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Subjects (partial)

List of Clients

137 Films
40 Acres & a Mule
90th Parallel Productions
Aaron Starr Productions
ABC News
Abraham Ravett
Acapella Films
Accord Productions
Actual Films
Actuality Productions
Adam Scholl Productions
Afflare Films
Alex Hunawait Productions
Alice Bouvrie Films
Alliance Atlantis Media
Alt productions
America Abroad Network
Amerimage Productions
Andalusian Dogs Media
Aperture Films
Appaloosa Pictures
Apprehended Films
Arcwelder Productions
Arts & Entertainment Network
Ashley Tindall
Associated Producers
Atlas Media
Authentic Entertainment
Aventis Media
Back Door Productions
BalMaiden Films
Barlow Productions
Barna Alper Productions
Becky Neiman Productions
Believe Me Media
Bellweather Productions
Beyond the Dream Productions
Bible Ministries
Big Film Design
Bill Brummell Productions
Blowback Productions
BOK Productions
Bolon Bruhn Productions
Booz Allen Hmilton
Boston Film & Video
Boston Productions
Brave New Films
Bravo TV
Breakthrough Film & Television
BRI Films
Bright Eye Pictures
Bright Light Productions
Bright Screen Productions
Broadview Productions
Brock Goldberg Productions
Brooklyn Film Networks
BSF Films
BTG Productions
Build-D Films
Can TV
Carousel Films
Catherine Macias Films
CDC Films
Chai Break Films
Charlotte Street Films
Chayes Productions
Cheryl Pugurek Productions
Chris Robnson Films
Cine Focus Canada
Cine Tele Action
Cineflix Productions
Cinetec Media
City TV
Coby Broyles Productions
Compass Productions
Concepts TV
Convoy Films
Cooperman Productions
Copncepts TV
Craig Addison Productions
CTV Speciality TV
Current Affairs
Damaris Henry Productions
David Adams Productions
David Brown Productions
David Butler Productions
Deborah Ricketts Productions
Deborah Shaffer Productions
Denis Labelle Productions
Diamond Road Productions
Discovery Channel
Discovery Production Group
DLI Productions
Doc Tank
Dockyard Media
Domestic Import Productions
Donna Bassin
Dream Street Productions
Driving Dreams
Duncan Group
Duo Creative
East River Entertainment
East West Films
Emiko Omori Productions
Entrevation Productions
Entropy Films
Entropy Films
Envision Productions
EOA Productions
EPI Discovery
Episode 21
Fabian-Baber productions
Faction TV
Fatherland Films
Favenger Productions
FF Clients
Field Hands Productions
Films du Rapid blanc
Final 24 Productions
Firelight Media
Flight 33 Productions
Florentine Films
Flying Cow Productions
Formulation TV
Fox News
Frame productions
Frantic Films
Freedom Songs Productions
Frumkin Productions
Future Factor Films
Gala Films
Galatee Films
Gene Richmond Productions
Gerald Peary productions
Ginzberg Productions
Glenn Films
GMT Productions
Gotham Central Productions
Greystone productions
Group Mojo
Guto Barra Productions
Happiness Runs LLC
HBO Sports
Helen Whitney Productions
Heretics Film Project
HHRC Museum
Hickam Air Force Base
Hidden Hill Productions
Higher Media
History Channel
Hock Films
Honey Do Productions
Iacano Productions
Imagine That Entertainment
Imperial Dragon Films
InCite Pictures
Indigo Films
Infinite Horizon Pictures
Instinct Films
Intermat TV
Interpositive Media
Iowa Public TV
Ironcutter Media
Isherwood Project
Ixtlan Productions
Jack Dickinson Films
Jack Lufkin Productions
Jaffa Films
Janice Mabry Productions
Jay Rosenstein Productions
Jerry Levine Films
Jetman Productions
Jim Brown productions
Jodi Tripi Productions
Joe Klaas Productions
John Rubin Productions
Jonathan Silvers Productions
JTN Productions
Judy Aley Productions
Judy Montell Productions
Jupiter Entertainment
Kairo Productions
Kaiser Films
Kavanaugh productions
Kenn Rabin, Fulcrum Media Services
Keystone Films
King & Country Films
Korehling Productions
Kovno Communications
Kunhardt Productions
Larry Johnson Productions
Larry Paros Productions
Laslo Rain Productions
Left/Right Productions
Leo Evans Productions
Levine Films
Lewanne Jones
Library of America
Linda McIntyre Productions
Linden Productions
Littlest Bird Productions
Lois Garrison Productions
Lone Wolf Productions
Lucky Duck Productions
Lucy Kostelanetz Productions
Maine PBS
Make Believe TV
Manifest Communications
Marcus Kolga Productions
Markham Street Films
Mathew Jackson Productions
McEttinger Films
Media Education Foundation
Media Research
Media Source Productions
Mental Slapstick
Merchant Ivory Productions
Mercy Seat Films
Merit Motion Pictures
Metrocom International
Monadnock Media
Montreal Connection
Moondog Productions
Morgan Cooper Productions
Mortilla Pictures
Motion Picture Productions
Mountain View Productions
Moxie Firecracker Productions
Nation Building Productions
National Film Board
National Geographic
National Park Service
Neofight Films
NHK Television
Nick News
Northern Lights
November Films
NY Times Television
Official Pictures
Open Door Productions
Oprah Winfrey
Optomen Productions
Original Productions
Out to See Productions
Owl Productions
Oxygen TV
Pace Wildenstein Gallery
Pacific Street Films
Pangolin Pictures
Paradigm Productions
Paradox Pictures
Paragon Media
Park Productions
Passport Media
PIC Agency
Pigasus Pictures
Pioneer Productions
PMA Pictures
PMA Productions
Positively 25th Street Productions
Potawatomi Nation
Power Presentations
Primary Pictures
Primitive Entertainment
Prometheus Productions
Providence Pictures
Pyramid Productions
QD3 Entertainment
Rainmaker Pictures
Rattlesanke Productions
Real to Reel
Red Line Films
Reel Biography
Reel Time Images
Reel Time Images
Release Pictures
Rice-Oxley Productions
Rights of Passion LLC
Roanoke Productions
Rob Kenner Films
Robert Evans Productions
Robert Stone Productions
Robin Wiulliams Films
Rosemarie Reed Productions
Russ Barbour Productions
Sarah Colt Productions
Saybrook Productions
Seafarer Productions
Searchlight Films
Second story Productions
Seethink Productions
SGM Productions
Shadowboxer productions
Shoot the Moon
Signature Company
Silverman Productions
Six Island productions
Sky Works
Skylight Pictures
SM Productions
Snitow-Kaufman Productions
Soho Kino
Stamats Communications
Stonearch Creative
Storeyvision Productions
Storyline Entertainment
Strada Films
Suzuki Documentary Productions
Tamouz Media
Tamur Khan Productions
Tank Overhaul Productions
Tanked Productions
Ted White productions
Telecom Japan
Ten World Entertainment
Terra Associates
The Documentary Group
Thornapple Films
Time Stands Still Productions
Torge Ahead Inc.
Torrice Productions
Towers Productions
Toxic Baby Productions
Transcendental Media
TriNetra Productions
Trumbo LLC
Tulsa Air & Space Museum
TV Asahi Eizou
Twin Productions
Two Cats Productions
Two Left Legs productions
Uncommon Productions
University of Maryland
University of Wisconsin
Us and Us media
Vanderkloot Films
Victory Studios
Video Action
Video Plu
Vital Pictures
Vodar Films
Weston Productions
Wheelwright Films
White Mountain Films
White Pine Productions
Whyte House Productions
Winston Dupon
Witek and Novak
Women's Educational Media
Woodshop Productions
Woody King Productions
YAP productions
ZD Films
Zero Point Zero
Zoetrope Media