talks re Foreign Policy in the Pacific, Formosa, Chinese Communists, Eisenhower and Chiang Kai-Shek. Says if Chinese launch attack on islands off the mainland then there will be war. Talks of allied forces in South East Asia.

17:37:28 Says that the United States has given recognition to Red China by asking UN to help in obtaining ceasefire in Formosa. Speaks re South Vietnam and the need to protect it against Communism. Mostly MCUs and CUs; bookshelves in BG and plaque on wall Longines: The World s Most Honored Watch .

17:41:07 Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches pass camera R-L. Brief ad Help Your Heart Fund, Help Your Heart .

Top News Stories Of 1952

Crowds of American voters - Eisenhower campaign speech ...with speed and honour I shall go to Korea - applause - neon news in Times Square [?] Eisenhower Elected - Ike & wife cheered onto stage.

17:50:36 Ike off plane in Korea - reviews troops.

17:50:58 Truman seizes steel industry after strikes - Judge Pine rules against President in court battle.

17:51:25 Death of King George VI - Princess Elizabeth reviews Royal Guard on horseback.

17:52:02 Riots over Suez Canal & Sudan occupation. King Farouk exiled after Egyptian military coup.

17:52:31 Nationalisation of British oil in Iran - demonstration - Mossadegh at the Hague.

17:53:04 Devastated buildings in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after air crash. Wreckage of plane which crashed on West coast killing 86 GIs. British jet explodes over air show killing 29 - engine hurtles into crowd. Rescue operation among wreckage of trains which collided outside London - 200 dead. US freighter Flying Enterprise sinks of English coast w/ Captain Carlsson hailed as hero.

17:54:28 Rebellion of 20,000 Communist prisoners at Korean PoW camp on Koje Island - UN guards throw smoke bombs. 87 North Korean prisoners killed during violence on Pongam Island - rioters marched away by armed guards.

17:54:58 Damage from prison riots in Michigan & New Jersey.

17:55:18 US explodes hydrogen bomb - Marshall Islands ?

Korean War. Nuclear / Atomic Warfare. Anti-Communism. Disasters.

News In Brief: New York

Eisenhower & Mamie photocall at home around Christmas tree w/ grandchildren Dwight David II, Barbara Ann & baby Susan - kids play w/ train set - little Dwight kisses Mamie under mistletoe.

US Presidents.

G O P Convention

VS Republican Convention during leadership race / floor fight between Senator Tab and General Eisenhower, delegates from all states crowding hall. Podium protest. Ike announced winner. Ike w/ wife, cheering crowds.

[Eisenhower Campaigning; Nixon by radio to Republican Convention w/ Ike s response, 1952]

Ext. (Si.) Ike walks thru crowd of applauding well-wishers. At railroad station, speaking at microphones (MOS) from RR car as people listen in rain. MS listening; MS speaking.

20:11:36 Si. POV leaning out of train pulling into station; speaking from rear to crowd in small town.

20:11:51 Si. Motorcade thru city w/ tall buildings, waving to waving crowd.

20:12:08 Sd. Robert Taft to mic & crowd applauding. I feel proud that citizens of Cincinnati have come out in such numbers... Introduces Ike & they both wave. I can summarize the purpose of everything I have to say in a four word axiom of Jefferson: Peace is our passion! Peace is my passion. (applause)

20:13:14 What I deplore in these cases of Berlin & Korea is this: the incompetence of political leaders which made military action necessary. (applause) Our fighting men of all services were summoned to snatch military victory from political defeat. Democracy cannot afford the luxury of assigning armies of soldiers to go around picking up after their statesmen. (applause) It takes smugness to try to stifle critics as the Democrat candidate did last week with the epigram that A wise man does not try to hurry history . Every American knows the answer to that one: neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him. (applause).

20:14:19 Si. Ike off train waving, shakes hands, photographers. Holds up broom w/ Ike signs on it. Crowd filling square - listening, Ike speaking (MOS).

20:15:01 Si. Ike & Mamie looking closely at television set. No tv picture visible.

20:15:10 Sd. Auditorium seen from front w/ Nixon voice speaking saying he s leaving decision to the Republican National Committee as to whether or not he stay s on the ticket. View of front of auditorium w/ crowd listening to Nixon s voice over the telephone. Nixon says he will continue this fight, he will campaign up & down America until we drive the the crooks and the Communists...and remember Eisenhower is a great man. Crowd stands & cheers.

20:16:06 Sd. Man at podium of Republican Convention: We want to take the vote, all those in favor of Nixon continuing as candidate will say Aye Large cheering aye!. Band plays. Eisenhower led to podium, w/ Taft & Mamie.

20:16:46 I have been a warrior & I like courage; and tonight I saw an example of courage. I do not mean to say that there will not be some who will find no items, nuances...stands up in front of all the American people & bares his bare the secrets of his economic life... Ike goes on & reads letter he s sending to Nixon asking him to fly to meet w/ him.

20:18:38 There shall be no...I am trying to show the American people what has been the result to them, abroad & at home, of an administration that has been too long in power. And as a result has grown arrogant, complacent & indifferent & away from the people.

Politics; Political Process; Korean War;

Politics - Ike And Stevenson Map Campaign Plans

Democratic Presidential & Vice Presidential candidates Adlai Stevenson & Sen Sparkman out of car at White House. Photographers.

03:51:57 Posing w/ Truman at desk. Swish pan...

03:52:09 Eisenhower w/ Nixon, John Foster Dulles & others around table. Standing talking, posing.

Election Campaign Planning, 1952;

Politics - Ike Okays Nixon; Adlai In Baltimore

Eisenhower in car at Wheeling, West Virginia airport; crowd waving w/ hand-lettered signs. CU smiling Ike.

04:24:42 Richard Nixon & wife, Pat Nixon, off United Airlines Dick Nixon Special airplane, Ike walks down from plane w/ him CUs waving, handshaking MS. Fans cheering.

04:25:04 Adlai Stevenson & Senator John Sparkman (Vice President Candidate) waving w/ others in Baltimore. Seated crowd w/ placards; Stevenson at podium speaking SOF: I don t like taxes, I doubt if anybody does; I shall do everything I can to reduce them. But I shall make no promises that I know I can not keep! Applause.

1952 Presidential Campaigning;

Anthony Eden meets with Eisenhower

Eden, Ike and John Foster Dulles seated at desk, three unid. men stand behind.

02:36:43 John Foster Dulles and aide out of car. Anthony Eden and aide arriving at White House - some overexposed.

02:37:16 Group seated at desk.

Eisenhower Inaugurated - Complete

Capitol. Traffic in snow; people off planes & trains. Street scenes. Buttons, balloons. White House & press. Truman greets Ike & Mamie. Motorcade. Capitol grounds. Ike at stand; Nixon taking oath. Ike swearing in & part of inaugural address(w/ sd). Parade.

Eisenhower Inauguration - incomplete.

Crowds - people in trees. Ike arrives at podium - Short excerpt Nixon swearing in as Vice president. Eisenhower sworn in as President. Makes inaugural speech. Ike in open top car during parade. Ticker-tape

[Rosenberg Protest Outside White House]

Black minister leading large group w/ placards asking President Eisenhower to reconsider & give clemency for the spies - Rosenbergs. Demonstrators march with placards. Man hands letter to policeman at White House gate.

Chief Justice - Gov. Warren Named to US Highest Court

President Eisenhower with Gov. Earl Warren. Warren with family. Warren at desk.

News In Brief - President Eisenhower s 63rd Birthday

Celebration for 6,000 guests in huge tent in Pennsylvania - Ike and wife arrive in horse-drawn buggy and cut enormous cake.

Eisenhower Inauguration - incomplete.

Crowds - people in trees. Ike arrives at podium - Short excerpt Nixon swearing in as Vice president. Eisenhower sworn in as President. Makes inaugural speech. Ike in open top car during parade. Ticker-tape

State Visit: Canada Prime Minister Arrives In Washington

Canadian Prime Minister St. Laurent off plane in Washington, first state visit in four years - met by Vice President Nixon & Secretary of State Dulles. St. Laurent arrives at White House; INT photocall w/ President Eisenhower / Ike.


McCarthy Replies - Calls U.S. Communism Root Of All Our Ills (26Nov53)

Hearing room, attorney & witness (bald w/ glasses) enter. Committee at table intercut w/ CU of witness. MCU of Cohen, McCarthy & ?? w/ Cohen questioning.

20:32:16 McCarthy in front of three mics reads statement: A few days ago I read that President Eisenhower expressed the hope that by election time in 1954 the subject of Communism would be a dead & forgotten issue. The raw, harsh, unpleasant fact is that Communism is an issue; and will be an issue in 1954. Truman s diatribe against those who expose Communists is the best proof of that. We should remember that practically every issue which we face today from high taxes to the shameful mess in Korea is inextricably interwoven with the Communist issue.

Anti-communism; McCarthyism;

Royal Visit - Greek Rulers Hailed On American Tour

King Paul & Queen Frederika of Greece in dock area after arrival on SS United States. Line of newsreel cameras. Royalty at microphones; CUs.. Walking thru crowds at dock. Swish pan.

21:09:53 Arriving at White House in open car w/ John Foster Dulles, greeted by Eisenhower & Mamie.

Diplomacy; Post-WWII; Greece;

[Erich Johnston at Mandelbaum Gate, Jerusalem Israel w/ ?]

Israel Police, Port & Marine Division outside Mandelbaum-Gate inspection post. CU sign. Eric Johnston shaking hands of officer & men.

16:20:33 Walking w/ ?? out of house (?) followed by others. Hand shaking.

Politics; Motion Picture Association; Middle East;

Note: 16Oct53 President Eisenhower appointed Johnston as Special Representative to the Near East at rank of Ambassador to negotiate with Israel & the Arab States on development of the Jordan Valley. Johnston left the next day.

Turning Globe - Eisenhower Inaugurated (w/ Parade)

07:23:03 Montage: Capitol in fog, traffic into Washington, people off airplanes & trains. Traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue looking towards Capitol. People checking into hotel; pennants, buttons, balloons.

07:23:32 Entrance to White House, limousine arriving. Photographers. Eisenhowers & Trumans greet Joe Martin & ??. Ike & Truman shake hands for cameras.

07:24:01 Motorcade along Pennsylvania Ave., POV past crowd at Capitol, motorcade arrival.

07:24:22 High angle of crowd, people in trees, w/ periscopes. LS of inaugural stand.

07:24:34 Intermittent sd. Ike & others down steps to front of stand. Nixon taking oath of office, crowd applauds.

07:25:06 SOF Ike sworn in by Chief Justice Vinson. Handshaking & kisses Mamie. To microphone. Shots of crowd MOS.

07:26:37 SOF ...realizing that common sense & common decency alike dictates the futility of appeasment we shall never try to placate an agressor by the false & wicked bargainn of trading honor for security. (applause) We must be ready to dare all for our country; for history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We must acquire proficiency in defense & display stamina in purpose. We must be willing individually & as a nation to accept whatever sacrifices may be required of us; a people that values its priviliges above its principles soon loses hope. The peace we seek then is nothing less than the practice & fulfillment of our whole faith, among ourselves & in our dealings w/ others. This signifies more than the selling of guns, easing the sorrow of war; more than an escape from death, it is a way of life; more than a haven of the weary, it is a hope of the brave. This is the hope that beckons us onward in a century of trial; this is the work that awaits us all; to be done w/ bravery, with charity, and w/ prayer to all-mighty God. My citizens I thank you. Applause & handshaking.

07:28:26 MOS Parade from Capitol w/ marhcing units; Eisenhower in car waving, paper falling. People lining street. MCU of Ike waving, hands hat to Mamie. Marching units past Presidential reviewing stand w/ military cadets. Montie Montana lassos Ike. Marching troops.

07:29:40 CU Ike & Nixon. The End.

Republican Presidential Politics; 1953; Oddities; Speech;

NOTE: Audio quality only fair. Ideally use w/ better audio.

State visit of unid. African

Flags flying, Car arrives at White house greeted by President Eisenhower.

04:08:12 Visitors met at airport by Vice Presidenr Richard Nixon and wife Patricia. Guard of Honour as USAF plane lands. Greeted off plane, Pat Nixon gives flowers to wife of visitor. Pose for photos. Inspect guard of honour.

04:09:57 Motocade.

[Dulles and Eisenhower in Washington]

John Foster Dulles out of official building - talks w/ reporters then into car. Eisenhower out of State Department w/ aides, walks across road to same building. White House ?

19:24:36 Unid. politicians? arrive at meeting and around table in wood-panelled room [could be part of a separate story - Atlantic Pact meeting?].

10th Inter-American Conference in Caracas, Eisenhower arrives by plane and is greeted at airport by ??. Interior conference - press cameramen - several delegates including Ike presented with medals.

America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Part 1

VOA - Voice of America announcers in various languages. Turning globe with title. Eisenhower at Presidential press conference. Press/ reporters rush out of room - journalist on telephone in kiosk. Man exits car outside United States Information Agency building. Interiors - offices. Office of Director Theodore C. Streibert - Streibert on telephone - at meeting.

15:50:50 Radio broadcasting room - man at console. Newspaper press room - reporters at typewriters. Editing films. Exterior USIA building in Washington. Citizens committee meeting with Director. Streibert explains to visitors work of USIS. How it works in the life or death struggle between Communism and democracy . Using charts explains how Communist propaganda is spread - Red Square parade - Khruschev on podium. Montage Communist meetings / demonstrations and parades throughout the world.

15:43:43 Bulganin and Khruschev visiting India - off plane and greeted - cheering crowds. Russian forms of propaganda - piles of film cans - pamphlets and books. 15:54:20 Exhibition of Soviet industry.

Back in USIA office Streibert talking to visitors explains how USIA is working to promote democracy. Atomic Power for Peace campaign leaflet.

15:55:40 Dec. 8th 1953 Eisenhower addresses United Nations re atoms for peace. Speech continues over shots of radio control room - clocks showing different countries time zones - dials - radio announcers broadcasting in various languages, people listening to radio. Press service sending txt of Presidents speech - men at type writers - tele types. Film cutting / editing rooms. American Embassies.

15:57:36 Tokyo - USIS Public Affairs Officer with US Ambassador in office. PAO in meeting with staff.

Cold War

[Eisenhower & Churchill; Ike & Mamie]

Top shot Eisenhower & Churchill walking past photographers at White House as Churchill is leaving. US flag on top. Putting green seen. MCU of still photographers. Ike & Mamie walk toward camera & sit on bench. Pose & have picture taken.

News In Brief - Quantico Virginia -

Eisenhower - Ike reviews military march past before meeting with strategy team re USSR (not seen)

Cold war

President Eisenhower and Wife at Funeral

Plane lands and taxis. Ike and Mamie down steps and into car. Car arrives at church. Mourners into church followed by coffin. Sign for St Andrew s Episcopal Church. Coffin into hearse, mourners.

The U.S. Overseas Information Program Reel Two

Graphic re USIA In Action in the Free World. Map showing agencies of USIS.

15:30:03 Rio de Janeiro - Public Affairs officer walking along street. In office confers with US Ambassador.

Brazilian Foreign Office - PAO meets with chief of cultural division. PAO at Thomas Jefferson Library in Rio - with USIS Film programme department and Radio department.

15:31:05 Philippines - Cebu - street scenes exterior USIA building. USIS pamphlets loaded onto truck for distribution. PAO visiting mayor of Cebu - with newpaper editors - USIS broadcast on local radio. PAO with locals having coffee. USIS truck with loudspeakers arrives in remote village. Man pinning up pamphlet on side of hut which has Coca Cola sign. Portable movie / film screen erected - villagers turning out for show.

15:32:52 Washington - Exterior USIA building. Interiors, meeting. Graphic showing different methods used by USIA.

15:33:21 April 16th 1953 - President Eisenhower addresses leaders of American press at dinner. Ike speaks re peace and makes anti Communist remarks. Graphics and stills showing how the text of the Presidents speech was distributed throughout the World. Pamphlets - posters. Stills US Information Centers round the world - portable libraries - cultural activities.

15:37:09 Man threading film projector. Montage various nationalities watching films. Excerpts from USIS films - UN Report on prisoners of War. Chinese POWs in US prison camps - Locust plague in Iran 1951, American aircraft brings small crop spraying planes to combat plague. Dr Milton Eisenhower s goodwill tour of Latin America. Excerpt from Tanglewood - music school and festival - choir singing

Cold War

You in Great Britain Reel 2Interior pub, men at bar drinking beer, playing darts - two US servicemen sitting at table watching. Conversations between two Londoners about the Americans and the two Americans about the British character. Americans play darts - mixing with the English

02:06:16 Graphic re British government - Houses of Parliament - commentary explaining the British political system. Interior House of Commons chamber with MPs taking seats. Graphic explaining House of Lords. US serviceman sitting at bar with locals. Speakers Corner, Hyde Park.

02:07:57 Family sitting room, man reading newspaper, wife knitting. Flick through family photograph album

02:08:52 Coronation procession - Queen Elizabeth II in coach. Crowds outside Buckingham Palace, Americans mingling in crowd. Changing of the Guard - Trooping the Colour. Animated map showing British Empire / colonies.

02:10:30 Family life on Sunday - family leaving house for church - walking down suburban street. Exteriors Church of England Church - Roman Catholic Church - Synagogue.

02:11:18 Exterior Charing Cross ? Railway station - platforms - diesel passenger train out of station. Family getting onto coach which is heading for Kent. Coach along country roads - villages - Windsor Castle - Eton - schoolboys dressed in top hats etc. Panning shot across fields. London - Trafalgar Square.

Sequence to show differences between British and Americans - left hand driving - drinking tea - US soldier talking to policeman - US sailor buying fruit from market stall.

02:13:03 Sequence to show what the British may find strange about Americans. US servicemen sitting with feet on table, chewing gum - reading comic. American football game - overlaid with amusing English commentry e.g. nobody knows who s got the ball - so knock down everybody in sight . Servicemen sitting in Cinema watching this film. Sequence on British sport - Horse racing, Grand National - Cricket - Rugby - Football - FA Cup final - Churchill presenting trophy.

02:15:37 Terraced street - housing - walking in London park - country stream - US men in museum looking at busts of Milton, Robert Burns, Wordsworth, Shakespeare. Houses of parliament, Big Ben. Statue Abraham Lincoln. Unveiling statue FDR Roosevelt.

02:17:17 Eisenhower (Ike) inspecting British army - atomic bomb exploding.

02:17:42 Family sitting down to dinner with American. Painting of Spanish Armada - Statue Wellington - Cenotaph - King George VI at medal ceremony - British army during WWII in North Africa. Back to dining room - exterior middle class terraced housing. Shoppers - American serviceman shaking hands with two English men on street. Houses of Parliament .

News in Brief - Ike Observes Freedom Day

President Eisenhower arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Out of plane and greeted by Gov. Humstead? Walk in Freedom Park, shaking hands with crowd, outdoor lunch. Ike in Motorcade.

News in Brief - Mrs. Eisenhower Gets Defense Bond Made of Flowers

Mrs. Eisenhower poses with women who made floral decoration that looks like a bond.

Arts & crafts.

News In Brief - Nautilus Launched

Atomic submarine Nautilus launched. Skipper Wilkinson, Mrs Eisenhower christens ship.

Nuclear; Military Technology;

News In Brief - Washington DC

Ike (Eisenhower) presented with glass etched cup depicting his life to commemorate first year in office.

President Sees Easing Of War Threat

Eisenhower enters room to applause; VS CU President s speech; VS largely female audience.

News In Brief: Washington DC

VS Eisenhower at White House greeting new US citizens and Japan s Yoshida.

Dulles Reports: Tells President Of Impasse At Geneva

Sec. of State Dulles off plane in Washington following Geneva Conference, greeted by VP Nixon. Dulles meeting w/ Pres. Eisenhower at White House; Dulles exits to car.

News In Brief: Washington DC

Reception at White House: American Jewish Tracentenary representative Ralph Samuel presents President Eisenhower with honour - medal made in 1904 commemorating 250 years since founding of first Jewish settlement. CU medal in case; Eisenhower poses for camera w/ medal.

US Bombed - Millions Take Cover in Defense Exercises (1954)

New York City

New York streets with traffic & pedestrians, ext. CU sign Hotel Commodore. Park Avenue South. Clock showing 10am. Traffic stops, sign Public Shelter, people into shelter.

15:16:29 Swish pan to President Eisenhower leading White House staff to shelter (overexposed).

15:16:43 Swish plan Ext. Hotel Commodore, empty streets, deserted cars.

15:16:55 People coming up out of subway. Busy streets as New York returns to normal.

Civil Defence Drill; Cold War;

[Eisenhowers w/ Grandchildren; McCarthy - Army Hearings] (1954)

11:26:38 X4 President & Mamie w/ David & daughters Susan & Barbara in sun at Augusta golf course (?) in Easter dress clothes; with John & wife & mother ?. Press photo shoot.

11:28:01 X5 Sec. of Army Stevens standing next to attorney Welch sworn in. Stevens at mic in filled room. Sen. Jenkins (?) questioning; other Senators at table. Swearing in from front of room.

11:29:13 X9 ?? at mic; leaves. General view at front w/ large table & Senators. MCU of McCarthy, Roy Cohn, Jenkins. TV camera visible. LS of room w/ photographers around behind. Swearing in of ?? w/ Welch beside.

Cold War; Senate Sub-Committee Hearings; Schine Affair; Presidential Family Life;

[Army & McCarthy Hearings; Eisenhowers laying cornerstone; Gettysburg; McCarthy & Schine]

12:48:42 X2 Capitol rotunda w/ large crowd waiting for start of Senate hearing. Very large group still photography & film cameramen. Two military arrive w/ briefcase, boxes & file folders. People taking seats. Four women wearing sash wait to enter. Two VIPs arrive. Sec. Stevens & military VIPs arrive & pose. McCarthy w/ woman on crutches enters. Table w/ Stevenson & military; McCarthy, Cohn at mics. TV camera visible behind committee. Swearing in of Army General, Welch next to him. Crowd shots & very good shots of bank of newsreel cameramen.

12:54:06 X4 President Eisenhower & Mamie at church cornerstone laying. Out of car, into Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church (sign). Crowd of onlookers on curb. Cornerstone w/ 1954 on it, Ike w/ trowel and cement. Police holding back crowd as limousine leaves.

12:56:31 X7 Presidential plane Columbine landing and Dean Rusk off, arrives at Gettysburg & greeted by Ike. Pose for photographers.

12:57:33 X10 David Schine in MCU. Standing,sworn in. Welch, Stevens & Army VIPs sitting behind. Schine holding photograph & questioned by committee members (MOS).

1950s; Anti-Communism; Cold War; McCarthyism; Diplomacy;

NATO Air Exercises

Aircraft lined up on tarmac. General Dwight Eisenhower inspects pilots and chats. Thunderjets taxi. Ike with Norstadt. British Vampires fly past. French paratroopers boarding aircraft. Plane takes off. Interior cabin - paratroopers jump - parachutes open.

Washington, D.C. (March of Dimes Campaign Start, 1954)

President Eisenhower greets Polio Poster Boy, 4 year old Debbie Daines arrives on small crutches in White House. Posing.

03:40:06 Ext. of movie theater w/ crowd under marquee next to fund raising banner. Mamie Eisenhower & poster boy put dimes in bottles marked w/ state names. CU boy.

Infantile Paralysis Charity; Disease;

News In Brief - Washington (Angel of Dien Bien Phu Honored, 1954)

French Nurse Genevieve de Galard-Terraube w/ President Eisenhower, Mamie & others listen to General reading (MOS). Eisenhower pins Medal of Freedom onto nurse s uniform, handshake.

05:05:57 CU of smiling nurse, tilt down to medal. Newsreel photographers.

Heroine; French Indo-China War; Vietnam; Honor;

The President [Part 1 of 2]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films [main title missing]

Man voting at ballot box. Truman [?] & Eisenhower swearing in ceremonies. Ike waving from motorcade. Portraits of US Presidents superimposed over shot of White House. Cuts to costumed re-enactment of early Presidential careers. George Washington being sworn in; emerging from first Senate meeting looking bewildered. Meeting of new Cabinet w/ Jefferson, Hamilton & Knox - arguing about whisky tax. Washington making farewell address from White House. Thomas Jefferson signing Louisiana Purchase. Montage of paintings illustrating progress of democracy & American Civil War.

16:18:27 Re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln being sworn in - brief montage cannons firing over newspaper headlines - Lincoln at desk signing enlistment order - Lincoln reading statement to Cabinet.

16:20:00 Montage of early 20th Century US development: industrialisation - battleships at sea - Theodore Roosevelt making speech [MOS] - Woodrow Wilson behind desk, posing w/ Congressmen & making speech to large crowd [MOS]. WWI montage: German soldiers - heavy artillery - superimposed newspaper headline US At War: Wilson - troops marching through city street - heavy guns firing - troops over the top of trenches w/ more headlines re Armistice. Post-WWI peace talks.

16:21:18 1920s [?] US city street scene w/ busy traffic & pedestrians. Depression - Black woman seen in candlelight through window of shack w/ broken shutter - President Franklin Roosevelt sworn in Mar33 - workers on construction site w/ sign USA Work Program - workers at shipyard. WWII montage - newspaper headline War! Bomb Warsaw! - tank & field artillery troops running - FDR addressing press conference [MOS] after new executive powers granted - tanks off production line - employment office? - warships firing - FDR & Winston Churchill.

US History. Politics. Government. Democracy.

The President [Part 2 of 2]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films [main title missing]

1950s inauguration ceremony [Eisenhower ?], Washington DC: troops march past platform [President not seen] - White House seen past fountains in garden - President s desk in empty Oval Office w/ spectacles & globe - empty Cabinet Room. Presidential aides [?] informed of appointment of new Secretary of Interior [staged]. Aerials Washington DC w/ Washington Monument, old WWII barracks, Pentagon. Pentagon from ground level. New health, education & welfare department building. Dept. of Agriculture. State Dept. Good Washington street scenes - sidewalks packed w/ pedestrians.

16:24:32 Rare view of Executive Wing of White House; INT Presidential aides at work; Cabinet Room; staged scene w/ reporters asking Secretary for statement - no comment . CU Executive Order being signed. Staged scenes of aides announcing the President directs... & ordinary folks giving their opinions on the President s priorities. Views of Capitol building at night. INT empty Congress hall; Congressmen cheering. Aide or reporter announcing Presidential Bill. Staged scene w/ Committee member opposing Presidential Bill; Congressional Record documents. Reporter in office on telephone; discussion between Congressional leaders re school building programme.

16:27:52 Young family at home watching radio speech by President re support for education [staged]. CU hammer hitting gavel in Congress. Signing Bill. Aide returning Bill to Congressmen w/ President s objections. INT Congress meeting. Man writing to President ...VO I just wanna tell you that out here we re all behind you . Cuts back to family watching end of President s radio address. Montage of previous staged scenes & shots of Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Ike.

US History. Politics. Government. Democracy.

The Secret Agent - Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans [Reel 2 of 5]

Vs deliverying US military supplies to Vietnam c 1955. Eisenhower. POV river boat approaching Vietnamese sampam c 1968. VS American soldiers examining documents of Vietnamese on boat. US soldier staring down a tunnel complex. Soldiers go into tunnel complex. Soldiers and tank type vehicle crossing overgrown field. Int. with Army major explaining introduction of herbicide defoliation program. VS Men working on ground filling barrels with herbicide from hoses. Loading barrels with spraying appartus on helicopters. C-13- airplane modified for herbicide spraying. C-13- being loaded with defoliant and taking off. POV from C-130 with group of planes spraying.

01:14:46 - Interview with veteran in wheelchair. Soldiers walking through wooded area, tallking on field telephone, with rifles behind vehicle. Track is audio letter to mom from soldier in field. Firing mortars at Khe Sanh. Battle of Khe Sanh footage. Loading wounded. Napalm bombing. Planes on fire.

01:16:05 - Night fighting flares, traver bullets, explosions. Narration is live soldier audio letter home to mom. 01:17:10 - Dow Chemical Sign and headquarters in Midland, Michigan. VS dow plants in Midland. Smokestacks, etc. Helicopter in Vietnam. Pilots examining maps. Planes spraying. Petition to LBJ against spraying. Helicopter spraying, palens spraying in many different locales. Spraying on ground level with spray blowing back to man doing spraying on back of truck. Interview with veterans. VS Skin rashes and other problems and interview with veterans.

NOTE: Voice over at 01:14:10 - 01:15:12 NOT available.

Vietnam Experience 1,2,3 What Are We Fighting For

Bay Area anti-war rally c 1968. Country Joe introduces Fixin to Die Rag, reads first verse. Draft age boys entering White Hall Induction Center in New York for physicals. Kissing wives, girlfriends, mothers goodbye. Uncle Sam wants You poster. Sign says US Army Building. Men in line getting papers stamped. Listening in class environment. Brief shot of Eisenhower. Men taking physical, wtithout shirts, bare feet, taking specimin cups for urine tests, being examined by doctors. Boot camp. Drill instructor sargeant, Training with rifles and bayonets intercut with Vietnam footage. Stills of early demonstrations, Kennedy. Shot of LBJ raising and lowering arms. Westmoreland out of helicopter, greeting soldiers in field. Stills of soldiers in Vietnam. Music by Country Joe McDonald

News In Brief - Washington DC

Jonas Salk, developer of polio vaccine, honored by Ike. Salk with wife and kids. Eisenhower reads speech and awards Salk. Salk poses for photographers.

News In Brief - Charleston, SC

Citadel College President Mark Clark honors Eisenhower. Military parade.

WWII Heroes; Honoary Degrees;

Highlights of 1955

Salk polio victory - Vaccine storage. Scientist Jonas Salk at press conference. Vaccines dispatched and kids queuing up and getting shots. Medicine; Infantilie Paralysis; Disease;

08:50:50 Parley at UN Geneva Summit re disarmament & Cold War: Interior conference & exterior Geneva UN building. International Conferences

08:51:25 Hurricane Carol in North East USA. Floods and damage. Weather

08:52:06 Plane crash in Rockies: Plane wreckage and rescue. Air disaster.

08:52:33 Argentina - Peron ousted - resigns and flees. Pius XII excommunicates Peron. Rioting. HQ of Labour Confederation looted. Dictator.

08:53:10 Ike heart attack: Eisenhower in wheelchair. Motorcade in hometown of Gettysburg. Ike at mountain retreat. Ike with Nixon and others.

08:53:52 Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend royal romance: Margaret - Headlines The Nation Waits Townsend in street with others.

08:54:24 French Colonial crises in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: riot aftermaths with burning cars and wreckage. Rabat - Huge crowd welcomes exiled Moroccan sultan Mohammed Ibn Yusuf. Yusuf sits on throne. Revolution; Independence; Arabs; North Africa;

08:55:02 AFofL & CIO merge with Reuther & Meany. Labor Unions.

08:55:34 Austria free: Austrian sovereignty restored - re Austrian State Treaty. Return of Austrian POWs from Russia - women holding pictures on train platform and tearful reunions.

President Tells Press Peace Is Objective In Formosa

VS press conference w/ President Eisenhower. MS and CU Ike making speech re/ peace in Formosa, China.

Cold War.

News In Brief: Washington DC

President Eisenhower signs autograph book for Mrs Moulden on her 100th birthday. CU Ike s message.

The President Asks Support For Red Cross

MCUs Eisenhower asking for support for Red Cross with vars young RC volunteers.

Ike s Challenge: Offers Arms Data Exchange To Reds

Geneva Big Four Conference - Khruschev arrives in limo - smiling & shaking hands outside building; President Eisenhower out of car w/ Dulles. INT conference room - Ike w/ papers after offering Soviets an exchange of military data w/ permission to take aerial photos - Open Skies Policy; MS Khruschev. Ike into toy shop to buy presents for grandchildren followed by crowds of press.

Cold War.

President Sees Improvement In Red Relations

Eisenhower / Ike addressing reporters at White House conference - hopes for better relations w/ Communist Block [MOS].

Communism. US Foreign Policy. 1950s.

Ike Ends Stay In Hospital

VS President and Mrs Eisenhower outside hospital after heart attack recovery, photocall w/ Guatemalan President and wife. Ike presented w/ Castillo Armas.

Big Four Parley - President Agrees To Conference With Reds

Press conference & journalists standup as Eisenhower enters. Ike stands at desk. CU reporter runnng steno machine. Asked about a summit conference he says: you must understand this whole idea is still in an exploratory stage. We ve issued an invitation; because of reasons that finally seemed to us to be cogent...I have said I would go anywhere if any good could be done...there is no expectation on my part that in a few hours, a few days...the world will be turned around.

Cold War; Peace Talks; 1950s;

[Ike and Mamie Attend Church]

Black limousine pulls up - security men? waiting - Eisenhower and Mamie out and into church, one man filming with small camera. LS church. Ike out of church w/ reverend and Mamie - back into car, photographers take pictures. Crowd around entrance to church and on pavement. Town near Ike s Gettysburg farm?

[Ike State of the Union Address to Congress, 1955]

06Jan55 Congress stands and applauds as Eisenhower arrives and makes his way to the podium. Ike at podium smiling - Nixon applauds behind him. VS Congressmen and women in gallery - Mamie ? Ike makes speech Nixon looking uncomfortable behind him [silent at first, sound cuts in; ...A decade ago in the death and desolation of European battlefields I saw the courage and resolution, I felt the inspiration of American them I saw too a devout America, humble before God. Apologises for length of address, shakes hands w/ Nixon and leaves Congress to standing ovation. Camera / sound man heard saying 55 minutes - length of speech?

[Ike Meets 4-H Club Teens Outside White House]

Eisenhower onto lawn of White House in front of large group of applauding 4-H club teenagers - in uniform, girls w/ white skull caps, boys in suits; CU girl w/ 4-H badge; newsreel cameras filming Ike s speech. Club representatives give Ike a gift of silver letter opener. MCU girl holding sign Silver Anniversary National 4-H Club Camp . Teenagers past camera away from White House. [4-H was a farming / agriculture-based youth group.]

[McCarthy w/ Broken Arm & Petitions; Eisenhower w/ Gift]

McCarthy w/ arm in sling into office chair, picks up phone & talks while holding glasses. MCU. Laughing. Capitol building dome. Armored truck w/ sign: 10,000,000 Americans For Justice pulls up and unloading of boxes of petitions onto sidewalk. Guard holding pistol, men look into boxes & pull out petitions.

18:50:06 Vice-President Nixon w/ three others at mics look at petitions or telegrams.

18:50:40 Senator McCarthy at desk in hearing room, arm in sling, laughing.

18:51:23 President Eisenhower at desk receiving gift from ?? as three others stand behind watching, laughing. Cameramen. Posing. Exterior of White House in winter but no snow. CU of gift.

Anti-Communism; Presidential Gifts; Diplomacy;

News In Brief : Georgia - Defence Talks in Winter White House

President Eisenhower (Ike), Brundage, Wilson and other officials discuss next years defence budget. Seated round table.

Cold War

Eisenhower Campaigns in Portland

Beauties with Ike umbrellas. Eisenhower and Mamie off plane and greeted. Crowds cheering. Motorcade - crowds line streets - Ike in open top car. FBI men walking next to car. Tickertape - good shot 6 press photographers in preceeding car standing to take shots. Ike into hall - audience stand and applaud. Ike on stage, picture of Nixon behind him. Ike and Mamie out and into car - cheering crowds.

01:09:01 Night - searchlight. Ike and Mamie out of building - police outriders. Interior hall - audience applaud.

Ike on podium with others. Ext. searchlights.

Eisenhower on Arab Israeli Relations. Good quality sound

Press conference where Ike answers question re prevention of warfare in the Middle East. Re Russian influence in Middle East - says US has tried to befriend every nation in Middle East - that Arabs and Israelis need each other for trade etc. Asked question re Texas. Answers question re Modern Republicanism political philosophy - free enterprise - leadership. Asked whether there is knowledge of Russian moving arms to Mid East. Questions re economy.

News in Brief- First lady celebrates 60th birthday.

Mamie Eisenhower with her sister and mother, both kiss her. Presented with portrait in ball gown.

War in Egypt - British and French Bomb its Key Cities

06:15:21 Suez Canal mouth w/ ferries, ships; line of ships in canal. President Nasser w/ reporters.

06:15:38 French units embarking at Marseilles;

06:15:51 British troops board planes for Cyprus. British navy ships in Eastern Mediterranean. British war planes overhead; British bombers w/ missiles

06:16:27 White House, ext. Int. President Eisenhower & Secretary of State John foster Dulles talking at desk.

06:16:39 Photographers & Ike speech (SOF) declaring no US involvement in conflict & hope that the matter will to be brought before United Nation General Assembly to bypass possibility of veto.

06:17:33 Exterior UN building. Inside UN assembly.

Suez Crisis; Oct56; Nov56; 1956;

NOTE: All footage until Eisenhower from previously released newsreel stories.

The President - Says US Won t Go To War Over Suez

Ike press conference - opposes force on Suez Canal crisis.

Says the US would only go to war if Congress declared war, which could only be ... in the case of an unexpected and unwarranted attack on this nation where self-defence would dictate a quick response... . Eisenhower rules out military action.

[Eisenhower Arrival and Campaigning in Portland]

Crowd at airfield with banners Spike for Ike Roth Likes Ike . Row of identically dressed women with Ike umbrellas & skirts. Plane lands. Ike and Mamie out of plane; shaking hands w/ VIPs. More Ike banners. Crowd chants. Eisenhower speech at stand. Motorcade through Portland. Car with photographers.

Ike gives speech in hall w/ Nixon portrait behind. Motorcade past democratic headquarters.

11:16:50 Night - Mamie and Ike out of car. Handshakes and salutes on stage w/ Nixon & his portrait behind.

Newsreel cameramen. Ike speech.

Golf: Thomasville, Ga.

MS Eisenhower tees off on golf course watched by reporters and photographers; CU four Black boys watch. Ike passes camera in golf cart; photographers kneel to get shot of Ike at next hole, vars people watching; Ike laughs w/ friends after making unsuccessful attempts on hole.

Landslide For Ike

Chicago, Illinois 1956 Democrat National Convention w/ crowd. MCU of Adlai Stevenson waving, people cheering. San Francisco Republican Convention & signs & delegates for Eisenhower. Ike & Mamie waving to crowd. Times Square & zipper sign w/ Presidential election results announcing Eishenhower & crowds cheering & waving.

14:34:49 Ike & Nixon w/ Ike giving V sign.

Main Title: Universal International News

Four Full Years - The Eisenhower Story

Title re public service.

Montage of factory workers, smoke stacks, auto assembly line, railroad engineer in cab & freight cars w/ combines. Combining.

20:13:47 Woman at cash register; mother & kids w/ groceries into car; traffic on overpass into city. People looking. Ike sworn in (SOF), inagural address, Korean troops homecoming w/ kisses & hugs. Sec. of State John Foster Dulles off plane, shaking hands, w/ Churchill. Ike & Dulles at Geneva Conference. United Nations address, 1953, on atomic control.

20:15:47 St. Lawrence Seaway announced & construction. Headlines on spending & inflation. Views of farming.

20:16:24 Construction of apartment house, interstate highway system, Health Education & Welfare building & workers.

20:17:00 Ike, Nixon & various foreign leaders from Indonesia (?), Africa; Queen Mother; Anthony Eden; St. Laurent; King Paul & Queen Frederika of Greece.

20:17:34 Press Conference talking about disarmament. Off-shore radar towers of early warning system & operators at scopes & telephones inside. Missiles raised. Launching of atomic submarine; planes flyhover.

20:18:40 Ike statement on next four years: we can all be grateful to the almighty...

Presidential Campaign Advertising; Republican Propaganda; Cold War; 1950s;

News In Brief - Washington, DC (President Eisenhower Recuperating);

Cameramen watching Walter Reed Army Hospital w/ long telephoto lenses. Ike w/ Mamie beside waves from upstairs window. People applaud. Army band plays after stomach surgery. Ike salutes.

1956 Medical Recovery;

Landslide For Eisenhower

Small Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania town voting house w/ Prresident Eisenhower signing register. Putting ballot in box w/ Mamie.

02:43:22 Adlai Stevenson voting in Illinois. Other voters. NIght & zipper sign showing Eisenhower winning. People cheering in street. Eisenhower, Nixon & wives waving as people applaud.

02:43:47 Ike speaks (SOF)

1956 Presidential Elections; Winner; Celebration;

[Eisenhower Addrss at the Hunt Armory, Pittsburgh, PA 09Oct56]

Ike speaking from podium: ...America seeks strength only because America loves peace. The meeting at Geneva made this clear, a fact that later the Presidents of all the Americas, meeting in Panama, recognized & applauded. There have been clear proofs of our purpose: our plans for world disarmament - programs of atoms-fo-peace - the fostering of world trade & helping other peoples combat poverty and need.

20:31:16 We have, in all this, simply paid attention to some plain lessons of recent history. The are: Weakness invites aggression. Strength stops it. And our determination to resist agression...

20:31:45 My fellow citizens, these matters should always be studied exhaustively & discussed soberly in our democracy. Here again, I must mention what the opposition has been saying only because it is so vital that we all understand these matters clearly. They, the opposition, have urged stout military defense w/ greater reliance on modern weapons, but have advised stopping our atomic tests. They have promised national security & a bold role in world affairs while they urge us to start thinking about ending the military draft.....

(continues thru next to last paragraph of speech) ...of peace and of justice grew steadily stronger.

20:35:31 Si. Ike waves & leave podium.

20:35:42 Si. Ike waving from open car in motorcade. At airport, people taking his pictue; kids w/ flags. Mounted policeman Press photographers.

20:36:38 Si. Columbine arrives & Ike off, shaking hands. Women wearing Ike skirts. POV from motorcade past waving crowd. Thru city streets.

20:38:15 Si. Interior filled large auditorium of supporters. Ike waving from podium.

1956 Republican Presidential Candidate Campaigning; Poltics; Politician; Speech; Political; Cold War;

Republican Convention

15:31:29 POV past people waving on sidewalk (very light). Joe Martin past. Vermont delegation w/ sign. Sign: Citizens For Eisenhower - Northern California & pedestrians past. Women w/ We Like Ike sign & dresses; assemble map.

15:31:57 Reporters into White House. Nixon w/ Governor Knight & Senator Knowland. CU Nixon.

15:32:09 Press conference.

15:32:12 LS Cow Palace, San Francisco. Washington s Governor Langley at podium for Keynote Speech, SOF: the answer to the plaintive question that covered over the Chicago arena along with the ghost of the past is simple. The American people will, I believe & hope, throw the Republicans out of office the day when, if ever, they copy the Democrats and put the party first & America second.

Presidential Elections; 1956; Ike; Fashions; Promotion;

[Ike Visits Carmel Catholic Mission]

LS historic San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo - Roman Catholic Mission on hilltop. President Eisenhower & Mamie out of car - nuns shake hands - others wave. Ike mingles as does Mamie as photographers take pictures. Ike & Mamie w/ Pastor Msgr O Connel [?]. Local people applaud.

Religion. Churches. Christianity. Catholicism.

President Eisenhower speech at National Field Day in Iowa

Ike makes speech in open air - says although in the middle of political campaign will not make political speech - pleasure to be able to meet so many ordinary Americans - National field day dedicated to soil conservation - talks of young brother who has spent his life studying soil - talks of farming. Came to pay his respects to the plough (plow) - no more important piece of machinery - symbol of peace. Praises farmers says they deserve special treatment. Tells of meeting with agricultural advisory committee. Thanks people of Iowa for hospitality during visit. Speaker thanks President for attending. Ike presents trophy and certificates. Man presents Ike with certificate of appreciation. Ike laughs.

[Eisenhower & Stassen At The White House]

MS President Eisenhower [ Ike ] & Harold Stassen talking at desk; press photographers. LS White House seen through trees - winter. Stasson poses outside for reporters and off.

[Eisenhower At White House Press Conference]

MS men & women into room past newsreel cameras. MCUs reporters taking notes & waiting for President Eisenhower. Presidential crest on wall. CU stenographer at work - zoom in on keys. HA camera pans as Ike enters conference room.

[French Ships Loading for Suez from Algeria (?); Eisenhower, Mamie & VP Nixon & wife] (ca 1956)

Both outs probably from 1956.

X3) Large navy ship (destroyer?) docked at sea wall. Reverse shot of shore of large port with railroad freight cars, trucks & many French soldiers on dock.

07:24:57 Girl & soldier saying goodbye. Troops march past camera w/ buildings in background. Sailor watching from ships rail, troops boarding gangway along side of ship, look down on others arriving.

07:26:18 Trucks & cars along dock area. Military vehicles to ships, tanks, jeeps.

07:26:50 Gen. Jacques Massu & ?? boarding ship. Jeep driven aboard ferry or ship. Trucks backed up onto landing craft.

X5) 07:27:43 President Eisenhower & Mamie out of Gettysburg house or polling station. Posing while sitting on couch w/ Nixon & wife. Eisenhower signing in at voting station.

INews In Brief - (Ike with Foreign Exchange Students)

Eisenhower meets 769 foreign exchange students on White House lawn. They with cameras.

Eisenhower Doctrine to Congress

Applause as Ike takes stand. Speaker presents President - Ike thanks Vice president Nixon and Speaker. Ike speaks on Middle East situation - international communism - Russias desire to control Middle East - not oil but World domination.

Suez - Israel - Egypt

Ike Denies US Lag in Missiles

Eisenhower speech on Vanguard and Soviet space shot saying we are not behind. We are not in a race.

Inauguration. President Sworn In for 2nd Term - incomplete

Crowds as President Eisenhower arrives for swearing in ceremony. Movie cameras. Ike makes inaugural address - anti Communist and World division.

Cold War

King Saud visits President Eisenhower - Part 1

Naval salute fired - King Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud leaves SS Constitution and is transported by Coastguard vessel to SS William A. Lee, leader of destroyer squadron who will escort King and party to land. Rainy conditions as past Statue of Liberty.

14:43:17 King Saud down gangplank - Henry Cabot-Lodge Jnr. with party. King makes speech in arabic.

14:43:59 King Saud arrives by car at United Nations for luncheon hosted by Dag Hammarskjold. King Saud gets standing ovation as enters Council hall to address UN. King speaking from podium - translation over.

14:48:10 Reception given for King Saud by Saudi ambassador. King in welcome line shaking hands with VIPs. King greeting Lebanese envoy Dr Charles Malik ? and envoys from Yemen and US Ambassador Wadsworth.

14:48:39 King arriving in Washington - down steps of presidential plane. Met at airport by President Eisenhower. Prince carried down steps.

14:49:13 Ike speaks at microphones - welcomes King. Says US was fortunate in calling late King Saud a friend - values friendships with Saudi Arabia. King Saud replies.

King Saud visits President Eisenhower - Part 2

King Saud with President Eisenhower inspects troops. Press surround open top car as pulls away. Cortege, crowds lining streets. Good shots FBI men walking by limousine. Banner over road welcoming King Saud. Car arrives at Blair House, the President s guest house. King and Ike up steps. Flags of US and Saudi Arabia.

14:53:10 Night - Car carrying King arrives at White House for formal dinner. Richard Nixon arrives and into W.H. Ambassador Walter George arrives. Unid. Arabs arrive. Joseph W. Martin Jnr arrives. Fred Davies, Aramco official greets group of Arabs.

14:54:32 King visits Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Ceremony - wreath laid. Last post played.

14:55:28 King visits George Washington Mount Vernon memorial - wreath laid.

14:56:09 Blair House. Sec of State Dulles arrives for meeting.

14:56:32 Exterior hotel. Interior V.P. Nixon hosts official luncheon for King. Herbert Hoover Jnr in receiving line.

14:56:56 Saudi Arabian Embassy - interior Richard and Mrs Nixon welcomed. Foreign diplomats received by King. Good shot movie cameras. Mrs John Foster Dulles shakes hands with King. US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, George Wadsworth. Sam Rayburn ? speaker of House of Representatives. Children of Saudi Ambassador meet King.

14:58:55 Washington Islamic Centre / mosque. King arrives. Shots architecture. King leaving surrounded by crowds.

King Saud visits President Eisenhower - Part 3

Pentagon - Troops present arms as King Saud arrives. Sec. of Defence Charles Wilson and Admiral Radford greet King. Inspect Guard of Honour.

15:00:44 White House - interior King and President sit talking.

15:01:10 Walter Reed Army Medical Centre - King visits son Prince Mashhur who is having tests - suffers from cerebral palsy.

15:.01:34 Exterior building ? Interior - formal dinner hosted by King for President. Richard Nixon - Earl Warren - Loy Henderson and others with King.

15:02:01 King and President stand together.

15:02:15 King visits United States Naval Academy at Annapolis firing salute. King inspects guard of honour. Cadets marching. King presented with plaque. Basketball game between Academy and Bute university.

15:03:54 King into car and drives down road lined with cadets. King returns to Walter Reed hospital to collect his son. Child holds message to people of America thanking them for good wishes.

15:04:52 Blair House - Dr Charles Malik from Lebanon enters - Greek Ambassador enters. Iranian ambassador enters. Interior - King seated on sofa with Iranian Crown Prince.

15:05:44 Saudi embassy - childrens party hosted by Prince Mashhur - kids round table. Prince with bicycle given to him by chauffeurs.

15:06;30 White House, King and Ike walking to car. President says farewell.

15:06:50 Night shots - rain - cars arriving at airport. Nixon with King. Air Force One takes off in rain.

Washington D.C.

President Eisenhower seated at desk signs document 9th March 1957

Eisenhower at desk signing bill. Multiple shots as still photographers take pix. CU of Bill 117-8 signed by Sam Rayburn & Carl Hayden.

News in Brief - Maryland - New Atomic Energy Commission Building.

Exterior building - crowds outside. President Eisenhower lays cornerstone - dedication. Ike making speech (not heard)

News in Brief - Washington DC - New Attorney General

In White House ceremonies, William P. Rogers is sworn in as Attorney General by Chief Justice Warren. President Eisenhower watches. Ike congratulates. Mrs Rogers and four children watch ceremony.

[Eisenhower at Desk]

Eisenhower at desk with reporters & photographers. Talking with notes propped in desk. Walking across porch followed by press secretary, up to mics & view from behind cameramen & soundmen. Leaves & goes back into the White House. CU of tape recorder.

News In Brief - Foreign Youth Meet Eisenhower

Foreign students welcomed by Eisenhower - Youth Forum sponsored by newspaper

Youth in national dress with many from Africa & Asia .

Royal Visitor - King Saud Confers with President

Ambassador Lodge greets King Saud on arrival in New York. King inspects guard of honour. Ext. United Nations Building. King with Dag Hammarskjold. King on podium making speech to United Nations.

07:50:23 Honour Guard waiting at airport. Eisenhower waiting and greeting Ibn Saud off Presidential Plane Columbine . Ike with Saud at White House.

Nation s Tree: President Opens Festive Season

VS President and Mrs Eisenhower join Vice-President and Mrs Nixon for annual tree lighting ceremony; Eisenhower at podium, tree lights up; Pathway to Peace sign.

The President Comments On Kremlin Shifts

Eisenhower speech on departure of Marshall Zhukov and instability of Russian ruling party following death of Stalin.

Inauguration. President Sworn In for 2nd Term - incomplete

Crowds as President Eisenhower arrives for swearing in ceremony. Movie cameras. Ike makes inaugural address - anti Communist and World division.

Cold War

The Challenge Pt 1 of 3

Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in association w/ National Education Association NEA

Narrated by Jack Chase, reading from White House Conference report.

Montage of boys rolling down hillside, girls on swings, small kids in amusement park boat ride.

06:01:48 Kids doing crafts in schools, clapping, singing etc. CU pictures of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Eisenhower.

06:02:26 Work book for White House conference on education, people walking on Washington streets. Signs for other meetings held locally.

06:02:5? First grade (?) boy at desk reading book, board meeting, school construction, teacher at blackboard, older people meeting and talking in small groups.

06:03:45 Looking at tall buildings across river w/ recreation boats. KDKA-TV sign. Golden Gate bridge and CU of report.

06:04:20 Kids in classroom take books out of desks. Two boys behind horses on wagon. People walking on large city sidewalk. School, boy w/ blacksmith, boys w/ farmer in corn field. Ext. of small public schools and in bad repair.

06:05:30 What should our schools accomplish (from report). Classroom with kids of various ages & teachers working with them. Accounting class, mechanics, gymnasium. Biology lab. Teachers at blackboards.

06:06:15 Vocational education classes in many areas: cooking; welding; accounting; grooming horses.

06:07:40 Teacher reading to black kids. White boys at blackboard with rocket drawn. Chemistry or biology lab & microscope.

06:07:52 Black children praying in classroom.

06:08:21 Small children pledging allegiance w/ flag. School board members

06:08:59 High school children onto school buses, buses past camera. Very small school. Very large school and ghetto kids into it.

Non-stop narration; Short scenes; Americana 1950s;

[Little Rock, Arkansas High School Integration]

Troops patrol Little Rock Central High School during Operation Arkansas re Integration 29Sep & 2Oct 1957

Four Black girls out of US Army station wagon outside school, w/ military jeep & soldiers escorting. Journalists interviewing man, one w/ microphone. Troops standing behind w/ bayonets on rifles. MCU Major General Edwin G. Walker talking w/ Col. Wiliam A. Kuhn, CO, 1st Airborne Battle Grp, 101st Airborne. Walker into jeep w/ driver & drive off.

03:14:33 Airborne troops march down street, fix bayonets & march up. Pennant on pole w/ troops running past at double time. Troops w/ field kitchen behind High School; white girls playing softball (?) behind.

Troops served in chow line, eating. Two GIs patrol along street - escort black girl students to station wagon.

03:16:58 Troops stand guard, white students walking into school behind barrier. US Army station wagon pulls up w/ black students, escorted into school as whites watch from entrance steps. Exterior school - sign Little Rock Central High School, soldiers on guard at doors, tilt up to waving students at window. Troops march up steps towards camera; down steps away from camera.

03:19:07 Walker & Kuhn talk in front of High School. Sign on jeep: Above the Rest. 1st ABN Bat. 327th Inf. Gen. Walker gets into jeep, leaves. Soldiers in two jeeps leaving.

03:20:08 Soldiers march along street, rear view as soldiers jog in double time along sidewalk on residential street. Troops running up street away from camera. CU (head chopped off) as soldier fixes bayonet - standing guard. Various shots National Guard marching around campus. GI reading newspaper while sitting on grandstand, others playing cards. Pan across field kitchen w/ soldiers sitting under trees outside National Guard Armory Building.

03:22:49 Two jeeps escorting station wagon & girls getting in, High School behind. Drive past.

Civil Rights; Integration; Eisenhower Era; 1950s; Segregation;

[Little Rock, Arkansas High School Integration, 06Oct57]

CU of officer of 153rd Inf. Regt., 39th Division talking (MOS), salutes. Troops march to camera along sidewalk past camera, Central High School behind. Two soldiers practice hitting volleyball ; others reading newspaper lying beneath stacked rifles w/ gear nearby. Four soldiers patrolling in twos, meet & turn. Others marching on sidewalk.

03:25:57 NBC cameraman filing interview w/ white girl who claimes she was denied entry to school, others around listening. Major Robert A. Jones on phone at operations center, taking several calls.

03:26:43 Soldiers in shorts & boots playing volley ball. Various shots of Central High School & troops patrolling & marching.

Civil Rights; Integration; Eisenhower Era; 1950s; Segregation;

Main Title: Universal International News

20:19:54 Title: Ike Warns Mid-East On Reds

Eisenhower sitting down at desk w/ plaque Voice of America, Press Secretary James Hagerty gives him speech. Reads it. ...masters of Communism are trying to tear down that world. Communism...must be a system of international control & conformity....thus the opposite of Nationalism..

20:21:31 News In Brief - At Sea w/ NATO ships on maneuver led by US 6th Fleet & USS Forrestal (CV-59); jet fighters taking off; missiles on Cruiser Boston (CAG-1) raised; missiles fired from ??. Navy planes landing on Forrestal.

Cold War Speech; 1950s; Red Scare;

[Little Rock Integration & National Guard Troops]

Jeeps & station wagon of US Army down street. Military troops march to front of high school escorting black girls into station wagon & leaving. Black Students, boys & girls, out of school & into station wagon. Troops w/ rifles at ready follow leaving; others marching.

18:37:50 Outdoor church service for army troops conduct by Chaplain Chester Lindsey of 101st Airborne Div. at Grassy Acre, Camp Robinson. Black & White troops sit on grass listening.

18:38:54 Maj. Gen. Edwin A Walker visitng officers & men of the 101st informally, standing & talking. Sit down. MCU troops listening.

President Eisenhower Desegregation Order; Civil Rights; Ethnic; Anti-Racism;

News In Brief - Washington DC [Eisenhower Awards Medals]

W/ J. Edgar Hoover of Justice Department, present presents Young American Medal for Bravery to Edmund Zernacy, Lawrenceville, Indiana; Young American Medal for Leadership to William Steiger of Oshkosh, Wisconsin for leadership. Poses w/ both.

04:32:28 First Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin, Robert Briscoe & wife greeted, shake hands & gives Irish cut glass gift to Ike.

White House Ceremonies;

[Little Rock Central High School Integration Enforcement, 29Sep-0ct0157]

Ext. of US Army Milistary District Arkansas office, w/ army cars parked along street in front. Two officer come out. CU sign on door. Officers entering, exiting & into car of Army National Guard.

17:35:28 Chaplain & Protestant services for National Guard outside of armory. Catholic services, Camp Robinson.

17:35:40 Slate: ??Sep57 Maj. General Edwin Walker, Maj. Gen. Sherman I. Clinger, State AG, & Lt. Col. Ernest B. Bowden Commander of the 1st Bn, 153rd Inf. Regt. Arkansas National Guard talking on street in front of Central High School, Little Rock.

17:36:07 Negro students escorted by Guard members w/ batons while students watch from windows. Up steps past students.

17:36:27 Slate: 27Sep57 Camp Robinson, Catholic services for 101st. Men kneeling, standing, receiving communion. MCU Walker talking to men after church. CU men & CU Walker.

17:38:28 Protestant services on grounds of Armory, boy playing portable organ & men singing hymns.

17:39:28 Street barricade w/ soldier, white girl walks past, others standing on sidewalk. LS of school from across street, guard patrolling in foreground. Guard posted by entrance, students sit on steps in sun.

17:40:35 Slate 30Sep57 Gen. Walker talking w/ Col Bowden & Col U. Beakley. Newsmen across street, Walker giving interview w/ school behind. More talking in front of school. Student walk down sidewalk followed by two National Guard soldiers.

17:42:34 Slate 01Oct57 Wlaker talking w/ Col Kuh & officer & EM at rear of school. Walker & Kuhn walk over to men working on jeeps.

Integration; Anti-Segregation; Teenagers; 1950s Americana; Eisenhower Era;

News Of The Day - (Eisenhower Meets Foreign Exchange Students)

21:01:08 Ike on White House lawn walks past large group of students, many w/ camera. LS & CUs smiling. Ike at microphone, then walking away.

AFS Exchange Program; Diplomacy;

Washington, DC (Mrs. Eisenhower & Mothers March On Polio, 1957)

LS White House. Mamie giving first contribution to Mrs. James Mitchell, wife of Secretary of Labor makes collection. CU of reminder for polio shots.

Promotion; President s Wives; Charity;

Brotherhood - A Plea For Tolerance

Ed Sullivan seated at desk & microphone reading : Hello, this is Ed Sulllivan. Today we have been called upon by President Eisenhower, the Honorary Chairman of the Brotherhood Campaign of the National Conference of Christians & Jews to search our hearts & souls & cleanse them of a natural hate & fear of our neighbors. Continues... re fight for freedom today... spiritual acts of treason. United America is the sole remaining hope of a shattered world. Several takes.

1957; Public Service Announcement; PSA;

Washington, D.C. [Eisenhower s new helicopters)

Helicopters practice take offs & landings on White House lawn.

20:57:56 Military generals & others posing. Returning landing helicopter.

Presidential Transportation; 1957; Ike (not seen); Military Aviation;

NOTE: Eisenhower was first President to fly in helicopter, 12Jul57.

Maneuvers - Ike On Super-Carrier Sees Navy Air Might (1957)

Fighter jet planes on aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV-60) flight deck. Plane lowered on elevator. President Eisenhower sitting on bridge; w/ Sec. John Foster Dulles. Jet taking off, launched. Four fly-over; dropping bombs. Explosions. Plane landing - first transcontinental carrier to carrier flight. Ike shaking hands w/ pilots.

Military Maneuvers;

Washington, D.C. (Ike Meets w/ Prince Abdul Illah; Presents Citation to Ex-Pres. Hoover) 1957

President Eisenhower in office w/ Iraq Prince Abdul Illah. CU. Leaving.

04:14:25 Ike presents citation to ex-Pres. Hoover for leadership in reorganizing government.

Iraq; Middle East; Diplomacy;

[King Saud Arrives at US Naval Base; Meets W/ Ike] 1957

Naval Honor Guard lining roadway (Annapolis, Maryland Naval Academy?) CU & MS drill w/ rifles. Civilians waving. Motorcade towards camera. King Saud (arm in sling) out of car, greeted by military & civilian. Posing, saluting; reviewing troops.

05:16:35 LS across South Lawn to White House.

05:17:08 Saud in W.H. office seated w/ President Eisenhower. CUs.

NOTE: First Saudi Arabian Ruler to meet w/ President. 30Jan57.

[King Saud arrival, White House]

Cadillac limousine arrives; King Saud & ?? out & enter White House. Posing, talking w/ Eisenhower & John Foster Dulles.

05:24:24 Newsreel cameramen.

05:24:28 King Saud & others leaving, posing on steps. Enter car. Leaving. LS of White House.

05:25:00 Four-engine Constellation airliner The Columbine taxiing.

Middle East; 1957; Diplomacy; State Visit;

[1957 Still Photographers & President Eisenhower in White House]

Still photograph Mamie Eisenhower looking thru cardboard glasses - I Like Ike. Sports car crash at race or rally. Capitol at night. Eisenhower on Farm. Little dog, big bone.

11:10:43 President Eisenhower shaking hands w/ photographers as they show him their photographs. Pose w/ all of them.

Press Photography;

Middle East Crisis. West Moves Troops, Calls on UN to act.

Top shot Beirut - American marines landing in Lebanon. Local crowds - Troops in jeeps - fighter bombers of 6th fleet overhead. Local ice cream vendor. Unloading ammunition - troops on beach - troops moving into Beirut - guarding Beirut airport.

05:07:59 Eisenhower explains Americas action in landing troops in Lebanon.

05:09:03 Military build up - night shots planes moving - 2nd Marine Division enplaning at Cherry Point. Clock - five to midnight. Troops loading planes for airlift. Day shots as more American troops board aircraft.

05:10:09 Airborne troops from Germany at Adena airbase in Turkey.

05:10:32 British paratroops from Cyprus boarding planes bound for Jordan. RAF planes take off.

05:10:57 US aircraft carrier Leyte being loaded with supplies. US sailors in phone boxes phoning home after leave cancelled. Navy boarding ship.

05:11:37 UN building - interiors - Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge calls for decisive action by UN and says US marines will be withdrawn if UN act.

Main Title - Universal International News (Nautilus from Pacific to Atlantic under North Pole)

Eisenhower & Navy officers at White House press conference. Ike gives Legion of Merit to Commander W. R. Anderson. Anderson points at route on chart

13:01:02 Ice crevasses; Nautilus through water; POV on deck. Sailors in mess hall on submarine w/ juke box & playing cards. Aerial of submarine in open water.

Firsts; Military Power; Cold War;

[Nixon Venezuela Trip & Return To Washington]

Nixon Air Force airplane landing in Venezuela. Crowd w/ banners protesting outside aiport terminal. MCU of young men w/ whistles in mouths, holding caricatured drawing of Nixon. MS sign Go Away Nixon, Go Home.

17:06:44 Nixon & wife wave from plane doorway; MCU. Walking past troops on runway w/ Army General & others.

17:06:59 High angle of Nixon alongside & entering closed car surrounded by military VIPs. Students & others shaking raised arms. Army soldiers alongside car thru shouting crowd.

17:07:18 Street w/ men running toward camera, motorcade w/ motorcycle police in opposite direction. MCU of mob catching up to Cadillac car leading motorcade. Policeman on motorcycle stands alongside car w/ men jeer & gesture. Sign w/ Guatemala on it.

17:07:35 View from inside of car looking out of shattered car windows. Soldier standing alongside seen from outside. CU outside of window.

17:07:43 US Embassy & Nixon shaking hands w/ Venezuela leaders. Soldiers running thru streets as Nixons leaving for airport. MCU past camera, hand shaking w/ US & Venezuela VIPs. Wave from plane.

17:08:15 Washington DC National airport & large crowd w/ signs. President Eisenhower arrives. Nixons wave & off plane, shake hands with Ike & others.

17:08:58 Nixon at microphones w/ Ike beside & crowds around. May I say that...incidents in which a very small violent vocal minority were able to enlist the support of some innocent people who were misled as to what US motives really were. Violent incidents occurred. I can tell you that from my observations in each one of the countries we visited, that the great majority of the people...are friendly to the United States today (applause).

17:09:44 Nixons s, flowers & Ike in convertible to White House w/ motorcycle escort & cheering crowds. Arriving at White House, posing for photographers.

Diplomacy; Anti-American Demonstrations; Anti-Communist; Communism; 1950s; 1958;

[Eisenhower Birthplace]

Restored white gabled wooden house w/ wide front porch & sign: Eisenhower Birthplace. Arrival of younger brother Earl (?). Out of car, photographers. Walks thru restored home.

17:16:10 Eisenhower State Park dedicated w/ Lake Texoma, fishing & boats. People watching.

History; Americana; 1958; 1950s;

[Arlington Cemetery Ceremony For Unknown Soldiers]

Motorcycle escort across bridge w/ Lincoln Memorial in background w/ two horse-drawn caskets.

17:22:20 Arlington National Cemetery amphitheater & ceremony w/ President Eisenhower speaking & awards Medal of Honor to the two unknowns. Placing medals on flag draped coffins. Placing caskets into crypts. Military honor guard & wreath laying by Ike.

World Wars; 1958; 1950s;

Washington, D.C. (Churchill Paintings Exhibited)

22:42:13 Building w/ sign: Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, Natural History Building. President Eisenhower & Mamie up steps w/ ??? Spectators lining street behind. MS of crowd.

22:42:24 Int. touring exhibit of paintings of Winston Churchill.

22:42:29 CU hand holding booklet: Painting As A Pastime written by Churchill w/ his picture on cover. People looking at paintings; CUs.

22:43:00 High angle of exhibit,

Leisure Hobbies; Hobby; Art; Paintings; 1958; Exhibition;

NOTE: poor audio from film.

Ike In Canada - Urges Amity Despite Trade Differences

President Eisenhower & Mamie down greeted by Prime Minister Diefenbaker in Ottawa. John Foster Dulles also present.

21:04:02 Int. Parliament; members applaud, Ike speaks: Finally there is no cause to be surprised or disturbed to discover that occasionally differences arise between us. The distinguishing character of peoples of the Free World lies in the fact that differences between them can develop, can be expressed, and then amicably be resolved. We in the United States have no more desire than you have, to seek in our relations w/ other nations the silent sullen unit that elsewhere has been purchased or imposed. The hallmark of Freedom is the right to differ as well as the right to agree. Standing ovation.

1958 Presidential Visit; Diplomacy; Northern Neighbor; Canada;

Ike On Economy - Warns Wage Boosts May Cause New Inflation

01:06:41 President Eisenhower across front of White House Press Conference desk & microphones. Reporters.

01:06:49 SOF First of all, if we are going to remain a country w/o artificial control, meaning that we are not going to try to go into a Federally controlled economy, then labor & business must be very very careful about this whole problem of increasing wages each year above those rates that imply or show an increase in productivity; and business must make its profits of such a scale where they can still continue to invest money so that they are not robbing the public. Because if they do it is as sure as you re a foot high that one day the American consumer is going to rebel. He s going to rebel in a big way & there will be real trouble & we ll get something that we don t want. Now, Government principal is to keep down expenses so that we can try to keep, so as far as we can, fiscal responsibility. And I do not admit, and I do not for a moment believe that we are going to have constantly increasing ??. I believe that the prospects horrible as it is...

1958 Economy; Economics;

NOTE: Raspy track due to source negative.

News In Brief (Argentine Leader Meets w/ Ike)

Argentina Frondisi greeted by Eisenhower & Dulles at airport. Walk together to car. Posed with Ike & Mamie at evening formal dinner.

Ike and Macmillan - Meeting of Minds on Summit Policy

Exterior - sign National Naval Medical Center - interior Walter Reed Hospital. Eisenhower, Macmillan, Foreign Secretary Lloyd and Dulles take seats under portrait of Churchill which was painted by Ike - they are to discuss forth coming summit with Khruschev.

Red Fair Opens in New York

Russian Turbo-prop transport plane arriving New York. Deputy Premier Koslov of Russia descends aircraft steps. Exterior exhibition hall. Koslov and other man wave to cameras. Exterior hall with Russian and American flags. Crowds outside. President Eisenhower with Nixon arrives to visit show, Ike shakes hands with Koslov. Exhibition hall with exhibits of Soviet scientific achievements including Sputnik. Model of nuclear powered Ice Breaker. VIPs leave hall.

Space Race

Visit of President Eisenhower to Spain - December 1959

Top shot Honour Guard and dignitaries at the Torrejon AFB. Group of Spanish Officers and dignitaries arriving and walking past the Honour Guard.

President s plane taxiing on the runway after the landing at the Air Force Base. President Eisenhower out of aircraft and is greeted by General Francisco Franco.

The President standing on the speaker"s platform. Ike reviewing the Spanish troops

22:19:31 U.S. Army, H-34 helicopter taxiing on the runway at Torrejon, AFB, bringing the President and General Franco - parks in front of the Presidents plane. General Franco and Eisenhower stops before a large group; the President removes hat during the salute; US and Spanish troop lined up.

LS President Eisenhower giving a farewell speech at the AFB; large crowd of Spanish Officers surround the President. Ike standing at the top of the ramp to the aircraft waving to the large crowd.

Plane taking off

22:21:11 LS Street scenes in Madrid; spectators awaiting the President- official cars on the moves- Spanish soldiers lining the street. Motorcade. Franco delivering speech as the President looks on from the speaker"s stand. President Eisenhower giving speech. The President and the General into car

NB: This material is all shot from distance--poor coverage

Ike Visits Air Force Academy

Tracking shots entrance and past buildings of USAF academy. President Eisenhower in car with officer. Cadets on parade ground. Cadets in mess hall listen to Ike speech (not heard).

23:33:28 Ike arriving in Denver, greeted at airport by wife Mamie. Son, John, and his daughters off plane.

[Khrushchev in America - clips]

K. w/ Eisenhower at welcoming ceremony at airport. Motorcade, masses of police escorts thru street w/ tall buildings & crowds lining sidewalk.

15:21:22 K. in Los Angeles - press - cameramen. MCU w/ Eric Johnston & wife.

15:21:41 Marilyn Monroe, CU. Khruschev & wife posing, waving w/ VIPs, cameramen.

15:21:54 Crowds at Santa Barbara waiting for K. K. walking, talking on railroad station platform.

15:22:39 K. walking inside train. K mobbed by crowds on platform. Tracking shot crowds lining streets to greet Khruschev.

15:23:08 Tilt down Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco; Khruschev waving to crowd from in front. CUs. Russian banner. Street sign. Motocade past & POV of crowd lining street from car.

15:23:50 K. & reporters walk & examine cornfield. K. holding little girl in arms, shakes childrens hands.

15:24:32 Ike & K. walk towards & board helicopter on White House South Lawn. Take-off. Aerial over Jefferson Memorial.

15:25:04 K. & Ike out of car at Camp David, pose. Into cabin w/ sign: Aspen.

15:25:38 Waving w/ Averill Harriman standing next to him.

Celebrity Diplomacy; Tourists; 1959; 1950s; Excitement; Movie Stars; Hollywood;

News In Brief: Georgia

VS Eisenhower announces Herter as new Secretary of State.

News Review Of 1959

Vice-President Nixon touring US Fair in Moscow w/ Kruschev during visit to Russia. Kruschev visiting US - at airport, in motorcade & posing w/ President Eisenhower at Camp David.

17:30:15 Animation of new Soviet space probe, first to take pictures of Moon - stills shown. Monkeys Abel & Baker sent into space by US. Project Mercury astronauts in weightlessness chamber

17:31:15 Castro addresses cheering crowds in Havana following Cuban Revolution.

17:31:55 St. Lawrence seaway opened - Ike & Queen Elizabeth on deck of royal yacht Britannia.

17:32:12 Celebrations to mark Hawaii s accession as 50th State of the Union - hula girls - volcano erupting.

17:32:41 Prince Akahito of Japan poses in ceremonial robes & on steps of Palace w/ new bride Mishiko Shoda.

17:32:58 Stephen Rockefeller out of church in Norway w/ new bride Anne Marie Rasmussen.

17:33:12 Shah Pahlevi of Iran after marriage to Farah Diba.

17:33:25 Destruction in Japan after worst typhoon in its history - civilians wade through flooded streets.

17:33:42 John Foster Dulles filmed not long before death from cancer.

17:34:00 Dalai Llama photocall w/ Nehru after seeking refuge in India from Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet. Nehru on horseback through mountain village.

17:34:28 Troops from Communist-held Vietnam attack Laos - exodus of refugees.

17:34:44 Ike arrives at National Airport after completing 11-nation tour - cheering crowds wave sparklers - Ike gives Victory sign from passing motorcade. Brief shot White House at night.

Space Race. Cold War. Royal Weddings. Southeast Asia. Anti-Communism.

New Diplomacy - Ike and Khrushchev to Exchange Visits

Interior White House Press Conference, President Eisenhower reads statement to press re proposed visit to USA by Premier Khruschev and Ike s proposed return visit to Russia. Reads out both proposed itineraries. Re visits to promote the cause of peace.

Cold War;

1st Round Ends. Mr. K Says farewell and Awaits Ike in the Spring

Khruschev and President Eisenhower out of car outside Blair House. Ike says farewell to group on steps. Night shot K makes farewell speech at Andrews AFB - Nixon stands by side. K speaking and translated. K says there should be more OK s between Russia and USA. K and Nixon shake.

Cold War

Peace Mission - Ike Returns to Mediterranean

Eisenhower riding in open top car in motorcade - crowds line street - police motorcycle outriders. Sign Welcome Ike suspended from clasped hands monument over road. Ike with Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran inside palace.

14:49:45 Ike visits Greece - Air Force plane on tarmac - Ike with King Paul of Greece, reviews military. Ike and King Paul standing in open top car - motorcade - cheering crowds.

14:50:20 Night shots parade. Military on horseback - Ike and King in car waving to crowds. Past ancient buildings.

Washington, D.C. (Argentina President Frondizi Arrives, 1959)

21:19:48 Down airplane ramp & greeted by President Eisenhower & Sec.of State Dulles & miltary generals.

21:20:09 Press photographers & cameramen under tent shelter; motorcade leaving airport hanger.

21:20:14 Presidents & wives posing before formal State dinner, MCU.

Diplomacy; State Visit;

Bonn Hails Ike! - Says U.S. Will Stand By Berlin

Flags flying from poles. President Eisenhower off Military Air Tranport Service plane & greeted by Konrad Adenauer; shaking hands w/ otehrs VIPs, crowds watch. Walk to microphones. MS Secretary Christian Herter w/ German Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brentan.

06:22:18 Ike speaks SOF: my country the name Adenauer has come to symbolize the determination of the German people to remain strong & free. And the American people stand by your side in ensuring that the loyal free people of free Berlin will, like yourselves, continue always to enjoy that great privilege. Handshakes, cheering, flagwaving crowd for motorcade thru streets waving from open car.

Cold War Diplomacy; State Visit; 1959; Aug59;

Eisenhower - Khrushchev: Historic Meeting of the Two Most Powerful Leaders In The World (15Sep59)

TU-114 landing, K. off & w/ Ike. Walk along w/ party, reviewing Honor Guard. Onto reviewing stand. Eisenhower speaks. Herter, Lodge, Gromyko behind. Ambassador Menshikov & AF Sec. James Douglas present. K. speaks but narrator describes scene & summarizes speech over Russian.

22:59:25 Into car & motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue to Blair House where all go in. At White House pose for newsmen. Posing inside & K. gives gift of replica of satellite that went to moon.

Diplomacy; USSR;

Why Vietnam Pt. 2 of 3

1959 Gettysburg College - Eisenhower (Ike) on the importance of defending freedom part over shots of US handing out aid in South Vietnam.

1960 Troops in S.Vietnam Railway line blown up by NV guerrillas. Machine guns fired from SV troop train . Various war shots.

1961 Air Force One on tarmac. American aid to SV - machinery - military - USAF training South Vietnamese.

US soldier training in use of weapons - speaks Vietnamese. Various other sequences showing US

advisors and South Vietnamese troops. North Vietnamese guerrillas under arrest

05:15:02 US advisor teams working in clinics and hospitals. American equipment and troops into Vietnam. Helicopters - South Vietnamese troops on counter attack. Wounded American soldier stretchered to coptor.

05:16:58 South vietnamese combat training - boats and landings. Jungle fighting. Explosion. Wounded SV. South Vietnamese soldier prays at shrine.

05:18:00 1964 President Johnson LBJ speech re renewed hostile action of the North Vietnamese and the Gulf of Tonkin. US naval aircraft carrier. USAF bomb North Vietnam. August - McNamara says US seeks no wider war. US troops with captured Vietcong arms. Chinese markings on warheads. Ho Chi Minh seated at table. US politician speaking re efforts to bring Vietnam to conference table and rejections by Hanoi and Peking.

President Johnson re US do not seek the destruction of any government South Vietnam must have democratic rights. We will not surrender.

Anti-Communism; USA Government Propaganda; Anti-Communist; Imperialism;

49th Star - Alaska Statehood, New Flag, Official

21:26:30 LS White House. Int. Eisenhower at desk w/ Nixon, Rayburn & Congressmen behind him & seated beside him. Photographers. CU Ike signing as people watch..

21:26:58 Ext. Paramount Flag Co. Int. women silkscreening stars on flag; woman sewing flag & holding it up.

1959; Ceremony; Manufacturing Flags;

[Schweitzer Hospital In Gabon]

Map of central Africa w/ Lambarene, Gabon. Photo of Albert Schweitzer residence; of Schweitzer at work examining a black baby; in jungle & w/ workers on porch of hospital.

03:22:28 Central Park from tall building & tilt down on Plaza Hotel. Int. of large ballroom & guests at cocktail reception. Placard: In honor of Dr. Paul D. White.

03:22:48 Seated guests in Grand Ballroom listening (MOS). Blacks & whites. Woman at microphone speaking in CU. Dr. White introduced (?). Another man talking; White w/ notes to podium, receives gift or award. At mic speaking, reading from notes. CUs listening. People stand & applaud. Cake w/ candle given to him; grandchildren (?) give him kisses. CU banner Reverence For Life.

Medical Doctor; Humanitarian; Cardiologist;

NOTE: Paul Dudley White was President Eisenhower s doctor.

Castro Rebuffed - Ike Acts To Cut Cuba Sugar Quota

President Eisenhower at White House press conference announces Cuba s share of US sugar market cut in response to Fidel Castro s deliberate policy of hostility . Journalists, photographers, etc.

Workers in tropical country in sugar cane plantations, cutting cane, bulls pulling loaded cart, tractor pulling loaded cart.

Kennedy - Nixon Meet Your Candidates.

John Kennedy (JFK) and Richard Nixon on stage talking to press. JFK and Jackie in open top car - ticker tape parade - crowds. Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, Kennedy nominated on first ballot. JFK on platform with sister and Mother, Rose. Cheering supporters. Senate meeting JFK and brother Robert, 1958 JFK votes, Jackie waits outside booth. 1952 wins in Massachusetts. 1960 JFK with Lyndon B Johnston, running mate.

14:5:39 Berlin, Brandenburg Gate. Kennedy campaign in Germany, election buttons / badges. Cars with Kennedy posters. JFK at home with wife and two year old daughter Caroline, sitting on couch.

14:16:07 Chicago, July 1960 Nixon at Republican Convention. Nixon with wife Pat, mother and daughters on stand as crowd cheers. Nixon with Henry Cabot Lodge his running mate. Nixon with Eisenhower and Cabot Lodge sitting at table. Nixon at Cabinet meeting chatting. Nixon visit to Poland, cheering crowds - Nixon visits ruins of Warsaw Ghetto. Nixon with Khruschev at US Fair in Moscow (Kitchen debate).

14:17:37 Nixon campaigning - crowds. Television screens, Nixon and Kennedy .

14:18:10 Kennedy speaks re reasons why Democrats should win. Defender of freedoms - Liberal traditions of Party:Asks for support.

14:19:08 Nixon election broadcast. Says America wants leaders who will keep the peace without surrender. Talks of knowledge of Khruschev.

Nixon and Kennedy together

Cold War

Kennedy Elected

Sign - Legal Holiday - Election Day. Queues to vote. Priests voting . Eisenhower arrives by helicopter to cast his vote. Ike putting ballot in box. Mamie Eisenhower casts vote. Boston Pubic Library, John f Kennedy arrives with wife Jackie to vote. Richard Nixon and wife Pat vote in Los Angeles. Henry Cabot Lodge casts vote. Lyndon B Johnson LBJ casts vote. Public voting. Zip banner ( moving electric light news hoarding } says Kennedy overcomes slow start. Hyannis Port, JFK and Jackie in gardens pose for press.

14:24:26 Nixon more or less acknowledges defeat. More voting and counting. Next day, news stand, man picks up newspaper, New York Mirror, Headlines Kennedy. Kennedy with Jackie, Mother and Father Joseph on stand, sends message to Nixon. Says to the public that next few years will be difficult and asks for help of the United States. Says he and his wife will prepare for a new administration and for a new baby.

Kennedy and Ike Confer on Changeover.

White House, press photographers, Eisenhower wearing hat, smiles for cameras. Kennedy and Ike shake hands on steps of White House. Interiors, movie cameramen JFK and Ike seated. Kennedy leaves and speaks to press who are surrounding him, says he wants to thank President Eisenhower

Politics 1960 - Presidential Fever Sweeps the Nation.

Wisconsin Presidential primaries. Hoarding with Hubert Humphrey and Kennedy posters. Polling, ballot paper, people voting. Kennedy (JFK) beats Humphrey. Republican Womens National Conference in Washington - audience eating fried chicken from boxes. Eisenhower and wife and Richard Nixon in audience eating. Ike endorses Nixon

Summit Crisis. Mr. K. in angry mood over U-2 Incident.

Wreckage of U-2 spy plane which was piloted by Gary Powers. Khruschev looking at wreckage and speaking to press. Khruschevs plane lands at Paris airport - red carpet. President Eisenhower arrives by plane - walks red carpet. Ike makes speech at airport - says far too much is at stake to indulge in profitless bickering. Exteriors of building where talks were held - cut short by Khruschev.

Cold War

Kennedy and Ike Confer on Changeover

Exterior White House - press photographers. Eisenhower (Ike) in hat posing for cameras. President Elect John F Kennedy arrives by car and shakes hands with Ike. News cameramen and press. Ike and JFK seated. Kennedy speaks to press following meeting, thanks Ike.

Down From Summit. Mr K. Kills Conference, Big Four Depart for Homes

Leaders standing in group talking, Eisenhower, de Gaulle, MacMillan shake hands before departure. Crowds gathered at press conference. Khruschev with Gromyko and Marshal Melinovsky on stand. K makes angry speech, gesticulating.

Cold War

News In Brief - Cape Canaveral [Echo Balloon Satellite Relays Voices]

Tilt up nose cone & satellite. Thor-Abel-Delta Rocket seen and then launched at night. Diagram of how Ike's talk was reflected coast to coast. Eisenhower shown tape recorder that is running. No sync sound.

Space Race

Open Sky Plan. Ike offers UN US Photo Planes.

Eisenhower with others looking at aerial photographs. Aerial photo of naval base in San Diego, California. Press photographers as Ike poses for cameras. Newsreel camera. Ike at desk makes speech re keeping up strength - no complacency or hysteria, we must improve contact between America and Russia. UN will continue to get Americas support.

Cold War

Space Triumph - Discoverer Capsule Recovered From Orbit

Rocket launched from California. Helicopter view of satellite in water. In White House Air Force chief Thomas White explains capsule to Eisenhower. Pulls out 50 star USA flag and presents to Ike. Press and cameramen.

Space Race

Summit Crisis. Mr. K. in angry mood over U-2 Incident.

Wreckage of U-2 spy plane which was piloted by Gary Powers. Khruschev looking at wreckage and speaking to press. Khruschevs plane lands at Paris airport - red carpet. President Eisenhower arrives by plane - walks red carpet. Ike makes speech at airport - says far too much is at stake to indulge in profitless bickering. Exteriors of building where talks were held - cut short by Khruschev.

Cold War

Rocket Report - President Inspects Missile Test Center

Eisenhower arriving in motorcade. Standing next to rocket launch pad. Ike with USAF officer and other VIPs. Pershing missile on launch pad. Ike and party climb gantry of Thor Able tocket. Space exploration missile.

The Nixon-Lodge Ticket

GOP convention names Nixon & Lodge - crowd at convention. President Eisenhower with Nixon and photographers. Ike s motorcade is enthusiastically welcomed by crowd - car doused in confetti. Signs Well done Mr. President . Ike and Mamie cheered at convention.

18:07:41 Ike speech re challenge to Khrushchev I challenge him to this task: will he agree to the holding of free elections under the sponsorship of the United Nations to permit people everywhere (...) to vote on one single, simple issue(...) Do you want to live under a Communist regime, or under a free system such as found in the United States?

Roar of applause. Crowd in pit. Nixon s nomination as republican presidential candidate announced. Many pro-Nixon signs amidst crowd.

vice-president nominee Henry Cabbot-Lodge and wife. Lodge sound bytes re outcome of campaign, alludes to people s worries re Cold War It s like someone who s going to have an operation, he wants the best doctor .

Nixon with wife Pat, two daughters and mother - speaks with journalists re how hard it will be to follow in Eisenhower s footsteps.

News in Brief

Colorado: President Eisenhower visiting the Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado In crowd with boy scouts, moving shot of Ike in open top linousine passing by thousands of boy scouts lining side of the road.

Cuba - Celebrates 7th Anniversary of Castro s revolutionary movement. Parade past Castro reviewing stand. VS Crowd, Castro. Raul Castro in Moscow addressing trade union delegates and then hugging woman on stage.

Ike On Congo - Warns Against Soviet Meddling

President Eisenhower into press conference, walks to microphone. Reporters looking. Ike talks (SOF) about USSR providing planes to Congo & Lumumba s fight w/ the Katanga province. Calls on USSR to stop & to work w/ United Nations.

Sep60; 1960s; Presidential Press Conference; Warnings; Cold War; Post Independence;

Kennedy Elected

Sign: Legal Holiday, Election Day, November 8, 1960. People in at polls, waiting in line. Into booth, signing in & Catholic priests into booth. Eisenhower arrives by helicopter to cast his vote, Barlow Firemen s Hall. Ike out of curtains, putting ballot in box. Mamie Eisenhower out of car wearing large Nixon button, shaking hands & casts vote.

01:32:50 Crowds outside Boston Pubic Library, John F Kennedy arrives w/ wife Jackie to vote. VP Richard Nixon & wife Pat vote in Los Angeles suburb home. Henry Cabot Lodge casts vote. Lyndon B Johnson, LBJ, casts vote. Public voting. Salinger & others looking at teletype machines.

01:34:08 Night & Times Square zipper banner (moving electric light news sign) says Kennedy overcomes slow start. Hyannis Port, JFK & Jackie in gardens pose for press.

01:34:33 Nixon & wife at local campaign headquarters; more or less acknowledges defeat (SOF).

01:35:26 Voters signing in & voting. Next day, news stand, man picks up newspaper, New York Mirror, Headlines Kennedy. John F Kennedy w/ Jackie, Mother, Rose, & Father, Joseph, on stand, reads message sent to Nixon (SOF). Says to the public that next few years will be difficult & asks for help of the United States. Says he & his wife will prepare for a new administration & for a new baby. Posing

1960s; Presidential Election; Democrats; Republicans; Democracy;

Kennedy & Ike - Confer on Changeover.

White House, press photographers waiting outside, Eisenhower wearing hat, smiles for cameras on porch while waiting for Kennedy. JFK arrives by car & shakes hands w/ Ike on steps of White House.

01:38:42 Interiors, movie cameramen w/ JFK and Ike seated. Kennedy leaves.

01:39:14 JFK at mics, speaks (SOF) to press who are surrounding him, says he wants to thank President Eisenhower for discussing current & future problems.

Politics; President-Elect; 1960; Political Continuity;

Election of John F. Kennedy, The

JFK waving from motorcade w/ Secret Service agents & police alongside; people on curb & lawns; Nixon & wife at night wave from convertible. Intercut campagining & conventions, debates, huge campaign crowds.

10:02:34 Train & Nixon campaigning, speaking from rear in railroad station (MOS). W/ American Indians, old timer miner, Hawaii.

10:03:45 Election day, flag raised on pole on school (?). Black.10:03:47 until

10:03:58 Streets & legal holiday signs & waiting to vote, reading ballots. Booth & machine; men & women enter, pull curtains. Leaving, others arriving & voting.

10;06:06 Helicopter lands w/ President Eisenhower to vote. Ike voting, photographers. Mamie votes.

10:07:22 Ambassador of Japan inspecting voting booths & observing.

10:07:49 Nixon & wife voting. Kennedy & wife voting.

10:08:34 Montage: street signs & signs relating to voting.

10:08:41 People enter school to vote in city. Signing in, waiting. Amb. U Thant observing in New York City.

10:09:39 NBC studios & coverage of election returns. Large floor cameras wheeled around. Huntley & Brinkley at desk. Tabulating machines & main frame IBM 728 (?) computer working. Printout. Party Headquarters & people watching tally boards.

10:10:42 Times Square zipper sign: Kennedy Pulling Ahead...Kennedy Leads in 17 States. CBS News Center & covering. CU Cronkite. Zipper sign re see-saw battle. Press covering.

10:10:32 JFK press secretary Pierre Salinger at teletype. Hyannisport crowd watching; Nixon makes statement. SOF I want to say that one of the great features of America is that we have political contests, they are very hard fought as this was is hard fought; and once the decision is made we unite behind the man who is elected. I want all of you to know...I want Senator Kennedy to know & I want all of you to know that if this trend does continue & he does become our next President he will have my support and yours too. Crowd waving, Nixon waving & leaving.

10:14:38 Empty chairs at Republican National Headquarters.

10:15:00 Newspaper stands in NYC & headlines re Kennedy. JFK out of house to talk to press; w/ daughter Caroline & Jackie. Sen. Kennedy before press in Hyannisport w/ Joseph & Rose Kennedy. Speaks: To all Americans I say the next four years are going to be difficult & challenging years for us all....a supreme national effort will be necessary in the years ahead to move this country safely thru the now my wife & I prepare for a new administration, and a new baby. Posing. The End.

Democracy; Government Propaganda; USIS; Diplomats; Candidates; 1960; Presidential Election 1960;

[President Eisenhower Meets w/ Nixon, Lodge & Herter at Summer White House, July or August, 1960]

18:30:13 Official car, VIP given identification by Marine; walked up steps.

18:30:41 Marine hellicopter & VIPs out & to house. Helicopter landing & VIPS out, John Eisenhower walking past w/ black briefcase in MCU. VIP car arrives & out & to house, last is Allen Dulles & walks up steps w/ large briefcase. Others arrive.

18:32:22 Slate: 01Aug60 (?). Int. Summer White House, Newport w/ Eisenhower at desk w/ VP Nixon & Henry Cabot Lodge. Pan from one to another as they laugh & talk.

18:33:29 Journalists taking notes. Nixon, Lodge into room & seated at desk w/ microphones. Nixon speakimg (MOS).

18:34:28 CU over shoulder of man taking notes. LS of Nixon & Lodge. Newsreel cameramen. MCU Lodge.

18:35:08 Slate. Ext. VIPs leaving Summer White House. Includes Allen Dulles. Into cars & leaving.

18:36:20 LS pier area, Presidential Yacht Barbara Ann in background, passing mounted saluting guns. Marine helicopter in flight over pier & landing on grass; Eisenhower & others off & walking to summer White House & up stairs.

18:37:37 Slate. Naval officer & VIP out of house. Christian Herter w/ walking crutches & others down steps & leaving.

18:38:22 Arriving Marine helicopter landing. Nixon & VIPs including Lodge CUs. Reporters. Handshaking. Eisenhower greeting & posing w/ Nixon & Lodge on porch, entering house.

1960 Republican Presidential Candidates; Summer White House;

NOTE: Nixon & Lodge were losing Republican candidates in Presidential election, November, 1960.

Spinning globes title - Defense Debate - Ike Blasts Charges As Despicable

06:06:34 President Eisenhower standing at desk during news press conference w/ arms folded, CU reporters. MS Ike calling on reporter. CU taking notes.

06:06:51 Ike SOF: If anybody, anybody believes that I have deliberately mislead the American people I d like to him to his face what I think about him. This is a charge that I think is despicable, and I have never made it against anyone in the world, & I wouldn t as long, unless he were in the bar of Justice somewhere to be tried for something was intolerable. CU photographers.

06:07:23 Ike: This is what I believe we have been trying to do w/ all our might & I get tired of saying that Defense is to be made an excuse for wasting dollars! I don t believe we should pay one cent more for defense than we have to; but I do say this: our defense is not only strong it is awesome; & it is respected elsewhere.

Economics; Presidential; Military Budget; 1960; Cold War; Federal Spending;

History At U.N. - World Leaders Set New York A-Whirl

02:34:29 Traffic on New York City avenue outside Yugoslavian Embassy; MS crowds behind police line.

02:34:36 MS Gamal Nasser shaking hands w/ Josip Tito, smiling & hugging.

02:34:46 LS mansion at Soviet estate, Glen Cove, Long Island. MS Photographers. Nasser & Khrushchev exit, posing smiling.

02:35:06 LS Hotel Theresa, Harlem, NYC.

02:35:09 Castro & Nasser exiting thru crowd of policemen & photoraphers.

02:35:14 Ext. w/ demonstrators w/ signs.

02:35:16 Nasser, Fidel Castro & Raul (barely seen) posing.

02:35:20 Motorcade w/ Eisenhower waving from open car, crwods applauding.

02:35:39 Ike w/ Nehru in hotel room sit on couch / sofa. Stand & shake hands.

02:36:04 Still & newsreel photographers.

02:36:07 Ike & Nasser walk into room sit on couch, talking. Photographers. Stand & shake hands.

02:36:28 LS United Nations General Assembly. Nehru seen. MS United Kingdom delegation w/ Harold Macmillan; MS Nasser & delegation; MS Khruschev & delegation listening.

02:36:52 MS Dag Hammarskjold speaking, seated at podium (MOS).

02:37:04 Pan of applauding General Assembly.

02:37:08 MS Soviet delegation pounding on desk / table.

02:37:17 MS Fidel Castro gets up & walks to rostrum opens book & begins 4 1/2 hr speech. MCU (MOS).

African delegation watching / listening; USSR delegation; Castro (sound behind narration & music.

Fall 1960 United Nation Opening Session; Diplomacy; Heads of State; Cold War Propaganda; Communists; Anti-Communism Demonstrators; Anti-Soviets;

News in Brief - Washington, D.C.

02:42:20 Night, White House exterior.

02:42:22 Int. Mamie Eisenhower w/ Princess Michiko in formal dresses followed by Ike & Prince Akihito walking, posing together. Visit celebrating 100th Anniversary of trade.

02:42:43 Japanse photographers. Leaving room.

Diplomacy; State Visit; President;

Washington, D.C.

Vice-President Nixon in bed at Walter Reed Army Hospital, visited by secretary, signs papers; smiles.

01:27:50 President Eisenhower & Army General ?? arrive. Ike talks w/ Nixon by bedside, laugh & shake hands.

1960; Medical;

News In Brief (Ike at Boy Scout Jamboree, 1960)

07:54:21 Eisenhower talking w/ Boy Scouts & their leaders at Jamboree. POV past waving scouts. Ike standing waving from convertible.

Italy (Viareggio Carnival Masks Prepared, 1960)

10:18:08 Large warehouse w/ sign advertising Viareggio Carnival w/ large camel outside.

10:18:11 Int. w/ puppets & papier-mache characters moved, dusted, painted. Heads of Eisenhower & Khrushchev.

Pre-Lenten; Religious Festival;

NOTE: actual festival not seen in this story.

[Khrushchev Press Conference After Paris Summit Collapse, 1960]

12:05:46 De Gaulle w/ Eisenhower w/ Anthony Eden & others talking in Paris after Summit talk collapses.

12:06:00 Khrushchev & Gromyko at press conference w/ Soviet General Marshal Malinovsky. K. gesturing, shaking finger & speaking.

Diplomacy; Cold War; Big-4; Big Four; 1960s;

[Khruschev In America - short clips]

Intercut B/W of Khruschev speaking & gesturing w/ color standing w/ Eisenhowers.

15:39:09 In Hollywood, seated overlooking movie set. Shirley Maclean introduces K. to cast.

15:39:21 K. meets Sinatra

15:39:26 POV from car past crowd lined streets.

15:39:32 Smiling K. on train.

15:39:37 K. on board aircraft, in shirtsleeves conferring w/ Gromyko & others over papers.

15:39:50 CU out window of motors & clouds. K. looking pensively out of plane window.

15:39:56 Shots repeated.

Sep59; Communism; Diplomatic Visit; Cold War; Movie Stars; Celebrities; Celebrity;

Sports - Horce Racing. Longshot Victory, Belmont Won by Outsider - incomplete.

Crowds ar race couse. Former President Eisenhower (Ike) and wife arrive. Ends abruptly.

State Visit - US Welcomes Japan s Head.

Reception given by Eric Johnstone, head of the Motion Pictures producers Association for the Premier of Japan Hayato Ikeda. Four Japanese girls in kimonos. Johnstone and Ikeda greeting arrivals. White House, luncheon with President Kennedy (JFK) his wife and former President Eisenhower (Ike) and Mamie. Group pose for cameras. Presidential yacht Honey; Fitz, Ikeda and Kennedy on crutches board yacht for talks. Yacht leaves dock.

US Breaks Relations with Cuba

Military parade to mark second anniversary of Cuban revolution - troops and military equipment past. Castro on review stand - tanks in parade. US Press Secretary Haggarty reads message from President Eisenhower.

Cold War

John F Kennedy (JFK) Inauguration

Arrival Nixon and Eisenhower (Ike) band plays - Kennedy arrives - prayer - Marian Anderson sings Star Spangled Banner.

Inauguration: Kennedy Sworn In, New Era Begins

Ext. White House. VS JFK sitting in Oval Office. Eisenhower exits White House.POV driving down Pennsylvania Ave towards Capitol. VS Capitol, crowds, Eisenhower and Nixon walk down to rotunda for swearing in. JFK and Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) walk down. JFK sits and talks with Eisenhower. Jackie Kennedy is on other side of Eisenhower. LBJ sworn in as vice president by Sam Rayburn. Chief Justice Earl Warren swears in Kennedy as president and JFK is congratulated by Nixon and Eisenhower. Snippets of JFK Inaugural speech. Does not include lines - do not ask what your country can do for you....

13:05:29 - JFK at luncheon party at Capitol. Good shot of jackie Kennedy and Earl Warren. LBJ. Inauguration parade. JFK andf Jackie in open air limousine. Review parade. Replica of PT 109. Ext. White House at night. JFK and Jackie in formal dress enter Inaugural Ball at Columbia Armory (followed by LBJ and Lady Bird). JFK, Jackie, Ted Kennedy, Joe and Rose Kennedy, others on dais.

News in Brief [Ike returns to Pennsylvania Home]

People in Harrisburg welcome Ike - on way back to farm at Gettysburg after California vacation. Eisenhower / Mamie waves from convertible - people line streets. Sheds coat as he s presented with vase. Standing at podium.

News Highlights of 1960

02:38:52: Street clashes in Algeria, General de Gaulle and crowds

02:39:07: Black South Africans demonstrating against apartheid

02:39:14: South African Premier survives assassination attempt by white farmer

02:39:30: Rioting and army mutiny follows independence in Belgian Congo, UN troops arrive, pro-Communist Premier Patrice Lumumba seized by forces of Colonel Mbutu.

02:39:57: Student riot in Japan against defence treaty with US, parliament invaded, President Eisenhower s visit cancelled, Japanese socialist leader stabbed to death by student

02:40:27: American U-2 spy plane crashes over USSR, pilot tried

02:40:50: Khruschev addresses UN assembly in New York; meets MacMillan and Castro

02:41:51: Castro in NYC

02:41:59: Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong-Jones

02:42:09: Belgium s King Baudoin marries Spanish bride

02:42:17: Royal family at Balmoral following birth of Prince Andrew

02:42:23: Japan s Prince Narohito born

02:42:30: First male heir for Shah of Iran

02:42:36: John F. Kennedy Jr. born

02:42:50: Earthquakes in Agadir, Morocco and Chile

02:43:15: Hurricane Donna hits Caribbean

02:43:18: Two airliners collide over NYC in worst air disaster

02:43:28: Blaze aboard carrier Constellation in NYC docks

02:43:37: JFK defeats Richard Nixon to become US President.

America Welcomes President Ayub R2 of 2

Entering Embassy of Pakistan w/ Pakistan flag above entrance. Ayub Khan meeting Pakistani residents of Washington, many students. CU Sign: National Press Club of Washington, applauding journalists as Khan enters to speak (SOF): platitudes, takes questions. Narrator explains.

09:39:58 Night streets & arrivals for formal dinner. Khan & daughter & Kennedys enter, Mamie & Dwight Eisenhower, Ambassadors Aziz Ahmed & William Roundtree. LBJ, Dean Rusk, Henry Kissinger also seen. Reception line. Guests leaving & Washington Monument at night.

09:41:32 Map of US. Khan & daughter to NYC. Ferry leaving lower Manhattan; United Nations buliding; ticker tape parade, POV past people on sidewalk & Khan waving from open crowd. Good tickertape shots. Marching units past Trinity Church.

09:42:39 Reception given by Mayor Robert Wagner at residence, receiving line. Lawn tents, tables.

09:43:25 Map of US & path to Texas. Alamo w/ tourists & beside Lyndon Johnson, crowd w/ signs; many military. VP Johnson s ranch w/ banner of Khan. Barbeque w/ long tables, Pakistan students sitting w/ Ayub. Mexican band playing. LBJ gives saddle (?) to Khan.

09:45:16 Map of US & path to NYC. Night & traffic around fountain. Khan out of limousine to United Nations & photographers. Greeted by Dag Hammarskjold, host of dinner. Guests at candle-lit formal tables served by waitresses & waiters.

09:46:26 Idlewild airport, tail of PIA plane. Khan saying goodbyes, shaking hands. New York policemen say goodbye to him. General shots of ticket area. Boarding plane w/ many waving farewells. People in airport; plane takes off. The End.

Diplomacy; Arrivals; Departures; Presidential; Muhammad Ayub Khan; Propaganda; Hospitality;

Note: Ayub Khan was youngest Pakistan General, made military head of martial law administration 07Oct58, then 27Oct58, took the presidency in bloodless coup. Moved to have Constitutiion created (done in 1961), aligned Pakistan w/ US & aid against USSR; elections held in 1962 which he won but may have been corrupt.

Gettsyburg, PA (Eisenhower w/ Chen Cheng Vice President & Premier of Nationalist China)

MS of Gettysburg office of President Eisenhower; walking up sidewalk past photographers w/ Chen & posing on porch w/ three other Nationalist Chinese. Four sitting w/ Ike at desk. MS still photographers. Autographing picture.

12:16:26 Families w/ umbrellas watching as Ike w/ umbrella walks them out & into car.

Diplomacy; Ex-President;

Main Title (circling spinning globes)

01:51:11 Title: US Breaks Relations With Cuba

Cuban military parade to mark second anniversary of Cuban revolution, MCU of troops. Castro on review stand w/ ??. Artillery & tanks past stand, Castro w/ binoculars.

01:51:41 US Press Secretary James Hagerty reads message from President Eisenhower: There is a limit to what the United States in self-respect can endure. That limit has now been reached. Our friendship for the Cuban people is not affected. It is my hope & my conviction that in the not too distant future it will be possible for the historic friendship between us to once again to find reflection in normal relations of every sort. Meanwhile our sympathy goes out to the people of Cuba, now suffering under the yoke of a dictator.

Anti-Communism; Communists; Revolutionary; Diplomatic Relations; Anti-American Imperialism;

Longshot Victory, Belmont Won by Outsider

Crowds ar race track. Former President Eisenhower (Ike) & wife walking w/ others; spectators in stand. Beginning of race of 9 horses. Crowd w/ umbrellas; horses running in rain on back stretch.

02:18:24 Cheering spectators. 65 to 1 longshot wins. Man jumping up & down & Mamie w/ smiling Ike.

The End.

Horse Race; Horse Racing; 1961;

President s Trip: Kennedy Honored; Meets Eisenhower

88,000 at University of California greet JFK as he receives honorary degree. Kennedy in mortarboard hat and academic robes. JFK at missile sites at Vandenberg AFB and witnesses missile firing. VS missiles including Minuteman and Titans. JFK tours base including mock up of Moon Base.

JFK confers with Eisenhower at general s retreat.

News in Brief

Florida - Rocket blast off to deploy 13 story balloon as part of launching Echo 2. Test is successful.

Washington, DC - Ext. White House. Five time Mayor Anthony Celebreezi of Cleveland is named Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. He is pictured getting out of car at White House, conferring with JFK and Abe Ribicoff who he is replacing.

16:28:25 - New York - Queen Elizabeth sails for Europe with Mr. and Mrs. Eisenhower boarding ship. Accompanied also by grandchildren - Dwight David, 14 and Barbara Ann, 13. Eisenhower gives shipboard interview.

16:29:09 - Algeria - Near Oran, Vice Premier Ben Bella is pictured at sea side hotel. VS guards, Ben Bella meeting. Story about fued with Algerian Premier.

16:29:42 - Sports - Germany - partial. Two man world championship races at Stuttgart. Side riders going almost horizontal.

One Week in October Pt. 1 of 3

Cuban missile crisis - American Version

Reconnaissance photographs of Russian missiles & same area following missile crisis with no missiles.

05:01:21 Columbus Day parade. Baseball match, Yankees vs San Francisco Giants. Little girl in braces - poster girl for March of Dimes ( polio charity ). Jackie Kennedy w/ children of foreign diplomats. Fireworks in Uganda celebrating independence. Vatican, torchlight vigil. President John F Kennedy - JFK - with Ahmed Ben Bella, Premier of Algeria.

05:03:02 Havana AVs. Ben Bella w/ Castro.

05:03:11 US moon rocket launch, man follows ascent through telescope. Defence department training in fall out protection, civil defence, fall-out shelter stocked - various other fall out shelters including salt mines, banks, community shelter in Kansas. Food & water drums, medical supplies - radiological monitoring equipment off assembly lines & transported by railroad to various parts of America. Naval Supply Center Oakland. Forklift trucks move goods. Sign erected for community fallout shelter - radiation signs.

05:04:46 Election campaign, American Legion meeting & Truman making speech. Eisenhower speaking. Helicopter landing on White House Lawn.

05:05:16 Cuba beach scenes. Military parade. Desecration of monument. Demonstrations as Fidel Castro entering Havana 1959 - crowds celebrating.

05:06:23 United Nations - Castro & Khruschev embrace. Mikoyen visit to Havana. Trade agreement between Russia & Cuba signed. Russian cargo ships en route to Havana. Cuban refugees in small boats - women & children. Map showing proximity to USA.

Cold War; Diplomacy; Revolutionary; Emigration; Americana 1960s; Neighbors;

News In Brief - Eisenhower Revisits NATO

NATO Headquarters. NATO flags flying. Eisenhower out of car greeted by NATO commander. Crowd watching. Photographers.

Pres. Johnson Assumes Burden of Office

Preceeded by tiny bit of Truman speaking at white tie dinner. making joke.

November, 1963 - LBJ addresses joint session of Congress following JFK assassination. McCormick and Rayburn (?) sitting behind him. LBJ conferring with Robert McNamara, then Dean Rusk, then Eisenhower, Joint Chiefs of Staff. VS Tens of thousands of mourners at JFK grave in Arlington. LBJ with Lady Bird and daughters pose for portrait. White House. LBJ signing at Oval Office desk.

Yesterday s Big Story - D-Day

Troops boarding ships for invasion. Ambulances lining roadside; tanks & gliders & other aircraft lined up. 05:24:38 Eisenhower confers w/ Montgomery. Aerial & from ship of convoy crossing English Channel. Allied air forces bomb France w/ explosions & smoke of city seen as bombs drop.

05:25:01 Ground to air planes over. Int. aircraft - paratroopers jumping - mass of parachutes in sky.

05:25:18 Ships firing guns as troops get into landing craft. View in landing craft & troops as doors open & landing on beach - casualties. Carrying stretcher along narrow beach; treating wounded. Aerial of ships on beach. Railway station.

05:26:08 Ike, Bradley & another; German prisoners of war - POWs, surrendering. Wounded evactuated by jeep; POWs marching along sandy road.

WWII Invasion; Fighting;

World Mourns Churchill

Obituary film. Winston Churchill greeting Queen of Elizabeth & Prince Philip along w/ wife. Walks through London during war & touring by car w/ wife thru bomb damaged London. Churchill and Clemmie in Plymouth, Boarding ship w/ FDR on first meeting off Newfoundland on U.S.S. Augusta to form Atlantic Charter - Shakes hands with Roosevelt. Off Gibraltar - standing at ships rail. Crossing the channel. With Eisenhower With Royal Family on V-E day. Parade up Broadway. Addressing Congress. With Ike outside White House. Outside 10 Downing Street. Crowds wave. W/ V-Sign.

Ike and Mamie - Golden Wedding Anniversary Marked

Home of ex President Eisenhower and wife Mamie in Gettysburg. Ike and Mamie pose for cameras in gardens.

News In Brief - Ike s 77th Birthday

Eisenhower and Mamie attend cornerstone laying at Presbyterian church in DC.

President of India sees Delhi's festival of Dushera, festival of good over evil; Central Park Hoola (Hula) Hoop competition; College football, USC 24, Notre Dame 7 w/ O.J. Simpson; Czechoslovakia steeplechase (many falls).

The President: February 1968 [Part 1 of 3]

Vietnam War - good montage shots of Tet Offensive, Saigon & Hue: street fighting - aerial attack & fighter plane - tank using flamethrower on building - troops running - aftermath of destruction - wounded soldier loaded onto helicopter. LBJ speech in VO the enemy of freedom has chosen to make this year the decisive one... Title.

08:59:25 Lyndon Johnson speech at annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast, 01Feb68 - we are fighting now as we fought 25 years ago, to prevent any further expansion of totalitarian coercion over the souls of men...

09:00:10 LBJ conferring Medal of Honor on Air Force Major Dethlefson in White House East Room - spokesman for the courage of thousands like him that are protecting you and serving us...

09:01:55 LBJ at Cabinet meeting & National Security meeting w/ Joint Chiefs of Staff re Tet Offensive & Khe Sanh [MOS] - McNamara present - VO re outcome of meetings.

09:03:21 LBJ visits Fort Bragg, NC & El Toro Marine Air Station, CA - seeing off more troops bound for Vietnam - shaking soldiers hands as they board USAF transport plane - speech in VO you will serve the cause of freedom just as your forefathers served it...

09:04:54 LBJ arrives by helicopter for visit w/ Eisenhower at Palm Desert, CA - LBJ & Ike walking in garden.

09:05:35 PM Harold Wilson arrives at White House, 08Feb67 - shots of meeting w/ LBJ speech heard in VO our two nations are as close as ever .

1960s. US Foreign Policy. Vietnam War.

The President - April 1968 Pt. 4 of 4

18Apr68 LBJ greets Pres. Eisenhower at March AFB for conference on Asian Affairs. Sittingin Air Force One talking, off plane Ike boards helicopter & LBJ back onto Air Force One, view from plane.

16:34:55 LBJ Ranch w/ stream, barn, flowers. Luci walking w/ LBJ. White House Cabinet room w/ Dean Rusk smoking cigarette. 24Apr68 LBJ on Chicago Hilton Hotel platform for Democratic reception; applauding delegates. LBJ speaking: No man could serve where I have served now for more than four years & five long months without sensing that we are once again in a new time... Step by step...a new day of light & justice for all of our people.

16:37:40 LBJ & Lady Bird, VP Humphrey & wife, & others enter in formal clothes from Grand Staircase at annual Diplomatic Reception. Reception line.

16:38:28 17Apr68 Lady Bird on lawn greeting people who had donated to city beautification. Tourinng new park & playground w/ people watching.

16:39:54 22Apr68 LBJ at bill signing for citizens to elect their own school board. Men standing watching. Views of street statues, White House, parks, pedestrians, flowers.

16:41:03 18Apr68 Unveiling of protrait of Mrs. Bess Truman by Margaret Truman Daniels, Dean Acheson. Swearing in of Marvin Watson as Postmaster General; LBJ talking at South Lawn ceremony saying goodbye to him leaving his White House position.

16:43:30 26Apr68 LBJ meeting w/ Board of Trustees from new Urban Institute to look into problems of decay & growth in the American City. View of Capitol w/ an economic report introducing concept of paper gold. At Cabinet meeting. Kids on playground equipment. Ruins of riots being cleaned up.

16:45:09 Group w/ Gen. Westmoreland around table in Cabinet Room. Blacks around table. Pedestrians & city scenes w/ traffic past White House.

60s; Vietnam War; Diplomacy; Civil Rights; Presidency; Official Art;

Pt. 1 of 3

F-4 Phantom Jets (?) catapulted from aircraft carrier runway. CU getting ready & launching.

07:26:08 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) w/ deck lined w/ figher jets thru water. CU Greek philosopher Democritus head in bronze sculpture. Photographs of atomic particles.

07:26:52 Nuclear blast in Pacific. Large wake of ship; carrier bow thru water.

07:27:26 Main Title: The Nuclear Navy.

07:27:46 Frank Blair sitting on stool explaining history of nuclear power w/ photos behind relating to history of atomic power.

07:28:35 MCU Nuclear submarine on surface; surface ships. Aerials.

07:29:02 Still photograph w/ Dr. Lise Meitner & Dr. Otto Hahn, 1938, in laboratory; Enrico Fermi.

07:29:28 Montage: Explosions & soldiers running, fighting, blasts. VERY GOOD.

07:29:42 Aerial over two stack liner filled w/ returning troops.

07:29:58 Montage: 1946, naval officers & civilians at table talking. Clinton Laboratory, aka Oak Ridge two-story barrack housing w/ cars driving in. Employees show identification. Int. large industrial plant w/ machinery working, crane moving large item, oscilliscope working, lathe, overhead crane.

07:30:48 MCU Adm Nimitz at desk. Ext. Atomic Energy Commission building w/ name. Int. Hyman Rickover briefing Forrestal, w/ cutaway of submarine showing power plant.

07:31:38 Montage: Ext workers leaving plant. Int. workers at large machinery. Aerial: Arco National Reactor Test Site, Idaho. Int. engineers constructing. CU sign: Reactor On. Reactor w/ water boiling & rods. Steam pipes. Engineers smoking pipes at blackboard. Large control panels & technicians.

07:32:30 Montage: 1951, Engineers w/ blueprints; construction of reactor plant for Nautilus submarine, technicians working, draftsmen, AEC Bettis Laboratory run by Westinghouse.

07:33:00 Blair w/ drawing / diagram / chart explains nuclear propulsion system & principle.

07:33:55 14Jun52 Keel laying of Nautilus (SSN-571) by President Truman; 21Jan54 christening by Mamie Eisenhower. Launching. Good color footage. Continued..

Military Technology; Atomic Age; Inventions; 1950s; Cold War;

NOTE: Shots brief but good sequences & color quality excellent.

Richard Nixon, Portrait Of A President Pt. 1 of 3

Nixon, wife & H.R. Bob Haldeman watching television of 1968 Republican Convention giving him nomination to run for President. Wisconsin delegate casting votes to put him over. David Eisenhower & other family meembers in hotel room applauding.

00:01:03 Nixon being sworn in, title over. Aerial over Washington & zoom in to White House. Interior shots w/ portraits of various presidents. Empty Oval Office & objects, furniture, CU The President s Daily News Briefing, Eyes Only For The President. Nixon walking past hedge, along colonnade & into office seen thru window. Inside on telephone calling George Shultz, Secretary of Treasury. Talks about English monetary issue. MCU reading report at desk.

00:04:08 John Ehrlichman, Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, enters & talks about revenue sharing. Nixon dismissive of local officials who he says grab off Federal grant money.

00:05:00 Leonard Garment, Secial Consultant to the President, sitting outside White House talking about Nixon as a completely professional President. Others also including Dr. Jerome H. Jaffee, Special Consultant to the President for Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs, William Safire & Patrick J. Buchanan, Special Assistants to the President; Mrs. Barbara H. Franklin, Staff Assistant; Rose Mary Woods, Personal Secretary to the President; Miss Sally Inge, Receptionist, Mr. Dwight L. Chapin, Deputy Assstant to the President; Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, Counsellor to the President; Robert H. Finch, Counsellor to the President.

00:07:13 Nixon meeting w/ ??, w/ Ehrlichman & V.P. Spiro Agnew; ??; Henry Kissinger, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; at cabinet meeting discussing curtailing Turkish opiuim crop to stem flow of heroin. MCU looking devious. Statement: ...if that will do that job, pay 50 million dollars. Footage of large opium poppy field, w/ Nixon voice over making announcement, continues at lecturn.

00:08:48 Stills of Nixon as President including on Air Force One. Finch talking. Footage of Nixon as Vice President w/ Ike, Khrushchev. Continued...

Self-Promotion; Electorial Politics; Politicians; Narcotics; Drugs; Management Style; Bureaucracy;

NOTE: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administration

Richard Nixon, Portrait Of A President Pt. 2 of 3

Continued... Waving off plane. Nixon campaigning in 1960, shaking hands; announcing his defeat w/ Pat.

00:11:38 Stills out of office & as President. Speaking w/ Donald Rumsfeld on lawn & in MCU. Voice over of Rumsfeld; walking & talking about economics & being prepared before talking to Nixon.

00:13:14 Dwight L. Chapin talking about Quaker background. Dr. Walter Tkach, Physican to the President, talking about how hard Nixon works.

00:13:50 Montage in various situations.

00:14:08 W/ Duke Ellington on Ellington s birthday at White House & playing Happy Birthday for singing along after making joke.

00:15:32 Home movie w/ daughters & wife, mother in various situations.

00:15:55 Still w/ older daughters & David Eisenhower on beach.

00:16:06 Julie Eisenhower sitting in White House talking of Nixon s sensitivity. CUs of Nixon looking out window. Patricia Nixon as bride on arm of President at White House wedding; dancing w/ Tricia & Pat.

00:18:00 Zoom in on White House, int. Nixon talking against busing as an approach to integregation; says its failing. Special Assistant to the President, Robert J. Brown talking. Nixon talking w/ staff on veranda talking about minority hiring. Continued...

Presidential Entertaining; Family; Self-Promotion;

NOTE: Please credit: The Nixon Project, National Archives And Records Administrationon

Vietnam! Vietnam! Pt. 4 of 5

Title: Part Two - Vietnam: The Debate

03:36:36 Dr. Benjamin Spock at New York Hilton lecturn ...I think it is destroying the good is unwinnable... Secretary of State Dean Rusk statement about South Vietnamese dead & wounded.

03:37:39 Student asking this what honor is all about, and I don t think it is. Governor Ronald Reagan press conference. Other statements including wounded veteran. LBJ we cannot just now...abandon our commitment... Senator Eugene McCarthy. Reagan again. Sen. Charles Goodell on dead & cost. Sen. Ernest Gruening speaking at rally.

03:40:29 German NASA scientist (?) Kraft Ehricke statement. Sen. William Fulbright statement; wounded soldier says it was worth it for Freedom. Eugene McCarthy says we should accept a fusion government.

03:42:10 Pres. Nguyen Van Thieu in English ..don t like to have the Communists . Ehricke statement on what its like to live under a totalitarian government. Ernest Gross before Congressional committee. Sen. Bourke B. Hickenlooper rebuttal. Eugene Rostow about bombing halts. LBJ: I have now ordered that all...bombardment of North Vietnam cease as of 8am Washington time, Friday morning.

03:44:26 Ex-President Eisenhower: If you are going to fight a war I believe in winning it...get everything you can, as fast as you can, use everything you can and and get it over with. Sam Brown (organizer of Moratorium to End The War in Vietnam): I think the anti-war sentiments will continue to grow. Reagan statement. Woman against the anti-war demonstrations. Sam Brown statement about working against the war.

03:45:58 Color Soldier talking about people not knowing about situation in Vietnam. Pres. Van Thieu.

03:46:25 Anti-war demonstration. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller: can you imagine a protester in Hanoi, how far he d get if he wanted to protest... Anti-war demonstrator asked if any action had been taken for burning his draft car. Sen. John Tower speaks. Anti-war march in Central Park; march in Washington. Hungarian, w/ reporters clustered around, yells against demonstrators in Saigon: be shot is too good for you.

03:49:42 US anti-war demonstrators or hippies beside car painted w/ anti-war slogans.

Religion; 1960s; Pro-American Vietnam War Propaganda; Captured;

Inauguration (1973) Color, Sd.

Washington, DC Narrated by Charlton Heston

People into Kennedy Center, past fountain. many CU. Folk group playing on stage in front of Les Brown Band. This Land Is My Land being sung by mixed group of Blacks & Whites. Pres. Nixon & wife into box to applause.

00:32:41 Statue of George Washington, in NYC outside NY Stock Exchange. Crowds on sidewalk in telephoto. Paintings of Washington Inauguration.

00:33:22 Nixon entering Inauguration Stand in front of Capitol w/ long pull back. Swearing in by Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger. Pat Nixon & daughters w/ Mamie Eisenhower. Part of Nixon s speech. Agnew sitting next to podium.

00:37:29 Motorcade up Pennsylvania Avenue w/ Nixon waving & grinning. Military marching units & flags. Drum majorettes, high school marching bands, Fife & Drum Corps. Floats.

00:39:51 Inaugural ball w/ pop music. Nixon, daughter & ?? in front of Les Brown Band. Nixon speaks: I m going to do whatever I can to make these next four years the best... More popular music. Moon over Capitol. Dawn over Capitol.

00:42:14 Credits. Singers include: Serendipity Singers, Mike Curb Congregation, Ray Stevens, Marine Corps Band. Music publishers.

Fashions, 1970s;

Lovejoy s Nuclear War R1 of 6

Sam Lovejoy in field overlooking Montague Farm introduces himself. Pan over Franklin County countryside, with titles and music. Lovejoy talks about organic farming. Holstein cows running across field. Shot of Montague Center from field; 500 weather tower in fall foliage. Lovejoy talks abut tower as symbol of nuclear power plant. VS tower intercut with Lovejoy interview about toppling tower to protest nuclear power. Still of atomic blast with narration underneath. Stills of Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge, Einstein. Shot of Montague Center, small town common. Stills of Eisenhower at UN with Atoms for Peace, graphics, stills of nuclear reactors. Int. with Dr. John Gofman, anti-nuclear scientist (nuclear chemist) from Lawrence-Livermore lab about corporate sponsorship of nuclear power. Stills nuclear plants, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy with narration. Int. with Bill Semanie, purblic relations, Northeast Utilities (NU), about benefits of nuclear power. Shot of NU stock certificate. Nixon Project Independence speech excerpt about nuclear power under Nixon stills. Stills and headlines about nuclear power. Pan of Montague Plains, site of potential nuclear power plant. Artist drawing of Montague plant. Storefront office of anti-nuclear activists with signs and No Nukes bumper stickers. Int. with Anna Gyorgy about objections to nuclear power. Pan over Montague Plains with fall foliage colors. Shot of Connecticut River in winter. Int. with Sam Lovejoy about diversity of anti-nuclear movement and necesity of direct action and civil disobedience to stop nuclear power.

Voices of Spirit R4

Elwood Babbitt being interviewed by Steve Diamond. Talks about childhood, school, car accident and near death experience, trance experience, war experience at Pearl Harbor. Stills of Pearl Harbor. Elwood talks about how tough New England is for psychics. About stepping out into mass media work. Ewood s mom comes over and is interviewed. Elwood was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She says she doesn t know about soul or spirit surviving. I didn t worry before I came here...

01:45:35 Elwood in trance as Walt Disney. Newspaper head of Disney death. Shot of Dan Keller at camera. disney advises to shoot film in color. Steve Diamond relates story of playing tape of Walt Disney for Roy Disney, Jr. and wife and their reaction. Brigns up thought of having Marshall Bloom come through Elwood.

01:48:04 Harvey Wasserman tells story of Marshall Bloom and LNS at Johnson Chapel, Amherst College prior to Elwood trance session. Video shots of Marshall Bloom with bar. Stil of Bloom VS of two people plowing with farmall A tractor at Montague Commune. More of Steve Diamond setting up Bloom trance session. Talks about Davd Eisenhower piece at NY Times Op-Ed on how Bloom s suicide was a metaphor for the death of the New Left. Pan over Eisenhower article.

Air Force Now - Silver Anniversary of Air Force Academy

Archirecture - monument. Airforce cadets marching in dress uniform.

02:36:09 1954 - President Eisenhower (Ike) selecting Colorado Springs site, construction of academy. Cadets train at temporary facility at Lowrie AFB.

02:36:34 1959 First class graduates from academy w/ James H. Douglas addressing graduating class SOF. Wives & mothers pin wings on uniforms. US flag raised, Cadets in class.

02:37:12 President John F. Kennedy (JFK) - brief shot with cadets. Cadets drill.

02:37:28 Cadets in communal cafeteria.

02:37:42 First day induction - black cadet has his hair shaved. Cadets running - over obstacle course. All brief shots.

02:38:01 1976 - Women join Cadets. Montage - haircut - training - physical fitness - parachute training.

02:38:47 Cadets in dress uniforms marching.

Military Education;

No Nukes R4

Graham Nash performs Barrel of Pain .

01:39:44 Int. with Graham about nuclear waste dump in San Francisco Bay. Giant mutant sponges.

01:40:44 Barrel of Pain continues. Audience applauds. Fade out to distorted red light.

01:42:35 James Taylor in hall. Jackson and Graham talking.

01:42:52 James Taylor performs Your Smiling Face and audience applauds

01:45:46 James introduces film. Bikini atomic blast. Shot of crowd at Madison Square Garden. Soldiers going to atomic blast in Nevada desert. Chaplin describes beauty of atomic explosion and mushroom cloud to soliders waiting for test. It s a wonderful site to behold. Troops marching in silhouette. Soldier describes test . Large group of soliders during Nevada test in open. Int. with dying veteran, Paul Cooper. Int. with scientist about aready knowing the effects of radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions. Pres. Eisenhower Atoms for Peace Speech at UN. Pres. Johnson talking about taming the atom for peaceful use. Pres. Nixon talking about nuclear power and energy independence. Three Mile Island exterior. Int. with evacuees. Int. with people and children re TMI accident and radiation.

political demonstration; anti-nuclear; pop music; protest songs;