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Archival film footage on Cold War from Footage Farm

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USAF Staff Film Report #9 [Part 1]

Mar55 Animated map of US showing location of USAF Air Research & Development Center [ARDC] and ten development centers. X-7 Ram-Jet Test Vehicle: MS of Lockheed X-7 pushed out on ramp at Holloman air base; MCU X-7 pushed under wing section of B-29 bomber; ECU as booster is fastened onto X-7. VO gives speed, weight & fuel of the booster. MLS camera pans left as B-29 takes off carrying the X-7. MS low angle of the B-29 in flight carrying the X-7; aerial launching and free fall of test vehicle; the booster fires and separates from the X-7; ECU as seen from stationary camera mounted on the test vehicle. Shows the separation of the booster from the test vehicle and the tail section as it gets red hot. CU wing section of the test vehicle [VO gives approx speed]. CU parachutes opening; CU looking up into the blossom of the drag chute - camera pans down with the X-7 test vehicle descending toward & piercing into the ground. CU crane removing test from ground and placing it on flatbed trailer. MS trailer, carrying the test vehicle, going into large hangar.

21:04:49 Landing Gear Experiments - Unclassified: CU camera pans right w/ B-25 taxiing. CU landing gear on the B-25 [This is a test of a new type landing gear which has internal shock thrust using a hard rubber tire]. CU landing gear retracted into the fuselage. CU landing gear as technician points to vars parts of the inner wheel [VO explains shock absorber system & states that a multi-cell tire is being developed for this purpose]. CU landing gear as the aircraft lands.

21:06:16 Cold Weather Tests of E-6 Fire Control System - Confidential: MS climatic hangar at Eglin Field; CU as technicians adjust E-6 fire control system of F-89G fighter plane [This system is being placed in a cold weather chamber in the climatic hangar]. CU technician raises hood on fuselage of aircraft. CU removal of dome from radar scanning device; several CUs as fire control system checked; CU radarscope; CU radar antenna - in operation on aircraft in the climatic hangar. Scope gives demonstration of searching, locking onto target, and theoretical firing. CU removing rockets from the pod to check; several short clips of checking system.

21:08:03 HEP - High Explosive Plastic Bomb - Confidential: CU bomb [spool-shaped] - VO gives dimensions. VS ground testings of bomb which is released w/ air gun. Shows firing of this gun and the damage done to an armor plate.

Military Aviation. Cold War.

USAF Staff Film Report #9 [Part 2]

KC-135A Jet Tanker Program - Top Secret: MS KC-135A taxiing to the right [ Boeing 707 ]. MS camera pans right w/ takeoff of KC-135A [VO gives dimensions, type of engines, thrust, speed, & amount of fuel transferable per minute]. Good AVs KC-135A in flight. MS camera pans right w/ landing of KC-135A. [VO gives total number of tankers ordered by the Air Force.]

21:11:44 H-21 Helicopter Capability - Unclassified: MCU HP-21 helicopter takes off, hovers close to ground - Rescue painted on side of copter. Rubber floats have been installed around the wheels and they are inflated while helicopter in the air. CU SV helicopter as it lands on water, then takes off from water. CU H-21 hovering close to ground - floats jettisoned. MS rescue hoist lifting cargo into helicopter. CU H-21 hovering close to ground - two fuel tanks attached to fuselage, then one of the tanks jettisoned. CU low angle Army model of the H-21 - cargo fastened to sling on helicopter. MS H-2l as it lifts 105mm Howitzer. MS low angle-- formation of H-21 helicopters [quality poor].

21:14:07 Moby Dick High Altitude Wind Studies - Unclassified: CU plastic balloon removed from carton and placed in canvas-covered trailer used for launching balloon. CUs as Moby Dick balloon straightened out. Hoses connected to truck & balloon prior to inflating with helium. MS technicians carry out instruments and place them on trailer. CU truck as switches turned for inflation of balloon. CU gauge as it records pressure. CU instruments to be fastened to the balloon. CU package w/ Notice to Finder: This equipment is not dangerous. It is the property of the USAF and was carried aloft by a large plastic balloon to obtain high altitude weather information - states that a $25 check will be mailed to the finder as soon as the addressee receives the box. Balloon is released from the trailer - camera pans with balloon as it ascends.

21:16:12 F-100A Flight Tests - Confidential: MS camera pan right as F-100A jet fighter takes off. CU fly-by to the right of the F-100A. MS F-100 making low pass over flight line. F-100A doing an uncontrolled snap roll. F-100A in flight - two other F-100As pull into the formation. MLS formation of four F-100As. CU formation of four F-100As flying right echelon. Medium dolly shot to the right with the landing of an F-100A - drag chute extended. CU tail section of the F-100A - shows increasing of the fin [VO states that this modification stabilizes the control of the aircraft]. F-100A doing a barrel roll.

Military Aviation. Cold War.

[Moscow Air Show]

HA pan across airfield outside Moscow. MS pan across crowds of civilians waiting for show. LS officials on balcony. VS Russian military watching air show w/ military representatives from other countries [inc. France & Korea or China ?]. Air to air shots fleet of light planes flying slowly in formation w/ Soviet flags. VS other planes inc. passenger jets, fighter jets & helicopters fly over intercut w/ shots of civilians & officials watching. LS paratroopers jump from planes.

Military Aviation. Cold War.

[Clay, Lucius receiving Medal; Speaking to House of Representatives]

Truman w/ General Lucius Clay outside White House, crowd behind including Dean Acheson & others. Truman: This is a citation for Distinguished Service Medal, 2nd Oak Leaf Cluster... Truman reads entire citation re Clay s service in Germany during framing of Constitution of Germany. Applause. Truman pins on Medal. Shaking of hands and small talk by Sec. of Defense & Senator.

18:02:50 Truman: This is something I enjoy immensely... re handing out honors & medals. Talks of how he s handed out more medals than anyone else.

18:03:45 Clay: a soldier there can come no higher honor than receiving a declaration for service from his Commander In Chief, The President of the United States... Cameramen, posing. Pinning again for photographers. Kisses wife & wipes off lipstick.

18:05:30 Clay in front of House of Representatives, introduced by Speaker of House Sam Rayburn. Speaks without notes on behalf of all American military personnel, especially those who flew the Berlin Airlift. ...we tried for four years to make the four part government work...we failed. Incomplete.

Cold War Speech; Anti-USSR;

Air Force Now 150th Issue

Montage of clips from previous issues.

12:10:47 Good Las Vegas shots ca 4 seconds. 70s. Sports. Military Aviation.

12:11:44 Rocket firing beside stand & following into the sky. CU man shaving before going on missile combat crew duty. Great Falls, MT radio.

12:12:47 CU of crew member & SAC crew giving instructions on radio before console. Guy kisses wife goodbye. CU enable switch, etc. Crew riding to work. Stading by river, snow on ground. Walking alnog river. Car passing camera on highway. CU buttons. Call to get alarm situation, men w/guns.

12:15:16 Aerial over missile silo. Settting code in CU. Instruments in CU. Double-checking orders. Intercut w/ crew members in car. Alarm sounded; technicians working on panels in silo get orders & run-out.

12:16:47 Countdown to 0 & door open & rolling equipment onto elevator. Picture in split screen of crew.

Americana; 1970s; 1980s; Military; Cold War; Nuclear Weapons Training;

[Welt Im Film Sections]

02:09:08 Welt Im Film main title w/ turning globe. Issue No. 205 10,000 Tons A Day Recorded for Air Bridge

C-47 planes taxing out, one in over air terminal, turning radar, planes in over empty railroad tracks & landing. troops & trucks. Nose of plane grafitti: 1383 flts, 12849 tonnage. Avro York landing at dusk. C-47.

02:10:22 Issue No. 205 Einingung uber das Grundgesetz aka Agreement on German Basic Law Large concrete building w/ German & ?? flag flying. Military & civilians entering: British, French & Americans. Gen. Clay, General Robertson & ??. The End.

02:11:22 Welt Im Film Issue No. 198 Attlee in Berlin Clement Attlee out of plan, greeted by Gen. Robertson & into car. Posing w/ Germans. Reuters (SOF) greets him at mic. Franz Neumann (?) present. Avro York planes on snow & rainy runway. Walking w/ Gen. Luicius Clay & others to C-47, shaking hands.

02:12:56 Sign: Villa Lemm G.O.C. British Troops Berlin Residence. Atlee w/ Gen. Vaughn & Gen Hawley (sp?) and another on steps at microphone (MOS).

02:13:13 Welt Im Film No. 204 Lord President Morrison in Germany. Herbert Morrison off plane & greeted by Gen. Robertson & Mayor Reuter of Berlin. Morrison speaks in English at mics: The airlift has brought a lot to Berlin. It has brought sustanence thru the winter. It has also brought genuine & practical evidence support & sympathy in your efforts to maintain your own democractic freedom. Signing ?? Touring steel mill, watching sheet steel rolled. (GOOD).

02:14:41 Welt Im Film No. 204 Ein Jahr Marshall-Plan 1st Anniversary Large freighters unload seen from water unloading; tugs moving ships. Workers buliding docks. Railroad cars on dock. Slings of sacks of grain off-loaded from ship. Three men sit at table & talk (MOS). Shake hand. Steel mill rolling, cutting fabric or rubber. Women working at bench.

02:16:02 Welt Im Film No. 204 Aktuelles in Kurze - Wilhelmstrasse Trial, Nuremberg Trial of German ministers held before US military court (not International Military Tribunal). Ext. of large building. Looking down into recreation courtyard of prison; defendents walking. Int. of courtroom w/ judge William Christianson, Robert Maguire, & Leon Powers, lawyers, spectators. Single defendant, Ernst Weizsacker, in box given headset by guard to listen to sentence; repeated w/ another defendant, Ernst Wilhelm Bohle, had of the foreign organization of the NSDAP; Reich Finance Minister Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk

European Recovery Program; Head of Reich Chancellery Hans Heinrich Lammers; Minister for Food & Agriculture Walther Darre; Otto Dietrich; Gottlob Berger. Court adjourned, judges leave.

Post-WWII Occupied Germany; Trials; Politicians; Meetings; Industry; Airlift; Cold War; Diplomacy; Occupation; Propaganda;

Universal International News (Main title)

17:13:30 Title: Ike On Summit - Warns Reds Against Bluff Or Blackmail

Int. White House Press Briefing Room, President Eisenhower enters; listens to question: How do you feel now about the argument that the only man in Russia you can do business with is Soviet Premier Khrushchev?

17:13:52 Well I think it is perfectly clear that he is the only man who has the opportunity, let us say the authority to negotiate. But, I want to make this very clear this does not mean that anyone can command anyone else to come to a summit meeting...heads of government who are acting voluntarily...that real measures can be discussed profitably by all of us.

17:15:10 Title: News In Brief - Connecticut Civilian & military VIPs see first public viewing of Navy sH-3 Sea King, the largest amphibious helicopter to be used for searching & destroying submarines. Helicopter flies, lands on water; takes off from water.

17:16:01 Title: Washington, D.C. King Hussein of Jordan out of car, shakes hands w/ unid. man at White House, turns & poses smiling, walks thru photographers & into W.H. Shakes hands w/ President Eisenhower as several watch. Good MCU of the two.

Diplomacy; Cold War; Military Equipment; Aviation; Royalty; 1959; 1950s;

Universal International News (main title)

17:20:14 Nile Dam - Nasser Launches Aswan Project

Pan over river bank to large canvas tent; interior w/ large crowd for opening ceremonies. Military band playing outside. VIPs arriving surrounding President Nasser in civilian clothes & some military officers. Photographers watch. King Muhammed & Russian Electrification Minister, Ignaty Novikov guests of honor. Watch dust from large dynamite explosion set off for ground breaking.

Diplomacy; Cold War; Construction Project;

Pt. 1 of 2

Title: North Atlantic Treaty Article V attack on one is an attack on all

01:46:19 Helicopter on snow covered ridge; pov over snow w/ Scandinavian lake & mountains below.

01:46:48 Title: Borealis

01:46:51 Montage: Stave church; houses; details of brickwork & architecture - old & new.

01:47:22 Fast montage of Scandinavian faces of all ages, male & female, military & civilian.

01:47:42 Man, Anthony Quayle (sp?), speaking to camera from Oslo, Norway dock.

01:48:44 Map of northern area of NATO. Narrator about need to protect from Soviets.

01:49:15 Norwegian middle aged couple walking, their son in NATO on military exercise in woods, w/ army trucks; setting up weapons & training w/ marines in mountains. Tanks; artillery; group crossing lake in boats.APC & soldiers. Map.

01:50:58 Pan of Bergen, Norway from across harbor. Shots of town, architecture, wooden shops & stores. Norwegian navy training ship in harbor; sailor talks to camera sitting on submarine. Submarine in mountain. Submarine at dock leaving on training exercise; moving on water. Map.

01:53:20 Pan over docked recreational sailing boats. Couple moving small boat on landing.

01:53:53 Men & women at control panels of monitoring station linking Denmark, Norway, Germany.

01:54:43 Copenhagen, Denmark Couple bicycling along harbor. Man speaks to camera. Details of fountains, sculptures, stone church. University w/ same man sitting on bench talking about being in Home Guard. In front of electric railway station. Leaving home in uniform & w/ weapon / rifle.

01:56:26 Map. Woman teacher outside elementary & junior high school of small village. In classroom w/ students; CUs of children. CU of pilot; men preparing jet plane & crew preparing for reconnaissance RF-104. Planes taxiing & taking off.

01:58:37 Map. Pan over farm family. Woman hoeing garden. Son in army & riding in tanks on NATO maneuvers thru sandy areas w/ shrub & small trees.

Military Cooperation; Cold War; 1970s; 1980s; Families; Northern Europe; Volunteers; Military Reserves;

SAC Activities During Cuban Crisis, 19-20Nov62 R1 of 2

Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska


Major Heyser & Col Jackson briefed by Lt. Colonel Martinez in small room in front of map on wall showing Florida and waters to west. MCU & of Heyser & Jackson listening & asking questions

23:43:14 CU of small map & pointer.

23:43:36 two other men at table with maps etc. Heyser (?) enters in coveralls w/ towel around neck; they discuss map and mark it. Could be debriefing.

23:46:21 Heyser fitted into pressurized flight suit; walked out of building and boarding van. Van drives to U-2 parked w/ sun shade over cockpit. Out of van and boarding plane. Crewman w/ mic talks to pilot prior to closing cockpit cover.

Cuban Crisis; Spying; Air Force Reconnaisance; Cold War; 1960s;

Fallout - When And How To Protect Yourself Against It

Explosion w/ boiling cloud going from white to black & tilting up w/ it. Another wispier cloud. Large cloud dissolving to animation of fallout falling. Animated man in front of small portable movie screen, sits down. Watch & listen, some day these facts may save your life. Title card Fallout - what is it? Animated fallout.

08:19:28 Explosion of atomic bomb & cloud moving up. Animation of cloud drifting. usually you can see the fallout

08:20:42 The particles behave as miniature x-ray machines...

08:22:00 Drawing of radio set to conalrad station; men w/ geiger counters at wreckage. Drawing of central monitoring point & board.

08:23:05 Just what can you do if fallout comes your way? Shelter, effect of a house, basement; large buildings & improvised shelters. Sandbagged space & covered w/ books. Exterior storm cellar or vegetable cellar stocked w/ supplies. you need some of the same things you might take on a vacation or camping trip.

Drawings of supplies; of shelter best is constructed shelter...get busy on construction.

08:27:46 Animation of woman in house fililing containers; family in basement. Don t be discouraged.

08:29:05 ...exposure can even cause death. If you have had considerable exposure you will vomit & grow weak; but after a few hours this sensation will pass & by the next day you may have had the last of it.

Talks about other symptoms including loss of hair, nose bleed, etc.

08:30:42 Animation of family listening to radio. CU card of Civil Defense Preparedness Five Steps To Safety. Office of Civil And Defense Mobilization The End.

1960s; 1950s; Cold War; Civil Defense; Instructional Films; Educational Films; Atomic Energy; NuclearDisasters; Lecture Film; Atomic Attack Defenses;

[SR-71 & U-2, 9th Strategic Reconnaisance Wing, Beale AFB]

Air Force Now

Title sequence

17:01:14 Hanger door lifts open revealing SR-71 plane. Taxiing out past camera. 9th Strategic Reconnaisance Wing, Beale AFB.

17:01:46 Pilot Capt. Rich Hudson to camera on 9th Wing mission. Aerial of SR-71 Blackbird taking off; U-2, Dragon Lady airplane toward camera.

17:02:19 Interview about SR-71 more of an national asset. Capt. Frank Kelly describes typical day & mssion. Eating breakfast, dressing in pressure suit. Plane maintenance; pilot into plane.

17:03:32 Taxiing out of hanger, take off and in flight If you fired a 30-06 at our tail pipe...we would outrun the bullet. .

17:04:00 U-2 mechanic & shots of U-2 plane, man boarding.

17:04:25 Capt. Mike Danielle interviewed. U-2 takes off & in flight. VO U-2 flyer; mobile controller to help U-2 land as pilot view is very limited. U-2 stall landing followed by controller in Chevrolet El Camino.

17:06:41 Maintenance department for U-2. Views of maintenance crew working on plane.

17:07:18 SR-71 landing directly overhead. U-2 taking off.

Recruiting Propaganda; Spying; Aerial Reconnaisance; Cold War; Antii-Communism;

[Hearings on Poland & Baltic States During & After WWII]

House of Representatives Committee (?) hearing interviewing at table w/ European microphones. Man asks if 500-650,000 poles died in Russia because of physical terror, shooting, starvation etc. Man w/ heavy accent agrees; says doesn t know how many remained in Siberia.

00:13:07 Next man (may be Gen. Tadeusz Komorowski (aka Bor) says he was born in 1904 in Warsaw, fought against Bolshevik invasion in 1920; in 1925 finished Law education. In 1930 elected as youngest in Parliament. In 1939 enlisted, wounded by Germans & taken as POW by Russians; taken to camp Tylica along w/ Polish officers murdered in Katyn. End of 1939 was handed over to Germans who put him into POW camp. Then returned to Poland & worked for underground. In 1942 became chairman of National Armed Forces / Armia Krajowa. Germans offered release of 30 Poles who were under death sentence for capture of this guy. Nov43 family arrested.

00:17:28 Lithuanian women questioned thru French translator; says most dissatisfied today in Lithuania. Asks about what would happen if people criticised Communist government. Would lose job; or sent to prison.

00:19:02 Question: Do the Communist put out propaganda re Western powers arming to wage war against Commuists? Yes we have been assured that Americans want to destroy USSR. Q: Do you get new books or did you use 1939 text books? No, quite different books now translated from Russian.

00:20:41 Mr. Counsel I understand we have...officers of Polish underground army...representing the true spirit of Poland...ask you some questions...during the war...experiences particularly w/ the Soviets.

00:22:15 Asked about USSR army reaching Vistula river in Summer, 1944. Yes its true. (abrupt end of reel)

Anti-Communism; WWII Hearings re Poland; Anti-Communist; Cold War; 1940s;

[Air Force Now - Blackhawk Four]


05:43:12 12Feb81 Pilot out of plane at sunset. Signing in for Air National Guard exercise to test defence of Panama Canal. Exercise Blackhawk Four. Collecting dogtags. Boarding plane.

05:44:01 1900s construction of Panama Canal.

05:44:16 1970s US military forces in Panama Canal region - jet fighters, missiles, tanks. Simulated guerrilla activities in jungle. Shooting machine-gun from helicopter. Troops on alert run out of tent, climb into plane, load bomb. CUs preparing plane. Quick montage previous shots. GOOD.

Cold War Military Training; Colonialism;

The Road to the Wall Part 1 of 3

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

Footage from 1905 to 1960s

CU and pan on Berlin Wall. Montage refugees in several different countries and eras walking on roads, soldiers marching, crowds cheering, Lenin? giving speech. Baby. Corpses in forest. Castro in forest. Man

China 1960, crowd cheering and throwing paper in the air, men pulling heavy cart.

Berlin 1961, crowd and parade, man and woman running across no man s land escaping East Germany. East German ? military or police pushing civilians looking sinister, on horseback patrolling. Barbed wire, civilians searched,

Narration explains Marxism, portrait of Karl Marx. Red Army? Russian street early footage. Signs one way in different languages.

Demonstration with pickets frieden and peace . Checkpoint in forest in Germany with sign. Barbed wire, patrolling fenced border.

Portrait resident East Berlin, stills of his being shot by border guard when attempting to escape by swimming in canal.

Map of world, titles superimposed Berlin 1961 , Havana 1959 , Budapest 1956 , Coyoacan 1940 , Kronstadt 1921 , St Petersburg 1905 .

12:59:17 - 1905: Tzar Nicholas II at balcony of palace. Workers and peasants. Still Father Georgy Gapon with group and petition read (in English). Crowd outside winter palace to present petition. Crowd being shot at. Still Czar, still Gapon, still Lenin. Lenin gesticulating making speech. Tsar, Czarin and other dignitaries on parade, getting on horse. Still Czarin and son. Still Rasputin.

World War One, trenches, bombing. Miserable looking children stare into camera.

13:01:58 - March 1917 demonstration in St Petersburg, Czar troops turn on demonstrators, then army cheering with protesters. A.F. Kerensky speech, dubbed into English. Political prisoners freed. Speeches gesticulating. Lenin. Trotsky. Kerensky head of provisional government. Newspapers printed. Women s parade. Protest. Lenin speech dubbed into English re class war. Workers or soldiers digging field with shovels. Monument toppled. Crowds running and storming winter palace (staged).

Nov: Lenin, restless people in street. Trotsky s Red Army marching. Old woman making speech. Civilian protest against election dismissal, still of Lenin superimposed.

James Cagney narrates

Cold War

The Road to the Wall Part 2 of 3 James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:06:12 Russian Civil war fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still Tzar s family with hammer and sickle superimposed. Secret police searching suspects. Firing squad. Lenin with cat, dubbed in English. Dora Kaplan, newspaper headlines re assassination attempt. Red army parade?

Map of world,

Kronstadt 1921, people dragging corpses out of mass grave, CU corpses with hammer and sickle superimposed. Military. Lenin, Trotsky. Stalin. Farmers with machines in field, wheat, buying food at shop, weighing grain. Herbert Hoover re aid to Russia. Children eating. Headlines re Lenin stroke. Lenin dead. Lenin funeral in snow.

Stalin. Five year plan. Men at work on railway line, lugging wood, heavy industry, quarry, factories and smoke, machinery. Agriculture, building houses, factory work, train (narrator says to Siberia), factory boss congratulating workers. Dignitaries in line.

trials, courtroom scenes re mass executions. Still Stalin former allies with hammer and sickle superimposed. trials, still of executed man.

13:12:45 Coyoacan 1940: re Leon Trotsky assassination.

Wehrmacht marching, Hitler speech. Popular front demo still. News headlines. Molotov and Ribbentrop meet.

13:13:51 Planes dropping bombs re Poland invaded by Germany. Soviet tanks and army invade Poland - stagey footage w/snow - not September invasion? Cartoon Hitler and Stalin with Poland corpse.

13:14:39 Soviet icebreaker. Fighting at sea. French plane sabotaged by French Communists. Nazi troops march through Champs Elysées. German guns and cannons fired, explosions re invasion of Russia. Russian soldier surrenders. Map Russia with arrows to Stalingrad, shows territories Russia expanded into after war.

Troops marching. Tanks. Crowd cheering, parade. Industry. Troops running on barren land. Artillery, tanks.

Submarine, woman on stretcher, refugee.

Cold War

The Bridge


12:08:40 Heavily damaged Reichstag, tram or streetcar thru heavy destruction, Jun48. People sit in sun of outdoor cafe, pedestrians, traffic.

12:09:12 High angle across square to people walking to checkpoint. CU factories closing down; people standing on sidewalks in large crowd. Sitting on curb reading paper.

12:09:55 C-47 Dakota landing, unloading planes, taxiing; army trucks & German men loading into truck & moving bags out of plane. Night w/ lights across field. Pilots. Men w/ trucks by planes. Wheel backing over man s pipe.

12:11:32 Airmen past buildings & into building for briefing. Onto tarmac & into C47 for Operation Vittles, POV thru & over clouds.

12:12:26 Ambulance std plane crash site after plane into building, scrap hauled away. Airmen onto plane; C-54 planes overhead w/ civilian markings. Briefing. Map showing zones of Germany showing corridors for flights & showing Tegel, Tempelhof & ?? Animated illustrations of routes & patterns of flights. Cross section showing altitudes of routes.

12:15:09 Pilot, copilot & or navigator w/ switches in cockpit & taking off of C-54. Planes coming in, men moving sacks of flour, trucks moving past checkpoint. Bakers & huge ovens. Coal unloaded & bags tossed off railroad cars. Large shovel moving coal, time cards, factory working. Doctor examining kids as others watch. Abrupt end.

Post-WWII; Cold War; Berlin Blockade; Airlift;

Army-Navy Screen Magazine #80 [Reel 1]

Radar: The Invisible Scout CU air raid siren - English civilians running - Home Guard - anti-aircraft gun - RAF pilots scramble, running to fighter planes - Spitfires taking off after radar warning. Aerial battle between Spitfires & Nazi Heinkel & Dornier bombers - gun camera footage - wreckage of German planes. House of Parliament in silhouette - Winston Churchill meeting civilians outside Whitehall ?

13:15:37 Animated diagram showing principal of radar. Radar operators working in darkened room. Anti-aircraft radar dish assisting ground crew in shooting down enemy plane - kill no. updated on gun barrel. Night bombing operations - radar signaling right moment to drop bombs. Fighter plane at night - CU radar screen - enemy aircraft intercepted. Radar used to assist planes landing at night on airfields & aircraft carriers. Radar assisting naval warfare - bell sounds, seamen out of bunks - radar antenna turning - enemy ships & coastal placements under fire. Anti-submarine work - tracked by radar - destroyer releases depth bomb. Ships led through fog.

13:18:43 Air traffic control tower at commercial airport - plane landing. Train past camera. Radar used in weather prediction - hurricane scene. Technicians in laboratory testing equipment. EXT Camp Evans, New Jersey - Evans Signal Laboratory - CU radar screen w/ electronic message bounced back from Moon. Remote-controlled robot bombs launched from ground & air. V-2 rocket on launch pad & take off. INT lab scenes. Radar antennae turning.

WWII. Cold War. Communications. Surveillance. Defence. Space Race.

The Road to the Wall Part 3 of 3 (1st half) James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:17:16 Czechoslovakia, 1948 : parliament. crowds cheering. Politician makes speech. Riot. Edvard Benes accepts Communist cabinet. Ian Masaryck assassinated, corpse superimposed hammer and sickle, funeral. Parliament. Benes dies, hammer and sickle superimposed, funeral. Still Churchill an iron curtain has descended... speech.

Parade in USSR , carrying hammers and sickles and large portrait Stalin.

anti-Communist riots, mixed footage East Germany and Poland, tanks.

13:20:04 Poland jazz musicians, cartoons.

13:20:30 Budapest 1956: Demonstrations, star falls off roof. Tank through street, troops firing. Prime Minister Imre Nagy. Looted streets, books burning. Russian tanks invade. Nagy executed. (not seen)

13:21:51 Havana 1959: Cuban peasants at work in sugar cane fields. Slum, poor children. kid bathed with bucket, Castro with guerrillas in forest and through Havana with cheering crowds. Castro brother raul. Che Guevara. Castro speech at podium, cheering crowd. With Krushchev. Firing squad. Two men executed.

Cold War

In Defense Of Peace [Part 1 of 2]

Rolling title re International Information & Exchange Program & exposing obstructionist tactics of USSR.

WWII flashback montage: Russian troops advancing; Germans surrendering; Allied forces landing in France on D-Day; Allied leaders at Yalta; meeting of US & Russian troops at Elbe River; aerial views ruins of Berlin & Nazi symbol dynamited from Nuremburg Stadium; Germans surrendering at Rheims; President Truman & Joseph Stalin at Potsdam Conference; US Marines battling on beaches of Pacific islands; flag raising on Iwo Jima; aerial views ruins of Tokyo; & Japanese surrender to MacArthur aboard battleship Missouri - brief MacArthur soundbite ...pray that peace will now be restored to the world... . Victory celebration shots.

23:06:03 San Francisco - delegates of 50 nations sign documents for creation of United Nations - Truman, Molotov & Gromyko seen arriving.

23:07:05 Returning US troops disembark at US ports & are discharged - some wave or kiss demob papers. Diagram showing reduction in US Armed Forces 1945-47. US bombers destroyed w/ explosives - piles of scrapped vehicles - factories converted to peacetime production.

23:09:27 Gromyko walks out of UN Security Council debate on the Iranian question. US proclaims Marshall Plan in Paris - Churchill et al present. Animated map of Europe w/ Soviet border nations cut off.

WWII - Pacific War. Postwar Europe. Reconstruction. Economics. Anti-Communism. Cold War.

In Defense Of Peace [Part 2 of 2]

Supplies for Europe loaded onto ships at docks - Marshall Plan - farmer receives new tractor. Flashes of reconstruction work in Europe are shown. Communists demonstrate & blockade Berlin - trucks full of food line road, allowed to rot. US planes fly supplies to the blockaded city - air to air shots - landing at airfield & supplies unloaded - blockade lifted.

23:15:14 Refugees flee East Germany through woods. Map of Korea.

23:15:44 South Korean voters go to the polls; US troops evacuate Korea. North Koreans attack South Korea - Republican troops march to defence. Refugees. Emergency UN meeting - USSR absent. MacArthur accepts first UN Battle Flag.

23:17:55 US troops land at Pusan to aid South Korea - marching through countryside - heavy artillery. US & Canadian troops train for overseas service. Turkish, Dutch & Australian troops arrive in Korea - greeted by Korean civilians. Swedish nurses leave for Korea.

23:19:35 British Navy units set sail. INT United Nations NYC? Animated spinning globe w/ superimposed flags of united nations.

Berlin Blockade / Airlift. Korean War. Cold War. Anti-Communism.

Phoenix Rises From The Ashes: USSR 1945-1950 (Film 4) [3 Reels]

Central Documentary Film Studios, Moscow [English narration]

Television series re postwar Soviet reconstruction - Part 4 When Gagarin Was Still Going To School

19:11:53 Titles.

19:14:55 - 19:21:36 b/w stockshot sequences showing postwar devastation in Russia - good. End R1

R2 19:21:40--

19:28:24 American footage of machine gun target practice; civil defense bomb shelters. GOOD

19:29:23--19:29:43 First Soviet atomic bomb test explosion 22Aug49 - good colour shots inc. trees destroyed.

19:29:43--19:29:59 Loading bomb & bomber taking off.

19:29:59--19:30:34 First Soviet thermo-nuclear bomb tested 1953 - excellent color, mushroom cloud shots.

Physicist, Scientist

R3 19:31:23-- Scientists

Cold War.

Includes archival footage of devastated Berlin 1945 & defence of Moscow during WWII [which may be PD if sold silent].

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 1 of 3

Uniformed youth drum & bugles; large Communist demonstration w/ cheering; CUs, girl kisses flag.

16:00:33 Ext. Street demonstration & burning flag; large crowd marching w/ flags; workers in street listening.

16:00:55 Tanks advancing w/ troops; loaded w/ people w/ raised fists thru street w/ tri-color flag. Youth w/ knife cutting up Communist flag.

16:01:34 Montage: Aerial of WWII burning city; artillery firing; refugees in burning city; Nazis boy soldier; tanks; British & Russian soldiers firing artillery. Nun walking thru brick rubble. Victory celebrations, Arc de Triumph; Churchill, DeGaulle & others down Champs Elysees. Winter & returning troops.

16:02:35 Swastika on stadium explodes (GOOD).

16:02:43 Stalin, Churchill & others shaking hands at Potsdam. Map of Europe w/ Communist shadow moving west. Soviet troops marching. Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev & others applauding. Map of East Germany. Still of Walter Ulbrecht w/ others. Marchers, faces, kids w/ banners in parade. Police & civilians in East Germany. CU door sign: Untersuchungs Haftanstalt Wittenberge, two policemen enter.

16:03:46 Ext. Deutscher Volksrat - Le Front des Demokratischen Deutsch; interior w/ large Communist meeting. CU Wilhelm Pieck first & only President of GDR, 11Oct49 - 07Sep60, wiping face; congratulated; thru street in open car. Little girl w/ flowers, Stalin holding.

16:04:08 People moving thru woods w/ packs. Troops buiding fence thru woods on border; sign re land mines. Pan of men at small meeting & voting, ext. workers voting, people marching w/ flags in country village.

16:04:49 Coal miners; workers in factory. Title card re Brigade Karl Marx. Women w/ wheelbarrows on construciton site. POV on train. Sign over doorway: Robfchlachtercel Franz Fritsche Perleberg, crowd. Civilians training w/ rifles; large group of women marching w/ rifles; young girls marching w/ bows & arrows. Soviet military in parade.

16:05:52 Montage of USA attacking Korea (seen from Soviet view): ship, tanks, soldiers. Wounded, chaplain. Orphaned ; Korean children eating; refugees.

16:06:19 Flags outside United Nations; interior. UN troops on ship. Kremlin ext. Pan from Stalin laying in state to politburo. People at monument. CU Ulbricht at microphones; clock speeded up; poster re 1954.

16:06:58 Wide avenue w/ little traffic. Men working on large construction site, workers on scaffolding, walking in street for demonstration, 16Jun53. Filling street. Soldiers w/ guns. Marchers running. Burning desks. Line of soldiers at East - West border. People taking down fence. Papers falling outside government building & burned in fire on sidewalk. Police & soldiers facing each others at border. Crowd running. Banner burned. Border troops behind barriers. Signs torn down, bonfire. East Berlin building set on fire, seen from American Sector. Construction Workers Strike became Uprising of 1953.

16:09:06 Crowd w/ ?? carrying, beating; policeman tries to stop. Crowd & small shed or ?? burning. Cont.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; Cold War; Propaganda;

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 3 of 3

Continued... CU typewriter re Revolution In Hungary. Newspapers. Map of Hungary.

16:17:40 Pan over Budapest. Soviet troops on tanks, on roofs. People voting. CU Matyas Rakosi; speaking in square to crowd. Still: Cardinal Mindszenty. Prison, barbed wire fences.

16:18:23 Large meeting at war memorial 23Oct56? MCUs. Marching thru street & chanting. Imra Nagy speaking on top of ?? to large crowd.

16:19:14 People in doorways & women running from Soviet troops & police. Empty street & man shooting from doorway. Graffiti. Burning Soviet flags. Tanks in square, people running, man wounded. USSR tank thru street captured tanks thu street. Molotov cocktails. Damaged buildings w/ tanks, barbed wire. Dead.

16:20:48 Nagy reading statement (MOS). Map showing spread w/ animation to Romania & Greece (?).

16:21:06 Overhead: Destroyed tanks & truck thru street. Bell ringing. Int & ext of Cathedral, people leaving; memorials. People digging up street. Traffic in streets. Farmer bringing wagon of food, distributing. Money collected. Hiding in sewer. Searching buildings, capturing secret police. Map of communists to Hungary.

16:23:06 Mindszenty out of building to microphones, scared. River & refugees leaving. Distributing leaflets.

16:23:44 Arrival of Polish (?) C-47 w/ supplies. Ambulances crossing border. Temporary hospital, injured.

16:24:12 Hungary soldiers, civilians in street. Map of surrounded Budapest. Tanks entering, firing, artillery firing. Burnnig buildings. Still of Nagy speaking. Int. of radio transmitter. Hungarian soldiers.

16:25:35 UN Security Council voting. Fighting in streets. Flowers on tank gun barrel. Refugees across field. Berlin demonstration in support of free Hungary, others around world. Polish laying wreaths.

16:27:07 East Berlin wall constructed, bricked buildings; wall w/ pillbox. Brandenburg GAte.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; East Germany Uprising 1953. Anti-Soviets; 1956 Poland; Cold War; Hungarian Uprising;

Spread The Alarm

Explains the liaison between the telephone system and civilian defence units during wartime.

Map showing New England states. CUs circled newspaper headlines re civil defence exercises in vars communities. Myron D Chase, co-ordinator of civil defence plans, stands in front of poster with Air Raid Warning and using pointer explains the part telephones play in air defence - Air Raid Warning Service, Air Raid Alarming Service and Air Raid Precaution Service. Other poster detailing alarm service and air raid precautions - When The Bombs Drop .

03:50:36 Air raid drill / civil defence exercise in Newton, Mass. Burning factory - Air Raid Warden running to telephone booth to report damage. INT report centre / telephone room; group of women on telephones round table receiving reports. CU report written on form by woman; hands form to boy scout who rushes it to the chief warden. Sea scout hands report to Chief Warden who reads out to officials in room. Location and extent of damage plotted on large wall map. Men on telephones.

03:53:18 Fire engines leave station; more men on telephones. Emergency car leaves garages. In control room boards show what equipment has been despatched. Vars name boards showing presence of representatives from all the essential community / public utility services. Men on phones directing operations; wide shot of control room.

03:54:46 Sign District Warning Center - Operations control room. Map of New England w/ caption New England Citizens Will Be Ready .

WWII. Cold War.

[Documentary Extract re Japanese & Russian Militarism, 1940s & 1950s] Pt 2 of 2

Cont d...Japanese prisoners taken on Okinawa, some wounded - good semi-silhouette shot PoWs on ridge. US air raids over Japan, bombs dropping; burning buildings in Tokyo, firestorm; still of child s body in ruins. 01:57:54 Aerial view Hiroshima? Atomic explosions over Hiroshima & Nagasaki - mushroom clouds. Good shots Japanese civilians & military listen to Emperor Hirohito s announcement of Japanese surrender - bowed heads.

01:58:58 02Sep45 MCU Mamoru Shigemitsu boarding USS Missouri for signing of surrender document - Allies sign after Shigemitsu.

02:00:39 Korean War scenes, tanks firing. Civilians evacuate w/ possessions along pontoon bridge. US & Allied troops fight at roadside.

02:01:31 Red Square military parade; rows of tanks in field.

02:01:54 Atomic bomb pacific test blast; good mushroom cloud shots.

02:01:11 MacArthur out of plane smoking corncob pipe; CU MacArthur in sunglasses. US tanks on flatcars.

Korean civilians along roads & railroad tracks. Fighter jets, planes, take off & attack behind North Korean supply lines - air to air shots; napalm bombing air to ground shots. Burning ruins of village.

WWII Pacific War; Cold War; Korean War; Fighting; Battles; History;

Gen. Ike New Chief Of Staff

Eisenhower sitting at desk w/ microphone in front speaking to camera: I have taken over the duties of the Chief of Staff of the Army from a great predecessor... ...I have taken up this duty at a critical time in the affairs of the nation and the Army. ...we are now engaged in tearing down that Army at an unprecedented rate. At the same time we have commitments in foreign lands, commitments which require military strength. Those commitments were made in good faith to help solidify the peace that has been so dearly won. Very soon those two processes will clash. This is your army and it is your decision as to which course we shall follow. The decision once made, it is the duty of the War Department to carry it out. For my part I hope that we secure that peace.

Post-WWII; Pre-Cold War;

The Air Force Story Vol 1 Episode 25 The Cold War 1945 - 1950 (Two reels)

AVs Pentagon 1945. Hap Arnold sitting at desk saying no one is immune for attack by air and to protect America needs more aircraft etc, over shots of planes. Good shot bomber taking off. Pentagon. New Commanding General of the American Air Force Carl Spots ? Vandenburg, chief of Staff. Norstadt, Chief of staff for Operations.

18:03:19 June 1948 Berlin - street scenes - pedestrians. Railway station - Berlin Charlottenburg. Trains stopped by Russians during Berlin Blockade. Railway timetables being changed. Signs re different sectors. Trains and river traffic at a standstill. Power station .

18:05:01 26th June 1948 start of Berlin airlift. Rhein Main air base in the West which was used to fly food to Berlin Tempelhof. Secretary Stewart Symmington and General Vandenburg meet at airport. General Lucius Clay, head of European command. Radio transmitter - aerial. Aircraft on airfield.

18:06:03 Westover Field Mass. Planes being prepared for use in airlift.

18:06:10 England - RAF Daedalus - Dakotas and Yorks being prepared for Berlin.

18:06:18 Weisbaden Germany, combined Airlift Task Force Headquarters. Ground crew working on planes. Army transportation of food etc to airport. Sacks loaded onto transport planes. Aircraft take off in three minute intervals. Air traffic control. Planes continue in bad weather. Radar operators. ATC talking plane down . Plane landing. Various shots airlift sequence, unloading planes etc. Coal unloaded in disused kit bags. Smoking chimneys. Bread making factory. Food. Streets. Children getting medical examination and eating at communal feeding hall. Various shots aircraft taking off and flying over barbed wire. Planes in formation.

Save the Planet R1

Bikini Atom Bomb blast. Zoom in on Animated earth, big flash, The Atomic Age was born. Animated spinning atom, Food Atomic Style, two women n kitchen, scientist with test tubes, scientists weighing chickens that have been fed radioactive food and deciding that it has no effect and is safe. Nuclear sub under water. Jimmy Carter at controls as Truman on soundtrack says Armed strength, the free world must have it now. Carter fires missile. Truman on track with cold war rhetoric. AV of Bikini explosion, Ban the Bomb demo in London. Atom bomb explosion, blast effects of A bomb explosion, Bertrand Russell at demonstration. VS devastated Hiroshima after explosion. Rememberence gathering at Hiroshima, people playing. Eternal flame. Army chaplain describes what the atomic blast will look like to soldiers who are going to take part in atom test - it s a wonderful sight to behold. Blast with soldiers in Nevada. Pete Seeger on track sining Mack the Knife with new words. Shot of Capitol, AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) Sign, soldiers standing up in trench and facing atom explosion. Long shot of atom or hydrogen bomb explosion.

01:04:22 - Eisenhower at UN with Atoms for Peace speech Shot of AEC building, a family food center to store atomically radiated food. Track plays Uranium song from 1950 s. Animated uranium atom, man working in glove box, conveyer belt with buckets of uranium stuff, miner holding up rock, radiation caution sign, uranium manufacturing footage, piles of yellow cake, man with two donkeys. Shot of Black Hills landscape to small herd of horses. Native American and environmentalists marching against uranium mining in the Black Hills. John Trudell (Indian activist) on soundtrack, along with Winona Duke.

01:06:25 - LS Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Power Plant with setting sun in background. Children on soundtrack recount dream and real reactions to TMI meltdown over various shots of TMI exteriors and interior views of other nuclear power plants.

01:08:30 - Animation section with Ion the Neutron Batter, nitting baseball into neutrons. Driving up to nuclear power plant. WS of nuclear cooling tower. Overhead moving shot of nuclear reactor. Scientist with geiger counter. Nuclear reactor control room. Radiation worker putting on mask. People dressing in decontamination suits over anti-nuclear speech by Dr. John Gofman who appears in sync.

Pursuit of Peace Reel 1 part 3

Autumn trees - home of professor Tom Shelling - Prof. raking leaves with son. Family walking with dogs on heath. Prof. working at night - speaking into dictaphone. Smokes pipe - dog watches. Open reel tape recorder. Grandfather clock shows midnight - cu second hand moving.

13:24;42 Switzerland - Control tower at Geneva airport - Swissair plane landing - delegates arriving for disarmament conference. Crowds watching. William C. Foster, director of US arms control and disarmament agency arrives to head American delegation. Foster at press conference - says the most important point of conference should be the achievement of a nonproliferation treaty.

13:25:57 Lake Geneva, pan round to Palais des Nations - dedication stone to Woodrow Wilson. Exteriors new League of Nations building - European HQ of United Nations. Soviet / Russian mission which is a secluded house surrounded by trees. In centre of town is American mission - glass and aluminium building. Interior US delegation meeting. William Foster at desk working.

13:27:59 Top shot Lake Geneva and UN building. Interiors empty conference chamber.

13:28:19 US flag on front of car. Foster in car as traveling to UN building. Good shots Palais des Nations. Interiors - reporters and cameramen crowd round delegates. Foster arrives and out of car. Peacock on steps. Various delegates arrive - interiors as delegates meet and greet.

13:30:02 B/W Montage pivotal points - Meeting on the Elbe - destruction of Nazi sign at Nuremberg - German surrender - VE day celebrations. San Francisco conference to sign charter for United Nations. President Truman speaking at conference. Troopships coming home to US. Russian soldiers going home. Brief shot casualty being transported home.

Cold War

[US - Soviet Meeting, Torgau, Germany 27Apr45]

LIB 6141 Small ferry crossing river as ppeople watch from both banks. Woman sitting on tractor on shore. Army truck on ferry. Bridge collapsed in river seen. Russian soldiers w/ boxes. People w/ goods & belongings arriving at riverbank. US soldiers watching. Ambulance arrives. Russian troops w/ horses across on ferry. Horses led off. Ride off up road.

22:47:47 US military ambulance drives onto ferry. Russians dancing to drum & accordion; Russian soldiers clapping.

22:48:46 Russian soldiers on horseback & others standing by riverside. MCU. US jeep across on ferry, drives off. US flag carried. Horses off ferry & riders mount, ride off up hill. Family w/ carts resting in field. Unloading cart of possession for family. Allied officers and troops arriving, greeting. CU moving horses on ferry.

22:51:44 Russian & US medics exchange helmets & hats stting in jeep w/ large Red Cross flag on it. Drive off up hill. Drunk (?) in civilian clothes carrying rabbit. Refugees w/ belongings across on ferry w/ camera & CUs as soldiers pull cable.

WWII Allied Troops; Soviets; Pre-Cold War; Hare; Refugees; European Displaced Persons;

[Spies - Gouzenko Case?] Spy

Two men giving interview outside building. Press photographer takes picture of people inside car coming out of prison? Unid men released from prison? (Fred Rose?) pose for photographers - spectators watch. Photographers / reporters chasing car. Newspaper headlines re spying. RDX explosives.

Stills unid. men. Headlines re Russian spies in Canada, Fred Rose & Zabotin - Gouzenko related. Rose? and wife. Same shots repeated.

Cold War

Loyalty Day: Red Practices Scorned In All-Nations Rally - May Day

Parade along Central Park; floats & banners against Communism. Boy scouts & flags. Cardinal Spellman into Polo Grounds. V.P. Barkley & others in rain with umbrellas.

(Cold War)

[First Land Based Plane For...Patrol]

Navy long-range twin-engine bomber starting up, takes off for coastal patrol. Flies over snow-covered mountains of California.

Post-WWII; Cold War; 1946; 1940s; Military Rivalry;

Cold War - Churchill Fulton MO 'Iron Curtain' Speech

Churchill ' is my duty to place before you certain facts about the present state of Europe...From Stettin ...Iron Curtain.. (probably best quality).

10:07:10 Motorcade w/ Truman waving to crowd. Churchill riding on back of car.

10:07:22 Interior, Churchill makes speech talking about '..atom bomb that England, the United States & Canada share...'

[Scientists Testing Machined Uranium]

MS worker in mask operating heavy machinery. VS machinery shaping Uranium for atomic bomb. Scientists making tests at Argonne lab, University of Chicago. Three men, one in military uniform, handling block of uranium. More lab tests.

01:05:17: Piece of uranium in petri dish. Scientist checking for contamination.

Cold War.

[Atomic Power - Einstein Statement; Federation of Scientists; Acheson]

INT Einstein residence at 112 Mercer Street, Princeton, New Jersey. Doctors Urey, Szilard & Einstein seated; Urey reads statement on their responsibility in harnessing the atom; Einstein agrees to the text.

06:04:11 [Si.] EXT run-down building w/ sign Federation of American Scientists - National Committee on Atomic Information . INT office - J.W. Bush, Jr & Albert Cahan of American Federation of Scientists w/ Mr. Higginbothom & Daniel Meltcher (Head of Office of Atomic Info). CU bulletin sheet w/ headed paper National Committee on Atomic Information . Young volunteers [?] assembling Atomic Bulletin & Info Packets. CUs newsletters One World or None - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - The American and Russian Proposals - someone underlines a sentence in pencil.

06:09:04 Name plaque on door - Mr Acheson - Under Secretary of State . INT Dean Acheson & David Lilienthal discussing document behind desk [MOS] CU A Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy .

Postwar. Nuclear War / Weapons. Cold War. 1940s.

Big Four s Peace Meet Open Again

Note: 2nd Conference of year for Council of Foreign Ministers to draft postwar Europe settlement & to agree on peace treaties for former Axis satellites: Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary & Italy which led to the Paris Peace Conference opening 29Jul46.

Ben Grauer announcing. Luxembourg Palace & 15Jun46 arrival of Britain s Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, USSR s Molotov, US Secretary of State James Byrnes, French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault follow each into ornate building.

23:00:36 Byrnes, Sen. Connolly into conference room & oval table; Bidault. Various delegates around table talking, others look on from behind.

Post-WWII Conference; Diplomacy; US-USSR Relations; Pre-Cold War;

Vandenberg Urges Firm U.S. Policy

MCU & CU to camera in office in front of microphone.

23:57:15 In the final analysis success will depend upon the relationships between the United States & Soviet Russia. I do not need to remind you that the question arising not only at London, but also out of almost every news dispatch these days, is what is Russia up to now. I believe we can live together in reasonable harmony if the United States speaks as plainly upon all occasions as Russia does; if the United States just as vigorously sustains its own purposes and its own ideals as Russia does. If we abandon the miserable fiction, often encouraged by our own fellow travellers, that we somehow jeopardize peace if our candor is as firm as Russia s always is; and if we assume a moral leadership which we have too frequently allowed to lapse.

Post-WWII; Anti-Communism; Cold War; Republican Senator Vandenberg;

Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 part 1

B/W War Graves - blowing up aircraft after WWII. Demobilization in US - fleet in mothballs - scrap jeeps. Production of household / white goods, irons, electric cookers. Whiz-pan.

13:33:14 1946 - United Nations - Bernard Baruch - proposal for international control of all atomic energy.

13;33:40 Aerial views Berlin post WWII, bomb damage. US aid / Marshall Plan / Cargo ships unloading. Montage shots European countries benefiting from aid - construction work - laying new RR tracks - steam train - agriculture - haymaking.

13:34:24 AVs Berlin 1948 - ground shots empty railway stations and roads - travel restrictions - blockade. Berlin airlift - planes flying in low - supplies unloaded. Blockade lifted - border gates opened.

13:35:10 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Flags flying - montage military - naval - aircraft - troops marching. Scots guards. (NATO)

13:35:31 Korea - Night shots artillery barrage. Day, Korean refugees. United Nations Security Council. Battle scenes Korean war. Injured soldier carried on stretcher. Blood transfusion given in the field. Korean peace talks - delegates arrive - sign.

13:36:39 Rocket fired - space race - Russian experiments with weightlessness etc. Missile launched. Nuclear powered submarine. Russia - Military parade in Moscow s Red Square - montage shots Russian and US Military hardware intercut.

13:38:11 USAF Reconnaissance plane landing. Still pix missile bases on Cuba. Brief shots re missile crisis - press. President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation re crisis - announces Cuban blockade - speech continues over shots Recon. planes landing - film removed, developed and studied. operations rooms. B-52 bombers taking off. Brief shot JFK on small TV screen, people watching.

13:40:02 Adlai Stevenson speaks at United Nations - asks USSR delegate if they are putting missiles in Cuba. Russian delegate refuses to answer. AVs Rssian ships approaching Cuba - UN Navy ship running parallel.

13:41:26 Averell Harriman with Dean Rusk arrive at Kennedy holiday home after negotiating atmospheric atomic test ban treaty in Moscow. Press - photocall with President.

13:41:45 Moscow - Kremlin - treaty signed by US, Soviet Union and Great Britain.

Cold War

Duck and Cover - Civil Defence / Defense Film - some animated cartoon

Archer Productions / rel. Castle Films. Civil Defence film w/ some animation sponsored by US Federal Civil Defense Administration. NB THEME TUNE COPYRIGHT.]

Cartoon - Turtle walking down road - taking cover inside shell.

02:01;34 Actuality - children in school classroom practice what to do in the event of a nuclear / atomic attack - Duck and Cover under desks.

02:01:51 Other dangers - Fire department - men down pole and into fire engines. Traffic - policeman on traffic / point duty - cars - Crossing signal lights.

02:02:22 Children listening to teacher - effects of atomic bomb - animation shows aftermath of bomb.

02:03:01 Mother putting ointment on boys sunburn - children in class taught to duck and cover. Teacher explains about atomic attack with warning - pix radar dishes civil defence offices, men on telephones, spotters on rooftops. Air Raid drill, children playing in school yard, siren sounds - kids into building to take shelter. Children playing at home when siren sounds - kids go into house. Girl walking along street when alarm sounds, asks older person where to go for shelter - Sign re Public Shelter.

02:05:01 Simulated atomic explosion without warning. Suburban houses - film flashes. Animation turtle Duck and Cover. Older children in school teach young ones how to Duck and Cover in corridors, away from windows. Duck and cover under tables.

02.05.57 Mother kisses children goodbye as they leave house. Brother and sister walking along street - show how to duck and cover.

02:06:24 Boy on bicycle - shows how to duck and cover. Civil defence worker helps boy.

02:07:35 School bus - duck and cover under seats. Family on picnic - flash - all duck under tablecloth.

02:08:20 Farmer on tractor shows how to Duck and Cover.

02:08:39 Children in school.

Cold War - Paranoia - 1950s. Children in School. Turtle Animation.

[HUAC Hearings - Adolph Menjou - J. Parnell Thomas] (03Nov47)

Washington, DC

12:00:15 X1 Photographers around Adolph Menjou w/ cigar at witness table. Poses standing.

1:01:19 Menjou begins answering to get terminology completely straight...Un-American, or subversive; anti-Free Enterprise, anti-Capitalistic... ...I have seen pictures that shouldn t have been made...

12:03:19 ...the title Behind The Iron Curtain...I would like to see it labeled as such... I would like to see a picture of the Bulgarian situation...the brual beatings, the stabbings, the killings... I believe that any man...should be proud of it, should stand up for it...

12:05:20 Talks about his boyhood military training at Culver Academy. 'It Never Did Me Any Harm'.

12:05:49 Gets up to leave to applause, Hearing room--LS.

12:06:33 Ruckus as photographers run out. Calls for order. Thomas calls photographers.

12:08:07 Swears in ? Milling around.

12:08:30 X5 MCU of ?? MCU of Parnell Thomas makes statement of confidence in vast number of motion picture workers. Should not be interpreted as an attack on this industry.

12:10:56 Gavelling staged, calling meeting to order.

Cold War; Hollywood 10; Patriotism; Politics; Entertainment Industry; Political Systems; Economics;

[HUAC Hearing - Eric Johnston]

Parnell Thomas swears Johnston in.

Johnston reads statement: I m not hear to whitewash Hollywood...a damaging impression of Hollywood has spread all over the country as a result of last week s hearings. You have had a lot of sensational testimony of... It wants no handouts from Government... Damaging impression about Hollywood should be corrected... wants lists shown. Until then...condemned by unsupported... Asks to show any movies listed so that they can be seen for what they are. nobody has a monopoly on free speech in this country...

12:23:54 You don t need to pass a law to choke off Freedom...

12:24:47 We insist on our right to decide what goes into our motion pictures...

12:26:02 Revolutions plotted by intellectuals at cocktail parties...real breeding grounds of Communism is in the slums...

12:27:09 Communists can hang all the iron curtains they like, but they ll never be able to shut out the story of a land where free men walk without fear and live with abundance. Stripling argues with Johnston, says he s trying to run the committee.

Wants individual rights supported by the committee. Expose Communism but don't put suspicion on others.

Cold War; Hollywood 10; Un-American Activities; Screen Writers Guild; Patriotism; Red Scare

Truman Acts to Halt Red Aggression

Truman Doctrine Speech to Congress

President Truman addresses Joint Session of Congress on changing foreign policy. The gravity of the situation which confronts the World today ...foreign policy & National Security are involved. Talks re Greece and Turkey. Greece threatened by Communist-backed armed agressors. Asks Congress for 400 million dollars to provide assistance to Greece & Turkey. Asks for authority to send military & civilian personnel to Greece and Turkey at their request, to provide assistance & oversee the spending of monetary aid. The free peoples of the World look to us for support in maintaining their freedom, if we falter in our leadership we may endanger the peace of the world and we will surely endanger the welfare of this nation. Great responsibilities have been placed upon us by the swift movement of events. I am confident that the Congress will face these responibilities squarely . President gets standing ovation.

Cold War; Beginnings;

Big Four Attend Ballet

Exterior, Bolshoi Ballet. Int. w/ large lights, chandeliers, Foreign Minister Molotov & wife arrive, greeted by Vishinski in uniform. Ernst Bevin welcomed. General Georga Marshall in formal dress, General Mark Clark in uniform. France s George Bideault & wife greeted. All seen seated in official government box. View of ballet of Romeo & Juliet dancer Galina Ulanova. Applauding.

Cold War; Arts; Diplomatic Meeting; Diplomacy; Entertainment; Dancing; Dance; Diplomats

U.S. Starts Rebuilding Of Greece

Aircraft carrier from water w/ deck loaded w/ planes. Sailors & others up on elevator. View of dock w/ debris & piles of rubble. Scafoldign & men working on mixing concrete. US freighter w/ flag flying. Locomotive off loaded. Military vehicles on beach or shore. Slings of bags of food aid out of ship s hold & swung onto shore. CU of bakery flour bag from Eckhart Millling Co., Chicago. Men carry and pile bags of flour.

Post-WWII Food Aid; Anti-Communism; Cold War; Greek laborers; Military Shipping; Humanitarian Aid; Diplomacy;

Brazil Breaks With Russia

Large demonstration w/ banners thru streets beneath trees, people watching. Packed rally; CU of balcony & men at mics seen from below. High angle of crowd from behind. VIPs on balcony waving & applauding. People beneath cheering.

Cold War;

News In Brief - [Polish Communist Leader Stanislaw Mikolajczyk Escapes to England]

Previously Deputy Prime Minister Mikolajczyk (1901-1967) speaks to camera, says military court sentenced him & others to death. He escaped to Germany. Standing next to son at microphone.

Anti-Communism; Cold War; Death Sentence; Freedom; Political Asylum;

Sec. Marshall Opens United Nations Week

Overhead shot of couples assembled in shape of letter UN w/ man at podium in front on concrete of Rockefeller Center skating rink. Couples in traditional dress folk dancing. Masked people watching. Couples dance over poles. People watching from above.

11:09:17 Sec. of State George Marshall at microphone (in studio), makes speech in front of various national flags re security matters. Asks United Nations Assembly action; US worried about aid given by Yugoslavia, Bulgaria & Albania to guerillas in Greece.

Cold War; Balkans; Anti-Communist; Communism;

[HUAC Hearing: John Howard Lawson]

J. Parnell Thomas: ..through your attorney you asked to be heard & we want you to be heard...

Lawson: I wish to frame my own answers to your questions & I intend to do so. My rights as an American citizen... Thomas & Lawson argue w/ Thomas pounding his gavel.

06:57:26 Are you a member of the Communist Party or have you ever been...

06:58:00 Parnell asks that he be removed. Crowd cheers & boos.

Photographers climb on chairs as everyone crowd around.

06:59:03 CU of Parnell Thomas who reads a statement: John Howard Lawson in contempt of cited for Contempt...

Anti-Communism; Hollywood 10; Screen Writers Guild; Motion Picture Industry; House Committee On UnAmerican Activities; 1947; 1940s; Cold War;

Note: printer ride in source film.

Communism Condemned

HUAC House Committee on UnAmerican Activities meeting. J. Edgar Hoover w/ hand raised sworn in, sits down & reads statement (SOF): The Communist Party of the United States is a Fifth Column if there ever was one. It is far better organized than the Naziis... ...their allegience is to Russia not the United States. Communism in reality is not a political party, it is a way of life. ...akin to disease...a quarantine is necessary... .

07:15:41 Ambassador Bullit testimony (SOF): The Communists are Red Fascists. Soviet Imperialism has replaced Nazi... Stalin will not stop of his own volition. He can only be stopped.

Cold War; Anti-Communists; 1947; Politics; Political Testimony;

NOTE: Source film material has printer ride.

Hearing On Communism In Hollywood

J. Parnell Thomas gavels HUAC Committee to order; Richard Nixon sitting next to him. Reporters taking notes. Row of five newsreel cameras & soundmen. Cu Thomas. SOF: I want to emphasize at the outset of these hearings...must not be interpreted as an attack on the industry itself...loyal Americans.

07:24:14 LS from rear of room. Eric Johnston in CU, SOF: We are accused of having Communists & Communist sympathisers in our employ. Undoubtable there are such persons in Hollywood as you ll find elsewhere in America...we want them exposed...we are responsible for what goes on the screen...we will never permit them to succeed.

Anti-Communism; Cold War; House Committee on UnAmerican Activities; Motion Picture Producers Association;

Films Purge Reds

Eric Johnston sitting on couch w/ others of Motion Picture Association looking at papers.

07:29:41 CU Johnston speaks SOF: We will forthwith discharge or suspend w/o compensation, those in our employee & we will not re-employee any of the Ten until such time as he is acquited or has purged himself of contempt & declares under oath that he is not a Communist. We will not knowingly employee a Communist or a member of any party or group which advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States by force or by any illegal or unconstitutional methods. We request Congress to enact legislation to assist American industry to rid itself of subversive disloyal elements. Nothing subversive or un-American has appeared on the screen; nor can any number of Hollywood investigations obscure the patriotic services of 30,000 loyal Americans in Hollywood who have rendered their government invaluable service in War or and in Peace.

Studio; Anti-Communism; Cold War; HUAC results; Hollywood 10; Black Listing;

Novosti Dnia #49, Aug. 1947

18:18:26 Departure From Moscow By Bulgarian Delegation

Bulgarian delegation inc. Ambassador to Russia, Nikolov, out of car, greeted & shaking hands; pose for cameras at Moscow Central Airport beside plane before departure - tense faces.

18:19:29 Head of delegation, Raiko Domyanov makes speech at microphones (MOS). Delegation into CCCP plane & waved off. Soviet officials Vlasov & Abramov present.

18:20:08 Title:

Foreman, Nicolai Rossijsksky walking thru metal working factory w/ workers at machines; inspects parts w/ micrometer. Woman at lathe & foreman inspects parts. Woman doing quality control.

18:21:46 Court of Nicolai Petkov Sofia, Bulgaria - EXT Hall of Justice - INT trial of Nikola Petkov, leader of anti-Communist part of the Agrarian Party, & others - Petkov given death sentence, partners sentenced to imprisonment. Accused sitting next to soldiers w/ rifles. Judges & spectators.

18:23:06: C-4 Combines Production line & men & women assembling large grain harvesters. Cutting grain.

18:23:54 Title:

Overhead shot of large rowboat on Sea of Uzebek, people rowing, swimming, fishing. Men mining for minerals behind dike; trucks leaving; filling trucks by hand w/ large hoes. Large excavating machine working; filling trucks.

18:25:31 Title:

Large coal gasification plant under construction. Workers welding, assembling steel beams w/ cranes. Men laying pipeline to Leningrad w/ machine. Wrapping & covering pipes.

18:26:40 Title:

Ships at dock; large empty drydock prepared & lines attached; towed by two tugs. (stops abruptly)

Eastern European Diplomacy; Diplomats; 1947 Russia / USSR; Eastern Europe; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Manufacturing; Post-WWII Show Trials; Agriculture Machinery; Communism; Heavy Industry; Cold War;

President Truman Cold War Speech to Congress

Joint session of Congress applauds as President Truman arrives, shakes hands. CU listening (MOS). Newsreel cameramen & reporters in the gallery.

04:18:20 Truman speaking re totalitarian has been forced on people in Poland, Romania & Bulgaria in violation of Yalta Treaty...nearly every nation must choose way of life...will of majority...or based on will of minority...I believe it must be the policy of the United States to people to work out their own destiny...I am confident Congress will face their responsiblity squarely . This may be March 12, 1947 speech. (heavy hiss throughout tape)

United Nations Security Meeting on Czechoslovakia

Warren Austin at table speaking re the poor peoples of Czechoslovakia Talks of anti-american propoganda about external affairs of USA made by Russia. Chinese president calls council to order. Russian delegate speaking. Vote taken. Czech representative speaking to Security Council. Tells United Nations they must not fail the freedom loving people of Europe. Warren Austin saying Soviet Union has reduced the good people of Czechoslovakia to slavery. Says it is the duty of the Security Council to save people and countries from indirect agression.

Cold War

[Let s Bomb Russia]

MCU People in street looking at something.

Two men in suits and hats in bar talk about bombing USSR w/ atomic bombs. Newspaper headline European peace bid rejected by Soviet .

People queuing inside foyer to buy movie tickets (incomplete)

Cold war

[Zipper - Let s Bomb the Soviets - Movie Theatre]


NY Times moving sign (zipper) re Cold War:

Stalin blames Britain US and France for failure to solve Berlin dispute - charges West follows warmongering policy but discounts possibility of new world conflict. Stalin flays former British Prime Minister Churchill as Chief Instigator of war .

Then: Read the New York Times.

Western diplomats describe Stalin s attack on Allied powers as propaganda statement. Britain US and France halt heavy flow of Western marks out of Berlin.

People in street looking at moving electric sign.

21:08:17 Men in bar talk about bombing USSR with atomic bombs; newspaper headline European peace bid rejected by Soviet .

21:11:53 people queue and buy movie tickets - very good cinema theatre entrance hall & ticket booth. Audience watching film.

Berlin Siege: Gen. Clay Returns To Report On Red Crisis

Railway carriages full of coal held in Stalin s blockade of West Berlin; generators shut down. VS Allied supply planes in flight on aid mission; B-29s at airfield in England, loaded w/ supplies; British/RAF flag; CU US crewmen.

02:35:23 Gen. Clay arrives in Washington by plane from Berlin, greeted by Bradley and Royal. Party enters White House.

Cold War. Communism. Soviet occupation.

Gen. Hershey Gives Draft Instructions

Reporters crowded around Hershey at desk, make notes; MCU Hershey statement re: draft; All men between 18 and 25 will be required to register...

Conscription. Cold War.

News In Brief: Turkey

VS 4 submarines [ex-Pacific fleet] donated by US to Turkey in dock at Izmir; Turkish sailors board; US flag lowered, Turkish flag raised.

Cold War.

Draft Begins: Nation s Young Men Join Peace-time Army

Men queue outside NYC town hall to register for second US peace-time draft; CU veterans w/ discharge documents. Men enter building, one Black. Men fill out forms at registration desks, female registrars. MCU Colonel Cobb, NY Draft Director. MS ex-GI at desk w/ miitary records. Man poses w/ draft card on steps.

Cold War. Conscription.

[New York City - Times Square, Daytime (1948)

CU street sign: W42 & Times Sq - Broadway. Policeman directing traffic, pedestrians. Trolley tracks visible. Man carrying bundles of newspapers. People crossing as traffic turning. City buses. Military, three soldiers crosssing street.

00:25:34 Moving light sign on movie marquee. Many pedestrians. View up avenue or across 42nd Street. Large male statue on building.

00:26:26 Subway entrance, in background signboard blowing smoke rings, pedestrians and traffic. View across street in previous shot.

Cold War 1940s Daiily Life; Street Scenes - NYC;

[Washington, DC - Young Men Register For Draft] (Aug48)

??Aug48 Black & white women clerks at table outdoors registering black & white men for draft. White man supervises. View of tables on top of steps of a government building.

00:28:35 30Aug48 Black & Hispanic men sitting on bench; Black men filling out forms Black woman interviewing. Tables in front of government building, one w/ sign: non-veterans. Filling out cards & forms.

Cold War 1940s; Military Draft Registration;

[Washington, DC - Mildred Elizabeth Sisk aka Axis Sally Arrives] (21Aug48)

Axis Sally lead off plane by woman WAC & taken by military into Base Operations building.

00:30:48 Amid reporters leaving surrounded by civilian men and put into car. In Washington taken through crowd into building (courthouse?).

Cold War 1940s; Post-WWII War Crimes; War Criminal; Traitor; Radio Propaganda Broadcaster

[Kasenkina, Oksana w/ Broken Legs After Freedom Leap, 1948]

In wheelchair w/ broken legs accompanied by two NYC policemen wheeled out by nurses past press photographers. Wheeled into room & shaking hands. Many photographers w/ speed graphic cameras taking flash pictures. Additional shots. Newsreel cameramen.

17:24:54 Ext. of Roosevelt Hospital w/ sign on bricks in LS & MCU. CU sign: Quiet Hospital Street Drive Slowly.

NOTE: Kasenkina was a school teacher who jumped from 3rd floor window of USSR consulate in NYC to escape.

Cold War; Escapee; Political Asylum;

News In Brief (Finland - USSR Negotiations)

Man directing twin-engine Soviet plane arriving at Helsingfors from Moscow. Two members of delegation off plane; returning to report on 20 year agreement w/ USSR proposed by Stalin. Finland s Presidential Palace & arrival of Finnish President Juho Kusti Paasikivi & wife, out of car & up stairs; other members of Parliament arriving. Narration: All thru Scandinavia Russian pressure is being applied to extend the Red Zone of control...Finland s fate is in the balance .

10:35:45 Female communist leader arrives.

Post-WWII; Cold War; Diplomacy;

Preamble To Peace Theme Of Army Day

Three stack liner into NYC harbor w/ blimp overhead. MCU of soldiers on board pointing & view of Statue of Liberty. CU model & exploded, collapsing into pieces. CU rubble. Yes, This could happen, leaving our people groping in the rubble of their homes & sifting garbage for sustenance. Visual of couple & son digging in garbage heap. CU of constitutioin. Montage of military w/ guns firing, men talking, large military vehicles. Army laboratory, training course & parachute training. Men jumping out of planes from above & on ground. Arctic w/ machines thru snow being tested.. Sign: National Security is Everybody s Business. Superimposed of soldiers over civil disasters.

Army Day Celebration; Military Promotion; Patriotism; Cold War Propaganda; Gags; Oddities; Anti-Communist;

News In Brief - Greece (US Navy Ships Visit)

Heavy cruiser Rochester (CA-124) at anchor in harbor visited by King Paul. Guns fire royal salute. MCU Admiral Sherman.

Anti-Communism; Cold War; US Military; Greek Royalty; ca Apr48

Policy - Marshall States Stand On Russia

Marshall sitting on edge of table in front of journalists at press conference. Reporters writing notes.

14:01:45 MCU Marshall facing camera & reading notes: General Smith did not ask for any general discussion or negotiation. We have had a long & bitter experience w/ such efforts. This government had no intention of entering into bilateral negotiations w/ the Soviet government on matters relating to the interests of other governments. The discussion of any proposals in regard to outstanding issues which the Soviet government may have in mind must, as a matter of course, be conducted in the body charged w/ responsibility for these questions.

Cold War; Diplomacy; Secretary of Sate; Walter Bedell Smith (?);

[First Landing At Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany; Berlin Airlift, Rhein-Main, Frankfurt & Wiesbaden]

05Nov48 US Gen. Lucius Clay, British & French officers watching US military transport plane arrival at newly completed Tegel Airport in French Sector. Officers down ladder in rain, salute. Military photographers. Clay greeting Generals Cannon & Turner upon arrival. All standing at attention saluting. Repeat for photographers. Introductions & hand shaking.

23:16:27 Military band plays. Nose of plane: Island of Maui. MCU men talking, posing. Clay & ?? into car.

23:17:05 Four motor plane landing on wet air strip. 19th Troop Carrier Squadron, Island of Maui. Stops & dignitaries walking. Military band & troops. US flag flying. MCU people watching, French soldiers; women & children; military band playing. Raising British & French flags. Generals trooping colors. Gen. Herbert & Franz Neumann talking.

23:19:55 Troops watching first plane landing.

23:20:06 Munich No. 787 Rhein-Main Airbase, w/ Air Transport Command C-54s taxiing.

23:20:30 High angle of C-47s parked on field & taxiing; loading; fueling. Slate ??/24/48. Trucks loading from railroad train, driven past.

23:22:09 25Sep48 Rolling gasoline or oil drums onto C-47 & closing door. Plane taxiing away. Maintenance on engines of C-47; mechanics working.

23:23:34 CU Vittle Statistics wall chart. View of planes on field & plane overhead.

US Army Military Ceremony; Operation Vittles; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Post-WWII Military Zones; Occupation; Occupied Germany;

Hunger Blockade aka Hungerblockade

01:31:23 Explanatory title produced by Information Control Division, Office of Military Government for Germany as part of the reorientation program for the German people.

01:31:49 Title

01:31:54 Man turning off power switches, factories dark & men covering machines. Trams overcrowded past; street corner gatherings to listen to US loudspeakers, crowds.

01:32:40 Helmstedt w/ filled coal cars sitting. MCU pan of full cars.

01:32:58 British Douglas Dakota DC-3 airplanes sitting on Wunsdorf airfield, Hannover. British Military Governor Gen. Brian Robertson speaking to pilots. Military loading planes. POV in flight above clouds. Gatow field & Avro Yorks arriving, unloaded by French troops. Mountains of mail bags as all mailed out.

01:34:10 English Sunderland flying boat settles onto Havel River & cargo unloaded. C-54 landing & coal unloaded in bags. Crowd listening in rain addressed by Dr. ?? of Social Democrtic Party.

01:35:42 German newspaper headlines re Germans sending supplies. Large crowd in Hamburg for speech by Franz Neumann (?), CU, of Berlin speaking.

01:36:21 Special meeting of City Assembly w/ Schoenfelder speaking (translated) a crime against humanity. Hamburg s Mayor Breuer speaks (voice over translation), appealing that the Americans, British & French must not give up Berlin or its population.

01:38:07 London montage of St. Paul s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Parliament. Washington Capitol. German headlines. The End.

Post-WWII Occupied Germany; Politics; Political Power; Unity; USSR 1948 Berlin Blockade; Cold War; Occupation;

Operation Sandstone - Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Atomic Bomb Test, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands Pt. 1 of 2

Produced by US Air Force, Lookout Mountain Laboratory

02:49:21 Men off landing craft on white sand beach wearing protective masks, gathering samples. Moving thru blasted buildings. Ships offshore. Pan along & aerials over Eniwetok.

02:50:22 Atomic Energy Commission ext. & generals at meeting for briefing; cranes unloading supplies. Palm trees removed, bulldozed, graded, paved. Causeway construction & tent city built. Building towers, reinforced concrete cubes built. Tower completed for atomic test drop. Men arriving; man at console. Ext. of college building.

02:52:55 Aerial over New Mexico desert (brief). Three scientists w/ slide rule doing calculations. CU Sign: Argonne National Laboratory, Palos Park Unit, Do Not Enter Except On Business, w/ buildings behind. Vehicle entrance to Los Alamos, aerials of Oak Ridge, Hanford - all w/ names over image. Int. Brookhaven Lab w/ technician working. View across Eniwetok beach. Sign: Long Beach Naval Shipyard...Gate No. 5. Pan to oil pumping. Technicians & crates w/ large navy ship loaded w/ crates. Freight yard; cranes; docks.

02:54:40 Scientists board ships; crates into hold; ships underway. Civilian & military shaking hands & talking on beach outside plane. Security guard. MPs checking security at check point on beach. Loading machine guns, Various test instruments installed; men checking. Recorders, electronic panels. Adjusting gages. Harp gage; piston gage; foil installed. Paint panels set up for testing.

02:57:40 Camera platforms set up. Still cameera of various types. High speed cameras. Men loading camera equipment into B-29, photgraphic team boarding plane. Continued...

Atomic Test Preparations; Pacific Islands; Science; Propaganda; Military; Cold War;

NOTE: Tests were 14Apr-14May48

Operation Sandstone - Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Atomic Bomb Test, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Montage: Communications w/ men installing antennas, wires, at radios, teletypes, typewriters, punch tape. CU man w/ headset speaking on phone; telegraph key; man w/ radio on beach. Aerial of light plane above island. B-29 in flight & POV in B-29. Weather balloon released, testing. Men leaving island on landing craft. View of tower; checking equipment, bunkers, cables.

03:00:54 POV towards navy ships from landing craft. Anchor chains raised. Sunset w/ ship moving against clouds. Night & remote controlled B-17s take off, men in prop wash.

03:01:57 Men mount control towers on another island, men on telephones.

03:02:13 Explosion, men lighted. Morning light on drifting atomic cloud. Drone 17 land & remote controlled tank digs soil sample. Men in protective clothing go thru rubble. Check harp & piston gages. Hellicopter dropping sample on ship. Air Force plane takes off; calculators, slide rules, other equipment being viewed. Military scientists looking at test results in notebooks.

03:04:44 Trinity test blast; Operation Crossroads; Operation Sandstone, several detonations & clouds rising. Other blasts & clouds, long slow cloud going thru changes. The End. Credits.

Atomic Test Preparations; Pacific Islands; Science; Propaganda; Military; Cold War;

NOTE: Tests were 14Apr-14May48

World Affairs - Palestine & Europe Centers Of Unrest (Czechoslovakia & Hungary, Mar48)

23:13:55 UN Security Council meeting.

23:14:05 MS US delegate Warren Austin.

23:14:08 LS & MS removal of woman spectator objecting to use of American troops. Others listening.

23:14:21 MS Canadian delegate, General McNaughton speaking (Ralph Bunche behind): ...these recommendations & these appeals have not had the effect of bringing peace & order in the Holy Land. The threats uttered during the General Assembly have now turned into acts of violence purging on Civil War; and the sparks which were ignited by intense emotion & by conflicting fashions now might at any moment, unless they are quenched, cause a conflagration which would certainly result in a breech of international peace.

23:15:07 LS Moving van in front of large Czechoslovakian Embassy mansion.

23:15:18 Ambassador Yuri Slavik (sp?) at desk after resigning.

23:15:27 Large barn & Imre Nagy, ex-Hungarian Premier; MCU. SOF: ...I saw the free people of my country subjected to the Communism domination...

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Near East; United Nations; 1948; Mar48; Diplomats; Diplomacy;

News In Brief (USSR Foreign Minister Malyk, Stanton Griffis & Mae West shipboard) (May48)

20:33:53 Photographer & reporters w/ Malyk on liner Queen Mary, New York harbor.

20:34:06 Shipboard press conference (MOS); returning US Ambassador Stanton Griffis CU.

20:34:17 Mae West surrounded by reporters, photographers. MCU w/ large hat

1948; Celebrities; Ship Arrival; Diplomat; Diplomacy; Cold War;

News In Brief (F-86 Sets Speed Record of 671 mph) (Sep48)

20:48:11 F-86 fighter jet, pilot Richard Johnson puts on helmet; taxiis.

20:48:25 Air to air preparing for speed record; peels off & speeds past.

1948 Cold War; Publicity; Military Promotion;

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in Berlin during Blockade / airift

Mass meeting addresses by Ernst Reuter SPD urging them not to give up and appealed to the World for support. Father Christmas airlift - gifts handed out to German children. Children unwrap parcels and look at Santa and Red Indian. Choir singing.

21:10:32 Airlift shots - seaplanes bringing supplies. Pilot given flowers. Children playing with model aircraft in streets. Aftermath of plane crash, aircraft in flames - firefighting. Plane flying low.

2nd May 1949 - blockade lifted - night shots as barriers lifted. Day shots various celebrations.

East Berlin, communist demonstrations - scuffle between two young men. Communists storm Greater Berlin City Hall. Non-communist deputies establish government offices in West Berlin - free elections. Animated map showing division of East and West Berlin.

21:12:20 - Communist police HQ - guns issued. 1953 Berlin riots - demonstrators massed on streets, Red Flag torn down from Brandenburg gate - flag burning. Soviet / Russian tanks crush revolt.

Rebuilding of West Berlin with Marshall plan aid - construction work - apartment blocks - modern architecture - Berlin Hilton - modern roads / highways. Industry - clothing factory - women at sewing machines. Heavy machinery in factory. Modern art - iron sculpture. Airlift memorial. Congress hall. Kurfurstendamr - street scenes. Berlin Film Festival - movie stars including Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn. Young women - fashions. Street cafes.

21:15:10 - Everyday life - Organ grinder, women listen from windows. Man with giant pumpkin. Summer - Man relaxing in garden, soaking feet in bowl of water and drinking beer. Man in hammock - watering garden. Tourists sightseeing - large building - visiting lake and countryside. Holidaymakers - sailing - crowded carparks. Border signs. Family at lakeside in the evening, two boys run into water watched by mother and father.

21:16:11 - Berlin night life on Kurfurstendamr - exteriors nightclubs - neon lights - fountains

11:43:27 City planners with models of a united Berlin.

11:43:35 Interior nighclub - dining - dancing.

Cold War

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in Berlin during Blockade / airift

Mass meeting addresses by Ernst Reuter SPD urging them not to give up and appealed to the World for support. Father Christmas airlift - gifts handed out to German children. Children unwrap parcels and look at Santa and Red Indian. Choir singing.

21:10:32 Airlift shots - seaplanes bringing supplies. Pilot given flowers. Children playing with model aircraft in streets. Aftermath of plane crash, aircraft in flames - firefighting. Plane flying low.

2nd May 1949 - blockade lifted - night shots as barriers lifted. Day shots various celebrations.

East Berlin, communist demonstrations - scuffle between two young men. Communists storm Greater Berlin City Hall. Non-communist deputies establish government offices in West Berlin - free elections. Animated map showing division of East and West Berlin.

21:12:20 - Communist police HQ - guns issued. 1953 Berlin riots - demonstrators massed on streets, Red Flag torn down from Brandenburg gate - flag burning. Soviet / Russian tanks crush revolt.

Rebuilding of West Berlin with Marshall plan aid - construction work - apartment blocks - modern architecture - Berlin Hilton - modern roads / highways. Industry - clothing factory - women at sewing machines. Heavy machinery in factory. Modern art - iron sculpture. Airlift memorial. Congress hall. Kurfurstendamr - street scenes. Berlin Film Festival - movie stars including Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn. Young women - fashions. Street cafes.

21:15:10 - Everyday life - Organ grinder, women listen from windows. Man with giant pumpkin. Summer - Man relaxing in garden, soaking feet in bowl of water and drinking beer. Man in hammock - watering garden. Tourists sightseeing - large building - visiting lake and countryside. Holidaymakers - sailing - crowded carparks. Border signs. Family at lakeside in the evening, two boys run into water watched by mother and father.

21:16:11 - Berlin night life on Kurfurstendamr - exteriors nightclubs - neon lights - fountains

11:43:27 City planners with models of a united Berlin.

11:43:35 Interior nighclub - dining - dancing.

Cold War

[Washington, DC - General Sosa Molina Greeted by Gen. Wedemeyer] (ca 1948)

Shaking hands with many military & posing outside Union Station, Washington DC. Leaving in Army car. Many Argentina soldiers and US officers saluting and standing about.

Dictators; Cold War 1940s;

Anti Communist Demonstration Picket conference.

Pickets with placards parade outside meeting hall. Placard Corrupt Intellectuals Join Communism - You Only Have Your Brains to Lose . Religious leaders in demonstration. Interior ballroom where conference is being held. Narration says speakers are against Atlantic Pact, American control of the Atom Bomb and American Imperialism. Amongst audience are Henry Wallace - on stage Dimitri Shostakovich, Lilliam Hellman and other intellectual celebrities (Copeland ?). Second demonstration in front of Carnegie Hall - police, demonstrators with placards. Commentary says Cold War has reached our shores.

Conspiracy - 11 Top Reds Accused of Plot Against US

Crowds outside Federal building as communist leaders walk up steps to stand trial on conspiracy charges.

Mass of press cameras. Suitcases carried in. Crowds on pavements. Demonstrators hold up copies of The Daily Worker newspaper with headline Frameup Trial of 12 on Today . Twelve defendants posing for photograph.

Slight scratches.

Cold War / Communists

Senator McMahon Announces USSR Russian Atomic Bomb Test

McMahon outdoors at microphones waits. 'The President (Truman) has announced the dropping of an atomic explosive in Russia. This comes as no surprise to those who have been involved in our own...over 3 years ago we offered the whole world...unfortunately the Russians...there is yet time if we use the kind of ingenuity that the problem demands...masters of the Kremlin.'

13:03:45 President Truman has announced the perfection of an Atomic Explosion by...

3rd take interrupted by cloud.

13:07:13 says Stalin should be able to talk to our people as Pres. Truman should be able to talk to the Soviets.

13:07:53 Walks out of brush to mics.

Cold War

Truman Inauguration - incomplete

Capitol - banks of cameramen. Truman arrives for swearing in ceremony. Truman sworn in - makes inaugural speech. Anti communist. Cutaways to crowds. Parade

Cold war

News Flashes: California

VS new Globemaster II Douglas transport plane demonstrated inc. takeoff.

Cold War.

Truman Inauguration - incomplete

Capitol - banks of cameramen. Truman arrives for swearing in ceremony. Truman sworn in - makes inaugural speech. Anti-communist. Cutaways to crowds. Parade

Cold war

Guilty! 11 Reds Convicted In US ConspiracyTrial

Pan along group of 11 Communists found guilty of conspiracy to overthrow the government by force after 9-month trial; photographers; McGohey (?) and prosecuting attorneys. Defense lawyers (include Harry Sacher) sentenced for contempt of court. Judge Harold Medina. EXT Federal court house, NYC; jury members on steps, women in hats, forewoman Thelma Dyall. Reds driven away in US Marshall van.

Anti-Communism; HUAC; Witch hunts; Daily Worker Editor John Gates; Cold War; Gus Hall (w/ moustache); Eugene Dennis;

NOTE: Tall man is Henry Winston, Negro organizational secretary of Communist Party

Novosti Dnia #05 - January, 1949

60th Birthday of Successful Avio-Constructor

Soviet engineers honour Andrei Tupolev on 40th anniversary of aviation industry. Various shots military men on stage & in audience - grim faces; portrait of Stalin in background. Tupolev presented w/ award. Booklet, handshaking, applause.

18:15:03 End of Section.

18:15:06 For Our Native Moscow Good industrial shots inside steel mill. Workers constructing parts for Moscow subway in steelworks / foundry. Supports moved by crane & stacked. Train pulling carloads of tunnel supports.

18:16:05 Building Of 4th Metroline Very good underground shots of Metro under construction w/ supports put into place. Focus on workers; almost complete tunnels.

18:16:45 Work in Pavileckaya station. Ornate marble fittings assembled in station lobby. Artists sketches.

18:17:25 Evening in Turkmenistan s Collective Farm

18:17:31 Warsaw, Poland Meeting to Unite Poland s Worker Parties Held in Conference Hall of the Polytechnic Institute. Street scenes w/ crowds & banners; INT huge theatre President Boleslaw Bierut delivers speech [SOF]. Singing of National Anthem (?). The End.

Russia / USSR; Eastern Europe; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Communism; Moscow Metro; Heavy Industry; Cold War;

Atlantic Pact - 12 Nations Sign Security Treaty

Group shot of delegates in front of large ferms & flags. members signing at desk as others watch from seats behind. Includes Bevan, Acheson,

15:11:28 CU of treaty book. Cameras on stands at back of room w/ lights. View of delegates & audience.

15:11:43 MCU of President Truman at podium speaking: Within the United Nations, this country & other countries, have hoped to establish an international force for the use of the United Nations in preserving peace throughout the world. Our efforts to establish this force however have been blocked by one of the major powers! ...we have seen brave men overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable, and forces that seemed overwhelming...they can choose slavery or freedom, war or peace. I have no doubt which they will choose...

NATO Alliance; Speech; Diplomacy; Defense; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Russia;

Churchill - Credits Atom Bomb With Stopping Reds

Churchill on speakers platform, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. View of large crowd applauding as he comes to mic in MCU. Speaking: ...I have no technical & no University education and just had to pick up a few things as I went along (applause). Shot of crowd.

15:13:59 We are now confronted w/ something quite as wicked, but in some ways more formidable than Hitler. Because Hitler had only the Herrenvolk pride, and anti-Semitic hatred to exploit. He had no fundamental theme. But these 14 men in the Kremlin have their hierarchy, & a church of Communist adepts, whose missionaries are in every country in a Fifth Column, obscure people about awaiting the day when they hope to be the absolute monsters of their fellow countrymen & pay off old scores. They have their anti-God religion and their Communist Doctrine of the entire subjugation of the individual to the State; knowing behind it stands the largest army in the world in the hands of a government pursuing Imperialistic Expansion as no Czar or Kaiser has ever done. I must not conceal from you tonight the truth as I see it. It is certain that Europe would have been Communized, like Czechoslovakia, London under bombardment some time ago, but for the deterrent of the atomic bomb in the hands of the United States. Standing applause by crowd & those on platform.

15:15:35 Churchill gives V sign.

Victory Sign; Cold War; Defense; Anti-Communism Speech;

Welt Im Film - Aus Der Groben Politik (Great Poltics, Excerpt No. 208)


12:17:49 Reuter at Berlin airport shakes hands greeting Ernst Bevin; Bevin walking w/ English Air Commander. Germans listening as Bevin speaks via translator.

12:18:25 Out of conference meeting, Bevin waves to crowd. Into car & leaving in motorcade lead by British MP military police escort.

12:18:42 Title: Railway Employees Strike In Berlin (Excerpt No. 209)

Empty tracks, stations, parked trains. men standing ouitside works. civilians waiting out side closed stations. Police holding back strikers. Communists (?) walking along tracks, setting cars on fire. Students pushing them. Police watch, then fighting. People cheering strike breakers (?). Fighting w/ police. Arrest. West German police walking three abreast. The End.

12:21:43 Title: May Day 60th Year No. 206. Workers march for May Day, 1947 in Hamburg w/ banners; w/ speakers in Essen, Regen, Stuttgart, Munich & other cities. People listening. CU of people marching w/ banners of Stalin, flags & other banners as airlift planes overhead. Large mass in East Berlin listen to speakers.

12:24:00 Title Abschiedsparade vor General Clay (Goodbye Parade...) No. 206 Clay in jeep saluting troops as he stands riding past. At mic; people watching, marching band, flags, marching troops. Tanks past, trucks w/ guns, low pipercub flyover, other planes over. Cars leaving. The End.

Post-WWII Germany Sectors; Cold War; Airlift; Military Government Newsreel;

[Military Exercise Miki, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii, 25Oct49]

Large ship off shore, climbing into landing craft; landing craft circling in water prior to D-Day landing. Many craft, mountains of Hawaii on shore. Fighter planes overhead; explosions on shore hillside & Pokai Beach, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii. DUKWs in water towards shore.

08:48:36 Large landing craft w/ tanks aboad toward shore.

08:51:12 Men out of landing craft in surf, wade ashore w/ gear onto beach. Bulldozer & earth-mover (like) backing into water w/ landing craft.

Cold War; Operation Miki;

Note: Excercise Miki was joint Army-Navy-Air Force, 15Oct-18Nov49.

[Military Exercise Miki, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii, 25Oct49]

Slate Alazo Canyon Troops march along paved road w/ rifles & packs. Pokai Beach, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii & tossed landing craft; surf around them.

08:53:19 Sandbag protection for machine gun on beach at foot of cliff. Seabees unrolling matting on sand. Amphibious DUKWs up onto it.

08:54:22 Landing craft toward beach, seen from shore. POV to shore, GIs walking along sand. Landing craft beaching. Bulldozer on portable dock. Landing craft & men out; wade ashore seen from on cliff. Climbing sand w/ wet trousers. Troops on beach.

08:57:25 Navy rubber rafts teid to speed boat picking up Navy frogmen from water and dumping them into the water.

Cold War Military Joint Operations;

Note: Excercise Miki was joint Army-Navy-Air Force, 15Oct-18Nov49.

Novosti Dnia #05, Jan. 1949

18:07:51 Title:

LS of Soviet Academy of Sciences, Leningrad. Int. w/ Mikhail Lomonosov (19Nov1711 - 15Apr1765) equipment, furnishings, portrait & honored for early scientific work. Museum of scientific work of chemistry, geology, astronomy, etc.

18:10:00 Title: 60th Birthday of Successful Aviatiion - Constructor

Large group in auditorium, VIPs on stage at table w/ MCU of Andrei Tupolev in uniform honored on 40th Anniversary of aviation industry. Sitting w/ wife. Various shots military men on stage & in audience - grim faces; portrait of Stalin in background. Tupolev presented w/ award. CU Booklet, handshaking, applause.

18:11:15 Stack of degrees or ?? Large four-motore planes overhead & crowd below on airfield.

18:11:45 Title: For Our Native Moscow

LS steel mill; int. men working pouring, women working. Industrial shots of construction of forms for subway system supports. Engine leaving w/ carloads for Moscow subway.

18:12:45 Title: Building Of 4th Metroline

Underground, men pushing empty hand cars inside Moscow subway w/ forms being placed by woman operating maching. View of twin tunnesl & joining. Int. of Pavileckaya Station & working on finishing of walls, marble columns. Placing grate. Finished corridor. Artists sketches.

18:14:13 Title: Evening in Turkmenistan s Collective Farm

Night, car past. Ethnic peoples into meeting at table & women & men discussing cotton; reading books; playing chess. Performance by dance troupe w/ drummers.

18:15:37 Warsaw, Poland. Title: Meeting to Unite Poland s Worker Parties Held in Conference Hall of the Polytechnic Institute. Street scenes w/ crowds & banners; INT huge theatre President Boleslaw Bierut delivers speech [SOF]. Singing of National Anthem (?). The End.

Russia / USSR; Eastern Europe; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Communism; Moscow Metro; Heavy Industry; Cold War; Patriotic Propaganda; Russian 1946;

Novosti Dnia - No. 31, 1949

18:43:42 Towards Day of Railway - Big Speed Master Locomotive engineer in Gorki hailed for setting a new speed record. Railroad signal, engineer In cab blows whistle, train pulls out of station w/ tractors. Shots of train along track, INT driver in cab - train passes another; signalman. Two men w/ hand machine inspecting rails & reading track for problems; train races past. Drops load in station. Other freight cars past. Engineer & crew met by reception committee.

18:45:46 Title:

New textile machines help men & women set new output record. Loom control. Older methods shown w/ women packing yarn by hand.

18:47:22 Title:

Large hogs in fields on pig farm in Murom; women roasting acorns (?). Feeding & scrubbing pigs. Pigs in wallow. Men studying sheep grazing on Collective Farm in Aladetsky, Armenia. Scientific methods of agriculture.

18:49:34 Title:

Large sawmill & factory for prefabricated housing. Assembling panels & constructing houses. Finished home shown w/ dining room, kitchen, bathroom. Houses in place.

18:50:48 Title:

World Congress of Writers at Moscow Academy of Music honors Pablo Neruda (MCU) applauding audience. Tikinov (sp?) & others named. Peter Blackman (?)

18:51:48 Neruda speaking (SOF) in Spanish w/ Russian translation over.

18:52:25 Youth In Fight For Peace East Berlin, East Germany - 3rd Youth Congress for Peace in Leipzig. Young people parade thru streets w/ flags & banners of Marx & Stalin. Top shot crowds in Karl Marx Platz.

18:53:12 Eric Honecker (?) making animated speech at mic [MOS], good close ups at podium.

18:53:21 President Wilhelm Pick & Soviet delegate Ostavinand also make speeches (MOS). Flags of vars countries seen in crowd. The End.

Russia / USSR; Post-WWII; Communism; Eastern Europe; Quotas; Stalinism; Farming; Housing Production; Authors; Awards; Political Propaganda; Cold War; Politics; Communists;

Title - Extra (Communist Eleven Defendants, 1949, NYC)

01:05:06 Police on horse outside United States Court House, Foley Square, many columns. MS of several Black men in suits & topcoats entering w/ police. Photographers on steps, men posing on steps. Press taking notes. CUs. Leaflet: Trial of the Twelve, Not 12 men on trial but EVERYBODY!

01:05:44 LS building w/ crowd in front moving past. MCU Judge Harold Medina on steps. posing. Cameramen pointing turret cameras at Telenews camera.

01:06:00 MCU three men; CU one. Six men posing; others posing.

Smith Act; 1949 Trial; Communist Leaders; Gil Green; Eugene Dennis; Henry Winston; John Gates; Gus Hall; Robert G. Thompson; William Z. Foster; Judge Medina; Anti-Communist; Cold War; Red Scare;

NOTE: Trial began 21Mar49 & ended mid-October 1949.

Title - The Foreign Page (East German (?) Meeting & Parade)

01:06:25 Ext. Nationale Front Des Demokratischen Deutsch - Deutscher Volksrat.

Int. w/ people on benches listening, man at microphones reading from papers (MOS). Audience applauding.

01:06:41 Young people marching down street w/ flags & banners daytime; night & torches past reviewing stand. LS Crowds & torches, banners. Police holding back crowds. Police or soldiers marching past reviewing stand.

1949; Cold War; East Germany; Communists;

Title - Czechoslovakia (Stadium Display)

01:07:47 Young women in coveralls parading, marching, in large group on rainy street; wave to crowd. CU applauding spectators. Military men & women carry flags. Spectators cheering.

01:08:03 Huge stadium demonstration w/ athletes marching in white blouses; applauding spectators; dancing on field in geometric patterns. Leaving field waving. GOOD. Swish pan.

01:08:42 Raising flag on flag pole, women watching. LS of tents & flag pole in clearing in forest. MS Women run out in shorts & over board fence in obstacle course; pick up grenades & practice throwing as instructor watches. The End.

Communism; Communist Display; Entertainment; Fascist Patterns; Militarism; Militaristic Summer Camp; Eastern Europe; Cold War; 1949;

Telenews Daily, The - Symington At B-36 Probe

01:10:08 Secretary of Air Force Symington seated next to AF General at table takes glasses out. SOF: To me the most disturbing feature of these attacks against the Air Force & the rest of the military establishment is what they have done & are doing to imperial the security of the United States. It was bad enough to given a possible aggressor technical & operating details of our newest & latest equipment. In my opinioin it is far worse to have opened up to him in such detail the military doctrines of how this country would be defended. We have now given the military leaders of any aggressor nation a further advantage in developing their strategic plan by telling them so much about our own. I say further, because in this atomic age, the aggressor always has the great advantage of initiative. Your original investigations, as well as the current hearings, started primarily as a result of attacks against the B-36, an Air Force weapon, built to do one of the jobs which were assigned to the Air Force by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These attacks started many years ago, and are still continuing, but they have been dwarfed by the larger issues raised in this room within the last few weeks. It is now obvious that the fundamental question at issue is control of the military by civilians and therefore the preservation of Constitutional government.

First thermonuclear weapon delivery vehicle; bomber; Defense Department; Economics; Inter-Service Rivalry; Democracy; Cold War; Military Spending; Atomic Bomb; SAC;

Title: News Of The Nation (Call for Civil Defense)

01:11:48 MCU of ?? reading; he looks up, speaks (SOF): Since we have learned that Russia has developed an Atom Bomb we must act w/o further delay to provide for the immediate study & investigation of the problem of building facilities for civil defense . In many of our cities underground structures for auto parking & other purposes have been constructed or are under consideration for construction at this time. And the Federal Government could cooperate w/ the State & Municipal officials for the immediate installation of certain emergency equipment such as auxillary lighting & first aid & surgical supplies in these structures. The immediate urgent need of municipalities to solve their automobile parking problems by the construction of underground municipal garages can be utilized for the far reaching long range objectives of national civilian defense thru cooperation w/ the Federal Government to incorporate defense measures against atomic bombs & other types of destructive agents in their construction. Swish pan

01:13:04 Illustration of workers in coveralls, helmets w/ geiger counters walking over devastated landscape.

01:13:12 Military officer w/ equipment looking thru ?? w/ reporter. Pins radiological monitoring tag on pocket of reporter. Both look at previous illustration of atomic aftermath. Military man pointing out protective details.

1949; Cold War; Atomic Defenses;

NOTE: 29Aug49 was date of first USSR test blast but not announced until ca 23Sep49.

Title: Display Of Military Might (Tito Reviewing Troops)

01:14:05 Officers on horseback reviewing Yugoslavian troops led by Tito. Various views of Tito riding past Army, Navy. Soldiers on foot, in trucks, on tanks, with flags. Troops marching, riding white horses; black horses. Tito speaking (MOS).

1949; Cold War; Communists;

Telenews Daily, The - Cominform Sabotages Yugoslavia

01:18:58 Large wooden scaffolding around building. MCU workmen assembling forms & attaching reinforcing rods. Pounding on steel tanks & welding. Sitting on pipes, looking at valves. Cranes hoisting forms.

01:19:38 Oil or drilling derricks. CU pulling drilling pipe; pipes on ground being attached or coupled.

01:19:55 Lifting w/ hoist large crankshaft. Men working on bearings. Swish pan

01:20:09 Man speaking to large group of workers outdoors in village; applauding. MCU of listeners. Unveiling war memorial w/ cyrillic inscriptions to guerrilla fighters killed in WWII.

Yugoslavian economic grouth; 1949 (?); Cold War;

NOTE: Cominform expelled Yugoslavia 28Jun48. Could be story about improvements since.

The Telenews Daily - Communists Convicted

01:35:40 Si. Women (wives?) outside Federal Courthouse in NYC. News cameramen & photographers. Women walking down steps. Int. w/ defendants posing for press.

01:36:09 Eugene Dennis out & into US Marshall van, other defendants following. Doors closed & US Marshall Van padlocked & leaves.

01:36:50 SOF The verdict of guilty in the trial of the eleven Communists in New York City represents to me a verdict of guilty for the American people against the forces of Communism which Stalin has been trying to establish in this United States of ours for a long, long time. It also represents a victory over the forces which have been fighting our free enterprise system of economy.

Smith Act; 1949 Trial; Communist Leaders; Gil Green; Eugene Dennis; Henry Winston; John Gates; Gus Hall; Robert G. Thompson; William Z. Foster; Judge Medina; Anti-Communist; Cold War; Red Scare;

NOTE: Trial began 21Mar49 & ended mid-October 1949.

The Telenews Daily - McCormick Sums Up 81st Congress

02:26:31 Senator John W. McCormick writing at desk, speaks to camera (SOF): The 81st Congress, the first session thereof, has been a great success in the people s interest. Under the leadership of President Truman we have done a remarkable job. Important legislation in connection w/ our international complications (sic) have been passed which will result in the stopping of Communism in its attempt to dominate the world. On the domesticate fields the outstanding examples have been housing & minimum wage, both designed to preserve the family life of America. The great problem confronting the people of the world, and confronting a large segment of our own people is the question of economic insecurity. Seventy million people in America are members of families that have a gross family income of $3,000 a year or less. This presents to Americans & to the Congress and all legislative bodies a challenge which we must meet! The President s recommendations made in January are for a full Congress which comprises two years. It must be borne in mind that Congress meets again next January & much of the unfinished business of this session will be completed next year. But so far as this session is concerned it has been a remarkable success in the people s interest.

Summary; Politics; Anti-Communism; Economics; Post-WWII; Democrats; Cold War Statement;

NOTE: First session ended 19Oct49.

Title: German Leaders Elected (??; Adenauer; German Ruins & Effigy; East & West fence)

03:12:10 Large meeting, ?? stands up & walks to front, sworn in as ?? as others watch.

03:12:37 At microphone (MOS) speaking to group. View of entire hall. Swish pan...

03:13:04 Konrad Adenauer, first Chancellor of the Federal Republic, at desk, secretary brings in work & he initials. Swish pan...

03:13:13 Ruins of buildings & tilt up church tower. View down at trolleis. Men cllimbing rope ladder to dismantle. Street scene. Swish pan....

03:13:42 Effigy hanging on side of building, people looking & police moving crowds. Mounted police moving demonstrators, some placards re Quisling. Man jostled by crowd. Swish pan...

03:14:11 Pan over dike, group of people in distance; CU pushing bicycles. Women & children by wire fence, talking across & shaking hands. East & West Germans (?).

Post-WWII - Elections; Destruction; Divide; Separation; Borders; Communism; Communists; Propaganda;

Cold War; 1949;

Title: Camera Headlines (Unidentified Military Exercises, 1949)

03:14:45 Demonstration of tank w/ flails exploding mines; other tanks following. Large line of tanks close together in field firing; explosions at targets.

03:15:21 Men behind dirt firing rifles; large number laying in grass w/ various guns firing across river.

03:15:32 Row of tanks & tracers fired; criss-crossing. Flame thrower on tanks fired.

Post-WWII; Cold War; Anti-Communism;

The Telenews Daily - New York (Communist Eleven Leave Federal Courthouse, Supporters Cheer)

04:23:44 Crowd cheering, waving; United States Marshal van backing up to Federal Courthouse; photographers watching.

04:23:59 Men w/ bundles, handcuffed together, wave to cameras & climb in. MCU of smiling supporters waving to them.

04:24:29 Van leaving; people on street watching. Men out of van. People watching on street.

Smith Act; 1949 Trial; Communist Leaders; Gil Green; Eugene Dennis; Henry Winston; John Gates; Gus Hall; Robert G. Thompson; William Z. Foster; Judge Medina; Anti-Communist; Cold War; Red Scare;

NOTE: Trial began 21Mar49 & ended mid-October 1949.

Title: Sweden (Military Landing Maneuvers)

04:27:03 Single stack liner (?) w/ soldiers down rope net into L9 landing barge. Moving across water; number of landing craft seen. Men off front & onto beaches in maneuvers.; running w/ rifles along beach. Tanks firing in woods. Running w/ machine guns.

Cold War; Army; 1949;

Title: England (Queen Inspects Fighter Planes, 1949)

04:29:52 Line of five-bladed propeller fighter planes on airfield. Queen Elizabeth & military officers inspecting flight crews who cheer. Queen into car & leaves.

1949; British Royalty; Ceremonial Function; Cold War;

Title: Mrs. Kasenkina Writes Book

05:11:30 Air shaft between apartment buildings. Woman s body; carried out on stretcher to ambulance. Two women & man walking past Ritz Tower apartment house, stop at window of The Guild Book Shop, pan to Leap To Freedom on display.

05:12:26 Int. woman signing autographs as others watch.

05:12:40 SOF: I want to thank you, American people, for helping me. I am very happy to be here in this great country; much happier than I was a year ago.

Anti-communist; Communism; Diplomacy; Diplomatic Relations; Cold War; USSR;

NOTE: Kasenkina, a teacher, jumped from 3rd floor of building of Soviet Consulate General ca 4:20pm 12Aug48 in a possible suicide attempt. The outcome was that Soviet consulates in the US & US consulates in USSR were closed until 1968. Book was published in 1949. ca Oct49;

The Telenews Daily - News Of The Nation (Unid statement on US military planning)

05:52:33 Man at desk, speaks (SOF): Russia s position w/ the atomic secrets certainly dictates a rearrangement of our military plans. All planning however must also be geared to the commitments & to the strategy undertaken w/ the North Atlantic Pact & the Armed Aid program. So far as I know, there has been no immediate request for a rearrangement of our military power. I can foresee however a renewed emphasis on our Air Force. Undoubtedly it will be necessary to build our force up to 58 or even 70 Air Groups. Reduction in our military spending can only be accomplished by a true integration of defenses in a mutual defense plan.

05:53:26 It was in anticipation of such a plan that I insisted, & Congress adopted, the principle of integration in defense planning as the condition upon which the bulk of our arms aid to Europe nations will be granted.

Cold War; Soviets; Atomic Bomb; ca October 1949;

NOTE: Russian blast not announced until ca 23Sep49.

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (Judith Coplin; Housing Bill)

06:01:08 Judith Coplin & lawyer w/ suitcases & umbrellas up walk w/ news photographers, enter. CU Municipal Court Criminal Division sign.

06:01:19 Jurors (?), Blacks & Whites, men & women up sidewalk & enter court building.

06:01:31 SOF CU Judith Coplin speaks: I want the world to know that I m a loyal American, that I am innocent of any of the charges that have been brought against me, that I have never committed an offense against the United States Government or anyone else. And I believe in my heart & soul that I am victim of a horrible frame-up. Swish pan...

06:01:58 Senator, in bow tie, at microphone w/ Capitol behind: No legislation, ever considered by the Congress, has been given the careful thought that the present housing legislaton has been given. Over a period of months committees of both the House & Senate have considered this very important problem from every angle. I feel that the American people after they undestand the housing bill will approve of the action taken by the Congress, taking into consideration of course the problem of slum clearance as it affects the nation. This is not a purely local problem, as some people would have you believe, but because over ? million family have been affected it has become the kind of national problem that local authorities cannot cope with.

ca June, 1949; Spy; Cold War; Anti-Communist;

NOTE: Coplin, who worked in Justice Department, went to trial June, 1949 & convicted of espionage was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Case was overturned by Supreme Court based on FBI having no arrest warrant.

The Telenews Daily - Vandenberg Defends B-36 (And Army General Bradley Testifies)

06:17:59 In full uniform w/ medals before microphones in hearing room lights cigarette.

06:18:07 Four Star General reads from notes (SOF): In the performance of my official responsibilities I wish to assure the American people that in the strategic bomber force, as it exists & as its development is planned, they have an instrument that can do the job assigned to it. I further assure them that the Air Force has no complacency within it & is constantly laboring at improving its weapons & techniques. In honesty I must state that the curent episode has shaken the military establishment.

06:18:49 General Bradley replaces him before microphones: Dispite protestations to the contrary I believe that the Navy has opposed unification from the beginning. And they have not in spirit, as well as deed, accepted it completely to date. As a policy yes; but as a final and an authoritative vehicle for planning our collective defense - no. This entire investigation emphasizing for the navy more autonomy of decision & witness to this conclusion. And I believe that this is a most serious matter, one which must be resolved if this organization is to be allowed to proceed effectively. While the whole world relies upon the leadership of the United States as they face a common enemy, Americans at home are offered a spectacle of descension within our own Department of Defense. My philosphy simply stated is this: each service is to National Defense, what each individual is to the service he represents. I would like to assure the Committee, & to the people of the United States, that as long as I have been a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff & as long as my membership continues, every decision in which I participated was, & will be, made w/o bias or at any service or any persons to the best of my judgement, drawing upon my entire experience & long years of service to this country. We Americans want peace, for ourselves & for the rest of the world. We Americans in the Deparment of Defense mean to build that peace & defend it if necessary. I believe that the public hearing of the grievances of a few officers who will not accept the decisions of the authorities established by law, & charges as to our poor state of preparedness, have done infinite harm to our national defense, our position of leadership in world affairs, the position of our national policy, and the confidence of the people in their government. In my opinion the Armed Forces all have a very big & very important job to do & we should get on with it.

Cold War; Defense Policy; Congressional Hearings; Testimony; ca October 1949;

NOTE: Refering to Naval Admirals led by Adm Denfield objecting to B-36 over aircraft carriers.

Title: Aviation News (Navy Air Training)

06:28:49 Navy men in white uniforms off large transport plane, walking to hanger. Boarding large plane, climbing out & inspecting fighter jets. Watch four fighter jets make low passes over airfield.

1949; Cold War;

Titles: Washington (Planned Hospital w/ Civil Defense Unit)

09:30:36 Two women open doors on cut-away display of Seaside Memorial Hospital Osteopathic Hospital, Community Hospital w/ large underground Civil Defense unit. Sign: First Anti-Atomic Underground Hospital.

Model pointing out features w/ labels. Tilt down cut-away of upper section.

1949 ?; Bomb Shelters; Cold War;

The Telenews Daily - Admiral Halsey Condemns B-36 (Also another Navy officer)

09:40:48 SOF Secretary of Navy Francis P. Matthews, in uniform, reading statement before Investigative Committee: History has taught us that a maritime nation that loses control of the sea is a defeated nation. The Navy is the only force that can maintain control of the sea. To do its fleets must be capable of conducting naval campaigns & operations, including amphibious operations, against opposition from air, sea & submarine forces. The Navy can exercise sea power effectively only as an integrated force w/ its components: the submarine force, air force, service force, fleet marine force, amphibious force & all others developed & working together as a balanced naval force w/ common undestanding & towards a common end.

09:41:39 House Armed Services Committee w/ Carl Vinson chairman.

09:41:42 Adm Halsey in civilian clothes, SOF: ...recommend to the committee that they do something about completion of a new carrier. I think we in America are too prone to use the word super . I ve heard this carrier described as a super-carrier. It is not a super carrier, in the sense that it is just a normal development from the carriers that have gone along from the very beginning, the first one when we had the old /? that we converted, we went up thru, built the Wasp & the Ranger which were too small. The first real carriers we had were probably the Enterprise, the Or? & finally the Franklin D. Roosevelt in that class. I think this carrier is just a carry on from that class; and if you will look at plans showing very plainly that there is not as much difference between the Franklin D. Roosevelt & the proposed carrier as there is between the first carrier & the second one we built. The third thing that I would recommend, something you brought up yourself sir, I cannot understand how Congress can appropriate money & have it approved by the President of the United States & have some man stop it.

09:43:02 Congressman: Particularly with reference to the national defense. Halsey: Yes, sir!

09:43:08 Congressman waving finger: Let me say to you sir, you re here w/ your massive leonine head, & so affectionately called The Bull; they couldn t choose a better name because of your bulldoggedness. We wish you continued health & happiness for the remainder of your days, Sir. Applause.

Congressional Hearing; Admirals Revolt; Post-WWII; Security; Testimony; Naval Power; Strength; Cold War;

NOTE: Hearing on strategy & unification was in Oct. 1949.

The Telenews Daily - Atlantic Union Proposed (Kefauver; Pro & Con on Poll Tax)

09:49:01 Senator Estes Kefauver at desk, looks up & speaks (SOF): Today I filed in the United States Senate a concurrent resolution. This resolution is being sponsored by 17 distinguished members of the United States Senate & also by a group in the House of Representatives. The purpose is to request the President to call a Convention of the Atlantic Treaty to see what further steps they may take to a closer cooperation & federation. The idea of the resolution is to try to bring together all of the elements which must go into peaceful relations & getting along w/ one another for a unified purpose. This not only includes a treaty such as we have & a rearmament, but it includes economic monetary matters, a common foreign policy; and all of the other things which bring people close together. This, I believe, if representatives of these nations can meet & discuss further steps towards federation we can really bring together the countries, democracies, of the North Atlantic into a great group which can work together for the purpose of maintaining peace & keep the world from war for many, many generations.

09:50:32 Congressman Earl Chudoff at microphone w/ Capitol behind (SOF): The anti-poll tax bill is one bill that I am very proud to vote for. In my platform as a candiate for Congress in the 4th Pennsylvania District I told my constitutents I was for President Truman s Civil Rights Platform. Theis is the first of the three bills that will come before the House during this session. The other two bills will probably be a Federal FEPC bill, and a Federal Anti-Lynching bill. There are quite a few members, especially from the South, against this legislation & as a freshman Congressman yesterday I saw my first so-called House filibuster when the Southern Democrats caused seven or eight roll-calls to stop a vote on this particular type of legislation. I can say that one of the bills that I am very proud to vote for & one of my proudest votes will be my vote for this bill when the final vote is taken.

09:51:36 Unid. Southern Congressman in same place SOF: I am opposed to the anti-poll tax bill, first because I consider it to be absolutely un-constitutional. If the Federal Government can determine the qualification of the electors of the various states, in my opinion eventually they can dominate the elections of this nation which would lead to total dictatorship eventually. There are moves behind this program other than removing restrictions for voting purposes. In my opinion the two major parties are making a political football out of this type of program trying to capture the votes of the Negro race in the north & in the eas. In my state we charge $2 per year for two consecutive years for poll tax. This is assessed against all of our people regardless of race or color. The only requirement is that if they pay this poll tax by February 1st for two consecutive years they are qualified electors.

Cold War; National Security; NATO; Racial; Poverty; Blacks; African-Americans; Discrimination; Disproportionate Taxes; 1949;

Title: New York (Beginning of second Alger Hiss trial)

09:59:37 Ext. of Federal Court, NYC. Couple, Alger Hiss & wife (?), walk past up & steps. News photographers cameras sitting on steps. Standing around watching. Man (Judge?) into building w/ brief case.

1949 Cold War; Soviet Spies; State Secrets;

NOTE: Second trial began on 17Nov49 & lasted until 21Jan50. Hiss found guilty of two counts of perjury.

Title: Exclusive! (Post-WWII Eastern Europe, ca 1949)

10:08:48 Men in newspaper printing room operating various types of presses, making plates. Pulling picture from plate. Presses running, CUs & MS. Pulling paper & looking at it. Swish pan to...

10:09:20 Workers digging & filling carrying barrows. Bulldozer packing earth; rollers on highway under construction. Swish pan...

10:09:50 Men meeting before Red Star & pictures. Work brigade walking w/ shovels on shoulders. Singing. Entrance gate to ??, tilt down to work brigade entering; sit on ground listening to speech.

Post-WWII; 1949 Eastern Europe Reconstruction; Work Camp; Communism; Cold War Propaganda;

Title: England (Attlee reviewing sailors & on submarine, 1949)

10:10:21 Sailors on dock march in review past Attlee & Navy officers. News photographers taking pictures.

10:10:36 Attlee down ladder to board launch & leaving dock. View on boat alongside submarine w/ Attlee aboard. Submarine submerging (not seen completely submerged.

1949 British Naval Activity; Post-WWII; Cold War;

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (NATO Pact Ratification)

11:03:09 Senator John Foster Dulles in front of maps, SOF: The North Atlantic Pact has been approved by the Senate after the full consideration that it deserved. It is a logical extension of the Monroe Doctrine to Western Europe. The difference is that whereas the Monroe Doctrine was merely a decloration that we would fight, the Atlantic Pact binds other countries to fight w/ us. The combination is so strong that it probably will not be challenged & we will not have to fight which is of course what we want.

11:03:48 CU The North Atlantic Pact is a natural supplement to the Marshall Plan which was designed to preserve the free peoples of Europe from collapsing in the face of Soviet aggressive policies. The Pact, like the Marshall Plan, is in our interest because it will keep Russia from coming to the shores of the Atlantic.

11:04:06 MS The Pact does not require us to send arms, although we may later on decide that it is good business to do so. That is a matter to be considered, & being considered further by the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the Congress will later on come to a decision on that matter.

11:04:24 CU Now the fact that we have an Atlantic Pact does not mean that we have to have also a Pacific Pact, but I do believe that consideration ought to be given to stopping the spread of Communism in China & in Asia. It is good to protect ourselves on the Atlantic side but we must not forget that we are also exposed on the Pacific side.

11:04:45 MS The Atlantic Pact is a great step forward in American statesmanship, & it should give confidence to the free peoples throughout the world.

Cold War; 1949;

NOTE: NATO treaty was ratified 21Jul49

Title: Aviation News (Navy Air Training)

07:04:01 Navy men in white uniforms off large transport plane, walking to hanger. Boarding large plane, climbing out & inspecting fighter jets. Watch four fighter jets make low passes over airfield.

1949; Cold War;

The Telenews Daily - B-36 Hearings Continue (effectiveness of Naval Aircraft, USSR planes, Atomic Bomb)

11:28:34 Congressional committee.

11:28:42 MS of young Navy officer at microphone, SOF: In summary gentlemen, Navy jet fighters currently operate freely & effectively in the regions above 40,000 feet. They have proved their ability to intercept, overtake & shoot down targets that are much faster & more difficult than the B-36 class of bomber could be at its best.

11:29:09 MS Slightly older ?? officer, SOF: In the newsreels we have seen photographs of sleek, swept-wing jet fighters flying over Moscow. Also we know from press reports that fully modern Rolls Royce jet engines are available to several European countries, including Russia. With this infromation, an aeronautical engineer experienced in the fighter development game has no trouble forming a pretty accurate estimate of the merit of the jets seen flying over Moscow. It is revealing no secret to say that those fighters in combat ability are equal to, or better than, the best in this country today.

11:29:58 MS Navy Commander, Eugene Tatom, head of reserach & development for aviation ordnance, SOF: If we are forced to use the atom bomb we cannot afford to miss. Contrary to popular opinion, the effect of the atom bomb while completely devastating in the immediate vicinity of its burst, is rather limited in the area of its destruction. You could stand in the open at one end of the north-south runway at the Washington National Airport, with no more protection than the clothes you now have on, and have an atom bomb explode at the other end of the runway without serious injury to you. This idea is contrary to the general conception held by most people that the effect of the atom bomb is so wide spread that accuracy in bombing w/ it is not necessary.

1949 Military Propaganda; Cold War; Air Force;

Oct49 House Armed Forces Committee Hearing on strategy & unfication. Relates to Admirals Revolt.

Title: Washington Headlines (Congressman on introducing study for defense of Washington DC)

11:32:05 Man at microphone, SOF: The extreme vulnerability of Washington to atomic, or even more traditional, forms of bombing attack has long been a source of deep concern to me. Its obvious that one well-placed bomb might kill the President, all the members of his cabinet, the majority of the membership of the Congress, & all the occupants of the Pentagon. The consequent disruption of our political & military organization would be very difficult to exagerate. The resolution which I today introduced looks to a study of this situation by a special House committee of nine w/ a view to recommending suitable defensive measures. There is no secret about the existence of the problem. But of course the committee would not have to broadcast its recommendations, and it might well not wish to do so.

ca Oct-Nov49; 1949; Cold War; Atomic Bomb; Security; Civil Defense Preparations;

Title: Allen Appraises Support For Tito (Telenews Daily)

08:10:18 MCU at desk in front of painting, speaks SOF: I ve been asked why I think the United States should support Tito. Let s remember two cardinal points in American foreign policy: first, we support the Independence of small countries & oppose their domination from the outside. In the present quarrel between the Soviet Union & Yugoslavia, the Yugoslavs are struggling desperately to maintain their independence & their freedom from domination by Moscow. In a case of that kind we are on the side of the country that is struggling to maintain its Independence. Secondly, we are determined in our opposition to aggression. If we are to believe not only the propaganda of Radio Moscow & the Soviet propaganda agencies, but the official notes of Soviet officials, there exists at the present time a very definite threat of aggression in the world...doesn t mean that we approve of the government of Yugoslavia. We support independence, and oppose aggression.

Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist; Conservative;

NOTE: Senator James Allen, Democrat, Alabama.

The Telenews Daily (Acheson on China; Senate Investigation; NYC Teachers Trial; Pro-America Parade)

08:15:10 Title: News Of The Nation

08:15:15 MS Dean Acheson before microphone SOF: The United States desires to encourage in every feasible way the development of China as an independent & stable nation; able to play a role in world affairs suitable for a great & free people. The United States desires to support the creation in China of economic & political condidtions which will safeguard basic rights & liberties & progressively develop the economic & social well-being of its people. The United States is opposed to the subjection of China to any foreign power; to any regime acting in the interest of a foreign power; and the dismemberment of China by any foreign power whether by open, or clandestine, means. The United States will continue to consult w/ other interested powers in the light of conditions in the countries concerned & in the Far East as a whole, on measures which will contribute to the continuing security & welfare of the people of that area. The United States will encourage & support efforts of the United Nations to achieve these objectives & particularly to maintain peace & security in the Far East.

08:16:42 Grinning unid. Senator Hoey outside government building standing at mic.

08:16:51 The Senate Subcommittee on Investigations, of which I am chairman, has been engaged for several weeks now in making an investigation of those who were dealing with the government, and those who represented others, in an effort to obtain contracts or other considerations from the government, claiming that they had special influence & claiming fees for their service...I think this should prove beneficial....

08:17:34 Title: New York. Pickets outside government building, signs: veterans Mobilization to Free Winston. Judge Medina Stop Jailing Defendants; Dismiss the Indictments Against The Communist Leaders; Free The 12; Free Gus Hall.

08:17:54 Veterans up steps of Federal Courthouse; entering. Photographers. Veterans leaving. Heroic poster of Winston (?) swinging rifle by barrel. Marines at typewriters. Marine shows pretty girl Corps flag.

08:18:46 Fifth Avenue parade w/ color guard leading veteran units. Generals salute; civilians marching, small crowd watching.

Cold War; Communist Eleven Trial; Foreign Policy; Anti-Communism; Communists; Patriotism; Patriotic; I Am An American Parade (?)

NOTE: Henry Winston was a Black who headed American Communist Party;

The Telenews Daily - Germany

08:19:25 Anti-Soviet posters; Erhard speech poster. Girl & kids leafletting; men leafletting. CU caricature of Erhard. Pan across people sitting on rubble & beside destroyed buildings listening.

08:20:01 CU Erhard speaking (MOS). applause.

08:20:08 Banner on curtains in auditorium: Nationale Front Fur Einheit und Gerechten Frieden. People (mostly men sit down). Man at front speaking (MOS), men listening. Other speakers & applause. Swish pan

08:20:52 People crowded around entrance to Hotel Augusta (?) & people hurried in carrying bouquest. CU plaque: Franz Liszt, 1811-1886 People leaving (relatives?). Men enter limousine.

Post-WII; Composer; 1949; Cold War;

Protest - Pickets Denounce Peace Delegates; [Greek Independence Day Parade, NYC]

07:15:27 Ext. LS Waldorf-Astoria Hotel w/ placards of pickets. Shot from truck or top of car past w/ crowd, police & anti-Communist signs: Godless Communism; Stalin must free Romanian Zionists; Genocide is the Red Peace; Corrupt Intellectuals Join Commuism You Only Have Your Brains to Lose. People kneel in prayer on sidewalk. Several unid. VIPS.

07:16:12 Int. LS w/ dramatic lightening bolt on mural behind two-tiered dias. High angle of floor of hall w/ tables & seated delegates.

07:16:22 MCU Table w/ Henry Wallace & others.

07:16:30 Dias w/ Dmitri Shostakovich, ??? & Aaron Copeland.

07:16:34 CU Lillian Hellman, pan to ??, Shostakovich CU.

07:16:45 LS of dias & mural.

07:16:48 Ext. Plaque: Carnegie Hall...

07:16:50 LS Pickets outside Carnegie Hall w/ signs & placards. Line of policemen keeping entrance open. MS pickets & signs. Policemen keeping hecklers back.

Cold War; Celebrities; 1949; New York City; Cultural & Scientific Conference For World Peace;

07:17:23 Greeks in National Dress up Fifth Avenue along Central Park. Soldiers parading. Mayor O Dwyer & VIPs marching. Boy w/ flag. American veterans march w/ US flags. Greek Orthodox priest watching.

Ethnic; Greek-Americans; Celebration; Patriotism; Heritage; Traditional Parade;

Cold War - Airlift And Atlantic Pact Spur Peace Bid (Apr49)

22:29:20 Ext. of USSR Embassy, crowd of reporters & cameramen outside, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large Philip Jessup out of car & to doorway.

22:29:36 MCU Jacob Malik smiling. MS Talking w/ Andrei Gromyko. Swish pan...

22:29:47 MS Gasoline pumps, one labeled Leuna; guard post on sidewalk. View up street w/ WWII damage; police walking past ruins; CU patrolling. Swish pan...

22:29:58 Senator Vandenberg of Senate Foreign Relations Committee & Secretary of State Dean Acheson shake hands before hearing. CU Acheson. LS of Senators. LS of room.

22:30:24 Sd (SOF low) United Nations delegate Warren Austin testifies: We cannot be driven out of Berlin; and they are learning that the European Recovery Program cannot be defeated; that free nations will no longer permit themselves to be submerged one by one; that the Charter of the United Nations means what it says & that the overwhelming majority of the nations are determined to uphold the Charter and defend it. While this process continues we hopefully keep open the door to cooperation. If the North Atlantic Treaty is operated according to the letter & spirit of both the Charter and the treaty it can lift the cause of peace above any level yet attained.

1949 Cold War Statement; Anti-Soviet; Anti-USSR; Anti-Communism;

Nevada (Shah of Iran visits Hoover Dam, Dec49)

22:38:58 Shah Pahlavi of iran posing w/ ?? in front of building w/ sign: Las Vegas, Nevada.

22:39:00 Walking on Hoover Dam w/ civilian & military. Various views looking, cars driving across.

Government Visit; Dictators; Cold War; 1949; Water;

Atlantic Pact - Western Nations Mutual Defense Plan (Mar49)

20:51:12 Long narrow table w/ Dean Acheson & other delegates including Byrnes

NOTE: Treaty of Brussels was signed in Washington 17Mar49 by Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France & United Kingdom. North Atlantic Treaty was signed 04Apr49.

1949; Cold War; Defensive Treaty;

Cold War - Airlift And Atlantic Pact Spur Peace Bid (Apr49)

22:29:20 Ext. of USSR Embassy, crowd of reporters & cameramen outside, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large Philip Jessup out of car & to doorway.

22:29:36 MCU Jacob Malik smiling. MS Talking w/ Andrei Gromyko. Swish pan...

22:29:47 MS Gasoline pumps, one labeled Leuna; guard post on sidewalk. View up street w/ WWII damage; police walking past ruins; CU patrolling. Swish pan...

22:29:58 Senator Vandenberg of Senate Foreign Relations Committee & Secretary of State Dean Acheson shake hands before hearing. CU Acheson. LS of Senators. LS of room.

22:30:24 Sd (SOF low) United Nations delegate Warren Austin testifies: We cannot be driven out of Berlin; and they are learning that the European Recovery Program cannot be defeated; that free nations will no longer permit themselves to be submerged one by one; that the Charter of the United Nations means what it says & that the overwhelming majority of the nations are determined to uphold the Charter and defend it. While this process continues we hopefully keep open the door to cooperation. If the North Atlantic Treaty is operated according to the letter & spirit of both the Charter and the treaty it can lift the cause of peace above any level yet attained.

1949 Cold War Statement; Anti-Soviet; Anti-USSR; Anti-Communism;

Nevada (Shah of Iran visits Hoover Dam, Dec49)

22:38:58 Shah Pahlavi of iran posing w/ ?? in front of building w/ sign: Las Vegas, Nevada.

22:39:00 Walking on Hoover Dam w/ civilian & military. Various views looking, cars driving across.

Government Visit; Dictators; Cold War; 1949; Water;

The Telenews Daily - Washington Headlines (Protesting Dismissal of Adm Denfield, Oct49)

05:35:26 Man at desk SOF The dismissal of Admiral Denfield by President Truman yesterday came as a distinct shock; not only to me but likewise I am sure came as a shock to all the American people. I propose to fight this change w/ all the resources at my command. This attempt to close the mouths & stultify the minds pf these distinguished Americans in our Armed Services who are concerned over national defense planning. I sincerely hope that all Americans who cherish the right of expressing themselves freely on public matters will rise together in protest against this high-handed dictatorial arbitrary attitude that far more smacks of the Kremlin than of the Capitol of the United States.

October 1949; Protesting; Cold War; Admirals Revolt;

Note: Adm. Denfield was removed, Oct49, after testifying against the emphasis of B-36 program over the Navy aircraft program which Defense Sec. Louis Johnson had cancelled but which was later re-instated.

Title: U.S. Ambassador Visits Kremlin

05:44:41 American Ambassador in top hat arriving, up steps. Int. walking w/ military. Greeted by stern faced ?? & Andrei Gromyko. Amb. presents papers; hand shaking. Military attaches.

Cold War; Communists; Communism; Diplomats; Diplomacy; November 1949;

Note: Probably Alan Goodrich Kirk; (04Jul49 - 07Oct51)

Title: Aviation News

07:58:58 CU Nose art: Martin XB-51. MS plane on runway w/ pilot in cockpit.

07:58:55 Head-on view tractor pulling plane. Men looking; loading folded drag parachute into tail & closing panel. MCU taxiing, turning; ls taking off w/ JATO & steam?. Landing & parachute deploying.

Military Experimental Bomber Testing; Cold War;

NOTE: First flew on 28Oct49. XB-51 submitted in 1950 to AF but lost to English Electic Canberra which was renamed B-57A.

Title: England (King George on US Naval Ship; Madame Tussaud s Wax Museum)

08:00:22 LS US navy ship, Columbus (no. 74) at dock; CU US flag; MS signal flags. King George boarding, saluting & shaking hands. Revewing troops w/ Marine Honor Guard & US navy VIPs. On board battleship & seated beneath guns.

08:01:22 Title: England, Tito - Stalin Controversy (Gag Story)

08:01:27 Ext. Madame Tussaud s wax museum. CU sign: A Great Place To See The Geat.

08:01:35 Int. exhibit w/ Stalin & others. CU Tito statue. Two workers pick up & move Stalin statue to front, then move Tito statue next to him. CU Stalin, pan to Tito. Wax statue of Stalin measured for height, then Tito measured. Shows Tito taller by several inches.

Navy Maneuvers; Royalty; Cold War; Measurements; Exhibits; Popular Culture; Oddities; Gagss; Dictators;

NOTE: Heavy Cruiser USS Columbus was flagship of Atlantic fleet from Sep48 to Dec49 & Jun50 to Oct51. King George visited 08Nov49.

The Telenews Daily - Congressional Probe

01:00:20 Int. Hearing room w/ reporters & spectators. MCU of Adm. Louis E. Denfeld ?? wearing military ribbons before microphones.

01:01:34 Same man at desk reading statement (SOF): What does the Navy propose now should be done? First, expedite the report of the weapons evaluation group in order to determine the military worth of the B-36. Second, literally support the National Security Act & the Key West Agreement on roles & missions of the Armed Forces. Third, support the principal that each service, within budgetary limitations, be permitted to design & develop its own weapons. Fourth, provide the Navy adequate & appropriate representation in key positions within the Department of Defense. Fifth, limit the scope of activities of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to those specifically mentioned in the National Security Act. Sixth, in the present stage of unification it must be recognized that the views of a particular service are entitled to a predominant weight in the determination of the forces needed by that service to fulfiill its mission. The accomplishment of these points will not in itself solve all our national security problems. It will however, go far towards providing a framework which will permit a unified approach to the grave problems of national security. LS of hearing room.

Cold War; Admirals Revolt;

NOTE: Immediately after October Hearings Denfield was relieved of his command.

How To Get Along In France R1 of 3

CU Statue of Liberty. Two stack ocean liner in harbor seen from New Jersey w/ Manhattan skyline behind. Soldiers at rail watching water & statue. WWI & Army boarding ship; holding puppy. WWII leaving. Troop transport w/ soldiers in 1950s.

16:35:36 European map & France in middle w/ animation of USSR spreading across eastern Europe & hammer & sickles; viewpoint shifts to include Asia region. Hammer & sickle in western Europe countries operates as a 5th column . Flashing hammer & sickles w/ VO: its goal today .

16:36:14 NATO troops march in front of flags & past review stand. SHAPE HQ on map. Location of four air bases & arrow to Germany. LS & CU of NATO national flags flying; CU of French flag. French map superimposed over eastern US north of Ohio river.

16:37:10 Scenic tourist sites of Paris: Eiffel Tower; Opera House; sidewalk Cafe George V; Arc de Triumph; Notre Dame; churches; village; amphitheater. Riviera beachfront w/ people at tables. Grape vines on hillside above river, harvesting grapes. Granite mountains, skiing. Fisherman, coal miners, man scything hay. Heavy Paris traffic.

16:38:50 Troop ship docking at night. Daytime & two sailors walk along narrow sidewalk, stop & light cigarettes as two local men watch them walk past. Man selling L Humanite newspaper; torn wall poster against Ridgway. Staged hand putting U.S. Go Home sticker on inside of jeep window, seen by two soldiers returning to jeep. These are the work of your enemy & France s enemy. Interior of French government meeting. March of well dressed people. VO: Only 1% are card carrying members of Communist Party. Animation of graph. Strike & demonstration w/ police violence. Beating students.

16:40:57 Graphic of book cover: History of France. 1870 Franco Prussian war feature film scene. 1914 Troops on battle field. 1939 Germans thru ruins; French POWs marched by Germans. Burning buildings. Aerial of destroyed railyards of burned railroad cars. Ruins of buildings. German flag dropped; Naziis march. Graphics of years. Rifles out of barn for underground; woman w/ rifle. Resistance marching w/ rifles & flag. Blowing up buildings & explosions. Citizens march w/ V-sign & celebrate Paris liberation. POV from truck thru. Cheering & newspaper held up.

Cold War Propaganda; Indoctrination; 1950s; Anti-Communist; Communism;

How To Get Along In France R2 of 3

WWII fighting, USSR into Berlin fighting in warehouse, from windows, GOOD.

16:44:13 Exploding German Swastika on top of stadium.

16:44:20 CU man looking. Pan over destruction of city. French destruction; washing hanging on exposed rear floors of building. Construction. Quarry & large shovel & earthmoving equipment. Marshall Plan aid arriving in France w/ banner. Unloading flour into railroad cars. Ball bearings assembled; bicycle & people riding on streets in MCU. Unloading large equipment & moved on large trailers thru streets. Kids watching.

16:45:55 Electric power connected to towers; French electric railroad. People walking along streets w/ posters on wall; man lights cigarette & reads Communist poster; election posters for many parties.

16:46:49 View down Paris street lined w/ apartments on hillside. Man walking up stairs w/ shadows. Family at dinner eating out of stew pot on table; pouring wine father is king. VO re affection part of French character.

16:48:00 Street vegetable market, shopping & looking at lettuce, puts back. Pan over storefronts, shopkeeper exits & locks door, puts sign on door as closed for two hours. Sits down w/ men at outdoor cafe table & talking.

16:49:37 Farmer riding cart behind oxen; cutting grain, hauling hay. Threshing & straw blowing into pile. Man turning soil in garden; man w/ rotortiller tractor. They talk. CUs. Men talking & women walking past in village street as priest passes. Family eating at table, radio behind; all talking, MCU. Drinking wine w/ conversation & dinner. Bistro bar & drinking wine; cafe w/ couples sitting & talking. Outdoor Club de Paris talking, smoking. Tilt up to woman in tight sweater w/ coat off shoulder, prostitute; she lights cigarette.

16:53:18 Young couple leaving on date w/ girl s mother coming as chaperone. Man meeting girl s parents.

16:53:54 Paris cathedrals: Sacre-Coeur on Montmartre; Notre Dame w/ bicycles past. Jewish synagogue (?). US military w/ French women, taking pictures on date.

Cold War Propaganda; Indoctrination; 1950s; Anti-Communist; Communism;

How To Get Along In France R3 of 3

Neon lights of night clubs in Pigalle. Moulin Rouge.

16:55:01 Int. of large night club audience w/ can-can dancers in front of orchestra; two military couples w/ champagne bottle on table.

16:55:27 Sidewalk pissoir, boy s feet visible, leaves & mother waiting for him.

16:55:43 Ship at dock, soldiers carrying duffel bags & rifles off; boarding busses & waving to locals who wave back. POV on Champs Elysees and other traffic scenes. GI watching argument between drivers; policeman checking papers of drivers. Ext. of large railroad station; two GIs into taxi; talking over cafe table, waiter & tipping. Hotel desk & two sailors checking out; CU of bill. Buying & spreading out cash on top of counter. Frenchman looking.

16:58:08 Bar & two Frenchmen arguing; two sailors at next table.

16:58:24 French soldiers; Indochina; Tanks across river in Korea & fighting. French troops marching in military parade w/ officers saluting alongside. French troops boarding ship w/ packs, waving.

16:59:06 Animated map of air routes around Europe & w/ ships from US, Iceland etc.

16:59:32 Scenic of large square at Versailles w/ ornate buildings, 2 GIs & other tourists. Sculptures, busts of Montesquieu, Balzac, Pasteur, Rousseau, Cartier, Lafayette. Costumed re-creation w/ French troops firing cannons. Arc de Triumph; Opera House w/ pedestrians across square. MP talking to French policeman. GIs riding w/ woman down Champs Elysees following camera. Various servicemen & women in front of ??; at sidewalk shop & stalls. Uniforms of other NATO troops. NATO flags in parade.

Cold War Propaganda; Indoctrination; 1950s; Anti-Communist; Communism; Entertainment;

[Dew Line Construction Footage, 1955-1957] Pt. 1 of 2

Aerial over snowing landscape & earthmoving equipment scraping landing strip in gravel. Buildings & equipment w/ quonset huts. Radio or ?? antenna tower

16:00:42 C-124 4-engine plane over & comig in for landing; taxiing. Aerial.

16:01:05 Eskimo (?) women & children walking in heavy coats. Children pose for camera. Bright yellow bulldozer across snow on bright sunny day; pulling trailer w/ 55 gallon drums. Family walking down snowy road. Sled dogs on snow pile.

16:02:09 Steel frame of large garage or ??. Heavy mud & ??.

16:02:27 Bright orange corrugated metal airplane w/ single engine w/ external cylinders warming up (Junker W-34 cargo plane). Man w/ camera. CU tractor, truck, roadgrader past. Various tracked vehicles & pulling sled past. CU airplane ski.

16:03:33 Jeep pulling U-1 DeHavilland Beaver plane backwards. Pacific Western mechanic pumping gas into plane.

16:04:10 LS of vehicle on road, village against snow ridge. Aerial over snowscape, landing field below. Road w/ vehicles along. Dog team.

16:04:58 Road grader & earthmover building runway in mud. CU scraping.

16:06:12 Red flags lining snowcovered runway w/ road alongside. Single-engine ski-plane taking off. POV from plane. Aerial over runway, mountains.

16:07:11 Air Force officer, Col. Williamson ARDC representative from Western Electric & civilian, Mr. Baghall of Western Electric at table talking, looking at binder & plans. Talking w/ others at table.

16:08:59 Civilians in office, blackboard. Large man w/ bow tie stands & points to blackboard (not legible).

CU of man pointing, talking.

16:11:17 Large meeting of civilians & military around table discussing blueprints, models & samples of equipment.

Cold War Defenses; Canadian Arctic Construction; Canada; 1950s;

[Dew Line Construction Footage, 1955-1957] Pt. 2 of 2

Civilians around desk examining models of modules & foundations, blueprints. Man holds ?? .

16:16:58 Men at desk looking at model, talk; CU w/ model of buliding on pilings to keep above permafrost.

16:20:01 Classroom, man at blackboard pointing out ?? as men listening.

16:20:35 Earth moving equipment down large open surface, r-l.

16:21:32 Men around desk examining Arctic survival kit contents, pass things around. CU of gloves etc.

16:23:25 Men & women working in large government office; reading papers, writing & on telephones.

16:24:13 Men in conference room w/ map of Canada & Alaska on wall. Man points out location of DEW line; talk & respond.

16:26:18 Army men & civilians on dock w/ ship and crate hoisted behind.

Cold War Defenses; Canadian Arctic Construction; Planning; 1950s; Canada;

Target: Peace R1 of 2

Produced by Consolidated Vultee. Dedicated to US 8th Air Force, Strategic Air Comand...

Montage: Mule pulling grain wagon & harvesting w/ combine; logs into log pond; oil drilling & refinery. Man looking thru filter at furnace.

13:07:50 Montage Recreation w/ basketball, baseball & rocky coast beach scene. Downtown street scenes w/ medium city w/ pedestrians; night of large city & neon lights & cars. University, church & subrb w/ man putting golf bag into Studebaker. Couple gardening & daughter comes & gets coin. Look up and flight of ten or so B-36 planes over.

13:08:59 Aerial & ground shot of plant where B-36 built, Ft. Worth, Texas. Int. constructing planes, workers thru gates. Management, Floyd Odlum & Lamont Kohue (?) at table talking w/ others. Air Force officers; draftsmen & women office workers. Toolmakers working at machinery.

13:09:59 Tracking shot over assembly line of B-36; crane moving wing section; pilots canopy moved & fitted. Riveters; working inside the plane. Planes near completion w/ motors mounted. Men working on tail of plane dwarfed by size. Chow train brought onto floor for meals.

13:11:30 Twin engine plane cranked; wright brothers in biplane taking off. Diagram showing distance of first flight as half wingspan of B-36. Pearl Harbor newspaper headline. Hap Arnold at desk.

13:12:17 Hanger door opening for roll-out of B-36 pulled by small tractors whlie sitting on cradles. Aerial of Carswell Air Force Base AFB on opposite of field from Consolidated. Logos on building for 8th AF.

13:13:15 Gen. Roger Ramey speaking to officers in front of room. CU men listening. Others training in servicing the B-36 bomber. Starting motors on field.

Cold War; Leisure; 1950s; Propaganda

Target: Peace R2 of 2

Produced by Consolidated Vultee.

Men working on B-36, flight crew briefed in ffont of plane & board from front & back. Plane towed to taxi strip. Interior of cockpit w/ plot & handles; engines started and taxiing away from camera. View in cockpit. Control tower interior & flashing light, planes take off slowly seen from moving camera. Interior w/ man in bubble looking out. Man goes thru tunnel to rear shown in animated diagram. Men in plane in parachutes; crew laying on bunk.

13:16:23 Three B-52s in flight seen from alongside. Then more seen over countryside & farms at medium altitude. B-36 airmada ,.. planes.

13:17:35 Enormous earthquake bomb on carriage under plane for loading. Man signs bomb. Men looking at planning study. Montage of factory shots for manufacturing & assembly line; roll out. JATO mounted pods on wings of plane taking off. Transport version shown in flight. Plane on ground and Air Force officers standing in front on tarmac of landing including: Roger Ramey, Curtis LeMay, Carl Spaatz, Ira Eaker, William Kempner, Clements McMullen. Flyover. When reason fails, strength prevails. Many B-36 planes flying over.

Cold War; Leisure; 1950s; Air Power; Propaganda;

Your Eighty Dollars Pt. 1 of 3

Montage of rebuilding & rearming western democracy re NATO. 1948. Acropolis, Coliseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Notre Dame, Paris Opera, Tower Bridge, Istanbul Mosque. Talking about Marshall Plan. Ruins of war in various cities. Greek Orthodox priest among ruins.

16:30:47 Greek civil war fighting. Berlin & Cold War w/ signs of sectors. Map of Europe. Aerial of factory & heavy industrial activity. Steel, shipbuilding, dams.

16:32:04 London & people walking across bridge; Communist posters; people & kids in CU hungry. Communist demonstration & parade.

16:32:36 George Marshall speaking describing need for aid. Ships being loaded w/ crates, food, tires, barrels. ECA symbol on bags. Unloading grain, catepillars, handing out shoes to kids. Lines of people getting coal, machinery installed in factories. Communist demonstration & speaker to crows.

16:35:00 Title: 1949 year of Recovery. Rebuilding homes, factories. Men working, building, laying foundations.

16:35:38 Organization for European Ecconomic Cooperation meeting of 18 countries. Men looking at agriculture equipment, harvesting by machine & hand. Cleaning up Sardinia to get rid of malaria. Draining swamps. Housing projects rebuilt w/ scafolding around them. Draining farm land. Irrigation. Plowing. Farm family eating around table. Women buy food at market.

Post-WWII; Propaganda; Re-building; Economics;

[USSR - Shah of Iran & Wife Arrive & Tour ?? & Uzbekistan; Moscow]

Two-engine plane arrives; Iran, USSR & ?? flags on post. Shah in military uniform & wife off, shake hands. CU saluting. Walking, saluting, past Red Army soldiers at attention. Teenage girls & boys run out w/ bouquets.

12:20:26 Greeter, man, at microphones reading welcoming speech (MOS). Handshaking & Shah at mic (MOS).

12:20:46 Motorcade leaving airport, past people on sidewalk in front of apartment tower buildings.

12:20:57 LS War memorial w/ many steps, tourists. Sha & wife out of car, into ?? walking thru courtyard. Group standing in front of statue of ?? holding wreath. Motorcade leaving, row of industrial cranes on track. Power station & out of car looking at dam (?) or power station, CUs & MCUs.

12:22:12 River excursion boat from another. MCU of Shah & wife sitting w/ two men who point out sites. MCU of other women, USSR or ?? military officers

12:22:52 2-engine Russian plane arrives; Azerbeijan or ?? men w/ head wraps & robe-like shirts watch Shah, wife & others off plane. Receive flowers, natives applaud. Fountain w/ crowd watching as convertible w/ Shah leaves in motorcade w/ police escort, beneath banner welcoming to Uzbekistan.

12:24:05 In civilian clothes visiting collective farm, in potato Or ?? field, tractor cultivating. Journalists, farmers & politicians w/ him. Inside dairy barn. Walking w/ wife & others into kindergarten & girl doing folk dance while other young kids clap in rhythm. Large luncheon table. Toast raised. Slug.

12:26:03 POV across desert looking out of railroad car past USSR army soldiers, farm houses. Men reading letter. Through city. Military in freight car doorway receiving flowers from girls. Soldiers shake hands, kiss. People wave. Slug.

12:26:52 USSR Soviet meeting hall w/ delegates applauding. Khrushchev enters, Bulganin next to him. Pan down to Shah Pahlavi & Soraya watching. MCU CU w/ headset listening. Orientals listening. LS of delegates. ?? at microphone (MOS). Molotov & ?? behind K. CU men & women listening. Bulganin at mic (MOS).

Cold War Diplomacy; 1950s;

[Korea: F-86 related Scenes] (ca 195?)

01:15:35 Jet bombing hillside in Korea, explosion. Various jets dive bombing; MCU officer watching w/ binoculars. Bunker & trenches on Korea mountains. Firing from below & explosions across valley.

01:16:55 F-86 taking off.

01:17:18 PoV shot from plane alongside row of parked F-86 fighter jets, only tails visible.

01:18:08 MCU airman driving jeep. View alongside two F-86 jets taxiing; alongside in flight. Aerials from different angles, planes peel off into dive. CU of single F-86 w/ extended spoiler for drag.

Korean War; 1950s Cold War;

National Civil Defense & Defense Mobilization Readiness, Pt. 1 of 3

Office of Civil & Defense Mobilization

Presenter Terry Kennedy (thin moustache) introduced by ??. Kennedy ...let s consider the expression total defense, what is it... Diplomatic, military & nonmilitary or civil defense. Discusses each as lines of defense. Survivors of attack based on civil preparations.

08:03:08 Illustration showing DEW line, mid-Canada line, Pine Tree Chain; Ocean defenses etc. US map of National Warning System & sectors & communication routes. Command Communicastions Network w/ Battle Creek, Michigan HQ. Explains CONALRAD, holds small transistor radio.

08:05:54 Relocation by federal government discussed, stills shown, includes Portland, Oregon hillside building.

08:07:07 CU of weather report wind patterns of fallout distributed 4x a day.

08:07:55 K. standing by table w/ various instruments distributed by government to schools: geiger counter, a survey meters, dosimeters, charger, calibration source etc. 170,000 trained so far. Stills of training, stockpiles of food, water, etc. (poor quality).

08:10:19 K. in MS talking about food inventory & medical inventories; and locations of emergency hospitals.

08:11:42 Two types of protective masks shown.

Cold War Lecture film; Protection; 1950s; Government Propaganda; Atomic War; Nuclear Threats;

National Civil Defense & Defense Mobilization Readiness, Pt. 2 of 3

CU of Chemical Warfare Detection Kit which is being distributed to the states. Still of equipment warehouse stored in 45 engineering stockpiles; stills of large equipment. Talks of readiness of the states; map shown of 8 OCDM regions. Still of mother & 3 children in civil defense shelter. Talks of continuity of state governments & protection of records.

08:16:32 Non-military defense & Federal Government direction. The National Plan booklet shown; explains various role of cabinet departments.

08:18:11 Illustration of Regional Underground Center, Denton Texas.

08:19:00 Model of underground outdoor shelter shown in cross sections. Above ground shown & basement constructed shelter. Offers plans from civil defense offices.

08:21:15 CU of National Emergency Alarm Repearter, NEAR, use thru power lines. County monitoring stations described.

Cold War Lecture film; Protection; 1950s; Preparations; Government Propaganda; Atomic War; Nuclear Threats;

National Civil Defense & Defense Mobilization Readiness: Food And Fallout, Pt. 3 of 3

CU of geiger counter & clicking sound. Lecturer Richard Rasmussen explaining precautions w/ food exposed to fallout. CU V-8 juice can, cardboard milk carton, banana, cabbage, fruit in plastic bag. What is Nuclear fallout? At blackboard w/ chalk drawing describes & effect of distance & shielding or shelter.

08:26:07 Hits erasers together & chalk dust in air slowly falling. Takes geiger counter reading of tin can, then uses tissue & alcohol as detergent to remove from can surface. Takes reading w/ tissue then burns it in ashtray. Opens can, pours juice & checks that there is no radiation, then drinks it. Checks milk carton, opens carton & pours milk & no radiation so drinks it. Tests banana, after peeling radiation removed & eats it after checking w/ radiation survey meter.

08:30:40 Checks head of cabbage & its radioactive on outside. Peels outer leaves, checks & no response. Plastic bag checked outside & inside, and inside has radiation. Checks apple from inside & its safe.

08:33:22 CU Ashes in ash tray are radioactive.

08:34:54 This knowledge can save your life. The End.

Cold War Lecture film; Protection; 1950s; Preparations; Government Propaganda; Atomic War;

H-Hour ...Minus Ten

05:33:06 Night, Color, MCU man listening to loudspeaker, lights match & looks at wristwatch. View over Yucca Flats w/ just beginning light, light over cactus, silhouetted troops visiting; man lights cigarette. Tower over Ground Zero, early light & in daylight. Measuring instruments,

05:34:30 Car, buildings, military equipment to be tested for blast effect. Soldiers into slit trenches; large warehouse type building, railroad cars, bridges on steel piers, aircraft parked. Redi-mix concrete truck backed up to tree in hole to anchor in concrete. B-29 bomber, other planes. We are engaged in the grim business of survival. The fate of our nation could well depend on our progress in atomic weaponry...

05:35:21 Base of large tower, officers inspecting equipment. Man putting mannequin into car. Tower w/ cables, man at electronic recording equipment.

05:36:04 Pan across sagebrush & cactus. Blast. B-29. Blast on ground w/ cloud rising. Atomic cannon firing & explosion w/ cloud rising.

05:37:00 Men meeting around table. Large truck arriving at gate w/ two large crates. Soldiers showing identification at gate, coming & going. Quonset hut w/ sign on door: Headquarters Test Command, men enter. Officers w/ clipboards.

05:38:05 4-engine plane overhead; men at various monitoring points. Bomber & figher jet taking off. Drawn map showing test sites.

05:38:38 Entrance to military housing at Camp Mercury; aerial over Desert Rock encampment for troops participating in tactical maneuvers during test. Road running between Frenchmans Flat & Yucca Flat. Pan over control building, cars parked outside, w/ dry lake beyond. Int. briefing by various specialists, weather effect charts used.

05:40:20 Men on top of bulidings put on dark glasses; countdown. Blast & lighted group.

05:40:47 Blast effect rolling over jeeps, dust clouds, collapsing warehouse building, railroad cars blown over.

05:41:02 Trees bending, building walls blown in. Arrival of shock wave, men in trenches.

05:41:11 Mushroom cloud in sky rising; men watching. CU match burning. Mushroom cloud & tilt down stem to base. The End.

1950s; Atmospheric Atomic Test Program; Atmosphere; Explosions; US Government Propaganda; Cold War; Nuclear Testing;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 1 of 2

Office of Civil And Defense Mobilization

Elementary school children writing at desks, interrupted by civil defense warning horn, CU. Empty hallway & kids walking out of classrooms.

08:36:33 Storm clouds, CU sign: tornado shelter. School nurse & boy. School bus w/ lights flashing, cars on highway in residential area & school crossing signs. Traffic stops. Older man gesturing kids across four lane street.

08:37:27 Atomic cloud. City rooftops & tall buildings tilt down to school playground. Rural schools. Manuals for civil defense programs. School board meeting & plan presented (SOF) in rural drawl & using flip chart on Protection Program. CUs of board members, on e smoking in CU. Secretary taking notes.

08:39:41 CU sign: Superintendent s Office. Staff meeting, CU of various employees & tasks named. Other meetings, nodding. Model of school, looking at architectural drawings.

08:41:57 LS of school cafeteria full of students. Men surveying basement of school for converting to shelter; kids painting & building theater sets. Old school & playground; school shop & kids at machines & tables.

08:43:06 School kids out of building, onto bicycles & riding home. High school & kids leaving on school buses. Wall map & two men point & look.

08:44:03 CU of Civil Defense logo on tall siren & view past. CU horn. People into large building, CU feet. Indoor warning system w/ telephone operator at switchboard. Principal at public address system reading from note paper. Desktop Civil Defense dialer that starts horn, bells. Principal on public address system; chart: Know Your Schools Emergency Warning Plan.

Cold War Lecture film; Protection; 1950s; Preparations; Government Propaganda; Nuclear Threats;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 2 of 2

Teacher opening door & high school students leaving classrooms, down stairs, teachers monitoring & watching.

08:47:54 Move thru large empty room. School cafeteria manager checking food supplies, blankets. CU of water valves. Battery powered radios, CUs. CU telephone w/ civil defense logo. Other supplies, geiger counters. Emergency power generator.

08:49:16 Children playing games on floor in large. Rockville, Maryland fireman explaining equipment as young kids listening. Fifth grade kids making posters of home preparedness; boy shows teacher who reads it, nods approvingly & she puts on bulletin board w/ thumbtacks; leads duscussion as kids look. First aid lesson in gymnasium w/ school nurse showing how to splint arm, bandage. School cooks showing tenth grade girls how to prepar food; cafeteria serving line; kids in crowded cafeteria talking, eating.

08:52:30 High school student taking notes as teacher behind desk lectures on American Government, points at blackboard. Boy testing foods w/ geiger counter in physics class as others watch.

08:54:09 CU Lincoln Junior High School P.T.A. Program...guest speaker Civil Defense Director. At lectern, SOF. CU parents listening. Five points for survival for home explained. Points at model of family fallout shelter.

08:56:23 summary of film s points.

08:57:42 Montage of many schools. Students in classrooms. The End.

Cold War; Atomic Threat; Nuclear Protection; 1950s; Preparations; Students; Government Propaganda;


Large massed parade of communists on Mayday in Berlin. France demonstration against Marshall plan aid. Tokyo students riot. Homefront communism at Union Square NYC. Soviet functionary for UN Valentin Gubitchev deported following conviction.

Spy / Spies. Cold War.

Der Frieden Erobert Die Welt Reel 6

Pro-Soviet World Peace Congress in Warsaw November 16th-22nd 1950.

Congress in progress - delegates gather in hall. Close shots various named delegates incl Greek Orthodox bishop Nikolai, poet Pablo Neruda (06:11:30), Pudovkin ? (06:11:48). Delegate takes stand and makes speech in French most of which has German voiceover. Delegates applaud. Prof. Leopold Infield makes speech re science s role in maintaining peace. Dmitri Shostakovich (06:13:41) addresses congress. British delegate takes stand and says she has just arrived from Sheffield after winding up conference which was banned by the Britihs Government. French African delegate speaking in French to congress. Indian delegate Dr. Atal speaking. Vincento Lombardo Toledano of Mexico denounces Yankee Imperialism . Cleric / Dean of Canterbury? on podium. Indonesian delegate speaking. Marinello from Cuba about American Imperialism; John Miller Scottish delegate speaking. 06:18:04 American delegate - Howard Fast? Black American delegate speaking. Polish Cleric speaking. Johannes Becher from GDR speaking.

Other speakers mentioned on card are Nazem el Kodsi and Ilya Ehrenburg.

(response to Korean War); cold war;

First Films from North Korea since 1945

Scenic shots mountains. Korean students in Russian medical school. Students in laboratory. North Korean culural leaders visiting Moscow. Kremlin under snow.

16:28:12 Korea - Cultural ambassadors address open air meeting - citizens salute. Primitive farming / agriculture. Lan reform - collective farming.

16:29:02 Hydro-electric dam. Electricity pylons. Interior power station. Heavy industry - steelworks.

16:29:32 Children going to school - classroom - children taught Russian - girl writes Stalin on blackboard. University science students. Korean girls doing traditional dance. Korean artist working on communist poster. Korean society for cultural relations with Russia - translating Russian literature including biography of Stalin.

16:30:45 Election day - floats - parades and banners - people voting at polls.

Ends abruptly.

Cold War

Labor Day 1950

Unidentified man in civilian clothes speaking at microphone - says US again challenged by the enemies of peace and liberty in the World. American men in battle in Korea. On homefront worker has rolled up his sleeves. Says the military and labour forces are working as one. Speech more or less repeated - different camera position.

Cold War

San Francisco Kids get Disaster Tags

Children file into classroom and have tags placed round neck. Children standing under blackboard Today is Tag Day . Cold War

Red Menace - It Happened in Europe It Can Happen At Home

May Day parade - Crowd marching with banners against atomic arms & placards re Joliot-Curie in France. Joliet & Curie marching (?).

05:27:29 Swish pan to Berlin, East and West, and large parade w/ flags. Very large crowds. Male & female soldiers marching, people watching. Crowds running & chased by police in area of WWII damage.

05:28:33 Swish pan to Mosinee, WI. Staged anti-communist propaganda - Empty street & policeman arrested by soldiers, other city officials 'arrested' including newsmen. Censoring paper 'The Red Star'. Hammer & Sickle being hung; notices in windows. Soup kitchen; checking i.d.s. People marched to assembly point to listen to speeches.

Communism; Cold War; Peace demonstration.


Large massed parade of communists on Mayday in Berlin. France demonstration against Marshall plan aid. Tokyo students riot. Homefront communism at Union Square NYC. Soviet functionary for UN Valentin Gubitchev deported following conviction.

Spy / Spies. Cold War.

[Japan, Tokyo May Day Demonstration & Parade] (01May50)

Flags & banners, crowds of Japanese listening, CUs. Soviet dancers, speakers at microphones. Crowd listening, some in trees. People cheer, large moving picture crane visible.

14:49:23 Marchers parade w/ placards thru streets. People on buildings throw confetti. Stalin on placard. 14:51:02 Rally w/ band playing on stand. Japanese kids dancing on stage a la Soviet peasant dances. 14:54:11 Various people at mics. Puppet play & elaborate costumed actors - political effigies.

Communists; Communism; Cold War; Post-WWII Occupied Japan;

[May Day Parade 1950 - Poor quality]

Huge crowds in Red Square march past reviewing stand on Lenin s Tomb in parade carrying banners.

Josef Stalin, Molotov, Malenkov, Beria, Shvernik, Budennyi, General Popov review the parade. Youth groups, ecstatic girls & children praise Stalin as the announcer speaks of the "happy people united under Lenin and Stalin". Funfair amusement rides. Night shots & a post-parade celebration follows with a carnival, dancing and fireworks.

Cold War; Propaganda; Communism; Communists;

Two Views On Socialism

Coronet Film


11:13:06 Tacky sign on door School Forum - Today s Topic SOCIALISM Five students at table & one talks to camera. Why study socialism? United States is richest nation on earth & this has been brought about under a Capitalist System... They debate, half reading from notes. Argue Socialists (peaceful) vs Communists (violent). One student plays wire recording.

11:15:18 Cut to man at microphone recording, It is my personal belief that Capitalism is unjust... Talks to camera. Cut to factory scenes and heavy work. Residential house, wooden housing. Erosion caused by Capitalism, other things due to lack of planning of the economy.

11:17:05 Family & husband comes home & greets two kids & wife. He works in government owned steel mill. Reads newspaper w/ no advertising, daughter shows new shoes bought at government store. Son is getting ready for college. VO explains how everyone is happy, thru an orderly society.

11:19:25 Boy plays another recording by a man who replies on behalf of Capitalism. He shows another look at the steel mill owned by stockholders. Workers leaving plant, pay window, various work scenes. Women assemble electrical goods.

11:21:32 Woman in kitchen with modern wonders . Son comes in & looks at cake. Average homes of wokers -- upper middleclass houses. Family out of house & into car.

11:22:55 Erosion & comments on industry & government are correcting mistakes. Oil drilling.

11:23:25 Same family scene but VO says the man hasn t worked very hard, why shoulkd he? He isn t working for himself but for the community and community isn t doing too well as production is down. He puts down the son s education plans, people can t object to the plans. CU son fidgeting & upset over things.

11:25:48 Man continues talking to the camera against Socialism. How far have we gone with government ownership & control...

11:26:37 Student moderator talks to camera. What does Socialism mean to you?

Cold War; Propaganda; Educational film; Indoctrination;

Marshall Plan At Work, The - In Western Germany

Rubble & destroyed buildings, statue. Staged: car pulls up in street w/ destruction, exchange of Camel cigarettes for gunny sack w/ man walking, then drive off (Black Market).

06:08:49 1950 & people shop from vendors of vegetables, cigarettes. Pharmacists, drug manufacturing in Hersh, Germany; penicillin. Sign: Telefondbau Und Normalzeit. Women work in factory; men work in factories. Clock manufacturing w/ many clocks. GOOD. Mnaufacturing & assemblying ??

06:10:53 Toolmaker working; manufacturing coinbox, motorcycles, motorbikes, bicycles on assembly line. Typewriters assembled & tested. Polishing lenses. Precision gears inspected on comparometer.

06:12:51 Man checking cameras. Woman taking picture.

06:13:06 Farming w/ horses; woman stacking shocks of grain. Men threshing. Oxen, sheep grazing. Men picking potatoes. Digging w/ mechanical digger behind horses.

06:14:36 Fertilizer plant ext. & interior w/ conveyors, large machinery.

06:15:00 Refugee woman & two children crossing a bridge over railyard, walking down past camera to barracks. CU sign: Zon. Durchgangslager Giessen - Dienststelle. Walking across yard. Tracking shot past people standing outside barracks for Displaced Persons (DPs). Playing guitar outside, women in windows. Older woman holding umbrella. Kids playing, MCU. Woman taking down clothes from line. Woman sewing in barracks as man watches. Women out door w/ pails. Kids washing in large washroom. Food passed around from window. Bread handed out.

06:17:18 Boy eating outdoors; old woman eating soup, young girls eating around table. Older people eating around table. Bald man sitting w/ head bowed outdoors/

06:18:01 Destroyed neighborhood w/ large houses in background & trucks past on street. People walking. Construction & rebuilding w/ bricklayers, carpenters. Town fountain w/ statue above. Cars past & poster of Marshallplan. The End.

Post-WWII Rebuilding; ERP European Recovery Plan; Propaganda; Cold War; Anti-Soviet;

Helmstedt (Kleine Stadt - Grosses Leben) R1 of 2

Produced by Sud-West Film

Tilt down to city streets & ornate old builings of Helmstedt, pedestrians, winter & horse pulling dairy cart over cobblestone street. CU cat, delivery man w/ bottles in basket. Woman opens shutters; tea kettle whistling.

07:13:01 Steam train into passenger station; CU wheels & drivers. Loudspeaker in CU Map w/ Helmstedt on board of British & Soviet sectors of Germany. Newspaper headlines. Antenna. Map animated to pull apart at border.

07:14;00 Helmstedt railroad platform, packed train. Man climbing thru window; others along platform. CU in carriages & people & passport papers. Customs searching upholstry & baggage. Chef & waiter look out window. Conductor signalling for train to leave for Berlin. Pulling out of railroad yard past camera seen from control tower.

07:15:31 Passengers out of Berlin platforms; strollers, rucksacks & boarding busses. Climbing on back of trucks. Currency exchange window (?) & people exchanging money outside. Blackmarket. Soldiers inspecting bags. Woman dumps purse full of cigarette packages. Window shopping from outside & inside. Chocolate, woman walks w/ girl down sidewalk.

07:17:18 Sign: Bahnhofsmission II over bell on gateway. People lined up getting food from barracks like building. Man drinking frm mettal cup; others eating from tin cans. Bunks & crowded room; playing cards, reading, smoking. Kids outside on teeter totter; being given food. Girls gardening in makehift windowbox. Boys play ball; kids eating & men w/ cafeteria tray. Many people at counter filling out forms. People laying on beds.

07:19:15 Overhead shot of railroad train of coal cars passing beneath. Otehr freight cars. Harbor & unloading crates; railroad yard activity. Train runbys; runovers; runbys. Highway & bus & truck. Volkswagen; truck traffic on autobahn. Empty bus pulling up to English sector checkpoint. Continued...Post-WWII Germany; Cold War; Families;

Helmstedt (Kleine Stadt - Grosses Leben) R2 of 2

Building w/ Helmstedt painted on corrugated metal. Sign: Berlin Autobahn Control Unit. High angle shot of busses & cars, some people, outside various buildings Man carrying & selling newspapers; CU selling cigarette packs & souvenirs. Unloading suitcases onto wagon. People crowding into building & interior opening bags for customs. Woman tightening straps tightly on bag.

07:21:24 Outside & people pulling carts of bags across no-man s land. Signs & Express cafe. Int. & woman putting 33rpm lp onto phonograph. People eating sausages, drinking beer, coffee. Men sitting at table.

07:22:16 Soviet flag flying on pole. Soldier w/ rifle at border checkpoint. LS trucks backed up at inspection point. People walking, standing. Row of cars passing the standing trucks. People waiting in trucks. Truck of sides of beef hanging, back door closed. Load of wilted vegetables. Trucks passing. Trucker w/ sodleris inspecting load. Papers stamped. POV past standing line of trucks.

07:23:55 Border patrolled by soldiers w/ rifles. Crowd of people on otherside in woods waiting. Woman points group away from fence. Walkign thru woods. Soldier patrolling. Soldier checking papers of women & others in group.

07:25:18 People move away from camera. Walk past sign; Russian Zone. Groups going both ways. Cu men smoking cigarettes in trees; people crossing wooden bridge on small road, truck past. Sheep herded along road.

07:26:06 POV past line of trucks; people walking on autobahn. Montage of faces, railroad platform, newspapers, telephone, airplanes. man speaking. Truman, Attlee & Stalin. Pan over Helmsted. The End.

Post-WWII Germany; Cold War; Families; Anti-Communist; Divisions;

Preparedness And National Security Pt. 1 of 2

15:11:55 Aerial over destroyed European city; kids thru rubble, refugees w/ babies crying. United Nations General Assembly.

15:12:28 People lining street watching parade w/ large banners w/ hammer & sickle. GOOD Nazi parade & rally w/ banners. Japanese bowing to military officers in formal dress. Pan over UN Security Council

15:13:00 Ext w/ NATO flags & CU of US flag over WWII ships & landings in Pacific, flame throwers.

15:13:24 Title: 1917 Montage w/ large railroad artillery firing, men out of trenches, artillery, biplanes, tanks. Armistice Day celebrations.

15:13:54 Disarmament Conference int. & signed document from Versailles. Blowing up battle ship. Good WWI explosion, sinking ship hull.

15:14:16 Large drafting room, men working & looking at plans.

15:14:20 Title: ARMY over map of US. NAVY over map. Air Force over map, w/ names into squares of relative size.

15:14:33 POV of waves in ocean. Military equipment: machine guns, trucks w/ artillery, tanks. Training w/ guns of wood firing flour bombs at tank, beer cans. Sign on side of truck Tank & driven across field.

15:15:01 Boiling clouds, lightening. War montage: artillery firing. China & Japanese; Ethiopia; Czechoslovakia; Poland; Artillery; Nazi ships, planes, tanks. Firing enormous guns. Parachuting from German planes. Naziis into Paris. Night, planes, London & tracers, wall collapsing. Romania signing surrender, German planes over Bulgaria; Athens, Greece. Russia & digging canal or tank trap. Bombs out of plane. Pearl Harbor (GOOD). Signing surrender in Germany, on Battleship Missouri.

15:16:59 Raising American flag on Wake Island. Bodies floating in surf at beach. Bataan death march. Corrigador inside concrete bunker.

15:17:43 Digging thru bombed wreckage, removing bodies. England burning. Ships at sea.

15:18:10 Montage: Industry to war. Chimneys w/ smoke; equipment in factory manufacturing arms.

15:18:30 Truman signing document at round table, flash photographers. Military advisory committee at table meeting. CU pamphlet: A Program For National Security May 29, 1947 Opened & pages flipped. Highlighted: A Strong, Healthy Educated Population. Montage: Factory interiors. Woman on potato harvester, fishermen, men & women workers; ext. of high school w/ day & evening classes. Hospital operating theater, large equipment; people on street in city; factory chimneys; grain harvest.

15:19:57 Koreans w/ flags cheering Allied troops advancing on road. Large scaffolding w/ UN insignia drapped on banner above speakers table, pan over large gathering. UN buildnig from across East River.

15:20:23 1921 (?) soldiers marching past camera. 1940s jets in formation seen from air to air. Aircraft carrier & other ships. Formation of many B-36 bombers.

20th Century Military History Overview; Educational Films; Propaganda; Cold War;

Preparedness And National Security Pt. 2 of 2

15:20:54 CU National Security Act of 1947 w/ Amendments of 1949 on cover page. Open to Title 1 - Coordination For National Secrity - National Security Council. MCU Truman at table w/ Council around him. Page turns to: Central Intelligence Agency.

15:21:24 High angle of Red Square & tanks, trucks, guns on parade w/ VIPs watching.

15:21:50 Scientist at microscope; factory w/ chimneys smoking.

15:21:54 Mao off railroad & shaking hands in USSR. Montage of signs of US intelligence agencies & divisions. Research analyst at work at desk. Truman & National Security Council.

15:22:28 Montage of WWII weapons: flame thrower, planes, boats, tanks, V-2 rocket fired, bazooka, homing torpedo launched, rockets launched from land & ships. Radar antenna infield.

15:23:03 Text: Highlighted Research And Development Board. Navy research lab experiments; aviation experiment. Montage of testing men & equipment. Equipment in wet, dry, hot, cold. Test chambers. Model of jet, testing prototype jet, moving radioactive material, men at radar stations; electronics tested & training. Launching balloon; teletype; camera from stratosphere & underwater.

15:25:30 Steel mill & heavy industry manufacturing; airplane, ship & tank construction. Military equipment.

National Security Resources Board. Oil field derricks; coal train; tanks on flatcars past; moving crates on planes, trains, trucks, barges. Large pileline. Warehouse, loading ships. Workers out of factories. Women working. Kids playing.

15:27:08 Map of USA w/ shadows over bombers coming from northwest & explosive markers. Radar warning screen illustrated w/ animation. Meeting to plan ground observer corps. Training in desert & at maps. Bombed aftermath in Japan after atomic bomb. Water supply w/ leaking pipe freezing. Firefighting.

15:29:14 MCU Pamphlet: State Civil Defense Plan - Governors Committee Report. Meeting w/ Director of Civil Defense & assistants. Telephone operators; New Jersey State Police car & officer on phone. Dams & reservoirs. Workers out of war plants; nurses working. Civil Defense Meeting at table.

15:30:55 Fire trucks out, aerial & ground shots of large fires. Soldier dusting inside men s pants & shirts w/ DDT. Women outside shacks at tent city washing clothes (1930s?). Men eating in tent. State Police & stretchers out of van. Geiger couktner & gas mask. Blood bank. Coast, planes & moutain shots. Neighborhoods, town centers, aerial over Manhattan. (end SP).

15:32:07 Capitol, Truman before Congress, family at radio, farm laborers, factory, military Generals. Government military meeting.

Note Abrupt ending on US Capitol Building on SP. 35 seconds more on Digibeta.

20th Century Military History Overview; Educational Films; Propaganda; Cold War; Technology;

The Telenews Daily - Korean Crisis (Pres. Rhee speaks)

07:48:22 Photographers & cameraman as Koreans come out of ?? & pose in Washington, DC.

07:48:38 MCU of Ambassador ?? at microphones SOF: Now we are only asking for more ammunition, and more arms to fight with. We are not asking for American troops to shed their blood for us. But we are determined to fight & shed our own blood to defend our country, defend democracy & the will of the people of the world.

07:49:29 Secretary Louis Johnson w/ military & civilians around table w/ linen tablecloth & water glasses. Gen. Bradley among them, sitting & posing.

07:49:44 Defense Secretary Louis Johnson at microphone outdoors SOF: The effect of the present attack by North Korean forces will not be known for several days. If South Korea fails to hold it will be evidence of outside assistance. Although we have given military aid to South Korea for a comparatively short time, those in a position to know feels it has been quite effective and that they have made substantial progress in providing for a proper defense.

07:50:32 President Sygman Rhee in front of Korean flag (SOF): They have no reason or right to be there & we believe the forces should withdraw immediately from Korea. They say they have withdrawn but if they have we demand that they should prove it by inviting the United Nations commission to visit that part of the country & freely hold elections under its observation, the same as we have held in South Korea.

07:51:27 Following has Korean visuals from post-WWII over Rhee s speech continuing... I want our friends in the United States to know that we are engaged in the midst of a war, a real war. You people in America call it a Cold War, but our war is a little too hot for us to call it a Cold War...we don t mind however, we are fighting for the security & protection of our lives & property. Sometimes we are fighting for the very life of our nation. So long as all the other democracies in the world are fighting for the same principle they are fighting for us & we are fighting for them. So, we are not fighting alone & in the end we will all come out right.

Korean War Outbreak; 1950;

Note: Pre-19Sep50 when Johnson was replaced by Truman.

The Telenews Daily - Senate - State Dept Liaison Urged

01:27:07 MS Southern Senator, Tom Connally (D-Texas), at microphone speaks (SOF): The foreign relations of the United States have become more & more complex in recent years, by reason of the fact that we have activities in a great many countries. It has therefore appear to me to have the Committee On Foreign Relations subdivided into a number of subcommittees, each one of which will more or less specialize on problems that will arise in some particular area of the world. Therefore I am advocating the establishment by the full committee of eight subcommittees placing upon each of them an experienced & trained member of the committee. This will afford an opportunity for members generally to consult w/ each particular subcommittee about vital questions which they are studying. I have advanced this program on the idea that it will not only improve the study by the Foreign Relations Committee of these intricate problems but will afford contact, more immediate contact, w/ the Department of State while it is formulating exective policies with regard to foreign relations.

Diplomatic Controls; Diplomacy; Cold War; 1950

Title: Lie Criticized By Bridges (Styles Bridges & Margaret Chase Smith; Germany & British Journalist Defects)

02:19:14 Senator Styles Bridges standing in front of Capitol speaks (SOF): The issue of whether or not to seat Communist China in the United Nations is a crucial test of Sec. Acheson s total diplomacy. To seat Soviet China means to expell our wartime ally & long-time friend Nationalist China, one of the very founders of the United Nations. Unless Trygvie Lie withdraws his proposals to seat Communist China in the United Nations, Senator Nolan & I propose that the United States instruct its delegates to the United Nations to move for the selection of an impartial Secretary General of the United Nations to succeed Trygvie Lie.

02:20:08 Title: Sen. Smith Reports On Europe s Fears. Margaret Chase Smith in front of Capitol speaks (SOF): Five days in Florence, Italy attending the UNESCO conference does not qualify me to come back & speak about conditions in Europe; I did come back however w/ the feeling that everybody is living from day to day, living w/ the feeling of fear for the future security. I was more than ever impressed w/ the need for better understanding among the peoples of the world if we are to reach our goal for security & permanent peace.

02:20:57 Title: Berlin - British Newsman Deserts West

02:21:02 Journalists (?) taking notes, man at front speaking (MOS). Man gets up & goes to microphone & reads (SOF) in German:

MS people listening, applaud when he finishes. People stand & leave.

Anti-Communism; 1950; 1950s; Post-WWII; Cold War;

Title: Ex-G.I. Arraigned On Spy Charges (Unidentified)

03:59:47 Courthouse exterior. Man in handcuffs walked out & into Marshal s van, leaves thru streets.

1950; Cold War; Arrested;

Title: New York (Police w/ Geiger Counters)

09:36:15 Police w/ geiger counter checking containers; osciliscope type tube w/ electic charge moving. Radium label on lead cylinder container, nurses carries to window & removes small pellet w/ long tweezers; police carry geiger counter & locate.

1950 Civil Defense; Atomic Fear; Radiation; Safety; Cold War;

The Telenews Daily - Truman Approves Hydrogen Bomb

11:11:37 MOS. Pan of Congressmen & Senators (?) sitting around u-shaped table w/ Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson.Cold War; Thermonuclear Bomb; Weapons;

NOTE: Truman gave approval 31Jan50.

Title: Denounces China Double Talk (also Finland-Russian Pact; Norway Military)

07:19:36 Man w/ Capitol behind. SOF: It is my opinion that the State Department intends to recognize Communist China; but there really is the opportunity to do so after softening up the American Public to accept it. In the first place at the International Conference last fall between Canada, England & the United States I believe they made a deal w/ England to follow England in such recognition. It will be remembered that England did recognize Communist China immediately after that Conference. And I believe that it is necessary to have a good old fashioned Spring house cleaning in both the State Department & The United Nations to prevent it.

07:20:24 Title: Finland Concludes Russian Pact.

07:20:29 Russian twin-engine commercial airplane arriving. Men down steps, greeted by VIPs w/ handshaking. Russian officer & others posing, smiling.

07:21:00 Title: Norway s Army Today.

07:21:04 Crowd watching some soldiers w/ rifles walking past large building. Crowd in front of barracks-like building looking towards camera. Swish pan to Norwegian Army officers walking to reviewing stand. Military twin tailed fighter jet airplane taking off. People watching fly-by of two planes, LS & CU. Six planes fly over. Low fly-by of twin propeller fighter planes

Post-WWII; PRC; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist; Right Wing; Diplomacy; Conferences; Military;

E.R.P. In Action, No. 2 - A Monthly Film Digest of The Facts & Figures of European Recovery Pt.1 of 2

Produced by Movietone-News.

Title over turning globe

23:22:01 Title: German - A New Chapter, Bonn US High Commissioner McCloy & Chancellor Adenauer sign ECA agreement, Dec49, allowing German government to administer Marshall Plan funds. Newsmen.

23:22:41 Title: Berlin (over street by Brandenburg Gate. Gen. Maxwell Taylor announces release of first ERP counterpart funds. MCU speaks in German w/ English subtitles. Officials listening, reporters take notes. CUs. Mayor Ernest Reuter responds, German w/ English subtitles.

23:25:49 People entering large exhibition hall w/ ERP exhibition in British Sector; looking at displays & illustrations relating to Marshall Plan.

23:26:57 Dusseldorf ERP exhibits w/ miners viewing exhibits. Electric trains, mechanical exhibits.

23:28:02 Title: Greece - Factory On The Move Trucks on Salonika / Thessaloniki harbor leave in convoy north up muddy roads to Nouessa (sp?) w/ textile mill equipment to rebuild mill destroyed by guerillas. Ceremony w/ army soldiers, orthodox priests, VIPS & sign: Our motto defend your country fight for home, includes wreath-laying by Marshall Plan representative.

23:29:12 Title: Taking A Look - Rome American editors & publishers meet w/ US Ambassador James Dunn a large shiny table. Walking thru Termini railroad station under construction being financed by counterpart funds. Int. of main waiting room concourse, men working laying paving stones; on roof.

23:30:15 Title: Paris. Street scene & editors into the building housing Monet Plan. Meeting w/ Jean Monet, shaking hands & at table taking notes.

Post-WWII European Rebuilding; Marshall Plan; Diplomatic Cooperation; Diplomacy; Cold War; ERP;

E.R.P. In Action, No. 2 - A Monthly Film Digest of The Facts & Figures of European Recovery Pt.2 of 2

Ext. Kleber Colombes tire plant / factory outside Paris. Int. w/ editors touring as men working w/ machines. Moving large tires, steam & heat.

23:31:53 Barge on canal or river; int. of editors touring Renault automobile plant. Looking at first Renault; sitting in new small car.

23:32:38 New Land For Old - Normandy. Barry Bingham, Chief of ECA special mission to France w/ editors riding on sledge behind crawler tractor across stubble field & swamp clearance of Marais Verneis. Draining field w/ large plow & men & shovels. Linemen putting up telephone & power lines. Canals & pumping stations.

23:34:18 Title: Bourges French farmyard, farmer w/ tractor plowing. At family table eating bread w/ wine.

23:35:40 Title: OEEC Chateau de la Muette. Interior, American & European VIPs talking & at conference table.

23:36:11 Title: Belgium - Technical Assistance Int. w/ sign Le Plan Marshall, cans & shipping cases for 16mm films. Opening & mounting reel on 16mm projector & group watching & taking notes. Picture on screen.

23:37:09 Group visiting dairy farm w/ Prof. H. B. Henderson, head of Dairy Department of U. of Georgia w/ farmer & looking at woman milking cow, into Brussels Veterinary Laboratory & w/ scientists & technicians. In dairy pasturization room, bottlling operation. Bottles loaded onto distribution carts. Visits dairy store & at milk bar drinking milk. Child & baby drinking milk. The End.

Post-WWII European Rebuilding; Marshall Plan; Diplomatic Cooperation; Diplomacy; Cold War; ERP;


Montage: Anti-communist re post-WWII Eastern European countries. Voting. Map of USSR expansion. Berlin sectors. NATO formation. Globe turning.

18:15:50 Title: Korea. Montage of fighting, prisoners, refugees. Navy ships unloading US troops. Fighting. Retreating. Captured small arms examined. Map of Pusan ca 01Sep50.

18:17:55 Men enlisting, training, equipment, wiring, signal equipment, etc. Following tanks. Embarking.

18:19:03 North Koreans; fighting, rockets firing & advancing. Night. (GOOD).

18:20:13 Inchon landing. Troops in winter snow. Spotter plane, maps & target plotted, men loading shells, sighting & firing artillery, rockets, etc from multiple areas.

18:22:30 Barren hillside w/ many dead bodies. Horrors of War; Captured POWs.

18:22:53 UN Security Council; Jacob Malik says USSR thinks peace talks should begin. Peace Truce signed. Returning troops, kisses, hugs.

18:23:28 Jets overhead, radar, antennas, plotting screen. Aircraft carrier, submarine. French (?) unloading wounded in Indo-China; military in Nationalist China islands.

18:24:18 US Army parading up Fifth Avenue & past reviewing stand & spectators.

18:24:38 Montage: family on porch in small town; father & kids in house; mother & baby girl.

18:24:53 Montage: United States Army Reserve; reservists out of car in parking lot. Training w/ rifle; training camp.

18:25:34 Montage: School: teacher in classroom, students, blackboard. Voting & voting booths. Woman hanging clothes in suburban yard. The End.

US Military History; Cold War; Anti-Communist; Communism; Americana; Patriotism; Patriotic; Propaganda;

Education; Defensive Strength; Horrors of War;

[Acheson on Chinese Appearing Before United Nations]

Dean Acheson talks about Chinese appearing before UN & wanting to talk. Says how US soldiers have been fighting heroically. Speaks of China's reckless course.

Cold War

[Acheson Speech on Korea & Aggression]

Acheson talks about Korean war & unprovoked aggressive acts. Purpose of our strength is not aggression, it is the opposite... to deter aggression . Newsreel cameras seen. Cameramen & reporters visible. Still photographers taking pictures.

Cold War

[Truman & Cabinet - National Security Council]

Truman & cabinet around table with Acheson & Ball (?) on either side. Bradley in uniform; Marshall in civilian clothes. Harriman. Others unidentified. Cold War; US Government; Military Advisors; Spying.

[UN Security Council Debate]

United Nations Security Council meeting. Various delegates in CU & MS. Full shot of room. Discussion re Korea & Taiwan. US delegate speaks about USSR raised point and how it obscures... no one has a right to put through a plan or scheme whereby a guest would control the Security Council's agenda, or how it would handle its problems.

09:23:27 Delegates arriving, through hallways. US delegate, Taiwanese(?).

Cold War

Title: A Telenews Report - Issues Facing The Big Three (Bevin, Acheson; Eastern Europe Friendship)

11:25:49 Man out of car, w/ another into building. Ceremonial soldier w/ sword & helmet.

11:25:57 Man up stairs w/ brief case & other around.

11:26:01 Int. CUs Ernest Bevin, Dean Acheson. Swish pan

11:26:09 Int. w/ several rows of men at podium (English language on banner behind). Two men shaking hands by microphone; people including several women behind applaud. Pan over applauding audience in suits. CU faces listening. (looks like USSR). Swish pan...

11:26:33 Police holding back surging crowd. Night, soldiers marching past reviewing stand. East Germany? Swish pan...

11:26:50 Russian soldiers smiling, marching past; formal marching soldiers. High angle large formally marching troops, crowds lining road. Ranks march to elevated platform. CU Polish (?) officers, soldiers kneeled & officer tapes w/ baton. Swish pan

11:27:21 Town street w/ wall mural of men shaking hands (Poland & ?). Bridge w/ crowd at one end waving handkerchiefs & marchers w/ banners & flag coming towards them; greeting handshakes, kisses (very staged look). Old men listening to woman at microphone (MOS).

11:27:47 Ornate church front w/ banners & center one w/ dove of peace. The End

Big Three Conference preparations; USSR; Friendship; Poland (?); East Germany (?); Cold War; Separation; Reuniting;

United Nations News

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

EXT Flushing Meadow - opening of UN 5th General Assembly. Arrival of delegates inc: Assembly President Romulo w/ Eleanor Roosevelt; US Secretary of State Aitcheson w/ Warren Austin; British Foreign Secretary Bevan w/ Sir Gladwyn Jebb; Foreign Commissar of Russia, Vishinsky, smiles at camera; Schumann of France; Nationalist Chinese delegation.

11:43:47 INT Bevan greeted by Vishinsky. Romulo speech extract. Aitcheson addresses Assembly [MOS].

11:44:18 Aerial views across Manhattan NYC - new UN building nearly complete, six months ahead of schedule. INT furniture moved into offices - views across New York from high floor.

Cold War.

Ex Ambassador William C. Bullett Statement

The Communists are Red Fascists, Soviet imperialism has replaced Nazi imperialism as a threat to the peace of the World. Speaks against Stalin says Stalin will not stop of his own volition and can only be stopped.

Cold War

Nixon and Khruschev Kitchen Debate - NB Clearance must be sought from Ampex before use.

Khruschev makes long speech in Russian and gesticulates with hands whilst Nixon stands in background. Nixon to microphone talks about success of exposition - says he was asked by Russian market manager for tickets when he was aout walking that morning which he had delivered to him.

Nixon and Khruschev in hat - Nixon speaking re competition between USSR and USA - technology - says there should be a free exchange of ideas especially when each have progressed further on different things, for example Russia has made more progress in rocket / space race technology whilst USA have progressed further in the development of colour television. K cuts in saying they are more superior. Voice out of vision explains that interview is being recorded on Ampex colour videotape (inventions). K speaking in Russian.

Nixon tells K that everything he says in Moscow will be reported in America. K asks if Americans will see pictures when Nixon says yes he shakes hands. Laughter.

Cold War

The Nature of Energy

Coronet Instructional Films

Costumed cavemen scene - prehistoric Man. Modern laboratory - scientist behind desk - pan back to reveal movie cameras VO we re preparing to shoot a motion picture on energy. Let s see how many ways we are using energy to make our picture... - technicians set up camera & lights - forms of energy inc. human muscle, electrical, sound - CU light meter. Filming starts - presenter / scientist demonstrates kinetic energy in weighted balls on strings. Pile driver - hammer lifted by steam engine. Presenter mixes vinegar & baking soda - foams up & pushes cork out. CUs car battery - motor starting up - foot stepping on gas pedal - car off. Presenter heats water to boiling point. Illustrated diagram explaining radiant energy.

21:17:58 Streetcar pulls up to let passenger off - pan up to wires - electrical plant - hydroelectrical plant - dam - streetcar in motion - kinetic energy. Brief shots machines & appliances using different forms of energy: steam locomotive pulling out of station - factory tool - housewife ironing - light plane taking off - coal loaded onto train w/ digger - digging for coal. Aerial lake & dam; sun shining; lake & stream; the sun is the original source of most energy... Animation of energy produced by sun.

21:19:55 Nuclear energy: still shot of atomic bomb mushroom cloud explosion - presenter uses geiger counter to measure radioactivity of his watch & radium sample. Recap of types of energy covered in film w/ extracts from each experiment: potential & kinetic, chemical, heat, electrical, nuclear. Filming finished, movie cameras unloaded.

Science - Chemistry / Physics. Cold War. Nuclear Warfare. 1950s. Filmmaking.

N.E.A.C. Digest [Northeast Air Command, Film Report #3] Pt. 1 of 2

A 1366th Photographic Flight Production The Northeast Air Command Presents

Aerial over rocky ice covered mountains, large bay or ?? Coastline, long smooth snow-covered glaciers. Mountain peaks, ice & frozen lake. Greenland ice cap.

11:03:06 Cliffs of Newfoundland. Aerial views of Greenland. Ice floes & ice bergs. LS of arctic.

11:04:36 Ice calving or crumbling; large waves from glacier ice breaking into sea.

11:05:24 NEAC Rocket Meet Thule AFB preparations w/ crewmen loading 2.75 rockets into F-89D wingtip firing pod. MCU of pod partially loaded; pushing in w/ rod. Pilot boarding plane, CU putting on helmet. F-89D fighter jet intercepter taking off away from camera. Air to air planes in flight, tow target over Baffin Bay rocket range. Target panel seen in flight. Aircraft landing.

11:08:44 Resupply of Nord Ext sign: Thule Air Base Greenland Base Operations, 25 ft. . Loading C-54 transport airplane w/ gas from truck loaded into installed tank in plane. Forklift driver moving crates of explosives & loading onto plane. Motors starting, snow & rock beyond. Aircraft taking off past camera; Int. cockpit, view thru window of propeller turning. AVs snow capped mountains & ice. Aircraft landing at Nord weather station. Ext. huts, antennas, dogs by huts & aerials of Nord. Huskie dog team. Men unloading supplies onto trucks. Fuel pumped from aircraft into storage tanks. Sunset transport plane taxiing.

Weather, Ecology, Global Warming; Extreme Cold Temperature; 1950s; Supplies; Cold War Propaganda;

Note; Northeast Air Command was dissolved, 01Apr57;

N.E.A.C. Digest [Northeast Air Command, Film Report #3] Pt. 2 of 2

Armed Forces Day US flag on flagpole. Visitors to Pepperrell AFB, St. Johns Newfoundland base watch firefighting demonstration. Sign 5th Weather Group, weather balloon filled & flying off, radar scanner, children watching. Military parade, American & Canadian troops march down road from barracks & past.

11:16:49 Civilians walk around looking at various aircraft at Torbay Airport. Aircraft on exhibit include C-54, B-5O, T-33 & H-34; F-89D's flying over in formation, C-47's & C-54's in flyover. JATO assisted take-off of SA-16A from air rescue group.

11:18:56 Resupply of a Dewline Site Ship being unloaded w/ nets into DUKW amphibious vehicles. Int. of one & POV following others to shore; out of water onto sandy beach w/ load. Very large BARC amphibious vehicle arriving onto shore w/ supplies. Cranes move vehicles.

11:21:37 Arctic Survival School, Goose AFB Labrador. Aerial view of SOS stamped into snow on lake. Man lecturing showing types of socks, gloves, mittens & clothing. Models of traps & snares shown. CU students. Star navigation chart shown. Snowshoe modesl shown. Model tent from parachute explained. Manuals.

11:23:52 Students heaviliy dressed w/ packs & others gear laid on snow. Huskies in harness; snowshoes strapped on. Hiking off in single file in snow shower. Men tieing limbs & creating makeshift shelters. Cutting spruce branches for insulation & carrying into parachute tent. Chopping wood for fuel & felling tree.

11:27:59 Ice fishing w/ net & getting fish out. Building large signal fire w/ green wood both day & night. Practicing w/ signal mirrors or substitute tin can lid w/ hole in it. Stamp out SOS signal. Aerial over.

11:29:10 Anti-Aircraft Vigilance. Practice at Thule AFB by 549th AAA Bn. Men run out of barracks in summer to battle stations. Take large shells to sandbagged 90mm gun emplacement. Firing at towed target.

Cold War Propaganda; Air Force Military Arctic Exercises; 1950s;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 1 of 3

Norwood Studios, Inc. for Office of Civil & Defense Mobilization

Children in school classroom, alarm horn (CU) sounds, kids leave room. VO The threat of disaster is never pleasant... VO re schools protecting children over shots of dark skies - sign Tornado Shelter - school nurse tending to injured boy. Montage traffic speeding along street, past school bus w/ cutaways to warning signs School Crossing etc. Traffic cop stops cars for school kids to cross. VO however we are threatened with a new form and magnitude of disasters. For this is the age of the atom - still shot of atomic mushroom cloud.

02:02:55 NYC city rooftops & skyline, tilt down to school building.

02:03:14 Suburban & rural school. VO re civil defense measures. CU Disaster Protection Handbook . Civil Defense Superintendent presentation (SoF) on protection proposals to school board, uses flip chart: Fallout shelters - Evacuation or dispersal - Warning . CUs, board member making notes. Board approves funding for a more detailed protection plan.

02:05:08 Sign on door Superintendent s Office , INT meeting to discuss defense proposals & personnel allocated responsibility [MOS]. School principal in office discussing w/ school staff [MOS].

02:06:48 CU scale model of school site. School Superintendent & architects examining plans & blue prints for new fallout shelters in school.

02:07:22 Busy school cafeteria - can double as bomb shelter. Men surveying building to find best site for shelter. Kids working on sets for theater production in coal storage room converted to shelter.

02:08:03 EXT prison-like inner city school w/ empty concrete playground. Boys in metalwork class in dual purpose underground shelter classrooms . Evacuation procedures: younger kids out of school, walk & cycle home; high school students out of school & onto bus.

Cold War Paranoia; American Life; Nuclear Warfare; Education; 1950s Fashion; Americana; Architectural Drawings;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 2 of 3

Men examining strategic map of region. CU outdoor siren sounding various coded signals. People take cover inside building. Indoor warning systems explained - bell & light equipment, chain of communication , siren in town triggered. Switchboard operator alerted at console, calls school principal who makes evacuation announcement [MOS]. Kids out of classrooms calmly, all immaculately dressed, file down stairs like zombies for shelter drills.

02:13:20 INT empty combination fallout shelter/cafeteria ; female manager checking stock of food & blankets in store room, emergency water supply, battery powered radios & emergency telephone. Also first aid supplies, sanitation garbage cans, radiological equipment, emergency generator, ventilation. Kids playing in shelter.

02:14:55 Third-Grade children visiting emergency facilities; fireman showing them fire truck. Fifth-Grade class makes posters on home preparedness . Teacher pins poster on wall. CU crayon drawings & titles when we hear the siren, we go to the shelter ; a first aid kit would be helpful . Class discusses (MOS).

02:16:49 Students practicing first aid in gymnasium supervised by school nurse; bandaging. VO ...the objective of curriculum planning is to give each student a background in the needs & methods of civil defence so they can be prepared for living in the nuclear age .

Cold War Paranoia; Preparedness; American Life; Nuclear Warfare; Americana; Education; 1950s; Fashions;

Civil Defense In Schools Pt. 3 of 3

Tenth-Grade students in home economics class shown how to make food on large scale by cafeteria manager, gathered around huge vat of soup. Students in lunch queue; noisy cafeteria. Twelfth-Grade class in American Government, teacher at blackboard talking preserve our Constitutional Government list on blackboard titled Continuity of Government .

02:18:37 CU boy w/ headphones conducting experiment; zoom out to Twelfth-Grade physics class studying radioactive fallout - radioactivity detection kit, Geiger counter, distributed to schools by OCDM.

02:19:35 CU Lincoln Junior High School PTA Program: Guests Speaker Mr. Ralph Miller, City Civil Defense Director . Miller addressing PTA meeting from podium on stage (SoF) s just as important that we take this knowledge into the home... He points to chart w/ Five Points For Survival . Prepare your family shelter & equip it w/ two weeks supply of food & water... CUs audience looking concerned. Scale model of family fallout shelter.

02:21:48 Review of steps taken in preparing school civil defense programme, initial meeting w/ superintendent s proposal to school board, meeting of defense staff & principals; architect-engineer w/ shelter plans, warning systems, evacuation drill, civil defense & survival techniques taught at school.

02:23:10 Various shots urban & rural schools. INT high school students in class. VO We cannot ignore the threat, the stakes are too high .

Cold War Paranoia; American Life; Nuclear Warfare; Education; Preparedness; Americana; 1950s Fashions.

[Army tank maneuvers in Nevada desert ca 1950s]

Tank gunner; on turret; MCU man talking on radiophone. LS of desert valley w/ buildings.

11:11:00 CU man in tank hatch. MS tanks across desert. Parked near tower, men around. Aerial over tank convoy along dusty road, POV across desert thru heavy dust. Runbys. LS w/ dust rising; thru sagebrush & tumbleweeds.

11:12:07 Men sweeping dust off tanks w/ brooms & rags. Cleaning barrels of guns; tightening tracks. MS. Checking oil. Clamping gun down; greasing tracks.

11:12:54 Aerial of tanks moving; ground shot beside dirt road of tanks turning off & across desert w/ much dust. Over rough ground; up hill. At speed across desert. Aerials.

11:14:42 Aerial over supply truck on road in mountain desert; armored vehicles w/ trailers. Ground of maintenance & refueling from jerry cans w/ hand pump. Tanks moving about in desert from various angles.

Cold War; Military Training;

NOTE: Probably related to atomic tests.

[John Foster Dulles on Guatemala]

John Dulles at mic. 'The future of Guatemala lies at the disposal of the Guatemala people themselves... remarks before Rio meeting of OAS. Gloating over triumph over Communists in Guatemala. If world communism captured any American state no matter how small...would require even greater sacrifices...'

Cold War

You in Japan Pt. 1 of 2

Troops & families on board US naval troop ship en route to Yokohama hear announcement from loudspeakers. Troops attend orientation lecture. Animated map shows position of Japan in terms of Communist Russia. Map overlaid on Japanese Defence forces drilling & equipment. Men listening to lecture shown what they think they will find in Japan - flashback imperialist Japan, Occupied Japan w/ hostile native population; Japan as land of milk & honey w/ US soldier laying on bed in garden fanned, fed & manicured by geisha girls.

05:53:23 Yokohama port, docks loading & unloading ships. Short sequence of sailor & soldiers in rickshaws - change to party in new open top convertible car starting tour. Tracking shots from car of coastline. Main street in town on Island of Honshu - commentary says you are a long way from home, they drive past young Japanese boy dressed as cowboy who pulls gun. Old Japanese man teaching child to write in Japanese - shows how Japanese beckon holding palm down. Husband & wife come out of house, wife helps husband on w/ jacket. Woman carrying baby on back. Men pull carts along road - this sequence to show how the customs in Japan can be opposite to what the Americans are used to. Japanese farmers - primitive unmechanised methods. Planting rice, irrigating.

05:56:05 Near town of Kamakura & military viewing the Great Buddha, take photographs. Tourists - Japanese staring at statue. Shinto shrine interiors w/ traditional dancing & religious ceremonies. Priests.

05:57:12 Group at Japanese fishing village; fishermen unloading large cut up fish w/ hooks & small ones in boxes. Sailor eating sushi w/ chopsticks at low table. Party eating in restaurant - trying to eat w/ chop-sticks. owner of hotel takes party on tour of garden w/ statue, water & plants. Sailor pays bill. Party leaves hotel, Manager & two girls in kimonos bow & wave goodbye. Continued...

Cold War; Military Training; Orientation; Cultures; Asian Cultural Differences;

You in Japan Pt. 2 of 2

Party in car leave hotel, stop in the mountains, Mount Fuji. Party rowing on lake Yamaguchi under Fuji.

06:00:13 Top shot Kyoto - stock shots of buildings, temples, gardens. Ceremonial dance troupe perform w/ masks & swords. Osaka industrial area - interior factories & steel mill, shipyards.

06:01:28 Communist posters - Japanese communist agent speaking to street gathering. Commentary very anti-communist, says the very presence of Americans at these meeting causes disruption. Japanese girls gesturing. Communist parade carrying US effigy, crowd watching.

06:02:13 Hiroshima & destroyed buildings. New buildings in Hiroshima, schools, construction work. Tracking shot thru countryside. Diesel trains, office buildings. Traditional Japanese dancing, archery on horseback contest, sumo wrestling. Street festival w/ Dragon dancers - floats.

06:04:04 Night shots - fireworks of city.

06:04:20 Japanese tea ceremony w/ woman kneeling & two others watching.

06:05:03 Tokyo - street scenes, traffic & pedestrians. Interior office of toy making factory. Production manager explains job (VO). Sequence of manager returning home at end of working day, w/ wife & daughter eating rice. Montage of Japanese faces. Imperial Palace. Japanese parliament building, Diet. I nterior Diet.

06:06:34 Street sign Ginza Street, American soldier trying on silk jacket at stall. Interior of street market - bartering, haggling soldier. Night shots Ginza street - neon lights & signs. Interior theatre, chorus girls dancing in feathered costumes. Back on board transport ship. The End.

Cold War; Anti-Communist; Military Training Film; Orientation Film; Cultures; Asian Cultural Differences;

The Road to the Wall end Part 3 of 3 (2nd half) James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film

Corpse, hammer and sickle superimposed.

Map of World, Title Berlin, 1961 .

CU pan up bricks and barbed wire of Berlin wall. Shots wall being built. Checkpoint. Contrast West Berlin affluence and East Berlin grimness. Refugees crossing from East to West through forest with suitcases.

Plane taking off. House with bricked up windows. Barbed wire. Narration says Communists want to put wall around moon, stars, outer space , these are shown.

Krushchev at UN making menacing gestures. Kennedy speaking at UN. Vietnamese or other S.E. Asian families with children helped out of pickup truck by US military. US troops in combat. War ships, Americans showing skills to others. Washington Monument, Lincoln memorial, Lincoln quote superimposed.

Cold War

[Russia - Military Strength - 1950s & 1960s]

Missile on launcher turning; various Russian missiles, military parades.

15:26:13 Large bomber & two fighter jets in Air Force flyover. Missiles on launchers.

15:26:33 Color, missiles launched from ships. Rocket guns fired. Bigger missiles launched from ships. GOOD.

15:27:03 Aerials of bombers in formation; interior of pilot. Russian equivalent of cruise missile launched from plane. Missile hits target ship, explodes.

15:27:26 Russian pilot in cockpit. Air to air refuelling. Pilot; planes separating.

15:27:49 Radar plane taking off, interiors, control panels.

15:28:09 Jet Fighter - Mig? taking off.

15:28:17 Swept back winged fighter jet plane in flight, closes wings. CU pilot, control & hand firing; missiles launched from plane seen from air. GOOD sequence.

15:28:38 B/W Red Square 1950s & 1960s (?) military parades. Lartge missiles on trailers

15:29:04 Color. Red Square military parade w/ missiles. Khrushchev & Ben Bella watch parade, saluting. many missiles. Different military parades, masses of missiles.

15:30:34 Fidel Castro & K. watch parade. Other military watching. Crowds.

Cold War; Atomic Age; Nuclear Age; USSR; Communism;

[Russia - Nuclear Explosions]

Control tower, interiors control room, instrument panel.

15:31:41 Good nuclear explosion & mushroom cloud.

15:31:55 Building blown apart in atomic test. More explosions.

15:32:23 AV mushroom cloud. GV Mushroom cloud.

15:32:49 Russian military watching. Aerial circling large crater.

Cold War; Atomic Age; Atom Bombs; Testing; 1950s; 1960s;

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in a divided Berlin

Little America in West Berlin - American army community has its own schools and kindergarten. Children in school. American shopping centre. Radio dial. Radio broadcast - announcer re American Music Hall from Berlin. American teenagers jiving - cheerleaders.

11:44:44 Reveille - officer blowing whistle - US soldiers waking up. Military training at dawn in woods - US tank - soldiers run out of woods firing rifles. Soldier standing sentry on gates of US HQ Berlin.

11:45:20 East Berlin - almost deserted highway. Troops marching - military parade - Russian troops in parade. Khruschev arriving by plane in East Germany embraces Walter Ulbricht. Animated map. West Berlin, refugee camps for those fleeing the East.

11:46:35 UN - Khruschev banging fists. 16Aug1961 - Communist police occupy border round West Berlin - building of the Berlin Wall. Barbed wire fences. Tearing up trees to lay down fences. Entrance to church walled up. Water cannon used on cameraman. American tank. Two sides look at each other over wall. Aerial views watchtowers and cleared strips of land marking the border. People waving between East and West. Tear gas and mirrors used to discourage. People jumping from windows to escape. Still of one who died on wire. Two woman waving goodbye over fence watched by guards. East German guard escapes over cemetery fence. West Berlin couple getting married wave to East German mother.

11:50:49 Rally / demonstration addressed by Willy Brandt. VP Johnson visit to Berlin with General Clay. American and British troops arrive to reinforce garrisons. Crowds waving as tanks arrive.

11:51:54 Animated map detailing Soviet incursion in Europe.

11:52:47 West Berlin parliament meeting. Ulbricht speaking. European heads speaking - deGaulle, Macmillan, John Kennedy (JFK) some part overlaid shots divided Berlin. Wreaths. Barbed wire and tank traps.

Cold War

Berlin - Test For Freedom

Life in a divided Berlin

Little America in West Berlin - American army community has its own schools and kindergarten. Children in school. American shopping centre. Radio dial. Radio broadcast - announcer re American Music Hall from Berlin. American teenagers jiving - cheerleaders.

Reveille - officer blowing whistle - US soldiers waking up. Military training at dawn in woods - US tank - soldiers run out of woods firing rifles. Soldier standing sentry on gates of US HQ Berlin.

21:18:20 East Berlin - almost deserted highway. Troops marching - military parade - Russian troops in parade. Khruschev arriving by plane in East Germany embraces Walter Ulbricht. Animated map. West Berlin, refugee camps for those fleeing the East.

UN - Khruschev banging fists. 16Aug1961 - Communist police occupy border round West Berlin - building of the Berlin Wall. Barbed wire fences. Tearing up trees to lay down fences. Entrance to church walled up. Water cannon used on cameraman. American tank. Two sides look at each other over wall. Aerial views watchtowers and cleared strips of land marking the border. People waving between East and West. Tear gas and mirrors used to discourage. People jumping from windows to escape. Still of one who died on wire. Two woman waving goodbye over fence watched by guards. East German guard escapes over cemetery fence. West Berlin couple getting married wave to East German mother.

21:23:49 - Rally / demonstration addressed by Willy Brandt. VP Johnson visit to Berlin with General Clay. American and British troops arrive to reinforce garrisons. Crowds waving as tanks arrive.

Animated map detailing Soviet incursion in Europe.

West Berlin parliament meeting. Ulbricht speaking. European heads speaking - deGaulle, Macmillan, John Kennedy (JFK) some part overlaid shots divided Berlin. Wreaths. Barbed wire and tank traps.

Cold War

General MacArthur in Mississippi addresses Joint Assembly

MacArthur in uniform standing at microphones saluting as Stars and Stripes played (Anthem). Man introduces MacArthur - long applause. MacArthur makes speech praising the South - says America is standing at crossroads - quotes from Franklin re propaganda - re charity should begin at home, look after America s underpriviledged - says that despite all the money America has poured into other he countries he doubts there has been a single convert from Communism. Says people of Western Europe do not share Americas fears of Soviet designs. Talks of the mistakes following WWII - abandoned China to the Communists - gave Russia foothold in Europe and reduced military strength. Says the first line of freedom s defence is not the Elbe, not the Rhine but it is Korea on the Yalu . Says US failure in Korea is symptomatic of bancruptcy of leadership. Gets ovation

03:58:07 Man thanks MacArthur and dissolves Assembly

Cold War / Anti-communist

NATO Training in the Netherlands - Manoeuvres

High ranking officers walk together down path, thru woods. Monoplane takes off from grass field. CU man watching & smoking cigar. Tank w/ camouflage in narrow street moving turret; crew closing hatch; thru street of small town. Two soldiers in foxhole get cigarette light from local chimney sweep (?). Soldiers run to big artillery gun under camouflage net. Gun loaded, fired. Anti-aircraft gun positioned. Planes over. Troops out of armored carriers; run in field. Two soldiers in grass w/ rifles. Tanks & military equipment thru small town watched by children at roadside.

03:28:48 Fighter jet aircraft in flight. People by windmill watch controlled explosions in field. Soldiers wearing camouflage run thru field. Large explosions. VIPs - one (Gen. Clay?) leaves by helicopter.

Cold War Prepardness; Maneuvers;

La Pared Que Divide A Berlin (The Wall That Divides Berlin)

Pan from Brandenburg Gate to East German (?) police digging up pavement w/ jack hammers; soldiers unloading concrete posts from army truck & striking barbed wire. Crowd watching construction, officer pushing young man.

23:25:07 Railroad track blocked, soldier w/ guard dog. Crowd of well-dressed women & men herded by police. Others sitting on ground; people sitting in large warehouse-like room w/ coats on wall & cots w/ children sleeping.

23:25:24 View along barbed wire barriers & blocked railroad.

23:25:29 Map of divided Germany. Wall on map. Animated flight path for Berlin Airlift.

23:25:45 Montage: C-54 overhead & many in flight. C-47 unloading. People waving at C-54. Tanks in street & men throwing rocks. Buildings burning. Aerial over West Berlin. People in street. Window shopping in West Berlin; shopping in supermarket; factory exterior & interior w/ heavy manufacturing; antenna tower; people watch television; standing listening to loudspeakers; listening to radio in car;

23:26:58 CU Khrushchev reading announcement to camera.

23:27:04 Montage: Men & women with bicycles on road crossing; crowd of pedestrians waiting to cross border; people sititng w/ children in parks; walking w/ suitcses; sitting filling out forms; women feeding children & CUs waiting.

23:27:48 Montage: Unloading coal w/ large crane in stockpiles; stacking crates, CU New Zealand Butter, bags stacked in warehouse. USSR soldiers w/ guns & water cannons at Brandenburg Gate. Barbed wire at Gate. Tanks parked under trees in park; soldiers, police & civilians walking & looking. Water cannons, people taking pictures. Water cannon shooting at camera & people.

23:28:48 Buliling wall, welding; patrolling. Various views. People waving from ground, windows. Girl crying.Woman waving to people in building & crying. Boy riding bike following troops patrolling wall. Jeering East German soldiers. The End.

Barriers; Walls; Isolation; Politics; Communism; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Propaganda;

[Franco-Soviet Treaty Signed]

Bulganin sits down at long table next to unid. French VIP as Politburo members & French officials file in behind them inc. Molotov, Mikoyan, Voroshilov, Kruschev, Malenkov, Kaganovich, Zhdanov. Bulganin signs document & shake hands all round. CU document. Kruschev sits down to sign document.

French Foreign Policy. Russia / USSR. Cold War.

[Sec. of State Dulles & Hammarskjold Photo Opportunity, ca 195?]

John Foster Dulles following Dag Hammarskjold into room at State Department. Sit down, talking; photographers & reporters. Get up shake hands & leave thru journalists.

01:29:57 Sign: Department of State 320 Twenty-First Street, N.W.

01:30:05 LS Ext. of State Deparment building.

Photo Opportunity; Meeting; Secretary of State 1950s; United Nations; Cold War;

Crusade For Freedom

Ronald Reagan gets up from desk and pitches Crusade For Freedom while standing beside poster. Large bell ringing; radio antenna of Radio Free Europe. Technicians & announcers by mics. Letters smuggled being read. Lucius Clay speaking (MOS). Map of placement of 2 more European transmitters & one in Asia. Reagan holds up large card with address and asks for money.

Cold War / Anti communist

Atlantic Pact - Gen. Ike Opens Permanent HQ

Hotel Astoria entrance & soldiers guarding. Door opens & empty desk with US & NATO flags. Eisenhower signing order. CU of paper with signature that he took over as head of NATO. He does statement to another camera.

Cold War

Death For A-Spies - Rosenbergs Get Top Penalty in Atom Trial

Tilt down court house. Julius Rosenberg & Morton Sobell enter Federal Building. Ethel Rosenberg stands for photo. David Greenglass, Ethel s brother, brought in. Judge Irving Kaufman at desk poses for photographers. Ext. & U.S. Marshals wagon leaving. Foley Square sign, one way.

Cold War / Communists.

Citizen Army: New Law Basis For Universal Training

??Jun51 MCU President Truman signs Selective Service Bill, draft age lowered from 19 to 18 1/2; shakes hands and passes pen to Defense Sec. Marshall; CU signatures on document. MCU Marshall speech; The Universal Military Training and Service Law represents a step of great historic significance. It ll enable us to face the uncertainties of an explosive international situation...

Cold War. Conscription.

[Eisenhower Reviews Maneuvers & Visits Koblenz]

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Ike off USAF plane on rainy airfield in West Germany, greeted by British staff officers & inspects units of new defence force. Ike past in Rolls Royce. Ike observes field exercises of 91st Brigade on British training ground; Ike pulls up collar of overcoat against cold.

11:25:06 Aerial view Koblenz in French-occupied zone. Eisenhower w/ French Generals Schomel & Guillaume watches maneouvres by French 3rd Army - tanks & troops across countryside & construct pontoon bridge.

Postwar Germany. Cold War. Anti-Communism. Atlantic Pact.

[Chalk River Atomic Plant, Canada]

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Aerial view Chalk River plant, Ontario. INT high shots looking down on scientists at work. EXT sign Radioactive Hazards - Do not smoke when wearing rubber gloves etc. Chalk River administrator Dr. D.A. Keys talks to scientists working on Cobalt 60 Isotope. CUs scientists at work.

Nuclear Warfare. Scientific Research. Cold War.

Lebanon, Connecticut: An American Community

Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen

Aerial view historic small town of Lebanon, Conn., chosen by State Dept. to illustrate US community life. Dairy herd in pasture; INT dairy barn w/ farmer. School buses up hill past original buildings; VO re town s Revolutionary history. Man out of Post Office. INT US State Dept.

11:40:04 US State Dept. - artists working on pamphlet for International Publications Divisions to be produced in 50 languages - CU pile of pamphlets Community in Action w/ pictures of Lebanon.

11:40:24 Jonathan Trumbull Library in Lebanon. Baptist Church. School house converted into synagogue. St. Francis of Assissi Catholic church. Congregational Meeting House. Home of Jonathan Trumbull, Governor during Revolution. War Office building. High school students walk to school; INT boys & girls in woodwork class. Modern elementary school; mock-up of United Nations meeting w/ young boys in suits at desks marked India, England etc.

11:42:20 INT family at home in living room w/ three kids playing on floor, parents on sofa. Aerial Lebanon - VO stands as an example of democratic life .

Model Communities. Pioneers / Settlers. US History - American Revolution. Religious Integration. Pre-Revolutionary Architecture. Cold War.

Austria [Oil fire in Austria s Russian Sector] (1951)

Huge smoke pall as oil fires burn. Dark clouds rising, flames burning across valley floor.

Sabotage; Cold War

Civil Defense - New York Streets Cleared in Air Raid Drill (1951)

New York City

Busy street scene with traffic & pedestrians. CU siren. Traffic stopped & people go to shelters. Interior of New York Stock Exchange, brokers leave floor, down stairs to shelter. CU Shelter signs. School children down stairs to shelter, kids duck down & cover heads w/ coats. Empty NYC street, warden on phone, civil defense control room and director Arthur Wallender. Empty streets including Wall Street, & interior of Stock Exchange. All clear sounded, people out of shelters and traffic on the move.

America; Cold War;

Starting Now!

Are You Ready For Service? Series issue #4 - Coronet Instructional Films

Tank towards camera, stops in CU; soldier looks out w/ binoculars, others lying in undergrowth. Politicians - CU Communist officer, Communist troops on tank. VO re struggle against Communism. Teenage boy outside high school, looks at US flag - VO you should plan for service . Kids into school; boy looks through recruitment brochures inc. Your Son and The US Marine Corps .

10:14:50 Three teenage boys in school library. Dialogue w/ narrator & amongst themselves re how prepared they should be for military service - two of them indifferent / flippant: you get a snappy uniform, the girls go for that, it s pretty nice . The third more serious. They admit they don t know much about service & narrator offers to help.

10:16:55 Cut to barrack room scenes - VO think of having no privacy...long days of hard physical effort - military training scenes inc. naval signalling & rifle handling. INT classroom - swabbing decks of battleship - Marine Corps training in swimming pool wearing full gear.

10:18:17 Three boys listen to narrator; start answering questions in quick succession - summary of steps they need to take Title: Find Information - Check Yourself - Develop Yourself - START NOW

10:20:31 Same title superimposed over shots of boys reading up on service, having medical check-up, building themselves up etc. Suggests better contact w/ church. Each boy says what steps he intends to take to prepare for service. Oldest boy w/ bouffant 1950s hairstyle maybe I d better have my teeth examined s a big job isn t it?

10:23:26 Boy reading brochures outside school - VO Now is the time to begin - goes inside.

Conscription; Armed Forces Recruitment; Korean War; Anti-Communism; Cold War; Patriotism;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Desert Rock Army Troop Preparations, Oct51]

Slate 01Nov Desert Rock. Soldier walking across desert w/ geiger counter; group of troops walking across desert past camera w/ rifles. Jack rabbit runs up. Men walk past wrecked structure.

19:12:01 Army truck convoy w/ lights on past camera on paved road. Helicopter flying in background. MP directs trucks off road; pan to assembly area. Three medic trucks visible. Several squads (?) of troops marching across desert, wave hats.

Slate 27Oct51 Desert Rock CU feet marching on sandy desert. Jeep on highway & on dirt road w/ soldier standing. Convoy of trucks of troops toward & past camera along graded sand. Men out of trucks w/ ponchos, some w/ geiger counters, small packs. Line up across desert. Marching away. Past camera.

19:17:30 MS Officer speaking to them from on hood of truck.

19:17:59 Slate: 31Oct51 Desert Rock Soldiers issued radiation monitoring tags or cards. Clerk registering them.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Troop Activity & Leaving Test Site After Blast, 01Nov51]

Convoy of army trucks w/ trooops past camera on desert highway. POV from truck following others. Pulling into assembly area. CU of MP directing traffic.

19:20:11 Slate 01Nov51 Troops walking to sandbagged area, looking at water tank in revetment. Generals & officers talking. Troops w/ rifles & geiger counters walking across desert. Soldiers gather at assembly area & turn in radiation badges; MCU soldier sweeping dust off boots & being checked w/ geiger counter on clothes & head; more sweeping of clothes.

19:22:35 Pen w/ sheep; trench w/ wooden supported walls; boxes of rations; men measuring covered pit. Overturned tables & debris from blast effect.

19:23:46 Heavy dust cloud seen beyond massed troops, empty army trucks. Wind blowing past sandbagged revetement & fire burning ?? by water tank. Men in protective gear walk into area, look at fire & take notes.

19:24:59 Slate: 01Nov Troops marching across desert; inspect sandbags, jeep & bunker-like position; tanks parked w/ soldiers inspecting & standing around.

19:26:16 Geiger counter used to check clothes & boots. Sweeping off clothes w/ broom. More geiger counter checking before troops board trucks. Convoy leaves thru dust.

19:27:27 Slate: 31Oct Desert Rock Trooops receiving rations in mess kits in chow line; sitting & eating

19:28:38 Slate 01Nov51 Officers standing arouknd talking, waiting. Men inspect sheep in pen, Army veterinarian takes blood sample from sheep. MS of sheep w/ dye marking.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Troop Arrival & Blast, 01Nov51]

Troops marching across desert in several columns.

19:30:24 Slate: 01Nov51 Desert Rock Jeeps leading trucks w/ soldiers pulling onto highway after blast. CU running past on gravel road. MS Sign: Camp Desert Rock III Corps. Truck convoy moving in background & vehhicles passing in forground. Pan showing tents & dust in distance.

19:34:25 Slate: 01Nov51 D-Day Troops standing about (slight shutter problem), sit down facing camera & direction of blast (19:36:16) flash of explosion & men stand up, then back down; (19:36:51) Dust from explosion moving past & troops stand up, then down.

19:37:20 Sky, tilt down to seated troops looking up at cloud (behind camera).

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Interviews After Blast, Camp Desert Rock, 01Nov51]

Clapper board & MP (Sgt Howard Lee, St. Paul, MN) & Black (Sgt. Clarence J. Virginia, P?, Arizona) interviewed by announcer as to what he s doing at Camp Desert Rock. They show the film badge that shows amount of radiation received. They were in forward trenches ground shook like an earthquake & big flash of light . I expected more than what it was. Talk about hearing debris flying above the trenches. What do you think about training troops in atomic warfare Its an excellent thing... Talks about helicopters flying men up from forward trenches for interviews.

19:41:54 Sgt Weaver, Columbus, Georgia interviewed. He thought it was more than he expected. ...being the closest anyone has been to the bomb. Asked if he d had training before & he said no. Mother earth still the best weapon against atomic weapons. Guy tries to describe the colors of the blast he d seen. Asked about training about atomic weapons he says: most of the soldiers are afraid of its a good thing.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Opinions; Atomic Safety;

The Big Truth

Staged drama set on Communist border. Opens w/ two soldiers chasing man through wood & firing tommy guns as he crosses thru barbed wire border.

10:00:51 Ronald Reagan turns from venitian blinds to desk & speaks to camera: This is the story of a man whom the Communists call traitor; traitor becase he dared to speak of Freedom. Less than 24 hours ago Stefan Macochek met with a small group of men... Five men listening to Radio Free Europe hear warning that X-217 in Czechoslovakia has been discovered by Red Police. One of the men is obviously the spy & another reports him to boss beneath Stalin s picture. Macochek meets to guys in convertible who get imout.

10:02:33 Antennas & broadcast center in Munich. CU sign: Radio Free Europe This Voice of Freedom made possible by the contributions of 16,000,000 American Citizens to the 1950 Crusade For Freedom.

10:02:58 Antennas, control console, panels, electronics, tape recorders, power supply.

10:03:20 WWII wreckage. Moscow. Staged Radio Moscow broadcast of over images of destruction, people picking thru garbage in rags. CU sad people. People laying under ragged blankets.

10:03:58 Reagan at desk Lies, all lies... Shots of Crusade For Freedom rally; Women ringing bell, people giving contributions & signing scroll. Bell shipped to Berlin & rung as people lilsten, smiling. Antennas, clock, control room, microphone, announcer, antennas. Eastern European cities. Announcer reading newspaper; mic RFE. Man listening to radio as he builds small printing press.

10:05:55 Fat military policeman smoking cigar, puts nailed boots onto desk. Kids in classroom reciting There s no God to teacher. Phonograph playing, scripts. Two men doing comedy show at mic, reading scripts. People listening aroudn radio in home. Smuggled & coded letters: into inside of hat; tken from mailbox. One in CU in English. Cut to ruined city, Radio Moscow announcers, door kicked in & radiois smashed. Crusade bell ringing. Animated map showing iron curtain & radio signal into USSR. Macochek reads script at mic to Czechoslovakia & names Comrade Fraka who gets up & turns off radio.

10:09:14 End credits: Prod. Lewis J. Rachmil, Dir. Seymour Friedman,

Film Noir; Propaganda; Communications; Broadcasting; Cold War; Stereotypes;

Day Of Thanksgiving (main title missing)

Centron Production Young America Films

Family in living room w/ father reading newspaper in armchair, mother knitting & older son reading on sofa & younger children playing on floor. Father turns down radio, SOF to camera: I m Bill Johnson, around here I ve been trying to read but can t....we Johnsons had a good Thanksgiving, the best we ve ever had...a real feeling of thankfulness... images: boys reading in chairs, baby on floor; daughter setting table & picks up newspaper. Kids say what they ll have for dinner as mother into room: Well you know children we ve had a lot of expenses this month &...the truth of the matter is there just won t be any turkey this year.

05:13:36 Father arrives, mom says we re not going to have any Thanksgiving. A fat lot we re going to be thankful for. Everybody else on the block is going to have turkey this year. Father sits, they talk.

05:14:41 Well sure...we re still a lot better off than the Pilgrims. Turkey or no turkey, we ve still got all the freedoms & privileges the Pilgrims gave us...things the Pilgrims never even dreamed of. You ve got to feel it down deep, before you can be thankful about anything. Do you know that there are some places in the world today where you have to get along without just about everything else?

05:16:00 Father from beginning chair: Well, that s how it got started; the Johnsons didn t have any turkey...

Dick building model airplane; Susan cutting out paper dolls? Mother feeding baby; dad reading newspaper.

05:16:46 Family sitting at dinner table, bow heads for prayer. Tom tells what he s thankful for w/ images of boy drinking milk, reading book. Kids w/ bowed heads. Susan gives thanks. Image of mother fitting her for dress; in church; mother & dad cleaning up table. Dick gives thanks. Studying at desk ...where school books are studied instead of burned. Batting ball on sandlot I m glad its fun growing up in America. Baby in bath being washed; sitting on mom s lap w/ doll on sofa.

05:19:47 CU Mother w/ bowed head. As for mother, seems she s always working....daylight to dark, what does she have to be thankful for? I m thankful that my children... Kids playing in living room together; wipes brow as she puts clothes thru wringer, gets water from tap, on telephone, dad into car in residential neighborhood. I m thankful for all the things free people, working together, can produce. Neighbor comes to borrow flour: I m thankful that we ve got the right to talk about anything we want to... I m truely thankful for the peace of mind that Dad s job brings...I m glad that Dad doesn t work slave hours...

05:21:34 CU Dad gives thanks; ext. house, int. family in living room eating popcorn. Knowing the knock on our door means nothing to fear...its not going to be some political gangster coming to drag one of us off to jail... Reading newspaper; voting booth. Family at table. The End.

Americana; Propaganda; Holiday; Cold War Philosophy; Freedom; Anti-Communism; Sexism; Economics; Educational Film; Patriotism;

Universal International Newsreel - Iran Oil, Harriman Offers New Solution In Dispute

12:46:35 Off US military plane waving hat greeted by Ambassador Grady. ...he will seek to reconcile views of the British interests & Iranian Nationalists. Out of car & into Shah s palace. Greeted by Shah Pahlavi, standing posing.

12:47:08 Tudah National Party demonstrators w/ posters, marching; large crowd. Police or military on horseback moving crowd. Army trucks. Fighting & rioting, horsemen chasing.

12:47:46 Harriman seated talking w/ Mossadeq.

CIA Assisted Revolution; 1950s Cold War; Oil Interest; Petroleum; Mossadegh;

News In Brief - Troop Helicopters Demonstrated

US Marine troops run & climb into helicopters, eight per helicopter; lifting off. Six taking off & in flight. Viewers w/ binoculars watching; helicopters landing & men out & running. Explosions; firing rifles. Narration pushes idea of them as defense against A-Bomb.

Cold War; 1950s; Atomic Warfare; Military Planning; Promotion; Training;

Spain (Admiral Sherman Dies)

Admiral Forrest Sherman walking w/ wife & others at diplomatic reception while negotiating for US bases. Talking w/ various military. Generalisimo Franco shaking hands.

Military Diplomacy; Fascist Dictator; 1950 Cold War; 1951;

Face To Face With Communism Pt. 1 of 2

14:46:25 Man turns from brick wall & faces camera in low film noir light & CU. Main title.

14:46:45 Title: This happens to be the story of Sgt. Jim Conway U.S. Air Force Just As Easily It Could Have Just As Easily Been The Story could happen to anyone, even to you.

14:47:20 MS Airman waiting & whistling... I m Jim Conway...on a three-day pass...I m just looking for a change of scene & some good sack time. Well maybe a little fun... Walks down sidewalk, newsboy tries to sell him newspaper, he refuses but gives he a coin. Newboy holds up headline Communists Take Control & walks past camera.

14:48:29 Cheap hotel room w/ Conway waking up, hears march music & puts pillow over head. Looks out window & sees assembly in town square w/ flag w/ star in corner & hammer & sickle in middle; soldiers. Puts on pants, at front desk complains & interrupted by soldier who collects mail for censor. Since when have they started censoring mail in this country? Goes into phone booth, coin in & asks for long distance; long distance operator comes on who asks for a permit number; says all long distance calls must be cleared w/ the Commissar of Communications. Hangs up. There s something wrong w/ this town...

14:52:10 Goes outside, clerk in MCU amused. Military officer behind flag on Public Library steps By virtue of the power invested in me by the Supreme a crime against the state... Alright Comrades now I m going to tell you what all this means in plain American. This town is now an active unite in the Communist International. From now on the welfare of the people s state comes first. Most of you misguided people... MCU people listening. Conway goes to Police Station to call the cops; inside hears them talking, two soldier burst out holding the Police Chief. ...for doing my duty I guess... Conway to himself: ...I ve got to get out..

14:55:06 Commissar speaking: ...will be considered an enemy of the people & punished accordingly... Shots of soldiers w/ machine guns & tommy guns as people listen. Little boy pushed back. Cu of speaker; CU Conway VO I ve got to get outa here. Sweating. Young woman moves to front of crowd & runs forward.

14:56:51 CU By what right do you tell us what to believe in & where to live...we re Americans & we believe in the freedom of the individual... Soldiers take her & Conway chases & fights them. CU flag falls uncovering plaque They Fought For Freedom . Continued...

1951 Cold War Propaganda; Oddities; Anti-Communism;1950s; Myths; Stereotypes;

Face To Face With Communism Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Sign on wall: Communism Is True Democracy , soldiers wake Conway up & take him out to court. Judge pounding gavel as charges read out against shopkeeper. CU But I didn t confess, I didn t say a word... Soldiers put hand over his mouth & takes him away; Conway watches held by two guards, taken before judge w/ VO of Conway s thoughts. Charges read; judge looks at him from in front of flag. Conway: I don t recognize this court... Judge: If it s necessary to add treason to that charge... Conway: You don t seriously think you re going to get Americans to go Communist do you?... But you aren t going to fool anybody who knows anything about you. And remember some of those tricks you pulled over the last thirty years. There s more than enough of us to take care of you. Conway refuses to swear allegiance; judge sentences him to death & he s taken out. Woman brought in.

15:01:48 Conway in jail wondering if what he said made sentence, considers death sentence. Shakes door & it opens, slides thru & finds building empty; out front door & down sidewalk; runs down street, past building to empty square in front of Public Library. VO as he looks thru branches: Everything closed tight; a ghost town...Am I the only one left alive?... Reads names on plaque Fought For Freedom. Back into hotel room seen from outside window & lights up for morning.

15:06:33 Busy lobby & Conway down stairs in uniform, looks around Maybe I dreamed the whole thing after all. Checks out. Outside traffic, policeman & people walking. Buys newspaper from paperboy; sees shoemaker who had been Judge in court. Conway goes in: Aren t you that man that... and cobbler agrees saying it went better than expected, will be in all the papers all over the country & Life Magazine next week explains a bunch of us thought it the best way to show what would happen if Communists took over. Says to Conway: If all the people understood things the way you did a staged revolution wouldn t be necessary. Handshake.

15:10:28 Passenger steam train around bend towards camera & runby. Conway looking out train at countryside.

15:11:00 Train away from camera on curve. The End.

1951 Cold War Propaganda; Oddities; Anti-Communism; Military Patriotism; 1950s; Myths; Stereotypes;

NOTE: out of frame 15:03:44 - 15:04:05 in NARA intermediate.

World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951)

15:37:47 Artillery firing in Korean War; tanks firing near Kuhn Song (sp). Large explosion near highway.

15:37:56 Prisoners taken. MacArthur & other officers past. CU newspapers MAC Is Out.

15:38:10 Cu General Ridgway; row of bodies w/ CU tied hands. MPS, tents & US military peace delegation; North Koreans into tents. Seated w/ documents being signed.

15:38:55 LS delegates from 52 nations meet in San Francisco Opera House to sign treaty w/ Japan. Soviets walk out. Signing by Dean Acheson for U.S. Acheson shaking hands w/ Japanese.

15:39:24 General Eisenhower & other military officers inspecting Allied troops in Korea.

15:39:43 Capitol in winter re 82nd Congress meeting after election. Truman signing ??

15:40:00 Missile on launcher raised, fired w/ booster rocket & seen in slow motion.

15:40:24 Map showing Iran; oiil refinery. Men turning valves on pipes. Street demonstration & tearing signs down. Enormous crowd on buildings, in street. Marchers w/ placards. People running in street seen from building roof.

15:40:53 CU Mossadegh; Mossadegh meeting w/ Security Council.

15:41:11 New United Nations Tower.

15:41:17 Title: Disasters. Overturned railroad engine; body n ground & rescue workers beside multiple cars still smoking. Pennsylvania passenger cars.

15:41:37 Flood w/ fast water thru city streets, thru cars & buildings. people walking thru knee deep water. Kansas City, Missouri & flooded cars beside warehouse; railroad freight cars.

15:42:00 Title: Probes. Ext. & int. of Kefauver crime hearings. Men taking notes. Mayor O Dwyer at microphone.

Committee room in Washington & CU of Frank Costello w/ cigarette. Committee.

15:42:39 Title: Politics. London voting, crowds in Trafalager Square. Churchill thru crowd. On steps of 10 Downing Street.

15:43:00 Senator Robert Taft before press announcing run for President. Governor Earl Warren announces.

15:43:19 Ext. Eisenhower campaign headquarters.

15:43:25 President Truman SOF: One of the things I ve been thinking about is next years s election (laughter). I m not going to make any announcement as to who the candidate is going to be.

15:43:57 Crowd listening filling streets in Cadillac Square, Detroit.

NOTE: Sound track is choppy - not useful.

Cold War; Year Ender;

[Mossadegh Arrives NYC For UN Meeting & Hospital; British Oil Workers Out of Iran, ca Oct51]

Mossadegh helped down stairs from airplane at Idlewild airport; people wave flags from terminal rooftop. MCUs, assisted to car.

17:11:31 Swish pan to British Anglo-Persian Oil Company (AIOC) technicians w/ bags outside ?? leaving Iran after closing of oil refinery at Abadan. Boarding launch on water at petroleum terminal.

17:11:45 Cruiser HMS Mauritius anchored for evacuating oil workers; men boarding. POV from water, men waving.

CIA Plot; Economcs; Business; Politics; Diplomacy; Middle-East; Cold War;

Operation Greenhouse Pt. 1 of 2

The Atomic Energy Commission

Roilling credits, Joint Task Force 3 headed by Lt. Gen. Elwood Quesada & Dr. Alvin C. Graves.

03:09:09 Animated atom & title sequence.

03:10:01 Los Alamos w/ post office, & shopping center, living & recreation in 1951. Mowing lawns, hanging clothes. POV thru past school & buildings. Sign: Security... Entry checkpoint. Scientists & technicians working. Map, aerials of Eniwetok & other atolls.

03;12:03 Tilt down Washington monument & across WWII Army barracks on mall. Task Force organization meeting; military talking; technicians working; man leaving family into car & boy waves goodbye.

03:13:33 Aerial of Harry Island (Task Force HQ); Eniwetok (Army & Air Force HQ) w/ military dormitories, laboratories on various test islands. Men working on equipment, atomic test tower. animation of blast, heat, light & radiation. Men launching plastic balloons to suspend instruments. Platform of high speed cameras. Radiation measuring devices; other devices being installed. Tower w/ weapon; men leave on small boat.

03:16:10 Men put on goggles. Explosion & cloud w/ light moving up.

03:16:53 Helicopter lifting off. Opening bunker. Unloading ship w/ cranes. Men eating; scrubbing in shower; pumping water to holding tanks. Landing craft; light plane taking off. Large double-decker transport airplane landing. Army, navy & air force officers talking. More installing electronics, soldering. Tanks moved into place w/ instruments inside to measure heat, pressure. Bomb proof building; airplane wings planted in ground; B-29 & crew. Joint Task Force 3 meeting; weather charts, Continued...

Atomic Test Preparations; Pacific Islands; Science; Propaganda; Military; Cold War;

NOTE: 4 tests 08Apr-25May51

Operation Greenhouse Pt. 2 of 2

Continued... Drone aircraft taking off overhead guided by mother-plane. Fighter jet drones take off. Night shots of planes in flight.

03:21:34 Blast, explosion & cloud forming seen from plane. Slow motion of blast hitting constructed factory building & others. Blowing apart & collapsing. Cloud rising.

03:22:34 Men putting on gas masks; looking at instruments. Oscilliscope; men installing & checking electronics, microscope, cockroaches; mice placed into tubes for tests. Buildings constructed; materials exposed to measure effect. Naval vessels patrolling, radar, door padlocked. Touring for last inspection before blast. Men in torpedo boat. Military thru check points. Going up tower, arming bomb, descending & locking.

03:26:08 Firing party to home island. Men in front of console w/ sequence timer controls. Men on phone, count down. Gages w/ sweep hands. Final ten seconds.

03:27:32 Explosion & cloud rising & expanding. Rear view from plane taking off. Aerial view of island.

03:28:30 Los Alamos airport, light plane lands & men out wife & son wave & greet man. Workers thru check point. Man walks into house w/ arm around father & son. US Post office; men at instruments, looking at hillside & sunset.

03:29:35 Blast explodes, cloud unfolds. The End.

Atomic Test Preparations; Pacific Islands; Science; Propaganda; Military; Cold War;

NOTE: 4 tests 08Apr-25May51

[Mossadegh in Bed, Visited by US Ambassador Henry Grady]

Diplomatic limousine arrives w/ US flag on fender; Grady gets out in white suit & hat, shakes hands w/ still photographer holding graphlex camera. Enters house carrying envelope. Mossadeq sitting on bed reading paper & Grady holding paper; coffee served. Several shots. MCU. Handing paper to Mossadegh.

CIA Assisted Revolution; 1951 Cold War; Oil Interest; Petroleum; 1950s; Diplomacy; Diplomat;

Nato Report - President Outlines Foreign Aid Needs

President Truman addresses the nation seated at desk. Says NATO needs not only direct military aid but also financial. Says US cannot afford not to spend on defence - only way to stop communism (cold war) and preserve the American way of life.

News In Brief - California

Girl and Boy scouts bring barrows with seeds to airport. Sign Seeds for Democracy, Vegetable for the Philippines . Seed packets transferred to crates for shipment. Phillipine Consul General and other officials. (cold war)

News in Brief - Voice of America Broadcast from Ship

Coast Guard Cutter Courier at dock - President Truman boards for inauguration - radio transmitter room - ship will cruise waters off of communist bloc countries broadcasting (propaganda) (cold war).

Politics - Senator Taft Attacks US Foreign Policy

18:18:12 LS Large hall w/ NYC luncheon tables. MCU Mrs. Preston Beatty (?). Robert Taft campaign speech at lunch for Women s National Republican Club.

18:18:41 Why shouldn t we discuss foreign policy? It is their policy which has produced this tremendous threat from Soviet Russia today. And it is that Communist threat which forces us today, here at hom, to draft every boy in the United States...which imposes on us taxes higher than even at the height of the Second World War (WWII)... which causes us to postpone every program for domestic improvement... Only a wise foreign policy can protect us from foreign dangers... .

1952 Republican Presidential Campaign Speech; Anti-USSR; Cold War; Right Wing;

Longines Chronoscope with Eleanor Roosevelt

TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Introduced by Frank Knight; CBS News corrrespondents Edward Morgan and Bill Dow interview Mrs Roosevelt. Talks of foreign relations. Says America was in fortunate position after WWII. Says foreign countries may be suspicious of American aid. Talks re enlightened self interest. Talks of American suspicion of the United Nations.

17:50:23 Reporter talks of Dulles speech re UN Security Council Veto and asks Mrs R. her opinion. Soviet misuse of veto. Talks re her trip to and book about India and its problems. Talks re liberalism, Cold War and US history. Mostly MCUs and CUs; bookshelves in BG and plaque on wall Longines: The World s Most Honored Watch .

17:55:45 Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches pass camera R-L. Brief trailer for Deluxe Video Theater on CBS network.

Operation Traex , Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

14-15May52 Various shots of tanks firing flame throwers; MS, MCU and HA shots from top of tanks. MS Capt. Streeter, CO of 2d Tank Bn., Dog Co., Lst Lt Baker, XO of same, and Sgt Lawless, section leader [three men partly in shadow]. VS 3.5 rocket launcher being fired by troops in very green coastal area of island; rockets hitting targets in distance. CU 3.5 rocket being loaded into launcher. CU Pfc Scanlon sighting and firing 3.5 launcher, from kneeling position. MS tank crews stacking empty shell cases behind firing line. MS priming and stacking live 105mm shells. LS Nine "D" Co. tanks lined up ready to fire on distant hill. MS tank crew taking time out to eat chow. Good - vivid colour.

Cold War.

Military Life And You

Are You Ready For Service? Series Issue #11 - Coronet Instructional Films

21:09:42 CU Army recruits marching, tilt up from feet as troops perform drill. US Navy & Air Force recruits marching. VO You ll spend a lot of time drilling and learning how to drill...even the ladies do it Women troops march. Troops parade in ceremonial dress. VO re good impression made by soldiers drilling / parading - somehow you know that whatever situation they re faced with, they ll make a good account of themselves . Shots of cadets training in camp & sailors drilling w/ cutaways to combat situations inc. troops running off landing craft onto beach. VO re discipline. Fighter planes on aircraft carrier & in flight.

21:11:54 Night guard duty: Discipline pays off here, when you re on your own & your imagination plays tricks on you...or is it your imagination? CU w/ worried look.

21:12:35 House w/ teenage boy Kurt asleep in bed. VO says he takes a dim view of discipline...a rugged individualist . Narrator points out ways in which he displays self-discipline. Alarm clock goes off, gets up for school, makes bed, smiles into kitchen, eats breakfast w/ family but father tells him he must finish a task after school or he won t get to use the car. VO says sulking means he s not a man & not ready for service.

21:14:45 Navy officer turns barrack light on as morning wake-up call heard; recruits off bunks, make beds etc. Good ol Mom won t be there to pick up after you . Recruits queue for chow, if you re finnicky about food, get over it . Recruits line up on parade ground - VO you ll take orders every day . Training scenes showing how to salute; cleaning guns, reading rules.

21:16:14 Kurt walking to school as VO points out haven t you been following rules and regulations all your life? CU traffic lights, cross street, traffic. Lunch queue at school; boy tries to push in & sent to back on line. VO And you know what we call a man who doesn t follow the rules? He s a poor sport .

21:17:03 Soldier sitting slouched on steps thinking. VO ..showing no respect for his uniform & threrefore a poor soldier ; good soldier out of barracks w/ immaculate uniform, salutes officer; VO re military coutesy w/ shots of servicemen saluting superiors [& women] while working on plane, at guard post, etc..

21:17:56 Kurt fixing lawnmower as father demanded. Kurt plays on softball team; rulebook consulted - VO The important thing to remember about military life is that it s a life for men. The best way to get ready for that life is to grow up . Kurt thrown out of game; onto bench but he d be childish to get sore about it .

21:18:54 Recruits drill - VO discipline is the difference between a mob and an army . CUs servicemen salute at camera; tracking shot past sailors standing at attention w/ rifles - one Black recruit. Recruits towards camera w/ US & military Marine ?] flags.

Korean War; Recruitment; Teamwork; Conformity; Cold War;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Newsmen Observing Blast from News Nob, ??52]

Slate: 04??52 View of mountains across valley (Frenchman Flat?)

20:06:00 Flash & returning to normal w/ light moving towad camera & tilt up to cloud in sky roiling into mushroom. Very good.

20:06:56 Tall thin cloud w/ smoke-ring like cap on top.

20:07:27 Base & cloud but fairly dark, exposure opened.

20:08:40 Looking down from hillside to journalists & soldiers at tables & standing in cleared area, cloud in distance, tilt up base & hold on bright white top.

Slate: ??52 View of newsmen & others sitting on chairs & rock outcrops wearing dark eye covers. Flash of light & then they remove them; army photographer takes their picture. They flinch when shock wave hits. Newsreel cameramen on hillside. News Nob sign visible. KTLA TV truck briefly visible.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Propaganda; Atomic Safety; Atomic Warfare;

Atoms for Peace Use Unveiled

Atomic Energy Commission - exterior building employees enter. MS of enterance w/ sign: Main Tech Area, security check on gate.

02:21:17 Interior technical area - scientific technicians doing experiments. Sign: Danger Neutron & Gamma Rays. Robot arms move radioactive materials - radioactive isotope removed from container from the atomic pile, opened using remote control power saw. Artificially hot metal analysed - hardness tester - dials turning - microscopic view of metal specimen. Exterior Security buildings - artillery gun turning, security troops.

Post-WWII Propaganda; Cold War;

Freedom and You - Part 1 of 6 (a.k.a. The Red Nightmare)

Anti-Communist propaganda film made for Department of Defense - what would happen if the Communists took over

Narrator presents in all- American town surrounded by barbed wire barricades and Russian soldiers

soldiers. Jack Webb tells us "it may be assumed that such a town does exist, shrouded in secrecy and protected by utmost security, deep behind the Iron Curtain . According to Webb, it is used to train Russian students in "espionage as a science" and "propaganda as an art" in order to destroy American freedoms. Supermarket, baseball, CU hot dogs. Russian spies by barbed wire complain about Americans having too many freedoms . Espionage class.

Narrator then launches into our main story, that of a typical complacent American, Jerry Donovan. At the factory, we see him blowing off a meeting of his Civil Defense committee because his favorite TV show is on. Donovan s teenage daughter watches her boyfriend car racing on USAF air strip. Boyfriend asks for a postponement to get married and his chief lectures him about duty and responsibility.

Suburbia. Americana

Cold War

Freedom and You - Part 2 of 6 (a.k.a. The Red Nightmare)

Anti-Communist propaganda film made for Department of Defense - what would happen if the Communists took over

Jerry Donovan declines to attend a PTA meeting because it's his bowling night. Donovan at home plays with his kids, then argues with his wife about missing PTA meeting.

At family dinner, Jerry talks football with his daughter s boyfriend and the daughter is teased by her younger siblings. They announce their engagement and Jerry reacts badly. He thinks they're too young. Jerry talks it over with his wife .

Suburbia. Americana

Cold War

Freedom and You - Part 3 of 6 (a.k.a. The Red Nightmare)

Anti-Communist propaganda film made for Department of Defense - what would happen if the Communists took over

Jerry s forgets his son expected them to go to a banquet together - son goes to bed and cries. Jerry gets irritated when his wife reminds him he missed his last Reserve meeting. Jerry argues with daughter s boyfriend re Reserve service & marrying daughter.

Narrator explains what will happen next...

Suburbia. Americana

Cold War

Freedom and You - Part 4 of 6 (a.k.a. The Red Nightmare)

Anti-Communist propaganda film made for Department of Defense - what would happen if the Communists took over

The next day Jerry awakes in a Red Nightmare. In a drugstore, he can't make a phone call without a permit, then witnesses an outdoors indoctrination meeting - man in uniform on soapbox. His wife & children are automatons. His daughter s boyfriend turns up as is a Communist soldier who transports Linda to a farm collective in order to free her "from the lingering bourgeois influence of family life . At the factory he finds he has to fulfill production quotas. The children are getting sent away to a state school; he tries to take them to Sunday School but finds the church has been turned into a people s museum.

Suburbia. Americana

Cold War

Freedom and You - Part 5 of 6 (a.k.a. The Red Nightmare)

Anti-Communist propaganda film made for Department of Defense - what would happen if the Communists took over

Jerry is tried in court and convicted of crimes against the state for complaining of lack of warrants, churches being replaced with displays of Communist inventions [like the telephone], work quotas set by a commissar, his children being sent to a state school to make up for his failure to indoctrinate them, etc.

02:43:48 Jerry is brought into a dark room by men in Russian uniform and executed by gunshot.

Jerry awakens from his Red Nightmare with new dedication to the defense of liberty. Bill and Linda have decided to wait to get married until after Bill completes his hitch in the service.

Montage American values: group of young people running about at picnic; signs for polling stations and elections. Aerial motorway; LS suburban houses; wedding ceremony; family picnic; campus; meeting; church; Congress.

Suburbia. Americana

Cold War

Freedom and You - Part 6 of 6 (a.k.a. The Red Nightmare)

Anti-Communist propaganda film made for Department of Defense - what would happen if the Communists took over

Montage military parade; bus crash; riot. Montage Americana, tractor in field, people at work.

14:50:32 Colour - Stars and Stripes; American servicemen and women walk arm in arm; triumphant military montage incl. parades, weapons, tanks, battlefield action, paratroopers jumping off plane, helicopters, guns, battleships, fighters off carriers, missiles, submarine, marines off helicopters, troops, explosions and planes drop bombs. Good space rocket launch.

Cold War

[Stalin Funeral]

Moscow quiet - flags half mast. Mourners on streets. Huge poster of Stalin. Long queues waiting to pay respects. Interiors mourners climb staircase to hall, some crying. Shrouded chandeliers. Stalin in coffin.

Crying mourners.

15:36:31 Khrushchev & others at coffin. CU Stalin. Crying mourners. Flag on Kremlin at half mast. Coffin w/ plexiglass; draped in red carried thru streets w/ military & civilian mourners following. LS Artillery fires salute.

Cold War; Diplomats; 1953; Mourning; Leader; Death;

News In Brief [Bible Excerpts Ballooned Across Iron Curtain]

VS men women and children attach excerpts of Bible to balloons and release them near Czech border. Sponsored by US churches.

Anti-Communism. Cold War. Propaganda.

[Supreme Court Picture; McCarthy & Army Hearings re Harry Dexter White & Sec. Stevenson] (1954)

14:42:47 14Dec53 Supreme Court justices in annual sitting for picture w/ front row left to right: Felix Frankfurter; Hugo Black; Chief Justice Earl Warren; Stanley Reed & William O. Douglas. Back row left to right: Tom Clark; Robert H. Jackson; Harold Burton & Sherman Minton. NOTE: On 17May54 this court ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional in Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.

NOTE: Following MOS relates to Sd. material on LN 501-553 12:11:35 - 12:20:44

14:44:59 New York City Federal Courthouse. Army Officer, prob. from Ft. Monmouth, sworn in at opposite end of table from Roy Cohn & ??

14:45:29 Lawyer for David Greenglass. Spectators. Counsel & witness (bald w/ glasses & dark suit) enter room. CU military officer testifying, CU McCarthy listening. CU baldheaded next (?) witness & lawyer. People up & leaving table, press clustered around McCarthy who s talking w/ them (MOS).

Cold War; Anti-Communism; McCarthyism; Congressional Investigations; Senate Subcommittee on Investigations; Spy; Espionage; Signal Corps Laboratory; Communists;

[Czechoslovakian Reaction To Stalin s Death]

Various shots from balcony & entrance way to museum as crowd gathers to listen to Premier (Zapotosky) speech in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Street scenes. Various CUs, Czech newspapers announcing the illness & later the death of Josef Stalin. Papers dated 4 March 1953. Czech civilians read announcement from bulletin boards.

02:34:20 Families listen to radio; black mourning flags on banners; large speakers broadcast death of Stalin; various CUs, reactions of people as they read newspapers. People cry, children lay wreaths.

02:38:02 Czech coal miners gather for announcement of Stalin's death; pan of workers as they listen to article read. Int, male & female factory workers gathered for speech.

02:40:14 Russian embassy - long line of people carrying flowers & wreaths into Soviet Embassy; place wreaths near bust of Stalin. Wreaths placed round statue of Stalin. Deserted streets. Flame burning.

Leader; Diplomacy; Cult; Hero Worship; Cold War Propaganda;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Public Relation Activity, Operation Upshot-Knothole, 16-17Mar53]

Two story house, #2, constructed for blast, car nearby & small trees. Static shots.

19:45:54 Four-Star Gen. John R. Hodge w/ two unid. civilians, man military & civilian buses behind. CU of Hodge. Congressmen k& others pose in Las Vegas, some speak into mic (MOS).

19:47:01 Auditorium w/ large group of men & women civilians listening. Pan over faces.

19:47:32 Atomic blast & cloud rising but goes dark.

19:48:07 Tall spindly cloud in sky & tilt down to base in early morning light. Seated men silhouetted.

19:48:41 Reporters at table. Reporters & others on News Nob on hillside w/ tripods & camera cases. Reporters seated at table. Sign: Department of Defense Information & Governor Earl Warren standing close by, talking w/ military VIP. Pan over group.

19:49:49 CU Sign: This is News Nob where on April 22, 1952 the American Press & Radio first covered & the nation first viewed by the medium of television the firing of a nuclear device known as Operation Big Shot. Small helicopters landing & Gen. Hodge walking being interviewed. Others soldiers talk w/ newsmen (all MOS). Large helicopter arrives .

19:50:56 Two communication trucks, military sending news stories (?) for press. Soldier at teletype machine, others on phones.

19:52:00 Slate: 16Mar53 Light helicopter lifting & hovering, moving low over sagebrush & man w/ geiger counter out door. Several shots.

19:53:28 Slate: 17Mart53 Man walking w/ geiger counter towards House #2 checking for radiation; wearing breathing mask. MCU of tank covered in dust, man approaches w/ geiger counter & circles it. MCU w/ breathing apparatus. Checking coveralls & boots of man beside pickup truck; checking wheels of pickup.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Atomic Safety;

[Atomic Energy Commission, AEC, Public Relation Activity, Operation Upshot-Knothole, 16-17Mar53]

LS from News Nob of ridge in distance in very early morning light. Rockets for measuring go up, count down heard & blast of light w/ roiling cloud erupting & darkening to black sky. Blast heard & people s voices; cloud slightly visible. Voices explaining. Black screen till

19:59:29 Very early light & large dark cloud seen across valley, tilt up angled by wind to mushroom at top. Silent second take tilting down the cloud.

20:00:57 Cloud silhouetted w/ dawn light behind. Ridge w/ light & tilt up to cloud above.

20:01:00 Clapper board slate: 17Mar53 News Nob Yucca Flat View across desert floor w/ ridge & light. Five small helicopters arriving bringing men from trenches to be interviewed or ???Hodge in front of microphone jokes, then This test I think went very well. I was quite interested in how the troops reacted, I didn t find any troops who were afraid... They took it in their stride as all American Soldiers take...the troops moved out just as soon as the Safety Officers pronounced it safe & went out in good formiation. The last I saw of them they were pretty much up toward Ground Zero.

20:04:01 Gen. Hodge interviewed by military announcer. Announcer: Now that atomic weapons are definitely here we certainly need the trained soldiers to know what to do & to pass the word on not only to the people in the Armed Forces but also to the civilians as well. Hodge: We need the soldier to understand this weapon so we can use it intelligently.

Radiation Testing; Cold War; 1950s; Human Research; Propaganda; Atomic Safety; Atomic Warfare;

Our Country s Song

Coronet Instructional Films

19:22:37 School choir on stage singing Star Spangled Banner, Boy Scouts w/ American flag. Slow trucking shot into mcu.

19:23:12 Cub Scout lowers salute & marches off stage. Elementary classroom & teacher at blackboard w/ pointer teaching words to Star Spangled Banner. CU students trying to read words out loud. Teacher talking to class MOS.

19:24:53 Boy in library w/ librarian looking in book. Girl in classroom playing music at piano to practice for accompanying. Boy working on model of sailing ship; another making poster; showing ship to two girls. Build a model of Fort McHenry, w/ flag of 15 stars & 15 stripes.

19:26:10 Map w/ eastern 13 states. VO about early songs. Students around piano singing Yankee Doodle in classroom, applauding. Girl plays melody of Hail, Columbia! VO describing; illustration of George Washington & events. CU sheet music. Girl finishes playing.

19:28:00 Night w/ model of Ft. McHenry, Staged deck of ship & Francis Scott Key watching thru rigging; miniatures & explosions. Intermittent w/ Key, flag, explosions, flashes. Tacky.

19:29:40 Key writing words to Star Spangled Banner; flag barely visible in dark. VO reciting words.

19:31:16 CU of flag blowing against dark background. Light w/ class behind, students face blackboard.

19:31:59 MS American flag on flag pole. CU of 48 star flag in breeze. GOOD.

Patriotism; Patriotic; History; Music; Historical Myth; Educational Films; 1950s; Cold War;

[Turning Globe - Atomic Energy Commission Research w/ Remote Controls, 1953 ca]

06:59:55 Si. Title: Atoms For Peace Use Unveiled. People entering past security at Atomic Energy Commission research site: TA1 Main Tech Area sign.

07:00:08 Int. Atomic pile, men working. Sign Danger - Neutron & Gamma Rays. Men work w/ remote hands & equipment to lift steel cap. MCU man using remote hands. CU lefting rod from core. CU inserting & saw cutting; moving piece to pan, picking up small piece & measuring w/ ?? Looking at three pits in surface thru binocular magnifying glasses.

07:01:34 Woman walking out of Security building. CU sign.

07:01:41 Artillery set up in sagebrush, turned on base & soldiers put shell in breech.

Post-WWII; Cold War; Nuclear Science Research; 1950s; 1952; 1953; Radiation;

[Senator Joseph McCarthy Before Press Conference] (1953ca)

McCarthy in dark suit at desk w/ 6 or 7 microphones; in front of carved wooden eagle on panel. Surrounded by press photographers, newsreel cameramen & reporters. Writes note on small pad. Waits, holds statement to read.

McCarthyism; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist;

America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Part 1

VOA - Voice of America announcers in various languages. Turning globe with title. Eisenhower at Presidential press conference. Press/ reporters rush out of room - journalist on telephone in kiosk. Man exits car outside United States Information Agency building. Interiors - offices. Office of Director Theodore C. Streibert - Streibert on telephone - at meeting.

15:50:50 Radio broadcasting room - man at console. Newspaper press room - reporters at typewriters. Editing films. Exterior USIA building in Washington. Citizens committee meeting with Director. Streibert explains to visitors work of USIS. How it works in the life or death struggle between Communism and democracy . Using charts explains how Communist propaganda is spread - Red Square parade - Khruschev on podium. Montage Communist meetings / demonstrations and parades throughout the world.

15:43:43 Bulganin and Khruschev visiting India - off plane and greeted - cheering crowds. Russian forms of propaganda - piles of film cans - pamphlets and books. 15:54:20 Exhibition of Soviet industry.

Back in USIA office Streibert talking to visitors explains how USIA is working to promote democracy. Atomic Power for Peace campaign leaflet.

15:55:40 Dec. 8th 1953 Eisenhower addresses United Nations re atoms for peace. Speech continues over shots of radio control room - clocks showing different countries time zones - dials - radio announcers broadcasting in various languages, people listening to radio. Press service sending txt of Presidents speech - men at type writers - tele types. Film cutting / editing rooms. American Embassies.

15:57:36 Tokyo - USIS Public Affairs Officer with US Ambassador in office. PAO in meeting with staff.

Cold War

America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Reel 2

Washington - staff of USIA reviewing books re peaceful use of atomic power. - Pamphlets produced in various languages.

15:59:00 USIA - United States Information Agency library in Brazil - people reading - hand holds USIA pamphlet on Atomic Power for Peace

15:59:16 Designers at drawing boards designing Atoms for peace exhibits. Construction work on model nuclear reactor. Exhibits world wide.

15:59:47 Exhibit in West Berlin - In India, Nehru visits exhibit. In Japan - exhibit showing the use of remote control hands to move radioactive material.

16:00:40 Mobile units take exhibits to smaller towns. Portable screen erected for showing USIA films. Excerpt of A is for Atom. Montage faces various nationalities.

16:01:41 Kremlin - Russian broadcaster re false propaganda of American Atoms for Peace programme. Russian broadcaster switching tack says Atoms for Peace Plan was a Soviet idea.

16:02:48 Men in italian bar - public opinion interviewer takes notes.

16:03:07 Map showing USIS posts round the World

16:03:25 Germany - building Amerika-Haus. Interior library - people reading. Mobile library in German town.

16:04:25 USIS discussion group. Concert. Exterior RIAS - VOA broadcasting in US zone in Berlin. Announcer broadcasting in German.

16:05:06 Family of Man - USIS exhibit at Museum of Modern Art in New York. Visitors looking at photographs.

Cold War

America Presents America - Work of the USIA- Reel 3

Latin America - communist agitator at outdoor meeting. Mobile unit of USIA takes film show on road to counter the work of the communists. People at screening.

16:06:12 Thailand - people riding elephant - planning meetings with USIS officers and Thais. USIA officer addressing locals.

16:06:50 Germany - USIA secretary with German couple. In Saigon, USIS English classes. In London - man carries film from taxi into Broadcasting House. In Iran - plane takes off, aerial views of American technical assistance project. In Tokyo, private publishing company translating American book. Other USIS activites - theatre - Porgy and Bess on tour. Audience applaud. Orchestra - Symphony of the Air performs in Tokyo. William Faulkner, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature talking with Japanese men on cultural / educational visit. Jesse Owens in Malaya

16:09:02 Exhibit in Washington re Peoples Capitalism. Overseas trade fairs - motor show. International Trade Fair in Salonika in Greece. Greek man using electric razor. People looking at displays. King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece visit fair. Visitors looking at themselves on television.

16:10:17 Campaign re disarmament - Mutual Inspection for peace - The Open Skies Proposal.

16:10:44 Map showing Iron Curtain and VOA tranmitters. USIA Coast Guard Cutter Courier acting as floating radio relay station - transmitters - aerials - radios with people listening - radio jamming by Russians.

16:12:30 Cover of America Illustrated, magazine published by USIA - pages turned. American magazines on racks. Two Japanes ? women looking at small library of American books - Care shelf.

16:13:30 Cultural City Salutes - signs - City of Boston salutes Rome. Boston shops. Montage - Statue of Liberty - Atomic explosion - US troops marching - State Department - Voice of America broadcasting in various languages.

Cold War

Guatemala - Stay Out Lodge Bids Reds in UN

UN meeting in progress - ambassador Lodge makes speech (silent) security council members take vote.

Cold War

News In Brief - Germany Honours Anti Red Heroes

Rally - unidentified man at microphone - demonstration, some scuffles - demonstrators arrested by police.

(cold war)

News In Brief - Quantico Virginia -

Eisenhower - Ike reviews military march past before meeting with strategy team re USSR (not seen)

Cold war

The U.S. Overseas Information Program

Introduced by Theodore C. Streibert, director USIA. Speaks on the purposes of USIA - says there is throughout the World misunderstanding of the American peoples and that the Communists are taking advantage of this by means of Soviet propaganda. Map showing Russian expansionist aims and how propaganda has been used by Russians. Animated Eagle and Hate America Campaign. Montage of American film cut together by Russians to show American decadence including beauty shows - nightclubs. Intercut by Russians with scenes of depression - shows Black soldiers which according to Russian commentary are ornamental - Blacks living in poverty - police breaking up demonstration.

15:25:45 Poster made by Russians portraying US atrocities in Korea. More Soviet propaganda posters.

15:26:20 Map showing Free World - commentary says much of the Free World are uninformed about America - Graphic showing French opinion of Americans

15:27:20 Montage shots from around the world showing importance of raw materials etc and locals, native peoples living in poverty and fighting disease. Man communist agitator inciting - pro communist demonstration. Graphic re Deeds more important than words. Still photo president Eisenhowe watching as Dr Streibert takes oath of office. Graphic showing how Overseas Information Programs, which were previously carried out by The Mutual Security Agency and the State Department have now been combined to for the US Information Agency.

Cold War

The U.S. Overseas Information Program Reel Two

Graphic re USIA In Action in the Free World. Map showing agencies of USIS.

15:30:03 Rio de Janeiro - Public Affairs officer walking along street. In office confers with US Ambassador.

Brazilian Foreign Office - PAO meets with chief of cultural division. PAO at Thomas Jefferson Library in Rio - with USIS Film programme department and Radio department.

15:31:05 Philippines - Cebu - street scenes exterior USIA building. USIS pamphlets loaded onto truck for distribution. PAO visiting mayor of Cebu - with newpaper editors - USIS broadcast on local radio. PAO with locals having coffee. USIS truck with loudspeakers arrives in remote village. Man pinning up pamphlet on side of hut which has Coca Cola sign. Portable movie / film screen erected - villagers turning out for show.

15:32:52 Washington - Exterior USIA building. Interiors, meeting. Graphic showing different methods used by USIA.

15:33:21 April 16th 1953 - President Eisenhower addresses leaders of American press at dinner. Ike speaks re peace and makes anti Communist remarks. Graphics and stills showing how the text of the Presidents speech was distributed throughout the World. Pamphlets - posters. Stills US Information Centers round the world - portable libraries - cultural activities.

15:37:09 Man threading film projector. Montage various nationalities watching films. Excerpts from USIS films - UN Report on prisoners of War. Chinese POWs in US prison camps - Locust plague in Iran 1951, American aircraft brings small crop spraying planes to combat plague. Dr Milton Eisenhower s goodwill tour of Latin America. Excerpt from Tanglewood - music school and festival - choir singing

Cold War

The U.S. Overseas Information Program Reel Three

15:40:01 Radio Broadcasting - Voice of America - announcers of various nationalities. Graphic showing that 70% of VOA broadcasts are beamed to Communist held countries.

15:41:05 Operation Vagabond - Coast Guard cutter Courier - ship broadcasts VOA. Exterior shots ship and interiors showing radio room. Radio antenna held up by helium balloon.

15:42:07 Graphic re VOA listeners and possible penalties inflicted on them by communist states. Still with voice over of Polish escapee Jan Hajdukiewicz - re Polish people listen daily to VOA.

15:43:22 East German / Berlin riots, demonstration1953. RIAS, the American radio station in West Berlin. June 17th 1953 - violent demonstrations break out all over Soviet held Germany - fires burning.

15:44:24 Title East German demonstrations - excerpt from USIS film. Demonstrators - Russian tanks - injured carried away - crowds running. Walter Ulbricht - pro Russian parade.

15:45:40 Reporting by VOA re German demos. Graphics.

15:46:15 Graphics re Private Enterprise Co-operation, Town Affiliation and Magazine Collection for sending abroad.

Cold War

News In Brief - Berlin Bargemen Living on Boats

German families living on canal boats. Women hanging laundry - fishing - peeling potatoes - people sitting on deck.

Cold War

Big Four Parley: West Bars Red China In European Peace Talk

Dulles & Conant arrive at Berlin airport for Conference of Foreign Ministers - photographers & reporters - military band. Georges Bidault off train. Anthony Eden off British Airways plane w/ staff. Flags of Britain, France, USSR & US flying. EXT Allied-controlled Council building in West Berlin; INT conference room prepared.

Cold War.

US Bombed - Millions Take Cover in Defense Exercises (1954)

New York City

New York streets with traffic & pedestrians, ext. CU sign Hotel Commodore. Park Avenue South. Clock showing 10am. Traffic stops, sign Public Shelter, people into shelter.

15:16:29 Swish pan to President Eisenhower leading White House staff to shelter (overexposed).

15:16:43 Swish plan Ext. Hotel Commodore, empty streets, deserted cars.

15:16:55 People coming up out of subway. Busy streets as New York returns to normal.

Civil Defence Drill; Cold War;

[Operation MIG Ration] (25Jan54)

01:20:14 Slate: 25Jan54 Operation MIG Ration Tripoli, Lybya. Airmen on ground in front of tents, jeep past.

Cold War; Russian MIG;

[Army & McCarthy Senate Sub-Committee Hearings w/ Sec Stevens & Testimony] (Mar-Apr54)

Joseph N. Welch visible; Roy Cohn next to McCarthy; Senator Everett Dirksen questions. Ray H. Jenkins repeats a question and Robert T. Stevens talks about his conclusion that Cohn s behavior was with knowledge of McCarthy. Stevens asked to identify G. David Schine in photograph.

Cold War; McCarthyism; Robert F. Kennedy; Homosexual Favoritism;

[Eisenhowers w/ Grandchildren; McCarthy - Army Hearings] (1954)

11:26:38 X4 President & Mamie w/ David & daughters Susan & Barbara in sun at Augusta golf course (?) in Easter dress clothes; with John & wife & mother ?. Press photo shoot.

11:28:01 X5 Sec. of Army Stevens standing next to attorney Welch sworn in. Stevens at mic in filled room. Sen. Jenkins (?) questioning; other Senators at table. Swearing in from front of room.

11:29:13 X9 ?? at mic; leaves. General view at front w/ large table & Senators. MCU of McCarthy, Roy Cohn, Jenkins. TV camera visible. LS of room w/ photographers around behind. Swearing in of ?? w/ Welch beside.

Cold War; Senate Sub-Committee Hearings; Schine Affair; Presidential Family Life;

[Army & McCarthy Hearings; Eisenhowers laying cornerstone; Gettysburg; McCarthy & Schine]

12:48:42 X2 Capitol rotunda w/ large crowd waiting for start of Senate hearing. Very large group still photography & film cameramen. Two military arrive w/ briefcase, boxes & file folders. People taking seats. Four women wearing sash wait to enter. Two VIPs arrive. Sec. Stevens & military VIPs arrive & pose. McCarthy w/ woman on crutches enters. Table w/ Stevenson & military; McCarthy, Cohn at mics. TV camera visible behind committee. Swearing in of Army General, Welch next to him. Crowd shots & very good shots of bank of newsreel cameramen.

12:54:06 X4 President Eisenhower & Mamie at church cornerstone laying. Out of car, into Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church (sign). Crowd of onlookers on curb. Cornerstone w/ 1954 on it, Ike w/ trowel and cement. Police holding back crowd as limousine leaves.

12:56:31 X7 Presidential plane Columbine landing and Dean Rusk off, arrives at Gettysburg & greeted by Ike. Pose for photographers.

12:57:33 X10 David Schine in MCU. Standing,sworn in. Welch, Stevens & Army VIPs sitting behind. Schine holding photograph & questioned by committee members (MOS).

1950s; Anti-Communism; Cold War; McCarthyism; Diplomacy;

[Senator McCarthy & Committee at Ft. Monmouth Concerning Security Violations] (29Apr54)

Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

CU sign behind barbed wire: Fort Monmouth Home of the Signal Corps U.S. Army. Restricted Area. View thru chain link fence of radar units turning,

14:39:45 MCU Secretary of Army Stevens & Senator McCarthy laughing & talking w/ ??. CU of each. Sign behind wire fence: ...Signal Laboratory.

14:40:03 Stevenson & McCarthy board military aircraft.

14:40:13 McCarthy seated at table w/ Roy Cohn, G. David Schine and committee standing & seated around.

14:40:29 McCarthy walking between two military officers w/ David Schine away from large building, diner & small stores visible on street. tilt down front of New York Federal Court House (?) w/ columns.

14:40:46 Sd. McCarthy seated w/ committee & Schine. Seated w/ 3 others including Gen. Lawton, Commanding Officer of Ft. Monmouth, looking grim. McCarthy speaking answering question about result of investigation & house cleaning done by Stevens and Lawton to get rid of Communists. McCarthy talks about old Truman administration reversing cases in the past . (GOOD).

Cold War; Anti-Communism; McCarthyism; Congressional Investigations; Senate Subcommittee on Investigations;

[Manila SEATO Collective Defense Treaty Conference, September, 1954] R3 of 8

Filipino Chief Delegate & wife enter Gen. Romulos house. Australian Chief Delegate & wife out of car.

01:39:20 Mrs. Raymond Spruance, wife of US Amb. to Phlippines, & others enter. Cadillac past camera.

01:39:36 Mrs. William Lacy of US Philippines Embassy enters house. Philippine women at table fanning themselves at garden patio table. People seated & talking.

01:40:04 Gen. Romulos & Secretary of State John Foster Dulles talking, pan to Mrs Romulos & Mrs. Dulles.

01:40:10 Conference room where Philippine-American talks took place. R-L is Gen. Cannon, Admiral Strong, Amb. Struance, Dulles, Senator Smith. Gen. Lee, 13th AF Commander has back to camera. Group sits down, many press photographers. Chandelier.

01:40:48 Slate. 03Sep54 Airstrip Manila w/ color guard for Sec. of State Dulles arrival. MS L-R Amb. Nieto, Dulles, Philippine Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Manglapus & Filipino officers at attention. Dulles & others inspect troops.

01:41:28 Dulles w/ Manglapus at microphones, Speaks (MOS). Dulles car leaving airport (dusk).

01:41:56 Dulles & others walking to Manila Legislative Building. Flag raising ceremony by Dulles. Flags hanging limp on poles.

01:42:27 Int. home of Gen. Romulos w/ Dulles; Mrs. Romulos & Dulles greeting guests in fg.

01:42:53 Int. home of Mrs. Williams; introducing New Jersey Senator Smith at cocktail party (MOS), he speaks briefly (out of focus).

01:43:27 CU license plates: United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, Pakistan, New Zealand, France, Australia. Crowd in front of Senate building w/ Pres. Magsaysay into car. Dulles & military officers down steps, into car & leaves; others drive past.

01:44:29 Vice President Garcia enters Senate on last day; Cardinal Egnido Vagnozzi of Philippines up steps & past. UK head delegate Lorde Reading past; Sir Mohammed Zafrulla Khan, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Commonwealth Relations past. Gen. Romulos & wife out of car & enter.

01:45:03 VP Carlos Garcia talking to others on steps. Dulles down steps & into car. Flag lowering. CUs people leaving. Brief shot of Mike Mansfield.

01:46:34 Carlos Garcia signing treaty; Sen. Francisco A. Delgado signing treaty. HRH Prince Wan Waithayakon Krommun Naradhit Bongsprabandh of Thailand signs Peace Treaty. UK Lord Reading signs.

01:47:08 Sec. of State Dulles walks forward & signs.

01:47:31 Conference room & delegates seated & arriving. Dulles & othrs at main table, others ringed behind. Soft focus of others dlegates signing.

Cold War; South East Asia Nations;

[Manila SEATO Collective Defense Treaty Conference, September, 1954] R 7 of 8

CU Dulles at microphone from behind. Australian delegation listening. Translators or stenographers at work. UK delegate Reading on left, assistant on right listening to Dulles. LS of conference room & pan during Dulles speech; stenographers in middle. Applause at end of speech.

01:50:33 VP & Conference Chairman Carlos Garcia makes speech before signing; CU audience listening.

01:51:36 Pakistan Chief Delegate Mohammed Zafrulla Khan making notes. People listening; applauding.

01:52:13 Pakistan delegate out of car & up steps. Gen Romulos & wife out of car & to building, car leaves. Delegates into cars, leaving. Dulles into car w/ others & leaves.

01:53:22 Slate: 06Sep54 Australian Chief Delegate. Lord Reading leaving morning session on 08Sep54.

01:53:39 Dulles out of session (out of focus).

01:54:01 Prince Wan out of car. Cardinal Vagnozzi out of car. Senator & Mrs Smith out of car.

01:54:28 Philippine lady dancing at Manila hotel during Fiesta Filipina. Audience applauds. Young girls put on dance: The Birds and the Rice Planters .

01:55:33 Slate. Dec. Dulles arriving at Fiesta Filipina, takes place at table. Gen. Jesus Vargas, Chief of Staff of Philippine Armed Forces arriving. Mr. & Mrs. Virgilio Hilario arrive. Mrs Hilario was Miss Universe of 1952.

01:56:17 Dancers on stage.

01:56:36 Slate. Prince Wan out of car for 08Sep54 afternoon session. British delegates arrive. Others including Dulles. Standing, greeting, posing at Luneta Park for wreath laying ceremony at Rizal Monument w/ troops waiting. License plate CU: Thailand; Pakistan. People standing watching in front of Senate Building. Delegates arrive for flag raising ceremony at start of Conference. Dulles & VP Garcia walk past; Senator Smith & Senator Mansfield walking together.

1950s Cold War; South East Asia Nations; Politics; Diplomats; Diplomacy;

[Manila SEATO Collective Defense Treaty Conference, September, 1954] R8 of 8

Guy Lachambare, French Delegate signing treaty, w/ photographers. New Zealand s T. Clifton Webb signs treaty. Pakistan delegate Mahummad Zafrulla Kahn signs. Philippine Vice President Carlos Garcia signs.

02:03:15 Filipinos in audience watch & applaud.

02:04:35 Secretary of State John Foster Dulles signs. LS of room, applause. Senator Smith signing

02:06:30 VP Garcia gaveling conference closed. Shaking hands. Milling about & shaking hands. Still photographers taking pictures.

1950s Cold War; South East Asia Nations; Politics; Diplomats; Diplomacy;

Road to Freedom Pt. 1 of 3

On the release of Taiwanese POWs from Korean prison camps.

23Jan1954 - Ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan in honor of 14,000 returning POWS. Bell rung. Chairman Wo Chung Gang? makes speech. Chiang Jiang or Chen Cheng? Premier of Chinese Government in exile. Large crowds. Korean Ambassador to China, Kim Hung-Il. Taiwanese released from Korean prison camps.

03:30:04 Korea - Release of Taiwanese prisoners. Map of Korea w/ 38th parallel. Flags of United Nations & USA. US planes fly over as Chinese officers from Taiwan welcome released Taiwanese POWS at airfield. Taiwanese general inspects processing area. Crates unloaded. American Gen. V.S. Laughton (sp?). Processing officers & Chinese Nationalist military delegation arrive from Taiwan.

03:32:16 Commanding General of UN Forces John Hull visits processing area tent city. Nationalist Chinese flags put on poles, Welcome Gate to Freedom & banners w/ portrait of Chiang Kai-Shek along road. Korea & Gen. Lawton (?) & Gen. Lai. Welcome party along road incl. Nationalist Government in Taiwan officials. Military band plays 14,000 released POWs march, American soldiers hold up Taiwan flag. POWs thru Gate of Freedom, into tents & into trucks bound for Inchon Harbor. Nat. China Ambassador to Korea Wong Dong Wan (?). Aerials of truck convoy; crossing bridge, stop for rest; men served water by Americans.

03:36:47 Inchon - Trucks w/ POWs into Inchon. UN military band; men walk thru crowd w/ flags. Traditional Chinese opera performers on stilts. Men board ships as crowds wave.

US Government anti-Communist propaganda; Korean War - China - Guomindang KMT; Cold War;

NOTE: This may be Chinese soldiers who decided to go to Taiwan rather than return to China.

Road to Freedom Pt 2 of 3

Map - journey to Taiwan aboard 15 LSTs w/ escort ships & planes above. View from onboard LST. Released POWs singing (MOS) & clapping.

03:39:49 Welcome committee at Taipei airport incl. women for released hospital Taiwanese patients from Korea, rainy day, umbrellas & raincoats. Wounded carried thru welcoming crowd on stretchers to ambulances; others off plane wearing surgical masks. Nurses serve snacks.

03:42:28 Taipei hospital, VIPs visit patients. Overseas Chinese National Salvation Association & Overseas Chinese Students w/ speeches to patients & parcels distributed. Patient spokesman thanks visitors.

03:44:14 Chi-Lung, Taiwan harbor dock & convoy arriving past breakwater; men off ship w/ American marine escort; POWs thanked by Taiwanese military. Waving crowds & military band on pier. Returnees disembark, greeted by VIPs of Nationalist Chinese government in exile. Taipei s daily newspaper distributed. Speeches - Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Jang Chang Wan?.

03:48:04 Major General C. William Chase (?); Filipino minister Emmanuel Deva?; returning soldier makes rousing speech & crowd cheers. Americans offered gifts for escorting convoy & embark on ship.

Heavy handed anti-Communist propaganda; Anti-Red Chinese; Korean War - China - Guomindang KMT;

Cold War;

NOTE: This may be Chinese soldiers who decided to go to Taiwan rather than return to China.

[Shah of Iran Arrives New York City, 13-15Dec54]

Lockheed Constellation plane arrive, Idlewild airport.

17:26:41 Shah Pavlavi & wife Soraya in mink coat w/ orchid corsage off plane, greeted w/ handshakes MCU. Walking w/ police behnd to terminal. At microphones, posing w/ flowers. (MOS)

Cold War; Dictator; Middle East; Diplomacy;

[Voice of America Behind The Scenes - Dulles At USIA Exhibition]

VOA radio engineer at control panel; CU open reel tape recorder w/ pan up to engineer giving signal to announcer in booth; MCU Middle Eastern announcer w/ script at microphone - Voice of America in Arabic? VS announcers from vars countries w/ Voice of America written in respective languages above microphone. CUs microphones - Die Stimme Amerikas , Glos Ameryki etc.

05:37:38 MS Control room w/ woman operator standing at bank of recording machines - large sign Recording Control Centre: The control desk for VOA recording facilities is being installed here... ; zoom in on recording decks. Woman operates disc cutting equipment - CU sticks label to record.

05:38:51 LS Capitol building - traffic in FG - pan right to governmetnn building on Mall; man up steps. INT operators standing at bank of electrical equipment w/ patch panels; CUs; laying cables along ceiling tracks. Camera up escalator, Voice of America sign w/ arrow at top. US Information Agency banner, pan to world map w/ signs Facilities Network - 217 Posts in 77 Countries - 17 Transmitting Stations ; CU sign News For The World: This is the VOA newswire. The world-side news it corries is gathered and edited in the Agency s central newsroom. This news is now ready for adaptation and broadcast overseas by the VOA language services ; pan down to printing device.

05:40:55 VS USIA displays re Communism & Propaganda: CU graph w/ Communist China & USSR - International Communist Yearly External and Internal Propaganda - $3,240,200,000 - Explaining American Policy - Propaganda - Tool of Conquest - Penetrate the Curtain - Radio Is Only Means - Exposing Communist Propaganda - woman points to map w/ Locations of 866 Soviet Forced Labor Camps . Dulles at podium addresses staff and views displays; CUs staff inc. Black women.

Cold War. Broadcasting. Anti-Communism.

[McCarthy-Army Hearings, Welch Takes Oath] (1954ca)

Washington DC

Welch, w/ Stevens sitting next to him, holding large picture of two military (Shine?) & Sec. Robert Stevens beside military plane. Its an original, undoctored piece of evidence. Jenkins (?) responds. Robert Kennedy sitting behind.

18:18:05 McCarthy asks for 3rd man to be identified, Welch should be put under oath to explain how it was doctored. Chairman asks McCarthy to speak to Point of Order. McCarthy: Mr. Chairman, may I suggest that before I start to say something that I not be interrupted in the middle of a sentence; and that Mr. Symington and no one else has the right to interrupt unless they address the chair and the chair recognizes them.

18:19:22 McCarthy holding two photographs side by side. Responded by Sec Stevens who had asked for a picture of alone w/ Schine; and he s proven that what he was given simply had a 3rd person cropped off. McCarthy asks if it matters; Stevens says: ...tremendously. Because it means someone is going to edit the information that is going to come before this committee.

18:20:34 McCarthy: who is that.. Stevens: I don t know; it might be Senator McCarthy. (laughter & applause). Jenkins questioning Cohn.

18:21:06 Welch: Are you close enough to the picture so you would like to qualify that statement, I would say its a grim picture of Sec. Stevens. Cohn responds... Not so fast Mr. Cohn, not so fast... Cohn responds. Welch: My question was a simple one... End of out.

McCarthyism; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist; Doctoring of Photographs; Evidence; Cross-examination.

Highlights of 1955

Salk polio victory - Vaccine storage. Scientist Jonas Salk at press conference. Vaccines dispatched and kids queuing up and getting shots. Medicine; Infantilie Paralysis; Disease;

08:50:50 Parley at UN Geneva Summit re disarmament & Cold War: Interior conference & exterior Geneva UN building. International Conferences

08:51:25 Hurricane Carol in North East USA. Floods and damage. Weather

08:52:06 Plane crash in Rockies: Plane wreckage and rescue. Air disaster.

08:52:33 Argentina - Peron ousted - resigns and flees. Pius XII excommunicates Peron. Rioting. HQ of Labour Confederation looted. Dictator.

08:53:10 Ike heart attack: Eisenhower in wheelchair. Motorcade in hometown of Gettysburg. Ike at mountain retreat. Ike with Nixon and others.

08:53:52 Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend royal romance: Margaret - Headlines The Nation Waits Townsend in street with others.

08:54:24 French Colonial crises in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia: riot aftermaths with burning cars and wreckage. Rabat - Huge crowd welcomes exiled Moroccan sultan Mohammed Ibn Yusuf. Yusuf sits on throne. Revolution; Independence; Arabs; North Africa;

08:55:02 AFofL & CIO merge with Reuther & Meany. Labor Unions.

08:55:34 Austria free: Austrian sovereignty restored - re Austrian State Treaty. Return of Austrian POWs from Russia - women holding pictures on train platform and tearful reunions.

President Tells Press Peace Is Objective In Formosa

VS press conference w/ President Eisenhower. MS and CU Ike making speech re/ peace in Formosa, China.

Cold War.

On Guard: Radar Network On Northern Frontier

VS radar installation in snowy landscape. Satellite equipment. INTs radar dome and control room, AV map table. VS personnel. Pilots given orders, run to jets on tarmac. AVs jet in the air. Canadian sitting in front of radar screen AV passenger jet.

Cold War.

Ike s Challenge: Offers Arms Data Exchange To Reds

Geneva Big Four Conference - Khruschev arrives in limo - smiling & shaking hands outside building; President Eisenhower out of car w/ Dulles. INT conference room - Ike w/ papers after offering Soviets an exchange of military data w/ permission to take aerial photos - Open Skies Policy; MS Khruschev. Ike into toy shop to buy presents for grandchildren followed by crowds of press.

Cold War.

News In Brief: Russia

First public display of newest Russian combat aircraft over Moscow: Bison intercontinental jet bomber & smaller multi-jet attack bombers in formation; combat helicopters landing & smaller helicopters filling sky above crowds. CUs faces watching. Narration re underestimating of Soviet air power - A spur to the alert .

Cold War. Military Aviation.

Why Study Science

Young America Films

Father w/ teenage son in fishing boat at sunset - it s getting late, we d better get back - take fish to mother & sister by camp fire [studio set] CU cook fish. - talk about packing for return home from vacation.

Family talk & toast marshmallows after dinner - discuss likelihood of men going into Space; father tells boy he needs to know scientific facts to back up his desire to travel to the Moon & have adventures - asks son what he is studying at school - no Science?

02:05:52 Father: You two kids, I guess you re a part of the Atomic Age . Son: Yeah, or the Television Age . Daughter reluctant to take more science classes, brother teases her she just wants to hook some guy . Alright so I want to get married & have a family, is there anything wrong with that? Mother: Nothing, except your idea that you ll never need science to keep house. Father talks of worthwhile science-related careers for women who don t marry right away: physical therapy, nursing, medical, dental & laboratory technicians . Father continues lecture on importance of science ...but it can also be used for destruction... Parents go to bed.

02:09:05 Narration takes over re young people preparing themselves for life ahead. Long montage: comfortable suburban home - you will live in finer homes than your forefathers ever dreamed of - passenger jet in flight, Eiffel Tower & Venice - will travel in safety at speeds that would have staggered your grandfather s imagination, you will get to know the people of your world first hand... - combine harvesters through field - the science of agriculture advances, the world will be better fed, clothed & housed... - heavy industry - will know the benefits of the many industries pioneered by science... [VO continues]. Brief shots research scientists - workers building highway - science teacher at chalkboard - pharmacists - radiologists - nurses - dieticians - all these and more require a basic knowledge of science . Statesman making speech - VO you may well decide whether mankind is bettered or destroyed by the products of science . People out of church.

02:11:30 University [?] science lecture. Students on field trip. Archaeologist [not seen] uncovering ancient rocks. Students in science class - microscope - photography dark room - butterfly collection. Cut back to teenage kids by camp fire looking thoughtful.

Careers. Feminism; Biology - Chemistry - Physics. Space Race. Cold War. Family Life / Holidays. Camping. 1950s Americana; Space Travel; Future;

Germany In NATO - Will Provide Army Of Half A Million

Ext. NATO headquarters. Int. w/ large meeting of member delegations around four-sided table. MCU German delegation w/ Konrad Adenauer; MacMillan talking to John Foster Dulles; delegations w/ name places. Adenauer shakes hands w/ French delegate. Ext. Flags flying outside. Military officials standing watching German flag raised on pole; saluting.

Cold War; Military Defense; 1950s;

Berlin [West Berlin Reconstruction & Removal of Red Army War Memorial, May55]

Pan over rubble, destruction. Construction of road w/ hand labor. Pan over vacant lots & damaged buildings to Zentralflughafen (Central Airport?). New apartment buildings w/ playgrounds & kids playing, large sand box, baby in stroller laughing. Tall apartment building; swish-pan to tank on large pedestal & crane beside highway. Dismantling fence, lifting tank from base w/ two cranes as newsreel cameras film. Tank lowered onto truck trailer.

Cold War; Propaganda;

Big Four Parley - President Agrees To Conference With Reds

Press conference & journalists standup as Eisenhower enters. Ike stands at desk. CU reporter runnng steno machine. Asked about a summit conference he says: you must understand this whole idea is still in an exploratory stage. We ve issued an invitation; because of reasons that finally seemed to us to be cogent...I have said I would go anywhere if any good could be done...there is no expectation on my part that in a few hours, a few days...the world will be turned around.

Cold War; Peace Talks; 1950s;

[Vice President Nixon s Visit To Guatemala]

Arrival of plane & Nixon & wife out of doorway. Nixon to press at microphones. Parade w/ formal military on horse & Nixon & wife in open convertible w/ security. Crowds along street. OUt of sedan & meeting w/ Armas & wife at mics. Armas reading speech, Nixon making remarks, shaking hands; w/ glasses making toast. Wives w/ glasses posing.

11:55:13 Armas & Nixon w/ glasses raised in toast; receiving line. Posing w/ VIP guests.

11:55:57 Large building under construction; market place w/ stalls. Many soldiers & Nixon w/ crowds around.

11:56:39 Nixon w/ Catholic VIPs, Nixon leaves in sedan.

11:57:08 Nixon w/ Armas & military visiting exhibit & looking at propaganda seized as Red Terror .

11:57:45 Title: Antigua. Welcom Mr. & Mrs Nixon, walking w/ flowers & ribbon cutting; holds ump scissors. Meets w/ kids, talks to them thru grill. Walks thru street; somebody faints or ??

11:59:03 Out of church (?). Walks past ruins of large church.

11:59:32 Title: Cena En Casa Presidencial En Honor Al Distinguido Huesped. Armas in formal military uniform greeting Nixons & others in blacktie. receiving line. Talking w/ drinks. Formal dinner w/ candles.

12:01:46 Title: Quezaltenango View from airplane. Armas waves from door, followed by Nixon out & thru crowd; ride in open car w/ US flag across hood. People waving. Cu of Nixon, Armas & receiving flowers & gifts.

12:04:55 Title: Dinner w/ formally dressed at long table. Armas & Nixon sit on sofa talking.

12:05:40 Title: Recepcion en la Camara Junior. Nixon w/ VIPs posing & VP Nixon talking, they applaud.

12:06:45 Title: Diferentes Aspectos De La Despedida a Mr. Nixon. Parade thru streets following formal military on horseback. Small crowd. At airport board plane.

Ceremonial Visit; Anti-Communist; Dictator; Cold War; Monroe Doctrine;

Operation Wigwam Pt. 1 of 2

Helicopter landing on ship s deck; CU sailor blowing bosun s whistle. CU loudspeaker.

03:01:21 Title: Task Group 7.3 Presents Operation Wigwam. Poduced by USAF Lookout Mountain Lab.

03:01:45 Men on deck look up; large four-engine plane. Aerial of line of ships & barges w/ large helium balloons attached. VO ...14May55..eyewitness to most unusual atomic test...a joint military & scientific operation. Testing 30 kiloton Mark 90 Betty 500 miles SW of San Diego.

03:02:24 Atomic blast at Operation Crossroads, 1946 tested effect on ships in shallow water.

03:02:49 WWII anti-submarine mine thrown & exploded & subchasers; torpedo seen from above & exploding against freighter; men in water rescued. View of sinking ships from submarine. Aerial over diving submarines.

03:03:31 Low aerial above barge w/ men; VO ...several under feet below suspended atom effective...Operation Wigwam conceived to answer...

03:04:03 Aerial over Pentagon building. CU hands holding secret monograph: Operation Wigwam. MCU pan of naval officers & others at table. LS Nine talking at table, looking at maps. Dissolve to overhead from mast of ship deck while underway. Men on deck preparing fish, pulling in buoys. LS aerial of ships pulling barges, target submarines.

03:05:49 Diagram of tethered submarines to surface buoys. Three placed at different distances. Nose of sub hulk no. 12 constructed w/o engine, prior to submerging. Interior shot of test equipment & robotic electronic instruments.

03:07:05 Test resurfacing of sub. LS aerial of Task Force Group 7.3. MS of frogmen on sub deck next to landing craft. Low aerial of helicopter on platform of small barge suspending A-Bomb. Men on large floating buoy preparing recording instruments. Men placing floating smaller buoys. Rocking suspension barge w/ landing craft alongside seen from water.

03:08:33 CU control w/ panel announcing two hours till blast. Scientists at electronic instruments & leaving, climbing onto landing craft & moving away from barge. Small aircraft carrier CVL-49, USS Wright, & propeller planes taking off. Radar antenna turning during countdown.

Underwater Nuclear Testing; Cold War; Technology; Atomic Blasts;

Operation Wigwam Pt. 2 of 2

Air to air of four engine USAF place w/ open rear cargo door for filming. Int. w/ cameras & cameramen in door. View of Task Group ships. CC 7 (?) w/ helicopter landing deck on stern. Montage: Men at instrument racks w/ tape rolling. Men at charts, phones, instruments, electronic firing system levels etc. lights blinking. Fire.

03:10:26 Blast effect on surface & rising seen from air, from ship as men watch w/ SOF. From camera window in plane.

03:11:29 Aerial above remote controlled (?) ship AG 39 w/ smoke (?) rising moving into radiation area. Helicopters monitoring.

03:11:57 Aerial of floats & buoys. Aerial over disrupted water. The End. Proj. 30-30B-54.

Underwater Nuclear Testing; Cold War; Technology; Atomic Blasts;

[Civil Defense Exercise, 1955]

MCU Soldier & girlfriend goodbye kills beside Greyhoud bus.

06:26:00 LS of marchers w/ bouquets, some w/ VFW caps.

06:26:08 Sign: Office of Civil Defense; CU sleeve badge Medical CD. MS Man talking, pointing. Men w/ fire hoses, lantern. CU Men in CD helmets. CU surgeon & nurse in operating room. MS woman w/ scarf on head looking at camera. CD men on telephones at phone bank.

06:28:12 CD man in to mobile rescue trucks leave in convoy. CD man gesturing people into Shelter Area. Fire truck arrives & CD men pull hoses off. Men inspect equipment in shed; servicing coffee & soup from table.

06:30:24 CD man w/ policeman directing traffic. Men in CD helmets listen to instructor; inspecting electrical transmission poles.

06:30:59 Partially collapsed concrete building, man checking w/ geiger counter. Two men carry injured on stretcher & treated by nurse. Operating room w/ surgeon & nurses. Loading stretchers into ice cream van.

06:31:54 Men at radio console.

06:32:18 Woman putting push-pins on board, men on phone.

06:32:35 Woman hanging up laundry on clothesline.

06:32:41 Men & women in line giving forms to woman at desk.

06:33:05 Many B-36s fly-over (animation?)

1950s Cold War Defensive Preparations;

[Discovery of US-British Tunnel Used In Operation Gold] (ca 1955)

East German & Soviet Officers w/ KGB staging of discovery of 500 meter tunnel in East Berlin which was joint US-British landline from intelligence compound in Karlshorst, part of Operation Gold beginning in 1954. Electric circuitry below ground. Soldier taking pictures. Officers pose in trench.

Cold War. Spying. 1950s. Electronic Equipment;

[Shah Pahlevi & Wife Waterskiing, 1955]

Farina & Shah of Iran in military uniform w/ many medals out of car w/ Marine holding door, crowd watching from distance. Salutes. CU Farina.

01:30:22 Baton twirlers & marching band in street of Miami, Florida(?). Shah & Farina up steps past camera. Swish pan to:

01;30:33 Shah on back in water w/ water skiis. POV from boat water skiing. Farinah skiing. Into boat Terry Bea. Shah helped into motorboat Confused.

Celebrities; Dictators; Cold War; Diplomacy; Recreation; 1955; 1950s;

News In Brief : Georgia - Defence Talks in Winter White House

President Eisenhower (Ike), Brundage, Wilson and other officials discuss next years defence budget. Seated round table.

Cold War

Hungarian Revolution

Hungarians on the streets - papers thrown from government buildings and burnt. Tanks through streets - snipers on rooftops and on street corners. Burnt out vehicles. Body on ground. Bridge over river. Peaceful mass rally of Hungarians. People standing on street reading newspapers and pamphlets. Hungarian troops on truck.

06:34:34 Roadblocks made of piles of bricks and using trains as barricades. Tanks along streets some with civilians sitting on. Hungarian freedom fighters on rooftops counting ammunition / bullets. People run for cover - injured carried on stretcher under gunfire. Hungarians burn flags - body on ground. Posters. Crowds gathered in square - debris on ground from government buildings. Buildings on fire. Snipers on street corners and rooftops. Destroyed tanks.

Cold War

Hungarian Revolution Reel 2

Fire burning in the street - papers thrown on. Snipers including brief shot man at window. Soldiers put man in truck. destroyed military equipment. Men hammering at toppled statue ? Hungarians with guns in back of truck. Papers thrown from windows onto bonfire - crowds on street - damaged and bullet marked buildings. People walking on streets. Burnt out tram - destroyed shop windows - various shots debris in streets. People climbing on tank - body lying in street.

06:46:25 Bullet holes in Red Star lying on ground. Pile of bodies. Men trying to pull Communist Red Star from building. Man under arrest. Loudspeakers.

06:48:40 Interior hospital ward - injured in beds. Man on crane trying to cover Communist sign with Hungarian flag - Hungarian soldiers smiling as they watch. Relief trucks ? People queue. Women with baskets mob back of truck as food handed out. Crowds - demonstration. People gathered in square. Two graves covered with flowers.

Cold War

Hungary Exodus - Dramatic scenes of night dash to West

Night shots Austrian / Hungarian border - Hungarian refugees cross canal which marks border by any possible means. Dawn, refugees dash across fields, Austrian guards shouting encouragement as near border. Families with children cry as they gain freedom to the West. Austrian refugee camps with crowds of refugees.

Cold War

Hungary Free - But Faces Threat Of New Red Invasion

06:17:47 Large group of Hungarians in countryside w/ military, MCU smiling.

06:17:53 Sign: Budapest VW van past; past abandoned Russian tanks on roadside. POV thru rainy windshield following trucks w/ soldiers. Streets of Budapest in aftermath of fight against Soviets, few people, along river. Debris in street, destroyed cars, buses, trams. Crowd watches burial in cemetery, flowers in open grave.

Cold War; Hungarian Revolution Aftermath; Nov56; Oct56; 1956;

News in Brief - Rome

06:19:00 High angle of demonstrators in large square. Crowds, youth w/ placards waving. Puppet / effigy of Communist dignitary hung.

06:19:20 Police move in as crowd marches on Communist Party HQ, riot begins. Police in cars chase demonstrators on Spanish Steps, students & police battle, fight. Men in suits w/ billy clubs.

Cold War; Anti-Communist; Oct56; 1956; Italy; Anti-Soviet Hungary Demonstrations;

San Francisco

06:26:44 View beneath plane raised by crane & placed onto deck of aircraft carrier Yorktown, CV-10. Planes parked on deck; conveyor moving cartons of supplies aboard; stacked crates of fruit.

06:27:05 Black & white sailors walk past. Wives, one holding child wave goodbye.

Suez Crisis; Middle East Crisis; Cold War; Military Preparations; Nov56: 1956;

News In Brief

06:10:05 Title: San Bruno, Cal. Rollingwood Terrace residents in street filling wooden crate offer gifts, toys etc. as housewarming presents, including mailbox. Soviet engineer & wife hold up framed print in Russian home sweet home . Gift book. LS of suburban house. CU sign: Oddstad Homes attached to stack of house packed & stacked for shipping to USSR.

Cold War Propaganda; Gifts; Oddities; People-To-People; Russia;


06:10:48 Sign over Le Bourget helicopter school entrance Base Ecole 725 w/ helicopter flying above. Helicopters on ground; pilots & trainees flying copters, taking off. Aerial views of Alps, ridges, peaks. Aerial of landing on snow.

Cold War; Military; French Air Force; Mountains;

Red Legacy - Leave Rail Line Mined In Austria

06:09:11 Wolfsthal, Austria railroad station platform. Derelict train line at border between Austria & Czechoslovakia w/ weeds blooming. Border fence w/ barbed wire, sign Achtung! minen! Mine flags.

Two men probing for mines; CU hands exposing anti-personnel mine. Piles of unearthed mines. CU lightin match & LS of extreme large explosion.

Cold War; 1956; 1950s;

World Protest - Mobs Riot Over Red Hungarian Slaughter

Demonstrations over Western Europe in response to Soviet Invasion of Budapest.

06:24:30 Night. West Berlin, Germany. Peaceful demonstration / vigil in front of official building, sign Unsere freiheit is ermordet worden , candles or torches burning in night. GOOD.

06:24:43 Night. Paris, France. Angry crowds set fire to Communist Party headquarters.

06:24:51 Night. Amsterdam, Holland / Netherlands Rock throwing riot at Communist Party HQ & try to break in front door as police arrive.

Cold War Riots; Nov56; 1956; Hungarian Revolution Put-Down; Protests; Anti-Communism;


Night. Lighted cathedral seen across river w/ boat traffic. 77th Catholic Congress held in Cologne, Germany. People gathered; religious procession & ceremony in stadium w/ large cranes suspending giant crown of thorns. MCU Black nun. Crowds praying outdoors, making sign of cross.

Cold War; Sep56; 1956; Anti-Communist Propaganda; Religion;

Volleyball - US Loses to Reds In Five Game Match

08:40:34 Night & athletes march w/ National flags.

08:40:56 US Women playing volleyball match w/ USSR. MCUs. Pep talk; spectators. The End.

Paris Sports Palace; Womens Amateur Sports; Cold War; 1956; France; Russians;

Reds Inflate Balloon Issue

VS Russian military display captured US weather balloons and equipment, claiming espionage; journalists? w/ notepads examine equipment.

Cold War.

Freedom Road - Hungarian Patriots Force Red Retreat

12:55:47 Austro-Hungarian border station manned by rebel guards from West Hungary - Anti-Communist defiance inc. white armband on uniform & red star torn out of national flag. Man chiseling off of wall tile.

12:56:08 Blood plasma delivered; ambulance past. Medical supplies from US loaded onto cargo plane. 12:56:34 Demonstration against Soviet massacre of Hungarian rebels outside UN HQ New York. Signs & placards include: The Soviet Troops Killed 5200 [?] in Budapest. Protesters carrying fake coffin.

Revolution; Anti-Communism; Cold War; Rebellion; Oct56; 1956;

Wernher von Braun & Gen. Medaris Discuss Guided Missile Redstone

Dr. Von Braun and Gen. Medaris in Pentagon studio stand next to model of the US Army's Redstone guided missile. Von Braun: "This is a model of the US Army's Redstone guided missile, the largest American ballistic missile to have reached the test firing stage". Medaris: "This missile was developed at the Redstone Arsenal and as the Dept. of Defense releases have already said, becomes the basis of the development of the much longer range missile . NB There are two takes of the above.

Cold War.

New Sea Warfare

Two submarines tied up side by side at dock. One is Nautilus. POV of bow of Nautilus thru water on surface. Cockpit & man at control wheel pushing forward for diving. Bow in water.

14:31:33 Large fireboat with all pumps working shooting water in air off lower Manhatten in Hudson river. Nautilus entering harbor w/ men on deck & Manhattan seen beyond. Swish pan to another submarine & missile on launcher raised. Fired & rising at 45 degree angle in trail of steam.

14:31:51 MS of Navy missile in sky alone.

Note: sea tests done during year; underwater equivalent to circling gobe.

1956 Year Ender; Military Weapons; Cold War;

Hungary s Martyrdom

MS man chiseling on tiles w/ Red emblem; ext. & streets w/ fighting, tanks firing. Soldiers in doorways firing at snipers. Civilians firing on street corner as others watch in background. Heavily damaged street w/ rubble & men falling into it.

14:35:06 Family w/ belongs past in horse drawn wagon in countryside to Austrian border. Woman crying w/ boy beside. Others looking sad. Tanks in countryside beside field. Man carrying boy on sodlier through reeds. Other people walking along ditches in snow & cold fields.

Failed Revolution; Cold War;

War Over Suez

View of ships in harbor at entrance to Suez Canal. Ferry. Ships lined up in canal. MCU of Abdel Nasser talking to reporters. Israel soldiers on Sinai Peninsula walking toward camera alongside canal. Bodies alongside in sand, some nearly buried. Convoy of warships tdoward camera w/ battleship followed by two aircraft carriers, others in distance. Four British jets overhead in close formation.

14:36:15 View from plane of parachutes dropping & opening. Soldiers down nets on side of ships & wading ashore from landing craft w/ heavy black smoke from oil fire on shore.

14:36:35 Street w/ burning three story house. Street w/ Arabs milling about, bags of flour or ?? on ground. POV from army truck moving thru street w/ rubble alongside.

14:36:45 Ext. of United Nations; interior w/ Henry Cabot Lodge, John Foster Dulles & others. LS of interior of General Assembly. Dag Hammerskjold boarding airplane. United Nation Troops (Emergency Police Force) marching up street w/ Arabs cheering & waving from behind rope. Eisehower at desk speaking says US believes the UN can end the bloodshed as proven in the past. The End.

Cold War; Middle East;

Main Title: Universal International News

Four Full Years - The Eisenhower Story

Title re public service.

Montage of factory workers, smoke stacks, auto assembly line, railroad engineer in cab & freight cars w/ combines. Combining.

20:13:47 Woman at cash register; mother & kids w/ groceries into car; traffic on overpass into city. People looking. Ike sworn in (SOF), inagural address, Korean troops homecoming w/ kisses & hugs. Sec. of State John Foster Dulles off plane, shaking hands, w/ Churchill. Ike & Dulles at Geneva Conference. United Nations address, 1953, on atomic control.

20:15:47 St. Lawrence Seaway announced & construction. Headlines on spending & inflation. Views of farming.

20:16:24 Construction of apartment house, interstate highway system, Health Education & Welfare building & workers.

20:17:00 Ike, Nixon & various foreign leaders from Indonesia (?), Africa; Queen Mother; Anthony Eden; St. Laurent; King Paul & Queen Frederika of Greece.

20:17:34 Press Conference talking about disarmament. Off-shore radar towers of early warning system & operators at scopes & telephones inside. Missiles raised. Launching of atomic submarine; planes flyhover.

20:18:40 Ike statement on next four years: we can all be grateful to the almighty...

Presidential Campaign Advertising; Republican Propaganda; Cold War; 1950s;

Red Display - Show Air Might To U.S. Air Chief

High angle of large crowd walking into airport. Spectators see many hellicopters landing in show for General Nathan Twining, Light planes w/ flags flying from them. Crowd watches planes spell: Glory to the USSR in Russian. Jet supersonic fighter fly-over, twin-jet medium bomber. Five MIGs.

Cold War; 1956 Military Air Power; USSR; Russia; Oddities;

Last Stand - Hungarians Fight On As Thousands Flee

Fires burning; people fighting against tanks. Riflemen in doorways firing. Tanks firing. Fires burning in street of flags. Refugees crossing border into Austria. Women & children in back of truck. Geese. Tanks around fields.

Violent Revolution; 1950s Cold War; 1956 Uprising; Hungary; Violence;

[US Air Force Tanker Unveiled By Boeing]

Boeing airplane plant assembly line; partially completed fusalages. Men inside plane; woman riveting. Exterior & large tanker plane, City of Renton, rolled out as large number of people watch. Dedicated w/ bottle of champaign by wife of Renton s mayor. First of series for refueling B-52 bombers.

Cold War; SAC; Airplane Industry;

[Eisenhower Addrss at the Hunt Armory, Pittsburgh, PA 09Oct56]

Ike speaking from podium: ...America seeks strength only because America loves peace. The meeting at Geneva made this clear, a fact that later the Presidents of all the Americas, meeting in Panama, recognized & applauded. There have been clear proofs of our purpose: our plans for world disarmament - programs of atoms-fo-peace - the fostering of world trade & helping other peoples combat poverty and need.

20:31:16 We have, in all this, simply paid attention to some plain lessons of recent history. The are: Weakness invites aggression. Strength stops it. And our determination to resist agression...

20:31:45 My fellow citizens, these matters should always be studied exhaustively & discussed soberly in our democracy. Here again, I must mention what the opposition has been saying only because it is so vital that we all understand these matters clearly. They, the opposition, have urged stout military defense w/ greater reliance on modern weapons, but have advised stopping our atomic tests. They have promised national security & a bold role in world affairs while they urge us to start thinking about ending the military draft.....

(continues thru next to last paragraph of speech) ...of peace and of justice grew steadily stronger.

20:35:31 Si. Ike waves & leave podium.

20:35:42 Si. Ike waving from open car in motorcade. At airport, people taking his pictue; kids w/ flags. Mounted policeman Press photographers.

20:36:38 Si. Columbine arrives & Ike off, shaking hands. Women wearing Ike skirts. POV from motorcade past waving crowd. Thru city streets.

20:38:15 Si. Interior filled large auditorium of supporters. Ike waving from podium.

1956 Republican Presidential Candidate Campaigning; Poltics; Politician; Speech; Political; Cold War;

Reds Withdraw - Cut Down Troops In East Germany

14:24:01 Russian, East German, French & other officers at large event; police holding pushing crowds. Russian officers pose; one takes pictures of pilot w/ young girls (Pioneers?) in front of large plane. Young & others applauding.

14:24:39 Russian (?) troops in dress uniforms march formally w/ rifles past reviewing stand.

Cold War; 1956; Germany; Warsaw Pact Troops;

Egyptian Might - Parade Arsenal of Red Weapons

14:24:54 High angle of military parade & large covered grandstand. Ground shots, troops; spectators. Marching troops; Nasser in uniform & other officers stand in review; troops running in ceremonial fashion.

14:25:14 Troop carriers, tanks.

14:25:21 VIPs in stand.

14:25:24 Artillery passing. Troop carriers.

Military Build Up; Cold War; Russia Aid; 1956 Pre-Suez Crisis;

[USAF Fighter Jet Guided Missile Tests]

CU model rocket; aircraft on diagram. Rocket wheeled across tarmac on trolley & loaded under wing of USAF jet fighter plane - Northrop F-89 Scorpion ? Pilot into cockpit w/ mask & helmet. Brief shot of take off. LS bomber hit by rocket explodes [blurry], camera follows as it plummets to ground w/ broken wing and breaks up; CU target screen. Rocket? in flight w/ vapour trail. Technicians in laboratory calibrating rocket on test stand. MCU loading missile onto plane. LS rocket hitting target plane - fierce explosion, plane crashes into desert / mountains. CU model of rocket.

Cold War. Military Aviation. Nuclear ?

[AC&W Squadron HQ - US & Canada Early Warning System]

LS air base in snow; CU sign Headquarters AC&W Sqdn. Snow plough past camera. Car along snowy road past warning sign - waved through at guard post. Pilot gets boots at supply desk. Off-duty servicemen play ping pong, have hair cut etc. Ice fishing. Cross-country skiing. Servicemen out of building in thick coats to dining hall; CU tray filled w/ food as men move down along counter; MS canteen. Large dog given food outside kitchen. Sign on building Warning: Restricted Area etc. Servicemen have IDs checked by guard.

06:07:19 Darkened plotting room - good shot of operator w/ headset writing symbols on glass board - US & Canada early warning system. Fighter planes fly low over compound inc. radar dome. CU radar screen.

Military Aviation / Intelligence. Cold War.

Communist Blueprint For Conquest Pt. 2 of 3

Narrated by Boris H. Klossen, US State Department

The Communists then moved against the economic groups themselves. Goes on to show a diagram of land w/ animated divisions to give land to peasants; public ownership of big business neutralizing workers by promising job security. Talks of Ministry of Interior controlling police (illustrted w/ chain).

11:45:18 Communists goons outside of chained factory gates. ...private police force of their own...

11:46:12 In some countries government censorship was a long established practice....Having control of the Ministry of Information meant that the Communists were in a position to interfer w/ the efforts of other parties to reach the population. Finally the Ministry of Agriculture... (to control peasants by making them dependent on the government).

11:47:27 Man at file cabinet ...setting up network of informants... (GOOD stereotypes iillustrating blackmail).

11:49:34 Illustration of how Communists eliminate other parties in an Eastern European country. In some cases the Communists would secretly sponsor a new party under virtually the same name as an existing party in order to confuse the voters.

11:50:52 Animation of leader making accusations against other parties; typing printing press; workers refusing to print due to communist control of printers unioin. Reading newspapers labeled Accusations. Trial & execution drawings. Talks about Communists splitting Socialists into right & left factions & working them against each other.

11:52:42 Animation of turning in of party cards, thereby removing segments of population by refusing to re-issue cards. Voting at polling places. Talks about denying portions of population the right to vote. ...leaving splinter groups to give impression of multi-party gover