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Winston Churchill Winston Churchill Winston Churchill
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Archival film footage on Churchill from Footage Farm

Selections marked with an X are sold on the basis of one continuous minute being equal to the price of one reel. Please note that these searches only reflect a fraction of our library and that we are getting new additions to our collection all the time. So please contact us for up to date information on your research topic.

The Autobiography of a Jeep

Shows views of highways, marching soldiers, truck convoys, and draftsmen at their drawing boards. Jeeps are examined by soldiers, go through obstacle courses, tow gliders, and are used in Army manouevres. Jeeps are shown coming off an assembly line, coming off landing craft, transporting wounded men, and being driven near Egyptian sphinxes and pyramids. Jeeps are examined by Gen. Stilwell and members of the "Flying Tigers." Noted persons, among them Pres. Roosevelt, Brit. King George-VI, and Winston Churchill ride in them. Included are views of Bizerte, Tunisia.

Newlyweds Arrive - Sarah Churchill & Vic Oliver

Newlyweds arrive. 4 Stack liner Aquatania. Miss Sarah Churchill now Mrs Vic Oliver. He is a comedian.

Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R1 of 6

Reviews Japanese history, & philosophical and religious concepts. Notice that this film does not concern Japanese-Americans. Narrated by Walter Huston.

Timber against heavy gong or bell. Newspaper headline & picture re Japanese executing American w/ sword; samurai sword & quote. Theater production & General w/ sword cutting bundles of straw. Ext. firing historic guns, street performers balancing ??, marching.

01:32:27 POV thru city; moving past telephone switchboard operators; outdoor festival traditional dance & costumes, subway, train & crowds. Martial arts w/ pole.

01:32:56 Montage: Railroad, windmill, pump, printer, typewriter, man on irrigation treadmill in rice field, traffic, street scene, ethnic festival, trolley, women & men parade in street.

01:33:44 VO We shall never completely understand the Japanese mind. But then, they don t understand either... Festival shots continue... Men carry floats, dead on beach. Large man on street, girls walking in western dress, in kimonos, shopping, old men, gong.

01:34:26 Japanese troops marchng in China, bathing, smoking.

01:34:46 Troops receive pay. Put on packs, march in China. Drilling. Cross river; Japanese advance carry artillery. Filling meal box, eating rice in field, laughing.

01:35:36 CU soldiers at attention; stern looks, advancing. CU Artillery cannon fires. Pan over crouched soldiers. Order to charge, CUs, running across fields, ladder on wall. Cheering, Banzai in front of Chinese (?) temple. Troops at attention. Dead bodies; troops w/ battle flag; troops advance behind tank; battle scenes.

01:36:58 Emperor Hirohito on white horse leading mounted generals. Crowd bowing. CU Hirohito saluting.

01:37:19 Map diagram of world w/ Truman, Churchill, Stalin, Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury & head of Russian Orthodox Church pictures, dissolve into cross. Hirohito picture in center of flag - illustration. 01:37:55 Hirohito reviewing troops; in royal coach thru streets.

01:38:08 Railroad passenger train runby along coast w/ Mt. Fuji beyond. Motorcade, Emperor out of car, into government building. People bow outside palace wall.

01:38:43 On Time Magazine cover. Soldiers at attention. Hirohito on horseback. Captured & dead in China.

Racist WWII Propaganda; Anti-Japan; Violence; Oddities; Gods; Religion; Ethnic Culture; Military; Militarism;


Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain [Reel 2 of 6]

British Home Front cont d. - Men & women work in armament factory, aircraft assembly, woman on lathe, factory machinery, steel foundry. Tea trolley. Fatigued workers relax playing darts. Home Guard patrolling moors, man road blocks, rehearse invasion defences. Home Guard leaving home, wife goodbye & joins others walking on road.

03:49:35 Winston Churchill, tips hat to crowd, people listen to radio broadcast we shall fight them on the beaches speech over shots of invasion defences. Houses of Parliament thru barbed wire. Family digging Anderson home civil defense shelter. Civilians carry gas masks. Montage preparation shots - King George VI looking over English Channel.

03:50:27 Air raid siren & reaction shots, children & babies w/ gas masks. 08Aug40 Two soldiers on spotting duty at coast, anti-aircraft guns, German aircraft attack channel convoys; bombs exploding. RAF scramble, bell ringing, fighter planes take off from grass field. Dogfights over channel, gun camera footage. German plane crashes into sea. Wrecked Nazi planes.

03:54:24 Animated graphic re Battle of Britain. German planes bomb British coastline. Bus with Rye on front pulls up to side of country road as German plane comes in to attack, It s Jerry - take cover! . Bullet holes in bus. Spitfire on tail of Luftwaffe fighter. More wrecked German aircraft. German planes bomb Plymouth. Cargo ships in docks unload supplies. Spitfires in flight.

03:55:57 Luftwaffe attack Dover / Hellfire Corner. Bombing airfields. RAF planes hidden in trees. Spitfires in flight. Animated graphic re Battle of Britain losses. British pilot parachutes into Channel. Pickup by Navy speedboat. Plane overhead.

WWII. Blitz.

[Potsdam Conference, w/ Churchill]

Cars parked w/ British, Soviet & USA flags visible.

11:47:01 Int. Stalin enters w/ Molotov & other Russians; shakes hands w/ President Truman. Seated at table & pan around w/ various delegates visible

11:47:29 Airfield & planes. POV down tree-lined country street.

11:47:42 Two Soviet soldiers to attention, USA motorcade pulls in.

11:47:58 Black

11:48:41: Truman, Stalin & others walking L. to R. to wicker chairs, cameramen, Churchill arrives & stand & talk.

11:49:04 Newsreel & still cameramen setting up. Big 3 leaders seated. CU Stalin. CU Truman.

11:49:26 Int. group standing w/ Attlee, Truman & Stalin and others. Flash & still.

WWII Conference - Potsdam; Post-WWII;

[Post-WWI Europe, Personalities & Locations; Zeppellin; Ludendorff Trial]

Pan Marshal Foch stone; railroad car at Compiegne. Staged of kids kneeling at cemetery crosses; girl crosses herself. child & woman at WWI monument w/ falling stone bird & small American & French flags.

16:54:50 President Wilson & wife w/ others at Versailles. Marshall Foch, Lansing, Lloyd George, Hiram Johnson.

16:55:21 Samuel (Sammy) Reshevsky aka Szmul Rzeszewski (26Nov11-04Apr92) child prodigy began giving simultaneous chess exhibitions at age eight. Playing on ten boards simultaneously, wins & shakes hands.

16:56:03 Men entering & leaving League of Nations meeting 1920.

16:56:21 Madame Curie in laboratory, MCU & CU.

16:56:40 Jan25 Logan, Frank Kellogg & Churchill ? on steps in Paris for signing of Dawes Plan.

16:57:01 Unid. diplomat reading papers w/ line of statues of French royalty behind.

16:57:13 1927 US American Legion veterans march w/ flags. US Marine Band playing. Pan over Chateau Thierry above Marne (?). View along riverbank. Frenchmen in street looking at monument. Man plowing w/ six large draft horses. City rebuilding from WWI; Cemetery. CU of man w/ wild hair & beard.

16:58:29 Germany delivering huge zeppelin to France. Landing w/ crowd around & men moving it by ropes across field & into large hanger.

16:59:37 1920 German POWs returning home, walking w/ baggage in suits. Greeted by waving crowd & lead thru street w/ marching band. POWs w/ flowers pinned on. Man holding daughter.

17:01:10 1923 Munich, large government building. Soldiers & in street w/ barbed wire barricade; people show papers to go thru for Ludendorff trial. Large mansion, Ludendorff poses w/ large snarling dog on steps. MCU.

1920s; Chess Exhibition; Game; LTA; Aviation; Woman Scientist; Radium; Games

New York City (Eisenhower Art Show)

MCU Ike painting. Framed paintings hangng on wall. CU stag; docked freighter; country scene; George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, & Winston Churchill portraits.

Hobbies; Recreational Oil Painting; Retirement Hobby;

Kinoteca Excerpts

Czarist prison camp with prisoners walking in circle. Potemkin sailors in chains. (Clash of Gens.)

1914 Kaiser reviews - Franz Joseph - Poincare - Russian into trenches - WWI combat incl. corpses in mud (good, staged?). Tanks. Hindenburg - Churchill. (Revolution in Red) Various troops incl. Japanese. Lenin s flat? - Invasion of Russia - Lenin speaking to crowd - Red Square - CU Russian faces - Lenin with cat - Kremlin - Lenin & Sec - Lenin with crowd - haranguing crowd - writing.

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts

21:34:48 Street scenes NY & smaller city - good shots early cars.

21:35:09 Exterior The Gem Theatre - and interior of cinema, newsreel of Czar on screen, woman playing organ in front of screen. Audience in foreground.

21:35:55 Kaiser Wilhelm on royal stag hunt. Slaughter of stags; Franz Josef between rows of people; Military ceremony. Unid soldiers.

21:36:30 German troops goosestep; Cavalry . Russian armored battalion - mass of autos; Russian cavalry; Lancers (German?);

21:37:33 Belgian refugees along road; Sign War declared on Germany - British mobilize - Haig?

French in trenches - troops on horseback - railway gun. Artillery. More trenches.

21:39:00 Warships at sea - alarm sounded - battleships firing broadsides. Turkish battleship sinks. Crowds celebrate - France? Soldiers marching

21:40:00 King George V, Lloyd George and others out of building. Winston Churchill poses outside building.

21:40:16 British troops transported by truck and on foot. King George V with officer. Tank demonstration - moody shot tanks moving forward through smoke / gas.

21:41:04 Russians eat during blizzard; Russian soldiers dance drunkenly; Russian retreat; retreat through snow;

21:41:46 Revolutionary demonstration - leaflets handed out; Trotsky ? addresses troops

21:42:20 Petain ceremony, kisses lady & child Military manoeuvres? Railway gun - shells in freight cars. Big guns firing. Smoke and huge explosions, some CU Battle scenes.

21:43:24 French among ruins - bomb damaged buildings. French ceremony. Re-establish interior of movie theater.

[1915-1920 Military Homecoming Parades]

Woman & men in rowboats on Thames watching crew races.

02:31:16 Navy ships past camera. Pan over fleet at anchor filling large harbor.

02:31:46 Winston Churchill out of car, paying driver.

02:31:59 MS of fleet at anchor.

02:32:13 Title

02:32:23 Military VIP out of carriage as others formally salute. Military kneeling, standing. Woman on reviewing stand, military officer leaves w/ colorful flag. Other military review.

02:32:47 Russian (?) military & Josef Stalin saluting beside railroad track in sand(?). Other nationalities in formal military dress parading. Military brass band playing while passing on horseback followed by mounted units.

02:33:33 Repeat of 02:32:23--02:32:47

02:33:46 Military outside liquor store windows; building w/ shattered windows & broken glass.

02:34:08 Battleship w/ German (?) flag from stern.

02:34:18 Mounted troops through crowds, cheering & waving. England street scenes w/ crowds, buses, men & boys beide fense staring at camera. Family on balcony. Troops marching past & women smiling & waving. Men waving hats, troops marching. Military saluting. Montage of various nations (?)

Celebration; Patriotism; Europe;

Know Your Ally - Britain R4 of 4

NB Most sequences in this film are short - montages.

Invasion in North Africa. Staged German broadcaster w/ propaganda.

CS of Australian, New Zealanders, Canadians. Artillery. Montage of British casualties. RAF in air. British Navy: battleships, destroyers & cruisers & carrier. Merchant navy at sea. Atlantic convoy torpedoed - rescue after ship sinks. Civilians watch men wrapped in blankets. Goering. Industry.

01:34:11 Celebrations in Ireland after John W. Alcock & Whitton Brown flew Atlantic in 1919. Men cheer. British Army, old men in military service. Cartoon book. Interview at draft board. Women in military, pilots, land army, fire brigade, army. Women work in war plants. Air raid alert. Men put on helmets.

01:36:14 Aerial of industrial sites, smoking chimneys. Coal mines. Cattle, fields, countryside. Sheffield. Shipyards on River Clyde. Cathedrals. Smokestacks of northern England. Armament production. Trains loaded w/ arms. Docks. Mobilization for War. Lend lease & stock piles. Two US soldiers in small town; tanks. Women w/ make up. Rationing of clothes, food, cigarettes. Whisky exports to America. American heavy machinery. Cigarettes & taxation - brick laying, construction. Wedding. Workers changing shifts, to work. Women factory workers leave work. Children eat & paint in kindergarten. End of Churchill s speech to Congress. CUs. Church choir. Montage troops at war. V sign over Liberty Bell.

Pre-WWII - England; Homefront; Allies; Special Relationship; Friendship;

[Misc. USSR-Related Newsreel Scenes]

Very choppy compilation - often very brief shots & intermittent music / narration.

Newsreel title Russia Displays Her Might And Skill In The Air . Planes formation over Moscow, paratroops out, air to air shots inc. paratroops sliding off wing of plane. Military parade in Red Square, Stalin reviewing soldiers & sailors marching. Civilians parade past w/ cutaways to Stalin waving back; Molotov.

11:56:38 Pedestrians through melting snow in street past church & US Embassy. People onto streetcar.

11:57:28 Nighttime celebrations in Red Square, fireworks behind silhouette of St. Basil s Cathedral - searchlights along river - neon.

11:57:38 Stalin seated w/ Roosevelt & Churchill - Yalta Conference [?]. Truman at Potsdam w/ Attlee. Woman past boarded-up church. Molotov at opera. Female refugees [?] along country road.

11:58:14 NYC labor demonstration thru streets w/ placards - Force the Shipowners to Reach Agreement . USSR Moscow woman selling New Times newspapers from booth w/ portrait of Stalin.

11:58:44 Bukharin at desk 1920s? Party meeting? Brief shot London policemen arresting rioter?? Street rioting in Germany (?) USSR; mourning bodies in graveyard. Troops from Asian USSR? Heavy snow at truck depot.

11:59:42 Shots from Churchill Defeated! story? - top shot Churchill into Potsdam conference room w/ Stalin & Truman, shakes hands w/ Molotov. Back to Red Square & mausoleum.

Pre-WWII / Postwar Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism. Communists;

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Obit

White House with people standing looking, sorrowful. Truman taking office from Harlan Fiske Stone; kisses bible.

03:27:34 Early footage of FDR before polio - walking - shaking hands, with Eleanor. Sailing with pipe. Sitting in yard with Eleanor & kids. Swimming with kids in Georgia. By car tipping hat; with family as Governor & at 1932 convention. Taking oath. Photos year by year. With Churchill in Aug41 off Newfoundland at Atlantic Charter. Signing declaration of war on 11 Dec41. In North Africa reviewing troops. Cairo & Tehran conferences. President with Chiang Kai-Shek and Churchill in Cairo - In Tehran with Churchill and Stalin. Guests at 1944 inaugural looking tired as he waves to crowds. Yalta with Stalin and Churchill - report to Congress his last public appearance. Roosevelt speaking re his hopes for peace in the World for his children and grandchildren.

Various - Russia Related - various places and dates

Various buildings in Moscow - Guard marching outside Kremlin walls. Church. Old woman paper seller - large poster of Stalin on kiosk - selling papers with headlines New Times in English and French. Red Square. Whiz pan early march / parade in Red Square. Informal shots young Stalin walking in Red Square with Molotov and others - good shots.

02:10:00 Gramophone - various shots different races of Russian listening.

02:10:20 Cossacks ? training with rifles.

02:10:37 Industry - smoking chimneys - Lenin statue - opening of Hydro Electric Dam attended by Kalinin?

02:11:07 Top shot and ground shots military parade in Red Square. Stalin on podium in fur hat (1941?) Top shot May Day parade

02:11:39 WWII Night shots artillery barrage - house explodes after being hit. Bodies. Russian soldier tears down Nazi sign. Russian refugees / DPs - food handed out.

02:12:23 Docks - small tanks off loaded. Chassis and body parts of lorries off loaded. Completed military trucks.

02:12:48 Yalta - Posed shot Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

02:13:07 Military parade Red Square - post war. Stalin on podium.

02:13:22 Potsdam. Atlee, Truman and Stalin pose.

02:13:40 Old woman in newspaper kiosk. Whiz pan - Refugees leaving Russia ?? Liner leaving harbour

02:14:21 Pro-Communist demonstrations Germany? Whiz pan Violent demonstrations and riots ? where? Hungarian revolution - bodies. Woman being pulled in two directions - border?

02:15:48 Re-construction? riot where young boy is hit over head - blood on pavement - where? whiz pan

02:16:12 Demonstration in London - policemen arresting students Whiz Pan

02:16:25 French railway station La Chapelle Interieure. - Strike ?

02:16:38 Montgomery in Russia. Interior Kremlin Stalin seated with Churchill and Harriman. Evening reception - Molotov and wife - VIPs arrive for Bolshoi ballet ? VIPs in box watching performance.

Various - Russia Related

1920s - Young Stalin with others Trotsky ?. Brief military parade. Interior Kremlin: Stalin seated with Churchill and Harriman.

02:31:35 Thirty Fifth anniversary of the revolution (1952) Brief night shots street scenes. Moscow Soviet meeting at Bolshoi theatre - standing ovation - Yasnov opens meeting - Karabukin ? delivers report - (English translation over) - various shots audience. Khruschev at top table.

02:33:57 Red Square 7Nov1952 - parade - flags - Stalin posters - CU happy, cheering people in parade. Foreign delegations. Stalin on podium.

Time to Remember Part One 1926 The Short Sharp Shower Funeral of Valentino

Rudolph Valentino as shekh, dancing on stage in costume, died in 1926. Funeral with Douglas Fairbanks as one of the pallbearers. Funeral procession, outside church. Train through flood waters. People walking through flooded streets in Europe. London street with double decker bus. Dredging up WWI German battleships. Allied forces out of Germany. Nazi brownshirts parade on trucks through streets. Hindenberg reviews troops. Germany admitted to League of Nations. VS of League in session and various delegations, especially German. German experimental air craft including seaplane. Sir Alan Cobomb, flyer who went to Cape Town South Africa and back is welcomed to London air field. Air stunt with wing rider and changing wheel in flight. Flying boat in Spain received by King Alfonzo, with Franco. Mussolini on balcony with crowd, reviewing troops. Marshall Pielsudski in Poland. Military coup in Greece puts General Pangollis in power and scenes of demonstators and protestors on street. Winston Churchill at Belfast receives hat. Parade with Churchill. Ticker Tape parade in New York for Ms. Adele the first woman to swim English Channel. VS Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey training. Man bending iron bar around neck. Tight rope walking between buildings. Stunt car crashes three times. Couples dancing during marathon dance contest. Couple ball room dancing in tuxedo and dress. Couple doing 1920 s type dance, charleston.

Know Your Ally - Britain R1 of 4

NB Most sequences in this film are short - montages

American football, crowds cheering, team practicing. Battle montage, Allied flags flying; shots of troops from China, Russia, Britain & America. Many shots of British troops marching past camera.

01:04:02 Animated map of British Isles comparing w/ Idaho. London street scenes & crowds in England, pedestians w/ soldiers, traffic w/ double-decker buses.

01:04:37 US house w/ picket fence, front porch, neighbours chat; English house behind hedges. Crowded streets, British policeman, arresting man. Newspaper headline re General Strike - strikers play rugby against police. Map showing no part of Britain more than a hundred miles from sea. Tower Bridge opening, tugs & ships at sea, old sailor.

01:06:05 Montage Shots of Empire: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada - and New York. Montage of 1938 in America - Yankees, Corrigan, last train on Sixth Ave El. Montage in Britain in 1938 Derby, father & son gardening, Preston North End in FA Cup.

01:06:56 Hitler at cheering meeting. Paper seller on London street; New York headlines re Sudeten crisis & Czechs defying Nazis. Crowds on streets in London wai for news of war. WWI war memorial & military cemetery. Headlines re Chamberlain to Munich, people at radios, Munich pact signed. Chamberlain waving envelope: Peace in our time.

01:08:17 Poster re invasion of Czechoslavia. Conscription act & men join army, uniforms, gas masks & soldiers march down street. Hitler laughing. Billboard Britain declares war on Germany. RAF planes in flight - leaflets dropped over Germany. German tanks advance. British at radios hear Germany had invaded Luxembourg, Holland & Belgium. German paratroops & tanks - radio listening re Petain asking for armistice. Map showing German incursion areas - Hitler w/ officers. Lion snarling - Britain finally aroused. White cliffs of Dover - radio listening excerpt from Churchill speech: ...we shall never surrender! Blitz on London - bomb damage & rescue operations. Horse-drawn funeral carriage. Armament factories. Montage defeats, Dunkirk - Greece. English troops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Burma. Factories. Planes take off.

Pre-WWII - England; Homefront; Allies; Special Relationship; Friendship;

Funeral of Lawrence of Arabia

Top shot through trees of cottage where Lawrence lived. Coffin carried into church. Coffin into graveyard. Churchill amongst mourners. Crowds at cemetery.

Winston Churchill - First Lord of the Admiralty

Winston Churchill leaves Admiralty buildings and walks towards camera. Lord Admiral Pound walking with stick enters Admiralty. Churchill out of car and into admiralty

[Churchill & Admiral Pound Outside Admiralty; Fleet Leaving Portland Harbor]

First Lord of Admiralty Winston Churchill leaving building to camera; two men follow across parking. Admiralty building seen behind.

04:52:38 Lord Admiral Pound (dark) thru parking lot w/ walking stick & slight limp into ?? Sailors outside beside sign: Board of ?? and Dire??

04:53:18 Parking lot & Churchill out of car & to building, smiles at camera & enters.

04:53:44 May39 British Battle Squadron leaving Portland Harbour. Battleship HMS Royal Sovereign going to sea w/ signal flags flying, others lowered; passing entrance to harbour.

04:54:39 Two ships in Channel; line of ships at sea.

04:56:10 Flag ship of the Second Battle Squadron leaves harbour w/ sailors at rail; at sea. Aerial over battleship(s) & others. Battleship HMS Rodney (?) followed by aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (?). Also included in reel per card: Flagship of the Home Fleet HMS Nelson leaving harbour. HMS Newcastle, HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney.

WWII Naval Preparations; British Navy Maneuvers;

The Nazis Strike R4 of 4

Why We Fight Series #2

Animated map showing war in Poland & surrounding of Warsaw & Polish armies.

21:34:14 LS of burning Warsaw; radio antenna masts - Battle for Warsaw. Firefighting, building collapse. Street fighting. Resistance - shooting.

21:34;54 Diagram of German artillery advance. 240mm Howitzers bombard Warsaw. Germans load guns. Soldiers w/ fingers in ears. Hitler w/ binoculars. Warsaw in flames, smoke. People in church. Families flee. Refugees. Dead horses cut up for meat; dead bodies on streets. Warsaw Radio bombed. Warsaw surrenders. Germans soldiers in streets of Warsaw.

21:36:22 Animated map Danzig. Last ditch battle from Forts Island, off Danzig against German Battleships. Ships firing from Harbor. Surrender of Danzig. Polish prisoners of war (POWs) w/ bare feet march.

Polish traitor points at loyal Poles. Execution. Firing squad. Line of corpses. Women weep. Mourning Nazi atrocity.

21:38:11 Hitler aboard plane. AVs burning & destroyed Poland. Russians meet w/ Germans in East Poland. Hitler quits. Diagram.

21:37:35 Posters announcing war. Mobilization in France. British aircraft bombing Keil Canal. Alert on German warship. Anti-aircraft guns.

21:39:54 England. Chamberlain in office. Enlisting. Winston Churchill and King George VI. British mobilization training. Home Guard. Churchill speaks over montage of Nazi atrocities and victims; refugees of war. Children in ruins. (GOOD). The End.

WWII European History; Horrors of War; Land Invasions;

The Nazis Strike R4 of 4

Why We Fight Series #2

Animated map showing war in Poland & surrounding of Warsaw & Polish armies.

03:18:18 LS of burning Warsaw; radio antenna masts - Battle for Warsaw. Firefighting, building collapse. Street fighting. Resistance - shooting.

03:18:55 Diagram of German artillery advance. 240mm Howitzers bombard Warsaw. Germans load guns. Soldiers w/ fingers in ears. Hitler w/ binoculars. Warsaw in flames, smoke. People in church. Families flee. Refugees. Dead horses cut up for meat; dead bodies on streets. Warsaw Radio bombed. Warsaw surrenders. Germans soldiers in streets of Warsaw.

03:20:26 Animated map Danzig. Last ditch battle from Forts Island, off Danzig against German Battleships. Ships firing from Harbor. Surrender of Danzig. Polish prisoners of war (POWs) w/ bare feet march.

Polish traitor points at loyal Poles. Execution. Firing squad. Line of corpses. Women weep. Mourning Nazi atrocity.

03:22:11 Hitler aboard plane. AVs burning & destroyed Poland. Russians meet w/ Germans in East Poland. Hitler quits. Diagram.

03:23:18 Posters announcing war. Mobilization in France. British aircraft bombing Keil Canal. Alert on German warship. Anti-aircraft guns.

03:23:58 England. Chamberlain in office. Enlisting. Winston Churchill and King George VI. British mobilization training. Home Guard. Churchill speaks over montage of Nazi atrocities and victims; refugees of war. Children in ruins. (GOOD). The End.

WWII European History; Horrors of War; Land Invasions; Propaganda;

War Comes To America Reel 6 - Compilation film.

Winston Churchill signs agreement that in return for old destroyers US will get a chain of bases stretching from Newfoundland to British Guiana (shown on animated map) giving protection to US and Panama Canal.

21:00:43 Berlin - Hitler with Japanese (poor quality)

USA - Sign over door Mr Berle - Assistant Secretary of State. Berle seated speaks to camera re aggression of Axis countries.

21:01:11 Sept 27th 1940 - Pact of Berlin or Tri-partite pact signed by Germany, Japan and Italy. Von Ribbentrop signs for Germany - Ciano for Italy and Kurusu for Japan.

21:01:57 Celebrations in Tokyo - cheers of crowds. Rome - Mussolini addresses cheering crowd from balcony. Berlin - Crowd cheer Hitler and Japanese.

21:02:23 Silhouette Houses of Parliament at night - tube shelters - montage Blitz

21:02:47 Charles Lindbergh says England will lose the war - Wendell Wilkie says they will definitely win.

21:02:59 Clearing up operation in London following air raid.

21:03:12 Gallup pole re should US keep out of war or aid Britain.

21:03:43 President Roosevelt speaks to Congress re armament production and lend-lease / lease-lend. Docks - military equipment loaded. (brief) Graphic Lend-Lease bill.

21:04:40 April 6th 1941 Animated map shows Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. June 22nd 1941 Germans invade Russia - shots German troops crossing river - firing artillery.

21:05:05 Russian civilians dig trenches. Animated map shows extension of Lend-Lease.

21:05:17 lease-lend imports unloaded at London ? docks and at Red Sea ports for British in Africa. Trucks travelling down Burma road towards China. Brief shot materials stockpiled Murmansk and Iran. Sign on box from America says Hammer and Sickle em. Montage shots war goods being stored and used.

21:06:00 Brief shots American men talking and Hitler talking animatedly.

21:06:22 Animation shows the iron fist of Germany and map shows what would have happened if Germany had beaten Britian - Russia and China. German domination of resources and economy. Animation compares projected wealth and power of Axis v Americas.

21:08:13 Capitol - Lend-:ease materials - US troop ships heading for Greenland and Iceland.

War Comes To America Reel 6 - Compilation film.

Winston Churchill signs agreement that in return for old destroyers US will get a chain of bases stretching from Newfoundland to British Guiana (shown on animated map) giving protection to US and Panama Canal.

21:00:43 Berlin - Hitler with Japanese (poor quality)

USA - Sign over door Mr Berle - Assistant Secretary of State. Berle seated speaks to camera re aggression of Axis countries.

21:01:11 Sept 27th 1940 - Pact of Berlin or Tri-partite pact signed by Germany, Japan and Italy. Von Ribbentrop signs for Germany - Ciano for Italy and Kurusu for Japan.

21:01:57 Celebrations in Tokyo - cheers of crowds. Rome - Mussolini addresses cheering crowd from balcony. Berlin - Crowd cheer Hitler and Japanese.

21:02:23 Silhouette Houses of Parliament at night - tube shelters - montage Blitz

21:02:47 Charles Lindbergh says England will lose the war - Wendell Wilkie says they will definitely win.

21:02:59 Clearing up operation in London following air raid.

21:03:12 Gallup pole re should US keep out of war or aid Britain.

21:03:43 President Roosevelt speaks to Congress re armament production and lend-lease / lease-lend. Docks - military equipment loaded. (brief) Graphic Lend-Lease bill.

21:04:40 April 6th 1941 Animated map shows Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. June 22nd 1941 Germans invade Russia - shots German troops crossing river - firing artillery.

21:05:05 Russian civilians dig trenches. Animated map shows extension of Lend-Lease.

21:05:17 lease-lend imports unloaded at London ? docks and at Red Sea ports for British in Africa. Trucks travelling down Burma road towards China. Brief shot materials stockpiled Murmansk and Iran. Sign on box from America says Hammer and Sickle em. Montage shots war goods being stored and used.

21:06:00 Brief shots American men talking and Hitler talking animatedly.

21:06:22 Animation shows the iron fist of Germany and map shows what would have happened if Germany had beaten Britian - Russia and China. German domination of resources and economy. Animation compares projected wealth and power of Axis v Americas.

21:08:13 Capitol - Lend-:ease materials - US troop ships heading for Greenland and Iceland.

The French Campaign 1944 Reel 1

Stock shots pre-war Paris - Eiffel Tower - Madeleine - people walking in streets, pavement cafe - artist in Tuileries - art on display in streets - bookshop. Sign Congr├Ęs des Ecrivains - meeting of renowned writers.

14:33:10 Night shots Paris - traffic - neon signs - Moulin Rouge. Interior nightclub - wealth and glamour. Woman guitarist.

14:33:40 Mobilization placards are posted in 1939 as war is declared on Germany. Civilians dig air raid shelters and sandbag buildings. Newspaper headlines announce the fall of Poland and the invasion of the Low Countries.

14:34:16 German motorized forces roll through France. German troops march into Paris under the Arc de Triomphe as Parisians weep. Hitler and Goering enter Paris in open-top car. Classic shot Hitler in front of Eiffel Tower. Nazi flag flies from tower.

14:35:06 Pres. Roosevelt addresses Congress. American volunteer workers prepare packages for French relief. US troops drill, shipyards, factories turn out guns and tanks, factory - aircraft production. Atlantic convoy.

14:36:56 1943 - President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill confer in Quebec.

14:37:11 Roosevelt, Churchill Stalin, Molotov and Marshall in Tehran.

14:37:33 Map showing German fortifications - gun emplacements - tank traps etc. Rommel inspects Atlantic wall.

14:38:21 Allied planes in formation. RAF aircraft in flight over sea - interior cockpit. Dogfight - German fighter shot down. Allied planes drop bombs over France?

14:39:15 England - Stockpiles of equipment for D-Day.

14:39:36 London - June 1944 - High command planning meeting - Gens. Montgomery and Eisenhower plan the European invasion at headquarters.

14:39:50 Allied planes take off on bombing missions over French coast. Cameragun footage - Strafing German train. Building explodes. Strafing German planes on the ground.

14:40:40 6Jun1944 - D-Day invasion - British and American warships shelling coastline of France. Rocket guns fired. Animated map showing invasion route. Allied forces land on beaches of Normandy. German film showing Nazi troops shooting at allies from bunker. US troops advance.

The White Eagle, August 1940 - March 1941 R1 or 3

Narrated by Leslie Howard

Man s shadow on wall, story of Poland in Britain.

09:39:28 Warsaw, Poland August, 1939 street scenes, buildings, monument, traffic, boy feeds pigeons in old city square, pigeons fly away.

09:40:03 London, Trafalgar Square, various buildings, statues; same boy feeds birds from his hand. Double deck bus past camera, young boy distributes Polish Newspapers. CU monuments, busy street scene.

09:40:54 Young boy walking, looks up to German planes in the air, Boy rings the door bell of Polish Embassy, int. embassy, Polish Ambassador Count Rachinski (?) at his desk, looks at treaty of alliance between Poland & Great Britain.

09:41:35 Commander Chief General Eugeniusz Sikorski (1881-1943) & other officials shake hands, talk at meeting table. Polish government s meeting room in ruins, Generals at map, Polish military planes in the air, CU pilot sits in sun & smokes. Shots of planes in the air, on airfield, on runway, pilots exit aircraft, throw darts, smoke, read newspapers & talk; General w/ pilots look at plans.

09:43:17 Planes in air, traffic past house ruins in London, CU sign of - Ministry Of Labor & National Service Employment Office For Polish Nationals, planes in the sky. Sign: Central Polish Committee for the Relief of War Victims. CU cars of Polish Red Cross, people load parcels into the Red Cross cars.

09:44:04 Polish medical center, doctor examines patient, measures blood pressure, give injection; busy street scene, cars, people, students in class room, planes in the air.

09:44:33 CU sign on the door Polish Heart center of cultural and social life for Poles sponsored by British Council. UK & Polish flags next to the door, officials walk thru the hallway. President of Polish Republic in exile, Raczkiewicz meets King Haakon VII of Norway; sit at table & drink cups off tea. CU musicians play violins, LS plane over. Ext. building of Anglo -Polish ballet, int. dance performance of Krakow Peasant Wedding.

09:45:23 Plane iover clouds, airfield & mechanics fix planes, load spit fires. LS aircraft in flying, pilots get dressed in special gear, smoke & play cards, emergency signal, pilots run to planes, board them & take off, LS planes in sky.

09:47:02 Polish artist sketches, CU drawings of caricature of Winston Churchill. LS fighter planes in the air, ground force aims at planes, shooting, explosion.

09:47:54 Poles plan an exhibition, put together exhibition hall models.

WWII Polish Governement in Exile; Asylum; Incentive;

[Churchill Farewell Speech w/ Stalin & Molotov]

Churchill wearing military overcoat & cap next to Stalin; Molotov. At mic speaking SOF but w/ Russian voice over. Anthony Eden standing listening. Shakes hands w/ Stalin & translator walks w/ them translating as they go to Churchill s plane; salutes & handshakes before boarding plane. Stallin & Molotov w/ others wave goodbye & watch plane leaving. Ambassador shakes hands w/ Stalin & Stalin & Molotov leave in car.

WWII Allied Diplomacy; British-Soviet Relations;

[WWII Blitz: London Buldings in Flames]

Three planes over; three low wing planes over; three more. Several more groups.

15:32:56 Air to air of German bomber. Artillery in fild firing. Very large guns firing. All Germans?

15:33:19 Air to air of German bomber & view of bombs dropping over city (London?).

15:33:25 Thames River, London. Street & pedestrians past destroyed building w/ banner hung up Kndal & Dent New Premises 10 Queens Street.

15:33;32 Montage of clips: Churchill reviewing troops; air raid wardens; radio aerial; sirens; cars leaving ?; empty street, planes overhead; air raid warden looking up from doorway. Building explodes. Planes. Fighting large fire & hosing large buildings. Cathedral silhouetted; London docks burning. Other buildings. Aerials over many burning blocks of large buildings. Statues silhouetted. Plane spotters at map. Multi story buildings burning some firefighting.

15:37:34 Large wall collapses in flames. Morning & smoking wreckage. Burned fire trucks, cars & wagons some crushed by walls.

WWII London Firestorm; Blitz; Horrors of War;

On the War Front - England

Destroyer Cossack brings 326 free men from Nazi prison ship off Norway

Ship coming into harbour - released men on shore smiling

16:34:52 Captain and crew of HMS Exeter hailed after Graf Spee battle.

Ship coming into port - battle damage - Captain and crew shake hands with Winston Churchill. Ships crew salute - hats off.

WWII England - Hore Belisha inspects Rural Defences

Secretary of State for War arrives by car. Inspects Home Guard ? Hore-Belisha with military officers including Scots Guard. Waterlogged countryside. Party walking across muddy field.

Winston Churchill with army officers. Hore-Belisha ?

02:29:26 Staged - British troops going over the top from trenches at night. Troops in trenches up to ankles in mud. Soldiers run to gun emplacement - firing rifles. Field Gun / artillery. Troops run through trenches.

02:32:23 Line of armoured personnel carriers through village. Various shots groups of VIPs and officers. Anthony Eden jumping over muddy field - man in Fez negotiating mud. Duke of ?

On The War Front: England

Clear-up operation in London after bombing raid - rubbled houses - unsafe building pulled down air-raid warden carries child from rubble - woman w/ kitten among debris. Londoners drinking tea in street - smile & give thumbs up - blitz spirit . Car lodged in front garden of house - thrown by bomb blast. British warship in dock - smiling kids wearing sailor s hats after surviving U-boat attack on the Benares. Wounded man loaded into truck on stretcher. Sailors carry kids on back. Fleet of warships at sea & in dock; Churchill along quay w/ military aides; sailor s giving thumbs up. Side shot Churchill tipping hat & giving thumbs up to departing ship. Very good iconic shots.

WWII. Home Front. The Blitz.

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain [Reel 2 of 6]

British Home Front cont d. - Men and women working in armament factory - aircraft assembly - woman on lathe / machinery - steel foundry. Tea trolley. Fatigued workers relax - playing darts. Home Guard patrolling moors - road blocks - rehearse invasion defences. Home Guard leaving homes

20:08:56 Winston Churchill - people listening to radio broadcast we shall fight them on the beaches speech over shots invasion defences. Houses of Parliament seen through barbed wire. Family digging Anderson shelter. Civilians carry gas masks. Montage preparation shots - King George VI looking over English Channel.

20:09:48 Air Raid siren & reaction shots - children and babies with gas masks. 08Aug40 - Two soldiers on spotting duty at coast - anti-aircraft guns - German aircraft attack Channel convoys - bombs exploding. RAF scramble - bell ringing - fighter planes take off from field. Dogfights over Channel - gun camera footage. German plane crashes into sea. Wrecked Nazi planes. Animated graphic re Battle of Britain. German planes bomb British coastline. Bus with Rye on front pulls up to side of country road as German plane comes in to attack - It s Jerry - take cover! - bullet holes in bus. Spitfire on tail of Luftwaffe fighter. More wrecked German aircraft. German planes bomb Plymouth - cargo ships in docks being unloaded with supplies. Spitfires in flight.

20:15:25 Luftwaffe attack Dover / Hellfire Corner. Bombing airfields. RAF planes hidden in trees. Spitfires in flight. Animated graphic re Battle of Britain losses. British pilot parachutes into Channel. Pickup by Navy speedboat.

WWII. Blitz.

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain [Reel 6 of 6]

Christmas 1940, choir sings O Come All Ye Faithful. Father returns home in uniform, hugs little girl. Xmas tree in room. Tube shelter life with Christmas trees. Night shots: spotters, searchlights. Incendiary fire bomb raid on London. London on fire: flames, firefighting, water pumped from Thames river. Buildings blazed. People in shelters. Fires, searchlights & anti-aircraft guns (Ack-Ack). German plane down in flames.

08:54:31 Churchill w/ cheering civilians. Destroyed German aircraft. German war cemetery. Bomb damaged houses in Britain. Dead civilians; rescue operations. Coastal defences. Soldier stand next to gun looking out over Channel. Montage shots show difference between British & Germans. British woman tells of the different things that have happened to her: We ve been bombed, dive bombed, high level bombed, machine-gunned, been thru two invasion scares, & the last lot we had, we had the house down about our ears, but we are still sticking it, & we are going to stick it . RAF montage. Short excerpt from Churchill s speech so much owed by so many to so few . RAF choir sing There Will Always be An England over patriotic montage superimposed shots.

WWII. Blitz. Propaganda;

[England - Plane Construction - air raid defense - bomb damage]

Women working on lathe machines in airplane parts factory. Men building planes in hangar. Painting, testing landing gear. Rolling plane out of hangar (soft).

21:20:06 Personalities inspect finished planes, walk past line of planes. In factory w/ workers looking at machining; motors.

21:20:32 Small fighter plane (Spitfire?) w/ camouflage paint on ground & in flight.

21:20:40 Antiaircraft gun in city street next to factory buildign. King George VI & others inspecting gun. King George inspecting machines in factory. Men working at machines; brazing; testing plane parts. Planes overhead in formation.

21:21:36 Flash title: RAF Shadow Factories Show Great Activity. Aircraft factory interior, men working on machines & building planes. Lookout in sandbagged dugout (brief). British officers look thru spotter scopes. Antiaircraft gun w/ crew pivoting & loaded with shell. Lookouts on hillside.

21:23:06 Soldiers run in bricked trenches. Antiaircraft gun in shelter. Captured German pilot w/ insignia on pocket & plane. Barrage balloon LTA out of storage & launched into air. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, Chamberlain & others watch. Insignia on jacket. Pilot ready for takeoff.

21:24:02 Blitz - Buildings on fire & firemen fighting blazes (day and night scenes mixed). Kids sweeping glass; clearing debris. Woman w/ baby. Instruction poster on wall re what to do in an air raid. King George VI & Queen Elizabeth talk to people in bomb damaged area. King & Churchill inspecting shelter.

21:24:46 Couple look out of backyard shelter w/ bricks all around, give thumbs up sign. Churchill watching firemen directing hose & others removing debris. LS ruined street; crushed car under debris.

Battle of Britain; Royalty; Survival;

Churchill s Island Reel 1:

On screen credit re Academy Award winner for 1942

German troops in France manning gun emplacements looking out over straits of Dover - White cliffs. Barrage balloons - British defences, spotters on coast and on rooftops - early radar ? post. Civilian workers into armament factory - interiors, men and women - bombs - sign encouraging hard work for the war effort.

02:30:24 Hitler making speech over shots German railroad RR guns. Big guns on French coast being loadedand fired - multiple shots. British man in uniform to camera I can usually hear Gerry leaving the other side .... Bombed out churchand residential housing. Policeman on point / traffic duty.

02:31:51 Battle of Britain - Sept. 1940 - German aircraft taking off and in flight formation. England - air-raid warning - Anti-aircraft gun - police putting on steel hats - shopkeeper closes shop - woman ambulance driver runs to ambulance. Fire engine out of station. ARP wardens in gas masks. People into shelters. Map / control room. German planes over coastline. Barrage balloon in flames. Ack-Ack guns fired. German planes dropping bombs. Shots pilots smiling. Explosion and building on fire. RAF Spitfires engage Germans in dogfight. Plane crashes into sea. Various shots wrecked German planes. Scenes of Blitz - firefighting - British sailor to camera: I ve pulled more Gerrys out the drink than I ever knew existed ... Plane partly submerged in sea.

02:36:48 Ships from Canada and USA carrying bombers for Britain. German officers with Hitler at planning meeting. Launching of German submarines


Churchill s Island - Reel 2

German naval school - animated map showing Nazi plan to blockade Britain. AVs ships at sea - German Fokker bombers targeting supply convoy. German U-boats off coast of Ireland. Interior german submarine. Subs diving - periscope shots of convoy - torpedo launched - ship explodes. Ship sinking. Subs surfacing and making way, these shots over German song re sailing against England. German sub on surface firing at merchant ship - ship sinking.

02:41:30 USA - shipyard - ship down slipway. Canada - launching of Corvettes. British ships fire depth charges - explosions in water. On board ship - crew. Convoys into harbour.

02:42:41 German officers study map - looking at surveillance film. Shot from German plane flying along British coast. German Torpedo boat at speed. German paratroops training. Aircraft over - mass of parachutes. Animated map detailing British defences.

02:44:18 Sunderland flying boats on reconnaisance mission. Sailors in North Sea signalling - naval patrol. Mine-laying. Booms - steel nets across harbor. Brief shots British seaside town with pier. British troops training in sand dunes. Coastal guns firing.

02:45:49 Home guard on patrol in field - church spire - tank traps - policeman stops couple and asks for identification. Car stopped at road block. Montage shots British military vehicles ready to rush to area threatened with invasion. Fighter aircraft patrol the skies. Mobilisation - getting uniforms - marching. Troopship arriving from Canada and elsewhere. Winston Churchill gives thumbs up to approaching ship. Home guard patrol near barbed wire - man anti-aircraft guns. RAF - planes on field with crews. Churchill inspects army. Montage British people - homefront. Ships in convoy. Good shot Tower Bridge and Tower of London as Union Jack raised. British coastal gum - barrel raised with soldier standing in silhouette.


Wendell Willkie Dies Suddenly At Age Of 52


1940 republican Convention - crowds clamour for Wilkie. Wikie through crowd in car during campaign. Large crowd and huge poster of Wilkie s face in distance. Wilkie at microphone. Wilkie with Churchill in front of Downing Street during war. Wilkie w/ King George. Wilkie visits Soviet factory during war. Wilkie in trench on China visit; shakes hands with Chiang Kai-Shek and Madame. CU Wilkie.

The Battle For The Beaches R1 of 2

09:26:19 White cliffs of Dover, coastline. British troops & home guard drilling. Short excerpt Churchill speech We Shall Fight them on the beaches . France - coastal defenses, Hitler & generals. Building defence positions. Montage battle scenes on beaches: North Africa, Pacific, Italy. Quentin Reynolds, war correspondent meeting with US Colonel & men.

04:20:59 Landing craft hits beaches, troops run out & take up positions on sand. Flashback to Dunkirk landings, German tanks on French coast. Hitler looking thru telescope towards England. German military equipment at Channel ports in preparation for invasion - big guns fire at Britain. Beaches of England, troops guarding, Royal Navy on patrol in North Sea. RAF planes attack coastal areas of Nazi occupied France.

04:22:40 Hitler & officers in conference. German troops go East towards Russia. British troops attack Norway, Lofoten Islands - cliffs.

04:23:27 Japanese troops attack Pacific Islands. Washington - Capitol, Navy Department HQ. Conference - naval officers w/ relief map. Military officers standing in front of huge wall map planning invasions. Montage: Naval research labs technicians working on new equipment armament production, shipbuilding, factories, landing crafts built & launched. LSTs launched. Troops training w/ mock, phoney landing craft; soldiers training under live ammunition, crossing barbed wire fencing, moving thru battle areas

04:25:50 US fleet in Pacific - night firing. US Army transport ships loaded w/ men & equipment. Fleet at sea - escort vessels. Troops relaxing on deck during voyage. Lookouts search for enemy planes. Fighter aircraft launched from aircraft carrier. Guns fire from ship at enemy plane. Japanese plane crashes on deck of carrier. Commanding officers plan action. Briefing troops on deck of ship. Officers receiving orders.

04:28:15 Night shots planes taking off from carrier. Assault troops get ready. Small landing craft, LCPs lowered into sea, troops down netting. Naval barrage - ships firing broadsides - dawn shots. American planes strafing Japanese planes on ground & in air.

WWII Pacific Battles; WWII European theater;

Experiences in England 1940-41 - Pt 4 of 4

Title: An American Passenger - to Heligoland, Wilhelmshaven and Bremen! POV following pilots in car; pose in front of B-17 & climbing aboard. Ext. B-17, boarding; adjusting oxygen mask, men helped into plane. w/ pilot in cockpit & looking down on people on ground. Taxi & rev motors for takeoff. Takeoff seen from outside & inside heavily loaded plane. View of other bombers; above blanket of clouds. CU crew w/ oxygen mask; propellers.

03:23:17 Title: Mission Completed - Returning to Base. CU crew. POV plane low over water; view of coastline, English countryside from plane. Bomber seen. Flight crew on ground talking.

03:25:35 Illustration heroic-looking pilots & Churchill quote. Bomber taking off. The End.

WWII RAF Equipment Testing;

Churchill & ?? in North Africa

Convertible past & Churchill w/ cigar & pith helmet holds up V sign. Troops in front of tanks on hillside. Churchill in uniform w/ stripes reviews from car. Receives cheers. Writes on shell & its fired. US man w/ pipe (Roosevelt?). Other American military guys talk w/ British. One (Roosevelt?) speaks to group. (13:31:04 crease). 13:31:08 beginning of flagpole.

New House of Commons - Foundation Stone Ceremony - Houses of Parliament

Restoration of House of Commons begins. Bomb damage caused in 1941. Winston Churchill, and others walk through scaffolding as people watch. PM Clement Attlee speaks. Churchill speaks. Speaker, Col. Clifton Brown lays stone w/ trowel & mallet.

Patrol Bomber R1 of 2

24May1941 London street scenes. Battle cruiser Hood. Bismark launching by Hitler. Churchill & ?. BBC Broadcasting House - radio operator. RAF briefing Catalina in flight; takeoff; view of clouds. Rough sea & British fleet. Men in plane; radiomen; ships & planes into action from carriers,etc. Radio signals. Biplanes drop torpedoes. Battleship firing; ships fire torpedoes. Ships firing broadsides and surface launch of torpedoes. Men dive off wreckage & sinking ship (some staged). PBYs flying boats (many). Women wave goodbye. Men take off for Hawaii in US PBYs. Group in formation flight. Training. In flight. Wings.(poor sd quality).

[De Gaulle & Churchill & Polish watch tank exercise]

De Gaulle & Churchill & Polish military VIPS watch tank exercise. De Gaulle with Polish officer & Churchill nearby. Artillery firing and tanks advance. Churchill inspects British troops, jokes and makes them smile. Troops take hats off to Churchill - Hip Hip Hurray! Churchill with Polish commanders lights cigar.

[Churchill & Polish Inspecting Troops and Sailors]

Churchill with Polish military VIPs inspecting troops - on roadside saluting jeeps and troops going past. Churchill inspecting sailors.

The Battle For The Beaches

POV Troops in landing craft, LCPs head for shore under enemy fire. Assault wave hits the beach, running up beach & digging in. Offshore, underfire, transport ships unload guns & howitzers onto middle weight landing craft - troops & equipment landing on beach w/ amphibious craft. US troops firing machine guns. Supply dump organised on beach. Troops move inland w/ flamethrowers. Japanese prisoners of war POWs. Radio communications on beach. Landing craft carry heavy military equipment, tanks & trucks, onto beach. Tank landing ship LST opens bows & tanks etc off. Montage of battle successes in Pacific. Airfield built. US flag raised. Tarawa, Japanese shrine - bodies of Japanese soldiers.

04:33:02 Waves breaking on beach. Allied battleships at sea. Seaport military base in North Africa. Attack on Sicily w/ US planes dropping bombs; airborne troops parachute down. US naval ships, LCIs unloading troops. German prisoners of war, POWs, after Sicily regained by allies. Animated map showing invasion of Italy. Night landings at Salerno. American tanks landing, battle scenes on beaches of Italy; American ships under attack. Tanks through Italian village. Animated map showing US progress in forcing enemy northwards. Nettuno & cheering crowds as Italian civilians welcoming US troops. (balance of reel different than LN 400-281 version). Cairo conference, Churchill w/ Roosevelt & Chiang Kai Shek. Tehran conference Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin. Montage battle shots, Soviets in winter, bombers & bombing. Montage American ships training on English coast for Normandy landing. Ammunition ship exploding at Salerno. Bougainville burning - dead & wounded in Pacific. Battlefield funeral.

04:37:38 German films - Nazi version of Dieppe landings Aug 1942. German troops firing guns & dug in on beaches; destroyed allied ships & equipment. Allied prisoners, some beaten & wounded marching along. Street scenes in Dieppe, civilians. German fortifications - giant guns under camouflage. Military equipment thru town. AVs invasion fleet at sea. Landing craft on beaches - troops run up beach. The End.

WWII Battles; Fighting; Horrors of War; Amphibious Landings;

It s Your America R2 of 3

Dramatizes how a penny takes on new meanings to a soldier as he learns the significance of its inscriptions and Lincoln's quotations.

Troops march out of training camp, steam troop train & POV. Troops looking out window. Drinking coca cola at soda fountain. Map superimposed over shots of soldiers & home states. Montge of city sidewalks, street scenes, rural farm, residential street.

07:09:09 Soldier on troop ship leaving New York at night.

07:09:36 England Soldier in London pub drinking stout (beer) at bar. Bartender helps him w/ English money & comments on his US penny. Barman talks of Churchill. Soldier talks of Lincoln (track has brief interruptions).

07:12:28 Air raid siren interrupts, everyone looks up.. German aircraft in flight - bombs dropping - ceiling of pub drops down. Exterior aftermath of air raid on London, damaged buildings, two children in rubble. Rescue operations.

07:13:46 Italy - bomb damaged buildings. Soldier looks at tattered poster of Mussolini, troops walk behind. (GOOD POSTER SHOT). Lincoln memorial as soldier remembers Lincoln s speech. Poster. Fllips penny.

07:15:12 Soldier gets medical treatment after injured on beach at Anzio, holds penny; tells doctor he didn t know surgeons could be left-handed. Asks doctor what E Pluribus Unum, means - doctor translates as Out of Many One discuss how America is made up of many different races & religions living together in freedom & democracy.

07:17:35 German prisoners of war in camp. Soldier talking w/ French soldier who recalls how arrogant the Germans looked when they marched into Paris. POWs looking bedraggled. Two soldiers continue talking - Frenchman tells how he escaped concentration camp & joined French resistance. French soldier tells how his wife was killed by Germans. Says after war he wants to visit his wife s grave & the second most important thing will be to vote because then he knows he & his country will be free.

WWII - Reasons to fight; Freedom; Propaganda; Patriotism; Philosphy; Post War Plans;

Know Your Ally - Britain R3 of 4

NB Most sequences in this film are short - montages

Differences: Horseguards parade; changing the guard. Judges w/ wigs. Antique interiors of home. Man sweeps street. King & Queen. Coronation George VI, Royal family. King & queen visit bombed out areas.

US Court - British court. King pinning medal on RAF man. Montage British faces w/ Crown superimposed. Parliament & interior House of Lords. Family life, elections, people voting. Interior of Westminster. Lords. Montage industry. CU of Lord Mountbatten, Lord Beaverbrook, Ernest Bevin on stage, Herbert Morrison speaking. Map of Empire.

01:25:45 Newspaper headlines re Fuhrer offers Peace. Anthony Eden re peace offer (SOF). Clearing bomb damage; headlines re Hess. Churchill addressing Congress: What sort of a people do they think we are ... (GOOD). Map of British Empire, animated to show countries given independence. Montage. British Army. Commonwealth.

01:28:11 India & Maharaja's procession, street scenes Mysore. Docks. Viceroy s executive council; Indian court; Indian armed forces. Words of Jan Smuts narrated over scenes of Indian life re independence of India. Street scenes - agriculture - bathing in Ganges. Sign - for Highcasts only. Nehru - Jinna - Gandhi. Newspaper headlines re Britain offers Dominion Status to India after war. Map of India - animated to show strategic position. Map of Europe.

Pre-WWII - England; Homefront; Allies; Special Relationship; Friendship; Class System;

Army-Navy Screen Magazine #80 [Reel 1]

Radar: The Invisible Scout CU air raid siren - English civilians running - Home Guard - anti-aircraft gun - RAF pilots scramble, running to fighter planes - Spitfires taking off after radar warning. Aerial battle between Spitfires & Nazi Heinkel & Dornier bombers - gun camera footage - wreckage of German planes. House of Parliament in silhouette - Winston Churchill meeting civilians outside Whitehall ?

13:15:37 Animated diagram showing principal of radar. Radar operators working in darkened room. Anti-aircraft radar dish assisting ground crew in shooting down enemy plane - kill no. updated on gun barrel. Night bombing operations - radar signaling right moment to drop bombs. Fighter plane at night - CU radar screen - enemy aircraft intercepted. Radar used to assist planes landing at night on airfields & aircraft carriers. Radar assisting naval warfare - bell sounds, seamen out of bunks - radar antenna turning - enemy ships & coastal placements under fire. Anti-submarine work - tracked by radar - destroyer releases depth bomb. Ships led through fog.

13:18:43 Air traffic control tower at commercial airport - plane landing. Train past camera. Radar used in weather prediction - hurricane scene. Technicians in laboratory testing equipment. EXT Camp Evans, New Jersey - Evans Signal Laboratory - CU radar screen w/ electronic message bounced back from Moon. Remote-controlled robot bombs launched from ground & air. V-2 rocket on launch pad & take off. INT lab scenes. Radar antennae turning.

WWII. Cold War. Communications. Surveillance. Defence. Space Race.

The Road to the Wall Part 3 of 3 (1st half) James Cagney narrates

Anti-Communist propaganda film. Gives brief history of Communism.

13:17:16 Czechoslovakia, 1948 : parliament. crowds cheering. Politician makes speech. Riot. Edvard Benes accepts Communist cabinet. Ian Masaryck assassinated, corpse superimposed hammer and sickle, funeral. Parliament. Benes dies, hammer and sickle superimposed, funeral. Still Churchill an iron curtain has descended... speech.

Parade in USSR , carrying hammers and sickles and large portrait Stalin.

anti-Communist riots, mixed footage East Germany and Poland, tanks.

13:20:04 Poland jazz musicians, cartoons.

13:20:30 Budapest 1956: Demonstrations, star falls off roof. Tank through street, troops firing. Prime Minister Imre Nagy. Looted streets, books burning. Russian tanks invade. Nagy executed. (not seen)

13:21:51 Havana 1959: Cuban peasants at work in sugar cane fields. Slum, poor children. kid bathed with bucket, Castro with guerrillas in forest and through Havana with cheering crowds. Castro brother raul. Che Guevara. Castro speech at podium, cheering crowd. With Krushchev. Firing squad. Two men executed.

Cold War

In Defense Of Peace [Part 1 of 2]

Rolling title re International Information & Exchange Program & exposing obstructionist tactics of USSR.

WWII flashback montage: Russian troops advancing; Germans surrendering; Allied forces landing in France on D-Day; Allied leaders at Yalta; meeting of US & Russian troops at Elbe River; aerial views ruins of Berlin & Nazi symbol dynamited from Nuremburg Stadium; Germans surrendering at Rheims; President Truman & Joseph Stalin at Potsdam Conference; US Marines battling on beaches of Pacific islands; flag raising on Iwo Jima; aerial views ruins of Tokyo; & Japanese surrender to MacArthur aboard battleship Missouri - brief MacArthur soundbite ...pray that peace will now be restored to the world... . Victory celebration shots.

23:06:03 San Francisco - delegates of 50 nations sign documents for creation of United Nations - Truman, Molotov & Gromyko seen arriving.

23:07:05 Returning US troops disembark at US ports & are discharged - some wave or kiss demob papers. Diagram showing reduction in US Armed Forces 1945-47. US bombers destroyed w/ explosives - piles of scrapped vehicles - factories converted to peacetime production.

23:09:27 Gromyko walks out of UN Security Council debate on the Iranian question. US proclaims Marshall Plan in Paris - Churchill et al present. Animated map of Europe w/ Soviet border nations cut off.

WWII - Pacific War. Postwar Europe. Reconstruction. Economics. Anti-Communism. Cold War.

Arctic Borderlands In Winter

Coronet Instructional Films

Rural autumn scenes of Manitoba province, Canada - borderland w/ Arctic. Zoom in on map of US & Canada - Hudson Bay region w/ town of Churchill. Lakeside villages - Indian villagers at trading post collecting supplies - isolated cabin of White trapper - trapper holds up furs - husky sled dog. Grouse on cabin roof - ptarmigan w/ camouflage plumage - woodpecker & pine finch before migration south. Canada geese flying south. Barren lands - treeless tundra covered w/ blanket of moss, lichen, berries - caribou herd roaming tundra - migration south to borderland forests.

13:06:15 Winter scenes: frozen landscape - caribou walking across ice - shed antlers - skeleton of caribou killed by wolves. North winds blowing - barren landscape covered in snow by blizzard - sunset.

13:08:03 Dawn after blizzard - thick snow everywhere - trapper s cabin snowed in. Snow bunting / snow bird searching for food - ptarmigan in all-white winter plumage, camouflaged against snow. Trapper prepares his husky for journey to check traps, outside kennel marked Red - puts on protective layer of caribou hide - pan across trapper s warm clothing - dog team harnessed & journey starts. Red fox - trapper looking for tracks in snow - funny shots of Canadian otters sliding along snow & into stream.

13:11:23 Churchill region - sparse snowy landscape. Trapper riding husky sled past camera - brief PoV from moving sled.

Nature / Wildlife. Animals. Extreme Weather Conditions. North America. Hunting / Trapping.

The P-51 Mustang

Veteran pilots interviews intercut with archival footage of plane w/ Chuck Yeager

CUs of plane. World War II veterans statements intercut w/ fighter plane P-51 in air, firing, plane exploding.

01:22:37 WWII archive footage German tanks, Winston Churchill, American plane factory w/ Mustangs.

01:23:00 Still Dutch Kindelburger & Lee Atwood. Veteran talks about them.

01:23:27 Universal Newsreel Mustangs Ride Herd On Hitler shows fighter bombing Germany.

01:23:56 Pilots paint swastikas on plane for German targets shot. Allied bombers & fighters & German fighters in flight. Gun camera footage. Veterans re technical problems of plane. WWII briefing in front of large map, CU pilot writes codes on back of hand.

01:25:57 Loudspeaker sounds alarm & pilots run out to planes.

01:26:19 Four P-51s drop bombs (GOOD). Various views in flight & shooting others.

01:26:46 Several shots planes exploding, crashing.

01:27:38 Good POV flying low above factories. Firing & strafing planes on ground & explosions (GOOD).

01:28:17 Good color track around P-51 w/ propeller spinning.

01:28:42 Silhouette 2 modern fighter planes above clouds, sun in bg. Presented by your Air Force.

WWII - Europe - Dog Fights; Airplanes;

Winston Churchill With Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip outside Downing Street. Churchill In car following bombing of London. 1941 Atlantic Charter meeting w/ FDR Roosevelt shipboard off Newfoundland on USS. Augusta. Crossing Channel; w/ Ike Eisenhower & Montgomery. W/ royal family on balcony for VE Day. Motorcade in NYC in rain. Into Congress & at podium. Meeting w/ Ike at White House posing for cameras. Outside #10 Downing Street gives V sign.


[1951 - London Military Parade to St. Paul s Service & Presentation by General Eisenhower]

USA soldier, sailor & airman at attention behind book on podium. CU Ornate cover w/ 1941 - 1945, opened to title page: American Roll of Honor They Gave All 1941-1945. Pages turned, first page signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, 13Aug??. Illuminated & water color pages. Other pages w/ names flipped past.

15:21:59 Ext view of military band & parade thru London stret w/ British & American units marching past stopped buses & spectators. Other views & locations; St. Paul s Cathedral in background.

15:23:21 People on in windows throw confetti. Marching past bomb damaged buildings; billboards;

15:24:07 Front of St. Paul s cathedral & military marching in.

15:24:54 Two US (?) officers in dress uniforms follow woman up steps. Naval officers w/ swords up steps. Queen, Elizabeth & Margaret out of limousine & up steps, greeted w/ handshakes by Church officials in robes.

15:25:32 Churchill out of limousine & up steps in top hat & w/ cane.

15:25:46 Ike, Mamie, John & wife up steps; greeted by Church officials.

15:26:04 Clement Attlee & wife.

Commemoration Ceremony; Dead; British Royalty; High Holborn; England;

NOTE: Volume lists 28,000 Americans who served w/ US, Canadian & British units and died coming to Britain, while based in Britain or returning home.

[RAF Eagle Squadron]

Air Force Now


Title: ??

re flying for RAF Eagle Squadron Summer 1940

Old man, Retired Col. Edwin Dale Taylor, gets photo album out of old memorabilia box. Stills of himself as young officer. Eagle Squadron poster.

01:53:30 Nazi troops march into Paris - Cover monument with Nazi flag. Hitler w/ Goering. Hitler looks into telescope. Luftwaffe takes off towards British coast. English people listen to radio - Churchill audio 04Jun40 speech we shall fight on the beaches... over images of British artillery troops fighting in various situations. Churchill. British look at sky with binoculars - German planes past.

01:54:59 US pilots into planes. USAAF with RAF pilots on ground talking. Ringing bell & pilots rush to Spitfire planes / scramble & takeoff. In flight. Gun camera footage. CU pilot in cockpit on mission. Landing. Headline & picture re Major Taylor awarded medal. 31Jul42 return from mission - Spitfires - German fighters FW-190 attack Spitfires. Focke-Wulfe shot down in flames.

01:56:36 Eagle squadron marching & military ceremony. US Flag hoisted w/ RAF ensign flag as US enters WWII in England. Bombing POV from plane & portraits of dead servicemen superimposed.

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 2 of 3

Continued... Heavily damaged Brandenburg Gate, people watching as flag raised on top. HA people running in riot & from soldiers shooting. CU sign Potsdamer Platz. Running crowd, injured carried. Soviet tanks. Notice re Soviet Sector, Berlin. Tanks past people, men throwing stones at tanks. Notice re 18Jun53 Berlin closed the border. Parked tanks, people watching.

16:10:49 Still photographs of crowds, burning bulidings, soldiers.

16:11:12 Map showing other cities of demonstrations. CU text describing riot.

16:11:41 Clock tower. West Berlin, caskets under flags at funeral service. MCU standing West German leaders. SOF Ernst Reicher (sp?) at microphones. MCU listeners.

16:12:37 Stone w/ carving re Soviets.

16:12:47 Photograph: Hilda Benjamin (sp?); Trial footage of ??

16:13:04 Photograph of prison (?). Massive group of people camping in street; women & children in bunsk.

16:13:27 1956 Soviet Party Congress w/ Khrushchev to microphones (no speaking). Montage: Map of Poland. Yalta; Stalin w/ FDR, Churchill.

16:13:57 Post-WWII city w/ people, war veterans, in square listening, parading, etc.

16:14:13 Large exposition w/ Standard Motor Company sign; Mercedes Benz pavilion.

16:14:28 Workers in square w/ man speaking from back of truck, large crowd listening. Stills of Soviet tanks & crowds.

16:14:54 Large bulding ext; int. courtroom, young defendants & people listening. Soviet troops. lawyers, judges.

16:15:22 Moscow (?) aerial, street scene; Polish parade w/ Marx & Lenin posters; students on street hurrying & into bulding. Headline: Khrushchev in hald anti-Soviet Move. Off large plane. People on street. Polish leader, Wladyslaw Gomulk (21Oct-20Dec70 head of United Workers Party) speaking (MOS), others listen. Speaking from railroad car to crowd. Headline of voting Stalinists from office.

16:16:29 Polish tanks across field (brief). People reading Polish newspapers, demonstrating

16:16:56 Cardinal Wyszinski giving blessing from balcony, crowd below. Cardinal receiving flowers from children inside.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; East Germany Uprising 1953. Anti-Soviets; 1956 Poland;

[Spark of Liberty] Pt. 1 of 3

Uniformed youth drum & bugles; large Communist demonstration w/ cheering; CUs, girl kisses flag.

16:00:33 Ext. Street demonstration & burning flag; large crowd marching w/ flags; workers in street listening.

16:00:55 Tanks advancing w/ troops; loaded w/ people w/ raised fists thru street w/ tri-color flag. Youth w/ knife cutting up Communist flag.

16:01:34 Montage: Aerial of WWII burning city; artillery firing; refugees in burning city; Nazis boy soldier; tanks; British & Russian soldiers firing artillery. Nun walking thru brick rubble. Victory celebrations, Arc de Triumph; Churchill, DeGaulle & others down Champs Elysees. Winter & returning troops.

16:02:35 Swastika on stadium explodes (GOOD).

16:02:43 Stalin, Churchill & others shaking hands at Potsdam. Map of Europe w/ Communist shadow moving west. Soviet troops marching. Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev & others applauding. Map of East Germany. Still of Walter Ulbrecht w/ others. Marchers, faces, kids w/ banners in parade. Police & civilians in East Germany. CU door sign: Untersuchungs Haftanstalt Wittenberge, two policemen enter.

16:03:46 Ext. Deutscher Volksrat - Le Front des Demokratischen Deutsch; interior w/ large Communist meeting. CU Wilhelm Pieck first & only President of GDR, 11Oct49 - 07Sep60, wiping face; congratulated; thru street in open car. Little girl w/ flowers, Stalin holding.

16:04:08 People moving thru woods w/ packs. Troops buiding fence thru woods on border; sign re land mines. Pan of men at small meeting & voting, ext. workers voting, people marching w/ flags in country village.

16:04:49 Coal miners; workers in factory. Title card re Brigade Karl Marx. Women w/ wheelbarrows on construciton site. POV on train. Sign over doorway: Robfchlachtercel Franz Fritsche Perleberg, crowd. Civilians training w/ rifles; large group of women marching w/ rifles; young girls marching w/ bows & arrows. Soviet military in parade.

16:05:52 Montage of USA attacking Korea (seen from Soviet view): ship, tanks, soldiers. Wounded, chaplain. Orphaned ; Korean children eating; refugees.

16:06:19 Flags outside United Nations; interior. UN troops on ship. Kremlin ext. Pan from Stalin laying in state to politburo. People at monument. CU Ulbricht at microphones; clock speeded up; poster re 1954.

16:06:58 Wide avenue w/ little traffic. Men working on large construction site, workers on scaffolding, walking in street for demonstration, 16Jun53. Filling street. Soldiers w/ guns. Marchers running. Burning desks. Line of soldiers at East - West border. People taking down fence. Papers falling outside government building & burned in fire on sidewalk. Police & soldiers facing each others at border. Crowd running. Banner burned. Border troops behind barriers. Signs torn down, bonfire. East Berlin building set on fire, seen from American Sector. Construction Workers Strike became Uprising of 1953.

16:09:06 Crowd w/ ?? carrying, beating; policeman tries to stop. Crowd & small shed or ?? burning. Cont.

Post-WWII History; Riots; Eastern European Communism; Cold War; Propaganda;

Japanese Newsreel

Japanese sailors march on parade ground

18:01:42 Captured American prisoners of war walk down Peiping (Peking) street - several captured GIs embark freight train. POWs seated in room - Group of captured US personnel come on deck - Commander sends message to the President saying they were captured on Wake Island by the Japanese and were being treated well (Japanese subtitles in vision). 18:03:26 Saigon Street scene - taping windows against blast damage - buildings sandbagged - digging trenches for air raid shelter. Front of British Embassy - car parked in front of Japanese official building, British ambassador enters building. British embassy, probably Japan - American embassy probably Japan. Newspaper headlines re Pearl Harbor (Japanese) Tojo (Japanese PM) makes speech. Head of Japanese War Information Centre makes speech. News bulletin - moving electric banner showing battle results of December 8th. Japanese naval and army officers announce battle results - press. 18:09:03 Map of Pacific area - Japanese troops in tropical area preparing for battle - Japanese tanks and armoured cars advance on road - coconut trees. 18:10:12 President Roosevelt and Churchill meeting on British Battleship Prince of Wales - British preparing for action in Singapore - unloading military equipment from ships - Indian troops - British troops and artillery on parade ground.

F.D.R. Meets Churchill

Atlantic Charter meeting

Various high ranking British and American naval officers. Churchill on board. VIPs milling about. FDR waiting for Churchill.

London (Lend-Lease Pact Signing)

Room with large group of men.

Churchill & Winant signing pact to lease air & navy bases to the US in return for 50 destroyers. Winston Churchill smiling.

Special Release - F.D.R. Meets Churchill (Atlantic Charter Meeting)

High ranking army and navy officers on board American Warship in North Atlantic. General Arnold - Admirals King and Star. Also present Sumner Welles and Harry Hopkins. FDR and his son Franklin Jnr. greet British VIPs including Lord Beaverbrook. 13:36:24 Churchill wearing Naval pea coat and cap shakes hands with President. British and American sailors fraternise. Church service on board British Battleship Prince of Wales. Churchill and FDR seated on deck. Shots of crew attending service. 13:37:28 Item repeated without commentary - more shots of service, some out of rack.

13:41:45 Various deck activity - shots of officers and Churchill. Gangplank between two ships removed.

13:43:08 Various shots British VIPs greeted by American officers. Roosevelt greeting VIPs and Churchill.

[WWII - Churchill at University & w/ Wife Inspects Damage & Cheered by Crowd]

Churchill & wife in SW England. Puts coin in naval collection box and puts pin on lapel. Past crowds, pets dog. Talking to woman amidst bomb damage. People taking pictures w/ still & moving picture cameras. University. Churchill greeted by in full mortar board & robes, greeted by various people. Posing outside. w/ Amb. Winant(?). Cheering crowd. Past lines of nurses. Reviews police or ?? Waves hat to crowd. Wife Clementine following. Into car. Rides past debris & cheering crowds who wave from windows etc. Puts his hat on cane & waves. Gives thumbs up & shakes hands. Guy w/ missing front teeth & Churchill elbow.

[WWII - Churchill Inspects Damage & Cheered by Workmen]

Winston Churchill w/ cigar tours bomb damage & rescue workers. Pan over heavy destruction. Signing autograph. Shaking hands of workers. Signing official book.

[WWII - Churchill w/ Wife Inspects Damage & Cheered by Workmen]

Winston Churchill wearing pea-coat & wife Clementine riding in car as people cheer. Pearl Assurance building behind. Rubble in background. Military & civilian workers waving shovels etc. Churchill walks through Naval dockyard with officers. Churchill w/ cigar.

Churchill Visits Docks

Winston Churchill and wife Clementine greeted by Royal Naval officers inc. woman. Churchill with ARP wardens? Churchill and wife travel down Thames in Motor launch.

The Fight For Liberty: The Second Year Of The War Pt 1 of 4

NFB by Stanley Hawes & James Beveridge .

Summer of 1940, troops march along coast. London soldiers on look out positions, House of Parliament in background, policemen walk past air raid shelter, look for the enemy at night.

10:05:20 Animated map shows invasion threat for Britain from Germany; German army across the straits of Dover, big guns put in place along French coast, prepare for invasion. Soldiers w/ binoculars in watch tower. August 1941, attack begins, soldiers load guns onto aircrafts. Planes on runway, take off; various shots of bombers in the air, English soldiers in listening posts, prepare guns, people enter bomb shelters.

10:07:05 Ground forces load anti-aircraft guns & shoot at planes flying over; LS fighter planes drop bombs, explosions, fighter planes of RAF lift off to meet Germans for first great air battle of history; various shots of bombers in the air, shooting. Hit plane falls into the sea; dozen of RAF fighter planes in the sky, shot of Nazi aircrafts on the ground, traffic on the road at night.

10:08:21 People into shelter; night battle, shooting, explosions, buildings on fire, fire brigade fighting to extinguish flames, big buildings on fire. Next morning civilians climb out of rubble, city in ruins.

10:10:07 Big Ben, CU clock tower w/ bomb damage; shots of famous buildings damaged by bombing - House of Parliament interior, Westminster Abbey, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth outside damaged Buckingham Palace building. People clear away rubble, line up bombs on roadside, walk past ruined buildings. People cheer leaders visiting ruined streets incl. King George VI & Queen Elizabeth walk thru the rubble. Churchill waves from open car, American delegation incl. Wendell Wilkie walk thru city ruins, Cathedral(?).

10:11:11 Nazis march on the streets of ??, Nazi soldiers hand out sticks to police, officers walk past ammunition & machinery storage, high angle storage halls.

10:11:43 Shot of birds flying low above Thames River, British work in factory, shot of Ernest Bevin, metallurgy factory, various heavy machinery & industry; artillery production, int. fighter plane construction plant. CU Britain's Minister of aircraft production Lord Beaverbrook, planes in construction.

10:12:28 Canada street scene, cabinet meeting, Canadian army, soldiers marching in war training. 3 month after outbreak of war first division of Canadian troops arrive overseas, soldiers exit army cars, put guns in position, LS guns lined up on field. In the forest of Scotland, soldiers cut down big trees, Canada's navy sailors marching, soldiers in ship s engine room.

10:13:38 Canadian Flag, soldiers in air training, study at table, work in workshop, big tractor levels new air field, high angle airmen troop training.

WWII Aid; England Homefront; Spirit;

The Battle Of Britain - Alexandria, Egypt

23:10:06 Pan rooftops; pan street where buildings have been destroyed, bricks & rubble in street; people looking at destruction. Tilt down tall apartment buildings w/ damaged balconies. Destroyed neighborhood; wounded people. Refugees w/ bundles, wagons.

23:10:43 Title: England. Landing craft practice unloading troops; Churchill watching as they run ashore. Unloading equipment, moving barbed wire. Camouflaged truck off landing craft; rolling artillery past Churchill & other officers watching. Men setting off explosive charges.

WW2; Europe; Damage; Invasion Training; 1941; Jul41;

Dominion s Torch Of Victory Arrives At Its Destination

23:13:14 Winston Churchill tries to life large torch. Churchill at microphones outdoors, unrolls scroll. CU speaking (MOS).

23:13:43 Title: Montreal, Que. U.S. Troops invade Canada For Day Of Fun And Goodwill.

23:13:50 Army trucks; Canadian & American officers posing, shaking hands. Trucks w/ troops leaving base (?); convoy along road & across bridge to Montreal.

23:14:19 Sailors marching up neighborhood street; army trucks follow. Baseball team in truck. Navy & army officer sitting talking at review. Baseball team marching, Cabic on uniforms; other team w/ POST.

23:14:49 Title: In England - King George Hands Colors to 2 Units On Dominion Day.

23:14:56 King in uniform, officers, priest & others on field to review troops. Soldiers & others at attention. King w/ colors, salutes. Units parade past.

WW2; WWII; Canadians; 1941; Jul41;

[Pre-WWII: FDR. Jr. Reports for active duty; Lend-Lease Pact Signing; Captured Messershmidt 110, Apr41]

Boston. (Massachusetts)

FDR / Roosevelt Jr. salutes, boards USS Mayrant (DD-402), shakes hands & presents papers. Press / Photographers taking pictures. MCU smiling for camera.

06:00:36 London (Lend-Lease Pact Signing)

Room with large group of men; Churchill & Amb. John Winant signing pact to lease air & navy bases to the USA in return for 50 destroyers. Winston Churchill smiling. CU signatures

06:01:15 Downey, California (Messershmidt 110 Tested)

Men looking at Messerschmidt 110 iS9 CK in Vultec hanger. MCU nose Machine guns. CU dash panel w/ gauges; Bullet holes inspected. Men looking at motor on floor, propeller w/ bullet hole; large group of men looking from distance.

1941; Home-Front America; WW2 Preparations;

The Battle Of Britain - Alexandria, Egypt

23:10:06 Pan rooftops; pan street where buildings have been destroyed, bricks & rubble in street; people looking at destruction. Tilt down tall apartment buildings w/ damaged balconies. Destroyed neighborhood; wounded people. Refugees w/ bundles, wagons.

23:10:43 Title: England. Landing craft practice unloading troops; Churchill watching as they run ashore. Unloading equipment, moving barbed wire. Camouflaged truck off landing craft; rolling artillery past Churchill & other officers watching. Men setting off explosive charges.

WW2; Europe; Damage; Invasion Training; 1941; Jul41;

Dominion s Torch Of Victory Arrives At Its Destination

23:13:14 Winston Churchill tries to life large torch. Churchill at microphones outdoors, unrolls scroll. CU speaking (MOS).

23:13:43 Title: Montreal, Que. U.S. Troops invade Canada For Day Of Fun And Goodwill.

23:13:50 Army trucks; Canadian & American officers posing, shaking hands. Trucks w/ troops leaving base (?); convoy along road & across bridge to Montreal.

23:14:19 Sailors marching up neighborhood street; army trucks follow. Baseball team in truck. Navy & army officer sitting talking at review. Baseball team marching, Cabic on uniforms; other team w/ POST.

23:14:49 Title: In England - King George Hands Colors to 2 Units On Dominion Day.

23:14:56 King in uniform, officers, priest & others on field to review troops. Soldiers & others at attention. King w/ colors, salutes. Units parade past.

WW2; WWII; Canadians; 1941; Jul41;

France Libre Actualit├ęs, #7, American version Reel 2

Titles explain that the following is captured enemy newsreel which shows Axis hopes and plans for the campaign in the Middle East as of October 1942. French-accented English narration laid over original Fr,ench.

Animated Map showing Middle east Rommels retreat. French accented English narration over French. Enemy footage of India - native with cattle in fields - paddy fields - natives living in tents. Native mothers, heavily jewelled with nose rings etc carrying babies. Elephants in procession. Translated commentary says India has awakened and will no longer be subjugated. Animated map with American commentary shows how this is propaganda and shows what is really happening in India. Sikhs in army uniforms - marching - military band - Indian airforce and navy. Heavy industry - armament factory - freight train. Troops marching in streets. Victory poster, drawing of Churchill - Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all peril - Victory however long and hard the road may be... Animated map with commentary telling of Rommel s success. Commentary says this is what the French in North Africa were led to believe on October 27th - actuality of what really happened on November 8th 1942. American troops landing on beaches, British troops with piper marching - map shows progress of liberating forces. French North African troops become allies. Combined Allied Forces march.

Desert Victory Reel 6 of 6

Documents the El Alamein campaign.

Big Ben. BBC radio announces that Axis forces are in full retreat - women factory workers listening and cheering. Captured or abandoned German planes, artillery, tanks. Hordes of German prisoners, including Commander of Afrika Korps General Von Thoma. Aerial bombing enemy columns. British advance through Matiuh, Sidi Barrani, Tobruk, Bengasi, Homs, and Tripoli. Troops unloading supplies at dock. Tanks in combat. Convoy on road. Firing artillery on outskirts of Tripoli. German surrender Tripoli to Montgomery. Parade in Tripoli incl. Scottish troops. Montgomery hoists British flag in Tripoli. Letter from Monty to Churchill. Churchill and Generals Alexander and Montgomery review troops - planes, tanks and artillery

Poor sound

Churchill Visits Scotland

Churchill with wife and ? visits naval base. Party tour docks, workers cheer. Churchill inspects ARP wardens and policemen.

British Battleship HMS King George V

Aerial shots ship underway. Ship to ship shot HMS King George at anchor.

00:21:30 Mrs Churchill with Halifax board the HMS Coreopsis, snowing, Winston already aboard looking out of wheelhouse. Ship leaving dock.

[WWII - Dieppe Raid]

Titles. Camouflaged coastal guns firing at planes over coast. German troops, machine guns, large explosions. Allied prisoners, burned landing craft & bodies; destroyed tank; German giving water to British. Prisoners walked inland w/ church in background. Burning wreckage on beach. destroyed buildings; Germans moving captured prisoners of war inland. Wounded carried. Marched w/ handsup. LS of towan along beach & tanks & other wreckage on beach. Many dead bodies.

19:30:15 Dead Canadian troop w/ arm patch. CU water washing around helmet. Shots of eqwuipment & water beyond. Churchill tank shot up badly. Artillery. Down plane on beach w/ insignia. Lnading craft adrift. Prisoners throw helmets away, marched in tattered uniforms.

19:31:30 Germans feeding POWs at field kitchen. Men eating on sandy beach. Pan over city, pedestrians. Men rebuilding. Germans marching w/ rifles along dunes. The End.

Operation Jubilee; Horrors of War; German Footage

The Stilwell Road [Reel 2 of 6]

Story of the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations (CBI) during WWII. Narrated by Ronald Reagan [?]

Allied Chinese troops carried on plane. Training station at Rangar, India - cleaning guns, shooting practice, crawling on ground. Commander in Chief of India Command Field Marshall Sir Archibald Wavell (later Viceroy of India). Training, obstacle course, climbing rope, sky diving. Allied troops on road, disembarking from ship, shows the variety of nations within Allied troops: Gurkhas from Nepal, African, Naga head hunters, Burma Rifles & Chin & Cachan [?] tribesmen from Burma, Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, Gurkha, Chinese and American soldiers.

00:22:53 LS road with long line refugees, refugees on carts, on stretchers, with babies. Mule pack through Himalayas to China. Air bridge: loading ammunition and supplies onto planes at air base, supplies flown to Burma across Himalayas. Animated map shows Japanese offensive. Plane lands. Map shows road from Ledo, Northern India to Myitkyina, and mountains.

00:25:45 Construction Ledo Road: Men, incl., Asian engineers, fitting explosives on trees to clear way, hacking through forest, bulldozer. Workers hammering. Road collapsed with monsoon rain. High angle work carried out. Ship at dock in Calcutta, supplies delivered, piles of supplies shown, flat boats and barges to carry them up Hoogly River. Bengal Assam Railway, trains at station. Railway construction. Planes in from Calcutta.

00:27:39 Haggard Chindits emerge from jungle (jungle fighting force under British command), bathing. Statues of legendary animals Chindit name taken from. Chindit leader Brigadier Charles Orde Wingate.

Early 1943, Chindits into jungle & across Chindwin River.

00:28:32 Quebec Conference: Roosevelt (FDR), Churchill and US & British Chiefs of staff, Mountbatten, Stilwell.

00:29:09 Mountbatten with troops in South East Asia; his phoenix emblem. Felling tree. Colonel Luis A. Pick. Bulldozers and tractors clear obstructions. Allied Chinese artillery and infantry fight in jungle.

WWII - India-Burma Campaign. Engineering. Ledo Road.

The Stilwell Road R2 of 6

Allied Chinese troops by plane to training station at Rangar, India - cleaning guns, shooting target practice, crawling on ground. Commander in Chief of India Command, Field Marshall Sir Archibald Wavell (later Viceroy of India) & Sir Claude Auchinleck. Training montage: obstacle course, rope climb, sky diving. Allied troops on road, disembark from ship, shows variety of nations within Allied troops: Gurkhas from Nepal, African, Naga head hunters, Burma Rifles & Chin & Cachan [?] tribesmen from Burma, Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, Gurkha, Chinese & American soldiers, CUs.

22:12:45 LS road w/ long line of refugees on foot & carts, on stretchers, w/ babies. Pack mules over Himalayas to China. Air bridge: loading ammunition & supplies onto planes at air base, supplies flown to Burma across Himalayas. Animated map of Japanese offensive. Plane lands. Map of road from Ledo, Northern India to Myitkyina, & mountains.

22:15:38 Construction Ledo Road: Men, incl., Asian engineers, fit explosives on trees to clear way, hack thru forest, bulldozer. Workers chop & hammer. Land slides collapse on roads w/ monsoon rain. Men rebuilding. Ship at Calcutta dock unloaded, supplies piled, rucks, wire, tanks; flat boats & barges carry them up Hoogly River. Bengal Assam Railway, trains at station. Railway construction. Planes in from Calcutta.

22:17:31 Haggard Chindits emerge from jungle (jungle fighting force under British command), bathing. Statues of legendary animals Chindit name taken from. Chindit leader Brigadier Charles Orde Wingate.

Early 1943, Chindits into jungle & across Chindwin River.

22:18:24 Quebec Conference: Roosevelt (FDR), Churchill & US & British Chiefs of Staff, Mountbatten, Stilwell.

22:19:01 Mountbatten w/ troops in South East Asia; his phoenix emblem. Felling tree. Colonel Luis A. Pick. Bulldozers & tractors clear obstructions. Allied Chinese artillery & infantry fight in jungle.

WWII - India-Burma Campaign; Engineering; Ledo Road; Stilwll Road; Allies;

US Reveals Armed Might For Churchill

Allied Nations war council - Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt - FDR - pose for cameras at White House. US military manoeuvres and march past; Churchill watching w/ cigar. Churchill meets paratroopers then listens in over field radio as Commander in plane above gives order to jump - hundreds of troops parachute from planes - simulating capture of enemy airfield - Churchill looking up w/ fingers round eyes.


Allied Offensive North Africa (Operation Torch )

Military equipment and hardware being moved East by rail and road - Stockpile of trucks etc at docks. American troops on transport ship in dock.

19:47:00 British tanks being moved by rail.

19:47:12 US tank being lifted aboard ship. Troops awaiting embarkation. Allied troops going on board ship.

Naval Ships in convoy in the Atlantic - good shots.

03:48:39 Capitol - President Roosevelt in office with Winston Churchill. FDR and Churchill seated together at desk. General George Marshall.

19:49:00 Churchill with cigar. Eisenhower - General Mark Clark.

19:49:12 Convoy at sea - good shots troops on deck relaxing - great shot young American GI giving V for Victory sign. Troops playing games. Troops at battle inspection on board ship. Animated map shows fleet movements from America and Britain. 850 ships in all. Map showing how the fleet was divided - one part to Algiers and the other off Morocco.

19:50:43 Casablanca - fleet off shore - planes fly overhead. Battle scenes as allied warships fire on coast of Morocco - firing broadsides. Unfinished French battleship in port goes up in flames after being hit by US guns. Ship sinking. Wrecked ships in harbour.

Cairo and Tehran

On screen credit advises that the commentary on this film is an excerpt from the President s broadcast to the armed forces Christmas 1943.

Globe turning over montage of shots.

12:41:20 Moscow - Kremlin. Interiors Pact signed by Molotov - Anthony Eden and Cordell Hull.

12:41:45 Cairo Conference. Pyramids and Sphinx. Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek seated in garden. Pan along military officers standing behind including General Marshall.

12:42:47 Animated map detailing Korea Formosa and Manchuria. Graphic The Tanaka Memorial - Japan s Dream of World Empire. Naval ships firing - US marines landing on Pacific island. Troops in jungle firing artillery. Aircraft drops bombs. Australian firing artillery. British forces.

12:44:10 Chinese flag. Chiang Kai-shek with troops. Flying Tigers.

12:44:35 General Marshall visting with General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz.

12:44:50 Aircraft in flight AV Tehran. FDR, Churchill and Stalin seated in front of conference building.

12:45:34 Russian army firing artillery on Eastern Front. - snow - aircraft - explosion from bomb. Cossack troops.

12:45:45 Allied armies in Italy. Brief dogfight. General Eisenhower with Clark being driven in jeep across bridge. Bomb damaged buildings in Italy. Ike with Allied officers. Gen. Spaatz given decoration. Planes dropping bombs over Germany

12:46:49 Tehran conference - three leaders seated on porch of building. Anthony Eden and Molotov join group. Montage German military might - parade and flypast. German children at play. Troops marching - Hitler ranting

12:47:56 Sword of Stalingrad presented to Stalin by Churchill. FDR inspects sword. Roosevelt voice over says he got along just fine with Stalin and thinks they will get along very well together in the future - praises Stalin for his determination and good humour.

Montage allies - FDR speech says as long as these four nations stick together there will never be another World War.

Roosevelt and Churchill Meet in North Africa

President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet in Casablanca. Aerial Views Casablanca. US signal corp putting up communication lines. Panning shot over Casablanca. Military guards outside Presidential villa. Cars through checkpoint. US troops line route. Roosevelt in jeep inspects allied troops. Troops march on parade ground.Tanks and military vehicles parade.

01:22:48 Anfa Hotel exterior - guards outside. FDR wearing armband and Winston Churchill pose with party in gardens.

01:23:38 Planes fly over - sentry. Allied top brass - officers meet round conference table. Sir Charles Portal and General Arnold. Sir Alfred Dudley Pound and Admiral King. Sir Alan Brooke with General George Marshall.

01:24:13 Military cemetery near Rabat. Wreath layed.

01:24:40 FDR with General Giraud.

01:25:17 Roosevelt, Giraud, de Gaulle and Churchill pose in gardens. Giraud and De Gaulle shake hands. Churchill and FDR give briefing to press. Brief shot in aircraft cockpit.

01:26:20 FDR inspects black US troops in Liberia

01:26:55 FDR meets President Vargas of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Nice closeups of Roosevelt and Churchill together.

The War 1941 - 1944 R5

Von Paulus at the surrender of Stalingrad. Artillery fired and fireworks in Moscow for celebrations of the liberation of Stalingrad. Happy Russians.

10:01:22 The Gathering Offensive - Jan 1943 President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in Casablanca. De Gaulle returns to French soil to attend conference. Allied top brass - officers meet round conference table. Sir Charles Portal and General Arnold. Sir Alfred Dudley Pound and Admiral King. Sir Alan Brooke with General George Marshall. FDR and Churchill pose in gardens.

10:02:11 British and American troops meet in Tunisia - exchange cigarettes andhelmets. General Eisenhower greeting General Montgomery. British fighting scenes as they continue up the Tunisian coast. AV Allied planes bomb desert area - US tanks forward towards Bizerta.

10:03:24 German prisoners of war march down road after tank following the surrender of Bizerta and Tunis. French soldiers guarding German POWs. Masses of Germans prisoners in trucks and walking. AV prisoners in desert compound.

10:04:06 Tunisians welcome American troops - celebrations.

10:04:43 On to Fortress Europe - July 10th 1943 Allied troops landing on beaches of Sicily. Paratroop drop. Mussolini. 3rd Sept. Allied invasion of Italy. Italian fleet surrender to Gen. Eisenhower at Malta. Good shots battleships.

10:05:57 Naples - celebrations as allies enter city.

10:06:15 The Air Front - Animated map of Europe showing tactical advantages of capturing Italian airspace. Bomber crews in England at briefing. Montage Allied planes taking off. Aircraft in flight - US daylight bombing raids on German industry and docks. Night bombing by British on German armament centres. OPX film. Allied planes bombing and strafing railways - airfields. Dofights - camera gun shots. Planes in formation

10:09:25 Russia - June 1943 - Russian artillery firing - Animated map of Russia showing how they pushed the German back. Russians with German prisoner.

The War 1941 - 1944 R6

1943 - Russian troops liberating Russia - Marshall Zhukov, Khruschev.

10:10:53 The Pacific - US naval task force. Ships firing on Pacific islands - tracer bullets. Aircraft strafing and bombing. Troops in landing craft - battle scenes on beach. Firing machine gun. Dead Japanese on Tarawa. Medic tending to wounded marine. US flag raised - US bodies floating in sea and on beach. Marching marines.

10:14:24 Cairo conference - Churchill, Roosevelt, Chiang Kai-Shek pose for photos. Military top brass at meeting round conference table. Map of Pacific and Japan.

10:15:21 Tehran Conference - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin pose. Joint statement.

10:16:11 Yugoslav partisans singing and smiling. Marshall Tito smoking. French underground singing.

10:16:47 D-Day - montage leaving Britain. Animated map re attacks on Germany. Montage battle scenes in various theatres of war. 03:18:07 French undergrounduprising - man firing pistol - partisans with rifles - interior shot as one throws grenade from window. German military vehicle on fire - burning Germans out. Allies enter Paris - cheering crowds. Montage liberation shots across Europe. War graves. Dead Germans. Crying baby boy. US tank breaking through wall. Montage allied armies - allied flags.

[Casablanca - Giraud, De Gaulle, Churchill & Roosevelt With Press]

Casablanca - FDR and Churchill seated with Giraud and de Gaulle and group behind all posing for cameras. FDR wipes sweat off brow. FDR seated alone with Churchill. FDR wears black armband.

Giraud, Churchill, de Gaulle, Roosevelt seated together with FDR talking to Giraud. Giraud and de Gaulle rise and shake hands. FDR & Churchill talk with press.

Brief shot Churchill in bathrobe? out of plane.

FDR and Churchill pose with US and British generals behind.

03:33:00 Desert, Casablanca area - Churchill? and FDR arrive in jeep and review troops and tanks. Military band. Ruined castle with French flag above - US troops guarding castle. Troops parade near tents, FDR watching.

03:37:10 Anfa Hotel exterior (Art Deco). US troops parade - GV boots marching.

03:38:15 Roosevelt, Hopkins, McCrae on boat (faded). FDR in Liberia reviews troops; FDR with Generals Patton & Marshall & pins medal on Wilbur. Tracking shot of countryside from road. Roosevelt with Hopkins & Vargas of Brazil aboard ship? with naval officers behind -party into jeep and FDR talking with officer. Jeep convoy.

[Cairo Conference Photocalls]

Photocall: MCU Chiang Kai-Shek seated, pans to Roosevelt then Winston Churchill in white suit and back to Kai-Shek. Group shot seated trio w/ military chiefs standing behind. MCU General Hap Arnold and Gen. Marshall w/ pan across vars British, US and Chinese military chiefs, back to three leaders.

06:32:35: Kai-Shek, Roosevelt and Churchill seated in garden w/ CUs. Madame Kai-Shek joins group, talks w/ Churchill, photographers in FG.

06:34:23: Military chiefs return for another photocall behind seated leaders and Madame; photocall w/ politicans? in suits.

06:36:01: MCUs Churchill and Madame Kai-Shek; Chiang Kai-Shek and Roosevelt [Roosevelt talks to aide and not to Kai-Shek]. Three leaders and Madame solo photocall; Roosevelt talks to Kai-Shek. VS group w/ men in suits then militatry chiefs again.

WWII. International relations. Diplomacy.

En Route Home from Tehran, Roosevelt Hails Troops in Sicily

FDR seated in car, Winston Churchill in civilian suit leans against car chatting. Sphinx, pyramid. FDR, Churchill with Turkey s President Ismet Inonu pose for cameras following diplomatic talks. FDR in Jeep with General Eisenhower reviews troops in Sicily. Nice shot Ike and FDR laughing. General Mark Clark and five officers receive medals for Sicily campaign. Army photographer. Troops march past in parade. Ike and FDR have picnic lunch in back of car. FDR poses with two of his sons, one in naval and the other in army uniform.

Divide And Conquer R6 of 6

Why We Fight series

Entrance sign to Dunkerque, burning, fighting. Ships across English Channel. British & German fighter planes. Rescuing; dead in water; overloaded ships. Troops waving, woiunded carried. Churchill reviewing troops.

16:49:01 French generals w/ Marshall Foch & Petain. Paris & putting children on trains & buses, waving goodbye. French in streets w/ sandbags. American pointing to animated wall chart & describing German advance. Describes collapse of Marginot Line.

16:50:46 Mussolini w/ other officers. Italians move into France on motorcycle & foot. Mussolini reviewing young troops. French government leaders w/ Lavalle, Petain & others. Hitler does his happy jig. Goes to railroad coach to sign the agreement of surrender w/ Germany.Headlines. French prisoners of war to Germany marched. Civilians w/ suitcases . Slave labor building dikes. French children crying. Burial service for executed hostages. Hitler touring Paris.

16:54:38 People in street of Paris listening to terms of surrender. French listening, crying. French soldiers boarding ships for North Africa. De Gaulle reviewing & saluting. Free French Army. De Gaulel & Roosevelt & Churchill meeting at Casablanca. Marching troops w/ titles over. The End.

WWII History; Invasion; 1940s; France; Holland; Netherlands; Belgium

News Parade of The Year 1943

Castle Films Presents

06:03:59 Title: Battling The U-boats! Convoy. German film from submarine around ships, periscope thru water, view of torpedo fired, tanker hit. Captain on bridge w/ binoculars, U-boat surfacing, firing deck gun. View on ship in storm. Sub sinking tanker set afire. Allied ships firing depth charges & explosions. Submarine crew rescued as U-boat sinks.

06:05:35 Title: Tragedy At Toulon. French ships sunk, burning at dock. Ships: Strasbourg, Vautour name plates seen, another. Normandie liner underway; burning at dock & on side. Refloated in time-lapse & towed by many tugboats.

06:06:54 Title: MacArthur s Smashing Offensive Aerial shot of fighter plane; strafing Jap freighter. Mac w/ four stars on leather jacket in MCU. Airmen board C-47, parachuting out; parachutes descending. Troops wading jungle water; on beach fighting. Fighter strafing jungle, CU of machine gunner firing over Japanese airfield. Men w/ spears past burning huts. Surrendering Japanese soldiers

06:09:23 Stilwell inspecting Burma troops; troops wade river, w/ raft & artillery. Fighting in jungle; wounded. Stilwell looking up.

06:10:07 Title: Argentina Revolts - army overthrows pro-Nazi government. People tip over buses & set afire, riot in square outside govt. buildings.

06:10:46 Title: Allies on the March Roosevelt reviewing troops; w/ Churchill at Casablanca Conference. Military conference w/ British. Tripoli, tanks advance; Germans surrender to Montgomery. Sicily falls to Allies. Burning ships, exploding munitions ship. Wreckage on deck of ship & removing wounded or dead. Advancing thru Italy, fighting. Artillery, tanks, GIs on road, thru city. Marching Japanese-Americans, 442nd. Firing mortars, burning oil.

06:13:5? US & British bomb Germany, planes low over English Channel; bomber shadow on ground. bombs dropping, smoking rising from low-level bombing. USSR drives Germany out of Ukraine. Fighting, rockets launched,machine guns, Germans killed. Burning tank.

03;16:0? Soviets seal fate of Germans in Crimea. Capture POWs; Sec. Hull in Moscow, off plane w/ Harriman for tri-nation conference. Hand shaking. The End.


[Cairo Conference] R2 of 2

President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill w/ cigar, Madame Chiang Kai Shek seated in front of line of military officials including General Stilwell; Hap Arnold & others. Also w/ civilians standing including Averill Harriman, Dean Acheson; Anthony Eden & others.

22:51:28 MCU General inside car. Cameramen waiting. Seated FDR, Churchill, Chiang Kai-Shek talking in CU & swating bugs. Civilians in MCU but light flare.

22:56:26 Churchill takes off hat, FDR talking. Group poses but again light flare on bottom. People swatting at bugs.

WWII Allied Conferences;

[London in Wartime after air raid]

St. Paul s Cathedral w/ traffic, double decker busses passing in front w/ bomb damage nearby. Steam roller w/ dome of St Paul s behind. Man operating steam shovel clearing rubble from bomb damage. Top shot city showing levelled buildings. Rooftop - damaged Guildhall.

04:30:27 CU clothing in debris. Civil defense workers clear rubble w/ crane & buckets. Bombed out window w/ picture of Winston Churchill. Men removing paintings from blitzed shop. Old man leaving grocery shop with pint of milk. Woman buying milk thru broken window. Group of schoolboys. Fireman damping down smoking building remains w/ hose.

04:33:16 Rescue workers sift thru rubble of bombed out building - man in charge Warwick. Rescue workers find body - bring out and wrap in shroud. Top shot rescue services outside hospital?

04:35:31 Interior damaged hospital - nurses cleaning up, making bed - another nurse dressing hand wound.

WWII Blitz; Good street scenes; England - homefront;

Allied War Council Plans For Invasion

White House w/ large table, FDR at head w/ Churchill next to him. Pan down cloakrack w/ hats w/ insignias of various military VIPs on top shelf. Allied High Command meeting, CU of Gen. Marshall. Others talking in LS.

04:24:15 White House lawn w/ FDR, Churchill & others posing for newsreel cameramen. British & American Generals & Admirals standing behind. CUs Churchill & Roosevelt. MCU of the two together.

WWII government newsreel; Propaganda; 12-27May43 Trident Conference;

Rolls Royce flying Union Jack outside No. 10? People leaving including Anthony Eden. Winston Churchill and ? on steps. Churchill into car and away. Group of VIPs waiting for cars.

04:37:11 Exterior of the India Office. Interior meeting of British VIPs with Indian army officer? and Indian VIP. Group leaving building by Burma Office door.

General Eisenhower Receives Churchill On Western Front

09:56:53 Churchill smoking cigar & Ike walk, talk followed by staff.

09:57:07 Ike w/ other generals walking in rain, reviews 29th Division troops on visit to border of Germany. Talks w/ soldiers. Gen. Bradley & Ike talk.

1944; WWII; WW2; Allies;

Latest Pictures of Allied Push In Normandy

09:38:26 Eisenhower w/ Secretary fo War Stimson at front. Winston Churchill inspects captured German rocket launching site & leaves in boat holding cap on cane.

09:38:49 RAF air assault from ground & British bombers seen from air; flares dropped. Aerial of bombs dropped; explosions. American bombers overhead & bombs falling seen from bombers, explosions w/ much smoke.

09:39:32 Large artillery guns firing. British & Canadian tanks advance, tank slides off road. Tanks in field firing. Column of German POWs past Canadian troops parked on road. American fighters; GSAP gun camera of dog fight w/ German planes; strafing downed German plane.; strafing muntions train w/ explosion. Plane fires tracers & hits rocket bomb in air, explodes.

WWII; WW2; 1944 France; Fighting; Jun44 (?);

People to People Reel 1

Four British trades union men arrive in New York Harbor on an exchange visit.

15:01:31 Shows President Roosevelt (FDR), Chiang Kai-shek, Stalin, and Churchill at Teheran.

15:01:52 New York harbour - British group meets NY Mayor LaGuardia, Washington Production Board head Donald Nelson, Sec. of Labor Perkins (first woman to hold office in American Cabinet)

Group walking up path to White House, Eleanor Roosevelt comes out and greets. Group walking up steps at Capitol and meet Vice President Wallace. Wallace makes speech.

15:03:45 The group discusses, with A.F.L. and C.I.O. stewards, the use of labour management conferences to settle disputes. Group seated round table. American trades unionists who have just returned from their visit to UK make report. Black Union leader asks the British delegation what their attitude to International labour unity is. Talk of war effort. Emancipation of women.

15:07:37 British visit Star Electric Motor Co N.J. labor management meeting. Discuss suggestion schemes. Whether labour committees will continue post war. British delegation looking at wall map - split into different groups - pick up suitcases.

True Glory Reel 2

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day

Military training exercises. Training landing on rocks in rough seas and scaling cliff face.

22:08:45 Map. Germany - Hitler - German Generals with maps.

22:09:19 SHAEF HQ interior, high command meeting. Good night shots British bombers taking off towards cameras. Night and day bombing of Europe. Brief shot agent parachutes into France. One man submarine. Torpedo boats etc returning from Normandy with sand for analysis. Woman at microscope. Man putting camera into reconnaisance plane. Coast of Normandy. Still photographs glued together making relief map. Supplies dropped to French resistance.

22:10:31 Mulberry Harbour launched. Montage supplies readied and stockpiled, men innoculated, ships launched, radio listening for German transmissions. SHAEF HQ, meeting of high command.

22:11:11 Stalin. Roosevelt and Churchill pose after Tehran conference.

22:11:24 Eisenhower, Montgomery and others at wall map. Montage preparations. Montage aircraft bombing and strafing France including RR marshalling yards. Railway lines destroyed. German plane shot down. Map showing Normandy and South Coast of England. German coastal defences, German troops march, Officers at West Wall. Goering inspects troops.

22:13:22 Invasion convoys assemble at Southampton, mass movement of military trucks, troops and materials through countryside and small towns. Transport continues at night by rail and road. Tanks etc loaded onto ships. Troops boarding. British and US men waiting on ships in harbour. Barrage balloons, hills in background. Men briefed on deck and dockside. Aircrews briefed.

22:15::51 Flags run up on ship, officers boarding, torpedo loaded, King George VI on board, salutes sailors.

Signals made with lights. Anchors weighed. Engine room scenes. Convoy sets sail

22:16:44 Eisenhower with camouflaged troops - inspects.

22:17:02 Silhouette shots soldiers moving at dusk. Aircraft, nose paint That s All Brother . Planes take off, almost night.

[WWII: Yank Ace; Forrestal; Women in News; Army Motorcycles; Bond Awards; Fish Counting]

Universal Newsreel main title (w/ Allied flags turning) GOOD.

12:59:40 Title: Yank Ace Of Aces. USAAF pilot Robert Johnson, Lawton, Oklahoma in Thunderbolt cockpit pointing to 25 painted kill symbols. Greeted by air crew. W/ another pilot gesturing how he did it. CU w/ wing gun barrels. MS posing by plane, arms round propeller.

13:00:25 Title: Forrestal Is New Navy Boss. MS Secretary James Forrestal & 2 others at desk pointing to map on desk top; w/ map behind. CU Forrestal reading. Group shots.

13:00:47 Title: Women In The News. Princesses Elizabeth (18 years old) & Margaret horseback riding in headscarves. MS greeted by King George VI & Queen Elizabeth. CUs. Royal family.

13:01:28 Mary Churchill walking w/ RAF & USAAF officers. US airmen in front of B-17 Flying Fortress plane w/ Stage Door Canteen painted on side above gun turret. MS Churchill at mic (MOS) waves soft drink bottle to christen. Laughing.

13:01:53 Title: Girls Flock To Colors. High angle of US Women in WAC uniforms in Military Parade thru Times Square w/ banner & US flag. Civilian women standing & watching; being sworn in. CUs civilian women. Army General/ Captain swears in enlisting civilian women seen w/ hands raised. Oath.

13:02:26 Title: M.P. Rough Riders. US Military Police on motorcycles down English country road two abreast; ride up crater-like dirt banks of chalk pits & jump over ridges. Transportation.

13:03:01 Title: Honor Movie Bond Sellers. VS group of top 100 theater owners, exhibitors, on steps of Capitol building, Charles P. Skouras gives handshake at microphone. Int. Dinner & certificate presentation, CU certificate United States Treasury Motion Picture Industry Citation to Ralph J. Batschelet. CU holding certificate. CU Skouras turns over chairmanship to R.J. O Donnell for 5th War Loan Drive.

13:03:42 Group outside George Washington house, Mount Vernon, Virginia. Wreath placed at tomb.

13:03:55 Title: Lady Fish Wardens. Fish ladder by dam, women seen counting salmon & other fish. Men watching from outside. MS fish swimming past in current. Columbia River; Pacific Northwest.

WWII Homefront; Europe;

[Armistice Day Celebrations in Paris with de Gaulle & Churchill]

LIB 529 - Paris, France - Armistice Day Parade with Churchill, De Gaulle & Eden watching troops on Champs Elysees. De Gaulle in motorcade with Churchill & Eden. Mrs. Eden & Mary Churchill applauding and singing. Churchill shaking hands with de Gaulle (brief).

Sign re Emprunt de La Liberation - war loan?

04:04:30 LIB 530 - Armistice Day Churchill and de Gaulle wreath laying at Arc de Triomphe. Parade with Free French troops, Scottish troops, American troops, French NAtional Guard. Six bombers over Arch. French cavalry parade.

[Crocodile Flamethrowing Tank]

Crocodile flamethrower used with Churchill tank demonstrated. Fuelling tank and firing.

Tito s Partisans, Yugoslavia, May 1944

Yugoslav partisans march on drill field - VS soldiers past and towards camera, some w/ rifles. Sergeant calls forward four soldiers - salute and return to ranks; CU sergeant. VS sergeant talking w/ soldiers inc. women and boys; CUs women in uniform standing alongside men; CUs male soldier twists his moustache for camera. Women w/ Red Cross badges on uniforms. Troops march through village past church watched by local boys. Partisans in chow line - stew served in mess tins.

23:13:08 CU wall w/ pictures of Roosevelt, Stalin, Tito? and Churchill w/ US, British, Soviet and Yugoslav flags and banner ?Vili Nasi Saveznici Engleska Amerika SSSR ; CUs portraits w/ flags. Troops resting in barracks. Women soldiers on steps w/ young children and rifles.

23:15:17 Partisans dancing in large circle w/ linked arms; CUs dancing; soldier playing accordion, others singing inc. women and boys.

23:16:47 Women soldiers marching. Three female soldiers on ground w/ machine guns / rifles. CU portrait of Marshal Tito.

WWII. Women at War.

2nd Armored Division - Tank Demonstration, Germany

21Dec44 British Churchill tanks fire flame-throwers against farm buildings at dusk. Men running ahead across field. Tanks moving about. Buildings burning. MCU of tanks throwing flames. Men move up to view damage.

WWII. Western Front.

Armistice Day in Paris

11Nov44 Unid. General out of closed car. Winston Churchill and General De Gaulle out of open-top car. Both salute. De Gaulle, Churchill and Anthony Eden seated to watch parade. Troops and bands march down Champs Elysees. Colonial troops in parade.


Desert Victory Reel 1 of 6

Documents the El Alamein campaign - shows both Allied & German side

British tank in desert. Compass. Troops swatting flies. Sleeping out. Sandstorm cloud. German tank and artillery convoy advances in desert. German planes fly over desert. Map of Allied troops journey to El Alamein via Tobruk. LS Cairo, Alexandria, Suez Canal, the Qattara Depression, and British positions at El Alamein - Auchinlech s 8th army digging trenches, burying landmines.

13:06:13 Battle footage from both sides: British firing guns. Nazis firing back. German planes bomb British positions and British retort w/ antiaircraft guns.

13:07:27 Winston Churchill visits the army and brings General Montgomery and General Alexander to relieve General Auchinlech. Letter from Churchill to Montgomery outlining duty in North African campaign.

13:08:57 British war production - armament factories - women workers - production lines - aircraft manufacture.

13:09:59 American war production - Sherman tank manufacture. Exterior factory.

13:10:33 Describes the British strategic situation with map of Africa showing sea and air routes. Palm trees felled and terrain cleared for landing strips on West Coast of Africa. British planes on African airfield & in flight.

Poor Sound

[D-Day 6-6-44] Pt. 2 of 3 ?

Soldiers prepare to leave, blacken & paint faces. CU soldiers w/ faces painted black, board aircraft; soldiers at night next to plane. Planes taking off, in the air. Ships crossing at night, soldiers look up to the planes in the dark sky, paratroops prepare & jump out of planes, LS parachutes in the air .

05:53:24 British bombers over Dover drop tin foil. Radar & broken tower. CU German officer w/ binoculars to sea. CU ships, war planes in the air, shooting from both sides, explosion in the water near ships, various shots of firing ships, soldiers w/ binoculars on the ship & on the ground, intense shooting, black smoke from the ship, soldiers on landing craft approach the coast, fighter bombers in the air.

05:55:11 Soldiers in landing craft approach shore, jump out; shoot, various shots of forces exiting ships & boats. Fighting resistance, various shots of soldiers take over coast, group off German officer give up w/ hands in the air, fighting in city, ship on the fire.

05:56:35 London, Big Ben in the fog, double deck bus on road, tanks, street scenes, statue of Abraham Lincoln. CU plan of D-day, narration reads out D-day attack plans under command of Eisenhower.

05:57:30 Large airfield. w/ reinforcement fighter planes & troops depart; soldiers enter aircraft. CU writing on the plane: Now it s our turn, you ve had yours you German ..(last word wiped off), planes set off, shot down to the glider planes on airfield. planes in air, view of coast line, various shots of the planes in the air. Gliders

land in fields, soldiers off planes. Battle field, German tanks fight back, shooting, explosions, British soldiers run thru city, march on the field. Landed planes on field, Mulberry harbor started w/ constructing the port, shot of the long bridge across water.

05:59:34 CU Winston Churchill inspects new port w/ Montgomery, soldiers, officers in the port.

05:59:44 16Jun44 Montgomery & officers salute King George VI arrival in France, climbs down stairs & shakes hands w/ Montgomery; rubs his hands, shot of officers incl. Tedder. New army base construction, tractors work on field. Army officer in pub (?), French troops pack bags & leave army barracks for France. Soldiers board aircraft, planes on runway, in the air, fly over channel, Pluto pipeline being laid. LS planes fly low over the channel, shot from low flying planes to the ground, fly over the fields, villages.

WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

Churchill Receives Wild Ovation On Visit To Paris

Churchill & De Gaulle laying wreathes at French Tomb of Unknown Soldier. Both in motorcade in open car thru Paris. Cheering crowds. (De Gaulle just recognised as head of Provisional Government).

WWII Heroes; Ceremony;

[WWII - Churchill & Ike, Paratroop Exercise; Tanks Advance In France]

Staff car arrives, Kay Summersby out, Churchill & Eisenhower out, shake hands w/ Gen. Maxwell Taylor w review massed troops.

16:18:55 Apr44 Ike, Bradley & Churchill on platform watching 101st Airborne Div. paratrooper drop from C-47s in training exercise over England countryside. Many chutes in sky at once. (GOOD). Churchill & Ike leave in open jeep followed by guard jeep w/ soldiers & rifles.

16:20:24 Jul44 Tank followed by camouflaged troops enter Notre-Dame de Cemilly, priest watches passing. POW searched by MPs in front of burned out Cafe Breton. Dead bodies, wreckage.

16:21:02 Line of tanks thru wrecked town of Periers. Prisoners searched. Troops along road w/ mine detectors. Near town of Seves, CU sign: Minen, & soldier w/ bayonet removes it. CU looks like C-ration can. CU of half-dozen.

16:22:41 14-15Sep44 LS Tanks firing into Dombasle, France thru trees from fields nearby. Troops running forward. Crossing chest-deep stream holding rifles above water. (GOOD).

16:24:31 Troops running across field; MCU tanks firing machine guns. Stream crossing.

16:25:15 Burned out tanks, boys pas & French & Americans looking as still smoking German tanks. Dead inside tank. Wrecked tank in ditch. People walking past. Heavily damaged houses; dead soldiers. Ox pulling cart of dead bodies w/ German prisoners walking alongside; into cemetery. POWs digging mass grave. Caskets carried past American soldiers & Catholic burial of French soldier.

WWII Horrors of War; 1944; Normandy Invasion Preparations;

United News (Jap ships bombed; Service Woman & Wedding; Early Films; Italy Invasion Preparation)

10:44:23 Title: U.S. Navy Planes Bomb Jap Ships in South Pacific Following fighter dive bombing ship; explosions near. Other planes & explosions in water seen, one on bow of ship.

10:45:49 Title: U.S. Servicewomen Hail Spring From Coat-To-Coast Sailors, soldiers & military women walking w/ civilians around tidal basin under flowering cherry trees. Scenics & CUs.

10:46:27 Women picking daffodils in Washington State & wedding among them for military wedding of WAC private & Army sergeant as others watch. CU slipping ring on & kissing.

10:47:07 Title: 50th Birthday Of Cinema Recalls Historic Films. Edison at camera w/ Henry Ford watching takes picture of George Eastman. Mrs Edison showing Kinetoscope to ?? w/ film running thru seen from side. Lower Broadway & crowds. Teddy Roosevelt & Roughriders; in 1905 Presidential Inaugural parade. Women punching out time clock & others leaving factory. Beauty parade on pier ca 1910 (?). Lillian Russel modeling for camera. Early automobile family drive re-enacted. Early Market Street POV from trolley in San Francisco pre-earthquake.

10:49:34 William S. Hart into CU; Clara Kimbell Young & Sydney Drew in over-acted screen drama. Pearl White climbing out of window & jumping to next building. Ruth Roland rescued from runaway railroad.

10:50:22 Title: England Sees Airborne Troops Ready For Test

Allied officers over relief map talking (MOS), paratroops into planes, taking off, C-47 interiors w/ paratroops lighting cigarettes. Eisenhower & Churchill on reviewing stand watching w/ others as parachutes open in practice exercise. Seen from inside plane jumping, many chutes seen from air & groiund. Landing & dragged by chute; others descending. Sky full of parachutes. The End.

WWII Military Newsreel; Propaganda;

WWII Compilation Film; Battles; Melodrama; Motion Pictures; Personalities; Celebrities; Marriage; Wartime Bride;

[WWII - France w/ Allied Troops Greeted; POWs & Collaborationists; Italy & Churchill Arrival, 1944]

05:02:01 Title: Victory Is Everywhere - Churchill (also in arabic)

MS clapping smiling cheering boys & girls. Women kissing soldiers; putting US flag next to French flag on building. Others cheering.

05:02:25 German prisoners of war marched past. Woman Nazi collaborators past crowd; others lead off.

05:02:49 Abandoned German clothing salvaged by French civilians; smiling in CU.

05:03:05 Children w/ flowers, crowds line Chartres street; General De Gaulle & others cheered as they walk. Motorcade w/ De Gaulle past. Shot of De Gaulle & Koenig meeting General Eisenhower. Sitting, meeting, talking & smoking under canvas shade.

05:03:58 German prisoners off army truck. standing about in field. Some VERY young. US army trucks loaded w/ prisoners leaving.

05:04:20 Naval ship, heavy black smoke screen; large ships shelling shore. Landing craft heading to shore. White smoke screen. Troops off Landing Craft onto beach. POWs standing on road. Troops move inland. Camouflaged battleship (the Rodney ?) underway; shelling English Channel shore. American LSTs to shore. Rodney rescues downed pilots in lifeboat.

05:06:27 Shelling shore seen from ship underway. Heavily smoking ship (?). Sunset.

05:07:00 MCU tanks passing, tracks seen in CU. In line along road; firing from field. POV crossing firled. Firing on town & destroying buildings. GOOD.

05:07:55 People & soldiers pinned down in street behind vehicle. GI firing machine gun from between jeeps. Woman collaborationist pushed across street. Men firing rifles at snipers. Troops w/ rifles march past burning building. GOOD.

05:08:20 Pan over large number of German prisoners. Prisoners removed from wreckage; one very drunk. Prisoners walked through town.

05:08:58 Flame throwing tanks advance past burning grass, brush; tanks & jeeps w/ Americans crossing Seine on pontoon bridge, civilians waving. Tank in town surrounded by townspeople.

05:09:49 French remove roadblock into Paris. March prisoners thru town past armored personnel carriers. Americans greeted, applauded, cheered. GI drinking from wine bottle. French flag raised to cheering.

05:10:24 Italy - Churchill in rear of open convertible raises arm in V-sign. Large field & British troops cheer Churchill arrival w/ 3 cheers. Churchill in sun glasses & w/ large cigar shakes hands; autographs shell 7 loaded into artillery. Cheered as he leaves. The End.

WWII 1944; Fighting; Battles; Rescues; Happy; Greetings;

War Pictorial News (Quebec Conference; Invasion of Southern France & northward; Russian Battle)

06:13:13 Title: Quebec. MacKenzie King; Wiston Churchill; President Roosevelt & ?? w/ wives seated posing, Quebec Citadel at end of six-day conference. Newsreel cameras.

06:13:28 Night, receiving line w/ formal dress. MCU King & Eleanor Roosevelt shaking hands.

06:13:44 Churchill leaving, into convertible w/ MacKenzie King & leaving waving V symbol.

06:14:04 Title: France. Barrage balloons over long line of beached LSTs. 7th Army equipment on Naples docks. Aerial of troops on beach leaving; paratroops dropping. Day & night fighting in Provence. Tanks firing; explosions; POWs taken & marched along road. GOOD.

06:15:33 Cheering crowds during liberation of Marseilles. CU British soldiers & civilians, flags. Victory parade thru street. Cheering civilians. Underground marching; tanks; cheering crowds. Swish pan. GOOD.

06:16;54 Lyons & trucks, soldiers thru. Captured Nazi supporters & collaborators marched thru street; soldiers firing on German snipers in large hospital which catches fire; patients evacuated on stretchers. Building burning, soldiers on trucks shaking hands & greeted by crowds.

06:18:00 Title: Russia. Tanks past on dusty road, POV thru trees. Fighting & running w/ tanks into town, across river. Planes overhead. Pan of burning destroyed city from tall building. Men watch w/ binoculars. Burning city & houses, refugees running & saving belongings. German POWs. CUs women. Tanks & troops thru city. Artillery firing in thre streets, civilians running. Soviet cameraman filming. Dropping large swastikas from top of building. Russian civilians & soldiers smiling, waving. GOOD. The End.

WWII Landings; Invasions; 1944; Victories; Victorious; Celebration; Newsreel; Allied Propaganda; Allies; Mediterranean;

Global Conferences [Cairo Conference Photography Session, ca 25Nov44]

15:59:22 Pyramids silhouetted.

15:59:28 General Chiang Kai-Shek, President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill seated in MLS & MS on lawn w/ arbor behind, appearing to talk & swatting at bugs.

15:59:53 CU of Chiang, waving hat at bug, pan to FDR & pan on to Churchill. LS. Pan continues to Madam Chiang Kai-Shek. All four seen. Military still photographers in bottom of frame.

16:00:59 Civilian advisors standing behind including Harriman, Eden & others.

16:02:57 Military advisors standing behind, including Stilwell.

16:04:15 Civilian advisors again.

16:04:33 Military advisors again.

16:05:50 CU American generals including George Marshall & ??; pan to British Generals & US & British Admirals & Chinese & US military.

1945 - Year Of Victory

Newsreel Review of Greatest News Year In History.

Street fighting during invasion of Germany.

Yalta with Churchill, FDR and Stalin. FDR burial. Truman sworn in. Berlin in flames. Hitler with Mussolini, Goering and others study map. Mob in Rome and Mussolini s body hung up by heels. Hitler s bunker in Berlin. Gasoline canisters which burned his body; Hitler s coat and Eva Braun s clothes? General Keitel signs Germany s surrender w/ Eisenhower.

Ike parades through London and awarded English honours; motorcade through Paris; with wife Mamie off plane and ticker-tape parade in US.

Pacific naval battle and land fighting. Kamikaze attacks on ships. MacArthur returns to Philippines. Manila burning, Iwo Jim flag hoisting. Churchill loses election to Attlee. Attlee with Truman and Stalin at Potsdam w/ Byrnes and Molotov behind. Atom bomb blast. Nagasaki blast seen from above. Truman at White House announces Japan s surrender. Celebration VJ Day Times Square - man dancing and hopping by himself in Australia?

Surrender of Japan aboard Missouri w/ MacArthur. General Umezu signs. Crowded ship carrying returning troops. Sailor welcomed by families, children and wives.

Truman speech re lasting peace at United Nations Organisation (Sd).

Antwerp to Potsdam Part One (AKA The Presidents trip to Berlin)

July / August 1945

04:09:16 Sign - HQ Berlin area - tracking shot down Unter Den Linden - Victory monument - Brandenberg Gate. Very jumpy. German girls pose before camera.

Pres. Truman reviews the 2nd Armoured "Hell on Wheels Division" which is currently occupying Berlin.

Pan Band plays .

GV Street scene, men & women pull carts through streets (soft). Sign Entering US Berlin District.

04:12:32 Babelsberg, Berlin suburb where the American conference delegates lived.

04:13:22 No.2 Kaiser Strasse (The Little White House) - exteriors and gardens and lake.

05:14:57 Winston Churchill leaving Little White House. Churchill, in civilian clothes and President Truman walk down steps smiling. Lord Louis Mountbatten ? and army officers down steps

04:15:39 Ceremony attended by Pres. Truman, Secretary Stimson and Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, Clay and Parks - American flag raised over Berlin. Gen. Patton & Pres. Truman.

This film has an amateurish quality

Churchill Starts Miami Vacation With 10 Word Interview

Former PM Churchill and wife in garden with journalists. Churchill pleasure in genial sunshine of Miami Beach .

[FDR, Churchill and King Ibn Saud meet in Egypt after Yalta Conference]

14Feb45 Color Shots of King Ibn-Saud w/ Col. William A Eddy (translator & US rep. to Saudi Arabia) on deck of destroyer USS Murphy (DD-603); coffee served, others of King s party seen.

14:16:57 USS Murphy seen in Suez Canal from water & approaching Heavy Cruiser USS Quincy (CA-71).

Shot of USS Quincy w/ sailors lining rail; high shot from USS Murphy as Ibn Saud walks down gangway onto ship and forward.

14:17:54 Title card: Transiting the Suez, en route Alexandria Shots on board ship in canal, shadow on bank, sandy banks.

14:18:24 Title card: Alexandria harbor View past men at rail. USS Murphy (?) seen passing dhows & other small boats. President Roosevelt, Stettinius & other civilians in party posing.

14:19:03 Winston Churchill coming aboard (in shadow). USS Gleaves (DD-423) away from ship in harbor.

14:19:32 Title card: Algiers .

FDR(?) looking off ships rail with binoculars. Dock w/ logs, jeep and car. Shots of shoreline from ship (poor focus).

14:20:10 Title card: Westbound - Passing through the Straits of Gibraltar.

Rock of Gibraltar behind three men. Other shots of Gibraltar and water w/ white caps and sun on waves. Escort ships.

14:20:48 Ship s chefs & mess crew display cakes w/ Happy Birthday FDR written in icing. Sailors hold cakes & pose.

The End.

FDR, Churchill and King Ibn Saud meet in Egypt after Yalta

Naval launch pulling alongside ship. Civilians including Stettinius come aboard. President Roosevelt seated on deck with civilians.

14:24:04 Naval launch pulls alongside - top shot Winston Churchill coming aboard

14.25.03 Launch pulling alongside - USS Murphy crew saluting as King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia comes aboard. Shots unid. arabs. Arabic party sitting on deck drinking coffee. Arabs shown around ship, one pulls out dagger. Side view Ibn-Saud in chair. Pan along deck showing crew and activity.

14:31:00 Airfield - plane coming in to land - unid civilians de-plane. Aircraft in flight. Sarah Churchill ? FDR in car.

General Ike Comes Home - Victor Over Nazis Hailed In Three Allied Capitals

Eisenhower parades through London in horse carriage and receives sword of Duke of Wellington from Lord Mayor at Guild Hall. Churchill clapping. Ike farewell and thanks you speech to England with Churchill standing behind. Churchill speech lauding Ike as great commander and leader. MCU Ike and Churchill.

10:12:11 Paris - military ceremony at Arc de Triomphe honouring Eisenhower. De Gaulle kissing Ike. Wreath on tomb of eternal soldier. De Gaulle and Ike motorcade - French crowds cheering.

10:13:36 Washington - Ike out of plane and greeted by wife Mamie. Motorcade through streets. Crowds cheering. Ike waves. Address to congress. Truman awards Ike Oak Leaf cluster.

Jewish Orphans Going Home

Weimar - Jewish orphans boarding train and some saying goodbye - train pulls out as children wave from windows

Signs on side of train

20:49:09 Buchenwald - Polish Hungarian Czech and Jewish orphans board train - CUs individual children

Children looking out of window of train - Jewish flag hangs beneath window - signs hanging from train Vive Truman Stalin Churchill, and in French Our beginning of a new life in liberty.

Men of The Hour

Churchill returns to London after pneumonia in Middle East

Churchill and wife out of train in London.

Eisenhower statement from London re faith in armies of democracy - tape ends mid-speech


[Middle East Conference - Yalta]

View of coastal town from hilltop tunnel. Russian soldier at attention by road sign. Woman & child walking up hill; motorcycle & sidecar up road. Wrecked buildings.

13:49:32 People walking along street w/ ornate buildings & iron balconies. People standing about, looking at poster & anti-Nazi cartoon. Tea stand & woman drinking from glass; Livadia Palace w/ signs in cyrillic Russian & English.

13:50:11 USSR troops w/ rifles & bayonets march. People enter building. CU sign: Entrance to canteen, barber shop, sick bay. British or Americans officers out. Unloading trucks & views of buildign.

13:51:15 Convoy of jeeps arrive w/ President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in cloak & party.

13:51:55 Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ ?? walking in parking lot. Stalin out of car & into bldg; saluting guards; Molotov into building.

13:52:26 Interior w/ fire in fireplace; men talking. Anna & two other women pose. Stalin enters with others; 13:53:11 Churchill in military uniform w/ large cigar. Ext. & delegates exiting, CU Churchill w/ cigar & wearing fur cossack hat, posing w/ Stettinius & army woman. Cars leaving up driveway. Churchill leaving, saluting.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

Personalities In The News

Chiang Kai-Shek Hailed in Shanghai - with Mme Chiang Kai-Shek. Speech (no Sd) from balcony to crowd below.

Mrs EleanorRoosevelt Confers With President Truman. FDR re UNO London meeting

Winston Churchill receives Degree in Miami: Churchill speech (Sd) wearing graduate s robes, jokes about being bad at exams when a schoolboy.

Personalities In The War

Churchill In Athens to end Greek Civil War. British Gen. Alexander. Gen. Scoby. Archbishop of Greece Damaskinos

08:19:24 General Hurley in China

Hurley New Ambassador arrives. Hurley & Chiang Kai-Shek.

Potsdam, Gatow Airport & Conference

Flags in Berlin of USSR, England & USA. Prime Minister Attlee &various VIPs at airport saying farewell. Clement Atlee w/ army officer getting into C-54 (4 motor) plane. Take off. Truman walks out and shakes hands with soldiers. Boards plane. Honor guard putting US flag on pole & running it up. More shots Atlee & Truman saying goodbyes. British man & Truman talking; Truman waves from plane entrance. Potsdam conference round table from above as Molotov comes in others sit down. Shots Stalin & Truman at round table.

04:44:55 Montgomery; Churchill arrival in military uniform down steps of aircraft shakes hands with Monty - other military officers, nice shot Churchill s female aide smiling excitedly. Top shot as Churchill inspects troops. Sailors at attention.

Post-WWII Conferences;

Potsdam Conference - Very soft in parts

Exterior shots Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam - former summer palace of Crown Prince Wilhelm and scene of the Berlin conference. Press outside. Flower bed in shape of Red star. Russians in evening suits standing on doorstep.

07:11:04 25Jul45 Big three at Potsdam, last meeting attended by Winston Churchill. Truman Stalin and Churchill walking to seats for photocall. Three seated. Mass of press cameras.

07:12:08 26Jul45 - en route to Frankfurt - Aerial views over countryside and towns. American guard of honour at Frankfurt airport - Presidents plane taxiing. Truman down steps. President inspects the 508th Parachute, the Third Armoured and 84th Infantry divisions. (very soft)

07:14:46 Exterior of I.G. Farbin building, now used by General Eisenhower as his headquarters. Pan round bomb damaged buildings in Frankfurt. President Truman awards DSMs to four foreign officers.

07:15:47 Flying over Tempelhof airdrome at Berlin (very soft). AVs bomb damaged buildings.

07:16:48 1Aug45 Potsdam - Cameramen - The "Big Three" pose with their principal advisors,

The three heads of government are (seated, left to right): British Prime Minister Clement Atlee;

US President Harry S. Truman; Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin.

Standing behind them are (left to right): Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, USN, Truman's Chief of Staff;

British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin; US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes; Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. People milling around.

07:18:25 2Aug45 Harrowbeer airport, near Plymough, England. President Truman off plane and poses with British service girs. Very jumpy tracking shots through town. Plymouth harbour.

07:20:17 President Truman and Secretary Byrnes with Admiral Leahy leaving the Augusta for HMS Renown to lunch with King George VI. HMS Renown at anchor. Signalling from bridge. Launch carrying President returns to Augusta.

07:22:16 King George visits Augusta. - Royal launch - King on board and inspects crew. Flags, British White Ensign, flown to show the King is on board and the Presidents flag fly together , believed to be for the first time. King leaves - top shots of departure.

Review of the Year 1945 (part)

FDR Roosevelt inauguration - swearing in ceremony - Yalta conference, seated in garden with Churchill and Stalin. Roosevelt state funeral - mourning - fly past - flowers. Harry Truman sworn in in Cabinet room of White House. 01:01:33 Germany surrenders - signing in Reims, France Gen. Jodl arrives. Into room with bright lights, army photographers. Gen Walter B. Smith & Russian Generals. Smith signs. CU of document. German Generals turn to leave. Ike (Eisenhower) & other delegates laughing. 01:02:14 Pacific war - Kamikaze planes (good). US forces assault on Okinawa on Easter Sunday - good shots ships firing. AV landing craft - landing craft on beaches - troops - US flag raised in July 45. Atomic explosion - mushroom. USS Missouri, Sunday September 2nd 1945 Japan surrenders Battleship Missouri. 3rd fleet. Sailors aboard ship. Japanese foreign minister Shigamitsu signs for Japan - Douglas MacArthur signs - Chinese General Chang? signs.

Roosevelt Dies Suddenly


FDR as young State Senator; Asst. Secretary in the Navy; swimming and playing ball in pool with polio kids. By fireplace with Eleanor and sons. First inauguration as president incl. speech. Headlines re FDR s actions against depression: incl. closing of banks. FDR signing New Deal reform (foundation social security?)

FDR starts operation of ?? Dam.

03:27:05 Fear is vanishing speech.

FDR in car with family and dog Fala on holiday. On fishing trip.

03:27:41 I have seen war... I hate war anti-war speech. FDR with his mother before Pearl Harbor. Queen Elizabeth and George VI with FDR. FDR reviews fleet. Speech in Canada promising help if Canada is threatened. Signing lend-lease agreement. Atlantic Charter meeting on Battleship Prince of Wales with Churchill. FDR and Eleanor outside church with priest. Speech after Pearl Harbor declaring war on Japan. Reviewing troops in North Africa - Casablanca. Tehran Conference with Stalin and Churchill. FDR & MacArthur. FDR & Nimitz. Roosevelt sworn in for fourth terms. Yalta conference, FDR looking ill shaking hands with Russians?. Churchill walks by FDR s car. With King Farouk of Egypt (aboard ship?). With Ibn Saud aboard ship. Last public appearance reporting to Congress and speech. With American delegation to San Francisco United Nations conference. Headlines re allies approaching Berlin and Elbe. Truman sworn in. Good CU FDR.

Titles: Join 7th War Loan Victory Drive WWII

Title: Movietone News

08:22:37 Title: Roosevelt Is Host To Potentates Of The East In Egypt

08:22:44 FDR w/ Stettinius & others on shipboard, Quincy. Churchill arrives on board up gangway. King Farouk of Egypt arrives; shakes hands with FDR s daughter Anna. Farouk confers w/ FDR; laughing & Farouk lighting FDR s cigarette.

08:23:47 Haile Selassie arrives on board & talks w/ FDR.

08:24:03 Ibn Saud & bodyguards arriving on American destroyer & boards FDR s ship w/ rugs & body guards w/ knives. Ibn Saud talks w/ FDR.

WWII Diplomacy; Presidential VIsit; 1945; Arabs; Middle East;

Roosevelt re-elected to 4th Term

FDR at desk. FDR at 1933 inauguration in car with Hoover. Swimming with polio kids. Yalta with Stalin and Churchill. With Ike reviewing troops in North Africa. MacArthur explains strategy against Japan to FDR (Nimitz present). Dewey out of voting booth. Truman as Senator Times Square at night; people waiting for election results. FDR after hearing of electoral victory.

Dewey defeat speech.

FDR at desk

Roosevelt Warns Axis

Allied Conference in Quebec: leaders around table. Mountbatten. FDR, Churchill and Mackenzie King pose together. FDR speech defying Hitler at Ottawa:

surrender would pay them better now than later. . we have been forced to call out what we call the sheriff s posse... in order that gangsterism be eliminated in the community of nations... we are going to be rid of outlaws this time.

Screen Magazine - Navy Edition

Sports - Who s Next - Louis v Conn.

Woman to camera re letter from Guam asking for pictures of Joe Louis in action - last three rounds (cannot supply fight).

02:26:13 Conn speaking after defeat

02:26:25 Potsdam - Berlin Conference. 7Jul1945 Cruiser Augusta at sea - President Truman in lookout tower. Truman wearing cap down stairs. Augusta coming into harbour, Truman seated on deck waves hat. Allied officers board ship and welcome Truman. Truman in open top car through streets. Truman with 35th division. Truman boarding plane - aircraft takes off - air to air shots in flight. Plane landing.

02:29:08 Unter den Linden in Berlin - Brandenburg gate - Monuments with posters Truman, Stalin and Churchill. Flashback - Hitler in open top car through streets. Hitler ranting - german accented translation over.

02:29:56 Truman making open air speech / radio broadcast re raising flag of Victory over Berlin. Speech over shots of radio tower - broadcast technician. Tracking shot pedestrians in US city. Radio listening. Truman addressing troops

The Beginning of the End For Nazis

The Mighty Allied Offensive Across The Rhine River

Rows of planes on ground and paratroopers briefed and climbing into planes. Plane takeoff. Planes in formation. Aerial Rhine river. Paratroopers jump out en masse. Plane crashes and burns.

Gliders take off. Graffiti on glider is this trip necessary?

British gliders at base in England loaded. Graffiti Wot! No engines? Takeoff. Aerial cliffs of Dover. Churchill at Rhine front looks through binoculars. Cutting loose glider. Glider landing and crash-landing. Munitions loaded into cargo plane carrying supplies back and forth. Aerials battle (blurry). Supplies dropped by parachute. Ground forces on truck.

Tanks across Rhine. Pontoon bridges used. German POWs rounded up. Churchill crosses Rhine. Churchill with Eisenhower

Title: Buy that extra war bond today

The Surrender Of Germany -

Lunenburg, Germany to Field Marshall Montgomery

Montgomery reads out surrender documents; German Admiral signs.

German surrender at Reims with Jodl signing. Eisenhower speech re FDR s & Churchill s terms of unconditional surrender at Casablanca now being fulfilled.

V-E Day Special

Times Square night celebrations superimposed with headlines. Cinema marquee with sign War s End - Nazis Out! . Hitler rally and speech. Animated map showing German invasions. Hitler smiling. Burning town in Belgium? Holland? Blind man walks with stick. British troops evacuated at Dunkirk. Churchill in street with others. 03:10:47 London burning. Stalingrad Tanks and explosion, German troops in snow, street fighting, German POWs. 12:25:40 FDR and Churchill Atlantic Charter Conference. Troopship full of US troops. Tunisia: desert fighting and German POWs. 12:26:30 Italy - Abbey of Cassino bombarded. Rome and crowd at Collosseo / Coliseum. Pope Pius at St Peter s cathedral and crowds below.

Tehran conference with Stalin, FDR and Churchill. Planes dropping bombs on Germany. Liberation of Russia - Russian troops in snow in white suits. Germans sabotage railway line as they retreat. Russian civilians on road as houses burn on roadside - apocalyptic. Eisenhower and Montgomery planning. 12:28:20 D-day landings. Allies troops through French towns cheered by crowds and kissed by women. Ike in Paris and American troops parade under Arc de Triomphe. Yalta conference. Battle of Germany - night bombing. Street fighting. Hitler and Mussolini. During war. Illustration Mussolini s execution. Hitler visits victims of assassination attempt. Protestant?, Catholic and Jewish religious ceremonies. Military cemetery. Pacific war battle scenes. Japanese plane shot down. Map of route to Tokyo. Truman. MacArthur with Nimitz. Troops run. Fleet. Planes in formation. US flag.

VE Day London

GIs read Germans surrender; siren; rubble in England & cleaning up. US flags & British, French, USSR flags flying. People in park & crowds around fountain. Prayer(?) in streets as everyone standing. Members of Parliament walk through crowd in formal procession. Churchill waves. Into church. GIs & WACs into church. Praying; leaving; Guinness sign. High angle of buses easing through crowds. Street filled with people. GIs & women. People on cover over Eros in Piccadilly Circus w/ troops on top & around base. Smiling GIs; in pub. Drunken soldiers; younger guys carry statue of lion. King & Queen on balcony w/ princesses. Crowds wave back. Dancing in street in party hats & Irish dancing. guy & older woman.

Dancing in street. People drinking in street. High angle of Congo Line. Soldier pouring beer over head. Soldier doing Greek dance; another couple jitterbugging. GI leading cheers. People moving through street in Park. People on base of statue in Trafalgar Square & singing. Celebrations.

Yalta Conference - Feb1945

President Roosevelt wearing cape and smoking cigarette. Stalin looking stony faced sitting next to him. Good shot Churchill FDR and Stalin laughing at photocall. Officers from all services assemble behind the three for photos. Foreign ministers Eden, Stettinius and Molotov standing behind big three. Still and movie cameramen.

12:03:39 Stalin, Molotov and other officers standing in group. Big three seated in garden, various shots having photographs taken. Stalin and others enter building

12:06:07 Sarah Churchill standing with two other women.

Yalta Conference

Top shot members of conference in courtyard. President Roosevelt seated - Winston Churchill and Stalin take seats. Group seated with officers standing behind - pan across to American group with Stettinius.

CU of the three heads of state.

16:01:11 View of valley. Jeeps up mountain road past mosque like building. Army tent set up on roadside. Interior tent with radio operator - aerials. Telecommunications engineers. Generator.

16:07:46 Stalin and Molotov waiting outside building - Sarah Churchill with another woman.

Yalta Conference

CU President Roosevelt seated smoking cigarette- Stalin in next seat. Churchill joins - smoking cigar - photocalls with different groups standing behind the Big Three - first militry officers - then Anthony Eden, Stettinius and Molotov.

16:11:16 Bank of cameramen - good shots movie and still cameras. General milling around in courtyard. Sarah Churchill and another woman.

Yalta Finale

On board USS Augusta - King Farouk in naval uniform boards and confers with President Roosevelt. Sarah Churchill in attendance.

16:16:48 Haile Selassie boards ship and confers with FDR.

Yesterdays Big Story - Yalta Conference

Yalta - Anthony Eden with Molotov and Stettinius await arrival of Winston Churchill. Churchill exits plane. FDR looking ill shakes hands with Russians. Roosevelts daughter Mrs Anna Buttica

(phon) with Sarah Churchill.

Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas where conference takes place. Cars arriving. Harry Hopkins with

Anthony Eden. Stalin arrives and enters building. Meeting in progress. Exterior photcall.

11:21:52 FDR addresses Congress - apologises for making address sitting down and makes reference to his polio / leg irons. This is Roosevelt s last major public appearance 21Feb45. FDR gets standing ovation.

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 1

7th July 1945, Ships at sea. Cruiser Augusta w/ Truman aboard w/ Byrnes. Through streets in Army car to airport, reviews troops of 35th Div. & boards 4-motor plane, taxiing, in -flight. Off plane in Berlin w/ Gen. Marshall, Anthony Eden, Sec. Byrnes. Shakes hands w/ Winston Churchill. Military parade, Troops of various nation march. Military Chiefs of Staff of many nations around table. Parade & firing salute w/ artillery.

15:04:44 Truman & Churchill shaking hands. Devastated Berlin aerial & ground. Truman tours in open top car, Unter den Linden near Brandenburg gate, posters three leaders on monument.

15:05:24 Flashback Hitler in open top car, adoring Germans. Hitler making speech, overlaid with Eng. translation.

15:06:02 Truman at mic speaking; technicians; radio mast, USA, people listening to radio in various situations. Truman says working for peace for the World. Stalin, Truman, Molotov. Potsdam, good exteriors house.

15:08:24 Arrivals for Potsdam conference, Truman, Stalin, Eisenhower, Montgomery. Truman, Stalin and Churchill join hands for posed photo.

15:08:39 Moscow Conference with Molotov, Eden and Hull.

15:08:53 Cairo, Tehran conference, good shots Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, FDR voiceover flashback shots of German military might.

15:09:57 Yalta, exteriors conference building, interiors meeting in progress

15:10:16 San Francisco, signing of UN charter.

15:10:22 Allies meeting - Elbe? lots of handshaking and celebrations. Surrender signed.

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 2

Brief shots German SS officer attempts to shake hands with ? Pan down bomb damaged Berlin building. Women in bucket brigade clearing rubble. Woman commandant of concentration camp walks past released prisoners.

15:11:52 Potsdam conference - arrivals, Stalin, Churchill and Truman. Conference begins.

15:12:49 Montage of shots to show proposed de-nazification of Germany. Agreement signed by Eisenhower, Zhukov and Montgomery who make up the Allied Control Council. Three pose for cameras.

15:13:53 Montage landmarks, Capitol, China? Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, Franco on balcony at military march past.

15:14:07 Potsdam conference, brief shots Eisenhower funeral, England, elections, Churchill out, Atlee in, Atlee arrives in Berlin for conference.

15:15:05 Newspaper headlines Russia declares war on the Japanese. New Bomb Frees Atomic Energy, Stalin, Truman and Atlee pose.

15:15:29 Montage United Nations Flags over images of war and peace

First Pictures: The Big Three Conference in Crimea

US Scretary of State Stettinius off plane and welcomed by USSR Foreign Minister Molotov. American presidential advisor Harry Hopkins arrives, shakes hand. Group photo with three foreign ministers: Stettiniusm Molotov, and Anthony Eden from UK. US Chief of Staff George Marshall and Admiral King arrive. Winston Churchill arrivesw, off plane. FDR arrives, shakes hands. Churchill and FDR review Soviet honor guard. Former Palace of the Czars. Stalin arrives, enters hall. Churchill arrives at hall, enters. View of table and participants, including FDR. Leaders pose for picture outside of hall. Shot of Mrs. Sarah Oliver, Churchill s daughter; Ambassador Harriman s daughter, and FDR s daughter, Mrs. Anna Boddiger.


Berlin to North Africa - Devastated Berlin - Russian Sector - Good colour

Post-war - ruins of Berlin

Berlin - Eastern sector Building with Atlas holding globe on top - Reichstag? - and Hammer and Sickle Russian sign next to it - pan down building amidst ruins and signs in Russian - Eastern sector. Much wreckage. American soldiers in jeep past large building.

Good CU Identity card with Russian, British and American flags on cover.

Destitute German family: women and children wheeling old man on cart.

Medieval-looking gate. Russian woman directing traffic with red and yellow flags. Poster of angelic woman Europa in Russian. Russian soldiers past medieval gate and walking leisurely down street.

02:54:43 big modern building - Russian platoon walking pas t in formation. Tiny cemetery in middle of street with four presumably Russian graves (red stars).

German families walking with belongings in carts and prams down highway

02:56:15 Man cycling on highway past blue sign indicating Berlin , Potsdam .

Sign Entering US Berlin district . Tank on plinth. Parade area with pillars and pictures of Eisenhower, Truman and Stalin. Jeep drives past huge picture of Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt - Big Three at Yalta.

Entering Russian sector - POV shot going through Brandenburg gate past sign you are now leaving British sector and towards large Stalin portrait in middle of road. Adlon hotel exterior. Devastated buildings. Good pan down Brandenburg gate with jeep driving fast towards camera.

Russian platoon with woman.

02:58:38 Russian women s platoon marching and smiling - various uniforms - leading platoon of men.

German civilians pulling cart with belongings.

Smoke from collapsing building at entrance Russian sector - people watching.

Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:

Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress

Activities ETO 1945 - VE Day in London

Winston Churchill at desk being helped with microphone etc getting ready to make broadcast. Churchill reading from paper and shielding eyes from lights, looking very grumpy.

08:05:39 Churchill out of building Blenheim Palace ? and into open top car, smoking cigar.

08:06:09 Big Ben showing 3pm.

08:06:38 Students parade in celebrations - Houses of Parliament. Crowds in parliament square. Crowds at attention, soldiers salute.

08:07:58 Crowds mob arriving cars.

08:08:36 Top shot David Niven in uniform. Niven signing autographs. Crowds - mace carried into Parliament Square preceeding procession of Lord Chancellor, followed by Winston Churchill and other MPs.

08:11:00 Celebrating crowds in back of horsedrawn truck - Australian soldiers.

08:11:14 Man selling The Evening News newspapers - headlines Germany Surrenders . British soldiers reading papers. US soldiers in jeep. Students parade in celebration with statue ?

V-E Day, Paris and London - Part 2

London Celebrations - Colour

LONDON - Crowd in Trafalgar Square, London. Man waves small Norwegian flag. Large advert for Bourjois cosmetics unfolds. Memorial flowers at the base of the cenotaph. Crowds wave in front of Buckingham Palace incl. many children with small Union Jacks. Some women carried off after having fainted.

GIs on road in countryside by airfield.

English countryside town or village? - street festooned with flags; crowd in street and various kids eating ice cream; horse carriage. GIs.

London - Crowd seen through gates of Buckingham Palace - good CUs.

US troops parade at airfield & color guard pass in review.

More crowds round Buckingham Palace. Group or family with numerous children piled up on horse carriage singing and celebrating; old lady singing too.

Winston Churchill & party arrive at the Palace by limousine. Churchill, King George VI & other officials on steps of Buckingham Palace.

Two GI's shake hands in front of sign: 303RD BOMB GROUP - HELL'S ANGELS & look at newspaper headline: GERMANY QUITS.

More Churchill & crowds at Buckingham Palace.


Activities ETO 1945 - Churchill - VE Day / Camera gun footage

Churchill with King George VI and ? outside building. Crowds in the Mall. Top shots massed crowds outside Buckingham Palace.

09:26:37 Camera gun footage strafing roads and countryside - good shots strafing German convoy and train. Strafing farmhouse etc.

Big Three Meet in Potsdam Conference

Truman down steps with Stalin. CUs Truman and Stalin. Conference in session. Winston Churchill. Stalin lights cigarette. Conferees around circular table. Truman walking with Eisenhower. Truman speaks at flag raising ceremony in Berlin. Generl Patton and Eisenhower saluting at flag raising.

Bridge-Carrying Tanks

No. 218 VS assembly of Churchill tank w/ own bridge and crane. Tank demonstrated in factory yard and wasteground; tank placing bridge across ditch and rolling over it. Scissors tank-borne bridge in action.

WWII. Inventions;

London Welcomes Eisenhower

No. 218 Ike in horse-drawn carriage w/ Air Marshal Tedder through streets to Guildhall; crowds wave, Ike gives V sign. US flag over Guildhall. VS ceremony INT Guildhall, Ike awarded Freedom of City. Carriage through streets past cheering crowds. Ike speech on podium, Churchill in BG; I am now a Londoner have done something in cementing bonds that must always remain between your country and mine... ; AV crowd cheers. WWII

[Ruins of Berlin & Red Army Propaganda, July 1945]

Sign in German erected by Red Army among ruins of Berlin - statement by Stalin - roughly translated it declares his army s freedom from racism and prejudice. US military vehicles and civilians pass in BG. Russian road signs erected in front of burned-out, bullet-scarred building.

21:02:02 Civilians and soldiers along street inc. woman w/ one leg on crutches; troops pass on trucks in BG. Camera along road - slowly passes strange concrete monument / podium w/ red banners in Russian and portraits of Truman, Stalin and Churchill; MCU of each portrait. Another poster w/ statement from Stalin next to ruined building. Russian road signs outside Dresdner Bank - civilians past w/ possessions.

21:08:18 Man cycles towards camera past piles of rubble and shells of tall buildings - pan across street to reveal same - facades totally destroyed. Worst hit streets of city - sea of grey brick walls stripped of plaster and piles of grey rubble. Good colour.

Post-WWII damage.

VE Day London - Colour [Part 2]

Winston Churchill and King George posing for cameras on steps. High angle shots of crowds in Mall filmed from inside Buckingham Palace gates.

15:09:07 Air to air bombers flying in formation at sunset. VS parade on 8th Army Air Force Field, England; US troops w/ Stars & Stripes.

15:10:31 London bus outside depot. Groups of civilians & Wrens [?] waiting for VE Day celebrations, London. Crowds waving flags in Piccadilly Circus - soldier climbing on hoardings. Advertising banner lowered down front of building - Bourjois - Creators of Fine Perfumes & Toilet Soaps . Crowds around statue outside Buckingham Palace; small kids w/ flags & hats.

15:12:44 LS Westminster Abbey, 09May45 - people out, bus past. CU Big Ben clockface 3pm; LS Houses of Parliament. London Crowds, 08May? Big Ben, pan shot down from United Nations flags to civilians, British and American Servicemen in Piccadilly Circus; dancers in streets, students parade w/ wooden statue, conga line; crowds in Trafalgar Square.

15:16:08 Crowds outside Buckingham Palace; Royal Family out onto balcony, crowds waving.


VE Day London [& Paris] - Colour [Part 3]

AVs buses move round crowded Piccadilly Circus [Eros statue boarded up], pan up to Regent Street; Gordons / Bovril / Schweppes neon advertisements on buildings; Guinness hoarding. MS buses surrounded by crowds; people on back of truck.

15:19:05 GI w/ camera overlooking Piccadilly Circus.

15:19:17 VE Day, Paris - good view down packed Champs Elysees, light plane flys over - Arc du Triomph.

15:19:50 VE Day, London, horsedrawn carriage procession. King George & Queen out of church into open carriage w/ Princesses.

15:21:48 Churchill family out of car & up steps to Westminster Cathedral [?] lined with Palace Guard, followed by other VIPs - Queen Mary up steps - Lords in regalia up steps.

15:24:19 English civilians sitting on curb - London buses through crowds, Big Ben in BG - Nelson Monument - crowds in Trafalgar Square - balloon seller - Give Thanks By Giving banner on Nelson s Column. CUs civilians in crowd.


VE Day London - Colour [Part 4]

Royal Standard flying from flagpost. Policemen with children. King George and Queen in open carriage through gateway into Buckingham Palace. LS & MS crowds rush towards Palace gates. Royal cars and carriages leave Buckingham Palace. Winston Churchill and family down steps into cars.

15:30:49 MS King and Queen as they walk to the ballustrade on balcony of Buckingham Palace w/ two royal princesses Elizabeth & Margaret - red drapes - Royal Family waving & back inside - scene repeated in LS. CUs through Palace railings - crowds cheering inc. two Canadian WACS. MS Royal Family back onto balcony joined by Churchill.


VE Day & Memorial Service, London - Colour

King George and Queen Elizabeth in procession led by ? holding Sword into Westminster Cathedral - Lord Mayor of London ? - lots of unid. international dignitaries wearing black and military officers. Possibly memorial service for President Roosevelt. Queen wearing black, King wearing Peace badge on uniform. CU Princess Elizabeth down steps in uniform. Churchill down steps.

15:36:28 Cortege of cars past crowd wearing black, cars stop at steps. Black Rod up steps carrying mace - Churchill arrives in top hat - international dignitaries. Crowds outside cathedral.

15:37:52 Groups of servicemen enter church. Flag of St George flying on tower.

15:39:20 VE Day - crowds in Mall outside Buckingham Palace. CU smiling faces filmed through Palace gates, mostly women.

15:40:54 CU Cenotaph inscription The Glorious Dead - MS Cenotaph w/ floral wreaths - souvenir flag seller - St Johns ambulance carry injured woman. Crowds outside Buckingham Palace - waving


Truman in Berlin / Moscow Celebrates

President Truman down aircraft steps. Greeted. Tours Berlin ruins in open top car. Posters Truman, Stalin and Churchill.

05:48:20 Interior Potsdam conference, Stalin smoking cigarette.

Night shots of Moscow. Top shots.

05:49:01 Moscow broadcasts German capitulation. (SOF) Radio announcer at microphone.

05:49:27 Moscow street victory celebrations.

Audience applaud Stalin to podium (interiors) June, 1945 Extremely long standing ovation.

Potsdam Conference

One shot of Truman and Stalin on steps at Potsdam.

Beria and Stalin in gardens.

Stalin with Churchill and Truman at Potsdam, pose in gardens.

05:28:55 Interiors of big 3 at Potsdam. Stalin, Truman and Attlee. Conference table.

05:29:23 Exteriors, Stalin Truman and Attlee pose in gardens. Russian cameraman.

Truman in Berlin / Moscow Celebrates

President Truman down aircraft steps. Greeted. Tours Berlin ruins in open top car. Posters Truman, Stalin and Churchill.

05:48:20 Interior Potsdam conference, Stalin smoking cigarette.

Night shots of Moscow. Top shots.

05:49:01 Moscow broadcasts German capitulation. (SOF) Radio announcer at microphone.

05:49:27 Moscow street victory celebrations.

Audience applaud Stalin to podium (interiors) June, 1945 Extremely long standing ovation.

Battle of Berlin / Aftermath / Churchill Visit

Building on fire, Russian military vehicles through smoke filled streets. Russian tank down street watched by civilians. Tanks and artillery surround Victory monument. Brandenburg gate, tanks pass in f/g. Convoy of trucks. Burning buildings. Top shots tanks and trucks down street. Civilian women clearing rubble. Sad looking man standing outside butchers as Russian troops walk past.

05:53:36 Pavement cafe, children play on anti-aircraft gun. Churchill and party in ruins, walking through streets. Good shots post-war Berlin with homeless etc. Churchill with Zhukov. Tours Reich Chancellery

Winston Churchill on Holiday in France

MCUs, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, wife Clementine and daughter in stand during handball match.

00:00:15 MCUs, French folk dancers and musicians performing. Musicians drinking wine from bag.

00:00:37 LS, handball court with French champions at play. Folk dancing, costumes

00:03:21 Mrs Churchill and daughter on beach at Chateau Bortaberry. MLS, Churchill, wife, and daughter coming out of water after a swim. Relaxing in deckchairs. MLS, Churchill and wife walking on beach after swim. Rear view Churchill with trouser legs rolled up.

MC, Churchill and party leaving beach, entering cars. Churchill with pants rolled up and barefooted. Locals watching and smiling.

CU Empty deckchairs and discarded cigar and cigar band on beach.

00:06:32 Jai alai match. MS, Churchill and family watching jai alai match. Exterior villa where Churchill s are staying?

Yalta Conference

Top shot members of conference in courtyard. President Roosevelt seated - Winston Churchill and Stalin take seats. Group seated with officers standing behind - pan across to American group with Stettinius.

CU of the three heads of state.

16:01:11 View of valley. Jeeps up mountain road past mosque like building. Army tent set up on roadside. Interior tent with radio operator - aerials. Telecommunications engineers. Generator.

16:07:46 Stalin and Molotov waiting outside building - Sarah Churchill with another woman.

Yalta Conference

CU President Roosevelt seated smoking cigarette- Stalin in next seat. Churchill joins - smoking cigar - photocalls with different groups standing behind the Big Three - first militry officers - then Anthony Eden, Stettinius and Molotov.

16:11:16 Bank of cameramen - good shots movie and still cameras. General milling around in courtyard. Sarah Churchill and another woman.

Churchill Beaten; Britain Goes Left in Labour Landslide

Churchill in motorcade saluting crowd and speech [MOS]. Clement Attlee. Herbert Morrison. Ernest Bevin. Potsdam Conference - Attlee with Stalin. Stalin. Truman. Attlee. Potsdam conference table.

Post - WWII.

Winston Churchill Arrives in US for a Quiet Vacation

Churchill and Clementine land. Churchill speech - thank you for American welcome and jokes about purely private reception.

President Truman - Atomic Bomb

Truman speech announcing atomic bomb blast on Hiroshima. Refers to 26Jul45 ultimatum to Japanese at Potsdam. Threatens more destruction the like of which has never been seen on this earth .

05:04:13 Early electrical experiment to smash the atom conducted in Britain. Dr. Ernest Orlando Lawrence and his cyclotron. Dr. Harold Urey. Italian physicist Enrico Fermi. Dr. Arthur Compton. FDR and Churchill talking.

05:05:35 Aerials Oak Ridge Atomic plant. Workers going into work. General Leslie Groves with Vannevar Bush and Dr. Richard Tolman. Groves speech describes 16Jul45 first atomic bomb explosion ... it is a universal hope of all present that no American citizen will ever witness it on United States soil again .

Aerials Hiroshima before the bomb. Bombers in formation.

Titles: Buy That Extra War Bond Today .

WWII. Nuclear War. Manhattan Project.

Dresden - Bombing of Dresden Part 1 of 2

Gravestone: Dresden dead 13th February 1945. Memorial . Rostrum stills bomb damaged buildings, hundreds of dead.

01:02:28 Pre-war Dresden, park w/ fountains, bridges over Elbe River, steamer. Picturesque shots rooftops, street scenes. Architecture, huge spherical shaped office building. Good street scenes, trams, pedestrians, police directing traffic, bicycle, boy locking bike up in public shelter.

01:04:10 Churches, religious buildings including very old building on hilltop. Soldiers look over city.

01:04:45 Village pond w/ horse cart past. Men outside pub The Mason s Arms. Montage troops march, Churchill w/ Roosevelt, Big Three pose at Yalta. CU Stalin.

01:05:26 Arthur Bomber Harris? w/ RAF officers & men at country airbase. Car arrives at castle-like HQ. Bomber command? RAF officers on telephones, office shot. Cranes & tractors move bombs. Drums of high explosives moved by tractor & trailer. Int. bomber command offices, maps & wall charts. Guns prepared.Canada women RAF on radios. Preparing bombers. Officers in map room; men arrive at briefing room.

01:08:30 Briefing crews. Germany, German troops & civilians clearing rubble, civiians in bombed streets with belongings. Relief workers, soup kitchen. German officers. CU young girl in rubble. Homeless load belongings onto trucks, assisted by Allied soldiers.

01:09:47 Int. nursery kindergarten w/ German sign. Goebbels with Hitler lookalike. Bomb damaged buildings. German troops carrying drums. Tent. Soup kitchen. German signs.

01:10:30 Bomb victims watch acrobats in variety show in theatre - laughing. Soup kitchen. Supply train. (Much of this aftermath footage also appears in what is thought to be 1943 German newsreel - see LN 501-449)

Homeless at RR station, steam train. Train pulls out of station w/ people clinging to side (GOOD). Troops out of truck. Ornate buildings & fountains. Heavily bomb-damaged building. Continued...

WWII Aircraft; Headquarters; Refugees;

Potsdam Conference

CU national flags on staff cars parked at conference centre. Stalin enters conference room, shakes hands with President Truman. Pan Russian & American delegations seated at conference table.

00:00:37 Aircraft taxis.

00:00:43 Tracking shot from car approaching conference center, Russian guards on road. Cars arrive & military people exit.

00:01:10 Stalin, Truman & others walk in garden to wicker chairs; mass of press photographers & cameramen. Winston Churchill in army uniform joins group, speaking with Stalin. Good shots cameras. Three leaders sit in garden chairs. MCU of each of three.

00:01:55 Int. delegates pose for cameras. CU group including Truman, Stalin, Attlee. Freeze frame.

WWII Conference Meeting; Big Three;

[Potsdam Conference]

Motorcade along road. Truman w/ Sec. of State Byrnes in open car amid Berlin rubble.

19:08:39 Truman & Churchill pose for cameras on steps; shake hands. Truman & Stalin pose w/ others on steps.

19:09:14 Hallway & INT conference room shots. Delegates of Soviet delegation posing, then all shaking hands including Stalin & Churchill (in uniform). Gromyko, Molotov, Trumam, Harriman. Anthony Eden seen in long shot.. Stalin lights cigarette. End of reel.

WWII; Post-WWII Planning; Allied Conference; Diplomats;

Movietone News

21:08:46 President Truman Gets report From Hopkins And Davies

Joseph E. Davies & Harry Hopkins around Truman at desk w/ Gen. ? - just back from mission in London & Moscow re arranging Truman-Stalin-Churchill meeting (Potsdam Conference) & negotiations re Poland & Soviet veto at San Francisco conference.

WWII Homefront; Diplomacy;

Big Three Confer (Yalta Conference)

Four-motor Army Air Force plane landing at Malta for preliminary military conference. Ambassador Harriman talking w/ ?? General Marshall off plane, shakes hands w/ Harriman & Russian Officer. LS Montgomery House as car pulls up where early meeting was held. CU name plaque.

01:46:38 Military officers around long table w/ Field Marshall Alexander, Summervell, Adm. King. LS of Yalta from above. Molotov posing w/ Anthony Eden & Stettinius. Churchill off plane at Yalta & next to Molotov. Rooselvelt0 in car looking very thin shaking hands. CU of daughter Anna Boettiger. Flags of nations. FDR in jeep reviewing troops. Palace & arrival of cars. Harry Hopkins.

01:47:44 Arrival of Josef Stalin. Int. shot of round table w/ various delegates & aides. Posing for camers seated outside.

WWII Yalta Conference variously called Crimea Conference, codenamed Argonaut Conference, 04-11Feb45.

It s All Yours

Teen Age Book Club, Sponsored by Pocket Books Inc, Presents

Narrated by Ralph Bellamy

POV along Americana residential street of two-story houses w/ fences; Doctor out to get into car; kids playing sandlot baseball on front lawn. Barber shop front. House w/ large porch. Boys playing basketball in gym.

21:14:06 Town library w/ students studying, young woman librarian. Bookshelves w/ signs on shelves.

21:13:57 Daniel Boone excerpt. Settlers across forested hills & sagebrush plain. Coonskin cap & Indian by water.

21:15:42 Oliver Twist excerpt. Boys say prayer of grace around table before eating; boy still hungry asks for more.

21:16:19 Africa Speaks excerpt. Lions, cameraman sets up, Black runs for rifles & lion catches him; assistant shoots various lions w/ pistol.

21:17:12 Boy w/ book fishing in stream at edge of woods. Thinking, staring into water. Montage: Steam boat, ocean liner, farmer into barn, Times Square, Wright Brothers plane, large military plane overhead, hand picking cotton, military cemetary, WWII army nurses & transfusion, Yalta w/ Stalin, Churchill & FDR.

21:18:30 Boy sitting on bed reading. Log cabin of farm behind bucking rail fence. Skyscrapers of NYC, kids play sandlot baseball, major league stadium, fishing boats, liner in Hudson River, blacksmith, steel mill w/ good lighting.

21:19:07 Boy on bed reading looks up & sighs.

21:19:19 Kids in new library. Boy returning books in old library & paying overdue fine. Talks w/ librarian about graduation & possible jobs; she shows him card catalog as place to start looking: medicine (doctors, labs); engineering, (quick shots of bridge, dam); other shown by stills.

21:21:40 Marquee of Loew s 72 St w/ Delightfully Dangerous w/ Ralph Bellamy. CU Bellamy speaking to camera: How much books meant to me...books open up a whole world of ideas... The End. By Willard Pictures.

NOTE: Very good for Americana montages but shots very short to be used separately except to buikl montages. Card Catalog is very good.

1940s; WWII Homefront; Memory; Nostalgia; Movie Star; Reading; Education;

[Yalta Conference; FDR Meeting w/ Ibn Saud & King Farouk at Great Bitter Lake on Suez]

LS of Yalta & Crimean Sea from hilltop, pan across. Elaborately carved stone sarcophagus. Building w/ military man standing in courtyard. ca 04Feb45 Arrival of Churchill & Anthony Eden; saluting them as they enter Livadia Palace. Other military as US army jeep arrives.

10:10:50 FDR sitting on bench between Stalin & Churchill w/ military attaches around preparing to pose for photographers (out of focus).

10:11:16 Title: Along The Lenin Embankment in Yalta . Waves breaking, people walking in distance. Kids pose for camera. Kids on sidewalk before sea wall. Church (dark). US sailors walking, horse cart on road, truck. Local women & kids posing for camera (out of focus & dark). Ruined building.

10:12:35 Title: Landing At Deversoir, on Great Bitter Lake midway the Suez We rejoin.... Aerial over lake & canal. Title: King Farouk of Egypt Calls On The President 13Feb45 Flags shipboard, woman (Ann Boetticher ?) sitting w/ FDR. Farouk arrives & salutes sailors; talking w/ FDR & other Egyptians & US go off.

10:13:49 Title: Late that same afternoon the Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie, calls Up ship walk & sitting w/ FDR (dark), big US flag behind. Title: King Ibn Saud royal Arabian party embarked in a U.S. destroyer, arrive. 14Feb45 Seen on deck w/ sailors. Carpets on deck. Party w/ rifles; US military officers. King Abdul Aziz aka Ibn Saud boards the cruiser as sailors salute.

10:15:49 Title: The Royal Flock Has Now Been Reduced To Two Sailors looking at two sheep on deck in pen. Shots of groups on shipboard. Sheik s bodyguards posing w/ Adm William D. Leahy & others. Ornate furniture on carpets on deck. Ibn Saud talking & gesturing w/ FDR beside military translator. Leahy talking w/ other members of party. MCU of body guard kin brocade robes.

10:17:31 Title: The ceremonial coffee server performs Pouring coffee to arabs seated along railing of ship. Small Dhow on water coming alongside; military watching as crates & chests off-loaded onto Dhow.

WWII Middle East Diplomacy; Conferences - Yalta; Ethnic Customs; Palestine Question; Argonaut Conference;

VE Day in London

Office of Works building from Parliament Square w/ crowd. Packed square & traffic past. US jeep w/ soldiers waving, thru followed by procession of people dancing & shouting, beating on garbage can lids; taxi, bus.

17:06:11 People on fence seen from behind. Churchill voice but not seen, speaking over loudspeaker to filled square seen listening; from Whitehall Street. Pan over crowd. The German war therefore is at an end... ... long live Britannia .

17:08:48 Crowd sing national anthem. LS thru gates to House of Commons. People singing God Save the King. Truck covered w/ students & military past. People in MS jumping up & down for camera.

WWII Armistice Day; Happy; Celebration; Flag waving; England; End of War;

[VE Day London, England]

Crowd in Parliament Square looking towards Whitehall; Churchill leaving House of Commons preceded by Ushers & Members of Parliament. People waving & cheering, mounted police; walking towards Westminster Abbey. Other shots.

17:13:16 Trafalgar Square w/ St. Martins Church in B/G.

17:13:48 American Red cross Rainbow Corner w/ MCU of sign, soldiers & women in front.

17:14:30 Sd. Dusk & crowd cheering. Daytime shots of crowd waiting for the King. He speaks over loudspeaker. Buckingham Palace w/ crowd in front. Dusk & people cheer & wavie; street lights are on.

17:18:28 Couples sitting among the tulips, smoking. Flag Flying on rooftop.

17:18:56 MCU Couple kissing for camera. Man & boy listening. Various people listening in MCU. British soldiers listening on base of statue. Young couples sitting on lions. CU loudspeakers.

WWII Armistice Day, London; Celebration; Listening;

Middle East Conference - Yalta

View of coastal town from hilltop tunnel. Russian soldier at attention by road sign. Woman & child walking up hill; motorcycle & sidecar up road. Wrecked buildings.

11:00:49 People walking along street w/ ornate buildings & iron balconies. People standing about, looking at poster & anti-Nazi cartoon. Tea stand & woman drinking from glass; Livadia Palace w/ signs in Cyrillic Russian & English.

11:01:26 USSR troops w/ rifles & bayonets march. People enter building. CU sign: Entrance to canteen, barber shop, sick bay. British or Americans officers out. Unloading trucks & views of building.

11:02:33 Convoy of jeeps arrive w/ President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in cloak & party.

11:03:14 Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ Sarah Churchill & ?? walking in parking lot. Stalin out of car & into bldg; saluting guards; Molotov into building.

11:03:43 Interior w/ fire in fireplace; men talking. Anna & two other women pose. Stalin enters with others; 11:04:29 Churchill in military uniform w/ large cigar. Ext. & delegates exiting, CU Churchill w/ cigar & wearing fur Cossack hat, posing w/ Stettinius & army woman. Cars leaving up driveway. Churchill leaving, saluting.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

Big Three Confer (Yalta Conference)

Four-motor Army Air Force plane landing at Malta for preliminary military conference. Ambassador Harriman talking w/ British Field Marshall Wilson. General Marshall off plane, shakes hands w/ Harriman & Russian Officer. LS Montgomery House as car pulls up where early meeting was held. CU name plaque.

11:47:50 Military officers around long table w/ Field Marshall Alexander, Summervell, Adm. King. LS of Yalta from above. Molotov posing w/ Anthony Eden & Stettinius. Churchill off plane at Yalta & next to Molotov. Rooslevelt in car looking very thin shaking hands. CU of daughter Anna Boettiger. Flags of nations. FDR in jeep reviewing troops. Palace & arrival of cars. Harry Hopkins.

11:48:57 Arrival of Josef Stalin. Int. shot of round table w/ various delegates & aides. Posing for camers seated outside.

WWII Yalta Conference variously called Crimea Conference, codenamed Argonaut Conference, 04-11Feb45.

Yesterday s Big Story - Yalta Conference

Yalta - Anthony Eden w/ Molotov & Stettinius await arrival of Winston Churchill. Churchill exits plane. FDR Roosevelt looking ill shakes hands w/ Russians. FDR s daughter, Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ Sarah Churchill.

Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas where conference takes place. Cars arriving. Harry Hopkins w/ Anthony Eden. Stalin arrives, enters building. Meeting in progress. Ext. posing for photographers.

11:51:34 FDR addresses Congress - apologises for making address sitting down & makes reference to his polio / heavy iron leg braces. This is Roosevelt s last major public appearance. FDR gets standing ovation.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

[Potsdam Conference]

Multiple shots of USS Augusta (CA-31). View astern of convoy of ships; sailors lining bow of ship, MS of row at attention. Sailor signaling. Covere guns of large ships.

19:07:51 Ship arriving at Antwerp, Belgium dock, Truman off gangway followed by Sec Byrnes. Into car & out of dock area, secret service men running alongside & riding on open car following. Truman shaking hands w/ army officers. Eisenhower & others. Adm. Leahy & Adm. King (?).

19:09:26 Truman & others boarding airplane. LS & w/ pilot in window. Taxiing.

19:10:06 Jeeps & motorcade along road. Truman & military officials at attention. Motorcade w/ Truman & others in back of army half-track truck reviewing line of tanks parked by trees, crews saluting. POV past tanks. GOOD.

19:12:33 Army officer reading, Truman & others on truck behind. Truman ties ribbong on unit flag. W/ Sec. of State Byrnes & Adm Leahy in open car followed by others. Stopped amid Berlin rubble.

19:13:32 Churchill out of building; Truman & Churchill pose for cameras on steps; shake hands. Truman , Leahy & Stalin pose w/ others on steps.

19:14:09 Hallway & INT conference room shots. Delegates of Soviet delegation pose, then all shaking hands including Stalin & Churchill (in uniform). Gromyko, Molotov, Trumam, Harriman. Anthony Eden seen in long shot. Stalin lights cigarette. End of reel.

WWII; Post-WWII Planning; Allied Conference; Diplomats; Big Four Conference; Germany;

[Potsdam Conference - Truman inspects Tank Corps; Surveys Berlin Damage w/ Byrnes]

NR 357 Truman on back of truck w/ one-star (?) general. Armored half-track truck w/ Truman, Leahy, Byrnes & military offices past reviewing line of tanks on tree-lined autostrada. Army troops at attention & saluting. POV past. Truman & others standing at attention. Traveling shots.

15:37:10 Citation read & Truman ties ribbon on corp (?) flag.

15:37:57 Truman, Byrnes & Leahy riding in back of open army car. POV on wide avenue of Berlin w/ heay destruction. Victory Monument on column in middle of street. Past monument w/ picture of Truman, Stalin & Churchill. Approching Brandenburg Gate. Along street w/ heavy damage to large buildings. Sitting in car talking, surrounded by cameramen. Secret Service riding on running board. Car closely followed by jeep, POV from camera-car alongside.


Main Title: Movietone News

14:23:04 Title: Historic Pictures: The Surrender Of Germany.

14:23:11 Lunenburg, Germany. aka Lunenburg or Luneburg. Field Marshall Montgomery in tent w/ German Generals & others. Montgomery (SOF) reads out surrender documents & terms; German Admiral von Freudenberg signs.

14:24:03 German unconditional surrender at Reims w/ Jodl signing. Eisenhower speech (SOF) re FDR s & Churchill s terms of unconditional surrender at Casablanca now being fulfilled.

WWII European Surrenders; Winners; Defeated;

NOTE: Surrender took place on 04May45.

Title: Personalities In The War

07:55:05 Title: Churchill In Athens

07:55:09 Churchill out of truck w/ cigar to end Greek Civil War. British General Alexander & Gen. Scoby arrive. Archbishop of Greece Damaskinos w/ Churchill.

07:55:34 Title: General Hurley in China

07:55:38 Hurley, new Ambassador, arrives walking up Chunking steps w/ other VIPs. Hurley & Chiang Kai-Shek.

1944; WWII Diplomacy; Diplomats;

[Churchill At Racetrack]

Cars arriving at race track - Winston Churchill and party into building past photographers. LS view up to Churchill on balcony w/ cigar. MS Churchill w/ Clementine and others. Churchill into car. Good.

Winston Churchill Arrives in US for a Quiet Vacation

Churchill and Clementine land. Churchill speech - thank you for American welcome and jokes about purely private reception.

[Churchill - Fulton, MO Speech - Iron Curtain Segment]

Beginning has sound problems. Brief shot of Truman awarded honorary doctorate in middle of speech. Churchill says he has always had faith in France, even in darkest hour. USSR wants an expansion of its ?? Our difficulties will not be removed by waiting... What is needed is a settlement. 02:36:28 ...From Stettin in the Baltic iron curtain has descended...

02:37:18 Truman introduces Churchill. Honorary degrees bestowed - urges pact between US and Great Britain.

02:39:24 Speech again slighlty better sound - 02.39.50 iron curtain has descended... speaks of Russians in Berlin and their quasi communist party. Film goes out of focus.

Churchill - Fulton Speech. Iron Curtain on Eastern Europe

12:06:46 - President Truman and Churchill with cigar driving through streets

12:06:58 - speech continues

[Churchill Iron Curtain Speech] Excerpt

Churchill at mic: I'm sure you would not want me...from.. an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent...lie what I must call the Soviet sphere .

Churchill speaking. Poor sd. till 13:02:00. 'However in a great number of countries far from the Russian frontiers and thruout the world Communist 5th columns...' (slug) 13:08:43. Truman introduces Churchill. Audience 'Ladies & Gentlemen it is no times for generalities...' (13:10:23) audience. Truman receives degree; then Churchill. 13:10:42 slug. 'I know you would not wish me to not state the facts as I see them; from in the Baltic to Trieste..and Iron Curtain has descended.' (13:13.26 --13:16.14 out of rack)

Mexico City Street Scenes (Tomorrow s Mexico)

Pedestrians & people in street. View of Cathedral from streets. Alameda Park & people picnicking. Vendors on sidewalk. Peasants talking on sidewalk. Modern architecture, horseback riders. Mexican banner salesmen on street corners. Mexican flag on Cathedral. Street market in front of Palace of Fine Arts. Indian vendor. Man with 2 children, moustache on boy. Charo buying lemonade. Girl acrobat in park performing for crowd. US Soldiers talk with peasant in street. Neighbourhood. Beggar in street. Traffic around Cathedral. Gallery of United Nations with FDR, Churchill, Chiang Kai-Shek & Stalin pix in windows. Picture of Camacho.

Nuremberg War Crime Trials

Court in session - German lawyer speaks re Von Ribbentrop and Winston Churchill. US lawyer speaks re criminality of organisations. Dr. Martin Horne speaking to Tribunal; Jackson delivers accusatory speech.

Cold War - Churchill Fulton MO 'Iron Curtain' Speech

Churchill ' is my duty to place before you certain facts about the present state of Europe...From Stettin ...Iron Curtain.. (probably best quality).

10:07:10 Motorcade w/ Truman waving to crowd. Churchill riding on back of car.

10:07:22 Interior, Churchill makes speech talking about '..atom bomb that England, the United States & Canada share...'

Winston Churchill in Fulton Missouri

Winston Churchill off train with President Truman and into open top car. Car down street lined with schoolgirls. Motorcade, Churchill and Truman ride on back of car. Truman and Churchill enter university. Truman wearing cap and gown intros. Churchill. Talks re danger of atomic bomb and how glad he is that the knowledge etc is not yet in the hands of some Communist or neo-fascist

10:11:01 Talks of the Special relatioship between Britain and America. (some sound breakup) Crowds in audience. Talks of goodwill towards Stalin. Welcomes Russian contac.... however, talks of fifth columnists, calls them a threat to Christian civilisation.

10:14:29 Truman awarded degree. Truman makes speech. Churchill gets degree and makes speech (very short)

A Defeated People R2 of 2

British flag, tilt down to Military Judge & court officers w/ defendant. Ext. German police force w/ band playing. German policeman at intersection w/ British & training. British health service; refugees gathered; British health workers checking blood pressure, & lab tests. Kids playingon rubble; farmers w/ horses. Kids playing on remains of artillery. German speaking (MOS), people watching 7 listening. People repairing building. Children in school class writing. Heavily damaged Reichstag. Krupp family portrait, painting.

07:40:41 Steel twisted in wreckage of factory building. Pan over. Prisoners of War, POWs, deloused w/ DDT. Men getting hands stamped. Demobilization of soldiers, interviewed. Stripped & checked for SS marking under left armpit. CU British soldier interviewing civilian man.

07:43:44 British soldier patrolling as people cross bridge; people into air raid shelters due to curfew. Women sitting on bunks, children sleeping. Shadows of girls circling hand in hand. German Judges given oath of office; girls seen circling in garden sunshine. Monument w/ pictures of Big 3 at Potsdam: Churchill, Truman, Stalin. Large building flying British flag. British officer swearing in judges. The End.

Post-WWII German Occupation; Rebulding; British Sector; Re-education

Movietone News - Personalities In The News

13:08:58 Title: Chiang Kai-Shek Hailed in Shanghai.

Chiang w/ Madam Chiang Kai-Shek & crowd seen during speech (no Sd) from balcony to crowd below. Gesturing, crowd cheering.

13:09:22 Title: Mrs Roosevelt Confers With President Truman. Eleanor w/ Truman at W.H. desk shaking hands.

13:09:35 Title: Winston Churchill receives Degree in Miami. Churchill speech (SOF) wearing graduate s robes: I am surprised that in my later life I should have become so experienced in taking degrees when as a school boy was so bad at passing examinations. In fact one might almost say that no one ever passed so few examinations & received so many degrees.

13:10:17 Walking across lawn w/ others & waving cap to crowd

Post-WWII, Honorary Degree; 1946;

Churchill Comes Home

Northolt airfield, Mr & Mrs Churchill out of plane after holiday in Marrakech. Talking to journalists. Leaves in car. Out of car and into house with Mrs Churchill.

[Zipper - Let s Bomb the Soviets - Movie Theatre]


NY Times moving sign (zipper) re Cold War:

Stalin blames Britain US and France for failure to solve Berlin dispute - charges West follows warmongering policy but discounts possibility of new world conflict. Stalin flays former British Prime Minister Churchill as Chief Instigator of war .

Then: Read the New York Times.

Western diplomats describe Stalin s attack on Allied powers as propaganda statement. Britain US and France halt heavy flow of Western marks out of Berlin.

People in street looking at moving electric sign.

21:08:17 Men in bar talk about bombing USSR with atomic bombs; newspaper headline European peace bid rejected by Soviet .

21:11:53 people queue and buy movie tickets - very good cinema theatre entrance hall & ticket booth. Audience watching film.

Churchill in Russia

27Dec48 ? Winston Churchill enters room with Stalin, takes seat with Anthony Eden, Molotov and Averell Harriman - CUs. Stalin wishes Churchill farewell at airport. Churchill shaking hands and with Stalin reviews troop march past. Churchill boarding plane. Churchill seen through window smoking cigar. Stalin & Molotov wave hats.

Postwar Europe. USSR. 1940s.

World Affairs - Churchill Addresses Delegates Forming Congress Of Europe (ca May48)

Churchill on stage shakes hands with others as people stand in front. Tilt down from upstairs showing delegates seated; large banner w/ E hanging on wall.

14:02:59 Churchill lighting cigar.

14:03:13 Churchill at microphone reading speech: It must be all for all; Europe can only be united by the heartfelt wish & vehement expression of the great majority of all the peoples in all the parties in all the freedom loving countries no matter where they dwell...we can not aim at anything less than the union of Europe as a whole; & we look forward with confidence to the day that that union will be achieved. Applause & standing ovation; he smiles & sits down. (sound usable).

14:03:58 LS of filled square. Churchill at mic, people in CU watching. Churchill gives victory sign from stand. (no usable sound on this final section).

Post-WWII Conferences; Hague Congress; Diplomatic Alliances;

Europe Looks Ahead Part Two

River Rhone - work to divert the path of the river between Montdragon and ?. Huge machinery - earth moving equipment. Work is being carried out to channel water into new hydro-electric reservoir / dam.

17:44:41 Norway - northern most iron mine in the World being re-equipped and modernised. Shots town, snow covered buildings. Man walking next to barbed wire fence which forms the border between Russia / Soviet Union and Norway. American mining equipment used - iron ore.

17:45;30 Northern Austria - interior steel mill / foundry shots.

17:46:18 Volkswagon cars in West Germany. Interior car factory - motor parts. production line.

17:47:05 England - rubber tyre factory. Sacks of carbon black stamped with USA being unloaded. Rubber production. HMV radio - announcer says that the British standard of living has improved during 1949 partly due to Marshall plan. Workers leaving factory. Workers in canteen eating. Women in grocery shop.

17:48:20 Freight train - men working on overhead electrical wires. Exports to America - men packing crates - Austin Motor Cars for export to USA. Women polishing cars.

17:49:22 Various shots construction work using heavy machinery. Planning office.

17:50:05 Animated map Europe showing proposed areas of economic co-operation. Paris HQ of O.E.E.C. Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (Common Market) - men entering building. Meeting between OEEC and Marshal Plan representatives.

17:51:00 Strasbourg - meeting place - flags flying. Conference calling for the political unification of all the free nations of Europe. Council of Europe in session - Winston Churchill - Paul Henri Spak of Belgium.

17:51:31 Education - children taught about united Europe. Customs signs of England France Italy. Customs checks made in various countries. Border post lifted and lorry drives through.

Churchill - Credits Atom Bomb With Stopping Reds

Churchill on speakers platform, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. View of large crowd applauding as he comes to mic in MCU. Speaking: ...I have no technical & no University education and just had to pick up a few things as I went along (applause). Shot of crowd.

15:13:59 We are now confronted w/ something quite as wicked, but in some ways more formidable than Hitler. Because Hitler had only the Herrenvolk pride, and anti-Semitic hatred to exploit. He had no fundamental theme. But these 14 men in the Kremlin have their hierarchy, & a church of Communist adepts, whose missionaries are in every country in a Fifth Column, obscure people about awaiting the day when they hope to be the absolute monsters of their fellow countrymen & pay off old scores. They have their anti-God religion and their Communist Doctrine of the entire subjugation of the individual to the State; knowing behind it stands the largest army in the world in the hands of a government pursuing Imperialistic Expansion as no Czar or Kaiser has ever done. I must not conceal from you tonight the truth as I see it. It is certain that Europe would have been Communized, like Czechoslovakia, London under bombardment some time ago, but for the deterrent of the atomic bomb in the hands of the United States. Standing applause by crowd & those on platform.

15:15:35 Churchill gives V sign.

Victory Sign; Cold War; Defense; Anti-Communism Speech;

Title: Parliament In Crucial Meeting

02:10:57 People sitting on sidewalk or on stone wall outside ??. Two women followed by two men out of 10 Downing Street & into car.

02:11:09 Big Ben at 2:30 & tilt down to many people on street. Churchill gives V sign from car (brief). Other traffic & cars arriving.

1949 England;

Title: People In The News (Military Stories)

03:31:16 Boy wearing Boys Club of America tee-shirt giving certificate to Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson as man watches. Shake hands.

03:31:35 England, Stafford Cripps (?) & wife walks w/ military & civilians at airport & shaking hands before boarding European Airways airplane; other passengers boarding.

03:32:01 Military veterans w/ medals walking thru street, British (?) flag carried. Winston Churchill wearing medals up steps past camera & men. Many costumes w/ braid, etc. LS standing on steps of ?? watched by crowd.

03:32:41 English (?) Navy officers & others onboard aircraft carrier; military band playing; officers in dress uniforms talking. Army & navy officers w/ wives next to plane on ship s deck. Officers descending on airplane elevator. Aircraft carrier seen from small boat on water.

1949 (?);

Title: The Foreign Page (Telenews Daily)

08:12:06 Large group at graduation ceremony in park. VIPs walking past including Civil War veterans.

08:12:21 MS Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip both in uniform watching, Churchill w/ back to camera, wreath laying at Cenotaph (?) by Philip; second by Elizabeth. Remembrance Day 1949; Armistice Day;

08:13:11 Title: Italy

08:13:16 Sign on door: The Anglo American Clinic And Hospital. Man speaking at podium (MOS) . VIPs listening, seated & standing; nurses. Opening door. LS hospital & grounds People seated inside, picture of Truman on wall.

08:14:00 Int. w/ equipment & doctor measuring lung capacity of patient w/ mechanical pump. Nurses at work, operating room. The End.

Winston Churchill in Canada - cuts

Crowds - Churchill greeted. Churchill attends meeting. Churchiil using walking stick down steps and into open top car. Mounties holding back crowds. Churchill and Eden in car.

Title: People In The News (Winston Churchill at Grandchild s Christening; Truman, Johnson & Congressmen (?)

11:23:06 Couple (Christopher Soames? & Mary Churchill Soames?) following woman carrying baby (Emma Soames?) & small child (Nicholas Soames?) as they walk between lines of people lining walk; Winston & Mrs Churchill followed by several men walking past.

11:23:21 Woman holding baby, pastor. Churchill, couple w/ baby pose in church (?) entrance.

11:23:39 Washington DC President Truman w/ ?? & Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson. Army officer & Congressmen ? looking & laughing at smal cards. Truman holds one up to camera w/ two finger prints & info. Probably WWI identification tag.

Religion; Religious Christening;

[Various Newsreels - 1950s Germany; England; USA]

Trade show; knife & scissors exhibition. Giant Swiss Army knife - giant knife and giant scissors. Ornamental knives.

21:36:08 sd. BRITISH FLEET MANEUVERS Carrier, British sailors on deck at anchor. Aerials of British destroyers in line leaving harbor, aircraft carrier, plane takes off. British sailor w/ binoculars. HMS Duke of York battleship, bow of moving battleship, wake of ship. Aerial view of fleet, sun on water.

21:36:50 sd/si. BRITAIN HONORS F.D.R. Monument & ceremony from high angle. King George VI & Eleanor Roosevelt to monument. Mrs Roosevelt unveils monument - statue of FDR (profile). CU "FDR, 1882-1945". King George places wreath, front view of statue. Attlee, Eleanor Roosevelt & Queen Elizabeth; Winston Churchill & wife, Queen Elizabeth. Churchill looking at monument. CU statue.

21:38:00 Si. LONDON'S WORST FOG. Train & traffic in heavy fog. Man lights gas lamp. English bobby w/ flashlight.

21:38:39 Sd. 1948(?) GENERAL LUCIUS D CLAY Washington DC. Gen. Lucius Clay from military plane, Clay speaks (SoF) about Berlin Blockade.

21:39:11 Sd. EISENHOWER SPEAKS ON ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY, WASHINGTON, DC, speaking at desk. Platitudes for military.

21:40:12 Sd. EUROPE IS TEMPTING TARGET FOR REDS Ike speaking (SoF) in Denver, Colorado

21:41:04 Sd. Pres. Truman Apologies To Marines ((title only).

21:41:05 High angle of large room w/ orchestra on stage to side & U-shaped table w/ men & name tages.

21:41:08 Sd. Sign: "OFFICE OF HIGH COMMISSIONER AND MILITARY GOVERNOR - MR. JOHN J MCCLOY". McCloy speaking at desk (SoF). 45 million Germans will shortly commence the task of governing themselves...

21:41:44 Si. BERLIN RED YOUTH RALLY, GERMANY Brandenburg Gate & signs. British soldiers on armored vehicles behind barbed wire. US troops in bg. Soldier at gun. Truckloads of German girls. Arch, youth band playing. Young Pioneers clean dishes & wash at trough. Young Pioneer in stadium maneuvers & parading; Red leader before mic. Street parade w/ large picture of Stalin & Mao banners, etc. (GOOD)

21:43:22 Si. RED ARMY DAY IN BERLIN Russian soldiers march, lay wreath, young USSR soldier on guard. Wreath laying at large monument (In memory of Soviet Dead.)

21:44:09 Si. JOINT ALLIED MANEUVERS IN GERMANY Officers chatting; French & US officers salute. General Mark Clark & unid. Major General. LS, truck moving over pontoon bridge, MS, tank (M-26) moving. Soldiers march on road. Troops w/ various equipment (portable communications, guns, etc.). Multiple antiaircraft gun w/ .50 cal air-cooled machine guns. CU soldier behind gun reading Stars and Stripes newspaper w/ headline: "UN advances on Seoul" (re Korea).

[Churchill Arrival & Greeted by V.P. Nixon]

People waiting by BOAC plane. Churchill in car with Nixon & V-sign. Convertible limosine leaving. Cameramens bags. People waiting for arrival (sd) as plane taxiis up. Applaud Churchill exiting plane, followed by Anthony Eden. To my mother's land, I've come with Anthony Eden to talk over some family matters and to see that there are no misunderstandings...and if we work together we may get along alright ourselves & do a lot to help our neighbors. Some of whom on both sides of the Iron Curtain face more problems than ourselves . More arrival shots. Nixon greeting & shaking hands. Arrival at White House. Interior w/ ?? Cameramen on lawn. (Some over exposed)

Churchill Attends Dinner

Winston Churchill seated at top table during meal. Shots various unidentified personalities.

Churchill Visits Ike

Press photographers lined up on White House steps. President Eisenhower and Winston Churchill out of door and pose - Anthony Eden follows. Into car and cortege away down drive.

Churchill visits & leaves Bermuda

People along bluff above surf. Cars parked on narrow street by Golf Course. Winston Churchill & others by fence. He makes V sign. View of buildings scattered around ponds, etc. Out of Building w/ Anthony Eden, into car w/ cameramen about. Drives off. POV following, past houses. Stopping at overlook. Back in car & lights long cigar. Light house. Airport at night & crowd waving to camera. Car arrives at foot of plane stairs & Churchill & others board BOAC plane. Good CU (speaks) thanking people of Bermuda.

[Churchill on Holiday]

Winston in front of microphones (MOS) w/ wife Clementine surrounded by people at dock. Night arrival.

Travel; Politician; Diplomat;

The Festival Of Britain

VS crowds outside Buckingham Palace cheer as Household Cavalry lead procession out of gates; King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in open-top carriage. Princess Elizabeth follows in open-top carriage w/ Duke of Edinburgh. MS young Prince Charles waves from wall of Clarence House w/ nannies and cousin Prince Richard of Gloucester. Procession approaches Temple Bar, crowds cheering, zoom in to carriage, King touches pearl-handled sword to gain permission to enter City of London.

15:12:17 Artillery pikemen take positions outside St. Paul s Cathedral; vars arrivals at cathedral inc. Winston Churchill and wife, PM Attlee, Duchess of Kent w/ two children, Earl and Countess Mountbatten w/ daughter Pamela, and Queen Mary. AV Royal procession up Ludgate Hill; cavalry pass camera, dogs in road. AV and MS King and Queen w/ Princess Margaret out of carriage, greeted by Mayor, enter cathedral. AV soldiers hold back surging crowds. EXT pan down St. Paul s facade.

15:13:54 King s speech: Two World Wars have brought us grievous loss of life and treasure...dark clouds still overhang the whole world, yet this is no time for despondency. I see this festival as a symbol of Britain s abiding courage and vitality...I declare the Festival of Britain open [King appears frail / unwell]. King, Queen and Princess into carriage; Beefeaters; carriages pass camera; AV procession departs.

Royal family. Pomp and ceremony.

News In Brief

Winston Churchill bathing Adriatic coast, Venice Lido; Churchill and wife; wrapped in towel by assistant.

News in Brief - England - Churchill Wins

Exterior polling stations - votes counted in general election. Night shots Piccadilly as crowds wait to hear results. Results coming in from various areas. Trafalgar Square crowds celebrate Winston Churchill s defeat of Clement Atlee. Churchill walks through crowds. Next day Churchill out of house and poses.

World Struggles For Road To Peace (aka Highlights of 1951)

15:37:47 Artillery firing in Korean War; tanks firing near Kuhn Song (sp). Large explosion near highway.

15:37:56 Prisoners taken. MacArthur & other officers past. CU newspapers MAC Is Out.

15:38:10 Cu General Ridgway; row of bodies w/ CU tied hands. MPS, tents & US military peace delegation; North Koreans into tents. Seated w/ documents being signed.

15:38:55 LS delegates from 52 nations meet in San Francisco Opera House to sign treaty w/ Japan. Soviets walk out. Signing by Dean Acheson for U.S. Acheson shaking hands w/ Japanese.

15:39:24 General Eisenhower & other military officers inspecting Allied troops in Korea.

15:39:43 Capitol in winter re 82nd Congress meeting after election. Truman signing ??

15:40:00 Missile on launcher raised, fired w/ booster rocket & seen in slow motion.

15:40:24 Map showing Iran; oiil refinery. Men turning valves on pipes. Street demonstration & tearing signs down. Enormous crowd on buildings, in street. Marchers w/ placards. People running in street seen from building roof.

15:40:53 CU Mossadegh; Mossadegh meeting w/ Security Council.

15:41:11 New United Nations Tower.

15:41:17 Title: Disasters. Overturned railroad engine; body n ground & rescue workers beside multiple cars still smoking. Pennsylvania passenger cars.

15:41:37 Flood w/ fast water thru city streets, thru cars & buildings. people walking thru knee deep water. Kansas City, Missouri & flooded cars beside warehouse; railroad freight cars.

15:42:00 Title: Probes. Ext. & int. of Kefauver crime hearings. Men taking notes. Mayor O Dwyer at microphone.

Committee room in Washington & CU of Frank Costello w/ cigarette. Committee.

15:42:39 Title: Politics. London voting, crowds in Trafalager Square. Churchill thru crowd. On steps of 10 Downing Street.

15:43:00 Senator Robert Taft before press announcing run for President. Governor Earl Warren announces.

15:43:19 Ext. Eisenhower campaign headquarters.

15:43:25 President Truman SOF: One of the things I ve been thinking about is next years s election (laughter). I m not going to make any announcement as to who the candidate is going to be.

15:43:57 Crowd listening filling streets in Cadillac Square, Detroit.

NOTE: Sound track is choppy - not useful.

Cold War; Year Ender;

Front Line Towns Honour Mr. Churchill

White Cliffs of Dover; high shot across town; Home Guard / ARP Warden puts sign up in street Shelling in Progress - Take Cover [WWII shots]. Winston Churchill in motorcade through streets 1951, gives victory V sign from inside car - arriving to accept award of Freeman of the City.

04:18:30 Churchill speech at awards ceremony [sync.] - ...among many tokens of goodwill that I have received from the British nation, none will rank in front of this one . High shots Churchill walking in procession through streets.

04:19:09 Churchill inspects Royal Marine Guard of Honour at Deal, near Dover. INT Mayor presents Churchill w/ silver casket containing Scroll of Freedom - ...with all our thanks, our admiration, and our gratitude - applause. [Ends abruptly.]

Post-WWII; Honors; Ceremony; Hero.

Eden Wedding - Diplomat Married To Churchill's Niece

Eden out of car waving at people; many watching; police. Cat. Winston Churchill arrives; Ms Clarissa Spencer Churchill (niece) out of car. People watch from nearby windows. Photographers push. Out of church & wave. Caxton Hall exterior. Press photographers. Couple w/ Winston in garden of 10 Downing Street.

England; 1952; 18Aug52;

Churchill In US - Confers With Truman and Defense Chiefs

Liner Queen Mary arrives at New York Harbour. Churchill disembarks; brief shot press conference. Churchill boards presidential plane Independent. Landing in Washington DC. Full military honours as Churchill exits plane in DC and Churchill shakes hands with Truman and others. Churchill speech re pursuit of unity between USA and Britain. Truman concludes Peace on earth is what we re both striving for .

Churchill and Truman board presidential yacht Williamsburgh; Anthony Eden and Dean Acheson on board; other military and government officials posing round Truman and Churchill.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Crowds watching procession. Carriage carrying PM Sir Winton Churchill - Queen Mother and Princess Margaret pass in carriage. State coach leaving Buckingham Palace carrying Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Royal procession reaches Westminster Abbey. Interior - ceremony in progress - takes oath - annointed - Prince Charles standing with Queen mother watching. Crowning ceremony - Queen takes the throne and receives homage of peers led by Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Procession leaving abbey. Crowds, many using periscopes. Arrival back at palace - balcony scenes.

Joint Session of Congress

Exterior Capitol - black - interiors, joint session in progress.

Newly elected pose on steps of Capitol 01:22:46 Robert Dole ?. Interiors with young John F Kennedy (JFK) and others - press cameras - newly elected including Kennedy takes oath. Winston Churchill and Clementine on visit to Congress. 01:24:11 Lyndon Johnson. LBJ poses with ?. More shots new senators. Martin ? with gavel. Possibly includes Mike Mansfield and Raeburn.

[Eisenhower & Churchill; Ike & Mamie]

Top shot Eisenhower & Churchill walking past photographers at White House as Churchill is leaving. US flag on top. Putting green seen. MCU of still photographers. Ike & Mamie walk toward camera & sit on bench. Pose & have picture taken.

You in Great Britain Reel 2Interior pub, men at bar drinking beer, playing darts - two US servicemen sitting at table watching. Conversations between two Londoners about the Americans and the two Americans about the British character. Americans play darts - mixing with the English

02:06:16 Graphic re British government - Houses of Parliament - commentary explaining the British political system. Interior House of Commons chamber with MPs taking seats. Graphic explaining House of Lords. US serviceman sitting at bar with locals. Speakers Corner, Hyde Park.

02:07:57 Family sitting room, man reading newspaper, wife knitting. Flick through family photograph album

02:08:52 Coronation procession - Queen Elizabeth II in coach. Crowds outside Buckingham Palace, Americans mingling in crowd. Changing of the Guard - Trooping the Colour. Animated map showing British Empire / colonies.

02:10:30 Family life on Sunday - family leaving house for church - walking down suburban street. Exteriors Church of England Church - Roman Catholic Church - Synagogue.

02:11:18 Exterior Charing Cross ? Railway station - platforms - diesel passenger train out of station. Family getting onto coach which is heading for Kent. Coach along country roads - villages - Windsor Castle - Eton - schoolboys dressed in top hats etc. Panning shot across fields. London - Trafalgar Square.

Sequence to show differences between British and Americans - left hand driving - drinking tea - US soldier talking to policeman - US sailor buying fruit from market stall.

02:13:03 Sequence to show what the British may find strange about Americans. US servicemen sitting with feet on table, chewing gum - reading comic. American football game - overlaid with amusing English commentry e.g. nobody knows who s got the ball - so knock down everybody in sight . Servicemen sitting in Cinema watching this film. Sequence on British sport - Horse racing, Grand National - Cricket - Rugby - Football - FA Cup final - Churchill presenting trophy.

02:15:37 Terraced street - housing - walking in London park - country stream - US men in museum looking at busts of Milton, Robert Burns, Wordsworth, Shakespeare. Houses of parliament, Big Ben. Statue Abraham Lincoln. Unveiling statue FDR Roosevelt.

02:17:17 Eisenhower (Ike) inspecting British army - atomic bomb exploding.

02:17:42 Family sitting down to dinner with American. Painting of Spanish Armada - Statue Wellington - Cenotaph - King George VI at medal ceremony - British army during WWII in North Africa. Back to dining room - exterior middle class terraced housing. Shoppers - American serviceman shaking hands with two English men on street. Houses of Parliament .

Epsom Derby - American Colt Wins In British Classic

Horse racing.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip? with Queen Mother & Princess Margaret out of car.

American Jockey Johnny Langdon?

Queen Elizabeth next to Queen Mum watching through binoculars. Race. Churchill watches. Winner after race.


The President [Part 1 of 2]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films [main title missing]

Man voting at ballot box. Truman [?] & Eisenhower swearing in ceremonies. Ike waving from motorcade. Portraits of US Presidents superimposed over shot of White House. Cuts to costumed re-enactment of early Presidential careers. George Washington being sworn in; emerging from first Senate meeting looking bewildered. Meeting of new Cabinet w/ Jefferson, Hamilton & Knox - arguing about whisky tax. Washington making farewell address from White House. Thomas Jefferson signing Louisiana Purchase. Montage of paintings illustrating progress of democracy & American Civil War.

16:18:27 Re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln being sworn in - brief montage cannons firing over newspaper headlines - Lincoln at desk signing enlistment order - Lincoln reading statement to Cabinet.

16:20:00 Montage of early 20th Century US development: industrialisation - battleships at sea - Theodore Roosevelt making speech [MOS] - Woodrow Wilson behind desk, posing w/ Congressmen & making speech to large crowd [MOS]. WWI montage: German soldiers - heavy artillery - superimposed newspaper headline US At War: Wilson - troops marching through city street - heavy guns firing - troops over the top of trenches w/ more headlines re Armistice. Post-WWI peace talks.

16:21:18 1920s [?] US city street scene w/ busy traffic & pedestrians. Depression - Black woman seen in candlelight through window of shack w/ broken shutter - President Franklin Roosevelt sworn in Mar33 - workers on construction site w/ sign USA Work Program - workers at shipyard. WWII montage - newspaper headline War! Bomb Warsaw! - tank & field artillery troops running - FDR addressing press conference [MOS] after new executive powers granted - tanks off production line - employment office? - warships firing - FDR & Winston Churchill.

US History. Politics. Government. Democracy.

[Churchill & Wife, Mediterranean; Singapore Election] (1955ca)

Winston Churchill & wife off BEA plane & down stairs, greeted by civiians and followed by military & police. Through through crowd in terminal. Ext. of Villa Politi hotel. Balcony, gardens, vegetatoin, flowers,

18:23:28 Greek amphitheater w/ tourists walking about. Pan down. Man playing guitar in parking lot, tourists leaving. Hotel exterior & couple walking on grounds.

18:24:16 Cactus & stone details of large grotto or well. Views of plants & hotel but almost no people. Trees, balconys. Grotto & people enter. Amphitheater.

18:25:51 Newsreel cameramen and another take of arrival of Churchill s plane & greeting.

18:26:44 Singapore w/ pan to old buildings. Man leads horse w/ bannor to vote for Simon. Banner for J.M. Jumabhoy, Labour; posters saying Our Vote Is Secret. Candidate speaking to small group; others including woman. People lined up to vote. Sign: Polling station.

18:27:48 Boy Scouts carrying ballot boxes; night and cheering crorwd. Two candidates shaking hands. Winner carried through streets at night.

Tourism; Colonization; Archeology; Election; Rendel Constitution; Self-Governance; End of Empire;

Main Title: Universal International News

Four Full Years - The Eisenhower Story

Title re public service.

Montage of factory workers, smoke stacks, auto assembly line, railroad engineer in cab & freight cars w/ combines. Combining.

20:13:47 Woman at cash register; mother & kids w/ groceries into car; traffic on overpass into city. People looking. Ike sworn in (SOF), inagural address, Korean troops homecoming w/ kisses & hugs. Sec. of State John Foster Dulles off plane, shaking hands, w/ Churchill. Ike & Dulles at Geneva Conference. United Nations address, 1953, on atomic control.

20:15:47 St. Lawrence Seaway announced & construction. Headlines on spending & inflation. Views of farming.

20:16:24 Construction of apartment house, interstate highway system, Health Education & Welfare building & workers.

20:17:00 Ike, Nixon & various foreign leaders from Indonesia (?), Africa; Queen Mother; Anthony Eden; St. Laurent; King Paul & Queen Frederika of Greece.

20:17:34 Press Conference talking about disarmament. Off-shore radar towers of early warning system & operators at scopes & telephones inside. Missiles raised. Launching of atomic submarine; planes flyhover.

20:18:40 Ike statement on next four years: we can all be grateful to the almighty...

Presidential Campaign Advertising; Republican Propaganda; Cold War; 1950s;

News In Brief: France

84 year old Winston Churchill celebrates Golden Wedding anniversary on French Riviera; Churchill in car and sitting on terrace with Randolph Churchill, Lady Churchill and granddaughter Lady Arabella; CUs Winston and Lady Churchill; CU wedding photo.

Washington, D.C. (Churchill Paintings Exhibited)

22:42:13 Building w/ sign: Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, Natural History Building. President Eisenhower & Mamie up steps w/ ??? Spectators lining street behind. MS of crowd.

22:42:24 Int. touring exhibit of paintings of Winston Churchill.

22:42:29 CU hand holding booklet: Painting As A Pastime written by Churchill w/ his picture on cover. People looking at paintings; CUs.

22:43:00 High angle of exhibit,

Leisure Hobbies; Hobby; Art; Paintings; 1958; Exhibition;

NOTE: poor audio from film.

Ike and Macmillan - Meeting of Minds on Summit Policy

Exterior - sign National Naval Medical Center - interior Walter Reed Hospital. Eisenhower, Macmillan, Foreign Secretary Lloyd and Dulles take seats under portrait of Churchill which was painted by Ike - they are to discuss forth coming summit with Khruschev.

Research By Rockets Pt. 3 of 3

Continued. Window recording instruments. Launching of balloon to record wind patterns. Man mapping. Air Force technicians assembling camera devices for the Aerobee. Composite photograph shot by Aerobee.

17:28:24 Launch of small rocket & man tracking with microphone. Radar tracking. Stage separation seen. Animation of bombardment of ionosphere by radiation from space & rocket measuring.

17:29:30 Two men measuring data on chart. Sun s radiation discussed and measuring during eclipse by rocket. Animation showing lack of radiation during eclipse though x-rays were received. High speed tape machines. Stills of sun and gases. Rocket launched from ship. animation of particles moving thru space and into atmosphere.

17:31:35 Rockoon shown prepared shipboard and balloon lifts rocket before firing. Men at instruments following sound and radar.

17:32:31 Sign Fort Churchill, Manitoba Rocket brought in by trailer to study cosmic waves during aurora borealis. Northern lights shown in time-lapse. Rocket fired to measure electrical force. Man at instrument panel; sitting on tracking devices. CU of radar dish turning. View by camera from rocket above earth. Credits.

Rocketry; Physics; Inventions; Science; Scientists; Military Air Force; Cosmic Rays

Tugboats And Harbors

Churchill-Wexler Films

Cargo ships leaving harbour - aerials dockyards. Close tracking shot past tugboat; tugboat at tanker s side. VO come visit a tug boat with us while we do a day s work . INT dispatch office - Captain [narrator] boards tugboat Wilmington w/ three crewmen - INT wheelhouse - engineer checks diesel engine - breakfast in galley. Harbour master & controllers in tower watch for arrival of tanker - see it through telescope - phone dispatcher who announces arrival to tugboat over loudspeaker. CU Astern-Ahead lever pulled. Harbour pilot boards tanker to guide it in. Tug pulls alongside; animation showing how tugboat pushes tanker into position. Deckhands throw tugboat lines to tanker crew. Vars shots tanker slides into berth. Tugboat back to its berth. Dispatcher calls w/ another job.

12:45:35 Passenger liner ready to leave dock - passengers on deck, streamers etc. - tugboat pulls liner on rope into right direction, another tug pushes bow - two stack liner steams out of harbour at dusk. Tug captain updates logbook & goes home.

Shipping. Tourism. Cruise Liners.

News Review of 1962

Main title w/ spinning globes

09:38:31 Title: News Review of 1962. Tilt down to square in Havana, Cuba. CU Castro at microphones Red puppet Castro & the Russians turned Cuba into an island fortress... Overhead of US bomber; int. w/ man at camera; photo of missile site. JFK at desk, 22Oct62 (SOF): To halt this offensive buildup...turn back. US navy plane over USSR ships, CU covered missiles on deck.

09:39:43 CU barbed wire & Berlin wall w/ Communists building & expanding wall. Soldiers remove body; holding back crowds. West Berlin Freedom Bell tolling,US troops marching. Lucius Clay. Tanks in parade.

09:40:34 Arc de Triumph, De Gaulle at desk speaking. Independence for Algeria. Pan over city, tanks & jeep thru street, soldiers along sidewalk, traffic. Ben Bella walking w/ crowds greeting.

09:41:07 India mountains & troops; crowds & demonstration w/ signs China Out. People turn in money & jewelry for defense effort. Bills, watches, Prime Minister Nehru speaking to large group, PM walking.

09:41:39 Eleanor Roosevelt obituary. Waving w/ FDR from White House balcony; w/ Churchill at FDR grave; CU talking to children touring home.

09:42:02 Vatican City, Pope John XXIII carried thru crowd at Ecumenical Council. LS.

09:42:20 Cape Canaveral launch of John Glen rocket, CU in space suit & greeted afterwards w/ LBJ watching. Street sign: Astronaut Way & ticker tape parade (GOOD) up Broadway, riding in car. Scott Carpenter in car after flight; showing capsule to woman; CU of Walter Schirra, meeting JFK, in rocking chair, w/ family at W.H. Telstar satellite hanging & turning; diagram of bouncing signal from US to Europe. Other space vehicles & Mariner Satellite launched to Venus. The End.

News in Brief - Churchill recovers in Monte Carlo

LS bay of Monte Carlo. Churchill in doorstep takes hat off.

Plane landing on London airstrip. Mrs Churchill on airfield. Churchill carried in stretcher by military giving V sign. Photographers. Ambulance, arrives at Middlesex Hospital with Churchill in stretcher for operation, crowd watching.

News review of 1962

Castro: Missiles Spotted

Main square in Havana. Castro giving speech. Overhead of plane. Man in plane operating radar (? ). Map showing missile locations. President Kennedy declaring ultimatum on Cuba, blockade. US plane flying over Soviet ship, top of ship with boxes. Man looks out plane window, pan over ship. Cold War, Cuba

10:29:20 Berlin Wall

Barbed wire with guard post behind, guard, flashing light at DMZ, wall. Guard on wall spies surroundings with binoculars, workers at wall with guard supervising. Four guards marching behind barbed wire, military trucks in street behind. East German guards carrying dead fleeing teenager. Military pushing crowd away. Van carrying dead boy s body pelted by people. Bell tolls. Alliance soldiers marching, Lucius Clay (?) tanks rolling. Cold War.

10:30:12 End of French - Algerian War

Arc de triomphe, de Gaulle. French soldiers and tanks in Algerian city,Vice Premier Ben Bella cheered in crowd. French decolonisation

10:30:44 India and China Joust

Himalayan mountains at Northern frontier in India, Chinese troops on mountain. Anti-Chinese demonstration in India, Chinese Out placards, people donating their jewellery. PM Nehru giving speech to crowd, saluting namaskar to camera. Cold War

10:31:17 Death of Eleanor Roosevelt

President FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt waving from White House balcony. Churchill mourning. Eleanor talking to children at family estate. Obituary

10:31:40 Pope s ecumenical Council

John 23rd in procession out of St Peter s Cathedral. Crowd of Catholic bishops, sitting inside St Peter s.

10:31:57 Space Conquest

Atlas 6 rocket John Glenn launching (first American to orbit earth), spectators watch. Glenn returns in space suit, CU Colonel Glenn, greeted by wife. Street sign Astronaut way , crowds celebrating, Glenn in car through crowd.

Banner for Scott, people looking at space capsule.

CU Commander Walder Schirra (made 6 orbits of earth). White House. Schirra with president Kennedy sit inside with family.

10:33:22 Telstar satellite. Superimposed on sky. Graph showing how Telstar works. TV picture off US flag.


Exhibition of space apparatus, capsules etc. Rocket launch, people watch.

Mr Churchill - Sir Winston Now Honorary US Citizen

Churchill 70th birthday

Churchill ushered into car, girls behind window waving, Churchill in car drives off. Mrs Churchill with young woman, young woman kisses British PM, Mrs Churchill stands with Winston.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Churchill, President Roosevelt standing.


Churchill with men walking in street in 1941.

In Congress, ovation, Churchill speech. On doorstep making V sign.

Yesterday s Big Story - Yalta Conference

Yalta - Anthony Eden w/ Molotov & Stettinius await arrival of Winston Churchill. Churchill exits plane. FDR Roosevelt looking ill shakes hands w/ Russians. FDR s daughter, Anna Roosevelt Boettiger w/ Sarah Churchill.

Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas where conference takes place. Cars arriving. Harry Hopkins w/ Anthony Eden. Stalin arrives, enters building. Meeting in progress. Ext. posing for photographers.

07:51:56 FDR addresses Congress - apologises for making address sitting down & makes reference to his polio / heavy iron leg braces. This is Roosevelt s last major public appearance. FDR gets standing ovation.

WWII Conferences; Big Three;

Hail and Farewell - Churchill Retires to Britain s Acclaim

10:03:01 Exterior Houses of Parliament from across river & MCU. Flashback to 80th birthday, Attlee making speech & Churchill gets portrait. Winston Churchill makes speech (SOF) re honor, says portrait is a marvellous example of modern art .

10:04:29 Exterior parliament & Big Ben. Churchill arrives by car to announce retirement, crowds line pavement.

10:04:56 Lady Clementine Churchill walking down road. Churchill looking frail but with large cigar gets out of car, girl taking photograph. Crowds outside Churchill home. Churchill s daughter and her husband Lord Soames and Randolph Churchill walk towards home surrounded by press. Sir Alec Douglas Hume arrives by car. Hume and Harold Wilson pose on doorstep. Press and photographers crowd round window as Sir Winston stands behind glass.

Retirement; Geriatrics; Politicians; Diplomats; 1964; England; Great Britain;

President Johnson Speech at Howard University Pt 2

LBJ making speech re new civil rights law guaranteeing every American the right to vote. The voting Rights Bill latest in long series of victories - quotes Winston Churchill re the end of the beginning . Talks re freedom and equal rights. Says the task is to give 20 million negroes the same chance as every other American... Men and women of all races born with the same range of abilities . Talks re number of Black children in higher learning and professional workers and speaks about the first Lady Ambassador being a Black woman. Talks of poor and deprived Black Americans - unemployment amongst Negroes - infant mortality - housing and Negro Ghettoes.

World Mourns Churchill

Obituary film. Winston Churchill greeting Queen of Elizabeth & Prince Philip along w/ wife. Walks through London during war & touring by car w/ wife thru bomb damaged London. Churchill and Clemmie in Plymouth, Boarding ship w/ FDR on first meeting off Newfoundland on U.S.S. Augusta to form Atlantic Charter - Shakes hands with Roosevelt. Off Gibraltar - standing at ships rail. Crossing the channel. With Eisenhower With Royal Family on V-E day. Parade up Broadway. Addressing Congress. With Ike outside White House. Outside 10 Downing Street. Crowds wave. W/ V-Sign.

News Highlights of 1965

02:32:38: Inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson as US President

02:33:05: US Civil Rights marches north and south; Martin Luther King

02:33:37: Martin Luther King at White House

02:34:00: Deathl of Winston Churchill; funeral at Westminster Abbey w/ Royal Family

02:34:19: Death of Stevenson

02:34:36: US flood and tornado damage

02:34:57: Pope Paul VI addresses UN General Assembly in French

02:35:40: Vietnam aerial and ground combat

02:36:27: NASA space flights.

News In Brief - Labrador

Churchill water falls in Labrador - river - bridge. Premier Joseph Smallwood performs ceremony to start building of new Hydro power plant. Smallwood and guest of honour Winston S Churchill (grandson of Winston) walking with others over bridge. Breaking crowd ceremony. Blasts - explosions on hillside.


Formally dressed Belgium guards, Princess Margaret arrives as official representative for the unveiling of statue of Winston Churchill. Flag drops, Margaret poses.

Ceremony; British Royalty; Official Duties;

Air Force Now - Project Warrior (Hap Arnold - Architect of American Airpower)

SOF Arnold talking about how important military jobs are. Title. Early Wright Brothers footage; biplane ca teens.

01:40:45 1931 Arnold w/ kids beside car; biplanes taking off. 1932 Aerials of army planes dropping supplies for Indians caught by storms. 1934 Leading 10 Martin B-10s from Washington, DC to Alaska. Given McKay Trophy. Arnold w/ Roosevelt in open car beside planes. WWII aviation footage; dogfights, gun camera footage. W/ Churchill. Night bombing over Europe. In meeting. Dayllight bombing.

01:43:43 Arnold funeral at Arlington Cemetery (?) in snow. Arnold WWII speech to Army Air Force men we must not, we shall not break down...

Military Propaganda; 1980s; 1985 or 1986; Military Recruitment Films; Support Services; Biography; Aviation History; Army Air Force;

The Air Force Enlisted Heritage Hall - Preserving Our Past

Air Force Now

Title Sequence quick montage cinema marquee showing AFN, buying tickets. Drawn animation with man on the moon, rocket, pilots, officers saluting, fighter planes.

01:15:25 Montage archive footage: fighter planes, dropping bombs. Hap Arnold & Churchill, pilots repair planes & various activities. Exterior Heritage Museum, Gunter Hall, Maxwell AFB. Master Sergeant Wayne Fisk who designed Hall speaks over pictures of displays. Stills before & during construction. Inside museum.

01:16:51 Footge ca. 1920s marching. First enlisted pilots & others. Stills 1940s recruitment poster. Wall covered with photos of honoured USAF people. Bomber. Stills.

01:18:33 Audience watches film. Air Force Memorabilia. Medals CU. Sword superimposed with award ceremony: Order of the Sword.

01:19:37 Dummy of Prisoner of War, POW in Vietnam, behind prison bars. Handcuffs & other jail paraphernalia.

01:20:24 Pilot dummy head w/ goggles. VO appeals to members of public to send memorabilia to museum for preservation.

Military Self Promotion; History;

Description this edition: F-15 Eagle Jet - WWII Eagle Squadron - Project Warrior - NATO Germany

Montage: Titles. Air Force Now

02:01:48 INT CU shooting pool, intercut w/ new Southeast Regional Operations Control Center, Tindall AFB, Florida. Staff at work, computers & monitors, consoles. SOF Col. Brookes Bayes (sp), 23rd Air Division, describes purpose of identification of in-coming aircraft. CU men on telephone, buttons, women at scope, on phone: Alert to Activate - Scramble . Montage: pilots run to aircraft, takeoffs - F-15 Eagle fighters jets in flight - INT cockpit, console. USSR bomber w/ men in tail window. Landing; eagle bird onto branch (GOOD).

02:04:30 WWII veteran Edwin Dale Taylor w/ box of souvenirs from time in RAF Eagle squadron - US volunteers who fought in Battle of Britain. Nazis into Paris - Nazi banner, Hitler & Goering, Luftwaffe takeoff etc. - threat to Britain; family listening to radio - Churchill we shall fight speech overlaid w/ shots of coastal defense training; RAF fighters; good shots of Eagle Squadron members after formation in Oct40. Hurricane fighters take off. Gun Camera, crashed Luftwaffe plane - Spitfires in aerial battle. CU newspaper photo of Taylor receives medal upon flying last mission w/ Eagle squadron in 1942 - wounded but shot down two planes. (GOOD)

02:09:28 Eagle Squadron swaps RAF wings for US Army Air Corps & US flag raised, Sep42; aerial combat scenes w/ photos of pilots superimposed. CUs photos from Taylor s collection - clippings re dead comrades. Taylor closes photo album & box of memories.

02:11:24 Project Warrior. VS neon lights & signs; Norton AFB - 63rd Air Group Civil Engineering Section fitting energy-saving circular lightbulbs, reduced energy budget by two thirds. Saving Energy, Another Way of Assuring Readiness.

02:12:40 Bavaria, Germany. CU Montage: road signs, horse-drawn carriage, farming, vineyard, Hohenschwangau castle in mountains next to lake; Neuschwanenstein (NewSwanstone) Castle.

02:13:32 CU & MS aircraft taxiing at Sembach AFB. Forward Air Controllers of 601st Tactical Control Wing - commander describes job linking air power & ground power. Logistics, soldiers on ground w/ field telephones directing air exercises on NATO range. Tanks, soldiers out of truck into forest, CU tanks w/ run-over shots. Air mission described (SOF). Air to air shots - OB-10 (?) planes over Germany. Shot of plane landing turns into drawing at end title.

Military Aviation; ca 1970s; ca 1980s; Cold War; Russian Bombers;

[Inauguration of President Reagan - Part 4 of 5]

20Jan81 Reagan Inaugural Speech cont d. I m addressing the heroes of whom I speak, you the citizens of this blessed land...How can we love our country and not love our countrymen? - paraphrases Churchill - We will progress. It is time to reawaken this industrial giant...We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope to those who do not now have freedom...We will match loyalty with loyalty...No arsenal and no weapon in the arsenals of the world is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and is a weapon that we as Americans do have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbours - applause - ...we are a nation under God, and believe me God intended for us to be free...

05:37:56 Cutaways during speech - view from inaugural platform down mall to Washington Monument. Shots of Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, headstones in Arlington Cemetery. Reagan talks about soldier killed in WWI - reads pledge from his diary. The crisis we re facing today...does require our best effort and our willingness to believe in believe that together and with God s help we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us. And after all, why shouldn t we believe that? We are Americans. God bless you and thank you . Applause. Reagan seated.

US Presidents. Ceremonies. Dreams. Optimism. Christian Religion. Church and State. Freedom.

[Margaret Thatcher Arrives At White House & State Dinner]

President Ronald Reagan & Nancy exit White House - arrival of limo carrying Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and husband Dennis. Exchange greetings - George & Barbara Bush present. Thatcher and Reagan onto Dais for playing of Anthems. Maggie inspects troops.

00:30:17 INT White House - Honour guard precede Reagans and Thatchers wearing evening dress.

00:31:38 Reagan makes welcoming speech at dinner in honour of Thatcher. Refers to Churchill and mutual admiration of USA and Britain. Toast the Queen. Applause.

State Visit of PM Thatcher to United States - Arrival for State Dinner & Reagan Toast

Nancy and Reagan welcome Thatcher & Dennis on red carpet. Protesters heard shouting in background.

16:35:09 Reagan, Thatcher & spouses down Grand Staircase

16:36:25 Toasts in State Dining Room

Reagan speech: quotes Churchill about America s selflessness in pursuing the cause of freedom ; re possible end of Communism; Thatcher & NATO; Thatcher s lessening of government intervention; Special relationship; Thatcher s economic achievements & foreign policy. General praise for thatcher. Toast to Thatcher & Queen.

State Visit of PM Thatcher to United States - State Dinner & Thatcher Toast

Thatcher speech: names other British PMs in office through two consecutive US presidencies. Reminisces bad old days before she and Reagan came to power; her joy at Reagan s election. Quotes Churchill: As long as our people act in absolute faith... to each other, they need fear none and they need fear nothing . Tribute to Nancy & her fight against drugs. Congratulates Bush & Barbara on election victory.

And not by eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light; In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly. But westward look, the land is bright. (poem by Arthur Hugh Clough, quoted by Churchill in 1941).

[TWTW, Cuts of Thatcher State Visit, 16Nov88]

Reagans out & stand w/ crowd waiting arrival. MCU of Marine band leader w/ baton starting music. MCU Reagans. Limousine arrives & Mrs Thatcher gets out followed by husband. Handshakes. Reagan directs her to VP Bush & wife, George Shultz & wife. Mount platform & stand as announced.

21:29:02 President Reagan & Thatcher walk along military in dress uniforms at attention, then walk back across lawn as people applaud behind ropes. Salutes by Reagan & military VIP.

21:30:11 Int. of White House as military honor guard into room, Thatchers down stairs in background & enter room w/ Reagans, pose.

21:31:30 Reagan at podium in dining room gives welcoming remarks. Quotes Churchill in 1952 when meeting w/ journalists in New York, quotes from Martin Gilbert s biiography of Dr. s words about America. 21:33:10 Reagan gives toast to Margaret Thatcher.

1980s American Government; Presidency; Daily Life; Ceremony;

[Post-WWII - Germany, Berlin War Damage, R2]

Berlin street, bicycle & pedestrians past heavy destruction. Middle-aged refugee couple cooking near belongings. Traffic past, old man standing eating; people walking along street.

12:40:19 View from inside rubble looking out at Potsdamer Platz w/ heavy damage; woman sitting w/ belongings, people past. Street sign: Potsdamer Pick. Large artillery. Policeman answering questions; Russian troops march past. Pedestrians past.

12:41:23 Near Brandenburg Gate, Russian signs in foreground, bus passes, policeman. Russian soldiers past in front of 3-column monument w/ portraits of Stalin, Truman & Churchill. Traffic past. Refugee famlly pull large wagon w/ belongings.

12:42:16 Portion of apartment walls standing of bombed out buildings. View down street w/ destruction both sides. MCU of buildings; LS of buildings. Bicycles past.

12:43:14 Women w/ picks breaking & stacking bricks; w/ buckets carrying to clear rubble. Damaged Kaiser Wilhelm Church w/ partially destroyed towers. CU tilt up towers. People walking past.

12:44:21 MCU of church. CU posters for Berlin Zoo & Aquarium. Broken cage & man climbs into monkey cage (?). People looking at elephant. MCU of elephant, blowing sand. Baboon does flips, others sitting. Monkeys in tree grooming.

12:46:22 Plane taking off near end of Templehof Airport. LS large building of airport; nearby buildings w/ scorch marks. Jeep out of complex. Small bi-plane. View of planes on field from tower. Building w/ washing hanging on line. Planes taxiing seen from top of building.

Destruction; Wreckage; Refugees; Daily Life; July, 1945; Berlin, Occupied Germany;

[Post-WWII - Germany, Berlin War Damage, R3]

Templehof Airport. Planes taxiing. Wrecked German aircraft w/ swastikas. Large building w/ road underneath, large Eagle on top.

12:49:51 Adolf Hitlers Chancellory w/ heavy damage; balcony. Potsdamer Platz damage w/ pedestrians past.

12:50:47 Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate area damage. Half buried mortar shells. Street scenes w/ pedestrians, signs. MS of Gate & trucks thru.

12:51:53 Heavily damaged fountain sculpture; women talking in street; other refugees w/ goods. Crowd into subway or underpass. Refugees pull car; man on bicycle, all w/ destroyed buildings behind.

12:53:20 Man working on electric cables. Larged burned out building; people waiting for ??. Water standing in bombed concrete. Russian signs, troops marching in Tiergarten area. MCU policeman directing traffic. LS down avenue w/ Russian trucks & troops past. Soldiers past Big Three monument w/ pictures.

12:55:02 Pictures on monument. MCU Truman; Stalin; Churchill.

12:56:05 Women w/ picks breaking up rubble & gathering buckets of debris. Stacks of bricks.

Destruction; Wreckage; Refugees; Daily Life; July, 1945; Berlin, Occupied Germany;