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Albert Einstein    
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Archival film footage on Albert Einstein from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

[1920s Personalities]

ca Feb22 Joffre arrives Yokohama, Japan, Japanese in top hats on dock greet him out of rowboat & up ramp led by Emperor Hirohito; young girls present flowers. Soldierslined up waiting at Tokyo Station, flags.

11:16:53 05Mar19 - 04Mar21, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer holds daughter on lap & reads to her. CU wife w/ ornate hat & veil.posing w/ daughter & husband. Note: Known for anti-communist raids.

11:17:27 Albert Einstein outside Erich Mendelsohn designed tower (1921), Berlin, Germany, poses & turns & walks up steps. LS of expressionist-style multi-story tower; MCU of observatory on top; arched windows.

11:18:14 Irving Berlin & wife, Ellin Mackay (married 04Jan26) posing on Atlantic City honeymoon in hotel & outside.

11:18:34 William E., Pussyfoot, Johnson (ca 1920) raids bootleg plant, Sioux City, Iowa during prohibition raid (appears staged) as police break down door & arrest laughing man; carry out copper still. Johnson takes off coat & hat & smashes top w/ sledge hammer as man watches.

11:19:38 George Bernard Shaw visits Prince Paul Troubetzkoy s studio in Suna, Italy; walks up kisses wife s hand. Lake Maggiore & mountain behind. Another man introduced & all sit on wicker lawn chairs w/ dog. CU Shaw (GOOD). Troubetzkoy working on bust of Shaw outdoors as Shaw poses.

11:21:19 Obituary for William Jennings Bryan (died 25Jul25). CU, walking in rain in Washington, DCstops & takes off hat. CU; MCU w/ brother Charles. Speaking to large crowd in Florida. ON Miami, Florida balcony w/ President Harding & others.

11:22:35 Ceremony w/ French VIPS as large painting Pantheon de la Guerre is shipped to USA. Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt cuts ribbon releasing 500 ft panorama depicting World War (WWI). CU of portions of painting.

11:24:10 National Guard patrolling Centralia, Washington after Armistice Day IWW massacre (11Nov19) in gunfight between American Legion & Wobblies. Cars past patrolling soldiers; kids moved out of street. Troops march up street to police station to guard prisoners, Wobblies held in jail. Ext. of IWW Union Hall, men outside looking in; picking thru debris outside.

11:25:20 ca 25Aug25, Lord Plumer, British High Commissioner of Palestine & wife on reviewing stand upon arrival. Reviewing line of troops.

11:25:49 Ext. of Vienna, Austria government building & military lining up. Overhead shot of crowd of men in plaza & alongside building, raising hats & cheering; walking away. A few women present. Men marching behind man w/ flag.

Celebrities; Germanic Modern Architecture; Popular Music Composer;

World War One - Einstein Tower

Tower - observatory, details of modernist architecture

(Designed by Erich Mendelsohn)

Einstein at Microphone - open air

Man introducing Einstein who is seated with wife. Einstein who is dressed in tuxedo makes speech - no sound.

Prof. Einstein Sails! - Noted Scientist, Homeward Bound, Leaves Message of Peace and Good-will

Albert Einstein towards camera & up gangway onto ship in NYC - raining heavily. Crowd waving banners inc. Farewell Einstein, Militant Pacifist .


Einstein Arrives To Continue Studies At Famed Observatory

Ship in NYC harbour [?] - people waving from portholes. Albert Einstein & other passengers down gangway. Einstein into reception area at dockside w/ crowd of press & passengers / wellwishers; into car w/ wife & away. No CUs of Einstein - not immediately identifiable.

25 Years Ago Today - Personalities of the Day

John D Rockefeller plays golf in his 94th year. J.P. Morgan faces a Senate Investigation Committee. Albert Einstein comes to America. George Bernard Shaw makes first visit to US.

Einstein Leaves

CU Einstein and wife (complete)

Anti-Semitism; Scientist; Mathematician; Physicist; 1933; 1930s; Celebrity;

Scientists Greet Dr. Einstein Who Arrives On ???

Ship arriving in Los Angeles docks. Albert Einstein w/ wife & unid. man on deck; pose for photographers. Einstein waving down to camera from deck above. Einstein down gangway onto crowded dockside.


Berlin, Germany - Hitlerites Parade In Rain To Demonstrate Great Nazi Strength (Mar33)

19:25:43 Band leading parade under Brandenburg Gate w/ large crowds lining both sides of Unter den Linden Avenue. Crowd saluting marching military w/ swastikas & banners. Overhead shot w/ crowd following along.

19:26:07 Crowds waving from balconey.

19:26:20 CU Albert Einstein in front of halo-like window.

19:26:25 MS reporters on shipboard (?). MCU Einstein & several woman smiling.

1930s; 1933; Immigration; Emigrating; Scientist; Jewish; Fascist;

Giant Telescope Mounting Ready For Trip To Coast

Telescope mounting structure shown from vars angles inside hangar. Albert Einstein looks at scale model of finished telescope; MCU Einstein; audience. Einstein looking distracted & glancing at camera as official talks animatedly to him.

Science. Astronomy. 1930s.

Spirit of Nobel (El Espiritu de Nobel) [Reel 2 of 2]

Includes many atomic scientists who left Germany when Hitler came to power.

Chicago - Enrico Fermi working in lab.

21:08:50 Maurice Maeterlinck with dog.

21:09:02 James Franck - atomic physicist in lab.

21:09:24 Thomas Mann walking down street. Man seated on couch with unid. woman. Seated at desk reading book.

21:10:25 Albert Einstein in library - walks to bookcase - smoking pipe in front of fireplace.

21:10:51 Nobel prize dinner. ? Four men in dinner suits including Carl Anderson, Otto Meyerhof, Norman Angell (Ralph Lane). Harold Clayton Urey with Hess.

21:11:56 Montage shots to signify political freedom - science - hospitals - young children at school, open air class. Kids at play. Students. Church. Interior library. FDR making speech. Pilots with aircraft. Crowd walking down steps of Capitol.

21:13:17 Montage Nobel winners.

1930s / 1940s. Science / Scientific Research / Progress. Antisemitism

Palestine Problem - Jewish University in Jerusalem

L.A. Mayer, Jewish University Rector and prof of art & archaeology in office. Dr. D.W. Senator, administrator, and Ibn Sahaw, registrar, confer. Physics class, students listening, taking notes - teacher writing on blackboard. English literature class. Students touring exhibit. Prof. G. Weil director of Hebrew Univ. Library and others. Math class & manuscript with Einstein's signature. Cancer Research laboratory. Lab technicians working with slides and microscopes (one of the girls has been in concentration camp) . Students entering the lab buildings which are dedicated to Dr. Chaim Weizmann as per inscription.

[Einstein Home]

Exterior of Einstein home, trees, vines. 112 Mercer St. Doorway & various angles. Einstein with pipe in study. Looks around. CU equation.

04:14:21 Einstein w/ Szilard on porch looking at letter as Einstein smokes long-stemmed pipe. Good MCU. 04.16.42 Typing Einstein address on letter, then to FDR, CU of letter concerning Atomic Bomb.

1946; 1940s; Scientists; Physicists; Atomic Age; Atomic Bomb; Manhattan Project;

[Atomic Power - Einstein Statement; Federation of Scientists; Acheson]

INT Einstein residence at 112 Mercer Street, Princeton, New Jersey. Doctors Urey, Szilard & Einstein seated; Urey reads statement on their responsibility in harnessing the atom; Einstein agrees to the text.

06:04:11 [Si.] EXT run-down building w/ sign Federation of American Scientists - National Committee on Atomic Information . INT office - J.W. Bush, Jr & Albert Cahan of American Federation of Scientists w/ Mr. Higginbothom & Daniel Meltcher (Head of Office of Atomic Info). CU bulletin sheet w/ headed paper National Committee on Atomic Information . Young volunteers [?] assembling Atomic Bulletin & Info Packets. CUs newsletters One World or None - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - The American and Russian Proposals - someone underlines a sentence in pencil.

06:09:04 Name plaque on door - Mr Acheson - Under Secretary of State . INT Dean Acheson & David Lilienthal discussing document behind desk [MOS] CU A Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy .

Postwar. Nuclear War / Weapons. Cold War. 1940s.

Einstein in Study

Einstein sitting in chair reading book - returns book to bookshelf - smoking pipe in front of fireplace.

Physicist; Mathmatician; 1940s;

Truman Urges Universal Training

Albert Einstein in cap & gown arriving at honorary graduation ceremony at Princeton University. President Truman & Herbert Hoover in procession also. Eisenhower in uniform receives scroll on outdoor platform to applause from large audience. Truman given doctorate hood & poses for cameras. Truman speech at podium - asks for military training programme for young people order not to win a war, but in order to prevent one .

[NB Sound intermittent but speech intact.]

1940s. Postwar.

The Atom Comes to Town Reel 1 of 3

Interior Atomic plant with engineers and technicians & film noir music.

Arch N. Booth, Executive Vice president American Chamber of Commerce introduces standing in office - re importance of nuclear energy for US economy.

VS American city. Street scenes. Suburbs & residential houses. People in various situations discuss atomic power - for or against: Housewife in apron with friend in modern kitchen: What would we do without all this atomic energy . 01:41:12 Factory worker with machine says atomic power is a long way off. 01:41:28: Women play cards. Gentlemen s club, old men play chess, middle-aged men play snooker. Pool balls used to explain atomic energy & split atom.

Animation: Ancient Egyptians at work, city, Einstein, electric power shown then atomic electricity; family by mod cons. Houses representing various countries. Narration celebrates increasing use of power by America & atomic power to ensure abundance of electricity.

Futuristic machinery. Ecology. Environment. Consumerism.

[Einstein & Naming of Yeshiva Medical School]

Einstein & two others at table with American flag behind. Row heard going on in background. Pres. of Yeshiva University introduces Einstein & fact that College of Medicine will now be called the Einstein College of Medicine. Einstein's 75th Birthday. Gives him model.

01:57:34 Einstein speaking : 'I'm grateful...shortage of physicians...' 'The new medical college...' CUs of Einstein for photographers. Repeat of introduction statements. CU of model from various angles.

News In Brief: Princeton, N.J.

Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion visiting Albert Einstein at his home in Princeton - shake hands & pose for cameras in garden.


New York [Einstein School of Medicine Cornerstone Laying] (1954)

New York

Cornerstone ceremonies of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine at Yeshiva University. Audience seated, Governor Thomas Dewey on podium before WNYC microphone; Dewey and others laying commemorative stone w/ 1954 & date from Jewish calender 5714.


Einstein Dies - Famed Physicist Father of Atom Age

Einstein puts on glasses. Model of Albert Einstein Medical Center and Einstein at press conference re medical centre with President of Yeshiva University . Einstein dressed as graduate in procession - re honorary doctorate degree? Physicist;

Lincoln Hospital

The Newsreel - Radical documentary

Showing deprivation of poor people in South Bronx & lack of medical treatment.

Titles of statistics intercut w/ Black & Puerto Rican people past storefront window in South Bronx, intercut with statistics comparing area to neighboring affluent Westchester county.

02:30:28 Tilt up building of New York City public offices.

02:30:34 Ext. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Narration re Affiliation Plan, where private medical schools took over management of hospitals. Ext w/ graffiti Off the pig . People standing & entering at entrance. Two medical students in hospital courtyard w/ Einstein bust.

02:31:27 Aerial shots South Bronx rooftops, laundry hanging. Exterior community walk-in clinic set up by Albert Einstein medical school w/ sign in Spanish & interior. Meeting around table. Black & Latin paraprofessionals meeting. VO doctors say program was total failure. Doctors past camera.

02:33:03 Title: The Newsreel.

02:33:06 Policemen by police trucks outside hospital, small demonstration w/ pickets & placards after workers took control of Lincoln Mental Health Services. Sign Mental health Services. Demonstration & handing out strike leaflets inside hospital. Community program workers on phone, CU dialing & listening. They talk of their frustration. Children in waiting room.

02:35:00 South Bronx street w/ shops & traffic at night. Daytime: Neighborhood Service Center (sign). Small group walk in street w/ Black reporter.

02:35:44 Community workers at desks talking to clients, VO exasperated woman. Inside Black family s home, poverty, VO re frustration of job on Albert Einstein program, lack of facilities. Demonstration, police watching. Confrontation between community members and administrators: Is this a Community Mental Health Plan or a Yeshiva Mental Health Plan? We re the ball you re playing with! We don t want more bad health care! We re talking about a different definition of medicine. Abrupt ending.

1960s Ghetto; Racism; Anti-Capitalism; Community Organizing;

Atoms For Peace: Working Together

07:56:02 CU Oscilloscope & man manipulating signal. LS United Nations. Int. of government research lab.

07:56:54 Turning globe, animation w/ stars behind. Int. of Manhattan project nuclear reactor.

07:57:28 CU Einstein in tuxedo speaking at microphone from paper; Bohr; Curie; Yukawa (brief shots.

07:57:40 Animated diagram of atom over spinning globe. Graphics of man looking at futuristic city on horizon. Isotopes moved by remote control in laboratory & shipping in lead cases. Lecture w/ blackboard & equipment showing foreign students.

07:58:50 High angle of Copenhagen city streets, ground level. United Nations 08Dec53 w/ Eisenhower speaking calling for International Atomic Agency; delegates listening in MS, CUs, applauding.

08:00:03 1954 conference at University of Michigan on atomic energy. United States presenting library papers to scientists of foreign countries.

08:00:48 United Nations General Assembly; MCU Henry Cabot Lodge, French delegate, translators (GOOD); Norway delegate in MCU. Int. of Norway laboratory w/ technicians. Indian delegate Krishna Menon. Ext of Indian factory; Teachers College, lectures. Brazil delegate speaking at United Nations. Sao Paulo streets & University of San Paulo. Rio De Janeiro streets.

08:03:36 United Nations General Assembly w/ Indonesian representative. Animated graphics linking nations. 04Dec54 voting creating International Atomic Agency. Technicians working; scientists touring US Argonne Plant, Chicago.

08:05:33 Philippine & US sign agreement, Summer 1955 to lease Uranium. Geneva street scenes & ext of Palace of Nations; interior w/ India presiding w/ nuclear scientists: Cockroft of Great Britain; Hahn of Germany; Libby of USA; Wexler of USSR; Bohr of Denmark. Scientists listening in CUs. Exhibits, hall.

08:07:47 Eisenhower touring. Aerial of large Swiss laboratory for European countries; Philippine lab.

08:08:35 Oct55 Men tour National Institute of Medicine in US.

08:09:25 CU sign: Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies. Lecture to foreign scientists, MCU. Scientists in India, Venezuela, Italy teaching.

08:10:56 Sep56 UN delegates arrive to approve Charter of Int. Atomic Energy. Lewis Strauss SOF says US will supply U-235. ...then the world can beat it s swords into plowshares... Signing Charter. Brazil delegate speaks SOF on atomic revolution. Ext. shots of UN. The End

Peaceful Atomic Energy; US Government Propaganda; 1950s; 1957; Atoms For Peace;