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burlesque show burlesque show burlesque show
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Archival film footage on Burlesque from Footage Farm

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A Burlesque On Carmen

Charlie Chaplin - Essanay slapstick comedy w/ long re-issue introduction titles.

01:29:55 Lillas Pastia (Jack Henderson) lands ashore in rowboat & welcomed by gypsies; climb cliff w/ bags etc. & arrive at camp on top. Remendado (Ben Turpin) declares love to big fat woman Frasquita (May White) incl. pantomime costumed donkey. Slapstick fight turns into dance. Remendado shakes fists.

01:33:45 Chaplin as soldier Don Jose aka Darn Hosiery does slapstick military drill. Gypsy man fails to corrupt Don Jose.

01:36:51 CU Carmen (Edna Purviance) smoking cigarette; with gypsies. Flirts with Chaplin, as does Rasqiota.

01:39:40 Fat Rasqiota drinks wine from bottle w/ soldier. Drunk soldier breaks bottle on Chaplin s head.

Remendado arrested by soldiers & escapes. Declares love to fat Frasquita in tavern drinking. Soldier leaves. Frasquita cries. Matador Escamillo (John Rand) kicks out Remendado. Carmen waltzes in & flirts. 01:44:41 Drinks & food served. Matador eats w/ Chaplin; they talk to Carmen & both men play silly hand clapping game. She seduces Chaplin, men argue. She, then Chaplin dance on table.

01;50:36 Blowing bugle; Chaplin carries off Carmen. Officer tells off Chaplin. Heads appear thru hatch of door. Carmen & Chaplin flirt & kiss whilst Officer nags. Soldier kisses fat Frasquita in front of Remendado.

01:56:01 Fat woman & fat soldier meet in square, embrace. Remendado picks fight w/ fat soldier.

01:56:50 Frasquita & Carmen catfight over fat soldier as women cheer them on. Chaplin congratulates winner, Carmen. Women fan fainted Frasquita; Remendado comes & tries to carry, then drags her.

01:59:25 Chaplin & other soldier swordfight then fist-fight as Carmen cheers & occasionally intervenes. Chaplin stabs soldier, cardboard sword bends but soldier still dies.

02:05:31 Carmen escapes thru window. Chaplin follows her & threatens to stab her by tree; Matador rescues her & they walk off; in wagon in village.

02:08:11 Chaplin in civilian clothes sees them, walks into saloon & meets a drunk. Carmen comes to saloon & laughs at Chaplin. He stabs her, kisses her & stabs himself. Matador enters, sees them & Chaplin kicks him through door; Chaplin & Carmen get up & Chaplin shows her his bendy cardboard knife. They laugh as iris closes.

Motion Pictures;

Note: Some great moustaches.

From Show Girl to Burlesque Queen

In a theatre dressing room or stage set, a woman starts undressing from polka dot dress down to her fourth petticoat, then goes behind a screen to remove the rest of her clothes. She emerges in a glittery costume with a short skirt, sword & stockings as a man appears briefly thru the door.

Erotica; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Strip Tease; Primitive Cinema


A woman in white leotard & dressed in a cancan costume bends backwards, twists & twirls around on a stage smiling. She eventually lifts her dress to reveal her stockings.

Erotica; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Burlesque; Primitive Cinema

Kiss Me

Two well-dressed women walk past stage wall covered with posters for theatre and burlesque shows. Mother & daughter walk past posters in opposite direction & girl lags behind to stare at realistic poster of actress. Her mother or chaperone pulls her away.

03:14:05 A man w/ goatee walks past, looks at another poster & then walks back. As he looks at realistic poster the woman in the poster moves slightly in a seductive way. He goes closer & she blows him a kiss, he rubs eyes, puts on glasses & shakes head in appreciation. The chaperone or wife returns & and pulls him away by his ear.

Comic Gag; Erotica; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Burlesque; Special Effects; Primitive Cinema

Pity The Blind, No 2

Vaudeville show

On a stage against a painted backdrop representing a city street, a boy leads a man in dark glasses; sits him down & hangs a sign around his neck Pity the Blind . A man walks past & puts a coin in his cup. Two well-dressed women in furs walk past. One of them wants to give him money but her purse is empty. She lifts up her skirt to find money in her stocking & as she does, the man takes off his dark glasses to peek and leers.

Comic act; Erotica; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Burlesque; Primitive Cinema

Princess Rajah Dance

Filmed at Louisiana Purchase Exposition

A female dancer / contortionist performs Turkish-style dance w/ metal belt decorations & castanettes (?). Does stunt holding a chair in her teeth and gyrates & does a belly-dance & spin.

Erotica; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Burlesque; 1904 World s Fair; Primitive Cinema

Trapeze Disrobing Act

Comic acrobatic act

A woman performer on a trapeze in front of stage set of theater stage w/ box seat on left gradually strips to the excitement of two bearded older men spectators in the box. She unbuttons dress, throws clothes down;does acrobatics from trapeze as men applaud.

Erotica; Musical Hall Acts; Vaudeville Acts; Entertainment; Burlesque; Strip Tease; Primitive Cinema

Fan Dance w/ Sally Rand

Official Films presents Not flipped.

With two large white feathered fans and orchestra music. Twirling and dancing. Naked nude & Body stocking.


Musical Artistic Burlesque Strip Tease

Fan Dance

w/ Sally Rand

Official Films presents


Rans w/ two large white feathered fans & orchestra music. Twirling & dancing in front of large screens & onto stairs of platform. Silhouetted. Naked, nude & body stocking.

Not flipped.

Musical; Artistic Burlesque; Strip Tease; Interprestive dancing; Feathers; Exotic Entertainer;

Able Mabel

Cinecraft Prod.

Black woman in skimpy two piece bumps, grinds & dances on stage set w/ sign Beach Cub against back wall. Piano is playing ?? End shot of walking off floor w/ movie camera watched by four men and one. Auditioning?

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment;1940s Soft Pornography;

Wiggle Mad

Cinecraft Prod.

Different black woman dancer than in Able Mabel but similar costume. Dances livelier. Struts, bumps & grinds to faster piano music. Same decorations on movie set.

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; 1940s Soft Pornography;

Shakes Alive

Cinecraft Prod.

Another woman dancer than in Able Mabel or Wiggle Mad comes onto floor past previous dancer & head of man watching. Does more like a belly dance to the piano. Same decorations on movie set.

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; 1940s Soft Pornography; Tacky

Hipsy Dipsy

Cinecraft Prod.

Black woman dancer w/ sarong-like dress & tall feathered hat dances in front of double shadows on white wall. Slow belly dance, bump & grind down to knees & back up again done to piano player accompaniment.

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; 1940s Soft Pornography; Tacky;

Twirling Tassels

Cinecraft Prod.

White dancer onto stage dancing in front of abstract tropical set. Mostly a belly dance, then twirling ribbons of skirt & spinning around. Danced to muted trumpet, guitar & drums.

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; 1940s Soft Pornography; Tacky;

Peppy Steps

Cinecraft Prod.

White bleached blonde woman dancer onto stage dancing in front of abstract art deco set. Wearing full skirt , takes it off while dancing. Strip tease into skimpy two piece outfit w/ cloth slip. Interpretive sort of dancing. Takes off bra with a smaller one underneath. Removes cloth slip. Danced to muted trumpet, guitar & drums.

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; 1940s Soft Pornography; Tacky


Hollywood Film Enterprises,Inc Presents

Dancer w/ many beaded necklaces stretched out doing splits slowly raises up & dances to flute & other instruments. Painted tropical set behind; picks up tray of fruit, puts it back down & dances around it while gesturing & twisting. Pulls out scarfs & twirls them, flipping around while shaking hips, smiling and flirting off-stage & to camera. The End.

Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; 1940s Soft Pornography; Tacky:

Fire Dance

Hollywood Film Enterprises,Inc Presents; Joe Bonnico Production

White woman against black background, drum beating. This is my interpretation of the exotic fire dance. Slow undulation & twisting front, side & back to camera in front of black background. The End.

Tacky; Bizarre Dancing; Burlesque; Sexual Entertainment; Modern Dance;1940s Soft Pornography;

Long Weekend: The Odds Get Shorter Pt. 1 of 2

Man walks & spins a wheel. The pigeons have gone home to roost... Picks up dice these are my tools, pretty little things aren t they . Rolls dice & calls them each time. What I do now is figure the odds. It takes a lot of moxie, even if I do say so myself. Discusses the odds, real vs what the house gets you as he walks around various casino games. Its the pigeons who gamble, not the house. You can even make book on people...I can even tell you what s going to happen to them.

12:08:21 POV along Nevada desert road, sign: Baker 12 Barstow 74 Car upside down & police around. Dissolve to entrance sign: United States Air Force Norton AFB View of gate & cars entering & leaving.

12:08:52 Four servicemen running down stairs of barracks, jump into volkswagen station wagon. Talking about Las Vegas, while VO talks about odds of getting killed. POV from in front of the VW driving down road. Gives odds of death by age of Air Force men. Car heads onto freeway as odds upgraded due to small car. Sign: Barstow 33 Las Vegas 189 & shots of car on highway. POV on highway. Guys talking about the heat, want to stop for a beer. Driver pulls into motel w/ Cafe Draft Beer sign. VO about lowering the odds.

12:12:57 High angle following the car on freeway. POV past palm trees w/ Casino sign for the Dunes & buildings away. Night & neon signs: Caesars Palace; Thoroughly Modern Minsky World Famous Burlesque...; Sands.

12:13:49 Day & Sundwon Motel sign w/ car pulling in. Guys get out of car, get bags out & go in.

12:14:30 Guy combs hair in mirror as others flip towels, read Playboy & talk about eating, gambling & chase women.

12:15:31 POV from back seat driving in Las Vegas. Slow past neon signs. Signs superimposed. Walking sidewalk outside casino, going in. Sitting at table of lounge show & applauding. More past superimposed signs. Applauding from bar. Neon signs. Dissolve & continued...

Military Educational Films; Gambling; Driving; Americana; 1960s; 1970s; Gamblers; Gambling;

[Thailand: Bangkok River or Canal; Coca-Cola Bottling Plant; Esso Gasoline Depot; Night Club Dancers, 1987 (?)]

Chao Phraya River (?) w/ working boats, tug pulling string of six covered barges.

03:42:08 POV from river past variety of houses on stilts, apartment or office building, water taxies. Other barges. Concrete highway bridge across.

03:43:33 POV boat on water, small navy boat docked, Wat Arun temple beyond, trees, low white buildings.

03:44:48 CU Coca-cola bottles past on conveyor belt. CU of worker w/ ear plugs & hair cover watching bottle on assembly line.

03:45:44 MS man watching empty coke bottles. Setting up ones that have fallen down. Bottles out of machine onto assembly line. Woman watching glass bottles thru light, removing defects.

03:47:10 MCU & CU face & eyes of Thai woman watching bottles. Another woman following bottles w/ eyes.

03:48:00 Coca-Cola trucks parked in warehouse being loaded. Forklift moving bottles. CU Thai label on bottles in case, pallet of bottle moved away by forklift.

03:48:46 Ext. open shed of pallets of bottles w/ forklift moving.

03:49:22 CU truck driver in door of truck, leavng. Workers in warehouse in front of enormous stack of crates of Coca-Cola bottles.

03:50:10 Large plastic bottles on conveyor belt. Man hooking large rubber hoses to connections in ?? Many hoses & connections. Man at control pannel of buttons, CU face in hard hat. MCU attaching hose pipe

03:51:56 Esso gasoline truck leaving filling depot. Line of trucks waiting to fill up, zoom in on Esso logos. Driver (?) filling tank truck; other men on catwalks w/ filling pipes, opening filling valve w/ handle. Truck leaving.

03:55:20 Burlesque club & dancer in bikini bumping & grinding on raised stage, man watching from balcony; a few blinking lights behind.

03:58:04 Dancer climbs onto platform to dance (dark). Dances while chewing gum, takes it out & smiles. CU high heels dancing.

Living; Housing; Transportation; Shipping; Mulitnational Industry; Bottling Plant; Petroleum; 1980s; Asia;

NOTE: music would have to be cleared in dance club.