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Archival film footage on Beauty Contests from Footage Farm

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Roaring 20s

Busy city streets with horse-drawn carriages, pedestrians, automobiles.

CU woman at beautician made up with lipstick. Woman with cloche hat, man lights her cigarette. Women show off legs. Miss beauty contest, women in swimsuits. Worker hanging to pillar at top of skyscraper, street underneath. Prohibition, bashing bottles of alcohol, emptying barrels. Murder scene with corpse shot and police, car with back window smashed. Mass arrest, criminals come out with hands up, crowd watches. Dance competition charleston. Bartender with cocktail shaker. Exotic dancers, men and women dance in night club. Sign Broadway, Wall Street, crowd.

Fashion. Lifestyle

Jeanette Bluehorse, Sioux Princess Wins Indian Beauty Crown

Pan over American Indian beauty contestants in front of lake. Chief with headdress compared to winning maiden as white man gestures.

Title: Jeanette Bluehorse, Sioux Princess, Wins Indian Beauty Crown

Pan across American Indian beauty contestants standing in front of lake. CUs, smiling, laughing. Judge looking at profiel of chielf in Indian headdress & contest winner who shakes hands w/ chief. CU of Ms Bluehorse looking stern, unhappy.

1930; Oddities; Ethnic; Native Americans;

Ho, Hum - The Chiropracters Are In Again! (Helen Holliday ?)

Chiropractors look at backs of bathing beauties in swim suits. Walk past them a number of times. Feeling backbones. Girls smile. (Beauty contest)

18 Year Old Turkish Lass Wins Laurels as Miss Universe (1932)

Various beauty contestants wearing evening dress escorted to microphone & introduced. Large hall w/ formal dressed couples at tables applaud; balcony & ornate stage. Results read in French. Miss Turkey, Keriman Halis, wins and is escorted to front of stage. Audience. Posing.

International Beauty Contest;

City s Babies Compete For Beauty Crown In Police Dept. Contest

Police babies beauty contest. Crowd of policemen holding up babies - mothers parade babies before judging panel of policemen in uniform. Police hats put on winning babies heads.

Gags. Kids.

Katherine Spector Is Chosen Queen Esther In N.Y. Beauty Contest (Mar33)

19:27:08 High angle of contestants in long dresses parading in circle around large stage, orchestra in pit below. Large crowd. Women wearing numbers in single line facing audience; pan across. Audience applauding.

19:27:27 Three women walk away from camera to throne, turn & inner sits as another crowns her. CU.

1930s; 1933; Pageant; Jewish; Ethnic; New York City;

Ford News - Rare Stamps Are Shown at Philatelic Exhibit Here

Crowds looking at stamps. Two winners of World's Fair Beauty Contest. Coins & stamps in CU.

Universal Employees Celebrate New Movie Hits At Gala Picnic

Men & women pose with Jimmy Grainger Celebration, July 23 to Sept. 1, banner on lawn of campground (?). Wave to camera.

05:50:26 Two men hold young black child & gesture to camera.

05;50:35 People around picnic table, drinking from tin cups. Black man working (brief); white woman serves.

05:50:50 Whites, many in swimming suits, pose around swimming pool. Dive from side of pool.

05:51:01 Men diving into pool from diving board.

05:51:48 Women walk along pool in swimming suits for bathing beauty contest. Man follows in apron, pushed into pool, pulled out laughing.

Summer Company Picnic; Employees; Businessmen; 1934; 1930s; Recreation; Relaxation; Ethnic; Race; Southern Racial Behaviior;

[Gotham Picks Modern Venus] (1934)

Bathing beauties walk across pool on catwalk; crowds watch from side & in water.

07:17:56 MS of judges at table w/ trophies.

07:18:00 CU low angle of legs past.

07:18:16 Judge measuring bust, waist & hips of pretty woman.

07:18:30 Miss Modern Venus, Elinor Edmoston (?), wearig sash posing w/ trophy. CU of face smiling w/ very thin weird eyebrows.

Beauty Contest; Oddities;

NOTE: Held at Steeplechase Park, Coney Island.

Blonde Girl Wins Most Beautiful ? Title

VS beauty contest winner in majorette outfit.

[Coney Island Modern Venus Contest Poolside]

Bathing beauties parade along side pool. Wear numbers. Judge measures. Woman taking notes. Winner crowned.

Beauty contest

Brooklyn Lass Wins Title of Modern Venus

ca 05Aug36

Bathing beauties walk around swimming pool; judges. Low angle shots. Men watch from in water. Judge Earl Carroll (?) measuring bust. Steeplechase Park sign behind. Receives loving cup & smiles.

Beauty Contest; Miss Modern Venus, 1936; Sleezy; Tacky; Sex; Amusement Park Entertainment; 1930s;

Miss America 1886 Picked In Grandma Beauty Contest

Old women in black dresses walk past judges table. MCU of legs walking past. Judges have women do turns for crowd watching. Woman does kick step dance for audience. CU of woman w/ pearl necklace watching & smiling. Judges w/ loving cup looking up at runway. View of ocean front stores behind them. Line of five elderly ladies. Woman handed loving cup by man in white summer suit. CU smiling.

Geriatrics; Bathing Beauties; Oddities; Gags; Summer Amusement Park Competitions;

World-Wide News Events - Ocean City, N.J.

NJ baby parade - baby beauty contest. Little boy dressed half bride half groom.

Pickle Puss


Soundies; Scr./Prod. Joseph Coslow; Dir. Josef Berne

Dick Hogan sings Pickle Puss as curtains open to reveal Tanya Widrin as schoolgirl rejected by boys then as grown-up beauty w/ men at door. Interlude w/ Hogan greeting women in vars Miss America fashion / beauty contest outfits; gives Widrin Miss America sash.

Tacky / kitsch. Oddities. Dress / hat fashions.

[Flipped as per original]

Women - Beauty Contest - Shopping - War Bonds

Girls parade in swimsuits - low angle shot looking up legs of girls - walking over glass platform that has cameraman underneath. Girls pose for movie cameras. Run on nylons, stockings in shop window - women buying stockings. Bride and groom at door - tradition carries over threshold. Mother and child in kitchen - cooking - electric stove - cutting cake - various different foods out of oven including whole suckling pig. Soldier - mass of troops - War bonds falling on table.

Coney Island - A New Slant on Glamour Girls

Miss Modern Venus Beauty contest. Girls parade in swimsuits - first shots filmed of girls in distortion mirrors.

Girls parade round swimming pool. Cameraman pulled on dolly along line. Girls measured - judges - winner Anne Gervis of Brooklyn.

Blind Dates

Beauty contest for prettiest legs. Girl sitting behind cut out and legs poked through. Women / Girls on swimsuits sitting in line put paper bags over heads. Men looking through fence. Girls with bags on head parade in swimsuits. Cut out board and man manipulates leg poking through. Rips open board to show pretty girl - winner?

Stunt - gag

Mardi Gras, Camp New Orleans AAC, France

Pet monkey chained, playing with hand mirror. American servicemen watching boxing matches. Silly floats with men in diapers. Float with Statue of Liberty various other floats in parade. Women on stage being given parcels - entertaining troops - beauty contest ? with local girls.

Miss America 1945 & Mrs America Beauty Contest

Beauty contest - girls pose in swimsuits - winner Bess Meyerson crowned. Slow pan up Miss America.

22:12:07 Mrs America parade at Pallisades - New Jersey. Girls parade in swimsuits. Pan up winner Mrs Peggy Payne.

Queen Of Chicago Press Photogs

Girls in swimsuits parade on stage. Good MCU photographers with lights flashing. Miss Photoflash 1945 poses and photographers take picture. Pinup amongst camera flashes; emerges from bulb-shaped door on stage; crowned.

Beauty contest

The Legs Have It!

Pallisades Park, New Jersey - beauty contest - girls parade over wind platform which blows skirts up to reveal legs and underwear. Women hold skirts up to show legs to judges - wearing eye masks. Venida Beautiful Legs Queen picked - poses.

Erotica. Kitsch.

Miss America Of 1945

13:29:37 Floats parade of pretty girls on boardwalk. Veterans in wheelchairs watch.

Girls in swimsuits walk on stage. Miss California, Maryland, others. Miss New York wins. 1944 winner Venus Ramey gives Miss America robe to Bess Meyerson. Miss America 1945 poses & smiles with sceptre. The End. Buy That Extra War Bond Today.

Beauty Contest;

[Miss America 1946]

Beauty contest - girls in swimsuit (costume) on stage. Miss 1945 passes crown to new winner.


Miss Press Photographer 1947

Beauty contest - girls pose and walk round swimming pool - gag as cameraman walks closely behind one girl filming legs. Miss New York Candy Toxteth wins - with trophy.

American Beauties Parade.

Beauty contest, girls in swimsuits, Twins. Girls pose. Girls on floats in parade. Interior, girls parade on stage, winner crowned.

News In Brief: South Africa

Donald O Connor sits in back of open-top car greeting crowds on visit to South Africa; cars w/ women competing in beauty contest, top prize trip to Hollywood; CUs women in hats smile and wave. All-white crowd. Black dancers perform in tribal costume; the dark dancers of Darkest Africa put on their version of Hot Jive ; O Connor conducts then joins in, holds spear and shield.

Apartheid. Segregation.


[Miss America 1948]

Opening missing.

Beauty contest - girls in swimsuit (costume) on stage. Miss 1945 passes crown to new winner.


Atlantic City (Miss Press Photographer Contestants) (Jun48)

20:40:04 Photographers run to contestants in swimming suits in lounge chairs who smile. MCU.

20:40:22 Women parading in swimsuits past judges; some pose on diving board for photographers, one photographer pushes another into the pool (staged). Crawls out & empties water from small amateur box camera.

20:40:53 Judge present trophy to winner.

Beauty Contests; 1940s; 1948;

Beauty on Parade - Miss and Mrs America are crowned for 1949 - incomplete

Beauty contest - girls parade in swimsuits - winner crowned.

Title: The Woman s Page (Mrs America; Miss America Contests)

05:05:36 Mrs. America Contest. Crowd of men & women watching women modeling fashions,bathing suits w/ sashes for Mrs Hudson County, Mrs Paterson, Mrs. Florida; Mrs.... pose for camera seen from low angle.

05:06:32 Judge crowning Mrs. Frances Cloyd of California, Mrs. America 1949. CU smiling. Swish pan...

05:06:41 Miss America Contest. Large auditorium & crowd watching bathing beauties in swim suits wearing sashes of various states. Pan down line. Individuals walk & pose.

05:07:21 Parade in formal gowns in group & individually. Miss America, Jacque Mercer, crowned. CU blowing kiss.

Beauty Contests; Beauty Pageants; Convention Center; September 1949;

Title: News In Brief (Contortionist Athletes; Miss Austria 1949; Unid Arrrivals; World Series Ticket Wait)

05:57:37 Athletes & yoga contortionist at track & field games w/ rope climbing; pole climbing & acrobatics.

05:58:35 Open magazine w/ pictures of woman posing for Miss Austria 1949 on table. Pull back & men looking at women in swim suits. Cinematographer & director beside large motion picture studio movie camera filming. Bathing beauties in swimming suits walk past men who ogle them. CUs. Flowers presented to winner & judge kisses her hand. CU of winner laughing, smiling.

05:59:20 Woman & group of men down BOAC stairs, pose on steps. Woman greeted by man; both men shaking hands w/ young men in suits & ties following. Walk off tarmac.

05:59:47 New York City. CU sign Bleacher Entrance. Night, young men cheering w/ clenched fists. MCU of others not so happy. Men w/ handmade signs Brooklyn 1949 Champs (Natch). Man serving coffee to men in line. People sleeping on ground (waiting for tickets). The End.

1949; Oddities; Gags; Beauty Contest; Unidentified Arrivals; World Series Preparations;

Title: The Woman s Page (Sexy Beauty Contest, 1949)

06:15:05 Five bathing beauties pose in fur coats. Each turns for camera: Miss Switzerland; Miss Cheesecake; Miss Sweater Girl.

06:15:25 Judges watch. Women do provocative turns. CU of judges. Winner has fur cap put on had. CUs.

Erotic; Sexual; Oddities; Promotion; Gag; Beauty Contest; ca October 1949;

New York City (Miss Press Photographer Contest) Jan49

22:26:24 Women in two piece & one-piece bathing suits past table of judges w/ cameras on table.

22:26:28 Low angle shot.

22:26:37 MCU judges.

22:26:40 Group of women posing together seen from behind judges. MCU contestants posing.

22:26:55 Hanging photographs; winner walks thru. Low angle CU. View of press photographers taking picture seen thru legs of winner. CU cameras, flashbulbs going off. CU winner, Jeanne Crow.

Beauty Contest; Oddities; 1949; Photographers; Sleazy; Prurient; Sexual;

New York City (Miss Press Photographer Contest) Jan49

22:26:24 Women in two piece & one-piece bathing suits past table of judges w/ cameras on table.

22:26:28 Low angle shot.

22:26:37 MCU judges.

22:26:40 Group of women posing together seen from behind judges. MCU contestants posing.

22:26:55 Hanging photographs; winner walks thru. Low angle CU. View of press photographers taking picture seen thru legs of winner. CU cameras, flashbulbs going off. CU winner, Jeanne Crow.

Beauty Contest; Oddities; 1949; Photographers;

Title: Headliners Honey (Unid. Beauty Contest, ca 1950)

02:07:51 Hotel swimming pool w/ ocean in background. Bathing beauties parading alongside in swimsuits & banners of cities. Newsreel photographer; still photographer.

02:08:11 Beauties standing in line w/ wind blowing sash & camera slowly past. MCU judges taking notes. Man hand large trophy to Miss Atlanta & gets kiss. The End.

Beauty Contest; 1950;

News In Brief - Greek Miss Universe Beauty Contest

Electing Miss Greece 1952.

News In Brief - Miss France Elected

Contestants for miss France beauty contest parade in swimsuits. Fat judge makes suggestive gestures. Winner.

News In Brief - Miss Germany Beauty Contest

Girls parade in swimsuits - winner crowned.

News In Brief: Berlin

VS Miss Berlin beauty contest; women line up in bathing suits; winner Katie Holz given sash and flowers.

Beauty pageants.

News in Brief - Atlantic City N.J.

Press photographers. Beauty contest, girls in swimsuits run thru paper screen to compete for title of Miss Press Photographer. Camera past girls in swimming suits. Baby holding camera (gag). CU girls. Winner Miss Leona Naughton of Washington accepting trophy from man who hugs her.

Bathing Beauties; Pageant;

Beauties Of 1956

Women in evening gowns walk around runway of Miss America 1957 beauty contest w/ large white flags. Winner Marian McKnight crowned w/ tiera & given kiss by last year s winner, Sharon Ritchie, wearing sequined dress & crown. Swish pan to Miss Universe beauty contest & winner Carol Morris of Iowa walking in swimming suit w/ sceptor, crown & robe on runway. Audience applauds in large hall w/ balcony. Winner waves to camera.

Beauty Contest; 1950s Americana;

[Miss Universe Contestants; Recreational Jeeps]

Miss Universe Contestants past Universal-International Studios billboard at studio entrance. Pose w/ Jeff Chandler, two kissing him on cheeks. Fred MacMurray poses in western costume, smiles as he gets kiss.

13:18:50 Ridge Running Snowbirds

Jeeps in convoy up mountain roads to snowfields & bouncing thru snow. Pulling skiiers and tobaggons w/ people in bathing suits.

13:19:56 The End.

Oddities; Gags; Beauty Contest Promotion; Bathing Beauties; Movie Stars; Recreation;

Miss America 59 - Beauty Crown Won By Mississippi Miss

Women in formal dresses on walkway at night. Spectators inside Atlantic City Convention Center. MCU in bathing suits w/ states names on sashes: Miss California; Connecticut; Iowa; Mississippi; North Carolina; Oklahoma; Texas. View of spectators; old women watching. Low angle of CU of winner.

11:54:00 Miss America 1959, Mary Ann Mobley crowned by Marilyn Van Derbur, last years winner. CU.

Beauty Contests; 1959; Winners; Winning; Contestants;

Miss Universe - Miss Japan Wins 59 Crown

09:03:36 Pan across beauty contestants in bathing suits & sashes on stage at night. MS crows watching & applauding. MCU bathing beauties posing, walking. Large group of hotographers in MS. Miss Brazil, Greece, England pose.

09:03:59 Miss Japan w/ painted backdrop behind walking towards camera. Orchestra leader conducting behind. Women in CU applauding, looking up at catwalk. Pan across posed contestants; judges looking. Rock Hudson (?) crowning Miss Japan, Akiko Kojima, first Oriental to win. MCU.

1959 Miss Universe Contest;

Beauties on Parade

Crowd watches floats w/ international beauty contestants; Republic of China, England.


News In Brief - Florida (1960 Miss Universe)

15 finalists watched modeling in Miss Universe contest. Won by Linda Bement of Salt Lake City. Miss USA, crowned by last year s winner Akiko Kojima. Posing w/ crown.

Beauty Contest; Promotion;

News in Brief : Miss Universe

Beauty contest - finalists parade in swimsuits. Winner is Miss Germany former refugee from East Berlin.

News In Brief - Germany

Mr. Europe body building contest. Oiled, glistening contestants display muscles. Crowd watching. Man w/ wide eyes & grimace, closes eyes. Poses w/ distorted muscles flexed.

22:28:01 Winners w/ trophies. GOOD.

22:28:08 Fat bald man goes home, wife sees him flexing body builder s poses in front of mirror.

Gags; Oddities; Strength; Male Beauty Contest; 1961;

San Francisco (Miss Chinatown Contest, 1961)

Chinatown street scene w/ Cathay House sign. Int. & Chinese-American women walking w/ orchestra playing behind them on stage next to American flag. Models on stage turn for judges competing for Miss Chinatown USA of 4069.

02:08:38 Audience, photographers. Posing winner, Irene Tsu, from New York waving.

Ethnic Beauty Contests; Promotions;

Hail King Cotton - Carnival Pays Gala Tribute

13:03;18 Fireworks w/ bursting showers exploding. (GOOD)

13:03:43 Float on barge w/ Queen smiling at crowd.

Beauty Contest Winner; Celebration; Americana; 1962; Apr62; Memphis, Tennessee;

[Selected Scenes - Middle East]

Beauty Contest women in dresses holding numbers, looking very ill-at-ease. Large well-dressed audience at tables.

Note brevity.

News In Brief - Cherry Magic - Cherry blossoms Blaze in Capital

Lakeside, cherry trees donated by Japanese government in bloom. Beauty contest winners walk under trees w/ escort.

Couple on bench facing lake. Artist painting. Capitol through blossoms.

Movie premiere - new comedy draws Florida crowds

Miami, drive alongside ocean, car towards camera. Beauty contestants in open topped car with sign on side Florida s favorite girls welcome Paula Prentiss star of Man s Favorite Sport . Paula Prentiss in open topped car. Beauty contestants driven in funfair style train. Gyrating floodlight in fountain. Beach cinema with billboard for Man s Favorite Sport. Paula Prentiss enters cinema amidst fans and journalists at premiere of film.

Global Beauties - Greek Girl Reigns as Miss Universe

Large crowd watching seen from stage w/ spotlights playing across.

MCU Brazil contestant in swimming suit w/ sash & tilt up to face. Miss England turning; French; Greek; Israel; Republic of China; Miss USA. Girls parade in swimsuits.

02:09:42 Women in evening dresses.

02:09:54 Miss Greece w/ crown has sash put on, others congratulate. News cameramen.

Beauty Contests; Contestants; Bathing Beauties;

Coronacion De Miss Mundo

Miss World contest in London. Beauty contestants under hairdryers, Orientals closest to camera.

12:05:56 Contestants parade in bathing suits, judges. Miss France on walkway, Miss Germany posing, turning, Miss |Gambia. Miss Gibraltar, Miss USA Diana Bapps. Lesley Langley Miss UK winner, walks, & crowned w/ tiara. Photographers in mass. Large television camera visible.

Beauty Contests;

News in Brief - California

Miss International Beauty

Beauty contest - Miss Austria - Miss Hong Kong parade in swimsuits. Pan along girls in evening dress. Miss Argentina, winner.

News In Brief (Miss Universe Contest, 1967)

Beauty contestants, Miss Finland, Miss Israel, Miss Sweden, Miss Denmark walk out in swimming suit competition. CU Miss USA, Sylvia Louise Hitchcock crowned. Miss Venezuela was 2nd.

Bathing Beauties; Motion Picture Promotion;

Time To Live R6 of 6

Rain in dramatic light, people march thru streets in early morning, rain pouring down, traditional festival carnival. People in various costumes, horse carriages, music band in the back of car, people w/ various posters, Soviet VIP masks, big scary soldier heads, w/ horns, folk dancers, everybody happy despite the rain, high angle people w/ fire torches, public watches parade under umbrellas.

09:56:48 Carriage w/ big beer barrels pour pints to the public. People dressed as pirates w/ black faces.

CU river, rain pouring down. CU Soviet singer Edith Pyaha(?) performs song about beautiful girl, camera man films women on the catwalk of Miss Festival Beauty Contest, various contestants come out on the walkway, CU man in the audience watches w/ open mouth.

09:58:15 People walk on the street, men congratulate contestants, kiss, hug, give flowers, CU various nationality women. CU singer Edith continues her song, winner of Beauty Contest, 15 year old Bulgarian girl, brought thru huge crowd of reporters, boys in the audience smile, girl presented w/ crown & flowers.

09:59:34 CU Contests winner poses for painters, CU artists paint girl s portrait. Beauty queen driven thru city, shots of various folk dance groups performing around the Sofia, people tasting traditional drink from flask, food eaten, CU various smiling nationality people.

10:01:18 Festival s flag, high angle mountains, 100 year old Bulgarian freedom song played on film, aerial of monument in the mountains, birds eye view of the country side, city, Bulgarian coast, Sofia. The End.

Communist Youth Festival; Vietnamese War; 1960s; Cold War; Communism; Propaganda;